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Vol. XVI, No. 15.
$2.00 per Year.
OkuIikwood, B, 0,
—: Notary Public,
i MoKlNNEY, B.C.
In. ham.stt.
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlti Public,
|Bble Address: "HALI.K-T."
Conns: Ilodlord McNeill's, Moreing k
Seal's, Lolbor's.
Ikndell Block, Greenwood.
l'lionu 00, T. O S.
A, M. Can. Soc. C. E. ■
'rovincial Land   Surveyor
ImwAv Am Qkkicswoob.
I^eal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
Ita* Urst-ls* Shavo, Hair Cut, 8*» faun
or Hhumooa cull »*,**« above parlor.
Ilaiora hutiwl and ground.
hlTO 8TRKKT,  • •   •  MIDWAY, B. 0.
wnl    Blnokaiultli
Ml Kinds or Bopnirlng.   Horseshoolng
A specialty.
rtOOmxxtXar'AmXx.   Xttmar.
CihstClass Accommodation run Doubts,
RxotllwtKlshlnRoa Kottlo lllver. lit
|AM kinds of work executed to
he satisfaction of customers.
<§_)****' 1M0***********®
Praciieal Walch Maker,
Oood Tools, Plenty Material,
•nd .in yesrs experience to do
work correctly. . . .
Sold by All Newsdealers
s... 1 '.".""?• ulooWli' M oil lovort '41 Snug
IJ" . Huilo a ISA volume ol New, Choice
iSSrell*" ComjioiItlons by the most pop*
h_iv""1?r"- .•♦ 'ate* al **l»"0 "u.le,
KMooel, Ml InitrunientAl-i* Complete
IJ. *_** (•' fleVio-Onco a Month for 15
[*?"••• Ymrly Subsorljitloii, »e.oo. lf you
J win tend us tho nama and aildrem ol Vivv,
■Sil"?^*"* PjKireri, we will scud you k
■boot of the Mngaslne free.
._.__.** M'M". fublleher,
Ibth 1 locust Sla., Philadelphia, Pa.
1ST :=
Our entire stock of Dry Goods,
and Clothing, Ladies and Childrens Shoes, commencing Jan.
15, we will sell at cost.
You cannot afford to overlook these cash values.
All 15c and 17c prints nc
" ioc Flanneletts 6c
." $4.00 Ladies Shoes $2.50
" $2.75      do      do $1.65
" $15.00 Mens Suits $10.00
" $12.00     do      do $9.00
" $8.00      do      do $6.00
" $5.50 Boys Suits $3.50-
Gril and see oup $2.76 line ofmenssho8sat$1.76
I Hotel Spokane,
I-CCwC Seventh Sl- ■ Midway. XX^C^CX
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed.]
IS. O.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything eut in all Departments.
, Quick Sales nnd
Small Profits.
A tosh stock orstaplo and t'flncy groceries arriving daily.
Mix up Legitimate Mining1 with
Share Speculation.
To Montrealers how They Have not
Lost as much as They Thought
Through War Eagle Speculations.-Nelson Miner makes
Some   lJxcellent
In his usual forceful nmnni'r linn
Smith Curtis is telling iho people bf
Eastern Canada some very plain Inillis
regarding tlio mining Affairs nf British
Columbia.. For instance, he."ays, the
people in thi* east huve confused legiti-
mute mining wilh share s|ifr:uliition.
He qiioh'd from ii conversation had
with a citizen of Montreal who declar-
pd thul tin! people of that city, hud
josl $25,(100 in Ilie mining craze. An
Ollawa paper itiadp tlie siatenient
thai $30,(Klb,(J00 had lieen losl in lhe
shjire buying of some twenty-two min*
hig companies, mostly British Columbian.
This conclusion ho said had lieen
ariived al hy taking (lie difference be-
tween ihe highest und lowest price al
Which the vaiious shares had lieen
quoted; for instance, the 1,750,000
shares of War Eagle were credited
with a loss of the difference hetween
$!i8S, the highest market price, ui.d He
the lowest (then) price, or a tolal loss
of Sli.5lo.000. "Let me tell ynu how
wrong I Iiis conclusion is. -Gnodei ham
and Bluckstnck, the promoters, have
always kept a majority, prohahly
$1,000,000 of the shares ; lhe puhlic got
Shout 760,000 shftrfts ; nut ul $3.88 a
share hut at prices ranging from (K)c
up. The number of shares actually
sold at S3 S8 probably never exceeded
S.OIX), 'Here has been no real loss lo
Guilder limn and lliuoksloeli on ill"
shares tliey have kept, as, doubtless,
the shares they did sell tlie public, te-
eouped lliem I'm any money advanced.
Tile average loss per share 10 the pule
lie does not exceed $2 per share on lhe
76(1,000 shares, or a total loss of $1,500,-
(KM, and 1 veatuie to say that not one
third of that loss hus lieen borne hy
Montreal people. So 1 could go on
through the whole list."
Mr. Curtis might huve gone a Utile
further and shown that the money
ihat wa* lost in War Eagle slock speculation was foritVd'hy another portion
nf the people in Eastern Camilla and
ihutil did lint go towards developing
ihe mines of the Koot enuj s. The War
Eagle was purchased hy the Gooder-
hiiui Bluckstock syndicate for something less than $700,000 from Patrick
Clark and associates, und wus reorganized In ■ .(unitary. 1807. The capital
stock was increased fiom $1,000,000 to
$2,000,000 and lb" shares disposi d of
were sold to the public at a prolit to
the syndicate until l,75O,C0O shares had
been issuid to the. puhlic or thc promoters. Thei'oinpuny began declaring
dividends until $515,250 hnd been dis-
tubuted among the stockholders.
Under the stimulus of the dividends
the price advanced finally to $3.88 per
share. As only a few hundred of War
Eagle shares were held in the Kooleu-
ays uud ns ihere wns hut little trading
in them here the question is who made
the money that was distributed in
dividends and hy selling out tlie shares
al an advance on the price pnid for
tin in ?
Certainly u.ot the people of the Kool-
einiys. There'wus no assessments
levied und no funds came front ,East-
eru ('uiiuda for developnienl, lt wus
a portion of the people of Eastern Canada who made the profits. So the
losses caused in Wur Engle stock I cully
meant that whnt emu section of the
community lost Ihe other gained. So
fur as Montreal is concerned Ihe rise
and full of the slock simply mcunt,
through ihe fortune or misfortune of
speculation, that snine tif the citizens
were enriched and olhers impoverished, Nu large sums were taken out of
the general wejilthoflhe community
by tlie speculation. The War E igle Is
heiieved to he n good mine, lis ledges
nre i ich in places nnd in other the
values ure small. A section of the
ledge whicli was low grade wus encountered und owing lo this and olher
causes has ceased lo pay dividends.
When another rich section of the
ledge is developed it should resume
payment of dividends. It is passing
through a peiioil which Is common fo
most mines uud Unit il will come oul
nil right seems almost certain.
It is wrong for the people of Eastern
liana.Iii lo charge Ihe mines of Kool-
etinys and Yule for their losses whieh
should I'ltlhcr he set down to reckless
slock speculation and is not In any
way due lii lhe mines, but. rather lo
over Oiipilalizutioii, to the devious
ways of promoters.
The experience of the War Eagle is
n replica of many others on wlii.-li
slock losses have been experienced hy
'.hose who speculated in  their shares.
It Is doubtful, however, if $80,000,000
of outside capital has been put Into
legitimate mining In tlie Kooleuuys
und Yule.
In conclusion Mr. Curtis points out
how rapidly the mining inlerests of
the Kootciinys and Yule, nre increasing iu value und in-ks the people, of
Eastern Canada the pertinent question
if they are going to allow tliis increased
value to go entirely to outsid.'irsor not.
—Nelson Miner.
Written Decision will be given alter
Sitting of Full Court.
The adjourned argument nn the
application of ihe Yule Hotel Compuny, Limited,.and the Grand Korks
& Ketlle River Hallway Company, us
plaintiffs for au injunction restricting
the defendants, the V. V. k E. llailway
Compuny, from entering upon lands of
the plaintiffs, wns lieurd liefine Hon.
Mr. Justice Wiilkem. Mr. W. H. B.
Clement, for the plaintiff, completed
his argument on Saturday. Tlie Y'ale
Hotel Company own about a mile along
the tight of-way, and thr* Grand Forks
k Ketlle River Railway Company object to the V. V. k E. crossing their
line on the I'hoenix liranch. The
grounds of objection are common to
both plaintiffs, the main contention
being that ihe defendants have no
right lo build the line thev are now
construpliug. Tlie plaintiffs further
object, that the defendant's Charter has
lapsed, inasmuch us no work has been
performed wil hin the two years specified by Iheir charter. The defendants
in answer to this say that cert aiu wmk
wus done in the neighborhood of Pen
ticlnn in 181:8, but the plaintiffs enden-
vot lo unci ihis liy contending that
this work wus done by Mackenzie &
Mann under their .written em tiuci
wilh tlie British Columbia govern
ment, and not uiuler lhe V. V. A E.
ulmi'jt***, Another irasuii julv.ue eil by
the plaintiffs for tbeir injuue.iion is
that t he defendants have nm llled plans
of Iheir line. The defenelcnt's answer
to ihis is thut ii"cording to I lie Railway
Act it is not necessary to Hie plans for
the entile line, and that il. is sufficient
if plans are Hied for the particular section ou whicli work is lining proceeded
A furlher ground of lhe plaintiffs is
that ihe line being built is not author
ized hy the charter, which only provides for one branch line lo Intersect
tlie boundary, nnd whereas the line
which defendants are now construct
ing crosses the Inlerinition.-il boundary
ut three points within a dislance uf 10
miles. The final contention of the
plaintiffs is.that the work is being car
ried on ill the name nf the defendants
liy tlie Great Northern Railway Com*
puny, whose engineers havechaige of
tlit* work, whose contractors are i lidding the line and whose money is paying for the work. The plain tiffs suy
this is an abuse of the defendants'
churl er und Unit the law does not permit such u practical transfer of the
defendant company's powers In a
foreign cm pot ul ion, or the use. of defendants'chui ter for such a collateral
purpose. The defendants argue Unit
the arrangement helween lie msclvcs
and the Great Noi tln-i n, under wliieh
lhe work is being done, is perfectly
legal and proper. A. II. Macneill, for
the defendants, took lhe ftuther objection thut by reason of plaintiffs
laches, they ure nol entitled lo an interim injunction, and that even if ihey
jire right, Ihey allowed defendatils to
go ahead and do consideralile work on
ihe properly liefore taking any objoc-
lu the injunction case of lhc Y'ale
Hotel Co., Ltd., and the Grand Forks
Hallway Co. vs, tne Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern Railway Co., which has
occupied the ulletilion of Justice Wai
keni, and which wus adjourned on
Ttnsday when Justice Walkr in announced (lull he must lake some lime
to carefully look over ihe papets und
examine the authorities quolrd liy
counsel hefore giving judgment, a decision was given yesterday, Justice
Wiilkem allowed lhe motion miido for
the cnnliniiuneo of tlie injunction in
each case nnf.ll the hearing of the
aclion. Tlie judge reserved the ques-
I ion of costs lor decision by him lu'ue
on, anil announced to counsel flint a
written decision would be given later
as soon us lhe sil tings of tlie full court
weie over.— Province;
. ► • s	
TheGinnby snieltei tesiiiiied operations uguin on Wednesday ufu r u
few duys close down, caused byu break
iu tlie hoi torn of tlie wooden llinne,
,vhich conveys lhewjitei'1'roiu the iIjiiii
to tlie power house, The bolloni of
the flume foe a distance of SO feel
dioppeil out, having been gradually
Will   Begin   at   Midway   and  Run
Through West Fork, Similkameen
and  Nicola Country.
Arrangements are being perfected
by ihe Canadian I'acilic Railway Company for the eonsii'iiclion of a line of
railway connecting Spence's Bridge,
ou tlie mainline, and Midwny.the presenl terminus of the Colunihia k Western, says the Victoria Times. Plans
were recently llled showing the route
of this new railway, After leaving
Spence's Bridge il will take a southerly
direction, passing tlirough Nicola and
Ashen Grove to Priucelou, the chief
town in the Siinilkauieen mining dislrict. Tlie railway will ihen take an
easterly route towards Penticton, at
the fool of Okanagan lake, and from
there will climb the divide separating
ihu Okanagan river from Ihe West
Fork of Ketlle river, It will follow
the valley of the West, Fork to Kock
creek and thence to Midway.
While the contemplated railway whi
nnt make tlie most direct route from
the coast to Kootenuy, the conipany
contends that it wiil afford as quick
und easy means of communication he-
tween the coast and Kootenay as can
be secured by any competitive route.
Tlie railway will pass through distiicis
that have been only awaiting Hans-
portal ion facilities lo ensure rapid development. Siinilkauieen is rich in
copper deposits and coal measures ; the
country to the north, Nicola, offers
many inducements to the cattle man
ind agriculturist, and the country
Iriiiutnry to ihe West Foi k of Ketlle
river is rapidly coming to the front
because of the richness of ils mineral
In this connection, it may he staled
thnt tin re is un uueoulirmid rumor
that the Canadian Pacific Railway
Coinpaiiy will secure the Midway
i- Vellum charter and build this liue in
oub r Unit the West Fork country may
he more fully opened up,
The C. P. R. Company evidently had
the building of this road in view for
some time, During lite past summer
u big binge was liiiillou Okiiag.in lake,
It was not needed for ordinary traffic
on Ihe lake and lhe supposition is that
Penlictou will be made a hase for supplies and the barge used iu conveying
freighl from the terminirs uf lhe **hus*
wnp ,k Okuiiiigau iiiilway at the head
of the lake to Penticton.
Interviewed in Montreal.
P. F. Gndenruth, press con espondeiit.
of Greenwood, B. C, is in the city
staying at tho Hotel (jarslake,
says u Montreal newspaper Mr.
(Indent in h's mission in (hi! East is lo
aio.ise interest, in lhe possibilities for
agricultural development of that portion of tlm Boundary disnicl known
us ihe Kettle River Valley in the
neighborhood of Gi and Forks.
lie has wuh him on exhibit.a choice
nssnri iiu-iil of fruit a, vegetables, ele„
showing « hat can Ire raised out. West.
Speaking of the arable laud in the
vicinity of the gateway city, he said:
"Tlie Boundary district is favorably
known in tlie East for its mines of
coiiipjirutivcly speaking, low grade
copper gold ore. Along Ihe Ketlle
River Valley are slrolches of aruhlo
land thai ure capable of producing
everything needed in the mining
"One of tlie largest farms is owned
liy Mr, W, U, Coverl. lie took up
the place sixteen yeuis ago—lung before ils enormous ore bodies hud become generally known, lie experi*
ment ed wuh ft nil trees, uud proved
lhe soil und climatic conditions to he
all that could be desired by the honi-
cullurisl. Today he hns over 11.000
trees planted, cuiist-ting of cherries,
peaches, points, pears, apples uud
prunes. Anoiber Important feature is
the entire absence of fungus diseases
and desirucivii pests that work so
much harm in the tucliaiils iu other
seel ions of the country. 1 consider
lbe valley an ideal spot for any ono
desirous of engaging in fruit culture
and dlversill. d fanning. One run obtain 10 acre plots, plumed wilh. nu as*
soiMuehl of hardy variety of fruit trees,
Ibal withinlelllgenlciiliivation,would
be capable within u few years of paying for itself, besides providing a
handsome living iu the interim,
"With agrowitig market that cannot he excelled for prices j with a soil
nnd climate unequalled in tlte interior
of the province, the Keiile River Valley offers lo any one di siroiis of going
West lo engage in diversified funning,
a dividend power equal ton gold mine."
I    Mr. Gndenruth will be at the Hotel
iCarslake for several dnys nnd  will   be
pleased lo give nil Information possible
|i'eguidiug   tlie  conditions,  maritets)
] soil, etc., of t be Kettle River Valley. JOHN WITHELL Puoi'Iiixtok
k. M. CltOUSK Manaowi
Habllsbcd   weekly   at   Midivny,   11. C.
Subscription Price, $10(1 per annum, payable
hi advance, oltlier yearly or half-yearly at the
Option of tho subscriber.
Advertising Kates scut on application.
One of the questions which W. A.
Galliher M. P., will 'ake up when the
Dominion house meets is that of pulling a mail clerk on the Boundary
train lietween here and Nelson, the
quantity of mail handled being now
sufficient lo justify the necessary expenditure. This would be a very great
convenience and it is to.he hoped that
Mr. Galliher is successful in obtaining
tbis great need for the portion of his
constituency effected by the addition
of this improvement to the railway
mail service. Another important
matter, arising from his constituency
nnd one which will receive his attention, is the question of imposing un ini
port duly on rellned lead and lead pro.
ducts, that Ihe way may be opened for
development of all industries wiih
whicli lead is connected, Mr. Galliher
stales that he has read with satisfaction the news thai the Canada PuintCo.
had in mind tlie corroding of lead and
tlie making of paints therefrom. That
company does not seem disposed to ro
ahead until there has been a duty imposed on the goods it will manufacture,
The Murysville pi ople also state that
they will make white lead and as it
has beeu the understanding that protection would he grunted as soon as
auy fit-in was in position to supply Ihe
needs of the country, it is probable
tbat the necessary legislation will lie
passed this session, The west has heen
paying duty for long enough to help
oul Ihe eastern manufacturers, und
lt is about lime that the east
helped out Ihe west to this extent.
.'ouulry abounding iti nearly all classes
if precious metals. It may not he as
easy to extract them from tlie earth as
to wash the gold from the creek, but
Ihere fire less uncertainties about it.
As a comparison of how much more
certain it is to make money out of
quartz than out of placer, we huvt;
only to refer to the old timers of this
country. Uow many old timers are
tliere in this country, who located
claims in the early days uud sluyed
with them, thut ure not either well
off today, or have made money out of
their properties ? They are very few
indeed, and are the exception rather
than the rule. Dot if we follow the
history of the placer miner we Ilml
that it is entirely different. Of the
numher that engage iu placer mining,
lint few ever make a fortune out of it.
Then taking tlie experience of those
who have engaged ill quartz mining
and those who have engaged in placer,
and observing lhe large number who
have made money out. of the former,
nnd the equally large number who
have lost money at the latter, is it
wise, we ask, for miners to leave this
rich country that is so full of promise,
to go north nml face the dangers and
suffer the priv.ition. incidental lo prospecting in a country that is away from
civilization, iu an endeavor lo belter
Iheir condition. We have iu this immediate country much territory that
is only partially explored and where a
man stands as good a show of making
a Hnd that will bring him more money
than will he made unt of the hest
placer in the Horsefly. It would lie
well for those, who are contemplating
leaving this country (n the spring lo
explore the Horsefly, to remember the
old adage "Fiir off fields look gieen"
and to consider well lhe rich resources
of ihis greal mineral country, und the
vast Held it affords for prospering, hefore they definitely decide on chasing
the rainbow in search of the mythical
pot of gold.
11 *-t8-«lir.ai&BHiflg*<l*'*tf'- .'"•nir»*t''-'*«t*>'gW .'tt»'t.t»*l*«'»t-*Wl*'«»'*»-itl.■.Ii''9iy<li| .ir'ii.l:1;»
F. ,T. Procter, of Vancouver, hai
published a small book on the financial'
position of the province, or, ns he lulls
it. The Financial Crisis iu British Columbia. Iu this the slate ot the budget
of th1! province is reviewed from the
standpoint of un expert accountant,
The author opens with a general statement of the revenue and expenditure
f '!• past years under topical headings
and analyses the probability of the in
crease or decrease of each, He argues
that it is unlikely that in nny department of expenditure much reduction
can be effected except in thut of public
Works, nnd under this head the amount
spent imw is noi as large as it should
be. Foi the foot years previous to
11)00 the annual deficit w_sabout $115,
0110 uml the average excess of expenditure over receipts for the past fourteen
years wasnlioul !J7 per eent.
The author then passes under review
the various items set down iu the
financial statement us assets, and
ij rgiies that i hough these cost money
it is doubtful whether such things as
road*, trails and bridges can be called
realisable assets, while asio wild lauds,
th° receipts from these have been in
eluded intbe receipts of the year.
The amount, contributed Ip tbe Do
minion treasury in Ihe customs and
other duties levied hy lhe federal au
thoritles is then commented upon and
il is shown that since the province
joined Confederation its people bave
paid into the Dominion treasury $15,-
(KM.lKKl more than the Dominion has
expended in I ho province, From these
figures he almost approves the foresight of those who opposed ihe union
and contends lhat the terms should he
adjusted. The terms are now unjust
and an injustice should be removed or
remedied when it is found that an injustice exists. He advises tlte members from the province sitting in the
House of Commons to stand together
ou this point, independent of party,
until just ice is secured, With so large
an area to develop us this piovince
bus, its presenl revenues nre inadequate and a basis should be arranged
by which t be province would procure
a definite proportion of the revenue
rolled ed liy the Dominion, not thai
the Dominion should spend more
money in the province. Mr. Procter
jtloscs hy urging nil persons interested
Ud together until this most im
IJtistment of linaucial re-
There is little doubt Init when spring
opens I here will be a rush tothe Horsefly placer diggings. People from all
parts of the province will start for tlie
new Eldorado in hopes of making a
fortune and as bus been the history
of ol her great placer strikes, some wiil
make a slake, while tliere will he the
ordinary quota of unfortunates, who
will experience nothing imt bard work.
It is reported that the discoveries on
the Horsefly excel those of California
in 'III, ot those of ihe Klondike, which
in 1897 so startled I he world, and which
since then hus heen such an abundant
gold producer. To those desirous of
following mining as a means of milking
a stake and who are nt present living
in other than a mineral producing district, it might he advisable for Ihem lo
go to lhe Horsefly country, but it
might he well for anyone living in the
Hoiindary country to consider the
matter seriously before they decide on
leaving litis country .'to try their luck
in the Horsefly. Did 11 ever occur to
those who are contemplating abandon-
ingthis rich mineral country to go
north that they have a  Klondike or
Really the Americans do love something Royal. Tbey are not satistled
unless they have some scandal connected with the Royal family to gloat
over, or else having some little Royalty
from some other country to play with
and iiiaul about, nnd in these things
they show their appreciation of triumphant 'democracy, According to
Carnegie, in bis now forgotten book,
America is lbe one country in the
world where perfect conditions of
government exist. Republicanism has
solved the worries of Com t nnd King
and Empires, and in the moderately
economical rule of l he musses nn fur
ther improvement could lie made, and
in the  enjoyment  ,nf  tbe  system tin*
American has  come   to  realize that
Royalties are, after all, hut human and
only, at ll.e best, mere men and women.
Thul sounds nice for a theory and in
some instances might  become good
electioneering mailer, but alas, bow
far is il trom lhe actual condition of
things, and bow awfully uuiiisini* it
becomes when we think of the past
nnd of the present, of the people when
brought  in  contact with  what one
American culled  the  unclean  thing.
When our own King wus in America
many years ago didn't the American
people rave about him, and even today
we hear stories of fabulous sums paid
fnr seats near him in the theatres, fortunes spent for introductions und for
invitations todin letsund parlies, and
for yeai* afterwards we hear of many
who could uot, or would not, talk of
anything save what the dear Prince
said or did in the land.   And now another potentate is coming and the land
of the stars and stripes is getting ready
to show its worship of Ihe triumphant
democracy hy dancing attendance at
the heels of the Prince Henry of Prussia.   It will he a Duke of York tour
over again, wilh just the same gush
and expedition the same satisfaction
and the same  sore heads and disappointed  trumps, hut, it won't be so
long nor so much chronicled, at any
rale, in our Canadian papers.    The
purpose,   too, of   the   visit   is   of
sueh vast Importance, ihe tremendous
lusk of naming a ship for the German
Emperor, and, nn tlieside, the gracious
job of clawing While House Teddy's
buck and getting the  Ini|ieiiiil hide
clawed  iu  return,    Diplomacy   has
many crimes laid to its share already,
and this show will lie one more and
perhaps tlie silliest,  uf  them  all,   lint
then, you  know,  Germany is niter
Mends nnd this chance of wheedling
in is too g i to loose and so, of course,
the "Iron Hand" has to come and suy
"how much William loves you and
how anxious be is to be your friend,
and incidentally take yon in and do
for you," We pity Prince Henry. He
is not a hud soul in his way and not
quite so great an egotist as bis Imperial brothel', and weure surehe must
shudder at the prospect of having the
men and dames of the American plutocracy paw bim over as if be were a
different lieing from other men. We
are sure be must devoutly wish his
present visit was like his lasl, when he
went through the country unknown
lo anyone but the police force, uud wc
imagine he will enjoy the recollection
of his hold up hy the cowboys at Denver depot much moro than any of the
ceremonies al the present trip,
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. . This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers, When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it is an
For prices and terms apply to
Carrying His majesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at,5 pirn.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 ;t. rn,,
reaching MI DWAY at 1.30 p. m„ and making connection with the train going cast at 2 o'clock.
The best of aooommodatlon for
the convenience of the
travelling publlo.
Try a
Bottle of
Certiflciite   of  Improvements.
Al.i'lNK Minkkai. Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale  District.   Whore  located :  Camp
TAKK NOTIOK tlmt I, Charles deBlols
Gwon, iw ngont for LoiiIb 0. Hodltiltd,
free miner's cortlnoato No. rtllltHKl, unit for
John (Jrecnhlll. freo iniimr's nertiticnto Nn.
nl-Hi'A intend, sixty days from tlio ilate' hereof,
to apply to llm Mining Itecordor for a Ccrlltt-
cate of Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining a Orown lirnnt of thu abovo olalm.
Anil further take notice that action, under
Motion 117. limit lie commenced liefore tho
issuance uf sueli Ctrrtillrateuf Improvement*.
Dated thin 18th day of Jan., lim:'.
13c C.iiBll. GltKKN.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Mineral Aot, 1806.
Certificate  of
Owintf In a Blight (incident to the
niilgolngli'iiln un Thuisdiiy, the in-
cnmjijg train iliil nut arrive until unveil
the royal inburanck cov.
The London and Lancashire Fihk
Insurance Coy.
The Insurance Coy. of North
The London and Canadian Fihk
Insurance Coy,
The Sun Life Assurance Coy ok
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
To 1). McKay, Ksq„ ol KerumeoH, Hritish Colunihia.
Take nolleo that I havo dono on tho "Valley
View" mineral claim xltuatc on tho West nidi)
of Keremeos Crock in the Osnyoos Division of.
Yale District, tho work required by section 21
of the Mineral Act for thc two yearn which expired on Oct, 11, limn and Iimi respectively, and
have duly recorded the eertitlcate ofwork :
And further lake notice that If, at Iho expiration of IHI days from lhc dato of thc lirst publication of this not ice in Iho Midway ADViNCS,
you, a co-owner, full to contribute your propor-1
lion of the expenditure rcoiiircd by said nection »
24 In respect of such work, uainclv (102,90 to-
t'other with all thc costs of advertising, your!
Interest in said mineral claim shall becomo
1,'nl.l.l) AMI KlNH.Ml.VKIUI. CHIMB.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District. Where Looated :-Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I. Charles de Illolrj
Green, as agent for Hubert It. Hodloy.
freo miner's eertilleale No. ninffiknnd for Paul
Johnson, free miner's cerlilleale No. BJ02.11 anil
Frank Fletcher, tree ininer's ccrlitteate Nn.
B5O5G0 and for Peter .Scotl, free ininer's
rorliltento No. hIiiIXI, intend slxlv dnvs
from Iho dato hereof, toapply to tho Mining
Ilecurilor for a Ccrtitleate of Improvements.
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of
tho above claims.
And further take notice lhat action, under
Hcclion »7. must lie ooinmonood before jho Issuance of such eertlfleato of improvementa,
Dated this 18th day c f Jan.. Wi.
C. BBll. OltKKN.
Certiflciite   of   Improvements.
Sii.vKrHT.\ii Minkhal Claim.
Situate In the Kettle lllver Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriot.  Where located : Wellington Camp.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Forbes M. Kerby. as
Bgotitfor T. W, Stack, freomliicrs' eertitlcate No. nl'.'isi. T. A. Howard, free miner's
cortlllcale No. xiimi, and Chris. McDonell, free
minor's certilleatc No. Miami, inteiul.sixtv days
from Ihe date horoof, to apply to lhe Mining Ite.
cordcrfor a certificate of Improvementa, for tho
purpose nf uliutiiilng a Crown Gram, of lho
above claim.
And further take notice that, action, umlcr
section 37, timet bo'commenced before the
miiiiiico of such certfllcatc of linftrovoinonte,
Hated this Uth day of November, IIKII.
l-c FOItllKS M. KKRBY.
Mineral Act, 1898.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Lhmi. Tkndkk and Kiosk Coinaok Minkiiai.
Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division
of Yale  District.    Where located :  In
Wellington Camp.
TAKK   NOTICK that I, Forties M. Kerhv,
as agent, for T. VV. Stack, free miner's
vested in uio upon tiling with the milling re-; T"l,''Vu, N?' "v ""■ ____&. 'J™"''1; f™o mill-
corilernf said mining divl-lot, lhc notico and "V ettttlha," No niaitr...tames Priec, froe
affidavit -ootlll-d by the "Mineral Aet Amend- !' ""T,s PorUflonlo No. iil'.'.l,.l anil Chris. Moment Act MM." il?"81'  '.T i""1"1'"  cert Ileale No.   nll'limi,
| intend, sixly days from  the dale horeof. in
apnly to the Mining Itecordor for a Corllflont
nflinpru  ...
Datod this 1st day of January.
In the Goods of Ronald T. Hodgson, lata
of Greenwood, B. C, deceased Intestate.
NOTICK Is hereby given pursuant**) the Revised Statutes of British Colunihia, Chapter
IS", that all persons having claims ag'tlnst tho
estate of the late Ronali) T. Hodgson, am re-
rinlreil ou nr before thu itot.h day of January,
lOu:'., to send lo Min undersigned their names,
addresses anil descriptions, together with full
particular*bf then' respective claims vorllted
nystatiitnrv declaration-And all iier-nns in.
debted to I he said estate arc required to pay the
amount of their indebtedness to thc under-
ligncl! forthwith.
Ami further take notice that after thu said
2lll.li day of. Iniiiiary IIMt, tho administratrix
will proceed to distribute lho ossclsof thc deceased among t he parliescnl ll led thereto, having regard only lo lhc claims nf whieh silo
slinll Ihen have notice and that Ihu said administratrix will not ho liable for I he said assets or
any part thereof lo any peivon nr persona'ol
whoso claims noliee shall tint have been received by llieiu nl tliedilleorslletldlstrlclllion.
Dated this 1st day of .Iniiiiary. It'll'.
UtoliKOllft HltOtVN
.Solicitors for Administratrix,
mprovomcnls, for thc purpose of obtaining
a Grown Grant of lhc above claims.
And further take notice that aclion, under
section 37, must be commenced   boforo the
■tmutnee of such Certitlcato of improvomonts,
Dated this 18th day of November, A. D. 1001,
12o FORI1KS M. KKItllY.
Teaming of sll kinds done at
| Syrup of
|white Pine
/j\  and Tar
|Fof that Cough!
f yonRS. It's good.
The Midway Pharmacy
1 ravellers up the West Fork
of Kettle River will Iimi ihis
popular hotel the most convenient stopping place. Dining-
room well supplied anil managed,
liest liquors and cigars at tin
bar.    Stable in connection.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre-.k, B, C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls Morton
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain
Railway Co.
The only nil rail route between
all ixiints Knst, West and South
to Kosslitnd, Nelson and all
Intermediate points ; conneet-
liiK at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Piiciflc ami
O. It. & N. Oo.
Connects nt Rosslnnd with tho Canadian
Pacific Railway for Boundary Croek points.
Connects at Moyor's Falls with stage dally
for Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains
twoon Spokane and Northport.
SPOKANK    D.aii.m
j.l.j p.m.
ROSSLAND   13.Ma,m
NBLS0N     Il.llla.ni
II,Irr p.m.
XX.   A.  -A.0K8OST,
(iuuera! l'u*sc
Igor Agont.
Temporary Change of Service
1 Ttit.il fittllier advised the steatnw
fnr Kunii'iiiiy bunding will leave Proctor, eomiectioti from Nelaon lieing na
follows :—
For Grows Nest, Winnipeg, St. Paul,
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal awl
nil Eastern points,
Lkavk NELSON        Altitun
7:15 a. nt.       Daily (1:15 p. in.
. tr*—-
For Kootenay tsxlax points ami KitflOi
Lhavk NELSON        Arrive
hut) p.m.        Daily 10:15 a.m.
For Koolenny Lake pnints Proctor
to Rokanee Creek connection trom
Nelson will lie 7:15 a, In. Moiiilnj'i
Tuesday and Friday, returning tl"'
aiitne evening (1.15 p. m
Fur Unit) tallies, rales nml fiill Informal loll
cnll nn nr address A. W. 11 AII.IjV, Agent,
Midway, or
.1. n. < Ait run,        jc. .i. covi.i'.
D.I.4m A. O.P.A.p
NoImiii, II. Ci      Viwcouwi'i " *'
;,!!j;iwwww_w> THE ADVANCE
******* »»»»»*M»»»»jL
oNlooj is over at Carson.
[mcCuIIuiii returned on Satur-
(nn »trip io Gmnd Forks.
Murray has returned  after a
i-Uence   In    the   Okanogan
!Flood has completed his con
f putting up 100 tone of ice for
loore, representing VV, II. Mai-
ijo„ wholesale grocers, V uncoil-
,id Midway a visit on Tuesday.
Brown, representing the In-
fcigiir Co., Kamloops, was in
,y during the post week.
ish, inei chant of Molson, wns'in
y last week with a load of Oka-
apples, wliieh he disposed of in
|, Walsh, superintendent of the
nru mine on Copper ntnutaln,
Midway on Saturday on his
it. to Spokane,
appointment of Dr. Geo.  M.
I, of Greenwood, tn the position
broner for the Province of British
(lila, is officially announced,
jhictor J. Irvine is again on the
I liter run hetween here and Ross-
CoiKluetorE.Stirliiig, who took
ce has gone hack on the freight
js again heing hauled to Midway
,be Bodie after a delay of several
waiting fnr snow, and a carload
from that properly win be
>d to the smelter today,
total in aid of the Presbyterian
h will tie given in MeNicol's hull,
e evening of Feb. 20lh. Don't
;lliedatel All are invited,nnd a
jimeis assured those who attend,
jdolph Stuart, of Oreenwood,
(lidway a visit last week on busi-
connection with the rightof-
If the Cascade electric power line
minora! claims between Gas*
toil I'hoenix,
e k Fisher, formerly saw millers
Boundary,   have settled their
Iership matters, mutually ftglfe-
ipon a division of partnership
rly. Impending litigation is
fine slopped.
'quarantine on tbe town of Fer-
liieh has Iwen in etfeet since
iry lllth, was raised last VVednes-
md there is no furlher resirir-
in travel to or from there. Thiol is now practically stamped
jMeyerhoff. who has the contract
Ruling the NiimlierSeveniirelo the
SwoOdsmelter, has several teams
|>ik, This work has l-een delayed
tout three months, owing lo the
jofsno-vto make it possible tn
[on sleighs,
illustrated lecture entitled
Iher come home" given liy mem-
[uf the Salvation Army, in the
pi bouse last Tuesday, wns largely
iih-d and all those present speak
i highest terms of its Instructive
fnleiesliiig nature.
Siiiiilkaimrn    Coal  Qompany
'otnpleled arrangements for the
|ifer of tbe sawmill plant of the
View  Lumber  Company  to   the
Itsiie of Ashnola, They have
id a contract with the company
lining of 50,000 feet of lumber.
st. Thursday was Chinese New
and the local celestials made
ly on "samsuey" and feasted on
lhe various mysteries imported
1 China, bought with money rail fiom citizens of Midway, who
oy Chinese in preference to white
is expected that a large number
iiiiiiginnls from different points iu
-tilled Statea, will arrive in Mid-
in the spring and will either  pur
e ranches un this BiUe  of the line,
rule pre-emptions on Ihe  Colville
ivatiiin, whieh adjoins  tbe   Interims! boundary line.
is Inst obstacle to lbe harmonious
ilgatnaiion of the cities of Grand
ks and  Columbia his   been   re-
led.   It   was originally proposed
the name of the united   cities
t'ld is' Miner, hut recently an agi
'ii was started there with the oh-
of retaining  the name of Orand
The eity council of Columbia
| nieeling held last Thursday  even
ndopUtd a   resolution  endorsing
1 proposition.
Iforntation   comes from Eholt to
■effect that  the prospects  of the
filler mineral claim io that, vicinity
lieen   improving    cnnsiderahly,
Iiond drills proving the occurrence
•'in a considerable quantity be-
theone hundred foot level.   Ke
assay returns were very  eneotir
{g-    They   were secured from a
pie consisting of three sacks of ore
one of the surface showings, and
lied al the rale of $15, chiefly Inl
hgineer L, I. Baldwin has finished
I survey of the Buckhorn group on
hot mountain and it Is reported
the company will soon apply for a
'nt. The group is composed of
it olp.ltiie and is owned principally
•pokane people. Considerable <L
'Pineiit work has heen done on the
l'"5' with good results.   There is
!<• tunnel 800 feet long which taps
Bl|ge at a depth of MOO feet. At
"d of the tunnel il Ih reporl ed
11 large l..,dy of high gradeore has
I lo a fortnight ngo iho ranchers
> district wore growing uneasy
UsootUioexcuiitioiinllylijjht snow
4.10 p, m.
Wed., I'll
A Hulidiiysl
imt ]). iii.
Mulls for points fart lier west of Midway tliuli
Camp MoKlnnoy gn via. ftuvolstoko.
Money orders from Hix. in, to 7 p. tn. with the
exception of one half hour Ijufui'u departure
nnd after arrival of mails.
All Coast points
i'ls. I'row's Nurd 11.11
Eastern Canada
Vernon, eie.
Grand Korks
Groon wood
All pis. Knnl Is. Soulli
Cainp MuKliniiry
Ituirk Orook
All West Kork points
1.30 p. in.
Thus,, Tillies.
& Siiliii'dayB
son a. in.
fall this winter, and were wondering
if there would be sufficient snow to
form water for Irrigation purposes
next summer, but the large snowfall
during the pasl fortnight hoi Bet theii
minds at rest on this question for
there is now a sufficient depth in the
mountains to furnish abundant water
lo irrigate all the land that is under
cultivation in the districl,
Last Wednesday Dr, Spjinkie, of
(Ireenwood, visited Jack Bin ties and
H. P. Large, wbo are conllned to their
beds from fractured litnlia, the former
from the result nf a fall ou Ihe ice,
whieh badly sprained his ankle as well
as fracturing a small bone, uud t he latter from having a cayuse fallen his leg,
breaking It Just below the knee. Both
patients aie doing as well as can be
expected and if recovery continues as
rapidly as of late, they will he ahle to
go around on crutches in ahoul ten
days'lime. '
George lingers, of Winnipeg, spent
a few days in Midway last week looking over the town aud gathering information relative to the locality, Mr.
Rogers, who has had poor health for
some lime, has decided to leave Winnipeg and locate somewhere in Southern
Briiish Columbia and Is looking over
lhe various towns and districts liefore
dollnitely deciding on a location, lie
leH on Saturday's train for Vernon
md after visiting the Okanagan Country will return lo Midway. He is
very much Impressed wiih this town
and iu all probability will decide on
locating here.
J. A. Fraser, of Grand Prairie, neai
Kamloops, was iu Midwav on Saturday. Mr. Fraser is acting in Ihe capacity of a delegate tor the British
Columbia Settlers Association, whose
headquarters aie at Hav.eluiere. He is
visiiing the various agricultural districts of tlie Upper country and solicit
ing membership, and it is hoped that
with au itu leased nieiuheiship repre
aentalive uf lbe ranchers throughout
Ihe province that the association can
Induce tlie provincial governiuenl to
advance money to ranchers at a low
rale of Interest and thus enable them
lo carry on ranching on a much more
profitable lasts than tbey uie doing at
picscnt, owing to many uf them being
lladly handicapped for lark of funds lo
obtain the liest possihle resldls from
the cultivation of their farms. A similar sysiem to the one wanted by the
association is now In vogue in New
Zealand and has greatly advanced the
ranching industryof that colony. Mr.
Fraser left yesterday lo canvas the
country west of here, where lie will
doubtless meet with great success in
securing an increased membership, as
there are but few engaged in ranching,
especially on new ranches, wbo would
not he greatly benefitted by being
assisted in the manlier here referred
The tannage of ore shipped by thc mines ol" the Boundary
District during 1901, is as under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 233.424
Mother Lode  89,034
I5' C  47405
-Sunset      802
'Winnipeg  1,040
King Solomon  875
Snowshoe  1,731
No.  7  850
Jewel  350
Total 375.5"
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,741 tons, and during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 375,511 tons, making ah
aggregate of 473,252 tons.
The Central Hotel |
llth St., Midway, B. C. I
'^A^^^A&h^___________t______t______t____a Kit
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably   *a-.
furnished throughout. ty
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers, ty
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.     I
vtL£._&£_ t___i-_t_z__Zi £__£i£i &.&&,&&&&& £££^
PETERSEN & CO.,   -   Proprietors.
.   .   MIDWAY, B. C.   .   .
T. M.Gulley&Co.'
Large Stock.   Low Prictas,
t* as.  a-xTi_z_n-5r ss oo.,
Lancashire House,
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiirnnc-'-lu'iiteil nml comfortably
fiirniHlicd   room*).
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
____t____tSPt*!l* !t_llWt!fffl__tff__t__fflt___j_i tftHiftMftjft
Fresh Bread, Cakes and Confectionery
Fruits, etc., always in Stoek.
Try our Lunch Parlors for a good meal,    Meals at all
A Favorable Time to Invest. -
Diitiltf* tbe present. Inactive period in
Uni mining iniliistry is tvlieii tin
shrewd Inventor Is .putting his money
into mining prqpi't'titw, Nover In tlie
history uf tin* Ituuiiilar)' uml West
Kork countries weie there sueli fnviir*
utile opportunities to get linlil of prop
erties that have lunl siiffliictit woik
ilune 011 them to prove their value, its
asal the present time, ll is difficult
lo conjecture just how soon these
prnperlies will bring what they are
really worth, Ibat depends greatly on
railway faeiliiies ami bl her certain required Improvements, hut we think il
is sate lo estimate that, inside of two
years, at. most, many of these proper-
lies that could lie purchased todiiy for
little money, will he producing mines.
Pui'liupo no particular district iu the
entire province offera such exceptional
opportunities to the investor as the
rich West Fork. A rich strike lias
been made ou the lloimty, a claim Ibal
until a very short time ago was considered but a mere speculative prospect, but now bids fair to become a
shipper. The Ram Wer, which ix now
iu a position to ship, wus until recently
looked upon as an uncertainty, but its
owners had implicit, faith in its value
and continued development with the
result, that it is now in a position to
command a large llgiire. These tno
only a few instances, there are bin •
divds of just as good properties up the
West Kork that only require a little
development to demonstrate their real
worth. Some shrewd speculators are
fatsueing enough to invest now
1 while
Ihey can get. in for mere nothing, and
they are tlie ones thai are going to
make money in tlie near future, for
just ho soon as a railway Is built up the
West Kork, just su soon will properties
in   that   district command   a   better
J llglll-.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors,
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawingand job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention givpn to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
FirTii Street, Midway.
»l^illl $tt£84Hg«t_ gssural
Seventh Street, Midway, ty
Opposite Crowell's Hotel W
This stable is equipped with a lirst class outfit of      tfj
Single and Double Drivers
and Pack Horses 1
Hay and oats for stile.    Bus meets till trains.   \L
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town,   ty
'%€€€ €€€ €€€ €€■-€ $€€-$€€€$€€<
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
_B.  O.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now In
® 0
Biscuits o
9 ® B
j®   W   w   (Seventh Street, Midway. (   *'    "   3 IP
KfT) Me
..7. .«_*
If! ff'A: tit
I DWAY, :=: B. C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
<~ • *»
ILL pf The most important railway town in the Kettle  River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for  Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer- Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions,
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
_5» .*
SO St Jcilin Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Agent for lliitisli Columbia,
Midway, B. D,
...'•.... M
"'0 Zj'lixT
Is Badly in Need of Railway
But the  Expense of Hauling it to
flidway with Teams Greatly
Reduces Profits.
With transportation facilities Bodie
mining camp, situate across the International hoimtlaiy line, alimit fifteen
miles from Miilway, will come to the
fiont as one of the hest gold producing
camp* on the North half of the Colville reservation. It. K. Wlllbtigbliy,
Biipi-i-itileiidenl nf the Gulden Reward
Mining and Milling Company, owning
llm Golden Reward mine in Bodie
ciinip Ims ihe following to suy regarding the camp.
"The eamp is situated on Toroda
creek, which duplies into the Ketlle
liver, aliout 20 miles west of Curlew.
. -ide fioiu the Gulden Reward there
t j' lint two othei properties in the
t ip thi! have inadeaiiy qonsideralile
development work. Tin-so properties
are the Bodie and the Elk, linih of
which have several hundred feet of
workings anil nre lodies lhe equal in
extent of anything in the entire
camp, The Bodie hauled four carloads
of ore ii few weeks ago which Was8hipped to the Greenwood smelter. The
shipment helled $100 per ton at. lhe
"As a uml ter of fact, transport atlon
except hy sleighiirg. is impossible iu
.the winter mouths, nnd  ns  yet there
las imt heen  ninngh  mow for thai.
impose. The entire cninp is taken up
With locution*, Inn with tl-e exceptions
mentioned nothing mure than assessment work lias boen done1.
"We have heen working lhe Golden
II"Word under cousiilei'jilr|e ililllcullies,
lint on my relnrn to the cump I expeel
to put in tracks nnd cars for ihe handling of ore. Henlofori! the nre has
lieen t,iki-ii out, In '-vlieelhariows. Wo
bave now two men at work, hill expeel
lo put, on a force uf six men this
month. We have fnur cjiilimds of .ore
on the dump waiting a snowfall for
"The claim has heen worked for the
past four years, and we have consideralile development work done. We ure
iu BIO feet uml have attained a depth
of about ,'KK) feel. U'e hnve heen
drifting on the ledge for several weeks.
The ledge IS38 feet wide, anil assays
leud ih lu helieve il will average $11,20
per Inn. The ledge yields pay ore for
tbe full 88 feet, There is a paystreak
from 11 to 15 inches thick near tbe
hanging wall which assays from $10
to $IK) per ton in gold.
"The property is favorahly located
for operating. We have mi. excellent
tunnel site and can get almost any
depth desired. A lBOOfnot tunnel
would give us a depth of 1,000 feet.
While the surface ore is free milling,
the character of thn ore changes with
deplh. It might he successfully
Heated hy the cyanide process, hut, in
my Judgment, the smelling of the ore
would yield the hest results. The ore
is similar in character to that of the
Waucnnda property. What we need
root* lhan anything else is a railroad.''
The Golden Rewind properly is
owned hy Spokane people, who consti-
tute tticlose'corporation. H.I), Notch-
kiss is president and Jesse lltixlahlo is
secreliiryanil treasurer. Theconipany
also owns several claims in the Park
Ciiy cainp, on lhe South half of the
Colville reservation.
 r * a —
Remains Will be Taken to England
instead of Vancouver.
MoNTBEAt,, Fell. 0—Tbe remains of
"Kalher I'al." Irwin, who died in tbe
Hotel Dieu hospital here recently,
after heing found wandering iu the
woods at Sault au Recollects, suffering
from expiisure, will nnl he sent, lu Vancouver, hut wili he shipped in a few
days lo Kngland, An official of the
Hutel Dieu says lhe pitient was
Ill-ought ihere in a most distressing
condition early i:i J.uiiiary. lie refused (ogive information concerning
himself or relatives, hut talked ahoul
evi.rythitigclsefi'cely. Ashorl lime before bis death bo embraced the Roman
Catholic fail h, hut il was not nnlil af
I cr Ihe hody had heen removed lo the
cemetery lhat his Identity was discov
eied. This was through a package wl-
die-scd to his brother, with whom
lhe hospital authorities had placed
themselves in coinuiunicatinn. How
he gut to Montreal, and what he did
liefore discovery in the woods nearly
dead, is a mystery.
Clark Cunninghain, an employee of
the Noil hport smelter, comtiiited suicide at. Northport last Tuesday afternoon ahout throe o'clock, hy shooting
himself between the eyes with a IIS
calihre revolver. The deceased was
about 40 years of age, and leaves a
wife and live children iu Joplin Mis-
Bniirl. Ciniiiiiiglmin had heen drinking
heavily all day, when he went out iu
an alley in lhe rear of Mrnderiiis Bros,
grucery >turr, and shut himself, lie
left uu words nur did he give any tea-
sun fur killing himself.
FiJFfclx  Street,  Midway.
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
SUit  Architect and
—  Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Ayeiit.
<H»\OTARY    PU1II,1C.*MI«»
k air view TowiiHlto A|{cint.
. . . AI1I1IIK8H ,..
Correspondence Solicited,
Cer iflcute   of   Improvement!
Hkadv Cash KAactiiinai. MlMBlui
Situate In the Osoyoos  Mlniim Dlv
Tilt   District.   Whom located
TAKK NOTICK that wo. Janus Mri
minors riilltlniiu Ne. l-.tKH". «i
tliirliiif,   free   miners   I'rrlillr.ilr   S>
inteiiii. sixty  il-iys   'rum   ll '''
tn apply to lhe Mining Kooonlcr foi,, ] i
nf Iiiijriiijr iiiiiin, tm iln- purpose »'"
i» Growl) (irnnt nf thu ulwvt- clnim
Ami fnrilwr lnke notloo ituii lu'iim
■MHon 37, must be I'limiiii-'ii'iil I*'
isminnrc of nwIi Cortlfloato ef Impru
llllllll  llli- Jtli-I llll)    rf Aim-nl. IDUI.
3 AM Iff M
17a K. Ii. Hull
RANCH of Ml acres, uilimle mn' in
Mlilwny, '.*0ll acron uniler ciillln
nrreii of winch Is genii llmollu i
rinnly -nf water Is provliloil liy H'"
springs. Theie Is also n boftut-ii
nrujiiiril en thu pluue boglpntllg to l»*
house. Imi-ns anil niilbiiililiiiKS. Pur li
particulars upply tn
iverside  Addition]
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be|
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, B. C.


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