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The Review Jul 20, 1916

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Array 16
.H. H*- ~
('an link he dupe any better, and
not iiuiif ho wo 11 anywhere else
hereabouts < lur type and mtiolitn*
cry in eoinptote nun The Review
pHooH are ri^ht
VOL. 4
Classified Ads.
Make  your little  Wanta  known ���
through a Classified Advertisement
in The Review   ���   -   ���   Phone 59
NO. 35
Agricultural Grounds
Household Effects, Dairy Cattle, Horses,
Chickens, Harness, Gents Bicycle
Friday,  July 28,  2 p. m.
Further Particulars From
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered ,in Courtenay
j AU Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook   by Wire
Electricity providevS the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but "excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cool-
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
_    roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay ^Electric Light, Heat 6 Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Officep5, Ret. R98      (Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Miss Carrie of Vancouver is vis
itlng friends in tow n,
Mr Win Duncan arrived honie
on Tuesday afternoon.
Messts Robert and David Robinson of Vancouver are visiting their
father here,
Mrs.   (I)r.i    Morrison    arrived
home from Vancouver on Tuesday |
The balance of our stock of millinery nt reduced prices. Campbell's, Cumberland.
Just arrived, another shipment
of ladles white pique skirts and
middy blouses, misses middies and
middv suits. Campbell's, Cum ���
Mayor and   Mrs.   Kilpatrick lett
for Vancouver on Mondav in irning
to atteiul the funeral  of  Mrs. Kil
Patrick's brother,   wlio lost Iiis life
in au accident at Mission.
Mr. C. S. Wood has been appointed manager of the Cumberland electric li^ht company, in addition to the Courtena>' company.
Mr. Hancock, the former manager
has gone to Southern California.
Just arrived, a late shipment of
ladies silk sweater coats in melon,
kelly and gold with caps to match.
Also in combination colors of melon aud white, Copenhagen and
white aud black and white, etc.
These are all marked at special
prices to clear. Campbell's, Cumberland.
Found���Circular "Rbekah" pin
Owner can have same on application at the Review office.
For Sale���White Wyandotte Pullets, some laying, 3 for $5; cockerels $2 each; yearling hens from
$1.50 each heavy laying strain.
J. G. Randall, Royston Station P
0.. V   I., B. C.
Wanted���Local agent to repre-
sent Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada in this district.
Splendid proposition for good man
For particulars send application to
F. M. McGregor, District Manager, P. O. Box 242, Victoria, B.C
Car For Hire���H. VV. Heber*
den; phone Xo".
Welding-cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Plant your fruit trees in the fall,
aud keep your order till I call. F.
R. F. 3iscoe, Courteuav, P. O.
F' rd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires aud accessories. Bicycles for
For sale���200 egg Cyphers incubator, nearly uew; uo reasonable
offer refused. Apply, A. Barber,
For sale cheap���Buggy and harness, new last year, in good condition. Apply, John R. Johnston
Anyone having more hay than
than they can conveniently handle
can find a buyer for the same by
phoning the Review office. 59.
For Sale���The Cyclopedia of
Modern Agriculture in iu twelve
volitions, edited by Professor R.
Patrick Wright, Apply, Review
Office. i
Wanted���To   purchase   a small,
propellor and 8 foot shaft for small ���
launch     Will consider   buying   a
small   marine  engine.   Apply   at
Review Office.
A Snap���to let, 7 roomed house,
nice garden, 80 feet frontage, cor-
ner Union Street and Cumberland
Road; would make good rooming
house; rent $10 a mouth. Apply
W. Idiens.
The Rev. Iv. P, and Mrs, Laycock are visiting in town,
Mrs. Lewis has returned from a
visit to Nanaimo, bringing her
grandaughter Miss Mav Taylor
with her for the holidays,
Messrs  D. Bnbar, R, Grieve, W,
Wain, P. Dargie and M.  Rees 1110-
toied to Nanaimo ou .Saturday eve-
; ning, returning oil Sunday night.
Thomas and  Jack   George had
; great luck fishing at   Yellow Rock
011 Mondav.    They caught 12 blue
back salmon in the forenoon and 44
iu the afternoon.
Mrs. McColm had a very narrow
escape from serious injury on
Thursday evening last She had
been visiting at her father's, Mr,
R, Willoughby foe tea, and when
starting for home, the horse, which
is always in a hurry lo get home,
started to run drwn the Lake Trail
and very soon became unmanage
able, and soon got into the ditch,
The front wheel struck a stump
and Mrs. McCourt <ras thrown a
distance of about 15 feet, .lighting
on her head on the hard road. Her
hair combs were broken, but ihere
was not a scratch on her. She was
badly bruised however, and was
taken home on a stretcher and is
now able to be up for a short time
Annual Celebration
Comox Notes
The wool for making Xinas presents
(or the 102nd has arrived. Any one desirous ol helping can get some from Mrs
Martin at the l.lk hotel or from Mrs.
lack McKenzie, Nob hill
I The auiiual "Orangemen's 12th
of July" celebration of Mount
Horet Li 0. L. was held at Cumberland Orange Iiatl on Wednesnay
A number of Courtenav members
and friends of the orderdrove up to
join in the celebration and were
met by the Cumberland members
and their friends.
After the opening of  the  lodge,
which was adjourned until after the
celebration, the doors were thrown
open to the friends of the order, our
genial Master of the   Lodge'   Bro.
Taylor, taking the chair.    Following the opening words of   welcome
the chairman presented an interesting programme suitable tor the occasion whi.-h was as follows:
Chairmaus remarks.
Opening speech   by   Rev.   Bro.
Orftan Solo, Bro. Edwards,
Speech, Bro. W   Willard.
S_ng, Bro. T. Baldwin.
Speech, Bro. S.  Calhoun,
At this   stage   an   intermission
was granted while the bretbern and
friends    partook   of   refresmeiits.
Bros. R. Robertson.   V\'.    Dunn,
and H   Lotrgie are to be congratulated on   their   ability   in   serving
strawberrief, etc.    The programme
then proceeded, which consisted of;
Solo, Bro. Edwards,
Song. Mr. H , Waterford
Song, > r. H   Hendersou.
Song. Bro. W. Aitken*
Speech, Bro, H. Loggie
The program was again   invaded
  I     mc piugrain was again   invade.
Mr. anil Mrs. Joseph Thompson left I |-y the appearauct of ice cream and
^.Woggtalso. Sh, is to stay I ��*������ , After severa 1 remarks ��re
with Mrs. M. I,. Hagar of Victoria. The made by those present, the chair-
immber of 102nd badges she wore, in- man called for the singing of the
eluding a swagger stick, all goes to show National Anthem which put in
her allegiance to the boys who  have left I _���d t_ -,,���   festivitie3.     The   lo,ilt
Mrs R. A. 1-i.rcy took a business Kip -hen being declare I opened. bu-*i-
to C lurtenay. | ness was proceeded with aud  final-
The " Sugar   King's "   yacht  Uelora   |y closed in due form,
lay in the harbour part of Sunday.  A. 11. I
Hall says he hopes its advent amongst us i "*'*'*
does not mean another  rise in sugar. I     Mr, Sam McPimsey of Gamobell
Enoch Hellan thinks it wont. ( _>,*���__ ,������. ��� ���i-ji_,   ,���   .������._   �����_ ���
Mrs. Alston of Vancouver is a guest at R'ver was a visitor III town for a
the Elk hotel. I couple of days this week.
J. W. Williamson, editor of the B. C.       _.    _,       .      ,
Western Catholic passed through Comox j     On Tuesday forenoon the   man...
on Sunday. i gement of the Picture Show receiv-
The concert given by the young people   ej a wjre that tne    fijnis -or    ���. Bn
of Comex in aid of the   Red Cross, tho  '
poorly attended, was a genuine success.   ."*",'_" ������"I'""-1*     wmiu out
An extended report  will be  given  next  bv  1 uesdav's train, but  would
week. lint*** r����� Tl,i,r..,i-...     t.*	
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
tain Prepared" could not get here
bv Tuesday's train, but would be
here on Thursday. Everybody had
made up their minds to see these
wonderful pictures, and much consternation ensued, but by presist-
ent advertising the fact was prettv
well known that the date had been
changed before evening, and only
a few gathered at the Opera House
to be disappointed. The show will
take place this (Thursday) evening
matinee at 5 o'clock.
Local Strawberries and Cherries
are now coming in, place   your
order for a crate now
box zse SHEPHERD'S n���
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes]
Paints, Oils, Etc.
We carry in]stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
Get our prices.for goods iu Urge quantities
Telephone 1 Courtenay
���e^^*ss*)**}**g**iasg*Mn*^^ THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   H. C
:: LADY :: |
Wtrd, Leek i* Cc.l.lmikd
���    -     ������*���"*���������*������������������.-: ____!
Situ sl I lor n uunli' nt disconsolate,
tn anxiety and distress plainly visible in her '.-I'liili' countenance, Then,
��iih sudden airs oi decision, mIm* beckoned him in follow Iter into tho bedroom. Tli'ii- flu: turned and [uced
l.im again.
"Paul," she said earnestly, "il will
cause m.' the verv keenest distress
il you buy me any more Jewellery.
Jusl think of lho cosl ! Why, the re-
Ht'tling of those 1 have will come to
ii gn nl deal ol money, I'm Run.'."
He imi Iiis hand gravely nnd alfec-
liuiiiitely mi her shoulder, with inal
tlmt air nl tender preprietorship which
ihc could never resist.
"Look here, my di nr." he said,
"vou always allow yourself I" I"'
guided by me, don't you, in things
ujion which I have set my heart?"
"Yc   es, Paul "
she spoke with an air of timidity
which was strange and touching in
Ihis tall, imperial-looking lady.
"Well, tlnn, yuu mi.n-1 let ine eive.
you a pearl necklace to wear while
jour ulil jewels are reset. Otherwise
yon would he the only woman at Oaro
<' 'im without jewels "
Sli ��� I' oked up quickly.
"And don't yon ihinK 'l.nl would ho
f sort ol distinction," she asked. "I
have Mum liciuittifiil dresses, too
beauti/til, indeed, dresses that make
mo n.-'*;iiiiei in have sn much money
spi nt upon inc. Believe inc. I shall
be i|iuic nn imposing person, without
anv oriiainents."
lie seemed in hesitate.
"Won't ymi let inc. have my own
way," he said, "If 1 assure yuu ihal
Ihey would lei me havo this necklace
upon very easy terms? Knowlns thai
il is [or Lord Grnvenhurst's daughter
lln y are wanted, the iewofler i
(n lei me down easy."
"What jeweller?" asked Lady
"St ui mind who it is. I can'l trust
run imi In tn In liim and repudiate
(he bargain "
She looked shocked
"Oh, Paul, whatever I might think.
indeed 1 should never do that."
"To (In ymi justice, 1 don'l really
think you would," snid he in that indulgent tune which, tn her mind, had
rs ii irresistible piquancy when applied
1,, In r, 9i ll'-rcliniit and i-pserved ns .-lie
usually wns except lo him.
"What are you going In pny [or this
necklace?" she asked, returning lo the
subject, which he would have boon
glad to he done with.
"I mn going to pay [or it by inslal-
i!,i nt-*. ' r-niil lie evasively.
Si,- clung In him, entreating with
all the earnestness nl lier command.
"Don'l do it, Paul; 1 beg you, T elite at vnii," urged she. "It would bo a
dint; upon ymi. ilium u�� both, fur ii
long time, nml nothing is worth such
ii Mni'ilice Oh. Paul, iiiv own dear
I'uul, will ymi hnve the In ail to refuse uie in n  mallei' like ihis where
I am, nft'T all tli" person chiefly con*
lh' nlfecled to hesitate, nnd then,
fiiddi nly, he gnve way.
"Have it vour own wav." he snid;
"I i nii'l i-i -i-i you. I 11 take the neck-
In.-, back tomorrow morning, I've engaged UIJ sell In nothing'yel, ns 1 hnd
i; on approval."
It was strange that, loving and trust*
ii ���; .hi ns -he did. Lady I'i lulu i \
),i i ii nei 'I n slrnngi ly chilling [i cling
<il   Vllglll'  doubl   fl -   he   inildc Ihi."   I'l'plv.
II ".',:- Iii those words of his Rpi *���'���
"1 , . 'I resist you" thnl -be I'll this
moi; i i i nly Ini Im had alw.ivs been
i,'.i, ic resisl her in nny nialti r upon
which In fell iii the least eager, liul
whn nil thi.-. she wns .hel tn hnve
Uli'eedeil   with   him.   nnd   -lie   |illl   lip
ii r I,. ii nt if nl. [air [ace in receive the
I iss Im v.ns eager tn 'jive ber.
The necklace wns In he returned In
the jiVellei's the first  thing mi the
following morning. In the meantime,
ntfeeting In be afraid Hint the ���"sight,
of il nn.lit mnke In-r waver, nnd throw
tlniii buck inin ii tninly nboul it,
he    refuse,I    In    let    llel'   SCO   llic   (limbic
row nl pearls ngnin lo examine it
mere closely.
Ill \ fl IMI  N.
There wns much ��� xclteiuenl at Win-
lei'siind about tho coining "I Hie bride
nil  11  \   -it   tu  III I' old   limne.
I.i,hi       I'luslllllg,       wliO      hnd       been
gloomy and depressed, irritable nnd
exciti 'I by turns, evi r sine the wed*
ding and his shorl visit to 1'iu-ls,
consulted his younger sisler ns to
whnt Ibis unexpected early return
might menu. He hnd confided tlio
whole story of Iho mei ling wilh llm
detective lo Lady Knnnelino, bul to
his paieiits ho hnd been careful not
to drop a binl of bis suspicions of lho
new member o[ the family.
Whnl the "ffed would hnve been
upon the ' iil'l, nf learning lhat thero
wns ii suspicion tlml bis new son-ill-
inw was n swindler, did not bear.
Ihinking about,
Wblie Lady Gravonhnrsl, although
much mine intelligent' Ihnn her husband, was ton much tied with her nf.
fcelion and hot' idea of her duly lo
ber liusbnnd to be tin-led with tho
Lndy Emmeline, however, ninde nn
admirable confidante, interested, discreet, resourceful,
Her advice in Ihe matter was excellent, ll was lhat her brother should
behave in all ri specls ns if he hnd
never heard the least Ihing against
Paul Payne, and lhal Im should, in
the meantime, mnke all the inquiries
he could about him
Lord Ensiling followed ihis plan lo
ihe letter. In the firs! place he took
cure not to go near Scotland Yard,
where Redding would, he thought, expect him to lell him lhe result of his
journey to Paris; and in the second
place, he set his friend Hugo Jackson In find nut nil he could concerning Paul's family in America.
Hut the information obtained was
nil. Henry Pitch, who lnnl introduced
Pan!, knew very little about his family, exeepl thai thev were Southerners,
in ih.- best of his belief.
The new-', of Lndy Ursula's early return lo Winlersand, therefore, was
intensely exciting, ami the brother
nnd sisler met her at the little country station, and guzed nt her with
ipjirehension,   expecting  to  sec   her
Farmers' Bird Assistants
Sonic   Insect   Destroying  Birds  Found
in  Manitoba
iIly .1. I).   \. Kvans)
Willi ihe conimenooinenl nr the nest-
ing season we nre privileged to observe
tin  wini. Iiii us ingenuity of GotPs little
lentie red  architects,  a   Joiity    of
��I have nt ii iniii tn Manitoba trom
distant  ���/. s,  perchance  flown  high
nbovo roar of sen storm lu the journey
Imni islands 'wherein climatic condition iiermils bird life to spend ��inter
in comforl and ample uisionnuce,
Th* h filer ili.es not prod ss i<, be
a prncticnl i x|mni nt nl Mnnil'ibn's
orthinologienl [natures, Nevertheless,
residi nee nf i,i:,ii> years in tllis province bus furnished him opportunity
to study nl its bird life nnd the application  nf such   toward   its   noinic
value in agriculture.
Usually by Ihc first week of May, n
greater pari of Ibe bird migration has
arrived in Manitoba, \doquiito pro-
icciinn ,,| inBoel worms or insect destroying birds has become a question
nl vital importance to tho farmer.
Within recenl clalo it Im* been computed thnl if the family of insect devouring birds became extinct in Man*
iloba, within a tew veins lhe grain
fields could not possibly raise n crop.
Until even a recent i" nml certain
birds highly valuable in lho extermination of insect pests, were erroneously
considered enemies of the farmer, and
very destructive to grilill nnd seeds.
As example the mhin. one of Iho first
feathered arrivals, wns deemed a plunderer of the fnrm garden fruit bushes.
Hut investigation of the charge has
acquitted the robin, the diet of which
consists principally of harmful in*
sects and  worms.
A list nf the must important insecl-
ivorious bird visitors tu Manitoba comprises: Robin, Cat-bird, Wren, King-
Bird, Oriole. Shrike, .lay. Woodpecker,
Ohiciidee. To Ihis n her may likewise be milled Unit alleged egg nnd
chicken thief, ihc crow.
indeed, the crow is one nf lln- very
few birds wliicli consider potato hues
ns a leading feature of the menu card,
ihe bluejay rejpioes in a repast of
cut-grubs and caterpillars. Tlie woodpecker may be justly adjudicated a
must I'Otcnl factor in destruction of
insect lite, ibe principal hunting
ground of this bird consists of tree
trunks, from which is removed every
available grub, the woodpecker's beak
lling  deeply   into  tho  limber  and
ig haggard, pale, disillusioned, and eager abstracts pests immune from attacks
cl buck in tin
Id borne und her of other  birds,    i'   the  day  the
own family. sparrow nriived in Manitoba, its ohnr-
Whnl was the surprise of both to ncler has been stained with a charge
see, when thc train cumc in. a.smil- of grain theft. Tin ease cannot stand;
itii:. happy I.inly Ursula, wearing a careful scrutiny of lhe sparrow's liable ,v and very smartly-cul Parisian its will reveal tlm facl Hint il is a
costume nnd n more becoming hat very decided enemy of caterpillars,
than she hnd ever before been known [The shrike, otherwise butcher bird,
I., buy, whn stepped out nn lhe plat- possesses grenl capacity for inshect
form  v.iib  nn  nlerliiess  which    thev
When Your Eyes Need Care
_Re**uri���eEyc**edlul_o. NoSmnrtlog I'ccrli
lice -Aon. Qulckl*'. Try It (or lied, Weak,
Sore Byesandarannlale" *"yell(l_, Murine is
ro_tpou_d.<I by our Oculist*,���not ���"l?ntent
Medicine"���bul nneti Itisuucessful Physlolim.1
Praolleo f���r manyyenra Now ded [anted to
.iin Publi,.and seal by Druggists .-it 60c per
nuut''. Murine Eye Snlve in Aseptic "Tubes,
L'-e rikI .',(1,.. Wrho ler boot! of the I've Free.
Olui me .ye-Remedy Company, Cliicago. Adv.
Domestic Complications
A woman working beside her hus-
band in a munitions factory in N'ew
."inr!,. refused tn en nut nn a strike
when be did. When she wi nt hum".
In assaulted her and was arrested,
ii 6  ' in- begged him off.- Leslie's.
W.      N.
bad never ��-on in her. The lliin outline ot her iiii'i' had changed; -he was
im lougi r so "Pro-Rnj-liaelite" in appearance, as liiniiiclinc snid; and in-
-tend of the expression of spiritual
aloofness which In r countenance bad
worn in Inr maiden days, there wns
now a glowing expression ol iimst hu-
ninn genuine contentment radiating
from lur fair face, and a new |jeace-
[ulness  mid   brightness  iu   her   blue
The change in her .nve n suit ot
slunk to both, for they bad been commiserating their unhappy sister, lied
[or life to a wretch unworthy of her.
nnd they hnd both been prepared to
see in her n transformation of a wholly
different nnd le*,- desirable kind.
��� burly Ursula could nol fail lo notice
lhe odd hesitancy nnd shyness which
Ihis surprise produced in her brother
and fish r    Hm  il  Ie 110 difference
lo lhe warmth "f her grei ting, and indeed Lady Knunolinc noticed at once
Hint inc11 ; ���-'���* luni brought Into Lndy
Ursula jusl ihe one change which was
in,' ssary lo mnke her adorable; It
had -i,in in .I her austerity, her asceli-
, ism,
"What's the mailer?" nsked Lady
Ursula, ns be turned to accompany
her  ii b r through lho stal  to Ibe
ear Willi in llside
She s|ioke in n low voice, with a
bad) Rumieline w is [or the inomenl
rather coufusi d.
"Wi II, well, v.��� wondi red whnt hnd
 I"   you   come   bnek   sn   quickly���
iu  n  tuifnighl  in.-i, nd of six  weeks,"
Italy nml Algiers, Jnpun nnd China,   bulator,"   which    caused    llm    staid
and lo inniiy other countries, music u-iiies ot tho country io pricli
Tlu'ii ono day, nn ofticiul position up their ears in tlm lasl two years,
was offered him by the Canadian Caesar I'ranck was u school-teacher,
Pacilic Hallway. Al Ihe ngo ot forty- oven when ho wns writing his most
ono  ho  bus  achieved  distinction  ns famous symphony.
a practical railroad man, despite nil 	
those years of preparation that were a Voiinnsil Act.*.
spent .��� pursuits so popularly believed , A 'X8U0_*U AhHtl
tu unfit a man tor the practical life.   -    , ,,.   ,    ���        ,"  ,       ,    ,. . ,.
���.,      i      ���    ,                        , Good   Roads   Prove  lo   be   of     UnUle
Ibe  busiest  nien  urn Ibe ones  who ,,  ,       .     ...    ,.
find the mosl  lime.    In the past   two V;'1'"'   '"   Wartim��-
years, John Murray Gibbon has been The Secretnry ol tho Lincoln High,
attending to his railroad 'lulus with way association In a recent publlea'
ono hninl. ami  with  llio other hand Hon  demonstrated  that,   when    that
bus been writing 11 novel, which has highway I' completed from const I"
jusl  been  1**111.1  by  ihc fal s  pub- musl, it wniild he possible to transport
lishing house ol John  Li   in  ling- un army "I 100,000 men with nil their
land nnd s. p. Gundy In Toronto. equipment !M00 miles across tha con-
"Hearts nml laces" is the Blory ot linenl in less limn lliren weeks, If the
nn   hi tit.    Ii   treats  ot  the  artistic  -0,000  motor  ems  11 led   were  not
tempi ninii hi as ii  .allies ���forth  into available,  they could ba turned out
ibe warmer world trom Ibe somewhat in   inierienn [nWorles in two weeks'
unpromising    environment    o[  Scot- notice,   Or, if the men were sent bj
land.   .   .   Sometimes the pictures are rail, the burden ol transporting sup,
uny,  s climes   Sordid;   but   Ihey   are; plies could  be tali If tho  railroads
never  vulgar,    Through   them   move by auto trucks Iruvoi-lng this high-  f
many characters with whom lho reader 1 way.    Tho   Lincoln   highway   should
has become acquainted in the earlier  become tho 1 kbono of a groat  na-
chapters.    Amid  these  scenes,  us  iniliounl sysle I network roads. Three
London and later m Germany nml
Italy, George Ci range moves as Hm
mosl important figure, II is lho adventure of a snid. \nd each advem
(ure is traced wilh n canny knowledge nf life ns it  i'-. rather ihnn ns
innnv writers would lil.c lo believe it
should be.
And it was written by n railroad
man! Slill, there arc enough examples of versatility in the art world
to prove thai such an achievement
is possible. A merchant of liussia
composed music that is now sung in
lho opera houses of the world. It docs
not lessen I'mli rcuski's ability as a
pianist because be is n holcl keejier
in Warsaw. John Alden Carpenter,
o( Chicago, is a "business man," yet be something
ho composed "Adventures in a Pcrain- press
millions hnve been spent on it, since
its declaration in 101,1, uml no limn
Bhould he lost iii putting ibe whole.
mule in |n rmaiient hind-surface con-
iliinhi. Other routes nnd trails cross
it mid paralleling it are rapidly being
dnvcloped, In peace or wnr. coed
roads nre vitally necessary. -Jlinne
npolis Journal.
High Cost of Preserving
Healers iii canned fruits nre look*,
ing forwnrd to u large increase in
business this yenr, Tiny believe, thut
Ibe Inch price of sugar will discourage housewives from pulling ii|> thc
u-mil amount ol fruits, ihere may
to that���Buffalo Ex-
���_ .-_'_>
Sunlight Soap has a high standard of purity which is backed
by a $5,000 guarantee. If a
soap has no standard there is
no reason why it should always
be of uniform quality, always
contain the best materials or
be anything like as good as
the soap with a standard.
Sunlight Soap
"Oh,   that   wn-   l���'i
lion.     The .lucksoi
C     Illl'l    help    Hid
ell  mi  the  sumo  si
we, . r Hither  Paul,
III-.      Sn   he's   e	
nlren ly,  w
1.1 dllVS I"
HUSO Of this elec-
s Wiint Paul lo
I, and ns WO nre
��� -. and nil keen,
didn't like lo rein l" i inre Court
Hot ol every description. Hawks
owls, regarded enemies of Ihe poultry
yard, undoubtedly perform much useful work in tlm annihilation of mice
and gophers. A deadly agent against
insects is the swallow. The whip*
poor-will must also bo the recipient
of nol ice; nud reference is necessary
concerning the night-hawk, that aviator among the birds verily n swooper'
down to earth ns its eagle eye per-1
ceives some species of grub.
Beyond despute is lhe facl thai the i
main   diet   of    bird   life    consists  of
grubs and insects of every description,
Without  assistance of  the  feathered
tribes, crawling und winced pests of
Manitoba's agricultural domain could,
not possibly be sui)prossed. Then, as,
ii   resultant   issue,  grain  fields    and
gardens would speedily picture a'con-
uition tt'o dare not even think of,
A Railroad Novelist
C.   P.   R.   Official   Earns   Distinction
liy Writing  Novel
Perbnps llio best known ol lho
younger literary critics in America
is \t.i.ic Bi 11 of the "Cleveland
Leii'l' r." For lhat reason Ids tribute
to tlm work o[ a C. P. It, official is
well worth attention. Thut woi k is n
work of tiction, "Hearts and Faces"
hy name, nnd is ns remote from Canadian railway life ns anything could
possibly be imagined. Here is what
Archie 11.11 bus tn say in part,
John Murray (iib.son wus born in
Ceylon. His father is a titled Scotch
man.   lie is u graduate of Oxford, and
lie has taken special courses in pbilos-
ophy ai vnrions German universities.
And despite    some of Ihese    things
popularly    considered    llllll'lirnp-    to
"getting nn in the world." be ci>n.
luck to London nnd wns soon editor
nl Ibe well-known illustrated news-
1 iipcr, "Black nnd White."
Realizing that he did u it know ns
n n "i  ns  Ii"   wanted  to  kno'.v  nbntit
I art, a realization Hint came home lo
a****** vTBerwo
while I  begged tor i ip]
��� nine nml see you nil first.'
'in  be  continued)
hill) i inli day as lie sat at his editor
Perhaps II ly thing that a ten-1 ial desk,    ho  resigned    and went, to
der hearted woman hides worse than   Paris to become an ail student.
I n, tnl.  barbarous  warfare  is a  man I    lie lived iu the famous I .at in Qunr-
who   won't   fight   mi   provocation.'      t<r at 11ii_111. nnd  spent the days in
Helen Rowland. Colsrossi's Atelier.   Then he went lo
jBringingBack the
Cash Prizes
For Frontier
Moose Jaw,    -    Sask.
July Uth to 14th-Four Full Days
Cheapest Excursion Hates on all Railroads
Grand He-Union; Competitive Tournament; Early Western Scenes; Fe��t-
uring the World's Champion Bucking Horse Riders
This is YOUR   Imitation For  Further  Particulars Writ*
A. P. Day, Manager.        E. J. McMillan, Secretary.
We  Cannot   Retaliate
British  will  never abuse Ger-
Passing of the Prairie
The  Dominion government num*.
man prisoners ns Germany has abus-lies have given out twenty million
nd British prisoners. to retaliate licet to western farmers in the pasl
iu kind would  bo to descend to the  year,   The western fnrnier is getting
level of Gorman Kultur, nnd of this
ibe I'liiiisb Empire is incapable, Neither can the Britisii murder women
und children on sea nnd hind ns the
Germans wilfully murder the women
und children of Iheir enemies nnd of
imiilnils. We hnve to win Ihe wnr
without in soil iii the methods of tho
Benstc Toronto Xiy.vs.
tbe right Idea,   One ot these days thc
prairie    will    pass    away. ��� Calgars
"I suppose in the collecting busi
jiess nearly everyone you go to se*
asks you to call again?"
"Ask ine:-" replied the collector.
"Some "I then) dare inc."
* the  JIJ.HJ.W.  UOUM'NEV.  H. IL
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Co o,uicl;iy lis ovfticome by
Purely vegetlbli
-*���etl iurely and
tl'intlji on tlio
iver. Que
lie,!, and Indigestion.    Thoy du llioir duly.
Smill p;||, smll!| *-*���,,.  s.,,.11 pf|CBi
Genuine must beat Signature
"r*-**   'BI '     __=      ���- I   a -*���-'
A  Uc.l   f.over   Hli.t I'l'.lmi
A ptrtlghtfarwud wiwrao*
nlT.r     [llllt     HM    t��(! Jill hll��il
llnd      Wn   urn |tfll)| 1VU
Wat.Iii'i t* iImhi-i.ii.1i ul
pWptl ull 0f|t ltn��
��oi hi nil * li'it"--
n<l-i. tl-u-uMiit. Now
ll     fOtll    clinn.'i    In
obtain .'ii.i. Wi-ltfi
now, MglnlBI M
mull fof DU' ���*' "IH'
InnliliiilMliU l.-iitlm'
lun. tlUHr-U.
id.rim* AlbarUi "���'"til
rnrrlAHl raid i'i wwuf
Willi 'ba "Miich. *A III llll
-niil l>.i flrr.il ."iwj
(llin-it     WtUbU     ���m
nitron toad ii-" . iMil-
eri itil'l   y<��i   Inlm  -ul
VAntUVOI DO/ I'xtrvrl
Jflin   offir.     v,'_   M[ifii*t   too   iii   i>'H   vour   fiim-Ii
If.'. .  i    in    m-il   n'.kW   Itiotu    tliu    bwintilul    -tnli'li,
Doft't lIHoU tbl�� offw too fO_4   l��   '������   UlW,   hut  M
0.1   rflnU tOlUr ������'���'��� Mill   ��   ���'"",   u��-i.*ii.     -'
I ��iii [>��� ti.i<v-��i   wii.iJAii.i ft l.T.ovn. wtioloMita
. *��� ''-n 'I'-y',   >������'. 'J ��� ..'i'i ..-iii i ttoftU, i^i'i'i.t'.,
0-��T-wT.1_!_n_*-_C.>**'32:-T   "^ SkWa-MBBB* 8TSS:"��.r ,
Money in Hogs
Canada in a Good Position to Develop
a Permanont Bacon Trade
A.s is well known, bogs have reached
������'ii   unpr Iciitly   high   level   $11.00
per cwt.,    being    |,.ii.|  [or,   tod  nnd
watered on the Toronto market,   The
tucl that, even with live bogs nl this
figure, ship ids nf bacon aro regularly ffoliitt [orward lo England, will.
serve   In   illuslrnte  very   cli inly    llic ;
demand for lhal product on the Brit-1
isli  market     Without doubt, Canada
stands in n better position today I"
develop n permauenl bacon trade with
Great Britain than bus ever been tho I
enso  before.     To dn this,    however,
thero must be volume of supply. There j
is   very   'jimil   reus,,n  (,,  believe   Unit, j
although   prices  cannot   bo  expected.
t" ri main nl  lho present  high level.
II," denii  fur bacon, in lho face nfj
tl i   supply lliul cm be obtained, will
I" such ns to bold  Hie market  in a '
very [inn condition, both during and j
for  a   i sldorablo  period   following i
ii..' war,
Un at   Hi italn's  Imports ol  bacon j
in 11)15 an lib I tu i:-_'."i.til. Kin. from J
I las been Canada')
favorite yeast for
more  ihiin Inrly
Enough (oi 5c, io
produce 50 large
loaVei ol line,
'������'""   ' rA"A!W    wholesome nourishing  home  made bread.    Do
not expnim-iil, there is nothing
jusl as good.
Iiisl'cIs as Human rood
obtained only  C3,.1"M,5H.
Will Take
Lot of Education Before
Edlblo  Bui's  Become  Popular
The  fact   thai   Canadian    bacon  linn
! ,'!,"" "' "!��� ''"' '"W:: ���*"""  "Jl    Dr. I,  ti   Howard, chief of tbe bur
i<> \*in, pit cwl   iihovn Ainoru-mi and
I. nft more- nQCAMirjr
Ihnn Smallpox- Army
experience bu demonstialed
die almost miraculous off!-
���lacy, antl btroites-neiSi of AntUyphol i Vaccination.
B. vaccinated NOW liy your physU 1-ji*, you and
four (amiiy. it l.* mora vi..il than houae lofuranco,
A_k your phyalclaoi druggist, or send for 'Havi
ifou had Typhoid." telling of Typhoid Vaccine,.
(ftj'il's fiom ti���.. uml danger from Typhoid Ctrtlcti.
��lOOUCINf VACCIHI8 ft flDUua U.HOCR 0. 3. ��.V. UCRUU
vreattui i en, cures i iirokii iv '.au  ess lc
it VIM Kit)-;-..' BLADDER n* -t '.������-. BL II
ITILKS BITHSI ���������.��� IH-'.'-'.ill-. >r . i -. Si I*
&0I;G_:RAC0. IW BEEKHANSI t. \ V08I ������ I ,
ionotiVi HPit1. tun FREE book TO Dn I
!   ...      i       ,,.,.,     li,,,.,,     a,lit     lit
in mil more than I'J-i. under Iho nominal quotation [or Danish, illustrate"
el nu ly t ��� what exlent Canada t Id
im i'i n " In i export trade, had alio n
mtficii m quantity ot liojta to make
this |)(.-i ill,. Tb,. Riifrllsb marltol
and Hi ��� Hriiish eonsumer will l.uv
Canadian bi u today, quality being
' qiUll,    ill   I'lefefellCC   III   tlllll    fl'dlll    ,'UIV
oilier counlry in the world, with tho
possible  excpi f  Ireland.    Nol
nnly so, bul an enormous market exists also fur ham, frozen pork nnd
pork cuts in' van.nt, cleseri'itions. This
market    is  a*  remunerative    hh  the
bacon trade, nil] gh il is it"! likely
in prove as constant.
Tbe  West    is    producing ii   great
quantity of rough grain this year. As
compared   wilh   wheat,  it   will  probably  ii"  relatively low in  price.    It
I should,  therefore,  bo  a sound   busi-
I ncss  proposition   to  breed  as  many
I lows  this   r*|iriiiL,'  in  would   provide
j eai b fnrm next "ull with such a number of feeding hogs ns can  be con-
i veniently   handled  ami  suitably  fin*
i ishecl.   Tin y should, however, be so
selected  nnd  mated as to   maintain
approved bacon type, Unless tbis
i'ii'.". | be dene,    wo ciininit    compete with
;;,',,������; t Ireland and  Denmark and will lose
,.c.e��o   status on the Britisii market.     Tbe
totau   development oi our bacon trade is a
purely commnicrcial undertaking and
we must early recognize that we online!  sell to the llritish merchant unless   we   give   him   what   lie   wants.
I This   granted,    thrifty   management
I and  good  feeding should  yield  a  return  tliis year which  will more  than
compensate for all the labor involved.
enn ni entomology ol tlie department,
nf agriculture, Washington, i- quoted
a.* saying (hero is no reason why people may nol eat bugs, llu says lu-
seet soups can bo mado which arc
v. i y  nourishing  und  appetizing,
OI courso, if the doctor is quite cor-
reel, a new source o[ food supply is
at once open in the general public,
bul  it will undoubtedly be necessary
Lightning Rods Efficient
Statistics Show  That   Danger    From
Lightning ia Greatly Lessened
'I he efficiency nf lightning rods may
may bo - itiiualed ai niiiclv-nine per
i.'in.." says the repori ul i'ho United
Sillies Huri'iiu of Standards, nfler di*
'������-line the reporls ol [nnu mutual tire
i'i-iii'iiiic ��� companies nnd slate [ire
marshals. "As Ihc repori look account l
nf every inid. both new nud old, good
and bad, these figures give strong
stipporl tn the use ol lightning rods,
i'liiir hundred and sixly lum-, 9 noted
a.* being slriiel, by lightning wero occupied   III    til''   lime   |,y   'aluilles.        [ll
two hundred titty-four cnsi s out of
lhe four hundred sixty, one or mure
persons  were either  severely injured
01-    killed.    Illll    tW '   till' f    tbese
bnid's were reported as bavin'.: rods.
so ii  mighl be  icluded from these
figures thnl in the case o[ an unrodded
house being struck, the chances lhat
nil 0! ill" occupants will escape harm
.ne about forty-five oul oi each hundred "
We remind you again that your
fence wires should be grounded every
few mils mi a lightning charge will
nol travel along the wires and Mil
.-tuck ur set fire I., some attached
I '1  lake chances with   lightning.
It is cheap insurance to rod lho build,
in."--! nnd'ground the fence wires, Successful funning.
Sweet and palatable, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is acceptable to
children, and it does ils work surely
and promptly.
Bometlung  bettor  than   hiion  and  lui,    chr.-ipe-it  of  All  Oils.���Considering
lUun-ry   bill*     Wash   It   Willi���soa_p ..and , )1io ���,���',���,.������ , ,it;���a ���t ,���.   rr1,nm.01
tnlities of Dr. Thomas
In du a  lui  nf educating before the      |<v enHne too
American public will take largely and
kindly  to puree of mosquito,    beetle
nr fly.    linked  grasshopper  pudding
or pie, pinch bug hash and such dishes
will have to make their way to public
favor by slew degrees.
II may be true that adding insects
to the diet list will reduce the cost
of liviu*'. Hut il is nut iii this way
tlitd. the average consumer wauls the
reduction made. What is wanted is
luxuries ut low prices. The stutcs-
iniin who can produce them by menus
or 11 plunk or two in a party platform
will earn the proverbial gratitude of
Meanwhile, those who want to Join
the .John the Baptists and the diet
of locusts nud wild honey arc welcome In do sn. The masses will nol
relinquish (heir prejudice against
bugs iu soup or flies in tea at the
mere desire of a few Bugologists in
Washington or elsewhere. -From the
Detroit Free Press.
Wonderful Bilious Remedy
Actually Prevents Attacks  ^,,'
nuii'ii men are pre*
vi tifi 'I from thinking but in some
cases   perhaps  tllis   is  just  as   well.
Cr.:ci go News.
Reduced by Asthma. The constant
strain of asthma brings the patient to
a dreadful .slat" of hopeless exhaustion. Karlc use should by all means
be made of the famous Dr. ,1. li. Kel-
logg's .\stluiiu Remedy, which more
than any oilier acts quickly aud surely
mi the air passages and brings blessed
help   ami   c fori       \n   In,ine   where
asthma is present in the least degree
should be without this ureal rei ly.
Dr. Grenfell, who has been al the
(runt, snys Hint British or Canadian
soldier's overcoat weighs eighl pounds
when dry, nud when wel and muddy
forty pounds, The doctor suggests
insl '.id of khaki, a kind of canvas-
cloth which be wears in Labrador.
Cool, Cosy and
Comfortable /.fit
WORN    ���/"/ *'
OF THE    /
���HM 11 rMiw-T-rrrnr--1  r
��� 1 1
Even in a match  you  shoald
consider the "Little Thing*,"
the wood���thc composition���
the   striketbility���the   fi___t��
are made of strong dry pine
steins, with a secret perfected
composition that guamnteet
"livery Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���thar'i
the reason 1
All liddy products  are dependable products���Always.
One hundred and twonty-lhree ei
'toy firms���that is businesses cot
liieteil by enemies before the war i
Great Britain have been offieiiill;
wound up.     l-iill more are to tollov
water.    Aii-Uir-is or direct    Slate ��iyi  .
���irn] ji-c    ler 85c we will mail you       ��� j hlecli'ic Oil, il  is the cheapest of all
'... Limited
S8 Fraeer Avonus, Toronto. Ontarie
two great causes of bili-
:y  ure  constipation    and
oil-lie.-... --I
defective liver action
When Dr. Hamilton's Pills
en,   they    not  only    correct
ire talc-
meals from pallen Ie
'������_\__M -'/��� F-Ilin8Sl.kne.x
01 CaniulsUns hy a
free sample of Or. .
Roel's rentw/. We I
I f-EC fliDI OOTItf
���f you CHI "111 mil
-E'U'i! IHIS AH tl
_ _     _ P" Wl**   Hun*
lis 1I1 ol lestTmonlals (in lit!. Ohio ans a.iil loll parlleolari.
Dr. F. "lARV.'- HOOF CO.Dei.t. A1401 Sl��-N- Htwlet.
ounlry merchants keep it
Su, being easily procurable und extremely moderate in price, no one
shmiM be. without a bottle of it.
preparation*! offered to the public. It
is to be found iii every drug store in
Canada from coast to coast and allt    , , ,���;    ,    b .     , lh��� ,j
lants I.vcp  11  for sale. K. _._.,_
I Quid' unlike ordinary medicines
wliicli purge and pivo temporary relief, Dr. Hamilton's Pills remove thc
�����     ,        ... -  . conditions   which   cause   biliousness.
1 he  l'lvncl, Cove.,mien   has prom-       , () ,,������,,��� ,,���,,,, .���,, ���,-,-,,.,.
'   ' ' rA':  "3 ?i;i3,?.!_ bU���S._f.! Ud.    No person who occasionally Uses
Dr. Hamilton's Pills will ever suffer
from the headache, had stomach or
bilious complaint. Get a 'lac. box
for all  l!
this vear.
spring wlcat they
{tote's Cotton R.o�� Compound,
A soft, reliable reavtatinff
nedimn*u  Bold In three tie*
$100 Reward, $100
Tlie readers of this i).ii>i*r will lie pleased to
(cam tliat Uierc h at least one dreaded disease
science has been able M cure in .il! its states, iinti
that is en tar rh.   Catarrh beius u�� r*-itl>- influenced by constitution a J conditions reQuires constitutional treatment.   1 InU's Catarrh Cure tn tnlceit
tnedioin*u  Bold in tnree oe* l (ntemotly and ocLs thm the Blood on the Mucous
GTOes of strength- No. I,   Surfaces of the system thereby destroy ins the
$1;  No.  2,  J.t,   No,  3, Jo   foundation of  tlie disease, giving the patient
per    box.     Hold    by alt I strength by btiilditis  up tlie constitution and
Sold    by all j strength by building  up the constitution and
druggists,   or   sent   pro* | assisting nature in dolngibl work.    The pro-
paid In plain package on
receipt     of   price.     Fret
pamphlet.    Address:
lOSOttTO. ONr. (firwiii
A Matter of Comparison
Election Agent -"That was a good
long speech our candidate made on
Ihd flgilaultural question, wasn't it:-"
Farmer Plowson���"Oh, ay, it wasn't
tad; bul n couple "' nights' good
jain 'ud 'a done a Bight more good.*'
Minard's     Liniment
prletors ha
much   t'iii;h   hi  tiie curative
powers of Mulls c&tnrrh Cure thai they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any vast* that it fails to
cure.    Srjitt for list of testimonial?".
Address: r J. CIIENHY it cu��� Toledo, Ohio.
Sold b_ all druggists, 75c.
Liniment asked for at my stor
the only on. wo keep for sale.
All il.e pt'0|ile use it.
HAf.l.l.N   II I.TdX.
I'hasi.hi Bay, C. 13.
ie.* man, In-ware nf lhe girl who
spring.-i a cooking school diploma on
vim. It is the same as a leap year
A Silent Salesman
Many manufacturers of machinery
that is hm heavy or too bulky to be
sent fur inspection I" a prospective
customer now give Iheir travelling
salesman sels of motion pictures that
show exactly how the machines work.
The salesmen cany small, light mo-*
tion-picture projectors that can bo
connected witli tho lighting circuit in
lhe office of the customer. A blank
wall .serves for a screen. Since the
motion picture is independent of tho
seasons, the salesman can show a
harvester at work in winter or a
seeder or planter in the fall. The
films also help to overcome the instinctive opposition that many buyers
of machinery and equipment display
toward new apparatus and new methods. Such men will not listen to the
salesman or e.o to see the new machine I
in operation, but they will look at
the motion pictures.���Engincerin~
for a fine
you must do something more
than use cosmetics. Your
keep the blood pure, the live :
and kidneys active and the
bowels regular. You must also
correct the digestive ills that
cause muddy skin and dull eyes.
Helmets   Prevent  Blindness
"We are parting today," an American   inns,    writes    from  a  hospital,
"wilh our last blind hoy, who is going
off to i. special school to bo put in ed'Yhe'port.'. -MhrVi-eTsou^eTn
the way ol getting lna living    poor at Quifp'ort. iMiss., "Is that the Gulf of
Mexico?"  the  porter  replied:  "Only
When Alton Michael Packwurd ask-
Easy to Talk
According to the following anecdote
our  blockade of Germany   has   been
much   more   effective  than    certain
newspapers will admit.   Al a recent
.offeryouthe needed help. They
'are mild in action, but quickly
strengthen tlie stomach, ger.-
tly stimulate the liver and regulate the bowels. They put the
body in good condition so the
organs work as nature intended. Backed by sixty year; oi
usefulness, Beecham s Pill.
are worth a
guinea a box
D-**K_"B- wili E��I7 *.��x ��f Special V'!���. Ij Wt_MB
S.,1' -Yerj*.il_��. la beiM. *S ����_.
In  Proportion
for several  weeks a woun led   s tidier had' luul  no solid  food -nol
but milk.   At  length the doctor I
banquet the Belgian Consul, II. L, de  him that the nexl day he could have
Russian Women Engineers
A number ol Russian women university graduates hove specialised in
nining, others again have become
axpert- in the good roils movement,
vhieh is ii vital issue iii Russia; sev-
inil will undertake duties connected|
nitli the rapid extension of the canals
ami walerwuy*.
Many women hold imporlanl e\--
icutive positions in the Ministry of
Graduates in architecture do nol
become draftsmen, but have lie* opportunity t" conceive and execute
(Iheir own designs. In Russia there
h no prejudice agalnsl the profes*
clonal woman, in no other country
iocs she stand so fully on a basis of
Trusted positions In hanks, form-
���Trly closed to women have been offi*
dally opened, affording an avenue
'!���* specialists in economies.
fellow. We liaVo bad no fresh eye
class lately, and I do not doubt that
this must in great measure be due
to tb,- new steel casques, whose real
value is shown by the ease of one of
my patients. The bullet struck the
'peak' of hi* helmet, bul was deflected,
an,! laid open his forehead in n Ions
diagonal. Tin- doctor.- soy if it Jiad
onlered slraighl at the point of impact it would certainly nave blinded
a po'shun of it, sab."���Lyceum Magazine.
Wouldn't  Care   Anyway
"I see where a judge has decided
thai to tickle a mule on the hind leg
is contributory negligence."
"I shouldn't think a man who did
that would care by the time the decision was given what it was."
G i ve
' "I    have   just     heard   an   anecdote
about, ibe German food-famine,
"A regiment of Landslurin men
were setting mil for the fronl from
Berlin. Tlie usual crowd were seeing
the old boys off -an anxious, .silent
crowd.   Kiit finally there was one chap
who screwed up spirit enough t
'Long live Germany I'
"At Ibis a gray-whiskered T.ainl-
-.1 iniii man turned round and veiled
reproachfully at  tho  sl ter,  'What
a light meal, and tho solder, gr il ���
rejoicing, conjured up visions of underdone beefsteak, potatoes, i ; - ���,
and so ou. What he was givet to
bis first meal, however, was aboi I n
tablespoonful of tapioi a  II. - I
it, growling and gi ambling.
Thai's nil the   dinner   you    < in
bout, have." the nurse said, "and tin doctoi
orders that everything vise must be
in the same proportion."
The patient pushed away the plat".
"Well, I'll do some reading now."
he said. "Bring me a postage stamp "
The area in fall wheat in all Canada is estimated by lhe Census and
Statistics office nt ],0.3,200 acres as
romparcd with 1,208,700 last year.
Condition of crops is not equal to last
7r,ir but is B per cent, above the aver*
_fc of the liisi seven years,
W.     N.     U.     IIII
Dr. Cassell s"
-,'  WNTAClOsv ���-'-  .f.
'wphx'*wm.&i .5
Dr. CmkII. Initaiil Relltt li Ihi camitinlon
fr.ipur-tlon to lit. Cmoll'i Tjjjffl,
Liver Troisb.es, Sick Headache,
and Habitual Constipation.
I.iver troubles and habitual constipation can be cured���but not
by cathartic or purgative medicines. The only possible way is
to help your system io cure itself; and that is what Dr. Cassells
Instant Re'ief so surely docs. It is not cathartic, it is not violent,
it is quite different to thecoarsc purgative preparations in common
use. Tbese only irritate and weaken; Dr. Cassell's Instant Relief
tones and strengthens the liver and bowels, and so restores their
power to do nature's work in nature's way.
Take Dr. Cassell's  Instant Relief for constipation, biliousness,
liver troubles,  sick  hcadaclie,   flatulence,  acidity,   heartburn,
and Impure blood.
itli we Orvmist I t Dr. Cassell's Instant ItelicI and tahe no niiilitutt.
Price SO cents from all Oi'ii__l_t_ and Storskaapers,
���r dlr��ot from tho solu a.on!a for Canada. Han,1,1 P. rtiioliio .and Co., Ltd.,
10, MoCautatreeti Torouto,
Se>l�� PfoflrJtlorfi Dr. Castell't Ci
War Tn\, l centn exl rn.
Ltd., Manchester, _nplan_,
"Science Sittings,"
April 11, 1918, saysi-
"Provid'noe hasgiven
id tne braini to
devise moans to compensate Nature lor
our ill-treatment ol
lier. . . . The means
al hand oome Irom
natural souroes, and
we have them embodied in such splendid combination as
Or. Cassell's Instant
(telilf, We take Ihis
pf-paration a, an
example because It
is so well balanced
In the matter ol
components and io
effective in every
The Courtenay Review \       Notes h*theW ay
Ami i'uinox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   I'ubished
Courtenav, I). ('.
N. H.  HouitN, Editor and Proprietor
���mbscription 81.M per Vear in Advance
THURSDAY, JUI.V 20, 1916
The Allies' offensive, active on
every front, continues, there being
of course a certain amount of sway-
'ng back ou the part of the Ger-
uiiinsjuit never with any. lastii r
success. The advance continues,
slowly, steadily but always moving
onwards, The Russians by virtue
of their huge iirmies, longer battle
fronts and less heavily fortified buttle lines, are making the most
marked progress, punctuated by
huge casualties on lhe purl of the
Teutons. Ou the other hand, the
llritish, French and Belgians, keeping inviolate the territory they hold
and watching for every opportunity
to advance, are inflicting considerable losses upon lhe enemy
The advances recently
not merely for the sake
mane were
of the terri
tory recovered, nor were they only
for the purpose of releiving the
pressure upon Verdun. We think
that they will ultimately lead to the
giving up by the Germans of certain portions of the front at present
held by them in order to the better
defend the rest. The Allies on the
western front are acting the part of
the anvil, while the Hessians can
be likened tothe sledgehammer. In
Scratch a German and you find
a spy, every time and all the time.
We are promised more deeds of
' (rightfulness " should the Allies'
offensive be fruitful. It is therefore all the more necessary to watch
every German in Canada.
To secure immunity from insult,
Americans in  certain  districts  of
Mexico are   wealing   small   Utitish
Mags. Tlie Monroe doctrine has
not been iu evidence lately, all the
It seems very evident thai any
revival in real estate in British Columbia will conic, not from Europe,
but from the development of ihc
natural resources of the province.
While immigration from Europe
will be greater than it has been
since the war begun, it will not attain to prewar dimensions, the
reason being that labor will be in
great request for sonic years for the
reconstruction of that which has
been destroyed, and for the development of industry generally. Capital too, will stay at home In
other words, those with real estate
holdings in B, C. will have lo aid
the further development of natural
resources if they wish to realize ���
upon their holdings.
Millers Meet
Mr. Movit;-., Manager of the'
Royal Standard agency here was at;
Vancouver last week attending lhe j
the   meantime     the   British   and millers   annual   convention,     lhe;
French have been able to smash the following report of the proceedings
price impregnable defence works in | is from   the  Vancouver  Province, I
the Somme and Ancre portions of
thc- front, erected at a huge cost in
material and labor, and bearing the
July 14.
A departure in business operations took place in Vancouver on
hope of the German people to a j Saturday when the head office exe-
great extent. That confidence has cutive, branch managers and salts-
been shattered with a heavy toll of men of the Vancouver Milling &
German lives, while the hopes of Grain Co. Ltd. met in their first
the Allies have been  increased and I annual   convention   in   this  city
The session took place in the board
room of the Cai adian Credit Men's
Trust Association, and lasted from
inspired, although at a heavy cost,
rather less than that to the Germans, of precious lives too. There
will be 110 respite from now onwards, and the efforts of the Allies
will increase as they are able to
bring into the struggle their magnificent resources of men and munitions. Our Canadian troops continue to arrive month by month
and as regularly, proceed to tlie
front. Recruiting still goes on,
not quite so rapidly in British Columbia as before, but still very creditably. Men are still wanted, and
good men at that, and thev are
coming forward, as they will continue to come forward until the
struggle is over. Victory is much
nearer than it has ever been before
but it is a long way off still. Only
by the most strenuous efforts can
the Germans be decisively beaten
and peace restored. Let us sland
shoulder to shoulder in a wholehearted resoh e to hasten that day
Not for a long time has it been sc
easy to be an optimist. The Ger
man navy is again skulking in liar
hour, the German armies are takinj.
heavy punishment, industrial activ
ity on all sides in the Britisii em
pirc is well on the increase, am
conditions are steadily improvinj.
in the province. Of course, tin
pessimist can always find sonic
ihing to grouse about, even if onlj
in the smile of the optimist, bill
let lis all lie optimists and give tin
pessimist a bad time
The New
Waist Line
and higher buat u
developed in all the
new model C/C A
la Grfice Coraett,
now being shown
9 a. tn. to 10 p. in, having; every j
appearance of a conventional nat-1
ional in character. The address of I
welcome was delivered by Mr. J.
Hall general manager of the com-
panj. Mr. Hall stated that it was
particularly gratifying on this the
tenth anniversary of the company's
existence to have the privilege of
welcoming the twenty-five men who
had gathered from all parts of the
province. "Ten years ago" Mr.
Hall continued "our organization
consisted of two men and myself.
Today 01 r employees number iu excess of one hundred."
After luncheon the delegates
v\ere the guests of the company at
Athletic park, where a baseball
game between the Vancouver
Beavers and Seattle Giants look
place. After the game the delegates were escorted through the
plant of the company by Superintendent Hall'    At 7 o'clock all a.s-
City of  Courtenay
Public notice is hereby given that all
persons having noxious weeds on their
premises are required to cut and destroy
same within seven days from date, otherwise City will cut same and charge cost
thereof against the property.
W. A. W.  HAMKS,
C.tv Clerk
Dated July 1", 191ft
Mens Dept.
Another shipment os Sport  Shirts arriving in plain sell colors and stripes
Newest   in   men's   boater   stiawsj with
high crown and fancy bands
Men's Outing Hats and Caps
Invictus Shoes '-The best   good shoe for
sembled in th: blue room of the
Hotel Vancouver I'or dinner, aftei
which a most enjoyable programme
was provided. Mr Robert Mc-
Kee salesinanager, pre. idbd. The
feature of the evening was an in-
teieslitig talk by the general manager ou the subject "Gcodwi 1: It's
Creation and Value."
No other flour in
in the World is superior to
Thais 11 hold, direct statement!
Hut it's 11 statement that the millers stand behind���absolutely,
ROYAI,   STANDARD   PI-OUR  Is milled from  the finest  wheat in the
World.    It is tested under actual haltin: conditions  in the millers' own
perfectly-equipped laboratory in orthr that  vou secure uniform, perfect
Royal Standard bakes big, fluffy,
finely textured bread
and biscuits
Vou take no dunces when you use  ROYAL  STANDARD   .'LOUR  on
linking day.    Baking failures do not occur with tllis perfect Hour.
Hut see that you get the genuine.     Look
for the Circle  "V"  trade mark on the
sack us shown below.
For Piei, Cakei: and other Pailrici ask your dealer for
Royal  Standard  Grain
Products Agency
^ ?A%
Phone 33, End ol Bridge
10 - Reels -10
Courtenay Opera House
Admission 75c
Show at 7:30
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday I forttVictoria and  Way  Stations
Connecting at Nanaimo with Steamer "Princess [Patricia''
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday.and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of'the world.  For particulars etc., address
Dill. Paiienger Agent,"Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone R 60
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steam fitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courteuay
Health Salts
The Ideal Disinfecting Fluid
Special Matinee at 5 p .m.
for Women and Children
Children 25c Adults 75c
Auto   and   Bicycle   Tires
and  Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Three   Reasons Why
has for nine succcslve years written the
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating in Canada
reraiums are the  Lowest
icies are the most Liberal
Its  Dividetids are the Highest
Its   P
Its P.,
Vancouver Island Branch
,i. linen' MORGAN, Manaiw
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
I'. L.  ANDUKION, Anil, Courtenay
City Council
The second regular meeting of
tlie City Council was held on Monday evening. There was jus! a
quorum present. After tin1 inin*
ti'cs had been read ami confirmed
the clerk read the following coill-
From E. & N. railway asking
disposition of the matter ol drain
from their building. Tlie Council
decided to have the drain put in
ami gave instructions to have the
tile ordered.
A letter from ex-Aid. Johnston
re the Electric Light question stated that he was of the opinion   that
the city did not agree to maintain  vyas not quite ^satisfactory
the street lights,   and  that  no  repairs had been paid for-
Ivx-AId Robertson sent a letter
staling that he was of the opinion
that the council were to pay for renewals, Ex-Alds, Kirkwood,
Croinptou, and Leighton also signed a statement to the same   effect.
Mr. Sawford, secretary of the
Electric Light Co. wrote that the
city were liable for $i per month
for each 350 Watt lamp and 50c
per month foi each 100 watt lamp
whether electricial energy were
used or not and that under the agreement with  Mr.   Peterson,   the
have no agreeni"'!!! with the Electric Light Co. at the present lime,
and will not pay any bills for street
lights a'ter the date of eti'ting off
The ('ily Cleik again asked the
Council for a raise in ."alary amounting to #15 per month which
was not granted, the matter being
again laid over for another meeting.
Aid, McKenzie said $50 was quite
enough for the job. Times do not
call for an increase in salary at
present. Aid. Aston maintained
that the City Clerk's work should
be done by someone who had other
business on the side
Aid. McKenzie said the work
at all
times, and wanted to know what
D. Cudmore got for acting as noxious weed inspector. He gets $3
per day when looking after lots iu
fected with noxious weeds and cutting thistles on the streets. The
Clerk temarked that he could not
be i the office and chasing around
looking for persons with noxious
weeds on their premises.
Aid, McKenzie���"It's up to you
fellows, I'm not in favor of increasing the salary."
Aid. Anderton said the matter of
a raise had been brought up several
times : n   it was time that one thing
city were bound to give one month or another was done.   The   Clerk
notice of intention to discontinue
using current. This has not been
done and the company could continue to bill the city as above.
The Council passed a resolution
saying that they did not take over
the   Peterson    agreement      They
should be told distinctly told that
the salary could not be raised: He
also thought that 3 hours in the
morning would be quite enough for
most of the time except when taxes' seven
were being paid.
Aid  Aston said the City
hours should be 0 lo 12 iu the
morning. If he wanted more salary
let liini apply to the police commissioners for an increase from   them.
Aid. McKenzie "aid the taxes
were being held back either by his
worship the Mayor or the Police
Commissioners. No report hud
ever been received from Hit Police
Commissioners- The Council was
just some kind of a joke, They
argee to do something one night
and countermand il the next.
Aid. Anderton wanted to know
who was to blame.
The Clerk said he had taken
action against a peddler. The
magistrate phoned the Mayor ���nd
the Mayor ordered the proceedings
stopped. In the mallei of licenses
there had been no prosecutions yet
One had paid $5 and promised to
pay the balance next mouth,
Aid. McKenzie- ' Do you think,
I you had n  clear   case  against  the
I peddlar  and were doing your duty
to tlle city when you  illowei
be called off by the Mayor?"
Aid. Anderton "The Mayor was
liable to an action for criminal interference, Wasn't it your duty to
report the matter to the council.
"I don't know. ' replied the
Aid, Auderton wanted an explanation irom the Mavor, and the application of the City Clerk foi an
increase in salary to be laid over in
the meantime.
Tbe matter of accepting Aid,
Carroll's resignation was also laid
over for another three weeks.
The following accounts were
Tarbell ec Son S3.75
W. G, Robertson 65
Bodwell & Lawson (re Tripp) 15.00
McPhee & Morrison 3.50
Electric Light Co,,  office 1.20
,, street lights. ...6.00
repairs    1600
B, C. Telephone Co 5 60
J.  Barto 20.00
All of which with the exception
of Mr Tripp's $15 and tbe Electric
Light $16 were passed on to the Finance Committee to pay if found
Aid. Aslon reported that he had
let a contract to J. Carto to clear
brush on Grabble street hill for #30
The chairman of the Board of
Works said it was worth from 30 to
After one or two dangerous places
in the street hid been cleared up
the owners were to be notified to
cleat: up lots where dangerous
brush was lying on them, at once
A letter was read   from   H. D.
Forde stating that he had collected
licenses from owners of all dogs but
Five of these   belonged to
Designed this year it will ornament and enhance the
good appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.
Come in and I'll show you why the Kootenay stays as
good as new long after other ranges have to be repaired
or replaced. gM
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
I families of soldiers at the front, one
Clerk's to a chinaman, whom he had  been
Your Printing
tillable to find at home as yet,
other belonged to the Mavor, and
was so diminutive that it could
scarcely wear the city's jewelry.
ji".'I The report was received and the
1 c instable will try and locate the
Chinese dog fancier and collect the
license or impound the dog, and
the aldermen will demand their
pound of flesh from tlie Mayors toy
Ex-Aid. Robertson wanted to
know if the Mayor wee not a freeman of the city aud exempt from
the license.
The report of J. W. McCaiin re
bridge, was laid over tint 1 next
There was no application for the
position of pound Keeper.
Aid. Aston reported that all the
Orientals had paid the road tax but
16, who were to pay this p'y day
or the amount would be d ducted
from their next pay by lln ir employer, the Mayor.
The rates by-law was finally
The Sanitary Inspector reported
that he had examined the ' lncktn
house complained cf by Mr. M-
Millan, and found it was not unsanitary, there was just a little fight
between the neighbors. The wash-
house nuisance was not a menace
to public health so long as it was
kept as clean as at present. Report
received and filed.
The aldermen were v��ry anxious
to know about the delinquent trade
licenses, The Clerk read out the
names and amount., This showed
that $65 was not paid. $10 was un-
collectable and of the balance about
half had agreed to pay, leaving 4
rjelinquints who will be interviewed
by the clerk before drastic measures
are taken.
Aid. Aston remarked that he
thought it was up to any man to
pay his trades license and be a|
citizen anyway. I
The Clerk brought un the matter!
of getting a list of registered  pro-'
perty owners from tbe registry office
at Victoria.    He said he wanted  a
*ild. Anderton said the only way
to get a list was to have someone 1
go the registry office and make one
or have the registry officials prepare
one. The clerk was instructed to
find out the cost of procuring same.
Council adjourned at 11,10
Dissolution of Partnership
Barrister ami s
Phone 6
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort   Wiil,  Modulate   Rates
llest \V''ii.�� T. BOOTH
ninl Liquors Prop.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Excel leu
Wm. Merryfield
The Water Question
wl  Houses,
ud   electric
in each
Four f.-
water    a
Apply, MRS
Cannot be done any
better or any
er anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
Simms for Satisfaction
Waltham Watches $7.50 up
Alarm Clucks I/.S.A
make  $1.50 to <S.m
Wedding Rings 18K gold. $3
All   watch  clock   ami   jewel,: r   repairs
guaranted IJ months
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician
Courtenay. B. C.
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore subsisting
between us, the undersigned, as Real
Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Insurance Agents, in the City of Courtenay,
II. C., has this day hecn dissolved by
mutual consent, All debts owing to tlle
said partnership are to be paid to George '
J. Hardy at Courteuay aforesaid, and all
claims against the said partnership are
tube presented to the said George J.
Hardy, by whom the same will be settled.
Dated at  Courtenav   this 16th   dav ol
June, 1916.
I'iRii, J. IIauhv
P, it. Praskr Uiscoh
'��� Witness: Kdward   II. Hicks   Beach, No-
tarv Public, t'ourtenay, B. C.
Cents c
��� l.i
..SU       Dresses
.75      Overcoats
Repairing, Etc.
ithes kept in order
month {2.50
.-I -:
. 50
Haney   I.  Kushida
St. 1
Iding a.s  Roberts :-,
-''iiini St., Courtena
Sand and Gravel
K                               lil e
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriap": Builder
��-. rvw-Akx TiuritlkviEwT cour-tRW.  b. c.
ffi.v' isi'..irl'.','|V��vir'..ii"*,(ir��fe>"ii.'
���M.i.i'fAi' rs<;i)iiii^/o;)*t.Tj:,:;,;,'jj"
-jif * *!' r> n'< -Jt <_ ���.( '&���> u *4-*'
Some Famous Riders
C.i.ixy ol   Riding    Stars Will    Give
Exhibition    ol    Darini;    Foats
al Moose Jaw Stampede
Among llic many ImckiuR-horao
riders wlio will compete at Hi'1 Mm'"'
w Stampede, .Inly nib in Mill, arc
five rn' lb.' best kin',".n ami in.i-l during riders in tho world.
Mii i fatnoii ��� ni Ihis quintello tirr*
Kuiory l.aliriimli'. the pri'Sonl world's
champion, who is beyond doubl lln1
grcnlcsl ii'lrr whn ever lived, ami
"Mim" Parker, uf the ' Q's" Itiineh,
Sago Crook, Aha. I'urkcr is luirdlj
I.'.** i'h nn m ��� ami daring 11  rider Ihan
l.aili'ainli'. ami lh  Iwo m  ll mall    II
I i.i i r  ui   stampede   |
Girls to Stud* Farming
Alberta  to  give  Girls  Oppoi tiiriity  of
Sludyine, Agriculture
"Equal   rights"  an-  Iii   l.r  extended UL'JU|
r ' women whn w[sh lo lake up ugn
cultural  courses  in  any ul   lhe  three   Worst   Cold  (ir   SCTC Tlll'Oilt   ''"-If,1'
schools nf nSr:e,murn In lho Province <l;m] m (>���;���.]< (),.(jer
���'I    Mli.'i'la.      I br   i-oiir.-,-   ha\e   li Oil
work un lho plan
law s is w nilli a jinn
mill's lu nee.
M I mil  | lh ���  \\
taken by a number uf young men of
lhe i)i'0\ in.--- and have proved verv
beneficial, Uoeenlly there have been
applieatiun- from girls whn wish to
study fni'iiiiiig on a scientific basis, i
Tho 'jirl, have previously been Inking lho Domestic Science, course!-, but :
apparently Ihis [lold was nol broad
If-11  lu satisfy lho female Bpil'il  ol
Where can you  find  so powerfully
anliim; a  relief as  Nerviiine for   .
nl cold?   Search llio world over ami
vuu'll dis 'ovi l' nullum.' half su goo I
fur nearly forty years N'ei \
il   has   lie
ml..I   I.
1,'ul.   N'i'i'viliiio jilenlitully over lhe   Ihroal Iroiibles,   Thousands use It foe
i I. nii'l ebesl    nil. ii in well    lots of | I'lietimidisiii, Reiallea  ami  neuralgia -
nibbing cnn'l hurt. Th" relief will In Ihej all speak well of this gran'l
urprising. family   lininieiit,   lieeiuise   Ihey   hnva
Nerviiine  is effeetivo  boenusc  it  Is' proved ils a1 sl  magical  power
'lh    council deeided  in  nrgn  upon ,.,]. n,,|,t  n   where the soreness ami   ness, always remeniber thnl  N'ervlliua
���   ��� ���     ���     ���   ii     I  ih" 'l.sii ,.,,,.-,...,,,,,   |.,iy |,|.0i    |ls  ticlion  is   i.-  Uie quickest,  _nf.nl   e ���������     Bv rr
turins marvellously soothing,   flubbed on at  good dealer in modi ine soils the largo
provinee. m.i,,.  ,,  clruws mil   llm  Inflanintion,  5()u   fnniily  fine   bottle  of   N'orviliiti,
lh.-  luiiii" rn  th,.  \\,'.|   is certainly ,,,,,1  a,.tor��� morning lakes awav Uml  I rial    size 2.V,   or direct    from    llu.
bound up in her agricultural resources, (,.,.)��������� ,,,  |.,d,;,,...,    ,in,|  ,i���p's   tlio | C'ntiiri-lio/.ono t'u.. Kin  don. Canada.
i!' refore loo much emphasis eaunol   , ,
I..' plai ed upon ;-"i ioiiltunil education,
I'*1*   through  lhe lissm s
l'.��nie," a  halilir     win, is known | ilio'p'rovlneiul' govmaii'ne'n'l   lh- desi"!'   '* ''"^  '" Vh"W "'" *"""
as lho greatest    ruler evi i    sent mil   MUy  ,,,  c-tiibli���hhiB  mor
from l aliluriiia, ami lhe man whn was   .,.,.(  reboots tbrouglinlil  il
si "nml  lu bnGiiindi' nl  the Cllelehon
Mia.. Slompnde  lasl  vear    Tho [itli
I [his [unions group of i iders is Ji
M.'ii'liniialil. a entile hand on a i nu li
south ui \lnple i 'n i!., v. ho is famous
1 'vane i i'ii.. who is in nnu.-   Scientific   ran g ns a profession Is
out ihe noi-th-wesl eat Ie  and      ������   slij-n|���0   foi    w n   than   are ,     ������. .     ,      v. , ...     ,,,,.;, .,-
18 n cln"��S "l,1,1 "��'"��'11""- fk'JW*  many of the no-cnlled I. it-nod profes- L (i' ,.,,    |    p,v   i     f     ,���
I((r,,i    i-i- fi-    u   if i    nnvni'    LMVCfl    111)      1 i   ���   i        n                                    i          i     i ' '    '     '        '        '           ���"        '                        ".iu.iui.iii
!',.;,    ���,.,,; ., .      i',,i,      ' s I"  ������l'.cl'    'hey   have    uli ly. ���..*,��� tj_|, bnvo  b boon awarded lho
Rescues  Under  Fire
I'i"    I",   Watson,   (Cliatliiiin.   nut.)
his wild mount
This galaxy of  i id
1 as many others, hav
the Stampede buokh
while ..iiirs of equal
owed niul beaten,
'������,   \Hi"ita  i*  wi.e  lu  pluelng  MHiinrv  Mednl.   A c ���tide,  writing
������ll'l.'liull.s      ,l||
rights of women in Ihi ��� respect,
durational  [���_,,, uie touches says:
itini" in in
nn   lhe  morning  of  April  3   lln
: Germans    coiieouli'nled    au    intenai
Thrifty Danes Win Trade     fields  of  roping,    triek-roping,   Lull-     Miller's   Worm   Powders,  being  in   boinbardmont on cerlain dug-oiils nnd
  dogging, ami wild borso raoinp will be  demand   everywhere,  enn   he  got  nt j .-iippm-l troiiohes. No sli-elclior-hoiirers
Quality of Danish  Butter ir, so High   present to mnke tho Moose ,lnw;St���,ii*| any chemist's or drug 'hup, at  very j or other medical  personnel being on
v_,   ;..   ,..���..,   r,    ,��� pede the greatest frontier oolebrnlioii  small   cost.     Thoy   pro   n standard   lhe spot, rescue work was und.rlnkon
That Market is Rapidly Extending     ever liclif. I remedy for worm troubles and enn bo I by   Pies,   Watson and   Payno.    Nino
In   Denmark    the  bread    is home* ������������ -���������
bn wed,   The women spin woolen varn   TT       *       I        _.  f\
Which Ibe village weaver mak- '���,.,,  He  IS  JUSI  OllC
cloth, or which they knit into stock
im-.    The   wm
drosses.   Often
their husbands and suns. Tho ni m
mak" wnu.I. ii shnes for the family,
nud house furniture ami farming implements.    Ami   th"  fftieiont   Danes
War Hero Crate In Germany
W I 'i   .iiilin ' i" ' i:" m 'inory   it
In un- is Iho lal ' ' ��� ii7.pi that h alibi ling i; , mm i The ill iplay of Iron
i a.... i lusl i fur "ui' months, bu*
lhe ridieiili of H " for 'i in press, ' ������
golbor with ih dr i iulli| Iii ily, l_.il id
lhal ' rn ��� Now ii any one I* ing-
in ��� iu oily, in ��� n, ... ���, IIIhji ' is repori "I
official!) "i al In : ' '��� ie, a * doiny lorn .
."ii "i am i . di .1 nl lh" front, up i ' "i
a   woodi ii  still ie  w lib   llll  . peed.
11  has In come quite n now pro! ���*���
siun.  ami, say i  a   wng,  will  oontiiiiu)
men  make  their  own        M(lT*P of tllP TVTrTIV  nvllil11  so effeelivo a
thev make clothe.- foi ���     iuuIC ul lilc i��-i.��**V : relief of their ebildrei
rei Iv Im- 11
ullv relied upon lo expel worms from   limes they went oul under heavy fire,
he's; i. in and abalo lho sufferings i applying first did lo the Injured and I to bo so Iill llio llei'lin Military Heir,
bnl worms cause. There nro many carrying them baok to cover, Tu their nrcby discovers lhal the needs ol ,:.i
nolbers thnl  rejoice lhal thoy  found   gallantry ul lonsl seven men owe thcii   aniiy  shew  lhal   the     liinib r  stoi-ua
lives,    ui t  these,  who  had  been   need replenishing,   The daluo (o run
buried in a dug-out, was released nfler| llindenborg sol lho pace lo tho crow*.
' although up i" lho pi'pacut lhat m mu-
moid holds n record for sir.o. Thirl/
Inns nf spikes wore used to pierce tha
wooden god as a means of oolleeting
money for lho privilege of showing
nppro'ciution of hero's deeds by driv'
in"  a  nail  inin it
Buttonholed  Ir
i|'-inqui ul
miii'li   Inbor  while  Hie  bombard ut
was still id its height."
i'liiinrilisi. a British C'abinol Minister|
"administered  a   nenl   rebuke.    "I-towl    Ke"P    Mlnard'i   Liniment    in   the
sit   Europe  an  example  of  intensive   Philip McLeod Tells How He Suffered! ,,,h , ,\a _0l, [Jij,*]; [|,fi war will lasl ���" ,',ous<:'
farming  nnd  dairykceping.    Ono  re-     From Kidney Troublo for Years and  v.'ns'lho'final qucslii fa long series ~
���  Wanish butter is eaten |    Feund a Quick and Complete Curo  asked    Uy    lhe    Interviewer.     Wry     Nellie, nged tour, was gazing I nt*
In Dodd's Kidney Pills. \ """^   ""'   "I"?-"'   "'^V   '���'T- i   ���'��� We i",f"a!""" """'    '""":'
' ! long is a piece ol string:     lhe inler-       Weil, uoni,
Tai'lnil, Victoria Co., C. I',. (Special.)   viewer .tared at him in astonishment,  "what 'I" you think of
Philip Mel.i'n.l is just, ono moro of| "1   1 don't know." ho gasped. "Nei-I    "Oh, r
in countries east of the Suez Canal
nm! -niiiii of the equalor. Vast quantities of Danish butter nre shipped
into lho  hriiish   Isles  nnd to eonti*
nsked tho lady ut Inst,
iienlal countries, but the output is so   (he many residents in this neighbor-1 thor do  I." said the Minisler, cordi-  Ihink it's all right.   Aunt Mary lold
groat,  tin- quality  so  high, and  the  hood wlio have found  now health in  ally.    "I'm '.dad  we've ogr 1  about | mania it was �� perfect fright, but it
reputation of Danish butter so wide-   Dodd's Kidnev Pills
spread,   that  il  finds    customers  in     "]  have used  Dodd's  Kidney  Pills
lands as remote from    II"'     Danish-with   great   success,"    Mr.    McLeod
farms ns Patagonia or Tahiti. I slates.     "For   veins   I   had   kidnev
.lutlnnd formerly  wns dpsoribod hyl trouble nnd could get nothing to help
googranhPiv as a sterile vast.*.    II  is  nie.    Hearing of what  Dodd's Kidnev
now n scene of highly profitable farm-, pil|s |.���vo ,|,   [or others led  me to
Ing.    'Hi"  pastures nre sn small that Use lie in.    five boxes cured mo com-
pvpry blade of crass must bo turned   plelely,
iiii" milk.    Tho  farmers arc sn pro-     ������- jinVc recommended    Dodd's Kid-
vident that they tether their cows in  nny  I'ills to many | pie.    i eann.it'
row s ami nllow them to crop thc grass  speak too highly "of them."
within  reach   removing  them  to  the      The testimony of people who hav
next i roppod  gra  -  tli- next  day,   i ���    ,.,������,.,|  ia b��-ltor   ihan   nil  the
nml llm* steadily mowing each moa-hi ry in the world,    Dodd's  Kidney
dow.   When tho fm  side of tho plot   Pills nro purely and simply a kidney
of ground bus boon reached lln* grass j-omodv.    If vou hnve kidney trouble
upon  the side at  which the grazing an Vn'u i I to .1., is lo nsk others.
was  In ii Im* grown enough  to be  They will tell vou that Dodd's Kidney
cropped again.   The humidity in the   pj||g will euro you.
atmosphere    1 ps   Danish    pastures     They will also* tell vou Hint Dodd'.s
green  when  lln''-" of many ( nlries  Kidnev Tills cure rheumatism, dropsv,
nre parched and ibe  process of mnr*  '-u,a,.|   disease,   diabetes    "ravel   and!
Twelve thousand lour hundred m in.
hers of trado unions have lefl Canada,
I ihe small observer, I for Iho fronl since lhe opening of 11 i
war. Of Ihosc, 450 were Hriiish i -���
scrvists whn responded lo tho call
lo join ih" colors in I*nglai d
keting grass a- hull"! is not 'if' m in-
ti rfi red with by drought,
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Ilrighl's dis
tin's,, diseai
Si nlrv (aged nine'; - Halt' Who ;o '3
tl i i    "
The Challenged (aged six) ', fri n I
wit' doiighnul ���
S- nlrj Pass, friend- halt doughnuts I   Judge.
:. That Is because all
nro either kidnev di-
msed by diseased" kid*
depends upon bis power to
produce what tho world
recognizes as of  value.
And when ymi skirmish nroun I
you'll find that this power ���
which is jusl power of mind
nnd bod; depi ml i" a remarkable degree on the food on i cats.
I'ir highest accomplishment
one musl  have  the  best  values
in food   I I v Inch build. ���   '..���
fialaiic. mid brains
bn lhal kind ol vnlue. It
conl \r nil ii. nutriment if
whole wheal and barley, i."-
cluding lh" important mineral
elements so often lacking in tho
usual di tnry.
Grape   Nuts   conn s   ready   to
ont    - onsy lo digest. nourisbi
peoiioni enl,    '' ondpi-fully    deli.
. ions   a hi'lp iii building m n of
woi th.
"There's a Reason"
CaiiiKlu.il I' istinii i������������,' ill ,. :, I
v   "i ur, (Jul,
The Mesopolamian Expedition
It  Is n complete misconception to
regard  the   Mcsopofnrninn  expedition |
as an tint ossary side-issue.   It was
necessary, ii was wise, and, in spite
of the fall of Km it must bo pursued
witli  all   possible  energy, and  vigor.
! It was necessary for the defence of
our own interests in Persia and on the
r_'ulf; it was wise as n means of relieving i'.ypt and nssisting tho Russians, ami it must now be pursued, in!
co-opcrnlion  with  Russia, to the fill*
: fillment of ihe original design. West*
' minster Gazette.
The   Pill   That   l^ads   Them   All.���
i Pills are ih,. must portable and com* I
i pacl of all in 'dicinos, and when easy'
to take   aro the most   acceptablo oi
| pr 'parations.    But  Ihey  must altcsl
llieir powi r In  be popular.    As  Parle 'lee's   Vogi Vli!"   I'ills  are tho  most I
, popular of all  pills ihey musl fully
; meet    nil   ri quiromonts.     Accurately
compounded    and   composed   of   in-
r "milts   proven   to   bo  effective   in i
regulating the digeslij-e organs, there
i i    no sun r mi dicine to be had any- j
where, |
\ oolleolor of siihscriplions fur the
brass hand  fund unci' came across a
tan icr v bo v as noted for bis moan*
ni ss,   To his ��� urprise lln* farmer ot ���!
consented  to s ibscrlbo fully ns \
.. '..-��� n .-mn a- any bo bad yet recoiv*
ed.    "Mr. Hnrdfist," be said, address-
iiq   the farmer, "yuu are surely very
fond of music,    lo givo   so much?
"Oh, yes," .-aid lho farmer; "they're
grand for soaring the crows frmn ma
I 'laties   when   they're   practicin',   an'
, 1 iu grateful."
Minard's  Liniment used  by  Physic-
. ians.
Ijioulcnanl Navarre, a Freneh air-
I lean, bagged 19 Hun planes. That is
i what lho Germans call Hun-kind.���|
, Montreal Taller.
There may be other corn cures, hut
Holloway's Corn Cur" --lands at tho
head of lh" list so far as results aro
cone Tiled.
W.     N.     U.     IIII
"See. There's lho great catch of the
"Imi' ed. \nd how many coupons
did you get with him?"���Judga
Nerve Force is so much like Elec- the ears, are some of tlie symptoms
trieity, and the latter is so much bet- of a starved nervous system.
ter understood, that we have used Just as machinery lags when the
this vivid telephone picture to illus- current   of   electricity fails, so the
trate what takes place in the human bodi1.^ orSaus weaken wl,��11 the SUP"
system when the connecting nerve
ply of nerve force runs low.   Digestion is impaired and vou lose appe-
librcs are deranged or something goes    tite> m *iv(M.( kidupys ;uld bowel8 ara
wrong at Central. s]ow -n performing their functions,'
Tn the nervous system the 'brain tlie heart's action weakens, circula-
is the Central where the Nerve Force tion is slow, hands and feet are cold,
is created, and whence are issued the you are easily tired, lose ambition and
orders which control the whole human grow downhearted and discouraged.
body. Here is consumed one-fifth of Thia   describes   the   condition   under
the blood in  the  human  body, and which Dr. Chase's Nerve Food can. prove of
when the blood supply is deficient in .rentest assistance to you.   Forming new,
quality  or quantity, the  brain and H��h Wood it feeds the starved, exhausted
j.r        '                   i                 ,.    ,   ,     ,.   , nerve and brain cells  baok  to  health   and
he nervous system are  first to feel vi,,01,  Th(J ������,��� ���Ual, n.,.ve ,������,,,,. flo_.g ,mt
tne enect'S. through the intricate system of nerve fibres
Neuralgic pains and headaches', *�� ,every member "lul ���ty or��!,u ��r "";
i-.i.iii'-. i..       i i body,   eaiTymg   new   vigor,   energy   and
inability to rest or sleep or COUCen- strength and driving out pain,  woaknesa
trate the mmd, dizziness and noises m and disease.
no ee.nl", n bo_, tt for "H".."*!), all dealers, or Kdmnnson, Hales
& Co., Limited, Toronto. Do not bo talked Into accepting ���
Biibsiitute.    ImitaUoiis disappoint.
th, UImum-'. lU-r-'liw Honk, 1,000 mImUU rociveu, wint tree it sou mil tlnn (_J�� B'um. >o9
Persistent   Rumor  That     Fun,!
Sufferers are Diver-led
is  Denied
-���-*���         " Reports still  persist  ihal  the Ger
ABSOLUTE    ACCORD   BETWEEN    GREAT    NATIONS ma"  occupauls of  Belgium are pro
, limit: by lhe importation ol foodstuffs
under lho supervision of the Belgium
Sergius Sazanolf, lhe Russian Minister, Says That It Has Become  lfrli,.[ Com mil tee,   The latest report Should be the Duty <>( Canadians to go out and Possess the
An Alliance of the I [carts of the People, and Thai It NX ill       - ��,\ frmn the Tivu.'h ni wspaper*"!,. ^he Good, Green Earth, Which is the Foundation ol
Assure the Peace of lhe World Temps," Paris,
  Mr. Herbert Hoover, the head of the
i ' relief commission, firmly  denies tho
'"lh. nbsuhib accord between Great     "I'ho reahxatlon of this solemn, Irulh  truth of this,   Me bus frequently mnde
Britain  nnd   Russia  means  that lho  musl demolish  the fallacies nnd  fie-  such denials and be ngnin stales thai
alliance formed iu tin [ war against   lions  herctoforo  spread  by  enemies U||  fund  and    all    supplies   shipped
regarding  llio  alleged  Slav   peril   fo  ij-rough the Belgian relief commission
I'-uropo,  nml  musl  bring eonv Ing Und Its branches is assured of safe
,,iii" an alli-
Whatever Prosperity Our Country Enjoys
Why do the newspapers of the coiin- (oration will bo landli ss.
try  devote su  little attention i" the     Our country    people    should    tnk-
movement known as   "Back   to   the   heed,     Their    younger    sue-       id
Land:''   A united press following out i daughters should go oul nud | -
n concerted policy in this rngard could I llm land instead of drifting into the
vidiiiee ihal   iiie  Hussian dues  not I ddh'orS' io~\l% desihinUon ~l?arlv"in I ncconipliah more in u single ynar than  cities.    What  folly for tlie   children
land as a menace lo Norway, Sweden ||io work ol the commission small' ���-"">' ",l"'1' lil,",'n," nse",cy ,in '���.'���''������'"l''-. "' ,l""w ,a*u*v. ""; -'"���   ""������'>   ',������"
view wiih The  London Times  Pol,,.-  or other neigh s.   I  ie Ibe Swedes tlona of tho food were take,, fr. ..enl \)" """. "'ouIc  lli,v" tho ""'d'hood ���=��  ��*on for   hem by I he courage, endur-
,'iHd enrns lent. wll w , i/.o   lho fnlMiy   of the depots by llio Hermans, bul in m rv ''''"���v "ll1 , "   al-1' gonn/al movement,  an,"  and  thrift  ol   their  pioneering
vicious idea that  Russia has anv na- instance after affiiirs were straighten,  ''educing 'he disproportion between Ihc  fathers and mothers who nmdo   tlm
liuual   aspiraliuns   whalovoi   lhal   111   ,.,| put, this fund was paid I'm  and ll  -I111'""1 ""ll hll'llilM-' populations, WOlllc'i   CO ry I
ii common enemy ha- In
ill."  for all  lime."
Thus  spnlm  Si rgius
Russian Foreign Mlnisti
iiwonoff,  th
in an inter-
I'll.il   enrr. S|
The alliance mad" by the Govern-
im nls ha* now h. collie an allinnee of
lh, hearts "t ihe people," continued
M. Snuonoff,   "In ibis frlondsblp 1
l"    llm   I'liliznl f   Hi"     fullilesl
.h, atu nf mi career, for in llm Inn'
bii ndsbip nl I'nghuid amI Russi'n Ibe
peaeo .f ihe world is assured toY ninny
I', m n.i -.    Wn have thus potential.
[j wm, iim war, iillhough tlm strugglo
itself mny continue fur years. Crystal*
li/.ntion uf llm Idea that England,
I'lauee iiii'l Russia,cunnol be alicnat.
"! establishes il crlaiiily Uml  -he j polish "'refugees'   froi'n""i'l'ie "Teuton
(..Mitral   Powers have lost no matter ��� ,.,,,,_    m8   m���j,,s,v  n,,,   |.*mporoi'
now Ihey may by fortitude and 111- '������, heen ^, moved at Iho distress . if
leninl sacrifice post pone lhe inovit- ������������ polish* subjects thnl lhe greater
ah Ie day  "f ih"  admission  uf their |d |1Ml)s  fll|. human Symp(1,|)y  |,,IVI.
iijlitosl   wav   infringe  on .Iheir I nioiiev nhicod   lo Ihi credit   of the automatically  produce  economic,  so. These mueh-endurlng pioneers tl   in.
I '                                         { oin 1 and moral   changes nf immense selves "an, if they will, do much lu
importance ami  value tu  th" entire .-."iii" [or llieir children th" heritage
now too lightly csteeinea, Let them
What should be the ground nf -inli take a nul pride in their calling .imi
an appeal? H should be the duty and their achievements, Let them pi icl
privilege uf Canadians tn go mil ami, iu season and out of season t! ��� ad-
possess the laud, (he good green earth, vantages uf rural lif". 'I!, ���;.��� have
the real foundation uf whatever pros- with good reason an abiding faith and
perity our country enjoys. confide] in the goodness oi the Und
The war will be over some day. ami Ihey own and  i:\" nm  (., t them ���-_-
,,,,.,,                             'In' hnmigranl will again in; knocking lend llieir patriotic faith a !i".
their daily fond,   llio immense finaii-  at our gates.   Theso people are com- vond    the boundaries   of their own
(���nil drain to meet, this demand can jngi ftml tney .vj|| COme, wilh a clear farms.   Th. v should tuke a real pride
iiai'iiv i." um."iii"i.                             understanding   of   the   situation*   a in their local district and say a
clearer understanding than mi,- poo- word, not only fur farming :.s _ pro-
ple  seem  to  have.      Tiny  know  the Cession,  hut  also fur tlm district  al  I
national  life, ami   I  hope ibe rooenl I Belgians
mi 's regarding the Aland Inlands.      i. .,,���., ni ���������.  ���*._,,. ���, ... ,.,, ,
���   '��� i i i'ii AH "   lllllll   1   DI    1M I, Illi ic    S    Ml OlN' I   ' . >_ _ ��� 11 ��� * i *.���
*   ",  ��"��   '"'!"" y nro   dlsspdd,     ; .      h| ���   , ,        ,        t em..,,,
wll   prove   he last error of sua ncion .    |J(l| , ��� .     ,   .,      ,,,.,.
111 ""' s" s regard n�� Russia. _,_��� 1.ir)j���f ,,���ll���li'll���,.   This committee
M, Sa/.miuif referring in lho prom- j���s|, noM |..l8 jis work ,.M( ������| [,���. p.
ises ..I Polish aiiluimmy. said: The conditions in Belgium have rapid-
"Nu uim  deplores  moro  Ihan   the ly grown  worse until now llu re are
Russian   Governnieni    tb"  sufferings seven million  people almost   wholly
which have come lu Poland nnd the dependent   no this   organization for
swept, aside military aspects
id In
,...,,, ,, ,.        ,. ,.    ,, -i nvtt-jJfa    il.-M'C'     Minn,H\     III* U'l'IB,    It I HI     IH'
V1   ��1*G m"'"-"'l f ' '" '''"���bas freely .hen permission for wide-
lento s amity and unity    musl come ���   ,.,,,;���,,  _.,���.,.   (fl  |)(,  -onihlelcd
llm permanent dissipation of Uie ,,       , . ,,    |-.oekefo)]er (���,,,���-
I. .,       .          ��... ...     Mn. .nnu ' .n ��� .
mischievous iden Hint tlie Russians
me a people uf ambitions and aggros-
in, design, planning In advance their
uwn aims at the expense uf liurope.
Nothing is further from lhe Russian
. burned r. With mir southern outlet
made irrevocably secure in perpetuity, with llm legitimate growth nf and
.1, volnpin, nt uf our economic and industrial iife secured, with mir boiind-
iiries suitably adjusted nnd our follow-
rTnV**- assured of their 'Iim. Ibe destinies and aims uf Russiu in tin1 west
are fulfilled. We can Ihen turn to
ih" Ini" aspirations "f Ibe Russian
Government and people, namely, tho
development uf our vast empire and
the fui-lli) ring uf the interests of the
nation's peoples embraced within mir
Savings of People
nf the American Society for Thrift, ii
qonlr-ibuling n short nrliole uu "The
Spectre nf Pauperism" lu tlm January
number of Leslie's Weekly Illustrated,
| mission fur il seemed heller in him
that there should occur a leakage in
ihe relief provisions than Ilml a single
Polish subject should suffer unnecessarily.
"The Poles cannot oxpeel lhat in
Ibis life ami death struggle we will
In able to outline iu full mir program
fur Poland's future, hut lhat Poland
will receive a jusl nud equitable nu-
tiiuoiny in the greatest degree, adjusted lo its future life and its economic
and industrial developnieni is certain.
The Poles and the friends nf tlm Pules
may, therefore,  look  forward  in  lhe I than $1,300 for the bah e of _0.
Russians for ��� dawn of a new era and' Me further pointed oul flint al ag.
n period of unexampled development sixty-five, 07 oul of every I fid poop],
which will follow the inevitable buc-I*""? partly or wholly dependent upon
eessfiil conclusion of the wnr
To meet this the committee is sending   out   new   appeals   and   directing
Ihem particularly to prosperous Can-1 Jnennhig'nnd value nf'a7ife"eioso"lo j pVovuicc"iii wh7ch""they Tiv."
ula,    I he   Belgian  relief committee,'
oO St.  Peter Street, Montreal, is re- roi.t  ft h0IllCi | of pessimism, is
eei viiii;  I he  donations    for  Lunuda.
lias vuiii.s gone forward yet?
1    . .     .   .��� ' ..   .' . I uu. i i.i.i_   .1 uu   \ .uu"   ui   11   nu'   i lu.-e   11,    | ii u, ii,",-
a.la     I he   Belgian  rjhef committee, tho soil.  It means independence, com- liabit of
Hug,  of  '",.-. oeki  ..
Our city men should take heed. The destructive    force    operative  .      tl
pioneering era. with   easy o|iporttini-.[social and economic Iii" of rura
lies,   free   l.'ind,   wide   s|ia.'.'S,   ea,i,n.f ' iiiunilms  tuday.     If  this   3tU|
last much longer. II our cily dwellers.! ii ould bo replaced o   mighi    - a
S. W. Strauss, uf Chicago, president struggling in lhe crowded occupation*
���f modern life, do mil seize lb" i
iimiil ami act, there are hosts nf people ready lu grasp tlm prize which lies
before them, nnd lhe sons and dim eh.
gives some startling figures nnd facts tors uf Canadians uf the presenl gen-
He pointed nut Hint in the United
Stales til. oul of every 100 people thai
.lie leave uu estate whatever, uf the
remaining .'1*1 only 0 leave more than
$5,000, and Ibe average is a little less
permanent   habil   of   s|���:d;im.-
optimism uragc ami -��� If.r
would dn inure I., leiliii" ih" d    ���
llm agrieullurist than much let
and   ma,iv   pray, i s.      \\ fnnipi -    !���> "
I'c -s.
:;d"F;::;L��:'',nan,,: An Impression
Of Kitchener
When Germ
Tlm German pcO|
in know,,   sooner or  later,    whether
their armies are iu sooth winning this
war.   II limy ar" w inning il they musl
demand thai  as  their .-mall.'.-I  reward
relatives,   friends  ur  the   public   fur   Ihere shall  be given  lo  them  bread
I I. clothing, "te.. nud that  iu iim  and   meal   lu  sustain  them   iu  tin
Not   Always     Popular.     But   A      i.i
Adored  by  the   British  ScIdI�����,-_
In   Hi"   I k   'Wiil!   Kit  henec   I
*=�� ~ I ' -    =   United States 08 per cent, of the neo- labors lu keep    nu invincible    army  Khartum," G. \V. _te\
Tr?licr>ei��-   <ll"lf.   PAITtln i tic circle t0 Dnw"on to Enlist     pie a��e living from day to day on their  afield  achieving    such   glorious  vie-  hj3 .impressions of the "Oi
JTVUSsIcl  (tllU   JTUIttllU      Two men from th" furthest end uf   wages, and that a loss of employment. I lories.    If  tiny  are   nut   winning   it   Victory" in terms that hnN
 ��� lhe continent, and possibly from the  wo."kl "l"11" 1'*��"��I������ ��� ��� --"'"��l I'"' ;'11 hui '-'  thoy must, demand thai  Ibe military   test ui time and change.    II     ���
Fobs Have Faith in Russia's Pledges ,no3(   northerly   aud   -.mom  uiuui",''|'"''''"'"        dictatorship abandon a struggle which, j several inches ove
to Their Country |nf any of the millions win have on* |    "Y��� Ivertised    as   elmiiiinii.it
Russian  dailies of importance,  ii
rinding tb" Slovo uf Moscow, under-
liaml that   I'JBperor William  is  perturbed hy Hi" ml.'inn renewal of tin
O.nr's pledge lo Poland. Poland will
l.i a nalii.u. usijur lur own tongue,
teaching Inr own culture in her own
���schools of all grades up to tlie university itself, declared .Air. Sazonoff fo
iiie Duma. Germany, he said, in
effect, will ���.���rant Poland nothing like
that, The episode lieiaiim dramatic
when (he Polish deputy in the Duma,
lir. Ilarusiewiez. affirmed thai Iiis
.mi,dry is irrevocably with the allies
because they have sworn fealty to
the principle nf nationality. Tbe
I'.'les, lie added, believe iu the Bus-;
in,,,, pledge of a unification of dismembered Poland. They see in the
*...inls nf Pri inier Stunner tbe promise |
of a Polish nation governing itself|
���with tlm ('/.ar as a constitutional
povereign. The form of the words wns
bold bul the I'rench prese is a unit
in deeming tb" Polish deputy correct.
If (be details supplied by llic Figaro
nro correct, Pules throughout the
world nn- for the most part assured
of the good faith nf the h'ussinn
pledges, Kven the somewhat suspio-
I0US Hun,ui" Ijiehaine, edited by
.'leiuonci an. is convinced lhat the
Poles ore justified in their acceptance nf the Czar's pledges In their
i'ii any nf the millions win have on*     "You advertised
listed on cither side in the giva. wnr, maid."
arrived in Dawson recently, and will     "Yes, madam"
enlist in the Yukon company.   They     "Whai   were vour   duties  at yotu
are William Annell and W. ('. Is eddy, last plac
from Herschel Island ;��� ml vicinity on I    "1 drove, and cleaned tho cars sing
ibe Arctic coast, where Ihey have 1 -��� --n   handed."
I inspecting and Irani,im.' fur years,    '    "And as maid?"
They mushed hnmli-u; nf mil's : "| took down my lady at night nml
a, inss the bills nnd down (lie p..roil- j assembled her in the morning,
pine  river from  the Arctic coast  lo madam."���Punch.
I ml   Yukon  nml  there awaited  Ibe 	
breaking of the ice and caught    the     Customer���I���bawl see    (he    bally
Reliance, the first bint of tlm year Germans have recejvtd .a big check,
fo.-Dawson.   Thev cnuslcd in Dawsjn     Tailor���-Er���yes, sir.     T_ucky    Ger-
today. mans.*���Facts and Fancies.
if it was bootless with ample supplies I "strnii-ht im a  lam",  and
ui men and nf fund and nf treasure, imperiously above most mei  -
must be hopeless with ihe wind" na- his motions ar .liberat.  and ���'
linn  worn down in bare hm,".    I'or for  tireless,    .-i""l   wir
nearly two year.-' lh" German people rather ihan for power or a .  ������    thai
hnvo been deceived by their military js    irrelevant.      Steady    passii
autocrats as tn what they were gain- eyes, shad".I hv decisive bro
ing.      They  cannot   be  deceived  for- ,ed, rather fufl cheeks; a  im. - mu -
ever.   They cannot bo deceived many (nriie  beneath   which  y livi   ���  ��n
months longer.   Waul and starvation immovable mouth; his face   * bars
will lell them the truth. Then Hi
militarists who, recklessly and wan-
lonly setftm.' nut tu wreck Europe,
have ruined their own country, musl
aussver to the German people. That
will he il," beginning of the end.���
New York Press.
Affects the United States
Tin assumption thai lb" wnr is an
ordinary one and that ibis country
j. nul related In it is baseless, as
efforl for-nearly two years has been
mam- in iin-" columns i" show. Ideas
ure at slake Unit vitally affect us.
'i h" question bus been ns in whether
i!,e world wns in continue lhe (level-
Wonderful British Sub Feat
Nose of E-Boat .Smashed by Explosion,' Yet Her
Strength and Her Efficient Mechanism Saved It
didn't know what was to become of
In'two minutes Hie order tn rise bad
gone through to ibe engine room and
and  neither appeals for affi cl
.-iiis   dislike.     All   Ihis   !*   .r    ���     ,   '
inn; neither, age nor figure, n ir fa. i
nor any accideut  o! person i as   t
in nring  mi   ib"  sirdar.    You       . .
imagine ihe cbara 'ter in-'  I       mm
if  all  th"  externals   were   ...
He has nn age but the prime    :'    I
nobody bul one tu carry .'.i* :,,:
face hut uim tu keep hi- brain :
Tlm brain and the  will are ';
sence and the whole ������'��� the man���a
brain ami a wiil  so ,'������ if eel  .
i', r . , ,     ,   ,,       Minn an.i a  win  so peneet  in I
the pumps,were going.    Hut whether  W0,ki���L,s ,.,.���. in [h,.'u , . .
wo were going to rise or not remained | lremegt diffimdrv.   they   nevei   see
i1" '"' -*''���'"��� lo know what struggle is.   Im-. -annot
fmi   Koine it ilctei'inl I    th'' lulure
>.| Cii",'".   l-'ve iv intimately mir
inle will he decided by the character
, 1 the peace made iu Rui-ope. They
are dreamers taking no uole nf fuels.
thai do imi realize thnl this country
"It was slill enough, down there, nf
In  a certain dockyard in England  obtain.    And added to ihis  was the tor all the noise nl tl xplosion and
there is to be found a splendid tribute fact  that  she had made the voyage the smashing of tbe glass. You could
to iim prowess of llritish submarines  '."" I,i?'1 sea; thai fur twenty hours,  hear tho motors turning   it's not much
, ,,     , ...   ,. ,, ,,        defenceless,   sim evaded   the enemy I of a sound thev make   and tin' tesl-
aud lhe skill of ihosc who man th,,,,.   ,,.,,,'uls. I fog  ,,{  tbe  wireless     We  were  glad
It is ouo nf Hm lines! of llm British 1 had hearl stoles "f German sub- enough to hear Hint. And when we
under-sea boats, which, with her bow marines sunk by a single shot, so [ saw the bubble in the clinometer wns
twisted and bent as the resull of al'ir,l'ed ""." oi 'he officcis how this still registering Inclination we knew
,, ,     . b'lii   inn   survived  tbe  tremendous 'Uml matters were nut ns had as Hi. v
i, with an enemy mine in en- sWk 0, .,,. mi���e explosion'. mighi have been.
"Then they throw iu lhe levers. We
wailed. That was a bad minute. Tlnn
th" luni."ii glass began to rattle around
under foot again. We were moving.
We weren't long In getting up. Al
any lime there's nothing like en,nine
up inlo tb" air and sunlight after
you've In1' ii ninii r for a hit, Hui this
was different. Yes, this was a bit
differ, nl."
This was bow b" tnld nu* ill" slory
uf iim black interval when theso "f-
fieeis nud Hie men nf th" crew waited,
submerged, ai some 'Jan feel below
water level, not knowing whether or
not  ilmir bulkheads  were destroyed
euiy   waters,  covered  a  distnnco   of j    "She held 1 auso of her strength,"
almost three hundred miles under her he -aid.    "It broke Inr nose and il
own power and  arrived snfoly in a!1',"'","!'1, lw�� "''"'''  ���������l'V'p,"lls-   l:,li
. ,       .... ,     .. f    -dm In Id.     Ibe efllelelley ul Hie pllmiiS
homo port.    Iluough lhe courtesy of ���._, ,���,,  imimil,,,|    witliin two .ninth,: British Admiralty the correspond-1 _(ps w bad Ihen, working."
cut wns permitted to see this submnr-     II" asked me if I would not go be-
iho and talk- with  Inr officers   and  low and see llio marks of llu  dlsns*
crew. , ter.   So I followed bin, across a gang-
She is in harbor with her bow facing way and upon Ihe narrow iron dpck
turn ink, strips ninl two of her lur- which already was beginning in show
|,"du tubes crushed. Her plates aro red patches of rust, The hatch was
crumpled, two of her hulklieatls are open.     Below I could   sen a    while
..pineiit  ol ii deinoeralic  nationalism
Hint would prepnie the wav for some
j , ,,f mmifie  Internationalism, or broken away from tho bow; but in her c.iuparlmenl wiih brass fitting..
whether ii  w.-.s I,, become militarily  tubes are two unexploded torpedoes.     I do nul know  whai  I expected In
Juinerh'listic    When Carthage fell be-  Their easing is twisted and caved in find, bu'  win,,  I  stood in this com*
and th" mouth nl llm all lube is jammed. But'lho qualify "f ihe big ,-x-
idosive iii ber torpedoes and llm
mechanism controlling ii prcv, nted nu
explosion, thus saving ler from total
iu know what -me.'.!" is. You cannot
imagine tlm sirdar otherwise than as
seeing the right ii,!:._ r,, do and d ���
im.' it. Hi* im ."-mil ,s so inhuo ,r.
unerring, In- is more like a mn :hin ���
Ihnn a mnn���other gem rnls ha1 ������ bei ..
loved; none was ever l�� Iter ;i -��� '
fur Anglo-Kgypl he is the mah li, t:
expected; th" man who has -;;'��� d ��� X*
in rience and corrected error, wi. . h , -
worked at small things and wait, i for
gr, al ; marl.I ' to -it -till and fir" I ���
smite; steadfast, cold, and inflexible;
the ninii who Im- ci ' "ur !.:- hun ...
lu'.-irt nml mad" himsi If a machine I ���
retake Khartoum."
This wns just ...u twi nty-l '��� v "'��� s
ago. i" orgo Ptev, ns died in I..
smith, ami the In illiui I ; nd ��� is nol
a\nilable ," chronicle the sanii rele '���
less nn thods by which Kite!.- . r
brought tu an mii He* Boi r war.
In all tin '- II - a q aign levril. 1
nizninst him in recent months l.o: i
Kitchener bad nevi r found f".- a moment nny fnilh ami the ungrudging
support uf ih" common peopl, ha*
fail. 'I him, lb , ioI i ��� 1; popularity- rail,",' be spurned it���bul tli' re
was something in his stem pati, nc, .
parliiieni I could see no traces whnl- whether their Instruments were irre*
sinver rn Hie e.itesirnphe. Directly panibly damaged, whelher or not they
in front ul n," Hm four real doors would ever come un again into Ihc
uf Hm torpedo lubes, painted a  brii- sunlight.    It   was  his  ship  that   he  h|s  hard  rectitude,  his whole-  ,ul, I
limit while, ami m mv right nnd leftlseei I  to think of  above  nil other  devotion,  thai   appealed   unci in l>
the  great  shining    torpedoes    were   things. I'" tl!'' unnginajion of Hm multitude.
��� reared llimi.h Im vas, he was ndorcd
.'     ',,,.,art of   lie  world   and1    She struck the mine head on.   Tim clamped   in   their   ranks.    Only the     "We found -Sul what we'd come in-1 .-'eared though he was, he was adored
diiisI nnrlieinit "in its mnior affairs.  eolUsion  smashed   two  of her bulk- wheel controlling  Hm    how    rudder! to," he said. "Then it was whether we  hy the private soldier, nnd sorrow and
\',V V   I  (' luh                                 heads, broke all glass aboard her and was not true.    The slender brass rod!could mak" a porl  alone,  Tlm wire  �� persona   sense nf loss enters today
���                        '                               sent the crew sprawling in lhe floor supporting it had suffered from   the less  was  working-thai  is,  we could  ""' humblest home in Britain.
All the Men Off
Seven brothers, Hie total adult male
population nf Campbell Island, have
enlisted  in  the  17th  reinforcements.
Campbell Island is situated some
1.M1 miles south uf New Zealand, in
the Pacific Ocean, ami is a dependency "f Hm Dominion. It wns dis*
covered in 1810 by the brig Perserver-
I',..'.' owned hy "dr. Robert Campbell,
of Sydney. It is mountainous, nboul
M) miles in circumference, and has
ii.v.ral good harbors,���New Zealand
'-���*      " -
>\ new fi.unn miles coal basin is be-
fjij- opened up by a Mm mil" extension
tt, i; e Siberian Railway,
if the compartments,    "in Inr tor-1 vibration. I send; wc couldn't receive.   We took
pedoes did  nut explode, Inr engines     This was lhe only mark made   by In look at Hie bow facing at the bulk-
did not fail lu register; she dropped   lln- mine nf Hm enemy.    Nol Hint  ii   beads.   They looked pretty bad hiui"r-
to the bottom of the sea and the water
flooded in under Hie doors uf the torpedo lubes aft. Hut within ten niin-
ules nfler the collision she bad been
righted, come lo the .urface nml
turned her nose towards home.
When I looked nt Inr lying there
wilh her exposed tubes shilling in llm
sunlight and Imr bulkheads in .-trips
of rusty iron it seemed Incredible thut
she bad been under the const guns
uf Hie enemy, Hint .-Im could have
made in Imr damaged 101111111011 a
journey of three hundred miles, reluming tn a safe harbor with llm information Unit  she bud  bei 11 sent tn
Movie Attendance is Astonishin.z
"The greatest  inspirations    which
comes lo writers for motion pictures
was to h" estimated as minor dam-  inr. loose in .'trips. Bill we decided wo
n.L'e, for ill" rudders have Heir part could make it. The engines were right. I is in the knowledge of the size of their
lo play in the rise nnd dive nnd it nnd there wasn't a broken dial aboard great  audience.      In  the    year  1915
wns necessary to come uji fr  the  lier.   The periscope wns true.   If was there were roughly 2,900.000,000 paid
bottom of tho sea.   N'ol a simple mat-1 only  her  nose and  her  rudder that admissions  to  the    moving    picture
ter with the rudders not uuder con-lwer'e g(  theatres of tlm United States.     This
tn,I. I    "So we started back,    If wc picked means  an  average  attenda )f '."i
"You see," one of tl fficers ex-  up anybody on the wirloss we knew times per year for every man, woman
plained mine, "we didn't know what I thai limy bad  work ol Iheir own to and   child   in   lhe   country���or  onco
bad happened���the water was pouring do,   So we drove   along   under   our a week for half the population of the
in  afl  and  broken glass  was every- power.   II was a bit of had Sea, bul country.   Figures like those imply ,
where,    We didn't know niueli of her I we mad" it. Tl.e waves broke over the
was guii".  We knew that ev, ry mnn j bridge nml pounded Ui" one bulkhead
nboard bad been knocked flat on his wo had lefl forward.
face, that the glass off tlm dials was     "And fo," Im said, and smiled, "we   field wl," are by training and artistrv
rattling nboul  under luni.     put   ,re I came home." qunlifled to accept the reaponiibUHf.
grcnl responsibility cu the part of
those who supply this tremendous
ih m.ii.il, nud in, n are now entering tlm W1T.1M     "*I��TTT.H1TIW ��� TT    "B-lirT-M-F
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Nexl to Hardy & lliscoc
Comox, B, C,
Besl Meals North of Naniaino
Choic.itt l,i(|iior.s and Cigars
C.   A.   Martin,   Prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Pine Showing ol   Horse  Blankets,   I,np
1'ugs, Clnves, Trunks, Suit Cases,  Ktc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Palaee Livery
Horses and  Bu^Kies f"r  Hire a.
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from  bending  Musicians
from the Atlantic to tlie Pacific.    Copies
of same furnished ��n request
W. J. Goard   will oe   hi this city   about
April   1,      Leave orders at tllis  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
���Al.l,   KINDS  OK���
Soft Drinks,
Ice Cream, Lunches,
Tobaccos and Candies
Cold Lunches, Salads and Sandwiches
OU sale at
J. R. Johnston's
Marocchi Bldg.      Courtenay
Yob cannoi eat yoar
eake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls |I*rotnptly
���\ ttended
B.C. Prohibition
Act Does Not
Measure  Provides  for  Free
and Unrestricted Importation of Liquor from
the   Outside
The Ii. C, Prohibition Act, on
which th�� Electors of British Co*
lliinlii.'i will be asked lo rec-idcr
their opinions at the poll, is nut a
prohibition act iu auv sense ol the
term. So contrary is it to the
principles of prohibition Hint prohibitionists '.heinselvi's are freely
criticizing the measure aud the man
wlio is neither "wet" or "dry" is
asking ihe pointed question as to
what will he secured bv the bill
save the building up of industry
and trade at points outside the province.
All of which goes to show that it
is advisable that the elector who
desires to vote intelligently on the
subject .should carefully examine
th_ Act before election day,
The "Wide Open" clause of the
Act, Clause 57, reads in part a.s
"Nothing in this Act shall
be construed to interfere
" (a) With the right of any
person to import from without the Province liquor for
bona fide use in his private
dwelling house."
This clause means that any resident of the province is allowed to
purchase all the liquor he desires
just as often as he wishes, without
any control or regulation by the
government, so long; a.s he sends
his money outside the province for
his supply.
Tins clause would, for instance,
allow any person to place a standing order witli any liquor dealer
outside the province for a weekly
or monthly shipment of whiskey to
b. delivered to his dwelling. Ou
such an order the supply of liquor
would reach him constantly a.s long
as he met the bills. In the lace of
such conditions lhe question may
well be asked "Is this Prohibition?"
In the pre.imitiary campaign in
connection with the bill and at the
piesent time prohibitionists have
made a grand stand play, both on
the platform and through their
piopaganda literature of the drunkard and the Hghtful evils which
accompany drinking. Yet, in the
bill for which thev are admittedly
entirely responsible they have done
absolutely nothing to lessen the
consumption of liquor in Hriiish
Columbia, the sole effect of thc
legislation being to send money
spent for liquor outside the province. Incidentally it may be
mentioned that the drunkard who
already has the taste and the habit
is the man most likely to be lhe
first lo take advantage of the privilege to buy outside and. should the
Act pass, would thereafter have liquor iu quantity iu his home
whereas he now takes his liquor by
the glass. As the small boy would
say "What's the use?"
The great question lying
behind the referendum vote
on the Prohibition Question
is whether the regulated sale
of liquor under Government
license and control is not bet-
I ter than the unregulated and
unrestricted importation of
liquor from outside points-
Readers dewing literature or information concerning the Prohibition Act may secure same by writing to Merchant's Protective Association, Room .4, Canada Life
Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Tenders Wanted
TKNDKRS are wanted lor the trimming and erection of the City
Flag and Staff. For particulars apply
at City Hall.
City .'.erk.
Dated 11th July 1916.
Mortgagee's Sale
of Valuab'e Property
UNDBR and by   virtue of the  Power
ol   Sale  contained   iii  a  certain
Mortgage, which will he produced at ihe
time ul   sale, there   will   he  offered lur
sale by Public Auction on
Thursday the 20th day of July,
A, 1). 1916, ai ibe hour "l .* o'clock hi
the afternoon, by Mr. George John
Hardy, un the premises which are situate near the Junction nl Union Street
old Warren Avenue, Courtenay, the
following property:
but One ill llluck One and huts Seven
and L'lght iu block Four of
l'art nf Section sixiv-Une, Comox District, and Registered May No, '17.11.
Terms: IS per   cent,   of   the purchase
money to be paid   down at the  time of
sale and lhe  balance lo   he paid   by 111-]
st,,hue,,ts at 3, ti and 9 iiiniitlis.
For further particulars ol sale apply:
Solicitor, Mil' Street, Courtenav
Dated at   Courtenav, II. C. tllis 6th dav
of July 1916.
Applications Wanted
APPLICATIONS :lrt' wanted for the
position nf Poundkeeper lur the!
Citv of Courtenav. Said Poundkeeper
i to provide a proper Pound. For further
particulars apply at tlie City Hall. Ap-,
plications to be lu by .Monday the 17th
City Clerk. '
Dated 11th July 1916.
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
Fii-slclass certificate Technics of  Dreadiiiakhig and firslelass certificate
Unklllg Conlectloiiery Technical College
Sweet and Moist
Malt Brown Bread a Specialty
Guaranteed Pure
Remember the address     -    Next the Royal Bank oi Canada
This is to certify that  my wife, Emily
Isabella  McMillan  having  left  my bed
and board, I   therefore  will  not  be responsible for any debts she may contract,
Ice Cream        |
Candies, i
Tobac cos
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Money To Loan
We are open to receive applications
for  Loans on  Improved Farm
Property   in    the    Comox
Real Estate, Insurance, Etc.
CANADA from her abundance can help supply thc Empire's needs,
and this must be a comforting thought for those upon whom the
heavy burden of directing thc Empire's (-.fifth, has been laid. Gain or
no gain thc course before tbe farmers of Canada in .'.s clear as it was
last year���they must produce abundantly in orr'.cr :o meet thc demands
that may be made and I believe this to be especially true in regard to
live stock, the world's suyip'.y of which must be partirmlarly affected in
this vast struggle. Stress and strain may yet be in store for us all
before this tragic conflict is over, but not one of us doubts the issue,
and Canadians will do their duty in the highest s?-ise of that great
word."���HON. MARTIN BURRELL, Minister of Agriculture.
MODERN war is made by resources, by money, by foodstuffs, as
well as by men and by munitions. While war is our first business, it is the imperative duty of every man in Canada to produce all
that he can, to work doubly hard while our soldiers ere in the trenches,
in order that the resources of thc country may not only be conserved, but
increased, for the great struggle that lies before us. ' Work and Save'
is a good motto for War-time," -SIR THOMAS WHITE, Minister
nf Finance,
WHAT IS NEEDED? these in particular���
We must feed ourselves, feed our soldiers, and help feed the Allies.   The need is greater in
1916 than it was in 1915.   The difficulties are greater, the task is heavier, the
need is more urgent, the call to patriotism is louder���therefore be
thrifty and produce to the limit.
"THE   AGRICULTURAL   WAR   BOOK   FOR   1916"  ia now in the preen.   To be had from
The Publications Branch, Depurtment of Agriculture, Ottawa.


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