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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-10-31

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 Vol. 2, No. 18.
$2.00 pep Year.
exeeptional values during Oetober
Boys Reefer Coats Blue Chinchilla, doth heavy
lined, double breasted, just the coat to keep out the
cold.   Sizes 25-26.27-.28, regular price $3.73
October Cash Price $2.95
Boys Suits in Cashmeres, Serges and Tweeds, sizes
27-28-29-30, regular prices $3.00,4.50, 6.00
October Cash Prices $4.75, 3.75,2.35
J. flcNicol
Druggist's Sundries
Your druggist has a nice stoe.^ of them
Dressing Combs
Pocket    Combs
Gentlemens Combs
Fine    Combs
Razor Strops
Curling Tongs, etc.
Hair Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Nail Brushes
Lather Brushes
Bath Brushes
Manicure Files
Manicure Scissors, etc.
gtin)e-to prepare for_
cold weothtr
And we are In positloo to help you out Iq your laud-
able Intention) to do so, with
Ladies, Childrens and Gentlemens all wool underwear and hosiery, also wool fleeced lined, all sizes,
prices right
As we are closing out our Mens and Childrens clothing at less thai) cost we call th® attention of the readers
of this paper to it.
Everything in the above line goes at less than cost.
Be sure to sail and examine before to© late.
full Hoe   of   GROCERIES ond SHELF  HARDWARE.
LAMPS of aU description, at cost
makes tlio following statement:! ')er ot months in that place oc
"The reconnaissance survey is curred on   Friday   23rd   inst,
proceeding vigorously, and  in at Phoenix,   when   two   men
fuct has heeu ever since  early! were instantly   killed   in   the
last spring.   We have between i Knob Hill mine,
fifteen und twenty  parties in [    A force of men were working
The Grand Trunk Pacific,     j        Fatality At Phoenix.        | pttriiamentai.y authoritios Kere
Surveys are being completed     A fatal accident, the first of say there can be  no doubt  on
for tho western route of   the its kind in the history of the j the point that tlie filling  pf a
Grand Trunk Pacific.   General Granby mines,   and   thc   flrst' cabinet portfolio is as   much a
Manager    Charles    M.    Hays fatality of any kind for a num- matter of policy  as any   other
governmental act. If McBride
fails to become responsible for
the governor's acts he must
make way for some who will
on the other hand, by remaining in power, he accepts said
responsibility and his statement
to Houston is therefore monstrous. Houston's and the Colonist's statements, as long as
they are unrepudiated by the
government, constitute an insult to tlie governor. At,-the
samo time premier McBride cun
not quarrel with tha governor's
procedure in refusing to sanction
Houston's appointment on tho
grounds alleged, as McBride,
McPhillips, Tatlow and Green
all protested against Houston's
conduct on the floor bf tlio
house at the time it occurred.
the field, some of whom have
about completed the work of
their division. Otheis will keep
on all through the winter.
Great cure has been taken with
a view of obtaining a line with
a minimun grade, not exceed-
ino4 per cent, or twenty feet to
the mile, about the same as the
maximum grade lietween Toronto and Montreal, uud with
no greater than two. or three
degree curves.
"On some portions of the
route, where thecountry is comparatively unknown, for instance in the Luke Neplgon
district, owing to the lack of
transportation fucilities, supplies are difficult to obtain, and
progress is not as great us would
otherwise be.the case.
'•Plans for construction at the
point at whicli a beginning will
be mode are dependent on the
completion of surveys. We
have now the territory pretty
well covered. Our surveying
parties are well distributed
across the territory from Winnipeg west, and the construction on that portion of the line
will be pushed us soon us., the
results of our surveys are kown;
as also the construction' of
branches from u port on Lake
Superior (which port is yet to
be determined) tn a junction
with the eastern division, and
a line from North Bay north,
also to interest the eastern division. While it is dependent ou
conditions generally, the results
of surveys, the situation as regards labor, the movement of
supplies and material,- etc., it
is not likely that tho road will
be completed short of five
011 the night shift about 400
feet from the portal in the No. 2
tunnell, when without warning
a portion of the roof broke
away and covered Thomas Malloy and James Crabb wuh tons
of rock, death being instantaneous. One inuu who was in u
mine ore car had just jumped
out and the cur was filled with
the falling ore. A large force
of men ut once sot at work getting out the unfortunates, the
remains being taken to tiie
James Crabb wus a young
mun, a native of Denlioad, Scotland, wliere his father still lives.
Malloy was un older maud, and
an Irishman by birth, though
little is known of him in Phoii-
ix. Both had been iu camp bul
a few months. District coroner
Dr. G. M. Foster, of Greenwood,
wus notified and visited tin
scene of the accident and after
consulting provincial constable
Darraugh decided uu inquest
unnecessary. The shift boss
uud fellow workmen declared
that the place wliere tho accident occurred hud been examined previous to the accident,
and in the opinion of all wax
safe. -*-W Ay  ■
A double funeral wus held
ut Phoenix Sunday, the remains
of the two victims being interred in the city cemetery. Hev.
VV. J. Wood, of the church ol
Kngland, wus the olliciating
clergmun, und a large number
of miners aud friends of tiie deceased followed the remains lo
the graves.
Battle With Dagos.
Winnipeg, Oct 26—A pitch
ed battle between the local police authorities and a gang of
50 Italian navvies who wen-
working for the C. P. R., occurred at Portage la Prairie about
noon to day, and during its
progress some 50 shots were
fired, while the air was also
thick with stones, clubs and
other missiles, us a result of the
fracas, detective William Cox is
sorely wounded, having been
hit with a huge stone on the
head, and injured in the back
and leg by flying debris.
Three of the Italians have
been safely lodged behind the
prison burs, and mora arrests
are expected. The trouble
arose over an attack made by
the Italians on their foreman,
named McDonald, who last
night was slugged by a gang,
Attempts were made today to
arrest the ringleaders, when the
battle between tho men and the
constables occurred.
Later on the ringleaders were
arrested and consigned to the
jail. They mode no resistance
but the authorities had taken
every precaution in case of
"Whiskey Did It."
Victoria, Oct. 27—The petition agninst the election of C. E.
Pooley was filed today. Besides
the usual charges, it is alleged
that 15 gallons of whiskey wore
taken to Port San Juan and dispensed there the night before
Will Help Rossland.
dispatch   from    Kosslapd
says it is announced that two
more Rossland miuejib tve practically decided to install concentrators with the Elmore oil
The names of the companies
are withheld for a few days
ponding further progress in the
Both plants will have a large
capacity. The results are at
the Le Roi No. 2 mill are so satisfactory as to warrant other
companies proceeding without
delay to apply concentration.
'AZha enmuauies willjjlaco orders
for machinery before the end
of the year for delivery in the
spring and will start construction as soon as the weather permits. Further details will be
available in a few days,
This inforinatioii is from A.
Stanley Elmore, and is regarded
as making the commencement
of iv new era of acivity in
Is McBride Responsible ?
Victoria, Oct. 28-The Colonist, the organ of the government, this morning dismissed
all speculation as to the reason
for the refusal of McBride to
take Houston into tho cabinet
by the following statement:
"We are desirous of giving
the facts of which we are in
possession. Houston was rec-
commended to lieutenant-governor sir Henri Joly for a portfolio by premier McBride. Sir
Henri refused to accept Houston as un adviser, and has based
his refusal upon an incident
which transpired in the legislature. We forbear to comment on the situation today because it raises a question of extreme gravity, but wo may say
this, that an adviser of the
crown is not responsible for the
action taken his advise in a matter affecting the personality of
his cabinet.
"A prerogative which the
crown undoubtedly possesses
has been exercised, but the
grounds upon which it has beeu
exercised ure such as to raise
a constitutional question upon
whicli we prefer to reserve comment."
Premier McBride and hon.
Robert Green, both interviewed
this morning, disclaimed responsibility for the Colonist
leader re Houston. They say
the Colonist is not the organ of
tho government, nor can they
bo held responsible for its statements, neither will they deny or
affirm the report of tho government's action.
The question now is one of
ministerial responsibility for
the governor's act.   The  best
More Steam Shovels for Granby
Mines, at Phoenix.
Some months ago the Granby
mines installed a steam shovel
in its oro quarries at the Knob
Ilill in Phoenix. Now two
more will be put to work aj-i
soon as possible. Later it expects to use one of tlie machines
undergn 'ind in the huge stopes.
The present shovel has a dipper
capacity of three quarters of a •
cubic yard, while a now one already ordered will have a capacity of a yard, equal to 1500
tons per day. This shovel is
expected to arrive next month.
The third steam shovel is of
different make,'anil has been in
use by the C. P. R' at Castlegar
on the Columbia river. The
mine management secured it to
see if it will load broken ore in
the curs. It is expected to arrive every day now, and will bo
at once Set at work* in the No. 2
ore quarry, to which the railway people are now laying a
special track,
Ontario Bye-Elections.
Tuesday's bye-elections for
tho Ontario •legislature leave
tho parties in just the same
position as beforo.
Sault Ste. Marie, formerly
conservative, has returned C. N,
Smith, liberal, by 200 majority.
Muskoka, formerly liberal,
has elected A. A. Mahaffy, conservative, by 200 majority.
At the last general elections
the late Dr, Bridglnnd, liberal,
was returned for Muskoka by
a majority of 80, and in Sault
Ste. Marie Andrew Miscmnpbell
conservative, was elected by 199
majority. XfZA/Oha^      ^'hZktfkAkAfkf
C. M. CR0U.-JI!  fcditoriiiid Proprietor
Published weekly at. Midway, II. C.
Silbsoription price, $2 (HI per aiinnin, payable
julvnnco, cither yoirly or half yearly at the
ptiou of the subscriber.
.. Advertising rates sent, on application.
Greenwood has not for several weeks sent out a dispatch
announcing the amalgamation
of the Pi. C. Copper and Snow-
shoe companies.
Lou Dillon, the famous frot-
ter, like the Greenwood smelter
under Paul Johnson's management, is daily heating her own
tecord.   Her time is now l.f>8i.
The longest session of the
Dominion parliament in the
history of Canada was prorogued last Saturday. Parliament met on March 12, tlie session lasting seven months and
two weeks.
rain barrel or slide dp-*n his
cellar door. He lias been told;
not in. so many words, to "Der
part from me ye cursed, riot because I never krieV y0Cf* but
because I know you too well."
Abuse is being heaped upon
Premier McBride for not resigning, while'resolutions condemning the Lieu tenant-go v-
enor are thought by many to
be out of place. Certainly if
McBide is at fault in not resigning because of his recommendations being turned down, tho
Lieutenat-governor is to blame
for refusing the recommendations, but in the first case the
wish is father to the thoght,
whereas, in the second ease the
thought has no wish to father
stars and, stripes would': yet fly
so far north, that the Jlsltirno
woiilduiistake it for tl ^"Aurora
Uncle Sam's income is over
$2,000,000 a day. which is some,
what larger than Rockefeller's
income. Pint then Mr. Rockefeller's percentage of profits is
greater" than Uncle Sam's. He
has less competition.
The bill to amond the Dom
inion Elections Act was discus
sed at some taught in the House
of Commons last week. The
clause regarding compulsory
voting was killed, as was also
the clause requiring every voter
to be supplied by mail with a
circular, setting forth the!pen-
alties for corrupt practices.
The remaining clauses, most of
which are of a technical character, wereheld over for further
Mr. Chamberlain, like a
shrewd politician, is usin« '-'ol-
onials to aid him in his tariff
fight. Some time- ago he engaged Mr. J. W. Bengough, the
well-known cartoonist of
Toronto, to go to Britain to use
his talent in the campaign, and
now it is announced that Hon.
Goo. E. Foster is to devote his
great platform ability toward
tlie same object, Mr. Bengough
however, has announced his
The fact that a speed of 124.8
miles an hour hus been reached
on the Zossen experimental road
in Germany, as was done a
short time ago, is interesting,
imt nearly as high has been attained in the past. An exchange
recently speaking about the
-peed of railway trains, showed
that more than 20 years ago a
j team engiue arid car attached,
both of light construction, were
driven at over 100 miles an hour
on a single rail "saddleback"
road, built by Capt. J. V. Meigs
at Boston. Ten years ago the
Empire State- express ran a
mile at the rate of 112.!) miles
a n hour. Two year ago it train
cu the Plant system in Florida
ran live miles in two minute and
thirty seconds, equivalent to
120 miles au hour. Some experts think that while there is
no mechanical difficulty in the
way of running trains at the
rate of 100, miles an hour or
more; no engineer will be able
to stand the strain of such a
speed without a nervous breakdown. But with a thoroughly
protected track, free from grade
crossings, with nothing to disturb the mind, and with vibrations reduced to a minimum, it
may be found that a train cat
be run at two miles a minute
with less mental tension than is
caused by. half that speed to
day, when a speck on the track
a mile away -.may develop within sixty seconds into a wagon
load of people.
A measly little mnskrat cost
the State of New York $10,000
the other day. It dug a, track
for itself from the outside at a
point where the Brie canal was
above the level of the surround
ing country. This little tunnel
was rapidly enlarged by the
rush of water, till the bank was
burst and the canal emptied,
thus holding up scores of boats.
Besides the injury to the canal,
the State is liable for the damage of lands flooded by. the
Mr. Justice 'Irvine now finds
that be lias no  jurisdiction to
grant the ordei' asked fur by Mr
Taylor last Wednesday, fora recount of the Fernie ballots and
has withdrawn his original order.   Every effort was brought
forth by  the governtviont and
every technical objection raised
to prevent the finding  of the
correct, results, although  it is
safe to say that every voter in
the   Kootenays would  like to
sen the   recount made  and tho
candidate receiving the majority of the votes, given  the  recognition he is entitled to,   If the
government think E. C, Smith
was fairly and honestly boaten,
why do they not submit to a re>
Because John Houston used a
little ,'Rritish Columbia language on the floor of the house
lust session, the Lieutenant-gov*
enor has given him the cold
shoulder, the cabinet cut und
the Sir' Henri Joly de Lotbin-
iere    turn-down.    John can't
Lieutenant It. E. Perry U. 8.
N., is making preparations for
another expedition to reach the
north pole. According to a dispatch from Ottawa, Captain
Bernier wants assistance from
the dominion treasury to en
able him to fit out an expedition to reach the pole. We do
not know whether any provision was made for Captain Bernier or not: we have uot received
a copy of the supplementary
estimates, but it seems to us in
view of the large territory we
have lost through the Alaska
bouudary award, that it would
be imprudent for parliament
to vote money to assist Captain
Bernier to enjer the race for the
coveted pole against Lieutenant
Perry, so long as weliave not
those treaty-making powers referred to by the Canadian premier in a speech recently delivered in the house at Ottawa.
The United States of America
want that pole, and they are
going to have it, no matter who
discovers it. How humiliating
it would be to the Canadian
people if Captain Bernier should
discover it, aided Ijy public
funds, to be Alverstoned out of
this new territory by a treaty
made between the United States
aud Great Britain. What possible claim, somebody might ask,
could the United States set up,
if Beruier reached the pole before Perry and hoisted the British flag? The United States
can be trusted to find a basis
for a claim, ant) the British to
entertain it, in thoir present
state of truckling to Uncle Sam.
The late General Benjamin Butter in an exalted spirit . of
spread-eagleism voiced Arueri-
The Liberal government at
Ottawa, lead by that brilliant
French Canadian, Sir Wilfred
Laurier,   with   his   followers
largely' from the province   of
Quebec who regard  him  as a
sort of demigod, can pass this
railroad bill or any other bill
they see  fit, I and of    course,
there is no difficulty in the senate since there is now a Liberal
majority  of about 20; but it
does not follow by any means
that the people of this dominion are going   to swallow it
holus-bolus.   After the senate,
which in days gone by when
tho Liberals were in opposition
were by them called "old women", who were to be wiped oil'
the face of the earth when the
party of economy and purity
came intp power, hut now with
an obedient Liberal   majority
are, we suppose, the wise men
of the dominion, will come the
sovereign    and     independent
electors of Canada, who   will
give their judgment according
to their opinion  of the scheme
without regard to party affiliations. . The subservient  members of both parties will vote as
they are told to  vote by their
leaders, and  are not supposed
to exercise   their   intelligence,
except to express their approval of th ir  party's scheme   or
disapproval of that of the opposite party.   If the  government had decided upon any Other plan of increased transportation facilities, if they had formulated the scheme of theJeader
of the opposition, Mr. Borden,
before he advocated it, there is
no doubt whatever that theSubservient followers of the government would have sworn by
It lu every detail, and those of
the opposition would   have opposed it in every way shai*eand
form,   It,  therefore, behooves
every independent   elector  to
take an intelligent interest  in
this important undertaking proposed by the government of the
day.   This they are doing in every portion of tlie   dominion;
several hundred petitions have
been presented to the parliament of Canada against this
Grand Trunk  Pacific   scheme,
many of them signed by supporters of the government, arid
while some of them   may have
been bogus, it is slandering the
people of Canada and their representatives to say they  were
| all of that Character.   We purpose showing at some   subsequent date that this scheme to
which the government look for
much: support may not bring
about the results expected.
A   mat.  to   r-JcViPkfc "CANADA'S
GltKA1|KKT'Ntf»s«'BIi:s" In tt^tuwh ul
MIDWAY nnd MiirmindinK rminliy,
anil hike orders for
In Fruit Trees. SmalFPrultSi
Ornamentals, Shrubs, Roses,
Vines. Seed Potatoes, &o.
Stock true to'imiiH'""'I fri'i'froiti San
JoseSciif! A permanent, position for
tint right man on/ elljbor rsal.ii y or
Stone & Wellington
over Hoo acrci
To tiiiliw IjiMIhw -"i'1 u l""' I"11*01""'
domoi'i* WWhoniheiW l>M<> !'™»"»™( M*
inteioHi i" tl« "t!"11W "",l llcH'"" l"l""n'1
clnlii.B.Hii.i»lMoii Kolly <V.tok In Hit Oreen-
woM Mini"* IMvIkIoiio' V»lo Dlatrlct, llrltlHh
Bon arc Itorul-y iiotlfled that I have expend-
oilJ-miKlitio-niii'to hold tho hhIiI Itolby mill
Roun mlnoralolaiiiiH umlor III" iirovlHlona ul
ihu nilnwa! anl,.iinil have I'M tho aiimof
as<jo for roooHlffl! Ihu aaino for tho year ond-
;okKlh.Wiw U**"'1" >'°" *''oul<1 "WW*
j.il.'.'.iiis-rouriiwilii't'li'iii"' Ihu said sum for
y'oiii' iiiiiilvlilwl .ono quarter lot'n»l, in snid
i'litlnis. nn.l if vvltliin !HMln.v." froi" lbe first III-
aorllon'of M* mnico yuu liiil or iodise to con-
I I'lbiito Uio atflu M|.»i •*'hich ia no »• due h)' .vou,
totteHur with «H ends -t uilvorUaliiK, your
iiitoreatiiillioVall mlnoral I'laluw will bofunio
tho properly of lho .subscribe!' under section
four of an .'Wrl-■Mititlcl the "Mlnoral Act
Amendment Aul'JUOU.
Datednt jlWwa)' H. 0. thia loth day of Aug*
First insertion, 15th Auu'.-l MS!
Usl        (lo.    Milt NoV.'lilllW, lnp.
It jJSKI'aiiliopremin
j L. Jtuif'iiry l"."'-. i
I ,jan havo wtnio by IJ
f llio iiroliT-iK'u'd in
black' Itotatt.  Owner
yiitgooui of thia rMlorliao-
mom am! fowl iifYulinal to dnte, olhwttiso'lf
uiit I'laimoU within Sll days will bo sold to pay
USPi!,"i0S' HAllltY JOHNSON.
Ararvhiat Mountain.
Carrying His Majesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
clays anil Saturdays, at 8.30 a. if., arriving aj
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays-■' Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, ni.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m„ and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The best of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling public.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Whioh is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia,
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.   -   RESf, $3,000,000.
■I? JE O EC 33 "Ht &
Points  East
,      VIA
Spokane, Seattle and Coast Points,
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago
2Y*.m*a\mXkmaA\Mr ft
frnm* Tlm*   _t_
New Equipment Throughout, Day Cooehu,
Palace nnd Tourist Sleepers, Dllur.g ud
Bullet Smoking Library C
Fur TirketV Itnlw, Folders nml Full
Information, i-i,llon or «ddr s*     ,   ■
Any Agent of thc Oreet   Northern  Railway
ir write
A. 11.6; IlENKIHTpN. O, W. P, A.
tit first Atonne* *fK.mt,K, Vitan
to A. W.Hoyil or any poiMin or pen-ons to
whom you mny hKvo transferred ynur Intermit
to In tlie "Morning" fractlnniil Mlnornl claim,
bltuato in (lamp McKinney, In lhc Greenwood
Mlnlni! UIvIhIoii of Vale Ululriut.
Vounio horobj- ootlHeil Hint I have axpeml-
ed 1102.31 in order to hold tho nald iiiIiiithI
elaini under the provlrionH of the Mineral Aot,
tlmt you should contribute t'M IUJ ns your portion ot the said exxxxx for your undivided ono
third intercut in nald elnlm nnd ■ If within Wl
days of thcllratliiscrtlon ef the dnte of this
notice you b>ll nr refiixo In contribute Ihe Hum
ot $.'-1.1113 which ix nnw duo by you, together
wilh itll eoHlK <»f H<lvui'UHiii(r, your Intercut in
*nld mineral cl ilm will become tho property of
thc onbHci'lbcr it nder sootloo tour of an Acton-
titled the "Mineral Act Amendment Act "
Dated tblitaiid day of J nne, IHUS,.
Tickets at Low Rates to the East.
The Chicago. Milwaukee ft St.
A|*yVA I
Lancashire House,!
: : MIDWAY, B.C. ::
The undersigned having re-openecl thi** well-
known and comfortable hotel invite the
patronage of all old customers and the public
F.Hrniiee-be«tw!gand comfortably furniiihed <»<> '"
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.   |
7W- l\
Best Hotel in  Midway
Will be on sale at all ticket
offices on June 4th and 5tb,
June 24th to 30,th, inclusive;
July 15th and 10th, and AuguHt
25th and 20th.
Tickets good for going passage for ton days from date of
sale, with ihial return limit of
00 days, from date pf sale.
Por further information address
Ii. S. Howe-
General Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
Rigs to any part of the country for guest's convenience.
r*-*,*-r'*x-_-r_.Tirtrtrw'irrmrrwwe-w rtm
PROPRIETOR Ilocal and district, i
l0 „ijrht is hallowe'en.
lis. A. W. Haley is visiting
Inds at Rosslnnd.
Johnstone,    representing
dies Coristine & Co.,  whole-
hat and  furs, Montreal,
i in Midway on Wednesday
(citing orders for his firm.
A. Tuzo returned on Tues-
. after an absence of several
In tlm spent at his old homo.
loft yesterday for the West
rk, where he has numerous
ning interests.
\, lli'iicrnian and II. Strauss
Turned on Monday to the Rod-
tk Dim claim,in Long Lake
(up, where they are working.
'..y report the property look-
r exceptionally well.
Uother party of C. P. R of-
■iils is now touring the
lindary country. The district
Uceiving' a lot of attention
Li the heads of that com-
liyoflnte. It would not be
}pri«ingto"henr of something
jug before long.
first large shipfhent of
Lish Columbia apples con-
lied to tho Old Country left
Icntly- The shipment, which
Isisted of a full carload, was
:o by Stirling &Pitcairn, of
llowna, the fruit being win-
1 apples, chiefly of the North-
Spy variety. Maxwell
iit)i, Dominion fruit iuspect-
lurninged for the cur to be
It through by fust freight to
|ntreal, whence   the   apples
bo sent to Glasgow, Scot-
Prairie chicken nnd grouse
liting is on the (Jocline these
\n.  'Hie grouse hnve for the
st part gone  to the mount-
Is where they are inaccessible
|hc average bird hunter, and
J wild chickens  are getting
Itty badly scattered, it being
lorn now that a  Iwrge  flock
bc found  in one    place,
br, however, are qjiite plenti-
| and during thi* week u large
nber of hunters were seen
Ing through the town with a
Vr   behind   their     saddles,
■ne hunter, who  had   been
(re fortunate than the rest,
I several in a wagon whicli
|re (ine fat ones.
t Greenwood before judge
llett ou Monday   afternoon
Mo wus up for threatening
annihilate Chinese citizens,
nl after a good deal of funny
idence, the judge   sent   the
ink up for trial,   lt appears
it Ah   Me got full of   hop,
>'oke from his pleasant dreums
agined  he  was   Li    Hung
utng, ahd monarch of all he
rveyed,   started   for   gliina-
wn armed with a bowie knife
da gun, and commenced  te
lake that quarter look   like a
ttlelield, but after cutting a
link and discharging his gun
knuploof times, Greenwood's
|iile-awuke  ofiieers   happened
long before anything serious
N'urred, and landed Ah Me in
e slmokiini house.
A caso of interest to those of
be Boundary cotmtry   where
•th parties are well known is
iiat   of   Doberer vs    Megaw,
Well was appealed and taken
'lore the  Supremo Court at
ttawa, last week.   It is to set
>dc a judgment given by Jnst-
111 living and affirmed by the
'"preme court of British Col-
'nbia.   Doberer had been manger of Megaw's business at
'riind Porks and Vernon on
'•"•ry and commission.   When
'■■oy dissolved connection thoir
"counts were submitted to arb-
fration, and  Doberer received
•i award of $4,80Q by two out,
f tbo three arbitrators.   The
ward was sot aside by Mr. Just-
■co Irving on the ground of misconduct on the part of the arbitrators.   His decision was af-
linned by the Full   Court   of
liiitisliColumbia and now the
appeal is carried to   Ottawa.
■*»' Charles Hibbert Tupper, K.
J<> appears for the appellant,
ln(lE,P.Davis,K, C, for the
of Hock Creek, were in Midway
on Tuesday.
Dr. Armstrong, Dominion
Veterinary Inspector, of Nelson,
was among the week's visitors
to Midway.
J. C. Leggutt is again able to
Iw around after an illness confining him to his bed for several days.
Mrs. H. Leo, who hus been
spending several weeks ut
Greenwood, returned home
Dr. and Mrs. Spankie, of
Greenwood, accompanied by
Nurse Monahan, paid Midway a
visit on Tuesday.
The work of repairing the
wagon road between hero nnd
Curlew bus been completed nnd
is a very sntisfnetory piece of
J. Mcintosh, representing
Dwight's Cow brand soda,
Toronto and Montreal, was
among the drummers to visit
Midway during the past week.
H. J. Abbott, representing
tho Sovereign Manufacturing
Co., Toronto, visited the local
drug store here on Thursday
looking up business for his
house, r
The Talk Of The Dominion.
The decision of the Alaskan
Boundary Commisioners has
stirred up an intense interest
all over Canada. In one point,
however, Canada has outstripped the Yankees. By clever
foresight a Canadian firm is the
first in America to produce new
maps showing the disputed territory and the Commissioner's
award. The Family Herald and
Weokly Star of Montreal have
been waiting for the decision to
go ahead with their new map of
the Dominion, which shows the
territory iu dispute; also the
new Grand Trunk Pacific line.
New Ontario and in fact everything up-to-date. The publishers' price we believe is $2.f>0 per
copy, but they have decided to
send a copy absolutely Free to
all subscribers to that groat
family weekly for 1004. As
each subscriber will also receive
two beautiful coloured pictures,
ouch 22x28 inches, along with
the Family Herald for a whole
year for one dollar, it will be .a
surprise if they can bundle the
business thnt is sure to come
their wny. The publishers
adopt the rule of sending premiums in the order in which subscriptions reach them so that it
will pay te get on thoir lists
without deluy.
NOTICK IS HKIIKHY OIVRN thnl Application will be leixAe. lo llm Isvislatln- Asscm-
bir of Uie Provinoo of llrilisli Columbia at lis
uexUossion for nn Ael to Incorporate a Com-
•mil)' tocnnslrocl a railway slid telegraph ami
trolepliono lino* over tlio following;.route! Com-
menollig nl» point sl or near Sponoe's Hridge.
on Uio Canadian l-adBc Hallway, thenee In a
south-easterly direction to Nicola. Ihence lo
alspen Grove, thonco southerly to Oiler Klal,
tlienee sonlli-eesterly by way of Oranite Creek
and Princeton, following generally tlie course
of lho Sliiiltkanieoti Itiver, to a point nl ,w
near the International lloundary. either at Osoyoos Uko or Midway, with power to con-
striiel a branch from Princeton to Copper
Mountain.  Vanoouver, I). C„ October 17, l»«.
Tho Denver & Bio Grande,
popularly known as the •'Scenic
kiliuot'the Worlil/'linsannounced' greatly reduced round-trip
rates from Pncific Coast points
for the benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation iu the
East, and of delegates to all the
prominent Conventions -N. E.
A., at Boston; A. O. II. W„ at
St. Pnul; B. P. 0. E„ at IJalti-
moro; Woodmey of America
at Indianapolis; Eagles, at
New York; Mystic Shrine, at
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., at
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Tickets at the reduced rates
will be based upon one fare for
the round trip, but will be sold
only on certain days. These
tickets will carry stop-over privileges on tho going trip, giving
passengers an opportunity to
visit Salt Lake City, Glemyood
Springs, Colorado Springs, and
Denver; and will bo good to return any time within ninety (90)
days. Passengers going via the
Denver & Bio Grande are giving the privilege of returning
viua different route.
For the rate to the point you
wish to go, and for date of sale
and other particulars, as well as
for illustrated pamphlets,
W. C, MCBRIDE, General Agent,
124 Third St. Portland, Or.
To.Thomas Murray, of Ymir, and M.J. Mor-
larty,laieof Ymir, It. C,
Ynu are hereby notified Ihal 1 have
uxponded Ono Hundred Dollar* l$luo.0'i| in ne.
rressnicnt wnrk on tlie "Lucky ,liin" Mlnoral
Claim, situate near Myers Creek in Ihe (ireenwooil Mining 111 vision of Yale District: in Ilritish Columbia, to hold snid claim for the year
eiiolug October, liltli. ItHI. anil a further
sum of Ono Hundred Iinlljir* ($IHMM) ln asses-
since! work to hold said claim for Ilie year end-
ingOeUiber lui.li. ml, and have further is-
ponded the sum of r'ive Dollars if'r.WH in recording said assessments iu order to hold said
claim iinder the provisions of Section tl ot
lhc Mineral Act,
Ami if Within ninety dnys after the publication of Ihlsiiotlee, vou, or editor of you fail
or refuse to pny or contribute your portion
of the expenditure required under said see-
linn 21, thai Is to say.Jhc said Thomas Murray in the sum of f-'tl.lil uml lhc said M. .1.
Moriarty iu the sum of $G8.:tl, jogelhor wilh
your portion of all costs of advertising. Ihe
Interest of such of you as fall or refuse lo
contribute yonr portion of said expendilure
and costs of advertising, shall become vcslc
n the subscriber lyour co-owner) under so
linn I of tho "Mineral Act Amendment Act
Dated at Camp MoKlnnoy, '•• C... this Zlrd
day of June. I»B.   Us! issue Sept. Kth, IIMI.
Henry Nicholson Notary I'ubllc.
Between June Ith and August 20th the Illinois Central will
sell round trip tickets I'rolii Or
Ojjoii and Washington points to
Chicago, Cairo, Memphis and
Xew Orleans at GBEATLY
Tickets good for three
months. Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten days after
starting west. Stop over privileges either way, west of the
Missouri River,
Sale dates ure arranged to be
convenient for delegates to conventions of National Educational Association at Boston; Elks
at Baltimore; Woodmen at Indianapolis ; Eagles atNew York;
Sliriners at Saratoga; Knights
of Pythias at Louisville and
Commercial Travelers at Indianapolis,
You can take your choice of
Sixteen Different Routes.
Write us. We will cheerfully
give you anydetailed information you want.
B. H. Tiiitmih'i.i,,
Commercial Agent.
112 Third St.
Portland, Oregon
jyjcLKOI) k BK0WN.
BABtnsTBtts, Solicitors, Etc.
Ohkknwood, I). C.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
A .Air
There is no train in service on
any railway in the world that
equals in equipment The
Pioneer Limited train from St.
Paul to Chicago via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul Railway
The railway company owns
and operates the sleeping and
dining cars.on. its trains, and
gives to its patrons an excellence of sen ice not obtainable
elsewhere. The buffet cars,
compartment cars, standard
sleeping cars and dining cars
of The Pioneer are the handsomest ever built.
h. s. rowe, ,34 Third street   portiand
Ueiieral Agent.
Riverside Hotel
•v<-A~-.ii' iti
ijirttf-y ■■■*"*j^
tiZ'A:i.:3$£AfZi^ii£itir_'yi.*tti_i_.. ...   ... J
B,/U.is • y Rock Creek, B. C.
jlpgj  S. T LARSFN, Prop.
ttZi/yr jjLy ;ao.
VrWtttt"   'ie'ii
;rz.z '"-.:'. z-xi    Summit.- plucc lot* Sii.fjc*' l»
^ *,r.A e tl.-i.T ,1
llll    I'OIII llll HlllrllllrU'V
Cm k pnints.
Good AceomraodatioB for tk Travels Fiiic.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial Land   Sukveyok
Midway »nu (Shbkswiioh.
™ Whether for immediate or future consider-
•ration our pricee for
Copper Plate Engrav*.
ing are worthy of
For instance, we •"•
grave a plate like this
for $i.oo.
..rt From lhe plate we print nu
mat I0Ocbticm-ieiity•■»«■• |J
M   for $i,<w. p|
From the pl*t* we print
■oo ehelceit quality cardi
for $i.oo.
Write fer a copy *t our
„,w handsomely illustra-
Ud cataloguo, ready Nov.
iclh. On request we will
tend « t« any addreM
tteeef tell.
119, 120, 122 and 124
i ft., Toronto
Notice of Forfeiture.
To Thomas W. Stack, formerly of the City of
Rnssiand In the Province of British Columbia, but whose present address ts unknown to the subscribers:
Ynu un* licruby nntill-*.! ihat wo have CX-
\h\iu\ 'tl fr-Mt) in lnlMir iiiid improvement* upon
■||io"Orenl. Lttsey" and "Twin Mine'' mineral
clalniH, rtiltmlu in Summit ctunp in Ihodrcon-
wontl (ftirmerlv Ketlle Ifiveil Mining Division
uf Yalo IHntriet, iw will upuenrhv Cerlltlejitcs
of Wurk reeonlod in Uieumce nf tlie Mining
Iteeunler fnr tlm mild (IrceuwotHl Mining
liivliiloiiuii the ttli day of Aiigiixt 19)1-2. in
order to hold wild elainm for the year eniliiitt
And vou are further notified that we have
expended lhe further sum uf On, In labor aud
improvem-mtn upon said "(treat Ijixey" and
"Twin Mine' mineral eluinis, ns wilt  appear
hv Certitleatenuf Wurk n nled August  llth,
t'Mititheellleeirf Niid Mining Heoordor. in
order tu hold said claims for tho year ending
And if at the expiration of ninety lidijuavs
of puhlieationof thisnotiie you full ur rcfuRO
ti[ contrilmte ynur proportion uf Mu; expenditures required under suet ion '24 of tin* Mineral
Aet to hold said claims for the years abovo
mentioned, together with all cost* uf tldvet-
Using, your Interest tn said mineral olalm*
►mail become vested tn the suhHcrilmrs (your
co-owners) uudor .Seetion t of the "Mineral Aet
Amendment A'-t. VMI."
Dated at (li-ecnwood, M..'., this lit day of
Hallett &, Shaw, Solicitors.
Rkndell Block, Greenwood.
Phono DO. V. * X.
Manufactured by the Hilda Cigar
Factory, I. Blumenstiel, Proprietor,
Hamilton, Ontario.
The "BAKKISTKB" 1k.i ihmWmlK-U..i«iuJLik.-- Ci-av. It is
il inches, full si/o ami is nindc oiitof Pure Hfiviiiin.-i Filler fniil
the very Choicest of Sumatra wrapper.
To Joseph E. Boss, formerly of the City of
Spokane In the State nf Washington, and
now supposed to be in Mexico,
YtMiim'. lnriTliy imiilluil thnt. I uml .lamus
Napier Paton ImvoospcnduilitSlliO in titttni- ami
Imi-roveiiKtntf uiiim tlm "Monlo Rouo" inlnoml
elalm, sltua'c in (iii-criwrnni enntp fu tint
Oreenwood (formerly Kettle Itlvnrl Minliiff
lllvislnnof Yalclilslrlet, us will appear uy A
Oertlflealuof Work vocnrdeil Mareli 2lsll «tt,
In the ollfe'i of tlte MiniiiK ItiHtonler fnr .lio
said Oreenwood Mlnlni* IH vision, in order to
hnld said elalm for the yoar ending Mnrcli
ard, IW*.1.
And yuu nro htrlhnr nnlitied that I ami sairl
.inuu'rJ Nitplnr I'aton havo exiumtlnd a fni'thu'-
uum nf t*IINI, inl'iltni' nnd hniirnveinellls npnn
said mlnernl (i'aiin.as will appear by a Coi'-
linenle nf Work recorded Maveh XM !««,
In the nlHee nf said Mining Recorder, in order
In linlil said claim for thu year ending Mnrcli
vSlnl, Willi:
And ynu are fnrthor not llled lhat ynur proportion of the extienillturcs aimve inontiuned
was irunti'iliiit.sl and paid hy (.lie suliscriliur:
A nd If at. the expiration ot ninety 11*11 days nf
puliliculinn nf this notice ynn fail ur rcfune tu
cniitrloiilo ynnr protoortlou uf I ho expenditures
risiuired under socttnh 21 uf the "Mineral Aet"
to hold said claim for the years above mentioned, tngethcr with all costs uf advertising,
y°ur iiitui'Rstrln said mineral claim shall become
vested in the subscriber (a cn-nivneri mulct'
Section I ot the -"Mineral Act jVnicndtncnl, Acl
IMeiinlr Oreenwood, H.C, the SSitil day nf
September, IMI.
Hallett and Shaw, Solicitors, ,
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Go.,
Washington & 6. M. Ry.,
Vti., Vic &E.By.&M.Co.
The only all rail route Iwtwei'ti
pnititH east, wi'sl mul sntitli to Ross-
IjiiiiI, Nel— 'll. (iiaml Forks and H«|iuli
lie. I'biliii'Cts at Spiiktuifi «ill» Uir
Greal Nnrt hern,-Nnw hern P.iellic nuii
0, t{. k N. t)n. for pnints easl, west
anil smith ; connects at Rtis-land and
Nelson with the Oaimdinn Paeiflt! Uy.
Connects ut Nelsnn with the li. It. & N.
Co. Tor Ktwlii and Slnnin points.
Connects nt   Curlew  with  stage for
Greenwood nnd Miilway II.0.
Ittiffct   ears  run  on  trains  lietween
Spohnnc mul Ui'pnMle.
Leave, knive.
ll.ti,i.nl  Sl'OICANR  5.15p.m.
10.1,1 a.m  110HSI.ANII  S.lll|ini.
7,00 a.m  NKLSON  8.110 p.m.
Il.00a.ni ORAND KORKS.... 4.00p.m.
D.l.ia.tn  RKI'UIILK!.   ... S. 10 p.m
nc. a. iTAOvsoir,
Onnural I'li'senger Agent.
Spokiuie. Wash.
Through Salt Lake City. Lendvllle, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver   and
the Famous Rocky Mountain Scenery by Daylight to nil Points East.
•r raws folders and other
Information, addreM
W.C. AkBRlOE,   (ien.   Agt.
12* third ST.   PORTLAND, ORE.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to tbe Satisfaction of Ciistomcfs
JAICK notice lhat 00 days from Iho ilate
hereof f" Intend lu apply lo llio Ohliif .Commissioner i>( Undsjiiul Works for pormlssTjii
to purebaes the uuucciiiilcd fractional north
wost | of Soctnn 18 Township 61, Osoyoos ills-
Datod thlsW day of Auniist,, IIKH.    "
C. dolt. Qreon,
To Joseph Sanltor or nn'y person or porsqtis
to whom you may have transferred your interest to in the "Highland Chief" Mineral
claim Hittiato in Camp McKinney, in llio
Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.
You arc hcroiiy eotlllod lhat I have expended
ill IS. lu order lo hold your Interest In Ihu
said mineral claim under the provision of the
Mineral Act, that you should contribute the
sum of $118. for your Interest in said claim.
•indlf within 00 days nf the lirst Ijiaortlnn.o'f
this notice ynu fall or refuse to cnnU'lbulo the
sum of $118. whicli Is nnw due by ynu, tu-
irother with all costs of advertising, ynur interest. In said mineral claim will become the
pt'bporly of the subserlbor under seolloii four
of an Act ontitlod'tho "Mineral Act. Amend-
incut, Acl." 11110.
Dated this 18th day of July, 1IKW.
jAKKnoHco Unit (in ilnys fnun lljitiluto
hereof, I inleiul tonpiily to the l lritrf Colillnls-
sloiiernf Uuiilsiahd Works Cor permission to
imi't'linsi' I'.lo ucrosoflniidboitigl.lio norlli wctt
J of Soclionti, Townshtp j'rl, Osnyoos district.
Dated this ith day of August, Itlia
M. K.ailKKN
C. dell. Union,
TAKK notioo Mint (Kl days from thn dato
hereof, 1 Inteiul to apply to tho ('hiof Com-
inissinnovof Lftiuls nnd Works for permission
t;o'puvchuso 320:nerds of land hoinir lho north
J of Soolinn 81, Township lit, Owyoos district.
Dated this ith day of AUghBl, itKlil.
C   -lolJ. Green,
Liiizri^S -^'i.- i'- *'■ ttzr • • •
It wiil be tiie mi important Railway Centre in' tbe
Interior of British Colombia-
It is in tbe contra of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Oaoeuiog, Gardening, Mann-
factoring, Coal Producing,
anil Railway District.
Midway property will
nuke you rich. It is not
a spoMoi- it is an investment.
eentreof the Kettle
and Boundary Creek Dis.
tricts, is situated at the
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kettle Biver.
The leading asieoee
town in the country, witli
an excellent climate, pore
water supply, and sur
rounded by rich
tural land.
Bu: iness, residence and garden lots at iow prices and on easy terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
m St John Struct-.
Montreal, P. Q
Oi M. (1HOLSK,
Agent fur British CnluniM*,
Midway, II. I'.
Saa^BKK^ssaaggB b>" ' -___mm&w—ms3Bm~mmzs£smsmmB_t-_^
@te §l0patcl)
Of Interest To Farmers.
It should be unnecossary to
urge upon the growers of garden crops the importance of using thoroughly reliable seed, or.
to defend the practice of testing'
seeds    before    sowing    thetm
Many gardeners have suffered
heavy loss through purchase of
inferior or old seeds and almost
all who have used the seeds  of
flowers  and  vegetables   have
had occasion, at one time or another, to lament the uso of seed
of unknown quality.   Since  a
good start is always important
it would seem that to devote a
little more attention to securing  satisfactory    seed   would
amply repay tlie majority  of
To  the   horticulturist, to  a
greater extent than to the agriculturist, is genuine   reliable
seed    important.     With    the
seeds of many farm crops their
actual value can be determined
several months before planting,
because the question of variety
does not enter to the name extent as in garden crops.    With
the garden crops triteness   to
variety is   paramount importance and   dissappoiritment in
that, regard may mean,  practically the loss of a season's crop,
if the difference be a   late maturing variety for an early one
or vice   versa.   It is therefore
important that growers should
Edf (orally Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
News (mm nil of tho world-Well
writ i un, original. morion—Answer*
lo qtiiTies- Artiolc* on HobIiIi, the
Home, Vow Honltii, and on Work
About the Kami mul Garden.
Tlie Weekly Inter Oeean
Is a member uf tin) AssooIjiM Press,
tho only Western Nowspupor rooolv-
lug theoiillro it'b'irrniiliie news sort*.
Ice nf lho Now York Sun nnd special
cablo of tlio No«' York World -ilnily
reports from nver 21X10 spccinl cor.
respondents throii'-hoiit tlio couutry.
I'he Weekly Inter Oeeun one year
both -m-ii'M lor • 2„*iO.
twenty different places in the
Dominion and were considered
representative of the seeds on
sale. About one hundred of the
packages bought were off seeds
held over from last year. The
most approved method was used in making the tests, two
hundred seeds being used for
each single test and each being
conducted in duplicate. Where
the number of seeds in the
package, would not permit of
be competent and reliable.
While it is true that to secure
genuine garden seeds is a more
important cons deration than
to have seeds thut show a high
vitality, it is evident that a person sowing seeds should know
approximately what per ceut
were likely to grow. In order
to obtain some definite information iu regard to the quality
of our vegetable seeds, tho .Seed
Division of the Department of
Agriculture collected upwards
of live hundred samples and
tasted them for vitality. The
samples \VjBi-e secured at about
this all the seeds were used
The following table gives
summary of tests of a few
the common seeds:
Seed No. Tests Min. Max. Avr.
Onion 27
Lettice 10
Celery 11
Carrot 24
Cauliflower 9
Radish 17
Tomato 18
Cabbage 14
Parsnip 15
Morn'gGlory 5
.Sweet Peas 5
l'ansy 6
12.5 96
27  97.5
40.5 95.3
11.3 03
29   61.5
60  01.3
9,5  75
Department of Agriculture,
Riverside Nurseries
Grand Fork*, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The swift tif success in planting, in, FIH8T—lo secure guml stork, :
SBCONn—lo plmit sh soon as possible after It is iIiik.
Trees obtained from oor oursery eon to planted il
Miilway two days afler tbey are dug.
Price list, and full information promptly w'ven.
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wish.
The school where thorough work is done; where tho rea*
is always given;, where confidence is developed ; where I!"0
KF.Ki'iNi; is taught exactly as books are being kept in busM|
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at
best; where merit is the standard; where the training in GI
.11, Servick, TeM'Ciui'HV, English and Cartooninc wakes'
students, develops their powers and teaches them    howto
successful.   No argument is so eloquent as   the record'
things well done.   No mortgage can corrupt,   no thief
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do.   WW
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done'
others is it better to trust to luck ?   Is it wiser to guess ?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
«09 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash
The Dispatch.
-■-■--■-- - - --.-j..— . ■ ,   ■ :..:., ■:.. -rrj____saix;iit*nu,"e-^*xu-i ■ -.


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