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Lardeau Eagle 1901-08-29

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VOL. III. NO. 29.
82.00 A YEAR.
Tlie Great Western and Double
411 Previous Ore Shipping Records
Will Be Broken Is Winter
and tho town of Ferguson, as developments will disclose vory soon.
Tbe annual general meeting of the
Great Western Co., locally known as
tho Nettio L., took place in tho company's offices in Ferguson on Thursday
evening last. Among those present
were J. Douglas Walker, K. C, J. P.,
and A. O. Klrby of London, Eng., W.
B. Pool, J. J. Young, F. W. Godsal, W.
F, Cochrane, Geo. S. McCarter, Thos.
Taylor, M. L. A., C. A. Irwin and Secretary A. H. Holdich. (J. D. Graham
and Thos. Kilpatrick by proxy.)
After rending of minutes the directors' report for the year ending July
31st was read; also the balance sheet,
showing the finances of tbe company in
excellent shape, with a handsome balance uu hand, This statement showed
tbat tbe company had paid out some
$18,000, during the year just closed, for
wages; $9,000 to tbe merchants of Ferguson (the place where the mines are);
and nearly $6,000 to freighters for hauling ore and supplies; besides large sums
for government fees, royalty on ore,
etc. Tho entire office exponses and
management salaries only amounted to
a few hundred dollars, which probably
bas bad considerable to do with the
success of tho company, since nearly
all their money Is spent underground.
Representatives of the English shareholders were elected to the board of
directors, in the places of Thos. Taylor
and other local men who have disposed
of their stock and interests to the old
country people during the last few
Several long discussions took place
re the future working of the Nottie L.,
Ajax, and Good Luck, Great Western
group, und other business of the com-
Thoy decided to complete tho wagon
roail to tlio Nettio L. at once, as may
be seen from their advertisement in
tbis issue.
Tho new shareholders oxpressod
goneral satisfaction with Pool's man,
agonient. Although ooitrol of a ma'
jority of shares has passed into tho
hands of London pooplo tlio management will remain in the sumo bunds as
heretofore, namely Pool, assisted by
Young, Godsal and Cochrane, co-owners
on tbis side of the pond.    .
In order to comply with'tho law requiring a majority of tho directors to
he resident in B, O,, S. A. Sutherland's
name wus added to tho board.
A lot of special business nocossltatod
by readjustment owing to English
shareholders coming in was got
Development work on tho Nettie L.
and Ajax is to bo carried on on a much
larger scalo than ever before, and moro
mon will be worked hereafter. There
will bo over 100 men at work as soon ns
possiblo, and tho ore shipments will
put previous records below zero.
Engineer Sullivan and D. W. Moore,
.loot in by tho C. P. R. to consult with
both tlio Great Western nnd Double
Eagle, companies, were present, and the'
question of building the railway to
Forguson and spurs to thoir shipping
mines was discussed at length, though
the result of the consultation is not for
publication at present. Enough has
been givon out, however, to prove to
anyone thut there is somo definite movo
boing inudo on tho part of the railway
poople, us woll as tbe mine owners,
Tlio attendants of tlio meeting left
Ferguson for tlieir homes on Monday
morning, but the result of thoir assom
Wage marks it now era in this camp
The Double Eaglo's annual general
meeting followed tho Nettio L.'s.
Present: Messrs. Pool, Young, Cochrane, Godsal, McCarter, Walker, Klrby, and Secretary Holdich.
The directors' report and balance
sheet was read and adopted. Work
during the past season has been con-
lined to development on the May Bee,
and getting all their claims surveyed
preparatory to crown granting.
Thu financial statemont showed a
good balance in the treasury.
The retiring directors wore ro-oloct-
ed, with Jno. J. Young as president,
W. F. Cochrane as vice-president, and
W. B. Pool as general manager.
Tbe directors reported having acquired, during tho year,Jtho following
additional claims: Moscow, Silver
Bow, Butte, Black Diamond anil Otter
Tail, in the Fish creek district: and
tho Noble Three, White Elephant,
Chllcat, and Wa Wa, in the Big Bend
The company decided to push development vigorously on several of
thoir leading claims, with a view to
placing them in shape for sale.
J. T. Lauthers and co-owners have
left off work on the Idle Wile group,
on the Ferguson slope of Silver Cup
hill, but they hope to drive tho tunnel
far enough to tap their lead yet this
season. They are now doing assessment work on the Golden Gate group,
above the Sunset group, up the north
fork of Lardeau oreek.
, of 10
Tons a Day Means a Railway
Fifty Tons a Day in Sight, But
Where Are tie Shippers?
than to purchase a property outright
before knowing of any of its value.
Tho Whito Warrior company is composed of some good men in Michigan
and other states across tbo lino, and
the EAGLE would like to seo them get
a shako for their money. They deserve
success, and if going about it right will
bring it to them, thoy should win out.
Jas. Grant was in town on Friday
night and informs the Eaolk that he
and his co-owners are making good
progress on the Cromwell: in fact thev
are just as well pleased that the recent
bond-holders did not do business with
tbem. Last week two of them sacked
40 sacks of ore in one day, and each
shot seems to bring new revolutions of
mineral wealth muoh out o' the ordinary. Mr. Grant showed tbe Eaole an
assay certificate, the result of three
recent test samples, tbo gold values being $192, $20 and $150 to the ton respectively; but of course tho big values
are in the silver, thoy running in some
cases over $200 to tho ton. Their first
shipment will bo made in a few weeks
and tho smelter returns will then doth
talking, whilo Jimmy and his pawls
will scatter tho proceeds for services
Can Any Other Distriot in Canada
Produce a Better
Tho Eaqle bus secured tbe smeltor
returns for tho ilfth PO-ton shipment of
Triuno oro mined lust senson by the
lessees, Messrs. Jas. Lade, Robert
Gunn, Arthur Gunn and Jus. Otto, but
not taken out owing to the snow coming sooner than tbey had figured on.
Tlio returns speak for themselves, and
though tlio railway pooplo are not so
much Interested in oro vulnos nsoro
tonnage It seems to show the possibilities existent tn this camp. Tlio gross
weight of tho shipment wus 118,040 lbs.,
tlio net weight ,'10,820 lbs. The total
contents wore: Gold, 10.20.'! ozs., or at
smelter rates $307.80; 8205.00 a/.?, of silver at 681 cents'per ounce, us against
04 cents last season, for 95'per cent.,
$4,504,10; lend, 2058,0 lbs., or 55 per
cent of the total, at 1.530 cents per lb.,
where it ought to bo 4 cents, $285.14,
giving a total gross value of $5,157.18.
The charges for freight and treatment
from Thomson's Landing to Trail
smelter amounts to $386.07, loaving net
proceeds of $4,770.49, from which they
must pny $25 a ton for transportation
from the mine to Thomson's Landing,
besides the proviucial oro tax of $85 on
tho shipment. But with all this ex-
penso tbere is still a good margin of
profit, and the expense can easily bo
borne until the railway reaches here
next season. Thero will bo lots of ore
left for tho railway, more by far than
will be mined in our time.
Proporty ownors in this district may
just as woll faco tho facts and conditions existing hero to-day as years
hence. We claim to have all kinds of
ore in this camp and it 4s truo we have.
But what the railway people want is
our evidence. A representative of the
C. P. R. was in town during the past
week and ho assured the Eagle that
just as soon as we could guarantee his
company a daily ors tonnage of 100 tons
ho was prepared to say that the railway would at onee be built to Ferguson.
Now here is a fair and square proposition. What aro we prepared to do?
The Nettie L. owners hnve offered a
daily output of 50 tons a day, but who
will undertake to Bupply tho' other 50
tons? The Triune owners may or may
not be a*ble to work their property all
winter on account of its geographical
position. The Cromwoil owners are in
tbe same category. A number of north
fork properties aro making test shipments, but so far nono bave ventured
to say: "Here Mr. C. P. R., if you will
build your lino to Ferguson or up our
way we will guarantee you so much
tonnage." The C. P. R. Is run on business principles and unless wo have
something definite to offer them in the
way of tonnage how can we expect
them to como to us. It's all vory well
to trot out the old argument of the railway's construction creating tonnage.
That is well and good so far as it goes,
but it doesn't go far enough for practical purposes. Here we have beon pecking and hen scratching away for years,
dozens of stock companies have come
and gone, and yet we Unci that even so
small an output as 100 Ions of ore a day
cuonot be guaranteed. As a matter of
pure, cold business isn't thoro something wrong. There is hut littlo excuse loft tho companies operating here
now, in tlio'face of tho C, P, R.'s offer.
If you havo been "just waiting for a
railway to commence shipping," as the
prospectuses say, here is an opportunity for you to fulfil your promises to
your shareholders, A solitary 100 tons
a day, from all our mines combined, Is
all that is asked. Surely wo can meet
tho ('.'. P, R. on these liberal terms, If
wo can not, wo must admit right bore
and now that wc uro indeed a slow lot,
und not deserving of much sympathy,
let alono a railway. Tho Nettio L.
people will luu'O 100 men at work in a
few weeks, and tlieir output, under
present conditions, will Be probably 20
tons a day, but they have guaranteed
tho O. P, I!. 50 tons a day If a railway
is provided. Surely the Silvor Cup, und
dozens of others who claim to huvo ore
will volunteer to mako up tho other 50
tons. Thoro is food for thought in the
abovo proposition, and we should not
be slow to avail ourselves of the opportunity or offer presented by the
Canadian Pacific Railway company.
Jacob Schmidt, who has charge of
the work in tho Old Gold camp this
season, was in town on Saturday. Development work is progressingstendily
Tho comjiany find that though too expensive they will have to bring their
proposed trial shipment out this way,
over the summit, as the Duncan river
valley trail Is still uncompleted. They
do not expoct to mako any money out
of the shipment, but it will give thoir
shareholders somo idea ol what might
be expected had thoy transportation
Development Work
and Ore SI
Property Owners Preparing For
The Raw-flidins Season
The following cable message was
received in Kossland on the 23rd inst.:
Whitakor .Wright, managing director
of tho Le Roi company, tendered his
resignation yesterday. Tho extraordinary general meeting of shareholders
will be held on Thursday (to-day).
Proxies antagonistic to present management being received by thousands.
It is altogether probable a clean sweep
of entire management will be made.
The British Columbia and Northport
officials are generally discredited.
John Lonsk of Cranbrook, B, C,
came in last week to do some work on
property he is interested in up Fish
creek, but the non-completion of the
Caraborno-Thomson's Landing road on
tbe east side makes it a useless attempt
for them to do anything perhaps tbis
season. Mr. Leask says: ''It is very
difficult to work our properties without
this trail, so it looks as if I havo had
this trip for nothing. My partner, G.
Goldsmith, with Geo. Lux and Mr.
Bealy, endeavored to -.each tho properties by boat, but were capsized in the
creek and nearly drowned. Last yenr
ono of our men lost his llfo crossing
tho crock here on his way to these
same claims. Tho fact is wo must have
a road and a crossing before we can attempt doing any moro. I had thought
the government would have this work
dono by this time, ns it has been hanging firo for two years, else 1 would have
remained at home. Wo have some
good property and are anxious to develop it, but wo need the work so long
contemplated by tho government before wo can do much."
Local Superintendent Shannon has
called tho mon off work on tho White
Warrior group, as tho circumstances
did not appear to justify any further expenditure of money at present. The
company may do some work on another
property up tbe south fork. They nro
looking for a shipper and are willing
to spend money on a likely property, so
long as the prospects warrant further
development. They figure that it is
hotter to spend money in development
work and then pay a big price for
something they know to ba worth it,
To Bo the Subject  of Litigation
Whilo Its Ownership Is Under
Discussion in tho Courts.
The Luoky Hoy group, upon which a
good body of oro lias been discovered
recently, Is to be tho subjoptpf a law
suit. Craig .v- Hillman, the original
owners, have engaged Goo. S. MoCartor
of Revelstoko, to look after their ruse.
C. II. Stlllwcll of Nelson, one of tho
mon who re-staked tlio property this
summer, will not, be aliowed to mako
tho proposed shipment pending the result of thc suit. If thoro Is ono thing
in this country that is despised it is
claim jumping on teehnalitios, and if
such has boon tho case the EAGLE
would liko to see tho original owners
get all that's coming to them. And
thoir interests will certainly bo looked
after by Geo. S. MoCurter, for once
upon a timo  bo made tlio EAGLE man
ash up, a featdesorving recognition in
professional circles. There is only one
job Mr. McCarter won't tackle, and
that's to collect an account against the
Trout Lako Topic. Tho Topic is beyond redemption.
Tho Eagle must again repeat that
thore are too many mon here now sock
ing work. Prospectors and property
owners now in tbe hills will more than
fill tho orews wanted here this winter,
Shy clear of the Lardeau if you are
looking tor wage work,
The past week in this camp lias been
full of interest, though nothing of no
exciting nature has transpired. The.
Nettie L. and Doublo Eagle people have
held their annual meeting and a program of particular interest to Fergii-
sonites bas been arranged for. Tho
Ophir-Lado pooplo have visited tbeii
property while here during the weok,
and they havo decided to continue dc-
velopmentworkatall hazards throughout the winter, thus adding another
year-round working property to tbe
growing list. The Triune force has
been increased t:i20men, and A. 1".
Cummins, P. L. S., and party will also
be busy finishing the survey commenced
too late last season by to-morrow. Another 20-ton shipment is now ready,
partly at Ten-Mile, and tho balance at
tho mino; but Andrew Ferguson hopes
to leave with the lot for Trail smelter
beforo this time next week. Tho
Ruffled Grouse option failed to bring
forth the refined article; but the owners
are pursuing a steady course of development, and may yet make a shipment of
ore or a turnover this season. The two
paymonts due on the Eva group at
Camborne by tho big London & B. I'.
Co. are not forthcoming and extension-
seem difficult to arrange for. All sorts
of rumors of course aro in the air concerning the property and those interested on botli sides to tbo deal. The
Metropolitan and Sunset forces are still
at work. Another lot of the Metropolitan's proposed shipment was packeii
down as far as tho pay roll contor on
Saturday. Supplies oro also boin^
packed in to both properties. Tho Ole
Gold bus its first lot of ore ready fo:1
shipment, and "Judge" Miller, who
wns in Iho offloe .yesterday, says that If
the Duncan trail is finished in time
they may send out by pack-horse the
balance of the proposed shlpmon'.
Tho EAGLE man intends visiting the
Old Gold camp in a couple of weeks
from nowj when a more detailed account of the progross being mado will
bi given. Messrs. Cartor and Thompson havo placed four men at work on
their recently acquired olaims almost
m tiie Ferguson townsite up iho nortli
fork, lhe Baltimore and Brooklyn, and
if indications hold out they will liav
ore in n month. Tho owi.ors are at
sent doing assessment work on tin
Big Five, another promising group a:
tbe head of the north fork. The (from-
well owners are still in business al thi
old stand, and their ore shipments will
crouton llnttcr in tlio breeze later on.
Tho White Warrior orow leis been
galled on", but another proporty up the
south fork will be worked iu its -le:;
Prospecting work continues on tht
Lono Star group, but tho development;
aro of little importance at presont, A
now strike is reported on the Eva, below tho Cromwell, at the head of Brown
ereok, a property owned by .1. Piper
and Abrahamson brothers of Trout
Lako. An important working bond on
two well known groups aro amoiv
the probabilities for tho coming week.
Of courso thoro are dozens of property
ownors doing assessment hero am;
thore, but practically nono of thodozei.
and one stock companies supposed to
be oporating in this camp aro doing a
tapof work. For just why tho Fagi.i-
Is not prepared to say, in the face of
tho fact that the railway will be here
long before they aro ready for it. But
taking all things into consideration the
ramp Is going ahoad, not as fast as we
would llko to seo it probably, but the
steady progress visible on evory hand
can mako but ono Impression and that
for good. Advertising Jtatos: Display ads., ji.iHi por
column inch Lor montli. l.eBHl ads. 12 cents
iter (nouparlen line for first insertion ; scents
ior oaoh additional insertion. lU'iulinn iiniic
10 cants liar lino eaob l-suc. Ninety day loual
notices, tlOi sixty iinvs,��-..��; thirty days,V
-,'o aus. accopted al less than lull ratos,
Bubsorlptlon itatoa: it;,- mull or oarrlor.|2,o
por annum ; (1,00 (or slxinonths. To foreign
addresses $-.'.6u.  Btoppcd nt expiration,
Job Prmtlnjr: The Eagle Job department la
tboboal oqulppod otnoo in North Kootonay,
nii'l is prepared tooxooutoall kinds of printing
at hones; j,rli'L-s.
All,lie's nil riiiniimnli-Mitons to
FERGUSON, 11.1'.
THURSDAY,   AUGUST 20, 1001.
No one need wonder at people being afraid to invest money in mining stock, after all the rottenness
exposed indirectly by the miners'
union at Rossland. There has been
more rascality practised by stock
manipulators and promoters than is
credible, but it may. work out for
good in the long run, though present
residents of the province may be al!
dead ere that.
The   next    member
represent   this   riding
elected to
at Victoria
will be called upon to pledge Himself that men working on public
works���roads, trails, etc.���will receive $3 for a day's work ot nine
hours. The present absurdedly low
rate of $2.50 a day of ten hours is
altogether out of proportion to the
cost of living in this district.
Our ethical teachers, our moralists, our theologians and philosophers are painfully slow to grasp
the great truth that the development of man's moral, mental, and
spiritual nature is largely dependent
upon his material prosperity. A
mind harassed and haunted by the
uncertainties of tbe average man's
condition can think of little but its
own cares and troubles. Long
hours, short wages, and uncertain
tenure of employment are not conducive to the development of mental, spiritual, and social graces.
The intellectual and moral faculties
may be repressed, stunted, and
paralyzed by incessant toil and
physical exhaustion. One cannot
preserve a healthy, vigorous development and activity of mind in an
insufficiently nurtured body. "An
empty sack cannot stand erect."
There are toilers who get so little
time for thinking that they almost
or quite "torget how the trick is
done." At least they grow to dread
and shirk mental exertion until they
relapse almost to the animal plane
of existence.
The terrible loss of life by the
sinking ot the s. s. Islander is keenly felt by everyone in the province.
It looks as though Providence were
sending mishaps, on both rail and
steamer, to the C. P. R. But the
greed and bull-headedness evidenced
by the company against the men
who are striking for a living, wage
has probably more to do with it, so
far as the rail accidents are concerned.   _________   -
You may talk and teach, you may
advise and admonish, you may
scold and sermonize, you may plead
and preach and pray as persistently
and perfervidly as you please, but
until willing workers have assurance of a decent living with reasonable effort, and until they can have
homes of their own, suicide, drunkenness, prostitution, insanity, and
crimes superinduced by the craze
for wealth or the fear of want will
be frightfully frequent.
Can We Call
This Offer?
"T'HE C. P. R. has offered to extend their railway to Ferguson
even if that means at once, if we
will guarantee them an ore output
of 100 tons a day. This list will
be kept standing, and names added
as they are given in to us. How
much ore will you ar your company
guarantee to ship if the railway is
built to Ferguson ?
Great Western Minos, per day. .50 tons.
The  Nettie L, people  say  they
will provide for 50 tons a day of it.
Next man !
���������fci^���*^"Wi^^J"^-*"***"^*-~"K t^"��****W^P������^���Ki^P*^L^~H^Lq'^>V^^���K*^"P*���**^-i>��**���i"****!,^^
I ar: prepared to fill ordets for W
any description or quantity   of f>
Lumber  on the shortest notice.
I am agent for	
^ R. Davis, Prop.
A Ferguson Saw Mill
-Sawyer Bros.' -
-Sash and Door-
-Factory *-
and will be pleased to fill orders.   K
Some two years ago the Eagle
kept a standing catch-line, "Canada
should own the C. P. R."   Many of
our readers acknowledged the truth
of the opinion; others thought it
folly  or gave it no consideration.
Hut to-day the fact cannot be overlooked.   The Hill-Morgan combination have devised a scheme for taking us into their plans.    Enough C.
P. R. stock has been purchased by
their associates to make themselves
solid later on.   This accounts for
the recent flutter in C. P. R. stock
on Wall street.   In  another two
years the   people of  Canada will
awaken, but it will then be top late.
We will be owned by Mr. Morgan
nnd become a part of his gigantic
socialistic  scheme.   We may not
have figured on joining hands with
our American cousins, but we will,
eventually, have to all the same, for
commercial  expansion   and  greed
recognizes no boundary.    It will be
one way of annexing Canada to the
United States without us knowing
of it until its done,    But there is
this consolation left us.    As soon as
Morgan and his associates get every
industry under perfect control and
in good working order, and thus
demonstrate fo the people the folly
of paying politicians instead of running their country on trust principles, the people will ask to and become shareholders in the socialistic
program soon to be perfected by the
present-day selfish socialists���Morgan etal-
Ferguson is the solid town in
this district. Watch her grow,
steadily and sure. Who does the
outfitting for Lardeau's shipping
mines? Ferguson merchants of
course. Where are the mining com
panies'offices located? In Ferguson. Where is the miners' union ?
In Ferguson. Why? Because
round and about F >rguson is where
the mines are. Where are the men
engaged to go to work in these
mines ? In Ferguson. Where do
these men cash their time-checks ?
At the companies' offices in Ferguson. Where will the railway radiate from when it runs spurs to the
shipping mines ? Ferguson. By
the way, isn't Ferguson recognized
by prudent men as the "pay roll
centre"?   Well I guess.    'Nufsed.
Thos. Taylor has declared himself in favor of the provincial government establishing and operating
a refinery; in fact he claims to be
one of the first mooters of the project. He expects to see the legislature take the matter in hand at the
next session. Now, if Mr. Taylor
will rise in the house and ask that
his fellow legislators join him in de-,
mantling a cessation of excessive
taxation by the Dominion govern
ment, the erection of two or three
smelters, a redistribution bill granting the interior fair representation,
and that labor disputes be settled by
a court of arbitration, and tb��*y in
turn act upon Mr. Taylor's suggestion, the EAGLE is of the opinion he
will have done a lasting good for
the province and his own riding.
If the Lardeau Power and Light
company intend to install their
plant here in time to do business
this winter, they will need to move
inthematterverysoon. R, Davis has
orders to cut the timber for the dam
which is to be put in next month,
and the plant has been purchased ;
but what Fergusonites want to see is
the outfit illuminating this place
during the' long winter month's
The same company might also in,
stall a waterworks system to advantage, (one man could easily operate
both systems), since the Nelson
parties are slower than the second
coming. There is 12% interest in
sight under present conditions upon
an investment of $3,000 in this project. What we want to see^s
action. If these men will not do so
let them step out and give somebody
else a show.
Ask for our ���  ���
Popular Brands:
Fenton's Cboioe
U and I ��� ��� ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own ���
Moss Rose ��� ���
Silver Spray   ���
Manufactured by tho Consumers' Tobacco Company, Limited,
successors to Wagncr-Feuton Tobacco Co., Leamington, Out.
STAHKHY & Co., Nelson, B.C., Agents for the Koolenajs
Sold by GEO. II. BATHO Si CO., Ferguson, II. O,
Hon. Richard McBride, minister
of mines, broke the silence In the
Eagle's sanctum yesterday for a
few minutes. Me was unable to
visit any of our mines this trip. He
seems to be alive to our needs, and
will help along the establishment of
a refinery by the provincial government at the next session, He believes some means of settling labor
disputes will also be devised. Thi
Dominion government will be asked
to let this province down lighter in
the matter of taxation. Mr, McBride says all these things very
nicely; but at the next session we
will be better able to judge oi his
capacity as a minister of mines.
Taylor accompanied him to Ferguson. Mr. McBride left to catch
yesterday's boat.
In the early days of the Slocan
almost thousands of tons of silver-
lead ore was shipped under more
adverse circumstances than exist in
the Lardeau to-day. The property
owners there may have lost a large
part of their ore values by so doing,
but they thus induced railways to
come to them, and there is still
plenty of ore for freight and treatment. The bottom of Lardeau's
mines will not be reached in our
time. Turn out a few hundred tons,
supposing you do not become
chicken-fed capitalists at once, and
thus help us to produce evidence of
the ore existent here. All we want
in sight is ioo tons a day. We
have 50 tons of that now. Can you
join the list and swell it? Then
the C. P. R. assures us they will at
once build to Ferguson, with spurs
to your mine if it warrants it. What
more do you want, you who have
been howling "railway wanted!' for
If you want all the news all
the time, become a paid-up
reader of the Lardeau Eagle.
Con tractors���Nettie   L.
Wagon Road.
Boaled tomtcru marker. "Teudoni for Nettle
I.. Wagon R<mir will bo received by the under*
ntgne.1 up to and Including Sept. lut, 1901, at
noon for thu con struct ton and completion, in
Quarter-mile Bectlonn. of a wagon road from
tho and of the present wagon road leading to
the Nettle h. mine near Ferguson, a dlttanoe
of one and onu-qiiarter mllei.
Bboelfli-rttioiis may be seen at the office of the
undersigned at Ferguson, and at the office of
G H. McCarter, Revelstoke.
The lowest or any tender not to be necessarily
A. H. Holdich,
Secretary Great Western Mines
(Form F.)
CANADIAN ('URL  mincml claim, situate in
the Trout Lako Mining Division of West
Kootonay DiBtriot,   Where looated:   On
the east side of the north fork of Lardeau
river and being u Bouth easterly oxtension
of the Iron Horse.
TAKE NOTICE that I, O. B. N. Wllkle, acting
as agent for It. W. Northey, F. M. C. MUiaX), F.
McCarty,F. M. fl. B47963, Andrew Craig, F.M.C.
ICBiilO, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to tho Mining Recorder for a ccrti-
flcati* of Improvements, for the purpose ol
obtaining a Crown giant of the abovo claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section  87, must bo commenced bofore the
issuance of such certificate of improvements,
Dated this 29tl�� day of August, 1901.
aug292m 0. B. N. WILKIE.
California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson,   b. C. ��.
Wines and
Agents for Calgary Beer. ) ���
< >
< >
< >
< >
NO. 4K. \Y. I). BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.
Gold, silver-Lead and Copper Minos wanted at the EXCHANGE. FREE
MILLIN'G   GOLD properties  wanted at once lor  Eastern   investors.
Parties having mlnlnK property For Sale are requested to send samples
ol their ore to the EXCHANGE lor exhibition.
AH samples should he sent by express prepaid. Correspondence
solicited. Address all communication to
P. O. Box 700,   . NELSON, B.C.
The "Copy" has been in the hands ot
the lithographers Ior three weeks now,
and the maps are expected here daily.
Send in your order now.
Orders already received will be filled
promptly upon receipt of maps.
Packing and
Transfer C
'acking and
Contracts entered Into (or packing of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and any  work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thornton's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ***Jj*^ S. Daney, Proprietor.
Hotel Perguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands o/
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining an$ Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Hates ws.oo'ii day and upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The King's Hotel
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigars in the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue, Hast,
Ferguson, B. C.
i?r BEST 12.00 A DAY HOME
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
The strike at the ballot, box is incubating; the hen that will hatch it out
is the trust.' ."'
Nearly all crime is committed for
personal gain���but if the publio got
the gain from the act it would not be
The only reason that we do nut con
sider ourselves slaves to-day is that we
have a divine right to kick. But we
are slaves novertheloss.
The Union Label
On everything you buy 1b a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive u fair
rate of wages for its production.
United Bate of North America
Ferguson Is still without a resident
physician. The Inducements offered
hore for tlio right man would brlnp;
a thousand parodies on journalists to
this camp.
Through trades unionism wo can increase wages and reduco tho daily
hours of toil, but wo cannot dictate to
tho employer bow many days in the
year they must employ us.
You will Invariably find that tho man
who does'the most kicking against the
burdensome taxation on the mineral industry-is tho man who hns mado a stake
out of that Bame over-taxed business,
True, many cases of poverty are due
to drunkenness; but more cases of
drunkenness are duo to poverty. Man
is a gregarious creature, and, if out of
work, how natural to seek rest, recreation, and "good choer" at the "poor
'man's olnb," the saloon!
It is disgusting to see a union man,
when a dealer puts two boxes ol cigars
���one with and tho other without the
���blue label���before him, choose tho
lablelcss article So long as such men
exist tho full power of the union label
will not be felt.
Morgan is now buying up the steel
companies' Interests in England in ad
dition to everything In tbis line in the
United si ates. Oli nol Co-operation is
not taking the place of competition.
Why, that's (selfish) socialism.
Pavorablo environments will unfold
and expand the divine In man. The
sunshine of prosperity university will
burst asunder tho cramping chrysalis
of narrow selfishness which bas ever
"cribbed, cabined, and confined" the
soul of a man, dwarfing and stunning
his moral, spiritual, and mental
It now transpires that the big 'spiel
and howl for harvesters in Manitoba
was sotnowhat over rated. Tbe wages
are not so large as advertised, nor is
the work so plentiful ns represented.
These labor-wanted cry hoaxes aro
becoming too frequent, and are used
more in the interests of transportation
companies than tbe laborers'.
The late Prances E. Wlllard, president of tho W. C. T. II., after wido ox'
porience and mature thought, came to
tho conclusion that "It is time weceaso
trying to mako mon comfortable by
making them sober, and try to make
them sober by making them comfortable." Temperance reform, to be effectual, must be preceded by economic ro'
Where's the
Pooleecemon ?
Socialists do not beltevo tn dividing
up equal. Tbey never proposed anything so absv'd. The public ownership of water works Is an example of
socialism. Does tbo city divide the
water equally among each man, woman
and child? The public library It an
example of socialism. Does the oity
divide the books equally among tbe
people? Under sooialism we would
have public ownership and private use.
That is what you have under public
ownership of water works, library, fire
department, set *ols, etc. Read up on
To 0. J, Smith and F. W. Hinsdale, or to any
pen-on or persons to whom they may have
transferred their interests
TAKE NOTICE that we, tho undersigned, co-
owners with you in the Copper Key mineral
group, situated on Short cr��ok, south of Pass
creek, in the Trout Lake mining division of
'West Kootenay, In the Province of British
Columbia, have expended eight hundred ($600)
dollars in labor and Improvement upon the
above mentioned mineral group in order to
hold said group under Section 24 of thu Mineral
Aet. and ii within ninety days from the (Irst
publioation horjjof, you fail or refuso to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with tho cost of advertising, for 1900 and
1001 respectively, your Interests in the said
group will becomo the property of tho subscribers, under Section 4 of the Mineral Act,
Dated at Sandon, I). C��� thiflUh dav-of August,
1W��.    .. ,MmtA\  HBMY_8Ajfr.
THIB   18   'tU.Y,
the United Hatters
of North  America.
When you are buv-
iing   a  VVH   HAT,
I either soft or stiff,
I see to It  ilmt  ill'1
| genuine    UNION
' babel is sewed in it.
If   a   retailer   has
loose labels in his
possession  and   offers to put one In a
lull for you, do not
patronize him.   Hi
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McC(irter�� Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Cioo, S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey,
A.M. Pinkham.
has not any ngnt to havo loose labels. Loose
lnbels Iu ret ail st ores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation aB to why the hat
has no labol. The Cleiiuine I'niou Labo' is
perforated on tho four edges exactly the same
ns a postage stamp. Counterfeits aro some*
times perforated on three of the edges, and
someti mos only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. Tlio John B. Stetson
Co. nnd Henry II. Roeloffl & Co;, both of Philadelphia, Pa., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N\ J.
14 707 Bedford Ave.,Brooklyn, N.V.
I     I     I     I     I
canadian <\
Pacific Ky.
I    i    I    I    I
Scenic Line
ofthe World
J.M.Scott, B.A,,L.LB.
barrister, solicitor, etc,
officks: Mckenzie avenue,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Wholesale  Dealer   In
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
The Beat Good* Only,
Stork I,uixe and Complete,
Lardeau Miners' Union Ao,
119, W. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening nt it o'clock,
iu tho Eagle hall, Ferguson, B. C.   Visiting
members cordially invited.
President.       Recording Secretary.
Geo, \V. Corey,
Mining Engineer.
Memb.A.I.M. K.
Corey $ Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardeau properties managed,
iUp'SKpSn. Ferguson, B. C.
T. R. Davey,
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Kootenay Lake Service.
Leaves. Arrives
Tnes���Thiir.,8st��� I --J.-, Taos,,Tliur.,Sat.,
22.00 IjcIiUU 21.30
Arrowhead Service.
Leaves " Arrives
Dully 0.45  Arrowhead  ��.��nniu-
Dally W.4S ARROWHEAD BRANCH 0.15 Dally
Connects Revelstoke with
Imperial Limited    Vr ��St
Ktcamshlp service from Vancouver, China,
���Tapau, Australia and Alaska.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
D. P. A., Nelson.      A.O.P.A,, Vancouver.
Methodist Church
Forguson : Service* In Eagle hall every
Sunday at 3 p.m   Sunday B0hoolat2 p.iii,
Trout Lake City . Services In Forrester's
hall every "unilayat 7:110 p.m. Sunday
school nt 2:;Wp.m.    '
REV. fl. J. QUEEN, Pastor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Edison Phonographs and Records, Quaker
tyapor Baths. Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
See that this Label is an nil Clothing you buy
The Lardeau District
as a profitable field for the judicious advertiser is unexcelled in this province.   THK
LARDEAU   BAGL13   la   the  only  medium
actually covering tho district.   An ad. in the
EAGLE 1VIU reach more poon.lo in FergUBon,
Trout Lake City, Thomson's Landing, Comaplix, Camborne, Arrowhead, Ten Mile, Circle
City and every solitary mine in the district,
than any other paper-published.   No other
district in Canada offers such splendid opportunities for good, wide-awake advertisers.
Do yon tvant more business? Then write at
''lire for onr advertising rates and place your
patronage ih the only medium thai actually
covers the liold-THE LABDEAU EAGLE.
Job Printing
The EAGLE is the only printing oflice in
North   Kootonay which can  furnish   the
Typographical   union   Label   upon   ymir
printed matter. Thia alone is u guarantee oi
fair wurc conditions and hest workmanship.
Mail orders filled promptly.   Lot the EAGLE
print your printing! ftlwaya nont, clean and
The pay roil centre and tbe place when
mines are located. Is situated & miles sou
From Revelstoke to Arrowhead hy rail, J'
head to Thomsons Landing by boat, 12 mil-
to FEKGUBON; by hor.se or stage, 11 mil
Ferguson.   Investigation courted.
Ardeau'a sM'ppirig
asi of Hevr jatoko
ih'.-; from \rrow-
from t��o Land [income Straight to
Is the Coming Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the Nettie L. Double
Eagle, Ophir-Lade, Silver Cup,
Triune, Metropolitan, Sunset,
Lone Star, Comstock and other
properties will operate the year-
round hereafter, and this winter
will see probably 400 men at
work, over 200 of which will be
engaged on the properties of
the first three named.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson,
Because the offices of many of
the companies operating in the
camp are located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point where
mining men coming into the dis- m]
trict make tiicir headquarters; as
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one c|ay or less.
Because ever)- pound of ore Irom
these mines coming down the
hill lands first in Ferguson.
From here it will be teamed to
transportation on the lake, a
distance of four miles.
Because when the railway reaches
the place where thc mines are it
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for the building up of a
great mining center.
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roll, the natural geo*
graphical location, unlimited water power, etc., and the right kind of people to make
a town. The ore shipments, increasing business, and money and enterprise will do the
rest.   Come and see for yourself.
,j,_ni,,i,     ilCNJll   "A.'..',,
(Signed) J0B jioBEIT.
From $150 up
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
REVELSTOKE, B. C. *fr�� "��'���"> *��������������� -* ������*��-���
: On the "Wing
j        Items        j
Tho smelter results ol tho Triune
ore, published in lust issue ol tho
EAGLE, huvo been copiod lar and wide.
The typographical union members at
Washington are assisting the striking
steel workers to the tune ol $1500 a
* Over 200 pounds of union-made
chewing tobacco is now on sale at (J. G.
Batho & Go's. Union labol on every
cut.   (livo it a trial.
* Now ready, the "Union" and "Our
Special" cigars, nt tho Union Cigar
Factory, Kevelstoke. Stock and workmanship guaranteed.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew P. Kosenborger's advt. in this
issuo. No stock to sell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
* Send in your orders for the
"Union" and "Our Special" cigars to
tho Union Cigar Factory, Revelstoke.
Stock and workmanship guaranteed.
"Wo shall be glad to see many of the
citizens of Ferguson at our 'celebration
on Labor day in Phoenix, which wo
hope to make �� big success.���W. H,
bam bury."
* G. B. Batho & Co. have just received a fine shipment of gents' underwear, neckwear; etc., and also a well
assorted lino of dress goodB, hosiery,
H, N. Coursier, ex-geDeral merohant,
gold commissioner, etc., and now a
representative of the B. C. Trade Bud'
get, mining export, etc., has been in
the camp for tbe past week.
Much sympathy isexpressed for Wm.
Glenn who lost his stables and contents
some days ago by fire. It represented
a good deal of Billy'B hard earnings,
but you can't keep a good man down.
* You ought to see us about your (all
suit and overcoat. You ought to see
the new goods we are showing for la'
die's and gentlemen's suits. Suits $16
to $20, mado to your measure. CRESS'
Man, tho art tailor, Revelstoko,
Ernest Haddow. a relative of 0. A
Kirby a Nettle L. director, who has
been working on tho properties here
during the past summer has been
appointed assistant secretary of the
Groat Western Mines, Ltd. company's
office in Ferguson.
* Fashionable fall goods, properly
cut, properly tailored, properly priced,
Those things we guarantee you. Dnn't
.irder your clothing until you have examined our samples. Will bo in Ferguson from Sept. 1st to 4th, J. B. Chess-
man, the art tailor. Revelstoko.
If tho man of the Lardeau district,
so long under way, is not delivered
here by the lithographers of tho Victoria Colonist by Sept. 15th, the EAGLE
will refund all ninnies sent in wilh
orders for it. Tho copy for tho map
lias been in Victoria for over a month.
* Ed. Perry, dancing instructor, will
give a grand publicball on the evening
of Labor Day, Monday Sept. 2nd, in
the Miners' Union hull, Ferguson.
Excollont music will be provided,
Admission to ilnnce, $1.00. Ladies
free. Supper, served nt Windsor hotel,
at $1.00 a couple.
IT. A. Brown, and Mrs. Brown of
Rovolstoke, have returned homo. Mr.
Brown was in showing a Spokane mining mun some mining property of his
over on Silver Tip creek, near McDonald eroek. Ho hud the misfortune of
having Ills horse killed by rolling over
a rock bluff, while away, so that ho had
to walk back. Mr, Brown will ro-vlslt
the camp shortly,
A few of the citizens of Ferguson
agreed to subscribe noarly $400 for
sports on Labor Day, noxt Monday, but
an chis was considered Insufficient to
celebrate becoming of a town like
Ferguson, tho event wns called off.
The diffloulty of a town being located
where tho mines are is that overybody
is too busy taking out ore and pushing
development work to devote timo to
sport making.
H. A. Brown and Mrs, Brown returned on Tuesday evening from a visit
to the Lardeau, During his visit Mr,
Brown visited the Amy C. and Victor
claims on the Glengarry ledge with Mr.
Sonniman, a mining man of Spokane.
They also visitod the Hidden Treasure
group on Trout lako. Mr. Sonniman
was woll pleased with what he seen,
and stated that he was Informed that
the country was hard to got into but
found It not so difficult as Colorado and
Montuna,���Revelstoko Herald.
Curtis Brott was killed in the Silvor
King mine at Nelson lust week.
Mrs. R. P. Pettipieee and family are
visiting friends in Revelstoke for a
couple of weeks.
Tho long record spell of fine weather
has been broken by a rainstorm, but
it is line again to-day.
Ferguson is as yet without a school
teacher, but the trustees hope to open
Bchool on Monday noxt.
* Don't wait: but telephone ntonce.
Always in order now. Ferguson olllco
at Cummins & Co.'s Btoro.
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
eggs and creamery butter now being
received by G. B. Batho & Co.
S. Danoy's pack train loft with supplies for tho Old Gold yesterday, and
will return loaded with oro to-day.
J. M. Miller, Mrs. Miller and Miss
Miller, and Miss Westfall went over
to visit the Old Gold camp yesterday.
Eggs aro a drug on the market at 1,
cents a dozen in Alberta.Jtur sister
provinco to tho east. Tb/y retail at
30 cents in Ferguson.
Whitaker Wright has resigned, or
proporly speaking got fired, from the
Lo Hoi directorate, so that thero is
now some hope of a settlement of tho
labor troubles at Kossland.
Over (JOO lots will be sold for taxos in
Kaslo, in spito of the anticipated smelter smoke, or bouause the merchants
thoro havon't enough get-up In them to
advertise in their local paper.
Mining in tho Slocan, while not being carried on as extensively as was
anticipated when the year opened, is
by no means backward, says the Ledge.
Little ore has been shipped, it is true,
but development work has been steadily pushed ahead, and many of the old
properties have immense bodies of ore
opened up.
Postmaster Batho has received a
poBtofflco front, including lock boxes
and drawers, from the department, and
the fixtures are now being arranged in
tbe annex to his general store for tbo
reception of this up-to-date front. The
new office will be opened next week. A
number of boxes and drawers have already been rented to receivers of mail.
"We never Sleep."
I Have just received a Choice Lline of
A now stock of Patent Medicines and
Staple Drugs.
Storein Eagle BiW. PERQUSPN, B. ('.
New Fall Goods
nphe quoitton of clothes ia one that
1 Hhoulil Inlflro-ii auy man, FNg:h*oTaBB
tailoring Insures porfoeUy flttlng garments, it Inoreoses the tiie of iho
clothes, too, Vou will near our work
highly commended by thoso who know
good clothing when they see It. Our
suits will please you.
Tweed Sults-$I6, $18, $20
Tweed Trouserings:
$4,00,  $4.30,   $5.00.
T adios' high class oustnm tailoring,
-*-** Ladles' and Gent lemon's Rain c'ontN
made from tho very host waterproofed
worsteds( to order, These coats servo
tho double  purpose of a  rain eoat as
woll as a np-'"~   ���- *"���"     -
dies' and g
...���   ...........     r-'l""^   wt   (i    nun   i'i
woll as a spring or fall overcoat,
dies' and gen^lomer*
aud jaehcts, to order
s.'? \il t:il(,b,       Jjft*
fiu-iinod. coats
Will he In Forgnson from Sept. 1st up
till Sept. -Uh. TUy uuttcr, Mr. F. M.
Shoatts will bo present lo take measures.
The Art Tailor,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Imperial Bank
Tm     of Canada.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits In Savings
Department al current rates.
a. eTFhipps,
Smoke Knlon-Makc cigars.
l-'or sale by I'orguson's Leading Hotels.
Ask lor them.
Smoke Cigars
And at all tiroes insist on the
box bearing THE Br.UE LABEL,
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages.
Thk Label Committee, C. M, I. U.
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc. Mailorders
promptly  attended  to.
R. HOWSON, Furoiture Dealer
and Undertaker, Revelstoke
H. Edwardsl^
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressod.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
Mining men engage tlieir
crews at Ferguson, and
pay them off in Ferguson.
The place where the mines
are is the place where the
(owns are	
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines	
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
The most complete resort on tlie eonllncnt
ol Norlli America. Situate*, midst scenery
unrivalled lor grandeur. Routing, llshing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. T'.vu malls arrive aud
[-opart ovory day. Its balhs euro all nervous
nnd muscular diseases Its waters heal all
kidnoy, llvor and stomach ailments. Us
baths nnd waters area sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS;: ��Li to
jlsper week, according to residence In hotel
or villas.
When You Are
For a prospecting trip or buying supplies
for your camp, remember that  we carry
The Largest Complete
Stock in the Lardeau
It makes no difference what size your order
is, nor what it calls for, we can till it, and
at lower prices than elsewhere in this
district. We buy in carload lots, and get
the cash discounts, thus placing us in a
position to sell you the very newest and
best supplies at lowest prices. Having just
enlarged our store, we are in a better position than ever to fill your order promptly.
Pack train orders is our specialty. Come
in and see our stock, and get prices before outfitting.   We can save you money.
McKinnon *
Sutherland. 1
Our Goods
The Post Office store. Let us do your outfitting.
Fresh   fruits arriving. Liberal discounts for cash!
G. B. Batho tf Co,
Established 1896
General Merchants
IO. B. Hume & Co. i
I  Wholesale and Retail ������
: General Merchants
4 The largest importers In North Kootenay.
i Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B. C.
Everybody    OUT   Special
S   m  0 k   C   S       and	
-The Union
CIGrA���tt -
thoy aro i' Pnlon made and ol Iho K*"0?    M',"V
best iiavanv Tobacco money can Manufacturing
buy.  Try ono ond satisfy yourself ,-,      p      , , , r
as io their quality. Co., Revelstoke.
Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstoke to do your ehopplng, rcmombor that
Bourne Bros.
havo the largest nnd  best assorted  stock in North  Kootfinay.
Compare pur prices and see our goods belore purchasing elsoivhoro.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled


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