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The Review May 1, 1913

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Array List Your Property witli
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
VOL. 1
NO. 23
Don't Wait
Only a few   Lots left in   Terminal
Yonr last cnance to get a lot in a
cleared field at bed-rock prices.
Drop ns a card and we will call and
show yon plans.
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay HouseFupnishing Stores
Kitchen Tables, Kitchen Cupboards,
Kitchen   Cabinets,  Kitchen   Chairs
and Stoves or Ranges
Bedroom  Furniture
Dressers, Wash Stand, Chiffonieres,
Brass aud White Euamel Iron Beds
in all sizes and styles.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
B. F. KRAUSE, Proprietor
"Bayview" Sub-division
Is Now on the Market
The Property of the Comox Logging & Railway Co.
Situate on the Nanaimo Road,  between  Carter's and  Roy's
Several Lots have been Sold but we have some Choice ones left.
Acreage at the Price of Lots
In Blocks of 1 to 8 acres. Prices $150 to $300 per acre
Easy Terms
For Sale only by
Real Estate and Insurance
Auctioneers and Valuators
Notary Public and Conveyancing
Willard Block
Mr. Watt-horn was at Vancouver
this week.
The Board of Trade meets this
(Thursday) afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Mr. J. Johnston has purchased a
fine black team from Mr, Field-
We hear that Cameron & Allan
sold S lots adjoining the station
this week,
A boat load of hay and live hundred sacks of crushed oats are being
brought in this week by tlie Byron
Crawford Peed Store
Local view post cardsat Peacey's
Drug Store.
ice   cream parlors   are
Fresh ice cream served
now open
For Sale��� Young pigs, 7
old.    $5    each.     Aitken,
Road.    Sandwick.
Wanted���Young man desires
room and board iu private family.
Apply box 3, Review office.
For Sale���Fresh milking cows.
Apply Edward Evev Clayton, Parkins Farm, Sandwick P. O.
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to tho Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Local views for sale.
For Sale���Gasoline launch, 16ft
long, 5ft beam, 2 h.p. engine. Apply j. Johnston, Courtenay hotel.
Book keeping and auditing,
monthly accounts made up. Terms
moderate.   Apply. T. A. E. Daniel.
Found Adrift���6 Boom sticks
and chains, stamped V. Apply,
Thomas Knight, Point Holmes,
For Sale ��� White Wyandotte
Eggs, 5c'per egg or $4.00 per hundred. Apply, Chas. H. Pigott,
Lazo P. O.
White Wyandotte eggs for sale���
$i per settiug ; also a few at $1.50
per setting. Apply E. A. Mitchell,
Sandwick P. O.
Lost���Large white sow���particulars as to whereabouts will be thankfully received by Geo. F. Russell,
Lake Trail, Courtenay.
Any one having baseball suits
belonging to the Courtenay Baseball
Club will kindly return them to
F. Faber at the Restinorej grill, at
For Sale���Automobile, 30 h. p.
E. M. F. In use one year and a
half. Has run six thousand miles.
Apply, J. R. Johnston, Courtenay
For sale���Thoroughbred Plymouth Rock and brown Leghorn
eggs for hatching. Apply Herbert
Shopland, Sandwick P. O., Phone-
If you have anything to be sold
by auction, see Cameron and Aallan
*��nd get it listed in their sale which
will be held in Courtenay on Saturday May 10th.
The pure bred imported Perch-
eron stallion "liesigne," owned by
the Comox Horse Breeders Assn.,
will stand for the season at the
barn of Mr. J. Milligan, lower road.
For Sale���Seed potatoes early
aud late. Good croppers, same
that helped to get the cup at New
York for British Columbia. Apply
T. C. Woods, Sandwick P. O,
Phone R 96.
Just arrived at Willard's Harness Emporium: a fine line of horse
blankets, lap rugs, trunks and suit
cases at all prices. Harness repairing promptly and neatly done.
Wesley Willard, Cumberland and
Get your flower and garden
seeds at Peacey's Drug Sore.
The annual meeting of tlie Comox
Co-operative Society will be held on
Tuesday May 6. The management
request a full attendance of members.
One of H. B. Dawley's valuable
fox terriers was run over and killed
by an automobile belonging to the
manager of the Acadia Trust Go.,
one day last week.
Courtenay's new chemical engine
was tried out again on Monday
evening Aud whether or not the
chemicals were at fault, it is certain
that tlie pressure did not come up
to the warranty, and the citizens
would be very unwise in accepting
the machine until it is demonstrated
that it will do so.
Gamewarden Dawley has received
a supply of firearm licenses. Local
nimrods who want" to carry a gun
can secure one now. Th.re are
three classes, prospector and settlers, these are free. There are also
licenses for local sh*>oters and for
big game.
Mr. 1). Kilpatrick ha* agreed to
j sell his rrghts to the water, now
1 coming down the- creek, to the
1 Water Company.
The Acadin Trust has j ust erected
i a handsome new sign.  It was made
I by J. Sutton a-nd painted bv Colin
Campbell, Iotas', men, who are loth
; artists iu their respective Hne*.j
P. J. Morrau was taken into
custody at   Couloir,, by J   Hawtay,
I ona charge of forging K. Mare&n's
name to a cheque for $40.15.    He
i was taken to Xaii.irnio oitThuiaulay
I last by the constable.
I Messrs. Hardy A Bisect con-
[ducted an auction sale of heavy
horses for Fieldhouse BrrjR., on
Saturday last. Owitrf to- the inclement weather thure wa? not a
very large attendance of buyers.
Bert Whipple had another automobile accident on Saturday kast.
While returning from- Cotsox,
something went wrong with the
steering gear and the machine ran
into the ditch. She negotiated
several logs, but baulked at a Stomp,
(Niuioose District)
Twenty Acre Blocks of Bush Uuuls at t40 per acre;   1-5 Cash;  Bnlhmrf,
in 5 Annual Payments, witli Interest at 7 peccenfj
Write or call (Ml us for information
Hickey & Thwaites
*���& rf**   .'*"   1 """i ��� ��� *fV
The OldestJEstablished
Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers
I A Large Listing of Cleared and
Bush Lands, Ranches, Bungalows and Town Lots
I Union St.        Courtenay, B. C.
Real Estate, Financial
and Insurance Agents
E. & N. Railway Lands
Station Subdivision, Courtenay
Auto For Hire
Phone 26
Batteries ami Accessories Kept  in Stock
Courtenay Auto Livery
Commercial Union Assurance Co.
Norwich Union Assurance Co.
London Assurance Corporation
Phoenix Assurance Company
Gresham Life Assurance Company
Canadian Railway Accident Co.
P. 0. Box 209 Telephone 24
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C.
'-' $$���
cannot properly masticate solid
foods an 1 digestion is ol ten
upset���they do not receive the
needed nourishment to make
strength and preserve health, but
if aged people everywhere could
only realize the strcngth-sus-
taininn nourishment in Scott's
Emulsion they would t.tlsc it .titer
ever)* meal.
It possesses the nourishing elements of end liver oil, tlio vital
powers oi tin* liypoptiospliltea of
lime and soda anil Uie curative
qualltlenof glycerine, allso perfectly
combined that nature Immediately
appropriates them to create
strength nourish f/ie organs and
build the 'jody. H relieves rheuuta-
tism and ailments due In declinlng
years.    II adds to the span of life,
Refuse substitutes for SCOTT'S,
Bcoti N. Bowne, Toronto, Ontnrto   12-63
All Out of Town
Full ot nope and energy, the young
reporter  was sent   to  the  Burburbs
to write mi account of a lire that was   Is  the  m���st  ,|,,*|oato  fauria    in    the
alleged to i��* raging thitfe, . world.     You may cause it peroianuu.
As a matter of.fact the tire was sn  hnrin by using polaoaous mineral oinl-
' small that it hod been put out In three  menu tor the little rashes nnd erup-
nan 11 quarter minutes, and the lire   [|on8  niat   every   bab)   suffers  from
I brigade had gono home long ago.        occasionally. Don'l     take     any
Still, the reporter was as pensever- chances,   1'se Zam-Buk,   the   baby's
Inn as he wns Inexperienced, so be up-   Dea| balra.
proaelied    tlie    house    eli -ily    an.l;     y.anilluk  s  made  from   fine  herbal
knocked upon the door.                       e'xtraeta, nnd i* free from nny harm-
Mr   Vatg'hta in'.' in* asked iem"t'e"v  fni poisonous coloring matter,   Like
ni' the handmaiden who answered bis tap grasses and the (lowers, nature has
summons,, I colored ii gr      it is nature's own
NO,  ill lie  the reply;   lie's nut. ' lli'alcl'!
Mrs. Yalghts? Mosl ointments und salves have, as
Nn, sho's nui also. l tbelr foundation, ynrlous animal oils
Well, snld the cub reporter, wo werf ami fats, Zam-Buk dens nol contain
Informed that you have a flro here, und one atom of animal substance, Must
I've come tn reporl ointments uiul salves are ion coarse
uii, that's um  inn:    Biiapped    i!r*  to he absorbed by ih' teuder delicate
maiden, as Bhe gently closed the door,  skin of a baby, and remain mi the
  ' skin nn Irritating muss.   Just put a
Tis .1 Marvellous Tiling.���When tho mil" Zani-Bul* on baby's ^u 1 n. and see
curea' ftcetod by Dr. Thomas' Eli ctrlo how soon ii is absorbed, Bhowlng con-
Oil are considered, the speedy and elusiu'ly lhai tho pores ol the skill
permanent relief it bus Jiroughl to are greedy for 11
the Buffering wherever ii has been Use nothing-but Zam-Buk for baby's
used, ii must be regarded us a mar- .-Uin troubles und wash wlfh Zam-
vellotia thing thai  so potenl  it merit-   Buk Soap.
cine should result from the bIx lugred-     Zam-Buk  Bhotild  also be used  ror
lents which enter Into Its oompoBlt- cuts, burns, Bcalds, ecuema, piles, ul- I
Ion,     A trial will convince the moat   cera,  etc,    All  druggists  nnd  stores
Bkeptlcal of Its healing virtues, ; s-n ut 60c, box, or posi   free   from |
  Zam-Buk t'n., Toronto, for prlco, lie-;.
I've nui  a new attachment  fer the| fuse   liurmfitl   substitutes  and   i mi tu- j
rami!) piano, said Mr. Qritmbler, ami tlons.
ii's wonderful, 	
What is It'J Tom���Dltl  Miss    tloxley    qnlertaln
A lock and key.        * your proposal?
  .laid;   tin iim contrary, my proposal'
scrim d in entertain her,
Influenza, pink eye, (pliootlc distemper, ami all none arid
throat ttlseasDi ourea, and ail others, no matter how "exposed," kept from having any ni ihen,' diseases with
HPOHN'S UQUID liis-noMl'Kt: entn. Throe tu six
doses ut'trn ouro a ease, ua,' imitl'' guaranteed tn do sn.
Real thing for brood maros.    Acts mi tin  blood,   Boo, and
Ji   ml.'.      M .nut su  ,i rtomin  bottles,    Druggists and
l.nii.vs   shops,    Distributors   Al.l.   WHOLESALE   DRUG-
srot-'N medical Co., Chemists, Qoohon, Indiana, U.S.A.
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Indurated Tuba allow the water to retain heal longer
and never rust. Bring - ade in one seamless piece cannot splinter
and so the danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes Is eliminated.
Used  In  conjunction  with
Eddy's Washboards
Washday   looses  Half  Its Terrors
, v������,. ,i.,,.,...i,.t ,v,n refund >i..iii.-v ir t'A-'.o
OINTMENT falls tn cure any ease nl Iteh-
ng, Him,I. Bleeding or L'roti tiding Piles
in ii tn 14 days,    rule.
Do ynu think it right to ri
Pet  r
deduced in Rssh
iess mgw
Hie hard Butler Glaen/.er, .New '
essayist uiul critic, said a' the
*��rs'   club;
Poetry is delightful,    Bill poetf
so very  poorly  paid,    l  know a  mil-1 to pay  Paul,
llonairo who has a beautiful, golden      tf I happen to bo Paul I do.
to her empUwMUi'e other'dayV      '"j Mlnard's Ltn'ment Relieves Neuralgia.   Kidney Disease end Grave. Caused
I am going to gol married, sir. And1	
j am going to marry a poet. In the sixth grade at Irving school
Dear me, said the millionaire, Then1 the teacher was   questioning   u   boj
you will have to leave us, oh?
No, sir, site replied. I shall not leavi
you.     Hut 1 shall need more pay,
Wanted���Agents for Hail and Windstorm Insurance.      Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
Ktiensst Sufifaeina d;rotl by
Be*. Chase's Kittiity-LSwar
i.lv lu
ll<' prpperly of sterling
n  wi  ,n.-  prepared   to
gunrnntee profits.
ami "DREU 1,00013" properties nre
good In vestment a We wnnl it good
agent to reprenenl ns in every town.
For tennfi apply,
Sterling   Bank   Building,   Vinnioeg
"] im, i   waste  lime  wi Itlng  If  you
Tne Soul of a   Piano  is the
Action.   Insist on the
1'ip.no Action
iouI Napoleon's disastrous Invasion
of RusBla und the subsequent retreat j
from Moscow,
What  did the French do then? she,
They rin away, said the boy,
Yes,' that Is wha-t th -y did, said the
teacher, bul ran sway is hardly the
correct pbraBC to use. What should
you have Bald.
They heat i-,1 he exclaimed, proudly.
Quebec Man Tells How They Helped
Him  and  CurEd   His    Nephew    of
Kidney  Disease. Mr. W.
South Hani, Wolfe Co., Que. (Spec- That rtist,as(.s ���f the kidneys cause
bill. ���There is i'resh proof every day lhl, greatest suffering is well known, 1
lhai as a family medicine Dodd's Kid- and when  stone or gravel  13 formed
ney   i'ills  are  growing  In   favor   wiih in   the  bladder  the  torture  is almost
the people of Quebec.    Jttsl to quote beyond human endurance,
an   example,  Aiuuble   Plnard   of   this The   disease   should   never   be   al-
nlace says  i'i an Interview: 'owed to reach this dangerous stage.
Paiii3 in the small of the hack, pain
|    "Dodd's Kidney  Pills    helped    my Pains in tne smait oi tne duck, pain
;�����---- b-cWo. . P-vol.    and �������$^ �� *������� ����
heart disease, from  whuh  I  suffered ^e,ght ,,,,, ()f lhe nc(l(1 (lf nr chase.fl
for twenty years.       . Kidney-Liver Pills to regulate und In-
"They have nol  yd  cured me com- VjSOrate tnB kidneys and restore these
pltely,  bul  ihey did comple rly cure organs to health,
my nephew, who Buffered from kidney      .i!r, ye-, Smith. Pert Dalhouslc, Ont.,
1KST AMD HEALTH TO MOTHER AND GHfLD.       disease." writes:���"For some years 1  was af-
Mtua,Wikblow's Sootiiino svrui* ims been       Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   always   cure fllctod with kidney disease and gravel
medforover SIXTY YKARShy MIUdONS_of   i-'dnev   diseas".    They   will  complete In Its most severe form, Waving nften
^f!u^:^ii,:l'i:i!,^!V^!:ea^^"-|5| Ai'alde Plnard'. cure: hecause all the a .toppag e ��-���.^^��%��\��
aooTUBS ih<- child, aoi'TBNS the gums. | diseases mentioned are the results of 'he most dreadful agons.   ab tne run
is tin- iwst remedy U��r UIAKRItajA. t It i�� atv
aoha.ty harmless,   Be sure and
Wtoatow's Soothing Syrup," nnd
l��nd.   Twjnly-livecelUa 11 IkjIIIc.
,.; ,,,   .       ,i;   ,.,. .      -I",,....    ,.;,,.,,.]     the ease wore on me I became reduced In
,,..:.-,.'....,��     ,,.,,,    kidnij      ulsease.    ino>    curea    aii fl sleepless nights.  No
Mlutely h.miles��,   Be mire and auk for "Mm.   young  mans ltldnej   disease quickly, j b)    t    flo murl| for m6|
Wlwlsw'a Soothing syrupy and take.��o other  because II  was taken    In    us    early and , ngefl  n.;(ny mediemoa without
stages.     Ainahle Pinard's troubles are ohtI,|n|nar more than temporary relief.
~ :    id' twenty years' standing and take a j,.y   attention   was   directed   to   Dr.
fBHTA ail   ��rr*rrr-i-rirn#��     longer treatment, Chase's   Kidney-Liver   Pills,   and   by
rKElC  IU ALL SUrt'XnERS.        '���''"' moral is, lhat \i you cure yonr ���i\.v^  mis treatment   the  disease was
kidney disease early with Dodd'B Kid- crnuicatpd from mv svstem  In less
ney Pills   yon will never bp troubled than six months.    I have  gained in
with' rheumatism,  gravel,  and   other weight,   sleep   well,   nnd   feel   better;
diseases thai are caused hy sick kid- 'ban T have forJwenty ye art*,
now talllns   o do Ihelr work Dr. Chase's Kldney-IJver Pills, one
neya railing to no tnoir wora, p))| r 9n^ nci Q ))nv a|] dM.0T|i nr
_. ��� r-i-nnson. Bates & Co., lilmltcd, To-
Time ionto,
���urrei from kidkey, hi.*
utile, fur  my  FREE  book.
��tt*iCAi.nnnK KVKRWRIT1BH>ITThI.I.3AM riboutlheM
,*:��,��'��� i      .-,:t,1 (lit   i ii m \H\ \ i, | ,*,  | pi | ( | mi  hy
��� "-������-���--- nderlda
pjrirurMttdr lorvotiH own alimsttli Don'l ien4aouit.
Afeaolnt^lvFREC. Nn'tfilliiwiiii'iit. nuii. I Mr i.kci.kkC
��� .���' ����� ����Jafc.���� riihnvn iitnu. in.
Money Talks.
Isn't   it  linn* yours bad  something
|)OX'T WftSto your lima t'i*;iiriiie   '" S1IV	
ont why a black lien lays' a j   WartB   wn)   ,,,���,,���,.   ���,.,
The  average  free  show  is  worth
just  about  that  much.
.,                   .  .                                                     prettl"si Only fools are certain, Tommy. Wise
wiiitti egg.  Oct busy nnd jump (hands unsightly.   clear   the   excres- men hesitate,
Into   your   I.I./VTIII.It   LABEI cences away by using Holloway's Corn A,.,, v0��� ���,���.,,, unole��
1 Cure, which acts thoroughly and pain- y(,s certain of It'
jlessly. '   ' i	
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery
Clings to the bearings and insures the least
possible friction and wear. Moisture and
changes of temperature do not affect it.
The choice of the most successful farmers.
Gas Engine Oi!
Used and recommended by the leading engine builders all over the country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
El Dorado Castor Machine Oil
Capitol Cylinder Oil
Thresher Hard Oil
Silver Star Engine Kerosene
Imperial Motor Gasoline
Mica Axle Grease
OV>:U-IIALLS and get the egg.
Then He Tslls You
When   one   meets    a   friend     these
days one does not  say:   Hew do you*
i do" But, How is your cold'.'���and as
' a rule, one gets away with it.
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Mam Of fit*):
Regina. Moose Jaw, Saskatoon,
Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge,
XHB MEN. THE lidl!.
.. THE--
Leather Labei
High  Grade American Over-Hauls,
Tear thia out and mall it to ua with
your name and address and we wl'l send
you ono of Our celebrated CORN COB
Totrn Prov	
y&ardealer's name _
Town Prov	
W.N.U.   941
No matter how soiled they are.
Crease, Ink and nil other stains
conic off with Sua;,. Leaves the
hands soft and white.   Antiseptic.
ALL DEALERS :.!���::./. .V.Y.I/'
SNAP COMPANY. lUlll El).     -     Montreal.
U*) to Date
Of course you know the story of thp
Irishman who was painting a fence
and who worked for all he was worth
in order that he might get his job lin-
lshed before the paint gave out.
It was one nf I hose jokes our grand-1
; mothers laughed at before our grand-]
lathers   bouglll   razors,
i     The hero again, is an Irishman, but!
this  time  nol   a  painter.      Oh,  no,
a chauffeur driving his master home
from the country late one evening.
The nearer the car approached the-
I town the  faster II  weni   until,  when]
about ten miles out, it was travelling
i  at something like fifty miles an hour.
Steady,    man,    steady!    cried,   tho
; master to his servant.     If you go on
like this we shall get held up by the
! police.
But the Irishman set his litis flrm-
1 ly, made the car go faster still, then
��� hissed:
We're s-ttll true miles from home.
' sir,  and  I've  only  enough   petrol  for
three.     If wc hurry we may just do
i it-.
Well Put
Mrs. Stuyvesanl Fish at one of her
beautiful dinners In New York, saldi
of a woman whose daughters had all I
married well!
A  woman  like that hates  to lose |
her daughters���and yel���well,    I sup-,
pose her feelings are pretty well ex-|
pressed  by  tlie homely  story  of the
A washerwoman whose   five   girls
had  married  well  was left all alone
with   her  old  husband,  (nil   she  said:
philosophically about  the girls' loss:
1 misses 'em and I wants 'enr. but
golly, I misses 'em more'n I wants
London.-���A chimney shaft a hundred feet high lias been erected In
rarkbouse-street, Camberwell, by a
laundry company, and when otilv one
brick remained to be placed in th" top,
Miss Murdock, daughter of th i managing director, climbed up the inside or
the shaft and ftxea It.
London, England.���Sudbury, (Suffolk) town council has approved of a
site on Market hill for a memorial to
Thomas Gainsborough, the famous
artist, a native of the town. The memorial has been subscribed for chiefly
by London artists.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
are made according to a formula in
use nearly a century ago among the
Indians, and learned from them by
Dr. Morse. Though repeated attempts have been made, by physicians and chemists, it has been found
impossible to improve the formula or
the pills. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills area household remedy throughout the world for Constipa'iou and
all Kidney and Liver troubl ��. They
act promptly and effectively, and
Cleanse the System THE   COURTENAY   REVIEW,   COURTENAY,   B. C.
Pilgrim Joe, Striving to Do Good,
Is Unappreciated.
And Is Escorted From the Town of
Get Away Quick by the Hilarious
Populace���The Snow Is a Frost, and
He Is Out $60. v
(Copyright,  ISIS,  ny  Associated Literary
Press I
LBTION fur my hand un the high-
I.onlt for my gnyly painted
Come nut to Ilie gate tO see tne.
Have your tnniie* ready.
Ask fnr uieilleiil advice If you think
yen need It.
There Is hul oue Pilgrim .Ine.
As I abided in lhe linvn of Last
Chance fnr a lew days while suffering
the ii III id Inn nf a ciirtiiincle mi my neck
) received a letter from the mayor of
Ihe town of del Away quirk. asking
me tn eottle over there us soon us tilde
and show my show nf moving |iletureS
and bring along a largo slock uf Til
grim pain allevlaiur. The aforesaid
alleviator has now been before lhe
public fnr many years, nud lis certain
"HB SAID  1   WAS  A   FKADD."
���nd marvelous virtues are known to
all, hut I cannot let till.* opportunity
pass without saying Unit:
It Is u remedy for despondency.
Two doses cure the earache.
It acta like magic on disappointed
Oue bottle will assuage tbe deepest
If your wife bas eloped the alleviator will make you glad of it.
It cures ingrowing toe nails and palpitation ut tbe heart.
Thousands of people who were standing on tbe verge of Ibe grave hnve
been yanked back and come lo weigh
200 pounds by investing in a single
The Joy Returns.
Whenever and wherever yon find a
druggist selling iny alleviator you need
ask no further references. He is re-
ipeetnble nnd honest und can be trusted with the Fourth of July contributions.
The carbuncle having busted nnd a
���olig of joy come hack to my Ueurt, 1
vet out for the town mentioned, and
after u long day's drive 1 reached Ibe
came. On the way uiul without anv
seeming cutise for It tbe soug wns
hushed on my lips, my joyous soul
clouded over, and I found myself Hiking a despondent view of life. I wrestled Willi Ihe feeling for n time and
ftnully succeeded In throwing it off. but
later ou 1 came In understand Unit it
wns u warning Unit I would hnve done
well to heed. I laid skeerce entered
the town of Get Awuy Quick when t
wus struck by a certain air of general
levity nud recklessness. Tbe mayor
came forward to shake hands with me,
and while doing so be whispered In
By ear:
"Old top, I've got it nil Used for you
and ine to he pa ids In a game of poker
and clean up the town."
I replied that I never Indulged In
poker except wben 1 felt tbat the
heathen of Africa were short of small
rbnuge, and the mayor seemed to
freeze up on me. lie had skeercely left
me when un alderman suggested thnt
] go In wltb him on u horse race and
scoop the town. 1 gave him a discouraging reply, nnd he left me with a
threat on his lips. Then a third citizen
approached me. Ile was a deputy sheriff, und he wanted me to ring in a
tooth paste with my alleviator nnd
beat the public and whack up with
him. When 1 referred him to my spotless reputation for honesty he shook
bis fist under my nose and said I wns
an old hypocrite and a fraud. The
landlord of the tavern Inquired if I
had brought along nny loaded dice,
and when I replied that 1 never dealt
tn such things he also called uie names
nnd hinted tbut I was a cuss wbo need
ed taking down a peg or two
He  Starts  Something.
;     As the similes uf evening gathered
I over tin* rooftrees and tumbled down
i Into the streets I went fnrlli from the
tHvem. and  I set up my slnntl in the
public square and announced (be vlr
I lues of my Pilgrim pain alleviator
| There wasn't a man lu the crowd who
, could sny that I was nut hottest nnd
| sincere, and I atotal ready to produce
any number of eettlrlentea, but it was
' nn use.    I never struck a town where
they needed Ihe nilevlutur worse, but
not a bottle would tbey nny,   Among
other things I assured llieiu:
Tbat If a man hadn't been left hang-
1 Ing ton long Ihe alleviator would feature tilm to life.
That heart disease gave way before
It, anil consumption look to lllght us
(OOII as it saw Ibe ynller label
That there never wns a divorce case
In a family using It.
That It Iiuil live limes the enthusiasm uf brandy at one tilth tbe coal,
Thai it Wllulo barrel of wblskv don't
contain the warwlioups uf a single hut
Hut talk was useless, and when I
found It est t naked the crowd h> follow tne lu die bail whore 1 was lu exhibit my moving pictures. DcsiMug
to let tbem understand thai I was nnt
tu tbe business lor gain aud thereby
rebuke tliem. I iiiinuiniccd thai the
BllOW would be free In nil. Including
cross eyed men. Tills put some life
lulu (belli, and tbey tagged on behind,
1 opened the show by exhibiting n picture of tbe beef trust raising tbe price
of liver -Hill |km* cent.    Wherever else
tbls picture bus I u exhibited it has
been greeted with dismal groans, as
showing the feelings of the musses.
Hut In (his Instance a man tuod up
and swung bis bat and shouted!
"Hurrah for Ibe beet trust! Long
may it wave! Let's bave another 400
per cent raise!"
He was cheered for live minutes,
during which several products of the
vegetable kingdom were thrown my
way. I then followed wltb a picture
of Washington crossing lhe Delaware.
Wben tbis spirited picture was exhlle
Ited In the town nf Come Off over 100
free American citizens sprang tu their
feet and cheered until live lengths of
stovepipe fell clattering to the Hour
During the excitement tbut folluwi I
some one picked my pocket of %,, but
I did uot lay it up against him, I
long ago discovered that when nn
American citizen's pairiutlstu is appealed tn he'll do most anything to
show bis desire tn die for Ills country.
Ho Is a Frost.
In tbls Instance tbe picture did not
receive one single cheer, though I kept
It In front of the audience for live minutes, When iny looks expressed lhe
ustoiiishniciit 1 felt tlie mayor got up
und snld:
"Move blm along! ��. Wash, ls a
back number! (ilve us something up
to date!"
I did. I gave tbem the picture of the
congressman found guilty on two trials
of stealing government land not 101)
miles from their town, und was about
lo deliver a brief lecture on the enormity of Ids offense, wben the crowd
rose up and begun lo cheer and hurrah.
Tbey said the congressman was a bully
liny, witli a glass eye, and that they
would sign a petition for Ids pardon.
1 choked off my remarks and exhibited
a picture of un orphan girl starving on
Ihe streets of New York'. Not oue sympathetic sigh did I hear from tbe audience. 1 shewed the saipe girl dead
on tbe sidewalks, and several persons
broke Into laughter, 1 showed tier entering tbe gates of heaven after her
trials here ou earth, and tbe mayor
rose up unit suld:
"Tbis 'ere show seems to be a good
deal of a fraud, and if il: don't improve
1 shall treat It as a fraud!"
He Leaves Town.
1 then exhibited a picture of n trust
buying up all the butler, eggs and vegetables In tlie country and holding tbem
for a rise, while wurkinginon and their
wives and children were eating burdocks to keep life ill them. Wherever
that picture has been exhibited it has
been received with wildest enthusiasm,
und iu two cases men have gone mil uf
the balls with shotguns to pepper members of Ihe trust, and here It wus a
deud failure. Nobody cheered and nobody groaned. After a painful period
of silence u red headed mnn rose and
said be bad a duty to perform. It was
a duty he owed lo himself, tn bis town
and to bis country ut large.
While I wns wondering what be wns
getting at he came over und hit me a
swat un the jaw that rendered tne un
conscious. When 1 recovered 1 was being escorted out of town by n band ot
hilarious citizens, and before turning'
buck tbey made it plain Unit if 1 evei
entered the town of (let Awuy Quick
again 1 might lose my valuable life.
Opon easting up Ihe damages I found
they bad injured me to tbe extent nf
$tK), to say nothing of Ihe humiliation
to my feelings. 1 was cast down for
an hour or two, but finally charged it
up to protlt and loss, and tbe songs nf
gladness came back to my soul again.
A pilgrim Is one of the fellers who
can't keep ou the grass long.
Moreanet Is Only One and a Quarter
Square Miles In Extent.
The smallest state In Kinnpe. the
autonomous republic <>r Moreanet Is un
the boundary between Uertuaii) and
Muresiiet bas an area nf barely one
uud a quarter square miles uud a pup-
iiiatinn uf b\fiiK> u owes its existence
lo ii boundary controversy for the control of n once Important zinc mine. A
boundary commission settling the frontiers of Helium! and Prussia after the
fall of Nitpulenii in IMI was unable to
agree upon the ownership of this liny
piece ot aland, wllh lis valuable milling
rights, and dually left tbe question for
future settlement Neither power was
In occupy It, and It wus iidinlulslei-cd
jointly by the IWU stales
lit practice the Joint administration
snun resulted in au udinlnistratinu by
neither stale, and tlie ��� uiiiniunlty became iiiilnnniiiuus under the protection
mid tutelage of Prussia and Holland
and Inter of I'I'Usniii uud Belgium, In
IS-II Ihe two guariiuicelng countries
regularized Ibis and formally gave the
district its own Independent administration It lias nn courts, hut litigants
run choose between the Belgium and
Prussian tribunals in beginning litigation, which is subject tn ttie laws neither of (iermatiy nor ot Belgium, hut
uf the ancient Coda Napoleon,���Chicago Inter Ocean
Desert People Still Have th* Customs
of Abraham's Time.
In tlie wild deserts Arab life is as
primitive as III Abt'iihniu'a time, Sheep
are still slain tu seal a Vow, The salt
or bread covenant Is observed, and
when a man dies Ids lent is lorn dowu
unit destroyed,
Old names such as Joseph. Mnses
and Alexander are still In common use
among Arabs, though pronounced
"Yusuf," "Musa" and "Skaudar."
To divorce his wife a mini may repeat tlie formula ICnt telek three times.
Usually saying it once makes the woman behave, and its repetition is not
Tlie "evil eye" superstition Is common, and tbe tlrst Injunction given a
visiting foreigner by experienced Arabian travelers Is thnt he must not point
ut animals or persons lu Arab settlements.
Arabs say a man gifted with this
malign power can look at u bird Hying
tn tbe air and tbat It will drop dead:
that if be chouses tu east Ills wicked
spell on a camel it may go lame ur a
child so selected will lie struck blind
None nf the lower cluss can read or
write, but tbe Arab is noted for his
ready wit and his habit of speaking iu
allegory.-Christian Herald.
The. Human Brain.
In estimating tbe size of the human
bruin In comparison with tbe brain of
other animals we must figure on uot
only the positive size, but the relative.
Were this not the case man would
stand below the elephant aud whale,
as the brains of those creatures fur exceed man's In positive size, while us
regards relative size tbey stand so far
below him that, while the brain of the
elephant amounts tu about the tlve-
hnndredth and that of the whale to
three-thousandth pan of the bodily
weight of these animals respectively,
tlie braln'of man varies from onethir-
ty-til'th to one -thirty-seventh of Ills entire weight. This shows the immense
superiority of the human brain as compared wiih the brains of the lower uul-
mala.���New  \ oris American.
Dogs That Hunt Crabs.
A collector fur tne Loudon zoo has
succeeded in capturing several crab
hunting and crab eating dogs In Brazil.
The dugs are half fox, but tbey do uot
seem to cure very much for poultry.
They have been known tn turn lip their
buses at nice, fat pullets uud go fishing
fur crabs Instead. The dugs bunt lu
packs iiluiig the banks of the rivers in
the Amazon valley, and lhe crawfish
and tn ml crabs of that region are their
especial prey. Tbe crabs often put up
a vigorous light, but tbe dogs have a
way of turning tbem over and biting
them lu a vital spot just as the thoroughbred terrier polishes off a rat-
New York Herald.
The safest way of not being mrs
miserable Is nnt tn expect to lie very
Unfair Advantage.
A school Inspector, examining a class
In Rible history, asked, "Can any boy
tell me what bird Noah let out of tho
ark?" There was a long silence, and
then the smallest boy in the class put
up his hand and answered. "Please,
sir. a dove!" Tbe Inspector expressed
his surprise that only tile smallest boy
in the class knew the answer to the
question. "But please, sir," replied oue
of the Doys, evidently touched by this
reproacb, "his father keeps a bird
shopf���London Telegraph.
"Is Mrs I'rettytuce in mourning fo��
ber husband?"
"Can't say Only now she's In black
for blm."���Baltimore A mer lea u,
II Is difficult to rest ir yon are doina
aOtbiUg.-ltOIUUU Proverb.
Isle of Jersey Sees to It That the Greed
It Kept Absolutely  Purt.
Ondoffbtedly the little Island of Jer
sey has been enriched by tlie pm'll nf
tts cuws in modern days potatu rain
lug and fruit culture have helped, tint
It is the solid, continual pmtit ul Uncut! le that has made tlie Island rich.
So eiil'efully du they lend them there
nnd so frugal are they uf waste In
trodden pastures, says Our Dumb Animals, that iliey actually tether their
niilmaU. and the children ur Indian*
servants shift tbem at morn, uuuu and
Gentleness Is tbelr cue lu handling
the calf. Which, after a dose nf mother's milk, bas tu be content with skim-
milk, or sklllegalee She Is hnllered
and fill by hand and becomes docile
ami gentle and when two years old
yields Indoors ur nut her biitllltlftll
bucketful or frothy, rich milk to lhe
quiet wuinen folk who milk her.
The   Jersey   breed   Is   kept   pure   by
stringent laws ttgulusi ibe Importation
of foreign stock. The summer pasturage Is very rich, aud cattle remain out
from May till October, but during thu
winter they ure always comfortably
Tbe milk Is used almost exclusively
III making bolter. A good Jersey will
niiike an average of a pound uf butter
every day,In the year. The Jersey Is
beautiful in fnrtn, nnd tier abutindlng
dairy products make her a favorite
with tbe household, an ornament to
nny farm or estate and a source o(
great protlt to her owner.
Dancing   Girls   Aro   Married   to   Idols
Representing Gods,
Parrots nre taught In India to spend
a large portion of tbelr time iu repenting thu names of gods, and such a
spokesman brings a great price, especially among business men. who lin-
uglne that by owning such a parrot
their spiritual treasures are accumulating wliile they attend to their usual
Many of the dancing girls In India
belonging to tbe temples are culled tlie
wives of Ibe gods. At an early age
they are united In wedlock to the Images worshiped in the temples. Tbls
Strange matrimonial --ouiieetlnn is
formed In compliance with the wishes
of the parents, who believe It to be
a highly meritorious act to present a
beautiful daughter iu marriage to a
senseless Idol.
Tbe only foreigner wbo ever saw the
Inside of tbe great Temple of Juggernaut was an Unglisb officer, who succeeded in gaining admission by painting and dressing himself like a native.
Wben tbe Brahmins discovered that
their holy place bad been thus defiled
they became so enraged that all the
English residing at the station were
obliged to flee for their lives.
Suspecting tlieir pursuers to be more
desirous of gratifying their avarice
than their revenge, they strewed silver
money by the way, and while tbe natives stopped to pick It up tbey gained
time und succeeded lu reaching a pluci
of safety.���Philadelphia Inquirer.
Secret of I Great  War-like   Invention
nl  the   Middle Aces.
The composition o. the Ureek tire
used by the ancient- bus been u subject oi much controversy and while it
bus I ii pretty generally settled as t.��
what constituted it. yet there is still
a discus-led question tu to all tin* in-
gradients contained,
The name Creek Ore was a; plied to
the Inflammable and destructi.a mni-
pnsitiuns that were used In warfare-
in the middle uges and especially by
the Byzantine Creeks ut the sieves uf
What distinguished Greek lire from
the other tires used al th - period was
tbe presence ol quicklime, which waa
well known In give rise to u large
development ul beat when brought into contact with water. Tha mixture
Was composed ol such mat.'rials aa
sulphur mid naphtha with quicklime
in .1 took lire ipotnYanei u -ly when
moistened- whence lhe name d! Ait
til',   or s'-a. lire.
Imuiii tins mixture, which produced
a Click smoke and u loud explosion,
proceeded a tierce and obstinate
flame instead ol being extinguished
It was nourished and quickened by
the element ol water; and sand or
vine'iir were the only remedies that
could check the lory of tli:s powerful
H|*bnt, It wus poured Irom tne rum-
parts nf a besieged town in larp" boilers or launched iu red-hot balls ol
sioiii and iron, or darted In arrow*
ami javelins, twisted round wit.l flax
and tow, which had deeply imbibed
the inflammable oil. Some tiroes it
was deposited in flreshipa and ti*
most commonly em ited througb  long
tubes of copper, which were plante I
nu tlie prnw ul galley, ami fancifully
shaped Into the mouths of lavage
monsters that seemed to vomit *
stream ol liquid and consuming fire,
The important secret ol compound*
Ing and directing this artificial (tame
was Imparted in the latter part of Um
seventh century lo tlie Creeks, or
Byzantines, ut Constantino! 1 in Syria, who deserted from the - rvice ol
the caliph to that ol the i u per or,
Tbe skill ol a chemist and engineer
was equivalent to the succor of tint
fleets and armies, and tbis d - >very
or improvement ol the military art
was fortunately r rved lor ' * distressful period when the dege. eratl
Unmans ol the east were incapable of
contending with the warlike enthusiasm and youthful vigor of the .>a.-:i~
The   important   art   was   confined]
about ���1(H) years to the Romans  if the
east.   It was at length either
ered nr stolen by the M ihai   aedans
and  in the holy  wars ol Syria and
Egypt they retorted an invent! u . contrived   against   themselves,
beads of the Christians.   The osa
the Creek, or,  us it  might,  now
called, the Saracen tire, was Continued
to the middle of the 14th century.
I bave never doubted the fact thnt
winter was reully at heart a jolly good
fellow, brusque, but sincere. Ills bark
Is worse than his bite. If yon expect
smooth phrases or Butteries from bis
lips you will lie disappointed. His language Is vigorous, direct and effective.
Ills reign ns "ruler of the Inverted year"
Is absolute. Ills qualities are distinctly
masculine. We think of spring as a
shy maiden coquetting with the breezes,
summer as tbe perfect flower or gracious womanhood. Autumn reminds us
of a widow, to whom bereavement bus
brought a chastened melancholy.   Bnt
winter is the vigorous geiitl an with
the wisdom and Judgment of age,
strong and unyielding where great issues are at stake, yet withal revealing ut times ii winning beneficence in
both looks aud actions.���Suburbun
Oriein   of   the   Heel.
It is said that the heels no*v worn
nn shoes bad their origin in Persia,
where they took the form of Bat wood
on sandals to raise the feet and rr -
tect them from the hot sarul. I* waa
many years afterward that, this fashion was Introduced into Venice, bits
the reason for its adoption in this
case is said to bave been qnite deferent. Here the originators of fine
' fashion were jealous husbands who
reasoned tbat tilt���'�� ladies thus '.'quipped would not venture far outside the
precincts of their dwelling. Those
heels were called "clogs." and in order to satisfy the vanity of the wearers and nerhaps to sweeten the pi!'.���
ll at is, the discomfort of appearing .r\
them���they were elaborately ad irned,
sometimes being incrusted with gold
and silver. The height of the clogs
detumined the rank of tbe wearer.
Miclv langelo while paintirc; "The
Last Judgment" fell from his scaffold ami rvriv'il n r^ainfu! injury io
the leg. He shut himself up nnd
would not see any ��� - . Bacio Ron-
f-.ni. a celebrated physician, cai i- hy
accident to see him. II f- u I all
the doors closed. N"-1 one responding,
lis went into the e Her at i c in e upstairs, lie found M ch lat ;elo n Is
room, resolvi d to die, His friend the
physician would not leave him. He
brought lii'n out ol the peculiar
trams oi mind into which he had
Tho Vatican's Precioul Manuscript*.
Tbe Vatican library Is probably tlie
most sumptuously housed in lhe world.
This, of course, is only as It should tie.
for tbe collection contains some of the
most precious manuscripts tn existence.
Including tlie Biblical "Codex Vatica-
nus" of the fourth century, tlie 'fifth
century Vergil and tlie palimpsest "De
Reptlblien" of Cicero. The printed
hooks Include over 2,500 fifteenth century editions, many of tbem vellum
copies. The total library has been estimated to comprise over 2'JO.lHXl volumes and 30.000 manuscripts, but it
bas never been adequately catalogued.
-Ball Mull Cuisette.
Learning, like money, may be of so
base a coin as to be utterly void of
use or, if sterling, may require good
management to make it servo the pur-
I��oae of sense ax,d happiness.���Sliem-
"I Hippose you and your wife can
remember your first quarrel," said
tie meddlesome person.
"Remember it!" returned Mr. Grow-
clier. "1 should say sol It ibu't over
Took two pounds of sugar, one rnp
and n fourth of water and une-funrttt
tenspoonful of cream of tartar to :'.40
degrees P.! remove frum tbe lire, add
half a cupful tone-fourth pound of butter cut Into small pieces, une-fonrtb
tenspoonful of salt nnd half a tea-
spoonful of coffee extract and mix
well, but with as little stirring as possible. Pour on to an oiled p,at|er of
marble, spread evenly with a palette
knife and mark or cut with a Knife
Into squares of about oue lucu aud ���
Tb   Artist and the Girl.
tn'n his studio Fhe finals
To see in* masterpieces,
And nn she views thetn one by on*
Her mleresl increases.
Thr-n suddenly sne comes across
A frame tinned to the walL
She seeks with curiOBl'y
The meaning of ii ua
"Tlie picture that you've hidden here-*
A sweetheart, i suppose,
Which, were H real. 1 have no doubt
Tu her yuu would propose*'
"1 would.���' iiiioih he.   "I'll turn It rou.nsa
Nnw, won't you pleneo step nearer?
The Itght is very pour inday.
tou see. It k bul ia mirror " The Royal Bank of Canada
Deposits of $i   aud Upwards   Received   and  Interest
low * 1 at Current Rates
on All the Principal Towns in  Canada,  the  United
Slates and  Europe
R. H. HARDW1CKE     -     -   MANAGER
The Courtenay Review
Ami Cnmnx Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  n
Courtenay, B, C,
N, II. Bona**?, ttdttor and Proprleloi
Subscription B1.&0 per Year iu Ativan
���tillI.USBAY, M \ V I, 1018
Notes and Comments
Commercial prosperity .seems to
follow Mr. Borden's stately lead as
faithfully as it did the while plume
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, As our
trade increased by leaps and bounds
during -Sir Wilfrid's long term, so
it is continuing to increase, and
Canada never hnd such tl year as
the last,���Montreal Witness.
Buy at home. Invest at home,
ami believe in your home town. If
yon don't how under the sun are
you going to get anyone interested
to come here ? This is undoubtedly the best and largest valley in
]!. C, and we would like to see it:
develop rapidly by the efforts of
our own people.
The retailer who thinks it unnecessary to charge up a salary for
himself and who is only netting
$1,000 a year out of his business, is
really���if his services are worth
more than $:o a week���working
for himself for less than others
would pay him nnd making no
profit on the investment,--Canadian
One of tlie Commissioners here
la^t week made the statement that
there seemed to be more money in
the Comox District than in any
other place they had visited. The
right thing to do is keep it here.
Loosen up and invest it here.
There's plenty of opportunities
right at home for all the money iu
sight. j
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There are some things that a
. prudent man .should never do.
Among these islo kindle a lire with
kerosene oil, tu walk on a railroad,
lo attempt to get on n moving train,
to point a gun or revolver at another, to put his name to another
man's note, lo keep his savings in
an old stocking under hits bed, to
play a game of chance wiih a prepossessing stranger, lo run for
office when lie hasa paying position
in private life, or lo call a bigger
man than himself a liar.
etc, should not publish newspapers
Perhaps if the gentlemen answering
to this description were weeded out
of journalism there would be some
editorial chairs vacant���in Teiine-
see. But if the same iuie applied
to the legislatures there would be-
some, nud perhaps more, vacancies
there.--Montreal Herald.
It is very amusing nowadays to
stand on some of our busy through-
fares and listen to some noted local
anglers describing how they made
their big catches. Walt Mason
aptly describes a good many of
those heard; "lie came home with
a string of lish: his wife socu had
them fried, and as he ate the fragrant dish, he lied my friends, he
Hed. "The fish I brought were
pretty fine," his children heard him
say "but oh! I had a rotten line,
and the biggest got away!" lie
goes down town among Ins friends
and wears their patience out; he-
talks and talks till night descends
about his string of trout, "My
heart," he says, "will know .regret
until my dying day, alas! that hsh
so large and wet- the one that got
away !" All people know lhe tale
he springs is made of mist and
smoke, and healed air and dragon
wings, and prehistoric joke. But
he will tell his wear) I ale till he is
bent and gray: "The niem'ry makes
my spirit wail���tlie- lish that gpt |
'"    And
mat ���.���>����������-:��� *B������n����(��c-��;.:ccccei<:t cos? eee�� to*newt?re-so
��� <
��� '<
away!" And you, perhaps, have
A bill has been introduced into'some old yarn, as tiresome old and
the Tennessee Legislature making vain, that Adam told behind the
it unlawful lor " any acknowledg- barn, his sons to entertain. Though
ed, self-coufessed or convicted liar it may seem to yon quite line, il
or thief to publish his own, or cou- grates on others ears; oh! put it
trol any newspaper in that stale." down mv friends, in brine, and let
This is a good idea.    Liars, thieves   ii soak ten years,
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Jelly Powders, 3 for 25c.
Puffed Rice 3 pkgs lm- 25
Post Toasties, 3 pks for 25c.
f'.old Crest Tea,
Seeded Raisins, ,
Baking Powdi
for 75c.
for 25c.
per till.
a)a^J    1
Xew Towusite, Comox Harbor
id mountains in lhe bacl
IHS,,; T
i   %
With its snowclad mountains in the background, sea and green
fields in the foreground il makes a picture worth painting
���Watch it Grow
we have lots aud acreage for sale, Don't delay seeings
British Columbia Investments
Vancouver Island Farms and Acreage Specialists
Local Lines
Exclusive patterns in  Broid-
ered   Champagne,    Zephyrs
and   Muslins,   from    15c.   to
35c. per yard
Th;*: Season'? Linoleums, Carpets and Rugs just in.  Latest
Colorings and Patterns
Wedding and other cards nicely
printed at the Review office.
If you want pictures framed,
cabinet or sign wonc doue go to
J. Sutton.
Have a photo of your residence
taken bv the Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Prices moderate
Constable Hannay is at Nanaimo
this week. During his absence
Constable McDougall, of Cumberland, is taking his place. Jeff is
doing some boasting for Courtenay
while away,
Next in order is the formation of
a fire1 brigade, the evenings are
getting nice and light, the streets
are dry, and the boys need exercise
--nothing like fire drill for that���
and the knowledge may come in
handy in case a fire should break
Messrs. Cameron & Allan will
hold an auction sale at Creech's
barn, Courtenay, on Saturday, May
roth at 2.10 p.m They have a
large consignment of bedroom and
other household furniture, all new.
Some horses, cattle and farm implements, the property of yarious
owners. Bills will be out in a few
days with all particulars.
The Water Works Company want
all the citizns to take stock in the
Water Company and then in a few
years when Courtenay is incorporated, hand over the waterworks to
icKeuzie, ac-
the city, 'phis is all right as far as
it goes, but it must be remembered
that the only persons opposed to incorporation arc the promoterTof
the Water Company. Better incorporate first, then all hands join
in and build the water works, or do
both simultaneously.
Messrs. Fieldhouse left on Tuesday with six of the fine horses they
brought here.
Property around the station
grounds is attracting all the attention of buyers in Cottrteuay,
Mrs. McGreggor, left for her
home in Alberta on Sunday, her
mother, Mrs. J, W. McK
companied her.
The Cowichan leaves Comox
wharf at n a. m. on Tuesdays and
-Hi. m. on Sunday's. Arrives on
Tuesday- and Sunday moraines at
8 o'clock. .
A special meeting of the Women's
institute was held Wednesday April
30th, at the Sandwick Hall. Mrs.
Carroll and Mrs. Campbell were
appointed delegates to attend a
conference to be held in Victoria in
The Charmer arrives at Comox
wharf on Tuesdays at 4 p. m., and
leaves at 0 p. m��� arrives on Wednesday evening al 7 o'clock' and
leaves on Thursday morning at
7 15, arrives Friday evening at 7
o'colck' and leaves at 7 15 Sstur-
day morning. ra
Water and Electric Light
Question Discussed
On Thursday evening last a
largely attended meeting was convened in the opera house by the
Courtenav Water Company, for the
purpose of discussing the question
of supplying water and electric light
for Courtenay.
Mr, Bruce Towler was appointed
chairman, and l>r. Millard briefly
outlined the proposals of the company, ami their reasons win the
citizens should not oppose the
company laying the mains and
getting the water record,
Ur. Orontplon spoke for the objecting  citizens,   slating  that   the
franchises should  be  held   by the
citizens as they were anxious to Incorporate,    He quoted the Cumberland situation, where lhe company
[ collects $ 10,700 annually from the
I citizens, and the cost was $2,500,
leaving   a   profit   of  **W,200,    The
Klectric Light Company wascapital-
J i/.ed at $50,000 and paid a dividend
[of 17 percent,   [f Courtenay owned these utiltiestlie rale of taxation
1 .would be very low.
Colin Campbell said we should
[Incorporate at once, as there was
about 1000 acres of hind to be taken
in which was worth an average of
$1,000 per acre. Some laughed at
this, but it is true nevertheless.
Several corners have been sold lately
at $1,250, two are held at $5,000,
and, there isn't a lot inside the
proposed district that can be bought
for less than $250, and there is nu
average of 8 lots to the acre.
Mr. McPhee said Cumberland
was pout, and had large schools to
keep up nnd could not liny the
companies out. Wouldn't it be
better lor all to join bauds and lu-
corporote at once, nml build the
Water and Electric Light works
for Courtenay. He was prepared
to lend money aud would be a large
user of water, but would oppose to
ih: utmost the efforts of any private
company to secure control of these
Dr, Millard said Mr. McPhee and
others in the lower part of the town
were opposed to the company because they had plenty of water for
their lawns and baths, while those
higher up had none, except what
they got out of their wells.
[First Class Plumbing
Hot Water ami Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
I'Phone 9 Courtenay
From Reading, England
Seedsmen to His Majesty the King
A. J. Woodward
Sole Agent
I512  Granville Street,   Vancouver,
615 Fort Street, Victoria
I "Mac's" Billiard
and Pool Room
Basement McPhee Block
[pigars, Tobacco, Soft Drinks
and Candy
Riverside Hotel
Bar Supplied with the Best  Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
O. H. FECHNER, Prop.
[Leroy S. Cokely
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyor
I Sub-division Work
a Specialty
(Courtenay  -  B. C.
rood! Wood!
|Jow is the Time to Think of
this Burning Question
["he Courtenay Wood Supply
Co.,  can  Execute Your^
Orders Promptly
[)o  not J,Delay   Getting   in
Your   Winter's   Supply,
but at once communicate with
Kenneth A. Grieve
Phone 36
Water Notice
Fou A liioENca To Take And Uhe Water
NOTICE in hereby given that The Courtenay Waterworka Co., Ltd., of Courtenay,
B. 0., will apply for a licence to take and uue
5 cubic feet per second of water out of an
unnamed Creek, which flows in a northerly
direction through Fractional Section 2, Township 9, Lots 228, 227, 134. 155, ',9, 127
and 112, (and empties into Courtenay
liiver, near Courtenay. The water will he
diverted at Fractional Section 2, Township 9
and will he used for municipal purposes on
the law! described as Courtenay aud vicinity.
This notice was posted on the gromr1 on the
8th day of April, 1913. The application will
be filed in the office of the Water Kecorder at
Objections may be filed with the said Water
Kecorder or with the Comptroller of Water
Kights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
By It. M. Allan, Secretary.
Water Notice
For A Licence To Store or Pen Back Water
NOTICE is hereby given that The Courtenay Waterworks Co., Ltd., of Courtenay,
li. C, will apply for a license to Btore or pen
back one million gill, ins acre-feet of water
from tan mummed Creek, a stream flowing in a
northerly direction und emptying into Courtenay Kiver. near Courtenay. The water will
be stored in a reservoir of 1,000,0(10 gallons
caducity, built or to be built at point of intake
and will be used for municipal purposes us
authorized by Water Record No, , Water
License No. , or under a notice of application for a license to take and use water, posted
herewith, on the land described as Fractional
Part of Seo. '-.', Township 9, Comox District,
Tins notice was posted on the ground on
tlie 8th day of April, 1913 The upplicutio
will be filed in the office of the Water Recorder at Victoiia.
Objections may be filed witli the said Water
Recorder or witli the Comptroller of Water
Right*, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, li. 0,
By R, M. Allan, Secretary.
Mr. McPhee said be sympathised
with those higher up as they doubtless did not have as much water as
thoie on the lower level. Had a
lot of property here and would be
willing to take water and pay for it,
and wanted to know what about
the chemical engine.
Dr Millard said there would lie
no dividends tor two or three years
and that the company would he
obliged to sell to the town at an
advance of 30 per cent on cost, as
fixed by arbitration, and that they
had a supply of ,5 cubic feet per
second, which would supply a city
of 15,000.
Mr, I larrisou said that arbitrators
usually placed the very highst value
possible on anything thev could.
Mr llodsou corroborated him,
aud said the stream which the
company proposed taking passed
through his farm, and through his
neighbors' as well, and they needed
the water just as badly as did Courtenay, aud didn't intend lo let the
company have it if at all possible.
A motion was passed to the effect
that this meeting was opposed to
allowing the company to get the
water record, and supplying Courtenay with water and light.
Mr. Fechner was very sorry to
see the people putting them down
as a lot of crooks and grafters; said,
they wanted everyone to take stock
in the company.
Dr. Millard said nothing would
hurt Courtenay more than an outbreak of fever, which might occur
if we did not secure a supply of
pure water,
Mr. McPhee said he was still of
the opinion that we should incorporate at once and build our own
water works and electric light plant.
We only had to have 100 male
citizens who owned 50 per cent of
the value of the taxable property in
order to do so.
At this stage the company got
together and Mr. Fechner said that
all they wanted was water, and
proposed that all citizens take stock
ard sell it at par to the city when
This seemed to meet with general
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administrates of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits
Property owners of the Comox Valley are specially
invited to list their real estate with this Company
approval, and a committee was appointed to confer with the coin-
pany and report at a meeting to be
called shortly.
The committee is composed of
Mr. McPhee,   Dr.   Crompton and
Mr. W, S. Mcl'hee announced
that the chemical engine was here,
and that while the demonstration
was not satisfactory, the agent had
blamed the chemicals. A further
test will be made. A smoker will
be held shortly at which a fire brigade woul 1 be organized. He asked all to attend.
Little Dorrit ts Dead
Mury Ann Coop::, of Southgate,
the original of Dickens' " I.ittle
Dorrit," died at London on April
23 in her hundredth year. She
aud Dickens were boy and girl together when she lived iu the same
street in Somertown.
Picked Nuggets from Crevice
Advices from the Koyukuk diS-
gings, Alaska, seventy miles north
of the Arctic Circle, state that Earl
Johnston, Jack Mortou, Jack Nelson, Ben Dahl, laymen on Four
Above, on Hammond River, discovered a crevice iu bedrock from
which they picked out $20.00:1 in
coarse nuggetts iu a single day.
Farmers Market
Following are the quotations at
the New Westminster market on
Friday last:
MKATS - Wll il.EKAt.E
Bref, foreipi��rtern      9>l>2tu
Reef, hindipiartcrri 11
1 0
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Uquors and Cigars
R. McCuish,Prop.
Veal lurse      II
Veal, Htnall   14
Mutton 10
I Pork 12
i MtUTrt-  KTAtL
Beef, beat rib rooHt I". is,:
I Reef loin 18 22:
I Reef, round H'eak  2 a
\ Dolling beef 11 1 a
I Veal 16 25,:
I'ork Ill lie
Mutton 12        30o
Poultry���lie h, ntuall, per doz., StoSi'i :
lartfo, dot., 10 to $12 ; chickcna, cot, 4 to i'i;
ducki,, 15 to 18 dollar* per dozen.
Ki��h���Salmon 15o lb.; flounders 10c lb.,
Sturgeon Ib, :5c ; halibut lb, lUc ; iteelhead
lb, Ido; mnelta 111 0.
Ejgs���wholesale dozen, 40 to 42c. retail, 15
to '1 0 per dozen.
Mutter -Whol-Hale, 3 c. retail 10 to 45c lb
Applet, $1 to St 25 per box.
5 Passenger Stoddart-Daytou
Motor Car For
Phone  36
Union St.     Courtenay
The Cowichan leaves Comox
wharf at 11 a. m. on Tuesdays an d
4 p. m. on Sunday's. Arrives on
Tuesday and Sunday mornings at
8 o'clock."
High Class Job Printing at
The Review Office
OUR type and machinery equipment is
complete.    We make a specialty of
good work���the kind you are proud of
and like to tell your friends about
Classy letterheads, cards, folders, etc.,
as well as the larger work���we are
there, gentlemen, and you will never
quit us if we get one chance at your
B.C. ...���������Tim   e.     t.t**t9tm0
lliTWlAhTMi >���**��� n ItiiTi    rutin A
nnrii ,������ ini
We be^ to announce that we have just received one of
the finest lines of Undertaking and Embalming Supplies
ever  shown   in li. i'.,   consisting of   Caskets,  Collins,
Burial Robes, Etc., Etc.
We are graduates in Anatomy, Sanitary Science, and the
Science of Embalming, and are prepared to do  Embalming for Export or Domestic Burial, iu the most scientific
manner, Calls answered day or night
Respectfully submitted,
The Furniture & Undertaking Co.
i.i ttatss\\\sWt\Me\wx^^ a..'
If You get it at PLIMLEY'S It's All Right
Cycle For
Pleasure and
On Business
But be sure first that
you   have    a    wheel $a\.
which will give entire ^^"V;
satisfaction,   a   wheel ^
which   will   do away
with cycling   worries. S:
Only such cycles are sold by Plimley and whether
you pay $35 or $100 you are assured of maximum
value in appearance, finish and durability
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
The wrestling match in Cumber
laud Hall on Tuesday night, April
32nd, between Gill Han, of Snn
Francisco, and Victor Bonora, of
this city, was won by Hart, he
taking lirst and third falls, iu best
two out of time. Hart took first
fall iu thirteen minutes; Bonora
tooksecor.il fall in one minute, and
Hart the third fad iu s.'vi n minutes,
A fairly large Ciowd witnessed the
match, If Bonora ha 1 have had
more training, it is a question if
Hart would have downed him.
The first in el in,; nf the Cumberland and Courtenay Automobile
Association was held in If. C. Garage OU the ujth iust., and was
attiiided by some fifteen members,
The attendance was small on account of tha dance and banquet at
Courtenay.    The following officers
Creech President
11. Eecluu r Vice-Pres,
I'. Harrison......Secretary
IV 1,. Andeiton ... .Tn asuier
Executive:���CI as. Grant, F. D.
Cameron,  Dr. II. I'.  Mi lard.
It was decided tha!. li e entrance
fee be fe.oo, and thai the secretary
communicate with the Victoria
Automobile Association regarding
by-laws etc. The association will
meet in tlu* n ar future and will
doubtless discuss wnys and means
of having a celebration bail. As
the association propose Kiv'i"K n
formal ball, and one which will
eclipse any social function of the
kind ever given in this city or dis**
Met, an orchestra will be provided
from Victoria or Vancouver, and on
the night of the ball, all members
of the association will place tlieir
cars at the disposal of those invited.���News.
There will be evening service in
Holy Trinity church at 7 p. m, ou
Sunday next, May 4tli.
t.t. grieves ipaiaee Livepy
& Feed Stable
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R. Athey
Contractor and Builder
Plans and Estimates Supplied
on Short Notice
Express ana*
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Horses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Kates
We also attend to wood hauling
Heard & Scales have sold their
seaside property, and have bought
more land in the vicinity, and will
remain in the valley.
The boys and girls of the village
Whenever Bert happens to pass
that way,
!    "That in  the Spring a young
man's fancy
i    Ughtlj   turns   to  thoughts  of
love."   ' *
Ou Sunday last
!    Two went by our little mill,
Hand in hand and heart to heart
Each vowing to the other they
will not part.
Pnone 25 Courtenay
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
What might have been a very
serious conflagration, but which
owing to_ the energy of Mr. and
Mrs. Daniels was confined to internal damage to the house aud to the
contents, took place in the early
hours of Friday morning at Sandwick. The origin of the fire is put
down to the igniting of a beam built
into the chimney.
Miss Elsie Osborne left on Saturday for Seattle where she intends
to reside.
A popular bachelor is about to
resign the single state, if rumour
be correct, for one of greater bliss,
and the date of the wedding has
even been mentioned.
Sunday next May 4th, being the
first Sunday of the month, there
will be a celebration of the Holy
Communion in St. Andrew's church
after matins at 11 a. m. Also being the Sunday within the octave
of Ascension Day, the church will
be decorated.
_ Mrs. W. Parkin is back from a
visit to Victoria and Nanaimo.
Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
Subscribe for The  Review
A dance will be held in the K. of
P. Hall, Comox, this (Thursday)
evening, in aid of the Comox Basket
Ball Club. Dance commences at
9 p. m. sharp. Grand March at
11.30, refreshments at 12 o'clock.
Ladies requested to bring cake.
Good music provided.
Mr. A. Lowley has purchased a
5 acre tract of land from Mr. Hardy,
and has moved onto it.
There will be service in St. Peter's
church, Comox, on Sunday, May
4th at 11 a. m., including a celebration of the Holy Communion.
Mrs. Graham, from Finland, is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Sackville,
at Black Creek.
Mr. Stirginor is completing his
house at Black Creek,
Kansas declares dogs are personal properly and imposes a state
Pert Paragraphs.
The legislator who need recalling
votes against the recall.
Capital is the surplus product of
labor���which the laborer does not
Sheep shearing time is at hand.
The worker is fleeced at all times of
the year.
��� The man who is not open to conviction is already convicted of lack
of judgement.
work gives appetite, but it also
gives to idlers the things that
would satisfy the appetite,
when the worker compromises or
arbitrates he merly gives his consent to being robbed.
when you compromis in order to
gain a point, you get the point
stuck under your epidermis.
It is a good deal better and more
just to grant women the ballot than
to put them in jail for wanting it.
I It may be oue can obtain happi-
ness by dying, but a good many
j would like, first, to try real living
j as an aid to happiness.
So many who think they preach
the golden rule defend in reality
J  he golden rule,
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining clone by the
Courtenay Cleaners
w. 1,, scoTT, Prop.
Next door to ilu* Butcher Shop
Frank P. HuIIey
Painting, Decorating uiul Kalsomiiiing
See my New Wallpaper
Box 167       Courtenay
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cosine BxcelUj
Wm. Merryfield
Waverlcy Hotel
Cumberlaud, B, C.
Best  of   Liquors  nnd   Cigars,   Hut  iu
Cold Wilier, Baths, etc.
PRANK DAW/AS, Proprietor
Jos. Barrie
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
N'oue but ths QS3T WINES an
WQUORS at the liar
The   Comox   Barber   ShoP
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class  ecork
Guaranteed.    Baths in conn   tion
C. E.  DALRYMPLE,  Prop.
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drink;
Manufacturers of
High-Grade Havana Cigars.  "Monarch"
and "Oak Brand"
For Sale at All^Hotels
619 Johnson St.        Victoria
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberlan
Tlje Star
Livery Stable
Eivery aud team work promptly at
tended to.   All kinds of
hauling done
First-Class Buggies for Hire
Alex. Maxwell, Prop,
The Store
of Quality
This   is   our   Month   for   Offering   ���]
Bargains  in  Many   Lines '
We are Stocktaking and January 31
We   must   have   money,   and   we
need  the  room  for  new  goods
The  Opportunity  is  Yours
Simon, Leiser & Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Heating a  Specialty
We carry the most complete stock of Hardware
Paints and Oils, Guns, Ammunition and Fishing Tackle in the District
The McClary Manufacturing Co., The Alhion Stove Works
The Sherwin-Williams Paint and Varnish Co.
A McClary Kootenay Range or Saskalta delivered anywhere in   Courtenay Valley without extra charge
Buv Your Range at Tarbell's.     They will deliver and  set  up,   free of
'       charge and Guarantee Satisfaction 1
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., I.I..n.. D.C.I... President
General Miumurr Assist.ml General Manager
CAPITAL, .$1.5,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Acomnts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce lo 1 e operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of tlie
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to (he Bank. bi4
W. T. WHITE. M mo or, Co irti -: - tnd Cumberland Brati   c��
(.'oin  ���  I ran li open * n 'I tie: la; , from io to 3
Comox Co-
< a f t
Union Street
eranve society
Dealers in Meats, Farm '}$
Produce, etc.
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
Local Lines I A Good Booster
Two of our well known citizens1 If every citizen would boost for
were held up on the bridge on Fri- Courtenay the way Jeff Hatinay
day morning about 2 o'clock and dnc.s we would soon be known as
were relieved of their cash. No|^
clue as to who the robbers were has ^
yet been found.
1 the most progressive place ill 13. C.
anaimo Herald  has  the fol
io win.
Messrs. E.T. Chile and W. li. .. Mr jeff Hannay, provincial
Higgins have purchased the Comox I constable, of Courtenay, is in the
Livery Stables form Mr. John Mc- cjtV) bringing prisonerT. J. Moran
Keu/.ie, aud will cciitmue to carry down lo tht, jaj* wuerehe will Ferve
on the busini ss as formerly. They ., selltence given by Judge Baiker,
solicit a share of your patronage,     | of three montils for forgery,
Jeff   reports courtenay   on   the
boom ���; bank's,    restaurants   and
including bakeries aud ware-
louses   are springing   up   every-
The   citizens'   committee  have
failed to come   to any agreement
with the water  company, aud   will j ^lore
circulate another petition immedi-'''
ntely.    All names should be in by where.
Saturday night so as to be sent out I    A ��?w Provincial  Court  House
on Sunday's boat. laud jail   is to  be  erected which,
from   an architectural   viewpoint,
J.   McOee; a logger,  aged  46, j will   be   a fine acquisition  to the
had his back broken at Camp 4 on '��� town  and  district.    Water mains
Thursday last.    He  remained un- j will be laid  into Courtenay about
conscious at the Cumberland hospital until yesterday morning when
he passed away. The funeral will
take place from Sutton & Kirk-
wood's parlors on Sunday at 3 p.m
the end of August. A lot bought
six months ago for $600 sold for
$1400 cash.
In the main street practically every site has been sold  at a tremen-
and proceed to the Presbyterian I dious figure, and still the demand
burying ground, Sandwick, for in-1 from outsiders for land continues at
terment. i fever height."
Ou* Hew Spring Goods are
������ -��� l�� a<ij.u
New Spring Styles
Hobberlin Clothes are tailored right���they hold their shape. No
part is stinted. The "unseen" or "inside" parts are tailored as
correctly as the parts that show. We can please the most
particular dresser with Hobberlin clothes. If we fail, we return
every dollar. We're satisfied with nothing less than your
complete satisfaction.    That  is the way we feel about it.
McPhee & Morrison
We are Sole Agents for The House of Hobberlin, Ltd.
8.^a.����k.afee-a��^a..iv��-'^*-%ye-*^e��^e-**������^��-^e-*^��-��^ -t-**'��>;
In   Our   Gent's  Furnishings  Department   will  be
found an exceptionally fine   var.se of  Men's Negligee  Shirts wills soft  detechr-.ble   to   match,  also
Ponge Silk in White and Champagne
We have also a very fine selection  of Hats, in  all
the latest styles and colors
In our Shoe Department wc have the very latest in
footwear,  made on American lasts, for Men,  Women and Children
W. G.
Phone 6
A\|��#V/-f OS**,
Notice to Contractors
Sandwick  School
SKAI.IU) TI-NDKRS, superscribed
'Tender for Sandwick .School," will be
received by the Hon. the Minister of
Public Works up to noon of Wednesday,
the 21st day of May, 1913, for the erection and completion of a large one-room
scboolbousc itt Sandwick, in tbe Comox
Electoral District,
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on and after
the 23rd day of April, 1913, al the office
of Mr. |. Baird, Government Agent,
Cumberland, B. C; Mr. R, 1��� Cliffe,
Secretary of tbe School Board, Sandwiek
1*. 0,, Sandwiek, B. C; and tbe Department of Public Works, Victoria, B. C.
Intending tenderers can, by applying
lo tbe undersigned, obt tin a copy of the
plans and specifications (or Uu- sum of
ten dollars ($10), which will be refunded
on their return in good order.
Bach proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank ell (pie or certificate
of deposit on a chartered bank of Cauada
made payable to tin- I Ion. the Minister
of Public Works, for a sum equal to 10
���per cent, of tender, which shall be forfeited if tbe parry tendering decline to
enter into contract when called upon to
do so, or if be fail to complete tbe work
contracted for. The cheques or certifi-
cales of deposits of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the
execution of tbe contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on tbe hauls supplied, signed
with tbe actual signature of tbe tenderer
and enclosed iu tbe envelopes furnished.
Tbe lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works' Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, It. C, April Zlst, 1913.
Contractors lor Land Clearing aud
Logging, Etc,
Orders may  be left  at Beadnell it
Cabin's office
Courtenay     -     -     B. C.
.Porter's Poo! Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Basement Willard Block
Loggers boots and Sboes Made
Repairing  Neatly  aud  Promptly   Done
C.  W.   Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge
Shannon Block,      Courtenay
/loving; Pictures j vpr   rp^'AM
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday   I   *V/.lL      V*>.I\EjA1V1
ami Saturday
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R. McCuish, Prop.
By a uew up-to-date electric plant j
Au  Entire Change of Programme
Twice  weekly
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor   ! E. SWAN, Prop.
Summer Drinks
Swan's Fool Room
* The most Home-like Hotel'North of Victoria
* Rates Reasonable
I        FABER & FABER, Props.
I    Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. C.    ;
Some Costly Experiments Made by the
���Viducers of  Picture Plays
Few puirons of picture plays have
any idea of tho trouble and expense
involvid in producing the various buttle pieces, now  su popular.
In order to film: The si, ge ol Pe -
ersburg, for Instance, the Khan Company bull! u bridge across an arm of
liie Mississippi, and sot lire to it- The
structure cost Boveral thousand
dollars, and took mnns weeks to con*
Btmoi, yet ii was (I 'Btroyi d, for the
purpo.es of tho play, In u fe�� inln
Tin- fori tli.it 's mined an.l blown
up in lhe same piece was lm'li by con
traol In Just under one week, bul then
Ilie contractor in1! over eight hundred
wortnun employed at the job day and
nlghl. Ni ai Ij a quarter of a ion ot
dyiuunlte wi a us- t in the explosion
which destroyed li.
Besides Ihe dynamite, considerable
quantities of gunpowder were us <I in
tho preliminary bombardment, and
Ihls was liepl i lored In blirri Is till
wanted, One day, during the rehearsal, a sinet was tilBfover '1 seated
upon a barrel, pulling contentedly a;
his pip-'!
Till oul your pipe, Hill! somebody
shouted.    You'll blow us all up.
Hill grinned, anil lo everyone's horror, slosvly kno-i Ited the ashes Innn his
pipe on io the to], of Hm barrel.
It's nil right! he said cheerfully, li's
a easl< of beer!
fifteen hundred supers, of whom
one thousand were Indiana, took part
in thai popular flint: The .Massacre,
and The American Biograph Company,
which produced it. had io give each of
the redskins a horse apiece in order to
retain their services during the long
series of preliminary rehearsals.
They thoroughly enjoyed their work
���so much so. Indeed, that, of those
who were told off to die early In the
play, the m ijority preferred to stay
alive and fin' off their blank cartridges, so that tlie first rehearsal only
resulted In three fatalities, instead of
about three hundred.
In another film of the kind, the principal scene was the (Instruction of a
settlement of whites by a bund of Indian raiders and so, that the sacking
o! the bou.-es might lack nothing In
realism, a small frontier town containing some sixty dwellings of the
usual Western wooden-frame type, was
purchased and tired.
In 'War's Havoc,' another famous
Kale.ni film, two locomotive engines
meet in tt spectacular collision on a
high bridge, both being reduced to
scrap-iron. That tine episode cost tho
company over $20,000, yet it occupies
less than four minutes In the showing.
Perhaps, however, the mosl realistic
thing ever doue in the way of battle
scenes was recently undertaken on the
spur of the moment by Mr, Wllbert
Melville, managing director of one of
the I.uliii Film Company's travelling
This gentleman  was with his company  hear  RI   Paso,  Texas,  whoa  a
band  of  revolutionists,  several  htm-,
dreds  strong,  suddenly  appeared  on I
the Mexican side of the Uio Grande. |
Th.1 opportunity was thought too good
lo be missed.      Mr.  Melville hurried
across th" river, and bargained for a
fighl���a sham one���lo take place then
and  I here.
The Mexican army, nothing loth,
promptly gol in work, while the meni-l
bers of the Lubin stuck conipan';, \v7iol
had ljt-en hurried to the Hold of action
enacted the part of a federal patrol.
Hut the revolutionists, In their excitement, started firing off ball ammunition, uiul several bullets fell
amongst the spectators on the United
States side of '.he river,
As a result   the Chief of Police a'
El Paso had the Lubin people arrested directly they recrossed the river, I
ait the same time despatching a messenger  with  explanations and apolo-|
. gi63 to the neighboring Mexican town
of Juarez, when   the authorities and
lhe  populace  alike   had   been  greatly
perturbed by the heavy firing, which
they look to herald a determined attack upon them on iho part of one of,
the many large guerilla bands known
to be in the neighborhood.
The show foil; wen' afterwards arraigned before tie .Mayor of El Paso.!
Why, ii 111 : ',11 have led to interna-1
tiunal complications, you know! he exclaimed, when Melville put forward I
the pli i that he did not think he was
doing any harm .
Eventually a Hue nf ten shillings'
and cos s was Imposed upon each '
member of the company.
And cheap at tit' price, Inn. chuck-
led the enterprising director as he
handed over the money.
London.���There is now being sung,
with success by tho Palladium Minstrels, a song entitled 'Sleep; written
hy Hurry Pepper, who is only 14 years)
of age. lie has composed several
songs, and reci nr ly wrote three songs
with words and music within twenty-
four hours.
Men and  Women Cured
of the Drink Habit
Tin re Is no longer any excuse for any man or woman being a slave
to tlie drink habit. Whether, you drink In moderation or to excess, It
impairs your vitality and yonr Belt-control Until you are completely
under its influence and cannot stop  without medical treatment.
lhe Xiul Three Day Treatment Is a pronounced success. II removes ail alcoholic poison from the sysieni and restores nerves and
mind iu normal h nl hy condition.
The N'oal Troalnieiit i* a purely vegetable compound taken Internally.
Our Drug Habit Treatment Is equally an Bate, sure and effective as
our Treatment for the Drink Habit,   Write for fun Information,
Mr. Holmes���1 notice that you have
a now kltehennuiid.
Mrs. Hurdeu-Ludge���1 have. But I
think It's perfectly wonderful how you
can  make such accurate deductions,
Forbidden Knowledge
Little Jack,  aged  five,  had  acton.-
panted  his  mother  on  il  trip  lu  ilu
City,       They   made   the   journey   by
t ramcar. ,
Presently Ihe conductor came round
405 Broadway,
820 Thirteenth Ave., W.
224-1  Smith   Street,
E. D. SI
The Jam of Absolute
Canbe had from your
Packed in Gold Lined
Business Posts for Men From British
London. Kngland.���A bureau of
brains, or, as it is formerally styled a
'Business Appointments Bureau,' is
now being formed to conduct a campaign in favor of a more bracing und
vigorous hl'o on the part of our educated young men.
11.  E.   Morgan, of Messrs.  W.  II.
Smith  &   Son,  whoso article on  Tin?
Dignity of    Business,    was    recently
quoted in the Daily Mall, supports the
.scheme in an article in ihe Review of
Reviews.    The bureau, he points out,
will  bring  homo  to  educated  young
men the specific place in business that
they are fitted to fill; it will convince
business men of   Ihe    necessity    for
fresh brains as well as fresh methods;
and it will act in co-operation with existing appointments,  boards and sim-
lar organizations to bring qualified ap-
I pllcants for business posts into touch
| with suitable business houses.
i    The bureau, contends Mr.  Morgan,
| should have command of all the talent
1 available from public schools and uni-
, versifies.
Mr. Holmes���Quite simple, ma'am to collect the fares and on approach-
I've been comparing the thumb-prints I ing little Jack, of course asked the u���-
on the  plates. i ual question;
  How old is the hoy'.'
Striking Father The mother informed him; then hn
Why   ibis  hush  In  the  house,  this, passed on to Ihe next passenger.  But
elaborate tiptoeing about, j the lad who was the subject of the
Sill! Mother Is gelling ready lo ask I inquiry, sal quite still apparently poll'
father lor a llllle extra money. I dering over something, until  at hist,
 _  concluding that fun Information had
Pulses  this  Asthma   Remedy.���A not bee? glVM* he caUe(1 lomll>' ",'
grateful user of Dr.  J.  D.  Kellogg's I "he conductor, now at the other end
Asthma Remedy finds It the only re-1 of tlip ''��'':
medy that will give relief, though for j     And  mothers tblrty-flve.
thirteen   years   lie   had   Bought   Other
help. Years ot needless Buffering A sailor who hnd landed after a*
may be prevented by using this won- Llong voyage, and having been paid Off,
deri'ui remedy al the lir.-t warning nr railed a cab, threw his luggage Inside
trouble. Its use Is simple, ils cost and jumped on top himself.
Is slight and it can bo purchased al-; Peg pardon, sir, said the astonished
mosl anywhere. ; eahman, but you should get Inside and
  I put yonr boxes on top.
Son���Well, I've married her, dad, steer the craft ahead, jarvey, Pas-
ami that's all there Is to ii! sengera always go on deck and luff*
Father���You moan that Is the be- gage in the hold, was the reply from
giunlni!   of all   there  is  to  It! I the top.
Relative of High  Prussian Official  in
Sore Trouble
Berlin,  Germany. ��� The    Berliner
Tagehlai.t confirms a   report   that   a
Prussian ottlcer, a relative of one of
The Unexpected Happened
Mrs. Mulligatawny needed a chtin.
ol air. The doctor was emphatic on | the highest officers in the Prussian
ibis point. Her husband, however, army, has been arrested on suspicion
being unable to go with her, she went of high treason, presumably in the
'alone, retiring as usual lo her favorite  form of espionage
holiday haunt.
He was arrested on February 3 at
On  the  morning afler her  arrival j the instance o�� the   imperial   depart-
she suddenly discovered that she had inent of public prosecutions at Leip-
ie awav without hor watch. Th'tnk-i zlg-      He was Imprisoned in Berlin,
but. released on Friday on ball, said
to amount to seven hundred thousand
marks. During his live days of arrest the prisoner was allowed to receive his wife dally. The utmost, secrecy is observed with regard lo the
nature of the charge.
Ing, therefore, that she must have
dropped it on the thick carpet in the
dining-room, she forthwith wired to
the maid at home:
Lot   mo know  if you  (lad  anything
on the carpet in the dining-room.
In due course she received a letter)
In reply:
Dear' Madam.���1 was lo lot ynu
know if I found anything on the dining-room carpet. Ths is what. 1
found this morning���three champagne
corks, eighteen cigar ends. Ave cigar-
otto ends, thirty-six burnt matches.1 'vl"lr,< s i-'i-'-<"i
..,    y,....      VI ,,l!i������,', ii-nv   did   not   VPJlill   '
are cure
Have  used   MINARD'S   L1NIMEXT
,,  ,,.                ,. ,     , ���������,,! for Croup; found nothing equal to it;
Bui Mrs. Mulligatawny did nol rend! .
further. And when hor husband returned homo from tho office that evening he found his faithful spouse awaiting h'.m.
Hawkshaw, N.B., Sept. 1st, vm.
Girls seldom go    to    Ihe    kitchen
v.in-n they want to kill time.
A Matter of Tact
Gloom prevailed in the domestic
clrcli���a gloom horrible aud depressing. Mr. lirown, iu fact., was in a
bad temper, and u:i .Mrs. Prawn knew.
there was only one way of curing It���I ?1 ,, wni1.|.ollnlie(i pin.ase isn't on
to   rouse  hlni  thoroughly,   Lu-   when    1](i .     j
miserable himself, he always accused    '        ' ' '	
oilier people of being miserable.    He STRENGTH
"'InVhe ���ed'at last, you're as1      Without Overloading the Stomach
I'"" IIS  ,\��n\iZVl ^v'vmi'thafnow      The business man, especially, needs
because I n fused to buy sou thai now , tood |n ,,i;, mur..n��� (h.it wU| |10t 0V(jr.
No, sighed his wife; i wasn'l think- ����">   % f�����f  but   Blve   raental
Ing about It.     As a matter of fact, I l $uoJi��depenaB on ,he st.,r, ., nml
have been turning put some old  etters *                  ,��� h      h
und-rli. It's nothing ol  Importance. -      eQ aocompllsn ,���,. W()rk nn ���.,,,���.
Only a fit of the blues.                        , Hfi  ,..,,,.,   h(1 j,,,.,.^  wltl,  ���   heavy
What letters.' [rietl-nieat-and-potatoes breakfast    re.
Some 1 wrote to yon. l suppose
No, snld his wife
received before I n
Samp I
; quiring a lo! of vital energy in digest-
in;; it
! you      It's of no
vour cold?
None at all.    How is
W^W0&    Prepare Yourself
For Winter's Wont
Don't wait  till you have
caurktone of those nasty colds���fortifyyourself
ajainst inem by tailing a course of
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
This "bu!lder-up" is rich In the medi
and   nutritive   properties   of   the
Norwegian Cod Liver Oil���without
disagreeable taste.     It also con
Extract of Malt. Extract of Wild Cherry
a nd valuable Hypophosphites. w
tone up tlift v.'hole system and parti
cularly strengthen the Lur.js, Tl:
���    and Bronchial Tubes.
In 50c. and SI.00 bottles,
your druggist's.
Prejudiced Source
Won't, you  marry  me, dear, pleaded the actor, after his fourth divorce. I
Why, I kind of like you, Billy, said
Ihe actress, but  I've heard  so muoii
about you, I feel���
My dear, harshly interrupted the,
actor, you must not beiieve all tho-soj
old  wives'  tales.
A  mother's greatest  care-   is    th-
health of her baby���iho prevention o!
constipation, colds, worms and other
childhood  ailments  and   the  kcep.n,;
of hor baby happy and strong. Bany'a
Own  Tablets  are   (lie  mother's' best
friend In caring for the baby,    They
are absolutely the best mod cine In the
Complete In itself,  Mother Graves'   w,;,-ld   for   little   ones.    Cone 'rain;:
Worm Exterminator does uot require   t.i]em Mrs. Jos.  Poitrns. Mnn: Louis,
the assistance of any other medicine   Que., says: "1 am well satisfied witli
io make it effective.    It does no: tail   Baby's Own Tablets haying used them
to do Its work. .������,. ���,,.. baby with gnat benefit.    They
  are  the  host  medicine  in  the  world-
Bobby was saying his prayers in a   for  little ones."      The  Tablets  at"
very low voice, sold  hy medle'ne dealers or by  mall
1  can't  hear you dear, his mother at iif, cents a box Irom The Dr.  V.'ii-
whispered, Lams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
I wasn't talking to you, replied Hub- 	
hy, flrtnly.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dindruff.
Because He Took GIN PILLS
Mr. II. A. Jakes of Winnipeg, writes :
"I have been a sufferer from Lumbago
for some years past I met your Mr.
Hill and he advised tne to take GIN
PILLS. I hnve been tiki.:; them at
intervals during tlie early part of tbe
present winter, and up-to-date have had
no return of iny old trouble���in fact I
feel better than I have for years, nrnl
think tii.it my old euetny has vanished
for good and all,"
50c. a b'.x, u for f .'.50. S unple free if
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co, ot Canada, Limited', T,.*������������ '       ' 10
Irene Flow tho Track
Irene is a highly valued cook In a
north side family. SliS is no-t excitable nor given to hysterics. She impresses one n-; being calm and serene,
i'.ut on her way to work she moment-
'lily lost all such qualities.
Sud lenly sin rushed in 0 the mid-
ile of the sir t t:vr anting and
.hrieklng. S'.ie threw her coat from
bar and continued to scream.
She  must   bo   crazy!   exclaimed   a
woman who came out of her house,
to se? what the '.rouble was-
She's hnvlng n lit, raid another,
But neither was right.    The cause
ot the commotion was 11 mouse which
had crawled into Irene's coat pockal
for a little sneeze.
W.N.U.   941
Clergyman Found Stir; Awardsd
London.���The Itcv. T. II, Espin,
0! Tow Law, Durham, is io be awarded the Jack3oh-Gw'.lt medal of tho
Royal As1r.1110i1.lc; i Society for his
discovery cf a new star in Lacerla ..1
l.ill ami it:.. Bpeo.roscoplc work,
A Western business man tried to
hnd some rood combination tha! would
not overload the stomach in tho morn-
irg, but  that, would produce energy.
Me  writes:
"For :.ea:s I was unable to find a
breakfast fond that had nutrition
enough to sustain a business man
without over-loading bis stomach.
causing Indigestion and kindred ailments.
"Bring a very busy and also a very
nervous man, I decided to give up
breakfast altogether. But luckily I
wis induced to try Grape Nuts.
"Since lhat morning I have been a
now man; can work without tiring, my
head Is clear and my nerves strong
and  ouict.
1 find four teaspoonfuls of Grape-
Nuts with on? of sugar and a small
nuanilty of cold milk, is delicious as
the cereal pat1 of the morning meal,
and Invigorates me for the day's business."' Name given by Canadian
Postum Co., Windsor, Out. Head,,
the rule hock, "The Rotld to Well-] *��
vi'le." In pkgs. j ��
"There's a Reason " 1 ���:������
r.ij-.r rerri the abave letter* A j .'���','
new one appears from time to time. |
They nre genuine, trus, and full of | .'<
human interest. i r
Guarding a Tre:i:.ure
Wo bave a jewel of a cook.
Tli it's  fine.
It's a good plan to believe only half       Yes.     Only we have to oat at a res-
yon  hear���and  forget  two  thirds  of  tauranf three limes a week to keep
that. her from complaining of sverworlt.
ffe**..*^.-,?. 1.,'iHV -
...�� jst^VPrittrtrv iSSbSMMsiiii&ata
mm llin ma        OEajfl.,*,ja-..*-Wrt:aL:.*-,. ;v..i***aii.^��
Wei   ^-'V'^/rti  fW^tFtn TK'SiSytttiw
A�� &MM2 .iitilk.^Mvt
.IHUQKTi JtJi':* ill'. tVi--aittJ.'J��
Aim tn make that strong���and digestion pood���and you
will keep well I Ho chain is stronger than its weakest
link. No man is stronger than bis stomach. With
stomach disordered a train of diseases follow.
 .���;.-. (iapi��*ttH��a2 i.:.'^iit.atit*.is. aJ��naH��*)v��iiajf
mr.t-:c"> rfc*. stomach health*-, the liver active :md the IiIoikI pure, ftade from
forest i-"th, an.l extracted with.ut thn use nt aler.hol. Sold iv drtiyc.nstr. in
lijuid form at.Cl.00 p���r L- -.'..��� for over 40 years, uivmg ffenera] naosla,���- .-.
M run prefer tablets at 7n'>s.'��"^i fey *l. V. Pierce, M. !>.. tiiein can t-i
tutA ot utiiiiiUue AetaJersor triewbox by mall ou receipt*; 15��c :.:p aitur.i, *-
That Fellow Feeling
Outside a busy fishmonger's stood
0. large lee cart. Tho driver was in-
���ide the shop, but ou u block of Ice
eat a small boy, with comfort writ
large upon It's face.
'Ere gltoutofi'l yelled he man. all
In one word, as ho suddenly appeared
from Iho shop.
Then the small boy lifted his face,
now charged with sadness.
Was you ever a hoy'.' be asked ungrammatically.
Of course I was, came tho reply,
And did you ever stop away from
And when you gol home did yer
farvor ever got   hi   b��lt  ami���
Then ll dawned on the big and burly lee-man.
You stop jusM where vou an*, my
little man, ho said genially. 1 quite
Willi so thorough a preparation at
band as Miller's Worm Powders tho
mother who allows hor children to
suffer from tin- ravages of worms ia
unwise ami culpably careless. A
child subjected to the nt lucks of|
worms Is always unhealthy and will he |
stunted in Its growth. It is a merciful not io rid ll of those destructive
parasites, ospWallv when it can be
done without dllllculty.
The Tempter
If you will marry me, said the ardent suitor, you shall have your owa
How dare you! she hissed. You
Know 1 am advocating votes for women, and Instlsl on walking.
sweet, refreshes the farmer who
builds a
Concrete Well or Tank
' i SH E FARM ER, above all others, appreciates good water. He drinks
���*��� more water than the city man. The city-dweller is dependent upon
the public water-supply for the purity of his water, while tlie fanner can
have his own private source of water, and thus be sure that it is pure
and healthful.
[AN hasn't found a better drink than cool water, properly collected and stored.    But in order to keep
water fresh and pure, a tank or well casing that will keep out every possible impurity must be used.
TT in absolutely water-tight, protecting your water from seepage of all
��� kinds, li cannot r��t or crumble. It is easily cleaned inside. Time
and water, in. 'cud of causing it to decay, actually inaka it strunger.
V~)t//c Farmers' Information De-
parttnent will kelp yon lo decide
haw to buiid anything, from aporch-
&tcp to a :.ilo. The service ts /roe���
I'oii don't even hnve to promise to
build. When in doubt ask the Inform. 506
aider. Deportment. 5(39
I   H ERE are scores of other uses for concrete on your farm���on every farm.   If
���**��� you would like to know of them, write for our hook, "What the Parmer Can
Do Witli Concrete."   The book Is absolutely free.
Addresa Publicity Manager
Canada  Cement   Company
"\ITHENyou go to buy cement
bo sure that thin label is on
every bag and barrel. Then
you know you are getting the
cement that the /armors of
Canada have found  to   be   the
Mtir? BreaAanrl B^ter Bread
Maypole Soap
Waahei ��nd dyes >t
one operation, giving remarkably
clean, bright, (ait
colon. Dyei cotton,
wool, silk or mil*
tuiet. 24 colon,
will give any iha.de.
Colon 10c, black
15c at your dtalei'i
. orpoitp'd with billet "How to Dye'
F. L. BENEDICT I CO. Monlnaly
Waiter���Have you tried our turtle
soup, -sir?
decision I
-Yes, 1 have tried it and my
la that the turtle proved an
|��HT'5 rjiS,1
*�����, * box or fix boxee tor 12.60,
���t (II daaloru. or Tha Dodda Modi-
���In* Company, Limit**,    Toronto,
' Victor and Vanquished
Past stall after stall went the rich ;
merchant, followed  by a  footman In
smart livery.     It was the annual village bazaar, and the rich man had been
roped in by force of circumstances,
Ah, Mr. Fitzbrendon, said a really
sweat aud charming lady at one of
the stalls, and what are you going to
buy? Dear old auutle and I are running this table, and we have homemade cakes, aprons, penwipers, and���
Ves, said F; and I'll buy just one of
each. But do you sell kisses at your
Oh, certainly! came the ready reply.
One guinea each.
Right! replied the autocrat. Then
I'll take* a couple���and good measure
Aunt, remarked the fair and dainty
damsel, forward, please. Two kisses
for this gentleman!
For a moment the man of means
and money was nonplussed, but only
for a moment. Then he turned to
liis servitor:
James, he said coolly, just take this
purchase, please.
A Medical Need Supplied.���When a
medicine is found thai not only acts
upon the stomach, but is so composed
that certain ingredients nt It pass unaltered through the stomach to find
actjion In the bowels, then there is
available a purgative and a cleanser
of great; effectiveness. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are of this character
and are the best of all pills. During
the years that they have been in use
they have established themselves as
no other pill has done.
The case had reached a critical stage
und even the judge seemed to awaken to a live interest in the proceedings, for the most important witness
was about to be cross-examined.
So you are the lady's maid? began
the relentless barrister.
Yes, sir.
And where were you at 7 o'clock
on the evening in question?
I was in my lady's room, sir.
For what purpose?
I was dressing my lady's hair. sir.
The barrister leaned forward and
spoke very slowly and impressively.
Now think, he said. I want you to
be very careful In answering this question: Was or was not your mistress
lu the room at the time?
Look for the signature or k. \V. GROVE,
Cures a  Cold  in  One  Day.   Cures Grip
in Two Days.    25c.
His Opinion of Them
An heirloom, explained the farmer,
is something that has been    handed
down from father lo son and In some
cases Is greatly prized.
I'll prize these heirlooms I'm wearing, remarked lhe youngster, a good
deal more if they wasn't so long in
the legs.
Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
It keeps your "White Clothes" looking
Just like New.
It does not Spot or Streak the clothes
as there ts no settling.
It ts the "Handiest Kind" to use.
It isGunrnnteed to give Perfect Satisfaction or money Cheerfully Refunded.
LISTEN!     try it,
  and Provo   It
"J-R Blue is much better for Yourself.
than any other."       Miss A ioccntpack-
rhomson, Belmont, Man. age lasts about
"J-R Blueis an Excellent 6 months, aa it
Blue,   Superior   to  other blues z$ Good
Elites."       Mrs. Frank J. Size Wnfhingg
Moore, Conn, Ont. MMmfnetowd hy
"J-R  Blue   is the   best Tlie Johnson-
Blue I ever used." Mrs. W. MJiffi1011
The Blood Must be Kept Rich and
Pure, and the Nerves Properly Nourished.
An Inspiring Model
Little Johnnie, having in his possession a couple of bantam hens,
which laitl very small eggs, suddenly
hit on a plan. Going the next morning to the fowl-run, Johnnie's father
was surprised to find run ostrich egg
tied to one end of the beams, and
above it a card, with the words: Keep
your eye on this and do your best.
W.N.U.   941
Waiting for an Answer
We asked some months ago whether
paper collars are still worn.    No one
vouchsafed to answer.     It is our impression that the celluloid drove out
the paper.      We well remember the
paper  collar   and   the   paper   dicky.
Cool   Burgess  used  to slug of  Hllde-
brand Montrose:
He parts his hair wllh extreme care
And chalks his paper collars.
But  the  paper cellar,  once  worn,
was an accomplished fact, something
to be forgotten;   while the celluloid
like the enamelled steel collar of the
I civil   war   period   can   be  cleansed,
i The steel .collar was at regular Inter-
| Mils  refreshed  by  use    of    a    tooth
I brush.
It's Always
A Good Thing
To have-a
Clear Horizon
at both ends of the day.
A dish of
for breakfast and again at the evening meal opens and closes the day
with a dash of sunshine.
Toasties are bits, of hard, white
Indian Corn, lirst carefully cooked,
then rolled thin and crinkly, and
toasted to a delicate, appetizing
Not a hand touches the food In
manufacture, and it is ready to
serve direct from the package���to
be eaten with cream or milk���and
sugar, if desired.
Post Toasties taste delioioiisly
good and are richly nourishing.
Made by Pure Pood Factories of
Canadian Poetum Cereal Company,
Ltd,, Windsor. Ont.
Every parent of a growing girl and
every young woman who looks after
herself,  should  be constantly  on the
watch for symptoms of Impoverished
blood.      Girls  In  their  teens  should
not be  pale, languid and constantly
fatigued.      Nature intended  them  to
be bright, energetic and active.    The
happiness of a lifetime dtpefias upo.i
giving the blood the help it needs at
this time, when girls are too frequently allowed to overstudy, overwork or
suffer from lack of exercise.
The    symptoms    of   Impoverished
j blood   are   unmistakable.      They are
| languidncss, pale, sallow complexion,
I shortness  of breath,  violent palpita-
| tion of the heart, particularly on going
J up stairs, poor appetite, dizziness and
headaches, and a tendency to faint.
I These symptoms of course are not all
found  In  every  case,  but  the  more
I the  viotlm has of them  the greater
I progress has Ihe trouble made and the
j more  imperative  is  the  necessity  to
I at once begin to check It, through the
i use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, which
: bring bac lcthe gin wof health and en-1
I ergy to every part of the body.    The |
! case of Miss Jcanle Fraser, Hamilton,
! Ont., offers proof of this.    She says: :
; "For  about  eighteen   months  1  was |
���In  a  very  bad  state  of  health  and I
thoroughly run down.     I had no appetite and suffered from most of the j
; symptoms of anaemia.    I  went to al
: local doctor and received    treatment'
i from him for three months,  and al-!
though   I  took  bottle  after  bottle  of
medicine 1 was steadily growing worse,
j and 1 got so down-hearted    and   de-j
pressed that I felt I would never get!
better.    At this time I read the case!
| of a young lady whose symptoms were ]
��� similar to mv own, who had been cur-'
ed by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I
decided to try  them.      By the time!
I  had  used  three boxes  my  appetite
had improved and I was feeling morel
encouraged.      I continued the use of!
the Pills for a time longer and my I
health was fully restored."
I    The*>e  Pills are sold by  all  medi-
cine dealers or may be had by mail j
nt  5fl cents a  box or six  boxes fori
$2.5n from The Dr.  Williams' Medi-!
cine  Co.,  B.rockville,  Ont.
Below  la  given  a  copy ot n  '��� tl *r
from tt prominent Winnipeg Di igg
This is nnt typical ut ih'' many we receive;   advising  ot   the  greal   demand
I'.KTKK,   nml   tin    many   - urea     hi IS
sterling remedies effect.
Tho Sanol Manufacturing Co.,
*   Winnipeg,
Dear Sirs.
In regard to the sale of SANOL ami
Bay  I  havi- been handling the s la
tin about three months. I was
obliged io put In SANOL'S ANTl-
LuAtJETES in supply one of mj customers, wlin now Is completely cured
and whom, I believe, has sent .1 testimonial to your office. Another customer ordered SANOI, and t was
obliged to stock it. This gentleman
was sn wi'll satisfied that h. has sent
bottleB to his friends. Up to
this time 1 had never really taken
much interest in the preparations, but
when customer after customer would
come In and tell us about what SANOL had done for them I came to the
conofuslon It would be worth my
while getting behind SANOL and re.
commending it to my customers.
This I have done, and t have heard
nothing but words of praise for SANOI. and recommending it to my customers, This I have dour-, and I
have heard nothing hut words of
praise for SANOL and SANOL'S
Yours truly,
Austin's Drug Store.
P.  .1.   IUmly:i.  Mgr
The   original   of   this   letter,   with
many others of  like  nature,  may  he
seen  ution our Files at uny  time.
for (tall Stones. Kidney Trouble, K 1-
ney Stones. Bladder Stones. Oravel,
Lumbago and all diseases arising
from   Uric  Aold.    Price  51.50.
only  remedy  which   has  a  record  "f
complete    cures    of   Diabetes.     Price
ff 2. OU.
For sale at all  Leading Druggists.
Send  for  Free   Literature,
Good friend, if fate should but bestow:
Upon, we'll say, a man like you,
The problems I have mentioned, oh!
What would you do?     What would
you  do ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh t tint cannot be '
cured   by   Hall's  Catarrh   Cure.
F.   J.   CHENEY   &   CO..   Toledo.   O. ;
We,   the undersigned,   have  known F. j
J.  i. i.eiuy n��.   the last 15 years, and be- i
lleve him perfectly honest in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
oul any obligations made bv bis Arm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O. ;
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, I
acting directly noon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent   free.   Price   75   cents     per   bottle.
Hold by all druggists.
Take   Halls  Family   Pills  for constipation.
ITU. -J&Mni/iA
mu dt��aM
DYE, one can buy..Why you Son'! even have lo
know what KIND of Cloth yuur Goo.lt ... made
of.-.So Xltfltakee are tjnpntaible.
Send for Free Color Card, Story Booklet, and
Booklet giving reaulta of Dyeing ever oUier color*,
Montreal. Canada.
we'll    consider
-But���er���what    about
The Agent-
Chat settled.
The    Actor
the contract ?
The Agent���Oh, that's all right. A
verbal contract will do.
The Actor���Laddie, listen. The
last time I had a verbal contract 1
drew a verbal salary.
Because they set so  gsntiy (no
purging or griping) yet so
J ire best for the children as well as
the  grown-ups.     25s.  s box at
your druggist's,
National Uric in CftMKil Co. it Cimdi, Ihvrittl \*\B si fi
At  AU Times to Stand Back of Every Statement We Make
In Respect i:o Our Goods
This means that we   have confidence in   our goods  and our  rapidly increasing-  business
proves that the people of Courtenay Districl will accept
It will cost  you nothing  to investigate  our prices.    Call in and   we shall   be pleased  to
show you our stock and quote you prices. We have on hand a large number of Hot Bed Sash
Everything for the Builder and  Everything of the Best
Kiln Dried Lumber, Lath,
Building Paper,
Cement, Builders' Hardware, Mouldings,
Sash and Doors, Lime, Plumbing Supplies
Window nnd Doer Frames Made to Your Order
B      kJ     H   H
J. A i',.jLJ
Plaster, Paints and Oils,
Roofing, Etc.
one o
P. O. Box 230
"Not better than the best but better than the rest"
��� ���������������������0S899 w'.fiec.jcie:oac��2��oii'iJ t&cc<a<LC(-$eit(cetc0
-Atf/ffc v :; --Hi < .
(A    ,***�� *��S ?Jl�� ''i ,   15-1 #'
sea*/ llV'*-/''fei i���kl��V
Is now locoted where he gets the most business
Vou till know where?
The  future business center of the
Comox  District
The Link That Binds
Fifty clergymen of every denomination called at the Slate Department and meed Secretary Bryan
to take the leadership of what
they hope will prove the greatest
interdenominational Bible Class in
the world. Mr. Bryan has been
much in demand by religious organizations since he took office, so
far he has   made   no promises,   but
he, as wi 11 as the President and
Vice-President, are active church
members, and any of them can aud
will preach a sermoil, lead a prayer meeting or teach a Bible class.
Religion is not only the moral link
that binds man closer with his
Ood, but with his fcllowman and
it speaks well for any nation when
it lias such christian gentlemen at
the head of its afiirs. It has been
said that one's personal value depends upon their possession of religion. One is worth to society
what they are capable of imparting
and tho man whose aims are low
who has in his heart no adoration
of God, whose will is not subordinate to the supreme will, cannot
be worth very much to himself or
to society. There is every reason
in a Christian country why all of
our public servants should stand
for Christianity, and we are glad
these men are making their influence as potential for good as possible.
The horse show just closed at
Vancouver was the sixth held, and
was also the most successful one in
its history.
An advertisement taken from a
morning paper shows to what a pass
a genius may coMe in a great city ;
"Wanted���A collaborator, by a
young playwright. The play is already written ; collaborator to furnish board and bed until ,play is
Courtenay Hospital
A Doggerel
There's a moaning in the woods
And some poor devil's down,
So hail a passing rig
And take him into town.
There's a groaning on the road,
And some good comrade crys
Oh, get a move on, friend,
Be quick, before he dies!
There's a gaping crowd in town,
The doctor's right on hand
To help the sufferer out
And make for Cumberland.
There's a swiftness in the speed,
Aud all the road's ahead,
There's fighting to be done,
My God! too late, he's dead.
There's a rich man here and  there
With land, in lots, to sell,
He's waiting for his price,
And lots are cheap���in Hell! 1
There's abundance in the land
And uo one wants for bread
And shall the purse be held
Until the sufferer's dead?
There's a lurking death around
And who shall be his prey?
Young, old, or rich, or poor?
May help be near that day.
Who succors on earth My sheer),
Who helps without a fee,
But just for love--tho.se are they
Who do it unto Me.
It Sounded Like It
A young girl from a country
towu went to a city boarding
school, much against the wish of
her father, who thought she would
be spoiled by city ways.
Soon she wrote iu oue of her
letters: "I am in love with ping-
The mother read the letter aloud
to her father, who turned a'ngrily
upon htr, saying: "Well you see I
was right. I knew no good would
come of her going to the city.
Now, you see she has got in with
one af those danged Chinamen."
The eight hour law for women is
a good thing. It should be extended to include wives, wt[ose
wages (allowance) should in most
cases be raised at the same time.
*������ ��p    '
Subscriptions Payable in Advance
 ���    ���     ���
One Year $1.50
Six Months   1.00
Three Months  0.50
One Year $2.00
1 i
Editor Review,
Enclosed please find subscription
for The Review for	
P. O	
Cut out and mail toilay, with amount of subscription enclosed
It All Depends
"John, how much money have
we in the bank?"
"We? I have a few hundred
dollars, Maria.    Why?"
"Nothing, only I just got a letter from the lawyer who settled up
my fathers estate. There was
more property than anybody anticipated; a good deal more."
"That's fine! How much do we
get out of it, Maria?"
"We? I get a few thousand
dollars, John. Why?"���Chicago
Messrs. J',. T. Cliffe and W. Ii.
Higgins have purchased the Comox Livery Stables from Mr.
John McKenzie, aud will continue
to carry on the business as formerly. Your patronage is solicited.
E. T. Cui'TK
W. B, Higgins
Just Arrived, a Full line  oi 1913  Model
Kodaks and Brownie Cameras
Prices from $2 to $20
Call and get a Catalogue, You will want
One Soon
We are the Only Store ill  Comov Valley
selling Kodaks and Kodak Films
Occasionally we meet a man who
acts as if he wert living his life by
If you want pictures framed
cabinet or sign worK done go to
J. Sutton.
The west is still the place for the
young, the ambitious and the enterprising. Nothing is further
from the truth than the idea that
opportunity went with the placer
gold, The pioneers had only two
chances, mining and merchandising
while, to-day, we have a thousand.
Too much population may be as
bad as too little. Certainly the
east is becoming more and more
like the conjested parts of Europe
where only genius or exceptional
luck lifts a man out of the ruck.
The average man stays where he
was born, or perhaps drops a peg.
| The Pacific coast is the land of op-
I portunity to-day.���San Francisco
Courtenay Drug Store
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUIEEAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled


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