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The Prospector Mar 16, 1912

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Toric Lenses
While You Wait
VOL.   18
The   Leading Newspaper
in the
m WW  n"Prospector
^fe~CR,A, -e- <&f_     $20° Per Year
No: a
Tom   Caven   is   Elected   By   Acclamation
Settlers Coming
Mr. ft. G. Thompson, member of
one of tho leading real estate tlrms
in Winnipeg, nan Hpent several days
in the city this week, sizing up the
capabilities of the district, the soil,
and the climate, on behalf of numer-
clients who arc anxious to settle in
Kast Kootenay.
To say that Mr. Thompson is well
satisfied with what he has seen after
a close inspection and enquiry is
putting the fact very mildly. Although this gentleman haw had a
large Hnd successful experience in thB
colonization of various parts of British Oolumbla, he says, without hesitation that, nowhere in the p(ovlnce
are greater opportunities to he round
by the settler, thnn in the Cranbrook
district, and he is confident that
during the coming season at least
one hundred families will buy land
and settle here.
The only note of discord struck
wan during a drive along the east
side of the prairie where piles of
freshly dumped refuse were encountered, causing a disfiguration of some
of the prettiest scenery we have near
the city, and which he thought showed great negligence on tbo part of the
city, especially as a nuisance ground
was provided only a short distance
ftemarks were also made by Mr.
Thompson with the lack of good
roads to adequately open up—to use
his own expression—the finest fruit
landa in the province: it was, however, pointed ont that only within
the last two years has anything of
Importance been done by the government in this district, but tbat in the
time mentioned, flnd during the coming season, close on a quarter of a
million had been appropriated for
public works in this district, and
that the fall of the present, year
would see most of those difficulties
rem it lied.
She is mine own;
And I as rich in having a jewel
As twenty seas,    if    all    their   Band
were pearl,
The water nectar, and    the    rocks
pure gold.
—Two  Gentlemen  from Verona.
Mr. J. Walker and Miss Helen S.
Harrison were united in the ftoly
hands of matrimony Thursday evening at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. C.
Stevens. Rev. W. G. Dunham, Methodist Minister officiating. It is much
refrretted that immediately on the
eve of the wedding news should be
received by the bride that her father
lay very sick, and that her presence
was desired at her home in Toronto-
Both of the parties are very popular tn Cranbrook and the wishes arc
many tbat they may enjoy tbeir future and that lt he tilled with good
health and pros|>erlty. It is tt pleasure to chronicle the marriage of such
a worthy young couple and this paper wafts to them (ts warmest congratulations.
Menace to Frank
The report of the royal commission appointed hy the federal government to investigate into the stability of Turlc mountain whlcb has for
years heen considered a menace to
the town of Frank, hns at last heen
published nnd the results nre (Ar
from reassuring to the citizens of
the  little  mountain   colliery  town.
The report is to the effort bhat cun-
tinuod mining operations inside Turtle mountain are making more and
more Imminent the danger of a pepe-
tltlon of the disaster which overtook
tbe town of Frank in 1903 when Poetically the larger portion of the
whole town was wiped out hy n landslide and scores perished.
In spite of the commissioners findings tbo people of Frank have not become unduly excited and, on account
of the pecuniary loss entailed, It is
expected that no one will think of
moving until the Dominion authorities step tn nnd order that the town
be removed. An outstanding paragraph of the report Ib as follows:
"Whatever the report of this or
other commissions, the town can never be nn important one on its present site, Hlnce there will nlways ro-
main the dread of another calamitous slide like tbnt of 1903. In suite
of undoubted individual hardship
caused by the abandonment of the
present Bite, tbo town on a new and
safe site might prosper nn never before. The townsite Ahould be abandoned.
Railway Projected
Another Important telegraphic announcement from Winnipeg ia that
Mr. 0. J. Bury, vice-president of tbe
C.F.R., stated to a deputatln of
Manitobans, headed by Premier Roh-
lin, that his company would shortly
spend ¥60,000,000 on an entirely new
line of railway from the prairie to
tbe coast. He stated that such a
line was necessary, owing to the congested state of the present freight
lines, and also in view of the great
possibilities of the future necessitated
by the shipment of grain to the Pacific and tbe opening of the Panama
Canal. Things are moving so rapidly in tbe West these days that one
can.hardly keep pace with them. And
nothing tends more effectively to
mark the flight of time and the
changed conditions of the country
than that the very railway company
which thirty years ago was struggling
to raise a few million dollars to
complete a single track to the coast,
should now make nothing of the
raising of $60,000,000 for a second
line, and that the announcement
should hardy cause ft thrill of interest. The growth of the West is "the
true romance" of the twentieth century. It is a new world that ts opening up, a world that is absorbing
hundreds of millions for public works
and building thousands of miles of
railways where only a few years ago
it was declared that a railway would
never pay for axle grease. Apart from
the general reflections which' may occur to any one familiar with conditions wost of Winnipeg there will
with this important announcement
come a very definite idea of what
another C.P.R. transcontinental line
will mean. It means inevitable reaching the coast by way of Butte inlet, and as inevitably connection
with the E. & N. to Victoria by an
all-rail route across Seymour Narrows. Tndeed, It is not too much to
suggest tbat tho announcement of
tbe C.P.R. will be the determining
factor in the settlement of the Seymour Narrows question. A bridge
at thnt point was always inevitable
it was not until six months ago that
ft looked to be within range of the
near future: today it appears imminent. In this connection we may
look forward to the rapid completion
of The Kootenay Central, and the
extension of the Crow line to Nelson,
thus welding two other links In the
Pacific coast lines to the coast.
Elected by Acclamation
Elected by Acclamation
Leisurely walking down Baker
Street on Thursday afternoon, Messru
D. J. Elmer, and T. D. Caven, had
their attention drawn to the fact
that it was close to the time for
nominations to he declared. Hasten
ing their steps they reached the government Building in time to sec the
Returning Officer J. A. Arnold and
several prominent citizens come out
on the verandah and make the declaration of the persons nominated.
However, ay Mr. Caven was declared
elected by acclamation cheer after
cheer burst from the lips of those
present, and calls for a speech from
the newly elected member was responded to. With hat in hand "Tom"
said: "that bo appreciated tbe honor
tbat tbo citizens of the Cranbrook
riding bad done him in electing him
by acclamation, truly showing to
blm tbnt bis work nn their behalf
hnd been appreciated and wns satisfactory to tbem, and of tbelr faith
in him for another term of the provincial Assembly. Ho especially
thanked those frlonds of the LU>ernl
party who hy their actions cordially
approVOd of his work In tho house,
nnd who had made It possible by
their confidence in him effected his
election by acclamation. Thank you
A young lady—a sensible girl—
gives tho following catalogue of different kinds of lovo:—Tho Bwontest, a
mothers love; tho longest, a brothers
love: tho strongest, a woman's lovo;
the dearest, a mans* lovo; and tho
sweetest, longest, strongest, dearest
love—a 'love of a bonnet,' "
Demonstration Orchards
It js reported that, tbe provincial
department of agriculture has arranged for five demonstration orchards to determine fully the heBt
varieties for planting and the most
successful process to adopt tn the
growth of fruits in the different sections of tbe Kootenay districts. One
will be established at Crnnhrook
the farm of Joseph Brault, another
has been assigned to Gol. Pyno of
Baynes Lake, yot another nt Windermere with John .Tonus, while a fourth
goes to William Wright in the local
Ity of Golden. Tho fifth will Im on
the property of W. Eccles of New
Denver. It wilt sorvo the Slocan
country generally.
Premier  McBride  Outlines
His Progressive Policy^
Conservative  Convention
at Cranbrook
Bright Flashes from Premier McBride's Speech
A deflclt ol over 11,000,000 wc faced in 1SIM Ib today 0 aurplua ol over
•8,000,000 Id gold.
Now, within the last two yearn thing" have moved even more quickly
than we expected them to dn at the time of our Hrat contract with the
Canadian Northern system.
There is an explanation for this, and it lies in the lact tbat tbe ex
perts hope that the Panama canal will be finished within the neit 18
months. 1 think, I may .safely venture the statement that never in the
history ol the world has there been such a commercial revolution as
that which is bound to take place upon the completion ol thla most marvelous undertaking.
After serious consideration nnd careful investigation this government
decided to enter upon a course which would give us a more finished state
ol affairs as far as our railway lines were concerned. We were satisfied
that if we lost even 12 months in this respect, tbat 12 months lost now
at any rate so far as tbe Panama canal situation la concerned, might
not be overtaken in the next 25 years.
The end is not yet, and it is tbe intention ol tbegovernment ol the day
just as quickly as is consistent with tbe public interest and the plans of
tbe railway company, to Introduce this Canadian Northern competitive
system into the Kootenays as well as the Okanagan, This I was able to
say because of mnny conferences with Sir William Mackenzie and Sir
Donald Mnnn, wherein extensions of their systems Into the Kootenay
country were the subject of serious discussion. They seem to hold tbe
view, which this government hns always advanced, that In tbe Kootenay
country you are only in the commencement of things.
And when I speak ol the development ol Kootenay and what she is capable of In the near future, and how this will Justify the coming of a Competitive railway system, I would like you to believe that in this order ot
things you must never put too low down In your book of accounts the
great value to you of your climate and of your scenery.
Now 300 miles of the Canadian Northern nnd 450 miles of the Pacific &
Oreat Eastern are to receive a guarantee of '35,000 a mile trom tbe government, In return Inr which the people ol British Columbia will have a
first mortgage on the roads; In return fnr whlcb white labor exclusively
win be employed by them nnl in return Inr which as well the people ol
British Columbia will control freight and passenger rates.
The Introduction there nl tho C.P.R. standard of service will put Ka«-
lo back nn the map, and back to stay.
Just as aoon na It la found that the bridge can be built tor a fair cost
and that It Is In the public Interest in line with our record all over British Columbia, we will build the bridge, not aa a matter of favor but a*
a matter of duty.
Bright Flashes from Attorney Bowser's Speech
"By our works shall you know us; you have Keen what we have done ln
the nine years that we have been charged with the administration of thla
country, and on that record we expect to receive your assistance and support In this campaign."
In 1903 the expenditure on public works was 1743,000. This year it ta
In 19C3 the total amount expended for all purposes was •3,500,000—tbe
total this year, 1912, has reached the very large amount ol '16,22.5,000. In
1903 our revenue was only l2,OM,000,ln 1911 our last fiscal year, only eligbtj
years later, it has increased to '10,492,000.
It Is true the Liberal party met In Vancouver a few days ago in solemn
conclave and brought forth what might be termed a platform, or what I
termed the other night a crazy quilt platform. It-has all sorts of planks,
there was not a man in the meetingwho had a Ind of any sort but it was
Introduced Into that platform.
It le fearfully and wonderfully made; it passes all understanding; there
It nothing like it In heaven above, or earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth. It Is the greatest exhibition ol rainbow chasing that was
ever known In public life; every rainbow that could be gathered in was put
Into this platform.
Where has that party been for the last 16 years when Hir Wilfrid Lcur-
ler was at Ottawa, with regard to thnt question? They are the very people who made oriental immigration into this country possible. Sir Wilfrid Laurier is the very man who by ratltylng the treaty with Japan allowing the Immigration ol Japanese made it possible for our fisheries to
he taken away from the white fishermen and to come under tho practically exclusive control ol the Japanese.Two nr three times at Victoria we
passed the Natal act, and on all those occasions the whole weight and
power of the federal government was thrown against the enforcement of
that act by the local authorities.
We have decided to Increase tbe Income tax exemption and the abolition
of the poll tax will lie one ol the llrat thinga we shall undertake in next
year's legislation. 	
Notes of the Meeting
Hon. Richard McBride, premier of
British Columbia. Hon. W. J. Bowser, attaorney-general, and Mr. Thos.
D. Caven, elected on Thursday by
acclamation, as member of the provincial legislature, addressed a large
audience at the Auditorium on Wednesday evening.
Mr. T. T. McVittie, of Fort Steele
was chairman; and on the platform
with the legislative party, Mr. Otis
Staple* of Wycliffe, and Judge Ryan
of Cranbrook.
The first speaker was Mayor A. O.
Bowness who cordially welcomed the
ministerial Party to Oranbrook. He
said: "That while there might be a
diversity of opinions, politically,
that, it gave him great pleasure In
extending to Premier McBrlde, and
Mr. Bowser, a hearty welcome to tho
city of Cranhrook.
Mr. Thoma» Caven, the newly elected member for Cranbrook waa the
next speaker, nnd said: "Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is
Indeed „ pleasure to nee such a large
audience assembled to welcome and
hear the Hon. Premier, and Mr. Bowser, define the railway policy of the
government. A policy that is meeting the approval of the electorate of
the entire province. He referred to
the benefits to be derived from tlu
building of transcontinental railways
through the province, their bearing
on the immediate settlement and tlic
future prosperity of British Columbia; that white labor, und standard
wage was a predominating feature of
these railway contracts, He nlso referred to the large appropriations
granted by the government for public Improvements nnd school purposes
for and in Cranhrook district. That
if he was returned he would do his
utmost to further the best interest
of the Cranbrook district.
Mr. Otis Staples, of Wycllfte was
the next speaker, he said: "One thing
that I have always been in favor of
waa a strict business government,
such as has been given by the McBride administration. I also approve
of the railway policy of Mr. McBrlde
also of the expenditures now being
made by tbe government to develope
and settle up this province, for I have
always found that an expenditure of
large sums, became an asset, and
created a wealth three times as large
as the sum expended. That every
settler coming into this province
should realize conditions, pnd come
prepared to l>e satisfied with present
conditions, and determined to make
a permanent home wherever he might
Hon. Mr. McBride was Introduced
by the chairman. He was received
with considerable applause, and said:
"Tbat he was pleased to be again
in CrnnorooK where he had many
friends, and that the welcome that
he had received indicated thnt he had
still retained the friendship of
a large number of the electorate. He
congratulated tbe citizens of Cranbrook on their selection of Mr. Bowness as Mayor, that as a business
mnn, he might he relied upon to conduct municipal business is a most
progressive manner, nnd for the best
interests of the city.
"That ho had received a wire today
that indicated that in a majority of
the ridings there would be no content
"He stated that his mission here,
tonight, was to say something in regard to the railway policy of the
present government, which was nlso
an explanation of why the govern
ment was appealing to the electorate
It wns a little more than two years
ago since the government submitted
itself for endorsation to the electors,
and that now he wns appenling to
the most exacting critics, for some
demonstration of the confidence the
Government has, thnt. it hnd the support of the people, nnd proof that we
have fnlth In the cause we advocate.
"I feel now that as we submit
another instalment of our railway
policy to the people of thia country,
we may feel quite satisfied in the
light of past experience that we shall
be returned to the treasury benches
"You know the story of our early
experience, a depleted treasury, and
lu nine years we have turned a deficit Into a surplus, and the afiairs of
province to a stability. The government of tbe day has brought order
out of chaos, has brought good business and legitimate commerce out of
insolvency and stagnation, nud has
succeeded in restoring British Columbia to a flnanccial position which is
unequalled by any otber section of
Then followed R description of the
vast territory which the railways
would traverse, Its resources, etc.
" He then referred to the Panama
canal, its completion, and its conncc
tinn with the commerce nnd resour
cos of British Columbia. Branch lines
and extensions of the O.P.R were ox
plained satisfactory to his hearers.
The repurchase of railway lands     in
Conservative Candidates
Tho following   Conservatives   have
been nominated In Kootenay:
Lorne A CampMI, for Rotwlntid.
William R. Maclean, for Nelson.
Hon. W. R. Ross, for Pernio.
James H. Hchoflold for Ymlr.
Thai. D   Caven, for Cranbrook.
Contest Editor.    "PROSPECTOR", -
Please enter the following nlo^an in your contest closing date March 31 st-   igi.
$10.0   for the Best Slogan sent in.
Mr. Thos, l>. Oaven wan unanimously nominated at a convention of
tha Conservative party held on Tuesday night.
Delegates from every urociuct in
the Cranbrook ridiug met in convention, in Campbell and Mannings ball
on Tuesday evening for the purpose
nominating H standard bearer in the
coming provincial elections.
The convention was called to order
by Mr. Thomas T. McVittie. of Kort
Steele, president, uf the Cranhrook
District association, who stated thHt'
the convention was called (or tbe pur- j
pose of nominating a candidate to
represent Cranbrook district.
The first business was Uio election
of a permanent chairman and secretary.
On motion of Messrs. W. A. Rollins and D. J. Elmer, Mr. T. T. McVittie was elected as Chairman, nnd
A. B. Grace as secretary.
The Chairman announced that it
waw in order to elect a committee on
On motion of Messrs. Ira Manning
and R. P. Moflatt, Mr. H. W. Drew,
of Klmherley, l). J. Klmer and E.
KIwell, of Cranbrook were elected as
a committee.
A short recess was taken to enable
the credential committee to see that
the delegates were properly uuallfled
and prepare their report.
On coming to order, the committee reported 34 delegates in attendance, that every precinct, with the
exception of Wycllfte, Wardner and
Bull River was represented.
Moyie. -
every assistance in hi.4 power, anil
tiiat Cranbrook bud reason to be
proud of her representative in the
Provincial Legislature, and that it
gave bun great pleasure in placing
before the convention tbe name of
Mr. Thos. D, Caven as tbe Conservative stan lard bearer in tbe coming
election,     Loud applause.
Mr. William A. Rollins, seconded
the nomination of Mr, Caven and
said: "That in his opinion, also the
opinion of almost every conservative
in the riding, that Mr. Caven was the
strongest candidate the Conservative
party could place in the field, and
that iiis nomination, meant hia
election on Thursday next, by acclamation. Tlmt despite rumors and
small talk of dlscenslon in the Conservative rnnks, which had been fostered nnd olarged upon by leaders of
tbe Liberal party, that the Conservatives uf Cranbrook were never more
united or better organized for a cam-
paign thnn nt tbe present time. That
it gave him great pleasure to second
the nomination of Mr. Caven. Loud
nnd prolonged cheering.
No other name being placed before
the Convention, the chairman Mr. T.
T, McVittie, midst loud and prolong-
cheering, announced that Mr. Thos.
D. Caven was the unanimous choice
of the Conservative party to represent Cranbrook district in tbe coming
provincial election. —Loud cheering
and rails for Mr. Caven.
Caven, in answer to    repeated
from those present, arose   and
"Gentlemen, and delegates, I moat
sincerely and heartily thank you tor
the great honor thnt you have conferred upon me tonight. Words cannot express my feelings, and gratification nnd pleasure in your nominating ns your candidate for a aeeond
time. And I shall endeavor, if elected, do everything in my power to
further the best interests of Cranbrook riding in the legislative Assembly of the province.
"T nlso wish tn personally thank
Mr. Fink, and Mr. Rollins, for their
kindness in placing my name before
this convention, nnd I also heartily
wish to thank every delegate for ao
strongly endorsing my nomination.
"That the McBride administration
hnve mode n complete fulfillment of
every pledge made to the electorate.
and that a strict continuation of the
policies Inaugurated by the McBride
government would bring prosperity
to British Columbia. That their efforts to carry out these pledges had
brought no nid from Liberal detractors, For a period of seven years,
during an unfailing struggle to bring
the finances of the province to a
proper basis, and now the financial
credit of this province Is second to
none of any province in the Dominion, the electorate have realized that
the McBrlde administration had been
and that every pledge
f tho McBride govern-
-P. F. Johnson.
M. J. Bonner.
Chaa. Norton.
Marysville.—Paul Handley.
N. Burdette.
Kimberley.—Harry W. Drew.
Alex. Taylor.
Wattsburg....A. B. Grace.
Fort Steele....T. T. McVittie.
A.  Doyle.
A. B. Fenwfck.
Kingugate....E. Covell.
Cranbrook....R. P. Moffatt.
V. Hyde Baker.
E. A. Hill.
Dr. H. Efi, Hall.
W.  B.  McFarlane.
Daniel Burton.
Ira Manning.
B. H. Short.
J.  F.  Bridges.
Edward El well.
Jacob P. Fink.
Dr.   Rutledge.
D. J. Johnson.
Simon Taylor.
James Bates.
Richard McRumey.
W. A. Rollins.
Frank Dezall.
Lester Clapp.
Fred.  Wapsrn.
A. J. Martin.
As soon ns the report of   the Ore
deutial committee has bom accepted
the chairman    announced that nomi-  ft business one
nations were in order. fn  the name
Ex-Mayor J. P. Fink, then rose Anient had met with the approval of
and said: "That about three years; every thinking man. that had the
ngo he had the pleasure of    placing'best interests     of the province     at
in nomination Mr. Thos. D. Caven! heart. The tusk of tbe government
to represent Cranhrook district. } is vet unfinished, yet tho practical
That at that time it was a hard up-1 part of those policies, especially that
hill fight, that the Liberal party, rcforing to railways, have been before
were strongly entrenched and had thej the people and proven to be sound ln
assistance and backing of the Laurier* principle, and for the sole purpose of
administration, which was then In I bringing prosperity to, and tbe com-
power at Ottawa. At this time it:mercial enlargnunt of British Colum-
was thought that the only man that Ida. Gentlemen again let me thank
could possibly defeat the Liberal Can* i you for your kind consideration in
dlda'e, Dr. King, wns Mr. Caven. I my behalf." Loud and prolonged
That he and    many other    conserve-} cheering.
five.-- thought that after obtaining. On motion ot Messrs Elmer and
such a victory, Mr. Caven was cer-JFink the following was wired to the
tainty entitled to a second nomina-; Premier at Fernie,
tion at the hands of his party. Thftt; Hon. Richard McBride. Fernle, B.
Mr. Oaven had fulfilled his duties tolc. Caven unanimously nominated,
the letter, that delegates and com- No otber name placed before conven-
mitteos at. Victoria, always found Mr. j tion. T. T. McVittie, chairman. A.
Oaven ready and willing to glvo them I B. Grace, secretary.
 „_ „ .,_„ J _   „   	
Southeast Kootenay. Complimenting nnd find out wherein they might have
the electorate on their choice- of can- erred, and whnt was wanted for the
didate, and the possibility of his be- district, and thnt the past record of
ing returned without a contest, tho government, merited a continuance
--•prolonged cheering. of confidence and support.
Mr. BOWSER Three     cheers    wore given for*    the
Mr.    Bowser,    said:  "That   as the ■ K1»K. '<>r "■', Promlsr, for Mr. Bow-
hour was late it wns uot his intra- wr n"'1 Mr- QftVpn'	
tlon to spoak at any groat length.
Ho said that It was a peculiar condition, wo nro lighting the inr, and
thore is nothing before us, nothing
hoforo Mr, Caven In tho wny of a
"That it was the intention ot tho
government to abolish the road tnx.
To increase the income tax. He re*
fnr red to the passing or the Natal
Act, and its disallowance by tho
laurier government.
"He snld that tbe ministers of the
crown woro plonHod to visit the differ-
Another Link in K. C.
Foley, Welch and Htewart, who la«t)
fall completed Uio HO mllo section of
the Kootenay Central railway from
J affray on the Crow's Nest branch
to Kort Steele, have been awarded
the 20 mile section from Fort Steele
to Skooklim Chlick. Jnmes McDonnell & Co., are now building the fiQ*
mllo section of tbo snmo lino from
Golden south through the Upper Columbia  valley.   Tho  uncompleted  gap
•nt   ridings, to meet   tbe electorate is about 100 miles. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
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of a youth who stands around the
street corners smoking cigarettes and
expectorating on the sidewalks
* *   *   *
Young man if you expect to attain
success you must work. Success does
not crown the efforts ol a boy who
rims away from school and shirks his
The home circle may be-—ought to
be—tbe most charming and delightful
place on earth, the centre uf the purest affections und most desirable associates, as well ns tho most attractive and exulted beauties to 1"' fOUnd
this side ot paradise.
• •   •   •
Push! Push! It is just the word for
! tbe grand dear morning of life; it is
S just the word fnr Btrong arms und
I young hearts; it is just the word for
a world that is full ol work as this
j is. If anybody is In trouble, and you
don't  stand   back,   push1
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under New Management
'"|'*l"l"l"l *l**l**l*T*i*l**l**f**r''i"*i**f**r-T**i' *f**t*■ r"I""I"*l"I*^*«|*"f**T*kt**l«*|~f**f**i** j**f**r**r**v
*»»■.*,.   *. *_.».  *    *    *    *    *   .*    *.   *    *    *    *.  *    ,»,,|,,t,.t,.l,,t,,t,,|1rt    t    I    I    t    li.t-rl-ilT*.*..*  .*■,!.
Til 11*1 T *»*"("t iTTtTttI II" tTTI I I rrt I'i'TH I r r*f**rT~i *v
$15.00   DOWN!
$10.00 A Month
Buys a   Fine,   Large,   Building" Lot   in  the
Burnaby Section
ol   Vancouver's  Surburbs, Positively   no   better
buy    for    the    money    in   the   country, Prices
must  advance  soon.
LOTS S245.00
The Western Canada Power Co., are put- X
ting through their New Car Line right past ',',
this    property.        Come in   and   learn particulars.    ',',
Phone 391 P. 0, Box 306    +
> ■
District ni Kaat   Kootenay
TAKB notice tbat B. 0. ritanl ol
Waldo, B. C. occupation farmer, intends to apply fur permission to purchase the following described, landa.
Commencing at a post planted at
tha aouth eaat corner of lot 01131
thence east 40 chains; thence north
40 ehalna; thence weat I" ehalna;
thence aouth 40 chains, tn the point
ot commencement, runtainlnK 160
acres more or leaa.
BdwardC.arfleld  stahl
Dated reb. M.  i-.nz 10-9t
LlCStlM to taku and iim* Water.
(Section 4K>
on tbo 10th dny of April next, application will im made to tho Buporln-
t*»lent, of Provincial Pollco for the
transfer of th« license for tint tmU of
liquor by retail In timl upon ttio
prtmlMN known an Uio "Falls View
Hotel" ultUftt* nt MuryHVilla. Ilrttlnh
Oolumbla, from R. T. Crowley to
John   Wllhani   Qolblirn   of   Km turner,
Brltleh Columbia.
Datod tbu 2nd day of March,  vm
K. T. (!rowley,
Holder of UcOQM
J.  W. Colburn.
l(Mt Applicant  for  trnnefer
NOTIOB ia hereby given tbat thi
Oolumbla and Kootenay Railway and
Navigation Company will apply for
h llcenno to takp ami use three feet
of water out of Linklater ('reek,
which flown in u south-easterly direction through Lots 328 nnd 324 and
empties into Kootenay Hi ver neui
the Internutlnnal Boundary.
The water will bfl diverted at a
point on said creek about 900 feet
went of the eastern boundary of 1'"'
328 and will be used fur irrigation
purposes on the land described ai
Subdivision 6 of Lot 336.
ThiH notice was posted on the
ground on the uth day of March,
Tbo application will be filed In the
offlce of the Wnter Recordei at Oran
hrook, It. 0,
Objections may be tiled with tli"
laid Water Recorder or with the
Controller of Weter Rights, t'arlia
ment  IliilldlngH,  Victoria.  H. 0.
Tho Columbia flnd  Kooi-ennv
Hallway *  Navigation Company,
U-5t Hy   Alfred   Mnipliy, Agent
lt Is always best to wan for the
evidence     before   passing   judgment
i When you hear reports detrimental
to young   ladles or gentlemen, don't
, by hasty in forming conclusions, it
.> batter to be charitable when any
one is iu trouble Today it Is some
one els*s hoy or girl; tomorrow it
may be yours.
Social workers and reformers all
over this broad land of ours are constantly trying to remedy problems of
vice and tustall new reform methods;
and it behooves every mother of our
Home. Sweet Home to do ber share
by exerting preventive measures upyn
her hoys and     girls     Prevention    is
better than reform.
• •   •   •
The worst tragedies are not enac-
ed on stage, but in homes. The divorce courts indicate that. Poverty
tragedies in the Httle street back of
where some actors suffer nobly rather tban beg. Tragedies in tbe big
house on the "avenue" gilded prison
houses for women, infernos for men,
chambers of borrows for children.
Breaking hearts, withering hopes,
maddening brains, the crowd goes
screaming by. No. all the tragedies
ia not back in tbe little stceet. But
"when poverty conies in at the door"
doesn't love fly out the window?" No
we've seen too many lovers in overalls and sweethearts in gingham
aprons to believe tbat. When we
write a book of fables tbe first one
will begin: Once upon a time there
waa a house of poverty. But when
the wolf came to the door he turned
away for he heard them laughing and
singing". Home doesn't consist in
things, but of hearts. A woman in
a mngnitlcieut palace in Nebraskr
^ald to us." The happiest days of my
life were spent in a sod house ten
miles out yonder on the prairie."
• •   •   •
Wo have seen a picture by HarriF
entitled, "No More Home?" We can't
forget it. Pot tbe lirst time tho
young husband staggers into that
rich home intoxicated. And it is a
rich homo; notice the draperies, thu
pictures, tbo furnishings', Tho bady's
cribs, which the young mother prays
may become its casket, rocks to sloop
innocence. A thousand tilings are
Worse than death. The husband
wears a flushing diamond, but lacks
diamond of character. See the rosea
drooping [rom tho vase, withering
dying. See the roses dropping from
the wife's heart, withering, dying.
Tbe closed piano—music is dead, Tbe
light light is going out, "No more
home." God help those who live in
homeless houses houses where a
husband gives black looks and vile
oaths; where it woman's sarcastic and
nagging tongue drives a man to
drink quicker than iraake bite; where
a laay son rives abuse and heartbreak instead of gratitude; where a
shallow, thankless daughter believed
Id ber chief end and aim in life to
dress swell aiul marry a bank account and an auto, as though happiness always traveled in a touring
car! Deliver us from such a home!
Close tt up quick! Put up tho sign
"House for sale.'' Better sit on a
.stump of a tree out In tbe woods
with an umbrella over your bead and
call that home.
«   ■   •   •
"Twas Oliver Wendal Holmes who
saul "Hapiuess consists of four feet
on a fender"—another way of spelling
h-o-m-e. Understand oue can get
considerable "pleasure" elsewhere,
course or refined. There's considerable gratification in a. night of fellowship with the "boys" at the lodge.
One may he wildly hilarious at a
"fun factory" at Coney Island, but
when it's all done, after the Stat ^tflaw at tbe factory, after, with more
or less treacherous memory, you've
sung "Auld Lang Syne " then you
.start homeward, the cheap tinsel of
regalia, tbe bollowness of ritual,
somehow crowd in on you. Tbe
trite saying of the "suveriu gran
potentato" as be gave you the good
night grip at the street corner. We
can go home -Iim, when we can go
nowhere else", strikes In still deeper
To Adam paradise was home; to you
home is paradise. There the"kiddies"
ure; there "there best woman Ood
ever made" grectB you with face and
eyes bright as a June morning. What
do tbo Chinese say? "A hundred men
make an encampment, it takes a w°-
man to make a home". Any influence
Llint makes men think less of 'home
is traitor to tho man. The strength
of tbe American Republic is built on
the American home. It's a political
safeguard, No arnachy for the man
with a home, "No home" means
Joth a"d Vandals. It's the strength
of tbe church too.   Hearthstones were
aid before altar stones, to the true
iome angels might be invited to stay
and not find themselves amiss.
No wonder Curtain Buyers are coming
here in ever increasing numbers. The
Stimulus is easy to find. It is the Spirit
of Thrift.   Our Goods and Prices are
Concrete Expressions
of the Surest, Safest, and Truest Money
Saving. No matter how low the price
may be, you will always find Qualities
and Styles right.
See Our West Window
Second Floor
Second Floor
Essays on Highways
"What Good Roads Mean to Canada"
New Westminster, March 13.—-In or-
ier to stimulate Interest in good
roads throughout Canada, W. J.
Kerr, President of the Canadian
Highway Association, is offering
three valuable medals, for the best
•ssay on "What Good Roads Mean
to Canada." Tbo competition for
•heso medals is to be confined to
boys and girls under eighteen years
i)f age. and no distinction is to be
made between the 80X08. Women
have long since taken a place in
literature equal to that occupied by
•nen. Mr. Kerr believes, and a contest in which girls will campcte
itrainst boys will be more intereating
to all concerned tban one in which
■operate prizes are given.
Tbe competition will be open to
Indents in all parts of Canada and
there will bo no hard and fast rules
is to the length of the essay submitted, although articles of COO to 80C
words will be prefered. Tho well
tnown newspaper rule that writing
mint lie on oue side of tbo paper
nnly will be strictly enforced.
Competitors will he required to
leal with fnctH ns well as with theo
rfea in the preparing of their papers,
and all essays must ho in tho hands
of the socrotary, P. W. Luce, fill
Oolumbla 3treet, New Westminster,
on or before May Ifi
The (lrflt prieo will bo a solid gold
medal beating on the ohvorflfl a reproduction of a part of the Canadian
Highway, encircled by tho words,
"Chund Ian Highway Association,
1918*" On the reverse tho name of
the winner will hn engraved, followed
by tlio words, "First prtoe Winner
Canadian Highway Association Essay
Competition," The aocond and third
prizes will be tlm name an the gold
medal, Iml will bo of silver gilt and
of silver       In addition a silver mm-
venir pin will be given every competitor whose assay attains a certain
standard of tnerit.
In discussing the proposition to
Interest all young people in good
roads by means of this competition
Mr. Kerr pointed out that it was
lmporativo that the gospel of good
roads should be preached to the hoys
and girls because it it; while the mind
is in a formative stage that impressions are lasting and Ideas easily
"By interesting the young people
of Canada iu tho proposition to
tablish a Canadian Highway that will
roach from Albernl, II, C, to Hall
fax, N. H.," says Mr. Kerr, "I ox
pect to create wide interest in this
movement. U realize that once
have the support and sympathy of
the public at large the success of
this enterprise is assured. Get the
young people interested and willing
to talk about a cause that is for the
public good ami it is only a question
of time untill succors crowns our
efforts. 1 would like every uchool-
tnastor nnd school mistress in Canada to call the attention of their pupils to tho offer 1 am making and to
give them all possible assistance In
preparing thomuolvcs for tho writing
of these essays, either by giving thom
compositions on such subjects as
"good roads"; "Canadian Highway"
"Tho Dulldlng of Itoiuln"; "Famous
Road Builders"; "I*3nrly and Modem
Road llullding", or "ItoadM as a
Country's Assot."
All OBflays must bo accompanied hy
tbo inline of the writer and a Statement, signed by parent or guardian,
declaring thai tllfl composition is the
competitors own work and that thn
writer is under eighteen years of
ilOur Sale of
HHt-l-MWtW HH-1 Httl+H+«
Tungsten Lights & Electric Domes   11
Has Been So Great This Week It
Kept Us Busy Handing Them Out
-.   PHONE 129—
Quain Electric Co., Ltd.
Successors to
Empire Electric Co.
Maurice Quain, Manager
FERNIE, B. c. ::
■■■.**. ■ .m. ■  ■  ■. ■  ■  I ,f„f„f, |, f .>,,|,.|..1i,|.J.J. jlIilIjiI.lI
,   |*f•*""■ >!•**■*>f**|al|*>|,BJIi|«|>>|Ii|,>|*****"*******f***f**|*"a*'aa|i "■"*■'■ I'*f
One Week Commencing Next Monday
The Ever Popular Comedian
Tom Marks
Supported by a Large and Distinguished
Company in
Comedies and Dramas
Mostly Irish
Monday — "His Irish Honor"
5    -    BIG VAUDEVILLE ACTS    -    5
Prices   25c, 50c and 75c.   Advance Sale at
Beattie & Murphy's Drug Store
N, B.   Show Commences Sharp at 8:.M)
I,A    *L>laJ JaX *-*   ■*■■*■ I    *
j, ty' if"! "| ■ ■ j* *i"i **f *l" "l" l*j***f
Notice Ih hereby iclveu that Um re-
aerve eifetlng   over Lot 6683, Oroup
One, Kootenay Dlatrict, formerly, embraced In Timber Llcenae   No. 16787
by reamm nf a notlca bearing date ot
24th December 1907 and pubtiehed In
the British Columbia. Gazette ot 87th
December 1907, la cancelled in order
that a «ali> ol thn aald landa may he
effected tn  Kllr,aluitli nummtaira.
Hoht. A. Kenwlck
Deputy Miniatar of Landa,
Landa Department
Victoria, II. O,
February 8th 1912. MMo.
(DiBtrict ol   Kaat Kootenay.)
I, Frank Henry Poaraon of Fort
Steele In tbe Province of Ilritinh Co
lumbla, intend to apply for pcrmis
aion to purchase seventy-live acrea of
land bounded aa follows:—
Commeucina; nt n post planted III)
chains east of the north east comer
of lot 126 on the emit bank of an
island; thence full,,wine the shore
down stream to its moBt southerly
point; thence up stream ln an easterly and northerly direction • to its
northerly extremity; thence following
the west, bunk to thn point of commencement.
Dated thla Uth dny of March, 1912,
!2-9t. F. 11. PEARSON,
The man who does not. udvortlso
liocaiiso somebody anld It didn't pay,
ought not to believe thnt the world
Is round, bemuse the auclenta aald
It waa flat
FOR HALK -Must be Bold at genuine bargains, two Morris up-to-date,
upright piano's. Part caah, balance
can be nrralnged. These are Al Instruments,
illOOlliiK B. POWHSLL.
Cranbrook   Steam    Cleaning   Works
Office. 5-tl
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
I'honc 25V I1  O. Bon N45
Competition for New University Buildings to he Brected at Point Orey
Near Vancouver,   British Oolumbla.
The Oovernment of Brltleh Oolumbla invite Competitive plane tor tba
general scheme and deelgn for the pro
posed   new University, together wltb
more detailed Plana for tbe building!
to be erected first   at an   estimated
coat of ll,S0d,CO0.
Prliea of 110,000   will be given tor
the moat successful Designs submitted
Particulars of the competition and
plan of Bite may be obtained on   request from the undersigned.
The designs to be sent In by July
list, 1918, addressed to
Parliament Buildings,
9-Ct. Victoria, British Oolumbla.
Joalab Green.-Ib It true tbat you
are contemplating the production of
a burlesque entitled "Hy Sifter's
Hair?" It will be a "take-off" of
course, and will he "done up" ln tbe
P,L;8. & C.E.
B: 0
Barrister, Solictor, etc.,
Barristers and Solicitors,
Oranbrook Lodge No 34    A.F.* A.M.
Lingular meetings on
lho  ihlt'd  Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren
D. J.  McSWHYN, W, H.
J. S. PECK, Sec.
Rocky Mountain Chapter |
NO. 126. B, A. M,
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuee
day in eaoh month at eight
Sojourning Companions are
cordially invited. §
Ex. Comp. A. C. Shankland, E. J
Meets every Monday
night at  Now   Pra-
  _ ' ternlty    Hall.     Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. J. Randall, W. M. Harris
N.   G. SeCy.
Knights of  Pythias
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   33
Meets   every   Tuesday
at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
0. Porter 0. C.
J. M. Boyce,
K. of R. & 8.
Visiting   brethren cordially   invited   to attend.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
ith Thursday of each month.
A. CLARK,Jr., Sec.     P. 0. Boi 248
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
M.M.V..   V.S..
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto In' 1898. Gradate and medalist of McKlUlp
Veterinary college, Chicago, IU.
In 1104. Registered member ol
Brltleh Oolumbla association.
u.l c»ii.e sight a dm mwstiv atiaaoao to
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
H.O  Box 236 Phone 223.
Funeral Director,
P If ONE  34li
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tiree Applied
To Buggy Wheala
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone to     •   •   •     P. 0. Box 111.
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive)
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Hoods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Ave
Phone 151.
Steam  Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stock estimates
furnished ou application.
Addrosi: P. 0. Boi Mo. Crinbrooa
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avstuie Next to Crtf Hall
Open Day and Night Phono 13,
Century Restaurant
K.  Y.  Uyeniatau, Prop.
Oppoeite 0. P. R. Depot.
Phone 119   P. O. Boi 104
Department of Lands
Physicians and Surgeons
imee at Realdance,   Armetroag Are.
Forenoons - - ■ - 1.00 to 10.01
Atternoane - - - ■ 1.00 to   4.01
Bveulnita  ■ - - -   7,10 to   1.10
Sundaya I.M to   4.10
IRAN BROOK :     : B. O.
ror   Bale or Rent at Reasonable
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Phone No. Ill-
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally Located
Three minutes from Government
Terms to  suit   buyer,  no
roajionable offer refused
For further particulars apply at the
Prospector Office
(Water Act.    1901.)
To all holdera of land within the
limits ot Lot 4, Oroup 1, Kootenay
District and to all holders ot Water
Recorda on Josephs Prairie Creek.
Application ot William A. Rollins
for the apportionment of part of the
300 inches of water from aald creek
recorded in favor of John T. Oni-
bralth on the 23rd, day ol May, 1171,
for the purpose of Irrigating Block
195, of the snld Lot 4. in the Town-
site of Cranbrook according to a map
or plan tiled In the Land Registry
Utllcc nt Nelson, B. 0„ as 669C; and
for pormiHslon to change the point of
diversion nnd the course of the ditch
tor the dlvorslon of part of said
water, will bo heard before me
at my office on the mth day
ot March, 1912, at eleven o'clock in
the forenoon, local time, under the
authority of the snld Water Act.
Objections should lie tiled with me
on or before the I Ith day of March,
Dated Hi Oranbrook, B. 0,, the Mth
day of February, 1912.
A, tl. NKLHON.
Acting    Assistant    Coin-
issionor of IrfWda for tho Southern
Division of I'-nst Kootenay. 7-4t
(Water Act, 1909.)
To nil holders of land within the
limits ot Lot 4, Group 1, Kootenay
Dlatrlct and to nil holders of Water
Recorda on Josephs Prairie Creek
Application of William B. Bardgett
for the apportionment of part ol the
300 inches of water from said creek
recorded in favor of John T. Oal
bralth on tho 23rd day ot May 1872
for tbo purpose of Irrigating Block
183 of tho said lot 4, In the Town-
site of Crnnhrook neenrding to a map
or plan tiled In the Land Registry
Olflce at Nolson, B. C, as 6690; and
for permission to change the point of
diversion anil the course of the ditch
lor the diversion of part of the said
water, will hn heard buforo me at my
ofllce on the lKth day of March. 1912
at eleven o'clock In the forenoon local time, under the authority nf tne
mild wator act.
Objections ahould lie tiled with me
on or before the Uth day of March,
Dated nt Crnnhrook, 1). 0, the 14th
day of February, 1912.
Acting    Aai.ii.tnnt   Com-
tnlMloner ol Lauds for the Southern
Uivlslen el Bast Kootenay. 7-4t
IN the matter of the Board of Investigation   created by Part III.   of
the "Water Act" for the determination of water rights existing on   tbe
12th day of March, 1909; and in   the
matter of the following creeks   in the
Cranbrook Water District:
Adolph Oreek.
Alberta Creek.
Aldridge Creek.
Aqueduct Creek.
Arnold Creek.
Anderson Creek.
Alki Creek.
Argyle Creek.
Antwerp Creek.
Akamina Oreek.
Armstrong Creek,
Bark Shanty Creek.
Bleasdell Creek.
Boulder Oreek.
Bowman Creek.
Brewery Creek.
Bridge Creek.
Burton Creek.
Btaytock Creek.
Bingay Oreek.
Brownie Oreek.
Boulder Creek.
Bull River
Bull River, Bast Fork.
Bannock Creek.
Baker Creek.
Booths Creek.
Bridge Creek.
Beaver Creek.
Buddygudder Creek.
Callaghan Oreek.
Cameron Creek.
Cassimayook Creek
Cherry Creek.
Chipka Creek.
Clayton Creek.
Coal Creek.
Coldstream Creek.
Conner Creek.
Oorbln Oreek.
Cotton Oreek.
('urzou Creek.
Cayote Creek
Clode Oreek.
Camp Creek.
Cassamayao Creek.
Copper Creek.
Cariboo Creek.
Oborty'B Oreek.
Campbell Creek.
Commerce Oreek.
Couldrey Oreek.
Clearwater Creek.
Carbon Oreek.
Dal ton Oreek.
Dandy Creek.
Derosler Oreek.
Dickson Oreek.
Devitt Creek.
Dewar Creek.
Dewar Creek, Bast Fork.
Dewar Creek, West Fork.
Dewer Creek.
Dublin Creek.
Deer Oreek.
Dibble Oreek.
Dlorlte Creek.
Bdwards Lake.
Bdwards Lake Creek.
Blk River.
Elko Spring.
Elmer Creek.
Bschnolg Creek.
Bwin Creek.
Elder Creek.
Fatry Oreek.
Fish Lakes.
Fish Lakes (Lower)
Fish Lake Oreek.
Fisher Oreek.
Four-mile Oreek.
Fording River.
Fording River,  North Fork.
Fall Creek.
French Creek.
Flat Head River, North Fork of.
Funday Oreek.
Ulencalrn Creek.
Grace Oreek.
Orave Creek.
Orundy Oreek.
Oold Creek.
Gold Creek, North Fork.
Oold Oreek, South Fork.
Gold Oreek, Weet Fork.
Glasgow Creek.
Oalway Creek.
Gold Hill Creek.
Geary Springs
Goldie Creek.
Ha Ha Oreek.
Hosmer Oreek.
Hospital Oreek.
Henretta Oreek.
Hansen Oreek.
Horseshoe Creek.
Hells Roaring Creek.
Hogg Oreek.
Hart I y Oreek.
Hog Ranch Creek.
Iron Creek.
Irishman Oreek.
Jew Oreek.
Jones Creek.
Joseph's Prairie Creek.
Jackson Creek.
Khartoum Creek.
Kiah-ehob-na Creek.
Klntla Oreek,
Kootenay River.
Lascelles Creek.
Lamb Creek.
Lovatt Creek.
tawls Creek.
Llnklater Oreek.
Lliard Creek.
Lost Creek.
Luke Creek.
Large Stream.
Little Bull Creek.
Line Creek.
Lodge Pole Oreek.
Lisbon Creek.
Ledds Creek.
Liverpool Oreek.
London Oreek.
Limerick Oreek.
Lake Oreek.
Little l*mb Creek.
Little Mans Oreek
Lladner Creek
Lanadown Oreek.
Meadow Oreek.
Marsh Oreek.
Maguire Oreek.
Manchester Oreek.
Manaon Creek.
Marine Lake.
Marlon Oreek.
Mark Creek.
Matthew Creek.
Maus Oreek.
Michel Oreek.
Michel Oreek, South Branch.
Michel Oreek, Norte Fork.
Marlgeon Oreek.
Meyers Oreek.
Miller Creek.
Mirror Lake.
Morrlssey Oreek.
Moyie Oreek.
Mundie Creek.
Moore Oreek.
Martin Oreek.
Marten Creek.
Moyle Lakes.
Moslen Oreek.
Mud Oreek.
Mouse Oreek.
McNeil Creek.
Moyie River.
Moyle River, North Fork.
Moyie River, South Fork.
Munroe's Lake.
Munroe's Oreek.
New Lake.
Nigger Oreek.
Nelplen Creek.
Olsen Creek.
Osborne Oreek.
OU Greek.
Ohogg Creek.
Prudhomme Creek.
Palmers Bar.
Palmers Bar, Branch of
Perry Creek.
Philllpps Oreek.
Pyatts Pond.
Premier Lake.
Plumbob Oreek.
Pyramid Oreek.
Parkers Oreek.
Pitt Oreek.
Pudding Oreek.
Paris Oreek.
Pea Vine Oreek.
l'lrle Oreek.
Quartz Creek.
Quirk Creek.
Rainbow Creek.
Red Canyon Oreek.
Reserve Oreek.
RobBon Spring.
Rock Creek.
Rome Oreek.
Ryder Creek.
Ridgeway Oreek.
Rabbit Foot Creek.
Band River.
sand River, Big and Uttle.
Rand River, Uttle.
Semo Oreek.
Sheep Oreek,
Silver Spring Lake.
Six-mile Creek.
Skookumcmick Oreek.
Skookumehuck Oreek, South Fork
Slide Oreek.
Smith Oreek.
Smith Lake.
Spring Oreek.
St. Mary's River.
Sullivan Oreek.
Sunday Creek.
Sunken Oreek.
Supply Oreek.
Sandown Oreek.
Shepherd Creek.
Sawmill Creek.
Sage Oreek.
Starvation Creek.
Huswap Mission Creek.
Stoddart Creek.
Shuswap Oreek.
Sams Oreek.
Sink Creek.
Spruce Creek.
Side Creek.
Squaw Creek.
Swamp Greek.
Salisbury Creek.
Squawpolnt Creek.
Ta Ta Oreek.
Tborno Creek.
Tracy Oreek.
Trent Oreek.
Tunnell Oreek.
Twin Lakes.
Trail Creek.
Tackle Oreek.
Tale Oreek.
Tamarac Creek.
Tower Creek.
Tanglefoot Oreek.
Victoria Slide Oreek.
Valley Oreek.
Wasa Oreek.
Weaver Oreek.
Wild Horse Oreek.
Wild Horse Oreek, East Fork.
Willie Philllpps Oreek.
Wott Creek.
Wigwam River.
Walsh Creek.
Waverley Oreek.
Whitney Oreek,
Wilson Oreek.
Warm Springs Creek.
Washout Oreek.
Windermere Oreek.
Yellow Creek.
Spring on Lot 171.
Lake on Lot *>41.
Ijiae between Lots     111 and IM
Creek on I-ot 314.
Lake on I.ot 8911.
Lake on Lot 7225.
Lake on Ixit MM.
Springs nn Lot II.
Springs 120 feet north ot   south
boundary of Lot 8M7.
Springs on Lot 310.
Springs on Lot 19.
Springs on Lota II and 101.
Spring on Lot 7*21.
Stream rising on Lot 417.
Btream on Lot III.
Stream on Lot 417.
Stream on Lot 1*17.
Stream on Lot 1171.
Stream rising neur north    corner
of Lot 30.
Stream riBlng un Lot 6356.
Stream fiowlug through Lot 2377,
Creek on east side of Lot 676.
St'eam rising on Lot 4590   near
Lot 805,
Three creeks rising on Block 4591
and sinking on Lot 312.
Stream rising on Lot 2376.
Creek rising near     western huun-
dary of Lot 6439.
Stream rising on Lot 334.
Stream rising near east boundary
of Lot 6423.
Greek rising near     centre of   l.ot
Stream on Lot 4588.
Btream rising on Lot 2793.
Streams on Lot 10089.
Creek one mile    south of    South
Fork of Elk River.
Stream rising on Lot 5249.
Creek on east    side Townsite   of
Farowell; and all    unnamed springs,
streams, creeks, ponds, gulches,   and
lakes tributary to or ln the vicinity!
\ Makes niore
P      breast;
and better bread"
The  Fink   Mercantile  Co.
of the above-named streams
Take notice that each and every
person, partner-ship company, or municipality who, on the said 12th day
of March, 1909, bad water rights on
any of the above-mentioned creeks,
is directed to forward on or before
the 27th day of April, 1912, to tho
Controller of Water Rights at the
Parliament Buildings at Victoria, a
memorandum of claim ln writing a"
required by section 28 of the said
Act as amended. Printed forme for
such memorandum (Form No. 19) I
con be obtained from any of the Water Recorders ln the Province.
The said Board of Investigation,
will then proceed to tabulate such
Alter the claims have been tabulated by the Board, notice will be
given of the places and days on which
evidence and argument will be heard
at local points.
Dated at Victoria this 5th day   of
March, 1912.
By order of    the Board of Investigation.
Acting Controller     of Water
Rights. U-5t
A. C. Bowness
Wine   and   Spirit   Merchant
Manufacturer of all kind,.
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
if all kinds nf Por
Wines and S\i
nntl   Domestic
Elko Notes
Maker St. Cranhrook, M. C
********************** **********************.
HOTEL g^"brook'
(By J. B. Taylor.)
Mr. Tuck has been staying In Rlko
(or a few days.
Government Agent B. F. Alexander of Fernle was at Rlko last week
on official business.
A special meeting of tbe Blko Water Power committee was held lost
week. Plenty of power, but no signs
of water.
A somewhat alarming (ire occurred
tn the house occupied by Mrs. Tod-
hunter on Thursday afternoon. The
fire brigade responded, and quickly
subdued the flames, the damage was
A well attended Conservative meeting was held on Tuesday Sth Inst., In
order to elect delegates for the Fernle convention. Messrs. J. A. Agnew, and Chas. KUngensmith will go
to the coal city as delegates.
Mayor Bleasdell, of Fernie, who
has been appointed as returning officer (or the Fernle riding was in Rlko
lost week, and was quite busy posting proclamations and arranging for
the different polling precincts.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester of Flagstone,
osaed through Rlko on their way
to Cranbrook last week, where they
are to reside. Mrs. Lister is a musical lady being an expert violin player, and handles the piano with skill.
She singe sweetly, and was much In
demand (or social, etc, In Flag-
atone. She is sure to become very
popular in Cranbrook.
A smoking concert was held at
Waldo on Saturday last under the
auspices of the Waldo Conservative
association; there wsre over two
hundred present. Mr. Beattie president of the association was chairman. Hon. W. R. Ross, Minister ot
Lands, being the principal guest and
speaker. Rlko was represented by
Messrs. J. M. Agnew, B. Kerr, and
T. Foiaiey. It wan an interesting
meeting, excellent speeches, good
music, and cigars, and a lot nf jolly
good fellows well met.
Sometime ago through the columns
of the Klk River Times I described a
visit to deserted Morrlssey. That
in the summer time, when beauty of nature excelled. I hod occas
sion to visit the village again this
week. A single track led through the
snow to the one occupied house.
Bleokneea and deeertion were complete, and one was reminded of the
stories they have heard of the snow
clad plains of Siberia. It is reported
however, that Morrissey will undergo
considerable change soon. Let
hope (rom tbe ruins wilt spring up a
prosperous townsite.
This column is becoming a    source
ol general information.   Olnd to   be
able to answer a correspondent  this
week again. "Your   anawer in     last
week's Prospector,    Klko notes',"  J
B. writer, "aa to the origin ol lift
Ing the    hat   to a lady   wna very in
lormatlve, and I venture to nak you
(or   tbe origin of    the practice     of
shaking hands."   Wben two foes were
making a truce, "J. II." It was deem
ed necessary to guard ngnln'it lronrh
ery, so thny held each the    weapon
hand of the other.   Then     grndnnlly
thla   became    Ihe   mode ot grei.t.lni!
friends, as they were friends when a
truce was declared.     These questions
are very Interesting, and I will deal
with "bow   phases   originate"    and
how present customs came into vogue
at some    length In    the    Prospector |
Is * large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence, Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  al!  go  to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
11 ******* i ********* in i "i i ii iiii 11111111 iii
I wish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving a
Cash Discount of IS per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
*************** MM tl »
■    W.   DBIW,   aVetarieeer, |
(Section 481
(Section 4«i
on the loth day of April next, appli-
OAtlon will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police tor the
transfer of the license tor the sale of
Honor by retail in and upon the
premises known na thn Kootenay Hotel, situate at Moyle, British Columbia, from Alexander D, Cameron to
William J. Urainner of Moyle, Brltleh
A. I)   Cameron
Holder ji'ijieenaa"
j" J. Bremner
in-<i Anient tor Transfer
[Dated thla 7th ,,, 0f March, IMI.
Notice Ik hereby given thnt on the
1Mb day of April next, application
will be mnile to the Superintendent
of Provincial Pollco loi the tranefer
of the llcenae for the wile of liquor
hy retnll on tin1 promisee known aa
the Yahk 1 Intnl. BltuutO Bt Yahk,
BMtleti Oolumbla from Benjamin J,
Ulley, tn lllley A Larson, of Yahk.
lirittsb Oolumbla
Honjemln -i   itiley,
■-.i.i,,,. „[ i.icptiee.
.ii  .-'.'   Larson,
,„ i, ADDlleont •
D°aud this >nd lii, of M.rcU,-.*«-.r. THE PROSPECTOR, ORANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Moving Pictures at the AUDITORIUM THEATRE To-Night
10c & 15c
Like the Auto, is a Splendid Western Drama.
"Marvelous Cavalry"
A Special U. S, Military Feature
The Call of the Wilderness'
An Intense Western Drama.
10c & 15c
t-i-H"i-H-'H*H' -H-H*I"I"H"H"M-|I I *** I ***>
The Painting Season
Is At Hand and We Are Ready
to take care of
Your Requirements With
s**--f4* anlaysJH*-'
house paint
e  are
forced  to   re-
the size of our paper
011 account ol
now on   order
■ ■
We have a Full Stock
F. Parks & Company
Hardware, Stoves,   House-furnishing Goods
||H"H-H 11 I I I I l-l"l Mil I I I'll
To the Independent Order of Foresters
COURT     WTLDHORSE     NO.   266,
Cranbrook, B   0.
I hereby wish to express my sincere thanks
to the members of tlio above order, lor the kind
ness extended to me during my recent illness;
also for tho prompt payment ot my hospital
bill, ol $70 and sick benefits of 15.00 per week.
Yours respectfully.
Mrs. Fred. W. Wolls.
Local News
Us nil  over  town   "dust "
Otis Btaples, of WycHfle wns in tin-
city Wednesday.
I    Mrs.  Dolan,  ol  Sirdar,    wns shop
ping in Craubrook Monday
Mi. nnd Mrs. S. 1'otter, ot Moyie,
woro In Cranbrook Monday.
BORN.—At Homo Hospital, to Mi
and Mrs. N. 8pratt, a daughter
BORN.-At the Homo   HoBpltaJ to
Mr. and Mrs. A   R. Webster; ,t daugb
T ' tor.
I      Mrs   1)   0,  Robertson, of Troy.  N.
T   Y     wns n    Oranbrook visitor     tins
contains tbo latest books and intiiui
sines.—Palace Olgor Store, Hanson
Oct your |ob printing nt tho Prospector office. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Taylor ol Un-
berley. wore Cranbrook visitors on
Q. S. Jaqulth, of Toronto, repre
sentini; Brown Bros, was in tho city
Mr. ans Mrs. H. R. McKon-.o-, 0f
Moyio. ----ore Cranbrook visitors on
Wedn -s.iay.
Geo. N'iblock has been confined to
Jus homo this week with an attack
of la grippe.
J. B. Taylor, of Klko. correspondent for the Prospector, was in the
city Monday.
Must clear out Wall Paper Stock
at, once. Everything guts cheap for
cash.—B.  H
Became* bolrig C.P.R Watch
Inspectors    w«    know    ami
handle th <■>■•' reliable mikei
it. i i.i .i we give ''"i juaraii"
ttto with '.'.till watch which li
full) Luu keu ni' by the niaau-
f*ti turei
Ladies 15 Jeweled Watch
hi .. u yofti huutlug caae
Price 18 Dollars
Gent'a ai Jeweled Watch
Price 25 Dollars
\\ e are :ilv,.i\s pleased
to show goods
Cranbrook ty Lethbrldge
pany with hla father,  Mr,   Alex.  McBride ot Calgary,
Choice patterns of Wall 1'apor to
aelect Irom at "Glvo Away Prices."
ll. 11. Short.
Premier Mo Br Uio, and Hon, w. -J.
[Bowser, pnsBod through Oraubrook
, Tuosday, on their way to Pernio,
whore thoy addroBaod tin*, clttaona
j of tho Coal ('ity iu llm ovoulng.
I Harry Swootitia** returned to Orau-
I brook Wi'tlui'Htlay Inst fimtt a Wltt-
ter'a vacation in tho old country.
Harry, reports having hud un excellent timo with bin pooplo in svvii,
mik Balo of men's do tli lug on Saturday, March Uth, Don't fall to give
uu a call, All our goiwln aro now.
Nothing ahell worn or BUod-dy. Thin
IB il chance for you to buy a Biiit or
rililrt, pair of shoes, hat, cap. box,
auspondors; anythiug you require for
tho spring and Bummor at Balo prlooa
a chance ot a life timo.—Blast Koote-*
hay Mercantile House, opposite the
Opera House.
This has been a very busy week iu
Oranbrook, With two nominating
conventions, uud n public mooting,
with Premier McBrlde and Hon. Mr,
Bowser un speakers, many exciting
events transpired.
Olgars, tobacco's, und pipes at the
Palace Cigar Store, Hanson Block,
are considered the best.
The new voting lists havo been
completed for tbo Oranbrook riding.
The Hut contains 2,lf»l names, over
1,100 registering from Crnnhrook
city. The lists were printed at the
Prospector office.
I       A Few
j Vacant Lots for Sale
J in Cranbrook
Up-to-Date Office for Rent
in Hanson Block
Next to Club
$20.00 per month
•^^^^4»H^.t^4.4^H-^-H'--H-l^'»-H-f4'»''l"l*** I11 *** M*
• ■      HEAD   OFFICE OALOARY, Alta
-^, — . . i\ii,m    ru.i.iir.M   l
Mcintosh Red Apples
received and are Bolting at $1,75  por case.   Como In and see the
goods before buying elsewhere.
have arrived and are now on sulo.
u> Arrive next week whloh wo "ill hcII for S.V2S pur ca«o.
•xpeutftd iii a few days,
in stock wliloli wn nro soiling at Reasonable Prices,
a pound liy tho ease of 50 lbs,
The Cranbrook Trading Co. Ltd
Cranbrook,   B. C.
HIIU I I t-H-M-M-H-l ■■ I' I' r <-H"l :-l"l"l"l"t"M"l"H"l»M"l"l"M'
A New  Lot
Just   Arrived
The   Best  Line  in   the   City
Must be Seen
To be Appreciated
No Trouble to Show Them
! J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C.
Phone 5
■HI MIHI' '     **"n > » >'t"Hi*f*,B^f..fliH*lfM,,»"*"» I"I4 H-H-H*
Harry Prow of Klmherley was In
town this week attending tho Me*
Bride-—Bowser meeting.
A targe number of visitors were In
the city Wednesday attending the
Conservative meeting.
OUR Olgars and cigarettes can't he
beat.—Palace Cigar Btore, Hanson
C. H. Pollen, who has been visit-:
Inj: at the coast for the past month,
returned to Cranbrook Monday.
A. C. Minty, Chief Provincial constable, of Fernie, was in tbe city on
Thursday,  on official business.
A, Carney, of Kaslo, was in the1
City this week, paying bis regular j
monthly visit to the lumber mills.
W. H. Wilson left the city for the
Const on Monday ou a business trip,
Mr. Wilson will be a way for some
A j-niitf i>[ government employees
were busy this week putting In a cement culvert over the creek just e**,Bt
of town.
Commencing Saturday, March 16th,
and ending Saturday March 28rd, we
will offer our entire stock of furni-
ttn-ti nt 20 per cout discount off for
cash, This is a bonaflde oiler and wo
nre doing this to tnovo out some of
our stock to make room for two OaTH
of furniture now tin the way —Kast
Kootenay Morcantlle House.
W. Latdlftw, head ofitho grocery department of Kink's, has been contln
I'd to his home this week through n
bad cold,
The monthly tea for the Knox
Church Ladloa AM will be given by
Mra. S, w. Ryckman on Wednesday,
20th Inst,, from 4 to fi p. m.
Vim never saw such bargains iu
wall paper hh are being handed out
by.—R. II   Short,
Dave Orlffltll, of Wild Hose croek
vaa in town Tuesday telling of the
'lays ot old, the days of gold, the
early sixties in Kootenay.
S. BanfoPd wan at Klmherley this
ffoek in the In to rests of tho Bonnott
Typewriter Co., for which he Ih the
olo agent in the Kootenay.
ABSOLUTELY the newest set of
Picture Post Cards arrived yesterday
nt thn Palace Ofgfti Store, Hanion
There  will   be a  BClolftl  evening  gtv
en by the OvorfldflB olub tn Oarmon'n
ilull .ui Tlloflday, March Uth, All
In tor 0B tod are anknil to keep the date
In mind
Thore were q I ago number of visitors in Crnnbrooh (his week, many
were attending the Conservative con
vention,  while otllflffl worn here     on
For Sales List.
FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Rhode Island and Brown Leghorn Eggs,
$1.50 for 13-G.W.Ladda, city. 9-8
FOR SALE—Poultry ranch, build-
in*;:; for 400 fowls, 4 roomed
bouae, well and pump attached
irrigated steeani runs through
land, 50 4-year old apple trees
planted, 100 3-year old currant
hushes, one acre cleared but
stumps standing, 5 acreB over,
all. Terms I2.6C0.00 to be paid
$1,500.00 cash and the balance
to suit  purchaser. 9-4t
FOR SALE—5 roomed plastered cottage, water and electric light,
small chicken house and wood
shed, situate 0u Durick Avenue.
Apply  Prospector otllce.        94t
FOR SALK— Eggs for hatching from
selected winter layers, in S. C.
Rhode Island Reds, wbMie wyan-
dottes, bu(in orplngtons endS.O.
white and brown leghorns $1.50
per setting. J, Gartslde, Pleasant View. Poultry Farm, Cranhrook.  Phone 377B, 9-4t
Frank Dezall
mid can do
for anyone
He is also Agent for
of the best Kind
Works Opposite Depot
The qualn Electric Co., successors
to the Empire Electrical Co., have
this week been busy fitting out the
new residence of Dr. Hall with electrical fixtures. Messrs Christian &
Jones were the contractors.
doing out of the Wall Taper business. Everything must go at slaughter prices.—B. H. Short.
Mr. anil Mra. c. M. I.oasby, of
Creston, were guests at the Cranbrook Sunday last. They left on
Monday for Montreal, where Mr.
I.oasby will consult a specialist ln
regard to some ailment of Mrs.
Ili'M iu Carmen's Hall
Conducted by
Mrs. R. A. Rack'yeft
Certificated Teacher from
London School   Mount
iiiiiiu  a. m.   ho   12:00 iu.
2:00   p. in    Lu     1:00 p. m.
I'lionc 220 P. u. Box 2.1H
If a Floral compnny can grow
flowers to beautify the windows of
yonr home, KILBY can frame pictures that are the only decorations
for your walls.—KILBY frames pictures and his works are on Armstrong Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roberts arrived in
Cranhrook by the   Monday night local.   It will be remembered that Mr.
Roberts left the city last    December
for a     trip to the old   country nnl
while there friends of local people began to write that "Jack" was about
to engage in a partnership     for life:
and, as the   partner had    lived     In
this city for some years nnd had    a
large circle of friends the news    was
I received     with    joy by their   many
! friends.      It is almost needless     to
; say that since their return from the
j old country they have been beset god
with congratulations
| Rggs for Hatching, Crystal White
Orpingtons, special selected breeders
from strictly first class cIhsh stock.
Strong winter laying strain, $3.0C
per sitting of 13, fertility guaranteed.
O. BI, KENDALL, Cranbrook, P. O.
Box 466. 4-tf
Bull River Livery
wishes to call attention
to having ;t  twice-daily
stage service from
meeting Rast and Wesl
Ihiuik! trains,
K*l. Paterson is having a line house
built on (Inrilen Avenue; when completed It will be ono ol the lineal
residences In Oranbrook, ami it Is
worthy of noting thnt tlio Btruoturo
will Ini constructed undor the super
vision ol nn architect, Mr. Roeatter
the architect, is well known in the
olty in connection with the construction of Home ,,f the larger brick
buildings that stand as a monument
to tho industrial activity thut Is
prevadlng the entire district ut this
time, nnd Crnnhrook in particular
Messrs. linker » Dandeld has soeurod
the oontmrt, nm| with the knowledge they hnve of residential building
Mr. ratcrxon should hnve a house
he enn well be proud of. The interior  will   be    lllilslird   throughout      111
ni hardwood, stairs ol maple, with
tapestry brick with open lire plnco,
nnd all modern conveniences, nnd
when completed will lie un ornament
to tho city.
W.    W. KII.IIY,
Kll.nv  PRAMBB I'KTlililOrt
(linil Thole, of Terry creek spent
several days this week in Oranbrook,
"Hus" says that there will bo something dolni.' ,n mining on Ihe creek
thin Rummer,
Mr mid Mrn. li A Yates, of Warner, Alberto, wore Criinbiouk visitors
Monday Thoy won- guests of Mr.
mid Mrs, iiiih Hljiples, nt Wyolirtu ,,n
Hiiiulnv  last
.1. ii. MoRriilo, returned Saturday
from l.nii Angeles, Oallf,,    where   he
has been spending tba winter In com-
Yahk Notes
On tho 6th Inst., Yuvhk wuh again
vlaltod hy Itnv. W. ,U. Ill-own of Moyle, who held service In the camp of
the Vnlik l,umher (to., inking for bin
lesson the "Parable ol tho Bower."
Miss HeiiHlo l.ytbgoo accompanied the
I hymns on her violin The service wns
! Willi nttended  und gieutly enjoyed
Mrs. McDonald of Yahk rntoihiinod
n number ol Irlends to u whist drive
on Friday. Mrn. Mclloiinld bolng
Hroteh, made nn excellent hostess.
Miss Lilly l.assere carried off the
first prize, ol glove nnd liiniilkcr-
Ctllol ciiho, nml Mr. A. l.ylhgoe lirst
ginlleiiieini price, a collar hug. All
enjoyed themselves Immensely.
i P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
"Shamrock Brand"
■h+h-h-i l^,,^.|,,^■^..M■^■^^^M^^^^■'l■'l■■l'^'■l■'l'■^'l''l■l■'^'l■'^■l■'l i-M-t^,
I Chapman's    Agency ;;
P. O. Box 62
Phone 401    \\
X On Sale Saturday.  March 2nd Block uf
I Saskatoon Lots
| $175.00
I E A S Y   T E R M S
t Take our Tip and BUY NOW
I'M-***************** t I H"l"H"l»l''M"l"t' I I I I 11 Ull
Seeds, House Plants,  Garden
Plants, Etc.
The Oranbrook Floral Co. represented by K. H. H. Stanley, are now
growing in Cranbrook—Bedding Plants, House Plants, etc.. in their
glass house in the rear of No. 24
Armstrong Avenue. Anything not In
stock will bo procured from their
Supply Houses, consisting of 40,000
siiuare feet ot glass. They carry
MeKenzie's celebrated Northern
Crown Heeds at 11 Armstrong Avenue where the |>eople can leave their
orders. Cut dowers can lie shipped
nt two days notice. ll-4t
Moler Hairdressing College
Ladies:—Learn the Hairdress-
ing Art in 8 weeks.   Graduates
(".irn $18 to $25 a week.
Write for catalogue.
3.15 Sprngue Ave.     Spokane, Wash.
II 121
Methodist Church
Rev.  W.   Mlson   Dunham.  Pastor.
Tho pastor will preach at 11 a- tn,
nnd 7:80 p. in.
Morning subject "The story ol our
lOvenlng subject: "Dross a delineator of ehnrnoter."
Tho choir will render special music,
lit tho evonllli! sorvlco. '
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
nil to ntt,-ml the above services,
Baptist Church
Rev. O. hi. Kendall, Pastor
Morning worship, 11.00.—Subject ot
discourse "When Cod OiveB tip."
Sunday School at .1 p. in.
Kvenlng worship. 7:30, subject of
discourse "Tho Necessity, Nobility
and Reward of Holf-Denlal."
An Invitation Is freely extended to
At the Kdisoii Theatre there will
he shown on Tuesday night a special
two reel lilm entitled "Napoleon at
St.. Ilntonn," this ls a special ntti iii-iI,hi and should ho seen by all-'
At fori St«ele thero wan n mns-
niiorado Hull on Wednesday night
which was n grent succoes, there
were n large number ol pleasure seekers from Oranbrook und Wardner In
attendance,     The ICdlson   Orchestra,
furnished tbo music,
Tho Foresters held n bull 111 the
Carmen's Hull Thursday night, and
thore wnn n largo attendance. Pkll-
son Orohostrn ftirnishod the mimic,
which wna much enjoyed by the dancers.
A New Lot
at the
Palace Cigar
Come and! See Our
Side Lines
Palace Cigar Store
A I'hoiiiieur de preven-
ir sa nomhreuse clientele
qu'il vient de reeevoir un
nouvel assortment de cigars de premiere classe.
Nous sollicitons votre vi-
site et prohtez de cette
nouvelle auhaine.
Window & Carpet
Cleaning Co
W. W. Kllby's 'OK' Harbor Shop
Carpets cleaned without removal by our
Vacuum Process.
Windows cleaned at
moderate prices.
Send a postal to Box
802 and our representative will call on you with
all particulars.
Billy Walters, (Plympton.) .—A
poet from down your way sends us
the lollowlng:
Under the   spreading chestnut   tree
the village smithy stand*
Dut the smith no longer wields the
eledgo with targe and sinewy hands,:
The good old sign of "lllacksmlth
shop" there greets the eye no longer
Dut "Dyslckels Repaired" Is   seen
above ths smoky door.


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