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 1 Tit, AUVAINV^E.
|I. No. 6.
2.00 per Year.
rr, Solicitor, Etc.
-i Notary Public,
hNNtv, B.C.
I, R. Mathison,
tallett & 5haw
Neurits PaWle.
L: lledford McNeill's, Moreing k
Neal's, Lelbert.
. . ,  MIDWAY, B.C.
Lit MtrlM tastti,   Mineral Aet
hnd Aet papsrs drawn up.  Affl-
Itaken. Abstraoti made.
InunloAtlons br mall or telephone
Illy attended to.
(erchant Tailor,
latest designs of Summer
bg.   Perfect fit guaranteed
A. 9. Can. Soe.CE.
Jcial Land   Surveyor
I-Jeal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
JBm-claHM Shave, Hair Cut, Bea Foam
Slnimpno, call at the above parlor,
urs honed and ground.
\ii or Repairing.   Horteihoelng
A specially.
HOTEL . . .
Clam Accommodation  roa Dunn.
Ixcellort Klshing nn Kettle III ver. j
|8. M. E. HALE8,
Late of Adams, Oregon,
lie a (Irwlaat-t of
j Willamette University,
Salem, Oregon,
Jeparod to give Instruction on the Piano
I homes of pupils, anil will also play at
• and dances In the dlstriet.
For terms, etc., address,
of work exeoutod to
tUfaotton of customers.
Wm. St. Quintln, Prop.
Everything   FIi-bLoIubm.
UaStraat, XtttAmmrmxr
J ***********************************
ust Arrived
*********************************** ,
Millinery Department.
Ladies' Straw Sailor Huts in all colors, White, Black and variegated.
Ladles' Straw Rough Rider Hats In Black, White and variegated colors.
Misses' Sailors and Flops in Plain and Fancy Straws, Genuine Italian!
Leghorn and Fancy Braided Straws.
Men's and Boys' Harvester and Fancy Straw Hals.
Tain O'tJhanters in Velvet and Cloths.
Dress Ooods Department.
Now Is the time for Summer Dress Ooods. We show Fancy Organdies,
Zephyrs, Ginghams, Plain and Striped Pii|ups, Fancy Percales, and a large
variety of colors and patterns of Calicoes from 8c a yard up. Torchon and
Plain and Fancy Valencienne Laces. Ready-made Skirts in White Pique,
Blue, White and IJruli Goods. Linen Bicycle Skirts for 75c each. Black
Brocade, Striped and Plain Alpaca Dress Skirts. Underskirts in Fancy Stripes,
Matalesse, Plain Black and Fancy Dotted Salens with ruffles and fancy piping.
A fresh consignment of Blouses in all kinds of materials, fnun Plain and
White Muslins to Silks and Satins, expected to arrive daily.
Our Oents' Furnishing Department
Is well stocked.   New arrival of Gents' Bicycle Hose and Sweaters, also a large
assortment of Four-in-Hand Ties and Bows, Knots and Derbys.
...MIDWAY, B. C.
Groceries at lowest market ((notations.   Miners'  Supplies and
Builders' Hardware always in stock.
> Hotel Spokane,
tOCC^/* Seventh St. - Hidway. XXCCCI
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Midway Trading Company, Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
General Merchandise
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
Hats &  Caps
Ready Made Clothing
J. R. JACOBS, Manager.
Midway Meat Market -1
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor. i
At thia establishment customers can set choicest cuts of
_tbmAmmmm*mmmm*hmv*emmaXmmm ■ ■
Therefore Meats ore always fresh and sweet   Call and get a good joint
for dinner to-day.
'WfWfWfmwjwfWJWfmwjwfw? m
Midway News Depot
Dealer in   .   .   *
Candies, Canned Ms and Biscuits,
Vote for Mackintosh and Good Government-
Mr. Curtis at Greenwood—He Makes   Statements Which He Cannot Prove—Time
and Places for Polling.
Vote for Mackintosh.
The Rossland riding at tlie present
time, and for the next year or two,
will need nn active representative in
the Legislature who should he ahle to
secure what it wants from the Government. Roads and bridges are needed
and many other favors will have to lie
secure,! in a growing section like this.
These are of vital Importance to the
region, The trend of political affairs
and all the signs, political and otherwise, make it certain that Hon. Joseph
Martin will not have nearly a majority
in thc House of those who will be elected on the 9: h of J une, lf he get half a
dozen supporters he will he fortunate,
indeed. Then, too. it isdoiihtful if Mr.
Martin himself will lie returned in
Vancouver, owing to the fact that
there are four sets of candidates in the
Held io that ciiy, and there is a general
political mix up there, so lhat ii makes
lhe outcome any man's vii-tury. Therefore, when the political dice are
shaken, Mr. Martin may not come out
a winner in thc game.
Under the circumstances, to elect
the Hon. Smith Curtis in this riding
would he an egregious blunder ou the
part of the electors. This would be so
becuuie he would be simply a unit in a
small minority, and a very little nne
at that. Those who are opposed to
Martinism, we are convinced, are cer
tain to have a large majority, nnd a
representative of Martinism, and Martinism in the aggregate, would have no
weight, and could obtain but scant
favors from a Government so made up.
Why Mr. Curtis, under such condi
lions, would be worse than no representative at all I In the language of
the streets he would "uot be in it,"
and strive as he might to serve his
const ituents.he would be unable to dn
anything fur them. The effect, of
having him there would, therefore, he
to retard the riding-and to keep its
material interests in a languishing con
dition for a considerable period. None
of lhe remote hut rich mining districts
in the liding could be opened for want
of roads, and it. would be difficult lo
induce the Government I o keep in repair those trails and highways which
are already consi ructed. It, thueforc,
seems palpable that to elect Mr. Curtis
would be to throw away un opportunity for helping the section in which we
On the other hand, every elector
should strive to return Hon. 0, H.
Mackintosh, as he will hem touch with
and huve lhe full confidence of those
who will be in the majority in the next
Government. He will aid in giving
ihe Province a stable and reliable
Government, and one which will inspire ihe confidence of foreign capital.
As hi- will have the confidence in the
majority in the Legislature, thc Rossland Riding could get anything reasonable In the way of trails, roads,
hridges, etc,, that it might ask for, and
this would result the quicker in the
development of the new mining fields
within the riding, which are now unproductive because they are Inaccessible for want of avenues over which to
reach them. Therefore, I he electoi s of
the riding, if they eleci Mr. Mackintosh, would be doing the very hest
possible thing for the good of the section in which they reside.—Hossland
Mr. Curtis at Oreenwood.
Hon, Smith Curtis held a meeting
of electors at Greenwood last Wednesday night, The afternoon and evening
had heen given up by lhe citizens to
an impromptu and thoroughly spontaneous celebration of the arrival of
Lord Robeilsand his troops at Johannesburg sn that a lively meeting was
looked for after the previous rejoicing,
This expectation was fully realized,
manifestations of party spirit interrupting the meeting. These might
have in a large measure lieen avoided
had the chairman been tactful and a
litlle indulgent, but he lacked these
characteristics und so unintentionally
piecipitated confusion. However Ihe
meeting passed off without, the serious
trouble that at one time seemed imminent,
one long tirade against that portion of
Ihedistricl press that Is notfn vocable to
his candidature and against Mr. Mackintosh, and that gentleman's puhlic
platform supporteis, notwithstanding
that the speaker claimed lo lie tilled
with a desire to avoid personalities.
He was followed liy Mr. C, Foley, of
Rossland, who had just returned from
attending a meeting of the Western
Federation of Miners u! Denver, Mr,
Foley was a decided disappointment.
He talked for a long time, Indulged in
a lol of rambling generalities,admitted
that he was not posted on thi' chief
issues of the campaign, told tedious
and stale annecdotes that sorely tried
the patience of a considerable propor
tion of those present, grossly misrepie-
sented Mr. Jas, Kerr, of Greenwood,
and following the example set hy Mr,
Curtis, indulged in personal abuse,
Mayor Goodeve, of Rossland, being his
chief victim.
Mr, Duncan Ross was the next
speaker. He opened by asking Mr.
Curtis whether he included the tii een-
wood '-Times" among the newspapers
he had alleged he had been asked to
buy and elicited an assurance from
that, gentleman that he did not. Mr.
Ross next pointed out that the only
Labor Union man who had spoken in
the district in favoi of Martinism
had to go lo Denver, Colorado,
for his instructions whilst such loyal
Briiish subjects as Messrs. Ralph
Smith, Thus. Foster and other friends
and supporters of labor did not receive direction fiom a foreign source.
Then he called attention to the insincerity of theproteslulions of Mi'.Smilh
Cm tis that he avoided personalities
and yet his speech that evening liJid
lieen little else than a series of pel sonal
attacks ou Mr. Mackintosh. Mr. Curtis, too, was doubtless responsible for
the scurrilous pamphlet, thai had been
distributed (hut evening attributing to
Mr. Mackintosh the onus of alleged
non-payment of moneys due on account of lhe Regina Exhibition, whilst
he had a telegram from the mayor of
Calgary stating thai the various Committees and nut*Governor Mackintosh
were responsible for the d-flcit. and
that all liabilities were afterwards discharged liy the Government. He had
as well Ihe authority of Hon. Sidney
Fisher, Dominion Minister of Agriculture for it that all Ihe accounts were
audited and approved before being
paid liy (lieGovernment. Hon. Joseph
Martin's changeahleness was next
dwelt upon. He lmd changed his
policy in regard lo borrowing money
for public woiks; as lo Government
ownership of railways ; as to redistribution and in respect of lhe Eight
hour law. Mr. Martin would not remain steadfast, to any political purpose whatever hut would at any time
change his policy to suit his own ends.
Mr. Rots declared lhat he would himself vote for Mr. Mackintosh and gave
his reasons for doing su, He closed by
reading a telegram from lhe president
of the Gatineati Railway declaring
that Mr. Mackintosh had at nu lime
been responsible for payment of
moneys ilue by that railway, so had
not, been guilty of default in connection therewith.
Mr. Curtis replied at length to much
of the criticism lhat had been directed
against himself, and made a strong
appeal to the voters for their support,
At thc close of Mr. Curtis' speech at
midnight. Mr. Ross announced lhat a
cable had just been received' by the
"Times" announcing that Pretoria had
surrendered, and tlie meeting broke np
after giving rousing cheers and singing
"God Save the Queen,"
Colliery Surgeons Strike-Value
of Russian Gold Mines Exaggerated — Important
Coal Find in Quebec.
Iron Mines In Newfoundland -International Mining Congress at Paris
-Life   of   Scotland's  Coal
Time and Places for Polling.
The attention of voters is particularly directed to the fact that the polls
will be opt n in incorporated cities at 9
a.m. on Saturday next, Oth inst., and
will close lit 7.110 p.m, The incorporated cities in the Rossland Riding of
West Kootenay are Rossland, Grand
Forks, Columbia and Greenwood.
The other poHing places in the riding
will he at Trail, Gladstone, Cascade,
Eholt, Phoenix and Midway, and at
these the polls will open at 8 a.m. and
close at 6 p.m. A voter whose name is
on the revised Voters' List may vote at
any polling place in the riding, no
matter what his address appearing on
the roll,
 ► ♦«	
"Dead to the World" with Joe Martin in the lending role, will bo produced
in Victoria on the evening of JuneO,
is the way the Nelson "Economist"
puts il.
Thc third annual session of the United
States International .Mining Congress
will be opened al Milwaukee, Wisron*
sin, on Tuesday morning, .lime lllth.
The St. Petersburg "Messenger of
Finance" states that Knglisli capitalists
have recently invested$0,000,000 in the
Russian petroleum-producing territory
between the Caspian and Black Seas.
The latest thing in the way of a
strike is one by the colliery surgeons
of one of the English coal Holds. The
reason of it is the Inequitable division
of the medical fees subscribed by the
miners, which have been equally apportioned among the surgeons quite
irrespective of tlie nunilier of cjtses
each had attended.
Au official report from a foreign
consulate at St. Petersburg slates that
the value of Russian gold mines has
been greatly exaggerated. Experienci d
mining engineers have visile I Siberia in thc interests ot Knglisli and
American capitalists during the past
three years, but though they made
extensive examinations of the conditions not a single company, so far as is
known, has heen organized as a result
of their reports. There is very little
foreign capital invested in Siberia.
At the International Mining Congress, which is to meet in Puis, June
18-2.1, 1900, discu-sions will take place
upon subjects under Clio following headings: Mining; Explosives in Mines;
Use of Electricity In Mines ; Working
Conditions at Great Depth; Reduction
of Hand Labor in Mining and Metallurgy ; the Progress of Iron and Steel
Metallurgy since 1899; Application of
Electricity to Metallurgy—(a) Chemical
Application, (h) Mechanical Application ; Progress in the Metallurgy of
Gold; Recent Improvements in the
Mechanical Preparation of Ores.
"Mines and Minerals" gives the following summary of the coal output
and employes for the various counties
of the State of Washington for tlie
year 1899:
Tons   Employees
King County, 807.030 1,402,
Kittitas County, IH5.S18 911
Pierce County, -172,1-15 882
Whatcom County 8,060 32
Skagit County, 0,558 25
2,018,007 3,315
An increased output is anticipated
for the current year.
A mining exchange, In an article
urging that it is as necessary for modern miners to utilize modern mining
machinery as any modern process of
metallurgy, remarks that there are no
more economical hoiler plants anywhere than arc at some of the up to-
date American anthracite conl mines,
while the hoisting engines, pumps and
ore dressing machines of the Lake
Superior iron and copper mines, nt ihe
mines of Butte, of Colorado and of
California are admired by tho entire
milling and mechanical worlds.
The United States Commercial Agent
stationed at Stiinhrldge, Quebec, has
reported that a mineral discovery
which may lead to important results
has been made in the Laurentian
Mountains, where a seam of coal has
been found on the land of the Shawul*
gan Water and Power Company. The
extent of the coal, the stratum bearing
which is about fifty feet below thc surface, has not yet been proved, lt Is
stated that geologists have always
maintained that no minerals existed
in the Laurentian Mountains, and thnt
those granite hills contained nothing
more valuable than the iron-like stone
constituting their formation.
About 450 men are employed at the
Wabana iron ore mines, wbich aro
situate on the north shore of Great
Bell Island, an Island ahout eight miles
long hy two miles wide, lying in Conception Bay, on the east coast of Newfoundland, and distant thirty-five
miles by water from the town of St.
John. These men are stated to receive
as wages 10 cents per hour, thc usual
working shift being 12& hours. Tbe
output of the three mines averages
about 2,000 tons per (lay. The cost of
mining and delivering the ore to tlie
ship is less than 50 cents per ton, and
the ocean freight to the furnaces of
the Nova Scotia Steel Company is 50
cents. 0. U OflOCSIt MaKaokb
PuMIi>1ii*.1   wwVly   nt  Midway,   B, C.
Subscription Prlco, JMOpor annum, psyablo
ln nJvaui'.o, el;|j>jr yearly or hitlf-yenrly at the
Option of rhy aubgciibor,
AdvefHsltiR Rates mint on application.
Mr, Ohrlni Foley, the labor iigltalnr
linpnrtod into lhe district 10 bolster np
the Curtis cause, said at last Wednesday nighl'i uieei.ing "They cry us
down if we use 'brute force and call out
the police or soldiers ami shunt us
dnwn," Imagine such urter falsity In
the Bdsslard riding ; jdl Mr, Oiirtls
made no protest against Ihis gla"ing
unl ruth.
Mr. Yerex ihe secret ury uf the Miirtin party campaign cuininiltce asserted
in his nuinrious postdated circiilur
named 25 as I he nunilier uf seats Ihe
Murliu'lea expect, from "iiulicatinns"
tn win. The Greenwood "Miner" Is
not, quite so sanguine—it clnim* 22.
Ruth are very much out in iheir cairn*
laliuns, as Ihey will lind to their dismay next Nniiiiilay night,
Tlie Curl is party at (Ireenwooil
shnuld he proud nf their pugilistic
chairman. Kancy a Police, OouiinU
sinner leaving the chnlr and platform
nnd going dnwn lulo the body of ihe
hall and striking a special (juns.tn.ble
wealing a police badge. And yet Mr.
Curtis Immediately afterwards called
ntrentlnn tn the respect then and there
paid tn the re|iresent:ilives nf the law.
No wonder his si If lauded sincerity is
freely disbelieved in.
last Wednesday night falsely atlrlbu-
ted to one of tbe oldest and most, respected residents nf this district a statement that the: latter never made and
also imputed to him huso motives,
Yet when the gentleman assailed
essayed lo mount the platform to
challenge the verticil)* of his detractor
the chairman shuttled out, as he slond
above him in a threatening attitude,
"you shan't get.on Ihis platform, I'll
knock you off if you do," The chairman and the agitator sitting near him
evidently hnd one idea In common,
viz,, "brute force,"
Mr. Smith Curtis Inst Wednesday
night, stated as an evidence nf the
linlil ical purity of himself and nther
Martin Oovernnient mitkeshlite thai
hnd their object been to gain votes
they could have named Greenwood,
as the terminus of their projected
Coast railway instead of Midway,
But he was cunning enough to point
out how easy il would be to obtain
running powers nver the 0. k W. railway frnm Midway lo Greenwood
Piuxv Mr, Curtis.
Mr. Smith Citrus slated last Wednesday night (hat he hnd heen licked
tn buy Ihe newspipers that are opposing him In Ihis riding and had refused
tndosn. He was challenged liy Ihe
editor of the Oreenwood "Times" nnd
admitted that he did not include ihnt
pnprr. If he Intended to convey tae
impression Mint The Advance in any
way at all npproaehnd him or any nne
connected with him he did so knowing
it In he absolutely uni rue.
Mr. Curtis has announced that he
experts to be in a minority at the
Midway pulling place, The electors
who will vole here will dn y>ell to
show Ium in a most emphatic manner
that ilu* Injustice done tliiscoinmnuiiy
in removing the Government office and
in depriving the town and vicinity of
the police protection it hid previously
had for live or six years; tbe boorish-
ni'ss of Premier Mai I in in driving
through the lown without showing
the commonest courtesy to even one
of ils lending residents, and the hypne-
ri-y of Mr. Cutis, « ho liefore the faces
of residents wns complimentary, hul.
behind their hacks publicly indulged
In sneers at the town—that these
111inifs, coupled with Hie more import*
nut fact that a continuance of Martinism would be most disastrous to tbe
Provinceatlarge and particularly, lo
llvse mining districts, have moved
litem io do their utmost to give Hon.
C. fl. Mackintosh i comparatively
large majority here.
When Mr. Smith Curtis addressed nl
public meeting at Midway he spoke of
it as "a town" and said some very
complimentary things about it. Thai
was e ii ly in the campaign when he
was confident his fulsome flattery
wnuld win votes, iihlco then he has
discovered thai lhe voters of this town
and vicinity have no use for neithn
Premier Martin nor his biiiiioiIi-
Inngicd Minister of Mines, ennse-
(| lently at lust Wednesday night's
public nieeling at Greenwood he
snneringly referred  In Midway ns a
Itlle village" and again as a "little
place 'ilh thirty or forty voles." And
yd. Me. Cm lis claims to be thoroughly
sincere, instead of which he is a designing hypia rile.
A roast press despatch states that
"in Ills address to the electors Mr.
James Dunsuiiiir snys he pays the
same wages to Chinese as lo white
miners and that he will discharge
Chinamen as soon as he can get while
men to take their places." As the
Wellington Colliery Company is advertising in the district fur GOO miners and
helpers for thu Wellington Extension
and Cnmox mines to supercede all the
Chinese ln these mines, there is at least
a semblance of sincerity in Mr. Diinsinuir's profesfed intentions, lt remains tn he seel), however, whether or
not this move is simply a temporary
expedient for election purposes or the
permanent abandonment of a policy
detrimental to the hist interests of
white labor.
The freak editor ofa little newspaper
called lbe Oreeownnd "Miner" evidently had not recovered from the effects
of the Greenwood celebration when he
made an abortive attempt to write the
editorials for that disgrace to the
press, lie seems In have had only a
few words in his mind at tbat time,
viz., while-shirted hobos, scab and
black eyes. These he sea tiered pro
iniscuously throughout that column of
confused ideas. We are sorry for th it
individual. At times he appears quite
rational, and during these temporory
lapses inin sanity has been known io
write articles lhat people have read
through without liecoming sick, but
again the poor fellow imagines he is
editing a newspaper, and it is when in
ihis deluded slate that he is most
deserving of pity. If he thinks by his
noisy denunciations that he will he
able to raise the puhlic sentiment
against us he will find, lu his intense
disgust, that his efforts will prove as
futile as for a hilly goat to charge the
rising sun. Tiik Advance is here tn
stay, and will be found supplying the
public with clean literature when the
Greenwood "Miner" has become forgotten by ils few unfortunate readers.
His reference to the small circulation
nf The Advance is a base falsehood,
and wns known to he such when il was
made, We hope iu future lhat this
dispenser of fabrications will show a
iitile seme and at least tell the truth.
Among other I rtitiiped-np charges
ninde by Mt. Curtis against Hon. C, II.
Mackintosh was one of having given a
"black-rye" lo thn Sunsj't iri the Similkameen, which Mr. Curtis, on the
sul hoi ity of his notoriously unreliable
mining partner, says is "one nf the
greatest cupper properties in British
Columbia." What, aliout the "black-
eye" Air, Curtis attempted to give the
Boundary country wheii he publicly
stated asa leason why a refinery must
he established on the coast instead of
in this district that "to run a refinery
would need fit) ions of matte per day
which means 1,000 tons of nre perdny."
Mr. Curtis thus Indicclly asserted
that by the time lhe Coast-Midway
railway will be ready to lake the pro-
duet of our mines to Iho const—say
two years hence if it be binlt-i his ,)|s.
trict will tint lie producing 1000 toiisof
ore per day, And yel he savs tbat he
hns closely siudied this question. Is
thij< another 'vldunce or his sincerity?
is it. another proof ,,f ins ft*.
A Grand Forks press correspondent
I bus reported a recent Curtis meeting
held at Grand Forks : Any lingering
uncertainly which may have heen exhibited as to the overwhelming preponderance of public opinion in tbis
city rospocling Ihe result of the vote
of Grand Forks was rudely dispelled
by the attitude of the audience at the
Curtis meeting. It was practically a
strong demonstration by the large
audience of their sympathy with Mr.
Mackintosh. While Ihe audience
listened patiently to Ihe weary dis.
course of Mr. Curtis Ihey listened
silently, hut every point scored against
him wns cheered in the echo. On Ihe
other band Mr. Curtis' points fell veiy
flat. Mayor Goodeve, of Rossland,
followed, His reply was brilliant,
logical nnd convincing. As he demol-
;,hed the flimsy arguments of Mr,
Curtis and exposed the insidious
method* of Martinism the entire
audience h.irst into cheers.
Mr, Curtis seemed tn appreciate his
position very keenly.   He paraded Ihe
Mongolian spectre, delivered a pan
egyric nn the Hon. Joseph Martin, and
declared for Slate-owned    railways.
The Minister of Mines did not disclose
the method hy which the Martin Gov-
eminent proposes lo raise Ihe $20,000,
000 required tn carry out  ils pet pro
ject.   Mr, Curtis absuredly declared
that Mr. Martin would make theC, P.
It. a State railway within Hve years.
But a few momenta before he had ad*
mittedthattheprojected railway would
connect with the C. P. If., and would
in a measure he dependent upon that
railway fnr the   providing   of low
freight rates nn transcontinental business,    Mr.  Curtis, in   fart, became
hopelessly involved on  the railway
question when cross-examined hy an
individual  in the audience    He admitted that it wnuld lake several yenrs
to make Ihe railway survey though
the Hope Mountains, and the Similkameen district.   Thus the relief promised by the Martin Government is not
tobe thought of.  The meeting closed
with cheers for Mr. Mackintosh,
Promises and Performances.
Of what uso are n politician's theories if his record and his actions are
opposed to those theories? Premier
Martin is endeavoring to ride into
power on a policy of government
ownership of railways,   What is ther
borrowed $1,500,000 to do this woik.
Shortly afterwards, to the disgust of
those who believed in government
ownership, nnd who also believed thai
the Government Would stand by its
announced policy, sold the road to lhe
Northern Pacific, and gave a bonus of
tl7M it mile for 2.VI miles tn get rid of
In 180(1 Martin was a candidate for
the representation of Winnipeg in the
Dominion Hnuse. The members of
the Trades and Lahor Council, whn
knew Joe Martin and who always keep
in close touch with public men und
public affairs, prepared a series of
questions for Martin to answer, lho
first two following:
1. Are you in favor of constructing
and operating the Hudson's Bay Railway ns a government rond ?
2, Are ynu In favorof I lie governiuenl
owning and operating the telegraph
and telephone systems uf Canada ?
Martin's answers are given below i
Willi White, Esq,, 80 Hallett street,
DEAR Sin,—Yours of the 25th nit, at
hand, I am very willing to attend any
public meeting tlmt mny be called
with a view of discussing the question
that you submit to me, In thn meantime I will give you my views on the
said questions:
1, 1 am not in favor of tlie Government constructing and operating railways. I think this can be done much
hetter liy private individuals and that
any Oovernnient aid should be given
as a bonus or subsidy.
2. For the same reason I am not in
favor of the Government owning and
operating telegraph aud telephone
This occurred less than four years
ago. Martin's answers are definite
enough. Has he changed his mind
since then, or is he simply trying to
secure power through a policy which
he thinks popular hut which lie does
not believe in ?
Is it not safer to follow the advice of
sensible men like Ralph Smith when
he says, "1 do not < are a snap ahout a
man's theories, if I knnw that yesterday the man did something contrary
to those theories. The man then must
perform the action above before I will
have any confidence in him."
Opposed to Martinism.
From tlie Rossland "Miner" it is
1'limed that last Wednesday evening
the people of Rossland were to have
the privilege of hearing tlie issues now
before the electors discussed liy iMr. E.
V. Bodwell, of Victoria, who at the
solicitation of influential citizens there
consented tn address a puhlic meeting
in lhe Miners' Union hall. Perhaps no
man in British Columbia has the same
strong anil comprehensive grasp of
Provincial affairs which Mr. Bodwell
possesses. His intimate acquaintance
with almost every inlerest in British
Columbia- in I he interior ne well as on
the coast-covers a period of many
years, and Iiis character for frankness
and integrity in his puhlic utterances
hns never been, nor could it he, brought
into question. He has nothing to gain
in the political warfare In I lie Province
liy the defeat of this Government
except that which every good citizen
hopes to gain in seeing an honest and
stable administration in office. Ill
common with every one interested in
the passage and enforcement of good
legislation, Mr. Bodwell is anxious for
a change of Government nt Victoria,
A close observer of provincial events,
be has heen ahle to appreciate very
clearly the disastrous results which
have followed tlie public actions nf
Hon. Joseph Martin ill British Coliiniliia, and he recognizes that if this gentleman be returned to power his
influence on public affairs wiU'heofa
most calamitous nature. Mr. Bodwell
is a Liberal in his political leanings,
lint, like all good citizens, he has decided at a crisis like the present to cast
aside party affiliations and work for
the good of the Province,
A Sabbath Circular.
There is no lietter method of testing
the honesty and sincerity of public
men thnn that furnished liy their own
acl ions when driven into a corner,
Tliis is signilic-an'tly illustrated hy a
circular which has lieen sent hy mail
tn hundreds of electors throughout the
Rossland Riding nnd signed by J. A.
Yerex, chairman of tlie Provincial
Government campaign. It ia dated
Vancouver, May 27th, 1000, the postal
date on the envelopes huing 23rd and
21th of May. It will be observed that
the 27th of May was a Sunday, and
this date was no doubt adopted to
sireng'hcn the nefarious object the
writer had in view, which was to show
that it wns only published after iiomin-
tioo day, and it is on a par with tlie
rest uf the Martinite campaign. One
paragraph says: "I desire io know
all your requirements, nnd imsnm you
they shall be met as soon as possible."
This of course is nn intimation that
money could be obtained if necessary,
as well ns n furl her intimation thnt the
programme of promises is not yet exhausted, The flushing touch Is na
fnllows: "We havo tha opposition on
the run, and judical inns at present are
lllllslllllg iuiicii vo »""' •*■■■■■   — --
flrst place, lirlng at tlm coast aa he
does, lie must know that Martinism is
already spewed out of the mouth of all
honest .electors In British Columbia,
mid Mr. Smith Curtis, the Martinite
candidate in tlie Rowland Ridlng,miist
assume all responsibility for this Infamous document. He (Mr, Smith Curtis)
hns pledged bis word that Hon, Joseph
Martin is the paragon of perfection
socially and politically. In tho second
place, he has expressed himself willing
lo accept responsibility for tho Government's actions, and those who think
can readily make up their minds as to
the character of thc man now seeking
to control the destinies of tills Province
Here we find a circular, proved, by the
envelopes to have bum printed a week
ago, dated ahead, und Sunday declared
the'day of publication so far as the
electors are concerned, It is unnecessary lo comment at length upon these
disgraceful tactics, and l his only goes
to proclaim, trunipettnngued, that If
Hon, Joseph Martin should by any
chance be sustained in oflice, the interests of British Columbia will at all
times Ik* in jeopardy, If any eleitor
lias up to lhe present time heen in
doubt, we think this shameful effort lo
mislead and misrepresent should be
sufficient to suggest llm candidate lie
should mark his ballot for. We do
not doubt the electors of Rossland
Riding will arrive at an intelligent as
well ns a significant conclusion.
j. L. in_vK.ro -JIUREI
Seventh Street, and see our stock (if
Men's,   Youths' and   Boys'
At Bed Rock Prices.
Also a   Fine Line   of  Millinery Goods
Being Opened.
SEAI.KD SEl'AttAtE TKNDKnS, address-
ud bi iho lJn»tmnstiir General, will bo re-
ueivcil iii i ii lawn uiiiil noun on Friday, the
Oth July, 1000, far thn ccinvoynncn nf Hor
Majesty's MjiIIh. on a prnposod contract for
fpur yenrs, throe times and onoe por week res
poctlloly eni'li way, between Midway und Pen
ilobai. and Kairview nnd Oroville, \\ ««h„ from
tha Ist September next.
l'linlod notices containing farther Information ns to conditions of proponed contract may
be men nad blank forms of tondcr may bo obtained ut the I'o't Office* of Petittcton, Okunii-
can Kails Kairview, Camp McKinney. Itock
Creek, Midway Uroenwoad and Osoyoos.
Vf. n, llOIIMAN,
I'osl Olllce Inspector.
S. A. CROWELL, Proprietor. H.V.-..H«_,..!,Midway,„.,.,
Onsllloak VVuhI uf H.ic.mlor-iu^l
-TpHIS is a new building hard finished all through anjl
furnished in first class style.   The dining room I
is supplied with the best on the market,
furnished with a choice stock of Wines,
Cigars.   :   :   :   :
He   bar nl
Liquors anil
Patronage of the Publlo it Solicited and Satisfaction Is Guaranteed I
The Riverside Hotel,
Is situated nt. Itnck (in-i-k, H.C,  on   the  milln route of   travel
lietween Pcnlictna -ind all Boundary Oreek points,
place for stages,
Good Fishing -:- Good Hunting-:-Bestof Accommodation
I "list Office Inspectors Olllce,
Vineniivur II. C, Mny '25,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Krank Hal or, SO
days from date heroof Intend to apply In
the Chief Commissioner of IjiihI* and world
to, cut and curry away tl-nber from the follow-
In),' unreserved nnd unoccupied Crown Land*.
ftnrtlnx at a post marked A on the north bank
of the Isllnllkameen Itiver adjoining Proctor's
land »u (he West, thence is chains uorlli;
thence 121) chp.it!* nest; thenoo 60 chains south;
ihence i Jj chains east t thence V) chains north
iutikh the Himllkainoen Itiver tn point of commencement, and containing 1,000 seres mure
or less.
Hated this Uth day of May, I'M.
»»W»»»MM»MM>I> l
Line of
New Novels.
If ww>i»i>ii>» himwwiw
KBTAIU.I-IIIKI)   |hh:i,
Our Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia I
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutchekson, Managw.
iThe Boundary Hotel]
Strictly First-class Throughout, Excellent Accommodation I
J. A.
Large Sample Room for Commereial Men.
THOS. McAULEY,  -  ■   Proprietor!
Certificate of  Improvements.
ownership nl railways.   Whnt s there ,,   ,.*.,, ,    ... . I   "
in Mni'tliN. record to justify thu belief *bw t»e Unverniueul will cawy at least
that he will carry his polirv intnelfeci ? i twenty live seats,"   This, nf itself, is a
Atanlutely nothing.   Take his record I proof that Mr. Yerex is a colossal fab*
!!! S[inl!,', x ^hen ]W «",;l*!t0P"WPr| riration. not to use what.nightreaso.i*
in  Manitolia,  he announced  with tv   ....,        , ,  '?  i "
flourish of trumpets that the Govern* "^■•■y *>« U8(<1. h much strnngw cxpres-
tnent would complete the Red River l"'"n' •*■•'• Yerex is evidently a past
Vnlli'V Hllij'V'i.*.*, |iroj»cled fi'nitl Win    lllnstW 111 Hie art  of tli-pr-pl Ion.   h»|
Ht, Jobs Minkhal Claim.
Sltuat* In ths Osoyooi Mining Dlvlilon of
Yal« Dlstriot,   Whore located:   Camp
TAKE NOTK'K that 1, Hubert Story Hall,
mi agent 'or Kdward Cook, froo minor*
eertlfleato Nn, H'.II.MI, nml CliarliM Nelnon, freo
miner'* evitlHcnlo Nn. I till, inl, nil. KIMy ilny*
from lhe ilatu horoof, lo apply to tho Mining
lloconlcr fur n CnrMnenU) uf Improvements
fnr lho piirnuKC uf obtaining n Crown (irnnt of
the abovo olalm.
And further take notice that action' under
wirtUm 87, mihit bo commenced before tho Issuance of suoh Cortiflcato of Improvomonts.
Dnted this IIIh day of Mny, nw,
THiltMON II. 0
Atrmma* fom.-
Thr Royal Insuhanok Cot.
Thb London anu Lanoashikb Firs
Insijbanck Ooy.
Thb  Inbiiranor Ooy. op Nohth
Thr London and Canadian Fire
Insuranck Coy.
Thb Sun Lifr Asrurancb Coy or
Thb Dominion Building and Loan
Apphaibbr for the Canada Per-
Commercial and Mining men should put
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. Sheehar*
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY.B.C. : :
The  undersigned having   taken   this   well-
known  and   comfortable   hotel  invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnnoe-lieatod and comfortably
furnished rooms.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprieto
D. Banbury, Proprietor. it rick, of Chesaw is in
Kerby, 0. E., ia up
Slnnliope has returned
I will hold a t wo-day cele*
mm 20lh and Willi.
ois Green P. L. 8,, of
, lu Midway on Friday.
ed that Midway is lo have
I to lie called Hotel Wehh.
|rs. J. 0. Smith, of Green*
iidway a visit last Hatur-
Whlle, manager of the
i mine, Central cump, Is In
Is Dale came down to Mid*
■be VVest Fork one duy last
Jiornton Lungley, of Ross,
fanning to-day's visitors to
Tuzo left for Nelson, B.C,
,   He will be absent four or
|Keys, the wall known hotel
| Arinstioiig, was iu Midway
Black is down from his
licit adjoins the townsite of
IA. Crowell has returned from
ithere she spent a few days
I. C. Shaw und Mrs, J. P. Mc
j, Greenwood, are spending a
fin town,
-purge U.MeelielH has returned
3 at Cliesuw, utter spending
ysiu Midway,
. Conlin, reptosenting Pilher
it, wholesale liquor dealers,
(was in Midway one day last
[Henermali left for West Fork
day, where he will do assess-
ia nunilier of his properties
jrst homegrown strawberries
jtsun were seen ln town to-day.
e grown In lhe line garden of
. Lundy,
.las. Atwood, J. W. Reed
Winters have returned from
uessmeiit work on the Crown
•oup near Rock Creek.
, W. "irinstiong, representing
ohnslon   k   Co,,    wholesale
Toronto,   visited our local
(ts during thc past week.
hesaw "Times" is   the latest
fp; received.   It is published iu
Ioa'ii of Chesaw, Okanogan
I Wash., hy Mr. Fred. J.  Fine.
[blight, newsy sheet, and will
lip the wonderful resources of
frers Creek country.
•day was a husy day   In the
recorder's oflice,  Greenwood.
|l.000 was taken in for renewing
liter's licences.    Many lieences
aid for earlier in  lhe  month.
McMynn slated  thul. very
fences were allowed to lapse.
Tuesday, while working in a
near Okanagan Falls, Mr. W.
1 und a partner named Kay-
sere seriously injured. It Is
|d that the fuse they used was
sufficient length to allow oi
| getting a safe distance away
the shots went off. Hill hud
I badly smashed, and Raynor
Hi fatal injuries, death taking
fch'.rtly after the accident. Dr,
j was quickly in attendance, hul
pn Were so seriously injured thut
mediately sent, for Dr, Boycn.but
| thc latter arrived the unfortun-
tan breathed his last. Hill is
(dive, hut little hopes are enter-
1 of his recovery.
pre waa a good attendance at the
meeting, held last Tuesday
|ng at McAuley'a hotel, to talk
nmtteis of general interest to Ihe
jmts of Midway. Mr. Wm,
Irs was appointed chairman and
pV. B. Rickards, secretary.   Mr.
aids, aa secretary of the Midway
lil'Uliotl coinmillee, then submitted
pport which wus adopted as read.
lirst matter taken up was that of
ee-couin, foe Midway, and after
idiscussion a committee of three
appointed lo correspond with The
pay Company, Ltd,, Montreal, in
ence to purchasing that tract of
vhich was formerly sel apart for
'•course hul, hus since been sullied into town lots.   If the land
ie   purchased   for   a leasonable
i thn track will he built this sum*
and everything got in readiness
holding of a fall meet. The
(nf a brass hand next took up
atii'iitiun of the meeling. An-
committee of three was spiled lo Hike this matter in hand,
■um of $00 left over from the iMlh
iiy celebration was voted for this
lose. It was decided to hold an-
uieeting  as soon as Ihe race-
scouiinitl.ee receives a reply from
|real,    The meeting   thou    ud*
 >~» ■
Accident Near Phoenix.
(JENlx, June 4th.—(Special ioThk
|tN0K)— Soveial    men   narrowly
ed losing Iheir lives at. thu Gold
l mine near Phoenix this afternoon
j»sult of being poisoned hy powder
) In an upraise, Altogether about
Jn men including Siqit. Eiwlon,
■•en Diiiiii*. ii.nl a , j, ii L..ivii	
in.-r ,„■ ,,,„,-
and of these only one, u miner named
Harry    Nlcholls,   is  still   seriously
affected,   Il taunt, thought though by
Ihe two doctors who are still in alien-
dance on him, tlmt his case will prove
fatal, '
The whole trouble arose through
Nlcholls being too-venturesome in
ascendiug the raise lo the top aafetv
station after having lieen warned not
to do so if the air were at all foul.
One after another the rescuers were
ivercouie but dually all were gut
safely out of the mine and proniply
intended to,
The Nominations.
The following arc lhe nominations,
mude on 2llih ultimo, of candidates
for eleclion nu Oth inst. to scats in the
Provincial Legislaiurei—
Alherni-A. W. Neill, Provincial;
Jas, Itedl'oid, Government ; J, li.
Thompson, Independent,
Coinox-Jos. A. Mil'liee, Govern-
ment; L, A, Mnuncc, Opposition,
Cowlchan—W, Foul, Government;
C. II. Dickie, Opposition,
Esquimult (two member*-)-- George
lligansioii: Donald Eraser, Government,
Kootenay, East : North Riding —
Thos. Taylor, Conservative j Alex. Mcltae, Liberal. South Hiding- E, C,
Smith, Government ; J, lt. Cosligan,
Conservative ; W, Fernie, Independ
Kootenay, West : Nelson Hiding—G.
A. B. Hull, Governiuenl ; J. Houston,
Provincial) F, Pletchen Conservative,
Revelstoke Riding—A. Mcltae, Gov*
edlihuntlT,Taylor, Conservative, Ross-
land Riding—C, H. Mackintosh, Opposition ; Smith Curtis, Government.
Slocan Hiding—0. Kane,Government;
it. Green, Provincial; J. Keen, Conservative,
Lillooe:, Eust-R, T, Graham, Gov-
eminent; J, D. Pieulice, Upposilion,
Lillooet, West—A. Locliiiiti, Government; R. B. Skinner, A.W. Smith,
Nuiiaiinu City—Ralph Smith, Independent ; 0. McKiuiU'l, Conservative ;
J, Stuart Yules, Government,
Nanaimo, South— las. Dunsmuir,
Opposiiioti | Jno. RadclilT, Labor,
New VVesliniiMter, Ciiy— J. C.
Brown, Government ; R. L. Reid, Conservative.
Vancouvei1 City, (four "members)—
Joseph Martin, Jas. Mi Queen, II. ll
GlltUOlir, it. McPherson, Govel'iiinenl;
F, Williams, W. McLain, J. Dixon,
Labor; IP, Carter-Cotton, Provincial,
Win, H. Wood. J. F. Garden, 0, Wilson, ll. G. Tatlow, Conservative,
Victoria Oity (four on) tubers)—Joseph
Martin, J. S, Yates, J, Brown, J. L.
Hi-ckwith Government ; J. II. Turner,
II. D. Helmcken, Richard Hall, A. E.
McPhillips, Opposition,
Victoria, North—J, P. Booth, Turner ; J. J, While, Independent.
Victoria, South— George Sangster,
Government; I). M. Ebei is, Turner,
Westminster Dislrict : Chilliwack
Riding—G. R. Asbwell, Conservative;
C. Monro, Government, Delta Riding
—J. W. Berry, Conservative, Thos.
Foster, Piovincial ; J. Oliver, Government. Dewdney Riding—R. McBride,
Conservative ; C, Windham, Government. Kiiiiuiond Hiding—Thos.Kidil,
Provincial; D. Rowan, Government.
Yale, East—Pi ice Ellison, Provincial;
VV. J. Snodgriiss, Government; H. W.
Huymer, Provincial.
Yule, North, F, J. Fulton, Independ;
F. J. Deane, Provincial; A. J, Palmer,
Yale, West-G. VV. Beehee, Government ; Dennis Murphy, Oppusiti«n.
Nominal ions for Cariboo und Cassiar
will close at a later date.
11,1-1,1, IV    OX,    l.l.,,,n   l.r,,      ....„..,..,      	
the ex-governor has the original letter
in his possession, und Mr. Curtis did
not deny It when he met him
face to face, More lhan this; Mr,
Mackintosh showed ut several public
meetings that Mr, Smith Curtis had'
telephoned from Grand Forks to the
Hank of Montreal at Rossland several
days before tho payment ou the Sunset
full due asking whether or not the
money was In the hank, and received
the reply that so soon as the deeds
were sent to thu hank I he money would
he paid over, Again Mr, Mackintosh
established the fact hy producing ll
letter from Mr. Brown that the person
hud written to bim (,n the 15th of
Septemher, 1801), telling bim that he
wns perfectly willing that tho deal
should be considered olf, Alter ull,
however, circumstance* go to show
that Marl inism is dying hard. Nevertheless, why should u man who aspires
to represent a large constituency like
that of Rossland riding descend to so
low a deplh as to endeavor to besmirch
a man who bas met him lu a candid,
open, honest and manly fashion on
every occasion possihleP Yet there
are some of the electors who imagine
they c.iii vote for Mr. Smith Curtis
without endorsing the  Hon,  Joseph
 eo *
Records   for   the    Week    Ending
flay 31st, 1900,
Unmanly Tactics.
Mr. Smith Curtis has for some time
posed as an honest and upright believer in fair play. At various meetings throughout the Rossland Riding
he has declared that under no circumstances would he indulge in personal
ities, and would stand or fall by the
Martinite platform. What do we find ?
Atn meeting in Columbia recently he
suited that "Ex-Governor Mackintosh
was the servant of the Dunsuiuirs and
the C, P. R-" Of course, his opponent
wns not present; but Mr. Curtis knows
Well as tlie electors know that Mr.
Mackintosh has over nnd over again
publicly repudiated this assertion;
that he stated he had never had a conference with Mr. Dunsmuir; that he
did not approve of Mr. Dunsmuir's
policy bf employing Chinese or other
Asiatic labor; that he hud no connection, directly or indirectly, with the
0. P. R. ; that he was a candidate in
the interests of the Kootenay country,
and that he would stand or fall by that
pledge. What could hn mealier than
tliis policy ol del ruction ? What could
more thoroughly prove thut Mr, Curtis
Ib u beaten man? Over and over
again, in tlie presence of Mr. Smith
Curtis, thc ex-governor has proven by
documentary evidence that the slanders directed at him bad no foundation
whatever. To refer to another subject:
At Grand Forks on Saturday night
last the-Martinite candidate was accompanied by one. R. A. Brown, the
partner of Messrs. Martin and Curtis
in a properly known as the Sunset in
the Similkameen district. He (Mr.
Smith Curtis) introduced tho Sunset
question a,s a. factor in this campaign ;
and upon written evidence being produced, signed hy Mr. Brown, showing
that Mr. OurUs and Mr. Martin were
,,,-l.ml..   ho ii'.-xn) I'i'l Uexlxd
MAY 17.
Maple Leaf, Win, Porter,
MAY 18,
Louisa, Ellen McEwan,
Alleineda, Louis Bosshart,
Brushwood Boy, Goo, C. Mackenzie
Stailight, Y. iM, 11, Fuh'buirii,
Luuru B., Bruce ('ruddock,
Oiouoro, Bruce Craddnck.
MAX 19,
Paxil, Thomal Donald etui,
Ah There, G. 1), Loysoil,
Untied, D. A. Cameron etal.
Boiilidar) Star, D. A, Cameron etal.
Vulcan, D. A. Cuiiiri'iin etal,
MAY 21.
Highland Mary, Dan Stewart et al.
Pin Hnnk, Ronald Harris.
Magnolia, George Riter.
American Eagle,  J, B. Dcsrossiers
et al.
Barron, Geo, R. Naden etal,
may 22,
Deer Horn, A. J. Toney et al,
Otis, fraction, E, A. Bunherg,
Valley View, A. J. Wlieatley,
MAY 25,
Night Hawk, Tom Lacy.
Dewey, E. Escalet.
Si. Lawrence (2 years), C. L. Hoffman.
Woodstock, Joseph Steriett.
City of Paris (2 years),Win, Yuunkin,
Kimberley, Robert Murray ei al,
HAY 20,
Poduhk, Henry Johnson.
may 28,
Grey Eagle, Duncan Buchanan,
Doiioru   Standard,   Elizabeth   Me-
Marjorie, J. A. Tuzo et al,
Canterbury, J. A. Tuzo et ul,
Crocodile, J. A, Tuzo et al,
May Flower, W, S. Fletcher.
LillieMay, W. S. Fletcher.
May 29,
Hard Cosh, C, M. Collins,
Butcher Boy, Butcher Boy Gold and
Copper Company, Limited.
Four Ace, W. T. Smith et al.
VVillaiuena, Geo. VV. Rumherger.
Blonmiugton, Frank L, Molten
No. 13 (2 years)i James Moran,
Chancellor, James Mor.in et al,
Mustudon, Charles Hamilton.
Marguerite, Thos, Hogan and James
may 80,
Brandon, fraction, James Marshall,
Burlington, Cump McKinney Gold
Mining nnd Milling Company,
May, James Dale,
Little Dallas, Joseph McAlistcr.
May, Joseph Sterrelt.
Blue Jacket, John Meyer et al.
MAY 31.
Toboggan, J. VV. Lind et al,
Cliff House, James T. Erwin.
Glen wood, Jas. T. Erwin.
Sunrise (2 years) James T. Erwin,
MAY 17.
May Queen, fractional, to  Michael
Twin 8isters, to Robert VV. Lee.
MAY 18.
Balmoral, to VV. Small.
may 21.
Missing  Link.  George  Rumberger,
S. M. Johnson and VV. Porter.
Magnolia, to George Riter.
MAY 18,
Vandensit, all Interest, Ed Pope to
A. 0. Beath.
MAY 21.
Chepaka, all interest, A. Mueller to
Henry Nicholson.
Pewuhic, 4 interest, Chas, E. Betts
to Henry Nicholson,
Monterey, . interest, Chas. E. Betts
to Henry Nicholson,
Triangle, fraction, Peter Fletcher to
Henry Nicholson.
Cornet, i interest, Peter Fletcher to
Henry Nicholson,
Gold Nugget, Dan Stewart to S. M,
Starlight, _ Interest, A. 0. Beath to
VV, J, Ross.
MAY 22,
Champion, all interest, W. 8. Fletcher to R. Roberts.
Viill-v Vbw. * interest, A. 3. Wheat*
l-i l ■ A. U WliUc.
Copper King, fractional. A. Mueller.
MAY 18.
Syenite, 0, II. Bash,
Anglo-American, Juno, 0, II, Bash.
California, Modor, C. II, Bush.
MAY 22.
Comstnck, T. Q. Butler,
MAY 18.
Bald Eagle. Ctanherry Creek, VV, S,
Mizpah,  Cranberry Creek,  Robert
MAY 21.
Ooppet' King, fraction, Copland Mt,,
Rock Creek, Spencer Cosens,
Empire,   Beaver   Creek,  Ben  Fit'/.
Kathleen,   Beaver   Creek,   L.   0,
may 22,
Blneuifonteln,   Beaverton,   E.   ()•
Shamrock, Kimberley Camp, C, 1,.
Aetna, Beaverton, E. L, Werner.
General Huberts, Bell Camp, (.'has,
R. Pittock.
Big Joe, near Iron Top, C, T. McGue.
Under a Little Tree, Beaver Lakes,
Fred Br.lt,
William Josie. John R, llelllc.
MAY 11,
Oronoco,  Upper Kettle  River, Michael Sweeney,
Paymaster,   Upper   Keitle   River,
George Kiefer,
Amazon, Upper Kettle Rivet*, Geo.
Duke, Upper   Kettle  River,   Axel
Windsor, Upper Kettle Itiver, L. Oi
MAY 7,
Black Bess, Dry Creek, G, Rork,
II. li., fraction, Canyon Creek, 11. B.
Winnipeg,    Arglington   Mt.,    VV,
MAY 11.
Like View, Arlington Camp,  Ben
American   Eagle,  Baker Creek, J.
Lindsay, J, Janet,
MAY 12.
Susie, Arlington Camp, J. VV. Nelson.
Crystal  Bulte,   Beaver   Creek,   G.
MAY 14.
Black (.'rook, Horseshoe Mountain,
J. Peterson,
Assurance Co.
Financial  Statement,  January
1st, 1900.
Municipal Howls and llcY'iitiU-es..* 73.1,773 18
liilVI'I'llllll'Ilt ll.ilirl-  313,081 a
I taiiiifnioii tif I -umi.ln 4 iutit.iiI stuck lli.i.17 &i
Itiiiik.   I,iuii' Conipnny uml oilier
stacks    MMMM
Company's BuiMlng  M.IMJ Wl
i'ush mi llaml nnrion 1i.-ik.kII  I3i.i«l 71
Hills lleuelvittilc  53,06! 73
MnrtKiiHiw  3S..VJII IKI
Hue from other Cmnpanics-Ciir-
rent Accounts  I87.1M 70
Intercut Dim nml Accrued  H.Xffl SO
Agents' llalnlicos und Sundry Accts. 102,7111 31
•HiJi.Mi 85
losses undor Adjustment ! 171,382 35
Dividend Payable January, 1000...,     511,0110 00
I i-UM 35
Net Cnsh Assets 12,100,380 50
Capital Hubscribod but nnt called In l,i"i,niu i"
Security to Policy Holders $3,100,380 80
Income for the yoar ending Hoc. 31,
Ml » 2,632,711 50
Losses Paid Hlnco Organization of
Comlmny to IMU) 128,718,388 30
Board of Directors:
Hox. OKO. A. COX. President.
J.J. KENNY, Vice-President.
Hon, S. 0, WOOD,
Messiis. ROUT. BKA'fY. OKO. lt, It, COCK-
Agont- Midway- B. C.
p r. ira
Practical Watch Maker,
Qood Tools, Plenty Material,
•nd 30 ynn «>*ief Ience to do
work correctly,   ,  ,  >
It. KEYES, Prop.
Qood Accommodation,
Bi'iii. Liquors and Cigars,
First-Class Stabling.
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt the pari ner-
»liip heretofore existing botwooii James
M. Lynch and D MoDntr, llotelkeoneni, at
Cnmp .McKinney, H. 0„ iinrtai' the Imn name
of Lynch & Mollulf, hns tlilsday boon dissolved
by 'iint,ml consent, lho said .mines M. Lynch
retiring lllorefroni,
The business will be continued hy lho said
P. MoDutr, who assumes all assets and Ha<
D. MollUKK.
Dated this 15th day of May, 1000,
Commereial Job Printing.
C A. Sawyer.
At thc Sawyer Brothers livery b;trn will be found
good single and double drivers, ladies' and gentlemen's saddle horses, and complete packing outfits.
Parties to the West Fork country given special
Daily stage to Greenwood carrying passengers k Express
T. M.Qulley&Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
A_L________h__ __**__
V.   _Mt.   GT7X_X--Er?r   Ac   CO.,
The Travellers Insurance Go,,.
«... Of Hartford. Conn.
Clustered 1HO.L
Stock I.I ft* nlid
Accident Innuruitce.
ISHUI5S the best life insurance
l ciiiibiHCls in the World, No
S disappointment a* in dividends.
Everything iiuui'iliili'cd in ml*
valine, i'ivimIiiiii rnli'-i In In !Si
per wilt lemi lhan those of nld
line Mill mil ciiilipmiieit.
January ist, 1S97,
LlAHIUTIES, .. 17.9ao.a60.19
SURPLUS   . , , . 1,976,434.36
TheTrtlVellel* OiniililliHtloil Afeident Pulley gllttl-uhtees foiiiecldeiilnl
Under iiiiliiiiii'V inndillnnn.
Kmitli Hcncflt     .     .     ,     . tfWi
£   M uf Might uf Hoih Kyon     . .1**1
IxniHuf llntli Koot of Ilnili Itandii .W«"
Ixiim nt Olio lliiiul anil Ono font 0.1m
l'oriiiincnt Tulal Illmiliil ly Jim
\smxtit IllKlit lUml     ,     , 12.900
Imw uf l«it nt or nhuvc Kuco . 2,600
Imn, uf l.cfl linml     .    .     . 1,0110
UltXs nt Kit Iiit Kimt 1,01111
hos* uf night nf Ono > yo  .     . •' IM!
Liniits of   Weekly Indenmity 61,300.
AND, if such injuries mt' mt-iUiliied while rldllig im a imKsetigel- in
any naasen(?«r conveyance tisinn Hteiun, cable,   nr  electricity as a
hiotlve power the amount to lie paid   shall he DOUBLK  the sum
spei'ilird iti the clause tinder which the claim is made,
Men,and Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate fates
iH«»MMM»»MM«IMMIMM»<W«MIM<tl»«»HW*) **%
Midway Horse Paste,
T. M. GRAVES, Prop.
Pack and Saddle Horses for  Sale.
If yon have lout a   home,  send me the brand and if in In the
country It will be found.
Single horses delivered in MidwHj*. $5.(10 per month.  Two or more, delivered
lu Midway, each f t per month,
The  hotel  is  centrally loeaied and Is a stopping place   for  stagu lines
Oood Hulling iu the vicinity.   Good stalillng.
A vaHetv of the choicest brands of liquora and cigars at tha bar
THE  __rm
Greenwood Citv  Boundary Creek. B.. C,
We have opened Ihe above hotel al.Oreenv.oodCity, atm ate prepnred
to welcome gnosis and provide good accommodation. Oood Catering. Hist
class Livery Stable,
,] W. NELSON    •    • PROPRIETOR ■.r,i
I. '
— AND--
Tbe Daily Serviee Between At-
— UY THE —
Imperial Limited
June 10th from Vancouver,
June 11th from Montreal,
Will give qulekcxt time between
Daily Express Service via Crow's Nont Roiito
to nnd from Kootetmy Country.
Improved Service on aU Kootenay Local Rail
ami 81 earner hums.
Close Connections Throughout.
De on lookout for full detail* of now service,
and apply for particulate to
Vf, Pi ANDEHSON, T. P. A„ Nelson.
E. J. COYLE, A. 0. P. A., Vancouver.
Beaut illy staled at the eonlaeaee of Bonndary Creek and Ketlle Biver.
ILL BE The most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Western Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts,
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River,  West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
jr 2? mining camps,
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,   Palmer  Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions,
Business, residence and garden lots at tow prices and on easy terms...
J. F. PIUGOTT, Manaqbb, Oj M. CR0U8E,
"^IrS"?' THE MIDWAY CO., Ltd.  ^W**!S_SSS?
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certlflcate  of   Improvements.
Exoiaston, Golden Grown and Homestakk
Minkiiai. ii.ai.mh.
[Urate in the Osoyoos Mining Division ot
Yale District. Wheralocaied:-On MoCelg
TAKK NOTIOB that I, Chas. deBloin
Groon aa agent for tho National Min
liiK ami Development Company, free minor's
cel'lillenle No; B20111. intend, sixty days from
Ilie dale hereof, toapply to tho Mining Honor-
iter fir a cortlfloato of improvement*, for the
pnrpwc of obtaining a Cronn grant of the
above claims,
And further tako notico that action, under
section .li. must be commenced   beforo tho
issuance of such certificate of improvements
Dated this 22nd day ot March, IWO.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Nickkiihon Minkhal Claim.
Situate ln Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale
District.   Where Located:-On Kruger
TAKK NOTICK that I.Chas. de Blois Green,
as agont for John C. Fisher, free
minor's cortilicato No. 18728a, intond,
sixty days from thc date horoof, to apply
to tho Mining Recorder for a eertilleale of
Improvements, for tho purposo of obtaining
a Crown grant of tho above claim.
And further tako notico that action, under
ection 37. must bo commenced before 'ho tssu
unco of such eertilleale of improvements,
Datod this 27th day cf March, IWO.
In the matter of the estate of Malcolm
McCuaig, late of Rock Creek. In the
County of Yale, British Columbia, deceased, Intestate.
MOTICKis horohy given pursuant to the
iM "Ki'vUcd Statut'8 of Briiish Columbia,
18117. Chanter 187,'' lhat all creditors and others
having claims against the cstato of tho said
Malcolm McCuaig who died on or about the
sthdayol Mav. 1899, aro required un or beforo
the lolli dny or April 1000. to send to tho under-
signed, solicitor for Donald McLennan, tho ad-
imnlBtrabr ot said deceased, their names, addresses and descriptions and tho full particular.*'of their respective claims duly vended by
statutory declaration.
AND further tako notice tbat aflcr said last
mentioned date, thc said administrator will
proceed lo distribute lhe assets of tho deceased
among the parties entitled thereto, having re-
frard only lo the claims of which lio shall then
lavo notice, and that tho said administrator
will not bu liable for the said assets or any part
thereof to anv person or porsjns of 'vlioso
claims notice snail not iin vo hocn received by
him at the time nf suoh distribution.
Dated at Greenwood this oth day of March.
1000, J. P. MoLeod,
Solicitor for the Administrator.
Certificate   of Improvements.
 . 1 '	
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
Fire Insurance a Specialty   0E%^_V,y.Tc0BR
Certlflcate   of   Improvement*.
Bob Hall's Stage Line
tlntr.s Mountain, Black and Ai.man
Minkhal Claims.
Sltuat* In tht Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yal* Dlstriet. Wrier* loeaied ; In Oman
Mountain oamp, Keremeos er**k.
TAKK NOI 11.'K that I.Chas.deHlolsOrten,
acting na ngont fur David Hlack free
miners certitlcato No. BMW. James lllack, free
miner's cerlillcate Nn. Hllttl, Alfred Woodcraft
free minor's eortillcate No. uMB7, and P.
C. McArthur, free minor's certlflcaie No.IMHa,
Intcnd.siity d-iys from the date hereof, to
apply 10 the Mining Itecordorfor a Certlflcaie
of Improvements, for the purpose of oblaining
a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And furthor take notice that action, under
seotlon 37, must  be commenced beforo the
issuance of suoh Cerlillcate of Improvomonts
Datod this troth dny :if January. 1900.
The Sunny Side Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriet. Where located :-N*ar to
Eholt Creek, (formerly called Prior
Creek,) lying partly upon and northerly
of and adjoining Lot 262, Township 79.
TAKK NOTICK tbat I, William Graham
McMynn, freo ininer's certificate No.
H630I, Intend, sixty days frnm the date heroof,
tn apply to the Mining Heoorder for a Certlflcate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant, of the abovo claim.
And further tako notice that action, under
section 37. must bo conimonced beforo the
issuance of such Cortlllcale of Improvements.
Dated this -mix day of March, 1000.
Buy a residence site whilst
there is plenty of choice. Pure
air and wator, beautiful scenic
surroundings, skilled resident
physician, excellent school.-just
the place for families.  Try it.
For Prices and Terms
Apply to
Spokane Falls & Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sbeppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only nil mil route between
all points Euf-t, West und South
to KosKliind, Nelson and all
intermediate points ; connect-
In-j- at Spokane with the Orent
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. It. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with the steamer for
Kaslo and alt Kootenay Lako points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stag* daily
for Republic, and connects at Bosiburg with
stag* dsily fer Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave Arrive.
SPOKANE   10.Mji.rn. 6.30 p.m,
ROSSLAND    11.15a.m. 6.16pm,
NELSON     8.15a.m. 8.00p.m.
Certificate of  Improvements
Balmoral Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Dlvlilon or
Yale District.   Where located: Camp
TAKE NOTICE that I. II. H. Parkinson
ns agent for William Small, free
minor's certificate No. n 5630, intend, sixty
dnys from tho date heroof, to apply tn tho
Milling Recorder for a certificate of Improve,
menu for tho purposo of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim,
And further tako notico that notion, undor
section 37, must bo commenced beforo the
issuance of such Certitlcato of Improvements,
Dated this 28th day of November, 1809.
Mineral Act 1806.
Certificate of Improvements.
(Carrying Her Majesty's Mails)
Meets the steamer Aberdeen at Penticton on Mon-'
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays.     Passengers to
and from  Fairview, Osoyoos and Oroville,   Wash., j
delivered   in   quick   time,    and    by  comfortable
Livery, Feed and Aj   Penticton, B. C.
Sale Stables..        ™        R. §. H„u! Pro*.
Subscribe for
The pioneer newspaper in the Bonndary
Only $2.00 a Year.
On good paper|
and in the mo J
approved style
of any kind.
forms for Mineral Claims!
• ••
IjagAffidavit forms fcr Field
Notes, etc., etc.
A Trial Order Solicited, i
Addrkm 1—
TKe /IdVarAce,
Certificate of  Improvements,
Unit view and Orient Mincrai. Claims.
Situate  ln (he Osoyoos Mlnlni Division of
Yale Ulstrict.  Where located i On Km-
ttr Mountain.
TAKE NOTICK thnt I, Chas. drII. Gran,
aa agent for llenjauiin Anderson tree
minor's eertilleale No. B57IJ, and II. A.
Ilowcrnian troo miner cerlilleale No. nflll,
Intend, sixty days from the date horeof, lo
apply to the Mining Itecordor for a Certincate
of Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining
a Crown Grant of Ihe above claims.
And further tako notico that action under
section 37 must be commenced hefore tho Issu-
ance of such Cerlillcate of Improvements,
Hated Ibis 17th day of March, IWO.
Coma Kitiu Mikkrai. Clam.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Divine tt
Yale dlstriet.    Where   local*- «*•
Kruier Mountain.
TAKK   NOTICK,    that I,    Chas. it 11
Green  as agent   for  Hpi'in'T I'«***■
free   miner's certileate   No.   oittil   intent. I
suty   days    froni    the   date    hcrrnf.
if ntilsliiill I
f     .......     ,,,„.,     inU    uni,-
., f to tlie Mining Heoorder for
of Improvomonta, for the purpose t
k OramQnuil of tho above claim.
Improvement', for the pu
JrawnQranl of the above ->.,.„„
And further take noliee that act
Certlflcate  of   Improvementa.
California Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division or
Yale District.   Where located : Kruger
TAKK NOTICK that I. Chas. dolllols Green
ns agent for Henjamln Anderson free
miners certitlcato No. nS.ll. Intend aixty days
from the dato hereof, to apply to the Mining Ho-
conler for a cerllflealo of Improvement)!, fnr the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho
above claim.
And further tako notico lhat action, under
section   37, must be commenced beforo tho
Issuance of such cortiflcato of Improvements.
Datod this llih day of March, ltm.
A. dr_k.o-caoitT.
General l'a»seugcr Agent,
Riverside Addition,
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
I Midway, B.C. Camp McKinney, B.C.
section 37. must  bo' commenced "befo
issuance of such Certificate of Impro' omenu.
Dated this llth day of April. IM).
Certlflcate   of  Improvement-!
MiCAWniR Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Osoyooi Mining Division I
or Yale Dlstriot. Where Loeated: Kru-ir|
TAKK NOTICK that I, Chas. Delllnln iim I
as agent for ('. II. Arundell (reomlneril
certlflcate No.62IK'.' a. Intend, sixty ii«jil
from the date hereof, toapply to thc Mini** I
Heoorder for a Certificate of Improvement*'« I
iho purpose ol obtaining a Crown Gram ai the I
above claim. 1
And further tako notloo that action, tinrter I
section 37, must bo commenced bofnn' i!it|
issuance of such Cerlillcate of Improveuu'i •
Dated this 17th day of April, A. I). l!>"
*___ Practical __&*.
Midway, B. C.
Promptly and   Neatly
MIDWAY.B.C      ^
_-_-_a--   «_»«*•«•**•*••


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