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jl. XIV, No. 15.
$2.00 per Year.
MtisTwt, Solicitor, Bio,
dllUKS Wllllli, II. 0.
—: Notary Public,
ani.MINING HitOKKlt.
I Hallett* Shaw
NoUrlei Public.
drosH: "HALLBTt,"
oukh : llislfnrd McNeill's, Moreing k
Null's, Loiber'N.
. . .  MIDWAV, H.C.
I ISrOMH   HltOKKlt,
uitoms antrlss sasssd.    Mineral Aet
Land Aet papers drawn up. Afll-
»lti taken.  Abstracts made.
Jommunloatlons by mall or talsphons
Bmptly attendsd to.
idem. Block, Greenwood
Phone OO, V. A S.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
JivincjIal Land   SurVkyou
HV   AMI   lilll.KNW'iillJ.
Slaughter 8a!e
Our er^'re stock of
Dry Gpods
Gents' ^Furnishings
Boots and Shoes
Must be closed out by June ist.
* Hotel Spokane,
I-^oal Estate
mi   STItKKT.
Tonsorial Artist,
In ArstrdMss Mttimi. Ilnir Out, .Sun Knain
Iin- stiHiiiiiim. nail nl llio auovs jmrlni.
Iltii/.'iis bouod iiti'l ground.
Ith stiikkt. - -  ■ MIDWAY, it. c.
(anamU     Hl»oJ__i__i*_i.
Kinds   of   Repairing.    Horseshoeing
A spoolalty.
A_»AOamxx.tXmsAgrlx.,    K^r.
Kxoi'llot't fishiini nn Kotllu Uivor..M
Seventh St. - Hidway.
Construction Will Commence at
an Early Date.
PfiAQT   IfTinTLTMHV  DHAn '""i-1'-   How to cross thwe Ira matter AN INJUNCTION CASE.
UUHO I     J\UU I IM I    I\UHU ; for the engineers u, sulvo, ami whether'
tin. railroad will follow theTulaineen: Actlon Brm,Rht AKa,nst the RePublic
river and theold 11 trall.or whether       Co"*""**"**"' Oold rUning Co.
It will continue In a southerly dlt ed ion | ,or ,n*ri">.--ment °*
up lln- .Siinilkniiii'i'ii depends entirely Patent.
upon the locating of tbe mostpraeilea*    A" injunction case, which mny re*
MIDWAY   A   STARTING   POINT'''''' |""i*'   '" ""-'t!VI'"'' "" extraotdlu- jN||ii In closing down ihe Republic mill,
ary amount uf nintn-l wmk will have says the SpnkeauiamRevlew, Ims been
in lm dona, Willi ths Cascades once instituted in tin1 federal coyt-l, Tin-
conquered, the remainder of tho route action Is based on au alleged Infringe,
presents no Htupundoiig difficult Ins, nml ment nf patpnl tights In the oie mlist*
the line will run along tbe rich Fraser Ing furnaces, said in In- tiled at the
valley crossing the Mission branch of | Republic property,
Will Open Up a Rich Mineral and Ag
ricultural District Which Hereto*
fore   Mas   lieen   Undeveloped
Owing  to   Lack ot' Kailway Facilities,
Chief among the railway project* of
iln- year, sttya the Vancouver Fro-
viui'i', is ihnt generally known under
tin- comprehensive let-in nf Ihe (JoaBt-
Kmi'i'iiny line.   For years   ilm   i-n'n-   , ,   ,
,       ,. ,.'     , ,, directum   ll'll  ll  llll'lll  IJIIlltl'llllllll'lll'V    I
strin-t nm nf ii ilirei'i, lim- ti  Viimiiii-   . .,,, , , ,   '   ,
.,     .        .    ...        •  ,     ,. ! Jlllll|l Will V In the I'lilli'lt-nill that t
ver in llm heart nf tlm rich   l\i..iii-u.iv ■
tin- c I'. I!, ai or niiiiiii Abhutsfurd,
If llir  (.'. I'. II. sl Ill   innsl.iiml   llm
road iI will presumably oonuerl  with
Tlm suit is liioughl by Horace I1'.
Hrnwn, through his solicitor, Samuel
li. Sinn, nf Spokane. The defendants.
ci mui 17 has I'i-'-ii talked of and 1 hough
in my attempts tit its construction
have failed tbate is nnw   nn  tl nil
whnli'Vi'l ji- tn llm   nn
proceeding which very little thought
"'.   "     ' ,' '' i wniilil have revealed ns preposterous,
ediale iiuildiiig i ... ,,   . ,,        ....,,,
Imilil  it   la   un
til tin-I     Who w
nihil' matter, for iwo very important
inti'ii'sts are apparently in oppohiiinn
eager tn Hn th" wnrk. Un tb" one
mind the Canadian Pacittu t'tiiltvay hns
fewer to Imilil Under tin' old British
Cniiiniliiji Sunt li.-rn charter, .11 nl nn llm
iithi-i-.Mi'ssis. Miiuki-n/.ii-, Mann & In.
ffllvlng acquired the righl of tin- Victoria, V.ineiiuverand Una turn are st i-
ted to In- ready tn go tn .vntk al unci'.
Thus witli ci)ual power the chances of
eilber I'lincurn wnnlil si'i-in in be equal,
bet there seems to be every indication
thai Mackenzie', Mann k I'n. will fin-
ally undertake the construction nl tht;
It will be remembered tlmt Hon.
Clifford Sifton when in Vancouver
itiatli' a statement tu the Province tbat
it was in bis pplnion high Hum tint
tlm Coast-Kootenay railroad slinulil
be tniilt jinil tlmt In- would strongly
urge this view upon his colleagues,
Beading between the lines of this statement could only be uoiifct rued to mean
that in the opinion of the government
ilm liimfrnin tlm ijimsi tothe Knoten*
ay country would be for tlm genefW
advantage uf ( -mada ami a*- such
xx nnlil be entitled to a Dominion charter nnd the Usual slil.sitlv nf $8,1)1)0 a
■t lie. Thus thn Ik-hl iiiov ■» from Bill-
ish Columbia 10 Ottawa, and there nr.'
reasons fm- believing that ilm influence
of Mm-ki'ti/ii'. Maun & Co. will hestlffl*
i i-ii'iit to secure 1 Imin thr subsidy, rhe
j provincial subsidy nf $4,000 n mile will
_ ...   I,.    . ,        ,, t he similarly placed, so with snbildes
Commercial and Mining men should  put  up|llt(1,mn(lnglo$12i0au „ ,„.,,, ,,,„ BUl,
ii'ssful corporation will be in good
-lui|ii' tn commence operation-. Thus"
who are "In the know" lutse their lie
lief that Mackenzie, Mann _ Co: will
gel tbe Dominion suhsidy in prefer*
i-tn-i- in theC. P. lt. on ihe recollection
ihat tlm Hrm received nothing from
F.    1 the giivt'i-iimi'iit for all tin1 expense In
ropnetor, 1 wh-(,*1 lt WIIS |ml ovei, tlia ft-K,1.i|VP stt-
I kini-Ti'slin line in the  spring  tif   1808,
1'hus the government of the day was
nut embarrassed hy tbe p u-r i/.*.u ac*
A new buildirtg, well furnishcu. Everything Hew
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cie;<lrs kiipt in stock. Headquarters tor Mining
and Commercial Men.
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. Skeehar*
Midway Meat Market
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of
.   . Rotrtg-oi*«.-fco«.-» on - ixcj* ^u.x*e:uj.i.Jliiaes   -   -
Therefore Meat* live always fresh and sweet    Call mid gel 11 good joint
for duiuur to-day,
S   tiuti of the senate lu killing the siheme,
* mil though tlm rni'tiiiiaiiniis lining
to suuli'ss are Insl to all si-nse of yt.iti
jjj Hide, govetnnieuts are nol  similarly
* l.-ii'kiiig.
9 j But en'ti wiili charters arranged and
J j llm stibfides gruntid Lhe wmk uf
jjj huilding a iviili-utid has merely l-egun
and ji glanrii al ji map will convince
thi'lt'ist learned of railroad roiistruc-
the main line by wny tu Abboteford, j"s named In the hill of complaint, are
anil tlie fact that the O, P. R. people thn Republic Consolld I t I Min*
did some preliminary surveying In that. I Ing cotnpuny, Patrick Clark of 8po*
kuni', individually nml aa president |
Robert Jeffry, Individually and ua  Ice-
il, P.R, wns guing to gn ahead and  president s D. S. Hallihan, indiviuually
build, the Hue subsidy 01 no subsidy—ij land as secretary, and II. (i. JMi.ju.Is-
Leckie, individually nutliis manager.
The ca-e i.s apptuenlly nne of ji number that have beei ntmeneed against
alleged infringers, aa the complaint
has been prepared in printed fnrnii
Accompanying the complaint Is a re*
pruduolli f the palent, an ns igu*
ment and bill of sale thereof, nnd a
copy of the record in a lest cam pie*
vinuslv litigated.
iu brief the t'.uise of action asset
nut iu the complaint follows : March
tl. 1892, Horaoe K Brown us "the
lirst, original and sole inventor" fail
ore musiini,' furnace, whli-b furna •, ii
is claimed, tbe defendants are now
using, lie tiuiile application for 1 ..;•
but and assigned lii^ ri).'liis to Mary ('.
Brown, whu, March '22,, 1892, sci-ured
United 8tates-(iatenl .Nu, 471,284. Oc-
lubet-81. 1898, MaTy ('. Browit assigned th"letiei's pateni tothe plaintiff.
Much sp.n-e is given iu -i * 'luti f
a lent case InsLituI 'I hy Biuivn
against the Uolnr.i I" Metall • Uxtiac-
tiuti company rii In I t it Un- trial
set up the il t i.-1 thai thi Brown |nit*
111!   Wits  lint   iug  tl   ■■'    ''111   h .i ' u
useil lor • em _  md    11]  n iuvenl id
by others.
Jmlgi Moses ll iliftt, of Der.' ,
United Situ - isj |ud*i , in this litt*
it.itiiiii held • ■ -in the •■■ hud been -in in-
fringen ani An p , ul u-.s taken to
1 he circuit n ,.,, nl appebls, v liiiii, at
If Mackenzie, Maun k Oo, imilil thi
road il will in- continued on to Vancouvei aud si'ck mi Independent en-
tranca to the city, It Is worthy of note
I thai the V. V. & E, wonld have nu
claim to rUnuing rights over the C. I'.
U. tracks In order to ettier Vancouver,
ns such tights were not reserved in the
big railroad's original charter, hut the
OoliiQibia k Western is in different
shape so that trains from the V. V. „
K. WOUld be able to puss over linll line
nn mutter what opposition might be
The Annual Report Shows Prosperity
-British Columbia Heads the
List for Population.
A report of the Department of In
dian Affairs snys th.it, in the vent- 1IIIXI
there were 2,'ctl births in the treaty
districts and 'ISCo deaths., showing a
net less of 221 in the Indian population, British Coluuihiii headed the
list of provinces with 7711 births and
lUl ih ni lis. The Northwest Territories
report -"i07 births mul B87jdrutbs, in
Ontario there wen- l.'li births and 513
deaths. Quebec) Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick show a gain nf 27, 12 and 1.1
.    ,1 , .   1 ■■' >si ■ Baiil, Oct-ib 1 ■.-. 1000,
respect vely.   In JIaiii una 1 »■ nii-ths    „.,,,,,
.,.,,, ,       , .,„ iillirnie.l the Hallett it
NERAL BLACKSMITH    ^w«€«S|jje«i«i«'ii'c««'e««^ : ^ wTtmni vlnmmer to
P. 0- BOX 25.
_ ; tion that 11 stupendous task await* lhe
I kind* of work executed to
•atitfaotlon of ouatomers.
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Kvi'i'vlliini*   l''li'Ht-t'liiHM.
II. KEYES, Prop.
Besi, Liquors and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling.
Practical Watch Maker,
(lood Tools, Plenty Material,
and jo years experience lo do
work correctly.  .  .  .
Midway tn
"■" i whijh lull'1 point  the Columbia, and
and deaths both numbered 284
The Indian population of Oanadais
remaining almost stationary, the population in 1H01I being IIS.II.S1. ami in WHO
iw.tiiii. Following is tbe Indian population aceordlng lo provinces; Ontario, 20,708: Quehec, ll),7ari: Nova Scotia,
2,0181 New Brunswick, 1,639 j Prince
Kdward Island, :iu-s ; British Ooiumbia,
24,iii); Manltoha, 6,854 j Nnrlbweal
Territories, 17,714 ; outside treaty, 14,
The Deputy Superintendent General
says tbat the comparal|Ively excessive
niortaltty, all the inore remarkable ih
view of the otherwise generally pros
pernnscondition nf the Indian-, isal
irihntiilile in an unusual numhor of
fatalities among the adults, resulting,
directly or indirectly, from consumption, and among children from measles
and whnoping cough. It has heen
necessary year after year to reiterate
the statement thnt scrofula and pul
unman- diseases, more particularly
phthisis, with ils correlative hemor-
rli ige, have been the scourge nf the
liuli.in population. That tbe deaths
from ihese causes during the pail year! mines and lhe smelter has 1 1 made
Brown alienee thul the defendant
company kn-n well of this litigation
ami of his el ilm ihal it was an infringer. II" Bays 1, • did nt.! hring suit
si'oner solely io avoid ;i muttiplu ity of
li gislatton.
When his patent riant had heen m*
:. ililished ity the court of appeals du*
i-ision. lie says, In- ivmte lo several
companies infrlugiug, nitiot g them the
defendant, and offered compromise,
and ihal a reasonable time has expired
tvithoiil his ntfer heing 111 cepied.
lie asks judgment fur all pi-oQts ftnui
lbe use ' I bis in vuiiLuui, fora Perpetual
tiijit 1 "tinn jigjiitisi the 11-e "'.'his I ir-
mice and I'm-costs   unl  general relief,
Knob Ilill, Old Ironsides, Gray rjagle
and the lirunliy Smelter Combine.
Tin- mimus that have heen circulating ubout Ihe consolidation of ihe
Kn -h Hill, Ironsides, 8nly EHgleand
the Grauby smelter have had founda-
1 iiui. A despatch from Montreal stales
th it   the consolidation  of the three
Dry Goods, Notions,
Ladies' and Gents'
Furs, Jackets and Capes
Clothing of all kinds at manufacturers' prices plus
freight,  for thirty days, to make room for
Spring and Summer Wear,
We need the cash, and are willing to sacrifice profits.
FOB COATS from $12.50 to $20, formep price $17.50 and $25
FUR CAPS worth $5 anil $6, now selling at from $1.50 to $3.50
Now is the time to buy,  as no such bargains will
be offered again.
Rubber goods at greatly reduced prices, as we do
not intend to carry them over for next season.
Come and inquire about our cash  grocery  prices,
Everything cut down for cash.
HAIN & CO.,  General Merchants
have been   even mole numerous thin
ustinl results from the supervening effects upon Impaired constitutions o
Western Is now builtuitdop nt ed hyl'he a*rip, which has beeu so prevaleui
th«C. P. li.   (iliily eiinii'.'li one nmy j "n lh" reserves since it made itaap-
peak uf building f  Vaucuuvr-i  to  peai-ance t leu yearsngo.
Midway, but the couutrj through The aggregate of the Indinni' earn*
uliii-h the hue nm-! run heart n resem- ings tbroughnul the Dominion for the
lil.-ince to n billiard table only when year wns $3,2111,(140, an Increase of
that |ili'ji.siuv-|ir uu iting apparatus is | $403,850 over the income derived from
is set tip on edge, Tne cons tm- inu of the snine sources the year before,
the line into Midway i- e-on ted to The Superintendent General reports
have cost In some places $88.000a mile, j ,■„„ immorality exists among amajnr
and thus is about us expensive ti piece j,y ,,,- L|H. Indians, paganism going
of work us the records show.   Some of  -,alMj -Ul |ullu| w|,i, S,.0BS v[ce) evell
ihe Hue to tht tst Will 1 ven lieav-   though thev have reached the stage uf
ler, but dlftlctilllea which appalled  • as
gineers it few ye irs ngo in e iu ide li^hl
in Ihese dny.-, The mule to betaken
is by no means absolutely fixed, but
lhe general lay nf lhe land is such that
a tafr Idea of It way easily he I'm inc.I.
The road front .Midway will follow
the- Kettle river tn Hock creek and
will continue through the country
south of (Jump McKinney, thence
westerly a few miles north of Fairvlew
crossing the Okanagan river near thai
plane. The thorough exploiting of the
Kairview coal mines will unqueBlloll-
ably follow close behind the liullding
of the road. Between l'"nii view and
Keremeos a high divide has to be crossed or evaded, and thence the load will
follow the Siitiilkameeu river to Alii-
soiiuml I'finei ton and possibly Inflrun-
ite creek. Tlie most difficult section
lies ahead for, hartjng the wny tnthe
Fraser river, only sunn, thirty-five
miles in a straight line', lie the snow.
Capped peaks of the rugged Cascade
heing iisluiiiied nl' flagrant liiiliiur.il
practices nnd successfully conceal
them, The laxity of the marriage laws
is commented on, The sun dance, ibe
lamanawos nnd thepollaUhfestivals
help to keep alive habits and practices
whirh »i s' objectionable, but a- { ^..m „lir   „ ,..„ _,
Ihey have their religious and economic •lliiow. .   Kuub Ilill
features the departuieut's pollcj hns  y, ..^. . $2.500,000; lii-Hi Bugle, fe-
heen to suppress the worst features ,,,,   ,,,. ,. , ,        ..     .,'Z,_,
' ' _:. il; sii i'lti-r and townsite, $-1,800,-
OOO) reset ve, $'2,076,000.   The-'t   I Iniatd
was n -i lei ted,
ami Ihut they will from nnw uu he
nniti r une u anagemeut.
Rumors to the efilecl thst the rl tl
has been pi tiding have been rite lor
sonic time, nml it u.-i- considered ji certainty liy ninny ol the ihnreholders in
' li ■ different mining companies interested, Tiie eoti-ohtl.tiion means the
working together of it intge mnnuiil ul'
ci pi i al, uml Ihe including ul lhe smelter in the deal also means I in- economical tic I n n-ii I of lhe ol is ul the mines.
The despatch rends as follows :
Montreal, Feb. 5.—Al the annual
uieeting nl th Knnl. Ilill .Mining cun .
pany uf Rosslntitl, President I,', s. c.
Miner reported an ngi ment. has I.een
leached between lhc Knob 11.11. lion*
sides, Olay hl.iglennd Oi-aiiby smellH'
in combine, 'i'he pi in is in lorm a uew
company iindi r tin- name nl' the lli-jin
liy  Unnsnlidtlted  S If ig ,--   Mr
t-ompany, limited, with .,   i   nitn   uf
,",i,t! -»,:.
 r *.	
Hritish Columbia's Boundary.
nml wait fui' time and other Influences
In du the rest.
The amount at lbe credit uf tlie Indian trust fund on June 8l)th lasl was
$8,893,622, its compared wilh $3,788,618 A Wa-h tigtoti
at tlie end of the preceding year.   The that   the Secret-art
receipts during the-year, including in British Uoveinraenl ',
terestand leglalatlvegrants", ainounted conclusion'that i unv I  unti i
in,the aggregate to $H79,B97,86,  and mission mu»l hesent i tJitlisb • lii,
disbursements to $271,601.00.   The bal- itely the I buyti     . '   .
ance at the credit of the "Indian sav sites untl   ' it                       •
Ings" iiccniiiii has increased from $1-1 found m;   .-       ■-.        •■ ■          ,u
068.48 to $18,40866 dining tin- year, allcl, wlii-h       In .1 1 botiiiil.try,
The  expenditure  fiom  consolidated located by i>eleftilflc and astronouilcal
fund was $1,003,429:01,                       I observations. C.M.CUOUSE. .....ManaOKH
Published   weekly   at  Midwuy,   1). C, '
Su-Hci'lptl-ii Price, $','.Wi per Hiuium, wjubl-
In ndvuiic., either yearly or half-yrurl)- ut tii?
option of tlie Nutwcribur.
AdvorliBiiiK KiUch Hunt on HpplicAtion.
I    L  ■ '■■ J J        .'1    -       .        "-■' II.   Ji.T'.JJW^J1
The Vancouver World, in speaking
of the railway situation in the Hnun
tlary (OUtltrj, stales that the Columbia
_ Western is nnw t'timpleted to Midway and that tjnlllc will sliortly com-
inence, When il in talion into consid-
eniiinn that daily trains nave lieen
running into Midway since the 15th of
last October, auy person rending the
columns of the World, if they were
possessed of nn onlituiry amount of
Information about ihe Buundary country, would imagine they were looking
over last year's Hies of h district weekly instead of the latest,edition of a city
Il is thought probable tldit. a new
issue will he tijinle of stumps bearing
the lineage nf King Edward, There is
lm precedent, however. In guide the
Canadian authorities in a matter of
this kind. The late Queen succeeded
tn the t hi niu in 18,'o, but, it was nnt
until 1810 thut. the first postage stamp
was adopted. Prior to that date, and
indited, until n much later period, a
certain fixed sum was paid for the car
riageof a letii'i', untl lhe amount was
stumped by the postmaster on the en
velnpes. The likelihood is that a new
issue uf stamps will he made almost
Immediately, but that they will not
cuine into general use until the bulk of
the stamps at present in slock have
been dis'iofflkl of. A new coinage issue
for Canada may also be required, but
it is not, yet possible to suy what actum will be taken in this regard, as the
point has nnt yet been considered by
tbe authorities.
The winning of the world's hockey
championship by the Victorias of
Winnipeg, against the Shamrocks of
Mniitri'iil, is another laurel for the
West. The West now holds the world's
championship for hockey and lacrosse,
the latter distinction having lieen
brought tu British Columbia, lasl sum
mer, liy the New Westminster lacrosse
team, when they su easily defeated all
the crack teams of i he East. The fact
that these championships have heen
won by teams picked from thr sparsely
populated districts of the wesl, speaks
volumes for-the hoys, who, by their
superior activity and powers of eudur
mice, have (•fought honor to Manitoba
and British Columbia, Nnl ouly does
the West now boast of these championships but it looks as if the honors
were not likely to lie shifted soon,,if
tbeir easy victories In thu Kast account
for any thing, and although the Easterners met with such dismal defeats, I
l hey are not. to be ridiculed. They did
their liest, and the Westerners' remarkable achievements ure nut due to
nny waul of competency on the part
of the Eastern players. They were
all gnod men but the Western teams
were just a little better, Tbey Were
all artists at the respective gullies, so
tlie defeated Easterners have the satisfaction of knowing that they were not
defeated hy any amateurs but by skilled Westerners, and they should be
contented that their fate was not more
Is the Name Under Which the Okanogan Free Oold nines Company Has Been Reorganized.
The Okanagan Free Oold Mines Co.,
of Oroville, Okanogan county, Wash.,
has lieen reorganized in Minneapolis,
Minn,, under the name of the Golden
King Mining company,
Home time Insi October theold com.
puny got into trouble and wus seized
by the sin-rill', and wurk was cuuse*
qunnlly suspended. It was a company
that wan organised iu Hossland, where
much nf its stuck wus snid. Its
euih'.trussed position was brought
annul by the failure of many
stockholders to meet assessment*,
the two made having realized
only ubout $17,400 inst cud of $81,500,
the full iiiiiuunt thut should have heen
received. Mr. 8. Thornton l.ungley,
promoter untl organizer and u director
of the old Okanogan Free Gold Mines
Cn„ pieripituted the trouble liy bringing action against, the company for
$1,101, which amount he claimed was
due to him on the company's Hole,
The directors said thut Mr. Langley
first sold out nearly ull of his shares at
remunerative prices untl they suggested ihut he wus pressing the company
as a revenge for having been requested
by bis co-directors to resign. The di
rector's gave a bank a mortgage nn the
company's claims as cnllutoral security
fnr iidvntices iniide. The tut al Indebtedness of the company is staled to
have lieen $111,1(12. But the directors
huve Is en successful iu interesting
capital und can nnw pay off the Indebtedness  and   nlso   have  sullicieiit
funds tu continue development,
Westerners Preferred.
lt hus been decided to niuhuli/,e the
Smith African cniistubniiiry force
(Canadians) at Ottawa, t'npt, Fall
will begin enlistment in the west and
preference will he givn to western
mon nn I til ■ , It iilreuay had
vxperience. in Sniit.lt Africa,
Ore In Crosscut-Will Start Machine
At the 800 foot level on the Kesery*-
linti Mining k Milling company's prop
erty, ore has been found in the face of
the crosscut. ' These properties ate
situate just across the International
boundary line from Central camp.
Much interest is displayed here in the
development of the properties as a
large quantity of the stock is held hy
Midway people, who feel quite jubilant
over lho results of tha work already
done hy the company.
The crosscut is in 45 feet, and it is
still ahout 201 feet from the hanging
wall, where all the liest values were
found nearer the surface, The ore is
reported to run fiom 3 tn 4 per cent
copper und is said to lie showing slow
but steady improvement.
The Lone Star and Washington, the
company's two churns, were flrst de
veloped lo a depth uf about 100 feet on
the hanging Wall side, where some ore
of excellent grade wus found. It wns
determined m sink a working shaft,
however, anil the old shaft, was abandoned and a vert ical shaft started some
distance, away, near the footwall,
where but slight values had been
fotttid. About iwo and a half months
ago, when the new shaft was down 278
feet, the work was placed in charge of
Roy H.-Clarke. Mr. Clarke sank an
additional 102 feet and started cross-
cutting toward the hanging wall on
the 360 foot level, This crosscut has
been in the ledge for some time and
values are just beginning to appear.
All the high grade shoots found elsewhere were on tbe other side of the
ledge, so that it may he some distance
yet before high grade ore is reached,
though the finding of values so soon is
considered a most favorable indication.
In view of the showing made the
company has decided to put in a machine drill at once, using the compressor already on the ground, but which
hus never been operated, Crosscut-
ting will thus he pushed forward wilh
all speed.
 >« <   ■    ■
Ambitious Canada.
A Toronto press despatch states that
the Dominion government has practically taken steps tn purchase the telegraph systems of Canada, extend them
enormously and operate them in connection with ihc^Mistofllre department.
It is ulsu seriously proposed I o follow
a similar course wilh the telephone,
tint in the case of the latter municipalities will be licensed, us in great Brit
nin, to operate the system within their
own mens.
The queel ion of absolute control of
the Canadian telegraphic service bus
long; been discussed, but nut. until tin-
present liberal government caiiie into
office bus it lieen possible to talk purchase. With a surplus running from
#0,000,000 ti 1*7,000,000 for 100102, the
plan seems feasible.
The greal desire of Canadian states-
mon is lo see cables owned by Great
Britain under ihe Atlantic and Pacific
joined al each ocean to wires owned
by the Dominiou, crossing the country
and thus practically girdling lhe globe
b}' a cable absolutely under imperial
control. Tbe business men of Canuda
are unanimously in favor of the
Death of • Prominent Lawyer.
B. B. Osier, K. C, who is known as
the .greatest criminal lawyer in the
Dominion of Canada, died at Toronto
on Tuesday, February 5th. Mr. Osier
was about to leave Toronto for Lon
don, England, when he wus taken suddenly ill and passed away jn a few
hours. He was iienring the nge of 00
years and had followed the legal pro-
fession for over thirty years. He was
horn in England and received bis advanced training in law in the liest, universities of Imth France and his native
land. He has figured in some of the
most famous criminal cases ever held
in the courts of the Dominion. Mr.
Osier pleaded for the orown in the fa
moils Riel case held at Regina in 1885,
and also in the well known Bin-hull
murder trial held at Woodstock sever
al years ago. He loaves several brothers who hold high positions in the various professions of life,
—-— » ».
B. C will tend Lacoase Team.
A largely attended meet ing of larcosse
enthusiasts was held al Vancouver,
last Friday night to consider tbe qucs
tion of sending a British Columbia lacrosse team to Australia, A coutniitl.ee
was appointed to act in conjunction
with a committee similarly appointed
in Victoria, Westminster, Nanaimo,
Nelson and Rossland In wait upon the
British Columbia legislature with a request that they supplement the Australian guarantee of $3000 toward the
expenses of the trip with an additional
$3000. It was decided to realize the
money somehow and rend the team.
NOTIi'Kis hereby given tlmt. application
will Iw iiiiulti In tin- Iioelsliitlvii Awumilily
of ihu Province ni Hritish Cohitntiln nt the next
ROSsionfor nn ant to iiiuorponile u Company
Willi power, to construct, equip, iiuiliiiniii, mill
nliiTjitr it single nr fliilltllu line of 1'iiilwu' nf
Htiuiilnril or narrow gunge for the purpose of
convoying iNissinigcrs uml freight, from n point
on llnrrnril liilnt nl rn- no-ir the City of Vim-
nniivcr thonco via the City ot Now Wostininst-
ur In nu easterly direction aliing the South
litlilii of llio valloy of lhe Knisor Kiver to some
point on the sulil Knisor Itlvor between the
junction of tlie I'liillinHck Kiver with tlie wild
Kroner ami the town of Yiilo.tliunoo in un easterly iliicetlou iiliiiit'ilic valleys nf tho Ollilll-
n'Jlck, Cnqtlolmllll, 'I lllllllluull. lllill Hilllilkllllieell
Kiveis iii- snine of them or Ihottiliutnrics thereof or Koine of llu.un hy the must feasible route
ton paint between Pontioton nnd tho International Kiiuniliiry on the watercourse ooll-
mating (ikiuiiigiiii limit)so'ims Lakes, thonco
by the most, fciislliie route to u point, on the
ketlle hivor ut or nenr Kock ttrciik thonco by
the most fcnKilile route ta a point tit or near
Midway, thence hy the innsl feasible route to
n point nl or nenr Ihe Olttf of Orand Forks ;
With powor to construct, eipilp. maintain and
operate, from any poinl on tno said railway,
brunches and extensions of the name of not
more t linn ;m miles iti length, nml mails, bridges,
ways, ferries, wharves, nooks, and ennl bunkers, Willi power to build, own. equip, operate,
nnd iiiiiliitnin Rleiun nnd other vessels and
bouts, teloKriiplis, loloiihoiivs, nnd tramways,
nei'inl or ot iierwise, und to carry nn n general
express business either us separate uiulcrtak-
lies or in connection with the said rail wny unit
lliesiiid hriuii'lii'sntnl extensions; with power
to gcii'irnU! electricity fur the Btipply of light,
lies: and power uml dispose of und deal with
ilie-nnm at n prolit in any of the districts or
loejillil,... through which Ihu said railway,
lii'itii.lii'ij nnd exteti.dnns puss ; with power to
rxiiropHnte lands, for nuy of the nurposos of
tlie Company nun to aoqutre Inmls. Iiinnises.
privileges, or ntlier aids from uny government,
miiiiti'il'iilit.v or oilier persons or bodies corporate : with power to I'oiistriiet, equip, acquire,
Iciisi, leiilnluiii, mid operate sineltom, reduction, rc.'ltiiiig. conciinlrittitiK. or oilier works lor
Inuiii ling nnd trcnt inciil nf ores ; with powor lo
n.:i|llire mid operate i-Dill Inmls mill dispose of
the proceeds thereof, with power to acquire.
e'ln-irii'l nnd oporate linteln ; with power to
mnku traffic or other iirrangamonts or umiilga-
inate or connect with uny railway, steamboat,
or nttier conipnny, or lease, purcliiisc or otherwise poqulro the assets nf uny such Company ;
lllld will) power to linll'! wiignn roads to bo
used In the construction of said railway nnd
lis ojttoiisluii mid bratn'lics ami in advance of
the sumu mid to levy nnd collect tplis from all
parties using nnd nil freight pnssuig over any
such roods, or uny such aforesaid docks,
wharves, rul'vvuvs, terries, or vomols ownod or
operated by lhe Company whether built before or after lhe passage of the Act hereby
applied for ami witl, all other usual, necessary
or Incidental rights, powers or privileges us
may be necessary or incidental or conducive
to theiittillument of tho tihnvil ob'ects or Of
any of them.
|^H Solicitors for Applicant.
ON'K IIA NCI I 1611 acres, good buildings and
fences, shunted In Township 67 if. W. 1
nf sec. 7 known us the Wilder Hunch. For
terms write.
Mother Lisle Mine,
Hu vji-ecuwood, II.C.
#f§     SEND  ^§§&
™ The Advance fi
j|M$      To Your Friends.      d-fl^g
'I;.''''       SubKrlpllon Jis ye.r   J^tt^Z
tMXgJSS •' *' Iw ol* month-.  B#.;t{ft_i
To Let.
The Lancashire House, Midway.
Tbis is a popular hot**l, and is u good
opening for a first class hotel man.
The furniture can be purchased reasonably.   Possession given at once.
For terms, etc., apply to
The Midway Company, Ltd,,
Midway, B. C.
From August 21 last, when the
Grunhy smelter com meticed operations,
until February 1, 81,000 tons of ore
weie treated, which produced 2,700
tuns of 60 per cent matte, The showing
is regarded as especially good, because
th" second furnace did not "blow in''
until October IS. The present capacity
of the plant, which will be doubled before May 15, Is 000 tons of ore per day.
L. 0. Crawford, formerly townsite
agent for the Graven syndicate in
I'hoenix, has gone to the south for lhe
purpose of recuperating his health,
which has been very bad of, late.
and Soo Line
On alt trains running from HovulMuku and
Kjut-imy landing.
I'nss Duiiinoro Junction for Ht. Pnul on Sundays. Tiiesilnys, Thursdays and Fridays.
For Toronto on Mondays nnd
Wodiii'sduys.   Kor Mon-
treul und  tloslou
Hutu f days.
Hume curs puss Itovolstoko mc duy earlier
For time tables, rates nnd full Information
cull on or address A. P. McCUU.Y, Agent,
Midway, or
D. P. A., AG. P. A.,
Notion, II. C,      Vancouver, B. C,
Try ■ Bottle of
I   Fop th.it Cough of your*.
Christmas Numbort of
are now on hand. |
s___M__t _t___k & _k ih __b ______Ci *i*a*l*l ___________t____ti_*\
B 9 WWW WWWW%* WWIffff
J. A.
I   Unsworth,
I       Druggist,
iff _1 tl____\__h£\m___t__USi_tm_'_____\_B_________\_tl_t\ ____ i
¥*w« mm **v» vwv w ww m>
The Coliiniliia antl Western Railway
Company will upply to thi* Parliament
of Canada at. its next session (or an
Act assimilating its luuitlin-* poweis in
respect of its railway und liranch
lines west of Midway to tht* powers
already g'xv.-n in respect of its lines
cnnsti ucted Kast of that point, extend-
iug the time within which it may com
piete iis railways, und authorizing it
to t onstriici such brunches from uny
uf its lines not exceeding in any one
cuse thirty miles in length as are from
lime to time mil homed hy the Governor in Council, and fnr other purposes.
(la Secretary.
Midway Mail Service,
Mails close Inr ull points east, at 1:30
p. m. daily, and fnr all points wesl at
S p. m,, Mondays, Wednesdays and
Mails arrive from all pnints vast at
1:1(1 p. ui. daily, nnd from ull points
west in 2 p. m., Wednesdays, Fridays
nnd Sundays.
Money orders and Reuistritliiin close
lii) minutes hefore above lime.
General Rea! Estate & financial Agt.
AftmmA Ponw
The Khyai. Insuiianck Cot.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy.
The  Insurance Coy..op North
The Loximin and Canadian Firk
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Line Assurance Cut ur
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser por the Canada Pkr-
manknt Loan and Savinob Ooy
One Block Wert of Customs Office.
<§§ This is a first-class buiicling, being bard @ _} @ <a
<■§   finished throughout.   The dining room   @   tgj  $
(j§ <S|} is run under the personal supervision <jg t», a
$} -!•§}   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   ^   &-,
© ® _} ^e 'Dest on l^e mar*cet* Choice stock (& fia
<_)   ©   ®   of Wines, Liquors and Cigars at thc   {&
® !$;"{\w"ffi   bar,
Large   Stable   in
connection.   ;>V
Tha Patronao* of th* PufaNo It SoUolted and
•atlafaotlon QuarantMd.
The Riverside Hotel,
Islsituated at Rock Crepk, B.C., nn   the main route of   travel
jhetween Pen tie! on 'ind all Boundary Creek point*.   Stopping
place for stages.
Good Fishing -:- Oood Hunting-:-BertofAcoommodatloB.
Carrying Her flajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. in., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Tba kaat af aaoaaianiatlaa far
tha eanvanJaaaa el tha
travailing public.
Applications for Certificates of
NoticH advertHtil in tliis week's
Advanck are those of :—
White Knight. KniRer Munition.
Peat-ook and Headlight, Kruger
HtK Hug, (lump McKinney,
8n«ie, Fairview.
Dominion, Camp Kairview.
Horsefly, Camp Mclvinuey.
St. John, Beaverton.
Malm and Washington, Beaver
Oreek camp.
Occidental, Oamp Fairview.
Oariiii antl li, A, (Fractional), Canni
Highland Queen, Dcadwuod camp.
THE .ilinve reward will lie given to any per-
hoii ■tivlnKlnfiiriiiatiiiii tlmt will luiul to
tho recovery of a ftea-bititm gray ninra, not
branded, swelling on right lilnil leg In futloolt
iuinl. whieh strayed or wan stolen from A. K.
InrrldgiiH range, near Midway, on or about
Nov. 2nd.
2tf      A. K. HOltltlUOK. Midway, II. C.
Commercial Job Printing
■ AT-
NOTICK tn hemby given that application will
ht-iimdftn thn I*ctfi><lii:ive AtMtiwihly of
the Province Ot llritinh Columbia »t lln next
BMSfon, for n rriviiUt Hill to hieuruuruUi it
coinpiuiy to build, <>i|Ulp, muintnin and oueralo
a line ur linen of railway nf Klnndurd Kuni/n with
nn)' l;iinl of motive i-imvr from a point at nr
neiir 'lie lown of Midway ton point at or near
thu mouth of Hook Creel;, tbonoe in a north-
OMtOrly dlrecliou tu the Wont Kork of Kettlu
Uiver. ilienee fnllnwiiiK the West For It nf sndl
river in Iti heud, thence by tho most ootivenlont
roule via OkanaKan Minion Valley to Vernon,
wiih powor to eoiiHlruet, uin-niic and nniintalii
liraneli linuH loaiiy point within twenty mile*
(tf the inuiii line uf railway, and with powor ti»
Construct! ope rule and maintain all tiermwtry-
hri'l|,'en, roods, ways aud femes, and to oon*
itruoti auiulre, own nnd niaiutulu wharvw
and doeii*' In ooitneotlon th ore with, and to con
itruot. own, Acquire, eQUlpaod maintain meam
and other vessels nnd hoatn and operate thu
Kline mi any uuvitfahlo waters, and to comttnict,
operate and maintain telegraph Atlil lelophone
lines liionf,'the ronies of said railway and Its
branches or In connection therewith, and to
tniiwndtiinjHsnKes for eonimurelul nurposus, to
generate eloi'trinlty and Hiipply Hunt, heat and
powor. and to nrnct, mint runt, huiid and maintain the heeetwaiy hulIdiiiffH and works, and
with power to take water from the falls on
HpalluineheenorHhtmwap Itiver near Kuniby
and on tho West Kork of Kettle lllver u*jnr
Hull ereek, to generate any kind of power for
the purposes aforesaid or In eniiueeliou therewith for roward, and to aequlro aud rooolVO
from any «nveriinient, corporation nr persons
KMiitanf land, money, bonuses, privilege- nr
other assistanei- in aid of the '-onstnifitlon of
the eouipany's unileilaktiiK. and lo eminent
with and enter into tnilhV nr other arrangements with railway, Hlcamtawt or other enm-
panies ; and for ail rl^hl*. powerHand privileges neeossAry in or IneidettUt to the piemlsoH
and lor other purposes.
Dated at Vaneotivcr, H.C, thin ftnd day of
liwember. 11MJU.
Our  Spkcialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Nutcherson, Manager.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY.B.C. : :
 <§)  '
The  undersigned having   taken   this  well-
known  and   comfortable    hotel   invites  the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated and comfortably
furnlahed  room.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
Holloltoni (or tho Applicants.
NOTICK Is hereby -ilvon thnt "Thr ('uliinihlii
ami Wimii-rii I lull wny Conip,iny." will
apply to Iho I.okIkIoIIvo Asssmbly nl Iho Prov-
inooof Hrliwh I'lilnnililn. ill Hh iiiixi wiiwIiio for
011 nut. Ui atnoiiil nootlon Hlxtoon of I ho "I ktlutn-
bin nml Wi-moro Uallwnr oolnpntiy Aot, ISM"
(Stnlittm of lliltl-li Coliimtilii. tail. ohap. Ml
iiy oxtoiiillns; tlio tlino inonttonod In tho unlit
Kootlnn for tno t'oniplotloo of tho tltthaiul h1xI.1i
HirtliniH of tin-railway aiilliorlsiHl to lio built
liysalil Aot.
Dated ul Violiirl.i II. (.'., Duo lior IHIh.lMM.
81 .Sulli'ltorM for appllcntitK.
The Boundary Hotel
...MIDWAY, B. C...
Strictly Rrst-dass Throughout, Excellent Accommodation.
Large Sample Room fop Commereial Men.
|THOS.McAULEY,   .      Proprietor.
BM__paiwww_iMiiiM»riiiiiii in _swafosi
_■_■_■ id DISTRICT
l, superintendent of the
tin town to-day.
ju»;. .completed '.he
isidence on Oth street.
Ill  nnd Jaa.  Kerr, of
i ln Midway on Satur
gg, late of tbe Victor*
i asaumed the editorial
[ihu Nelson Miner,
(formerly proprietor of
louse here, hut now of
lid a viait to  Midway
lion, who for wine tune
a jewellery  (tore at
i removed to Eholt and
arry on business in that
|le town,
last, 4th inst., Vnnder
nip McKinney, was unit
i to Miss Ualmlla Hansen
The ceremony whs
; Oreenwood by Rev. W.
a, of Oamp McKinney,
I recently on his way to
beet his father, who has
from a serious illness.
go to Toronto, where
am until spring,
band went to Phoenix
| end furnished music for
carnival held I here
The carnival waa a sue*
particular.  Home very
itiiniea were displayed and
Ibe proprietor of .the rink,
atulated for tbe wny in
dr was so successfully
arations are being mode
luerade hall which is to he
y's ball,  Midway, next
jivening. Feb. 14th, St. Val*
A Urge number from
Dding towns have signified
tion of being presenl to en
lining's pleasure, and from
Jkatinns it is believed it will
■thing of the kind ever held
. Thoinet received a tele
fcy morning announcing the
r brother, Fred Zimuierly,
Wash., which took place
Mr. Zinimerly was 18
The telegram did not
details aa to the cause of
Hair, but as he was a robust
an, and as no intelligence of
ill bad been received, it is
j that bis sudden death was
pie accident.
stei Drill state* that an effort
bade to get tbe legislature to
puds for the construction of a
os thu SiniilkHiiieen river at
' proposition should at
I itself to people living in
| Okanagan aa a great benefit,
i a delapidaled ferry ha* done
i a measure, in the transport-
eight and people across the
neen.  Nearly all winter lhe
l been unable to cross the river,
onvenience of the present ar*
ent was no more apparent than
Ut a short time ago, nearly
in this part of the country
atened with a Sour famine on
of the fact that freighters
ot get across tbe river at Oro*
Bpead the day when a bridge
ke the place of tbe delapidaled
; Oroville.
eane, ex*M. P. P. and manager ot the Kamloops Sentinel,
Ithe district laat week. Mr.
| secretary of the commission
[appointed hy the Dominion
lent for the purpose of Inquir
j the Chinese question as it af'
lis Province.    Mr.  Deaue is
1 information at different can
he Province.   In speaking of
kne's visit to Greenwood the
"F. J. Deane, secretary
Chinese commission, visited
this week and while here
! at the only hotel in the city
ng Chinese. Mr. Deane defile thanks of the workinginen
ealous manner in which he is
lhe position of secretaiy of the
■ion. Mr. Deane left, for Pboe-
praday, hut as there are no
i In tbat cltv be will lie coin-
eat and aleep in an hotel
niy white help is employed,"
|Rice, the well known railway
will shortly arrive from
j for the purpose of taking
§of the  construction  of  the
d-Phoenix tramway, Mr.
la man of great experience,
[ successfully engineered the
[of several roads, which wete
trull, to build. Among others
(Oolumhla ft Western between
I HhIhiiii. Mr. Rice, who made
) for all the branch lines around
and Phoenix, prepared a
| the district.   It is understood
has three practicable routes
the two places, but that a
avill nnt lie made until hu goes
i grqund again. The company
Ve acquired the charter have
angements to secure power
bystem from the Cascade Power
|ht conipany, wbo own the
Iver power at (Wade. Owing
lice's knowledge of the country
hich the line is to tun, the preen In connection with the con*
of the road will lie huniedly
I construction will likely com-
t un early date.
0.. L. Thoinet hut, just returned from
overseeing the work that was being
done on the Elkhorn, his well-known
property which is situate on Ilotindui)
Oreek, aliout nine miles from Midway.
But litlle work has heen done ou this
property since tbe spring uf 18B8. when
it was bowled tu the Hpokane Falls ft
Northern Mining Co., W. T. Smith
lieing the company's representative iu
the district, and it was be who super-
Intended the work at lhat lime. When
the company bonded the pro|ierty an
incline shaft hud been run a short distance and a ledge of rich ore had been
encountered that gave aaaays of $48 in
gold and over 1,100 oz. of silver lo the
ton. So rich was the ore that tbe
shaft was kept locked when the men
were not on shift to prevent samples
heing taken away.
Only a small force nf men were employed and progress waa very slow,
and at the time thu 60-day option,
which the company had on the property, had expired the shaft was only
down almut 80 feet, and although the
ledge bad narrowed considerably in
sinking to that depth, the compuny
were willing to continue work if an
extension of time were given in which
to obtain money to make the balance
of the payments, hut aa this was not
given and as the money was nol forthcoming, the company was obliged to
abandon the properly after making a
substantial cash payment.
The fact that the property was bond
ed as far hack aa 1803, when the country was so comparatively new, is proof
tbat tbe Elkhorn was considered of
great value and that there must have
lieen good Indications of it becoming a
mine, otherwise it never would have
attracted the attention of experts al
lhat time, and tbe company having
the option on It must have had good
faith in its future nr they would have
thrown up the bond when the ledge
began to pinch out.
The work on Ihe property consists of
a tunnel hi feet lung, wbich runs into ii
ledge of quartz containing free milling
gold and native silver, but as no assays
bave been made from ibis ledge the
exact value of thc ore cannot be given.
But It is in the bottom of the incline
shaft, which is down 35 feet, tbat tbe
highest grade ore has been found, nnd
tbe ledge, wbich nearly pinched out in
doing the work by tlie Spokane Falls
ft Northern Mining company iu 1KM,
has increased to 111 feet in width and
the ore looks equal to any that has
ever been taken out of the mine.
With tbe opening of spring Mr. Thoinet will put a force of men at work and
will commence shipping ore to the
A Railroad for Republic.
His stated that the settlement of
damage claims ou land allotments
along the line ot tbe Great Northern's
surveyed Wenatchee route to Republic
is to commence on February 15.
If '.his he true the commencement of
construction of tbe road is probably
not far distant, as the settlement of
these claims means the expenditure of
a considerable sum, which would not
likely be undertaken if plans for tbe
building of the road were not well matured.
It is well known that surveys for
definite location of the road and the
maps of Indian allotments and other
private lands along the entire route
from Wenatchee to Republic have
been completed and the latter filed,
Moat of th/papers have been filed at
Ihe land office at Waterville. Duplicate copies of all maps ot Indian allotments are filed with tbe Indian department at Washington and tbe settlement of damages it made through tbe
It ts said that a representative of Ihe
Indian department and one of the railroad will be on tbe ground hy February 15 and that the settlement and
payment of the claims for damages
will be put through as fast as possible.
Procrastination is the thief of time.
Do not put off until to-morrow what
you can do to-day. Now that times
are improving throughout the Boundary Country in general, and in Midway
in particular, the number of lot sales is
daily increasing, and not only will the
prices soon go up, but the most desirable locations will be disposed of. Invest
now and show your good judgment
For prices and terms apply to
The Central Hotel
llth St., Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
i ft fl ___l m. _l1__f_T__fl _!___
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
T. M. Gulley & Co.
Large Stock.   Low PriceB.
T.   BC   G-TTU-JBir   Ss   CO.,
Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering.   First-class Livery Stable.
Lequime & Powers; Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
Work oa the Moonlight.
A force of men Is now at work nn the
Moonlight clnim, situate aliout a mile
Hilda half from Midway, just Herons
the International boundary line. The
property, which is owned by George
Cook and Floyd Voughan, has an excellent showing. The shaft is non
down'80 feet and the piesent work
consists of continuing this to a greater
depth. The ore is found to be Increasing in values as depth is attained.
The width of the vein has nnt yel
been determined hut the entire bottom
of lhe shaft is in ore of nn excellent
quality. It Is ihet intention nf the
owners lo-oon commence a drift and
ascertain the extent nf tne ledge.
The Mother Lode, which is owned by
the same parties, is another promising
properly, lt adjoins lbe Moonlight.
As yet hut little work has been done
on It beyond a little prospecting but
it ha** an enormous surface showings.
New Machinery for the Carmi.
New machinery is now on thc way
for the Carmi mine. The plant is heing furnished by the Jenckes Mitolllne
Company and consists of 11 80-hoMe
power horiaontal tubular holler, a 111-
hone power double-cylinder link too
tion hoist, cable and other accessories.
As soon as It arrives In Midway it will
be hauled up tn the mine on sleighs by
J. A. Muusoii's learns, Mr. Munsoii
hns the contract for hauling the ore
from the mine to Midway, where ll is
loaded for shipment, to the Standard
Cooper (company's pyritie smelter at
Boundary Falls,
Ml ( 3
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the beat
Cigars and Tobaoooa
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
f YYYYrnrrmTnnrnr
.... Of Hartford. Conn
The Travellers Insuranee Go.
Chartered 1863.
Stock Life and
Accident Ineurnnce.
ISSUES the best life insurance
I contracts in the world. No
disappointment, ns lo dividends.
Everything guaranteed in advance. Premium rates 15 I o 26
per cent less thnn I hose of old
line Mutual companies.
January ist, 1897,
$20,884.53 ;;
LIABILITIES, .. 17,930,360.39 '< \
SURPLUS   .... 3,976,434.36
The Travellets Combination Accident Policy guarantees fornccidentnl
under ordinary conditions.
Death Benelit     .... 15 M0
Loss ot Might of Both Kye*     , .nm
Loss of Both Kent or Both Hands 9,000
Lorn of Ono Hand and Ono Foot 5,000
I'ermincni Total llisabll ty 1500
Lous of night Hand     .     ,
Low of Leg at or above Sue
Loss of Lefl Hand     .    .
Loss af Either Koot
Loss of sight of Ono lye  .
. Ml
Ltrriits of   Weekly Iridenwity f 1,300.
AND, If such injuries ure sustained while riding ns a passenger in
any passenger conveyance using steam   cable,   or   electricity as i
motive power the amount to be pnid   shell lie DOUBLE   tlie sum
specified in the clause under which the claim is made.
c05t $53 a year  to professional  ani)   business #
Men.akd Commercial Travelers.
; Other sums at proportionate rates
St Quintin & McBoyle, Props.
Good assortment of Fresh Bread, Cakes, Confectionery and
Fruit always in stock.
First-class   meals  served at  all   hours.   Give   us  a  call.
1 •)_•>_& _•*_>£ -y-y-? *»*>$a_j
4) R. WELLS fr w
Has opened up a W
Livery and Feed Stable
In the premises formerly occupied by
The   hotel   is  centrally locaied and is a stopping place  for  stagij lines
Good fishing in the vicinity.   Good Blalillng.
A variety of the choioeat brands of liquors and cigars at the bar
Special attention given to all kinds of transfer work.
A rig will meet all trains.
The patronage of the public is solicited.
Rates moderate.
* €€€ €€€ €€€ €€€$€«€€
******************* »♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦*>♦>♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦
♦ t_tn   e   m .Itl ._*_   m, nn.   Nn am.   R   f*.
No. 4   K.-W.-C. BLOOK, NELBOIi. B. C.
Gold, Oliver-Lewi uml Copper Milieu wanted st Iho EXCIIANOK.
FltKK MILLING GOLD proportion wanted at once lor Rasters Investors.
I'url lux having mining property (or Hie are roqucstod to send samples of thoir c
tothe EXCHANOK tor exhibition.
All samples should be neill by express, PREPAID.
Corrwpondoiico Holielted.   Address all communication- to
___,-___   _• —mwxtamwsF.mwr, ♦
N'Kt.sON, B.C      *
Telephone No. 101, P. O. Hoi TOO. aro-t-o*.
Hmui.AMi t'lKKS Mixkhai. Claim.
Sltuste In the Kettle River Mining Division or
Yele District.   Where Loeated :-Dead-
wood Camp.
JAKE NOTICK Unit I, Forboa M. Korby. as
agent fur lhc Highland ljuoon Conxolidat-
Miningand Milling Co., Umlled l.lnliiliiy.
free ininer's cerlitleiito No. H2!)lh.*2, Inloi-l.
slvty dnys from tlio dale horoof, to up|.ly
to iho Mining Itooordor for a corliSoato of
improvomonts, for lho purrs* of obtaining
a Crowu granlof lho abuvoulaim.
Anit furihor lake notloo that aotion, undor
soction 87,11111*1 Ihi ooinmonood liefore 'bo issu*
nn.-o of suoh cerlilleale of linproiemeuls.
Dal ed thi* 281 h liny c f Jannai-y, 1!M.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Dominion Minkkai, Claim.
Sltuste In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale dlstriot,   Where looated; Camp
XAKli NOTICK that I, Chaa. do B. Oreen.
us agent ftn- lho Doniinion Consolidated
ich (Jo., free miner's eertillcnto No. ll'MUX,
Intond, sixty days froni thc dato horoof. tu
apply to tbo Mining Iteoordjjr for a Cortlflcnto
ot Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining
a OrownOratlt of tho above claim.
And furlher lake notioo Unit notion, undor
-motion 37, must ho coiniuoneod   bofore tlio
issuance of suoh Cortlfloato of linpru* oniollls.
Dated this iKlth ilny of .September, IIMI.
Ho CilAS. null. (I1IKKN..
i/viiiiicniu    ui     ini|fj*u*Diilvii-.a,
llm Bua MiSkuai. Claim.
Situate Id thtfKeltlo Rtvor Mining Division ol
Yalo District,  Whero located : - Camp
TAKK NOTIOK that I, W, H; Norris, for
inysclf. free uiiticr'Hcorlitieate No. list I.i.
and as agent for A, Mqgraw, free mlnor's.oorti.
floatii No. I'Haa. and Mm, 1. M. Maednnald, froo
minor's oortiflcate No, B2W91, Intond, sixty days
from tbo dale luirouf, to apply to the Mining lie-
oorder for n erri I Ileal c of improvement*, for I lie
purpjso of obtaining u Crown grunt of the
above elaini.
And further lake notico that aclion, under
section   :I7,  must  lie  coilllllonceil   before  tlie
issuance of such oortlfloate of Improvements,
, Datod this '.111 li day of August, 1IKJ0.
IBo Vf. II. NOItltlS.
Mineral Aot. 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
CaK.MI   ANU   H.   A.   iKltAlJTIONAl.l,   MlNKKAl,
Situate   In the Kettle River Mining Division
of Yale Dlstriot,  Where looated : Carmi
TAKK NOTICK lhat I, Forbes M. Korby,
ns agent for K. H. Thruston, free minor h
oortlfleato No. 27021, intond, sixty days
from thu date boroof, to apply to tbe Minim
Heoordor for CortlllcateH of Ini|irovejncnt^ im
Ihopurpoa 'J obtaining Crown (li-unls or ti.e
.il..,.,- .-it. ,,.
i   . i.ii itl •■ that action, pndor
■   1)1       [II  n'.iee.l   boforo   the
H i. ei u; ii' .'!' Impro* '• iiimiis
Ualcgt ttds 37Ui day ai Dqpomber, t. 0.19M.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Ohiukxtai. Minkiiai. Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos  Mining Division of
Yale District.    Where  looated :  Camp
I      Falrvlow.
TAKK NOTICK thai I, M. K. Saitlor.as-igeni
fur II. T. Hlieltoii, free miner h oi rtillcaie
I No. iilikui?, Intond, OOdaya from the date hereof,
I toiipiilyiotlioMlning Heoorder fora eerlillenle
I of Improvements, fortlic purpose of oblainint;
a Crown tirant of the above elaini.
I   And further take notico that action, utidcr
| section 37, must  ho commenced before I lie
[Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this Jltsl day it August. Woo.
7c Al. K. SAULKlt.
fp tf tf <i*
Me Me
ff *f
ale Me
ff if
Me xfe
tit tie
tf 'f
ste de
ste Me
v> Me
.le «,(»
ste ve
tf ef
\le Me
3b $
Me Me
ste -
r\ I DWAY, B. C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek aud Kettle River.
Certiiicate of Improvements,
St. John Minkhal Claim.
Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division ofI
Yale  District.   Where located: About
seven miles above Beaverton on the west
nlde of Beaver creek. 1
T.\ KK NOTICK that I, Porta M. Kerby, as'
H'jent for Kltnoro (Jollier, freo minor a cer*!
:.;i  ...   \ >   n'H.MIJi. -John 0, Thompson, freo;
urtlfleatc N'u. irJlHIiii. anil v\ alier stir-;
lie.:, free miner's oortlfloato No. uMtiOl, ,, ti nd,
slxt, "i... from thc dale hen if,. • ap| ly to i!n
Hilling Roe-i-ili." fn" ,n ,::,!:.-lie    f  lnl|.mve
■ji ii    for ii- purpose of obi al
i;--   ■ if the abot ■■ ola
And fJirJle r take iiotleo
Boot ion '-7,  j--"'1   he   otnmi
lHSim Mi! ru,',, '  el'ii:  .i'i   ,,;   |.n|,i,  ■,.■;,;
Dated ibis iutb dn) ol November, HAW,
lin KdllHKS M. KKItllY.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Hoiisui-'i.v Minkkai. Claim.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Whero located:   Camp
TAKK NOTICK tlmt I. Clias. delllols ('rcon.
asngentfor F. If. Wollaston, fra miners
coftlfloate No. 028,693, and C. II. Arundell, free
tnirrr'srci lilicale No. iil'S.S-Jji. inteiul. sixly days
twin tho ilnto heroof, lo apply to the Minii.j,-
Recorder for n Cortlfloato of Itnproveiiii-ni-j,
for tbe purpose ot obtaining a crown Qranl of
the abovo olalm.
Ami further tnkc notice that aotion, tinder
-eeiiun :,:, mUst lie.ji.iiiun-iieeil liefore tlio issu
nnctf of alien Ce'.tiliejiie of Improvements.
Dated tbi.i llli day of Nnvi'iulier, IfiOO.
m ff
Ot-tiflcnte  of   Improvements.
Idaho anii Wahhimitun Minijhal Ci.ai.mh.
Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yule- District.   Where located : Beaver
Creak Camp.
IAKI NOTICK thai I, r'orbes M. Korby.as
agOnt for Tlie Houndury and Ueaverton
ling Co.. Limited, non personal liability, froo
miner, oertlfluatfl No, ulnim, intend sixty days
from tho date horeof, to apply to the Mining Ito-
Dordot-for -i oorllfloatoof linprovoineuls, for the
purpo f obtaining a Crown  Urant of the
above olalm.
And fnrllier lake notice that notion, under
section   ;I7,  niu*l   lie commenced boforo thc
i, ..nance ul such oortlfloate of improvements.
Dated this 89th day of November, IHIO.
"c KOMlKH M. KEItnY.
«___. Practical x-_.
Midway, B. C.
Promptly   and   Neatly
ILL BE The inost important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Dtvisicn.
The Western Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The  Wholesale  Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River antl Boundary
Creek  Districts.   •
The distributing   point for   Upper   Kettle River,  West   Fork  and  Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
Thc nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers   Creek,   Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
fo Thc   leading residence *town   in   the   country, with an excellent   climate,  pure  water
*       ,. supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
A. M. WOVKNDKN, .Hrei-otui-y,
.10 St. John Street,
Montreal, E, <J.
Shj^'^^h^!:- ^«M«i-HfH{^ ^?^^^^$^jBfHi-? .f^ej^^ic-^^^^ ^-^^:«^^^^^^4i: iiSjS
Agent for British Coluiuliiii, , ifiiti
Midway.ac. *-;■:-;;.;y
To 0. A. I'otomon, Into of Kholt Creek In Yalo
Sir: Ynu jii-o lii-reliy noliiltiil that wo havo
expended 1109,110 In lalwr nml iiiiiiriinjine.it"
upon tlio *" I tl vr Himlv'' Mlnoral t.'lnlin, sitiiiiid
InHmvidenco Oamp, in the Kettle Uiver Mining ill vision nf Yule ulstrict In tiviti.-h Cajiim*
Ilia, in order to hold s ild olalm under the provisions of Section Hi of ihu .'Iiiienil Ael, ntiob
heing the amount roqiilred to tmlii the *Jii-.l
olalm tor lho year onding April 5, nwl.
Alia ifjii iho expiration of uim.-trM daW of
publictition of this notice you fnil or n-iu-e to
i-iiiiiriiiuti.' your piiiiKiriinii uf Uut expenditure
required under said seotlon i'l. tngi-ther with
all .-.jots of adi-erilsliig. your liitcrcsts In sniil
ul.iim siijill become vested in the subscribers
ij-i.in- co-ownen.) iinilor Soctlnn I of iho "Miner-
ul An Amendment Aj-i. 1000.''
Hilled nt. Midway, u. c. this Kith dny of
llreeiniier. IflUO.
C, l. ThoMet, Mnuogor.
tiie J. A. r.vsiviiiirn. SeoreUry.
Provincial Land surveyor.
\Wyir*.    ' ",,'.!)'-oc' inl
___  Civil Engineer...
K'(*iil Estate,
lnstirnt|ee and
Mining Aytjrit.
• otary   t't:ui,t. .
I- nil view 'rowntiuo ^-\--i.iit.
. . .   UilllCUriK ..,
(I. II. !'.' i.KI.NSOX.
i '.H'ri'MIMMlllfMIC-l' **Jlllil*itl-.t.
The Berliner
This in the machine that talks—sings—plays every instrument- reproduce!
Sons t's HhiiiI -string orhcistras—Negro Minstrels, Church Choirs, etc.
It reproduces the violin, piano, flute, comet, trombone, banjo, mandolin,
piccolo .-mil every other instrument.
The llerliner Gram-o-phone is louder—clearer, simpler and belter than nny
other talking machine at any price. It sings every kind of song, sacred, comic,
sjiilitnenlal, p itriotic, "Coon" songs, English, Preach and Scotch Songs, selections from Grand and Comic Operas, plays cake walks, waltzes, two-steps, marches,
in f.u:t everything that can be played on any instrument or nunil-er of instruments
cm bU repr-uluced on the Berliner Gramophone with the wonderful indcstiuct-
iblc record discs.
It telb funny stories or repeats a prayer. It can entertain hundreds at one
time in the largest hall or church, or it can be subdued to suit the smallest room.
The Records arc not-wax, they arc Hard, Flat, Indestructible Discs, which
Trill 1 u.t 111 years.
i lie llerliner Oram-o-phone is made in Canadi, it is guaranteed forflve years.
The Gram-o-phone H used and endorsed by the leading clergymen uud
otlu rs throughout Canada.
The llerliner (irain-o-rhone received the only ineil.il
forXiilliing Machines at the Toronto Exhibition WOO.
The llerliner Gram-o-phone has been widely imitated
•ut ltlierecordscounterfei ted, therefore be ware of machines
\>ith t'lislcndiiig names as they are worthless.
li tha Berliner Gram-o-phone is not for sale in your
town, write to us for illustrated catalogues and other
information, free.
I'actouy i 2C7-371 Aqueduct St., Montreal.
IJMANUKL IU.OVT, General Manager for Canada.
E BERLINER, 2315 SL Catherine Street, .   ,
Price, complete
$7.50 & $15.00
a 111 inch horn,
3 records
concert sound box.
Riverside Addition,
Just a Word!
To those contemplating: an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS, or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, B. C
Spokane Falls 4 N
Railway Co
Nelson & Ft.
Railway Co.
Red Mountain
Railway < n
The only nil rail rout ■• hi-t-uj
nil pointh Kiiat, Weal nml * - j
to   KohnI-miiI,    Nelaon   null
liiterincdinti* points : i-nniu
inif nt .Spokane uit!) tin •
Northern, Northern i-aririr
O. K. « N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with tin-
Kaslo and all Kootenay Uikepoli.!
Connects at Mover's Falls with     ->
for Republic, and connects hi i
sla-uc dally for (irand Forks and i
Loavc.        ij
     S.00-1.11      • J ji
    II.Ala  1
    -7.0(111.111     i -x
  9.15 p. Ill,
 II.OIIp. in.
_L.   JACKS. 1
11,'iirrnl I'h.-i'iik" j
Tnaoa Marks
Copyrights __z.
Anyond -fliiitlnir a -kctrh nnil donrrli.h..! nil
qnli-kly unirmm our o|iliikiii Irw wl  • ii
IliriMillnn ll pmlinMy paloiitalilf.   l,„,
Hnm-trlct-ymtiai-nuM. HnuiliiinliM.ii'      i
tenl tri-e. Olili-fll niretiey for »0€urinu r.ur ;
I'-'fliiu takrn ihrointh Munn * i „ n,« ji
•prtliil notice, «ll limit clmnio. In Hi.'
Scientific Bmut
A hanilwimrly llhntf-lod wnklv. I nrernl r r-
cillatioti of aiiyii'lontlllo JunniRl. 'Jorim. I »
—; four monllii, 11. Bold ty nil •„•»■..i.i-
Branch onw, tqt f SU Wuliiiuiion. t). i
•T,e Piper of the West for
tke People of the West
Conife-.-m-lutf Novomhrr 1st, i!"1
iirrniiKi'iiH'iilH have beexxt mini,
pti-i-iul ovory two -rei-liH tn «■■'
KiiliM-rlbi-r ; lo llio Weekly I '
l'r«'*iH, Wlnnlpi'K, a flno ri-jn"•■
tion lu-liiti-il uu urt pnprr kiiii." ■
for Irjiuilii.'.   Thu nli-turi'H irlll
H|ll'Cllllly    lllllllo   llll I r      llllll'H   of     i"
IukIii'io iniiillty, well worth) :
liri'Hi'rviitloii    and    ciili'iil'ii'i
niliirii lho Inline.    Tin*- will lm-'	
tnle porlriillt upct-lully taken ' '
IIiIh Mtrli'lj of tlie lemlliilf in"1 "'
llio imhlle llfu of (,'iiuiiiln. Iiobmu""*
wilh Sir Wilfrid Lotlrier mul ' '
• luiili'K Tupper.
Willi Ihem portrait*, whirh "•-
emi-lllule a vnliiiilili! iiiillery of ''■'
iioihi Milium! i'iiiiiiiIIiiii-i -if ■
tlinea, ihi'iv will bO Inli'i'M"' '
hulf toio' ri'|i]-iHlnillull" from i'j
Wnrki, sbiiwlui! Ilnnltolmn ;l1"'
Weatoril Views, pli'lurm ili*|>" ! ' -
lynlenl iNugk m claiuulliin ',:-■
Mllltnry plrlnren uml generiil ''
Ibe whole fnriuliu: 11 mosl dr
eolliciloii of the liitflK'xt Inl'i"1
nml mine,
Wbe'ber u«ed for friiiiilinf of -1''1
a» a iiortfollo of llu nttriu-Hve v
WorkM. for Hint will be Ibe ini"; "'
rerolved In the course of nlmnl •!
year, them' pletiirea will I" " ,
worth hiivlna. The preai'ii"1"";
every forlniilil of them lilel'"1'"
will ho but one reKpeel In whirh ""'
l''ree l're«I will eoiiiineml Hm'lf '"'
tint the coming year hh hotter I»•'"■
ever liefore. .
Willi   new   prennes,   new   nui'
cry, new typo ami Improved  i
Hen, 11 will continue to utrlve I"
Kerve tbe rcpntiillon It  him """"
nl lii'lnif "Hie paper of Ihe we-.l ""
Hie pouple of Hie wesl." .    >
liy iiril.'rlin; nt oneo I"'"' mill*'':1", (
erh Will oMiiln lbe weekly ". ;
I't'eaa to litt .Iniiilnry. Il»i-'. J""1 "" )
the plclurea, for $1.00 only.
., mtmeMmtodhmim


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