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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-11-17

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Vol I, No., 20.
$2.00 por Year.
SUITS that will suit you both in quality and
Price a rare chance to clothe the  Boys for a
very small amomnt of money.
Childrens two piece suits from $1.65 to $2.95
»       three „     „ $2.95
Boys Suits a nice assortment in Serges, Cashmeres, Tweeds and Homespuns'all $4. $4,25
and $4.50 Suits to go at $2.95
• )/» . er Coats, Blue Chinchilla, Double
Breasted. Sizes 23 to 28, special price for this
week only, $2.95
-:• J. McNICOL. -:- '
There hi now rntMrr to prevent the
botldlngof the V. V. ft E.from   '
here to the Cout.—Work
will likely be  com.
men ced ahortly.
Received this week, a nice
■:-  A. F. Thomas,   -:■
We do not need a "Test"
•n regard to Advertising as we know from experience that
advertising with full Values and honest and fresh clean goods
*ifl always satisfy every customer, without giving away so
called silver spoons and money coupons. Give customers
good and honest values for their money is our Motto.
We have received full wool fleeced lined underwear for men
| which we sell at the clcse figure of $2.00 a suit.
AH wool underwear from $2. to $4.50 according to quality
A full assortment of Ladies, Childrens, Mens and Boys hos-
' ierY and sox.
New consignment of groceries, meats and celebrated Five.
Roses flour at lowest possible marked prices, without coupons.
dive ds a call and be eonvineed.
Vssm HAIN & CO.
Af«W wid new stock of nil kinds of Rubber Good, for winter
•n* wet wtftthor use ou bend.
V. V. & E. allowed to crow Hot
Air and C. P.R.treoki
There l» now nothing to prevent the
construction of the V., V, & _, froni
hen* to th. cm. All Injunction nulls
hnve heen withdrawn, nnd permission
has heen given Imth liy the Ke ttle Vnl-
ley lines nnd Ihe V. P. It. to cross their
respective truck".
This huiTled settlement nf differences hetw«. n the V„ V. k E. «nd the
Hot. Air line was brought shout Ih h
most peculiar manner. The Initihtlve
which ledtn the latter road withdrawing nil Injunctions was us follows. A
week ago yesterday The V„ V. ft E.
stole a march on the Hot Air road and
uninterrupted pin in its erosMng. In*
the afternoon a work train of the Wellington ft Oreat Northern came up frnm
Marcus with a gang of men under
Foreman tt. Duffey, and all material
necessary for the crossing, which had
previously lieen prepared. Work In
cutting the rails of the Hot Air trapk
and in putting In lhe crossing was he-
gun ai 6 0' clock and finished within an
80 quickly was the work done thi^t
imt a persoh iti Grand Forks knew iif
• hat had nccured until almut 8 o'cloqt
in the evening.
Monday morning thr Hot Air official, learned the news, and ihey Iif
mediately rent an engine, liox car ami
flat car out to the crossing. They took
up a position riglii over ihe diamond
frog, aud remaim-d anchored there nnlil fi o'clock, when they relurned to
Grand Forks. Tbis proceeding materially Interfered with the Iracklaylng
on lhe V„ V. k V.., as all the material
had lo he carried over lhe Hot Air
track and then hauled tn the workmen
on a handcar. Consequently hut llttli
headway was mude on Monday,
Late ih the afternoon n telegram Was
received fmm Vancouver announcing
that the litigation had heen dinppd
and it was Ihen that lhe Kettle Valley
train ailnndoned the crossing.
Neil Mcl'nllhiu, mayor of Colunihia
and Charles ('iimmitigs of Grand
Kotks, delegates tn Ottawa in connection with th . settlement of the dispute
lietween the V„ V. ft E. and Kettle
Valley lines upon tiieir return were in
terrlewed In Hpokane and gave the
following etplanation of the settlement of the dispute,
"The announcement frntn Grand
Forks lhat tbe V„ V. ft E. had stolen
a march on the Kettle Valley lines
hy putting In its crossing at Grand
Forks Junction, and ihat ihe work had
heen done contrary to the injunction.
Is in error. The dispute hetween the
V.. V. ft E. and the Kettle Valley
Lines was settled at Ottawa immediate
ly after lhe granting of the franchise
to ibe V., V, k E. hy the railway com*
mlttee nf the dominion government.
"In consideration of heing allowed
to maintain the crossing at grade over
the Washington * Great Northern
tracks nt Pelhaiu Flats, four null's
south of Curlew, the Kettle Valley
Lines ofltirials agreed to withdraw all
injunction suits agninst the V., V. k
E. This order was telegraphed to the
court at Vancouvei', and it is evident
that, delay in the transmission of the
news to the officials at Grand Forks
has caused the trouble lietween the
rival lines there today.
"Tliere will he no further trouble in
Ihe building of the V„ V. k E. into
Grand Forks and north to the Granhy
smelter, as permission was also obtained at Ottawa from the C. P, II.
officials foe Ihe V., V. ft E. to cross the
0, P. B. track north of Grand Forks,
We had the assurance of President J.
J. Hill of the Great Northern tnat the
V., V. ft E. would he built through to
the coast without subsidy from tlie
governnient. Tbis assurance did much
toward simplifying mutters hefore the
railway committee at Ottawa.
•'We called on President Hill at St
Paul on our return from Ollawa and
we were again given the assurance
that the V., V. k E. would he built
through to the coast, the work to he
started as soon as the preliminary surveys can he completed. There Is now
absolutely nothing in the way of the
construction nf the V„ V, * E. to the
coast.   Tbe C, P. H, will not oppose
pressed himself as highly pleased wilh
the results of the negotiations at Ottawa,
'The depot site of the V„ V. ft E. Is
mi the boundary line lid ween Columbia and Grand Forks, hut as the rival
towns are to Is- merged under the
name nf Grand Forks aft er January 1,
ho change in the present plans of the
railway companies will be necessary.
A, II, Hngelanil and Jas. H. Kennedy were in Midway on Thursday and
while here looked over the proposed
depot, site. The unexpected arrival of
Mr. Hogelnnd from Hi. Paul, who since
the promotion' of John V. Stevens tn
the general managership nf Ihe Great
Northern, has been acting as chief engineer, and the fact lhat he and Mr,
Kennedy are going over the proposed
mule from here wesl, looks as though
it was the intention of the company to
proceed with work of const ruction al
an early date, and il is altogether prob
able Ihnt the piece of road hetween
here and Curlew will be built this
Oovernrnent Hm Floated Loon.
VICTORIA, B. C, Nov. IH,-Great satisfaction is expressed among all parties over Turner's cable tu the government that the loan of IBH.5IJ0.fNJU. authorized by the former session, had
heen underwritten at IB, Tbe appreciative articles of the British journalists who were recently visiiing here Is
credited wiih partially influencing the
financial opinion in London.
John. A. Manly   A cq ulttcd
Grand Forks B C, Novum her 15—
The case against John A, Manly
for alleged complicity in an alleged
conspiracy to burn lhe Columbia Hotel three years ngn has collapsed, Hev
eral sittings were held during tin* past
foriniglii, but nt none of them was
any evidence presented. The rase was
to have Is-en resumed nn, Thursday at
l(J.au. At tbe hour named A. M.
Whiteside, ciown prosecutor, having
failed to appear. Provincial Constable
Dinsmnre on behalf of the crown, applied lo the court fur permission to
withdiaw the charge on tlie ground
that no evidence against the accused
cmilil lie obt.iiued. The magist rate ac
cordingly granted the application anil
Mr. Manly, who had lieen out on $13,(0)
hail, wns discharged. The result waa
received wilh much satisfaction in
Gland Forks and Coliiniliia. It is regarded as a complele vindication nf
one of the most progressive citizens of
the Boundary district. Mr. Manly received many warm congratulations
over the outcome of the-affair.
Another Version of tbe fltnly Case.
Grkkswooii, B. Oii November 16
(Hpecial to Tiik Dihpatch)— The statements lately sent nut from Grand Forks
relative lo the charge recently brought
by the crown against John Manly nf
that lown in connection wiih the burning three years ago of a large hotel In
Colunihia, the adjoining and at that
lime the rival town loGrand Forks, dn
nnt represent the posit ion as It actually
is. The actual facts are that before
the recent prosecution was instituted
the crown was satisfied that evidence
had h .mi o'it ilue'l that, appeared toeon*
nect the accused with what. Was Itelieved
tn have lieen a conspiracy to burn the
hotel which was then an active competitor with tlie larger hotels of Grand
Forks. When the preliminary hearing came on the persona who Were ex
peeled IO appear nnd give the evidence
referred to did not do so, and since
Ihey were not in Canada when Wanted
they could not then, nor can they now,
be compelled to attend a Canadian
court nnd give evidence. Farfrom Ihe
case having "collapsed", ns stated III
the Grand Forks despatches, your correspondent hns been assured it Will he
brought on Immediately the evidence
the crown is depending on shall be available. If. however, the persons required to testify will not. attend and do
so the prosecution will not be able tn
make any advance in Ihe direction nf
sifting this matter to the bottom.
Meanwhile It Is simply a matter of
opinion whether the failure to secure
the nl tendance of lhe necessary witnesses on Ilie several recent dates set
for eliciting evidence Is, or is not, a
"complete vindication" of the accused.
From several Camp McKinney res-
idents who lately visited the town it
has been ascertained that the strike
reported as having been made in the
Waterloo mine, in thntrainp,ls In reality a widening of Ihe ore Imdy that,
has been drifted on ever since the re*
sumption nf work in the mine, It Is
stated that, In the drift at the 180 foot
level the ore was widened from lie
tween Iwo and three feet to between
four feet of good grade ore. The outlook for the property is considered to
he encouraging.
Porter Bros, have about Completed their ore shipping Contract
Say* the Mine* are developed and
will be equipped by Feb. i to a
point where they un produce
S,ooo tone of ore a day for
a period ot years.
PHofnix B. C. Nnv. 10,-Porier
Bros., general contractors, who began
wnrk last July on an extensive ore
shipping contract, for the Granby
mines, In thia camp, have almut finish
ed the work for < he season. The fall
has heen a particularly favorable one
for outside operations generally, and
ll consequence of the good wen* ber
up to a fw days ago, they have been
able tn prosecute the work on iheir
Inrge contract almost uninterruptedly
siflce Itwas initialed.
All told, Foreman Baker, who has
had Immediate charge nf the Work for
Porter Bros., hns stripped sn area of
nearly 7110x260 feet nn the upper
part nf lhe surface of the Old
Ironsides and the lower end nf the
Knob Hill claims. This space Immediately adjoins Ihe surface quarries nr
glory holes, from which large quantities of ore are being extracted and
shipped in the company's smelter al
Grand Forks. From this area something like 18.000 cubic yards of gravel
and other waste material have heen
lifted and moved to |mlnts away from
the main ore hodv.
In the rniiMe nf lh» work Porter
Bros, had some 36 or 40 men on their
payroll, wilh teams, scrapers, etc.
Twn or three overhead tram lines
were Iniilt, and moved tip ihe hill from
time to lime, aa occasion demanded.
The waste waa dumped on the receptacle scale*, whieh went down the hill
hy gravity, and were brought hack hy
power from donkey engines to points
where needed.
It is believed that this Is the largest
contract ever entered In by a mining
company In this process for the stripping of ore, and the work has been
done without a serlolls accident, lo Ihe
entire sat Isfacl ion of William Yolen
Williams, superintendent of I he Granhy mines.
The debris that has thus been re
moved was from nne in three f,et in
dejith, all hough, at another point fur
thump the bill, where the Work is
now being completed, a pothole of
waste snnie 20 feet irt depth was en
countered before the ore hody wss
In addition to the large surface area
from which ore is constantly being
quarried on the Knob Hill, this recent
stripping wnrk will Afford additional
scope for economical surface ore extraction in the same manner. As soon
aa the large nre crusher, nnw on the
ground, Is installed, and tbe 1000 foot
surface tramway completed and ready
for operation, ll will be easy fnr the
Granhy mines tn materially increase
the nre tonnage from this part of lhe
Knoh Hill, to any nothing of the ore
now being tnken mil daily from the
underground workings of the Old
Ironsides and Victoria mines, also
owned by the same company.
" The Granby companv is prepaiing
t.i smelt all tbe custom ore ihat may
he offered It, on terms giving a fair
th-building nf lhe mini. Mr. Ilill ex-
margin of prnfli," saidGeneial Manager .liiy p, Heaves    yesterday1,    M ■
Graves is back from Mnrili.ul, where
lie attended lhe itiiriti.it mooting nf the
Granby ('nnsnliilntnl company held on
Oeiolret 7.
"We can now easily handleliO l tons
of Republic OCR ll day," he Continued,
"and we are preparing to llll the de*
iiiaiul lor treating mine. Ai present
lhe ilepiilrllc nre treated at Uie Granby
plant is lieing fritted thiougli lhe conveners, That is handled, of course,
at less cost than if handled i hrough the
hlnsts, bin il costs us money to treat
ltjust Ihe same.
"The Granby mines are developed
and will he equipped by February 1 to
a point when- llu-y cun produce 6000
loin of-ore a dny fora |.eriod of years,
The outlook for lhe Ornnhy was never
sn promising as it is now. Tin- future
is very Haltering.
"The prn-t year bus been a very nn*
satisfactory one. The reports al our
annual meeting in Montreal showed
thai since June xxt- lunl been having
continuous I rouble bemuse of coke
famines, thfe accidents in lhe Crow's
Nest mines crippled us tremendously,
il was impossible to get col." nt nny
price. We scour, il the whole market
east and west to get fu.-l, but it could
not be had. Thai was nil I here was in
it,and ue iiieicly bail to make the best
ofil. Now, however, thu situation is
considerably Improved. We ure gradually getting more cuke, ami, although
the supply is no:, yet, enough tu supply
our needs, we expect to have eoo.igli
III by the end of the ll'uulli in keep all
uf our furnaces running lull blast,
"On account of i lie coke famine, the
report of the company for the year, taken as ji whpiu was unsatisfactory, On
the oilier hand, lhc lirst hi.If of l lie
year before the coal famine wns highly prosperous.
"The policy of lhe Gran liy conipnny
in fuiure, ns in the past, will be one
ol progress nnd di'Velopflieilt, I am
not nt liberty lo discuss now the plans
for developnienl. which were decided
upon at our minimi meciiug. 1 am
getting more'iifoiillation ou thn subject constantly, hut thei* is not enough
tonnage now in sigh' in the Boundary
to warrant the lain.-trui lion of a refill"
"We did not Issue any financial statement at uur annual meeting, nor do
we expect to do so for lhe presenl,
Ho many problems, such ns railway
rates, coke charges and similar cosis
are still su uncertain that I he directors
ngiee oil lhe wisdom nt' noi publishing
any financial statement now. Most of
our stockholders cheerfully acquiesce
in tbis, Thus..- who do noi feel that
way, after talking ihe uialier over
wilh Ilie management, hnve a I win a
been offered a purchaser foi'their stuck
at prices thul wiil net them good profit s.
"At our annual meeting 8. H. 0,
Miner wa- elecled president, 1 was
mude vice piesident and gcner.il manager, G. W. Woo.-tiTwns made teens-
uier. A, L. While, wbo fur ninny
yenrs had been secretary of our coinpaiiy, Wished to he relieved of that position, mid accordingly, K. H. Mncnuley
whs elected In his place. Other directors elected were Fayette lliown, W,
H. Robinson nnd J. H. MeKei huey."
Mr. Graves was nskeil about lhe report Ihal he wns negoliiitlltg for ihe
purchase of a control in the Tom
Thumb. He denied it and added 'hat
he bad merely hnd the properly examined to Bee aliout innking nh ore contract,
"I have not yet seen the report on
it," he added.
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for 1902, up November 1 st. is as
1901 1902
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762 264.6S4
Mother Lode  99,548 111,756
9> C  47-5*7 9i°48
Sunset       800 8,450
Winnipeg     1,040 785
King Solomon       850      	
Snowshoe     1,731 11,888
No. 7       665 482
Jewel       3-5        2.175
Golden Crown  625
Sundry small shipments \     2,500        4,399
Totals 386,738     414,292
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
1902, to November ist, 414,292 tons, malfihgan aggravate of
898,867 lOlttl /
^__----r        ^-^   mem --m'
0. M. 0K0USK Killloniml I'rniii-li'tnr
I'lilillr-liuil ivcukly nl Midway,B.C.
Snlwcrlplloii iliice, 5'i.lKI por nullum, pnyalilr
In lulvniiuc, eltbor yn.irly or Inilf ycni'iy nl. lho
opi.ioii of llir Biibsorilitii',
Arl vorlinlng rnlos sunt on nppllciitloif.
The seillcmeiii of lhc illlfersnces he
tween the V„ V. k 19, and the Hoi
Air line and the fact tlini, Uie I'. I'. K.
h'lfl also given the former wind pi rinis-
Biou to cross ils Irnrk''. kIhiiiIiI result
in theeurlv consl.riictioii of tlie Uoasl,
Kootenay railway and I lie spurs to the
various mines and smellers, Tlie proposed V„V k V.. cios-cs the 0. I'. H.
trunk in several placi s In order to reach
the points it has in view, and to build
lipnrtiu'pof the roal before an uniler
standing was reached with Hint, coin-
jinny would have been the height oi
follyi'for it settlement had to he arrived nt, and that before any he-ulmij
could lie gained. Tin re is now linlhing
to prevent the building of then nil and
it is moie than likely woik ou 11 it*
piece l.ntwi-en lure nnd ('uriew will lie
built tliis winter. Gw nt Nor hem en
ginears are not. om, in this unpleasant
Utile of Ilie year to look over the route
unless ihere is smiio intention of commencing!! portion of the wurk soon
Now that all obstacles are removed it
is almost a certainty that no lime uill
be lost by ihe Grout Northern in gei
ling to work. Mr. Ilill has lepi-atedly
said thai so soon as lie wjih given permission to go ahead with his line hi
would commence, operations, and npnri
from any promises lie may have made,
the fact lhat such n reiiiutieiallve field
is tn he opened up by this line of rail
way is of sullicient importune* lo
guarantee its early construction, It
will lap the rich milling camps nf the
Boundary nnd {jiiiillknui.eii nnd give
new life to many camps that are now
practically deserted on account of lack
of railway transportation, Maiiy a
coniparttiiv.ily high grade cainp is to
day idle awaiting tie' advent of a mil-
way, Plenly iif agricultural laud is
remaining uncultivated until such
time as facilities are afforded lose
the produce to a mnrkei. But the
building of this wind will develop all
these resources and create a new
source of revenue to ihe province.
The government of ihis province has
no conscience,   At  least that is  the
general rule for corporations,   which
are generally   supposed   to   have m
souls to he condemned or  anything ti
h. kicked,   Bill, perhaps llm  individuals who compose the   government
may have, in which case tlmy must  In
heavily   weighted   with   remorse,  il
they only saw   the  evils   that their
policy  has  created  in  tile    country.
Almosl every day prospectors me semi
on their way out from the Wet, Fork,
and when asked why they nre  leaving
that   country    they     reply      that,
the   non-complelion    of    thn   wag
road has so retarded the development
of the West Kirk thitt  there is no use
of tbeir remaining longer.   In fact it ie
impossible for Ihem to remain.   They
are practically starved  oul.   There, is
no work going on in Ihe district In admit of   them   making a  few dollars
with which to buy   provisions while
engaged nt prospecting or  iu  lhe de
velopment of their claims, as the cas>-
nny he, and they now despair of ever
seeing a road built.   They have been
led to sp'-uJ tlmir means and  years of
their lives in developing th" mineral
resources of the connlry in nn out lit
the way district by the repealed prom
ises of the governnient co build a wag
on road up   the  West  Fork.   True,
work has been started with Hnurshing
of government trumpets, which after
a short period of excitement has dted
away to the tin .vhistlelike sounds of
the excuses of the officials and a few
Ulilc-s of .disconnected  guiding.   The
government's policy has been to make
promises;  these  promises liivariably
lvsuhed in little more thnn an official
or two taking a fishing   trip  up ihe
West   Fork.   When  ihe   niutterings
of the voters became too  loud  a few
favored individuals were given  money
to hire some men and give a  few favored merchants orders for suppll/'s
When the voters seemed to have heen
appeased work Was slopped.   After n
year or two an investigation  was talk
ed of, but lo prevent this  the govern
ment promised to send another olflblal
to look over tlm  pi-opomil   rmxA, and
after several months'delay he has arrived and taken n journey up the  rlv
nr, yet it is scarcely  llki-ly any good
will result therefrom,   judging from
former experiences.   JVhst have been
the results of this gross   exhibition of
the government's incaplhlllty and pro
crastiuation?   A   districl   which   h»-
mineial enough to support an    iirtny
of miners, and to give a good mnrkei
for all the produce ihe ranchers in tin
whole district could produce, is grjul
ually   being depopulated.   The etier
gies aud money of  numbers of  peon
pecVirs   have   lieen   dl.'slpnted j  time'
chnnts   have bien   compelled to give
up business, nnd nil on accr.iint of n
government which is apparently composed of men, who, hy  their actions
show that they have not either know
ledge or desire to nld  in   'he develop
Went of I he country.   Some, who have
^rh il to lind out biiuirlhiii.,' about  i. e
THOMAS WALKER. Proprietor.
All the batt brand* of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
ooiutantty on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh  Street, Midway.
Certiflciite   of   Improvements
Watkrloo  OONSOUOATRD Kii.K-rioSAi,
Minkkai. Claim.
Situate In the Kettlo River Mining lilvlslon
of Yale District.  Where located : Cnmp
TAKKXOTI. K Hint I. Knrties.M. Kerby. as
nf'cnt   for Tin- Waterloo   CooaolSdolod
Vinliifj and  Miiiini* Conipnny, fi  minor's
eeriinVntc Ne. stlStt Intend, kIxi.v days
ROO) the 'tale hereof, In apply In Hie Milling
iieeonlerfni'ft I'crlitlcjite of fniiiniveiiK'nls. Inr
An Aot to amend thn Liquor Licence Aot 1900
"WU0 o 18"
(31st June, imtt.1
Ills Mn.testy, by and Willi thn advice and con
sent nf tlm LcKtxiiiiivc A-i.int.ly of Iho uiw-
liiuc of Ilritish Columbia enacts s* follows :
I.  This Act may bo cited ns  lho Liquor
Ltoonoo Acl (IHUOI Ameiidniont Act' 1903,
_ Section 37 nf chapter 18 of thc statutes of
liHKi. boh* tin, "Lli-uor Licencn Aot ltmu" Is
liorcby i .penlod, and thc following sudutltu
led iherfore.
"So liconco undor this Act shall be Issued
or transferred tu any person of the Indian
raw. or In any person who is not uu tho list
nf voters for the Legislature of the province of
llrilisli Columbia"
governiuenl, state tbat things are not
as most people think. Most people
imagine that, the country is governed
by the people, whuspeax through the
legislature they .led. But it ia not so.
Tbe country Is apparently governed hjr
the officials who are paid to execute
the orders of the people but who instead issue th-ir own orders, work ac*
cording to their own _*sirrs and W
their own advantage, the scope' of
Whose vision is limited to Victoria
ami the social life there. But tbe
lay of reckoning will come. At some
future time the people will awake to
the fact that i hey are their own riders,
and then they will electa- legislature
who will put in power and soppnrt a
ministry composed of men whose
hearts will be wrapt up with tbe welfare of the country, who will have the
necessary intelligence to carry out a
policy of development, and whose
inds will not he solely occn
pied in calculating how to turn everything to their own private advantage,
then, and not llll then, will the
oiintry he prosperous."      i  •■:■''■■
Datod this illb dny .nf September, ltsTJ.
Five (lood Reason*
That lhe Rio Grande Route is the
most popular one between rtie Pacific
Const and the Kast, is evinced by the
fact that the greater per cent of transcontinental travelers use It.
I''ust, the scenic attractions n view
from trains nreuueipialed in the world.
Skijiind, the daily personally conducted tourist car excursions lieing especially adapted for ladies traveling
alone or wilb children affords a comfortable  mode of traveling  ut   rales I the mmw .• of nbniliiln-in Crown Umnl nf the
B above claim,
nil bin the reach of all. And further take notice that notion, under
Tmnn It t_ .u_. ..ni„ ....... l,.,.,...,_n ' seetion ST, must   be eniiiineiiced lieforu the
1HIHI1, it. is the only route bet .een   |BU»nMo.siiohCorllllMiUi of Improvement*
ihe East mid West passing directly
ihrough Salt Lake City or modern
I .1FHTH, the choice of two distinct
routes through the heart of the Rocky
Mount, ins,
Fifth, thrpe fast, through trains daily
.between Ogden and Denver equipped
with every modern convenience.
There are many other reasons whv
this route is the most comfortable apd
enjoyable iri ihe whole country.
You can learn a great deal on Ihe
subject nf through travel, and receive
some very interesting and beauiiful
booklets, by calling ou or writing in
the undersigned. Vf, V. MfBRIDE
Gen'l Agent Oi M. 3. ROCHE Travel
ing Passenger Agent, 121 Third Street.
Portland. Oregon,
A familiar name for the Chlciigo,
Milwaukee ,«.• HI. I'aiil Railwny.knnwn
all over the Union as the (Ireal Ball
way running the "Pidnkbk Umitkd
trains every day and night between Bl.
Paul lind Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfect trains In
the world." Understand : Connuc
lions nre made with AM- Transcon
tinelHiil Lilies, assuring to passengers
the best service known. Liixuiious
coaches, electric lights, sleain hest, of
a verily equaled by no olher line,
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going lis any point
in tlm United States or Canada. All
ticket agents se'l them.
For rales pamphlets or other Inlor-
million, address,
It. L. 1 .mo. H. S. Howr.
Trnv hiss. Agt. Uonoral Agonl,
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
il/t  miles from   Midway, or
Dispatch office.
Price Markers
Prlntlrf Wheels
snd Batumi,
heck      Potior.
ubber Type
i-lntlng PreiKi,
Ktc, lite.
VAN'i'OUVKH, H. 0.
THE partnership horeloforo existing bo
llveilll llio iimleislgnoil ns Saw Miller.
minor tne nnmo nf Lcqulliio k 1'owor... in Miilway, 11. [Land Oiaml Korks, It. (.'., is herein-
dissolved by nun mil consent. All dints owing
tu lhc Mil)way .Sawmill nro lo bo pnid to Win
I ■oversj of Midway, J). U„ who will eoniliuic
the Midway business nnd s-itlsfy nil claims
ngniiist the snid Inislncss. A'l debts owing i„
tno Grand Korks Sawmill are lo bo paid to II
Isiqiilnioj of Orsinl Korks, H. C, whn will eon-
tiuiiotlioUn-nd "orks business nnd satisfy nil
claims against the lir.iml forks mill.
8-ned / WM. PDWK118,
SKiiul l|,. |,K(/IJ|MK.
Witness .1AMKS.Mi:QI'HK_,
Dated ot Midway this llth dny of Sept., 11X12.
II. V, Killeen, Superintendent of
roods and bridges, i el limed on Friday
fliiiii the West Fork, add- took lhe
train the snme day for Victoria. He
r-x poets to return in about ten days
time, when he states, arrangements
will be made for the building of the
"ridges across lhe West Fork, which
ire necessary on account of the'proposed road crossing the river in four
lifferent places.
Why you should buy
HBQAUSB it is the best qm.lUy
HJ30AUSE it is most lasting chew
BECAUSE it, is the largest high grade
5 or 10c, plug
BECAUSE the tags are valuable      -
premiums until Jan. i, i .4.
BECAUSE ynur dealer Is aulho    »»
to 'efiind  your mon
••on are not satlsHcd.
, OtEtlON*
Scientific Jfmericait.
A "isndKimclr llloitnled weekly.  I.srvMt elr.
Meolstlon of enr eelmtlie fc-rmi   ffi" |j i
St.Paul, Duluth, ninneapolls, Chicago
Through I'nlnco nnd Tourist Kloepem
IliiilnK nnd   nmrel   Hiiioklng   Library  Oar.
Kor Holes. Kolders nnd Full Information,
call on or address,
H. BI1ANI1T. C. P. kt. A„
t01 W. Riverside Avenue,'
Spokank, Wash.
A. B, C. DENNISTON.H. \V. P. A..
Skattlk, Wash.
Certificate   of Improvements
Hi.i'k Hki.i, Minkhjil Claim.
Sltuste In the Osoyoos Mlnlni Division ol
Ysle Ulstrict.   Whsrs Locatsd :-Km
far Mountain.
TAKKNOtlCK that I, Charles do lllol.
Oroon. tut ngonl for OoorveO. Powell. fre<>
miner's eortltlcato No. nUtlSI, ard for Kvsn
Morris, tree nilnors cortiflcato No. H0I7<_.
intend sixly dnys from tho dale hereof, lo np.
ply to the Mining Uemrdcr for a Cortlllcale
of Iniprovomonls. for tho purpose of obtalnliiK
a Crown Orant of tho nbovo clnim.
And furihor lake notice that aotion. under
section It, must bo commenced boforo iho last
ance of snob cortiflcato of improvements.
Datod this 20th day cf July, 1HB.
Oo C. imll. OltKKN.
The Canadian Bank of Gofflmeree
With Which is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.  :   RES r, $2,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally located and is a stopping; place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Only tKe choicest brands of Wir\es, Liquors,
ar\d Gigars at the Bar
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, m„
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The beet of aooommodatlon for
tho oonvenlonoo of tho
travelling publlo.
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commercial Men
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
CARRIAGE AND SIGN PAINTING.   Bieyele Repairing aod Siidris
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Customers
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all 'trains.
hufir&kmm U. AND DISTRICT.
JKerr It veiling frlendi, hi
-At Green* i'hI on   tho 7th
) wife of Jim, Kei ■• of a (lHtigh-
ILiicy, who left lunl Kprhig foe
|r Mountain liim returned co tbe
, Dale han returned after sev-
nth"' almence at hia old home
it, III.
Gulae, merchant  of   Went-
wan among laat week's vinitom
ptrouw and ll. Meyi-rhofT left
ek on a hunting trip up tbe
J N. Monroe returned on Friday
(pending a few day* with friend*
Uoepel, Provincial Govern
laudiUir, waa in Oreenwood on
I huiiueM laat week.
dolph Stuart, who 1* trttvulltng
tentative for the B. 0. Mining
B, paid Midway a viait laat. week.
Toxii left on Friday for Ihe
fork, where he will spend the
■ developing hia mining prop*
i Wallace mountain.
ttcxxlHiiien  Union, Nn.   'ti,
I M.. >• arranging to hold a
bull on the night of 27th in nt.,
i States Tbankaglving Day.
I Mrt. F. W.  McLaine left
vood laat week for Montreal en
Jfor New York where Mr. Mc-
■will cotitult a ipecialiat on ap-
Melville. 0.  B. Melville and
IWilkina, returned on Thu radii y
|h» Weat Fork, where they hud
foil a bunting trip.  They were
■ful in getting aeveral deer.
IZ. Meaker, who haa lx*eu acting
lintuaater in Ibe alwenie of J. S.
vme, la again acting na conducts
i run between bete anil Nclmin,
awrence having returned.
bl Jnhnaou, general maiuiger of
tiri'i'iiwiMid aiuellrr, Ium untie tn
mu ill I'OlilliMllnli wiiil llle pin-
i addition nf aome tun her fiuil-
' rairying on the wnrk uf thr
1. Murrii, Inapecior of the Can-
Bank of C<iiiinieiiv, paid hii
lilvi-ii to the Iwiik'-i Glreenwood
th laat week  and,   iiicidentally,
1 over lhe hig mine* aud ainellera
|. Caullleld, one nf ihe dim-tors
Hiiaavll.  Law, CiiolHeld Colli'
I, Ltd., currying on ii lai-gn gener
lerimiiile lutaiiieaa  in Greenwood
tii. siirimiiidingdisinr.i, luu> gum*
|nna iiuaineaaviail.
applicatiotiH for ivnewal Iiki-hi. -p
s Boundary Clerk lliim se dis
must reach I. A. UioHiimre. Grand
a, the chiel lieenae iuspoi'mr lie-
Di-crniher lat. 11X12 and money
icenaea iiiuat lie paid lothegovefu*
t agent nf the dial rut.
Nelaon Board of Trade hus nihil conference of Ulnae illleieated ill
lead mining induiti y at the Bunnl
le rooms, Nelsnn, Nnv. 21. W
linlliher M. P., will ne present and
■iteration will he given lo the beat
and meana tn assist in lhe devel
nent of the lead milling industry.
Ellis, who has heen acl ing as
i>ger btakeman on lhe Colunihia
eatern ever aince the train service
tirs-.inaugurated, haa heen Irans-
d to the freight run lietween the
Lode mine aud B. C. Oopper
l'«. Mueller. The transfer was made
Mr. Ellis' request in order that, he
:ht qualify for a conductor, anil as
ia one of the oldest lirakeoien on
road he will doubtless shortly la'
i'ii a train.
any complaints are heard regard-
the slaughter of game reported tn
Koing on up the Uiain  Kettle river
tlie west fork, above Rock creek.
short time ago nearly ll» giouse
if taken to GreenwiumI al one lime,
d mid lo whoever would buy tbem.
is Was the third lot received from up
west fork In a few weeks, the two
vinus lots having each consisted of
tween 10 and SO birds.   Nnw it ia
"''the vandals ure slaughtering, ap-
Willy without let or   hindrance.
18 result of this wholesale deit.r lie*
•> of game will probably lie that lie-
•«ng Ihere will he none left in that
*lntlhedlstlrt for Imiiih fide pi*os*
'"-tot. to live upon when necessary
™A%* Leamy and Juries heard sev*
"« cbbm Inthe count y court last week.
""' of ino»t local interest were four
"ins hmught by J, W. Mellnr for
'Ming hulHing, in Greenwood. In
«M* case the defendant contested the
.'•""i for the stited reason that the
P»hituaedln the work was of inferior
una   80 lhat th" P*int m,w nff ,ho
I ''Hiding.  i„ the tMW of Rpndei, & Oo.
I"1* Nnt on whose big huslneas block
In   i!°r *<m,e iln,e P""1 I"'6*""1'"1 H
IPatchy appeOTl,nC(,) defendants   were
"warded WJO.OOon tbeir cnuntei claim
M   ?m**H'   I" the case of  Police
M»gislrate  Hallett an   arrangement
WW made providing for the repaint Ing
! "fl'iPa residence ne*t *pring and
the work should twelve months lat
Wove, to the satisfaction ot refer-
A new remedy fop babies and
young ehildren
The old reliable cough syrup
A perfect emulsion
of castor oil, witl) all
the excellent qualities of tlie oil unlrri-
' paired, ar|d the unpleasant taste entirely removed.
|< F. Jkortvas,       Druggist,      ftidWay.
3.1.1 p. in.
Wed., Kit.
A Siinrtui*
IK p. in.
All Coast ihiIiiIh
I'la. Crow's Ni_tlt.lt,
Kaaterii Canada
Vernon, ote,
(Irand Korku
Allpta. Kiutft Mouth
Cainp McKliniey
Itock Creek
All Went Kork pointa
I.U p. m.
Tuna., Thnn.
k Snuirday-
srt) a. m.
Ma"a for pointa farther weat of Midway than
Camp McKinney so via. Ketelatoke.
Monoy ordera from 8 a. fn. to 7 p. in. With the
c*<i<pil»n of one hhlf hour before departure
and after arrival of mall*.
I'i. I mauler.
eea, to have heen well done, cerlain
money onlered paid inin coon by defendant shall he paid nver to plaintiff,
but if nnt gond wnrk other money,
paid in by plaintiff, ahall be |-aid tn
defendant aa damage*. There are two
nther cases besides these.
J. II. Brown, of lhe legal firm of
McLeod A Hi (inn. Oreenwood, passed
ilirnunh Midway on Tuesday en route
to Vancouver where he was going
ns solicitor tor McKenzle In the suit of
McK-ime vs the Knnl, Hill Mining
Oompany. Some time -tgii McK. mie
sued lhe company fm-dauiageala-cause
of injuries received while working in
the Kiinh Hill mine. McKeniie ran
Into a mimed bnle and received terri*
Ide injuries. He Inst an eye. his face
.ns bmllr I'lirnl. and he was other*
wise injuii'il. Thejiiiyat fireenwoial
awarded liim dainuges in flaif). The
Knoll Hill company appeab-d and Ihe
appeal whs heard in Vancouver lasl
we«k, K. P. Davis, K. 0., ap|ieaml
wiih Mr. Brown while J. A. McDmirld
nf Rnsaland, acted for the mining
It iastated that a trial shipment nf
ore *vaa lately limde tn a smeller frnm
the Lime Star and Washington mine,
just south nf the International Boundary line from the Oity of Paris and
Majestic groups of mines, in Central
camp. Mr. (lerke, who some lime
since put down a prospect shaft on the
Cnmstnck, the moat prominent of the
mineral claims on La Pleur Mountain,
in the same neighborhood, has made
arrangements with the company owning this property loget out some ore,
As at ahout HII feet depth there is a
shoot of good gold-copper ore, Mr.
(lerke is sanguine that he will dn well
out of his deal. He will employ eight
men and will haul the ore to Ihe Hot
Air line, which passes along the
valley within three ot four miles of the
property. Messrs Flynn and O'Neill
aie reporl ed to have a dump of nice
ore on a claim close to the Oomslock.
It Is stated that a small trial shipment of ore was lately made to a
amelter, from thc Lone 8tar and
Washington mine, just south of the
International Boundary line from the
City of Paris and Majestic group of
mines, in Central camp Mr. Gerke,
who some lime since put down a pens-
pert shaft on the (lomstoek, the most
prominent of the mineral claims on
La. leur Mountain, in the same neighborhood, has made arrangements
with the company owning this pioper
ty to get out some ore. As at about
3. feet deplh there is a shoot of goml
copper-gold ore, Mr. Getl^e is sanguine
that he will do well out of his deal.
He will employ six to eight men nnd
will haul the ore to the "hot. air" line,
which passes along the valley within
three or four miles of tbe properly,
Messrs, Flynn and O'Neill are reported
to have a dump of nice nre on a
claim close to the Comstnck.
A Magazine Thirty Years Old:—The
Christinas (December) Number of
THE DELINEATOR is also the
Thirtieth Anniversary Number,
To dn justice tn the number, which
for beauty and utility touches the highest mark, it would lie necessary to print
the entire list of contents. It is sufficient tostnlelhst in it thebest modern
wriler.t and artists are generously represented. The bnok contains nver 290
pages with 'At full page Illustrations,
nf which 'A) are iu two nr inure colors
The magnitude nf this December uuiu-
ln-r for which 728 tuna of piper and U
tnns of ink have lieen U"ed, may be lib*
ilerstnisl frnm tbe fact thnt ill presses
running 14 hours a dny, have l-een required to print it;th* binding nlune
nf the Million nf 1115.000 copies repre-
sellllnif nver UO.ilOO.OU) sections which
had to la* gathered individually by
human hands.
Judgments ere Set aside.
Vancocvkr. B. 0. Nov. M.-The Le
Roi company succeeded today in setting aside two judgments obtained
against ihe Rossland Miner Printing
k Publishing companv by lhe War
Eagle-Centre Star trustee, McDonah,
and the I* Rni Nn. i company, re-
spectively, for money advanced to run
the Rnssiand Daily Miner.
C. R. Hamilton, of Rosiland. who
appeared for the Le Roi conipany, snid
that his cllenls held 7B0 shares out. of
the2.000 issued stock of the Miner,
and that the judgments In question
bad been obtained by collusion and
without the knowledge of the Le Roi
Company, although their representative on the board of directors was the
necreUry-tronsiirer of the concern. A.
C. Oalt. of Rossland, supported thc
Th« court onlered the judgments In
beset aside Willi costs,
Thep»tlH«nnfthe War Eigle-flen*
Ire Star people nnd the Le Unl Nn. 2
companv to wind np the affiirs of the
Miner and tn appoint A. H. Barker,
local maimgiMMfUte Bank of Toronto,
nt Hossland. as llq«ld»tnr, comes up
for a heating tn -morrow. The application will be strenuously opposed liy
theLe Rol company.
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.—No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order tn have Dr. Arnold's English Tnxin Pills placed in the hands of
all persons suffering from bad health
we make the following moat liberal
offer :—
If you will send us your name and
address and agree to sell for xu twelve
hoxes of Dr. Arnold's English Tnxin
Pills at 25c. per liox, we will give vou
'absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Cnaln in either Ladies or (tenia
size, nr ynur choice of twenty other
premium's such as flue sets of Jewelry,
Rings, Violins, Mandolins, Ten Seis,
8ni_en Skirts. Cameras, etc Remember we don't want any money until
niter ynu sell the I'ills and vnu don't.
hnve in sell any mon- thnn 12 boxes lo
get the premiums. This is a bona (lib-
offer from a reliable concern that has
given thousands nt dollars worth nf
premiums to agents all nver the cniin-
trv, Remember also that Dr. Arnold's
Knglish Toxin I'ills are n well known
remedy for all disease* nf the kidneys
and bladder, Blight's disease, diabetes,
rheumatism, nervous troubles, and
female complaints, nnd are l'r.r sale liy
all Aral class druggists and dealers in
all parts uf the world, Yon have only
U) show Ilieio tn sell them, You are
notoffering something tlun the people
don't know. Our watches nre the
regular standard size for Ladies or
Gentlemen III Niikel or Gun Metal
Cases with handsome Illuminated dlnla
and reliable liurkcopeis, wn'cbes
audi as no ladv ni■ gentleman need be
ashamed to t'arrV, anil they will he
sent absolutely Free tn all who sell
only twelve boxes of those wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write at mice mul he the
flrst in voor locality to earn one Of
tho«e Iwautiful watches and chain. As
toon as we receive your'letter or pnst
card'we will send you post pud twelve
boxes, together With our Illustrated
Catalogue and beautifully colored card
with ynur name and address on ns nur
authorized agent. Dear In mind thai
you will not he nskeil In sell nny lllrtrp
lhan the ia boxes and we don't want
any money until after you have sold
them. We hear nil tin1 expense nml
are only innking I his liberal offer, as a
method nf advertising Ur. Arnolds
English Toxin PHIu. Don't delay,
write nl mice and earn n heillll llttl pres
ent for yourself for Christmas.
50 Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
liAintiHTKits, Solicitors, Etc,
—: Niitaky Public,
Cam. MoKinney.B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
A. _. Can. Soo. C. B.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway and Ukkknwood.
Rf.ndki.l Block, Greenwood.
Phone UO, V. * S.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Go.,
Washington & G. S. Ry.,
Van., Vie.&B.By.&N.Co.
The only nil rail route hetwecn
points enst, west mid south to Ross-
lend, Nelson, Grand Forks mid Repuli-
Uf. Connects Kt .pokMlfe with the
(Jieiu Northern, Northern Pacific ami
0. rt. k N. Co, for |iiilnts easl, w*"*t
mil south ; connects ut Ros .iimi Hint
Nelson with the Cainuliao P«i-ill<: H».
Connects nt Ncl-on with tlieK. II. * K.
Co, Tor Kii-ilo and .Slocmi poliits.
Coiiihcu at (nrlcw with stage fur
(iri-enwnoil ami Miilway 11. ('.
Iliifn-I cars ran on trains between
Spokane and Republic.
liesvo. Arrive
a.M -.m  SIHIKAXK      Up.ni.
10.30 R.I1I  U0.SHI.AN1I       S.lUpm.
7.15 a.m NKI.S0N      8.08p.m.
'••w*1" (orasotouks)   '■MP'"1-
M0a.ni  IlKPUDUC       S.I5p.ni.
B.   __..  JA0K8OX,
Gmiersl Pittnuni-ar Agent.'
Kpukajie, \Vn*b.
Direct line, Lowest rates
New York
V micoii ver
Si-nil le
Sin Francisco
St. Pnul, Chicago, mid all
U, S, pnints.
Lv, Riinmnre .let. Dally
Lv, Kootenay lAg. Tues. and Snty,
Toronto', Montreal, Boston, eie,
Leave Rieyelsloke Oiily
Vancouvei', Seattle and dust Point*.
Through hooklllgs In Europe via ill
For tl'iii- tfttilos, noun wiil full Information
rnll mi or »-<trr..» A. \V. HAILET, Agent,
Midwnv. ui'
,l.s. fAirrai, K.J. rovi.E,
li. p. A.. A.G.P.A.,
Nelsnn, 11, C.       Viineoiiver. II. 0
Certificate   of   Improvementa.
.Tk.. t-'Kiii-nv MiNi-'.HM. Claim.
Situate In the Kottlo nivor MlnlnK Division of
Ynle District.   Whore locntoil : On Ornsi
MointR'n. Cnmn McK'nnov.
TAICK   SOWfi It1"1  Iittonry Nicholson,
fron minors'  -Mil. On  No.   n«KB, M
 it fnr v.\ imiv. froo minor soortinoaM) No,
'ilislD. IiiUiiiiI.sImv iln <■» frnm thn (Into horonf,
lo nnt'lv in tlii> Mining llooonlorfor n oortlnoato
of linprovtimonts. fnr tho n'u'posn of obtaining
a i'i-n«-ii  Orant of thn abovo olalm,
Anil furthor Inkr notloo tliul aotton, unHor
suction  S". musl  W oommcnooil hoforo too
isnimnoo nf suoh novtlflonte nf improvomonts.
Ilntcd l.hls.'illi ilny of July. IW3. lo
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   TML.   GXTI__LE3"5r   Ss   OO.,
Greenwood- Curlew
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STACK between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m., arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m„ upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. fn, and Greenwood at 9 p m.
Will connect with Meverhoff's Stage from all points West
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Midway Livery, Feed &Sale Stable |
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. K. Tyrrell,   -   Proprietor.
Hay and Oats for Sale. - Bus Meets all Trains. |
General Transfer an. Dray Business.       |
1 HI .ersi Motel
Rock Creek, B. G.
IH S. T. LARSEN, Prop.
Itiippliig pimJe fi>i'Suigen id
^ ,1)1.1 frnui llll UlMllllI 'IV
Qood AcGOimnodaiion k ik Tpaveling PoMie. II
• • •
It will be tbe most import-
|    ant Railway Centre in the
Intepior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rieh Mining, Stock-liaising,
Banking, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District-
Midway property will
make you rieh. It is not
a speculation, it is ao in-
Midway, the eoming na.
way, commercial,
sale and
centre of the Kettle Biver
tricts, Is situated at tbe
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kettle River,
The leading residence
town io the country, witb
in excellent climate, pore
waler supply, and surrounded by rich agricultural land.
:*) St John Street,
Montreal, P, Q.
B-ine*-. residence and garden ,0B „ lo_ pricesand 0„ ^'&     j£j ^ ^ ^ ^ £ ^ Z
©he JJtepatclj
Ornne Laws.
It is lawful  to shunt game as follows (dates inclusive):
8eptemher 1 to Deceinher 14—Deer,
buck or doe; mountain goat, inountain
sheep (ram,)
September Ito December 31 —Carl
boo ; elk, wapiti, (hull); proline of nil
kinds, including prairie chickens; hare;
nioose, (hull),
Septeniberl toPehruary2S— Bittern;
Juck, all kinds; heron ; meadow lark,
November 2 to March Sl— Beaver,
land otter, marl en.
It is unlawful to shoot or desiroy at
any time : Birds living on noxious insects ; English hlackliirds; caribou,
cow or calf; chaffinch ; deer, fawn
under twelve months: elk, wapiti, cow
or calf under two years : gull; linnet;
moose, row or ralf under twelve
months; mounlain sheep, ewe or lamh;
English partridge ; pheasants, cock or
hen, eiceptus hereinafter provided ;
quail, all kinds ; robins (farmers only
may shoot these in gardens between
June 1 and Sept. 1); skylark, thrush.
(tis unlawful Io buy, sell or expose
for sale, show oi advertisement, caribou, hare, bull moose, mountain goat,
mountain ram before October 1; deer
hefore September J ; uur any of the
above nmjied *niiimls or birds al any
time, except duck, blue grouse, heron
aud plover during the open season,
It is unlawful to kill or f.H_e more
thnn Ave caribou in one HfASoli ; more
than ten deer, or to hunt, th'eui with
dogs or to kill for hide* alone ; more
than 250 ducks ; more than two bull
elk or wapiti j move thou two hull
moose; more than lice inountain goats;
more than three mountain rains; or
lo take or destroy the eggsof protected
birds at any time.
Itis unlawful lo enter Innd enclosed
hy fence, water or natlirnl lotitiibiry,
after notice nr li notice under Section
17 Is posted up ; for   non residents to
shoot without, n license: for win resident Indiana to kill khuic at any time ;
to export or transport in   the raw
stale, game birds of e.xery kind and
Bniinals protected except hear, beav.i,
marten and land otter; to use traps,
nets, gins, drugged bait, etc., to catch
game birds; to expose for sale any
deer without its bend or bird without
its plumage; lo use batteries, swivel
guns or sunken  pxxxit,*  in   non  tidal
waters to take ducks or geese ; for unlicensed non-residents to trap or kill
liear or heaver fnr'heir pelts; to kill
any game bird between one hour after
sunset and nne hour hefore sunrise :
to kill gJime birds or animals imported
for acclimatization purposes; to luiv
or sell heads  of mountain sheep : to
take 11 uut except by hook and line or
to use salmon roe as bait.
Agent for British ('oliiiiii,i»,
Midway, H. o.
cation will bc made tu Iho l'arllanicnl of
I'jui'iiln, at tlie next >il Units lliurco'.for an Act
incorporating ft Company, under lhe name of
the "Viuirmivor anil Const Kootunitjr Hallway
Company."toconstruct anil operate a lino of
railway, from ft point nt or near thu City of
Vancouver, thence south easterly to the City
nf New Westminster and across tho Kroner
Kiver; tlienee easterly by tho most feasible
routo, lo a point at or near Midwuy, In the
Hriiinilury,'reck Ulstrict; from ft point on Iho
main line of tlio railway south of tho Fraser,
to a point at. or near the mouth of the Kroner
Hiver; from ft point on the mnin line «wt of
Hope, to a point at or near N'lcoln Lake ; nnd
from a point on the main line of tho railway at
or near the City of Vancouver, northerly (era.
Hiiriiinl Inlet, ai the nioet feasible point, to
North Vancouver Municipality, thence westerly
to a ihiIih ut or near the mouth of the Capilano ,
Crock. j
With power to construct nnd operate brunch I
lines, from any point on tho mnin line of the
proposed rail way or branches thereof, not ox*
ccciliiiK in anr ono case thirty (UW, miles in
loiiii'lh ; and with power I o const met, own. and
opcinlc. wharves, docks, elevators, and warehouses, in connection therewith; nnd to construct, own, and   operate, steam and other
vessels, on any narlgnMn wnlers; and wilh
power to construct, o jru, maintain, nnd oner
ate a suitable ferry, from the moat convenient
point on the mainland of British <_lumbl». M
ibe most convenient point   on   Vancouver
Island, so as to make connection with the City
nf Victoria, or to connect therewith by the
same; to   construct, operate and maintain,
telegraph and telephone linos, ftlonir tho route '
of tlio proposed railway or Its branches, nnd to
transmit messjiges fnr commercial purposes,
and to collect lolls ilicrefnr ; to generate electricity for power and lighting purposes, and '
for all rinlits powers and privileges, necessary,
usual, or Incidental lo all or nny of the aforesaid purposes.
Hated nt Vancouver, this 1st day of October,
A. 1). l«tt.
I). G. MA.IHK. KM*
lift Solicitor for Applicants,
The Midway Sawmill
i *V9rj Home
Needed in
\™™y     EDITION Of
A Dictionary ot ENGLISH,
Bioir«pbr,G>oir*phy, Fiction, <tc
New Plate* Throughout
25,000 New Words
PhrtM*  and  Definition*
I'l'opim'd under llio direct supervision of W. T. HARRIS, Ph.D., LL.D.,
United Slates Com in Miner of Education nsslslotlliyalai'ifocorpsofcoin
potent rJ|n'ciulisl» and editors.
Rich Binding* 3364 Quarto Pag or
 5000 illuolrallono	
ill 1890, stiemtlt'ng the "Unabridged."
ttZlis Hem „,iil, Ewitrifr.tl Edition of the
International mu '•'««•■«/ in October,
1900.        (lit Ihe Meal nnd best,
Web»li>r'» Collo.t.t. Dlotlonarr
Uitb 1) luesury of Punt I Ish Word! and I'lirascs
I lll» IV*  HtJJIIurtmllMl  H»7iWiIMIikI.._
'Flint-elm lu quality. teoomMga In line "
'        PublishiMV,        '"'"-
Springfield, Mm*
All kinds of BOnGH aad DRESSED IUMBEB,
Band sawingand job work done to order
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
The school where thorough work is done; where the reason
is always given; where confidence is developed; where Book-
kkeping is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shortham) is scientific; where penmanship is at   its
best; where merit is the standard; where the training in Civil. Service; Telegraphy, English and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them how to be
successful.   No argument is so eloquent as   the record of
things welLdone.    No mortgage can corrupt,  no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do    When
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done for
others is it better to trust to luck ?   Is it wiser to guess ?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C.
HOm6"Etth,ifty^0cUmat,,ed tn» ™» »"rub.
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
Rosea, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
'■SISE 'n,P,Bntin't' '"• ""»-»■ «••* «*- -tuck,
■Econn-to pUnt at rnxm .. po*ibl,. Ht_etil is Aug.
Tfees obtained froni our nursery ni be planted it
Midway two days after tbey are daff.
-PrlM.IUt' *"* ,UH ln,0""«««o» Promptly given.
I^rien Wanted <*<*<*
\To sell for the large Fonthlll nurseries.  Appll
cations should be filed at onee.  Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding hig he testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
TSBK^ Stone & Wellington
AAAAAA_t___ _____________________ __________________________ A____________________k___________________f-<
Advertise in
The Dispatch.
Lancashire House,
* 1 MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened thi. well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
• Vw^-^to^eomtmtn~nhhed roomi
weenwood-Cnrlew, via Midwav Sa_.fi 8,"*w ** bmuem
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.


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