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 i nn auvainwc;.
XV, No. 11.
12.00 per Year.
iibtrk. Solicitor, Rtc.
Grkknwooii, II. C.
—: Notary Public,
11.0, SHAW.
iallett & Shaw
Notlrle. Public.
oiiks J Hodford McNeill's, Moreing k
Null's, Uillx-rs,
.  . .   MIUWAY, D.C.
imoiji' entries pasted.   Mineral Aet
I Und Acl papers drawn up.  Affl-
htitaktn.  Abttraots made.
iimraunlo.iUonrs by null or telephone
nptly attended to.
Idell Block, Greenwood.
Phone HO, V. * N.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Ivinual Land   Surveyor
I*{eiil Estate
TomoniAt- Artist.
Hret,-cl»ss Staivo. Hair Cut, Hm r'.wm
...- Mmmimo,   cell   et Um   elinc: parlor.
jtuers suh-kI eoU itr.iuu.l.
TH  STIIKKT,   •  •    ■   MIUWAY, 8. C.
Kindt ef Repairing.   Horwihoeln**
A seeelslly.
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
Hotel Spokane, j
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
| - Midway Meat Market - j
| K. k. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers can get choicest cat* of
§ Therefore Meats are always fresh and sweet
9 f(.r dinner to-dav.
I       TELEPHONE 311-
Call and gel a good joint
P. 0. BOX 25.
WAX*earnA rt»_.  ■_««•
KxcellortKishlnKOii Ketlle ltlrer._f
I kind* of work •xaoutwl to
lie •■tlataotlOH of OHttooMro.
Wm. St. Qumtin, Pnp.
Everything  Flri-t.oliuw<.
t£&4 - ""—' THE
3?      Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at (ireenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering.   First-class Livery Stable.
lRMSTRONG hotel.
H. KEYES, Prop.
jGnod Accommodation,
Ben,, Liquor* and Oiffars.
First-Class Stabling.
Seasonable Goods
Downtoaetualcost. 20 per cent less than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and' wishing to dispose of the same, we have
matle the above reduction, bringing these goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goeds lor
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Children's Straw Hats at greatly re-
.adies' am
Only a few left, as they sell fast at
kf.   aa_a_a_asa_B_i■_=
Praeiieal Witeh lator,
Qma TmIi, Mtnty Msttrisl,
•id ,v> ynri nptrltnct t*. to
work correctly.   .  ,  ,
Will Be Ereeted by the Granby
CMsolidatod Company.
Location of Plant Unknown-May
Also Build Lead Refinery   Will
Enlarge Granby Smelter.
duced prices,
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Hoys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Hlack, to suit all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
lin,..-J zoods sold at small margin for cash. Pros-
fetors'Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
"The Granhy Consolidated Company
will gn ahead Ht. once with I he building of its copper refinery. Wc are
getting the preliminary informal ion
ii8 fast nn possible, and il, is only i.
question of time hefore ground is
hroken," said Jay P. Graves, the vice
president and general manager of lhe
(Iranl.y ('.nnipany, who is just hack
from the east, lo a Spokesman Review
"The location of Ihe plant is still unsettled. Kecent developments have
left sil e uncei'.ain. Wherever il goes,
however, it will lie a plant employing
from 'At) bo 400 men. for we must have
a smelling plant in connection with il.
A refinery gels so many different
sorts of inalle that it must often run
the inatenal through a furnace in
older to Ht ii for refining.
"We were considering some months
ago io i mi.I a smelter on lhe Coast.
Init we were not able to get contracts
for sufficient ore to justify a plant.
Therefore we do not expect to com
inence work on a Coast smelter this
year. We were negotiating with lhe
Hrittauia people to treat iheir ore.
We made them two proposit ions. One
was for them to equip the mint' and
furnish ns the ore. The other was for
U* &> equip the mine and have them
furnish us the ore. They did nol
favoreiiher plan, however, fin ihey
are trying losell."
Does the relinquishment of the
plan to huild a smeller on the Coast
mean that you are not cnnsideiing Ihe
Coast an areHnery site?" Mr. Graves
was asked.
"Nol necessarily," he answered, "although that might l« a factor iu deter
mining Ihe site."
Unless some one else huilds a Canadian lead refinery we shall do so," he
continued, "However. I think It. settled
that the reHnery will he Iniilt at Nelson. B. C."
"Will the Canadian Pacific railway
huild it?"
"That is rumored, hul I am not in a
position to say."
"The Granhy Company is planning
to enlarge its smelling plant at Grand
Forks as soon as circumstances will
justify. With two furnaces we nre
handling 625 tons of ore a day. We
shall have two more furnaces and two
new converters in use hy Seplein'«r I
Then we can handle 12511 tons of ore
per day. Already we are able lo treat
$5 ore at a small prolit, and we hope
to la* able to treal still lower grade ore.
Of course our ahiliiy to mine, smelt
and refine this marvelously low grade
product is due lo our very complete
plant, and to the Hne fluxing qualities
of ihe ore itself. We are working all
the time lo reduce operating costs still
further. Nov. we are planning to put
in steam shovels to scoop the ore
fiom the open quarries into the cars.
That will do away wilh shovelers,"
"It is said that, some of the northwestern smellers are losing only .8
per cent of copper in their slag, which
equals a copper loss of only HI a Ion.
Is that a fair average for Boundary
ores?"   Mr. Graves was asked.
Yankee like, he answered with another question. "So they say lhat
the smelters are making a copper loss
of only ,8 per cent in slag?" he said,
"Are there any of them thai are really
keeping then slag loss under .11 per
rent? I do nol care lo say what our
exact loss is, for that i-. nobody's husiness but our own. I don't mind say
ing, however, that on many days our
slug loss is only ,2 per cent.
"There is enough ore in right al
our mines now lu run us for lhe next
15 years. At the recent nieeling of
the Granby Consolidated Conipany III
Montreal, which 1 attended, officers
were elected as folhiws : President, S,
H. C. Miner of Granby, Quebec ; vice
pi esident and general manager, ,lay
P. Graves of Hpokane ; secretin}', A.
L. While of New York and Montreal;
treasurer, George Worcester ; assistant manager, A. C. Flnnntfclt ; assistant to the managers, H. N. Gayler,
The directors include Messrs. Miner,
Graves, Flumerfelt and White, and
and W, H. Robinson, manager
of the  Eastern    Township  Bank at
Granby ; Fayette Brown, general
manager of the Mutual Life Insurance
Company for Canada, and I. H. Mr*
Kechnie, general manager nf the
Granny Rubber Company. The directors decided on several important lines
of policy, which, however, are not
ready to he made public yet.
'While in Toronto I saw Messrs,
Coffey and Slratton, who are hacking
the proposed Grand Forks-Kepnblic
railway. They asstued me that they
would build the line regardless of
whether the Great Northern constructs
its line to Republic, There seems no
doubt that the Great Northern will
build to Grand Forks, hut I confess I
do not know what charter tl.ey ex
part to use in crossing the reservation
lo Republic from Grand Forks."
A. L. White, secretary of the Granby Consolidated Company, and head
of Ibe brokerage firm of A. L. While
& Co., Montreal and New York, with
which Mr. Graves is connected, is the
guest of Mr, Graves. They rame
frnm the east together. Mr. White,
who was in business in Spokane a
dozen years ago, will spend a month
looking over the company's properties
in lbe northwest.
Gontraets Awarded and
tions Commeneed.
By the New Line, Says the Nelson
Miner-Contractors Busy All
Along the Route.
A Greenwood Sprinter Beaten at his
Own dame.
W. W, Smith, of Rossland. was de-
fealed in a 100 yard foot race on Columbia avenue yesterday hy Fred
Milchell, of Greenwood. Thc race
was to deqide a $1,00(1 bet, and Smith
deliberately fouled Mitchell in such a
manner lhat, Harry Jones, who had
Iwen requested to judge ihe event, had
no course qther than todeclare Mitchell
winner.   The loser won the $1,001) bet.
If the sto*y told of the race is correct,
and as the principals have left town
there is no means of securing Iheir
side of the tale, the affair was one of
the biggest "double crosses" ever
pulled off in Rossland.
Fred Mitt-hell is a well known Green
wood runner. At the Grand Forks
celebration he ran well, but was beaten
by Billy Smith of liossland. A few
days ago a local sport wrote Mitchell
stating Ibat a Rossland man who had
lecently made a turn netting him
several thousands in cash was prepared
to bet a couple of thousand that Mitchell could beat Smith if they came
together again. The writer suggested
that Mitchell come over here with a
wad, make a race and then let Smith
win, on which the parties would divide
the "sucker's'" money.
Milchell came oyer withacool thousand and another local man was put up
as the sucker. Mitchell's partner came
along and carried a wad. The race
was arranged after several day's delay and Mitchell's partner was on
hand to wager his thousand on Smith.
The "sucker" was also pre.ent, and
when he. offered to bet his money on
Mitchell, the latter's partner was ready
wilb the Smith wad.
When the men came nut to Ihe starting point, the situation was Ihis :
Milchell and his partner hud $1,000
wagered that Smith would win Ihe
event, thc understanding heing that
Mitchell would fall before Ihe lape
was reached and thus allow .Smith to
win hands down.
Smith's friends had $1,00(1 wagered
that Miichell would win and they
knew just ahout where Mitchell would
do his "accidental tumble" act.
Fully 1600 people witnessed the race,
hut not a cent was bit in Ihe crowd as
far as can he learned.
The men left the starting point near
thc Allan house together, Milchell
leading somewhat. Thirty yards
away from the scratch Smith closed
up on his opponent and about -Kl yards
from Ihe scratch he gave Mitchell a
shove in tile middle of the back that,
landed him ten feet off the course with
a badly scraped leg.
The foul was premeditated and could
not be overlooked. The only course
open tothe judge wan todeclare Mit
i hell Ihe winner on Soiit h's foul. This
left the Mitchell outfit in the hole as
far as the bet was concerned. They
had wagered their money that Smith
was going to win out, and the stakeholder paid over the coin to the local
■nan who was to have heen the
The  Smith    coterie   had   "double
crossed" the Oreenwood layout and the
latter couldn't gel any sympathy, for
they came here to run a "jobbed" race
and were caught napping at their own
.1. L. Parker, superintendent of the
Dominion Copper Company, has u
force of men sampling the Emma, in
Summit camp, owned by Mackenzie A
Mann and W. T. Smith.
It is reported Ihst John Dorsey has
ahout finished negotiations for the
sale of the Blue Bell mine, in Summit
camp, to a syndicate of wealthy Milwaukee men.
Among the items of railway news
last week was one to the effect that,
B, Charles of Rossland, right, of way
agent of the Great Northern, who ia
looking after President Hill's interests
in Bi it ish Columbia, was in Spokane
on the 81 h. He said; "Work on the
road to Republic is to be begun at
once. Already the subcontract oi a
have representatives at Marcus fitting
out their commissary departments.
A gang of 25 men arrived at Man us
Monday snd another gang of 100 men
arrived Wednesday. These men will
he sent out along the line to begin
work as soon as supplies can be forwarded. Constitution work will be
acl daily begun to-day."
A dispatch from Grand Forks state.i
that Pat Welch, lhe Spokane contractor, who will huild 10 miles of the proposed Great. Northern exlension from
Marcus, Wash., and Midway, B. C,
left on Tuesday for Cascade. He stated that his section extends along the
Kettle liver for 10 miles southeast of
His contracting outfit crossed the
Columbia river ai Marcus unit will be
on the section at pnee, when construction work will be (ommenced. He
will hnve employment for al leasl 1,000
He also stated that Jack Stewart, of
Spokane, who has ihe contract from
Cascade via Grand Forks lo Carson,
has heen awarded the contract tor
huilding the extension from (irand
Forks to Phoenix via Fourth of July
creek. This branch will lap Summit
and Phoenix camps.
Contrnctoi Stewart, will employ
about 2.800 men. He will have tu
drive an 800 yard tunnel on the south
side of Kettle rivet, near Cascade.
The outfit of Gaughran, Winters k
Co., who will build lhe line from Cur-
son tn Republic, is in from Spokane,
From Marcus comes word that »
great, many laborers are already camped in the outskirts of town, waiting
for some one to set Ihem lo work.
About 50 men came in from Spokane.
Six cars of "outfitting" came in on the
fi eight and were unloaded and put in
shape for service.
The hridge across the Columbia is
locaied just east of the postoflice, "on
the bench," and locations in Mr. Cor*
bin's addition are being sought by people who contemplate locating there.
Saturday morning's Nelson Miner
Thursday evening three cars containing part of Ihe grading outfit of Sims
& Shields, of Spokane, who have a
large contract on Ihe Maicus and Republic road, arrived in Nelson en rou'e
for Nelson, Washington, which Is close
to wliere their work will lie. Mr.
Winters, manager for the firm, was iu
charge of the goods.and was accompanied hy his wife and child. They left
on Ihe weslern train yesterday afternoon, and ihe outfit will be fm warded
this morning, They will proceed by
rail to Midway, where they will cross
the river to reach Nelson. The building of this road is likely to make thin-is
very lively in the section of the Boun*
duty country contiguous to the line,
Midway being especially benefitted."
It is now reported lhat the contract
for the building of the road has been
let as far as Midway, but as yet the
names of the contractors for the piece
between here and Curlew are not
An outfit, nf V. V. k K. surveyors
are now engaged cross sectioning the
line between here and Chesaw, which
shows clearly lhat it is the intention
of the V. V. k E. company to continue
their road west of here at an early
Il is now definitely decided that
Midway is the point from which „purs
will he run to all the different mines
up Boundary creek.
It is not definitely decided as to
whether the spur from here to Dead-
wood will be run up Boundary Creek
to a point near Boundary Falls or
whether it will go back of the mountain just north of the town, If the
latter route he chosen it will materially assist in opening up a nn.nl.er nf
good mineial properties a short dis.
tuncv north of Midway. uu_   ,, , i ni-,1,1,  nu.l'IIIKTUK
ft II.OH'HsK      Ma.vkiijii
l*ulilirilieil   weekly   nt   Midway,  11, C.
Subd"rl|itlon Price, J2.uu por annum, payable
In advance, either yearly or hall-yeurly at the
opt lm. uMhe subscriber.
Advertising Rates senl on application^
MONDAY. JULY 15. 1101.
Mr. Spen.-e, one of the men employed
to 'idvertise the I'nn American Expos" nm, t.i-lls uf tbe scores of devices
for ..rousing puhlic interest in the enterprise. Framed pictures, .legiiin
nici.il trays for hotels, albums, etc.,
have been used, but Mr. Spence bis
found that more Inquiries bave followed no Exposition in tide in n newspaper than have been drawn out by
any "f the oilier methods.
Tlie public s-liool picnic to bo held
on Wednesday atlernonn promises to
lie a plcisiiiit .ilTuii'. The citizens of
Miilway lmv'O been very liberal in their
eoiiirilmtioti-. in oi-dei- to give good
pri/.eii for sports mid allow t he children
a good time. The place chosen fnr
holding the spoils is a picturesque
one, situate on lhe luniks of Ketlle
river i 1 the shade of n beautiful grove
of evi pgraetlB. Although tilt* distance
from the town to lhe picnic grounds
Is Inn ii short on:', a numher of rigs
have been engaged nnd will run
throughout tin* iificenouu between the
Iwoplades, affording free tnnsportiv
tion Hi those who cue In attend. Lust
year when iv similar event look place,
Home complaint was heni-il that nil
were not invited. At invitations have
this year been extended tn all, both
through tlie jiresBnnd by posters, we
trust that no unfavorable coiniueiits
will br* heard regitr.ling the picnic on
Wednesday irfiumidnn.
venture, and that 'Inter on,when
his ranch attains the shipping
stage, we may hear of his fui-iii
nroilucts, .especially the pumpkins,
which he expects to make a specialty
of, returning good values in gold, silver and copper,
RANCH iifSj.ti.uTi-s, alliinle nne mile Iriinfl
Midwnv '-'* nort'S in.rtor i'iiHU'iill"i>. xl)
j acres of which is gnoil iliunHiy mmaow,
I'lentv of wilier Is provided by throe .good
sprinic-i. Tlieio Is also a beautiful young
oreluird on the place liiKlnnlntf to benr, good
hou.e. bin-as mid out biiildlllgii. Kor terms and
pnrlieuliu-8 upply Jo
A. HOPPKIt, Midway. B.O,
I in
A. national game can no more be
iii.de to nrdei' thnn a naliunnl song,
Hoih must conic fnun the heart and
appeal to tin heart, and no amount of
good intentions can possibly atone for
lhe lituk of *.p.:tilaiiei'y. It may he
p..-Uiit tu give ni-tili-ial vogue to a
It iir.hi: snug, the people being moved
fora time ny l-'-spect und admiration
u ,iin imc and Iiis intentions. But
me 'oust appeal to the heart of
(H-ople or it can never become na
The books of I he ejaiies tench
t li ii lacrosse is Canada's national game,
bul i iiricional giiinc, like a national
iii ; i. , i something wi must woik
nu . ntii'selvus. Y mill)* i annda likes
liiseball, ium in o-J. of tlie conn
ii,' '■ isilinn .. -il | a ui,iii-in In* some-
times s..|.ius deifci-iniiniil lo make it. oui
iiniii'iuil |>Hiue. He likes to lie punctilious about rules and laws, and la-
iriB**i l.eing of aboriginal origin, af-
fi.r.i.i Iiii s-.-op- for thlit. iine nl'argu
iiiimi..tive activity. (nickel, on tlie
oilier hntul. is senate and deimroiis.
suit'il tu p ool- uho read Punch nml
cmmt their money in p mnds, shillings
ami penj'e.—Toronto Mlohi*,
Commenting on the Skagway ting
iiuiil.-iit the Philadelphia Record says
Neither in Washington nor at Ottawa
ute tiie otlK-iiils very much exeicised
over the ling incidental Skagway. At
the Stale Department the raising of
tlie Ijritish ensigll ovei the heiulqiuii I
er.-ui the Ciiiiiidiim customs iitlli-iuls
in Skagway isregiirdeiiiisinsigiiitlciiut
since itwas not intended to indicate
it claim of sovereignty. Consular
officer-mild . nmiuerciul agents display
Ihefl.giol' tln-ir countries over the
buildings occupied liy them every
where without objection. Fro.u the
('liiuiili.ii' capital ciitnes the explilii
rt tion that the ollic- at Skagway is u
"transit olllce" for th" examination of
goods destined to the Yukon territory.
Similar oIflres nre maintained by the
Dominion government at Tacoma, Sell' tie, Chicago, Duluth and Portland
and by the United States nt various
points in Canada ; the purpose of
these establishments heing to prevent
the delay of tlirough shipments at the
hound iry. Usu illy the transit oHIcui-h
lire quartered at railway stations
whm-e to ily their mili.mul flag would
seem th.it, In view of the local state of
feeling in that place over the boundary
question, the Dominion transit officers
wer.. guilty of a supercilious or indiscreet a.'t.ion in raising fheir.flag, while
thu American author of the "incident"
wan rather loo osti'iHiitioiisly patriotic
In tearing it down.
The Cascade Id-curd mis ceased publication.   H. S. Turner, who has hud
charge of the Record for some time,
having decided to engage in the uiiire
lucrative oioupiiMoii of ranching.   No
doubt the cause for the editor's sudden
chain e of mind w.is due to lack nf sup.
port oil the. part of the people of Cas-
ciid.', who. will Hnd by allowing their
lown to gu..unrepresented by a news*
p.-ipei Unit Cascade will be heard of no
more.   The business men who ndver
IImmI   .ml are now left upon the cold
wm il    Ithnul where to tell the people
fi i!i,i   "j-xui len,    bargains,"    will
j! nib ... • inoye I minor.' enterprising
I n ... .     ... jiii.s.-.wh.i failed lo adver
.. ink deeper into the sea of
nhliyi in. The dollnQiteni subscribers,
who as a rule arc ton indolent to find
out jij.ynews fm- themselves, wIU.iiow,
i - the absence nf n newspaper, he, like
l.liii old woman in the story,^.who,
when aski J by the minister if she
didn't know ihat (,'liVi-il died, saitl :
"Never knew anything about It ; John
.|i-*vnr lakes a papal' and yyeduii't kliow
what is going on." Casciide was well
l'('preKf.nt»d by the liecntd, which,
n..(l"i' the uiiinugeuient of Editor Turner, i,ns always a bright; newsy shed,
a welciuui' exchange to our table,    We
The Vini'ouver Province makes an
excellent suggestion when it snys i
The members of the Doniinion parliament, It will be remembered, vol eil
themselves an increase of 8500 in their
indemnity Ihis year, and ii would seem
quite probable that a number of these
gentlemen will not know what, to do
with the money thus easily acquiie.l.
Possibly it nifty not hnve occurred Id
them ilint there lies one way of spend
ing a splendid holiday and at the same
lime making themselves of fur grtui. r
use lo the country in general. They
might make a trip nut west. British
Columbians pay fur mote per heiul
towards the maintenance nf the federal
government lhan do the inhiibilanlsof
any other province, and they naturally
feel lhat. some material consideration
should he shown Ihem. That the man
tier in winch lb it ish Columbia has
been slighted is due entirely to Iguor
ance of the requirements here cun
hardly Iai doubted. Of the two hundred and odd ini'mhersnf lhe Oanadiau
house of comiuuiis probably "not seventy-five per cenl have ever been wesl as
far us Winnipeg, and yet these men
have to decide ou mutters of vital im
pnrtanee to this western country
Doubtless Ihey do so to the liesl of
their ability, but how can tbey begin
tn conceive of Ilie possibilities which
this country presents if encouraged by
proper legislation unless they see it fnr
themselves ?
In all seriousness, then, it is urged
that, these eastern members make the
"grand tour" of the Doniinion this
Manitoba promises to give u sight
this year of such a crop of wheat, as
the world nevei saw before, and that
land of pioinise. the Northwest, wt.h
its magnificence of plain, its counties-
acres of fertile land, can show pic'lur. s
calculated lo inspire the least semi
mental. Tlie leiriiories, ton, have a
special claim on the attention of eastern legislators, as it. is understood that
they are to be divided up into two new
provinces n"xt session, and how much
lietter can men sit in judgment over
i he affairs of a land they have visited
than if they merely know of it hy a
dry record of statistics. Our own fair
piovince yields place in the order of
interest to none nf her sisters. For
further particulars the eastern men
might be inferred to Ihe guide books,
but thei'i i.s no one on this side of the
Duckies who does not know positively
that a trip out here would hi linden and
enlighten every eastern member of the
Think ii over, 0 eastern M. P. !
There should be no great diffluliy
aliout ynu getting a pass, at d that ex-
<ra $300 would he a good investment
in (he country at large if spent in ki p-
ing what this western bind is like,
CAME tn inv proml«o« about six weeks ngn,
a bay mure, whllo strip in face, tight
riirhi liin.l foul while, also nun bay home, whllo
siripiu face, right land (oot white. Both are
branded ij V oi. left thigh. Owner can have
same by proving proporty uud paying Charges.
Midway, July 8th, 1901.
To — Sclilinko, lulu of Spokane, Washington
pvhodc lirst or Clu-isllan name Is unknown).
Sir.-Ynu arc hereby nntlllcil that 1 have ex.
perilled 8105 hi Iai,"r and improvements tipon
lhe"Itniin" Minimi Claim, silui I iu Kieger
M.iiiiiialii .Milling I'ami., in the ruin lew Alining Dl vision, in Osoyoos .Mining Ulstrict, in
llrilisli Columbia, in order lo hnld said' claim
under Ihe provisions of section 'li of lhe Minor-
ill Ael sueli lieing Ihe amount required I.i hold
said claim fur the year ending May -2nd, likil.
And If, in. lhc inplriitloii of ninety days nf
publication of Ihis nnllee. ynu fail or refuse lu
contribute your purliuu of llio expenditure required under said sucllon Sl, togollwr with all.
posts of iidvcrllHing. your [merest iu said claim '
shall heroine vested In llm subscriber, oe nf'
ynur co-owners, undor see; luu 21 of thu .Mineral
Act Ameudiiioiil A.i, lliim.
1 tiled at Mlilwny, II. 0,, this 27lh day Of'
May, 1911.
.mux oiurcn.
Co-owaor In the "Rmm" Mineral Claim.      |
posiollli-e address Prngn.ni,   Spokane   I
4ru u'oiialy, Washington.
Summer Excursions
From Kootonny Common .Points.
Pan-American Exhibition,
Buffalo, $;6.
Juno 18, July 2, 10, August fi, 20.
Ep worth League Meeting,"1San
Francisco,  $50.
July 13, U, ID.
Christian  Endeavor  Convention, Cincinnati, $68.50.
July 2,3.
National  Education   Association, Detroit, $71.25.
July 2, 3.
vkitNOK ac
C.   F.   COSTERTON     Kor ti-ne tablo*, niter,and full Information
cull no or address A. F. MoCCMA, Agent,
Midway, or
,1. S. CAlWrcn, E. J. OOTliE.
D.T. A., A.«.P. A..
Kolnoii, U. C.      Vancouver, II. C,
Aepmaarh _*o_*»^-
The Royal Insurance Cot. '
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy, |
The  Insurance 'Coy. op North
America. |
The London and Canadian Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Cut ue
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser por the Canada Per*
manent'Loan and Savings Coy
Certificate  of  Improvements.
I.aki: View Kxtk.muiin .Minkh.h, Claim.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale district.  Where looated :-Kruger
-j-AKK NOTICK Mini t. Chas. dc 11. Green-
I    as agea' for Ida Thompson, froe milium*
certificate No.  iidlL'S nml for Krederic  Vf,
Uridine,   tree miner's i-orllllc-ule No. IflOjiWi,
intern!, sixly dnys fron,  the date hereof, io
Jipnly lo the .Mining lloeiirdur for a Cerlitlciite
nf Improvements, fur the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
j  Aiirt further Iftko notloo (hn! ai-tion. ii..flcr
-cetion Hi. must be cummenceil   beforo '.In
| issuance of such Ceriltlcaio of Improvements.
Dated this illb day of June. IIKII.
10c CIIAS.null. GRKKN. .
Spokane Falls Morton
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain
Railway Co.
The only nil nil! route between
nil points Enst, West nnd Sontli
to HoshIuikI, Kelson nnd nil
interincdinte points ; eonnect-
iiisr nt SpokniK* with the Orent
Northern, Northern Pacific inxl
O. ft. & tt. Oo.
Connects at Rossland with the Canndlnn
Pad!! j Kailway lor Boundary Creek points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage dally
tor Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
EFFECTIVE MAY 6th, 1901 :
Leave. Arrive,
SPOKANK     9.0111.111. i.Mp.in,
ItlJrMLA.N'D    li.iiam. l.lu p lu
NKLKON      B.ti ii.ni. T.tJp.m.
■ Kuwurd-nuitl
^^A****************************************** K,
One Block West of Customs Office.
<§§ This is a first-class building, being hard ® @ $ a
<§§   finished throughout.   The dining room   ^  ^ ^
§| $$ is run under the personal supervision @ § /a
■$   ijgi   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   § |
(§■-} t$) 1$ the best 011 the market. Choice stock (| m
®  ©   @. of VV'ines' Licluors and Cigars at the |
®   ®   @  ®   bar-     Lar^e   Stable   in  connection, #
Tha Patronage of tho Public It Solicited and
•atUfaotion Quarantead.
(i.-iienil l'11-sennnr .Ineu 1.
The Snowshoe.
G. S. Wiitcrlmv, nf tlm well known
liinidnii publishing house, s.-nds tho
announcement, thnt, the Snnwslim.
mine has heen ut lost successfully Hunted, although the time wr s except ionn I-
ly inopportune, coining ns it did immediately after the collapse of the B. A.
C. The enpittilizattnn of the new venture is relatively speaking small, while
nn ample amount has been set aside
fill' working expenses. The Snowshoe
is one of '.he most promising 'copper
mines in the most promising cump in
the Boundary district. Th" men enn
nected with its direction are nnt'mar
ket manipulators, hut reputable men
of affairs, most of whom nrenssociated
wilh great industrial or financial undertakings in the ciiy nf London. The
8imwi.hne mine will therefore lie work
ed i'nr what the ground contains, and
mil an n means of extract ing money
from the pockets nf a gullible public.
The cnndlti.ins all point lo the conclusion thnl ihe faith of the promoters in
the value nf the property is justified
and their confidence, thit the undertaking will he a profitable one is not
likely to he disappointed.
The Assay Office.
Vancouvek, July 11.—Mi. Charles
S. Hunter, in charge of the projected
government assay office, states that
tlieC. P. It. slrike is unfortunate at
this time us it may interfere with the
prompt arrival of the supplies for tl.u
office. The inierinr appointments yi
the building will lie unmpletnd liy the.
16th of July us intended, mid everything thai, can he dune in Ilie way nf
hurrying.up the despatch aud train-it,
of the supplies he will do. Mr.Hunter,
when spoken to regarding the action
of the government in appointing nn
American to the maiuigini ent of the
nffice in preference to a Canadian,
stated lhat he had-heun requested to
take charge hy the Canadian govern
ment ami had not volunteered his
services, lie had loft an' Important
position as head chemist itlf. the Car-
inichnel liediietiun Works tn..accept
I he engagement. He had heard* thut
the questinn nf salary combine!! with
the necessity of getting an experienced
mun immediately had sinnctliing in
■In wilh it, lu fact one nietntlurgist in
Vancouver, certainly eligible for tin-
offiee, as he would judge froui.his rnpn
talion, had volunteered to the Vnxn
di.in government to accept the olllce
for the modest stipend of $6,UU0 a
The Boundary HoteS
Strictly First-class Throughout, Excellent Accommodation.
large Sample Hoom for Commereial Men,
THOS. McAULEY,   ■      Proprietor.
HBTABLIifflKD   1883.
Our  Si-ECiAi/riEs-Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutchf.kson, Manager.
> W. H. WEBB, A
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
B. O.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed,
Carriage Painting a specialty,
Carrying His Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Th* but of aoeommodation for
tho conventenoo  of tho
travelling public
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
The Midway Pharmacy
Lancashire House,
:: MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-o|)ened this well-
known and .comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of dl old customers and the public
Fnrn-ice-hente- and comfortably
furnluhed  room**.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre.k, B, C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Qood  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor. jkL AND DISTRICT. 1
returned  on Thursday
[ weeks' trip to Oarson und
H|, district siiperiiitendeiit for
...,„     Sinn EJiptwR C.ioipuiiy, pnid
an. «"»^Hlct( ft vil)it i^t, KHuuy,
Police John McLaren, of
id, mid MiHM Leiltia Wllkle,
jOnt., were married in Van*
[ July 1st.
|nn, of (he Hunler-Keudriek
H.   Miirlnll,   of  theYnlc
[.umber ('o„ Phoenix, were
liy nighl's   tl Kit)   fiom   Hnss-
three hours lute.   The de
laused liy ji t'n"k slide, u shorl
his side ot Itiilisiin.
(Rickards ri'lurn.'d Thiirsduy
West Fink country, win-re
ken spending a few days.   II.
),ui, who went with him re-
ni Beitvei'ton,
Mrs, J.   II.   Jacobs nnd
Slefi mt Friday on a trip lo
hottie, Pusadena, Oul.. where
bin will spend   ii  few   weeks.
Ecnlis  will  remain Home time
ClirllB,  M. P. P., arrived in
run Wednesday from Hnsslnnd
ll the same day for ilu- Hiinilkn-
(He wiih iicciiinpnnied liy U. M.
I'any's mill at West Rohson wa« des
troycil liy Iir,. „„ Thursday ntghl.
Prom   the  rep,,, i   „f   Uie wiilcliiiinn
who wus in charge nf the  mill th*
ihg hus heen tlUoovet'ed ae to th-
Origin of the lliv. The Hie DUl'leil
about midnight nn Thursday. Ihe
watchman reports thai lie hud made
h'i" round, of the mill hill n short U	
hefore n Hre was noticed iu one cut''
ner of the mill, anil liefore he could
gel witer it had gained such
headway ilmi ho was unalile to get it
under control, nii.l in a iemnikai.lv
short time the entire mill was in
Haines, whicli soon reduced it tu ashes,
Must of the luinhiir was sued. The
mill, which wus viihted at $80,(100 wa.-,
insured fur $22,000 iu a iiuinlu>r uf
companies represented in Ltossliuid,
Hide a Cleveland,
Por all hioyule accessories and sup
plies call on VV. H. Wehh.
Order a Cleveland wheel from W, 11.
Wehh, who luis the Midway ugeuoy,
Hide u popular wheel. Th.. Cleveland is MOknuwIedxed to he ihesunurior
wheel made today.
—   ■♦ —
Death of Thos. Miller.
It is our duty lu record the sad news
of the d'uih uf Thiiiuu* Miller, Of
Oreenwood, which occurred ut Lo
Angeles on Tuesday morning. Mr.
Miller shortly nf't-r his election a
alderman in the Nonh Waul in Taint-
of the Kingston | ary last wus tilten ill and was confined
to his hed for several weeks, lie sal
at the council-hoard on tho day of the
memorial services in connection will.
lhe death of the Queen hut as he was a
very sick man his physicians ordered
him south, He went lirst iii Phoenix,
Ariz ma, aud then In South.-ru California, hut. he wns unalile lo shake oil
his illness. His son .1. Hay Mil er, who
had enlisted with the South African
consialiuiur) resigned in order in ac
lompiiny Ills father smith un-l wus
w ill him at the time of his death. Mr.
Miller wns horn in "Scotland some 01
yiare ago. Proceeding to New Z al-
..ml when IS years nf ng.-, he soon he
oame a proiulnenl figure In tlu-colnuy
and lield public oflice. He eume tn
British Colunihia In IS!*) ami visiiing
Qreenwuud in Ihnt year he decided t.i
j li irrudiiate
|nf Mines,
IW. T. Thompson left Inst Wed-
Ifnr Beaverton, where she will
|for aliout a week. She was
pnnieil liy her brother in-law, A.
of Princeton, who is at
lull a visit to this country,
ileyerhiilT Ium secured the con*
ir hauling fori y Ions of mining
icry frnm Midway to the Wall
group of claims in Sheridan
.t few miles south of here. The
icry is expected lo arrive any
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will he
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
(..•Its,  of  Anarchist  mountain.
i few days in town last   week.
cits,  whn  has   charge of the
Bit Anarchist u.nutitniii, was tin
iy hack from  Nelson,   where he
ntinn for life
lhe provincial j remain there.   He invested
nr Day pniniHes ti. be well oh-
in ihis districl. Both (lieen
nl P linen I it ar.- in ikiin? arrange
lor holding celehratluns, A
meeting was held in Green
at which iilllii'i'sandi-iiinmitiee*
sppninied to lake charge of the
'Midway hand jntirneyed up t..
ftiix ou Thursday and furnished
I for the social hell  for the pur
Qf raising fund, to nil iu mul lln.j
('.  church  iu  th t city.   Ax
fahle time Was lied, and  a -nil-
|iul balance rewarded the effort,
picnic in connection  with  I Inlay public Heboid will  he held nu
ISmith's much, iu   lhe beautiful
■ across Kettle river, on Wedncs
Infternnnn of this week. July 17.
lilts are asked lo kindly   bring re
(linents.     Prizes    will    he   given
Iren for different sports.   All lined to attend.
in (i een
I In-  time  of
ul ical estate and
able property   holder at
Ins d. nth.
Mr. Miller t-iok u keen interest iu
thu affairs nf the city and wus elected
nu nld. imun for the Ninth Ward in
January Inst. He was a member nf
the A. I'\ _ A jM. He leaves two sons
and ii daiiuhter, Miss Jean Hay Miller,
who is .at present instiling in Vane.ui
The remains were interred at Los
P. Large has started business as
ftiiccunist on Fifth street, Midwuy,
expects by handling the lust goods
he most, reasonable pi ices to get a
I share of the trade in town. There
ild be a good opening for such a
ness here, and we hope Mr, Large
meet with that success his enter
i deserves.
, H. Thruston.general iniinager.iiiid
|ongley, Supt, of the Carmi mine
iuMiilway lodny arranging foi
|s for the completion of ihe wagon
I from here to Cnrnii. The work
ring dime al the expense of lhe
■ini Company, who trust that lhe
IviucIhI government will Inter on
(ipensate them for the amount spent
i much needed rond.
. large amount of travel is going
•lhe road hetween here and the
frst Pork, and 'he need of good
ds for the West Pork country is
becoming more evident. Pro-
rial Road Superintendent Kileeu is
Ciresetit in thai section, and it is
Hired that his visit will result in
I losiiinpiiun at an early 'late of
tk on the in,finished wngnn road
! Rendell,   Canni  anU    Ueavei ton.
.car of ore Was shipped fnun Iho
7  mine,   Central   eamp,   to   lhe
tish Columbia  Copper Coinpan)'s
I teller, at Greenwood, early lasl
ek. This Is the lirsi. lot of ore sent,
t from the mine since lhe machinery
is installed and, too, the Hist ore
ded tothe railway hy II. P. Uoutes
Ider his contract for hauling. It is
tended to semi down six or seven
rloiids per week.
l'h.' Engineering and   Mining  Jour*
fl stales tbat the Amalgamated Cop-
' Ciiiipimy,  of  Molilalia,   will  ou
ly 2l)ih inst,, pay its quarterly divi-
hid, which this lime will  he  al. the
Itcof $1,60 per share, equalling $2,*
fj.000 untl making its total dividends
i dale $13,000,001).   The Calumet and
'laCupper Coinpaiiy, of Michigan,
'ill nn the Ills! insi, pay $15 per share
i its 1011,001)  ,SHUH\ „•.„.,.,.„, unking,
'ii h its last quarterly dividend, $3,000
IP for 191)1 and an aggregate of divi-
ends paid by il of $75,8.10,01)0.
The Mine That Failed.
There wus u inau, Jim Green by name,
lie struck a ledge nnd staked a claim,
Ibeii cuine in town wilh valet anil
Aud corralled a scientific cuss.
"Professor, I should like io snort
An asHiy and a -well report;
I want yon to crack up my rook,
At.d Like your dividend in slock."
I lie swell report wus quickly done ;
The ledge il una a lissiire one
Quite well d.-lined, aud the ore iI run
At lhe rule of a lhoiihai.il dollars a ton.
Largfe Stock.   Low Prices.
wmw • w ww wwwm
T.   TO..   GULLEY   Ss   CO.,
I The Centra' Hotel 4
| llth St., Midway, B. C. ]
This is a new three-storey Intel, comfortably
furnished throughout,
Thc nearest house to the Railway Station.   Thc
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
pThe d
"I     City |
•* Bakery |f
I       WM. ST. QUINTIN, Prop. |j§
*&r  (jood  assortment of Fresh   Bread, (lakes and   a',^
kiwi Confectionery alwavs in stock. F<JM
m        —'   - «*
'%€€€ €€€ 3€* €€€€$$€€ €€€£^
-tiiu mnunied iillhlaliandsn tbings-
T«o chiiiidi'lier diainouil rings—
Aud a uiiKiiei lneusi|iin on his -hiit
Hln-d gulden Iumi-e o'er the dirt.
'I'n Fiiiuris Shaver sl reel he went,
And there he found a nice ...III --ent ;
Su I iin laid out to dn his best,
And ililk.il him till he couldn't u-st.
"You hain't nu iinlion  how  greal,"
said he.
'•Our min.nal retniurres lm ;
Jeat one per cent "f what we'll get
Will pay this country's mighty
"Tlu-re iiin't nu I eiier cow lu milk
Than a Hrst clans mine (thai ain't .a
Her gold's in heaps—" and  here  he
"If thai   ain't  level,   then   bust  tny
In thirty days the ihing wus dune,
/Vnd when ,lim limned what he'd won
He fell as uheiip us a nickel ull
Ten whisk, y struighis, uud
in slock.
There wns n hoiird of ri-h trustees
(A stock donation in each
And they sold the shines,
To twenty willows and tel
When,lim Green's tin ii to sell came
There was miry huyer lo lie found,
Antl lhe trea-Jiin-r kindly did advise
Tn hnld his stock iiil it should rise.
As time elapsed they failed to get.
A prooeSB for I heir sttlphuri't,
And ere they solved ihat fiita
The Muted ledge hud pel
The trustees all did uhdlci
The clergy preached man'
Tin- treasurer took u foreign t
The widows-heaven help the poor
Jim Green upon some iiinl'hle Mill
His inline and Ihis, "Dead br
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawingand Job Work done to order
Telephone No.  12.    Telephone orders receive prompt
Fresh Fruit in Season.
jgj   Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold lunch at   CffS
aSJih any hour of the day. 55JK
_ft®_>^si^^^Sri3Si® _^^st ^^s^^^rasus c^cs^s
#_&_&_&_&_&_&__&_&__ _*.*_**._'> ___&_**: •>_>>__ _*_„ .
y^^y^TT*?1999 999 5^5^ 5* S^SjJi
■}} Has opened up a W
 ^^^^^^   I
fa Single and Double Drivers $
Iiis Saddle and Pack Horses |
Will also conduct a transfer and dray husiness.    Bus   JK
meets all trains.    Freight and express  de- At
delivered to any part of the town. ty
.      .eXW.      . .______fijr
___-n__HHfl-_ t_____mm______^_______\\\   ___Rb_I
In the premises formerly occupied  by
-38.3PO-___.a-3r  Ss  Hampis
and has on hand a first-class outfit of
******************* ******** **************************
* No. 4 K.-W.-C. Blook,Wel80i,B. C. I
* Oobl. Silver-bead and dipper MIiicb ivantod nl the EX0HANGK. *
lithe IC8I —
f ihese),
111 tel'llia t«
I). D.'s,
ed mu.
, IobI estate
ukc," diil
I The Travellers Insurance Co...
I .... Of Hartford. Conn.
* rrmnnnnr
Oliurterf (1 IMW.
istuck i.ifp (Mul
AcciiU'iit lntmriHiMi.
1   cniitriicl
hesl life iiisiiniiice
iu (he wm 1(1. Ho
rlisiippuiutiiieul 11- In iliviileuds.
|?veryt|iiii|! niniriiiiieeil in ad-
vatice. Pinntiiiiin rules In
per cenl less I hull Iliose
line Mill unl ciiiii|iiinies.
in 25
f nlil
January ist,
SURPLUS   . . .
. 17,9*0,afro.W) th
TheTrnvelleis ('.iniihiliiiliini
uniler nrdinary ciinditions.
\tm n( HIkIH Hand
fleaWi Ttuuant .    .    .    fcinnii
bns« nf SiRllI nf Until Hvcs      ,        ,(Xm
Liws.if llnlli I'i'i.l nrll.iili llnnils
burrs nf Ono linini nn.l Ono F.wi
I'liriicinenl T.iiitl llisuliil ty Uj'iOil
l.iiiiiis of   Weekly
Accidenl I'nlicy muiciinleiw fiiraccidciiliil  (R
___________ ,W""  *
I.osk of Lou tit or ulmve Knee  ,    jjI.Iijmi  ft
Loss nf heft lljitnl      .    .
boss nf Kllhcr Knnl
Loss nf siglilnf One 1 yo  .
It,iletrir|ity $1,300.
AND. If such injuries are
any pllbsoiigm' ciuiveynnci
111.il.ivc power the
specilleil 111
sustaincil while ridiiiK as a passendcr in
tisintf ste.iin   cahle,   or   electricity as a
amount tube pnid   *jUI be DOUBLE  the sum
the clause uiuler which the claim is made.
Then Invd'iwn m.ti""'1"" '"''''
And  pulled  the f.""^"""' "v,r
S1,lek H. Dlgg».
* Cost $52
to Professional  and
0mmekcial travelers.
^^^^^^^^^^^^   BUSI.S'IJSS
^^^    M11,11111 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Other sums at proportionate rates
VMKK MILLING (JOLli proportion wnntccl «t oner fov Kastom investors.
Parties having mining property for hhIii nre rcqucstuil to send samploa uf their ore
lo the HJXOHATCGB tor exhibition.
All wimples whmill he sent by exprms. PitKPAID.
Corroapondcnoo solicited.   Address all communications tn
Jk—_.4k~*m~m   3P.   Ronoubevg-er,
Telephone. No. 101, P. O. Pox 700. ' NKbSON. H.C.
( the]
<s® j MIDWAY NEWS < • •
Books   \       DEPOT       ^  ^ndies
Magazines   / THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All tha best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kopt
constantly on hand.
Seventh  Street, Midway.
Rider Agents Wanted
On" iu en.-h tnwii In riilc uud exhiliit u siiuiple lfllll model liievi e nf nnr own
iiiniiiiliii'tui'... VOIT CAN MAKE $10 TO $5(1 A WEEK, h Ides having*
wheel In ride yourself.
1901 Models,        High Grade Guaranteed,
1900 and 1899 Models, Best  Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many gond
B_B_   9_B
$10 to $18
$7 to $12
_______________ --------J $310 $8
We will ship fttiv hloyclfi ON AI'I'HOVAI, In anyone wiihmit. u cent rtcpos-
ii in iirlviince nnd allow TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL.   You inke aWolnlely 1111
risk in ni-derill[f fnun ns, lis vnu dn nol need to pay 11 eeni if the hi.'V.'l.' .Ines
not suit vmi. On nol imv n wheel until vou have written for nur l-'ACTOIiV
PRICES mid FRBI? TRIAL OFFER, This liheral offer has never heen equalled and leu giiiir.iiitee nf thn quality nf our wheels. \VK WANT11 ii-luihlii
person in each town to distribute catalogues for us in exchange for 11 hicycle.
Write to-day for free catalogue nod our special offer,
*F. Tm. Mead Cycle Co., ciac-.Wo 'JfflOTW^iiSraWJ^ w» w •'♦ wi'*'"""'''
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
W|l_|_ [JL The most important railway town  in the   Kettle   River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  VVest   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,  Meyers   Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
31) St John Street,    '
Montreal, P. Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, B. 0.
Description of Work  Done on the
Most Important Property In
Summit Camp.
This properly, the B. C. mine,owned
hv lhe "B. 0." Ohar'.ered Company,
Limited, of Montreal, Quettec, is
situated in Summit, eamp, in the
Boundary district, in the divide lie-
twc-n ine Nurih Fork of Kettle river
nnd Boundary ereek, about midway
bet ween Grand Forks and Oreenwood.
Thp local inn was made in 1890 nod
dev • op nent work was commenced in
lbe ■■iiinuier nt 1HII7. A shaft wan sunk
to a it'll-b of KB) feet, mostly in ore
ami vein mailer. Frnui I his I wo levels
were turned, one at 50 feet and the
second at 150 feet, and drifting wns
started in a general northerly and
southerly direction, following Ihe
slrike nf the nre linily, fur as it could
he determined.
A branch of the ('olnmbiak Western
railway was completed to the mine iu
Ihe autumn of 181)9, this lieing a spur
from the line from Kholl to I'hoenix,
and i-hiIv in .latiiiary, 100(1, ore shipment s were st .in > d from I he dumps of
ore accumulated during the development work. In June of the same
year stuping was commenced.
The mine is equipped with a sufficient plan tu break and hoist more
than 200 tons nf ore a day through the
present shaft.
The country is limestone which has
undergone Various degrees of liberal inn from a white orystallsed or mar*
helised rock, containing about 48 per
cent lime and 7.1)0 per cenl silica and
having a specific gravity of 2.(17, lo
thoroughly metamorphosed limestone,
lulling milium iiy a small gold value,
about ii lul) of mi ounce, aod containing 70 per cent, lo 8(1 per cent, lime,
wiili a specific gravity of about B.00.
There are different stages uf alteration, of course, lietween the above-
mentioned limits, one piece of rock
not infrequently showing various degrees of inetiiiiinrpliihiii.
The microscopical determinations of
a number of specimens of this highly
altered limestone have revealed ihe
presence of the following minerals,
most of whicli are seen in each s|H*ci-
men ; quartz, plagioclase, enidole,
garnet, aiicite, magnesium aud calcium
ciii'lsinates, acl.iiuiollte, kaoline.pyrite,
chlorite and serpentine,
Into this muss of rock sheets of porphyry, varying in thickness, from four
or live feet lo 80 odd feet, have in-
traded, the intrusions having upper
einly followed more  or   less   closely
the bedding of the limestone. A microscopical examination of these sheets
of eruptive rock reveals the following
minerals: plagioclase, orthoclase, mle-
rocline, Inutile aijil a little quartz, and
thc decomposition of these minerals,
viz : chlorite, eartionates and kaoliuite j
Au analysis of two different, varieties
gives respectively, silico 82.69 percent,
and lime 2.117 per cent, and silica 53 21
per cent, and lime 5.52 per cent.; specific gravity aliout 207. It will he
noted that the porphyry is not mineralised at. al1.
Cutting through '.he ahove described
rock formations are several faultings
having a general northerly or southerly strike, with a slight dip to the east.
There does nol appear to have heen
any great vertical displacement, Inu
there are Indications ofa more or less
extensive lateral movement. It is in or
near this faulting that the ore is found
extending into the country rock in a
lense-shaped ui-iss so far as developed,
having nn extreme width of aliout tt'i
feel hy about 2G0 feet in length. This
extends from the surface of the ground
to a depth of nearly 800 feel, below
which it has not as yet heen followed.
As will he seen from the cross sec
lion herewith the ore lies in close contact with each porphyritic intrusion,
hotli above and helow it, the only effect
having been a possihle slight throw uf
the ore to the east. The ore itself is
chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite and some py-
rite, with a small quantity of gold and
silver. On the edges of thr main ore
body hunches of specular iron and zinc
blende occasionally oc.ur, but never in
Ihe ore mass. The specific gravity of
the ore is 8.05 to 4.00. Garnet rock is
the inineial most intimately associated
with the ore, occurring around lhe
edges of the ore Imdy and occasionally
in musses in the midst of it. A noticeable feature is the entire absence of
oxidisation of Ihe ore hody, at the outcrop in elsewhere.
The main ore mass is made up of
inoienr less horizontal sheets of ore
varying from a few inches to several
feet in thickness, possibly maintaining
very much the form of the original
bedding of limestone, of which it is
probably a replacement. There is no
cementing of these layers, consequently great care has to lie exercised in
breaking the ore, for if too large an
excavation be made without careful
timbering nm. sheet will fall from the
nne above it hy Its own weight, li.
has been found necessary to timber
the slopes with square seta throughout, tliere being no other practicable
method of supporting the ground.
The sets are made of ten-inch square
limbers and are placed with Hve fool
centres.— Briiish Columbia Mining
To I). McKay, Esq., of Koromoos, Hrll ist) Coliiniliia.
Take notice that I have dono on tho "Valley
View" mineral elaini situate on the WuhI Hide
of Keroni-of Creek in the Usoyoos Division of
Vale District, the work required by section 34
of the Mineral Act for the year whieh hits expired and have duly recorded the certificate of
And further lake notice thnt if, nt the expiration of mi days from the dale of the first jmtili-
eation of thin notice In the Midway ADVANCE,
you. a co-owner, fail to contribute your proportion of the expenditure required hy mini seetion
24 in respect of such work, uainelv $.">!.:'."■ to-
J;ether with all the costs of ndvcrtiKitiK. your
Merest in said mineral claim shall ttecomo
vested in me upon filing with the mining recorder of said mining division the notice and
affidavit required by the "Mineral Ael Amendment Aet im."
Dated this 29th day of April 1001.
Oertiflcnte   of   Improvement*.
Oolm Him. Minkkai. Claim.
Situate tn the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District. Where looated : Kruger
TAKK NOTICK that wc. K. I). Boring, frdfl
miners c« rtilleau; No. nltiKHK. and ttteve
Mangott. free minor's certificate No. nafcCM,
intend, sixty d:tys from tlie date /hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Orant of the nliove claim.
And further take notico that notion, under
suction Ti. must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate of improvements
Dated this 17th day af Mny, 1001.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Ski*.   Architect and
___ Civil Engineer...
,   EJeal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent
«MVOTARY    ITIU.K   ••»
P ail view Towimite Agent.
... ji>imn«...
r.mviu*. K. c.
CtfSvrtiapotnAowS* Solicited.
*'*i*A     ■
To(\ A. I'cterwm, lateof Kholt (Trek in \i
district :
81r: You are hereby notified thnl vi tu
expended $UK!.fiM lu labor urn) lin pi' i-inn
upon tlie "Hig Windy" Mineral (lair - itm
in Providence Camp, in Ulfl Kettle llivn W
Ingl'iviMlonof Yale Districl in llrin-l. ' '■■'■
hia. in order to holds ltd claim under iln l
vbdonsnf Seotlon *H Ol the Mineral Ail »'
being the amount required to hold tin a
claim for lbe year ending April 6, I!*1
And if at the expiration of ninety (Wj> days
publication of this notice you fail or rrtiiM
contribute ynur proportion of the cxi-eiiditi
required under aaid section 'ii, logetln-t v
allcottsof advertising, your Intensis '
claim shall become vested In the suUrrll
lyour co-ownersi under Sect ion 4 of I In M ii
al Act Amendment Aot, Wh."
I Hi ted ni. Midway, B. (.. this Mh da)
April. IMU.
0. L. Thomkt, MnnnKcr,
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C. Camp McKinney, B. C.


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