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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-09-22

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 •     ("it
Ipe Biftwaji
¥«L I, No. IS.
$2.00 per Year.
I have Just received a full line ef the
They%*«a# to FIT and give you
thatoaey rnjJirHWifieetoi so much
eesaed ia  a Corset, pNiw frem
$1.00 to $1.73.
Fall goods are beginning to arrive. This week's arrivals
are : Ladies Tailor made Suits in Oxford Greys, Ladies Over-
skirts, Ladies Wrappers, Childrens Dresses, sizes 6 to io
years, good value at $1.75.
Canadian Tweed Cloth
Suitable for House Dresses and Childrens Dresses, dark
shades, .6 inches wide, 20 cents a yard, 6 yards for $1.00.
n     '  "■'» ■   . ■  i.i  1   -.1 ,
From Rock Creek to Sidley there are 2,900 Acres
Under Cultivation.
Only a Comparatively Short Time ago most of the Land now
Under Cultivation wu Unprompted— Cultivated Acre-
age will be Largely Increased Next Year.
Almnt That PrescripUon
The doctor gave you, he wanted you to
have the purest ingredients it is possible
j      to obtain, properly compounded I will fill
it exactly as he orders.
A* F. Thomas, Druggist, Midway,
..____.__. fr^fr 1
1999 999 •
Prices to Suit the Times.
ipeeiel Cut Priees in Snmme? Goods
9 99 wwmwaW-,- WW
>ry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
Shelf Hardware, Lamps and
Glassware, etc., etc.
Probably it will sttrprii* most • read*
«rs, avm local readers, of Thb Dm
patch to taait the statement tbat
tliere sre at least *8 farmers cultivat*
Inn mom or less of the arable land
surrounding Midway, theft ti from
Boundary Falls to Ruck Oreek, and
tbat farther westwards, from Rock
Creek to Sidley, 'tben are about DU
It will doubtless he * still
greater surprise to redd an aaiertion,
ilellberately hat* after looking' $to
Ibe facta of th* poritton, th*||Hmere
are this wason between 3,000 and 8,800
aeree under cull Wat loo In tbe district
embraced within tbe boundaries Just
mentioned. However, these are the
simple facta, and they nay be milled
by any one who will take ihe trouble
to gn through the district and mak-
a careful enquiry, as wa* recently
doae by the writer. Farther, tht area
above referred to does not include
farm lands south of the International
Boundary line, bul takes in only the
occupied lands in tbis dislrict and
province. Were the farms and home*
•te-idi south of the line on what, was
formerly au Indian Reservation, in-
eluding those immediately below
MMway in tbe valley of the Kettle
River, aad the 80 or m situate within
the ana Ina Aaarehist Mountain
south to Dry Gnlcb and east to Myers
Crank, to he added the total would
reach to 170 or HO hi al. Since,
though, the presenl purpose Is to deal
with the farms from Rock Oreek to
Ihe neighborhood of Sidley, on Anar
enist Mountain, particular reference
to those nearer Midway »UI nut How
be made.
Of the 00 mentioned as situate be
twee* Rock Creek and Sidley aboift a
doeen, cultivating nearly 000 acres, on
tbe road from Gillespie's to Rock
Creek, via Rook Mountain and "One-
eyed" Mountain (facetiously so named
for the reasoQ that among others living In that part of the district are said
lo he there men and one horse each
having hut one eye), These together
account for 2.9U0 of tbe maximum area
of 3,800 acres first mentioned. It
should not be difficult to account for
the remaining 000 acres hetween Rock
Creek and Boundary Falls.
For tbe Information of those interested yet uufaiullUr with the individual areas under cultivation (meaning
the land In fallow-a comparatively
small acreage, by tbe way-as well at
tbat under crop ibis season) the following details are given :—
On Camp McKinney Road :
H. Brown 10
W.Brown 70
J.Martin 40
P., "Denmark" Johnson ISO
J. B. Chrislonbersuo 45
-Hawkins 25
A. D. McLennan 05
R. Grant 85
F.Hatton »
Several unenuuierated say ... SO
On Osoyoos road i—',
H. Edwards 40
R. Stephens SO
F. Edwards 70
r.Schom SO
O. O'Neill «8
A. Maurer §0
D. McBride «
W.Lawless 85
J. Goodyear ■ ■■■.. »»
— Gillespie (not ascertained)
W. Gardner 100
LaCause Bios. (Tedrow's est.) 100
J. Culling.,... »
K.N.Oudworth 60
E.J. Oudworlh SO
D. S.Kelsey 00
F.Kelsey «J
C.Ooss «
8. Johnson »
A. Letts  15
W. Alniquliit  »
J.LDodds 30
J.Boiarth  SO   "
F.Hart    40   "
A.   Madge, H.   Boler. W.
Buddy, Kelly Bros., -
Bales, — Eck and others.
•ay....  140   •'
Total.... 2,900 acres
A frNh itoek of staple ik huy grwrte irrivlig daily.
hain & co. mu
G. Hlgginlinthiim	
W.Akers  »
O.Vanghan ,■■■■"• I",;-' 2
Mrs. Argerslngers. (rented).. »
R.G.8idley(l<Bincrop) 400
Several unenunierated, say.. 95
1,700 acres
On Gillespie's to   Rock Mountain
road etc.i—
Burton Bros  JOacres
Mrs. Burns  40   "
J. Wilted  40   "
T.Wisted  »
i Wlitad Sen  »   "
W. Tipple  »   »
Joe. Johnston  BO   "
O. Klngsley   40
J.O-laoder  41
Ot course the foregoing gives no ides
of the total area of bind held by the
farmers named. When il is stated
that there Is now no vacant hnd of
tny account, that is nobe unpre-
euipied, between 8idl<-y and Rock
Creek, adUtanceof 16 to 18 miles, It
will he easily understood that numbers
of the pre-emptions are full sited.
Most of tbe occupied land is well-
watered, doing well generally as is
evidenced by tbe fscts tbat most of
them are gradually increasing tbeir
live and dead sunk possessions nnd
sdding to their area under cultivation
and that many have crown granted
their land, whilst none are offering
their farms for sale.
Under conditions not yet all obtained
miied farming and dairying through
out could he carried on to advantage
and In most seasons with profit. The
chief present obstacle is lack of cheap
transportation, wbich involves, practically, lark of market, the distance
from populous centres being too great
to admit of prmdme bring deliver*! at
prkto that wiH give '• fair return to
the producer and yet compete successfully with that brought In from
parte connected with the mining
towns and camps by rail. Tbe farms
in the dlstriet under notice range in
distance from Midway, tbe nearest
railway point, from 15 tn 80 miles, and
this over roads not allowing of very
heavy loads bring hauled. The provincial government has nnl dealt liber'
ally with these pane in the matter of
roadmaking, notwithstanding tbat ss
long ago as 1887 the then Chief Com
missionerof Irnnt and Work. ti. B.
Martin, M. P. P., passed through the
district and waa ao surprised with the
progress that even then —live years
ago — it was making, that, he could
not not refrain from talking ahout it
when he reached Midway and Greenwood. But since mil way surveys bave
been made right through the district,
and there is a prospect of the C. P. 11.
or the V. V. k K. liullding a railroad
west from Midway neit year, tbe hope
is general tbat Ihe transportation difficulty will lie removed before another
harvest time shall come around.
Given cheap transportation there appears to be bul one more contingency
to take into account, vii„ that of the
permancy of the mining industry in
tbe Boundary district. Fortunately
each succeeding year sees such substantial progress in this connection
that district farmers now appear to
have very good leason to look forward
to a fast-enlarging market in the
Boundary mining camp, and towns,
including Camp McKinney, the West.
Fork camps, Midway, Greenwood,
Phoenix, Eholt and tbe mines surrounding these several towns.'
The experience of years, so the oldest farming settler in the district
avers, has proved the district to he
well suited fordairylng, excepting that
until transportation shall be provided
it will not Iw alile to compete with the
creameries of the North-west, and Mani
toha. It ii deicrllied, with ita cold
temperature in winter and its only
moderate degree of heat in summer, ai
having ideal climate for biiiter-iiiak<
ing, Though loo cold for wheat grow
ing lo advantage lhe district produces
good crops of oats and Its rather short
season Is favorable for hurljy, wbieb
ripens early »od does "extra well," to
use tbe words of one who knows what
he has reaped of this crop. Root
crops and tome garden vegetables can
also be grown. Strange to say It has
long lieen taken for granted that large
frulta Will not do well at the higher altitude of Anarchist mountain, but It is
quite probable tbat this opinion Will
ere* long to be found to be an
erroneous one. True, with the snow
lying from three to four feet in deplh
In the winter, the prospect for fruitgrowing may not appear to he a bright
one, yet with nothing like tbe severity
been found that certain of the large
fruits will thrive and yield fieely, experiments should long lince have been
persisted in. Mr. Sidley, Ihe pioneer
rancher of the district, did plant some
fruit trees years ago, hut tbe gophers
destroyed them so he gave up trying
lo grow them until last year he planted aduxeti trees, obtained from- Stone
* Wellington's Fonthill Nurseries.
Tut onto, Out., and some of these bave
already grown well enough to show
that good result* may he looked for
where tbe trees are properly plained
and cared for. Aa for small fruits,
there doea not seem to he any good
reason why some of these would not.
flourish and gave a good return for the
time and trouble taken in establishing
As to crop yields—an average crop,
where well put in, will generally return 50 bushels of oats lo the acre, and
Imrley will do similarly. Rye yields
up to 80 bushels; wheat (grown chiefly
for chicken feed) about 85 liusb-ls;
potatoes (which are a goi-d-looking
-ample, but not generally of first class
quality) 150 to 200 bushels, and carrots,
parsnips and turnips range from 15 to
20 tons. Four thresher*— two steam
aud two horse-power—Hnd full employment during the season in the districl.
and Mr. Sidley has one "steamer" wiih
all modern improvements un the way
in for his own use.
Most farmers breed a few cattle for
home consumption or for sale to the
butcher, or both. Hugs are kept in
considerable number, and fattened for
market on grain and roots giown on
ibe farm. Poultry alio addi U> both
tbe yearly cash return, and to lhe
home food supply. There does not
seem to lie any sufficient reasou, even
without railway transportation facilities, why thia district- should nnt almost entirely drive out competition in
lhe Boundary Creek district in pork,
hoih fresh and cured, and poultry too,
Perhaps in hotter and eggs the pro
vision of means of speedy transport*
tion must he awaited. However, with
a little 11MN9 eataipriee ond energy
much might he arcomplhM towards
securing tbe local market In towns and
camps above mentioned.
camp are closed down for the time
being, though Imth are expected to j
resume work shortly. Among other
properties are the Providence and
the UoldHnch, Imth getting out ore
for shipment to Trail, whilst the Orescent, in Skylark camp, has lately been
working along the same lines and now
has a couple of cailw-ds of ore of good
grade await iug transportation. Several other properties ure having mora
or leas prospecting work done oulheui.
Altogether prospects aie favorable for
much mining and smelling activity
dining the remaining uioniba of Ihe
The Granby Company's mines are,
of course, -hipping their ore to tbe
Grand Forks smeller; t he Greenwood
smelter is getting its supplies chiefly
from the Mother Lode, witb several
cars each day from the Snowshoe; the
Boundary Fall, works are supplementing their supplies f■ oui the Sunset
with ore from both Snowshoe ahd B.
C. mine.. Whil.l they were shipping
lhe Jewel sent its ore to tbe UranJ
Fork!and ihe Nu. 7 In Greenwood.
So (ar ihi ore trom lhe Hepuhlic mines
has come over the mountain to either
Greenwood or Bimmltiry.
Boundary fmmttm K_a_taf Agate.
Once again all thiee Boundary smelters are running at their full ore treatment capacity, On Monday, 8th init.,
the third and fourth furnaces of the
Granhy Company's works at Orand
Forks were again Mown in, aod .luce
then all tour stacks have been in operation there. Laat Wednesday the AC.
Copper Uo.'k smelter at Greenwood
started ito second furnace again, thia
having lawn cold since tho beginning
of July, ao now with two furnaces run
inng both mine and smelter are employing full forces nf workmen. On
Thursday the Montreal and Boston
Copper Company,, furnaee at the
Boundary Falls smelter wa* blown in.
This makes seven furnace* ln all run
ning in tbe Boundary, these having a
total capacity of about 8.B0U ton*.
Tbe mines nowat work are the (Iran
by Consolidated Mining Smelting *
Power Company's Old Ironsides, Vic
torla and Knob Hill group; the 8now<
shoe Oold ic Copper Company's Snow
shoe, also at Phoenix; the B.C. Chartered Company'. B.C. mine in Sui it
camp* lhe British Columbia Copper
Company's Mother Lode mine and the
Montreal ft Boston Copper Company's
Sunset mine, both in Deadwood csmp,
A couple of men am at work on the
Emma, in Summit camp, and a sim
iiar number on tbe Morrison In Dead-
wood camp, but the Jewel, in Long
Lake camp, and tbe t'tf, 7, in  Central
Tha (lother Lode Improving.
The surface workings upon the uur
them part of the B. V. Oopper company's Mother Lode property iu Dead-
wuiod camp show a decided improvement in the quality of ure as compared
witb tbat lierelofore,uiiiied in the liig
quarry situate farther south on the
same claim, and this notwithstanding
that these older aud much more extensive working* nave latterly lieen turning out a heller grade uf ore than they
weie two month, ngo. This means,
witb oie running somewhat belter in
the big quarry and cousideraMy lietter
in the new quarry, thai the po.iitioii
is latiter fur the mine, eveu tbuugh the ■
expected rise iu the price ut' copper has
nut yet taken place.
Ai the ore in the new quarry earriee
a higher percentage of but h Iron and
sulphur than that from the old, it
nerves admirably tu tiux Ihe
iviou. ore* from the older surface workings. The gold and copper value, compare favorably with those carried hy
lhe shoot* of good clas. ore ocruring
on the 300 foot level of the mine, so
lhat in this respect, too, then), is substantial reasou to be welleaewtfed with
recent development* .-.,.
The ore out put uf the mine fat now
between 800 and 700 tons a <fcy. Of
this about VO tons ie coming from the
uew quarry and practically tlie whole
of tbe remainder from the old quarry.
The proportion from the former will
shortly he Increased to SOO torn dally.
There is stiH a large reset ve of ore
I woken down in the underground stupe*
hut this il at preseut not being drawn
Since tbe second furnace waa blown
in three daya ago al the company's
smelter Mb furnaces have been tunning as aatisfactoi Ity as did the single
one before tbe output of matte was
doubled. Among recent improvements made at the work* is the
connecting direct wilh the main boil-
ets of the steam pump which now that
water in Oopper creek is loo low for
the gravity system to maintain a sufficient supply ot water for granulating
the slag from both furnaces, pumps
waterfront Boundary Creek lo tbe
hig elevated tank from which water
How* to the furnace jackets and .lug
Hume. The capacity of this pump i.
being enlarged so that tliere may he
no difficulty experienced in keeping up
a supply of water in excess of prevent
Boundary Ore Shipments.
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother Lode  99,548
B.C  47,517
Sunset      800
Winnipeg     1,040
King Solomon       850
Snowshoe    1,731
No. 7 ;      665
Jewel      325
Golden Crown	
Sundry small shipments......    2,500
Totals 386,738
Shipments during  1900  totalled  97,837   tons
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for the eight months of 1902, is
as under:
.   625
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
one, yen wiwi miming nne m»si,-i,rii.i     .   , '.       . ,,.-,. r
of frost .hat li experienced in part* of I e«htmontns of 1902, 306,046 tons, making an aggregate of
tha Kettle Hiver valley when It
"-' "■  '-'^"tA-xii...  ...  •■ ...	 ifift fhspalclj.
c. u ckot;b£..
PaMUih-w! wwitij at 34ui«r»j. B-t
tmat yt
•••fip"w>rT    -if«trf*kl?*tf*f
Sitl»»*3r_;.fj«« ..
iu «avMice. «ir.Bw y*:J"iy orlBa-:
Ofrt.iat (if ii*** «uW_rj.u«yr
Adrertiicrif r_,w;« newt vu *pp
One of th* taU-t juMitiffis to tmt
pxchsosre taMf i» Ih* tod p ndsmt Am
ftiaaB. pot-lit-*- *» Bepahtk Wash.
It bu. hath » daily -anti weekly edition
snd i. cruinly fn'1 nf *n*w«. Rerm^
lie it ta he rongwtula'ed upoo harin*
«r,»*h h par*-1 ** ' be Iod1 pendent Am-
(ri-itB, as it redact* great eredtt lithe town.
trrsi-r---. Est. v*|**>ta*A»'« it frii". ».nd
ieiirfirig should er.-Tit.-*- :r-ucre_e-
firil.   Mat tie-r* *ae ttthohim ■  the
oaf.   TbeJrs'-peA-ps*-* m>_4
i perU-'.t—i» t'bat
l'_i'_ir«_4rt»-0«'t*rJ   •
i*v>*i aft abwr-d jpri-e-—*4Cl ot US' •»
: acre. Is a, i«ijrei#uw*i r «f nie- tier
: tote »B J-g-l r Mvi -CO lbs issue- **B-
I pai **'ti_f#; test _»-fcrt**t>"i»e m-rtl-r
I pnes   looking  W '.mid*' in thmr d:s-
tiiets, see* tb- posi s »rth I he oock-r aa
j tb*-n_ wad ptr«i ibe l»itd tbe gr>-|i-r a«
| it ai*y take » wink's tr».» * 1let I he vsi
ert Ufid ofBee tt, find I
i-ally t _ken jpor not.
rriot. |r ws_--'»<b-
,J a.t.1
;* I'M.
I i_;r!*l i I-: tatf here tbat -every-
« fa. -,.' H^4e« tbe _r»hie Und. then*
:*, (StoiXf .>f wxrU land with g*jd pas-
Usrsjjse f or nl! kadi of stock.
1 xrX jo-r traeh on the  ffliil (a***
fio_.   Fraitdre-s well   in  ifte Upper
Kootenay valley, in   tne   Fort *•*•«
th'rtcA. abng Kootenay  !*k*-  wbet-e-
-^*-er there li any   "oil;   in  tfce Kettto
Ei' er valley, the Okanagan,tbe Sifflil-
tainrt-n.  tbe   Chilliwack and IvT.oia
district;   tbe    taaaaai*  ai *t ymliftc
I hearers    and    require  the roiuitnum
L_tsa_M_,   Tei. "«*side of the Okan-
iftbe _u*d wj ^gui um  CbiUiwack   districts,   little
tbat be e_u-j _ss l«>«idij"iiein  that   hoe,   although
\x7. votice matmlkmimtrhip}aio
'■'■ wa_ w apply, to u
-m%- of Und. ao-1 «»*
El-ewhen- in 'his w»-<* w* j«Wish
a descriplive artid" on tne iraiohef of
rsoi-hes situate tttmtto Ro-k Ow*
and SMIey. having* rtmathraih atom.
sgr under rallixs'xriri. Th* notes are
vsry farefolly erxa\*lmi hy » ttrprmen-
Utireof Tbk Dispatch, after ni.king
a lour ef tW dis' tin «.nd wmnlbsg re-
lijsMedsUastn lhe n-jmrw ri nrrtn
iiftder ijul»i<atio*i and 'h- vai-jotis ow-
diiiouB under ishirh the di-ffr-retrt
1-raoebes of agriculture are carried on
in that district. Vt> trust tbat tbe
article will prcre of intetef-t Ui Ih
majori'y of our read-ns. Next wes-k
we will pul lisb ,-oiiie potacf-ara of H.
G. Sidley's fann. which, fium its 1-eir.jt
tbe largest in tbe distriet. is worthy of
**pecial tuention.
n'*t «-ffori :t«* tinir or i-penee »*««* | we ioiport frr*m the SUtea apple".!
sary to make- rwejirirve*. Amtber | tb^n-es. pLiuus. ptasches and siaall
drswliKt-k is tbat » i_0|» Uau st th-' frmu ro tbe tune of I90.OXI per ye«i:
Und* will recjmbairr **t*o_- Ttm i> • be«d€* what uwoesfroioEastain I'an-
E»st K-f*U-naT -we he memmyiiitAe iWiymyM-drnpf of fresh fruits and the
over larger mm* sad extort and|vaft *0.^^:i,k__. of earim-d froiW. We
thao/kf thaii in any otbet- owMaaa of; should fee able ;u supply our own mar-
the proneee, owiog to tbe conform*-, _.n sU fiun, as also thai of lbe Tu-
tk* 'if tie country, hot rt is «r»ite| kirn .nd the N«rthweit, wbich are our
l«;s«itjie   in   _j*n-f part, of tbe nti«*'r' natural iuai kets.
tht Thief Ct
-i Iw pern*"*0
tmyyautVAtlbA » ..•flKEiW,   ..
August sth. tM
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee k H<. Hani Railway,knowu
alloTerthemionaathe Ores! Bail
way ruling the '-Pl05__K Uxrnv'
trains every dayand night hetween St.
Pan! and Chicagn, snd Omaha snd
Chieairo, "Tb* ***t »«*• tr»iM !D
tbe world." Understand: Conner-
tio_.src -ade with AIJ. Traa*«i-
tmertnl lines. «»»iwi"K to pamsmgen,
the nest service known. L-iuiious
cosrhe., electric lights, steam beat, of
a verity equaled by no other lit*.  ■
_n-rirnto eawy csa irrigstKBi »"«*
mmmmUtf. __mtb*amMtmmmaltoo_t
wogc, into iletails, I wiil »ot d**-cr.l* it
m-ire iriie-teiy.
N'nw.   ail these district. sbe_ld be
carefully ei«_jJoed tmA reported oo by
I th-gifcemsnetit,   ri'WZ   tbe yisttk-ti
I and amotmt *«f airy arable land   arail
I able for sett'erce-nt ; wtett stittrket. and
i w hat modi* of <*otutiittf*TC»":>on tbejre it,
l at d wiirther or not   irripatioTi  woold
lie i«*c-ss_iy,  K>  that    a*   iifteodinj*
•ettler ui»> know exartly where he is
to po snd what be is to *_per_   This
re-:>ort sbuold also sfcow what t.aets of
amble land are held snd Ttot worked.
and sT**ps sboald k* tak**u *o at lea.-'
Poottry aDd epgs are also required
in larpe q_uitili-s to supply the mat-
k*t» cf tbe province aod the Yukon.
Tbe ka-airt of eggs far these two markets is alswi Vti.lifl douse per
annum from tbe states, besides those
supplied by Manitotia aod the Eastern p-*«in_e«. The same holds good
| wiih poultry, as we iinpurt al*oqt|17,-
I Uf) from the States, and our own marker H l_ri_ely -upplied witb tnrfceys
from Ontario. Poultry rsc be raised
anywhere, and to advantage, in Brit-
is* Columbia, and certainly if it pay.
the On -ari- and Manitoba fanneis to
raise tbem, pay freight out hens and
to contend with ail the difBcultw* uf
di-ni-le t»x Und that is so he-Id. or (be i l^-ir rigornus climate, it should surely
Owing to onr Inai-attd adrertMng
pHimnsge we bave fj,uod it nwessarv
to increase the *_u- trt The Di«TaTv*h
from afire to a sil column paper. In
doing this we feel a pardonabl» pride
that the iaisiness men of Midway are
pstriollr: en'wgh to pa'rt.'iiie tbeir
local paper *o »uch »n eut-nt to make
if possible foru« to mak" the chanire
a'-ove referred to. Suh nnivereal
paUoni'ge among the bwshteoi ii.-en of
Midway is especially pleasing to u* «j
thr: present time, wh-n oth-r papers of
tbe district are euoi)J__ulng t f la'k ■ f
support It pnnei i-or.cltitively tbat
the people of Midway, whohat- l>usi-
new ofatiykiyd are wide awake and
advertise al a time wberj 'be eoadt&m
tu ihe country is tint a- proaperoa. a-
we w.-'iiM bop». B? ki lining tbey are
snowir.i* their good judgiiti-rrt.. Man*
are nf-he opinion that th* only lime
to advertise ii when the countiy is
fluarisl.'ir.g. socb an jdea is '-onl!-rT
to all the rules governing «urce«sful
advertising. Men who have made a
fctndy "f tbe qoestirm turit*- in advocat-
t*< it revert ta t be cr urn : as*, wi' h tbe i
iiwnted awonnt of _gr«*ult'jra,i lattd in
ibis jtAemaO rxery acre sbosrld bri
,iittivat«lwlidiKi-eeif it allow.*} to liej
waste or to be twed for cat t> raogt, \
Imnied'wtriT   sftar   mating  a pre
pay ihe farmer bere with everything
iu bis favor.
For the raising of geese, ducks and
turkeys. th?re is an id-al region round
tbe shores of Kamloops Lake, wher
tbe dii;_i*te and all other conditions are
See tbatyour ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" "hen going to any point
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell tbem.
For rate* pamphlets or other information, address,
R L. Fobd. H. 8. Rows.
Trav Pass. Aft»
HerxnA Aagek.
lioiinar** exammaUrai rt the r-oactry. I pvrfeit for tbe purpose. It is situated
«ef« sbonld Br 'afcen \n mrmtg those] on lbe m^ia foerf the Canadian Pac-
!ar^lsttfnrfar«i«gin rilo ks.-if _ro_jj ,gt. railway, and is ceirtrally situated
2fl to MDmIU, aid ronfhrn? own_r4iip| a regards the markets of the pruritic*
as mnch »«p«***il*> tn '-lo--k« of tha' { anrj there are no doubt many other
ifen Bsrerr MaW-Mrt and eni-rwirafte | ),KJi)iVem suitable for tbe porpi-se.
ment should he gi*en to settfers tekirigj j wiU c|we my relUiU.k5 hy ^j-ing
__pibemhaa* rag■ hm mned farm- , ha, the quegUon „, -^cit-re goes
ine and rtarrrii^. \band in hand wilb 'hat of transport*
L-irge indiviilaa] land holdings srejm,-..; \ would '-egto suggest that tbe
a mistake aJid hare resu'.teii disa'trmi. Vu'er,« League appoint a string co_i-
tv wiierever tried in Canada, as on
account of tbe scaisritv nf agricultural
lals-rl the lend is V"*rly cultivated.
weed» xnrrt-sf. and-the isiil it eihaust-
... T»ke Fraoee »s an exauiple.
wbete tbe ho**d'H*gii are small; th»
average prndoct ••-? were i« ten timw
tbe arerege is ('iiaadt, and iimi* than
thai above Uie avjpra«e m the  States.
A iBali.sritb aatuaHTarnsand eooogb.
t'oc* on it Ui keepap its- fertility c*n
W'.rks pay
*mv well.    j»ir tei-aready market
Sea -
Steac •
Price Marker.
Carrylog Hi* Hajerty's fWU
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
days,and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. ul, arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 jl a.
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 P* m*, and making connection with the trair) gomg east at 2:5$ 6'clock.
TlMbMt 9*
1 tm 0—mt/mm
: at'Or
I Vu'e-
tuit;e- to :*ke np the transport ques-
1 iiun in fill its hearings.
injr a lil*ral di^lsy.-f printer.' ink l«julkeTOITlW. -.-», \,r
over.o.i.e the cause, of de*.re*lo*i df+^J"^ wt&    i^rei-aV
ti-ade.   We do not ihiok tiiere h an t Ji^.,4 the province fi-rfar.u pr.-dm-e.
other town or city in the CrovinO of I _mi fAxa ut jj^ Rt th,. ,„p „„,,.,,
British CotoutWa where a Uigtr r-r |SI)dalw„„ wiH1»iis ktoges the min
ins; industry Ust..
■as* Dallas aaJ
CfeKk     Pttior.
aM*r Ty-N
rVUMIsf Presses,
tte.. etc.
eefit*f?e of tbebn-inew tti n !>at!««i»",
and paironise lit»ml!v. thrir local
paper. th»n\Mi<Hray. Thi« is saying
much, bat it i. not ati exaioreraled
entimation of oVint-al iitport, and
b»lt*,ving this wJlotiiwderitonrdBty
—a p|ea.arat,le duly we otve to mir
pa'riinti—to make ignition of the fact
through our oluoin*. True, there are
a fear engaged in faiMneM in tbe
town, wbose rmnie. do not decorate
our column., but tbey are very few,
and we bope that l-efore lung tbey
will permit us to largely increaw tbeir
volume of l-usiiw-s. I.y telling the
pu'ilic all almut what they have to
offer, Ihrough the column, uf The
To dattl* Arabia Und*.
We have received fiom tbe secretary of tbe Voters' Isragno.nt Victoria,
a printed copy of a report pieparvd!
for tbat body by Prank Mol-erlyC. K.,'
dealing with the question of settling
the arable land, of Hi it ish Columbia.
The question b one "f vast importance
to the success of the province and Mr.
Moherly's remark, are very intere-it-
|i.(* indeed, and it it. quite evident he
has given lbe<)i,e-iion mucb thought.
lfihe prrivincinl goveinineni JVould
liutact ii|<m hi« "iigg-*,! iorK the heavy
iinpuriation* of ggjieultaral produce
ini'ithe  pr-rvime   uould   lie gie.itly
Afler the ei-taiinat bm I have spoken
1 if bas heen made, it will lie found that
di!Tri«)tcl-i»-'e»<d**ttlri> will he required for different Uxaltties. For one,
thow wbo understand the clearing of
laud and handling of heavy timl-er,
etc. Tben, steps »ho>ild he taken Hi
reach out for efats ly tbe lac* inf. settler required for oath locality, and, take
Uiein there.
Dairying is an indostry that fecial
attention should he paid to. Everywhere, from ibe eastern hniir.daiy io
tbe eoa>4. timothy and red and white
clover aad all ruot crop* will gruw tu
the greatest advantage, tbe climate is
everything that can la* desired, and
even where tb* cliniaie is most severe
tbe hm.iag of cattte i* a small mattei
a. any levere weatber.jiever iaatsii-ore
than a week or I wo nt the nut-ide and
i. not to he compared with the. draw
'•ackssuffered by of Ontario. Quelec, Manitoba - and tbe
, Northwest wlm have on an average irf
Ave or six months tu house and feed
their cattle; and yet thoee fanneis
sell their prndnfts at a profit in Brit*
i"h 1 oluinhia, where tbe aaine artickm
could he produced in alamdance and
perfection at, I aiu hound to sav, half
thermt and enertion. La>t year in
the Similkameen country, where
na'iire has done everything poi-siWe to
make it a perfect dairying country, I
as purchasing butter at  SO cents
HarvesieTB and thraabers wbo are
he^vv i-oiieaiuees of Chewing Tobacco,
will find '.-
much more wholesome than, the rank
toUt-co* of the poet. As only pare ingredients enter into tbe manufacture
of this brand, it can Im urnd with perfect seturity. Valuable present* can
also lie ol-uined hy saving the Snow-
shoe Tags, which are on every ping.
Tbe time for ibe redemption uf Snow-
shoe Tags has been extended to
Jan. ist. 1904.
..    TO    ■■"■■
StRaul, bulutb, nlineapolli, Chicago
.    AKU J-OIfcte KAHT     '.
Tii      ul  TjtaMJjLii Tn-i-l- Slwper*.
Mning yffitme$ffi iSh9r1'\ttm,
tm ftatea, KoUen an. lull lnforMttos,
call as craiire*.,
101 W. Riverside Avenue,
Hpokamb, Wash.
A. B. C. DBNNWTON.O. W. P. A..
Sbattlb, Wash
Headqaartel^ for Railroad,
1    '"'.■'.  i
lining and Comnereial
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
■ .-j* *   or-. <
: m.
reduced, as the home market wouM
T'ruVf 8UPPI'W1   ''''  h " *-^wn]|H.und.".i.»dein\Ve87etn'^
drinking milk entitled in Nova Scntia
The Voter«' I>t.i-*ue \, hii independent organization which wan recently
formed for tb* purpose nf considering
tj'iestioniuf pulilii: Interest; imd per-
hap< no question i. of more iinportaiiie
in t>ie province to dny than the one
here referred to. We trii-l the Iie«gne
will lie jriven th" hearty support of the
provincial prem in helping Hlong iw
good work.
Mr. Moherly hm h»l great oppor
Unities for looking inUi the ttlflwHon
having neen over t he variom district*
Which he mentiorii In his article.
Not ooly bas he heen nver the ground
liii(,h«<a«welliii(|iiiie(l Into the con
*Jition- nffeetitiK tbe vmltiiu lociilitie.
asisevidenced  liy  his leiilill'k.'.   Mr,
Mnlieily sayHt
"Ihiiigothgtnipgak principally of
the Mainland, in. I know III lie ot the
Island, and will I nve that for oiher-i
to deal with who are mure inlimite
ith tha* neciion. Rritieti (,'oliitnliiu
not an ii«riiullurii| connlry, hut it
a. tract, of ai iille land of nioreor leas
extent ihronghniit Ihe districts of Idst
snd West Kooicmiy nnd Ynle, which
«?■» of mrpas'ihg richneua ' and are
capal>le of raiting crops ot miy kind—
>:#urham Bulls, Pfesh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
iyt  miles from  Midway, or
Dispatch office
There ia something wrnnir alioui tlmt,
in there not? And dues not the very
name .tat** of affairs exiHt everywhere
else.Ill British Coltitnln'a? Andyetthe
cry is "No market!"
According to ihe tnnle and hnviga-
lion reporl fhr WOO—the last I linvt-
seen—tve hnpoi'l KtO.iJl.l pounds nf Iml*
ter from the Nl.iites.. and I iuiitgiiie
that amount is exceeded by our lm.
ports from ihe Eastern provinces,
In the matter of beef, liy the fanner
raining unall herds nnd farm feeding
them, we wnuld have a great improve
ment in the quality of heef. We now
pay first, class prices for a very Infer,
inr article; and, as J hefore said, I
'.voiild nnl.allow any arable land tobe
monopolized frir cattle ranging pur
liosee. Pork Is another artlcli which
it pays to raisei the imp.irts from the
Stiiii-j iilone iii linciiii and ham being
$,mm pounds, for 1900. Now, in
Ontario (frnui whirll we also get. a
greiit quantity of these, articles) thi!
fanners found Ihey were nimble to
compete with ibe NoiihweKtJhlwheat,1
so they turned theii' grain" into pork
with iiiimtfnvoriilile resulls.
On IS; lb Inst, some where between J, 0.
McMvnp's ranch and Midway, onn logging
chain. Under will oblige by leaving at this
office, . ■
Certificate  of Improvements.
Bit's Beu. Mimui, Cum.
SMaat* la Um Owyaai Balot DnrtHm of
Tals DtaMtat  Wb*r* Loeattd *-&-*•
g*e lountala.
TAKK NOTICK lhat I. Chartaa de Bloh
Green, ss agent for George 0. Howell, free
miners eertltleate So. aWtsl. ard for T.xmn
MorrtK, free miners eertiflcal* No. irtlTia,
intend slstjr days from the date hereof, to apply te the Mining Beeorder far * OerUlcaUi
of Improvements, fir the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grantof the abore claim.
And further take notice that action, nnder
seetion 37. mtu-t be commenced bsfore 'ho iw*
ance of such certllkate of iniproiemenU.
Dalai this «h day (f Jsly. UM.
te C. oaB. OREEN.
Bieyde Btyiiriig ui Sundries.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Wort Executed ts tte SaUstoUM of
Commereial Job Printing
— AT	
CoavnNHTS He.
seearutn oar opinion
.. nf-'  '
linn* it, let
int. Item. '
lira"* "Zl^i.* **ksAth*M dseeriMkm ms$
inTcniiim upmtistilrpMenuM
linn- itncttrconadentW. RilHIl
lent Ue*. OMM
conadentfal. Bsadbookoar	
-      -ifjaj-WSr
__ - throajth Munn       „     _
tptcitu noHet\ wit hoot $__*. Ift tS#
Scientific Jlmerkaiu
--.  bMlfWidW*!*.
A hsmtmntplr fltoilnKd weeklr.   _trrat est-
culsUon nf anr MlenUlelMirtuj, T-rai,H*
enr i Inur montl
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally loeated and is a stopping place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Or\ly tke choicest brands of Wirves, Liquors,
ai\d Gigars at the.Bar.
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-dnss. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling puhlic.    Bus meets all trains.
y, of Rock Greek; was in
] Saturday''
Lndagln, merchant, of Ohesaw,
I lown Iaii week.'
'/Davla is driving the Camp Mc*
r'stage in place uf W. Garrison,
uking a vacation.
W. If- H»y b"" purchased thn
i and lot on Fifth ntrecl, former-
property of J. W. Reed,
lhl i* having the appearance of
,ge hotel near the C. P. B. sta-
reatly Improved hy a coat of
W, II. j. Wetil, ii doing the
,,,1 rains ha?e had the effect of
jiheairand lettling the dust,
|e district is now enjoying that
liitmnn weather iiecullar to the
I portions of the  Kettle River
tCawiton went on to hi* borne
smeoi on   Wednesday,   after
* delivered a large hand nf cattle
. slaughter house of p. Burns ft
[short distance Iteyond Green*
, He will ihortly return with
ierlwnd for the same Hrni.
..,,.1 Mrs. O.J. Leggatt, who have
■pending a vacation with the 1st-
lister, Mrs. Ja*. Atwood, returned
.1 today.   Mn. Atwood accom.
I them and will make a   short
i the wnelter city,
t Helta-he*-, C. P. B. car repairer
way.ii laid up from work as a
jot running a nail into his hand,
tund ha* given Mr. Heilscher
table pain, hut It is getting
letter, and it is Ip he hoped
i will shortly lie able to again
I lo hii duties.
-n«i Weet, after conducting the
1 House at Carmi, for a period of
lean haa returned to hia old lo-
I at Bull Creek, snd travellers
from the  West Pork country
.j-provided  with ii comfortable
ling place and excellent meals.
taking charge he has thoroughly
aided the hotel huilding, making
tiive repairs, so that every con-
nne is now offered to guests,
K. Stuart, who tor Ihe past two
!has heen in Pari* -and Glasgow
srge of the Canadian mineral
it at the exhibitions h**ld in these
•tivecities, paid Midway on
tiny and Friday, going out on
y's ttaln on hi* way lo Londtoi,
,iid. Mr. Stuart will perform
r duties at the 8t I/nito Exhibi-
-i 1_04. He will return UiCanaria
a "pring snd begin the work nf
'xainple* of ores throughout
|Beneriuan   and II. Straus*  left
tdsyaa a hunting  trip up the
I .They intended going Friday
heir cayuses bad ordained other-
After making a start the team
wny throwing the occupants out.
ijiiries resulted beyond a few
s that are usually obtained in a
e luii-up. It is not know n wheth*
t scciasnt ww due lo the pure
dnemof the eayuseior the event*
I delected for starting, via Fri-
various kinds of ornamental shrubs
and flowers decorate the outside of the
lawn, the whole making a veritable
picture of loveliness Such enterprise
as displayed by Station Agent Hailey
is worthy of commendation, and sets
a good example for others to follow.
, A. McPhail baa purchaeed from
f. Bergman hi* beine and lots sit-
on the corner of Jesaline and 4th
els. Tke house which was built
r Bergman three years ago is one
jb neatett cottage* in   Midway.
f makes the second transfer of pro-
y that look place in the town dur
the put week, which shows
t although tha district U compare*
tly quiet at present, there is a de-
nd for Midway property.
ut Friday a team of bones attach*
wagon, belonging to J. M.   Mel*
j. wer* left standing nuUlde J. Mc
(ol'i general store, when they be*
ie frightened and ran away,   In
king a *harp turn to go over to
enth street they eolllded  with a
sphonepol*.  bringing them to *
Bidstlll, but only illghUy damaging
>rlg.  Tt* horses got clear of the
1 and wen captured  before get! Ing
111 under speed again and before any
per damage resulted.
A parly composed of  J.   A.   Ims*
kth,U.R.Riohard*on.  H. H.Pan*
II, Abel Hallherg, 0. L. Gundarson,
mt up the river in the neighbothoud
James oreek, laat week ih search of
Eie. Th-y returned on Friday With
fge number of l|ltd». but only one
■". Reports from all oyer the dis-
t agree that Jetrfeave hot in any
«e numbers come down from the
Jher mounUini, although the season
■sufficiently far advanced to cause
>m to follow their-ustoin of occupy
1 points of less altitude.
• II. Bush, while out hunting one
lust week up Norwegian crAeX
>t two deer. C. L. Thome! also was
kcessful In getting one, in the neigh-
pood of Jauiei creek. It would ap
wr that the great secret In bringing
f wn game Is In knowing Just how it
done, Several of our local marks-
*ti are wondering why they cannot
*n see a deer, when others are for
-Mate enough to obtain the coveted
">|ihles, but they do not consider
L"l doer never golooklng tot thehiint
R. H. Bergman left last Wednesday
via Great Norlhern for New Yoik en
route to England. Mr. Bergman bas
been a resident of Midway aliuobt continuously for six years and "Bobby"
will be greatly missed by his many
friends here, during hi* alienee, It
is hii intention while away to take
a course of studies in mining engineering and the knowledge about mining
gained hy him while here should lie
of much benefit in assisting him in his
stud'ei. Mr. Bergman owns several
mining interests in the district, which
are all crown granled.
Passenger traffic over  the   Great
Northern lietween here and American
points   continues  quite   brisk.  The
completion of the road to Curlew and
lhe fast stage between that point and
Midway bas cut seriourly into the V.
P. R. iraflii', as Spokane is reached a
day sooner over the Great Northern
than by lbe 0. P. B,   Such a saving of
time means   much to the travelling
public, and so soon as the Great Northern Is completed to Midway, tbe C. P.
R. will be compelled  in offer better
freight and passenger rates than  are
now being gvien,   otherwise its traffic to and frnm hew arill he practically
nil.   Opposition is  the life of trade,
and in no business Is this more noticeable than in lhat of railroading.
Large  number*  of Chinamen continue to placer mine for gold on Boundary creek, notwithstanding the general
opinion that seems to exist among
white miners, that the diggings are
all worked out.   When asked if John is
making ninth out of the creek,  the
question always elicits the same reply
"two Iiii te," hut any one accustomed
tothe money getting propensities of
the Mongolian knows full well that, a
fair day's  wage is heing made, otherwise   Ihey   would   not  continue   to
shovel the ''pay dirt."  lt   would  be
interesting  to knnw just how much
has been taken   from   lhe   hare  on
Boundary  creek   since   mining   was
niiimeiiced about 36 years ago, and it
would   be  still  more interesting  to
know how much there slill lies hidden
ill the treasure vaults of ibat historic
stream.   It would not lie at all surpris
iug to hear at any  time thai  a dis
cnvi-ry  of   phenomenal  richness had
lieen made on the creek ihat has paid
wages in  hundreds of miners in the
pasl 3a years.
John Thornton, familiarly known as
"lolly Jack" waa In Midway last week
for the flint tune in many weeks. His
recent IHnesS has left him very iiiHrm,
ami although he is 77 yeai* of age, his
venture loving spirit isas young as it
1 was 80 years ago. As an instance of
the old man's undying hope of yel
Hguring in some rich gold lind, a short
time ago application was made lo admit him to the Old Men's Home,
Kamloops, but when informed of tbis
Jollv remarked that he would uot go
at once under that protecting care he
Westminster Exhibition
The Canadian Pacific Railway has
announced the following rules in connection wilh the New Westminster
Exhibition.' Tickets will be ou sale on
Main Line between Calgary and Kani-
lonps. and on Okanagan Branch; mi
Sept. 28th,2»ih, HUth and Oct. 1st, good
tn return until Oct. (tth. On Main
Line between Savonas ..nil Vancouver
tickets will be mi sale Sept. 29th, 30th,
Octnbe.r 1st and 2nd, gnod tu return
until Oct. 5th. On lhe Okanagan Luke
tickets will be sold on Sept. 20th, 2»th,
and Oct. 1st, good to return until Oct.
Barrihtkrh, Solicitors, Etc.
 — x—— ■———
—: Notary Public,
Camp McKinney, B.C.       ,
Vancouver | .10;
Wentiiiln»t*r Jc'. .«.
Port Moody  .80
Hammond  .46,
Hstioy    7,1
Whotinock  1.001
llmkln  1.10.
Mission Junction 1.40
Sunins  1.80
Harri-on  2.20
Agassis  2.50
Yalo  3.W
North Bond  485
bytton  5.65
Hpencos Bridge. 11.30
Ashcroft I 7.10
Savonas  7.75
Kamloops  8.50
Hhuswap  8.50
Salmon Arm  10.HO,
HicjunouH June... 11.00
Hcvolntoko  12.351
Illcdllewact.   •♦13.20
Olacior 13.85
Beaver Mouth... 14.40
llonald  14.75
golden 16.20
falllser     5«0
Kield 18.26
Hector MJ»
lJigKan ]$■}"
Banff    J»
Anthracite im
Canniore  |«.W
Morloy   M0
Cochrane  IBM
Calgary 20.26
Dr. R. Mathison,
Knderby 11.70
Armstrong  12.00
Vernon  12.40
Okanwnn l.'d'g. 12.55
Kelowna   13.40
Penticton 14.45
p, M. KERBY,
A. V. Can. Soc. C. (.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Victoria Exhibition Qct. 7th to Uth
Passengers who hold tickets issued
as shove, and who wish also to visit
the Victoria Exhibition, can have their
tickets extended (or a period of eight
days on application to "-e Ticket
Agents at Vancouver or New Westminster, and upon the purchase of
tickets to Victor,     '.id retam.
Rendell Block, Greenwood
Phone 86, V. * »•
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   HOC.   GULLBY   Ss   CO.,
THK partnership heretofore existing be
tween the undersigned ns Saw Minors
under the inline of Uiniinuj k Pol-urn, In Midway, 11. i:., and Gram! Forks, H. C, in hereby
dissolved by mutual couuent. All debt* owing
to the Midwav Sawmill are to bo paid to Win.
I'owirr*. of Midway, 11. ('.. who will continue
the Midway bittlQeet. and satisfy all claims
ngalnst the said business. A'l debts owing lo
the Grand Forks Sawmill are lo be paid to I).
Lequime, of (linnd Korks, B. C, wbo will continue the Grand forks business and satisfy all
claims againat the Or unl Korks mill.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C
Stage Line.
\,     a (WM. POWERS
Signed f „ LEijuiMK.
ritness JAMKS McQUKKt
Dated at Midway this 9th day of Sept- WW.
John Mt'Oallum haa completed
thrashing his grain. Although Mr
MnCallum usually has a good crop, tbis
season's surpassed t hat of any of recent
years. His large granary, recently
roust meted liy J. M. Melville, is filled
lo the roof with aline sample of oats
and wheat,
The moving picture entertainment
hilled for Sal unlay night was unfortunately interrupted hy a lesser quan
lity of gas unhand than is necessary
for working of the machine used.
On Tuesday evening the show will
lie given at McNiiol's Hall at8o'clock.
Never judge a man hy his clothing.
The man wilb fringe around the Init-
tom of lhe trousers, slouch hat and
worn out shoes may lie the editor of
your local paper,'while the man with
new clothes nnd m-w slim-may simply
lie one of his delinquent sulocriheiii.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
& Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co,,
Washington & 6. M. Ry.,
Van., Vie.&E.By.&N.Co.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m., arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m., upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p. m.
Will connect with MeyerhofFs Stage from all points West.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
The only all rail route hetween
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Orand Forks and Republic. Connects at Spokane with the
(Ireat Northern, Nort hern Pacific and
0. H. & N. Ou. for points east, west
and south ; connects at Rnssiand and
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ky.
Connect, at Nelson with the k.B.IN.
Co. for Kn.lo und Morun points.
Connect, at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway B. C.
llurfi't car. ran an trains between
Spokune und Reimlillc.
Leave, Arrive.
9.15 i.m SPOKANE      MS p.m.
Hi.«l tlOHSLANI)      S.llipm.
7.16 a.m  KK.L80X      B.IUp.m.
xxm'.'n JMIMJCIW \    •.«„„,
ll-fla.ra. ;0KAND FOUKSf    "*¥"•
O.Miuii  KKl'UHl.IC       S.I5p.m.
Midway livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -  Proprietor.
A. aa
«t once under that proiecni*s «-•-<«>■" ,„ . «,.,-.
1.3 nptUke part In the rush that Fof Gettlng a Beautiful Watch
would follow Ihe report of some new I _ „. _,	
eldorado. However, following the
persuasion of kind friends he has decided to ro the Kamloops institution
next Monday, where he will he well
oared for in hia declining years. His
departure will remove from Midway
one of the nmet familiar characters of
the place, and nol the old timers alone,
will mist his familiar face, as every
tetideiit of the district, both old and
young alike, looked upon meeting the
old man m a pleasure.
Ooiierai Paisenger Agent. |
Spokatie, Wuh.
Hay aad Oats for Sale. • Bus Meets an Trains.
Beaeral Transfer and Dray Business.
The shipping of home* from Midway I
to the Nnrthweat has heen engaged in
rather extensively during   the past
summer and spring.  On Saturday another carload was shipped hy C. V.
Semered, of Oreenwood, for Edmonton.   It waa perhaps the hest carload
that has lieen sent from here.   With
the exception of one or two. the horses {
were  all   thoroughly   broken    and
weighed in the neighborhood of 120(1
pounds each,   These should find ready
sale aa they ran lie put to work at once;
the buyer will know what he is gelling
and will I* saved the risk of breaking,
which often results in a greater expense than   the original cost of the
animal.  The horses were nearly all
purchaeed nn Ihis side of the line, only
four or five being brought from nenr
Chesaw.  The large Influx of settlers
into the Canadian Northwest is open
iug up a fln» market for horses suitable
for ranching purposes ; horses weighing 1200 pounds and over.   Tbis is not
a temporary demand but will increase
from year to year, and our local much-
ers would do well to hreed a class of
hones that would And ready sale instead nf continuing to raise the native
caynse, which is Iml of little value only
as a saddle animal,   Of course there
are a number of rancher*, who are already breeding a fair clasa of horses,
but they are fmv, and ten cayuses roam
the hllla Unlay to every one that has
any breeding.   It ci'sts hut little more
to breed a goml class of horses than it,
' -■  « -nithas
and Chain Froe.*—No Money
Required.—Every Han, Wo-
man, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order tn have Dr, Arnold's English Toxin Pills placed in lhe hands of
all persons sntfering from luld health
we make tbe following most liberal I
otter :—
If > on will send us your name and
nJdiess and agree lo sell for us twelve
boxes of Dr. Arnold's English Toxin
Pills nt 2.V. pi't'hox, we will give you
absolutely Free ■ beautiful Watch
Md Chain in either Ladies or Oents
sine, or ymir choice of twenty other
premiums such as tine sets of Jewelry,
Kings, Violins, Mandolins, Tea Sets,
Sateen Skirts, Cameras, etc. Remember we don't want any money until
after you sell the I'ills and vou don't
have tn sell any more than 12 hoxes lo
1 -    Tl.uia    ' '-- "■*■-
Excursion   Rates
September 29th and 30th
i -TO-
Washington, D. CL, «-* M™
Rock Creek, B. C.
S.T. LABSEN, Prop.
Stopping plate for Singes to
and from nil Boundary
Creek pnints.
11,,,.       ^        pe uinn ■«.	
get, the premiums.   This is ti bona fide
otter fnun n reliable consent that Ims
1- -t j.ain,.,, worth of
0^V^n_Z,s A Inlaid wurlh xi
given thousanos ni ".. „...„. tho ctniii-
-^"""'Em        .Arnold's
t-y- „' Tv'i,     * are     well known
remedy for aU "'«*»;'°2la8We, diabetes,
and Madder, Brt«ht sdl"•£ '.,,,„, «,,„
rheontailstn. nervous   iini
'li'etutfS&S&-nd Arm "
nil tli'Kt t lass u "i»» ,, you have only
,M parts of the WorW.gJWP ^
(jenllemen '"^^Hiomll.a.ed dials
Cases w h h inds Wl,l(.hes
ahd 'eli",'UHv ■ u.'titletuii 11 need be
nuchas no lady <   K    (l[        will  llt,
Hshamed to nwrt^««    ^-.,.„ $\\,
sent ahsiilittelj'■ *•«- JMJ ^.n.ierful1
Toxin 1111-1' .",..., ,., »am one of
Hrstlnyi''';:'"™    iJ'^iXhiii...   Ah
Kinn as we w» '' t pil,a ,w»lve
mrA we w.l send >     «*S»|||M|«|W
Froi Rossland, Nelson, Etc.
Corr-Hpondlng reductions Iron all illations.
PaVlor-Cafe Cars
M lewnni-odation fop tlie Traveling Pnnlie.
»t doer never golooklng for tbe hunt.   , „ breed a go.... - >•" ft co|t h(lg
'. but onjthe contrary, he must hunt ,,„,,, a poor c'K^'o*n^|W or f„,„• years,
. Atthe 0. P. R. station, Midway, to I if» V™1 °}T '.!?,
F«be  seen one of the prettiest, lawns
1 the district.   Water to supplied by,
fountain, which is kepi continuously
. Jnnlng, power being furnished by the
I cumpauy'* pump on the bunk of Kettle
does a poor *"--<'   . {„,„. y„urs,
lf»J'*#jlT«« while rf lhe "ay
us«»lninp*i'wl" f     tw
Th-jjitorenc^,U- ^ht^
continue to rume ■»'*■"«■*l '
Oatalognoami m....  ■ HS m„
with your tiftnie»«-'» :in nllnd that
'»"h»'rdX.uked to soil »»y ino.'.;
voti will notiliel,sK ',„.,, don't want
ihi-n the •» BMMX;Vo,i have si.1.1
any money...tti a i *ty d
"»"»', VV"'J|'    |i» liberal offer aaa
are only •■'".lilLYiLii Dr. Arnold's
method  ft"
MEALS j a0 nam on table o mots
Liquors and Cigaks
aTr__.iffD__.-ix>   _t*wtxtXBM
Unkquaixed in the West.
Knr Ii*in- tiitilus. rst.»H nml full information
null mi nr mlilrow A. Vi. HAI1.KY, Agent,
Mlilnuy, or
J, 8. rAHTKH, P.. ,1- COTIiB,
D.P. A., A.O.P.A.,
Nelson, B. C.       Vnnr.iuier, B. 0
Certificate of   Improvementa.
jKKeKKS.IN   MlNHB.ll. I'l.AIM.
Sltuatt In tha Kettle River Mlntnn Division of
. ....... . nnRran
ire only "'"'""«,,Ti„tt Dr. Arnold's
niethmf of  ad»e  ^»K ^   d^y,
English TdMi   PiW   ,       |-0, pMU(.
wrfieatoniJ.   n!(|l   ...istinas.
ent for youvselt tm
Ad.drrlipniCINE CO.,Dept.n8
YaleDlstriot. 'wj[«*5Jwd: 0n0mM
I.IIN11I,, lnt«iHl.»lijIy toiWJ>; ,r„ cota«oaa
Ii. awlytn tho Mining Bji-nw^ „, „W«lnlng
''" .'   • :■.'-■   "rfh/Pt
_______________ Yta
9   9
It' till ba tbe most important Hailway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of i
rich Mining, Stoek-Haistag,
faeturing, Coal Producing,
Midway property  will
you rieh.   It is not
i, it is an in-
liiwey- the eonlig nl*
wiy, omental, whole.
nil ui un
iri Bendery Creek Dis.
Wets, bsltiited it tho
eNlMM IT Boundary
Creek ui
The toaiiig
tewile tie eeutry, witl
u MM-tat eliiiie, pin
wiler upply, ud sir-
nndei fey rieh igrinl-
A. M. VVOVENDEN. 8ec..
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
_ri *
0. M. 0R0D8B,
Agent fur British Columbia,
Midway, B.C.
Oame Laws.
It is lawful to game as fol*
lows (dates inclusive):
September 1 to December 14-^Deer,
buck or doe: mountain goat, inountain
sheep (ram,)
September 1 to December 81— Caribou ; elk, wapiti, (hull); grouse of all
kinds, including pruiiie chickens; hare;
moose, (hull).
September 1 to February 28— Bittern;
duck, all kinds; heron ; meadow lark,
November 2 to March 31— Beaver,
laud otter, marten.
It is unlawful to shoot or destroy at
any time : Birds living on noxious insects ; English blackbirds ; caribou,
cow or calf; chafflni h ; deer, fawn
under twelve months: elk, wapiti, cow
or calf under two yeses : gull; linnet;
moose, cow or calf under twelve
months; mountain sheep, ewe or lam I.:
English partridge ; phessnnts, cock or
hen, except as heiviimlVr provided ;
quail, all kinds ; robiim (dinners only
may shoot these in gardens lietween
June 1 nnd Sept. 1); skylark, thrash.
lt is unlawful to buy, sell or expose
for sale, show or advertisement, caribou, hare, bull moose, mimiitaiii goat,
mountain ran. before October 1; deer
liefore September 1; nor any of ihe
above named animuls or birds at any
time, except duck, blue grouse, heron
anil plover during lbe open seiiMin.
ll is unlawful lo kill or inke more
thnn Hve caribou in one season ; mure
tii.hi ten deer, or to hunt lliem with '
dogs or to kill for liitle< alone ; iiimV
than 250 ducks; more thnn two hull
elk or WBpiti; mote than two hull
inoone; more than five mountain goats;
inure than three mountain rams; or
In take or destroy the eggsof protected
birds at nny lime, ,
Itis unlawful to enter land enclosed
by fence, wnter or natural boundary,
after notice or If notice uniler Section
17 is posted up j for non-residents to
shoot without a license; for non regi j
dent Indians to kill game at any time ;
to export or transport in the nw
state, gnme birds of every kind and j
iitiimnls protected except bear, lieiiv.-i,
limit en sud land oltei ; to Use traps,
nets, gin-, drugged halt, «lc.,lo catch
giuiie birds; to expose for sale any
ti.'i'i' without its head or bird without
itujpluiriii-e; to use butteries, swivel
guns or sunken punt* in non tidal
waters to take dtlclis nr geese ; for unlicensed non-resideiiis tn imp or kill
nr or beaver for < heir pells; lo kill
ygiune hiid h.-tiieen one hour afler
tset and nne hour iifoit. sunrise ;
kill Rune birds or minimis ini|iorted
for sci'liiiiutiution purposes ; to buy
or sell heads of mouiit.iiin sheep; lo
tnke trout except by honk and lino, or
to use salmon roe as bait,
D. A. Holbrook, a Boundary Creek
pioneer, whn lefl Ibe district lor Thunder Mountain when the rush - to the
latter locality was on last, year, has
returned. He did not And thunder
Mountain an Eldorado—rather the reverse for men nf small means, and
now, like several others recently returned to tbe Boundary after wander
ing far afleld, thinks ihis district
quite good enough for him $ "stay
with." Mr. Holbrook came Into the
Boundary Creek from Ptiget Sound,
where he had been running a steamboat, in the summer of 1889). bite in
the fall of lhat year he locaied and recorded a mineral claim he named the
D. A. LaWr he took out a few tons
of ore f mui this claim and sent It to
one of the Sound smelters, receiving
a return above freight and treatment
costs of hetween 9140, and $180. per
ton. Since then he has located other
claims in the same neighborhood, hut
like many other hardworking prospectors, has not yel "made a stake."
Still he has full confidence that "the
Boundaiy is all right" and retains his
faith in tbe future.. Perhaps no other
single individual did more to advertise
Boundary Creek district during the
middle IM* and his many friends
will rejoice witb hiuj should he eventually reap a substantial reward for
his persistent faith and hard labor In
the district.
rrien Wanted *% m e
To will for the large Fonthlll nurseries.  Applications should be filed at onoe. Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
ST1 Stone & Wellington.
Needed In Every Home
@^        THE NEW
.. A Dtetlsaarr at ENGLISH.
Blssrapk-r, OMiraph?, flatten, eie
Naw Platea Throughout
25,000 New Words
rhrasss  aad Dsflaltlsna    ,>
- Prepared undor tho direct supervision of W. T. HARRIS, Ph,D„ LL.D.,
United Slates L'oininissioiisr of Ed*
cation, assisted hy a largo corps of competent specialists and editors.
OTTh* International wot first issued
in 1890, succeeding tht "Unabridged."
Tin New and Unlaraed nation of tht
International tmt timed in October,
1900, Pet the latest and hit.
Wehster's Collsalals Dlatlsntry
with Glossary of BooltUli Words snd Fhraiss
imrmtx innnimtm, sI-MmmikIm.
Wnit-clMS In quality, ssoond^lssi ln sin.'
Leading Business Training Sehool
Business, Shorthand and Typewriting, Civil
Service, Normal, Telegraphy.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Porks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, aodlmatlssd trees sad shrubs, i
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of laples aad other shade trees,
Roses, Ulaes, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
Tbe secret of success In planting, is, naar-to secure-rood stock,
' ■wond-io plant assooo aa possible altar It is dug.
Trees eftteieel lta_ eer eenery en be plaited tt
IMwey twe eeyi afler thy en fig.
rrlee list, ond tttU taftrawtlM preeiftly given.
Our students hold tbe record of the United Htatet for proHnleney In
Business and Civil Service branches.  Send for catalogue.
E. H. THOMPSON, B. S., Principal
The Midway Sawmill
One of the Best Equipped Hotels tf
the Boundary. Everything First Class!
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor,!
Specimen owes, ets. pf bog-
books nnt on application.
Springfield, Mmi,
Publishers,       Tzmmmi
Band sawingand job work done to order
Lancashire House,
:: MIDWAY.B.C.::
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fnrnaoe*heate4 Md comfortably fornleh-4 rooms.
eneowoed-floriew, vie Midway Selge ±J5£SH 1
upon lis arrival In the evening, while change of hoises Is Mug made.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.


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