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���..      ���      ���     f     t\-
Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. III.
CASCADE, B. C, APRIL 27. 1901.
No. 25.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bridge Street,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
fW Leave your repairing orders at this offloe
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Co,
When Shopping
in Orand Forks don't forget
nm k co:s drug store.
Druggists and Stationers,
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Maktm a Speuttvltv Fln��
l'Mshiir Block, ORAND PORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and   convenient, and
workmanship the best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Irs. M. F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave..      Grand Porks.
Rooms 50c and up.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do they nei...
repairing; or would you
prefer something new-
made to order? Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
Yon are hereby notified that I have extended
1100.00 In the survi'y ot the "Undine" Mineral
Olalm, situate In Summit Camp, In the Grand
Fork. Mining Division of Yale District, British
Columbia to count a. an assessment on said
claim, as will appear by a Certllioate of Work recorded October 10th, 1900, In tbe office ot the
alining Recorder for the said Grand Fork. Mining Division, In order to bold said claim under
the provisions of Section 84 of "The Mineral
Act:" such being the amount required to hold
said olalm for the year ending Oct. Hith, 1000.
Aud If, at the expiration of ninety (00) day. of
publication ot tbl. notice, you fall or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required under Section 24, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest In .aid claim shall
become vested In the subscriber (your co-owner)
nnder Section 4 ot the "Mineral Aot Amendment
Act 1000."
Dated at Rossland, B. O., thl. Uth day of November, 1000.
Hallett & Shaw, Solicitor, for Rom Thompson.
Hallett & Shaw
Trade Mams
        Copyrights Ac
Anyone .ending a .ketch and detorlptlon may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention l. probably patentable. Communication, .trlotlr confidential. Handbook on Patent*
..nttree. Oldest alienor for Menrliuuttttmt*.
Patent, taken through Munn * Co. reo
-fecial notice, without charm, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely IllMtreted weekly..  I-.nre.tc
Ion ot any .ol<
1 four month.,
niai   Termi,"W"a
lyall newedeelera.
rear: four month.,*!. BoldhyallnewMlestien.
Why the Boundary Should be Mide ��� Judicial Dtitrict.
The Greenwood Miner 8l a leg the
whole case in a nutshell:
"A question woe brought up at
the meeting of the board of trade
by B. B. Kerr of Phoenix on Tuesday last, which should be remedied
by the provincial government.
There are a number of cases from
the Boundary to he tried at the
spring npsis.es, of these six are criminal. Some of these cases will be
tried at Nelson, some nt Vernon
and others at Kamloops. In one
case in which Mr. Kerr is counsel
for the defense, the cost of bringing
his witnesses to Kamloops and
other expenses that could be avoided if courts were held in the district, will total a sum of nearly
$1,000. The defendent in this case
is a workingman. His small property, the result of years of economy
was not sufficient to enable him to
bring witnesses to court, so a public subscription was taken up in
order that the man might have the
opportunity to prove his innocence.
It is a pretty sure indication of the
man's good character when hi
neighbors will go down in their
pockets to the extent of several
hundred dollars in order that he
might have the privilege of defending his character. In the civilized
provinces of Canada every possible
opportunity is given the accused to
clear himself, here every possible
obstacle is thrown in the way of
the accused. In the older provinces the burden of proof is with
the orown in criminal cases, in
British Columbia the crown makes
accusations and the accused is compelled to prove the incorrectness of
the accusation. It is a pustive
hardship on a person accused to be
compelled to bring witnesses a distance of 350 miles and bear all the
expense incident to the defense of a
criminal action, when the case
could have been tried in this diri-
trict. It is not only the defendant
who is put to needless expense, but
the province as well. In the case
referred to there are six or seven
witnesses for the crown, who; will
have to be taken a distance of 350
miles t�� give, evidence. .All j the
Boundary ciii-fs could have been
tried at much less expense to the
province in Greenwood, for it is
much cheaper to bring a judge into
the district, than take nearly 100
witnesses distances ranging from
100 to 350 miles."
New Ferry Riiei at Boiibiiri,
The new rates for ferriage across
the Columbia river at Bossburg,
fixed by the county commissioners
at their last session, are as follows:
Two-horse team and driver,
empty 50c; loaded 75c; round trip,
Four-horse team and driver,
empty 75c; loaded $1; round trip,
Single or double team, buggy and
driver, 50c.
Saddle  horse    and  man,  35c;
round trip, 50c.
One pack horse, with or without
load, 15c; round trip, 25.
Six horses or mules or cattle, $1,
and 10c additional for each head
over six.
Sheep or hogs 5c per head.
Pack of goods, wares and merchandise not in a vehicle or sleigh
weighing less than 100 lbs. 15c;
weighing over 100 and less than
250 lbs. 25c; over 250 and less than
500 lbs. 50c; over 500 and less
than 1000 lbs. 75c; over 1000 and
less than 1500 lbs. $1; over 1500
and less than 2000 lbs. $1.25.
Foot passengers each 15c.
Placed I* Commlnloa Again,
The C. P. R. steamer Rossland
of the Arrow Lake fleet, which has
been undergoing repairs and refurnishing at Nakusp, was placed in
commission again last week. It
makes regular runs from West Robson to Arrowhead. Upwards of
$10,000 has been expended in making this vessel perfect in her appointments and she is now an ideal
one for summer travel.
Notes By The Way.
The trial of James F. McGill De-
Riviere, who killed Harry Rowand
at Summit City on Saturday, February Kith, has been set at Nelson,
for May 7th.
The Moyie Leader, a prominent
weekly of East Kootenay, for which
local patrons show appreciation by
generous patronage, has just enter
ed the 4th year of its existence.
The Vancouver Province is a bit
off in its geography. Speaking of
the proposed road from Myer's Fall
ta Republic, it says the distance is
about 200 miles, when in fact it is
only about 80. ^
The last dividend declared hy
the St. Eugene mine at Moyie, covering a period of three months,
amounted to the sum of $105,000.
It was at the rate of 3 per cent on
The Greenwood Timet, and the
Miner having recently doubled the
size of their publications, speaks
well for their home town. These
steps Will do more to convince the
outside world of the progress of
that community than could otherwise be done.
The West Kootenay Electric
Power company will, start shortly
with their program of additions
and improvements to their power
plant at Bonnington Falls. Report has it that the conpany will
employ 400 men during the summer.
R. A. Brown, (Volcanic), president and general manager of the
Sunset Copper company, was married to Mrs. Mary Mader of Grand
Forks, at Nelson, Wash., last week,
Wednesday. The ceremony was
performed by Mr. A. Logestun,
J. P.
A mine manager at Phoenix has
caused the arrest of several persons
lately for relieving him of a Chinaman at the city limits, which he
had secured at Greenwood. As the
people of Phoenix are strongly opposed to having any celestials in
their town, it would have been wisdom on the part of this manager to
have hired a white cook. It is just
such bull-head-edness that causes
so many labor troubles.���-Similkameen Star.
Six Leaders Chaste PoiHtsst~-Ss.ilk-Car.ls
Remain True lo Hit CoaatHstat*.
Matters came to a crisis in legislative affairs at Victoria last Wednesday when the government and
opposition forces held separate
caucuses to test sentimennt on the
government's railway policy, the
knowledge of which coming to light
in driblets. Martin, Brown and
Mclnnes of the opposition attempted to bullyrag Smith Curtis into
giving his support to the government policy, which, to say the least,
indicates that there is a "nigger in
the fence" somewhere, and which is
looked upon by nine-tenths of the
press and voters oi the province aa
utterly impractical, and only
brought down to confuse and
smother the effort to give the people
a competitive line from the coast to
the Kootenays by way of the Similkameen and Boundary sections.
Curtis showed his true metal when
he indignantly left the caucus and
his formerly trusted colleagues to
carry out their nefarious designs to-
betray their constituents into further enslavement to the C. P. R. Alt
honor to Mr. Curtis, again.
Iti the mean time an insurrection-
and secession had taken place id
the government ranks. For Messrs.
McPhillipB, Helmcken and Garden
refused to be made paties to the apparent Dunsmuir intrigues against
an almost unanimous public demand, and they, too, walked out
and over to the opposition. This,
leaves the voting strength as formerly, while the people are benefited
to the extent of knowing who their
friends are in the provincial legislature.
A Demented Mas Eajoyisf Free RMes.
Duncan McKay, who spent yesterday at the police station, wilt
travel to Grand Forks today on a.
ticket supplied by the bounty of
the city of Rossland. It is a case
of this city returning a compliment. McKay, wno is a middle-
aged man, came over from Grand
Forks Thursday night in charge of
the conductor, who handed him
over to the police. He seems to he
slightly demented, but perfectly
harmless. He said he had been living at Greenwood and more latterly at Grand Forks. The authorities
of Grand Forks, according to his
story, presented him with a free-
ticket to Rossland. He came and
bas since been a guest of the police.
The authorities here are determined
that this city shall not be made a
dumping ground for the helpless
and demented of other points, and
decided to ship McKay back to the
Boundary. The unfortunate man
talks rationally except that he is
laboring under the delusion tbat he-
is going to operate big timber limits up the north fork. He said he
has resided in the country six
years, since coming from Wisconsin, where he followed a lumberman's occupation.-��� Rossland Miner.
A. H. Thompson will, during the
summer, run an express and passenger stage between Cascade and
Christina Lake, connecting with
the boat on the lake and the C. P.
R. trains.   Two trips daily.. THE   CASOADE   RECORD
April ST, 1M1
. PulilUhetl on Saturdays at Casi'aile, B. 0.
PerYear    *f��>
���Six Month.     J-SJ
To perolBii Conntrli. ��� ��� ��� , <���<*>
Adverllsini! Hntes Pnmlahed on Application.
If there is a Hue mark in
this square, your subscription is due, and you are in-
sited to remit.
The statement comes from
Ottawa that the 49th parallel
���the International boundary
line between Canada and the
United States, will be re-surveyed on the border of British
:Columbia during the coming
The Pacific northwest is to
be honored with some distinguished visitors the coming
summer. The Duke of York
and Cornwall may be mention'
ed first; secondly, Premier
.Laurier; thirdly, President
McKinley will tour the northwest, and will be the first to
put in ^n appearance.
One by one the smelter
propositions pass by Cascade.
The first smelter built in the
Boundary district���on paper���
was erected in this town. An
old file of The Record contains
a picture of it. Since that
-castle in the air toppled over
the town has been in a dazed
condition, waiting for something to turn up. According
to a press dispatch Mr. James
Breen, of the Dominion Cop-
wer Co., operating the Brooklyn and Stemwinder mines at
Phoenix, has definitely deoid-
���ed that Midway, by reason of
its central position in an extensive mineral area is the
most favorably situated spot
for the site for large smelting
works, which the company he
represents intend to establish
in the Boundary creek district.. In addition to this advantage there is ample water-
power at Midway for smelter
purposes, and from the surrounding mining camps ore
can be easily transported over
the decending gradients. Mr.
Breen was formerly connected
with the Northport smelter
and has the reputation of being one of the most experienced metallurgists in the West.
Hon. Mr. Prentice's school
bill has become a law. Many
questioned the wisdom of the
provision raising the poll tax
from $3 to $5, but when it is
taken into consideration that so
large a proportion of the working classes spend so much
of their earnings in drinking
and gambling, it will be seen
that the extra two dollars required of them will go to benefit the public and not to debauch themselves. When additional moneys are needed
for government purposes, the
levy should be made against
the injurious luxuries rather
than against the absolute necessities of life.
The railway franchise application which involves the line from
Russell to Nelson, Wash., through
Canadian territory, will come before
the Dominion parliament for final
action next Tuesday. Mr. Strut-
ton of the Toronto Trust company,
who is interested in the Grand
Forks townsite interposed some
kind of a question which lead to
delay of action.
The admiralty court, composed
nf Justice Martin, deputy judge in
admiralty, and two naval officers,
gave judgment for the owners of
the bark Abliey Palmer in the suit
brought by them for damages arising out of a collision between that
ship and the C. P. R. steamship
Empress of Japan, in the straits of
Fuca, several months ago. The
court decided that the officers of
the Empress were entirely to blame
for the collision.
The up country people are just
ueginning to realize what a stupendous fraud was perpetrated on
themselves and the government by
the misappropriation of the large
sum of money supplied last year
>iy the government for the building
of the West Fork wagon road. As
lung as these appropriations are
doled out merely as rewards to the
petty partizan workers and pets of
successful candidates, these frauds
will be perpetrated. Will some
one tell us why this matter was
not investigated by the proper authorities, and the criminals punished for their crimes in this matter ?
Is it because they were committed
by party workers ?
A Significant Statement.
The Spokesman-Review sent the
following telegraphic inquiry to J.
J. Hill, St. Paul, Minn.:
The Spokesman-Review will esteem it a favor if you can see your
way clear to making a definite
statement of your plans respecting
the railroad to Republic.
The Spokesman-Review.
Tn which the following reply was
St. Paul, Minn.,   April 24.���
Spokesman-Review, Spokane,
Wash.���Your message received.
We expect to connect with Canadian line at boundary and have connection with Republic and Kettle
river districts in operation this fall.
James J. Hill
The surveyors are still energetically at work locating the line of
the proposed railway from Myer's
Falls to Republic. Several parties
engaged in this work have been in
Cascade at different times this
week. Mr. S. Vinson was down
to the boundary line yesterday, and
reported that the railway surveyors
had already begun to cross-section
from the boundary line south. Any
statements as to when work of
grading will begin can be nothing
more than mere speculation. The
belief is well grounded, however,
that it will begin soon.
Mr. Geo. C. Rose, being addressed as the mayor of Cascade, has received an urgent request from a
Spokane committee to send five
delegates, representative of Cascade, to that city to assist in welcoming President McKinley, who
is tn visit Spokane the latter part
of May. We judge Cascade "has
troubles enough of its own," without mixing up in Spokane's political demonstrations, for that is
what it amounts to between the
Senator-Turner and John L. Wilson republican factions.
Mr. Justice Wnlkem has been appointed administrator of the government of British Columbia, vice
Chief Justice McColl, and at the
latter's request.
Next Wednesday will be May-
The railway news is more encouraging this week.
Mr. G. K. Stocker went over to
Rossland Thursday, intending to
return to-day.
Mr. Fred Gribi is here from
Northport again looking after his
mining interests.
If you want a map and guide of
the Similkameen country, call at
this office and get it. *
Nelson riding gets into the government road and trail fund to the
extent of $25,000 this- year.
Complaint is being made that
several horses have been stolen
from the range about Midway.
Kathleen McRae, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. McRae, is
enjoying a birthday party lo-day.
Little Miss Barbara Carden has
been quite ill the past week, causing her parents much anxiety of
Keep clean and sweet. When in
Grand Forks call at the City
Barber Shop opposite the Yale and
enjoy the excellent bathing facilities found there. *
Don't forget the B. C. stables
when in need of teams, stabling
room or horse feed. Every convenience is provided at these stables
for any and all accommodations in
the livery line.
Mr. F. E. Tebo, who was expected to arrive home here this
week, is reported to be in the railway hospital at'. Ottawa, suffering
from an attack of typhoid fever,
which was prevailing in his eastern
home neighborhood during his stay
Mr. Sam Vinson went down to
Marcus yesterday to look at the
Mary A. mining property located
on the Columbia river near Marcus
in which he has a half interest with
a Mr Stewart. An assay test of
ore from the claim made by Mr.
Carden produced values in gold and
silver of over $60 per ton.
The Yale-Columbia Sawmill Co.
has been strengthening its booms
above the big dam the past week,
in anticipation of the arrival shortly of a big drive of logs cut the past
winter up the North Fork. It is
reported that the company will before long begin the removal of its
Rossland mill to this place.
Commencing May 2 from Owen
Sound and May 5 from Fort William, the Canadian Pacific Upper Lake steamers will resume regular trips on following schedule:
From Owen Sound, S. S. Alberta,
Tuesday, S. 8. Athabasca, Thursday, S. S. Manitoba, Saturday.
From Fort William, S. S. Athabasca, Sunday,' Manitoba, Tuesday,
Alberta, Friday.
��� iiiViViViViriViVtiViVi���"���"��� iii -
Direct Route���Low Rates���Quick Time
EAST......... AND......... WEST
Dining Oars
Tourist Cars
First-Class Sleepers
For time tables and full information call on or address nearest local
agent. D. O'CONNOR,
Agent, Cascade, B. C.
D. P. A. Nelson, B. C.
E. J. COYLE, A. G. P. Agt,
Vancouver, B. C.
The most complete line of
Hardware and Dry Goods
in town.
from now on in Winter Goods.
Mackinaw Suits, Rubbers, Heavy Wool
and Cloth Overshirts; Underwear in
all qualities; Blankets, Overals, Hats,
Caps, Gloves, Mitts, Heavy and Light
Shoes, etc., etc.,
Below Cost.
Ladies' Suitings, Shoes, Flannellettes,
and House-furnishings, etc.,
Half-price and Less.
If you need anything call and see what
we have and get satisfaction.
We save you 6oc in the $.
The remaining supply of
Will be cleared out at any reasonable
price. Amongst other articles we offer
Canned Vegetables and Fruits, Dried
Peaches, Apricots, Apples, Blackberries, etc.; Currants and Raisins, Tapioca and all kinds of Extracts and
Spices, on which you can save money
by buying at
The English Store,
Crockery, Lamps and Furniture,
in addition.
APRIL 27, 1901
That the province is being drained ot its wealth by the horde of
Orientals who are overrunning it
has long been known. Before the
Royal commission, which is sitting
at Victoria taking evidence on the
question of Oriental immigration,
there appeared a few days sinoe,
Postmaster Shakespeare of Victoria
who gave the following testimony:
"The number and amount of money orders purchased by Japanese,
payahle in Japan, from March 1st,
1900, to Fehruary 28, 1901. is as
follow*: Number of orders, 4,768;
amount of orders, (188,914,98. In
one mail, dispatched September 12,
1899, the amount of orders on Japan was $72,036.55. The Chinese
dn not send money In China by
money orders, but purchase drafts
and send them by registered letters.
There were 5,010 registered letters
posted by Chinese and addressed to
places in China from March 1,1900,
to February 28,1901.
When it is considered thai such
large sums were sent away from
one city by the Orientals, how
much larger must ibey be from the
entire province? In addition to
this, large sums are hoarded by the
Orientals which they take out of
the country in bulk when they go
to spend the rest of their dayB in
the Flowery Kingdon. The question is, how long can even so rich
a province as British Columbia
stand such a continual and at the
same time increasing drain ? It is
a problem which sooner or later
must be solved, and the proper way
to do it is, we believe, by means of
total exclusion. Head taxes and
like remedies scarcely mitigate the
evil, and something more drastic is
needed and that is total exclusion
of Orientals.���Rossland Miner.
and is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $15,000.
Last Wednesday work was started on a hew warehouse for the
Hunter-Kendrick Co., Ltd , of Phoenix, which is being erected on the
C. P. R- track above the depot.
Smith Bros, have the contract. The
building is to be 25x50 feet in size.
and substantially constructed with
a corrugated iron roof The company will add considerably to the already large stock that they an- carrying in Phoenix, on the completion of tbe new warehouse,
Exatnisatlos For Aiaaytrs' Uceoces.
The examination for assayerB
Licences at Nelson, B. C, was started on Monday, April 15th, and
took up the best part of the week.
There were 15 candidates, of
whom it is believed, 8 were successful in passing the ordeal.
The examiners were, Mr. H. Car-
michael, Provincial Assayer, Mr.
Harris, of the Nelson Smelter, Mr.
Welch, of the Trail Smelter and
Mr. MoKillop of Nelson.
If it is a fact that only 8 out of
15 passed, there can be no doubt
that tbe examination ie of a very
searching character, and is thought
by some to cover too much of the
ground which exclusively comes
within the scope of a purely Smelter Assay office, and it is questionable whether this fact does not account for the very small number of
successful candidates. We believe,
however, that there iB no question
as to the impartiality ot the examiners. It would seem a mistake
to cut out the ordinary customs
assayer on account of want of
knowledge of smelter technicalities.
Ntw BilMlaf Eaterprliet Is Phoenix.
In a short time, possibly within
two weeks, says the Pioneer, work
will begin on the first brick block
to be erected in Phoenix. It will
be erected by Jay P. Graves and
Wm. Yolen Williams, on the southeast corner of Knob Hill avenue
and First street. The new block
will be substantial and first class
in every respect and will be an
ornament to the city. The new
block, it is said, will be built of
granite and brick, two stories high,
the second story being of briok. It
will cover 60x100 feet of ground,
Tht Railroad Slttiatloa.
According to the light that has
shown in the Republic Pioneer of-
gee during the past week, the fol
lowing is the railroad situation in
a nutshell: The Grand Forks and
Republic Railway company has secured permission from the Secretary
of the Interior to construct a line
ol railroad across the Colville
Indian reservation from Nelson to
Republic. The manager of the
Granby smelter at Grand Forks, is
using every possible endeavor to
Induce the management of the different mines in the camp to enter
into a two year's contract tosupply
a certain daily tonnage. As the
offices of the companies are located
outside of Republic, it has not been
possible to learn the result of these
These two facts are strong presumptive evidence that a railway
line will he built this year. It is
believed that the Canadian syndicate which in back of the railway
company, is also back of the smelter company. As the syndicate has
ample means to carry out its plans
and all other obstacles of a serious
nature having been removed, there
ie, apparently, a clear field for the
road and as soon as the right of
way can be secured grading can
i<egin. It does not now appear to
he unreasonable to believe that the
dirt will be flying on the American
side of ihe line by ihe middle of
June, and in that case the road
ought to be finished by the first of
next January jnio Republic or at
least cluse to her honler.
The Miner-Gravf-s syndicate,
which hi- made :\ i.'position for
the in iiling of a nulway from
Graml Korks in llt-pu lie i-ays 'he
Phoenix Pioneer, an     mv making
lire cm.i nets for tilt- nil I road when
iiiiili. I he me it- In lie t lea ten at
lite l<r ilmy cniener
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B. C
1 Columbia Brewery <tt
��� -. JEGON
ahd UNION BftCinC
Salt - LaRts - ��.*�� ��� Denver
Steamship Tickets in  Kurope and
Other Foreign Countries.
Dn parts.
7:4&tt. li
4:00 p.m.
SiMkiitiQ Tliuu  Scliiidule
EgjgtlVjj May 38.
I'AsT MAIL ��� for tbe
Goettr d'Alfiies, Fiirninin-
ton, .larlMd. Colfax, Pom.
nruy, Wiiitsburn, Dayton.
Walla Walla, Pendleton
Maker City, and all points
PAST MAIL - From all
points BAST, Baker City,
Pendleton, Walla Walla,
Dayton, Waltsburir, Pome-
roy, Moscow, Pulltnan.Col.
fax, Gurlleld, Farmlnuton,
and Cour d'Altmes. . . . -
EXPRESS - for Famine-
ton. Garfield, Colfax, Pullman. Mo-cow, Lewlston,
Portland, San Francisco,
Raker City and all point.
EXPKRSS-From all points
BAST, Baker City, San
Francisco, Portland, Colfax, Gamed and Fnrmlnii
Arri e
0:15 p. ni.
9.111 a. m-
San Francisco-Portland Route.
DOCK, Portland, at 8 p. m., and Spear Street
Wharf, San Francisco at 11 a. m. every Ave days.
Willamette and Columbia Rivers.
Dally Boat Service between Portland, Astoria,
Oregon City, Dayton, Salem, Independence, Cor-
vallls and all Columbia and Willamette river
Snake River Route.
Steamers between Rlparla and Lewlston leave
Hlparla dally at 11:40 a. m., returning leave Lewlston dally at 7:00 a. m.
H. M. ADAMS, General Airent,
430 Riverside Ave., Spokane, Wash.
The Coming Mining and Commercial Center of Similkameen, Between
Keremeos and Princeton,
 British Columbia.
Similkameen City Townsite Company.
FRANK BAILEY, Manager, it M. KEEPER, Agent,
4 WallKD-Mllltr Block, O.REENWOOD, B. C.
A. B. O. Code, dough's Code. Head Office, Both 'Phone..
Victoria, Vancouver, Spokane, Toronto, Rossland, Nelson
and all Boundary Towns.
To Whom It flay Concern:
WE, the several persons, whose names and addresses
are hereunto subscribed, respectfully declare that we have
seen Similkameen City and the surrounding country, and
that the situation is as represented on page 27 of Bailey's
pamphlet of the Similkameen district, and that his accompanying map shows the position nf the townsite to be as
there set down.
F. N. Gladden,
John Gladden,
D. McMillan,
R. P. Williams,
0. R. Town ley,
Phil McDonald,
Robert Wood,
George, R. Naden,
W. D. Hodges,
Thos. S. Miller,
C. W. H. Sansom,
Hugh McKee.
Wm. Baillie,
F. A. Devereaux.
L. W. Shatford,
W. Featherstonhaugh,
R. H. Parkinson, PLS,
S. Cousins.
W. C. McDougall,
.'as. Riordon,
David Black.
C. L. Burnsides.
A Sirett,
T. J. McAlpin.
K. P. Matheson.
Camp Hedley���
R. 0. Hawtrey.
London, Eng.���
Chas. E. Oliver.
These are copies of the written names of the original reference. Anyone who wishes to verify my report may do so by
writing to any or all of the parties.
:   :   Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
"~ 4$
M M yt w. trf ��S *r|-J*t-*rVH-*-Vrt-fH*
Is too small in which to tell you what a
complete line of
Patent Medicines.
Miners' Supplies,
of all kinds;
Also, Hay and Oats,
That is always on hand at
msmi ritws.
Buy from them and Save Money    4
_ ���"g}*fr
April 87, 1901
li the Rliiaf Qeneratloo Dolaf Auy Thinking?
The work of amalgamation goes
-on rapidly in the United States.
At the present rate of progress there
will soon not be a man in the country "in business for himself." Presently there will be no internal competition, and as the tariff effectually
guards against foreigners interfering with the preserves of the
native, in the last stage the people
will find themselves all employees
of trusts and customers of trusts.
The capitalists will probably live
in Europe, draw their fat dividends
at a comfortable distance from labor troubles and political turmoil,
and marry their sons and daughters to princesses and princes. Thus
everything common will be kept at
a distance and beyond possibility
of offending. Tbe lower classes of
Europe know their place, and the
-higher orders 'from this continent
who have attained to the positions
which they were ordained by Providence to adorn, will have no occupation but to increase the measure
of their "culchaw," and meditate
upon the wisdom of Providence in
creating the "lower classes.1'
This is the new form of slavery
into which the world appears to be
rapidly drifting. It is only possi
ble in protectionist countries, as fur
as can be judged at present, although Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan appears to have some hopes of introducing his system into Europe.
Perhaps he calculates on inducing
���Great Britain to change her fiscal
policy, and thus make straight the
path for his operations.
The question is how long will the
people���who are generally supposed to be omnipotent on this
-continent, although it is a great
mistake���submit to this sort of
thing? Millionaires are being
turned out at a rate that is positively paralyzing. The greater the
development the more numerous
they become. If the conditions
were such as they ought to be the
benefits of -the great natural wealth
���of the country would be more evenly distributed. Carnegie ground
-the faces of his poor workmen, became the owner of many millions,
and of a castle and estate in Scotland, and his wealth is accumulating faster than he can give it
away. He wants to educate the
workmen now through the establishment of free libraries, and make
them more conscious of the inequalities of life on this free continent.
Who can foretell what the outcome will be? Will the govern-|
ment be compelled to take posses'
sion of and operate every business
in the country in the interests of
the people, or will the people rise
themselves, and smash the fiscal
system which has made such a
state of affairs possible ? There is
an interesting time ahead for our
neighbors. Wait till the next cycle of depression of business comes
along.���Victoria Times.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Center oi Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries. ���
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
Laodioi Site for Cable Selected.
A site has been selected on Barclay Sound, on the west coast of
Vancouver Island, for the landing
place of the Pacific cable. It consists of 100 acres, and will be laid
out as a townsite, and cottages
built for employees. There is a
good harbor off the site, in fact
room for a whole fleet of battleships, and it is well protected.
The newest organization in
Brandon is a progressive Camera
Club, of which Rev. Alex. Cameron
is president.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising ppportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      JOr L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.


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