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iVol. XV, No. 5.
$2.00 ptf fm.
. B.utitiHi'Kit, Solicitor, Etc.
Qkkknwood, ii. c.
—: Notary Puhlic,
Imp McKinney, B.C,
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlcs Public.
bio Address: "HAUNT."
Oodks : llndfnrd McNeill's, MorciiiK it
Neat's, LcilirrV.
.  . .   MIDWAY, H.C.
Mil ARY  I'l III.IC.
Customs entries passed. Mineral Aet
and Land Act papers drawn up. Affidavits taken.   Abstracts made.
Communications by mall or telephone
promptly attended to.
Lkndell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00, V. ft N.
A. M. Can. Soo. C. E.
JkoviNciAL  Land   Sukvevok
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
inrd daily.   As-progress is mude in the I measurements,  and  ia  thus ahle  to
McGill College Sends Students to
British Ooiumbia
■ Hotel Spokane,
h/y   B. RICKARDS & CO.,
1-feal Estate
MIDWAY. 11 ('
Tonsorial Artist.
Fur a flrst-oUss Slinvn. Hair (lm. Sua Fnani
nr .Shninpim, rail at the abnve parliir.
tutors boned and ground.
KIFTII   STIIKKT,  -  -   ■   MIDWAY, B. C.
mmmaamaewtX    Bteokai-tt-
All Kinds or Repairing.   Horseshoeing
A   stiririnlly.
PlttaudPifh,   B_ar_*.
riairr-0i.A88  AccomwiuTios  roa Gukstb.
KT   Kxcellert Fluhiiiu on Kottlo Ulvor.JSf
All kind* ot work executed to
the satisfaction of customers.
Wm. St. Qutntin, Prop.
Kvorythinfc   _*'irsi-clnMH.
II. KEYES, Prop.
Good Accommodation,
Beat Liquor* and Cigars,
First-Class Stabling.
-»♦♦♦♦_ >*z*******o*****(i4)
Practical Watch Maker,
COPl'K.I*   HT
Quad Teela, Plenty Material,
end jo ycen enperlence to do
work correctly.   .  ,  .
£0CCXSeventh st- ■ nidway
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Of the Most  Perfect Mining and
Metallurgical Establishment
Known—The Macdonald
Chemistry & Mining-
Midway Meat Market
K. K. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers cm get choicest cuts of
•  ■ Batrtfretrntor o»x the premlaes  -  . S
Therefore Mentis nre always fresh and sweet    Call mul Ret u (rood joint s
flit dinner to-day. _
TELEPHONE 311* P. 0-BOX 25.       3
/.Ip-       Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
Seasonable Goods
Down to actual eost. 20 per cent less than formerly
laving a large stock of Summer Goods on
and  wishing to dispose of the. same, we Ivive
made the above reduction,   bringing these   goods-
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Cham brays, striped and checkered ,;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable go:ds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell fast at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Hoys to bc sold at a sacrifice, so doii't miss the opportunity, Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Hlack, to suit all tastes.
Grocery Department is stocked with a full
iroods sold at small margin  for cash.
v "lardware and Shelf Ware for Builders
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
Twenty three McGill University
students, .'iiTiuiipiinii'il tiy their pro*
frssur visited the Boundary country
lust week. The parly hus heen in the
province slncu ahout thc first of May,
Tlie object of the excursion is for the
purpose of ediicaiing the students in
actual in in i uk The putty is in charge
ot Dr. Porter, who ig at the head of
the mining department of Mi (iiil. He
is assisted in Riving, the boys instruction!! ahmit mining in B. O. hy Prof.
Adams, one of lhe McGill faculty.
The programme, which was urrunged
in .Montreal hefore leaving, of visiting
only one mine in euch cump is heing
curried oul, it heing thought that
time could not he found to visit, all
the mines. The students are kept
very husy and aie gaining much information; Dr. Poller suys that the big-
gist surprise the party received
throughout the tlip wus the mines of
the Boundary.
Nnw that lbe students urn visiting
the Province Ihe following description
of ihe capabilities und facilities which
the mining and met allurgy liranch of
McGill University possesses for special
Instruction iu this very important
Held of knowledge,limy pi nve nf inier-
est to mosl of our renders :
It may he premised that McGill
University was the first university in
Canada to make mining a subject of
insl ruction. Twenty nine years ago
Dr. Harrington, nim is still actively
associated with the university, now in
the capacity of Greenshields Professor
of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Led tir
er in Assaying, und Diteclorof Chemistry und Mining Building, iiiiniumced n
series of lectures on metallurgy and
mining. The following session saw
Ihe graduation of lhe Hrsl McGill men
in this course. Since then the work
has heen kept tip without a break, Hrsl
hy Dr. Harrington, then, afler many
years by Mr. VV. A. tiarlyle. Ma. E.,
(who was afterwards Provincial Mineralogist for British Columbia); then liy
Mr. ,1. E. Hardman and now liy Dr.
Porter. The ordinary mining course
at McGill consists of preparatory
scientific work in general engineering,
extending over Iwo years, followed by
special advanced work in mining,
geology, metallurgy (including assaying), mineralogy, surveying, etc ln
addition the sl orients uie required lo
spend two months at actual Held sur
vering and six weeks ai practical min
ing, each summer, these practical
studies comprising lhc chief work of
what are known as the summer schools.
Thus the usual terms al Ihe university
are added to, and in this wny practically the whole of whal would otherwise liu the summer vacation is occupied, partly liy surveying and mining
and partly liy home study. These
summer schools involve a visit of
several weeks' duration to some mining district, tlie itinerary of which has
been first arranged by the professor.
In 1808 the "slimmer school" students
were taken lo some large coal and gold
mines iu Nova Sent in and in 1HIHI
lo the anthracite legion of Pennsylvania and Ilie great Iron and steel
works near Philadelphia nnd New
York ; iu WO attention was given to
individual work by lhe students in a
number of different milling and engineering enterprises tu the Kast, and
now iu 1001 British Columbia is lieing
visited. About twenty students are
availing themselves of tbis exceptional
opportunity of obtaining Irom personal observation and instruction on the
spot, a knowledge of the mineral resources of tliis, the banner province-
iis legrirds milling—of th" Dominion.
They are iiccompunhri by Dr. ,1. B.
Porter, professor of Kilning i Dr. V. D.
Adams, professor nf geology, and Mr.
F. W, Draper, assistant professor of
metallurgy ; so that the advantage* of
the trip may lie Utilized lo the utmost,
Kuch student receives a printed outline of ihe points to be observed in
each class of mine and smelter visited.
A'< be goes along he lul.es full mites,
iiM>!_iirciiK'iiiH, elc, wbich are exam-
itinerary informal lectures are deliver
ed upon lhe geological characteristics
of the country being ttavelled through
and the special features of the mines
that are to lie visited are pointed out.
At the end of the journey memoirs,
either upon the whole of the works
visited or some portion in detail, must
lie written by each student during the
remainder nf the vacation, and these
will he of great value in furnishing a
permanent record of the expedition,
In 1805 Mr.-now Sir W. C, Macdonald, of Montreal, already Ihe greatest of McGill benefactors, foresaw the
present rapid developnienl of the
West, and begun to lay plans to provide what is now understood to he thu
most complete mining and metallurgical establishment possessed by any
university in tbe world. In December,
1HIIK, ibe completed Macdonald Chemistry and Mining Building of the McGill University was formally opened.
The Mining and Metallurgical laboratories, sit bate in the lower part of the
structure, aie fully equipped. They
are thus described in the McGill calendar.
These laboratories, with Ihe lecture
rooms and library,! he professor's office,
and looms tor apparatus, supplies and
fuel, are very conveniently arranged,
individually and with regard to one
another, and occupy Ihe lower part of
the main building and the whole of
both wings. The total floor space covered is approximately 17,800 square
feet, divided us follows :
Mining and Ore-Dressing Laboratory
and Milling Room, 5,000 square feet;
Metallurgical Laboratory, or Furnace
Room, 4,000 square feet ; Assay Laboratory, 2,6(0 square feet; Wet Assaying
Rooms, 5(0 square feet ; Technical
Lecture Room, 7,"i0 square feet: Library and Drawing Room, 750 square feet;
Offices, Stores and so forth, 4,000
square feet.
The two rooms flrst mentioned aie
of great size, and lire the chief laboratories of the department. In these it
is possible to take any ores of gold,
silver, copper or lead in Ihe condition
in which they come from the mines,
and lo 1 rent them from beginning to
end precisely as Ihey are treated in
the ore-dressing works and smelting
plants of the mineral regions. They
may therefore be considered as constituting a small commercial plant for
tbe actual production of metals. They
differ from commercial plants, however, in that an ordinary nre dressing
stiiblisbment or smelter is designed
lo treat tbe ores of only one district
unri sometimes of only one part of a
dislrict. The University laboratories
must, of course be adapted to all ores
now found or likely to he found in lhe
Dominion, and therefore contain a
greater numher of pieces of apparatus
than are to he found in one rummer
ciul establishment, although probably
110case will come up when all of these
machines will he used for any one test.
The Milling Room is equipped wilh
a complete workin planl, capable of
treating, if necessary, 10 to 'Al tons of
ore per day, the chief pieces of apparatus lieing: Rock crushers of three
kinds (Blake, Dodge and Comet.) to
break the large pieces of ore to small
size. Stamp mills, of tm and 050 Ihs.
respectively, forthe line crushing and
amalgamating of gold ores. Hunting
don mill, for crushing and amalgamating. Rolls, both coarse nui fine, to
reduce 01 es to powder when necessary.
Ttommels and selves for sizing the
crushed ores. Adjustable Hart/., Ool*
Imu and slide jins, wlih 2 and 4 coin-
part men ts, for concentrating minerals
by gravity, Revolving, bumping and
belt tables. Fine ninner, Willley table, etc., for separating valuable minerals contained in fine sands and crushed rock, Plates, pans and barrels for
amalgamating gold und silver ores.
Spii'/.kusten. spit/.lulteii, magnetic Sep
anilors, coal washers, huddles and
various other special pieces of ore-
dressing apparatus.
The machinery above mentioned is
not in miniature ; it i.s of full size, such
us tbe graduates -vill afterwards Hud
in use in working establishments, and
is provided witb hydraulic lift, belt
and bucket elevators, hand trucks, etc.,
It is, however, so arranged that each
piece can Ihi worked by itself, and
taken apart and cleaned up ; and such
of the Iai get-pieces us cannot be used
for small quantities of material are
duplicated in miniature hy working
models for handling small lots of material, The laboratory, while thus
adapted lo illustrate continuous work
on a comparatively large scale, is even
more perfectly designed for experimental work on as small a scale ns is
compatible with accuracy of result.
The motive power used in the laboratories is electricity, generated in the
university power and light station,
and utilized ihrough a number of electric motors conveniently placed near
Ihe machines to be operated. The department is equipped with the most
approved    apparatus   for   electrical
make constant and accurate determinations of the amount of power used
by each machine, mid for any especial
condition Of use.
The Metallurgical Laboratory is fitted with a water jacket blast-furnace,
21 inches inside diameter, with the
necessary blast apparatus for Blocking
lead and copper; also with a hand
reverhcriilory furnace, a Bruckner-
cylinder furnace, an English cnpellii*
tion furnace, and several crucible furnaces.
It has also a lead-lined rhloiinalii.il
barrel for high pressures, with filter
press, air pump, etc., and several small
vats, barrels, etc., for the chlorination
and leaching of silver and other ores,
also both large and small cyanide extraction plants for gold ores, these being the new methods which are revolutionizing the gold metallurgy of the
world and producing such extraordinary yields In the mines in South Africa,
the United States and Australia.
In audition to the above named
apparatus, the department is Hlted
with an electric fiu-miie, and with a
full equipment of electric pyrometer*
of both the LaChutrllieraiidCullendar
types. It also hus a Mahler calorimeter and several other less elaborate
calorimet 1 ic Instrument s.
The two main laboratories ate very
large and well lighted, and are each 2ft
feet high in the clear. Close to Ihem
are the rooms for storage of ores, fuel,
etc., etc , fiom which clear level passages lead to the elevators and connect
with lbe crushers and furnaces. There
are also several overhead hoists and
travellers. Material can therefore lie
moved from one point to another with
the greatest ease, and pieces nf apparatus can be readily taken apart and,
if necessary, moved by the since
It is not the purpose of the university
to use these laboratories for commercial work, although tbey are quite
large enough for such service. They
arc tote used solely for educational
work and for investigation; and, owing
to their thoroughly practical nature,
instruction given in them will be of
immensely greater value to lbe ."Indents than could lie the case if the
work were done only in miniature. At
the same lime, the investigation mude
liy means of such apparatus will be of
great use to lhe mining and metallurgical community, us they can be carried ont in all lespecls under working
conditions, and will, therefore, lie free
from Ihe disturbing causes likely lo
interfere with attempts to reproduce
commercial processes on a small scale.
The Assaying Laboratory is equipped
with a large soft coal assaying furnace,
and wilh a complete set of small muffle and crucible furnaces, some of each
being arrange1! for gas and gasoline,
and ot hers for coke and charcoal, as iu
some parts of the Dominion one of
these fuels must be used, while in ot her
parts another is found more desirable.
Connected with this laboratory is a
room with pump, bullion and assay
balances, and others equipped for wet
analysis of ores, and the olher chemical work required in connect ion with
the main investigations.
George W. Knit hei of Chicago, managing director of the Chicago & Briiish
Columbia Mining Company, haa lei a
contract to the Jenckes Machine Company for a complete development
plant. It will consist of a 00-horse
power hoiler, 20-hoi se power hoisting
engine good fora depth of 500 feel, No.
5 Oameron sinking pump and a HJ
Little Giant drill. Al the bike, in
Skylark camp, one of lbe group, mt
which exploration work lias been in
progtess for some time, the main shaft,
4x8 feel in tbe clear, lias reached a
depth of 05 feet, A combined shaft
anil boiler Inure, wilh a corrugated
iron roof, is now being built over tbo
shaft. By the time tho .machinery at-
rives at the mine everything will lie in
readiness for immediate installation.
The company lias also built a wagon
road from the main roud tothe mine,
Il is the intention nf Ihe management
lo carry forwaid the development of
the Lake us rapidly as possible in the
sinking of Ihe shaft to a depth of '.IKI
A hig strike is reported from the R,
Bell mine id Summit City. Fiom the
main shaft, 210 feet deep, 11 crosscut
was driven 121 feel to catch the vein
exposed in olher workings further up
the hillside. The ledge when encountered was only four feet wide and did
not contain any assay values. Two
weeks ago drifting from the ond of tbe
crosscut was started and a few days
ago a high grade ore chute 10 feet wide
was struck. Tbe ore averages $40 per
Ion, the values heing in copper, silver
and gold In the order iisturd. Development work is l«ing directed by Jack
Sttnly, wbo is interested in the prop	
ly, the control of which is held by Jay
P. Graves. The R, Bell has over HON
feet of stuping ground proved, unl
shipments will he made shortly. ...„",i, miiiiir yearly or Imlf yuiirly at the
option of tlio milincribor.
Ail vori Islng 1(1111* senl on application,
The people of Detroit are marvelling
at ihe peculiar case of a young lady of
that city who remained in a state of
suspended animal ion for 1,0 hours.
Such a case may seem peculiar to De-
troii, but we would think notbing of
it out west. We often lind people
here who remain in that statu fur
mon i lis; they are business nien who
do not advertise, and are onlv resuscitated when failure overtakes Ihem.
li would appear from an ul tempt at
a i event editorial in the Nelson Tribune, that the versatile editor of that
paper is of the opinion tbat he Is seriously handicapped both in expressing
his opinion of the editor of tliis paper
and also in dictating to us as to what
we musl wriic editorially, as the laws
of this province prevent him trom putting his ordinary, everyday, street
language into print. The editor
of the Tribune is foolish to entertain
liny such ideas. His opinion of us,
even if expressed in his native language, curries no weiglil, and he can
never prevent us from printing anything that we see lit lo publish, even if
he were permitted, in attempt ng
lo do so, to use language that
would turn the atmosphei e a beautiful
azure blue.
The lust issue of the Sandon Mining
K'vieiv contains thc following ;
"While eight or ten men were sitting
in a hotel at Midway one evening last
week, two masked men entered with
six shooters. One asked for all io hold
up, which was readily granted, and the
other relieved two of the nien of $550,
giving a Hrsl thought to the pockets in
which the wallets were found. The
country is lieing searched for the rub
hers, hut. so fur there is no trace of
No doubt the ahove was copied from
a despatch scut out from Midway regarding the recent hold up at limk
Cieek, as nothing of the kind occurred
at Mlilwny. Such carelessness in copying despatches not only has lhe effect
of furnishing the puhlic wiih unreliable
news, hut also makes the public uncertain as to the reliability of any infor
in iLiuii that is gleaned from papers
thu occasionally give space to such
incorrect news items.
The visil of ihe McGill summer mining school io Briiish Columbia is an
event of great Importance to this prov
iuce, but more particularly to the
Bouudary district. Although the students had read much of ihe mineral
resources of this district, they were
greatly surprised when they visited
the mines and saw the extent of the
ore bodies. Hitherto Ihey never
tlniiight that such large oi e bodies existed in this part of the province.
From this it can lie clearly seen lhat
su far nothing hiu been written regard
ing the mines of the Boundary thai
has given un idea of the great mineral
wealth it possesses, and thul there is
no way of oblaining un idea of this
but by visiting the mines, This the
students found when they visited the
Oul Ironsides and Knob Hill in I'hoe
nix camp and the Mother Lide, in
Deadwood. Their being convinced of
the wond'U'fiil mineral resources of the
B miidary country by it personal in-
spection of a few of its mines, should
prove a great advertisement for the
district, as the students of McGill will
doubtless have a good word to say
for ihis piovince, and more especially
the Boundary country, as a very promising Held tor milling investment.
The government of Briiish Columbia
has prepared a pamphlet dealing wilh
tii. mineral resources of the province,
i ir use  in   ihe Glasgow exhibition,
Ineu sh uld prove of great benefit us
•luui.d be the means ol furnishing
thousands nf people wuh liiftiriiiatton
concerning this great mineral province,
British Coliiniliia will nut have a com-
mis-louer ut ibis fair, but its interests
will be ably looked afler by Dominion
Commissioner Scott, and by the curator of mines for the Dominion, who is
A. K. Smart, formerly of Midway.
The pamphlet wus compiled by the department of mini's. It bears an attractive lithographed cover on"which are
written ihe words, "British Oulunihia,
the Mineral Province of Canada."
There is also u miniature map of Canada, showing the relative position of
this province to lhe rest of the Dominion. A map of the British Isles is
given a central position in Ih it of British Colunihia, in order to emphasize
the size of this province. A view of
the Purhament buildings occupies a
position on (be frontispiece, while
tliere are several cuts illustrating lhe
niinep. A review of the mining history
of the proyinuc, together with its mining laws, mineral out put, etc., is given
ns well,
The action of Mr. Kaulback, member of parliament for Lunenburg, N.S.,
In bringing the question before the
House of Commons as lo whether ships
registered in the Dominion are entitled
to My the Canadian red ensign the
world.over, has proved that the Canadian flag is British, uud is entitled to
a Hoya Scotia ship.owned by Mr.Kanl
hack, lo haul down the Canadian flag
on penalty of a fine of IJ500, which Mr.
Kaulback claimed was in defiance of a
warrant of the British Admiralty, to
substantiate his claim Mr. Kaulhuck
obtained a copy of the Admiralty
warrant, which he read as follows i
"Whereas we deem il expedient
tliul-Canadian registered vessels shall
be permitted to wear the red ensign of
Her Majesty's fleet, with a Canadian
coat of in ins no the fly thereof;
"We do, by virtue of lhe power and
authority vested in us, hereby warrant
and authorize the red ensign of Her
Majesty, with the Canadian coat of
arms on the fly, to be used on hoard
vessels registered in the Dominion,
"Given under our hand and the seal
of the office of the admiralty Ihis 2nd
day of February, 1802."
In accordance with this permission
the Doniinion Government adopted a
regulation in regard to the Canadian
ting as follows :
"The area of the shield shall in no
case exceed one-fourth the area nf the
l'nion .lack of the particular ensign,
The shield shall he placed centrally in
that putt of the flag which is beyond
the Jack,"
This is the correct Canadian red en-
ensign which ships registered ill the
Dominion are entitled to fly the world
.,..1. I 10 ■ .
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railwav Co.
Bed Mountain
Railwav Co.
The only nil roll route between
nil points Enst, West unci South
to KoshIhikI, Nelaon nnd nil
intermediate points ; connecting nt Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern l'nrifit'iiml
O. It. * „. Co.
Connects at Nelson with the steamer tor
Kaslo and all Koolenny Lnke points.
Conneots at Meyer's Falls with stage dally
for Republic, and conneots at Bossburg with
stage daily for Grand Forks nnd Greenwood.
Buffet Sleeper run on Passenger Trains
between Spokane and Northport.
hen vil. Arrive.
hpokane    ium "..in.    ;.:w ii.ni.;
ItOHShAMI    12,«0ll.lll.     4.111 pin. I
NKLSON     Il.l6n.in.     7.Ift p.m.
XX.   A.   .AOKSOir,
(il'llel'iil I'll-sehKer Agont,
-.w,, __..-<_'-mm I
XtmwmmxtiXa MA..  lOilw,,^/^
Those who will not work, neither
shall they eat. The principle involved
in that sentence is admirable, but it is
very commonly applied lo the wrong
class, It is generally thrown in lhe
faces of Ihe poor, whilst it should I*
applied to tiie rich. The flrst enuncia-
tor of the principle was himself a poor
iniin, and his sympathies were uot
with the rich, hut wiih his own class.
If tlie rich man were not allowed to
unl without working, we should not
have such a boom in the millionaire
business, Tha man who eats a dinner
and has nol earned that dinner must
have stolen it, Such is the opinion of
many Ad vanced Thinkers, and whether
il is true or not, nothing hut. good can
result, from considering the subject.
The remarks are produced by the published statement, that iu the Canadian
Presbyterian Church there are nearly
four hundred ordained ministers without- charges, and in the other churches
the proportion is equally great. So
laige a number of educated men living
ou the people—mun who eat but do
uot work -is a heavy strain upon those
who do work. The question has Isien
proposed—ought u Christian clergy
iiiiui to work und earn his living and
thus perform his Christian duties
without payment, lt would seem ud"
for a Church of England clergyman to
earn Ids living all the week by, say
shoeiiiakiig, and perform his Niuid.it,
services without payment and earn
on his clergyman's duties of an even
ing after closing his shoe workshop,
hut when we see that many hundreds
of men, educated tor the Christian
ministry, are hanging around wailing
for a profitable job, it is time to give a
sensible and unprejudiced condition to
ihe matter, The Founder of Christianity, ought (he clergy to walk in
His footsteps.
TAKE NOTICE Hint On Aay* nfior (Into I
of IjuihIh mul «iii'kn fur iiuriiiMnii u, nur-
cliiisc Iriiuiliiiinl IKI norm of Ium!. Iioginniiiii lit a
post timrkoil A on tlm wesl. buiiiiilary of Olalla
loivimlte, KoremnM Crook, Iliiiuce north 10
ijliiiuis inure ur less, ihuiiee west _ olinln--,
south |i' chains, easl 211 chains In poinl nf beginning, nnd rimtiiiiiiiig m acres moro ur less.
Datod the 3rd liny of Mny, mil.
C. doll. OIIKK.V.
The Boy Who Turned Out Bad.
The boy who turned out bad wns raised by parents good and true ;
They pondered what was good for him
and what they ought tn do,
And they at last decided I hey would
keep him home al. nights
So he could not take part in ull the
other hoys'delights.
Tiiey never let him play with  hoys
who went in their bare feet,
They kept him from the swimming
hole and kept him olf the street.
He never had a single light, and on All
He  with  the other litlle hoys was
never, never seen.
He never stole an apple from a neighbor's apple Iree,
Because his mothers eagle eye was on
hiu, constantly.
He never saw a "show" because his
parents always snid
They didn't want extravagance in
Tommy to be bred.
Hut when he grew up into years, he
sighed one day : "I see
The very sweetest joys in life have
heen denied to me,"
And all the pent-up spirit of tbe fellow
broke aud ran,
And what is mischief in a hoy is criminal in a man.
—Indianapolis Bun.
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvements.
(lut.li Him, Minkrai. Cuim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Dlvlilon of
Yale Dlstriet. Whore loeated : Kruger
I AKK NOTICE that we. E. I). Ilorlng, freo
minors cirllllcnio Nn, uTO*. and Stove
limit I, free miner's uertitlunto No. sttttn,
Inteiul, sixly iljiys from lhc dnte horeof,
In apply to the Mining Kuiiordorfora Cortlllentc
"I Iniiimv nils, fur llir purposo of obtaining
n Crown Umnl nf llm aliovo claim.
Ami further take mu luu thnt notion, umlcr
Hi'iiiinii 37 rniiHi he i'iiiniu*tnoeil boforo the
Issuiince of Hiieh Cortilicato of Inipriiveiiieiils.
Haled this I7lh day of May, IIMI.
K. 1>. KOIilNa,
.'le tdT-VK A1ANUOTT.
To — Mohlurko, lute of Spokane, Washington
iwhn.se lirst or Chris! Inn iiuiiii- Is unknown),
Sir.—Yon nre hereby notlflod Hull I have ex-
priided .Sliti Iii Inhor and ininrovotiienls upon
ibe'itiimi" Mini ml Clnim, siliuiieil in Kruger
Miiuiiiiiiii Mining Cump. In lhe Fairview Min-
ing Division, In Osoyoos Mining District, in
Ilritish Ciiliiniliiii, In order lo hold sold claim
undor tho provisions nf soctlon '11 nl lhe Mlnoral Ant such lieing ihe iimouiil minimi l.iluild
<aid elaini fur the year ending May Uml, ui.l.
And if, ni the expiration of ninely ilnvu of
publication of I Ills notloo. you full or refuse lo
contribute your portion of lbe expenditure required under snid seellon •11, logutbur with nil
costs of advertising, your interesl hi said olalm
shall become vested in tho subsnribor, nm of
your co-owners, under seotlon il nt thc Mineral
Acl Amendment Acl, mm.
Dated ul Midway, 11. C, this 27th dny of
Mny, lllill.
Co-owner in Iho "Hona" Mineral Claim.
I'oslofllce address Dragoon,   Spokuuu
4ro County, Washington.
Reduced Rates
East.   .    .    .
May 31, June 8.
_*o Buffalo
June4,18 ; July 2,16;
August 6, 20.
Imperial Limited
June 10.
I'm- time Inblcs, rules and full Inforinatioii
call on or address Ai F. MeCI.'IXV, Agonl.
Mid nn v. or
,1. S. ( AHTIOII, F...I. OOVliE.
II. I*. A., A. «. I*. A„
Nuluoii, II C.      Vancouver, II.C.
One Block West of Customs Office
<■§}   This is a first-class building, being hard   5& m ,
Qfe   finished throughout,   The dining room  $ a
jgy   ($•>   is run under the personal  supervision  {ja J
$  §fe   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with  V}
'_}   ■$   @   tll(: ,)esl 1n the markt'1'   Choice stock fi
@   ©   ©   of VWnefe, Liquors and Cigars at the
©   ©"©  ©   biir'     La>ge   Stable   in  connmio„
Tha Patronege of the Public It Solicited and
Satisfaction Buaranteod.
General Real Estate* Financial Agi.
A__rmxx%   X*o_*»»—-
Tiik Hiiyai. Inbi'kanch Cut.
Thr London and Lancashire Fihk
Inhuhanck ('oy.
The Insurance Coy. oe North
The London anii Canadian Fiiie
Insurance Coy,
The Sitn Like Assurance Coy or
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser kor the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
$ =
The Midway Pharmacy
t-W. H. WEBB,
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
MC_C3D"W.___3r, - B. O.
Repairing 0f all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty,
The Boundary Hotel
...JWDWAY, B. G...
Strictly First-class Throughout, Excellent Accommodation.
large Sample Room for Commercial Men.
THOS. McAULEY,   -     Proprietor.
ni. "i«.ij;"j;".!' ■
Carrying His flajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving m
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays,  Wednesdays and  Fridays at 9 a. m.  SB
reaching MIDWAY at r.Jo p. m., and making 1 1   '
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock,
Tha be»t of accommodation for
tha convenience of the
travailing public.
i iii »i* iin-
Oun  Si-kciai.tiks—Varieties Profitable in British Coltim&iJ
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue   j   L-Hutcherson, Man  -
Lancashire House.
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites thc
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furniicn-lM'itted nnd lomfoitnlil.y
fiinilHli.'d   rooiiiN.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre.k, B.C., on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting:. Good  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Is prepared 10
fill all orders
for Job Priming at li ivcst
rates consistent with js'oo**
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$2.00 per year. lm' LOCAL AND DISTRICT.   ".
ll. (.'iiiiiiTiiii, of VVestlii'idgB, wus in
idwuy mi Nuiui'diiy.
IW. K.  McBnyle, nf Canni, was in
,.j*, JHidimy during lln- piiHt, week.
■Mis. T. 1). Biiiiliiii-y, of Phoenix, is
rji,#|»ilin'< ful' a lew ilnys in luwn.
,t,VMS. T.  Lumen, nf Rni'k I'lvi'k,  pi.ill
"rSJtitlxxay u viiit Insl, Wcilnc-uliiy.
'zii- HeM rn. 'I'ii- McNicol leaven nn Weddes-
|Hy nn an extended visit In friends itl,
■Me roast,.
I^jwTiiiii Curry is dnwn from Hruvurtnn,
Hkld!s **!|"*»''i'»K a few days al. lln- Luu-
jjwhire House.
I.I.S. Carter, district ttavolllngpnnBen.
ir agent for i he 0, T. R., with head.
Barters al. Nelson, was   in   Midwuy
mt, week.
JR. il. Sidley, .1, P.. nr Sidley, wus iii
■idway lasl Fridav. Mr. Sidley say's
hul the recent heavy ruin full hus
■•lived nf great lioneflt, in the ranchers
Iroiiiul Sidley, whn nre now looking
biward to one of Ihe liest harvests
■ver hail in I hul  district.
I The Kettle River Power eoinpany
flvertlses an Issue of XHmuKm nf six
r ei'iit iniirlgui-e debentures rcpuyn.
i at 110, In January, 1053, lodevnlop
Wot lo Hold Up a Oreenwood flan
Discovered   Desperadoes Committed  lor  Trial.
Tiii'siluy evening, l.ouis Otmifiiri
Humes, Simdy Glencross and Sim
Hiigan, were up liefore Police Magistrate Hullel.t Innnswor in tin- foil iw
ing iiil'iii'iiiutiiiu luid liy High ('on
8tuhle McMynn : Louis Comfort
Barnes, Sandy (jHkiicioss anil Slim
Hogan iliil, on the llli duy nf Mny
last, unlawfully cnusplre, conihin".
uiinfederaie find agree logeiher tn
ooiuniil ii coi'tl'iii Indictalile i_i n-c In
wit., the I'l'iiiu of robhei'.v, liy then
anil  ihere ennspliliig,  cniifedenitlng
and agi ing together to unluwfull.v
uml liy thi' melius nf violence tn he
used liy them lo and rtgainsl tint nelson of one Frank "tlcOloogniii nml
there and then to unlawfully mul vlo
leni.ly steal frnm ilu- person ol ihe
suiil Frank MeOnoguii, moneys, etc.
There were u numher nf witnesses
examined, imt the pHnoipal evidence
fur ihe prosecution was u coiifesBlnn
mude hy Louis ('. Unriics, nn ■ nt lhe
licensed, In James Kmr, .1.1'., in wliieh
he said : I mis in Phoenix when Hand}
Gleiicrnss came to me mul told ine
I hut n iiiiui hy the mime of Frank Mc-
Qoogun wns in lhe hnliil nf going from
Or enwood in Phoenix   on Suiurdav
Bnoessions from ihe Cascade Power nights und usiinlly curried h tween
Bd Light eoinpany, and to repiiy sums $1,500 mid $8,000 on him uml i luu it
■li'i'iuly expended hv the London -Brit was an easy uuilter I'm- me in cni|i
jih Oolumhla Gold Fields conipnny, pany with Slim CosgrlfT to hnld up
Iniited. I MoGiingan  nml   relieve  him  of Ins
money,   We went one night hin iir ii
[Yesterday afternoon horse thieves
seen driving away two horses
■lunging tn ihe survey perty engaged
I Inoatllig lhc iiiternutinniil hoillidury
Tl"' BUrvey pur'y wus mil Hied
Jul i wo of tin in. in'nun'cil nn horses,
■in su -il (he thieves, who, fludingthal
Bi-'v were heing overtaken, left the
eu horses uml fl'-d.
Jus. H   \le\uine-. nf Osnow, Assini
^iiin. cuine iu  on Saturday's train uml
[lookingover   lhe ram-hing  Iniul  iu
■ vicinity nf Midway with u view In
Bnchnslhg;    Mr.   McNames is  very
Iiiu'h plensed w'lh Midwuy und is uf
• opinion that lhe bunching indus- times we waited for MeGoogan.   I got
• -li- mlil  prove   profitable  in  Hrsluneasy ahnut com inning   in try  in
Jghly  favored   pari   nf   the   Ketlle  h'hl up MeGoogan mid I nsked  Wil
I ver district. son's uilvlre in the inailer, ai Mist  he
Losl Wednesday ev ng It Gaidn... 80M,Bud  ""k " W"M '"' "   f-"1'"1
l. ruined   'In   oi'-niliers oflheMld ,"""«'   Tl'" ""X' '' 'y   '"' ,h;,",:"'1  ln>
ij   Bund al  He- Luicishire Hon.
x, iy   njoyiilil
une   xce lenl music tv ns iclulel
Jew   nl'  ih"  uieullii'l-s nf  i In-  linml,
im i-oiisiini,' ihe Midway Orchesira.
wns moonlight, we deferred our attempt until Die next Sui unlay ulgh .
I We hid III lhe rundsilie lllteudillg In
hold np McGongun. This time i; in-
arranged hei ween lis that we were in
liuek null g ig iVlcGoogaii nml li" In
I hen- null We xxol'e In gn hllt'k tu Pllne
nix. The horse was In heturned loose.
We hud iu risks made oui nf ji couple ol
nld ilruw' r legs. We had holes cut in
them fur the eyes uud xxe leli ihem nu
III" I .wer -ide of 1,1,e hill ul.uve llli ling
ruiu'li nenr the location uf the nld bu«
mill nml nenr In ii Imiil p i nt nf .i liill,
We lunl these musks during lhe llirei
Linoleums, jf
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be'
building out of Midway as soon as1
spring opens, and Midway is destined;
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town.   1 hey will make you rich.   It is | mmiBSfS^^^^^^^^^
Large Stock,   Low Prices,
IMC.   GULLEY   Ss   CO.,
not a speculation, it is an investments
For prices and terms apply to
*/&** •&& $»»§»»»» »»» s$s%, i
| The Cent^al Hotel
I'dllm  fol lhe geiieiMiis  i.iuiiucr iu
lieh lie treated all ihnse pit-pent,
I mind and iheu Mt. Lauder spoxe in
hue nlimit it. I hen I   did  unt   mini   to
el i-lling   u u*.   -pi'lii. :
I i , J se-the liuj's eiiughi and I senl u letter
; in Charlie Qleiicruss telling him ilm
Ihey were next tu Ium and thnl they
hnd he I r let lhe holding up husincs*
drop, I senl Ihisletleruptotilriiernss
; wili Frank Greeiiwnod. I hud in.-i
cnine up'ruin Midivny hy tr iin afler
j D A.Yonng.-of iVelsnn, ucooinpaiiled the eelela'alinii ilnic I stayed in
lv H H. Pitta, mayor of Sandon, Jrere | MldWnylast Friday night and nun-
,1 in uu Si iinlrrv un iheir re- up here on Saturday's Iniin. li mis
lurii fnun lhe Siniilkameen, where j |,l(jt Suliiiduy Ilmi I Belli this lelicr hy
Illi'V hul r-p-ul sever.ll llllvs ill lllukillg j |,'  ||IITJIItlll)| |„ ('.   (i|,.|„.| „ss.    (lieu-
Iverllial   disirin.    Both  gentlemenh-ross (old nu- Imw much money he
"ie very  enthUHiaaih: nver the ex   thiuighi MeOunganhudalihedifft-rem
'ii-ii-eeinl ir-us.iflliii. di*'rlcl   aim  limes we waited for him.   i'irsl lime
jn-'ilie! u grenl future fur thnl country. | heineen $l,5U0aiid $1,81)!), the seen il
B'lii.-hn: piesenl is Buffering from the ; ,jm,. $2,000 und $8,000 und ihe third
ednf railway facilities, time 1(14,000.   Hogan told mc thnl  he
llth St., Midway, B. C.
___*____!__* _h_h______h____________l_t__At_t______.
This is a  new three-storey  hctel, comfortably
furnished throughout,
The nearest house to the Railway Station.    The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect,
C.ood  assortment  of  Fresh   Bread,  Cakes
Confectionery always in stock.
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold
any hour of the dav.
W i _.»*JfcJfc^JfcJfc_i*^A i_*Jfe_fc _ii _fc_fc_t AJ_> -\ .
ii'l;  fjlj/-'''*'-*'-'-*--*'-*'*-*'-* 777 775 5?5 999sQ
I      S. DAHL, Proprietor.     |_ Has ope,,ed "pa
KiMMM«MM^tMM^l]^m,r_ni_i8_Li stable
n the premises formerly occupied
33-i,x*o-_cla.y  Ss   Harris
and has on hand a first-class outfit of
\V. I'\ O'lliini, of the tnpngrnphicjil
lunev- lirniich of ihe I>-puilmciil nf
■he Inieri'ir, arrived iu Midwuy with n
niy     uf    twelve   men   on  Thurs-
uy nnd nre mmped serosa Ketlle river,
llnse lo Ihe lown.   The parly, afler
eiinitely Buttling u piiUii ai Midway
Ir.nii whi h to Start, will proceed wesl
,uh the work of ic-siirveying ihe in*
'I'rmilininil   liiiiimliiry line.   Tliev will
wesl  us fur us   ihe   Siuiilkumecn
fiver this year.
hnd ii purlin r, hut I dn mil know his
tiiiiueor anything uhoiil him. Glen-
cross told uie he uiel iwo imn gniug
up tn Phoenix and he wondered il'
they were the men whn held up the
men at Buck Oreek. 1 lied a little in
VVilson when 1 luld him thul. Olencruss
Inui seen the men in  I'll dx  who did
the hold up ill Kock Oreek.
Fred Hum gave evidence eorrohor*
ai ive uf the Ihiriies' stntenienl regiud
ing  himself.     After Oonstahle Dur-
MIDWAY   SAWMILL10. ,   , n .. n.
"Xi±wA-l« Single and Double Drivers
riingli nml others gave evld' line iln
Tlie heavy ruins „f lust, week cniiseil i MmuaA „.,.,,. (.„l„111i,i,,,| r,,r ir.nl.
riiiisideriihle damage along Boundary  ^#< .
Creek, whieh rose consideruhly higher j       (Jran(,  porks  ^m Celebrate.
jhrin ii Iiiid for snine time hefore,   Al
rcenwuiid    several    hridges    were
(rushed   ull ii y   liesides    dumngillg   lhe
rih work on Boundafy avenue io ihe
] Grand Pucks is in hold u c lehrutinn
nn I li >ii> i n ii ii i Duy, July 1, which pro
iiiiscs t. he une nl the hest nf lhe kind
ever held in (he Bound uy country,
I'lic programme Include.*! hnrse race?, n
lacrosse inai-ch, fnoi racesanddilllluu
cnnlcsis. Al 11 nieeling of the vurious
I'liininiliees. held lasl Tiic-d-iy ev ll-
ing, ii waa uniiiiunceil thnl $8,000 «i I
W. P. Tierney, of Nelsnn, goiiel'ulh)00fx_eteA In pikes,
nli'siigeni forthe Alhertn Uni I wny k |    The new half mile truck will I e cm
luil i-iini|iiiny, wm juming the pusscn [ |i|,,||.(|   Ml  ample   ii   for  the  nee
(ei's nn lasl Thursday's train iii Mid- meet,   It is expected thnt MnntaiinJ §
v.   iMr. Tierniy is ulsuii lni'ger-iil[ liluliu nml   Washing: (in   homes  will    J
md entitructnr, nod ia now engaged | compete.   The events include the fol j jjj
|xtent  of   sevi'iul    lliniisiind   dull Us.
file   hridge ut  the   cro-sing  nf  the
Bewduey trull at Boundary Tulls was
fnshed out, hut Midway escaped with |
lut siilVering any dauiage whatever,
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Saddle and Pack Horses
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.
meets all trains.    Freighl and express de
delivered to any part of the town.
Vsx£i£i£. £i£z£i _Sa£a____\ £a________. £i.____:£i.£-£i<i£__ AA _'_»
v^-vx' •vx-^ ^^T ^^^ WWWC-'C^C^.'C
_. I    ., II. ' Ill * '     *i.^l#l'   |'li'|ii   llll    *    -M1IIII II   II'    MIMI      IU1     l.r
_^ ,  p, . i   r    i    \\t       li . i ♦       I'nrtliw having mining prnport)  tor wile aro roquostod tu
Band Sawmgand Job Work done to order:: ,o,l;™2;u0or^tHo;reM,I.nKPA.n.
Teleph me No. i
I elephone orders receive prompt
li maki ig exiensiolis In IheC k W.
lii'ds ul I'lliult, whioh nccnunts for his
fip lo the Boundary country. Mr
'i'liicy snid ilmi he had heard nilioh
[ Midway and decided to come dnwn
|eie expressly to see the Inwn, and
•a li" was very much pleased wlih
" place,   He ><iis vary euthushistic
B"r ill" beamy   f (he town and  Ihe
|r ll    fn uie which lie lliinks is iiiienil
Mr. Tierney wns accompanied
lv his sun, whn left Hie fdllowlng
nrnlng for ihe Sltnllkattieen, where
■' will suend several months Innking
|v i' that  iutry.   Mr. Tiurney lefl
|l> Kridny'slrainfiir I'lhnlt.
Hide n Cleveland,
1*ur nil bicycle accessories and sup
flies cull on W. II. Webb,
{Ordera(llevuland wheel from W. 11.
hb, whn Ims the Midwuy agency,
Kid" ii P'lpulnr wheel. Tlm Oleve
Iimi is acknowledged In he the sunerinr
fheel made (n-clny,
Three new uml slightly used i'pright
fianosai.a great hurgnins : une  Will-
lm at $250.00 ( hm idem style, Onk
fuse, fully Kiu,|.u„imi (lt u27r,.oo • one
Jl'ihnganv. latest nrlistie design ul
I'lii.OO. (IreeiiHond Music Store,
pieenwoiiil, I), ().
lowing : Quarter mil" dash, $300, $75i
Hve-eiglnhs in He, $175. $75; hoys' pony
nice, (punier mile, $50, $i">: saddle
nice, 800 yards, $50, $86 ; 300 yards in
heals, $175, $7j"i ; half mil" dnsh, $800
$75,   In the hnrse races ihe fundi inns
ure fnur in eiiier uinl ilu- n slan,
Km ranee fee $10. The Hrsl prize fur
the double huild drilling conU'sl "ill
ne a purse nf $300.
\n i Ifnrl is heing in uie Insecure lhe
Htlimduni'eofii large siring ol Auieri
cun burses.   In aildhlnn n progci	
of iiihlctii spoils »iH I"' curried mil
Repieseiitiilivc coll 8 hnve heen
: ♦
! Tlie Travellers Insurance Co,,, *
I rrinrYTrrijXBTrinnnr
.... Of Hartford. Conn. |
rrnrnnnnr I
In the ovenil
works will  h,   ili-churgi
Hiiiniuil,   uf   Ohservatiol
overlooking ilu- nlty.
$1.(1)0 ivorth of Uteri   from   lhe
i ml nn.
Ohnrtorcd 1M«;i.
istock Lift* nnd
Accident Iiianniin*i*.
ISSUES thebest life hiHUiunee
I i-'iiurueis iu lhe wiirlri, Nn
disiippuiutinent ns io dividends,
Hvi'iyihing glliirunteed in uii-
viinec. Preuiiuin rules 15 in 25
per cenl less than llinsc uf nld
line iMuliiul ciiiiipniiies.
ASSETS, . . .
January ist, 1807,
$30,884-53 J|
.17,010,2(10.20 jf
. J,97<M24'3<>   _
 !  *
The Triivellets (" himiliini Accidonl Policy guarantees foraccidental *
uniler ordinary conditions, ^
lirulli lli'iii'lli      .... ?.iii«i 1   hnss nf Itlghl Hand IMD0 <,,
I,ims uf siuiii nl Until I'iyeit    ■ .iii' hods of hoKat or aliovo Knoo S.ftiK) th
l.nsiif llulli H'l'i'l nr Hiilh lluiuls 8,000 ,    hnss of l.ufl llnnil      ... I.
hnss nf Om' Hand uml (hie Cool, o.iKKi i    tns" of Rltlior Koot 1
I'l'i'iniiiiiiii Te'iil liisuliil ly 240(1
l.ioiils of   Weekly
Loss of sight i.f Olio I yu   .
Indemnity $1,300,
I,'.in   lb
Reduced Rntes Enst,
On  M„v Hlsl   nn.l  -  Hth ngenls    ^
OamuHun Pacific Hailivuy and Knolon J $
|H   will   isSU"   1 ml
I    I'iiiI  nt $50, f I
11, ,. irrespondlng re-
nis Ir nil
ANI). If such injuries are sustained  while riding us 11 passenger in
5  11 n\ passenger conveyance using sleain   cable,   or  electricity us 11  ..
V   motive power the aiuoiuil tn he paid   shall be DOUBLE  the sum *
* specified in bile clause under which the claim  is made.
ay ciininion p '"
trip tickets In >
fur sisl v days, »
dllUtioilB tn llll l''isH'i
stailnns.   Km- Pan-Ainerlcan  |inI'""
linn lickcls «ill I
duly 2, III. nml Allgusl «•
at   $70,    Pull   pnilienl'ii
ul .lime I. |s'
, 211, in Buffalo
I'l'iUII   Ideal
* Cost $52  A  VliAU
* Mkn.and Commercial
» Other sums at proportionate rates
Business J^
-W. H. Norris,
*************************** **************************
_'___!     PKOSPECTOBa      BXJOBA.XTCIX!. ♦
No. 4  K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi. B.C. t
Oold, Silvi'1'.l.eiiil nml Coppor Mines ivnntod ul llio EXCHANGE, ♦
KltEE Ml 1.1,1 Ml DOI.l) propcrtlos wanted al -e for K'uslrrii Invostore. ♦
.leui-i- roquostod in solid samples of Iholrnrc     *
* Corrospoiidonoosolloltod    Address nil iiimiiilmtloiisto *
* Aiidreiv   X*.   RoMPUbet-R-er. *
J   Telepll.llli' Xu. nil. IMI. Box 70(1. NELSON', IJ' J
************* ******** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ***** ******** ********
(. THE '
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh  Street, Midway.
Rider Agents Wanted
One iii cneh luivn iii i-iile uml exhiiiil a sample 11*11 model hicyclc nf nur nivn
... , iiiiiuul'actiire. VOl' ('A.N MAKB $10 TO $50 A WEEK, hpsltles having 11,
te j wheel lu riile ynursell'.
$10 to $18
$7 to $12
$.". to $8
We will ship anv lilcycln ON VPHROVAL In anvnnc willmul u emu i]npn».
it in iiilvnncc and ullmv TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL.   V nke iihsnlutely nu
risk in iiidcring linni us. jis mu iln mil neeil lo pay 11 cent if the hleycle Hoes
nnl siiil vnu. On mil Imv n ivhecl until vnu huve wiil len fnr nnr FAOTOHY
I'llK'HSuiul FBEE TRIAL OFFER, This liheral iiflfur has nevpr heen 1 quailed and is a gnariintec nf thu quality nf nnr wheels. WIS WANTarcliahlH
nnrsnn In each ikxx-u in difliillinte calalogiien fnr im in exchange fora hicyule,
Write lO'tlny for free catiilngiie and nur special offer,
J. Xa. B_L_»a-cl  Cycle Co., obico_o.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed,
1900 and 1800 Models, Best  Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, mam- good
as new mmmmmmmMMmmmm^
ft-C iii'i vi *'v '?J'*iC,M«iJpTH|
*'' so
■ m
tf  'tt '
a'/  IS Me WUV t») *.» fKUV r
"K •' IW W 8 Wffi*A"
(j_5'I* «0>»» rzjff, r<]t,,-dZitftiii)
MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The most important railway town in the  Kettle  River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle River,  VVest   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,  Meyers   Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
WI St John .Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
0. M. CKOU8E,
Agent fnr Hritish Oolinnhia,
.Midway, B. V.
551 iv ryvi
' •flt-f ZiPf -Zil ff I f! tf
fff All ff ''
il'f'lijff i&tf^it&Jfli'Z&ls&Vis-yift'ii -fff'ti ■:iV,t-'.'iV,t-'.-lfHiVtttf'f-Ktf «i	
Morrison  Affairs.
The following circular lei ter has heen
senl oul hy the secretary nnd mining-
ing director uf lhc Morrison Mines
limited :
Take notice that an extraordinary
gi mini meeting nf lte shareholders of
the Morrison Minen, limited, will take
pi,ice nn Wednesday, the 5th day nf
June, 1001, al the hour of 1(1 o'clock in
lhe forenoon, in the office of lhe said
conipnny. III" Rookery Building, Spokane, Wash., fnr the purpose of elect-
h o twn auditors, whose duty it will he
tn examine the hunks and accounts of
tlie company and reporl on same at
ilu- ordinary genpiai meeting to he
held in the early pari of 0- tuher. If
ynu cannnt he presentnt (hi-* meeting
wc wnuld he pleased to have ynnr
A. F, Oliver, Secretary,
At the Inst general nieeling of Ihe
company lhe stockholders failed In
uli'i I auditors, and ns the nctions nf
the managing director huve heen ques-
tinned hy a, few iriespnusihle hrnkers,
the directors feel it their duty to show
how the money has heen expended hy
culling this extraordinary meeting,
Ii has heen claimed hy two firms nf
lirnkers, one at Greenwood, B. 0., and
the ollmr at Spnkano, Wash., that the
moneys nf I he company hnve nol heen
properly handled, They have so intimated in their Weekly liullelins which
ihey hsuc once a week to their correspondents. Owing tn the ahove nun-
plaint the directors of the conipany
recently visited the mine in a Imdy
and are ihnrnughly satisfied wiih the
condition of the mine and thewayln
which the money Inn heen expended.
They have also employed Mr. Hoy H.
Clarke, a compel enl mining engineer,
in make an examination of the mine.
His report, logetiior with a financial
sluteinenl, will he nniil.'d to the stockholders as siinii as completed, which
will he in ahoul ten days.
In Fohruiiry last ilm assessments
were discontinued, us the company had
entered Into a contract with the Standard  I'yriiic S Iter  Conipany,   to
smelt nut less thnn 2.(01 tons of ore per
month, hut in said contract was a
c'nuse providing Ihal unless a ratlrnad
spur wus Imiil nnd cnmpleled tn the
mine within IK) days the contrncl
would liecinie mill and void. The con-
tract did not stile Ihut the smeller
coinpaiiy should hullil lhe spur, Iml us
sunn ns lhc contiact was signed the
smelter people deposited Ijfi.iVK) and
the Morrison company (jUVi'-O in the
Dank nl Montreal to the credit of the
(), P. tt, company for the purpose of
griding the line, Shortly afler this
the railroad company allowed the
smeller oompany tn draw down I hell
niiinev, This was done without nntl-
lying ihe Mnirisim company, and iu
consequence of this the contract wns
made inoperative, In discontinuing
assessments the directors Ihink Ihey
were justified, ns the contract was an
excellent one for the mine, and we
hud nu reason to ilonht that it would
he carried out hy the smelter company, I
After lhe contract was cancelled it1
then became necessary to again levy,
assessments, as the mine had run in
debt and hnd heen workingsleadily by
the directors advancing money to meet
the bills and payroll. At lhe time of
the Insi assessment the directors hud
gond reuBon to believe that they would
have no trouble to contract wiih lhe
B, 0. Copper Company's smelter, and
lhe two cents was levied to pay nil' indebtedness, lo place ijii.'KK) to the credit of the (!. P, li. conipany fnr the
grading nf lhe spur (which Ihey demanded), and to run the mine Inr two
months, when we hoped to have Ihe
spur in and ready loship. But upon
the recent shipment of Iwo cars of ore
to their smelter for trail Ihey claimed
that our ore carried ion much sulphur
and they could not handle same. We
are just in receipt, however, nf a wire
from this smeller asking us to shin tun
cars more as a furlher test, and il i.s
still possible we can make salisfacton
arrangements for the treatment of oui
ore. The Inst, two assessments will
pay all Indebtedness against lhe mine
nnd carry nn development up to iihnut
I he flrst of October. In the meaniinie
we hope to contract for the output of
the mine to Mime une of lhe smelters
in ihe Boundary country.
We wish to stale fnr the benefit and
prilled Ion of the stockholders thnl lhe
mine is in a posilion today to maintain a large daily tonnage, and as sunn
ns the 8' c nil level is opened up, whi' li
is now being dune und will praclicnlly
he completed in IX) days, we will theii
he in a position (if tht. stockholders
desire) tr sell the properly at a good
figure. We wish to guard the stuck
holders against the weekly bulletins
Kuiilislied hy ihe aforementioned bin
ers, and which tend lo depress the
stock thu it may lie iHiught in fir
their rlienls. Neil her of the broker
age firms in question are in good standing iu their respective cities, and il
Would he well for any stockholders,
shnuld they do any husiness with them,
tn send Iheir slock Ihrough a hank
with draft attached,
Afler the charge of misuse nf the
company's funds was made lhe directors offered to allow the disturbing
element lhe privilege of sending un
exp'il, accountant to the office of the
cnnipany forthe purpose of examining
llm hooks anil lo pay them fur their
lime and all expenses in connection
therewith. This they have refu-eil tu
accept, whieh in iiself is conclusive
'evidence (hat Iheir nnly motive is In
depress the slock.
The annual meeting of the company
will be held on October 1st, and ive
trust all stockholders who are ahle
will he present in person, or he represented by proxy, that they mny see
fnr themselves (he condition of ihe
mine and its finances.
Hespectfullj yours,
V. II. Oi.ivkii,
Managing Dhector,
To 1). McKay, Knq., of Kereiueos, llrilisli Co-
Take nntioc Unit, I linve iliuic on the "Valloy
View" mineral clnim sltuato nr, llio Wost siile
of Koromoos Crock in tho Osoyoos Division of
Ynlo Dlstriot, lho work required by section '21
ul I ho Mineral Act for Uio your whicli hus expired uml hnvo duly recorded tho rcrtitlcnto of
work :
And fnrllier lake noliee Ilml if, nl lhc cxpir-
iiiinn of lm days fnun lho dine of lho Hrsl. inlbll-
i-iiliiji] uf ihi.snntieo in lhe Midway Aiivanuk,
you, a co-owner, fnil loeunlrlhiiteyinir proportion el' lhe expenditure required hy snid seetion
21 hi report of sueh work, nati-clv inl.'l.. to-
gi'llier ivilh nil tlio costs of advorlMn-r, your
interest in Raid minora) claim shall heroine
vested in me upon tiling with lhe i ii>K recorder of snid mining division llm notico nnd
.illlduvil required liy lhe "Mineral Ael Ainend-
ineiil Ael IBM,"
Haled Ihis 20th day of April 1001.
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone -eiiflliiK n 'ketch nnd itc-crlptlnn may
quickly asoortnlii our opinion freo wliel.lier an
Invention m iirnhnbly piilentntde. rotmminlcit.
Hon* strictlyrniillileiitlii!. Handbook ou I'utcnta
lent free. (itilc.l nireney for aecurlnjr indent*.
I'ntenta taken through Munn A Co. receive
lprrd-1 notice, without clmnre, In the
Scientific American.
A h.'itiiiH'iriiciy tl hint rated weekly. Lnnroit circulation nf imy noietitlHc journal. Term*. $',. m
jrunr; fnur mouths, IL Sold brail now»<1e«1er*.
MUNN * Co."""— New York
Branch Olllce. tt f Ht. Waihluiiton, D. I'.
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
Xl*./,  Architect and
______-. Civil Engineer...
l^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
P aii view Townsite Agent.
. . . .IIIIIIIKMH. . .
mikvikw, n. c.
Oori'osponflenoe Bqllclted.
ToC. A. Helor-on, lale of Kholl Crrrk
ilWrli-l :
sir:   Vnu ure horoby notlflod ilml
<-.\|i,'liilr,l Klir.'.'i in Inhor uml ml'
iil'iui llio "HIk Windy"Mlnrrul ( l»i
liil'ruvidriuT ('uinn, In 'lie Ki-nl'  I
IHKldii*li r Yalo li|«lrid in In"
hin, In onliT lo hnld Blid claim ""■
vi-i|,ilu,of Si t'iiiii '.'I of llm Mlnrm
lii'lnn Uie iiinimnl required to ho''
clnim for lhe year eiulliiK April ■''. H"
And If nl Ilie oxplrallon of nincl) '
publication nf Ultn nol ire ynu fnil ol
i-ouirlliiiie your proportion of ilu- ( :
ri(|iilri'ii undorsalilsoction 21, i''r
nlliwl* of .idvcnMiii*. ynur Inn n ■
iliiini uliiill Ihihiiiii! I'ontod In llu ■
lyollr 0lHilvnel>l tinder Hrrtioll t of U
ul Ail Anieiidniiiil Ael. 1000."
(inled nt Midway, II. 0„ lhl- -'
April. IMI.
0. I* Tiiomkt, Mm
•are J. A. Unhwohtii,
Riverside  Additionj
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an invest*;
ment in Midway real estate, the information is!
offered that on the Riverside Addition may bet
found 300 very choice residence sites,
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, B. C
• iz'rr \
...:■■ ■'■;-:,. '/-'i-i-


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