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XVI, No. 2a
$2.00 per Year.
Ift'jp BRoVN,
liBT-BS. Soupirona, Etc.
Okkknwimiii, 11. C.
—i Notary Pdblio,
Financial a»ent
in Business.
11.0. SUA W,
NoUrlea Public.
nnmit Bedford McNolli'ii, Moreing _
Nual'-, Ulbw's.
ei.l Block, Greenwood.
1 Mii-im 06, V. * N.
A, a. Can. Soo. Ci B.
Incwl Land.   Surveyor
l-£eal Estate
BTlUtKT.     - H1DWAY.B.C
tonsorial Artist,
inUlM>-8-w«. H*lr Out, Hm Pn*nx
IJIiamoiw, nil al Uio »l»vo -wlor.
joralioiiril nnd ground-
HtltKKT,  •  •   •  Mld^^rK. ■-• n*
FAIRVlKW, B. C.     *
|lndi of ■•palrlni.   Horseshoeing
A ipecUlly.
ll CHEEK HOTEL . ...
rOkAM accommodation roa Ounm.
Krallcd Fishing on Kotili) Ulvor.jpf
i kinds of work executed to
MtlstaotlM of omtomors.
Ppactieal Watch Maker,
Oood Tool*, Pltkty Material,
■nd jo y««r» experience to do
work correctly.   ,  ...
»ld by All Newsdealers
Ibeg to announce to the inhabitants of
Midway and surrounding district that
I have purchased the entire stock of the
Midway Trading Company, and will continue the business.
It shall be my earnest endeavor to
carry a full line of goods usually found in
a well appointed store, particular attention
being given to procuring for my customers'
goods of the best quality and freshness, to
be sold at reasonable prices. I hope by
following out the lines mentioned to merit
a'share of public patronage.
• • Respectfully,
\ Hotel Spokane,
\^s*s**s* Seventh St.
A new building", well furnished. F .m'thi.-ag nc>>
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and.Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed.]
One of the ..Rest Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
I '"'-liim Monthly V> nil Invert L. . .
I Mil Muilo . vM yolumo of Mow, Choleo
I ;SE»ri!l-i» Com*io«ltlon» by tho mint wp-
I Mil Vocal, lull lMBuBir-iiUl*- »i C»m*»ltt«
I ***** lor Wano-Oiie. a'Month lot •!
I SW* Y_uj»g»biiiirlpUo}i,at,.oO. lljou
IS"'"**«^th«j»*i>«aii(l artdna-ol Tnt
I H!?° ?_.0lJP-n fbym, wo will mid jrou a
I «__.._*"• _»• MfH», futtllsh.r,
****** a ututt su.. r**ii.*.i.iii., ra.
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything ent in al Departments.
, Quick Sales and    II  j&
Small Profits.     ||  g|
A fresh stock of stnple and fancy groceries arriving daily.
PlBH! HAIN & CO. mxi
flettioda of (letting; out Ore In an
Economical Manner Described.
It is'usually tlie case in new districts
present iug a variety of new conditions
that a good deal of preliminary work
must, lie done to determine tlie host
methods nf ihiljing lind freai Ing ores,
This lias lieen It-tie in Die Hoiindary
dlstriet, the ores of which, iwarule,
are of very low grade, occurring in
deposit of great extent without, well
defined walls.
It U the purpose of this paper lo describe the methods of milling at the
Mother Lode mine iu Deadwood camp,
near Greenwood, and the reasons
wliieh have led up In their adoption.
Tlje ore deposit here outcrops at intervals for a distance of iihout 2,000
feet, the width in explored por! ion
averaging perhaps 110 feet although
the absence of any defined walls prevents exact measures heing given.
The dip jb 70 degrees easterly, and
pilch toward the south at an angle yet
undetermined. Only the ground to
the niirih nf lhe shafl, which is located
cenl rally, has been explored as yel.
At the beginning of stopingopet at ions,
the ore hody had been developed by a
northerly drift from shaft fin tlie 200
fuut level, the drift extending Ioapparent end of ore. The deposit was ci^iss*';
cut lit intervals of about 100, feel,
Similar work was also .dojia on 'Ml
level, A. winze, to surface'About,500
feet to north of shaft, afforded good
ventilation, '• \
li was the original,intention to sort,
all the ore from lhe mine, tilling Ihe
slopes with the waste, and with Unlock' blast ed fnun the walls or "elsewhere obtained. To lhis.qnd a sy_teln
of belt conveyors was arranged whereby the pie frnm the shaft was dumped
into a Nil. a Gates crusher, thence
passing over a 3 foot wide picking hell
to tho ore bins, Tlie waste wis drop
ped inin side pockets fulling upon allot hei; belt system, whereby it was con*
vry.efl tn a hinat top of winze, whence.
it iviis to In* dropped into the slopes.
Mtniuy tie said that the term "waste"
Spgenerldly speaking, merely compiir
jjtive, fnr the whole of the ore liody
;,*(«. .Hi tbiiVxcepi inn noted below) contains copper, gold'and sliver in varying
degree, and waste is merely rock wilh
lesser quantities of these metals. The
sorting and conveying belts worked to
a nicety, but the smelter had heen in
operation but a short lime when it
became apparent thai its capacity for
self tliixing ores was much greater
than had been thought possihle, and
consequently smelting costs were lower
thnn bad heen figured. A direct result
of tliis was lhat thpiiHlnilloii of waste
was altered and its quantity greatly
diminished. And furlher, lhat" the
cost of sorting nut. the diminished
waste was approximately equal lo
smelting lt, for even the poorest of the
rock contains some values to offset in
part the smelling charges. These
conditions necessitated the abandonment of the Ailing plan for stopes.
Also the-sorting of ores was suspended
save from cerlain ores from 300 level,
where tbe waste happens to he totally
barren and easily sorted out.
Tlie tilling sysiem haling been dropped, it was llien planned to timber tlust, ipes in the ordinary fashion, hut
tliis plan was abandoned ou account of
lii^b cost of limber compared with ore
coni cuts.
A third alternative was next adopted
in one slope—ihat of timbering the
whole of the Hour of stupe heavily,
only the excess of ore from above being
dropped through chutes conveniently
placed. This plan was going nicely
until the rnof of stupe wus some 20
feel over timbers, when a mass of ore
became del ached from roof, whicli
mass wi ghed some hundred Ions,
Everything in ils path was crushed
and the slope wrecked. Luckily no
one was hurt,
A further and final plan was then
adopted. The ore body was divided
into slopes 'fl) to 40 feel wide, the
length of slopes being the dislance
across ore body, Tlie crosscuts already
exist ing were used, and others cut
were needed under the center of each
stope. Front these crosscuts upraises
were made SKI feet apart. These were
made 10 In 12 feel high, and were then
connected by second and parallel
ci oBS-iiit*. From these Ial I er crosscuts
the stopes were opened out tlie proposed widlh, and then carried vertically
upward, the slim I upraises being cribbed and furnished with gales for load
ing. Between the slopes, pillars 2(1 to
2ii feet in thickness wore lefl, these
being frcipii-iiily pierced lo allow In*
lercoiiiliitiniciition and ventilation.
In Iho slope where lhe wreck occurred a very heavily Hindered passage
cm-responding to a crosscut was ludll,
shutes being placed at IK) foot Inlet--
vil Is.
The empty space was filled with porphyry blasted from a blanket dyke,
wbich extends tlirough all the gi ootid
yel explored.
These stopes will lie carried up lo a
point 100 feel above the 200 level w hern
they will meet with the. suiface winkings to he described. After this occurs
Ilie ore rtiinaining in slopes above the
porphyry will be sent through ilie
shutes, and as much of the pillars removed at siinie lime us safety may dictate.
The ore helow porphyry may lie removed at will, as tliis dyke is very
thick and solid and will stand any
pressure. In this method of working
nearly W) per cent of broken ore must
be left in the stopes for a considerable
period, but to offset this, the inteiest
on capital so tied up Is but ll fraction
of Ihe cost of limbering these great
stopes. Mot-cover, the system is as
safe as mining can lie made, Ihe roof
of stopes always being near the men,
and Ihere can he nn wrecks occasioned
hy a cave. F- rther, tliere being no
danger from liuibets giving way, Ire
mendous blasts can lie employed, and
the ore broken down in great quantities at a lime. One drill will frequently break down from 75 to 80 tons In 21
On the SOO level, the pillars come directly helow those on the 200, but: in
future levels the distance will he increased from 100 feet to nearly 175 to
allow of less rock being left between
levels, and less development having lo
lie done.
.To supplement the rfuijmt from underground, a great amount of ore is
obtained hy quarrying. In the hill
whichjrlses snniR200 feet nvet-sun oitnd-
ing (hit,'ft quarry (or "Glory Hole" as
li is-locally styled) is in npeiatinn, this
quarry being 110 feet nliove Hat. and 50
feet/ above collar of shaft. Ore is ut
present run down a gravity train lo
Gates crusher, and thence over conveying bells to bins on the. flat. This
No. 5 crusher, experience has shown to
lie far too small tn admit of economical
work, the ore having to be reduced III
10 inch size in order io pass into crush
er. This reduction has mainly to lie
affected hy "bulldnzing" with high per
cent dynamite, the tuck being too
hard for hammer breaking. Tn obviate
this difficulty,.and in admit of cheaper
handling, n tunnel has to be driven
into hill from level of Hat. This connects by a 12x12 upraise withlhe
quarry. In a pit on flat next the railway an immense Farrell crusher with
jaw opening 2x3 feet is now being
Ore will he dropped down Ihe upraise, and there loaded into cars having
a capacity of I tons. Trains of these
will be drawn hy mules to the crusher
pit, where they will he dumped hv
compressed air over a grizzly lending
to crusher. The M-reenings and crush*,
ed ore will be elevated to a bin beside
the rail way.
As quarrying proceeds, olher raises
will he made, and tbe level of lhe
quarry floor at the same time lie lowered until the Hut level is readied and
the lops of stopes eneounteteil, when
these latter mny be emptied. The
present Gates crusher will take care of
all ore from I lie shaft as al present, its
rapacity heing from 400 to 500 tons per
21 hours when fed wiih ore properly
broken.—Frederick Keffer, M. E., in
Canadian Mining Review.
 r e a	
Mining    Operations     Now    Being
Carried on in That District.
The tunnel on ihe Gold Ledge mine
is now in about 900 feet, but as yet
tlious no change since last week. Mr.
Boyli-s, with whom the Gold Ledge
Consolidated Mining company has contracted for ihe diamond drill work
recommended by Superintendent
(hummer, has forwaided the drilling
oul lit to he used, and ll is due lour
rive here some lime Iliis week, when
un lime will be lost in starling the
bore holes, writes the Republic corrcs
pondenl ot the Spokane Chronicle,
Six men are nl prejeflt employed, on
two shifts, sinking a shaft on the Cop
per Mounlain mine.
U.S. Hnrris, vice president of lhc
Princess Maud Gold Mining company,
lefl here yesterday, after placing O. I-.
Lindley in charge as superintendent,
nnd with him thoroughly inspecting
Ihe Princess Maud mine. After Mr.
Hnrris1 return to Spokane and consulting with the olher directors of tin-
conipany orders will lie issued for tin-
work ahead. In the meantime Mr.
Lindley has a small force of men
gelling ready to proceed with tlie
The ful ure work outlined by Ihe
conipany previous Io Mr. Harris' visil
to the mine, or talked of, may not
he followed according lo lhe original
Intention, bin it looks at Ibis end of
the line iis if lho intended upraise from
lhe north drift on Ihe ntlil level would
Hrst ho i-iii-t-led lo the nit-face for thorough ventilation of Ihe underground
winkings, and thai nir contiecllims
would also be made by upraising fnun
the No, 0 level to the adit, by which
lhe mine would be put in Ihe best possible shape for sloping nre for shipment
tn the smellers when desired,
It is not yel known where tlie railroad grades will be constructed to the
llulte k Boston, Chico and Princess
Maud minis, hul it is believed the
Washington k Great Northern will
run a spur front the swllchback now
lieing graded toward the rear of the
Republic Power & ('yaniding coin.
pany's mill, mound the hill, wilh a
suitable grade tn the head of ths draw
neat- lhe portal of the Princess Mnnd
tunnel aud convenient to the other two
I). V, Hullahan, formerly the secretary of Hie Republic Consolidated Gold'
Mining conipany, is in R?pnhlic, He
is one of Ilie directors of lhe Mag Hill
Gold Mining conipany, and informs
the writer that a stock holders'meeting
for the election of a new board of directors will lake place here in about a.
month from now, and immediate steps
will thereafter be taken to resume
wnrk on the Flag Hill mine.
L. S. Kurtz, superintendent of lhe
Bodie mine, at Bodie cnmp.hns relumed frnm Grand Forks and showed (he
writer a certiHcutc of the assay value
and plii-tlal analysis of the carload nf
ore recently shipped to the Granby
smelter at Grand Forks, from whit h a
hand sample was taken. Ilshn'.isa
value nf .$007.52 per ton, or 34 ounces
gold and 20.112 ounces silver. The ore
can-it.* 02.5 per cei t of silica, 2.8 per
cent, of lime, but no sulphur, This
mc, Mr. Ktittz said, came from the "
Nn. 2 lunnel, which is silunled south
of the mtilji .cropping of the.vein and
nhout 500 feel snulh of and 200 feet
higher elevation lhan the main tunnel
on the mine. He also staled that the
ledge is nine feel wide ami along a
drift of 80 linear feel shows the pay-
shoot to have au average widlh of
three and a half feet.
The mine is nt present in Ibe hands
of Messrs, McKinlay and Knox nf Sao
Francisco, nnd lhe mine bands nre ut
present laid off to allow those gentlemen to make a ihoinugh exiiniinaiion
of the mine, uninteriupled. Itappcais
that Mr. McKinlay is a California
miner of Iftige experience, and Mr.
Knox is a trained mining engiiieei.
Thl*f eX|#ct* hi look after some business al Rosslnnd, B, ('., before returning to California,
J. W. Vaughn k Son, who are interested in the Elk mine, at Bodie cninp,
and have been Hoiking steadily on
lhat property for over a year, have
struck some very rich silver ore on Hie
Elk vein at about 250 feet ninth of the
winze Ihey repent ly sunk in the lunnel
on tlie mine, Mr, Kurtz brought some
samples of lhe ore to Republic tobe
assayed. Superintendent Robert E.
Willoughby js still driving on the
hanging wall, northward, on the tunnel level of tbe Golden Reward vein.,
and i.s Innking for the arrival soon of
some of tlie directors of the company
and Instructions to extend operations
iu the mine.
Killed In a Snowslide.
NELSON, B. C, March 12.—Fred
Lowden was killed Saturday night in
a snowslide. Lowden mid Chris Sher*
beit wete sleeping in a cabin at the
foot of flic mnin Kokanee range.ahoiit
1,000 feet hclniv the summit, on Saturday night last at 0 o'clock, when a
snowslide occurred, It swept down
upon the cahill, cut off the roof and
piled lhe snow iti the interior nnd for
111 feet above lhe structure, Sherbet t
mis awakened by Hinting himself packed In lhe snow that lay heavy upon
him, By almost superhuman effint
he managed lo make bis way to liberty
und daylight after struggling for 3d
hours, lie was cnmpi-lli d In scoop ihe
heavy snow out in front of him nnd
roll it into halls and pin ii under his
body as lie toiled toward I lie sin-luce.
He made his way Inhoriously to tho
Mollie Gibson mine, where he induced
the Italians employed tliere, under a
promise nf $10, logo'io his companion's
relief. They reported thnl they had
sb-ivelled the snow off Lowden I ill
they came to his head nnd then tbey
saw thai he was dead. The nexi day,
on a promise made by Sherhei-l to pay
$100 to ihu Italians, the body of Lowden was taken out and today was
brought to this city. Low-fan's finger
nails were torn nIT, shoniug thai lie,
too, made a desperate effort to sine
his life. Sherbei I's feet aud hands are
hadly frozen und Iiis feel limy hnve to
be amputated, He was clad in a thin
shirt only during the time he was
lighting for his lite.
Work was lately resumed at the
Seat lie claim, on lln- Norlh Folk of
Kellie river, ou which property tliere
is a big showing of iron-copper ore.
Three deep open cuts have exposed
Iliis nre body, and in one nf them it is
25 feel in widlh. Wheie npened Ilie
oie appears lo lie u magnetic oxide of
iron witli copper.
I C. M. CHOU-K Managor
MONDAY. MARCH 17, 1002.
The following pointed remarks taken*
froni theSlocnn Drill exactly expresses
our'opinion of thut august body of
members known us lhe Associated
llo.-lfds of Trade :
A^t aggregation nf cniniuoioitiHi-rWt*'
kniAvn ns the Associated Bom'da of
Trade, met in annual conclave at Rutin
Inst week. As wits lo b" expected
front such a gathering, ahcist of reso
lutiofts \vti& pi'opo-ed" upon a variety
of Sfn^ijecls and solemnly adopted, So
l'in$U8 the counter jumpers*, stuck to
theii-.own legitiniiHe lineof thought
theKdid well, bul Ihey became atllhi
I iuiK and sought other fields wherein
ti aijf tlieir ideas and du their trick ul
resolving, And therein they erred and
erred, grievously, They adopted u
tesoliiiIon dealing wiih the provincial
ininl'ral lax, under wliieh they allege
the -milling indiiVtry i.s groaning, and
I lin t aesj^taj^itfv_riin)eijt flgmes of
pi(ig**?'3'*,w?Wif'**crintiarv. In their
r-soli4Uuu,.. llm irenks ask to have
crownjgr^nl«!d,,du$400 worth of
wm kr erfcli yWrn- pay a lax of fifty
cenls-lan acre. Uncrown granted claims
are tn do $80 worth of work, annually
and pay $12.50 for recording same.
Money so raised lo lie that much less
to be .taken from the tnx on the output
of mineral, Why can't these Johnnies
attend to their own knitting and leave
mutters beyond their ken alone ? By
iheir resolution Ihe freaks seek to
propitiate the.mine manager, nnd entirely, overlook the injury Ihey nre
doing'to Ihe pioneer and mainstay of
, the country—the prospector. Has he
not enough to pny as it is from year to
year without adding more to hi-
iigony. Every step he takes in his
career is taxed, from the taking ont of
his license lo lhe crown granting of
his claim. If these conipany ducks
down in Rossland would he content
. with, smallei salaries and establish
ecouqinical management rules Ihere
would be less talk about "unjust taxa-
lion." As fnr Ihe Associated Boards
of Trade, they hnve exhibited greal
aptitude in evolving ossinine legislation.
Chinamen Win a Case.
by J, P. McLeod -(MoLend k. Brown).
whilst Oljv'c Pringle (Pringle * While-'
side), appeared for.Timber Agent J.'
Murray nnd C. Jj McArthur. Mr
Slfnw c'imlleiiged AIcAilfiu-'s right to
act in tliis mutter, he mil having been
appointed by an order in oounglLas
reipiirofl,,hy)llho-.aet.-. Mfy-rYingle.oi'n*
tended tli:it-,«tiii>s lie d-wired lo put-in
as eVidehce showed McArthiirV right
to act, but Hieae letters were ruled as
tfn&IiiiisHJble, .' Eventually the judge
decided ThaF McArlhui- hud nnt been
properly appointed, consequently the
Seizure hy him Was illegal. Delivery
-to Ihe petitioner, Dick Luin, of lhe
wood seized was therefore ordered,
and costs were given agninst McArthur. A sfufilnr order: as td delivery
and costs wiis njade. fa,favor of tjhe
other petitioner, Sue \Vo, .
It is considered probable that McArthur or some one else will now he appointed .in manner prescribed by the
hind Act,'and that failing payment
upon demand of the dues claimed an
other seizure will he made, and that
the more important point of the right
of the government' to collect dues on
woikI cut. on mineral .cluinis will then
he determined liy the court.     .
IVaiL,VV/tI       1NJ_2. VVv_?
ii:   i! £' "1,"'
There is a prospect of Ihe Humming
Bird resuming work and sending
Out iii'ore oi*e thitf -prilig.' Jhe mine
has sent a larger quantityofore to the
smelter than the aggregate nf ail the
rest of Ihe Noilh Fork claims. The
ore carries good values in gold and
silver, bin lhe cost of hauling
its profitableness.
The Humbler, near Eholt, recintly
shipped a car of ore from a very promising surface, showing to. the. Grand
Forks smelter. A sack of ore from
this outcrop returned fair values in
gold, so it was decided to try how a
carload would run.. The smelter returns have not yet been received, A
breakage of one. of., the pails of the
diamond drill, that for several weeks'
had been putting in drill holes lo prospect the Rambler, has necessitated a
temporary stoppage of this work until
repairs can be made.
His lliitinr Judge Leaniy yesterday
Ind before biin « hat promised to be a
question of considerable interest to
ninny holders of mineral claims since
it d sputcd I he right of the government*
In collect limber iliu-.-f on wood cut on
such cljtlfos. Unfortunately for otheis
than the petitioners in the twn cases
lhat (iniiie licfoie. the judge-iq the
OnillltywOoort Tuesday,- the main
question'; was not considered, ihese
pari lenity- cases having been disposed
of on a minor issue.
It appears that one C. J. McArthur,
representing himself ns having heen
autliortijd lo act for Provincial Timber Agent J. Murray and to collect
dues nn wood cu- in lhe neighborhood
of (ireenwond, applied lo Dick Linn
and Sue. Wo, mining others, for pay-
incnl of Suiili dues,and failing payment
liy lliem of tin- amount claimed he
d'-clared certain wood cut hy Ihem as
under seizure.   This seizure was made
on January 21 ami on Ihe following
day  Dick Lllill and tine Wo severally
served nbtices on McArthur, representing the provincial Timber Agent, and
Government Agent Wm. O, MciMynn.
respectively, disputing thc seizure of
Hie wood iiii lhc ground "that tin- snid
wood  is not subject to  payment nf
provincial limber doer or many royalty, rent or fee lo the Crown of nny
kind  whatsoever."   Following service
of ihis dispute notice separate pell
tionHl-were presented to the judge, on
behalf of each nf the disputing owners
of ilie wond seized, praying that His
Honor would, lie pleaded under seel inn
(IS i'T Hie Land Acl (l)to try and determine lhe seizure-'complained ol ; (2) lo
under  the delivery to the petitioners,
respectively, of tlie wood seized j (Jl) to
make such fin liter ordeV for the relief
of the   petitioners  as,to His llonoi
seems best | and (4) lo order thul the
said C. J. McArtliur should pny to lite
prill inticrs Hie cost nf mid incidental
lo IhMr applications.,  Tiie main con
lentions   advanced   iu   Hie  petitions
Were-that, the wood cut by the poll
lii'iiej's was not cut on crown lands,
puleiiled lands, tjinlier leaseholds or
timber lin*$*l>*',lijj)<>ii.'-ii,*iy laud the
wood' cut ifpori'ivhiclf is subject tn „
royally under section 98 nf the Land
Actor any aiiiciidmenf  thereto, or lo
the payment' to. Hid Orown  of any
timber dues under the said actor any
nmejidlnenl thereto, or to the payment
to the Crown of'any timber dues under the said Acl or any olher statute
in fore*-  in   British  Columbia,   Tlmt
neither salt! 0. ,1.   MoArlhur nor J.
Murray had any inithnrily to make
Iheseiv.urc complained iif inasmuch as
tbey *yete lint appointed for carrying
out the provisions of Hie Land Act liy
the proper authority  in  that   hehajf
nor in manner provided  liy  the  Land
Act,   That J. Murray, If duly appointed niv officer to carry otittht*{iruvisiona
of HioLand Act, had no power to delegate hid authority to'said C. J, McArthur, and the seizure made by said
McArtliur was therefore invalid and
illegal,     That any  officer  who  had
lieen duly appointed   to enforce   lhc
provisions of the Lund Act has author
ity lo seize only such wood as is cut' 011
Crown lands, pal en led lauds, 11 in her
leaseholds or limber limits, .   .
Jfck-Luili was represented by |J, c.
The Vancouver and Boundary
Creek Developing: and Min.
ing* Company, Limited Liability.
NOTICE Is hereby jrivru that forty Ham after itjitc ii is intended folsJraoW tho WtW
or principal place of-.lltwirirss.-of; the- Msirt*
Company from Penticton 10 llrecnwooit.    \%
.   - .---  ..... ItOBEHT WOOD,    W
Dated tlii_ 1st. .;»)• of March. IS«K.       "ISb-I B
It is only a question of a short time
until;that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making, this the-railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, itis an
For prices and terms apply to
Carrying His /lajesty's Hails
Will leave MI DWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. ni., arriving -,*
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will have CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, ni.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Th* bast of aooommodation tor
th* miivmIwim •! tk*
travelling puMle.
Syrup of
White Pine
and Tar
MINERAL ACT, 1896.   %  j
O.rHfkaf-j.    ot Improvement«
Certificate of  Improvement
Dr. R. Mathison,
' '-  1 DENTIST.
.<f4K--.-ft.OOk  BLOCK   .   OREENWOOD.
An.icunda Minijiiai. Claim.        >
Situate In tho Kettle River Mining Division
ot Yale District.   Where loeated :. At^jjq
mouth of Baker Creek.
'A-KK NOTICK -thai I, Forbes M. Kcrjbjr*
freo mlner'a n-rlifii-ate No. nlOS'.'", tur Iuj-'
self and n-t agint for Charles Hamilton, ink
ininer's ccrlllieqlc Xo. i-JWCB.iiiiiI Win. lielllj.
freo miners' cerHlleiito No. WI594 nml Alnsle>'
Megrim-, freo miiior'n bertlflpftto Xo. I KMUV,
iiitonil.Oodnys from tho ilate hereof, to applftui
thoMininit Ili-i-oi'.l'T for n Coilitic.itoof un?
provemunl for   llio purpose of out-lining a
Crown Cinnt of (lio .itinvo claim.
Anil further take notice that action! under
soclion 37. must ho commenced hefore the iwtii-
nnec nf sueli Cortilicato of Improvements.  ,'-, .,'
flalcd this (ith day nf December, lOnl.      A •'"■
2()o FOltBKS M. KKItllY.''
.    MINERAL ACT..    ..
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvements
Mineral Aet, 1896.
AU'tsp. Clmm. •
Situate In the Osoroos Hinlng DMdoii of    . ........
Yale   Dislrict   Whew  located *-<«mp _<■'    .. ~^V~~
Hediey. Certincate of Improvements.
(tin nd,
* to.
TAKE  NOTICK that L  Chartai 'dcBlol,
-'Green.'as agoot for tr--!-"> "-" '
froe mlni'r'n oortifl-#fe  No.      	
•liihnGrebnhilt; free* iiiinor'H oerlitlcate no.
iUWj*. Intend, sixty days from Ihe dale hereof,
lo apply tn tlio Milling itcconler for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of ob-
mining a Crown Grant of tho nlmVe claim. A"
And further take ntitiee Mint action, tinder
auction 'It. must he commenced beforo thb
issuance nf such Ortiilcaicof Improvement*.
Dated this lstli day nf Jan., 1003.
Uttf. '■'-'■"■'    '■' •    '^e_b««B. OKK1W,'
AiiizouA Miskiiai. Claim.
Situate In thi Kettle River MlnlnK Division of
Yale District.  Where located: Graham's
TAKK NOTICK that I, Fortes M.' ivcrliy, as
agont for '('. Ve. Stackj'frc.i riiino'r's eerlillenle Nu. Bli'ltl.-'amr Curls.Mcllriliell, freo
minor's eortillcate No. i-iaKHI, Inteiul, sixty
days from the date horeof, to apply to tlio Mining lti'Cprder for a Cortillonte of Improvements,, for tlm pm-posc of obtaining a Crjiwn
Grant of the nbovo claim.
And further tnko notico that, nclion wider
Kcttlnnti'mttst. Ito commenced hoforo the issu.
unco of such Conltlciile of Improvement*.
Iintod Ihis Wml dny of February, 1002,
Mo KUItllKS M, KKIlllY.
To J. F. Williams, linnlel Lynch' and others
Interested In tho Mammith nnd Hilltop
Mineral Claims, situate In Boomerang
Camp, In Iho Kottlo Itlvci Mining Division
of Yale Dlsi riot.
TAKK notice that I havo expended on oaeh
of tlie nbovo mentioned mineral claims, In
labor und impiovcmoiils, lho sum of $10(1, and
tho sum of (i tur recording llio ccrtllionlni.
thereof, suoh expenditure being required Ui
hold the said clnim. under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, for the year ending Julv 3, IIMI
And If within ninety days from the dato of
lids notice you fail or refuse lo contribute
your proportion nf such expenditure, together
with all thc cosl* of advertising, your Interests
in-nold mineral claims shall be liable to forfeiture as provided hy tho .Mineral Act Amend-
ment Aet, 1000.
Dnlod tliis 10th day of March, 1002,    litlro
leneral Real Estate & Financial Agi.
AmmaaA X*o__.*m.r-
The Koyal Insuranck Coy,
Thb London and Lancashire Pike
' Insurance Ct>t.. ,-,-
Thk Insurance Cot. of North
TnK I/)ndon and Canadian Fihk
Insurance Coy.
Thk Sun Life AssuBAiicft Cot •»_
Canada. -:
The Dominion Building and Lo^n
■. Association. ■.        '■'
'■ Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Cot
To 1). McKay, Ksq., of Keremeos, British Co*
Take notice that I havo done on tho "Valley
V,lew" mineral claim situate on the West sld
noiLO Ann Kino Miskiiai. Claims.
Situate In the Osoyooi Mining Division of
'tain Ulstrict.  Wlurt Located :  Camp
Redl»x, "»''
TAKKNOTICF. tlial  I. Charles do Illoi-
Grcon. as agent Mr Robert It. Hedley,
freo miners eertilleale No. nMlln and for Paul
Johnson, froo minor's cortiflcato No. nUri'il mid
Frank Fletcher, freo miner's cerllflealo Nn.
IUAMI and for- Peter Scott, free miner's
certificate No. mum, Intend sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply lo the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improrements:
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claims,
ini furiher take notice that action, under
soclion 37. must ho commenced beforo lhe issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated thi* Uth day cf Jan., Wl.
|For that Com
f yours, It'sitd!
The Midway Pharmacy!
Travellers up the West Fork
of Kettle River will find this
popular hotel the most convenient Stopping. |>lace. Dining-
room well supplied and managed,
Best liquors and cigars, at the
bar.   Stable In connection.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Savgr Utah Mi-ihrai. Claim.'
Situate In thn Kettle River Mining Division of
Yalt Olitrtet.  Where located : Welling.
ton Camp.    '
TAKE NOTICE that I, rorbes M. Kerby. as
... _*ont.t.'J.T-5-Steck- ■rcemlncrs' cer III-
catelNo n«'8l T. A. Howard, froe miner's
cortiflcato No, ii4i!i-ffl, and Clirls. Mcllonnll, free
minor. ccrtltlcate No. MAM. Intend.SlitJ day.
from the dato hereof, lo apply to the Mining He-
enrdorfnr a oertlfloato of lui|irovemeiits, for tho
purposo nf obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim,
And furthor lake notice that action, undor
scollop J7, must he commeneod before Ihe
lssuanoe of such certificate of Improvements.
Hated this 18th day of November, IBM.
'•"o F0IUIK8 M. KKItllY.
Mineral Aet, 1896.
qf Koronioon Creek in the Osoyoos Division of  CurtiHrati.    e,(    I™.,.,,.      .
mired b, wcuon » ^ertlllcdte of Improvements.
. _l. '*...~i _...■... AS -    -
Yalo District, the worK roqulrod _, „,„„.„. .,
of thc Mineral Act fof tho trfo years which on
plred on (lot. 24, IIKKI and'1001 respectively, and
have duly recorded tho eertlfleato of work :
And furthor lake noliee that. It, at the ojptr-
atlon of Ml days from tlie dato of the flrul publication of this notice In the Midwajr AliVANoE
ynu, a co-owner, fail to contribute your proportion of lhc expenditure rouuirod hy said section
tiflnrcspoet uf sueh work, namolv IKfi.SO to-
tolhei- with all tlio costs of advertising, your
 ' ' " '"' '   '       " IJ bci
UtatL Tknb«b„nii FniiK Comaon Mixkhai.
\ ' Claims.
SltuWu In tht Kettl. Rlv.r Mining Dlvlilon
or Yalt District.   Where loeated; In
Wellington Camp.
TAKE  NOTICK that I. Korbos M. Kerby,
la Si    rhrenni     #. mm    tti      ttt       L-m _ _«-      *__- _ **."
r,---...-i ..ii    iiiijinnp   ui    (,    >imi*   ,      a . ia        -.  -  — - - ,.
ntcresl. In said mineral claim shall become '■„„*" •«!?•■ ''!■; .?.■ JSV- KUck. froe miners
vcstcil In me upon filing Willi the mining tt. <">Tunea*« No. nt'.lSl. T. A. Hnwanl, froo niin-
enrder of said mining ttlvMoh the notloo and 'cr," c?r*4a,afi° Ne. iil20K, .lames I'rioo, fron
affldavlt required by tho "Mineral Act AinenU- 'I1 noVT1 ifll!B^ No- "'•'■•:l- ■»'"• Chris Mc
mont Acl, IIWI." T iJJSJjJJ. JJ™» nine*»„ oorljlloal^ No.   nrmm,
Dated this Ist day of January. I00I
To J. 0. nellly, VV. II. Itellly nnd J. M. Judd,
nf Loomis, VVnshlngton :
TA K I! notice I hat I have lliinn on thn Itnck
Creek Mineral ,'Jlaliu, sltuato on Hock
Creek. In Ihu Osqyoos Division of Vale Ills-
Wot, tliO'ivOrk: ftquiri.'d by Hoot ion 21 of the
Mlnerel Ael for Hie year whicli expired ou
August, Iti, 11*11, uml havo duly recorded Hie
certificate <>f work for thW aiiiHhe two yours
And furl lier lake notico that if at the expiration of (Kl days from I lie date of Ihe lirst pulill.
cation of lids notice in T(ik Miiiwav Aiivanuk
>nu, co-owners,fall lo contribute your tiriipor-
Hon nf tlie expenditure required by said Sec..
lidtilil lit nwnuoi nf sueli work, namely W8.7S,
together with aII tlio cost* of advjirllsln-*, your
Interesl in sniil mineral i-lalm shall bcisimo
vcrJleil tn ine upon HliiiL' tbo iitliiltig ru-
eordurnf said minl'iig illviutnu lhc notico mid
ntfldavil. leqnlied liy tho Mineral Act Amendment Ael. IM).
'...«-:I-';.'   /.''A. MKOItAW.
Dated lhl. mh duy ol Mnri-li, 1002.      Ilirn
iwvneii, rroo minor's corllHonlt 	
'.i.W^'i'^.fV" ft01"..'*" <■•■'• Imtiot. li
apply lothofMlnfu-jltoconler for a Cerllflealo
In the Goods of Ronald T, Hodgson, late
of Greenwood, B. C„ deoeased Intestate.
"NOTICE Is hereby given piirsusntto thello-
vised .siatuie* of llrilisli Columbia, Chapter
IW, that ail persons having claims ag-ilnsi, the
estate nf thb late Ilonnld T. llislgson, are ni-
quired uu or boforo Iho 20th day of .Innuary,
10112., to sent) lo the iindorslgnod ttelr uainos,
addrcssos nnd descriptions, together with full
particulars of their rosiioclivo olnims rcrilM
liyslaliitnry dcolnrallon-Aiid all persons In-
dohled lo lho said estate are required to pay t ho
iimiiiiiii.hf Hiolr liidobtcdness to the under-"
Signed forthwith.
- And fnrllier Uiko nntlco that aftor the said
Wh day of January ,,11(112,' the ndlnMIstratrTa
will proceed to distribute the assets nf tho deceased niii'ing Hie pnrtlosniilltlod I heroin, having regard only to Ibe u'nlms of which she
-liiiii I hen have notice ahd llm! tho Hnld administratrix will not lie llnhlo for llio snid nsseis or
oily pari, I horoof to any person or persons of
wlinspelnlina -)|ittcltjdiiill not huve boon received liy tbem al Inn dnte of siichdlstrlenlliiii.
1 luted this 1st ilny of .liiliuarv. 100'-.
. ■'-■&i«iiEODit immvN
Solicitors for Administratrix.
oMinprovomcnt* forthe purpose of oblaining
a Crown Orant of the above claims.     """"'"*
jinL'-"1" ta.ko. "otlc° """t '"'Hon, under
wc Ion Tl. must bo commoncod  liofore the
.sminiicoof such Certificate of linproiomente.
Dated this 18th day of November, A, D. IM.
Ko FOimKS M. KKIlilY.
Teaming of all kinds done at
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Creek, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Qood Hunting;. Qood  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
A__A_____-f______, _____________ ___■___.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls ftNurtkern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only all mil route between
nil point* Bant, West and Month
to Rof-ttlnnd, Nelaon nnd nil
Intermediate points } connect-
Inu nt Spokane with the Orent
Northern, Northern Pacific nnd
O. R. & N. Oo.
Conneots at Rossland with tbe Canadian
Pacific Railway fop Boundary Creek points.
Conneots at Meyer's falls with stage dally
for Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
SPOKANE     mxm.
NKI-HON     ».<0a.m.
■**■ ■*•- <r-m.axm.Moxr,
:.. ■ .   , Qe'lieual P«,soiiger Agent
7.16 p.m.
4.30 p in.
(.45 p.m.
R Alt WAY.
Temporary Ct.Bfij of Service
Until furthor advierd the >te«mrf
for Kootunay LandinR will leave Proctor, connection from Nelaon lieing **
fullowa :—
For Crowe Neat, Winnipeg, Ht. Pm'i
Chicago, Toronto,  Montreal »i™
all Eaatern pointe,
Lbavb NELSON tmitt
7:15 a. m.       Dally 6:15 p. !»■
Por Kootenay Luke pointe and KmlPi
Licavb NELSON        Abbiv*
4:00 p. nr,        Dally 10:15». n>*
For Kootenay Lake poin,s Pr'"'"'r
to Koknnee Creek conncctinn fri1'"
Nelson will be 7:16 a. in. Monil»r>
Tuesday and Friday, returning «•
mime evening 6,15 p. in
Kor time tables, rates and foil ta*»-rf",
eallon or address A. W. HAIMSf. *•"*"
Midway, or -
i. S. B. i. COTI.B.
d.p.a.. *■ o* «"•*:•. ff-
KcIso_.BC.       Vaneouter, B-v U. ANU ina i mi* i
urnes hat returned from a
rhoniet pnid a visit to Mc*
| last week.
olph 8tuart,of Oreenwood, wm
tto \Mmoy ol* Ttauwdaj.
Mn. F. W.  McLaine,  of
d, drove down to. Midway
i lait week,
eoiul furnace at the Oreen*
,|ter will be at work iu a
t time.
, Brock, of Winnipeg, manager
great West Aeaurance Co., woe
way Ust week.
eldetal* haa heen awarded the
•for building a atorey nnd a
teldence on tbe Tenaaket ranch,
(Bean, who haa a Hve years'
i tbe ranch.
•land "Miner," finding that
i reader) prefer a Sunday to
day paper, will i evert lo ite
t custom of, puMiahlng on Sun*
I not on Monday.  Tbe practice
i left Sunday .labor I ban usually
. printing and preparation of a
hy morning paper.
} Little Bertha, which laat. year
[trial car of ore to the Oreen-
smelter, will liaely aend out
| more ore  ihoi-tly.   Thia   ie a
Fork claim.   IU ore is quartz
[ value* chiefly in gold.
phen M. Jones and Henry T.
I Duluth, accompanied by F. J.
«ne and H. K. My it on, of Oreen*
[ were in Midway on Thursday on
■way to Westbridge to examine
omiitoii wealth group nf claims,
I by Meesrs. Perkins and Heed.
eported that the visil resulted in
ng the properties, and if the re-
- correct, work will likely soon
iiiiienced on the group.
try Heins, a rancher, was slruck
) engine on the Kettle Valley line
| walking along the track  n-ar
|w last week.   He saw the engine
ching but failed to step aside in
although   the   engineer blew
tl warning  blasts.   Heins  sus-
I a fracture of tbe base of the
' Dr.Northrup of Orand Forks re-
I tbe iujuied man tu the hospital
,   Heins, however, was too weak
dergo an operation and died.
|*i special meeting of Ihe share-
i in  the Royal  Victoria Oold
hg Conipany, Ltd.,   owning tbe
rn Eitgle, near the Volcanic, on
orthfork qf.Kettle river, held al
nwood recently to consider lhe
ability of disposing of the com
I's property with ample capital In
the mkw, should opportunity
, the' necessary' authority was
I tothe management ,to lake euch
In.   Nine tenths of the shares were
psented at the uieeting, either in
pn or by proxy.. The Gulden Eagle
I time ago shipped  to the Oranhy
er ahout 15 tons of high grade
values of which were rhieflv in
and silver.     Cost, of hauling,
\gh, ie heavy under existing conns,
sample mill ot the Standard
ic smelter recently purchased by
itoiitreal k Boston Copper Com-
) is being dismantled, preparatory
putting in larger plant.   A No. 6
|es rock crusher and a Brldgeman
r have been ordered and a larger
ne than .the one previously in*
I has been pui chased, and, with
lother new plant, will shortly be
lived at the works.   Much of the
tpling plant at flrst put in will he
jn, but it will he supplemented by
f heavier machinery.   Nothing defl*
t has yel been announced as to the
npany'a intentions in regard to the
ice already built, but it is antici-
I that whatever betterments are
led in this department of the new
Iter will shortly he taken in hand.
.•■rations and   extentions   of the
IMings and the erection of additional
»bins are among the improvements
M will h« made.   With so much to
Ito get the works In proper shape
J continuous smelting on a sufficient-
(large scale to make it pay, il appears
Jlikely that the furnace will be blown
{before next June at the earliest
■ special general. meeting of the
krehnlders in the Hook Creek Con*
(Mated Placer. Mining Company was
ftl at Anaconda Uat night. Two
lids nf the stock lu the company was
presented either In'person or by
|>«y,l A resolution alilhorlzing the
Nng np of the company was passed
I a new company,'to he called the
tk Oreek Placer  Compuny, Ltd.,
■ organixed with a capital nf $80,000
1,000 shares at $80 each. Holders of
*r«s4n the old company will la* allied shares .iti*. the new. company.
lire for share, these shares to Iai l«*
led as paid-up tn IflZV leaving balance
I *5 per share. "This will leave snf-
pent capital available from tbe 3D0
lares in the old compuny lo pny off
fl exiting liabilities and leave a bill-
fettpt, work. The treasury will
f ve brides 700 shares for sale, when-
Nthe management, shall And the
Inie opportune for raising more work-
ft capital by disposing of them.   The
rectors of the ne»|V oompany arc
*deric Keffer, president s Paul John-
vice president• Budolph Liden,
*wtarytreasurer • Boherl Wood and
•B, 0. Keffer. 'A declsloti ns to
* work shall be done will shortly
iarrivftfat. so that, full advantage
f»y he taken of the season in which It
J"! be practicable to work.
4.10 p, m.
Wed., Fri.
k Sunda*--
tk) p. m,
„, AH Coast points
Pts. Crow's Ne.t It. rt
Kiistern Canada
Vernon, ote,
Trend Korks
„.   Qreon wood
All pts. East k South
Camp McKlnner
Kock Creek
All Wost Kork point.
1.90 p. m.
k Saturdays
Mails for points farther west of Midway than
Camp McKlnner go via. Revelstoke.
Money inlers from 8 a. ni, to 7 p. m. with lhe
exception of one halt hour before departure
and after arrival of mails.
._ Postmaster.
Preparations have lieen completed
for the masquerade ball to lie held in
McNicol's hall this evening, A nunilier
from outside points ar* in town for the
occasion, more will follow, and with
those of our own townspeople who
have signified their intention of being
present will make a jolly crowd, so
thai wilh beauiiful costumes, excellent
music, youth, l*auty and laughter, 8l.
Patrick's Day will Iw right royally observed in Midway.
By referring to the announcement
in another column ol this issue It will
lie seen ihat Jas. McNicol haa taken
over the business or the Midway Trading Company, dealers in general merchandise. , Mr. McNicol wus the pioneer merchant of Midway, having
opened the first store that started
husiness here, and in once more identifying himself with the business interests of Midway he shows a faith in tbe
future of the town lhat is highly commendable. We hope that his enterprise may meet with the success it deserves,
At a largely attended special meeting of the Orand Korks board of trade
held Tuesday afternoon a strong resolution urging the provincial government to grant immediulely, aa a measure of justice, two renrescntalives to
the Boundary district in the provincial
legislature was adopted. Tbe resolution sets forth various reisnns why
independent represent at ion should he
granted, nolahly laying stress upon
the large and rapidly increasing popti
lation of the district .md its enormous
contributions to the provincial revenue.
In accordance wilh tbe resolution V.
Dolieier, president of the board of
trade, wired Hon. Smith Curtis, the
member fnr Hossland riding, in which
ibe Boundary is a: present included,
representing nim Ui bring the matter
to the immediate attention of the
governiuenl. Public sentiment
throughout the Boundary on lhe question nf increased representation is
very strong,
New C. P. R. Train Service.
It is said the management of tbe
Canadian Pacific ate perfecting ar
rangeiueuts for placing in service on
June 1, what is claimed to lie the fastest overland train ou Ihe continent,
The schedule time for this traiu for the
run from Montreal lo Vancouver.
distance of 2.000 miles is 71 hours or
three days. This is one day lietter
lhan the time made by their through
train during the summer season. For
such a ruu the average time, including
stops Is a fraction over 40 miles per
hour. To make this through time,
however, a speed of (15 miles an hour
will have to be maintained over certain sections of the line. The
feasibility of the plan is said to have
lieen proved last summer by trial runs
over different portions of the road
covering all but aliout 000 miles of the
distance. A large amount of Ifoad
work has been done recently and Improvements are still in progress to get
thc l rack in condition to stand the
high speed of the heavy trains. A
triweekly service is proposed to leave
either end of the line on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays. These
trains will be run in.addition to the
daily service now giveti under the old
. >»■<	
Trouble With Indians.
Victoria, MAtch 10.-E. L. Kepner,
the Hudson Bay company's manager
at Port George, arrived at Quesnelle,
and slates that the Indians were endeavoring to take possession of the
fort. Attorney General Bberts for*
warded. Instructions lo send several
ipecials to the scene of trouble, aod
they were lo take such steps as may
he necessary to quell tbe disturbance
and punish the Indians.
James Thompson, the goneral manager of the Hudson Bay company, was
seen today in reference to tbe mailer.
He corrolHiratcd the report of the
trouble, having received a statement
fron, Mr. Kepner. Mr.Thompson was
through I hat. district, last year am-in
his opinion, the Fort George  ndians
are the worst In British Columbia.
They are continually Kiving trouble.
' Port, George Is situated at I he confluence of the Nucheo and the Fraser
rivers. It is about 00 miles north of
Quesnelle. The nearest Indian agencies
are at Clinton and Itaelton. fc# a
consideiahle distance from For
George. Travelling In very difficult at
this seasonof the year, so
Indians toke advantage o he lako
supervision and give trouble without
provocation..        t
nwsforwle. ..EnqiuraofW.H.WoUfc
uvu iu^iiv i vai_ i o.
1 he tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, is as under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group .,231,762
Mother Lode  99,548
?• C '•" '••• 47.5-7
Sunset      goo
Winnipeg  ,,040
King Solomon....   850
Snowshoe. ,  1,731
No. 7  665
Jewel * ••       32S
Sundry small shipments    2,500
Total. 386,738
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons, and during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, making an
aggregate of 484,575 tons.
k;_fc__;__ ;_fc_fc_k;
The Central Hotel
11th St., Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
■_-_->•> ___h __t_t_____ _n_n_M
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
PETERSEN & CO.,  -  Proprietors.
.   .   MID-WAV,, B. C.   .   .
Fresh Bread, Cakes and Weetiooery
Fruits, etc., always   Stock.
Try our Lunch Parlors for a good meal.   Heals at all Hours.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
m. H. WEBB.f
T. M. Qulley & Co.
__A--__A ________
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
V. BC GrXrj_.-_-,_E.Y Ss   OO.,
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated and comfortably
furnished rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Strekt, Midway.
_ __A____ltl_.<____*l___Uii
»»»»» »»» 999 999 »»M
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of
Single and Doable Drivers
Hay and oats for sale.   Bus meets all trains.
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.
€€€ €€€ €€€ €€€ €€€€€«€€€«<
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
THOMAS WALKER. Proprietor.
All tha best
Cigars and Tobaccos
oonttantly on hand.
Latest thadet
torn* of Wall Pap
Seventh Street
•a* w i?
MIDWAY, :=: B....C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The-imost important railway town ih the Kettle River Min!ng D>vis'on*
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
.<   Greek Districts.^
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River,  VVest   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mpuntain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
,  The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an
supply .and favorable,sanitary conditions.
Business,* residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms
excellent   climate,  pure water
),$_£~$&strt >5jiK '-•' _1_.-*<)__1_.A*___4_*i__s!__A__'4 JRiiK''
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P. ({.
Send for, Maps, Prices, and full particulars to .    .
C. M. (.ROUSE,
Agent for Hi-itixli Coluiuliui,
Midwayi B. C.
AT. Me "5J «»/'
(fail*. M.VM5 JfiSKi eC.l'Atfi-,1, •
xfj'f zzT'i, fSstti zijti, sjtf,.
—  _   ..  . •£fffttj^zl'fit^f,,-xitf:rrif,^j.,.^i .   ._  . .__._,____-
—e so -»■_ r.r,.e o. ,.e .-■ Me ii. Me A,. Me iAxale rrfi *.'*.& Me A, Me .A. Mt \Z. Me »..*v> *-'•*•*> Hi tie :zi- Me __Jkw >_>*_, 5«s_u
NEW   FAIRVIEW   CORPORATION.     I haveuo'h'i^ftAtiOn In stalinu.ijha*
. — I with a hiruill|i|>in.J to treat lhe eohfcn*
A Report from  the   Superintendent j trates, that the total enst of producing
is   Very   Encouraging. I Ihe hullinn wnuld nut exceed $l-ioper
_,,            _...,,           .. _ .       ton of ore, using steam, nnd if water
The new Fairview Corporation has l      ,   , .  <•        .      ...    , ,.
,       .       .     ,            ..     ,      ,   ,,       or electric .power is utilized, Ihis can
issued a circular to its shareholderst ■ *r
which contains a lengthy report from
Fifth.  Street,  Mia.
the superintendent, Chai lesOsteilhurg.
The report says in part:
The quantity of ore available for the
mill frmn I lie second level tu the surface on lheihiain vein, Ukinir 1(1 feet
hs an average width (ulthough at no
pnint on lhe second level where il is
opened is it less than 18 feet), and only
taking the. length of the present drift
(810 feel) is liV.t. «) tons.
As there is guuxl ore in huth facep of
the drift and the sin-fare showings .mi-
tiinie through Ihe claim, it is only
reiisunalile to expect that it will he the
Bailie as what has heen opened, and we
could therefore count ou having250,000
tuns ahove the second level of the
main vein.
Taking the width of the average
froii^the third to the second level as
20 feet, the distance hei ween levels heing 101 feet, ihis level would supply
280,000 tons, fur thehngth of the claim.
The nOrtl) ledge is seven feel w ide.
anil opened on hoth levels, and could
he counted ofl for 60,000 Ions.
We could thus reasonably depend on
having an ore supply sulllcieiit lo lake
'M) toils per day fur many years.
A pleasing feature of the main vein
is, lhe gradual increase in width as
depth is reached,
On the surface it is six feet wide, on
the Hrst level eight to ten feet, on the
sc nil I -vel IH lu 21 feet, anil  on the
third level Ul feet.
The value of the ore on the third
level su far as we have heen ahle to
prove it, is greater than on the other
levels, us 77 assays taken every two
feet as the work of drifting wus continued, g've an average uf $6,88 per
Until more drifting is done on this
level, and shules put in, as well as tlie
necessary timbers, whieh must he
large-mi account of the great width, it
will he hnpnesihlb to extract this nre
The work heing dune on the second
level shows the urn to he Increasing in
yiilue us well as in width, ns we go
westward the last average samples
taken three days ago heing $r>.i!7 per
,.'In an active experience extending
'livef 89 years, I have never seen ft
(piarlztnine wilh the po-jsihllities of
the Stemwinder, coupled wiih su little
risk. It is simply a quest Inn nf quarrying and mining lhe nre cheaply, and  I
venture to Bay Lhiit notybcrn iu Canada
ran this work   he done fur ho litlle
he reduced lo $1.30 per Ion
The increase iff cost tn furnish the
ore for alt additional twenty stamps
would not he over 50 cents per ton, as
the only additional lahor required
would lie. one extra man in tlie mill
and thiee more men in the mine.
We had no snow until three week*
ago, and as our wood supply is taken
from the hilh above the mine,' which
are vety steep, and the ground la'came
frozen and icy, it was imp'o»sihlet« get
it down, and we were compelled to fire
the boilers with green wood, obtained
wliere we could get il. At times it
was impossible to obtain a supply, and
we had to close the mill down on sev-
ern I occasions,
Our chief difficulty, however, has
been with the water supply. The
dams were poorly constructed and
we could nut get enough to supply Ihe
mill. To overcome this difficulty,
which was irreparable in tlie frozen
condition of the ground, we caught
the water in a small basin below Ihe
mill, after it had run through with the
lailings, and pumped it hack, using it
a second time.
Tliis enables us In run the mill, hut
nl a certain loss of our values, ns the
water was uot clean and would clog up
the small spouts on the vanners,
'When we lmd clean waler the exlrac
i ion went over 85 per cent, hut with
this water the average extraction was
only 73 por cent of our values,
Iiy increasing the present water
supply, which can be easily done hy
the addition of tiie water from Heed
creek, of which" your compuny have
the water rights, and which will give
you ample waler for all requirements.
as well as a considerable amount of
power, I Mieve the extraction will
reach 00 per cent of the values,
Fire at the Jewel.
Last Tuesday the shafl house over
the new shnfl at the Jewel mine,
known as Howe's shaft, was destroyed
by fin1. The hoisting engine in it and
the gallows frame were also damaged,
sn tbat until repairs shall have heen
effected it will not hn practicable li
continue gcling out ore from Ibis
pirt of l he mine. There are, however,
large reserves of ore in I lie levels run
frnm the main shaft, so that shipment
of ore to the Oranhy snielter will nol
be Interfered wilh. Mr, MeyerhofT
has half a dozen teams at work hauling ore from the Jewel to the railway
siatinn ul Kholt, those Inking down
alum! lid tons a day.
Handles the best Imported and Domestic,
a* Cigars, * Cigarettes and Tobaccos, of all kinds
that can be procured.-
All Papers and -Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
H. P. LARGE,   {
I' Lnnd Surveyor.
Architect and
Civil Engineer...
I-Jeal E_tate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
nwrABY  PtJBiiiommm
i alivtew Townalte Agent.
... -lltmKHK ...     *
r»oivi>.w. b. a
C'orr**»pondenc« Solioit**'!.
C.rtlfl.ntc   of  Improvement
ltKjlDV C»»H  liUOnOKAl   MlMIKI   lull
Situate In the Otorooi  «li»< Dtvtit-w if
Yale   Dlttrlei.   Wh«r« locmeil
. XrU.f.ttt*
r|rr   nnd (J H
i so, tm.
itnif held,
irt I ir!iiV«li
r . '    ■,<*'I
OTM'KUwt me.l.ii,
miner'* ciitlflumi No. Sit)
liflrieK,  frrc  iiiIimt'h   i-iriitl'"
intern!, tttity  iI:*jjm   from   it'*
lo apply lo llm M Intuit Hwnnlrr tr"
ot iBipnivemonm. for tht purr"**
• Crown Qmnt of the »bovi- i-l«lm.
And further l»kt notice lh»i I ■■   """
teoUon t;, mail  be oommtntwl ,"i"" -'
(•nuance of Mich Ctrllllc»t« ot linr'""""'-"
Ilntnl till, lltl d»> }f Annual, IM,
J AMI..* Mcfltt
17o k. D. BORIhO,
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C      --:;t   l^s    Camp McKinney, B. C


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