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MAR ?-0 1012
Published in the Garden City of B. C.
You will Like Chilliwack.
Voi,. 1.
Knights of Pythias.
I>n nu ni Lodge No.   11 In-Ill their
Semi-annual liriniinutidn ami  elec-
Itiori nf  nlliei'i's   nn   Thursday   an.l
the   iwnll was :—0,  ('..
Siddall; V.C., T.J. I'nllev,
.ed; Prelate. Herbert Bell'is,
ed; K.ni'i:. and S. Jno, II
P.O.I M. ofW. ll.Slallari
I'onk;   M. of  fi*,,
of IC, ,1. II. AsImvdIIi I.
Hepburn;  (1.(1.. il, II.
led,    The refill   nf  Ihe
lonsidcrod very  salls-
T. P. Knlghl gs tin)
A.,11. (!.
Iludili M
G., Chns
I'nnk, I'.'l,
olcetion wus
factory, Hit
retlirlngC. *'.
Twelve Pige Piper.
The Free Press In-dn
I twelve pages,     (),, \',IV
i published twelve panes
IV  I,
; M
New Electric Sign.
The three links formed of electric lights and suspended uver the
door ol the Oddfellow's hall now
enlightens the minds of the brethren that a fraternal invitation is
extended. The sign is a guud one,
Sam Pugh did the work.
Early Gardening.
A   citizen   nf  Chilliwack   reports
thai he wns working in his garden
Tuesday, and the weather hciug
so balmy uud springlike, he
unconsciously commenced planting
seeds for garden stuff, nut il his nt-
teiiiinii wus called to the calendar,
and the fact  (but  it  was  Dec.    12,
Hue Encaged Matron.
Mrs. Johnson Wcnl of Vancouver has lieen ehnsen us lirsl matron
nf the Chilli wad; Hospital, The
following donations have been received for tlm hospital,—lied and
mattress and small table from Mr.
Ferris; dinning room table from
Mr. Treiiliiilin;   Brussels  rug  front
S. A. Parsons.
Races il Roller Risk.
The races at Ihe  Roller rink  on
Tuesday   night  attracted   u   good y     ,. ., ,   «,.„.    ,
orowd/who greatly enjoyed the fun Mo,e •** '» MmA
nf the obstacle, three legged  raced, "W continued and persistent of-
etc.   Charlie Huston was winner of forts   "f Alderman   Waddlngton,
the first mentioned race and Lin- Chairman of the Fire,  Water, and
cnln Hallnni und  Frank  Hall  won W''  Committee,    bave   at    Inst
tbe three legged race.     There  will brought forth   fruit,  in  the form
bo more of such interesting ovonte °f forty additional street lights  for
during the season at tho Roller rink. I 'be city.    I'be men of the B, C. E.
10, w.' also
The publishing of Ihe oxll-ll four pages
have heen necessary in order to
linn.II.' our advertising patronage,
Wide awake Inisiness man realize
the linportau if judicious advertising in mitlorti business. The readers of the Free Press nre assured
of the of the reliability and honesty
of llii! advertising columns of Ibis
paper. Tiie careful leading of the
a his. of local merchants will profit
the lender.
The Annual Concei'l nf Ihe St.
Andrew's iind Caledonian Society
which was held ou Friday nighl
tii-^t was a marked success, nud
though thc audience was perhaps
uul as large as hoped for, ii   wus a
thoroughly njjpi iallve   one,     li
would I Ililicllll lunlli'i'liiilcciilf
Hie favorite or fiivni'll.es nf Ihe evening, for each cnnli'lbtiloi' lu Ihe
pi'iigrain initdii herself nr himself a
fitvoi'ilo   with    those    assembled,
Miss Klsie Han- who bus i nlly
Jennie in Chilliwack In mnke her
home, is ibe possessor of a full rich
.■..nliiilln voice and a particularly
pleasing     platform     appearance,
Miss Eva Ibii'l also a nowCOUipr to
J Ihe city, iii her anient inns showed a
carefully    t rn tiled    sopruiio   voice
Of   g I    compass    and   -clearness
of tone. Chilliwaek Welcuities Ibese :
two young ladies as very worthy
additions to her musical talent.
I Miss Kathleen Henderson, always a
I favorite with Cliilliwnck audiences, I
sang witli much expression nnd
feeling and her many friends arc
rightly proud of hor musical ability.,
;Miss Henderson also proved herself nn efficient nccompanist for tho
levelling. The Misses Isdale wore
heartily received  in  their dancing!
Etlltor iiiiil Proprietor
No. 15
^ Mr, Kililor,—II is written,
"Thou shall nol bear false witness
against thy neighbour", nnd this
precept applies to every condition
of life, inclusive nf every foi'iu nf! Sunday
election campaign, Xovnrtholoss,
Ibere are men, who, to gain their
desires, are apparently ready, both
In "hear false witness," ami In
saerilice self-respeet.
There has been SOII10 lillk   of   the
possibility nf my lieeniuing u cundi-j
diite 1'ni'Ihe ulliee nf Mayor, for Ibei     ,    , ...     ,, ..    r   .    »• ,.
  , '     !,.        '     I'literluiiiei   the Melhnilist   I'.pwiii'th
year Illl'.', nml,   in    opposition    tol,  ,i      i ,•   »,..     i  i...
Ibis ruiiioi', a report is also being
freely circulated, Ibal should I ho-
ciii.ii! a successful candidate for
oliice, it would be through, nud by!
the influence, of those whu wish1
one of our  citizens  tn  obtain an
IScv. Mr. Marshall, of Ontario will
preach iu the llaptist   church  next
morning and evening.
The Alehi'lilz Union Sunday
School will hoid their annual Christ-
uias entertainment on Friday evening Dec. 'l'l. A good program is
being prepared.
Mr.  and  Mrs.   J.   Milton   Orr
singing and  Messrs. Williams
X. S. Mackenzie local manager
nf the Merchants Hunk, leaves on
Saturday nr Sunday on a holiday
trip to Ids old homo ut Brnntf.vrd,
Ont. Mr. Mackenzie will visit Toronto and other eastern points and
early in the new year meet Mrs. Mackenzie at Montreal on her arrival
from a visit to Kngland, and to-
gether return to Chilliwaek. The ac- j People,
cuiintant Mr. Stacey will have charge j VU WU Wil The Prize?
of thc Bank in Mr. Mackenzie's! Ever-„ni, will. have ibe opportunity of securing one of three prizes
| by participating in an interesting
contest > Fred Jolldry 'e jewelry store
I up to eight o'clock p. in. on Sntllr
- !.i....   '*■""  .TO, Mill
I!, installed the new lumps during
Friday nnd Saturday and the additional lights arc indeed a boon.
Are lights are lieller adapted to
street lighting, but ns the way dues
not appear to be open for their
introduction at this time, the
present lamps will dispel to somo
extent the ICgyptian darkness of
many nf the city street-, and will
be much appreciated by Cliilliwnck
rMhiu Sisters.
At tbc regular meeting of Cliilli
wnck Temple Xo. 19 held nn Tues
dny evening at the K. P. hall, the.
election of officers for tlie ensuing
term, resulted ns follows:—Mrs.
John Robinson, M. E. Chief; Mrs.
II. Kekert, P. Chief; Mrs X. A.
Webb, M. K. Senior; Mrs. P.  At
., '°?b be decided   Inter.    All  estimate
Manager; Mrs .1 1Ia.nn.ar, M of F.   ,„„„, u, „jvcn ,„ .,, ,,,,, s,,„.     ,„„,
Mrs.T.J. Policy, proteetnr; Mrs A.  f„r every 81 spent in  the  store uu
N. Anderson, guard; Miss Menkes,: n(*(iitloiial opportunity will he given.
M. oIK. ni.dC. | Estimates  will  Ih- filed,  in  "«l»*
day, Dec. SO, Mill.   Tiie lirst ludy
I coming nearest to esiimating the
cornel   number of   licnns   iu   the
quart jnr will bo presented with n
diamond nnd ruby ring; In Ihe lirsl
gont Ionian,  a  gold  watch.   There
....     ,.,,,,, v   will also be a third prise which wi"
kinson, M. Junior; Mrs. J. tl. rook,' |
To Bin A Ihi Car.
The Secretary of lho board of
Trudo showed us a letter on Tuesday
from J. 0.- Mactscnd, Post Office inspector, which stated that a mail
car anil clerk would be run on the
11. C, K. It. us soon iu) the car was
Completed. The Hoard of Trade
has iiccn asking this much needed
service  for some  time  and   the pfo^JJfj, "d('a visit from  lho Pr
as received, sn that there isn bigad-
vantage in getting your estimate iu
early. The beans will be counted
nud winners announced nt the store
on the evening of above dalo,
Viiilid Local Orangemen
Cliilliwnck Orangemen held their
December meeting on Thursday
evening when the  bulge  hnd   thi
promise of its early Inauguration
is must welcome news. After the
ear is put intu cnmmissinii mail
posted here fnr nil intermediate
points between here uml Westminster will Ihi delivered enrniile, in-
.ileud of going lo the 1,'nyal City
and coining buck to the point addressed, next day.
vinoiai Grand Organiser for the
tinier, Mr  Whitely, of Vancouver,
who guve a good uddress on the
work nud progress of the Order in
11. C. Oi'iingeisni is making big
strides in the Province, many new
bulges being institute I und existing lodges are progressing, The
Grand Organiser installed the now
officers of the local'  lodge   fur   the
, ,., ,     ensuing yeur.    They nre:—W. M.,
I rend nUiiit tha warlike guy who ,.|„ls pllrK(,r. u% M  ■„„„.., Top|oy,
Chaplain, -I. C. Robertson j Roc,
Sec, II. ('. Pook; Fin.,-Sec,
John McFiirluiie : l.ecliiii'r, S. ,1.
Wesentl;   |l. of   ('.,    F.   C, Chap-
man; Treasurer, II. ,1. Harbor;
First Committeeman, Ira  Town.
Tu Ibe Ihe man looking fur a safe
nud prnlilable investment, Southern
Mexico  is   ibe   pluce   lo   Iind   il.
;   bill jClroOll  pustules  the  year   nriiiinil.
smile I Two crops of corn iu the sanioyoav,
nnil Gillespie provoked mucli mirth
Piper    Major    Molvor    appealed!
strongly to tho marshal feelings of
all worthy Scots, nnd last but  not
least,   Master Sidney Croll  in liis!
dancing called for loud applause.
Those on the program responded
most generously to all tho encores. I
Willi    tho  singing  of  Allld  Lang
I Sync the evening was brought lo a
.close.    Tl onimillcc in charge
have every reason to feel gratified
witli the result of tbeir efforts nnd
the splendid lalent procured for
this concert. • i
| The P. S. A. Meeting
One of the most successful, if nol
the most successful meeting held
by the P. S. A Society, wns thnt of
Sunday afternoon, when about one
hundred nnd sixty men gathered ill
tbe Lyric Theatre to hoar the ad-
drtsi by Itev. It. J. Douglas, As
previously announced, tho title
chosen was "From Messenger Boy|
tu Premier," and ninny were the
cogitations ns to which Premier
reference would   be   mnde.    Not  n
, few were surprised on learning that
the life of Jiiscpb, tlic shepherd boy,
who became second in authority to
Pottphar, was the subject of tho address. The manner in which this
was handled reflected great credit
on tiie speaker who   held  the  rapl
.attention of his audience /mm Start
tn finish. The solo "Nearer my
(bid to Thee'' wus most ably render-
ed by Itobt. Cnriuicbnel, and rcociv-
eil with   onlhiisinsm   by  everyone
' present.     Huth   the   speaker   and
singer were hit'ully (nnd deservedly)
'applauded ns u hearty vote nf
thanks wns passed fur their services.
Next Sunday the address is tn be
[given Iiv the Right itev. liishup  A.
I*. DePenolor I). D„ of New West-
i minster, nnd the solo will be rendered by Fred Hurt, of this city. A
I Cordial Invitation is extended to nil
I men, who nre reminded that four
o'clock is (lie hour uf mooting,
hotel license,—Ihe   inference   being
fi ly expressed, Unit only by  such
influence can I gain the position,
or, ns has been slated, that snub
influonco would bo exerted in my
favor, on the understanding that I
wuuld use the ulliee of Mayor, to
further tho granting of such license.
For tlio honor of tho citizens who
layor the granting of such license,
let me here state, that not a single
individual has ever, in nny form,
suggested such a compact to me,
und bad such a   suggestion    lieen
I gue nl ilu-  linme of  Mr.  John
Orr ou Friday nighl last. An enjoyable lime wus spent by the young
people in games, after which dainty
'I'l'esbnieiits were served, nnd Mr.
Mr, nnd Mrs. Orr voted capital
The lirst meeting fur Ibis season
of St. Thomas Young People's
Society was held recently when
Ibere were aboul une hundred present. The officers elected were: —
President Rev, Canon Ilincheliffc,
Committee, Mrs. Coote, Mrs.
Boucher, Misses Cawlcy nnd Edna
Knight, und Messrs. Coote. Hurt,
Bunnell and Hornby; Mr. Bttn-
liott. Sec. trees. Tbe evening wns
spent with music, und dancing
md refreshments.    The Secretary
made to me, I should have treated: will be pleased to receive names
it as inn insult. land   answer   enquiries   of    those
There is only one way in whicli I \ wishing to join the Society. Xext
would ever come before the -elect- ] meeting will be held December '20.
ors, for any ulliee in  tlieir   power'    _, , ,,, ,
to grunt, nnd that is,—to lie ns I Tlle ro8u,nt ninnthly meeting uf
free in mind, as I am by birthright,!tlle Hospital Auxiliary was held on
free in body. 1 have asked for Monday Doc. 11. there were «
no one's support, neither would i! members present. Officers were
look for support on narrow party nominated and these will be voted on
principles. Should I declare m*. i at the annual meeting to be held
self as a candidate, it will only be*0 ,llml Monday in January,
on the br.md lines of citizenship, Tho trotuuror reported $262.00 on
and witli Ibe ilesire to fulfil 111© I?""*V, w"'«'*i.incllulOS »60 from East
duties of the office with an nn- Chilliwack Ladies A id towards the
fetterol mind, a d with the objec! furnishing of a Wnrd. A committee
of promoting such measures ns w,ftS aPMntcd to arrange with thu
would lend to the moral and. -jnard to have an opening day very
physical, welfare of the city in shortly, lie ladies at the request
which we reside °* ""-' Board have purchased furni-
I have heen asked by many of tjiro for two Wards and the living
our citizens, of every shade of opln- J*00™,3' . •'lis furniture has all been
im. represented in Chilliwack, to h'/ught in Chilliwack ami the buying
stand for the office, nnd within the ■distributed among tho different
past day or two have staled, tlmt if merchants,
t enn obtain what I consider to he
a thoroughly  represented  body of
men, men of energy ind of good
report, I will stand for the ulliee of
Mayor, but under no other conditions, I do not cravo the ulliee,
but in view of the repeated requests
ihnl I should consent to come before the electorate, for such olllco,
I will, should I succeed in obtaining a full number of thoroughly
representative men In declare themselves ns candidates for the office
nf Aldermuii, moll free friun party
bins, announce myself ns candidate for the ulliee of Mayor, for
the coming yenr.
It. F. Waiiiuxutox.
Cim.i.iWAiK, B.C. Dec. 18, Mill.
On the occasion
I read ids
smiling gnus tu battle; and   naught
can still his Joyoitl cry,  and  nothing him can  rattle.     Bill   nobler
tbun  the mnn  who wins renown
witli haltleaxes, is he whu springs
some sunny grins  while cutighing
i up his taxes.    The captain,  who,
in time of wre-k, is free frum fear's
emotion,   who   calmly   walks   his
sinking deck, alone upun Ihe ocean,
deserves n wreath   U|mn  his  title
he's surely smooth as wax  i
li,  tbc man  win. wears a
while coughing up his tuxes! I've
scon a brave policeman walk where
vicious knaves were lying, nnd bullets biircly missed liis block, and
bricks nnd knives wore (lying; I've
seen the wild U-nst tnmer fool with
i savage bears and yakes;   but   11,
and raise anything Ibal can L
grown in any purl uf the world,
Average high temperature *.">;
average low temperature 05j extreme bent Ilo; extreme cold 68,
There were sixty-two Americans
and Canadians went down on the
the man who's calm nnd cool when I November Excursion and sixty-oi
coughing up his taxes! Let unk ! Is.ngbt land nt 810 per acre, which
leaves ou his brow Iw laid, let nnth- j makes a buying percentage hard tu
ing lie denied him!    All oilier her- boat.     The   next   excursion   will
Electric Suwlies.
The Chilliwack Klectrio Co,
hnvo informed us thnl they have
iiinde arrangements nl their promises opposite lho Opera house
lu have a represiMilalivi nsliinl-
ly then- iu attend to the   require
mollis of their patron-. They
have a large QSSOrtmoill of lining"
including a supply of exceedingly
handsome Home Idinnsand fllolic*
The new llnlnpliillil glass simile
Is highly recommended ns it is
artistic in appearance nntl increases
llie power of the light in u remarkable manner. A speciality Is
Hindi nf house wiring which i-
enrried mil by u staff of experienced and trustworthy men. Estimates free. An exceedingly useful Ninas presenl Would be nu
Electric Toaster or Hot Point Iron
whicli can Is' obtained from Ibis
Anniversary of Ids marriage, Mr.
Herb. Parker wus visited by u number of of bis hiiisncss friends nt Ins
home on Recce Ave. und presented
with  ii  beautiful   quartered   oak
Seerelarie. The presentation wns
niiiili- by W. II. Treidinlin uud lho
following address rend.
Chllllwaek Friday Dcr-. II,
To Mi. Ilei'ie.i Parker:
Dear Sii—We the undersigned
(merchants nf Chllllwaek) desire tu
lake this npp..rtit*iiiy nl giving expression tu our appreciation uf your
efforts ta guard our Interests,
while working wilh ii" day by day.
our business relationships have always boon of a pleasant nature ami
we beg uf yuu In accept the   nccoin-
piinylnggifl nsu|s!lghl manifestation
of the respect and esteem which,
we have fur you. We assure ynu
of our sincere wishes that ymi nud
Fire wliieli destroyed the barns,
horses, stock, etc., of Mr. J.ibn
P. McC'onnoll at Chilliwack as a
result, notonly removes an enthusiastic figure froni tha horseman'sol role
in tiiis city, but murks the last
appearance of some of tho handsomest nnd licst bread drivers and
saddle horses in tbe province. Tlic
horses destroyed included amongst
Olivers, Blameless, (lot-Rloh-Quick,
Lausanne, nil well-known animals
in llie show ring nnd on tha truck
in Vancouver; und Ivnte Wilkins,
one uf llie must promising ol drivers.
Mr. MeConnell bus deeided lo subdivide mid sell bis furm ut Chilliwack
and it is hsrdly possible that under
, the circumstances he will care tn
f the  fifteenth  replace the animals be lust
another Horse Show winner, this
ndsoine black mare having peon
the sensation of Vancouver Horse
Show ot l'.Hn A beautiful driver
and saddle lioise, Lauzanue would
he hard to replace even -I ■■ >i.1<l Mr.
MeConnell so desire.
Mr .McConui-H's loss is a keen personal matter, In wliieli horsemen of
llie province have been the first   iu
offering sympathy.—Saturday Sun-
'I'., ihe Editor—The Rev. R .A.
Fordo, on Sunday lasl officiated for
the first lime as Rector, elect of
: lio-cdale. He preached an interest-
: ing and appropriate sermon, taking
for his text ihe introductory sentence "In ihobeginningGod created,
tho heaven and the earth." The
discourse had reference to the
journeys of the children of Israel
bis address being one of a course
whicli he proposes to preach ou the
subject indicated. Briefly stated,
the lesson submitted to hi" congregation was that, in weal and woe,
we should as nu.. Christians and
believers, always bear in mind the
origin of all things, the Creator ol
thc Universe, who orders everything
for our good, although we may nor,
like  the   Israelites,   r gnize  that
solemn fact, especially when tribu-
I lutiun overtakes us. The setvicfj
was belli in the public boil. It is
I to be devoutly hoped that the
j residents of that quarter, who are
i members of the churcli of England,
will unite in making every effort to
I retain Mr. Forde's services, in bis
[good work. I understand that the
district is not sufficiently weahhv
| to support ti clergyman without as-
Isistauce elsewhere. If thl" be n>,
it appears to me, if I mav so -»g»
;gest, thai the Mother Chraeh .ir
Chilliwack might devote ta ■>(■
foi'tory from time to time in aid
I of her daughter, the poorer parish.
| Until the latter becomeself-sirpput*-
. ing.   One fact i" clear that  "the
laborer is wnrtby of his hire" and
that a Rector should not, under any
circumstances, In- invited to undertake the work in a parish, tiniest
the people are prepared to muin-
i Iniu him in a manner due to his
sacred calling and dignity ind
make provision for tbat purpose.
At least, a reasonable sum should
iioguaranteed annually for h'u. hoard, •
I bulging and clothes and a moderate
! amount for petty expenditure.
[Owing i" lock M space th.   ab ■
i communication   Is a little Ian- in  :.p-
pearing In tbe Froe Pmss—Eit.
Therenre few hnrscinenin Viineuliver, or on tiie Pacific Coast for that
mutter, wlioiliil not knuw, or know
of, BlailloleSS, Reputed In be a bad
prcful'iucr, when he passed into the
hands nf Mr. MeConnell more
humane treatment was rosorted to.
and UlitmloSS all bill lived up'tobll
name.     Orgiuall.v   Blameless   bad
many g I   hails,   but   if  be  was
smiled as a coll it was the more lu
the credit of Mr. MeConnell that during Ibe pnsl Iw.. years be wasacqnr-
ing a roplltnlioll as a model pcrfor-
mi1! at the I rack.
Another animal which gol Into tho
limelight al  tllO  Vancouver   Horse
Show  Inst   spring   wns  (let-llieh-
i'nick.   Got-Rlch-Quick wns my-
nlly bred, Wing by Sl. Carlo, nutol
Dnreohotn, und there wen: few finer
hunters in the province than ibis
animal,   Horolass wns firmly eslah-
i       i ,■      i .    . ,i„ > fished when she carried uff iniinv rib-
vniir wife iiini faintly may enjoy Ibe . ... . •...
..,;... .*   ... I    "'lis in i liferent  c asses  in   which
inppini-ss ami    , .     i   . ., ,,
she was entered at Ilia spring Horse
ties wilt and fade when Ihey arc
brought iicsidc him! No greater
shall lie found while earth revolves
Upon its axis—tiiis lofty soul of
sterling worth, wim smiles when
paying taxis. —Walt Mason,
leave Kansas City Mo,, on the 17,
day ot January 1013, Now is the
lime to make preparations fur the
trip. For full particulars call nn
nr write Jus. It. PoiNTElt, lirsl house
north uf Chilliwuek Creamery
There will lie 58 Sundnys iu 1012
nnd as it has been figured uul by
un oxnort, this will nut, happen
ngiiin for 100 yenrs. ll bus been
suggested Hint all religious denominations celebrate the flllnl Sunday
which fulls on Dec IS 1st. us a uni-
i venal duy of thanksgiving.
Iir-I of health   um
tiinl   success  and   prnsperily
follow ynu all your days.
yottrs sincerely,
(i. It. Ashwcll A- Hon, TViunnrk A'
Burton, II. II. Oervnn, R. T. Malcolm, Chllllwaek Implement Co., A,
II. McAuley, It. II. I.nvo, Alf.
White, Chns. IlnlchesOii ,v Co., W.
It. Tienhnhn, W, (i. Lillie, II. C.
Pook, W. R. Gilbert.
A modern house ns n Xmas gift
i. u suggestion frum Hart A-Co.. Sec
tlieir advt,
OnO of tho prettiest fillies in the
province was among the number—
Knte Wilkin, rising three yenrs,
sired by Oro Wilkes Jr. 2.12 8-4,
sun Oro Wilkes, 2.11, the winner nf
the first Kentucky Futurity. This
pretty black I'dl.v wns raised by ,1.
T. Wilkinson uml was a blue-ribbon
winner at the Vancniiver Horse
Show and othor shows us well. She
gave every promise of lieing n
beautiful driver.
Thedculluif Luiizaiiiicidsiii'ciiiuve.-
Fiin. music and ".nig at the,
Opera house to-night, when the
Wesley Boy Senilis wake up Old
Santa In good time for bis annual
tour. Admission 25cts.: Children
I l-'icts.; reserved "eat"   i'-lcts.
Christmas uud New Veon Gilts
'. iu profusion, are on display al
I Miss Hoylo's. Dldnty evening
j waists, smart hair ornament", hand-
| kerchiefs, etc.,are attracting much
attention.    Make your choice early.
The annual meeting of the shareholders of thc Cliilliivack Canning
and Preserving Co.. Ltd., will le
held ut 2.80 on   Monday  afteni. on
Dccimbor 18.
Ilniise und Lot t.. Rent—-Nine
roomed house, bathroom, oloctric
light, ho! and.'..I.I walei'.acieof Iniel,
stable, buggy -led. ..ii Hazel street,
Apply lo A. Malcolm, Hazel "tree!.
DimsaHAKiNo—Mi-" Carvolth iill
be ploOSOtl to see her cu'tomert, ut
her home nnCorbould street. Phone
287 oral the Woman's Exchange
in tin- Hurt block, un Tuesday
afternoon frum two tn live p.m.
The Non-Cominissloncd Officers
and Men uf |l, Company, IO| tb
Regiment, held nn enjoyable dunac
in Knight's Hall last evening.
Denmark ti Burtons have a fine
"lock of goods in tlieir line from
whicli you can select handsome as
well us useful gifts. See advt.
Ilarl * Hall   hav instructed
a very line twin bar for
use iu tiie gymnasium ol Ihe
101 th Regiment. The agricultural hiill is being fitted, up fur the
purpose of a gymnasium. Definite
iiiiiinuneeiiUrht regarding the emotion uf tin- proposed drill hall is
expected shortly, Provision will
be mnde in the new building for
ii complete gymnasium. THE FREE PRESS, CHILLIWACK, "R. C.
Novelized From Eugene
Walter's Great Play
Up*/tijht.WOri. by (,. W. n;i!i*i.ui*.n
[contixi • -1
"NO," protoilccl U'llliniiis; "Micro
iiln't DOlhlng (.'tin boat vou. 8tnltli,
Well. Mrs. Hrooks, how hnvo yon
"Splendid.  When tllil you get In?"
"When tiiil I (jet InV Let mo ieo,
Smith, «l.on il -ill 1 (jot InV"
"Vou Ionic as If you Iind Just BOt,''
mgtiosit'tl iln* superintendent.
"Todiiy—yes. Hut wlmt lime'. I
should sny »! io, inttyljo 11 o'clock.*'
"Thnt's probably why .loo hasn't
Been you," observed Kminn. "lie's
just (alien mother ami Beth us r*tr na
the lliPiiter. I don't know what keeps
him.  n« should be buck beforo this."
"I guess he ain't run away," opined
tho captain, with a suspicion of grim-
to ess. "I'll wait."
"You know, Kininn. that's one of the
host things the cop t.i in" does," anU
"Walling. When It comes lo pntlnne
anri persistency he's got most Indian-
beat a dozen city blocks."
"Don't you mind what Smith says.
Mrs. Brooks," grinned lho captain.
"The years he's been working for me
he never -showed any -special siyus of
hurry or uerrousuess. How's your
"Ka.'.ly welt. 1 think he seems a llttlo worried over Inisiness."
"That sol   What's the matter?"
"Ymi Bee, In his new position he feels
Ms responsibility."
Williams looked surprised.
"Has ho any special new responsibility V he asked, his eyes wandering In-
rj'ilrlngly to Smith, who did some more
•"warning signaling unobserved by tbetr
"Woll, slfcce you raised his salary,
cnptnln, ami gave him his extra work
naturally lie's anxious to make good."
.again prompted the superintendent.
I "Anxious to make good'' Well, he'll
buve a chance, and soon al that."
I Mrs. Brooks rose, hand outstretched,
.■nd wout to him, with u happy, grateful smile.
j "Now that U'b out I want lo thank
you over so much," sbo said.
"Thank mo';"
,  "Yea,  for .loo's raise and   llmt six
months' back pay."
"He told you that'-'"
".Sun* he dkl." put In Smith.
■   "lie lias for ilddco ine to speak of ll
to either you or Jlmsy," ISmiim told
blm, "hut Since you mnvo mentlotted
II lirst I can I hank you. can't IV"
Ho Uld not return a direct nnswer,
but rubbed his chin dubiously ns he
. "So I raised his pay, ell? Aud dated
tt hack six months'/"
"Of course you did," nssevenile-1
Biutth wllh emphasis. "Don't let him
fool you, Kinmn."
"Vou Uou't know how happy It'!
made us nil," went on Mrs. Brooks
gratefully. "I feel like a new woman,
end mother appreciates It."
"Weil, seems that I dono nil these
IIo stopped abruptly as the dooi
Opened and his eyes rested on Brooks.
The hitter's underjaw dropped, ami
be turned livid wllh fear at ttie unexpected presence of the captain. lie
was. In fact, so startled ttint he nearly
. "t'n-ctipliiiii Williams!" he stammer
ed. iidviinclng tremblingly toward him.
"U'witi yon shake hands, captain?"
"Sure!" replied Williams In a lira
voice.   "How are you, Brooks':"
"1—I'm all right, I ^uess."
. "You know, Joe, you told n.e not tn
i thank the captain. But he brought It
Up—Iho rolso and (lie money," said his
•wITe, still full of Ihe subject uud birr
"No,   I  did,  Joe,"  corrected   Smith.
"You see, ihe cnptnln fools"—
i   Brooks turned upon (hem, snarling
like a wo'.f ut bay.
"Wlmt nre you trying lo do-make
fitti or (lie? Don't you think (hat's it"-
".\ow, BroukH," Interrupted the ono-
tflln .tnthorllnlively, "you sure utv nerv
Oils. Your ulfe Iiiih Ju-t lieen tolling
tno-bOW sho enjoys your new Income."
Mm. Brooks, Unfiled and alarmed,
gated at Iht husband.
. "Why, -loe, nre you shkV" sho do*
tiiil tided.
"No, no! Mtiyhe It's the licit." he
replied weakly, passing his tongue
•ver his dried lt|)S
'J'hero was a moment of general cm*
I burrassment,   during   which   Captain
! Williams took slock of Ihe room.
"You aro fixed up mighty snug here,
Mrr. Brooks," he. commented, breaking
1 tiie awkward silence.
]    "Yes, It Is pleasant," she answered,
now seriously worried,
I    Williams rose.    "Well, I  must go,'1
: he remarked.
]    "Do you want tne to go with you?"
asked Jot-.
1   "Nn; tomorrow morning will do to
seo you.    You know  my lonely little
! quarters ain't more'u half a block from
, here, and I like lo hang out there."
;    "The captain," added  Smith,  "lives
In a lillle south sea Island nook moved
j lnio Ids (hit.   He keeps il so dirty that
| boiee say ll';; attractive."
j   "That's what you get for being a
bachelor," laughed Williams.
He moved toward tlic door, and tho
others rose.
i    "Iin glad lo see you so happy. Mrs.
I Brooks,''   ite   observed,   pausing   nnd
1 looking about lil in ii gain.
"Thank you," Bald she.
"I   novel'  did   know  before   What t
I llltle money meant to a womnn."
"Perhaps that's because you don't
j know women."
!    "Oh, 1 know -..omen—one kind, anyway.    Rut  Brooks Is lucky lu having
ii girl Ilka you for a wife."
"Emma, he's giving you a llttlo south
I'tH'ltic blarney," put in Jlmsy,
"Maybe 1 am and  mityhu I'm not,"
said the captain.   "But," he. continued
emphatically, "It's a sure thing that If
J had a girl like you I'd knuckle down
j nud earn enough money to make you
• happy-eli, Brooks?"
!   "I suppose thnt's what you'd do." ns-
! seated that Imlh Iduul.
j    "Yes, I'd  work pretty  hard  without
kicking to please yon, Mrs. Brooks. If
! you looked to  me to make good for
ForWomen-Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound
Belleville, Ont—"I was so weak
and worn out from a female weakness
that I concluded to try Lydia E. Pink-
hain's Vegetable
Compound. I took
several bottles of
It. and I gained
strength so rapidly
that it seemed to
make a new woman
of me, 1 can do as
good a dav's work
as 1 ever did. I
sincerely bless the.
day that J made up
my mird to take
Your medicine for
female weakness,
and 1 aiiiexceeiiitiglygraleful toy.oufor
your kind Letters, as L certainly profited
by them, I give yoti permission to
publish tiiis iiuv tlmo you wish."—
Mrs. Auiw.T WicKJCTT, Belleville,
Ontario, Canada.
Women everywhere should remember
that there Is no oilier remedy known
to medicine thai will cure female weak-
noflsand bo successfully carry women
through tho Change of Life as Lydla li
LMukhu m's Yegeiahh* Compound, made
from native roots aud horns,
For 80 years it has been curing
women from the worst forms of female
Ills*—inflammation, ulceration, displacements, lihroiii tumors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, and
nervous prostration.
If you want special advice write
It is tree and always helpful.
Yon remember tlie story of tho old
uian who When lie was on his deathbed, called his sons to him and told
them that it great treasure was buried
on   the  farm.
After he died the sons dug that
form deep, from one enu" to the other,
finding m gold or silver, they planted
it aud in the Autumn they discovered
what the old man meant. The treasure was there, bul its name was Digging and  planting.
Then you, no doubt, remember another story of an old man who, on his
deathbed, called his sons to him and
told thom to try to break a number
of sticks that liu the story) lay near
the bed. Tliey oould not do it, but
when the oltl man told them 'o* untie
the bundle and try each slick seperate
jly, Ihey broke them without trouble.
And the story goes on, making the
old man say:
"Now hoy;, if you work together,
BO one can overcome you; but if you
quarrel with ono another and seperate
it will be as easy to break you as it
is to hn-ak one stick: Irom the bundle."
i Which, in its way, was n fortune
for the hoys.
; Now, there is another story which
'you have not heard, it Is also nboul
'nit old man ami tils throe sons. Only
Ithin man was uot on Ids death bed.
lie was a lively old man attending to
business every day.
From ihe time ids boys wert1 old
enough to understand, lie talked to
Mheiii about the Civiil Hold .Mine. Al
.'first tb- boys did not know Jus! what
lho meant. But he told them wonderful stories ahnul Ihe Orail Hold Mine
land made thom curious about It.
j When Iho oldest hoy was twenty-
lone he took him lo one side and told
I htm whore flu- Ureal Gold Mine wiis
|io lie round. Then he guA-i* him somi
{money, and ;t blessing and told him
to go away aud dig in ii.
When the second hoy was twenty-
NA-DRU-CO Tasteless
Cod Liver Oil Compound
TIIK "building-up" value of Cod
I.iver (iii ia well known, but its
drawbacks have been Us nasty
taste and iudigestibility.
Na-Pru-Co Tasteless Co.l I.iver Oil
Compound lias tlic nutritious qualities
of thc Cod Liver Oil, without the
slightest disagreeable flavor. In it tbe
Oil is skilfully combined with Extract
ot Malt, Extract of Wild Cherry, and
Hypophosphites, making a splendid
tonic as well as a valuable food.
Na-lJni-Co Tasteless Cod I.iver Oil
Compound is particularly good for
glowing children who are puny or
In 50c. and Jli.co bottles,  at your
druggist's. 106
?; 100 Na-Dru-Co f-
Safclllcs—one   5
tor,ev.ry( 111.   j
li'-..sv:r-. -. ..^--■■vy-.
iii niuni. iiHin ii.
iiiih' ami  Inl.l  him
-  IMJltlVS '
W.N.U   No. 071,
"Anxious lo riutta tiootlr   h'cll, /.c'll fiat-a
« cViuncc."
"Emma," declared Smith, wllh his
,|Uiot smile, "If you  were single I'd
tuspect captain of getlhg u llttlo soft."
"But I'd tarn tun money," went on
Hie  coyitolu,   pursuing   his   train   of
Ibougbt.   "That's the only way to get
j .long.    Well, I'll say good night, Mrs.
, Brooks."
!   "Hood  night, captain,    Thank  you
■ ngaln,"
"Hood nighl. Smith"
"I m.-.y drop over Inler," remarked
Hie Mifsrhitsmii'iit hy way of reply.
"Willi you would," tho cnptnln oosur.
; rd him will, *3mo eagerness.
"I'd like   -i smoke a pipe and talk
■ livhllc. tiood night. Brooks."
|   "Hood night, sir."
Brooks went forward and opened the
| door,
"Try to gel down to Ihe offlCO by 8
' In   the   morning,"   recommended   Ihe
. ...iplaii., gazing at  lilin with sinister
! routorr.pt.
I   "Yea, air."
1   "Thoro'll he some gentlemen there
j who ni iy he anxious lo moot you."
"I'll be lucre."
I   "Dlit.it know  hut  whal  ynu   might
1 oversleep now i In.t you're so prosper*
I tui. Good night."
| Brooks stiul tllO door ami slood leaning against It, clutching llie handle for
llipport, The inusclos of Ills face wero
Iwllcliliig, nnd lie gazed with fright-
I mod, haunted eyes from his wife to
"lla<o joii told bOT, Jlmsy?" li» de-
Smith rolled' Ids hand In protest,
"No, .loo; II ain't the right lime yei.
and" •
"Why llll'l II the right time? I'm
Irappod, nnd WTlllunm"-
".loe, roo liere," ho expostulated;
"you can't inlk."
"What Is H? Whal do joii mean?"
demanded Mrs. Brooks, rei-y pale.
Smith .UH sought lo apart' her, to
keep the dreadful trill ll from her.
•There's Jusi hern a lillle Irouhle,
r.uiuia," he said evasively, "too here
Is nil worked up-excited,"
"I'll tell you whal happened!" cried
her uusbnhd In a choking voice, slug-
goring '" ,l"' bible. "Vou think I gol
:i raise. I dldii'l. Vou think that man
Williams gave mc six mouths' brick
pay. lie didn't, All this mono]- you've
boon living on-all of II -I stole. I look
U from Ihe eulupatiyl Williams Imp
ped me. lie wauled me to steal. Nuw
lie knows-uow he knows, nnd I'm
doiu. r.-r'.''
II... fell lnio a chair I doubled for
mini, burying his face In his lunula.
l-'or once Suillh nan ul a loss whal
in nj.
Mrs, Brooks, paler I hail ever, slood
rigid, as though iiirneil to mono, slur
lug at ner niisoar.G,"
"Vou moan," she articulated In low.
slow tones, "you mean th.'il you"—
"I'm a thief," he moaned brokenly
without raising his head. "They know
ll. Defectives are downstairs watch-
hig—watching. Tomorrow—tomorrow
-I'll he hi Jail."
Another long, awkward silence en-
sued.   Smith ended It.
"Vou sec, Kiniua, Joe here ain't so
much to blame.   He"—
"And you didn't let mo know?"
'There was cold reproach lu her voice
and In ber gaze.
"It wasn't time," explained Jimsy
uneasily. "There's a chance things cm
be squared—there's still a chance."
"SUM. you didn't let uie know?"
"Thc thing to do Is to sit down qulet-
'y and talk this over. To begin with"—
"No. Jlmsy. I'leuso go borne. 1—1
want lo be wllh Joe—alone."
Smith look up his hat reluctantly
and prepared lo depart.
"Just us you say, l:*mmn—just as you
say," he said. "I'll do all I can tonight and let yon know. Maybe It'll
be all right.
"1 know, Jlmsy.   Good night."
"(lood niclii*'
I'lo ho Continued.)
line  ho look  htm
the  sanii'  thine,
| And when the youngoil hoy was
I twoniy-oiie be told lilin the secret,
uml he lefl home as his iwo brothers
lull done. In dig lu llie Ureal (iold
! Each boy waa directed to slay away
five veins and report on his twenty-
sixth birthday.
J The flrsl one was on lime to tho
minute and Ihe father asked him:
"What have you dug out of the
"A grocery store and a fine business.'' he Bald'.
Boy No. " was also punctual. And
the father asked him as he had the
"What, have you dug out of Ihe
"A college education and a professorship."
When the birthday of Ihe third hoy
came around lie failed to turn up.
The old man looked up and down Hie
street revry day expecting him to re-
jtitni. A week went hy and still lie
i did nol come.
Then a letter came, and in this let-
Iter the youngest  boy sajd:
"I came out hero five years ago and
put the money you gave me into a
gold mine-, fifty per cent, profits gura-
ar.teed annually. I have heen working
lor Iwo dollars a day. waiting for the
mine to pay, but lt has failed, what
Is Mill offered for lho young iiiau
William Eildlcslon, of weak Intolloct,
Inge "'.) years, height aboul R feet !'
inches, dark complexion, with whiskers and niouBtucho, and small mouth,
'.who lefl his homo on Juno I. mil.
Any Information lending to his discovery will bo thankfully received l.y
Mils anxious parents nl (107 Manitoba
Aietiue. Winnipeg.
I Ministers of all denominations win
confer n grenl favor by making (his
aunoiineeiiieni from Ihelr pulpits anil
; tluiH assist iu, In our seareli.
shall I do.'.'"
I The old man telegraphed the boy;
i "Remember what I said five yeara
J ago.   Begin    again    Father.-'
.Insl leu words In all. you s"o, and
J no extra charge.
Now, whal  was i: Uie uld man [old
Hu- boya aboul the Qreal Cold Mine?
It was this:
The richest mine In the world is In
[a man's head. The best modern machine With wliieli to dig ill tlllf)
'mine Is Thought.. The best tools to
use are Work and Trust. No man
has ever been buncoed who took slock
ln the mine on this basis.
He was quite a simple old pan, as
you see. And hr knew that at twenty
six a hoy sti.l has a good chance, even
if he has live years learning how to
Valuable WaterPower
ll Is slated thai the Canadian Pacific Railway has soollrod a vnlunblo
wulcr power lu lirltish Columbia,
which ii win uiiiize in ihe noar fu-
ime for transportation purposes,. Tho
water power secured is on the Adams
River, which Hows oul of Adams l.itku
and lnio iho South Thompson river,
Hear Ihe wont end of ShttBWap Lake.
ItopOI'IS have reported thai II Is capable of developing 100,000 b.p., at two
points between Adaiiin Lake and lis
coufiuonco wlib iho South Thompson.
The Canadian Pacific Hallway It Ib
stated, has ifi view the genoruttotl of
power for the oloctl'lftcatlou of a por-
Hon ol l.a lines through Hie iiioun-
lains. This stop will not l.e taken for
some yearn yet. of course, hut Ilu.
railway has secured lho power with
an eye to the future.
'The (act that so
many preparallops
are sold "J.ist as good as
Snap" ts proof positive that
after all the origins! i. the beat.
on the genuine "SNAP"
e. *■.. t hand
hat ill
In Mining Business
!   "I think you said. Rastus, that you
had a brother in the mining business
in the west."
i    "Ves, boss.  Hint's right."      "What
kind  of mining—gold   mining,  silver
mining or copper mining?" "No sail,
none of those; calclmlnlng."
I    Many a man Is in grenl fear thai he
will get all Ihnt is coining to him,
"Say, boss, glvo me a dime to buy
someUiiii' to eat with".
"I decline, sir, for the very gooi
reason thut it Is a matter of Impos*
Blbllily to purchase a set of false moe
ars for such a ridiculous suu...! sum.*
I English Warship Mod.la.
j New Knglish battleships are Ilrst
I modeled In pnrnllln wax and the mod-
: els touted iu a lank. The wax docs not
I absorb water or change weight and
permits of easy alterations without loss
of material.
Oolaw.r.'s Ancion. Lew.
1 Delaware's ancient law requiring a
bridegroom to give the slate an Indemnity bond never causes any sci'I-
1 ous trouble, and If Ihe penalty was
; enforced It must have been n long
! while ago. Tho nun, going ou tho
bridegroom's bond engages that tho
Children that may come of the pro-
1 spoetlve union shall not become a
"barge upon the state.
High Liver*.
1 Ruplbu, a district on Ihe uorlh slope
if Ihe Himalaya.', 10,000 feet ..hove
•ea level and surrounded by mountains from .'I.IIUO to 0,000 feel higher,
: has n permanent population of Co persons, who live hi goat hair tents.
Magnetic Cures.
!   Magnetic euros antedate npolheca-
ItlOS, 111 .Mil A. I', one Aclus says,
"Wo ai" nssilrod thai those who aro
' troubled with Ilia gout in ihelr hands
1 ar their feel or wil', convulsions find
relief when Ihey hold, a magnet ll.
IbOlr bands."
Th. 8hip'. Log.
1 The "log," Ihe h.-ti'iinicul by which
' Ihe speed of chips hi ascertained, was
Invented In lb- llxteeotll cetilury. It
.was adopled by Knglish vessels about
i ir.77.	
Lapland Lsrd.rs,
In Swedish l.apland can be Men curious wooden sli'.icltiivs on a single
I polo which look Hk0 monster pigeon
lists. These cervo their purpo'e In
I protecting; Hie content! of the tinier
I from wolves nml rosea. 'Ihey are
1 Ibemselres ihe l.trdor:t.
English 3uiiday Clo.ing,
Public Ii vises were Ural closed on
Sunday toorutuge In I'stigland It. eon-
sequence or nn ait Of parliament,
wlt'rh t'rcelveil Ibe royal assent on Ihe
llih of August, 18119,
In tlio Anc'cc.
Tlm liljtho.it mountain pars I
■ western bomliiitiero is nt ttumsliiiAcn,
,111   the   Andes,   the   blgllssl   pilot  of
Which Is 14,000 fed above ll,, m>
II'. -I	
Tia.ilsi^.li   — ap.  |   Ji|1ii ■' ' gEggS .i "<*" ■ ■ ■
Cured by Lydia E. Pink*
ham's VegetableCompound
Fox Oreok, NT!.—"I have always
had pains ln the loins and ft weakness there, and
often after my
meals in y food
would dlstrc'3 me,
uud cause sore,
tiess. l.ydla l'l.
I'lnkha tn's Vegetable Compound has
done ine lull eh
good, lam stronger, digestion is het.
Ier,and I can walk
with uii'itlon.   I
ham encouraged
many mothers of
families to take It, as il Is the hesl remedy In the world. Vou can publish Ihls
In the papers." — M i 'a, Will.mm
BOVRqUI, COX Creek, N.ll.. Canada.
The above is only one of Ihe thou-
ssnds nf grateful letters which are
constantly lieing received by Ihe
I'iiikbnm Medicine Company of Lynn,
Mass.,which prove beyond a doubt that
l.ydla K. I'lnkham's Vegetable Compound, made from roots nud herbs,
actually does cure these obstinate dls.
esses of women after all other means
have failed, and that every such suf
taring woman owns It/to herself to at
least give Lydla K. I'inkliain'a Vegetable Compound a trial before submit-
l.lug to an operation, or giving up
hope uf recovery.
Mrs. l'h.kliniii. oT l.ynn, Mass.,
Invites uil Sick Will,III. to H.lle
Iter for »<lvl<i-. sl.c Iiiih guided
thoi.sn.ul] tn l.ei.111. nml iter
advice Is free.
•a*   W-\--
Daring Animal Operations
Tlio great fbtifjusi porformed liy
l*rOft?B80V   Wpol.ttitlf.r*   ;,|    x\Uk   7j00   in
llie petting uf fractured J:i?."-. ol' tlir1
fmimtts nlna-y arris-long python U a
jemiudev tit ilu* i itutiltiiul" progress
innrie lu oppranUR upun Hntrhtils.
'i'lp.-i*r uti ui'.v unite a* number nf
pot (logs aild (.-Hi- wiih artltirtal eyes
mul lee,;;; and ti short time age. ti eat
bating sr.-nlNnvnl a huvhII hatpin, was
placed ituflpi' th'- X-rays, and. the i*ln
hating been looate'tl, was noon Bltii*
fully dia-vn. Professor Oar a few
yeare ago removed tlir* kidney 61 a
tint: and -sowed it lu tbe same auitual's
neelt; yiul Inter lie sewed the [clflney
of ti dug In the hotly nf unrulier canine.
The bxpoHoionl was titiite alicceSKfnl.
rerhnpa the greatest dental opoi'tt-
lion un record ivas pprtpriuc-tl upon nu
elephant in the city cf Mexico. The
aching tooth wan twelve In. long and
1 * luehcfi in diumntrt* nt tin* root, Afler the animal hud been aoouroly fastened witit chains, lho mouth waa piled
(•pen, and n t[iuiuifty of cocaine applied
to deaden tlio pain. When this was
il*.ne a hole wan bored through lho
tooth, and nn linn bar insorted. Then
a rope v.;iri Iwlsted around tho Imi', and
fnur hoi'SCB were atlaelieil Ihereto 10
drag the offending motor out.
A iiiunliei of scientist; ftt Cuba huvo
organized a "liiiitau of homiciillure,"
uhii tii.> olijiK'i of Increasing the
h t'L-Ui of httmnit llf",
1    ■     LIMITED
Meet with the approval of every Farmer who has
investigated the plowing question THOROUGHLY.
Hr flatted
i    Tin* I-,   li  ni.ui,  wli" was a  lanky
youth, -ai in Iht rem Bent.    Mis ai>
llltmle wan vpi a-vlln*:. and lie WftB either abloep tn1 m fiin d tiltt.ui in go lo
I    'Mr.  I'laser,"  Bttld    lho    phy-zieisl.
Islmipty   "yon inny recite.*'
i   Fruit? r opened bis cyon; lie did not
I change his aomuojent pose.
;   "Sir. rrii..-I. whal is work?"
j   'MS very thing is worH."
!   "Whnt!    Kverylhiijg l-t woih?"
|   "Vcm, air."
: "Then l tnlto it that yon would like
tho ctoas i<> believe thut ibb rteak is
illy. "Woodwork.'
Friend- -"Whal were your -r-i-iitui-
IkmB in the wreck?" Victim—"Ju»t
th e Hame ■•,-. in football. Throe coneh-
es IUIS--I tl over lite, nml thCU tin- due-
tor etime."
Horrible Mention
It was after the dlstllbuUoJ. uf prizes at n Sunday Sohoot.
"U'cli. dl.t yon get n prize?' naked
Johnny'i   mother.
•   "No," answered .lohuny, "hut I got
"honlblt mention."
"I spent a lot ot money on thai (;■,.
ot mine to havo iter learn bet* pyro-
jrraphy, aa she sailed t:." "Did sbe
got ou well wilh it*!" "Can't llinkc a
plo whats wutU puttin' in yer mouth."
•wrtfcMIUA. Ir. S-W.,U.*H* Mollis
BsSs Ir. Ut I. AawifsfGS*, n. IIM
Percy (after tlo- proposal)—Have
you ever loved boforo?
Edith—No. Percy! 1 hnve c-ficn admired men—fo:- their Btreiigth, courngc
heauiy. Intelligence, m- something like
Htat, ymi knou ; hul. with you. Percy.
It Is all love, nothing else;
Minard's Liniment Cure. Burns, Etc.
"I've lost tlio luiii;." shrieked llie
nurto Rlrl.
"Heavens! Why don't you hurry
out and speak to the policeman?"
"It's no i.-.i.i uiiiui. That's what I
was doln' when I losl tho bdby."
Willie—"Teacher Rajs we'VO    heic
to help others-
Pa—"Of course  wo arc."
Willie.- "Well, what ArOstho rlliers
hero for?"
"What a | on;- young man needs 1.
a tlirlfly. ecoiioiiii.nl wife." "Vou talk
like nn animate.I home Journal. "Whal
a poor man rcully needs, Is a rich, liberal wife."
Zam-Buk H.,s Healed lti
Mrs, Wilson, no Wi'cksun Avo„
Toronto, s;t\. : "Al.oiit four years ago
a sol*- spot appeared on Lbc righj side
or my face. This spot increased In
ifl/.c until It licoatuo. about n half nn
jinch lu dlanteter nnd very painful. 1
-.vent to :i (I,.<*ntr but the ointment he
gave me ilhl not bave any g< "tl effect.
'The sore cont|nu.'il to discharge freely,
laud v.r.s nu,st painful, i litul It cattt-
lett/.cd. liiei poultices ntnl nil kinds
[of salves, hut ii was no good, and I
con i In ued to Buffer fmiu It foi four
i "A samplo of ain-Itiik wna one day
given lo inc. mul I mod It. Although
ihe quantity was so'small It secpied
lo do ice pome good, so I purchliscu
;. further supply.
"Each box <1 i.i me more and
tnoic good, anil, lo my delight, beforo
I had been using K&tu-Buk three weeks
Sliw llmt It way going to heat .the
sore. "In le.-s lhaii ft, inoulli lt wus
I heal.all
I "I know a' Ind) In UlO cast ot Hie
cily, whose husband Buffered lor years
|»vlth nn open sore ou lii.s leg, nu my
recoiuiileiidutloil Zani-Huk was tried In
that ease. Tlle oilio.- day, when I saw
hoc, she told me thai It had healed tho
sore coiupi tely.
| "Aly daughter, v-ho lives In
[1,'ethbrldgO, Alto., has also used Xam-
.tluk ttith Hi" same satisfactory result,
j I think it is. beyond all doubt, the flu-
Icst licnlim-. bain, known."
I Such Is Uie opinion of all persons
who have really tiled Znoi-liuk. ti Is
ia sure euro for eczema, piles, ojiscea-
lies, ulcers, s.-alp sores, ringworm,
cuts,  liMlus,  si-.ibls,  bruises,  anil  nil
nlilp It lo tbo fia.t mills at Winnipeg.
Uo know It was not I'll for seed. Yet
tin- demand for flftx seed was so great
that lbc price went up to $11 n bushel—
no cleaning; no dockage. Many ft not-
Ihi'. lejioicu.: of the lm'turo cX wetous,
Igr.oratit of the curse ho was tftltlmg
to his fnnn. hoiiglit this flax (?) took
if home ami sowed tl. $ho majority
of such now homesteaders never grew
flax iu Ihelr lives. Wo pity those new
sr lib ia. They have unwittingly Tallied Ihos." Pelils sown to f.ax and weeds
What ann wo gotug to do about, it?
Xuh.'ey inure than comment on It as
we are doing now. What Is lho Ilov-
i rnineni coin;-, to ilo about it? Docs
tin- Noxious Weed Ael of Suslialcahc-
uan cover such a   Lraittsactiou.7 Now
'.i tl." tl  ror nellon by tho Govern-
lot ut befoi'S-otiv virgin 1'h-ld.s hci'ojno
H Mull d. Jl. ■ .1 iIimi'IIi: iniasi.rrs
•iln.nlil l.[. lain n to pn VI .il the Bills!
<t wood seeds in uny form for ally
purpose. Wc believe tlml tho day
will cou." thai Lho fnt'mOl'B who pci'-
i l-t In groivlng weeds, and thus become n m, a ic,- to in. it- neighbors who
ai" lighlluii lo hup Ihelr Ileitis clean,
wi I I... compelled lo keep their weed
scii:. at homo. If linini'ls who nre oiui-
t, u lo ia!-" a crop of weeds wlitli tlieir
griiln win- compelled to cloiin their
l..:'.'.n wiih a fautlttlg mill, or nan III"
'liciinon.) Grain tlleiuier on threshing
inllla, so thai Ibo ill!I would lie bit
ou lliclir own farms tliey would sooa
'■hntigo Ihelr mciliods of fanulii*,.
They woud realised lhat il did net.
pilj   I.. grow wcodii,
Hal.;.:, own Tablets should bo kept
iu every bom" where there lire Utile
ones. They aro as good as a doctor;
are absolutely safe and can always ho
relied upon to drive away any malady
fti'lstng from derangements of the
sioiiuich or bowels. Concerning them
.Mis. ti. A. Wheeler. Northlands, Saslc.
says: "I have found Baby s Own Tablets au Invaluable medicine. I llvo
twenty miles from town and doctor,
so am Kind to have so reliable a medicine til hand. I consider tin. Tablets
an- a real necessity in the homo and
shall never be without thom. They
have kepi my baby well and havu
mail" blm a bonnle baby." The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or
by mall at IT, cents a box from Tbo
Hr. Williams' .Medicine Co., llrockvillo,
A Molor From tbc North
A caterpillar motor car, Hie first of
its kind over designed nud built for
use In Alaska and ihe frozen north Is
built from tho body of a motor cat lo
ibu order of Charles Dankert or
I Candle, /Uuska. Daukei't, who has
spent twenty years lu llie north, plans
to run an automobile freight met- tlu.'
snow Into Caudle this winter.
I  want  to  give
Pago.—Ploaso i
notice to leave.
Old Gent.—Tut, loll
mutter  with  you  hoys'.'
mnke four of you f havu
I'ngo—Woll, sir.  when
pages you must expect le
What's lho
Tbnt will
bad lu two
Opening Up Now District
A Canadian Pacific Railway official
who hns Just returned from a trip to
tlio  Pacific  CoaBt  states  that  there
will  bo  undoubtedly  a  big  rush of
ettlers lo the Wlndernioi'O Valley next
yeur. This district. Is being rapidly
opened up. The Canadian Pacific, lt
is stated, will have forty miles of road
Into the valley In operation next year,
and with these transportation facilities at their command, new settlers
will find the district a good one In
wliieli lo settle. Tbe land of tin; Windermere Valley is singularly free from
lock, ami is composed of rich fertile
soil, with sufficient timber lor tho
construction of bultdtjuga nnd for domestic purposes.    Water for Irrlga-
ion purposes is plonllful nml easily obtained uud th" climate of ilu. valley
Is romtirknbly free front extremes of
In-ill uud cold.
(Grain Exchange
This notice is to ntMse the Tiadt
that tho Fort William and Port Arthur Ornln Exchange lias been forme?
to promote the handling of Western
Grain at the Head of the Lakes.
Full particulars ua tu mombershlp,
ftc, address
Mrs. McRen suffered for over two
years, then two boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills made a new woman
of her.
Provll, Gaspo., Co., Que.—(Spoolnl)
—That slm might hnvo escaped two
years and seven months of suffering
had she tried" Dodds Kidney Pills In
tho Ilrst plnco is tho firm conviction
of Mrs. John McRen, an old aud r<-
Opectod rcHidont. ot* this place. Aud
nils is the reason sho giVes for believing so:
"For two years and seven months l
wan a sufferer from Kidney Disease
brought on hy a strain and a cold.
My eyes wero puffed and swollen, my
A Pleasant Purgative.—Privmeleo'fl
I'ogetublo I'tilt. arc pu compounded as
n operate on both thr stomach and
ho bowels, so tlmt thoy not along tin*
.vholo alimentary and excretory passage Thoy aro not drastic in their
nirk, hut mildly purgative, and lho
leasurc of taking them is only equaled by tbo mini Ify lug effect thoy pro-
uce, Compounded truly of vcgotablo
uhstances tho curative qualities of
rVhlch wore fully touted, thoy afford
elief without chauco of Injury.
Fort William nnd Port Arthur drain
Exchango, Fort William,
Consign your grain to ue.   The act*
mil grain you ship gets our personal
attention.   We Pell on sample and got
high prices.    Write us.
Fort William
Improved Cars for Shipping Horses
Tlir- fifty new horse cars which
were recently put into operation hy
the Canadian Pacific Hallway have be*
eonie very popular with shippers of
horses, Tiie oilier day at tho Wood-
htno laces Ir.- Toronto an owner of u
hln Southern stable wanted to buy one !
nf the cars outright front tho Canadian Pacific, lu moving about from
I muscles cramped and I suffered from j track to track his horses had to cover
neuralgia aud Rheumatism. My back la large amount of railway mileage
ached and 1 had pains in my Joints. nml he thought that tho (■. P. R.'s
I "For two years l was under tho doe- {ears were tho safest and best in which
i tor's care, hut he never seemed to do to ship them,
I me any lasting good. Two boxes of J The ears are liuilt with adaptable
i Dodd's Kidney Pills mado a new wo* sl-alls and collapsable feed troughs
'man of me." and are an Improvement ou tho ord-
l    To save yorself suffering cure your luury cars used for shipping horses.
: Kidneys at the tlrst sign of troubM. 	
| Dodd's Kidney Pills are the one aure I    A Thorough PHI—To ctoar the stem*
euro. U-.ii mid bowels of Impurities and ir-
7~l    ;        ;        ,,   ,, f rituals  Is  necessary  when  their •""•-
Rounder—wonder who suid. home ({[a-.
Ship your grain    to    E. It.  WAY-
I,AX1>, Ornln Broker, Fort William:
Highest prices.   Referencei, Dumia-
lou Hank, Fort William.
COMMISSION—for local repre-
etttfitlves; either sex; sure money
mnlter: rapid adiiiaceuieut: experience unnecessary; spare time accepted; elaborate outfit free; postage
twenty contj. Nichols, Liaiii.>d, Pub-
I Ushers, Toronto.
Canraistng agents wanted for all
• points In Canada for The C ' i i:i
; Metal Weather Strip for Doi • Hu
j only Strip which dor the * rk Sel •
| on siulit. Ornament to any door.
' destructible.    Saves  [ts    ,.. ,r    uuny
r.liss flrlghtllc.—Oh, Mr. Search,
there's a young lady here tonight I
Unow you will like. Mr. Search—I
fei I extremely fullered to find that
yon have liuiile sueli a close study of
my lasies. Please describe her. Miss
Brlglitllo—She's worth 11 million,
"I never yet saw the uuin who tullc-
cd IIUo the hor ot n story," snld Mrs.
"Wi 11," replied lur husband, "I never k'iw a woman Iluil looked like tlio
pictures tn a fi.nl.lun magazine,'
unltblv .lop. cuulh., can. cold., bral.t
lh. thru.! .id lu.S* -       3A ......
times mutually.    Adds :o  i.'Ui.    vint-
„., ''',,','  ","'11' ",',','   tort.   Exclusive territory    Un men
is what wo mil,.- it "   Mrs Houn.ler-' V""„T lr"'s,"1",r1'    ' "> »llla tl"'1 wU1; average from J. f. »6 doll      For pu.-
'..„ , Kounaer.     ^o ihls work thoroughly nro Purine-   Ilei.lnni write
"ill warrant It was rmne man- who .,,,,,■„ Vegetable Pills, which are mild
could make it beforo
In nellon Imi mighty In results. They
j pittite painlessly and effoottcely, und
a permanent euro.     They
St.. Toronto
L 'i ,...-i
Wart;, aro unsightly hie n.shes  and   ,v„rk n  permanent euro.     They can! CANADA'S     GREATEST     SCHQCt.
eorns uie painful    growihs.      Hollo-  nc ,„P,i wllhr„lt toar by the most de-| ^ JZl^ ^,
ways corn Cure will remove them,     .irately colistlltttbd, us there
painful   effects     proceeding     ii.-u-     .,$    ,.'"
gciitlo operation.
"            " y
j   First Typewriter    Girl.—''She's    a
pretty quick operator, Isn't she'.'"
I   Second Typewriter Girl.—"Quick? I
! should say she was. Sh'o hadn't boon
on her job two weeks before she was
engaged to her boss.
their j    yv^-r^./1
Awarded first pri.io it W.;r!J'. Ex-
' "Doctor." she asked lu pleading
, tones, "do you think It will be necessary for me to have tin operation?"
"Oil, 1 hardly think so," ho replied.
; "There: I told my husband It would
I not, bo any use coming to vou. My Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
'next door neighbor lias a doctor that
prescribed   three  operations  for  her
Lady—And you guaratttoo that the
parrot talks unite u lot.
Healer—Rather,   ills last inlstrOM 1 position on Its work and metfiodS
"old him hecausc sho couldn't get ai    Write for a free catalogue.   W • a_ u>
■.vord lu edgeways. jglve Instruction by mall.
Mistress—lias master Willie come
n yoiv
Bervaot —I think so. 'in. I haven't
ecu him. hut lho cat's hidden.
during the past year."
skin    Injuries    uu(l    discuses.
;|.o\, ail druggists tied stores, or
free irom /.iiin-lluk Co., Toroulc
price,   lu case of sklu dlseaac
li.iv.. rSani-ll.ik Soap, "r... tablet
. lor
Eczema 25 Years
Cured by "Cuticura"
Ix| Lake Raw Flesli Iron Knee Down
"I hays h-*n Imtod bf ceetott fee
twtaiy-i.vu year, for r. ba.Uow nl rct-.-n.
oa my leg. Tacy did llieir beat, Imi l.i.'.l
to cuio ll. My or.n doctor bad ndrUel in.
to hard IDT Irfi Ctrl Off, Lut 1 naltl I Would
t.y its. «.-u.icur.i Bsmodhi llnl, it. wlil,
'.IY .fWO. II SOU 111... Lilt t do l.ol Itlll.L
•linr will do •ny. |5>d.' At Illl. Iliac in..'
M ku nek«i fmi'i the knw_ilo»n. iny
Fhi. «u Ilk* a pi" ■ "t »» «nti and I
Mil lo walk on rrutohw.
"I bought a cuke ut l-titlcina Soap, a bin
el Cuticura Olntmciii nud .bottle uft'iiti.ou.
lU-tolvc.it. After tlu lint two Irclinriit,
IM .wriltng went donn and In Ine tuoiiiliV
ua ol Ihe Cuticura It. uiniim iny k» wu
curedand.be.newsLIiikioimion. Thodwlor
could so. b.ll«T» Id, own eyes when h. aa»
.hat Cuticura had curd >n.< and n.i.l Hi.i Ic
wauld two Cuyn.ra fur hi. o«n mlk-nla.
hul for lh. Cuilcura HeinnlW I mtahl nays
Imi m» llto. 1 »iu truly «rili'liil tor III.
' cine Hi.i Cutlcufa umiulii on.l
- ■— ' - ..-'..• --» sum
nonurl.il. c«™ '""' ' ".i.-."» ........»
I ilaai. recommend ll ni..,i hlil.ly »'»I
•nl cronotnlral turn (or ..uu  iri.ut',1. .
?Hi(mx.ll Mnw. '. U. lli'iuud, Wl M'.'iiLi.u
Kor more than . tciifratlim Cullctira floap
and Ointment have, nironlnl il..- ,i".,1" ■'
anqmo..eronomlrnl treatment lur akHlinil
icalp humors. Hold hy ilniKiil !■■ ami llcalep
trnrwhsr.. For a DlK-r.,1 .omiil'- of cniji,
will. SI-u. hook, wnil to Putter If, * V.
Corp., li ColuuiPui Ave, Musiun, V, a. A,
W.N.U.  No, Sol.
Tht. following clipping riom lire
"WlniUreg t'i to Pit.si'' MligiUis ll-
Tiie Ni tluin Kl "vaior Company
wi... found gnUy In Ilia brovliiclnl pa-
He I'omt of i-el'.'nii lo William Hob-
*f'.t. of Waii-cii. Mnnltoun, u ton of
fcrcee ags which contained ii Inrgo
p. rcenaito of melons weed seeds.
Samples ink, ii from the shipment
wit,, found to contain large nuantltles
if Kieneli weed, wild o-ilo. v.lhl nuiMt-
nrd. bul. musti.id and other noxious
ami seeds, i-.isuic I which Mio agricultural Mobiles no pulling up a strenuous fight.
|   The company v.-r.i ilcfended l.y Jum-
ies Kliher, nml nl Ihe reiiurr.i ef \V.
| IL I In t *' u - let Ibe en un wits luki I
tto |'.\ iln- iiu'ilmiini fie . i. I".', nod
i.    s.    Mr. C'-li-i' nu d to excuse llie
Icirnpntiv .a a t-eiiiitoitl point of liw.
Ilo ii'iii'uii.ln. d tliiU  the -lulin.   lead
' M a: II ni'i an offt Bgo lo offer eov-
loui wcdl nl* I' ial'. Th.- Norlll-
etn ICIi'Vntor l.'i i.ip'.iny. he s:i!,l. had
nil ..I, nd Hie ililpiiuni [ei sal", lull
Mind mi: i' nl the reqUMl of Hie pur.
CllMICr Who wish. .1 lo 111.- It for Led.
lie ial.1 I: .Was llie habit cf lha nun
pony to destroy norrenings
j Mnglnlrulu McMl.-kui could nol veo
ill,,- luiile ii the iirgiiiiicn:, mid hod
ItoiPlf a iHe., bud been fixed Ihem
wns i.n judication lha' Hi.' ililpiinit
I wn". In i.e. i iri red fu.' rile,
ltobc-i li. O'.Mulley. provincial mv-
ion.i wc .1 Insneclor, who l.tltl lh'
ehnige ':.'! he had I celled wi nl
from XVinrcii r.f Hie ahltmiti!1 being lu
the 0. X. It. slnllnn t'nie I.i nick'.
lie mi. tine red found a Inn ol the
stulf nml look siiiiplei which he pro-
Iduood In coin I. Tl'.e iff. use ucciii'-
'led en .I'll',- ".."
, Is I i.e Northern Klevttlor Company
the inly en pill In iMaiiUobi.V Are
lloifiniy uullt.v parties In Bh8ltil'.c.heli-
wiiii? Wu wn'. ndvljed Iiini month
- Ihnl ihe iiiiip no r of an i levator (ti
iSnikulPliowafl hml aboul l.uuu biisltris
ol Hus. II. was very dlily wllh wi oil
seids. The li.ini, r who in! ed II In
IIUO wi:. nol aware win u lie purchased [hi I Ibal il v.i.i pollulod wllh
n il.'.-- i or iiiiio of lho worst noxious
wc«l...   The inaniigi'i et Ihe clcuiloi'
Itiww whit I'.- we.s buying, dot-licit n
In.uily uie !!.1 pi r nnt., mid paid
lUb'.ti' f 1.50 for Hie flat, Inlindin;, lo
the best:
MnllitlB Foley, Oil City, Oat.
 ,..   Sol way.   Me.
harles Whoolon, Mulgrave, N. S.
".ev. lt. 0. Arm iroiig. MulgTavO, N.8.
-loir,. Landers, Bentor, l'okeniouclie.
N. II.
"luui'iis Wasson, Sin fti.'ld. X. 11.
"He never mukes any promises he
may not ho aide to keep." "So?" "No.
when be borrows money from you he
novor tells you when he'll pay It back."
Life Is just one thing after another. [
The first thing is generally a woman,
ml the "after" a mall.
Any well drained soil, neither acid
nor strongly nlkiillne, uud containing
a fair soppy of organic matter, will
grow alfalfa. Any laid which will
produce u good yield of corn will ho
found ldc,.l. Ground upon which water stands Is nol desirable. Only soils
whlcb have been cropped for a long
term of years are likely to bo acid.
Where Ibis condition exists It can be
cropped by liming, Alfalfa will grow
on rathe.- poor laud, hut wlil always
GDI  PILLS  STOPPED THE PAIN Tin should ho sufficient plant food'
  to give Ihe plants n'uood start. These
r,S UNIVERSITY ST.. MONTREAL, lure Ihe Ideas advanced by C. W. Pug-
"Jusi a word of   praise   for   OINh'loy In lliillelln 120 of the Nebraska
>«,.fc.f.t:qB«iaL«a. cv
• il. u-jltor7TU«l»
uti. +,?• fljntefctyt
«».,. c-.i vacs in* ii.rs..,. r
j,        _    .   ..
tux. BsiU
-.-.SB WM.
anlcaijrj n^-........
roa cut w • r. in. Hnru. B j«r .- -
ifc d-:i.-:sl. Ilfl„u T B rr-t...
AC:.-lBIUNi . KL. .T. or-.: .-...
..llreawnu. luaatiaurmt,
MJ„UIlnaulU.i., Smu—
Sta»fJr.l.H-1 Sf a.n'.a .s !• « »-n^-*,.. W-,.
ffe. |.'.U„M| Of.', ...1 rh-i.:,.. C... A iisM . ,u
KButaw K.-. ». U4-. Va.»,!..
Tun se. dy looking duiiis met.
"Hollo, llllll Whin's new?' i aid ono,
You look ptaydu out."
"Nothing new, Jack-- nothing hut
work, work, work, work from morning
illl night."
"Thai no. Mill? Hon long have you
hml Ihls jub?"
"I sunt tomorrow," uusu'orod the
WcaiT one.
Never Full
"Do you II.Ink uointn wuuld Improve politics?"
"Well." replied Mr. Orowchiit', "nfter
listening  i" iho convention mi  tha
fio.it  porch. Ill  miy  Hill fo.' ll :
II ever Ihey start an luvestlglltlon
Ihey 'II find out lomellllllg."
Civlxy I liio the Hook
"toll   will   OXCIIIO    lu.'.    tilad.in.'."
ell Hill ■ lllliika lo Hie full ludy  at
ll.e  1,'i-eplli.u. "  hu:   rcnlli   I  don't
eaieli lour nauie.'
"How titnnv," sold tin lady, "it'.'
PILLS. About fifteen months ago, I
1 could not wall: across my room, suf-
Ifeilng severely with lUiouniaJIsni. I
ltoi.lt OIN PILLS aud became quite
I well. Two months aao, I had Hhoil-
I iinui.: Pains witli Neuralgia and Dial--
Irhoett. 1 resorted to Oln I'lll- I,gain
for ono week and liecunio iiulte well."
i Here is our straight guaranteo, giv-
on with every box ot OIN PILLS. Wc
know that Illn Pills w'll positively
iciro ltlieiiniailsin. Sciatica uud Lumbago—as will as I'aln in llie Hack. Ir-
Irltated Bladdor and wink, strained
Kldnoys,   We pledge ourselves—tho
I largest wind   .1' drug house In  llie
British Btnplro—to  promptly   return
your money should llln Pills full to
alio satlsfuellor f.Ue. a box. II for
$2.50. Sumph- fie.' It you «.it,- Nn-
llonal Drug k Chomloal Co. of Canada,
Limited,   U.-I't. N  L'„ Toronto.        im
Tho uridine,
Oln I'lllt made by
National Oruganc
Chemical Co. o-
Canada Llmlteu
Toronto, are tol,
onlv In .hla bo»
Hraaj.:. "Vou never know whnl you
.an do nil you try." Wnggs -"Thnt's
wrong, You novor know what yi u can
.„ iiii ion niccci'ii.• llragga—"Well,
uorhups Dial's heller." Wnggs—"And
Hull you're wrong, You never know
whal you can do win n you succeed.
You only know whal Jon have been
aide lo do."
you Mail
be cure your
hands are
clean. A
minute w'.lh
'SNAP", the aall
Mf.U0 hand cleaner,  Will do II.
Al your djalci'a—
•Y ,.
The Queer Argan Tree.
Annum Die moat, n'i.iiirkahlc trci s
of the world    is Ihe    i.rgiiii.    which
[ abounds in southern ttorroooo, hut is
seldom seen elsewhere. A "forest"
[of argutis hits n curious scattered up-
ipcarnuoo, bteaiiso llie trees glow singly nnd far npurt, They nro very leafy,
'seldom l'need 20 feel il. height. The
j brunches shoot out hurltonially. and
begin a yard above the ground, sheep,
CAttle. and camel! feed ou the louver-
inuil goals will aland on their hind
I logs to roach them, hut horses und
| mules refuse lo touch Hiein, The
I wood Is very hard uud eklremely use*
Inl to the native:!, who inako char coal
from It.   The fruit, i mbllng 11 huge
olive, Is used lo feed oatllo and also
j furnishes lho principle luittfltnoa ol
iiiniiy of tin- poorer natives.
Sir," said Ihe nilonllllOfl landlady
! o n traveller, who had cent his cup
orwgrtj fpf lho seventh lime, "you
I   Mist ho very fond uf coftoe."
"Yes, madam, 1 am," lu replied, "or
I rliould novor have drunk so much
; water to let a Utile."
Well, Well!
^f*«t ANYONE
, can use
experiment station al Lincoln. He
ndiises farmers to purchiiso their seed
from tbo north of from the dry hinds
oi Hit- northwest, rather than from the
south, it Is nlso recommended tbat
no seed l.e used by Nebraska fanners
which has uot been tested tor purity
and for germination by lho govern- \
men! seed laboratory located at Liu-
coin,   This t.-sl will he mado free.
Iu Ni lii-ask;. ll is customary to use i
about 20 pounds ol sccii per acre. If
the iced Is good and if the land Is !
properly prepared, tbls Is more seed :
than lb necessary,  it takes more set d
for   broadcasting   than   for    di illinu
Sonti- excellent stands hnvo been oh- j
mined l.y iislnp ns low as lu pounds
0( seed lo lho ncre, but In these 111-
Itunooi conditions were Ideal,   lu lllc ,
eastern pari of Nebraska frum if. to
0 pounds should be ured: In the drier |
legions from In lo Ll pounds where
liny Is deslri'd. ami u   less   amount '
Where It il to bt ustd for producing '
When- the seed Is broadcasted the
betl  reiuitl arc Obtained where Iho !
hunl is disced iu such u manner ihnt!
the ground is left rough provloui to!
the seeding utul then cruss-barrowed
lo cover Ihe seeds.   Probably Ihe best
method lu most places 1s lo drill.   Ord
Inuil y tiie seed should l.e pined aboul :
one Inch deep,   little minimi seeding i
In leenminemlc.l for section   of   the I
•date where Ibere Is plenty ol niolsl- '
uro lo give the plains a good start at
1 nut scuso.1 or the year.
After the alfalfa Is established, disk-
inn of tho field Is sometimes practic-
ed. This apparently thickens tlo.
tdntiil because the disk cuts Ilu crowns
of thc alfalfa plants and 011110 Hicm
tn,throw out more shoots. The bin, ____^^___^.^_—___
flf Is only iiollceitb'e for only n year
or two, Reports from those who havo , r|,.|,| u, .„ ,,n ,,( tbc I" neftl of the cut.
disked Indicate thai if the practice Is i||vatlon, and weeds aro hilled. In
continued Hie plants are usually weak [Western S'sbri I. I (hieing with n spiko
cued, nud lho plant lessened through ; lni|l|| j|ic |H probably especlall!   d. •
root-rot.    The use ot tbs sui I nl- lilrabio a- It nnd.. to keep tbe luitsca
alfa dire which has spikes Instead of
blades Is probably banetlclo., These
spikes do not cut Hie crowns, and a
I ducd ALL thes*
—*       of Goods
t   rsifh Ihe SAME 0V«-
I used
Nt*, i,hit i f„.lijt1,» •-•. itflN'r;nr*h*fili«r:n'i-l«
rol.-r.   vi    .iiii'n...ii.fti,.i,--ii
f the sell in good condition and destroys grasshopper onus Whtl I an
old fi, id ol alfalfa la to be plowod up
In a yenr or two, It ll olten ol an advantage to d!.-. wllh an ordinary dlso
The Injuied plants throw out many
■hoots Iii nn effort to produce u ."i*
quantity ot ued, and in this was tba
yield oi bay In quite materially' In.
crrnrtd. Thc disc inny bo used oarlff
In lbc : j.iln- or following .t.y    .'inc. FREFs  PRFM  CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.
l-'ormcrly (Thi- New Era.)
Printed mid phlii.li-*-, cvt-ry Tliiirmliiy from ..--
ntiirc \\ cstmiHster Street, Clitlllwack.
Stitw-'rlpli»'ii pripp $l.nopt*ryi*tir in ndvqnoe tu nil
points in Hrili.>h Umpire ; lo UlilM SMcsft.W.
Display udv«rttslDir rates made known on *ippi>-
t'littmi in itio pnhUrjiicr.
CliiHiillrd tidvcrliM'nicnt-ri, i --.-nt iier word wieli
itiMTliiin, iKiytihlt- in tidvnncc.
Dfepluy iidvcrtiwm will please remember Hint
in insure ;i eltHiiire. copy must i** in not later lliati
neduesdov nniriilnu.
A. iiAiim-.ii, Publisher and Prni'irieter.
"More broad
and      , vS/
bette'.- >/
t x • a a" S
Hold liy Merchants of (.Jhilliwnck, Rosedalo, and Atchelitz.
xanaFOR SALE*-*-**
All Cleared.   Beautifully Situated.   High
and Dry.     One Mile from City on good
Price $200 per acre, on terms.
The ChilliwacK Specialist
We huve in "took u nuniljor of standard doors, assorted
size*, which we purchased at a simp price.   Wo bought
those doors right and will sell them right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare these with regular prices nnd como and see the
doors, Como early as tliey will not lasl lung at these prices.
P. 0. Box 243 Phone R 121
Chilliwack Planing Hills
I Blankets and Rugs I
N'oiv thai the mow and whiter season is horo you will
mini lo protect your horses from lho cold.   We huv...
as lino II rftllgo as you will see anywhere, nntl llie quality niltl prices are (Hire 10 please.     A nice new rug is
itleo now a necessity. Then' we curry in profusion and
you will tiinl just wliai you ivnul.
Sleigh Bells and Hone Furnishing! in all lines.
Wt do our own repairing Neatly and Promptly.
Give us a call.
\     Chilliwack Harness Co.
1  Wm. Thompson Dell Whitman
Whether on account of nn attack
nt distemper, a touch of lu grippe,
a lit of lilncs, or a s|icll of indisposition it matters very llttlo, so long as
we are hero again with our joys and
When sick nml fed with allowances of milk one has visions of liy-
gone days, when llie   bottle  represented the sta IV of life, and  talking
f milk reminded mo of a question
heard relating to  this  important
article of diet.
"Is ii compulsory tor Dairymen,
in the wholesale or retail business
to guarantee the milk supplied to
lie pure and unadulterated, clean,
free from dust and other impurities,
and in a suitable: condition lit for
use as food for infants and invalids,
and for tho general purposes to
which it is applied?"
. .
We bear quite a lot and read
more, about regular testing amongst
the Dairy herds, and 1 believe tho
ranchers try to select only the best
animals, as a result of this work.
But is tlm testing tlic end of it. all?
Docs tho necessity for clean, hygienic
and well ventilated barns enter into
the details of the business. What
proof have customers (I s)ieak of
the whole valley) that they are being supplied with the genuine article,
and obtaining full value for money.
To drink milk and find a thick
sediment of dirt remaining at the
bottom of the glass is scarcely conducive to the nation!'s rapid recovery, Even should ihe person lie
in good health, there is small satisfaction in knowing that a percentage
of impurities may have accompanied
llie milk iu its downward journey!
Should the boys and girls of our
schools bo given home work to do?
Ask the parents and the opinion
RUty be divided. Ask the teachers
and tlieir actions prove tlieir
opinion. Ask the kiddies themselves and the consonus of opinion
will be a firm negative. With
all due deference to lliosc who
think otherwise 1 should cast in my
lot witli the youngsters this lime.
. *
When children take work
home, the usual Way is for the
parents to do the teaching and their
style cannot lie altogelher in line
with that of the teacher. The
children must have a healthy,
strong, vigorous hotly, to be able to
develop an intellectual brain, and
in my way of thinking, the homework partly prevents the possibility
of sullicicnt recreation to produce
this desirous condition.
. .
j    In a  community  such  as ours,
too, the boys and girls are called
111*111   to   |B-I'f.,| III   quite a     lot     of
chores and domestic duties, and the
lime fm- play and freedom from all
:cares and worry is, in sonic cases,
| practically nil, with tho consequence
thai lbc bairns arc "old nun and
women" before they are out of their
loons.    -
Whal is Mug done in our city
for tin- young men away from friends
and homo and home inllui'iices. I
would like to stiKgcst the formation
of au ambulance class, a course of
lectures followed by examinations
for oorliflcatos ol protloloncy. 1
merely throw out the idea ami
would like other nnd bettor minds
In develop the saiiii-.
My congratulations to the men of
thc valley'for turning out iu such
largo numbers at tho meetings of
the I'. S. A. lho Society catering'
for nu hour's entertainment for men
only, every Sunday afternoon, 1 j
understand the fee for membership
is only half a dollar, and who would
begrudge fifty cents for tho enjoyment of a winter's programme.
1 am luiii the attendance would
flatter some of tho societies in far
bigger cities, and the singing and
speaking arc all that could Ihi desired. 1 am wondering if the invitation extended to wives and sweethearts to be present al the Musical
Service mi Christmas Sunday includes
Don Toby.
Furnished Rooms to Rent
TO REST—Three nicely farnlllietl rooms
stcnui healed, bath, electric light, etc.
Apply Cliilliivack Free Press.
For Rent
FOR REST—Rooms and ollices with hot
water heating, Geo, It. Ashwcll it Son.
Choir Leader and Organist
Tenders will In* received for tlu- position
of {'liiiir Ixuutcr jukI Oi-gainst for Cook's
Presbyterian church, tip to December
23, Horvicea lo begin Jim. I, 1012.
Applicants to state Hillary, iip|r.Hratic-iiM
to In* ndilrcsscd to
C. II. OowKNs Clerk of Session.
Sold and delivered.
Order now.    Phone
at special
At the Mee Studio ■ Chilliwack
Roller Rink
The Chilliwuek Roller Itlnk \t> now
o|ien fur the mason,
Two-Thirty to Five
Seven-Thirty lo Ten
Com* and enjoy • pltasant
Paid-up Capital and Reserve
Money Loaned to Responsible People.
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
| CnnxnvACK Brakoh   -   N. S. Mackenzie, Manager
***'.« »•! *********************************************
Have you examined our lino of tlio famous
best quality and most handsome rigs on tho
market. We would like' to show you these
buggies.    Come in and see them.
Implement and Produce Co.
Do You Know
That owing to building operations having commenced
on Lots 7 and 8 facing on Young Street, South,
business lots in this locality are going to increase in
We Can Deliver
A 50 foot Lot, exceptionally well situated on Young
Street at $100 per front* foot     For terms see
Chas. Huteheson ® Co.
. i
'•     Oflct NMM 224
Rasldence Phono
Abbotsford Timber %\ Trading
Co., Limited
Offlce aad Tarda, TOUNG MAD
It will pay you to get in touch with us. Hough and
Dressed Lumber, Fir and Codai* Shiplaps, Kiln
Dried Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Mouldings, and
Interior Finish. Cement, Windows, Doors, Shingles.
60,000 feet No. 2 Sized Dimensions in 2x4 to 2 x 12
at $10.oo o Thouiand
Prompt attention given lo all orders.
TR01 KIRKBY Local Manager
What would be more acceptable to HER for a CHRISTMAS gift than a Cosy HOME ?
New and Modem in every particular.       We have just such a house that  we  can   deliver  on
extremely easy terms.       why not secure it ?
F. J. HART & CO., Limited
The Chilliwack
Ittveitrnent    and    Loans    Negotiated
Hefore leaving Canada. Mr** Hamar
Greenwood, Member or Parliament,
British House cf ConimonB, wrote to
tho Grund Trunk Hallway System. In
connexion with his trip over tlieir
lines In Canada, ami In which he Buys:
"Wo especially enjoyed flie journey
from Edmonton to Winnlimg which
*wo made on your- system in the best
equipped train I ever saw in my life.
You have fixed i. very high standard,
if this fraln is the standard up to
which you are working."
The Common Good j
There are hours in every life and
lives in every generation which  belong  lo  Ibe common  good,    No  life, j
Indeed, belongs anywhere elso except ;
as by devoting it to the   Individual j
self it tendsi to make that self mote
fit for individual service,    We must, t
get to give, we. must climb thnt we
inay lift, wo must be strong to aid I
the  weak;   that  is  the  law  of  the
In  the  Lead of all  Others.
'. " '; ■„-*  ■'.'.'.-      ': 'Y. 4'Mgr. ■■; ■ ^figi
Zam-Buk la so Very Useful.
Read   How   Beneficial   It   Proved   In
This Case
Mrs.  If.  Sawyer,  of  Keene,    Ont.,
It Led Him to Appreciate the Hospitality of the Canadian Pacific
(Japan Gazette, September 2G.)
On his return trip   from   England,
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Diphtheria.
"Tommy, I notloed yon In lho front
row last nigjit. Uow dlil you like the
'Host tiling I ever anon! Tlio drummer In tlio orchosfi'n made twenty-
■even different dolBOB with his Instruments.   I counted 'om "
We offer Ono Hundred imIIim. Howard
for niiv .-iih.. ..I r.it tirh Hml cannot i...
curd  by   Mull's Catarrh C	
I'. .1. I'llKNKY  ,<   ro.   I..I..1..   I.
Wl'.   III.'   1II1.I.TKIUII..I   hllVO   lllli.VV.I    I'    .1.
Chenov r», n„  lasl tr, v..us. mul bcllcva
III,..    l.i'lf.-.IIV    ll.ill..11.III.-    Ill    l.ll     l.lislnii,
t, > ..ih un.l rinuu.'luiii ..I.I.- i.. curn'
out  in..'  obligations   V liy  III., llllll.
Wul.itiiu.   K l.i... ii '£   Marvin,
Wholesale Druggist*.  Tolcfln,  O.
.Hull'... Calnrrli Cure fa ink. n Internally.
acting ,iii,.,iiv upon iln' i.i...»t in..I n	
on;! M.ir.'ii ,.„ i.r ll... Hi.'.t.iu.    'i'.iitlin.minis
ti.nl  fi...     Price, 7,'.i'.  nm  i.niil.-.    Mnlil
y   nil   Druggist*,
.Tube lillN'a I'uinliy I'lll. f.u Const I -
pa tion,
writes:—"My husband Is engaged on I which lie attended as one of tho stilto
a farm, und one day,.'while choppingi»f the Imperial Japanese delegation
wood, the top of the use brake and fell!'" Il"' coronation, Admiral Count To-
cutting it iiumy gash. (80 travelled across Canada hy Hie
'The wound wus so had that we flrsl 'Canadian Pacific Hallway—which lias
thought that we wuuld havo to get a;1'™1 called the "Alliance Itoute." and
doctor, but we finally decided to drear. wus, 'berefore. rather appropriately
the cut Willi Zam-BUk. chosen oa this occasion by this dis-
"WcUVtho Zam-Biik-.treatment nrov- tlngitlllhio   representative of an em-
e,l a great success.   It not only eased basBy between the allies.   Ily Inslruc-
tlie pain hm  lt  prevented Inflamntn- ''"" "r ""' WeSldeul of tlio Canadian
lontond rlghl from (lr»l applying '/.am Fngiric Hallway Company, sir Thomas
Hull, ihe cut began to heal,   it Is now Sliuiighnossy, Admiral Togo was the
completely healed and my    hiiHbund ,Klk's lie Company throughout, aud
says lie would not he without a box every effort  was made to niiike his
of Zam-Buk in tlio house, for wo aro lr'P pleasant.
sure it laved us a gnat  deal of e\-1    n" Admiral  look  the private car
neiiso." "Canada   at Nlagnro falls,   proceed-
Over and ever again ZaiiiMuk Iiuiii'"" "' 1/l""f and thence to Vancouver,
been  proved   In bo (lie  worker's  best
Tht "Camilla,"  It   should bo explain-
remedy,   As noon as applied to a out, N' **'n» ""' ''"'' specially built'for Hie
a burn, a staid, or pity hKIii Injury, it p™"hh King and Quoon of England,
relieves tiie pulit and Ii seis up heal1"  IVtt   .v,'"ra URO. when    they    iiiado
"I don't think my hutthnnd 1
any niore."
"Why nol'.'"
"Tito oilier day 1 said lo blm: 'John,
If I should dlo would you gol married
again." and lie said lie wouldn't "
"Isn't lhat light'.'"
"Yes, hul I wlsli you could have
heard lite positive way lie said It."
Ask yoUl-self the important question
whelm r you are as strong as you
wero a year ago, as bodily tit as you
would be. .Many a reader lias to confess "No." Home weakening ailment
baa during llie pusl year laid hold of
tbe syster.i, unfitting you for the duties of life and seriously clouding thu
outlook uf thu coming days, li may
be rheumatism With its sharp twinges
of pain, indigestion, headache, nervous debility, depression and lack ot
energy, or the pains und uiluients
which only common folk know. It is
well lo kuow that all these weakening
disorders arise from an Impoverished
condition of the blood. Renew and
enrich your blood and all your troubles
will cense. This is a strong state-
ment, but ft Is made on Ihe testimony
of thousands who once suffered, but
who have gained health and strength
by the aid of tbe new, rich blood sup.'
plied by Hr. Williams' Pink Pills. We
can iiuolc thousands of cases similar
to the following: Mr. Job. Grand-
malsnn is a young man well known
• In the town of St. Jerome, Que. lie
says: "For a couple of years I began
to find my strength falling, hut did
Dot dream that thu trouble was serious. As I grew weaker f begun to
doctor, but It did not help me. The
least exertion made my heart palpi-
tato violently, my stomach seemed
out of order and my whole system Ue-
caino so run down that I was finally
forced to .pill work. I had now heen
doctoring for over Bix mouths and
wu very naturally growing discouraged. At this Juncture I read of a
case similar to mine, cured through
tho use of Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills,
an.l decided to try ihem. I took Hie
Pills faithfully for aboul iwo months.
gradually growing stronger and al Ihe
end ot that lime I was as well as any
man could be. t ahull always praise
tbe medicine tlmt raised uie from despair to the blessing of good health."
Sold l.y medicine dealers everywhere or sent l.y mall at r.n cents a
box or six boxes for Si.Sll from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockvllle,
    pant ami tl sets ii|. 	
Ing.   11. also provonlB blood-poisoning lllHl' notable .Canadian trip,
or liirianiniailon.   It  is a sure cure,     °" "n'lvul  "'   Vancouver
too, for   ecioma,   piles,   ulcers,   old '?8°   telegraphed   to   sir
wounds, had  log,   ringworm,   Bcalp Sliniigliiiossy his iionrtteli thanks ror
sore,., fostering, running sores, orup- "»> services and   arrangon is   actions, cold sores, chapped hands,  .!corded   I.i..,  on   the  Canadian  I'aclllc
i'ii alisnluie jnirltv. also, inal.es it tl.o IHnllwny, nml assuring tho president
..l"il l.alin r..r hai.l.-'s thai   his  trl|>  had   been  exceedingly
  ' pleasant.
It  is   evident lliat such indications
Zam-Buk Soap should be used along j
witli  the  lit,tin  for washing all  Hore    ,
Pisces.    The soup will  he round ex- Of » broad spirit ol hospitality
collenl for baby's bath, even where shown by the Canadian Pacific Hal-
. .... )lf!(,,| iway on this occasion  makes lnaterl-
All druggists anil stores'sell Zulu-!«li> ">'' the promotion of pleasant In-
Bull at 50c. n box. and Zainlliik Boap teraaUonal relations, and Admiral lo-
at 25c. tablet, or posl free froni Zam- B° |B l:"lv °no '» » lon« ' sl of '"B-
Bull Co.. Toronto, upon receipt of 'inKUishid Japanese who have thus
price.   Refuse harmful substitutes.      travelled  over  the Canadian  Pacirio
  | Indeed. P   may confidently  be stated
.    " , that atteniions of this kind In one so
It requires n greal many cow horns      „,,,  reSpSOted ana  ,l(,,„u.u aB Au.
to buy nn auto-horn and all that goes mlral Togo are deeply appreciated in
Well, Well!
•thaf ANYONE
tK&i,,   •    "<*«
' I dijed ALL these
of Goods
-_,__-.   with the SAME Oue.
I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Use,
NO chanc.... M«lnBtl>. WRONG IHc lor Ui. Gaol.
<>n.. hi, |„ ,-i.lor. AII ii,,.11, Ituii, y.n.r I >,mini,I ,ir
O.sltr. .■HKl(:iil..rCs..t..mi SIOIIV lloi.kl. 1 10,
Tl.« Jul....... lti. ImrJ nu C,  l.iint.iii. Miiitlresl,
Tills notice Is to advise the Trade
that the Fort. William and Port Arthur Grain Exchange has been formed
to promote the handling of Western
Grain nt the Head of the Lakes.
Pull particulars as' to membership,
etc., address
Fort William and Port Arthur Grain
Exchange, Fort William.
Th<} only fftuollno UkIhIhk -syatem
manufactured in Canada and guarantew>d
foi* Flva xeara by u Canadian Company,
Eacb lamp fitted witli H-IC Patented
Homovaolo Generator—No cleaning ncc*
csaaiv by tho uior. When ><>u purchase
a liKiitlitK '. .'t'-tn buy tho l-'-»t on tiin
market—costi na more than ihr: cheaper kind, ThouKunrJa in dally uae. Supplies foi- nny i.i.i.tnu uyitt.-iii In stock et
Rpfftna—Write for pur-ply lletl
Local   Agents  Wanted
the hlgheBt quarters in this country.
Minard's I.iiiimr-nt Oo., I .id.
Gentlemen.—in July, 11)03 i. was
thrown from a road machine, injuring
BY -■■>' '''I'II111, tack badly and was ohlig-
i ed to use a crutch tot* Jl mnntliH. In i
jSt>[)t.t litOii Mr. Win. Outrldge or I*a-
chine urged mo to try MINARD'S LIN
B  Baby's f)
-, Own Soap v
Best for Baby, best for you.
Avoid substitutes.
Albert Seat' M, MJn., Motitnal
Try "Albert"
Scsnted and
Thos. Griffin, cf Peace Riv.r Landing, i rMKNT, which I did will, the most sat-
Tells how h« Got Rid of Hia Rheum- lufactory rcsulia and today I am as
atisn-.—Honestly earned popularity,   j well as ever in my life.
Cold Springe. Peace River Landing.'                          YoUr9 """w™'1'*
Alia. (Special).—.lust why Dodd's Kid-                        ., ittim.-u' v n nvpa
ney PIUb retain tlieir wonderful pop- j                                        mark
ularity  Is easily  sliown  hy    a    trip                                             '   '
across the prairies.    Every town, vll-.
lage and poslofflee has at least one i
lean or woman who Is readv to tell of 	
IryX 32%tti3i£ .'."!,,ed<y,' «? ^ '*? »s ***™ • **
Lei Thou. Griffin of this place ndd his in BUrgery aa X-pcnse does ou the
siateiuciit to the hosts already publish-' farm.
ed. * 	
"When I came to tbls part or the
COUlltry,"  sayc  Mr. Griffin.    "I    was!
itroubled with a bad back and Rheum* I
atism fn my shoulders und  hips.    I
sent for six Itoxes of Dodd's Kidney
hl!s and thoy gave tne relief at once.
I also recommended them to my eldest!
son who was confined to his bed from i
Now I know that  Dodd's   Kidney
-a.-*- the.best aver made fend are
-guarante'-d to fjivp you satigfflC-
.tion;* At ail dealers j. srnd'us *"''c
stating   Stylo  and- -.ne required.
The Arlington Co. of Canada, Ltd.
18 Fraser Ave.,Toronto, Ontario
Consign your grain to us.   The actual grain you ship gels our personal
attention.   M'o sell on sample and get
high prices.   Write us.
N. If, I'ATNItSON & CO..
Port William.
Ship your grain to E. ft. WAY-
LAND. Ornln Broker, Port William.
Highest prices. References: Dominion Bank, Port William.
specialist, 5 College St., Toronto.
We save you 50 p.c. on all drug
store goods. Patent Medicine. Rubber Goods, Trusses, Electric Belts, Elastic Hosiery, Elastic Supporters, etc.
Our large illustrated catalogue Bhould
be lu every lirmie. A handy reference
aud help in ordering goods by mall.
Sent free upon request.
The second
edition of the
of Heating" is
now ready for
Write    for    It.      Postpaid
to any address  in  Canada
}) Hot   AJt-f-
30tllr-l    .fj
Canada's   Greatest   Cut   Rate    Drug   tia«l for orer erXTY YEARS by M
House, Toronto, Ont.
-rat* M «■**> Er. ttmb. lhm% Ot, Wt, UM
Hub. Er. Sab* ia Aa.»Uo T.Ufc 11% HM
Awarded first prize at World's El-
position on Its work and methods.
Write for a free catalogue. Wo also
llvo Instruction by mail.
A Plea for the Lonely
The merry world- goes roitud. time
mSeoSil JSp"I£-5tc¥fSn Bt iiS   Ulee, and we eagerly    grasp    every
Murii>«ProRtniT-rlrf*Tfuf*htirrHrJ   pleasure lhat conies within our reach;
  j       | but how often do we pause and eon-
"* jsider the lonely ones, of whom thero
C.P.R. Largest Steel Rails Consumer are so many in our midst?   At our
It is understood that the Canadian ' ery doors there is Bomeonc who needB
Pacific Hallway Is in the market for » cheering word and a helping hand.
50,000 tons ot steel rails.   This would jl' I" ■">' money or alms that are want-
Wcsslow'-i Boomimi snutf Bos u*-****'!
... rover SIXTY VEARSb*/ Mi-'.:.i«).-l«S :t
SOOTHES th.- CHILD. BOFrHK*-! the Ol "-. **,
A[.I..\\S:.l\r.\IN: CUKESWt»Z>COUC tail
is tlicbcst ttnwdy tor DtAJftfcHSHA. Et ttjOh
so'.tiirly turmlcM. He WM Ji*t ifc-ii lur .1*1
Winalow's Baothtnti U-ftup/1 -mil *^a*.c au juw
klnil.   Twenty-tivc Cfttia • boiue.
FOUR   BOXES   CURED HIM    |^rovto7tVnWenthT8totem^
Plesslavllle. Que. Une Canadian Pacific  is  pushing Its'    You who havo dear   ones   around
"1 suffered from Kidney Trouble for 1 ncw  Western  lines    to    completion.! your  hearth   cannot  realise  what  It
Pills aro the best medicine for Kiieu-1 several years, and    tried    numerous I iiuiuing,  as  it  Is  now.  nearly  two'.means to be a stranger In a strange
mallsin and the Kidneys.      I m-oni- j remedies and doctor's    proscriptions . n,i|e!l 0t now (rack every working day c"y w't1l none to extend a friendly
Women nre \aln, but men are much
more so with far less leauon.
A horse Is not of nny use until It Is
broken, but It Is different wllh a plow.
•-■-•■-   •■ -N,l*'-:i*iai
Scott's Emulsion
are the
Two Great Creators
of Energy
Energy means power—
power to work, to think,
to throw off and keep
off disease.
Get all thc sunshine
you can, and take
Scott's Emulsion
regularly. It will give
you etrength, fleeh and
a* tan ta ft SCOTTS -
It's Ik* Standard snot cluray
tht ite.
mend Ihem to every per:, ul I bear, without permanent relief, my case be-
complaining of not feeling well."        ting chronic.    Afler seeing about Gin
Dodd's Kidney rills made the1- pup-; Pills, and. ue II la a well known fact
ulnrlly by curing lick Kidneys.   They: that Juniper without alcohol is excel-
keep their popularity by keeping on i le.. Tor the Kidneys I decided to try
curing slek kidneys. Kiln l'llls. (Ine siglc pill, gave me groat
_ .relief.   I have now taken almost four
In Holland, the rights of parents' to"™ <•' Oi" 1'1H» ana find niyaolf com-
Uro slrletlv maintained that a man or (Plotoly cured.   No more bad Uurbor—
woman under thirty years of age may- Wereaie in weight-clear eye»—frcal.
uot  marry without Ihelr consent.      I color-more Strength and vigor.   This
,   , iB tftuX Oln Pills have done for me."
.    '    ,. „ „ 11. POWIS IIKHHKKT.
Dr. .1. D. Kellogg a Dysentery (or- (iln p„|8 wm fl0 tne 8unit, for ,.„,,_
dial is compounded specially tn cum |f ..ou „av6 BI1y ir„„i,ie with your Kid-
bai dyeentory, eboleru morbus and |n8™ „,. madder—or If you suffer wllh
all Inflammatory disorders thai iPttln ln ,„„ i.a<-:v or Rheumatism. Try
change »f food or water may got .. before you buy thorn. Write Na-
up in the stomach and Intestines, tlonal Drug & Chomlcal Co. ot Canada,
Tii.-s,. I'liniplninis ure moro common Limited, Bept. N. U., Toronto, for free
lu summor thnn In winter, bul they sample, Then get the regular sko
are not eonflneil lu the warm months Iboxes nt your dealer's—BOc. box, tl for
un,ine laxness of the bowels ma) ^.3o.
In tho yoar the ('. P. It. Is probably the j hand. Illches may buy false friend
largest individual consumer of Bteel »biP- but poverty bars even lhat, and
rails on llie continent. tho lonely toller finds none who care
or sympathise, and the puth Ib hard
| indeed.
The girl In thc office llvos, maybe,
___ list alone In rooms; fine folk don't ask
•uichtr.Top. coolk., core. cold., hr^il ihor. ?ut because she is In business-
I Ihro.l • id luos.
SS'c.u.. jand Just tbo same applies to tbe boy
at the desk.   Uul they are human, nnd
If our mistakes teach us nothing it I110'",*., their duty bravely.    Iloth lives
were hardly worth    while   to   make! eovla be brightened If you asked them
lll0Ui, to your house and tried to banish the
homesickness and loneliness hy sym-
palhy and friendliness.
They Sootho Excited Nerves.—-ner- -  u-;„,-,   ,  ,   ,  ■ ,. ,
vous affections are usually attrlbuled .„**! ' ' ,y°L  ,L ,,1n,1.,l,r,ln,t  a   "''<*
... .,.«...„ ,  .,.. „,. icheer lo lonely hearts that come your
You  won't have far In
lo defective digestion, ns the stomach !„,„,.,    .- ,,   ,.    .,  , ,
dominates the nerve centres. A course ;wJl>„; ,?""    °?l    "   , f'"'„"' , 8,°ck
of I'urnielee's Vegetable l'llls will still I™™ l(,I?.U. ".'"!!, 'P. }'}.ay.}}}?..}"'}.
ui   i hi iii i*i vu rt   ■ .-i,.-!,'I'm-  * iiib  mu diiii !„„..       \*„..„_   ...i.. t   -.■   ... i
all disturbances of this character, and £•**•„„.N1 CL    "'  .' 'n° 1?,*"'*'1,0'^8
sel/e I. man at any time.
sufferer will iind speedy
this Cordial,
Such a
relief   lu
The origins!
(iin Pills mode by
National Drugcnu
Chemical Co. o<
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are sold
only In this bo>.
by restoring ttie stomach to normal
aro not In what you call your "set"
Take special pains to see -ha* thi
boys and girls are in school every day.
Thero are so many clever people
llie   world  nowadays  that   the   :.
formed   are   seriously    hand:, appe.!.
Give your children as tuor'-ugii rpenlal
action relievo the nerves from irrlta-1    *'5 ""' >?"„ ■'■■'>'■•••■•" and sisters in  ...       	
lion.   There Is no sedative like them   .''?,re'™L,"f,Co,rt;,n',"1 V",  Can *?sci.eo |e<|iil|>nu-nt aa you can. besl,!--     -,.
and In the correction of Irregularities Otmrmntlect of their claims. lug them how to do honest work.
of the digoBlive processes, no preparn- i .     -
tion bns done sn effective work, as
Of hull.
All. DRlKKilSTIl
W.N.U.  No. 8ft.
■ 11?
The Origin of Restaurants.
The tehla'.ir.lllt  of ttie present   lime
bad   its  origin   In   Ihe  first   Pi-eneh
1 Revolution lowardi llie close of the
eighteenth century, And tho reputation ot ibe  t'reiiel.  lor cookery uud
j   ie delicacy of laste in eating an well j    When fishing for compliments ll Is
|   • In .■.r.-.'.-.-Pu •'---,. ,'i.,i„.» fi-iil lllll|Kirtulu lhul w„ „,„ ,„„ |lrn|„.r ,ortl
•Morse"! dales prncllcnlly    f'-oni    in,
rnire time.
Thai revolution meant ruin lo ninny ;
noble families, and meant  ruin nlso
fur their chefs, so some of Hie hitler,
bit ii|hiii Ihe Idea of opening housos
where dainties prepared by ihelr lkll-1
led bunds could be obtained.    If the
experillie.il succeeded the ehefii would I
be ns  well  off as when  In service. ]
Tiie Idea wus plettslUK lo the public.
1 Ibe rei lain;.lliu did a  large business,
ami the proprietors had no reason to;
regroi the revolution from a monetary
pulnl of l lew.
Then ii appeared lo othore that Hie
people mluht gnproclatn being educated up lo Hits fine cookery nnd many
' books of Hi" enlliini v all  were pub-1
Hilled, nnd sold  well,      One of too '
•innsl nnlod uf Ibese was "The Clour- j
man.I Almanack," which nppcnicd In
,    ttestaiirunt really means 'restoring'
and was applied lo these places be
cause you went there to have ionic-
ll.lug lo revlvo nnd restore your fail
Ing ntiength.
can he test [fled to liy thousands.
There are few things that make one
feel so comfortable aa moiic*.   iu the!
Minard's   Liniment  Cure.   Distemper.
Though we may never have lost any,
most of us nre looking fur money nil
tlio same.
SoT-it-nes p"op!s do. and ttittv.
bftiiuje ths s'orr.ach t.'i..
Ate Unwisely?
Good News,
"What did mn say In you when
yon came inT" IniiuliclMohniiy of bis
friend v. ho had come lo tea.
"She said she wns vory pleased lo
see me.'*
"I'm glad." t-nld Johnny In a relieved
lone, "f'ause she snld Hits morning
■III hoped you wouldn't come!"
Used in Canada for
over half a century
—used in every corner
of the world where
people suffer from
Constipation and its
resulting troubles—
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills,
stand higher in public
estimation than any
others, and their ever-
increasing sales prove
their merit Physicians
prescribe them, *
25c. a box.
The rui.iiiit.it coiiuiil of Xcw York In |
HIU7 ordered Ihe cily to he lighted at
night  by  lanterns    suspended    from
poles Ihnl  projected from every scv-1
.nth house.
"We dined nl Ibe 1 Ji.z lasl evening.
I'a disgraced us us usual."-
'Ah to bow?"
"Hot to the end of the dinner wllh
three forks and three S|iooi.s still tin-
reiUive Ihe discomfort M once, and help digest the overlo.d.   The l:v.-r of r»=d
Ihlnnmiy ful quite safe with a bei of NA-DRU-CO Dyjpep.liTjblit.1 >l hand
60c. a bo«.   If your druggist has not aooktd th.m ye. send Kc. lad v.
...       Mq.tr.aJ.
will mid their
N*lo««l Uru. lad Ondnal C tl Cmla. Ug>a<,
Economy in little things is just as
important as economy in big things
will answer one of your "economy questions." 60 years
of constant betterment has brought them lo such perfection that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
Diamond  Itlngs—illghost Grade—Hit
Mount,  Richly Cut,  l.egul  tlimraiiieo,
I'lxchiuigo Certificate sent with each
King. All slues. Men and Women. $10.00
Write for Free Diamond Booklet
123 Day St., Toronto,
llcferonco:—Homo Hank.
Harness Oil
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
Sold by Others Everywhere.
Christmas Shopping
But seven Shopping days remain before Christmas.     Time is growing short.    Every
day now the gift buying throngs will grow in number.    Early selection is urgently
advised.   Read these special attractions.
Xmas.  Suggestions
in the
Dry Goods Dept.
Jap Oranges, tb« best kind box   50c
Malta-Vita, 3 pkgs                      25c
Mixed Peel                                 15c
Asparagus Tips, large tins          25c
Cooking Pears, per box              85c
St. Charles Cream, 3 tins            25c
Royal Crown Cleanser, 4 tins     25c
Bath Bricks, each                         5c
Washing Ammonia, large bottles 20c
Clothes Pins, 4 doz                    10c
Robin Starch, per package            5c
Laundry Starch, 3 pkges             25e
School Cakes, per lb                   10c
Xmas. Suggestions
Gents' Furnishings
From  Toy   Land
Dressed Dolls      Undressed Dolls.
Sleeping'Dolls, Squeaking Dolls, Standing Dolls, Sitting Dolls, at prices to
suit every purse, from
5c Each to $15.00.
See special values in dolls
at 25e. and 50e.
from 50c to $2.50
In sets and separate, 25c to $2.50
per sot.
Stem Wind and Stem Set, for Bovs,
Stem wind, stem set, at 2.50 and $4,
Guaranteed for ten years, $7.50
In Silk, Linen and Excelda,  from
15c to 75c.
from 25c to $1.00
Silk   Elastic   Armlets and Garters
from 25c to 75c a pair
GLOVES, All Kinds
from 75c to $2,00 per pair
Sets of Braces, Armlets and Garters
in fancy boxes, 75c, 1.00, 1.25, 1.75
from 75c. tn 3.60 per pair
from                 25c to 1.50
75c.   1.00   1.25   to   1.50
All kinds      15c, 25c, 35c, 50c.
at           15c, 25c, 35c, 50c.
at          -        25c, 50c, 75c
at       75c, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50.
at    5c, 10c, 15c, 25c, 35c.
for Girls and Boys, 15c, 25c, 35c
50c, 60c. 75c.
for Dolls   15c, 25c, 35c, to 1.50
at 7.50, 10.00, 11.00 12.50 15.00
from                2.50 to 8.00
Ladies' Belts of   all
In silk, Velvet, Brocade,  Silver,  Gilt
nml Steel, mostly elastic.     The prices
range from 25c to $2.50 each.
Each in Christmas Box.
Friday and Saturday
Dainty Array of Xmas
In .lalmts, Fichus, Collar Sets.     Ties
in Lace, Lawn, Ribbon Trimmed and
Embroidery.    Prices from $5.50 for
Ileal Irish hand-made crochet, down lo
25c. for pretty little .labots.
See Our Display of
Candy,  Nuts, Figs,
Fruit, Pickles, etc.
Xmas. Umbrellas
Wth the New Directoire handles,  best
quality tops, from $2.00 to $'1.50.
Fancy Handkerchiefs
Are always popular, und this .year tbe
values are better than ever.   Embroidered Linen and Lawns from 12 l-2c. lo
75c. each.
Holiday Goods
In all Departments
Sterling Values
In   The Shoe   Department
Empress Shoes for Ladies
None better in Canada at
$2.50   $3.00   $3.50   $4.00
Land-Over for Men
Sure to please at
$3.00   $3.50   $4.00   $4.50   $5.00
Clothing for Men
The shape keeping kind. See our
Bench Tailored Suits,  made by
Canada's Leading Tailors
Shop   in   The  Morning
• - -*■■■■• ■-■■■
A Crockery Sale
White Cups and Saucers
90c. a doz.
Dinner Plates 90c. a doz.
Tea Plates, 70c. .i doz.
Jugs at 15c, 20c, 25c, to 50c
Cut Glass
See it in the
Th* Store of
Quality and
Lowest Prices
i<* just shirting 11 pool ami oigat'
Christmas Meats
and Poultry
SB parlor
it-     Wo purchased
We have in stock a full line of the choicest meats anc
55 poultry for the Christmas trade,
real pleasure in thc
The kind that give 1
All local stock and fresh killed.    No storage or frozen
meats handled hy us.
You are invited to purcha.se your holiday supply of
meats at our store.
Barrett & Banford
Phone 87 Chilliwack
A Ladies' or Gentleman's
Cold Ry Watch
will be given to tbe person
telling nearest to tbe correct
number of shot contained
in a glass tube in my window
In the event of two or more
persons guessing the same
number it will be decided
by a drawing.
Every 25c
spent in the store from now
until New Year's entitles
you to one guess.
Felix McManus
The Watch Han
ally as wc saw it   with
sun shining nn it.
The population was gathered mi
Iln1 wharf close tu which were
anchored several sail and row boats,
canoes, and a tine gasoline launch
owned   liy   Henry   Eilenshniu,   the
uian. He keeps the store and runs
his boat to and from the mainland
and adjacent islands. Practically
all the Indians, s|ienk good Knglish nnd are well clothed. They
belong to the Hyda tribe and are
intollegint and thrifty fellows, well
built, strong and'good looking.
Their women are also educated and
dress mostly like tlieir while sisters.
The arrival of the boat is of course
************************* '
will be glad!
to furnish you i
with an esti-jj
mate on yourii
lumber bill
whether you;
place your order with them i
or not.
Phone 86
Lumber Co.
A TRIP TO PRINCE RUPERT AND GRAHAN : a boat huilding yard and we saw n
ISLAND ' tine sailing boat on thc stocks built
  ; of yellow cedar, and  Hearing completion.     There     arc     altogether
Leaving PrincoRflpcrtatfivon.nl. about fifty buildings in thc Village
by the ti. T.   P. Steamer  "Prince land a few of them arc set   back  on
.John" a good seaworthy boat about  short side streets.    The whole makes
two hundred feet long and accomodating about -10 lirst class passengers.
We steamed  west   through  Dixon
Entrance past   several   islands  en-
route for Graham Island.
We sighted Prince of Wales Island,
the most southern portion ot Alaska
about nine a.m.   There was a nine
fresh breeze blowing and the water
was just roughened enough lo make
sailing pleasant. We were entertained for some time watching a few
small porpoise darting ahead of us
right under llie prow of the vessel
and crossing and rcorossliig each
other, coming to the surface nml
living again, easily keeping abend
or catching up after allowing the
boat to pass thom, though we were
steaming a good ten knots.
Afler a while about ten a.m. we
sighted the low coast line of (Irabain
Island on our Port, bow, with I»w
Hill rising up on the north east
comer of the Island, tin- land
seeming to spread out from south
to north, as we approached nearer
Rose Spit whieh runs out from the
shore to the northeast, runs shallow
for some miles out ami necessitates
boats keeping it long way to tin-
north until nearly opposite Masset
As the Prince John calls at Xaden
Harbor on the same trip and as a
bar exists at (lie mouth of Nation
Harlmr, the steamer according to
state of the Tide, visits Masset lii-
forc or after N'udcii. In our case
Xaden was called at first and we
entered this pretty land locked
harbor about 12.80. After steaming slowly iu we arrived at McKcn-
ziu and Mann's whaling station and
pulled into the wharf where we saw-
dead whales moored at the .Slip,
and crossing the wharf to the Sheds
we were asaileil by a combination
fo live or six different scents each
one a poem in itself, together n
magnum opies of no menu strength.
It was however an,interesting sight.
Some men (all .laps) were hauling
a dead whale on to the wharf with
its hide sinsncd into longitudinal
ribbons, others cutting up with cross
cut saws one already skinned, and
stashing and chopping it with huge
heavy knives attached to long poles
or handles' others throwing chunks
f llesh mid offal into bunkers and
ur outfit of grub,
etc., for our cuinp, the next morning, iu Mr. Martin's sloro at prices,
no 1 i-lier Umn in Chi liwaek, as a!
proof of which 1 might here statu
that our grub pile for two weeks
COStW) less than So.lKI per head
and wc lived well, mostly on oannod
Having bought   our   fjl'lllt   and
loaded our   touts,   nle.,   which   we
brought with us, on  lo n  gasoline
launch we headed up the Inlet Oil ftl
bountiful sunny afternoon, in charge
of on:1'guide Ueorge Meyer, wh.)  is
very   well    acquainted    wilh    lho
country in  lho north end of   the
Island.    Unfortunately, or perhaps i
fortunately, as it   turned  uut.  our'
engine did not  work very  well al
the stint and delayed  lis  for some
lime and aboul   dusk   wc  hud   nol
got more than ten miles up the  In
Int., wben  a   thick  blanket   of  fog
settled down over tha wnler, which
seemed lo come as a  gl'cnl   surprise
to the old   timers.     As  il   seemed
dangerous to proceed any further iu
Ihe fog, we decided to camp at   the
mouth of a   lillle  river called tho
Nadu whicli was close hy and where
thoro  was  a big   closed  in   shed,,
open partly al thc top and used  as
a camping plnce   by   lllc   Indians.
We soon had the camp fixed and  a
good lire built in the"kccntrc of  the
shed, the smoke going out through
thc roof.    After  we  had  partaken,
of a good  meal  of canned  meat, j
canned fruit and hard tack, washed
down with hot tea, wc smoked and
talked,   but  soon    unrolled    our
blankets and stowed away  for  the;
Next morning thc fcg had dis-
appeared and gMng to the mouth
of the river wc raided it net stretch-;
ed across and took oul a line Cohoe
Salmon, which broiled over the camp
fire, made the best breakfast 1 have
tasted for years. After packing up
wc started out again nnd travelled
an exceedingly pretty picture cspcei- np t||(, |n|et between wooded banks,
the setting |,.,B|  novor*!  pretty   grass  covered |
* ************************************************ *
* *
A Telegram
T   *
I To 11. .1. BARBER,
Chilliwack, B, C, ,-,
. *
Will arrive at your store,   .'>  o'clock |
* Friday   afternoon,   December  22nd. *
!! Letters In Santa must be posted in nuv stove, before
noon tbe dav of Santa's arrival,
:: Druggist and Stationer        Chilliwack J
! ■ *************************************************
tide fiats and creek mouths, till
passing th rough the narrows at the
point of Kundis Island, about eight
miles by (three nnd n hnlf,) we
pnssed into the big lake a very large
body of salt  water, from eight  to
headman of Hie Village, n tine big ten miles wide nnd sending out
iiinn, with the appearance of an arms on the west side that run i.,-j
educated and well   dressed   white. land for four or five miles, into the
New Jewelry Store
A New Jewelry Store is now
being opened up next to T. J.
Polley's office on Young street.
First quality 'goods only, and
all repair work done promptly
by   an    expert    watchmaker.
hiils. There are four or five small;
Islands in tho lake and towards the
west and southwest rise hills and
mountains, not exceeding I should
say, more thnn five hundred feet.
At any rate at Ihnt time in the
month of November ho Snow could
be seen on the peaks.
The wind had freshened and wns
blowing from the south cast and
white caps were  beginning to  ap-
nn event, nnd every one turns out. p,,,,,. ffhon ,vp  n.M\lei\ the  mouth
to welcome  it.    We stayed  about 0f a creek on the north shoic and
one hour pulling oft' cargo for the
India ns. A description of the village would is' incomplete without a
word about Father Hogan, a man
of splendid physique and aboul
sixty years of age, ruddycomplexloii-
ed and white haired. His handshake
is something to lie romembored, He
seems to lie very popular witli both
white and brown and is a great
advertiscment for the climatic and
other conditions of tlic Island.
Leaving "old Masset" we steamed
three miles up the Inlet lo "Xew
Masset"  the  white  man's    town.
not far from the mouth iii thc Ain
river which Hows out of a big cape
called Stu Skundnlc. lake fifteen
miles long and of course fresh
Here we landed and pulled our
two lioals, we hnd towed up, into
the mouth of the creek, nntl started in at once to pitch camp. Wc
hnd three tents and a big awning
that we rigged up Oil poles in the
shape of a lean-to and under this
we ate, and built our lire in front
ol it.    We sent onr gasoline launch
1 ■
A Shooting Match will be held on j |
the farm of Banford Bros.,  Cheam. |
Tuesday, December 19th
at 1 o'clock for Geese and Turkeys.
Rilles and Sbot Guns, Short and Long Range.
ant, a school, aud some private
residences. Only two streets so far
are cut through the woods and the
place looks to bo hs it is, in its lirsl
infancy. A very pretty backwater
from the Inlet culled Dclknllll
slough, Imuiiils the townslto proper,
on Ihe south and runs into a big
lide Hat to the east of the tiSwn. ll
is on this "lide Hal" thai Mr.
Harrison, the pioneer missionary
T. P., stipendiary magistrate, friend,
philosopher iiiiiI guide tu Ihe Indian mid white settler lived nud
entile ranched, farmed a little for
a small mailer of Ihirlv-tive years,
kettles,  ele.   Tbe  sight   was    not   ||(, \m ^.„ tough limes and   lone-
hack with thc man who was run-
The only sign of habitation yotilning it and made ourselves coin-
see on approach is thc wharf, fortablc for the night, whioh was
Thc "town" lies liaek from the | windy and cloudy. We had our
1h.-i.i-1i and a little futher on. It is | camp in the limber close to thc
composed at present of a store and. beach and creek.
post office an   "hotel,"  a  restaur-     So five days after
pretty ami the ground was slippery
with blood, and grease and oil.
We did not stay long.
We then steamed awny and buck
to Mussel Inlet arriving at tin-
wharf at Masset Indian Village
alioiit four p.m. The village lies
along the east shore of the Inlet
nud to a stranger is a revelation,
The houses, which are nearly all
frame, and well built mid commodious, neat and clean, ami many
of Ihem painted.
They front a gravelled road above
high tide mark, und mostly face
the water. There is a store, and a
school, church (Kpiscb|ml) und
pnrsonngc, also the agency buildings
and even a"Skooktun House,"
which from its appearance is not
used much. They even boast of
street lights, lanterns slung on it
pole and cross arm.   There is   also
leaving Van- j
couver wo were iu camp on Graham j
Island having enjoyed every minute
of the trip.
Our impression of the land and
i all we saw on the Island must once
more -land over for want of space,
wilh the hope thnl the gentle render will have found this narrative
so far somowhni of interest,
It. C. ll.VIIWKI.I..
Travellers ou tilt transcontinental
trains ,,f the Canadian Pacific Railway nre now lieing served in the
dining cars of the company with
"llritish Columbia Championship
linked Potatoes." As all aftermath
to the recent big land show at Xew
York, where Ihe province of llritish
Columbia won first prize in the,
competition for the   best    potatoes
some days,   but   has  been   oheereil
and solaced by his life partner, who
thought  enough  of  him  and   his
early work to follow him  wlu-n  ho
was ready  for  her,  crossing  the
eightv mile of open sen  to Masset grown in  America, the  Canadian
iu a iiig Indian Cams-, while a slill Pacific sent agents to thc districts
south eastern was blowing and  tin
I ma I was shipping sens, Ihe passenger being in water lo her waist
most of llie way.
Across Dclkalln Slough is a block
of land which has also boon subdivided as an addition to the
"town" nnd is known ns Wilson's
subdivision. Some houses arc to be
seen between the beach and the
woods and snug and homelike they
As wc were leaving Masset coming home wc watched two pool
tables being unloaded for a man
win-re prize potltloos were grown
nml bought up all of the championship variety of "murphys'' that
ihey could secure. The ('. P. It.
now intends to make n specialty of
this pnlnlo on its dining cms.
Other railways arc able lo serve big
potntoes, but they cannot secure
British Columbia potatoes, as the
C. P. It. has a monopoly in the line.
Already inserts for the regular menu
cards have lieen printed, in which
the championship baked imtatucs
occupy tbc place nl honor on the
1'ready-to-serve"list.—News Advertiser.
Creates a New BiulliOM
Revives a Pull Blisitien
Enlarges tin Old Business
Rescues a Lost Business
Preserves a Large Business
Savei a Failing Business
Secures Success in Anv  Itnsiness
The Free Press
Uses Only Cuticura
Soap for Prize Baby
"I have always used Cnlimiro
Snap and no oilier for my baby, tuul
Im ),;.. nover li'cl n Ron' of any kind.
Ho .1,--* not oven onafe almost l»a-
biea do. 1 feol Hint It is nil owing
to Cutlottrn Soap for he ts line ana
healthy, nod when llvo months oltl
won t\ prlao in a baby content. It
Initio's "iy h.-Jirt neho to go into 80
many homes and see a iiweet faced
baby with the whole top of its head
a solid mass of scurf, caused hy tht*
u.se of poor soap. I always recommend Cuttoura, and nine times oat
of ten the next time I see the mother
alio aaya ' Oh! I am so alad yon told
me of Cuticura,' " (Signed) Mrs.
0. A. Sclliy, Itodondo Bench, Calif.
Alihouch outtcttra Snap h sold by druc-
fists anil nsalfra evwywhore, ft postal to
"ClltlCUm," Uept. CM. finslnn, I'. 8. A., will
..-nir- i ttlirri.l en ..pin. Witt, 12-p, book 00
ibe car. ul .Ua, u'^ly ami ball.
How to Proiervi the Teeth
Teeth aro composed ot three different substances, dentine, which Is
chiefly oalareous, being the most im-
pnrtanl part. Care must be taken to
preserve the enamel which Is tlio outer covering, because ll preserves tho
Acidity Injure the teeth and In
countries where ninny Hweets nre
eaten, thereby causing ucldlty, early
decay Is noticed.
In places where the walcr lacks
linn-, false teeth are almost universal
In quite young people, This Is seen
in many parte of Australia and South
Africa. The very hesl dentifrices nro
oflen the most simple and Inexpensive,
chalk and orris root combined being
almost unequalled,
Call..,lie tooth powders are not suit-
able In every case, hul most preparations containing u form of peppermint may bo used without hesitation.
The tooth In iish should he used after
every meal, especially when meat
forms pari ol the menu.
It n Imle appeals In (he tooth and
II Is nol possible lo have II attended
to nl once, the best cleansing agent
nnd decay preventative Is a small piece
ol cotton wool dipped In tincture or
my ri i, and Inserted lu   lho   cavity,
I Many dentists do this to n tooih before slopping It; Ihe wool should be
changed dally.
| An excellent nioulli wash Is matte
from iwo parts water and one of
myrrh or myrrh nml borax.
{ Strawberries arc well known :ib den
tal beautlflen
.  Very cold water Is not good,   neither
lis very hot  water.
Il Is not wlso to retire to rest without cleansing Ihe teeth.
When people suffer   from    gastric
jaelil or nervous illnesses, 11 Is very
difficult  t« preserve the enamel and
frusta   petrosa, llie huler being the
I Latin  name for a bony tissue which
] connects the teeth to llie socket, therefore care must be luken of the arn-
eral health as well as local attention
to the mouth.
Zeppelin Airship Co. Turning Out
Monster fpr German Army
A great aerial war vessel Is being
built for tho German military authorities ot tho Zeppelin Airship Company's works at Frledrlkshatcn. Undeterred by the long series of cuUs-
trophies which haa overtaken steer-
,\blo balloons of almost every description, tire German Wur Office Is continuing Its strenuous, endeavors to
build an aerial navy which will glvo
Germany Ihe undisputed command of
the air, nnd the now cruiser will ho
larger and more powerful Ihan any
aerial vessel yet built exclusively for
mlllliny purposes. She will, In fact,
be only olght yards shorter than the
monster passenger airship Sohwnben,
recently completed by the Zeppelin
Company,  and   will  bo built  on   lho
same general lines.
The main dWeit'iicc will he llie absence of the huge passenger car,
which Is swung   amidships   on    ihe
iSchwabon, and which on the military
vessel will he dispensed with. Tho
extra margin of lifting power thus ac-
quired will be utilized lo cany tho
w-olslu of iiimanionl nntl iiiiiiiiuiiliion,
I ir Ihe new war vessel Is to 1. , 'i .i!-
ped with artillery In ihe shape of light
machine guns. The vessel will have
n total length of 183 yards and three
Maybach motors, two or which will he
slx-cylliider machines, developing iro
horsepower each. She will he propelled by  font' screws, two    at    the
■stern being four-hladed and two
mounted over the forward car being
The vessel Is estimated to attain n
nominal speed of about 4r. miles nn
hour. The preliminary trials of Ihe
new aortal cruiser will probably lake
place wllbln the next few weeks.
*.. Wliialprt.
Octufaw 1IU. IN..
"I i*,» U'f.1 foot Spavin Cut. na a .prua.
. , > ,1 :-,■>::» ., .1 1 CM TMUioln, ImJ H
,..t   ...J'.. 0.11V' 1. II. IluhtO.
Spavin Cure
lltUM*-)*** , '. -'i><". tint -.I*-.:*!.!.***.. I* Ik*pit!
IU Mtl, Ktli J-.I1** gputn OUW *** HWnllr —lei
■xill.in. ef dolUrt Jer horns ut-nsn.
it inf.-.. ntrtrntdr t*Ml - m si»j;-t*.up»itdpii
tlpofl to ibwliitrty iu ■ Siuvtn. Htiiibodt, Cut It,
Ulilint, B«il >n i.ii..I Ij:,.-i,r*-,
Kmr lill ■'■!'. *J*an or .'»ui thi hair whit*.
Aai-,.-, 1 f  fliwe »»(.. IsrMt.
I,'-*',. Kendall'* alvMy-, bandy.   »i »h.**i,»--
rll'irfaV M'Lrtt fO 1 tlllj'tt JWt ie**tt>% gtl lujlf
Ul ft L>-\ "A TlMtlM Of! lb* HuiM"—U'a ttre
Oil. I. J. KUMI I ro., EiiMktrt Fill-, VI.
t'ouni less havo beon tlio curon
worked by Hollo way'a Corn Cure. It
Iiiih :i power of 1(8 own not found in
otber preparations.
Education Better Than Cash
Don'l let tbo boya ro to work merely
because the first excitement of money
earning is on them. Don't, let them
heedlessly sacrifice themselves lhat
your own burden may be a trifle lighter. Your family is standing still when
you do tbat sort of thing and not progressing as a Canadian ftimlly ought
to progress. Look to tbe future of
your boys, not to your present ease.
Tbey do not realize what they are
missing but you do—especially tf you
bave missed tbe higher education
yourself. Tbe evolution of tbe family is one of the finest things anyone
can play, und it is one in which anyone may take a band. Bettor hold to
the old ideals and keep the boya in
school. Your self-respect will increase
If you do. and the harder It Is for you
to do.it. the more satisfaction you will
have from your achievement.
Seldom See
m big fear*** into tbls, hut yonr hnraa»*,*•>
h.ivo a bunch or bn_i m ui. bll Askle,
Illicit, ti'.iilo. Let-or '1 ItfOM.	
bors9 up. No Mia. r, no balr cone.
mboUl. ilrlirrrcfl.  Dpacrllo yenr "     '
rm-.riN-O'.nsatt't JIikiI, 11 11 froo.
will cl.ko them od imhoat laying tbt
tiora? nr..  No Mia r i-, no hair cone.
boUl. ilrlm-rcfl.   tier.. :f r, y;.,tr Ciu. for
*aVIISO'!<iii:iJVJl..',i!'iiT™ntlornanilttl. ft*
I'tln.'jl KweUlnjr., Knlftrffld m.naa,
mi., ii: i'liaic. ;'rics,u«r.ac«b,.m..1
_--**! t*c?aanTawl. Mintitartiircclonr/fcr
«.t.lOV?iC.e.0.r. .S/IyraamlKlf .l.«i!rul.Ua.
AIM fi-.nil-r .1 li, Msi-1, !,..!« . Wvr.n, Co.. wt.>.it. j,
Il«SiI...|.i1Ii.. .S..II :-i:H,.t ,-„..\\l,iulp^(*Ul^iy;
»J Uttdtnat, l.r... i ,. Ltd.. Vawourer.
The trouble with u good many people Is thai t'li.-v tell.us nil they know
die first lime we meet tbetn, and the
tecond meeting finds them -out of
nental coin.
Bolivian Production of Tin
Iloiivia produces one-quarter of the
total tin output of the world. Recently lis tin sold for $1,000 a ton. The
wealth accruing to tho Andean Republic front this source would be a
simple arithmetical problem If this
price was constant. Fortunately during tho past two years the vaiae of
a Ion of tin htm never gone much below %'.<v. nnd at that price the Bolivian tin miner Is assured a good profit, despite  the difficulties of trans-
\ portution.
Certain  economic factories operated against the highest exploitation of
, tin in Bolivia, especially the necessarily heavy freight charges, tho de-
(pendonee on the price of Straits tin,
!the export duty and the fluctuation
of the Bolivian money. In tlmo moBt
of these handicaps will be overcome
nnd the proceeds ot the tin miner of
: Bolivia proportionately increased.
i 'iiikkly *»lopa courjhs. curea cold-i. Iiruli
(.Ho throat aod lands      *      *      SO reals.
j Wo nol ice that most people who are
consumed by curiosity still survive.
Minard's liniment cures garget In cows
One of tho worst things wo have
lo answer for is Ibe habit of pulling
by-words into o very th lug we say. lt
weakens our talk, belittles us lu tho
eyes of I hose who love us. anil lies us
hand ami foot against a good clean
wuy of speaking. It is like throwing
popper sauce right into the eyes of
people of good, clean, sensitive hearts.
Let's break ourselves of litis miserable habit.
The Kidneys
Wear Out
But Many People of Advanced Yean
have learned how to k«op thesa
organs healthy by using
Financial Reasons
Willie, mamma lias n great surprlsa
for you."
"Ah. I know what II Is—big briivver
Is back from his vacation."
"How did you know?"
"My bank won't rattle any more."
Many there nro who are loafing al
.he vlllago grocery store when Opportunity is knocking at their door.
lt ia not worth while to say forbear
lo a hear.   The safer plan Is lo ruu.
The Fountain Head of Life
Is The StomacbX
A man wiio ha. » vre.li nnd impaired stotu.cli and who dor. nol
nroMrll- dllMt bis food will soon Ibid lh.it his blood nil becoino
we.k a„d impoverished, and lhat his whole body i. improperly and
Insoficiently nourished.
maktt the ffonMeA ttront, rrromattm rht Ibrw at
dliettlvt Juice.., resfores lire lost Mppetlti; m*kt*
u .Imitation irtrtect, lavltjoralea tho llr*r and
parltlts and enrichea tat blood. It it the treat blood.maker,
tltlll builder and rtaturatlvo iitrvr tonic. II maken men
struna  In  body, active  la  mtmd  and cool In  ittdtcment.
This "Discovery" i. a pure. Jlyceric tttr.ct ol American medical roota,
•triolot.ly Iree Iron, alcohol nnd .11 injurious, hahil-inrmin' dri>|«. All ita
Ina.edenls .rr primed on il. wnppers. It h.s no relations tip svi.h secret
aottrun... lis ever, inlredien. is indorsed hy the le.ders in .11 Ihe school, ul
nadiol ,e Don'l accept a secret ntMlriim as a subslitule for .hi. ItnifproveD.
ram.dT oi ismwM coHfoimoK, Asuiots nbiohmm, They mu.t know of
nMy core, mad, bj ii d.,rin| pa.l .0 yea,., rijht in your own nei|l,l,„rho„d.
World'. Di-peicarv Medical Atsocialino, Dr. K.V. Fierce, Pre.., Buf.lo, N. Y.
: Mrs. II. S. Baker, East Margaret-
i Wile, X. S., writes: "No mother would
i recommend for her baby any medi-
eine of which she was not absolutely
I sure.    A baby's life Is too precious.
A mother is always pleasei' to rccoui-
' mend to other mothers something
[that has been valuable ln restoring
I the health of her own child.   That is
The kidneys are often the first organs of the body to cause trouble.
Their work of filtering the blood Is
greatly increased hy excessive eating
or hy tho use of highly seasoned foods
and alcoholic drinks.
As advanced ago comoB on most
people suffer more or less from derangements of the kidneys. With
some there ure years of pains and
aches, with others Bright's Disease
is soon developed and the end comes
-.—>„,,„*elv •, - rrnnt re„rtv have
learned about Dr. Cease's Kidney and
Liver Pills, and are enabled by their
use to keep tbo kidneys healthy ami
Tbls medicine is entirely different
from ordinary kidney treatments,
and invigorates the action ot tlic liver
and bowels. To this combined action
Is attributed its remarkable success.
Mr. Richard Preston, Osborne.
Latnbton county, Ont., writes:—"1
want to testify to the wonderful curative properties of Dr. A. W. Chase's
Kidney and Liver Pills. Seventeen
years ago f began the use of this
medicine, when my back was so bad
that to stoop or rise was torture lo
me.   The kidneys were in bad eondi- Minard's Liniment Cures Colda, Ac.. I
tion,  but  these   pills   entirely   freed	
me of back pains.   1 have used them '    If yoitlh could only know the value
ever since, whenever    the    kidneys of  Us opportunities  that   come  but;
would get out of order, and now. ail once nnd pass so rapidly, ll  would
eighty years, nm well   and   hearty,' be saved from any mistakes and fail-,
thanks tn Ihls grand medicine." j ures ot life, and from  much of tbe
Dr, A, W. Chaie's Kidney and Liver! bitterness and ailef. tbc despair and
Pills, one pill a dose, Ho cents a box. | gloom that often come with*old age.
Foolish Question
The editor of the womau's page was
Ion his vacation and the spoiling ed-
Hot- had Jumped Into the breach.
"W :    what do you think of this?"
i he sno   . 1. as be held up a perfumed
j communication.    "Here's a  fool   woman wants to know how to make a
lemon tart',  Just as though a lemon
wasn't tart  enough already."
Only Technically
"Is your child in bed by eight
"Technically, yes.  We begin arguing about that time."      *
Worms in children, if Ihey be not
attended to. cause convulsions, and
often deatli. Mother Craves' Worm
Exterminator will protect the children
from these distressing afflictions.
Seres Heal Quickly—Have you a
persistent sore tbat. refuses lo heal?
Then try Dr. Thomas' Kclectrlc oil
In thc dressing, lt will stop sloughing,
carry away the proud flesh, draw out
tho pus and prepare a clean way for
the new skin. It is the recognised
healer among oils and myriads of peoplo can certify that il healed where
other oils failed utterly.
A Hint te the Shy
i   "Do you think be would be coo! ia
       Shyness comes through lack of con- [''"f th'n^hftf Voet would"
why I can highly recommend Bahy's  fldenee, and to overcome shyness il 	
Own Tablets.    They cured my baby , if. therefore  necessary   to  overcome Headache  Toolh-
who was Biifferinir from consiinatlon i this feeling of diffidence and gain pq you over nave tuaaaciie. ooin
and. feel ?taM «™ ^tartm I mo« confidence. There 1, nothing aoho or toraehej Mos. people, to
enough. I would advise all mothers'. like uulei thought to help in the at-1 Hamllns .W^rd,, Oil ,s ib. l.-st
with  sickly   babies  to  give  them
trial, well knowing what the result
will be." The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mnil al 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., llrockvllle, Ont.
talnracni of self-confidence, and the I household remedy nud liniment fur
shy or llmid person will gain much by ; these everyday troubles.
taking    a  few    minutes    quiet    and '. ———	
thought each day. during which time j A collection ot buttons dating from
lho mind is fixed on ihe cause of the the ninth century, left hy a man who
shyness or flurry. He determined not {died at Client, has beeu fotind lo be
lo become shy or nervous and reason ! worth   $10,000.    It started  with ona
Of course a farm Is very much ot a | wilh yourself as to why you should  taken from tho robe of Charletnagns.
problem: good cultivation, good stock, j not become thus agitated. i 	
good tools aud a good system of work ,    Determine lo rule yourself by your      Tho man belilnd the plow    Is   all
are parts of the problem. If you leaveo>wn thoughts and by your own reas- right provided he does not get toa
any of them out. you will have-a lol] onlng powers.                                           far behind,
of difficulty In "working It" correctly, i '        , , ~j
Why let thai hsadache spoil your day's work or pleasure ?   Tske
25c. a Box at your druggist's. "   -
Cuarante-d to contain no morphine, opium or other poisonous drugs, by the   30
at all dealers,
Co., Toronto.
or KdimuiBon, Hates &
The Farmer's Workshop.
Have you ever stopped lu your work
to consider ihe Importance of a workshop ou ibe farm? If you have- not.
you may be obliged to do so sometime when you break nu Important
thing while In tbe midst of u busy
season, anil must go s!\ miles for repairs. Whereas, If you bail a vvor
shop of your own right at home, you
COUd make lb** necesi-nr: repairs
yourself at  very  small  cont.
To hnve a workshop with nil ncces*
Hiiry tools r»i repair work in fur tm-u*
Important than it is given orodlt. for.
It can he Utilised to male profll for
yuu in many ways. During the Long
winter months (hare are mnn: nrt*
teles you could fashion into things or
Usefulness.    I   know  fanners who,  In
Natiotial Dim •nd Cb*>mk«l Company of Cinidi, limited.
To this late day wolves do a vast
amount of damuge in Ilussln. Tho
loss of the people in domes! IC
animals through ihe depredations of
wolves amounts to $10,000,000 every
Beware of Matchmaking
Matchmaking Ik a dangerous business. Literally it is so. foi these little light-makers often burn their own
fingers. If a mistake Is made the
couple ore apt to blame the persons
who brought them together and led
them Into matrimony. To recoro*
mend anyone for a husband or a wife
[8 a very responsible business, and lt
Is as n rule, best lefl alone.
.4 01 C.'t liber
Self-Loading Rifle.
This new Winchester is reloaded by recoil,
thc repeating as well as the tiring mechanism being under control of the trigger
finger. A bullet fired from it strikes a blow
of 2038 pounds—force enough to topple
over thc biggest game -penetration enough
to reach the innermost vital spot. Tho
wonderful in operation and powerful in
execution, this rifle ll neither complicated
in construction nor cumbersome to handle.
Tt Hits Like The Hummer Of Thor.
A Pill for All Seasons.—Winter and
■umnior, in any latitude, whether In
torrid  /.one or    Arctic    temperature, i
, Parmelse'a Vegetable l'llls can bo de
tholr ov.li workshop, have lurn.-il out I ponded upon lo do Ihelr work.     The i
I harrows, doubletrees, hog racki, mud-1 dyspeptic wil1 rind ihem a friend ul !
I boats, and oilier article.-: various and | wayi nnd should carry Ihoni wllh him j
everywhere.   They are made to wiih.
■land nny climate und are warranted ;
10 keep tholr slreiiKlh.   They do not |
grow Stale, n quality not possessed In
many pills now upon Ihe market.
I not, tet ous.        Some    are    madi
neighbors and  generously pstil    for.
Tho desk nl which I am writing Mils
1 was made in our own  workshop by
my brother,  who la handy  with  Ihe
tools,  lie has had  orders  for  hook*
-asen from neighbors who have seen
his work. I mention this as au llltts-
.ration, tlmt you may see what profits
I -ny be realised from hours spent In
he workshop.
At  ono time we    wero    threshing
Wheat, when, without    warning,    ihe
.feed  boitrtl    of thc    separator    was
smashed  lo smithereens by the belt
llyiiiK off.    ",N't> moro threshing    to-
Itlny," the boss   of    the   outfit   said
I"I've got lo go to town lo havo   Ihls
thing repaired."
"Give It to mo," nnld the owner of
the farm, uml ho took tllO wrecked
[feed board lo his workshop, ami mil I
:<if new material he made one na good |
;as Ihe broken one. In nn hour the
I machine was humming at work us
'menily ns ever before. The work'
shop is a valuable asset It, Ihe larni:
11 savs money to the farmer in rannj
1 ways, a.i Ihose who have one enn
'testify, J V Kulser, In Farm Jourii-
,al-    ' I
Largest Banquet In the World
The greatest  banquet    111    history
took place ou August 18, 18RS. when I
the forty thousand mayors of Franco ,
sat at a table In Ihe Palais dc lindus- i
trio. In Paris.   Thero wero three re-
lay a of about tH.OOO giiestB each.    To
prepare Ihe  feasl   required  75 chief j
cooks, 13.000 waiters, Bouillons, cellar
men. nnd helpers, SO.OOO plalols. S2.00U
glnsses. knives, forks and bpooiis In
proportion, 10,000 rolls, and fish and
meal and fowl by lho ton.
DIXIE tobacco
w.n u. No. 871.
An Innovation in Oil Heaters
The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater, with its
drums enameled in turquoise, is an ornament to any
room, -whether in the country or city home.
No home is quile complete without a Perfection Oil
Heater. It is a necessity in the (all and spring, when it is too
warm to start the regular healing apparatus, and too cool to be
without heat. In the midst of winter it is often convenient as
an auxiliary heater, as there are always some cold corner*
in a house.
The enameled heater always presenl. a nice appearance,^ ai ihe
enamel will not tarnish or bum off. It ii nol an "enamel paint," but it
ii the tame ai the enamel ot your cooking utensil..
The Pcrfcclion is the most reliable and convenient portable heating
device you can find. An automatically-locking flame spreader prevent!
turning the wick high enough to smoke.
DmI-iy neryvUn. AA jwmn to iKot*
vou llie IVfffctior. I If-ttcr emrtif l*.l: or wiM
for -JeKriptiM tircuUr t-j  my age-Mr el
Tie Iaperfil Oil Compu*-?, LiattttJ
Westminster Trust Dlllltllllg
C. T. Vr&denburg
ritlchtr Sl.
Miss Clara Davison', teaehor in
Piano, ami pupil nf Miss .Metluire,
Alberta College, Edmonton, is open
to receive primary pupils, Pupils
may begin nt any tlmo. Terms, oto.,
on application.
ReiMence i Frlnctii Ave., ChilliwacK
Opposite ll. r. IC. Station
Kiltetl  ivilli  modern eon
I vonloncos   mul   comfortably ',
(urnislied tliraugliottt,
i    D. I. HacLBNNAN, rcprl-tor   I
* i
We have a new ami iiptoilatc
iiIiiiu wllh the hit, si methods for till
Kinds of Cleaning, Hy ing ami Press-
ing,    Kiport. help for uil branches,
Sj.-ciul iilleiiiii.ii will I.. given to-all
Mail and Kxprcx* orders from Chilliwuek ami the Valley. We solicit a trial.
428   Sth AVE.  W..  VANCOUVER
Teachers of Voice, Piano and Violin
in Chilliwack weekly.
Apply by postal card lo the Coinu-rvatrtry I
801 llroatlway West, Vancouver
and our teacher will call on ynu.
R. A. Henderson, n.E, &m.e.
associate MiiMitr.it op the CANADIAN
h. C. Land Surveyor
Rooms 10 A 11, Westminster Trust Block
ChilliwacK Orchestra
Chilliwack   Orchestra,   Six  or Eight
pieces, open for engagements.
Al..-. Wiiitk, Secretary.
:: Electrical Contractor ;
Wiring for Power
and Lighting
A complete line of
Fittings nnd Supplies
. *************************
Christmas Presents
loyal Belgians Will Celebrate tha
Queen's Birthday With Edalwaisa.
| J
I The Perplexing Question of $
I the Year \
is what to buy at a moderate cost as a Christ mas gift  that  will
combine till the elements of nicety, practicability and appropriateness.   There is practically no gift at the same cost thai will please
mother, wife, sister or fi'lond BO'inuoh ns the latest improved
BRISSELL'S "Cyco" ball bearing
Carpet Sweeper
thing about the machine, flnlili nntl mechanism, Indicates value
e lis cost to the purchaser, A "Blsiell" will be a constant re-
•r of tho giver (or fen years or more. Ii reduces tlio labor..(sweeping
raises no ilitst, ami cleans carpels and rugs ns no corn broom enn,
nntl will outlast fitly ot them.   Prices
"Cyeo" Ball Bearing Parlor Queen $4,75
'" "       "      Elite W.60
" "       "      llouriloir £:t.7.*»
" "        "      liiiiii.I liiipi.ls, nir M.7S
|ap j.:1,.'.'.-,
" Hearing t'nlvorsnl, jnp $8.00
" Ball Cearlng American Queen 14.26
Denmark & Burton  ^7 I
A visit to this store will reveal to
you an exceptionally nice range of
Ties, Gloves,-Scarfs, Handkerchiefs
and many articles of wear for men,
which are very suitable as Christmas gifts. You may be sure of
first quality, the latest and newest
goods,  and very  moderate p. ices.
Hart Block
\A Xmas. Giitl
An Ideal Christmas Gift for the whole family
Hot Air  Furnaces,
Roofing and Cornice,
Metallic   Ceilings,
Stoves and Ranges,
General repair work,
Estimates furnished
Phone 94
A Gourlay Piano
Queen Kllznbclh of Belgium la thirty-live .veins old, ber birthday, July
26, being celebrated by her admiring
and grateful subjects ns a public holiday. This Is due to no royal decree,
but  Is  entirely  a   voluntary   mutter.
,nst yeur nt Ibe queen's request those
who wished to pleuse her donned a
red celluloid rose, whlcb wus sold for
a trill lug sum. The money from tbe
sale of Ihe roses was set aside us a
fund for lighting the white plague.
Queen Elizabeth, who Is a princess of
Bavaria and clever and learned, like
all lbc members of tbls remarkable
royal bouse, takes a grout interest In
the cumpulgu ugalnst tuberculosis.
She is herself a doctor of medicine und
frequently visits the bosplials, wblcb
are her favorite charities. Queen
Klir.abetb's plan for raising a tuberculosis fund was so successful Ibal
sbe bus announced tbat this year ber
(lower will be tbe edelweiss uud tbnt
It is her wish that all money derived
from Ihe sale of Ihe flowers on her
blrlbduy be applied lo lluliliitg tbe
sleeping sickness1 lu the Kongo, where
Ihe hue Kiug Leopold left the nation
Immense possessions.
Queen Rllznbetb Is the mother of
two sons, ono of tbem tea and tbe other eight years of age. She haa a
daughter, Princess Marie, who Is five
yenrs of age. The queen personally
superintends thc education of her children, even to teachlug ber eldest son,
who has a talent for music, to play
upon the violin.
Since she has been In Belgium sbe
bns Irlcd lu every way to promote Ihe
welfare of the people. Her Interest In
ediicnllon and all good works Is not
restricted to permitting tbe use of her
mime as patroness for these ntove-
incuts. She contribute! money nnd
takes a personal part In the good
work. No wonder llmt the good people of Belgium, nfler Ihe reign of Hint
selfish old worldling. King Leopold,
turn wllh love to Ihls good, kind womnn, who, wltb ber admiral.le bus-
band, Is doing so much to muke monarchy popular.
It's The Boys Again
Our Lion Brand
Suits for Boys
this season are lietter thnn ever
and combine all the essentials and
reinforcements necessary for the
boy who is hard on clothes. A
boy wears his coat out first at the
elbow. Lion Brand has double
elbows of clotli there, and it lasts
longer. A boy wears knickers out
at the scat and knees. Lion
Brand have an extra piece of
cloth right where they wear out
lirst, and the seams are stitched
twice and thc linings are the best
we hnve ever seen in Boy's Suits.
This makes a good reason why you
should ask for litis make; ami iho
price isnoliighor—iIiui'h another go.,,1
thing about it.
Come in Boys and
see us for your
New Suit
The CoH-r-r*4
| Chas. Parher .  ChilliwacK, B. C.
Special prices up to Christinas.       Call anil see thom.   * .     YOUNG  GIRL'S  DRESS.
Alfred White   The Music Man f
Pint   Lawn   and   Val.nciann.s   Lao.
Combined  In  Handsome  Style.
While lawn nud lace arc always suitable materials for tbo young girl's
frock, aud wben combined in the pret-
British Colombia Electric ly.
Leave Arrive Arrive
Train.       Cliwk. Wcstinin. Van.
3 S.lWa.iii. 11.80 12.10
ll 1.16 p.m. 3.45 4.30
7 0.00 p.m. 8.40 H.30
Leave Arrive Arrive
Train      lllgiln. WcHtmln. Van.
1 0,90 a.m. 8.00 9.4o
Leave Arrive Arrive
Train        Van. Wcstinin. Chwk.
2    8.30 a.m. H.30 12.15
4 12.1511001. 1.20 3.00
8 n.uOp.ul. 11.10 11.10
Leave        Arrive Arrive
Train       Van.      Wcstinin,      lllgdn.
I) 3.00 p.m.       4.00 0.30
Lvo. Chilliwack 5.00 a.m. ) Paily Except
"   Vancouver 7.00   •'   )     Hominy
All passenger trains bundle Express.
Successor to WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates Given
Phone ,r)8
P.O. Box 206*
Woman's Exchange
Tuesday and Saturday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Leave your order (or Homemade Cooking, Fancy Work, Plain Sewing, Knitting.
Etc., or Phone 254.
Flower Pots and
Bean Pots
Just arrived.     This store contains j
many articles most suitable as Xmas
House Furnishings
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd. ♦
Rook Crmlicrs       Road Machinery      Contractors' Eqnlpmcnl
Mining Machinery        Boiler.        Engine.
Interstate Automobiles
1 X  Perm Implements
Dairy Supplies
Oramm Motor Truck.
~"   ItaielH 1 Milking Machines
1048 Main Street Vancouver, B.C.
Useful Christmas Presents
Room 17    .    Hart Building I
ty manner shown here tbey mnke a
gown thai Will lie gladly copied by every mother who has a daughter Just
enleriug her loeilS, for nvntluhlu pat-
term, for Ihls ago lire a lillle hard to
Iind. Tbe luce used wns valcnclcnnes,
and Ihe lawn was tho finest linen, but
any other materials might be lublU-
."M.. . . _  .... '
tin* nlcotrtc coftee
I-   the disc on wliieli
lho electric current
will tlo light
tin- Inni'ly itiitiU'fH-
Inn heater .'nr boiling wilier quickly.
tho Indispensable
kitchen convenience ior ironing, lay
Drop in at nur
Chllllwaek ofllec
and have Iheso ap-
pllanccs explained
i„ yon.
B. C. Electric Railway Co, Limited
Suffered O-.'rr Nine Months, Nothing
RetinitdMt Until J Took l't-:-KL
Mn.JoSOpb l.lieello. Ijlllleuoi
Ottawa, lilast, Ontario, Oauads,wrlti
"l uiiiTured with backiche and head,
ache fororerfnlue months ami notblug i:
rollovod mo until I took I',,iiuiii. Tins i
itioill,-In,, is by fsr 1.,.it.-ru. it n any other |.,
modiolus for tlioso Iroubloa,  A fowbot-
lies rclh.vctl m... of my inisoi'iil.lt,, hull
dead, half-alive ooudltlon."
Per the good of iin- ulfalfa, iintmala
must novor run on llm field wheti It.
it. Is troy.cn nor when It soft and
muddy. To Head on alfalfa crowns
in to destroy them In tiiest instances.
Therefore, us soon as n hard freeze
comes, nil stock should he taken a-
way from tho iili'itli'u Ileitis und the
gates locked.
Animals must not bo pcrmltttetl lo
Kimw It Ion close. A small field of
alallii thrown lnio a largo gratis pas-
ture will soon be destroyed without
1; of fording a great amount ei' feed, bt>
oauss slock will hardly onl nny other
thin", when th.-y cun get alfalfa., nnd
It wil! huve no chalice i" grow at all.
Grazing Pigs on Alf.-ilfa
Alfalfa !■; ihe natural food for swine
Tin- prognaitl son en nlfaltu pasture
liti-netnlly needs no grain n.t till, nt
most a niiie oi corn should sho he In
jiliin condition when turned to pas-
. t ii ro. l'ljis born from sows pasturing on
alfalfa nm usuu'ly flue and Btroag.
Vftor they i :.' Hie sea- needs a llttlo more groin than before, Tho m-
tlo pigs enjoy tho swectt, leiider her
. e nntl thrive, in It, but tbey
shoulil huu it dally allowance
Tills la nol absolutely necessary,
on many hog ranches in llie south
grain Id produced or fed in winter
rlehlng your fields with nitrogenous
foods for wheat crops, and then thresh
ed and fed ns a fatttmlng food also
tinning tho winter. In faot one may
Improvo his Impoverished and rundown farm by growing numerous nitrogenous and weed-killing crops, and
ut the same tlmo ralso an army of
hogs and secure the benefit of the
h'uii prices now being paid for bacon
hogs, namely, fi CUNTS PER POUND
Only n tow days ago the P. Burns
Co., of Calgary, Alta., shipped from the
province of Ontario, 1.40(1 for their
own business In Alberta. Alberta
couldn't supply, nnr could Saskatchewan begin to help satisfy tho demand
of tho pork packers of the west. The
raining of bacon hogs Is a question
wontliy of consideration nntl bogs will
bo a paying proposition too, for the
cost ten years.
C PR. On Vancouver Island
The extension of tho I'sqitluiiili and
Niinuliiio Railway on Vancouver Island to Alhernl, is pearly finished,
i only a tow mil-1 ot ballasting remaining lo be done. The new Illl1.' will he
|ln operation by November 1.
! Alhernl has tin Ideal situation, being over thirty miles Inland oil the
Western Coast of the Island, bul having an ample depth of water for the
largest ships to navigate without uny
,. ,,   ,       , ,    idifficulty,
— summer, on.y alfalfa buy dry  n win-    Ono „{ thfl sln|,ul.„. n,|ngs about tlio
i oi- and alfalfa pasture In sumiuor, congtl.uoUon ,,,-   llJB ,„„,   Wns   tlmt
but tbo pigs are often Bold toi farmers wl      tht, ,,„„,,      w      „mkl       „
"e>i -|,c corn hell to he fattened.   It Is Ismail   cutting  through   n   bill  In   Al-
bernl, near the wlmrf. they struck a
. ,   , , , ,   fine seillll Of colli, some of wliieli will
pnrtnor, I? '''"'"": ," ls H»> rich la protein, und ;m.mini,iv ,uppi,. tho Cunndlan Pacific
'loo now In Btarcb and fat.   it bullttoJJ,aUwliy company's stoamshlps   wllh
thoi bla.lean  hogs utile-*   con.    * fuel tor some time to como as It Is
Ihlnk of eating added, bul lira amount of com should 0, ., „„,, „,.„,,,. „„,, „„,,.,, U1L, -))ou.
are ptitliin- on bo very much less than Is needed ou ,annB 0- ,„,,„ 0f lt in B|gt,|
No need to apologize to family or guest when
always right — every biscuit inspected before it is
packed1—and they arc as fresh as thc product of your
own oven.
"Thut   new   sale a mnn   ililuli
knows ne mucli about oui' business ns [economy to feed corn on alfalfa pa
l ao," snld thc lirad of tlic tirm.        lUl>'°-   Alfalfa tUoue Is too oiie-Blded
"Well." replied tlio Jim
"Maybe ho docs.   Hi? told me confid
f-ntly tliat he woulcVr.
some or thr* things tvi
Hit' market."
;bo very mucli less Uian is ncodofl tin i K-unlri
I other pastures.
it has been found by expertoiemtl "What did you do when you met the
ihul pigs pastured throughout tbasum tra|a robber face to taccr* "I ex-
uier on olfolto with a Ugbt feodlng olL,tttoed tIl(ll , lim, beon interviewed
coin gained 'TO Pounds of pork por ^ tll0 Uoket (;dllM. tll(, ,UBgogo (..u..
this was alter dedueling^e pro.|HwBi lbo Alnlng-oar watt-en, und tho
sleeping-car porters and borrowed a
dollar from him,"
litis article ia [or the man or woman wbo Buffers from rehumatlsm
who wants to be cured, not merely relieved—but actually cured. The most
u rheumatic sufferer cift hope for in
rubbing something on tlic tender, aching joints, 1?. u litil" relief.
hie gain  from lite corn.    An
■ of fattening hogs wen* fed all the
Icom they would eat, and still onothi r
TH1S .in till  Ilu- coin ami dry alfalfa thoy
won't! eat.   Tho lot having alfalfa hay
ii- wo* | made a gain of 868 pounds of pork
' per ton of alfalfa hay.
-Pasture for Horses
On  the ranches along tho Sacramento aud  Sail Joaquin  Valleys in
California, tho slzo and quality of the
horough-bred and standard bred hor
No lotloi
"Charley, dear' said young Mrs. Tor-
,  1:1ns. "tin* cook we took  wjtlioufa
-, I recommendation has left us."
"I suppose/1 was the weary reply,
'that is because wn uro among the
things she dhln t consider of sufficient
value to take with tier."
that Contain Mercury,
v. Ilnlmeut ever did or ever can make [ses itn-l colts running on nlfalfa pos-
u euro.   The rheumatic poison i* root- ture In Bummer and wintering on alf-
ed In the blood.   Therefore rbeuma- ti-fo  **«>' 1" astonishing.     There   is
tlsiu can only be cured when the pots- such an abundance of feah and lionr-ji-'iuarcil i-uinphanta
onous acid in driven out or the blood-forming material In alfalfa that colts'
TliatB why rubbing and liniments and develop Naturally and to their utmost
outward applications are no   good—'when fed upon it.   No ill reeulta what
they can't reach thc cause   in   tbe lever ha..- l-ecu observed from depas-
blood.   Anj  dootor will tell yon IMh tuning nltnlfn  horsey,    though    they
la true,   U you waul somotblng that shou'td not he put on it too early in the
will gu right to the rod of the trouble spring nor when too hungry.
in the blood every time, take Dr. WIM   	
llama' Piatt PHIs.   They make    new,  'n»«.«- 'r niilL..J..Lij.1 p_-±b r*nimmM,
rich blood wtiich drives oui the ! Beware ot Ointments for Catarrh
poisonous aold ami cures rheumatism
to stay cured. This i** n solemn truth
whicli has been proved in thousands
ef ease-., and the following Is II Striking Instance, Mr.**, W. U. Klgor, Sar-
hia, Ont.. says: ' i feel It my duty to
recommend Dr. Williams' I'ink. Pills
ns they completely cured me of rheumatism afler I had been almost an invalid fnr three years. I doctored with
two skilled doctois and look electric
treatment, bul wlthoul benefit. Ou
going to i third doctor ho recommend*
ed mineral hatha a--* the only thing
that would help me. After taking this
treatment fn;* some tlmo I teluthat f
was reallj growing worse Instead of
better, and 1 began to think that
there wna no cure for me and that I
wua doomed to he n helpless suffer*
p.". For some months I discontinued
all treatment nnd theu 1 was advised
to try !»■*. Williams' Pink Pills. After
taking u few hove" 1 could notice a (friend,
distinct Improvoment, and I continued]   "Well
In lho treatment of summer complaints, the most effffctlve remedy
that enn he used Is Dr. .1. D. Kellogg'fl
Dysentery Cordial, lt Is a standard
{reparation, and many people employ
i la preference to other preparations.
It is a highly concentrated medicine
and Its sedative and curative Qualities
are beyond question. It has lieen a
popular niedlcine for many years and
thousands can attest Its superior qua-
u.g dysentery   and
aa mefcury **w nui
an.i oampwU*ly *iu
roterlac a tfaroutfli
r»rttc.*H s-lvitiM nut****
iiuiii r<'in r*sput»bta
ivlll llO IB Iwi f"!'l I*
tllflll.  Il-.tf
; lij- If. .1. cbatw** ,t Co.
r.trv. Hti't h UtCNI  In
I 111.    I.1.MI.I   »lnl   tUtlfWU
; biljrtog  Ifnll'a *.*:!•. Cur
1 ritiiii..-.   ll h tal. ii l.'lvnii
■ Jtato. by V. J.
Uiu uni,-ui*--m, N'etiralgla    and    Sore
-tjjtMtfoy um avm ot irtwU Throat will not live under the name
th- tmicmiM H.irttH**.    such roof with - Hamllns Wizard Oil,    the
r be_iweo exrept u:i pmcrio world's best liniment for tho relief of
,1 -.t.ii can po*wil.1y ile-,ail   PUIU.
Investment   and   Loam    Negotiated.
for men. Canadian-made. Guarantee-.' beet Imt value ln Canada.
LU sizes iind shapes In soft and
stiff felts. .Ask your Dealer, or
write at once to
CHAS.   C.   PUNCHARD    4    CO..
Toronto, Ont.
I'l'l.•.'!.'■■      l*Tl'l*j TirC.
Uie* tialtt ntfflUy l'llls fyrcou-,t
inrrti' (iiri*, in'*inu(artur**4 I 	
ruinlo. o.. cooialDj no mt*I    _,, , ,.„„   .   , ■-., , ,      ,
-tuiii*. m-iiim ifircriij iiimn'    Msltor — 'What Is that awful yei-
"""'Zt„Ty£'S,l fi!«"8?"   It'-sldent—"OH. Uiero's ,, den-
i s,„i i,,.i.i,- in 'folato list next dimr. It 8 probably somebody
mmoDiaia im,       Igottlng n  tootli  out."    Vlsltoi—"No,
mt Or.
very long ago, nnd realized that
act Infi did not havo much to do
with the progress of the piece*
"Mouel," said a filend to him ono
night  attar    tho    performance.     "I
thought you bad n part In that play."
*"i have," said Barrymore.
"That %    Funny/'    commented    the
I-lildit't fee you ut all."
^^^^^^^^^ explained the actor,   "you
Pills for several months must have winked during the perform-
■ cure was complete, That ls|nnoc."
i. years ago nud I have ever'
since been ^perfectly ine from tbo trou-
ble. I would therefore ndvtso onyone
afflicted with rlieumntlsui to take Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, as thoy certainly made a remarkable euro   In    my
not next door.   I mean in the flat ov-
 -^mum^mmaM^mmaaaaam       er    head."      Resident.—"Oh,    that a
Lionel Barrymore, a brother of Kth-! probably Newed'a baby getting a tooth
. had a very small part in a play
tiii»r»nt.* J,   V/i.l-»iir*i*"t.-ill. Win-
iff*  M  anil tp»rn   h- <    ' ■
llllll Nitiitt.- I.imi], 1 1CI I
Minard's liniment for sale everywhere.
when li"
some tw
\ quickly atop., , "Milts, tnr.. colds. Ileal.
' ue throat ortd lut,,.. •      '.IT, teal..
n.iiN-u Im.'-. ure a* fc<'-"tl ua uoltl
Tli,-.-.- i.ill.-i hip r.i'l.l ■ nil niedlt-iue	
ilonlcra nr may bo bml by mull m r,u ■ na,.„„ h„,.; ,„.,, „ good ,,s Ko!tJ tni,:.,
eenlo n box or six boxes tor •.2.00 Um, \yhy: simply became tlw dc
froin riio Dr. WlllloiM  Meillclno Co., wnm| riir PXCecda tho supply.     The
nrockvllle, Opt,  oxplMitttlon  tor thU stato of affairs
N. i-ms In I," the fact tin*! bo many set
"Yes, ho Iind pnme trouble wllh bin ii,,,., nl
eyis." nul,I the celebrated occulist.
"Every UulO lie slnrled to read he
twuiii road double." "Poor feilow!"
remarked lite eynipathettc person. "I
,.i|.|..,.s.. Hm; Interfered with hii holding n Rfoi! position?" "Not nt all.
The Etas company nave hint a lucrative
!oh reading gas meters."
it the highest type of
is the hight-st type of
curative food.
The nourishing and
curative elements in
Scott's Emulsion are so
perfectly combined tbat
uil (babies, children and
adults) are equally benefitted and built up.
ft Is rather „^___^^__
provincial government of Ontario ho
hit upon for Increasing the number
of country fairs mid assuring Uio continuance nf the smile. Thin U in tha
form of whnt may be tcrmOd Insurance agninst rainy weather. The gov
ernment docs not assume to provhlu
fair weather, bul It docs ensure Unfair against loss because t.f indent,
ency. ns If the receipts ure cut down
 hy ri'iisoii fl lulu the government Is
 .omluK into the country dud I to mako nn appropriation t-.. bring ih.-
In audi large numbers, tlmt tho Can-1receipts up to Uie avemgo ef (he t»o
odlan farmera iwo not keeping pace precodlng years.
with them In their demand for bacon
and other cured ix,rk.
All ihi- new setters vrant chiefly
, -p. dally while travelling, bacon ,iad
hams or suit pork to take with tin ■ i
upon their Journeys across the country   while   seeking  or  sl Ullnu   n|tt>n
(heir new homesteads,    llacon ns n
meat  provision is the mainstay
th, Ir larder,    ll call !"■ packed uwn
easily, can be kepi longor than nn
frcsli mints, is readli) made ti|. Into
n  le.'.'it'. uud  in  fuel  is the handl sf
meat tht'i  lite traveller enn carry it-
lotlg wilh hint , it his flips,
Thus  Hi, i:. In li ni ami pork other
«i  • cured, h   Uie grentcsl demand
|llh ||  I,   •• ■   , •,;.   .illl   III   .1  till, food  Slip
pl.v ,if ti,, new comer, 'finis will the
ti maud nil. i , mt il pork he t ■ adlly
on ihe Incroas? so long ns the nu tome
lot Immlmaiilti continue io pour into
Uie country. Imay bo parnlyied.
The ftinr■'.  of Manitoba  and  the     in ih|< i-ondltlon you ntiist suiter
,«t.t hns hitherto paid solely hi' nt-alone r,,r ft lends cannot understand.,,        ,   ., ,,        ,   .,      „
tuition only to llm raising of wh,v. ,.,■ sympntlitio with you.   Tint  tell ""' i"'"1 \mU'!a '" "'"""onds, lho sugar
l.t ■ stoek has n cell u coiisldern- t .„ to cheer up or lhat It li only Im- '""''","' l",,, '''",'" l"," ■•''',1'   .""' *-la*
iv., t, him ni nil. nnd lite i win h nglnatlon,  . \'mmU '<o\'<»-\>t^>. "><>•■ ol oouno,
plainly seen In Mis rim-down null you can only throw off tills d*prci- I?.7 p",'al1 ;"" '1,'" ",","•' ° '•""'■"••'';
playedoul (.mm thai nm » evident inlon when tho nerve cells nro rcstor- ' al ™}?e\ ''," , s" tl!''y, ™TC, Mal
now in ih- rouihorn portion of tho|p. m health by Meh treatmcnl as Dr lolswpnds.and tho chomloal result ach
One i.' me mct.t romni'kahlo feats
in the histott of the nernplnno v.u; Ihe j
recent iHuhi of llnrrj' N. Atwood from
St. Is.uls it, New i'nrli.   The trip wus ;
without mishap; almost without ltu-l-
deni:  t„i on,- occasion oflly wus the
aviator obliged to alight sooner than
was expected, some babbiting ln.vieg '
j to he renewed.    The other repairs
wore of u trifling nature.   The maou-
lu - was , Mul and n.-lut; gaoolllio wast
poured lu It: Atwood sealed himself,
.-,,1,1 th«- blplaue soared Into lbo ak-i
Ilk-., a i.iril, and tlltl uol alight until the ,
,n.-xt arranged-for stopphig place wis.
leat'lit-fl.   The aviator tflls ns thut on
some of the f.lKhts he felt like going'
tn sleep,   Ott.t'thel s ho sitys thut most ■
of iln. tluie it,- kepi his bands iu his
pockets,  er  rend  n  time-table—"thei
uii' wns like u pool," The trip ought i
to Hive us a new Idea of the aeroplane.
i It helps bring It out of the circus olaa?,
.and puts U Insult: Uie Iraln and thej
stt-atu boat. j
The Touring Aeroplane. I
The record smashing was a mere I
Incident    Atwood  flew l.x,  miles
in vi tints.   An ordinary byctcilial j
inlglit hnvo mtide better time, but At-1
wootl wtLs not ii'.vfnt; t.. beat speed n-'
rnltt.    As a matter it" faet, he wad,
oui}- tu the wing 28 hours 1- minutes,;
so Mint hi, average time was about if.
iiiUes an hour.   Then- is no reason lol
doubt  that ho oouid lint-.- made the
Journey iu :, couple of days had ,-pecd
been Ills objot-l. Alwti.td wtilltetl to
Mote thnt the aeroplane could be iw-
t-d much as th,' nutomoblla is used for
itiuriiiK purposes. Beforo he Started
his course wits imippt-d put He de-
,'idt-d to fly so man) miles und then
  slop ul it eciiuiii city for dinner ar
llunctl,  It, proceed, aud  reaehiiiR  an-
The Oil for thc Athlete—I nil:  inner elty at sueli a Uuie. hat.- an-
■ ItiB down, the nthelcti can find noth* other meat, and remain for Uie night
Ing litter than l>r. Thomas' Klectric This Is the soil of prograuiuio that
OH. It renders tlio muscles am! sin- t.sts the reliability er machines, whe-
ews pliable, takes lho soreness out I titer ihey are automobiles ur nero-
of ihi'in and strengthens thnn for I planes, 'fills Is the lest that Afwcotl
Istrulns thai may be put upon them, has so etieceesfuU) emerged from.
I! stnnils iire-einln.-nt for lit!,; purpose, ■ Fifteen Y«rs Hiatory
end uthlei"s who for years have been [t was In May, 1891), tliat ProfeascH'
luting it can testify lo it,: valtio ns a Lnngley fhst domonstraied i„ a Jeer-
|lubricant. ling public tluit u heavier Uian itlr-iu.
chine was feasible.    Not  unlil
-'  mai
lti in
1. ii. ham. mim» itsn
I. latiti**.
Dot rnw roturn-it Ht*tv*/ »•!d n In cur l.tur
>'••*■*-m -.v.1.1 i< Id IU ■■•:!•. *.'i....n r-.' I U
ln*Mi»js. *■(!:■ i i«ir. N'«-*-J-*ilinf*pr-**niimr.
Uur Huiirwrtm IIuiii.t iicii'!.*-ri»ui,-i.
Coniplelniltir t-T hninri. •t..r»,*ir.   .l»k
nt.   <_    	
•Uloin** M ami lum h
_ Aln.l.lii. M
Winnipeg, Canada.
"You re Being to marry fistcr. ain't !
youV"   her little   brother   Inquired,    - : :	
The young mall Mushed    "I-I don't A Good start
know,    be replied.     'Hints    funny,      „,. , ,      ,
said the terrible Infant.   "Pa hns look-'      )!" n!;'J' ''•'"' nl;"ut women s eon-
ed you up in the rale hooks, nut has *c"u,0"8- !'."' ' think women are pret-
found out all about your grandfathers, i,J, wUe'  N,.,»''ln*' wlf<;,» clu,) "PPOlnt-
and slater has begun her shopping. M*1 * eoroBUttoe u. study economy iu
Gtuiuie a nickel, won't you?" 'are*'
IcelMdlc River. Mm., Sept. riili i«io
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iuj* •fHre-.-, a copy c-f yuur "Treati«-
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It sai'c ami ■tn-. Marino ilrleiu.
Tliat telli (he whale atoty, and it li
lit* eiperlenr*1 llmt l-im ?•-■,-» i>t t1iu-<-
m ii'i- ita re iiail In tin- r»-ist to yertrfi and
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tlir unly ittre remedy"—
r«r Spnli. RliglMM. Cirh, Splint,
SwcMinf in*i All Um ne si
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always. Fe teu-ly for the rmfrgfai-j.
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copy of "ATreatiK ott the Home." 1.
ii-t a', (i-alert, vt rile tc— K!
M. I. J. ftni-HL to., rmkiri FaU». >t
'"" ]    "They ptartod Dut by golnj
novel plan that the mutlonl corned}*."
to a
Own Soap
In Dread of
'ii*Vou can Scarcely Tell What—It May  know  better  dun  Ier pull da!   sirup
'...           Be    Hysteria,    Insanity, till dor middle?   Vou'll ilnu both holla."
n . r>>ii...a I Pat—''Faith nnd I know tlmt ai well
Nervous Collapse.
I "Does your husband ever lose his WM „,iy Interest manifested In lho ex
Itemper!' "Not uny more, lie lost perlmont of the Wright DroUiors, nod
tit permanently nhotu two years attar then only whin Wilbur Wright had ro
|mu- mnrrlago.'         maltiod In tlio air for r,n ceoonds. Two
  lyeurs inter tho science had odvaneed
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff. |t„ a point whero Wright wus nhh- lo
1  — travel 2-1 iiiUes nnd u fraction In lets
Conductor.—"Beo here, don't   you |than mi minutes,  This world's record
remained ft r a long time, mul it bj on.
iv u couple ot years an,, Unit Paulnon
was able lo n.iouiui tbo world l.y
Best/or Baby, b\ tiforymt.
i»tjp, Ui, Mjn.,Morrlttei.
Try ■■ilterf
S^.nleJ and
IISS, Wt".stovv"*'S.a.mM: httt" e tf.s tr?l
nscl tnr flSer SIXTY VBAKSby MltMONSof
MitTiii's- for Ihelr ClltWKftN wiiii.i.
thktiiimi. wiih rnitiKCT SfCCKSK.   It
S,ll,VIII-S 111." ettll.lt. M.lf I'.N^ ll,r lll-MS.
AI.I.AVSntI l-AIN'i Cl'lll^ WINl, CULIC, .ui
Is ths lest t, i.if.l".  In, IMAKItlltLA.    II Is nl,-
,.<>:.,My Uaritilea^ a- -.u- .,,.,! ask l«r -Mt..
Wins! .„ . s.H.iiimi Syrup." anil take ut, olber
kind.   Twenty-live sriu* ootllf.
us yerself.    lint it'.s both elttls of the
onr l want Ier slop.'
win. ii the nerve
|down you live in
lomethlng tsrrlblo
,   Phyilcal luffoiln
is systom brooks
lonatam droad of
obonl in huppi-n.
;  ennnot   be  com-
Diamonds from Sugar
It enn be staled «flli perfect tnilli  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ilu.t a lump of irjiar may he tomsd {und Itlll niora llST. none down hy the
into ilium.nul:..  Not sll lho aubstsnoos |hoard lu 1011
f Ir!:'. of 81 Itlllrs.   Tilt: nevl dut I.ulll-
an few mi ratios, and -i h,nn., later
l-'umiun in-'iile li UL1 uud won fume by
siuylni, the ulr three   hour
roar many n- w records wi
"How is your daughter gottlng ,,a
wi'li ber luiisle'."'   "Well, it Isn't pro-
. ...   per for nit- lo eoinpllnieui my own girt
Lus-'i.inn Ht-veriti ot tlif neighbors told in.
iiindt'. jthni  they often slut  iiwitke nt  iiiatit
ll'.it-tilm: lo her pi.,:■ ine  lo slit   iiitt.C
le pretty good,
of uiiitur of course, win enter Into tin-
composition of the gem, but only iim
carbon thut it contains,   su :..i ion*
pt'retl It, the nientul agonlei of
norvous wreck who feiira that    m,   , .     .      , ,.,,.,
mind may giro way or tha. hi. hod) i*1*"*, .'' L'arl""1 """cd «"Ul "s'VRrn
muy  '■•  "—• ' liiiid hydi
To Cross the Ocean
lirithiini-Wltlte. Hit- Kuitlish aviator,
pit-diets Unit  nernpltuies    will    BOOd
cross the oeeo*i.   lie drosms of air '
iblps a thousand feel tu Ifiiinh. liulU
Tbo carbon enn l.e euoily rcpni'titt'd   i„ carry 4,000 passOHgers from Xetv
out, and in cerlsln oxpertmphts tor
Be sure to let SCOTTS
it's the Standard und alwnys
the best.
W.N.U.   No. BU.
 __ iOhttic-s Nerve Kood.   Your dlgesltvo lyT.fl,1*JJM" ,b„° ", ^al ^l1'??]
:   Tlve romody mu i h ■ Ihe Block rids- system hus fulled to supply proper |lj' lf ll"-> *m M 1"rR'- M l,,c Koh*1'
|bg,  The l ■.■•! in.' oi iii.- s'i„-k it"-,. ii - noinislunenl lo tbo nerves und youi
tin- growing of i.hI.'i r eiops, nnd from nte compi Uod to seek aid froni other
thl* fuel alone   will   Ihe   Lin 1   I    idurci '. i
brougiil arotiuil again Into u fertile,    it will take some pntlenco nnd per-!
pro lui'tit.- ami    Itpailhy    uoudltioiu  i. ,    ,.eni but there is no way
Iwhtlo cattle arc ? profltublo and %*ul-1by which you enn so certainly restore
I liable class of life stock to raise, they | lealth end vigor us by tho Uio of Dr,
inke -'uv in i- ■■■■i-itf 10 uisturlty atidlChnse'a Nervo Pood.
•urnlng  Into money, I   The in-s: Hire :o rosloro tho ti.i-
j   id. -. on ti - otlier liand, nro more jyoua sysicsi is long beforo such a cri*
oosllj li pt. turn Into meney iiulcltei*.Itlcnl condition is reached.   Such nym-
I will cat ti'i.-t nnytlilng i .'fere,I to tin ill ptoms   ns pleoplcunrss,   bonitachi.;.
In live waj ol fi ,il uml aro pit n' ratx\. nervous Indigeilloti, muiciilnr   weak-
ley makpis in every icnpect,   Playod- iie<s, lost ,■( onorgy, rulli.ro of mem.
out fields may he sown lo ulfolfu, ml    rry uud powor   of conaentrallon,   Ir-
,1 i ■•!.. ii i lis mixed, and tlio lioks'iltohllltj nml dlsoonragcmenl tell nl n
pa   itretl a   ni  n.    Alfalfa nmy liolfallure of Uio nervous   system   and
cured and bi eked nnd r..d to tlioni warn yuu il tin approach ot icrluui
I from n feed rock In the winter lime, trouble,
i'        ii'i.y he grown ami starcil tor     Dr, Clini '.  Kervo Pood CO cents a
them nml fed nl.to as n winter food,     box, ii bones for $2.50; all dcoici . or
Fiolil pens may he grown, ihua «B'|l3dmau:o:i, Uatoi, & Co., Toronto,
York to London lu a single duy.     N.
body will dure suy lhat his tlsloti Is
Impossible, especfaliy lines Atwood
has shown ihul nu aeroplane can he
u.ni niniesi like an automobile t r n
nowi r bout. Ths Twentieth Century
i-i likely lo be shored hy Canada uud
the flying innehlne.—.Mail and Umpire.
The hop- litis often heel) held mil
lhat an Improvement In lho process
of iniiniifut'ii.tiint diamonds muy he af-
fecieti whereby the necessity of ills-
solving the carbon In molten Iron limy
llO dispensed with, and Ihe required
combination ol groat presiuro with
I't'eut heat may be brought aboul hj
time mob operntlon as aquoeitng the
carbon botweon red hot metal plalei.
Teacher.—"Sammy, why
wrlto your name H. Smith, Marcher
Sammy.— "Wily, 'oanso pn irrltei his
.i. smith, Junior, I wns born in
Mother's Gravel' Worm Bilcrmlna,
tor will drive w-orms from tbo system without Injury io the child, because lis nethm, while fully effective,
Is mild.
do   jrou
Secret ofl-ong Life
The true secret of heullh and long
i'le lies In very simple lhlni;<: Don't
worry. Don't oiereut. Don l starve.
Fresh ulr duy nml ulalii. Bleep and
rest abundantly. Hpeml leu nervous
energy each day and nlulit. lie cheerful. "Work like a mnn. bin don't ho
worked to death."   Avoid pnsslou nml
^    exellemeitl.     Associate   with   healthy
■ — I people.    Health Is eonlimioiis as well
"Aro   p i   chestnut    hunting    Mill jus dlleaie.    Don't entry   tho   whole
full?" I world on your shoulders, far loifl Ihe
"Don't hnve lo.   I so to nil lho new Itinlvorio,   Never doipolr,   "I.oit hope
1 u.i;. i, ni comedies." |U a total disease."
Dr. More*'* Indian Root Pill*
HisM Mr. Wilton'* 8oro*
When the sewers of tin- body - howtls,
kidneys utul skin ducts -get clogged up,
the hiood ipiickly becomes imptirr and
frequently i-ores break out over Ihe body,
Thc way lo heal them, ns Mr. Kichurtl
Wilson," who lives near f.ontloii, Onl.,
found, is to purify the blood. He
"for some lime 1 It.t*t been iu a low,
depressed condition, My appetite left
tut* ,ni,l 1 soon bce.au to ulit-i from indigestion. Quite a number of Small sores
and blotches formed all ot er my skin. I
tried medicine for the blood 'nntl used
in mv kinds of ointments, but without
satisfactory results. Whut v.'ns wanted
wus a thorough clcaUlltlg of the blood,
uml 1 looked iih: ml in vain lor some mediant- that would accomplish this.
At lust Dr. Morse's Indian Root I'illt
were brought to tny nolle., and they SIS
ens of tha most wonderful medicines I
hsve ever known. My blood was purl*
fled in . very iboil tlmt, sores healed up,
my Indigestion vanltlred. They always
have a pluec hi mv home nnd ure looked
upon as the family remedy,"
Dr. Morse's Indian l'.oo't Till, clcanas
the system thoruuf>lily. Sold by all
dealers atSMoa bos. t TIIE FREE PRESS, CHILLIWACK, 11. C.
I The Cheever j
TB !
j \ They Were Outwitted In Their;
Practical Jokes.
CopyrlKltt by American Pr.s. Aaao-
.liillon. 1911.
*lfa>*************** ++*****
When tiie Cheever twins chose to
dress exactly alike, when they nimved
•heir mustaches and when Enoch ex-
thnpgcd his gold seal ring for Joseph's
diamond, then their wives.could not
lell Ihem apart, much to the mirth ot
lho Joke loving brothers, Of course
Ihe twins" were accustomed lo having
stranger* confuse ihoir Identities under the most ordlnnry conditions, but
when they "ere dryer enough to pug.
Ble llie two women who knew llit-ui
host tin'.v rejoiced nccordlugly,
"Met yon." grinned Hunch ono duy
as they lunched together downtown,
"tint you," relumed Joseph, Mth a
Slgnlllciiul '.lull.'.
That night .Mrs. Enoch Cheever met
tier liiisliunil ni Ihe door of their llul
nml returned his profforod kiss. In-
Blnuily there Hashed over her llm enn-
vlt'tl.ui thai this wns her brollier-ln-
law, but her face did not betray her
He hung lili Iin I on the tree nnd came
lnio the brighter light of tlm dining
room. Ho slood (hero ti moment, rubbing his hands wllh the gesture which
wns u mnrUcd characteristic of his
brother's, Por a moment Mndge Ghee-
rer wavered In her opinion. She
SerulInl-.ed gray suit, shirt und lie and
ring, lull they wero all Just as her
husband luiii worn Ihem lu the morning.
"You look pleased, my dear," observed Joseph ns he sat down In Jo-
eepb's cbnlr nnd ladled the soup.
"I am." relumed Madge with heightened color anil much spirit. "You
recollect that man, Mr. Benson, who
colled thc other evening?"
"Benson}" repealed Joseph vaguely.
•"Ob-nh—urn-yes.   Wbnt about hlm'r"
"Well, he says he will accept your
"Offer—nh. yes, my offer!" repeated
doscpb uncertainly.   Then with a de-
Itro to drop the subject of thc unknown Benson he added hastily, "I'll
see Benson nbout If tomorrow."
"But he is coming tills evening,
Enoch," protested Madge Innnecutly.
"What In the deuce Is he coming
here tonight for? I've nn engagement
•t the lodge—got to Initiate n fuw
ehnps." Joseph Cheever carved the
roast wllh culm precision, serving
kludge with paper thlr slices of rare
'-You know I like lt well done nnd
guile thick. Enoch," she complained,
but sho did not permit him to change
It. Ills evident perturbation was snf-
Iclont f.r her nmuaement. Then she
relumed lo tho subject of Benson.
"It doesu't seem to mo you're treating Joe quite right In that Benson matter, Enoch." sho remarked nfler a Utile pause. "Tho very Idea of your furnishing tbat mnn capital to go Into
business across the street from yonr
•wn store! It's all vory well for you,
because you will have n share of profits either nay, but what aboul poor
"Yes," echoed Joseph, wide eyed,
open mouthed. "What about poor Joseph r
"Knnch Cheever!" shrieked Madge
Suddenly. "You nre not eating tomatoes ufter what the doctor said}"
"I'llllet" snorted Joseph testily. He
Was thinking of his brother nnd the
wily Benson, who bad once been tbelr
bend salesmen and who wan noxious
lo start another shop lu competition
with hla former employers.
"Enoch Cheever I" cried/Madge once
Inore, "The very Idea of your speaking to me tn lhat manner! If you do
•ot apologise nt one* 1 shall telephone
lo father to come up bere!"
"Why-why. what did I say)" de-
•landed Joseph, uncomfortably awnr*
that ho could net face, unflinching.
Ibe cold black eyes ot Mra. Enoch
Chester's father.
"Ton said -pine.' and you never used
Inch an expression before In your Itfs
.-not to me. Of course 1 know Joseph
talks to poor Ada Hint way. hut I
Won't atsnd ll!"
Mary entered the room at that mo-
Vent, and while she removed the
llshes snd plnred the dessert beforo
Kir inl.tress there wns nn iinenmfortn-
• silence between Mrs. Enoch ihee-
*»r snd ber mlsehlerons brother In-
•Tben tber were alone Joseph sail
meekly: "I apologize, Madge, l was
really thinking of something else."
And then, wltb a sudden accession ot
dignity, he added: "1 think you are
mistaken ubout Ada, I nm sure Joe
doesn't net like such a brute as you
Madge tossed ber blond bead. "1
kuow whut Ada tells me ln coult-
detice," 'sSe said loftily. "I am sure
that she Is sorry sho ever married
your brother,"
"Sorry - she — ever — married me—
him?" asked poor Joseph, aghast,
"Vou know she had lots of chances
to do better," pursued Mrs. Enoch
Cheever couipluceutly. "Joseph Is
nice looking, und ho wouldn't be that
lt bo didn't look so much like you
Enoch. But ho Isn't clever ono little
bit, nnd you know Ada adores cleverness lu a man."
"1 suppose so," admitted Ada's husband, neglecting his pudding.
"That Ned tnurloson—you remenibor
Hie fellow who was so wild about
Ada's dark blue eyes? Well, you know
lie went on lho singe nfler sho refused him, nnd ho tins become n great
nctOl". 1 don't siipposu Ada bus over
ii.id Joseph ubout tlio niTiilr, becituse l
think she still feels it sort ot—or—at*
tlicl.mant, don't you know, driir."
Mliilgo smlli-d fondly nt Joseph, who
ultinngod ti sickly gtiu in response.
"1 dare say sho does," he suid gloomily. "Sort of Blonder, willowy chop, l
suppose." Tho Cheever brothers wero
liii'lliied lo stoutness, with thinning
liulr ou top of tholr hind bonds.
"Ho bus an ndornblo llgure," gushed
Madge, suppressing n desire to glvo
wuy lo laughter, "and lho thickest
wavy balr and"—
"And n thick bond, too, I'll warrant,"
blurted tho Indignant Joseph, forget-
ling his role.
"Why, Enoch, dear, nre you Jealous?
f nm not In love with Ned t.uttrloson
even If Ada-oh, well, we went, to tbe
mullnco yesterday to see him. I wlsb
you could huve been there."
"I only wish 1 could hnve been
I here!" threntenetl Joseph, rising In
his wrath nml pacing the floor.
"1 enn feel lho thrill thnt shot
through mo when ho mnde lovo to tha
heroine," murmured Madge wltb a faraway look lu her eyes.
"I could puss him a few thrills that
would put blm out of the show business for good and all," growled Joseph, Jerking on tils gloves aud reaching lnio the hall for bis hut.
"1 don't see any reason for your losing your temper ovtt. your brother's
affairs,'! complained Mrs. Enoch. "I
nm euro If Joseph only treated Ada
balf as well as"— She paused slgnlO-
"Half as well as—what?" demanded
Joseph Impatiently.
"Half as woll as you (rcat me,
Enoch," said Enoch's wife with shining eyes. "If you could only talk to
Joseph t aui stiro that"—
"Talk to him. madam! I'll read blm
n lesson he'll not soon forget." And
Joseph Cheever. for once stirred out of
bis easy going ways, shot out of the
door and Into tbe down dropping elevator, hopped ou a ear and went to
lho appointed rendezvous wllh bis
brother ut their club.
After lbc door had closed behind blm
Mrs. Enoch Cheever threw herself
down ou o couch nud laughed until the
tours rolled down her cheeks. Theu
she went to tho telephone nud called
a number.
In the meantime Mrs. Joseph Cheever hnd passed through a similar scone
with her brother-in-law, for she had
deceived Immediate news of tho mixed
identities from her sister-in-law before
the Enoch Cheever tlluner wus served.
"Well, Adili" a very much perturbed
Enoch was saying, "1 am sorry you
feel called upon to pity my brother's
wife, hut Mndge has always seemed
to me to be a happy woman."
"But of course, dear Joseph, you
hnve never known of her teuderuess
for Ned Lnurleson. ihe actor. Poor
Mndge! 11.in so sorry for her. And It
does seem too bnd. Josepb. that you
should havo entered Into that questionable deal wllh Benson ot this time, for
It Isn't fair to Enoch, as I said before,
"Womun." Interrupted Enoch solemnly, "if there Is uny peace lu the world
hold your tongue! 1 am going out to
settle several mutters and will not get
borne till late."
He disappeared as rapidly as his
brother had doue In another apartment
s short while before and Jumped on a
car for hi. tinh. There he met Joseph
In one of (be smnll writing rooms, nod
Ihe two brothers, who hnd never disagreed since their childish quarrels,
now glared at each other fiercely.
"What's ibis about, Benson?" .put-
lorod Joseph threateningly.
"That's Just what I wns going to
ask you." retorted Enoch. "And do
von know Neil Lnurleson. the actor}"
They stared nl each other, bewildered, not ot flrsl comprehending the
situation Then a great light broke
over Joseph's face, and he nluppcd bla
slice.   "Slung!" he yelled excitedly.
When Enoch hail gathered the Import
of tho attention he fell Into a Turkish
ro.ker and gasped for breath. "And
they hnd It all cooked np between
them beforehand against the next lime
we played that trick ou Yin." laugh -d
Enoch as lho Iwo, much relieved of
tbelr Jealous fears, compared notes.
"What can we ntfortl lodo. Josepb. now
that Benson Isn't going to run n store
across Ihe slreet und put us out of
business}   Pretty cule In 'em, eh?"
"I was thinking," rejoined Joseph,
"that w* might nlTord each lo buy hnlf
of thnt touring ear we were looking
at th* other tiny. And. sny. that would
be n surprise worth while, eh?"
"Yea. considering how meanly yon
treat your wife." chuckled Enoch.
"How about Nod t.nitrloaon}" de-
inanded Joseph Inquisitively.
"Piffle!" relumed Enoch complacently, nnd then tbey both laughed sous
TUB hen remarked to th* mull.y t*W. 1
A. ah. cackled her dally lar    ..    '
IThat Is. tha heo cackled)! "it's fun.
(That la, th. hen cackled)! "it's fail
ny how
:'m a fool to do It, for what do I f«tf
My food and lodging.   My.
But the poodle geti that!   Ha'i tha hOUIt*
hold pet,
•Vnd he never laid a tingle egg yet
Not even when eggi were high."  ;
The mullcy cow remarked to the htfl   •>. -
As Bhe masticated her cud ~*
That la, the cow did): "Well, what thtnt
Vou quit and your name Is mud.
I'm good for six gallons of mltk each day,
And I'm glvnn my stable and grub,
Dut the purrot gets that much-anyway
-Ml she can gobblo-and what does she
Not a dribble of milk, the dub!"
But the hired mnn remarked to the pslrt
"Vou get nil thnt'H ruMilti' to you
The poodlo does tricks, nml the parrot kto
Which Is belter tlmn you kin do.
you're neccstiury, but what's the use
Of bewnllln' your dolly part?
ITou're bourgeois; work's your only excuse*.
; i'ou can't do notliln' but jes' produce,
i   What them fellc-rn doci, Ih mt."
-Calculi* (India) Capital.
A Disgrace.
I TliciL* In In Uiisii.tinhm nn old
"grouch,"   Who80 sod   wuh Krndnnted
, from   Vitlc.     Wh-Mi   (h»   young   i»ho
ji'iimo homo nl tin? und nf IiIh Hint term
ho exulted In tho foot thut Iin Htnml
UQXl to tho homl of his ClllSH, Itut tho
ultl gotttlouinn wus not. KiitlslM.
I "Next tu tho hond!" ho exclaimed.
"Wlmt do you menu'/'   I'd like to know
I whnt do you think I'm sending you to
college for? Next to the heud! Why
iiien't yon nt the heud, where yuu
ought to be?"
! At litis the son wns much crest-
fallen, hut upon uu return he went
About  UU work   with such  ambition
| that ut thc end of the term he found
.himself In the coveted place.    When
|he wont homo lhat year he felt very
proud.   It would be great news to tho
. old mnn.
! When the announcement was made
tbe father contemplated his son for a
few  mloiilcs In silence, then with a
j shrug he remarked:
I   "At the head of the class, eh?   Well,
'that's u tine commentary oo Yale uul-
j versily!'1—IJppincott's.
First Woman In China
to    Practlo.    M.dloin..
Tit For Tat.     _
1    Minister (arousing himself In barber's
1 chnlri—All ibrough yet?
1    Barber—Aye, King sync.
i   Minister-Then 1 must hnve been Indulging In a quiet nap?
j   Barber—Ye wis that, sir.
Minister-It was very good of you
not lo waken uie. i am very thankful
I for whut has heen a most refreshing
' sleep.
Barber—Hoots,     man,     hand     yer
j tongue.   It's only a fair return.   I slept
nl! Ibrough your senium last Sjwbaib.
i -XII-BitS.
* *
* Hard Luck. *
"This   Is   a   peculiar   world.''   *
sighed Harry the hobo. "I've $
always noticed that tbo poorer .>
enok n woman Is the more like- Y
Her she Is lo hnve sumo cold J
vilttes left for me when 1 ask   J
* her for llieni!"—Toledo made. *
+ *
••.•*******■:• *****************
"Mother, you promised nnt to punish mo If I told tho truth."
"All right, I won't."
"Then 1 must tell you I told a Its
tbu. morning."—New York Mail.
I    "Pre   had   my   tonsil,   taken   om.
i There Is only Hie tuner tbell of my
DOM left.    I've been operated ou for
appendicitis, nud now"—
'    "What do Ihey  want to do lo yon
"1 wauled In sel! my body lo one of
the ineilicnl colleges, nml Ibey u-tked
me lo give Ihem u retliieeit price be-
i cause there wm SO lillle nf me left. I
i call tbnt adding Insult lo Injury."-Chi-
oago lleiotd Herald.
nn. tamii in. *t?"S2
Is It possible tnr an eastern woman
to enjoy western education ond training ami rcuiiilu characteristically oriental? This Is a question frcqiicuMy
asked hy Europeans Interested In the
education nud progress of eastern women.
To see Dr. Yomel Kin, China's first
! womnn  doctor,  and,   better  still,   to
' hear her speak In perfect English of
I ber hoiies for Iho further progress ot
Chlneso women, Is to answer the question In the affirmative.   Dr. Ynm.-l Kin
stands for the well balanced oriental
woman,   familiar   with   tbe   science,
learning and methods of the west, but
losing none of her own nationality.
Sho Is typically Chinese ln appearance. Thero me the pale complexion,
the dark bulr, Iho small dark eyes,
twinkling with fun. Small In stnturo,
but alert nnd active ln body and mind,
Dr. Kin wisely rctnlns ber Chinese
j dress.
I    lt Is more than twenty years sines
Dr. Yarucl Kin took her degree ot thl
Women's Medical college. New Turk,
' now merged Into Cornell university.
! The years spent in  tbe  west  hnve
! taught her much besides a wonderful
': command of tlio English language and
a knowledge of medicine and surgery.
j She does not approve of all she has
heard and  sccu, but she recognize.
I that modern science ts tho greatest
j gift of tho west to the east today.   Ic
method there must be adaptation rathci
thnn adoption.
I    She Is now Intrusted by the Chines,
government with the organisation ol
a medical department for women in
j northern China, a  huge task  which
; calls forth ber splendid abilities.    A
: start hns been made ut Tientsin.    A
hospllnl, dispensary nud medical school
are In existence.   How they cume In
to being Is characteristically Chinese.
I.nnd, on which were some very ancient  buildings, was allotted to Dr
Kin for her new organization, with ur,
. nssuretl revenue.   Thnt wns tho gov
■ ernmenl's part: alio w.is to do alt tin
rest    "You   must  make  your  own
plans and carry your scheme to success."
This meant that sho had to be bet
own nrcbltcct anil engineer aud currj
out the work with Iho aid of a fen
ordinary workmen. Thoro were lb.
water supply to be planned nnd saul
inry work to be done, ns well as do
modelling sonic of tbe old buildings
replacing Ihem Willi new ones nnt
adapting others lo her purpose.
The trunsforninlion was worked
1 The architect and engineer nre non
sunk In the doctor and director. Dr
Kin's aim Is to make sure progress ant
lift lllc peoplo slop by step lo bette:
sanitation nnd hygiene In her estnb
llshnicnt she maintains Chinese cu.
toms so fnr as possible und Introduce,
only such western method* of annlta
(Ion as aro Indispensable. Her sin
dents enter fur a two or three years
course: tlieir method of life Is Chinese
nlso Ihelr food, which Dr. Kin shnrci
with Ihem In order that she may Is
tho first to complain If anything shoul.
be wrong.
Fath.r Got a tide Light en ten's College Habit..
An-rnrjR  leekvke, the weii
known Texas author,  said  ln
Victoria apropos of tbe Texas
prohibition campaign:
"That reminds mo of a happening
at the University of Virginia during
my student days In 'HI.
"There was a Baltimore freshman
at tho varsity whose father got several letters about bis boy's wild woyfl
—about his fondness for pencil nud
honey and siteh like heavy drinks.
These letters grieved the old man to
tho heart De wrote to die freshman
and In reply got a geuernt denial of
all tho charges.
"Evidence, however, continued to
pour ln, and ilin.ll>- thc father decided
on n secret Journey lo Charlottesville,
He timed himself In art-lve late at
night. It wns, In fact, 'J o'clock ln
tbo morning when he rung the bell of
his son's boarding bouse.
"in response to his ring a tvomnu
In n yellow bulhroho appeared, Inmp
Iii hand.
"'Whnt do you wont';' she demand
ed, peering auspiciously Into tho ilurk-
! nes*.
|   "'Madam,' snld llie nmnteui- dotoc*
I tlve, -Is Ihls the resilience of —?' and
i ho mentioned Ids son's nnme.
|    "Tho woman's grin relaxed, and she
answered Indifferently:
"'Yes. lie lives here. You cun carry
blm right in.' "—Kansas city star.
His Saving Perhnpa.
TllO late Hill llariow, editor of the
Laramlo Boomrenng, believed no less
ln accurate than lu humorous Journalism.
"Vou can't achieve your effect," Barlow once said lu nn address In Douglas, Wyo., "unless you're accurate.
Uncertainty ond Inaccuracy will spoil
the finest effect, whether lt be comic
or whether lt he pathetic.
"I remember a funeral In Tin Can.
The Widow Wngg hail lost her third
In a poker dive. Georgo Jones, D. D..
delivered tho funeral address, nnd an
eloquent and moving address lt was,
but Ueorge, ln bis Innccurnto wuy,
badn't made sure whether lt 'wn* her
thirtl or her fourth that Ihe widow
Wagg was burying.
"Hence ho spoiled s grand oration
with these concluding words:
"'And now wo commend to thc divine mercy this widowed handmaid
who liatli been bereaved again and
again and again'—
"Cieorge hesitated, frowned, and added,   'And  perhaps  again.'" —Human
Didn't Think It Permissible.
!   "I think," said Mrs. Oldcnstle. "that
: our minister is going too far.   D.J you
' hear bis sermon last Sunday?"
"Yes," replied ber hostess as ahe
' finished scaling a letter to her dnugli-
: ter, Ihe Duchess of llatnsheail. "Both
j ine nnd Joslah put in fifty dollar bills
' when thc contribution wns taken."
"I don't like Ihe h.ihlt he has fallen
into of anathematizing Iho rich."
i    "Mercy!    1  hadn't beard about blm
floln' that.   1 didn't think anybody wus
i allowed to anathematize people unless
they  had appendicitis or sometiiin'.--
Chicago Itccord-Uernld.
T Uncomfortable. A
2, No bachelor like* to be roasted, j
J but It Is no more tincouifortalifl! j
i than being married and kept lu *j
J bot water.—New York Globe. j
■*■>***********+*•>* **♦«♦*•>•:•';
Jumping at a Conclu.ion.
"My wife mivs lhat young man tilth
I a title Is In a ipinmlry," suid Mr. Cum-
I   "What's a quandary:"
[   "I diinno e.iiiil.v. bul I hnve an idea
It's   1'rcili'li  for  'debt.' "-Washington
! Star.
*********************** j
Take ■ Bess.
If a uian Is unable lo govern .,
himself it 1* up lo blm In Invest ; |
In n marriage license nnd sublet , ,
ihe joii.-i'hicagii journal. ;)
dicniui'd  ln>t  night  ihnt  I  bag
||r*rfiHied ml nfrallip."
"And when ymi invoke';"
"I wns mil uQstlls tluw.'-Wasbllf-
jlt.n Herald.
Nothing Like Parunallly.
Nothing   like   pormuallty,   if  yo.
know how to assert ll. Clerks Inn
not forgotten Ibe dear lady who wrol-
tu her husband: "I am Jusi crnsy ovo
Ihe Thousand Islumls. Hon long cm
1 Btny'i" 11 was personality, pure am
simple. Hint iviin for her the enthusl
OSIIc response. "So glut! yen are huv
Ing n nice time: Don't hurry. Slsy I
week on each Island."
tiers gossip tills, hut wiih his owi
(Hint the clerk once heard n farmer"
wlfo pay a most itenerous nnd lui.pl.
Ing tribute in personality. Cnncliidlni
a Iin,,lo In disfavor of nil mint, ah
blurted: "I know what I'll do lo hei
1*11—I'll—vlntt licr!"-Clerk of ihe Ds.
In Boston Keening Transcript.
Teacher— If the earth tvere empty In
side It would resemble -
Sebolnr-A razor.
Teacbci-A razor?   Why, Teddy?
Kchnhir He,'lins,, It would he bol
tow ground.—New York Mall.
In ths Nursery.
Fresh ripe fruit without sugar Is
eery wholesome, especially If eaten ln
Ihe early part of the dny. So much
mgar la often added to stewed fruit
as to uinlio lt undesirable for Homo
jhlldren. especially those subject to
.kin trouble.
To mnke nn attractive screen for Ibe
nursery get a light bamboo screen mn
I old ono will do)  1 remove the sllko-
{lino wllh wblcb these nro usually
!covered. BubsllltttC dnii; red or gieen
enmblic uml cover lt with colored pictures, pasted on so tlmt Born panel is
given over tt, ono kind, sin ti ns down's, iinininls. children, ele. i'he screen
will prove lis value- In the curly morning hours when tbo hal.y will lie and
'look nt llie pictures instead of start-
lug au untimely concert,
A   pretty crib cover  nay   be  mad.
from n ynrd ench of while aud pal.
blue or pink llnnuel.    On Iho colored
llunnol embroider a  flower and how
knot design, on the white a conventional border and n large centra; mou-
jogrnni      Bind   Ibe   Iwo   logetber   by
' means of  wide satin ribbon nnd pal
Hit* how or rosette in one corner, tvim
, (he colored side considered n* tbe I p,
When   n   child  cats  or  drink*  anything Ilia: Ib Imt enough io burn the
j tnoiitli give him a teasnoonful of purs
olive oil. telling Iiini to hold it In Us
; mouili   as   long   as   rosslule   bc'ore
; swallowing lt.
On.  Mother's  Exp.r.anc..
1    A wise young mother who bbbibi to
have excellent coutrol over h,i-     I .
,011c* let fall it few word* of tvlsCora
nt b "mothers' club" recently.
I    "When my babies ure tired at nigiit
I nnd It's time for tliem to %<> tn tied."
she said when another mother u*s,.<l
lier how she lueceofled to well In get
. ting  her  children   lo  bed   wttnout   i
' row, "I never sny T»et ready for aeti
nt once nnd put uwuy yenr ntojl . rum
Immediately,' for that will -mil s»wi
I tours und n prolest again*! the sli-lct
command. Instead I «ay. >ea-'7
! tlmo for Led. so put away your -.a'-
[ things In a fen* ruoo-n-n'*. 'i is
i way they have fair warning, sad they
jare seldom unwilling to go wieu "m
j tinnl signal come*. That's at7 very
simple method."
j    l! I* well for young rr-n-j-ten m r*
i member this ooe motber's stwf, tat I t
ttie keynote of tlie real unilersraaillna
1 of tlio child   heart    B-ftnosttj   Is  *
qunllty children  never fail  ro. im,!,"-
Stand    nnd    appreciate.      I-rjimie    i
' mother being told by some one In -in
} ihorlty to put down lier hook odtOuoj
: finishing the one chapter wnteU ta "ie
most  Interesting in  the  whole battic.
Would It uot at '.cast savo n fro-v-i if
! Impatience  to   te   ti d   Co   Sata   Ha
| cbnpter tlrst?
Origin ol High H.il.d 6ho.a.
Mine. I'oiiipudoiir wus a very amal
woman, but lo make her*cir look tal
sho built hei balr up high nnd wore tli
first pair of high ht-eled BlmON evo
mnde The high heel- thai wero In
vented for her have been accused o
in.in.i Crimes in Ihe foot, but physician
now seem ngreetl thst "broken arches
tuny he produced by any sudden shock
Mich s* Jumping from a rar. Chlldrei
who Jump the rope a great deal anuii
tune* hate ihli discus of tbe foot.
t-*r**^***-M.**-I">**-l«M*-M++* J
Worth Knowing T.e. 2
Half the world doesn't know J
where the other hnlf keeps lis -r
family skeletons.-I'm k. i
*************** y******WH.
Mamma Caught Th.m.
"What ure you crying for. children?"
"We've Jusi enteu n pot of mum
pin's raspberry Juin."
"Alii So you've all got siiitnn. I
Holies. I suppose?"
"Nu, on the contrary." — I'llegendr
She'd Ka.p It Dark.
Gerald-If I were lo Kiss you Would,
yc-u tell your mother?
GeiSidlue—rm no bureau of put?-
Ilclly.-New York Press.
n.idly Effeel.
Te.vbcr-lloiv will limy use nlrshlpa
In war. Jimmy)
Jimmy .Indite-, the euctny tu go *f
In 'em  ilin'stu -I1...-.
H.lping Busk-, .-d C'ml-irin.
Many  mothers  would   he  Dertset -
willing   to   help   tlieir  children    .'   i
their school work if they eoly   .. -t
if a child Is slow to rend, a-n! ■ i
It will help to say. "Stall IBs *o,i-r.'
I "Get   me   a   teo-o k.   pieu.se."   --Tons
! hair   Is   b-r-o-w-n."   "Your   eyes   Ul
b-1 ue."  Then enjourtge the efilRI 'a
le.l you someihln-f. the same way. even
If It is ou'.y "Look et the c a t."
If there ure some r.ew tiord* ro. .pell
! give the chhd un old aewepopee an,t a
■ pair of scissors snd let orr r-it out
tfie letters ond form the'words who.
, been. work. etc. This wi'l liapress lbs
lellrrs „n tiie mind mora thai. rep.at-
! Ing Ihem,
I To tempt children lo read rou*e their
curiosity by putting a picture in :n«
j Middle of I he sentence, as  the [rati
[ went Into a liu',-.
I Tell a story and M**''l a word ores.-
sloinilly, n*: Once ilo-ie was a dear
little irnlddti und It nod long ,e.irsi
It went for a little twuiki one d.-.y u>
Ihe tlleldl, ele.
T.n Command,otrtti For Baby.
Giro tho baby II. food al regms.
Give Ihe baby water.
Give Ihe bnly  no  medicine nr.let;
prescribed by Hie do-tor.
|    (lire the bshy a till) bath every day.
Do not put warmer clothes on the
t'-l.y In the si.miner lime llinn jou
wenr yourself.
Keep a window open nimbi nnd Jur
In the bulty's room. ..'oltl* come from
closed windows, not from open ones,
If the baby does not gain weight
«ee Ihe doctor,   Bomettilnff 1* wn,ng.
Ii,, not rock tl.e huhy It, -tiet-p I'm
It down and let It try llselt to a p
Roll all milk before giving It lu In*
If ynu cannot employ n tloslor apply
to the iieuii-st po'toc. Btiitlun,
T.achinj Chlwalry.
"My lillle levy h,« always been very
elilti.lroii* In hi* nill'ude toward me."
Bald a mother i ly.   "Tills trull I
mnke use of tn,-* t'ln-n lie comes from
s,lt„„l Killing, u* must snmi; Ivro.* tin
•il one Mine or n nol Iter, 'I don'l Ilk.
ibe lonelier, I tulk about the hint,
numlier of Utile bote ttie teacher hul
under lier charge. Iinw llretl she iniisl
get, how much she needs string,
nmnly utile hoys to help her, and my
.on decides nl once Ihnt heii like te
is* n brave, .icttyr. kuli'tit t<> protecl
ihe le..clier SH always gcrt buck It
a helpful flamy of niiuu." run: press, Clin i.twAiK. mtiTisrj Columbia,
ssfm;*n iMp*i frv*m*iM. o ii^i^^-} /«.i»v'» o iwia^ n /w* (?*i {?vikir\ «\ (^«». (v/« ^i1^
y" .■■»
* jj          ^af
j Fancy Japanese Goods Have Just  Arrived I
ie Lovely centrepieces embroidered on boulting cloth.    Silk, Glove and Handkerchief cases, prettily embroidered in •$
5 Silk.    Writing Cases for a Lady's Desk or boudoir in daintly colors also embroidered. jB
Fiiiii-y ll:iinll<i'ivliii'l's fruili ,'if. Iii $1.00,    lliinilki'i'i'liii'l's iii I'lint--,' I'oxi's.    Ilnndkoi't'liii'fs iii I'mioy Polders for mailing,    [land Bfigs, Gloves, Dainty Collars, Muffloi's, nil   *^
* similes.     I'liney Waists for ovoning wenr,     Dressed hull-, nil sizes,    Pancy Christmas Tree Trimmings. £
W?\ « /ll /tt ,M* -VU3 / W\*5 -/V\ ft," 1-5 /tt /**?•-. f0K *
Telephone 57 %
Local  Items
Attention Ib directed In Bitrrelt iv
Bnnford'a nilvt. i" tlii* isstii'.
This (Inn is malting n Bpocinlly nf
Christmas meats anil fowl,
Wood forsnlt—Phono I. 1800. Yes yon enn have your fnnill;
, wn r, nt a, it r i , ■'''"><]> "r oilier Photos l.-ikon
L.F.CiofUt.NfeoSUidlo for photos Xmnsor News Year's llaysiit Chap-
Dry hardwood  fur  sale.    Tele- man's studio.   I'hone 110.
P"101'6 ,{ -'■ :    A shooting mnlcli   for   lurkoys
Sleepy Santa, to-night,   al   tho and g'coso will   he   hold   on   tlio
-'    ",J °     ' ( f   ii.,„f 1   ll     et	
Opera hottsi
■ Christum*   incuts   nnd   fowl   ul
Barrett &  Bnnford's.
farm ol' Bnnford Bros. Ghoiim   mi
Tuesday Dec, l!». See atlvl
Men—Dun,t forgel the, P. S. A.
mi Sunday,   The address will i„-
Woman's Exchange will be open given by Kov. Bishop   A.    II. De
evenings on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I Peucier, uf   Westminster,
All men are invited  to  the   P.,    \v. |-\ Ferris hns  *ubI    r ivedl
,S. A. mi Sun,luy. at font' o'clock, another  nuinboi' one assortment uf
Something for nothing  is   whull^J^-™.?^**.^. *™j&
MoMaiius   is   uifering.    See   liis
Fun Sale—Building 1 Ixl.S Feet on
ground; in good condition. Apply
nt this ulliee.
for Xmas and New Year's presents
Fob 8ale--10 acre fruit or chicken
ranch, good house;   some cleared,
close to car,  Sardis  district, g 1
terms,     Box li,   Chilliwack   Free
Looking for tlio  blue spot in u     „,,     ...       .        ...        ...
bleak black- sky  is always a good  „ 1',c butcher shop of   Bariott A
business to go into: Bnnford presorts n   very   inviting
I appearance,    llie mii-rior lias neon
An oxporienced nurse opon for tliorouglily   rcnovalcil  and  neatly
nngagoment—apply  Mrs. I., (.'amp- painted,
bell, Mortlon block
Fun Sale—a number of choice
White Plymouth Rock Cookorcls;
K. A. Kipp, pliimo F. 191.
A Potlach was held by tlio Indians
on the reserve near Sardis on the
lirst two days of llii* week. As n
Kloochnian told us "Ii lasted two
Fun Rrxt—A modern 7 roomed
lu,use nn Williams slreot.   S^O.(M) ■    Cliilliivack stores aro Inking on n
per month.   W. It. Xelmes. very becoming holiday attire, while!
their shelves nnd store-rooms are
Man or  Men   Wanted—to  blow
(till with g 1 things for Christmi
out stuups.    Apply In tt en. l-ear.v, ai,ODDora
Bent place, Fairfiqld Island, ™'PP" •
Gel a   nice fluid Filled   Waleli
Wesley troup ol Buy Scuuts
nnd Sleepy Santa will occupy the
stage ai tiie Opera house to-night.
The next meeting of the Woman's
Institute will Iw held on Tuesday
19, not Friday ns staled last
Head lho particulars of F.
Joudry's wisdom contest. Make
your estimate on coupon in Free
Burn—In Chilliwack, on Monday Dec. 11, In Mr. and Mrs. It.
O. Atkin, Westminster street, a
Santa Clause is announced to
arrive nl Barber's thug   store   nl
tlin 'dock iu tin- afternoon on
Friday next.
Ashwcll & Son have a full page
advt. in llie Free Press to-day,
which contains many  suggestions
for Xmas siinppers.
Call up phono :',!i and make nn
engagement to have your Photo
liiken XiniK or Ww Year's Days
Cli     '- "ludio.
grouse, Decombor Bt,
Ai i    Cum ■ i It'.ii-i n M	
,1,1,1    ...  ' Ul     I   M
changes Ul bo llllldo, i.i.'l two names
nlili'.l ttClbe Vnters' li>t.
absolutely free, gratis, all for
notliing. Kvery Miis. spent al
Mi'Manus' Jewellery Store gives
vou a chance.
Personal Mention
N.   S.   Mackenzie   visited Van-
uver last week.
M. li. Nelt'ins nf Vancouvor
spent thc week cud in the eity.
D. K. Miinn visited lho Const
hies Ibis week.
itev. Mr. Chad wick of Vancouver
was iu tho city last week.
Kev. A. 10, Roberts was in Van-
oiiver tlic lirst of tha week.
W. I'. Gllbort was a business
visitor lo Vancouvor nn Tuesday.
Miss Hobron visited Vancniiver
this week for i couple days.
Mrs. T. 1,. Killie will receive with
Mrs. W. ll. Lillle  on   Friday   15.
Miss Agnes Gammon was a week
end visitor in Vancouver.
Rev. lt. Douglas was in Vancouver
10 first of the week.
Mr. anil Mrs. ('. W. Kipp were
visitors in Xew Westminster last
II. Boultbco of Vancouver was
Ihe guest of Mr. nntl Mrs. F. A.
ilower over Sunday,
Mrs. Harry Hall will not receive
Ibis month and not again until the
last Wednesday in January.
Mrs. G. II. W. Ashwcll was in
Vancouver last week nnd while there
attended the Kulwlik concert.
O. D. Brymner, manager of the
Royal Bank Xew Westminster, j
was a business visitor in the city on
Miss Barton formerly nf  Messrs.
Cowan   Macdonald &   Parkes,   of
Vancouver, is visiting nt her home;
iu I'heaiu.
Miss st Dagliosh of Kanloops who I
has lieen the guest Miss firatton for
a couplo nf weeks, returned to her
bitiii,' on Monday.
Dollars to Spare?
We havo porfootod arrnngo-
nients with   a   l.nn.l   Com-
puny by which we are able
to sell
Dairy Land at $7.50
por iht.-
Mixed Farming Land at
$12.50 por acre
Fruit Land at $17.50
per acre
in 40 Acre blocks.
It is fully guaranteed by
the owners, and while it is
not close to existing railroads, within live years it
will lie opened up by a
transcontinental road and
will then prove a true
money maker fur anyone
owning it. Booklets and
maps free at our oltiee.
Terms on land:
$50 cash, balance $10
a month at 6 per cent.
P. 0. Itu 247       Phone 171
Chilliwack, B. C.
The annual ucncriil meeting nf llie
■liarclinlilen ol ilu- rhillitmck Cunninir
uuil Preserving Co., I.iiniicl. will I., helil
in the Cannery on Momluy Octuubcr is
ni 2.30 |, in.
Receive Report ot Prcsiilent mul Dlrce-
I,us, eleelinii of officers, anil mscll other
Inisiness us nmy cnine before the mooting
Cliilliwnck, ll. C.
December ul., inn.
Buckling I'iits.   Km Hogs, Store lines.
Venl Calves,Sheep nn,| lambs
ST.I.MI.KY    HlslUi'llll'K
at Johnson's
(innong's   Delicious   Chocolates
in Artistic Boxes.   All sizes, and
Homemade Candy of all  kinds,
in bulk, witli three special Xmns
mixtures at 20e.  26o,  and 30c.
per pound.
Christmas Stockings filled with
delights tor (he Children,
Tin; Host ami tlio Freshest
ut the
Chilliwack Candy
ChilliwacK Orchestra
Piano and Organ For Sale
N i« . Iiino, in good condition.
,.,.,.      ,    ,,   , ....     A burn., hi |UW,     Dominion lliynn.
iiulhuiirk iircheHtra, mx ur Eight -phunHu tone, cmo In good condition" st
pieces, opon for engagement!. ,'Ml, „, sun.
Ai.r, Winn:. Scen'lary. Alt'. WIIITK.
Do you know the number of beans in the quart sealer in Fred. Joudry's
window.   For full information see write up on page One.
. Slips must be brought to the store.
Jewelry and Optician.
No. of beans.


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