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The Prospector Sep 20, 1913

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Array Provincial   Legislative Asse,
We Teit Eyes
Oriod Our Own Leasee and:
Guarantee ,You sJFit
V- ii) the-
■'.),, Kctofwityi
V;.'.-.)v,v g2f
r*s The
$2.00 Per Year
SEPTEMFER 80th, 1»13H
The Eyes of the Outside Are Now Upon Us
Agricultural Fair
The preparations made this year by
the officers ol th_ Association have
been equally -.e good „s that ol any
previous year. The only, regret that
may be chronlcleb again at this
year's exhibition was tho unresponsive way it was attended.
Not nearly so many fruits and
vegetable eihlbits were made as in
previous years, hut wbat, was on
public view retained the excellent
duality always attending, eihlbits
shown in Cranbrook.
On Thursday. Thos. Caven, M.M.P.
Hor Cranbrook, formally opened the
big Agricultural Fair, and) in «, very
appropriate speech bld --elcome to
all in attendance; especially to those
from other parts of the district was
this, welcome accorded.
Mr. Caven in bis remarks eald
that great credit should be given to
Mr. McClure, tbe presdent of the
Agricultural Assoclat on, for the Immense amount 0| work that hod
been dona to make the Fair such a
success. Me had been colled upon
to open the- Fair on accovnt o! the
absence from the city dt Mayor
Bonness. Cranbrook as » city, be
said, was progressing and tbat lu
tbe near future several Important
newlndustries wore scheduled, to como
to tho city. Among these was a
Cold Storao" and Abattoir plant
which would reejuire an expenditure
of from $75,000 ta $125,000. All
that the promoters would require Is
that the city remit the taneo ond
furnish a supply ol water lor a period ol 6 or 6 years. K
Mr. Caven then introduced Mr Mc
Mr. McCBtire in a few short re
marks said he was pleased to see
such a large crowd In attendance
and bopedl they would find the exhibits as a whole to bc much super-
lor to those ol last year, and he
trusted thnt Fair would lie a nnan
clal  success.
During the two days Fair, the
city bund was in attindnnce and
rendered a musical programme during the afternoon.
In the main bulld'n? Mr. Ira R
Manning* had an excellent booth set
aside to serve refreshments In and
which the ladles in particular found
very refreshing.
Oeo. PoweU exhibited several Sin
ger   tawing   machines,   one oi which,
wasattached   to   an   electric,  motor
with   a   lady   In   charge   tc/demon
strata It.
Thc Oranbrook Rash & Boor Fnc
tost had an exhibit which demon
Strate clearly the huge timber In
dustry which siirrnvn's Cranbrook,
havin i on view several immense logs
showing the else of the East Koo
tenay timber.
Thc Cranbroo't Florists display ol
Home Grown flowers' was one that
attracted considerable attention
Thle showing was argumcnted con*
slderablf by the work done by Mr.
Jonas Ftelilin;*:, late of Newcastle,
England, who is now employed by
the Hanson brlckyatd.
Messrs. Olll and Sainsbury had on
view an excellent exhibit of honey.
Tho Rest Room,, provided by the
C.C.8., was appreciated considerably by th. mothers with babies in
Tbe Women's InstltntS this year
has taken a considerable amount ol
interest in thc lair nnd had a seperate booth set apart lor themselves
which drew the attention of all ladles In thnt section. The work, exhibited by these ladles' surpassed any
neeJlework or croquet work ever
shown Iri cranhrook,
11 p-stnlrs various school exhibits
and ladles work was shown and this
could almost bc said to be the ladles
section of tbe Fair.
Owing to the time at our disposal
betai} so short and the lull prize
list not. having been made up( at the
time ol our going to press,, we are
un .ble this week to give the prise
winners In detail wo propose giving
this, however, in our next Issue.
The prises Ior the best babies, ln
Cranbrook wero won by*—
First-Mrs. W.  J. I-eonard.
Hee,,nd-Mrs.  W. Baldwin.
Third-Mrs. J. Roberts.
Fourth-Mrs. R. S. llarrott.
Tne   number   passing   through, th*
gates on tbe Ilrst day  totalled 650,
and on the second day exceeded
1000 Tbi. is considerably Hess than
former' years,* but tbs Inclement
leather experienced on Thursday at
_, tlm. of opening corfweR take
unto Itself the blame lor these lessening numbers,
Timber Commission
Cranbrook, B.O„ Sept. 18, 1913.
A very representative meeting ol
lumber men and timber holders took
place hero today, presenting arguments regarding tho proposed- changes tn royalty and rcalo rule. Thi
Honorable Minister t. lands, and
bis assistants, recelvid e-.ld?nce at
tho Court House, beginning 11:80 p.m
Prominent imong tha lunvbermen
present might be mentioned the following gentlemen:
A. E. Watts, V, Hyo*. Baker. F.
Taylor, L. M. Adolrb, M, King, T.
Leask, c*. H, . adl r, O. Olsen, O,
O. Jewell, E, H. lleaphy, 0. Stop
Ies, Simon Taylor, W. Roliertson, W.
U. le R D. Pleltle, Malcolm Me.ln
nes, A. K. Ultch, Senator King, R
Joyce, H. N, Seretb
phall. Peter Lund.
The meeting was opined with! tbe
presentation   ol recommendations by
A. B, Frank, Secretary 0l the Moun
tain Lnmlisr Manufacturers' Association, embodying the views* ol operators invEait Kootonny, as lollowa:
Opportunity in Now Knocking
Recommendations made to the Honorable Minister ot Lends at _ Joint
meeting o. Lumber 'Manufacturers
and Timbir Holdera at Cranbrco'i,
B.C.,  Monday,  September 16tb, 1913
Tho' following gentlemen were present
A. E. Watts, chairman; P. Lund,
W. Bobcrtson, Oeorge Lelteb, C. 0.
McNab, T. Leatk, Chester Staples,
A. K. Leitch,'* O. H. Padler, Bena-
tor Kin*. M. King, Simon Taylor,
A. Lewis, Alex Taylor, D. O. Mc-
Phail, A. E. Frank, Secretary.
In view of the difficulty existing In
this Ptovlnce  in  connection  with a
Negotiations in progress for Abattoir and
Cold Storage Plant
Mr., J, H. Frankol ol Plncher Creok   try will be established in our midst, the   wealthy   Hebrews   of    the   big
Alberto,    was   in the city tbls week!    It   goet   without   saying   that al- Quebec city, originate, 'the Idea more
tot*,   the   purpose ol approaching tho   most   trom   the  hour lnt which this  -han twenty avo yoora uko.
city coiinc_   and   flnd.ng   out    what' matter/  was   first mooted,   the  city |        SUBSTANTIAL AIB OIVBN1
' would be the extent to which' they could   rest1  ensured   that   it   would
I would support him in putting in nn have the full Indorsement ollaU the
inlform   .scale   being   enforced, over, Abattoir nnd; Cold  Storage  Plant,
the   whole   Province    that lt Is the,    ,,hj ,.„„,,_ bpbint. Mr. Frankel's
feeling of this  meeting that we re- ,""
commend   le,ialation   bong   enacted Proposition   have; _   comidaraUo a-
on the basis'of   collecting   royalties mount   or wealth at tholr'disposal,
and as can be seeu from the extract would ha\e   on   the
given   of    an article which appeared | not b0 messurcd.
"business men until citizens  ol
(Continued on Page   3,
Shooting Affair at
in the* "Daily Colonist"  of Sunday
Feb.    2nd,\ there Ib no limitation to
the    possibilities   that would accrue
to   Cranbrook   in   the   event ot tho
city giving, as their part, what Mr.
Fran iel has asked them to give him.
Some time ago Mr. Frank el wrote
th: Secretary ol the Board ol Trade
night  Chief of Poltcc' and requested data upon' this propo-
wlre from Bampart  sitioa;   requesting   him   to apt roach
city   and   ask whit they would
Settlements    were   secured at various places In tbe Prairie Provinces,
Substantial    aid    was   given to tbe
The   possibilities   lying   ahead   dl' movement   by     tbe   late   Baron   de
such a project aro almost unlimited. ] Hirsch, and ottenaptB wore made at
colonization   a. tbe ditlercnt   points
in   wbat    is   now    the   Province ol
and   tho   influence
sucb an industry
-ommunity cn
On Tuesday
Row   rtC'lvcd    _        ____________
stating   that   nl shooting scrape had the
taken place and that shots had been oiler II such an Industry sb he pro-
exchanged between Constable Logan; posed to make would be in.-itallid
and an Italian, who was escaping j within the limits _ Cranbroot. Th
Into th-.> woods, ond that assistance! Becretary in his reply stated clearly
wan wanted. Chief Dow Immediately j tha'.l it would bo more advisable If
notified Provincial, Constable Morris,'Mr. Fran cl Btated clearly wnat con.
ivbo went at once to the scene ln a j cession h's Company would require,
automobile accompanied by C'0"sta-; Th. present visit c/i Mr. Frankel con,
hie Anda, of Wasa, who was In the ttherefore,   be   takin   as  a   reply to
Early reports Irom Bampart are
(o the effect that a number ol Italians lelt. Cranbrook during Tuieday
alterno.n (or Bampart, and tint
among the number was Bruno Cutri.
Tbat Cutrl made himself particularly attractive to the wife, ct Pasquale
Zappla and tin illy In luced her to, go
with him. Tho pair etarttd for the
train which passes Bampart about
eleven o'clock. Another Zapplra, 1j^J
named Felice Zappla, with R Irlend
followed the pair to the derot. On
being observed, Cutrl commenced
shooting, tiring some five or sixj
ahotB; three ol which found lodge-'
mint in the body ol Zappla. Con-
etablel.ognn, of Msadner, was n .titled and went to Bampart 0n the
same train which Cutri and Mrs.
Za-ipla weci going to take. Thi
Constable and Cutri then exchanged
shots and Cutri ran dor the woods
ln which lai waB soon lost sight dl,
The wounded man was placed on
the train and taken to thc hosiltal
at Cr nbrook, where 0n Wednesday
b. was in a very dang?rou_ condition, not being expected to live. At
18 a.m., he made a statement before
Judge Ryan wbich has not been
made public.
At flvo p.m., Wednesday the aesaes-
In wns still at liberty, Proilocial
Pollco scouring the country round,
but no trace ol him has been' lound.
Considerable excitement in Italian
circles in* Cranbrook is shown, where
the assassin was well known.
Tho victim of Monday's tradgy
died on Wednesday night.
A coroner's jury will be empanelled
tbls correspondence
Owing in part to the large number of aidermen leing out of tbe
city, the remaining aldermen approached the Board ol Trade and hail
Mr. Frankel place the facti btlo-e
the Join' committee.
What Mr. Frankel's' proposal Is,
therefore amounts to the donation
by the I city ol two acres ot land,
free, end a supply ol water and the
UEttge o\ thc sewerage Ryatem
lor a Period dl six years tio.n tba
date of the beglnnitt- d.' tha- worU
on this large enterprise.
The Comp I ny. whom Mr. Frankel
represents,' would Ior their part buy
nn additional three acres ol land,
■bu*d an Abattoir and OoldVfltorage
Plant to the cost ol about J20,000
and Install therein ranch nery and
general equipment to cost In the
neighborhood of 175000.
A side track would he made Irom
tbe C.P.R. to ruu Into tho plant
from whICr* tbe Imported cattle can
he handled with greater facility. In
addition to th:e, Mr. Frankel states,
that the company would build their
own houses1 lor the accomadatlon ol
from 15 to 20 families.
Tbe mtorprlse which Mr.'Frankel
is representing Is backed by such
Influential capital and would hive
such a great «n'lu,ncc on the community ln which the Plant was
built, that Calgary, Lethbrldge, Fernle rnd several other cities have al
ready offered strong Inducements Ior
tbe Comonny. to establish "*■*•-
plont in these several places.
Mr. Frankel ttntea that he is more
la'orably  lmprrFS;d with the  pieil
If such large works wore installed
here, we could indeed be proud of
the tact that this may be only tbe
Ilrst one ol many who bave been
loo lug towardB CranLrook as a
central distributing point. Many! ol
FrnnbrooVs business men have Io rl .
Ion? time considered .be possibility
di it being eo, tbls time it is
brought home In a concrete manner
-if what outSiQere are at present
We know, nnd are conf-dent that
In the n-sr future, Cran rook will
stand out ns a* central distributing
point for the whole of Eust Kootenny. Tributary to Cranbrook nro
vast areas of land rapidly being pop
n'.ated; and in addition! to this several smaller town, arc lying adjunct
which could enBily, be led Irom Oranbrook, If the sup; lies ln| Cranbrook
were tnitlclent to meet; their demands
Again, we must not lose eight ol
tho lact that In the nenr lutute, the
country ad'o'nlng the Kootenay Oen
basitutvhawan. Inlortunately tbe ex
perianal has not turned out) the
buceess wblch was anticipated. It ie
true tbat heie and tnere throughout
the Pro.ince of _as»utchewaa thore
„re liibiew colonists, but tbey bave
not been very successful as farmers,
laigily. owing to tbe conditions in*
dor winch they were located and also to tbe lact tbat in many cases
the young people,, as soon as they
get to maturity, desire to get into
a line of business which will bring
quicker returns than farming, even
in the whent-mln.ng style which
ma'ies so many l-rairie farmers
wealthy  in ft 'ew years.
Now, however, tbe Montreal syn
dicate has! turned Its eyes to British Columbia, and it has, through
Mr. W. F. Ourd, _ solicitor ot Cran
brooi, secured tbe title to a number of claims in the railway belt,
which bad been granted to uon-
Hebrews. It is no. thc intention to
bring   out   selected   lamilIes   of He-
tr.il   Rallwaywhich   Is  nearlng com-  brows Irom Montreal, Toronto,  Win
pletion will need large quantities^of nipeg   and   other Kastern cities and
(Extract *.rom the Dally   .lolonlst of
Sunday, February 2nd.)
That a large project for thc set-
t.oment of a section ol the Kootrnay
lorntry1 by the Jewish Colonization
Association of Montreal Is uid r
way, Is Indicated hy the appearance' in Thc Provincial Oazette of a,i
application by that association for
a water licence to take water '.'font
Cherry Creek, a branch ol the Kootenay River.
The arUicaticn covers some OO'J
acrea, but this Is understood to be
hut tho first ol a serlcB of applications for similar rights as regards
a territory which will comprise more
than 2,500 acres In all.
It has been tho dream of the
practical Hebrew business men ot
Montreal, lor more tban twenty year
past, to devise means hy which their
co religionists ol various nntonnllties
Irom Southern, Eastern and Northeastern Kurope should he given oppor
tunities  to get on to the land,  In
— -■..-, --...-... . —     ntead ot remaining congested ln tbe
Is being mnde tori his capture by the the   city   shall,'  grnnt the wishes ot  cities.    Men like De Boles, tbo Jar-
Pro.inclnl Police. ' Mr. Fri.nkel as to whether thla Indus obs,  tbe  Blunienehols,  and other ol
and nn indictment Ior murder be Is- bllltles   afforded   bv Crnnbrook as a
sued. j center Irom which he could Bhin his
The murderer" Bruno Cutrl Is still  good" than any he has vet visited,
nt large, though every possible effort     It   therelore   now remains uhelhe
oiipplios and from* wh»re could   thoy place   them
be better obtained tban Irom Cranbrook?
Cran rook, therefore, is shortly
coming into Its '**»i nud we wish lt
all the success and everyone should
.ndeavor to do tbelr best, on Its behalf.
tbe   land, under
At hiiih noon on Tuesday, at Knoi
Church, thc Rev. w. K. Thomson
united in marriage, Mr. Archibald
Kenneth Leitch to Mi,s Josephine
Huvlll, both ol  Cranbrook.
At noon. Mrs. _, Patterson, who
presldec*' at the organ, piaved the
wedding mnrch irom Lohengrin,
when tbe bride, supported! by Mr. L.
ReniviCa, passed down the aisle of
the churrh to the altar. The ^room
wss supported by Mr. J. u. Me
Creery, ami tbe llev. Thonmon rend
the beautiful and lmpreEBWe words
that united the happy couple.
The bride wore a tailored costume
ol white sirge, wtth line black BtrlpoB
a smart hat' trimmed with Atlantis
blue beaver,   with' plume  to match,
The bridesmaid, Misa Leitch, wore
a gown ol pale blue stripped Mlnon,
over white, trimmings ol heavy crochet lace,, white plueh hat with ostrich fenther band and osprcys.
Tho newly wedded couple lelt on
the Hoo-Sro'iane train ifor Spokane,
nnd wll*) spend their honeymoon In
tho mo nta'ni ./* Colorado, nml on
ther return wlll make tholr home at
The bride has n wide circle of oe-
quainti n*ej In* Cranbrook an,I dis-
ttlit nnd was assistant postmistress at Cranbrook for, a number of
Mr. Ijolteh, the groom, hae' bcen a
resident J this city lor the pnst
fourteen years, and is al son ol thc
lnte Mr. Archibald Leach and Is one
ol the most promin*'nt lumbering
men li. the district.
Tbe "Prospector" joins in extend-
ng sincere nnd hearty congrntula
tion \ to both bride and groom.
Strike in England
Jn this district dt recent yenr. has
been a large increase of a ■ tiler_*
from tbe 014 Country, ronny of whom
have reason' to tear tor t_.eir relatives, nn tbere la another preat Htrik©
iu vi,1..   in tli*! homeland.
Recollections nre .till -fresh in their
minis uf die. daya of the great En-
(j,n'",rs' strike which took place only
u few years nrowhlcb causeti such an
enormo is amount of suffering ami
poverty among tlip working dosses.
lt is with fear and trembling that we
rtad in om Daily Press tbnt another
strike is possible which will inflict
greater suffering, greater ...■__... and
possibly oven have far more reach-
in:    results    than has ever occurred
happier condition* than was the
case wllh those who wereloeut.1
upon the Prairies.
The settlern will be given
own lands upon the instalment plan;
they will be supplied with implements;' they will have the advantage ol the instruction of men
skilled in Iruit and* vegetable raising; and probnbly tbere will bej a
co operative end to the' movement by
which the products shall be sold, by
agents of the association, In the
cities, especially in tbe Bast.
The plans lor the actual working
ol the organization ure understood
to bi'i now receiving the final stamp
of approval by the directors ot the
association In Montreal, but meon-
uhllo the work ol preparing the Irrigation dltchen and sluices wlll be
gone on wltb, und lt Is hoped to lo
cute th| llisi pnrty of Iho settlers
early in the coining summer. Mr. H.
J. Haflhor, who Is the Provincial
agent of the Jewish Colonization
Association, hns heen In the city for
lor a lew days, but has now gone
East to consult with his principals
belore the plans ol development are
finally approved
The Interests which are behind Mr.
. run'tel's proposition are the same
as the one of which tbe sf,ove extract
speaks: viz: The Jewish Colonization Asti .latlon, ol Montreal.
At tbe Wallace ranch, on Wednesday, the Rev. W. Ki Thomson united
in marriage, Wr. Archibald H. piny
le to Mies Martha Kllen* Wa'lace.
Only a tew Irlinds of the Toiitrnrt
ing parties were present. The bride
. rntered the parlor supported t,v her
their Jnthr,    Mr.  Joseph Wallace.      Miss
Nancy Johnton was bridesmaid, and
Clarke n. Wallace, brother ol the
bride, uas groomsman.
The ha''Py couple wlll reside on
thop| ranch north ol Crnnbrook, and
were the r-cinlents ot many beautiful and coitly-.irrse.nts.
At the residence of Mr. B. a. I)1b-
ney, on Han«on Avenue, on Wednes-
iHv evening, lhe ltev. W. 1**.. Dunham
united In marring.*, Mr. Km s'. K
llrerly, of this city, to Mlstr Olgu
A. Hieberg, ol Addle, Idnho. Ouly
•i lew Irlends of the contracting par-
tis were in nttinliitii*.'.' After th.-
wedding ceremony those present snt
down tc. a wedding supper prepared
by Mrs. I*',. . . Disuev. Mr. Drleoly
,s tr the employ of the C.P.R. and
the happy eouplc will reside In this
Creston is falling in line
malorltv    ol   the    western   cities nt
this time', cf the year       Notification
haa been   given'.- out that
Pair will take placi ,„. _.
when It Is expected that B consider
able    number   o! Cranbrook  e,ti-/.ens
will make them a visit,   A  visit to
Creston at the time ol the Fair wilt
be well repaid oh tht. Iruit and
ables shown  will be almosi  par
In the west.
A pretty double wedding was sol-
emlzed at the home ol Mra. Martin,
ol Wardnor, on Friday, September
12th,  the  Rev.   Stephens  officiating.
The contracting parties were Miss
Minnie Draper, ol Fernle, to Clark
Henry McKenllc, ot Wardner; and
Miss Helen* Dr.ir.er, di Fetn'.e, to
Dustav Adoll Oman, ol Wardner.
Alter the ceremony  tbe  puestn,\ 40
In   all,   did    ample   iustlce
Sumptuous   re nasi   v bleh
M'ss Helen . ra-ier was attired in
a beaut .ul gown ot coral pink,, while
her sister, Miss Minnie, wore a< very
becoming gown ot white Hllk.
The. happy couplcH are tnkini* up
their residence in Wardner nnd the
'iinnv Irlt-nds ol both brides, and
grooms wish them every happiness
and success. 1
with the
their Fall
Oetober 22nd
In Tuesday ol this week Liverpool
war tho st..nn enter. The trouble
began with ih» relueal of the Liver*
pool doc'icrs iu i,undle. freight trom
Dublin, where tbe whole ol the trans
ion   workers „re on Btrike.
'Ib re ar,. sum,, 3_)0 employed In
tbe freight yards of the various
railways who went out on striKB on
Tuesday, and were later joimd by
s,..me  4000  trom  lllrminghnin.
Warnings ha.e been issued by the
Ouna d oilicinls to homewurd bound
Americans to curry all their baggage
with them unl the boat trains.
It appears that the Lherpool
workers struck without the sanction
of iht llailuay I num and lock of
supjort may prevent a national
strl e onth- railways, but as other
big ccnteiB ure ntolvdd, tbe out-
loo'-, is 'ad. Thre is one hopeful
feature in view and that Is the ap-
I o ntin nt rt,' a committee ol strikers
to n-gntiute witb the compnny.
Vast crowds' bave gathir.d in tbe
aire.-is ,,f Dublin nnd much damage
h s b.vn done, in the breaking of
windows of streets cars, etc. More
than lo.*)-)" nun. are on strike in the
IriBh capital.
The executive boarc* of the national union ol railwayman met at tho
I oniloh lteiid';iiartera on Thursday to
discuss the advisability of calling a
national strike.
The center of the strike was re-
•lo.-ed lntar from Liverpool to Blrm-
.n-ham where it iB estimated that
over 1000 are now out. The stopate
nl lr-ight shipment is complete, even
lo-nl delivoriOB being imiosslble.
A prow n nt labor leader ol Blrm-
ingham B.-iid on Wednesday! that no
matter what action the executive
board too't, the passenger, train i>m-
ployees wo lid join the Irelgbt work-
eiB the lollowlng dsy. Freight is
piling up in all directions and tbe
vui'iOiH trade tare beginning to sutler
losses hh a reBiilt ot the disorganization ol the traffic, The railways at
Hirininglinin have been compelled, to
reluse to receive any more conaign-
n..-ntM. llearsifli are being utilized to
earrv meat from the docks to the
butih r *ho;B in Liverpool.
Trade til Dublin is completely par-
ull-'ul. It is l.'iind that as soon ob
the. slender, lunds ol the Irish work-
in. n are exhausted dnn.erous outbursts will occur. The strike lever ts
spriBdng to Wales and Ulster. Over
ono thoa. .null colliers are out at Pon
typrld and thev reluBe to work until
tbe non-union nv tf there join the
in on.
London, up u« thc time ol writing,
had not be.n BcsioUBly affected by
the conditio.-! ol tbe railway strike,
but rather by the Busmen who sr-
rnnged to dwrt their vehicles at
mienight on Friday unless- thc director ,,! tb.* small Rus Companies,
whlih r.ifuses to allow Its men to
wear cnlon badges,' rescinds its or-
Suoh a strike would1 inv.llvc 10.S00
mm and withdraw 3500 motor buses
Irom the streets.
Ini or members ol Parliament dex
elnre thnt the trouble which* began
in Dublin and In other places has
been cnuse,! by the determination ot
the omployors to challenge the rights
ol >tthor t" i.r.nulM.
in' Dublin Thursday the number ol
strikers Idle, either Irom strike or
lockout in the gnat movement ot la-
lor unrest totalled 15,000.
ThJ strike movemeol is spreading
rapid v ml with th- extmsion ot the
no enent the strike has already totalled in rost some $6,000,000.
Caught in the Act
A    bo'fl   Btte.ni.t.   to rob tbe Btore
wuh tiimle    on' Monday    night.
in   nho'it ten o'clock when Mt.
.ic'ini/ the heeakltiK uf i-ln-".
tllfl    BtOffl    01-4    .«">rl(1.    in
Won ti£ over Oh.
.Hoklnir.    Mr
MIm Alloa Hiiiiu Nevilli, of Worth...,, Bi.gli.ndi -Jfta sol ilio Hal iu u new ojienluv fur «uttirprUlD_ btubiMa women by e_tul)!l.l....y nud hi	
.-onduottaf a guruRe, and bo proved tbere la one mora profeaalon In which women may aucceed. She baudles hor enr with rare Hk.II and tins won fnim* *
twtitb cowl aa not ooly helng a capable etaoffetfN. but na being able to attend lo tbe cara beraelf In all detail. wlt_ a care, iklll and reliability thnl jtlve
Udeaca. She U greatly aougbt altar tor laaaoni In driving. Tbe pbotognpbe ibiw aome of Uie inaultuld duties in wblcb Mlia Neville U dally eugagvd.
It   Wf
T ,imtV.
HO   n.n   t
tin 1    Haw    n    man
hbO, thp comtilnation
I^'hhV CftUod  tu hlH won to  net  n ri*
nnd Hut*.'   tt Jnmi'ti Lenak. m fllater
vo|"pr.   nn    Bcrtir'flU   the  wmion bo
entered   the   ator.   and ooverlog thfl
rohhir,   toll   him   to  holti  nn hiH
hands     which    Wftfl done.    ■ 'n-u-tiili-e
MorriH wuh aiiinmon^d hy phone and
iinon airivitu' put the ii.iriciHi  under
iirn-Ht. ni
a   prelimtnarv    otnmlnnt-on   wan
bald bflforti ,. udefl l.vnti nnd tin* man,
who Hava thnt h'H nuino la lllll Ru-
dnnv, wm Hent' up for trial boforn a
eowrt df competent hirladlatlon, rr0»>
Indians in Trouble
A K,,ot,*nuv Indian, named . imon,
was up belore .lud^e Ryan on two
ihnr.'ee. in* i,.'tn|. asenalt on one
K. lin'ier; ibe other beinir driuih and
'lhe nrreat wae made by Constable
Q, HiiIhIi, ol Koit Hteele.
when r i|netted to plead belore
the magistrate, Himoti pleaded not
niilty to both rbar,re", hut later
. li n -cd his mind and pleaded null*
ly   toi being   drunk, saving that he
ohl nin d    lb-     uhlakey    Irom
ium eil   Hendrij   Deri per   at
I 'reeli.
The   reeent  arresting  ol  a  number
ol    IndlanH,    eharred ' with   Inn' .11
II hh, Ih the I'nuae ol nnuh bard
feeling among tin, Indiana, l'artlcu
bnlv ,10 with Met Mayooli, who
Ihn » thnt Constable Wal«h'Is the
instigator ol these arreets.
Mimnn admitted ■IrHiIng Ti»h,.|.
nnd wl hdrew hia plro ol not gall
ty on the charge ,g belnc drunk and
.1.0 di-Mly. He Hiiid- that he reeelv .1
the wIiIhk,,,- from ,1 ilntcbniaii, living
near U'liiia flieTi gave an undertaK
oi.: to the mngletrate that he woitbi
appear ,ih „ witnem, „t the proHeen
tb n nl Hi 11,Ii il llerlper Irurlng
HKHon made sever*
ablv the ease wllli be tr'el belore the (lamination,
j judge Thomppon, who i» now hold* ul allegnt one against tinker, which
] ing H -Htt'B. eft the County Court were afterward proved to ba unto Cranbrook. founded. ., ,, THE PROSPECTOR, CBANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
T't'_,_''l"l*_,_''.rl,_'r|"_,i" ,"*l'+-*-*_H"*H' + V'l I'VVVVV'l'VVVVVTVVVT^
Professional   Carbs
iobct,*   .Hoti.es
Court Cranbroofe N'o. 8943.
Meet In 0_rn_en'.  Hall, on   ..nd aad
-tth Thursday ot each month.
LouIh Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box _1«.
Tlalting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
Meets   in   fnr tien'
_rd Thursdays    in
I   p.m.    Membership
E, V. Brake,
h.  Pearron,
flitting  rMtoibem cordially
Hall 1st and
.. r.' mouth, at
open   to  British
p.l.b,  a cn.
and NI8BBT
Barrieterg,  Solicitors ■*_..,  Notaries
Money  to  Loan
Bank   Bull.Hn.-f
-     British Oolumbla
A. F.  ft A.  M.
Regular    me _ tines   od
tblrd   Thursday    ut
Visiting brethren welcome,
r. B. Milan, Woif-.hip.nl Master.
J. l,e« Oranaton, Acting Bee
Coal mininp rlghtB "t the Dominion
In Manitoba, BaBkatchewan and Albert.., the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories aud tn a portion ot
the Province ot British Columbia,
may lie leased Jor a term ot twentjr-
on* yenrs at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not inure than 2.660 uon*
will be leased to oue applicant.
Application [or a lease muat bs
i mad* by the npplica.it iu person to
the Ag-nt or Sub-Ageut ot the dls-
< trict in wb.civ the rights applied tor
: are situated.
In survey... territory the land must
j be described by sections, or legal sub-
| divisions ot _■■■.■ tious, and In unsur-
jveyed territory the tract applied tor
| shall ba staked nut by the applicant
. himself.
Bach application must be accom-
I panied by a fee ot {5 which will be
i refunded It the rights applied [or an
j not available, but not otherwise. A
' royalty shall be paW on th» raer-
i chautable output ol tbe mine at tbe
I rate of five cento per ton.
The persou operating the mine shall
(umish the Agent with .worn returns
accounting [nr tho hill quantity of
1 merc.uu.table coal mined aud pay tbs
royalty thereon, If the coal mining
rights  are not  bein^  operated,  suoh
OivU    and   Mining Engineer..   Brltleh 1 ^J-^m ahould be [uruishftd at Ism.
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box US
PUoUd -'i'i
...     B.C.
No.  125, R.  A.  M.
Regular  meetings:---2nd  Tuesday   ln
eaoh month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning    Companions    are    cordially invited.
Hx. Comp.—A.  0,  Shankland,  HI
Cranbrook, B.C.
Urs.    KINO    jt    li K__N
Physicians   .__  s!urg*uns
udi .♦ at Residence,   Armstrong a
uffice Hours —
K N I 0 H T B     OF    rVTHU'l
Oranbrook, B.C.
Orescent Lodge, No. ;.:.
Meetl every Tuesday at  . p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
<_. Donahue, (l. C.
F. M. Christian,  K  ol R, & B.
Bt. A. Hill,  M.  F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to   attend.
Forenoi u ■ -
AfWrn^ons - -
Evenings - - -
Sundays   - - -
. nil
a   00
10 00
s SO-
F. M. MacPherson
Notoiiiy Av.utta Naat  i.  Cl ty  Hajl
Up.n Day .ml Night                 Pima. ,11
' once a year.
The lease wtll Include the cowl mln
i in*: rights only, but the lessee may
i be pennUU-d to purchase whatever
j available surface Cght. may be con
sidered necessary tor tho working o.
tbe mine at tbe rate Df UO.00 an acre
For (ull Information application
should be made to tbe Secretary ol
.•tc Department ol tbe Interior Ot-ta.
wa, or to any Ageut oi Sub-A gent ol
' Dominion  Laud.*..
W.    ff.    OOKY,
Deputy  Minister  ot tbe luterioi
N.B.—Unauthorized    publication   01
thla  advertisement   will  not  be  paid
for. Jan. Ub-tt
Trade Marks
Copyhiqhts Ac.
P$ciefitlffc ^thericaii •
.V hill.ilMiwI.   liltutn
II   ui   urijr   ■. mul IHO   Juiinml.      i
i. j'i.71. ii yi'ii, poMsce prepaid.
"jfl 36.Broadway,
ea, t.» F St., WMhtOsloK
Ijir .I'it <
oUt _'j
\V.  R.   BEATTY
Funeral Dlrsotor,
j   llii\ S8S I'HONR :I4H
Vo.  43
Meet*   nv-l-y   Cloudily ,-Uulit
st  Uew    Fraternity Hall.
Bolournlug Oddfellows cor-
dlall*   Invltsd,
Tllllllfy,                   ft', M. llui-
N. O. S.c'i
Clrclo No,   153
Companions of tlio Forest
Meets id Carmen's Mull, Flint nnd
Third Wednesday nf I'licli tnontli nt
i 00 i* in., sharp
Mrs, A   M, l.iuiili', O, 0
Mrs. A. I'I. Hlmw, Hec.
vuitlni*   Oompnnlons   norillnlly   .si
corns. 36tf
Or.'iiilirnnk       t^J'tKe
No.     intn
loots .'.i-i)   I'mI  nn,
'Veilneshny  nt 8
in   llnlill lllnl'h
-lit'-    Hnll     nn
i- Street.
Garrett,  Bec'y
Cottage Hospital
Matron:     Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 254 l>. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent (or
Deering & McCormick
Mowers far Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
.11 Repairs Dune at Reason'
able Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
I SEALED- TEXDE I iddn isefl to tbe
I undersigned, .'.nd endorsed 'Tender
I for Wharf at Kaslo, B.C., will ba
j received at thta office until 1:00 p.m.
on Tuesday, October 7, 1.13 for the
construction of _. Pile Bent and Timber Decking Wharf at Kaslo, Dis*
trict of Kootenny. B.C.
Plan**, specification a;.d furm of
contract can be Been and forms of
tender obtained at this Departin.nt
and at the offices of J. p. Forde,
Esq., District Engineer, Revelstoke,
B.C.; C. C. Worsfold, Esq., District
Knj^neer, New Westminster, B. 0.,
nud on application to the Postmaster Kaslo, B.C.
Porsons tendering are notified that
tenders) will not he roD-udere-d unless
male on the printed forms supplied,
and nlgufdi with thnir actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the caae dt
lirma,1 the actual signature, the nature of thc occupation, and place of
residence oi each member of the lirm
must hi? given.
Each tender must he accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to th-' order ot
the Honorable* tl.e MiniBter of Public Works, equal to ten per cent (10
p.c.) of the amount ol the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter into •»
contract when called upon tc do 60,
or fall to complete the work contracted for. If the tender t>e not ac
cepted the cheque will he returned.
The Deportment does not bind itself to accept the (lowest or any tender.
Hy order,
Department of Public" Works,
Ottawa,  Hcptember 3, 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid, for
this advertisement if they Insert it
without authority from the Department.—47276. W*M
of the
City of Cranbrook
_ Court oi Revision (or the purpose I
o| revising nud correcting tha Asseiwj
ment RoHl ot the Olty of Oranbrook |
and the Cranbrook Sehool Dlatrlct
"ill be held on Tuesday, September |
..0th , L913, at the houi ol 10 BO
a m. (local time) in the Municipal
Build inga, Norbury Avenue, Cran
brook,   B.C.     Objections to tbe said
.sseesment Roll must be made In
writing .md delivered to the Assess
or, at least tea (10) days belore tho
Bitting oi  the  Court  ,>f  Revision.
Cranbrook, n C . August vuh
3. -it ABseeaor
District ol South-Bast Kootenay
_.\K... S'OTIOB Uiat I. Thomas
Christian, Contractor, intend thirty
daya a.ur date to apply to the Minister of l.ands lor permission to pur
chase the following described land
L'ouunen. ing at a post planted on
the East Ran\ of the Moyie River,
near the southeast coruor oi Lot
10106, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 40 chaiud, Uitnce west ilu
chain*}, thence noith io chains to the
point oi commencement.
Dat.d  August   IHth,  1913.
34-9t A. B. tlrace. Agent
Have for sale some
very choice residential
.md business lots in
different parts of tli*
City, also small tracts
varying from one to
live   acres   in   extent.
Call and
see lliein now
tlie rush comes.
I". F, Green  is opening a
shop for the repair of
Guns, Bicycles
Motor Bicycles,
Cash Registers
and upeiiing safes and vault
Mr. Green has fitted up
the old Land Investment
Co. s office for this purpose.
INDEPBNDENT    oitniat    OF
Mntl  in   Rnyul   Black   Knlgbti  Hall
lJaiu.1 r-r r,.*-L
M.et- overy 2nd „n.i itii Thursday
ol mrh iiiontli at * p.m. aharp,
Mn, 1.. Ilaywapl. Ric. Be*
Oeo.   LflddS,  chl .   rantr°r
Vleltlnit breihran made wrtcome,
Pr*-|d*nt— c   ii   Bhtroard
Meela _*gularljr on the Kir,.. Friday
tveolDg of en'*b month.
lolormatlon     on     Poultry     mi,t*.r.
AddrwM the . ocretary--A. H   Smith
P.O. Boi &S2, Cranbrook, H.C.
^      Loyal Orang*
\»      Lodge No. 1871
land  .mil
B.  I„
fl! \ Meet,    lal   snd
V         3rd Thurodny In
fffWmw.     " " -' " 1    niaek
w,m          Kiiii'Iiim ot   Ire-
i.i   1 p.re. ihnrp,   Vluiton.
W       ..ni,    W M.
WllllaniH,   HllOy,
5cob*U_ laiquor, Tobacco
•nd Drujf Cure Br_f__tl
" ih_l, Toliitm .in'I I "*.|.- It "'UiiUrtcIl Iht
Ht ilni'41 Iiu'ji,' r-.iiM.T-*. ai] dtiTingi.
if ti .nig Iht ire. n,..,.! Mi'-. v,m i,iii»i btiny
I tiJMIili. ■ in i-ix 11 *iii> or im* ' i m,- ->| mn. .in
|l»« Mfriln Wt Lev* yn to horn ot oni
Mll'nl  undtl  I';-Hfl.  ir,.#r  lo  »tiT • .
fnc- K m i. ■». oi ii botM let no id rhe
l bng ti-., ii. tmkMiiii, O-i,
Notlce li bereby given tlmt
39th day d*. Auguit 1918.
JftmoH A. Forln, Buulrs, Ju.Iko of
the f-ounty Court ot W«at Kootena)
thnt Jaraoa A^Arivoid.Ottlcla] Adxninlfl
trator («»r that portion ot the County
ol Kootena} Included In the l'****-''--
toral District ol I ranbrook t.e Ad
mlnletrator <■( all and ilnfiular tlio
ewtnte of Jewdokln Kohoniuk de
i eaue'l Inti twiti
Bvery pereoii Indebted to tb<
de* e_jw I   ■ i   reiiulred   to .nuke pay
mem forthwith to the   inderttgo'd,
Hvery  person hnv inu In pottMilon
eltf.'t-*     tl'lnll.ll.i'     ».,     till'     .li-i:-KlB.'*1     1"*
required    forthwith    to    notify   the
Hvery creditor ur otbei penon
having nny claim upon or Interest
in the distribution of the cetat. of
thn sn ill ilt*ceiiMil ie required tn aen-i
belore bhe Ninth day ol *K.t<.t,(.r rjia
nnzr, hy regie tend uuil. fuldroHM'i
to tlm undersigned, imh Dame snd
addresH and the full jrnrtlc.ul.ua '»(
his claim nr inter*-!!.:, and a itatO"
ment of Ma acnounl and the. nature]
of the security Ml nny, held hy hliu.
After tii-* said Un.  tnentioned dateI
tho AdminlBtniti.r  will  proceed  with
tlic distribution ot th.- .-.tn. . having
rogard to those claims only of wblch
ho shall have hud notice
Dat-ed   at   Oranbrook Hits Ith day
of Boptombar, l»ia.
J, A    AUNOIiD,
iW-2t miirtiti Administrator,
Notice iw hereby given th.A uo tbs
29tB duy of August 1918.
IT was ORDBRBD BY His Honor
Janu-s A. Forln, Rsqulre, Judge ot
tht- County Court of Wont Koo tenay,
tbat Jamee A-Arao.d.OfllcIa] Admlnls
trator f< «r that portion °< the t'uuuty
of Kootenny Included in the Klec*
toral District of Oranbrook le Ad
minlstrator nf nil nnd singular the
estate of ^'m 1 a. Johnson deoeased
Kvery person indebted to tbo aald
leceased is required to mnko payment forthwith  to the  n.,.l.*.*m.>n.-il.
Bvery  person hnvint; In  poHBeufilon
said j oiioctfl belonging to tbe ^deceased in
rnqulred    forthwith    to    notify    the
Kvery rroditi-r f>r other pei eon
having nny olalm upon or intercut
in tbo distribution of the retain of
the said dneensod Ih lOqiilied tu send
bafore the Ninth day -fl October 1913
next, by registered mall addreHsed
to the undorHli'iiod, bin name and
addtoKH and the full parttculars of
hia claira fir Intorost, and a statt*
ment of IiIh account, and tho nature
of the Rfctiniy at any) hold by blm.
After the said innt mentioned date
tbe Administrator win proceed with
the distribution of tbe estate having
regard to those claims only of wblcb
be Shall have hnd notice,
imt.*] at Oranbrook i-hm (th day
• d September, 1918.
.1    A,   AltN'i|,I»,
8fl-2t Offlclnl AdmlnUtrnlor
;.-IH*.IH<«-ltilHlillll 4.||fn.|HH
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
Phone 177
P.O. Box 264 J
Lumber Enquiry
Hon. W. R. Ross, Minister of Lands, Sits as  Commission and Conducts Enquiry
on sawn limib« . nnit all forest pro-' threti thousand fei't ol lumber worth
ilucts throughout the whole province double the vnlue owlnn to the urmt
at three per cent on the not amount amount of clear lumber contained In
nl the Invoice, nKtcr deducting trims : the grent. logs; eoii etiincs exceeding
portntlon charge, (or a Period oi forty *.r„nt o! upper grades, which
te. yeara. nn.l after that time, the. under proper n-anngemont wo.ild be
tho royalty be increased one pen cent, worth $40.0(1 per tbousnn 1, as com-
maklng tho royalty four per cent* Ior pared to $14.0. per thousand olitnln
an additional t-n years. i ed   by tho Mo nluin operators.    Do-
In thc event ot this arrangement, aides, lt must he taken luto account
not being satisfactory to thc Do- that .0 or 30 logs to ma'io'one thou-
partment, we wish to point out, that: sand feet cost us much, more to
the proposed enforcement of the nrit- transport to the mill than one lo:^
Ish Columbia Hule In the Interior of Co;ist lumber which contains from
woild   be   absolutely ruinous to the : two to three thousand feet.
its Attendant I At the I'ost cheaper labor and* lots
iof It could be easily , obtained, rap-
plies rost less, tho Coast mill o..n rs
havf| the world for „ market, we are
restricted lo one market—the nearby
prairies, which ha'e hitherto ben
ta'ito Irom us by tho Importations
of American ItimlxT which exc,,eded
300,000.000 feet last year; that Is to
say, it Huwli'd nbout ono third of
the consumption of lumber di our
otalyt available market, consequtotly
knocked the bottom out ol prices
and we had to meet a4 ruinous com-
petltlon, making it absolutely Impossible fot a majority of the mill a
to produce und sell goods at a proit
and this is now followed by financial
stringency never before experienced
in the West.
Therefore, we consider that although the Government was entitled
to a greater revenue the present time
w_ inoprortune to Impose addition
al burd.n, oni an a rondy op.reseid
industry, which was the only one left
in Canada without protection. Thnt
whilst we roco.ni-.,1 the dl,Uculti,s
of obtaining protection, which wo
did not, intend pressing upon the Do
minion Qovesnm.nt, we should have
to rely oB the Provincial Uo.ern-
meut t-j do nil in their rower to assist, or at l.ist,   not   imiiose    B'W
Lumber business nnd
It is further tho sense of this
meeting thnt the. Honorable Minister
ot Lands iw Hiked to submit to thc
oflices of the Mountain, Lumber Manufacturers' Assoc atlon, a draft ol
proposed legislation before such* a-
nn—Inn-tit is submitted to the legislature.
The Minister, In acknowledging
theso recommendations *oi_ted out
thnt it is by uo means the Intention
of th*> government to assess taxation on an indusery which would seriously affect its existence. He never
theless gave weight to hts contention
lhat additional revenue1 must be provided, and askftd lor suggestions as
to how this might be brought about
without Increasing too much the burden now'(>n the shoulders of tbe lumbermen.
Mr. Chester Staples presented some
very interetiing figure!-, comparing
the Poyte I.U6 and the B.C. Mule,
showing how difficult It would be
for operators to saw out the amount
of lumber scaled ou the B.C. Hule.
Mr. Staples illustrated that this difference favors small logs in the Doyl«
Rule, up to 21" in diameter, and lav
ore large logs above 21': in diameter
in tbe B.C. Rule.   As the largest cut. -
in   the   Interior consists of logs be- j b*"'*'*'n8 "P'1*. " toniS"-""-*.    ""■■"*'>•
tween   12" and 16" In diamctsr, the j *-htt) rouhl, not htand^ It. til
Injustice of apiKy ng the B.C. RuleB
to logs In the Interior is very apparent.
Mr. Lund then gave a review of
existing conditions In the lumber In-' up again.
dustryl He asserted that lumbermen ln reply Mr. Butts snid "Certain-
fullyl appreciated the necessity for ly not." lt wotd he a mere tajn*
creating additional revenue but point telle,.and pointed out that over pro
ed out that the lumber industry! durtton and foreign competition were
ahould not be asked to bear the ma- really responsible for the uusntisfne-
(or portion df such an increase. Mr tory otate of the lumber trado, and
Lund asserted that in the past' the the over production- "Irom v, h;ch the
lumber industry has provided th* trade suffered was caused principuli-
l_rge«t portion of revenue tor the ad ly by the slaughtering ot the lumber
ministration, and under existing trade by bugs concerns who had ob-
conditlons    we   encounter great dial- j tained   scores   of millions of tlriti-h
capital by fraud and Inls . statements
and    in    their attempts    to make a
The Honorable w. It. Koss naked
whether if the dues wore reduced in-
stead of increased would thnt aBilst
the   niilh,  now closed down lo op.n
Electric Restorer for Mer
Phoiohonol '•«"»*« .-.. r un,,. la th. i..n..
r a..—paa—...a        „,  jj^y  |al_|_| ; ,.■,,„.,
.lm .nil ,-llaIlly
     e l_aT end ill|MU|
<....>,.«.  ...ilea ai ,_et,   raoaphoael
, yen. . ...
II    Mall,.I to .tie a'd,.,-
tlo.. It. taiharlo... Ud .
Cotton Root Compound Tnlilets
.» nullAiii i* iti'i.ri.rn.it
l'l,.he I'lll. mn col.
cat. I,„iti 11,0 in,..I i.
,cl.e-n; .in h H, Uf" I..
ttthe i-n.ll celeblaled
i be
It,,..    _.i l Hi   .Jl .I.S
L.t.1 U, ... OU.
,.li.     Iii ,1ns .1
-   li (li.,„.li almiiuo
■A- I
ijt .i i,e,    i i ,
Bl  l.ii),..,.
culty to Pay an additional revenue.
He relerred to the vast lumber producing capacity ol Canadian Mills,
such aa tbe Coast, Mountains, Spruce
and Pine, the limited market lor
this product, und the importations of
lumber from the t'Otted States an
nually—all ol whlrh bave been important factors in determining the
net prices of lumber products, Mr
Lund gave considerable weight to
stability In royalty and rental charges, as financial assistance Is difficult to secure it nny doubt exists as
to what the Government's intentions
may bt tor tbo future. In conclusion Mr. Lund states that the*sonly
loir and «.uita<>.e manner for the.assessment of nl" taxes is oni th* actual value ol tbe product to* be, taxed,
and endorsed tho resolution fully,
recommending that royalty be assess
ed on a percentage basts of tba actual selling prlc. ot lumber.
Mr. C. II. McNab neit suggested
that tbe percentage basis ol taxation
Is most desirable, and submitted
tbat a' base of M4.00 might be taken
to constitute u mln mum sale price
for assessment purposes.
Mr. K W. Adolph then pointed out
th* desirability of assessing royalty
on u percentage basis, Bnd submitted
some very Interesting Ugure. as to
prices obtained In ini'urlo.
Mr. M. King. Mr. I), tl. Me. bail,
Mr. H. N. Herein and Mr. Malcolm
Melniic all agreed' with these con
Mr. A. K. Watts called th , atten
tion nf ths Hon. Minister to tbe
fact that lumbermen of tbe Interior
were for once unanimously of the
same opinion, nnd that Is, that) tbe
Government should share in their
prosperity and nlco lu lh-lr ndver
Blty; lor that reason it was suggested that tbe loyalty payable to tbe
Government should be based on tbe
actual receipts or on the. total value
nf the lumber shipped. This would
be equitable tn nil parties concerned.
The Government would In times ol
protpcrlty have the revenue n"arly
doubled from the timber manufuctutors. The tun. per cent mentioned
was not nn arbitrary euggeet'on,
hut one tna b* for ihe conaldorntloi,
nf   tb-   Government      Tbe principle
showing: and to meet the competition
of American importation. had
ground the legitimate lumbermen
wbo were trying to make au honest
living, bitwen the upper and lower
In making n rompar'mn of rrl0"*1
obtained by mfln.cn ifrom 1M4 to
1907, when' suppl.es und labor co .
less, Mr. Watts showed that lumbermen were today receiving eight, to
ten thousnn I _l<.liars less per million
(eet for their lumber, and even ut
tbe low prices ruling, very little business could be obtained. And what
little business waa done nothing but
lnier could te obtained, wh'ch hnd
to be renewed fro'ri time to timo.
Tb- Hon. W. R. Ross nsked what
tbe future proBpects for thn lumber
trade were, and how the lumbermen
could "how an Increased reven-it- for
the Covernment i n tor the suggested
method of roll... tlm- royalty if tba
prices obtain,*,! for lumber remained
as at present.
In reply Mr. Watts stated thnt no
doubt the lumber trade was at Its
lowest ebb. The turn of ths tide
must soon take place, or the lumber
business In tbe Interior would soon
be extinct, „nH pointed nut tbat owing to the fact that some of the big
concerns wer' already practically out
af exist-nc, also thnt most, of ths
available timber to transportation
hii'l already lM.n e.b'iustcd, there,
fore prices would in tho near future
steadily rise In value, and the Government would renl> th" benefit If
the sugeested4'glslatlon was ,nactea
The Hon. W. R. Ross „s''ed If It
would not h . advisenble to try the
suggested method fnr „ period of five,
y«i,rs. Mr. Wattn said thnt no
doubt the lumbermen after enumeration would welcome tbo trial, I Tbat
If adopted It would reduce the great
expense*- of tbe forestry department,
as the army ol scalers and olher officials could he dispensed with, and
the Government coti'd safely rest ns
sitred of receiving! the full dues pay-
a'l« to the Depnrtment, In con l-t
olon Mr- Watts said thai as chairmen of tho meet, ng h* hnd grent
pleasure In expressing! thn thanks of
that lilies should Is* pnld nn profits'the association tn the Hot'O-ahln
made was recognised In all tbo civil Minister fn* the kind and1 courteous
Ited countries of, the world in th«| manner he had dealt with tbo dlfll-
matter of taxation; that nn doubt ciil«l problem. In reply the Hon. Mr.
many difficulties had to> be met afid, ik.hs replied he Imd met with a tnmt
Objections made bv the Coast lum I. I„i.s< nt ..reptlnn, nnd suggested
tiennoii whn pnnsesseu more valuable that ft, '..Ini romtnlit.-e ,,f Coast and
timber In every respect than that ol. Mountain lun.ier.tien meet th* ofHc-
tbe Mountain region"' where In many , lal* of tbe forestry department nnd
cities ten to twenty logs wen needed j discus*| tbs various questions altar
to make • thousand feet ol lumber, statistics had been prepared relating
whereat, ou log would matt* two to to tbe tons. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
P.oss . ns.atoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...Lot 4140, Group One, Kooten-
a.  Distil t,  mu u. ros 	
Hoes !-'ae'-.atoou Lumber Co., Ltd. ...Lot mi, Qroup One, Kooten-
, ay  Uislriet,   47    ocioe  	
Roes Fasaotoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...I ot ,_!>_, Gioup One, Kootonny District, am acres
Ptgh aud  Livlligst n  Lot   ilr.ii,   Group   in-*,   Koo
, tenay District, 320 acres   	
_    .„,.,   .. .h    i,_„a _, .,n _-ai_.. , Dilse. *lr»- *,<,sl* and Blatbne John Lot Ul, Qroup I ne,  KooUn-
I hereby give notice that, on Saturday, tlio ltth dav of Orlober, A.".. Mi, at the hour rtf ten o clock ay _. _ ict|   . 0 ucr„s 	
in the forenoon   at. the court-house, Cranbrook   ll.C    I shall offer for .ale at pub Ucauo*.Ion   I*e Ittd. in ,,.kat0OD Lumb.. Oo    Ltd. ... ,,,t _Mt _roup 0w_ Kooten-
the list hereinafter set out, of ths persons in the said list licieinaltor set out for aei.niu.nt -.axes unpaio uy ^_ nllirijt     ,.5 _„,,;.
tho laid persons on the 31st Decern!, r, A. I)., 11)12, and for Interest, costs, and expenses,  Including tne cost
of advertising said enle  if the total amoi nt. is not sooner paid.
Sale of Lands for unpaid delinquent taxes in the Fort
Steele Assessment District, Province of
British Columbia
tirown, William F Subdivisions 8 and 11   of Lot
4589 Oroup One, Kootenay
D strict,    .ii. „cres    i
1 Idlsnl,  Harry   Subdivision   17   of   Lot 4589,
Group one, Kootmay District
576.82   acres           52.00
Pugh and   I.I.illusion Sul division   22   ot   Lot 4588,
Group Ono, Kootonny District, 320 acres            68.00
Brown, William K Subdivision   20 of    Lot 4689,
Uroup one, Kootenny Disirict 1206 ucris    .....^     72.00
Downs, r., an.l Hoover Estate  Subdivision   3t   ot   Lot   4589,
Group tine, I- o ,11 n;,> District,    227 sons        6.15
Lencey, William C subdivision    34   of Lot 4589,
Uroup one, Kootenay District,   30d.12   arr.s         12.24
Itt.h,  Herman  Sutdlvision   40   of   l.ot 4589,
Group oue, Kootenay District,   160 acres        11.20
tlotrle, Thomas,     Subdivision   41   of   Lot 4689,
Uroup One, Kootenay District,   IM) aor.-s          8.00
Douglas, K   0 Subdivision   9   of   l.ot   4590,
Group .no. Koitmay District.   400 acres         47.60
Douglas, K. ('., A- Chapman, C. A. ...Suldivision 13 of Lot 4590,
Uroup One, Kootenay Dis-
erict,   240 aires        32.00
1 lendersoi, Oeorge K.,  Subdivision   18   of   Lot 4590,
Group 1 no, t.oot. nay Dis-
tr.ct,    451.46 acres        108.80
Townsend, J. B'.,  Subdivision   19   o[   lot 4690,
Group ono, Kootenay District,   lbo   acres	
1, ask,  Qcorgo   ll.,   subdivision   15   of   Lot 4591,
Gioup uae, Kootenay Dis-
tr.ct, 639.92 acres   	
L'OSk,   Georg*   II  Sin division   lu    of    l.ot   4591,
Qroup one, Kuotonuy Dls-
trut 320.34   n.r,s   	
Burton D. _., _  Hairs, (.'. K Subdivision   19   of   Lot   4591,
Uroup ono, Kootenay District,    1040.26 acres        195.60
Hilton, Charles  Subdivision    1   of   Lot   4692,
Uroup One, .Kootenay District,   T.M acros          4.00
I aidlaw, Jas. T.,  Subdivision   57   ol   Lot 4592,
Uroup one, Kootenay District   155.20 acres          24.00
f'ugh aud Livingston and tbe Columbln * hooie.iuy  1.0 ,way _ Nav
igation rompiiny
..Subdivisions 2, 5 to 14, Lot
367, Group One, Kootenay
.istr.et,     1676  acres      392.80
igation 1 ompany
1 hattert.n, Mrs. 'I'.,
Pugh and Livingston and the Columbia _ Kootenay l.a.lway _ Navigation Company  Subdivisions 3, 6,  11, 12 and
13, Lot 360, Group  . ue, Koo*
1, nay District,   soo acres     204.80
Pugh and Livingston and the Oolumbla - Kootenny itnilway _  Nav
igation Company  Subdivisions   4 ini 6   ol Lot
360, Group ono, Kootenay
District,  220 acres          51.20
Bard.ley,   Osorge T Suhdl-lsous   7 and 8   ot Lot
360, Group One, Kootenay
District. 322.24 acres           8.00
Pugh and Livingston „n.l lho Columbia k Kooteuny Railway _ Navigation Company   Subdivisions   10, 14 and 16 of
l.ot 360, Group une, Kootenay District, 480 acres      179.20
Pugh and Livingston and the Columbia Si .-.ooieiiuy l.anway _ Navigation compnnv   Subdivisions   1 and 8   of Lot
361, Group One, Koot.Uuy
District, 325 sores           61.80
H00..I,  M.s.  P., and  Pugh and Llv-
a.-eton     Subdivisions   2   to  7  of  Lot
361, Group Cne, Koot,nay
District, 960 ncres        153.60
Pugh and Ll > in. .ton ,,ml the Colum
hla tt Kooienuy Pa.lway  _ Nav-
 Subdivision   9   ul   Lot    361,
oroup One, Kootenay Distort, lou acres          51.20
 . ubdiw.ioni 10   11 and 14   of
Lot  361,  Oroup one, Kroten-
iiy Dlstrlot, 480  seres         25.00
Pugh and Livingston und tbe Columbia _ Kooienuy Ha.lwny _ Navigation Company  Sabdlvlsloiw   12   aud   13   of
Lot 361, Group 1,no,    Koot.n
„y Disttlet, .121) a,res        76.80
pugh anl I Ivlllgslon and ths Columbia   _    Ko.teiuy I n.lvvny _ Na
ligation  company   Subdivision   te   oi   Lot   361,
oroup luo, Kooienuy District,  160 acres            20.H0
Hi hum, Hay    Subdivision    7    of   l.ot   264,
Group < ni, Kootenay District, 160 arr.s            19.211
I'Ook,   (.'. « oll„ .»«■,,    II    ol    lot    354,
Group llm-  Koot<nay  District
160 acres       64.00
Hsmbletoii,   lolm  subdivision   12   ol   l.ot   854,
Group tine  Kootmay  District
160  acre!        64.00
rahl, Joseph Subdivision    I    ol    l.ot    365,
Group One  Koot, nay  District
160 acres      64.00
Downs, V., eni Hln I. II Subdivision   f,   of    l.ot   365,
Group one  Kootenay  District
160 acres        36.80
Kelly, David 1..,  Estate ,,!   Subdivisions 1! to 14 ot Lot
355, Gioup One Kootenay District, 480 acres      46.00
Kelly, lis'l.i I... Estate ol  Subdivisions 8 to 6 nnd 11 to
14, Lot 356, Oroup One, Ko0-
t-nav Dlstrlot, 1380 ncres     153.60
Kelly, David l„, Estate ,,(  The   enst   hull   dt   Lot   368,
Group Ono  Kootmay  District
1280   ncres       153.60
Pngb nnd l.l  ni..ton  Subdivision   4   ol   Lot   3*8,
Oroup One Kootmay District
306.15   ncres        67.20
Kelly, David I... Retail ol    Subdivision   4   of    Lot    369,
Oroup one  Knotenny  District
160 acres       19,20
Pi gh and  Livingston  Bul divisions 5, 6, 11 tn 16 of
I ot .169, oroup one, Kootenay
Dletrlct,   1280 acres      384.00
Pugh and   Livings. II  ubdlvl-limi   7 nnd 8   of  Lot
369, cmtip cne, Kootmay Dls*
trl-t, 380 arrss      I6.O0
Pi'gh and l.lvln-r.t 11  lot i"''8, Oroup One, Knotenny Dlstrlrt,   152   a-tos        5.00
I'l-gh ami 11.Hurt n  lot 6410, Oroup CM, Kootenay Dlstr.rt. 44 sores        LBO
Uroadwool, I, Lot 138, Group One, Kootenay District, 250 acrea      12.50
s*o a
a 0 a.
. _ 0
. jj
1 1.56     12.00
I 28.76
3.60       2.00
4.95       2.00
4.10       2.00
2 00
31.42       2.00       426.22
If. 38       2.00       223.18
14.33       8.00       195.63
12.29       200       167.89
2.00   .
ay Lis riot,    359 acres
I aml>,  Churls   Lot 33i0, Group One, K, oten-
.ij- Dlitrlct, lul acres 	
I'igli and  Livingston  Subdivis on   16   of   Lot   319,
Group One Kootenay District
U0  i.cr.s  	
Pigh and  Livingston  Subdivis'. a   5    of   Lot    320,
Group One Kootenay District
_t.tl   acres   	
Front, W. M Subdivisions 12 to 14, of Lot
321, Croup one, Kootenay
District, 468.7 acres 	
Qib'rns, .lames 1 1 .t 6422, Oroup One, Kootenay District, 244 acres 	
Gill, M. .1 Lot 8744 Group One, Kootenay District,  160 acres
Macdon.id,  Samuel     Lot 6268, Gioup one, Kootm
ay District, 39.6 acres       S.01)
Carrier, Frank    Lot IOI00,   Group  rne,   Kootenay District, 119.28 a*ree ...      3,00
Passmore,  Oeorge A Lot 8443, (.'.roup Ono, Kootmay   List, ict,  47  acres         8.00
Dalziel,  Thomas  .l.ot 7226, Oroup One, KeOtm
ay District,   48 acres          2.50
Manners, Charles  Lot 8753, Croup Ono, Kooten
ay  District,  226,42 acres       14.00
Mc lure, II. II Lot 7817, Qroup Cne, Kootenay District,   88 acres        13.00
Mc. lure, H. H Lot 8914, Group One, Kootenay Disirict, 160 a'tij       19.00
Nadenu,  Oliver  Lot 8916, Group Cno, Kootenny District,  166.88 acres       4.50
Jollifle. Alfred       ot 6437, Group one, Kooten
ay District,  163 acres        7.00
Arnold, George  Lot 6?i, Group One, Kootm
ay District, 320 acres        8.00
Thomas, Alpheus E I ot  '663, Group One, Kcotcnay District, 240 acres      35.00
Weber, Petor J,,  Lot 7032, Group One, Kootenay District, 48.94 acres        4,80
Douglas,  George  Lot 6806, Group One, Kooten
ay Di trict, li'O a-ies       10.00
Douglas.  George  Lot 7018, Group One, Kootmay D strict, 166 acres        8.00
Curtis, A. L Subdivision   2   of    Lot   314,
Group Ono  Kootenay  District
160  ncres       64.0
Becker, O. E. A Subdivision   16   af   Lot   314,
Oioup   ono,    Kootenay    Diet
trot,   HO acres        VM
Kournler,  Join  Lot 1900, Gioup Ono, Kootmay Diet ii,t, 240 acres       18.0 '
Fournier,  Join  Lot 1056, Group One, Kootmay District, idO acros      30.00
McDonald, A. A 1 ot 8970, Croup One, Kootonny District, 317 acres      10.00
1    McBean, Alexander and Jarvls J Lot 3010. Group One, Koot-.n-
1 a>' District, 160 acrtl      32.00
Mc. onald,   Alexander   'Lot 3063, Group One, Kootenay District, 320 acres      26.0
Douglas,  ., 0 Lot 3008, Group One, Kootenay District, 320 acres      30.00
Dougla6, W. l*.  Lot 4824, Oroup One, Kootenny District! 160 acres       13.00
Douglas,  F. O Lot 4826, Group One, Kcotea-
ay Dlstrlot,  40 acres        3.25
Douglas, W. VI.  Lot 6071, Oroup One, Kootenay District, 315 acres      25.00
Arnold,  Elizabeth   Lot 6204, Oroup one, Kootenay Dtlricti 77 acres        2.50
Hemhury,   0.  R Subdivisions   5 1 nd 6   of Lot
311, Group One, Kootenay
District, 320 acres      64.00
Von Qlrsswaid, Baron A Subdivision   9    of    Lot   311.
Group One  Kootmay District
160 acres      44.80
Hemhury, C. R Subdivision   U   of   Lot   311,
Group 1.ne, Kootenay District
160 acres      32.00
Hembliry, 0. R Hubdlvl8:ons S to C and 11 of
■ ot 312, Group One, Kootmay District, 800 acres     160.00
Ferguson,   J.  A l.ot 2320. Group Ono, Keoten-
ay D strict,  UO acres      23.20
Black, Alexander sad Hosmer
Lumber Cominly,  Ltd I ot 363, Group one, Kooten
ay District, 2090 acres       160.00
Svec,   Anton  Lot 6261, Oroup One, Kootenay Dietrict   221 acres      11.50
Wardrop, W. and Sparvvood Lumbar Company, Lln It d  Lot 6u66, Group One, Kootcu-
.,>  li-trct, SO ncres        8.00
Wllsrn Cresh Lumber Comrany
Limited    '.ot 7781, Groap One, I-ojton-
ay Distrlot, 76 acres        8.00
Fisher,   George   Lot 8629, Qroup One, Kootenay District, 160 scree       10.50
Macdonald,    James   A.   Uzowski,
Caslmir, Foes, Oeorge O lot 4144, Group Cno, Kootenay District, 320 acres       12.50
Hembury, C. R. and Stringer, H. A.Subdivislon   8   of   Lot   310,
Croup Cne, Kootenay District
160  acres      44.80
 Subdivision  7  and  8, Lot 310
Group tne, Kootenay District
320 aens      12.50
Hembury, C   It,  Subdivision    1    of    lot   340,
Oioup   One,    Kootmay    Diet
trict,   160 soros        64.00
Tlsdale,  O.  P Subdivisions 10, II, 14, 15, ol
lot 341, Gioup One, Kootenay District, 640 acres      32.00
Laidlaw   J    K   H  Lot 7013, Group Oue, Kooten-
  ay District, 160 acres      48.00
Tavlor. Lyn:tn J Lot *1°*. Oroup ono, Kootenay Dlstrlot, 80 acres        6.00
Myers. Jos, A. and It. O Lois 664, 665 ,i_ 666, Group
1 ne. Kootenay Disirict, 884
seres   1     78.70
Myers. Jus. A. and K. (.* Lot 70«, Group ono,  Kooteo-
ay District, 212 acres      11.10
MoCallum, J. O Lot 9197, Group One, Kootenay District, 318 acres      16.00
BI1t.i1, H. H.,  Lot 164, Group One, Kootenay District,  1215 acres      60.00
Nelson,   William   East    146   acr.s   of lot 6611,
Group    ou.*,    Ko. t-nay    Dls
trict         7..(,
Grady, J, J Lot 8108, Gioup ono, Kootenay District, 261 acres      70.00
Pay2nnt, K. M Sitlidlvitlon     9   of   Lot   386,
Gtoup 1 ne,  Kootenay District
160    sons      16.00
Kmt,   Jobn O Suhdlvislou    11   of   Lot   336,
Group t no, Kootenay District
160 acres         32.00
llrei-lti.ridge. Annie  Lot nils, Group One, Kootenay District, 80 ncroH        34.00
Maodonell, Jas A., Onowskl, Oa.Imli,
and Foss   O'Orgl O l.ot 2316, rroup one, K. otcii-
ay  It-ilii.i, 622 ncres      20.00
Mucdonell, Jas A., Oiowskl, Caslmir,
and Kosi, Oeorne 0 lot 2812, Group nne, K' ol.n-
ay District, 411; ncrci     13.60
Neusndorn. Henry    Subdlvlsl, ti   10   of   Lot   364,
Oioup   One,    K<ot,n*iy    Dlst
trict, 216.13 acrei       43.80
Robertson, J. N.
I  _   V
i.    -   X
-   Or
111. 70
■Si. si
2. IMI
2. IS)
23 00
I Diotrict    ul   ao-th    East   Kootenay
I TAKE NOTIOE that I a.id William
St, _loi of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation farmer, intends to jp.lv Ior pt.'-
:. i.-Fioi. to purchase the following
described lands:—
Commen.ini; at .1 post planted 160
chains nor-h ond 60 chains west of
the north-west corner of Lot 9209
0, I, Kootenay District, then e oaet
20 chillis, thenco soi th Id chains,
thence west 20 chain.-, ilieuce no,th
'40 chains to -.o,nt of commencement,
containing .0 acres a.oro or less.
Date   August  25th,   1913.
David William St. Eloi.
3C-»t. Applicant
South   Eaot   Kootenay j
'■ TAKE NOTICE that Hairy .North
wood of Cr..a:,ioOK, B.C., uccupai,. a
butcher, intends to applv for permit..
1 tion to purchnse tue following ._.,-
enbeu lands:—
Commencing at a 1 ost planted 120
chains north o. :he north-west ,0 n.r
of Lot _0D, Group Ono, K, 01 nay
District, thenco west 20 chains,
thence su th 40 chain, tluo.*e east
'20 cha.ns, thence north 40 ciia.ns, to
, lac- of comraenceuitn , c. ntainlng
. igbty acres more or Iobs.
Date Septomber i.rd, 1913.
iia.ry . crtliwood,
3C-9t. .vlcau or Lewis St. Elot
District    oi   South    East   Kooienay
TAKE    NOTIOE    that    Edward  A.
;ltill   of Cranbrook,   occupation iner-
; chant,    iut ndH io a[,ply  (or permission   to   purcb iho tho lollowlng described lands;—
Commencing at „ post ilanted 120
'ehniiiii noiib ot the nuitii-weat Cor-
oi-r ol Lot 9209, G, 1, Kootmay District, theuce east 20 chains, thenco
eolith 40 ..ban. ,h nee west 20
chains, thenco north 40 cha.nd to
Ipoint of commencement, c, n.aimng
J 80 ucres more or less.
i    Date   August  2Mb,   1913.
Bdward A. Hill,
30-nt. Alexander Lewis St. Eloi
Dlatrlct    ...   So tth    Kast   Kootenay
TAKE NOTIOH that David Hop-
- Itiad ol CrLttinook, D.O., occuput.oo
; ru,!wny Conductor, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the loj-
low.'ng de*hcrib.-d lands:— *
Commencing ut „  post planted 100  |
\ cha.ns   north   anl   20 cha.ns cast of  |
I iho   north-west   corner of Lot 3209.   J
Group       1 no,     Kootenay      District*-, -«s
•thence east 20 chains, th, nee eoutb 40
,,hans,  th. n<-e  wost  20 chuins,  tb-uce
n> rth 40 tha.ns to placo of commence
ment,   containing   o.ghty acres more   1
or less.
Date Sep'.emi.er 3rd, 1913.
David Hopk ns,
3t-9t. Alexander Lewis St, Kloi
i Agent
Deputy Alienor and Collector
Fort Steele An«ime_t Diitrict
District   of   South    Eust   Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that Ernest SoutU
of Crnnbrook, u.l'., uiouiation barber, intends to npply (or permission
io purchase* the following described
Commencing at a lost planted luti
chains no, tn aud tilt ch ,,a., west of
thc north-west corner ol Lot 9209,
ilroup on**, Kootenay Diseiict, thenco
west 20 chainn, th nee south io
iha u., theuce ea.H 20 chains ihoace
north 40 chains, to placo of com
in.-ncei:..n*, containing o,,ti,y acr.s,
more or less.
Date September 3rd, 1913.
Bin.lt  -oiib,
, Applicant
36'Jt. Ale.an'er Lewis St. Elot
Diatrict    of   South    East    Kootenay
I TAKK NOTICE that Harry Kabi-
jchaud of Cr.nbrcolt, B.C., oecui-atlLn
railway conductor, intmls to apply
lor permlssiou to pure-ha. e the Iol
lowing described lunds.—
Commencing* ut a Post planted at
tbe north-east corner of Lot 9210.
Group tn-, Kootmay District, theuce
north 40 cha.n-i, th n-e west 40
chains, thonce south 40 chains,
thence oa.-t 40 cbalns to place of
commencement, containing one hundred and sixty acrea more or 1,S3,
Dale Septomber 3rd, 1913.
Harry Habicbaud,
3i'.-9t. .vloan'or Lewie St. Eloi
ti-trin    ,,1   ,-oiith   East   Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOE that Alexander
Loul. st. Hoi, of Cranbiook, B.C.,
ocouralltn woods .orom.n, intends
- apply for pormiss.ou   to purchas-'
following doscrlb.d  lands-
Commencing ,,t 1, post planted 1..0
iha.no   nor'h   and 40 iha ns west of
lhe   n rthweet   corner   of l.ot 9209,
I,  Kootenay District, thence east
.0   ihalns,   ttnncc   south   40 chains,
thenee   wed   40 ehi-s, th.n-e north    .
10 cha.ns to joint of commencement,    J
cntiiiniur 160 arr.-s more or Los.
Date   August  85th,   1913.
16-St. ie an ee Lewie St. Biol
I Notice ia hereby gheli that CO days
afler date, I intend to apply to the
M mst.r ol I ends for a He. uce to pros
pert f,,r Coal and Petroleum over tha
following lands sltituto in lbo Dls.
trict of •■ cj-iiii.nst Ko't nay, nrltieh
I olutnhla,   11 l.ot 4593:
1'iimmeiie.llg at a p.st plant..! at
a 11*111 the BoUtbKMt eoiuer ul Lot
882, ,-iul icing the Southeast comer
..•st ol thtflcl E. Webb's claim,
ib nee North a otiK the west line of
Lot 7282 1,1 lh,. south line of l.ot
8*732, ihence Went along the south line
1* I ot 87,12 to the East line „f Lot
le..,',, tlience South along the Bast
'Ino nl lot 10069 and along the Bast
line 1 f Lot 10071 to lho North line
of Lot 7884, thence Eaot along the
Noit'i line of lot 7284 to the place
of com'-'ciiceinenl.
I.ocattd tbls 17th dav of July, 1113
l«-4t. Locator
"■   ' criticism has been aroused becauso of the (act that despite ' - order Issued fi un Washington to officials
of ths New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad not to clear away evidence of tbe recent wreck of the Wblte
Mountain Bipross, almost every vestige of the horrible catastrophe was cleared away with the least possible delay.
The photograph herewith   bows workman busily engaged In burning up and clawing ths debris trom the tracks.
Is Your Home a
"Financial Success"
The day-by-day problem ot "living within
the income" is the despair of some housewives
—and a simple problem of good management
with others.
The amount of the income does not always
determine whether the problem shall be solved
or not—for family "needs" have a way of adjusting themselves to family resources.
It is usually a question of whether the housewife has "a head for business," or whether she
considers certain usual expenses inevitable.
It is a fortunate household whose "buyer"
makes a business matter of it—buying wisely,
opportunely, with a real knowledge of values,
and an alert interest in the advertisements of
the stores, which afford many opportunities for
real economies.
When the buying for a household is entrusted to such a woman, that home will be "a
financial success!"
Why own a car that you yourself cannot
drive—and miss all the real fun of the
going? There is health and joy-giving
relaxation in Ford driving—because of
the simplicity of the Ford mechanism—
and the consequent ease of its control.
Think what these prices mean—for the car
thst hus stood lhe test: Model T Runabout $600; Model T Touring Car $650;
Model T Town Car $900-1. o. b. Walkervllle, Ont., with all equipment. Get catalogue snd full particulars from
The Hanson Garage
Complete line ol Accessories, Parts und
Supplies—Curs and Trucks for hire—All
manner ol repair, and vulcanitlng done.
Norbury Ave.        Cranbrook, B. C.
'Wtauvcr in tin world ptf>
MMfi to marry the widdn*
r      VVWf DELAYED '      1
' What caused her to itopat Ihi
water jump?   Was the afraid."
"No, sir   Shi was thintyl"
Strike on Finlay Creek
A. J. Miller was lu town Wednesday and reported that a rich strike
eft gray copper and gelena' hadreccntly
been made on Finlay Creek.
HU. claims have been located, and
the siir.'ticc showings Indicate, a ledge
having a width of, about 30 feet.
P. Q, Duval, R. Mc.Varth. J. Clements, J. Irvine, D. Rondeau, and A,
J. Miller ars thc locators ol the
The claims are located on the
south side of Finlay Croek, about 6
uillca west of where Finlay Croek em
ptles Into the Kootenay.
Ab these locations Are all made In
what' has been known ns the Copper
Belt, a considerable number of prospectors have iilren.lv started for tho
new* tlml. Rumples of tho oro Indicates co-ipcr end ge-lmii, and that
tho ore from tho siirfne*i, showings' is
n concentrating proposition; but as
tittle or no work has been done, and
when depth Is obtained, - large body
of rich ore may be uncovered.
Through „ printer's error in a I"1'
oh.ee, the streets of The Hugue were
e-crntly plncardoil with the following
"Programme of the Unlvertal p«aca
"A gula representation each day ol
threo    hun'red   animals-Cycling
and     s'intlng.   bears—Impressive
groups   ot   lona   and   tigers—A
caravan „( trained camels at liberty."
Many of tbo delegates wero unwilling to bellcvo this was a mistake,
District of ISiibI. Kootonny
TAKF, NOTU'K tlmt William W.
Richmond, ol Traverse City, Mich,,
occupation Luitvbormnn, intondi to
apply lor pormlsslon to purchase thu'
f'.lli.wln*.. iloectihod lnnds;—
t'ommr nrln.( ,,< n pout planted
twenty ihn n i wis1, mnl nlehty chains
south**'.' Mile post No. ;i ,,n tbo BOtfal
paCnlloll, said I o,t being the south
wont corn r of Timber Licence No.
10118, th n-ii west tn chains, thoncn
south 211 chains, thenct' wost 8<l
rhilns, thence north 60 chains,
tb.nae ent. no ehalni, tlience toith
40 chulns In the place nf commencement,   containing W, acres,, more ot
Dated August ltth,' 1913,
Geo  W. Brown, Agent
Waldo Notes
Mis'l Lottie Milne bus gone to
Saskatoon to . sit her siBter, Mrs.
Mr. 0. 0. Marshall, who was with
the Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Co., for
over three years as accountant, has
resigneiMo take a similiar position
in Medicine Hat. He will be keenly
mifBt.il m social and church circles
for he was ,, soloist of no mean' order nm! an excellent church' worker.
Dr. Watt, of Elko, has bcen acting
na locum tcnens for Dr. Saunders for
over ft weok ln Baynes and Waldo.
Mrs. Dr. Saunders underwent a
slight operation In Lethbridge. She
Ib un and around agnin in good
Louis I.aFontaine, who was bo sel
verely injured at, Waldo eortly last
week, died a day or so lnter^n Cran
brook hospital.
Mrs.. Lnmont, of Creston, Is a
guest ot Mr, and Mrs, F. Adolph, sr.
Tho Adolph Lumber Compnnv havo
moved their logging camp down to
Gateway. Logs are. brought to tho
mill by means ot tbe O N.R.
wife of   the
returns   at
Mrs..   C.   L.   Cowan,
Presbyterian    minister,
the en,l of this week from Winnipeg.
Sh.' was with Mr. Cowan ln Toronto
on a holiday about three months ago
when e-he was taken ill.. She was
hurried to Winnie*, and entered the
hospital, and underwent three serious
operations. Her mother, Mrs. R. J.
Waddell will accompany her and Btay
in Waldo during her daughters con-
Mr. D, McNab and wife have' arrived back from Calgary. He gives
good reports ot business 0n tbe pralr
Mr. A i Beattie, the expert chicken
fancier, has sent a large number of
chicsens to exhibit at the Cranbrook Fair. Friends wish'him the
luck of former yeara. The Rev. Mr.
Madden, and other fruit larmers
also expert a fow prizes from* tbe
generous judges,
Mr. and Mrs. Hales H. Ross have
returned from Bwlft Current.
Lumber shipments are improving
ln tbls locality as tbe market pro
gres„s on the prairie. The Ross-
Sagkatooa planning mill haa been
started again to supply tbe Increasing demands.
Mr. J. Ross and wile, and Mr. H.
Griffith and wife intent, motoring to
the Fair.
A Great Record
The I Borden Qoveninient has been
In power for nearly two years, and
lt can look back on! a number ot
things well done in the interests of
tha Can-dian people. The farmers
have reason to thank the administration, which directly aided thom by
the appropriations of mill ons towards fostering the science ol agriculture. Tho days of Sidney FUher
with his theoretical, philandering arc
over, Instead, th.'re Is help given
in the diroct'on lt ls needed most.
Notwithstanding tho fact that, tho
Senate at' the bidding of Laurier,
twice destroyed thel hill for the improvement of high wnyB, go0d roads
are bound to come, and come by the
efforts of the present government to
glvo to the-, peoplo of tho rural 3ls-
trlctB ths much desired boen. Tho
Senate cannot forever block legislation in tbo interests of the poople as
a whole. Then tho government can
look hack upon ita efforts to eave
tno self respect of tho people bv aiding1 the motherland in the matter of
naval defence, with a feeling dl confidence   that   in   Ita   naval1   bill   It
sought to give thnt assistance in the
mams. mapped out hy the Britiah
Admiralty as being ol the greatest
usefulness. No amount of specious
reasoning ._ tho part of Laurier and
hla friends een disguise the fact
that the people of this dominion,
aro not only ready, but anxious to
ploy the part of manliness, instead
of childishness. Tbe administration
of the various departments of the
public service has been along snfe
and sane lines. The wolfare of thc
people has1 boon the aim of the Pro-
mier and his colleagues, and all is
Thc long expected railway from
Golden to Fort Steele' will he completed next year, and the high ernde
ores ol tho upper Columbia and Ko0
tenay valleys will then be within
roach of a market and' smelters, and
the neceesary mining maeblnery being obtainable, thel prospector and
miner can go ahead and develop
their properties.
in these days when the question of
nationality ls so highly prized, lt
would be well if some definition
coald be mnde af wbat constitutes
tbe perogative of any poison saying
he ls a Canadian, an' Australian, a
Now ZcalanJer or an integral part ol
any particular country. We ere only
discussing this In Its broadest sense
for-j. e know that in different nations
there are different laws relating to
citizenship. But In the Brltleh Empire, where so many parts of lt are
peopled by immigrants trom other
parts, tho question very olten It! a
perplexing one. In this Dominion
for instance there are thousands of
peoplo who proclaim their nationall
ty as thnt of the country of their
birth, while there are thousand, ot
oth rs who though bom elsewhere,
nre only too glad to call themselves
Canadians. As long as tbey are loyal citizens thc,question is only one of
viewpoint hut at the same time It Is
one thnt sometimes gives rise to ae-
rlmon o-.ih discussion and for this ron
son might well be moie clearly defined. Homottmes n person calls tbo
• and ot his futhsrs hla nation, aome
times the country of his birth; others arc perfectly willing to be called
after tho cmntry „! their adoption.
In South America un Englishman always remain, na Englishman, but
very often wben be comes to. Canada
or goes to Australia he la proud to
call himself after the new land',
A discussion on this subject gives
rise to the thought of tbe slight
basis upon which tho names ol great
nations had their origin. Wet, read In
a volume called "Words and Places"
that the nume England was taken
fiom the Angles who only colonized
a small portion ot the country. In
the case of Scotland, tbe Angles, tbo
Norwegians' and the Cymric Celts
soverally constituted a larger element than the Scots, yet the latter,
a conquering Irish Sept, uk.ch appears to have actually colonized only
a portion of Argyle, has succeededlln
bestowing Its nume upon tbe whole
country. Then again, .ranee taaes
Its name from the Franks, a small
German tril.es which effected a very
Imperfect colonization 0f a portion
of central France. Here nre a tew
notable instances which go to show
that .hanee. . ire was not' very far
astray when he deprecated the importance utta bed to, names. According
to Green, the historian, tbs origin
of Kn -land was slniplyi the lact that
Englishmen dwelt in tbe land before
thc Danes and th (Ir word Angei (a
meadow) happened to be thought M
as a name for the rouotry. Of all
tbo names we know e_ that whloh
seems to inosil clearly define the people who Inhabit It la tbe United
States. All other countries,' as far
as iloscrlhlng any distinctive nntl.n
ullty nre misnamed—Colonist.
Parcels Post
That Canada wlll have ajgiarctts
post art'-'Ice next January, which
would Mi of Immense f.ehallt to tho
whole Dominion was the recent sta.
ment ol Hon, L. P. Pelletler, ToBi-
iiiiiHt.ii 0,-ncrnl- Last session it .**'»,,
nnnoiinc ,1 tlmt ,, systeml would In,
established but slnee then f»w details have loaked mil. Under tin
dir.ction of the minister, oiictuiu
hnve hem engaged in watching the
Amorlcan and I-n -Huh systems t'.iiro
fully so th it in thai mistaken could
be avoided.
The* scrvloi wlll n.,t I.- fur om
purtlciluir part ol Ibo Dominion but
wlll extend Irom East to West,
lhe different provinces'wlll bo ueod
as rones.
The. Postmaster General ssld re*
"The saving to private citizens
will be enormous, the rates of course
I,,, ng iiuuii le.s than at priS'nt but
the i'iim-ii :<■ to th" country ull Im)
largely Increased. It wlll certainly
lie' a great citizens' Inn-lit,"
when    the * slsleui emeu into vogue
it wiii ist „ smooth running ii,ii_ine
'Unwinds used by the, Postman*!.<r
General thtil that he has the Inter
ents of the peoil.e at heart und that
ho will have to hi, credit the Inau
There is every indict on that
gtr.itlon „l the grentistt postal mens
ures o! at least a gennratlon.
Or. de Van's Female Pllh
A 1.1,.1,1. Piaiirh issulili. :.i..'"' '■'!■.. 11'*"*
"Blue Worsted preferred". That's the
best buy on the fall
style market.
We have elegant
English Blue
Worsted Suits at
$22.50, $25 and up.
McCreery Bros.
Ciranbrook, B. C.
********* * **** ♦■♦■♦■♦*♦■♦■.  ♦■♦■♦ **  j, ... a. .>♦-.■
truiii ,ett to light ure aeen Viscount  tinlduhe and Chief Juatice
| Wblte, Robert L. Borden, Premier of Cannda, and Mnltre Laborl, Will-
, lam H. Taft and Joseph H. Chelate, Frank B. Kellogg and Churles J.
, Doherty, Attorney General of Canada, nn| Elihu Root in the distance. 1
, They are on their way to Convocation Hall of tbe Royal Victoria *
, College, where honorary degrees were conferred on several by McOIll
,  University.
► .♦♦■♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦llllllll* 11II .♦.«>♦♦ II Iwl
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t     HEAD   OFFICE      -      -
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K .neratlta pi.tlun _. |V Ictrnle ■v«ieiii. K«fuH
nil theip tmllittooi.  Dr, 4e t__'_ ete wold il
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Local   News
A    picture   0n   the   ft'all ...  forth
two in the drawer!   KIM*.  FRAMBS
J. M. Aien-w   oi Blko   *„. m IoWq
J. W, Robs,  .,!  ffaldi     *n- in tbe
rlty Thursday.
i     ft'    Letlle   ,,f    S'elnnn.   wae   at
ii,.- Cranbroo. Thuriday,
.,   i. OUlliple,   (,l Vane, uv.-i. *aa
,i guest, at the Cranbrool   Thurada*i
M   .1    Morgan   ..i Htattle, v
town Widneadaiy.
w   I   Lamaon, ol Atbalmar, ,
i _a oil v ft .Mn.Haiay
ll. ,\   lu,'.i.   ol   Wycllfle,   «
town ft'.-dii.-ci,.,
u   EG   Patmore, of Spokane,
the city ft'.dn-e.lay.
"tea, I'm i.■ .>,,-; in pm | with ihe
«ld more Wli.il rnuld I ..,.;i her
lb., il ye llilnli '
U the only had a i,,,~. ,,
•mumiiKi W. muni'
G> ll   Merrick,   ,,f iremie,    wn,, m
th.* elty Wednesday
i,   ii   .  ■ leti n ,c . roctoi  wm in
th< elty Wednaadaj
a   Mi- Donald   „nd   i*' Oonrad,' ol
Manlittee were m th.* city Tuesday
II.   H.   Fti.K.'re    ,,f    Ki-rfi .-,     ahe    in
the  rltv  TllMdty
w    ii.   wilmot, ,,t .emit, ami m
ihe Crnnhrook Tueeday,
in    imi   Mrn   Arthur,   .,! Nalaon,
were Oranbrook  visitors Tueeday,
II. s.  line-era,    ,,l   i .nun,    v.nt   ,n
ib,. rltv Tuesday nn l.uatneas.
II   ll   Holieriiiin ,,! Spokane, wnn n
i-ii.ni ni th„ Ciranbrook Sunday Inst
K"   II.    Knlrhl    ,.l   Midway, "lunl
Bunday Insl in Ornnbrook,
Mr. nn'l  Mr.   I'   I,nnd nl ft'urdnir,
• tirnt Sunday Innt ir Cranhrook.
II. Douglas nn.l V I.. Mitchell ol
Hull River,  were In town .Monday,
Mr. and Mrs. tl. H. Fergusson, ol
Vancouver,   were  in  tuwn   tnin   week.
.1. Turner of frown Nest wns in
town Tue. lay.
0. B, Frizzell of Fernie, represents
lug the Femie-Ft. 8tccle Brewing Co
won In the city Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lundccn und
daughter of Merya.-llle, were in town
Thursday ntteneliug the big fair.
Mre.aR. M. field of Creston, wus in
the city tuts week taking in the big
Mr. aud Mra. W, T. Fay, ot JeBer
sou, Wis., were guests nt the Cranhrook Wednesday.
Mrs. .Jmiiea Finlay leaves toJuy for
Maple Creek, where site wlll meet
Mr  Finlay. I
Mr. and Mrs. W. it. Marshall, (_
Calagry, were oranbrook visitors
0. 0. Hodgers, of Creston, waa ln
tbe city this wee., attending tho bl
Cranbrook FalU Fair.
hfuno voim old pipe To Bonn
Mr. and, Mrs. ri. W. Ryckman returned this week trom a bdllda. trip
to point* lu California,      '
Mr. and Mra. T. T. McVittie and
Misa Oalbralth,, of Fort Hteele were
.'ranbrook visit or.-. Thursday.
Mrs. Fred Ego, Mrs. I). Evans and
Mrs. H, li. McKay, of Klmberley,
were Cranbrook visitor" Thursday,
Kll.liv  FRAMES n tciiks
■I. C Klnie. II, .!. VcOulnn.lt und
C, A, McOuinnosi of Wiihii, were in
,,,wii Thursday
Mr. ind Mrs .1. A. Bralth, of Bltt-
-.an, Hask., w.i... i'nml,rook visitors
Mi „nl Mrs mill ii , „i Loth*
bridge,' wer. Cranhrook visitors
: ,M,,nday.
. ii. Fiith, ii. a .mold and w.
n ur.id.lr-, oi Vnncouttr, woro
iruesti at the Cranhrook Tuesday
F    Hlrlllinls.,ii.   ol   Wlll'l'-l tlierr,   was
reg itered   „t    the   Cranbrook Tuob
Mr, and Mm. A. Krnniirk of lit. lo
-.iny, Malcolm Mrli.ui,, ol Crows Kent
were  In  tin-  city   thlSWftok,
fl,Watson   oi   Fori   tl I.*,   dlstrlot
fire warden, w.-,n in tin- olty .Monday
1, oflli lal butlnafls.
linati.in Murphy c, dosorvoH [Matin,
from cranhrook poople foi Introducing hern tb., simple buckthorn hark
and   glycerins   muium,   known   as
Adlet I ha     Thill Simple German n«n.
e.iiy   Ilrst.   bne.niiiii   InmouR hv r.urlng
,.|,|M.i,.|i<*lti„ and II. Iiiih now boon dls-
ei.vurod    thnt    A BIN OLE liOHl, ,-e-
li.-ven   "..in    Btomoob,    ......   on   the
iitoti.ucl. mid oontrtlpatloii INSTANT-
lit, It's DUlOk actum i» ,, big »ur-
prlee to people 43.1
0. J. McNabb, of Waldo, a proraln
ent Juiubernian of that town was In
the city Mondny.
.fudge G. H. Thompson held _ ait
ting of the County Court in Oranbrook thi.* week.
ft* It. Martarlnne returned Tucu-
dny (rom a business? trip to Calgary.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Taylor ot Kim
berley, were Cranbroolt visitors on
Sunday lust.
.utte a tow of our prominent citi-j
tens motored over to Spokane ou
Sunday  last.
Mr and Mrs. M. Quain were In the
elty last Saturday to spend several
days iu town. Tuesduy they motored
over, to Windermere
Messrs. A. II. B_w'_, It. L. T. liul
bnetth, and J. Walsh of Fort Hte.li*,
were at Cranbroolt Monday ou bUBl
Ihe series of blockades experienced
ou the main line ot the C.P.R. last
week has beeu oupariJUtd iu the
history  of tbe company.
Mr.,-and Mrs. U. McFarlane uud
daughter Mamlo lelt ou Sundiv mat
lor Spokane wbore they wlll tall . in
tho Mt* Interstate Fair.
K, D. Williams and J. H. liukis, 01
WycUde, were iu town Tuesday en
route home from u holiday trip to
rhe  prairie  province's.
.1. M. Agnew e. Klko, was 111 lows
Monday, attending a meeting of tbe
Hoysl Commission appointed to. bear
teitimon;  re the royalty  on tlmhor
Mrs. Agnsi Reed, Lumsdeu Ave ,
will be "At Home ' Friday, Boptombor net-h, and afterwards every tirst
Wednesday ol• tho month.
Mr. and Mr*e. Robt. Taylor nud
.h.ldren will leave- ne-rt week on a
tire, u-onihs holiday trip to points
In Ontario.
Mr. ond Mrs. F. T. Young, of In
vermore, und F. M, Young, of Fort
Static, were Crnnbrook visitors Wed
At the Auditorium tonight the foi
owing drama will be played "The
Woman Neit Door.". Popular
Mrs. li. A. Klmpton, Miss Mcl'her.
son and! Vaugha Klmpton motored in
from Wlnderemere on Wednesday, to
i*ranhrook for the purpose of attending the Fair.
At the Edlsott Theatre will be
Fhowh the following two reel feature
entitled, " , Fair gxchnn. e" "Betty's
Bandit" "Lieut. Darley and the la
bor Riot." ,
Mr, and Mra. W. Brudley loft the
Old Cointry em Thursday the 18th.
after spending „ three months vacation.. The are eipeeted to arrive in
tbe citt in about two weeks time.
At Fort. Steele a large Gravity
Plant bus been installed. The Vancouver Municipal Construction Co.,
are the contractors. Further purtleu
lars will be announced later.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, was tn
the city Monday attending a sitting
of thi Rovnl Commission appointed
to hear e*.de_e regarding Royalty
on Timber.
The Wife's Pride
' He was in old flame of mine.*
Ye.. but he flared up one day
and went out"
Ho-ft dirt on Norbury avenue waa
thu cuusc of the stalling of tbe big
steum roller cn Tuesday. It waa
several hours before the big machine
worked Itsolf free.
On Thursiluy nnd Frldny ol this
week the Golden Agricultural Association held Its1 annual fair. There
was a large attendance; the exhibits
!...|ng excellent.
Leask and .1,,hni 01. have r-'iiiov, 1
their mill Irom MayooK to Four-
Mile Creok, near Fort Bts.lt, wh'ie
they will hav,, a two ve'ir cut ol
lln.l miri'liaiitable timber,
Simon, „ Kootenay Indian, was up
I efore Judge Ryan Tuesiluy .-liar.;, I
with being drunk. He was found
I'.nllfy nf the charge and wna lined
$110. and costs.
lion. W. It. Ross, minister ol lnnds
was In the elty' Monday holding 1,
meeting am! taking evidence, „ni a
royal eoinmlnslon apiolntc. to en
■inln- Into Ilu. conditions ol land
and  timber li»l,|  In, thcdlstrlct,
Th"rn is n good attendance nt the
High School, an well us the public
schooli* of Cranbrook, the titirctienty
repairs to Hit building and grounds
lmvo been made and everything lias
been dona to make lhe build nge
comfortable for  the  winter  Mtston,
The store of the Cranbrook Trnd
Ing   Company   wat entered on Hun
lay evening by burglars, wh., forood
nti*   entrance   !,y prying np,n a win
low. The nlTh. was entered and nn
attempt made to open tbe mife. The
knob'tbat la used to throw back tbe
bolt* and open tht door, wat bro_-
is a nice set of Silverware foe her
tuble Good silver always makes
a line iuipe_rion at the diiuiei or
luncheon. It adds .en to the appetite anil indicates refined tastes.
Wc can save you money 111 .olid
silvci ot silvei -plated ware of the
best quality There are novelties
in designs nud every piece It moil
uilistu ally I.n,,h, ,1
Jewelers & Opticians
en. No other daraago was done, the
burglars, evidently, being frightened
Mrs. Whebell- who has been vislt-
iut* at tli.- Coast 'ior some tlmevls
expected to arrlv^ home on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Woodman en-
tertalned a lew of their frlenda at
tlielr residence. Harwell Ave., on the
evening of Tuesday, September Mth.
Ihe etit-i'tn nment toi.k the form of
n ,oree tor which Mr llalsall'a orchestra su).plied the music. A. short
tmt capital: programme of ronga,
choruses, etc.. were nicely rendered
by some of the guests. A dainty
lunchwna served a'ter which the party dispersed wltb manv thanks to
host nnd hostess for the tAenennt
evening spent
Readers! We wlFh to call vour attention to a «on» now on-sale in the
Brattle-Murphy Drui; Store, the
evords of vhlc.li, are by n Crnnbrook
composer nnd one who io not an
amateur. Mr. Brown hod the honor
of marine; the acaunintpnee of Madame Melba, when In Australia n few
yenrt ago, nnd thnt famoua-Slnger
loo; a HMnv to nnd made _ great
success of his* son,, intltled "Fare-
we_ Mv Own, My All." And'one entitled "Day-Dreams" is meeting with
great success i'-st now In the Antl-
1 odes.
P. 0   Pot ROB Oranbroolt-, B.O
We nave judged :he following as
;he post, two jpoayn lor the Oup«* and
-laucora  Competition:—
Dear Sir:—In Inst week'o "Proa-
ptctor" I nee ymi are olterlng a
:irlze .'or tho 'jest eoaaous why parents should buy their heating stoves
at PARKS Se CO, My daddy always buys Ills stoves at Parks' to
I thought 1 would ask him wby, and
then try lor the prize. He says
when he i'oob to Pnrka' be ta always
treated with every couttety. Th n
Parks keepn reliable makes ot stoves,
and when you want one and «•*. tt
there, you are sura1 It Is n good one
He says that Is stitVclcnt reason lor
biiylne.' stoves, from F. 1'iirks » Co.—
Yours truly,
Dorothy Keed.
Dear Mr. Par.11 I would, like to
win some ev: the cups »nd anucers,
und ran think of ono good! reason
why pto,,le should buy their stoves
from you. My daddy doc,' your deliver nu and nlwnys doc* It promptly. Hoping to get a prize. —Yours
Helen Wordsn.
If the young Indies will cull at our
store,  thoy   wlll receive  their prizes.
Strikes at White Slave
The work of Hon. C. J. Doherty,
Minister of Justice, in his framing
ot the, amendments tn the criminal
code for the protection ot women
and for the suppression ot white
Blavery is receiving thc widespread
approval n» aR moral reformers
throughout the Dominion. Tho new
amendments have Just gone into
lorn, and, tke new sections dealing
with the suppression of white slavery
are being commended. Sue hi a well-
known moral reform worker as Rev.
Dr. J. (1. shearer, secretary e_ the
Dominion Social Mornl Reform Coun
ell says that tha amendments are
the best that appear on the statute
hooka eil any country.
They were more stringent that' the
British law ol 1913 or the United
StatenJ Federal Laws. "When the
proposed amendments were drawn,"
said Dr. Shenrer, "we had the Im
penal law nnd tho Mann White
SluveAct before uo, and I nm (Jlad to
say that the* Government has ineor
located in the revision the at rouges 1 features ot the, two."
A most sweeping change refers* to
men found in disorderly houses.
Such men wiU be considered frequen
ters unless they can Justify tbelr
presence there. Deserting husbands
Willi be liable to criminal prosecution Instead ot civil action, and vol
'Doesn't thai exquisite muaie
matte one think of divine thing*,
Mias Ethel?1'
"Yes. I can't ncip thinking of a
hat I taw to-day that wat tunplj-
unteer or amateur detective operation wlll be stopped. Another section wlll permit the puniahment ol
men who have lived by tbe wb.te
slave traffic and who have gone tree
wbetr the women have been Imprisoned.
There might)have been other amend
tnenta passed had It not bcen for
the action of the, Senate. An amend
ment making employers cr.mlut.lly
liable for offences against their wo
men employees was rejected by tbe
Senate., At pris-nt the law na'ies
employers liable for offences against
girls under 21 yea's ;'ln any shop,
workshop, store, mill or factory."
That amendment was rejected bv the
Senate. "W. cannot understand tbe
Senate's action," remarked Mr.
Shearer, "and tne Soc'al Service
Council lu about ready to Join, tbs
Oovetnment In n movement for the
abolition of the Senate."
Wives will he better guarded from
desertion by their husbands under
the new amendments. It Is now
only necessary to prove thnt a wife
and children are In necettltous circumstances to secure conviction
against the husband.
It Is comforling tot those desirous
that! a young nation sho.ld lie built
upon strong f»* ml .tions, to act
strong measures of moral reform
liana inlo the statute books. It Is n
t'gn dl a healthy mtnd.*d govern
ment and' people.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
English  Church
llev', It, P. FlewelllOg Rector
Hoty Communion at hi ki a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11:00
Evening with spoolal address 7:10
Tho Heats in c__.it Cburch aft frtt
Will beJJn Time
The following communication Is of
public Interest and wns handed'to ut
(or publication hy Mr. Atrhle Raworth, nf Raworth Broa.
Ottawa,  sept 9,  191a.
Measra. Raworth Broa.,
Jewellers, Cranbrook, B.C,
A tower clock has heen ordered lor
Ihe public Building nt Cranbrook,
and Is now in the course ol transit,
and your name haa heen given tit In
stall the same.
The1 clock Is addre. snd to the care-
taker of the Public liiil'dn., anl
when It arrives , I bave asked him
tn notily Mr. Henderson, nur red
dent* architect at Victoria, who has
been informc-l thnt your firm It to
Install the clock, and he wlll give
ull the .ecessary Instructions regard
Ing tbe same.
Yourt Truly,
D, Bnvont,
CM*. Architect j
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Whore It Pays to Deal''
Cranbrook B. C.
For Sale!
Away below value—Hi acres
of land, very close to Fort
Steele, suitable loi Market
Garden or Dair*,. $35.00
per acre, Good Terms. Apply to owner.
Calgary, Alta.
Gen. Del. 36-41
for Sale Rents & Wants
WANTKD-A general servant.    A|i|,lv
Mrt.   H.   Iinrluv. in
i'0-__T—omce   on   Norbury Aven.ie,
-Apply te. Beale _ _l»ell.
WANTED-A waitress at once, apply
the Canadian Kcetuurant, City *
Apply care Prospector 'it
TO KKNT—rlafety Deuos t Bows'   at
nominal   prices,     _ee   Jieaie   _   hawed.
KOR SA_K.-l.adi a aide saddle, al
most new, cneap. Ior ca-b. l-u
quire at l'rospector Otlice.     S7tl.
KOOMlilHhl WANTKD-Oentlcn-.en  pre-
•ferred.    Aj.ply Prospector.
WAXTKD—Plain Hew.n>- bv day or
piecework. Apply Miss Uineley
itoyal Hotel, Cranbrook."     *3!i-U
KOK i*IA__—Otlice furniture and fur-
nlBhinga, Including sale, cabinets,
counters etc. -Apply to Ucale a,
WANTHD—A Young Olrl. attendlog
school, to loo* after three small
children between the) hours of t
- i p.m. Apply to, Mrs. liarung
[.uniaden Ave.
KOK HALK—Lodging House, suitable
for boarding house, located over
Manning's, store. Kor lurther Information enquire of W, M. Kr-
ler, over Mannings store.        tf.
KOR HALK—Hav,ng to go awuy this
Fall, will sell ut a bargain the
best Improved tl-e acres in B.C.,
tor chicken ranch, .', minutes walk.
from Post litre. No reatuna.de
otter refused; will accept unini
proved lot In the rlty or outside
acreage as part payment, It wants
to be seen to be apprecuted. Oeo
A. Martn, Boi .57, clly.     3. It.
BUT—Beale A Elwell wlll buy
2000 McOllllvrny Coal      (.
1000 International. Coal
lOOt. Snowstorm
104M, Rambler cariboo
3 Consolidated Smelter
Presbyterian Church
lltv.   w.   Ktlman Thomson
Mornlug services at ll « in.
Presbyterian t burch.
Morning subject: "A Study In Old
T.ttamen! I'haract rs -"Job, tbt
Miss Collin*-, will nun* n solo.
S.S.  nnd Uible Clues' at 3.011 p.m.
Kvenlng a-rvices at 7,30 p.m.
Bvening auh!e-t Chrlat In tbe
New Timet—"Christ andi Democracy"
Anthem by Choir.
Baptist Church
Itev. 0. K.  K. N'BAI.I.
Sunday morn'ng service at 11 a.m.
Sunday Hchool at  tat jr. noon.
Kvrning ilospel service ,,t 7 »U p.m.
Methodist Church
Rev. W   Klton Dunham
Tomorrow will lm Harvest Home
Sunday, The Church wlll .be suitably
decorated with the grains und Irults
nf the field. Special music will Ihi
rendered nt. both services.
Morning subject! "ib- nivin*
Outdance"—A plea for Courage and
Sunday Sen-Ices: The iiuat.n will
preach at  noo a.m. mid 7 30 p.m.
Bvening subject* "The Harveat ol
tbt Si.wr."
Onward lilble Class meets e;,r/
Sunday alternnon ul 3 o'clock.
All are cordially Invited.
Boost for the City
ThatiaaglMDe. Services ol vety
aiitclnl ihaia.-ter will be conducted
In tbe Citadel nn Nin.lay at 3 and
A p.m.
Monday evening it service ol Hong
wlll lH>Hrtnd*T«d, nt the clot* of
whlcb a tale nf Iruit and vegetables
will be conduct, d. Ths Citadel It
being specially decorated lor thuse
t.rvlces. A h arty Invitation It attended to all to attend thota meet-


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