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N-��# <" ^ * U C
<    (
Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Mining Districts
Vol. III.
CASCADE, B. C, MARCH 2, 1901.
No*. 17.
We do Business in Grand Forks,
White Bros.,
Bridge Stbekt,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
J0T Leave you repairing orders at tht. office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
In Orand Fork, don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Make, a Specialty Fine
Fisher Block, ORAND PORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and convenient, and
workmanship the best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs.  . F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
Fibbt Ave.,      Grand Forks.
Rooms No and up.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do they need
repairing; of would you
prefer something new���
 ��, made*to order? Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You an hereby notified that I have expended
1100.00 In the survey of the "Undine" Mineral
Claim, sltnate In Summit Camp, In the Grand
Fork. Mining Division of Yale District, British
Columbia to count a. an assessment on .aid
olalm, a. will appear by a Certificate of Work recorded October 10th, WOO, in the office of the
Mining Recorder for the .aid Grand Forks Mining Division, In order to hold said claim under
th. provisions of Section 114 of "The Mineral
Act:" suoh being the amount required to hold
Mid olalm far the year ending Oct. 86th, 1900.
And if, at the expiration of ninety (00) day. of
publication of this notice, you fall or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required nnder Section 24, together with all costs
of advertising, your Interest In said olalm sliali
become vested in the inbaorlber (your co-owner)
mder Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment 1
Act 1900."
Dated at Rowland, B. C., tbli 18th day of November, 1000.
Hallett & Shaw, Solicitors for Ross Thompson.
Hallett & Shaw
The Columbia & Western Kail-
way Company
Canada at It. next .eialon for an Act aislmllat-
Ing Its bonding powers In respect of It. railway
and branch line. West of Midway to the power,
already given in respect of It. line, constructed
East of that point, extending tbe time within
which It may complete it. railways, and authorizing It to construct such branches from any of
It. line, not exceeding in any one oa.e thirty
mile. In length a. an from time to time authorized
by the Government In Council, and for other purposes.
ntt Secretary.
li the Eyes ol (he  Pibllc oa the Smelter
Coke ud Coil Qiettloo.
A prominent and well-posted citizen of Rossland, writing to a friend
in Cascade, says, on the above subjection:
"An attempt is being made lo
throw dust in the eyes of the public by the C. P. R. organs, at Nelson especially, in regard to the
production and shipment of coal
and coke to the United States market to the prejudice of our own J
smelters and refineries. We have
the positive publio assurance of the
Crow's Nest Coal Co. that they
have always amply supplied all the
smelters of B. C. and other industries, andthat they will continue
to do so; but they charge that the
C. P. R. have by delays and lack
of transportation facilities, both as
to cars, and power, kept the smelters practically on as narrow an
allowance as they could. Mr. H.W.
C. Jackson tells me that he saw the
correspondence I which passed between' Capt. Troup and the Trail
smelter in regard to the short supply of coal and coke furnished
them, and in all this correspondence not a word of complaint was
made by the C. P. R. that they
were not furnished ample coke and
coal for the smelter by the Crow's
Nest Coal Company, but that the
difficulty was In tbe shortage of
power and cars; in any event, both
the Dominion and the Local Governments have ample powers to
protect the interests of British' Columbia in this respect."
Wm. QrthiiB la the Tolls ol ��� Kiifiroo Court
Wm, Graham, proprietor of the
Grand Forks hotel, and also of the
Grand Forks brewery, iB probably
as popular, and can boast of as
many, if not more admirers among
the male sex, than can any of the
many fair maidens of that town.
The other day he was taken before
a Kangaroo court and fined a
of beer for keeping his places of
business in operation on his 47th
birthday. To further increase his
hardships and labors in the future,
he was presented with a complete
volume of Shakespeare's "Household Melodies."
Jim Hill at Phoeih.
A dispatch front Phoenix says it
is reported there that the real owner
of the Phoenix-Greenwood tramway charter is Jim Hill of the
Great Northern railway, but that
the fact is kept a secret for private
reasons. Hill apparently has in
view the securing of a share of the
tonnage of this camp and the product of the Greenwood smelters.
He is expected to build to Midway
this summer to connect with the
Coast-Kootenay road.
The first bill introduced and
passed to the King's printer by the
present session of the B. C. legislature is entitled "An Act to Relieve the City of Phoenix from Certain Disabilities." The Phoene-
oians of Old Ironsides and Knob
Hill are always up with the lark.
It is somewhere writ among the
standard aphorisms that "the early
bird catches the worm."
A Notable Bveat la Local Society Circlet.
The progressive croconole party
give at the elegant home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Bertoise, last Saturday
night, was a recherche and delight'
ful affair, which was immensely enjoyed by a goodly number of the
friends and neighbors of the genial
host and hostess, under whose skillful direction the well-arranged
program was executed without a
hitch, and to the very pleasant entertainment of the company. The
refreshments served were of the
most delioious and palatable varieties. After refreshments had been
partaken of, oame an exciting game
of pillow-dex, which lasted till two
balloons had been accidentally exploded. Then came the excitement
over the bean-guessing contest for a
prize. Mrs. G. K. Stocker and Mr.
R. Kelman won the first prizes in
the croconole games, and Mr. McFetridge hit the bean-guess number
within one. There were 502 beans
in the glass jar, and his guess was
501. It iB safe to presume that
some of the participants can reckon
better than they can guess, for they
nearly missed the mark by more
beans than were contained in the
jar. Being so interestingly entertained the company did not disperse for their several homes till
forced to by the approach of the
Sabbath morning.
A Perry Boat to Be Used oa the Kettle
River Near Biulne'i.
To facilitate travel between Cas<
cade and the many new settlers on
the east side of the Kettle river, of
whom Mr. Barber is one, he is now
engaged in the building of a commodious ferry boat. It will be
placed in service on tht river at a
point near Mr. Wilfrid Baulne's
present residence, and where the
attempt was made several years
ago to build a bridge, but which
was washed away by high water
before it was completed. This
bridge was intended to accommodate travel by a new and shorter
route from Marcus. The' building
of this boat is quite an undertaking which will require two month's
time at least, and consume several
thousand feet of lumber. The cable
by which means the boat is to be
operated, was put in place while
the ice favored the work.
Asother Miser Loses His Lilt li the Le Roi.
Peter Erickson, a Swedish miner
and ah old timer in Rowland camp,
while blasting Tuesday morning at
5 a. m., on the 900-foot level of the
Le Roi mine, was killed by a missed charge.
Australia, a country remarkable
for its large eaters, has the highest
death rate.
The highest railway bridge in
the United States is the Kinzua viaduct on the Brie line���800 feet
There are 240,000 different species of insects on earth; some of
these are so small that 4000 of
them are only equal to a grain of
John H. Mitchell has again been
elected U.S.Senator from Oregon.
Holis Assail Meetlif t*d Electa Officer*
lor EiMlit Voir.
At the annual meeting of the
Cascade Taxpayers' Association,
held Tuesday evening last, new officers were elected, as follows:
President, H. S. Turner; vice President, G. K. Stocker (re-elected);
Secretary, Geo. C. Rose; Treasurer,
T. F. Carden (re-elected).
Delegates were also elected to attend the convention held in Greenwood last Thursday and Friday by
the Associated Boards of Trade of
the Kootenays and Boundary, consisting of G. C. Rose, Angus Cameron and H. S. Turner. . Mr. Cameron stated to the meeting that he-
had received a letter from Hon.
Smith Curtis, M. L. A., requesting
this community to state ita needs
in the way of public works and improvements, which request must be
on file before the 1st of March.
After an informal talk on the subject, an adjournment was taken till
this evening to further consider it.
Telegraph tad Telephone femmiolH Pots.
D. C. Corbin's telegraph business,
as also that of the Spokane Falls
& Northern, and the Yale A Kootenay and Columbia, Spokane 4
Britiih Columbia and Western and
Northwestern companies, have pooled their interests and gone into ���
business combine. fcWe are the-
people and must be respected 1" If
so, it is about time we were combining, tOO.	
Rillwiyt sad th* PsMk.
Montreal Star: The railway*
constitute themselves partner* in
every development enterprise that
starts up in the country. That is
what it amounts to. The discrimination against Canadian goods i��
due to the fact that the railways
can compel the domestic traffic of
the country, while they are trying
to deserve a share in the traffic of
the United States. This is natural
enough on their part, but it is the
duty of the people to consider seriously how tbey can escape from
the grasp of the railways. The
only conclusion seems to be, if the
people can not control the traffic
rates, they must own the roads.
In view of the recent applications
for water rights upon the Kettle
river near Cascade City, the Provincial government has requested
Mr. H. B. Smith, M. inst. C. E., to
measure the amount of the flow of
the river at Cascade City. Despite
the prevalent opinion that the river is at its lowest in August, Mr.
Smith declares that the real period
of lowness in the rivers of the Kootenay, as may be seen by watching
the rise and fall of tbe Colombia,
is the present month of February.
Hence this month is the best for
ascertaining the least amount of
the flow of any particular river.���
Midway Advance.
Cultivating ordinary honey bees
in a modern apartment house hat
been accomplished in Chicago.
One enterprising individual has
found that the bees keep just as
busy storing away nectar in a home
on the third floor as in a hollow
tree in tbe woods. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
March 5, iM
Published nil Saturdays nt Cascade, 11. 0..
BY il. 3. TURNER.
Per Year    tt-00
Six Month.     1.88
To Foreign Countries     2.60
Advertising Kates burnished on Application.
If there is a blue mark in
this square, your subscription is due, and you are in-
nted to remit.
< >
While The Record was almost
wholly prepared to go to press last
Thursday night, the delays in the
train service by unavoidable obstacles, and the triune chief���editor,
devil and wood-sawyer���of The
Record being a delegate to the Associated Boards of Trade convention .in Greenwood, which was decayed in its action by the delayed
trains, are the reasons given for
the failure of The Record to put
in its appearance promptly on time.
The convention, however, was a
a great success, is deserving of extended mention, and will be given
-���the intention it deserves in our next
The horntying disasters were not
*11 crowded into the latter months
of the nineteenth century. They
are Mill occurring with startling frequency. The two latest terrible accidents reported, following the coal
���mine horror at Comax, are the
wrecks of the Rio De Janeiro in
Golden Gale, last Saturday, when
122 lives were lust; and tlie Kern-
merer, Wyo., mine disaster, Feb.
25th, where 50 miners were entombed with 15 horses, only one of
the men escaping.
Jim Hill is a native of Canada.
Is Sir Van Home? Are the Dutch
bondholders who virtually own and
control the Seepeearr? The truth
is this great monopoly was established with the money of the tax
payers of Canada, and is now
principally owned and controlled
by Boer sympathisers. In view of
this fact, what becomes of the hyp-
ocritic cry of Patriotism !   Bah !
Forty girls who were employed
by the Dominion Suspender company at Niagara Falls are on a
strike because their wages have
been reduced from $4 and $3.50 a
week to $3 and $2.50. The next
thing we'll hear, probably, is that
the wages of these girls will go still
lower, if Jim Hill is permitted to
haul coal and coke out of this
The Torosto World sod the C. P. R.
Railways sre not patriotic even if
built by heavy national subsidies.
The C. P. R. got immense subsidies of land and money, and would
build up Boston instead of Montreal if its interests so dictated. So also the Grand Trunk; The great
bridge across the St. Lawrence that
Canada helped bo generously to
build, is used by that road to take
traffic to Portland instead of to
Canadian ports. The C. P. R. may
any day turn south into Minnesota
and send a lot of its traffic to New
York, if it got a profitable connection that way. Both concerns have
declared that dividends,, not patriotism, is their sufficient motive.
Railways do not care whether
the productions of a country go out
in a finished or unfinished condition as long as they get the traffic.
In fact they'd sooner haul the ores
of Canada into the States for refining than carry out the metal itself.
The tonnage is lighter in the lalter
case. All the talk of keeping Canada for Canadians by trusting to
our railways is based on moon
ehine. Our railway" are not work
ing for Canada, but for their shareholders. The Canadian Pacific hus
always appealed to Parliament to
prevent United States invading
our Great West, because they would
take business out of Canada. But
one of the biggest sinners in this
respect has been the C. P. R.
A railway policy will never do
this, but a fiscal policy may. It is
by a customs tariff that foreign
goods are kept out, and Canadian
merchants, manufacturers and
farmers reap the home market. It
is export duties on raw products
that will force their conversion into
finished products at home.
Next, we buy a lot of coal from
the United States. We get ooal
from Pennsylvania and from Ohio.
We are beginning an immense coalmining industry in Nova Scotia,
and now ship a "lot of coal to Boston. We hope to ship a hundred
times as much. We are only too
glad to sell this coal to Boston, and
to build up a coal mining population by the sea, and we in Ontario
are thankful to get supplies of bard
and soft coal from across the lake.
Officer Dinsmore was in town on
official business Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.
Mrs. N. F. Coats haB been visiting friends in Grand ForkB this
Mr. F. E. Tebo, C. P. R. agent at
Cascade, has been on the sick list
this week. He hue not been in real
good health for some lime, and
needs a vacation from his too confining duties.
Government surveyors were here
measuring the flow of wuler in the
Kettle river over the dam of the
Cascade Water Power and Electric
company, presumably to fix the
government tax on same.
A party of engineers, understood
to be in the joint employ of the
Great Northern and Mann & Mackenzie reached here Wednesday.
The work of locating a railway
from Cascade to Vancouver, has
commenced here, Tbe route to Midway will follow the Kettle river via
Grand Forks, Carson and Curlew,
Wash., traversing British and
American territory.
Heavy elides on the C. & W.
near Gladstone, Thursday forenoon
effectually blocaded traffic for the
day. The east bound passenger
train went up to the slide and exchanged passengers, mail Mid ex
press with the west bound, and re
turned to Midway. As most of the
delegates to the convention of the
Associated Boards of Trade were
on the delayed train, they did not
get into Greenwood till about 12 p.
nt., thus precluding an evening
session Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson
and family arrived home in Cascade last Thursday. The return of
Mr. Anderson, who is the construction Engineer und general local
manager for the Cascade Water
Power and Light company, has
lieen anxiously awaited by our
citizens, us it is hoped thut bis
presence here means a renewal of
activity on the water-power improvement works. Besides, as
friends and neighbors, all are glad
to welcome them safely^home from
an extended visit to the old country.
Miss McCoy, daughter of Rev.
Jos. McCoy, who was formerly
pastor of the Presbyterian church
in Cascade, but now of Vernon,
who is exceptionally gifted and accomplished as a singer of rapidly
rising fame, is about to visit the
Boundary country with a view of
favoring the people with a musicals or concert at some of the
prominent places. Miss McCoy
will be in Rossland next Friday,
and is expected to be in Cascade
the following day, and will remain
over .till Monday, as the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Stocker, at
Laurel Ridge. In the mean time
it is hoped that Miss McCoy will
decide to favor Cascade with one of
her highly spoken of Musicales, on
Monday evening next.
The Coming Mining and Commercial Center of Similkameen, Between
Keremeos and Princeton,
British Columbia.
Similkameen City Townsite Company.
FRANK BAILEY, Manager, B. M. KEEPER, Agent,
4 Wnllace-Mlller Block, OREENWOOD, B. C.
A. B, C. Code. ClonRh'n Code. - Head Office, Botn 'Phonal.
Victoria, Vancouver, Spokane, Toronto, Rossland, Nelson
and all Boundary Towns.
To Whom It flay Concern:
WE, tlie several persons, whose names and addresses
are hereunto subscribed, respectfully declare that we have
Been Similkameen City and the surrounding country, and
that the situation is as represented on page 27 of Bailey's
pamphlet of the Similkameen district, and that his accompanying map shows the position of the townsite to be as
there set down.
F. N. Gladden,
John Gladden,
D. McMillen,
R. P. Williams,
C. R. Townley,
Phil McDonald,
Robert Wood,
George, R, Nnden,
W. D. Hodges,
Thos. S. Miller,
C. W. H. Sansom,
Hugh McKee.
Wm. Baillie,
F. A. Devereaux.
L. W. Shatford,
W. Featherstonhaugh,
li. H. Parkinson, PLS,
S. Cousins.
W. C. McDougall,
Jas. Riordon,
David Black.
C. L. Burnsides.
A Sirett,
T. J. McAlpin.
K. P. Matheson.
Camp Hedley���
R. 0. Hawtrey.
London, Eng.���
Chas. E. Oliver,
These are copies of the written names of the original reference. Anyone who wishes to verify my report may do so by
writing to any or all of the parties.
. !IWKWIt��lW.*>�����R��'l����>��viP'->.,'--'��''-P'   fWUMtl,     .      ... . .
The most complete line of
Hardware and Dry Goods
in town.
from now on in Winter Goods.
Mackinaw Suits, RubberSj Heavy Wool
and Cloth Overshirts; Underwear in
all qualities; Blankets, Overals, Hats,
Caps, Gloves, Mitts, Heavy and Light
Shoes, etc., etc.,
Below Cost.
Ladies' Suitings, Shoes, Flannellettes,
and House-furnishings, etc.,
Half-price and Less.
If you need anything call and see what
we have and get satisfaction.
We save you 6oc in the $.
The remaining supply of
Will be cleared out at any reasonable
price. Amongst other articles .we offer
Canned Vegetables and Fruits, Dried
Peaches, Apricots, Apples, Blackberries, etc.; Currants and Raisins, Tapioca and all kinds of Extracts and
Spices, on which you can save money
by buying at
The English Store,
^GS* Crockery, Lamps and Furniture,
in addition.
MARCH 8, 1M1
By the Government at the Present Session
of the Local Assembly.
A measure amending the School
A bill for the encouragement of
wood pulp industry in B. C.
The Lieutenant-Governor says,
"I am pleased to know that the
dairy industry continues to develop
in bo natiBfactory a manner, and
that new creameries are being
established. My MiniBter of Agriculture has obtained the promise of
continued co-operation on the pari
of the Dominion in rendering expert assistance in their construction
and subsequent operation, and in
Riving instruction in the manufacture of butter and cheese.
"Recognizing the importance of
encouraging Provincial trade in
agricultural and other natural
products, and in particular of promoting a market for the produce
of fanners in tbe mining districts,
efforts have been made to secure
such a reduction of freight rates as
will materially tend in that direction; and lam pleased to announce
that this will be brought about.
"For the purpose of promoting
settlement, my Government is considering the advisability of introducing legislation having in view
the extension of the system of small
"A measure will be introduced
with the view of aiding in the construction of a railway from the
Doundary Creek District to the
Coast; of a railway to the northern
end of Vancouver Island; and of a
railway in Canadian territory from
the Coast to the northern boundary
of the Province.
"The industries of the Province,
I am happy to state, are in a prosperous condition. It is to be de-
.pjored, however, that the recent explosion at Coinox should have resulted in such disaster to life and
property, and the relatives of the
deceased miners are entitled to our
deepest sympathy in their great bereavement.
"During the receBs, Commissions
were issued to inquire into the conduct and general administration of
the Asylum for the Insane; the
rights of settlers in the Eequimalt
and Nanaimo Railway Company's
land belt, and tbe adjustment of
mining claims in the newly organised Porcupine District; and full
reports of the Commissioners in
each case will be laid before you at
an early date.
"Provision was made by you at
the last Session of the Legislature,
for the appointment of a Commission to inquire into the working of
the Mining Acts, and much preliminary information has been obtained by tbe Department of Mines
in anticipation of the Commission
being issued; but it having been
announced that the Dominion Government also intended issuing a
Commission with respect to our
mineral resources, a postponement
was deemed desirable, in order to
ascertain to what extent these Commissions might be able to co-oper
ate in the advantage of the Province.
"Amendments will be introduced
to perfect as far as possible, existing mining laws.
"The Aot regulating immigration, passed at last Session, has
come into effect, and the necessary
machinery for its inforcement has
been put in operation.
"A delegation, consisting of my
First Minister and.the Honourable
the Attorney-General, recently proceeded to Ottawa, to lay before the
Dominion Government, the claims
of British Columbia  to increased
recognition in the matter of railway development, and in other respects, and to arrive at a settlement of certain matters requiring
adjustment between the two governments. The report of the delegation will be laid before you at an
early date.
"The estimates of Receipts and
Expenditure, which have been prepared with due regard to economy
and the requirements of tbe Province, will be submitted shortly.
"I now leave you to your deliberations, and trust that they may,
with the blessing of Divine Providence, be instrumental in materially advancing the interests of the
All Agents of the Spokane
Falls & Northern Railway
Sell tickets via tin- 0. R. & N. Co.
and its connections to all points at
the same rates as apply via other
lines. Insist upon your ticket reading via the 0. It. & N. from Spokane.
General Agent, Spokane, Wash.
We inadvertantly ommitted to
mention in our last issue that the
three eldest children of Mr. and
Mrs. Wilfrid Baulne had been
placed aboard the train at Marcus
and sent to the government school
near Salem, Ore. This has reduced their family just one-half,
and of course there is a painful
stillness about the home that constantly reminds the parents of
their absent oneB; but they will be
prouder than ever of them when
they return from their three-year
school term.
When Mr. Olaf Olson left Cascade last Monday for the Crow's
Nest country, to begin work on his
tunnel contract, he depopulated
our Swedish settlement here to the
extent of an even dozen.
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B. C
A New Similkameen Map.
Mr. Frank Bailey, a pioneer
prospector, and thoroughly acquainted with the Similkameen
country, has issued a splendid new
map of that section. Accompanying
the map is a complete prospectus
and travelers' guide. Just the
thing for all parties looking to that
part of the province for a place of
future residence or business. The
prospectus is on sale at this office,
at $2 per copy. Strangers and all
others going into that rich section
cannot afford to be without this
helpful guide.
A delightful ocean voyage via 0.
R. & N Co'h steamers sailing from
Portland every five days. Rates to
San Francisco $22.40 first class,
$16.40 second class. To Los Angeles, $32.75 first class, 23.75 second
class, including meals and berth on
steamer. Only 52 hours via the
all rail route. Direct connection
at Portland. Rates, Spokane to
San Francisco, including berth
from Portland, $28.20 fii'Bt class,
22.20 second class. Further information cheerfully furnished.
General Agent, 430 RiverBide Ave.,
Ou all trains from Revelstoke and
Kootenay Landing.
Pass Dunmore Junction for St.
Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; Toronto on Mondays and Wednesdays; Montreal
and Boston on Saturdays.
For time tables and full information call on or address nearest local
agent. F. E. TEBO,
Agent, Cascade, B. C
D. P. A. Nelson, B. C.
E. J. COYLE, A. G. P. Agt,
Vancouver, B. C.
Union Pacific
Salt - Lake - and - Denver
Steamship Tickets to Kurope and
Other Foreign Countries.
Df; parts.
4:00 p.m.
"sutiltiiiiiT Timu Sehwlulu
Effective Mai  ""
i>y a
H'AVl' MAIL - For tbe
Coeur d'Alenes, Fiirmuiif-
ton, (iwlleld, Colfax, Pom-
��roy, Waltsburu. Dnvtoii,
Walla Walla, Pendleton,
lfakerClty, and all point.
PAST MAIL - From all
points EAST, Halter City,
Pendleton, Walla Walla,
Dayton, Waltsburit, Pome
roy, Moscow, Pullman.Col.
fax, Garfield, Parinington,
and Conr d'Alenes. . . . -
EXPRESS - for Fanulnu-
ton, Garlleld, Colfax, Pull,
man. Moteow, Lewlston,
Portland, San Francisco,
linker City and all points
EXPKHSS-From all points
EAST, Baker City, San
Francisco, Portland, Colfax, Uarnled and Fnrmlnit-
ton . .
9:15 p. n.
San Francisco-Portland Route.
DOCK, Portland, at 8 p. m., and Spear Street
Wharf, San Francisco at 10 a. in. every five days.
Willamette and Columbia Rivers. .
Dally Boat Service between Portland, Astoria,
Oregon City, Dayton, Salem, Independence, Cor
vallls and all Columbia and Willamette riv.r
Snake River Route.
Steamer, between Rlparia and Lewiston leave
Hiparia dally at 8:40 n. in., rettirnliiir leave Lewlston dally at 7:00 a. in.
H. M. ADAMS, General Agent,
iao Riverside Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Assessment Act and Provincial Revenue
Tax Act
WOTIUK is hit re by Riven, In wwoviltuwo w...i
A" tin- statutes, tliut provincial re vim tie tux,
andallUixer levied under the Assehimivm Act,
are now due for the year iDOl. All of tnu auove
named tuxes, collectable within tlie South
Jlvlsion of Kant Yule, und pari or Konslmid I
riding, are payable at my office, i-'airvUw. j
Assessed taxes lire collectable ut the follow hi^l
rules, viz..:
If puld on or before the 80th of June, 1��Q1��� ;
Three-fifths of one per cent on reul property. .
Two mud one-half percent on assessed value of
wild land. Oni'-hulf of one per ceut on personal I
properly. On so much of the income ur any per-1
son as exceeds out! thuusund dollars In accord-,
mice with the following classillcatious, upon
such excess the rate shall oe, namely:
Class A���On one thousand dollars and not exceeding ten thousand dollars, one per
cent tip to live thousand dollars, uud
two percent on the remainder.
Class 13���On ten thousand dollars and not exceed iuz twenty thousand dollars, one and
one-half per cent, up to ten thousand
dollars, and two and one-half per cent on
the remainder.
Class C-On twenty thousand dollars and not exceeding forty thousand dollars, two and
one-half per cent up to twenty thousand
dollars, and three per cent on the remainder.
Class D -Ou all others In excess of forty thousand dollars, three per ceut up to forty
thousand dollars, and three and one-haft
per cent on the remainder.
If paid on or after the first of July, 1901���Pour-
fifths of one percent on real property; three per
oent on the assessed value of wild land; three-
fourths of one per cent on personal property. On
bo much of the income of any person as exceeds
one thousand dollars in accordance with- the following classification; upon such excess the rates
shall be namely:
Class A���On one thousand dollars and not exceeding ten thousand dollars, one and one-
half per cent up to five thousand dollars,
and two and one-half per cent on the. remainder. .
Class B���on ten thousand dollars and not exceeding twenty thousand dollars, two
f>er cent np to ten thousand dollars, and
hree per cent on the remainder.
Class C���On twenty thousand dollars and not
exceeding forty thousand dollars, three
percent up. to twenty thousand dollars,
aud three and one-half per cent on the
Class D���On all others in excess of forty thousand dollars, three and one-half per cent
np to fortyithousand dollars, and four per
cent on the.remalnder.
Provincial revenue tax t3,00 per capita. Two
Ker oent on the assessed value of ore or mineral
earing substances, payable quarterly, on the
last day of the months of March, June, September and December of each year.
Fairview, B.C.. Feb. 11, 1901.
10-21 !        Assessor and Collector.
ie Columbia Brawny Gsd
La^er Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
Is too small in which to tell you what a
complete line of
Patent Medicines.
Miners' Supplies,
of all kinds;
Also, Hay and Oats,
That is always on hand at
mm <fr RITCHIE'S.
Buy from them and Save 3Ioney
J 3? 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4��|4* 4*4*4.4.444*5*
March t, ita
Work on the 0, P. Claim in
Summit is to be started up immediately. Tbe returns from 300 sacks
of ore from the Surprise mine, just
across the river from Nelson, which
���were treated at the new Greenwood
smelter, gave good returns. The
first 100 Backs averaged (39.20, the
-second $52.92 and the third lot
��� $80.18, thus giving him an average
value of $40.65. which is a long
way above the average values of
most of the Boudary ore.
The Hawkeye mine at Belcher
camp it is said, is coming to the
front and promises to soon become
a great ore producer.
The Emma, Mann & Mackenzie's
big property in Summit camp has
joined the list of shippers and has
sent out several hundred tons of
ore to the Pyritic smelter at Boundary Falls during the past week, say
���our up country exchangee.
The Quebec Copper Company,
owning the Margurite claim in
Deadwood camp, has purchased a
Rand steam drill to be used on
Aheir property..
The Morrison mine in Deadwood
. oamp has made a contract with the
Pyritic smelter at Boundary Falls
for the shipment of 3,000 tons ot
ore.monthly and it has been decided
by the 0. P. R. to build a spur one
and a quarter miles in length to
connect the property with the
The new 35 drill compressor
plant at the Mother Lode mine,
Deadwood camp, has been started
up and iB working most satisfactorily.	
The traveler, tourist or business
man is wise when he selects the
Rio Grande Western Railway,
-"Great Salt Lake Route," for his
route to the East. It is the only
transcontinental line.passing directly through Salt Lake City, and
in addition to the glimpse it affords
of the Temple City, the Great Salt
Lake and the picturesque Salt
Lake and Utah Valleys, it offers
4he choice of three distinct routes
through the mountains and the
most magnificent scenery in the
world. Treble daily train service
and through Pullman and Tourist
sleeping cars between Portland,
Huntington, Butte, Denver and
Chicago in connection with the
Oregon Railway & Navigation Co.
and Oregon Short Line. For pamphlets descriptive of the "Great
Salt.Lake Route" apply to J. D.
Mansfield, 253 Washington St.,
Portland, or Geo. W. Heintz, General Passenger Agent, Salt Lake
SU>H  r=^=\ \=&A U��=4 r=<M 1
Hirst |,A|opiTifrifi to (fr4sc:��.o|c| | [	
South   I
��� |i;W
Hi Hi
��� II
aouT* |
Cascade City
��� ���������[
= = :�� = =      jtft:
iCvtKTM        Ave.        South
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre ot Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
..Of'the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
Another American woman has
been discovered who knew Queen
Victoria "well" in'the person of
Mme, Boeringer. In 1840 she was
employed in a Parisian dressmaker
shop, when the Queen took a great
(fancy to her and took her to England as a companion. From 1840
to 1845, when Jshe married, Mme.
Boeringer was hardly separated
from her royal mistress. Mme.
Boeringer possesses many souve-
niers of the late Queen.
All of the big silk thread manufacturing concerns in tbe United
States are to be consolidated. The
money is to be furnished by the
Coates Thread company, an English corporation. It will, it is said,
be a cash transaction, and the capitalisation will be $12,000,000.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRIOT. A most promising opportunity for business
Ideations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
>_Oj|f��LJ~l_ ~L   ~L_ 1.1   1- ~L11.1 "I    ~l    ~l   ���   ���������,������������    ������   ���   ��� ���   I.M��� im ,���ssss.^msssssm
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      JOr I* A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
Fine Printing
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial


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