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Vol. 1.
Lake Bennett, B. C, August 5,1899.
No. 11.
$12,920 to  the  Ton-Free^Milling Ore-Lead  Four  Feet in Width-
Traceable for Two Miles—Two Hardy Norte'
men the Discoverer*.
Many have been the theories regarding the sources from which the various
placers of the world drew their supply
of mineral wealth. Geologists and mineralogists in endlesj number have advanced arguments in favor of their respective theories, but the arguments in
favor of all placer gold originally coming from a mother lode is the one that
most prospectors have accepted, and
with an  abiding  faith in that belief,
' numerous have been their attempts to
locate the source of practically unlimited wealth. F ir ytu.D p^st the mother
, lodes supplying the Cariboo, Cassiar,
Ominica a', id Peace river placeri have
been sought in vain, and the adventures
of hundreds of plucky prospectors in
making ;these attempts have furnished
. many a thrilling story of untold hardship, and danger.
The finding of high quartz nuggets in
the Atlin fields (many of them from 1
to 3 and even 7 oz. in weight), together
with the effect of the alien act in excluding aliens from placer locations,
have furnished greater stimulus and
caused increased exertions in the prospecting for quartz propositions in this
district, which have resulted in many
rich' strikes, but the recent find in the
Otter district surpasses all, and men
who a few days ago were in but moderate financial circumstances are today to
be counted in the -lists of modern
Some two weeks ago C. A. Andenon
and J. Pearson started out on a prospecting expedition around the Big Horn
and surrounding country, the greatest
hope being that they might discover
something of a" moderately rich proposition, little dreaming that their search
would result in untold opulence. For a
few days their endeavors furnished
nothing but hard labor and difficulties,
until a large ledge of peculiar-looking
quartz was discovered which, on further
search, was found to have evidence of a
permanent lead and traceable for a
longdistance.   Thinking that the apparent permanency of the. ledge, together with the heavily mineralized
appearance of the rock, justified locating, stakes were at once poited and a
small quantity of ore secured.   Anderson and his partner then left the ground
en rout^e for Bennett, at which, place
they intended to have assays made of
the ore, but during their return trip
many inspections were made of their
specimens, and frequently was the prospector's glass brought into use, and
with  frequent  handling of  the  rock
came  the   thought  that the mineral
looked like gold.   Then the thought
gave place to that of hope, and by the
time Cariboo Crossing was reached that
hope had become a glorious certainty.
On arrival at the Crossing the railway
camp was visited and the ore exhibited
to Chief Engineer Lewis, who confirmed
their certainty that it was gold.   Anderson soon made arrangements with
Lewis and an agreement was made
whereby Lewis and  his men were to
supply provisions and the needful, and
a return was at once to be started to the
scene of the discovery, and all hands
made partners in everything located.
Mr. Lewis sent H. C. Diers, a reliable
and trusted miner, to watch his interests.    The   scene of operation   was
reached without delay, samples of the
ore secured and Diers quickly left for
Atlin with his treasure to get assays.
Diers, by a long familiarity with different ores, was certain their find was a
very valuable one, but his most optimistic hopes had hardly dared him to
look for the return handed him by Mr.
W. Pinder, the assayer of the Bank of
British North America at Atlin. Three
distinct samples of the ore were handed
in by Diers for assay, and the following
are the certificates of assay made by
Mr. Pinder:
No. 161..:....   $12,952.00 gold
No. 162 1.... 12,860.00 gold
"      222.00 silver
No.-163    2,904.00 gold
The samples assayed were taken from
different parts of the ledge and were
not picked specimens.
. Diers was a passenger from Atlin on
the Gleaner yesterday, and at a point
about 10 miles this side of Golden Gate
the steamer,was stopped to pick up the
other members of Diers' party, including F. Nelson, who had joined Anderson during Diers' absence. On the arrival af Cariboo the party left the
steamer to report, to Mr. Lewis.
Diers is a well-known prospector and
hails from Tacoma. F. Nelson has
been in the Atlin district for a year,
and sold a. claim on Spruce creek last
month.   He belongs to Seattle.
Pearson is a newcomer to these parts,
but lately leaving his farm in Yakima.
Anderson has been in the province
for 10 years. He was one of the pioneer
prospectors on Texada island, and is
well known at Nanaimo and Welling- "
ton. He is the only married man in
the party, and has a wife and four
children now residing at Northfield,
B. C. •
The owners have staked and recorded
16 claims on the lode, and it is their intention to at once commence operations
on a large scale; Water power can be
obtaintd close to the lead.
Two pounds of the rock was roasted,
theu pulverized and washed in a pan:
The yield was {7.00. The gold is of a
leafy nature, being spread through the
rock in distinct layers. Running in the
lode is a stringer of molybdeum, itself of
great value.
The Sun's representative will visit
the ground during the ensuing week and
get a correct actual description of the
surroundings, which will be published
in our next issue, so that the public may
have correct information regarding its
situation and the means of retching the
same. '
Te Rcdctm Certificate!.
It is stated that in a recent order issued
by the government to the gold commissioner at Atlin, authority is given to take
up and redeem all free miners' licenses
issued by him to aliens prior to January
i&th last.—Vancouver World.
Chines* Can Work In Coal. nine*.
Victoria, July a8. -The privy council
of England, in the case of Briden vs. The
Union Colliery Company, has ruled that
the province has not power to prohibit
Chinese from working under ground in
coal mines. The White Hone Tramway with all of
its ramifications has been sold as is
generally understood to the White Pass
.R.;R. It is not known as to the price
paid for this valuable grant, but from the
most authentic sourcss that can be obtained it is generally .understood $185,-
000 was paid. Mr. C. E. Peabody,
managing director of the Alaska Steamship Company, put the deal Jhrough.
Th* purchase of this property together
with the fact that the White Pass road is
enlarging and building its yard accommodations on so large a scale, togeth'e r With
the almost undeniable rumor, coming
from one of the leading officers o,f the
road, that in the near future trackage
would.be laid to the waterfront, in Bennett proper, and that the company would
put in the best of wharfag* facilities,
practically'assuring the citizens of Bennett that it is and will be the terminus of
the White Pass Railroad,
A. E. Seeley and F. N. Bu«h, of the
Pacific Coast Steamship Co., resident
agents at the Skagway, have resigned
their positions with that company and
will take charge of the Yukon Flyer
Line in Bennett. Mr. Seeley is one of
the liveliest and most responsible transportation men in the Northwest, and
will be a welcome addition to Bennett's
many live business men. F. N. Bush is
said to be one of the best accountants
on the Coast. These gentlemen are
both social favorites in Skagway, but
like many other live men they saw the
great future before our thriving', growing town, and appreciating its future
wanted to come and get in on the
ground floor.
Mrs. Emily Browne, who worked in
the laundry just across the river at the
end of the bridge, died very suddenly
at 3 a. m. Friday. She was apparently
in the best of health on Thursday evening, but during the night she awakened
an employe of the place by saying she
did not feel well, and from that on Mrs.
Browne continued to grow worse. Dr.
Madore was hastily called, but after a
very short time Mrs. Browne passed
away. A coroner's inquest was held
Friday morning, and the verdict of the
jury was death from natural causes.
The funeral services were held this
morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. J. A. Sinclair officiating.
At the present time there is very
large shipments of freight to Dawson,
and the W. P. & Y. Ry. have found it
necessary to run additional trains to
handle it.
It is currently reported that Messrs.
McKinley, Miller and McClaren have
sold their rich claim on Ph.e creek to
Col. Brownlee and Mrs. Alice Houghton
for $30,000.
The W. P. & Y. Ry. Co. hava organized an express company, which will be
in operation in a few days for a general
express business. E. C. Hawkins is
manager and L. H. Gray the superintendent. The company, as soon as all
of their arrangements are completed,
will be prepared to send express parcels
to all parts of the United States and
Canada. The charges will be the same
as express company charges on the
coast, 5 cents per pound, 50 cents being
the minimum charge. For the benefit
of their patrons the company have engaged the services of a customs officer
to attend to the legal part of the business passing over the ^international
Capt. Steve Bailey has been in and
about Bennett for the past few days.
Capt. Bailey had been out of steamboat
life for 23 years up to the time he built
the magnificent steamer S. S. Bailey.
Now that he has returned to his first
love and tasted the joys of steamboat-
ing, he contemplates building two fast
steamers for the lower river and one
for the lakes.
The Mabel F, running from Bennett
to Atlin, has been laid up for several
days. The management, it seems, became dissatisfied with the engineer and
unceremoniously fired him, expecting
a new man on the incoming tram to
take his place, but unfortunately he did
not materialize, hence the tie-up.
Manager O. H. Partridge, manager
of the B, L. & K. N. Co., was confined
to his room for a few days, but his smiling countenance can be seen while he
is again engaged in selling- tickejts, billing- large consignments of freight, and
weighing Klondike hot stuff at the old
If the outside croakers about Bennett
would take a trip on the White Pass
railroad, they would soon see the error
of their ways and acknowledge that no
place in the Northwest was having as
great a building boom.
The British American Co. (Ltd), are
putting on a corrugated iron roof on
their wholesale and retail store, making
it.fire proof.
County Court of Vancouver Hold en at Bennett.
County Court will he held on Monday,
August 14th at iq o'clock a. m.
E. M. N. WOOD, Registrar.
Mrs. Alice Houghton of Spnkaue,
Wash., who was the president of, Ladies
Commission at the World's Fair, and one
ofthe most prominent mining brokers
and dealers in the United States, passed
through Bennett on Sunday last on her
way to Spbkane where she will .place
large Atlin properties. '   :
J. West & Co., the wholesale and retail liquor dealers, have moved their
large stock of goods from the tent they
formerly occupied on Front street to
their large two-story building opposite
their old stand.
A new time card on the W. P. & Y.
Ry. went into effect August 1. Passenger trains arriving at Bennett at 12:45
p in., leaving at. 2 p. m.; arriving at
7:30 p. lit, laying at Bennett over night
and leaving at 7:30 p. m.
Mr. E. E Samsbn of Skagway, formerly Assistant Cashier of the Pacific Contract Company, has resigned his position
with that company and has laken a position with the B. L. & K. N. Co., as
cashier. «*
White Horse Pilots.
Tents Opposite Steamboat Landing,
miles canyon.
Geo. I.. Rice.   David Haatle.    John F. Quinn
finest Cine of Rouses in HlasKa.
Pack Train Inn, Bennett, B. C.
The Nevada Cafe, Juneau, Alaska.
The Bank, Skagway, Alaska.
Grand Hotel and Cafe, Atlin City, B. C
1 fc and northern trading Company.
—Dealers In—
Hardware, Dry Goods, Groceries, Drugs, &c.
Front St.,'Bennett, B. C. '_ ,        '' *
Backed by Men of Money-Pittsburg,
Toronto and Denver Capitalists
.   in a Yukon Enterprise,
Some heavyweight Pittsburg, Pa.,
and Toronto, Can., capitalists, as also
Colorado men, are interested in the passenger and express line to be established from a point on the headwaters
of the Yukon to the Klondike. Joseph
T. Cornforth, of Denver, is the Western guiding spirit. ThePittsburg men
are Mayor Ford, Banker Mustin and
I. R. Hedges. J. H. Ruse, a Toronto
financier, is president of the concern,
which is known as the^Yukon Overland
Express and Transportation Company.
. "Work on the construction of "the
wagon road will be commenced within
a fortnight, probably," Mr. Cornforth
said recently to a Post-Intelligencer reporter, discussing the enterprise, "and
by the time snow flies we expect to have
the route completed and in operation
from the mouth of the Watson river to
Fort Selkirk, where the road will terminate until next spring. Probably 200
or 300 men will be employed in the construction, of the trail. Beginning on
the west side at a point near the mouth
of the Watson river, the road will ex-
» tend to the Tahkeena; which we will
cross with a 500-foot ferry, and thence
to Lewis river, which we also ferry a
distance of 800 feet across to a point 30
miles above Fort Selkirk. From there
the road is to extend down the east side
to Pelly. Crossing Pelly the route is
down the east bank of the Yukon 60
miles to Fort Selkirk. In taking up the
extension we leave the Yukon at Fort
Selkirk, crossing in an almost direct
line to Stewart, to Indian and on to the
head of Eldorado and down that creek
and Bonanza to Dawson.
"The route lies through valleys and
ever a gentle rolling country, much of
which is covered by a small growth of
timber, mainly fir and cedar."
The completion of an undertaking of
this kind will be of untold value to this
northwestern portion of the Dominion.
It is hoped that the above is a reliable
Bloody Scrap In Dawson.
Miners who have just reached here
from Dawsoa te'l of a bloody fight a
night or so before they left, between
"Black" Sullivan, of the Dominion
saloon, and Proprietor Burpee, of the
Moato Carlo theatre. Beer bottles and
pistols were brought into play as clubs,
each contestant being badly battered.—
Vancouver World.
Kodaks and cameras, Case & Draper's,
Snow Shedi.
The construction department of the
W. P. & Y. Ry. Co. have started ar-
arrangements for the erection of several large snow sheds from Summit to
Glacier station. A large number of
men have been engaged by the company and it is the intention to rush this
important work with all possible speed
in order that the successful operation
of the road shall not be impeded by
snow blockades during the coming
Mrs. Carmack In Court.
Mrs. George W. Carmack, th* Indian
wife of the discoverer of Klondike, and
who is probably the richest Indian
woman in the world, was fined $3.60 by
Judge Cann this morning , for drunkenness. Mrs. Carmack loaded up*on champagne last night, and in company with
some Indian friends, made Rome howl
in the Hotel Seattle. Officer Grant gathered her in, and prosecuted her this
morning. She refused to tell who fur-
■ished her the champagne. — Seattle
J. McLeod, of the Klondike hotel, arrived home on Wednesday last. Mr.
McLeod had been absent about six
weeks spending a holiday in Victoria
and other outside cities, whither he had
gone in search of improved health. The
Sun is very glad to see that he has returned greatly benefitted 1?om the trip.
The mishap to the steering apparatus
of,the Clifford Sifton on Monday evening last was soon put right. She left
early Tuesday morning with a very
large consignment of freight for White
(fold Prom th* Klondlk..
The United States mint begs to acknowledge the receipt of $11,000,000
worth of Klondike gold during the present calendar year, or as much as the entire receipts of last year amounted to,
while leading buyers of bullion have informed Treasurer Roberts that the total
yield ofthe Klondike-tins year will reach
$18,000,000 or |20,ooo,ooo.—Chicago Inter-Ocean.
Noticeable improvements are being
made on the property belong to the,
Presbyterian mission, due mostly to the
push of the pastor, Rev. J. A. Sinclair.
If owners of lots would follow that gentleman's example, the appearance of
our .town would be greatly improved.
Try The Sun for Job Printing.
Through rates given to all points
on the Yukon.
Operating on Atlin Lake..
? New Furniture and all Modern Improvements Including Gas Lights and Piano,
ZU ytlKOtl turner i M fm \-
The pioneer house of Bennett. Concert every evening:
Dominion Steamboat Co., Ltd.
Operating Steamer
Giving Daily Service Between Bennett
h.parsons,a**      and White Horse, Also Atlin City.
Staterooms Large and Elegantly Furnished, Bathrooms and other modern improvements. Through Passengers and Freight solicited to Dawson and all way
landings. Make reliable connections with Lower River steamers. Call at
office in Bennett, or see agent at Skagway. ,'
tlK Bennett Sun.
JSemicU $«» Friitiao and PuMUMw Co.,
L. Dumar ...  Manager
Published Every Saturday Morning.
Subscription,.. .$5 Per Annum.
Single Copies.. .10 Cents Each.
Advertising rates made known on application to the office.      i
It seems to us that what ought to distinguish the bearing of both parties in
this great affray is "the indomitable
will and courage never to submit or
yield." The people of the province
will then very quickly discover where
they stand and may hope for a new deal
all around. If, however, those distinguished statesmen become timid and
frightened for their positions and
smooth the matter over we may look
for a continuance of the unsatisfactory
stat* of affairs which has existed since
the government took office, the members of which have never ceased to
carry conceale'd bludgeons to iiee on
each other in dark corners.   It would
: B,' .     O.
be unfortunate indeed if .Mr. Martin
should retract and Mr. Cotton should
profess a desire to kiss and make friends
and the family row should be changed
into a-''peace conference. It is better
they should go loaded down with dumdum bullets to use against each other.
That this consummation may be reached
let Mr. Semlip not forget his charges
against Mr. Martin and let Mr. Martin
remember that he accused fii\ Cotton
of falsifying records and the premier of
being incompetent. Let the other members of the cabinet lay it to heart
closely that their positions are dependent entirely on the relations existing
between the leading fighter*.—Rossland
Miner. .     .
The adjutant and ensign of the Salvation Army, together with Mrs. Tooley,
Miss Ulery, Mrs. Mead and Mr. Paul-
sell of Skagway, came on the excursion
and held a very interesting gospel meeting in th* street of Bennett tpday,. This
service was the first of its kind ever
held in our city. Themusio, singing and
talks were appreciated by a large number of our citizens.
Dr. Lindsay, resident physician of
the railroad company, informs The
Sun that H. McKay of Bennett has
made two clean-ups on his Pine creek
property during the present week—one
of $400, and the other from 3i days'
work of four men, $800. Dr. Lindsay
informs us that the gold is of the finest
quality, and will go $18 to the ounce.
Among the prominent citizens of
Skagway who came on the Y. M. C. A.
excursion The Sun met Judge Sehl-
brede and family, Dr. Moore and family, Dr. Nesbit, Editor Dunbar of the
Daily Budget, Jeweler Kerns,' Supt.
Whiting, Gen. Turner and family, and
many others.
Messrs. Orr & Toohy, formerly interested in the Chilkoot Pass tram, shipped
about lOt) head of horses and mules and
wagons',6 hamessj etc';-, toDawsOn this
We'ek^wSere they are-going into a geri-
eral packing and transferbusiness. It
took nine large scows to. transport their
outfit. ■"■'■' •    ;
Mr. C. Racine is building a new hotel
on Front street. When finished it, will
be among the most substantial building*
of Bennett. .. '     '.;
Our patrons in particular and the public in
general are hereby notified that we
have no agent or agents in our employ
who are authorized to collect money or
to contract debts in our name.
Bennett Sun Printing '
& Publishing Co.
Rev. Appleyard was called unexpectedly to Toronto yesterday by the illness
of his wife, and consequently the services of the Church of England announced for tomorrow will not be held.
Rev. Appleyard will not return here
this season. .   ,   ••
Mr. M. King, of the V,Y. T. Co.,
who has been in Skagway for the past
several days on business combined with
pleasure, returned on the nopn train
The city council of Skagway will give,.
an excursion ,from   that .enterprising
place to Cariboo Crossing and retutn.
one week from next Tuesday.
• Mr. S. C. Elkington, one of. Atlin's
live merchants, shipped a. large lot of
hay to Dawson. on the Clifford Sifton
last Thursday. . ' ..' ...
Mr. S. Adler, who has just come but
from Atlin, is shipping a large stock of
wet goods into that prosperous camp.
Mr.Arthur Cop'eland,' of ''the B. L. &*
K. L. Co:, took a trip over to Atlin this'
week in the interest of the company.
"' W. A. Anderson, of the Klondike
hotel, is erecting a new hotel near the:
m Bank of British north America.
Established In 1836  Incorporated by Royal Charter.
Rev. Father- J. J. Whelan, O. M. I.,
of Vancouver, B. C, returned to Bennett from Dawson this-morning, and
/ will proceed to Atlin during the oom-
ing week. Father Whelan will hold
mass in the ten't formerly owned by
Archie Burns, just above the Pack
Train hotel, at 10:30 Sunday morning.
At 7 p. m. he wants as many as can to
meet him at the same place for the purpose of consultation in reference to the
best interests of Catholicismin Bennett.
Paid Up Capital   -   -   ■*   -, -   -  -   $4,866,666,66       .-•:,■;
Reserve Fund-  -  -  -"--,-  -  $1,460,000.00 ,       .,.,  .. ,
Loudon Office: 3 Clements Lane, Lombard Street, E. C. '>■■.-.     «•..
•Head Office in Canada: Montreal.
H. STIKEMAN, General Manager.
Branches in all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York, San
Francisco, Seattle, Tacpma, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Etc.
Gold dust purchased at best rates.   A general banking business transacted.0
D. SlflPSON, Acting Manager, Bennett, B. C,
 ; ; '      l _ - ''•  '   <%•            - • ■.   -..
Bennett Lake & Klondyke Navigation Co. Ltd.
op.r.ti.gstumer*  0RAm NORA, and FLORA .Ely***
-Col. George Brackett, of Skagway,
spent some time in Bennett during the
week visiting old friends and making
many new ones. Mr. Brackett expressed himself as being surprised at
the rapid growth and enterprise in Bennett.
•5^1 Bennett to Dawson, *w
Comfort, Security and Certainty via. This Line. Sleeping Accommodations and
Table Unequalled.   Also S. 8. AMUR from Skagway direct to
Victoria, Vancouver and Puget Sound Ports.
H. C. FLOCKTON, Gea. Mgr., Victoria, B. C.
Skagway Sends Two Big Traim of
Excursioniati to Bennett,
Th* first excursion ever given to Bennett on the W. P. & Y. Ry. came in
today, and it marks an era of good will
between Bennett and Skagway. The
excursion was arranged by the energetic secretary of the Skagway Y. M.
C. A., Mr. Reid, and that gentleman is
to be congratulated upon its complete
success. There were about 500 of the
excursionists, representing the very
best element of Skagway, the greater
portion of whom had never visited the
thriving young city at the head of
Yukon' navigation, and it was amusing
to note the look of astonishment of so
many of the excursionists as they noticed the thrift and improvements on
every hand. The train consisted of two
sections and made schedule time—something rarely done by excursion trains
on the old railroads of the States, and
the railway management is also to be
congratulated upon the handling of so
'large a crowd on a new road. Everything that could be done for the comfort r>f excursionist! was satisfactorily performed. Upon the arrival of the
different sections it was announced to
those who had their luncheons that the
members of the Presbyterian church
had made arrangements for them to
. take their lunch in a large tent adjoin
ing the church, and Rev. Sinclair, who
was looking out for their comfort, generously threw open the doors of the
church for their accommodation. Secretary Reid had made arrangements
with the managers of the steamer
Clifton Sifton to give all those who desired to taka a steamboat ride on Lake
Bennett an opportunity to do so. About
1 o'clock mora than a hundred took advantage of this generous offer.
Secretary Reid informed The Sun
that the funds raised by the excursion
are to be used for the purpose of erecting a building for the Y. M. C. A.
The last section of the excursion train
left for home at 6 o'clock.
Th* Praabytarlan Church.
Tht weekly Presbyterian social under
the auspices of the Ladies' Aid Society,
on Thursday evening, was the social
event of the week. The Ladies' Aid
are to be congratulated upon the complete success of their efforts in entertaining not only the regular attendants
and members of the church, but many
strangers who are constantly coming
through Bennett. As regular mid-week
services will be held on Thursday evenings in the future, the time for these
social functions will be changed to Tuesday evening.    The feature of th* next
mall Oram Promptly
yorwvM •«••••
Dry 600(1$, Eadies Suits, notions, tflotbing, jwrnisbings, * Shoes
meeting will be a joint debate between
Mr. O. H. Partridge, of Bennett, and
and Judge Fry, of Seattle. As Mr.
Partridge is a strong debater, and the
Judge will be put upon his metal, and
the full programme will undoubtedly
be a good one, it is hoped that there
will be a large attendance. Following
is the programme of last Thursday's entertainment:
Opening Remarks Rev. Sinclair
Mrs. 0. H. Partridge, Organist.
Song, "Anchored" Mr. Diffen
Address Judge Fry
Duet Miss CardwelL Mr. Diffen
Recitation ...Mrs. Taylor
Banjo Solo Mr. Lewis,' N. W. M. P.
Song, "The Harp Thai/Once Thro'
Tara's Hall .^tr.^.. Mr. Diffen
Recitation Mrs. Taylor
Duet, "Juanita" 	
 Miss Cardwell, Mr. Barry
Reading Mr. Partridge
Banjo Solo     ...Mr. Lewis
Patriotic Talk •■ ,, Judge.Fry
With Mrs. Partridge at the organ,
and the rendition of "Anchored" by
Mr. Diffen, who'has a remarkably fine
voice and whose enunciation was perfect, made the first number a most delightful one. Judge Fry, who gave the
second number in a brief descriptive
talk on the old-time darky of the South,
was enthusiastically received, and while
humorous', Was yet instructive and entertaining. The third number, a recit-
tion by Mrs. Taylor, was well received
and heartily applauded. After refreshments Mr. Diffen sang "The Harp That
Once Thro' Tara's Hall," followed by
a recitation by Mrs. Taylor. The duet
by Miss Cardwell and Mr. Barry was
one of the pleasing features of the
evening, after which Mr. Lewis gave
another banjo solo. Judge Fry then
gave a short patriotic talk in reference
to the friendliness existing between the
mother country and the United States,
which was received by a unanimous
applause. . After the singing of "My
Country 'Tis of Thee" and "God Save
the Queen," and a short prayer, by
Rev. Sinclair, a pleasant evening's
entertainment came to an end.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Lonsdale and Mr.
and Mrs. George Mowl of Skagway, were
amoag the excursion visitors today, and
thoroughly enjoyed their day's outing
like the balance of the young people.
'Twould have been hard to find a more
jovial quartette anywhere.
Editor Dunbar ofthe Budget was in to
see us today. His visit we* marred
somewhat by constant business interruption, as we understand he left town with
bnshels of job work.
Roderic Sprague, associate editor of
the Skagway News was in. town today.
While here he was toe busy taking snap
shot* at our fine buildings, etc., to pay
much attention to numerous calls for job
Miss Bertha Matlock went over to
Skagway today to pay a short visit to
her aunt and uncle, Senator and Mrs.
Onr popular townsman B. B. Ball went
over to Stag town today.
Steamer RUTH,
TOWINd of all kinds done
at reasonable rates.
Roe, Swift Steamer with Splendid Accommodation!
for pweengen. Till make regular tripe between Ben/
nett and White Hone carrying
freight and Passetjicr*,
■ * + ***** + * *»
XXX wfioleiile and Retail. X X X
Cbolcest of fresft and $ali Bleats, Card, c,
Always on Band. r
Grate Charges Are Made Againit
Federal Official! of the
Seattle Times, July 25.
Word from Cape Nome today by the
Elihu Thompson is to the effect that
the miners of Cape Nome and Anvil
City are wrought up to a high pitch on
account of the action of United States
Commissioner Shepard, backed by the
United States soldiers. The miners'
meeting of nearly one thousand men
was dispersed on the night of the 10th
by a lieutenant and a squad of soldiers
on the ground that they were not property owners.
The lieutenant in command declared
that he was only obeying orders. He
was instructed to allow no miners' meeting to be held. His instructions were
issued by the captain, in command at
St. Michael or by the United States
The meeting had been called regularly after five days'notice to protest
against the illegal practice that has
been followed in locating claims. The
miners declared that a clique or ring
has been formed to gobble up all the
good properties in the country. It is
charged by the miners who came in on
the Thompson today that the machinery of the federal government on the
Yukon has been turned to these illegal
The name of Shepard is particularly
associated in this matter. Not so much
is heard against the government recorder at Anvil City. The conditions
are in such a confused shape.that nothing is being done. Hundreds of contests have been filed, but that is as far
as the men can go. The rich claims on
Anvil oreek and Snow gulch have been
filed on three and four times over. Men
are afraid to prospect because they say
if one should strike anything he would
not be able to hold the claim.
A great many miner's who would otherwise remain that country became
thoroughly disgusted as soon as they
saw how matters were going, and are
moving out.
The Canadian laws at Dawson, of
which American miners have complained of so long, are nothing compared with the official interference at
Cape Nome.
The lieutenant who gave the order to
disperse gave the men two minutes to
olear the room, or he would clear it at
the point of the bayonet.
I Cbi$ Space
* Reserved for
earnest Outfitters *
iii Bennett     v*.
Whitney j Pedlar
* * i
Waechter Hotel
Centrally Located.    Special Attention Shown Ladies.
Travellers between the Summit and
Bennett should all avail themselves of
the first class Service  pro ided at the
Ajar.   Best of Liquors and Cigars.  Opp,
the depot.
D. Johnsoj, Manager.
The leading hotel of Log Cabin.
Cake Uiew fiotel
J\n\-\Z\m Service.
family Dining Room.
P. J. SHEEHAN, Prop.
Moore Block, Opp. Postoffice, Skagway
J. West & CO.,
H. HcKay, Prop.
Finest equipped hotel in the Northwest.
Lady chef and waiters. Excellent
meals. Spring cot beds. High-grade
liquors and cigars. Headquarters for
Yukon miners, railroad, Red Line and
steamboat people.
 ! im / 1	
The Bennett Restaurant.
/(y Mr§. H. Simpion, Prop.
Meals from 25c. up,   Home Cooking.
. Bread, Pies and Cakes for sale.
Front St., opp. B. L. & K. N. Dock.
J. Brown, our wholesale liquor dealer,
mad* a business trip to Atlin this week.
Rate* Raasoaabl*.        Spring Bedi and Linen
Palace fiotel
Lake Bennett, B. C.
The best equipped hotel in the Yukon
district.   Everything new and first class.
Meal* in connection.   Mrs. Lane'& Mrs.
Taylor, Proprietors.
Arctic Restaurant
and Hotel mow
Just opened.
Best equipped restaurant in Bennett.
All modern improvements.
Every delicacy in the market served.
The cuisine under the management of a
scientific chef. JOE TIARTIN'5 "RECBSSIONAL."
After Kipling—Six weeks after.
0, fickle public, at my beck,
Just only one short year ago,
Why are you reaching for my neck?
Why strike me this last body blow?
Just bear in uiiud my head's swelled yet;
Lest you forget, lest you forget
Who came with carpet bag id hand
With carpet bag and footsore feet?
Who put up a fight most grand,
And bossed the govern meat complete?
'Twas I, and I,am not dead yet,
Just don't forget, just don't forget.
'Tis true I made an awful slip,
In talking politics as toasts;
But then they took me on the hip—
And, 0—0,1 got some fearful roasts!
Me,   ' Fightiug J oe," the people'jupet,
They now forg*t, they now forger?
For my colleagues have turned me down,
In spiteful envy ot my fame;
The papers mock my fair renown,
And jibe at my euphonious ntme,
But I'll get Cotton Setnliu yet,
Don't you forget, don't you forget!
—Tom Two, in Grand Forks Miner.
Photo buttons at Case & Draper's,
_j_A. B. Badges $$, Pioneer Jeweler, Skag.
~y 1A0TICE is hereby given that applica-
l| tion will be made to the Legislative
I* Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at its next session for an vex to
incorporate a c< mpany with power to construct, operate and maintain a system of
wire'ess telegraphy for the purpose of
transmission of messages for the public
and commercial purposes from some
point , at or near Bennett in the
District of Cassiar, in the Province of British Columbia by the most direct and feasible route or routes southeasterly through the said Province to
some } oitit on or near the Canadian Pacific Railway between the Eastern bound
ary of the Province and the sea, with
power to build branches to some point on
Vancouver Island, and to other points in
the said Province, and to construct, maintain and operate all necessary buildings,
■■;- work6, trtctiqns and machinery in con
nection with the works of the company
■■, or its system, and the_branches thereof,
and with power tp acquire water-rights
and to construct dams, flumes, etc, for
increasing water privileges and to generate electricity for operating the works of
the com; any, and in connection therewith, and to use aiid maintain all necessary works for the generation and transmission of electricity for operating the
works of the company, with power to expropriate lands for the purposes of the
company and to acquire lands, bonuses,
privileges, or other aids from any govern-,
ment, municipal corporations or bodies
• corporate cv persons', and to levy nnd collect tolls and charges for the transmission I
of messages by the company's system and
from persons using the same and to make
arrangements f°r tne transmission of |
messages or otherwise with telegraph,
telephone, railway, steamboat and otjior
companies, and for all other usual, necessary or incidental rights, powers or privileges in any way conducive to the above
objects or any of them.
A. E. Porter, M. D. Amherst, N. S.
W. A. Anderson, Bennett, B. C.
Dated the 8th day of July, 1899.
merchants Bank of fialifax.
Head Office: Halifax, N. 5.
Capital   --------  $1,500,000
Rest  -   -------- $1,250,000
The Safest way to remit Money is by Bank Draft.    We can sell you drafts
payable at any point in Canada and the United States.
A General Banking Business Transacted.   Gold Dust Purchased.
F. L. MURRAY, Manager.
Front St, opposite Merchants Bank of Halifax.
McLennan, McFeely fe Co., m
Hardware,      Stoves,      Tinware,      Paints,
Oils,       Vanishes,       Sash,      Doors,
mining, Boat Biding and CumDermett's Supplies.
Price* Right.
Bennett, B. C.
Str, Mabel F.
Will commence Monday June 26th,
1899 and maky regular trips from Ben-
net to Atlin.        '
For further information apply to
M. n. MOORE,
Passent er and Freight Agent.
Opp. i-londyke Hotel.
Development €o.
H. Maitland Kersey, Managing Director.
Australian, Canadain,
Victorian Anglian
Columbian Zealandlan,
Through tickets and bills of lading
from Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Skagway or Bennett to DAWSON and ATLIN.
Daily Service on Lakes
and Upper VuKott.
This company carries the Canadian and
United States Mails and   Express, the
Canadian and Government Supplies, and
is the only Bonded Carrier in the Upper
river with bonded warehouse in Dawson.
For rates and reservations apply to
Gen. Agent, Bennett.
Remember you save two days'
time and pay no more than by
other lines
M. M. MOORE, General Agent.
• Office:
Klondyke Hotel. Bennett.
J.T. Bethune & Co.
Commission merchants, Heal
Estate, Shipping and insurance
to Dawson u DAYS'
Mining and Customs Brokers,
xxxx ■
Front St., Bennett.
But the Atlin Merchants Don't Want
It That Way-Protest to the Skag«
way Chamber of Commerce,
Atlin, B. C, July 29,1899.
To the Chamber of Commerce, Skagway, Alaska:
Gentlemen—The undersigned merchants and property owners' of Atlin
City having at heart the best interests
of the trade relations, of this city with
Skagway and other Coast cities, emphatically protest against the action of
your honorable body in issuing a circular letter to the public setting forth an
arrangement with the Bennett Lake &
Klondike Navigation Co. for the shipment by their steamers of all Skagway
freight consigned to Atlin customers.
Your action has already been the indirect means of appreciable loss to
some of us thro' the failure of the above
company to deliver promptly perishable
goods, besides working an undeserved
hardship on the John Irving Navigation
Co.—which company has not only operated from the opening of navigation
this season, the only line, having
through connections, but have, further,
repeatedly taken up railway freight
and Canadian customs charges for Atlin
consignments, and by the uniform courtesy and reliability of their officers
given thorough satisfaction to us.
We believe in the fair and impartial
treatment of all transportation lines,
service being equal, but (avoiding personalities) we believe your honorable
body has been mislead by certain individuals interested in the said B. L. &
It. Co. into an action both unwise and
unjust, and with all due respect we
hereby demand that you take immediate and forceful action toward overcoming the deplorable effect of the objectionable circular in question.
J. St. Glair Blackett.
• Murphy & Co.
M. Foley.
L. Cupellan.    ..
A. S. Cross & Co.
J. Waptock.
Parsons Produce Co.
I. H. Patten.
T. Dunn & Co.
Dockrell*& Co.
C. E. Warner & Co.
McLennan, McFeely & Co.
Burns & McDougall.
J. H. Russell.
British American Co.
A. M. & M. Co.
Atlin Trading Co.
And many others.
Married at Skagway.
William Barry of Bennett, and Miss
Kate Anderson of Seattle, were married' by the Rev. L. J. H. Wooden, the
Episcopal minister, at his residence at
the corner of Thirteenth and Alaska
streets, last evening: Miss Anderson
came up on the Dirigo last Thursday,
and Mr. Barry came from Bennett to
meet,her. A small number of friends
were present and a pleasant marriage
party ensued. The happy couple returned to Bennett yesterday.— Daily
Alaskan, July 30.
Reaches the $500,000 Mark.
So. far half a million in dust has
passed thro' Bennett from the Atlin
diggings. The S. S. Gleaner brought
$240,000 on Sunday's trip. The bulk of
this large amount was shipped by the
banks, the -balance belonging to various
parties in amounts'from $1,000 to $4,000.
Captain Needham, R. N'., was a passenger from Atlin Sunday last per
Gleaner. The captain is largely interested in mining properties at various
places in the province—especially the
] Kootenais—but during his stay at Atlin
I he became so enthused with the placers
of this (.istriot that he invested a large
amount in heavy purchases on Spruce
, creek, buying   a block  of 14 creek
: claims.
John A. McNeil, the Bennett con-
1 tractor add builder, who went to Daw-
son on one of the first boa s this spring
returned laat Monday. The Sun is
pleased to learn that Mr. McNeil will
again engage in business In Our city.
Kodaks arid cameras, Case & Draper's,
Prov. Constable Bickle, who has been
on a visit to V'otoria for the last
month, returned on Saturday. Mr.
Bickle has had enough of baching—so
brought Lis. family back with him.
J. S. Cluie, provincial inspector of H.
M. customs, returned on Monday from
Skagway. He was accompanied by
Sub-Inspector McMartin.
Geo. E. Harman,
Contractor and Builder,
Also has on hand a fine stock of imported
Cedar Mouldings and Finishing Lumber.
House moving. Office opposite Hank of
Cugweirs Hotel
... Log Cabin, B. C.
The Oldest and Best  Place in Cabin.
Only Wooden Building With Rooms.
fc^sposite Custom House.
HccommodatiMS for Cadies.
Klottdike JjoieI*««
McLeod & Anderson, Props.
The Largest and Best Log Hotel
in Bennett.
Everything Strictly First Class.
Front St.
000«XX>QOQOOOO&X30 J0C;,O;>:;0
This space reserved for
Wholesale mine
and* «••«««
Spirit merchant.
Freight to DawsonI
Before making arrangements to ship your goods j
down the Yukon please give us a call.   We guar-1
antee you will save money by patronizing our scows
to Dawson.    Scows, Boats, all kinds of Lumber, ]
Stoves, Ranges and Hardware for sale.
V. Y. T. Company,
M, KING, Manager,
Lake Bennett, B. C.


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