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/ "» fBA^wr
Vol. XV, No. 17.
$2.00 per Year.
B.viiBisTBB, Solicitor, Etc.
OHKKNWnllll, B. C.
in- _• Notary Public,
Ibkal kstatk,
financial agent
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrki Prtlk.
I Cubic AdilroxH: ••IUlwtt."
(Julius: Bedford McNeill's, Moreing Ic
Seals, Lelber'n.
I W ...  MIDWAY, ac.
Cuitomi ontrltf tatvei.   Mlnoral Aot
and Und Aot paper* drawn up.  AM-
davlts taken.  Abitracti made.
Communication! by nail or Mlopkono
promptly attondod te.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 9«, V. * N.
A.-.CM.Ste. tt
Provincial Land   Surveyor
l*Jetil Estate
MlItWAY.lt. 0
Tonsorum. Artist.
Kura ItrntcUw HhiM'-i, Hair Cut, Hea Knani
or slmiiiuao, call at the above parlor.
lUziirit honed aud ground.
FIFTH STItKKT,  • •   •  MIDWAY, B. C.
All Kindt of Repairing.   Honnhooins
A •pNiallr-
ai. ->i««*-U-_--_r-b.
FuutClam Accomodation roa Oiuwni.
tr Kxccllert Mahhwwi Kettle River,j
Ml kinds •( wsrk muted to
ths tattafaotton •! oustswwrs.
Wm. St. Qumtin, Prop.
Kverythlng   Flmt-olmsM.
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
j Hotel Spokane, j
£XXXs-"tb *• ■ t* sccct
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
-Midway Meat Market-|
K. tk. MATTHES, Proprietor. j
At this establishment customers cm get choicest cuts of
.   . »o*i*t*fernto»*ont>»«iirein.t«oB  -  ■
Therefore Meats aire always fresh and sweet   Call and get a good joint
"for dinner to-day.
TELEPHONE 311- P. 0-BOX 25.
I       j£       Greenwood, Bonndary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
H. KEYES, Prop.
'Good Aceomnn-d»ti»n,
Be«i Million and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling.
I r
Ui ommmmmmaammsss
Praetieal Wateta Maker,
Dost Tool,, Plenty Material.
4| •"<< i* yen inp-rlt-ic* tn to
J! *»fk corrtttly.   ...
Seasonable Goods
Dowotoaetiialcost. 2flpepcentless than fornieply
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand and' wishing to dispose of the same., we have
made the above reduction, bringing .hese goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outtng Ha.uu s,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goeds lor
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' antl Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices.   Only a few left, as they sell last at
our prices.
Clothing f..r Men and 1^-s to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity.   Bicycle  Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to sun all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
tl       •l.ds sold at small margin for cash.   Pros-
HAIN & CO., General Merchant*
Stemwinder Mill Progressing  Funds
Assured to Pay Off Indebted*
ness and Erect Mill.
With a pay roll nf 50 men iliis cump
has unci) again entered upon a pvx iod
of prosperity. .Since the reorganization
of the New Fairvlew Ooiporftt.lon, Limited, on an assessable basis matters
here have improved considerably, The
erection of ihe mill for the company's
mine—llm Steniwinder—is now fairly
slaiied and excellent pi ogress is being
made, so itis hoped that some tune in
Octolier the st amps will he dropping,
The work of dismantling the Tin Horn
mill and building, and hauling the
same to the new site at. the mine, is
finished. Tliis mill consists of eight
ba'teries of two s'amps ench. The
Jo-1 Dandy mill, originally purchased
anii elected hy an English concern for
a Mm in the neighborhood of $30,000,
has been acquired hy the Corporal ion
for one-tenth of this amount, li is a
Friner & Chaluiei-s Iwo-batlery of Hve
stamps i-ii'h, anil is in excellent condition. This mill is now being lorn
down mul hauled lo Ihe mine.
Excavating for ihe millslte, 300 feel
lo-.ilie north of the Steniwindcr hoist,
is about compleled. Next week the
ere lion nf the coinlrilied mills will be
stii 'inl. The mill building is p'anned
so thnl al any futuie daite li, can be
exi'-nded to increase the stamp capacity wiih litlle trouble. The present
six" nf the building will be roughly
8Ux.SH feet. One may judge of the
woik in hand when It Is remembered
'hi't over 400 tops of machinery and
luu.ber Ium heen lorn down, loaded on
Wagons mid hauled over three miles lo
the new site ready lo b* erected into
one big plant. At the outset the mill
wi!, treat from 80 lo IHO ton* per day.
ace irding in the, Bize of Ihe screens
Used. The work is under the stiperlll-
tendency of Charles Os ten berg, who
had lbe building of lhc Caribou slump
Between llu- mill building mu) the
shafi house a new boiler house is also
lo be buill. Here will lie loialed lhe
cm iliiued boilers of a capacity nf HO
h. [. Hy this arrangement a considerable saving will be effcledin insurance
rates, hh nlso iu the employment of
nnly one sel of Bremen, In fact, lhe
mill is being pm up Willi lhc view to
the utmost enonouiy lieing prai tici-d in
ail departments in handling aud neat
iug the ore.
During the work of excavating tin-
site an einirely new vein was uncovered seveial feet below the wash, lt is
about. 100 feet north of the so called
Sleinwiuder "north vein." It measures
lully live feet i'n widlh and has some
good looking quartz. When lime will
permit it is proposed to continue the
present crosscut from the north vein
In the in w discovery, and if it should
prove al depth and hold its width and
values a consideiulile tonnage will be
mailable in addition tn thatohlainabb-
from the presem development.
Managing Director Hex Russell is
well pleased with the man ner in which
ibe inilial assi-ssim-nt was paid. Ovei
Iwn-tbii-ds uf the issued capital responded promptly and there has been
paid inio the treasury over $25,000.
This sum is augmented by every mail,
funds are now absolutely assured tn
pay off altliabilities aud the election
of Ihe mill. Alieady the sum nf $11.-
1:110 has leen eent lo Gooderliam k
Klacksloek on account of theii mortgage, and when the next assessment is
paid ihe whole indebtedness will he
wiped out. All the old debts have
been cleaned off and there m*e on hand
ample funds lo meet present expenses.
Witl) the completion of the lllill a
brighter future may be anticipated liy
the shareholders once crushing has
started, The Sleinwiuder is a low
grade proposition, but il has .plenty iff
ore in sight. By skilful treatment and
the practice of ilie inmost economy in
mining theie is absolutely noieason
why a prolit shnuld not he made,
Orientals In British Columbia.
The sessions of the royal commission
appointed to investigate and report
upon Chinese and Japanese immigrants
in Briiish Columbia have developed
some interesl ing information concerning the Orientals iu thai province. At
Niimiimo, an iu purl tint labor centre,
only three Chinese attended lhc public
schools. A considerable number nf
.laps and Chinese are eiiip'oyed iu connection -villi the coal mines al Niinai-
ino and Ooniox. At lhe latter place
the Orientals exceed the number of
white men employed in coal mining.
A list of ten uiaiiufai'tliving cnnt'iTiis,
including sawmills, at Vancouver and
Ohetuaitius, brick manufacturing al
Victoria, and ihe Wellington coal
mines, near Nanaimo, shows a total of
INIO white men, 880 Chinese and 437
Japanese. Of this number nf whites
it, is estimated thai aboui 0M are skill
ed workmen, leaving til) white unskill
ed laborers, as compared with 1,300
There are 40 salmon canneries, averaging 900 men each year, or 8,000 iu
all. Each cannery would average 10
whites, chiefly skilled workmen, 100 in
all ; making 7,(100 Orientals employed,
as compared with hi) whites. There
are about 8,000 fishermen, of which
nunilier nearly 4,1X10 arc Japanese.
The evidence also went to show that
mil of a population of probably 14,000
Chinese und 1,000 Japanese, of common
laborers between lhe ages of 18 and 45,
probably IKK) are married.
The superintendent, nf the western
division of the V. P. It. stated that lhe
company gave regular employment to
aliout DO Chinese and 70 Japanese.
This nunilier was increased ut certain
limes by 500', when surface work or
shovelling snow or slides off the track
was required.
Among the statements submitted at
New Westminster was one to the effect that lhe recent census shows 748
Chinese in a total population of 0,700
in New Westminster.
The proprietor of one of the canning
factories submitted a slaiemeut showing Ihe cost of operaiions ut his iai
mon cannery for the lasl four years.
This statement showed the tolal
amount paid for Chinese labor to have
been :
1807 $14,370.5*
1898    5,80851
1800    0 027.78
1900    4,051,39
During the same year the outlay for
white lalsir was as follows :
1897 $8,310.23
1898    7,950.51
181111    7.720.95
19U0    8,001.71
Smith & McLeod's Mill at That Place
does Up in Smoke.
Another most unfortuiiaie Hre occurred last Saturday evening al Ruder
hy, i esult ing in Ihe destruction of
Smith & McLeod's Hne saw mill at thai
pi ice, wilh over half a million feel of
clear seasoned lumber which was piled
iu the yard close to the mill.
The lire originated in lhe slip, up
which the logs ace diawn tn the mill,
and, as the prolonged period of hoi
weather had made everything as dry
as Under, the flames licked up the
building iu an incredibly short time.
It was about 0.30 p.m. when the lire
was seen, and at once it became apparent lhat noiliing could be done to save
the mill. A band of workers, numbering over a hundred strong, speedily
organized themselves into a bucket
brigade, and to their untiling efforts is
due the fact lhat Ihe lown of Kndcrhy
was saved. They erected a temporary
barricade against th- flames with
boards, which were kept drenched with
water, and ihus prevented the flames
from spreading tn the adjoining buildings of the town.
Nothing was saved of the mill machinery, except the boiler, which may
possibly he utilized again, Ahoul 500,-
OOOfeelof lumber was left uninjured,
most of which was composed of mater
ial such as can he used iu the linn's
sash and door factory which is located
in Vernon, There was insurance
amounting to $8,000on theluiuber,this
amount having fortunately been recently placed on il, and aboui $4,0U0on the
uiill. The loss, however, will lie heavy,
mid much sympathy is expressed for
the firm, especially as the disaster cuine
ut a time when the demand for lumber
was brisk, many ordois having recently been received.
Smith k McLeod intend to at once
start up again, and may make arrangements lo go ahead with a portable mill
until such time us the plant can he
replaced.—Vernon News.
 mea ■
riontreal & Boston Copper Company
Will Erect Smelter.
A. A. Munroe, uf the brokerage firm
of Munroe A Munroe, of Montreal and
New York, and Henry Johns, superintendent nf the Sunset, mine, in Dead-
wood camp, Ilmiudui y, are at lhe
Phair, says the Nelson Miner, The
tti ui of Munroe At Munroe is among
the chiet owners of lhe Montreal k
Boston Cupper coinpaiiy, which is
operating the Sunset group. The
group consists of three claims and a
fraction and adjoin the Mm lier Lode,
the ledges of Ihe latter being extensions of the Sunset. In conversation
with ihese gentlemen yesterday it. was
learned thai aliout 0,500 feet of development work has been done during
the two years lhe company has been
in control of the Sunset, group. The
main shaft has reached a deplh of 400
feet and the main ledge has been opened on the 100, 200, 30(1 and 400 foot,
levels. There are 250.090 tons of nre iu
sight above the ,250 fool level. The
ore is a magnetite currying gold and
coppev, I'he values lining largely in the
latter metal, The mill" has reached
such a stage of developnienl and there
is so much ore in sight thai the man*
agcmenl  has diuermi 1   to  erect it
smeller as soon as lbe plans cull lie
fnruiulaled. One of the objects of the
visit of Messis, Munroe and Johns to
this city was io examine tin- Hall
Mines smelter ahd tlmy will next go to
Trail and Northport for tlie purpose of
looking over the plants there. Tbey
spent yesterday in looking over the
Hall Mines plant, and weie. shown
many courtesies by Maunger Campbell,
The plain, which it is purposed electing
will be of at least 250 Inns capacity and
bit located in the vicinity of (ireenwood, and will be up lo date in every
—— ► ♦ < •
Al. Geiser, of Baker City, Takes Contract to Work Le Rol.
Bernard MacDonald, manager of the
Le Koi at Hossland, hopes lo start
work on the propeily soon, lie has
let a contract to Al Geiser of Baker
Lily, Ore., to produce at least 150 tons
of ore daily from the mine.
Mr. Geiser lias also secured a contract for $182,000 worth of work to lie
done around the snultec at North-
port The job Includes the production
of 300 tons of lime rock daily, That
tonnage is enough lo keep the live
furnaces busy on ore. ll is presumed
lhat the management expects to work
the smelter at its full capacity,
There are perhaps 75,000 tons of ore
on hand at the smelter now. That
would be enough lo keep the smeller
busy at full capacity nnly ubout eight
weeks. Itis expected, therefuiu, thut
an effort will be intule lu work lhe Le
Roi also ai Its full capacity, The contract wiih Mr. (ieiser only calls for
mining 1511 tons per day, but Lli.it is a
111i11i111ii111 figure, aud Mr. Geiser will
be at liberiy to mini) as much additional ore as he can produce.
The question bf getting nien foi the
new contractor i*. an engrossing one.
The alien labor law of Hritish Columbia is very strict. It not. only bars
bringing iti'lubnivis under contract,
written or implied, but ll ulsu forbids
the conl rai lor to advertise Ml il lot eigu
country that be will dp woi Kin lirit ish
Columbia and can use men.
Mr. Geiser hopes that, he cm get the
union men al Eissland to work Cur
him, as they have no strike against,
him, since when working lor him is
contractu!' ihey will Uot be working
for the conipany.
The following dispatch to The
Spokesman Review fiom Baker City
gives details of Ml', (.riser's project :
Bakkk City, Ote., Aug. 22.—Albert
Geiser, president of the Citizens' I ank
and form- r owner of the famohs
Bonanza nunc, said to da*. :
'•While iu Northpoit I look a contract to deliver daily IjOD tons of hum
to the Northport smelter,
"Another contiact I made was for
quarrying and excavating the slone
for the new converting and refining
plant to lie erected al once by the
Northpoit Smelting & Refining Company. Tbis refining plant will be a
very large institution and will require
hundreds of tons of slone in its erection and lhe employment >,f many
workmen of all classes.
"I have also Contracted lo grade
Ihree miles of roadbed tor lhe new
electric mud wliieh is Icing Imiil by
the smeller coinpaiiy, Kor this work
I will need a large number of labor ets
and mechanics of all kinds. The
smeller ion,pany has now under way
and iu contemplation in theinimediaie
fut in o an immense amount ofituprove*
ineiit. Tbe company is building nu
entirely new town of Nonhport and
its various enterprises will employ
many hundreds of men nt gootl wagi s.
"For lbe work w hii li 1 have undertaken to do for this company I will
neid at. once 500 men, I waul mincis',
engineers, machinists, blacksmiths and
laborers and you can say that 1 will
have work for everyone who calls at
my new office, which I will open tomorrow. Thu wage scale will lie nnuli)
known on application,
"I made a enntraut while in Hossland with ihe Lo Rol Mining i uuipany,
limlled, by which 1 have ngtt-ed to
extract daily I'i om lhe Le Roi group
150 ions of ore."—Spokesman Review.
 r * ,	
The R. Bell.
The II. Bell mine in Summit catnp
closed down lasl Tuesday, after having
been worked for more lhan a year.
The reason for suspension of woik has
l)ot been made public. Its operations
were not on a huge sen le, bul during
thn last, two or Ihree months about
500 tons of ore of excellent grade were
senl in tin- Granhy smelter at Grand
Forks. John llanly, who has been in
charge and is one of the owners, will
leave the disl rirl shortly on a I rip to
Sail Lake Ciiy, where others interested
in lhe properly reside, vim* "tinki.I. Hkoi-kiktok
il. M. 0R0U8H MaNjWkh
1'iililisliwi   wookly   at  Mlilwny.   II. 0.
Subscription Price, I'J.tn por milium, pnyahl-i
in ndvancti, eitlier yearly or half-yearly at llio
option of the suliMcribor.
Ailvortising IUU.**. Mint, on application.
IU.  !      I I     .
A lawyer in a court room may call a
man a liar, a scoundrel, a villain or a
thief, and no one will make complaint
when court adjourns. If a newspapei
man prints such reflections on a man's
character, there is a libel suit or a dead
ediiot. This is owing In Ihe fact that
the people helieve what an editor says,
Nothing will he done this year on
the Wesl Fork wagon road. It is at
least gratifying to And out something
il -finite regarding this matter even if
the decision is unfavorable tn the
country. It is hetter lo know at once
Unit the provincial government bus
decided nut lu assist in I he opening u|
nf that promising mineral country to
Ihe west of her-, than to live from day
today in the hope thai work will
start on the much needed wagon road
between here aud Beaverdell, Tbe
reason advanced hy the .government
for not completing the wngrn road between here and the West Fork is 'hat
lasl. year a large appropriation was
made for this particular purpose and
that it was squandered by those who
had the wmk in charge, and that it
would he useless to make a further
appropriation or in any way assist in
its completion, on account of its for
mer experience, If this is the policy
Ihe government expects to adopt in
regard to the completion of this road,
we may not, look fnr anything to he
done for some time. Sufficient money
Was appropriated and expended over a
year ago to complele the road between Westbridge mid what is now
Beaverdell, but ihe money was squau-
deied by employing people who were
unexperienced in the m t of road build-
lug, ami the road wns hut partially
completed, If a private individual
wet e to employ a man lo do a certain
piece of work, and that individual
were to find that the man whom he
employed were incompetent and unalile to accomplish the woik assigned
to him, the employee would be immediately discharged and the work
would he completed under lhe
supervision uf a capable mull, regardless of Iheauiuiiht squandered under
the supervision of the incompetent
employee. But, as Ihe Scripture would
say, Ihe provincial government "is
nor so." Simply because it bas shown
poor judgment in the selection of its
employees, who have squandered
puhlic money recklessly, it has decided not to expend auy more money
ill opening up the West Fork country,
which promises to equal, if not excel,
any mineral country yet discovered in
this province. It would rather expend
a few thousand dollars iu building
roads and trails to a number ot
ranches thai are owned liy personal
friends of the individual members of
the government, than to open up a
country (hat Is rich in mineral and
that is bringing fnr more revenue to
the government than all Ihe lunches
in this districl, There is no reason
why roads should not lie built to accommodate Ihe ranching community
of this district as well as the mineral
districts, but if any choice lie mide,
let it be the mineral districts that are
given the preference, for without the
mines of tips country, the farming
community would have no sale fur
their produce. But the provincial
government would rather make itself
appear ridiculous expending money on
Irying to convince the people of this
province that there is no feasible
•route over the Hope mountains for a
lino of railway, than lo be commended
for its good judgment in spending a
small sum uf money in opening up a
good mineral section. The present
government is evidently working
against the interests of the country,
and the sooner it is ousted nut of
power and a new government, with
the interests of Ihe province at heart,
elecled in ils place, the hetter,
on mr nre t uur is coming in oaiiy
fnun lhe B. C, mine, in which shipments there will not be auy interruption. A few men are still employed at
timbering and other mine work requiring to lie done. It is definitely
promised that work will he resumed
next, Wednesday or Thursday. Meanwhile Ihe repairs at the smeller will be
executed as expeditiously as possible,
and it is Intended to blow in the fnrnnce again on Thursday, or earlier if
The erect ion nl the second furnace,
already arranged fur, will in I he future
obviate the necessity for iiKiiuilnr total
suspension, even for a like brief period,
of ore-reduction works, for with two
furnaces lepalrs, when nscessary, can
be made to one whilst the other continues in operation.
Certiflciite   of Improvement*.
IIuok rise, Ili'su Hat, Bl.mt Bull. Biack
.Liox, Hen, Kak WKST, and Lim Bkssik
Minkhal Claims,
Sltuat* In Yunaman group of Summit camp,
Similkameen river Oioyoos Mining Division of Yale Dlstriot.
TAKK NOTIOK Ihal I. Chas. DeHloiBGreen,
ns wenl for Kuwaiti Bullock-Webster,
froo minors oortlBoato number nmi.ll,
hilonil, slxlv days from the dato hereof, lo
upply to the Milling Rooordor for a Oortlnoato
ofimprovoiilolits, for Uio purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of llio abovo claims. , .
Anil fnrlhor tako notice thai aotion uniler
suction 37 iniiHt bo oommonood before the Issuance of suoh rerlilioate of Improvements.
Hated I Ills 17th day of July, lllol.
This Time W. J. Nelson, of the Won
eer Hotel, (ireenwood, Will
Entertain the lluests.
The fourth semi-annual meeting of
the pioneers of the Boundary country
will he held at the I'ione. r Hotel,
Greenwood, oo Monday evening next,
September 2.
The Pioneers' Association was organized two years ago, its members then
nuinbeiing about, iiil, Since then its
numbers have been increased by ahnut
ten, unl ill ut present about W belong to
the organization.
To he a member nf the association it
is necessary to have been a resident of
the Bonndary country since liefore the
flood—not the flood in wbich Noih
took such ao active part, bul, lhe high
.voter of '91.
The Old Timers held their first meeting at Tommy Wake's hotel, Boundary.
Falls, and their second meeting at
Midway, when Tom McAuley attended
tu their wants, which in tbe case of an
old timer are not many, their mul to
being "Man wants hut little here below, hut wants that little strong." The
third and lasl .meet ing of t he association was held at Hugh Cameron's hot*-l,
Camp McKinney, when it was decided
to hold thc next, meeting at Billy Nelson's, Green wood,
Greenwood is fortunate in havim;
their Labor Day celebration fall, as it
does, ou the same day as lhe Pioneers'
meet ing, as a laige attendance will
thus he assured.
To — Solilurko, late of Hooknno, Washington
(whoso lirst. or Christina name is iinknouii).
Sir.—You are hereby untitled Hull I have ox.
pi-niloil |IIU lu labor ami improvements upon
the "Buna" Mineral Claim, slliialeii in Krniicr
Mountain MiniiiK Camp, In the H'alri lew Mining llivlulon, ill Osuyiios Mining liimrlci, III
llrilisli Columbia, In order to hold wild claim
under the provisions of suction JM iif lho Mineral Aol such being thn amount required ti hold
said claim fur the year ending May 2nd, l»-
•/III Rail .• Lake floute
Soo Liir\e.
(via Ht Paul or Chicago)
And if, at 'la:.'.-»Pl™Uon «f -lin.ty^jrf Aug6( ^ g^ ^ ^ ^ ,_ ^
.111,111,1,'    |HV   ,.*,,,,i»,i>„,   ...    ni.,,,
publication of Ihis notice, you fail or
contribute your portion of Uie uxpnmiiturc required uiuler snid section St, l-atether Willi all
.rusts nf advertising, your Interest in nald claim ,
shall boooinc vested In the siilworllier.iiio or'„.-__...,,   . |..ir.r,.Y.    ,„   -r/inniiTA
^_saatftirsBf" th8Wxi kootenay landing to Toronto
Datod at Midway, I). 0„ this 27th do)' of <-nt> Change to Huffalo.
m' """• JOHN GKIKK.        j	
Co-owner in lho "Itoiia" Mineral Claim.      ,    Kor time tables, rates and full Infortunium
PostolHoe ndilross.llragoon, Hpoknno     mil on nr ndilraw A.T. MuCtlM-V, Art-lit,
Through Sleeping Car
County, Washington.
Miilway, or
| D.'I>. A.,
Nelson, ll. il.
A. G.I'. A..
Vancouver, II. <'.
A._r»_x* M*tamxmr-
Thk Royal InbpraNok Gut.
Thb London and Lam: ash irk Kirk
Insubanob Cot.
The  Insijiianch Coy. op  North
Ttns London and Canadian Fikk
, Insurance Coy,
The Sun Life Assurance Coy or
Thr Dominion Building and Loan
Apphaiskb for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
Certificate of  Improvements,
I.aki; View Kxtknbio.n Mixkhai, Claim.
^^o*9********9**9******9*******99*99*0*o*m^ 1_
MmxrmaaAXa ■_..  Midi
One Block West of Customs Office.
» ;S
<$}   This i.s a first-class building, being hard   $   ^
<j§   finished throughout.   The dining room   f '
@   tjg}   is run under the personal supervision   ^ $
§§   i§§   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   (& m
#   #   '$   the l>est on thc market'   cll(,ice stock  $ *
@   f§   ©   oi WineS| Lifluors a"d Cigars at the  <$
$   ®   §   §   bar.     Large   Stable   in  connection, i
Tha Patronage of tho P'ibllo lo Solicited and
Satitfaotion Guaranteed.
C. N. Oivon,  of Greenwood
Sunday in town,
Judge Leainy, of Greenwoid. accompanied by Mrs. Leamy, are upending a
few days with Mrs. Dr. Jakes.
On Sept. 2nd the 0, P. R. will issue
round lrip tickets hetween Midwuy
and Oreenwood, return on Sept. 3, ai
fare and one quarter.
.1. R. Brown, of the legal Arm of
MoLeod k Brown, returned to Green
wood lust WedneBduy after a lew
weeks' absence in lhe Easl,
Archie Grant and Olaf (iundi-iwin
returned last week from a trip t< Re*
puhlic and other points along the new
liranch uf the Great Northern,
Miss Kate Zent, sisler nf Mrs. Ja*.
Kerr, and Miss S. Wolfard, hoth of
Colville, are -lending a few days in
Midwuy, the guests of Mri.N. Munroe,
Spokane i alls &Nertbern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain
Railway Co.
The only nil rnil route between
nil points Bust, West nnd South
to KoshIiiihI, Nelson nnd nil
Interniedinte points ; connecting nt Spokane with the Orent
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. It. „ X. Co.
I   Connects at Rossland with the Canadian
j Pacific Railway for Boundary Creek points.
_,.....„ „, ,      „, , ,      J   Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage dally
Situate ln the Osoyoos Mining Division of -   q-_„hii„
Yale district. Whirt located i-Kruger I0 Ke»UBI,<:'
TAKK NOTICK thnt. I, Chas. do B. Rrucii-
as intent (or Iiln Thompson, free ininurs's
certlflcate No.   niwai and f r Krcdt-rii!  Vi.
McUliio. frcu miner's certM .ite Nn. Kiavn,
Inteiul. sixty ilnys from  Iho (Into hereof, tu
iiy In thn Mining Ik-nintur for n .Corillenie
netits, for tho purpinu nf ohtiOiiinx
n Crown Umnl of tho ahovo clnim.
Anil furthor lako notioo that aotion. uniler
seetlnn :ft. must he i-niiinieneeii  hoforo tho
iMimnce of such Cortlflcaio of Inipro* einoiiis.
Hated this :!4ili day of Juno. Itmi.
10c ('HAS. null (IKKKN.
of In
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains be
tween Spokane and Northport.
EFFECTIVE MAY 5th. 1901 :
NKL.10N   ...
      9.111 I.m.
a. jr.
7.IIA p.m
4.10 pm.
t.eni-ral I'lVwiigi-r.Agi-m
Ride a Cleveland.
Kor all hicyele accessories and supplies call on VV. H. Wehh.
Order a Cleveland wheel from W, H.
Wehh, who hus the Midway agency,
Certificate of  Improvements.
The Boundary Hotel
...JWAY, B. C...
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excellent Accommodation.
large Sample Room for Commereial Hen.
THOS. McAU^EY,   -      Proprietor.
To Make  Necegatry   Repairs-Will
Resume Work This Week.
After n most successful run of sit
months il has heen found necessary lo
»hu> down for a few days the hlast
furnace at the British (loldnihla Copper Company's smelter, at Oreenwood,
so as to allow of the brickwork form*
'lug l lie upper part of the furnace heing
renewed, the hricks lieing so alfecled
liy the continuous heat us io have
made their replacement Imperative,
Tli« furnace was Mown out Wednesday
afternoon and the nextday bricklayers
commenced to make the requisite renewals,
It is claimed for this single furnace
that it hag nmdn the hest record, ns
regards daily average tonnage of ore
treated, known in the history of cop
per smell ing. Muring five months In
July 31st its average of ore treated
was 371 tons a day. Latterly the aver
age has lieen materially increased,
Ihal, for the month of July having
been 385 tons per dny.
The closing down of the smelter has
involved a similar temporary suspension of work al ibe Mother Lode mine,
where all the men directly engaged in
sloping and raising ore have also been
luld off. The mine ore bins are all
_IM, as too, are most of those at the
Tkiijnk Minkiiai, Cum.
Situate in Yuneman group. Summit eamp.
Slmllkanucn     river.    Osovooi   S
Division of Yale District. ■
TAKK NOTICKlhnt 1, Chns. doBlols Oroon.
iis agent for Kd ward iinllouk- Webster free
miners cortlfloato Sn.oWm nnd for John
Young rminliicrsoeitl|-caloNo.NMl'Mlliiteiiil.
sixlviliivH.frnm the date horoof, to applv lo
thoTMinloK Itecordor for n Certificate nf'inr
provciiiijiit for'tho , purpose of obt-iii.ing n
(rown Qrant of lhc abovo olalm.
And furthor tako notice Hint action, under
seotlon .17. must be coininonccil Moro the Issu-
niiuc of audi Cortlfloato of Improvements.
Untod Ihis I7lh dny of July, ion. •
12c CHAS.delll,OI80UHKN.
K8TAB1.MHJCD   1883.
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   ,E. Hutciierson, Manager.
$3,000 IN PRIZES $3,ooo
At Breenwood, B. C, Monday, September 2nd. 1
Drilling Contest,   Athletic Sports,
Firemen's Tournament,      -:-      Horse Racing,
Grand Industrial Parade.
The Midway Brass Band Will Be In Attendance.
Speeial Exeupsion Rales From All Points in Kootenay.
R. W. JAKES, Mayor,
Ohuirimin Gxticuliv** Cniimifttt-e.
Clmliiiiiin Oi-neral Commlllw. Sroretary.
Carrying His Jlajesty's Hail*
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
clays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. .11.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. in.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m„and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The beat of aooommodatlon for
tho oonvonleneo of tho
frivolling publlo.
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
The Midway Pharmacy
Lancashire House,
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated and comfortably
fiirnUlu-d   room*.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor, lll'l
^.nwl <»i> Fridivy f«*»» «i'«n> Foi ku
nml A. (Irani. I«'fi on
B*prt Smith paid a visit to Republic
Ui meek
i jj, Pni'ier.ot Ureenrftid; wns ti>
Mr, and Mis. Bernard Leqiiiim* rutin
0, (liinileiwn I!
May for Phiienl*.  Th^ •>*!*<* «*>
absent for Mvewldayi,
Mi-s Kiln Meyerboff returned home
Ji,.l xxee'i after u Iwo months' visit
li! iiii Mends at ttrand Forks, Cascade
[unl NeUon, Wash.
OrtifKi* Smith left on Wednesday
■•or Spokane, from w,'ich PJhoh he will
Isliiiitly start for Ne'v York Oity. He
"iipe-ils io return to Midway next
p s. Piil'imr, foriierljr wlih Strath-
luiiuaV Horse In Honlh Africa, but
|i,iiiro recently  ph'yed in clearing
u| mi V. VV. Mel/nine's ranch nt
liriiiiieiiy creek, wiih ii visitor to Mill-
[wny during the |iast week.
Mi-, Jm, McNicol ban returned frnm
f„«' weekn' visit with friends st lhe
„,,i    Me. iMcNii'iil drove nver tn Oui'-
i umi to meet her and the Iwo spent  n
feiv days with friends at Cirson, re-
turning lo Midway on Friday.
Mrs. John McHlenn, of Phoenix, has
liiken over lhc dining room of the
Spokane Hotel, and In future meals
will he served at that popular hotel,
mul under her management should
time ii fair share of the trade of Mid
|i |* lepnrted that owing In the large
nn mint of liingh element, which fid-
Inus rnilwav construction, intesiing
lhe town nf Cascade, I. A. Dinsmnre,
provincial constable, expects to make
thai town his hc.ulqiiaiicrs innil such
time ns a |»'aee officer is permanently
local ed tliere,
Dr. S C. Richards, of Orand Forks,
wns hi Mid vay on Friday, inspecting
a nunilier of horses lielnnglng I.i sel-
thus who lately drove in from Southern
Washing!ou and have Wen camped
ju«l amiss lhe hiuindary line Tor a few
days, awaiting the arrival of the gov
ernment veterinary lo paaa iheir
A. I). Menzies, convener of the Amur
Mis.inn niiuinitlee for lhe Presliyl'1 V
nl Konteiiay, wilh headquarters ill
Himland, paid a visit tn lhe dllTerenl
mlsjluiis In ihis disilict last week. He
arrived in Midway Oil Tmsday and
Id the following day fnr lhe weal.
tt iii |* as far us Oamp McKinney nml
i<->ninitii; n_ iin on Saturday. He left
Miilway fnr Rnssiand on Saturday.
A very pleasant parly was h-ld al
Ilie iciiilence nf Mr. and Mrs, ('. M
Melville lasl. Twesilay evening, theni-
(•isinii lieing Ine birthday nf (heir eld
ei' son, 0. K. Melville. A'hiiii twenty*
Ilv gnc-ts were present, who enjoyed
tlii'inselves wilh games and mush-sun
lil an early hour. Th" presence nf lb
.Miilway hand, nf which habile is a val
"ed nii'inU'i', added materially tn lhe
eiijnyineiil nf the occasion.
Some people seem to feel themselves
nl liberty to indulge in fasl riding nn
he main streets of Midway, lo lhe
ilangur "f (bill passengers, a practice
'Iiii has been engaged in since I'he
t"wn flrst had its cxIsMice. If the
practice is continued a lew arrests will
he made, which will no ilonlil serve as
a warning to others who seem to think
the main streets of Midway are exclu
lively fur the purpose of racing cayuses
0, Ii. Thome! relurned nn Friday
'mm l/ing Lake, where he has heen
doing an assessment nn lhe Cairngorm
fMcilnn. which adjoins the North Slat,
A ledge nf free milling gold nre, which
l» supposed lo be an extension of tip'
ledge on tho North Star, has lieen en-
sauntered on the Cairngorm. It is
two anil one half feet in width, and
(l "tn pi i senl indieat ions i.i supposed In
"Miial anything yet discovered in thai
H. Kerr Houlgnte, of Vancouver.
«lin i-i c.'Utly leased the lines of the
''niiniiliia Telephone coinpaiiy, was In
Midway on Tuesday, visiiing the local
"Hin'. He was accompanied hy II. C.
Undue nf Nelson, manager of lhe Ver
" n k Nelson Telephone system for
'lie K'uiliiuiy and Boiindiny count rles.
tlisylefi nn Wednesday for Ihe wesl.
travelling together as far as Camp
"I'Kluney ivhl<-h is the farlnesi west
"'" 'iiliiiiiliiu sysiem extends In Hii
l'"h ('iiliiiiiliia, Mr. Hndges left ('amp
McKinney on Thursday Tor Pentletnii.
H| whicl) point he look the boat for
'""inn ami will go on to Nelson.
JJr. Huiilgiite, In company with R.
Kerr, of Midway, left McKinney on
Thursday io look over Ihe Wesl Fork
country and see whal Ihal ronnlry
"Hers as a ||,.|,| f„r telephone opera
linns. It Wa, Mr. Hnulgatc's Intention
j" visit the Similkameen country as
His Oulnmhia conipany also owns a
Provincial charier empowering it to
h"ild telephone lines in Ihe Siinllka-
J"e»n and through to Ibe coast, and
'ds country may he visited hy Mr.
""idgatelat.rot,, hntfAi- the present
'"'Ims decided In nlm.-di.ti ihat route
*«n look over the West Fork country,
» 'oinienilnn could he made wilh the
cnasl by cxlen.llng the line from Rock
l"'** "P ">« We,t F„,.k ami through
'! v,,|'niin, and thus touch it, number
lpi'uil,lsl'>g towns ou (he way.
fiom a trip tn Grand Forks,
Frank Carej, of RnrMWk, was a
visitor lo Midway on Friday,
Prank Bailey, of SimiHonnecn 'City,
was in Midway last week ou IiiibIiicss
connected with his townsite.
It l« expected that ihe Oakland llu.
tel, w hich fur several innnths has been
closed, will reopen at an early date,
There is still a scarcity uf laborers
on lhe railway construction between
Marcus and Republic, teamsters especially being III great demand.
You never saw a wheelbarrow move
Without a mai pushing It. When
trade is brisk, you'll g> neiu'ly find Iai
hind it Ihe motive power of advertise,
Plans for the power house of lhe
Ketlle Hiver Power compuny, which
Is lo he Imiil at Cascade, have arrived.
li is io lie buill of .lu lik iiiid will he 225
feel, in length. Work will he com
iiieuced on cniisl ruction at once.
■I. II. Kennedy, cliief engineer of tbe
V. V. k _. railway,arrived in Midway
on Wednesday night's tiaiu and l-ft
tin following day for Anau hisl Mnun
tain, at which point lhe surveyors
who have iWu locating rhe line over
Ihnt mountain are Camped, An easy
grade was found over Anarchist .Mountain, which is 2,SH0feet above sea level.
On Friday the surveyors moved camp
farther west and are now working towards the Sllllllkauieen valley. They
will I ouch Pi inn-inn and will thing'
on to Hope Mounlain, making their
own survey over it, independent of the
one that is now lieing made bv lie
provincial government.
Mrs. W. T. Thompson, accompanied
hy Miss llialliorn. left on Thursday
for Nicola, Tbey lode on saddle horses
as far as Keremeos, at which poinl
ihey weie inei liy private rig and driv
ru to Nicola, ll is Mrs. Thompson's
Intention lo remain some lime with
her sister, Mix A E. Howse, of Nicola, liusiiiss in coniieciinii wilh the
diipute over the land included in Ilie
old tov.iisiie nf Beaverton, cf which
Ml* Thompson was 6,yner, prevented
her from taking a trip of more lhan a
few days' dura ion for some lime, bin
the recent settlement nf ihedispntcd
land and lbe amicable arrangement
whereby tlie towns of Rendell ami
H aveiiim have nulled, nnw leaves
Mrs. Thompson at liberty Intake the
vie.-ilinn   she   is   nn i   enj lying,   and
winch will extend overseveraluionihs.
Dining ihe past week a number of
families from South'rn Wimhlmiton
arrived in Midway iii search of laud in
Ibis lm ali'y ami aie now looking inei
h» government lauds thai me stil
available within a short distance from
.Midway. Afler visiting a number ut
ui'icln* that weie a sliori time ago
p i-eiiipti-d, aiid whirh now arc ncttii g
iheir (inner- a Iiii" prolit, ihese people
are convinced thai ibis country offers
the luin .Inducements for ranching of
any I hey dia ve yel seen. It isiigln ill
ibe mineral belt, where prices of farm
pio.liire are sufficiently high and in
ih maud to admit of .ig ual living he-
iug made right from tin* sldrl. The
fart, ihat forming in this highly
favored part of the Kettle Uiver valley
pays is demonstrated by,A man with
his family whoiaim'liereiifewiuniilhs
ago from Manitoba, bringing with
lliem a small quantity of slock, and in
cooveisaiioll Ibe Other day he said
that wiili ihe excellent soil of this fertile valley, together with ih" Hue
iliinal" and lhe good price-lbatprevail fur dairy and faun produce, tlmt
in all his varied experience, whicli was
extensive, as he bad visited nearly
every country In ihe world, lie fonul
there was inure money lobe deiu
farming In the Kellie Hiver valley
iliaii in any oilier couiilry he had yel
seen, and he added .that if Ibal country were only rid of ill.* Cblnaiiinn it
would be f.u better than at present,
The new government wagon mad
which will connect the (iresenl Penile-
imi.'K re nsroail wilh tlie Peiiticli'ii-
Nlcliel Pliite mad is well under way,
two miles at the Olalla end having already been graded. Liiiving lbe Pen-
licln'n Kereiueos wagon road   al.   the
bridge where Ket cos oreek passes
under ii, the lew road follows the
creek, crossing It now ami again H8 far
as Fish Lake, a di-lanee of about live
miles. At Fish Lake il has to go up
some 200 feet to lbe new road which
was nia.ie last winter frnm Pe.iKctUII
tn the Nickel I'lme mine, and many
Ko,idinii'i'g<amiiselii will benelit    The road now In ing cnlistiuoted
W|||h oust level from Olalla to Fish
Lake, a distance of nine miles, and
from Fish I Jike to I lie various camps
between Hint pbvo and the MiKtfl
Plate lhe grade is easy enough for f-nir
horses to lake np iwo tons. It i-not
the grade, however. Iml the MfldjP
places thai niter lhe nhsla-le tm, Inn-
tier Innd.  This rn»d -III ■ '«"*
henefltlo Olalla and Kei icns, Blitfiii
th. niining camps, sellI their prot
and retnin tile s "''V;'''"'
mit is only nmiles from    '"""■
nnl,„rs.oo,l also that all tl   ««PJJ«
and mails fur IMnteton will.' "t   "
froniP let"., via the new-  .1hh
will he of vast advai.Uige to I im
loniai-s,  when  their PH*"' ™    ''
zz '"ru,™:^r
hy the new rntite is only .0.idles.
Sltnllkamceii Star.
| The Central Hotel
llth St, Midway, B. C.
Ihis is a new three-storey he tel, conifortubly
furnished throughout,
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
(h      S. DAHL, Proprietor.
T. M.Gulley&Co.
Large Stock.   Low I'riccB.
T.   BC.   O-XTX.l.iXS-'Sr   Ss   CO.,
T _5f _Et
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors-
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sa-wingand Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
I The Travellers Insurance Co... j
1 .... Of Hartford. Conn, j
1 Trirrrnnnrs
* ■■■■- ■■ $
Clinrtcrrd 18(i:t.
stock Life and
Accident In»i(rnncc.
J   ISSUES the liesi life iiiKiualice
9    I.    e.illll'ili'ts ill  Ihe  win III.    Nn
* disiippniiitiiieiii as In iliviil.• iiils.
* Kverylhinii (.'luii'iiiiieeil in atl-
viuue. Preiuimu rules I.i In 25
percent less limit iliose uf uld
line Miiiii.il couipaliies,
January ist, 1897,
$20,884.S3 J
LIABILITIES, .. 17,920,360.29 "
3,976,434.36 «
The Tmvelleis CniiiiilnMllnii Accident Pulicy gumanlees fniiiccidenliil
uiiilei ordinary inndnious.
llciltll lleiieflt      .      .      .      . $oOIKI
leisit of HiKlil of He. Ii Kyes     .      ,000
l/is« of H11II1 Kci'l or llulli Hantls    5,009  !
Lona o( One llaml ami One Foot   o.nt«i  j
PnnnanonlTolal lllnabllty 2.ini I
l,OM Of   ISlRllt   llnnil       .       . K.-il»'
l.n-w of laiK al oi* abovo Kneo  . i.it*i
Lose of Left Hand     .   .     . l.«m
lues of Killii'l- Knot 1.00(1
l.ni« of sight of Ono 1 ye   .     . .dill
Liniils of   Weekly lndenmity $1,300.
ANI), If such injuries are sustained while riding tux a passenger in
any passenger conveyance iisiiiu stemp  cahle,   or  electricity as a
motive power the amount to ta. paid   shall he DOUBLE ,the sum
specified 111 the clause uniler which the claim is mude.
•Cost $52 a year   to Professional  an-d   Business
Men,and Commercial Travelers.
* Other sums at proportionate rates
I "CT. ZX. tfoxwla,
I** ♦♦»aii»»»M»€<!<iW««.<««««ttK!»»»*»»»»»<
Good assortment of Fresh   Bread, Cakes and
Confectionery always i'n stock.
Fresh Fruit in Season
Wei  Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold lunch at  WxfU
«6 any hour of the day.
*$$*»S$$-*$$3$ 9SS &}9 999 S§S%
fa ill
at Has opened up a JK
fa In the premises formerly occupied  by iii
9     Bare-day   Ss  _£Za,x>3?is     ty
Saddle and Pack Horses w
and has on hand a first-class outfit of
Single and Doable Drivers
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
*!w'Wi>       " e ax.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary  District-only
$3.00 per year.
Is prepared to
fill all orders
for Job Printing at lowest
rates consistent with good
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus
meets all trains.    Freight and express de- *;i>
delivered to any part of the town. Sjjf
_____£ _t__.____.____; ____:____;____ ____;____.____: ____i£A£a____:____:___\L_£A£:__t_£if_Zll>
*»»♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦*>♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>'>♦♦<»♦•!.'•♦•*.*♦♦♦♦♦*♦
TSS    PBOSPJBOTORS'     ___CJX.O__XA.tiT_trXl. *
No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi   B. C. %
Oold, SilvcrT.end nnd Copper Minos minted nl Ilie EXCHANGE. *
FHKK MILLING GOLD.proporllai wanted nl once for Knstom luvwlore. *
Parttonlwritig mtniiil* properly for «alo nre raquostiiiltosctidsauiplMot tholrore     *
tothe KXCHAXUK tor exhibition. O
i        All minpleH iiIiiiiiM lie sent by express. HKKHAII). J
X       Corrospondeneo solicited. 'Address alt'QOmiiiiinications to *
♦ AwxtXwsmmxr  _•.   Xtommwx.tyoasK<sws, *
S_    'Ycll'ra.nna Kn HO   OO   llnv 7IMI.  ' \ IN >JflV   IIP *
Telephone Xo. 101, P. O. liox 700.
NKI.su>;. B.C.
********** ******** ******** *** ***** ****************
§ ®
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
AN the best brands of
Cigar* and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
§ _ B
@    §      i   1     tt:
Seventh  Street, Midway
Rider Agents Wanted
Ono in iwli town In I'iili'mul exhiliit a sjnn|il|. Ilkil morlol hlcvi
iiiniiiif.ii'tiii'H. YOU l^AN MARK $10 TO $5(1 A WI4KK, li
wlipol to riili' yniirsi'lf.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed,
1900 and 1899 Models, Best Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new
. of our own
iil.'s bavin-; a
$10 to $18
$7 to $12
$3 to $8
-*U       mv      mtem-e
\V« will ship nnv hloyrleON APHBOVAL In luivnnc without, u coin rlcpna-
in Advance nml allow TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL Yen take nhsnlntefy mi
k in niiloriiiKfinni ns, as vnu ilu not nwd in pay a rent if lho hli'ynlc rlncn
t Mill run. On lint liny a wheel until von havl' wrlllen for nur I'',U"l'OllV
Mi'l.'u  1 1,'lllj'li'Tl!l \I  Oli'lOl'K     'l'i,!„ in, 1 .11...   x,.._ ......... 1,,... ,1.
il in
rink i
not miit vou.   on nnl nny a wnwi until von Have wrlllrn for oui' I'.vi'lOKY
PRICES nml KHKR TRIAL OKFKK.   This lihriill o'Boi has iwvirheon equal*
Iiil and Is a (riinranti-i. of thn quality of our Wheels,   WH WANT a it'llivhlo
person in eai'h inwn lo dlHliihiite catalogues for us In exehitnge for 11 bloycle.
Write In-day for free catalogue anil our special olfer,
OT. Xi. Sload Oyole Co.,
:jfi *&o(,w^,fJ,w«y?iri2S^ij!^^ «w w^w***.** wu ••' w '•» w -•* w -■* w ••• w -.- *~ .
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P. <J.
||_|_ |j[ The most important railway town  in  the  Kettle  River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
- Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upjier  Kettle River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and  other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
fluswess. residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, B. 0.
Killed in Silver King Mine.
Nelson, Aug, 20.—Ourtis Brott, 45
years nld, was killed Monday evening
al the Silver King mine. Theaccident
resulted fiom a confusion in signalling
for lowering the cage, A hlast had
Leen prepared and Broil's male, thinking tlie proper signal was given, shouted "all righl." When in the cage
Brott announced he had not given the
signal. The men hecame rattled, with
the result tbat Brott, realizing the
danger of the hlast going off, got out
of the cage and started up the ladder.
When he had ascendfd a few feet he
attempted lo board the car, hut only
managed to get half in and half out.
A signal lo lower was quickly given,
hut the body striking the timbering
brought Ihe car to a standstill. The
car was lowered, releasing the hody,
which Tell to the. next level, a dislance
of 100 feet, and fell into Hi feet of
water. Owing to the danger of tbe
blast going off thn car ascended, bul
subsequently was lowered and the
body, when recovered, revealed lhat
death resulted from a broken back.
Deceased was a married man. His
family in lhe east expected tu start for
British Ooiumbia Ihis week.
HU Wile is Out of Town.
We see a man wilh underlip lhat has
a downwaid droop,
Upon his face a scowl as if he'd fallen
in the soup t
He roams about the busy streets in an
uneasy way,
And puts a surly accent on thn things
be has to Bay.
He goes into a restaurant and drops
into a seat
And wonders why there's nothing fit
for a dog rn eat.
And if you care lo seek the cause that
makes him feel so brown
You'll not have very far to look ; his
wife is out of town.
We see another man dressed so unusually gay,
He wears a smile of gladness and a
buttonhole bouquet;
He joins the cruising parties, where
the while topped schooners sail,
And goo-gooes all the pretty girls who
chance to cross his trail.
Al. striking of tho midnight hour he
yet is on the street,
Is strenuous in his efforts to control
his wabbling feet;
He wears his Iml tipped sideways on
his heer-liefuddled crown ;
The mousey knows the cat's away; his
wife is out of lown.
—J, B. Adams, in Denver I'osl.
The open seasons for game are, respectively, as follows, both days Mug
inclusive :
Septemlier 1st. to February 28th—
Bittern, ducks of all kinds, heron,'
meadow lark, plover,
Septemlier 1st to December 81st—
Caribou, elk, wapiti (hull), grouse of
all kinds, including prairie chickens,
hare, moose (hull).
September 1st lo December Uth—
Deer (buck), deer (doe), mountain gnat,
mounlain sheep (ram).
November 2nd lo March 81st—Beaver, land otter, marten.
Unless specially provided, it is unlawful to shoot or destroy tbe following: Insectivorous birds, English
blackbird, caribou (cow or calf), chaffinch, deer (fawn under 12 months),
elk, wapiti (calf under two years), gull,
linnet, moose (cow or calf under 12
months), mountain sheep(eweorlamb),
Knglisli partridge, cock pheasant,
quail of all kinds, skylark, thrush, and
eggs of protected birds.
It is unlawful to huy, sell or expose
for sale, show or advertisement: Insectivorous birds, bittern, English
hlackhird, caribou (row in calf), chaffinch, deer (fawn under 12 months or
doe), elk or wapiti of any sex or age,
grouse of all kinds, except, blue grouse,
which may lie sold during the open
season; gull, linnet, meadow lark,
inoose (row or calf), mountain sheep
(ewe or lamh), English partridge, rock
pheasant, hen pheasant, quail, robin,
skylark, thrush, at any time.
It is unlawful lo huy, sell or expose
for sale, show or advertisement: Oari*
lion, hare, bull moose, mountain goal,
mounlain ram, hefore October 1st;
buck deer, blue grouse, plover, during
the close season.
Farmers only may shoot robins in
gaidens, hetween June 1st and Hep*
temher 1st.
It Ib unlawful to kill and take in one
season more than Hve caribou, ten
deer, two elk, 2£0 duck, two moose,
live mountain goats, three mountain
rains, and to hunt deer with dogs, or
to kill deer for hides alone.
Street,   Midway.
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Land surveyor.
SU*  Architect and
____.  Civil Engineer...
EJeal Estate,
Insurance and
Milling Agent
J1 alt view ']'<■ wiiHitw Agent.
... addhms.,.
Oorr»wipoiirl«mcie Sol kilted.
Certificate   of   Improve nil,
Hkadv Cash Kkauthinai. Minsk i
Situate In the O-oyoos   Minim; I'm
Yals   Dlstriet.   Whsrs locuuii ■
TAKKNOTK'Elhal wu. Jamc* Mi-il
miner. c, I'litiuJaio No. I.. J'.J'I' ■ li
HnrliiK, Inui mUior'n oortiftatte N"
inli'inl, sixly  iljiyt*   from   tin   ilu <
lu apply 111 I III 'Milling I lm ml it (or 111 'I
of linpriiMrmi'llU. Inr Ilur  pllr|H",r ufoi
a crown linini of llio abovo olsim.
And furilior inki' notloo ilmi ariiw.
ikioIIoii Tl, uiiiut  Ih' (-..iiirii.-i I i"i<
iio-llHlirt'nf kiii'Ii IVrtlllrnh- nt I'll- ■
IlUtOd till-. tlM llllj   ll AllKllhl, I'-""
Ho K. ll. HO,,
ilon ol
ire lhe
0 KB,
RANCH of BUftons, KituAlo iinr tin
Midwav Wil Hcrai undor nil1 r.i
aori'H of whicli Is kikkI tlmollii "
I'lonly of walur 1* pniviilud liy llirw
•prliiKH. Thnin la also u beautiful
iiroliurd un Min plane IhvIiiiiiiik In '-'
lioum... ham* and uutIiiiIIiIhik* Kor in
pnrttrulam apply to
A. HOH'HH, Mid")
Hide a popular wheel. The Clove*
Imiil is link in ■wlnlicil tu In* llii'siiiMirior
Wheel iiMule to-day.
Smallpox Still Exist*.
Dr. A, C. Sinnlair of Rowland, Dom
iiiinii quarantine inspector, with head*
quarters at Rossland, bas received a
letter froni Dr. Newiimii, health olHier
of the Stale of Washington, in which
he slates ihat slnre .Inly 16, 96 esses of
smallpox have lieen discovered, principally in the northern and northwestern
portion-, of the stale. A copy of lhe
letter hsa lieen forwarded by Dr. Hin.
ilair to the Dominion health officials.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C. Camp McKinney, B. C.
....... ^...jitmx:. *..-vxUi*mi.ti-ti'mi,MittM,xi,mt,i*i_tt___a_.■,


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