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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-12-08

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I, HO. 21.
$2.00 per Year.
[Below we offer a list of sensible
tristmas Gifts, a class of goods
liph we believe are being appreci-
*d more by the public each year.
fur Collars, in Electric  Seal,   Cooney.
rand bog,  a lovely gift.
)ress Lengths in Serges and Meltons.
French   Flannels,   waist  lengths,   latest
Vstrachan Mitts Gauntlet, in Black and
[id lined Gloves, fur tops,
landkerchiefs, plain and embroidered.
Uppers, Hair Combs, Pocket Books.
A pair of shoes,
A pair of slippers,
Hats, soft,   in high and low crown, Fedora, Coronation and Derby.
Neckties,    Four in hand,   the   newest
Silk Mufflers.
Silk Handkerchiefs, plain and initial.
Gloves and Suspenders.
Increased Ore Shipments.
Granby Mines will Ship over 1 SOO
Tons Daily.
Twenty Five per _ _
5      cent, off m
Boring is month wo will give is M Discount
all Ion's suits and overcoats, and all Boy's and
inns' doing; goods are all marked in plain figures,
Ion take off the discount.
JVlcNicol midway.
Phoknix, Dei'. 3,-Beginning to-
morrow the tti-.uihy mines In this
lamp will send mil. 311 ears nf ore
daily nr iiver 1000 Kins, an increase nf
nver BO |wr rent over the daily tonnage
of the last Heveral months, nnd ih«
next day S2 car* uf nver 1,500 Inns of
nre will Iw shipped and cnntinued every day thei eafi er, accordingly present
The twn h-avy Shay Incnm itives,
one nf which has been working nn
Deadwood hill, will once more handle
the Phoenix nre tralBc, and it will
he all they ran dn to lake care nf  il,
Thii Increase nf nr**shipments is due
to the complet iii|* nf the final arrangement* hy the Oranhy couip my so lhat
all four Maul furnace* two of which
have lieen idle nine. June let. on ac
count of coke shortage and then on
account of power, can lie placed in
commission as well as the two con
All details for transmitting power
from thr falls al Cascade have Dually
lieen carried out, and the current is
now turned on sn that it can lie used
M an auxiliary at the Granhy smeller
in order ihat there may lie no further
trouhle nn account of the shortage of
H. N. (later, assistant manager nf
the Oranhy company, returned a few
days ago from a I rip tn Fernie, where
he was given assurance that the smell,
er shoulil have whatever coke was
Jieeded to np'-rate its works tn t.he ful
li-Bt cap*'iiy. Ai present there are
alaiut 280 men employed hy lhe Granhy conipnny at ils mines, and this
force will of necessity lie augmented
at once hy aliout 21)0 men in order in
hreak down and get nut the increased
innnage of ore, and nl the smeller
pinlmhly 75 nr 101) more men will lie
employed. Latterly a gmVI many men
have l«en arriving in camp and it. is
thought there will nnt lie nny trouhle
in securing all the skilled and common
la lior required.
The Mowing in nf the twn additional
furnaces at the Oranhy smelter means
that all seven furnares in the Bound
ary smelt era are nnw in full lilast,
treating alaiut 2,800 tons of ore from
ihe Boundary mines each 24  hours.
Through the Similkameen
Wm. Blakemore speaks  hopefully of the Prospects of
that Country.
We do not need a "Test"
regard to Advertising as we know from experience that
Idvenising wit Full Values and honest and fresh clean goods
[ill always satisfy every customer, without giving away so
Jailed silver spoons and money 'coupons. Give customers
|ood and honest values for their money is our Motto.
We have received full wool fleeced lined underwear for men
pich we sell at the clcse figure of $2.00 a suit.
AU wool underwear from $2. to $4.50 according to quality
f>f wool.
A full assortment of Ud%hildrenS, Mens and Boys hos-
I'ery and sox.
New consignment of groceries, meats and celebrated Five
|fc%s flour at lowest possible marked prices, without coupons.
Give us a call and lie eonvineed.
The fall of snow last week wis suf
flriently heavy to inipeUe operation*
at the mines in the Boundary having
large open surface workings, For a
few iaya gangs of men were employed
in clearing away the snow until now
things are once again In good shape
for maintaining a large output of ore
from the quarries.
Crow'* Nest Coal Company.
The directors of the Crow's Netf
Coal Company have issued to share
holdeis a circular announcing terms of
ihe new issue of stock. There will-lie
issued $1.11110 (IM or stock at 250 lo
shareholders of record of Noveinlier
18 h. The allotment will he in the
proportion of one share nf new stork
to 2 1-2 of old. The shares are of a
pur value of $25, and will he issued al
$02.50. from which will he realized $2,*
5110.000, to ue used for development
and improvements. This issue will lie
40,1100 shares, and will exhaust the additional 00,000 shares for wbich atippli*
mentary letters patent were secured
some time ago, and will hring the capital stock issued up lo $8,500,000.
Shareholders have up to Decemher 10,
to suhscrihe, and payments will he in
ten monthly payments nf $6.22, begin*
ulng January 12, 1003.
HAIN & CO. M^ffl
AfcUaiMUewitoek of Ml kind, of Rubber Oood. for winter
Bn« wet weather _»e oh hand.
A Piece of Soap is the whole thing when it comes
to a wash up. That is, of course, providing the Soap
is right. It will be just right if you get it here. We
have full and complete assortment of Toilttt and
Bath Soaps. Castile Soaps, Soaps for shampooing and Soaps that will remove the meanest kind of
dirt. It wont cost you anything to look at them and
not much more if you buy, Come in now while the
assortment is large.
->  A. F. Thomas,   ->
l)ru«* and Stationery Midway B. C.
Win. Blak-mure, whn recently re-
turned from a <rip through lln* Sienil-
knnn-en, speaks mnsi hopefully nf the
prospects of that, section of country
for I he ensuing year, says the Nelson
N'Wa. He states lhat on Myeis creek,
ten tulles from Midv ay, there are I wo
large gangs of men at. work on a large
rock cut, which will piuluilily keep
them laisr all winter and next spring
This rock cut is the only ditB 'lilt piece
f work on the right of way for forty
miles frnm Midway westward. On
good authority he was informed thai
these men are at w.irk fnr th-* V. V. k
E. and the cut. when completed will
remove the only obstacle left iu Ihe
way of having the rails laid during
the coming summer from Midway to
Oroville, at. Ihe foot of Osoyoos lake.
From Oroville it, is proposed In enter
Ihe valley of the Siniilkameen. At
Princeton shorlly hefore Mr. Blake-
ninre's visit, two surveyors had 1-It
thereto do some work fo the new
railway in >he direction of the summit hetween Roche and Skagit rivers.
Owing lo the depth of snow this work
had to he nhandoned and they turned
hack. One nf them reached Princeton
safely hut tbe other, Mr. lingers, had
nnt arrived when he left, and fears
were entertained fnr his safely. He
had sep,riled from his companion
an.l taken a short, cut which was not
considered safe.
Mr. Blakemore said there is much
activity in the Siinilkauieen, much
more than at any previous lime in its
history. This is due mainly tn the
starting up of the extensive milling
and smell ing works at Hedley City,
at the mouth uf Twenty-Mile creek.
"Here is situated." said Mr. Blakemore, "one of the most reuiarkahle
uiioaa ot t I.m u.nint.1 y. the Nickte Plate,
la-longing to the late Marcne Daly,
and managed hy N. K. Bogera. who
resides at. the mine. For the past
three years development work has
lieen quiet ly carried ou al the proper
ty and it is now estimated that ihere
is one million d 'liars worth of ore on
the dump. The nre is extremely rich
in gold and copper, some of itpheiiom
enally so, tl iiccu"s in arsenical iron,
nnd the mode of treatment is somewhat difficult. Only part, nf the values can l>e extracted hy milling, yet
this cnurse nf treatment has I'eeu
decided upon. At the lime nf tny visit I saw a pin tion nf the machinery
for n forty stamp uiill placed on the
ground, shipped from the Jenckes
Machine Company, Sherhrooke, Quebec. The intention of the manager is
to stamp out the gnld and treat the
tailings subsequently. As soon as the
stump mill is erected the erection of a
smelter will he proceeded with. As he
haa unlimited capital la-hind him it is
my I .lief lhat hefore two or three
yean are passed lhat the Nickel Plate
will prove to he one of the most important mines in lhe weet. Hedley City,
although Iniilt on piles nt the mouth
of lhe creek, is already a husy place,
and nuim runs huildings are in ciurse
of construction, Unfoi iinatelv, owing to the fact that an Indian reserve
covers all available land suitable for
a townsile in the valley, no other site
eould be secured.
My trip was extended beyond the
Siinilkauieen valley and up the Tulameen some twenty miles to Otter
Flats, where I insticcled a number of
coal and mineral claims. 1 here is alsn
consideralile activity in the Nicola
valley, coal prospecting being curried
on extensively in anticipation iif the
C. P. R. building down Ihe vallty at
an early date,
"My last stop hefoie returning was
at Trout creek, where the Ashnola
Smelter company is prospecting fnr
coal. Here there is nn excellent seam
of coal four feel thick, hut iiis not iu
place and a lunnel is being driven to
cut it. I expect to hear shortly lhat
this has lieen successfully accomplished. I regard tliis as the natural
source of supply from the Okanagan
■'It is likely lhat the enormous Ellis
ranch, including nearly fifty square
miles of country, will be divided up
shortly, This mat tec is heing handled
by Leslie Hill formerly of Nelson.
8'. Louis to receive the alotiuenl.
The Doniinion will not nulv have a
pecial pavilion of its own, but will alii be represent e.l in ih" principal department-. The exhibits fnun Cun*
da will he representative of agriculture, horticulture, mines and miner-
iii, forestry, live stock ami iiillitufai-
m. 'S, Cmadi's pavilion will be a
rendezvous, for Cm Julian visitors, mid
will be tastefully decorated with trophies made up of fruits, cereals and
trasses. While in S . Uhiis Couiniis
sinner Hutchinson conferred with
President Francis an I ol her officials
of Ihe Exposition. He will now make
estimated of the spice required in Ihe
exhibit buildings. The Coininlssioiier
has available for his purpose about
$125.1101, and he has also the machinery
nf an established and permanent ex*
posilion bureau whieh forms apart of
the department   of agriculture.
Will Start Another Newspaper.
TOIIONTO, Dec. l.-Mr. .1. S. Willi*
son, who last, week resigned the managing editorship of Ihe Globe, has
made the fo!lowing statement,
"My resolution to leave the Globe
isdue lo adeterinalion In enter independent journalism My relations
with the Globe ilmiug the term of my
editorship, have been agreeable and
harmonious, so far as I know, and I
leave tbe paper nn the best of terms
with the hoard and stall. In entering
the Held of imiep ndeiit journalism, I
will lie associated with Mr. .1 VV. Fia*
velle, He will supply th-capital, and
all lhe capital for the new venture.
No money will cume fr un any other
source. It, is a distinct, and clearly expressed und •rst.iuiling that the piper
to be established nr acquired, shall not
he th>* organ if n p.ilhi-il party, or of
any orgiiiii"! in ece-n. a nl shall he
absolutely in l-pend-Mit of all business
and corporal ion  enterprises"
Mr. J. W. Fhi*ellei«oue of Toronto's bin capitalist. H" is said lo be
ready lo po half a million dollars in
to ihe paper, whioh will be absolutely
independent of alf poliii al parties, but
will t»r c.n>dnei*-l »•» t.*^rf*t* it »»f hnwli.--
IjtyJ.o any parly. As abovestated.it
will lie absolutely independent of all
business and corporate eiitei prises
nor will it be lhe orgjin of auy individual or group of individil ils.
 » • .-	
Is Supplying Power.
Grind korks, B. (-„ Dec. 2.--The
Cascade Power companv, which has
developed 3000 horse power on Kef le
river at Cisc id-, 12 mil's easl of this
city, began supplying power to the
Granhy smelter tiaiay. The eleciricjil
power is transmitted over a pole line
to this city.
Later electricity will be supplied to
the Snowshoe and Granhy mines at
Phoenix for the purpose of running
thn air drill-and operating the hoists
aud ore crushers.
The Granby company has contracted to use a maximum nf 12110 horsepower from the Cascade Company.
This will supplement the 120(1 horse-
|Miwer already developed here by the
Granhy company.
The power iransmiited from Cascade is lieing utilized to operating the
hiiqiielliiiK plant and   the conveners.
Two furnaces are now in op 'ration.
Another furnace will be blown in tomorrow and th" foorib furnace on
Friday. This will increase lhe capacity Ip 1300 Ions dally!
The Cascade plant is running suioth*
Canada's Share In the World's  Pair,
President Francis has assigned to Can
ada a commanding site fur its building
at the World's Fair, St. Louis. It, «ill
he nenr the administration building
and near one of the main entrances.
Mr, William Hutchinson, the Canadian Commissioner, accompanied liy H.
,W. Hay, chief decorator and superintendent of installation   huve been in
Promising Outlook for B.  C. Mines.
The British Coliiniliia Government
has issue-.il a report, uii ihe milling
situation, which shows a promising
outlook for the Ilritish Columbia
The production of the copper-gold
dis' rictsof the Boundary III d Rnssiand,
will largely exceed that of last year.
New discoveries of ore have been made
-n lhe L • Roi. Velvet and Giant Mines,
and the profits from their operation
ate increasing. The three smelters
in tlie Boundary are increasin g their
At the (irailby sme|t"l' large consignments nf ore form Republic, Wash.
are being treated. The silver-lead districts of Slocan show great activity
owing to tin- In isk demand for zinc in
oi-e-f hitherto valueless in ihe United
In the Siinilkauieen  the outlook i
very hrixht. for coal and  metalliferous
mines, and several large transactions
have taken place.
From Cariboo the richest find in one
pan of dirt, $2f*0, has been reported,
although lhe total output from that
district has not increased,
. Ai lin has produced this year about
The estimated general output of this
province has increased from twenty
to twenty Hve percnit, over lhat of
last year, Q. M. OltOUSK Wltor nml Proprietor
I'llblialiod wockly at Midway, It. C.
Snlwcrlpliriii price, $2 IK) por iiiimiin, paynblo
hi advaiioO, cither yc.irly or half yearly at the
option of the subscriber.
Advertising rales soul on application.
MONDAY",   DECEMBER 8. 1(102.
Everything imitates that 1. ll wjJJ
bo a banner four for subsidy hunters.
At the annual meetingnf lhe Region
District, Grain Growers' association
held at ReginaN ,v"M Mr, WalterSci.lt
M. P., referring lo the gralii bio-knde
Baidi "Tiie chief reason of tlie sful- of
llffall. was the lii'-k of facilities on the
part of the railway, both as regard*
cars and nun ing powei, tt was difficult to fnrm i-iiti'sin-g-'stiiinsin r. iii-cly
Hlioll astaln of atf iir , as, after it 11, il
rested almost completely in the hands
of the stockluil'dei- of the C. P. R".
Tlie C.P.li with all their resoiirce*
Were evidently unt prepared in ffirilisll
ndeqiiale I, aiispor ation fm the im
•iiin-e crips of grain harvested in
Mjinitoba uud the North W'-t this
year anil last; unusual ileininils. *carce
ly to be anticipjileil, have been uiarii
Upon them for tolliiig.i'ock lii all part
iiftheirgrn.it sy-aein. lint tii i pisi
history proves that Ihey wiil uieei
evr'i-y requiiini'iit. Perhaps wlie
Ibey juv-s lived the piobfein', il wil
hetoiuid that soiieof the many tran-
c uitini'iital lines lately projected, wi!
uot be icquiied,
Mr. Deals Minphy, Provincial 8-
retary and Minsler nf Education in
Premier Pi tor's Cabinet has resigned
Why he torik this step weil-ht'itkno.
but it is very likely he «as tired an.
sick of tli» whole business. Then
must he a number of British Ctiluiiiiiiti
legislators, who, in irfiei tive miuneiils
have come lo the conclusion lhat ih
positions ihey occupy ace licit It
pleasant nur desirable. They must
know lhat th'-ir constituents ure weary
of the constant cluing, s, the instability
of government that has done so milch
injury to the province at, a time when
It great wave of prosper!:y is sweep
ing over lhe n-st if the nriiiiininli.
The present legislature contains main
Capable in-1,, 1 .iit iiiil'iiriunntly they
at"!divided,jnto factions', and in Ihi*
respect, atfaiis seem to be going fnun
bad to worse.   It is generally cpiic'edeii
that a division into party lilies,  if nil
beied to, uuild toMiiiiecxtetitreiueih
tliis evil.   If thi.iliMs inl, lake place,
it Would le jrtHld p licy f,„ tlie people
like so many Individual ('rnnnv. lis lo
their voesat the earliest oppoinihil'}
lo get  rid of th- ui-in iers'iif  th
pie-ent Provincial Parliament, or   a
IcJist   those   i\ho   have   been  chief \
conspicii-iiis fm-   their coinbativeii ss
iu the legislative hall- and   elseu her. .
Since   ibe   g-iieial    elecllfill   in  1 3K.
political aitiiis have been iri'ttcilaolic
scale!   HjuI tiieineiiih, rs of ilfeSt'eiiilin
governnient .'agreed    anxnugst   ill in
selvis mid cxeri niri i veil ii  moderati
degt'ee   of    political    siluMcity,    tliey
mfghi have .liucureil a slrniig follow
iog both   in    the house ami  in   tlie
Criiutiy.     The people   We,v   tired ol
Titrnerisiu. anil wanted a change, no
tu rely a. change iu the pli|.onn.| „f
the   Execnive,     which    in   its If  is
uiiinporlitiii in ihe connlry  al' liugp.
bnt.it change in iiift.li.,ils. iu ihe man
ag'ineni   of  public  affairs.      All lbe
eli nge tbat  took place   was  a   littl,
tinkering   here,   anil a  li tie chekp
ecnii inv   ihere,   an I   it   would  h
be-n hnttei if they hid   left,  things as
tlvy foniil tli'iu.     One nf   the first
die ies of i .lev   a I oi listr.i'i.i i   in    hi
look after its friends, the   people who
p.ii ilieiil i.i iilFiue,     A successful guy.
eillillHUI mist, do tliis.    The ijiil servants with Heir friends and tela! ions nf
n former regime quite naturally were
against, them.    While a   clean   sweep
of the employees nf their opponents,
tne former government, is not always
iledraV.., it is preferable to the  retention a id prom ition in  office through
successive   administrations,   of   ,,„.„
who baie grown  atronniic, the inevitable re-ult of long teems of office
in every country.       Anew   body of
civil servants lately frnm the people,
ure in sympathy wilh  and know th"
requiiem oils of tliivr former n-so-i it es
nud   what  is  moie  important, give
strength   to the   administration   of
the day,  and   anything,  ihnt   would
give s'een,'th t,  a  British   Colunihia
administration is  worthy  of serious
I'olisiileiHii ni.     Tiie Semlin   govern
ment  referred   lo  above,   though   it
failed  to    gensp   the    opportunities
presented to it, and to realize lhe ex
peelatinns   if  its  s'lppnt'ini's,   hid   a
very close second iu the lutp iiiilinitMit-
ed Dunsmuii' iidtniuisf. atiuu.
Wjs   (        DEPOT
ftazillBS  f TH0MAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades land pat*
terns uf Wall Paper now In
Seventh  Street, Midway.
■^then M
That, a change in the personnel of
those who administer the people's af
fails is wholesome ami beneficial
is well iiiust rated in the
management of the Post Oflice department sime the advent of the Liberal
party to power a litlle over six years
In 1806, the Hon. Genre-e R, Foster
then Minister of Fuiit.ce in bis hedget
Lech  iu  parliament said; "In  the'
ni.tollicr we have an increased estimate of $210,780, which is n large in
urease. The deiiiand.s for the opening
up of new lines, uud   for  greater fi*e-
piencv and thoroughness iu the deliv-
rv jitul ilcspateh of mails, are cnnt.in-
• i =, 11 v pressiusf upon the Post. OfHcte
Departmeni, and a huge expendi'nl-
lias iiecesr-aiHy to lie itieile if we are to
veep al all even wlih the requirement*
f lhe limes, which we are bound lo
do. There N now a deficit of sune-
.i hete ll ar *NHI lUl.jir-t ween the lotal
ereiplsand total expeiidituns of out'
po-tuHiee senii.e; mid this, I fear.
makes   the    time    sniirc.ihal ilistan
alien what otherwise li ight be f.iiily
isk'ed for can lie ghnil.il—Ihal is, a
r< iluction upon the rales of postage iu
tliis country. Cnnsideiii'g tlie large
extent of country,   the  spnrseness lof
he population and the great  expense
ec s-arl\ imposid for cmrying let
nrs ami papers iu inr i.orlhuest ami
in olher parts of llie count,)', there is
no uoiiht that the carnage uf Irliei..
nenspaileis and parcels in this country
s cheaper, for the population, lime
you would prohahly Hnd in any othi r
> oiiutrv in (he-world."
Sir Wm. iMiilock in an address re
cenlly delivered before the Alulocl.
Club, Toronto, sa.I: "When in Ifcltji i
ipp'ied to prirliameiit for authority
oieduce lhe piwtage, I [minted nm
that the immediate result would he n
loss of revenue, I ri! t hat the n duel inu
would lead to an iiu reined u-e of lhc
postollice, ..nil thai in about three
veins Ibe department would have
fully recovered its lost revenue.   The
oiitidnessof the view .vas challi nged
by our opponents on the Hour of tin
Mouse, as it linn been previously, Imt
ne had no t'aiiii in tlu ir views, mid at
i he couimei .cement of 1801) reduced th,
linulish rale Irom five to   two rent,.,
nd tin- diui.es' ic rate iu Cninula ami
h.rriH I'l-OMi   Cuinrilrt     I,,   the     | 7i, i t., f |
States to two cents; There reduu
■loos, unl.w accompanied I.y a largi
cosiness, would doubtless have uivolv
il a loss of leyeiiueof ju'i'iil one mil
am dollars a year, whi, ll. added lo
lie annual-shortage of about eiglit
uiiudied thousand dollais, wood have
i > suited in a shortage i f about lighten      hundred     thousand     dollars
.1 \Bal-.
A few w.eeks aft"r these reductions
went into operation we had a bye
election iu West Huron, and Sir
l.'ll tries-j'_up|ier  and   nther    uf   his
|iea_e s addressing the electors assailed uie for these ii duel inns, declaring
hat w hi;st,'hey w lipid benelit the
m innfactiirers, bankers ami rich
people generally, they meant un ad
iiii ion of a million of dollars a year to
the didli it of I lie depart ment, -vhicti
would have Iii he paid by the fanner*,
he woikiugni.in and Ihe poor people
if the country,   During the last three
years, add Up to  this  muiienl,
contention has lieen veiy inntinuotis-
.y ailvanced liy our upiKiueote.    • |
For three jeiit. it; was to them h'
powerful campaign argument ngalnsi
us, 1 have-waiiui- patiently ihese
three yeai:s to make my reply, nnd I
now prnpn.'e lo make it. and perltap.
wlien I do so you will think ine *yar
r,nited in indulging iu a litlle proph-
esying; ni least I wiil risk it. and -ay
Imt i.ev. r agif'n after iMiigbt will our
opp.uiciis c.i.iciai' our atkhltti of the
reilnntinu if p.titrlge Ift the pj* pie.
iVly answer n til-ir years of at link is
thai, iiotliwitlist.ai dit g our having
cheapened the rut" of p stage Irt the
peo| la, llnll iu-.tu.til of having <n in ply
to |iaiii.iuien,iis was iiecesacy inlHlio
for a v iie of^/dl.mjihnii ,.f the luxe*
of 'he pe rple. wm civith ti pay the
dillcieuey nf ibe department of that
year-, we mivefu. the  fi.-,al year jusi
Why you should huy
BRCAUKE it is the best ipn.liiy
BECAUSE it is most lasting chew
BKCAUSK if. is Wiajtegest, high grade
10 or 25.. plug
BECAUSE tin' tsgkr are valnahli for
piouiluinsunlll J 1.1, ipog.
BBCAUSEymi" dealer is uthorlzed
lo refund ymir nonev If
jTim ariMioi siitisited.
closed, not a deficit of a dollar, but
for Ihe first lime in the history of the
country'a surplus—not. a large nne,
Inl still a surplus— of over $5,001). In
view of Ihis result perhaps yon will
think me just id, d. then, in prophesying thai tonight ends the attacks of
our opponents upon us for having
Cheapened the intes of postage to
every citizen iu Canada.
Certificate   of   Improvement*
VVAtiSH_tk> CoNsotiDATKn FbactIon/il
Minkiiai. Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Hlnlhg Division
of Tale District.  Where located : Camp
TAKK NOTICK Hint I. Knrbcs M. Kerb)-, its
agent for Tho Waterloo ('niisnliilmeil
Milling and MlllliiK Company, free miners
cft'itlcale No. B41818 Intend, sixty tl.iys
from the date hereof, to nmily to the Mlnliift
Uomrilei'fora Certificate of Improvements, tor
the purpose of obtaining a Crown (limit of lhe
abovo elaim.
And further take notice thai aotion. under
Kwllnn 37, nitist lie commenced boforo the
issuance nf such Certificate of Iiiiprovenioiio
Hated this:(7thday sfKiptciiiber. ISU2.
lie nmilKS M. KKI1IIV.
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Figs, Sow*
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry. Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
\%..miles from  Midway.
Dispatch office.
A familiar inline for tlie Chicago,
Milwaukee k St. I'a.il Rnilwny.knowfl
I* over (lie Union as the Gnal Hull
way ruptiingrhe "1-lONKEIt l.mi'l'KB
ti'itins evei y Uny and bight bt'tw n'Ot,
tlilfind Cliicago, and Oiimlta and
ieago, "The only perfect ti'iins in
the world," UiideiKland : Connec
tions ai. .made with ALL Trait, ton
tfiie'tllitrcines, assiirlngto passenge..
the best service known. I.iixinious
coaches, (ilecliiij ligl«l, «te»m hetit. of
a verity equaled hy no other line.
See that ywtr ticket reads via ."The
Milwaukee" When going to any point
in i(le Uniieif SjratW or|Ca»wH.f All
li, kel agentsieli t^eii. h fi     it
Fnr rates j^Mpl|M.s 6^.efa)ei infor
million, aildjfes* i 1/1
B. L. Fiibd'. ,' U.S. Ui'WK,     ...
Trav. l'nss. Agt. (lencrnl Ageiif,
, st^cpa      T
PrlnllnK  Wtl«M
■% ■ • ;■     n«clibi.»
Haul DaUngJM
-muttt' ►***-•
iubber Tvp«
'Vri'iitlnf Pt***t(
- Etc.. Ite
Scientific nmtm.
A tiMiitinmelr lllnttisled weeklr.   Ij,i_mu cit
riiiiuoii or »n. MHenuoe (tmhuL VmStfei
ttg&toPFW**!*!* ****S\m$miE£
;',;;. ,,_T....ja ..,^., ->..,»,;
St. Paul, Duluth, riinnespolls, Chicagi
AND POINTS KA»T» e . ,(•-■
Thmuitli Piilnru and Tourist .leAnirs* ^ '
IHniiiK and^MIV't Wanking Lreraif ckm
I>pr Kales,-Sfelfoi. anil Kull Inforninlion
callon nraiiiiri's-,
H. BI.ANHT, V. P.kT. A..
;-lll W. HivernideAveniV,
V Uffi9 Iff tiiti^.; ,\t Asi j
A. B. c: ■riENN-SfflW.... AV. P. A.',
.SKVfti.lj, Wa. ii
i ■fii".n
■  .SKvrn.u, Wa. ii
Bi.ii: Bki.j. Minkiiai, Claim.
Situate In the'Osoyoos Minion Division of
Yale District.. Where Located :-Kru-
- ger Mountain*. . .. ».
TAKK NOTICK tlinl I. Charles .le lllol-
Oreeir. as m*eiit for OcontoQ. Powell, free
Ulincrs rjortlllu.itc No. itlnn'.r. aril Inr HJhii
mjnoia^orllflcato No. ■
to tlio
hO llr
a CrnwPOriii
CarryHig His Jlajesty's Hails
Will leave MII)WAY«|.Tuestlays, T|U1IS.
tlavs anil Saturdays, at 8.f||j|( mjK^rrivino. at
Returning will leave C AMcKINNKV
iSiihttyys,  VVeilnesdiiys andWicIays at 9 a.
rwicivHig MIDWAY ;tt J.30 p, iin.tsulci makin
"Action with tlie train gntttjj east at 2:05 o'clock.
s con-
The b««t •! aocommodatlon for
the convenlanoe ef tho
travelling public.
Ilaadquarters for Railroad
Mining aod Cowrei.l
m^^mm_m^m_m_n*T*mmwlM92oW*%'-'r, ■•*•
First Class Livery Stable in Connection uilh
J  f I    i
Vt\zx^ W^LL, Prop,
^wh\^'h'^ ^_....
CARRIAGE AND SIGN PAINTING.   Weiap-iriljan. Sunriries
ig. grainier fnr * l**-ilt»l,-
"It jj-
Antl fnrih. •'^je'iiotitj. ~timfmttjon. uiXr
mat Inn 37, nun>t Uk fiainnicniiMl before tholwiu-
sneo of sueli ortitlcaU) of improvements,
Dntod thin JKti itay cf July, 10K.
h (;. DUB, GltKKN,
The Canadian Baok of Commeree
With Whioh is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
r r f..-y
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.
RESr, $2,000,000.
B. E. WALKER, Gen. Hgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel Is centrally located .nd is n stopping- place for stage
lines.   Good stabling- on the premises.
Oftly tKe choicest brands of Wirxes, Liquors,
ar\d Gfgars af tKe fear
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
(if Work Executed to the SatisflictiOD of Customers
A new building, well furnished. Every-
thingfupw and iirst-claSs.: .* ®fa the choicest Wines, Liquors and GgaVkept in
stock. Every ponvjpiena,furnished the
traveling publief    Brfs nieei^ll'tr.ii
, K'Tliy, P. le. S., in »ii'v«yiii(*
luiini'i'.il claims in Out'nl imtr|>
MfUtuI, nftllH   iHgil   lll'lll   III
| k Brown, Green « nuii, wn» in
kHV lust »i'*k.
Pv.K''niii-r superintendent nf thi'
io, (lamp MiKiuSmJ1, i-tiiiiirtl
biiiwluy from ii trip to Spokane.
mid Mrs. Hint, of AltonMl.
hnve been viHitiiiK their stitinjm
titer. Kiilph S. Koot and Mil. A
|||*, returned   hume  on Wedljjr
J mid Mrs, .Ins. II. Hush r
Ititt'l'iy from iitfiidiuit ilie
hup MiKinifv, whicli tvas Im'IiI
Ll lown the previous evening, A
I'oiowd wim prist in him! mi enjoy-
ihiii' spent.
IStriiu*. Ipu idoved unt near the
llll, where lie   will   huve chnrgi)
.'•tiill luisiii".« during  the  win-
■tt   the   aliseiK'e  of VV.  I'owers,
iiperaliuiis at Snieliei' lnke will
'him ni lie nimeiit from   Mill
Igieitter purl of lhe tune,
MegrnW, Mining  Kecnulel'at
Ptdell, i." stuying a  few  dnys in
lay.   Mi. Megrnw   will spend a
ruder ut (.amp McKinney, whei„
niiineruiis   iiitniiiK   iiiieiesis.
Ig In tin-  non cmiiplelion  of t lulu ru i.i up the West   Pork theii'
nllir-ieni business doing to jus*
Hi. Mryuiw putt iug  iu the win*
I that ir-olilted place.
Jplitue k Vo. the owners of Ihe
Ilill at Smeller lake, have con-
10 haVM live million feel ofln^s
|ur them un the ninth fork of
river during the coming
K. Li Siei'ves, of Midway
get Ullt alKlUt IWO lllilllrill
Otheis who have signed ciii-
with ilu) firm are Dave Kv.ni*,
■ •(III i!Ut800,000 feet, and II. Ilill,
Hperts to cm. 1UMM) feel. The
Hiring iipi'ialiolls M't'l (iv* flu-
lucut to a large niiiul'er of men.
■ilium Given and Sanilfui.l Dixnti,
■Wi'ii' iinesi ,-d lir-ie Ur,t Friday
l&A, mi a c.li.irgi' uf lul^hg kil.i'd
lin exeeet uf the iiiiuiw-r allowed
gain ' I'liitr-ciinn Ail, 181)6,aud
Iflrlmg Arts, were lu<<iiglii before
lligisliate Mallet I S.itur-
ng und, uu the uppliua*
nf tin* prusecution, were
kiulnl fur (light il iys, lu give lime
Priiviiici.il 0 ru-tiiilr- ( uuiiiiigluini
It up the ill U.i    Ketlle   river   to
Ini.  evidence   nud'-i-tond tu   he
I'riiil"   there   in   support   of   the
JhiiiiuOiiM^s, hew iweited h#re
i.strike of grind ure has  heen
in ill-. Oaiil,ni MiKiniiev coin
-I Jiriliuo inuie, at I'imp MlKiji-
nl the four  iiuudreil   foul   level,
llei.iuf.ire newly all  tin* pay
|l moid 1.4- l»-.-ii  tr,   the eiKlwnrd,
. lu  Ihe   Wist   hiving   given  lull
-tvsults.   Lately, I hough, the head
hnss   |K'r»i«t.d   in tlnvek-pmeiii
|k west, *ii|, gr it if yiug eventual
Th" (liiriUm company has de-
i'ii a dividend <>f 2 12 per cent. *n-
, payitile on December loth.   Up
preoi'iil tb.1 C iui,imy In* piid
livilenrls  $»:M, W7,  and  the  divi*
ll imw inin.rtiiiced  nf Ktll.'iVI, the
\l will  amount  Ul   ltf_N.ll.;.
' U. 0. (!.,p,,er company Is tliiv
manufactured    in    Spnkini'   a
elevator fur One at. lb* smeller
ireenwood, The elevalur will Ihi
wl wilh a series  of   bucket*  that
receive the   full   flow   of   water
I sIiik and Mne It a height of ISOfcct.
will allow   nf Ihe dump lieing
Ml up level  wiih the furnace floor
will, it is estimated, |i,riiyide fnr
1 expeditious and economical distil uf'itw nb**g'ft**inr twn • Mmnr. •
two nr  I hive   years,   hy   whieh
It is  likely   the   uuiip.iuy   will
t'Jii't in a trraiwajf-'wiih rats anil
Jtn*ll  locomotive or electric motor
uitndlinj* thu slag.    Tin
"Id Im- received   ut   the   smelling
|rU hy the   middle Of   DiCenilOr,
10 in  npi-raiion   Ihree   or   fuur
a afler - arrival  Oil   t he   ground.
1 ihe annual meeting nf the Ureen
"I Irilreral Assnciiitinu, held last
I'li'itri iy night, tbe fullo,v„ng officers
■• '''liiuuitl.ee weie elected foi the ell
1 _ VMW*>tWiiWMrt ;,r. h. Ilrown;
r" I'lesiilentiGhia VV Wilsons Sec
I'tiii'lli MuKj-ime; (' mit'.ec; A, A,
Kstiiu,   W.«8.   Oi.him,   Angus
BhuUrtri,   Duncan   lluss,    S.  Barry
I'11'«i.| I),., gimiuons,     After run-
',,,<*ini'<ii|jh)«|-|iti,||ilis*iiei| of Mr.
I1" »'NiiducM'lie mll.Jeet ut   ■ suh
I","1'" nillwiiys ii'glng thai the a*
'''"'i"ntiiiuunieate wiih oilier Li
'"Watlntisln the Province with
f tew tu secure a joint reininineudii-
'ln the Duuilniuii and  Pi'iivlncjfl
.''lnil"'nl8lne|Tecl,lhat nnsulisiilies,
•'"''i' in Imul nur In rush, he granted
rsntis  or couipiinii's seeking
of   this nature towanls
'ni'strucilon   of new railways
BABY'S own In syrup
A new remedy for babies and
young children
The i reliable (sough syrup
A perfect emulsion
£f castor oil, wfljf all
the excellent qualit
ies of th|e oil unini
puired, and the unpleasant taste entirely  removed.
fl* F. JKomas,       Druggist,      ffidWay
Ijdltorally   Fearless.
Comistently Republican.
S'ewH (mm nil of lho world-Well
written, original MorlosvAnswers
In i|iu-riiw- AritelcK „i, Umiih, Uh,
Hume, New Hooks, nnd on Work
Almut Ihu Kkihi nml (iiirtlet*.
The Weekly Inter Ocean
Inn inoliilHjrirf ll.rr AsswUtcd I'naw,
ilm only Westorn lifowspapor rooolv*
inK theonllru Iclcijniphlc news scrv
Ice of Hie Now York Sun mul special
eiitiiuof tho Now York World-dally
reprrts from over 2000 speeinl cor-
reaponqiints throughout tho connlry.
YEAR 0N[   DO, A
SuiiM-rllM' for THR DISPATCH und
The Wiu-kly Inter Ocean on,, year,
IkiIIi |ut|i,-n. for 9'2.T,n,
Tliere is nnly
anil i luu i- tr
your liusines-,
si-.ituitly, so thnrouvhly
ple'-j lieails that if Ihey iv
sleep tllt'V would ('1111-
tlieirlii'uils to ynur slnrr
paper is ymir liest frienil
your erltii'lsin. It help*
ynur lomiiitiiiity. wliieh
When ih" day oilmen when I he news'-
|iu|.'rs aie ili'uil Ihe |ieiiple ure nenr
the edge tt lhe grtve, with nut one lo
Write their (pitiiph.-Jnhn Wnnii-
ine w iy in advertise,
In ler your name,
L'Oii'tnnily. hu per-
into tiie |en-
. ilk In their
•ninllv turn
e. The news-
iii spite nf
'n li nlid np
supports you.
The Mormon Temple.
The Mormon temple at Salt
I-ike(Jilyta n» dou'it the most suh
slant Ial and well constructed religious
edifice in the United States, if not in
the world. (Joinerutone laid April 6.
I**, cap stone April 6, 18D2 and dedicated Api il 6. ISM, over fnrty yearn of
constant Inhor heing consumed in lis
construction. This magnificent structure a*l feet lutii*, UK) ftct Wide is Imiil
entirely of Utah white Kirnite, lienuti
fully carved, syniliolic of the Mpriunn
faith, surlnounted hy six hiwi-n, the
hiKhesl Iieing2jl| feet from th. griund
sitpporlint? » h.run/.e statue of ihe ntig
el Maroni. The cust of this lutililing
isahniitfO,(i:*),no). There are m-iny
nther all ractiuns at Salt Lake City of
inteiest tn Ihe traveler nr toiuisi.
where a day cut lie well spent. The
KinlJrande is the nnly Trans-conti
neiitil mute pnssinn directly thrnuKh
Salt l^ike City, where a stop-over is
allowed nn all classes uf tickets. The
service nf the Hin Urnnde lines is unexcelled. Three t'ains daily hetween
Ogdett'and Denver, carrying all clas
bpj nfnindern equipment. If ynu are
cnnleuiplatitig a trip in the East,
writ*! the underslxned for information
legardltiu rules via lhe "scenic line of
the wnrldi" \V. c. McBride, General
Agent', M. .1. II ,ehe, Traveliii-t Pj,»
setiger Agent, 121 Third St., Purtlaud,
Ol'I'lfOll. .-    r :•:     .'■    -
By (Jharhn ll»wi Kkaalry.
lie ..
m, sp I nit. Btinil Mnslbrl
nip li s fnr nwnyi
I cross   tic li-uiiucl valley
tile clnNV tu' uny.
I tfltt entile upon me
. i-lfire
Wnnmlon fnrtlwr cniisiileriillun
(niili.,*. wn, deferred   until tin
—1-».««.,   I   ,
in L0ST
I'tlOrtr,,,,,,,^,,^    m^
1 '*l>e|ny..h'0j„ :tld.iys,d
W  Hiiley a„d
'" ll*l"'sli-n..(l.
'' "'"•ruing the sani" tn
A. Ilurridge,
Midway, 11. 0,
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain .Free.—No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In mder to have Dr. Arnnld's Eug-
li-h Tnxin Pills placed in the hands nf
all persons Buffering from had health
we make the fnlluwiug most liheral
olfer :-
If j.in will send ns ynnr mm* and
address and agree lo sell for u< twelve
!>o*rs nf Dr. Arnold'* Ritiflish Toxin
I'ills nt, i'r-. per hox, wc will nlve you
absolutely Kree a beautiful Watch
aid Chalii in either Ladies or Uerits
s'e/.o, or your choice of twenty other
premiums such as Hue setsnf JeweM,
elevator "'"«"• vi"lills' M""'*"1'"-** 'r';;1 s,"s*
' Snteen Skirls. Cameras    Keinign-
her we don't want any money until
ufler ymi selillie I'ills aud ynu don't
huve in sell ntiV mui"• thnn 1*2 lioxes to
gqt tiie piviniums, This ii^i Imna Hde
iitfer from a r.'liiilili" concern that has
Kiveii thotisnnds of dnlliirs wurth of
pri'ininnis to ,i(*"iits all over the country, Keltic nil"'!' »Mo thut Dr- Arunld's
KuKlish Tnxin I'ills are a well known
remedv for all disease-* of the kidneys
aod hli'ulilcr, Brill's iliseii-e. tlinlict. s.
iheunialisin,  n-rvnus   ii<.ii'»I**h.   and
f nle cuiiipl tints, uml are tor sale hy
all Hrst class druggists and dealers in
nil pills nf lhe wnrld. YnllhaveO'lly
tn show I hem i" sell them, Ymi are
nntiilfering something thnl Mte people
dmi'i know. Ilur wntclliw nre the
regular smndiird sl/.e for Ladies or
(ientlemeil in Nl kel or (inn Mi'tnl
l«ses with hands uil« illuiniiiaieil lllsli
ml reliahle tiinekee|u'is, wulches
such as nn lady ""■.ent lent in nerd "'
iishamcd to ciirrv, and Ihey «'l» ™
sent alts Inlely Free tn all wlin se
onlv I wel ie linxes of lho*'' wonderful
Tnxin Pills.   Wnte at oi nnd 1*1 he
Jlrsl.il. vnur luralily tn -Af" Arte nf
iiin-ehoanllful watches and chain,   As
 , as wc receive your letter nr pnst
eard we will send post paid I we re
huxes, tngctlii'f with our I liistmle.
n t.iiln'aitliHnillieailtlfnllVriiln-i'eflt'iU'il
.villi x 'Ill uihulilrcssonasntii'
iuii linVlwd aiwiiii-.   Bent lit* tlrtrtd that
V,,u will ,,o. lie Jiskeilto sell unvnior,
j|llM ilur |] linxes noil xve don t want
anv money until iiftof V""
them.    Wel rail  lie cxpeirso
nre only maklnK thisiilrrii
niclhoil   of nlverlisiint
Uni'lish Inteln  PH.
•'o*V   till-   lllllllll
"ii tell ,i,m n.<
ic Iiii tu of ilie .'Ijiiilo'v-lnijitcr,
.Villi   M.illiS   tile   IllirlllU'llt   SHOW.
0 till'   CCllI   IlcccilllrW   llCJIVCII
'nine Jii- pjilc tiiirnn mul Die sisnw
-   till    ,J,-l O.-    fit.ll   XX.l*   Slllllllltf
".cliiiul  ,|jt* iniriil*' liars.
Ilie allow  wns ilerply ilrifteil
I'lsiii ihi- rhltfcs ilnar.
lint Ijii   ior miles iirollllil inc.
Ami the cjiiii|,m lor wlt'ch we stroff.
"I'v.Jis sliciii on tiie Wll-lle,
.'...it   liy   tile   Holc!..l.   XXUU'l,
" -olll.il of life or liiftllou
1 n I real* the solitude,
srivc tlte vrnlllug of tbe njooselilrd.
uiiii ii piiiiiulu' note niid low,
j'l Ilie sk.jilii.- if Uie rcrl Ullt
. 1*0., (lie trm*1.. snow.
'..nl " sail) I, "tlumidi 'lark la fjilllufc
...it fnr ilia* cnnip must lie,
rl my lieui-i It wnuld lie llglitsoiut
,f  I lunl Imt coiiiiijiuj.
'nil tlii'ii I sjuic unit siiout'd,
Kiepliif* nieiisiice. as I spcil.
ii lhc luiiii-twnilK "f tne siiows-oi
As 11 siinuiB IrcncHh niy l.eel.
VoJ fur into Ilie valley
lln.] I iliiipcil unn y wny.
ii'Jci. ii ilu-ky t's.lre JeUnil m»,       r
I* II cnpur'lll.l of sjey,
ItrmlliiK upoo It"' inoWslioi*
Win. a iiinir an'l lluitier strtle;
.ml I hn.Ic.1 ill.' ilnsky struiwif
As we trineleil alllu li>' -I'le.
Itjl no token of eoiiiinniiloii
I il. ve tic hv ivonl or lOOR]
ut ll.e fnirrlllll fell HI'"" '"*
Al tlie ciwalnc of ihe lirook.
■for I _iw I"' tlie sickly moonligUt
VS   I   firllllUlll.   I'  iitllng   1,lW-
L'lilt Hi.   wnlklim nf tlio SIrans"
Left no footnijiflis on the snow,
"lllcn till* feJir-elllil Biulirrcil o'er me,
I.I1.C ,1 slli/rl iirntllll   1110 rasl.
\, I sunk iijeii Ilie snoiviliirt.
Whore the shiiilow'-liiii.ior lu.sse.1.
•Mul the other trjippers foiinil mo
As the snow:iii whieh ' ""•
••But thev spoke not »» 'hoy rnlsc'l m»i
i iii,i se, i llm ainulow-linnlrr.
' Ami tad willicreil in hll W**
n.Snni-tn Mni1n, sliced nsi
Tin- sun Is fnlllM '","'"
nefoie US lies ftrt-^il
Of the Wnlkrr of the smowi
y note
ys, drawn hy
ui ide piiyihle In
l-iid"i'  willohli^c
have sold
Ifer as n
|lr   Arnnld's
lluii'l   deliiy.
,.,,( for yourself for <'hristmas.
Stf Adelaide 'St. -Jit, Toronto.Ont
Tlte Kiltlor Ml' I11" nl(pilV>
Thn Rl'llltoV Of IhJS pnper Is of the
,|,|iil(*i\ Hint  this
ru otico n week  to
itanil   on   his
life is loo short lo
the store nnd
toes, ruh Itis hands,
,,„! smllo nt lho in'oprletbr, nn.l
,"n,Hly Innulro if h» Wnti »">' »• .
ffillsotuoiit litis week
,ur plncn nml
jvnnt nny soCkS-
,Sl  ns imich "f our
The prnpriu-
„f mo store lines not con...   tn
wi.nl  to know «   «'c
I'erhups W0 thin'
dignity   »"   h-
u( his
Tt Is Inrgelv n mul tor of ncrldcnt
r,l„«lnlheriBhl|dnre«l lho right
lime, nnd dolnK the right thiiw. or.
Ml0 still, mnklnu l«»l>lo Hilnk .vnu
'"cluing tho right thing, ia aboui
nil (hoi. ill to ■•"••••
Obkkswood. II. C.
H. NICHOLSON,      ,
—: Notary Puhlic,
Camp McKinney, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
A. M. can. See. C. t.
Provincial Land   Sukvkvok
Midwav ami Okeknwood.
Rkndell Block, Gkeenwood.
Phone »0, V. * N.
"   ^ Carpets,
Linoleums, r
Lnrge Stock.   Low Price!.
.P.   HOC.   GTTX_X__En_T   SS   CO.,
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft.
. ,  , ■;.* -  ■
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & G. S. By.,
Van., Vic.&E.By.&N.Co
The nnly nil rail rnutn li-lwccn
|inint8 Hi.*l, xvx^ti Hnd snnth to Rossland, Nelsnn, Uinnd Pinks unit U.'ihi'i
he.. Count-elh n*j ti'i.ikiine with, _ty*
ifieiit Nnnlieni, Nnrih''r>i P-iuiti. and
O. K. k-'K. (...■ tur p«,iiitn fui«i, wx-sa
mil smith ; connects nt Rns-lan.l mul
Nelson with tin* Canadian Pat-lfln  Hy.
Connec** at S«lw»n wttk the K. II. * N,
Co. for liaulo ni.it Slm-un ftolntN,
roiiin..* at   <'urlt-w   uill.  ntj.ift-  foi-
(■■.•rn wunil nn.l MM way .11. <,.,
Itafffit ear* rati  en  train*  l*etweuf.
Spokane antl lte|.ul,llc.
9Mi.ni  STOKANK..
10.15 ji in.
Mm n.m....
.   HOS.sl.ANII	
.. NKLtfON	
. OltANIl KOltKS
.. RfCPUIILIC. ...
5.15 ...in.
5.111 pm
... t.i.p.m.
5.10 p.m.
General I'a^enuer Agent.
Spokiuie, Wash.
RALLWAY..     :,:
BY THE 0, P. R,
Greenwood- Curlew
Stage Line.
The undersigned i.s running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at $30 a. m„ arriving in Midway at 7:45 anrl at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m„ upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p m.
Will connect with Meverhoffls Stage from all points West   ■
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Arrive Wiiinlnei*..
Arrive St. Paul....
Anivn ChltlHgo —
Arrive Tnriintn —
Arrive Mnnt.'iil...
Arrive Nnw York.
.lird dny Sjutla. in
,3rd day OsflTp, in.
4ih diiyBiHOn. tn.
.."ilh day 3:l."i p, III.
."rlli(liivll::a)|'. 111
.(ItInlay S;iVi a. nt.
A trip Rust
convince yuu
R. will
Leny? Ditiniiore Junciiiin daily for
81. Wtii.
Kuntenay   Lun" 'T   Tuesdays and
.Saiiirilnvsf'T T   onti,  Mnnireal- and
all Kastern poin'g,
through Bolik.iKs 1    Europ
Via nil Atliintic Rlillte (I i<k-
ets  at   lowest  rales  Issiled   limn all
European Countries.
Kurthe Infurniution ragard.lnR H"'
0. P. li. unci further proof of it heing
lhe "ONLY WAY" can lie furnished
nu application to
A.   Vf.   HAII.F.V,   Agent, Midway,  nr
,1. S. OABTEIt,            K. ,1. COVLE,
I). I'. A.,                     A. O. I*. A..
Nelaon, II. O.       Vn uvor. II. I
Commereial Job Printing
Midway Livery, Feed &SaIe Stsble
Seventh Street, Midway-
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
j JL H. Tyrrell,   -   Proprietor.
Hay and Oats for Sale. • Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Zz:':      "••' AE
Rock Creek, B. C.
8. T. LABSEN, Prep,
Stopping place fur SliigcK in
mui fnun nil lluuiiilmy
'-• •••""''S       i (!re,-k pnints.
.„-n?'.io- A
for the Traveling PoMie.
''Ui tha GitiS OUST twin mv yourwoHu"
m.   ,
will ta!.o avcry terticlfe of dust aad dirt from your floors and
T/rr.'lwork—tnaltr.o than it clean U a whistle, nsat as a pin.
Notninj co coed for waahinc clothes and dishts.
Chicago,   N«wY»rh   nouon,   SkLouii.
. aaa.
■nu -e^^^m^WS    W
It will be the mist important Railway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is i i the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Jardening, Manuring, Coal Prod jing,
Midway property will
yon rieh. It is not
a speculation, it Is ai investment.
Midway, the coming railway, commercial, wholesale nd nanufaeturing
centre tf the Kettle River
ind Boiidary Creek Dis-
triets, is situated at the
conlniice of Boundary
Creek and Kettle Biver.
The leading residence
town in the eeuntry, with
n eieellent dime, pure
water sipply, ud sup-
rooded by rieh agrieul-
tur.1 Unl.
Business,  residence and garJen lots at low prices and on easy terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
HII St .Inhn Slivet,
Montreal, P. Q.
0. M. CHOI'SR,
Agent for British i oliiiulii
Midway, It. ( .
©he pspatclf
MONDAY, D •:"KMB"' 8     002.
bltaet A_llth*tli of the Mu  m* Mat
follow In the Houm.
ration till he made tu the Parliament ot
Canada, at tho next .tiling* thereof, for an Aet
Inuurporatlng*componf, under Ihe name of
tho "Vancouverand Cossl Kootoi.ajr Itailwar
Company " to co.wtrucl Mid operate a line of
v ,»><>/-    ivwir.iruLi nnri   ,,|n;muj  H   .11,0 Of
railway, from* point at or near Ihe (.Ity of
Vanoouver. Own «MMh esatstty le the Llty
of New Wertmln«tor and acmw the Krawr
Hiver; Ihence eaxterly hy the moKt fen»ibU
mute, to a point at nr near Midway, in the
lloiindary .reek lltatrlct; from a point on the
main Hoe of the railway wmth of the Knwer.
There Is precedent in these matter*,
and tho clerkshi|. in the   House   of iMiiillM of the railway wuth oTth. tw.
luminous having lone been held bv a J",» MM »i or near the mouth of the Knwer
Nova Scotian, tho knnuinc one. ore- hLT^'^.KVI0" '-"vtti 'ilS-WLlJ
Nova Scotian, the know inu onei predict that Flint of Yurniouth will lo
Uouiln.it s luc.e.-ior. writes II.PO.
In Toronto Star.
Mr. Flint is in many ways the direct antithesis of Sir John. He is a
tall, spuro man; Sir John was port*
ly. lie wears u moustache; Sir
John was ile.in shaven, lie is well
provided wi h grey hair: Sir John
wus very hnld. ln manner Mr. Flint
is slow und fnrnuil; Sir John was
nervous and alert. Mr. Flint speaks
In measured tunes; Sir John's utter*
ance wav rapid and Jerky, Mr. Flint
ii u lawyer by profession, and to
that extent his training will help
him in the new ofllco. lie will, no
doubt, he utile tn ilkust quickly that
....», ,iiunn|im»uil   hid nil,,.,   1.00 east 01
Ho e, tn a point at or near Nicola Lake ; and
from a point on the main line of the railway at
or near thc t'ltyof Vancouver, northerly acrmw
Bnrrard Inlet, al Ihe moat feasible point, to
North Vancouver Municipality, thence westerly
to a point at or near the mouth of the .apilano
With power toconalruet and operate branch I
ui. from any point on the main Hue nf Hie
ii.upr, d rail .,., or branehea thereof, not ox-
Teilu.fc ,i, uny nne nw thirty dm, mllm In
length ; nnd wilh power lo construct, own, nnd
npoiate, wharves, dis ks, elevators, and warehouses. In connect inn therewith ; and to construct, own. and operate, staun and othor
vowels, on aay navigable wai ers; and with
power to eons!met, o an, maintain, awl operate a suitable ferry, from the most convenient
pnint on ihe mainland of Ihltlsli Columbia. 10
the most convenient point on Vancouver
Islsml, an aa to make connection with the City
if Victoria, or lo minuet there. 1th hy the
*nine; to construct, operate and maintain.
iel.'i*n.ph and telephone lines, along tho route I
if the |T ipnscil railway or Its branches, and to
The Midway Sawmill
AH kinds of B0C6H and DRESSED LUMBER,
.."....i, ik- u.iio in tilgillt quickly that '"'"" I rumsoil railway or Its branches, and to
great    bundle of rules und aui,-r,,i._, ''•»>»i».»lmsrairis fur i.iirimrrlsl purposes,
which    is     k_.,u,,,,....   ,,. and to ™llecl mils therefor; tn |enoratoelm-
I",,,,,,'      ,,"""," u? l'«rllnmenUry rl.ity or power aud lighting pnrpos.*. and
p oioiiiiic.     lhc  legal mind  will    I* '"rai rights powers and privileges, necessary,
able to disiiniruld, the meat  undor- »^«<'»<»l»allnr aity.of.lhe atoro-
1 ng |Uiiui|,|,.s [rol„ „„, lllu|,,tU)Un. |ta| it at Vancouver, this 1st day of October,
Otis sub-ne tions which niton sivm to *•!••*»
g^auittS:     . "-^"^
mon sense opcrutos, hut It takos  an    ""'     ~~~
nciijo and dlscrlinlnntiMg t,rlotl«ct,  to
fix the correlation nnd proportion „|
"II ilies.- technicalities.   Much ol tho
piiilii.no ,,„„, procedure in atl coun-
trios bus boon rout. Ivod In K|vo tacit inns „ chance.    There are nil*, by
w.'ili a llckl.sii ques.lon can ho
.need io the ,ront; and olher rules
A* goo* by aa Rafllak Vltllor.
Toronto ll exceedingly beautiful.
You can take a car and ride through
street after street of delightful homos
—simple, attractive, well built, with
cosy verandahs, and green lawns,
and brilliant flowerbeds. Theie ate
none of the Ion,' rows of villas,   all
  „,."-i  run.   exactly alike, that disfigure a    Lon-
liy wlii.h It ian le suppressed. The don suburb, but every house has some
adroit parliamentmiun Is reco'-nl/.cd distinctive feature, some beauty all
by    his knowledge oi tln.se matt rs,   its own.
nnd rtuarly eve y pnillitlan of nny F.very visitor to Canada is Imprcs-
Con-■ i|iieico | ri I . himself on hit sed with the sober habits of lhe
ndl'oltnt.S in i sine that knowtoilge. people. I did not lee a public-house
Mr. Flint being n lawyer, nnd having in Canada—that is a public-house us
n lawyer's thor unWiiuss. will doubt-    wo nndei stand it it England
less   aim li  ko f
' lunl u.i ciimeis.
sil inn which due.
lako pnrt In the
loses a -klllfrl ,,,
ni|'-n-pie to within une ting a po.
not permit him lo
''•'uilos, prohibition
1 eiiniist advocate.
Au Ilill Under.
A brlfnt-lnokliii* young fellow who
li es icir llntiil'lnn, Wis In the city
one d..y t is inc. Itiipl ing for the
Amet'icun hendqiuiitors of lho 1 Inker-
tot, luteclive Aj o ii-y. s iys Tho
fipictntor uf t'nil city, lie had read
the u.l\. rti.-i'iiui.i for the young
men wishing to encr the detective
f rice und hnd corresponded with
the agont, mul sent on thc foe, and
In return mil o.l a ccrH'Jcute of ap-
pointinc.il iu the 1 ink. rlnn Compuny and uu older for Iiis star and
rovnl.iT. lo int. slid sevcr.il dollars, nnd is now iin\iotiily waiting
for the credentials that will make
him a regular detective, Tils advertising for young iniin tn outer the
di.'tiu he ser I e is an old dodge, and
Let serins nf s i  ois ..ro enught   la
le trajl eVe.y day.
'tf xr
 n      There
were ono or two quiet saloons in the
French part of Montreal, hut that is
all. Montreal hns .Sunday closing,
and even in our hotel the bar was
tln.'d du.ing the whole of .Sunday.
Oo into nny restaurant or hotel dining-room in Canada, and I will undertake to say that you wi:. find 1)5
out of every 10U visitors drinUng
Of rniirse. though Canada needs
men and women so badly, she only
needs farm lu borers and domestic servants. I'rofessi, nnl mm arc not
wanted: lady typists should not. think
of going theie. Healthy, hard-working young fellows with a certain
amount of capital will do well, on'v
they must not expect luxury and
ease, they must bc prepared to rouch
It, and wink hard. Dut, putting the
question of rapit.il On one side, it
firn tiially amounts to this—'i it Canada only Wunts luborers nit'l domes-
He sonants. For these ther • Is always a fl tint demand, and thev will
find plenty of work and adequate
wages.—I' A. A. In the Voting Wo*
muu, London, Kngland.  —
Band sawing and job work done to order |
809 Second Ave.,  Spokane, Wash.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs.
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A line assortment or Naples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The M-rrrt of success In planting, is, kihut-ia awur. good stock,
MtniMi-ui plant aa wain as poaailile after it is dug.
Trees obtained frn oir iiirsery mi be piiiled it
Mway two days after toy an .i*.
Price Hat, and fall Information promptly  given.
The school where thorough work is clone; where the  reason
is always given;  where confidence is developed ; where Book-
keeping is taught e/.actly as books are being kept in business ;
where Siioktiiani) is scientific; where penmanship is at   its
best; where merit is'the standard ; where the training in Civil Sekvick, Tixkckai'Iiv, Kn(ii.isii and Cartoonixo wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them  how to be
successful.    No argument i.s so eloquent as    the record of
things well done.    No mortgage can corrupt,  no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do    When
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done for
others is it belter to trust to luck?   Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
Hen Wanted i* <* i*
To sell for the large Fonthlll nurseries. Appll
eations should be llled at ones. Highest wapes
paid, permanent plaoe assured to the right men.
we furnish guaranteed stock commanding hig he testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
Stone & Wellington.
M ♦♦♦ ****
Advertise in
The Dispatch.
Lancashire House J
■oA. M
: : MIDWAYfKC. :
The undersigned havin^-opened thi- well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-h-nted and comfortably furnished rooms.
Breenwood-Coriew, va Midwav Mon 8,oi»",,,r hrrMn'\
itnnn lu u....i„ ..     _         c      "        ™   mid iih>hIh nr. tK-rved
I  »«<« Hiiivalln Ihe ev ng, while change of homes la lieing |ll»do
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.


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