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The Review Dec 9, 1915

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Can not lw dona any letter, and
not i|uite so well anywhere eUe
hereabouts. Our tyiieand machin.
ery is complete anil The Keview
price* .ire li^lit
Classified Ads.
Make yonr littli "-'-'uiits known
through o l;i--iii- - tdvertiseiuent
in 'I'll   Review   -   ���   -   I hone 59
................ ^
VOL. 4
J 3 3
Agricultural Grounds
Saturday, Dec. 18, at 1 o'clock
Householn   Furniture and  Farm Stock
Particulars in Poster
Phone 10 Courtenay
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone l43 Courtejnay
The Ideal
Christmas Gift
It need not be expensive, but it should be something that can  be used to add to  the comfort, or lighten  the labor of the Recipient, every day in the year
Thus it will keep the memory of the Giver always
fresh in the minds of the Receiver and add
to the happiness of Both
What can you find that will fill the requirements
for an Ideal Christmas Gift better than an
"Electric appliance for the home"
You can find one that will be suitable for any
member of the Family
They give years of uninterrupted service
I     Let us help you to select your "Ideal Xmas. Gift"
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Mrs. I). Kilpatrick returned lust
night from a visit to Vancouver
Wc understand that Aid, Johnston has been .served with a writ
by Mayor Kilpatrick, claiming
$5,000 damages for libei.
Remember the "Rustics" at the
Opera house  to-morrow   (Friday)
11 i>-lit.   The proceeds of the enter-j
tainment will be given to the I :c\
Cross fund.
Get your guns cleaned up. Cooke
& Matthewson intend holding a
turkey shoot on Christmas morning, Plenty of hue birds will be
on hand.
The L.-.zo guard are holding a
dance in the Little River School
house on Friday evening in ,iid of
the Red Cross funds of the Little
River branch.
" The Master Key " still continues to draw good houses at the
opera house. The last two episodes
were particularly exciting, a fight
with Mexican bandits at the mine
calling forth applause from those
present. The Harmony orchestra
enlivened the proceedings with a
choice selection of music, and the
other feature films were also very
One day recently J. Canvithen
had au exciting time on Union st,
While driving down the hill in
front of the Riverside hotel the
breeching strap broke, letting the
shalts down onto his spirited driver
which immediately started to run
away. When just across the bridge
she met Mr, Collins in his auto and
the mare jumped over the railing,
straight down the 15 foot drop,
and landed apparently without injury. The buggy and harness were
badly damaged.
! Leave your order at once for
your Christmas* turkey at Cooke
& Matlhewson's, A supply of fine
birds is expecfed shortly.
j For Sale���Two year old Holstein
1 Bull. Apply, J. Crockett, lower
road, Sandwick.
For sale. Australian stump puller
will trade for small launch engine,
must be good. Apply J. Caljouw,
Bowser P.O., Vancouver Isle.
To be disposed of privately, for
cash���An exceedingly quiet horse,
broken to ride or drive; Top buggy
and harness, in good condition, also
riding saddle and bridle: household
furniture, etc. Apply Rev. F.
Franklin-Watson, The Vicarage,
Phone 48, Cooke & Matthewson
the most up to-date butchers in the
district.    All orders promptly   at
tended lo.
For .���������ale ��� White Wyai dotte
cockerels, #5, JSj and $2 each; selected trios 5S7; heavy laying .strain,
Apply, J. G. Randall, Royston.
For Sale- One 6 ll, p. Fairkauks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belling, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Team, wagon, and
harness, or exchange for cattle,
Also 30 acres 1-2 mile from Grantham school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value What have
you to offer? Apply Hon 8, Review Office,
Strayed���a short horned steer,
red and white, mostly white faced,
18 months old. marked by piece
cut out of right ear. Anyone
knowing the whereabouts of same
will be suitably rewarded, Lasl
seen by Mr. C ipbell - ranch.
Please notify Geo, D vi Union
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
I'te. IVirott returned to Victoria
yesterday morning.
Mr. and Mrs, K. Grieve, of Na-
naiino, are guests at Mr. Harry
McPhee & Morrissou have their
windows nicely decorated with samples of Christmas dainties.
Aid. Johnston already has his
hat in the '' ring" aud announces
that he will be 1 candidate for the
mayor's chair,
Rev. li. A Armstrong of Toronto will preacn at Courtenav Presbyterian church ou Sunday morning
next at 11.30 and at Sandwick at
2 p.m. In the evening Rev. T.
Menzies will preach a war sermon
on Constantinople.
Use Our Telephone
Use our 'phoue for sending in
news items of interest. Don't think
because you know a bit of news
that everyone else knows it- By
sending it to us we in turn may
impart it to the world, Phone .59-
What interests you is always
sure to interest the readers of lhe
Courtenay Review; and it will
make the paper more interesting to
you, as you can then read what
someone else sends in. Don' wait
fpr the other person to start it.
A delegation of Cumberland citizens were here yesterday morning
to interview Mr. Schar chmidt,
Hardy & Hi-coe will hold an
auction sale ou Sat irday Pec. 1 'th
at the Agricultural grounds Courtenay, at 2 p iu.
Look out for the grand m isquer-
ade ball on New Years' eve, un ler
auspices of the Race Track committee. The Harmony orchestra
will furnish the music; See l.'��_gie
Bros, earlv about vour suit.
The following prizewinners at
tlie Agricultural society have returned the following amounts to be
used as stated iu the circular:���J.
Urquhart,2.50, R. P, L. Vig rs,
$5.75, H Beadnell $10 50. Mrs,
McNaughten $1.50 Miss Me_.au-
ghioii $1 25, Rev, Laycock, $1.
Miss Dodd, 50c, R. Hurford.5. F.
Hates, $1.50, A. B. Ba.l, $5, prisoners of war fund ; Cooke & Matthewson $1, Red Cross ; I-'. EC.
Janes ��4.75, half Blue Cress and
half prisoners of war fund : R.
Willoughby ft, Red Cross.
The Weather
Extract for November from the
Meterological office at Little River,
(.on ox district, Bertram! Vogel observer : ' aximum temperature 55.
Minimum temp , 27,0, rainfall 6,11
Card of Thanks
The City Council desires to thank
the Cumberland Band aud all others
who assisted in any way at the reception to I'te. Perrott on the occasion of his return from the front.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     .Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday  School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.   Service 11:30.   livening service 7:30 p. ni. All welcome
/ % t, %��o*
���*���   ��s  tV* %.
\   %
Any lady found in this store between
the hours of 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. in
search of the very best value in groceries will be amply rewarded.
Wo are now  opening a large and varied stock of
goods suirable for the Christinas trade, consisting of
Cut Glass,* China, Fancy Glass Sets,
Cutlery, Toys, Gloves, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Ties for Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies Blouses and Fur Sets
for Children
The stock is so large it will have to be seen to be appreciated
*.' ic Plain and Fancy Groceries in  great va-ioty at
lowest cash prices
McPhee & Morrison's Cash Store
^l�����^ffae^pc^����ff>a'^^,^ THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That'll Why   Yours Tired���Out of
Sails���Have no Appetite.
LIVER .ILLS     >,��$*&'1
will pul you right    *'' -*,*��'e_J
in n lew dry
Thev d.'.
tlieir tl-, y.    jtt*\*s*.i'-if^
potion, fgT Jet** I
Bllioutntts, Ittdigtition, ani Shk Hteaeche.
Small Pill, Small Do-e, Small Price.
Genuine must ben Signature
Tho Farmor Likes It
Rush to Certain Death
\\ e have been making matches
for 64 years novv Domestic
ami c\ cry oilier kind.
Some of our specialties are
a 41 inch stick--"THE EDDY-
STONE TOUCH" for outdoor use-'WAX VESTAS"
for tlie- smoker, and other
For home use the most
popular match is thc"S] LENT
5," but for every use
Letter'  to   New   York   Timet   From   a   A Stirring &t?ry of H_!*0
F.-irmer   Who   Cnjoys  the   Life 3r!g3dc:
Desire Les Caibouru, in h's letter n. was theo'ush to death! Al tha
concerning tin- pautoral life ami those word "Go!" tha men were over Hit*
niio wonW  pmtiarli thereon,    asks a  parapet Itke a Hash     I'hen :i tremo*i
question:    Hoes the farmer really en- Sous tusllade broko out and rose -i	
Joy ii? He wants the opinion of i g fierce crueklt- Into a roar In which
genuine farmer unu who feeds the neither rlne *or machine gun could | j
cows ami plows ih" land, I have be dlstlguished, bul jusl ono contln-
known ilu' pleasure ot the shower uous roaring tenipesl :su ono could
i..iih i'i summer, the s o'clouli rlBliiR I live in it, I'no description of the nc
bell, anil llu heated room In winter, tlon la supplied bj Captain C. E. \V.
\iiil l !.'...i ��� llii contrasts on tho farm. Bean, the official iiresa representative
l gel uii u four mul feed the caws, I with the UmtialUin forces In the Dnr-
iavo perspired In the Held mid mow dauelles, In nn article I sued by tho
through ihe Ions day, ouly to come lo high commissioner tor \uslralla. For
ie barn nl ulght from mj Btunt with sheer self-saerlfleing heroism, eon-
the pull nnd stool I have dressed with tlnues the writer, then wus never ;i
a snowdrift In one corner of the room, deed of history thnl surpusaed Ihe
uml hava wrung my us In chopping charge which two Vustrallnn Lighl
time. I bellofve I am qualified to Horso brlgudes mude in tho first lighl
answer, TheAuriuei does enjoy It. ot Saturday, Atigunl ",, lu order to help
'in "gentle'1/i   mean horse   to work   their comrades  In u critical moment
of d gn .ii battle, The men had vol
unteerod to llglu or fool or In an;
other wa> pro' hied Uip> could ��� d to
i!:illi|nili 'in help Hi ��� other Auslrultuns
Describing ll o action, Captain Ile in
uys: "I'a:h������!>��� i wo miniiti s after H
Of New Fur
11, "gi mil'   a,  mean  norse   to worn
ttnild ;.rir.\ ii/; , rops-  lhal Is ploa Hire
To  fee I  .i   linn!.'i'\   beusl,  to  turn   ull
even furrow, thesi   gl\ ���  pleasure.   To
I pitch a mighty  loud of liu*   nnd (eel
lho muscles stretch, to walk Iwo miles
. after a hasty supper, antl shed the dirt
1 uiul hayseed In tl lollng BWlmmln
hull    oh, I could   gu mi for a pago.   lirsl Hue hail cleared lhc parapel the
Cock's CotteO Root Comi
*t .,( Biife, reliable vtiulaliiicf
5^5SS?*.    metttelne,  Holrl in <i'*">" ac
No.  1,
li is living In breed good stuck, ami
the joy come in lhc care of Ihem. li
i- living    lo    raise crops and  It's a
j pleasure u> rip mil  Ihe weeds behind
I your sweating leant.
Ailments such n; constipation, col-
i Ic, cold, vomiting, etc., seize children
im' all ages aud Ihe mother should bo
I mi ber guard against these Lroublea
[ bj keeping ;i box of Unby's Own Tali-
I lets  in  the  house.    If any  of  those
troubles come on suddonly the tablets
I will cure Ihem, or If lho little one is
given nn occasional dose of tl"' tub-
| lets In1 will escape these Lroublea, The
i tablets are sold by niedlciuo dealers
or by mail til _���', cents a ljo\ from Tho
! Dr. 'Williams' Medicine Co., Brock1
', \ Ule, Ont,
! Trade With the West Indies
I Thai us a market for Hour, meat,
butter and condensed milk produced
. in the western provinces of Canada,
(all the Britisli Wesl India islands arc
nearer to Manitoba, Saskatchewan
and A-lberta than Hie British Isles or
countries ot continental Kurope and
thai for manufactured articles from
Ontario nud Quebec the cost of transportation lo Lhe Wesl Indies Is less
than the eosl to Saskatchewan and
Uberta  Is the statement made  In a
SI;  No.  '..',  Sl. 8,   S.'i
per    box.     Sold    by   all
druggists, ni sent tire- lspe0|a] report on Canada and the Bril-
recelp" ol price. Free 'sh Wesl Indies by Mr, W. CI. Griffin,
pamphlet.   Address: special trade commissioner.
the cookMEO-c.iN_ea.j'; Mr. arlffin visited all the colonies
1080*110.OUT. (Fsrmtij Wsfcsr.)   Hull   liave joined   in Ihe Canada-West
preferential tariff agreement,
1 as the colony of Jamaica and
the republic of Cuba,    His conclusion
lhal the trade of the British West
Indies i.s worth going afler.   The van
watekpivjof collars ano cupfs      ions colonies included  In lha prefer-
���nini>lliint   beiiet   ititui   linen   ind   bit  culial    ugreemenl    auuually    import
Unity   bills     Wash   ll   with   s.ihp   mil   aboul $45,000,000,000 and export aboul
wuler     All ��lor��s or direct    Slate styl�� lijj ooo.nno.ilOO worth of goods.
mil me    I i'i- '���"���������'  v'" vli!l nnul >':|'
C,S frtior Avenue, Torenlo. Onurig
non reward, $ioo
ft VIM   KIDNKV.   BLADDBK, DISEASB-. Hf.OCi)   P0130S,      1
THERAPION aaavn. {
esit.nnlt.si.'.U' irruilliyii ..LL i^is.ns^ ucttl'%    r.
.il   te  lenrn   Unit  ll
i-oniled    iliscasn    Ihnl   science   lias
ui.l.'  In cure  ia   ill  ils stages, and
Hairs i':il:iirli Cure Is
euro    in, v.'   known    to
'rally,   Catarrh   being  a
lUluttomi] disease,  requires n  consll-
.ii.i! lr. alii. i.i.    Hall's r.'ntairli Cure
alien Inleiiiallv,  Beting directly  upon
lhal  is I'aUiri
ll nly   |.'..:i
Iti,.  medical   1'
second line jumped    onl  wlthoul  i
slightest     hesltulloii    au I    I'olluwod |
them,    No one knows how n happen,
ed,  and  probably    no nun v, ill  ever :
know,  inn   ennie  cither of  thai   Ural
lino or of lhc   -i enn,i  line  innnuit id ;
lo  gel   inin  tbe  exl renic  rlglii   ban.I ',
corner of the enemy's  Irenclt,    'I hey i
cmi-i.'d wiih them n Btiuill Hag to pul
up iii the eneui' 's Ircncli If liiej ean '
tured  It, nnd  lite appearance uf i Ida
flag ivas in he lite signal for a party
ui' tho   1,'nial   Welsh   I?iialliera  Lo al- I
tank up the .sully lo lhe rlglii
"In  Hi" extreme soiitli-eualern  enr- j
ner of the Turkish  trench there did ,
appear jnsi for two inlnulea lhe small ,
Hag which out' men  had  lalten.    No
one ever snw Ihem gel there.   No nne '
will ever know who they were or how
thej  did It,   Only I'or lliose iwo inin-
tites tho (lug I'luitered up behind tlio i
parapet,   and   ihen   Bomeoue     unseen
tore ii  down.   The Lighl  in lhal  corner   of the trench, whatever it  was,
was o\er. and il  ean only iuii'e ended I
one  way.    li   was all  nvei- ��[thin a
quarter of an  hour,    Except  for the ;
wild lire whieh bursl oul again al in- :
torvals ther,. was nol a movement in .
front of Ihe trenches���only the scrub
and   the  tumbled   khaki    here    and I
Our Wonderful catalogue "f I'ur l-'aslnotia fnr
1^15-lb is just nil the presses.   Tbis beautiful boolc
an outstanding monument of .utisii, printing -
is an intensely interesting guide to whnt is correct
in ims.
Kveri woman will sprnd �� delightful ^eiur *r
two in looking Qver the charming garments >tii-
played here for her benefit, The world's moat
complete aud wonderful array of furs is pictured
lor you iu this book.
Showing New York, Paris,
London Styles
Women who know havo nhrflys accepted Sellers
liougli alyles j-^ the authorities ruin. Now Vork,
London, have all contributed then Bhare to thin
marvelous style book. V"n will be charmed with
Llie ravislungi) beautiful fan Uio ns shown here.
Sent Absolutely Free
vour name anil address on n postcard, Wi- will send yuu
ilu- style book ul once, Vou will find ever* page ol greal interest, Besides
(.hewing all ilu- latest styles, it gives lowest pri ics on fine furs aud all lhe
details of our splendid mail order service,   Send today,
RAW   FURS    Highest  Prices   Paid.
Communicate with Toronto Office.
244-246 248-250  Yong*   Street,   Toronto.
St. Catherine Street, West, and St. Alexcndsr Street, Montreal
Minard's Liniment Cures Colda,  _c.
_. . . j
The  Waiting  Woman
When    we think ot hemes ean  we I
refrain from adding n special note ol ^ ���
respect for those bravo women in the
dominions  who have seen tholr bus-;
bands  depart   I'or the  war and  alon
keep the home agalnsl  their return
Manv   of   the
In* arm*
nl satisfied Shippers wbc
COMMISSION   MERCHANT...                               HIGHEST PRICIS ��� BEST CRAQE3
Make  bill:, of lading read Peter  Jatisen  Co..   I.til.,   I'ort  William   or   P
Arthur, notify Peter Janscti Co.,  Ltd., Winnipeg
Australia's Navy
lie London Times recently publish-
aa appreciative review of the ser- j
Canadians,  Austrntian j vices rendered by tbe Australian navy
and   New  /.ealaiul  soldiers  tiro  mar-  since tha outbreak of the war.    Thc
ried.   There musi be women on lone-  HsI  of achievements  Is  very  Imprea-
ly prairies, remote wheatfiolds, barren |s,ve, particularly to those who oppos-,
Bheep farms, tvho*"rmi the show" with   ed the local navy idea and did  their
liu]-. hch ' even alone.   Thej  pass  utmosl  to remove It.   Al    the    com-
dav afler day without companionship, meneemeul of hostilities Clermuny
News is scant, letters are rare. Xn.iial iu Pnciilc waters adjacent to Aim-
watcher in ICnglund has riulte to equal tralia a. Heel composed of two large
the gallanl patience which pulls n cruisers, the Scharnhorsl and Gnetse-
woniiiD through an experience like "an, the Nitrnburg, a light cruiser, and
thnt.���The   I.an.Ion  Spectator. son:,- smaller vessels.    Hither ol the
large  cruisers  was    superior  to anj'
British vesspl in the Pacific with lhe
.exception  of Uie  Australian    cruiser
i Am tralinn.    ftttl  because of Hi
'Mal-tni's IttMIBCuWs"
Ltiji.tb ot ttStUM, V" P*|M
Kvlj-iliOW nr.i ��li����t:i Imp
I-1:*' '���'=. :*  r��.Uii-:.*  i;.(-rfr.1���
nmifor tha tr��pT-9r"��|W fill
PltM Ut" 'TBI Syle fttoh"
Mtmuti/vl tur teUM)4tf*r
tneats, also "Tnnua ?��(
bpsrts*. b*s Sup.'/ Calalti"
rinTw, \VnjM. Aninifi! Hani. *"!-,_ fi'eti, ctO. _���, lowsitl
i.rifis*. _ltU_ttslratifl.  HfiyjiilH.  AMr��ii
JOHN HALLAM limited, foRQN'r<SJ
:i   thriving j !
flip  town  council    oC
otch   Imrgli   recently    ucciulrei
piano ,ov llieir town hall, and appoint-1
pii  three ol' tlieir number i<> Inspect I
e pres-
��f i he AiiHlralian Hrci  the Gor-
fl SI
is no tnor. nPct">SHry
than Smallpox, Army
cxji^rl-ncr Has demoflStrated
tii? aln.u.it tntraculotu effi-
Cscy, and harrolesmtss, of AtittiypholdYacclnittoa.
De vaccinated NOW by your phy3iclaa, you and    1
your family,   It Ir more vit_l than bouse Insurance.    !
Ask yout physlcl m, drugfilsti or send lot "Have    j
jrou bad Typhoid?" telling nf Typhoid V^ccioc,    ;
results from use,- und dancer trom Typhoid Carriers.    ;
-nt,:.,.!.*.. .ACCINI3 a .i-iJll.UNO.S U. .. BOV UCCUII
B   Hn
illng t
i\ Ing
n il,.-
llie tint
ee.nsl iill
aoing ii
a  pm
: for
BO     11111...
bal   tii.-
iw   I'.   .1    rilENKY   H   CO.,   To.
'.   Si,i,i   hv   uii   rjiaiggisiK,    rso
Hells    I'lllllilv   puis   for   Mitisllpu
Gi'eat Scouting
in ia
To go to Russia
is lie-in received
thul    l.aily     Sybil     Ore; .     \
iiini':li.-r ol Lord (ircy, fornu'i
oi'-Reueral of Canada, und I.ad;   Grey, j")'."
had  beon  seni   to  Itui sl i   ��iih   I.ad* | sltmn
some clever
uiuong the Australians, and
smurtei i of all is probably Sei
l-'r. an. of iiie lsl Infantry Brigade-
lie lias crawled oul from the
trcii lies uiglil after night to make an
Inspection of Ihc Turkish position,
nnd mi one occasion, under cover of
darkni ss, lie made lie- way ri^ln
inin the enemy lines. Being brown-
peaking   the   Turkish
Muriel Paget to organize a Itosiiilal in I language,  lie  escaped  detection,  am
Pclrogriul,    l.aih  Hvhll, when In Can    l:i-':l"   "<��   ��'ay   safely   bad.   to   It'
and  report
but um
the    purchase.
lilllli.:   Wl I'I
10 captur
'I'eh.'iiii vessel in Australian
councillors were noi  musical exports,
1  joiner -bending down iind^.1'1'''-.''..,'1 a" Austrnl 01'*'
ipplying    his eye to the *���>*��� i  ������   N �����"'"��  ilules
era I corners of the Instrument,  remarked:
"I'm no judge O' music, hul  I'll ",,ai-
lani ye a' the boards are plumb."
Good  For Young Poopb; to Follow
Licensed and Bonded Dealer*'
Over Ifi.OdO Funnel bhsri-lioldirs are bcliiaj
yoj when you consign your giaill or sell on tr.i,:<'. i
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria. . lW McB"-'*1 ^'SuglS " "" D<""1"
comrades   with   mosl
ination.    I'i'eaii  saw
Ico and  ibe  Hail,.ia
inn 1 a ��� expelle ;   roni Ihe   '" ,;l of wonderful du
ada,  look  a   keen  Inteiesl   all i  ttctlvt
j, r   Iii pliilnnlliroiilc .vot k
stent, no  ("llld   ean    In     he i lliy ���'   lli: '  :'"''
viol   -r   i;i',n . .' Worni  I' slcrmini  ''��� ''-��   hiilg
l'n :. 1 11 1II1 lm Mluiil to dc I rnj I undkcr I.
Me   inl'or
��� In   Alex-1 "-.en
and  is a   ��� ". e
He  wears I dual I
111.' I  ,'ortl
".My Ilttlo grandson olten eon
to show nie bow large the inuscieit oi
bis arm- are.
"He wus tt delicate child, bul lias developed iuto a strong, healthy boy und
Postum lias been the principal factor,
"I was Indue nl lo giv him the Postum bemuse of m> own experience
with It,
"I am sixlt years old, and have
been ti vlctotu of nervous dyspepsia
for many years. Have n led all sorts
of medicines and bud I realnieul from
many physicians, hut no pei'ltiuu: nl
relief came.
-I  used i" I'ci d Hi" Postum nrtver
llseinents   In   our   paper,    Ai   lirsi   I
gave bul  litllo utlentlon io Ihem, bul
oniethlng   lu  on
enl ���    1 1 III '    'IU'
Grandest Choir in the World           ' "                       '
itussia    may safely    boast    of    the 'v'ore  ^uns  to   Keep  Zeppclinr,  Away
world's greatest   choir.    It   Is  In  lhe The     new    defenses    of    London
Cathedral   of  Alexander   Nevski,    In against, attacks by Zeppelins aro grud-
Petrogntd, and is attached to a lion- ually assuming snap", according to a
pi vein  erected  in  honor of lhc  patron ' statement   made by sir Percy Scott,
'l I saint   of   Russia.    Its    members,    of who  Is  In  charge of this  work,    lu
whom there are aboul  thirty, are all this   statement,   read   al   an   Inquest
monks and are i-hosen from the besl held  in the ease of a Londoner wbo
voices  In  all  the  fiussiuii   monaster- was killed during a Zeppelin attack,
ies.                                                              I Sir Percy said:  "The number of gnus
When  a   line singer appears  anions I for defense against  aircraft has  been
the novltlales be Is seal, to the mon recently   increased,   and   further   im-
asterj ei Alexander Nevski, where
' be L trained as careful I *> as an opera-
sing t, aim remains there doing nothing exi - in assisting al the music at
mass in 1 iie nun ninn ami vespers in
ihe afternoon, until ho becomes aged,
... hen be ret Ires nn a pension.
The innn!,'-   are   all    vegetarians;
liiey  never  eal.  meat.    The   rules  oi'.; wiiai   1  sny  is,  lhal   there  Kavser
Lie  Russian  Church  forbid  them  lo  started  the war, lei  'lm  llnl '
tin   tut-    liave, and  their  balr Is  woven  Ml_o   selCi"
prnveiiieiils as In lueir positions,
number and character, are lu Immediate contciuplation."
"Thnl son of yours is u likely hul,
Sam. Why don'l you let blm join up
and help uu In end the war?"
"What:   my   hoy   Hill!     Maw,   naw.
II    is
Cil  I-   '
in   ay
"I >oe thai a man ace.I I", lui    lui
ill, '. In ih . poorhouse."
"He ii'..' I long uml die.| short, eh?"
rue :    "I   was   > cry  particular  to la,, e  ii
Ule   i repared  ������< rlctly  ace ir ling  to direr-
j tlons, and n   d go id, rich cream.   II
wus very niee ind". .1. and about bed-
-I       woman
III -y   a ri
No Asthma Remedy Like It.���I"'   I    time
D.  Ki Hogg's  Asihnui  Itemed)   '< i  ilia . fatnll;
i Inctl)   diften ul   front olher so cullnd ' One i
r me Iii .-.   Worn ihis   nol so II would   unoth
uoi h    continued its great work of   notion l
rcllel until Iviiown from ocean 10 ocean
;< r Hi  ,' 'unli rful value.   Kellogg's, the
foreiuosl and be I of all asthma ret	
dii s, stands upon a reputation founded
in iiie   hearts of thousands who have
to the members ol Ihe
I bell 'ved I fell lie:: >r.
laughed and said. "I'linl'e
noihi r's notions,' hul Hie
ol lefi me vet.
t'nlil.e urdinnry monks,
Uous abou' llieir np-
pi urunce, and pul up theii balr ami
whiskers in pap,-is every night, so
: Imt i In '.  tire \y uv)  an 1 curly,
For Sprains and  Bruises.���Tliere is '
ii aiii' ���; bell  r for sprains and contusions than Dr, Thomas' Kcleclrlc oil.
It ��ill reduce lhc swelling llifll follows j
a sprain, will cool the inflamed th'sh I
"I continued to Improve rlglii along   and draw lhc pain as If by magic,   It
ifter  leaving off tea  and  coffee and   will lake Hie ache oul of u bruise and
faking  Posti
was   the
an.I  now alter three
1 so well Heai I am al-
:ain.    I   know  Postum
of the change in  my
an,I I cannot say to.i much in
prisoners captured hy | Its favor.   I wish I could persuade oil
ops and    concentrated  nervous people to use it-"
.  .-ICgean  Islands  wrlto      Name  given   by  Canadian   Postum
���s hi   l-'i'i iieh aero post.   Co., Windsor, tint.
��� lo be thrown from a       Postum comes in Iwo forms:
height of abou: 2,000 yards in special      Postum Cereal���tie' original form
mail   bugs   lined   with'  several   thick-   must me '.veil boiled. Ioc and 25c pack-
nesscs of aeroplane canvas, ages,
.  Instant PoStum-   a soluble powder-
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in   dissolves     quickly    in  a   cup  of  hoi
��� lit i Allied 't
on  one nf  t
i in their [ami
The mails hi
W. N. U. 1079
| Cows.
I     Wii
i to?'-'
Why do  you   keep  buying  cantaloupes?
do ynu keep buying lottery tie-
You  seldom  or never  win  a
ter, and, witli cream and sugar,
makes a delicious beverage instantly
30c and 50c tins.
Both kinds are equally delicious
and eosl aboul  the same per cup,
"There's a Reason" lor Postum.
���sold by Grocers
preveni tin fle.-h from discoloring. It
seems as If there was magic in i'. so
speedily doe- lhe injury disappear under i real ment.
A Scotch minister while going home
one. dark nigh' fell Into a deep hole.
I'liahln to gel out, he shouted lustily
and at lasl a laborer heard him and
eame to his assistance. The minister
lold iiim bow he gei there and who
!i,. v,ns. whereupon his rescuer remarked:
"Weel. '.veel. ye uecina' kick up
such a rumpus. Ye'll no be needed
afore Sunday, and litis Is only Wednesday nlclit."
Auctioneer (al art sale.' reproachfully)���Whal! No advance on three
shillings'?    Why', the picture by itself
is woi-lli thai!"
f\ 1 the     blooil     gels
(ll ij'j lliin.   ilie   nerves
\, i'fj exhausted     a " d
1 i ('��� .-;.,,ii,   i,..w
vitality  runs Iosy.
Ily building up
tlie ncivo force of
body nud mind
Dr. Chase's Norte
ooil is an unbounded blessing
to people of advanced years.
.-.'1 inils a box, nil
nerveFood sB^ THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C
Why Labor is Opposed
���, ���������������,������ THE COUNTRY TOWN ONE OF THE
Inst    Conscription    is an
Ei ci on.:;   One
l.ubor  trouble*)    ':|   I'.n* hm I   nave
heen mm'' eitng'ge 'an il by the press i
OL K  PRODUCTION  IN TIME OF  NATION ���_]   STRESS M*1"*  bj  ",!"'" "'" :'"    "'''' ABOUT THE  HOME STORE.   IIII-   rOWN  AND VOL)
���     ' ., ee.ni.inie and not  patriotic, according |
im Urnesi  Bevin unci Charles  \mmon, i 	
| fi-atei mil   deli sates     i I   t'i"   111 llisl
It is the Production oi the Sflil thai Must Bear the Burden of Debt    ���' les coi fen net   to the annual . nn j |[ Our  Homes,  < >ur Schools, <Hir Churches, -jiicJ (lur Marketi
��� . lion  of  i i ���   .nierii an   l-'i ileru   on
���mu Restore the Waste and Destruction oi i'i ur, nnd Canada's    lot Labor, held in San Francis o
_      . .-.   ,  ,-. ���     i    i- ,     ,   ,     v-   ��� "Laboring men of ICngland affiliated
service  is a \ ital lilcmenl in me otrcngth ol the Nation        n-ith the various unions un nrmij np
Canntla's greal forn.m and splendid  cattle and "  ,  grain .... the hoof"  .'I'"" tl�� ^r'Snitain^^J1^*^
service a   tn    granary of iiinlre   ma-   give  un   erroneous   view   as  to    ' '    ���' "","    '",",'       "   , iti
nn     revealed  in  lhc I 'd  hnrv,   11 relative   ugrlctiltural   productiveness.!' from nitlttar:       vice Mill
irini.     ner  rich  Ileitis  ol   wheal   and ! but the nest more than sustains iv.osl
pi r it, and  .    ii uatlorn   ibal  we are
Menu Anything i<> us, I hen lhe Town is of Value to us, and
We Should V\ ork Together and Make it More Valuable
\ni,e of us ean gel awaj roni he el a stove he sold at the ������ p e,
fad that the Canndian coun rj to n, , ilnling oul l a he delivered and .-.
the little town nf from one hundred I up the stove free. That meant fnr the
in a  thousand Inhabitant*1, is one of   customer   no   extra   charge   foi   tin,
_.i ni- Rt'uina.    !'.... foundation of ear  hopeful forecasts and fully Instinct  it :;''    "���'", |n, '"" ' 'V """''", :'"' '".  iho factors n at mako Can ids urea., stove as I ought al bom", an un r tkeu
j,- ...,��� ,-itv   is   solid    and    enduring,  courageous    policy    of development ',' ,;i    ,,      ,"','"'!'    , ,    "l���,' .?.   �� I Why? you nsk,      Simply   because. II stove, erected and ready to light, and
While  mines  mav i xhsiisled and   The barlei   harvest  is 50,iiS,nti(i bush    ;:"' '���"���"'���"i", '" '��� ': " ' '���'" ��� "',|s    da the splrll    of    nel hborllnt   i no long nail foi broken parti to be re-
timber .,...' disappear Ihrough Impro-'els from  1,50*1,35(1 acres   t verngs '""''   '"!',    ''"       :'-'"            '""n   I The folks in and around li gel to kno**   pit     r .,:'���   only  on -���,:      ot
videiti    management, agriculture Is a   vlelri of :;:...   bushels per acre.    The   ' ���""!  '" "? ,������'���'���" ������''��� V'''J, * - ���"   one   another.    I'o know one's fellows Uio sen ce lhal  i  e local ston  gl ��
l,i"|.. I source or weullh, IncrenshiK lm erage yield of rvu Is :".'(17 bushels employees ol thi  in in   on    orlu    i he  .,,,.        |s io symputhlzi   wit It them       and  n one Item but wit        .:,
from year io year by lhe stimulus of I the aggregate being   i_.8fll.7un hn       '"""  !     ,    '"    ' "'.' ,.".\        Ne'shhorllness    ipelli      fraternlt* Item It sell.
Individual   Industry   a rsonal   In-    Is from J.( ,*',0ti nore.   Plus   e.'d has    '       Z  ',, ,   '�����?,tnn  ���_,,,       '   ���""'   ''���' nli|v    """:i"     -oration, Vou can always tell a thrivl       two
i,    -i     \   ivh.ni  hanesi  ol  :1:16,25s,   become an Imporlani .   n   and �� i n ���""���'"''      "   '..' "���'���'���"I"'  '���"""    "  wtih an economh  status that permits by the advertisement columns ,    the
  bushels from I2.ii89.0fl0 aires, au I organization for the trcalme  the I*"?"   ,     Vi"!  ",'        ,,      !',,'",;',',- t ""' "'"'"'nl1 "< no Indeccntl- rich and   local papc     Sonn tow  h ���   be-
-B.8..    bushels, surpasses j ���bl,    i effected II  ,111b,   still  ;e !^V^ ^���X^I�����,r"ind���-���'      ' '
fn mosi in entc forecasts ni the well-  prolllable in spite of lha neccssltj  ii      , '       ,,i|ti01-IS
litlornieil   during  llie  growing   stages   Imposes  of  restoring   In   rotation  or j    .'.,., ���,..! .���,.   ',. ,,��� ,   ,.,,���.
���ri,:..   . i-.i.i   :,.   i,,, -., i       .,  i ...  . i t ,.,...., ,,--.... '    no ���    ''"     I" '  ''    '    '""""
I cause  ��� hej   are  manned  bj   h .    ....
TheBinall town rises or falls largel.'   people  who are dead.    Bul   th    Ilve
as  It!   stores and  businesses succeed   town-  .villi merchants who poin   out
''''. '���'���''-  or fall,    These -i.ir-.'s and businesses   to you ivhai they can supply for your
ol 11 son,   This jleld It ,511,   otherwise the plum fond drained from  .       ,,.,,,, \'A\ ,,'.',,,Ves ' "r fal1'    nese '"n':" "n" I"""11���*'" "' -v":| "'';", th<-j can supplj for you
 i bushels, or 15 per ecnl., more Ihan  the   toll     r*he li rvesl  record  is  12,   '-" ",      : .'.'"""'   '"'/' ' ' '"  '. ,'"  depend  upon the support ol you and ���.    -     annul be kept down    li wil
in,   best preieee   record, wlilcli  was "��� _u4.70i) bushels  fron ti.Oflfl acres,   "'       ','    ! * your nelgnbors.    I.  Is a peculiar lacdgel   whal   ll  deserves In thi   wa)   ol
made  In   una     Compared   ivltli   lasl   or 12.48 bushels per acre, Hur est n       '..A,..   ,i ���, i   ���    :, ��� ,,,;,, i ��� i "'*"    >""  v'i!l  li'"i "1""''visi' '"';-;hl 'r'"1'': :'"'! !'"' f:,rm folks will haves.
turns ... over u nteen million hash-!.,,,    .',';," ,���".,,"! "i i,,'."''   [ A   ���<    >:""' l"'"'"-v ,n"" ,v"" :";'i;'.",i" ''" Jhe '"'V !" Vsi' llu,; P"lls ''���-''   ''    '���:'1
els or mixed grain show lhal tin- inanv , '���'   ' "'"'    '. "'' ',''*;,,"            .,   "small town store musi  -imply under- pulls with the rural community.  Fur-
advantages  of  stock   r.isiii"   are  an-    A     " "i     K    yu             i       "''.'."" lhe old process of lhe survival of thermore Iher? will be fa    fewi    pos
predicted '""' wal'      ovp1'        !"'  Vl ""''i   the  (litest.    If ii  cannot   meet  exter- (al notes purchased, and a  lot  more
yi. i l'n till ' disappointing linn est of
161, 'sn.nan bushels, lho Increase Is
174 H78,000 .nr I0!i per cent, The nib-
slant.al nature "i ihis grow lb In pro
ducilon Is shown b.i ilie im I that the
harvest returns are 72 per cent, ureal
er than Uie average for llie pusi live
years, Coming �� hen tlie cinpli e's resources are strained by the titanic
struggle, tbis wealth in sustenance is
li   is  iu  a  lime of  national  sin se I ' '���  :
linn ihe Importance of Ihls greal nd
iani'1, Iti food production Is Hilly i*euj--| uons^nmr'ar^pt conscription .ilTak. I ^
Izcd.    \\ I.en tin' dally waste Is slant ,  ,,,,,��� ,'   ,.,. ,.., ,.,- ,������,ii,,,.,i. ��� '"
n lhe ually wasle is slum  i ,      ���,., ,,       ,-   ,.,.(|llil,.i| ���r |aiVHords ; ���....,���   ��� .,.��� . , ,.,��� ,���   ,,. ,,, , .i,
m    lis    magnitude    ��lion  iho ..,,:,, ,���.,���,,, .���' pages, ��nte a long
strength and cunning of the civilized
; and lniiniifnclurei'S."
;    Mr.   Bevln  also    said    that
npetifion,  it   must  :o  under!   dollars kept al home where they  he-
-,1'ter     making such  statements  this   long!
type of mail will . ii down and dig In-1    It Is Just as good business
itlon out of a book "f a thousand ' to save 60 cents on s p in has    from
anr local stors as it :.; for the      _;
1 v, eek    or  more
a   reinforcement   rising   rrom   the world  are    .lei.led    to    destruction, !,,,',,' ,������<.,, ,  onposed to women  f0,n(?ll,ins  '",   ' h0  Z,l "
rih     i, shows that diligence In the when debt, tin anions offspring of i ! '    "    "';  ,���     , . .���'.;'���'     ���.!,.    fiv   lms 3I ""' '""l  *!"!' " ma*  '""'i"      ' """    '
is or peaee througb limes of peace waste and loss. Is growing with por-   '���,,?,/,?," Siii   ,n��i   �� i anything but whal he expected us re- less In
the   best   preparation  against  lhe  Ions haste, 11 is reassuring to learn      "At   ti n   w.   ._t I. r bat worn, n he   swda value. the an
oiling aggressor.    A  racetlous mill- that in ihis pan of the empire all in-   ,,,,, i ,.''<',. ,   ;',������ 'i\ , A ....     ,,   ,-,'   !     Vml <:'1" >'""'" !lwa., ^tene.e price,
ry authority has s  lhal  anj  ot- lluences haw combined to reward In-    .'. 'v' ."' ���': ' ,'J''  ' '",'.. ,' .��� .',    ,-i An  "! lhl' ';;"*'n tow" ratallor bj saying nol  on
.       , ,   ,.,    ,..   ,,..,..    ,. 1  ,.._ ���., v-a>   \w.l,, ,.!  less    i,ii   l.l,,n  is ai.ni.K.I    ,,..,   ...  ,    ,.   ,,..,..,:.,.   , ,,,,   | hnrn-OH ,���,.../,,.
Heer can lead his men to llalit, bul Ulduslry   witli   a   phenomena]   yield  of
requires    the genius of a general to wealth,   li Is the products of'th:< soil
feed   ilit-in.    Ther,   is  Iii   litis  some that must bear the burden of debt, re-
���uiggestion of the service rendered the store  the   waste  and   destruction  ol
empire in lhc grain Ileitis of the Do- wealth, and sustain the forces  whos
minion.   Tlie strength and sustenance Immediate mission is to destroy tha
acquired in peaceful pursuits can now a grander civilization may rise from
lo men. In mosl of the lactones when
women ure  now  employed  they are
being trained  under the direction of
our members, Lhe only provlsl i:i being
''   thai they j.o in at pay that I   lha mini
j muni accorded lo men under lhe same
onditions-    Under   the   condition of
be made theTbes. defence agalnsl tii.  il,Tcleare*^^ ami    alic   led    ground" Lcu��^nsf ^e     he  coml io"? In I vlvt''   diallers ntaj have tbelr faults
,        .     ,   , .     , ,     , ,    , *������  I  I I il Ul1     1      Ut. I   '  t I ll'       t iJ-MIir if)_l     til-.       , |, '.       , .,   ,,,- i      ,,,,f,iini|i   |
attack nn  national rights and human   Canada s  peaceful  service  in  prepar-   ip,,,,ia?,,i  iu i',,     _n ��� ihnt  . ��� ia. ' "'ll   ''''>   ':|" '   "'  "':-""''   eionomii
iiin fly I intt for the  nil In- of the oranarv  ta I ''���l""1'1"" lh,""'    ,ami .'''' .'"*",   *.,' ', ' laws and last.   Tliere is nothing mys
i ��� i". ��� ' j ��� I   11 ��� *-t     ' '���' ���       IIH        1111 111L       ''1       till'     ii I rl l> rt I  )       ''     I  <i ill MM if     I I'" M ("        1111 lAl l _      PI      I    i I    11 11 ' *f I ���    i ii
The  same  snlisfaclory  and   highly now a, vital element in the strength of  'i , ":     .','      t    .  ,   n-...  ,'',  ,      ,       terloiisinmailordercotiipetitlou.lt:
Imporlani  success has  been  attained I tlie nation. This does nol absolve any   ���"���������.,   .���?,   -,AA, ,-,' ', , ,.,',.,,���"���'���     ' '   simply a ease of a I'ar-awny lirm try
yield  of oats  Is 481,0115,500    bushels  their places  In  the  forefront of ihe
I'rom the 11,265,000 acres under crop,   buttle.   But II is satisfactory to reflect
that by the arts of peace we have
been building up defences as important In Imperial strength as the ..'.ires,
t'ortres es, nt tl destructive de\ ices of
niilirtu". .genius.   Toronto C.lohn,
Of Ihls yield 305,680,000 bushels are
from the three prairie provinces.
These provinces also contribute 804,-
200,000 bushels of wheal. Ontario's
mere conservative method of raising
Mill    is   slll'e
Feeding Dairy Cows
for  retailer to make the sale to you- and
i, that the retailet  do
that  fail,    lie line', i thai
ean  honestly shot"   y ..
lick' he is offering :- ;
ll   things   consl lei 1,
led i" jour patr      .        '���
iliiii he Is a parasite, thai be el.arcs   realizes rbal Inert tsing comi
too  much  I'd.' everything,  and  that's   various kinds nut)   milk,   youi      :  i
why ilie money is sent away!    That   point  antagonistic     * i ir      ta      has
.-lory   is    fossilized.    Competition   is   heen  crowded   with  offers   to       ipl>
loo keen for the retail merchant to go  you with, say tin  t    .von   u-ful      -
on, year In year out, overcharging bis   gles ni   the mos.  una.     It cea
���'tomers.   lie coiiIdnT do ii and sur-  and, regardless ol
s and easy,   bu; Ing :   tbs
oted prices very natural
u.   And the retailer . ���
0    ad \ elli-euie.il    snys
tl. r."   II( has i" mi
gel yonr inoiiej  -and doing it ti 'tlon oi genu, of busln        'u ; io
;ive theni chance. Tlie success ol   neat this comp lltlon :   j
U.O. concern In uny territory do-  him   on the mme basis    It's
a largely upon lho kind ol retail   pt'oposltlon, so yon are entii        >    ie
Feed For Dairy C.ittie Should be Rl;l
ii. Protein of teen,    -i ou'fi iind '.
In  pun laBing  . eds  for dairy oal-! in the sections  where
lie buy only those rich in protein and don't wa ti money In
mix  i.uir own  ration,    ll   is not  ad catalogs,
visable to buy balanced ration feeds,      Tliere Is a new typ
as Ihese aro usually  too expensive. elianl   being   devtlop.
There   ure    several i.iles uiven h\ that  the reason wit)
.New    Postal    Regulations Regarding   different  authorities    for the proper sent ����� y for goods
Packages Addressed to Soldiers        u^d,       {)|.    rallWnB cows.    A,   'set cause they were nol
Several    important  announcements  amounts can be civen  however either local store carried  tli
by British Government | regarding postal regulations have just  for    tne    siz(, 0r li|f'  au|rnal 'or the vertises consistenlt) i
a up against ��� and every  most your nloney will bu;     r
ig agalnsl ti better class  er, lei us assume, buy.  hi it
War Order-? for
Canadian Meat
Parcels for Soldiers
ii i in . niton : spot   ��� ash    nol   on   fai   ���   I i id
ilalog bout os j long . line inducements   He I
ppin; ui iheir   outright and can sell . ������ a
tu u*gi���.   SVlial I - the re mil       : ��� can
>r retail mer-   sell you a rig, better in qnal I    than
lie   realizes   any    you    can purchase  by ma    .... :
man)  people   equal In appearance to any ;    :���
���������: ilniply be-  can find anywhere, and at as
aro that  the ' price as yo.u can buy nnj
I.    So i.' ad-   rrmore,  you  ean  examine  tl      ��� ��� ds
I Icl    Ills pat-   before    you   buy!     [Ie   knows
Following previous announcements,   been made by tlie past office depart-1 breed"" Thev"ail  depend  on  the  in-1 rons  know  exactly   whal   service   lie I than to appeal to your sentimenl
.Martin   llnrrill.   minister  of   agricul-  ment. I dividual       " j has    In offer,   in'ihe pa-:  you often   "buj  your goods al  home    pie
tare Ius ,,nw Issued a stalement con-      Among other    things    the  depart-      0llr rec,ier gives  t|)e three follow- took il for granted Hint the local store  gives you a bugg;  that Is a n
i.in. ii, s nun i,. .. 1,. . , nieiit   al     Ottawa   announces  a   new  jn�� ,.���],���,  the owner ludglng for bim-1 did nol keep Ihis or lhat, so you sent   cent     of  whal   yon   pay  tor
veylng  the Information thai  the war i wal, la>. otl letters and parcels from   seif whicii is the most suitable for his ' nwny for the goods when you could  meets the price thai you -hough* I
office has accepted tenders from the New Zealand.    A half penny war tax Icattle. have simply stepped into the store in-  couldn'i quote.   On the same pai     ts
packers  for 0,250,000  pounns of can-   has been  imposed on  postal  packets      pee'(I   ai|    [|ie   rouglinge   Ibcy   will  stead of the posl office, ing terms your retailer ean  ���.
! involving' an    additional  charge    on ' .,,.,,, m',,  .ni,i. i    And  the new type of retailer real-
is.   Million   Pounds   Asked   tor
ned   corneil   beof   for   delivery   before
letters ami panels for Canada.    This
clean up. anu:
i'  equal   or   better   qua
..  ������     ij    nne pound of "fain for each pound I lues lhe necessity oi uircrairying iiisipuis uie service���as eau any
the close ni  lhe current year,    mis |W|-i nut increase the postage lo New  o[ hulter-ral they produce each week,  stock.   His territory i; llmil d. but so  supply  system that ever exist
contracl   Is of particular Interest  tOiZeuIand. lor  ' 'are lhe demands on him.   li" buys in      Did yon ever   see two call is    led
l-'aslern Canada, as It will provide a     An ordJr was recently made by thej    one  pound  of grain     per tiny  for small bus and buy- often;  be keeps   together ivtih a tone, and eacl
market   I'or  a   large  quantity  of  llie j dopartroejl   that   In  all  ordinary  clr- | eve].y three pounds of milk they pro-: himself Informed us lo new lines, and   to gel at a  pail of miik a  lit       ra
surplus  canned  entile  that  arc  now   cumstanojes   the   re-direction   of  par-  (iU[,p 0r '!f' 's more anxious lo carry tin altrac-  beyond his end '   Neither can gel  ai
finding tlieir wny to the Toronto and : eels, either i'rom one poim lo another j    \.-^.,\ a]|    tlie    .-rain  thev will eal I tlva  variety than a large stock.  Hut '��� liis pall!    Hut lhe minute they gol to-
yiontreal stock yards.   Tlie outlet fnr. within  Canada,    or  front  Canada   10 | wltbout Raining in weight. ' he can  usually meet  all the demand  gether and drank out of the ���������  ie j
which tiie minister has been striving,  olher countries,    gave  use  to fresh |    Another good  rule to follow  Is  to I ihal  exists locally. they emptied lirsl one pail an
at  u-asi  In  regard to n considerable  postage    It   bus  now   heen  decided, ] feed all the rou"hage thev will clean I    'I'i.is question of variety  Is a sreat  tho'   other, and each  got
proportion of this class of cattle, iius ' until fun her notice, to a lion   parcels !,,.,  liM(] i factor in lhe small si ore.    Ask your' That'- the way of it  where the tows
now been found. addressed  to his majesty's ships, or      one pound of grain  for every five   wife why she likes to shop In a large  ami rural community are pul
Mr   Hurrili bas not  undertaken  to  to British or Canadian troops on ac-  pounds of three pet: cent,  milk thev  city store, und she will tell yon that It   ferenl  ways   while the catal. is.
purchase the menl  for the war office   five service in Canada, or elsewhere,   produce pei-dav, or ' \ n> nol  because she can gel  th re the : Is reaching over (be fen. ��� and grab-
hut ihrough the acting high conmils-ito be  re-directed  free of any  re-dir-      0ne pound or grain for everv four  actual necessities ol   life cheaper or  hing the local currency.
Bloncr,  Sir  George   Perley,  has  eon-   notion charge.   This    refers    to    re-  pounds ot four per cent, o' milk,' or     j ol  betler qualit*)   than at  home, bul   the town and Its territory  ge   I
vcyed'to the Imperial goevrnmenl the j direction only, one   pou.I   ol   grain   per  dav   for  thai she finds novelties, little ucces- er for local betterment, thej   get I
tender ot the packors, this reprosent-     All    the time parcels   are    mailed  eVPvy three pounds of live per'cenl.  sories  and  convenient    new    things  trade of one anol
ing Ihp aggregate of the offer of-those   they musi    o.  course  be  prepaid ut  ,������]*(, which she requires. other and lhe n
engaged in lhe tinned meal business,   the us.ml rates. j    lu m tail order mad community | goes to help
Verv    strong    representative!     wire      Reports  of    aliens  in  Canada  are1
made  urging thai a share of the war I now to be made to and by postmas-
office purchases   should be placed In   lers.    "it   is  desired    by    the  clilel
Canada and the War
he position of t'a-ia lu is. nn
I Iff or-
In loi al (bs u -
te community .���
;i  hardware dealer effected a  partial | large,
cure us follows:  lie ordered a stove      It needs no genie   lo   ee thi I If y: i
trom   a   catalog   house   that   gleaned   have children to educate, If you
Canada  it being pointed out that the  commissioner  of    Dominion   police,"  ent J"""" tha' "i*��� J.:i,,,'[!1a". ,',nh|11J!  lots of money from that territory, lie any interesl In local, social or rcltg
countrj  had   ger.eri.uslv responded to  says the  untie,.  ,,,  this  effect,  "that   Cj''1   ��al-   "   P��>f ".:'.' '"'''���' ',"",, noied the time il  look fer the stove long affairs, ir yon own a home a_.;
the cull  for Increased production,    lt|allens   sliall report lo the local post-   ol l'10"" antt sorrow,    i an nooiest Hun   |0 ., ,-,i\,.. the  freight    charges,    thc property In vour community, it Is ols-
w.s further pointed out that in con-  masters,   and  that    the postmasters : most hopeful yoittli orthe c utmrj lias   t;,|h, u U)ltk |0 ,|t.|i,,.,- |( |0 ,,U1, ;���,.,,,,- timdly l i : our besl Intt rest to patron-
sentience of Ihis a surplus of cattle  shall   in   turn    report to   the nearest   been drawn    upon,    llie stories with   (wn0 |,al| t0 come for it himself) and Ize your  I store at all times pi   ���
ire I'nmillar in lh, uu
. jquent e ol  Ibis a  sui-|	
existed  in the country and that  the  chief ol   police  al   Intervals    of  say   "���""".'. .. .
securing or a tnurkel Ihrough sab; to.one month. lumied    l,oy in I le itosplUUs'  ihe
!���;,:r;:;;;^:, "t .j: %\fiZ      n   ����1_rS^_.nCe  ..I   the    li .._������_ eimn  in  heartbreak;
tin.  full regimental strength of i it 3.-  the  sacrifice  of several  sons  in  lh,
i for the Infantry regiment, nun for I same family:  the tmntistai   nnd brll-
at   throughout   Ihese  negu
heen assured lhal    the
the time occupied lu sitting it up by vided your local merchants offer yo .
an tinintenr.   Ilo sets up the stove in the righi prices,   Vou owe II to your-
his   window   with  a   placard   b  ning "elf and vour eoramunit) to deal with
these details���also drawing attention thi n who are helping to build your
io a i.rol.in leg and two cracked lids local centre, and mako II a liv<  and
md gave the cost to the buyer wh n progrcs Ive    town.���Luke '
war  office'lias    viewed   wilb   nine ' cavalry,  1,000 for Held a.iiilery., Imnt  hope of ihc tutur.' liuu    Hi esi   ge-j  ���,, ,,, hls home,   Alongside il In Canada
sympaih'  the requests which be had  and   1,500 for Imavy artillery, we get  "'" '}"���' ^ly]0AT"^",('.i '.AAAflA
made for the placing ot business In the following figures: Infantry, l',80
famnla and be is hoping thnl I'm ther Ol
contracts may be secured, b
The  French-Canadian
..But In u male.iel sense the Dominion   "���
io me,,; cfvairy, to.ooo; tieid'ariih w��ib��,,stin""?,t,G(1l,lfi.!����-"'".". S" Canadian Fiour for Soldier,      To Cheer Our Soldiers
rj   2'M, ;  beavj  artlllerv, 00,000;   Kngland was in l86i-l��Bu.   .N''u  Mg. 	
ihal Hi" subsidiary servlct
13 pioneers, telegraph and train, have  ��'
Thai  gracious Prencb temperament   multiplied  In anything like lhe samel1" the cotton mills, its innnufac urers
which has mude their mother country   rat'0    ri'om a peace looting, we must 'developed.   ( annua it..
or a total 01*3,225,000 men. If we'sup- I land entere I the rh 11 War pro* Inclal; j
; it came ni.1 ol  it  national,    Its cities   Will  be  Csid  Exclusively  by  Domln- Overs
rew, and, In spite of the passing blow-1            icn Troops  In  England
Canadian   soldi,': s   In   England   are       ' !:'
������  ��� ���  ,, .   1  .         ... ,,,,.,.., flr,P in not  iivpnu  :,-,',..:   ,y���i��� front.   It needs nearly $20,000 a we��k
so universally popular, has been inhor-   rao al ieas1 ;1oo,00O men more, or 3,.  support to he empire So that Its name  "oreafter to eat   hiead  baked   ext. it- man with toba   0
Iled In full hy Lhe French descendants   535,000 men in a I. On the other hand, ]���* blessed in Bngland nl is has never  slvely    from   Canadian   Hour   by  the ">r;';:",-\.-;,.'   ,'.'.'     ,,:':!-"..J,.��c_.
in Canada.   This accounts l'or the pat-   ,���   ],ls calculation there are Included   own before; and at lis same time It  bakers of the Canadian army  service ,,,.:''.'���.:..;,,  of one of the 70000
cut fact that the Canadians of British 1 regiments  of  Undsturm.    Since  the  'tas learned Its own slrengil.   it will  corps.    On   recommendation  of Col, = ��r the Iea,t ?f one M ���W���
rlgin  who are most In contact  with   Tageblatt gives the casualties for only  -=,ome.ol"  ��'I,B������  ��������"������' K'^ter  ilachroy, head of that branch ol the        ; "    ;;���    ;       ^anad an manu ac
.. 1, I.        ......... Uf_tn, 1 I  Pnxn.llnn    Dn���,-1nn    ,. ', ,,���.      1 ..'l,,''l',     !W     '      IIHXUUU      ,.,���.. I,IMS
arettcs,    and    a     box     of
is Club Asks For Subscriptions
to the Tobacco Fund
7*1,000 Canadians at t_e
our fellow Canadians of French origin, j tVo Undsnirni n .imentsrihe lull and 'lll:l" i1 w",u '"��� -Boston Transcript
nre the stoutest champions nt lhelr In-  ilH, tooth, ii seems certain that near-
, Canadian
Rnglaud, tin
Ister of miiitia is arranging for send-
ciilable value tn the Canadian  blend   iy ail of the Ltuidsturm is engaged on Save Your Hair Combings ing over with th
of races,   They stnnd a living protest  (]lUy in  tlle interior of the conntrv. I    Ladies    who  use  switches  should   million     pound:
.    . : ,   .i    1...,...!.,..! ..'.... . . ... ...-..,-.-   I.,',,.,   ,,,,.,,
b the transports some two ! matcnes.
against tin-grosser and ro absorbed   -\mKii_s the subtraction, we gel bacli
mtiterialism whieh Is the curse ol ' "
age and eonliiitml      t\'b":i  we ar
dined t" saj   that the possessior
moniv is lhe chief end of man
s    of  Canadian  flour i    Tlio Overseas Club has facilities, by
xemption  from duty and
>'imd   Making Co subtraction, we get  back j have then,  made up from their �����,. ''v'"''',lh"'" ��'"'""-.,.* 'a    \ "" "M" '"   .'   ,," '    ^r ,   e i     o se_
tl'ts   to about three and a quarter millions  hair combings.   The Heal Beauty Par- mated, an'0''"    ?��"��&.'" '"" "lsn ?,    ht^fnlne ror'Scents If vou uu
5 I"; as the number of Prussians engag !ors, 30. Kennedy Building. Winnipeg, "ow, In   Kngland     Similar    ar range, a   this '��'����  or ^ ������� L1'0}'^
n ol ; ������ ,������,, fronts.    Bul Inasmuch as the ! make a sp.via'uy or this work.   The meu's il)i-;��. 'll'" "; bf. lln,(le fo'' F"!,i">'- ,'a, f, '   ,s".','   ,*:.,,.,;, - '     ;   :'
 i.- -.   :  ;��������� '''p'-.l'mssia,,     forces  do  not   constitute  cost is small, $1-50 up.   Write for full '��S .Canadian oats direct ^,.a��. ����� '���tt,l.PlttLlt.    _    ���
lenj it in a very practical fashion by | moro    than    three-quarters    of    the  particulars.   Save your combings and ?erv <:e corps for the use of the horses ��elf It will cost  sou nearly  .,  ilollai
inieiiy   pursuing  more  engaging  ob-   a,.n,ies ,,f the empire   ibe lotal Her-Lend  ihen,  In  to  be    made    up    |n in   the Canadian  camps  nl   Kngland.,    Tee Overseas Club will miiKe j*on
iects���ihe bettor things which most, of   man forces would thus be well .ner   switches or transformations, and  re- Al   present  Hour  u  being  bought  In nne  dollar do  lhe   work  of  cur,  o
is look to money to buy. Thoy do not I f*gjjr* i__~~fl miarier inillions    A verv ! turned to vmi lEngland    for the Canadians nl $8-10, turn  your 25 cents  Into a  dollar, or
count their successes in dollars, but in  rough  approximation  where'only np- '  per barrel.    By shipping direct from   nearl;  so
happy days-which is surely n more   pl.OX|mations are possible.   N'e�� Vork      A young lady entered a book store  h*ant*Va ,up.��" '"" lla"s!,l,:ls i; ,s  :    All  monies  contributed  In  Canada
rum! reckoning than that of tne dollar-  Bvenjng post. J antl Inquired of the gentlemanly clerk  I,''V|,(' lhli! ;i  '" "**'' l"'"'1' '"���''" ''''.A    nre  paid   nto lhe hanks and remitted
id,.later.  -.Montreal Star. |   |_a    married man, by the way   If he  cured bj the government and possibly | ,��� [,on,i0���, and every cent is exp nd-
better quality of Hour.
  Sunday Golfer- Something has  put j had a book suitable i'or an old gentle
Really funny - She says i am dull. , me off my  game  i his  morning,  end-   man who bad been married fifty j i an.
"Vou should crack a lev, jokes oe- \ule, | without the least hesitation the clerk
casionally,   Ask her to marry yon, or!    "U's   Ihem   church   bells,    mister; I reached for a ropj of Pari,.nan's "A
something llko that." ���'thoy hadn't ought to be allosved," Hnlf Century of Conflict."
ltd every cent  is exp
���d Ii   :  e purchase ol Canadian man-
With  the Held ovens ami  bakeries   nfni-ture.l    tobacco    and    cigarettes
of  Hie  army  service  i orps,  i    Is
now   ample    equipnu nl     for  all  the
bread baking Hint ��ill be required.
Fran R,  Jones,    Windsor    Hotel,
Montreal, is the organizing secretary
..:  the Overseas club Tobacco Fund THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The C
_\iirtAnaii Rmiipi-/' weiecabled ta the London financial
���ourrxnay ixeview papers? Thestock  wouid SUffer
Comox Valley Advocate ' i.   .    1.-...,    -'   -     -' ,T
Cum ten.iv, 11   c.
I-   II. Hoiu'.n, Editor aud Proprietor
Subscription $1.50 per Year in Advance
TUCUSH.W    lit Cli.MilliR   9, 1915
Increase in Batik Dtpo?
Cnundian deposits foi Octobei
have increased 1 >> 153,000,000 ovei
tin preceeding month, and by $85-
000.0011 over ibe nu 1 nih ot 1 Hii lnt,
1814, Sn nun h toi tin- ii -ulis ni n
bumper crop ami increwu il prodtiC"
tion,   together   with   less   cxlr.ivn
gnnce uml mon' thrift, Hm ihere
is loom tor inij't i\iment,
��� -*�� ��� tm . ��.
Increased Production is
Increnscd Prosperity
Ilritish Coliiinl ta jjieW 4,096,000
I mln Is of oats tins ven lis Compared with 3,17 .(iioiii ioi.|, while
nil other gruin ti is year totalled
605,000 bushels ns against 556,000
bushels lasl yenr. It the province
cm go ahead as patch next year,
time need lie little room for criticism on the giotind of hick of enterprise.    Every extra furrow counts I
Victoria, Dec. 8.���The timber
statement tor 1 lie month of October
issued by the Department of Lands
shows that the total scale ol sawlogs for the Province amounted to
52,162,35,* lui, board measure, in
addition to 125.735 lineal feet of
piles and poles and 24,^59 cords of
ties, shingle bolts and lence posts,
The sawlogs scaled in llie various
districts s. e as tillows: Vancouver
30,252,786 ft, Cranbrook 7,689.487
ft, Nelson 5,401,713 ft, Island, 4,-
977.15(1 fi, Prince Rupert 1,637,103
Vernon 746,148. Timber sales recorded during lhe month cover an
estimated total of 7,656,000 ft sawlogs to produce a total estimated
revenue of $15,817.
Victoria Notes
The "Colonist"   in it's   Sunday
edition mentions that   already several returned soldiers  have   hnd to
complain   that   they    cannot   get
employment!   This   is a scandal,
and 11   reproach to   Canada, especially when   there are   hundreds of
Orientals employed on   Vancouver
Island,   in   the   Comox   Valley in
common   with other districts, who
are doing work that   could be better and more cheaply done by white
men.    It is a pity that some of the
great industrial   corparations   who
are the chief   offenders,   cannot be
shown   up and   pilloried, but   tbe
clliefest offenetr is tbat respectable
citizen,   Mr. Public   Opinion.   So
long as be slumbers, so  long as be
considers the interests of his smug
self   to be   uninjured,   all is well.
But it seems strange tbat any Britishers can employ other than white
labour when returned soldiers plead
for work and  cannot get it.    Such
an employer cannot have red blood
in bis veins any   longer and share
holders in limited companies are as
responsible as private employers In
that respect.
such .1 drop that the offei ding
companies would be mined    Yet
it only needs lie told to the Ilritish
people over there in London.
Vour King and country need
vou! We don't, Chinese ure chep
er! Tbe "Coloni t" is to be con-
I;. :': 'at.! on giv ne, the matter
sis ii   public it' I'eiul ng   dr tstic
ine.i urea, even loyulist woulil do
well to   ut once   boycott concerns
employing   oil er thin   white milt.
Real estate will nevei pick up until the country can support a white
population wiih its high standard
ot living, ui d such a population is
lu- lust asset the Umpire cull have. 1
ul men appre-
tieal   gilts   "(
such   as the
Packing of Parcels for
Soidie*.s nt The Front
The public is urged to exercise
every cute in packing pure. Is for the
troops, as can ful packing is abso
lutely essential lo ensure deliver)
of the parcels in good older
Parcels sent abroad require H
higher sttiniltiid of packing tllflll is
necessary in the Cnundian Parcel
Post, iiini this applies with even
greater force to parcels for the
troops, Those which are Itiade-
qua'ely packed run gnat risk of '���
damage or loss of contents,
Thin cardboard boxes, such us
slice boxes, and thin wot (im boxes
should not be used; nor does a single sheet of ordinary brown paper
afford sufficient pn lection, The
following lot ms of packing are recommended,
1. Strong double card board
boxes, preferably those made of
corrugated cardboard, and having
lids which completely enclose the
sides of the boxes.
2. Strong wooden boxes.
3. Several folds of stout packing paper,
4. Additional security is afforded by an outer coveting of linen,
calico or canvas, which sliould be
securely sewn up,
The address of the parcel should
be written in ink on the coyer preferably in two places.
The address of the sender of the
parcel should also be stated in order that it may be returned if 1111-
deliverable, The contents of tlie
parcel should be stated in writing
on the cover.
The thiiies that wouicit
elate   most   ere  the
things I ir  ever)' day  ...
All our counters are well displayed with
holiday gifts ami sel, eta,ns  eistlyniade
['lain linen hemstitched u"l fancy embroidered muslin handkerchiefs Innn lu
to .Siu- each, -"ilk embroidered llaudket-
chiefs at 10, 15 and 25c each. Plain and
fancy to].mred handkerchiefs put up iu
neat attractive boxes ol 6 luiudkerchiels
from 35c to . 1
Ladles' neckwear In the latest novelties
in muslin, elidfiin and crepe de clieues,
hand embroidered collars antl collarettes,
silk nnd silk crepe ties in  plain colors
ami fancy mixtures at popular prices
Ladies' Handbags
I.ailii's'   linudhngs   111 silk   embroidered
black and Inncy leather, also   handmade
bead work  roin 75c t" ?6.50
bailies' long kllUOllitS ill '.ill shades ill
fancy embroidered Cotton crepes, also
silk kouiomis silk lined I silk embroidered and quilted silk koinonns trom
$_.50 i" jdil.50
Sweater Coats
lies' sweater coat:
1 hand k 11 il Bwcnl
III two   lime silk
1' ,'nais  with cap ti
Buy Made-in-British-Columbia
Flour-It's Best
Nowhere���iu all tlie world���is better flour made than
ROYAL STANDARD. Dank 011 that absolutely! The
finest wheat grown is used exclusive!} in tin's fllour. Tins
accounts for the big, creamy, wholesome white bread which
Tho name ROYAL STAN I >Ak'   "
-LITY.    Eveay  product   with
-strict money back guarantee
of OU
under ���
) is vour assurance
that uame is  sold
Ask about
Poultry Products
4#fi *%,
loi  iii   exception!
Ml.'ltVll,   in
This   is a   sample
^iiinl values in silk ami muslin haiui embroidered dresses irom $1.25 to $4.50
Evening Wear
Dress lengths in uoveltv weaves in fancy
stripes and brocades hi all Unlit shades
suitable for evening wear witli feather
tiiul bead trimmim* tu match, also colored satin slippers to match, any shade of
evening gow 11
Silk Flosses
Silk- blouses in plain tailored haliitua,
silk in white only ut $.,50. Silk ami
silk crepe blouses from $3.75 to 5,1 J..Si).
Black silk blouses in inessalene and
Peau dc Soi silk from 3.7.-> to s.50
Ladies silk and silk   mixture umbrellas
with   straight   or crooked   handles anil
sterling silver mounts (nun 1.50 to 6
Xmas. Gifts
Suitable Xmas, gifts in photo frames,
albums, handkerchief cases, pin cushion,
wool knit and fancy felt slippers, mufflers, fancy silk and motor scurfs, fancy
chinaware aud hand painted vases.
Special value in electric reading lamps
with hand painted shades
Royal   Standard   Grain
Products   Agency
F. Movltz, MKr. Phone 3.1; End of Bridge
J s..
"-7~'*-:;3:_""i~_ ._-*.*;
���. t��_'_-s��_:iH_r.r���*-���_?_>���_��� '-��V'--.-'>���*.���*���'-*.���>"_������' i>p.'* " >T")cT,*t"?'"r -rra'
Sweater Coats
In the case of parcels sent to the   Made with pure heavy wool,   shawl col-
^1    lar   style.    We   have   theni   reasonably
priced in all colors
Beautiful Neckwear
The seasons   newest   creations   from 25c
tu --..no
Ol all kinds, wool, fur and kid
Mediterranean Force, they slum
be very strongly packed, They
.sliould be as nearly round as possible, and well padded tvith shavings, crumpled paper or similar
protective material. The outer
covering should   consist of   strong
linen, calico or canvas, and  should 	
I be securely sewn up. The use of Silk, cambric and linen, plain or initial,
wooden or ineta". boxes tvith square all colors, from 10c to 1.00
corners   is undesirable, as   parcels Mufflers
SO packed are liable to injure other Silk neck scarfs are sensible, servicable
parrels in transit. No perishable and beautiful. We have them in all the
articles should   lie  sent, and   any- popular colors and at an prices
thing to become soft or sticky, such Smoking Jackets & Dressing Gowns
as chocolates, should be enclosed in In popular shades. Either would make
tins. Parcels wrapped in paper or a�� ex0l-'llent gift and onelo be appreciated
packed   in thin  cardboard   boxes, j Hats
such ns  shoe boxes  cannot   be ac- ; The latest shapes and shades, sable, felt
I Ice
Dec. 18.."Philadelphia
l .01
Btontnor Line
.11 Scandinavian  Allan,
11..Philadelphia -Amorlonii.
l2..Athen!ti .. ...... Donaldson.
,.,While Star
....   Allle-l-i..,,.
War Tax
.lu. ..
Now York.
SI. .Inlill...
si. John...
Nuiv York
N w York.
above tn
in n
I.i VI
.c ���>',
.    ���
s: t:t.;.i
.     ���
I.i VI
.? (I.i
addition lu n
(Through loui-isl mul sUndnrd sloeping c
Knil rales ami slooping car fnrcs on application
Mako your roflorvaUons cnrlj' und nucurc choice accomodation
- toshlp'i
Agent, Phone R60
E. & N. Station COURTENAY
The scholars of the Comox school
What would happen supposing I will hold tlieir annual Christmas
that the facts concerning the em- tree and concert on Friday evening
ployment by joiut stock companies the 17th inst., in Martin's hall,
on Vancouver Island, of Chinese The proceedings will be followed
in preference to returned   soldiers |by a dance.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Christmas and New Year Excursion Rates
Good going Dec. 24 and 31, final return
limit Jan. 4, fare and one-fifth for round trip
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way  Stations
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world, For particulars etc., address
ami tweed from 1.50 to 5
Caps, fancy vests, umbrellas, armbands
in Xmns. boxes, suspender, armband
anil uml garter sets in Xmas. boxes,
brnsli ami coinli sets, pipes, tobacco
pouches, cigar holders, shaving stitks,
razors,   strops,   knives, ��� pocket   books,
etc., etc,
A special   discount   of   20 p. c.   will lie
given   on all   our  men's   clothing and
ade   from   good
stripe ami
Dist. Passenger Ag, nt, Victoria
Agent Courlenay, Flume RC0
bloomer,  made
twee'!,   in navy,
In fancy stripe cambrics ami plain colors
witli detachable collars and pinch culTs
Teleecrpc  Hata
These   come  iu   wool   felts, plain   and
mixed, popular colors, \wiii broad edges
and self bands
A big range of tliese in stock
We have a large assortment of boys fine
Suits,   suitable   for   winter   wear, prices
from 3 to 9
Sweaters and Sweater Coats
Plain aud combination   colors, etc., etc.
 . 0  ��g
The girls met at "Splnsterville"
on Tuesday night. Dolls are being
dressed for the orphans.
It was not near Mr. Radford's
new house that the late Mr. Hardy
was found, but near an old house
near the beach that be was found,
Mr. C J. Higgins, surver, is in
Comox on business with surveying
at Nob Hill.
The Port Augusta hotel is now
being fied up as headquarters for
the lo_nd Regt.
Mr. Wilcox savs that he is applying for an ambulance ontfit at
the end.of the wharf, so as to be
prepared for the next engagement.
Ore took place upon the arrival of
the "Charmer" last week, We believe that no one was seriously
wounded, one of the parties being
stiictly neutral.
Messrs. Ormiston and Daiziel of
Denman Island yisited W. R. Robb
last week.
Lessons given on the Violin
and  M usic
Riverside Hotel
Ibiriiiimy Orchestra
Remorse is the poison of life and
repentance its cure.
Be Patriotic
Build up your own city, not
Toronto or any other city
foreign to your own interests -
Keep your money in circula.
tion here
See our
Xmas. Toys
and  Dolls
not made in Geimany, at
Drug Stoie
before sending out of town
Municipal Voters' List
THK Sitting of the Court of Revision
for tlie   City of Courtenay will lie I
held in tlie  City  Hall ou  December 10,
1915, at 7:30 p. m,   Any  person deeming himself   wrongfully   omitted   or in-,
serted in the list call object  at the meeting, j
W. A. VV. HAMHS,        '
City Clerk
Sand and Gravel
I'll si-
The Two Act Play Entitled
"Old Acre Folk"
Presented by the " Rustics" in aid
of the Red Cross Fund
Opera House, Friday, December 10
0verture By Harmony Orcheftr.
,cl I
Scene; The li
I lie Cowboy
aeon's Sitii
'  Rot
I line
Its I torsi
a Siliin' u
I mu'
l'n \u \CTICHS
Tlie Dciicon	
The I ii-.u-iin's Wife	
The Deacon's Smi	
Tin- Dent 'a Dmii(liter	
Thc Sipiiri-	
Tin- Si|,tire's Daughter	
The Si|iiire's 1 rousekct per	
Tlie Country Hoy	
Tlir Strnuger	
The Countable	
��� .Cnleb IC vans
��� liiuiua ijli/,,
��� ...Mary Jane
Aaron I'lavluir
Blizabetb Ann
'ricillu I'rlui
enezer Ham
Job llar.lv
Ike racksoh
Light refreshment!
s will be
served aft, r lhc Second
at moderate charges
A Dance will follow.    Music will be furnished by
Harmony Orchestra.    Admisson 75c
The city council met in regular
session on Monday evening.
The members were all present.
The minutes of lastmeeting were
read and adopted.
A letter was rend from E- A.
Ferris, C. E., asking the council to
sion later on.
Bod well &   Lawson   wrote   that
Mr. Justice Clements had   dismissed the appeal ol the E. & N. Ry.
against tlieir assessment.
The following accounts were pre-
 ��� ^i,i,....ii t,j seated and   referred to the   finance
pay for a plan of the city made for ( committee to pay  if found correct:
the   Incorporation   committee, and, IS.C. Garage, autos for band $ 8 oo
whicli    he    thought    t'e   council j Review, advertising    nooi
morally if not legally bound to pay.   C. Ii.  Tarbell. scales,   etc.. 157 50
rt ....... i-:-> ���       *     *  *'
Kerton, wort
S. Taylor,
' Lumber for scabs...
I.  Cairns,  teaming,
R, McQuillan   "
���' K. Creech, laboi
A. Fielder,    "
i    J. R, Johnston   aski..
j fund of    $54,50   oil    1.
amount paid for fi   month
his hotel   having been  eli
' period and the license nol
1    Aid.     Leighton   1
I Loggie Bros, were ,101 k
1 the street end   for a boat
' tbe bank was washing
Aid. Robertson for the  reception
I committee   reported thai    li   ban
1 bud been   engagad   to    111    I    1'lv
' Perrott,   and   thai an   illuminated
I address would be   present! 1! to him
! at some suitable  occasion,    uid 1
quested auy  expenses nt   the com
mlttee   be paid   bv council, which
wus agreed to.
Sups will lie taken to protect the
new culvert, us the em 1 li is very
wet uml soft and tenuis nre likely
In get f iSt when  going ovei  it.
The sidewalk 011 Wallace slreet
was accepted by the committee ant
the contraction will be paid,
Aid, Leighton asked that tlie
I time for receiving tenders for lil
! iug in Duncan's pit be extended
for three days to a,low for possible
1 tenderers win bud not seen the
I notices.
I    The earl >��� closing  bylaw was or-
I dered to be  registered us   some in-
J fractions are being made.
The   audience were   treated to a
dessertation re   the cost of   gravelling by teams   und autos   between
I Aids,    McKenzie,    Leighton   ant
Johnston,    Aid.   McKenzie  slated
; that the   gravelling   done   on  the
! Union by roatl bad already cost an
average of $1.70 per vud   and the
end was not   yet.   Aid,   Leighton
said that it   was much   cheaper to
haul   the long   distance by   auto.
The reason for the apparently high
cost was that the city had   to build
a chute,   otherwise   the   cost  was
about 70c per yard.
Aid, Robertson wanted to know
when Union .street was to be gravelled. Aid. Leighton suid no one
would tender for the hauling of the
gravel. Aid. McKenzie wanted to
know why; and intimated that it
was tlie chairman's fault, which
was warmly resented by Aid.
Leighton, Finally it was decided
to call tor fresh tenders from specifications to be supplied by the board
of works.
Aid. McKenzie   brought  up the
jttur    -f .1���    ��-���     ������
nj 1 .��� / %nt'i*r
r.i       '.      ..' I���  .    >'     -" V
SfcJS     L.-      V \
it ���.; ���" ���*-      * ���*----��� ������-���-"vawr".-r\*9:  *****%*. -
at's tl
....        ., -ITIIIB|IJW
Take a talk trip by tc ��� -
o'clock   block 011 the
1 fsabel
������ ���.;,���,_ as: ra^^-��.*::^_isr^^Z_=�� ��%*�������_
long before dark until two
iii   llie   m irning.    This   was   too
long and   1.'sling too   much,    The
lights   should   be lighted   about 5
o'clock or  when it   became   da'k,
and turned off ,tt to o'elnck.    Any
one who wus out afler that was not
on business,   jusl   pleasure     Aid,
Robertson said   10 o'clock   was too
early 11   would   be qtt'te   enough.
The matter will be looked into and
an   endeavor   made   to   have   the
switch put where the constable cuu
attend to it. , .uuuioer se
When the Ferris' bill for $20 for   the grouu 1   i
making plan for   P, L.   Andertou j[the others was t*
et al, came   up tbe   mayor   stated
that be had taken   legal   advice on
all those  bills   and tbe   city could
This brought forth a sircastic remark from Aid, McKenzie, who
wanted to move that finance committee interview Mr. Andertou in
the matter
out of order, and
Stlii ts
dermeti   I
present le -
yet ti' run wa
thought t e_T
woulil   be   t
said the pn ;
feet larger ea
sent chaml ������: ...
to allow .'or .1   ..
Aid. Robe!
he was eagei    tc ..��.-.:
chamber secured   <  ause   i   vas    -
The price foi     ...
city scales wa.
dents and 15c foi outs! .era.
Aid. Roberts m  1 - in tru ". ���: -
briny in a bylaw regulating the toe
of the scales.
Mr. Peterson   drew ���' ������
The mayor. ritedThlm w.'rb" ^ *_ hor3e "Sjtt
. and requested him to , S�� . ���hcr . b ' ; ���* * stone
sit down, which the Alderman re-1 ��� * ]* wlud��w.
fused to do and the mayor request-1 g��"lg t0 pay for it?
ed tbe constable to evict him whicli' A wnite H>are and col - _r�� ��t_,
'     "' 'wandering about the   ,t��eMu
The      ���' table   wasin-
commuuicate  with the
[structed to
owner to have thVanimals
ly housed.
The council will memoratlze Mr
^ ��'<-���;  to. use his  influence to
ee"  .���aV'";:     '"'���   *����-ted
lLre as thfe   '      Ien y   f   I
1 ���' - .     poses.   '
>���    s_>    ,..
will be a masquerade h_li
|t Denman Island Athletic ha, 0.
Friday evening  Dec,   r-th,     The
Andertou|itlnlut^ of Courtenay
.   I win turnish the music.
the Lciitor
Isabel  St.
Telephone 59
he did ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Aid. Johnston   wauled   to know
when the council were iu order.
The clerk was instructed   to acknowledge   Bodwell   &   Lawsou's
I letter, and al.so to notify the E. &
I railway that if   the taxes   were remitted by ihe  15th the 5 p. c. discount would apply,
Aid.   Robertson stated   that the jopeu sPac
residents' of Anderton avenue want-1 	
ed the council to grant them $15! -im
towards ditching and draining their
property and' introduced Messrs.
Peterson and Mclntyre who stated
that their property and
[avenue was flooded six inches by
Ithe recent rains, and that if ths
city would grant them   that much
towards  culverts etc., they   would I 	
do the work    This was   agreed to Mr  Editor*'
by the council and the west enders     At the reuuMt   1
wore   smiles   the  balance   of   the of the   vo'eT] h        IT'Tl*
evening. I       be a candidal   '        '   ' '' '
Mr C. H Beasley wanted to election for tht ��� ..���'../.,' '"C^��'>K
know why the Lake Trail ditch of the City icoKay l?"JM
and culvert bad not beeu attended time I will publish Th-' J _,due
to. Aid. Leighton said the best which inn, v __ ��� ���<��� P!atfnrm
best offer he had to do the work adhered to'woXTe LIn" *&
was $i_o, which tbe city could not .'interests of the oeont Tt n the
afford. nav i**opie 01   Cotirte
Mr. Endall   thereupon offered to y0������ .,���,
lower the culvert 18 inches aud dig ,     y'
the dig the   ditch   down   Warren Lake Trail, Courtena? R0^1
avenue for $30, the   property own-1    p s -Tha   '1   ' r
ers along the   street to   deepen the in the Court;,,,.!-' p '-;i,J>"'-)I,3htd
ditches accordingly.    This wasalso 21st   acctism
accepted   by   tbe council   and the the Mayor of
I Lake Trail   residents will   be satis- a shamel
|fiedfora while. truthfuln
Aid.   Leighton   broughl up the with reaffirm   that ,,,-
matter ot moving the city hall from quite true  con   ' p0tt w,i
the  present  place   10   Fechner's of the Mayor -J   j THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   ��. C
The Mystery
of the
j in in> heari " with it elouli uiul ulotii hod lm
*S\ (    "11*  .ni ii.i'-liii", i um mii'e " unu
iti    y, r;i liild her bend iv mil) .'ti his I'l'o bo Continued;
ii', , , ��� *
Children's Pets Exhibition'French Women and Strikers
U> I'red M. White
Ward,   Luck   &.   Co.   Limited
...London, Melbourne und Toro to
"I Unin'., i know I" .-he sunt.   "Hul I
lime  Iiii,I  u   I'm, in to  ni   v hul   v   'a
have In in     Win ii  \\ usit iintl \\ nl kins
.i  mul iulu ui" Iliut youi overturn
Publicity Campaign to lie Inaugurated
nt the Panama-Pacific Exhlbtlon
it.  f   tliiiin.  editor,  Judicious   AU
vortlsing, t'hicugo,  iii expressing  hii
Women   of   France   Said   tu   h-   More
Patriotic Than  the Mon
The t'reii' ii women,   especially tho
|ii-.iriiiil rj,     ur,'   tii("'i     ' nl' 111       ,i '���
Artificial Foods
'  iium lold nt" nun youi ovi'i-iurit ��� |iec��� interns!  \n  [ho Children's' 1'cts! flollc iliiih tin   men, mid ll  I" a
" ui  lm '""  found,  I I ii   o  Ge'man  Chemists Arc  Now  Flndlnj- |,^|i|.!lil���, .,,  Ill(.  ,,a na-Putilllc  In   ants ure ploying their purl  n lu*   In
i ."ilt/e whnl ii mlKlil lie iii Ib Outlets For Their Energies lornutlnnal    Expo Itloti,    December 81 ihls great  wnr,    for ' hull lhe  holds
���ml  '""     Hour GoolT, ..i'i  il  hi- loin*      Something lUBlructivc regardingthe und ���".. declares Uml  n  knowledge of  nro  ploughed    the  polu ���  n    I   hi
liH'ni'i   .mi   tills  mixloi} il   I"1    i    .;,,..  of affairs   in   German}   always nniniula Is not  so widely diffused us  dug nnd Ihu carrots nnd beets stored
nl  'niti.i  ii" learned li) u slmlj ul lhe ad- that of plants uml limit' believes In n   for thn unlmuls.    These women    are
i; - - ��� 111 ��� - >   kissed lier In I    i  lip     ipillHOinents    In a  widely cltletilitled publlcll} oHiiipiiign ivhtch would place   never Idle, nnd the*   have nearly till
���*,,,  inng,   ii '1'iiii ���. 'I I.>   nu<  . antl   newspaper like the Iterllnor Tugoblntt. the rights of ihe mule crentures of the   lhe work lo tin,    for i'i".1.  ui'" nhiue
,,������        i   in vi  Impllcll I'altli in liln'i. The pros :     1'nklng ihem ua lliej come:  ilere a uuvili  stiuiirelj   before  lhe  public  so  excepl  fer lhe men of slxl)  nnd up
y/J   cut    Itnnllon  Is nil  pnrl  u   lhe  plot   ivholcsala dealer in I'Tiiiikforl-on-MuIn Uiul uoue mil} uvolil, al least, giving j wards, it tl for iielli    st  ilo . who
���s.- _ |      .���-_g     for  ��� salvation,    Unl ll hers?"   ivunls large conslgiinieiils ol   .> Ien ihem ulloiitlon, give Ihem  whnl   help the*   can
,,��� ...   .,���, "\r,   heartbroken.    \lj  pour grand      soles,    Uo will pav  en h for nn       vir, lluno,    who was it reporter on j    Thej   beur   lhelr Iroiihh      li ' il!}
... . .,.,.p|| .-, in I'lilltei   looks  i'il  year;    older     Vou    it iliut*? delivery,   The presumption is the New Orleans I'lenyune ul the lime  nnd    trudge  along  thi   rlvei   to  llu
l.nov,  hov  entirely ho Ims Iteeli wrap   llnil leal her soles are growing seurce.mf the '.'.real  Mlanl slppl Hood, sent I"   Holds   where    I hi'}   ur i      il.u   It
Nearer !���, I n[) in lls    | 'llr| M,,.,, lh;l!  \t |K,      The number of siilistllutes ietsui/.i Tonus, where tho levee broke, to llnd   Ing In ihe plai i of th ul   al
To   Geoffre}   llu    po     on       ���     u   could have saved us by .ucrlflclii.**. lhe  thut are offered I'or Mile is surprising, tlenm of "human   Inlerest,"  gave  tipjtb    front,  lifting   lhelr  feel   wi   rib
atrangi    nn .    There   wi tliln     resl, himself Ineludi I, In   would liuvo   Vrtlflclul jinn and tuiinmiliirie ure fre tils newspaper Job lo try lo rescue the   In theii   woollen    lioos     Dioj   rl   'id
unreal  uboul   iin    wholi    I  Ini       S'ot   i]one so." ' ntly   nilvnrllaetl.   A   eliemlcal   I'uc small iliunli hriiles he found murium    Ihrcc nud  work until      ���'     ���''  night.
was ll  plensanl to r    i       '  tlial b)      ,.| |tnow ������ (| ,0ft'ri i  sabl hour elj   "l   "l;'   '"   '"' :'li '" offers lu  suppl}   llf ed on Imrn roofs nntl In houses, tells   taking si* hours' sloop In llu    '
Hi     ���' :     the f um 11}  lu li    'I him,   . ,um    i||.,'..     v.'|  Vi :i !���:��� n .'"* ''''" lol,H "' ""' BltUT ever}  week uml of  lhc   loynltj    I   gralltude  of  llu    four, resting nu  hum   nl   I      in    lu}
un      'i    loitbtb 'i'1 foi      ".Marlon Is isorelv disturbed   l hnrd   seeks Iravcllers to push ii.   uut one Is starving unlmals rescued from tleath.  und evening una!!
���.lend. : 11 |-hnn w|,[u ,,, np,ko ���l  Ma, imi. l'or  l;"' lnl'l whal the nrtllli lui Jam is. "Thos ��� days und nlgblB lu Hal boal        During  I lie recent eiillicrj   i rouble
lho tlrst time she postivolv appears In      A  substitute for whipped crcum  Is ami   deserted   burns    Willi   lhe  dirt}   jn   ^ulc     nnic of  .union  n '"'1
he frightened,   And  Unrlon is   Ihe   advertised  In    another chcmlciil  fne water tUl around, uud no innn nonr, ox    if j,  ���,,,.,, |,.,|p lhai huge nun rs of
..iil   who cries    I was alarmed iihonl   ""''   ln  " rl1".    I'lie sale ol  the real cepl  tlie few  colored ones who gavo  moll  h ,,,  .,,,|,i,.,i  worl     iu  Hn  In-ul
hern little lime a'an" replied Vera.      cream  Is forbidden,    and  this enter , iheir services  without   compensation  ..|a n  ,��..-__, i i.!,. -. ��� tbey mild, and t'.ioj
"Something more    than    lncoiiven-(    .. Ml   u.t,n   (|  W(1|,.(  |M, V(,n   !nm. ������  iirlsliic chemist slittcs thut lib   goods' to snve the perishing, helplOBs crea ht,nketl puzzled,   "Such a thiii'i  could
fieolfre'   Biiid   consnllnglv,     ''"fo-mor-   have been tried In olio of lhe lurgesl lures,  niatlo  us   partlculnrl}   appreel-  ���, r    w|Ui um.    Whal    nre Ibe
row inornlng Tehigorsky has secl|u1ntl '' "���"  '���ulV-i    '"  Refill!  "with  liril ute lhe cats and dogs we had lor com-  W0Uien   of   I'tigTiind    mndi   of'.'    We
Uml i    imii pe sal' id sunn,l In ilie   lulhl  success,     II"   ufllrnis ihere Is panloas. should  pul  an end lo li  In  I'onr-anil
hosom   ot   ii'"   fainlly   again.     Whal   "cilliei' cream,  mill: or butlor In  his      "I have never se  i 'e striking \lwmlU  ������������.,,
,,.,. |),0v going hi do now'" I preparation, ao clu cul a, mil'   purr, I example ol iinlinul loyally, ami uffec-     -'||0'w"    Why,   every   woman    ami
-Thev  are  golnp   to  search    until   naLnral   products,    Th, inufaclure lion thiin when I would pull Into Mor-  ��|,.| vouU[ h|,|t.n Ibo I  of the innn
they   im,]   i-oti.     Mi   the   boats   from  "' " -  "surprisingly siniplc (ind much ganza  with a  load orcats and dogs, Lv,10 unllh| lilV ll(1,AI, |,|H i���,,|:  lu tlib
" I, h"nes; | lerrlble moment.    Nut    olio    of    us
am al'rnld I lier ��� b no help for
It," aid I'chlgorsk}. "I i niil'i nol i ee
mj way to certain conclusions nnd
ends without  Inconvenience"
li m e," Oi "lii'ei mtinimretl.
"Anxlt ly, troubles, �� hut you like,"
'i'i higorsky ; eplleil i oolly, "11 Is neces
sary. 1 witnl in have ' in castle cleared for a lime, and I iould think ol in
nu" r and less suspicious nay i ( doing i: Tlie anxlet} and suspense ��i'i
im: ia-i long ami liy daylight your
pot pie Bhull B( e vim' again. And lie:
on ��� who Is mo ii ii1 - y to luffev ims
in i a  ulready rt lieved."
tto Clooftrey was fun to wail in Ihe
oat - listening to Tehigorsky's piquant
i imi i ��� ��� .''ion, and waiting for 'li" tlmo
in como for at tlon,
"Titer, vill lie plenty to do pri sent-
ly," ti.,. Itussian said, ".Meanwhil > I
am going i:> leave you in yourself ror
a .--;,.,. - - - Tbo woman ".lm regards me
... 'in i 'l'vanl may m ed hie. An i, remember, ma ar" iu,: '., leave ilia cave
iu any circumstances, else ail my delicately laid piling will l." bloi* n to :!i"
v. imls.
;-:., Oei IVr, y was lain |" wail ia li1"
li seemed hours before anj thine, i, in
pom 'I- li waa safe 'n Um cave. Nobody was likely in como there, ami if
the'viiiiige'aVe out,"even tlie servants  cheuper u,an cream."   lie is doing u   which  wet
nre  assisting,    Vnu   mu   uudersiaud   ���U���|S..!)1!s!^'i!'!'..j!.*' :',"yH,' i".,.<',).[.*.   i.!*��,"-,<,n8
cvlousl'   rescued would
iiim   l"simili'd" feel if I did  not  I:iii'V,   "Olols and  restanranls and  bakeries, i rush down  lo ilu  landing and  fairly I |'-0r"him who "woitl
asted   mnii me, yelping with joy, licking my | |M |j1(, imvir"
house; I could do no more   Ihan wan-   '"   :|  ,,M'';iil1   vs;,.v   v'li:'   ,"-,f'''"'   were j face and smearlnE   wllh mud I'rom
everything.    I could  nol  stay  in  the
the  war began bonus rt
i.mid  hnke a loaf or
^^^^^^^    I i'i'.\v
ia  ti
pol  lu
���.nl Hers
jer  a'lons"'tiie."sh'oro   fooling   ihal   I   '"rgelv iiksi!  as a substilntc  for col'-   head in root, which more than repaid	
was helping.   II woulil bo impossible; f'"-'-   Making a virtue of necessity, the   ine for all my trouble." ,   s\i   IMPORTANT   LETTER
l0 remain in  Ibe house and  that is iOerninn    dealers   told    h���w neurotic      While not so demonstrative ns can-     Al(    IIBruR"UM    ���"���"*'������
what. tlie.   all  feel.    There  is  n   lull   Persons  might  drink  a   decoction  of  ines, iu  Iheir iiffectution, nor ahvuys
moon  tonlghl   and they  ��il  In   hero  ',eun coffee williotil  id effects.    Xow   showing tlieir gratitude i��  reiniilnini*'
lil!  they iii'o'cxliuualrd," Ithey have a siibstllute lor beon coffeo j In the place  which  Ims off
*-  '   '   ' ' ..-,.--     iiiiimin backyard cal   are lie-' tired out und drugging t
defended   by  Al
Geoffrey nodded, ib
bow   In-
: iliey hav
beans in ing no longer pi
-,,.,,,,.-  ,,,. ,,���,,...-,  ,,, ��� ,,1'ahl,. Blielter. coninion
s      ,lp'f; called  "Ktles-kornrrunok,''  highly  re- i
In- i',as going in a.'ei.mil  ioi  ui    ,.,������������.���..,���i 1IH "going fur" and being Stolz,  tecretary id' ll,,- Stale lluma
1i,���.s..,iee and for .ne manner in which   V(.,v ,.,���..,���    ..,,    |s   s,,.-.,������,���.���, ������ ns assoeiatimi uf California, who Is off
, '���'���  v"'''  "!':l"-*,,'''  ";l,", "" ���"'      '""��� all tn    h" ecoiumical," ms tb- acl- ins two special tro]*'"'"" ''"��� >"���	
sound again,    lie would ho o   o con vel.IU)el,                                                 ���������, fl������, ,,,;,,. ir;l
coct some story of being poked up by ,    ..uon(la�� Hieeso, made of sldmmed   Exhibition,   which   ���            	
a passing boal i.ud landed some nu} i_; i 11.. is a atibBlllut. lor real cheese. Ithe besl core bestowed upon it by in-',11
I down the coust-                ��� ,���     ,      , One dealer advertised' fifty tons of it.' owner.
;       I hey g-uesH I un   a  lift  ,, |s'-excellent for working people and      "Long haired cuts ar, mor,. likely lo
; vendetta"    he asked
litem :    Niagara Fulls, Ont���-"I was niisei'ahlo,
tie v did iin re" was nm  the slightest j "���"���"'���'"���    u" "-'��"��� | tlie poorer classes generally, as it has be combed, brushed and I
chance of discovery, f' i lhe cave went \    "01 course   Tliej say tlie musi ami   quite a cbeea} taste." A substitute lor I'm' i" every way,"    says    M
far undt r tin   ellii and  was dark ;.-��� i "a  t wore partly sawn away.    It  will   ,,u r,,r i���,ii:.,!:i,!:; doors ';������ mu nil at ail. "while liu  ��� amnion short I,aire ' clnBs
hh,   ihrout of a wolf. I I " the talk of the country  in a  few   ul,| ,.;.,,.,, a  high    polish.    The  -ame is apj  to lie    ncgleeled    unless    tht
U, ;,ii,| |,i ihorc enn   iiie sound of  hours,   lleoffrcy, I musi go  Don'l you | dealer udvertlBes BUbBlllutes  I'm' uiy- children are encouraged i" give them
,,,i,i, j  on  i in-    bench,    and    Ituperl 'see tlial Ihey liuvo missed me?" | cerlne ami nine:' household oil". proper caro and attontion"
���'*-.,;  *,-,;,-.'      llliu I
|   ll,
'"ZglMnii!     litiul   bad   read
.���Ur"       mm   :,l;":i:   'f'uvoritc
alln ��� I'hiUlivn':     IM^^. '.V-vlsf?';    I'rc'.'i'ip.iuu'    ami
ves   evidence  of   i,M. ""    "   iffiMl   lio gut mc In use it,
'   '     S*''^iPfp '''''''"" l>0"lM
ii iiK.'iy io jiii|ra&'��*'J .?.*-'' surpr'.s'aig. i gut
���tier eare;1 -AA^���'���-.���^AA- ' slronger, was less
Miss Sic;/.,     _'-*S8. *->,  Ht<r>        nervous, my appe-
tileimproved : :.'i 1
fell i.s.- a new per-
Bon.    I' is Uu boat
Itnvenspur, follmved  by the twolsh-l     Ven,   had' lirm.   missed"    Already |    Om oTtlie'mW'iSlheii'c ot'uil ml- "mTb'h siolzr'wbo'"ircasures two hap- "m^^^mw^MKm"
,,.,...;. appeared.  Hum lhe} found lhe Marlon  was calling  her.     I'hore wus   vertlsemenls is  the cheap substitute |iv, iinpedlgreed  animals sh?  reBcued .'        v'u  'ry.i       '                         '
"'   I, and directly afterwards the two jusl th" chance that sl," might be yel   ,������,. ,���,.,,   A,���, yet UliB ,��� ���,,.,. .,Kl|1_ ,;,���., b'elug .,;,,.,. nlltoasla u mtll^iiunl '"'"'u lall3'��"1'
llsheruien  riiBhed away, leaving Uav- another victim.    Vera  slipped out  "l  ������,,������ professes io be.   There    is    no thai   Pussv  should he eo Indiscflmln- There is nothing lhat'will bring com-
ensptir behind. lhe cuvo, walking backwards as it she  alcohol in ii.   1: has a pleasant p mm- atelv branded as -, currier of disea��o fori and renew hope to ibe invalid so
h   wis mill   il." strongest  self-con- were  looking  mr somelhbig.                 iK,.(,II( taste ���,��� ���l;1|( M|1(i is ,1,,.. (-olor !an,l'a dangerous pel for chlldron 'in- surely us good news.   When  ibe vital
Iroi that prevented (leoffrey I'rom mak- "ion  won I   betray  yourself?    said \0r Die best Jlunich beer.    When pour- ply   because   tlie   may   he   tempor- forces ure at a low ebb and everything
iny his presence known t" the flgun Geoffrey.                                              ',d ,,111 u    produces a beautiful while urllv homeless and hns no ancestors to seems u ii ss, it rny of joy und nssiir-
guzlng mi sadly at  the boal     lim ho ]  "111 ny urn lo, dear.    I uuderstanil  froth    and "bim already been sold in boast   of.    siie    Insist   thai   children ancc will stimulate tb" weary body to
remembered  Tchtgorsky'ti   warning. hon   necessary   u   is   thai  the   truth   quantities   lo  military  euntoens,  I .>:���- sin.mi   ho taught bow to be kind aud i new effort and energy.    \ letter from a
After nil, he reflected, il would only lionld  be concealed,    Ami  yet   n   i-   pitals and  jail . nlso to mililarv pris- considerate    to   wandering    Tabid,���-. loved one lias turned the tidi in many a
be fur a littlo lime.    \i I iho bead of hard   nm   to  lie  aide    in  enso  their  nnors' camps,    where ii  is highiv es- eruelb  .-Imi mil from the hlghesl  f?l- stogeof.-ickness.
i::" [""��? It,le" '1��llli^ '"' 'i1" sro"t  "'ver,',  , I ���������    .'.,,,���    m  .lii.'1"'"":'1'"       . '|i'"' :'",i,,ly'  ���Vll,"-mt dl,nBer l0 ti,"m'      doctor I'ier.:.., of tb" Invalids' Hotel,
conspiracies  ��o in i -      ��� m-ei ,-s  mit       \eiii was (tea* oi uu    .ne   ������.  tnis      sirm-  aim    cord   lu   largo  uuanUc I selves, aad  should  be encouraged  to' Buffalo, N. V.. lias good news for every
?,-;?_n!    ,,T'i   "" "���",.',''"";'!'",,    ,":l, ��� -"'ri'  '��� ",'.-r   I,-,''   'h' i��� .''e.'iVe ,V���l'",';!' "���" ,   "V."a""''   ;"v extensively  turn Lramp cats back Into highly do-  suffering woman.   WriloJiim lo-day and
";i  , v","! :|  lla'c  " ;,;l1 '"��� .  !'    ""     '" '    '""'','' "." '"." *H '     ,'""  "P  advertised.     Iiim'.. Is uo  mme hemp  alruble citizens of t'aidmu.   'I liis. she   teU llin  vouv lroub!eH, and I," will send
n?:lV,n0n;,uX;',!',K-C,t,n  *r,St,    "' f   '".';.   ^eiJ���  """    '  underlie    ��r   "!,"'    ^",'1  "  'S Mld ��f ,l"-lfi  W*   H1-"**?   *"'   '"   largclj   "ccompllshsd   von '.���-.  tl- riglu advice to mstoro you
nealed   so  powoilu  j   to   rchlgorsky.     i.i.-il.i       ��� i-  v. . ������  . .,.,: m. Ci,   I . i   cord thai, it is at rong enough for lying   through   tho  Childron's .Pets   Exhibi-   i0 hcullli nnd bring baclt  lhe rosea to
Unpen   l,a ensptir  would  nol   have   '."'.-    n ,   ncnei   Iind  .,,".1 a  lemlile j Up packages and for the ordinal*} pur-   lion   ul   lho   Paimmn-Pnciflc   Interna-   V1 ���,,.  ,.iK.,.| ���i Jvilho-il charge    Hi-
tolerated lhe  position  foi  a  mom ent.  shook-. pose3 ���,��� ,;,;, sl���,,,Ki ..,���':���.    The manu-1 tlonal  Exposition, December 2 and ::.   '������;',,. .���,,,.   preserinlion"  has boeii  lh"
lie would hare Insisted upon going to        1 coiibln I  Imagine where you bad , faoturers    also make packing canvas      lull  Information  and  entry  blanks ���.,..,.,���'. ,,f fbniisant s of stiffcrinir women
Mrs.  Mai  ami having  ihe mailer out  got lo," sho suid. "1 look, I round, and  fronl paper,   "which is easilv h: udled   for the Children's Pels Exhibition IforKZv     ,  -   i     ��� i,-,- 1 ���'������ t-d w    _.'
��t once, or he wi  have called In Ibe  } m bad been spit Ited away. and very cheap." whirl, tin re are no expenses), mny be   nSffi.
Police.    And   that   course    would   be       By I iiel foe,-\lariou?   One by      "Milk food" is advenisod very largo-; obtained b}   writing I o D. 0. Lively, 1    ,     "'      .,' ,, .
fatal- one   we  go     II   imij   bo    your  turn I iy.   whatever il mny bo, it is said to chief,   Department,    of    Live    Stocli,   ,  )U'u'Av." yur daughlers we weak,
So licoffrey was eonstrtilned to stay  next ,ll;,,,,  becn  invented  for    tl i f  P.P.I.E.,  Sun   Francisco,  t'alil'nruia       melt umbilion, are troubleU with head-
m,i  watch.    Presently    he    saw  lho |    "Would   to  Heaven  that    it   was!    prisoners of war  and thai  an entire -  aches, lassiltule and are pale and sickly,
i       mien relurii, followed by lhc fam-plarlon whispered vehemently.   "A III-  hundredwelghl   may    he imd  for S20, Dvcs From Forest and Field poctor Pierce's favorite Prescription u
Ily.   There was ti gathering about the    imc ago  l   laneied  lhal   I   was LujUc  n   pouiul  is  enough   to  S'-ilisfy      -,-.    y , ,       ,       just whal Ihr.v neet  to surely ^nng tho
foundered   boat,    nnd   then   licoffrey   strong ( nough lo ebnr up against any-  mur to six men   'nullier ela-. of ibo   ��� , '"'       ,,,     ".'      ",;,;,';'   bloom of heuith In Iheir clit band make
-'       1   know   wh eel ��� unitv "or   wile   '���milk food" is i lro.\ our supply of uiiilin,�� dyes.   Tho   lhem slrong anil healthy.
"oSmeJi'ded    is"  ''the     "if m lllon i S^Z^U^have i'o cm, '^r'in'      " U ��<*  ��   ^ ':  r'-"!>  bc�����S0 itP
tssian   harvos.nien  who  have  been  Sus.ry7oMha.%hun,ose��in .hl^omim  Sf';^"^  f A"'^  'A A^-
try.    How shall  ve gel  along?    Will i *-**���'"��� "' ' ���l'"r |,">"	
ill's  noi   force  a   welcome  return  to \ -
vegetable dyes, not so brilliant as (he | Reflection of Light
ness th" onion
; , '.allied  as  hi
lie bad see
their grief. II
down with a
streaming '
dial tlu
it   belie
ereatitre I am.    Uefore this bappei
l  would a thousand times liave been j Russian   harvestnien  wlto  have  hei
the victim myself.   And 1���I���" delulned    in  Eastern Oermani   sin
She paused and heal tho air Impot-1 tlie outbreak of war."
und  the head of lhe   reall) lie tbe strong selt-rellanl Marion The Fair Race
fa mil;   comforting her.  He saw   Vera   who  bad  upllfli I   theni  in  so nian.\ |    Two bookB are now "besl  selrer
apiiil'from ibo rest, gazini  out to sea. j troubles, tills the girl who always had i |n  Berlin, and arc intended   to buoy    ',','", "' '"*'',!;
It,.y,,nd, a flcel oi  boats wore com-  n smile on her face and words of conl   up aerman  racial esteem.    Tbo Ger-  :���' ',,'!', 'i ,
Ing round the point.    I'lie;   wore small   fori  on  her lips?    This  was u   weak ] n    need Borne Hutch  courage  lusl   ;,���','   j  '"'       ,. ,,..    .        ,
Ing   mucus In scorch of Iho drown-  frightened    creature,  with  eyes thai   now.   I'hese books aro "Race and Cul ""' '" '" ���"  ���'���
I Ravenspur. | were haunted. lure," by Frederick  n.-rz. and "Ruct
iqtlid form
ilities.  but     having    i lis    s indued
Oriental rug t?    Poo-
e.si   forgotten   whul   our
forestg ami tl'dds contain of coloring
There  i.s   the  y din���'.   oak,   ia   which
Win- ,aii still water reflect tilings
trom n illstam e?
The dlstanco from which the light
conies hns nothing whatever to do
n iiii what happens to it. Still water.
like iiiany other snrfaees,   is a very
tiepffroy piucliod    himself to make |    "H   bravo," said Vera, "and be your-; and Ituce Quesllons In flcnnanv," b\ ! "' '. ":!".   '".,        ',!, a exact reflector of light.   It throws the
su "  he  was awake     li   Is  not  oft n   sol*.     Wha:   should   we   do   without   otto llausor.   Ilntiser's book preuehes '\,,A ,   '.',     !'     ,     ,���:,,���    ,    ,       , lighl   waves back from Itself without
that :, live man alls watching people  you?   Why, you ar.- so full of remorse : thai thc lair men are fated lo domlii- - ,.',',, '   ,\i   '      .    !   ,   ' ,',T-,�� mixing tbem  up or distorting  them,
search for li d bod} you  mlghl  liave been resrionslble forjalo the olher race*  of mnifkhid, and ,,,���,,'"    ...      .' .    "I1    ���: , ', So long us  II  do  I i''-f.  we ean soe
lint Ihere wa, comfort In   In  knnv    ' rey's  death yourself." -hm Ihe (lermaiis ure the onlv people l,:","   ,A"}",,n,���,      "0nl  l,U'''' tlie   image   of    whal,,"'    threw   the
rinit  looked   i I'llv and   iben    i���   tl,,    ,..,-,,.|,i   ivlin  nre   nnvn   hlnniles u'"""1-  , ���>'���>] \\aM       n    ,���ai, ,rg   nol    in   the   least
minim    ami
light.     H   mail 'rs   nol   in
how far th
,, light has travelled t.-'fore    \
ledge thai  Vera was awaro of ever)  I     Marlon looked up swiftly ami  then {hi  tin   world   who are  pure  blondes  .V. , .   " ,     ,,,
tl i     Cleoffri ��� co Id - .  thu had   her eyes fell. now,    I'bo Drltish blondness, snys ihe  J' j"',    "    ;    [!. ."' ^^^^^^
been    told.    Thai  wns  why she kepi i    "It   is   bccuti ,    I   lm     bi n,"    idto   Herr. is a  thing ef the pasl  fur lhe   '   . A ,.''",'.'     ':'',      ' ,.,i      ���        ,,  ���    ii  reached    ihu  waler,    Vt an so*
.".   ' from ���   ��� n   I, She ������ allied along    aid. strain  has  beeu    muddied.    11"    ap-    ,,',,''���'  ',*i',.  ,,,'���] ',',      ,, , "���""'   ,,' ,'''"   ilia  sun  or  Hie  moon  refleoti I  in it
i'i.  snnds p. i the mouth of the cuvo,      'I  l"i" iiim. mo.    I'm  1  in   lo  bo j praises ihe British wild the oilier in-   , '" ,, ' ' ,','     ",.'  , ',",    ,,s   ,!1 ',,,0  euuttllv  well, though they are scores
her bead bei wn. i brave." forlor nne.. whose destiny it is lo be. :';,,.,, "','' \'AA\., l','.'.', -     '''j  '",        of inil'llo ' miles away.
Flesh   and   blooi 1(1   :',nd   ii   v. >,     Marion was si!,mi und, ,- the r pro d.   driven   Iiim   sheep   iu   future   by   Uie   ..,, .|..,,���yn.i        ,',,' i :.',.:.'      '  ~ .
longer; In lite mouth of lho cave (leof-   Vera  was calm ami collecled.    WhatI fair supermen,  -Vancouver Sun. '"',;,,.";'.  ���nn_J���.,i,.-    .���li-,   ,   ,-  . t_.  u���m��,��� r,m
free Btood ana called  Vera  softly  bv  a reaction there would he later, Alar-  !    1|,:'   !,'  ��*!P��r ,unl *V ,f"    ''���'���''���,.'���" ' The M��mory Cult
'       'ion thought. Thev ���,.re ubnui the rmmlm-t. raw-l VA"'  A !A mr'"","   ii  ""' ,MaV',q.    The new sysloin   of memorj    rain-
half turned.    I    "Vou liave nol given up all hope?"  esi  loi of recruila the serleant  ever';:1    :'m        ^,     i    ?_itn,.      i ���      lllB  WUS   1"'i""- 'A       ���'"��� " S   !S��
Ocoffrev whis-  she asked, I had  to  tackle.    Ito  worked  hard  al   Iev vl?B ;l  '"-'>   forgotten  home ���,-  Kehool  near  Bristol, nml the teacher
"No, 1 cannot. It would b-i too cruel. I (hem for three hours,    and    al  last|au'*' wan becoming entnusfusllc
eannoi Imagine that anything really  thought  t'mi   were getting into some "  "Well,    for    instance,
.���run,  in, for I must havo a lew words j serious has happened to Geoffrey.    I   sen  of shape, so he decided  t
with    you.    only do il  nnliiwlly and | cannot teel anything for the present,   then*,
dent, lei anybody suspect." i save for you.   And  my lieiwl  is  full     "Rigltl turn!" lie burl   '
Vent    bad  turned  hei  back to the  for you, Marion.'' ;    Then,   before  tl;
cave, ami appi ared to i e sadly gazing ;    " Vy,"   Marion- said    drearily.    "II , move, came another order:
over Ih" sea.    Clraduull}   she slipped | need be." I    "la-li  turn
The : Ifl started and
"Don'i   ii"  alarmed,'
jn r, ,1.    "I am In ihe care.    li is safe ;
brre.     Watch   ynur  opportunity   and
said    the
Ai tlie Indiana State Fail lhc motor j teacher,  "supposing you  want  to re-
of    an automobile was started every j member the  mime ol  a  peel.  Bobby
live minutes by n wireless spark from   Burns.    Fi:;    in    your mind's eye a
'.'",';:,,;'  ,   ,n I headquarters     in     Indianapolis,     five   picture   of  a   policouinn     In     llatnos
���     '     ".--"'       . mjleg ftWHj.     T]lp cur U1J  exilibltlon  gee   BoljDy Bums."
was lilted with a receiving apparatus I    "Ves. I see," said In" iniglit'luipU
^^^^    that it doer
parently md forgotten her. i
v.a- lost in iii" gloom n.' tiv cavern.
A moment later and Geoffrey had
ie r in Ilia arms. I', was good to lee)
her hem I healing against liis. lo feel
Jl?r kisses ..vara, ,,,, \,,\< lip.
"Did Tcbigorskv ti :i you?" he ask-
"Xo. I'liel. Italpli, oh. 1 am ."i glad
to sen you again, Geoffrey. I knew
ye.i were nol lost, thai you would Ue
nofe alter what uncle said, and yet
all the time there was a Btrange void
7p"rTe,.rturned and    walked    swiftly]    O^^owly left Jberau^ and j-
sh0 ! :��� ross .he sands.    She  want' -I to be , nimie id,  toward the ,,,,r.., 1, looin.^ , ^^ cm].m ^ ^ ^ ,^ | ^V ^^
W.  ��� . U. 1079
alone no'v  that  no danger threaten
ed. I angrily, "where are you off t
Then presently the moon rose and     "Ah've hud enough," replied the rc
shone  upon  ihe  people  gathered  on | cruil in disgusted lone.    "Tha docsna
lhe fringe of till
lent Geoffrey eame Ralpli Ravenspu
 _ ���! lipa). yon'vt   been hunting up lr
I'lie    Pessimist���Would    ftnythiugi Maine.   Dili you see any moose?"
1*0 Uiei impat-1 knaw tlm own nibul lur iwo minutes I ever tempt you to commil suicide? "Yes. I saw several vamoose utter 1
,!t Ravenspur ' runnln'!" l    The Optimist���Never!  I'd die flrsl. I flred."
o fr
The World's Crop
Grain Crops the World Over Show in I
Increase   Over  Last   Year |
Tobacco Habit
�����      ..      _ .   i.i.i.e.  Farmers'        a Will Take At
Easily Conquered        -  ���, ������-
Agricultural Schools
Many Farmers' .ens Will Take
ti w?t-_Ms _w. aurwwir.r
ile peopl
"Keaily.' he writes, '" I know Ot
nothing like ii' Having iiin'R'1 nf an
-ti' ii i'," mission over whii b I travel
tohslnnlly, t meot with man} lek and
jilib led people, and I iiaie been amaned
>t tho good X:iin-iinu is doing dally
Rev,  A    ii,  Miu-I.i'iiil,  of  lliireourt, |    Advice  i.e.died 1,1  Um department MWIIJ    uyilljMJ/ll/U ,,,       , |(| (    ,: { CJ^mffl^,*,      ""'v^-***-��� .*   y!*
N.B., in a lotter written recently, re-   o| agriculture from the International I , ..    i : ,,������ ,     tl .       ��� ,, |T_"" rlloltf*If  i\�� """""���   '
terred   to  the  remarkable  popularity   Institute of .Agriculture gives the foi       \  \,.,-,   Yorkei  ol   uid.   I'Mierleiico  and  mnn}   ul  I      .-.   ny  men  nl  tlie fSSSmtf/l ,.i-^,' **C. J,>v   "^T/j
nblch Zam-Buk enjoys ln4the homes ot   lowing report: I lutd  wrlttut I,   lelllng  lm    the  eouniri   ni'i   pun erlu ��� ..  ���   ., ____��/// AA "* Jtf\_ jfkms,
irons sown, 1915-111 crop;   tobnet 'Minn  habit muv  ttsll)   us  to  nimiii '   or .-.a   a.    .;,,���:M  ... ��.&&//      /..       ,...  .,* ����/'**��
-''���  acms, an lncreuso und    comph'iol}    banished    in ilirae: r,,;l   him.ad    a -,, ,���      in     , ��v ''?;/ I   t aU ���',: *C_v-' ^iik&Sk
nt. over    st yenr: oaU, days wllh ilollghtl'ul henollt. Tlie iiuih-11'uced  ��iiii  iin    n    .-m,   eei'   ���: AmV'���    A    '���*.-.    .������        '-;,'���'
reuse of 8 per cent.: llax, or,   ICil wuril  ,1,   Woods,  I'gni'  Htm km   ���*������! I    ������    ��� '' - '     '/'<>        .     ".',-' / 'i'AiA
es,  decreasi   nl   l.li   per  I.;., \, u   Vork c'llj    ISA. ull]  mull I I "    '���   ��� f   t"       ���������:,;,.   , ��� )��-.-'/*-���;'     *��..     ('{' 'f'4*_-
hls  book   fi'ci   mi  rc(|iiesi ���:       ,������,.: i    . , pi":  .   V- "A-- ''/'"������_$a_!
roductluiis, I'M.'.'   Wheal, I     I'lie  bcnltli  Improve*     wonil rl'ullt    ^duration, I    po   Ibly, not so  : ' _BO\.  :',> '-^-'.i     _���'*���*���,.  /' >?'       __
\rgentiiiii ar
Wheat,    hi.
ill'  .*,.,',   per   ei'l
"a, a.'."uu. deoroiiBi
l.nilii.nuii   acre,
Ilungni'} en
I have Icarnodasun absolute fad that   1B1.I07. iiishels,   an Increase of -l-l |after the nicotine unison |, out of tlu-1 felt It   I' la it   In ICiiKluinl
tor bad ulcera, old in ds, ecuetna and
ikin diseasos or all Kin,!.', tho healing
powers  ftf  Zulu link  arc  BlBlply  inar-
vellum,! For Hm painful ailment,
i>il"<, iii-iii, ii is oxcollent, ir a box nf
Zam link could be pul Into every home
il Would .-are main  a dOClor'l  hill."
Hero ii (ihdiiii'i'cr.i.cii ovldenco,based
in ihc besl ami wldesl experience, uf
Iiie nilue nf /,aui-Uiii(. lu id" homes
of the people from ih" iMlanth lo Iho
Pacific, /iimituii Is iiie iiiiii popular
halm.  Why? II ii   in m man.' ,a es
'< lla pi'OVCd ll i llle H ll"ll III! else hill
failed      Zam Bull   Is  a   sure  cure   fnr
'".a ma, ule i.-, ah cesses, varicose
i'. Ins,    calp   mes. piles,  i old  sores,
CUlH, Inn 'i.s, In niae. , llie oi'lipllons iiiiiI
ne"    el babies and  , hililreii. ami all 'in  li!
.-kin dlseui'    ami Injuries    Ail (Ini.'. i '"mo
fti-'ls and ner,'. sell al 50c, bos nr post-   -   !  ''' 	
paid from Hun.Buk Co., Toronto, fnr
price 1,'et'use liai'inful, cheap bulla-
tion.. sometimes offered, Send ibis article in fiam-Huk Co.. Toronto, and lo,
Stamp uml recc'io free bos b)  return.
pe,'  colli,   mer   lasl   year,   and   a   do-i sys      raininess,     tram,ail "I'lsinl  slllg   III     tpic tlon   ol   i   ill i'&ii.t��>*:>^''*,v. '���'���'    '' //���fej-'      :
crease of 11 percent   compared with I dear  eyes,    normal    tippctlm,  gmni   u '���'". an l   eimo-dii- ii t,< a,. ,i , h,.���,���.. K*v igj'c-'t, �� *.-;,>���.._   . (pt-dx��_���*
ihe average of-'' years, Iflllli-].",;  rye, IdlKostliiti,  luniil}   vigor,   ���   ,��� ������   ame    tieiv. .'mi   unitm    m    i ,   :. ���_��� i-, uii,-, -,: K^ii/), ��� .'.,'e*;.*'>-r_r^.^y'?i''tyf)
15, ,nnn bushels, lncreuso of 7 per ory ami a g, ra! gain in offlcieim:   ������' i'oi'l  aud   -i.-.i a'    .'   ,ii.ao     ..;,..: K_K_;^__ 'At.-Z'M^^ti'.J^iLt}^
emu. mer la.-t  yeui'i   bai'lny, un.nin,- are among tlm mnn)   henolll    report    I bea?'   a It    the   N'or'w.  ���   I'mm, r U ru,- c-im'.m-,,-, ,_....,,.
nun bushels, ,|em'ea.e ol' I.", per colli.: I'd.   Oct    rid of I'm:  h.rvmii  feeling; | "Will ll pay Ihe young man lu go? _! alMI lUAKU / ,K I IC i-_.
oiiis.  ;:,,mu.nun  i,u.hei-..  di" i s,. or ] im mm'"  I of pipe, clgiir, clgiireite,   dlvldtiul   clrciuusianccs,    of    course, If    SOLD   EVERYWHERE
,  piree.it. corn, Igfi.ii" n bushels,  siiuu"  ..r eimvia    tobacco  lu   |,    fj   must govern lu such cus?; bul In gen fl  ncciief   ct  ->_T'- .'iTi-r
luei'eitse oi S per eenl | morbid desire, | oral, broad term . we ,..',i   'y, i.' ,,   KtrlJoL  oUBoTlTUTES
The reason I'm' tli i liu lu ���.
Th"  lolnl   prodlietl '   wheal   ini                      'ih'  iv;l,"n  '"'  '���"!'"":  ".'.-."  a ^SS^^MSfi-J-'.-V   .*'.*>3_f__X'.
Ilenniai'k, spam. I''runci', llroal  llrll   Chail_'illl'*  the   Time   Table   ,' ,'"' ',1J ","  s;ol'*)U!l1   I'^i'mei .a   :.���
ail,   and   Ireland.     Univ.     I.us icrg,   VllaII��'*"��    WIB     * ""*-     ltt��'lej lho It whig llltorostlllg manlier:
Nelherlandd,   l; tinla,   Itussian   tu Why.    Hii-     mad    u  unin    do        have   MOlieV 111   !..ll\illtr
Kuriiji,.   ,;, I   govoriunenl  i,    8w itzcr- i N
land.   Caiuidii,   liiiied     Slates,   India. I
ilupan,  llmala  in  Asia. lOgypt,   . mil i, I
Xni'iiay,   lllllgitrln  and   Illlllg'lll'.l   i ���  ::.
i;,',T.I::.*i,  lm- li
per cent, over I
i" i uu
Departure    on    Front Page of1'"''    wml    su    much  time    leurnlii
' nbout   doing    Ililn (     n h n,    li    he   .
,,,,,,,,.,   u1   :,,,,,,   rl      ..,,-,., .   mi,,,,   Farmers Could Profit by Buying Sun-
"""��� l: ,"" ''"' :'lv;"   ' mid   ne   i    ng Um,   n , plies  In  Larger Quantities
"���-l,v*"}   ***���  '""  "'  l"''1"'     ' '"' luionc)   in  nc II)   doing  i!���.  things      Uconom;   In   bu; ��� .   i   i;
C.P.R. Folder
Good For Everybody
Is, nn Increase of :��� 1.0   ,,Ml, ' .,,' .,MI.,|,  .���.,, ...   .,,..'. .,, .' . ' '   ""''   ��"  "'"'iii i    ng      gs      liconom;    In   buylnj   may bs
���si   i.ar's   proilimilon,,.   .,     |,'.      .  ,   ,   ,,   .\, Usee ., i ;!''   v ,,''li'1   ,,: ''���'''''���''l''    ''"'     lcnrn    "'      '"        rl��
,11'i.s.    ilarl...,*. sani-m     ;,',';' \     '',,.,���"'      ,r::   " "*     '"'"     U    lhe    " "on'. that  many  of  ihe    I    I
v.honi, lesK India, i,-!;;,,.."',',,���,,.,,'',,,    The f P        ������  l."i"   m,,lly "  v'""';  mn]er   'mil old looiild   U    grown on    o
: . aa mmea.e of 17    ,'! ���    ��� "   ". i !   ,���   , '' , ..''��� .'..i' ' I r'".'""''-- ""!.  -**  whenever nn ugrl-  farms,   but   lu  buyl,
llisl'lllee,   ill   tl (1(1111(111   I
"s.!'!"' i noted In Ibis column, I
".I,.",.,,- j upw     d .pin lat'e  0||  Iiie
nl    "" s    lhe   li    tn bl,
ii depurtui'o
mie ol llie
nil pau
esl lull
many suy
lompuny i:
cultural college course Is proposed, whicli cantiol   b
"Our  answer    Is    ihls:     In    nny grocerh i   tor  In l in
businoss   iu   llfo    lim    r.'uuh ii.-    of be saved If we Jitsi
priniiil  Importance  Is,  llrst, to  mako foi  an Instant,
lho   man      Wo   see   this   w. II   llltis-      "Plfteen  (  nts tiph      ��� ��� '���
tfaied  loday iu soldi'ring.    No mat,- quarter," Is tvhal wt  i
par eeltl.    (luls, same colli
hail,..i.   less  dapan   and   li
liun.noil  husliols,  au  Incn
per eem.   IIye, sititie  emiiilries us   I'or
oais, less (.ironI Urlliiln and Tunis, I,-
is::.::.,s.(iiu) bushels nn Increase of 14.7 r ;   , ,, ���  ,.  ���    ;  .   ,,      ���   ,   ,   .
per cent. Corn, in Hungary, Italy, lim, .  ������,',',',','    .',,',",, ;; ,,   . ! !,.''   '  ���"'. .. ''''' l'����  Htrrii tho need, raw recru is  we pec certain artii ������
mania,   Itussln,  Switzerland,  Cati'ida. ! a, )v,., .,���',��� r-ni'i       ,'., 'it   ,.,      ,  !'"'   "e'el   l"'"^'''1  oil tl)   Into  lho Mm conveyed In the
I'niied States and Japan, ::..-,:i;:,-,*ii>..(i.iu t   ' ]������,., , ���, ,���! 7,:,,; ,     ' A, . l'"'vuA       U'A , "li"1    **.   ll,rlllCl1 r��, M" i'"'-'"' '' "**���"""
hiishels, an  lncreuso of 12 per e"iit. :,!"-..,    *i*;    -.,.,, ���      o-���  '���','! '!"""'"   ,lnl "''    "'"    Bl"*"15     unt11     A grocer Jusi forth,
The   Welfare   and   Prosperity   ol   the   f , , j,','.    |   ',.,,',    ma,. {���   ,    '���.   .,' ,.,' ���.' : "'7 l,llVl; '! '"''    l'��"��'"!��" "i' ">'"'!'   ";;''.   tl'lh   1}    k  I
"      ,   ' ,  , I     ,   '.   "'   '"-'    """-"  '���>   ' I""'"1-'   order and  how  tu  oli. y  It,  hut   ituiil   of the    art c b I hi
Farmer Is of Vital  Interest to       llAAITlUr     HI I)   Trtjl   KflnWI"   pWll��.'i'f ���� XW ,'  "! ii,:'"-"  ln ""'  vaHoUa "r'U^  l,M   h'v	
LUlrlVinu    yjLV   1UU   JVUll,11'"'.   ��   "   '���ll'<''- Plaoo, ��"   hat  lhe   become us "second  nature" lo  Hum,   Ing n period nf ten
l.ublff will kno�� man, to Just uoii   -i������ii, even If asleep,  mind would  wiu  Ml  separute   to,
Instlnc.tlvol)   give   the  answer   i iluded   ten   pur	
mu tl, ing in nil .-���:..',    I; tl Is
the Country at Large
.' i.rii ullure him been greal I) I" ll ���
lilted by the haulier fanner litoic
iiionl, not nlone In Illinois, where li or
iglnnied, lm, throughout the oiitln
country, In .developliig Into it movi
menl of national scope und import
iitiee ii ims and Is directing u gron
nmouiil   ni   .serioiis  consideration  lo
| Uie schedule stund
Phe Condition of Too Many  ���1'"1' 'i11;"1*
Women and Too Many    ��r
ward 11
nm  110'
lien ollicrwi.-
Too in
���Is look
notice    reads
,  lime tabic laki
i   12.01;   24,111;   nililnlghl  on  O
Itober :iJst." ,Kh.0H
I'llii- u uiee. nioetliig the oyc on the | u,   toi
uj.  present folders now iii use. ivnrns the  q,1
before (hey should. I puhllc nol  to pui  fnith  In the luttor     "jusl  in
"The   rollege   course   funiltihes   a    bnughl   a   bund   ,1   :
i'erem   kind   of  Lrulnlng:     bul     ii   $0.10,    be    ������������  ul :
>   iiuporia.nl  drilling;   and   Pol' pound
Intended,   first,   in   'muko      During  the  leu  v  ,
I of Ilsb and  meal
his em,,mel imi   wo  Incline ! this ���     ner,      , .
I'ho welfare und pros-  Tllcb' faces  ome palo and druwn; [beyoiuj tho dale mentioned. Thia uo- to lho  bo")lcf thai   Ihe mere  Import-  eighteen  i'i'1-  p r i
Itnl   llllll    ��XISI III''   IVnlliire  ami   pros- .   ���'""    ,��' ' "     I"" "    w.u,,.,,     ;--���      -���      ;     -    ���������'      ill    in,-    innn-,    I,(ill     in.'    men'    imp.Ill- I'lfcooueil    ei'llia    J,
pcriti  of the fiiriuer Is of vital Inter-1 wrinkles i ur and  their eyes lae!, j ">'" ��.",' ^'P'""' "" lhe fronl page ol hng ,������ aprriculuinil knowledge Is not, In  box    ,      lots     I   ���
ost lo the liankor, and vice versu  The  brightness.   Can this bo wondered at    ��e��� Inirtei which precedes thai which  perverse,     inn   gre si   function can  would  have
basis upon which this great inovemenl   wl"*11   "K'-v S,J llv'i""Mll.v huve head-   '��� to take Its place, and will prey    0f an agricultural school   or of mi) ers    iv r-    i.-m. ,i  ,
Is liuilt is one of absolute luterdenond- ncltos, backaches und a general feel-  "tn.v   conluBion   by announcing'    how  school, for that   mutter,    in    saving iimouuls   of    eight    t.
is built is one of absolute lulerdept ml
ence, which to lie tlioroughlj  nppr,
idled    inusl   he generally and  Justly
silies. backaches and a general feel-  ill|J   conluBion   by  iinnotincing    how  school,  for thai   mull
Ing of wrelchodness und  weakness? I lollK i.1"'  present  folder is valid unil  uiia,   wo   wish   nm
lu mosl eases ii is ihe Idond that is in'"ium ii ceases in he operative, Thus, I stood, nor to discounl  ii
iiilsuiidcr-! e ni-.    Dy  ihe  box,
pottn l would lis   i heei
���eeciiizeii   as   fundameiitulb   csseu-  blame,    l-roiu one caiiBe or iinotbor tnoso  who no miicii    iiuvelling  Willi porfei.   grounding  in   agriculture  it-   was  bought    a    ,
ial t0  ii,,,  hest   Interests of all  ihe,'1"' 'll'"'.1'1 ha; become thin and winery   1'uow  precisely when, tbo time labia  self.    Bul it is the bent of mind rath-  times, nnd lard tii
people.   There
din", rot,ei
iiii reason ior potty
selfish     jealousies
and ii is it fact Hint anaemia i bloom  ''''"''i''
,n  anv olher (-tins
111;.,    nl     la,"       ' . 1"  .     .     I :
been made    by   buying a
���  : and    , ire   ...
i lu
itch changes will ��� 0r ihan the burden of mind-  lhe habl
' .'  .       ....    , ���,.,.,. I'""1'1  ,"'">''  '"'   M"i,"*    ;""' tlitnkliig for onesel
ii hae in the past served lo dls- sb'cs   women   this  prematurely  aged jlu U't-ut rather than the nc'iutrltig of drv, tabu
���o'urage and prevent unanimity of 0f. appearance,   li Is important that the inr.Tmn. "TTn.iunTnt. I I1"'"' l';"'l\,!,'"'t ,'"i""s l.08. '" 1|""|""'" saved on ,
fort lu making better homes and com- blo��'   supply ol grls and  women be        *:';"' "'"', 'l'\'f:,','. ;;,���.,"'. ���':���,-  |,1*"- ,'!'"' .v'h!" Ia wrouglil  into the  buying   a   Ou-pe
n ||0���    -ei,,, ,,��'iei���t mniiilinl ' nf regularly  replenished- iiuporiani   not ilu(-  itsttii   oi    tim    uepieuations  ot  character Is m mure Importance tjianlln' would bav    boug
' i,-,;,'i-'.,-     ,,.','*    '-i,.', is inc., onlv on iiie score of looks, but. lo rc-i'"'"'''���'-. '" tbe stomach nud Intestines   whal is drilled into lhe memory. hlni $-U7 lu  -mall par
i" ,,i, rr-., nn.',   imidi'ie,   i,v ii,0 no,' store robust health, which is of greut-  Millers Worm Powders will bo found      "Wlthoul pursuing llie argument loo      Tlie grocery bill fi
ulturiil conimisslon of the  Virterlcan " value.   Dr. William-' Pink Pills ,���- ;��;;_ f'AAA' .""..iy:., .,Tl.,t'-v ["!Ak {il". '��': ��'" ��'v l.��l " ��� ��K�� �� I. tho j 5S3.41,    on  v.
mil v
ll.     'I
CUllI IU    eoilin issid I   ni   I    ('    Mliern-a I .    '     . , ,, , .,      ���(-���-,>,..,,    nl'   i,,,- ,.,,,���,,,    ,     .,,,.,    I.,     ���,.   '. , .,    , . ,,    . ��� ,   ..
I'-mi ,���������' nsw.-imion   whicli lu -,_-!.  rll i titttlU make new blood and ii'sioi'e llie i r'< **''  "    theso  Uoublos,  and   b)   ex-  trained mini thai succeeds; and larin-, lhat a Baving ol SS svou
_���'.' 'a i,v e',!-,,,, ��� i'   i.-    i. ,-'i- ti   ���  system shattered bv overwork or wor- l'eUi��g tiie M-orms from the orgaus in-1 ing today  is much  mere ���  cork of nmdi   by buying In larg ...
Snique andTamable ,,iiuoailon     ,   ry.   These pills give u glow of health ������ JVo^^l^'niMd ��� ��� n,'^!' df0,'0'-HrJ���ul'1 loofc  :   ';
��o��nee�� 'be >' wing platform, which   '��...!:��;' ';>���-""<..-��" *''.l.T.' fTS? I m   n, i " I'.'J'^.^'nWV,.' ,'r .i.'r V . *.���.*"'*:. ,..h ..-:.���"' ...".���.   " ___.V,L.��� ���!? 5   ' i_l '' ...,.,'<',.. :,.',.' \
women und gifts feel bright and hap-  maintain iis strength or thrive. These I the young man  lu ambition,  self re-  ever)   ten   weeks  ti    bu
py.   With I ir. Williams' Pink l'ills nt | powders   mean   health   and   Improve-   ||ance and purpose;  then, in  what It J those things  which n |ulre  it ;
is broad enough nnd sound enough for
everybody lo-land upon without coin-  - 	
punctlon or crowding: li;i1"' lll".n,' s ,�� '"'!;'  tor any woman .     ���
"Education - Belter    rural   schools., "f any girl   o look 111 or led 111. Air
Heller    schools.eerywbero    for     ���'��� McOonaltl, jr., flay, Onl., says:
is ��� eeryiviier    ,...   , .   ,.        .
n.-t  children  lh school the shortest   hutieii.y   belleie   U
time.    Vocation courses   facing    the   F':ii     i:' ' "'���     ;
farm  In  tbe country -trades and in-
dustries in cities���cultural as well as
"Farm Demonstration -A competent agent In every county In the nation.
"Good Itoads -'for better civilization   -markets  and  prices���commerce
land    values���school    attendant	
pleasure of living.
"Country '"nuns To revive their
commercial life and population -lo
foster community and social spirit-
"Farm Financing Credit, for (lie
farmer wtlh character, energy, and
knowledge of agriculture, to enable
him io buy a farm on long lime
"Market iug anil Distribution Cooperation between producer uml consumer elimination of disproportionate rewards to middlemen.
"Soil Surveys f-lonest classification
!, yevery slate of Its lands as to productive character.
"The Truth In .orUllzers Belter
Information on soil needs���the cheapest and mosl effective methods of np-
plying   It."    Farmers'  Review.
giies.    him    In    technical knowledg
and    familiarity    with    the world o
A Kicr Hai-dis Story : agricultural      affairs,     lhe    college
Williams'   l'ink |    U  is an old story, bul  ii  will bear: course  Is  lo be commended."
onm years ago  retelling.    Mr.   Kier  Hardle  adhered  ,���	
I liad anaemia, and as I did nol real-  for the mosl part, to the small cap Endurance of Race is Marvellous
Ize the seriousness of the trouble In  cross between  llie  cap known  usi    ,,T||e        ',||rl, nl- .,  .-ostiKO of the
soon became a complete wreck, I gol   Scotch nrfll the kind    of tight-lltting Armoniai ,:���,, after ivlmt It has on
so weak 1 could hardly wulk. I neither cap a  workman  '.(ears wnnn    lm
ate tier slepi  well, and could nol go stnrtin
upstairs without  stopping to rest. At | morning,    ll  was ihis cap which led
���dually as good ti - .
, banded to if.
Son i .ra ��� are diffii ill .
I hm Ilolloway's Corn Cure   ��� ����� ,
ihem out palnles iy.
times I had an ulmosl unbearable pain  on one occasion, lo a little mold
, .   i diired ihrough centuries of opuression
'' u '    '::" l,!ivl'    llH'V   is one of the miracles of history," declared   Dr. James  p.  AlcXaughton, u
missionary  from  Turkey,
au   ml
i y hack and would have in remain i Air. Ki. r Hurdle, on the opening day, ,1,.',,,., |��� [jetrn|| a| ,],,. National I ay
Buying  Army Commissior?
Fo'.ir-and-i'nriy yei rs . . ��� . |.
established custom i i an purch : ���������
vas abolished In tli ��� Bt Itish   i
li   had   l a   instltuti fan
II :   ids   sticci    .'id   to   stop   :":
traffic,  hm   the  law courti
,n bed.   I suffered abnosl constantly  ot the session   weni down lo the ....-;������,������.,   :\jiSSionai*y    convenllon.     .
from  a  dull   beadaclio, ���  and    when | rary  ol   the   house  ol   commons   to 13fcN'anBhton     a  Canadian    wu��   lm-" '" lle u"-l']- Jtul enforced the pay-
iweepiii". if I would stoop to pick up j consult some books. "Are you working | m|sono,|  |��� 'Turkish officials shonlv l1U0Ul of   CCno by a He ttcnant I
anything I would gel so dizzy ihu't  l  bere* male?" queried a friendly police
would    have io catch  hold of some-  mun ill the Palace Yard Date    "Y
thing in keep from falling.   Al times  "On  the roof?"   whicli    was    un
my hearl   would  beat so fast  that  I going repairs al    Ihe time.   "Xo
would   hav,.  a   smoldering  sensation. | the lloor."
My eyes were sunken and my hands
and  limbs  could   be  swollen   In   llu
mornings,     1   tried   several   kinds  ol
medieine   without     benefit     and     my
friends ilioucin  I  would  nol  recover,
Then   I   lugon   lakllg  Dr.   Williams'      A  druggtsl   can   obtain   an   Imitu-I
Pink Pills, and before hum could see  "On ol MINARD'S LINIMENT Irom a
ind feel that  the-   were helping me. I Toronto  house al  a   very  low  price,
prisoned   n
Ollniuali  i'liipil'1
s'  ' volved In  the presenl   war, Im,  later
lsr"l was released.
"" i    lie spoke before llie conference on
"Turkey   in  War Times."
"All Ottoman subjects al the out-
, break of the war wero called upon
in ((.iiiiiiini ��� 23 per eenl. of ail movable possessions, with tlie exception
of household furniture," be said,
"Frm,i ile- farmers ",", per cent, of
their crops was demanded. Calling
to Um col.u's of all men of military
in io all
pills until l
l cannol  say enough in t
ad l strongly recommend l
run-down girls und women."
speed limit in ihis her,, lown   ���.,V"'. ,;"1  ���**'; , ���,'���    U'ilna;!l:.'  PI|,1J
is six miles nn hour, nnd we euforces  ,mlla r'',ou! ""��' (lc '',"' niedleli es or
li." said the town constable, llni m , A AA "   "' r'n"s,;! h'AA'' ^ l'f
his nickel badge upon Dilbbleigh,       I.""''"' ''',""  Hiei 111*. Williams  Med-
"Oh,   fry  well,"    -aid    Dilbbleigh  ���''""��� c ��" u,0C'K'lllp' ""'���
iv.arily.   "If   that's Ihe case I'll have 	
'"",''  """ .'    .'       ��� ���-', ���'" ���        , | |.  |,   ,|. ,,, ���       ,,.,,,,, i to lie  colors  ol  nil  iium  oi   mount
I   gladly  continued    tlio  use  ol the aim,"ate ll lubelled his own product.    ,        , ,..,���....,,.. ,,���. ,.    ���,..,.,.
nills until l was comnletelv cured and      > bis greas) imitation is the poorest lll.e  ''." , 1?" ,. ,,, '���,,     ',      ,
uosniiiii i nm lonniii. .. ij,, ��� .nn,  ���.,. i,���,.,,.,., ,-,  ii..i whal  Is Imi ,ii ihis mighty kingdo
ono we nave yet seen of the mnnv Hint I,"""V"  lef' "'    ,\r !Miu!!,>' liinS,!oul
even  Tom. Dick und Harm  has tried I l;1 ..'r1'1""*   .'    ,, ''"'' ���
I he  constructive  nusslontii)   w, , I:
In Asia  Minor,   home of lhe   irmen-
to Inlrodtie '.
Ask   for   AltNAIiD'H   and
gel it.
in  turn
Ihrough y.
ii'iiiiml   and   liaek
M old burg."
Vytien   Cow3   Test   llijeest
at They Do
Davisvillk, Ont.
Cunadiatitj spend aboul  si,*,(.,i.m.tnni
ycai   in   al, oholic    drinks     wiiiie
A cow vein  often tests her highest Ithis, of course, i.. lhelr privilege, i   is
a   few  days  nfter  calving,   mil as   It  interesting lo nolo thai  if this colos-
be  jusl   before  siie  goes  drv    The I gal anion f money was spam each
bind les, is mien brought about I year In useful articles and commodl-
Ihrough high feeding during her rest-1 ties, ii would give einploymeul n
lug period. After a short time she re- j aboul fort; thousand men nearly
smiles, whai mil) im term "l. her nor- eight llan i a... many a- are engaged
mul lesl and will nol show a great I In the manufacture of liquors, Ot-
doal of difference innn month lo|ta\va Citizen.
mouth in the fat content of her mil:
until well toward the eloso of hei
lactation, when lhe test Increases nnt
often becomes very high jusl iiefon
she quits gi\ing milk.
laiis, has IillllOSl  been wiped out, said
Mr. McNaughtoii.
A Medical Need Supplied.���When a
medicine Is found lhat nol only ai tj
linen the simmieh. but is so composed
that i i-i lain iiian dienls of il pass till-
ultered  througli  lhe stomach  to  find
. a; tloii Iii :he bowels, then th?re is
aviiilnbl a purgative and a cleanser
of greal effectiveness. Parmelee's
Vegetable pills are of this character
' and ar ��� the besl of all pills, it,mice
tl,.- years thai Ihey have been in use
Iliey' ha e established Ihemselvi s as
no other pill has done.
! predeci ss, r.     Late    on  a
1 m'  12100 ror an ensign
for a colonelcy was del    ��� .
lim   in   1871   tlm  sys I
.i   i rash,  a   royal   warr    I   di   laving
"On tin l artei the 1st day of :;
j venibcr In i his pi. s al tar ill reg
j lutions   made   in   us    r   . y  of our
royal   predecessors,   or   ,.: ���
; i   ting   und, r  our au    irity,   r
, big or fixing thn pri, es al  n iii :   az
commissi u ��� in cur fori es may t ���
i purchased, sol I, or exi i inged, or in
I an;    wa)   aul  - r :inp   the   , ir '  .-
01'   sale   or      :.  ll! : - ���   f,  '   :I] ".
any sae:   commissions, s 'can
celled oi determined."
Forty   Parisian   womi .   ol     si :l
ei- tinetli n   ��� a- II Ut.   "T iv Woman's
'.u '���'... bile  Club  for    the  Tr    -;. u
o'  Wt tin " Tin     club    In I
i .imi ������ - tie sl r-    - .' :������: \ ,, hi
known worn n of Pari      Aii  I  i
tht Ir .. .' They   ' , ���
uniforms of , ark blue having a milt
:. ry : ul They are lor military
is :���!.!���:���'-   . :. ;   r porl     -.     duty   at
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
"Iliad trouble with my Kidneys nnd Htodder
se I gol ii sample of Iiin l'ills and followed
directions. I toll bolter after lite lu-t dose
and 1 kept taking theni lor a month.
One die.-, Mr. Simpson, ol this lown, told  ,
me nbout'thc trouble he liad n-ilh his kidneys,  j Patriotic Fund Co=t
nnd I recommended him to try GfN TILLS,        .\  statement   issued  from  li
and gave Iiini one to lake,    Die next day,    (>ltk.l, of ,|u, Callauhin  Patriot
he bought some for h.ni��lf, and both lie    Mgocialloll ,,.���,,,, (,,.,, lhe cog, ���,- a(j. 1
and bis wife have derived great benefit from        ....       .       ,.     ,   .        ,     .,, i
them." ij.onrp-r ti  rn-rr      nillin lerum  the  Hind  is oil!}'  -'.,   per
lll.M'.I-M II. BAUER.    (.(������   excillsive ���,- ,,,,., sman tola| ,���.-j
Gin i'iu- ���rc j*. :i liox or six bieie-i for $6,-18- charged to "campaign ox i
$_!;���..i iill iniiggi.-ts. Sample sent free If penses." Total amoiuil expended fori
requested, 17    relief up to August  ai   lasl   was  $2,-
., ,.      . p.        _ f,,      .    i/-.       "17,1)110, and the cost of administration
National Drug & Chemical Co.   of .,n branches was $64,2.".   Bank in-1
of Canada Limited, Toronto,    leresi  received  on   funds  deposited
iiiiiounieil to $���".:!.l*iii. or nearly enough
'        ���' J to cover all expenses oi ndmlnlstru-
' tion.
eiinm' through Ireland on horse-
tourist i ame upon an old man
cing ln :t mosi barren and
desolaie piece ot land.
"What  are yoll fencing In lhal  lot
for, Pat?" said be.   "A herd of eons
would starve lo death on that land."
"Aud,  sure,  your  honor,   wasn't   I
iinclng ii io keep tlie poor bastes out
W. N. U. 1079
"When John got home from bis edn
cation," said Fanner Corntossel, "in
started In instnictin' me about agri
culture. So l didn'l lose no I'
try bim out."
"What did you do?"
ind up a switt'iii
Tbe prGsiraiing
cough tear* <tow��
your strength.
The clogged air-lybes directly affect jour lungs and speedily lead to
pleurisy, pneumonia, cotuamplioa.
bronchitis in an easy, natural way.
Its curative OIL-FOOD soothes th��
inflamed membranes, relieves the
cold that causes the trouble, THE COURTENAY REVIEW
_arige has installed an
...k:-..���^: _0!is WeMiog Outfit
.   --���        - ��������_������_ '������ SmSm\9^^SSS99-S9l
by the Oxo-Acetylene System
Something that bus been badly needed In this district for a
longtime, ni here nre thousand.! of dollars worth of castings
of every description iu cast iron, brass, aluminum, nialable,
unit steel, etc., thrown nwny every year, Iliut could be made
:i     tl IIIR nild even slroilgcl  tbnn wheu new   fin b ss lliuu half
wbat u new one costs.   Anything from a stove lifter to a
ernnkshaft, bring it along we can fix it
Telephone 1/16 COURTENAY
!      V:\ ^
I     fi'^'iai f%'��%
ey To
i  *-��*w*&?>^tfijt**^^
>     We are open to receive applications
! for  Loans on  Improved Farm
Property in the Coinox
(i    ��elSt.
Real  Kstiite, Insurance nnd
Financial  Agents
Comox, B, C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
hen  In Doubt
y       umps
���>,���"-.:    ven' '',; Your Piano
.    ., i i.-.   erlenee
Recommends   Irom   Leading Musicians
of same furnished on request C.     P.    DUNDAS
".      i.   ini   nill i ..     n this city  about
'...���in ms  at this  Ofiice,
or 'vrili i irect lo
.45, 81b Ave.,1''     -   Vancouver' Phone 24 Courtenay
FiratC!a��r. Plumbing CHAS. SIMMS
Expert Watchmaker   Qualified Optician
has a choice supply
Letter To The Editor
Editor Review
Dear Sir,���I. with many others,
verv uut b appreciated the skit en
titlet "Comic Opera" which Intel)
nppeare in your valuable paper,
the article was certainly very clever
and humorous, uu 1 1 would like lo
sec mote from tbe same pen. I notice that Colin Campbell has denied
ilie authorship, Needless woiry,
Yours truly,
Mr. 1'ilitiir, and fellow citizens, Including 11. I). Forde,���In looking over tlie
report "I the City Council meeting in,
published lu llie Review ol Nov, Itli, I
mile Unit tin- lidilor us well us Mr. 11.
1). I'm ill- inistiiulerslonil iny word* Oil llie
question >l tlie city paying for the juice
consumed iu ''Orchard Street lights."
The meaning that I Intended mv words
to convey ��ns thai lite question nl whether the City would piy lor tlie juice
could be discussed Inter on. Take note
Unu at that discussion l voted ngatust
street liulils, und on every occasion I
voted ngnlust the Installation ol street
lights because the Company lire operating
iii our City in defiance ol tbe majority ol
tile property owners who signed for incorporation for tlie purpose of control
ling our own i'li���lric Lights and other
utilities, And unu., Mr. II. II. l'or.le, 1
wish you to understand Hint tlie above
mentioned, meaning ol my words ou the
question of "Orchard Street Idgbts" wis
what 1 intended to express.
Furthermore. Mr. tjorde, the fact Hint
you nre u householder within the City
limits does not justify vou for indulging
in presumptuouscrbiclsm concerning the
various expenditures nud repairs Hint
should lie done to suit 3-oitr ideas on certain streets. There are otber streets as
well as the "Orchard" which the City
Council would like to repair il llie City
could only collect tiie J.',noo of unpaid
taxes to pay for tbe street repairs needed
In tbe nii-iinlimc wc must go slow until
we can collet onr dues,
Moreover, Mr. Forde, your itntue is
not ou the Assessment Roll as a property
owner itt our City, und yet. you hnve in a
hold milliner profTereil to instruct the
Aldermen in various details what you
think sliould be done.
Tliere are certain property owners in
the vicinity of the Orchard who told tne
thai you came lo their houseaild without
giving any satisfactory explanation you
pressed them iu nu insolent maimer lo
sign a paper asking for "Orchard
bights." One man told tne that if you
used uny more insolence he would apply
the toe of his boot to you. Another
man was disappointed when lie learned
Unit the women folk had allowed you to
put their name on some kind of paper
that would secure street lights free of
charg ���. and with various arguments to
suit who you were bilking to nt the lime
you got many names who did not realize
what they were doing. You don't own
any ground within our city, and yet you
have tlie impertinence to swagger that
lou belong to tlle "Dewey Did It" class.
Iu conclusion lite kindest tiling I can
say lo you is thai apparently you are incapable of realizing what propriety
Yours truly,
John Johnston,
Lake Trail
Courtenay, December 7, 1915.
Hi     ".' iteamfittiug
I ickson ,;' Whittle
'hone ��� Cotirtena)
H ve
^ut   One
r ' -. ���'
e Qualify
' Best
a,,. t<> nro-
nml lltiil-
,\ ,1 of
: v r, ;$4
, conl
��� ��� -.ii ���
 work of
. i'. r nnnlly
ilwolu .���
.....   .Mv prlno
-      ,       hc-.p
'  .                             !
il     '.-'i.-c Any-
of Jewellery, Etc.
suitable for Xmas. Presents
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
To Bake
Not to Bake?
W. Aitken
Oppositenew Presbyte iiii  Clinl
j Sutton & Kirkwood I
Undertakers and
Night or Day Culls Promptly
Phone   . Courienay   L,
G��'_"]S2*>rriX_oiu''y" lor yourFoxes
Miisknil, White Weasel, Beaver, Kynx, Wolves,
Marten uud other Fur bearers collected in your section
smr vorit PURS DIRECT lo"SIIl)HERT"lh�� brjrsl
bouse in iiie World dealing eiduilvelv in mirth Altitun an haw i uks
u reliable- reeponslblo���safe I'm House with an unblemished reputation exist in ii for more thun n iiiini of a century," n lotm successful record of sending Fur i3hlppeniprompt,8AT18l'AC_0RY
AM' I'l'l'I'IT.-. HI.IC returns. Write for "Ell- MlltM AlKlKtr,"
tbo only reliable, accurate market report and price list pubusnea,
Writ. f,.r It���NOW���It. FREE
t\. D. OI-U _>_,1\ I , inc. Depl.C(18 CHICAGO, U.S.A.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Kins Guaranteed and Snld at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard f-.rrlfls*. Builder COURTENAY
J.   J..  ASTON
Logger's Slices inin le to order,
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan 1 the Test.
Courtenay    Hotel
('onifiirt  With  Moderate  listen
1'iest Wines
iuiii Liquors
Palace Livery
Horses and  BtiKfiies for Hire
Terms cash.
SIDNEY,   li. C.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cuslue lixt-ellen
Wm. Merryfield
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop ill Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.     Baths in connection
C. ll    D U/.-VM*'*;/;,;. pf0p.
Sale ot Land near Hsadquarters, B. C.
Tl'N'Dl'RS will be received up to
January 1, 1915, for the sale of
Hint portion of land situated near Headquarters, containing by measurement
Two und fifty-five Hundretlis (2.5.")
Acres more or less, also cabin, described
ns fo'lows:���Fract, South-east Quarter
of Section ,5, Township 6, Comox District, 11. C.
Highest or nny tender not necessarily
accepted. Those tendering to deposit 111
per cent, ot price offered ns n deposit,
saute   will  be   refunded   if offer   is not
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Tlie  above   is   known   as  the
*>���  Holms Estate.
'ill Wl.Sl.I.V Wll.I.AKll,
Official Adinistrator
Courtenay Phone 25
Recruiting for 102nd
Lt.-Col. J. \V. Warden, officer
commanding the 102nd Battalion,
the Northern British Coltimnia
Regiment, passed through the citv
Monday evening on his way to
Kamloops, b'ernie and other points
in the interior to organize company
recruiting. The billeting system
will not be used in recruiting for
tbis battalion.
With tbe exception of tbe appointment of a few senior officers,
Col. Warden lias practically completed tbe organization of his staff.
The four companies of tbe unit
will be recruiting at Prince Rupert,
Comox, Kamloops and Fernie.
Battlion instruction will take place
I at Comox, Mobilization, it is ex-
'pectecl, will be effected in January.
Col War leu is not advertising for
recruits in Vancouver, but anyone
wishing to join here may do so.
Local headquarters are Room 1,
525 Pender street west.���Vancouver World.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse   Blankets,   Lap
' Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cuses, Ktc
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
'Tlie former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
1 many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
[ats, Trimmii
1 if\ * %\ c ity <_���;
T obaccos
Swan's Old Standi, Courtenay
Your Country Needs
You, Boys
The Coniox-Atlin
_-?.-rcw!-_-?--~',;_.'..'*',r >*?_*"" "
A  mt$^:fiS��^si
|T Why Pay Big Dental Charges?
I You will mrt'o limn sivoyour fnra
3 In Vnncouvi l'or Viuint'iii ��� ,v IwviriK
vol' woi k dono In our oil'iccs. Wo
lm. 0 .puuitil arrange m on Is To Snve
Vou Tl' c. Nol moro limn 2 dtiys
arc pi quirod Lo complete your vroik
' * ��� ��� b*> tUii-'' \ "w_}4_i_*'-' y
AA'A^myA ^'C-A^S__a_iVii
mr Price- Are About One-Hall Those
Miarged H- Other Dentists. All Work
iuarauteed an 1 Perfornled Without the
,.i_i__',i__ Slightest Pain


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