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The Review Mar 16, 1916

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Can not l>e done uny Letter, ami
not unite no well anywheie else
herealumtH. <>ur type nml machinery ih compluU ami The  Review
prift'H ire ri,'lit,
Classified Ads.
Make your little Wants known
through u Classified Advertisement
in Tlie Review    -    -    ���    Phone 59
VOL. 4
NO. 17
Upper Road, Sandwick
Furniture and  Outdoor  Effects for
J. B. Bailey, EvSq.
Sale to take place about the End of March
Full particulars later
Real Estate Agents COURTENAY
Phone 43
Making  the  Most  of It
YOU, ��as an up-to-date 'merchant, know
tint it pay�� to give a great deal of attention to your store���its fittings and arrangement. Your store represents a
big investment and only by keeping it thoroughly modem and not neglecting any one
feature can you expect to make -our investment profitable. The large merchants whose
stores attract hundreds antl thousands of customers have liuilt their success mainly "by
takiliv* advantage of everything which would
lend individually to their stores and bring
them to the attention of the public.
Perhaps the most important feature, and the
one which until recently so many merchant*
neglected, is the lighting. There is no reason
why the lighting in your store should not be
considered strictly as an investment on which
a certain amount of business shonld be returned. The way to make this investment profitable is simple when you stop to consider,
First, you must use the most efficient lighting
unit available, and, second, your light must be
different and must make your store individual.
By carefully selecting efficient lighting units
you minimize the cost, which is necessary from
an investment standpoint. Indivldualizating
your light enables you to obtain the full advertising value of it which is secured only by
making it different. The commonplace never
attracts���in lighting or in anything else,
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat 6 Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Re*. R98      |Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered jin Courtenay
AUJOrders Will Receive Prompt Attention
At n joint meeting of the two Conservative associations held last Thursday
evening it . us decided to amalgamate
' the two societies  under the name of the
Courtenay and comox Valley couserva-
| live Association,  and to hold the annual
meeting on Wednesday evening, at which
the following officers were eleeted :
j    Hon Presidents, Hon. K.   I,.   Boiden
and Hon. \V. Bowser,
i    Hon. Vice-Presidents, II. H. Clements
and M. Manson.
President Dr. Millard,
Vice-President. W. Duncan
Secretary, C. Ileasley
Treasurer, R. U. Hur(o��l
Executive committee���Messrs,  Hicks
Beach, Allan, Idiens,  Calhoun,   Kilpatrick, VV. Aitken, Vigors, Jackson, l'eelt-
ller, l.ei'-htoii.
Wanted to buy 2 good milch cows
Jersey preferred. Apply Review
! Housekeeping rooms to let, Apply Brown's furniture store, Courtenay,
Wanted-Good quiet cow for
family use, must be cheap for cash.
Apply box 162, Courteuay.
Forsale���1 fresh cow, with calf
at foot, very quiet aud heavy milker
Apply Geo, Davis, Union Bay.
For sale at sacrifice price���1000
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new. Apply Box B,
Review office.
For Sale cheap���A lot of agreement and assignment forms, leases,
bills of sale, cuattel mortagage, re-
lease of mortgage. Apply Review
To rent-Nob Hill, Comox, 4
acre chicken ranch, 2 acres cleared,
4 room house, good well, 1-2 acre
strawberries and other small fruits.
Apply, P. O., Comox.
If you want to make a splendid
showing this year iu vegetables aud
flowers, plant SUTTONS seeds.
They are the best. For free catalogue apply F. R. F. Biseoe, Hardy
& Biseoe's office, Courtenay.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For Rent���15 acres, 7 cleared ;
good 4-roomed house aud all other
necessary buildings ; school on the
place ; about 2 miies from Cumberland, in Happy Valley. Apply !
Edward Parkin, box 325, Cumber-1
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared I
Fine six room house, barn, stable,
chicken houses nd large yards, 1
wire feuced, 3 miles from Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over $1300, Apply by letter Box 11 Review office
For Sale���A hot water incubator |
300 egg capacity, with thermome-
tew, lamp, trays, etc., complete,
cost $30 will sacrifice for $8, cash. I
Also 1 out door brooder, Cyphers
storm king No, 1 A, with hover
and lamp, etc., asbestos lined, 50
chick capacity, only $ 10 cash ; also
a 6 h.p. gasoline engine with hoist,
mounted oti skids, will pull stumps
logs, etc., engine can be disconnected from hoist to run any machinery
��� most useful machine on the farm,
price $225 cash. Also 1 cement
brick machine, capacity 500 bricks
per diem, four different styles of
moulds and corner moulds, complete, price $14. Apply J. deL.
Lawrence. Kye Bay, Comox,
There will be a Scotch concert in
the opera house on Friday April 6.
Born- At Courtenay on .Sunday,
March it, to Mrs. H. T. Shilling-
ton, a daughter,
Mr. R. C. Berteaux, Conservative organizer for North Comox,
has enlisted iu the 102nd Regt. as
a private.
Mrs. Hicks Beach had the misfortune to fall on the ice one evening last week and severely sprained
her ankle. She is recovering as
fast a* can be expected.
Rev, Mr. Craig, formerly missionary in the Comox valley, now
ot South Vancouver, preached an
interesting sermon in the Presbyterian chinch on Sunday evening.
8.11 inches of rain fell in Vancouver last week between Monday
night and Thursday morning.
Many streets and basements were
flooded and sewers and culverts
blocked up. Much damage was
Mr, J. A. Halliday has been attending the meeting of the B, C.
Farmers Institutes iu Victoria antl
spoke in good earnest from a practical point of view of the difficulties
attending the promotion of co-operation among the fanning interests.
All rural dwellers should get a
copy of the ''Agricultural Journal"
published by the department of
Agriculture, Victoria, B.C.. containing valuable notes of interest to
the fanner, poultryman, orchardist
and gardener. It may be had by
paying the postage, which amounts
to 2,sc a year.
Anglican Services
Sunday, March 19, and Sunday
in Lent.
S. John's church, Courtenay,
8.30 a.111. aud 7 .30 p.m.
S. Andrew's church, Sandwick,
Preacher Rev. John Antle.M. A.
Supt. of the Columbia Coast Mission,
Ernest Swan returned on Tuesday of last week from New Brunj-
wick where he spent the winter.
The annual meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary will be held on
Friday March 14th, at 3 p.m. in
the K. of P hall. The Ven. Arch-
deacon Colliton will give the address.
The ladies of the Comox Women's Institute wish those having
books to return them immediately,
Mrs. Taylor will be at the hall
every Tuesday afternoon from ,t to
4. A new library cannot be obtained until this one is returned.
A box social and concert under
th. auspices of the Courtenay I..i-
dies Aid will be held iu the opera
house on Wednesday evening Mir.
22nd. An excellent programme is
being arranged. Ice cream aud
candies for sale. Admission jjc,
Reserved seats 50c, childreu toe.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  ciantlwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. tn.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. ni. All welcome
Seed   Potatoes!
Elephants. Up-To-Dates
Burbanks,        Early Rose,
box 256 SHEPHERD'S "��������
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of IS
75 cents
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courtenay
McPhee  &  Morrison
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this.week
We have just finished Stocktaking and will now
place on view our new lines of Spring Goods which
have been arriving since_the first of the month
Some of them are:
Garden and Field Seeds,
Wall Papers, House Lining,
Dry Goods and Decorations
Come in and makejyour choice early
Our stock m [Groceries, Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Etc., is complete
Concentrated Economy
The beef ol a whole bullock is required to make
;i dozen bottles ot Bovril. Yon can safely reduce
butchers' bills il you use Bovril in soup-, and stews.
But it must be Bovril, in the Bovril bottle. No
substitute will ilo. The strength and nourishment of Bovril cannot be compressed into cheap
Stay, good looking ���-
nnd old ti.i'iir.t looks
like new when you
give it regular appll*
cations of
Prevents cracking,   Pulsli'e
into the harness,
Makes it strong, pliable, last
longer.  One application will
convince you.
Dealers Everywhere
The Imperial Oil Company
ShipDirecMo New York,
the International Fur I
Market, and Secure thej
Highest Cash Prices,
Whydiip to ih. micldl:min, wlio
must eventually -<*H youi fun ip
New Vork ���net makr In- profit out
oryou. W. pay the highest market
prices. Otirrrn-tliodsof jradingwe
unusuallyJibrriil. We nevrr cltuge
conuniMtoni, ps-iog you full value
for your fun.
Write for our price ILi and special
&)utt$t Urtu-fo Raw fr'arllatut
in i\*u  iorl;
193 W. 27th St. N-wY-r., H...
Cholera In Volcanoes
Strange      Superstitions     Associated
With This Dreaded Disease
Cholera has usually round it useful
ally in superstition. In tlio olden
ii.i.vs iiie iii.-' use ivas believed to lie
bottled i,�� in i ilcanoi s nnd i" bo released by eruptions, Tlio mosl effectual way to avoid li ivas to Bleep In
bed win- your bead due south. In Russia during iiir terrible epidemic six
years ago, the peasants would not
trust Hie doctors whom the) actually
accused nt' causing the disease, but
drank a fearful mixture of tar, resin
ami petroleum us preventives, nnd
lired gnus from tiie doors and windows to scare the cholera away,
Rooks were tlie birds whoso con
duel in connection with cliolern was
observed In Ireland in 1832. According to tlie contemporary 'Dublin
Morning Register,' Immediately tho
cholera came all the birds vanlsheo
from tlie rookery in the Marquess of
Sligo's demesne, one of tho largest
In Ireland, "For three weeks, during
which the disease raged violently,
these noisy tenants of the trees completely deserted their lofty hubiia-
tions, iu the meantime the revenue
police round Immense nitmbors ol
them lying dead upon the shore near
Ends, iilxjiit  ten miles distant.'1
Russo-Japanese Alliance
Czar Senas Decorations For the Emperor and Empress
The Russian presB emphasized tlie
polttloal Importance ot liie visit to
Japan of Crunk Duke George Mlohaol-
milch, who Is Ihe henrer of decline
lions for ihe Emperor nnd Empress of
.iniuiii irom Bmporor Nicholas. Tho
Brand duke, it is said, Is Improving
the opportunity to express Russia's
friendship Cor Japan,
Tlie .Novo Vreniyn snys Hie Russian
government feels ihe deepest gratitude
to Japan tor the valuable assistance
during the presenl wnr. This wns
shared fully by tho Russian people,
mill will nm lie without effect, the
uowspaper sny, on tlio future relations between the two nations.
The Bourse Gazotto says Ilml new
grounds for a Rtisso-Japaneso rap*
ronciiniciii have been opened by the
ttltltudo of Japan nml ilml the idea of
on ulliunco bus gained fresh support,
ihe QolOH ItllSSlly nssei'ls thut tlie
Uiissiiiu people desire lhe lies lo develop Into un actual alliance.
Horse Sale Distemper
���il '
uc   III
iii.ii wlmi ���
bus nboul "i"' i'Ikiiki' In
only safeguard, for us i >
with It, you will soon iii-
mii'.' preventive,   (in  until
Hie   Iiellli',   01' dozi'll   hell!
bouses or delivered  bj   tlm  miiiiiirueiurors,
Chemists  and   B.ictei'ioloflists. Goshen,   Intl.,   U.S.A
protection, your
i  nil your burses
n.i.'iiM'. u ugjs an a
how   they nro "oxposed."  I'y
ui  ull drilMglsts, hen o goods
^111 Sharpen your Razor .(-:'er _*id Qulr.ef
lima e.'in tie cloce la any ottier way. Last* *
Lifetime. Sati.sf.ictioii (.iinniiit-rd or money
rcCundeil posl flee 25 Cftnta Pony Re.if
fi'iii. 7S eanta, O, K. Sln-ps $1.80- Beet
Mao*.���Canada He.i* Co- wawim-M. M>ul>
toi.s, ca___i
Milk Used For Hun Bombs
The lit. ily .duil liaa recently published a rebuttal of the German claim
that their babies an- without milk, eit-
ing :i recent German census of milk
cows, wliicli shows, it says, that If the
output were used fur babies instead of
conversion into nitroglycerine, there
would be no luck now. it, also quotes
the Koelnisehe Zeltung and iiie Voiles
Zeitung to the effect that milch cows
tiro being slaughtered us a provision
against the men. shortage as further
proof that the outcry about a short-
Ige of milk for babies is u fraud,
Minard's     Liniment     Cures
Gold Deposits Increase
A very substantial increase iu both
the number and value of deposits at
the Vancouver assay office i-> shown
in ihe figures for 1915 ns compared
with   the   totals   lor   IHI!.    The   In-
Joint and Muscle Pains
Banished by Nerviiine
Thousands of people, chuck full ol
the joy of living -happy, gliid. bright
people, that Nerviiine bus cured ol
their pains, all tell the same wonderful story of its powers lo drive out
tha utiles nnd tortures of rheumatism
and kindred ills.
"My goodness, but .Nerviiine Is a
mlraclo worker," writes .Mrs. Char*
lotte Cblpman, mother of a well-
known family residing at .Mount
Pleasunt. "Last month I wus so crippled up wiili sciatica and muscular
rheumatism us to be almost unablo to
do a bit of Housework. .My joints
were so stiff and the muscles so
frightfully son- thai I even cried at
times with tho paiu. For years we
havo used Nerviiine in our inniily and
I just sot busy with this wonderful
good old liniment, r.ots of rubbing
with Xerviline scon relieved my mis-
cry nnd I wus in u real sbori time
about my work as usual."
No matter where the ache is, no
matter bow distressing tiie paiu you
can rub it away witli .Nerviiine. For
forty years it has been curing luni-
bago, sciatica, backache, colds, chest
trouble and all sorts of winter Ills.
Keep a large 60c family size bottle
handy nnd you'll be saved lots of
trouble and have smaller doctor bills.
Small trial size 250 at dealers everywhere.
Worms in children, If tltey bo nol
attended to, oattse convulsions, und
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will proteel the children from ihese distressing afflictions.
Horse Won a War Medal
A Russian artillery borso won n
bronze medal at Plevna, orders
weiv given for some ammunition
wagons to be hurried to a spol thai
meanl crossing the enemy's zone of
fire, All the time shells wore crashing among the horses, bringing them
lown lu heaps and frightening such
ns escaped.!
Tlincs wlthoul number did Iho
Russian drivers, sparing neither
whip nor spur, attempt to urge the
horses forward, bill  they slood cowed
and shivering with fright, Some were
blindfolded; bul the effoct was tho
"aino, nnd only one borso showed
any willingness to go,
Thereupon the driver jumped down,
and, cutting the traces of the other
horses, drove tlio willing one at full
gallop through tho (Ire,
The wagon passed through with*
otlt exploding, und after tho war tho
horse wus decorated in ihe manner
described and the driver promoted.
We publish siuip'e, straight testimonials, not press agents' interviews,
from well known people.
From all over America they testify
10 the merits of MINARD'S LINIMENT, the best of Household Remedies.
"Whal beciinii of that theological
student yi u used 10 chum with?"
"Gone to the bad."
"Vou don't tell 1110���"
"Yes; lie's 1 i0i�����_ mission work in n
tough neighborhood in New Vork."
There Is nothing repulsive in Miller's Worm Powders, and they are as
pleasant to take as sugar, so that few
children will refus ��� them. In some
eases they cause vomiting through
their action 111 an unsound stomach.
crease in the number of deposits was; but ibis is onlj a manifestation of
789, while the i..crease In value was their cleansing power, no indication
$7117,11.11. Those figures _enl entirely that they are hurtful, They can be
wiili deposits of gold bullion, In value thoroughly depended upon to clear all
llritish Columbia contributed In 1911, | worms from the system.
$1,105,489.01, and    In    1915,    $1,311
'.'8!'.so. Yukon Territory, $91 ,9144.4-1
in 1914, uml -.1.1 18,496.0. In 1915. Al*
bertn senl $511.55 In 1914 nnd $1,*
!i_,*,.94 in 1916.
Too many tvomen struggle
under pains and aches.
They are not sick���but weak,
nervous, irritable.
Such women need that blood-
strength that comes by taking
strengthens tlie nerves, aids the appetite an_ checks the decline.
If wxi* or mother tire comity
or took run rloton, SCOTTS
EMULSION will build her tip.
W. N. U.  1091
Much C.ime in the North
The numbi r of moose being killed
this season in tlio country north.
northwest nnd northeast of Edmonton
exceeds the records of nil previous
years, Fifty-one carcasses have been
shipped to Edmonton from a single
siding In tho north country.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
Parrot Sentinels on  Eiffel Tower
Birds have   been enlisted to   the
secret service of the air.
They have become useful In Europe as Bentrles to warn men of ibe
approach of the enemy before lhe
liosiile force is perceptible to the
human eye, The Frencli have found
that parrots are acutely sensitive to
the presence of aircraft, and therefore ihey have stationed a number
of these birds on ibe top of the
Eiffel Tower, in Paris, in order In
warn the sentries of the approach
of German Tattbes. Before the craft
is visible to th" human eve the birds
brislle with excitement and then begin to Boroecll. Their uouteucss is
due not to their eyesight, as one
might suppose, but to an unusual
actiteness of hearing, which enables
them thus to glye a valuable warning.
Germans Have Lots of Shells
Though the Germans are now gen-
cinlly given three shells by us for
every one they Arc, Ihey occasionally
attain their old standard of prodigality. A day or two ago, says a correspondent, the* replied to a, bombardment of their lines near Pilkem
by pouring ���,000 sbells on to our positions there between 10.MO a.m. and
t p.m., but fortunately thoy did us
comparatively   little  damage.
Canadian Thoroughbreds in Demand
The highest price ever paid in Canada for an Angus bull of his age was
realized by Glencarnock Ensign, raised at Brandon. Manitoba, who has
just been sold to a prominent stockman of North Dakota for fifteen liun-
dred dollars. He is the second high-
priced animal irom Brandon district
sold to United Suites expert stockman recently.
Just a  Statement  About  Food
Sometimes a good, healthy commercial traveler suffers from poorly selected food and is lucky if lie learns
that Grape-Nuts food will put him
A traveling man writes "About a
year ago my stomach got in a bud
way, 1 had u headache most of tho
tinie and suffered misery. For several
months I run down until I lost about
711 pounds in weight nml finally had
to give tip a go"d position und go
homo. Any food lhal 1 might uia
seemed  to nauseate inc.
"My wife, hardly knowing what to
do, one day brought home a packnge
of Grape-Nuts food nnd coaxed me to
try It, I told her ii was no uso but
finally to humor her I tried a little
and they just struck my taste, it
was tell first food thai 1 had eaten in
nearly a year ihal did not cause any
"Well, io make u long story short, 1
began to Improve and stuck 10 Grape-
Nuts, I went up from 136 pounds In
December 10 104 pounds llio following October.
".My l.ruin.is clear, blood all rlghl
and appetite too much for any man's
pocketbook. In fact, I am thoroughly
made over nnd owe It all to Qrape-
Nuts, I talk so much about what
Grape-Nuts will do that some of the
men on the road have nicknamed 111.1
'Grape-Nuts.' but I stand today a
healthy* rosy cheeked man���a pretty
good example of what the right kind
of food will do.
"Vou can publish Ibis if you want
10. ll is a true statement without any
Name given i.y Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
A clinrilnhle lady wns rending Ihe
old Testament lo an aged  woman
who lived u| lhe boliie for old people,
nnd  chanced  upon  the  passage concerning Solomon's  household,
"Had Solomon really seven hundred
! wives?"  Inquired  Hie  old  woman,  nf*
I ter relied Ion.
1     "(lb, ves,  .Muty!     II   is so staled  iu
ihc  Bible,"
"Lot1, muni," was the coininenl '
"what privileges llu in curly Christ-'
inns hud!"
A Nerve  Trouble,   Always
Due to Weak, Watery
Only Lliosc who have been ntltickcd
wiili neuralgia can form ibe faintest \
Idea of what Its victims suffer. A
tingling of ihe tender skill, 11 sharp
sudden slab from some angry nerve;
then piercing paroxysms of paiu that
Is neuralgia, Tho cause of the trouble
is disordered nerves, line Lo wonk,
watery blood, The cure is Dr, Williams' Pink Pills, which make new.
rich, red blood, and thus south nnu
Strengthen tho disordered nerves and I
cure neuralgia. Mr, Louis .Martin,
Mililinay, Ont,, snys: "1 urn writing
to lot you know the great beuefll Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills havo been to mo, 1
Two years ago 1 wan a physical
wreck. My nerves were all unstrung !
and I suffered tortures from neuralgia, in the head and throughout Hie I.
nervous system generally. 1 was almost unfit for work, and only managed to get along Willi tlio grealesl
difficulty. 1 doctored for about five
months und In this time look over
forty dollars' worth of medicine without any benefit. More. I was actually
growing worse, and finally hud to take
to my bed. My nerves gol so bud Ilia
I could not turn over In bed without
help and the pain was something awful. As 1 am a farmer you can easily
see that necessary work was being
neglected, so 1 sent for a brother who
was in Alberta, to come and take
charge of lhe work. When my brother arrived lie at once urged me to
try Hr. Williams' Pink Pills, lolling
me of some cures that had come under his observation. I got half a dozen boxes, and before Ihey were all!
gone there was no doubt they were 1
heipiig me, Altogether I used nine
boxes of the Pills and by that time
[ was a well man, and il is Impossible
to say bow thankful 1 was for my
release from pain."
You can get Dr, Williams' Pink Pills j
from    any dealer In  medicine  or  by
mail,   postpaid,   at 60 cents a box or
six boxes for $J.."il), from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brocki-illc, Out.
about your digestive
troubles, sick headache,
tired feeling or constipation.
The depression that induces
worry is probably due to a
disordered liver, anyway.
Correct stomach ailments
at once by promptly taking
They aid digestion, regulate
the bile, gently stimulate
the liver, purify the blood
and clear the bowels of all
waste mailer. Safe, sure,
speedy. Acting both as a
gentle laxative and a tonic,
Beecham's Pills help to
Right The
Lanc-nt Snlo cf Any Medifino in tho World,
Sold everywhere,  ia boxen, i._i cents.
Cook's Cotton Roof Coctrw-r.'.,
A eofe, reUalte rcrntSatin^
edtclne. Bold in tbrco de-,
Riecs of Blrengtrh. No. 1,
tt; No, 2, t"; No. 8, J5
per liox. K'.lii by all
druggists, or scut pro-
paid hi plain package on
receipt of price, r're*
pamphlet,   Address:
IDSO-TO. 0-T. (.-_��_.* -i-taij
Wanted in every town and village,
lo take ordei-3 for the best Made-to*
Measure    Clothing in Canada.    Good
commissions.    Jlagt.ilicent Saniplc3.
Canada's Best Tailors, Toronto.
freatsucceif, cures chromic weakness, r.osrviaot
& VIM. KIOHEV,  IH.ai.'��;���!', DI9SA3K8, m.tit.f)   I'OJSON.
rouasn w<>. -w. bkekman st.kew vork or i w v. u��<>s
M*D.co.lUvrps;'-.-KUi*. nA\u'.-i!_An, London Bno,
Knew What  He Wanted
During the recent fighting   along
the banks of the Aisne a man  was
badly wounded. The ambulance corps \
tenderly placed him on a Btretcher.
"Take  him   lo  the  hospital,"  said
tho man iu charge.
Slowly the  wounded    man opened
his   eyes   and   whispered   faintly.
"What's tin-  matter with tho canteen?"
Countless  bavn    been    tlie    cures
worked by Holloway's Corn Cure.   It
lias a power of its own not found in
j other preparations.
Working Day and Night
Flour mills at Calgary are working
night and day on war orders for flour.
The Calgary mills aro uow completing
orders for 20,000 barrels of Hour for
France, and there are sliil largo British orders to fill. The mills have orders which will keep them working on
the war contracts for months to come.
So you think a college education is
a  good  thin;; for a boy'.'"
"Ves. I think it's a pretty good
thing,   Fits bini for something in life,
If he cun'l catch on with a baseball
team ho can often land a Job us ii professor."
_   .  .     _  _    _   . i'. CUM.
Logging   Camps  Are   Busy
Unusual activity is pr vailing in
the liritisb Columbia logging camps
for this season of iiie year on account
ot unabated demand for British Columbia lumber. Camps wliicli usually
close down temporarily in December
are working to full capacity.
Spells Kidney Trouble
There's no 11.se putlin? on liniments an.
plasters to cure thai acltc In your Idpsorback
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of order. GIN PILL, go right to the cause
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kidney and bladder action. Then you get
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stomach and bowels of impurities and
Irritants is necessary when their action is Irregular. The Pills that will
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lee's Vegetable Pills, which arc mild
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purge painlessly and effectively, and
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Two boxes completely curod Arnold McAskel),
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The Fine Canadian Breed
The Canadians  have a rifihi lo be
proud   of    themselves.    They    bnve
shown  readiness to enlist,   zeal  In
training,  fine   vigor  and  courage   in
fighting,    Voltaire's "!ew   acres    of
snows" are a nation full of fire. There
iiiro nearly  lL'O.OUO Canadian soldiers
in Europe.    There have been 212,000
enlistments.    The first. 260,000 is almost complete.    There are D0,000 already on the tiring line.   The government culls for 250,000 more, and will
Igel them.   A hardy, rosy, "lit" set of
'fellows those Canadian    youngsters.
I The old breed in ibe new environment
has   improved.    New   Vork  Times. 40
An American Writer Who lias Spent Some Time in Russia is of
the Opinion That the Russian Army is (Joint* to be a Hi_
Factor in Vanquishing Germany on the Land
Kusslil   ls  ihc country   which   Wllllarmy, to break up Lhe (iernian iiinih-
"'"M1"' i'11 1 world war for the al-1 ine.   Russia will snorlflco a million,
uo,!,,1   , ,     lyes, Ave million,.to accomplish victory
lhat statement Minis up the belleliin this war.    None of iho allies c.v
of Stanley Washburn, war correspond* | eepi Russian can make bu��i a sacrl-
ent, who lias jusl arrived lu Washing-, Moo.    (leriiiunv un,| Austria combined
ton alter having been nllli Hie  Rtts- cannot stand up before such a deter-
.1,111 armj practically since the Btart mlnntlon on llusslit's pun.'
��" ll"' war. Mr. WiiMiburii was usked why he
Mr. Washburn made   the  assortlon believed thai itiiBsln would make such
agalnsl llu
miir due dciihcriiiioii in answer to ii
Question concerning bis views on ilus-
sla's pun In th.' wnr, lie made it notwithstanding tho fuel that he was
witli ihe army from ihe time it began
lis retreat in from oi ihe Atistro-llor-
man forces in Gnilcla mull it Units i
fur In Russia.
"Russia," .Mr. Washburn continued,
"lias passed, and passed successfully,
the low tide oi iis fortunes in ihis
wnr.   iin the other band   although I
cl >t   mini  lo he pui   in  Ibe position
of snylng thai Germany Is done by
any menus it is my belief Germany
lias passed the zenith of lis career in
tlie conflict.
V  coliviue. s   me   of   the   00*
iliis belief more than ihe
ihe German cnnipulgn
Russian tinny."
.Mr. Washburn was told thai the Impression genornll) prevailed lu this
country mat the German campaign
wus a victorious one.
"Quito the opposite, quite ihe opposite," he contended in answer. "When
Germany Ijckuii lis operations against
the Russian army the latter bad plenty of men, bul practically no supplies,
It is Into that, the Germans (ore
through Galicla, Unit at one time they
tore a hole forty miles wide through
the very centre of the Russian army,
bin ai uo time did they accomplish
the object of their campaign.
"That object was the destruction of
tlie Russian army, which, according
io the Qerman viewpoint, would compel liussia to seek a separate peace.
"What bus really happened is this:
Tlie German soldiers, according to
what 1 gathered from Ibe prisoners
taken by the Russians, were told that
Russia would seek peace if they captured Warsaw. They captured Warsaw, but they failed to capture or
destroy ihe Russian army defending
"Then ibe Germans were lold that
if they went on a few miles further,
the Russians undoubtedly would be
destroyed and peace with Russia
would be obtained. They went not a
few miles, but many miles.
"But they bad to light and light ter-
rilically all tlie way. At no time did
they destroy Ibe Russian army, though
they did destroy and enpture several
units of the army.
"Finally the Germans reached a
point wliicli is like a balance, They
could go no farther, If they did, ihey
would extend their communications
beyond tlie danger point. And they
knew that all the time they were
making it simpler for ihe Russians to
defend themselves.
"It is my firm belief that the Hus-
iinn army is far more powerful on the
defense than the offense.
"Although it suffered terribly in its
retreat, the army Inflicted tremendous
damage on tlie Germans. Had the Russians been as well prepared as tha
Germans, tlie latter never would have
advanced half as far as they did.
"But to get back to the point. The
German army was told that the capture of Warsaw, then tlie capture of
ilrest, of Riga, of Ivangorod, and of
any number of places meant peace.
The German army got those places,
but it  failed to get peace.
"Consequently there has been a
telling effect on ibe German morale.
Thus far it lias been only a seepage,
but It has been u real seepage.
"As 1 regard ibe situation today,
Germany and Russia are largely like
two prize lighters, like Johnson and
Willard at Havana, if you wish. Germany has all tile science, all of tlio
generalship, all of the weapons, everything thai Johnson hud in thai light,
inn like Johnson, Germany bus a limit io its physical endurance.
"Russia, on tlie oilier band, lias just
begun to acquire the science, weapons, anil Ibe like, but ul no time has
Russia been Without endurance.
"Johnson in tin* prize fight reached
tlio point where he knew it was useless io land another blow on Willard.
Tlio German army lias reached the
point where it feels that It is almost
useless to advance further into Rus-
Biit to deliver another blow, because
it realizes that the Russian arm will
only come back for more, that it can
take niiil assemble more punishment
than any other army the world has
ever seen.
"It is because of this feeling on the
a Bttoritiee. lie said be bad reached
bis conclusions alter iniitlng with
UllSSllina from the Czar hlmseii do.wn
to lhe humblest ponsants.
��� 'ne oi iii peasants luul two soi s
in ihe army,    .Mr.  Washburn asked
tlllll if be iiwiild like peace. He replied
Hint every one warned peace. Air.
Washburn usked him n be would like
pence on Gerinau'B terms, lie said
no. Mr, Washburn thon asked him it
he was willing to sacrifice his sons,
if necessiiry, to gol peace on Russia's
terms,   lie replied;
"1 am unwilling, yet willing."
The correspondent pointed out thai
when ihe C-iir deposed Grand Duke
Nicholas niiil look personal eiiurge of
Hie army be set at rest nil rumors
Unit Russia would consider a separate
or would consider peace at all uniil
tin.1 war is won.
"When Ibe Czar went to the front,"
be said, "the li11lo grand duke, his
heir, went with bun. The Roniiinoii
dynasty, by the Czar's act .staked its
future on the outcome of the war."
Air. Washburn expressed the opinion tliut the Czar's decision to take
command of the armies has had not
only a good political but a good military effect.
'I say this," lie continued, "without
The Farm Home
Greater Home Comforts and  Conveniences  Essential  tor the   Success
of  Farm   Life
When  the while mini  Hist clinic to
Wisconsin  Ills   Whole  effort   was  put
[ forth to wrest from the soil the main*
I tenance for life.    Every member of
] the family helped to clear the land,
to plant the grain mm to gather the
harvest,   Tlio notice    wns merely a
[ shelter from the wolf, the bear, the
winter's cold, an   the summer's heat.
|Little or no tboughl wus given to Ms
convenience,    sanitation or comfort,
As tlie forest lines moved farther anil
farther away from Hie Utile log bouse,
ihe settlers realized thai barns must
be   built   to   house   the   harvest   and
(arm animals, Ever* dollar that could
be earned bud to be turned buck Iulo
Hie farm to Increase Its yield und so
the home, although the dearest thing
to tho heart of every man, was ibe
lust to be consider! d,
When greal burns were raised and
farm animals were comfortably
housed, one by one comforts began
lo creep Into the home, First, It was
n good stove, then more convenient
cooking' utensils, then a white tablecloth and while dishes sent from the
East, and then a room or two added
und au adjoining woodshed built.
Wlib ihe Increased bank account
grew the hope of the new house, not
a log house this, but a frame or brick
Today ns we ride along the road
we do not judge u man's prosperity
by his broad fields or bis great barns,
but by the house In which he lives,
and the way in which it Is kept up.
Unconsciously, when we see it bouse
that is unpainted, whose roof seems
to be sagging In, blinds off. door
steps broken down, tlooryard littered
with farm tools und no vestige of
lawn or flowers, we say to ourselves,
"that farm ls not paying." As we
judge a nation by tho prosperity of
Its homes, so we judge the farm by
the prosperity of the home.
The up-to-date farmer realizes
that Hie greatest saving he can make
Is tho saving of bis wife's strength
and health, because to her is entrust*
|ed the most precious thing on the
farm,   the  rearing  of  the  boys  and
The British Navy's Grip is Gradually Tightening, and Enemy's
Trade With Scandinavia lias been Completely cut
oft'by the Activity of the British Submarines
attempting In tho least to detractIgirls and if her nerves are not In
from the grand duke. When the war the very best condition, it is impos-
started ihe grand duke was tlie one slble for her lo enter sympathetically
man in Russia to take charge of tno i into tlie lives of lier family; to help
Russian armies, to bring order out of; decide for the children the all im-
chaos, This he did. lie did it by ex- portant questions that come to them.
erasing the greatest personal power it is impossible for her to take a vital
ever displayed by any man in Russia, interest in Hie affairs of ber husband,
'lhe grand duke is noi only an able to be readv lo assist in the work of
man but a tearless, decisive, and pat* the community and to help build up
riotle man. j tlie rural schools, and yet Ihese are
lie has never had but one purpose  the duties of every farm woman,
since the war started.    That was to      j\s machinery bus taken Hie place
contribute his  share to the  Russian 0f lhe hired man, so must machinery
victory.    When the Czar believed he | take the place of ihe hired girl who
is  today  u
hollies.    The
done Ills greatest work and that
the time had come for Hie people to
know Hint their ruler was himself
willing lo lake charge of the army,
the grand duke stepped aside willingly and in doing so urged the army to
given even greater services to the
Czar than it nnd given to him."
Willi respect to the Czar. .Mr. Washburn is of the opinion Hint Americans
generally misunderstood him.
"Ho is not a small man," said the
writer, "in any sense of the word. On
tlio other hand, lie is an able, cultured
gentleman with a great deal of determination,
"While It ij true he may not be a
great military man, he bus Chosen tor
Iiis chief of staff a man who In my
estimation is the greatest leader developed by the war. That is Gen.
Alexieff. Alexieff knows the Russian
army almost to the Individual man in
the army, lie lias a perfect grip on
every situation.
"If he decides to retreat he will retreat In order. It he decides lo advance lie will be ready to advance and
he will advance. When Alexieff decides the time has come to break
through the German army lie will be
ready to break through. Nothing short
of the miraculous will prevent him if
lie reaches that decision.
"ilut to return to the Czar. It took a
great deal of Ik-termination  to issue
Hie vodka order.   He issued it and it
| has been a good thing for Russia. It
;took a great deal of determination ti
dissolve it.   It took equally great determination to remove the grand duke.
|    "Tlie Czar of Russia bus Ibe greatest responsibility of any individual llll
the world.    I d'ouhi if there is any i
: man alive who could serve in the post*
i Hon   without    doing    ninny    things
"But the presenl Czar is intensely j
patriotic and devoted io liussia. When
: lie does a thing he does il because j
he believes it to be for Russia's good.
And the Russian people are back of
the Czar lo a man ln his determina-
I lion to light this war out until it is
! ended with victory,-
Turning for a moment ,(o bis own
experiences, -Mr. Washburn said
"1 consider myself Hie champion civilian evaeuator  in  the   world.  1   believe 1 have evacuated every place the
Russian army evacuated, i long agoj
j lost control of them. Sometimes 1 got]
lout ahead of the army and sometimes
I not uniil lifter it. Ie:
I got out���and for tli
I tho army.
I    "Russia to me touay is the most In*
,   ,. ,,     , terestlng country In the world. It ls so
part of the German army and because benause ot its gmt potentialities,
o the failure of the German plan to ,.-,,.���,,, Germany, Great Britain nnu
crush    the  Russian  army and  force  tllp UnUed stal(,s   re    el, aeveloped.
earce article in fariii
farmer who does most
of the heavy work on his farm with
lho help of a gasoline engine must
realize that washing and cleaning in
the home can be done by the same or
similar engine.
He must realize that the same law
applies to the members of the family
that applies to the dairy animals.
The barns must be kept warm so
that the cow uses all her energy lo
produce milk. So the home must he
kept warm by a furnace so the family will bo saved its strength to do
tlie necessary work. Today Hie most
needed thing on farms is- well plan
ned houses; houses in which every
unnecessary .-tep will be saved the
wife and mother, and we are glad to
say that with the great wave of prosperity that has come to Wisconsin,
has persistently come the demand for
conveniently planned bouses from
men of Wisconsin; and lhe Agricultural College of the University is now
planning to send out plans for this
new type of house that is being demanded. The proposed house plans
will make provision for heating, 'lighting, disposal of sewage all at the very
lowest cost.
The time has come In Wisconsin
when we all realize that if we are
going to save for Wisconsin lier rural population we must put our best
efforts on the building up of a home
that will have all tho conveniences
of the city with ail the glory of the
country, so that when the boys and
girls reach manhood ami womanhood
their one desire will be to remain on
a porl ion of the old farm and rear a
home patterned utter the one in
which they spent the happy years
their youth.���Hoard's  Dairyman,
Tlio    Qerman   unv*   has recently]
treated us to no little display of force
at  the southern cud of the  Baltic.
Reports it'll of crulsi rs and destroyers dashing hither nml thither, now.
attacking tne Hriiish Btearaer Thelma
In Swedish territorial waters, now
steaming up through tho Sound and
into the Cattegut, only to come flying
buck helter-skelter io German waters :
"an If tlie devil were after them." it
appears Hint In this ruse ihe "devil"
was a flotilla of British destroyers,
I'or we hear thut our ships have been
seen In force in this eastern arm of
the North Sea, and that they have escorted two flotillas of submarines
down the Cattegut ns Kir us Elslnore,
ut the north end of the Sound.
This German parade of force is, on
the face of it, merely another attempi
lo cope with our submarines, but at
the back there are signs of uneasiness
and even of panic.
Germany Is getting very nervous of
the Baltic blockade, says Mr. .loliu
l'\ 11. Pollen, an authority and writer
on naval affairs.
It has not "petered out" as she expected, but on the contrary it is growing in Intensity. Germany's counter
measures have been totally unsuccessful, for we have nor. as yet lost a
single submarine; above all, ihe need
of Iron ore, cotton, und foodstuffs is
being dally more, fell, unl perhaps
tho "open road to tha East" is not
producing the supply Of raw materials
that Germany anticipated!
Tlie re-opening of ihe enemy's trade
routes lo Scandinavia is becoming
more und more essential, but the waters of" tlio Baltic are swarming with
our submarines, and ibis re-opening
is as far off us is ever was.
Could Germany close the Sound effectively to our submarines and could
she then raise an Impenetrable wnli of
mines and nets from lier coasts lo Ibe
llmil of Sweden's territorial waters,
there might yet be some hope that
German merchantmen could cross the
seas in safely.
Past events seem to Indicate Hint
Germany can never raise .siii'ii u barrier, for, in naval warfare, apart from
the unenviable credit of Initiating a
campaign of murder on the high seas,
she bus shown no Bitch ingenuity In
lier plans as can lead us to suppose
(bat her naval officers cm iu any way
compete with ours in dash, in spirit,
or In thai wonderful facultj of adaptation lo cliviinistalice.'i tliai bus been
the outstanding feature of uur conduct lu this sea war.
The Hriiish navy's _:��� p |, tlghtem
Ing, and the swurin of submarlm i ^
going to show Germany whai a submarine blockade is, and ihe I Baon
will not be loo pleasant.
in the Mediterranean the list of ca_<
ualtles among merchantmen is quite
small, and no transports have recently been attacked, though an enorm ;s
number of these .ships have been ply.
ing to and fro In the Middle Sou.
It would seem that the navy has
got this submarine menace well in
band, and though we must expect a.
new outburst of activity on the parol' the I.' Boats, and must prepare ourselves for some losses among our
numerous transports, it seems certain
lhat we shall not suffer any serious
hindrance to on." operations in the
But there is another aspect of Germany's piracy campaign which must
certainly be taken Into account.
I refer to the possibility ol attacks
being made on our hospital ships, .he
German Wireless Press has (or   ow
days pasi. contained lying statements
to the  effect  that   we are  using
pltal ships to carry munitions of mar
The secretary of tlie admiral!
just issued a further absolute d
of these falsehoods,   The Ural appearance  of  the  hospital  Bhlp    I i ���        ���
quickly followed by the anna I
that the Anglia Willi 400 worn :   ;     ���
board had been sunk by a mine!
it was further suggested t  it   : i
mines  bud  drifted   in  from  our
fields  in the  North s a, but  I    ���    -
proved false by  the fact that   I      ^
southwesterly gale had raged for si   ���
oral   days   before   tlie   disaster.      ._-
most probable explanation is that .i
German   mine-laying   submarine,   taking advantage of this -a!", released i.
number of floating mines ,,<. the en-
trance  to  the   Channel,  trusting   t ���
their sinking something as th ;   net
curried up lhe Channel.
But the navy is on the spur, and ear-
no doubt afford adequate protection to
our wounded as they return (reseat of war.
Russia is not more than one-tenth
"What the future has in store for
Russia Is beyond man's imagination.
For myself I can hardly wait until I
;th to
Russian invasion as one of the greatest mistakes or tho war.
"Although it may seem a rash prediction, I venture to make it that when
the German army finally crumbles, if
it does crumble, or when Germany Is  hava .covered sufficient stren
finally   willing   io make peace   and return"
peace will not be made until Germany
is willing to make it almost at the allies' terms, Russia will be Hie power
to force Germany to iis knees.
"It will take at least a half million
men, if not a million men, In actual
losses to break through the Herman
Kaiser Sends Sword
Congratulates  Ottoman     Emperor on
His Troops' Success on Gallipoli
The German Emperor, according to
a Constantinople despatch forwarded
by Reiner's Amsterdam correspondent, has sent a sword to the Sultan
of Turkey together with a congratulatory message In recognition of the
success of the Turkish campaign on
I'i. But I always I the Gallipoli Peninsula, He congratu-
at matter, so did j ]atetl the Sultan upon a great victory
which had brought to an end the severe attacks of "impudent enemies,"
and sent tlie s'vord to immortalize the
commemoration of a great victory, "a
sword which during a wnr undertaken for defenco and right shall be
pointed at tlie heads of the enemy."
Tho Emperor expressed the conviction thut Hod's help would in the end
secure victory.
The Kaiser also sent    a sword  to
Enver Pasha.
How Canada Aids the Allies
Over Eight Million Shells Have Already Gone Forward to Britain
The statement of business that has
been transacted in Canada in behalf
of the British government since the
outbreak of the war shows that there
nave been orders given to Canada for
22,800,000 shells, and thut over 8,000-
000 shells out o. that number have
already gone forward to Britain,
Tlie cost of all tlie component parts
required in the manufacturing of the
total order for shells, Including tne
machinery and assembling, is estimated lit $282,000,000. In addition
there have been orders from the war
onice for cartridge cases, primers,
forgings, etc., amounting to $20,000,*
OUii, making a total slightly exceeding
$300,000,000. The actual shipments of
ammunition lhat have gone forward
to Great Britain from the factories of
Canada have amounted to 2,000,000
"lixed" and 6,000,000 "unfixed" shells.
This total output of 8,000,000 shells
out of 22,800,000 contracted for represents an actual expenditure up to the
end of last year of $65,000,000.
Tlio latest available .figures also
show lhat lhere are some 422 plants
engaged in tilling contracts at present under the direction of the Ira*
I perial munitions board. The different
I kind of shells that are being manufactured for the llritish government
in (Ills country are us follows: Fifteen pounder shrapnel empty, is-
pounder shrapnel fixed, is-pounder
high explosive empty, 18-pounder
high explosive lixed, 4.5 howitzer
empty, 4.5 howitzer lixed i except
loading), 60*pounder high explosive
empty, o-lneh high explosive empty,
8-inch explosive empty, 0,2-inch high
explosive empty,
lie���And. .fudge, she's lost a loi of
my money playing bridge.
She���Don't believe him, Judge. I
don't know a thing about the game.
He   That's  right,  Judge.
"Can anyone here tell me about
Good Friday?" be asked of the class
of slum children.
"Surel" cried lhe boy in the corner. "He was Iho guy that done
chores  for  Robinson  Crusoe."
"Not Sufficiently Pulped"
However ardently other Germans
may desire peace von I Iin don burg, in
an interview with Paul Goldmann,
confessed that Germany's enemies at
present desired no peace, adding,
"They are not yet sufficiently pulped.
"We must continue, therefore, to
press them, since they will not admit
any of our successes."
lie regards Ibe Herman taetieal
situation as excellent���"particularly
in the east the Herman army lias
reached the most favorable strategical line conceivable."
Ho believes the Russian reserves
which are now culled out can only
complete the existing cadres, but not
crjato new armies. He further said
it would llll them w.ili "especial joy if
tno war were not to terminate until
the three chief culprits���-England,
Serbia, and Italy -have been punished
us thoy c serve.''
Von Hlndenburg's education has
not yet neon completed. He will talk
otherwise after a bit!
Patriotic Fund Work
Receipts and  Advances  in  the   Provinces Are Tabulated
The Canadian Patriotic Fund exei :���
live has issued a provincial analysts
of the receipts and expenditures ot
the fund for ibe period ending Di
ber 31, 1915, illustrating the advantage of relegating to a national fun I
the responsibility of maintaining the
wives and children of tin? soldli
"in certain parts of the country ,i
Utile hostility was shown during i ���
early months of the war to the national undertaking," says the statement, "the craze for local autonomy
causing leading citizens of certain
towns to prefer to retain control of
their own funds rather than entrust
them to the Canadian National Patriotic Fund. This attitude is now prac-
tlcaily non-existant. Had it been general a glance nt the following lists
will show that, while more than
ample provisions would have been
made to soldiers' families in Eastern
Canada, they would have had a hard
time in certain of the western provinces. The principle at the back of thi
national fund Is that a community
shall contribute to the extent of its
ability and draw to the extent of its
needs, In the cases of Alberta and
British Columbia, the former would
not equal the latter. In both provinces enlistment lias been heavy,
while until recently there was a pronounced scarcity of funds. Perhaps
this same condition still obtains in
Hriiish Columbia, Tiie National Patriotic Fund, however, insures the soldier's family against want, no maiti. r
what local conditions may be.
Tho following statement is by provinces to December 31, 1015, approximately:
260,782 57
In. Assol
Nova   Scotia.
Prince Edward
Island   ...
New Brunswick ..
Quebec 1,982,228.46 1,012,658.32
Ontario    2,812,027.84 1,766,215.43
Manitoba iBead
office only)..     56.911.27
Saskatchewan.   368.313.43
Alberta   ..   ..     370,5-10.73
I).   Columbia.     411,304.08
Yukon    JO,000
i Newfoundland 2,-11 60
Head Office  ..   152,590.69
Invite  Premiers to  Visit Canada
!    An official invitation has been ex��
i tended  to  the   premiers  of Australia.
' and New Zealand, who are en route to
Great Britain to confer with the im*
: perial  authorities,   to  make   the   re-
j turn trip by way of Canada. It is expected they will accept.
|    The antipodean   premiers'  mission
is similar to that  of Sir Robert Bor-
| den in  England  last summer. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comoit Viillt-y Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   l'ubislied   at
Courtenay, B, G.
N. H.  BoiiKN, liditor and Proprietor
Telephone 59
���abscription 11,60 per Vear in  Advance
Mr. Carvell has been asking some
questions in the House at Ottawa.
He wanted to know; i. Why the
men uf the i02titl are being niobo-
li/.ed at Comox.
2. What is lite additional cost to
the country of transporting the
men to Comox.
3. How long will they be trained there.
4. What is the total precipitation
at Comox,
5. How is it divided throughout
the year.
No more central, dryer or warmer place could well have been found
for the training of the 102nd Batt.
There are large open tracts for
manouvering aud good roads for
" hikes "
The cost of bringing the recruits
to Comox from the inland places
was no greater than it would have
been to have taken the men from
Vancouver Island to any other
centre ou the mainland. From
now on the men will be on the spit,
practically a seaside resort. In
their off hours tlwv can enjoy fishing, boating, clam digging, etc..
and if they desire to enjoy other
attractions, they are but three miles
from the city of Cotirtenav, where
they can get everything from beer
to bananas.
The percipitation here is no
greater than at any other point,
and last year was 52.66 inches, as
follows: January 6.64, February
5.47, March 4.07, April 1.79, May
1.91, June .27, July .79, August
.89, September 1,24, October 9.43,
November 7,71, December 12.45,
We do not know Mr. Carvell's
reasons lor asking these questions
unless it was to try and put our
member, Mr. Clements, in au awkward position, as he was instrumental in getting the Battalion
stationed here, and it was mostly
recruited from the Gomox-Atlin
District, which he represents. The
Government's engineers examined
Iiii other proposed places for the
encampment and found this the
most suitable, There will bo no
mud for one thing, and as soon as
the fine weather sets in no fairer or
healthier place can be found.
militon dollars on drink, money
which would otherwise have lieen
spent iu other and more profitable
Much has been said, too much in
f_ct, aliout what this section und
that stctiou has done, or is doing,
in the Umpire's struggle on behalf
of humanity, We do not propose
to reopen the discussion, and we
notice that the flow of recruits continues steady and grimly. Our
appeal is to those who are left at
home not to spare themselves in
works of mercy, in sell sacrifice, in
work for the benefit of the community, in the elimination of waste
and iu increasing production; less
loitering and loss of time, and 11
greater recognition of the fact that
the Empire and Dominion alike depend upon the efficiency of the individual. Iu the Old Country,
owing to lack of raw materials (or j
rather because the space taken up ,
by imports of raw materials is
needed for food) and the desire to
economize labour, people are asked
to return empty bottles to the
stores, old newspapers to be made
up again, and so on, Hers the .
urgency does not at present exist,
but the prevalence of waste is deplorable, iu food antl in material,
and in time. We have got to get
down to business right now.
We notice that, evidently au'ici-
pating the result of the plebiscite
to be taken on prohibition, the liquor interests are now sounding on
the chances of compensation. In
face of the fact that a license is
only granted for a year, and that
the sale of liquor carries big profits
the trade wants to be compensated
for the good thing it is about to
lose. Does the the government
compensate country stores because
they are not allowed to sell flavouring extracts and "painkiller" to
Indians? No, they are subject to a
penalty if they do. and If they observe the restriction, they escape
the penalty, but they are not compensated for the loss of business.
The liquor trade has existed long
enough to set aside a sinking fund
against possible closing down cf
saloons; just as every business man
provides for depreciation and writes
off the good will year by year.
That the liquor trade has been unbusinesslike is no reason for milking the exchequer of the people.
According to Mr. H. H. Stevens
member for Vancouver in the Dominion Parliament, Canada spends
annually on liquor one hundred
and three million dollars. The
breweries employed less than five
thousand hands, and if Dominion-
wide prohibition were attained,
could be turned to far greater national use by being converted into
plants for making denatured alcohol
for Industrial purposes.
When it is remembered that
every customer for liquor pays for
it in cash, while the business sections of the community are obliged
to give credit, a system which adds
to the cost of living, the above
mentioned sum diverted into business channels would enable store-
keepres to pay their way better,
and give improved service to all
their customers. At one time Vancouver alone spent four  and a half
Spring Opening
Ladies Dept.
Newest Eastern creations in
ladies ready to wear hats
Flowers,   Ribbons,   Wreaths
Middies, blouses, piques and
duck skirts. House dresses,
misses and children's pinafores. Muslins and Cambric
Crepes, fancy muslins, piques
ducks, Gala teas, garbadines,
prints, printed voiles, zephyr
New   models   in   C-C   a  la
Grace Corsets
Mens Dept.
Newest American styles in
men's soft and hard felt hats
in all leading shades. New
shapes in men's motor and
golf Tweed caps
Newest   novelties   in   men's
flowing end, derby and bat-
wing ties
Newest spring lasts in   Invic-
tus shoes   "The   Best   Good
Shoe for Men"
W. G. & R. shirts in silk mixtures, black and white stripes
also the  Country Club shirt
I       with large open neck
 ^^r.#.             Spring samples of Campbell's
If. high time the City Council Mad^o-mewure Clothing is
goibusy-and appointed ahe.hhoffi- now being shown in all the
cer or some one to look after the newest,,weaves and shades
cleaning up of the city. Now that
the snow has gone the side streets
are found to be covered with all
kinds of refuse and filth. Backyards and lanes are in the same
dirty condition. On our main
streets are tin cans, broken bottles,
and other unsightly rubbish and
there is apparently no one to en-
force its removal. Officers to look
after this sort of thing should have why it should not have a nice front
been appointed with power to en- instead of the unsightly livery barn
force regulations at the first sitting effect the plans call for. The build-
of   the  council.   Now, if   warm ing will be complete!}   isolated and
Good Chick Food Means
Growth��� EggS-
Dollars for You
L.ay the ri)*lit fooil lor your clllcks, nml later tliev will
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Royal Standard Mills  Chick  Food
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Scientifically compounded, contains special high grade
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The   Sooner   You   Order  the
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Royal Standard Grai n Products
F. Moviti, M.r.
Phone 33; End oi Bridie
With British Columbia well on
the way now to Prohibition, and
Ontario on a similar track, the
fair Dominion should soon be dry.
The great West, for once, has Riven the Cast a lead, and the puny
efforts of the anti-prchtbitiouists
are merely plowing the sands. Liquor has had its day, and liquot
has got go. As Lord Roseberry
once said, "Unless you get the liquor traffic under control, the liquor traffic will control you "
Mr. Brewster's supporters at the
Victoria   bye-election   were  very I SuJu $27 up
miscellaneous and for the first lime' r
in their lives probably, agreed together. Following upon Premier
Bowser's solemn pledge concerning
the p'ebiscite to be taken upon pro
hibition, and, during the present
session, of legislation to curtail the
sale of liquor, the liquor interests
stampeded and hurled their weight
behind the Liberal cand'date. The
temperance people were already
there in support and certain de-
nominarions went solid likewise.
Mr. Brewster will have a lively
time in keeping them in harmony.
Charles Wheeler
begs to announcer.
that he has opeeed
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Cleanliness a Specialty
Courtenay Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Pants $7 up
$ .75
Cleaning and
Suits $1.25 up
Coats .75
Panls .50
Skirts .50
Vests .35
Dresses 1.74
Overcoats 1.25-
Repairing, Etc.
Gents clothes kept in order by the
month $2.50
Haney   I.  Kushida
The same building as Robertson's Drug
Store, Union St., Conrtenay
weather comes on suddenly we may
be up against a serious epidemic,
and who will be to blame for it?
there is no  necessity of   making a
nightmare of it.
According to advices  from the
United States capital, only fifteen
( out of the   twentyone ships in the
American Atlantic fleet   are on ac
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
The City Council have verv wisely decided to build a City   Hall on
one of the unused street ends in the    	
centre of the town. It will in all tive duty, the other six being crip-
probability be used for many years \ pled for lack of officers and men,
to come, and we can see   no reason  The commander in chief is alarmed
I and not without reason. No wonder the Huns can handle President
Wilson. Yet some people, happily
very few, think that the States
would protect Canada.
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11*35 on Monday, Wednesday and ,
Friday for Victoria and WayJ Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
DM. Pw��_|��r Ar��t, Victoris
Agent Courte-ar, Pkone R60
In spite of the criticism  levied
' against the Premier's shipbuilding
! policy we notice that over in Wash-
' ington and Oregon they are laying
down a large number of ships.    It
is a matter that should be handled,
not from a partisan standpoint, but
from a national point of view,
Notes By The Way
Ot the male population, Canada
is contributing one man in eight.
Australia the same, and the United
Kingdom one in every five, to the
fighting forces of the Empire. The
Canadian figure ls allowing for half
a million men, but as only 225,000
men have so far been raised it follows that at present one Canadian
man out of sixteen Canadian males
of all ages has enlisted,
Mrs. H. Moore has received a
letter from the Red Cross Society
at Victoria acknowledging with
thanks two boxes of Red Cross
supplies f Jom the Comox and Lazo
The boxes contained the following: From Lazo, 21-2 doz. suits
pyjamas, 1 1-2 surgical coats, 3
pair mitts, 6 pair socks, a face
cloths. From Comox, 2 doz, day
shirts, 1 1 2 doz. surgical coats, 9
suits pvjamas, 3 doz. pair socks,
Little Red Cross Workers, 16 pair
bed socks, 3 i-t doz. face cloths.
The Comox work was contributed
bv the following ladies: Mesdames
Butcher, Giddihgs, C. J. Moore,
Cliffe, Thompson, Radford, Gage,
Hudson, Wilcox, Martin, Holmes,
McKenzie, Barlow, Davis, Smith,
Piercy, Ardley, Carthew, Grant,
H, Moore, Misses Wright, Wilson,
Beattie, Fraser, Grant, Duggan
and Carthew.
The ladies of Oomox have also
opened a fund and have taken
steps to adopt a prisoner of war.
Rev, A. BuKhlager will conduct
services at S. Peter's church at
10.30 on Sunday next.
A private in the 102nd had a
dream. He dreamt that peace was
declared and the French and English officers were talking how brave
and gallant tne Canadians fought,
and someone asked Lord Kitchener
how about the 102nd, L. K.
scratched his head for a while aud
then said, "Oh, we left them on
the Goose Spit."
The Race Track Committee will
hold their next dance on Friday
evg., March 31st,
The cut, fit,
quality and strict
regard to details
that you would
expect from
London's foremost Military 1
Tailors you can
expect from us,
We can make
you a complete
kit within three"
days and at a
remarkably low
forms on application.
747Yat_sSt..VICTORIA.B.C "
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Co' rrt< n
Barrister  anJ  Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P, O. Box 209
Phone 24 Courtenay IM
The City Commission
and the Utility
A recent address before the Ohio
Electric Light Association puts in
a clear light the principle of mutual obligation as between the pub-)
lie commission and the utilities
which it is designed to regulate.
At the outset commissions seem to
have been intended chiefly to
maintain the interests of the public
against those ot corporations doing
a public business, and commissions
therefore were looked at somewhat
askance by those wh_ had their
money invested in railways, lighting companies and similar ener-
pri/.es. But in recent titnes the relations between the public aud
those who thus serve it have undergone a change for the better
that is one of the strongest signs of
improvement in civic affairs. These
relations seemed at one lime to be
mutually predatory, but such a
condition of affairs lias practically
censed to exist. The time has now
come when the managers of public
utilities recognize fully their obligations as well ns their opportunities and are striving to build up
tlneir respective enterpri ies on a
permanent nnd sound basis, with a
keen eye to the future and t e re- j
ali/.atiou that good service means
increased profits. Many a city
council would be agreeably surprised if it could listen to the deliberations of its tt'.ilitv managers or to
their confidential conferences with
their engineers. Instead of plotting to charge all the traffic would
bear, they would find these gentle- j
men .scheming improvements which
look to better service and to lower
prices, and would realize that they
are ready to meet the public more
than half way in working for their
mutual good .���Electrical World.
her home at Bevan.
Miss Christina Gray left on the
Cowichan on Sunday bound for
"parts unknown." If you don't
come back, write.
We notice that the barns on
Barn Hill which were slightly on
the bias, owing to the recent heavy
snows, are being straightened.
Crochet parties are much in
vogue amongst the young ladies of
Happy Valley.
After all the "prairie schooner
ride" was the best part of it-
We are sorry to lose one of our
most esteemed and prominent citizens from our midst. Mr. Robert
Bennet and family have left the
vallev to take up their residence in
The val'ev is in a state of rejoicing, owing to the return of the last
prospector from the Rockies. The
prospectors evidently found the
place warmer (?) than they imagined.
Miss Marian Gray, of Fanny
Bay, spent the week end with her
T wo of our young men have returned from "Ugly Man's Camps",
Perhaps thev were too good looking (?) for the inhabitants of the
Mrs. Monks, jr., has left to make
0 Canada!
Since the outbreak of war, aud
up to March i, 1916, that is nineteen mouths, Canada has enlisted
.63,000 men, or roughly 500 men
every day. This figure does not
include the ninny thousands of
British rescrvi-it'i who left the Dominion to rejoin their regiments in
England, nor does it include tho��e
who preferred fo join itnitr. that
were niobolizcd in the Old Country
and who journeyed across the herring pond nt their own expense
without saying much about it,
263,000! And si ill there are thous-
nnds of men available, who will
steadily "join up." There's voting
Bill who will finish his college
course this term, and the Black
Brothers who bnve almost completed the sale of their ranch, and Silent Pete who was turned down
once because of nn axe wound, and
there's Mister Nemo who wanted
to leave his affairs iu good shape
for his wife's sake, and Happy
Alec, married with 6 olive branches
who sii)s there's a sight too many
single chaps hanging back anyway
but that he can't wait any longer
for them.
a- ���
The Church Club
On Tuesday evening the subject chosen by the Patriotic Department for consideration by the club was ' 'The Viewpoint of a Neutral Country in the Great
European Struggle."
The country chosen was the United
States and the chief speaker, Mr. 'fowler, who had indeed equipped himself to
give a clear exposition of the expressed
opinion of various sections of that country.
Perhaps the most convincing authority
quoted was that contained in a pamphlet
preptred by Samuel Harden, Church
President of the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg. These 32 pages are packed full
of just such considerations as the ordinary thoughtful inquirer demands concerning the present war.
The title, The American Verdict on
the War." A reply to the appeal to the
civilized world of 93 German professors;
and the fact that this pamphlet, translated into all the principal languages of
the world, is being circulated broadcast
in all neutral countries, among the Allies and even in Germany, makes one
feel disposed to sit up and take notice.
The synopsis of this excellent article is
impossible but tilt conclusion or verdict
can be stilted.
To remain neutral is not to remain indifferent, Dante's lowest hell is the
desert of those timid beings who insist
on neutrality in the everlnstlugly unlit
between good and evil, This Unlit is
one between the forces ol good ami evil.
Notwithstanding, the attempt of thousands of German professors to jnstity tlie
war, Germany, and Germ my alone is responsible for both tlie beginning of it
and for the horrors oi its prosecution,
A uieiicans enve earnestly striven to find
the right and condemn it. After nil
available evidence is silted the blame
does not appear to lie at lvnglamls door.
This conclusion would confirm us the
truth of the report that at least 90 per
cent of the American nation is in sympathy with the Allies, ami this Includes
ninny of the eight million Oeniiatis who
are residing in the United States, who
were strong enough   to   resist   German
K��ld'  -__���.���.
Red Cross Work
Will the workers kindly send in
all finished goods to the oflice in
Courtenny or to Sandwick hall before Tuesday March 28th.
���Ul those who nre knitting socks
are asked to use No. 10 needles,
with 52 or 56 stitches, Wool is
expected from Victoria in a short
There are a number of bandages
ready cut out waitii g for willing
workers. These nre easily run up
on the machine.
citizens of the town. Vancouver
I sent ti ,000 men out of its population of 110,000, Prince Rupert
I went over this ratio. Every settlement in British Columbia has its
soldier ill the ranks.
'rhc managers ol the Kourtenay Koon
Kliib desire to thank the following
ladies and gentlemen who contributed
cake, ami candy, bread and butter etc.
A public meeting wus held lust Tuesday in the Agricultural I bill for the purpose of considering the work to be done
iu connection with Ihe Returned Soldiers
Aid Commission, Mr. Mclntyre was in
the chair and Introduced the subject with
a lew appropriate words. M,. Sutton
read correspondence from the Victoria
office of the commission asking for such
a meeting to be cilleil, and the chairman
then called upon the Rev. Iv. Laycock to
explain the objects of the K. S. A. C.
Afterwards the meeting was thrown open
for discussion, and it was decided to
form a local branch, and Mr, Mclntyre
was elected us President and Mr. Lay-
cock as Secretary. It was also decided
that anyone who wishes to join the b anch
should be asked to contribute 25 cents
per quarter as membership fee. The
following contributions were collected
and are hereby acknowledged. Mr. and
Mrs. Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Sutton,
Mess.s. Anderton, Fielder, Hurford,
Johnston, Rev. Laycock. Mclntyre, Mc.
Phe., Rev, Menzies, Robertson, Towler
Watchorne, Wood ($4-00). At the request of the chairman the Veil. Arch-
Deacon Collinson, who was present in
the hall, and the Rev. T, Menzies. Kuch
spoke a few words of support and encouragement and support. A reception
committee was appointed consisting of
Rev. T. Menzies, R.   U.  Hurford,  and
li. Anderton.
British Columbia holds the record
for sending more men to the Allied
Army than any other division of
the Empire of Great Britain. In
one month 1200 men came up the
Fra.'er River from points on the old
Cariboo Trail to join the Regiment
there, Wallachin, a town on the
trail, sent fortv-seven men to the
front out of sixty-seven  eligible
ir the entertainment: Mesdantes McPhee
Hicks-Beach, Idiens. I,union, Miens,
t'nkeley, C. Wood, Morrison, Willough*
by, A'ldertOll, Crawford, A. Kerton, '���'.
Kerton, t-edgerwood, Bookey, Walker,
McNeil, Stenliouse, lleasley' Dnndas
Fechner, Booth, Beadnell, Vigors, Kilpatrick, Mitchell, Millard. Mcltiyde,
S-mlt'.i, I.eigliton, Carroll, Machln, liunle
llauiiay. McKenzie, Allen, Crete.1, Cnl-
lin, Sutton. .Misses Bridges, I,. Mc-
Qulllini, J. McQuillan, Diiii'iaiu, Beaton
Thompson, Gibson, Davie. Messrs.
Cooke, pressed tongue, W. Aitken, bread
Shepherd,_ coffee, Mnrrochl, bread, Aid,
Aston 50 cents, J. Johnston Jl, boggle
candy, 2.S cents, Hulslieda' candy, 50c,
Mclntyre 50 cents, Courteuay Feed Store
."II cuts. We also wish to thank those
who sent refreshments whose nani-s are
not on the list.
The receipts were ;
Concert    109 75
Dane* 34 50
Refreshments .... 33 15
Donations     2 00
Total      $179 4o
Expenditure :
Music $18 00
Rent of hall     15 00
Cleaning hall.., . 7 00
Review, printing.. 12 00
McPhee& Morrison 9 05
Milk, sugar, etc...    4 15
Tailoring     6 40
W, G. Robertson..    2 05
W. E. Evans     1 90
Wigs und tambos. 6 50
Turner Benton.... 13 50
TBNDBRS will be received by the
undersigned (or the erection of n
Miuiirinal Building, the plans au 1 peel-
.cations for which mav he Been al the
Municipal Office Tenders must be in
tlie hands of the Cltv Clerk on or before
Saturday, the 18tll March, 1916, an 1
must be accompanied bv a certified
cheque for five per cent, of tender,
Lowest or any  tender not   necessarily
Por   further  particulars  apply to the
Cltv Clerk.
Dated this Ninth day "' March, 1916.
Citv Clerk
NOTICE) is hereby given that all Don
License I must be   paid on   or before the First   day of   April.    Any   dog
t jund running  without a tag after that
date will be summarily deall with,
W, A, W, 11 AMI'S.
City Clerk
Courteuay, 13th March, 1916.
FOR 50 yards of river gravel to be delivered anil spread on Union street
between the Builders' Supply corner and
Ihe Royal Bank corner. Tenders do*.
Monday the 20tll instant.
Lowest or any   tender not   necessarily
Citj Clerk
Courtenay, 13th March. 1616.
Sundries .........    2
Sent to Prisoners
of war fluid ...
98 30
8i   10
Your Printing
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
#179 40
$2 worth of sugar   and nuts   was purchased out  of   donations   received   and
made into candy.
There is still some money to
come in from various parties which
will be donated to ether patriotic
New Westminster Markets
The following were the quotations at the NewWestminster market on Friday last, Some of the
best hindquarters of beef brought
but ioc per pound, and the average
price of potatoes was $17 per ton
Local apples were $1 to (1..5 oer
Ducks, young, per pair 24 to 28
Ducks, dressed, per lb  30
Ducks, old, live weight 15 to 19
Chickens 17 to 20
do      dressed   24 to 26
do      Spring  20 to 22
Potatoes perton    $16 to $18
Potatoes, per sack $1.00
Onions per sack 12.40
Cabbrge. per sack $1.00
Carrots, pel sack  80c
Turnips per sack  75c
Beets per sick    75c
Eggs, retail 24 to 25
Eggs, wholesale 21 to 22
Eggs, Duck $100
Butter, retail, per lb    40
Butter, wholesale -2
Steer beef in carcass    9 to In
Beef, hindquarters    1.
Beef, forequarters	
Pork, per lb 12 to 12 lo
Veal, per lb ..... .... 11 to I4
Mr. and Mts. Armstrong, who
have been living with Mrs Bigelow
left for their home in Vancouver
on Wednesday.
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses.
water    and    electric
light in each
\pply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Comfort With Modi
Bent Wines
nil Liquors
B  C
irate   lUces
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Eztel'ea
Wm. Merryfield
Expert Watchmaker   Qualified Optician
s selling Spectacles an Bye
glasses from $2.50 per pair.
Including sight testing. Each
eye tested separately to insure
correct vision
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
] Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
'���-*-*w*Sfefi'.' $���������&&>'
Get "More Money" for your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers collected in your section
house In the World dealing delusively tn NORTH AMERICAN RAW FURS
a reliable���responsible���sale Pur House with un unblemished reputation existing for "more than a third of a century." a long sue*
cessful record of sending Fur.Shippers prompt,SATISFACTORY
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for "Cbr Muter* MiDptr."
the only reliable, accurate market report and price list published.
Write lor ii-.iiOW--.-n FREE
An SHURFRT Inr 23-27 west austtoave.
. D. On.DDRI, inc. DepiCtf CHICAGO " 9  * THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
The Mystery
ol the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   _   Co.   Limited
...London,  Melbo-rne and Toronto ...
A Shock for the Prince.s
li wns nol ii plciisniil task, im it
lind to ne done. Fortunately II wns
liosslblo io do everything discreetly
and In order, for the vaults were large
nml there was nol ihe slightest chance
that any of tho household would (.'onie
Tho bodies were laid out thero nml
the key turned upon thorn. Geoffrey
looked di his companions and Inquired
what was io be done next,
"Inform the head of Hie house and
send for the police," Tchlgorsky said;
"bo far us I can see, ii will be Impossible to keep tho matter n secret. .Nor
are we to blame, Those men came
hero for no good purpose, and wo took
steps io prevent them from entering
the house,
"Unfortunately, we fovgel there
would bo nn exceptionally high tide,
mid consequently ihey havo paid the
penalty of their folly. Bul we can't
bury these two fellows as wc did the
"Hadn't we hotter search them?"
Ralph suggested. "Tiny came In response to lhe note sent them by their
mistress. Tho note was opened nnd
read. One of them is sure to have
the let tor on his person."
"Then let tho police find It,"
Tchlgorsky said promptly. "It will lie
the link In the evidence thai we require. When you nnd I come lo tell
our story, Ralph, aim tho police lind
tliat letter, the nol around Princess
_ara will he complete. 1 havo only to
produce that diary and the cast; is
Ralph nodded approval. Five mill
utes laler and the head of the house,
sealed over a Pool; in the library,
was exceedingly astonished to see
Italpli nnd Geoffrey, followed by
Tchlgorsky, enter the room.
He swept a keen glance over thslr
luces: ho saw at once they had news
oi gravo import for him.
"I do not understand," he said.
"Dr. Tchlgorsky, I am amazed, I was
under lho impression that you were
dead and burled."
"Oilier people shared the same
opinion, sir," Tchlgorsky said coolly.
"The great misfortune of another
man was my golden opportunity. II
was necessary for certain people to
regard mo ns dead���your enemies particularly. But perhaps I had better
"ii would be ns well," Ravenspur
Tchlgorsky proceeded lo clear tlie
mystery of Voskl's death, lie had to
tell tho whole story, beginning at
Lassa and going on to the end. Ravenspur listened with the air ot a man
who dreams. To a man used all his
life, lo tlie quiet ol an English shire it
seemed impossible in believe thai
such things could lie. And why
should these people persecute him;
why should they come here? What
did these men mean by drowning
themselves In the vaults?
"Thoy came here at tlio instigation
of  .Mrs.   May."  Tchlgorsky   said.
"But 1 don'l sec how that lady
conies to be in il al all,"
"Vou will in a minute," said
Tchlgorsky grimly. "Vou will when
I tell yon thai Mrs. May ami Princess
"Sara arc ono and the same person."
Ravenspur gasped, The bare idea of
Lining such a woman under his roof
tilled him with horror. Even yet lie
con:,i nol understand his danger,
"I;m why due; she come'.''' lie demanded,   'Tor revenge un you two?"
"oil. no. My being hero was a
mi re coincidence. Of course tho
princess would have removed mo
sooner or later. Ralph, strange to
say. she does not recognize at all,
probably because ho has disguised
himself with such simple cleverness.
Princess Zara came here to destroy
your family."
"In the name of Heaven, why?"
"Partly for money, partly for revenge. 1 told you all about her husband, U'ho was nn  English officer.    I
you wlij sli
mairieil  him
H' papers sin
lhe library, hearing
in a chair Ur. Tchli
fearful shook.    And  when
lo   tall"   I   could   1101    lieiievi
OllcQ of my senses."
"I'lieii    win,   was   il   lhal
(To lu Contiuiioitj
Fori Coulongc, Quebec.   "1 am happy
lo (ell you I bul your medicine did me
wondci'l'nl   good,
ed, then sho killed  him and returned   No wonder Hint I cried oul
tho papers to hot'own people, giving      ''"'     '     '
oul thnl sin' and hor husband had
perished up COlintr; ill ii tearful
cholera epidemic, she wanted money.
Why nm  kill off her husband's fain*
ll.\ one by (ii  ihal dually the os
laics should conic io hor? Mr. I"si\-
CUBptir, surely you  haw guessed  who
was tho English officer Princess Uarn
Ilavciispnr  slaggcri'd   bach   as  before u heavy btow,   The Illuminating
Hash  iiimosi   stunned  him.
gasping lino u chair.
"My son, Jaspor," he said
ly.   "Thai llciid is Ills widow.
"And     Marion's     mother,"
Ueoffrej  was alniosl as much astotl
ished as his grandfather. He wonder
ed why lie hud nol seen all Ihis he-
lore. Once explained, tho problem
wns ridiculously simple. Ravenspur
covered Iiis lace with Iiis hands,
"Marion musl not know," he said.
"II would kill her."
"She knows already," Tchlgorsky
said. "That woman has great Influence over her child. And the idea
was for Hie child to gel everything,
Tlie others were lo he killed off until
she was Hie only one left, With ihis
largo fortune al command Zara
meant to he anothor Queen of sheba,
And she would have succeeded, loo."
Ravenspur shuddered. He was lorn
hy conflicting emotions. Perhaps tenderness and sympathy for .Marion
were uppermost. I low much did she
know? How much had she guessed'.'
Was sho entirely in Ihe dark as io
her mother's machinations, or had she
come resolved t. proteel the relatives
as much as possible?
Ravenspur poured oul Ihese questions one after another. Tchigorslty
could or would say nothing to relieve
Hie other's feelings on these points.
"What you ask has nothing to do
with lhe case," lie said. "I have proved to you, I am prepared lo prove in
any court of law, how your family
lias been destroyed and who is Hie
author of tho mischief.
"She is under your roof, where she
is powerless lo move. Her two confederates lie dead in (lie vaults yonder. \ have already explained to you
how il came about that the princess
is here and how lier infernal apparatus fail. It now remains to call in tlio
"There will he a fearful scandal,"
Ravenspur groaned.
Tchlgorsky glanced at him Impatiently. The cosmopolitan knew a
greal. many things that were, sealed
books io Ravenspur���in point of
knowledge it was as a child alongside
a greal master; hut Tchlgorsky knew
nothing of family pride.
"Which will be forgotten in a
week," he said emphatically. "And
when tlie tiling is over you will he
free again. Vou cannot realize what
that means as yet."
"No,"   Ravenspur said.  "I   cannot."
"Nevertheless, vou can see i'or your-!
voices thero. nnd
0t_Ky was seated.
ll wns a
he began
tlio  cvlil-
1 was troubled
with tvcakncBS nnd
I tried wines .-did
ul lid' things but.
received wry littlfl
benefit. I was
young ut lhe lime
and knew very lil-
ile about medicines
till   il   lady   friend
cinue   lo   me   with
a   bottle   nf   lie
Pierce's    I'.ivoriic
Prescription.   1   became  si rung  and   a
year   afterward   bud   twins."���Mils.   .1.
DiiAor, Porl Coulongc, Quobec.
Thousands of women right here in
Canada who are now blessed with robust
health cannot understand why thousands
uf other women continue lo worry and
sulTci' when thoy can obtain for a trifling
sum Dr. Pierce's Favor! to Prescription,
which will surely and quickly banish all
pain, distress and misery and restore llic
ivomanly health.
Young mothers who preserve lhe
inarms of face and figure iu spite of an
increasing family and ihe care of growing
children are always lo be envied. "Fnvor-
'te Prescription gives ihe strength and
aoalth upon which happy motherhood
depends. II enables lhe mother to nourish the infant life depending on lier, and
enjoy Ihe happiness ,if watching lhe development of a perfectly healthy child.
Over a million copies of the "The
People's Common Sense Medical Adviser"
are now in Ihe hands of Ihe people, ll, is
i book lhal everyone should have and read
;u ease of accident or sickness.
Send fifty cents (or stamps) for mailing
barges to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel",
lulTalo, N. V'., and enclose this notice
nd you will receive, by return mail, all
barges and customs duly prepaid, ihia
luablo booi-
Bees to Fight Troops
In tlie bush lighting in lOast Africa
the Germans and their black troops
placed hives of wild bees, partially
stupefied by smoke, under lids on
each side ot narrow tracks along
Which our troops must advance. Wires
or cords lifted the lids when touched
by the advancing troops, and swarms
of Infuriated bees, recovered from
their temporary slupor were let loose
on the attackers. .Many men were so
horribly slung on lhe face or hands
as to he temporarily blinded or rendered incapable of holding iheir weapons. Over lOn stings are said to
  , .    , have been extracted from one of die
self that what 1 say is a fact,    Icing-  ���,.,, of tlle Loyal Nor|h l_____i.i-.is,
orsky   resumed.      And   as   a   county i
magistrate and a deputy-lieutenant
you would hardly venture io suggest
that we should bury those bodies and
say nothing to anybody about it?''
Ravenspur nodded approval. A few |
minutes laler a groom was carrying
a note to the poiico inspector at Al-1
ton.    Ravenspur  turned   to  Tchlgor*
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh  That
Contain Mercury
tn mercury will sjrcly deutroy lhe sense
of smell and completely deraniio the
whole Bystom when entering il through
tho mucous surfaces. Such articles should
never be used except on prescription!
from reputable physicians, us lho damage
they will do ls ten fold to the good vou
kv Willi a manner more genial llian   can   possibly  derive  from  them.   Hall's
Catarrh   Cure,   manufactured   by   F.   J.
ho usually assumed.
"1 have forgotten to thank you," he
said. "And you, Ralph, have saved
tlie house. If you can forget Ihc
past���" Ho said no more, but his
hand went out. Ralph seemed to divine it and pressed it closely. There
was no word uttered on either side.
Hut they bolh understood and Ralph
smile., ' Geoffrey had never seen his
uncle smile before, The expression
Of Ills face was genial, almost handsome His wooden look had utterly
disappeared and nobody ever saw it
again. Tlie transformation of Ralph
Ravenspur was nol the least wonderful iucidi nl of liie whole
Tho door opened and    Vera cntnel"'
lightly Into llic room.
"Whal      does    all    ibis    mystery
mean?" she asked. "Oooffrey you are
Dr. Tchlgorsky!"
Cheney <_ Cu., Toledo, O., contains ....
mercury, und Is taken Internally, ucting
directly upon the blood and mucous sur-
fucen of tho system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you ect lho trcn-
uinc. It Is taken Internally and made
In Toledo. Ohio, by V, ]. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials  free.
Sold by Druggists, Price, 76c. per bottle.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
W. hi, 0.  1091
An   Inspiring   Spectacle
British  manhood, as a whole,  has
stood (he test of the  war very  well.
There is certainly no general "sabotage" against the war.   Tho fact thai
inyslei'iuiis Ino fewer llian 2,829,263 men came forward and offered Hienisclves for serin lhe tweiity-threa days prior lo
iDocember IB las: is positive proof of
ihal.    .Never  before  in  any  country
���certainly not  in the  United Stales
I during the Civil War���was there ever
| any such  record as Hint of Ihe upris-
The last words came with a scream (ng 0r ., peopto, |, js a_ Inspiring
Hint might havo been heard all over spectacle for the whole human race,
die house Tchlgorsky closed ilis i ami particularly for the Anglo-Saxon
door and proceeded rapidly to explain par| 0[ jt |,' foretells the eventual
But it. was not the lull explanation success ���f the Allies' cause.���Boston
be had given lo lhe others. There was Transcript,
time enough  for that. 	
Vera was loo bewildered    to   ask      "v.,,,   haven't   forgotten   us,   havo
questions.    Al  a sign  from Geoffrey you, waiter?"
Bhe slipped from the room.   Then she,    "rjh, no, sir.   Vou are Ihe two fried
recollected that she bad come down* smells."
stairs on an errand of mercy.    She 1    _____________________________
had promised lo get a cup of tea for -"
tlio woman whom she still knew as
I Mrs. May. She procured the tea from
| tiie drawing room and, in a dazed
kind of slate made her way up tho
stairs again.
.Mr:;. May was silling up In bed.
There was a pink spot on either cheek
and her dark eyes were blazing.
"I hope, nothing is wrong," she
said. "It might have been my fancy
hut it seemed lo me that I heard you
call Tchigorsky's name at the top of
your voice."
Tlie suggestion was made with a
fervent earnestness that the woman
could not repress. But Vera did not
notice It.
"I  did," Bhe said.    "1  walked  into
���> Bit-inns, as used for
in.-uiy years in llieir
*_*J practice, now detlicat*
d to tlio Public and
nlil by Your Druggist.
. 'TryMurinetoKefrct.il,
Cleanse, and Strengthen Byes after exposure io
Cold Culling Winds und Dust and to restore
healthful lone lo Eyes Reddened and made Sure
by Overwork and Eye Strain.
Sonic broadmlndea Physicians use and recommend Murine while others perhaps jealous of its
Success, tulk nnd rush into print in opposition;
those whose Kyes need care can .(less why, us
therein no Proscription fee In Murine. Just hand
your I.)ru*rnist 60o and you have a Complete Pka*.
Eye Book- Murine-Dropper-and Cork Screw -
reiuly for use. Try iL in your Eyes and in Baby's
Eyes fur Eve Troubles���No Smarting���Just Eye
Comfort. Write for Hook of the Eye Free.
Murino Eye Remedy Comnany, ChlcaM
In Spite of Taxes; and Contingent Appropriation, Dividends nnd Bonus
Were Maintained Without Drawing
Upon Pact Profits Bank in Very
Strong Position For Renewal of
Trade Activity.
The   lifly-lirsl   annual  statoinonl   "I
I ihc  Union   Hank  of Canada,    wliicli
wus presented in lhe annual nicotine
jln  Winnipeg mi  Wednesday, January
I I",  reveals a  year which    has  been
highly   salislaelor;    from   lho   share
holders' starplpolni  und al  lho snine
time has witnessed a great expansion
iu  the  deposit  business of  ihc   Hank
and a remarkable Increase in iis Hm
iild assets, while iis loans lo Canadian
| trade ami Industry have been main*
, llllllcd   In   Hie   full   I'Slenl   ii|   (he   pees
cut reduced requirements of lho conn
li-).   The Hank reports nel profits for
I Ihc year amounting io $060,088, which
i compares  with  $', 12,440    in   1911   nr
j very   moderate  reduction, having ro*
| gnrd   io  ihc    prevailing    conditions,
| wliicli have ii. cu universally unfavorable io profitable bank operations);
I (hey represent  13,2 per cent, on  the
capital siock. and sufficed for lhe pay
' mom of the full regular dl\ Idends ol'
x per cent, and  Hi i bonus of  I   per
cent., together with lhe appropriation
of $]50,000  to  Contingent    Account,
tho   payment  of War   Tax of $46,-
"I'.U.TT, and  tlio  usual  contribution  of
$10,000   lo   Officers'     Pension     Fund,
while lhe balance carried forward is
increased   by   some   $3,956,   and   now
amounts to ��106,076.75. ll is worthy of
note  that     Ihis     Hank    has    passed
through the entire three years. 1913,
IJ 014 and  1915, maintaining its dividends and bonuses, its pension contribution, its provision for depreciation I
and   conlingenci..',,   its   special   taxes
and  sundry  patriotic  donations,  and i
all without having lo draw upon accumulated   profits  or  Rest    Account, I
and  with  an  annual  increase in  the
prolil  balance carried  forward.
Tho balance sheet shows an expansion of over nine, millions in the total
volume of assets nnd liabilities. Thej
public  liabilities  total  $81,654,026.75,
us agalnsl  $70,902,919.04 a year ago: !
the chief Hems being note circulation
$7,673,659.00   (increase  aboul   $1,300,-
000), deposits noi    hearing    Interest
1^21,999,832.00   (increase   four    and  al
half millions), deposits hearing Interest $60,686,304.63 increase a little un-
tier live millions), and balances due lo
hunks abroad, $984,405.99,
The changes in  Hie assets column
are important,    und serve    lo exhibit
tho  immense  reservoirs  of  strength
' which  have  been  accumulated  since
: the  war  began   and   wliicli   are   now
ready and available for ihe support of
Canadian business iu lhe period of expansion   which  is  already  coining  in
J sight.    Total  assets amount  lo  $90.*
' 663,063.70.       The       liquid       reserve
amounts lo $39,138,385.31, which is an
; increase  of  close  upon  thirteen   mil-
; lion dollars, or ulinosl fifty per cent.
j over the figures of a year ago. ll con-1
> sists ol $9,257,094.66 of coin and  Ho-
minion    notes In hand, $2,800,000 of
'gold and notes in the Central   Gold
Reserve.  $3,656,491.45  of cheques  on
i oilier banks uud  $706,742.00 of notes,
of the same,    $6,033,345.88    due    by
I hanks   abroad,   $3,434,139.73   of   rail-!
way and other bonds and slocks. $7,-
I 746,570.44 or call loans In Canada and
$4,183,667.69  of  call    loans    abroad,!
with smaller sums in oilier gilt-edged
i items.
Notwithstanding  ihese large  sums
Ii til inio liquid assels. ihe Bank has In !
'no degree  neglected  its duly lo tlie j
I commercial community, Current loans
land discounts in  Canada  (other llian
! call  loans)   are  $48,941,316.32,  which
is scarcely two million's less than in
1914 in spile of tho marked contrac-i
; tion in the trade of the country, and I
.is actually two millions more than in j
1913,   If we add together the current'
and call  loans iu  Canada  we find an
Increase of $2,700,000 during the past j
'year.    Discounts outside of Canada
| are $608,602.92, a  modernto increase.
I There is a marked reduction In overdue debts, and all lhe less realizable
items arc very small, which appears
to indicate a healthy condition of affairs  among  tho   Hank's  clients.
Very few banks, and only the very
strongest, have come through thepa-.t
three years with such satisfactory results as the Union Bunk, and the figures seem to show    thai    President
John ('.alt and General Manager C. ll.
Balfour have brought lo lhe business,
l since it was removed    to Winnipeg,
| lhe same conservative and thoroughly
! sound principles wliicli    actuated    it
when iis  headquarters  were  in   the
caul ions East, in Hie city of Quebec.
' ^eRiij Highest Values
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the nlmoit mlmculoui rrn-
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jrmtt family,  u is mora vital than homo luurance*
Ank VOW |iliv.lr.i;itt, drtlgUtlti OI "ml for "llavt
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results ftom uiOi and rianiei from Typhoid Curloti-
IM.'  Ml! Ill*  LAMtATMY,   Kf ItM'l TV.  UL
taooutiNe v*i ��� ini *. �� liaUMI cnuiji u. e, ��ov. utrill
Even in a match you should
consider lhe "Little Things,"
ihc wood the composition���
tlie   slrikeability   the   flame.
_rc made of strong dry pine
stems, with a secret perfected
composition that guarantees
"Every Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���that's
the reason!
All Eddy products are dependable products   Always.
Room  14 Coagrave  Bldg.  163
Yonge St.
Russia to the Fore
Her     Paramount     Interest   is  in   the
Balkans   Where   Her   Prestige
Has Suffered
Russia's activity on the eastern
front is reported to have led to the
recall of von llackenzen from the
Balkans to take command of the Ger
nian operations along the River Styr
This, if correct, is a welcome indiea-
tion of the return of the Czar's armies
to  tlie   offensive.
liussia is supplying some badly
needed relief to the Balkan situation,
Germany cannot carry out any further
ambitious Balkan project while Hus
sla menaces tho lines farther back
This latest move is an indication that
the Allies have begun to work in concert since a demonstration against
lho enemy where it is being made is
the logical part I'or Russia to play ii'
the moment. The bearing of such
action is to render both Salonikl and
Kgvpt Immune from a thrust by the
Russia's paramount interest at pres
enl, also is in the Balkans, where lie
prestige has suffered un eclipse. Itiis^
sin will never resl until the sllsniii ol
Germany's Balkan operations iu con
tempi of her arms is removed, ami
she is in a position again to challengi
Austrian diplomacy In the Balkan
capitals. She has learned already bj
hard experience sonic stern lessons
bv which she will profit,
Naval Losses in W?r
The Vear Bool; nl tile United Stales
navy estimates ship losses of belligerent nations as  follows:
No. of Ships, Tonnage
England     12
i France  .
j Russia   .
Japan  ..
jItaly  ...
Turkey   .
Hinks��� Who     does  llio  new   baby
take after?
.links   Oh!    lie's neutral.
History's Greatest Spectacle
Figures in sonic respect arc Ihc
most eloquent tliinu.s in the world.
Wc realize ihis when we read ol
Great Britain sending three million
ot her best and bravest lo lhe war.
and not content with that, conlrlbul
iiiR In addition 1,160,000 unmarrld
men and 1.0711.20:! married men undei
Lord Derby's scheme ol cnlislmeiil
Nothing like this has been known
since the world began.���Van-couvei
Alniosl every woman iii France if
becoming "niarraine;" or godmother,
to a soldier. She does not pick and
choose, but takes Ihe man allotted hei
by the Central Committee. Henceforth he is her soldier, and she writes
lo him, prays for him, sends him
gifis, and Interests herself In even
way in li is welfare.
HOME TREATMENT.   Df.rrihf voir .(���<������>
and wrile for free boob aud lesliaw.illi.
It bears the     m
Seal of Purity
All over (he world the
name Sunlight stands
for purity in Soap. Our
$5,000 gun ran let- of
Purity is something
more than nn advertisement. It marks the
high standard we have
set for ourselves to give
you the besl laundry
soap it is possible to
produce ut  uny price.
5? Soap
Big Fur Trade
Saskatchewan  Dealers Bring in Pelts
Valued at $000,000
Pelts io the value of nenrly 1*000,-
Ono is lhe record of Iho fur year of
Saskatchewan, according to official
figures, one hundred und tlilrty-ono
dealers are shown as being in llic fur
trade for the lasl year, bringing in a
total of 961,840, ns compared with
Tlii.isu poll a for tho year before
Tho figures Rive sonic idea of the
Immensity of tho fur trade of Saskatchewan.
According to the figures, muskrat
skins  wero  in  I lie lead  with a tola
of 892,960,    the    lowesl  pells    being
white  foxes,    Of  which  only  six  ure |
She Gives Them
Build Many Elevators in Alberta
Tlio Alberta  Farmers'  t'ooperative
Company   will probably construct 20
or even 80 elevators tlie coining season. "We constructed a number lasi
year."  said   l'.   liice-.loues,   president,
when Interviewed In Calgary, "nnd
Willi ihe abiiiidiiul harvest of the past
season, tho demonstrated shoring:'
space when the province Is visited
wiili u groui crop, und the probability
of another good crop for the coming
.vear, we will undoubtedly oarry on j
quite a program of construction during the coming season as well."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc,
Europe  Buying Canadian Timber
Hriiish Columbia timbers have been
shipped to  England for trench con-1
slriicllon ami tlio cedar shingle indiis-
try bus agnlii bogun to move at 11 live-!
ly pace.   All Ot'dor ol 4,000,000 shingle!
was  recently  Belli   lo  Now   Vork',  via!
lhe  I'niniinii, bul  tho  big  slide  lliere
has  closed   lhe   iiiarkeis  of  lhe  easl
for llu; tinio belli;:    I'ulp nilllti nre
doing good  mis! n  now,  11111I   largo
quantities of paper ami boxes havo
been skipped lo lho Slides, io China,
and oilier Pacific conull |_B.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when die liver it rijlil the
ilo-nich ud bowels we right.
genlly but firmly com-
pel ��� lazy liver
'lu its duly
Cures Coil'
Headache, and Distress after Eating,
Small Pil), Sm.u Doie, Small Price
Genuine mm bear Signature
B.C. Mines Are Busy
Activity in the niclalliiiToii- mines
of West Kooicnay and tho boundary
districts lias so Increased lhe demand
for coke lhal every 0V6I1 ill Kernic
is running nnd 200 ovens iii Michel,
which have been idle for three years,
also  have  been   lighten   up, according
lo a statemettl from Penile, British
The demand for coal also has boon
much better of late, ospeclall) from
railroads, whoso traffic Is steadily
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Hull- Things were awfully dull in
I Hie stock market today, Absolutely
; nothing doing.
Wife -Why don'l. you mark some
: nf i'.,, stun-* down and advertise n
1 bargain sale.
The Oil of the People.���Mn 11 y oils
have come ami gone, bul Dr, Thomas'
Kcieciric on continues  10 maintain
lis position uml Increase iis sphere
of usefulness ouch year, lis slorlliig
(|ii(i!llics haw brought il to the front
and kepi ii there, and ii can truly bo
called ihe nil of ihe people. Thousands bnve bonolltod by ii and would
use im oilier preparation,
Use   Alberta   Coal   in   Spokane
Advices from s'pokane announce
thut public buildings there are using
Alberta coal for boating purposes tor
lho flrsl lime in their history, Formerly American coal was used exclusively, The reason for change given is
lliul Alhci'la coul Is cheaper in pro.
porl Ion io the healing services rendered.
To Asthma Sufferers. -Tic .1 P
Kellogg'S Asllima llemedy comes like
11 helping hand to a sinking swimmer.
II gives new life aud hope by curing
his trouble ���something ho lias come
to believe impossible, its benefit la
too evldeul to he questioned ll is Its
own best argument���its own besl ad
verllseiiieill. If you surfer from ttslll*
nm got tills llmc-li'led remedy and
lind   help  like  thousands  of oilier.-.
All the Credit
SAYS        DODD'S      KIDNEY
Miss Gertie Newman, After Two
Years' Suffering, Tells How She
Found  a Complete  Cure.
Boyd's cove, Notre Dame Hay. Nild.
���(Special).���"After two years of
weakness and suffering I am again In
perfect Jieallli and I give all tho credit to Dodd's Kidney i'ills."
That is tlie statement in. by Miss
Gertie M. Newman, an ..tunable
young lady living here, She is so
overjoyed at her recovery lhat she
wants all suffering women to know
now she found lier cure.
"I had a colu to start with," .Miss
Newman continues, "and then things
just seamed to go from bad to worse.
My back ached, I bad cramps in my
���nuscles, and 1 suffered from headaches. My sleep was broken and un*
refreshing, my eyes were puffed and
jvrolleii and 1 perspired freely with
the least exertion, I was always Irritable and In tho mornings 1 had a
bitter taste in  my mouth.
"Heading of cures by Dodd's Kidney Pills 1 decided to give Ihem a
trial. 1 took a dozen boxes in all and
you can see how they helped me. I |
recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills io all
suffering women."
Dodd's Kidney Piils are suffering
woman's best friend.
Dr. Borger. assistant director of
the r-asTcur Institute in Batavia, one
of the greatest byglenlsts of the day,
has succumbed to plague while conducting experiments with a view to
combating the dire inroads ot that
fell epidemic. Dr. Horger has conducted himself wiili a heroism equal
to that of any proud possessor of a
A Wonderful Medicine
For Children
Mrs. Ceo. Huffman, Wllllng'ton,
Ont., writes: "1 have used Baby's
Own Tablets and can recommend
them as u wonderful medicine for
children. I am the mother of five and
havo used no oilier medicine for any
of them." Thousands of oilier mothers say the same, thing of the Tablets. That Is why once a mother lias
used them for her lililo ones she
would use nothing else. Tlie Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from Tile 111'.
Williams' Medicine Co., Srockvlll)e,
In spite of the common idea that
crows do nothing but caw, lhe old
augurers recognized no less than 65
intonations of the raven's voice, each
���.itli Its Bpeoial significance, From
the ringing "liahk! rahk! rahk!
ralik!" of the hooded crow, the
Swedes have borrowed tlielr fierce
���cheer, the finest battle cry possessed
ky any people.
W. N. U. 1091
"Hard lo gel along with, isn't lie?"
"Oh, yes. lie in as quarrelsome as
"I hoar lhat itlchwood's daughter
run away witli the chauffeur."
"Yes: und Itichwood Is nearly crazy
over It."
"Well, it Is hard to lose a daughter
In tlial way."
"Oh, T don't know so much about
that; but they took the motor cur
wllh Ihem."
Another  New  Battalion
A movement is on rooi for the organization lu  the west for overseas
service of a battalion of Scandinavians  and   Icelanders,    Messrs.  1-roiit,
Ross and Slgfusson, members of the
Manitoba legislature, who offered the
militia deiiprtnieiit to Jointly raise an
overseas battalion, have a telegram
fom Sir Sum Hughes accepting Iheir
offer, tlie command of the battalion
deiienni""*- on Hie qualifications of tlie
organlzen. *j
Beautifies While
You Sleep
II 'fore retiring, bailie the face and
neck wilh hot water, then dl'J and rub
"t'SI'I'" Into tlie skin with the linger
tips, iiy perslstont trentmenl you
will soon restora to your complexion
tho  wonderful freshness and  ben it-
of youth.     .Make    ihis    iienim  ill     a
nightly habit and "USIT" will beautify you while you sleep.
"USIT" is a skin food and ��rial lo
chaser. It builds up firm elastic (issues, removes wrinkles, (Ills oul depressions nnd givs llic skin a wonderful smoothness and fineness of
texture which nlono Indicates perfect
skin health,
"USIT" is put up iu handsome opal
bottles, and uniil the Deng Stores iu
Canada arc completely stocked we
are filling mull orders. Accept no sub*
Send B0 Ccnls today for trial bottle,
sufficient for six weeks' use.   Wo pay
postage to any address in Canada.
476 Roncesvalles Ave., TORONTO
"Some   day we'll    be telephoning
through lhe uir wiilioui wires."
"Maybe;  but wor.'i ii  be queer to
have an operator call hack to you and
say, "I'he air Is busy now ?'"
Salonika���dm centre of Interest In
tlie Near Hast today���ii the name-
city of Ihe Princess of Macedon,
Thessalonlca, sister of Alexander,
where in turn have ruled Oreek, Roman, and Slav. Caracen an I Sicilian,
Burgundlan, Venetian and Tori;:
where Cicero endured exile, where St.
Haul planted a Faith,
What Dr. Chase is Doing
for Our Soldier Boys
At Home and Abroad���To Every Soldier a Full Sixty-cent Box of Dr.
Chase's Ointment Free���Greatly Appreciated by the Boys.
Realizing that ointment is oue of tlie prime necessities to the soldier, both in training aud at the front, it was early decided to supply
nil Canadian recruits free of charge.
That this offer was appreciated by the military authorities is best
evidenced by some of the replies received from Headquarters, as well
as from individual camps.
Brigadier-Gen. Sir Sam Hughes wrote:���
"This Is indeed a most useful and acceptable donation, and for which please accept
my most sincere thanks."
Lleut.-Col. Murphy, in charge of V��)-
carticr Camp, wrote :���"I would be very
3-lad lo receive donation of Dr, Chase's Oinl-
���nonl, and reel sure it would be acceptable."
One Major reports :���"The Ointment arrived on the day the Battery completed .4
miles route march on foot, and I can assure
you the Ointment was very beneficial, und
luuch appreciated by those with sore feet."
For the 31st Itegiment, Owen Sound,
Q,M. Sergt. Miller writes :���"I have been
��� directed by Col. Chisholm to tender to you
our hearty thanks for your splendid gift of
Dr. Chase's Ointment to tho members of tho
Overscan Contingent. I can assure you it
was appreciated by the men, aud if the quantity had been doubled wo would have had
a hard lime to save a box. The men swear
by It."
I'rom  Mas-lira Camp Q.M. Sergt. O, >f.
Stevenson writes for the 37th Battalion :���
"The Ointment has been distributed among
the boys of our company, and la highly appreciated by them. I assure you that they
will find it very useful both here and at the
Further distributions of Dr. Chase's Ointment will be made to the
recruits assembling for training at the various towns and cities
throughout the country. Officers in charge arc requested to advise us
how many boxes they can use, allowing one for each man. In a score of
ways this Ointment is useful to the soldier, and it is our desire that
fV/MKiy ftuppt/ for 15*'.<f British
Bo'dlare U|>pn.Tlitlri-*e(t
;fcondon, Vei. lfli���An "eyewitness''
at the British general army., head*
Quartern In France pays a tribute ln
an article fitren out yesterday by the
Official Prese.Bureau to the work of
the artny eujiply departments.. He
calls. the Ordnance 'Department a
���Military. ainlveraal-^jBroYtder,',' ire
The vastne-ss Qf tbS -work ot maintaining a modem army may be gauged by the foot, that during tbe put
month the eupplten furalohcd included 450 inll.a of telephone wire, 630V
��00 sand bags, and 10,000 pounds of
shoe blacking, while in ten days tho
Ordnance pepariment supplied 120,.
000 for waistcoats an. 300,000 flannel tieltg. Tha average weekly is*
of ointment fur i~i.L u fivo to*-..
. 'Fie complexity of tlie vor��� <i i'.'.-:
'trailed by (the fact that the Index ot
the -tores' Include 50,000 separate
kind- of article*. Most of these still
are obtained from England, but some
���re feeing manufactured by tha Ordnance Department la Its own .work'
sbo.s la-Franco.
every man shall bo supplied free of charge.
& Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Address Edmanson,
Or Chase's Ointment THI COURTENAY BEVD5W
Comox, B, C.
Best Meals Noi ih of Naiiiamo
Choici ��t l.ii|iiius iiud Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop,
l.i'ggei's   Siloes made to order,
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan! the Test.
Just as of old. Israel would have rangements w'th the president and
a king to rule over them, so in thej secretary of the Flock Masters As-
recent bye-elections the desire has'scciation with resprct to the sale
been strongly manifested to put in of tlie wool which the association
some semblance of an opposition, plans this season He gave some
To carry this simile still further, valuable information as to the
the Israelites were not overly pur-i methods adopted elsewhere in the
ticttlar who the king was so lougas Dominion to marl el wool co-oper-
tliey had a royal house installed, so utively and successfully. He was
in the bye elect ions the electorate satisfied lhat there would be a suf-
hnve been disposed to vote for any I ficient number of fleeces on Van-
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   Hut   First  Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths in connection
C.  15.   DALRYMPLE, Prop.
On December the 17th from Steieston,
.Scow ('.. n. I,. 2. Last seen oil Nu-
uoose Hay, December Jlst.
Any In formation lending to the recovery of this Scow will lie rewarded.
Co., Ltd,
New Westminster Phone 826
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Lending Musicians
from the Atlantic to lhe Pacific,    Copies
uf -..one furnished du request
*>V. T. Goard   will nc   in til is city   about
April    1.      Leave orders  at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
one not of the government party.
Due outstanding feuture of the contest wus the indomitable courage of
that old wurlioise, llic i.ew Pre
liner. Called upon lo take up the
reins of office under triple burden
oi ill health, changed
conditions uml the additional drag
upon the Province under war conditions, lie formulated under most
difficult circumstances, a construe*
live policy to meet the iwo affecting the province. In spite of the
adverse money market, Mr. How
ser realized the imperative need of
developing, at this critical juncture
the three leading industries of the
province, namely agriculture, lumbering and mining. Going still
further, he announced a policy of
social reform, designed to meet
both the advancing force of public
opinion concerning prohibition,
combined with the demand for the
curtailment of the liquor traffic
during the war at least. With
these colours firmly   nailed
couver Island to warrant sendtnga
grader, The onlv sheep breeders
association in the province is at
Duncan, and was established in
1893, Capt Vigors has opened
negotiations to have the wool crop
economic I from the Comox valley dealt with
co-operatively. This would doubtless mean that the growers would
receive a much better price for
their wool than in former years
when thev had to depend on some
peddler to come run ml and buy the
fleeces at his own price.
The I'ditor was busy when he
was asked: "How are the mar
kets?" The man was referred to
the office devil, who looked wi:.e
and su'd: "Young men unsteady;
girls lively and in demand; papa
firm, but declining; mamma, unsettled, wailing for higher bids; coffee
considerably mixed; fresh fish, active and slippery; egg quiet, but
expected to open soon; whiskev,
to the j still going down;   onions,   strong;
mast the new head entered his first I yeast, rising; breadstuffs, heavy
session as Premier and leadet of I boots and shoes, those 011 the inar-
the Conservative party. ket are soled and  constantly going
On the other hand, the main up and down, hats and cups, not so
plank of the opposition has been high as last year, except foolscap,
and is still, the destruction of the which is stationery; tobacco, very
Government. To obtain success low and has a downward tendency;
Mr. Brewster and his friends have silver, close, but not close enough
blindly promised everything that to get hold of; snow u drug on the
seemed a likely draw. Without market."
any definition of  terms they   have
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
P, McBrv-de for alniosl 8 years witli  Maroccbi Bros.
begs to announce lo the coniiuunity that he lias opened a Bakery ami Tea Room at the above address
I have had a technical training in the Kilinanio.k
Bakery School and Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under tlie best masters, and hold a first class certificate, upper grade, in the technics of bread making
and a first class certificate in baking confectionery by
the Master linkers Association I can assure the public that tlie bread and eaKes made by me will be manufactured by the best methods Known to the baking
world today and will be pure, healthful and appetising
Hoping for a share of public patronage
Remember the address
Next the Royal Bank of Canada
promised prohibition, women's stif-
ferage, etc.,  but   "smash   Bowser
The   Department   of  Insurance
has sent out a bulletin showing the
Palace Livepy
Horses  and   Buggies  for  Hire  _.
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   I(ap
Rugs, Oloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Yea cannot eat your
eake and have it|
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingre-
clients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
first, and not only hint, but his | number of fires that occured duriug
friends und supporters, root und 1915. There were 701 fires report-
branch, hip and thigh." The very 1 ed, 430 of wliicli were in dwellings
announcement of the great and with a loss of #406,335. Defective
courageous concession by the Pie- chimneys caused 39, incendiary 21,
niier of u straight vote 011 prohibi- sparks from chimney 71, stovepipes
tion, drove the liquor truflic in ' not sufficiently protected 16, clothes
Victoria over to Mr Brewster's , too near stove 14, ashes against 10,
, ranks of hgh minded purists, their j and 96 from unknown causes. The
one instinct being selfpreservation , otlurs were also from causes due lo
and Mr. Brewster, the supposed negligence. The public are warned
friend   of   prohibition, apparently to be cartful.
welcomed thein  with open   arms. 	
Mr. Bowser says that only the The recruiting officers at Toronto
j votes cast for or against Prohibi- are instituting a campaign address
tion will be counted, unlike that Lj to the women and giils in the
farcial vote upon local veto a few form cf a circular asking them not
years ago when the nonvoter was to accept attention, dinners or the-
COUllted as being against the re
Money To Loan
Wc are open to receive applications
for Loans on  Improved   Farm
Property   in   the   Comox
sabel St.
Real Kstute, Insurance and
Financial  Agents
at re tickets from  young men who
form   measure    Grouped   behind are eligible for military service. The
Mr, Brewster are the packed ranks [���"teratu
of office seekers, and would be
eoverntnent contractors, and everybody else with an axe to grind and
interests to forward. Accusations
were made, charges were levied,
irrespective of truth or decency,
and the lending Liberal organ surpassed itself in   the art of niiscon**
re has been distributed iu
restaurants, on street cars, and
wherever women congregate.
The City of Ladysmith get-' its
municipal loans for '* per cent, per
annum and hadnn offer of 5 1-2 from
another bank.  How is it that Cour-
pay 9 per cent for thpir loans ?
Portugal is the thirteenth nation
to enter the war. Her regular army
consists of 30,000 men, with 230,-
000 reserves. She is credited with
a total available strength of about
880,000 men. She has a small
button &Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Niglit or Day Calls Promptly
A1 tended
Phone  I
Geo. T. Willingmyre the wool
peciatist of the L ive Stock Branch
of the Dominion Government, vis-
ted Duncan recently and made ar-
By the time the lawyers get
through " picking " the Dominion
Trust there won't be much left for
the creditors. It might have been
better to have let Arnold run along
for a time.
struction and calumny' Without j tenav has to pay 7 per cent, for i.s
noticing such slimy tactics, utterly j money, and private citizens have to
unknown in the bitterest conflict
ever waged iu British politics, the
Premier's constructive policy stands
out clear--:is distinct us sturs shining above a niudflat.
We are aware that in addition to
a few malcontents like Sir C. H.
Tupper, several Conservatives lent
their support to Mr. Brewster.
Will that do them any good? We
venture to say "no," no with so
many hungry Grits ehiinuoring to
be satiated. "Thank you gentlemen; and please close the door
from outstde" will be their lot of
portion when, if ever, H. C. Brewster becomes the boss-
In conclusion what has Leader
Brewster said concerning the uplifting of politics and the e*i filiation of "graft", to use a pet term
of his following? Like a wise politician he has said, aud dare say.
nothing, for there are the, hungry
to be fed and the Conservative
party to be slain.
We prefer a constructive to a
destructive policy any day, for a
man may make a few mistakes that
will be forgiven, in the course of
his upbuilding policy, while the
relentless policy of destruction harbours only animosity, self gain and
the disintegration of the good results of a constructive and progressive policy. Let Isreal be careful
lest Saul of necessity be followed
by David.
The "pay up week" idea advocated in the Province is a good
one, but when the railways in the
U. K. some 60 years ago altered
their pay dav from weekly to fortnightly an Irishman couldn't understand it, and said, "sure enough
he would sooner have his fortnightly pay weekly."
The first 6 months trial of the
new liquor act in Saskatchewan reveals tin fact that closing the bar
and buyin. in bottles at government dispensaries, to be consumed
by the people in their homes, has
led to such an enormous increase
in the consumption of spirits, while
beer has enormously decreased,
that they contemplate cutting out
spirits, but not beer and wine. The
well paid Prohib reformers profess
not to understand the reason of
this, but the Government   records
Notice of Intention to Apply for
Retail Liquor License
TAKI' NOTICE Unit the undersigned
intends to apply to the Board of
License Commissioners at llieir next sitting to be held on the Sth day of April,
1916, for a license to sell intoxicating liquor by retail under Subsection 3 of Sec
tion 290, of the "Municipal Act" in that
certain store or shop situate oil lhe
gr mud floor, of those certain premises,
situate oil I.ot 4, Map 311, Townsile of
Courtenay, formerly known as I'eocey's
llrug Store, on Mill Street, in the City
of Courteuay.
Dated   this   8th  day   of    March,   A.
D. 1916.
IN THK MATTKR of an application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Sections
Twenty-six (26) and Thirty-five (35>,
Comox District, British Columbia.
intention at the expiration of one
calander month from the first publication hereof to issue n fresh Certificate ot
Title iu lieu of the Certificate of Title
issued to Reginald Terry Carwithen 011
the 6th day of November 1S71, and
Numbered 372A, which has been lost.
Dated at the I.aud Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C., this 2nd day of March
Registrar General of Titles
of the sales prove that it is so, and
I'll give the reason next week,
meanwhile, the general feeling is
in favor of moderate remedial measures and the betting is 10 to 1
against the drastic measutes of the
Prohibs at the next election���Critic
Fred Bell and Sam Jones left on
Friday morning by the 10:30 train
in search of work.
There was over twelve inches of
snow fell here on Sunday and Monday, followed by two day's rain.
The annual Masquerade Ball,
under auspices of the Cumberland
Volunteer Fire Brigade, will be held
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough Mixture
Drug Stoie
Phone  30
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
in the Uo Uo Hall on St. Patrick's
Day, March 17.


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