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Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. III.
No. 7.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bunion Street,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
���; ��� .
mm \
���       I*" Ltmve your repairing orders at this office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock,
H. E. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
Id Grand Forks don't forgot
Druggists and Stationers.
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Mnlti'8 a Spi'dalty Finn
Flslior HIcK-k, QKANO PORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean' and  convenient, and
workmanship the best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs. M. F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON ULOCK
First Avk���      Gband Forks.
Rooms BOc and up.
(,- dr rather, your old boots
hihI glioesVdo tliey need
repairing; or would you
prefer something new���
I ,��� made to* order ? Anyhow, call nn
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Christmas is Coming,
So is the Christmas Dinner,
And you will want all sorts delicacies for your pies,
puddings, stuffed fowl, etc., and for your Christinas
Tree.   Just come and see what we have.
To enumerate a few articles such as :
Candies, Nuts,
Rasins. Currents,
Fresh Ranch Eggs.
Hazelwood Butter,
Also, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
W. C. MORRIS, FERRY COUNTY'S ATTORNEY | It Would be s drest  Sosice  ol  Rcveiue.
Tslks  About  tbe Minis!  Outlook   la  tbe
Pierre Like District.
"I 11111 mure nf a mining man
tliiin anything else," said M.r. Morris to a Spokesman-Review reporter,
"and I have just opened up a new
claim in the center of Pierre Lake
district called the 'Swamp King,'
ahout two miles north of the First
Thought. There is no stock on the
market, and I have a three-quarter
interest in it. Assays, at 14 feet
depth are running over $200 in
gold und c<>pper per ton. lam going to put on a force of men at
once, rack the ore and have it shipped to the Tacoma smelter. The
rock will be shipped as fast as it
comes out, and if the assays hold
out as good ns they are doing, it
will more than pay for all development as it comes, as the cost of
getting it out is not above $8, and
I can mine and mill it fur $20.
The district all around hits heen
thoroughly prospected and has some
very promising claims, on which a
great deal of work is 'liking done.
A claim lately prospected is the
Contention. It is owned by a Seattle company. Over 600 feet of development work has been done.
In addition, they have just given
a contract for sinking a working
shaft 200 feet. The First Thought
owners are also currying mi extensive developments ami have shipped some ore already. This was
the first mine tn attract attention
to ihe Lake district." .
Cascade is always interested in
all matters affecting, the mining
developments going on in Pierre
Lake district, for it is located not
far from town, and when the big
smeller so long talked of as a possible local industry actually materializes, anil an electric road is run
from it into that rich mineral sec-
lion, it will prove of great profit to
this community,
A Five-Mile  Tunnel  Between  Sandon  ind
The coming year will be one full
of jrent enterprises in all parts of
this province, if those .. already
mooted are prosecuted with any
degree of vigor. In mining, electrical and' railway development
there is no end to the schemes proposed, which will require millions
of dollars and the hands of many
thousands of workers to carry out.
One of the latest of the undertakings now being planned is the five-
mite tunnel through the mountains
between Sandon and Silverlon, for
which parliament will he asked for
an act lo incorporate a company.
No province in the Dominion federation will be more iu evidence
with great development works in
the next five years than British
Columbia, which will not only develop her inexhaustible resources,
hut her population will increase hy
leaps and bounds.
More Sensible Oltt Tbsi Chocolate Cskei.
The war office announces thai a
gratuity will be paid to every officer and man who has served in
South Africa since October 10,1899
The least amount will be ��5. It is
roughly estimated tbat it will take
��1,000,000 to complete the payment.
A broker of Nelson, B. O, has
been fined $20 and costs for using
bad language on the street. If all
the people who use bad language
on the streets of the towiis and
cities of British Columbia were to
he fined $20 every time they committed this offense against law, the
government would need no other
source of revenue.
From i $40 Clerkship to s $55,000  Railway
Twenty-seven years ago Chas. M.
Hays,.aged 19 years, was a clerk in
the Frisco offices in St. Louis with
a salary of $40 a month. Recently
Mr. Hays, now 43 years of age and
still retaining his home in St. Louis
became the president of the Southern Pacific railway, the second
largest railway system in the
world. His salary will he $55,000
a year, making him the highest
salaried railway official in the
world and a better salaried executive
than the president of the United
Discovered He Was Msrcus Daly's Brother.
Rev. H.Daly, who has been a
member of the Boldier's home of
Hot Springs, Colo., for the past four
years, was reading the biography
of the late .Marcus Daly, and to his
great surprise discovered they were
brothers. Rev. Mr. Daly knew he
had a brother Marcus, but they
were separated when young, their
family being poor. He said he had
often read nf the multi-millionaire
Daly, but never for a moment
thought it was his little brother
who left home ragged and penny-
less. He is a devout Christian,
belonging to the Free Methodist
church, which he has served as
pastor in eastern cities. He had
never corresponded with his brother
or head a word from him and supposed him dead long ago.
Starvation ia India.
Seldom in. the world's history
has greater destruction of life been
caused by starvation than has oc-
cured in the present famine in
India, says Leslie's Weekly. According to Lord Curzon, India's
governor-general, the loss of life
has been fully 600,000, the destruction of crops has reached $25,000,-
000, while millions of cattle have
been destroyed. About 2,000,000
persons are now dependent upon
the relief which is furnished them
by the British government. The
reports which have come about
this calamity have appalled the
It Breaks Oat si Another Point.
The blind manoeuvre-' of the C.
P. R. and the Ureal Northern re
propored railway building in various directions in this province is
probably as puzzling lo those two
corporations as to the public. The
Canadian company apparently is
not yet ready to oceupy the field
except by bluff and promise, While
the American company is ready to
build if it can secure right of way.
An application for a railway charter from Cascade to Cason appeared
again last week, this time backed in
print hy Rossland parties. Who
the actual movers are and what
their real intentions deponent saith
By a Practical  Experience-Had Is   Walk
From Pbcalx te Orceawood.
The denizens of Phoenix had
waited for, connection with the outside world by what they considered proper passenger service on the
part of the Columbia & Western
railway till patience had had its
perfect work, and then they got up
in arms and resolved in the Board
of Trade aud in the local paper
several yards of "cussinatibn" of
the C. P. R. for its wilful dilatory-
ness in this respect. This had tbe
desired effect. A small army of
railway officials appeared on the
scene, consisting of R. Marpole, W.
F. Tye. F. P. Guteliue, J. Wilson
and dipt. J. W. Troup. After satisfying themselves as to the cause
of the rumpus on the part of the
Phoenix resolvers, they desired to
return to Greenwood. There was
no way to get down by rail so they
betook themselves to a livery
stable, "Teams all engaged," was
the ^difficulty there. "The stage
just left," they were told at the
stage office. On the sidewalk they
held a convention and "resolved" to
walk, while a classical onlooker was
heard to remark, "Walk, damn you,
walk 1" Phoenix will probably get
the passenger service it claims to
be entitled to.
Where DM They Oct Their Flfares ?
It is often said that figures will
not lie. But the coast papers a'e
making woeful liars of them in their
printed totals of election returns,
that is so far as Caseade and Gladstone are concerned. Here is the
way they print it: Cascade���Galliher 4, Foley 3, McKane 1. Gladstone, Galliher 27, Foley 8, McKane
0, The truth of the matter is:
Cascade���Foley 18, Galliher 4, McKane 1. Gladstone���Foley 8, Galliher 2, McKane 0.
If the result has been declared on
inacuracies like the above, the lung
effort in the campaign is seen to
have been so much wasted wind.
The Emma, now a Mackenzie &
Mann property in Summit camp,
under the new ownership, baa been
brought out of its 3-year trance and
will be further developed. A shift
was put to work on it this week,the
old 100-foot shaft will be sunk further, and the showing made by the
railway graders is to be thoroughly
The B. C. mine in Summit camp,
said to he a C. P. R. property, is
being vigorously developed. The
main shaft is down 282 feet, the ore
improving with depth. The ore
shipments go to Trail. A 40-horse
power boiler has just been added to
the plant.
Owig to the fact that Grand
Forks expects to have railway com-
munication with Republic,, that
town feels interested in mining developments in end about Republic
camp. The biggest strike yet reported is said to have been made
last week on the Humming Bird,
Morning Glory.is shipping ore to
Granby smelter, and the Quilp is
arranging to do likewise. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
December SI, 1900
Published mi Snturiliij s at Cliscwlc, 11, 0.
Per Year...
Six Miinllis.
To Knri'k'ii Countrlai
Ailvi'rilsiiiK linn's Knriilalii'il cm Application.
// there is a blue mark iu !**���*!
this square, your subserip- ��� ���
lion is due, and you are in- ��. 2
vital to remit. ������������������
Tbe  payroll  of  tbe St.
���mine, at Moyie, B, C, for
her was $26,000.   The ore
menth were 2(100 tons.
It is nnnounct'd from Oltawa
that the government, will semi experts to this province to instruct
the unlearned in the arts of dairying and poultry raising.
William Marconi, the inventernf
wir��le��s telegraphy, is only 2o
years of age. He was only 12whtn
the idea of transmitting messages
without wires first occurred lo him.
It is said that a man who won't
buy a paper because he can borrow
one has invented a machine by
which he can cook his dinner by
the smoke of his neighbor's chimney.
Steps are being taking hy the
'emperance bodies of Ha'ifax,N,S.,lObii<tnias Queen   Victoria   had
A Serious Marine Disaster.
News of the worst marine disaster
of the season in British Columbia
waters, was reportee the 17th instant. The famous steamer Alpha,
whose unauthorized trip to Cape
Nome last May brought her into
conflict with tho Treasury officials
at Washington, was wrecked mi a
reef near the entrance to Union
Bay, and not a vest age of the
steamer remains. Her managing
owner, captain, purser, three engineers, two able bodied seamen and
a stowaway weie drowned and the
balance of the crew of oM saved
by the pluck of an unknown n.e ������
her of the crew who swam in a
raging sea from ihe wreck lo the
ligln bouse with a line around his
tvai-t. The drowned are Samuel
Sarhor, of Vancouver, managing
owner; Captain F. N. Yorkc, of
Victoria, muster; Chief Engineer
Maiterson, Vancouver; Assistent
Engineer Dunn, Victoria; Second
Assistent Engineer Murray, Vancouver; H. L, White, purser, Vancouver; Crosby ami Sullivan, able-
bodied seamen, and a stowaway,
A Selfish Grandchild.
A Queen, of course, gets hundreds
of  presents every year.    But last.
to introduce a prohibitory liquor
law in the Provincial Legislature
nt its approaching session, which it
is thought will be tbe last, one he-
fore dissolution, and a general
Roy McFee, aged 10 yenri", was
���killed the 18th inst-lit bv n C. P. R.
gift from her grent-grandchild
which amused her more than anything else which she received. It
was a box of hairpins which came
from the little Princess Louise, the
only (laughter of the German Emperor. There is a funny little story
attached to the sending of it. Tbe
gravel train at Burnet, 12 miles Empress gave her little girl a gold
from Vancouver. He was playing Ipiece, known as 20 marks, which is
on the track when be was knocked ! nearly equivalent to five dollars of
down by a ear wheel and cut in jour money. With this she was to
two. His father is employed on : buy something for her royal gl'i'al-
the C. P. It. grandmother in England, and also
Kee Was, a Seattle Chinaman,! anything she liked for herself. The
has been arrested for violating an j Empress took the Princess to Ber-
ordinance which prohibits the 11" t�� do her shopping, for the lit-
sprinkling of clothes hy  squirting tie German princess and princesses
water through the mouth. Our
almond-eyed laundry artists still
spew their saliva on our "'biled"
shirts without let or hindrance.
The Imperial government as well
as the ha!mica of the British world,
has been not a little worried and
chagrined this week with the information that their heroes in South
Africa have suffered one or more
severe defeats, sandwiched in with
a slight victory. Kitchener is still
at the front, but Lord Roberts is
is on his way to London to enjoy
his share of the lionizing onus.
Ira Black of Phoenix was in town
Thursday and Friday.
The regular church service will
he held Sunday, tomorrow, in the
Cascade Presbyterian church.
The party who look a pair of
snips from 8. W. Bear's workshop
is requested to return them.
Win, Meadows who was once a
merchant of Cascade, is reported
now to be doing a thriving merchandising business in Rock Creek,
Have you noticed the liberal offer of the C. P. R. relative to holiday travel ? You will find Ihe
mention on the third page of this
Paid $21,000 lor Return ol  His Son, Who
Had Been Kidnapped.
The 15-year old son of Edwin
Cudahy the millionaire pork packer of Omaha was kidnapped last
Tuesday evening. The father was
notified that his child would be returned to him upon his paying
$25,000, otherwise the boy's eyes
would be put out. Mr. Cudahy
ponied up, his son was returned, W. Forrest, J. P., of Gladstone
and the kidnapper went Scott free,  was in town a few dayB this week.
always purchase their own Christ
mas gifts. The Princess took a
great fancy to u beautiful doll
which cost 19 murks. So she made
the purchase, and then selected a
box of hairpins of the value of one
mark for the Queen of England.
The Empress was so much amused
at her little girl, that she allowed
the hairpins to lie sent to the
Queen, who laughed heartily at receiving the gift with ihe story of
itB purchase.���McCall's Magazine.
Martin Dooley Thinks,
To most people a savage nation
is wan that dnsen't wear oncoin-
fortnhle clothes.
If ye live enough before thirty ye
won't care to live at all after fifty.
A lunitiok is a man that does
what he thinks the Lord wild do if
he knew the facts iv the case,
Tint modhern idea of guvern-
ment is "Snub the people, buy the
people, jaw the people,"
Thrust everybody but cut the
A vote on the lallysbeet is worth
two in the box.
I care not who makes the laws
uv the nation if I can get out an
All the world loves a lover--except sometimes the one that's all
the world lo him.
'Tis as hard for a rich man to
enther the kingdom uv Hivven as
it iB for a poor man to get out uv
If Rooshia wud shave we'd not be
afraid of her,
NOTICE li hereby given that an application will
be made to the Parliament of tint Dominion of
Camilla at its next .Hissimi fur an Act to incorporate a company with power to construct, uu.uip
inn) immiiuiu iiml opcriiic bv strain, electricity or
uny other kind or kind s of motive power, a single
or double track mamlanl gauge railway for the
purpose of conveying passengers, Irrinlit, merchandise iiml goods, commencing ut a point on
tlie i 'unttdtau Hide or tlie International Uaiinditry
Hue utot near CftiuatU City in the Otoyoou Division or Yule Dlntrict In thl) Province of Urlttt.li
Columbia, theticu aJotig Uttt weatcrly aide of the
Kettle Kivi-r by the luoM. fenalttle route to a point
on tin1 Canadian Hide of the luttruatloitui nujml-
ary lino near Carson in the Ospynoi Division or
Vale Ditttrici in the inld l'rovinee, wiih power to
eonntruuti equips niHiiitnln and operni* branch
rail way it and tramway* in connection therewith,
not ex.��ding twenty-live miles in length, ami all
necesMiry roads, bntlKOS, ways, ferric* and other
works, and wl h power to build, own, equip, op-
main and maintain all telegraph and tt le phono
lines in connection with the said railway or
brunches thereof; w lib power to construct, eijiilp
operate, nnd maintain bruit li lines iu connection
Willi Bttl'l telephone mid telegraph lliiec; to build
:nui operate till kinds ol' pbnn for the purpose of
supplying liuiit, lieai, eleetrieityuhd any kind of
motive power; tiud with power lo expropriate
laudA for llio purposes of the company; and to
acquire InndH.bonuset, privileges or ol heralds from
any Qoverutnent, persons or bodies corporate;
nnd .to make trallle orollttr arrinigeuenta with
railways, steamboat), or other companion or persons; and with power to build wagon roads and
trails to he used in the eonctriietloii of the said
works and any advance of the same, and lew and
collect tolU from the part les using same and on all
freight or goniin pns&ln.'over any audi lines, roads
or trails built by the company, whether built before or after the construction oi th��- suit) railway,
telegraph or telephone lines and with all
other usual, neeeswiry or hiriiieiit.nl rights,
powers or privileges.
Hatid at Uossland,   II.   ('..  litis   10th  dav of
December, A. L>., I8u0.
.1. II. McAKTflllli,
J, P. McCiiak,
For Self and Associates.
Certificate of Improvements.
"UNDINE" Mineral Claim situate in the
Grand Forks Mining UWisloii of Yule District.
Where located���In -iimmlt Camp.
Take Notice that I, Ibdrt <���.Asheroft,P,L,�����of
Greenwood, Free Miners Cerilllcnie No. BSOw),
acting as agent for ltoss Thompson, of Kos.slni.il,
Free Miner's Certilleate No. liontH. intend, sixty
days from date hereof. In apply to the Milling Hecorder for a Certificate of Improvement)* for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action under
feci ion :,; must he commenced before the issuance
of such Certilleate of Improvements
Dated this 9th day of October, 1000.
Spokane Falls & Nortlicrn Railway Co,
Nelson k Ft. Sliqiparil Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only all-rail route between nil points east,
W'WMind south to Uossland, Nelson and inter,
mediate points; uontljyilliig al Spokane with the
Great Northern, Northern Faeillc und O. R. & N.
Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and
all Kootenai lake points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with stage dally for
Keimbllc, and connects atlJossherg with "stage
daily for Grand Fork- and Greenwood,
Time schedule now effective :
8.00 a. in,
ii.no a. in.
7.00 a. m.
0.43 p. ni.
11.00 p, m.
(1.40 p.m.
8.10 p. ill.
7.15 p. m.
7.00 a. m.
7.00 a. m.
General Passenger Agent.
Canadian ^
Pacific Ky.
Still continue to operate Hrst-class sleepers on all
trains from Uevelsloke aud Kootenay Landing.
Also, Tourist ears, passing Duiimore Junction
dally for St. Paul, Saturdnys for Montreal and
Huston, Mondays aud Thursdays for Toronto.
Same cars pass Iteudstokc one day earlier.
No trouble to i] note rates and give you a pointer
regarding the eastern trip you content plate taking.
Local Piuenier Schedule:
Ex. Sun.
Arrlvu ln:H4
(IllltlJ- I'UHl
1'iiM'itiU!  City
lis. Hun.
Arrlvu 13:31
(���������1.1U Wl'st
Fur rntt's.tlt'kots tnni full Information, apply
lo Aiii'in, Cascade City, U. C, or
E. J. Ooylb, A. G. P. Agt.
Vancouver, B. C.
TrMDi Mark*
Copyright* Ac.
Anyone sending n .ketch ��nd description may
quickly ..certain onr opinion free whether an
Intention I. probably patentable. Communist,
tion. strictly confidential. Handbook on Patent,
���ent tree. Oldest agency for securlnBpatents.
Patent, taken through Munn * Co. receive
special notice, without charge, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest elr.
snlatlon of any sclentlOc journal. Terms, 13 a
reari four month., IL gold by all newsdealer..
Branch Offlce, M F SU Washington, D. C.
The proprietor begs to announce that the
Whole of the Grocery,
Dry Goods, Hardware,
And other stocks of the
MacRae, Gladstone and
Eagle City Branches
Will be brought to
And offered for sale
This will ensure buyers by far the
Biggest Selection at
Lowest Prices in Town.
Call For Prices.
D cember 2S, 1(00
Spokane Falls k Northern to Be  Extended
West to Ike Sea.
A correspondent writing to the
Spokesman- Review from Vancouver under date of December 15,
say 8:
"The Vancouver-Victoria & Eastern railway, the franchise of
which President Hill of the Great
Northern is credited with a desire
to buy, has two charters. One
franchise was issued by the Dominion govern men t at Ottawa; the
other by tbeprovsncial government
at Victoria. The terminals of the
line are to be at Vancouver and a
point on the Columbia river near
Hobson. There is to be railway
connection with Victoria.
Tho company was originally subsidized by the Turner government
ut the rate of $4,000 per mile for
400 miles, but when the Seinlin-
Cutton government was in office it
repudiated the subsidy, thus preventing actual construction of the
line. The original owners of the
charters are the McLean Bros, and
Dr. Milne of ibis city. They disposed of the charters to McKenzie &
Mann, the millionaire railroaders,
under certain stipulations as lo
constructions, which stipulations
have not been fulfil led. and there
seems to be every probability of the
Great Northern obtaining possession of the charters.-v
The franchise allows the construction of a road through the
rich Fraser valley, across the Similkameen and Boundary mining
country to any point on the Columbia river, so that it is the most
important franchise covering south-,
em British Columbia.
In the event that the deal as outlined in the above dispatch goes
through, It will mean that President Hill has not abandoned his
determination to build into the
Boundary country. It is evident
that the connecting link between
the Great Northern and the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern road
will extend from a point on the
Spokane Falls & Northern, pro
ably from Marcus or Bossburg along
the Kettle river north to Cassade
Ciiy and Grand Forks, B. C.
A special from Vancouver to the
Seattle Times gives an interview
with D. C. MacDounell, the lega
adviser of the Vancouver, Victoria
& Eastern, in which he is quoted as
making the following statements:
"The Vancouver, Victoria &
Eastern railway has about closed
an agreement with the Great North
ern railway, uud the Grand Trunk
railway by which they will con
nect those two systems on the
Pacific coast and in the Boundary
country on the Columbia river, and
thus complete an independent
transcontinental line from the
Pacific to the Atlantic, from Vic
toria to Montreal.
Messrs. McKenzie & Munn the
multimillionaire contractors nf
Toronto, are financiering the const
Kooienay railway scheme, and the
announcement was to bo made of
the successful completion of the
deal last Tuesday night, but a
Blight hitch has ecctirretl neoessitat
ing the posponement of the decisive
signing of the signatures until next
Tuesday. Operations will be coin
menced on the Victoria, Vancouver
& Kootenay road at once.
The passege of the recent Victoria ferry bylaw by which the
Great Northern sought to establish
railway and ferry connection between Victoria and tbe mainland
of British Columbia, wiis a part
of   a   preconceived   plan,     Louis
Lukes, the confidential man for
McKenzie & Mann, was sent to
Victoria purposely to aid in the
passage of the bylaw, as it did
away with the necessity of the
Coast Kootenay railway establishing a ferry between these two
Over the projected system passengers may leave Montreal on the
Grand Trunk and travel to Chicago
where they will be transferred over
tbe American connection of the
Grand Trunk to a point on the
Columbia river, where they will
again enter British territory and
proceed to New Westminster, and
hy tbe Great Northern to the Great
Northern Victoria ferry landing or
they may save time by going direct
to Vancouver and taking the Lulu
island branch of the Canadian.
Pacific railway to Steveston and
boarding the ferry at that point
to Victoria.
Tlie Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern system will be controlled by
the Great Northern when finished."'
A Sensible ind Reasonable View.
Property holders throughout the
Boundary district may well feel
pleased with the recent deals in
mining properties, and the evident
belief among capitalists that no
better opportunity to invest their
money could he found than that
offered by this section of British
Columbia. Many things have happened iu the lust few weeks that
show the increased activity in
mining circles, among which may
be mentioned the re organization of
the Winnipeg company, the purchase by the Gooderham-Blnck-
stock syndicate of the controlling
���interest-in the Fairview corporation, the (resumption of work on
tbe Dominion Copper company's
properties in Phoenix camii, the
i-iiie of the Greyhound and other
properties to the Standard Copper
company, the final payment on the
Carmi, and the bonding of the
Butcher Boy group. The Granby
smelter is working to ils full capacity, the Anaconda and Boundary
Falls smelters are progressing rapidlv with their construction
and will be blown in before long,
and now it is reported that two
more smelters are to be erected���
one by the Dominion Copper company and one by the company controlling the B. C. mine in Summit
camp. All this goes to show that
the importance of tbe Boundary
as a mining country is being established und is a matter for congratulation to those who have placed their faith in this section. It is
not known at present just where
ihe two last mimed smelters will
be located. This activity can only
mean that still better times are in
store for the cities and towns
throughout the Boundary.���Mid
wav Advance,
One of tbe flood Things This Year.
The new monthly, The Ladies'
Magazine���the Canadian womiin'i
newspaper���it in its second issue-
Christmas number, and already its
promised growth in strength and
brightness is very apparent. The
December number appears in a
handsomely tinted cover, and its
contents are of real interest to
family readers, admirably printed
and profusely illustrated. There is
a beautiful full-page frontispiece;
three bright stories; an illustrated
article on the work of the Victorian
Nurses; a sketch "Christmas with
the College Girls," two pages of
fashion notes; the month's wed
dings, one of the popular features of
the Magazine; the table on Christmas day: with illustrated receipes;
"The Knack of Happy Gift-making"; and other holiday suggestions,
Answers to correspondents; and a
page .if news from Canadian
women's societies. The whole
number is bright���one of the best,
and in the price the cheapest
Christmas publication of the year
���and a credit to Canadian journalism. Ten cents a copy���The
Hugh C. MacLean Company, Toronto.
Hon. Smith Curtis, M.P.P., was
in Toronto the 18th instant. The
dispatches say be spoke in glowing
terms of the Bundiiry country.
It is claimed that the Granby
smelter is clearing $900 a day.
Holiday Rales By tbe Canadian Pacific Railway.
In connection with the Christmas and New Year's holidays the
Canadian Paific Railway will put
into effect the usual local holiday
rates of single fare for the round
trip. Passengers can purchase
tickets on the following dates:���
December 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and
25th, good to return January 3rd.,
and on December 29th, 30th, 31st,
and January 1st, good to return on
January 3rd.
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B. C
:   Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
VO'J'IOK is hereby ci veil Unit after the 1st day
���^ of December, 1900, ft homily of Two Dollars
(92.00) will be ]>ald for every coyote killed In uny
Hcttli-d district of the Province, niibjeot to the
conditions of a notice dated the 22d of August,
Hy command-
Provincial riecretrtry.
Provincial ScereOiry's Olllce,
20th November. 1000.
The Columbia & Western Railway Company
t auada at its next Kent*ion for an Act UHsimllat*
ing its bonding iiowers In fHsiiect of its railway
and branch lines West of Midway to the power*
already given in respect of It* lines constructed
East of that point, exteudhii: the time within
which it may complete its railways, and author-
Izinn It to construct such branches from uny of
Its lines not exceeding In ap.v one case tliir.y
miles in leimth us are from trine authorized hy
the Uovernnumt in Council, and Tor other purposes.
Hallett & Shaw
A Full Assortment
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You tire hereby notified Unit I Imvo exnotiOud
IliM.uulu tli�� sum')' of iIm "Undine" Miucrnl
Clulm, sltunlf III .summit Ciilnp, In tin- lirmiil
Forks MIiiIiik Division of Ynli' Distriot, HrilMli
Clllllllllllli     l(>   I'OIIIlt   !IH     HI)   IlKUfSMIIi'llt   IIII   Hllill
clulm, iis will nppenr by u ccrtllli'nte m i\ ork re-
eorded October mill, imki. In tin' ullii'K of Hit'
Anil If, lit till! cvplrilllon of nlili'ly (Ul) ilnvs of
pulilli'iitioti of this notion, yon full or nifnsH io
t'Miilrilnili' your proportion of tUi' exiieiiililur,'
required nniti-r Suction r.��l, tot-ether with till costs
of iiilvcrtlelntr.your hilt-rcs! iu suiil clulm sluill
become vested In tlie subscriber (your co-owner)
uiulurSi'i!i.lou4of tlie "Mineral Act Amendment
Act lOull."
Dated nt llossliinil. Ii. C, tht. Illlli ilsy ot November, IWJO.
Hnlli'tt & slmw, Solicitors for Ross Thompson.
Fire Insurance Agency
Gkoikik K. Stockeb, Agent.
Staple akb Fancy
Hiners' Supplies,
Hay, Oats, Coal, Etc.
Patent Medicines:
We have just laid in an EXTENSIVE LINE
of STANDARD  PATENT  Medicines,
of the kinds most in use and demand, and possessing curative powers. When you need medical aids come and see what we have.
December '.1,1900
'Merry Christmas.
Shortest day of the year, this.
Tbe Cascade school closed yesterday for the winter holiday season.
Sam. Handy and   Geo. Moore
'have gone to Moyie to seek the
favor of Dame Fortune.
<5. H. Miller, traveling auditor
for the C. P. R., was n j��uent at the
Cosmopolitan hotel here Tuesday
Four feet of snow in the neighborhood of Phoenix i�� reported. If
our rains had heen snow we'd
have ten feet by this time.
The must continuous rain of the
past three months fell Wednesday
night, beginning early in the evening and continuing all night.
No mail was received here from
the east or the States on Wednesday, it having gone astray or been
held up hy quarantine regulations.
Tommy, get your gun and repel
the invaders. See the government
reward offered in another column���
two dollars for tlie sculp of c. t
Mr. and Mrs. Luff went to Ron-
eon this week, where Mr. Luff will
have charge of one of the Yale-
Columbia Lumber company's plants
at that point.
Mrs. Wolverton has on display
at her store a few nice articles fur
those desiring suoh for Christmas
pii>ents���gentlemen's toilet sets,
i erfumes, mirrors, etc. To see
them is to covet them.
Conductor Mesker one of the affable and accommodating passenger
conductors on the C. & W. between
Midway and Rossland, was married
last week in the latter city. The
Midway band welcomed Mr. and
Mrs. Mesker to their home in that
There are not quite as many
people in town as formerly, but the
buildings are all here yet, and by
June next there'll not be an unoccupied one in town. The growth
that will be witnessed here in the
spring will not be "bloat," but bone
and sinew.
We who Btay here this winter
and keep things moving steadily
along, and thus maintain our
faith in the final outcome, will enjoy the pleasure of greeting the return in a few months of many
familiar faces, whose wearers will
admit they, too, would have done
better to have remained here.
Every citizen of Cascade should
turn out and give those who have
labored so faithfully to provide a
cheery Christmas Tree entertainment for the children, a hearty endorsement hy their presence on
Monday night, Christmas Eve.
The admission for adults will be
25c, which will entitle them not
only to the enjoyment of the program, but to the fine supper that
will be provided.   Children free.
The Record i s about to make its
exit from the scenes and activities
of the Nineteenth century and hurl
itself with renewed vigor and determination into the seething vortex
of human struggle of the Twentieth
century. In order that we may
be financially re-enforced and encouraged to do our whole duty during the coming century, we hope
all those who have been edified, refined, and amused by the weekly
visits of The Record during the
past century, and who have not
paid the subscription price therefor,
will now do so���and it would be no
more than fair if they paid a cen
tury in advance.
AvtNut   I
HUfffi ��� ( H ��� [
im mmo up uw mm
im Bffl iMy Qimj nffii-
��� ������Hi
Cascade City
vm up mm tup mm
\     v\o,    NSeVenTH Avc South
m. mm ��� ran
Tfn mtm mtm Mr
\    .  ��� .
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent "Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRIOT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. Cue mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
I : 1
Fine Printing
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Oive Us a Trial.!


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