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XIV, No. 22.
$2.00 per Year.
Irkutsk, Solicitor, Etc.
UaiM-oon. B. C.
—: Notary Public,
IMoKinniy. B.C.
Hallett & Shaw
Codm : Bedford MeNeill s. Msrttnf k
Neals, Uikar's.
. . . nidway, ac.
i mMm nam*,   mtaotai Act
M «eewa at. Ut'
iivttsukw. tkmemat* mat*.
fCMMMMallMs hy maker mtthm*
matkt attaoteite.
Ijjdfxl Block, Greenwood,
i m, v. * K.
svinqal Land   Surveyor
r-{eal Estate
ir a Itrat-alam Shave, Hair Cut, Sea Foam
or Hhamaoo, call at the above parlor.
Ilanrs honed and (round.
lilTH  8TKKKT,  • •   • MIDWAY, B. fi
Ml mads af la-Mlrinf.   HarMshMlni
A soeotallr.
t.   JP_*«
Knurl Jljum  Aooommodstion  rim Oumra.
Kicellert ttahln« nn KetUe Rlver.Jf
ANhMttf wm* iMMtoi to
Wm. St. Quinttn, Prop.
Kverythtn**;   S'lratoliu-i*.
H. KEYES, Prop.
(Good Accommodation.
Bea, Liquor* and Cigars.
Firm-Class StaNlng.
•;ax-^_^_^:__k-j____. j__l/   '
Fntiinl Wit* liter.
IM Teats, Meaty Material.
Md 1* years eiaaileeics  I* *
at cost   Now is the time to buy.
We are also giving good values in
Groceries and Hardware
| Hotel Spokane, j
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Commercial and Mining men should put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. Sheekar-
- Midway Meat Market -
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At thb MUMbhMMt castomers cm ret choicest cut* of
Therefore Me*** nre always fresh and sweet,   Call anil Ret a good joint
for dinner to-day.
TCLCPHONC 311* P 0. BOX 38.
Seasonable Goods
DownloaetiuileosL 20pereeitless than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the above reduction, bringing these goods-
down to actual cost
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
Wnite Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goeds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell fast at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Boys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suit all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
line of goods sold at small margin for cash. Prospectors' Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
WW Likely Receive thc Subsidy
from the Provincial Government.
From tho Associated Boards of Tradt
Who Has Recently Retaraed
From Victoria.
J. B, McArthur, whn has returned
from Victoria, In whirh place he
wert with th* other delegates nf the
Associated Boards of Trade, for the
purpose nf laying hefore the government the result of Ihe duliherntinns nf
thereceni session atGreenwiiiitl, when
asked alsuit the railway situation
"The railway situation is something
like this : The 'open door' policy has
Won ; at least that was tbe sil nation
When I left Victoria. Of course the
Canadian Pacific is striving strenuously for a closed door, Imt a majoiiiy nf
the government appeared lo lie in favor
of an open door. The outlook now is
lhat the Crow's Nest. Pass road, as well
as the Kind in the Boundary country to
Connect with some American railway,
will huth lie granted charters.
"The V. V. & E and the 0. P. R.
are making a tremendous light fnr the
subsidy which the government is to
give a railway from the mouth of ihe
Ftaser river to lhe Boundary country.
Premier Dunsmuir stated to a delegation from Yale whirh was in Victoria
in the interests nf the V. V. A K., or
any other independent competitive
line, that the prnvinrial government
ha4made an olfer to give one third of
the subsidy, provided the Dominion
government gave the other two-thirds.
Thai project had lieen referred to the
Dominion and no reply had been received up to Tuesday last, unit it is
doubtless now under consideration.
The people nf Victoria, Vancouver, the
Fraser river valley, the Similkameen
and Keremeos districts are almosl
unanimously in favor of an independent competitive line, and have
strongly expressed themselves in pub-
He meetings and through delegations
which waited on I he government, the
members. of which staled that to
lie Iheir unalterable posilion, und they
have also told the members of the leg
islnture who represent the several sec-
lions mentioned in favor that com
"Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir and Hon. Mr
Kberis nre holding oul very strongly
for the C. P. R., and it is stated in Victoria thai Ihe mainland members of
the government are favorable to Ihe
competitive line. Mr. Punsmuir, however, has stated that he proposes making the liest. bargain possible for the
province, whether with the C. P. R. or
any other company. Boih thensnir
anis for subsidy are represented by a
strong lobby.
"Mr. Hill, of the Great Northern,has
admitted publicly that he is behind
the V. V. k E , and if the subsidy is
granted will commence construction
and build probably as far as Princeton
hy New Year's day. It would seem,
in view of the very pronounced opinion
of those who favor a competitive line,
that the V. V. k E. ought to win, hut
still it may not, but thut a railway will
be built from lhe coast to ihe Similkameen Ihis year there is pn doubt whatever, if ihe government hangs togeth
"There seems to he nnly one opinion
at Victoria, Vanrnuver nnd Ihe Similkameen, lhat is if a road is const ructed
ihis spring u very large amount of capital will lie invested in thedevelopment
of mines and the huilding of smelters
in that section. Mr. Hill is given as
authority for the statement that Ihe
hig Hnanciiil men of New York, Boston
and Philadelphia, who have made
enormous sums during the last two or
three years, are anxious lo invest
largely in gold-copper properties, and
whn have assi'tiibled considerable data
regarding the resources of the Boundary, Keremeos and Similkameen
districts, will put, in large sums
nf money in mines and smellers
if a competitive line nf railway is buill
there. There is great, unanimity nf
opinion in these American cities that
some nf the great gold-copper camps
nf the future are to he located in these
districts, and they are anxious to
get in nn the ground Honr.
"Mr. Hill is also authority for tlie
statement that Mr. Hymns, nf the
Boston k Montana, will build a large
silver-lead smelter near Fernie fur the
treatment of lhe silver lead ores of
East and West. Kootenay, which ran
he hest smelted hy mixing them with
the dry ores which will Is* obtained
alnng the line nf the Crow's Nesl Southern railway and in Northern Idaho
and Montana.
"A rumor prevails at Victoria that
the amelter at Northport will eventually lm removed tn the Canadian side
uf the line, its Iho advantages nf
smelting Cauadian oie on Canadian
territory are lieing made manifest by
the cheaper and belter enke which is
now produced in British Columbia.
"In Vancouver I learned that two
representatives nf ihe minority section nf the American Smelling k He-
fining Cnmpany, who are not in harmony with the majority, stated that if
the V. V. It, E. is built they will construct a gold-copper smeller in the
Similkameen, and that they will also
establish a refinery at Vancouver.
Mining- li It a Business or a Gamble?
Thai depends. Propound the query
to ninety men nut nf nne hundred whn
haye had the experience of losing their
hard earned dollar* through the medium nf Investments in mining stocks
and so-called mines, which were nnly
prospects that were expected to turn
nut dividends la-fore development or
equipment, und the ninety out of one
hundred would say mining is a gamble,
pure and simple ; nnt us certain in profitable results us the Louisiana lottery
or the faro table. And this opinion
does nut come alone from unthinking
people whose opinion is of no greal
value ou uny question of material
erniioihirs, but often from men who in
their nwn lines of business, having perfect knowledge of the details incident
to success, have shown sound judgment
and business foresight by which they
mastered Ihe situation and achieved
results that were natural sequences.
Why the difference then ? Simply
because these same men do nnt apply
the same husiness methods to mining
that they have given to the avocations
and professions to which they huve
lieen bred.
It is a demonstrated proposition that,
given a good prospect, with such conditions, as science has determined quite
accurately the piuhaiiilities of what
may be developed, and then apply the
same strict husiness principles of looking afler details, economy in all lines,
gond judgment in selecting the men In
develop and operate the mine, and
compared with any other legitimate
husiness, and milling will show a >ur-
ger percentage of successes than either
merchandising or manufacturing, with
u very much larger uverage percentage
nf profit. As statistics show in tbe
above mentioned avocations, about 5
per cent is the rule of successes.
Wnuld uny level-headed niei chant in
inanufuctnrer expect success if, before
he had his trade established and his
husiness well in hand, if he launched
out in extravagant outside expendi-
t iu es, showy offices, high priced employees, etc. ? Certainly nnt. And
yet this is the "modus operandi" ofa
great many men who have put their
capital into a business they dn not understand practically. Again, given a
good paying properly in the hands of
men nf limited capital, how often the
monthly profits uie absorbed in dividends, leaving no reserves for development ahead uf output, involving the
risk nf stoppage ul. critical times, and
bankrupting the owners, "the wrecks
along the shores uf time," prove this
and new capital and hetter mrthnds
often showing a belter mine than the
nriginal nwners supposed tbey had,
hut who lost for the want of common
sense application of business principles.
Again, lamming camps hy unreliable
and extravagant assertions, misleading
the general puhlic who have no practical knowledge of Ihe business ur situation, stocking prnspcrt. holes for 110 to
1,IKK) times their value, und unloading
on a credulous public, usually those
whn can least afford it, but w hn have
a desire to better their material situa-
tion ; Ihe results uf ull these inuthnds
is tn create the impression thut milling
is u gamble, pure aud simple, and bring
discredit on il. as a legitimate business.
The fart is, there is no more legitimate business, if pursued in the riglii
way. True, tliere is nn guarantee nf
certain icsulls nf sure profit; neither
is there in any other business, mer
chundizing, manufacturing, nr even
farming, hut the chances are quite as
favoruhle in mining us in other pursuits. (Ireal fortunes are made by it
when conducted ss a strictly business
proposition, even if millions are squandered through iinhusini'ssmethiidsund
want of prudence and forethought.
As a rule, it takes money to mine
successfully. The prospector, who is
deserving of the greatest consideration
fnr the life of loll and deprivation he
has gone through in discovering and
opening up leads uf mineral, seldom
gels just appreciation ; nevertheless he
is greatly in error when he refuses just
concessions to capital to do for him
what he cunnot dn himself.
Asa rule nn undeveloped prospect
hus no usrertnined intrinsic value,
hence, as il lakes both time and money
tn prove it up, if lhe prospector is wise
he will give the maximum uf lima and
reasonable payments in consideration
uf the wnrk mid capital put into his
prospect, tn prove up lis value.
Gophering nut all the rich places in
n prospect, leaving the lest, with work
badly done, is nnt mining, and yet ii is
often done, and when failure comes,
mining as a business gets lhe black
eye, which is all wrong.
Building u mill before you have a,
mine to run it. with, or know wlmt.
kind of a mill your ore demands for its
treatment, making failure certain, i.s
not business mining, nnd yet thousands
of dollars nre squandered yearly in Ihis
way, and as a result mining as a business is damned. Intbiscniupaistively
new gold country, in nine cases oul of
len a mill is n mill, no matter what
kind, whether adapted to the proper
treatment of the ore or nnl. In older
states they have in a measure learned
the lesson and adapted the mill In the
on*. The result is, where these I, sunns
have lieen learned from experience,
mining is fast lieing reduced lo a business of success and not a gamble,
The tenderfoot who comes nut to the
wild and woolly west with a few hundred or thousand dollais in his pockets,
if he has visions of wealth to he gained
without woik, withom applying the
strictest business methods to what he
dies if he engages in mining, will lind
failure tbe result. Bui he should not
curse the business, bul his ow n lack nf
business in undertaking to dn the impossible in the wmng way. Success in
a greater or less degree is quite certain
when the right way is adopted.
In conclusion, probably the greatest
factor in discrediting mining as a business, is the practice that has grown In
such immense proportions of houtniug
special mining ramps all over ihe country hy methods that would nnt he tolerated iu uny nther husiners in a business community. The amount of misrepresentation (plain English, lying)
thnl is einplnyiil to draw t lit* unwary
inin the toils is something appalling,
nnd the results are even more so, fi v
ii destroys the confidence of the whole
community and makes lhe problem
harder nf enlisting the surplus capital
nf the world in a peifeclly legitimate
and largely lucrn'ive business—Western Mining World.
Taking the Census.
The eensns, being taken acrnrriing to
the de jure system, will represent the
population ns it wns upon the 81st day
of March nt 12 o'clnck ut midnight, so
thut everyone horn hefore that hour
und everyone dying after it will be
counted in the population.
Census districts will again be divided
into census suh districts to rorrr-pond
wilh polling suli-divisinns fnr electoral
purposes. The actual wnrk of taking
the census forthe sub-districts will he
assigned to the enumerators, Every
officer employed in lhe currying out nf
I he census is bound under oath to fail b-
fully und exivclly carry out his work.
He is not penuitted to disclose any information which may tie gathert d for
the pm poses nt the taking of the census. The facts and statistics collected
are to be used tor statistical information, and may nut be used fnr taxation
or any nther object. The wnrk of
enumerating i* In commence Monday,
April 1, and will he prosecuted enntin-
ously from dny today until completed,
Sundays excepted. Tbe population is
grouped under the heads nf families,
households und institutions. A family
consists of parents uud sons and daughters united in n living and housekeeping community, but may include other
relatives und servants. A household
includes all persons in a housekeeping
community usually wilb one of Iheir
number occupying the position uf
head. Single persons living alone tt hu
have a special dwelling and carry nn
there own housekeeping are also regarded as household*.
Other persons who only sleep in n
house will he included ill the household which carry on housekeeping for
them, although they may take their
meals I'lsewheie. An institution household includes establishments such as
prisons, hospitals, etc, whose Inmates,
if they have no home or domicile elsewhere outside nf the instil ul inn, are to
be entered under Ihe head nf tbe institution. The alteiiduiils, cooks, etc.,
are nut to lie entered with Ilie inmates
or guests, Iml. wuh the household of
the head of lhe institution, or with
their own or other households of which
they form a part. The heads nf families, households and institutions are
required tu furnish the enumerator
with all particulars regarding every
per. on in lbe family, household or institution as called for in the schedules.
The races will he designated white,
red, black and yellow. Only pure
whites will be classified as wbilis.
Childieii horn nf marriage between
whites and uny otllOl race will be classified as red, hlack or yellow, Uiuler
nationality, Canadian will he usul to
describe every peison whose home is
in the country and who hus acquired
rights uf citizenship. A person horn
in anv foreign country who is a nut Ural ited citizen will lie entered as a Canadian ; sn also will be a person horn in
the United Kingdom or tiny nf its colo*
nles whose residence in Canada is um,
merely temporary. Instructions are
issued to Ihe census lakers for the
proper valuation of property and other
matters pertaining to tne census numeration under tni provision-, nf Ih"
"Census All" tt llicll requires that il be
taken every ten yenrs, Published   weekly   ul   Midwuy,   11. i'.
Subscription Price, |2,„per annum, payablo
b, advance, either yearly ur liali-yi-jirly al tin'
option of tho subscriber.
Advertising Ratee sunt on a|,plieiilion.
Duncan Doss, editor of the Greenwood Times, whn went ns one of the
delegates from lbe Associated Boards
ofTrade to place I lie resolutions passed
nt the annual iiieetingheforelhegovern*
ment, lias returned, Mr. Rnss states
that the government, aliliougli kept
extremely busy with numerous dele
gations and parliamentary duties, met
the delegation three times nnd discussed at length the requirements of
the interior. Among the null lets of
particular Interests to the Boundary
upon wliieh the government promised
to take action were the official recognition of tbe Boundary and the appointment of a county judge. It WHS
announced Unit the new limps wnuld
have Boundary district shown thereon, and that a new county would be
formed iiluiig the lines suggested by
the Associated Boards when the Do
nilninn government wnuld appoint
the additional judge,   Mr. Ross also
snys that Hubert Wood nnd .las. Kerr's
application for a charter to construct
ii railway from Vernon to Rook Oreek
met with no opposition. The government   jue   seriously   considering   the
granting of assistance to this road so
ii-to scure ils parly construction in
mllei that the Shuswap and Okanagan
railway may have through connection
with the Boundary, thus increasing its
li'iifflo and lelieving the province of
,$|(),IKIil a year guarantee of interest on
the cost of construction.
Much comment, is being made on
the poor accommodation provided liy
the (!. P, I{. Company at Midway,
The platform as il is at present does
not extend east from the baggage
room the length of three cars, which
is usually the length of the trains run
niitg ovei ihe Oolumhla k Western,
and as tbe baggage   car   has   lo slop
ppnsite the platform  lo   admit  of
ling and unloading of express nml
,.,-.;.,ge, the passenger coaches on lhe
incoming trains do not reach Ihe plal-
form and passengers are compelled to
alight from the train on to the ground,
which is several feet below the steps
nl thecar. This is a greal inconvenience to the tray "Ming puhlic in say
nm I,ing of the danger ineu, red in
gelling otf the train. The company
shoulil al fend to this at   once and see
ihal a platform is built of sufflcienl
length to allow passengers to have a
platform tnslepoti to when getting off
ilie train and thus save then selves n
lawsuit for damages, which  ihey are
sure t.i have if these llecessiliy ilu prove
meiits he nnt attended l" Immediately,
fol someone is sure to get hint through
Ihe company's carelessness in neglect.
ing to provide a platform. The still luu
yard as well n;inls improving. When
the station was built nn excavation
was made which was much larger
than the building und there now remains a trench of several feel in
width around the slalion house, This
nlso invites an accident as people un
acquainted with the surroundings uf
the company's property are liable to
walk or drive into this pitfall. Then
again the company are putting the
residents of Midway to much Inconvenience by failing I o put in a telephone into the station. Por the
paltry expense of a few dollars n
month lu the company, lhe people
of the town have lo walk all the
way oyer lo the station in order
lo attend lo business thai could easily
be transacted over the 'phone. We
trust I hat lhe company will take au
early opportunity to make these
small improvements which amounts
lo but very little to them, but ineans
inucli to lbe people of Midway.
-- ,.      ..... ,.,.-,,,non--.-   inin  m't-.-i
him the preference, and to the ordinary
man bis "company is nut at all congenial. Some people who are fond of
giving them work can find no
oilier excuse for doing so than that
Ihey are "not su liable tu "jump the
job" us a white man, hul this excuse is
a very pour nne, for everyone knows
that a Obinainan, like a Siwnsh, is going to strike just ns soon as he finds
that bis employer is badly in need of
liiin■ It is his one chance in the world
uf pointing out that he is of sonic im-
portance and he dues nut allow lhe
opportunity lo go by. But it seem* as
if some people were su attach, d to
(.'biiiaini'ii that they would rather employ them than white men, and the
case just tried at. Oreenwood seems tu
be an example of this, Of course the
law lias lo be carried out, and if the
offenders are proved guilty they will
have to suffer, but it looks as if the
whole trouble arose either out of a
man's inseparable attachment forflhi-
miiiien, nra man's pure eusseduess tp
try In employ nne nf,
knowing that il was against the wishes
nf the residents of I'hoenix. It. is dilll
cult lo say which is tbe most iinilcsira
hie class of people tu have in a town,
those whn employ Chinese In pr fer
erne Iii whileuien, nr the Chinamen
themselves. Il is tu he hoped lhat
I'hoenix will continue lo enlpy the absence uf Orientals, and that other
tow ns in 1 lie district may he forluu ite
enough to share ber blessedness. "In
speaking of the trial the Greenwood
Miner says: "Iii his evidence yesterday
Mr. Parker stated thai be bad a revolver in his possession and fully intended
to shoot if interfered with, and would
have done su bad tile gun uut been Ink-
en from bim by the crowd, From
this it will he seen that the info: in,
Hon bad been laid against the wrong
person, If Jir. Parker, as stated iu evidence, went from (ireenwood to
Phoenix, carrying a gun, and with the
intention of shooting, it must appelate every right-minded person that bis
was a premeditated intention of breaking the pence by shooting into any
gathering of citizens whom he might
meet on the public highway and perhaps killing snine of tbem. This liiuk-
yery much like a deliberate Intention
of committing murder."
R.Mi.WAv! Cf),
Mod & Ft.'
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The, only nil mil roiitV'botwcW f)j|.jjj
nil points Kiist, West uml South
to K.issliind, Ac'l-jiin inui nil
Inti'iiiieilinti' points ; connecting at Spukiinc with the-threat
Northern, Northern PaJlfioniTO
0. It. & X. Co.,  .■     „, • .„,,  .,..,,
Connects at Nelson with the steamer lor
Kaslo anil all Komeiiay Lnke points-. '■ '" "
Connects at Mover's Falls will, singe dully
for Republic, anil connects at Bossburg with
staire daily fonlirmid Foi'lisund Gi'cemvood;
heave. Arrive.
I....L."1      J'   ■
Uneptal Surra
lo ali point.
First-Class Sleepers   1
Dining; Cars Tourist Cars
HIcn,n-lill> Service Imn, Vnncuuvvivi,,
'■.jr, ;•::::' :;>!::::: -Capo Nome Alaska Points.
1 tux ..  *» T  It ■■'•.,,    ' '
Australia*-    .lljiiiia     Jap
,.   'I'limigli tlrkciti loulul IV,nu
NKI.SON '.     i.lKln.m.     MffpSll.
SPOKANK  MS p. in, I
Ill-SSI,ANII lump. ill.        MO Mil.
'        xx.  a. jrjk.c3_;:_oJr-,
(icni'i'iil Passenger dgcnli
■ kuwlll _*-num
^"^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ****9***t**O*******<k******0******** Am,
-_rr*nt-   MA.,   AXXAtA-vxrmy,
One Block West of Customs Office.
IpTffls is a rirsi-i'lasstintldrn^i bemg narcl '"^z~^"--rr. ....
. @§ 'finished throughout, The dining room j§ ■::■,.-.'
!§} i§ is run under the personal supervisfan $ ;-, ...
' •©• _i nf Mrs, Powell, anil is supplied..with
~i <§J, life, the lit'st un the market. Choice stdcE ■:;.
*W ® ^J" °*" ^'n<'s' Liquots and Cigars at the
•_)   SL @§    tt   bar.     Large   Stable   iif*"' connection   |
^'TIio Patronhgo of- the Public is Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
m immx
„.„. J.S. I At! lull. K. .1. COYLR,
II, I*. A.. A. U» P. *»«*?_
NcIniui, ii.c.      Vancouver, ll. t'.
|    Fur tl'uc miller., tan'-(iml I'ntl iiil'iirniiUiiin
C. F. COSTERTON f^^*™*™*1*,
General Real Estate _FinincialAgi.
^   _ i   ^******9A****Ai**^i***^   iijli
Tiik linYAi. lNstni vntj: <'nv. » Try a Bottle of
XX! '
Thu London am, IjAxpashirk Vim *
Inbukanoi* ('hv.
Thu  Insurance Oot, of
Thk London anu Canadian Fihk | TAR COMPOUND***!*
Insurance Coy. #    For lhat Coupfi of yours.   *
Tiik Sun Like Asscrancr Cos ur ^frb*9^%*wm\$9&9.d&
Canada. i]   I.        , t.  T   Jl V'Att'   9
THE Dominion Bni.DiNn an,, Lhan $    AgOfltfO.    Stliart 5    j
* Map of the Boundary *
District. 8        $
« Try a Bottle of w
North $ and '   *l
Ai't'iiAiKKu koh the Canada Fbr-
jianent Loan and Navinus Coy
To Let.
a.......... .1
,i- t,r ii.,,,.,
U, A.
* i •*!•
Tin-   Lancashire    Huhsu,   Jliilwnv.!« *     t lm*_rtwir_rxaiiittm V\l*A
This is a pnpulHi liuti'l, anil is n Knn(l IJ "     'UnhWOnilf *\\
upening for a lirst class hdtfll  limn,'A
I'lii' I'lii'iiituri' can lie purchasnd r-iisun-1 j»
ahlv.   Possession (riven ill unci'. IS
Tin* lirst Instance nf any trouble
arising uill nf the employment of Chinese lahor iu ihis district was listened
in hefore Magistrate Nui rin ill Gh*een
wood last t'ciiiay aft im noon, when
three residents of Phoenix wurelried
for provnnling I. L. I'm ker, lupurin
leiidenl nl't he Stemwinder mine, (com
lu,purling a Chinaman from (irecti
wood.   Snine  time agu  tlie people of
Phoenix decided not to allow Oriental
Inhor in that oity, The few thai were
there al thai time were mill to gn,
which tiny Immediately did, nml
Phoenix tn day enjoys the distinction
nf having no Celestials within the city
limits, llnwever, this distinction has
um lieen maintained without some
trniihlc, Mr. Parker decided to engage
n Cliiminuin, ntnl ai'onrdingly wenl in
c, nwood and engaged one to go to
Phoenix and wmk for him. The Chi-
Hamuli and Parker stalled for Phoenix,
i,in upon reaching lbe oiilsklris nl' the
civ were met hy a deputation, wlm
after liifurtnlnghlsyellow nilis thnl,liy
a resolution passed by lhe residents of
Phoenix, Mongolians did not meet
iiit Biiccesa in that itllltndlous ell
male, sent  hint nn his way dnwn the
,'iiil with his pigtail pointing towards
Phoenix, The Chinaman mul Parkei
were imth equally offended nt this
hasty   S'patnlinu,     Infor,nation   was
Iiiid, which resulted in the above men
Hulled trial, ll semis n pity thul anyone should try to Introduce Chinese
into ji lown Hint had su successfully
been freed from the curse of their
presence, What siime people see iu n
Chinaman lo admire fu such nu exteiil
An Interrupted Honeymoon.
The Knot enay lintel saw lhe liuish
of an interesting romance yesterday,
says the Nelson Miner of March 28th,
« hen (Ihief of Police Jarvis ruthlessly
tore Cassi Turret! 1, aged 17, from tu •
arms of his lieloved Teresa Buinp"l i.
aged t", and informed him that he
wnuld have to return In Iiis mm her
today. The happy couple Were n
joying a stolen honeymoon and ihe
young man was terrihly erst dnwn
when he learned thai the strung arm
nf the law hail stepped in in interrupt
his dream, Cnssi nnd Teresa had
spent four or live days of unalloyed
pleasure in Nelsnn und were coining lo
the conclusion that the Queen City of
Kootenay suited them immensely.
Now the youthful lover will have lo
go to his Iii une iii tlte Boundary and will
prohahly pay up for the short period
uf liliss with an interview in which
ihe slipper nf his maternal parent will
figure prominently,
The hern nnd heroine of the elope
ment In whieh Ihe chief of police's ap(
pearunce put an end, are Italians.
Torrettiisagood Innking aud sturdy
lad uf seventeen summers ai the outside. His partner in the escapade is
probably about 40 years of age and
hig enough to make four of the lad.
Age nnd weight, however, cut no
figure when love sets the pace, and
thus it was that Cassi and Teresa hurriedly left their homes iu Greenwood
ami headed for Nelson determined to
lind a sojourning place where nothing
would interfere with the devotion
Ihey fell, fur each other. They put up
;it the Konlenay hnlel and were enjoying the experience immensely,
when Chief Jarvis put in an appearance.  The officer had been notified hy
wire nf what hail ueeurred and was
requested In see that the Ind was nui t
home as sunn as possible, Cassi didn't
want to gn hack to (ireenwund.    The
town would he a wilderness without
Teres i,anil when the chief inaisteil Urn
ynillh whn hadly broken up. Tere-n
may fulluw him if she lik"s, for the
chief's Instruction do mil concern lier
und she is athheity tn gu wherever
her will mny dictate,
Th|s morning's train will carry to
(Ireenwund a youthful Italian who hus
learned at a tender age Unit the
course of trite love runs amid rooks
ami Mint his guiding star is located
over u lioulder of large dimensions.
Coming to It. C.
The .Metiill minim; school excursion
will he held this summer in British
Coliiniliia, Twenty students, accompanied hy Di; Purler, professor of
mining, and Dr, Adams, professor of
geology, will take the trip, which wi I
lasl several weeks, starting ahout May
I. The C, P, It. will provide cars uud
service. The mines of Vancouver Is
Intnl. lhe Slocan ami the Bnundai'v,
Rossland mid Urow's Nest district*
will he i isitcii.
Fur terms, etc., apply lu
The Midway Company, Ltd,..
Miilway, B (\
Druggist.   |
HiL '"  19
IS* tfi
;'*W9IFr Pf
Carrying His Hajesty's riail»»,* ,im*
**   'Will'ka^ia'WV.Wi on Tuesdays,  Tlntr-
days and  Saturdays,  at  S.;,o a, m.,  arriiiuo ,u
'C.^MT M< kI.WHY at 5 p. ni.
■  7 TRirtiJri%;MjH^€AMP MrKtWvifcV tm jl
' raifliihg MI1>\V.\V arV.'^o p. muand malting'<58n
fffl^jiion* witli the train going east at 2 u'oW** >   .
. .Ttobprt of accommodation for
^hcr conv-nl-nce  of  the
...  __. ,       '»»** -ii*.   .#»**-.||j»jj|ijuj_i:_||*vi-j*i _. „,. ;r;., in  .. ..,  .,»,,.,   ■   ua ..   :....,
JiiuWflV   a i ?1"<"' *• ^t*.*!-^^ ii»^ii;«f*,ji» {itrii, jw mult qi'iz itZiii. *n *,
msTAiii.t'*<ii i:n   ih&h.
•W. H. WEBB,-^
  ' 1-1
Mil I.
s at, >*
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
aaci_o-w_a.Tr,      -.      -      _b, cf,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executi
Carriage PaintSg a specialty.
Our   Si'I'X'iai.ties—A'ariciic's  Profitable in liritish Ci
Trees Free fnun I'fsts.
•Swiil Inr I<"rec QitaloguP,    |;.E. HuTCHEKSON, iMana^'-r
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.   ""
Lancashire House, \
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
11 ■ *
$3.00 per month.    Fingle Horses,,.dulivurul in Mid^-av, StM
per month.   Two or more, ilelivered in Midway!'        '
each $4.00 per month.
— ®	
The   uridersignecr having   taken   this   well-,.
khoW'ii.. and   conilonalile     hotel   invites   the
jjatru^iige of all old cuStomeFs d'nd the public -'
11.  *  .       .  ■  , ;  am
■v*:  _ ,,
Fiiriiiii'i'-hi<iiU-(l mid inin Init nl,lv
vi„ fiiriiiHlii'd   iiiiinih.     ,,,
^hos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
Pack and Saddle Horses fop Sale op Hire
If you have lost a Horse send me the brand, and if it is
in the country it will be found. *■*' 1
The Riverside JJotel
Is situated at Rock Cre.k, II. C, on the main
"        .1 ;--
. route ol travel lietween  Puntictuu and all Boun-   .
dai^r.Qrgek points.
Ii Ih reported tluil work laahorily in
Iir I'l'Miini'il 1111 tin' liliilm nml W'ji-Ii-
lilHtim group ul' liiiiiiis, ni'iii'lii'uvi'i-
The Boundary Hotel
...fl IDWAY, B.C...,,
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excell»nt Accommodation.
OOOD   JST__L_BI_ir_WG-.
Large Sample Room for Commercial Men.
THOS. McAULEY,   -      Proprietor,
TO'.'iutr if
Good  Hunting. Good   Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
S, T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
•1 JHRFwS     '
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Bokmdnry District   only
|: ,r"    $2Aio per year.
Is prejiiirctl if
J      fill  all'I-'l-ii''
lot''job Print-
' ffi'g al lowi'i
rates   ci*njilsl
"Wt.Wllll  ■'.
1. 1   .j
rood a AND DISTRICT.    $1
*-**   I'UK    ■ i\ir»s,.
66«lK»**«*««t«««J*felt" ; n,e Phoenix Chinese Trouble Came
yere seven inches of snow in! "'   "■""-■''re Magistrate Norris
I this uiorning.                   n I                      un   I riday.
White, of Cump iMcKinj   l'"'':l>'"l'll'nio. i f the largest
i Midway one dav lasl week    ',!""        BVM    '"    'll"    City     Hall,
,    , , l" l,w"B«i   a bled   to   bear lhe
plain returned to Car,,,,  ,,„  (rial "f M. 11. Ituy, .lobn Meagher and
"''•"I Dnrelle, nf 1>| njx, ,,1,0 were
1 '   ''-for-  W. 11.  Nun is, .1. I'., of
»miint,i.*t-j-*«c-aKsayi'rs.Ti,|',li-jMllhvi|y, for tlie crime of-"unlawful
j PlttCtict* In British Ciiliiniliiii  uss-liilily" io that, city oiVfbe 5th day
Bid Ht' NeTs i the Ij-ilh insl.'"1' .Iiiniuuiy lasl.   On   Out ilulf .lolm
If. 'Parker,   supeiiutetideul    of   the
l'aft"i' sp Hiding a few d.iys in
y .M.';jlolinson, IV L. S., was In , B
Cjtoniwludoi iiiiiif,  (ii iwood
lev.   ivhe ■,-   I,"   In-   I   J]M   «• 01lll)flmi«l in ttlVeilWOOl
gal trip drove up lo I'lmenix  with bim.   Thi
Miisl/iycek on'bis way to CariyilJ.   j  . '.'
-'■■■'iii       '
„ ,.    ,     ,   . ,.,         ....              flicl w,lH lelepKHned'aliMiii UreenwnoiL
ft,t*.:.-l..i,,l  left   on   1 hu,s,|j,v ; ,„      p, „,,      ,  ,       mm(|      j
tosos, where ha h^i 1-ton  en- about two hundred i Ji'und buys iuai.
I"'  W"*,   "e '■    H,s    ••uti.-H»M..   I'aiV.jiMUcwes.,,,, cxu'emily
\":L■■""■■ i '•■ Hi" lown, t.Zik the Chinaman hut of
Illl'laf Constables  (iciu-gc  ('inn-   the sleigh aud sent lllill down lhe hill.
p"' "ed   I.  A.   Dins v  Imv,,  Previous to tlijs tlinellr, Parker bad a
tiipniuieii   deputy   iinuiigraiiiii  .1 ap in his employ as cook uml general
\f,.\-.Vaicdisinci. servant,    The Jup |0f|  | _ftx „.„.'
IVn-g" rami! in lis: Sitiuiliy ,Ml- l',"'kl''' l'i'"11 " t-Hilnttiittm.  Tlie
fbsluwl Iii renett .. ipcini jes ',' ''  PUomiix Kta.i- ml with the
.nu ■ of Strathrpy old ihnyj "u>""""'i"i> pol   to allu«  Or ml
E_i_, i. ,,f mj.k  !" i ll|l,l|i'in that city and so far lune IsjL'll
an residents of Mid vv iy,
t   ' 'ri'i,'
(lnj/l'/fistev linllriiiys all (Jnnadlai
railway  :,g 'His will s'll nt
i*k  I* ai fare ami nne third, J,
siicressful and, hail it mil heen for
the Jilleinpieil iinpnitilini, „f J|„.
Parker's friend they would have ex
pcrieiieoil noiroiihli,   iii carrying out
f April Iaiid5, retofjfllng Apfll S. their di-tei'iuinntton.
'as, her, -uperlniendenl of the L.1*'" wlln,,mw e"u" evidence ||„,
Fioiue near H'lSSftifli, wus ii vis;       *'"' '''"' "'"   '"''"  "lv his uw"
I Midwav lasl weak,    llu hroiighl il,"'''!'"8"" ""' ' " "'"" ,l,sli1"1'
t'biui some ibh s-Mjiniirts nl •„.,•!', ,"'* ""•"•l"*'»"'""» ih..ilistu,bance.
[ | j One iv I tn ssi
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Linoleums. |
jparge.Stpok.    Low  Prices. J
************** *-.
T. thl.  GTT__B_Ci„3"_r  Ss  co.,0
he I '   This   Hoy ileniei,
is guvs evidence that liny
k        -,    ,,      , ,   , .„      ,|    »"*iimongtluiselhal attacked i'arker
|ier! »   llarlhorn   and   Lilly   |'j.   ,m(t the (
urn,, of  the Okanugiin (loiintry
f.n.Hiedi.1   the   Hpiiliimc   lloel,, |lli,,,|„,K   „ „
„y.l,sfl„e.-d,V,hy  the R?v, R.|8tat(J ,„ ,|,„i be wis iu ,|,e , roud.
The magi,iial"  dismissed   the case
agaius- Meagher und committed Buy
V...V. & K  surveyors are now  and Dnrelle for trial.
ed i|| .lackson's ninth, iiidhive     Pringlu &   Whiteside, appear,**) foi
eyed-ai   far  nl    Hubert-    \lrlm,   the prosecution   and   K. B, KelT lhe
are expelled lo   teach Midway def ie.
'wei'kv    It i~ exp Tied In obtain a '■  *-*-"	
■percent, grade froni   Midway in BOUNDARY liooniNU
l|.hi' leAiprriy.
(utr.y, Presbyterian   minister uf|
pi ICe.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town.   They will make you rich.   It is ]
not a speculation, it is an investment, f The TPaVGllePS IllSCM Co. . .
11 rrrrmrmTT .rro"
For prices and terms apply to
Hi.*in  Brent,  who lias  recently
Irned    with     SI rat henna's   Horse
i Smitli Africa, ba* been appointed
niuing Active and Considerable Prospect nf Railway Buildiuj.
iMr. Limns Blue  has returned from
oviin-ial constable und  has be, n  lhe II idury country, says lho Boss,
oiled ui ('imp .McKinney  in plac, ! land Miner,  where  he  hus   1 ,,   for
I'lia*. Bl W'lineia.: who Inu.held tin-, jsi.-vi_-i-._i! daj- looking alter Ins   lilinher
|lion for several yen s, btishiess    Bc suys ibul'ti 5 are im-
S leti.'iiedoi, ■ni.ii-.|jiv!l>,'"v1l"*r,h,"r"- vvilh lt|" '"'I-'-'"*- Ui.H
tr  u   llliec   ur.i.ih'-   visii    in |1j.--'°-UW___iade in lhe ore jhi[iiiiellls,
lld«"in .Sheffield, N.B   Mi.ll nn-m,  '"'''li:'"""'lv wil1 ""-"'■ •' Oiisidei
In -ie mllei  nf Mii.e.iil cl.iin- fm  ••■"■• 'H' .-.-■- iii j.ii*.i.> i,   mining a
VYe-l Kork and f.inv.inC el'k  di-    " "8 llle  (ll>   *"'s I" '""     Tl"-
tta,   lie left iii, Tin ii-dav f.n- Wis,    I'^'Ple there are nil lulking railways,
Jlge, where his office is Incut d. ""d tliere promises tn be considerahl
aeii'iy in this direction iheiv,   Th
j\V. T. Suiiili hus returned from » mad lo B-public is cerUtiu tu he run
III in Toronto, New York and other',,.,„.,„,!    „■ ,,„. (ilMi  (f.iPtliHrn itiH'b
ii-ieinceirre..   He ai,icMluil much  ,„„ Imjid iins li,,,.. Mi. .lav  P, Orav.s,
(ite,e-l     \»    btbng   tike,,   in   tl,e,,,.|    Ml • , t,..   „ ,„   , .,,,(„,,  ,11,, , ,„,..,,,-    , ,„. .,,,.,,, |,.
of llonnd.ii'y creek .inu li- ennsolid.-iieil   Mini.,1.    and  Smultiug
_r._bmk&9 J^iijft ^^•_*'_*i_:^_i^ _i^^ i^j^jiiA. v
9,-tf■■**•■*■*> ■*>■*■?& ^.^*_s_s555_f^ -3?5f^ •5?5*^S;A
rr\ -w a
The Central Hotel III
ill ISSUES   tile beil lite ,4.1,■iliniiiei.
« 1   contrails  in  (he  wnilil'.'   Nil
ill   ilisippniiiti il as in dividends,
* Everything   •iiuiriiiiiecil in   ud-
vallce.    I'li'iniiiin rjiles 1.",  to 2.'i
Ohnrtortd I8fl5{.
Stock Life nnd
Acciili'iit liisiirnnco.
Of Hartford. Conn, if
TO"TBTTinr i
\)r    tti   line Mutual
i),   Per
l less than  those of old
LIABILITIES, .. 17.1,20,2C.ji.2o  |
SURPLUS   .... 2,976,434,36 w
January ist. 1897,
llth St., Midway, B. C.
This • is a  new. thrce-sturcy  haul, ctimfortaWy
fumishea througKotit  '
Thc nearest hnuse to the Railway Station.    The
most canvenienj bote] for railway travellers,
I he hest nl accommgdatidri in every respect.
S. DAKL Proorielor.
Mr, f  The Travellers f Iiinntinn Accident Policy'guarantees foruccirientul  «
uiuler nrdinury condil 101
\\t it) iii'jim,iieiieiH       .   ,   ,   -u     immot itiu'iit linini   .   . j-. 1   ;;;
il'D % '■ f Sight of Both Kyes     .      .00(1       |,0»- of Leg at or above Knco Mon 8
Vf. %, I,"""' Until I'Vel nr llulli ll.oul-     S.IKVJ        I...    ,,l   !.,u|l I      .    .      , ;,.'.)
Wj If '•"'* ,lf "ne lhl,lit an,] Hue H'nnl     5.(11X1         I ' '* ■ nf Kll her I' '■ -"! |,(|Jrl|   kl
til/ Peuuaasat Tolal liisalill ,i           .';,,,       1.0    of sight bf One 1 j-c   . , at)  JZ[
\\t *      iLi"lil^<>f   Weekly   [r-derrmUj' ©1,300. -;
Vit n AJJD, ff such injuries are sustained while ridini   _       i       n ■-'■ in %
i_'S\ mi inyPHssengor conveyance usiiiff steam   cable,   or   electficitv us n  ,'e
:'/. 2; niolivi' power "
• It
olive power the amounl tn lie paid   shall lie DOL'BLK   tii.
ipecifled in the clause undei which the clnim is made.        '   J_
\Wi i <*°St ^5?' A v'AU  T0 ,1|;""^"iNAL  -'tt'tt' Business *
JKi *               Mkn.and Commercial Travelkrs. »
W _ ;;
*||jf| * Other sums at proportionate rates |
Ht *
W    *************************'iZS9'*i'^^^
fc    —____--._ .      .._        .
es i hai ii large n_pioujtl of Basteru
in im .il  will  he  Interested  here this
t'ouipai.y, suys his cuiiipuiiy will un
del lake   lo   CUUiltl'OCI      ll.     Then   il   i-
c.uilidi inly . anticipated    tb re   th i
A   \\. lioss, formerly lownsiteaneni   Mrmw,  Munn ,V   Muckeuzie und  Mi.
fnliiiiiliia,  died nl 'I'oionto nu tl„    'une.s   ,1.   Hill   will   be  (-ranted   ||>,
(3rd  of  last uioiiWi of paral_y-is.'   lhc   charier for ill", construction of ihe  V
|1",'eased   was one  of  the best known   \'. V. „ E.. and thus eive ibe people a
i in the west,' lie represented Sel-  sl'url line lo the niu-l.    Kven if Miinii
kirk in ilm Dominion Bnrl.iameiil  for lV Muck-n/.ie und Mr. Uill do noseeiiie
everal years,    lie also deull  lie ivilv \»1»* -'.ei, it will lie aiven  lo the I'.
|n real estate in  Winnipeg and  Van-  ■'• R, or some other company, and ii is
ouver in liooiii day-. " foreKoni'coiichtsioii that work  upon
.■,»',,. ,    the railway will  be started  and cull*
Lieut, -lack Leckie, of atrathconus
[llor-e, arrived In Nelsnn on Thihtfliiy
und went on to liossland, where he
treuialned for a few days, arriving in
(ireenwood   on   Kriilay.    He   brotlghl
wiih him a number Af trophies ol tile
Wur.    lie  wus one of lliree Ip accept
the colors from Ui> Mnjesly the Kin^*.
wh n he met the biave Canadians in
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
siileraale of it built iluriiu' lhe presenl
season.   Phoenix, ftriiful Kurds, Eliol,
and Midiv.iv   ;ll! '.i-i'i'iji'i hi   sluicing   in
ihe prosiierity  Whiuh  lhe ,
country is enjoyinn,
—       . o .	
Manufactuirers of all kinds of
. ■
'■ ■-'  :
-i in
li Is reported that I'.itsy fink   liii's
pin chased Hie   controlling llll
Ih" lloilie clnim, Toroil
tin- lloiii, Milling  nnd   Milling  f	
puny    Tins |ni,ell i-e  ia  |, oki ,1 upon
with favor hy nw iters of properly In
ih,it camp as ii mentis thai  there will
he considerable  wmk done   on   tl,
Biitlie ai an antly dal
Mr. Oliver,   „f  t'.n I,. , rv .   Muililobn.
Io l-iitirgc Granny Smelter.      , - ^*
Work ol I'lilarniiiK lhe (lianhy atllel
ter will cnouiieiice ihis  week.   Bids  r> , ,-, . i   t    t    \ir       ,     i i rT_C_
 v lieing reived fpr grading ..nd Band Sawingancl Job Work clone to order f_U
le.iriug the ground on whicli 'Ihi! new
al^ _> ^*"^ 7    ':''     '
*,/ .-•'.■-■
Good assortment of Fresh  Bread, Cakes ant
Confecti inery always in stock,
x.    i■ 1.111lilm-'- villi  stand lllill il  i* expect'
il    iii   have   gmders   at    wmk    lhc
I'ropo-d new   ulilnioiis ronMlsC Of u
lieiv   flll'llllCO  hnililitn:  the -no of the
pi ml one, into! hei sampler hitildiux
Fresh Fruit in Season
u Ua
\i\ our 1
i elephone
■ No. ia.   Telephone orders receive prompt
Wil     1   l   UXXIl     Ul    fJCt-'.O-Jll J,.-,..-,
.iineh Counter for ji good meal.    Meals   \.. {.
;ti all hours     Give us a call,
'  tt.
ur, inner, ol ( ,ol,. ,u . Mauilolia,
"reili.^Kpiilig visited ll'' e alio pill'
cbaseil n Miu<h Iiiiui  Oi f   Wainioth    ,|„. ,illsi   eluiinber and additional	
somewhat  larger than the now in l/^TlTirTVTYXO^JTYYTYTTTTirirT^        ■^■-*_._»..**_,**_.**_.*_,^.j_,>.->. ■^■■■v.'o. .-**jv.-v.'v~        -..  -.   w.^.v
ite, a courier huilding, which will So ( THE ( °S   flp""****** ^y* ^»* 999 9992&
uolityrer tUauiuiy buililmgnowon ihe K_, f i oi   -™ SH
,e lau" i
Te'iirtieil to Midway un 'I'ruiny'- tral
With his family. Mr. Olive, brought
wiih him several carloads of pure bred
slock, a Urge iinuinVrof lowU, ji lot ol
fm niliire nnd running imp „i - jiml
inieiuls to no ini,,, ranching, stuck
lllld poultry rai.iug on a I trgi' ICille nil
bisbeiuitlfiilmnalisltuiiioon Bniindur'
cieek close io ilie town. .Mr. Oliver has
had ciinsltlerahlc efperleiioe In ranch
illg, having    been    very   successful  ill
hins to more lhan trehle iln sloiage
ciipaclly of the presenl pluiit. New
niacbinery h is .ill I c n piuclia«ed uinl
Will be I hei i Jiml opet'iltlng hcfoif Sep
I oil nr I next. It i tm,| rises i»" A 0
ion furnaces simi in to ones now in
use, two converters with u total caps*
city of lim io l-ll tons per day, a dupli-
cule of the picsi'iil sumpler plum,
jinolhcr blower ami motor in I lie blow
er   house   ,,nd   an   aildiumial   niomi
Miinlto'ia, bin afler visiting Midway ,.v|„.,,.|, K,.ii,'ralor ami puiiip Ih ilu)
tor a time mul enjoying Its I'Sceptlon ,,o«er Imuso, This will mote thun
iillv line rliniile, dectiled to locuti 14,iiilili> lhc picseiu ciipucltV (if lhe
rnxve, ', j p'^n, |,|Ui wiHjiulil :t»i Inuw power lol
The Boundary Auto • Tralllc ami tlmt now being developed", in iiitilllitii'v
'I'lillspoilation Co., Limited, (capiljil tn this inachincrv Ihere will lie twn
*2.",,0ihi, divided inlnflve cent shuiwi. I huge el.ciric chines <n (he ♦nnvsrtw
a si
THOMAS WALKER. Proprietor.
All the bast brands of
Gintrs and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand. ,
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper new in
Seventh  Street, Midway.
has been regislei ed for lhe pur,iiHc of loom,  which 'Will he operaled Jiyinio- _,tT_
pulling on mi uu loliile bus service tors and move in any dlrucliim.   All *_?5_^A -_*"^»_B   [ {-{£
through  lbe day lielwi his ciiy lhe  new Jiiiililings  wil. heofsiee|, is m      " -_^;| mmtmmtfmm -_,. ¥.
and ('iilumbia, lhe railway sialion ami will all lijililiiigs put .up by the coin -*.: V,( T f\ IVT T7 T7 T_A LJ fl   I     Ml        Wl_ fy*
    I',,;., iciiic,..,.;,„ W ' 1^JI\£LJ-L.t\.      iiUiCfL   ^gfc^ffr#gg##€o\****t&&&&£&£&&£&>
Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.        ■  .—«~-  —
pany in the future.   This will koepull
H„. idle nien uf Orand Forks busy for fa
some I ' to ionic fa
tills        '.
ciiyand Hi'piihllr,twownmfeVuasi*sil>     violin-, Mi'imlolliis^iiiid Oiillnrs from fa
stages Will be placed  mi each service  s..ivl ini ' 4-,-..,.,,w.>•-tl Mu-ic suuv.
the smeller, and such oilier nearby
points as mav aflerwauls he ,l"ler
mined, such as the new lace I rack, ,1 in
ke , alsi I lily BJljvioe-'I'letwe
< j
Will also conduct a transfer and drav business,    Bus   }¥.
meets all tnuns,    Freight and express de- t^
delivered to any part ol the town, yjjf
fa In the premises formerly occupied  by
fa     Bavcklay  .Se   Hawis
fa and has on hand n first-class outfil of
Bf Single and Soubla Dpivers
Saddle and Pack Horses
fa    t-y
At_Ct_tm!t     m m i* m • • f» • • •,©,• •,•■• • © • §.©.•, _****************** **********************************
WC* >*^®T *-*'*-^^Ww^Si'%-'';:**'^'s^w'wwv2'x-'^^   ♦ 1*___l    rK.OJ__»_J0_*01lJ.G-     ESCCKAS»B
' . . . . . . i 1 3 Mn    .1    U  All .r    a, ,.—,    Mr. .>,..     D   r-
\\ c have opened thc above hotel at (ireenwooil and
No. .1  K.-W.-C. Block, Nf.t.sot , B C.
Oolil, Bllvcr boml and Coppor Mine- mnicd nt tin r v'it '
singes win ne piac pencil  service   «.„,,,       (i,.,,eiiwnnil Music Slnre, ii*. • ■ '   "•'-'   "|"'"" "••■	
ii*i'i',|inre,i. ti,,. i„„s,.swiii carry vj. ""      .,., v. ., .rn,„| ,■ ,„.| ,,U{ I'iunoiJv are -prepared to welcome gueats and provide good accom-11 !''lll:K ""■'■IMi:'""■" ,""",,-M:   '
loaOpiUWHIlKersaiidthesUResO to 8.     ^"> "'" ''■   '   '' ,'        , u  „,.fa ,   ?'        ,■'    , ■ ,"        I       l ■ c. Ul * l-«rll<isl.»vl..gml«liiKPn.|.ort)r ftrsaloam ruqi
a limited numhe,. „.' shaisoi.iv wil "w '""»■ ""' " ' M""" """" fa mcdatioii,   G.ic.d catering.    First-class l.ivery Stablt
he placed on ibe niarliel al  live cents.
,l,l.. lam- fur <hiu(| l''rid iy   de
in Hi, RXCIIAN'OK Inr exhibition,
#       All -iimpli, "hniil 11" » n '"
But't-riis* buns lortiiiuiirriuay «"• LA    _ « ft # # ^ fr ft# ».#.«,•,•© 99 9)9) H,« » • t •   ♦      	
A li.-i-   Ihese  have Is-en snid and the  liv d   earlv   lltjXl   I'Hdn}'   lliiirnim/. \.A ^'3-w^w w _'WWWs^\^^^^\^s..*w*_-s»A_ >-ww w   *
Hrst initohlnt'put-chased, ilm price will Lonve your md-r   '.uiy  wiih Wm,  * .    ...    », .->.  oz-n-nt    DDnDPirTOD W  ''"' r N" ""''''"'"" "' «■
»«• raised,   tiriiud l''o, ks Uu/.i'ile.         Iai. Qulltlin, City liiU-'l}'.                     I* J.   W.   IMLLbUlN,   t  KU Y Kl C 1 UK.          \4***9*****^*A******************** t**************0*0**l $■:
SO St. John Nti-set,
Montreal, P. Q.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
WILL BE   ,he most imFtant railway town in the  Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
"   Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and oo easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
It (toe* Up With a Sharp Turn, Nearly
$3,000,000 Worth Changing Hand*.
In Toronto, Montreal and New York
yesterday nearly $M,IKKJ,IKIO worth ot
Canadian Pacific railway stock changed
hands, says the Toronto World of the
80tl> uit. Half of this waa bought on
Wall street.
A special from New York says
".Hill and Morgan were active factors
in today's stock markets. Canadian
Pacific received much attention, and
it is believed Hill and Morgan were
Canadian Pacific railway stock made
a sharp upturn on leading stock ex
changes of tbe world yesterday. The
buying spurt appears to have started
in Berlin and London, and Ihis was
followed up vigorously on this side of
the water. On the London stock ex
change the issue advanced a point, and
closed at Ut}, which is equivalent to
llli in America. There wss prohahly a
further appreciation on the curb afler
the regular market closed, and tbe
opening price this morning will likely
show a much gieater gain.
On the New York Stuck exchange
the issue opened at, UU and closed at
ttlj. Iliiriij* thu day 15,30(1 shares
olianged hands mi Wall street..
On the Canadian rxclmnges a corresponding activity in the slock was noticeable, 4.7(H) shares exchanging hands
on the Toronto Stuck exchange and
10,400 shares lieing dealt in on the
Montreal board—I.e., 15,100 shares in
all. The highest price paid in Toronto
yesterday was IHJ, a rise of 3J points
over the previous close, Thu highest
figure reached in Montreal was 04|, a
net gain of four points for the day.
The total number of shares dealt in
on thu New York, Toronto and Mon
treal Stock exchanges yesterday aggregated 30,400, which represents nearly «3,000,(I00.
A New York wire suggested that the
Miirgan-IIill-Hnckefellur crowd had
started iu lo gel control of the stool*,,
but the probable reason is that the C.
P. K. has for a long time lieen lagging
away behind tbe other 5 per cent railway issues. stock has been taken
hold of in tinn and boosted. C. P. K,
is now having its innings. The publication ot the earnings of the road for
tho Hit l. two weeks of March, showing,
as they dn, an increase of $151,000 over
the corresponding weeks of Manh,
JUKI, makes this an opportune moment
to push the slock upwards,
•lay P. Graves and L, W. Hodges, of
the Granhy syndicate, have relurned
from the east where they purchased
additional inui liinriy for I heir smelter.
assessment act and revenue tax
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with the Statutes, that Revenue
Tax and all taxes levied undei the Assessment Act are now due for the year
1001. All of the above named taxes
collectible within the South Division of
East Yale and part of Rossland Riding
are payable at my office, Fairview.
Assessed taxes are collectible at the
following rates, viz. :—
If paid on or before June 30th, 1901:
Three-fifths of one per cent on real
Two aud one-hilf per cent on the
assessed value ot wild land.
One-half of one per cent on personal
On so much of the Income of nny
person as exceeds one thousand dollars
in accordance with the following classifications ; upon such excess the rates
shall be, namely :—
Class A.—On one thousand dollars,
and not exceeding len thousand dollars,
one per cent up toflve thousand dollais
and two per rent on the remainder I
Class B.—On ten thousand dollars,
and not exceeding twenty thousand
dollars, one and one-half per cent., up
to len thousand dollais, and twn and
one-half per cent on the remainder :
Class 0.—On twenty thousand dollars, and not exceeding forty thousand
dollars, two and one half per cent, up
to twenty thousand dollars, .ind three
per cent on lhe remainder :
Class D.-On all others in excess of
forty thousand dollars, three percent,
up to torty thousand dollars, and three
and one-half per rent on the remainder.
If paid on or after 1st July, 1001 :—
Knur-fifths of one per cent on real
Three per cent on the assessed value
of wild liin.i.
Three-fourths of one per cent on
personal properly.
On so much of the income of any
person as exceeds nne thousand dollars
in accordance with ihe following clss
sification ; upon such excess the rates
shall lie, namely :—
Class A.—Ou one thousand dollais.
and not exceeding ten thousand dollar.-,
one and one-half per cent, up tn Ave
thousand dollars, aud two and one-
half per cenl on Ihe reuiainde" i
Class 11. On ten thousand dollais,
and not exceeding twenty thousand
dollars, two per cent, np to len >.hou-
sand dollars, and three per cenl on the
remainder :
Class 0.—On twenty thousand dollars, and not exceeding forty thousand
dollars, three per cent, up to twenty
thousand dollars, and three and one-
half per cent on the remainder;
Clash D.—On all others in excess of
forty thousand dollars, ihree and one-
half per cent., up to forty thousand
dollars, and four per cent on the remainder.
Revenue Tax, $3 per capita.
Two per cent on the assessed value
of ore or mineral bearing substances,
pnyaiile quarterly, nn the last day of
the months of March, June, September
and December in each year.
0. A. It. LAMBLY,
Assessor and Colled or.
Kairview H. C, Feb. 16,1001.     2Uu
Mineral Aot, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Illinium, Quicks Mineral Claim.
Sltuat* In tha Kattle River Minim Dlvlilon or
Yalo IHitrlct.  Whoro Locatod : -Dead-
wood Camp.
I AKK NOTICK Ilml I, Forbes M. Kerby. as
•lent for the Highland Queen Consolldal-
. Mining and Milling Co., Umilod Liability,
tree miner's certificate No. ttgotl, intend,
sixly days (rom the dale heroof, to apply
to ihe lining Heoordor for a certllioato ot
improvomonts, for the purpose of obtaining
s Crown grantof the ahove claim.
And further lake notico that, action, under
Motion 37, must be commenced before 'ho Issuance of such oertlfloato of improvomonts.
Dated this Uth day cf January, loot.
To 0. A. Peterson, late of Kholt Creek In Yalo
Sir: You are hereby notlflod that we have
expended tlttl.ii) in labor and improvements
upon the "Hig Windy" Mlnernl Claim, situate
In Providence Gamp, in lhe Kellie lllver MiniiiK Division of Yalo District in British Columbia, in order to hold s ild claim under I ho provisions of Ncc'ion „ of tho Mineral Act, such
being thc amount required lo hold thn said
claim for the year ending April S, Ilill.
A nd if at thc expiration of ninoty Wl) days nf
publication of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of thu expendilure
required under sain section '_, together with
all costs of adver'isim-, your interests in said
claim shall become vested in Ihe subscribers
lyour co-owners) under Soctlon I of tho "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."
Dated at Midway, H, C, this 10th day of
December. 1900.
C. I,. Tiiomkt, Manager.
the J. A. Unsworth, Secretary.
nnnuMrtetlr-onaeentUI. HndMotoaPeuou
tmmx* lean iKmeib Sin a CojMn
HMt-f aeMw, aKhoot eoano, la tie
Scientific Aitrtm
A hMMtoomtlr IthMtfUod weekly, larteo dr
calatlon of any wStnuse ks-rnal. Term. It a
tmt: toor monies, IL SoMbytil aoMeebn.
Provincial Land (ta-rvrj-or.
Architect and
Civil Engineer...
I*£eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
VOTARY   WBleU'ebtm
h ait view Agent.
... iDDMtS*. ..
runviiw. b. c.
Oorreapomlenoe 8oll(*ite<l.
Riverside Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C Camp McKinney, R C.


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