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Vol. XV, No. 14.
$2.00 per Year.
Uabrhtbr, Solicitor, Etc.
Ukkknwihid. II. C.
—: Notary I'uhlic,
Jamp McKinney, B.C,
Hallett & Shaw
Notarlei Public.
Iculilo Aililriw j "Hallett."
Codks ', Hi'.Kuril McNoIH'h, Moreing &
Neat's, LuIImji-'-j.
.  . .  MIDWAY, H.C.
customs wumiu,
Customs entries passed. Mineral Act
and Land Act papers drawn up. Affidavits taken.  Abstracts made.
Communications by mall or telephone
promptly attended to.
IiRkni)EI.l Block, Gueknwood.
Phone DO, V. A N.
A. 9. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
lllllllWAV ANU OHEO'wmin.
I-Jcal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
|Kjra OmL-olaiM Sluivu, flair Cut, Su» Kimiii
or minimum, cull at Hm above parlor.
Iln/'irs hoiimt ami f*ruuiul.
Irimi .struct, - -  ■ midway, b. c.
| dra_n«l    XXXasotrnmamXAXa.
| All Kinds of Repairing.   Horseshoeing
A menially.
Plttaaad-lv-.   »■_•*■.
|*ir   Kxcellort Kl-hing on Kolllii Klvor.jW
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
| Hotel Spokane,
^XX Seventh Sl.-nidway.XXCa
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in slock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
- Midway Meat Market
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers can set choicest cuts of
•   . KetvlKBrata- on the premisiea   -   -
r\-s fresh nnd sweet
fur dinner to-day.
Therefore Meats arc always fresh nnd sweet    Call nnd get a gnnxl joint jj|
P. 0. BOX 25.
ra --*-THE
3?      Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
i|v  are prepared to welcome quests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering    First-class Livery Stable.
kinds of work executed to
ha aatlsfaotfon of outto«er».
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
KvorytliltiK   B'lrat-olaBS.
I X*±*hh__ mowsmmt., a_-t-wa-.*r.
It. pYES, Prop.
j Good Accommodation,
He*. Liquors and Cigars.
First-CIubs Stabling.
n R. MON.
Putty Watch Maker.
Hood Tools, Plenty MMtrMI,
■nd ao yurs experience to do
work correctly.   .  .  .
Seasonable Goods
Down to actual eost. 20 per rt less than fopmerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we h ive
made the above reduction, bringing .hese goods
down tti actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Orgahdie-s, and numerous other seasonable gouls for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced' prices. Only a few left, as they sell fast at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Boys to be sold at a sacrifice, so doi?t miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suit all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
|i«e 0f goods sold at small --margin for cash. Pro's-
pectors'Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
This Province nines and Smelts Copper Ores riore Cheaply Thnn Any
Other Part of the World.
Hritish Ciiliiiiil'iji lins 11 vusl urea of
mineralized mountains contained in
iu extent nf over HOO.OUO square miles,
The late Dr. Dawson distribute!) these
mountains, running tinrthwist and
southeast, into four main rinigi-B,which
are a opnilnualion and expansion nf
all the valuable mineral distilelsiif the
western Dulled Stales. llrilisli (,'olum-
liia extends for K(K) miles iioilh and
South, frnm Ih. 49th totlielUtli parallel,
wiih an average of HI) miles east and
Minerals are distributed throughout
its length and bread I h, bill ihe human
mind fails to grasp and realize the immense. Health lyirg dormant heiefor
future development. Let us, however, leave generalities anil come down
to ttInit has already been accomplished
liy develupuu'iil, and se.' what districts
have been proven copper hearing.
We must not, however, forget Ihe
amount of native copper that has actually been i'i coveicd with lite alluvial
gold in the sluice boxes by plater miners in the Lillooet, Cariboo, Gassiar
nnd Oinineca distiicis, without the
mother sou ice being hunted for.
The chief districts ai present being
workttl are the Nelson, liossland,
Boundary, Osoyoos, Similkaineeti,
lisp, n Grove, Kamloops, Howe Sound,
Texada Island, iMounl Sicker, and
other pans of Vancouver Island, Hen
net!, Ailin and Teslin Lakes distiicis.
Disirii'is proven copper hearing, but
not being actively developed are the
Golden, along lhe upper Columbia
river, the Lardo-Duncan", St. Mary's
river, Shuswap lake, the upper Keitle
rivi r, lljizlton, and others. These
discoveries alone, without the further
opening up of the center and noi tbeasl,
of the province, are immense for a
future copper supply.
llrilisli Ooiumbia th es nob claim to
hint1 more phenonn nully ritb deposils
lhan tn her puts, bul rai her very
large, wide, auriferous coppi rores.
She docs, however, empha'bally
claim lhat her people are mining and
-melting copper oivs more cheaply
ilian any oihci part of the world, with
auriferous deposits, end on ibis score
is ii I'm ure factor in the cupper market
that cannot lie ignored. Let. us go
inin this claim of cheap mining and
smelting and see how facts I ear out
ibis contention We have all heard
ol lhe cheap mining of iron ores near
bake Superior. 'Iheie owncis have
Income millionaires hy selling iron
ores at $1 a ton f. o. h. This is done
i y.square set timbering ; all the sticks
jiiecenteied. cut and tenoned of equal
s'ze by machinery. Winn ihese seto
are levelled aod strut'd from a given
vertical line unskilled labor can product) them to any distance in any direction, and as levels aie connected
from one to number allsetsrorrrspond
and uphold the upper ones. Chutes to
deliver the oies automatically into
hoppers around the main shafl are put
in i then roof blasliug (or caving)
brings down hundieds of tons at one
blast into these chill es. Oopper depos
its in H'iii-h Columbia are so large
lhat this system is already being practiced in lhe Boundary country. When
one talks of large deposits here one
means that there aie wide pay st.ieaks
of rich ore, and from lliese the values
shade off and lessen to the sides, having no detined nulls. This In ings mining to a question of Imw low a grade
of ore it will pay to mine ; the lower
tlie grade, lhe widei the zone mined.
Water is abundant, so that a low
guide oie can le i rushed and passed
over VV'ilfley tahUs to bring the values
np tn smelting standard.
Take a 1 per cent copper nre with
gold values added. What if I hi'loss
of copper from eonceiitiation is '41 per
cent of the copper contents '/ Concentration still pays. One per cenl of
cu.iper is 2(1 lbs. of copper per short
toil of oie. Twenty percent loss on
i his is 4 lbs. of copper pur ton. .lejiving
Itl lbs. recovered fioni otherwise valueless waste.
'Die abundant water powers through-
out the province to generate electrical
power decrease thc cost of hoise power to drive all pumps, hoists, compressors for drills, concentrators, sawmills, etc , and the. prevalence of our
forests makes timber very cheap.
These natural aids adopted by human
ingenuity are what makes copper milling cheap in British Colunihia, Now
about the smelting.
In the Boundary country furnaces
buill to smelt 250 tons burden in 24
hours of average ores elsewhere, smelt
4(10 tons here, as the composition of
the ore is an ideal self-Huxing one, dis
pensing with all foreign profitless burden in the furnaces as Duxes oulside
tin* coke. Pyritie smelling—i. e., with
hot blast, using Ihe sulphur contents
of the ore tis fuel, reduces the consumption of coke from 12 per cent per
Ion of ore too per cent. Also no preliminary heap, roasting or calcining is
required, enabling the rich ores Io be
put Into lhe furnace straight from the
mine. The Hist, metal from this process is a 50 per cenl. copper matte.
This matte is lapped from the outer
hearth of the furnace, in a molten
stale, without reheating iuto M.uihe
convei ters.
ln these converters, with the addition of a small amount of coke, (he
first metal is blown up into blister
copper—all this in two smelting processes alone. From the converter the
molten copper iB lapped into anode
moulds ready for dual electrolytic refining to separate the precious metal.
This dual refining is cheaper in Briiish Columbia than most parts, since,
as mentioned In fore, nature is lavish
here in her water power to generate
lhe electricity required. We have
polysiilpbide ores id manufacture acid
from on the spot for ihese refineries.
To hear out all I hese data Hossland
has mineralized zones from 1(10 lo 115
feet wide. Boundary bas them to 300
feel ; Howe Sound has immense ones.
What more can the heart of a miner
desire ? We have the ore deposits,
timber ami water in abundance, cheap
smelling constituents, unlimited coal
deposits for coke, examples before our
eyes of skilled mining and smelting
management. Whal. else is required 'i
Why, ample working capital lo go
and do likewise with 'ither deposits.
British Coliiniliia produced for 1000
in lode gold $8,401,067 ; in copper, $1,-
816,280: In coal and coke, $5,066,880
By working capital invested without
stint, the multiplication of this output
annually cannot, but be predicted.
The Americans arc buying up mines
and building smellers. Why does not
(.real Britain take a hand iu this more
than she has ? Can ynu point to better facilities in other parts ?— Western
Mining World.
To Define Boundary Line.
The work of completing the survey
of lhe boundary between British Ool
iiiubia and Yukon territory is the special task this summer of Mr. An bur
St. Cyr, I). L. S., of the department of
the interior. That oftleial, accompanied by a party of fourteen nien, is now
on his way north. At Caribou Crossing he will he joined by iir. Bealty,
who will act as his assistant during
lbe summer.
Mr. (binge White Fraser, D. T. S.,
has already rim a linn 12(1 miles east of
Lake Bennett as far as Lake Teslin,
electing monuments every tif teen
miles. Mr. St. Cyr will lake up the
work where Mr. White Fiaser laid ii
down, running a line lo the western
bouudary as far as Mount Sl. Ellas,
The starting poinl will he at West Lake
Beimelt, and lhe pally will follow the
Takheenl. river lo its source.
Tbe engineer iu charge is obliged to
wait up all night in order to get. bis
observations from the planets. Mr. Sl.
Cyr expects to spend two yais on this
The Golden Crown Mines, limited,
has levied till assessment of one cent
per share, payable on A iigusl 12. It is
intended torcsumewnrk on I he Golden
('rown mine as sorn as practicable,
probably during ihis month.
The tonnage of ore shipped hy the mines of the Boundary
District during July, so far as ascertained, is as under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group.... 18,181 tons
Mother Lode  9-344 tons
B. C  5.'35 tons
R. Bell      260 tons
N0i  7      160 tons
Total 33-o8o
Shipment.-, during 1900 totalled 97,781 tons, and during
the current year to July 31, 209,769 tons, making an aggregate of 307,550 tons.
A New Town jHas Lately Sprung Into
Existence Across the International Line.
Rkpum.ii'. Wash., July 20.—New
cnme8frotn Wauconda lhat that place
is hooniing lo a degree rarely witnessed even in a mining town, lis growth
is almost magical. Last winter half a
dozen houses constituted the village,
and there was not a saloon in town
and but a single eating house. Today
Ihere are three hotels in operaliou, as
many saloons, a livery stable, and, ill
fact, all lines usually found in a mining
camp are represented,
This wonderful change has been
brought about through the efforts of
the Wauconda Gold Mining conipany,
a Seattle company owning most of the
stock, and ils head office is also io that
city. It has spent a large sum of money in developing tlie property, which
is a free milling proposition, and is just,
now erecting one of the finest milling
plants in Ihe state. The general manager of the company, Gcoige L. Hedges, was in Republic this morning, accompanied by A. N. Spiague, general
manager of the Wauconda Improvement company,   They said :
''Everything is booming now. 3. B,
Itossmuii of Ihe Kossmau Manufacturing conipany of Minneapolis, who has
Ihe contiact to erect a mill foe the
Wauconda Mining company, is on the
ground and a force of mechanics for
several days past has beer, working on
a compressor plant building. This
will he lhe first machinery lo be installed, ns it is no longer possible to
make sati-fact nrv progtess intlic mine
on account of the foul air. There is
still another cause for rushing woik
on this building.   The machinery  is
already at  the depot at Midway  I
will he placed iu posilion at the earliest
possible time. Belter progiess will be
made in the mine as machine drills
Will take the place of the hand article,
and several of ihem will lie used at ;he
same lime. The building is being
erected at the inoinh of the tunnel and
will he large enough f, lutusuuu j-oreiy
and also for lhc machine shop. The
company is prepared to dn its own
repairing in ease of accident to the
"As soon as the carpenters can be
spared work will begin oil the hig
building thai will bold the reduction
machinery, lt will bea large sliiicture
and will take months lo erect,
"There are 20 houses of various kinds,
but most of them of a very substantial
character, that have been completed
within the past month, or are now
well advanced. There will he a small
army of men employed hy the Wauconda company, a large force on the
mill and on lhe mines that are being
now operated iu the vicinity, or are
about to be. will give the town a population of -10(1 or 5(0 lefote winter
sets ill. These must be shelteied, and
it is, therefiiie, probable that the boom
is iu its infancy. One of the most gratifying signs that we have that, our
population will he permanent is that
so many of the men have brought
their families nr will send for them.
 ,-* .	
A Brave Act.
As the steamer Kaslo was making
tlte bidding lit Kaslo ihe olher day a
deck bund named Morrison fell into
lhe Water and was in danger bf drawn*
ing, being unable to swim. W. ,1.
Hall of the Vil loria House, was standing im the wharf al the tune and saw
tlie deckhand go overboard. Willi*
uni ii moment's delay he plunged in
afler him, but lhe aclion of the sl earner's wheel curried I he two men in under llu Hotting wharf. Hall had no
ditllcully in reaching Ihe drowning
man, but lhe latter managed to dutch
loin around ihe neck, tendering him
powerless to effect the rescue or save
himself.   As neither uf the men rose
to the surface lhe spectators began u>
think thai they had witnessed a double
drowning fatality, i'orliittalcly it ocelli red to some uue on the whaif to
probe under lbe wharf wilh a bamboo
pole. In doing so he prodded Mall
mid Ihe latter hail just sntliricnt. sense
left to take hold of it untl ill this manner was drawn oul irom under the
wharf together With the deckhand,
The breath of nil' which Hull gol revived him for a iiiomeiil and he then
went down for the deckhand a second
time, who was now unconscious. He
succeeded iu bringing bim lu the surface, when he again gave out. The
two men were then fished out of the
water and after several minutes' work
were resuscitated. Hall's feat was
pronounced by all who witnessed il
as the must daring attempt at saving
life ever seen on Kootenay lake, as
be took all,kinds of chances in going
in after the deckhand in view of Ihe
proximity of the steamer to the floating wharf. He will be recomii elided
for the Royal Humane Society s medal. THE ADVANCE.
C. M. CIIOL'SK Manabkh
Published   weekly   at Miilway,  II. C,
Subscription Price, $2.(1(1 por annum, *sy*ble
in advance, either yearly or half-yearly at the
option of the subscriber.
AiiverllHlw* Haws sent on application.
The Veriiiil'loii Forks Mining and
Development company has completed
the assessment work on the La Reine,
Princeton and Tempest fractional
claims on Kennedy mountain, and on
the Iron Mask and Jubilee claims on
Ihe north end nf Copper mountain,
.lames Hislop, P. L. 8„ will proceed
With the immediate survey of these
claims, and application will he made
for a crown grant.
Ernest Waterman, resident manager
of the conipnny, is authority for the
statement lhat plans are heing perfected to bring in a drilling outfit sn as to
exploit the company's coal lands at
depth, lt is expected that lhe inachin*
try will be on lite ground early in the
fall as negotiations wilh a New York
machinery house, with this end in
view, are now being completed. With
the aid of deep boring machinery it
will not be a hard matter tu thoroughly pi aspect the coal measures and Ihe
results will he eagerly watched. The
company's coal mine, on the south
bank of the Similkameen river, across
Irom the townsite, is being put into
shape to supply the local'demand for
caul. Bunkers are being built, and already shipments to Nicola and sut-
rounding points ure being made. The
coal fetches $0 per ton at the pit
mouth. This winter wili see quite a
large home consumption, us coal will
be cheaper than wood for domestic
purposes. The outlook for the coal industry is bright, but until the measures are tested at depth it must ueces-
Ri-irily remain more or less problematical.
Following the lend of the provincial
government in going into the lownaiie
business, Smith Curtis, M. L. A., of
Rossland, is about to place upon Ihe
market the new townsite uf Copper-
Held. Nearly two years since, when
Mr. Curtis Hrst paid the dislrict. a visit,
lie pin chased from Captain S, F. Scott
his pieemption of 300 acres situated
nine miles from town at lhe confluence
of Whipsaw creek and the Siuiilka-
ineen river. At that, time he had an
eye to the possibilities ofa prosperous
town being built when the mines of
Kennedy mountain and Cupper mountain were developed sufficiently to sup
port a good sized pay roll. That time
is fa-t appioaehing, and Mr. Curtis
lias had lhe lowneilje surveyed hy Jus.
Hislop, P. L. S„ and laid out in blocks
and lots.
Speaking of his embryonic city Mr.
Curtis said : "The development of
the mines of Copper and Kennedy
mountains in (he near future will sup
port a good siaed place with Iheir pay
roll, Between these two mountains
I here are few places suitable for such a
lown. Copperfleld is at the foot of
Kennedy mountain, and right across
the Similkameen river is I topper mountain, within easy dislance, Bes'des
numerous mineral claims, many uf
which will in my opinion unquestionably develop into mines, there are also
along Whipsaw and Nine Mile creeks
and the Siniilkameen river coal measures that will also when opened up
support a large pay roll, Thete is also
another |Kissihle industry that may
eventually heroine important. Near
by are large deposits of clay suitable
for the manufacture of pottery, Are
brick, sewer pipe, etc. Immediately
below the townsite there is a splendid
site for a smeller with an abundance uf
water, and if the future justifies lhe
election of a plant the product of both
Kennedy and Copper camps could Ik>
easily trammed down Ihe inountain
side at slight expense, .lust as soon as
I can complete arrangements I shall
have the townsite cleared and a gond
hotel built. Meanwhile I intend to
make myself thoroughly acquainted
with the district by putting in most of
the summer here."
Nw Ordered Another Blest Furnace
for Its Smelter.
Tlie British Columbia Copper company, Ltd., of New York, owning the
Mother Lode mine, has ordered another blast furnace for its smelter nt
Oreenwood. The new smelter will be
similar in construction to the one now
in operation and which has had an
uninterrupted and very successful run
ever since it was first blown in, on
February 18 of the current year. It is
a stack furnace, the down take going
from 12 feet ahove the feed floor .tup
some IS feel, and then dnwn into the
big main dust. flue. The site tif the
furnace is U inches wide by ISO inches
long, inside dimensions at tuyeres, of
whicli th*re ire 10 at men tide, of 3
inches diameter. The AlHa-Chaliners
company (successors to tlie K. P. Allis
compuny, who manufactured the flrst
furnace) of Milwaukee, Wis., are building the new furnace, the const luction
of which will take about 60 'days. Allowing for time that will he occupied
in delivery at Oreenwood, and in construction, it will he Iwtwecn three
and four months liefore the new furnace will be ready for operation. There
is very little preliminary work to lv*
done at thc smelter, provision having
been made at the lirst for two more
furnaces. The steel furnace house will
have to he enlarged, but. the floor and
Ihe dust Hue are ready for the pulling
in of the additional smelting facilities
the new furnace will afford. The engines nnd boilers arc sufficiently large
to run three or four furnaces, but another blower will have to he added lo
provide far the increasing treatment
capacity of the works, The nominal
capacity ot the furnace In use has frequently been staled in print as 226
Ions. Its actual tonnage of ore treated since its blowing in is as follows:
February (10 days), 5,016 tons i March,
10,510 tons, daily average H3B1-5 tons ;
April, 11,322 Ions, daily average <&H*\
Inns ; May. 11,830 tons, daily average
'AM. tons ; June, 11,200tons, dail} average 3731 Ions. Total tonnage lo .lime
30th, 44,877 tons ; daily average for
four months-ended June 30, nearly 3tfi
By the time the new furnace shall
have heen completed leady for work
the company's Mather Lotle mine will
he in shape ta double its output of are.
It is at the present, time easily keeping
ahead nf the requirements of I he single furnace at the smelter, and this
wii bout hoisting any ore at nights ami
working only six days a week at. the
mine. Further, the No. 7 mine, in
Central camp, is now sending down
about Km tons nf ore a week and nr
eangciiit'i, Is are almut complete fur the
output of the R. C. mine—between ISO
and 200 tons daily—heretofore senl In
Ihe Trail smelter, being shipped lo
Greenwood. Then, too, there is a pro*
liability that negotiations imw in progress will result ih the lewel mine
shipping regularly its gold quaite ore,
which hns heen proved suitable for
smelling, to Ihe Oreenwood smeller.
Altogether the prospects are lhat as
gards ihe smelling industry there will
be, before the year closes, a material
increase in the tonnage at Greenwood,
the experimental stage having now
heen left behind and the period of in -
creasing treatment operations definitely entered upon.
Certlflcate   of Improvement!).
»LA_;:PlNK,T«l'8llTtAT, flMM  HM*.  B'"»™
Jack, Hijui, 1-'ak Wt-ar, and I-wtk Hkssik
Sltuat* la Yuneman group of Summit camp,
Similkameen river Osoyoos Mining Division of Y*le District.
TAKK NOTICK tliul 1. Okas. Delllals (ireen.
I       as agent fnr Kuwaiti llulliick-VViibslur.
froe    minors    eertlfleato    number     "Ml'.
Intond. sixty days from (lie tlnte licit'tif.
Minlr to the Mining Itoconlor fnr a Cortlflcalii
of liiiuriivmiiiiiils. fur tho pnrisiso of obtaining
Crown Grant of tlio abovo claims.
And further tako notico that action undor
motion S7 must bo commenced boforo tlio Issuance of such Cortiflcato of Iinprovoinonls.
Dated Ihis 17thday nf July, MM.
lie CIIAS. null. (IKKKN.
art. -.. ><•
To Schluikn, Into uf Spokane, Washington
(whom Ilml or Christian name Is uiiknownl.
Vou aro hereby notltleil that 1 have ox-
Ilill in labor and taiprovomenls upon
uiii" Mineral Claim, slliiatcd in Kruger
iln Mining Camp. In tho Kairview Min*
l-vlioso Ilml or Christian
Sir,-You are hereby notltleil that 1 have ox
pcuilctl .
Mtiun'nlu * ,-. -;,.--,     .... . .   .
Ing Division, In Osoyoos Milling District. In
British Columbia, In order to hold said claim
under tho provisions of section 'Jl uf lio Mlnernl Acl such being tlio amount tMairwl "hold
said claim for the year ending May ant, Wil.    |
jAndif, at (he expiration of ninety days of,
nubll<»Uo-i of this iwMod. you Jail orrofuse In ,
iwnlrtbatx yoar iiortitm of t*0'B«*ij»Mimii«ere-|
quired under Haiti suction A torethor wirh all i
costs of advertising, yiuiriiiitoroal.in Said claim t
Act Amendment Aot, 19(111.
D.itetl at Midway, B. C, this 27th day of
MR5'm jem anra.
to BUFFALO via
/Ml Rail .* Lake floute
Soo Line.
(via St. Paul or CliioiRo)
Aug.6,20, Sept. 3, 17, Oct. 1,15
Throutfh Sleeping Oar
On* I liunge to Hut (11I0.
Cosi^ierhi the "Knna" Mineral Claim.
Postefflco address Dragoon,  Spokane
4re County, Washington.
Kor time tabled, futon and full information
call on or ndtlrow A. V. MoCIJIXV, A*ri<nt,
Mlilwny, or
D.P. A, A.O.P. A..
Nelnoii. il. C.      Viiiwouver. II. C.
Mm-armaaOXa. ■*..  SCidway,
One Block West of Customs Office.
l'his is a first-class building, being hard   $   ^  & Jl
igg   finished throughout.   The dining room   ^  ^ J'
tjg-}   <3§   is run under the personal supervision   $ /g «
(§§   <jg)   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   (g ra
<D   @   ®   l^e l)est on l^e mar'<et'    Choice stock  & a 1
®   ©   ®   o( W'nes' Liquors and Cigars at the ffi
@   ©   @   @   bar-     LarSe   Stable   '"  connection, g
Patronaf* of th* Publlo I* lolloltal Md
SatUfaotlon •mrant**d.
Ammaa.* ror«»-
Th* Ruvai. Insuranck Cov.
Thb London and Lancamotuk Fire
Insurance Coy.
The  Insurance Gov. 01* Nttta*
The J.ond<in and Canadian Fire
Inmibance Ooy.
The Skis-lam KmamAviiK Coy ■*
Thk Dominion Building and Loan
AimtAMER mitt the Canada Permanent Loan aNd SaviNOSCoY
" Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Certificate  ol*  Improvements.
rL.'KK VlMV KXTKNaitlN MWfeHAt OtiAIil,
Situate in the Osoyooi Mining Division nr
Yale district. Where located : Kruger
TAKK NOTICE that I. Mian, de II. Grecie
a* nuciit for Ida Thompson, freo nllnors's
certiiicate Nu. lilulM and fur Frederic VV,
Mt'ljtiiiu. free miner's corllflcKle Nn. iiTOSKI,
inteiul. sixty ilnys (run, the ilaujhereof. to
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only nil rail route between
all points East, West nnd South
to Rossland, Nelson and all
Intermediate points ; connecting nt Spokane with thc Oreat
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. B. &N.CO.
I   Connects at Rossland with the Canadian
I Pacific Railway for Boundary Creek points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage dally
for Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
EFFECTIVE MAY 6th, 1901:
Ride a Cleveland.
For all bicycle accessories nnd supplies call on W. H. .Wehh.
Older a Cleveland wheel from W. H.
Wehh, who has the Midway agency.
Certificate of  Improvements.
apply to tlie Mining Itctmrdcrfiir a CortlScaiii
of Improvement)!, fur tho pnipiwe of nhtainiiig
i. (Ymvn Grant of tlie above claim.
And rurthcr lake notice that action, under
section Tt. must bo commenced before the
issuiince nf such ('iTtillenic iif lni|irii\ iini'iits.
Dated Ihis ilih dny of June, I'.mi.
Wc CIIAS. iikII. tlltKKN.
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. 111.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNI- V on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. 111.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. ni., and making con
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Th« beat of acoommodatlon tor
tha convenience of tho
travailing publlo.
ltt:H«!4t!ttl«t«ttt«t*rf ftHtfMHttttliltt^irttfl'ej'tlHB
__C_2K —mam ———m mmk_\\_____k_\\___m_m______t        __________mam _Mm\mm\ Mmmmma _______\a__\\^_m^___m_\_x____memMtA ________ mm ■■!
    9.110 i.m.
!..'« p.m.
Ull p in.
 (1.15 a.m.
7.1ft p.m.
a. -r-_cj__a
Uencral Passenger Agent
The Boundary Hotel
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excellent Accommodation.
Large Sample Room fop Commereial Men.
THOS. McAULEY,   ■      Proprietor.
TlUL'XK MimtKAt cum.
Situate in Yuneman froup. Summit eamp.
Similkameen   rHrar,   Oioyooi   Mlnln-;
Dlvlilon of Yale District.
TAKK NOTICK that t, Chaa. clefiloin Ureen,
nn agcili for Ril ward Bullock* WebaUir freo
miner'*   eortillcate N'u.KIWI7   and for John
Yihiiik free inlncr'.eei ttltcate Nn. nlulmi iiiienil,
ydaj'H    ■-•■•-■
sixly dayti fnun the date horeof, lo apply to
Rules for Prolonging Life.
The following rules for warding off
ill ai li have heen compiled with great
care for the Modern Miller hy experla,
ami meet with the endorsement of the
mosl. competent medical authorities in
the world :
Never step into an elevator hu'eh-
way when the car is not there,
Do not permit yourself to he run
ovei hy a street car or railway train.
Under no circumstances alloiv n
Wick to drop from the lop of a huild-
ing onto your head.
He careful not to he in a place when
a Imlt of lightning strikes il.
Never full from the top of a high
huilding. If yon are determined t.i
full, take an easy one and use a net.
Do not take hold of a live electric
light wire, llotli you and the wire
cannot remain alive,
Permit no person to Hie a hall Into
you,   lf he insists, make a 'hlghhall.'
Avoid handling unloaded guns.   A
mun generally thinks all guns tire unloaded when he is 'loaded' himself.
Never drink 'poison' in your coffee,
It is Mi'i'vcd in its least deadly form
over luus,
A special meeting of thc I'loiird of
Liueir.'e Commissions for thc Bound
my licence district will he held at
Ciarade to-iuoii'ow.
11? Kecontor for a (Vrtltlcalc of li
pnivNimnt for   tho purpose or obtilnliiK a
Crown Orant. of the above elaini.
And further take notice that action, under
seetion 37, must (hi commenced before the issuance nf such CortltlcaUi ef Improvement*.
Dated this ITtli day nf July, lD.il.
12c (!HA_MM„I_ ORKKN.
KSTABI.ISHKt)   1881*.
Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue,   |   R. Hutciieuson, Manager.
$3,000 IN PRIZES $3,ooo
At Greenwood, B. C., Monday, September
Drilling Contest,   Athletic Sports,
Firemen's Tournament,      -:-      Horse Racing,
Grand Industrial Parade.
The Midway Brass Band Will Be In Attendance.
Special Excursion Bates From All Points jn Kootenay.
R. W. JAKES, Mayor,
Chnlnimii Ki«ciii.Iv« Cii-nmittt-e.
Chuii'tiMti (ii'in'inl Committee. Secretary.
Tanglefoot ,
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
The Midway Pharmacy
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, BX. ::
The undersigned  having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiirnuue-hcntod and comfortably
f-irui**lu*il  room*.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
The Riverside Hotel|
Is situated at Rock Cre .k, B, C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Qood Hunting. Good  Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
A^A_k___k_b_t _k_k__A__ _A_
m w ww llrffffffffff
VVhe»t ley. ut Beaverdell, was
,nn yenterdiiy.
Perkins ami J. Thomas, of Can-
Oity, were in town tn day.
W. Power* and P. H«ldst«b visited
West Folk  I'umiiry during the
,st week.
H. I."h hns moved lulu the premisesi
hicli he-recently purchased from 0,
0. I). (jiinninglwttii and Jas. Atwood
ve returned from a prospect ini* I rip
Ihe West Fork.
Mr, and Mrs. A. H. Sperry. of Ureen.
nod, drove down' to Midway on
laturdry, reiurning again yesterday
P. S. Stanhope and V. W. McLaine
ikvb returned from Cranberry creek,
here they have heen having their
Otto J. Klolt and asslstunt, nf the
Ktrniiiiiiiii al staff of the departmeni
if the'interior, are in Midway taking
ilwervali'ins in conned ion with the
location of the 49th parallel.
Rev. H. "Anderson, for some time
st.pastor of I he Presbyterian Chinch,
•eenwood, has giVneto Scotland,
ev, Miller, of Falrvfew, will All lhe
'acancy in the church at Oreenwood
onioned hy Mr. Anderson's depnr-
At lhe recent teachers examinations
■ield at Nelson B. V., Kev. Dr. Hitter
.if Midway was lliird  on  the  list, .of
luu* who weie successful In obtaining
irst A. cerlideates.   Jus. Sutherland
merly of this place, but whn is now
aching at Keremetis  was also   silt*
ssful iu obtaining a cerlitic.iti*.
.1. A. ('onls'in  aud   W. Oliver an
liuiluing a wagon road frnm here to
heir ranches.   It will cross Boundary
reek jnsl above Lamb's il.un, where a
iiilisuiiiiul   bridge   is   being    built.
hen the new  road  ia completed it
[will have a great advantiige  over the
Id one, which was built on too steep
grade to admit of heavy loads  lieing
hauled over il.
Dan Grady, a blacksmith, has been
nested  at   Urand  Forks for horse
I-sling.     He   is accused  of   having
mien two horses  belonging in Mrs
Polly Thnrnion, of Midway, aid dis
|"sing of lliem at Otscnde for $25.  A
noddle  belonging   to   George   Wells.
which was stolen about Ihe same, lime
as the horses, is also supposed tn bave
lieen taken by Uraily,
Harry Lilly, who has recently returned from the plainer mining Ileitis
uf the north, is now in Midway looking
over tile ground nu Hoiindary Creek.
Mr. Lilly has had a vast and varietl
experience iu placer mining and in his
opinion Boundary cieek offers the
most favorable opportunities ol any
|>l hv lie ha.s vei visited f«tr oblaiiiiiiu
Ilie pie.i.m- metal, lie will remai.
in Midway some litre and wil
Ibnmnglily prospect Boundary creek
which so far has proved to be lb
Mecca of the Boundary niiiniiy.
The several intervals in lhe Wesl
Fork townsites oi Beaverton and Hen ,
dell have been amalgamated and a
joint slock company with a normal
capital of 960.000 (stock to lie assess
able lo par value) is to be organized to
acquire what have heretofore been
opposing interests. It is understood
thai lhe townsile of Rendell will be
Ihe part nf Ihe combined holdings thai
will he pushed, and among the conditions agreted upon is one that will
allow of those having a lot or lots In
Beaverton and desiring to make ii
change tn Kendell, doing so on equit
able terms. The name of Beaverdell
has lieen agreed upon at the name for
lhe joint town it is intended to huild
tip, this name being a combination of
the names of the two towns aa hither
lo known.
Bitting list month there were treat
edat the British()oliimhiaCi\pperCom-
pany's smelter at Greenwood U.0I3
torts of ore, or an average of 385} tuns':
a day. The total tonnage of ore run
through Ihe single furnace the smelter
has heen operating from February 18
to July 81 is 60,890 tons. The daily
average for Ave mouths is 871(1 tons.
The daily average for Hve months is
371J Ions. A second furnace has been
ordered and this will, it is calculated,
be ready for blowing In before the end
of November. Meanwhile the output
of tht Company's Molher Lode mine
is heing increased and arrangements
for a further supply of ore have been
made with the B. V. and Jewel mines,
(lie former having contract ed to send
to Ihe smelter a minimum of 1(10 tons
per day and the latter will send be.
tween ill),in.) 40 tons of gnld-qniii'lz
ore dally.
News was lecelved this wi-ek which
will oi fusion surprise and regret to
many In Ihis district who remember
Ool, Forrester,'for many years a resident of Sicamous, says the Vernon
News, A despatch frnm Hornsvllle,
Y.. says that he  walked from a
sanitarium at. whioh he was staying In
theneirest police station, about six
miles dlFtam. He entered lhe station
and immediately drew aievolver, with
Which he blew nut his brains. No
reason Is given for his ratih act. He
was 711 years of age, nnd had led nn
adventurous can-cr in itnany -parts of
the world. Among his exploits was
campaign In "China with the ever "victorious army," and .he 'had been nn
friendly terms with "Chinese Gordon,"
the III fitted martyr nf Khartoum. He
was for some time proprietor of Ihe
u-wcvie'v hotel at Sieani.**. mbhb he
"»ld out almut five years ago. and
WWIIUo New York w*etv he resided
until his sad and sudden end.
Between iwo and ihiee oM.k* on
Saturday morning a His' I*'Ike-nut on
Hie premises in Ureeuwiatd owned liy
B- L. Wood, tailor, Md sinnate ihi
Government street, almut midway between lhe ft C. hotel and tlie Motel
Armstrong. Constable K. Mcltem-ie,
who was on night duty .gave the alarm,
bin. lhe oily firemen -weiw very slow to.
respond to the call, so that by the time
'hey ditl get a good supply of
water ploying on the lire Mr. Wood's
building was about consumed and the
adjoiningfreniises-the original Jtus-!
sell hardware store and residence— |
were burning, (however, -vitli four
streams' of jjojter thc cimttagratinn
wasi)uicklj*(*tinguishcd, when on.e
the Dreiiten did jget down to work.
The Kussell Imilding was insured in
the Phoetiit compuny for $Hllt). .which
will not nearly cover lbe loss. It is
not slated vvhat insurance there was
nn Mr. Wood's bullJing.ind contents,
which wereipiile destroyed, nor has
the origin of the fire yet been dis
Kmplnyeistif Chinese should take ti
warning from the instance that occurred al. -"Stevenson. B C, afew days
ago, when 'Foi email R, Williams was
chiued out of the Gulf of Georgia Can
iiery by an angry mob uf Chinese with
their knives raised above their heads,
ready to assassinate the while fiireman
and whose life was saved only by the
timely arrival of assistance. The
trouble arrtm fiver Mr. Wilthiins trying
in gel two of lhe Chinamen lodn their
work properly. He spoke to them
several times ubout il ond then because
a White limn dared to speak in ill in
sharply about their disobedience ihe
whole moli I in nel nu him. This in
stance is not at all surprising it is
gradually ruining tn the time when
the Chinese will be in such numbers in
ihis country ihat a while man will
have to he prel I y cor' fill boW he speaks
In o chink lest his yellow highness be
offended. Those who iur»v emplo)
Chinese should now see ihat it is to
their o.vil personal safety to get rid of
these individuals who are at. pieseiil
robbing the White  workingiiiun of his
 ... ■
Cast leman • W ickham.
A very pretty wedding was celebrated at tbe residence uf Mr. and Mi's. A.
Casileioam. floUndnry Falls, at live
o'clock on Wednesday afleruonn lust,
when their sou, W. .1 nines Cu.*,tlemon, was united in moriiage to Miss
KscdUcWickliam, M. A,. KeV. It. P.
Mm ray of Midway lieing th-nfllri iiing
clergyman, T. M. Guile) snppnrteii
i lie gioum, while his sister, Miss Maim
Custleuiiui. was bridesmaid.
Only the immediate friends of Until uiily wiire present, llotli Uie bride
u.il.gi'."Uii it-re well known iu the dis
ri t. Miss Wickhaui was principal nt
ilie Greenwood school for Mime lime.
id laler luu been one af the Nelsia
le.ichiiigsi-all. Mr. and Mrs. Castle
man will anake their boine uu llieii
farm uear Boundary Falls.
Visitors fro* Vhueoit.
Twn young men employed at th'
Old Ironsides mine, Phoenix, yesterday decided to take ad vantage of the
Sunday holiday, which iis afforded by
the management of that jpropHrty,
adopting the six days a week system
They accordingly hind a rig frnm the
Pal tee livery stable, mid 'in company
with a bottle of Joe Seagram's pun-!
dilation, started for Midway. Al
Greenwood their numher was increased
by two more bullies of "Im to." By
thc time the young men reached here
ihey were slightly inebriated, which
condition rapidly developed into the
"elegant jag" stage. Al Midway
they cultivated the .acquaintance of
Frank Black, a half breed from the
reservation,, and the three started to
take in the (own. Block was riding a
saddle hnrse and the two young men
from 'Phoenix offered to try him a race.
which offer was duly taken up, and
the race was commenced near thc C.
P. H. station and cunt inned over iaih
er an uncertain course for some dis
tance. As the coiner nf Salter's hnlel
was made to go up Sixth sireet Ihe
occupants of the rig displayed exceed
ingly poor judgement in driving, as
the pace never was slackened to admit of the turn being made success
fully, wiih the result lhat. the young
metilostlheir halanne and fell out.
One of them fell on the tongue, close
to the rig and in this peculiar posit Inn
managed to slop the frightened team,
The other man caught in the rig and
wns dragged some distance, he was
found ui be in an unconscious con
ditlon, caused by all overdose uf wills
key and net as a result of lhe accident,
he was assisted in a stall in the livery
stable and after a few hours of sleep
recovered snmcleiHly to explain how
it oil happened. This morning about
8 o'lilpi k the young u left for Phoenix expecting to arrive tliere 111 time
to go nn shift ui 7 o'clock after a day's
[tlsdnuhifulifthe young men are
today looking upon the Sunday closing al. the Old Ironsides as being a;
change fur the belter.
The livery smhle bill presented to
the young men this morning rend as
follows! To stable room and feed f<"'
team and two men. i
Hide a popular wheel. The Cleve-!
land is ackiiuwledged tobiMhesunertor
wheel uiude lo day-
I ^_K_I _h_____fc_fcll____ _fc_k_i ___i_k A v
The Central Hotel
llth St., Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel tor railway travellers.   •
The best of accommodation in every resjpect.
S* OARLj Proprietor*
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   m.   GULLBY   Ss   CO.,
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.
Telephone orders receive prompt
attention. * •
♦♦♦^ 999 www 9 9999 w 99 ti^wV
t Tke Tfavellers Insuranee Go...
Of Hartford. Conn. j.
rrmrinrr 1
Chitrtcrcd tH«;t.
.Stuck Life nnd
Accident Insimince.
ISSUES the Im*sI life insuranee
l ciiilriicts ill the world. No
disappointment its to dividends.
Rveeyilllug guaranteed in ad-
viiui'i*. Premium rales In to 25
pel'cent less I Ium Iliose nf old
line Miiiiuil companies.
ASSETS. . . .
January ist, 1897
, 3,976,4*4.36
WM. ST. QUINTIN, Prop. g&
Good assortment of Fresh   Bread, Cakes and  pigg
Confectionery always in stock. g$jj]
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold lunch at  BJS1
_Jj any hour of .the day. S__z
The Tiiivelleis Culliblnalinii Accident Policy guarantees foraccideiital
Und-*!' nrdinary conditions.
Ilektli BcncBt     .... |»0H0
l/Kw ul Higlu n( llotli Kye*     . iOOD
Imss ol lloth font nr Itnlh Hsnils .1.0W
I/Mm o( One llaml mul Ono Knot o.M0
I'nriMiiirin Tnml Diul.il ty J .Km
lam at Right Hnnd     .     . IS.M»
turn ot Img nt or shnvn Knco . J..Vm
lam ot Uit HjiiiiI     .    .     . I.OtH
bom oil Klthor Koot i.iiii
Uiiw of night of Ono lye .     . . (150
Lirnits of   Weekly Indemnity $1,300.
AND, ff such injuries nre sustained while riding hs a paMWOfftr iin
-tny (Kisseiif'i'i' cnnvi'j'iince Usinn steam ■eiilile,   or  eleftriditj' «s a
motive ptiwer the ainnunt to'lie paid   tflmlljhe DOUBLE the sinn
rspecihed in the clause uniler which the claim is -ninth*.
Other sums at proportionate ratw
"V*T. St.T*J*9—wilmt
[<> *._______,____*4AA!
Iff ?ff f ff f » »f Iff f f *l
i'B.0. S
IW. H. WEBB, m
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
CAM'S! tn my prom'tam nhmil «lx .week" un,
s hay iimro. wt.Ho Hlrlii In fnco. "Ignt
rlKhtlilnil font, whllo, nim nun buyout*™, fflilto
*trl|i'ln fsoo. right -hlnil loot whllo. Both nro
In-'indod ft V nt,left tliittli. Owiinr cun havo
miiiiihy proving pnipoity nml pitying cnorgos.
Mid-vuy, Jul-Sth, UK)1.
RANCH nf Mi in ■ns. sllinilo nne mile from
Midway, Son acre" undor cultivation, Oil
acres of which It guoil timothy mcnilow.
Plonty of wator In provided by Ihroo good
springs. Thoio Ih also n hoanlifiil young
nrchnrd nn tho plnuo hrginiilng tn hour, gmsl
house, horns and oiillmlllllngo. Knrtoi'tnK ntnl
parlloiiliir» upply ui
A,IKJPPffll. Midway, B.n.
Has opened up a Mf
1 • w
In the premises formerly occupied by iu
Ba.v0_Kla.3r  SS   Harris ty
and has on hand a first-class outfit of yt/
Single and Double Drivers |
Saddle ani Faek Horses t
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus JJJ
meets all trains.    Freight and express de- yL
delivered to any part of the town. ty
*.****************** ******** *********000**************
a*_cj_  s-_oa_--0-'O-i.B-   b3Coha.ngb,        *
No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi . B. C. *
Gold, Sllvor-I.eail and Copper Milieu wanted nt Ihe EXCIIANOK.
KHI5K MILLING GOLD properties wanted nl once for Kitstcrn investors,
Pardon having mining properly for sii'.i- oro roqnciitoil to _iul rumples of Iheir oro
to the KXOHANGK lor oKhlbltlon.
All Kamptes Hhould bo soul, by exprem*. PltKPAIIi. ,
Correnpondenoe oolicitod.  AtldrertKiiUoniiiintinii'iitinnsto *
KoaanfMr^er, ♦
j ] Tolcphono No. llll, P. 0. Ilnx 71
' **************************** ***************w*****rrx^
>° ( THE ( 2
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigar* and Tobacco* kept
constantly on hand.
Latest thade* and pat*
terns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh Street, Midway.
Rider Agents Wanted
One in oaili town tn Hclt*and exhibit.a snniplc IIHII nmilel bii-vc o of nur own
iniiiinfiictui'H. VOU CAN MAKK $10 TO $5(1 A WEEK, b Ides having*
wheel tn riilo yoiiiBelF.
IQOI Models,        High Grade Guaranteed,
19OO and 1899 Models, Best  Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new    ....
$10 to $18
$7 to $12
$3 to $8
We will ship any hltyrle OS APPROVAL In anyone without, a cent deposit in advance ami allow TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Vmi tnke absolutely tm
risk in nrflerina from us. as ynu do not need to pay a rent if lhe Illcyiile Hues
not suit vnu. l>n nnt, buy 11 wheel until vnu have' wiil len lot' our FACTORY
PHIC15H and FREB TRIAL OFFER. Tills libeuil offer has nevi-v been equal*
led and is a |*iianintee nf thn ipinlity of our wheels. WE WANT a, reliiibln
person in eaeh town to (lisltihiite eatalo-rues fnr us in exchange fop a bieyele.
Write today for free catalogue and out' special offer,
J. Xa. HflEea.d Oyole Oo., oxxAcmmm ma
MIDWAY,:-: B. C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
SO St John Street,
Montroal, P. Q.
ILL BE The most iniportant railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps,
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,  Meyers   Creek,   Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for Hritish Coliiniliia,
Midway, 11. C.
Contractors Busy All Along the
New Line.
Al Aliens, Wash., July ill.—The work
of clearing the right of way forthe
Hill riijiil to Republic is processing at
iisntisfiiclnry rate, In this town it is
a comparatively easy task. Ai yet
grading hns not been commenced for
thc southern approach to the big
bridge that will spun Ihe Columbia.
Grading mid clearing the right, of
way from the Columbia to the boundary is progressing as fast as circumstances will permit.
William Grant, to whom has been
Biiblet the conflict of clearing the
right of way aud grading of I he second
section nf six miles, out of Marcus, ar
rived yesterday from Spokane, and
left for the scene of operation at once.
His entire iiiillit is expected to reach
heie today, Wnrk on this section of
the Hue will begin as soon as the out-
lit, shall arrive It is probable that
Contractor Grant will sublet a good
part of tbe work. He is tlie last, con-
Iractbr to arrive on the scene, and for
that reasun will push the work with
all possible expedition. No very heavy
earth or ruck wnrk will be encountered un this put of the runic.
Twohey brothi rs, who have I he next
section above Grant, are crowding lhe
work as hard as possible. These eon-
tractors, with their outfit, arrived several days ago und began operations at
once. They have the contract nf clear-
lug the riglii of way and grading.
There is gieal. activity all along the
line from a point opposite the Half
Way house up to Hull's bridge. This
section of (bc road mis sublet to John-
sou and Peterson, Their camps are
scattered along the rivet ntshnit intervals. A large force is at work.
They are clearing the right of way and
grading, In some places temporary
tracks have been laid and curs are run
to expedite operations. Along Ihis
section is much heavy earth and rock
wurk. Blasting is going forward in
cession ly, At one point, just below
Rock Cut, there is a heavy earth side
cut of almut 80,(01 cubic yards. This
wiil require consideralile time to remove. Above that point and below
tlie bridge is much rock wnrk.
Hums k .lordiin's forces are scattered
With the exception of cutting (In-
big tunnel lhe heaviest and harde*t
work to he done along the entire line
falls to Johnson k Peterson and lo
Burns k Jordan. It will require at
least six months or longer to complete
that, stretch of road, even with all I
the forces that can possibly be used.
It would now appear that it will be
simply impossible to complete thc road
by January 1, 1002.
There is a force of men working on
the 800 foot tunnel opposite Cascade
City. This work wi'l necessarily proceed slowly. Pat Welsh bas the contiact of cutti ng the I u n nel.
Thus far but few accidents are to bu
recorded. Yesterday a man whose
name could not he ascertained was
I very seriously injured hy a log rolling
' over bis Imdy. He was working for
Twohey brothers. The injured man
was removed to the hospital.
Contractor Van Norman, who is
huilding the culverts hetween Marcus
and the boundary, is hard at work
wilh a force.
One of the Porter brothers has just
returned from a trip along the line,
This firm has the contract to build all
the hridges except the big steel bridge
over the Colunihia. Mr. Porter said
his firm would commence building the
foundations for the false work and Ihe
permanent bridge soon.
"We shall commence this work just
as soon as the stage of water will
allow. The river now is nearly 30 feel
at the deepest place, but the water is
going down constantly. We shall
build the piers for the hig hridge at
the same time. This work will be
pushed with all possible vigor, If
there is no delay the false works can
be completed within less than six
weeks from the lime we start and the
temporary bridge lie ready for use.
Our work yard will he located not tut
from the present depot, As fust as the
timber is prepared il can easily be run
down to the river on the track. We
shall have no trouble or delay in obtaining materials fnr the temporally
bridge for we can draw from all quarters."
riffclx   Street,   BEidwa-y.
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
standard prices.
To 1). McKay, Ksq.. ut Keremeos, llrilisli Columbia.
Take notice that I havo done on tho "Valley
Viow" mineral claim allunle on lho Went aide
tit Keremeos Creek in the Osoyoos 1)1 Vinton of
Yule Ulstrict, the work required by mtotion il
ol Ilie Mineral Acl for lhe year which has expired and have duly recorded the ccrtlioatc of
And further take notico thai if, at tho expiration ul IW days (rom t hn dalo of the (trst ■ulili-
cnUon in* thin mil ice In the Midway Aiivinck,
.' vnu, a eiMiwniir, fall lo contribute yonr imipor-
! lion of the expenditure retuircd by sold socUon
Kl In respect of such work, uamelr $*1.A' to-
flatter with all thecoma of advertising, ynur
nterust in said mlnoral claim ahall become
vested III iimi upon Mini with the minimi recorder of said mlnliiu: division rhe notice and
allldavll retuired liy Ihe "Mineral Acl Amendment Aet limn.''
Datod this ailli day of April WH.
Provincial I.n nil Surveyor,
Xkffc   Architect and
— Civil Engineer...
T-Jeal Estate,
Insurance mid
Mining A «enl.|
•WVOtABV    PTJBl.H '.««•
t all vi«jw Townsite AtJ'-nl-
... IIIIIKKKS . . .
rtlHVIRW, D. c.
noi*i*m.i*oiid-*i,o.» K«.lii*ii<*i.
Dominion is Satisfied.
A despatch frnui Ottawa says tlm I
tbe government will not allow Ihe
 I Loan Societies Ad passed by Ihe Bri
ftl""b'  fl    l,"U'» lMi,,b"' "P t" -he tiah Columbia Legislature in theses
•yline.   Jusi ahove the bridge 18il)n ()f m)   Th(, nt.t prnvldcs :<hnt
bniinil'iry line.   Jnsl above th „B„
is ilu- cninp nf ,1, Wilson, who has the
cniiirai't fnr clearing thc right of way
for that section, About one Lille above
is llie licii(l<|iiurtcis of Burns* Jordan.
Tlicy have a consideralile force at
H.ii-k. Besides plenty of hard rock to
remove ibese ciuitiacliirg have to
make a complain cut nl earth for
about three quarters nfainile. Tliis
vast quantity nf dirt lias to be hauled
uml iiscil in ii I'iji llll.
loan and Investment societies dolnil
I'OsineBs in ihu province shiiultldepo.il
certain securities with Ihe Provincial
Mini-ti-r of finance, nr.A Ihe Federal
authnriiies claim that the province
had no right to impose such conditions
upon companies holding Doniinion
charters. Briiish Columbia has im«
amended the clause, mi as to tftx'nxpl
companies operating uniler a federal
chin I er from depositing seem ities with
the provincial government. I
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an invest'
ment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites. j
LOTS 50x125 FEET.' __^_
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C Camp McKinney, B. £


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