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fP 2,3 /o,2
Vol. II.
OH 11,1,1 v.>'X, B. C FRIDAY, SE ITEM BER 20, 1912
Kiiiim nnd Proprietor
No. 3
E. A. Dunnvllle and men made
what is considered a record day's
work on Tuesday, whon i"[A tons
of hay were put through the hay
press in ten hours. The work was
done on a farm on the Banfonl road.
Geo* I* WeilmiMttr.
Company I) and the 10-1 Regimental Band will go to New Westminster on Saturday lo participate
iu the reception in Hint city to llie
Duke of Connaught, 'I'be Hoy
Scouts will also attend, 'I'be train
leaves at 6,46 a.m.
Ai Ernmu Report.
Price llros., of the Cily Dairy,
wish the Free Press in, correal a report whicli bus been current lo  the
effect thai tbey propose discontinuing the milk business, This bustling linn of milk doalorshas hosuuh
intention ami will continue to serve
milk users in the city ns horotnforo,
Funis Sdliut Ool.
The big retiring sale of S. A. Parson's, thc clothing mnn, is lieing
Isrgely attended and oai b day lurge
quantities of clothing and furnishings are lieing purchased. At this
season of the year the sale is an
opportune one and will no doubt be
a big success.
Wl Cestui- Meetags.
The executive committee of tho
P. S. A., which was such a pronounced success last season, met on
Sunday afternoon and decided to
continue thc meetings during the
coming winter season. A program
committee was selected and will
proceed at an early date to arrange
for the scries of meetings as far in
advance as possible.
fajq-tUe RcctftiN
Thc reception so thoughtfully
given by tbe girls nnd boys attending Okanogan College from this city,
on Friday evening was quite a delightful and happy affair and tin-
hosts and hostesses were indefatigable in their efforts to muke every
one enjoy thc evening. Games of
original character, promenades and
topics with dainty and refreshing
refreshments made the evening a
pleasant one.
Mtrcfcufi Ijgcfcm
The Chilliwack Merchants Association at the .September meeting
held Monday evening decided to
hold a luncheon in the K. P. hall
on Friday evening September 27,
at which subjects of vital im|x>rt-
ance to the business interests of the
city generally will lie discussed.
Local men will be assigned various
phases of these subjects for presentation. All business men will be
invited nnd urged to be present on
this occasion.
Gni Itajm.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Recr arrived
in Chilliwack uu their honcymiHiu
trip from England on Monday last
and at the regular meeting of tlic
Epwortli League tbey were tendered
a hearty "welcome home." The
members of thc League presented
Mr. and Mrs. Ilecr with a handsome silver fern Ih.wI and fern as a
wedding gift. Tlic presentation
was made by Mr. Roberts, on lie-
half of the League, and Mr. Beer
briefly responded thanking llr
league for tlieir kindness.
Attractive WUtw Dufk-*.
Tiie wind iws of thc various business places are this week advertising to Fair visitors and residents,
thc possibilities of the fertile soil of
thc Chilliwack valley, ln the grocery window of thc departmental
Btore of Ashwell it Son, a very interesting exhibit of lovely apples,
as nice as could lie grown anywhere,
is seen, combined with nn excellent
display of canned goods from the
Chilliwack Canning and Preserving
Co. The window is carried out in
a color scheme of purple and white
and is decidedly effective ns well as
acting as nn excellent advertising
medium. In thu display window
of F. .1. Hart A Co., fourteen well
known varieties ot choicest apples
are being much admired, and in the
windows of Chas. Huteheson it Co.,
Cawley & Carmichucl's are product!
of the soil bard lo beat. The merchants have thoir new winter clothing ele., on display, all of which
gives evidence that tlio merchants
und real estate men are alive to the
yalue of this side of advertising.
Debenture Purchase Confirmed.
Mayor Waddington is in reeolpl
a loiter from llie Sun Life Assurance Co., cnul'iruiing the purchase
if tho city's debentures recently
uithiil'izeil by tin' oil incus. This
linn also agrees to purchase the
waterworks debentures. In this
connection n mortgage on lho property is roquostod as additional security, City Solicitor Howes Interviewed lho Sun Life Solicitors at West-
minster Thursday ro the purchase,
ami full Information will ba available in .'I few days, il is hoped,
Will Nol Lose Si-hl.
Mr. nml Mrs.  A.  M.  Rookwoll
were visitors to lho const Monday
returning Tuesday, and bringing
witli thom Iheir six yeur old son
who lins linen ill one ol the Vun-
'ouver Hospitals. A few weeks
ago the little liiil wus neeiilenlly
struck by nn unto while playing on
the iinui in front of his home, uml
received n nasty injury to liis eye.
It was thought for some  time  thut
the sight would he Impaired or
totally destroyed, but under treatment this bus very foi'tiiniitcly
proved not to bo tbo case.
A Churcli Weddim
The Methodist church wns the
scene of a very pretty wedding on
Wednesday last when Miss S. E.
liloore was married to Mr. K. G.
Cliurlesworth, of Sardis. Miss A.
Ilndgkiiis was bridesmaid and
Mr. T. W. Nelson supported thc
groom. The ceremony was performed by Hev. A. E. Roberts and
the party afterwards enjoyed a
sumptuous wedding repast kindly
prepared and served at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Burgess, Audely
House. Mr. and Mrs. Charles-
worth left on the evening tram for
a visit to Vancouver, Victoria and
Seattle ami on their return will
IUOssC their home at Sartlis.
Ai Attractive Store.
Chas, Parker, your outfitter, is
now comfortably antl attractively
situated in his improved quarters
in the Henderson block. The old
store has been completely transformed. The lloor ant) ceiling has lieen
lowered, the store squared, new
shelving put in, while the ceiling,
walls and fixtures have been neatly
painted. Tbc front of the store
now consists of a double entrance
which provides for three neat display windows of plate glass. The
whole presents un inviting and decidedly up-to-date appearance and
Mr. Parker and the owner, T. II.
Henderson, arc to be congratulated
on the character of the improvement, Thc alterations made have
provided for a spacious display
window for G. F. Chapman, thc
photographer, who occupies the
second lloor of thc block.
TmI Week en Roadhed.
Except the arrival of one freight
and work traiii over the C. N. 11.
line, lhe last week has seen no
railway activity in Hope. All the
railway bridges to the west arc completed and tlie finishing touches are
lieing given to the roadbed over the
whole section from Port Mann to
Hope. Track-laying across the
Coquihalla is expected to begin at
once. A big pack-train left Hope
Thursday morning laden with supplies for the camp of C. J. Soymoro
and his stall of engineers of the
Kettle Valley Railway Co. The
present camp is 11) miles from Ho|m.
but will, of course, be gradually
advanced down Ihe Coquihalla Valley. There is uo further information us to the location of the railway und trallic bridge. Tlie l>cst
informed opinion is that the locution
will not be determined until the
grnde of the railway tit its entrance
into Hope Ir settled. While il is
generally accepted thnt there will
In- very litlle railway building during the winter, it should not be
forgotten that winter is siill more
than two months away and much
muy be accomplished in that time.
—West Yale Review.
"Facing the Music'' Oporn house
The World's Lacrosse chnnipion-
ship for 11)12 will be decided nt thc
Provincial exhibition in New Westminster ou Oct. 1 und 5th, when
the New Westminster team, champions of ll, C. Lacrosse Association,
nnfl the Cornwall Club, champions
of thc N. L. V., battle for possession
of the Minlo Cup which curries with
it the title of world champions.
L.F.Ctoft.nt Mee Studio for photos
For photos at Chapman's—phone
Miss Katbleon Henderson is prepared to lake a limited number of
pupils in piano; beginners preferred.
To Lin—Humus suitable for
lliees; apply to 11. .1. Burlier.
No (mil will he taken  in   at   llie
Cannery on Saturday.
Oliver A' Taylor, proprietors of
tbo Brunswick I'oiil Rooms, have
moved lo their now quarters opposite.
tho new |mst oiliee.
Stevenson is selling Staunton's best
grade burlap al il"> cts. per yard,
this burlap   is  the  host  niailc   in
Canada. DilToronl shades to choose
CitV streets nml avenues arc now
labeleil; a good move.
House-cleaning time is hero again.
Come and make arrangements for
voir work, befor tbe rush is on.
2."> per cent, discount on all wallpaper in our store. Stevenson, tlie
valloy painter.
The opening meeting of the Sardis Hospital Auxiliary will take
place on Monday September 80, in
Kdcnliank Creamery hall, Sardis.
Matinee of moving pietures nt
the Lyric Thentre every Saturday
afternoon nt 3,80.
Notice of the dissolution of tlic
partnership of Burr it Chambers
appears in tlie Free Press to-day.
WALL-PAPERI — (ireatcst reduction in wall-paper ever offered in
tiiis vnllev. We arc over-stocked
und must sncrilicc. It will pay you
to buy now even for spring work.
Valley Paper Store.
Work on thc B. A. Irwin block
is progressing. The plumbers arc
having tlieir inning this week.
Cordwood for sale at $3.00 per,
cord, delivered. City Transfer Co.
Phone 49.
Tlie weekly half holiday ended
yesterday for this year. Business
places will remain o|>eii during the
six days.
Matinee of moving pictures -tt
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 3.30.   Admission l()c.
Chas. Houston has accepted a
position in Ashwells Clothing
Matinee of moving pictures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
aftcrn.M.n at 3.30 Admission  10c.
The roller rink opened for the
season last evening.
J. Knight it Co. for horse nnd
cattle feed, lien nnd chick food.
Big cur just arrived from the mills.
The Free Press has liccn presented with a complimentary membership to the Chilliwuek Poultry
Association, nn organization whieh
will become a factor of considerable
importance in the encouragement of
this branch of local industry.
Matinee of moving pietures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saluiday
afternoon al 3.30.    Admission Hie.
Read Parson's full page advt. in
the Free Press lo day.
Until further notice uo Iruit will
l>e taken iii at the Cannery on Satiirilny.    .1. II.   Ashwell,   Manager
There are three things a man
should never lend:-his pipe, his
razor and his gun.
For Sale—on easy terms, what is
known us the Bent plnce. Fairlield
Island, in whole or in part. Geo.
Chilliwack bowlers hnve challenged the Royal Cily to piny here during thc Chilliwuek exhibition, tlic
return matches to bo plnyed at
New Westminster during the fnir.
Special feature films at the Lyric
Thentre this week.
W. E Bradwin has returned from
a trip through the prairie provinces
iu thc interests of a Montreal harness linn. Mr. Bradwin reports
business as being very brisk and
wilh tbc good weather of the lust
week, splendid clop returns,
Local Players Score Success
in " Facing the Music."
A fairly Rood house greeted tho
initial performance nf "Facing tho
Music" by the Cbilliwaek Dramatic
Society on Wednesday evening.
The Society will add to its reputation as a lirsl class iinialeiir company iu this play, Tbe parts are
nil well taken and llie many entertaining features of the pluy are except ioniilly well liunilleil. The farce
is replete with amusing and laughable situations as the iiiixup of two
Smith families iu tlie same apart-
nienl house gets more and more intricate. A big houso will no iloitlit
greet theperfili'iiiers tliis(Tliiirsilay)
and Friday evenings. For two
hours of ftlll and jolly entertainment see "Facing the Music."
NOTICE—Telegrams, unless uuth-
irized by the C. P. 11. will not lie
accepted at tills oiliee unless iiccnni-
panieil by Hie cash. II. .1. BaiiHEH,
Agent,  (!. P. R, Telegraph.
The series of full fairs throughout
the Fraser valley commenced last
week, with the exhibitions held at
Central Park ami Agussiz, which afforded opportunities for the residents of these districts obtaining instruction ami entertainment, chiefly
in matters agricultural Both these
fairs were well attended.
This week four fairs are offering
tbeir various attractions antl the exhibits of tlic produce of the Fraser
valley promise to lx. larger, liner
anil more representative than those
of any previous year. At Chilliwack
the gates arc open for three days,
namely. Sept, IH, 11) and 20. On
Sept, 20 will be held the Cnquitlnm,
fair, and on Friday and Saturday,
Sept. 20 and 21, the fair of the
Deltu Agricultural Society will exhibit tlic produce of that fertile sec-
lion at Ladner. A new addition to
the circuit of district fairs is that
at Aidergrove which will hold its
first annual exhibition on Thursday,
Sept. 1!).
The great provincial exhibition at
Xew Westminster, Oct. 1 to 5, will
wind up tlie full series, und there is
every indication of its being the
greutest of any yet held.
The dates of the other fnirs fol-
ow in thc order named: Surray,
Sept. 24; Mission Sept. 21 und 25;
Langley, Sept. 26; Maple Ridge,
Sept. 26 and 26; Richmond, Sept.
26 nnd 26;'Matsqui, Sept. 26 and
27; Burquitlnin, Sept. 28; the provincial fair at New Westminster,
Oct. 1 to 5.
On the lirsl of January next the
newly authorized parcels post system
will go into effect in the United
States. Up to the present that
country, like Canada, has been living under antiquated postal regulations ns regards parcels, while
practically all Europe has in thc
interval grunted more liberal terms
in the transmission of merchandise.
Under the regulation now in force
iu the United States, and which
becomes obsolete on Jan. 1, 1918,
the limit of weight allowed for a
package of   merchandise   is   live
pounds the same as at present is ill-
force in Canada, wliile under the
new schedule the limit is placed  at
eleven pounds, practically tho same
as in force in most European countries; the difference being thnt instead of a tint rate the zone system
has been adopted, wliieli, after  all
is the fairest ami most satisfactory
For    instance,    within    the    lift;
mile zone from any given post oiliee'
in the Untied Slates the rale will Ihi
five cents for the lirsl  pound  and,
three cents for each additional pound
lip lo the limit of eleven pounds.
In other words, nn eleven pound
package, undor thfl new schedule,
will lie delivered at any point within the titty-mile zone for il". cents.
Within the 150 mile zone the rule
for the first pound will bo six cents,
and each additional pound thereafter four cents, until the limit lias
been reached. Within the COO mile
zone the imiuiiiI rale will be eight
cents, ami each additional pound
six cents. The zone limit is placed
at 1,800 miles, nr, In other words,
all packi.gcs to he carried over and
nlsivc that distance will be charged
at Ihe rate of twelve cents for thc
first pound, and twelve cents for
each additional pound, which means
I thut a pnekage weighing eleven
pounds will be delivered  l.y   Uncle
ISain  to anv part of the   United
J Slates for 81.32.
A record list of entries und every
thing in apple pie order for lho
success of the Cliilliwnek Fair for
11112, is llie highly satisfactory report as we go to press this (Thursday) forenoon. The wealber iiuiii
continues on liis good behaviour,
ami our barotnotor Indicates line
Weilllier for Iil-IIIIIITOW.      Willi good
weather Ihis year's foil' should bo a
The weekly grist of Municipal
business was transacted by the Cliy
Council on Monday evening.
A communication from tlie Canadian Highway Association asking
for tho appointment of a delegate
to the annual convention of tho
Association to be held at Winnipeg
on Oct. U and 10, was received and
A similiar communication from
tlie Union of II. C. Municipalities,
which convention is to lie held at
lievclstoke on Oct. 22 and 23, was
nlso received and filed.
A letter from City Solicitor Bowes,
who acting with Mr. Davis, advised
tlie Council lhat it hud not the
power to give a mortgage nn thc
waterworks system. The communication was received and filed.
I u connection with tlio waterworks
nothing further has developed since
last meeting. Further communication is awaited from the Sun Life
Assurance Co., oil the question of
purchase of debentures.
A. M. Rockwell & Co., presented
a bill for eight months rent of a
room used last year by Kngineer
Crolcy, ami whicli by sonic misunderstanding had not been cancelled at the expiration of tlie engineer's
term of office. The amount was $32
and the Mayor was delegated to
adjust the matter.
John Northcote made application
for City scavenger. This was rc-
lercd to the Board of Health to deal
D. T. N'elmes presented a bill for
. 11 for box drain. I„ft with Chairman of Board of works to deal with.
The legal routine necessary to place
debentures recently authorized by
the city, with thc Hunk of Montreal,
as security for advances to lie made
as needed for payment, of work done
thus far, was completed. The rate
stipulated was 7 pcr cent. The
amount to lie borrowed at this rate
may not exceed 810,00(1 at the
most, the Mayor antl the Council
agreeing that only the amount
absolutely necessnsy should be borrowed, us required.
The Clerk was instructed to prepare a By-law for the protection of
the City Boulevards to be ready for
next meeting.
The question of tree planting was
discussed and it is probable that
some leasable scheme along this line
will bo worked out in the near future.
See " Facing the Music " al thfl
Oper.i House to-night.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Peri'in, and
little daughter, of Vancouvor, were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Proctor,
Vale road, last week end.
' T. P, Kniglil wishes lo thank the
Merchants Association for tlieir gif'
of a line umbrellas
lee  creiiiii   iii   all   lhe   popular
forms ami Huvors at Johnson's.
.1. Knight tt Co. for all kinds of
breakfast foods, fresh in.
See Parker's half page advt. announcing his fall opening in bis new
ami greatly improved store.
* t
I Free
|   $2.50
I      PEN      l
% :
I :
: To every customer I
I purchasing $151
I  worth of goods  ♦
1 Ask lor Coupon from our *
* Cash Register _
! Good for 30 days X
*,   Druggist and Stationer   %
: :
*******< **♦♦•*♦•♦
The newspaper has given great
trouble to legal talent, both in and
out of courts, ever since printing
was invented. In April the attaches
«f the ollicc of Attorney-General
Timothy S. Hogan, of Ohio, who
has lieen wrestling with the old
problom.Jor several days, gave out
Iheir decision. A newspaper has
never lieen Specifically defined in
any court decision. The Attorney
General has decided that the St.
Marys Socialist is not a newspaper,
One court decision defines a newspaper as one whicli prints general
news or news of tlie day, but says
that special news does not bur a
publication from lieing "known as
a newspaper.*' That decision sets
forth the principal that publications
of every soil differ more iu degree
than actual character. But Attorney-General Hogan holds that the
paper in question is nothing hut a
propaganda, aud contains no news
of general inlcresl whatever, and,
although it bus a large circulation,
it cannot be used to publish tbc
legal advertising and ordinances of
llie village of St. Marys.
Messrs. Booth it Dovnton, of
Vancouver, surveyors, anil two
members of their stuff, have been at
work during the week on the road
from Hope to Popeum, the route of
wliieli bus to lie changed in several
places to avoid Jones Bluff, nnd
also to reduce the number and Improve the character of crossings of
the C. X. tt. grade.—West Yule
Advertise iu the Free Press.
Appreciate the Cheering, Comforting qualities of ..ur superior
Teas ami Coffees, the U'St on the
market.    Their excellent quality
makes them the most economical
to use, because a small quantity
produces as goml   results  us,  or
lietter than, the cheaper grades,
and vet our goods are not  at  all
high iu priee.    But you will find
they arc money savers in  actual
Lillie's Special 3 pounds  Cevlon
Tea        -        -        $1.00
Lillie's Special fi pounds Ceylon
Tea $1.75
Lillie's Special   1 pound Cevlon
Tea - - 40c.
Order Preserving Peaches now
$1.15 per Case.
lillie's Cash Grocery
Phone 10 1
m Frost & Wood Binders
tk Meet  lhe hardest  conditions of cutting und
i v >«
■*•    ,:/:;[>i
bindinp,    Do the work well.
j An oil- r Form of Senatorial Courtesy i
addition   io  studying   railroad
a, tho question of lilgh living, nnd I
lurlff, Senator John M, Dixon, of j
limit, has .been n student of the
•nil subject of ghost.,   Just be-1
he camp lo Washington to IiphIii j
aervlce In tlu* Senate, he was told
, 'imii nmii" of Montana, who had
i condemned to death, thnl spir-
l return to this earth from the
o* ier world.
At midnight of ihr- day that I am
hanged, said the   murderer,   l   will
knock at .vour front door In order to
\ prove to you that ghosts can come
| back.
I    On 'ho midnight In question, Dixon
was clttlng up   in   hiu   Washington
home courteously waiting to see whal
' would happen, for tho man's manner
had Impresse.'   hhn   greatly.       The
i Renntor wns aboul to go to bed when
; he remembered thai there is a difference of three hours lietween Washing*
ton and Montana time. So he wait*
od up three hours longer, hui again'
received no visit,
't'lu* only thing 1 wish I hnd established, said Dixon, afterward, was
hy whal Mine the affairs Of tho other
world eve conducted.
ew modern plant
o( s\x building,*
■ti' K. W. Olllett Company Limited, TorontOj Out., consisting
u-iili ilur.- Railway Bidlngi and separate office building.
BELLEVILLE     :     :    -    ONTARL
Over SOOitudentaonrollod nnnuilly
_t.ir-ha.if or whom nrm young   t\m-. ..
Hij'h-ai* ffcollltl s in all clopartmantn.
wi t roopoti  Mondny, »aptombor 9th,
\u i2. Por ilium, a^cd Oalondar addr«is
I, P.tlf.Cl.'AL DVER, D. O.
Dad Joins    tn
The daughters of tho household, ar-
ui suffragists were iiiiidMn politics,
{•   will sweep tho country, do*
ire.l Mabel.
\\ illsoii will sweep lho country, asserted  .Maud.
Roosevoll will swoop tho country,
averred Mnrgnn I.
\t this polni dad loofc n hand.
Never mind about who's going to
sweep the country, said ho. "Who's
gjtng  to  sweep  lliis    here    lillehon.
That's tho questiou now,—Louisville
Mrs. WtRStoWi M-nui*'" '-
led (or over fclXTY VRARSIr
Mas. WwitaOWi M-thino avRtir ha*, beam
wed (or over *IXTY VRARSby MILLIONS c4
MOTlIHKft   for   thfjr   CHIi.UKUN    WIllUI
ia the beat rrmrity tar DIARKHCHA. lt U al*
iolnlcly bimlCM. Be Hire and amk for "Ml*
fffnalow'i B#**Thiuf Ifynip," _ud uke _o oibaf
kind.    i'wt-nty-flv-esraU- bottle
A tow doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $', 50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water in every room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
All  Outslda   Rooms
Young mon placed In positions ns
Telegraphers, Freight and Ticket
Clerks just as f;.nt as we can prepare
them. Railway Officials endorse our
System because our Instruction 1.*
specially prepared, nt-y and Mail
Courses. Write fur Free Hook 19,
Dominion School Railroading, Toronto.
Thu Company She Kept
a Boston couple, of middle age and
kind hearts, spent their vacation
near Augusta, Georgia, and during
their visit took a great fancy to an
Old colored woman. Whon they left
Augusta, tbey Invited her to pay thom
!_ visit, which she accepted with the
understanding that thoy wore to pay
V ■       pi nses,
Having arrived In Boston, sho was
glT.*.*i v. room In the house ot the
white rolks, and was Invited to have
hf / Heals at fho Bit mo table with ner
best end hostess.
Mrs Jonea. said the hostess, you
v il :\e, w. ron'l you?
Jones replied that such hud
b r condition nf servitude.
appose your master novor Invited
v* ti al at hi_ tablo, hazarded the
] I Hrton v oman
No I mey, da', he didn't, replied
] rone M' taarster was a gen*
tli tar.. Ho ain't novor let no nir*-
(jar set at the (aide longslde of him
It is a Ion;; time sine* Loudon spent such a llLppy day as tho wild rose
festival on June 2d brought with it. It wan the happiest of womanly ideas
to celebrato the fiftieth anniversary of tlu.' day when Queen Alexandra first
Bet fool on English sorl by a gigantic fete of tlie wild rose, her majesty's
favorite Ilower. In aid of the hospitals, which it has heen her constant care
and chief delight Lo hem lit.     The result  of the   day's   sales   was  about j then would sail through two or three j ]|Uje t0 milko a sinecure insecure
$100 Reward, $iut>.
Thr mdera <>r this paper will im pie-wrd to ifnro
that then U ut least ona tlt-nuicil »ii*»-a*>*- that ant-iuti
tuu Ii'vh able to cun i» all Ita mine-., and that is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure i» lha only poaitlva
i.ii'- now known lo tin* iii.'ilU'al iniii-niliy. t'ninrrh
1'Plnn i roiiNtUiitiun.ii flwiiNi, rtouiri-H u ronnilu-
tlou-il imtinenL    Hall'l luturrt, wire in taki-n  In*
ternally. act'aa dlrrrtlr hik-ii tin- Iijixki nnd murium
lurfurcn _f tlic ttyKtcm. tlirrrhy disiniylnK tlio
'Olllhi'illii-i   nt   III'1  UhcaaF,   fid   iiivj.it;   ih..   patient
liy btlllttlnq nil tlic fanMituti.ni ami ih-m-i-
lin in ,ir!.ii; Um v.-irk.    I'ln* prunr trior*, havo
fftlih In Hi CUtaUVO pou'iTS Hint tln-v <>ttr>t
Our iinntlml Doliara for uny cue that it tula tc
•nrt*.   -e.nl for ll.it ot tri 11 in. in la i«
Atlilr.-.i P. J. CHENEY ACQ   TOMo, O.
Soiil nv nil Dni-'.'Mtn, 7'c.
'ink. .ia.. a Family I'llld tor <ou_tipnilon.
Direct Testimony
Judgj Aukam. presiding In the police court of tho city of Washington,
not long ago had as witness before
him a man who stammered, the affliction b-'ng a sort, of Intermittent affair.
The witness would -stutter frightfully
through two or threo sentences, and
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true  safety  bate
head,   with  silent    tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy's  Matches  ate.  satiated  Canadians tinea UU—,ch,i no other*,
the E. B. Eddy Company, Hnll, Canada
Washboards,   Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
I nm going to pul sum.* whilo in
Hi- ynii.-. said tbe young lady, referring to her gown.
.I'un't mat scramble tl? enquired the
young man,—Chicago Tribune.
Pa, what's sarcasm?
Pasting a 'Shake well before Hiking'
slip on n holtle of ague cure.—Satire.
Jack- -Fred hns a snap, but he's
foolish to continue abusing his prlv-
Tom—That's so!      It takes mighty
'   " 'v  '"' ''.'■  ■■',.
| more without hesitation. This In-
i teresteil the i'.nlse greatly, and Anally
' h • asked the witness:
My good iinui, ..lien do you stutter
, most 1
Well. Your Honor, replied the afflicted man, I do it most when I'm
' i-t-talk'ng.
Dostou Transcript.
Liniment  Cures
Garget   In
A train whicli left Bolivar in South
! America,   for   a   neighboring   town
I three years am. has Just arrived. The
. distance covered was l^u kilometres
nnd the reason for llie delay was a
I storm which derailed the train, killed
! most of the passengers, and  ripped
up such a goodly portion of the railway llr) that the company owning It
was forced into bankruptcy.    About
six months ago an American engineer undertook the reconstruction ot
the road, anil brought lho long-delayed trnln to the point Tor which it originally started.
The Church and the Woolly West
Hishop William C. Donne, of the
Protestant Episcopal Diocese, of Albany, New Vork, follows tlie Knglish
tashldn ol his churoh nnd signs his
name William, of Albany.
Dunne, I wisli you lived in Buffalo
Instead of Albany, lie was told one
day h.v Bishop Potter, of New York.
Why do you wish thai? asked WII-
li—in of Albany.
Because, replied Potter, then we
could call you ButTuln Hill.
Are the hes* ever made and arc guaranteed to givo you satisfaction. Al
all dealers, or send ub l*'. cents Stat*
Ing style and size required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd.,
58 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
After You Leave Office
Breathe deeply.
You need clean air.
lt will make you ovor.
'-'specially  It  you  are  done
lou should use your lungs to
fresh you.
Take the air-bath as frequently as
you would that nf water and soap.
You will find It as refreshing as a
drink of milk or n dip In salt water.
—Kan.as City Star.
to a
After the Nightmare
One of the things that must Irritate a delegate la that when he gets
home the neighbors ' think ho haa
lieen enjoying a nice summer vacation.—Washington Star.
Old But Alert
Alvep    Augustus    Adee,    .
secretary of stnte for this country, Is | Answered
In his seventieth year, but agu has no I Did that young mun kiss you last
terrors for him.      lie can  he seen   night.
almost nny .lav rushing around Wash-1 Motl.tr, do you suppose that he
inginii on n bicycle Willi his white . came ai'. tho way up here Just to hear
whiskers waving in tho wind. | mo sing?—Cornell Widow.
i< ., in in doesn't Imve iii get down
io work early bo would just as sonn
ilo It.
Beware of ciphers, oh my son,
H is a sage whn sings.
Ko'- they are objOOtl ynu should slum.
Thoj are real   naughty   iliings. -
Cincinnati Enquirer.
One 1, Mi'-nimj
A writer lu the Sun traces Govern
cr Wilton's descent from un Irishman
named Mc William. Iln Is also he.
Uaveil to bo deaeondssl from a Boot
liimed MacWestum, a Frenchman
named Ynudreau, and a German
railed Wllhelmsshon. Unfortunately on 'inlJnn nncestor lias yet heen
discovered tnr him.-Now York Mall.
Dr. Morse's
Indian  Root
.tre just the right medicine for lhe
children. When they are constipated
— when tlieir kidneys a re out of order
--when rvrr-indul|;i nre in some
favorite f»»d fivrs them Indigestion
—Or. M«T«'t I»d_u Koot Pills will
juickly sad surdy put them right.
Purely vegetable, iVy neither sicken,
sr-akcaor gripe, Hfce harsl. purgatives,
Guard yeur c—Mrrn's nislth by
slwv/a keeping a hex of Dr. Morse's
,-.-.Uvjii lloot Pin, in
Tlie above photo shows the new fac lory of the Moouey Co. al Vancouver.
the latest link of the across the continent chain of factories of the Mooncy
Biscuit ft Candy C, Head Olllco, Stratford, branch factories at Winnipeg
and Vancouver. Tho latest factory lias heen purchased from the li. Smith
Biscuit Co., of Vancouver, the piiiiiei-r biscuit and candy manufacturers of
the Pacific Coast. This company enjoys a very siilistnntinl business, uud
only last year creeled i, new factory building of sieel anil cement construction which is nne nf f-io musi modern in the Dominion While the Mooney
Co. huve not divulged ihe exact amount of ths purchase price, it is understood t" li" In the neighborhood of (300,000.
The story of tno crganlsatton and progress of tho Mooney Biscuit Co-
roads almosl like a lain f.'om the Arabian Nights. Less than right years
ago the business was started In a small way In Stratford. Onl. Mr. W, J,
Mooney lhe toundo?, wno lias been and Is still tne President ol the Company, bus been called "lho wl/.u.l of the biscuit business." lie has had
for many years some very original Ideas regarding tlio biscuit buslnesSs und
Immediately on the organisation of ids own factory ho proceeded to put
them Into operttion. One of these was, thai factory-mads biscuits, ti
freshs eould In n lurg" measure supplant the home-made article. Cons •
,,m.nr ', Bteps were taki n U) place tne 'liscuits on the grocers' shelves in a
condition ol froshi ■ heretofore unheard of in tho biscuit Inisiness of Canada. Guods mi- shipped the same day tnny left the oven, and arraug •
uieiits wen- made fm specially fast despatch. The company's own line of
private ems was Installed to Insure neanimosi, and lo avoid delays nnd
a strenuous advertising campaign was launched to promoie a rapid movement of tho gondii i ftei liny actually leached iho retail merchant. Tlio
effect of this policy wns little short of wonderful. Tbo business developed at a rate undreamt of by Its founders sinl each succeeding year ne-
cessltnted extensions In fnctory, until Dually n brand new building was
erected lo lake cart  ol the rapidly increasing business.
In the Canadian West the results wero nf n particularly
Some Could Qualify
Mister Interlocutor, can you tell mo
I why a prohibitionist could never succeed ni a lawyer.
I    No. I cannot, .Mr. Tambo.   Tell us
, why?
Because his success depends upon
I bis standing nt the bar.
A Sailor Governs Railroads
Francis K.  Lane, who. ns a member of the interstate Commerce Com-
mlsslot, helps In govern the railroads
of the country, Is In reality a sailor.
When, ver he gels the ebnnce ho
jumps lino a sailboat und bundles the
sheets himself.
Baiting Her
Wim'  aro >ou cutting out of ths |
About n California man securing n
divorce because his wife went through
his pockets.
What nre you going to do wllh It?
Put It In ray pockel.—Boston Trail-
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Dl' genes was sere) ing for an
s' man.
Kind a suburbanite who will toll you
is real opinion of country life In
inter, we ndviseil.
Herewith lie departed to apply tho
gratifying rhnr- . gr.'atest test of all.—llnrpcr's Baz-
t nar.
Then and Now
The young wife has given her bus-
I band    n dance.       You're   Improved
wonderfully, .lack, slm said, as tliey
sat down.     Don't ynu remember how
! you used tn tear my dress?
i    Yes. bo replied.      I wasn't buying
them then.—Boston Transcript,
«S>*»p  the
the buusc, Tbey n
Children   Vail
W, N,  U.- «»
acter, notwithstanding the long distance from the sent of manufacture.   In
fact, so saiistitcuirj  were the results that the Mooney Company decided
lint the proportions of tho Western trade entitled It to be served by a West-
i em factory, so that the people of the Wost, as well as tlioso nf 111 Mart,
_ j might receive Moi.ney's goods in nn absolutely us  "fresh   from  tho oven"
Pills condition. Consequently n llltln less than two years ago the big factory
in Winnipeg wns secured, and the rosjlts which hnve lieen nchlcved since
that time havo fully Justilled tlm wisdom of the \onture, nnd hnvo set tin-
ind of approval on tbe branch fac.ory Idea. The business of iho Moon.y
Biscuit .V Candy Co. is now conceded to he the Isrg.'St of tho kind 111 ths
Dominion of Canada, and It ranks very prominenti. nmong tho big Industrial enterprises of the .-wintry.
Although the llritish Columbia torn'ory lins heretofore heen served hy
the Mooney factory at Stratford, never.holes* the business has fully kept
pace wilh tlio growth of Ihs territory, and has now reached proportions where
i no company feel thai It can only bo taken enn- of ny n factory actually on
the ground.     In uddltlon   o the present business of the Mooney Co. the
new f.idorv will also lnko over tho existing business   of tbo   Smith   Co,
which Is of very considerable proportions, so thai it is expected tbat tin,
new faotory will at unco be taxed to its ttttnosl proportions,
Mr   W, 0. Mooney tbe Vico President of tlio Company, who has beon
HS5B   manager of the Winnipeg factory, U p«t/. IB Xsnwujjf and wW *»av» {harge invariably to whipped.     But la real
 ( »( Hi reorionlMtjan w»rlth,   _    _._ _..,, ~' **-*, Jjulljr. cfis.H Xla_w._.' /
The   Better Part
Willie—l'aw, what Is tho aga of
I'nw -The perlnd when n man enn't
hnvo n good  time without  suffering
for it tiie next morning. —Cincinnati
In novels and on the stage ths bully'
A highgrade chew for
those who waatt something better than usual.
"Empire Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy, Plug".
i *********)> t»«« »«♦«»»*♦••>*<>
tiggs a id i
1 - Cuoid   I
i A Case Where Two Cooks J;
5     Are Better than One     |
.hint when and where nnd hnw (Juv
llnyes and Amy Wnssnn met floes nut
l|i|i(Mir, ll might llltve lieen lit fl church
mtrliitde, or it inmiil hnve been in ilea
Stiuclng chiss. nr it might hnve heen nn
tho buaebitll grounds, tor tiny was giv-
»ii to iltllletlca,. mill Amy wns an at*
lentliilit upon the games He iiiih iih u
mav, ihey were semi togiHluu often, an
uftnn Uml ti riniiiM* was started LUtit
tliey were etigngod,
"('iiiiio In Saiiirdiiv night," Stllfl Amv
"nnd   III   am Ite  yuu something  very
"Ulut u ItV"
"A new dlftll"
"Whin kind nf » *ll*h?M
"You'll   I Live tu  Iiml that ont   when
yon ctnnu"
"Welt, I'll he iin'i'>,  I I mi i a
trull 1, fur I lii'in* yuu re a title mult.'
"I'lcuse cunt llie utcuiiui untile Hhrt
[»m il in llie'-i)|iiiuiii*tl,' Hiilll Amy Wil*.
noli mm Kin* 11jilted iin« nuruur under
tiie i-ii|i|ii-i i-iiMiiiig than
linv llnyes obeyed amt then returned
lo liu* tn Die Where Amy HttHUt, nn en*
ciiuntittg ngure in h puie may gnwn,
wiiu n ut-p nl ii aire ii|irnit "••ed ulimit
Der aieudci waist wilh >■**** unieti nt>-
"Nextr ne tnnntred. surveying Uiti
rafimit* dishes ot ingredient* tor the
mixture Amy wait hDoll| tu concoct
Tliere were n lat cuke ol cream
cheese, a dn7.en eggs, a piti'lier of
crenin, an It. pupnkn und a cake ol milter.
"Vou ma;? wiiwk ttip egg* presently—
Dow. ynu may hreiltf six intu tills dish—
and don'l tnrgcl tlmt you mm to oper*
ate the cofleepot."
tiny surveyed th. round tnhle with
doubtful eyes. On mie Hide the canting
diah biased; near ny a copper kettle
execution with Amy's henrt VYha
nui ul in* Heiitlinentui uver a rhiiWiR
illsh and tlm iiUiir uf cuoltljig fund?
lie wrinkhd hla mine fnatidiuiiKiy,
"Bggs a  la ClIpM," stiltl  A iny. otTi»r
Ing  iniu mu* ol  ihe  pmieri,    Mm mid
tia.stlly set uiiother place at the tablo.
' "Hn!" anlil Henry Hint then Rtnpped
Now, If Hayes hain't heen Bitting
tliere like a s_,einn owl I lenry miifliC
hnve utilised that ninmei.t o havu
Ulttilu snme heailway with Atnj. Uggs
ti la Cupid waa a phrase tn conjure
(wlth. Unt he eonidn i conjure witu
bis rival glowering tliere.
Gti.v guve his phite tb Amy nr**- declined in taste nie dish He drum enf-
feu ntul ate toimt, hm lio ne ul the putt
dish waa left, and th.tt which waa
spiend un tin.' pieces nt toila't was ipiue
cold by this time nr rnl her mngh.
"iin ho dlaiippolnieU in it.'  mourned
Amy.   "It uugiii in im light ami Huffy "
"Tnates Itl.i' uue thai lies me Itetlinit)
ma lies,"    uhsci veil    Henry    envuieaaiyi
"Her** was quite Intiiuy tliuugtl,"
"She K'lre uie Uie recipe." aald Amy
"Ah. did ynu make It?" queried llnit-
ry. surprised    "I thmmiit I In yen must
have ,- Heiei| n
"Why'r" naked Amy,  with sparkling
"Oil, because ,»-. mil*| ot 111 tils llllO,
yuu It iiii w." murmured Henry, wllh a
glume nl (Illy,
"I III, nn." siiIII »il|V coolly; "wi
tiii-lnii  shllps down  nt   mil   ph
itiiytiung uf iin*. Hiirte"
"I'nriiiiii."  uiiirmured  Henry
pilHMCd  Ills Clip tnl'  lliu '• Ci.lire
"ls It trui' lhat vou mv going lu King
In vaudeville. Henry?" nuked Amy
presently ritere wua a wicked iigul
iu tier blue eve.**..
Mr. lUmr's light eyebrow* nearly ill*
appeared in hla fringe nt itiund milr
"Me sing in vaudeville?1 tie deiinmit
ed uugruiiiiiintlcully.   "I never dreutii.
ed   uf  such  n   Hung.   believe   uie.   Ml-*.*
Amy.   Wny du vou r.HkV" ^M	
"Wby. It's surt of tn ymir tine, von  und other '
knuw," snld Amy sweetly, nud Henry      This lit11
\\U% Pnlsy Kttlton holds (be nnlnnc
Ihu   c\|
clevel   i
mil ive.
nmt' I
il heing Hie only vuuniiii rub
,, n, (he wm Id Ibis very
ul e nc rue tic young lady is a
i A list i alia nnd has recently
Hum country l« '"'t as urgau
W-mon Who Hav* Been SuccbsbIuI In
m Pecult-"* Occupation.
Ot Ihe list ut strangu caiUn_s follow
cil by women that nf wine tasting n*
imu ut the must cminns and lucrative.
as n mutter of tact. Mi iff, Cidlinere,
Whose sei'vlees aiv In greut detli i in
Kraiice, (Jennatiy and Italy as n wine
tttnter, is mild to mnite an income ot   i
It built t,r».tmu u year,  mnny  tlrmn t*m    j
ployliiK her for ivgular work and tre* ! i
ipiently tnr epecllll duty.
I    Only half a dnwrt women wine tnst
era have  heen  known to  History, (tie
must renowned ot these lieinu the wife
nl   a   famous  London  wine  men-haul,
whn died  lu   I'nrls twelve  yeiira nuo,
It lid  Sigimni  Sniisii,  wllu  has u  great
reputation in Spain mi account nt m_r
Judgment ami knowledge ot wine
Wine tnsiers, it nppenrn, are tmrn,
not lumle, and must possess the gift ot
n ran* nnd delicate pauiie. 'In I hla, ol
nun-Hi', must he added a knowledge ot
wines. Mile, folllm-ic's Inst- is so line
and hei knowledge of wines such that
Bite can discern Irnm the ilr«i taste ot
It wine Just where lhe. unipes grew
frnin which ii was made, whether
thev were raised iii Ciilltnrutn or in
the vineyards ot iM'nnce, tiermany or
elseu here.
sin* enn en«lly detect nddlternttnti nt
nnv sort, nr It I here is a blend, and ot
which wines, ami can tell Hie a_e ot tt
wine almost to a flliv,    As ii matter nl
tact, (her -e no secrets that a imttte
uf wine can withhold troin Ihls re-
uuirluilile Krenehwuitilin once site Una
had a spoonful of It in ner mouth.
She (b<es uot swallow the wine. In
fact. *«he ts a teelotiiier nml if ahe
were tn drink wine would lose tier
sut,tie  magic ot  taste,     l-'urthcrmnre,
IN   THE   HOG   LOT. *
It Is not so much the breed nf  '£
a Kin
pigs thnt are kept as it is tin*
wuy in which they are kept. Almosl any goml pure hred hog
inn he ranUe protltnble if given
the right kind ol cure.
It.   is   almost   ItnpoaHlble   to
crowd  the young pigs luu fast,
. provided ynu give tbe right, kind
ul food and care.
,      When   hogs   have  free  access  &
•  tu suit there is little danger nf •*
,  their   eating   euuutfh   tc   injure ..>
'   llieinscivt's '**
t Wheat middlings and barley /a
^ are line as a leed fur growing '£
l   pigs or tattetilug hogs. -\
_ A sow with a mo:.ii, cross dis- Jj
\, position is always iniril to dciii ©
f with and Is not always the best %
[• breeder or tool her, Tins is sume- <$
V thing Hint should be burtie in %
«>   IUllld when selecting brnnil sows,   t*
r Don'l  lei  tbe plgn get  lousy   %
l> Splay thOlU witli kerosene eillUl*   *j»
\, Blot) wliile eating uueu every two  \
| weeks.                                                 |
I Two postures are belter than   ;>
t nne beCUUSe with Ihem the hogs   ?
i cnu  Ite separated     If ll   Is  not   »
I Ihe  111 tout lull   In   use  hull)   pas-   *>
1. tures at once tliere ca.n be a Hiip-   i>
I ply ot green toed un hand at nil   -J
• times,                                         :>
tt -,*^<M^#^^9^^^^0^^*V#
Animals Thrive Beat on P.isturea Sit"
uatad en High Ground,
Locality  has  much to du  with ths
lUcceHsful raising of sheep.    Wlib roll*
le  magic ot  taste,     runni'mimc,   ».>..	
Is obliged to tune the grente«t care   big ground,  running water and ev
■    .-     ».../i„P1,ltt n-iatums thev nre pretty *\
t/iug secretary of lhe rubhei exposition
Hi he in-ul in New York cily next Sep
teuiit.-i She tins acted tn a Ilk. capacity fut cxposltlonx held In Knglaii_
ui n tries,
„      ^   ....     wimiau who talks so glibly
accepted the rebuke and ate the uu* nbuut tbe great Itnr/.iltati product. Its
|in hill) hie remuma of Lim meu I In aima* iimunlaciure, us puhstbllllles and the
ble silence. "presenl bogy of sytnhetlc rubber" is
(iny Hayes' hopes went lip hy leaps   tnr   from   Hie   awesome   person   mis
and bounds.    Amy  had arisen In d**-   pictures her.   She ts gentle voiced nno
fense of htm.   She rind rebuked Henry   Blender, with hn/el eyes and a mnsa ul
Itlair In bis procure-utie nud duiw If   ban that Is prematurely silvered,
tor blm: \li-s   I'n 11 on  started   In   the   rubhei
Then the remainder of the evening,   business as secretary to a busy mun In
which ttiiy had expected lo bare em   n rubbet concern, nnd. tu use her own
Bill'    .
of her health. She must Is* well In
order to do her work, fnr ner sense
loses its cunning wneu sue gets out ot
beultb.-aUndon Tit HIU.
Joyed In u tete-a-tete with  Amy,
■pent lu n general conversation
Alter   awhile   they   went   into
words, "the more I heard about ruhtHM
the mule Interested I grew. I rend and
listened and worked along, hi a surt ul
drawing   wont,   where   Henry   dt-Mtm   rubber atmosphere. 1 stip|H»se, and now
guished  hlmsmelf  m   nis customs ry   my work is wimpy tn tbe interests ul
maimer by singing luve aou-fs in a  the rubber industry."
sweet hnrltone vulce. When HSked il all Australian women
(iny could not sing a note. '-**r«- su enterprising Miss Niton re*
Amy wus fond or music, piled tbat ns far ns she knew she was
Henry  was n  singer.    He wns thr)  tlie only Woman rublier expert In the
sou of u rich man    He came of an old  wurtd, but "tliere is no reason why
family, so uld. tn fact, tliat he appear-   %oiih»D should not enter Ibe held wltb
tsl to think tt wna uot oecessary to oe  Brnti success."
polite tu hia fellow meu uiilesa they .Mlsa I'.lllnh hns n ensket glliterlng
Could show a fainlly tree ot equal Wllh Jeweled souvenirs from mnny
growth. He went to the same private countries- nil the gifts of lltdustrinl or.
acbool tbat Ouy llnyes hnd intended, BntnUtiltlniia whicli she has nerved io
nnd It was be who hml at tne tied the bun el pert wuy ui n not her.
nickname of  "Soup"   to Uuy,  WUnag ,. .  .    __.
fnlber waa a muuutiicturur uf canned Thoughta on Womankind.
delicncles , Men lean more tu Justice and women
(Iny remembered all these thing**], to mercy. Men excel In energy, self
and his eiubeniot mood eiumged to reliance, perseverance uud mugnnuim
one of depression Of course Amy had Ity; women In humility, gentleness
defended t.:tn because she wus I id modesty uml endurance.—William Kil
hearted, uot for any peraougl mtereal tvard liint|i.>ie Lccky.
tu lum Women   are   much   more   like  each
"what   iu  tou  noma to ha» t»
• MUUl?"
milled turinusiy over another aicntini
ttuiue, Destde mm was ft Krem-n cutTee-
|sit wailing tor the boiling wuter.
"ita like watching a three ring cir*
cil**," tm remarked aa be hruke tlie
eggs carefully ns directed and tossed
the shell** lulu the glowing Ure al uia
"Its hetler than a three ring circus.
fot you cun Imve something nicer to
ent than pink lemonade uud peanuts,"
de.'ttue-i Amy as she dropped the
cheeao into (he melted butler id the
"Whnt do you call Itr aaked (Juy.
more hecause he wanted to hear her
vote* than hecause he cured whnt it
wus Anything that Amy cuoked was
ambrosia to mm
"Kggs a in Cupid." auswered Amy,
bending above the si/.v.ituu mess iu tue
pun. "Itess Delttam gave ine the ns-,|w
aud-now, the cream, Uuy, Thanks!
■'Wani the eggs hentenl" asked tluy.
*'\es. indeed, of ct ui ise i I'm uu ready
for tiiein    Hurry!'
(Juy heat fuvmualy and spattered
egga over bla aunt fmut aud ou ins
roat aleevea, It tuallered uolhitig
It waa Mr Amy.
The charming cook added the egga
and bung hreiiihiessiv over the mixture. She added salt ami paprika and
attrred gently. It foamed and creamed and grew smooth ami* delicious looking Ky the time (luy oad toasted twn
pieces nf lireud tbe coffee was readv
and the toast waa ready fer tbe eggs
a la Cupid.
Just as the last drop ef delicious
mixture wns poured on the hist piecs
of innst (he door opened and tbe uin id
ushered In another youag matt.
It was Henry Hiair
Henry wus lluy a deadly rival for
tbe baud of Amy Waasnu.
(iny got up reluctantly and gnawed
hla up when Amy gave cordlai greet*
log to the newcomer.
"Vou are Just In time to taste a new
-Ish!" she cried gayly. "Mr. Haves
and I have Juat concocted It*
Mr. Hayes greeted bla rival wltb ne*
foralog anieiniiitv and received a cold
Mare from Henry in return.
-Kr-lndeed! What do you can
ttiatT' he aaked, wllh faint interest
Re had preferred to oe entertained In
the drawing moio. where ne would ha
aaked to aim. and when he eang tben
.lua vote* and eyaa eould Oa deadlj
i  mm.
He tuok his leave while Henry wav other than men Tbey have. In truth,
still there. He thought Amy's fare* but two passions—vanity and love.-*
well was cold. Lord Chestertleld.
After his departure Henry Itlair en* A man without religion Is to he
tertulneil his hostess wltb ntriOy anec-* pitied, hut a godless woman ta u hor*
dotea nbout Ouy Hayes. He tnid ot Mr above all thlnga.—Rtbwbeth Bvaoa,
tbelr school dnys—-Of the nickname ol There nre few hnshnnds whom the
"Soup." which still clung to (iuy. and *lf> cannot win In ibe long run by
mnny other menu things that no on/ patience aud love. — Margucnte di
except a very small minded voting man   Valuta.
would hnve rememln-red or cared to Men love nt flrst nnd moat wnrmt.v.
repeat Women lore hist nnd longest.   This Is
Amy listened, Imt did not smite   Sh«   imturul enough, for nnture makes wo
appeared bored,    Henry  was not mie   men   to   la*   won   nnd   men  to   win.-
prised    Wbo wanted to discuss a hore  Ueorge William Curtis,
like   Hayes   when  one could  talk  to      Women never lie more natutelv thnn
Henry about bis nlfnirs? when thev tell tbe truth to those who
Uuy  llnyes did im) see Amy agate  do uot twllere tbem.—Anonymous.
fur ti fortnight    Occasionally he met .	
Henry Blnlr, and that glided vouth re- A New Mop.
guided him su coldly thut Huy came to -Quite the latest in tloor cleaners ta
the conclusion that he bad been pul a mop (listened to a metal brush
quite io mut t»y Mlsa Waaann back which slides »>n and off the bnn-
ln*fnct. that very night nfter Oity'l   die.   This mop works like u scruhhlng
Science Is Unable to Save Theae Fa*
moui Old Tf-eei.
Tbe innuuKion that uu (he elms In
tbe Hnmiru yard must yield to the ax
during this summer will tie ouweicohie
news lo a great manv Harvard gninu
ales, although the authorinc*. ot the
university nave tor two or three veins
realized thai the trees were doomed
Heroic etlorts nave heen mnde tu save
them from the inroads ut insect enemies, nut io no H-riih. The doctors uf
entomology con tested thetiiselvea
worsted Hint Rlmndoue-1 their endeavors sume tune ago. That in Itseit has
more thun a passing significance, for
science hus outgeueruled its parasitic
Hssai.auts su utten tn recent vests that
some uf us were rendy lo ii**Meve lhat
It would not have to conies* deteut
lu tbls instance.
These elms were the glory of Ihe
yard und gave the region w tut level ot
attractiveness it iHwseaacd (liiiduatea
of a geiierutlnn ago will ns-all the
gratetui Mine they afforded during
the muggy June dnys preceding the un*
until examinations. In the lilte ntier-
iioutis, when the shadows of iheie tree-s
silhouetted themselves againsl ihe old
brick buildings that girdle the yard.
Harvard in ways appeared at her hest
Sa tilings uf rod oak ure being plnnted
to replace Ibe elms, hut a gnnd many
classes will come nml go befor** the-se
can reach tbe dignity and grace ol tuu
growth.— Button Herald.
modern te pastures they are pretty an re
tn du welt, and uu arable (arms na
(cruss Is more suitable for tbem thnn
tbe Kentucky blue, suys the American
Cultivator. The hesl class of mutton
ia mnde from grasses flue and succulent, but tbnt made from mountain pastures ta the best flavored. Pastures
anv log low. wet places should lie a void-
Mi fur sheep, aa these are upt tu breed
pa rashes.
When you wlsb to turn off lamba
while tbey are yet youug. any undee
the age of three mouths, you will gen*
ually tlnd It protltnble to feed a grain
iiiinn even after they have gone out to
pasture. Tbls may be dune hy makluu;
in Inclosure tbnt will exclude the old
iheep, but It must he, of course, within
ir beside the pusture. It la thus pnssl.
.le lo get belter results frum the grain
fed to the lambs thnn tr given to tbe
iwes which nurse them.
As soon as the lambs are weaned looli
aver the ewea nnd those Hint nre get*
dug uld and are pour milkers, pick out
General Dumas Was a Colossus
in Si2e ana In Heroism.
The He-*culeen F»t!iar of the Famoui
Nov*lt»t Mad the Strength ot Sam*
tun nno the Valor ot Horatiuti— His
Bon  Waa a Chip ot the Ola  ttiock.
General Aiemmdre Dumas, the fa-
tbei of the celebrated l-ieiun novelist,
was i* mulatto ot ticrtiiienii int I Id, who
wns renowned us n tretueuttuils tighter
bun   nt-   it   uuin   ut   uuirveloiia   uodlly
<    SlieugUl.
\      ii is generally bPlleved thnt ne wai'
> the modei from WllleO his sun drew thu
\ character ul I'ortbua in the "'Threw
* liuardHioeti' '—the au uie times vningio-
1 rtoiiK,   sometimes   beruic,   uut   alwayi
> tovnhle  I'urihu*-
l oi   the  rec It leas ness  and  daring  ol
> Qeiierai IJlimus there can. he uo duiibt.
i, Bun evidently fear tu him wns hu ansu*
? lut dy unknown (-uaiilliY "1 nnd 100|
m thoughl the lents ot hiuis aarrlbed to
I' nun in i.a v endee, Italy, sud KKypt
•> ruiiiei apouryphai, too good to ne true."
;' wniea  ,vi   .hues ClUfeDe  in  »   Krcncn
paper "They aeemed to combine lu
um- tbe tours de fufce of I'orttiu* snd
tli*- eacuptidea ol CbleuL tiui uue day
WUeu l nml prouiise^t to write u shun
lire ot the umn nis grandson put una
luy luindrt ull tht- papers r,-mri_g _o tu*
Soulier's enre-er, aud I then »aw that I
bud before me a real epic describing
a sei|iM*uce ut glorious ".".:«..! ot uu-
O'.uttied authenticity.
"ii was. tor eiample, eatahltebed by
ofticim uocuments mat Uenerai Duma^,
siandihg. a Hulltury cotueeua, at ta«ead
01 tbe bridge ot Kri.eu. to (Be Tyr*
Ol. did. Oku Horai.u* ot out disc ure
the pHssHge ot tt wttti a cloud or au-*-
trians. whom Qe auhered aud ^tiut -jna
after tbe uther mini tie nud nniiiva
hla sword and ased ul* mst ntftruin
and Ibat he tbeu did convert iu« budl
Ol BU enemy  into a  Dutivriuii ram
"Again, at ihe theaier one Uuy Da
wae ro a bus wtth a uidv -at'ic  u-: won
bla atTectli'ii.*  *l'-!i a j^-r-.r *-<;;;-|-.i of Ul*
court, [minting _r aim. rtBB^tod tu tae
Indy,     '>0,     Ill'l rr„;,,lt,*«_l.    yiU      Iii ■"*    4Mt
your negro h**re. At *': - *i tne muiuc-
Ki. wutiuui s wurd. leoMd tbe imi )***
bis collar, lifted Him from U,** sent iOit
threw   ami acroaa toe tootasttfli un tu
the Mage.
"His son inherited tha fan-**"*, thi*.
ein Traveling one >eaa m i
ut Krance for the iOfce ar *
tome amusing niupre*-^iuns.
to Avignon ny iiuigeace wtth B
tion ot enjoying tne w«u tMtt
oi ibe silhouette uf tne onu»
in earn
Tha French Army.
In the French army there la nnt the
same competition fur comuil»sloua us
there was formerly. Candidates foi
admission to tbe military schools are
becoming increasingly rare, uud ut thc
present date the infantry uluiie Is short
uf I.'Jihi lleutemtuis. It haa been found
niH.*essury (o promote a numlier ot
•sergeant major** without exmiilhufloii.
i'he life of army men is mure onerous
thun It usiil to be, und so many utt1*
s'ers reach high rung wtthuut ever having haU nny commission (hut enterprising young men nre preferring
trade, industry and the liberal profee*
itous to tho dubiuua piuspecta of a
military career.
Trnriltlon, brfedlng and adaptation ally Lincoln **tu-<-p closely nun
the cultivated field They ar* not
adapted to the hilly ranges. Lincoln rama erosaed on range ewee
produce bla, etroiiR, ibrtrty lambs.
They will grow, griixe oml suit- writ
and feed out quickly and economically, litve tho Linrnlns good gnu-
Ing and plenty of feed and they
will grow ing-'--•-.iis or nearly toQ
P'.ijiiils and ewvs nt %0 ponndH are
not unknown—and will produce a
heavy fleece ot guod long wool.
Tli-* carcass ot the liirtme an.tn.it
ta not ehvtivn ss good mutton as
that ot sume finer breeds, but tt
Weigh** heavily ami t-ells at a profit.
Tl,e ratn nhown >• a i.h.m winner.
An Unuaual Library.
Miss Mary M. I'lllshury is In charge   pr-mts.
and put on gnnd pasture, giving thetn
aome giniti, so they will fallen aa sotitt
ss possible fur the market. Also sav«
only the liest ewe inuibs. In this wt?
a heller duck cnu lie secured, which
will   return   a   larger   percentage   "t
ln*fnct. that very nigm aimr uu,, - «,^  ,
departure Henry had proposed to Amj pruslt with mme ot Its Inconveniences
and had beeu refused. AP   Ua  parte  spread  uut   Into direct
Then one duy (iuy met Auy oo thl emu art  with Hie llnor, so ibal It cun
avenue, be readily uaed under ritdlfltura, book<
"I was on my wav up io see yod" cases and nil odd corners. Vnrloit*
be said us he held her hutid In nla kinds of mops cnu lie titled into the
"(.'nine ibis evening, and I will cool snme hnndle Kor Unthroning ot
you some eggs on ihe chilling dish, kitchen, where the flours must he dally
Vou were cheated out of ynur ahare scrubbed, the ordinary white mop
the other evening." snld Amy kindly cleans with pracilcnily no dust ami can
"Thank yuu. I'll come." promiaed l»e used either dry or with Boot oil.
(iuy. Another mop for the same handle ll
"dense cork Ihe alcohol bnftle and chemically I rented hid! Impregnated
put tt m the cupboard," sum Amy thai with oil itlfflelent to last for an
evening, nnd ns Uuy obeyed her he re- months ami furnishes an eaay aud
meuibered thut It wns exactly what practical wuy of beeping the lt.--*r* In
she iiiiii snld. wonl tnr word, lone fot perlect eondltloti. ll Is an Improve*
loiie, that other evening when Henry ment over the old fashioned mop.
Illalr hnd happened lu and spoiled thl which was the cau**e ot much drudg-
occaslon for (iuy ery, wasted time and 111 temper.
"What are ymi  going to make t» 	
night?" he inquired aa be returned ti A Carnegie Pensioner,
the tnhle. Mra, .1. It  NUun, for a great number
"Kggs a  la Cupid, of ennree." **ti1  ot   venrs chlel   Instructor  al  i'nlaue
Amy. dropping in the cake of erean   uulversllv.  ,\e\v Orleans, la the nral I
cheese. woman  in receive the Carnegie  pen-
(iuv  watched, her in silence aa shl  »,,,» tM work °r ,n,,, ''uarailer.  Mra
stirred.   The deep flush thai came into   Wwn bad traveled eiteusively bIhiiiI ,
her cheeks was ranted  hv aometh>ni   *»»*• World  previous to heglnhllig  ber ;
more than the ht-at fmm (he chanm   *"■"'' «« "■« biatrnctnr and since re-
dish,   Suddenly he fm-sed around thi  ■»»OT»0| hns spent much time abroad.
table beside her ami mid nis baud ov.t  «tM*fly m Inuring Rurupg    Although,
hers that held the apnnn eomewbal past the a I lolled thneaiiira !
"Amy.1* he whl«|Hired. -doean't thai   y-eata and ten. ahe Is aa active as many
recliie aav that two hands are battel  •'n,,ftB uiatrons and endures travnlitig ,
than one at stirring etea a la Cupidr    *,,h f*"*r '•,lln,, of f"tflf,,t lh"n do
Amy didn't draw awav   indeed, net  m*nt ^mn of hair her age   she la
eheeh nenred Ma until thev foqehed       ■"» "nrt «.mmnndtng. her manner hi
-If It doesn't read tbat Wgf tt Mghl   T*'"',,«»» "nd her conversation eicep j
tfb" Ihf murmured. Uooally ortgbi and eotertaioiog.
of oue or the most unusual libraries in
the world. Tins library Is in a small
nulldliig on Mount Vernon street l-os-
ton. nnd the lM»ot»a ure lent to clergy*
men exclusively, The binary la en*
tlrely religious and theologlcnl. The
books nre sent to any mluKler In auy
hamlet ur city tn any of ihe alt New
Knglaud stales ur tbe T.OiiO m tin Mere
In New Kiiglnml inure than '1M\H) are
regular patrons of tbe itbrnry The
bouka appeal lo all deiiomiuatlona.
Priaon en e Mountain Top.
What will be the tlrst Alpine convict
prison In I'.urope ts nlamt tu he erected on the lop of tbe Iteuln ntoiininla,
Maiti feet high, in ihe can too or vn.
The mnunlulii belongs tn tbe canton.
thus nhvlnttng the necessity nf bnvtng
To get rid of scab snd ticks Iheep
should he dipped utter sheeting, the
more so ns thl-t la the time when dipping Is the most effective Mid csn he
done m the Itaat cost. The Injurtmia
results tu the sheep nre gtgO leaaeued
lu (hut they dry oh mnckly.
Move tbe salt bnt In the ghgep "pasture now und then fmm une part ,*f
the Held tu a nol her. Tli.s etinngee tbe
place ihat the shrep freipicttt moa! ami
ao prevents their kJlliug the graac iu
any one spot.
If aore feet develop In a niu<lth* rnrd
tbe plnce should he mule drv aa nboo
aa pn*—lble aud air alaked lime scattered where the sheep will wulk lu it.
Beginners at keeping sheep sume*
times make the mistake ut huu**iug
tbem  too closely.    Mature shop,  of
J he diligence, on atnppmu. »js *ur
rounded Dy porTers. wna Er_eg m sUtfttg
tne traveler's 1'iggurs- Lnim.ie -nsisr-
eii un carrying m* o*a »*i.i***- i:ni ttl
provoked *»ofii« uiauieuc ewngeiui r-um
the ponera
"'Look, said one. "at rn*> iiu NBd
Whn wno't iet a p_or BUBwi Mgn a
"'Whifa ao ssfonisnina tn caa*"* hn
piled auuther 'Be'-* a niagar. 9NC-M
intended mm fur a dniflgn.
"The sou did out uear are rn i^ra-*
bis lathers «x_.;;[..-. Be ^ur :■. vn
bis vatise. eetzed oue of ::'*.• ..tr* *■*•_.
took mm by tne waiac. earned nn *-
the parapet of toe Dndge aoe aeui i..u
out over tbe river, eaying*
■ "(Jlvt me yuur word rjmt eon arc
oot tne aaauasln uf KflCMMU Pwef
"Marshal Urune waa i»*.*- :*.»  "i U
Augiu'i,  lo the wQU« termr. lal^
** 'I f     hut.  inimaieur —
" 'Bwetir. I tell you. thnt von did ana
gaagaalonta tiarabal  Hniu* or t  w..t
llir.'W you Into rt:*.-  Kl.ouel*
"Tlie man a tact* ne* uuie aa ***"_::• aa
• sheet, and nt* a..-,-***.: nut:
"'l wih awear, moortew. nv au th«
aalnts. I did nut assaseinnie mm.
"'All nghL' mid I mm**- and he
threw the wretched mun on to tn»>
bridge, took ut- his vai,-*- -imi went on
in-, way. "uiiiing. leaving « p.nmn
-gasping who wutider
"'lo return io tin- o'd (r»n*rai. be was
Coming hm k from Kgypl ^t\-:i Miasms
Waa suiTuut.-ed i> aome Keadtea ve*.
•"Klght to the taat. w«e :re «Mer,
"and when aheg sn<i eheli are eiDsoated
tuow tip the ship skv mah
"All very Walt, hut he **0'itd swtre
and ottien* couilnu   To *•■,.-...■« m,er-
ten*  Oumaa go* two •'nia   \m\a. . .1
them  into his pmketa ano aald  with
a inugh:
* *\ow i ihail go all the -r't-iw ta
the tMittom.
"Hut It waa not ro he. He was takea
pflsOMf and thrown into a foul dungeon Ht .Naples, from which he on.s
emerged with hU health at.i."e»*-d sng
Ins. tihigntttcciit atrehgtb dwindled tl
the vauiabing point"
Eating With the Knife
Una the uccessuv di uutwh mr».   »*-™  ••»»—■» -
, ,||.. but ...mrt from <h« qi.fs.mn "t cour... MOt protfftlon fmm .vi.,. .1.4
Jconomj bs ..romn.fn. «r ii.. Khsms storms, sod ir  ns; unv.  bn   .nd .
Z ,!  milnlon lh.it mubdlSlO Sir -III dr, bsd tbSJ will WOSniM* Iron. Cum.
to nnd   Of lbs ..fnl.b -u.i .pint, ot prffer lo II. In Ih. ,«rd «   OSS Mt
StofMSm,   «n.l   o.otf   work   will' b.tf b-fn SCAIStOtnsd lu tolO| UMMS,
(hu* t* ohi.lDfd troiu tbem.-Loridon
Sl.oolmj ,-s. Wh»i„.
Within l«o >f»ris flulil -lf»l stf.m
rns. »rmrd with povnrfui inmnin,
din,. hn». bfeiis to bunt wh»if» in
ihf norm Pst-Me. snd «t. sdilltlon.l
.tMiii srbsltrs srt now nnilfr run-
airnrllnn I'hf". ,ff"fl» «r» prliimrllt
a,rtrsi«fn.'. Ibfjr do nol try oul 111. ob
si* lh, «id wb.irns dirt, but till lb<
wh.if* wltb .ii.io.if. «hfll* .no umn
luw tb. r«r.'.«w. lo . rvntr.1 .Istlon,
whrr. Ihr work of t«ilis« oul ihr oil.
.biiirtwM, ste-, » «««• •" s ur*'
by abutting tliem lu at uisbi.
Th. Call P.ttursi.
Csl.ris oucht to hiis-f . .rporntr pnsh
Inrr nnd on. In aood clr.in urdrr. Thry
cannot ihrlv. un nbort ur M.iirO nn...
nur hold tbrlr own In pnonim. »n»
uldrr .nlmaia, aa th. Intlrr will au.o<i|>-
olltr tbfiu or tab* .11 tb. cbol.-. |»s>
Waanlnf «h. Pst.
tt I. * bad pours; „, wrati rounsj pl.«
.uddrnlf sod put thnn nn row. akim-
milk.   Tbr milk ahonid nr trn mra,
vrrf  (rad.Mlll   SI   Oral  and   Mitral
, tlmsr ■ a»». J
It I. .tnini:, Ibal lh. Italian Mints
hav, tisH-n tb. brat to nis. tb- fork si
rivtlliatlnn, for h. la now tb, fi.r,n.na|
ol all ii.srrs to .npiu.M it in favor ol
ths- ttuitr. tn lut rrotnuriint. ot n,
nthrr sinimn bo n.rn rat m bt.rrtbl]
sa. ti ti tbrlr tnl,-* a. lo tbt itminn. IS
f.rt. it ia onl, In ris.iami that Ibt
thrilling tssilnii m ntttr arr.i. In Ot^
mnn, ton innr .Illl w,i.-n .i. nis g.n.
tir.nan .-sstilnc bl. isnrii..n ..i• oni|.ns>
ty with bla ti.lt. and tnrl nrtor* n»
ginning tn tat. Hating d..n. w. as
put. nnr nl thra* ,oipitu».iii, away
and tall, tn, .nn lb. on. h* put, .way
It tbr fork Hut tor thr gtistrki Mt ol
Ihr tnifr thrrr it ooihli.g Hkt . CM
nnw n«t..ir.DI I* INKS - Lrados
It w. Ite, not ratteen m* art ti\te*»: a
w. MoiH>t w. art tools; If ws osrg ssl
Stocks of Lumber
The Rosedale Lumber Co. Rosedale,
and £. 0. Patterson, C. C. Road
Ami will lie pleased to quote prices at
those points as well ns delivered on the
(•'untie rly (The New Km.)
Printed imii tmhlisiii-d every Thursday from Us
iiili.-e. Westminster Stroot, ('lillliwuetc.
SiltMcriptluii urk'O Ii.imi tier year in udvuuee hi nil
points in Hnli-.li Ktilglra :  U> United States$1,50,
DUiiluy mlvt-rtisiiiir rates iiumU- known on niipli
nit (on hi tin- inil.lislii-r.
Display tidvertlaera will plaase rememtwr tlmt
to insure 11 cliuiigc, copy must bo In not Inter thun
Wi'dmniliiv mortiliiK.
C. A. BAHI1ER. Publishernnd Proprietor.
Yard Phone
Offlce Plume
Solves the
Ten Days
Free Trial
For 11)12 we arc
offeriiiK a
of tho 0 Hi. size,
suitable for gen-
ernl    household
use for
This iron isHiin-
ilar to all "Hot-
point " except
tlmt the upper
surface is unpolished.
Rich Black Soil, light
$15.00 per acre
IlurU-r ISiiil.liiiK
Westminster Trust Building
British Columbia Electric Ry.
U-avo Arrive
Train,       Cliwk. WcHliiiin.
3 S.SOa.m. 11.20
6 1.15 p.m. 3.45
7 umi |i.iu. 8.40
Leave Arriv.'
Traill      lltgiln. Wemiiiin.
1 11.30 a.m. 3.65
I.'iiv.' Arrive
Van. Weatmin.
vm ii.iii. 11.30
.IS.It noon 1.20
. 6.00 p.m. II. 10
Leave Arrive
tl 8.03 p.m.      I.u'i
LeaveOltllllwaek B.00 a.m. .iuiiy axcopl
Leave Nanconvot 7.00 a.m. dally t-copt
Milk Traiii dallyfl.1t p.m.
All |wm.'i.|i.'r train", except N.w.   I a.i.l
.".. Isanille Kxpirw.
Express, Truck
and Dray
Reg. e. Broadhead
watchmaker and
jeweler    n
Opposite Harl>er'n Druj; mnre.
City Market
Main Street, Vancouver
lt hns been arranged to liold two
sales weekly,   Wednesday   and
Saturday at 1(1 a.m.
Growers will  please arrange to
have tlieir eunsigimients forwarded tlie previous evening.
We   handle   Fruit,   Vegetables,,
Poultry, Eggs, Meat, Ele.
john McMillan
Tss cst-il|ls.. t-rltis'lslll, suy untiling, (Iss iintliiiiK. lie
The deeision of the Merchant's
Association to hold n luncheon on
Sept. 27, is a move in the right
direction, nnd il the business men
of the city nenernlly have an ounce
of real citizenship in their composition there will Imi a large attendance
and satisfactory and productive results tliere from. The usefulness
of tlm Association since its organization is apparent to any one who will
arouse himself enough to look about
him, mid it is only a petrified pessimist who will argue ugaiiist the
possible benefits to be derived by
united and co-operative methods
along the lines of effort as outlined
by tbe Association. Some seem to
have n very hazy idea of lho ninis
of the Association, others cling to
erroneous beliefs, whilo others are
indifferent, and some appear to
imagine somebody, some how or
somewhere is going to work a graft
to thoir detriment. The aims, object und purposes of the Association
are along legitimate, straight aud
honorable business lilies. There
are no hidden secrets or underhand
methods employed. The whole
purpose, in a word, is the lietter-
ment of business methods with Ihe
attendant benefits which arc sure
to follow as a result. The business
men and public will be much better
off in thc event of thc standard of
doing business in Chilliwack being
raised and a more generous feeling
between business men in business
relations lieing secured. The Free
Press has but one object in lending
its aid to this phase of life in the
city and that is for the general
goml. We would like to see every
business man of the city present at
the luncheon nn the 27th. Come
with a desire for mutual betterment
in business relations and an open
mind. I„t co-operation between
the business men of the city lie the
slogan of Cliilliwnck.
himself in tho matter. It is hard
to reconcile sueh an altitude with
any propei' conception of honesty,
ami yei all these debtors elaim tn
be strictly honest men. Their attitude is simply that every man must
look nfler his own business, and
collecting debts is part of every
man's business. Just why the
payment of debts is not we cannot
see, and yet we venture to say there
are thousands of men in Canada
who would never voluntarily, i.e.,
nn their owii initiative, pay a small
We think tliat every mini should
make the prompt payment of small
ilelils an item of his religion.
What kind of honesty is it whloh
fails to pay for n pair nf shoes, a
pound of butter, a year's subscription to the loeal or the chinch
paper, or for work done by some
pour washer woman or laboring
man? Forget ful ness cannot exeuse
the nun-payment of dobts,
And if the DOOf creditor dares In
ask for the payment of the debt,
in not a few cases he is treated as
nu offender, and the debtor takes
sueh request ns a positive insult.
Wo wonder who is to blame for
such a state of affairs? Surely it
is possible to tone up the conoibneo
of every community to ut lensl  feel
tlmt smnll debts ought to be prompt.
ly paid I
NOTICE is hi'ivliy jrivi-n (Iml ilu- po-
pftrttteinhlp liarutafon nubatutiiiR Iwtwot'ii
llii> IHKlorsiKncd ftH (inn-nil Mi'irliiuilH,
of t'liilliwiu'k, Hiwliri mul Atclielilz.lU! .
Iiiih Ikvii llii,- iluy iJIsBolvt-tl liy niiiiuiil
COIltiOnt, All ilt'hlM iliii' the siiil | mil lit'1-
h!m|i arc tu Ih- |>niil in \V. A. Cham be iu
mul nil purtiU'iHlii|i ilobtfl lire In Ik* pniii
by him.
Chilliwack, II. 0. September I Ith I1M2
Witness. .1. II. ASHWELL.
Sliortliiliiil Tuition
Room six Hart Block
Wellington It. Cliilliwnek, II. C.
Every honest man is supposed to
pay his debts if he is able to do so,
nnd yet there would seem to be not
a few who for some reason or olher,
while claiming to be honest men, do
not show nny very great anxiety to
pay their small debts, says the
Christian fsiinrdian. They probably intend to pay, but they sec no
reason why tlieir creditors should
be in any hurry, and possibly in
the end they forget to pay.
It was reported not long ago that
a large catering linn in New Vork
hnd lieen forced into bnnkrupcy by
reason nf its failure to collect small
sums duo to it by an army of rich
people, nnd the North Carolina
Christain Advocate, in commenting
upon this, declares that during the
past ten years the Advocate itself
lias lost enough on subscriptions of
good church people to pay off every
dollar nf iis indebtedness on building and printing plant. And no-
doubt ninny a retail merchant and
poor man and women reflects bitterly upun the fact that tliey find it
hard, and in many eases impossible,
to collect small debts owing them hy
presumably honest |ie»ple.
One strange fact in the ease is
the peculiar attitude, assumed hy
many, that it is the creditor's
business to eollee.t tho debts due him,
and if be does not Is.tlier about it
the debtor has no reason lo trouble
Offices over Royal  Hunk of Canada,
Hotel Opening
Good opening al SARDIS
Townsite for nn liott-1 or
boarding house. Lot at
half price to suitable party.
The Chilliwack Creamery
Ice Cream Department is
turning out a First Class
quality of goods.
Picnics, Socials,
etc., supplied
Phone 100
OF CANADA    ■*♦.
Paid up Capital and Reserve $11,400,000
♦ Established
♦ We give special attention to Savings Accounts.     Ono
j Dollar only is necessary to open an account,  interest
♦ allowed at highest Bank rate antl added twice a year.
♦ No delay in withdrawals.     Two or more persons may
J open a joint account and  either party can  withdraw
♦ money.
♦4.*-; *«•>*>. •.-** * **♦** •>** ** ****** •:•* ******* **************
t   «
Now is yuur opportunity to secure I Huh Class
goods. You do nol have lo gu to Vancouver
when you want good l-'iiriiittin-, or Carpel.
Squares in Axininstor or Wiltons, Call and
get prices and lie convinced.
Headquarters for Window Shades.
X  Opposite Cowen's Drug Store. Wellington St.
Ladies! is it reasonable to invest $20.00
in a hat, and wear cheap, ordinary shoes?
The best gowned woman in our town is
fastidious about her footwear.
Her shoes harmonize with
her gown and headgear.
Otherwise she would not be
correctly gowned. You know
this lady.   And she insists
on wearing
We can give you a perfect fit. Made on the latest
model, in all widths, in a shoe
that is comfortable, flexible and
durable. Relindo Shoe is a tailor-
made shoe for particular women,
■nd is an apt expression of the latest style.
The CushionHeel, (exclusively controlled
by Relindo Shoes,) makes walkiiigadelight.
No nails to hurt the foot, and produces
a resilient, springy effect that characterizes
a graceful walk. We have them in all
I   sites and invite • careful inspection.
Continuity of Impression is successful advertising.
Big Values in Five Acre Blocks
Half Mile from B. C. Electric Station and Close to School and Store.   These are splendid buys
AT $150 to $225 PER ACRE
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack
Parsons' Retiring Sale
Parsons' Retiring" Clothing
sale continues with a rush.
The very Liberal Reductions on all lines of Clothing and
Men's Furnishings, spell economy to the purchaser of
Fall and Winter Necessities for Men
and Boys
which shrewd buyers are not slow to take advantage of.
The   Big  Stock
of New and Up-To-The-
Minute Clothing, Boots
and Shoes, and Furnishings offered at this sale,
together with the low
prices for cash, makes the
event an important one
at this season of the year.
Come With The
inspect the high quality
of the goods offered at
money saving prices and
add your name to our
rapidly increasing list of
satisfied buyers.
Prices Greatly Reduced
The stock is large and complete, affording excellent
choice, and contains no shop worn or old goods.   New
goods ordered for Fall and Winter, being opened daily,
and all going at the greatly reduced prices.
Hart Block  -   Chilliwack THE    FREE    CRESS,    Cil I1.L1WAGK,    B.C.
Woman's World
Miss        Fulton        Only
Woman  Rubber Export.
Dear little boy with wondering cyea
That   tor   tlie   light   ol   knowledge
'Who have sueh faith that 1 am wise
And know the things thut you would
l'liouph oft 1 shake my head nnd smile
!   To hear ymir childish questions How,
1 must it-<it meet ynur faith wilh ^uilo;
I cannot tell, I do not Know.
D^iir little boy, with eager heart.
Forever mi tlm quest ol tniin,
Vour riddle? "ft are past my art
Tn imswr tu your lender youth,
Hut some day you will understand
't'ln1 things llmt now I cannot say,
When life shall take ymi by the hand
And lead ymi on its wondrous wny.
Dear littio boy with hand in mini'.
Together through the world we fare.
Whero much that 1 would lain divine
I have nut yet the strength to boar*
F.llie you with riddling words 1 ask,
Like you 1 hold another hand,
And haply when I do my task
1. Um>, 'shall understand,
- tVt-r McArthur in Tin* lih»ho.
MIlW Daisy Fulton Holds the iinlrjue
position of belli*; Hie only woman rub
bet e_pert In the world. This very
clever and energetic young lady Is a
native or Australia aud tins recently
rome to thla country to act as organ
.zing secretary of Uie rubher exposition
to be held In New York city next Sep
teinlier, She lias acted to a Ilka capacity for expoMltloiiM Held Iu Kuglaud
nnd other countries.
Tbls little woman who in Ik* ao glibly
about thu great Krazlltau product, lti*
manufacture. Ha pohslbllltlea aud tbe
"present bogy of synthetic rubber" Is
far from ihe awesome person ons
•pictures her. She Is gentle voiced nno
slender, with Hazel eyes and a mass ot
balr tbat Is prematurely silvered.
Mfss Kniton started lu the rubbel
business aa secretary to a busy man to
■ rubber concern, aud. to use her own
words, "the more t heard about rubber
Ibe more Interested I grew. 1 read am:
listened and worked along In a sort ol
rubber atmosphere. I suppose, and now
my work is wholly lu the Interests ol
the rubber industry."
When asked It all Australian women
•were so enterprising Miss Culton re
piled thnt as far as she knew she whs
tho ouly woman rubber expert in tin
world, but "there is no reason why
women should not enter tbe Held with
great MiH'i-ess."
Miss I*.ill.ni has a casket glittering
•with -Jeweled souvenirs from mnnj
countries-nil tin* gift* of Industrial or
catiizatlons which she has -served in
one expert way or another.
A Gooa~Aitnnq«nt.
For oily skin no astringent brines
about more satisfactory results than
ramphor water. It has a delightful
healing effect, but should not be applied too often, as It has drying properties likely to prove disastrous to an
extremely delicate skin. Apply the
camphor water with a piece of nth
mirts'nt cotton and Just before It dries
wipe It away gently with a soft cloth.
1 How   Andrew   -Jroder   Lo.ined   Orang_
Hall For th* Mass.
! U seems tliat wc will have tn sur-
I render tlio account of harrantiy be-
i tween Orangemen and Catholics which
came out nf Waterville, Quebec, nut
: fortunately theru arc other incidents
jo? the same kind in, apparently well
authenticated; Canadian hi .-itory. Au
I exact parallel, in fact, to wl.at was
j reported to ha\ ■ taknu place in Wftb-r-
ville, occurred soma years ago in tho
county of Dund&s on the fSt. Lawrence. "Andy" Kroder, M.P., who m
highly popular with all sections of
liis constituency, was the good fairy
in the case. A priest of the county
was .seeking tu organize a cougregtt'
tion in a settlement where lie had no
church. It was his custom to hold tlie
mass alternately in the nomes of two
of the mor« prominent of the members of his flock. The services wert*
held periodically only, and nne Sunday wheu he arrived he war* shocked
to find that his tv*u chief parishioners had forgotten that this was the
day of his visit and had gone off and
locked up their houses. As soon as
the other members of the congrepa-
tion became aware of the stale of affairs, consternation spread. What was
to be doner Here was the "Father"
come specially lo hold mas.-*, and there
was no place large enough in whicli
to hold it. Then one of the troubled
ones bethought himself of their mem-
l>er of Parliament, who happened to
lie in the village that day. So off they
went t<> him aud asked for his advice.
"Andy" is a Methodist, but that did
not daunt the troubled Catholics ut
all. They knew he was a man and
an Irishman Nor did the difficulty
trouble "Andy" either — perhaps for
the latter reason. There was au
Orange hall in the place, nnd thc Ing
Irish-Canadian went straight off to
the keeper of the keys aud opened up
the hall, and mass was celebrated
there under the picture of William
the Third and all the insignia of tiie
L.O.I... Of course, there were a lew
croakers in the lodge, who feared that,
some dreadful couseque-nces might ensue from this radical departure from
established usage. Hut Andrew Bro-
der is never at a loss for a reply.
"Do   yuu   thiuk,"   he   said   to   the
doubters, "that it would do King William more harm than he did themr*' .
Aud that waa the end of tlie criticism.
To Brighten Tortoise Shall.
Tortoise shell combs, plus and bar-
relies cun be brightened by nibbing
them with sweet oil. wiping them dry
■ud covering them with whiting or a
reliable silver powder After the pow
der la applied the shell should be poi
Ishe-d with a din inula To keep the
•bell hrlKht bathe It frequently In tepid
water and ruh It with olive oil on i.
piece ot ihiuiiel or a clmmots.
It is Criminal
to Neglect the
Skin and Hair
THINK of -lho Buffering
entailed bynoglected skin
troubles— mental because
of disfiguration, physical l>c-
caiise uf pain. Think of (Im
pleasure of n clear skin, soft,
white hands, and good hair.
These blessings, so essential
to happiness and (Jven success in lifo, are often only c
matter of a little thoughtful
care in the selection of effective, remedial agents. Cuticura Soap and CutieuruOintment do so much for poo?
complexions, red, rough
hands, and dry, thin and
falling hair, and cost, so
little, that it is almost criminal not to use them.
Although Clltlolira Soup nnil Ointment itm ....Ut liy tlniMiniH ind doalcra
.'vrrywlirri-, a posUU in "f'uticurii,"
Dept. 5M, Boston, t'.s A., will securon
liberal rninplti of i-is.-h, with 32fj}aga
l-.is.kl.' sni Skill mul Suilp Tr.~i inciil.
W. N.  U. 909
.-,,    .
——> j
...» :"»:■> r
,,•"-' jfrt     *'
*"'■ U
*:>v*( '
*%tjs M
W- ■'3&-*'
i ,Js»'S
*£•*,<''•,'.■    .
H '
1              ■■/
.If' ■ Vv,,.."
f*,-' ' '} -?s
U 0
f#,f,l!:-*|    t
' i'1 '■•*':, ^   ' ,*
ft1*   -^i-i
|S*S4*'--     ,.  **• $
<*_E._i'J.i._   ',  . ,;
i i"*. .»»'*
>.-;■ ■-■■'
v' A
«KB. CX01V/J y°,\
'A/C£ Cf
.vi,*'-.l,.T-5.*''j'.i..-J,,'„-.'y ■,.'■■'■;'.'/■• %y-'■ ■■■
Prince Boris, heir  o the throne   of   Bulgaria,
daugter of thc orown pnuoe of Kouinaula, v.*hosc
□ounoed Bbortly.
nul    Prim*
The Blood Supply Must be Made
Rich, Red and Pure
Wlici yuu blllld up lhe blond you
strengthen the nerves, because ihe
nerves wet iheir food through Uu;
bloods You cannol reach iho nerves
with medicine except through the
blood*—this Is a Kreat. medical truth
few people realize, Nervoua people
are pale people They are nervous
becaua ■ they are pale. The blood Is
80 thin and watery that it cannot.
nourish the nerves- Starved nerves
mean sciatica, neuralgia, nervous proa- \
trillion, paralysis.
Dr.   Williams'  Pink  Pills  for  Pale ;
People arc a real nerve tonic.    Tbey
supply plenty of nourishing red blood i
to the exhausted nerves, thus enabling
them to r.o the work nature intended |
they should do      This is the simple
secret of the success of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills in   curing   nerve   trouble'- ,
As to iheir value in cases of sciatica.
Mrs, .lob Palmer. FVnelon Falls. On:.,
says: "For seven weeks 1 suffered un*
throat       I'll go   to   the   opera   this i told arony    from    sciatica-    I    tried
evening. t everything to ease the pain, but  it
Whereupon, he arrayed himself like i steadily grew* worse. Liniments had
i hrldegroom, strolled down to the I no more effect upon the trouble than;
:*ta;:'e. He was particular that ir ' water. Then the doctor told nie to
should be '\r aisle seat. Then he j apply a hot iron to the afflicted part
walked down the aisle with the do-, and I did so morning after morning,
meanor of fl her" and the hauglUi-1 but my leg hail become so numb with
u.'si of an indicted millionaire. (the pain that I could hardly feel the
The upshot of it was that his seat   heat of the iron-    I never expected to
Hit Last Three Dollar Bill
This Illustrates the tremendous, ns*
toundaig, and gorgeous value of Waking a lliu show as a last resort, It
dlcateB that brass, bravery and bunk,
properl:* connected with an opera hat
and pearl shirt studs, can make lhe j
onqu6.-ts of Alexander the Great
look Mice ft nve-cent moving-picture
show when the lights arc bad.
The hero is Fred T. Dubois, who
has tn-en many things at many times. |
Once be was a merolmiil, and once he
was n Republican United States senator, nad once again he was n Demo*
critic senator Al unite another
time, I owever, he was dea'1
Chicago, Carefully searching himself at five o'clock in the afternoon
he discovered thai he had three dollars in his pocket and a feeling of
great dreariness in his heart. He
did not know whether he would retire
to the almshouse or retreat to the
lake when that three dollars had given
tint. The aim was setting in clouds
of red. nnd the breeze that swept
•lown Michigan Avenue was cold.
Prod shivered and concluded in a
•lash of unusual sagacity that this was
■\ ind  -ud weary world.
Well he told himself. I'll put up the
Vst tnnt Possible until ruin lays its
cold  -nd  clammy    baud    upon    my
t\Ak ftr,«i>*<4«tv» W^r-ir.. ivh<*tok
, sy„
"I linvn n moncy-snvmiT, invention—
handy granaries to nllow IV lfi threshing over your larm. Move tlicni about
each year.   You :'ave long hauls at
harvest time. In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
"These grnr.flries com* In compact
bundles. A hoy can set up nnil hoit
one iO|;etlifli in a few hours. Fosir
pndlocks protect the prain. Separator
delivery luto a spout on the side or
into roof manhole—saves work during threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin, wet and thieves.   C| Sell
it when you are ready, loading direct
eoo        from the granary into your wagon,
...J        or bagging it.   No musty or heated
1.000        grain.   OOctmv granary and be in-
imii.rlnl      dependent of elevators for selling.
Hum ,u.      Sell at the highest price, no matter
Ou.nSEtV    how   lonR  *-ou s,or« y~a'   K"'*1'
The Pedlar Granary protec's you."
"Wrii. m, for my luaikls-t ii shnws hi.w prnfitable my
t-.rusinry ss evns vn ;> miiuIs- quaner-KCtion li.rm ftc
ll lor ill.!,   Tht Book Telt, ..( nie Honey lor V.iu.''
Wril. I.r Bo.kl.1 No (1 OSHAWA. ONT.
76Lombard 8t   Crown HltKk      srsSnJHl.W.
llrawar IU!. wt V,l,:i .-■!,. Marlatt       11.3 I- .III, nt. H.
"Hr lW-hn«h_l>_r»*i*rf,ili<*w-
■t u -hxir Alw* without dour,
it .l*-»irrii. Shnwi htm emer tu
till bthii:. wh, it Wantril. Ilthrr
nil at Iff I -his- » Ppsti I lor likiul
Ailing h attached to liriDM* "
They will    aniws
mppened to be next to a man who
waa u: accompanied at the theatre.
*i tlu first intermission Ihe stronger
Invited Dubois out to have n drink. As
'hoy strolled un the street after the
performance, the other. Impressed
with  Pred'a superb appearance and j
lever conversation, closed a business
leal with him that set h'.m on his feet
ind gave him a new stirt In life.
All cf whieh indicates thnt. while
'■on have a dress suit, you stand a
chance 'o hypnotize ready money.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. Etc.
Poet Is Honored.
At the Commencement exere.i**;e_ of
th" University of Ottawa recently tlm
degree ol Doctor ol Letters wa_ cutt*
ferr-'d upon William Chapman, tiie
distinguished poet, of Ottawa. The
elit" of Ottawa society was present at
the pleasing function and tlip addr*8-_
delivered by Dr. Chapman was vigorously applauded, whose works havu
been twice crowned by the French
Academy of Puns. The Hcademy of
Jeux-Floreaux, the most ancient body
of its kind in France, haa amo honored him, Mt that our distinguish! <1
fellow citlten reflects literary glory on
the capital and on the university
which hus iven pleased to create hirn
a member ol its alumni. The pu-'t
was born at Beauce In 1850 and wa->
educated at Levis College and studied
law for u lime, but hii isolinatioua
have ever run t*o literature, H** ha-*
published a lart"* number ol volumes
of gr-'iit merit, his |M»ein» receiving
Hie highest prise ol the French academy in 1010, He Im- been rlrcoratetl
by the Oovernmont of France ami has
hml several signal honors showered
wi Iniu by literary men in Paris. Ha
la a post ol large view and a simple,
beautiful style and bis writings iim
marked hy a fervent patriotism and
are very popular iu Canada us Well u*t
In Franco,
A   Clear*Hc.ided   Duke.
Concerning the Duka al Connaught
there Is a story which Illustrates the
lucidity of his mind and Us grasp ul
detail.' At tlm big Wiltshire manoeuvres before the South African war tne
duke commanded the northern army.
The correspondent nf a prominent
London daily who hml interviewed tli*
duke with referonco to thu disposition
of his force-, <iii th« eve of an engage*
mont approached some of his friends
and remarked, "Well, they can jolly
well say what tliey like about somo
people getting credit for the suggestions nf others, but just look at these,"
and h" produeod soin_ voluminous
note winch he had been making.
"Thfl duke has Just reeled ihese off
to ine from his own head without a
scrap of paper i.r a word trom another
BOUl,   They give tlie position of every
battalion under Ins command. — London Graphic,
A Tale of Letters
Which letters are the hardest work-
tb?    Tho Hees (B'a)-
Which are the most extensive let*
-rs?      The Seas (C's).
Which letters are the most fond of
"•mfori?     The Base (E'a),
Which letters have the most to say
n* thn..selves?     The l'a
Whlel. are the noisiest letters? The
ays (J*).
Which are the longest letters? Tin
Ilia (L*a).
Whirl, are the poorest letters? The
hvea (0's).
Which letters are the urea test
.ores     The Tease (T'sl.
Which are the most sensible let-
»rs?   ' he Wise ivsi -Tit-Bits.
be able to walk again my leg was so
drawn up, 1 had tried so many things
that I had given up hope, yet at the
urging of my brother l decided to try
Hr. William;:' I'ink Pills. To my
surprico in two weeks I was able to
stand on my feet with but little pain,
and soon after 1 was able to walk
about again. I continued taking the
Pills for about two mouths, l it some
time hefore 1 discontinued t.ieir use
my leg had become normal najaln, and
the agony of the trouble had lilaappear*
el, and 1 have not since had a twinge
of it. Words fall to express my gratitude for what the Pills did for mc
and I BTongl" recommend them to all
sufferers from sciatica.
The every day mission of t>r. Williams' Pink Pills is to cure cases like
the above, and they will not disappoint if Riven a fair trial. Sold by
all medicine dealers or by mail at 60
cents a box or six boxes tor $_ 50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Drockville, Ont-
inquiry to the Pedlar plac-   neaiest you
you promptly and    save you time
The Pedlar Granary is fire-proof.    Think what that meana
The Northern Trusts Company
This company acts in thi* capacity of
.inii wo sua.I be plnd to forward copy of   our    llunKlet    "Something
i bout Trusts. Truster., anil Trust ."nrnjinnles." on request
Affiliate 1 ..nl. t'»<* Unlvorsltj*ot Toronto and undor lho control of
tho Dfipnrtitiout ..f Agriculture of iiut.irlo
College   reopens October  1st, 1612.    N.B— Calendar on application
E. A. A. GRANGE. V   S.. M St..  Principal
A uuin wont ui im liisurane.' olllco
 Uin' ilny in have liln life Insurod.
Do .-on cycle? the Insurance agent
'To, said  tho man.
i.o volt iinstiir?
lio you, then, perhaps fly?
No, in, snid iln' applicant laughln
have in. iliiim.TniiH—
hui tin' agent Interrupted iilm ot
Discussed In a Recent Bulletin of the
Forestry Branch
Ever siiii'i' ih.. Province of Queboc
I'lirlmil.   iln- i'.\|s(irt of pulpwood  cut ]
front down luiitls. considerable Inter-
eat  has hppii tnksMi in iho question
:im in how tin- price of pulpwood would
be uf-i'i'ii'il      a leading paper trade
P'.'io.'.lo.il estimated that tho piioo ot
pulpwood hml   advanced   one  dollar i . .   .  ,,       •..    ,,-    ,   ,.   ,
perootd.    This i»  corroborated  byl0-^?*:1.*?.!* ,_*.?..°!!*!_9_ _!_
'tie bulletin on fiulpwood lately coin
The Riddle
I planted a seed in my neighbor's gar*
iFah. wee garden where   wonder
grows I
Wet with a   tear   that   It   may   not
Seed  il ii Hope that the dear God
And for iis cover
I  fiihud over
Five slim petals of a little Wild Rose,
r Im
piled by the Forestry Branch of the
Department of the Interior. According to this bulletin, the average price
ill pu'pwood in Quebec province dm*
In? 1911 was higher by ninety seven
cents than during 1810, In Ontario
ill. price actually fe'l twrniy Odnts
per cord,  while  In   Nova  Scotia  and
Ionic* ■ New Brunswick increases  of  twenty
nine anl twenty two cents respective-
 , ly an* announced. _
Danger of thc Summer Sra.on       * D""tlon Jj»» '■ i«« Winnlm: to
i  into notice In the Dominion ll
th* i I! I tat'on of snw-mlll waste nsl    Ma, whal i
inaterlt. for pulp making,     A very ■ lv(, p*-lt-iy?
smill  i|tiiintity  of  such   waste  Is  sol
utilize)  by three   firms   which   own
lio'li siiw-mllia and  pulp-millK.
Is that seed to be
sun of thy smile and
sir, ho said, bul we
Rldd.a no*, h
Quick '..Hi tin
m and dusl    for
ttiet ?
Will 'ive it bloom as   i
wiii thou ii perish hefori
Will thy palm forget
Where m>   kiss wii-* sot
To grow for a though! of me?
By nhnrles P, Lummli
When Your Eyes Used Cars
Vr* llm!■• Ere 1( •ni**J». No Ntnkrttnr—1- *-**li
r»ti-—Acu QttletU/, Try •*. '"r R.M, ?•>■■,
\V«liTj- V\en i. inl llminilsirtl ty*.!,.* litur
tmt-'.i ll.xili In t*a--h rdtL-r* Mnrhic tf
f>in[K>uu<1-*d fty onr fK-ullata nm m r_f.t.r Hh>
I :l.«" Hit iimiI In rst'iv.-.*' 't I'nn'i-t-iin- I'rtf*.
ti,-,- f'-r Minn)* lean \,.« «1i-dlmi-Ml u> tht >*-i_*•
|l<-   tli.l •■•.it l.jr I'niw.iH* m. *_.   «It<1 M Mr DPtHSb
MuriM Ufa ,-**.».lit UfpUfl TiibM. W ant (ma-
Murlnj Ey« Romody Cos Chio*go
head production in the United!
Btatos lost year reuched one billion
pound:, an Increase of forty million
pound-1 over tvio. Imports lasl year
were 180 million pounds, b decrease
of thlrty*seven million pounds.
we Betl
Charles D.  Mi
•crelary,   nlwaj
hle( executive o
.. Mnssaohusetti
(Itl   olltKid
I's, the* President's
accompanies   the
his irlpH to Ibver-
iii the summer,
Reverly there are
inny fashionable homea. with
".mini, which include private hath-
-,£ Leaches,
I wonder why ho many people have
i >SP private beaches, commented the
•caldent one afternoon, when ho was*
'oin,  ii|> the North Shore.
9omo of 'hem, aald  Htllos
ne ihe value,   Ho   doubt.
' aiis of   hiding   the   fa in It*
Partly True
meant by the Progress-
The progressive   party,  my  dear.
of   this
This It Authoritative.
The Qoouraphio Hoard of Cana la
has decided tlmt hereafter this i* the
way to spell Timtskainlng and Time-
gam) ■*- not Terntsksiiitng »ml Tema«
gaml, lho letter "o" being rfp'aevd
by "I," Th« decision wa.** made lol*
lowing sn Investigation Intu the Indian origin ul tlie wurd».
Let's Have It
This high COBl of living Is a serious
uestlon, bawled lhe campaign ora-
or       It la ii great (ineatlon, n very
orloilB tlUeStlon, Indeed.
We know it'a a qtioatlon, y< tied n
■narse man in tlie audience. Whnt's
lie answer?   Kansas city Journal,
A Born Candidate
Willis- 1 suppose you think that '
baby of yours will become prosldent
some day?
ailllr—Mnyhe nol president, but he
will be in the race after the nomination nil right lie keeps the whole
place h. an uproar, uses indescribable
language, and can go without sleep'
f?r a week -Hrooklyn Life.
Why tbat's where nil the
change nfter every game.
Kreo Press.
i ii<* pros mum Ol the university had
da.'k Circles under his c.vor Ilia
Cheek was pallid, bin I'ii-. wc4e trenib*
llag; he wore a hunted expression.
You look III. said hiu wife. What
Im wrong, dear?
Nothing much, he replied,   itm   i
—I ha' a fearful dream last night, and
I teei this morning aa If 1 as If 1 '
It  was evident  that his iutwmi- iys*
letu was shattered,
What was the dreamt asked llm
I—I—dreamed the trustees re'piireit
tint I should   thai I should pasr tho
partners | freshman examination for   admission,
—Detroit I Sighed  the president.—Youth's Com
The soil of Cuba Is extremely fruit.
il. Cabbages there are so large
ml  heads  weighing 30|bS, each nra
Miimiiiii All   vegetables    do    well.
tndlst.es tney bo oaten from fourteen
to eighteen days after sowing* lettuce
in flw* weeks after sowing, while corn
proiluns ihree crops per year. S\\Kt.t
potato*,*- grow all thu year.
Very many persons die annually
from cholera nod kindred Bummer
complaints, who might huve heen
saved If proper remedies had been
used- If attacked do not delay lu
getting a bottle of Dr. J. l>. Roll-
oggs Dysentery Cordial, tho modi"
Cine that never falls to effect a cure.
Those who have used 11 say ll acts
promptly, and thoroughly subdues the
pain and disease.
For the Time Being
My     husband   cured    himself
drinking buttermilk. •
What did he have?
A thirst —Chicago Record Herald-
NATURE'S ESSENCE.*"Extracted From Forest Plants.
Nature's laws srs perfect, bul disessse loll.iw. if these Ussa .tt nol obeyed,
(io .Ir.ialsl lo n.lure lor the cure, lo ths forest; there sre mysteries here lhal •»•
ein l.thoo. (or you. Tske Ihe hark ol lh* wild-cherry tree, the root ol msn.lr.lie.
■tone, Ore(on Sr.pr rool.queea's root. tit.Msdro.it snd loldtn se.l, nuke <, scien-
lite, ■»u-els'«l».lie exlrsct oi Ihem with j.ut lhe right proportions sad yosi hs.e
Hoc-tor Pierce'* (ioldru Mcdli-al UlnfosnTjj.
It leok Dr. Pierce, with Ihe salislMot »l Iwo lesrsied ehesnisls. ei|hl yesr, ol
hard work esperimentint lo make Ihis pure |lys*ric tslrsot snd sliersii.e ol lh*
Create,! efficiem-y snd without lh* use ol s particle ol alcohol.
Just tha sort ol remedy you need lo mske rich, red
Mood, and nrt that is.sil.ida and lectin* of nerve eshauttion.
Dr. Hierce's <'.olden Msdictl Di.eoverv bear, th* stamp ol
I'nsi ii: Asraov.i. and has sold more l.r|el> in lhe past lorlr
year, than sny olber Wood puniier sad stomach Ionic
"Otane lire. ...< I «... nut nf hMllh sn. .Mmarh wwwl le Sa Its*
a^l nf lh. ir«.shlf. ' «nln Ma K.tSA Wn iiawv. .f hrllr.ill.. Kana
"I .irnim.iiiwl l«s dnHisr wilt, .11 sh, slnrUir. SI hnm. .a well aa with
...h.r apnclallat. on aUsntarli ann dsSMtl.a osvana. N.n. ssssii.irlo to
.nv fnosl in fwl, mo.1 uf th. .nwHrlnra did re. hams. , snail. I stnil*
fn  far. 1'l.rr.. ItistTaVn, N. Y . sshu rvpllsri. BU.Inr thai I tout llv.s imn-
ti.ii.I with li>«tie«-*lsnft ansl .■..,.ail,_l.»n. ud advtssat I.r. 1'iwv. a liuW.ss
ladlc.l l»l—m.r» aa«l ' 1'lnaa.nt t'ttt-l. '
"Th.   IMiayv.r.' an., 'rellvu..' h«v»   oul m. OS m, fct Mam   -
saasOMsd iu ba ,u»i what I nMliri. 1 cuuld hot h.v. racuv.rs.1 wsthsml than,'
i. Wiuisms. la*. Dr. ettne* HMHSl e*ll*f art for lift Hit, Tin
FREE    PRESS.   ( I1IL1.IWACK,    B.C.
The destruction of the house fly
is a public duty. Almost every
American State Board of Health is
carrying on a crusade against him.
His filthy origin and huhiis, nnd
the fact that his body Is general y
laden with disease-producing germs,
makes him one of the greatest enemies of the human race.
If the housekeepers of Canada will
persistently, this  peril will  he tremendously reduced
Lanpusgs and Religion
Tho   man   who   tolls   this   stpry
ClalO)J tlml Ita hero wtts an Irishman.
At anj rato tho language makes a
line bull.
A preacher bad delivered hla prize
Bormen, oxliorllng IiIh hearors to em-
bioco Ibo religious life anl scorn tlio
attractions of wealth nnd Into suppers.
ile cMtieltidfi! *-,it<i Ihla centre shot!
My brethren lot not this world mb
you 01 ;i peace which ll can nollher
give no,  take away.
A   Feminine   Misunderstanding
Upton Sinclair, who Ib an advocate
nf divorce when married people are
unhap] y. tolls this story:
A woman in one ol the large eltlos
o'. this country waa one day persuaded to go to a spiritualistic seance In
order tf hold converse with her dead
li .sh.'iud.
My dear George, said the widow, In
tears, are you happy where you are?
Happier than I was on earth with
you, George answered  with alacrity.
This was something of a poser, and
the widow- paused to decide what she
should ask next.
What is it like in heaven, dear
George? she finally asked.
Heaven! exclaimed George. I'm
not iu heaven.
An Oil of Merit.—Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil is not a jumhle of medicinal
substances thrown together and pushed by advertising, but the result of
the careful Investigation of the curative qualities of certain oils as applied to the human body. It Is a
rare combination and it won and kept
public favor from the flrst. A trial
of It will carry conviction to any who
doubt  Its  power  to repair and  heal.
The Champion Magazine Reader
Philander ('. Knox, the secretary of
Stale, I*- an omnivorous reader. Ho
subscribes to more than lifty magazines, ln addition to this, he buys
nil the new books and all the rare
edition*, of old works thai be can get
his hands ou. At his bedside he has
an adjt'Mtablo electric tight aud a eon-
t.ivanci of hi own patent which,
J Ike a tray, holds a large volume
w'jiie in reads It.
A Udy who gave herself great airs
of Importance on being introduced to
.a gentleman, said, with a show of
much indifference: I think I have
seen you somewhere.
Very liktly. replied the gentleman
with oqual    sangfroid.    I hnve    been
tliere frequently.—Philadelphia Led*
For Years, RestoredTo Health
by Lydia E.Ptnkliaii,. Vcg-
etable Compound.
Cnnsilisn woman nre continually writ-
Ing tin nm ii lettsrs us tha t.v.s following,
which srs heartfelt oxpruuloiu of trrati-
tmli' for rastori'il health:
GlsnfurJ Station, Ont—"1 have u-
kan Lydla £.FInkham'i VogttabltCom-
,|b.mil and ttarar
I I'-.i.ri 1 sny me licjr.a
po .'.snipsi-. with it.
II hisditlersandfall-
pii': ot w»inb snd
lilui-t.ir.-i. did 'ri' na
|i;o..'I. 1 su.r-cd
j dn-aillully far y«ars
j until I bagan taking
I your modlclna. 1 aJ-
I su if.'.iiiiiii.-n J it far
I |si'rvsiiiinr.'a and iu-
I dlgaation." - Hra.
Hknbv Cu__, Glanfurd Station. Ont
Chi-atarrillr, Ont - " I heard yaar
mi'ilicinea highly fetiaai, aad a yaar aga
I began takiag then fsr f alliag tt waaak
anil ov arias traubla.
" My l»ft side (Mined me all the time
anil just helsre my periods which wcra
ii-i'irular and painful It would ba worse.
To sit down caused ma pain and suffer.
in:: and 1 would be so nervous soma,
times that I eould not bear to see any
tmeofhearanyonespeak. I.lttlespecks
would float hefore my eyes and I wu
ulways i'i»iiiiti[saleil.
" I cannot say too much for I.ydia E.
I'inkham's Vegetable Compound and
I.iver Pills, for tliere are nn medicines
like them, I have taken them and I
recommend them to all women. You may
publish this testimonial." — Mrs. Ste-
MIEN .1. Maiitin, Chesterville, Ontario,
W.   M    ii.   909
Inscription en Barrel   Proves It Gen-
uire Relic of Notorious Highwayman
London.—Dick Turpin — simultaneously butcher's apprentice, oattle Miter, Btnuggler, hoil'BO-breaker, highway-
iiuiii uml horse thief—the hero ur nur
ohlldkood, hits boen proved iiiul.iulii-
eilly owner of the plntul JiihI iIIhchv- |
i r.'il by workmen in tho colling of I
Hi.. Reindeer Inn ui Banbury,
iln. pistol i» iiniliiuiiii'iliy ni iin.
ilnii. 1786, snld the manages- uf
Messrs.  Weatloy, niclinrcls   n   Co,,
lllilltiil,    BUIlUlakOI'B    ul    New    Howl
Street, wliiro the pistol is now on
Votl hi.i' llllll  It  Is il iliillllle-lilll'l'i'leil j
horae pistol with Hint looks, smooth-1
boro Iiui'I'i'Ih. Hi gauge mul of the OX-'
iii'i pattern used during   the   seven
toonth nml eighteenth centuries.
We huv.. iiiiii tho nBstirnnco ur an
export eu'.'iitvi'r Mint ihe inscription
un Hi.- barrel—'Presented Lo Dick
Tiirnli ul lie While llenr Inn, Dniry
bine, 1786' - Is nlnn nt Hint period.
The w ilfiniiiisbiii throughout Is very !
Th.- handle is ol HngllBlt wnl-
'ilie flash bub's mv Inlaid with !
nm me biiiul around tlie breech
i( each liiii'i'el li. gdid, ll prob-
enst nlnn' turn originally,
The pinto. 11 innrlieil In four places
iii suinll golt1  liilnlil  pnnels, 'Bailor,
London,' wbu wns the predecessor on
the well known Elzeklel Baker, pistol
milker lo Ibe prince of Wales.
The mystery of how It come to bo!
found .n the Reindeer Inn nmy be ex-
plained by the fnct that history tells
us uf iiii occasion when Turpin stayed
nt tbe Inn and was shot tbroush the
band -here
Of course the question of ownership
has arisen Since the pistnl wns
discovered on lhe upper side of the
plaster renins above the historical i
Globe Itnoin, at the back nf the Rein-
dear Inn at Branbury, claims have
been put ln by Messrs. Leny Gon who
have purrhosed the celling, by the.
[esse of the property ns nceupier. nnd
also by the freehuhler of the property, t
Rockefeller and  His Rocks
Just because John l>. Rockefeller
has made more money tbun he can
count wiihnnt the nid oi nineteen
clerks and forty adding machines, not
to mention a well-trained corps of
coupon clippers, there are many people who come forward these dnys
with t-tories to bIu.w tlmt John, new
famous for hi.i wealth, wigs and wit,
was once iilinui the cutest person
Uml ever happened when it came to
II tanolal strategy,
Aocordlng iu this Iniesl narrative,
Roolcofcller told a close friend—and
thnl close goes both ways une mum
Im: ih ho wanted to borrow live
thoiisund dollars and Hint bu musi
have it in order to save Ills Inisiness.
Tlle fltolld went iluwnliiwn in the
eiiursi' uf ills wui'li, ami pretty Boon
mel a bin hanker.
I wish, snld Hu bunker, if yuu see
Mr    Rockefeller this nftcni i   vou
wuuld lell blm ilmi I hnvo found n
pi  lu pui Ui.ii leu Hiiiiisiiuil dollars
whicli ho askod ine I" l«>>:
The rrleiu1 giiBpod like a goldfish,
unit prui'i-e'iiil un hiH way. enriiuti'i'i'-
lug niiuilu" nf lho luwn's loading
Ily Hi.- bye, snld Ilu. Iiiiuker, wlien
yon see Rocltcfcller Hii. afternoon,
pl.'.'ine lell him thnl I have found n
man ho wnuts tu Inn-row that ten
th iiisnnil dollars.
The friend Btaggered on, and met
a third bnnlter, who repoated what
the ot!:.-:- two captains uf finance had
said. Then lu- went back and
found Rockefeller.
.lulin be suid. in astonishment, when
I 'eft you tills morning yuu told me
yuu had lo borrow five thousand dollars, and all day bankers have been
telling ms. lhal ynu asked Ihem to
lend out ten thousand for you.
Well, well, smiled Rockefeller, that's
fine! i suppose I may safely assume
now that my credit Is established in
this town. I'll just step out and borrow thit five thousand I need.
■ ■'-wa_MiaB-i__^__a
NO Si'OlU'UKl) BISfT'TT:-!
No need to apologize to family or guest when
always right — every biscuit inspected before it is
packed—and they are as fresh as the product of your
own oven.
) the great favorites for every day us
They are made in tho big sanitary factory in
Winnipeg and come lo you in air-tight packages or
in sealed tins as you prefer.
On Lady O'Ldoney:
Here lies th" body uf Lady O'Lbon-
ey, great niece o.' Burke, commonly ]
called he sublime. She was bland,
passionate and deeply rellgiouB, tilsoi
she painted In waier colors and seat;
several pictures lo tbe exhibitions, j
She was Drat cousin to Lady Jones: •
and of such is the Kingdom of!
A Gob Mine in the Kitchen Stove
T. A. Snider, of Cincinnati, who
piled up a fortune by lhe use of his
name on catsup bottles, got all of
his money becaim. be realized that
Mrs. Snldir wns ii grand and gorgeous
cook. She made him some catsup
shortly after they wero married, nnd
Ile remarked.
We ought to get a fortune out of
this.     Let's sell It.
They did sell ii. anil built It up Into a big business thereby annexing
tlie foituno.
,-\ lumber dealer contracted to supply a lot of lumber to a stranger. On
iooklng it over lie found it full of
kitnt boles uml told his customer
about it frankly.
You may not want tills lumber, he
Why not?
1 have lo be honest with you. It
is full of knot boles.
The stranger only laughed.
.11 lake il. he declared. Tbls
lumber is to go around some baseball
grounds, Knot boles won't hurt
mulie:: any. 1 was a kid myself
Wonderful    Change,    When    Health
Wss Restored  by
The Great American Game
Judging from what's going on. re-
marked the man with the gray hair
and the hard heart. American politics
is i. nice rombllialluii of tbe best skill
of tlu- knife thrower, the ventrllo
qulst, nud the inuil I.irk.
Minard's Liniment Ciir.-s  Diphtheria.
Whun Nafjcl Had to nide
Charles Nagel, si'creii.ry uf tho de-
pal tt i "ii nf commerce and labor, is
a lull man. resembling in hia build au
Inula'..: pine tree on tho top of a hill.
Returning to Washington one night
Irom New Vurk. be gdl past tha lax-
icabs uml va -i sin sound il by a group
i.f hailiineii. to whom he   paid   abso<
lutely . ii aiii'iui s tu' liii.-iui .1 to
wnlk ti." fourteen blook in his office,
'I'liu Iiackmi'ii grei'ted blm Willi a
sttirm of such orloa ns:
Tuki  yuu right uptown!—Tako you I
•ii the New Willard!   Trtke vuu to tha
The slul,.si.,.in walked Blralghl
a'teail   Without   even   looking  ul   bis
bealogi rs.
li you .vi.ni a cheap hotels lump
rlghl i.. iit-ri', Insisted nnotber driver, i
S'lii Nugi'i walked ou unheeding.
Finally a JebU ...Mr.:- ,.-.l him thus:
Deaf . ed .Ini,,l, Miyliiia! Take ynu
up there Iii ii minuto.
ai iiiiii Mr Nagel laughed, uud got
into tlie hack.
Headache Is a symptom and not a
disease in bself. ll aels as a danger
signal lo ware you uf serious trouble.
Hy reading Mr. Douneral'B letter
you will be saUsfled Hun there la no
trealmi it to be compared to Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food as a mesns ol
bulldli.; up tba system and removing
tin cause of headaches, sleeplessness
and indigestion.
Mr. Charles Donneral, Klelnburg,
Ont.. writes: "I wish to communicate
to you llie great cure wblcb I received frnin Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, l-'iv
over two years l suffered from (earful
headaches, my appetite wns always
pour, ml the stomach bad. I took
medicines from physicians, but the
headnches persisted, ami I was rarely free from them.
"Hi adlng aboul Hr. Chose' Wei ve
Pood, I began using II, with little Idea
that i would l.e benefited. I had become thin and wi-ak, but i!-.. very
llrs: box In Ipod ui". and wiih s-.sn-
llnued treatmont I have been cured
and rool like n new man. Tha head-
a he- have disappeared, my appetite
i- -i .■ Bnd digestion oxcell,..' i
write this letter In hope thai othor
re i from b ladnche uny ua ■ Dr
Cha   's Nerve Pood and hs eurod"
Iir. Chase's Nerve food. 60c a Vl,1£.
ii fur $-."st'. ut all dealers ..r Rdntan.
son, Mules ti Co., Limited
"   ^  '\
Herald Building. Montreal
Plea-ic wnd me full particulars of
tlie 1912 Farmers' Priie Contest, and
i free copy of your book "What tha
Farmer Can Du Willi Concrete.'*
r   |*Oi>l»
Don't tliink iliat yuu must use a large quantity of cement i.i or ter n
win a prize, The quantity of cement used •! •"-••• nor rnunt in Cusses "B"
and "(.'."    Many of lasl year's pri« winner* used v.rv little cement
When vou cuter the Contest, you luve a chance to win a rash
prise of $50 as well as tlie certainty that vnn -rill add a fl-m-i-wi/
improvement to yuur farm. If ynu haven't a cop;, he lure and • - * *
our book, "What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete.*' Ir will not
only suggest many improvements that you can use in entering the Gsntasc,
but will tell ymi all about the use «f concrete on tne farm,
Just writ- fem n;r*- ^n.ljil'■•••* ,m ihr Mttchri rwfDO. or use i
*-•>•»' iir.l. ui.l me- t).'i .rnl lull nnfcidstt ol Uw Pritt Cuntnt
IDd irr.rv nl "IVUi tl.e lirin-r Cu Uu With l eneicie" to feu
ib-fiiucl-f tttt,
Addreti Publicity Manager
Canada Cement Company
SOI   Herald BIdg,     -    -     Montreal
"Willjyou he one of [he 10S
feoTtiers who w^ill receive
our Prize Contest checks?
THERE will be twelve cash prizes ia
each of the nine provinces i L08 in a!
in the 1912 Prize Contest {or Canadian
Farmers. Thc 1()11 Contest WM so successful in awakening interest in thr use of Concrete on the farm, thara
second contest, in which three times as many prises aea
offered*, was decided upon for this vear.
"I'he Content thi** yr.tr ii divided intu three classes, "A."
"B" and "(','* and there will he four prizes i I each da First
pri/e, S50| Second pri/*, $25fThird prize, $15; Fourth prize-, .:
Thus there are three 150 Priies. three 5-5 Prizes, duea $\.:
proesj and three £1- Prizes, fortoch province.
In Each Class there will be FlrM. Second, Third and  FiurfJi  Pr.ztn
(S50, ?:S, SIS, nnd flO) f'-r Each Province.
CLASS "A" * Pft.-*» ts be iws(tf>- ts lbc taut ftrawn la cxh pfor-aci* «Ih 'l** *_o«i
"i jiu.1.1** Cedwnl'.» ibeli firm In the rt*' Ifll
CLASS "B" *-PrllCS in be jwaf,l-J ID |be'l Uf firaen -s F-irh pri»incr w*w <-nd j*ttn*n.
IfSfl.i rl Ihe, ti-it toHlttU UOit djite wltb  "_iilij_ " CeMM   11  >Ueit
CLASS '("'— Pfi/riti>l.- iw-rrf-ri to tbe (our *-fm*,*i in ,-»r-S fnniace ■»**.> »**nS h
ll,*" bell itm e">f-tlon, tdlltlf  liow ln»  ptrtr of  rimfftM  trir;   »i>   - ne   ■
'ClUill" I'rmrni.     (Kutiin (yt (Bit pn/t* 31,-il ix tccuapeiiiftt  1
ViV'-n ..t I'm work.)
Vour wife Isn't looking well,
bha Im unable to iloep nlghu,
hm* din-e't louk like u iirrv.un
li in-'l t* at, i had 11 secret pOOkt*
put In iny olothea, ynd Aw iia-n.':
round 11 yei   -Houiton Post.
Wise    Re-
I i'i tghi you had a trained nunc
to \;i.  on yniii* wire"
so 1 have,
Ami now you're looking for mt>ra
h !p!
\i*. 1 Hml 1 have in have tbres or
four 11 it1'!" in wall ou the tr Ined
Hiiire.-- Oft roll  I'ree Pm -
Kate   Thnl   llraKHuii    glr!    .iHHertii
ih.it ahe hai made n thousand retus*
alM of mi triage
[fitbel That's true, When (luu
Bikod her to .be hi** wife, she replied
"No. u thousand timet, nol Boston
A Safe Pill fer Buffering Women.—
The !.«•*-■:udi'd life of women which
p.TUiltH nf little healthful escreim- Ih
■•friiitiiil oause of derangement* of lhe
Ktomut-h and liver and ia aecoutiluble
for Ihe pains and laneltudo that ho
many of Ihem experience. I'nrtiic-
lie's VegeUbll IMIls will correct lr-
rogulailtTei of the digestive organs
and restore health and vigor. The
most delicate woman ean UIO them
with wifely because Ihelr nellon,
while effective, is mild uml BOOthlng.,
Bhe Wlmt wiih it the choir Just
lie From tho appearance of the
congrewntlon I thlnh it mum have beon
some kind of .1 prodigy,
1.' v.i; n*v-.*i to St   Loula
Have vou made any Hucrince >•> de*
mohitrat- your patrloUim.
I have, replied (he Si.  I,ou1r mun
rbei in die home le.im regularly,—
\Vash*i Hon sun*.
8orlbb1f*r II took me nearly ten
yonrs to leiirn thnt I eould not write
1 poetry.
Friend -Gave II up tlmn. did vou"
I Bcrlbbter- oh. Ao.—By that tlmo I
I hnd n reputation —Puck.
riabc—Has Jones a good memory?
Steve—Should say he haa. Why,
ho eai name you the laet mi vice-
presl lenU of tho I'i lied States.— Cincinnati Kiuiulrer.
T bOUgbl a homo Wltb n supposedly
Incurable rlngbona for $»u. cured |
him wllh $1,00 worth of MINARD'S
LINIME3NT mid gold him for $85.00.1
Profit on Liniment, $54,00. /
Moist*: DRItOSCfl
Motel Keeper. St. Phlllippe. Que,
Safe Anyhow
ProfeBIOr- -The   average   American
girl Is poorly educated.
fjlrl Graduate—You think so?
PrpfdBior*jMYei, but there- In nno
c insolation* thO average American
boy will UOVgr Iind It t-at.    a.itiri*.
fc: PI LIS
MM. Ttaeon--.My husband threw hln
nlnrin elnek nt n cat 'n the hack yard
last night,
Mn. Egbert- Hn hr never hit the
at, rn bet,
Mrs Bneon—No, but he Rayn he
g.-'. rid    of ono niilsiuiee. anyway.—
..Hn.. i:    Slau*:*2u:iu.
The Statesman and    thc
!    Charles Nagel, secretary   of   com*
tnerce and  lebor,  has under his de*
parUneni  the revenui cutter service
.rnl thl   HghtUOUSO boats, which make
| up n tremendous   fleet        The   last
1 time   lhe   president   reviewed   the
Unttcil States navy    in    New    Vork
Harbor. Mi   Nagel wun on one ol thi
! boats ;.i o Bight-seer.     Tdll and silent, he hud i u watching tho naval
I lighten* withoui   making   any   com*
j ment      Finally in* was approached
by a New York newspaper reporter,
who wuh ei.ui in ihe latest foshlom
and a erinsctoiisnoss of greal wisdom,
That's it pretty UU Huet, don i \ >ti
1 iiink" ihe news gatherer nsked or the
tall man. nud pointed to the two lum-
I red fl ip.i whloh were under inspection.
Oh. I don't know, replied Nagel, I've
\td .i i Igger ono,
ihfl ■ I -I •. |aw dropped, 'mil he
rejoined his couipunifltis with the pitying remark: Thai old fellow is plumb
MIh rurtOBlty pot the better of him.
I however, and he went  up to Nagel
ngaln with tiie question:
I name?
!     My name    (i    Nagel,
member of the cabinet
;    Whet | are you from?
My home is in --it. Louis,
is that so? commented the reporter
I vaguely,     And**"you hnve ;■  blggoi
, ii "t than tiiis?
oh, yes, reaffirmed Nagel oAreloas*
lent was too muoh for the reporter.      He  went  hnek to his  ennipuii-
| ion*, mnde n gesture dignifying wheels
[In the head, uud said. With un air of
real conviction:
Fellows, he'i a raving maniac,
Real  Philosophy
We haven't any leal philosophy lu
the-.- duys.
Ves we have. I know ,» man \*..i ■
has uii daughters, all grown up, and
What's philosophical about that"
Ha Bays he li g)ad nono ot them
have l>". n taken from him.
Whon Asthma Comes go not de*.*
pair Turn at once to the holp effoct*
ive Dr. .1 li Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, This wonderful remedy will
give >uu tho aiil you need no sorely.
Choking ceases, breathing becomes
natural nud without effort. Others.
thousands of them, have suffered as
you suffer but have wisely tinned tn
this Famous remedy and ceased t<>
suffer.     Oe' u package 'his very dny.
Unlike a Brick
What »;o***s up must conn* down sold
1 the Suro.
'     How about th..' high cost of living 1
: BBked Hie Pool.
1 __.  _   »\-etsi:i> fc5""
Tread sofHtj -
Step safely.
A cm I many mon who Kri>\v up ron-
flil.'inly s-x| linn In loss tholr In,Ir
liuiiiiiii, Indians, foumi out liter thai
.... ..hull wua lliiilr r. ,il fuo.
Fjaboitij thr p-itcnted features
 nmim iss
The New Season is ushered in, in gala attire.    September finds us with an exceptionally fine
display of advanced Fall and Winter Wearables tor Men and Boys.
Wu placed our orders only after careful consideration and study of  the  loading  clothing,   furnishings and shoe lines of the country.
Genuine value is stamped on every article admitted to this comprehensive showing. .
A visit to nur store will be both entertaining und instructive.    You'll enjoy trying on the new suits, overcoats and hats, and you will he able
to learn what's what in styles for Fall.    These high art suits and over-coats are offered at $15.00, $18.00, $20.00 and '$'25.00.
The New Furnishings
for Fall are Beautiful
No mnn wlio cares almttt liis personal appearance can look over llie
handsome new four-in-hands antl
batwings und not want one or more.
25c to $2.50
in Shirts we have an exceptional
showing. Both pleated and plain
hosoms in a variety of handsome
new patterns. A shirt to suit every
fancy und occasion is here in our
$1.00 to $3.00
Cool Evenings  and
Top Coats
From now until the middle of November a top coat is necessary for
man's comfort. With one a man
is prepared for the cool mornings
and evenings.
Our new ton coatB rival the exclusive tailor's production in every detail
Styles are the latest and fabrics tho
newest. Prices unusually low for
such excellent qualities.
$10.00 to $18.00
Great Line of New
And you will find all the correct
Kail shapes and shades in both soft
and stilT hats ready for your selection here. We hnve a hut thai is
just right for every face, figure ami
Get your new hut here and you will
have  a style   that's   right  nnd  u
quality that wears,
$1.50 to $5.00
Every    Man   Who
Cares About Style
uml service in clothes should surely
call and boo those exceptional values,
$15.00  $20.00
The very ci'ciim of the season's newest fabrics, tatlorod in tho best u|>-
provod styles, nre offered   nt   prices
iino-third less tlmn uny  tailor,  although no tailor could produco liner
mnde gniuicnts thnn these.
$10 to $25
You have' never bought such
good socks for the money as
the ones we sell at 25c.
Everything that's new or necessary for men in clothing for Fall is here in ample assortments-high qualities at inviting prices
Wellington Street
Fruit Crates
We have anticipated a big fruit yield for
this season and have on band a big supply
of fruit crates both for local and shipping
purposes. Your order will receive careful
| TheChffliwachPlaning Mills $
£ P. 0. Boi 243 Phone L2442 5
15,000 Trees for Sale
One, two and tluw-year-olsl trees,
all grafted un whole Krsnrli t'rnli-
ii|i|ili' stork; I year nl.l ■.lie; 2 year
,.lil, 3sV; It year nlil, 'iSc. AI'I'LKS — (iravcnslein, King ol TompkiiiH,
Weiillliy, Northern Spy, Grimes tlolslen, Jonathan nn.l Snow. (-HAII
AI'I'I.KS—ll)»lii|i. lul. uml Shii-lil. Choice lot ol Clark's Seedling nml
Mni!....n Strain lorries nt *•'. |ser Moil.    All ruiw.l nn new Ih-.Is,.
D. H. Nelson, Prop. Abbotsford, B. C.
We  havo   a new uml   nn-to-ilate
I .luul with tlie liit.'Ht iih-iIiii.!h for all
imls ssl Cleaning. Dying un.l I'reiw-
in/ Rupert help fssr nil branches,
Special attention will la- given to all
Mini uml Bxpless iinlers Irom Chilli-
waek ami the Valley. We solicit atrial,
ChilliwacK  College  of
Principal i   Tiiro, .1. Htn-nw, I..A.B.
Itislnii-Uisii in till iiTiuii-lii's t.f tiiu.lr nml in
t'llM-llllllll.  1 .-.III. .-\ llllllllll..!.-in  Hi.-10.ml
Academy ssr.Mss.il-nml Hi.- II....sl ( ..lit-..- nf
Unilc, Lsiiiiitm, KiiRi.ti.1.
TSmu ts tut fuur is-sssitis, payable hi advance
I-. ii. ii<s, nw Phone v i>«
Rend the Free Press uilvts.
lt. A. Hknurhhon, o._. it m.e.
B. C. I.ano Surveyor
Rooina 10 A 11, Westminster Trimt Block
Social and Personal
Vf. A. Rose is on a  holiday  trip
to Ontario.
Miss Kvn Jackman lins returned
to Vancouver,
Mrs. \V. T. Ilolle is on a visit to
friends ut Viciorin.
Miss Hebron was  in  Vnncouver
on Inisiness on Monday.
Mrs. I,ockliauiu of Sumas, Wash.
is the uttcst of Mrs. Karl Heale.
\V. B. Trenholm, of New West
minster, spent Sunday at his home
I Harry Ditch, of Vancouver,
spent Sunday with Chilliwack
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bradwin
spent Monday and Tuesday at
Mrs. A. Frame returned on Monday after a months' visit with friends
in Vancouver.
Mrs. J. Stark left last week for
Ontario where she will visit friends
for a few weeks.
Mrs. G. W. Chadsey and Miss
Miss Helen, have returned to the
city after spending the summer at
the coast.
Mrs. Frank A. Hewer wns the
guest of Mrs.N.Smith, Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, for a few duys
last week.
Miss M. Elms who has been
visiting at the homo of her sister,
Mrs. Macken left on Wednesday
for Vancouver.
The women of the Hospital Auxiliary will serve luncheon and afternoon ten at the fair grounds on
Thursday and Friday.
Dr. Mitirheuil gave nn Interesting
paper on The Cure of Children's
Teeth ul the regular meeting of the
Women's Institute on Tuesday.
In llm ollieial list of those invited
to the lloyal llceeption ill the Hotel
Vancouvor on Thursday evening is
the  mime   of  I.icttt-Col.,   F.   W
Mr. K. Council, of Victoria, is
thc guest ol Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie, (lore avenue. Mr. Counoll
is a former resident of Minnodosu,
Mrs. II. Kekert held a successful
Churcli tea on Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Kekert was assisted by her
daughters, Mrs. Whittaker and Mrs.
0. K. Kekert.
D. K. Stevenson, accompanied by-
Mrs. II. .1. Barber, Mrs. D. II. Dny
and Miss Bradley, went to the
coast on Saturday h> Mr- Stevenson's
car. The ladies returned on the
tram, Mr. Stevenson remaining in
Vancouver for the week.
Miss McNiven of Vancouver was
the guest of her sister Miss K. McNiven for the week end. Miss McNiven leaves this week for McGill,
Montreal to continue her studies.
Mrs. Wm. Topley, Fairlield Island, will give an At Home iu aid
of the Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian Church on Wednesday afternoon
Sept. 25, from 2.80 to ,ri.30 p. m.
A collection will be taken.
David Airth, of Seattle, is spending the week end nt the home of
his sister Mrs. Henry Kipp, Westminster ave. Kast. Mr. Airth was
one of the early residents of the
valley but it is thirty years since he
left. He will sec many changes
that have taken place in that time.
T. A. C. Collin, formerly of Ashwell's store, but now a resident of
Cumberland, is a visitor to the city
this week. Mr. Collins has been
laid up with rheumatic fever and
has spent the past three weeks at
Harrison Hot Springs, where he
has derived much hcnelit.
Chas. R. Drayton of Vnncouver,
brother of the Chairman of the
Dominion Railway Commission,
and Mr. Young of Edinburgh,
Scotland, representing lhe Vnncouver Fiiiiiuciul Corporation, were visitors iu lhe valley lust week, Wliile
here they were guests of Capt
Hamilton Itamsuy, Cliilliwnck
Central Road.
Church News
Next Sunday will be observed
as Rally dny in the Presbyterian
Rev. .1. T. Marshall will address
thc congregation at Ati'hililz ou
Sunday on "Thc lirst clause of the
Apostle's Creed."
Baptist Church—Rev. -I. T. Marshall, H. A., minister. Subject
for Sunday evening, "The Kucbar-
ist or The Ileal Presence." You
are invited to come und worship
with us.
Some America 11 papers charnet-
cristicly describe the Presidential
inndidiites Taft, Roosevelt and
Wilson as "Beef, Bluster and
et »
§ Better size up that woodpile and J
W and commence to figure on that <£
jr Heating Stove. 3
m 3*
ffi We are expecting half a car load of g
jc       heaters any day, of the old       5
§   Reliable McClary Brands   J
I Denmark & Burton
R   U
A Bargain Hunter
We can deliver a first class
Business Lot on the]corner of
Young Road and Second Ave
Chas. Huteheson S Co.


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