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ftK.. \
Vol. 11, m* SO.
$2.00 per Year.
p, Mc:I-EOI),
Haubistkk, Solicitor, Rtc,
Qbknwood, B. C,
"' —: Notary Public,
,,||.MAII.ITT. B.C. MAW,
Hallett* Shaw
IMSftef Prtlle.
{j»ble Addrmu: "Haluctt,"
Caiuks : llndford Mc.Vcill'n, Morrlim k
NmI's, Ultwr's.
v ... miiiway, ac.
Cuitomi entries aaatei. lilntnl Aot
ud Und Aet papers drawn up. AHI-
dtvltr, taken. Abstraets made.
Communleatloni br mall or telephone
promptly attended le.
Rkndell Block, Greenwood.
Phono »«. V.a N.
A. ft. tee.lee.C.S.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Hiiiwav salt Uhknwuoh.
1-Jeitl Estate
nrrii strkkt.
Tonmrial Aktist.
I'm a tlnt-chw Hhn vo. Hnlr Cut. Hon Ki-m
nr *ihr.niD.-.i, mil at llio nlwvc parlnr.
Itunn honed and ground.
riKTII. STRKKT,  •  •   •  MIDWAY, B. C.
All Xledi of lepalrlei.   Nereeekoetiig
A npraially.
xx. net
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
| Hotel Spokane, j
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
I - Midway Meat Market -
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers een get choicest cats of
Therefore Meats are always fresh .mil sweet   OaU and get a good joint
fur dinner to-dav.
TELEPHONE 311- P. 0-BOX 25.
fnurCuee Aoooii*iidatiii*i roa Sums.
tr Kio-llortmiMiiaoo KotlIoRlvor.#f
allMwIstf work wiwui to
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
KvnrythliiK   S'lmrtol"***.
Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened.thc above hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation. ' Good catering.    FW-class Livery Stable.
H. KEYES, Prop.
Owed Accommodation,
Beet Lli-uora and Uigara.
jHBg__+——*»m 9 tt*(i)
w.  an■__■__■__=_
htfU WHeh laker.
**et Teeli, Pit*-; Rhrtertil,
M<lemrs ti**-r1»c**  te So
**'k cetteetly.... , .,
Sad End Came et 2.15 on Satur-
'Good-bye to All; It is (iod's Way ;
His iVIII be Done, not Ours"
Last Hour of Consciousness Spent With
Hie Wife.
Seasonable Goods
Downtoaetualeost. 20pere.iitless than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose <f the same, we have
made the above reduction, bringing .hese goods-
down to actual cost.
Fancy   Ginghams,   for  Shirt   Waists; Fancy
Zephvrs and Chambrays, striped and   checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels;
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goods tor
.-  Ladies'and Childrens wear.
' Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly re-
'•' duced prices.   Only a few left, as they sell last at
our prices.
Clothing for Nfcri and Boys to be sold at a sac-
'   rificc. so don't miss the opportunity.    H.cycle  Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes it. Tan and Hlack, to suit all testes,
The Grocery Department is stocked with ft full
1ine 0f goods sold a. small margin or cash 1 ros-
pectars'Hardware and Shelf Wai* for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
Milburn House, Buffalo, Sept.
14.-President. Mi-Kinley died ill 2:15.
He lmd lieen unconscious since 7:05 p.
in. His laat conscious hour nil iwili
was spent with hU wife, lo whom he
devoted n lift* time of care. He died
unattended I.y it minister nf t In- gospel,
Imt his hist, words were mi hiiinlile
submission lo the will of the Hnd in
ii hum he helinved. He wits reconciled
to the cruel fHte to which an assassin's
Imllet lind condemned him, anil faced
dentil in the same spirit nf calmness
and pence wliieh marked his long nnd
hminialile career. His last conscious
winds, reduced in writing hy Dr.Miinn,
whn al nod liy his hedside, when Ihey
weie tnten-d wire us follnWj : "Gootj
hve nil, itis God's way, Hi-i will lie
dime, not ours,"
His relatives mid ineiiiliers nf his
ollicinl family were at the Mill.in li
Huns.*, except Secretary Wilson, who
did not avail himself nf the oppor-
iiiniiy, and some of his close personal
and political friends look leave nf him.
This painful ceremony was simple.
His friends simply c.-iine In tlm door of
the sii-k room, took a longing i'l une
nt him and turned tearfully away.
He was practically unconscious during
this lime. Bur the powers of heirt
-'minimis, including oxygen, were
einplnyed to restore him In consciousness for his Kuril purling with his wife,
lie asked foi her. she sit al his side
mid held his hand. He consoled her
and hade her good hye. She went
ilitiiiigh the heart-trying scene with
lhe same bravery and fnrlilude wilh
which she lins home the grief nf the
tragedy .which ended his life.
Milburn Housk, Buffalo, Sept. 13,.—
Hefnre (t o'clo. k it was il.iir lo those
at the president's hedside that lie was
dying, and preparations were made
fur the lasl sad offices offarew-.il from
those who were nearest and dearest to
him. Oxygen had l-een administeied
steadily, hut with little effect, in keep
ing hack the approach of death. The
president came out of nne |>erii.ii of
un'.-nnsriousness only lo relapse into
another. But in this period, when his
tiiitid wis partially clear, orctined a
series of evenis of profoundly touching
character down slabs. With leur-
staiued faces, menilieis of the caliinel
Were grouped in anxious waiting,
They knew the end was near ami that
the lime had come whin they must
see him for the lasl time on earth
This wae ahout six o'clock, It was an
awful moment for them. One hy one
I hey ascended the stab way, Secretary
Boot, Secretary Hitchcock and Altor-
icydeiieral Knox. Secreiary Wilson
also wan there, hut he held hack, not
wishing lu see the president in his last,
agony. There was only a momentary
si ii y of the caliinel officials ar lhe
threshold of the death rluiiuher.
Then they withdrew, lhe I ears streaming down their faces and I he winds of
iiitense.grlef clinking in their throats.
After they left the sick room the
physicians rallied him to consciousness,ntnl the president asked iilinostlm-
mediately Ihal his wile lie brought to
him. The diH'tius. fell hack into the
shadows nf the room us Mrs. McKinley came through the doorway, Tho
strung late of lhe dying man lighted
up with a faint smile as their hands
were clasped. She rat beside him and
held his hand. Despite her phy-icinl
weakness she bore up bravely under
the ordeal. The president in his last
period of cotiscioiisin ss, which ended
about 7:10 o'clock, chanted the words
of ihe beauiiful hymn, "Nearer My
God to Thee," and his last audible
conscious works ua taken down hy
Dr. Mann at the bedside were, "Good
hye all, good hye. ll is God's way.
His will be done." Then his mind be-
g in to wander, and sunn afterwards
he completely lost consciousness. His
life was prolonged for hours hy the
ailmiiiislraiioti of oxygen, and the
president Dually expressed a desire lo
tie allowed to die.
About 8.8(1 the administration ot
oxygen ceasul and bis pulse grew
faint, vety faint. He was sinking gra
dually, like a child into uu eternal
slumber. Bv 1(1 o'clock the pulse could
no longer Le felt in hia extremities,and
they grew cold.
Milburn House, Buffalo, Sept.
14.—The president remained in an un
conscious stale from Hit). Dr. Rixey
remained with him al, all times mid
linlil death came. The other doctors
were iu lhe room al times and tlieu
repaired to lhe front room, where ihe
consultation had been held. Ahoul
2 o'clock the doctor noted the munis-
i.-iknlile signs of dissolution and the
immediate members of lhe family were
summoned to the bedside. Mrs. Mo
Kinley was asleep mid it was desirable
not to awaken her for lbe last moments
uf anguish. Silently and sadly the
members of the family stole iuto tin*
iiiiui). Tbeysiood about ibe foul and
side of the bed where the great man's
life was ebbing away.
Secretary (Jorielyutl was the first to
luin from the slricken circle. He
Stepped front lhe chtim'lier to the outer'
hall and then down the stairway lo
the large room where the ineiiiliers of
the cabinet, seiialurs and distinguished officials were assembled. As his
tense, while face app-ared at the door
way a hush tell upon lhe assemblage.
"Genllenteti, the president has passed away," he said.
For a moment not a word came in
reply. Even ihongh the end had been
expected, the actual announcement
that Mr. McKinley was dead fairly
stunned these men who had been bis
closest confidants and advisers. Then
a groan of anguish went up from the
assembled ufficers.
Directors  Propose   to   Issue   First
Mortgage Bonds.
The stockholders of the Republic
Consolidated Company have been
called upon to consider a proposition
to issue 830(),(>0() ill first mortgage
bunds to secure funds for carrying for
ward lhe work. The following circular has heen issued by the directors :
'The trustees regret to advise you
that it win found necessary some
weeks ago to close do.vn the mine,
On ilm strength of the engineer's report as in quantities nnd values of ore
mined and ill sight it is confidently ex
peeled that the conipany would have
lieen utile lo pay nil Indebtedness and
proceed witb thn necessary development, lu tbis expectation the trustees have been disappointed. Afler
applying the proceeds of lhe ore dump
in reduction of1 the company's liabilities
there are debts slill unpaid to tbe
amount of $170,000, with no present
available assets In liquidate the same.
•'The propositi .is that the conipany
shall   issue  bonds,   secured    by' Hrst
mortgage, on all properly to tlm
amount of $8110,1100, payable in three
years, with interesl at six percent, lie
first year's interest to he accumulative)
that is, not payable except at, the company's option until ihe end of lhe
second year, wiih ihe right of the conipany In pay the bonds off al any lime
with interest only up to date uf pnyiiient,
"One hundred and seventy Ihnusai d
dollars of such bonds, representing
the present debts, lo be handed to tie
credilois in consideration of Ihe grinning nf the extenainn of time until the
maturity of the bonds.
'•Seveniy-five. thousand dollars of
the hoilds are to he offend to lire
shareholders at 80 cents on the dollar,
payable in eight instalments, each of
10 per cent of the face value uf lire
bonds. The first instalment is to 1 e.
payable on or before September M,
and the remaining iu installments of ,i
month apart. Thia amount is tn I e
applied exclusively >to the development of lhe mine. The remaining
$55,000 is to he kept, in the treasury as
a reserve fund."
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during September, to nth inst., so far as ascertained,
is as under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group  6,973
Mother Lode  2.730
B. C     430
Winnipeg      125
King Solomon       50
Snowshoe       7°
No. 7       60
Total 10,428
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,781 tons, and during
the current year to September 11, 250,761 tons, making an
aggregate of 348,542 tons.
A   Rich  West  Fork  Property Th;t
Will Haul Ore to Midway.
One of the most promising proper-
lies up Ihe Wist Fork ia the Ramble--*,
owned by J. W. Nelson, of Grcennnnil,
Gorman West and E. Rninho. It is
sittinte on Wallace mountain, about
three miles easl of Beaverdell. Afti r
opening lip n likely looking nirfiu.;
showing, whi.-li could l>e traced fir
1.000 feet, lhe owners slorteila vertici I
shaft going dnwn on lhe vein, which is
now eight feet in width at 50 foot
depth, and has a pnystrenk of froni
three to four feel of solid metal carry-
ing good values in silvir. Native silver shows freely in this paystreak, and
the Owners iire.cnnliilent that a hundred dollars a Ion is quite a modelutu
average value tu place on lliegoud ore.
They are preparing lo send down to
I he smelter al.oul 300 tons, lull 'hey
purpose deferring shipping the ore until snow is on lhe gti.uiul, wh.-u In-i-ier
loads and ensiei hatilii".' i*i t'fte railway
at Midway will keep downtbe nisi of
transportation. Snnie time isince parties offered $20,000 for the Rambler,
subject to a working bond, mid a couple of months ago nnoihrr offei of
$40,000 ou oiiuiliir conditions wii6 re.
reived, hut biiih were declined for tile
ri as-in thnt. the claim is opening up s i
Satisfactorily Unit the owners prefer
to develop it themselves.
C. P. R. Finances.
MoNTHKAi., September 10. — The
twentieth annual report oflheCana-
diii'i Pacific Rulway coinpaiiy for the
eighteen months ending June 80th last,
shows Ihe system to consist of lll.XJS
miles as follows: 7.5fl.'i miles owned
by ihe conipany, T.il miles belonging
lo oilier companies bul operated liy
the (J. P. U„ HO miles under const ruction, 1.07? miles other hues controlled
hy the V. I'. R,
Gross earnings of ihe twelve months
of the changed year ending June liOih,
$:t0,855.203. Grnss earnings during
1801); the lasl full year for which re*
Minis are available, amounted .'u$20,-
£10,1128, and working expenses for the
year ending June 80th, 11101, $18,745,-
S28. Net earnings for period ending
June 80th, 1001. $12.100,875-$120.71.(1
less lhan net earnings for twelve
months ending December 80th, 1H11U,
due lo increase in cost of uages, material, etc., without a proportionate
growth in earnings. The reporl is
considered satisfactory in the face of
the fact that in a large part of iho
country served hy the roud lhe crops
were a failure.
Afler no01 Ing obligations lhe balance sufficed to piovtde prel'eienre in
slock dividends of four per cent and
Hve per cent In common stock hnld.'is.
also to carry forward a fair addition in
the sui plus.
Dining Ihis period lhe M. &N. W.
with its leased line, Ihu Saskatchewan
k Western, has come under the company's colli I ol and arrangements for
the leasing of number seciion uf the
British Coliiniliia Southern and of llm
Kootenay k Arrowhead railway have
been completed anil only require the
sanction of ihe shareholders, Oilier
extensions have nlso leen made in
Manitoba and British Columhiu, besides which arrangements have also
been made will) lhe Duluth atldSuO
rontls whi. h promise to mid materially
to the company's revenue.
Additions have been made tu the
Pacitic Steamship Heel, and another
vessel will lie placed on lho Yukon
route, also one of the highest class fur
trims.Pacific service.
Improvements on the main line nml
branches have disposed of a considerable sum.
Dining Ibis period 4,887,709pmsen-
gersand7.156,818ions of freight Men.
handled. Average passenger rale I 08
cents per mile, average freight ran-
0,70 per Inu per mile, C. «. OltOUSK.
I'ulillsliul   weekly
at  Miilway. R C.
Subscription Price, film per minimi, pajrablo
In lulratujii, oilhor yearly or half-yearly tt the
oplimi of the siltwcrilKir.
Ad vert isiiw lfaiUn sent on appllealion.
The liest issue of lhe Ladysmith
Leader and Wellington-Extension
News is lo hand. Il isa seven column,
four pige semi-weekly, published al
the new town nn the east coast of
Vancouver Island by T. I (Jruhame,
well known to the newspaper fraternity uf British Ooiumbia. The Leader's
tirsi number is a very creditable production, and would he a credit to a
phi v many times Ihe size of Lady-
.smith. If lhe subsequent issues are
anywhere near as good as the initial
number it is deserving of the support
of tlie town in which it ie published.
#unr- wirHKi.1, Pkopmitor |m «'■»»•«»"'» nneiimw, **nen u in*
s'eml of reciprocating the patronage
that has been given him, he goes else
where to soend his money, when he
run procure the commodity or assistance, as the case may he, at home, he
is not only acting dishonestly hut is a
traitor to the town in which he lives.
Of course a town can support a few of
these parasites without scriuusly feeling the effects of their bloodsucking
tendencies, but if they become iiiimer-
oiis,iheir greediness hasa demoralising
effect upon husiness, and if there were
enough of this class of people in a town
business would he practically suspended, transactions only taking place
when strangers struck town. Now
imagine a town in which this state of
affairs existed I And yet there sre few
towns in the province, in which if the
methods practiced by a few of its eiti*
sens were practiced by the entire population, hul. wonld be placed in this
peculiar position. Merchants do not
alone suffer by spending their money
in a town among people who instead
of buying their supplies in the town in
which they live, send lo outside
points for them, for the local newspaper often—to use a strt ot expression
—gets it in the neck. A greal numher
of people seem to think if is only natur
al tbat. a newspaper man should spend
his money at the various business
places.in ihe town in whioh he lives,
and that they are perfectly justified in
withholding Iheir patronage from the
local newspapers, md advertising in
papers, the readers of « hicb would not
care whether Mr. Brown sells general
merchandise or cayuses, whether Mr.
Smith runs a hotel or a Chinese laundry, and yet Ihese patronizers nf distant papers expect the home paper to
say everything favorable about their
businesses; expect it to advertise -the
town and then if I hose engaged in running the paper spend their money freely Ihese people make no kick, and seldom say anything beyond occasionally
giving a few pointers as to how a paper
should be run. Fortunately Midway
has but few nf (hese germs of contention and; it is to he hoped lhat they
may see the error of their ways and
adopt a different policy without having
to be taught by that expensive teacher,
Beforo the sun goes down on Satin-
day, Si.plember 21, Sir Thomas Lipton
will know whether he is lo win tbe
coveted trophy, for the Hist race of
the s-rios for the America's cup will he
sailed on that date, and burring accidents, of course, if tbe Shamrock is
going to win she will have to show her
Niip-i'ior speed in I he Unt race, ol her-
wise it. is a safe hei that the America's
cup does nut cross the Atlantic this
year. But American yachtmen are
beginning to look up lo the challenger
us a buat- that will he very hard tu
beat. English opinion is that the
Shamrock is by far ihe lietter yacht,
hul. i aturully ihis opinion is looked
upon us prejudiced in favor of Sir
Thomas Upton's racer, yet there is no
di.ui.l that il no serious accident occurs to prevent the Shamrock from
making the excellent showing it is doing ut prescn t,thnt Sir Thomas Lipton's
persistency will he rewarded hy the
possession of lhe America's cup.
The terms of the settlement of the
trackmen's strike are very satisfactory
to the strikers. Their reason forsirik-
iug was fur higher wages, but after the
si rike had been declared the trackmen
found that the 0. P. R. failed to recognize thoiu as a hody of organized labor.
This lo tbem was more disheartening
than the low scale of wages, hut the
constant delay uf trains aud several
serious accidents, which occurred to
trains on the main line, showed the (.'.
P. R. plainly that ii could nol do without the services of the wurkingman,
audit1 last I be great corporation was
c .inp-lled to yield to the wants nf the
trackmen, not by compromising mat*
lers hut by complying with every demand tbey mode, The terms conved
exi inclii le the reinstatement, of all the
hands reporiing for duly io tbeh'tiirn'i
cr posii ions and dwellings ; rules giving what was asked in ihe way of investigation in case of unjust treatment;
pay for Ihe lime lust if proven unjustly treated ; promotion hy seniority,
other things being equal; transportation twice a month lo market; half
rate on freight for supplies ; transporlalion lo any point ou lhe line, same
as other organized employees ; an in
crease of about $100,000 a year in
wages ; and full recognition of the
The death of William McKinley has
removed from Ihe United Slates nne
of her hest citizens and most just
minis. Born nf plain parents and
reared among simple folk, he rose to
the highest office in lhe gift of the
greatest republic the world has ever
known, simply liy his own merits.
His faithful at'en tion to the various
duties which he wus called upon tn
pei form throughout his career of uninterrupted advancement, called forth
the recognition of his fellow countrymen and leault.d In his election as
president. Notwithstanding the seri
ousnessof Ihe wounds lo which are
attributable his untimely end, tbe sad
news nf his death came as a sudden
shock to all. The puhlic mind had
settled down to the belief that Ihe
president was nut nf danger. Nothing
hut good news came from Buffalo re-
grtrding his conili'iuii. Kven up to
last Thursday morning tbe cheering
news was sent out that, he would recover, Twenty foiir hours later Ihe
country was thrown into a state of
anxiety by thn report thai the presi
dent's condition had taken a snddei
change for the worse, and later came
the sad news that he had pass ■_ away.
The shocking maenei in whioh death
came lo Mr. McKinley is all the more
sud, and is a poor requital fnr a life
thnt was spent, in the service of his
country. The assassination of President McKinley will he regarded with
Borrow throughout almost, the entire
world and perhaps more particularly
in this than in any olher country outside tlie United States, for during hi
presidency, I hpre has lieen a stronger
II* between Canada and the Republic
to the south of us than atany previous
time in the history nf the two countries. And the people of Canada have
only expressions nf sorrow that a mun
of his sterling worth should have been
■ removed from a sphere of usefulness,
and mourn wilh their American cousins in I he greal loss which Ihey have
Patronize home industry. That
should be thn motto nf every citizen of
uny town that wishes to see the place
in which he lives prosper, The person
who derives his living from the patron
ago of iho public, depends on getting
Ihe greater share uf such patiimage
The Toronto Mail and Empire finds
tbat the returns from the west are thr
one bright spot in the census  It says:
"The hetter part of the census story
is the intimation that during the past
decade the population from Ihe Ontario iioundary westward to the Pacific
has increased by £3,486. We now
have 681,000 people in ihe West where
ihere were hut 52,000 in 1871, Thirty
yi-ios have multiplied the population
by eleven, and (he proo^ss nf |augqten
tation has merely commenced. We
have just scratched a part, and Ihal a
very small pari, of the fertile soil.
while the search for minerals has been
simply perfunctory.
'The good harvests of tbe plains, together wilb Ihe rich finds in the mouniaius, are justifying those Canadians
who from the Hrst thought well of
their own country. Now we have ex
perienced a steady growth under the
Western skies. While it is, perhaps,
not so rapid a growth as had been ex
pected or desired, it is nevertheless
hopeful for it points to still greater
progress iu the future. Increasing at
an equal rate during tbe next ten years
the prairie aud Pacific sections wnuld
l.oasi a million inhabitants. The addition of eighty llmiisaud to the North
wesl Territories brings the population
there up to 146,000, and warrants the
emancipation of that huge district
from the swaddling clothes of Ottawa
control and lis elevation to the provin
rial status. Under conditions of development much less striking Manitoba
became a province and Ihus enjoyed
complete local self government. Manitoba, wiih nearly a quarter of a million people, may also claim with fair
ness a forward lunve us regards school
lands Canada holds in trust for it.
There is no reason why ihat province
should not take charge of its educational endowment and administer it as
may seem liest,
But the advancement of British Col
uniliia by 02,000 is, if possible, the most
interesting of all the increases. The
sea of mnuntains has turned nut splen
didly. Few eastern people can appro
elate ita wealth. All through il, are
the vast mineral deposits, mingled
with excellent ranges for cattle, snd
valleys, the productiveness of which is
unequalled. The Pacific coast, wilh
its giant vegetation, its even climate,
its long summer, its rich soil, is practically our tropical seelion. While in
the aggregate the census llgures are
disappointing, those from the West
a-e calculated tv give ns relief not nnly
because Ihey serve to show that with
favorable conditions the rate of increase there ought to he kept up."
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kooten-
ay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it is an
For prices and terms apply to
Certificate   of Improvements.
Buck Pink, Bush Rat, IIi.ik Bell, .Buck
Jack, Hub, Van Wkst, and Littk Bkssik
Muikk.il Claims,
Situs tt In Yuneman group of Summit eamp,
Similkameen river Osoyoos Mining Division of Yals District.
TAKK NOTICK dial I. diss. Dubinin Oreen.
as intent for Kriwanl llnllnok-WoMtgr,
tree miner's certiorate lillmlior H3S097,
Intend, sixty days from the ilntu hereof. In
apply to die llinliw Itecunlcr fir n Curtiflcatv
nf liiipnivuiiionis. for tlie purpose of oblainiiiK
a Crown Qrant of the above culms.       ~
And farther take notice that action iwiler
wvtlon 37 must bo oommcncml before the issu-
«nce of such (ertiflcate of Improvement*.
" Hated this liih day of July, IMI.      ""• -
lln CHAS. DKl). OKKKN.
AMrmaa.0 _*o_>-k-
Thk Royal Insuranck Coy.
Thb London and Lanoashihk Fmg
Insuranck (Joy.
Thb Insuranck Coy. op North
Thk London and Canadian Fibb
Insurance Coy.
Thb Sun Life Absurancb Voy or
Thb Dominion Building and Loan
Apphaibkr fob thb Canada Pbb*
manbnt Loan and Savings Coy
Students' Rates to Toronto and
Fnr liona tide st mlents under 18rears
iifaj*e, the Canadian Pacific Railwav
will issue round trip tickets' frnm Miit
way to Tornuto at 433.40, Montreal
*'I7.10. Tickets nn sale till Kept, if.
Full particulars frnm J. 8. Carter, I).
P. A., Nelson, or N. VV. Hal ley. Agent,
Midway,   ■ ■ • •
Excursion to Su Francisco.
September 23 and 27 Canadian Pacific Railway will issue tickets from
Midway tn San Francisco and return
via Portland-and Shasta route at
939.05. K.ir full particular* apply In
local agents, Cnrres|HU-dinf(fy low
rates frnm all points. J. 8. Carter, I).
P. A„ r'elsun. .
Government Town Lots in
Eholt and Fairview
Dr. R. Mathison,
MINEHAL ACT, 1896.  {
Certificate pf"  Improvements.
Ticiitnk MiKKK.it, Claim.
Sltuato In Yumman group. Summit samp.
Similkameen    river,    Osoyoos   BlnlnK
Division of Yalo District.
TAKE NOTICK that I. Gluts, ilulllol- Uroon,
an wont for Kdwant Bnllock-WehiterfrM)
miller's ciirliScntc No.WWff and lol John
YonitK free miner's cot tlllcal« No. MOIW Intend,
sixty dayH from ths date hereof, to appljr to
IhcMinlni* Itiioiinlor for a Cerlilleale of Im-
proremeut for tho purpnw of obtiiiilnt* a
Crown Orant of the abovo claim.'
And farther lake notloe that action, under
section Tl, must be eonunenced before the Uni
autre of sueh Certlflcaie of Improvements.'
Dated this 17th dar of July, IHU.
12c CHAadelll/IISOIIKKN.
Mineral Aet, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Wakhohsk. Koto-TDK, Grand Vikw, Mrr
Situate In the Osoyoos Mlntnf Division of
Yale lilitrtet. Where Locatod t-Camp
TAKE NOTICE that I. Charles do Biol*
OreoM. as Mont for Heter Soon, free,
miner» -wUBcs-fe No. ItailSI. latend.
sixty dnys from the date hereof, to apply
to Ihe MiniiiK Reoonter ft* a eertlfleato of
Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining
a Crown grant of (he above claim.       """""*
And further lake notice that, aotion. under
section 37, must be commenced before >ho issuance of such cerlilleale of improvements.
Dated this SOth day cf AOKU.it, IHOI,
- ' ■*fc C. iikII, OltKKN
Oertiflcnte   of Improvementa.
NOTICK Is hereby given Ihal, under Instructions. I villi ottor for solo at Public Auc-
Situate in the Osoyooi Mining Division
Yale District.
Wliere loeated :~Camp
NMianlay. the-Iiit N-.pi-.mlHr. Ium.. at 2   miner's nnilrvieNo maimi .. .."./".*'
o'elvek p. mi. the following town lots In tho ™i ■" 3!2_!MJ_?*___9* MJat Rich.
S™t." »_"■""! "o. bviijci, nml for 1
• _^J__»Jtis__r._^
8lock a
lock a
Block 24.
Block tk
Block JS,
Block It,
Mock as.
Block till.
lots I to «
Innal low
Lot* Ito 96
l/il»l to.'W
l<ilsl to as
loin I to IS
liOls I to IS
"..:«_". flifkl_P°? ""its' ecrtlflcn'to'No
; MMI. Intend, sixty dnys from the date h«w
! toapply to the Mining Itooordor for » t*_J8i
onto, of Improvement., _^Uw_ tfohl
tainlng a Crown Onuit'of tliWJXhn7
Ami farther take notice that action. a»i_
fOntlnn Tt. must bo gom-MResTbeforJ o
Bated thi. Kith day of August, 1801.
I8c O. nuB. OHKKN,
And at Kholt on Wednesday, the 35th Ben.
teniber, Inst., at 2 o'clock p. in., the following town loin In the
' Block), bits! to M
.    Block ft Uinl to 24
Block II. Lot* I to 14
Block 14 lxital7to24
Block 111, tot* 1 to 24
. Block IW, Lot* I to 24
Terms 20per cent euh; balance In ten day's.
103 .   L. NORIIIH,    r
Assistant. Commissioner of
Lands ll Works.,
Ooverenwut Olllce, Vernon, 8»|>t, 7, lm t.
Commereial Job Printing
Carrying His majesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAM P McK IN N E Y on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. ni.
reaching MI DWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making con'
nection with the train going east ut 2 o'clock.
Tht btat *f
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
The Midway Pharmacy
KHTABI„:-1HK1>   ltM-13.
Our Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hi-tciirrson, Manager.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre .k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points. ,.,.+
Good Hunting. Qood  Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokaoe Falls &Nopthepn
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Skeppard
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain
Railway Co.
The only all rail route between
»H Point. Bait, Weit and Nonth
Jo Roisland, Nel.on and all
intermediate polnti»eonneet.
Ing at Hpokane with the Great
n°« 1'^ "•**•■»F*lltoMM
O. K. & N. Oo.
f-mUUoa,tm 9emAn te**k4Sn*
ftn-miT *"* ** *"* -* *"*
kmm s-MtoM ani Horthpopt,
■menu BAY Mi. IMI 1 •
W"WK>N' ••'•    ttta.hi.   j.Wp,*,,,
To BIFML0 vifl
/111 Rail.! Lake Mz
Soo Line.
(vl« Ht. Pmil or Clilt'HK»l
September 17, October 1, >5
One Chat-fa te Bnffii""
Fol* Mm* mill.-., mes -iml full mf""""''""
cull tilt or mtdNW N. W. HAM**, AK"1"
MMway, or
D.P.A.. A.fl.r.A.,
Melton, B.C.      Vaiwotucf. «   • LOCAL ANPJHSHKrT,
.    0 jj Owen, of Oreenwood, h
, „", wore vinitow to the town on Frl
Aayt '
R„hl Loiigley,»up**rlntendentofl,he
I(!»r..il. »f*nt» *»* d*y" in t0W,, - *
I week.
i fi OiiHIn.. formerly of Midway,
Ihiisheen iipH"M >»»ni»glng editor
|0f ihe Iteimhlic Piuneer.
\V   H. WeW» left   yeutofdiiy for
Lmkiiiie  to attend   the   Inl*. state
Mr mid Elk- Carnival.    He will Iw
| ata-nt about » week.
The management of Ihe Snowahoe
I *,.,,.„ (justed ncliw- Inviting tenders
I fiir the erection of seveMl buildings at
their mine, near Phoenix.
Lrqiiiuie * Powers have tenured the
contract for supplying 175.IKW feet of
luinbei' to the Briiish Columbia Cop-
per Company for use in the enlarge*
ment of iUsmeliei'.
The Hrst lot of King Solomon me
hns Imen received at lhe Oii*enwniid
smeller and hns paused ihrough the
sRiii|iling mill, li* v"'"e has not l«en
mude public, but it appears lo run
hi|(li in copper,
A report from Phoenix is to the effect iImt ihe Ooluiiibia telephone ex*
-hiitiKe in thnt town has lieen cloned,
nml thai the people, of the dinner buck
rt lown will now have to lie content
wiih ihe Vernon A Nelson exchange
It is reported that The London k B.
('. (jnldAelils, Ltd.. have decided lo do
mime more developnienl work on Iheir
Noi folk claim, Central camp, an.) that
Turn Curry will probably lie the local
Ihiiw in charge of this wnrk,
Timothy Eaton k Co's catalogues
arrived at the local postofllce lest
week. No doubt nur genial postman*
tor will he kept Imay this week issu-
i.(- money orders to that i ninpiiny for
gmid9 that could be purchased at. our
local business bouses for the same
price, postage added, ae Tim. can furnish Ihem for.
K. J. LaPlanl has returned from do*
ingassessment work on lhe Skylark
ami Silver Yip clninis on Copper Moun-
t-iui, Myers Oreek, two proiiiisiug
|>rii|ieiiies in which he is interested.
A fiiir siied ledge of copper ore :xa.
encountered on the Skylark. Both
these properties adjoin the (.'arihoo,
nn whi.-h a hig strike wea made a- fen
Frank Carey, of Rock Cieek. was a
visitor lo Midway la«t Wednesday.
Several years agii' Mr. Carey preempted a ranch on Ketlle liveiv- a
shiiii dislance above RtH'k Ctvek, the
l.nulai I Imt lime wns considered liy
tinny ns until, fur ng. null nri I pur
|KMes,hui Mr.Carey, posses-ed -if great
enerny, wenl io work with a will anil
In day has nne of the Huest ranches in
that district. .This i« only anothei
instance of whal a man can dn in this
western country it lie is only made ot
the right stuff,
Liim Meiklejnhn is endeavoring to
form the CarnegieTownsiteSyndicate.
wilh u capital of $6,(100, in 00 shares of
tin) each, to acquire a tract of laud
applied for by him and situate close to
ill" Chain Lukes at the headwateis nl
ilie Twenty Mile and Sixteen Mile
creeks, in the Similkameen. Thirty
shares are l<eing offered for putilic sub-
siiiptinn, proceeds to be applied in
payment of purchase price and cost of
survey of the land, which it ia claimed
isreiuiBlly and favorably loeated for
iim-nsitH purposes.
A freight, train coming west ran over
ji man near KdwanL' Ferry, almut
tli.ee miles this aide of Cascade City
lust Wednesday morning. The en
K'meer in charge saw the man lying on
Hi" track, imt as the train had just.
'' e. round a curve aud  was on a
ilmvii (jride he was unalile to atop it
innil after il had passed over the man,
An unopened buttle of whiskey was
f "inui i lose to the hody. It is sup-
|H>*eil that the decea'ed had heen
'' "king anil had lain down and gone
"'sleep on the track. Provincial con
"•"hie Dinsmnre was at last accounts,
"aking enquiries, and the intern ion
*'»» io hold an inquest if found ad vis-
Tae old liniepla'cr fields on Bound-
I ' i' ek, elo.(. ti Midway, at* agiiin
ii        '. hed for the precious metal.
^ r us ig„ ,„o, l, ,-old was taken from
'"is''' k, and of lot- small quant il les
bivefiom ilm- to lime lieen taken out
')' hand, hut the present' operations
nre h.|ng narrled on more extensively
"« n livdiiiuMn-plant of small dlnieii-
" * ' I'liur used, li heing ihmighi
ll"" lmll.li eif h, which did not
l"*y m handle liy h Hid, can in this
•■"<** be workad With a proUt.   As yet
'III. very ||tt|e hM ■„,,,„ ,jone ■„„.„,„•
"f Pioliminary wnrk nf gelling things
" winking order, twit onoe thia isdntie,
II will take Imt, H short time to deter-
»""e whothar these Holds have heen
*"' M out or nnt,
I* S. Wood anr] 8. 0. McOnnimings.
t, '""'"Inenl mining engineers frnm
""'"'I'.Coloi.Hdo.arrl-ied iti Midwav on
^diiy night's trait, and went out
n Saturday mornlng'ssUge to Omaha
u'P, alNi.it three '''••«« >hia aide of
.„;'lp M'f'«ney, to oxamlne and re*
for.        .  U,l,nn «mup-n» claims,
'» ;VMrtl0»** of tm,wn oaulwiis,,.
Dial...     J°n   """'P  «w«.»t<« of Ave
lW"'«"'>d b owned hyi .he Lemon
U»ld Mining Company, of Briiish Co-
luiiihia. The development wo k on
♦he property so far, baa been chiefly
conflned tothe Hold Standard L.ca ion,
considerable development work Inn ing
been done on it. • It ta reported that
work will likely he resumed on the
pioperty at an early date.
Last Wednesday morning at ahout
seven o'clock a Hre broke nutat Black's
hotel, Cascade City. It soon got beyond control and o.iiihiiiiii.iI the |,,,te|,
an adjoining jeweller's simp and the
Columbia hotel. The total loss is
stated to have been ahout $5,1)00. The
amount of the insurance, if any, has
not. yet been ascertained, but it is not
likely to be anywhere near i ho aim nut
of the loss. Ii. is only a few weeks ago
lhat Ala* Hall obtained a licence fur
thp hutel long known as Black's but
whicl. had for some lime been closed,
The house was re-opened on Augu-i
Oth, Mr. Hall having removed from
Phoenix lo open it. It is stated lhat
<J, W, Abbott, lale of the Butie, Phoenix, was .nlerosled with Mr. Hall in
this Cascade venture.
D, McClimghas sold his ranch lo T,
J. Kelly, uf Alton, Illinois. The land
iaon the extreme north half of ihe
Colville reservation, and adjoins Ihe
Midway townsite. ilm international
boundary line being the divisional
line lietween lho two pieces of land.
Mr. McClung is one i.f theold timers
in the district, having local eil on ihis
ranch about nine years ago. when
the present lownsite of Midway wa«
known as the Eholt ranch. He will
move a few miles south, where he and
his sons own several hundred acres of
rich farming lands; This is the third
purchase of property made by peopio
from Alton, aud it is iheir intent inn to
combine the different ranches into one
large stock ranch, titer" being a lag..
territory of good range suitable fo
grazing purposes, in close proximity lo
the ranch, while the ranch itself will
furni-li an abundant supply of hay for
rh« feeding (if cattle during ill" show
«inters that are usually ex| e. ienceil
in this district,
Rev. It. P. Murray returned on Fri
day frnm Craiil.riiok, at which place
he attended the me. ting uf the
Presbytery nn Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday of lasl week The meeting was hugely intended ami much
husiness was transacted. Kev. .1. For
tone of CratiliriHik, was chosen as Con
vener of Hon e Mis-ions, in place of
Hev. A. D. Menxies. who is leaving the
Presbyteiy and will accept a cull in
ihe East. Kev. Ferguson, nf Sandon,
was iippniuleil clock, bul as he is leav-
ink on a six months' holiday, Kev. J.
Miller, of I'hoenix, was appointed
clerk pro. tein. A luge number uf
ministers are leaving the Presbytery,
djje ijjid'inht to congreations in small,
out of lhe way plana being unable at
the present dull times, to coiilribine a
sufficient aiuoiit in addition tu the
gunts from the Home Mission Fund,
which are extremely small, Hi suppoit
ministers, lt is pleasing to notice
ihat the grant to Ihis Held has lieen
slightly raised.
Arrangement* are heing made to
start work on the Bruce. This wel
known propei ty is siuiaied on lhe hii
just above Midway. It has one of tin
liest surface showings of any property
in this districl. Already there is i,
tunnel, aliout two hundred feet in
length, run on ihe pioperty. hul thi*
failed to tap lhe ledge. The companv
ihat is reported lo lie taking a bond on
the Bruce is of strong ttnain ial bucking
and extensive development work will
he done, and there is little
doubt, that the Bruce will ere
long lie placed among the steady
shippers of the Boundary country, ll
the present negotiations forthe Pyriln
smelter tenninnte successfully and
thai plant lie put in opeiatlotl, the cost
uf transporlalion mid n eminent of
lhe Hi lice me would be comparatively
small, as the mine Is only almut Hve
miles fiom the Pyritie smelter ami
only one mile of this haul would he by
wagon to llieC. P. H. depot at Midway, nt which |Milnt the ore would be
loaded on lbe naio and lakeii to lhe
smelter about four miles fiom here.
E, J Wilson, malinger of the Standard smelter nt Boundary Falls, lull
last week for Quels' , where lie will
consult wiih William Price, the millionaire lumberman, wbo bus the con
•u-olllng interest In the s Iter com
pany. He anticipate* that,something
further concerning ihe proposed de I
wilh   ilie  Chicago*Blillsh  Colombia
,, „any  will   bo.  known  in  a fe■>
weeks. Mr. Wilson says Hie plain as
it stands is in splendid shape, and with
some additional iippaianis necessary
io handle, the particular ores li is ex
peeled to treat everything will I*
coni|'l..'e. The only question hereto
fore bus been in regard in mi me sup
ply, nnd lli'ie Is imw im further lien s
siiy fur delaying the blowing In Of ihe
furnace. The plain requites HJlpiWHl*
mately 4(11 tons of ore per day, and
this supply can easily lie itb'aln.d.
Aiming the mines that will pmhiibly
ship to ihe Pyritie sn.elter when it. i-
Inopernllon are the Sunset. Ihe Nni.w
shoe, the 8 iindard, Marguerite and a
number of nlhers The Sunse. will be
the biggest producer nn the list) JH
tons per day being, » fair average ol
,hi! priiptnty,   A veiy
The Central Hotel
llth St., Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
S   furnished throughout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
^€€€ €€€ €€€ €€€€«€€€ €#§3*
Linoleums. \i
Large Stock.   Low Prices,
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers,-of all kinds of
Band Sawingand Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
AAAihm __> _k_k _i _'_&___ a _l_ 1 ***********
J~~ iwwmwmmm 9 9 wrsiiw'! *99mmmmmmmww
The Travellers Insuranee Co...
. . . . "Of Hartford. Conn.
h   'nnnrmnnr
Clmrtercd ISfl.'i.
.stock Lire mill
Accident Imiiriince.
ISHl'KS the lieii lite insurance*
ciintriiulH in lhe wmlil. Nn
(limippnliitiiieiil iih in iliviriVridx.
Rv.'i-yiliiiiK KHHi'iiiile.il in lid*
value. Premium mien In In 25
per eeni les-. limn llin-u nf nld
line Mutual ciiiiilniliiex.
ASSETS) .....
January ist, 1897,
LIABILITIES, .. 17,910,360. 9
SURPLUS   .... 2,976,4:14.36
The Travelleia Ciimliiliailnii Accident Policy guarantees foracriil.'iital
under ordinary iiinditloiw.
Ilrnlli Itoliitll       .      .      .      . Hum
Ism of Slitlit or Until Kyiw     . ,««l
Ixmh nf H.11I1 fni't nr Unlit llanitx .i.""
I»ik of Ono llnnil untl Ono Knot 5.1*111
I-rncuu'iii Toial illmlill tj' i:>"
Las* at  niKht HbiiiI      .      . (K..MI0
lest, of I«k at or abovo Knee , 2.800
Imu of  l,oft llnnil      ... t.0MI
lAW nt Kltlier Koot 1-1 '10
Ijdwof nlKliliif Ono lye  .     . .it)
Lin^ta <>f   Weekly Irideninity $1,300.
ANI), If suoh injuries are sustained while riding as a passenger in
any passenger conveyance using steam   cable,   or  electricity as a
motive power the iiiiiimiil to he |iuiil   ahall he DOUBLE  the sum
specified in the elause uniler which the claim is made.
Cost $53 a vear  to Professional  and   Business
Men.and Commerciai! Travelers.
j Other sums at proportionate rates
j "W. EC. Noxnpis,
T.   T.O.   OULLBY   SS   CO.,0
Lancashire House
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened thi? well-
known  and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furmicci-heiited and comfortably
furnished  rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Has opened up a
In the premises formerly occupied by
Bavo-dajr *9s  Haxvis
and has on hand a first-class outfit of m
Single aod Double Drivers "
Saddle and Faek Horses
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus   JK
meets all trains.    Freight and express de- 3j
delivered to any part of the town. yjf
s€€€ €€€€€€ €€€€^€€€$€^
******************* ******** 9*****9*****9*************
*        ___jo  nuMr-OTOM'  exohaaig^ _
I No. 4   R.-W.-C. BLOOK, NELSOt, B.C.
f       (liiiii, Hilv1.r-l.N-1l nml Copper Mini's iviuil.nl at. Ihu RXOHANQK,
VHV.K MILLING GOL1I protwrtion waiitcd at onci' for KhsIitii invontorii.
IHirl lu» lia-inK milling iirnprrl y for salo ani rcquomuil lo koihI sompliiH of tliolr urr
to lhe KXCHANOK lor exhibition.
All mnipleH sliinil'l hn Mint by oxprciM, I'ltKI'A III.
CorreHpoiutenoo nottcitod.   Arldruaa all ouminiinicnl inn*i to *
JmUfini   _*.   Roaentxsrirui-, ♦
Tolophnni! No. IM, P. 0. liox Nil. N KI.SON. B.C.     X
'      . -~ - -.............* ..*...-. r.. .r.^^....... . .  . -  -   .   .       ▼
t'tmmmww^wmwww ▼▼v-wvv-▼▼"w-v- ▼▼▼ »▼▼▼▼ ▼▼www ww******
ilinpniiliicl "f
l.irK« lioily <<f or.* Hici«t.H mul h.m Iwcii
upennil i.|i nn the '»•"'•• Iwnh »P "'
the nriwiit. The Standard ia un ex
U-naioiinfil... Mother U*', ni.iI -"
very lai'i-e hodv nt nre from whhth the
Mother Lode la nn«  -•••|H«p;WV *
to hend sti'.ilgl.t f.'i St.111d.nrf _■*.""•«•
??' W.  H. WEBB, ^Irfrrrrnrarr^
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$3.00 per year.
Is prepared to
fill all orders
for Job Printing at lowest
rates consist,
ent with good
®   ©
0 Stationery
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigar* and Tobaocot kept
oomtantly on hand.
Latest ihadee and pat-
term of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
® ® :>
Canned  °,
Rider Agents Wanted
One in each town to ride and exhiliit a, miiiiple 1(101 model hievi e of nnr own
„i,uiiif,ii.|iiiv. YOU CAN MAKK $10 TO $0U A WBEK,'h ides having a
wlieel to ride ymifself.
1901 Models,        High Grade Guaranteed,
1900 and 1899 Models, Best Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new ....
$10 to $18
$7 to $ia
$3 to $8
We will ihlp anv Meyile ON APPROVAL In anyone without .1 eeni deposit in advance and allow TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Ymi ink., iilmolntelv mi
risk in niilerinit fiom MB. aa \ nil iln not need tn pay a cent, if the hleyele rlnea
not suit vim. Oo nnt liny a whpel until vou have wiliien for our FACTOIIY
PHICKH and FaRR TRIAL OKPKH, Thia lilieral titter luis nev. r heen 1 niial-
lial and in 11 guarantee of the quality of our wheels. WK WANT a celmliln
nei'siiii In each lown lo diatiihiite ralaliiRot's for us in exchange fora bicycle,
Wi lte to-day for free catalogue aud our special olTer,
O". Xa. TULmmtX Cycle Co.,
XtXaAx *
MIDWAY, :=: B. C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
J|_(_ p[ The most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River,  VVest   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and  other
Northern  Washington mining camps,
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Biwi>eis, residence aad garden lots at low prices aad ow easy terms.
*• St John Street,
Montreal, P. (J,
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
A.,J. McMillan and J, W. Astley
came down from the Snowshoe mine
on Tuesday afternoon and next morning Ht by train for Rossland.
Ben Mossier, long known in Oreen-
wood as Ihe obliging and tealous clerk
of the Hotel Armstrong, has gone into
the Turkish hath business at Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Patrick aud Mr.
K. L. Peck, of Molson, were guests at
the Armstrong early last week. Mr.
Peck went out on Monday's train on
his way to Spokane.
A, V. Flume.fe11, assistant manager,
and U. N. tinier, his assistant, were
over from the Oranhy smelter on Tuesday evening. They left Greenwood
next morning for Phoenix.
Quite a number of Greenwood people are leaving this week for Spokane
to attend the fair. Among them are
R. McCulloch, H. K. Price, H. II.
Hhalienlierger, J, C. Haas, W. T.
Smith aud others.
It. W. Brock, of the Dominion Geological Survey, is pushing on wilh
some work on the higher points about
Phoenix, so as to make Greenwood his
liijadipiarterH when Ibe winter comes
on. He has a party at work on a gen
logical and topographical survey of the
Two tmall lots of placer gold have
this week been received from Mock
Creek, Ihese being Ihe Wist returns obtained by ihe local company which has
put in a dam aud is operating by what
is known as the booming process,
Now that the channel ia getting down
to pay dirt good results aro expected
shortly from sluicing.
Hufiis H. Pope, M. P., of Cookshire,
Quebec, with the two Misses Pope, arrived in Greenwood on last. Monday
night's train. Since then Mr. Pope
has examined the i'lnckborn mine, in
Deadwood camp, in the value of which
he expns-cs himself as confident as
ever, Nothing dellnite has yet lieen
arranged in the direction of an early
resumption of work in the mine.
Geo. F. Stocker, resident agent at
Cascade for the owners of ihal. town-
site, visited Greenwood an Tuesday
and VVeflt.**"!.."    ii     •   '
killed by a cougar. Part, of the deer's
head had lieen gnawed off, nnd his
raptor had also taken a few hig month
fids from the Imdy. The carcass wns
newly buried, earth and leaves having
heen gathered about it by some animal
evidently with the intent ion of keeping it for later use.
The Montreal k Boston Copper company has ordered from Cunningham k
Andersen, of Greenwood, an electric
light plant of 160 light capacity for
their Sunset mine. The oilier has
heen sent on direct to tbe inanufncl nr
ers, wiih instructions to send on the
dynamo without delay. Upon receipt
il will he installed, bo as to he ready
for use liy the lime the winter sets in.
Meanwhile the mine workings and
buildings will he wired for electric
J. V, O'Neill, nf Chicago, was registered nt Ihe Imperial hotel last week,
and left on Tuesday for Spokane and
moro distant points. He is interested
in the Chicago-British Columbia Mining comiutny, owning the Lake group
in Skylark camp, and in neighboring
mineral claims. Some time ago he
organized a company in Chicago lo acquire and operate the North Star mine
at Silverlon, Colorado, a valuable
property already extensively developed
and having its own large stamp mill
and cyaniding plant.
Oliver Welherad and H. A. Stone-
ham, nf London, the former being
chairman of the London k B. C, Gold-
fields company, limited, accompanied
by J. Roderick Mohertwin and S. S.
Fowler, of Nelson, were in Greenwood
last Monday, In Ihe evening they
were entertained at dinner at the Hotel
A i mat long, where tbey met a numher
of the leading mine and smelter managers and oilier prominent men of the
dis'rict. They visited the Oreenwood
smelter next uiorning. leaving later on
the morning I rain on their return to
J, K. Miller, collector of inland revenue, and Win. Gill, inspector in th"
same depart ment, weie in Greenwood
on official business on Tuesday and
Wednesday. After Inspecting the
local office and bonded warehouse they
drove up to Phoenix, whero there is
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
SUit.  Architect and
-_-i Civil Engineer....
I<£eul Estate,
Insurance and
IXOTAItY   puhmc
CertlflcJHte   of   Jnipmieniciifi. I
oi....... j ..' i
IIkaiiv Cash Kmactiiinai. .Miuiiii. Ci.iix I
Sltuat* In the Utoyoos  Mining Division if
Jata   Dl«rl«.   Where locm-d: C— '
TAKkNoTlrKilmi kc.JamesMrte,Ita
Miner* ci rllll,«.i   Nn. nKUli. Mill ).. II.
IMrilaf,   frwi   niiniT*   rerun.mi- ,\'u iMi
—lend,  silly   diys   fn,,,,    u„.   iUic  Ibt..',
lo a|i|ily lu ih,. Mining llir. ..xi. i fur* < .run..
of lanpnnJcmcitUi. for lhe |w-*«.-. ufi.1.1
aCrown(Irani ut thesbnxeclaim
I    And fiiriiur lake notice Unit srllnl
jVliliiii,,   lkr.„..l    *"*'"" ■"• •""■I   be i-oniluem-il  nfMrriw
mining Agetlt.   i„ui.ii-*,gHUl.b -,!erUn™ir ..f Innm.iiniciiii
a^_^_^_^_^_^_Birifcilod till* »*i day :,( auiiiikI,
JA.MK.* .Nl.litX
lm Ki ll. lim.IM..
P ail view Towin.lt-- A|('"it.
,. . 1IIIIKCW . . .
r,MKV|KW. mi.
< Jorl<M.|*<-ii<im-<-H Kolii-tteil.
RANCHof Wanna. «1Iii»i» our mile tn*
.MtilWK, 'Jim urn. uiuI.t i'iiIiiiiiimi. •
aeres tt win. I, ,.   ^.i tlniulliy   iiim*'.
 1.1^1   |,j.   ,|in,L   jum!
IxiHIItiflll )i.'»t
1(1 I'l hi. K"*
■on* or which ,.   (n**i  iiniulliy
I'lciiiy uf wnlnr Ih provliM hy I tin*
■nrliitr*      Tl,....,  .1. .,_..  .   i.......r.i
• ......r   ..   ..„!,  ,.  |,rmi!
•pring*.    Time   Ih .'.,	
orctmnl on Itui pUtce bm-itmiii-f lu Iihi
hotiHC. ham* and onlbiilldliiK".
particular* n|iiily lu ■_^_hh
A. HOPPKIl.Mlilinif.il.1
iii. .nd
   1 nrovenpto Pho ,  „ ».„ in
mid Wednesday,   lin it*poi tn busi  another bonded  warehouse.   In lte
as having improved considerably at course of conversation with Mr. Miller
Ci.HC.ide.   Pmgeess with grading work an instance of hale and hearty old age
alntig thn  Marcus .Republic  railwiiy Wa» mentioned, when he gave another
where it passes (torade is not so rapid,1 |n Die ^^ 0f hia own parents, win
„».. ...u.i—*-*  " • aM «_u .     -   **      ■    ■'-
.. ,,..„,. ., .nnjirin is noi «o rapid '
as wss anticipated it would he, yet as)
ninny men aa have heen obtainable are
euiploycd along the line,
.1. V. Unas and Waller Fouler, when
walking over a mineral claim up the
mountain i-idu fiom the Eholt meadow
last Tuesday, came upon the carcass nf
a big buck which apparently bad been,
are resident at Brockvllle, Ontario,
and who on April % laat celebrated
the aixtyfimrtli anniversary of their
wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Miller, senior,
are respect i vely 86 and 64 yean nf oge,
and at laat accounts wete in excellent
health and enjoyment of their fuml-
[ties.   ...
Riverside  Addition,
Just a Word!
men* in tit-a T° th°?e contemPlating an invest-
Si ^,?Way_real "** ** information is
fotd i    °n lhe Riv6rside Add*™ may be
found soo very choice residence sites.
MTS 50 x 125 FEET.
c __■_________■ ••■•w-,v   AM-mwUi
W.H. NORRIS,        „r        A.MEGRAW
Midway, B. C. -
Camp McKinney, B. C


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