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The Advance 1901-12-09

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 _. i     & y.l t   t
1-4* : .,..-.•■•
Vol. XVI, No.*.
$2,00 per Year.
■ p,McU50IV •■ •'•   ..,;•  .tf' _   •
ljji**llI8T«B, SOMOITOB, B-ft*.
-, Ol'BB>l*<lfflUi>.().
|m\NICHOL$ON, ^ "   .
I-1, —i Notary Ptniun,
bAtWTAm " """     J
AND MINiyg?M(^!{Uli
oikP MoKiNNE*. B.C. ,•:.«''•
i „ —	
. ii.c.bhuw,
Hallett -SrStyV
Notaries Public   .
|o«lj|o Ad«lre««: '-IIAI.I.BTT."
1    ,-„„m l lloilforil Meff Hill's, Mnri'lni* fc
Neil a, Loibora.    *•
IRkndeu. Block., Greenwood.
I'lione 90, V. * N.    ,
kll, KERBY,
A. H. Call. Soc. C, E.
[Provincial Land   Surveyor
I Midwav m:u Oiihbnwooh.
l*;ealf Estate
mx-l    ... .  ...
\fl_ktt STIIKKT. MIDWAY, U.i.'
, , r       ■
gfiRT SMITH,   :";
v    . TofisoitAL- Auiti*jTi.
i'i li'.'k-l*'* rltoVJ, rt-Uf_«l..10il.ll'i-!e
a la*iir).r. ..ill JutTiiij aiir,fe-ilrlur.
WutiJwii'.'il nisliH-aimti.  "IX.: <fv.~i
Sale . .
tf ti, tininitTitVf
I Ogr large stock of DRY OOODS,
[ NISHINGS must be reduced at
: once.   While they last we Intend
| to give the best values in these
i lines ever offered to the people of
i Midway.   A call will con vince you.
The flidway Trading
jCompany, Ltd.
iti -initi'.r,
iljmvAY. a c
W. I) VLIl»MPI J*) ,
rtuoval     _61i»o Trio; av».i til*.
All Kb'* of Itg-tWnt.   Morsiwhoelnr
A specially.
I At    Pittas—u__4.v_t,   B-lg-J*-.
'nwl l I.X..    ACCOMMODATION    Ullt   (l! Ksls.
| AT Kiocllort Clsbiiw on Ketlle nivor.*!
———_•_ _—.... ...
Ml kinds of work executed to
Un satisfaotion of customers.
in R. KLMil,
ww i   r-  T—-,—-
Ppaotioal-Watoh Maker,
■ Hood Todi, Plenty TH.tcri.l,
•nil 30 y-in tiptrlenct   In do   I
work correctly.  ,  ,*,, •
y^%^.seventh St. - Hidwav. rOC^T
-********- (
A new building,  well furnished.   Everything new \
antl. first-class.    Only the choicest  Wines,   Liquors J
and Cigars kept in stock.    1 leadquartera for Mining f
and Commercial Men.
Work will be Commenced on this
Line Early Next Spring.
Three Survey Parties will be in the Field Inside of two Weeks.
One Party Will  Start Prom Midway.   One From
Carmi and a Third From Vernon,
i Pioneer hotel
fa        V>       Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
faZm&k    %&'<^$&&&&&&£&&&$&§&§&
w \\v, have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
•/j?  are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom-
fa  modation.   Good catering.    Pirst-class Livery Stable.
• v ,*,*,<•■.
Seasonable Goods
own to actual cost. 20pepcantless ta formerly
Havim,' a large Stock of Summer Goods ort
hand   and  wishing' tO dispose of the same, we. hive.
made the above reduction,  bringing these   goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy   Ginghams,   for   Shirt   Waists; Fancy
/culms and  Chambravs, striped and   checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and   Plain Outing  Hanncls,
Organdies, and numerous other sqasoi).ible goods JH
..Ladies' and Children's 'Wear, •-,...
•• ' ■Lvlies^.n^Cliilii.-eli'.Sir.wllals^t^lyro'. '
$$&. prices.   .OnlyakwJeft,«s/h^V^II ^^
'. ^ur prices.- '"•   '.';.''.' '
^^cc. so doolt. tu^H tiK,^po.turuiy.    Bicycle  Hose
.'.'ajid.Sweitceiu   ■	
- 'Shoes in Tairaniri». lo Kull all tastes,
 ■T'h^Groeen:vl.)ep-nanK'nt is-stocked With a fm!
"■ioffiafdwai^aml Shell Wanrfor Builder,,  ...
HAIN & CO., Oeneral Merchant
Jus. Ooyle Oi 15,, who n tew Weeks
H|(0 wenl, over the pniptwiid line of the
Midwav Vernon railway to report In
the promoters of the road us to tha
feasihitity of the rotlte has sent word
that he will arrive in ahout two Week*
with three lar«e oui His of surveyors
and will i-oimiience the work of loral-
ilig Ihe line lietween hi-ra and Vernon,
As two weeks time hriiigs it near the
Xmas. holidays it is scarcely likely
that much work will he done hefore
the heginuintfof Ihe new year,
The three survey patties whieh will
commence work shortly will he placed
al three ditfeient points along the line,
onesiai'tingat Midway, hup at Vernon and the third, uolivoieiuiitB al
Canni will work northward lowuids
Vernon, Itis estimated that il will
take the two parties stli-veyitig hetween Verdun mid Canni ahoul the
snine length of time to complele the
survey of that portion of th? road, as
it will take the oilier party to cum
plete tlie distance lietween here mid
Oariui so that work of actual constinc
liim can he ciiiiiiiienceil nt as many
different p.iiiits along lhe entire rnnd
as the promoters may deem nilvisiihle
and thus prevent any delays lo the
work of coiisi rue ion as sunn as spring
open-, which will ih-n Le commenced
.md vigorously pushed until the entire
line is completed.
Last ipiing when Ro'-prt Woutl and
.lames Kerr weie griiitt'Il nrhnrler for
t lie hiiiltlitig of the Miilwn* Vemun
railway iiiiii-hspet:iiliiti»;ii Wa*Tlnllilgea
ill us lo where the uiJiuev vt as miming
from tollnaiieelhe Bchemi-. La en n iu
the year Mr, Wood went 11 hlegliilld
and it was then rumored thul his trip
was fi.r the piirposti nf oMainiug eapi- for Ihis pr-ject. hut such wius uot
All, Wood's mission and during his
aliseni-e his associates have succeeded
in nlitainiug sullij-ient funds In carry
out the liliuliugof the road. Who the
pjirlies are that furnished Mr, Wood
and his associales with ihe rei|uifed
capital for their undertaking is not
knnwn, or does it make any difference
io the puhlic for the f.ici remains that
1 hey hnve the money and are going tn
huild tlie rond. Of course they .vill
expect lhe government Stlhsidy of
ijH.OUO per mile and are justly entitled
to il as H large portion nf the road lietween Onrmi and Vi'rnon passes
ihrough iin nnprodocl ive country, t hut
will famish hut little business to a
tailway mid through Which the Imild-
lug ofa road will Involve cuiisidemhle
expense, hut as Ihe government in
iheir railway policy adopted last
spring has included this line of railway
among those'to which ii intends to
olfer iissistnnce, there is liilln dmilit
hul that the milisitly of 81,11)0 a mile
will he furthcoming;.
Mr, Ooyle is an old railway man and
has done coiisideruhle work lor Mc
Xeir/.ie k Mann. Aflrr gning over the
prnpiiseil rnail lllld   CHl'el'lllly  t'lt'eclillg
il preliminary sui vey he slates that il
can he lulilt on a one per cent, grade.
When the road is coufpleted il will
lie operated hy either I lie 0. I'. II. or
llio V. V.&R.ns yet no dellnitti nr-
iKiigi'ineniii have lieen made with
either of these nirporiilioiis hut it is
altogether prohnhle that au agree
iiii-nl Will he enteied into inside of
thirty dnys, llotli these I-uiids are
anxious to obtain the Midivay-Vefntin
linn as it would prove nf great lienelli
in tliein. Should the V. V, kit. he
the stiiTe-e-ful liidders it woiild, when
their road is extended from Curlew to
.Midway, furnish it. with diiect con-
neclioii with the West Fnrk country,
which is tloulltless a rich mineral
piiuillry and would prove a great
source of revenue to that line and give
il a greal nil vantage over lliflO. P, H.
ns it Is scarcely likely two lines will he
subsidized to build from here wesl via
lhe West Kork, so that iu thai, event
theO, P. 11., if it wanted lo tap the
West Fork country, Would lie cum*
pilled to build wil Iiiiui. government
aid. feut if the ('. I'. 11. obtains con-
i nil of the now line, nii'l it is generfttly
{supposed'that it will, it will have
Mlirnetcfinneftiiin with its main line at
j sii'aiuiins.nti'it now opi'i-nlei the Shim.
wn|i and Okanngjin railway, which
eiinnecls Vei'iinn witli that point and
iherefore gives it connection With the
coast over a line tunning llu-nugh the
richest Sections of the province. This
arrangement would he alright for this
country providing the government
granted the subsidy for the building of
the Coast Koolenay line lo a competing company hut if it didn't then it
would he all wrung.
The building of the MidWay-Vernon
road will materially assist in making
Midway the great railway, smelter and
commercial centre it is sure to become,
for eventually all the West Fork ore
will he 8inelt"d here, This town has
the best smelter site of any town in
the district, and when the Midway
Vernon railway opens lip the West
Fork country lhe mining industry will
develop and the ore Will he hauled
down hill to Midway where is its
natural point for treatment. For
what more favorable advantages could
any town offer l o any smelting compuny than an ideal smeller site with
plenty of Water aud affording a down
hill haul for hath ore and Cuke ?
Rambler Interest Sold.
F. J. Finucane, manager of the Bank
of Montreal, Greenwood, has purchased
a one-eighth interest in the Rambler
claim from Gorman West. The re
niainder of the claim is owned by W.
.1. Nelsnn and E. Bumbo, The properly is one of tlie nio-t promising up the
West Fork. It is situate on Wallace
mountain, about three miles east of
Beaverdell. The lead on which a shaf '.-
is now being sunk nn Iw leneed fin-
1,0(10 feet across the property. The
shaft is now down 80 feel) and at this
depth lhe ledge is e'ght feet in Width,
and lias a paystreak of about four feet
of solid metal eairying good values in
silver. Nalive silver shows plainly in
the paystreak und it is altogether
probable that the ore will run over one
hundred dollars lo the Ion. Already
a carload of ore has been sacked and is
ready to he hauled to Midway as soon
as (here is ntillli-ient snow to admit of
it being hauled hy sleighs.
As Others See Us.
Under the caption "Canadians Are
Loyal" the Spokesman Review, in
speaking of Canada sending soldiers to
South Africa, says i
It litis again been demonstrated Ihal
the mother country limy confidently
rely on Canada when in times of stress
there is need for aid from lhe colonies.
The Canadians want tn run their own
affairs about as Ihey please, and would
no dnuhl resent interference hy the
head authorities of tlie empire, hut
ihey are intensely loyal to (lie British
throne and stand ready to defend It
under all circumstances or to assist in
any military operations that have for
their object thu glory of the empire.
Whenever England lias called upon
the coluniea for support in any trouble,
actual or threatened, Ihe Canadians
have been among the lirst to respond.
Frequently they have volunteered aid
before it bus been asked and there lias
never been any doubt as to what Ih
answer would be tn a request for Canadian support, ln 1885, when war
clouds began to roll up un the boundary line between Russia and Afghanistan and all Europe looked for serious
hostilities, the Dominion wus ready
wiih men and money and would have
done iiinie than her share to protect
the Indian empire.
All Canada wns eager in share in lhe
Doer war, and when the summons
came for volunteers the number of
those presenting llieinsi'lvesfnrservice
was greatly in excess of the quota re*
quired. Thc question was not how to
lind the uun hut how lo select from
the many anxious to share in Ihu
South African campaign. There is
likely to be a similar experience in
choosing the 000 men whose services
have just been tendered for the Boer
war and accepted with thanks by tbe
imperial government.
A Diamond Drill Will be Installed on
the Property.
for a long time the owners of claims
on Copper mountain, Myers creek,
have been looking forward with great,
interest to tlie time when the long tun--
nel that was heing run on the Buckhorn would slrike the ledge at a deplh
of 300 feet, as it was generally conceded
lhat the result would to a great extent,
determine the values nf lhe ore hollies
on Oopper Mounlain al depth, Ahout
two weeks ago the tunnel reached I ho
ledge mid although Ilie result was not
as satisfactory as was expected, yet
there was no reason for alai hut the
superintendent, M. M. Wal*,h, has decided to install a diamond cl■ ill mid
more thoroughly explore lhe properly.
The Buckhorn is one of n group of
eight claims owned by tlie Monterey
Mining company, A shaft has been
sunk on the pioperty to a depth of llii)
feet, at the bottom of whieh a crosscut
was runi showing the ledge to lie SO
feet in width, assays from which gave
good values.
The surface showings of the Cupper
inountain properties are etiucuiuus.aiul
if tbe ledges at depth prove lobe of
cm-responding widths, it will be one of
tho best mining camps west of here.
Fire at Anaconda.
Early last Thursday morning fire
broke out in the premises of the Palace
Hotel. Anaconda, and in a short time
the building aud its contents were re*
duced to ashes. It is not known how
the Die originated, hut. il had1'gained
good headway before being discovered,
There is no effective water system iu
Anaconda, so it was impossible to
check the flames and only for the
effort* of a volunteer lire brigade, a
neighboring building distant about 80
feet, would have also gone up in Haines,
as it was no damage was done to it beyond ubad scorching, liooper.t Bell,
the proprietors, estimate the loss ou
the contents al $2,600 on which they
had un insurance of $1,000. Thomas
Hardy, of Phoenix, owner of tlie
building fstnntiled it. to be worth
$5,000 on which he had $2,800 insurance
The conflagration spread with sueh
rapidity lhat the guests were unalile
lo save hut very little of their belong
ings, A few weeks ago the palace
narrowly escaped being luirn-d, owing
to adefectiveftue, however, the flames
were discovered and extinguished in
lime to prevent any serious loss. The
palace Was built in 180(1 by Thomas
Hardy, since then ihe town Ims grade,
ally grown towards (ireenwood until
it was poorly situated to do n large
trade, so it is not likely it will be rebuilt,
Population of B. C. Cities.
A census bulletin recently issued at
Ottawa contains the following revised
list nf the populations of cities in British Columbia having over 2,000 peo*
pie j
Vancouver 20,133
Victoria 20,810
New Westminster  0.408
Rossland  0,104
Nanaimo  0,130
Nelson 4,(110
First Passenger Train.
Thi first passenger l rain on the Republic and Grand Forks railway to
make Ihe round trip between Grand
Forks and Nelson, Wash., was run last
Wednesday evening, the rails having
been laid that clay as far as the latter
place, The event was celebrated l-y it
party of excursionists going fnun
Orand Forks and partaking of the hospitality of thu Nelsouiles, who w. ro
naturally Jubilant over I he advent of a
railway after long years of waiting in
animus expectation and tendered the
visitors a banquet after which a few
speeches were made and the train loud
ot visitors returned home about eleven
o'clock. Charles Keigusnn, the contractor In charge of the work, announces that the grading is completed
all the way to Curlew, The trestle at
that point, he oxpects will lie done in
about three weeks and io the meantime Ibe (trading Irnin Curlew to Republic will he completed. A 1 u-go
quantity of stee1 is at Nelson ready to
lie laid and work Will be pushed. II. is
expected by the contractors that the
road will be reiufy for operation to He-
public ahout February 1st.
Conductor ,1. Irving is again mi lho
run bet ween here and Rosslnnd, after
a few days' absence in Nelson where
he alt muled a meeting of tho trainmen.
Conductor Peck, who acted in Mr.
lrving's absence, has gone hack to the
stub run hi tween Rossland nod Trail,
The drilling plant recently pur*
chased hy the Veiniilion Forks Mining and Development Coinpaiiy, for
use in exploring its coal properties,
near Princeton, was last week taken
on trucks frntn Penticton lo Iho coalfields. It Is a very up to date plant
and was buill by I he'Davis-Cully*
Compuny, of New York. A secnntl
drilling outfit will shortly he sent into
the Slniilkiiiueen by the Siniilkitiiiecii
Valley Goal Conipany, who ate noW
making arrangements for opening tlu)
coal seams on their property, prepnva-
tury It) install inn the drill. riiuiism-u    iutujv    ni   mmivny,   ... ...
Subscription Price, $2.01) per auimiii. payable
In ailvano-j, eitlior yearly or half-yearly at the
option uf lhe subscriber.
Advei-liriiiiK Rates seal on iipplicatloti.
The union of tbe Anglo-Saxon.'race
seems in yearly recur lo us with added
force aibl power. It has become a
question of present <lay reality, ami
men in empire, in colony ntnl In-coniJ
peting nations are alive to the fuel
tl,al the day is quickly coming when
1 ; i- ihese peo].le.shall be united or
else forever separated, and the litem-
turn "I all nations is teeming witli
].ioj '.i,-.A,- A the future day when
iig.iiusi th world the English speak-
in)! ■ ■■ -i In- nil: unite as one vast whole,
i i keep the peace and mark the line of
the progression of time, Some weeks
axil wb were writing of colony and
empire;: and showing that uiuler present ciivumstatii-es colonies were a
source of weakness rather than of
sl length we ttied tn point out that
only in a cloae'r union of young land
n il in itlier land there liy any hope nf
■ 'r
li i|>iif'isi*.p"V,i u: x-tire is,
.ililrfi,.-in peril frnm
j;li mrs, England is
colonies that demand
pint >u . in uf interest liy land and sea,
unci whH give nothing I'm' il. li is too
quickly losing its proud position as the
nu'ie:-nne- nation of lhe world. Germany is liealing us in th-i World's'mar
ke'r ft manufactures as gnod ina-
t-h'iierv and sells it cheaper than Britain Tt ex vl-., in the qqnliiy and
nun lim of ,is lix'lile pr 'tu'ietinns, and
In- fenmi of cheaper labor and greater
facilities for handling, coupled tb the
enormous Gijvermtwjijt*bounties paid,
it can place its wares even' i'n the English market and undersell the home
competitor. America, 'iir. is quickly taking from England large
portions of its trade, and it too is manufacturing and placing in English markets exactly the same goods that the
English merchant is making, but al
often lower prices^ (lene'ratious ago
Britain was the workshop of the world.
All ii.-itiiifw and pe.ip'e came there to
buy, and by feasonof a home market
■■night r^nly English goods, whereas
loiiay liliiiliiiid'isy'-t.iu a sense the
si. ji of tZfi/e \\ ■i-y-i'. but liy reason of
free ti.ide.'to all nations it has stocked
iis markets wi'h foieign made goods
which. Iii-ing in many cases lietter tin-
i lied aiiji.jiii all cases as cheap, are
b riigiit lH»(he.merchant in preference
tn home pioducis.
Knglnndi too. ;- menaced by envious
mil inn* OTiosa.-desire fur gain is as
great asHhai of England itself, and
who ai-e'nnitinualiy coining into eon-
: icl all Mer tbe '.v ilu, -mil iniiianv
cases ,ir-g":,--t-i!og i i,.ji. .iryes at the
Eiiipi'e*fi|vn e, and some day when
rti.- tail of^h- lion uill stand no more
l.iistiu;.-<'th-reJtregoii'gt i lie ructions
and if H*itsin i.s no hetfcr p-. pared to
stjiml n-1-end of the show thnn she
ha- shown herselfin Smith Africa she
i. •.-iie in li- sadly trounced and taken
rjijv... ui.'c of. America also is menaced. It,-ton, ha.- its Wars abroad and
its scandals at home, and the corruption of iis plutocratic government is at
last, in king itself felt, and a how! of
rige nnct.baffled energy is rising up
against it all over the civilized world.
Ils Munroe doctrine is a source of
trouble inid**Hkely"to become a greater
cue yet, for il seems scarcely credible
ihal all nations will so meekly submit
in i " iuiipiitqns deti'apds as did Bri-
! nu in tlie Venezuelan affair 'some
jc-arstigo, Spain, although conquer.
i.i, is ii ri iiniile friendly, and Germain', France and Italy have each in
their turn had cause of complaint, and
l besejjatioifc i*fi*,ttojJH'Xt*pt1oii when
tlie llbii' lieen" I'ome will get up and
gel up and kick \tttl let loose the dogs
of war, Before many days are pastil..
is quite within the range of possible
evenis  Unit  European   nations   will
CMIIlim lit,   lll-lglib,
Whitt*. then, I* the outcome ? Today
lhe Anglo-Saxon race is divided into a
numher <jf antagonistic, units, each
fighting life like "Hal of the Wynd"
for their own hand, and each making
noiliing of it, Today Empire and Cnl
opy are (it the parting of the ways.
They are entering into a closer relationship wiih each other or they are
forevei drifting apart, and tomorrow
there will come the hour when all are
met together on one common plane to
save all or to lose all, tn make the En
glish speaking race the world factor of
power or forever' to damn it by insensate discussion. But we hope iu fate's
propil inns guidance, when the elements
of di.-cord having been gut over and
mutual slock taking finished, the hand
of nation shall grasp that of nation,
and opposing factions having sunk
iheir selfishness shall arise in the newness uf might and dignity, proclaiming
as Carlyle prophesied of the Teutons,
"The lime of day to the whole civilized
In Ihis lies the hope of Ihe future
and the guarantee of the world's peace,
fm it surely has been destined that the
Saxon shall dominate-the earth and
by lhe Iiiienil dictation of terms of
harmony shall compel competing races
to agree. Then shall have come the
dreams of the enthusiasts of tbe ages,
tbat of the Christ, "A world of peace
and harmony," Ibat uf More, "An illn-
pian ideal of love und labor without
troublous toil," 'hat of Bums. "When
man to man the n orld o'er shall broth
era be and a'mat," and of Tennyson,
"The parliament of man, the federation of the world."
But how lo bring it about and how
to reconcile the opposing influence of
Crown, of Republic and of Colony is
the p-ohlem of a life. Just now ..few
can do anything but dream of it, but
the-gnod sense of the people when they
are made to -.recognize a good thing
will triumph in the forcing of public
reform on their rulers.
A Novel Method.
physician and his friend were
With a wild plvirifjj» the mule  Wen*' *
tearing down the Street, witb thedai**7
key.afiel-.liinr,\ri)e bystanders roai-in-j:
witli, laughter., A,short, time  aiie% Jj
ward the darkey, "dust covered antH
punting, approached again.
"Say, boss—how much—was de wiitt
—of dat stuff—you done sqiiht—in dat
"Ob." said.the doctor, "ahoul;. ten
Down went the darky's hands into
his jeans pockets. He fished out two
"Hyah, boss—tun 21) cents, I wish—
yo' would squht—twice as much of dat
stuff into—'case I'se hound  to catch
dat mule."       .„	
.. -..'>i"t- - of, : • ■'. >
■   ■_ . • r.r.,.7- -.:",:-
Question of Veracity.
"What time is it, John T asked tbe
wife of bis bosom as lie mounted the
stairs with unsteady steps,
"It ish just 'leven clock," he replied,
As he spoke tbe clock struck three.
"How can you lie to ine so ?" sobbed
the wife of his bosom.
'M'i ia, you do me greash injusbise.
I'm humiliated thash you would believe a two dollar clock'foreyou would
your lovin' husban'. Thish is shoi ries'
niomen' o' my life,''—Puck.
standing on the slreet corner of a Virginia town where they were spending
a few days. Their uttention was amusingly arrested by ihe sight uf an old
da*key belaboring' ihe flanks of a mule
in a vain persuasion to make him move
on. At lasl the doctor was appealed
to. .    ... 3
"Say,.Iioss, I'll give youjftve dollars
if you'd make dishyar nlule'go." .     '•
With a sly wink Ihe physician open*
ed his case and Huik out his hypodermic syringe, filled th" needle with »i£
acid and -ivxxf, it ihto-1-he' htndljliarterS'-	
il the mule.   The effect woe magical. Ultuate In Yuneman erotip of Summit oamp,
-T.    tr-ii,..-.._. Hi-.._.fl____ _*__,._. ma-,..
It is only a question of a short time
ufitil that portion bf the Coast-Kootenay Railway fromGiiriew to Midway
will be constructed This line would
be now being buift, tu^lor the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from lier
making this the railway centre of this
. '       '■' . ''   "\'a-.'   ■:   >' • ■
district. With the advent of more rail
ways into Midway the prices-, of real
^tate will advance, and the choice lots
■'.''■•  i •'.-  ;    j   - ; -v
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it is an
For prices aticNenns apply to
A. fflL,lI3H!iyrN
Carrying His flafctyV/Iaii*
- " Wiil leav« MIDWAV. on TMHdayj, Thurs* ll
days and Saturdays, ac ft to a. «^ arrivhw M
CAMP McKlNN£Y;»i.5 p.m. «> »
Returning will leave CAMP jHcKlNNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m
reachingMIDWAY a* j.jop. nj;^d malting coo!
nection with tlie train going cast at a o'clock.
-ertiflcate   of  Improvements
II1..1CK Pine, Bush Hat. IIkm, hut**'
.1-ca. Hi'B. K*n Writ, and tmt HcMin
MlNill.U. claism, -.. r :
Similkameen fiver OfUjooi Mlidngr Bhris*
TAKK XOTIfK i.Y.r.11, Chan. DeBloln Oreen,
; as. i«fiil<iir-raw»rtlliillii*.\Ve!^er,
rcc    Mine?,    certiiicate    number     xiittOI.
[Iiiienil, sixty, itQix from .lhe dale hereof.
rt.j"     '
ii-ruwn Grant
. .. . f, jlajr- from .lhe dale hereof.It*);!
iiiprj-in Ihe Mlnlni lleetihtcr fur a Certllliaife I
mpwvcmcntii. for lhe purpoje qf obUliuina I..,_.,. ,.
of tho above claiina. *1 »»•■«• l«
Dr. R. Mathi-on,
•t-'i o.-.-.x     : DENTIST.
MINERAL ACt, iSfatt.
Certifiwie til;;. lo>pj*dy#it_^|
Thiuhk Mi»Nal Cm*.
Tuawmn fiww. Summit Map,
Andf-irlher t«k. MB. ttat AtM oM'' '■ _^!_S^V»_ ^-3?*^' **"
•mulion}7iniuitbecominem*ed before tbe tmft-1.. .■?»,,"9l* Pl.t*!* Olttnat.
[anco of ench ConlUcaU) of Improvenienle. -i-AKK NOTTCK that I, Chu. d.WoI-Ureen
liated Ihle ITthdar of Inly, IWii; :  '"  '« 'liS^r!" "_!?^_lL!M^rtJ_^kTVSr«fi,«l/_«
■_■_■.—hw^_M_^_< ra^mi  auo .its John
tJttmSo.ami'- ■*
miner Ji
eertilleale Na
V    Young free miner. wtTtlertie No. iNtOf Intend.
'' filntydara from the date *enbf. to apW'to
Za--' lho MIiiIbk Kecorder for *r Certificate of lm-
.'(LM wovemonl for   tke .■_■__■ *e 4>m<i>i» »
    - ''   z. Jii_-.J.Wovemeol for "the jmtpnwTn
CUT     P^CXCIJTOM   Crown Orent of the above elaini.
Thk Royal Insuranck Coy. .. J'
Thk London and Lancashire Fibb
Insuranck Ooy,
Thb  Insuranck Coy,, of. North
•   America.
Thr London and Canadian Fimr
' Insurance Coy. - -" - '-A-
Thb Sun Life Assurance Coy ui
The Dominion Buildino and Loan
Appbaibbr for thb Canada
,, manknt Loan and Savings Ci
Aai further take notice that action, tinder
miction 97, moat be commenced before the Iwu-
ance of mieh Certidcf la of Improvement*.   -
. Hated tMKlTtb dar ofJolMJOIr.
;"■■ Ito CIIAH.dellWIWOriKKN.
Mineral Aot, 189(|||
Certincate  of
Mineral Act, 1896.
fr1—" -1-*■■■
Certificate of Improvements.
;.   MmAAttm.
warhomc immii, anAKD v«n» utt-
mmiTM and KiNoa-roii VhActiem
.-...-,.•;-'..-•.•    MineimlCuma. '"."    -'
tltMM ta Um Owaoe llnlnr Utblm ef\
hi* Witriet, Wktn loeatai i-Csm*
.    Hatlty.   .. ■'■   !* .'
TAKK NOTICK. tlmt I. ntorHt da BM*
Oreen, ss affent for Peter Sean, free
miner'* eertitlcate No. BWU, Intend,
»hty dare from tto data hereof, to apply
to the imlni* Becordarfor a oartMiMa of
hnprovemeptii, for. tha- purpow of obtalalif
a-Gwwn-nnnlof tto abovaeUm.
And further take notloe that action, under
•eotlon IT, muM be eoinmeaeed before (he Imn-
ance of inch eertlllcate of impnteawnt*.
Pnted tttiiSOthdarcf Aafwl. ttm,
Camkhonian MineralCudr,'■''. ■" „....,^_ ^       • •_ •
Slice in the K.ut. Rlv.r Hlhtaf DMitoh, 0W*W   *' •«•»»•»•»»•■•*».
ofYalaDUtrtM   Where loeated : Aboat.
4, mllet nbrtheeeterly from Camp 9f
Kinm' I PaiMcie-roN Mlitmui, cUi«
AKK  NOTICB that 1. rorboeM. Kcrbg, ii,«.,; ,«• ,'t. ___^.i__l «« _    [iZ^.^,  Ti
nr, intern for Alex. Cameron; five miner**1 •"»■»*♦ •» the Owih Blnlnt Dlviaton of
certificate  Nn. mwm, Intend. *kty.A*y*\     Yale Blilrlot  Where loeated i-Camp,
trninthedale hereof, to amly to the Mlqfni.      Hedley  -t-a... ,   "-~r,
'lemrilnr for a Certificate of Improvementa for-|        ic. ■"' -
the purpo«ool obtaining a Crown Oranl of the' "r*4?* NOTICK that I, CharlM deBMal
abo-'e claim.. . i  I    Oreen. an a«ent for Peter Tkntt, free
Andfurthoi tako notice that action. ualtarnMet* mtltetxtejio. amm, aall^fer Illch |
nection 37, mtiHt be coinmiiiicod before  the i'fflk.. *, Tefti ?*5 .m'!,**» "ertlfcate
ImmaiiccofnuohCcrtiaonUi of Iniprov«inont«. ;P^V ,™«LuV*i -*!!.^-u™-<'M* *
Dated thl. 1MbdirM Inse. -  ' I J»"i,P_Vmnm«mrt
23o -   - rOKOKtl M. KKItllY.   • lalhlil** a Crown Grant
Certlflcate  of   Improvements.
1'icTin-Mimkiui. Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mlnln* Divlilon or
Yale District. Where loeated i About 4
mllee north easterly from Camp HeKIn-
■ nay...
TAKK NOTICK that I, yorbiw M. Korby, as
1- °?<",t...,or I »nc£!l A- <'»nieron, froo
mlnenf certlflcate No. n,te«, intond iilxiv rflSS
from the dale hereof, to apply to W& 82
SS_,"r f <*??■«••?•*'•>■ ImwovemenliV ff, ?he
™i?n'l,<'u5t,,1"'l*k.,!-.n<,it!5Llb"t "Uo". under
joctloif  87.- muat lie enthmcnucii boforoThe
Imniance of auch certiiicate of Improvement*
I ial«l thia ISth day bf .Kino, rail.
iWlWoiiiier"for aCertti:
»nt of the above claim.
And further take notloe that action, under!
Miction 37. iilintl be oommeneod hefore the
Imniance ofuuch Certlllcateof Improvementii,
Dated thia SOth day of Au-tuet, HM.
Ito - .(). na»i OKKKN.
fL_,.__5 JH*1"*1 •» tto IMI
ft   ,
hank ef the Bin..
mul * half iwnlh .. .. ^™,,uu» _,«•
trict i Ihence cant 10 ebaine 1 thencef trail),»
ehnlna; Ihenoe ewil *l chain- j Ihence muth HI
chain. 1 thenee went 11) chain* mom or lew le
IBDiHmllkarnoen River': thence horth-weaterly
along the bank of the aald river to the pnint of
jDpnrineneemenf. and containing one hundred
and'-ility acre, more or lew. '
jialfd at Kairview, B. C„ Ihie eighteenth day
faeatember. *• D.; Wl:  .
Su JAMES D, SWORD .Uoator.
• ♦'
_ ^ '**r>*i'*-^fc..   ,   #;•
Chloride of Lime
a *JH-'.'r|f|
t*t jnrti
1   Jn"!?*
Travellers up the VVest Fork
of Kjrttle River will find this
popular hotel the most convm*
lent stopprntf "place. Diinint,'*
room WieJUuppljcd 4nd managed.
Best'liquors and cigars-at the
bar.   StaWe iff coiuree tion.
,''.-. PftOftatiM.
The Riverside Hotel
|s situated al ttfidt Crrjfc, B. C., on the main
fbiite Of travef between Penticton and all Bbuft-
dary Grtek points.
Good Hunting:,        Oood^Fishinjf,
%fi;   Best of Accommodation.
;  S. T.: LARSEN, Proprietor.
Railwav Ca
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only all rail rrate Mtetii
all points Bast, West ttnt 8Mtb
to RoMlaml, NcImr on* all
Intermediate points; eo-aneet-
Intr at Spokane with tke Oreat
Northern, Northern Partite ml
6. K. * N. Oo.
Connects at. Roailaae with tt* Canadian
PaelSe Railway fbr Beondary Creek sehiu.
fer Republic.    .
Service en ranenger TMhw »••
tween Ipekane ani Rerthrert.
trricTivi HOVIMIRR 10, IWf t
oar nuiR.
Leave.       Arrive.
SPOKANE....,,,,,    Mown. T.Hp.m.
.'..,.' litiam. lApni.
  .-I.«>a.n> tjifm^
Oeaeeal PawengM Agent.
r   I       RMLWAY.
;::: itiiilie
ST. JOHN. N. E. te U rai-001,
GMMaa.NoT.-fl.       Nainldlan, Nnt. sn
bmtaa.ihe.1m       ■   Tenl.l.n.I)« II
«__„.,_ W5»_,Dec.Jl.
Celtic. Net. _, »«FM.,Nnt.»rt        Campania, Per. a
*BrrwJLKe». It.    Ph(ladeIphla, Uw.*
S-Peel, D*c. II.        St lonta. Dee.*•-.
ariferth Oerman Unyd. HemburrI v J"' "J
-s^y^ ■ mum #*F
ryjry ..>       A     ■   x.    it
I _4r.too. Ut* K«e«»W cattle
a« thniti|» yeeketdey with mi*
_r 53 of cntlfa for P- B«r_* *Oa.
li-uberoldlK'uie..; tv,|f. ..'.';.
rtlLf new bo^opflewptfj
t'iiwpiolr a*™** cowpleMo".
U^nnl-ihed willW mtk tit ibt
Ll^l1*'" ,"d",■*r•
LiWiit"*01" ",nawV^MV$
tk'toll ■<■• Chrleiniaa eye.  It
^M i„ McNicol'e hall ana It ff
* Themx*n temporary \Mdgt* trim-
mn th« W»* Kork of Kettle river Iw*
MmR« and Carmi, were cnmpletMl
mt•»***, The IniildinR of thru*
bridged will complete a Rond iteigh
tmd. hei weep Weti bridge and tbe
"W.e*t fork eaoipe arid jiieteo noun ai
there li aufllcient now to admit of or*
•*lna* hauled on eH-tha, ahipmenti
will commence from lhe Butcher Roy,
Rambler and other prnirrtji-i, to Mi.l'
wif. where tbejr will lie tak-n by train
tothe Brltith Columbia Copper C,,'.
fi J. Kelly m greatly Improving ihe
ranch which be purchaaed a abort
time ago from Dan MiClung, hy dear
Ing the tiu-h land and puttiiij- nun li of
tbat on the bench under cultivation
for the perpoee of et|ierimenting with
the different varieties of gralne and
fwr.  frVaetwe Old Hndlng out thoee beet suit-
_|>batalargeou*_l*«r will W Mtoheneh land., where little or no
Irrigation le fiimlalird. If more of the
eanchera of I hie country were In prac-
Ure Ihii method of flr«t ohtaining a
With lhe aale of the greater of uinn
0 Oal«i ceme.^owd' Mpi.'QiWjI
t «'tik'z He waa aceOwfWoted ly hi*
i fur'
*»<**»*«_!gE; ^[••r.^i.miichcow.tori^d uWof
JilAiigbter bouae of P. Beroe * Co,,
Ithe Bhnlt meadow*. ■ -.......
[cliilKpriiprietor of lbe DeltaStore
l,t,, Ki'«*rvatioD Jurt acmee the
8»turday'§ tram for Alton, lllmoia,
rre he will remain on a few weeka1
atiiin. ''■     >.   -V
,r* Jam*--
It ,ui Friday fn? (Sewn,
will remain during Mr. McWeol't
rr-r in the 8imilk**i******-. for w^leh
,.„ he will *urt about the
lie met,
. Tliiirnt-in Ltogley. ol  Koeeland,
mt uut mi Satunlay'e   train.,Ur,
r||lei hi* fur '.he  palt. fe*  weeke
tn utrr lo Oroville, io which vHnily
mm-Ii-mI a numl-er  of   mining
PVV'. 1* Hi-'* will   ni'VF  hia  faiolljr
._ \ Uvf t»i* rn* vh' 14 Sh**, Vi"*)
. '■ v.'*i ij,;'. •It**' riMil!-nrn Ulely
j     I in.*-   M Micil.    Tbla
la ipti'lH'ilMre it niurh inui-e rem-
i|lr>tDll'll. j...   ■'      .  ■ ■
I tt'.'Kis iiJiiuevs-iiiK very fayiireWy.
ill* Huichcr  Hoy,  lbe adjoining
Idni.'intti.'Uaf'iii.   The'ebafth now
d»i-'";i (ubI.  I*o liundrei-aiMitco,
VkMil ii V, .In, n Mtrrag«|itili> fo tM
, ft.e-Rtty<„fffi Uit* reentry it*
,'hn.iif aiM»fk.-,r.*ii
I'l 'i'i • "W.ii.ig inw-at the twi<
in, «-•', It I', Murray, Who per
Uie\<vmii.-«kJ-,' Clika. H-'llicb-
jrr sxA Mui. Ifc-lla D. Weydl, uf Che
ytere. .riiilol in 'iiHWriafr. The
^nincting partiee lately caiue from
l Imdire, lloiiun s and here eerared
11-ni-li timii two milee from Cheeaw,
lir'i. they wili make their home.
'ullowisg an tim imu and time honor-
il nuioiu, tlie Midway haod eerehrndgA
Ike happy couple at the Hotel 8po-
, wber« they were Maying.
I frank Curvy,  who   recently   took
l-trfmiuD. M.   Wilkin.,  tlie ejage
i between hen* and tbe Weet Fork,
*» -tl of the liu.ineaa to Ueorgt*
(UK»*iiit* and V. C. Bobs, who bave
de uiail contract an4 will imtke .two
ripa-^uh week'.  »r. McKehtt Will
' fnun heie io Weetliridge where he
•hwij  iu niaar  ine   nrmge alinng
wiibpUnd   tbe  spring
The Central Hotel
MUi St, Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
Untied the milk Imaini'M and will in
fet ore devote all hia atlentinn to hia
finetanch, whirh la iltuated about two
nrilet from Midway.   Mr. larkmm hm
heen it the milk buaineaa for a number
ern»titin»l line frnni Midway, M^M yeori,,having, from bin Riveraide
"*      ""-'-   dairy, 'iiipplH pillk to both Midway
and Oreenwood.   Floyd Bros,  have
taken oyer Ihe Oreenwood trade, while
NcW-rfjMi-to' tnrie1'tth,u' <*' MWwey   will   lm   divided
..StS'iilSLtt'mmim. amotiglt'anomlwr of peraone wbo
dure cowe,
McMillan, managinfi
tb* Snnwiboe Uold and
Copper Minea Limited, haa plan-d an
order with ihe Inral ag>-nt for the
leucine.; Machine (JpinpHiiy. of Sher-
hrooke, Qiiebec, for the tir-t half (if a
Rand-Corlim 30 drill air romprraanr,
to la; a cninl'ine-l machine, ao as to be
driven hy ellht*r atuam or elecirtcily,
when enuipleted the eompreaanr will
be aiiiilliir in thtxe need iiy th" Le Kni
NirM,jW»l<- nnd (,'«nter Star mince ai
KO-wliiHd, Th" aicaiti willlmfiirniahed
hy two IWIiors** power hnrlxontal
latireia, tvliirb Wr.'nlso to l„> anppiieil
'Jmm% 2ift th
OMoepo a^renne of  tl*
j l|."^l•rtl^-■lrti»V•l!blMl1Hl••«h■■ae>.^(jihH*otraer.-•^•frtl' the d.-livc-v of
the eiUnpie-«or in nhniilihiee uuiiilha
Awo'hrr .huming uuitrh is .iiiin-unr-,
ed for Chi l«tn.aa ilav in Miilway. Tbif
niie- whirh iin k pine ThunkK-riving
Jay hud thn fff.-i t of armininx thf in-
teivat ol'iheJoraJ apoMannu to mrh
till eftsii ihut iftyf want nm>(h<-rnp-
. fht*it9hr- n&ii'etiuf tbeir ..ekill nnd
Ihus prove itlh" wlnneraof the former
Witrli aii' agjtin U) rarry off the rorel-
wl- trepl1'*""'-' The reMlll of the last
ahnottng oe^wionnd nn lllth* aurprhe
to the large Vrowd who wllnxleed the
epnrt. Contealanta, who on former
occaaiona figured amotigat lhe chmiv
piona, wer* lot red to allow the palm nf
victory 'o be carried off hy new Wood.
Although at the laat match crack ahot-
came ffitii uiilea around, each enft
dent-of rrturniiig wiih the greater
chare of the turkeya. they were all outdone by a young rancher from Myera
creek, whoae unerring aim rarely
miaaee) the hulliey*, giving him hy far
the greater number of tnrkeya woo by
any other individual thalday. Aa l he
Imt match reaolted ao dlfferenlly from
what waa generally eipect-d. and in
vleav of, Ih* large nnmlier that wilt lie
preaent Chriatmaa day, It will be ilium
lliim met by  Mr.  Botee.  wb»-j»itti 'M**"*' interraftafi m weteh the comiag
"y ii lhe ten ainder of lbe  way   match and learn Ihe ieeuR«.
•Jwe* will   wwinui  to  HMI<
«M*inu% to  ti
"*■<-■? wa* citieen*' d.y at lit
atenlell lawmill,   wye the. Weat
-' Newa, moat of tbe huiiriee* men
"8 out tu help ww plank for the
K«to he built mion the Weal
near town. Two hotel men at*
j*""1*-. lo tbe .kid ray. a towoiite
fWMr the lever, a aUge driver the
'•'I. eJliiva Scotia R A., and a gradu-
*lt"'^Uel|4jlgrl«Vltoral «ol|ege et-
ite"'-««be>*jht.offv|a.»fe^l .llaha and
|*d%Uimheir.efttlMr«*aduat« oth
«Kliie,ilie winid umrelpint ltd Ih.
**m*. and the b-cal notary wheeW
of   the   lawduit away.   Alei
Laat Wedneaday morning 0. Bill
•ft-Carter, editor of ihe Grand tints
VJinei Oalette, and Miaa Mabel B*Me»,
.if Grand Fork*, were united in the
holy bond* of matrimony. The wed
d'ng took place at the home of thr
hrfde. parent* in the presence ot the
immediate relative* of the contracting
paniea. Tbe ceremony waa peiformed
hy Hev, ). V. Bella, paator of the
Methodlal church »l Grand Forka.
fMr. and Ml«. MiCarler left In lhe af*
ernnon for Spokane, where the honeymoon will he apenl. The ADVANi 9
nine in wilhing the newly married
..uple along and happy life.
The nearest house to the Railway Station,
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No, 12
Telephone orders receive prompt
The Travellers Insurance Co...
i rnrnrrmTirrm
.... Of Hartford. Conn.
Clmrtcr< d I HOS.
Stork lite nnd
Accident luaurnnre.
tSSUBH the heel life. Iiirmntlit'e
r.nilraeiK in Ibe wurltl, No
dimtppiibitioeni «. in *)irldeiid*i,
Kveryr'nTnii' RiWrentml In mV
leaner, Premium r«t«**» IS In 25
per renl lea- lhan tlWae of »ld
line Mnitial companies.
ASSETS, .    .
January let, 1897.
, 1,976,434.38
TheTruvelteuCninliinallnn Aiilrlent Ifoltoguaranteeaforaccidenlal
under ordinary condttlvjna,,p.
Iieata Seneflt     . • WW! I*a» ef Bight Hatid    .    .       «*»
Um of Mglit of Both r.yes     . 0 im-x rf las at or ahov. Knee
iMtat Hott. reel of Boll. ILmlr- 4.001  ; lyw of Left Hand     ,   ,     ,
Lou. .1 Oa« Hamt ami One root MM l/w of. Either Foot    .
I*errn«.nt Total l)l-.WI tr tM  \ J***"9/ "■•,t0' 0n" *** '
Limits of   Weekly Indeirinity $1,300,
AND, If aiich injuries are mistjiiniil while riding ae a pasaengrr In
anv pa4iaenRer conveyance using Kteara 'cable,   or   electricity an a
motive power the amount to tie piid   fihall Be DOUBLB the earn
epecitted in the clause undrr which the claim ia made,
COtt $$3 A  YtAV.   TO   I'l'OI'ESSlONAL   AND    BUSINESS
Men.aro Commkrcia- Travelkrs.
Other Miiw at proportionate rates
fM»»MMe>iittttfinnMTT"—tmtmmm »
*>W. H. WEBB,#
The tor
I j..  : •- --onnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
I district during ■Nov. to joth, inclusive, is as under:
Old Ironsides and Knob Hilt group 20,824
Mother Lode. ,  W86
B-C  3*'75
Ki"g Solomon ,  iSo
Snowsho.,  i0°
No. 7............",...".,'..,  6o
Jewel , r        290
" Total , a *.. .54-525
.   Shiprnfjiit* during 1900 totalled 9774' tons, and during
"VUrr^iyw^Nov^i_tef'pbr3-4b,5or to™>. "»k,nSan
■ ■-"   .'■•"     T"    a    ..tx<" '-!■/■   '      ■'■ '•
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$j.oo per year.
Is prepared to
fill all orders
for Job Print
ing at lowest
rates consistent with good
T. M. QVLLEY & Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   BC.   GKUXiXaSrir   4k   G
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
1 The undersigned having re-opened thi. well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
generally. _
Fornace-hrated and comfortably
furnished  room*.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Those in need of first-class HAR
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Street, Midway.
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of
Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Faek Horses
Hay and oats for sale.   Bus meets all trains.
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the beat brand* ef
Cigar* and TobaooM beat
o-Mrtantty an hand.
Latest 9hade* aad pat-
term of Wall Paper new hi
Seventh Street, Midway.
•'--♦-.. j'fl
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The ml iwwf niilwaytovvn in l,ie Kcttle River Mining Division''
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point fur   Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence tovvn   in   thc  country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence andjjardw toj;^
■ m
',' IA,:
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P, Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
O. M. OROUSg,,- ■
Agent for British OoUimliia,.
Jliilwuy, H,li...
A' Witty Speecli.
Thn following speech mude by Simeon Foi tl at n bankers' dinner in New J
York will recommend Itself to the pus*
toriiei's of hunks in other plnres:
"As I nil there this evening listening i
to tlieslfiiine nf thut line old lumk -i'j
j requesting yuu to n-nnive yonr sinnk<
I preferred an '
stibstittite guv
I And slill ynu wonder ai crime,
| "lint if ynu really want to know the
| meaning of the terms 'MarbleHenri'
[ j and 'Icy Eye,' go into ono of ihese re-
m.i ii. in, entitled 'When yon ain't got \&&$t P'«nt« &r 9 loan when mon*
no money, why you needn't rome i *-» w h*ht- H'» P™dent
mound,' I wm thinking what a grand It0 W ™r m,,frs nr,d red lni,u™' {'1"
idea it was for you Diigmites tn g,t I 'en,t,d tafU,el' wilh tspe so they can't
logel her oii.'H a year to exchange ideas |1,e 1,,st'for >™ wil1 n»* m' As 6n<>"
and settle Hinoiig yourselves what shall '"? •""■ KMh ""' "!1"'1' ""' "1,i,!h wil!
lm and who shall he done and how yuu j
will do them. Personally, I'd prefer
tn euehange checks rai her than ideas
STif-fcli.   Stx»eet,   _ft_L"±d-OT£a,y.
wlih Jiny here present ; nnt what
lhe Ideas are all right, hul somehow money talks Iain always a fas-
tinaicrl li-toner,
"I iliil nnl coniB here voluntarily,Inl
at thu pressing invitaiion of some of
my most pressing creditors on your
commit t"e.   This is the first opportunity! have had of meeting you hunk
presidents collectively, and when you
are thawed out.   I have met most of
ymi Jpdlvidually.when you were frozen
stiff.     I  never supposed  you could
warm up, us yon seem to have done,
niy previous impressions having heen
of the 'Ilow'd you like to he the ice
iniin' order.   Sometimes I have alinn»t
thought I would rafchw no wi.hout the
nioiiey than get a congestive chill in a
hank president's office and have him
giizo into my eyes and read Ihe inmost
secrets of my soul, and ask unfeeling
ijui'glions.iind pry rudely into my past,
and throw out wild suggestions ubout
gelllni; Mr. Aslur Io endorse for me,
nnd'other similar atrocilies.   And,even
if I, Succeeded in deceiving  him  he
leads ine, ciushed, humiliated and feeling like 30 cents,Jo a fiy cashier, who
taking adviintiige of my dazed condition, includes in my three moiilhs'note
not only Clirisluuu and Fourth of July,
lint St..Patrick's Day, Ash Wednesday
and sixteen Sundays, so that hy the
time  he  has  deducted  tlie  interest,
what's coming to me looks like a woolen undershirt after its first interview
with an African blanchisseuse.  That's
the kind of thing the poet hud in mind
when he wrote, 'I know a hank whereon the wild thyme grows.'
"1 have observed that one's recep
tion al a hank varies somewhat with
the condition of the money market,
(in in when money is easy and the
president falls on your neck, rails yon
by your first name, and cheorfully
loam, you' large' stuns on yoiu balloon
lioi.nnon and your smoke preferred,
and you go away rejoicing. The nexi
d.iy,news having arrived that a Dutch,
man near Ladysmith, or an Irish lady
chef has sent some Iwo pounds sterling
to her fnniily, money goes up to 180
per iiHixt a mituile, and you 'get" a r.ote
lie in about a second—run home and
ohitige Ihe extremities iri hot water,
and place a porous piaster on what re
mains of your self.est eeni.
"Bankers aie too proud to judge u
man by his appearance, so that th"
very men who need ihe money most
have the hardest work to get it.' They
are apt, especially ut the city bank, to
discriminate against a feller who looks
rocky, in favor of the Kockyfeller.
Clothes do nol make the man. If they
did, Hetty Oreen wouldn't bp where
she is and Russell Sage wnuld be in the
Old-Ladies' Home. If Uncle Ifussell
had to travel on his shape, he would
never see much of tlie world. Yet, beneath Ihe ragged coat there beats a
heart, which us a beater can't he heut-
a heart as true (so the Standard liar
people say) as true us steal.
"I had intended lo touch upon a few
vital iiues'tions concerning finance this
I'Vi'iiiiu.', but Ihe night is waning and I
guess yon have all heen 'touched' snffl
cii'iilly of late, so I will restrain myself
and give some other orator a chance
to get himself disliked."—Post-Outlook.
Indispensable in
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Prorlnclnl Lnttd Suryj-yor.
Xkf/   Architect and ,j-
Z__»  Civii Engineer...
l^eal Estate,
■   Insurance dtrtl
Mining Ag-cn't.
<a»voTABY   vvlniicmooi
£ atrvlow Towns! to Aitnnt.
. , . *lilillK*IS ....
ctinvii.iv, a, e."."t .'- ■•
rvn-rm-pomtencia Hol'loitocl.
Or ifieat-'   of   Imp"
Re.U'V ('mil tiiAiii'iN i   Mi
SUiiata In tho 0*oyco«
Yale   Dlstriot,   "
Where loesuil J UK
OTirK llial wr Itn.t
•lilluiuii Ne. ni'-'
■. riit'-i'
I      UIII,or rr
IIOlil'L',    fll'U    IIHIH • *     '
iilli-tiil,  sixty   d:lj-   tmln   I'"'    ■
1t»>tt>f)l>*to■ li_Mit'inKI''"'-''•''"'
of lliJiii'iivulilt'liti'. Inr Ihu piirl" "
a I 'nm ti (.rant uf lln- nl*"r '■" "
Ami further hike uolli'i' ilmi
iMrXlll'l*    37,    iniWt     bO    .rilllilil'    '
isstiiuirci'f hu.-Ii I Jul I Uml i' "I "I
liulcil IliisSlsl ilu) -it ""'Ztt
lie   kJu
grip sale"
RANCH ff IW acres, pHuiuc "'":
Midivny, put acres bimIw ■'
acrrs of which l»   good  lln" r
Plenty of water l« luovldwi i"
sprlngn.   Theio   I* aim ^ '"'"'
iirclinrd on tlte place lipjilnninii "
now*. l-ei-rtMnini oniuullilm-,'-.  '"'
piirUciiliirsapply." Hop|)I..|,M|,
i |i,
. i.m
„', of
.... II'".
.Every Home
A Reliable
and Barometer
Wortli ?l.n(i. specially made to
incut the climatic conditions ot
Western Canndn, will bo sent
free to. every yearly subscriber
ot the
Staso*i 1Q01-1903
Cut o,rt    tills   tdvartllRMMtt
ami tty nurd to Pree Press wilb
one dollar and recvlvo Weekly
Free IJress (or erne yoar toawtih-
or with a handsome thermom-
oict a.nd barometer,
Just a Word I
To those contemplating an inve
ment in Midway real estate, the-information
offered that on the Riverside Action may
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply, to
W.H.NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
.-.-•* *Y  ■■''    ''■    tilf** , '• 1    •
Midway, B. C ', ^amp McKinney, ■*?.;
V''    ,,.,


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