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 (SCti-iA \^H,f~rfr'iMJ
Published in the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Mining Districts
Vol. III.
CASCADE, B. C, MARCH 23, 1901.
No. 20.
We do Business in Grand Forks,
White Bros.,
Bridge Struct,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
\W Leave your repairing orders tit this office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock,
H.E. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
In Orand Forks don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. R. Megaw,
General Merchant
Makes it Specialty Fine
Ftslier Block, QRANO FORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and   convenient, and
workmanship the best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs.   . F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON ULOCK
First Ave.,      Grand Forks.
Rooms 50u and up.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do thoy need
repairing; or would you
prefer something new-
made to order? Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh .Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You tire hereby notified that I have expended
1100.00 in the snrvey of the "Undine" Mineral
Clulm, situate In Summit Camp. In the Grand
Fork. Mining Division of Yule Distriot, British
Columbia to count as an assessment on said
claim, as will appear by a Certificate of Work recorded October I0l.lt. 1900, in the office of tbe
Mlnltitt Recorder for tlie said Grand Forks Mining Division, In order to hold said claim under
the provisions of Section 24 of "Tbe Mineral
Act:" such being the amount required to hold
said clulm for the year inidlnit Oct. 25th, 1000.
And If, at the expiration of ninety (90) days of
publication of this notice, you fall or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required nnder Section 24, tottethor with all costs
or advertising, your Interest in .aid olalm .hall
become Tested In tbe subscriber (your co-owner)
tinder Section 4 of the -'Mineral Aet Amendment
Act 1900."
Dated at Rossland, B. C, thl. 18th day of November, 1900,
Hallett & Shaw, Solicitor, for Rot. Thompson.
Hallett & Shaw
The Columbia & Western Railway Company
Canada at Its next session for an Act ussiinilaty
Ing Its bonding powers In respect of Its railwa.
and brunch Hues West of Midway to the powerd
already given In respect of Its lines coiiBtructen
East of tbat point, extending the time within
which It may complete its railways, und authorizing It to construct such branches from any of
Its line, not exceeding in any one case thirtd
miles In length us are from time to time authorize?
by the Government In Council, and for other purpose..
Ota Secretary.
On Hi Foothill. Some Day Will Thrive a
Second Butte.
Wo have never heard a more
glowing word painting of the wealth
and possibilities of Shamrock
mountain than that given ye editor
last Thursday hy D. C. Beach an
the twain waited for the westbound
passenger at Fife. Mr Beach says
Shamrock is one vast body of high
grade ore���that is running from
$25 up in values. Pointing to the
hill just enst of Fife, he said:
"Over that hill, there will be
a greater city than Butte. We
may and we may not live to see it,
but it will be there all the same
Some day Shamrock mountain will
overshadow every other camp in the
Boundary, Phoenix not excepted."
The Beach brothers are men of
many years experience. There are
two claims on the summit of the
mountain the Thistle and Shamrock which are owned by Mr. D. C.
Beach, R. Dalby Morkill and a
John McKane.. On these claims the
Beach brothers will commence work
in a day or two, being here for supplies yesterday.
A Nelaon Doj'a Peculiar Tastes.
Engineer McNab, of the C. P. R.,
is in four bits and a beer check, says
the Nelson Miner. The two pieces
of metal, one of Bilver and the
other brass, we're' taken from the
stomach of his spaniel dog "Bess"
on Sunday afternoon by Drs. La Ban
and Armstrong. They had been
lodged in the intestines in such a
way that only an operation would
save the life of the dog and the operation was performed, It was a
very delicate operation and performed with ae much care as though
it had been a human being, Tbe
medical profession were much interested in the event. The doctors
who handled the knives did their
work quickly and skillfully, so
skillfully indeed that the dog was
traveling around the next day as
lively as ever. The beer check
called for one glass of beer at the
Log Cabin saloon, Seattle. The
dog seems to have an abnormal
appetite for coins nr anything tbat
looks like a coin. Mr. McNab .ays
if she ever got loose in a bank she
would break the institution before
she got through.
Hit Heart Beati Mote a Bullet.
A bullet in a living, pulsating
human heart was seen when W. C.
Fuchs, in his laboratory, turned
two Rontgen rays upon the chest
ofC. B.Nelson of Cadillac,  Mich.
Mr. Nelson has carried this
unique souvenir of a muderous attack for more than four years, for
at the age of 35 he is strong as an
ox and full of health and vigor.
He endured life without the slightest inconvenience from the bullet
in his heart. At the time of the
accident the surgeons told Nelson
he had one chance in a thousand
to live, and that an operation
would mean a quicker death. Nelson took the chance. He said he
would live nnd carry the bullet
with him. To the wonder of the
medical world his prophecy proved
true.    He left the hospital in a
month, and has been in good health
ever since.
The examination showed that
the position of the bullet has not
changed iu the slightest degree.
Aa Others See Us.
A lady, while on a visit to China
last year, was dining with some
English residents there and was delighted with the cooking of the various dishes presented, more especially with some particularly tasty
pnties. She expressed a great desire
to know how they were made, but
her hostess, to whom she Spoke,
laughingly replied: "Don't ask me,
I know nothing about it; my Chi.
nese cook does everything himself.
I have never seen him making
them, but if you are very anxious
I shall take you to the kitchen tomorrow, and you can watch operations for yourself." My friend eagerly agreed, and a party was
formed to go into the kitchen and
watch John Chinaman making his
celebrated paties. What, however,
was the horror of the audience,
when after deftly mixing the paste
and carefully dividing it into separate portions, he look each piece
up in turn, solemnly spat into it
and then proceeded to roll it vigorously into the required shape on
his naked cheBt.���Exchange.
Mrs. Carrie Nation does riot approve of "Ten niglits in a bar-room.
She prefers to go lo Ten bar-rooms
in a night.
The gun club of Kamloops is importing quail in order to add this
little game bird to the sporting attractions of the district.
Nearly all the conservative papers
of the province have enlisted in the
ranks of the C. P. R., that party
having become a tail to the railway kite.
Joseph Mathot has been appointed assistant to Mr, H. McCutcheon
in the Custom's office at Greenwood. Mr. Mathot recently arrived
from Ottawa.
Andrew Carnegie has offered
Windsor, Ontario, twenty thousand)
dollars for a free library if the city
will contribute twenty-three hundred per year for ils maintenance.
Mr. Edwin Durant whojias heen
a resident of Rossland, B. C. for
the past three years, left Wednesday for the Old Country, amid
showers of good wishes, und regrets
in having to lose so valuable a
A Vancouver minister has placed
himself on record as saying: "I regard the typewriter as a blessing
to humanity." He does not however, say whether it is the blonde
or brunette typewriter that he re-
feres to, nor does he mention her
The refusal by the present government if it should so refuse, to
favor the "open door" policy in
railway matters in this province,
will doom the legislators who may
be responsible for such a decision
to political oblivion. The masses
of British Columbia have had their
fill of the C. P. R. "free-hand"
(mines andminingraj
|     THE BOUNDARY     I
The new winze in the Winnipeg
is down over 50 feet.
It is probable that the Pathfinder
will ship to the Boundary Falls-
smelter at no distant date.
The owners of the O. P. claim in
Summit camp have let a contract
for 150 feet of drifting at the bottom
of the 100-foot shaft.
This week the Marguerite, in
Deadwood camp, sent out the first
car of ore. It went to the Boundary FbIIb smelter.
The shipping weight of ore sent,
out by the Miner-Grves syndicate
from Phoenix for the week ending
March 13th was 4490 tons.
Up to the 15th of March the ore
shipments for the week from the
B. C. mine wsre 745 tons; for the
near it amounts to 6,965 tons���all
to the Trail smelter.
A 30-day option for a bond on
the Mountain View, Summit camp,
was given last week. The tiguie is
said to be a good one.
The greater part of the Standard
smelter is completed, but the reduction works are not quite ready to
blow in yet. The sampling mill
has been started.
, James Atwood, of Midway, has
sold a one-third interest in the
Crown Point claim at James creek,
10 miles above Rock creek, to I. H.
Hallet and J. P. McLeod of Green-
The new hoisting and sampling
and sorting machinery at the
Mother Lode, Phoenix camp, U
now ready for operation. At present 150 tons daily are being sent
to the smelter, which will shortly
be increased.
About 4,000 feet of work has
been done thus far on the Snow-
shoe. The diamond drill is still
boring away in the railway tunnel
on this property. At the bottom
of the 200-foot incline shaft a 500-
foot hole was driven.
Another shipment of 60 tons :>f
copper matte, was made laBt week
from the Mother Lode smelter to
the refinery at New York. Thursday 60 tons more were shipped,
making 180 tons shipped in three
The Golden Crown, Phoenix, is
soon to resume operations.
The Athelston mine, Wellington
camp, has commenced shipping
One hundred men are now employed at the Mother Lode mine in
Deadwood camp.
The Boundary district is to be
supplied with a Judge.
Mr. Angus Cameron haB been
appointed census taker for Cascade
and vicinity.
Miss McCoy returned to Cascade
from her trip through the Boundary Thursday last, and will proceed to fill an engagement in Rossland next Thursday.' She is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Ferguson. THE   CASCADE  RECORD
March 23, 1901
Published on Saturdays nt ('itsinde. 11. ('..
Per Year    tfi.00
Six Months :      1.85
To Fort'luii Coimlrl'js     2,M)
Advertising Uutes leurulshed ou Application.
// there is a blue mark in ������'
this square, your subscrip-Z
tion is due, and you are in- 2
eited to remit. ������������������ >
The entrance into British Columbia of American railroads will
not have the effect of taking our
ores across tbe line for smelting
purpoBeB. The Provincial government will see to that. Let American enterprise come and do something toward developing the country. English operators are too
slow. As an evidence of their
methods we have only to cite the
waterworks here. It seems to take
the slow-going old country man a
quarter of a century to make up his
mind what he wants to ilo, and another iwenty-five yearB is consumed in getting at it. Give us a little
.American vim and dash; we need
���to be inspired with more energy
than we possess at present.
A dispatch from Grand Forks to
the RosBland Miner says Commo-
-dore Biden has leased a suite of
rooms on the ground floor of the
Biden block to the engineers of the
Mann & Mackenzie railway Biirvey.
The work of cross-sectioning the
survey is in progress. Commodore
Biden has wagered half a dozen
suits of clothes, that trains on the
new line will be running into Grand
Forks before Sept. 15.
The "city where the mines are,"
Phoenix, can also boast of being
where the smallpox is, at present
there are said to be 20 cases there.
It appears that the disease made
its appearance among the miners in
one of the bunkhouses, and several
were soon affected. Phoenix is
noted for its enterprise, and proposes to be up-to-date in all its attractions. 	
Miss Bertha Roy, aged 11, daughter of Phileas Roy, formerly organist of St. Rochs church, Quebec, has
been awarded the prize of $20,000
-given by Mr. Cote, a wealthy
French-Canadian, at the New York
Conservatory of Music, for which
there were 700 competitors of  all
. ages and from all nations.
Railway Matters at Victoria.
Victoria, B. C, March 21.���The
premier and members of the executive council of British Columbia
gave an influential deputation,
headed by tbe mayor of Victoria,
most satisfactory assurances ibis
morning that the policy which they
proposed to follow in connection
with the construction of the Coast-
Kootenay railway would be not
only iu the interest of the province,
but of tbe city of Victoria. The
deputation was made up of representative business and professional
men in the city appointed at a
masB meeting which parsed a resolution in favor of a competative line.
In pressing for the building of an
independent and competive line
from the coast to the interior of the
province, the mayor read the following telegram which had been
received this morning by E. V.
Bodwell, who represented the V. V.
& E. railway in the matter; "New
York, March 31.���If you think advisable you may announce that the
Great Northern railway and Mackenzie & Mann & Co. are equally
interested in the V. V. & E. railway
stock.   Signed Jas. J. Hill, Wm.
Premier Dunsnulr's Ire Stirred.
There were warm words from
Premier Dunsmuir in the house
Wednesday over the charge by a
lawyer of Victoria, E. V. Bodwell,
at a large mass meeting in favor
of the revival of the V. V. & E.
charter to Kootenay.
Mr. Bodwell said the premier
and the executive were tinder control of the C. P. R. Mr. Dunsmuir
repudiated the charge, and said he
had only one interest in ihe house.
That was the interest of British Columbia, and he would not Bell the
province for all the corporations
and companies in it. He also said
that the government was quite
ready to announce itB railway policy but it was thought better to
await information with regard to
the position the Ottawa cabinet intend taking re projected railways.
Mr, Martin concurred in the premier's position re charges, and applause came from both sides of tbe
The work of covering in and
painting the railway bridge here
will begin shortly.
Several men are employed by the
Genelle concern putting in a boom
above the dam to catch  drift logs.
Whenever work begins here on
the Cascade-Carson railroad, Cascade will present a more active appearance. 0
Mr. S. W. Bear will go to Nelson,
Wash., in a few days to fill an engagement to do some sign work,
which will take him a week or so to
J. A. Bertois, of the B. C. Btable,
is developing into a second Dave
Harum. If you want to buy or
sell a horee, and wont a good trade,
go and see him.
Engineer Kennedy of the new
railway survey was in town this
week. He says it will not be long
before dirt will begin to move in
this vicinity on the line of survey
made by him for the Great North
Dan McLaren, one of the joint
owners with James Kelly in the
Dykehead group of claims at Fife,
accompanied by a mining expert,
were inspecting the prospects in
that section this week.
v wcmc Ky.
Direct Route���Low Rates���Quick Time
Dining Cars
Tourist Cars
First-Class Sleepers
For time tables and full information call on or address nearest local
agent. D. O'CONNOR,
Agent, Cascade, B. C.
D. P. A. Nelson, B. C.
E. J. COYLE, A. G. P. Agt,
Vancouver, B. C.
Some of the delegates representing the Associated Boards of Trade
from tbe Boundary returned home
yesterday, Duncan Ross of the
Greenwood Miner being among
Philadelphia gets a $5,000,000
donation from Carnegie.
Assessment Act and Provincial Revenue
Tax Act.
NOTICE Uhereby given* In accordunco with
ilif stutiitHa, that provincial revenue tux,
iiml till LaxiT levied under the Ass-'SMii.'iit  Aft,
lire uow duo for the year 1901. All of tlie ubove
named taxes, collectable within the. South
lh vision or East Yale, and i-urt ot KosRluud
riding, are payable at my oilier, Futrviow.
Assessed taxes lire eolleelable at the follow.tin
rules, viz.:
If paid on or before the 80th of June, 1001���
*J hree-tirtbs of one per cent on real property.
Two and oue-half per cent on assesHeil value of
wild land. Oue-half of one per cent ou personal
property. On so much of the income of any por-
stm us exceeds one thousand dollars In accordance, with the following olasstllcatlons, upon
such excess the rate shall be, namely:
Class A���On one thousand dollars und not exceeding ten thousand dollars, one per
cent up to five thousand dollars, and
two per cent on the remainder.
Class B���On ten thousand dollars and not exceeding twenty thousand dollars, one and
oue-half per ceut, up to leu ihoumuud
dollars, and two and one-half per cent on
the remainder.
Class C���Ou twentv thousand dollars and not exceeding forty thousand dollars, two and
one-half per cent up to twenty thousand
dollars, aud three pur cent on tbe remainder.
Class D-On all others in excess of forty thousand dollars, three per cent up to forty
thousand dollars, and three aud oue-half
per cent on the remulnder.
If paid on or after the first of July, 1901���Ponr-
flfths of one per cent on real property; three pur
oent on the assessed value of wild land; three-
fourths of one per cent ou personal property. On
so much of the income of uny person as exceeds
one thousand dollars In accordance with the following classdRcatiou; upon such excess the rates
shall be namely:
Class A���On one thousand dollars and not exceeding ten thousand dollars, one and one-
half percent up to live thousand dollars,
and two anil one-half per ceut on the remainder.
Class B���on ten thousand dollars and   not exceeding  twenty   thousand  dollurs, two
per cent np to ten thousand dollars, and
three per cent on tho remainder.
Class C���On   twenty thonsaud dollars and not
exceeding forty thousand dollars, three
per cent up to twenty thousand dollars,
and three and ouo-hnU per cent on the
Class D���On all others tn excess of forty thousand dollars, three and one-half per cent
np to forty thousand dollars, and four per
cent on the remainder.
Provincial revenue tax 1*3.0.) per capita.  Two
par cent on the assessed value of ore or mineral
bearing subbtauces, payable quarterly, on the
last duy of the mouths or March, June, September and December of each year.
Fajrview, B.C.. Feb. 11, 1001.
16-21 Assessor aud Collector.
Shorf Line
and union Pacific
Salt - Lake - and - Denver
Steamship Tickets to Europe and
Other Foreign Countries,
4:001>. nt
spukane Tlmu Ssoltttttiile
KtTf'-itlvt- May SB.
L'ri.vi' MAIL ��� For im
Coeitr d'Alones, Kiiniiiiu.-
tnii, Onrflold, Colfax, Pour
er.Y, Wliilsliinv.   lluvtoll.
Wnl it Witiiti. Pendleton
link.-r citv, und till points
FA-.T MAIL - Prom nil
Huts EAST, Bilker City,
IVmllHoft, Walln Walla,
Dttyton, Wnltslntrji, Porno,
roy, Moscow, I'ullniiiii.Col
Ins. Garflold. FiirinlniMim
utiil Cotir tVAlette.. . . . -
EXPRESS ��� l''or 1,'iirinlni-
toli. Garfield, Colfax, Pufi.
num. Mn wiiv, Lewlston,
I'ortlnml, Sun Francisco,
HnkiT tlty ttntl nil points
EXPRESS���from nil points
EAST, Hnkur city, Sun
Kriinrlseo, Portland, Col-
1ns, Ourfllt'tl itnil H'nriTilni!-
4:15 p. m.
San Francisco-Portland Route.
DOCK, I'nrtlnii'l, nt 8 p. In,, tint! Spent Street
Wlinrl. Situ Fritntttsco nt 10 u. in. evtiry live dn/B.
Willamette and Columbia Rivers.
Dully Ooitt Service between Tort land, Astoria,
Ori'iruii citv, Dnvtou, '-uli'nt, Intlutie'ndonae, Cor*
valliB nnd'ull Columbia and Willamette river
Snake River Route.
Stramrrs between Rlparln nnd Lewlston leave
Rlparla dully nt a:-!0 n. in., returnliitf b'ave Lewlston dally al 7:00 n in.
H. M. ADAMS, General Anent,
430 KivcrBiilo Ave., Bpoknne, WiihIi.
The most complete line of
Hardware and Dry Goods
in town.
from now on in Winter Goods.
Mackinaw Suits, Rubbers, Heavy Wool
and Cloth Overshirts; Underwear in
all qualities; Blankets, Overals, Hats,
Caps, Gloves, Mitts, Heavy and Light
Shoes, etc., etc.,
Below Cost.
Ladies' Suitings, Shoes, Flannellettes,
and House-furnishings, etc.,
Half-price and Less.
If you need anything call and see what
we have and get satisfaction.
We save you 6oc in the $.
The remaining supply of
Will be cleared out at any reasonable
price. Amongst other articles we offer
Cauned Vegetables and Fruits, Dried
Peaches, Apricots, Apples, Blackberries, etc.; Currants and Raisins, Tapioca and all kinds of Extracts and
Spices, on which you can save money
by buying at
The English Store,
Crockery, Lamps and Furniture,
in addition.
marc:. 88, not
. The fantastic picture of an ootu-
pug enatching away twenty billion
tons of coal and escaping with it
along the projected Crow's Nest
Southern Railway is so ridiculous
to those who understand the situation there that it can have hut
little effect in Eastern Canada. It
ctin have t>ut Utile effect in Eastern
Canada. It is painted here for
Eastern consumption and is intended to bolster up opposition to the
charter now before Parliament.
The railway cannot possibly injure
any existing interest iu British
Columbia and whoever obtains control of tho Crow's Nest I'ass cmil
measures cannot develop thoin except in tbe interest of British Columbia, It is only by becoming
great employers of labor, undercut
exporters of products that the owners of the coal measures can derive
any benefit, from them.
The fictitious octupus has now a
railway entering British Columbia
along the valley of the Kootenay
river���a branch that has been of
benefit to tbe districts served. The
proposed line will follow another
valley, The men who are willing
to build it without a subsidy or
other favors are the best judges of
whether or hot it is needed. They
want the road because it will cheapen the cost of hauling and enable
them to secure a proportionately
greater hold on the United States
market. Every obstruction thrown
in their way must detract from
their success in meeting United
States competition. All the scare
talk is promoted by the Canadian
Pacific Railway for the purpose of
preventing further encroachments
on its preserves..
There is no more excuse for preventing railway building than
there would be for preventing the
raw-hiding of ore, or the carrying
of goods by pack horses. Railways
are simple implements for carrying
products from where they are pro
duced to where they ..are wanted
and, while infinite harm may be
occasioned by obstructing them, no
injury can result from opening up
means of transportation. The only
effect that the proposed line can
have on the Crow's Nest coal fields
is to open up an extensive market;
and that is exactly what the industry requires.^Vancouver World
The Record dog, "Bob," collided
with a freight train on the long
bridge Monday, and got the worst
of it by about a dozen pieces.
British papers remark that a
letter addressed to Miss Pocock at
Hun^erford was posted at Swindon
in 1871, It was delivered the
other day, 20 years late. The explanation is that after being posted
tbe letter lodged behind wood-work
at the Swindon post-office. It was
discovered aooidently when the
postofiice fittings, were being repaired. Since the date of posting the
addressee has changed her name
three times, but a local postman
was able to trace her. A Vau-
Ciiivcr wag .-.uggests that tbe postman must have been in love with
the lady before she changed names.
��� Vancouver World.
Italian macaroni is no longer
in tie iiy band, but by machinery.
-.OMi'di'iig i.n the British consul at.
Ntples, about 70,000 cases of mao-
ar i ti are annually exported to Eng-
nml 500,000 in the United
The average daily attendance at
the city schools of Victoria in Feb*
rurary was 2208.
Two hundred and sixty residents
are asking the province to establish
a high school at Revelstoke.
Contractor Gunu is making good
progress with tne Rohson bridge.
There now remains but eight feet
of the center pier lo raise above
high water and good progress is
being made upon it, the pier going
up at the rate of three feet per day.
. T. Agul.e arrived from Roch-
i , New Ytii ii, this week, aud has
i'ti c.h'rge nf ihe tramway sur-
work under L. M. Rice. Work
;he preliminary survey was
itnenced ibis week.���Greenwood
The apparent efforts to pro-
pi itect the C. P. R. in its cinch on
(hi- province, and at the same
time raise the poor man's poll tax
fr in $3, which is already high, to
$5. are ill advised.
S. A. Jarnagid, for many years
iii business at Wardner and Kel-
lii.'. Idaho, will take entire charge
of the Spokane Dairy company's
bU'incBB at Rossland, B. C.
In New York,a Mr. Wickes is a
dealer in lamps, while Mr. Lampe
is a dealer in lamp wicks.
The German emperor it is said
is iu direct lino of succession tn the
British throne, but not so near us
to worry him. There are 25 lives
between the kaiser and the crown,
and as long as any one of these
remains there is no possibility of
his ruling the British empire.
A citmel possesses twice the carrying power of an ox. With nn
ordinnry load of four humlfd
pounds he san travel twelve <>r
fourteen days without water, goiiijj
forty mile, a day. They are fit, lo
work at five years old, but their
strength begins to fail when they
are twenty-five, although they
usually live to forty.
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B. C
k Columbia Brewery <t;d
A surface tramway some 2000
feet in length will be built al one
to connect the No. 6 tunnel with
the wagon road at the Hewitt mine
Slocan district, says the Silver
Silvertonian. This mine nn��
ranks as the second shipper in thai
district and will give the Payne
mine a close rub for firBt place nt-
soon as transportation facilities
are afforded.
Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
The Lion and the Bear are face
to face iu a combative attitude a I
Tientsin. Oh, mama! If tl.ey
come together in n clash of arms
won't the fur fly I Later dts-
patches state that an armestice I is
been declared pending an investigation.
British Trade ol the Century.
In a carefully compiled statement
of tbe tea trade during tbe past
century, a London importing firm i
states that one of the most remarkable features was the astonishing
increase in the consumption ot tea.
Iu the year 1800, the total consumption in Great Britain was 23,-
000,000 pounds; in 1900 it was no
fewer than 249,000,000 pounds,
For the whole hundred years the
amount consumed was about 1,-
009,800 tons. The demand steadily
rose during the entire century, each
year marking, with but four exceptions, an advance on ita predecessor.  ���
Roller Beat log. Muufsctury.
Spokane haB been made the center of another manufacturing enterprise which promises to assume
large proportions.
The Pacific Roller Bearing company, has made Spokane headquarters for the manufacture of their
clever new invention. These bearings allow of 12,000 revolutions a
minute without heating and have
been pronounced by machinists a
wonderful invention.
The Coming Mining and Commercial Center of Similkameen, Between
Keremeos and Princeton,
British Columbia.	
Similkameen City Townsite Company.
FRANK BAILEY, Manager, H. M. KEEPER, Agent,
4 Wallice-Mlller Block, QREBNWOOD, B. C.
A. B. O. Code. Clointh's Code. Hend Office, Both 'Phones.
Victoria, Vancouver, Spokane, Toronto, Rossland, Nelson
and all Boundary Towns.
To Whom It J*lay Concern:
WE, the several persons, whose names and addresses
are hereunto subscribed, respectfully declare that we have
seen Similkameen City and the surrounding country, and
that the situation is as represented on page 27 of Bailey's
pamphlet of the Similkameen district, and that his accompanying map shows the position of the townsite to be as
rtiere set down.
P. N. Gladden,.
John Gladden,
D. McMillen,
R. P. Williams,
C. R. Townley,
Phil McDonald,
Robert Wood,
George, R. Naden,
W. D. Hodges,
Thos. S. Miller,
C. W, H. Sansom,
Hugh McKee.
Wm. Baillie,
F. A. Devereaux.
L. W. Shatford,
W. Featherstonhaugh,
B. H. Parkinson, PLS,
8. Cousins.
W. C. McDougall,
Jas. Riordon,
David Black.
C.'L. Burnsides.
A. Sirett,
T. J. McAlpin.
K. P. Matheson.
Camp Hedley���
R. 0. Hawtrey.
London, Eng.���
Chas. E. Oliver.
These are copies of the written names of the original reference. Anyone who wishes to verify my report may do sn hy
writing to any or all of Ihe parlies.
Is too small in which to tell you what a
complete line of
Patent Medicines.
Miners' Supplies,
of all kinds;
Also, Hay and Oats,
That is always on hand at
Buy from them and Save Money
DC HC ���& 4* 4* Hh iii JL &%&wti*LwfciLiLwti$c\
mmmmmikmsmmmmmmm kkk2k:k:k3K21cs:k2js:k2Kik3k THE   CASCADE  RECORD
Much 88, 1M1
(Cliiniiiiii'ii are not wanted  In Phoenix--Miners' Union.)
Me makee lillee laundlee
To washee up some close
Some bad white man he come and
He hit me on de nose.
He wellee wicked white man,
Talk tmichee heap, "God Damn.''
Me think allsamee Boxah,
What come from Lu-IIung-Sam.
Makahai I
Chow LoI
Yung Chee 1
Den come some mo' bad white mans
And closem up my sto';
Dey fixes tight de windows,
And dey nails up de do.'
Dey say, "You long-tailed China,
"You tlack fo' Gleenwood quick,
"Or wellee soon you savee
"De taete of one big stick"���
Makahai I
Chow Lo 1
Yung Chee.
Me get light quick fo' Gleenwood,
Not stop to lookee back���
Tink no leachee Lum Yip's house,
Me feel dat stick come whack !
Me stop no mo' at Phoenix,
He not good town fo' me,
And tinkee allsame Hop Lung,
Wo Fat and Ho Hick Lee.
Makahai 1
Chow Lo1
Yung Chee.
Pletty soon me go Victolee,
Heap wellee nicee place���
Some twenty tousand stop dere,
And lots of China face.
Victolee man lnb Chinee
And Chinee man lub him���
We's no account in Phoenix;
Victolee���we's de swim.
Makahai 1
Chow Lo !
Yung Chee.
Me stop that plitty city
Some ten long yeah or mo',
Den take de gleat big steam-boat
Fo' China's welcome sho'���
-Soon make big wad Victolee,
Him peoples likee me,
Then bye-bye, Blitish Clumbee,
���Go mallee Hoy Sing Lee 1
Makahai I
Chow Lo1
Yung Chee 1
m j mm m q mm mm
AvrNjt;    |
f> It A f A. j r AnnTw    1
TitlTIWnT"^^"1- ���''
PBd mm
mm gm
tm nm
mm m
Cascade City
m ram mm ant;
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre oi Bast Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
A New
Feature  in
The Pullman company now
operates two grades of sleeping care
via the Rio Granite Western railway. The ordinary sleepers are
entirely new, and the berths, both
upper and lower, are fitted up complete with mattresses, blankets,
sheets, pillows, curtins, etc., with
stoves arranged for making tea,
coffee, etc., requiring nothing to be
furnished by ibo passengers. Uniformed Pullman porters are in
charge of the cars, who are required
to keep them in good order and attend tn the wants and comforts of
the passengers. The cars are very
handsome and commodious, and
while not so elegant, are just as
comfortable as the standard or
palace sleepers. Both first and
second-claBS passengers are permitted to occupy these cars on payment of the Pullman berth rates,
which are less than half the rates
charged in the regular Pullman
palace sleeping cars.
The ordinary sleepers are carried
daily on trains via Rio Grand
Western Railway between Denver,
���San Francisco and Portland. On
.five days in each week the sleepers
are run through between Los Angeles and San Francisco, or Portland and Denver, Omoha, Chicago
and Boston.
Send 2-cent stamp   for further
information to J. D. Mansfield, 253
Washington street, Portland, Ore.;
or to Geo. W.   HeinU,   General
iP assenger Agent, Salt Lake City.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations aud realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
������       ���      '������       '  ���  ���        ���        ���W--l'lp��--W--W-N��--S-��'-^--��-��--.'��'-W--^->^^ i        .i i. i       ���i���i���-   ���������
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      [Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R, Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
AH Kinds
Styles of
iiu��:;uiUiiimuu<<^. am
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.


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