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 I   r        '
' i
Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. III.
CASCADE, B. C, JANUARY 26, 1901.
No. ia.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bkidqr Strkkt,   GRAND PORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
%^T Leave your repairing orders at this office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
mij complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Oo.
When Shopping
to Grand Forks don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. R. Megaw,
General Merchant
Makes a Specialty Fine
Fisher Block, O.RAND PORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and   convenient, and
workmanship the best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs. M. F. Cross
Proprieties. JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave.,      Grand Forks.
Rooms 60c and up.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do they need
repairing: or would you
prefer something new-
made to order ? Any*
how, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
Queen Victoria, Our Revered Sovereign, Lays Down
The Earthly for a Heavenly Crown.
Born at Kensington Palace, May 24,1819; Died at Osborne House,
January 22,1901.
Coweb, Isle of Wight, Jan. 22 ���
Queen Victoria is dear) and Edward
VII. reigns. Quietly, almost gently, upon the ainiiver niy of the
death of Queen Victoria's father,
the Duke of Kent, the end of a
career never before equalled hy any
woman in tlie world's history, came
in a similar room in Osborne. The
most respected of all women, living
or dead, lay in u great four-posted
bed, and miide n shrunken utom
whose aged face and figure were a
cruel mockery,nf the fair girl who
in 1837 began to rule over England.
Around her were gathered almost
every decendaut of her line. Well
within view of her dyin : eyes there
hung a portrait of the Prince Consort. It was ha who designed the
ro��m and every part of the castle.
In scarcely audible words the white
haired Bishop of Winchester prayed beside her, as. he had often prayed with his sovereign, for he was
her chaplin at Windsor. With
bowed heads, the imperious ruler
of Germany, the man who is now
King of England, the woman who
has succeeded the little old Queen,
the Princes and those of has than
royal designation, listened tt the
Bishop's ceaseless prayers. Six
o'clock passed and the Bishop continued intercession. At exactly half
part six Sir James Reid held up his
band, and the people knew England had lost her Queen. The Bishop
pronounced the benediction. The
Queen passed quietly, peacefully
away. She suffered no pain. Those
who were now mourners went from
the room. Tbe whole world wae
jarred when the announcement
came, but in Ihe palace at Osborne
everything pursued tbe usual
The body of Queen Victoria is
being enhalined to-night and will
probably be taken to Windsor Saturday. The collin arrived last
evening from London.
The Prince of Wales was very
much affected when Ihe doctors at
ln-t informed him that his mother
had breathed her last. Emperor
William, himself deeply affected,
did his best lo administer to the
comfort of his stricken uncle, whose
new dignity he was first to acknowledge. From all parts of the world
there are still pouring in to Cowes
messages of condolence. They come
from crowned heads, millionaire*,
tradesmen and paupers, and are
variously addressed to the Prince
of Wales and to the King of England.
On Tuesday she went for a drive
but was visibly affected. On Wednesday she suffered :i paralytic
stroke, accompanied by intense
physical weakness. It was her
first illness in all her 81 yean, and
she would not admit it. Then her
condition grew so very serious that
against her wishes the family was
summoned. When they arrived,
her reason had practically succumbed to the paralysis and weakness.
London, Jan. 23.���Shortly before-1
midnight an official announcement.
wai>' issued calling parliament io>
assemble at 4o'clock thi�� (Wednesday) afternoon, to enable members-1
of the House of Lords and House of
Commons to take the oath of allegiance to King Edward VII. The
privy council will meet in London
to-day and the proclamation of the
King will he read thereafter at all
places, hy custom. The King will
come to London to preside over tbe
When Great Corporations Engage in Mortal Combat
The People Benefit,
From all appearances there are
to be lively limes in railway circles
from this on. As these great enterprises flourish and the avarice of
their natures lead them to reach
out for more, morel morel! they
eventually come in conflict one
with the other, for there is a limit
to that for which their ambitious
souls strive���wealth and the power
that accompanies it.
For years American railway magnates have sought privilege on
Canadian territory, but in the interest of Canadian railway enterprise they have been denied the
field, at least so far as British Columbia is concerned. It now seems
that the people of this province are
becoming weary of the "free-band"
policy allowed the C. P. R. Its exactions have been too severe; have
retarded interior development by ill
discriminating freight rates in favor of the cities at the end of "long
For a long period the people of
Canada, through their governments,
have encouraged the growth and
expansion of the Canadian Pacific
railway by munificent gifts, till il
has grown to be a mighty power in
the land���so great that it began to
imagine itself even more powerful
than its creator, tbe people, and lo
dictate to their representatives in
parliament assembled. It demanded the right to a "free hand" in
dealing with its helpless patrons,
and protection against all competitors. This, after the people had
given it all it possesses
A change is coming over the situation. One of two things the people are now demanding, the benefits
of true competition, or government
ownership nf railways.
The result of all this has been to
convince the people's representatives tbat a more liberal policy toward foreign railway enterprise
would inure to the public good, and
bring the C. P. K. to the conclusion
that it does not constitute the only
worthy enterprise in the country.
It is universally conceded that
the time is ripe for the government
to throw down its barriers and give
all comern an opportunity to develop resources of this great interior
country, irrespective of the aims
nf those who would confine progress
lo a few terminal points in the hit-
est of "long hauls."
If J. J. Hill and bis co-workers
are allowed to bump up against
Mr. Shaughnessy and the capitalists he represents, they will likely
be relieved of their surplus conceit.
The incident which has suggested
the above paragraphs is tbe Strug
gle now on between the C. P. B. on-
the one side and the Crows Nest
Coal company on the other. This-
fight is liable to uncover existing
conditions that will demonstrate
tbe necessity of the government
taking cognisance thereof and looking further into the manipulations
of ihe C. P. R. not altogether sanctioned by its charter.
Tils Meter Les*" IU ��� Seal.
One of the most munificent bequests which have been made in
recent years ie the leaving of ��4,-
000,000, tn he devoted to charitable
purposes, by Samuel Lewis a London money lender, who died on
Tuesday last. The sum nf ��400,000
goes to provide dwellings for the
poor of all creeds. May the late-
Mr. Lewis' action herein related
be emulated by many others. But
Ihey should do such things in their
life time. Carnegie ie wise in this
To Mtel the 2lit el K'tk. luteal ef the 1st.'.
By proclamation of His Honor,
the Lieut.-Governor, the Provincial'
Legislature will convene on the 21st
of next month instead of the 1st, -
as stated in the dispatches last week. -
It Genu High.
The estimated cost of the South.'
African war is placed at $331,61ey-
000. 2
January SO, 1*91
rulillslinl uii Saturdays m  (JMcaile,  II. ('.
PerYear    fc.Od
Sli Month     I.SS
To Foreign Countries     ������:.*>
Advertising Kales Furnished on Application.
If there is a blue mark in ���������������''
this square, your subscrip- < >
tion is due, and you are in- \',
vited to remit.
Under the wine and strong leadership of Premier Dunsmuir, it is
conceded on all hands that our Provincial government is being most
satisfactorily administered. Amid
all this  railway charter confusion
And now comes Kaslo, enthusiastic with a smelter scheme.
The Duke of York will, when
King Kdward confers the honor,
succeed to the title of Duke of
More snow to-day. Good winter
weather so far.
Mr. Robt. Kelman returned from
Nelson by Monday's train.
Mr. Bryant, a well-known prospector returned to Cascade this
week from the Slocan.
Charles Runibel was willed to
Northport Wednesday by the illness of his mother.
The children of Mr. and Mrs Eli
Lavalley have moved into town
from the family residence on the
ake, for the purpose of  attending
.and this and that rumored railway
iproject iu British Columbia, it is to!school here.
be hoped that our ministers at Vic-   "Similkameen or bust 1" All right;
toria und Ottawa will hear in mind !con'e in nml Pel one "f Fr""k  B">'
, ley's guide-maps of that section. It
will enable you to get there without
constantly that the rich and rapid
ly growing sections of this province
known as the Kootenays, Boundary
and Similkameen need and must
have more direct, quicker and less
expensive connection with the coast
cities. Most of the faked si lift'
printed m the papers at present
about proposed railway construction is set a float for misleading purposes ou tbe part of schemers. Il
is the independent Coast-Kootenay
road proposed by the Dunsmuir
government this district needs first
of all. More feeders to llieC. P. K.
trunk line that do not rid us of the
'to-tlie-coiistand-back-again" rale
of that company, will be of little
benefit. Owing to the circuitous
.routeof the C.P.R. and its discriminating policy, the business of the
country is unnecessarily burdened
-.with transportation taxation.
How silly ami peurile it is on the
I.jiart of some newspapers  lo asserl
I bat Mr. 0. Foley has "gone over
to the enemy," and  "deserted  his
followers," etc., simply because he
accepted .a   federal   appointment
at   the   hands of    those    having
I the appointing power, where he can
,best   serve   his   supporters.     Mr.
Foley's appointment im the Chinese
["Commission  is an   act creditable
[alike to himself and lo the Liberal
party.   It shows that  the Ottawa
.authorities can   rise   above   mere
party prejudice and tbe spoils idea
,in   the   intere-l  of   the people ut
[large, and also demonstrates that
the government is sincere in  ils
Isdesire for the betterment of   the
.great working class.     Mr. Foley,
Lin his oflicinl capacity, will contend
Mot a report to the government of
.true labor conditions  us relates to
.the   presence   iu Ibis  province of
(.Chinese and Japanese laborers, and
.can in his position on the enmtnis-
, sion serve the best  interests of his
followers far  more effectually for
'the  present than he could  us  an
��� M. P.
Spokane has 23 passenger   trains
daily. '	
The 0. R. & N   has  reduced  its
'passenger rate one cent.   The rate
is now 3 cents per mile.
William J. Bryan's  new  weekly
.paper, "The Commoner,"   started
���"'off with 50,000 subscribers.
|tl    Tbe tariff should be taken off of
all products figuring in any of the
trust combines.   The trust i��  an
i outgrowth of the protection policy.
'' The spread of the Gospel truth
is as  remakable nowadays is in
Lithe times of the inquisition. While
I the barbarian soul of the Filipino
is  being inoculated  with  modern
civilization by means of beer and
^, bullets, the devil is being roasted
out of the hearts of the Negroes in
the Southern States.
It will be seen by an advertise'
ment in another column that Ross
land is preparing in annul style t<
give all who attend the Winter
Carnival at that place full value
for their money in attractive winter
sports. You can go and come on
all railways for half fare. Full
particulars next week.
Mr. John Simpson, in a letter to
u friend in Cascade expresses himself us well pleased with his new
school at Armstrong, B. C. He
says tbe school district is an old
one. He bas 21 scholars enrolled.
The country thereabouts is of an
agricultural and horticultural character and Mr. Simpson enjoys real
cream with his porridge, and all
the fruit he can eat, as it is plentiful.
Miss Agnes Ruckle of Vancouver
arrived in Cascade Monday and on
Tuesday opened the local school.
Wednesday afternoon Mrs. G. K.
Stocker invited Mi's Ruckle to her
residence, where she was introduced
to several of our townslndies, including Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. McRae, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. McFetridge and Mrs. Turner, who together
enjoyed themselves in social converse and partaking of dainty refreshments served  by  the  hostess.
The St. Eugue mineat Moyie laid
off 175 men this week, pending the
settlement of smeller difliculties.
Sandon Winter Carnival,
The Record acknowledges the receipt of a complimentary admission ticket to the Sandon Winter
Carnival, which will take place
next Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday, Jan. 28, 29, 30 and
31st. Great preparations have
been made for the enjoyment of
winter sports on this occasion which
Sandon knows so well how to render
One Ontario Winter Enoufh for Mr. Walllnf.
In a letter which Mr. John Simpson, formerly of Cascade, received
from Mr. Walling, who went with
his family to Ontario a few months
ago, the latter says that be intends
lo return to this province next
spring and to bring his family
back, as one Ontario winter is
enough for them after living in
British Columbia. He says be may
not, however, come further west
than Nelson. Nevertheless The
Record ventures tbe prediction that
Mr. Walling will again become a
citizen of Cascade.
residents of Vancouver. Tbe Toronto people will at once proceed to
develop the property, which is reported by Engineer Burrell nf New
York, who was expert for the
Crow," Nest Coal Company, to be
one of the most promising coalfields in America. The bonding of
these lands bas given rise to a
three-cornered fight for railway supremacy between Gooderham,C.P.R.
and McKenzie & Mann interests.
The Gooderham people recently offered the Vancouver, Victoria &
Eastern Railway company $100,000
for a charter to build into Nicola,
thence to Kelowna, and the Vancouver shareholders are said to have
been iu favor of accepting this. But
McKenzie it Mann announced that
if anyone built the road they would
so Mann announced thai he would
at once come to British Columbia.
He is expected here anyday. The
British Columbia shareholders in
the Vancouver Victoria & Eastern
practically retired on payment to
them by McKenzie& Maim of $G5,-
Blackstock & Gooderham Buy Coal Lands.
The news from Vancouver in to
the effect that Gooderham & Black-
Htock of Toronto have hooded five
thousand acre.-* nf coal lands in
Nicola valley, near White lake, for
$100,000. Payment of a fair percentage of this amount as a deposit
has already heen made, several of
the owners of the property being
XlOl'ICE is hereby given thut an applleatlon will
11 be made lo Mm purlinnmui uf Mm Dominion of
Cuuiidn at Us next session for un Act to incorporate u company with power lu construct, equip
and muimuin und operute by siemn, ulectrlcty or
uny other kind ur kinds ol" motive power, a single
or double truck standard gunge railway for tin;
purpose of convoying piissenyers, freight, war-
etnindise und goods, (jommunuTng ut u point on
tin-1 iiimduin side or ihe international lioimdary
Hue ut or iieur Cnsoude City in the Osuvoos Division of Vftle District in the Prov in co uf Urltisli
Columbia, thence along thn westerly utile of the
Kettle Elver hy the most feasible route to u point
on the (Jumidliiu side of the Internutioiiul round*
��ry line neiirCursim in the Usoyoos Division of
Yule District, In tlie suld Province, with power to
construct, equip, iiiaiutniu auo operate branch
railways mid tramways in connection therewith,
not exe'diug twenty-live miles iu length, nnd nil
necesstiry ronds, bridge-, wuys, ferries mid other
works, nnd wi h power to build, own, equip, operate nud muiutniu all telegtuph and tileplioue
Hues in connection with the said railwuy or
branches thereof; Vt itli power to construct, equip
operate mid maintain bnuih lines in connection
with suid telephone and telt*rnph linos; to build
and ojterate nil kinds of plant for the purpose of
supplying light, beat, electricity and uny kind of
motive power; und with power lo expropriate
lands for the purposes or the company; and lo
acquire luuds.buiiusi's privileges or oilier aids Troin
any Government, persons or bodies corporate;
and to make trnllle or other arningeitenU with
railways, steamboats or other companies or persons; and with power to build wagon roads and
trails to he used in tlie construction of tlie snid
works und any tidvunce of the same, und lew und
collect tolls from the parties using same aud on all
freight or goods pus sing over any such lines, ronds
or trails built by the company,, whether built he*
fore or after the construction'ol tlie said railway,
telegraph or telephone Hues and with nil
other usual, iiecesmiry or Incidental rights,
powers or privileges.
Duttdut Uosslund,   11.  0��� this 10th day of
December, A. D., IttUO.
J, V. MoChak,
For .-elf and Associates.
The proprietor begs to announce that the
Whole of the Grocery,
Dry Goods, Hardware,
And other stocks of the
MacRae, Gladstone and
Eagle City Branches
Will be brought to
And offered for sale
Spokane Falls k Northern Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft, Sliejipanl Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only all-rail route between all points cast,
west und ��nuth to Knsslaud, Nelson and Intermediate points; commuting at Spokane with the
Grew Northern, Northern I'tielliuaudO. It. ti N.
Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and
II Kontenal lake points,
Connects at Meyers Falls with stagf dully for
Ht'imhlic, and connects nt Hossherg with stage
dally forttrand Fork- and Uruoiiwood.
Time schedule now effective :
H.OU a. in.
7.00 u. in.
iMft p. in.
11.00 p. in,
(1.10 p. m.
11.10 p.m.
7.1ft p. m,
7.00 a, m.
7.00 n. in.
General Piit-getigftr A pent.
Still continue to operate first-class sleepers on nil
trains from UevelBtoke and Kootenay Landing.
Also, Tourist cars, passing Dumnore Junction
dally lor .St. Paul, Snturdnys (or Montreal and
Boston, Monday, and Thursdays for Toronto.
Same oars puss Utnulstnkc nne day earlier.
No trouble toquoto rales and give you a pointer
regarding tlie eastern trip you contemplate taking.
Local Passenger Schedule:
K\. Sun.
Arrive 111:34
doing east
Cascade city
Ex. Hun.
Arrive 13:21
Going west
For rates,ticket, and lull information, apple
to Agent, Cascade City, II. C, or
E. J. Coyle, A. G. P. Agl,
Vancouver, B. C.
This will ensure buyers by far the
Biggest Selection at
Lowest Prices in Town.
Call For Prices.
January 2(1, lBOt
To the Editor���I noticed a. paragraph in the lust issue of The Record, January 19, which reads: "It
rieerrtB to lie generally believed on
the American fide that the international boundary line as it now
runs is three miles further south
than it should be nml than it would
be if Uncle Sum demanded and was
allowed the territory that rightfully belongs lo him," etc. The paragraph winds up by siiying, "at any
rate it will not do to throw up our
noses and arrogantly ignore this
claim and it might be well for the
Ottawa authorities to give the matter attention lit the next session of
The Canadian government has
already done so. Dealing with this
matter on the 26th of May last the
government of Canada by minute
in council culled the attention of
Her Majesty's government to tbe
reported state of I be monuments
along their boundary line with the
United States which bad been demarcated that is to say besides the
southern boundary of British Columbia the continuation of the 49th
parallel to the Lake of the Woods
and the line separating the states
of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine from the province
of Quebec and New Brunswick.
The co-operation of the United
States in the examination of these
lines for the re-establishing lost
monuments and placing such supplementary monuments as may appear necessary was envited. The
U. S. government has not yet signified its assent to this proposal.
I don't think any further comment is necessary.  Angus Camkkon.
Cascade, Jan. 22, 1901.. ,
And Kimloopi, Ton.
And Kamloops, too, is to have a
smelter. A "mining camp without
a smelter boom is not up to date.
Ctrlboo-McKinnty Will Uw Diamond Drills.
From Camp McKinney it is learned that the management of the
Cariboo-McKinney Mining & Mill
ing company has decided to further
exploit the holdings of the company, at depth, by the aid of diamond drilling.
Yuenfllnt Brought Back.
Fred Yueugling, who was brought
from New York by VV. H. Bullock-
Webster, as be was wanted on
the charge of embezzlement, has
been taken to the provincial gaol
at Uossland, where he will remain
until the trial.
Benjamin Richard Atkini In Luck.
Benjamin Richard Atkins of Revelstoke has been appointed sub-collector of customs.
Bonndary la Dispute.
The questio'H is often asked uon-
ruing the reason for leaving the
three-mile strip ou the north of ihe
Colville reservation Unsurveyerl. In
answer to a query directed to Sui-
vev��r-(leniTiil Kingsbury he said:
"I cannot tell, as I am waiting
advices from Washington, D. C.
The International boundary line
has not as yet been definitely
settled in that section, and there is
a three-mile strip on the north end
of the Colville reserve to which we
have not as yet obtained good title.
Petition for the survey of the north
part of this reserve have been forwarded to Commissioner Herman
of Washington, but no reply has
been received at my office."���Midway Advance.
The Carmi'e Machinery Arrives.
The temporary road up the West
Fork to the Carmi mine has been
completed mid last week eight
teams were sent up after ore.
Sleighing is reported to' be good.
The hoist and boiler for the Idaho
been waiting for removal at West-
iilid Washii gtoii mine that have
bridge can now be placed ou sleds
and sent up lo the mine. -Greenwood Times.
������What Foola We Morula Bel"
On the Selby farm 10 miles from
Vancouver, Mrs. C. Walker, wife of
William C. Walker, Eli Walker,
their son, and a dnuuhter, Mrs.
Julia Baily, were killed by an explosion of giant powder, which had
been placed in an oven to thaw.
Mr. B. Jacob* Honored
Mr. E. Jacobs of Ureenwood, one
of the most able, careful and reli
able press correspondents in the
Boundary country, has been employed by a large banking Arm in
the east to prepare a comprehensive
paper on mines and mining in
British Columbia. He went to the
coast last Saturday to secure some
data from the office of the Provincial Mineralogist.
U. S. Msrble Company Increaaei Capital.
The U. S. Marble company proposes at a special meeting on the
12th of March next to increase its
capital stock from 1,500,000 to 2,-
UMMM Fire In Montreal.
Montreal haa suffered severely
from a Are which started on the
corner of Lemoine and St. Peter
streets, an ancient portion of the
city. The loss is estimated at hetween #2,500,000 and $3,000,000.
A New Sub-Land Oltlce.
The establishment of a land
registration district office in Nelson
was a commendable act on the pint
of tbe provincial government. Mr.
Henry Frye Mncleod, of Nelson,
has been made the government's
agent at that office. The title is
the "Kootenay Land Registration
District." This will be a great
convenience in land matters in
Yale and Kootenay.
B. F. Vancleve Returns to Cascade.
Mr. B. F. Vancleve, who had
been absent from Cascade the past
seven or eight months, returned
here last Saturday. During hiB
absence he visited many of the
eastern states ami cities. He re
turned from the east by way of
San Francisco, swinging around th
coast cities of Portland, Seattle and
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B C
k Columbia Brewery GSsj
Lager Beer!
Highway Bridge, Kettle River, Columbia, B. C.
B. C.,
SEATED TRNDKRS. superscribe
for Hridjje, Kettle River, Columb
will be received by tlie undersigned up to mid
Including Saturday, the 9th February next, for
the construction nnd completion of a wooden
highway bridge across the Kettle river at Columbia, B. C.
Drawings specifications and form of contract
may be Heen on application to Mr. I. A. Dinsmore, Provincial Constable, at Grand Fork*, B.
f\,Httri at the Lands mid Works Department,
Victoria, B. C., on and after the 14th instant.
Each tender must he accompanied by at. accepted batik cheque or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to the
undersigned, for the sum of eight hundred (|R00)
dollars,which cheque shall be forfeited if the party
tendering decline to enter Into contract when
called u pirn to do no, or If he fail to complete the
work contracted for. The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will Im; returned to them upon the
execution of the contract.
Tenders wilt not ho considered unless made out
on the forms supplied and signed with the actual
signatures of the tenderer?.
The lowest or any tender nut necessarily accepted, i
. ;     W. S. GOKK,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands and Works Department.
Victoria; II. C.f 4th January, 1901.
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
Curling Bonspiel
H Tuesday to Saturday, Feb.12-16
$3,000 in Trophies and Prizes Igff
_            h
M        Eight Curling Contests under the  auspicies ofW KJ��t
M the Kootenav Curline Association. IJ \X V
The Programme Includes
Eight Curling Contests under the auspicies off
the Kootenay Curling Association.
Hockey tournaments for senior, j uuion and ladies' *
championship of British Columbia. *
Showshoe Races, Ski Races, Skating Races for^
the provinoial championships and for men and boys.
Cutter and dog races, coasting contests and a grand 1
Carnival Masqurade. "
Kates nf 11 single fare fur the round trip nn nil riiilwtiy.
H. W. C. Jackson, Sec. CarnivHl Committee, RiwIhikI, B. 0A
Hallett & Shaw
The Columbia & Western Railway Company
Panada at Its next session for an Act assimilating Its bonding powers In respect of lis railway
and branch Unci West of Midway to the powers
already given In respect of Us lines constructed
East of that point, extending the time within
which It may complete Its railways, and author*
izing It to construct such branches from any of
Its lines not exceeding In any one case thirty
miles In length as are from time to time authorized
by the Government In Council, and for other pur*
Dtfl Secretary.
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You are hereby untitled tlist I luive expended
IV0O.0O In the survey of the "Undine" Mineral
Claim, slttiiiteln Summit Ciinitt, In the Grand
Pork" Mining Division of Yule District. British
Columbia in count a. an assessment on said
claim, bs will appear by a Certillcille of Work recorded October lull), (900, In the olllce of the
Mining Recorder for Ihe said Qriind Forks Milling Division, In order to hold said claim under
the provision, of Section 84 of "The Mineral
Act:".uch being the amount required to hold
said clnlm for Ihe year ending Oct. Sfllh, 1000.
And If, at the expiration of ninety (90) days nf
publication of this notice, von fall or refuse to
cnntrlbnte your proportion of the expenditure
required nnder Section 84, together with all costs
of advertising, your Interest In said claim shall
become Tented In the subscriber (your co-owner)
under Section 4 of Hie "Mineral Act Amendment
Act IM0."
Dated at Rossland, I). C, thl. 13th day of November, 1900.
Hallett ft Shaw, Solicitor, for Ross Thompson.
Is too small in which to tell you what a
complete line of
Patent Medicines.
Miners' Supplies,
of all kinds;
Also, Hay and Oats,
That is always on hand at
Buy from them and Save Money
$#4.4.4*4* 4* 4* 4*14- * * *** 4* *r THE CASCADE RECORD
January M, 1*01
Its Recent City Election a Great
Scrap���The Result a
Real Surprise.
The recent city election in Grand
Forks was a hot contest aocording
'to reports, the result being a great
surprise to all, and a severe shock to
the Manly-Smelter faction.
The Record is informed that the
night previous to the election Mr.
M. D. White, candidate for mayor
-Mil the citizen's ticket, was offered
$10,000 to withdraw.
Now comes the report that there
is a discrepancy in the city's financial figures amounting to hetween
,$60,000 and.$70,000.
Something like a year ago the
-city's hooks were experted, but the
report was withheld from publication, which caused many ugly rumors to be spread abroad.
i This, it is said, is the reason
.many citizens resolved to cut loose
from the Manly faction and swing
���out independently.
The aim of the citizen's ticket
apparently was to defeat the Man-
lyg���Lloyd A. for mayor, and W.
K. C. for councilman iu the Second
ward. That they were decidedly
successful, the following vole shows:
For Mayor���
Milton D. White  IM
Lloyd A. Manly,  M
White', majority 69
For Aldermen���
Flr.t Ward, H. A. Henderson, \V. J. Morrison
And John Temple, by acclamation.
Second Ward���John Donaldson 100.
Robert Harvey : 87
William H.Fl.ber 77
W. K. C. Manly... 53
Fisher's plurality over Manlv.... 24
The report is that the Manlys
were wroth at being thus ungratefully turned down, emitting dire and
divers threats against the life of the
.much vaunted city ensconced at
the base of Mt. Observation. The
defunct mayor, it is said, discharged his employes, closed his store
and declared he and his friends, the
smelter people, would kill the town
���put up boarding and lodging
house, big store building and supply their employes.
The new administration, it is
said, will be more inclined to listen
lo, suggestions from the law' nnd
order element.
Mr. White, the new mayor,is the
proprietor of a large watch, clock
and jewelry business ou Bridge
Utreet, a highly respected citizen,
and in his official capacity will be
supported by good counsel.
Do Net Appear Is Appreciate lie 0111.
The government of Ontario, to do
the grand for its sons returning
Irom the boiilh African battle
fields, announced that it would donate to each one so returned 160
acres of good farming land. Out
of the whole number entitled to a
farm under this order only fifteen
to far have improved the opportunity. 	
targeat Nnvnl Appropriation.
The naval appropriation bill reported tn the U. S. congress last
Saturday, with an elaborate statement ef its provisions by the cliuii-
i man of the committee, carries $77,*
010,625, the largest ever reported to
the house from the committee on
naval affairs.
Ult Sunday's Colonist a Maralficent Piper,
Last Sunday's issue of the Victoria Colonist was a magnificent
production. Ably edited, well
printed, profusely pictorial, not
only its home city, but the Province
[of British Columbia may justly
feel proud of the accomplishment.
U=$=J t=��=]  U=��>=| U*s=4 r^^n r"0^ I
|   ���        |r|lRST I^PDITuSlij  to fpfcacAp|c| I   I	
���������Ha ���""""'
Second >*��s' C.
jiffiO'ffiiffl Bffl*������*���"
\m\ mm hi
QMI [IM] m.
Cascade City
%% >
ad] cm
tvCNTM Ave South
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre oi East Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R, Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill   j
Will Prove.
Qlve Us a Trial.!


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