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The Prospector Sep 14, 1912

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 1 Ibrary r.e?.
Fountain  Pen's
S2.00 Per Year
VOL. 18
No: 37
Send in Your Entries:—Now
Thereby Helping the Fair Management to Help You
Local News of   the   City
And District
Jacob's Irish Rusks, "the best fori    It is u mutter ol surprise that tha
babies"   at    PINK'S   PURR   FOOD, Forestry department of the Province
GROCERY. cannot find men capable ot ascertain
~       ' I ing   what   we have in B.C.   ivithout
KILBY     FRAMBS    P1CTURKS      securing   students   from   the United
  i States. ,
Mrs.   F.   Parks,   Mrs.   W.   Nichol,
Misa   Parks   and   Master   Rainsford!    Whether your baby is in the corapet
Parks   were   a   party   who drove a-1 'tion or not,  ample accommodation
round   Fort   Steele,   Wasa   and St.' wi" be provided for all at the CCS.
Eugene Mission on Monday. exhibition quarters.
FOR SALE - A litter of handsome, Ml'■ lin(1 MrH- "- °- Hcotti ot otta-
thoroughbred. blucv Field Spaniel «"'. "e" in tc™'n thi" week. Mr.
Puppies, . months old, JW.00 to $20. s"ott wns at at- Eugene Mission in-
00 each. Apply Primrose Wells. Cres specting the new Industrial school,
ton B.C. 36 which will be completed in about
  three weeks.
At the Kdison theatre tonight will
be shown "Billy'B Insomaincc" a funny comedy. "Out of the Dnrk, a dram
a.   "The Knight     and   the   Friar."'
Also No. 16 animated weekly. j
Oet your implements for Fall work
from the Cranhrook Trading Co.,
Agents for Cockshutt Plow Co., John
John Deere Plow Co. and other Implement firms.
All is Now Ready
Entries Being Made Fast
The Fink Mercantile wish to announce that they will be glad to
have you visit their display booth at
the Agricultural Palace on Fair
days—Everybody Welcome.
Call up Ed. F. Johnson, licensed
plumber, and get an estimate of the
cost of your sewer connections.
'Phone 267. —tf
A list of all entries in the Horse
Races must be handed to W. S. Santo on or before the 18th o( September. Either personally or by mail to
P. O. Box 86.
Don't be troubled about taking
your Qo Cart to the Eihibition
Grounds, the CCS. will provide accommodation while on the grounds.
Mr.and Mrs. Osbourne and family,
of Medicine Hat have been visiting
at Cranbrook. During their stay
have been the guests of Mr. A. B.
Norrls, brother to Mrs. Osbourne.
Rocky Mountain Chapter. R.A.M.,
held their regulnr monthly convnea-
tion in the Masonic Temple on Tuesday evening. There were a large
number of visiting companions present.
Whether your baby wants to sleep,
ur be wheeled In the fresb air, tho
C.C.S. will have the accommodation
nt the eihibition grounds.
Mr. anil Mrs. D. Burton aud son
have been visiting nt Calgary, and
incidentally taking In the Stampede,
returned home on Sunday Inst delighted with their stay lu tho prairie province.
Any person requiring their bath
room, toilets, etc., connected to the
■ewer should see Ed. F. Johnson.
Estimates furnished Call 'Phone
No. 267. tf.
The City Transfer Co., have mov«d
Into the offices lately occupied hy
McLaws Real Estate Oo. Mr. Wor-
den's new quarters are much larger
and better adapted to the rapidly Increasing business
Preserving Peaches, Plums' anil
Prunes, real choice stock about the
last tor this season. Campbell and
Manning'!, _
Old Tlmer_ Injured
"Pat" Quirk, one of tbe early Hli-
ty miners of thin district, met with
u Hflrlnim accident ut Spokane on
Mr. Quirk fur some Mint' putft Iiiih
hern suffering (mm n severe attack
of rlMummtimii, nml left curly In tliu
weak for Bonp Lake to try the hatha
On hln Arrival at Bpoknnci he stop
ped nt the Ooiior d'Alene Hotel.
nnd (ell on the tiled floor ol tlic hotel nnd now lies In the Bacred Henrt
Hospital in n critical condition. Mils thought to hnve bureted a blood
China, China, China, at "never before heard of prices" at the FINK
' Miss Parks, sister to F. Harks,
one of Cranhrook's most popular
tradesman, who has been visiting In
this city for thc past few weeks, returned to her borne In St. John N.B.
going by way of Cnlgqry.
: Whether your baby is in the compet
[ itlon or not, ample nccommodatlon
: will be provided for all at the CCS.
exhibition Quarters.
i J. S. T. Alexander, Government
{ Agent for the Fernie district, was in
I town on Tuesday doing business in
\ connection   with   the transferring of
the   land   titles from the Cranbrook
to the Fernie District ,
WORK WANTED-Ludies and Gents
garments, socks, and stockings mended by Isabel Butler, French Avenue,
north of Creek. M
Fruit Vegetables, Groceries, Hay,
and Grain, Harness, Saddles, repairing at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
S.R.Patterson, manager of the J.
D. McBrlde Hardware store was In
Spokane Friday on business.
Frank Eggleeon, who assaulted a
chinaman named Dnn Lee with a
knife last week, was up before Judge
Thompson on Wednesday for trial,
and pleading guilty, was sentenced
to 18 months in the penitentiary.
J. I). McBride returned on Mondny
from Calgary, where he was attend,
ing the great Stampede. Mr. Mc
Bride did the journey in his auto
and found the ronds throughout the
pass very muddy nn account of the
recent rains, otherwise the trip was
a very pleasant outing.
Don't be troubled about taking
your Go Cart to the Exhibition
Grounds, the C.C.S. will provide accommodation while un the grounds.
Wednesday wns thc tlrst day of the
Jewish new yenr, 6673, but there wan
uo celebration of the day in tbls city
One weok from Wednesday, ns figured
by the Jewish almanac the "Day of
Atonement" is observed through out
a 2fi hour fast and a total abstinence from both business and pleasure
Owing to the large number of exhibits Unit are anticipated at the
coining Fall Pair it is to be hoped
that exhibitor* will do their utmost
to hnve all exhibits on the ground*.
hy the IHtli inst This will assist
the judges in their various work affording them more time In which to
judge the various exhibits. By doing this everyone will receive better
satisfaction. tf
vessel in his ear. He renmlned un
conscious during the night ut the
Mr. Quirk came to Oranbrook District in 18611, during the gold excitement <iu Wild Horse oreek. He owned the Dairy Hunch, east of Kort
Hteele which he recently sold. "Pat"
was m great favorite with all who
knew him,
A Inter report from Spokane re
celved on Thursday wiih to tlio effect
that Mr. Quirk's condition was critical,and that It is cxpoctod that lie
will not recover.
Never before bus there been so
much enthusiasm shown in Cran-
brook's Fall Fair as that which is
being exhibited tfois year. On all
sides can be seen th-3 evidence of the
interest taken and the preparations
which ure being made to receive the
large number of visitors who are expected to arrive by ev-ery train from
all over the district. .The roads at
present are in tiie best of condition
nnd we can well imagine seeing rigs,
cycles, autos ami every -kind of conveyance making tbeir way towards
the Fair grounds.
Every preparation has been made
to provide for the traveller's comfort
On the Fair grounds special booths
are being prepared to quenjeh the
thirst and slacken the hunger of the
The sports (sample descriptions ol
which cun be seen in the prize list)
are the best that human for thinitfltt
could provide. Since the publication
of the prize list there have been added many handsome prizes woicli
have been announced from time to
time in this paper, and liefore nhe
day of opening many more will n)o
The latest special prize offered is
one hy W. E. Worden for the Best
Ladies' driver in harness, driver to
be the owner or member of the own'
er'sfamlly. 1st prize, $11).1)0, 2nd
prize $5,00. It must he clearly understood that a lady must drive.
Then iu the matter of sports there
will be special games in the national sport—Lucrosse—in which Cranbrook should certainly deliver the
goods with Nelson during tiie Hair.
the old veterans, Leitch, Matthews,
Manahan,    McKee   and  Scott will be
there with bells on and at that they
will live to up the game of
their lives to make any better showing than the rest of the team who
are running them hard for Lacrosse
honors. Our national game is here
to stay and this season has shown
that the people will support good,
clean, amateur sport.
In the matter of exhibitH there is
promise of the largest exhibits being
on view that has ever been collected
in Southeast Kootenuy. Manager
Russell has been working hard towards this end, with several others
of thp officials of the Fair, who have
been touring the whole district and
covering it thoroughly; interviewing
all the farmers and fruit-growers
and numerous have been the promises
to bring in exhibits.
Tiie secretary is particularly anxious that nil the entries should be
in as enrly in the week as is possible.
This will greatly facilitates matters
and he appreciated by the officials,
Better satisfaction eau be given and
everyone will he better satisfied.
The offices of the secretary are direct
ly opposite the "Prospector" ofllce
in the otlice of Mr. Fred Russell.
The secretary can always be found
in waiting from x:;iu a.m. to ti p.m.
The liibels are laid on his desk and
only wants filling out. bring yours
and get it (tone with. Remember, on
Thursday morning, other work must
be done with. Relievo the stress
and bring your entry in on Monday.
An old-fashioned Game ol Tag open
to everyone. Prizes exceeding the
highest    values   offered   in tlio Fair,
for all winners. The benevolent la
dies of Cranbrook will lead tbe
game in aid of the Children's Aid
Society of Vancouver.
Nowhere upon earth are there heal
thier, happier, brighter children
than in tbe homes of British Oolum
bin. Nowhere are children more
prized by devoted indulgent parents
than in our province. The most pre
clogs heritage of any sixe,
children. Tu give thom sound bodies, clear minds, pure murals, high
ideals of the divinity of living, must
occupy tlrst place in our endeavors
for the welfare ot our race. The boy
of today will be the man of tomorrow. What the boy is today,
physically, mentally, morally, deter-
cmlnes what the man will be to-morrow. The highest tribute any nation
ean merit is by its care of the weak
members, Society in British Columbia is as highly organizes as anywhere, but it does not shield its dependent members from impending
misfortune. Drink, disease, Crime,
Death wrenches fathers and mothers
from ihe God-given tusk ol nurturing their offspring. Blessed Charity
enters to succor the friendless orphan. Tho Children's Aid Society
has given permanent nssisshance to
three hundred and fifty little ones.
It has assisted other ways hundreds
affording tempory shelter and by
placing them in homes for adoption.
Seventy.one were committed to the
home last year. Seven of these from
Oranbrook. It costs y.28 per month
to sustain a child in comfort. Be
He friendly to the taggers and help
them soothe the sorrows of the lit
tie ones. "Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of the least of these, ye did
it unto me."
Board   of   Trade   Meeting
Monday evening, In the Council
Chambers, there gnthernd together
quite a representative feathering of
the lending citizens and tradesmen of
Cranbrook. Whether it was from the
strong appeal we made in our last
issue or the fact of the Board of
Trade issuing a number of dodgers,
it Is hard lo say, both undoubtedly
were resultant of aome good; anyhow
a goodly number were present and a
very interesting meeting wns tiie result.
Tho president in his opening re-
that had been dona during the sum
remarks outlined dome of the work
met by the executive' of the boiird,
particularly laying strews on the nr
nn-gements that have been made to
place Cranbrook ami District In the
forefront at the comUtK l'rv Farming Congress to lie held in I.<-tli*
bridge next month. As we told our
readers lust week, the (ixhiblts from
this city and district were to be
housed in a special hiDflriing to he
erected hy the Board, towaills the
cost of which the Board have boon
successful in Obtaining a donation
from the Lethbrldge council of $20(1.
and the likelihood of, Oranbrook doing the same as well as several donu
Minis of $50,00 each, frism the
lumber    companies    In   the   district.
This will do much to defray the
whole expanse of the bill Ull lift be
BidOB helping everyone to tnko a
greater individual Interest lit the Interests nf the district.
Tlm question of the. big Automobile drive came up nor rtlscusslon.
It was suggested that abmet 20 curs
ho   taken    on   the     journey..     These
could well tly a pennant with tbe
name of Oranbrwok on nnd be a popular advertisement all the way.
There are numerous places through
which the earn would have to go and
when the tnhmhttunts saw the ritring
of cars go hy "Cranbrook" and It's
great progress would \w their only
theme of conversation for a consid-
able time afterwards nnd would be
tbe result of much good. Another
suggestion thrown out wa* thnt
In Lethbridge the cars make a dally
tour of the city. Considering the
the Immense crowds of people that
will attend the Congress from all
parts of the world, Cranhrook
would Im» brought to the fore-front
and be In Itself a factor for much
material good . Messrs. Kin*, Stevenson and .Ward were nppof-ntod a
<*>mm.ttee to Interview the Automobile association  ■-■ respect to this..
Meows. Kennedy and Ryan moved
i that ii letter he went to the General
Passenger Agent, R. s. McNeill le, nt
Oalgary, to see if a special train
i-i Mild nut. be dim rue red and what
guarantee the company -Would re-
S|iitrr for the same. The special
could he so arranged Mint all the In
tor yen Ing towns ((long the line between    Crnnbrook    and    Lethbridgie
cniiJ-l nink.- use of it and *no prove a
big inducement fur ;»■< many as possible to attend from thin clly and district
It was also moved that the City be
.approached by the bkwirtl as to whether a civic holiday ctuilil not he arranged fur while the (fcingrcsH was in
progress to enable the husinwH mm
• uud   others   of   the. city to take ad
vantage of tho Special train service,
Acommittee of Messrs. Ryan, Manning and O'Connell were appointed
to cover the city and find out how
many would he likely to take the
trip, and to obtain the names of as
many as possible.
The question of ways and means
was brought to the attention of the
board and met with a gnod deal of
discussion, Judge Ryan generously
offered to give the secretary $25.00
towards the general expense.
It was pointed out to the hoard
that owing to the large number of
visitors to the Congress, accommodations would be somewhat limited,
Mr. Hunt pointed out that the
Lethbridge people were trying to
meet all requirements along this
line hy obtaining some -ton cots with
.ill necessary coverings, etc., to
loan out us mav he required; at the
same time, be Huld, "I have a six
room house which Is empty tit present If there is li party going from
Ornnbrook nnd thev would care to
iwe this house during their stay
they are welcome." The kindly of
ler received applause und on hebnlf
ol the board the president thanked
Mr. Hunt for his accomodating oiler.
Mensiri.  Ryiiu and  W.-nl  uiuvnd'tbat
tlm secretary write ,j, h. Dennis, uf
Calgary, pointing out that the
C.P.R. provides special facilities to
the visitors to Windermere district
from Golden to the total exclusion
of tllfl Cranbrook District ami re
qtlOStlng that thc C.P.H.'S utten
tlon be called tu the fact that it is
lust, nfl easy to reach Windermere
from Cranbrook an from Golden,    ln
Government    Commission
Sits at Cranbrook
The  special   Municipal   Commission'
appointed by the provincial Government  to  inquire  into  the   Municipal
conditions of the Municipalities of li. !
C.  were in town  Friday  and  held a
sitting in the Government Buildings.
Tho Commission consisted of W. H. ;
Keary  of  New  Westminister,  Chairman; A. E, Bull nnd H. A. Mackson
of  Victoria,   and   J,   Morton   of   Vancouver,  secretary.
T. M. Roberts, city clerk, gave
some very interesting figures of the
cost of running the municipality, as
in relation to city ordinances. Mayor
A. C. Bowness suggested the appoint'
moiit of a government inspector
whose dusy should he the auditing oi
the city books. Mr. Bowness sug ;
gested that the city should be given
the right to increase tbe school tax,
In Local Circles    '
On Monday evening of this week,
Court Wild Horse, No. 2titi, I.O.F.,
had the pleasure of entertaining It.
Blndon of Vancouver, High Chief
Ranger for British Columbia. There
was a large attendance, in honor of
the visitor and a very enjoyable
evening was passed. The visiting
Hlffh Chief itanger delivered a very
ii ble and eloquent address upon the
work of the order, which was follow-
cdby uu interesting discussion and an
inpromptu programme, The ladies
lerved refreshments which were great
lv appreciated.
ur tbat power be glveu the Hchool
Trustees, fn regard to the qualifications necessary for a municipal voter
W. F. (iurd suggested that the licence
or fee should not be less than $5.00
while the Rev. Dunham suggested
that the proper qualifications should
be one who paid r water fee.
The Chairman stated that he considered that a dog licence of $2.00
was not a proper qualification and
that some provision should be made
in the act for the protection of property owners.
The commission wns invited to an
automobile trip through the city and
vicinity by N, Manson to return ia
timo to take the 3-40 train for Fernie
The Commission will visit all tin.
large cities of Canada and the United
States before returning to VictorJta.
W. B. M. C.
Telegraphers to Strike
Unless tbe Canadian Pacific rail
way concedes a IS per cent increase
iu wages tu all telegraphers employ
ud in the dispatchers department by
Sunday     next  the  men   will   be  called
out on a strike. This mandate has
been put up to the company and
should a strike be called 3,000 men
will be affected. i ncl mil ng every > i-
aerator between St. John, N.B. and
Victoria, B.O,
The strike order does not effect the
commercial telegraphers, who in July
last    signed   an   agreement    holding
for one year.    However, these would ,
to work with non-union men and the
company    discharge    tbem   tor   that
cause.     When   asked tonight If there
was   a possibility   of the men going
OUt Sir Thomas Shiiughnessy scouted |
the   idea,    expressing tlic belief thnt i
tbe entire matter would be settled
without such a contingency.
the discussion It was pointed out
that there were three or (our automobiles always running out uf Golden Into thiB country. If the fact
was once known that in Cranbrook
the public can obtain an easier entrance, this city would Im* much
more used  by the traveling  public.
Judge Ryan made a stirring address to the members regarding the
"Danger that lies in the ti'nde along
the K.C.II. being taken to Kernie Instead of Its being diverted to Cranbrook where it orlgl inlly belongs.
Mr, Ryan pointed out that owing to
the geographical position of Fernie
and Its being lu n direct line with
the Kootenay Contrnl, much of the
trade which bus heretofore been com
ing to Crnnbrook Is in danger of
leaving us if something ih not done
to prevent It, something that will
retain to un the trade nf tho | pie
The usuul quarterly meeting of the
Women's Baptist Mission Circle met
in the Baptist Church on Wednesday
with Rev. Kendall presiding.
The ladies made a special eflort tu
make this meeting a big success, and
as to nhtiw how well they succeedsd
the attendance clearly proved; it hav
iug the largest number of friends
gathered at this informal meeting
ihey  have ever experienced.
A splendid program was arranged
and great credit is due the organisers
lor their efforts in securing mien good
talent to take part.
The meeting opened with a good
hearted e.uugregatiuiinl hymn aud waa
lollowed with a short scripture lesson and prayer. After joining in a-
nother hymn Miss Barnh Palmer wan
called upon to give a recitation entitled "No Beets in Heaven" for
which she met with loud applause. A
male quartette consisting uf Messrs.
Houstou, Short, Kergussun and Palmer. A mixed i-uurtolte composed
uf Mrs. .1. Brechen. Mrs. J. H. King,
Mr. Williamson and Mr, Slater. This
item of the program was hu well glv
tu the singers were met with e-uthus
lastic applause and rendered an encore  to the delight  uf  tbe audience.
This was followed with a report by
Mrs. Slater of the Uth Convention
held in Vancouver on tbe 25, 26, 27
of June last. During her remarks,
she showed how tbe increase of population in B. O. was 100 per cent during Inst year the increase in the mem
bership of the Baptists was 130 per
t cent.     Great progress in the work ia
! The ladies rendering the next quar
■ tette were Mrs. J. H. King, Misses
j Flnnis, Bridges and Palmer, receiving
j big applause at the close.
I The hour being lute Mrs. Palmer re
; served her contribution until sotni
{ other ocenssion.
Club Shoot
The Crnnbrook dun ''lull htlil
their weekly shoot on Wednesday,
nnd completed th« icrlei Inr the Du-
l»nit medal, with the lollowlng re
fl, ii. Patterson     in
i    Mrs.   If.   W.   Oreer.   117
Dr.   F.   W.   (ireen     131
i    W. J. Nlrhol   13.
I Iir.   King   129
H.   W.   Hupplo    131
j.   Laidlaw     in
The Coming of Columbus
Rellg'fl greatest MuHterplece In
. three reele. A production tlmt cost
$50,000 nml took Hirer year* tu muke
MO people In the met. A historical
review nf Incident" In the life mnl
discovoriea   ni Clirlstophor Oolutnbui
I ,il   ihe   vnlley     The   view   wnn ex-1A magnificent   vlMl-tH.nl  In Uiree
reele endornotl hv Hduciitore, Pulpit)
iliMturimiH, proas nnd Public.
The   World's  urentest Mutinn Picture,  every   mnn,   wminm mul ehilil
bIumiIiI soc It.   a marvelous, hitherto
nndronmed ol nchtovomont, whlrh defies description nnd hniiiru Imltntlon,
lllrh. costly mul   gorgeous  costume*
I tin,;—corrert histories! detail,
|    Auditorium,  Mondny  nnd Tuesdny,
I Heptemher Ifith nnd 17th    AdralMlon
| 10c and itc. _
prossod  tlml   II the hrmii'h line  could
he   ohtnlnod    fr     Wumi   to ('run
hrook thle could In' done, and he
iiifiile n motion in the oflecl thai the
views nf the r.l-.li. he hnd with re
gard to the proposed connection to
l.e   run    pel ween  rmnhlook   and  the
K.O.n    ni   Wasn   mul   obtain their
views on the nmttnr.
Mooting ndjourneil. !_."**»	
T'S a well-known saying among the well
dressed men.
"If you want to see
what's really new, go
to the Fit-Reform
May we show you all
the new fall styles in
Fit-Reform fall suits ?
Dry Farm Plowing
E. R. Parsons, Campbell
Written expressly for Dry Fanning, Lethbridge
(Spoclnl to the Prospector)
question bj
v    "How
a per-
ops.   the
tds could
Cranbrook. B. C.
,t^efr,H*-H I"H-t"H-**H^
THAT'S what our growing trade is built  on—the shoe experience of our customers.    And not
only their experience with OUR shoes bnt their ex
perience with ih.- shoe* SOLD KI.SKWHKRK.
is tin- best friend uf itn honest Iiinii (trade shoe
Sinn-  experience
sinr-.* like ours.
Without  ('M*
tilt!    ItCSt    ftlltl
mill   hn  || till I
ol thu country-
iil  iuiidttmtv ii
I wuh asked this
null the other -I
hooBt dry-Iarnilng?
There is only one answer to thin
question, and I believe it applies to
every dry country  in  thfl  world
Supposing it were possible to add
six inches to the seed beds of every
dry farm on this continent next year,
nr some other yeai; whut would be
the result?
Bpeaklng broadly the c
prudtictii.n tor the whole
wuuld be doubled- the rulln
uot haul it.
Whal stands between the
farmer and deep farming?
<in the one hand we canndt tiiind
the fad thai thore is
prejudice; on the other
. | ie exti i expense ol pi o
nore  per aero  per horse
1    When   people ash tne "What  is the
principle factoi   in youi  success as a
•\\ frtrmei "       I    imhesitnl i    j
ply "Deep Plow Ing
In   ordinary   agriculture   the   need
iean  has always  heen considered   ns
with it. and the principle function of
■ he si e I bed is ns .< mulch to the
-    - S      paj      i    :■) farm crop
has evei heen harvested that was
not   rooted,   and well rooted, in the
ths ;. Take a glance :it Prof w
Palmers'   bulletin   on   deep ptow-
g,  which   DRY-FARMING  issued  in
The seed bed provides a f iraging
jilace for the surface roots, but the
mbsi . su] plies the mi list ure and we
ill know tbtot when condicions are
I right the roots will to intn ,t from
I four to ten feet. When the subsoil
moisture has been used up by two
dry years In succession it is useless
to expect a crop unless the peaeon is
favorable, but this may not happen
once m a hundred years. With deep
plowing, say with :- minimum of 10
inches, and an average precipitation
of 15 inches, the subsoil, even when
the land is cropped every year, and
one dry year will not cut the yield
to any great extent, provided there
was even the rainfall 7it planting
time to obtain a stand.
Laboratory experiments In soil nnd
water physics do not show thc true
action of moisture in dry-(ann subsoils, where, un account of the dry
■.•round below, the tendency is always
downward, not upward, and therefore in the Held tbe subsoil as well
as the seed bed dries out on the top
lirst aud less and less as wc get
down until at two feet, under a
seed   bed   10  inches  deep  the   loss   by
Come in today and let us prove it   you need
not buy   we only want to open your eyes.
♦lllll H-t-H-HH-H I I *********H***************
the place tu h„l,l the moisture, whero
nothing Imt tin' roots ran take il
There are Borne rnnchos, of courso,
where deep plowing will not pny. bo-
cause there le not enough soil; hut
theso arc rare In tho WobI ami
should bo usod [or pnBtnro only
Somo Bolls nro hnnl and .rolractory
:, few Inohos umloi the Burfaco, hul
usually rich wben once worked up
and mellowed.
Por thoBe the nest thing Is to
plnnl , crop ol ryo In tin- fall and
plow ii under dcop when n tool high
in the spring
In tho Boubhem pnrl "f tho contln
oni tii,' action ol tin- 'rosl is n went
help i" tho BUbsoll in shattering nuil
loosening tho granular oongloinorn
u,.n, which bIIows tho molsturo and
roots to i'nii-1 The doop plowing ol
sod is much i" be protorrod to tho
old way, which Bpotln tho Hold for
i>;,. Ural year or two and wash's tho
S \\ IN',   l'l II-: 111 MAS
There ore plows and deep tilling
machines now tieiui' manufactured
which not only lour the sod to
nun's but bury it 12 to 16 Inches
deep, leaving a Beed bod which will
often produce a harvest sufficient to
pay for i no land on which It wns
raised the tivst yenr. This method
not only puts money into the farmer's pockets at onco, but saves the
humus tar future crops hy putting
tho soil where it can rot lu a moist
environment without being dissipated Into the atmosphere.
An Idea prevails amongst some of
our farmers that new soil is sour or
wihl, and not lit to raise crop on.
The fact of the matter is our wost-
ont soils, aro not only rich, but well
aerated to great depths, for aftor
the great water period, thousands
and thousands of years ago, the
ground gradually died out, utr took
the place of thc water, and they
huve never heen wet since more than
a foot or two from the surface down
Under these conditions the anaero-
bactcrta which cause the sourness
cannot exist, and the land is all
ready and waiting to mother a crop.
Surface fanning—keeping the crops
alive with the help of intense eultiva
tion without uncinate plowiag—iB
'UBSOILI the most uneconomical form of dry-
.oiriiu vint uosinu su.-. joj 'auuujuj
intelligent cultivation is always Indispensable, with deep plowing tho
moisture can be more easily conserved nnd larger crops harvested with
half thc surface tilling roqtilrod by a
shallow seed bed.
Thus, for instant, a crop of corn
planted in 12-inch land and cultivated
two or three tunes will yield double
as much   as   one   planted   in   I) inch
ivaporatton  is   about   nil.     This is   land and cultivnted all summer.
Photographer Flies Over
The Alps
Atmosphere  so  cold   that   hands   of
Aeronauts are Kro/en -Moulders like bubbles.
|                BIRDS                |
Mounted   -   a Specialty
Novelties M«de l p Such .,-.
Ink Wells,  I't-n Holders, l- Thermometers
Cranbrook, B.C,                     P O. Box 2%
Loudon, Sept.—Armando Connote; a
start photographer for the London
Daily Mirror, has just accomplished
ths difficult it8fi1gnn.flnt of .lying over
the Alps ni n hit I loon with Cup tain
Spelterl ni, tho s wlss Aeronaut, taking photographs on route, Tho (light
wnn from Inter.itkpn to I'mli-ninnm-i -
i-i.u, Bavaria, a dlBtance of 250 miles
nml was made in l-l hourB, travelling
at an altitude ol 17,500 feet, Tho
atmosphere wns so cold the IuuuIk
■ >t both men were frozen, Console:
writes the following description of
how the AlpH look from nhovo:
I could seo, but could nol hoar, tho
moving avalanches of snow nnd Ice
,iml the I'Toii roaring tor ron ta of!
water looking like trloklos, It wuh
diitiriiit to hellevo nl) mount tlm men- j
nre of death    Oreat mountains look
ed smnll onough to tnke hi one's haml
Surely thoso avalanches could ho
dammed with u broom. Lakes in the
valleys resembled tiny drops of water
and vlllngOB wnnt like boxes of
matoheB, < •revnBBOS rosomblod thin
dark lines scratched with u pen, and
tumbling liouhlors looked like pebbles. At uu altitude of 16,000 foot
darkness came on nnd wo saw a black
mid white nuiHH of mountain roaring
Hi. crest. Wo must ffo higher or we
shall bump into it, said Captain
Spelterinl, Wo could then nee only
snow nnd lee. \o one lived there and
if we had dropped W0 never should
have boon found.
When landed the noronatlts were detained for Boveral hours hy German
police, who thought them m-ien until
shown their proper credentials.
X Automobile   will   be  run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook ami Wasa con
necting with incoming and outgoing
trams. Good Passenger Accomodation,
N. Hanson
i**************4************* I' ******* I M 'l"l *
Lumber  Deal  Completed
Peter Lund disposes of Farmers Lumber
At the Top
Because oi Quality and Purity
Bottled with crowns or
corks only at the Home
Plant in St. Louis
The Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Cover;* an area of 140 acres of ground, equal to 70 city
blocks,   upon  which  are   located  110  individual   buildings.
Brewing Capacity .    .    .   2,500,000 barrels per year
Malting Capacity   .   .   .   2,000,000 bushels per year
Bottllno Works     .    .    .   1,000,000 bottles daily
Grain Storage Elevators 1,750,000 bushels
Stockhousea(forlaoerlng)    600,000 barrels
Steam Power Plant .
Electric PoWer Phut
"efrirjerator Plant    .
Ice Plants	
Goal Ujed	
12,000 horse power
4,000 horse power
4,000 tons per day
1,200 tons per day
325 tons per day
Inbound and Outbound
50,000 cars per year
Refrigerator freight cars .   .    .1,500
Horses at home plant   ....    143
Wagons at home plant   ....     78
Auto Trucks at home plant   .   .     74
Horses at Branches 483
Wagons at Branches 430
Auto Trucks at Branches ...      47
At St. Louis Plant
At 36 Branches    .
6,000 people
1,500 people
Total Sales, 1911—1,527,832 Barrels
Budweiser Bottled Beer Sales, 1911—173,184,600 Bottle*
A. C. Bowness
Cranbrook,  B. C.
Advertise in
It Pays—THE—It Pays
Sold By
The  Fink   Mercantile  Co.
'   (,,!<• of tiie iiii'jM'Ht iIchIh which Iimh ' nnl at. (iniHiiy (.nidi, Purplo tiprlngs,
i n   oonsummntoil   Iiiii' your, iilli'i'l    Wlnnlfrocl,    Whitlu,   Milk Itlvur, Nnw
1 mi' tin- IiiiiiIh-i  hi mi in Houthorn  Dayton, Mngrnth, Diamond Olty, Tn-
I Alberta,   wii» cloned youtorday, whon hor   nml    Hurdott;   tlio   Lolhbrldgo
tho   Parmer0'   Lumber  Oo, Hold mil   yni'il Ih rotninod hy thn Pnrmorfl' Ium
; then   outslrio   yards  in the Olll-ton.  hot? compnny,    No   lli-uren un to thu
mnl     I'lm i      Lumhor     companion,  amount   ol   money    Involved   In tlio
which  nro  nnw  prnotlcnlly   morgad,  iloul hnvo boon mado public
with tholr bend odlooa in Lothbrldgo.     Tills m flu' nooond largo ilonl ot thla
Ton  yards  nro afTootod;   Thof-o sold'nature during the pnnt twelve month
I.nHt wlntnr Mliini'iipnliH pnrtiOH nun'-  luul.   Tin soirotni-y-tronBurnr .1 Mie' tnlnn, nnd II. wnu Inommq thoy woro
god tliolr lumbar intermits, tho I'lon   compnny,   Humid Darling, wnn nlso engaged in tlio wholosnlo lumbar Imim-
 ' nnd Cltls-ona hoeomlng prnotlcnlly  In tho idly yoatooduy, putting tho tin lm,„„ l|mt _mi deposed of tholr out-
lulling toualio. on I loot.   Thoy on .(d llni,H ,„.,...    Tluiy  will rntuln
Polar I.inn!,   pronldont ol tho Vnt I poot to rotiirn shortly,
Tho Parmer.' I r Oo„  lose "'" '•••hbrltim yard, und will proha-
iy oonnoctad with the big liimbor In bly   make Uthbrltlgo n distributing
toi'OStB   nf Potor Lund In tho moun- point for tholr tnouutulu null..
mors' Ijiimbor Co., wna In Mm city u
lew duyti ago from branbrook, practically closing tho doul ou I'lil.uiiliiv THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
l-+++-M++-l-+-H«H-fr++ *****
r**i*-I-I l-l*l*-i-l-l-l-***.--I****l-l**********i*H
The  Most Sensational  Cash Raising and Co-operative Sale—All Records will be Broken
All Former Efforts Eclipsed
The Conqueror of all Sales now confronts
you—the Voice of Thrift and Economy calls you
to turn this way.
Owing to conditions over which we have no
control we are Compelled to Raise $15,000.
We expect to do this in 15 days, and, with
this paramount aim in view, we are going to cut
and Slash Prices in a manner than will Create the
Greatest of Enthusiasm among the buying public.
Sale starts September 14th and will last 15
days Only.
The first fifteen people entering the Store
Saturday morning at 9 o'clock will each receive,
FREE,   a nice present.
$300.00 In Merchandise will also be given away
during the Sale in premiums.
Don't fail to enquire about it as many articles
will be given FREE in Merchandise Premiums.
Store is now being arranged and displayed so as
to make your buying easy and give you quick
During this time we are going to offer you Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
Clothing, Harness, Flour, Feed, Buggies, General Merchandise and a full line of
Groceries and Many Other Articles Below their Market Value.
East Kootenay Mercantile Go.
P. O. BOX 891
',***************** IIM I'M I I I**l**********************
Hell   Extinguished   By   Vote!
Tho Annual Convention of the International Uible Students Assoeiu-
tlnu wns hold in Washington, D.O.,
from Juno 30 to July t), 1912. The
following resolution wus solemnly
moved, seconded and alter a season
of enthusiastic discussion,, was unanimously ndopted.
Resolved' Thnt it is the sense of
the International Uible Students delegates here assembled, thut wc do
not find the Uible to tench the doctrine of a. literal "Hell Kire" or
place of fire and brimstone for the
punishment of the wicked; but, that
snculnr history of the formation of
tho creods In thc middle nges, reveals
tho fact that for vurious reasons,
cither wisely or unwisely, the doc-
trine of torment In "Hell Kire" wus
addeil to thc gospel, us taught by .lesus nud tho twelve nposllcs, necessitating many ridiculous Interpretations of the Lord's puriiblos. Wo
therefore unreservedly repudiate as
unscrlpturnl the teaching "I u plnco
stale or condition of n lltoral "i,nko
of Kire nnd Drlmotono', for the tor
ment nf the wicked uud further, we
believe from ninny personal test!
monlnls, that, the vast majority ol
ministers ol all Protestant dcnouiin
utlnns hnve privately repudiated tho
"Hell Kire" theory, but hnve fur
supposedly good rensnns hesitated to
inform their congregations, and further, we believe nn this account,
thousands nnd pel haps tciiB ot thou
siinils, are being driven Into scepticism or Infidelity, Therefore, It is further roBolved, thut we appeal to
every minister of Canada, to publish
in his local newspaper ovor his own
signature dd-jurlng whether or not
ho believes thc lilble tn tench the
doctrine nf a llterul Inke of fire und
brimstone nn u placo, nr state or
condition fnr tbe eternal punishment
of tho wicked, and that every editor
of a newspaper In Canada bo requested to Invite the ministers nl his
constituency tn uvull themselves of
his columns for their statements, etc.
Tho conclusion Of the instrument
deals   merely    with   tbo   publication
and distribution of it. In accordance
the spirit of its publication this resolution was presented to mo for my
"Yen or Nay". Prom my innermost
soul, nnd without qunlillcntion, in
the name of the Father, Sun aud
Holy Ghost, I answer tbis resolution
"Nny." Believing in the freedom
and accountability of tbe human conscience and will, 1 heartily accede tho
right of Interpretation of thc Uible
to my brethern as their consciences
mny dictate.
It is my purpose iu tins discnurse,
ilrst tu give my reasons for not subscribing to this resolution, then to
answer its substance aud meaning
wltll the positive teaching of thc Bl-
id„ on the doctrine of future punishment. I would not commit mysrlf to
lhe support of this Instrument even
II 1 half believed It, knowing us 1 dn
the source from which it camo. The
International Bible Students Association, nr I'l'Stor ('. T. HusselliBiu, or
Mlllinlum Rnwliiuin is nne nud the
nnmo cult. The pluusible, dangerous,
blasphemous totvohlngs of this institu
tlon nro colossal, The nne unber cnn
siclcrutinn is ono of a group of nbout
eight errors that strike at the very
heart of tho Christian rollglon, lf
the Lord   wills I purposo  exposing
these orrors In the very neur future,
Agnir. this doctrine, beyond nil
doubt the most terrible article In
uny creed, Is surely taught by Christ
In the Uible lor n sublime purpose,
und 1 would nut even seem to ally
mysolf In opposition to revealed
truth. 1 wuuld rather ho wrong, lio-
llovlng whnt is munlfosly declared,
than right, Booming to contradict
the word. The lilble is the inspired
word nf find. It contradicts, op-
POB0B nnd expnsos the cnrnnllty that
elves rise to the sentiments of this
resolution, it. is the hahlt of the
mnn nt the street tn ulllrm that
"all the boll there Is fnr a
man Is the miseries nf this present
life". It certainly Is In uocurd with
htlmnn desires tn tuke refuge in this
error, but, thu Uible llntly refutes It.
Unco more, tbe danger Involved lu
By Rev. O. E. Kendall
Pastor of the Baptist Church
supporting this resolution is dlsbe- ntely written uud sealed to eternal
lief of any future punishment for the life" and "the Perfectly wicked who
wicked. Wc nre thrown upon the ,jre |niniediutcly written and sealed
horns uf n delemma, tu chuuse be-; to [ienmm (Kelt). The opposing
tween nnnihlllntion of the Impeni- J „choo, o( Hmel substant|nUs the n-
tent dend or their restoration, or j bovB .„ Caching the lot of certain
both. We cannot tarry hero to! dns9e9 o( transgressors, they snid
weigh the argument presented to bus- „w(|() r0 dowll tn ciehlnifbm and
tain these beliefs, but wo are Btrlk- j Rn inm l>m.lHt>ed to ages nf age
ingly convinced, after yearB of ear--Re pmMm „r tl,„ Ri(.„ Man
nest Uible study that its consistent I, __+,*_,, ,„„ Mlll, without u
Interpretation lends nn suppurt to wedding Garment reveals to us
such hope for the lost. th,    „w(ul     Batur,    of    tll„    con.
Again, to the must casual reader I dltlon nf the lost. These parables
tho ltible reiterates the term "luke of I have anmzlng parallels In the trud-
lire" nr its equivalent many tlmss. itionn uf the Jewish peuple, current
If this is nut tn be Interpreted liter- among the peiqile and found in the
■illy    (nut    excluding    its    spiritual , utornturc nt tlmt day.   The touching
sense i we nre left ulisnlutcly without
a key tn the problem ul future punishment.
Again, If the tonus "luke ut lire"
"eternal ti.rmont" are merely symbols nt the future state, the facts „.-
pressed by tbem sn far transcend the
extreme limit of human comprehension, wo ure In uny euse dumbfounded
by the inexpressibly horrible portion
awaiting the finally Impenitent,
This resolution would lend ono to
believe tbnt the secular history ul tho
great church creeds supplies sufficient
evidence ut the doctrine nl future pun
lshment hnvlng originated ta pagan
Sources,   and   having   been   Imparted
of Jesus regarding this doctrine wns
ut least in the gencrul direction of
Jewish belief, II nut entirely in accord with it. We nre therefore cnn-;
strained tn believe tbnt the assumption of this resolution wus munufnc
turcd out nf whole cloth. If this
statement be founded upon fact we
urn drlvon tn the necessity uf rejert
Ing, as spurious, nil the New Testament teaches ui tills doctrine. Kor
these renuons nnd others we might
mention, we unhesitatingly sny "Nny
to the assumptions nt this resolution
We nnw sbnll give our nt tent Inn
tn    the    positive    leaching    nf    the
will burn up tbe dial] wltb uitqucnch
able lire.
Matthew < IS. Children nf Hie
kingdom shall lie eust intn outer dirk
ness, there sliull lie weeping uud
gnashing uf teeth.
Matthew 10:28. I'Vur I Iim which Is
able tn destiny both body nnd BOllI
in hell.
Matthew 13:12, Tares Bhall bo enst
into a furnace uf llie, thero Bhall tie
walling and gnashing uf tcoth; nlso
13 : BO
Matthew 1« s. Hnvlng two hnnds
and two feet tu be rust intn evorlast
Ing lire; nlso Is : .,
Matthew   21:44.   Hut,   on   i
ever   tbis   stono   shull   full
grind iiim to powder.
Mntthow ti i.i. The
the wedding garment—oasl him Into
ontor dnrknoSB there shall bo weeping mid gnashing "t tooth.
Matthew .8:38, Josus, to the Pilar
Iseos—Hnw -hull yo o«cnpe the damnation i.i iieir
Mntthow 24 SO   Tho   sitvi.hi   thai
did nut look lm tho Lord's Ing
Hn  shull  cut   lilm  asunder,  und  ap
point   blm   Iils   luul    with   hypo
ernes-  thorn shall   ho   wooplng   und
Word nf Ood uii the doctrine nf Kit
nln and Imposed upon tho teachings j ture Punishment,
of Christ.   However,  much or little     I. Tho n-jture of Future Punishment
t,),e   relic, s   beliefs  ol  the   middle   To the Word nnd to the Testimony,
ages Influenced the formation of thu let It speak. We have chosen at ran
creeds, ol tbls we ure sure, tbat the ' dnm thirty passages, with ono eicep
two great thoologlcnl schuuln ol tho' tlon In the Now Testament. We shull
Jews, euntempurnry with the pro- merely Indicate the passages and give
sonco uf Christ upon mirth, taught, the bciisc us It revoaln out objoct
wltb sumo modifications, the eternal i Daniel 12:2, lu the resurrect inn some
torment In flehennn (hall) of tho lln- wl» »""*•" to everlastlni: life, und
ally impenitent wicked. Slmiumnl sumo tn simme nnd everlasting cun
the lender of one school talight—"tho tempt,
perfectly righteous who ure Immodl-      Matthew    312.   John    Uaptlst-llo
gnashing "f teeth
SB     311.
Mntthow 2BII.
un bin left in |ud|
me ye cursed Intn
Hoc ulsu Matthew
lesus lu ll '' up
i il    llepurl frum
■vet'l i itlng lire, pn
pnrod  lor  tlio ilpvll  nnd  Ills niigols;
Mntthow ::.'. Ifi   \nd thnso nliull gu
away Int" nvorlnsl.lho plmishmont.
Mark   'I   2!l,   lllnnpnomors    nl    I lull. ,1 y (IIhibI Imve novel forglviioss Imt
nre iu iliuii'iT ..I otnrnnl diminution.
I.like   H.   24.   Dlvoi    ii.   Mc"   Send
l,u'/nriins thai ne mny dip the til. "I
his finger  in  wntor and ( I  mv tntl
gun. fnr I um torinontoil In this tluinc
John  3-.10.   The  wt nl li  ul  il. ..I a
bldoth un blm.
RomailB 9:22. Vessels uf wiutb lilted for destruction.
:>. Tliessaluniuns 1:7-8. The disobedient shull lie punished with overlast-
Ing destruction from the presence nl
the I..nd.
Hebrews 0:2. Doctrine uf ntornnl
Judgment. 10:81 It Is a fearful thing
tu full Into the biiml uf the living
.hull.'   13.    Tn   whom   is   reserveil|be
blnckno8B of darkness forovor.
Revolution 14 iu Tu worshippors
uf ttie henst—Ho shull be tormented
with lire uud brimstone, iu the presence uf the nngols, nnd in the presence of the l.umli.; 14:11. And the
smoke of their torment nscondeth up
forever und over.
Rovolntlon Is : 3. The judgment ol
the great whore—Her smoke rose up
forever and ever.
Revolution I'i : 'in. These both (the
boast and the fnlse prophet) wero
cast uli\e Into n lake of tire burning
witti brimstone,
Rovolntlon sn lu. The devil wus
eust into the luke of tire und tir:
stone, whore tho hoast und the tulse
prophets aro, iml sliull he tormented
Revolntion S"   ir,    And   whosoever
was not found written in the I k of
life wus cast into tin- Inke nf tire.
Rovolntlon SI * The fearful, nn
hellovlng, abominable, murders
whoremongers, sorcerers, Idolutors,
lints, shull hnve their pnrt in llie
hike which liui-neth with lire ami brim
stone, which is the second death,
These  thirty   paSSngOB  cun   lie  gnth
orod Into two groups according tn tho
pluiu sense ot thom. Those meaning
everlasting shumo, eontoinpt, waoplng
umi gnuBhing ul toothi punishment,
destruction uie Hftoon In numbor Tho
otiiei group nt liftoon gather aboul
the idea ol Unquenchable Uro, ever
I,a.ilni: uie. lite umi hl'linstono, hike
of Die und brimstone, furnnco uf lire.
And lhe sense of tli" two iu-ouim* '"
etpleSHeil most clearly III that uf the
Tin i.i irnltli the l.utd concerning ISie
ii.iti tl fiiime punishment, tlmt it
will  ho  lit.iull>   a  lake  ul  Ure and
brimstone. The bumnn heart revolts
ut tbe awful spectacle nf the wicked
lust in Hell. Yet un the other lnwid,
wlm will bring the Almighty intn
Judgment tu Impugn His justice and
Impeach His judgment. Wlm knows
the heinuiisness of sill, the deeps uf
the sinners heart, the matching uf
transgression nnd punishment us tho
Almighty? He hns spoken, therefore
let ull the earth keep silence before
i. The Duration nt Future i'unish-
ment.. Ilefnre we give nur attention
this phase ut the question, let us
anticipate some uthers that may
liiive already arisen iii yuur minds.
When will that uwful event begin,
niiiiie.Iiately at death, nr after the
great judgment'* We sliull ant tuke
time to examine the scripture spec-
lllcully here, hut it is nur mature
judgment thnt the sntll nf thc sinner
passing out ot this earthly life, will
come intn Hudes. Shenl, the abode uf
tbe dend. He will he cnnscioiiB ol
Ins doom und shull exist in anticipation nf the resurrection nnd the judgment duy. The parable of Hives and
l.n/.uriis wus Christ's rebuke ot the
I'hnrisees fm tbelr liixiirlniis and
money-loving spnll. Dives Is conscious, und enduring greal pain ami
sorrow, Jesus once cast uut u legion
nf demons and Affrighted at this dis
piny nf divine powor thoy cried: "Art
thou cnnal to torment us before the
time"'-   Lost souls nnd demons will
he  kept   under  chains  uf  darkness  a-
wuiting thut nwful summons tu ths
Judgment sent tit Christ, then wll] go
away iutk their doom.
The answer  to  tliiH question also
implies thnl  (.1  tke noxl.   Will  thero
md lie a -..'....... nf probation In Hint
under world, where lime uud opportunity will he granted fm- repentance
umi nOC0ptanCS nf the gospel message
Krum the depth of my heart 1 yearn
to suy, Tes; hut the uwtnl silence of
revolution gives no hope to the i.u,
tier thut  pusses lieynml.
Will K<iiin-.' Punishment be endless?
(Continued ua I'ags   6; THE PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,   B. C.
®;he ipvoepectov, ©vaubvook, tf. (!*.
Published Every Saturday    Morniof at Oraobroo-t, B.O.
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: ment and improvements, is a credit
to the automobile industry mul
shows to what an extent llie business
I bus developed in the lust few years.
!    The   rapid   sale   of   all   classes ol
' cars in this province hub induced makers to enter the field stronger than
ever. The greatest disadvantage
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eastern fur
s     Ul
u big.
of these
be s
A regular meeting of the City Conn
eil wus held in the Council chambers
un Monday afternoon lust. There
were present .Mayor Bowness und Aldermen Clapp, Atchison and Campbell,
Records 'if the last regular aud
special meeting wus read, und on mo
tion of' Aldermen Campbell and Atchison were adopted us read,
A communication frum the School
Trustees re accounts due School fund
was rend. It wus moved by Aldermen Clapp und Campbell that the
communication from the School Trus
tees tie hied.
The Finance Committee then presented their  regular  monthly  report
and   recommended   that   accounts   to
the amount ol (10,262,35 lie paid.
The following accounts were presented for payment.
Beattie Murphy Co	
Baker & Banlield	
Cranbrook Trading Co	
Oranbrook Drug & Book r
C.P.R.   Freight   	
f-Jlectric Light Co	
Cranbrook Steam Laundry ,
City Transfer Co.  	
Cranbrook  Sash  &   Door  {',
Cranbrook Cartage Co	
Frank Dezull 	
Davis Bros	
East Kootenay  Mercantile
Herald Pub. Co	
A,  Jolllfte 	
F. M. McPherson	
A. \. McLintock 	
Municipal Construction Co.,
J.  I). McBride 	
Prospector pub. Co	
F. Parks & Oo	
T. N. Parrett	
Pay  Roll—Fire  Dept	
"    City Officials ....
"      Police   Kept.    ..,,
Concrete   Side
"    City   FQnglneer   ,
W. S, Santo 	
School   Board—O.R.Loask  ..
O'Onrn & C
Ward a Harris 	
P.E.WilHou,   Water  Right   Fe
150 00
. If,.7.
Tbe accounts of VV. S. Sunt.. $34 65
and A. A. McLlutock $17.00 wus referred buck.
.On motion of Aldermen Oampbell
und Clapp that the accounts aa pre !
sented by the Finance Committee, ex |
eept those otherwise provided for, be
It  wus moved  that  the Mayoi   and
! City Clerk be empowered to enter in
and  sit.il  a  contract   with   V    Hyde
| Baker re tbe construction of s cement
crossling (rum Van Horne Street to
the depot.
A communication from the residents
on Kootenay street, re sidewalk and
Water impruvemeuts by residents on
said street was read, and on motion
of Aldermen Campbell aud Atchison
that the City Clerk notify the resld
ents of Kootenay street, that the
Council will provide sidewalks, but
that owing to insufficient appropria
tions, the question will be laid vei
he   consideration    ol   tl e
ro British Columbia next  year.
With the announcement of the vui  I
loua new models t.i h,   placed ou tbe
local  market   next   yeai.   motor  buy i
ers    in    tins   territory  will  have "the [
best    opportunity   they   ever hnd  to
buy complete equipped cars at popu
lur    prices,   the   new machines enter ^
lug    the   local  Held  representing   thi
best there is In the automobile Indus
try,   .utd   ut   prices that have nevoi
been expected b>   the agents di   pros
pectlve buyers
The   equipment   on   the new  earn,'
instead   of   being extras, are mostly
included   in   the regular price of  the
curs,   a   policy which  l* being tound
satlsl ictorj   both to the distiibutors
ie hi
Cranbrook Cartage & Trims 61.10
Crnnbrook  Hush &  Dnm   c, ..71.ou
city Transfer Co    132.80
Qnlt, John A Co  153.59
King Lumber Mills. Ltd  L9.76
J. A. Macdonald   31,50
.1. D. McBrlde   38.85
Sewerage Pay Roll (New   ,\r , 122.10
Ditto (J. Cult   &  Co.}    1318.20
T. \. Pnrrett   17 30
F.  Parks & Oo  109.93
I    The  report  of   the   John  Oalt  Engineering  Co.   re  Bewerage  construction  for  the  month   of   August   was
read and on motion accepted and tile.
Permission   Was  granted   to  ff.   F
Curd   and   ff.   Helsail,   representing
the  Board ol Trade,   tu address  thi
Conncil   re   the   erection of   a   Cranbrook building  at  Lethbridge f..r  use
ut the  Dry Farmint; Congress to be
hebl In that city, astoifag [or a grant
of |200 to assist  mi constructing the 1
flume. The city of Cranbrook to have |
the   exclusive   use   of   same   when   1
quired for exhibition   purposes.      The
Mayor  informed  the   Committee  that
the Council  would  enquire  into  the
mutter and,  if  possible,   grant    the
Sewerage und Sewage Disposal Work
To the Mayor and Councilors:—
City of Ornnbrook:
I .etitlemeii
Wo have tbe honor of submit tin-.'
to yon the following report 011 the
progress of 'the above works (or the
month of August,
The works in (he city on the sewer:)
nnd manholes hns been completed,
and nil sewers and mailholeB inspect
ed and found in good order.
Screening and placing of stone in
lUtore completed. Distribution chun
pels and trays placed lu position.
Wood worl. on roofs done.
Backfilling overtnnk, umi ditch by
road done.
Fine (liter outlet laid to creek, and
sledge bed finished of!,
Yours Respectfully,
John (.alt Engineering Co.
Per K. 0. Marriott.
Resident Engineer,
All Signs Point to Big Auto
Factories and  Dealers Preparing (o
Record Breaking    Benson
in  1913 -Automobile News
and  Gossip
Never in the history of the BUtO
mobile  industry   huve   there   been   BUCtl
indications ,.t ;, record breaking bus-
inesH aw there is (or the 1913 season
The output scheduled fm tbe coming
season by eastern manufacturers ie
grenter than ever in tiie history ol
the trade, and ludging (rom reports
of agents and factory representatives
from all over the country the enor
moon scheduled output will not be
sufficient to supply the demand.
The demand for cars, especially In
the West, seems ro be practically un
limited. This is particularly true if
Western Canada, which is res'il ting
in record-breaking plans by the man
ufacturora lor the distribution ol
tbeir curs In those territory,
Practically    all    nf    the    well nn ivn
factories me ro presented on tho
coast, and plans are underway by
many ->f tho new manufacturers tn
eeoure propel roprosontiAlon The
wonderful progress made during the
last yea. in the sale of motor
eitiH of all claSSOO from thll city
throughout the province hi the ron
son (or the 1 nsh of tho mnniifactuieis
to   get their latest  models (rom the
local market
The   (acton   that   were  v<- Impor
1 ant |n the heavy humneSK lust sea
son are mill in evidence, and many
others Have been added, the manufac
turers having done then share to
wards creating new interest in the
Vutomoblle Industry b> bringing out
the hest equipped and most com
plete cars ever "tiered to the ''ana
dlan public
tt is no longer necessary t«, ime a
ciuak to start s car. or matches t..
li [hi the lights All this in done i,v
electric dynam»s and sel(•starters, a
combination that is responsible foi n
great boom lu the automohllo busl
Tbe demand lor greatci convenience
in motor earn has probably been ne
■ cried to bv tho manufacturers, ami
the result ih thai thev me getting
everything  posslbl.  tho maohlno
Practically    all     0(      the    wOtl   Known
mamifnctruors aro featuring electric
lights und self -starters on tholr now
models, and even with thfl large
Males record ol  last  year   the ugentri
Thost    with    experience    know   that
tth-tensioi      u reut  is extremely dil
■ ncult   ii-    ns    ■-■'      ' '    ilwa) -  1 eadj
leak   111- ..*.   11 b tig ■      ■   mosl   ....
-.- . lannels If tin- ignition acts
-■ ■ 11 ..- ■        :  the trouble cai     I    a
cated 1 ;■■ is ;... » .> : is ad> is
able, there   re 1 k foi   ■ high-ten
-.. •     eak       n    elustvi   :urrent will
d or cloth,
II given .md opportunity   causing the
nost n ysterious short circuits
When .. cyl odei - econ ing overheated either [1 1 1 *t< ppage of the
oil supply or anj "ther cause it invariably makes the fact known by a
tcraplng grating noise at each strike
ol the piston caused by the dry metals rubbing against each other. A
loss of power can also be noticed
whereupon the driver should get
down at once and ascertain what the
trouble is. To keep on forcing the
engine to run after these warnings
may result in giving it a badly
scored cylinder as well as a seized
piston along with many difficulties
resulting therefrom.
Some ratlin tor drain pipes are
placed directly oger the front axle In
such a position that when opened the
water will strike the axle and splash
around wetting things generally. If
a funnel bo used to (lleect the water
Into the pail the shower bath effect
will be avoided and the tloor on
which the cur is resting will he kept
free  (rom  water.
The motor bus his penetrated into
India, and according to reports of
big dividends wblcb the pioneer company is earning in operating the machines, it has come to stay. Regu
lur service is now being maintained
between Permatang-Bendahnrl, and
between link it Mertnjalmm and Kul
im, In Wellesley province, pennng, In
the western part of the Malay peniu
Thut   u   g 1   field exists (or the
ygung man in highway engineering Ib
shoRn by the recent announcement o(
the American Road Congress, thnt at
die coming meeting, September ;w to
October 5, on the Million Dollar pier
at Atlantic City, nn effort will he
made toward Increasing the number
of men technically trained tn high
way   construction,   In order to meet
the demand,
Montreal Is to have n large garage
whirh will have accommodation for
-100 cars. Tbe building will he six
stories high, 70 x 200 feel, ami will
have two olovators.   Hunting will be
taken    care  ,,f   by   sleain.     The  paint
"hop and maohlno simp will each
have aepernto rooms, and will be pro
vlded witi dorn Equipment.   Com
niodlous CbafTeurs' quarters will be
provided with Individual lookers.
Mows nomos Irom London that tho
British Musi 1, that vast depository of the ancient and curious, hns
houghl a horse ill iven ImliHon cab.
Thi ll to 1)0 preserved witli other
anient vehicles, of which the uum
cum has n largo collection The pur
ehnse was made hi ordee to preserve
at leas I one ..1 tba type ol vehicle
which n< now growing oxtinnl llo
sides the Onb, nrrnngoments have been
made lo puri'linne Iwo ,,l|i--i   horse vc
Dr. de Vans Female Ptlli
A ,.titbit I'i,11.1. it*iiImI.h . neve, tall,,  Thill
pllll .11 ■■irr.ln.K.v  RoWnrtuI |,|  li'llllllltllul tin
iinirillfi poillon ..I iiii litnili lyitttn   Kihii-
■ II 1 !.--|. linn, 1,    Ur. ile VMn'a tit ...1.1 M'
If. I...,, pt 11,(11 lo. III, Mtllr.l In mv tilling
CM OMkoll Uro. to., HI. OMtmrluoi, On»
Not at St. Louis but at Cranbrook next
Thursday and Friday, Sept. 19th and
20th.   We will be pleased to meet you
located just to the Left of the North
Entrance in the Agricultural Building,
same space as last year, and if we can
assist you in any way please do not
hesitate in asking.
We maintain a booth at the Fair
for the accommodation of our friends
and we want you to come and see us.
Always Our First
Civility and
Square Dealing
Our Law
Pathfinder Motorist making
(Special to the Prospector )
Thomas W. Wilby, on way (rom
Halifax to 1'acitir coast, reached
Toronto, Thursday, Beptembtr 12th.
I'leamuit trip to date.
Word received at the office ol the
Canadian Highway Association yesterday afternoon conveyed the Information that well over a third ol
the trip from coast to coast automoi
bile journey now being attempted by
Mr. Thomas W. Wilby had bcen accomplished. Mr. Wilby reached Toronto Thursday, having made a
<-nlrk run to that city (nun Montreal, where he spent sometime iu
the company of Mr. Tarte, proprietor of Ui Patrte, one of tho staunch-
est supporters o( the good roods
movement in  .-.astern Canada.
.everywhere on his trip through
the Maritime provinces, Quebec, and
Ontario, Mr. Wilby has been acclaim
od ns the herald of a new era o!
motor travel, and the (ure-runner of
a large army of tourists. That ho
bus not  encountered  serious  dllllcul-
Methodist Church
W.  Klsuii   Dllllllttlli
■ ven
111!   Hllll
tot Ib the Iimt In n
iililresses on '
. "
HIT,III   llllll
viK-iii Rolootlons ut
tl.    10.
Mnrtiltii.' HorvlPO   11.IIII u.m.
On Hittiiiuy mornlnK tlio Pnntor will
lii-rin  u   l t'l-len  nf  HrrtllotlH  oil   "Holll
Tho lilli),- Bohool will ho held nl :i
I'lv u( Hci-vloe 7,:iit pin.
In ilu, evening thoro will he n sir-
vleo ui hiuik under tho londoroltlp ol
(Iio choir. I.'uiulliur liyiiino niicIi iih
you know will lm uood, A li-ii-it. of
I'noii thiiutii in prepared nnd y»u ut-o
ties during his journey westward is
proved by the remnrkHble good time
he is making, he hnving tnken only
eleven duyB to ninke tho trip Irom
Halifax to Toronto. If it Is possible
for him to continue his Journey at
thiB rate ol .speed he will reach the
Pucilic const in llttlo more than
live weeks.
Severul cities along the route huve
presented Mr. Wilby wltll Hags, but
tho pennants of the Canadian Highway assoelation and the Automobile
Olub of Onnndn continue to occupy
the pine™ of honor on his machine.
To the letterB of greeting sent Mr.
W. J. Kerr, president of the Highway association, from the civic authorities ol Halifax, have now heen
added severul communications from
other bodies, and there seems every
prospect ol tho lirst conot-to-coast
motor mall assuming bulky proport
Ions before New Westminister is
Salvation Army.
Kred. A. Strlde-Onptnln
Hun.  Mt.rn.il a.m.—Holiness Mooting
Hun. Aft. :i p.m.—Free nnd Hasy
Hun.  Night II p.m.—Hnlvntlon Meet.
Tues. night 8 p.m.—Halvation Moot
Thurs. night » p.m.— HollnOBS Moot.
Hat. night II p.m.—Praise Meeting.
Ail nre henrtlly welcome to tho u-
hove services.
Visitors to Fall Fair Take Notice
TICKETS ON HALE from the 18th to the 20th, and the RETURN
Exhibitors' Notice
For tho convenience ol oiblbltora,
the main building will be open and
ready (or exhibits on the 18th. All
Exhibits must be In placo by 10 a.m.
on the 19th. Doors will bo locked
(rom 10 a.m. to VI m., on tbo Uth,
in order to allow tbe Judges to a-
ward the prises.
Owing to the dissatisfaction ia (or
mer years by having local poople aot
as Judges, the Directors bave engaged competent un-interoated parties (rom outside towns to act aa
Judges in tht various classes.
By order ol the Board of Directors
tbe above rules regarding exhibits
will be strictly enforced.
Cranbrook Agricultural Aast.
M-M Robert F.  Davis,  Sec,
Presbyterian Church
Rev.  W.  Kelmuti  Thomson
Mol'lilm- Hervlro, 11.IIII a.m.
Comparative Htmly of Religion.
Oonfiii'luttisiii u Christianity.
Evening Hcrvlce. 7.110 p.in.
Series of Hormone on the Parables
of ,lcsus-"The Prodlgnl Hon."
Sunday School ami  lilble Class :t
(liillil, Wi-diiesday at 8 p.m. to YOU
nit Invitation Is accorded.
TT'S a well-known say*
•*■   ing among the well
dressed men.
"If you want to see
what's really new, go
to the Fit-Reform
May we show you all
the new fall styles in
Fit-Reform fall suits?
Under the Patronage and Authority of the Provincial Government of
British  Columbia and the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
Live Stock, Agricultural and Horticultural Products, Arts,
Manufactures, Fisheries and Mines
For Sale at All C.P.R.
For Sale at All C.P.R.
1 1-3 Fare
1 1-3 Fare
Good to Return up to
Good to Return up to
the 21st  inclusive
the 21st. inclusive
Two Days Races   Automobile Parade
Athletic Sports
Don't Forjret-Thursdav and Friday
A   Five Mile  Foot Race for a Silver Cup and $25.00 in Cash Donated by James Finlay
Kor Further Information Apply to Robert   F.   DaVJS,   Sectary THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.C.
HOTEL. gX"brook'
Is a large and attractive hotel of mperior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go to
The   Wentworth
D. McDonald
Proprietor    "
■ i
Hell Fire Extinguished By
By Rev. (). E. Kendall
Pastor of the Baptist Church
■il   Ir
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do   it and   guarantee   our work
Boine-wtll say thut tha words etorual
fuiTver, everlasting, ilci not always
mean endlessness. Such manifestly in
the case; but we dml no comfort in
this. What s.uth the Bcrlpture? "For
over," Is used in the Sow Testament
ninety-five timeB, Ftftj live times ol
unlimited duration, thirty one tlinos
of duration that has hunts, pine
times to denote tho duration o. pun
Ishment. "Eternal," lu used in the
New Testament sixty stx times
timeB ol the happiness ol the right
tous;  twice ui the duratii I   Ood
and His glory; six times where thero
Is uo doubt o. its meaning "eternal"
seven times of the puniBhmeni of tho
wicket! in thirteen ol the passages
we examined to find the uatnre ol Iu
ture punishment we nisi
or clearly stated, thi
ness    Thus  saith   tt'
Kg. i
:'   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and  J
Heating Company ?
VV. F. Johnson, Prop    P 0   Box 904 X
WORKS—Edward Street Cranbrook, B.C      j
+++++++-l-++++++"-H***** **********************
Automobile    will   l»-   run    weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trams. Good Passenger Accomodation.
,.lcu .'I endless
l,..ul  concern
are punishment
the in
Biliic   deecrip
N. Hanson
.. + ■•••■• •!-I-I-***I-!•!****■ 4***\
^*H"H********************H*******r*r*r-r^   • •
Drinks   ol   all   kinds  can  lie had at my store lur    '••
use during the. coming hot weather,
Thirteen different flavours,
Dalton's Lemonade
6? Lime Juice
X    Just   received   a   Carload   of  Six  Hundred Cases
Fremont  Grape   |uice,    An   unfermented
Grape   Temperance    Wine.
A lull line of domestic and foreign   wine-,   liquors
and cigars.    Bar Glasses, etc.
, -h-M-M-M•fl-l-lll-H ! •-»• ! -t |-f +-f+++4-f++^
exi rable logl : of tli
Uon of tb*' duration of punishment,
th..: there are no foi ms >l words,
* : spressio: possible Id
-tie Greek . m&uage U express end
leasness   I  thi   isual words "forever"
and   "et'.1::: I   >1
A.   The Purpose of Eternal Punish-
■ -..■• ;■ •- : ... ■ ■ liecUBS
umi. there is grent need -if vi alteing
softly before God. We are convinced
that it is here the average enquirer
fur truth stumbles Into unwise pas
sion nnd expression. Some true lo- j
vers'-f God cannot relate the thought
of eternal punishment to His infinite
poodness and Justice. Before thinking deeply to discover divine purpose
and wisdom in this, tbe Winy arm of
llesh is raised in defence of the honor
of the Almighty, Brethren, let us bo
calm m our souls regarding divine
honor. Be assured, His honor has
never been Impugned by the preaching
of revealed truth, no matter if it
does involve impenitent sinners in
eternal punishment.
We shall consider that eternal punishment of the wicked is not remedial
H. W. Ueecher protesting against the
manifest   in justice  of  unending   pain
asks a pertinent question. "Why in
diet pain after it censes to remedy?
Why hl.Uct   pain for the Bako of pain'1
"The human conception ol luftectlng
pa mi to remedy transgression is e\
ceediuglj weak and Imperfect The
thief    once    imprisoned    foi    ti ana
grOBBion ol law may bO preventt'd
[rom ateallUg again because be tours
.i re petit ion ol pam. ttomove the nog
slbiltt) -'I pain and lie will steal a
gain. He is still a thiol though the
opportunity does nol present itsolf to
Brpi ess it, but, tins \s one >>. the
besl methods ol repression o| crime
known to human society.
\-;;iin. eti i nal punishment is not
deterrent. Human methods ol pun
Ishment are Incidently deterrent ul
wrong 'loom In others. But,
v.!;*. give pain to one man tor
the purpose ol restraining anothet
man tr*mil crime? li this were thu
highest motive for giving pain, and
i hei ■■ were uo other person near to
itMH'iit by the example, then punishment would be Impossible. Therefore j
we '.rust seek higher grounds for it. j
The purpose of eternal punishment >
is therefore to vindicate the holiness |
il God The holiness of Hod is His
ruling attribute, and from it proceeds justice ami righteousness. The
moral law is a partial expression of
God's holiness. All law that cun
claim justice as its badge comes forth
from Him. All sin and transgression
are revolt against the claims of Gods
law. The sense of this is evident to
tbe human conscience. David gives
voice to this conscience in his confession Psalm Bl, "Against thee*; thee
only have I sinned and done this evil
in thy sight." Sin in Its very nature is ill-deserving and merits punishment. Sin Is also self-propagating and eternal. Hear tbe Spirit
testifying to the persistance and e-
ternity of sin and guilt-—Revelation
22:11 "He that is unjust, let him become more unjust still, and he that
Is filthy let him become more filthy
still". Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost
is "an eternal sin" unforgivable in
tbis  world or in the next.   But,  all
sins of the mimer who does not seek
ninl accent forgiveness are eternal.
When   the   bIihioi   passes  beyond   lhe
pale    ol     divine    gram,    wilh   im   I'O
stiaiui upon his -mining, with a char
nctoi   formed   In   the  service  of  sin,
Wltll   no  prospects  of   forgiveness, be
will  increjiHi-  in  lhe sinfullncHs of bis
sm     As   all   sill   is  ngaltlBt   (lod,   and
it   deserves   pimislimeiil      \ml   would
cease  to he Goil   it   he did lint punish,
It.    I'M ei mil  sin  requires eleiiial   pun  I
ishment.   Thus we see the purpose or :
But, your impatience protests, "Is
not liod a Clod of love":' Blessed he
His name, he is love. But God is
holy as well as love. In the human
parent aud 111 human society, love and
justice are continually in conflict.
Lovo often extinguishes justice, and
justice too often is UU tempered with
love. God's holiness requires thnt |
justice be meted to the sinner. The
penalty tor sin is death or eternal
punishment. God's love provides a
means whereby the penalty required
by His justice shall be perfectly discharged, This he has done by coming
personally to earth and ottering Himself up for the sinner on Calvary's
cross. Jesus comes to you and to
me with the invitation—Kor God so
loved the world that He gave His
only begotten son, that whosoever
believeth on Him should not perish
but have everlasting life, "flee I
have set before thee tbis day life and
death, good and evil"; you a-til make
a choice. Do you choose life and salvation through Jesus? Then believe
on Him, receive Him, entrust yourself to Him, confess Him hefore the
world. Do you choose death? Do
you spurn such love by rejecting its
choicest gift? Then why complain if
God honors your choice of death and
turns you into eternal sorrow?.
"As I live, saith the Lord God, I
have no pleasure in the death of the
wicked; but that the wicked turn
from his way and live: turn ye, turn
ye, from your evil ways; for why will
ye die, o house of Israel."
Nervous Debility
yon. I ml
pimples, i'
face full o
Vnu feet y
aud fiikha
NEW METHOD TREATMENT will euro you and mnko ft nimi of
.•l-lUlultneii.-o lliu ,-r.iill  lu'-'i.-tiesu.-livu, lho Ll'-nil  pUrlUe-l Ko tlml  ull
letches and ulcers heal up; tlio uarvea become Blronif us steel, s" that
-H, lmshriilni-H iiiiililespimilein v <lis.jn>t'-ii*: lho evti 1» me brii"ht, tht*
m.eleiu'.em-ri'VP-tiini.iotli" ho-lc, /im I Hi- mor il. pliy«lciil ami meiilid
•> Iiivli:ur..:.-,i; nil rtr.uiiM ei'-iso-m. m->ro vltnl wnstu 1mm tbo s vnt on..
(■nrsplf aitiiinnnl I:now ni'UTi-i'ro cauiiijt, bo a failure.   D*m't lot iiuuuks
rob you ot your hard earned dollars,
Pelcr 13^Summers relates hts experience!
"{was troubled with Kervoua Uoblilty
for mnny yours, 1 lay lt to InutBorellon
ami escosBua lu youtli, ] imoiimo very
iii- |)i>mlt-ni. mid n.1-1:. i euro v. h- iIht 1
worked or imt. 1 iiii.u-.ii.-tt cvcryl-mly
■ihn looked ui. mo guessed my Bocref,
IllluglniUlVO (honnis at ni;;lit. iveukent-il
mo—iny .wol. ached, imd |ii.i.w lu the
Iiii.-It iif mv lh'inl, hands and feel were
e-'H, tired in tin' moriiPn.', p<mi- (ippeilie,
ih vn woro shaky, oyos blurred, lislr
loose, memory poor, cio,  Kitmbnesa In
IlionnBoi-SBotlnand thodootnr told mo
lm r**unit |)iinilv..lH.   1 tank all klndu nt
medicines nnd   tried  mnny flnt-olmi
iiliv-ii-lims. WOlU nut loot rl" lir-.ll.f-irlli.vi*
iii-.iiilii.   Mil   I'i ;vl  link. Iienolll.   I
v iBlnrlueod lo emu nil Drs. Kennedy A
Kennedy, tlion-th I in I lost nil man in
doctors.  Likendrowulnjrman 1 coiamenccd Ilio Nnw Mr/niun Turatmkst nml It
wived my ilio, Tlio Improve ni w* iiV> iim<*io—leoul'l feel t in- vij-m- ("ohig th rough
liionerves.  t wan cured mentally nud pbyslettUy. lhavo uout ihem many patients
umi. mn nine io do mi,
|ie. ulinr to Men.
CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS FREE. It un.bl.loe.il wril. for. Qus.lion
Blank (or Home Treatment.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.
All letters from Canada must be addressed
to our Canadian Correspondence Department In Windsor. Ont.   If you desire to
set* us personally call at our Medical Institute in Detroit as we see and treat
no patirnti in our Windsor oflices which are for Correspondence and
Laboratory for Canadian business onlv.   Address all letters as follows:
Write for our private address,
Premier  Borden's Progress
is Triumph
Liberals and  Conservatives  Alike  Pay  Homage-
Spontaneous Tribute to the Leader
and Man
Trade Mar
That means
Success in
The dependable
(lour is
Sold Hy
The   Fink   Mercantile  Co.
Few more enthusiastic welcomes
Imve heen accorded to uny Canadian
prime minister than those which
have marked the progresfl of Right
Honorable Hubert l,. Borden since tie
landed at Quebec on September Oth.
There, irrespective of political corn*
plextlon, his welcome wuh hearty
and sincere and his triumph in the
centre of Liberalism has heen repeated at Three Rivers anil wns °ue
ol outstanding features ol the demonstration accorded In Montreal on
Saturday night, Personality has on*
tfti'<i into all them- triumphs for Liberal and Conservative alike have
done ium homage for tho qualities
ln> displayed while abroad and for
the mnnnei in wblcb ho represented
Canada. Al all tho receptions he
has held since hit* return the parti
j,.in element him heen eliminated.
Tho BcrleH of welcomes throughout
have heen spontaneous tributes to
the premier ns a leader and n man.
Nm mote Ideal conditions could have
prevailed than those of Saturday
night, tho threatening weather of thn
iluy clearing oil at sundown. Kiom
Ktmt to UuimIi the event wiih a sue
cess, nolthor fatality nor accident
marring It The spirit ol thn thou
sands wlm lined the wharl nml the
long route neomed "--'' nl sincerity
umi the t rl hu to paid wan appreciated
ny Premier llorden. who in his brief
address at the land In k ntago ami at
the reception in the Windsor hotel
eipressetl Imh ploasuro nt being home
again. Tho keynote >>f both his ut-
Urancos in reply in nd drosses from
the mayor was fm n continuance ot
tbe entente cordial., which exists bo-
tween   the   two   groat   rave
So large wan the crowd nt the informal reception iu the hotel that
tbo original intention of having the the afteri
premier speak from ono ol the windows to the donso crowd which thron
gqd Dominion square wuh abandoned
iih the tune in which he uud Mrn.
llorden hud to catch the train lor
Ottawa wan run clone, l-.ven after
the premier and Ills party had departed  the  members of  the  Maritime
proviocos continued the gathprlng,
the Hon. .!. II. Ilu/en acting aB
chairman. In the course of an nil-
dross he Hpokc of hiH chief's reception in Kngland whlrh. he satd, he
had visited ut nne of the most critical times ui its history. Speaking
personally, he referred to his own
humiliation in times past that Onnndn should depend for the defence of
its shores, its commerce and its
trado routes upon the Hritisb tax
payor, Mr. Ilu/en also referred to
tho future develapoinent of the/ At
lnntlo «tid Pacific ports, stating
that ui the solution of the trunKpor-
Latloti probloms nothing would bo
limn- iu niggardly fashion,
f this dence where be remained all day.
At noon he was escorted from his
residence to the city hall where a
civic address was read.    Later on In
Premier   llorden   wuh  expected   to
arrive on his return from IHnglund ut
a i on the k(1i mnl quite n numbor
of friends went to the station at Ottawa to greet Ium. They were disappointed tu h'lirn however, that he
came to the capital on the Soo
train, which ronchod here about i a,
m Mr. llorden, who wuh somewhat
fatigue'.,   drove   direct   to his resi-
rnoon he formally opened
the Dominion exposition at the een
tral fair grounds, In the evening
the premier mnde hiH lirst speech
since his return at a banquet tender
ed him at the Chateau Laurier,
"The people of Quebec are wel
coming premier llorden today on bis
return from Knglnnd. nol bemuse
thoy love him, hut because he Ih
premier." These were the words of
Sir Wilfred Laurier. That Ih right
he continued, "if \ had beon n member of the city council I would have
done the Hnme. Respect must be
shown for authority."
A crowd of between 6,000 and 10,
000 gathered to hour the liberal lead
er. While containing no announcements of it Btnrtllng nature. Sir Wilfred's Hpoech wiih u defence ut the
Llhornl party Including it'H naval
policy and a criticism of the conflOr-
Vatlve party since It came Into power. He Huid there had been some
change over the country since Sept.
it 1st last, arguing that it had not
been wise after nil to overthrow the
Laurlor government. The Ronton
government had broken nil promisi'H
It had made, the IHlVul law had been
effaced from the statute books, the
nepnrate schools had not been restored to Manitoba, und they found
the decision of  the Liberal  ministry
of jiiHtice on the marriage question
had been right.
i Central   Meat
!       Market
If you are tired of eating salty
Hams and Bacon, try some of
the   "Mistletoe   Sugar  Cured"
'•    A. Jollrffe, Prop.        -       Norbury Ave.     '.'.
-., -- ..$0'%. ■
Iyivi.es you Io fhe
Tke Mand llmpiresllolidac/
Seven days and sac nidlttsof
education and amusement
pomethmd to jnterestevEry vtSifor
ReduCed?RaiIwqx Rates
'*3l|i:|*?l     *»*»» •-> 1*1 '■ Coibrme 3ccy for P-er-jum UtixA
llluilh.«l«d t>«ijyProfiam tn   •—•, LU     ■ -•    IB
-*---7\ L A5H rr^w
OwIiik to tlio large nutnhor ol ox-
lllllltu thnt. nro U"tl0l|lllt0ll Ml. tho
comliin l-'i'H 1 ■'11ii ii ih to bo liopoil
tlmt oxlilbltara will iio tholr utmost
to lmvo ull oxhtltttB nn tin1 f-rouml-i
liy tin. I hi I) lliat. 'I'llla will usnlat
tho jiiiIhi-h in tholr vnrlotiH word nf
rnrilini; iimin moro timo Iii which to
JiiiIro tlio viirlouH oxlilliltn, liy .In
Inn thlH ovoryono will rorolvo hottor
HntlflfAOtioti. ti
lliniir In ii iilnco whoro o iiimh enn
iio iih Iii. plan-ton ll lm In mmTiail to
tho right wumnn. j
To run ii miwHiuipor wltnollt na
nlonnlly piihllahlng nn Item tlmt In
tiiitrtto, or wltlioiit giving ofTenco, Im
like running n rnllinnil without having '-ccl-tonts ninl HtiuiHii uiih. It
i-nti't lm ilnlii'.
Scobcll's Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujf Cure tgptffSl/tti
Alt i.Iml, Tobnccp nml Mmk-h.   It couiiterm ti tha
i-lll'l IH    Itl Mt    lliMillllly    -lOllKtVCg   Nil   tlilvlllK-l.
Altn inkliii. Ihe limitmnit llicn; will novc. l„- imy
li<.t-il li*liiiik In toxic nti In in ntir- iliiiu*. iikhIu. Cun
lm (■■•.■■... Min-ily. Wo lu'vu yet ti> Item nl unu
l.illiiii!.   M.iHeal undor Hrimratn cover lo any nil-
« i *t* 'j**j**j**|**|**^* *|**^w|**|*Ti**|**j**|**^**|*fj* *§**!' *|* *t*St**i*f|**t**|*ft*^*f*<f**t*ftw|^ *l"i"l* *fc"t"|*'t' i •
Professional   Curbs
 '— dub
Cobge   2Iottccs
P.L.S.   ft   U.hi.
CRANBROOK,     ...    B.O.
Court Oranbrook No. HMA'i.
Meet lu I'ai'inen'H Hall, nn    'lad and
4th Thursday of each month.
laiiuia Pearson, Sec., P.O. Boi -.'18.
Visiting Brothers Onrihally Welcomed
W.   V.   GURD
bin lister, Solicitor, etc.
CRANBROOK,     ...    B.C.
(Orunbriiok Branch)
Meets   lu   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4th TuesdayH in every month, ut
8   p.m.   Membui'Mhlp  open  to Uiitit.li
N. A.  Walllnger, Pres
W. 0, Crebbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Hox 42.r..
Visiting member., cordinlly welcome
Barristers,   Solicitoiu uud  Noturiwi
Money  to Loan
A. F. & A. M.
Imperial  Bunk Buililiug
CRANBROOK,    -    Britieb Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.C.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Boi 2IIC         Phone 222
Regular   meetings   ou   tbe
third   Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J.._Mc3weyn, Worshipful Mueter
J.  S. Peck,  Secretary
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.C.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Urn.   KING   &   Q It S _ N
Physicians aud Surgeons
Office  at  Residence,   AruiBtrong  Ave.
Ollice Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.110 to 10.00
Alternoons - - 2.00 to   1.00
Kveulugs - - - 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays   - - - 2.30 to   4,30
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday in
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Si. Comp.—A. C.  Sbankliinil, E.
Cranhrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Dr.    F.    B.    MILKS
Office in Hanson Block
CRANBROOK,     ...    B.C.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. 8. Houston, C. C.
F. A. Stride, K. R. & S.
13. A. Hill, H. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to  attend.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avenue Next tu City Hill
Op.11 Day and Night                 Pliun. 231
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at  Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cor
Funeral Direulor,
dially invited.
H. E. Stephens              W. M. Harris
N. O.                            Sec'y
No. 10«
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
lu   Royal    Black    Knights   Hull.
R. S. Garrett, Sec.
NOTICE la hereby given that the
time lor the recaption of tenders for
the construction of the Victoria Harbour, B.C., Breakwater, ia extended
to Wednesday, September 18, 1012.
By order.
Department of Public Works,
—274S2. Ottawa,  August  23,   1812.
35 it
Circle No.   153
Companions ol the Forest
| Meets in Cannon's Hull, Second und
Fourth Thursday of each Month at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Wltittiikcr, C. 0,
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome. 3Ctf
Referred to iih the Ilrst
week in August
Lumber Oo,,  Elk,  Stenographer   IC5
Power  Co.,   City " tf'°
Railroad,   City " 175
Lumber Co.,St.Marios,Bookkeeper »76
Harvester Co.,MoBcow,Stenog'pht' $fi0
Commission, City, Stenographer,..$50
Hdw. Co., St.Maries, Bookkeeper »CI>
Lumber Co.. Pitlousc, Stcnog'her ,65
And others. Wo coitld'nt llll ull of
these calls. Wo'll have u good position waiting lot YOU when you complete your course.
Write lor Froo Lesson In Gregg
Shorthand, Penmanship Booklet or
For Certiilcate ol Improvement
Dardanelles and Mother-lode Mineral Claims situate lu the Fort Steele
Mining Division of East Kootenay
Dlstrlot, on the south side of Wild
Horse Crook, about three ntlloH above
old camp.
Take notice tlmt I TIlOB, T McVittie F. M. C.No. 3727UB, agent lor
Albert Banks, Free Miner's Certlll-
onto No. 3727011. Intend, sixty dnys
from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder tor a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
And further take notice thut action
under section 37, must lie commence-)
before the iHsualii-e nf such certillcnte
of Improvements.
Thos, T.  McVittie, Agent
Dated this 22nd day of .Inly, A.II.1012
First Ave. und MudlHoii,
Cotton Root Compound Tablots
A HKI.IAlll.l! HKdtll.ATOR
Tli.se I'IIIh m. luliiinuiiuiuil wltll tin [lenient
cue limn llie molt tellable roniildall knuvtu to
deuce;audi Ita aioluiliii; uaotl will, mini CCBaa
j» tlio uum Mlobrated clinic «n! known.
lllty i*o;i «|ie Hi'- I'lrllii'ili.'ii'HiiliiK illMonleiH
to wincii iim le- ii, immiiiitiiiii I. iim.ill-Hi „ II a Wi.   ffo, u (iiiiii I. iltoiiaet-, j i n
box.  Sold at nil Jn a stores, i.i In mail Will -"*•
Lm.ml in u< Uv., »l. llallarlu.., Uut.
.Double  System of Bank
-Minister of Finance Proposes having work
done for Government by
Accountants -
The cardinal fcnttire ol the new
bnnk net to he introduced nt the
coining session of parliament by Hon
W. T. White. minister ol Finance,
will, according to the minister's
present Intention, bo a provision for
outside, hut non-governiental bank
inspection in addition to the present
regulnr inspection by the bank's own
The proposal is to conipell eacb
chartered hunk in Canada to have an
independent inspection of its brnnche
nnd head oltlce books mnde nt regular intervals by duly licenced and au
thorized accounting experts. Tho
government hns decided to adopt
this principle in lieu of the proposed
system of regular Inspection bv government otllclals, which would involve practically a government guarantee ns to the solvency of each bank
and the correctness of it's published
Mr. White does not think that a
government audit is yet wise consid-
-ing ull the circumstnnces nor does
the banker's association approve of
so radical a measure. But it iB believed necessary to provide an additional safeguard against fraudulent
published statements of a bank's con
dltlon such ns happened in the case
nf the Farmer's tiHnk.
As a compromise between present
conditions and the proposal for government inspection, it is proposed to
require an independent inspection by
duly authorized accountants, the
standing und character ol these accountants to be specitied lu tt general
way in the new hank act.
In Kngland there are numerous firm
of licensed uccoimtants who have a
long established reputation for reliability in conducting inspections of tbe
kind now contemplated in regard to
__\ Oanndian Banki^ The details for
District of Kast Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that I, S. J. Mc
Farlane, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation married woman, intends to
apply to the commissioner of lands
and works for permission to purchase HO acres of land, bounded as
Commencing at a post planted 20
chains west of the Northwest corner
ol P.R. No. 1119 thence Eust 70
chains, thence North 20 chalne,
thence West 70 chains, thence South
20 chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 10th day of August, 1912
Sadie June McFarlane
37-9t w. B. McFarlane, Agent
Dlstrlot of Kast Kootonny
TAKK NOTICK that I, William
Palethorpe of Kingsgute, B.O,, intend
to apply to the commissioner uf land
and works for permission to purchase
lllu acres of liiinl, hounded, as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at.
the southwest corner of P.R. He
cord IIIH or l.i't No. 10817, thence
wcat 20 ilial ns, thence north HO
clinlna, thenco east 20 chnins, thenco
aouth ko chulns tn point ot commencement.
Dated this 12th day of August, 19111
William Palethorpe
3B-9t W. B. McFarlane Agent.
Notice is hereby given thut (10 days
after date I intend to upply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following lands situate ln the
District of Southeast Kootenny, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted ut
or near the Southeast corner of Lot
7284, and being the Southwest corner
post of .Joseph S. Danner's claim,
thenco North 80 claims; thence Bast
80 chains; thence South 80 chains;
thenco West 80 chains to-the point of
commencement, making 040 acres,
more or less,
Located this 23rd day of July, 1912
Eathen W. ButtB, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. Brown. Wltneas
Notice is hereby given tbat 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenny, British Columbia) in Lot 4.193:
Commencing at a post planted on
the West boundary line ,,( Lot 8.188
at or near two miles North of the
International Boundary, and helng
the Southeast corner post of Anna K
Webb's claim, thence West 80 chains;
thence North 80 chains; tlience Kaat
SO chnins; tbence South 80 chains to
the point of commencement, making
f.40 acres   more or less.
Located tills 23rd day of July,  1912
ANNA K.  WEBB.  Locator
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
:n-'.lt Win. H. Brown. Wltneas
Insuring the employment by the bank
of thoroughly reliable and Independent outside auditors are still to he
worked out. Imt the principle, it is
understood, commends itself to the
minister of finance, unit hus cabinet
collegues. The new scheme will give
each bank some latitude in choosing
it's independent Inspectors, but they
must he chosen from men coming
within the qualitlcutious set forth In
the act.
The fact that the independent accounting firms will he unxious to
guard their own reputations against
any possible future disclosures us to
the inadeiiuancy of tho inspection tin.
dertaketi by thom Is thought to be a
sufllcient safeguard against the possibility of any sinister influences being brought to bear by bank manager
who might be anxious to huve the
true state of the huuka tlnauces kept
(rom the public. v
Visit of the Grand
On Tuesday night Orund-Orgnviizer
Whiteley of Vancouver, pnid a visit
to the local Orange lodge of this city
A good attendance wns present.
Mr. Whltely ably entertained the
members to an address on the work
of the Order in general.
After a long session, refreshments
were served.
The Grand Organizer left ou Wednesday for OreBton.
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujj Cure SrarK.1t
Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug., lt counteracts the
effect, almost instantly—removes all cravings.
After talcing th. treatment there will never be any
need tueurink intoxicants or use drucs again. Can
li. giv.n secretly. Wa li.ve yet to hear ot one
failure. Mailed under separate cover to any address. Price 15.00 box. or B box., lor (10 m. . he
Soobell Drag Co., It. Catharines, Out.
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Annie M.
Palethorpe of Kingagate, B.C., occupation married woman, intendB to
apply to the commissioner of lands
and works for permission to purchase
50 acreB of land more or less, bounded as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southwest corner of T. Cudwal-
leder's Purchase, thence South 20
chains more or less to Mrs. 8. J.
McFurlane's Purchase, thence Kast to
the Little Moyle River 25 chains
more or less, thence North 20 chains
more or lees following the river up
stream to south line of T. ('adwal-
leder's Purchase, theuce West 25
chains more or less to point of commencement,.
Dated this 12th day of August, 1912
Annie M. Pnlethrope
37-9t W. B. McFarlane, Agent
Notice is hereby given tbat CO days
alter date I Intend to apply to the
Minister ol Lands for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following lnnds situate In the
District ol Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or nenr one mile due South ol the
Northeast corner of Lot 8585, and
being the Northwest corner post of
George Wykes' claim; thence South
80 chains; thence Kast 80 chains;
thence North 80 chains; thence West
80 chains to the point of commencement, making 640 acres, more br less.
located this 23rd day of July, 1912
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. Brown. Witness
Notice Is hereby given that lio'ilnya
after date I Intend to apply to the
.Minister of Lands for u licence to
prospect tor coal und petroleum over
the following lunds situate In the
District of Southeast Kootenay, In It
IhIi Oolumbla, in Lot 4.193:
Commencing at a post planted on
iho West boundary of Lot 8589 ut or
uo'ir throe miles North of the Inter
national Boundary, ami being the
Soiitboiist corner post of Anna K.
Webb's I'lnllli, tlience Went 80 chains;
thence North 80 chains; thence Unit
Ml chains; thenco South 80 chains to
the point of criiiiincneemeiit, making
i.in ncres, more or less.
Located tills 33rd day of July, 1912
ANNA  K. WEBB,  Looatoi
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. prown, Witness
Notice is hereby given thut 00 days
after date I Intend to apply to the
Minister ot Lands for a licence to
prospect for coul and petroleum over
the following lands situate In the
District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Northeast corner of Lot
7287, ami being the Northwest comer
post of Joseph S. Danner's claims
thence Kast 80 chains; thoncj South
80 chains; theuce West 8i> chains:
thence North 80 chains to the point
of commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less.
Located this 23rd day of .Inly. 1912
Kathen W. Butts,  Agent
37-9t Win. II. Brown. WitnesH
S?y.yjrSfl   SOUTHEAST      KOOTENAY      LAND
13.1 ..
TAKK NOTICE tbat I, Juhn Uv
DgBtuii nf Oranbrook, B.C., Miner,
■j Intend to upply for permission tu
proBpecl for coal ifnd petroleum over
the following tlpst-rilx-d lands sitmtte
ia Uie Flathead District nf British
('OMMl'.NVIN'i. nt ii post placed at
or near one mile east ol 31-mile
post on the i'.I'.It. survey line;
thence Kb (-fin,iih aouth; thence *"
liiuiiiH west; tlience KH ehaiiis north;
thence 8(i chains oast tn place of
John Livingston
Bated this 31st duy or July,  1312.
Notice is heretiy given thrit the reserve existing over Lot 9874, Group I
Kootenay District, hy reason of the
notice published in th«- British Columbia Gazette of the -Tth of December, 1907, is fcanceUed.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria,  B.C.,  18th  May.1912.   21-13t
District of Kaat Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that I. Mahelle
Cornelia Corwln of Cranhrook, B. C,
Married woman, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
rlbed lauds i lomnicnclng at a
post planted at tin- south west cor
ner of Lot c.lit, theuce north forty
(HI) chains; thence west forty (40)
chains, thence south forty (-in- chains
thence east forty (40) chains to the
point of commencement, containing
HU acres more or less.
(Sgd.) MnMlle Cornelia Corwln
Dated   June   la.   1912. 28-9t
NOTICE   IS   HEREBY   given  that
Dudley    Alexander,     Major;    and    the
Right Honorable .John Mark, Earl of
Ranfurley,  ..f London,  England,  will
. apply  for  a   licenre  to  take  and   one
three hundred (300) cubic .eet per sec
I ond nf water out of Kik River, which
Coal mining rij-htB of the Dominion, Hows In a southerly direction through
in  Manitoba,  Saskatchewan  and Al-  the  Fernie  Riding  and empties  into
bertn, the Yukon  Territory, thc North i the Kootenay River near Krag.
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world, 'inly the .")■) I..--.: oul <ji 9,000 cartoons
each month, uu- selected,
A Picture History ol World's Events Each Month
CAMPAIGN CARTOONS     .-::•.•# the
campaign In Cai ron-. " and watch the oppos*
Ing parties caricature each other,
Ona Ire* i ' uie cor,- will '* m ill«*l !*f id-Jre** n| ". pt-b*
li.iic. ll ii W'ISIMOR, lllW.Wuh.aKt*raSt*tti,CHICrVCO
west Territories and in a portion of
tbe Province of Hritisb Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
ThO water will he diverted at tbe
upper fulls on l.ot 227, and will be
used, 70   cubic   feet   irrigation,    230
one years at an annual rental of $1! nublo feet pumping  purposes on thc
au acre.   Not more  than 2,5(50 acres  land described as (pumping   Lot 227
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must he
made hy thc applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
arc situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsiir-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall he staked out hy the applicant
Each application must be accompanied hy a fee of i'i which will be
refunded if tbe rights applied for are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
royalty shull bo paid on the mer
chantahle output of the mine at the
rate of five rents per ton,
The person operating the mine shall j SEALED TENDERS addressed t.
furnish the Agent with BWorn returns tho undersigned, and endorsed "Ten
accounting lor the full quantity of j der for Wharf at Shutty Bench,
merchantable coal mined and pay the! B.C." will be received at this olllce
royalty thereon. If flic coal mining until 4 p.m., on Monday, September
rights are not beimr operated, such 30, 1912, for the construction of a
returns should be furnished at least pile Hent and timber decking wharf
once a year. at Shutty Hench, District of Kooten*
(Irrigation)  Lot 132.
This notice wns posted on thc
ground on the 23rd day of August,
1912. The application will lie tiled iu
the office of, the Water ltecurder at
Cranhrook on the 6th dny of October.
Ill] 2.
Objections may be liled with tbe
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria. B.C.
The Karl of Ranfurley
Dudley Alexander
Uf.-It hy  0.  M.  Edwards,  Agent
The lease will include the coal min
ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of .tin.110 an acre
Por   full   inform a tioi
should  he  made  to   tin
ay, B.C,
Plans, specifications and form of
contract can he seen and forms of ten
der obtained at this Department and
at the offices of P. W. Aylmer, Esq.,
District Engineer, Chase. B.C., O. O.
application I Worsfold, Esq., District Engineer.
Secretary ol   Nt,w   Westminster,    B.C., and on np-
tbe Department of the Interior, Otta-   pllcutioil  to the  Postmaster  at   Kas-
wa, or to any Agoi
Dominion Lands
Deputy Mi
this  advert!sem<
iiih Agent
later of the  Interior
•i/cd   publication   of
nt   will  not  be  paid
March 26-l.m.
Department of Militia
And Defence
Notice to Contractors:
Frank .Dezall
A^ent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers is Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
Ml Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:       Opposite Depot
;  A.  WALLER \
Slaiiiii  lluiliir,   Furnace,
i      and Suplio Tank work
a siim-iall-.'
Cost and u'took estimate*!
'   funii.liod ou application.
Add,.SI i P. O. Bo. 74S.  Cr.nbtooli
We Deal iii Everything From
a Needle lo a Locomotive
SEALED TENDERS nmrkeil on envelope) "Tender for Construction ol
New Drill Hull, Pernio, U.c." and ml
dresBeil to tiie Director ol Contract*-,
Department of Mllltio nml Defence,
Ottawa, will lm received until noon
September Slat, 1912, (or tho con*
structlon of a New Drill Hall at Fornle, u.c.
Specifications muy be seen mid full
particulars   obtained at tho ofllce <d
the District Officer C mantling Mil-
itnry lllslriel Nu. II. Victoria, B.O,,
the Office "I tho Town Clork, Ferine,
B.C., Ilfllecr Ciiiiiiininillliu "A" Cum
puny   Kootonny  Rifles, Pernio, B.C..
und   tho  Director   ..I   Bngli    Sor
vIcpb, Hendqunrtors. Ottnw
Tondors mtial in* made mi tbe form
supplied  hy  tho llepartmenl umi m- | 	
cotnpnnlod bv uu accopted choquo mi | IN THB MATTER OF tho estate ol
In, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tondors will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
und staled with tholr actual signatures, Htiiting tbeir occupations nnd
plnccK nf residence. In tbe case of
llrniH, the iictiml signature, the nature of the occupation, und place of
residence of each member of tbe firm
must be given.
ISnch tender must be accompanied
by on nccepted choquo on u chartered
bunk, payable to the order ol the
Honornblo tho Minister of Public
Works, equal to ton per cent (10 p.c.)
,,f the amount of the tender, which
will he forfeiteil if the person tendering decline to enter Into a contract
wben called upon to do so. or full to
eomplete the contract, II the tender
be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
Tbe Department does not bind itself to accept, thfl lowest or any ten-
By order,
Deportment of Public Works.
Ottawa, August HI, 1912
Newspapers will not be paid for
tbls advertisement II they insert it
without authority from the depart
mont.—26801. 36-2t
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds uf Second-Hand Uooda
Kuinitium a SPECIALTY
Saga's Old   Stand. Hanson Av*
Phone 151.
ub.  lo
Notice Is hereby given tbat lill days
after  date   I   intend   to  upply   to  Ibe
Minister  of   l,undir!or  n   II ICO  to
prospect for eoal and petroleum over
Iho following lnnds Bit unto in tbe
District ,,f Southeast Kootonny, British Colitiublu. In Lot 4S98:
Commencing at a punt plnnted at
or near one mile due South of tin-
NortbeiiHt iiuiier of Lot n-iKli, and
being the Simthwiiut corner post ol
(leorge Wykes' claim; thenco North
HO chains; thenco Kast Sli cliuins:
thence South "il chains; thence Wesl
HI) chains to the point of commence
ment, making til" noree, more or Ii-hh
Located this 2Hrd day of .Inly, 191:-
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. Drown, Witness
i Canadian Chartered Bu
per  cent   H" p.o.) "I tho amount of I
tho   tinnier,   pnyoblo to tho order of
tho Honorable tho Mlnlstor of Mlllt |
ia and Defenco which amount will lie I
forfeited  if   the   pnrty tendering dl !
1   lo
ontor Ini
ills 1
In  ure
■e   Willi
Ills 1
I.I   II
■ lle
.nt in	
III., lowi
mio ion i1
doos II
,1 III
in sis
ll llll
uv   ll
1', c,
,1 Itsoll
Oeorge Goldie, late ol tbe city of
Cranbrook, In tho Province ol llri
tiub Columbia, deceased,
NOTIOH  is  hereby  given  tbat all
persons having claims against the es-
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. (>. Box 845
Makes Short Work of
l).'i-ii-»"H!.-i] Mm. inparently hoMtni cum ut
s .IrUtra, Ltimbturo, flout. Neuralgia antl all iith«-
f t'tnn,f Rhvumatjim yield at one* to Abbott Brot,
Itlicurnatlo ttomray. Lika an mik*-! uf tMKj it
ii .■ kiv-'ii Iniianl relief toi.Hp*fonakeniulTart*rti
llftt-d tli em from in-is of agony nml (w 'a yeori
hai bean curing men, women and children f<>r
\ h i» there leemeil no li.-h.. Juit a few bottlea
li ive i'iir*-*l <-u ■•*! <<f frmn .I'i to i.i yvM*-' iluretli■n
n ,'] today ii itandi nnm-uHH hh ,i quick, nue Mini
absolutely reliable treatment r<-r nil uric m-iil di-.*
.- i mweakkldneya,«M   Uti dollar bottle oi
Abbott Brot. Bhoumotlo Romody
■-■it your nalni al once-atarl your ran today,
Rent prepaid by Abbott Urn-.. 711 s DearbornBt.*
Chicago,   III, if your ilniKKl't .loe- nol ).-.v-> It,
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug A Book Co. _
rule ill ibe said Oeorge Qoltlie, ile
ceased, aro roqii I i" send by post
prepaid or to dellvor t.. Anna It. Mo
Vlltlo nl Kurt Stoolo, lie., o.eculri!
ol the said estate, ■ ' belore the
I hi. iluy nl liel'ilier,  1912, tbell  liullieH
uddroiaoH mul desoriptlon and a lull
tntomonl   ••(   pnrllotilars   ul   tbeir
',,.■.   „,,„'elaims nml llie mil lire nl the senility
^i',ii:,:l:rM'..:::::,!.:!;n!..!!,^: ■. «..y, md i>» ..i,e„, ,.uiv mum,
ml  Hint  u'tei   tlu' mini  iluy  tbe ete
Deputy  Mlnlsl
llepuitiueiil nl Mllltln mul Dolonoo,
llllaw I,    \ I it   ID,   191-. I'
ilverlliieineiil Is Inserted will I. all
thiirlly Irom tbe lloiiniIntent.
i|.i-   II 171 I.   27548 'li "I
Electric Restorer for Mer*
Phosphonol ;•■;«"■ "^y;^;;;,;:',':;-,!;;;;-
.lm and vlulllr, l'rem»loio decay ii.ilm-.iiii!
...wm i Bvoned at once.   Pnesptinnol
ii.ki you ii new man.   Price
ir>    MHllfilt'iiinv aildir-'i
1)0., 01. talliar In... Oul.
I'I. bu. nt two I 1
tiie awl-ill Uru|
minx will proceed t.> tlletrlbuto the
unseis ui tiie il used among the parties onl.ll.leil therein, liuvlin; regard
niily In tbe rl.mn.. ill wlileli she shall
then bave uiillee.
Datod tbls 22nd iluy ol AtlgUBt,l*12
ANNA  It. Mr V ITT IK,   !
Dieeutrlx ol tho Estate ol j
34-4t Cloorso Goldlo,- deceased I
Truoi Manse)
Cn-vmoHTi Ac.
A I,...in. ."i.illiii, a .knell .ml ilt.irrli.lliiii ins,
i|iil. hi, mi.riiiiu ...ir ..|.iin..„ frit. Saallia, .„
,1.*,.,.,I..,,  I. ,.1..!.. I.I,  , iilril.li.     I ..I I...
11..1 -i im.,,11.1 HANDnOOS lhis
.. nt III'.,. .U.I...I  ..','<:.  UU. Hull II.I..IIU.
I'lihtils ,h.."I liir.iii.li  -I.inu A l'n. I....I..
,,..r,.il „iM,., -u ll .nil 1-lii.r.ii, III llm
Scientific American.
\ handenmelf lllnitrated weekly.   i-triP-M tttiy
,i,i,.  .,   ,i   ri'if   at-te-f ill (It*   J'" nm'.     'Irtni»   fi„
i i nu, |i.a .i year, poeUfl* pnpaW.   '•-.i-l uy
ell t-ewnlftslert)
Don't Forget
the big wind-up of the Fair with
a Dance at the Auditorium after
the show on Friday, Sept. 30th.
Next Week
"The Coming of Columbus", Sellg's Greatest
Masterpiece in Three Reels, Rich, Costly. «nd
Gorgeous Costumes. Perfeel Photography,
Elaborate Setting.   Correct Historical Detail.
"The Favorites"
Return  Engagement of
The Gladstone Sisters
teM^4H^-H-H-t--t--i-H-<*-.■'.■■■■■■■*■*»»■'111-H--f-t--H-M--»tM*11    Local   News     THE CRITICAL EXPERT]
Just   Unpacked  a Big
Consignment of
/ .\ /
10 x 12
K R li 1'      S M I 1. I N il     li 1' T
Get Yuur Plcturea Framod ut
Wm. Oarlln, "I Port Steole, wuh iu
town Thursday mi business.
Prejudice    inspires   the    'dope'    nml
"j-   sentiment shnpos the odds.
12  x  16
Paisley    Flour   ut    PINK'
The Gladstone R -'•■'
toriutn nil next week
i nu.   Midi
r youi
wants tu
ur  lie  w
In  Ilu
mil ii
.0.8, \\
ill lm
•e  thu
out mi
the 0.
u grounds
it   tho
■rlil i
'   si.I.I
Wn ure
nu In
got nl
Ht 1
Winchester, Koss and
Let me tit you up.
v   Hyda Baker left  on Tuesday on
business trip t*- ClalRarj
Ripe .mil Green '■"■ ■    ii
I, el I and Manning's
ut t'!iin|>
?g .:;.,- 1/ or m !-"."i! meu will hitva
horses :n the raeea on l'"*.i I i11 -
BORN- <.u 3eptt n   *tll • ■ Miami Mis Mctnnie, ..t the Cottaf-fl
Hospital   it dauRbtei
K;iiu-v   Elbertt.  Peachen
11   FINK'H
« Iin scrutlnizeti n\\) one <>t the
ii.imi .in. Diamond Ritms « c
offci uK lot nale, nl neeessit \
protimiiiees it to he [.eerless in
design anil tin* stone nl Ihe firm
w im w e can \ none hut l,tuh
v luss lew fh \ .iii.l n >• .in- in .t
position in i;ii.h,iiii- e evei \  m
■ML i    I.u    *.,il, In   null)
.uui sih ii Jew eh \ Di.iin.iinU
and othet netn* «. ».i«-.- \nu
****.l*4**4**4***************** I I M I II I I I III**   BORN-On Septetnbi 11   Noyce
ut    the   Cottage Hospital   ..  .In
Jewelers &  Opticians
-■H-H-H*H "I ■ I I I -. -I I I 111II1111 11 '»" H111111UI»*      >
-JT1-1   ■-•-•■■•  SS.SSSSS... a. . thl,   w<)j Q0n,,   (,„■
"" J get
a> best        this lln.    s  thi
Tr.*. ling   Co
Mr an.l Mrs T. Prentice of Ferule
were Cranhrook visitors -mi Wednesday
Market   Company
A full line of Fresh and Smoked Meats,
Poultry, Fish, ete., etc. Try Our Premium
Cooked Ham and Brookfield Creamery Butter.
"PHONE  72"
a: Don t    be   troubled    ibo rt    t iking
y yuur   Go   Cart   to   the   Exhibition
j* Grounds, the C.C.S. will provide ac-
X coimtiodation svbile    i   tbe grounds.
V.   Rollins  and   C
Dow    were
4   Lethbrldge on Thin
T   Friday.
t *
++.j..i_i"r^~i"i-H"i~i"i"H"i'-i-i"f++ **********************
Blrnere aad Chester Staplee, ol WyclitTe. were transactlog buslne*..-* :it
Cranbrook on Tuesday
East Kootenay
A  Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a  Specialty
Wo still have st I the Iflcouomy
Fruit Jara loft. Thev satisfy every |
body 'I'i \ some und ►*<•* iJi-wniums; i
nlso prizes at tho Pull b1alr Oran |
brook Trad inn Oo.
Are yuu [lal'tloulur about your Job.
printing, u bo, phono UB- tho Prospector's .'oil Dopartnient
Whether   yi'Ui   1ml.>   wauls   to sleo-i,
or bo wheeled In tbo froah nlr, thu
C C B, will havo Lho accommodation
.it the exhibition ground**.
Thoy will do Bon.0tbl1.jf lor .iin-iico
at     leant     in   New   Voih    tllfl BtatUO | f
ovoi  tho city hall u* to bo ro glided.
Tho   i' rs    will    provido   Wagner
Uo Carta fur all bnbya attending tha
I Kshibltlon :t7
Hunting parties who were oul during tbe early part of the week report birds as bolng very wild and
!    Mr. and Mrs.  A.  J, Mott, Mra.  P.
I'arks and Miss Parks drove over to
; I'erry Creek on Monday and enjoyed
' the outing.
Whether your baby te In the compet
j ttiun  or not,  ample accommodation
will be provided for all at the C.C.S,
: exhibition quarters.
(.!. ti. Jewell, of Jaffray, president
j uf the .Jewell Lumber Co., was trun-
aaetint- business in  Cranhrook Tuesday
I    0. I). McNabb,    of Waldo,    was in
: town Thursday.    Mr.  McNabb is ono
| of   Kootenays   most prominent lumbermen.
II September jj
is the month of weddings
Whether your baby wants to sleep,
or be wheeled in the fresh air, thfl
C.C.S. will have the accommodation
at the exhibition grounds.
At the Kdison theatre next week
will be produced "The Lieutenants
lust night." This is n two reel feature 101 Bison.
Ami what is more appropriate for a
GIFT than a tiire piece of
Cut Glass
We handle  the "Gundy
Clapperton" Line
exclusively. This is "MADK In Canada" and coiiMt!i|Uently you ti<*t more
value fur your money than in any
imported   glass   that   you   can   buy.
See Our Windows
Ltd.   ;:
j-'H'-l-'i"!''^^!'.!'.!.'!'! WANTED -Plain   Needlework,   Dress
•*}*   making,    etc.      Apply  Miss S    Hum,
F. Parks & Company
Cranbrook - - - - S.C.
Box 348, Cranbrook. J7-M
The C.C.S. will provide Wagner
(In Carts for all babys attending tlic
Exhibition. 37
Mr. and Mrs. .! B. Hobertson, ut
Stavoly, Alta., were visiting In
Cranbrook thin week.
Mrs. ri J, Lowgood and sun ol Sun
don were visiting her father Rev.
Flewolllng this week.
FOR SALE—Registered Scotch Col-
A, Martin, hack |
Held in Carmen's Hall
Conducted by
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeft
Certificate  Teacher from
London School Hoard
lo.OO   ,t. iii.   t«,  [2.(IQ ui.
2:00 p. in. to <J:00 \i. m.
'Phone 220 P, <). llox 2.-I8
Tho Maddens, Classy Singers and
Olog Dancers will appear at the Kdison Monday. This is a team well
worth Heeing.
: Nothing   succeeds    like   success. The
, .-.access   we   have secured proves our
ability.    Kilby Frames Pictures.
|    Don't   forget   the   big   wind-up   of
! the   Fair   will be adancc at the Au
j ditorium, after the show, on Friday
evening September 20th.
, lift pups.   Apply Co;
I i ui   Hospital.
i.All parties seeking funds for the;
Fair seem anxious to avoid an em-!
hnrrassment of riches.
i —
J.      KILBY     FRAMES     PICTURES     ;
2 Road work on I'erry Creek has been :
4 discontinued, the meu arriving in
T   town on Saturday last.
[ "*•      C rost on    Corn   at    FINK'S PURR
P 1*^+4^*^^ I I rr   FOOD GROCERY
Mrs. Telfer and daughter Laura, of
Fernle, visited Cranbrook last Sunday, in company with Mrs. Dick and
baby , of Nelson.
Still some snaps in China and Croc
kery, you can afford to buy your
Xmas presents in these lines now.—
Campbell and Manning's.
Sojourning  Oddfellows  in  the city
are cordially extended au  invitation
to Monday's meeting for the visit ol
| the Grand Master.
Mrs. tl. H. Saddler will receive for
the tlrst time on Tuesday, the 17th,
and after that date on the 2nd Wednesday of eacli month.
Dill Pickles at FINK'S PURE
Have you bought that flack of Roy
al Household Flour yet, it will sure
win n prize for you at the coming
Fair.   Campbell and Manning.
An- coming Into Cranbrook nnd District DAILY and
Taking Up all the Besl Land. Whs let the Strange.
(,--t all the Choice Locations when you can have
\ our pick now
Here is One ol the manj  Good Buys we have
Two miles trom town       I wo Springs on
Propert)    .md   Creek   running  thmugh
Half Cash—Balance to Still Purchnsei
It   is  yonr  plain duty to yoursolf
j tu  lmvo   yonr   house and nny other
A.   Fletcher, .,f Hosmer, Dominion  property, yuu mny possess, fully in-
Kriiii   Inspector,   wns in tuwn Tues- i Sur,. I   against   lira.    Ymi know that
dny on ofllelnl business. -,.   this time ol the year, ospoclally, [ 'phone 207
yuu   can   nut   nllord  to curry your
Don't   be   troubled   about   taking  own risk.      "flRT    INBURBD"    nl
yuur   Oo   Cart   to   tho    Exhibition   once, by all mennB.   Tbo cunt Is uot   u
Grounds, the O.O.8. will provido ac   worth   considering,   In proportion to  ijjxt,t*)|Uon
coinmodation while on the grounds.   | whnt  yuu   u>'t   lor it in tho way of
  protection.   Be Wlso mnl postpono nu
furthor tho tnklng oul  ol n pulley. I    "■ -'■ Johnson returned uu Monday
Ofltl up K,l. F. Johnson, licensed
plumber, and get an estimnte of tbe
cost ut yuur sewer connections.
The   0,0.8,   will   provide  Wagner
ilu Oarts fur all hnhys attending the
Wm. French, ol Woll Crack, and
wi'i., Watson, ui Fort Steele, were In
town Tuesday on business.
Vun   ktiuv.    Hi,,   ulil   Buying   nbout  'rom   n   business  trip to thc const,
"locking tho stable nftor tin- horse I- Ha   wns  accompanied   on Ills return
Btolen."   in- .ui tho Biulo side nnd dol trip bv Vir Rollins ol Vnncouver.
j yuur arranging for protection "boloro
Hum Baldwin, ul the Bdlaon Than-  tho lire,"  which  is  llnblo to occur, |   KIl.HV     FRAMBS    I'lt'TUHKH
tee   was In Oalgary Huh week aocur-  We can ollor yon ono ol tho most nd
Ing iitrrurtuiiiH lor tin- winter.
I'nntngfious policies nn the iiiiiiki.t, Inj
strong Citniuluiii
Bartlel's  Pears   at FINK'S PURB  "an   Company.    Hw   THB   ('ItAN-
Tomorrow muy bo too lato.
i Mr. J. C.riiHley, Hr., of Waldo, was
in Ornnbrook this week. Mr. lira*
Icy wns consulting a phyBtcian iu
regnrd to trouble with the eyes.
Beattie-Murphy Co.
+.H--s*-H.+ .*-s*-H-.~H....M^
We have an exceptional offer to
make you in the above property—requires a cash payment of
One-third down, balance in 12
and 18 Months, No Interest.
Call and See Us at Once
ii Beale & Elwell ii
•\    CRANBROOK, -        -        - B.C.    jj
***********4**4*4*4**.**************m || || f**
All membors ..l the I.O.I i.F. ploaso
Homcmbc! the Ornnd Muster's Visit!
i" tho Lodge on Mondny evening    U7!
loctoi    nl    Intornnl    Revonuc, wn
guest   .1  ilu- Cranbrook this week
Nothing succeeds like success, Tbe
success wc have secured proveu our
ability.    Kllby Frames Pictures,
The Selkirk Preceptory, No. tr>,
IniM tbelr regulnr monthly asnem
i,l v in tbe Ohapter room oi the Ma-
sonic Temple on Monday evening.
If yuu want u reliable and reason
uble Job ol plumbing dune or sower-
II \ T S       ll 1.0 C K K li
.1. II. Smith
Practical   Mutter
. Fonwick  Avonuo,       Cranhrook, 11,0,
Whethor your bnby is In the compot ,,, Me   Mnsonlc  Temple
Itlon  ni   nut,  nmplc  nccominodatlon    . ,	
will be provided for ull al the C.0.8,   ,,,.|„„,|
exhibition qunrtors 	
  Mr, .1, 11. Oronvos, of llie (Inn ot
i.i-i -, nol  notice tho weather   thon   Weatnwny & Oroav I Nortb Battle
when Fun  Day i is, we may lmvo   ford   Hunk ,   wnn In Crnnhrook this
'""' ll"' righl kind  wook   und nftor being shown around i „j,. connections mudn, call up Kd. F
tlio city nml iiiuiiIii, raiiinikcil that JnhtlBon, 'phone 'if.l. tf
I   Vam ver, col   Cranhrook cortnlnly looked g I to
lilm   mul   in   buck hln stuti-nienl up     Mr.  ami   Mrs,   B. 0, Smith,   who
 ilu lovcn    lulu (rom M rn,  mW" l'""" ««»«»»*• *"»a th« »unu ■ with
ii., i   ..  mu„„ii   ., ,   ,,  . ,    rolatlvoB  in   Michigan,   roturned  to
Nothing   num., ko  in,.......,,,, The,'""''  *  mM ' * tB *httt •"■ oranbrook   'Puondny,   mucli   ploased
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vlsltod   bis   hrothor nml Bister hore t,RAaTI0Al;   pi,.,,,,.,;,'    mAMm
thin week. Mr. and Mrs   -I   F. IjOWor ARMSTRONO  AVKNUB
niter vlnlllng lluiill, Calgary etc.        I P.O. Box 802 Cranhrook, B.C.
MIhh    Helen    linviu   linn   gone    to
lliuiiui    Hull.    Spokane,   to   attend
<■    On Meats and Lards Guarantee  Their Quality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
"llie  Kind That   Tastes Good."
t P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. I
.-•i-++-l + IJI-l"r-ll--M+^l-.l-+l-+-MI :-I-IH-I-M-I"H"I»H-tM-M*
When You!
.. i.
!! Our  Hardware \\
New & Up-to-date
&    .
J. D. McBride
'•'-   Cranbrook, B. C, Phone 5
'■********** ************************* ********


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