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Portland Canal News 1921-04-08

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-,H\KS-$5.00 TIIE YEAR
and Canal
Devcted to the Interests of the Mining Districts of Northwestern British Columbia
VOL. 2, NO. 45
Stewart, B. C,   April 8,  1921
$5 the year���10 C the Copy
Following is theseventh installment of Clothier's  report  and
pals with the Bear River section:
Royal Irish Group-This group
owned by-Pi M. Miller,  F.  S.
���envnts and others,  of Prince
Lpert, and is comprised of six ���
aims lying along the Portland
bal Short Line railway,  west;
JBear lake, and extending north
toss Bear river canyon at the'
jlway bridge to   Goose   creek. !
rock   formation appears to
I a broad belt  of  quartz   por-1
lyry, or an acidic phase of the
Inite  which   forms a   belt a
Lple  of  miles   wide through
!, in which are intrusions of
lite  and   diorite.     In    this
Icilit'd  belt is a wide vein, or
bably several smaller parallel
is,   of quartz seen cropping
ig the railway below the can
nd in the low bluffs on  the
^ositesideof thecanyon. Some
fk has been done by the own*
| in open cutting these erop-
_?s of quartz, which, so far as
[opened up, has proven barren
Dracticaily so, the highest as-
J obtained being 80 cents gold
|he ton, and consequently nol
encouraging    to   further
)n account of the size of the)
it would  take an immense j
���unt   of   work  to obtain any |
lusive information. Diamond:
ling would seem to be about'
���only possible   means   of   at-
fiiin it, but the lack of values
from   the   nature of the
bit, would be distributed, if
|e were any, does not recom-
such expenditure.
|tec  Group���This   group of
claims,   situated   opposite
\r creek on the west side of
river, is owned  by George
eron   of  Stewart,    W.    A
and J. Watt.    There   are
ieins on the claims, the iron
|and the copper   vein.    The
fein crops at an elevation of j
feet,   where   an open cut
it to be nine feet wide, of |
iron sulphide with a little
DP.vrite. An average sample
the   vein   assayed $4.70
3.8 oz. silver,  and 1.3 per!
copper.   There   or   3 or 4!
of heavier chalcopyrite on !
faring wall, assaying $5.20
4 oz.  silver,  and 2.7 per:
pper.   The vein has been !
Id   farther down the  hill;
|ows the same  heavy iron I
jt.   The copper vein  crops I
V up the hill in the green-
Tormation, and appears to
le 2 or 3 feet in width, of
Jted    country    rock   and
[mineralized   with  chalco-
,and in places showing a
Magnetite.    The minerali-
ttccasionally extends into
Ml  rock   for  2 or 3 feet,
outcrop ia at 2600 eleva-
I shows a vein width of 3
��ross  which a sample as-
���40 gold,  2.3 oz. silver.
I Per cent copper.     About
(beyond this, and   higher
���mineralization is about 6
Jde.   of   which a foot on
|l is fairly solid iron and
lulphides, a picked samplt
16 per cent copper and
M gold.   About 150 feet
farther  along  the   vein itis2��;
feet   wide,   of   fairly   solid sulphides,   which   assayek 3.2 per
cent copper and 2.2 oz. silver toi
the ton.    There are outcroppings.
Fresh milk at Tooth's ' Gophers are out. Soon we may     A mass meeting of the citizens
Pat McBride   went south  on see the golfers. of Stewart was held in the Stew-
the last boat.
P. S. Jacks returned from   a
again at 3G00 feet elevation,  ap-1 short business trip to Vancouver.
parently the same vein, but   not.
Tom Schuster of the Premier
positively traced through on  ac-, is  fa   the   h     ita,   nursj
countofthe rugged  bluffs   A Lprainedankle<
38o0 feet elevation,  the   highest
showing,   an   open   cut 12 feet     The busv little fl*v has put in
long shows 2 feet of 13 per cent' an appearance. Swat him.   He'll
copyer ore and is the best show-J be a nuisance later on.
ing on the vein.    In  all, this is j    W. L.  Herman  arrived  from
rather a promising showing and Prince Rupert and Skeena points
could   profitably   be   worked   if; by the Albert last Friday.
closer to the railway. It has good
possibilities of improving  with a
little more development.
McGuire Coming Back
Hugh  McGuire,   interested in
mining properties in the Portland
liaise something this year. If
only a corn on the little toe.
Peanut Butter, (Unicorn brand) freuh
and rich in oil,    S. R. T. Co.
Inspector Ackland of the R. C.
M. P. came in and out on the
Albert last Friday.
Frank Richenback has taken
charge of Frizzell's meat markets
in Stewart and Hyder.
Chris Benson, who is interested
j vvith his brother Pat, was among
| the arrivals  by the  Albert last
Ramsay's Cream Soda Crackers, one; p . ,
of the best, and  cheaper too.    Salmon I ����� nday.
River Trading Co. ., , .,       .       . ,
��� .   _ . _,.���. Mr. and Mrs. Lattimer, of the
Eric Cameron, son of William j Laltimer !aundrv> ,eft for a ten
Cameron, came down from the days trip to the Red Bluff fishing
art hotel on Tuesday evening
last. The business up for consideration was the resolution, recently passed in Prince Rupert
by the Independent Political Association of that city, which
came before the meeting in the
form of a recommendation, and
has for its object the dividing of
the province of British Columbia
at the 52nd parallel, creating
north of this line a new province,
to be joined with the present
Yukon Territory. The matter
having been fully discussed from
Premier mine to' watch Stewart
Now   is   the time to get the
all angles, the following motion,
moved by P. S. Jacks, seconded
by William Fraser, was put and
carried unanimously:
"That whereas, we are fully
aware of the necessity of securing more adequate recognition of
the requirements of this northern
portion of British Columbia, and
are fully prepared to give our
whole hearted support in securing same.
"Be it resolved, that before
endorsing this recommendation
for the formation of a new province, we ask the Prince Rupert
Independent Political Association
to supply us with full information
and data on the subject."
Getting Out Logs
Grant Mahood has taken a
contract to get out 500,000 feet
of timber for the Hyder Lumber
Canal district, is expected in TheGranby ComPa,,y ssteamer: tools ready to do annual assess- comPany- His ca*"P will be
Stewart shortly. At present he Amur arrived m port last SatuH ment wo,,k in the back vards> ; across the Salmon river from
is in New York.     Mr. McGuire'day afternoon Wlth  a shipment. CJean up jHyder.    At present four men are
is certainly a live wire.    He has
made and lost several fortunes,
of oil for the Premier mine.
J. Morris,   who   has been for
Mrs.    Fred    Jancowski    and
working,   but this number will
soon be increased.     Sleighs are
The Premier Gold Mining Company's road account to the end of
1920 was $130,000. This represents
the money that the company actually spent on the maintenance of the
wagon road up the Salmon river to
the mine. The account for this year
will apparently be as great, the company hauing 25 to 30 men employed
continually on this work.
Messrs. Parkin and Pease came
in   from   Seattle   on the Albert j for this purpose
last Friday and proceeded to the | 	
Premier mine, where they are at
present employed.
e mill, but as soon as
the snow disappears it is the intention to put in a small tram
and is on the right trail  to make some time employed as a skinner; *^*je     -^  Allen's doff team on ' be'ng   used   to   haul    l'ie   logs
another.    Whether on the sunny for the Premier,   left last week] prjdav " '"Hi
side of Easy street or the oppo-' via the Albert for Anchorage,
site side. Mac always carries the!    See our advt. for Special Bargains,
huge smile On his. Upper Stope.      j Salmon River Trading Co
Tom Burns, trail blazer,   prospector and musher,   came down
from the Premier the week end
looked like.
, ...        , Royal Salad Dressing.  Use  only   the
See    What   a    real   live  town; beBt    Salmon River Trading Co.
Thomas  Fournier,   considered
The  annual   meeting  of  the the original of Poleon  Doret in
Rex Beach's book, "The Barrier," is now employed on one of
the Premier tractors.
Kate Ryan Returns
Miss   Ryan,   who went south | jng toward that mark
five   weeks   ago,    returned    toi
Stewart on  last Friday s boat.
While   in   the  south she spent;
three or four days in   Vancouver!
and two weeks in Seattle, where
she went to attend  the  hearingj
of the Princess Sophia trial, on Tooth>a
which  boat   her    nephew,   Leo:    ^ ^ ^ gt  ^^
Ryan, lost his life.   Miss Ryan |agt prid      m cageg  were
reports that it want against thel^ ^ docket    ^ ^ day
C. P. R.,   who   have
Women's Auxiliary to the Stewart hospital will be held in the
Newell block, on Wednesday.
April 13, at 3:30 p.m. I    The-meetings of the  Women's
The News'circulation is limited Auxiliary of St. Mark's church
to one million. Pilgrim, if you are held every second and fourth
are not on the list, get on at; Tuesday of the month at 3:30
once, as the circulation is jump-; at the home of Mrs. Clothier.
Charles    Palmer    arrived   in
The deadest man on earth lives town from the Red Cliff on Wed-
in Hyder.    He  does   not know nesday   morning.     Hh   reports'
that there is  a paper  published  that Mr. Murphy, of the  Bitter!
in Stewart.    Bet he doesn't know creek road housed is in excellent
Hyder has a postoffice. ; health.
Drink Union-made Silver  Springs  at
During the past week the weather
has been very soft. A little snow
fell during the week end, but melted
on hitting the ground. The first
crust for weeks was on Wednesday
morning, Fifth street, from Salmon
River store to Postoffice, is practically clear of snow. Also dock approach. Streets beyond Fifth commencing to show the earth.
Fire in Hyder
On Tuesday evening last a fire I
started in the roof of  the  Star
bunk house in Hyder.   An alarm
was given and the whole towni
turned out with buckets and fire
extinguishers so promptly that a
The Premier Tram
As formerly announced in The
News the Riblet Tramway  company   of  Spokane have secured
the contract for the construction
of   the   Premier tramway from
the mine to the   dock.    The   arrangements were closed in  New
York with American Smelting &
Refining company by Royal N.
Riblet  a   few weeks ago.   The
cost   of   the   work is  placed at
around $100,000,   the   tramway
being 11�� miles long and including one span said to be the longest in the world.    It   will carry
ten tons an hour and be of the
three-angle type.   It is estimated
that 700,000 pounds of cable and
machinery  will  be used   in the
I installation, part of which will he
manufactured   at   the  tramway
company's works and the Union
Iron Works.    It is expected that
the job will be completed in five
months.   The contract follows a
special   survey   made    a   few
months ago, but was secured in
open competition with all other
large tramway building concerns
in the United States,
general  conflagration   was   pre-
Johiiny McKnight.   who   last j vented, the blaze being put out!
year was connected with the Al-jjn a few minutes.   Loss, roof of
gunican company, came in   from the building; no insurance.
Seattle on the  Albeit  and   went	
up to the Premier mine,   where
.,      , . i   the docket in Stewart was blank,  he i<j nr>w pmnloved
25th ot March to file an appeal. L,, rf ^ ^ tQ p,ove that> ls """    ,"1"
Another matter on which Miss Stewart citJ2en8 are law abiding.
Ryan   went  south was to give
A. B. Wirg, manager  for  the
evidence   in   the   case  of Mrs
Simpson, who last year broke her
William Dann has completed
the new lobby in the Baldwin
hotel. It is safe to say that not
an   hotel   in   any   of   the small
Don't forget to show up at
the May Day Dance, given
by the Citizens' Association, on April 27.
Reported Purchase
Prince Rupert, April 6.���
[Special to The News.]���The
Juneau Empire has published a
statement to the effect that the
C. P. R. has purchased the
Portland Canal Short Line railway, also the charter for the extension of this railway into the
Groundhog. It being the intention of the C. P. R. to develop
the coal areas.
Granby    company    at    Swamp
leg while disembarking from the Point, arrived in Stewart on  the j towns in British Columbia has   a
G   T.   P.   boat   Prince   Albert. Chugualla Monday for men and iobby ^ comf0rtable.
The case being postponed,  it is supplies.   The quarry   was  re-     w_ Fraser an(H). McLean arc,
possible she will have to return opened on March 4 and will work | emploved  making ex-
annth   in   tho   npnr future  as a a   summer, employing about <.oi      -. *. ,     ,. .
soutn   in   tne   near iuuire  ana, >      *��� tensive alterations to the dining
witness.    While in Victoria Miss men. i room q{ ^ Kjng Edward  hotel
Ryan thoroughly enjoyed the sit-1    Mr. and Mrs. William Dann of I(. ja ^ interition  to make  this
tings of the legislature, and took , the Baldwin  hotel  held  a  very
the    opportunity   of   renewing j nice little impromptu reception
many old acquaintances.    In  re- i in   the   lobby   of the hotel last
turning Miss Ryan   brought  her (Sunday   evening,   it   being   the
eleventh anniversaay of their
May they live to celebrate their diamond wedding is
the wish of the News.
Mrs.    Howe    and   son   were
among the arrivals on   last   I'li
the best dining room in the north.
Mrs. H. Stratford went up to
camp No. 4, at the Premier
mine, Monday, and returned on
Tuesday, making the round trip
Hunters are preparing for Mr.
G. E. Hodgkinson is at present engaged in papering the dining room of the King Edward
W. H. Watson, with Constable
Bowler of the R. C. M. P.. paid
a visit to the Premier mine last
There has recently been a
shooting affair in Ketchikan. A
few of the birds are supposed to
have flew the coop, and according to rumor have arrived in
Members Get a Rest
Victoria. April b\ -[Special to
The News. [ The Provincial
Legislature adjourned last
with Allen's dog team. Mr.
Sti afford has been working at
camp No. 4 for some time.
J. W. Lange, representing the I    The  teams  hauling ore   from,
Mergenthaler company   of  San Nine-mila, for the Premier mine,
cousin, B.  Hillman,   of   Minneapolis, with her.    On arrival he j wedding.
proceeded to the  Premier mine,
where he is now employed.
Seme Pork
Thirty-six years ago Vancouver! day's boat, and will take up resi
was celled Gastown.    Today it denee with her brother-in-law. F��ncisco, came ,n on_the last Undoing so by sleigh.*, far as
oughttobe called   Hogtown*   as  11.   Horstman,   whose   daughter boat and interviewed  the  New. \mdm .tables in Hyder, at which
the main object of its   board   of she brought back.    It is   the  in   ^U"^a*ET^S ^ *"? * ^ ��*��**-
trade, retailers and   wholesalers lention to make Stewart ,,r ,      | -.    A- J      **   1-   rf ��^J-J^^-IP-   <��
s   to   hog every!hing    or \ an- inanent   home.     Mrs.   llow��    m ,��� ���     .      i [   f tianapoii to un uock.
io   LU   nu*- c-vBiyimi *, News did not order one. but may      _    ,
couver, and try lo cripple people j another old resident   to   leium, ^ ss^im *n.jTWSom!> '*$**'***>    list �� lunch
doing business in smaller towns, 'having lived here in 1013
I later on in the game.
I at Tooth I Smoke Shop,
No Beer Clause
Victoria, April 6.���[Special to
The News.]--The Government
Liquor Control Bill passed and
comes into effect May 1. It does
not contain a beer clause.
Million Miners on Strike
Prince Rupert, April 6. One
million coal miners are on strike
in Great Britain as a protest
against a cut in wages. The
pumpmen who left their posts,
returned in all but the six mines
that are Hooded. Some of the
mines will be a total loss.
French   Resigns
London,    April   b\    Viscount
French, lord lieutenant   of   Ireland, has resigned.    He   is sue
seeded by Lord Gdmond Talbot. PORTLAND. CANAL   NEWS,   Stewart, u.o., April 8. 1921
The  Portland Canal News
H.  W.   M.   ROLSTON
Editor and Publisher
Advertising Rates:
Display Advertising. 50 cents per inch per issue,   Reading
Notices, 20 cents per line.
Special  Position  Display or  Reading,   25 per cent above
ordinary rates.
Certificate of Improvement, $15 (if more than one claim,
$2.50 for each additional claim mentioned)
Land Notices, $10.   Coal Notices, $7.
No Advertising Accepted for First Page
B. C. Larid Surveyor
Stewart, B.C.
The movement started by Colonel Peek
in the House of Commons to divide the Province of British Columbia into two, by a
line drawn across at the fifty-second parallel and so make two provinces, joining
with the one in the north with the Yukon
territory, will certainly meet with a great
deal of support in this northern section.
Already the City of Prince Rupert appears
to be whole heartedly behind the idea.
This agitation, for various reasons, is
one that might be expected. For year* the
natural resources of central and northern
British Columbia have been pillaged in
order that money might be furnished to
build roads, etc., in the south. This has
not been the fault of any one man or government. The south having a preponderance of members in the legislature who,
on the whole, knew nothing of the needs
of the north and cared less so long as they
got big appropriations for their individual
districts, has created in the mind of the individual citizen of the south a callousness
toward the pioneers of the northerly section that has made the people of the north
very dissatisfied; so much so that it needed
very little to fan the dissatisfaction into
flame of indignation.
While the idea has, no doubt, many
good points, it also is pregnant with features that require very careful consideration and study. The leaders have doubtless gone very thoroughly into the question
and in due course will present their case.
This, it is reasonable to suppose, will bring
forth opponents to the idea, and the people
will then be able to weigh the pros and
cons of the subject and arrive at a sane
conclusion, the result of a deep and careful study.
Emanating from Ottawa, there has
been for��some time persistent talk of a
Dominion general election this year.  This
has now crystalized to the point where the Liberal
Association of this Skeena riding are commencing
to get their war paint and feathers ready.   There
is no doubt that there are those who would like
to see an election held at an early date.   These
people are actuated  by several motives, few of
which are founded on the welfare of the country
as a whole���in fact little thought in most cases is ���
given to this.    Mackenzie King, leader of the opposition in the house, is following the example ol atfpft. H    RAYNF
nearly every political leader who finds himse.f in i ^^^^JJftJg
the opposition in his own particular country or " helgerson   block
province.   But it is not necessary to go outside of!
our own province for a parallel, for up until the j 	
time of the last Provincial Election the one great
cry of the Conservatives against John Oliver was
very similar to that-recently put up by the political
leaders who at Ottawa are in the opposition.
For the people of the east, an election at this
juncture, would be a distinct advantage,   but fori	
the west the reverse would be the case.   For this j
is the census taking year, and next year a redis- HOTEL PRINCE RUPERT
tribution bill will be brought down in the commons, trading hotel" in NORTH1RN
with the result that the west, having increased its
population since 1911, will receive an increased
number of seats in the house, while the oast, particularly the Maritime provinces, will lose a few;j
the result being that, with an election following a: -��� [TZ:  rniTPril
redistribution 1 ill, the west will have more to sayj M* ******** & ir,UKt-1
in the government of the country than ha3 been
the case heretofore. Therefore it is easy to understand why the people of the east wish an election and will, if possible, bring one about .this
year. But it is satisfactory to note that Premier
Meighen is protecting the west, and the country
as a whole, by not allowing this aggregation of
politicians to stampede him one iota.
."10 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, B.
European Plan $1.50 per day ap
Holy  Communion:    First  and Thinl
Sundays in the month at 11:80 a.m.
Evening  Prayer:   Every  Sunday  at
7:30 p.m.
Baptisms: By appointment.
SfRGpsfc Of     ���
Would you believe it ?   The British museum
contains 26,000 copies of the Bible.
England drinks more milk than  water,  and
Germany ten times as much  beer.
"We  will  never forget!" say the Germans.
Good���that was the purpose of the lesson.
A French geologist estimates that the waters
of the earth will be dried up within less than
25,000 years.   Well, who cares?
The item, referring to the Premier
road account, appearing in another column,
is a matter of great interest, and shows
without a doubt what an advantage it is to
a community to have a company such as
the Premier Gold Mining Company operating in the district, for this work has
been and is taken advantage of by every
one going and coming or operating mining
properties on the Salmon river, without
any expense whatsoever to themselves.
The state of New York derived its name from
the Duke of York, and Georgia is so cafled in
honor of George II of England, who established a
colony there in 1733.
R. A. Renwick, ex-deputy minister of lands,
has purchased an interest in the Prince George
Citizen. Years ago Mr. Renwick was connected
with the late John Houston in publishing the Nelson Daily Tribune. Bob knows the newspaper
game from sweeping out the office to writing
heavy stuff.   Here's success.
The action of the Dominion government, in
requiring that all immigrants coming into Canada
have in their possession $250 instead .>f the nominal $25 or $50 as heretofore, is a step in th? right
direction for it will tend to retard an influx of those
classes of people who have heretofore flooded our
labor markets to the detriment of our own people
and the country as a whole.
How many of our men who have acquired their millions, and have made what
the world calls a success of life, have really
attained succes? How many of them have
devoted their lives to the service of their
fellow-men? Gentlemen, I tell you tint
the standard is wrong. We must manufacture something different. We must
adopt a truer standard by which to measure up the lives of men and women. That
^standard is embraced.in one word���service.
���John Oliver, Premier.
The slogan in Qermanv is "God save
the mark."
In the twelve months ending with February,
the exports of theT)ominion of Canada decreased
$42,000,000 in comparison with the preceding
twelve months, while imports showed an increase
of nearly $300,000,000. This is a very unhealthy
state of affairs. Canada should be an exporter,
not an importer, for until she is she can never attain national greatness. Therefore it is up to
every individual citizen to do what he can in order
to assist the country to attain this end.
H. P. GIBSON Proprietor
SPECIALTIES-Neilson's and Moir's Chocolates
Latest Magazines and Newspaper*. Lending
Library.   Stationery.   Cigars.  Tobaccos, Etc.
Solo Agent for the Imperial  Tobacco  Company
and New Westminster Betr
rpdiued to (5 ��,u aera, second-ejus* to
\Z iii' un acre.
rr.'-cmjjtlrjn now confined to surveyed lards only.
Record* will be jraiitsd covering only
land :.n.' i.'.l* lor a��rrtcnllural purpose*
n"d whict) is uon-tiransr land.
Partnership pre-em(-tie>M abolish**},
but parlies ot not more than four ijss-y
arrar.cu for adjacent pr��-en*>Uo:*b
with joint resld-noe, tut u-ii mal-.ifig
i.fcisssary lmprbvecneata oa respective
cU'i-n*. m,
f-i*-e**-i|*U>rs most occupy claim* for
five years and malie Irr.urovssnsnts to
vara* ol ,l'j per nr... including claar-
Ing and culttvatioi of at !<vi :( a aerea,
bufore r-'ceivlni- Crown Ort^ii.
Where ���.ro-empior la eccupttl jon an*
les* tlmn 3 yeara, and has mado pr��-
portlonale Improvement*. r.�� ma/, ee-
,'i'tiss nt in-iii��nnii, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate eerttUciU of ina-
iiovc.ii.  it ai.d transfer hb* alatm.
Record* without p-irmnncnt residence may be Issued, provided apuli-
cojil makes m.i ro\vments le extent nY
$3*0 per annum and roeard* naas* *ac��
year, failure to ruulw improvement*
or record name wiii operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obuiint-d in
lam than i years, and iotprovcraenta
of tlOOO per acre, including i aarea
elst.:��d arid cultivated, a��<1 residence
of at leaat i yea** ar* required       f>
Pr*-**-*fUr holdma- Crown grunt
may reeonl another Bre-ejnntiati, K ba
require* land In eonSaocUo-n with rrb
farm, without actual oueu-vitlun, p#f>-
vi4��rl statutory trnprovsmeiits nia&s
and residence maintained on Crown
Gr**.<**d land.
U-tsurirajed area*, not en-ontdlng M
ucri-.-,, rruty he leased as ham*.., Res-
title to be eUai-tad after fuUiiiti-u; resl-
dojjTUul and in-f-raveinent oaadnie-ts.
ror eru��i-.,.j and ts-r~ustiial p-onasaa
areas tauHHslrn*. WD aorea nay b*
leaned by one portion or coim.f>.nv
si.ti, Lu.ir.jy er Industrial sites on
timber iund not exceeding it aasag
may be purchased; eondltion* iacluda
piyme��4 of siumpaM.
Natural hay meadow* '-mnisstnls
by Misting roads may he purvAa����d
coiMirtloiial upon seiistruetinn of a raid
U> t.hsrt. IU-bat* of one-haif of ao��it tf
road, not e-cceedlT-s; half of purch-ia
pike, la made.
PRSEivrroRa'    ffikb    quants
m ACT.
Tho aoope of this Aat la entaMed ta
fl  pens*-.-"* joinrt-gt a��3  serv.
��������� ��� |��  Maieaty's Krroam    fZe
Inciaee all pwunAo, jointt
lag ttt ,rfs MaieMy's *\,ro�� , ���..
���line n-fchl-i u-tOrh the heir* cr fevbeai
>�� a i*trcen*-��d pre-emuUir bu�� utmtv
lor UH* Mdhar Uximltot iTXaJB
f.*CCT Cat c* y,ar (rem the dastli of
-M��h periwa, um formerly
;.eer ���-'---���
intrtki e..i.Hu��lon of th* mm^ut
r"ctlv*      '"���, ������=*���'�� - ���*-����� ���w re-
N* faaa relatli-g to pre-emptlaris are
taniMaaa recorded after .Tuns tu laii
laaes are ranlttad for five ye��u-��
lTovu.io.-i   for return  of mosMa-s a��
cmajj. m7a and been nald JLITK^:
*,   l'JH.  on account  of paymo,, 1���   f,S
Interest on agreement* to pu.-ehas.
tow. or city lots hold by ���esWaiTaf
,\. *4 ("orsaa. or d.-pondants. ac��i row
dlreot or raaraat. remitted f?omv *-
IKlmoot  to Ma,cii 31, ijj��. ��� K"
-i   ������'      ���..,>.!..
far    Isauanoe
rown   (punts   to
i    ������������   Ui*    a��w-.,iru-g   rtafrto **j*an
.^baae,  lnvar*rls|  forfeits
""���'""i o' (^eVtlM eTMresy*" ful
t KiH laaam   VassHi .,.-,.
,.��� m> not'claha wfc*4�� of mLta
purcbana yrica du. and taxes
in -
" *mm*A> mt original par-
dbrtniMttoi v****^��o\\mCa:;n z\\
,��iio|��   ar��a        Anoileation^   ,,,.���
made by  Wa** U IMA
ons  must   be
MAUNC, ���*>
ladaatry pro-
" aad rai^|0
_*>W*a   based
m tor estab-
va^oolatl.-. W^mm*mlmaaMm.
9 ���>
"  ROBERT M. STEWART, President
Head Office: 101 Pt-mberton Block Victoria, B C
Wanted: Listings of Properties for Sale or Lease
Subscribe   for   Portland   Canal   News
Send   in   your  subscription to J
Portland Canal Newi H
For information relating
to Salmon River, Portland
Canal arid Alice Aim miring districts, apply tt
Mining Broker
Canadian Natio
Vancouver and Stewart.
>j  " ifTThl
steamers sailing between Seattle, Victoria, Vancuu r, 0 rM
Bwanaon'e Bay, Prince Rupert, Anyox, Btswarl and ij'i'on CM0JJ
Leaves Prince Rupert for Stewart, 10 p. m. Thursday, April w
' 28th., May    12th and 26th
Train Service:
Smithers,  Prince George, Edmonton  and Winnipeg mato
eonnectinns for all points Easl       ' ?     ': .,
Eor further information apply, to any Grand Ti
or tnV.. A. McNicholl, Aast. General Fn  - hi '' '
Passenger Agent, Prince ilupert.
���    ���    ���
Donl Miss
an Opportunity/
When in   Hyder be   sure  and  visit
I  \lcP*|
Flawn's Fruit Store on Internationa' i
near the Drut? Store-the difference *n
will pay you for your trip w1* A
Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Hams and ^ |
Butter and Eggs, at Greatly ***-^
PROPRIETOR PORTLAND   CANAL   NEWS,   Stewart, *.^., April 8, 1921
^rrf2*v*JU*.iiA" jl:-..������i'l*,**.'..ii. a
B.C. Mining IBy-Product
Development       Plant for Trail
"������i ���
THE principles upon which a Bank is founded, the
number of -.cars it has been in operation, and the
policy followed during these years���these features, combined with its present standing, form the criterion of the
strength of a Bank.
The Bank of Montreal began business in the year 1817,
with a modest capital of $1,250,000, and for over a century
it has followed a conservative���aggressive policy until
today its capital and reserve fund total $40,000,000 and
its total assets are in excess of $560,000,000.
Branches   in   every   important  city  and
town in the* Dominion and Newfoundland
Important mir.int? developments in British Columbia are
forecasted by Hon. VV. Sloan,
minister of mines, in the announcement that the Canadian
Pacific railway will immediately
commence a thorough survey of
2,000,000 acres of mineral bearing
lands which it owns on Vancou
ver island. It is intended to develop coal discoveries, and probably this will be followed by
the establishment of a smelter
on "Vancouver island.
Allowance for Depletion
The mining companies of the
province are to get a long sought
concession in an allowance for
depletion of ores. The system
of fixing depletion wi.ll be announced later, to become effective next year.
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co., Limited, has under
consideration the installation of
a by-product plant at Trail, similar to that of the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and
Power Co. at Anyox. The coal
used will be obtained from the
Crow's Nest Pass or from the
Coalmont colliery. The Consoli-j
dated can utilize such a plant to
special advantage, using the gas!
for roasting the sulphide ore and
for assaying and other furnace!
purposes; the benzol for operating motors and internal combustion engines; the tar as fuel;
while the coke would be substituted for that purchased
from the Crow's Nest Pass
coking plants.
Calcium Near Merritt
A company known as the Calcium Carbonate Company has
been formed to produce washed
calcium carbonate from the deposit* in the Kane valley, near
Merritt. The property has been
reported on and found satisfactory in quality and quantity.
The capital stock is $50,000.
British Empire
Has the Coa!
Silver Takes a Tumble
Quotations for foreign silver in
the New York market fell to 52|
cents an ounce, the lowest price
in six years. The decline was
precipitated by another drop in
the price of the metal abroad.
Important to Miners
All Free Miners' licenses expire at midnight on May 31.
A survey issued-by the Mineral
Resources Committee of the
British Imperial Institute estimates that the British empire
j possesses about 23 per cent of
the total coal resources of the
world. These total resources are
placed at 7,397,558 million tons
(metric) of which 1,729,105 million tons are credited to the
British empire.
reductions   BIG  BARGAINS reductions
Salmon River
- *-���������- ��� ��� ,- 1       	
Trading Coty
Coal Miners
Ext. quality, seamless
75c,  reduced       55
Hanson 3�� lb,  $1,   reduced.*      85
Hand made wool, $1.25
reduced  1 00
All leather,  $1.50, reduced  1 15
All leather,  $2.50, reduced .;....      2 10
Horsehide,  $1.50,  reduced 1 15
Heather, 2.00, reduced 1 65
Fancy knit,  1.20, reduced 1 00
Fancy knit,  1.00, reduced      80
Mineral tanned,  large
size, 2.00, reduced.. 1 65
Misses wool mitts, 75c,
reduced      50
Pride   of  the    West,
18.50, reduced   ....16 00
Pride   of    the   West,
15.00, reduced   ....12 50
Big Horn,* 10.50,   reduced 8 50
Big Horn,   14.00,   reduced     12 00
Big   Horn,   4.50,   reduced        . 3 75
Big   Horn,   3.75,   re-
.duced     3 00
Big  Horn,   7.50,   reduced     6 25
Pride of the West, No.
570, 3.25, reduced.. 2 75
Pride of the West, No.
566, 3.00, reduced.. 2 50
Pride of the West, No.
320, 3.50. reduced.. 3 00
St. George Unshrinkable. 3-50, reduced. 2 75
Elastic Knit,  3.00, reduced 2 00
Ames-Holden    Shoes,
8.00,   reduced  6 75
Simcoe rubbers, 6.00,
reduced  5 00
Are Well Paid
It is stated that coal miners of
South Wales are being   paid   as
high as $5000 a year, while wages
'amounting to  $3500   and   $4000
; are common.   Despite this,   the
igovernment is  having difficulty
' in collecting income  taxes  from
j the miners.     Last   year  nearly
115,000 of them  were summoned
for non-payment, but only twelve
of this number were committed
.to  prison.
In addition to above our former prices on all makes of
Boots and Shoes, as well as on Rubbers, have all been reduced to meet the cost of new goods. We have put the
knife to Stanfield's Red Label Underwear. Also Nova
Scotia All Wool Garments. This is our loss and your gain,
and it is our endeavor to sell you any article in our stuck
at the  lowest market price.   :::::::::::
Look at the map of British Columbia
with an unhiased mind. Roughly Vancouver ia 800 miles from the same
point in the Peace River country that
is reached in 400 miles from Stewart,
which is the natural outlet for the
whole northern and eastern interior.
Nearly every settler In the Peace
River district is talking-of railway
communication with the coast,
, Speaking in broad terms there are
thirty-two millions of acres of the
Peace River district situated within the
boundaries of British Columbia, and
more than forty millions of acres within the Province of Alberta, moat of it
being suitable agricultural land for
mixed1 farming or ranching. In addition there is a vast area of mineral and
timber resources, theextentof which is
only beginning to be realized.
Immense depoaits of anthracite   coal
have been located and th.e president of
the Peace River   Board   of  Trade   is
authority for the statement   that   this
<-oal grades higher   than   Pennsylvania
Extensive exploration work is being
curried on in connection with oil and
already startling results have been   bo
I tained. The oil sands are located at a
depth of about sixteen hundred feet
! and enough investigation has taken
place to be assured that they are of
i wonderful extent. There is also an
; abundance of natural gas.
The area un !er cultivation at present
is only about   three   hundred   thousand
'��� acres and the population of  the   whole
i district is about twenty thousand.    Tlie
| tirst grain was sent out of the   country
i three years ago, and consisted   of   less
! than one thousand bushels.    Last   year
nine million bushels were produced from
about a quarter mill on acres, the average wheat yield being thirty-live bushels to the acre   or   nearly   double   the
average of other portions of  Alberta.
The land is also well'adapted   for   the
raising of stock of all   kinds,   particularly bogs.
lt is reasonable to suppose that if
two hundred and fifty thousand acres
are now producing nine million bushels
of grain, that within a very few years
there will be ten million acres producing three hundred and fifty million bushels of grain, or roughly, ten million'
' opened their office in Stewart
wish to herewith inform ihe Mining
public that the prices for the principal metals will be as follows:
Gold, Silver, each, - - - $1.50
Gold and Silver, each, -.- $2.00
Copper. Lsad, each, - - - $1.50
Gold, Silver and Copper, - $3.00
Gold, Silver and Lead     -   -   $3.00
Other Metals on application
10 per cent discount on five samples
at one time.
20 per cent discount on ten  samples
at one time.
Provinei.il Assayer
King Edward Hotel
STEWART,   -   B.  C.
. . .YOUR   COMFORT. . .
. .$1.00 PER DAY. .
W.   II.   TOLIN,
The same standard for Stewart as we have maintained for the past
twenty-one years on the North Coast.
The Best Meats at the Lowest Prices
Fifth St. Stewart, b.c.
Comfortable furnished rooms Barber shop in connection
Cigars, Tobaccos, Soft Drinks      SOLO TABLES
Thoroughly Cosmopolitan.   The millionaire with his roll of bills
is as welcome as the prospector with his roll of blankets : : : :
Cigars, Toobaccos, Soft Drinks Card Tables,  Magazines, Newspapers
JACK   McCORMACK,    -    -    Proprietor
Keep Your Money
In Stewart ....
Why send l.aundiy out ef Tewn?
Latimer Home Laundry can do the
work. Clothes Cleaned and Pressed,
Darning. Clothes called for weekly.
Launch Provincial
leave* Rupert for Stewart  Thursdays
alternating with G. T. P. boats
Estimates Furnished --   Work Guaranteed
Comer Auto Transfer & Jitney Service
Cars ply between Stewart and Hyder
Day and Night
Garage Corner 0th and Conway H. COMER, Managet
Stand at stewart hotel     , Tel. long l short PORTLAND   CANAL   NEWS,   Stewart, u.o., April 8, 1921
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,722,603;
Lode Gold, $100,272;431; Silver. $50,432,304; Lead. 43.821,106;
Copper, $153,680,065; Zinc, $16,818,487; Coal and Coke. $199,-
123,323; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, $29,991,757; Miscellaneous
Minerals, $786,918; making its Mineral Production to the end of
1919 show
The substantial progress of the Mining Industry in this Province
is strikingly exhibited ln the following figures, which show the value
of production for successive five-year periods: For all years to 1895,
inclusive, $94,547,241; for five years, 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for
five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years, 1906-1910, $125,-
634,474; for five years, 1911-1915, 1142,072,603; for the year 1910,
f42,290,462; for the year 1917, $37,010,392; for the year 1918,
$41,782,474; for the* year 1919, $33,296,313.
Lode mining has only been in progress for about 33 years, and
not 20 per cent, of the Province has been even prospected; 300,000
square miles of unexplored mineral-bearing land are open for prospecting.
The mining laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees
lower than those of any oth��r Province in the Dominion, or any
Colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, security of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may
\��e obtained gratis by addressing
THE HON. THE MINISTER OF MINES, Victoria, British Columbia.
16,000,000 cigars annually. Some
Over 500 men are on the road
to Quesnel to engage in railroad
construction work.
During 1920 the lumber industry in British Columbia employed
25,797 persons and paid in wages
It took nature several million
years to make a ton of coal, and
Ain't It the Truth
If any profiteer would slip into |
Comfortable rooms
,-..-      StT*C6tB
of gold.
One Over Prohibition
Prohibition will never succeed
in Wales. > A sober man couldn't
possibly speak the language.
Pretty Raw '
"Russia wants raw material,"
says  a  despatch.    Now Russia
has the Soviet government,  and
at present prices nature ought to I that's about the rawest  material
W. DANN, Proprietor
Headquarters for mining men during their
in the district
anywhere to be found.
Utah Goin' Strong
The state of Utah has put a
ban on chewing gum. tobacco
and cigarettes. Evidently the
mormon belt is not in "the land
of the   free
ithe brave."
and   the   home  of
feel fairly well repaid.
It takes over $3,000,000 annually to keep the people of British
Columbia shod. That is the
amount spent on shoes.
In Ontario a law has been
passed that all shoes be made of
leather. This might help some
to relieve the paper shortage.
The editor of the Prince Rupert Empire puts a border around
his editorial "thinks." Often
the border is the best part of
the editorial.
The provincial secretary at Victoria received the following wire
last week from Cranbrook: "No
one suffering from lac�� of booze
in this district. Have enough to
run the irrigation system for
years. Take time to enact the
bill for cheap stumping powder."
The British government stated
many times during the war that
Great Britain could never forget
what Canada had done for her. 11 love to watch a rooster crow,
The government is now proving! He's like so many men I know
This Is the Limit
A hungry look ing individual
mushed into the News printing
palace yesterday and handed the
obituary editor the following:
This is the season of mud and
When the spring poet begins to
Of budding trees and sprouting
He snorts and bravs like a demented ass.
Before the editor had time to
shy a paste pot the poesy builder
hit the trail for Hyder.
its gratitude by putting on an export tax of 30 shillings per case
on Scotch whisky. Some people
will consider this gratitude, but
others will not.
Who brag and bluster, ramp and
And   beat  their   manly   chests
The   first  durn   thing  to crow
I   Molly Cp
t,   frinetAonCp.
�� fay/to i*��r Of.
4. Ruth - front /j Cp
���S. Capporff,ny dp
���. Sunshino Cp
7. Loktviow Cp
a-Gmwys C.pp.r Htm
9. Boarii', ror flna. Co
10 Root Top Gp
II' Xarmrnmtianal Gp
It Salman-Boa, Rioorftam. Co
IS. Buafina Cp.
14, Buxh flint* l/mt/ad
15. Minor.,/ HillGp.
If   Bimftittanri Cp.
17.  U.-rmulm, lip
It   49. dp.
19    Ywl.'mojalmaaCp.
f.��.   fay Rail Gp
tl.   Baunpary C.A.
tt XmmVtm n,��0t, L/mHm.
5*Lf10N fitrt, MA
-5cftle ot Ml lea
o  . |
M. R. JAMIESON,   Prop.
Take notice that Lawrence & Workman, whose address is Stewart, B. C,
will apply for a licence to take and use
two cubic feet per second of water out
of Barney's Gulch, which flows westerly, and drains into Bear river, about
one mile from its mouth. The water
will be diverted from the stream at a
point about seven hundred feet easterly
from the foot of the mountain and will
be u-cd for power purpose upon the adjacent land described as Government
wild land This notice was posted on
the ground on the 14th day of Marcli,
1921. A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed in the
officf of the Water Recorder at PrinCe
Rupert, B. C. Objections to the application may he filed with the said Water
RecordeJ or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
By G. B. I.AWRENCK, Agent
The date of the first publication of
this notice is March 19. 1921.
TAKE NOTICE that W.A. Meloehe
whose address is Stewart, B.C., will
apply for a licence tn take ami use 36
cubic feet per second and to store 500()
acre feet of water out of Cascade
creek which flows southwesterly and
drains into Salmon river about twelve
miles from its mouth. The storage
dam will be located at the outlet of
Long Lake. The capacity of the reservoir to be created is about 5000 acre
feet, and it will flow about 200 or more
acres of land. The water will be di
verted from the stream at a point about
1500 ft from Silver lake and will be used
for mining (hydro electric) purposes
upon the mine described as the Spider
group of mining claims consisting of
Spider No.l, No.2 and No.3 claimB.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 24th day of January, 1921. A copy
of this notice unil un application pursuant thereto, ttrnl to the "Water Ad
1911".   will   be   tiled   In   tlie   office   of   III.'
Water Recorder ut Prince Unpen. Objections to the apnllcatlon iray lie I'.'.cil
with the naid Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Building*, Victoria, ft. <".. within thirty days after the, flrat appearance
of this notice In a local newspaper.
W.A. MELOCHE, Applicant.
By John Hovland, agent
The date  of the first publication of
this notice is Feb. 4th 1921.
Fred Dorey
TAXi &
Cassiar    Land    District   Distrid
Skeena, i ��� ar Stewart, H.C
corner   of   Lot  Nn,  792
Take notice that Lawrence j fgj
man,   of   Stewart.   B. C., mrap-ti
Millmen, hitei d to apply for peraH
to   purchase   the  following dewM
Commencing at r po?t planted 1
feet south  nf th ail conjl
Lot No   792,   Cassiar District.
south   ten   ch: ns;  thence east
chains;   thei re   i nrth  fifteen tin
thence west to r ght-away of h
(lanal Shortlii e; thei ��� soi :r,alot|ij
said line of right away t�� pointafoi
mencemei t.    a- !   containing
acres, rrfore or less.
Dated March 11. 1921.
Diversion and Use
Take Notice that Premier Gold Mining Company, Limited whose address is
Premier, B. C, will apply for a license
to take and use 10 cubic feet per second
of water out of East Fork, Cascade
Creek also known as Hovland Creek,
which flows southerly, and drains into
Cascade Creek and Salmon River about
1000 feet from International Boundary.
The water  will   he diverted  from  the
Diveri'on nnd Un.
Take Notice ti at Premier Go
ing Compel v. I in ited, whore
ii Premier, 1!. C . will  nrnlv foil
cense to take ri '1 Bnd ure 20cobit i
per second <.f water out cf NorthM
Cascade Creek, also known as C**,
Creek, which flows southerly uij
into Salter Riversboot 1000fed)
International Boundary. ThewM'
be diverted fri n the streamati|
some 70" fei I i - rth of the bridpl
MissouriTn.il crossing Ca8C��*J
and will be used for PowerpwiW
on the Premier Mine described*!
er House to I- loaded on Lot!*1
Cascade Forks No. 5, This now'
posted on the ground on the Mf
January 1921. A co
i an application ;
'the "Wat,; A t. 1614" ^
the ofli. f  the Water R*j
gfPrince Rupert. Objectionto ��J
plication ma-, he filed wil ':
ter Hecorder, or with tbe M
of Water Rights, PsrlisW*'
Victoria. B.C. within tl -
f thw noil"
the first a| pears
local newspai i f flu
publication of this
4 th, 1921.
Premier Gold Mining ^,
Applicant, b\
Icate of In    '"'"'
"Grubstake,     ,,'".,
tional   Fraction, >
stream at a point about 1500 feet north ! mineral claim-.
from Bridge crossing Cascade creek  on | Canal    tn'uMt
Missouri Trail near
pursuant thereto UJ
.dab oI<J
notice ��� m
(',   ll
-il ati
Lot 3610. Cascade
.Forks Claims and will be used for Power purpose upon Premier mine described
as Power House to be located on Lot
3607 Cascade jp)rt�� No. 5. This notice
was posted on the ground on the 31st
day of January 1921. A copy of this
notice and an application pursnant to
the "Water Act 1914" will be filed in
the office of the Water Recorder at
Prince Rupert. Objections to the application may be filed with said Water Re
corper or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Purlament Buildings, Victoria, B. Os, within fifty days after the
first appearance of this notice in a local
newspaper. The date of the first publication of this notice is February 4th,
Premier Gold Mining Company, Limited, Applicant.
By Dale L. Pitt, Manager.
Vall-y. in tne Port       :
Division, aid OT
Group of mine all"";.,^
Take notice
.1 Mcw.n ,.  ��������� W-".:a
t\tm   ���   "":
I Wil n . i,":.;M
R. Wil-"
Certify il
:���   L
lays from    i
tha Hi.
[mprov, |
fore "
Hate,!     thi"   ^
A.D. 192'
in anotbsi
it m
it ll'


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