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The Prospector Apr 13, 1912

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Array 1 Ibrary Leg, Assera.   Sept. 5.-13.
For  Perfect
You Should See
llll   JI-.W 'Rl.liU
I    aw rs m &
^Ijrhe  Leading" Newspapfi
$2.00 Per Year
VOL.  18
Buys Land at Windermere
Winnipeg, April 8..—Unrest in England und inn ut (Ik on aottlfld incomes
by new forms ol taxation arc ascribed l»y h pnBsoiigor on tin* latest ar
rived EJmprotw boat for tlu* remarkable proportion nf well-to-do English
people among her 1,500 passengors
whn are making their p'ormanent
homes In western Onnndn. A typical
Instnnco is tbat of Rear Admiral
Storry, R. N.. retired, wbo finds bin
pny will go ii lot further In British
Columbln. nnd hns bought Innds in
tbo Upper flolumbln valley near Win-
dormore, whore he will establish his
entire family.
Wouid Accept Nomination
There is much speculation nn to
whom will succeed A, 8, Goodovo in
the commons,
It is snld that ii large number of
the electorate are urging It. H. Green
to accept the nomination.
Mr. Green nay: "That 1 bave boon
In receipt of numerous telegrams and
letters from the Kootenay requesting
me to offer myself iih the Conservative candidate In tbe necessitated by-
election. Should I be the choice of
tbe convention, I would gladly accept.
It. P, Green, is one of the most,
prominent conservatives in British
Columbia, and is well and favorably
known in Kootenay, nnd if nominated, would receive tbe solid support
of the party fn this riding.
No: If*
Ministers will Visit North
Victoria, April 8. —Tentative arrangements are already under way by
premier McBride in connection with
his promise to the citizens of Prince
Kupert to visit that city and other
points In the district ol which it la
the centre during the present summer
All being well, thp Brat minister Intends to redeem thin promise tind
visit the various sections of the British Columbia northern coastal districts soon after his return from tho
old country, for which he is Leaving
on Sunday. He will in ull probability be accompanied on his northern
tour hy Attorney-General Bowser,
and will visit the Buckley valley and
| also tbe A tli n district before "return*
j lug south.
All outstanding questions affecting
these northern areas wilt obtain per
Bonnl consideration on the ground
during the contemplated tour. At the
sane time that Messrs McBride nnd
Bowser are renewing acquaintances
with the Beaboard constituencies in
the north it is expected that Hon. W,
K. Boss, minister of lands, will pay
a visit to the Kort George section,
| with the object of personally famil-
lartzlng himself with thn conditions
i nnd requirements, nnd investigating
i on the spot the merits of numetoua
controversies over land titles Uut
have recently arlBen, In several in
stances over conflicting and inaccurate private surveys.
Old Friends New Thoughts
Surprised ut Cranbrook's Progress
Hearing directly and indirectly so
much in regard to tbe progress of
Crnnhrook and this district, I was
ready after something over a year's
absence to see evidences of improvement in Cranbrook but wns not
ready to see the material growth
that has taken place in tbe city during the past fifteen or sixteen months
I would like to say here that the
growth that lias taken place in Cranbrook is of a material nature, a
growth that shows confidence on the
part Of the people of Crnnhrook to
the outside world and that is one of
tbe best advertisements thnt any
city can have. I have observed in my
conversation wltb old friends that
there has heen a marked advance as
to the unanimity of feeling regarding
the possibilities of tho rity, and consequently a much greater improvement towards working together for
everything that would prove of benefit to tho City nnd district. Those
who bnve known me here in the past.,
know tbat I have always believed in
working together nnd until the people in any city have arrived nt that
stage it is Impossible to secure much
in the wny of satisfactory results.
There have been times in tbe past
when n feeling of dissatisfaction has
prevailed when your Board of Trade
were simply organizations in name
only, but at tho present time I am
convinced that the Cranbrook Board
of Trade has secured tbe necessary
spirit nf co-operation that means
successful results. Two men may be
competitors In business hut thoy
should get together when it comes to
any work fur the promotion of the
best interests of tholr community. It
seems as though the people of Cranhrook fully realize that very strong
point in progress nnd are willing not
only to art but to contribute for the
success of nu organization that has
only one object iu view and that is
"A Grenter nrnnbrook". The buildings that have been erected birth of
n public and private nature, the sewerage which was absolutely necessary
In this city, the improvements of
loads leading to and  from  tbe city,
all combine to make a great and
glorious step forward for Cranbrook
and the future of her people. As
editor of tbe Herald in the past I
was called either a booster or a fool
for saying that tbe Cranbrook district was destined to he a producing
district, and tbat the talk of the mills
soon being through and the C.P.R.
moving their shops to Wardner,
which seemed to he an annual epidemic among a certain class of people, was the rankest nonsense. Cranbrook mUBt depend upon her own industries and the growth nnd productiveness of her surrounding country.
The demand for land and the increase of prices is a practical demonstration of the fnct thnt the people
from the outside are now satisfied
that Cranbrook has the land and the
climate to make fruit and smnll
farming an absolute success. Fill up
your lands and handle the affairs of
your city in a businesslike manner,
and Cranbrook will grow as sure as
the sun rises nnd sets.
Yes! "I like Kamloops where 1 am
living at the present time and expect to live there the rest of my
life. The altitude is only 1200 feet
and the climate delightful. The building of the Canadian Northern down
the North Thomson to Kamloops
and west to tbe coast, also south
from Kamloops through the Okun-i-
gan country means that Kamloops
must necessarily become the big distributing point on the main lines of
traffic in the Interior of British Columbia. The town is rapidly growing, as rapidly in fact as men nnd
material enn be secured. Last year
with 1800,000 in Improvement, excltl
slve of railway improvements, Kam
loops stood 18th In the way of Improvements nf nil the Cities in the
Dominion of Canada. I would be only he too glad to have nny of niy
friends drop off when they ran aud
see Kamloops for themselves. Thle
is a great country and when one
can any a good word for another
town they are doing the best, tin-
very best they ran for the promotion
of tbelr own country and the Upbtlll
ding of the province ns u whole.
Cranbrook - District
Auto Association
Large Gathering of Automobile Enthusiasts
Splendid Work begun
Annual Meeting
The   City  Council   Meet
Rates will be 30 milles with a rebate of
5 cents if paid before June 30th
Citizens Leaving Frank
Heavy  Fall of Rock
Word has heen received nil along
tbe Crow Line to the effect that a
large number of tbe business houses
In Prank are taking advantage uf the
warning issued by the provincial
government iu regard to another
slido nt tbnt place and ure moving
out. Tbe Union Hank is moving to
Bellcview, a short distance from
Frank, where they bave secured quartern, and it is expected that a number of other business houses will do
the same within the next week or ten
dnys, Just as soon as the arrangements can he completed.
It was also stated that during the
past few dnys, on account of the
warm weather, Mini tllfl slides whlcb
have almost been of a daily occurrence in small quantities since tbe
last big slide, In which a number of
people lost their lives, and a large
amount of property destroyed, aud
they have boon growing heavier day
hy day, and it Is expected that just
as soon as tbe frost is out of the
rocks that the slides will gather in
intensity und that great damage may
he expected shortly.
Belleview will In nil probability
take the place of Frank, and that
camp will be greatly increased by the
number of people that will remove
from Frank, Many new residences
and business blocks are now in tbe
course or construction there, and It
will not be long till tbe town of
Frank Is a mere memory of a once
prosperous mining town, which for
years has furnished millions of tons
of coal to the dllTerent nmrkets of the
A largo number id the minors that
have made their homes at Frank rot-
several years past have also packed
up bag and parcel, and have left for
the vnrlous conl camps of British
Columbln and other western points,
where tbey will engage In mining
I eoal.
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook District Automobile Association was held in the dining room of
the Wasa Hotel, nt Wasa un Thursday evening.
. Tbe meeting wus enthusiastic and
j showed all the spirit of progressive-
• ness in untomohile interests as well
las the member.- co-upernting „with
! several schemes for the advancement
of the welfare of tbe district in gen-
• eral.
When the    various "auto's" begun
; to arrive at Waan, during the after-
] noon, it was evident that a represen-
| tatlve gathering  was to  take place,
I and one that in all probability would
\ he capable of doing some good work.
I Borne members of the association and
j the press, enjoyed the hospitality of
others in tbe trip from    Cranbrook,
via Fort Steele, while a large number
of friends,    though    nut    automobile
J owners,  took an earnest Interest   in
tbe work that   was being promulgated In the interests of good    roads,
and the making uf Kast Kootenay a
resort for tourists and pleasure seekers, as well as residents and settlers.
The meeting was called to order by
V. Hyde Haver, president, at 8 p. m.
about 2fi being present; after reading
tbe minutes of the last meeting    by
the    secretary,    W.   W.    Wilson,   tho
members got down to business.
The attention of tbe meeting was
called to several very dangerous
places along tbe road, and road superintendent Read, who wns present
assured the meeting tbat this would
he attended to at once, he was having some 150 danger hoards painted,
that W/Oltld be placed where there wns
iny danger. It was further stated
thnt as various drivers of all kinds
of vehicles were apparently ignorant
■>f tbe rules of the road, it was absolutely necessary thut these rules
should bo obtained and placed In
prominent positions so that they
could be easily seen. It was particularly drawn to tbe meetings notice
tbnt there were n number of young
people who hired teams nnd it tbo
same time were unaware which side
of the road to ride. The looting
suggested tbat the secretary icrllo to
the government fnr a supply *f cotton notices of the regulations gcv-
omlng the requirements so that these
could be nailed up' in prominent
Mr. A. I*. Fenwick, of Fort Steele,
suggested thai attention be given to
the making of several of the trunk
roads more perfect, at present there
wus a road between Wardner and Bull
Kiver nnd J affray to Klko that wus
practically perfect, while the road
from Bull Kiver to Fort Steele were
in fairly good condition, as was the
j road from Fort Steele, north to
| WuBn, nnd all thnt was wanted now
was the repairing of the road from
j Mud Creek to Wasa, aud we would
have some of the linest trunk roads
to be found in tho province. When
this is (tone, we shall be able to
drive from Cranbrook to Steele then
to Wardner, back home, having an
excellent outing, a pleasure trip that
would give to visitors a proper idea
of what  the country was like.
Superintendent Kendo, stated that
the government was providing an up-
to-dote rock crusher, and that as far
as possible the trunk roads would be
maenmndized ns rapidly as possihle.
Dr. J. fl. King, suggested that a
permanent rond committee be appointed to make what recommendations
were necessary in connection with the
roads and report to the superintendent of rnnds. This would be of gre.it
assistance to Mr. Head, and facilitate
tbe work required, as Mr. Head having some 400 miles of road to keep
In repair It was almost impossible
for him to fulfill all  the needs.
Messrs. A. R. Fenwick, of Fort
N. Hanson, of Wasa; and Oeorge
Hoggntb of Crnnhrook, were appointed as a committee, to whom all
complaints about had roads will be
Another suggestion of Dr. King,
wns thut as there were such a large
number of untoists that were running
cars out of Cranbrook, some 50 or
perhaps more, nnd the garages having
cars to rent, it would he an excellent
plan to organize a tour to Leth
bridge to attend the Dry Farming
Congress nnd do a bit of practical
advertising of Crnnhrook district. A
large tent, or even a shell building
could be put up for their accommodation and u commissionaire be obtained to look afler their various
needs, This would mean that there
would be a small Cranbrook in Loth-
bridge and every one would be a
walking talking advertiser. Practical cflhihlts could also be shown to
advantage.    It. was     then announced
that the excursion was under consideration by tbe Hoard of Trade. The I
president, Mr. Baker, appointed Messrs K. B. Beattie, and A. C. Bowness
! a committee to mnve all arrangements and work in conjunction with
the H of T. committee and do what
[they could to further the project as
it would he nn admirable scheme.
Road Supt., John Head was elected an honorary member, and several
new members sinned tbo roll.
Messers Mott, Supple and McCownn
were appointed a committee to draft
up rules, regulations und by-laws for
the association.
Mr. B. Small suggested that the
colors of the association should be
Cranbrook  colors,   White and  Qreon.
Dr. King brought up the question
of automobile licenses when crossing
the borders of, and visiting another
province, which hns been a source of
annoyance to a number of the mem
hers who have made trips Into Al
herta, the British Columbln license]
not being respected, even when touring for pleasure, nnd that a new license must be procured, It was suy
gested that the matter be taken up
with the various associations in the
neighboring provinces, also in the
States to the south, whereby It will
not be necessary to procure an additional license wben on a motoring
trip. A legislative committee wns
appointed to look Into this matter
nnd report result. Messrs A. C.
Bowness, J. P. Fink, of Cranbrook.
and A. Doyle of Fort Steele were nil-
pointed as a committee.
The following olliceres were elected
lor the ensuing year:
Hon. President. N. Hanson.
President.  V.  Hyde  Baker.
Vice-President, Dr. J, H. King.
Sec-Trim*.,  W.  H.  Wilson.
Directors,  Dr. F. W. Clroen.
A. It. Fenwick.
Geo. Koggnrth,
A   vote Of  thanks  was extended  to
the president for his services during
the past year, and congratulations
on his being the first president of the
Messrs V. Hvde linker, Dr. King,
(J. Hoggnrth, B, Small, A. c. Bow
ness, M. ijnain, V. Hyde Baker, 18.
Mott, Patrick, Myers. Fink, Hanson.
Fenwick and McKowan, all had the!I
cars lined up in front of the WiiHg
Hotel nnd enjoyed the hospitality of
the proprietor.
The city council met in solemn con
eluve  on   Wednesday  evening,   Mayor
Uowness  presiding  supported  by   Al-1
dermen    Johnson,  Clapp,     Cameron, J
blrlckson,* Campbell and Atchison.
The School Trustees being in at-
tendance Aldermen Johnson and Cameron moved that they be heard. Carried. H. White, and N. Hnrrisoa,
then spoke on behalf of the Board in
respect to an account of $1181.00 that
had heen referred hack last week, explaining that the (lovernment was
giving the $lf,J000.00 to them with
the understanding the city council
i-oiiglil tiie land. The present school
i-' full to its limit and anutberischool
will soon he neeessary. Mr. n*.e
snd thnt although 'iv ,-h .; ,..,.
outside the city limits it was In the
school nrea ami in a district which
was growing  fust.
Tho Mayor asked the city soliutor.
if the council was compelled or rather forced to pay anything the School
Honrd like to ask. Answer—Yes, if
the sum is to he used for maintain- i
Mayor  llowncss:
Then the -School Hoard can go on j
asking  and  we  must be compeled to
pay until all the dty'revenue is taken up nnd nothing Is left for city
improvements.—Yes!   if  necessary.
Mayor Howness, then I tbink it U
a gross injustice and the law should
he altered.
Aldermen Campbell and Clapp moved thnt the XGf.1.00 account be paid.
S. Macdonald asked the council for
; an 1* hour dav on behalf of the city
employees giving the council the in-
f or matt on that no where in British
, Columbia is anyone of the city men
worked for more than K or 9 hours,
i nlso making the request that the
men receive |3,(N1 per day instead ol
-J2.75 their present wage. The council told Mr. Macdonald they would
consider it.
The council then settled down to
business having before them the eev-
eral estimates front the several departments. It was at once seen when
these were read thut the spirit of improvement*; bad invaded everyone,
and the new spirit that has invaded
the citizens to an higher worth and
n respect for the city of which we ail
hold a part had surely Invaded the
very council chamber.
Street Improvements
Norbury  Avenue; Lewis to Kairn   Street. Filling and Orading
liurick   Avenue,  grading,  stumping and tilling 	
!■ 'reach   Avenue,  grndlng 	
Clark Avenue, grndlng	
Dewar  Avenue,   grading  and   stumping  	
Watt   Avenue,  grading  	
Kberts  Avenue,  grading 	
Martin   Avenue,  grading ....
Pooley  Avenue, grading 	
Lumsden Avenue, Lewis to Kuirus Street,  grading  	
Onrdcn  Avenue,  Baker to Kairns Street,   grading and   filling ..
Fenwick  Avenue, Maker to Kairns Street, grading and tilling ....
Hanson Avenue,  Lewis to    Kairns Street, grading and filing 	
Armstrong Avenue, Lewis to Knlrns Street, grading and filling .
Lewis Street, Filling, Grading and Gravelling   	
Kdward Street tilling, grading and gravelling   	
cranhrook   Street,  grading,  setting, and gravelling 	
Cranhrook Street, bridge over Smith's Creek  ,	
Cleaning streets and alleys 	
Six foot walk from Skating Hink to School House 	
North Side of linker street, cement   sidewalks    	
South side of Maker street, cement   sidewalks    	
Sidewalk in front of City Hall 	
Van  Home street bridge 	
Van Home street, sidewalk, to connect to Hospital  walk    	
Levels and  profiles for registering street grades on Watt. Dewar.
Clark, Durlck, Pooley, Martin,
and  Rberts Avenues 	
linker street,  ploughing, crowning, and    trimming 	
Repairing existing sidewalks	
Bridge on Lewis street, corner ol Garden avenue 	
II.  V   Parker	
... 380.00
... 160.00
.    150.00
... 360.00
.     250.00
.     600.00
,.    260.00
...   150.00
.    790.00
. 293.00
Attack on Consul
Calgary, April 8.—Crazed with cocaine and suffering under tbe hallucination that ber father and mother
were being detained from entering
Canada through the action 'of the
American consular officials Camille
Bates, a colored woman, made a determined attack on Col. K. Scott
Hotchkiss, American consul, in his
office In the Grain Kxchnnge building
at noon today. Only quick action on
the part of Chief Cuddy, Detective
Richardson and Hymomls saved tbe
consul from being seriously hurt by
the dope     crazed  woman,    who was
breaking the furniture in
and attempting to    close
the office
vlth    Ool.
Royal Visit
HotcliklHH  whom     she wns menucini?
with ,i long hatpin when Ihe police'
! man arrived.
London Capitalists Coming
Word Iiiih 1)0011 Httt Olll from Ottu-
wn Hint n party ol luo capitalists
ilrom London, Hnglnnd, would hi' hi
Ontinilu in Mny for a tour of tin* Ho
minion. It i« oxpeoted thnl they will
VlBlt Kontcnny during their unit to
HritlHii Oolumbla.
If Ihn plnns now hehip completed
for thp Onrtlor contonnnry colouration ;
nri> curried oul Lho Prince ol Wales
will visit Onnndn in iim1 (><ii of I'm.
us ihn i-u.-Ht ol tiw Uoml  novum
ini'lit. The proposal lor Ilie visit "I
the Prince name olllclnlly Irom Prime
Minister Harden, mul Iiiih Uio onthii
rtlnHtle I'liilomenienl ol Hie lltlke ul
Connniight The formal Invltntlin
will he prepared immediately mul for-
wiiiileil liy the Iiiiiiu to Kniiliinil.
it is proposed thut the Prince make
u eomploto tour of Canada, Including
the Yukon.
Estimates for Improvements
Tin- totul estimates for Improvements   for   the   current   year
Revenue account from LOU	
Tux  Hull- slirplllH	
School Hoard 	
Dolu'tiluri'  repayments	
I>'i tin nre  Committor  	
Fire mul Pollco 	
Iionril of Work* 	
Il.'iilth Committee 	
Wuier Commlttoe	
are   aa
III.1X14 1,1
Mle  a
lm vers
love   ustuiiiiti'K
ii x   lielni'    liuiili'
I   ad  iiiIMh   with
will ned'Hsl iiiih,nut ,in the wnter revennen, tha
on the rate ! Iiy-lnw will ho to ratio iiluuit 120 to
i h| in! re• $26,000,    Hy moving this hy Uw nnd
liule of r, millH II tiie rules nre puiil i I'lilslni: the money in this wny the
liefore Hie BOtll ol June, thin actual-1 cohI ol the uvoral lucnl improve
lv nmonnts t<> BR mf Mr net. ments will not full ao henvily on the
To co\  the ostimotos ol the wnt-1 ratepayers, ns a mutter of tact they
er committee nud    rortntn other in
Ijriivemi'iits    the    council     will    put
through     ii hy law     mul mine     the
will receive the    improvements'   and
not realise how It hue been paid tor
iih in thin wny it will be spread uvmv
il niimher of yours. THK I'llosPKi'Toii. CRANMOOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
©he yvoepectov, Cranbrook, tf. <£.
|l ESTABLISHED    1895
Published Every Saturday   Morning at t'rnntirook, B.C.
K. M. Christian.  Manager.
A. B. Grace,    Editor.
Postage to American, European and  other foreign countries,   rut cents   a
year  extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising  rates furnished on application.    No
advertisements lint those of a reputable character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
is given to locnl manager advertisements and subscriptions will he kept
running and charged up against their account.
18th Vear
Political Chaff
Tho tat time hus fallen apparently
to the Conservatives over the Dominion, while Liberal opponents nre suffering the lean times,
British Oolumbla in Tory nml every
seat with the exception of only two
Socialists, lt is said thut they
buve a sign out Baying "No Liberals
Fred. Starkey, of Nelson, pawned
through Crnnhrook on Wednesday
enroute for Winnipeg to attend the
Rob 11 tt banquet . It is said that Mr.
Starkey has hoard tbe buzzing of •'.he
political bee, anil aspires to the sent
in tbe Dominion House mnde vacant
by tho resignation of A. S. Goodevo,
Looks us if we should have two by
elections in tin* Oranbrook riding
tins year. One foi a Dominion representative, ulso ont' for tin* provincial legislature.
■ The appointment of ,\. s. Cloodeve
:ir, ,i Hallway Commissioner will be
recolved with universal satisfaction
in tin* west, especially British Columbia, and Kootenay
Baptist Church
Kev. 0. ti.  Konilull, Pastor
Morning Worship—11,00 o'clock,
Topic: "The Richness of the Love of
Bible School- :. p, m.
Evening Worship -7:30 o'clock,
Topic:   "The Print ot  the  Nails."
Strangers in the city, and all others not regularly worshipping iu
other churches ait* cordially   invited.
Salvation Army
SUNDAY siiinvicifl,
Sunday mornlug: Holiness meeting
at   11 o'clock.
Afternoon1  Free and Kasy Moating,
Afternoon   Sunday School at 2 p.m.
Night: Salvation meeting at  S p.m.
Lesson: "The fulness q( the spirit"
Kletl'k.   A   Btlldo,  Captain.
Major an.l Mrs. Groou, Provincial
Commander* of iintisli Oolumbla,
will he returning to die city, aud
mil conduct very special BOrvloos on
Monday ami Tuesday,   April BB-23.
Look  out  for  further announcement
Methodist Church
Election  o
t Oflu
hlUou   Dunhiini.   Pastor
u an annual meeting ot the Cran*
; brook  Conservative  Association held
! in   Campbell A    Mannings    hull on
Monday evening the following officers
i were elected for tho ensuing year
1 Hon   pie.   ll. McBrlde.
: \lou. Vic  Pies. T. Caven M P P
', Hon,  Vlco Pre**. Otis Staples.
I president   Willi li    a   Rolllni
' Vlce-Pres   Ira Manning.
;    Seo-Treas   J     \    Arnold
Executive Committee
J. U.  McBride
Dr   H. Hall
1   Bnxtei
iv  Burl   ■
tt    B.   v.Ki'-lnnr
J. p   y   ■
Ii.  J. Johns
!>;■     Rul ■ Igl
Simon Taylor.
Prank   Dei til
The Alqertan, of Calgary, a paper
that cuts many ridiculous political
Agues, in commenting on the appointment of A. S. Goodeve to the
railway commission has the following
bit of satire: " He may be a good
man and he may not be a good man.
He was not a good member of parliament, and has not been such a
conspicuous success in anything that
he ahould be singled out for this important olHce for any such reason."
The Albertan, of Calgary, a paper
"That Mr. Goodeve may he as Btrong
as any members id tbe commission.
But thnt it is doubtful; Mr. Goodovo
will represent Hritisb Columbia, the
coaHt provlnre. He has no connection with the great prairie west, the
broad and promising west, Mr,
Oreenway's successor should have
been a prairie fanner from Alberta,
Saskatchewan, or Manitoba. Instead
a small business man from a small
interior Hritisb Columbia town was
j The Albertan's editor, has nu con-
I ceptlon of Hritisb Columbia or its
I ueoplc. Every member of parliament
from Hritish Columbia, proved them
selves to be statesmen second to none
(in the House of Commons, and Mr.
\. S. Goodeve whs not. the least of
these seven great men who represented a province that is larger, richer,
and more prot-resslve than any of tbe
provinces named by tin* Albertan
And we can assure tb.* editor of the
Albertan, that be cannot name a man
in Alberta, who in more in touch
with all conditions of western lift*
than A. S. (ioodeve, who wus a plo
noer in the very provinces named by
jthe Albert (in lout* before the knowing
scribe had the courage to leave his
[mother. Don't worry yon tenderfoot
editor, Mr, Goodovo can mnko good
in my sphere of life, and the people
of the prairies and the far west will
recognize Ins abilities before he ser-
ves many months on the railway
Parmer's Institute
'    A   meet ini:   of   the     Farmers   Jnsti-
■ tute    was     held   iii    the Government
! Building   or.   Wednesday  evening     a
goodly number were present.   Several
(items of importance was transacted
and the prizes apportioned that  will
be given   to    the Full  Fair    Association  to be held  on   September  19-19.
There    will be a 1st    und 2nd    prize
given in eich of'the following rlasse-.:
Best collection of clover and i*ru-»ses.
Host Collection of potatoes and roots
One  special    prize  will  be Riven  to
tbe member  taking most   prizes     in
the ugirreirnte.
Kor the best Hairy Cow and calf,
•not open to dairy men.)
For tbe best brood sow. open to
On the second Monday in May. Mr.
T. S. Gill will give a paper on the
"Polonization of Flowers by Bees"
as many as possible are requested to
keep tbe date in mind.
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired Mothers as  They  Join  the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pin
Salt will keep me-nt, but  It requires sand to keep a good resolution.
Galley Two
Extremes meet when the kitten
plays with its tall.
To run n newspaper without occasionally publishing an item thnt Ib
untrue, or without giving offense, is
like running a railroad without having accidents and smash-ups. It can't.
be done.
Local pride is a great business
builder.— knocking is the surest way
to wipe a place off the map. Let's
all be practical boosters for the old
town. Let's start today] And let*s
keep it up all thfl Mme.
It in amusing to nee how Inflated with
Importance some people become after
reading the report ol the director ol
tbe Dominion Census and tind that
he huh padded the population ol
their town enough to give it a place
on the map for the tlrst time
When mother and the youngster*!
ask lather to eo with them fnr a lit
th) picnic party, there is one king "'
"em who says this' "whnt's the use
of going away for a picnic Throw
the dining-room table out and spread
the dinner on the floor, then let all
the files in, throw .some dust nn the
sandwiches, sprinkle a few ants in
the water, turn the hose on ourselves
to remind us of the ram which Invni
lably comes when we an* farthest
from shelter and cap it off by crowd
ing in tbe pantry and hanging to the
Bhelves for the usual time to rob*
home.   Nli  on any  picnic for  me'"
Don't he a loafer, don't flaws your
self a loafer, don't bam* around loaf
oik for nothing
Mian Hit around
r hands in your
your mind. fnr.
BllBtlfl about    if j
Ing   pliiee.*i.     [letter
and board  yourself
the corners with yo
pockoto.    Better  for
yonr nwn    respect.
you mean to have anything to bustle
for. Many a poor physician has obtain
ed a real patient by tiding bard to intend an Imaginery one. a quire of
old paper tied up with red tape, phi-
rltd under a lawyer's nrm may pro
cure him his /list rum, nnd make hln
fortune. Such is the world. To him
that hath shall he given. Quit droning and complaining; keep busy and
mind   yonr chances.
"The     time     to be jolly is    when
everything is going wrong and    you
are    down     in th* mouth    with the
blues.   Tbat   is  a  mighty  nice    thing
i to    preach;   hut    almighty  bard    to
practice.   How is a fellow to be jolly
when  he  gets out  of  bed  on  a    Cold
, morning, steps on a tack,  burns Ins
fingers while lighting tht* kitchen fire,
finds his pet dog poisoned, goes down
i fo business and finds two sight drafts
I to  pay and no money in sitrlit. goto
1 a  letter.from  his mother-in-law    in
forming him th.it  she |i sick, and so
..n through the day    ftbow us a fel
low  who  wouldn't  wear  th''    corner-.
■f  his  mouth  in cur!  papers     under
tb tee <-:rcumntnnceH.
So business ■■ hi. in any town
ihould 'ilb.■* ;i newipapei published
tn his town to l". without Ihn name
nnd business helm mentioned nome
wl ere In ,(■ columns Tin*, applies
■ to all kinds o| business general
ntores, dry goods, grocer*! furniture
dealers, manufacturing establishment
> -.. automobile dealers mechanics
it ifesslnnal men and in fact all
classes of    business men.   This does
not     mean   thnt   yon   ebOUld   have      a
whole or even n quarter of a page tn
every issue of the pnpet hut youi
nime nnd business should be men
tinned if vou do not use more than
:i two imi* space.     \ stranget  pick
ing up a  newspii[ier should  be able to
tell just what business i« represented
m ii town by looking at the hnsim-Hs
mentioned   :n   thi-  paper     Thlfl   in  one
..f tin* teal possible t«. ;i advertisers,
Tno man who doos not ndverttae hli
business does an Injustice to himself
and his town He is tin- man who\
oxpects tho newspapers to do the
most fret* n d ver ti Hint* nnd free boost- !
ing for his town. Tin* man who Insists on sharing the business that
comes to town but refuse* to advor
tine hln business m not n vnlunble
addition to nny town    The life of a
town   dOpOUdfl      Upon   the   live      wide
awake and  liberal     advertising biisl* j
nose men. I
C.P.R. Cricket Club
The general annual meeting of the
above club will be held in tbe Y.M.
('.A. committee rooms on Tuesday
April Iflth nt at SW K. All Interested
are Invited to attend.     nusinesi*-.
(1) To receive report and accounts
for past year.
(2) To  make  arrangements for season 1912.
K, R, Hrake, Captain..
K.  Sainsbury  Hee.
Wins Dog Race
Nome, Alaska, April 8.—A, A.
(flcotty) Allan, driving the team of
Malamute dogs owneil hy Mrs. ('hns.
\. Darling of Herkeley, Calif., won
the A11-Alaska sweepstakes, rrossinL'
the finish line at N'oni" at 1:82 o'clocl
this morning. His time for the IK
miles from Nome to Candle nnd return was ST hours and .IL' minutes,
ive hours and 32 minutes more than
his time last year, when he won tbe
race with  the same dogs.
\, Holmson, driving Johnson's
team of Siberian  Wolfhounds, holder
■i the record of :i hours, 14 mini, tea
oni 20 seconds, was second, driving
into Nome one hour behind Allan.
:', Johnson, driving Fox llauiHiiy's
logs was Hind, arriving half an hour
nftei Holmson. The Oliver dogs,
driven by Blatchford, were iu such
pool condition from their long drive
over the hind mow Mall that they
were hopelessly outdistanced nud did
not show in the Until dash of SO
Tin- pace wns one of the hardest in
the history of the swoops takes, Allan
was pressed hard bs the three lead
-ih during the greater part of the
drive, and it wuh not until he was on
the hint 50 miles thai his dogs nlmw-
ed then itiporlorlty ami kept the
pace that gave him a safe margin of
victory, malum' an average of seven
miles an hour on the homestretch.
His dogs were in good condition and
were on  then   f.>et  at the finish.
In Hpile of the cold and the early
hour, the stands were Tilled when the
dogs faun* in. Although Mrs Darling's dogs were the favorite (rom thn
flrst, betting wns heavy and a large1
amount of money changed hands The!
prize for thlH year's nice wus |fi,000,
Dr  Young Acting Premier
victor in,  April   it. -During tbo ah*
lOnCO from the city of Hon. W. it.
Itoss, wbo left for the east today,
Hon. W. .1. Bowser Is to he anting
minister of lands, and during the ah-
si-nre ot Premier McBride on bis vis
It to England, Hon. Dr. Young will
be acting premier
Sunday service, tho pastor will
preach  at   it  a   m., and   .' 80  p    m
Morning subject "The Bword to
Evening subject "The Sword to
Wield "
The choir will provide special inns
,c  it iii tb services.
strangers are particularly  invited.
Empire Trade
The     Right  lion.  Lewis   Harcourt
tins announced tho completion of an
Imperial trade commission, the representatives to be Lord Incbcape,
chairman, Sir Rider Haggard, s.r
CharleB Owen, L.-*T.-Garnott, a cot
ton manufacturer o( Manchester, and
Wm. Lorrlmer. Olasgow members ol
parliament had been deliberately ev-
clUded   in    order  to avoid  a question ■
of party politics. Tin* commission
also include Messrs Geo, E. Foster,
ol Canada; Donald Campbell, of Australia; Mr. Brewing, Newfoundlnu 1;
(Jalley Ten
Sir David Crauf, South Africa; Sir
J. Ward, New Zealand; and W. A. j
Robinson, secretary of the commie-
Mr   Harcourt defending the govern
ment against the charge of dllntorl-j
ness in respect to resolutions of    the
Imperial     conference,  enumerated    a,
do/en  matters which  has been given,
Spring Models
In Large
Serviceable Practical
Quality, combined with
a hijfh degree of smartness and style characterize the
Our patterns this
year surpass any previous season and our
prices are much reduced.
Most of the Clothing
this spring is designed
along common sense
normal lines. They
appeal to the well-
dressed man.
Extra Value at $12. $16. & $18.
Special Value from $20. to $30.
Overcoats at $18.
See Our $2.50
ln All Shapes & Colors
See Our $3.50
Shoe Table on Saturday
All First-class Lines
Arnold   Bennett.       George
Dornn Compnny)
Canada's Minister of Trade and Com
merce and Representative on Im*
penal Trade Commission.
effect to, including the modification
of the Japanese treaty, the Copyright Act, strengthening the appeal
court and naturalization. The government succeeding in releasing tho
I'omiuion from treaties with Mexico
ind Sweden. He hoped the labor of
the trade commission would he concluded before the next Imperial conference was Held.
Tiie Tillies is disappointed with the
Hritisb names on tho Trade (lominis-
(don nml says that un the other huud
tne Dominions have nominated some
of their best men. Hon. George- 10,
Poster is a man of great authority
in Canada, and other nominees hear
witness to the seriousness with which
the Dominions regard the Inquiry.
The I'all Mall says that the government not only wtruek fiscal questions out of the BCOpe of the inquiry
of the Trade Commission, hut appointed three or four enemies nf Imperial proferenco. However. Sir Rider
Haggard, a pioneer of South African
progression, and Hon. George B.
Poster, who nre stumped with Hon.
Joseph Chamberlain's own approval,
may he trusted to represent, the eon
tinUIty of the true Imperial spirit.
Por a License to take nud use Water
NOTICE Is hereby given that John
Kournler of .Jntfray will apply for n
license to take nnd use one ruble font
Of water oul of I.nngley Creek,which
■lows in up oOBtemly direction
through hot 3055 and empties Into
Little Sand creek near JafTray. Tho
water will be diverted nl. a point
midway on the Kastern Boundary oj
hot 3055 nnd will he used for irrigation purpOBfls on the land described
ms Lot 3056,
This notice wuh posted on tlio
ground on the \\\\\. day ol April 1912,
the application will be tilled in tbe
office of th,. Wnler Recorder nt Crnnhrook
OhJoctlotiH   may be iiled   with the
<iald Wnter llccordor or with the Com
ptroilnr of Wnter Rights, Parliament
Kuitdings. Victoria, B.C.
KWit John Kournler, Applicant |
"You have no time"?   The moments
whizz ;
This   can't   of   "lack   of time" Is
0 Man, you've all the time there Is:
What more has  Gould  or  A.  Carnegie ?
Rut use your   wealth   of   time with
awe ;
What goes is gone beyond retrieve-
Remember, Time's the only raw
Material of All Achievement.
Ohserve this miracle, a Day,
Replete with fotir-and-twenty hours
Of which hut seven, let us say.
You   spend    fn    work with laggard
powers ;
You slept  through nine  (and      rose
too late);
Sixteen are gone—enough to   scare
Hut how about the other eight ?
Account for these !  Ha, ha! I dare
you !
Don't waste the time you pass     on
Hut concentrate on some wise ten
of Bpictetus; try your brains
f>n    mighty    thoughts    by    Arthur
And    when    you've
Don't  toll around and think   you're
Hut work nt Homething. Tnke t, hint,
Gird up your loins and don't utay
mired !
Dut ninety minutes tli rice n week,
RJtnployed In any high endeavor
Will help to gain some goal you seek
And make you more profound thnn
Read something big; nr, if at heart
You  hate the very  name of "Letters"
And scorn 1'hiloHophy nnd Art,
Review the lore of money-getters,
The Rise mid Pall of Real-Estate,
The craft the bunco inun relies nn
At all events don't vegetate,
Rut  live,  expand your horizon,
In short, nu Dun C Heard (,ni*c said,
While chewing on n Wheeling stogy
"Just think a bit; 'twill hurt    your
Who knows?     You might become a
Yogi !
Arthur Gulternijin.
There in Homo question whether or
not the eating of tlsb produces brnln
power, but there is no quibble over
the* fact that catching llsh produces
PHONE 340 P. (). BOX 904
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing   and }
Heating Company
25 Years' Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert for
Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin  and  Iron  Made-to-Order   ;;
Blower Systems,   Mines,   Ventilation   Experts   ;;
Estimates Given
Works, Edward St.        - Cranhrook
"^^«H.+4^^H^+^^4*44^«+44'^^•f+ t-r11+111 hi i-j*+*m**w.+ %
Cottage Hospital
lone your dally | Matmn.      Mrs    A   Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 J', o. Box N4.s
THE 8TANDARD Is the National
Weokly Newspaper ot the Dominion
of Canada, it Ih national in nil lis
It uses ihe most expensive ontrrav-
inuH, pi-Hi'in'in*.-' tin* photographs from
all over Hn* world.
Its artb'lea an* carefully soleelod umi
Us eilltnrlal policy Is , UwrmiKhl*
.\ sulmrrliulon tn Tb" Hiundard
coetfl $2.00 per yenr in uny address in
Canada nr Great Mrltaln,
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal   Standard  Publishing  Co..
Limited,  Pubtiihan.
Window & Carpet
Cleaning Co
W, VV Kilhv '.'OK' lliiiIm-i Shop
Carpets cleaned without removal by our
Vacuum Process.
Windows cleaned ;it
moderate prices.
Send a postal to Box
8oa and our representative will call on you with
all particulars,
Tli. iinhii live ut. Vnncouver timil.
Imtli Liberal mul HmliillHt look like
two lilt, wortli nl nothing Hitting on
tho ruKKi'il nml nf of ii lumber tiile,
like Mlcnwlia, waiting for .umethtnfe
The Best Investment on Earth
Is A Piece of It
Are You Getting a Share of the prosperity?   Are you Enjoying part of the Enormous Increase in Value
of Real Estate?
Let us Show you How.   By Making a Small Investment Now we can Make of You one of those so-called
"Lucky Ones" Who have taken the Advantage of Similiar Opportunities*
We have Interested others—Sound, Hard-thinking, Shrewd Business Men
Takes   Interest  in Public
New Westminster. April 10.—Young
people throughout Canada are taking
a great deal of interest in the essay
competition fostered by W. .1. Kerr,
president of the Canadian Highway
Aiiociation, who hae offered valuable
(old, silver nnd silver gilt medals
tor the best essay on "What Uood
Roads Mean to Canada."
Although puhlie announcement of
the lact was only made two weeks
weeks ago, the headquarters of the
Canadian Highway Association already resembles the committee
room of u college Just before graduation. Every day from three to
twelve essays are received by the
secretary, P, W. Luce, who has In
hand the classification and preliminary judging of the essays submitted.
The reading of the papers and the
awarding of the prizes will he dom
by a competent committee selected
because of long experience in news
paper and magazine work, and that
the Judgement of these men will give
general satisfaction is not to he
Some ol the papers received hy the
secretary hear the marks ol earnest
and careful preparation. Others, of
course, as can he expected are written In a haphazard and careless man
ner and are not to be counted as
serious competitors for the valuable
prizes. All entrants, however, whose
papers show evidence of study of the
subject will be presented with a
souvenir pin.
Some ol the competitors are only
'fourteen years of age and others are
approaching the limit of eighteen
years, but the majority are from
sixteen to seventeen years of age.
Papers have been received from
Harristou, Ontario; Killam. Alberta;
Glace Bay, N. H.; Heulrew, Ont.,
Montreal, Toronto, Cornwall S our la,
Winnipeg, Brandon. Strathcona, Sas
katoon, Dauphin, Vernon. Summer-
land. Okntoks, New Westminster, Nel*
son, Vancouver (19| Victoria (7i.
Nunaimo, Cbllllwack, Coquitlam,
Creston and many other places.
Up to the present the essays submitted by the boys show more care
fui thought and deeper study than
those submitted by tho young ladles,
but in the opinion of Mr. Kerr this
does not mean that the girls will be
left behind when the competition is
decided. He believes that the girls
are taking their time and going mon
deeply into the study of tlic econo
mica of Good Roads and that durlnp
the two weeks preceding the close ol
the competition there will be a large
number of carefullv prepared paper*-"
received from the members of the
gentler sei.
Secretary P. W. I,ure has prepare*'
a circular which he Is Heading to nil
children who require Information
that will help thrm in the compos!
tlon of the essay. This circular Is
only Intended ns a guide, and whlh
lt Is of considerable assistance ti
the children, It does not give thosi
who receive It any unfair nd vantage
over those who have already prepar
ed tbeir papers and forwarded to
htm. He was induced to get out this
Httle leaflet because ho many ch.fi
dren were writing him for advice thai
he felt he could not allnrd the time
to answer each tetter individually
Any prospective competitor can ob
tain one ol these slips hy sending a
-tetter to the secretary nt the head
quarters ol the association, Room 4,
Cannlngham Block, New Westminster
The L_W. W.
(From Victoria We.lt.)
Premier Mcllrl.le nml Attnrney-
taenerAl llowner hnve loKt tin time In
■unkind it. perfectly otenr llml thoy
inUnd to miitntiiln luw (mil order in
British Columbln, nml thut they will
not tolerate undue Interference. Ktlll
len. artH of violence on the part of
anyone, nnd especially "ii the part,
ot tbat motley BRgreRiitloti ol
"mouther." who nre organised under
the title ol the 1. W. W. Thin Ih nn
American orminUatlon which him
more thnn eufllcicnt trouble t"r
Scene from "The White Sister"
Auditorium   Theatre, Monday, April 15th
the government of many States
BOUth of the Line, lt hus been denounced by the Press, condemned by
peaceable citizens, and driven out of
several cities at the nozzle of a water hose. Its sole object seoms to be
to set up conditions of industrial
strife, to engender hnd feeling between employer and workmen, to
make a noise at the street corners,
und Incldentty to "loot." It is
greatly to be regretted that It is noi
physically possible to resort to the
water hose at every point where those
irresponsible agitators crop up, hut
there are other means of quenching
their ardour hardly less effective, and
the Government of British Columbia
may be trusted to discover them.
rhe pity, of the matter is that men
of this type Injure the cause of laboi
bring odium upon decent organisations, and alienate public sympathy
In many cases where labor has a ju.-l
Chtise for complaint. The profession
il agitator is not only a public nuisance, but a public scourge. Then* is
nn longer any place for him in Kng-
!,nnl It mny take some time to
lUpprCBH lilm In the west, hut his ul
Unintc suppression is nn certain ub
ihe rising nnd setting ol the sun.
Mr. Adolph, of Baynes Lake bum
ber Co., and Mr. 0, McN'abb, of the
|WaU1o Co., were Klko visitors in the
beginning of the week.
A horse belonging to the North
I Star Lumber Co., while being shod
at the Klko Smithy, by George Ross
struggled so bod that be strangled
j himself. It was a terror to all the
I blacksmiths in the Crows Nest PaaB,
Matters in connection with the new
church in Klko do not appear to   be
going     smoothly.    A  lions*     divide
against Itself cannot stand.
Yes!   it     was n  rood     cli.rivan
'Hilly" wns quite liberal and treated
the folks handsomely,
Which binds you so closely to me:
My heart's dearest throbs of affection
1    1 send to you, darling, and pray
! Kind  Heaven, for health ani protec
!    And speedy success on your way.
'"Our children  are silently sleeping;
!    I many times kiss them for you;
But Freddie is ailing from weoping,
,    And baby is troublesome, too.
Yet, cheerfully darling,  I'll labor
Till  you some employment secure,
I'm helped by  a kind-hearted neighbor,
j    Who feels  for  the friendless      and
; "This morning our  Jennie ran sprightly
To kiss me, she whispered me: 'Ma.,
Kind angels converse with nn  nightly.
;    And give me good tiding of pa.1
,God lavor our little romancer
With virtuous dreams nil hor life,
Impatiently waiting your «n".ver,
Your fnitbful affectionate wi'e,"
, Then silently stood each spectator;
Their   eyes    were overflowing   vitli
Their lii'B—-where the name of C  --\\
Hnd   never     been     mention. I     for
Were now breathing prnyers full    of
pity I
To God, with *>n emnest dtudre
For thone fn a far-distant, city,
Deprived of a'husband nnd sire.
The tnle can be told by thnt letter,
Denied all employment nt home,
His wretched condition  is better,
Away o'er the land did he roam:
Repulse-I by continued denials,
He enme to Heek rest on this sod,
At Inst there's an end to his trials,
He rests with ft merciful God !
And "only ft trump" said the palters,
When telling the news ol the day,
Of how that poor man wus discovered
•fust breathing his last by the way
That wns the brief epitaph written;
But scarcely the letter wns read
Till mnny Samaritans gathered,
To tonderly care for the dead.
Klko Notes
Quite a number of people including
Mr. and Mrs. ChaS. Kliugcnsmitb.
drove over to Haynes Lake on Mon
day and enjoyed the Muster Monday
dance. The Haynes people enjoy
themselves und no mistake,
"Billy" Woods, contractor. Klvo,
took to himself a wife on Monday
last.   Good luck, "Billy."
Mr.   and  Mrs.   Birnie,   Mrs.
Taylor, Mr. nnd Mrs. Win- Kerr,
were out motoring on Monday evening.. Mr. Kerr is getting to be an
expert motorist.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. Birnie, visited
Pernio on Monday, they were present
at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
We nre enjoying very pleasant
weather at Klko, and u, few visitors
nre to he BC60. Klvo is n pleasant
holiday resort with its beautiful hills
rivers and waterfalls.
spent     the
Mr.    Fred. Boo, .1. p
.veek  at   Roosovflle,
The crocuses are in  fall   bloom    at
Mlko.   Conic ami get a button hole.
Mit a gentleman, an Blko gentle-
man, I should suy: in the woods on
■imd .v with a '.nin. photographing
equipment, etc. He looked very lone
|y for wan! of m lomalc companion
that used to accompany him in his
rural wanderings, it was too bad of
tiim not to marry the girl.
Only A Tramp.
ail  the pup
When  telling the news of the day,
Of how a poor man was discovered,
dust breathing his InHt hy the wny
And   that  waa  the epitaph  written;
And scnreily his Spirit had  lied,
When many /-round him bad gathered
To morbidly gattO on the dead.
Messieurs, let  us pause nnd consider,
Right  here o'er his mortal remains
A clue we, por Chance, may discover,
'Twill be a reward for n'ir pains.
From    whence   bad    be    come,    and
bound whither,
His birthplace, and nunc tn denote
Whnt's this? Ah!  Messieurs,  'tis     a
Concealed in (be breast of his coat,
We'll  rend:  "My dear husbnnd,   this
I write to yon, hoping 'twill be
Another strong link   in love's fetter,
Only a Suffragette
The London Dally Telegraph considers Mr. 1 loyd Oeorge "elusive"
*.e wonder whut it thinks of the
'ountess of Warwick
That this Illustrious lady Is not the
only suffragette of whom It might be
iild, '*You knaw her by her dog."
That thirty years ago she was the
richest heiress and the most, beautiful woman in Devonshire, and now
she ls only a "dog-gone11 suffragette.
Loyal Order of Moose
A. IS, Sutherland, is at Cranbrook
this week lor the purpose of forming
a lodge of the Loyal Order ot Moose.
Mr. Sutherland is district organiser, und hns just closed a charter at
Nelson  of some :j,riii  members.
The Order of Moose is a local atreilt
its Influence is beneficial to society,
there Is nothing degrading tolerated
within its preceinct, or among its
members, and the teachings which it
promulgates is elevating and helpful
to Its members In case of sickness
or death, It extends the helping bun I
of fraternal brotherhood.
Base Hall
A meetlni,' ol the Imyn ol the Public   Hltrl,    Hrl I     tt.w hold In the
Hchoiil building l'n Thnrsiliiy lor tno
nurpoHG <»l forming n school athletic
iuJBOo!ntlori. Tho following officer"
wero elcctod
linn. Pros. 15. Rlwoll.
President, w.  IT. (Imd.
1st. Vlw-ProK. II.  A   MoKnwiui.
2nd Vloo Pros. II. White.
;ird, Vlco-Pim K. II   MoPhoo,
Oftptntn nnd mnnnffor s. Rimer,
Her Trans. T,  Pcnnrlnthl'l'.
DXQciitlvo Ootmnlttoo, H. Blmer, A.
Powers, nnd T. Pcnnofathdr.
Any Ineiil haso ball teams desirous
ol games, mny nrrnngo with Onptnln
H Klmer.
+++I + H l»H•l-H-H-l-M*H^
Did it Ever Strike You that You can
Cheaper by Electricity
than you can with Wood or Coal
We Carry a full line of Electrical Appliances
for all purposes and we guarantee them
Quain Electric Co., Ltd.
Head Office:    Cranbrook, li. C.
MAURICE QUAIN, General Manager
'Phone 129 Branches at Medicine Hut, Alta., and Kernie. B. C.   J
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
lifter date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
mid Works for a license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the following lands .situate m the District
ol Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Hlock 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near tho South Kast corner post
of Lot 75X0 and being on the east
boundary of Hlock 1598, and being
the North West corner post of the
Hoy Allen claim: Tbence south SO
chains; thence east so chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence went 80 chains
to a point of commencement, containing f.40 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day of February,
Roy Allen,  Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Hosted April yth, 19X2. W.O.MeO. 16-5
Notice is hereby given thut 30 -lays
after data I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
mid Works for a license to prospect
for Conl and Petroleum on the following lands situate ln the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbln, in Hlock 4593.
Commencing at n post planted nt
or near 2 miles east of the Southeast corner post of Lot 76X0, on the
east boundary of Hlock 4593, and being the north east corner post of the
Hoy Allen claim, thence south KO
chains, thence west S<l chains, thence
north R0 chains, thence east 80 chains
to u point of commencement, making
010 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day of February,
Hoy  Allen,  Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 19X2, W.O.MeO, 15-5
Notice is hereby given that 30 dnys
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
tor Coal and Petroleum on the following lands situate- in the District
ol Southeast Kootenay, Hritisb Co
lumhla, in Block 4593,
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the South Kast corner post
of lot 7510 and being on the east bottn
dury of Block 1 r>*#:i. and being the
south west corner post of the Hoy Al-
I-n claim thence north SO chains thence
east Su chain.**, thence south 80 chains
tbence west 80 chains to n point of
commencement, making r.4'i acres
more or less.
Located tills 34Ul day
Roy   Mloi
Witness John* Virgo,
Hosted April 9th, 1912, W.C.McC   1
Notice- is hereby given tbat 30 days
after (lute | 'intend to apply to the
I fori. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the foi
lowing lands situate in the District
ol Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at n post planted at
or near 1 mile north of the S.Kast
comer post of Lot 7510, on the east
boundary ol Block 4693, and being
the South west corner post of the
John Virgo claim,     thence north   80
chains,  them st  mi chains, thence
south 80 chains, tbence west 80 chains
to a point of commencement, making
M   W
•o nr I,:.-ih
21th do
1 nl
t> Locator
ll< is
ti.  Atrrnt.
fo. tod
■Jlh. 1912
,McO. 15-5
Notice Is hereby -riven that HO days
! after date I intend to apply to the
I Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
; and Works for a license to prospect;
for Coal and Hetroleum on the (ol-l
llpwlng lands situate in the District
ol Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Hlock 4693.
Commencing at a, post planted   at I
or nenr 2 miles    east of the   South
east corner post of Lot 7510, and be- !
im- on tbe    east boundary of   Block
4593, and being the North  West corner    post of     the Hoy  Allen    claim,
I thence south so chains,   thence cast)
if»(l chains,    thence     north 80 chains.,
point    of
640   acres
nf Pohruarj,
. Locator.
Notice Is hereby riven tbat 80 days
after date I intend to apply to Million. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
mid Works for n license to prospect
for Conl and Petroleum on the foi
lowing Innds situate in Ibe District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Cu
lumhla, In Hlock 4693.
Commencing nt a post planted nl
or near 2 miles cast of Uio Southeast corner of I nt 7610 on the Was!
boundary of Hlock 4693, and ho Ing
the South Rnst corner post of tho
Hoy Allen claim, thoitCfl north 811
chains; thence weat va chains, thciiea
south SU chains, tbence nasi BO chains
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or lOflB.
Located  this     24til day  of February,
Hoy  Allen,  Locator
Witness John Virgo,
posted April 0th, 1012   W.C.McC. If,-:,
tbence west  HO chains  to
commencement,    making
more or less.
Located this    24th day
Roy  Mien
Witness John Virgo.
Posted  \prtl '.tth. 1912, W.C.Mel
f February,
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I Intend to apply to the
Mon. chief Commissioner ot Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the fol-
lowing lands situate in the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4893.
Commencing ut a post planted at
or near 1 mil'1 north.then 1 mile east
of the South cast corner of Lot 7510,
on tbe east boundary of Hlock 4593,
and being tbe South West corner
post rf the John Vinro claim,
thence north su chiiian, thence east
SO chains, thence south SO chains,
thence west IO chains to a point of
commencement, making r.40 acres
more or less
Located this     24th day of February.
John Virgo Locator
Hoy   Allen.   Agent.
Posted rVpril 9th, 19X2. W.C.McC. l!i-!i
Notice is hereby given that SO days
after date I intend to apply tr. the
Moti. Chief Commissioner of Lam's
old Works for a lleimse to prospect
for Conl and Petroleum on tbe foi
lowing Inmlfl situate in the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Oo
lumhla, in Block 1693,
Commonctng at a -post planted at
oi near 2 miles east of the South
cast corner post of Lot 7610, ntid hv
M»i- o» the en i boundary of Work'
4593, and being tbe South weal ror
ner post <.f    the John vtrvro  claim.!
thence  north   HO  chains,   thence    onsl'
"n chains, tbence    south sit   rhnlns, i
tbence  weat   S'l   clinics   to  n   point   of
commencement,    mnk no'  cm   ncres
more or lesa.
Located tills     24th dav of  Pchimnv.
I'll 2.
John Vln'o Locator
Hoy  Mien. Agent.
Posted April 9th, 1912, W.C.MrC. 16*41
Notice is hereby given that SO dftyi*
aftfl date l Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for n license to prospect
f"i Conl and Petroleum on the fol-
1 owing lands situate in tbe District
ol Southeast Kootenay, British Co-
Inn bin, m hlock 4693.
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near I mite north of the Southeast corner post «>f Lot 7Mo, and be
fnr on the onsl boundary of Block
159 ' and being the south east rorner
post of the John Vim. claim, thonce
north mi chains, thence west so chains
tbence lonlh HO chains, thence cant so
clmiiiH (-• a point of commencement,
making f-4" ncres more or less.
Located this 24th dav of February,
John   VlrgO Locator
Roy Allen, Agent.
I'. I. S   i&  I   lv
B   U
Barrister,  Solictor, etc.,
Barristers und Solicitors,
Orauhrook   Lodge No 3,    A.F.4 A.M. ]
rttigUllll' llk'.-tilliin  Ull
Funeral Dlceotor,
Deparment of Lands
iim  third  Thursdaj
Frank Dezall
Rubb.r   in..  Appll.d
To  Buggy   WIlMla
■--s    _ AND MOTOR OO'H BlCYOLktB
*Ov'.'rl\ W   of every month. „
Y^^\        viiitiuK brethren       Repairing a Specialty.
elouine, phon. «0      •   •   •      \> o   Boi 111
II. J. McSWEYN, tV,  M
.1. s. PUCK, Sec.
j We Deal in Everything Kroni
.1 Needle t.> .1 Locomotive
Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO   126.   R. A   M.
Ilo^uliir m.-- 11 i.c-     -i"l I'"".
iluy   Iii   eaol ri til   hi sigh'
Sojoiii'iilnii ('omfianlons are
cordially Invited.
i-;x. C p.  v. 0. Bhankland, K.
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of S nil ILin.I Goods
i     Furniture ;, SPECIALTY
Sage's Old   Stand, Hanson Ave
Phono Ul,
1.0.O.K., KEY  ITI'V   LODOH, So. 42   X     •*•     W AtlljER
Meets overy Monday
nlt;lit. at  New   Frn-|
tornlty    Hall.     Ho-'
joiimin^ Oddtollowo cordially  invited
H. J. Rendall,
X.   0.
iv. vi. Harris
Steam  Boiler,   F*uruace,
Hint Septic Tank work
h specialty
Cost and stock estimates
furnished uu application
 . —-   1   turntsnea ud application
nights of Pythias    I  ~ P 0. Bu, iM a,„w
mlhrii'.k   h
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   ,!.i
Meets    ev.-iy    Tuesilaj
hi   h  p.m.  at
Fraternity Hall
1'. Porter 0. 0.
J,   M.  Hoyr.o,
K   ol I!. & S.
\ isittng   brethren cor
ihally    invited    to attend.
F. M. MacPherson
Norliiuy Avjiuie Nan to City  Hall
Open Day ami NiRlil Phon. lit
Ootirl ''im I. No. 8943,
Meet m Carmen's llml. on   linil nn.l
lili Thursday .,; ench mouth.
W. HENDERSON, 0. ll.
A. OLARK.dr .  Sue.     I'. ll.  Mux 248
Visiting Bmthera (Jurdially Welcomed
j. VV   K'l  I LliDGE,
M M V      V S
(Ji iiiliinlf uf l lot in In Veterinary
college, Toronto In Im'JH. Uiail
ate ninl medalist nl McKllllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111.
tn I'Miii Roglatered member of
Briti.ii OolumblA association.
Century Restaurant
K.   Y.   Uyemati.il,   Prop,
THW    BEST    l'l.AUK  IN
THH    CITY    FOR    A
OOOll    MHAL.
opposite 0. P. R. Deii.it.
I'll,,ii« 119   P. i). Boi 101
I V**a**f»**W*»*«*^VV^VVVVV
an rati s mum I
Mining Kii'.Miii'i'i- uud
He. Lund  Surveyor,
l'n  ii.,.. -j:*, I'll.um jj:i.
Physicians and Surgeons
.flic, at Restdeuce,    Armstrong A...
Forenoons - - - - n.uii to 10.OS
AfternoiiiiH  - - - -  2.00 to   4.00
Bv.nlng.  - - - -   7.3u to   I.lo
Sundays 2.so to  «.lo
JRANBROOK :     : B. 0.
Tot    !**»"■  <>r  HfDT   >it  ItKumOkbU
LumsoVn and I .ewia St.
Phone No   111.
(Section 48)
nn tlic mtd day nf April next, ai>pU-
catlon will he made to the Buperln-
teiulcnt nf provincial Police (or the
transfer of the license (or the wtfo i»f
liquor by retail in ami upon tin*
premises known hh th** Kootenay Mo
tel. situate at Moyie, British Columbia, from Alexander I). Cameron to
William J. Breraner uf Moyie, British
A,  D, Cameron
Holder of License
W. .J. Bremner
|l0-4t Applicant fnr Transfer,
1 Dated tbls 7tb ilny of March, 1918.
(Section Ait
Notice i-f hereby given that on th**
lOtfa -lay of April next, application
| will he made to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for the transfer
of the lirenne for the dale of lnjuoi
liy retHil on the pramlsei known as
the Yah* Hotel, situate at Yelik,
Bntinh Columbia from Benjamin J,
Kiley, to Rllay • Larson, ol Yahk.
Brltl tb Oolumbla
Benjamin J, Riley,
Holder .if License,
Hattle c. Larson,
in-(i \\- Hi ant i"i  transfei
Dated tbls -'nil .lay of March, 1912,
7 Roomed  House
For Sale
Centrally Located
Ihr*" minute* Irom Government
Titiiis iii  null   linynr, no
i-i.i;«.iiiitiili- offer rofiiHoil
Por furtlisr pnrtlaularii up
ply ui ilu-
Prospector Office
Ji    ,**.'.'-4   '•ta
Notice ih hi.aiiy i:iuii Hml tb. re
serve p,Ihiiuk ovei Lot CH23, Oroup
One, Kootenay District, formerly um-
Iiiihi-iI in Tlmhor License No 16727
by roason ol n notice hesrlns date <»l
.'ith December 1907 mul published m
Hn- British Columhla Oasette ol J7th
Decemhor 1907, l» cancelled In mde.
llmt n sale ut Mi.- ii'H'l lunilii mny li.
efTocted to IDllsabeth Oumm!nvs.
Unlit.   A.  Ki.nwll-k
Deputy  Mlnlstei  nf Lande,
I,Minis Department
Victoria, li. >'
February sth 1912. i-SMo.
IN the matter ol tbe llnnril nt ln-
vmtiuatlon created by Part III. ol
i the "Water Act" lor tbe determination of water rights existing on tbe
12th day nl March, 1909; mul lu the
matter ol the following oreeks iu the
Oranbrook Wnter Dlstrlot:
Adolph Oreek.
Alberta llreek.
Aldrldge Oreek.
Aqueduct Oreek.
Uiitild Oreek.
Anderson Oreek,
Alki Oreek.
Argyle Oreek,
\ntwi-l|i  Oleek
Akumlua Oreek.
vi iii.iiii-in; OrssJt.
liaik Sliauty Oresk,
llleuNiloll Oi-e.h
lluulder Oreek
hon-niHU Oreek.
Ill'eweiy  Oreek
Hi Idge Oleek
Burton   Oreek
Blaytook Oreek
Hiiikh)' Oreek.
Uiownle Oleek
Bonldor Oresk,
Bull River
Bull River, Kui.1 Fork.
Bannock Oresk,
Baker oreek.
Booths  Oreek,
Bridge Oreek,
Beaver Oreek.
Buddygudder Oreek.
OsltHtilmii  Oreek.
Oaiiieron Oreek.
Oasslmayook Oreek
Cherry Oreek
Olil|ikn   Oreek
Clayton oreek.
Coal   Oleek.
Coldstream Creak.
Conner Oreek
Corntn Oreek
r'.ttton   Oreek.
(burton Oreek.
Cayote Oreek
Olorie Oreek.
Ouinp O'reek.
Oassamayan Creek.
Copper Oreek.
''ariboo Or*ek.
l.'horty's Creek.
Oampbell Oreek.
Commerce Oreek.
Coutdrey Oreek.
Oleartrater Oreek.
Carbon Oreek.
Dalton Oreek.
Ilmiil,   Ori-ek.
Derosler Creek,
Dickson l-ireek.
llevitt Oreek.
Dee-ar Oreek
Dewar Oreek
Dewar Oreek
Ilewer Oreek.
Dublin Creek.
Deer Creek.
Dibble Creek.
Dlortte Oreek.
Mdwards Lake.
Kdwardi. Lake 1
Kik lliver.
Klko Spring.
Klmer Creek.
Kscbnolg Creek.
Kwin Creek.
Kl.ler Creek.
Fairy Creek.
Flab Lakes.
Fish Lakes (Lower)
Fish Lake Creek.
Fisher Creek.
Four-mile Creek.
Fording River.
Fording River,  North  Fork.
Fall Creek.
French Creek.
Flat Head River, North Folk ol.
Funday Creek.
(ileiiralrn Creek.
(Irace Creek.
lirave Creek.
Orundy Creek.
Cold Creek.
(iold Creek, North Pork.
Cold Creek, South Fork.
Cold Creek, West Pork.
(ilaeg.ne Creek.
Calway Creek.
Hold Hill Creek.
Ceary Springs
flotilla Creek.
Ha  Ha  Oreek.
HoHiuer Creek.
Hospital Creek.
Henretta Creek.
Hansen Creek.
ll.iis.'Bliiie Creek.
Hells Roaring Oresk,
llngK Creek.
llaniy Creek.
Hor'  llanrh Creek.
Iron Creek.
Irishman Orssk.
Jew Oreek.
.Lines Creek.
Joseph's I'mirie Creek.
.Iftckenn  Creek.
Klisitoiini Creek.
Kish i-lieli lm  Creek.
K Hit In Creek.
Kootenay River.
LnHeelles Creek.
Lamb Creek.
Levett Creek.
Lewis  Creek.
Linklater Creek.
Liznril Creek.
Losl Creek.
Luke Creek.
Largs Stream.
Little Hull Creek.
Line Creek.
Lodge I'ole Creek.
Lisbon Creek.
i.nliis Orssk.
Liverpool Creek.
London Creek.
Limerick Creek.
Luke Creek.
Little Lamb Creek.
Little Mans Creek.
I.linliii-i  Creek.
Lan.ilowc Creek.
Kast Fork.
Wist Fork.
Meadow Creek.
Marsh Creek.
Magulre Oreek.
Manchester Creek.
Manson Creek.
Murine Luke.
Mm lull  Creek,
Mark Creek.
Matthew Creek.
Mau. Creek.
Michel Creek.
Michel Oreek,   South  lllanch.
Miebel Oreek, North Fork.
Marlgean Creek
Meyer. Oresk
Miller Creek.
Mirror Lake
Morrlssey  Creek.
Moyie Creek
Mundte Orssk,
Mooie Oieek
Martm Creek
Mniti-n Creek.
Moyle  Lakes
Mo.leu Creek.
Mud Creek.
Mouse Creek.
Mi-Nell Oreek.
Moyle  lliver.
Moyie lliver. North  Fork.
Moyle lliver,  South  Fork.
Miuiloe'. Lake.
Munroe's Oreek.
New   Lake.
Nlgget Oreek.
Neipieu Oreek.
r.lseu Creek.
Osborne Creek.
Oil Creek.
Obogg Oreek.
I'rudhoinuie Creek.
Palmers u.r
I'almers liar, Drauch of
Parry Orssk,
I'tilllilips Creek.
Pyatts Fond.
Premier Lake.
Pluuiliob Creek.
Pyramid Creek.
Parkers Creek.
Pitt Creek.
Pudding Oreek.
Paris Creek.
Pea Vine Oresk.
Pirle Creek.
Quart?. Creek.
Quirk Creek.
Rainbow Oreek.
Red Canyon Oresk.
Reserve Creek.
Hoi,son Spring.
Rock Creek.
Rome Oresk,
Rydsr Oreek.
Ridgeway Oreek.
Rabbit Foot Creek.
Hand River.
Sand River,  Big and Little.
Hand Kiver, Little.
Semo Creek.
Sheep Creek.
Silver Spring Lake.
Six-mile Creek.
Skookumchuck Oreek.
Hkookumchuck Creek, South Pork
Slide Creek.
Smith Oreek.
Smith Lake.
Spring Creek.
Ht. Mary's River.
Sullivan Creak.
Sunday Oresk.
Sunken Creek.
Supply Oresk.
Saodown Oreek.
Shepherd Oreek.
Sawmill Oreek.
Sage Oresk.
Starvation Creek.
Sitswap Mission Creek.
Stoddart Oresk.
Hhuswap Creek.
Sams Oreek.
Sink Oreek.
Sprues Creek.
Side Creek.
Squaw Orssk.
Swamp Oreek.
Salisbury Creek.
Squawpolnt Oreek.
Ta Ta Creek.
Thorns Oreek.
Tracy Creek.
Trent Oreek.
Tunnell Creek.
Twin Lakes.
Trail Oreek.
Tackle Creek.
Tsls Creek.
Tamarac Oresk.
Tower Creek.
Tanglefoot Oresk.
Victoria Slide Creek.
Valley Creek.
Wasa Creek.
Weaver Creek.
Wild Hnrss Oresk.
Wild Horse Orssk, Kast Pork.
Willie Philllpps Oresk.
Wolf Creek.
Wigwam River.
Walsh Creek.
Waverley Oreek.
Whitney Oreek.
Wilson Creek.
Warm Springs Cresk.
Washout Oresk.
Windermere Orssk.
Yellow Oresk.
Spring on Lot 671.
Lake on Lot 2240.
Luke between Lots     132 and Lot
Oreek on Lot 264.
Lake on Lot 8916.
Lake on Lot 7226.
Lake nn Lot 6208.
Springs on Lot 21.
Springs 120 faet north of    south
boundary ot Lot. 2967.
Hiulngs on Lot 300.
Springs on Lot 29.
Hprlng. on Lots 98 nnd 101.
Spring on Lot 7226.
Stream rising nn Lot 487.
Stream on Lot 321.
Stream on Lot 487.
Stream on Lot 6607.
Stream on Lot 2873,
Stream rising nesr north corner
of Lot 3G.
Stream rising on Lot (illfiti.
Stream Rowing through Lot 2377.
Creek on ensl Bide ol l.ot 670.
St'eani rlsinc, on Lot ITillO near
Lot 80S,
Three creeks rising on Ulock 4091
and sinking ou Lot 312.
Streiim rising on Lot 2870,
Creek rising iient western boundary of Lot 11439.
Btream rising nn loi 331.
Stream rising near east boundary
ol  Lot 6123.
Oreek  rising near     centre nl   Lot
Stream nu Lot 4088.
Stream rising mi Loi 8798,
Streams on Lot 10089,
Oreek  one   mile     south  of    Snut.ll
Fork nl Kik Itlvor.
Stieniii rising on l.ot BU49,
Oreek oil east side 'L'ovvlisilu ol
Farowell; and nil unnamed springs,
streams, creeks, ponds, iliilclies, anil
lakes tributary to or In tbe vicinity
ol the nl'ove naillQtl slreuins.
Take notice llml end) uuil every
person, partner ship compnny, or uui
nielpulity who, oil ibe snld 12th dny
nl March, 111119, imii water rights on
any ol the alinve ineulioiieil creeks,
is diicetc.l in forward mi or hulure
tb. 271I1 day ni April, 1018, to the
Controller nl Wnler ItUlils Ht Ihe
I'aillaiuent Buildings at Victoria, n
iiieltioraliiluiii nf clnlin in willing a,
required by section 88 of the said
Act ns amended. Printed forms fm
such iiieiiior.iniliiin (Form No. 10}
ran he obtained Irom nnv ol the w«
ler Recorders  in  tbo Province,
The .ind Hoard ol Investigation
Will then proceed lo tabulate such
After the claims have been tabulated hy the    Board, notice will    be
given ol the places and ilnys on which
vldence nnd argument  will be beard
at local points.
Dated at Victoria this 8th dny   ol
March, 1912.
Hy order of     the Hoard of Invest i
Acting  Controller     of  Watei
Rights. II fit
Competition for New University Hull
dings to he Krected at Point Or.)
Nsar Vancouver,    British Columbia.
The Government of Hritisb Columbia Invite Competitive plane for the
general scheme and design for the pro
posed    new University, together with
mors detailed Plans tor the buildings
to be erected Brat   at an   estimated
cost of II,.100,1:1111.
Prises of 110,000   will he given foi
tbe most successful Designs submitted
Particulars of the competition and
plan of site may lie obtained on   request from the undersigned.
The designs to be sent in by July
31st. 1912, addressed to
Parliament  Buildings.
9-6t. Victoria, Hritisb Columbia.
(District of    Kast Kootenay.)
I, Prank Henry Pearson of Fori
Stssle in the Province of British Columbia, Intend tu apply for permission to purchase seveaty-ilve acres of
land bounded as follows
Commencing at a post planted 30
chains east oi the north east corner
of lot 125 on the east hank of all
Island; thence following the shore
down stream to its most southerly
point: thence up stream in nn easterly and northerly direction to its
northerly extremity; thence following
tbe west bunk to the point of com
Dated this 1'tli dny of March, 1912.
12-9t. P. H, PKARSON.
Por  a   License to take nnd use Wnter.
NOTIOB Is hereby given that the
Columbia and Kootenay Railway mid
Navigation Compnny will apply for
a license to take and use three feet
ol water out ol Llnklater Creek,
which Hows in a south-easterly direction through Lots 828 and 326 and
empties into Kootenny lliver neur
the International Boundary,
The water will he diverted at a
point on snld creek About 900 (eet
weat of the eastern boundary of Lot
328 and will he used for irrigation
purposes on the land described as
Subdivision 6 of l.ot 326.
This notice was posted nn the
ground on tho 11th day nt March,
The application will lie llled In the
office ol the Water Recorder at Oranbrook, Ii. 0,
Objections mny be llled with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Controller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. O.
Tbe Columbia snd Kootenay
Railway &  Navigation Compnny.
It-It By Alfred Murphy, Agent
To hear one everlastingly complain
und growl proceeding from whnt iu
aptly culled 11 "chronic kicker" Is ns
much ns one enn stand. This would
be a better plan tllun to bnve overy
agreeable thought chased nwny by
this evil spirit ol .llsinitntioiisncss Ih
more thnn llosb and blood would If
tho people who lose their tempers
would never Und them again.
(Southern Division Kant Kootensy)
TAKH NOTIOB thst Wlnslow Ksy,
of Wasa, occupation rancher, Intends
in apply lor permission to purchnso
the lollowlng described lauds:
Commencing nt n post planted at
the North Kast Corner ol L. 8103,
thonoo south IB 53 chnins; tbence east
20 chains, thence north 20 chains, 1
west, to the Kootenny river, down
stream to liolut of commencement.
Datrd :'lst November,  1911. r.0-9t
Dlstrlot Division ol South Kast
Take notice that I, Hubert Campbell ol Moyie, B. C. occupation Merchant, Intends to apply for permission to purchase thu following de
scribed lands:
Commencing nt » post planted near
the South West corner post uf Lot
3H02, thence North 40 chains; thence
Wesl 20 chains; tlioncii South 49
I'linlus to the North West point ol Lot
1801, thence Kast 20 chains to the
['lace of commencement, containing
il' acres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered    by   the
Hock lllll  M ml Claim.
Hubert Campbell,
I'llteil  February  27th   1912. !2-9t
Fnr n License to Take and t!se Water
Ihe Columbia and Kootenay Railway
& Navigation Company will apply lor
11 license to tnke nnd use two teet of
water out of Llnklater ('reek which
flows In n south easterly direction
through Lots 328 and 326 and empties Into the Kootenny River near the
International Boundary.
The water will lie diverted at n
point on .aid creek about 900 teet
west of the eastern boundary nf lot 328
nnd will be used tor irrigation purposes on the Innd described as tbe
South hall ol subdivision 11 nl Lot
This notice was posted on tbe
ground on the Uth day ol March,
The application will Im tiled ia the
office of the Water Recorder at Oranbrook, B. C.
Objections may he Died with the
said Water Recorder or wltb the Con
troller of Water rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
The Columbia A Kootenay   Railway & Navigation Company,
By Alfred Murphy.
12-4L Agent
For a License to Take and Use Water
tbe Columbia aud Kootenay Railway
& Navigation Company will apply lor
a license to take and use three (eet
of water out ot Linklater Oreek
which flows in a south easterly dl-
rectlon through Lots 328 and 326 and
empties into Kootenay River near the
International Boundary.
The wnter will he diverted at a
point on snltl creek about 900 (eet
west of tho eastern boundary ol lot 328
and will be used tor irrigation purposes on the land ,,cns«l as
subdivision 5 of Lot 326.
This notice was posted on the
ground ou tbe Uth day of March,
The implication will be Bled In the
ofllce of the Wnter Recorder at Oranbrook, ll. C.
Objections may he Hied with the
said Wnter Recorder or with the Controller of Water rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
The Columhla & Kootenay   Railway »i Navigation Company,
By Alfred Murphy.
12-4L Agent
District of Kast   Kootenay
TAKK notice that K. (i. Htahl of
Waldo, 11. c. occupation farmer, Intends to apply tor permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
Ilie south east corner of lot 6291
tbence east 40 chains; thence north
49 chains; thence west 40 chains;
thence south 40 chnins, to the point
of commencement, containing IM
seres more or less.
Kdwardiiartield  stahl.
Hated Feb   23.  1912. 10-91
(Section 41;
nn tbe loth day ot April next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police (or the
transfer of the license lor the sale of
liquor hy retail In and upon the
premises known as the "Palls View
Hotel" situate at Marysville, British
Columhla from H, T. Crowley to
John William Colburn of Kitchener,
British Columbia.
Dated this 2nd day of March, 1912.
H. T. Crowley,
Holder ol License.
.1. W. Colburn.
Ul-4t Applicant (or trans(er.
There are many good nnd valuable
lessons to he taught In ths public
HChooln, but cbiei among these la the
lesson ol obedience, Well disciplined
school children make law abiding nnd
patriotic citizens. The enforcement
of sensible und rensnnnhlc discipline
In our schools menus hotter citizen
ship. The tencher who does not
guard well this important point has
misled ber or bis calling.
bread &
For Sale By
(Southern Division Kast Kootenay)
TAKK notice that Charles Orasley
Senior, of Baker, P.O., B.C., occupation farmer, Intends to apply lorper
mission to purchase the following described Innds:
Commenclng nt n post planted at
the north east corner of Lot 6211,
tbence east 20 chnins, thence aouth 4V
chains, tbence east 60 chains; thence
south 11.91 chnins, thence west 80
chains, tbence north 01.91 chains to
the point o( commencement containing 160 acres more or less.
Charles Orsslsy, Senior.
B. O. Stahl, Agent.
Dated Peb. 24, 1912. 14-9-Ot
(District nl Kast Kootenay.)
Take notice that I John Armour of
Oranbrook, occupation Merchant, la-
tend to apply (or permission to purchase the (ollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West corner of Lot No,
6117; thence west 60 chains, these*
south 80 chains, thence east 20 chains
thence north 49 chains, thence east
(0 chains , thence north 40 chains to
place of commencement, containing
320 acres more or less.
Dated March 14, 1911. 14-lt
Apply turpentine (rom base o( skull
down tbe spine, then (old a piece ot
flannel, which after being folded. ta
3 or 4 Inches wide, then saturate
with turpentine, then place Irom base
of skull down the spine, then cover
with s piece of dry flannel. Take a
bot iron and iron down the spins for
several minutes. Let the patient 11*
on side and place hot iron, not too
hot at buck of neck over the flannel.
Continue until patient is relieved of
pain, applying more turpentine as
This la the wny a physician cured
many patients in Illinois while an-
nother lost all his patients my sister
being one of tbem, about two or three
venrs ago. I wan successfully treated
in thia wny. Will answer any ques-
I can nbout this treatment. I am tor
saving life ns life Is n pery precious
thing, l.uln Francis, Sulpher, Oka-
Plays thnt hnve a religious or
church title usually frighten and
drive away the ordinary play goer
from the thentre, leaving the patronage to the church element of society
who only pntronlxe such plays. It is
not so with tbs great Viola Allen
success "The White Sister" which the
charming actress Jeanne Towler aad
her splendid company will present at
the Auditorium on Monday April 10.
Although "The White Sister" Is the
story of 1. Nun, it breathes of all the
pnsslnn.ite love ol the Italian race In
an Intensely human manner. It hae
all the beauty and Iragrance of tb*
peacelul convent llle and again It pulsates with the fiery spirit of ths Impetuous soldier-lover. The great conflict between a woman's earthly aad
spiritual love is fought through four
Inspiring scene, that hold the auditors spellbound In their sests aad
never tor one second loses Its griping
Interests until the final curtain falls
snd the audience leaves ths theatre
happy In thought thnt, "the right
has heen done." "The White Sister'
affords opportunity ol acting of superior quality nnd gives Miss Towler
a chance, to demonstrate her right to
her position as the most beautiful
American emotional actress. Ths production io strikingly plcturesqus aad
presented with the same minute attention tn derails that characterised
the original Liebler and Co., production in New York.
Every good citisen ahould take the
keenest Interest in the welfare of his
own town,—The stores, the churches,
in tnct, everything tnat goes to make
prosperity and hnpplnsss. When this
Is done there lo never any need to
apologise (or a towns .xletsace 01
for anything it contains.      '
Yi** wa want ynu us a customer, Asl; us 1<»
send ymi our 1012 Catalogue. It's hrim full of
all that is good in Klnwers, Vegetables, Plold
Hoots, drains, Plants, Small Fruits, Implements,
lift* Supplies, Poultry Supplies, etc.
Vnliinl.il'  ii.fiii'iiiiillini  in wluU  WP llBVO HIdled Iii Kiv,* Ilie
huni.r, Unriitmor nml Private Planter.   All It will m*\ you
i» ono iiumu-nl >if nun' iiiiil ii UvO'Oonl -uiuni'.
i lo-ilny, tin* iluy ynu nr<> reniHim Hliu.
1)AU( II & IftlNTKIC SEED CO., Limited.
Dcpi.   7l>   London, Canndu. m
II. A  11.'a .'ana.llan Cam Swnlr Tlimlii     \Huntwli-ilin-it aa tin- I..11I  faailiir. Hit- li.-nt
. i-iiiikul', llm Inal slill r.    THY IT
.|.+.|,.|..|,.|..1,,[ .|  |.|. |..|..|..|..|..|..|,.,,.|..|..|..|-W..|. :S..|,^..|.^..|..|..,..|..|..1.+^^..|.|.;1.
Tli A
f Five O'clock Dinner Sets i
Chafing Dishes
si-:k our window
Newes and Fines Line
in Cranbrook
J. D. McBride
I   Cranbrook, B, C. - - I'lione 5
rr™™ """"
A. JoMiffe, Prop.
Norbury Ave.
Central   Meat
Wm|Davies' Ontario Fed
Canadian Specialty
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under New Management I
H     W.    DREW.    Proprietor.
Roosevelt Makes (Jains
Chicago, April 0,«-Hoosovelt beut
Taft hy 80,000 in thin city, and in
most nf tho other count.QB by ttiroo
to ono, Champ Olarh Ik londliig Wilson m Chicago i»y nearly 100,000 and
throp to own In other oountlOB.
Rider May Die
Onlgnry, April 9,—While riding in
unit of the cIuhsoh at tlio I.oi*h» show
tliiH moining, Percy Haw telle, a local
hoi-Homnn, wm; terribly injured whon
IiIh horne threw him ovor ltn hoad
nnd hia foot remained ia tho stirrups
so thnt he could not got froo. Hit*
right arm was torn from truVBOOket,
and ho was ot.herw.no terribly tramp-
lod, He Ih expoctod to recover, although his condition Ih critical.
Jj By.EIection in Kootenay
The appointment of A. H. Goodeve
to the railway commission in an ac-
compllKhod fact, Mr. Ooodeve will
shortly resign his seat lu the commons, now that ho haH commoncod
his new duties, nnd there Ih no doubt
hut that an election will take place
riometlme late In tho fall.
The Prospector suggustH tlio name
of a mini that would appeal tn the
electorate In hnth east and wost
Kootenay, and one that would be
elected to till tho sent made vacant
by the retirement of Mr. Ooodeve,
we refer to Mr. ()tln Htaplos, of Wy-
!  Additional
Tlml .tlio runt nf city government
Ih mounting higher nml higher every
yenr. Thin should lie npiille.l sped
llcnlly tn school purposes, nnd tint tu
general city developments,
The Country Uirl Dunce which wuh
lo hnve hoon held thin wook linn heen
postponed tn WctlncHilny April 24th.
In ii.lilltloii to the dnnco there will be
remlercl nt intervnlH HOlectlonH from
"The tlolsliu" nnd "Country Olrl",
Ihcne will be of n short nnd plennlng
nml entertnining chnrnctor. If you
do not. dnnco it will be worth your
while to tnko n HOut in the gnllory
NoutH bolng roHerve.l fur thnt purpOHO
nt u nominal charge.
Tho OvorsoiiH club hold u very enjoyable dnnco nnd whist drive nn
Tui'Hilny evening in the Carmen's
Hall, Mr. J. Ilrnke anted un floor
manager, The winner ul tho whlHt
drive were MrH. K. Olnrk nnd Mr. W.
MiirHhull, thero wnn Hnme lii tables
with IntoreBted nlaycrH whn snl down
to tlio game, The tlcurar.t UrchoHtru
fiirnlHlied tho iuuhIc for tho tlauccrs,
the member's Hiiid thut It wuh aqso-
lutoly tho boHt dunce thoy hud over
Visitors to the City
Martin Hurrell
Ottawa, April 8.—Hon. Martin
Hurrell, who left for the west tonight to attend the hanguct to Premier Itoblin nt Winnipeg, ho will,upon bis rot urn to Ottawa, arrange for
the transfer of the $500,000 subsidy
appropriated for distribution anions
the provinces under the agricultural
net. The money to be spent will he
handed over to the provincial governments after the pausing of the ne
ccsBnry leglalntlon hy the local legislatures. The money, no far aa thin
year Ih concerned, will he given to
the provinces with tew restrictions as
to the details of expenditure, hut
plans for applying the money will ne-
eeBBarily be submitted to the minister of agriculture here for approval.
t C. O. James, who is to draw up
the plan under which the federal subsidy fnr agricultural aid is to be applied after this year, is now in Toronto, where he is taking the preliminary steps before leaving, next month
for a tour of the provinces.
Mr. Hurrell while in Winnipeg will
probably take up the question of federal and provincial co-operation in
agriculture with the Manitoba government.
Takes sent on Commission,
Ottawa, April 8.—The railway commission held a sitting and A. 3.
Ooodeve, M. P, for Kootenny, the
newly appointed member of the commission, tnnk his sent for the first
time. The case dealt with was not
an important one. The Pcre Marquette railroad which has several
branches in Canada, has heen for
years In a precarious condition financially and a short time ago became
insolvent. It was put Into a receivers hands nnd the exchequer court
appointed Frank W. Blair, Dudley R.
Waters and Newman Rrb as receivers In Canada. These appointments
were confirmed by the railway commission today.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
aud Works for a license to prospect
for Conl and Petroleum on the following lands situate in the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile north,then 1 mile east
nf the South east corner of Lot 7510,
on the eaat boundnry of Block 4593,
and being the flouth West corner
post of the John Virgo claim,
thence north 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, tbence south 80 chains,
thence wost 80 chnins to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres
more or less.
Located this    24th day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen, Agent.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
M,   Dentli      Ki'iiuewirk,   WhsIi.
V. 13, Houghton,    Moyie
B\ T, l.uslior,     Moyie
P, W   Lnshor,
W.  llirknmn,
J. Bohlllt,     Mo
0,   A.   Koote
Allan Mtiuson
K. B)< Jones,
W. (!,
W.  H.
A.  rt.
Pair mount
Pair mount
Atnsworth,    Palrmount
^ Makes more
) C    bread
a&r better bread"
■ m -»-» «        i It   if ,   • A f> \ M K|v,n "'creiJ**.   we n*>vi y« io Mar ut on*
The Fink   Mercantile Co.iawSSSs^
Notice In hereby given thnt 30 iluys
aftor dute I intend to apply to tht
Hon. Chief Commituioner of Land.
anil Works for n license to prospect
for Coal nnd Petroleum on the following lands situate In the District
of Southeast Kootenny, British Co-i
lumhin, ln Mock 4693.
Commencing at a post planted nt 1
or near 1 mile north of the Mouth-1
east, corner post of Lot 7510, and be-!
Ini; on the wist boundary of Ulock
4593, nnd being the south ennt corner
post of the John Virgo clnlm, thence
north 80 chnins, thence west SO chains
thence south 80 chnins, thence enat 80
chains to n point of commencement,
making MO ncres more or less.
Located this 24th dny ol February,'
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen, Agent.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. lli-5
ScotMll'.* Liquor, Tobacco
and Drug Cure JSt&Jt
Alcohol, Tobacco .nd Drtlfi. Il counteraeta It).
effect, allium UiHanll,-.aiiio»a, .11 cravlu,,.
Altai talcing Hi. tia.ll.ant thai, will nam tie any
naail tuM.ink liito.lc.nl, .1 uae dr.., again. Can
be .Ivan aecietly.  W. hav. yet lo haai of on.
AT     crtANBROOK.
Chnssny,     Hull Kiver.
n. Bear.,    Toronto
Iilngninn,     Fernie
A. Oplc,    Wasa.    •
A. Frnser,    Hpoknne
(1. Scott,    Winnipeg.
W. Turner,    Winnipeg
Ashman,    Lethbrldge
■H, Simpson,     Kamloops
I). Simpson,    Kamloops
C. Woods,    Toronto
('. Bell,    Toronto
F. ('inland,     Montreal
J. Hepperson,    Nelson
Koehler,     Vancouver
W. Anderson,     Vancouver
I). Grace,     ('resent Valley
Campbell.     Moyle
J, Bartley,     Vancouver
Doyle,     Fort Steele .
(lough,     Winnipeg
O'Hnra,     Calgary
Hart,     Calgary
W. Rankin,     Bull Rivet-
It. Sawyer,     Winnipeg
S. Montiel,     Calgary
N. Arnold, Vancouver
S. Knight,    Vnncouver
II. Hazelwood, Moyie
W, Mower,    Nelson
A. Manning,     Wardner
H. Morgnn,     Montreal
Patterson,     Winnipeg
F. Henry,    Toronto
J. Mclvor,    Vancouver
W. Rice,    Winnipeg
C. Tnylor,     Swift Current
J. Blomberg,"  Spokane
Wlckstrand,     Spovane
A. Snndgreen,     Spokane
L. Hill,    Portland
F. Dougherty,     Fernie.
L. Reade,    Rossland
T. McVittie,    Fort Steele
M. McBride,     Spokane
0. Weveley,    Calgary
R. McKen/ie,    Nelson
H. Chassny.     Bull River
E. Birtch,     Calgnry
Longhurst,     Nelson
S. Knight,     Nelson
A. Mclntyre,     Vancouver
Warn,     Nelson
J. Smith,    Vancouver
H. Edwards,     Ottawa
Carney,    Kaslo
W. Austin,     WyollUo
I. Cole,    Onlgnry
T. J, Liu-kin,    Calgary
W. T, Whippier,    Oalgnry
Q, P. Booth,     Waldo
I).   Mcintosh,   Klmherley
J. Logan,    Klmhorloy
T. McCnflery,     Spokane
F. Lowflor,    Spokane
W. J. Noblo,    Toohty
Q, Lutner,     Klko
Hans ('. I.nml, Marysville
Invite Taft
A recent issue of tbe Lethbrldge
Dally News, contains an invitation
extended to President Taft to parti
cipate ut the Seventh International
Dry-FnrinIng Oongrofta lu be held at
Lethbrldge, October 21. President
Taft, cannot nttond the Congress, or
go to Lethbrldge, as the ProBltlent ut
the United States cannot visit any
foreign country while he is president.
The Bright Side
I've' ftlwayH Bought tho silver lining
whene'er n  cloud nupcureil;
No fooliRh tearfl of vain repining
hnve trickled down my hoard,
When I encounter grief nnd sorrow,
I Hay, "It cutB no grass,
For thtnga will come my way tn
morrow -- misfortunes always
At dlver'B times when people rsw rue
wear grins and King H H"ng,
They Rtoppnl me to rebuke mul Jaw
me, nnd Kaid, "Your head's on
wrong ;
To go h'<..unt and chortle when woes
are thick hh ratH,
Shows   that   you're   dippy,   foolish
mortal,    your   helfreys   full of
And still, when I wiw sorrows thicken,
My hopeful  imiu-  whh sung,
And now that I  am sorely stricken
in years
I still am young.
My heart does not with age grow
colder—-'twas never steeped in
tears ;
And I know men who seem much older, who've lived hut half my
Whene'er I sec a grouch 1 strike It
and knock its features in ;
The more I live the more \ like it —
because 1  learned to grin.
This habit kept, my life a-shining,
and when I come to die
T still shall seek the silver lining,
and Hnd it, by and by.
Walt Mason.
! A. G. Bowness
Wine   and   Spirit   Merchant
MiinufHimiror ol all kind*
Agent for
| Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
I Fernie Beers.
I Melcher's  Red  Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Importer nl all kinds <>f foreign ami  Domestic.
Wini's anil Spirits
|   Baker St. Cranbrook, B. C.
I.. Geary, of Wardner.
B. Dolnn, of Creston
P. Bnrlow,     Spokane
J. Colburn,     Kitchener,
J. Heekle,    Athalmer.
Press Executive at Wasa
M. ll. Jennings, editor of the Kd
monton .lournnl, W. (I. Foster, pdi
of the NelHon Dully News; W. A.
nnrhnniin. editor ot the Ixithhridse
Herald; K. .1. Deane of the Cranbrook Herald; and W. K. Hohorts,
rhalrmnn of tin. Nelson publicity
committee, wet-p nt Wasa Thursday
evening, for the purpose of making
arrangements and slitting the date of
the annual meeting in Nelson of the
Alberta and British Columhla Press
HOTEL, g^*™*
Is ii larne mid attractive hotel '>( superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
The   Wentworth
I     J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
•I~M»I -H-l ■H-M-t -l»M ++-H-+'H' -t-M-H-l-H-H lllll IMI III.
I wish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving a
Cash Discount of 15 per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
'■H-ltim H-H-l-<l4l'l"t"H-H-H"H-»H-H"H
Has earned its reputation of being the most popular
bottled beer in the world solely because of its superb
Quality and Purity. Its absolutely in a class by
Bottled o*ljr {with cork$ or crown caps) si Ibe
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
St. Louis, Mo., U S. A. '
A. C. Bowness
Six Reels AUDITORIUM THEATRE,   CRANBROOK,  B.C. Commencing at 8:30 Sharp
Six Thousand  Feet
Wednesday,      April 17th/     1912
Admission   50 cents
t rmmWemrni.
We were talking to     t
^^■■T" ♦
"the Linotype Artist' j
on the Herald, last Wed I
lu'sdav 1
He   Advises T
thai      ilu*      Ubiquitous t
Mosquito lias arrived al T
Jj   lus rant h. f
\\       Now     ii    on uis    in I
y_s i
u would be .i good idea t
loi iiiii   friends .nnl pa   7
Hulls 7
To I
take    I ime  l'\   ilu   lore   5
lock  .mil let  us I
llli-lll   U|.   \\ llll i.
.uui \\ indows. It )mi ^
can i come in don t foi   J
We bos to announce the
opening of our Ice Cream
Parlor on Hanson Avenue.
Everything New. Clean and
W, L. Johnson & Co.
F. Parks tr Co. j
Local   News
Ml.m   i*K\,MKS  P10TURJD8.
Clean up tin* back yarUu nnd alloys
MIm Qamblo, of Klmborley  wuh n
Oranbrook visitor on Monday
Dave. Kiin'i v   ol Wol! Oreek wuh in
tin* cits Tuesday on business
House Cleaning, requisites ut Ptuke
'.'in.' Food Uracer)
Tin* Knights ol Columbus dance on
Mondaj  night was welt attended
it  is nnw warm   enough    ti> ula*i
ball, but, whore ure the playere?
The    price nl coal  ttt     Newcastle
Knglnml, its $20 n ton,
$1.00    $1.50
$2.00    $2,50
A well made clock thai
don't forget t<> go off, one
ihiii ui- can thoroughly
BOimNTIPlO   I'lll'NINii
lli-n.   II.   AhIivmiiIIi,   I'll,.nr   1311,,
U1UNDR00K,   II.  (',
iiuii'i fumol nn- Unlloo linil on
Tuesday iivi-nliii! noxl Vou run i-k
pool n good tlini-. i-ni'il iiiiimr, iiiiiI
lilt, nl  Inn
Himllillr'li'wiin nml QllOboO Un- t'V'i
rclimiiulii: b-lrotlgholds nl |it'nvilii'iill
LilblH'tlllsui ;in< |in>|i.ii :ni- lm general
MeHHl'H     Htllilli   nml       .liilnmiill   have
i.iki-n n\ri Uui IiuhIhorh hi llrttou linr
lington, it win nilil lm known na tho
Stnr rii-iiiiini- nml Pressing Works.
IVO   null'  n   'iilliHluntinl   ilii'H'ii'.i'    III
tin' Customs House rocolptrt nt Cinn
hrook    Tl" i ih mn' ol tin hoot  Inu
['motor, ui iin' prosperity ui M com
ll. 11,111 v
11' I ll  I INS
j|4^^^4.4^^.^.^V->-H-l--l-+-M-4--H-l-^^-l'-l--:-'l--l--l--S-l--l -l-t-l -H-l •-
ht't-t-t-l'l-H-I I 11 I I-t I-t l-l ■> t-tr "H-H-HH-IIII11111 111 7
•;•  We are in a Position to Supplv  -
nil your   needs   in  Groceries,   etc..   in  addition  lo  tlie t
T    lines we always carry.    See us first before vou buy your 7
next weeks groceries    We can reduce your bill o( costs i
LADIES   Lower your cosl of l.nins. I
I       .Jusl   received   ti   Car of   Coal Oil, Gasoline, and all It
T    kinds of Automobile Supplies, which  we are selling at 7
a reduce!! price,
rii,'.,I- notoriety
what   it   t'i'S'.r.
selilom  worth
Co. I
| The Cranbrook Trading
I        P. O. BOX 4HH LIM1TE0 PHONE !«.>        J.
j!.H|iHi|"H"l-M"M"M-ri"M"H^ ?
III1IH I I I I I t I I I I HI I -H--H-H-+-H-H***** -H -I l-l-l-1
MONDAY NIGHT.   APRIL 15th, 1 *> 12
Greatest Success
White Sister
From F, Marion Crawford's Novel
Presented By
A Remarkable Company
| Jeanne Towler
+     America's Most Meant if nl Emotional Actress     J
Spokane Spokesman-Review Says:— J.
"Excellent   Company   and J
Production" |
* Manager's Note:— j-
This is one of the Strongest. Attractions 1
1 I have ever booked and is worthy of the sup- 1
I port of the Theatre-going Clientele of Cranbrook, I
9 ?
J SPECIAL PRICES 50 $1.00 $1.50 J
Seats   on    Sale     Friday.     April     12th.,     1'>I2
At the Beattie-Murphy Drug Store
*h-> i-h-i-i imn11ni11■ ************n ******;
•«.,...        .      „ .. *  nttmbot  nl Mttlora    nrrlvotl   ut
Moler Hairdressing College     CmnbrooI( tl)lH ffM„ nmJ ^.^ ™
Ladlesi-Learn the  Hairdress- thfl   K""""'«v   ow-witi land   tbm
Him ffooh
iiiK Art in H weeks.   Graduates
earn $18 Ut $25 ;i week.
Write for catalogue. /o^nn Hilton, of Vnhk, h« I n
.„. _ . B   .        .,,   .  ,'"' ■■"' i»»Ht few tinyii vimtiiu; friends
3J5 Spn,Kue Avr.     Spokane   Whs), I      Cra|]|)roo|)     J|(. rflturno(] ^ on
lM2t [Thursday,
British rftilwnys have loet U.AW.
KN   cHueed b) -tnko. Last week
Marry tug foi money is no worse
than  marrying (or povertj
He who can suppress a moment's
anger may prevent ;i day of Borrow, j
How (Jit) the Industrial Workers i>1
tht? World pet their name-'
If every man was as hie as he (wis
there  wouldn't  be standing  room  In
this country-
House Cleaning requisites at  Pinks,
t'ure Pood CJrocery.
D, V Mott, Dl Fernie, representing
the Kurd     AutnmobUe Co., was     in
the city Wednesday on husiness
GOOSE EGOS for hatching Pure
Bred Toulouse Geese:— 3 eggs $1.00—
apply to T. South, Cranbroov Hotel.
A movement is on foot for the purpose of organizing a lodge of the
"Loyal Order of Moose," In this city.
A man will grant his wife any
right mure cheerfully than the right
to he sick when he feels had himself.
Mr. nnd Mrs G. H. Bishop, of Ore
j mona, Alta., were Cranbrook visitors
We have been informed thnt work
will soon commenced on city improvements.
Red, White, and Blue Sweet Peas,
,in separate colors at Finks Pure
; Food Grocery.
A targe number of new cottuges
are being erected on the prairie in
; the vicinity of St. Joseph creek.
The Prince nf Wales in at Paris, hi*
went there to complete his French
Those    who boast  they    never did
, any    harm are generally those     who
never did any good.
Mrs, McCarthy and daughter of
Creston, were Cranbrook  visitors or
O. B. Staples, of WyclilTo spent
spent several days this week in Crnn
Mr. and Mrs. Spence, and dnughtoi
of Winnipeg, were Cranhrook visitors
■ on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Northam, of
Medicine Hat, were Cranbrook visitors on  Tuesday.
Mrs. Breckenridge, and daughters,
of Plncher Creek, were Cranbrook
visitors Tuesday.
A. K. Watts, nnd K. Watts, of
Wattsburg, were at Cranhrook Tuesday on business,
Nnw is the time to commence operations preparatory for the coming
agricultural fair,
Sn William Whyte says in a few
years the west will boss the cast.
We'll hope we make n better job of it
Frank Christian, manager uf the
Prospector,  waB at Fort Steele     on
Monday   on   business,
The    post office is    rapidly     being
.onstructed it is expected thnt it will
p be ready lor  occupancy     late In the
Klmoro Staples, of Wycllflc was in
the city Monday. Mr. Htll pi OH has
just returned from a winter trip tn
Many Indies went foi a walk down
on the pralrlo on Sunday, nml a
iiiiml ft ttutt don'l l'n to churrh had
n  chniice to see the new  lid.
The l ww'(i., ivHI mid out that
British Columbln is an unhealthy
stamping ((round foi profession il
ffinrly  Roho Potatoes for seed at.
Fiuks Pun- Food Grocery.
&l)c &ivoiH.ei;tca\
Vor Sales List,
Kull SA1.K Tlii'iiiiii;lilil',',l Rhoilo li
lanil mill Brown Leghorn ISkiji
$1.50 lor i.i tl W.l.ailils, city. II
s VI.K Kl-its [or liiiu'liinn limn
selectou* winter layora, in S. C.
Rhode li*hvinl Hi'ils. whtot' wynn
ilutt™. ImiTiI orutiiKtone inula.C.
white ami brown logltorns '1,50
per setting. .1. QartsltlQ, I'lens-
iiui View, Poultry Fnrm, Cranbrook. Phono 37711. i:i-4t
SALE—Poultry   ranch,   build-
Mt'KMs.      V
i'    lluwiu'sH,  lleiti'ue  11.
Stovonaott,   I
Mi-TnviMli mul    A.  li.
.'.'iiiii'iuii.  wn
tiintobllod  tu    Wann mi
Tlioj   ropnrl     having it
very ploiiminl
lied, Wltlto,
.111,1      Hliu-   SlVI'I'l    I'l'ilS.
in   Roparato
l-',„.,l   lIl'i.lTlj
colors lit     Kliik.i I'uii'
•H-+++++++++++-I"l + M"l"l + H   •H"f+++++H"H"H-l-H"H.^
All that  Skill and   Pure    Dings can do
you will get at our
Dispensing  Department
Every   Prescription    is    Dispensed    and
double checked by
Skilled   Druggists
We can Dispense any   intelligently  writ-
$    ten prescription or receipt no matteiwhether
European or American
Bring   Us
i     your Family Receipts for Compounding, v,e     1
t     Know  Our  Business.   Satisfied Customers
are our bread and butter.
Our Wall Papei  Department
A number oi ladies was down   on i
Cranbrook street this week inquiring I
| ibout the two kids.   Wc thought tint I
i thai we heard the word "stung"   ns
■   thoy past   us on the si reel.
Wesley Ollne who hns for some [
i tunc been cutting men's hair shorter|
Jin the Manitoba Hotel, will continue
to do so iu his new quarters in   the
Palace t'igar store,
Don't forget the Calico Hall on
Tuesday evening next. The Indies aux-
iliarary of the U. It. of T., will be
nt the Auditorium, early, and entertain you. You will have the time ot
you life if you attend.
is in charge of Mr. Clark who has had long
experience in this line.
:;   Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd   ■■
Where   It   Pays   to   Deal
H"H"I~M"M"I"H-H~H"H"1- ■l--H-H-'M-l-'H"H">"H"|i|'l"|i|"|i|*l*
Inge to accommodate 1000 fowl.-;
also loui) fowl, A roomed house
well and pump attached, irrlga- Miss Maystree has removed from
ted stream runs through land. Uurwell avenue to Lunistieii avenue.
"id I year old apple trees planted Miss Maystrc takes in hand knitting,
loO 3-year old current hushes, crochet work, and baby's garments,
one acrea cleared, rest stumps: and wishes the change of address to
standing,    5  acres     over    all.   he known to her several customers. It
paid  $1,500	
I    $
Terms $3,000 to he
cash and    the  balance  t
purchaser.   Apply at this
> suit
FOR SAIjB.—Eggs for hatching, Crystal White Orpingtons, special
selected breeders from strictly
first class stock. Strong win
ter laying strain $3.00 per sitting of 13, fertility guaranteed,! The Board of Trade received a
0. K. Kendall, Craubiook, Box forge number of advertising pam*
*M- tf        phlets this week.   They were printed
TO LET.-Ranch 270 acres,  16 acres) |n Toronto, but   we fail to see   the
i -F. E. Simpson, and his son David,
i of Kamloops, spent several days this
i week in Cranbroov. Mr. Simpson.
j was formerly publisher of the Cran-
' | brook Herald, and 1ms a host of
I friends who were pleased to see him.
fenced ami under cultivation,
balance under fence, K miles i
from city, flag station within
lines, 7 buildings on ranch. For
particulars or rental write ltan-i
cher, Box M, Cranhrook,
Union label  on  the     work.    Wonder
who printed them.
Wesley  Ollne,  the tonsoriai artist,
has  moved  from  the   Manitoba  hotel
to the    Palace Cigar    store in     the
FOUND.*-A horse halter.   Owner   toj Hanson Block. Mr. ('line    will have
provide description and pay for! one uf the most modern    and up-to*
this advertisement.  Apply Pros- date barber shops in Cranbrook.
pector Office. 	
WANTED Two good chicken brooders     kl,rI>' RoHfl Potatoes for seed at. -
at once.- Apply W. .1. Atchison  Fi"ks **lirt' Food Grocery,
.,      3!\, .... .   i W,  F.  Johnson returned home this
FOR SALE. -One Chatham incubator       ,    ,.     .  . . .,    .„.
7™ .      ... ... veek after being down  in the Klko,
120 eggs, also black cochin ban-1., .   .     .. . , ,   , ,.
$2.01. per .ittl.^.Or-!!!."';':™1'""6 mM dolnR " C0"8"1"
tnm eggs,
ders  taken    for the  "Peerless'
1 prulile amount of IUowpi- work on tbe
, ,,„     .,.    .  _.„„,11 linker  Lllmbor Co..    Waldo;     North
am   "Hnral ton'   incubators ana
brooder-.    Apply S. Macdonald «" {":;m"-M"   the Rl""' S"8kn-
P. (). Box 102 Craabrook II. 0.   ""'"  Mllls '"  ^'.l
 The Ladles    Auxilliery   Committee
'desire to say that at the Calico Ball
to take place on Tuesday next,   the
-   ■ - j ladies will  wear Calico dresses,  and
BOENBO   Heights,   Vancouver,     Lots the mpn just every day clothes, with
$24:.,  corners $550*-tertnu $16.001 powileretl hair.   Dress   suits will    he
down and $10.00 per month.       1 conspicuous bv tbeir absence.
EIUHT Boom Cottage and out-bull-1 	
dings, centrally located in   the!   KIl.HV FRAMBS  PICTURES.
clty-$1800 cash,    a good    bar-! ""-
■ W. .1.  B. (leurard bus been having
FIVE or ton acre tracts, suitable f„rj «»• whoJfl °' "w Andltorlum renovft-
Fruit, Gardening. or Poultry te''; ,,IH la,PHt improvement is a
raising. 2 miles from town, | *,I»I ll««lwood Moor on which dan-'-
giiarantced from frost, $100.00 an say they could dance forever,
per acre, satisfactory terms. j Proving the Joy they feel in having
nd ten acre blocks of first something good to glide over, as the
class land suitable for fruit, j hook says "tripping to the tune of
gardening, or   poultry raising, [ music'
two miles from Cranbrook |I00|    T|m m0fl(     congen,fl, ro,0 tn whi,„
Jeanne Towler, America's most beautiful  emotional  actress     has devoted
. | her attention     is to be found in    F.
trict.   (ioverument     road pastl MflHon 'orawfonl's latest  play "The
property.       Five     miles     frotlH ffmtfl HJHter„  .„  w|)lph fl,|(i wj|| flp.
an acre.   Easy terms.
Three ten acre blocks of choice fruit
land in the famous Creston din
Station.    $«r.   per
FOR SALE store building     and
for Sii.2nii.iifl. Terms to respon
slide  parties.   Here's an  oppor
tunity for one
prising    men
cood thing,
RANCH Containing 3<I7 acres,
third tinder cultivation,
ooo feet   good   timber,
ear at the    Auditorium on
April  15, accompanied by
eat supporting company.
Early Hose Potatoes for
r more enter-; Finks Pure Food Grocery,
gol in    on a
an excel I
The next great ut tract ion  al     the
nnr , Auditorium, and which is billed    for
1 000 - j Monday April   I Sth,  is    the complete
Good production of "The White Bister" In
buildings, 1 mile from Kootenay which Jeanne Towler is playing   the
Central Station, Wasa, $8,000.      le'-d.ng role.   This play had nearly a
n< yenr'B run ut Daly's Theatre.   It    Is
recorded  in  theatrical     history  that
i this Is    the lirst.    play of Its nature
Agency (ever accepted as a lasting and genu
ine success on Broadway.
Terms oue half rash do
A.     ItKlli
1   Estate $ Employment
Phone :i!H, „r write Bon
Crnnhrooki "  c.
Frank Dezall
mul can do
tor nnyorie
He is also ARent for
of the host Kind
Works Opposite Depot
I II. la ro|iortod Unit Mr. I). .1. Hlmor)
' aa.l fiiaiily will ri'tnnvi' to III,1 conflt,
Mr. Pllmor haH rcHlilcil In tlila ill*-
trlct for an.ay yenrn, lu fact |h oiiv
of tlio iii-Ht known trnvolllnR mon in
Soutbonflt    Kootonny.   Wr   nhall l,n
very  Hftlry  I.,, Inn,'  Mr. allil  Mra,   101 -
in,', from our ml.lnt, but, ll th.y .to
mnko up tliolr iniinla to ro in ilu,
,-iiitHt, wiali tliom |)roH|iorlty and mir-
,i"ik in all tlmlr future undflrtfikln**.
(Adilltlonnl l ala.   pngo B.)
w.    W. KIl.HV,
Lot on
Baker Street
-Biggest Snap
In the City
•Ml I I II | || | | | ,|..|..[..)..|..|..M.. ■■.■..a.^..H..|,.|.^.H„..,H...^.^,+4,^La^:
** 111 11 II 11 | I I | l-H-l-l-H-l-l-HI 1 l-H I I I I I-H-H-M-M-
J J     HEAD   OFFICE CALOARY. Alta      !'.
II P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd. I
"Shamrock Brand"
FOR SAJJE—One «>f Cranbroolt's moRl bountiful homes !!
ai a siterlliee.    li   is  locitlud  in  the  la-.si   pari  of Ilie J|
residential district, ftiid occupies)! full lots.   A beivutiul • ■
level lawn.   Good woodshed and burn.   Tho house con- ■>
tains 7 rooms beside bathroom, loil.-jt, pantry ami hall ]',
Kow.-raK.-   pipes  all   laid,   Conci'Oto founilHlion ami lint   "
place in den.    Kor Price and terms apply lo . •
■ •
i; Chapman's     Agency ii
P.O.Box 62    CRANHROOK, B.C.        Phone 401    I
Seeds, House Plants,  Garden
Plants, Etc.
The Oranbrook Floral t'o. reprc-
Ki-aici liy k. ii. ii. Stanley, nr.' now
growing in Oranbrook—Bedding Pin
nts, Hmisf IManta, ate,, in lli,-ii
L-lttHs I,,,use In Un* rear nf Nn. 21
Arnuitrong Avenue. Anything not In
,t,,-k will i„. nn.rureil from their
Hii|,|>ly Houaea, eonalatln^ nf 40,11011
square feet nf iilaaa. 'I'luiy carry
McKenale'e colcl.rjtt.'.l Northern
drown Heeda at ll Armstrong Avenue where the people can leave their
nnlera. Out flowers can be shipped
nt two daya notice. IMt
I   will   sell   Lethbrldge
Ileal Kalnte al the nlllre nl
P, DcVere Hunt fnr ii
almrt period, I'ai'tlea who
nre in the market f,,r in
voatnienta; cull anil aee
me. 1 guarantee to double
yonr invnatment within
three nr al. mnntlia
0,   II.
*********** +++++++
Bull River Livery
wishes in i,ill attention
to hnviiifj ,i  twice-daily
staj;i' service from
meeting East and  West
linuiiil trains.
Held in Carmen's Hall
Conducted i»y
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeft
Cerltflcatud Teacher from
London School Board
llllllll   ...   in.    m    ISiOfl Ml.
-Mm   |i. in    in    1:00 p. ia.
I'hi.iii- 22(1 p, ()   Box 238


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