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fol. XIV, No. 12.
$2.00 per Year.
IkBBisTBB, Solicitor, Etc.
Ghkjknwoou, 11. C.
—: Notary Public,
i McKinney, B.C.
Hallett & Shaw
Iarristers, solicitors,
Notaries Public.
iddrosH: "H.>li.ktt."
(Joans: Heilford McNeill's, Moreing &
final's, Leiber's. ^f"
.  . .  MIDWAY, B,C.
OTAIIY   1*1111.10,
I Customs entries pasted     Mineral Act
Ad Land Act papers drawn up.  Affidavits taken.  Abstracts made.
I Communications by mall or telephone
iromptly attended te.
Special Values
in the Shirt Line.
(Mn.i.L Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00, V. A S.
THIS week we are showing some excellent values
in Heavy Working Shirts,
suitable for winter wear. Step
in and see for yourself the
quality and low prices.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Ioyinqal Land   Surveyor
]*£-ml Estate
I r|8urar|0_.
j Hotel Spokane,
Tonsorial Artist.
Bir a nrtt_ft_ Bhare, IIn.ii- Out, Sen Knnni
ur sii^tnoiK), mill ut tbe above parlor.
lUxors Iniin-1 nml ground.
fcl-I'll   STItKKT.   •  •   •   MIDWAY, 11. C.
ran smasaxX    __l	
pill Kinds  of  Repairing.    Horseshoelnn
A specially.
Ibogk greek hotel . . .
_tPA*.*.maxAarXmX*.   TtXtfw.
flllsTI'l.lSS    AmmMMODATIOK    rOR   (ilKST*.
Kxwll-u-t f'Milim on Kettlo llivor._f
All kinds of work executed to
he satisfaction of customers.
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Commercial and Mining men should put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. SKeeKan
Midway Meat Market
K. K. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Everything  F'ir»t.<-liiKH.
!_jf-_LSthasmm*. H---lw_,_r.
•   ■ Xatrlverstto- on tho premiae-i   . J
Therefore Meats are always fresh and sweet    Call nml get a good j.'inl Sj
tor dinner to-day, 2
TELEPHONE 311. P. 0. BOX 25. w
H.  KEYE8, Prop.
hind Accommodation.
lies., Liquors and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling,
($**** ***************M'
|p R. ITOtON,
Practical Watch Maker,
roi'l'KK  81
(lood Tools, Plenty Materlil,
anil .in years experience to do
work correctly.   .   .   ,
Great Reduction
  IN  Al.l. LINKS OF 	
Dry Goods, Notions,
Ladies' and Gents'
Furs, Jackets and Capes
Clothing of all kinds at manufacturers' prices plus
freight,   for thirty days, to make room tor
Spring and  Summer Wear.
We need the cash, and arc willing to sacrifice profits.
FUR COATS from $12.50 to $20, fapinor price $17,50 anil $25
FUR GAPS worth $5 aod $6, now selling at from $1.50 to $3.50
Now is the time to buy,  as no such bargains will
be offered again.
Rubber goods at  greatly reduced prices, as we do
not intend to carry them over for next season,
Come and inquire about our cash  grocery  prices
Everything cut down for cash.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
Death of a Noted Indian Scout-Was
a Prench-Canadlan and Served
Under General Crooks.
"Little Bat," the famous ludian
sciiul, who escaped many dangeis un
Ilie Western plains only tn meet death
two days I.cfore Christmas In a saloon
tight at Crawford, Neb,, was one of
the must courageous men uf a class
thai is almost extinct. Twenty yeais
ago "Little Bal" was lhe hero of many
a thrilling adventure snd in his time
rendered valuable service to the United
States array. He was one of General
Crook's most, trusted men. In everyday life the wont was Baptist* Cannier, lull among soldiers and frontiersmen lie was known liy lhe half-affectionate title of "Utile Bat," for he had
earned tlie gratitude of many a blue-
iiint. When he was killed "Little
But" was on his way lo St. .losepli,
Mo., to visil one of his old fiiends, a
fuitmr scmil named Krank (irouard.
"Lii tie Hat was one of the coolest
and liravest men I ever knew," said
Orouard, when the news of his old
comrade's death was h-ought to him.
"He had many miraculous escapes,
and in times of greater peril he was
always perfectly fearless. Perhaps
the closest place he was ever in was
directly after the Custer massacre,
when he went out. with Lieutenant
Sibley and 25 picked men to find out
which way the Sioux were moving.
"We left camp nn the evening nf
July fl, 1870, and went toward Tongue
Hiver. along ihe fool of Ihe mountains.
We travelled most of the night, and
ahout daylight I he next morning Little
Bat caw an Indian looking over the
hill at us. We knew we were close tn
ihem and that we might expect
ironlile. 1 went with Liltle Bat at
daylight to a tint te a short distance
away, and we looked over the count ry
with our glasses. A few miles away
we could see hundreds of Indians inov-
ing in the direction of T«ngue River,
and we knew it meant death lo us if
«e did not gel away. Wc summoned
the soldiers at once and made lor the
"Tlie Indians struck our trail in a
*J|" Millie. Weknewii when one of
| tin ni Imgan riding his horse in a circle
I mid waving his lilaiiket. They came
on very fast afler that. The party
ruining toward us was a war party,
and I lean ed afterwards that Sitting
Hull was almig. \Y struck into the
trail ihat leads up into the mountains
from Dayton, hut before we reached
the mountains the Indians \ ■>■•« within
half a mile of us. Tli'-ic n. ., have
heen 400 of them, and half Oi ■ .'in
made for the trail thai, goes up trom
Twin Creek, to head us off there should
we try to escape liy I hat route.
"Little Bal went on ahead to watch
the Twin Creek trail, and I hurried
the soldiers along, I joined But after
after a time, leaving the soldiers lav
hind. They did not come up, and I
■vent hack to lliem, finding thai they
had slopped to eat. Bat killed the
fli-st Indian that came up the trail, and
I then came hack lo in. He told the
soldiers it was prohahly the lust meal
that they would ever eat. Their slopping there had caused us to lie cut off
by not passing the Twin Creek trail
hefore the Indians got there. Just as
I tbe Indians appeared we sent thc
soldiers into a little grove of trees
ii-ur liy and had them hunch their
horses, locating the men a consideralile
distance away.
"John Finerty, Chicago newspaper
correspondent, was with the scouting
party, and was thrown hy his horse as
we were making for the timber.   We
thought he wan killed, bill he was nnt
hurl, and But shoved him into the
trees, We had to leave the horses
I lien-and see them killed, tor the Indians k.pl firing al them all the time.
W'ebad instructed the soldiers not to
Hie a shot, and it was our Intention
not tn Are, hut when we went to ihe
edge of the timber Little Hi made
one of the best shuts ever made in the
West. He killed two Indians at one
shot,   1 saw him do it,
"The Indians were iiii their hnrses,
circling pi'elty close to the limher. As
we did not return their tire, two of
ihem became very daring. One of
them was Little Antelope, a Sioux
chief, who wa* beginning to he known
in the tribe, He was a bloodthirsty
devil. He was riding straight toward
us and the other Indian was behind
bim, when Little Bat fired. It Was
such a good shot that he could lint
resisl it. The Indian thnl was behind
fell flist, and Little Antelope dropped
over on his horse's inane. Before he
could fall off twn Indians ran nut and
held him on the horse, guiding it back.
Wc learned afterward that both were
killed instantly.
"There waa a washout running
through the grove, and we sent the
soldiers down into It. By watching
several hums for a chance, we crawled
out through that washout and wenl
into the mountains, where we traveled
several days in the direction of camp,
"We came out at the heal of Soldier
Creek and found n land of Indians
waiting for us. Litlle Bal and I crawled np within 200 yards uf Ihem and
saw that they were in war paint, It
was tedious waiting then- all day for
them to go away, but it had to be
"Some of the soldiers wanted to
fight the Indians, and I think they
would have heen willing in tight tin-
whole Sioux nation that day. One of
the soldiers went stark mad front bun*
gei and exposure, and we had to keep
him hound and gagged all day,
"When the Indians went away we
moved un, hut we were all nearly exhausted. We reached Big Goose
Creek and found that il could not be
forded. By that time another soldier
was crazy, and they both refused to
swim. We had to leave ihem there,
and Little Bat stayed with tlu-in. The
country was full of Indian", hut In-
remained with those Iwo deserted
soldiers at the risk of his own life.
"About 10o'clock lhat day we Saw a
man nn the hill in front of us. and
found hy looking at him through a
glass that, he was a soldier. A few
hours later we reached camp, and hud
hard work to prevent the soldiers from
eating enough to kill t hem. They had
lived on wild turnips for Several days.
"Two companies of men went, back
to Big Goose Creek after Bat and the
demented soldiers and brought them
in that day.
"Little Bat lived the rough life of a
scout, hut he was as true as any man
living. He never went back on a
friend and never was guilty of a mean
act. He was a French-Canadian, and,
I have heard, though not from him,
that he belonged to a wealthy fnniily
and could have lived a life of ease had
he desired.
"Tliere was no hetter smut in the
West in the days when tliere was wmk
ot that kiiiirtu he done. He was nne
of General Crunk's trusted men, and I
have heard the general say that be
would rather lose a third uf his command than Little Bat."—Chicago Inter*
 rea ■
Light (living rietai Found.
Apparently reports have been in cit-
nihil inn nf a discovery in some part of
Idaho of a metal thai gives light.
Nothing definite is known of it. and
J the following dispatch fnun Washing'
i tun throws more light than anything
yetiu ;
Washington, D. 0., Jan. B.—No Importance is attached al either the g"o-
loglcal survey m- ibe national museum
to tin- report* from Idaho that a miner
in thai sIjiIi has discovered a mineral
which gives light. The experts at both
places have heard nothing uf Ihe new
metal except ihrough reports in the
papers. It is the praotlce of prospectors and mineralogists lo promptly forward tu one of the government bureaus
here samples of new or unknown mm
erals they may Hnd, and thi fad that
the alleged discoverer of the 1 ,^m .-iv-
ing substance has not submitted any
of bis lind for official analysis i* regarded as conclusive thai It it not. important. Various attempts have lieen
made from lime to time hy theonmbin-
jitiun uf cei tain chemicals to prepare a
sub-lance that will retain and reflect
light, 'lhe efforts have been partially
successful ii) ihe manufacture nf clock
dials, match hoxes, etc, It Is comparatively easy by exposing cerwiin substances lo Intense light to absorb a.
quantity uf the rays, but up to date it
has been impassible to Imprison them
permanently, I'pun short exposure
tin* absorbed lii,ht escapes and the
cluck dials, match boxes, etc., lose
their illuminating properties. So
metal known to the government experts possesses lightgiving qualities of
any permanence,
llailway Items.
Vancouver, B. 0„ Jan. 15. - The
Canadian Pai ilie Railway   has begun
construction nf  a   liranch   line  fr	
Abbntsfurd to Chilliwack. It runs
through a fertile farming country and
will subsequently lie extended across
the mountains into the interior, connecting with the main line of the railroad near Midway, B. C.
Ottawa, Jan. 16.—Mr. Maxwell, M.
P. for Biirrnrd, is here today with T.
J. Baxter, president of Ihe Li hern I
club, Vancouver, and II. Kelly of the
same place. The object of their mis
sinn is to solicit, government encouragement toward the construction nf
the Coast-Kootenay railway nnd Ihe
building up nf n better Bteamshlp service lietween Vancouver and ports on
the Lynn canal.
MONTREAL, IH.— General .Manager
Reeve nf the Grand Trunk railway,
says the story of the Grand Trunk
railway securing connection to llrilisli
Coluinbia by controlling i he Wisconsin Central railway to Duluth and running mer the McKcnzie-.Vlauu roads
from that place to Winnipeg and Uncontemplated rond of James Dunsmuir
from Winnipeg to British Columbia,
is all nonsense.
Toronto, .Inn. iti.—Officinis of the
Crow's Nest Coal conipany interviewed
regarding the World's BtaiemetyPthat
J. .1.  Hill will purchase 80,000 new
shares nf that company's *tm k state
that the announcement is decidedly
premature, A meeting of the sunk-;
holders has been called for February
nth to consider the queslion of raising
the capital from $8,000,000 to $8,800,*
H. W. D. Armstrong, whn is the
engineer superintending the construe*
linn of the C. P. H. bridge across ihe
Columbia river at Robson, was in
Nelson yesterday, says the Tribune of
the 17th, inst. He said the wmk was
progressing ns well as could tie expected. All the piles for the two deep
Water piers have been driven. The
caisson for one of these has just been
completed and work upon the Olher
has been started. The east abutment
Is ahout finished. The excavating for
the land piers has been dune and the
stone wnrk will be started al once.
Tbe rami i actor has three of thn C. P,
R. barges in use, and stnne for the
piers is baing delivered Bt both sides
nf the stream fnun lhe slip al Huhson.
This allows a gang of men In wmk
upon biith land abutments at the same
time, A force nf aliout 78 men is at
work, hut additional men will be put
un shortly. The material for th-super
sti net ure of the bridge will be delivered
about April 1st. The water in the
rivcr is within a foot of low water
mark, which aids greatly in the carry
;ing on of the wmk.
At the .Morning Glory.
The Morning Glory is maintaining
its past record for rich ore. In the
face of tbe drifts on the second and
third levels the pay ore is as rich as
ever, and the quantity has not diminished, The average width is about 18
inches. The ore that Is being sacked
for shipment to tbe smelter averages
about. $460 per ton. Work Is to cease
'bis Week upon Ihe lower level. The
force employed there is tn be withdrawn io the level above whei-»-a raise
is to be made fo determine the height
nf the shoot, It may extend tn tbe
surface and it may not. The second
object is lo have all ail shaft that will
Ventilate the mine. The raise will I'D
jiu absolute necessity when sloping
begins, and thc management is determined In he pi eparcd for that event as
sunn as possible,
The drift north nn the second level
will lie continued until lhe length nf
the oreshool b is been fully determined.
Over jjli'i worth of nre is taken out for
each foot advanced in Ihe drift, ln
view nf the fart that Republic is a king
distance Ir  ii lailroad  or from a
plant that is prepared to treat custom
ores, the Morning Glory is easily lhe
most valuable pioperty in the oamp al
tbis line, except i be Republic, ;i< more
lhan enough "ie is taken mil to pay
all expenses of development lf the
mine were equipped witha© ressor
plant and machine dulls sun-:, uted
for hand drilling the mine could be
made to pay a monthly dividend of no
small proporl i"ti>.
On the Stemwinder.
Gnoilcih uu and Blackstock, who
h ive laker over the control of ihe
Fail view Corporation, are pushing de*
vi lopmcni on the Slemwindi r, I he
greatest properly owned by ihis company, and are making a mosl exerlli nl
showing. More Hum 1,700 fei t of de-
velopmei '    huve  I
pioperi y  up to d	
shows up 16 fei tol   li an ore,
Fain lew people nre   :     Ian     iver
the success at tending ' w Ing if
ibis property ai d Fei I confid nl that
the Stemwinder will win back tha l"*t
laurels uf llii* cauip, which at une lime
was one of the begt known iu the country, The ore mi the dump is watting
milling, and If the result nf the mill
nm is ns Mire, -.-'ul as i- anticipated
other properties in lhat vicinity wil]
commence operations once more.
Shipments tn Trail Smelter.
Following were the ore shipment!
received at the Trail smelter from the
different shipping for the week ended
January 12:
OentreSlar  1888
Iron  Mask   llll
Siilbuiii   187
Sovereign     16
Payne  1H4
Bosun     lb
l''.nt"t'|iriso   IS
W, H. Pool  4H
B. I  mil
Ymir  85
Tnial  8480
Fur lhe week I he matle shipped I mm
the Trail smeller was 940 ions.  The
bullion amounted to iisj tons.
I JOHN W1THBLL Phoi'iubtok
Published   weekly   at  Mlilwny,  B. C.
Subscription Prlco. $2.0(1 per annum, payable
In advance, cither yearly ur balf-yeariy ut the
option uf tbo Hiibscrilii-r.
Advertising Hiites sent on application.
A resident of Midway was recently
heard to remark that if all thc chart era
fnr a railway from Midway to the
coast, wliieh are lieing applied for, be
granted and the roads built, competition will he so close that we will he
offered a premium to take the round
trip. All we have to say is : Ob, let it
lie soon 1
Tliere are always new finds being
made in the frozen north. The latest
discovery is that it costs less in tbe
sunless city of Dawson to obtain a
champagne "jag" of the finest quality
than Ui become hilarious on the product of Joe Seagram's distillery. This
condition nf affairs is caused by
the saloon men laying in an over
supply of wine.
Of I hose whn served in South Africa
only 15 out of 700 untitled to make application for the Ontario Government's
grant of 100 acres of land in Ontario
have up to the present applied. Kvi
dent ly Ihe hoys are not overly nnximiS
tn become the proud possessors nf Hill
acres uf land such as is to he taken up
in Ontario at the present lime. Farm
ing in such uut uf the way districts is
ton much like the life they had to en
dure iu South Africa, and the boys
are now tired of war and want a
Some Kastern Canadian, as well as
some English, papers are amusing iu
their efforts lo furnish Information
about British Columbia, Only recent
ly an Knglisli paper ventured a huld
guess about the Province of Vancouver, while a Toronto daily, wliieh
prides itself nn its vast, knowledge of
mining in this Province, goes on to
tell about the pyritie smelter which i
lieing built at Granhy Falls. Would
it uot he belter if Ihese papers would
at least, get a faint idea of the geographical situation of Briiish Colunihia
or employ inure efficient, guessers on
their staffs before attempting to fur
nish their readers with information
concerning this Province, and ihu-
avoid nuhlishing suih idiotic articles 't
By ihe appointment of Dr. Jakes to
the mayoralty of Greenwood, thai
city's int-rests will he well looked after, and Greenwood's old time prosperity will, to a certain extent, return.
Dr. Jakes has heen iu the west lung
enough to know what a western town
requires, and will not attempt to make
it a straight laced city, such as some of
the old, slow-going towns of the east.
Greenwood never was as prosperous as
when il was run ns a wide-open town,
and it is of no use for over-zealous
workers for reform to suy anything to
the contrary. The conditions of this
country .it the present time require a
certain amount of freedom, aud we
helieve lhat the Doctor's hinad minded
views will prompt him to grant freedom that is sn necessary to tbe prosperity of any new lown in the west.
Byfarthe most important railway
project, as far ns this dislrict is con
cerned, that lias lieen recently advocated, is the scheme nnw advanced to
huild a line from Midway to Rock
Creek, thence up the west fork of Kettle River, continuing through the Mis
sion creek pass to Vernon, and there
connecting with the Shuswap and
Okanagan branch. Everything Ihal
this city and district can do to furthir
the project shnuld be al templed without delay. The inaugural ion of such
a line wnuld mean the Introduction of
an era of increased prosperity to this
section. It would afford us a direct
mute to nur best possible market. It
wnuld shorten tbe haul to Kootenay
pnints by some 200 miles. It would
open up one uf ihe must promising
mining regions uf the west, whieh lies
contiguous 'n uur doors, aud which is
at presenl undeveloped simply on ac
count of no transportation facilities.
From a provincial standpoint the
scheme is worthy of every possihle
means of assistance. At present the
8.&0. line is a drag upon the Province.
Its earning capacity does not nearly
meet tbe guarantee furnished hy the
government. But put it in connection
with i. line tapping the Boundary and
Kootenay mining camps, and all this
would at once be changed. From an
unfortunate investment the .8. & O.
would speedily assume the position of
a hig dividend earner, An impetus
would be given to agriculture and
general business in this district hy the
construction of such a road, which
would materially advance the interests
of all classes within our borders. We
feel that we are amply justified in calling iipnn the government to give
prompt and efficient aid to this project, and we trust that arrangements
will he made during the coming session which will ensure ils completion,
—Vernon News.
Legislature Summoned.
VlCTOKIA, January 17.-The provincial legislature has been summoned to
meet on February 1st for the despatch
of business.
The annual report of the Postmaster-
General for the year 18011-IflOO lias lieen
printed aud distributed. In the matter of postal revenue it should he remembered that the year was lhe Hrsl
during lbe whole uf which the reduction of domestic postage from three to
two cents per ounce and of the inter-
Imperial postage from (Ive lo two
cents |ier half ounce had effect, the
higher rales having prevuiled during
the first half of the previous year. The
revenue for the sale of postage S'amps,
cards, etc., for the past year, therefore,
fall shorts hy $53,000 of the total
amount derived in the previous year.
The lotal net revenue of the post office
from all sources, except fmiii the
Yukon and Atlin, exceeded that of thu
previous year by $1,(135 and the gross
revenue increased by $20,301, On the
other hand the expenditure of the
department omitting Ihe Yukon and
Ailin districts, exceeded that of the
previous year by $03,707. It appears,
therefore, that a larger volume of
postal business was handled at an increased expense of slightly over 1\ per
cent. The net revenue for the year
was $3,183,IIS! and the expenditure
$3,015,018, leaving a deficit of $181,001.
The deficit last year was $388,017 ;
the total number of letters posted iu
Canada during tbe year was 178,292,-
600 ; post cards, 27,130,000; registered
letters, 4,312,000 ; free letters, 0,318,000;
newspapers (transient), periodicals,
etc., 72,072; packages, etc., 3,881,760:
fourth class matter, 2,040,000 ; and
closed parcels for Britain and elsewhere, 31,038. By Provinces the number of letters posted was as follows :
Ontario, 00,(102,500 ; Quebec, 40,260,000 ;
Nova Scoiia, 12,400,000; New. Brunswick, 8.080,000; P. E. I„ 1,750,000;
British Columbia, 0,760,000; and Manitoba and N. W. T., 15,450,000.
Boundary Creek H. A M. Co.,  Ltd.
The annual general uieeting of
shareholders in this company was held
at Greenwood, on Thursday afternoon,
17th insi. There was a fine at tendance
of shareholders in person and by proxy
and the president of the company, D.
A. Holbrook, was in (he chair. The
report of lhe directors and a statement
of accounts together with the auditor's
report thereon for ihe past year were
submitted and adopted. Four of the
retiring directors, Messrs. D. A. Holbrook,D. W.Holbrook, J. WtNelson and
0. JF„ Shaw were re-elected and Mr.
E. Jacobs was elected as the fifth member of the directorate.
A special meeting was held afU*r-
wards to consider a proposal made by
the London anil Canada Syndicate, of
London, England, to form a new company, with head office iu Eugland, to
acquire the mineial claims and real
estate of the local company and to extensively develop the more promising
of I hese claims. The scheme proponed
was explained in detail tothe meeting,
which unanimously adopted a resolution empowering the directors io sell
the property and assets of the company.
Later the directors held a meeting
and appointed Mr. D. A. Holbrook,
president, and Mr. E. Jacobs, secretary-treasurer. A cable was sent to
England notifying the London k Canada syndicate that their scheme had
heen sanctioned by the shareholders.
An Important Deal.
The negotiations which have heen in
progress for some time past hetween
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and the Canadian Pacific Navigation Company looking to the acquirement hy the former of a controlling interest in the capital stock of the
latter, culminated in the completion of
the deal on Wednesday in Victoria.
The final details of lbe big deal were
arranged hy C. C. Chipinan, commis-
inner nf i he Hudson's Bay Company,
who has been in Victoria on Ihis ini-
pnr'*-iit mission for Ihe past few days.
Official information is lo the effect
that a greatly improved service will he
inaugurated by the acquirement ot
fast up to date vessels to run between
Victoria and Vancouver, and from
British Columbia ports to Skagway.
It is also mentioned lhat nn bonus in
consideration nf such Improved service
will he asked for hy the railway company. Full details relative to the
transaction are not yet made public.
The announcement of the transfer of
the ownership to the 0, P. R. Company, it is learned from Victoria, is
being well received tliere, it heing con
sideied to he in the hest interests of
tho province as a whole. It is author!
tatively stated that a large sum of
money will he spent in improving tbe
company's equipment.
Boundary in Dispute.
The question is often asked concerning the reason for leaving the three
mile strip on the north of the Colville
reservation un«urveyed. In answer to
a query directed (o Surveyor-General
Kingsbury he said :
"I cannot tell, as I am waiting advices frnm Washington, D. C. The
International boundary line has not as
yet been definitely set'led in tbat
section, and Ihere is a three mile strip
on tho not Ul end of the Colville reserve
to which we have not as yet obtained
good title. Petitions for the survey of
the north part of this reserve have
been forwarded to Commissioner Hermann of Washington, hut no reply,
has been leclved by my office." |
NOTICE Is hereby given that application
will lie mode lo tlio Uglllatlvo Assembly
of lhe Province of British Columbia nl tin xt
session for un act to incorpnrnte n Oompany
with power, to construct, equip, maintain, uu'j
uperale a single or double line uf rail wur "'
standard or narrow gunge for tlie purpose ol
ealiveving passengers ami freight, frnm u point
on llurrard Inlet ntnr nenr llio City of Vancouver tlienee via the City nf Now West mlnst-
ur in an easterly direction along tlie Month
Side of Ilie valloy of Ilie Krnscr Itlvor to sonic
point on lhe said Kroner Kiver betweou llir
Junction of the Chilliwack Itiver with lbe snid
Kroser and the town of Vale.l.beiiee in on east
erlydheetlon iilouglhe volleys nf the Chilli-
wuck. Coquehalla, Tulameen, aud .Similkameen
Itivers or some of I hem or tlie tributaries thereof or some oft bom by thc most feasible route
too point lietween Penticton nml lhe International Boundary on thu walereotirso connecting Okanogan anil Osoyoos Ijlkiw. Ilielli-e
bv the most feasible route to a point ou the
Kettlo lllver nt or near lluck Creel- Ihence by
thc most feasible route to a point nt or near
Mlilwny, ihence hy the most, feasible route tn
a point at or noar the Oity of Grand Korks:
with power to construct, equip, luiilntiiin mul
opcralo, from any point on tlie sold railway,
brunches and extrusions of the same of not
more than DOmllcs in length, aud mads, bridges,
ways, ferries, wboi vos, docks, and coal bunkers, wilh power to build, own, equip, operate.
and maintain sleain and other vessels nail
boats, lelivrnplis, telephones, ami tramways.
iierlnl or otherwise, ami to carry on a general
express business either as separate uiiilei'tJtk'
lugs or in connection wilh tbo sold roil way mul
Iho sold branches nnd extensions; with powor
Uigciicmtooloctrlclly for llio supply of light,
hunt und power und dispose of and dial with
Uie mine ot a pro-It in any of the districts or
localities thmiiiili which tlio snid railway,
branches and exten .ions puss: wilh power m
expropriate lands, for any of Ibe purposes nf
tho Conipnny and to acquire lands, bonuses,
privileges, or other olds from nny government,
imii.ieiiMilily or ot bur porsonsor bodies oorpnr-
ate ; with power lo construct, equip, acquire,
lease.maintain, and operate smellers, reduction, refining, concentrating, or other works lor
bundling nnd trontiiiciit of ores ; with power In
acquire and operate eool lands and dispose of
the proceeds thereof, with power lo acquire.
construct ond operate hotels juiih power In
make traffic or other arrangements or amalgamate urconuoct witb any railway, steamboat.
or other company, or lease, pitrehiiso or otherwise acquire the assets of any such Compiinv;
nml with pnner Ui build wagon roads to lie
used in the construction of sold railway nnd
its extension and brunches and tn advtiuce of
tbe same nml io levy nnd collect tolls from all
parties using anil all freight passing over any
such roads, or any sueh aforesaid docks.
wharves, rai' wavs, ferrlos. or vessels owned or
operated by (be Company whether buill before or after tho passage of the Act hereby
applied for and will, oil other usual, necessary
or incidental rights, powers or privileges os
may bo necessary or Incidental or conducive
lo the utliiinmcnt of the above ob'ocU or of
any of them.
Sl Solicitors for Applicant.
Tmdc Mama
Anyone fending a iketeb and description miy
 _ rbetber an
I'tunu token tbroush Hunn A Co. receive
•FMlal notice, without chime, lu tho
qnleklf uetruin our opinion free whether i
Invention li probably patentable,  r—
tion. strictly conndentlal. Handboo!
■ent freo. Oldest agency for securing- paten
PaMnu taken tbroush Hunn A Co. rec
. Handbook on Patent!
Scientific American
A handsomely l.1tirtnt«d weakly. Unrest Or*
dilation of any aclentlflo Journal. Terms, $3 a
yew: four months, |L Bold by all newsd-alm.
To Ut.
The Lancashire Hoiisp, Midway.
This is a popular hotel, and is u good
opening for a first class hotel man.
'Ilie furniture can lie purchased reason
ably. Possession given December 1st.
Por terms, etc., apply to
The Midway Company, Ltd.,
Midway, II. C.
The Columbia and Western Bnilwii;
Company will apply to the Parliiuneti
of Canada at its next session  for an
Act 1tssi111il.itin« its bonding powets in
respect   of its  railway and  brant
lines wesl, of Midway to  the powei
already given in  respect, of its lines
constructed East of that point, extend
ing the time within whicli it mny cum
plete iln railways, and Authorizing i'
toconKtrnet such brunches from anj
of its lines not exceeding in any one
case thirty miles iu length as aie from
time to time aiilhoiizeil by thu (lover-
nor in Council, and fur other purposes,
6ft _ Secretary.
MMway Mail Service.
Mails close for all points east, al 1:30
p. m. daily, and for all points wesl at
8 p. in., Mondays, Wednesdays and
Mails arrive from all points east at
4:10 p. in. daily, and from all points
west at 2 p. in., Wednesdays, Fridays
and Sundays.
Money orders and Registration close
90 minutes liefore ahove time.
Application* for Certificates of
Notices advertised in this week's
Advanck are those of :—
White Knight, Kruger Mountain.
Peacock and Headlight, Kruger
Big Bug, Camp McKinney,
Susie, Fairview.
Dominion, Camp Fairview.
Horsefly, Cump McKinney.
St. John, Beaverton.
Idaho and Washington, Beaver
Creek camp.
Occidental, Camp Fairview.
Carmi and B. A. (Fractional), Carmi
ami Soo Line
SUH continue to opcrsto
First-Class Sleepers
On all trains from
Revelstoke & Kootenay Landing
Also Tourist Cum pnsuliiK Duumors Junction iluily for St, Paul; .Siitunliiys for Montreal and Hoatoii; Mondays and Wodnosdif i tor
TorontOi Htuno ems puss Hcvulsloke oaiHlay
earlier, _
Nn irniilile to iiiwte nil en nml glvo you n
pointer regarding the Kiislern trip you con-
leiiiplele taking.
Fall and Winter Sohodulo now
For tl-ne tallies, rules nml full Information
call un or address A. P. MctTU.Y, Agent,
Midway, or
A. O. P. A„
Vancouver, II. O.
i KuwtiL'5-num
^* *********************************** ******t* **.
a»—anth  Ott,.,  HldWB-r,
One Block West of Customs Office.
ijg   This is a first-class building, being hard   @   @   g>  .-»
1$   finished throughout.   The dining room   @g   fy  %tt
§}   ($1   is run under the personal supervision   @§   S§ ;&|
ig)   (g)   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   §g   .»,
D   <■*_   @   the hest on the market.   Choice stock   £} i|
•   ®   ®   $   oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the   W
®   ®   ®   ©   ^ar.     Large   Stable   in   connection.   ,.j
The Patronage of the Publlo le Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
ai _t_h __b t_b &ikj_jk «_jkik _u_i_k_u_tAt_i A m
Try a Bottle of
For that Cough of your*.
k____A__i -b-h-h_b-__m_-dkMi_--b-bt
' Chrletmae Number* of
are now on hand. |
f J. A.
vww w w mmmm mm mmmmmm'
_■*•_*.*& _*o_»~v
The Royal Insuranck Cot.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy.
The   Insurance Coy. of  North
Tub London and Canadian Fikb
Insuranck Coy.
Tiik Sun Like Assurance Coy ur
Thk Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
THK above reward will tm given to any per-
huh giving infiiniiiiliiiii tlmt will lead to
tho recovery of a flea-bitt«n gray mare, not
branded, swelling on right Mini leg In futlixk
joint, which strayed or wan stolen from A. K.
Horrtdgcs lange, near Midway, on or about
Nov, nnd,
ill      A. K. HOHRIDOE, Midway. B. C.
NOTICE l» hereby given lhat application will
be made to the Legislative Assembly uf
the l'rovinee of Ilritish Coliiniliia at lln next
Session, for a Private Hill to Incorporat-i a
company to build, equip, maintain nml opcralc
a line or linen of railway of standard gunge with
any kind of motive nowur from n point al or
near I ho town of Midway to a point al or near
Ihe month of Itock Creek, thonce In a north-
canterly direction to tho West Fnrk of Kellie
Itinr, thonco following the Went Fork of said
river lo iln head, thenee by the most convenient
route via Oljiimigan MiHslon Valley to Vernon,
with imwer to construct, operate and maintain
hriiurli lines to any point within twenty miles
of lho mail) line of railway, and with power to
I'linsiriii-t, operate and maintain nil nucessary
bridges, roads, ways aud ferries, anil to con-
slriirl, ni-ouiro. own and maintain wharves
nml docks in connection therewith, and to const riiri. own, acquire, equip and maintain at cant
and other vessels aud boat* and operate the
name nu any navigable waters, and to conatruct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone
lines along the routes of said railway and lis
branches or in connection therewith, and to
transmit, messages for commercial purposes, to
generate electricity and supply light, heat and
power, and to erect, construct, build and main-
loin lbe iii'i'.essiiiy buildings and works, and
with power to taite water from tho fulls on
HpallumrheennrShiiHwnp Itiver near Liimbv
and on tho West Fork of Kelllo Kivern;ii'r
Bull creek, to generate tiny kind of power fnr
tho purposes aforesaid or in connection therewith for reward, and to acquire and receive
from any government, eorporallnii or persons
grants of land, 1110110)', bonuses, privileges or
olhor nsiiislance iu aid of lho construction of
Ihe cuniiiiiuy's undertaking, and lo connect
with and on tor into truffle or other arrangements with railway, steamboat orothorcompanies; and for all rlghls, powers and privileges necessary In or Incidental, to tho promises
and for other purposes.
Hilled al Vancouver, B. C„ Ihis 22nd day of
December, 10UO.
*i Solicitors for tho Applicants.
The Riverside Hotel,
I.h situiiti'd st, Hiick Creek, B.O.,   nn   the   miiln route  of   travel
lietween Peiitietoii and »ll Uniiniliiiy ('reek point*).   Stopping
plm-c for »tit-<e».
Good Fishing -:- Good Hunting* -:-Bestof Accommodation.
,   Froprlatov.
Carrying Her Hajesty's nails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thms
davs and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. hi., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at s p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. 111..
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m,, and making con
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The beat of accommodation for
the oonvenlanoe of  the
travelling public.
\mmm Dttn*$**ii!iiiit*i§«i *«***;- ■*
Ouk   Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue,   j   E. Hi'tuikkson, Manager.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The   undersigned having   taken   thi-*   well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated nnd comfortably
furnished   room**.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
NOTICK ij hereby -riven thai "Tlie Columbia
anil Woslern Hallway Company." win
apply In llio LiiKlHlutlvo Amwinbly iif llm Prov-
incc of Ilrltinh Colunihia, »| |t» nott kohMoii for
an act to amend nection slxloen of the "Colnm-
bla ami Western Hallway company Aut, ltwr
(StntuteH of Drltiiih Columbia, I8UI1, chap. .541
by extending the time mentioned in the mid
Ni-ct 611 fnr tbo lomplelloii uf the fltlhnnd slxlh
seclliniH of the railway authorized lo be built
by said Acl.
Dated at Victoria B. C, December I8t,h.,ll»0.
s' 8olicltor« for applicant*.
The Boundary Hotel
...y IDWAY, B.C,..
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excellent Accommodation.
Large Sample Room for Commereial Men.
 -.^>||H____________VaM-M_M_««H| AND DISTRICT. J
McLeod, of Greenwood, was
I lust Tuesday's visitors to Mid-
klil, proprietor of the Central
returned on Saturday's train
trip to Seattle.
(Powers, of the firm of Leqtiline
irs, is again aide to be wound
rious attack of la grippe.
("hite, of Oamp McKinney, has
from his old home at Pern-
i)nt„ where be has spent sever-
Kiikup, government ngont, of
hd, and I). J, Darraugh, provin
i officii, of Greenwood, were
vay on Tuesday,
ettle river, at Midway, is now
Intense sheet, of excellent ice.
nf ihe townspeople are taking
age of the opportunities afforded
local insurance agents are
t, over the fact that none of the
fix burned recently at Phoenix
mnl In any ot the companies
[Smith has  had  a  nunilier of
work during  the  past week
ghly   overhauling   his   barber
[making  the premises more in
■g with his everincreasing trade,
! the past week Sl, Qiiintin k
(tie have had extensive improve-
9 to their premises used as
ry and restaurant and the place
nks very neat. A large sign
lis the putilic where this popti-
it is located.
iird.Iat-k, the Siwash charged
iiurder at Penticton, has  lieen
| to Knmloops. He was Pscnrted
journey by provincial police
Winters,  of Oamp  MrKinuey.
til come up for trial at  the next
Is in Vernon,
I meeting of the Highland Queen
iliilated Mining and Milling Com-
[ which was  to have been held
r*riday evening, at the head office
i i-iimpany, Midway, was post-
until   next Saturday evening,
| to the non arrival of important
|iieuiH frnm the Spokane office.
. Keane, formerly superintendent
le Cariboo, Oamp McKinney, hut
hns recently completed a large
leg contract in the Coetir d'Alenes,
lin Midway one day last week on
Vay to Camp McKinney, where he
superintend  the   diamond   drill
: l Imt is lo lie done on Uie Cnril sin
|few of Ihe elite of (ireenwood held
ue in Terry's hall. Midway, last
.-dny evening. Music wns fur
ed by the Midway orchestra. A
||iiuons repast was provided for Ihe
lors at Ihe Crowell house. Pane-
J was engaged in until a little after
Iniul]!, when the merry parly re
■ted (o Greenwood.
in enterprising merchant in town
tiled us a change of advertisement
j other day, containing anannnunce-
Int of some bar-rains in a certain line
linen's wearing apparel. Before we
Inl to press some customers fron
-oss the line were at his store asking
i them. And some men are found
In insist that advertising does not
[.ust Tuesday evening N. J. La Plant
, with a painful accident. He was
Iting some wood when the ue
in contact with a clothes line,
king the blade to strike Mr. Ln
It in the forehead, inflicting an
Igash. In Ihe absence of Dr. Jakes
j Unsworth, the city apothecary.
Imtumnned, who carefully dressed
■wound, and Mr. Ln Plant is now
Ig as well as can he expected.
JO. Thompson has moved into the
|iise8 formerly occupied by F. W.
Itine.   Mr.  Thompson   was  very
ilunate in moving as Ihe
attached to a load of bouse-
elf-els    became     unmanage-
ami ran away, converting Mr.
Impsim'B fine collection of standard
purs into a circulating libra-
J Other than this no serious dain-
|was d.ine, beyond tha scattering ot
of Mr. Thompson's choice ideas.
1st Wednesday evening about 10
Irk, George Withers, one of Ihe
It Shift at the Brooklyn, Phoenix
Ip, was hadly hurt in Ihe shaft of
j mine, hy the falling over on him
j loaded ore bucket, One ear was
Ilv rut off, and a leg was lacerated.
jr}iirdoii, of Phoenix,atonceattend-
ihim, putting several stitches iu
Inr, etc., and making him as cntii-
Vde   as   possible,    Withers   is a
llier of the miner's union at Camp
finney, is an Australian hy birth,
has many fi lends in camp,
In riu-loadtfbf pur" bred stock will
pipped by the Ontario Government
■Dairymen's Association of Brit-
|oliiinbiaon the 10th of February.
of the stock consists of private
, but the greater portion will he
|by auction, without, reserve, at
Westminster, on Friday, March
|A Hat for distribution  will he
las soon as the pedigrees are sent
[The shipment  contains   cattle,
pally milking shorthorns ; sheep,
Itis, Shropshire*nnd Sotilhdowns j
ll, mostly Berkshire ; nnd poultry,
lout It Rocks and Wyandot ten.
Iway is feeling pioud over having
Dtiasium, the likes of which can-
dary country or possibly in the entire
Province. Its success is due lo the untiring efforts of Bert Smith, its founder. Ever since Bert visited a "gym"
when he was but old enough lo steal
peanuts he displayed a sporting spirit
which he fostered all through life and
since then he has always had a desire
to be lhe estahlisher ot a micceasful
gymnasium, hut the opportunity never
presented itself llll became to Midway.
He purchased a large building nn Sixth
street and equipped it with every appliance that his visionary brain could
conceive of that wis likely to offer opportunities for the youth of thetown
to exercise themselves at, There is the
trapeze f.ir the circus-spirited fraternity. Innumerable pairs of boxing
gloves Invite those possessed of a pugilistic turn of mind. Foils are provided for military men and Imbeciles,
Thereare.tts well, punching Inigs.siugli-
sticks, dumb belli, clubs, liars, ami. a*
the sale hills would lay, other articles
too numerous to mention.   Hen- is
Where the sporty element— among the
boys-spend thllr evenings anil delight in upsetting each other upon the
blood stained Hour, which is fast be
coming bo look like a second rale barber shop after a busy day. A hospital
is run in connect inn wiih the institution and a resident doctor is located
lint a short distance away. Stihsciip
lion to the "gym," including hospital
fees and medical attendance, $2 pet
month, payable to Hon Smith on de<
bland or as Soon as Bert can colled it.
A smile and a real live policeman given
away with every receipt. Profanity
protectors provided the ministry upon
application at the door. This is one of
the test institutions of the kind we
have ever had the pleasure of visiting,
and Mr. .Smith is deserving of great
credit fnr establishing such an enoi-
moils result of the kind in any place
.-mailer than New York.
Procrastination is the thief of time.
Do not put off until to-morrow what
you can do to-day. Now that times
are improving throughout the Boundary Country in general, and in Midway
in particular, the number of lot sales is
daily increasing, and not only will the
prices soon go up, but the most desirable locations will be disposed of. I nvest
now and show your good judgment.
For prices and terms apply to
T. M.Qulley&Co.
Large Stuck.   Low Prices.
T.   THL.   GULLE1T   Ss   CO.,
Fire Originated In McBean & Co.'a
Dry Goods Store-Loss Estimated at $35,000.
A few minutes after eight o'clnck
lust Thursday evening a tire broke out
iu a large dry goods store on Dominion
avenue, Phoenix, which threatened
the whole lower end of lhe lown fur mi
hour, but was Anally stopped ufter doing damage to the extent of neatly
$35,000. The first general Intimation
of a bud fire was when three lung
whistles fnun the compressor *• 'he
Brooklyn mine were heard nil mer
town. The Are hid burst out of lhe
..ecoitd story nf M. McBean k I .'» dr)
goods store. Ii quickly spread to ibe
Imperial hotel buildin-i, ndjuiulng on
ihe inn tii side of Dominion avenue,
.ind thence to the Molding of the I'hoe
nix News company, all lieing two story
strut-lures. The Are burned very
fiercely, and threatened a long row of
two and ihree story huildings nn the
opposite side of the avenue. Giant
powder was used three or tour limes
with good effect. There ,vas a scarcity
of water, hut several Are engines could
hardly have slopped the flames,
Mayor Kiimberger and Chief of Police McMillan, assisted liy a large iiuiti-
bei of citizens, did yeoman service in
saving goods and tearing down structures to stop the spread of the flames.
Much damage was done through broken glass all over the city. An Incomplete list of the losses is as follows :
M. McBean k Co., stock, $12,11110 ; William Hunter company, McBean building, $3,(100 s W. .1. Henderson, Imperial
hotel, $10,0(11); Phoenix News roiupa*
ny, building and slock, $2.(1110: T. A.
Hicks, dry goods, $1,8110. Tliere was n
partial insurance on sntlte of the
Structures anil slocks, pmbahly le*.s
than half of the total loss.
Municipal Elections.
At Greenwood Dr. Jakes bent I).
Ross for mayor by 146 to 125. The
rest of the Boss tii ket was elected,
as follows : South ward, .1. .1. Canlfield,
James Sutherland mid 1). .1. Sullivan ;
north ward, Thus. Miller, W.J, Kirk*
wood and George It, Naden. Il is asserted thai fraud i-charged and there
is likely tn be a contest over the niAci
of mayor.
The municipal election at Phoenix
resulted in putting in lhe old mayor
and council. They are Mayor limn
heiger, and Councillors Dougiill Mclnnes, Michael McBean, James Punch,
James Marshall, James A, Clark ami
James A. Morrin.
At Grand Porks M. D. White was
chosen mayor over L. A. Mauley by a
majority of 00.
At. Columbia Neil MoCalliim was
elecled mayor.
Ill Rosslnnd 0. O. Lilonde was
elected mayor over Harry Daniels.
In Nelson V. Fletcher  was elecled
Martin's Condition.
Ex-premier Joseph Martin is still
lying ill at St. Paitl'shnspltal, Vancouver, and il Is doubtful whet Inr he will
be able to undertakehis|iailiamentiiry
duties when the session of the provincial house npens. He is suffering from
an abscess in the leg, which bus bothered him fnr a good many years, and
Dr. Underbill, his medical attendant,
is now trying lo build him up for an
operation. He has been in the hospital for four weeks, nml under the most.
favorable circumstances cannot help
stayingtheie another Ave or six weeks
The Ce°tral H°tel f
llth St., Midway, B. C.
fo tV**        Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
m. We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
fo iirc prepared to welcome guesra and provide good accom-
/|\ modation.    Good catering,    Fir.st-da.ss Livery Stable.
Wi jg
i The Travellers Insurance Co...
..» ■-,->■_._•._._>-s-S—»—»«t*st.j,,
99x99 9999 fW»W
Wl 1 .... Of Hartford. Conn. %
m. This is a new  three-storey he tel, comfortably  *j*r>
fo   furnished throughout. ify
" w
fo The nearest house to the Railway Station.    Th
fo   most convenient hotel for railwav travellers
.   Chnrtercd ISO.'!.
5* I   Stock Life nnd
Accident Insiirutiee.
we. »»»»««««***»
ISSUES the best life Insurance    j  ASSETS	
'■   contracts in the world.   No
w  disappointment as to dividends. January ist, 1897.
Sff   9   Everything  guaranteed in  ad*
S   v.itice.   Premium rules lo to 25
per cent less lhan  those nf old
The best of accommodation in every respect.
I      5. DAHL, Proprietor.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.    Telephone orders receive prompt
$20,884.53 jjj
LIABILITIES, . . 17,920,260.29 *
line Mill ual ciiiiipiinies.
. 2,976,424.36
- .. 9
9 The Travellers Coudiinalion Accident Policy guarantees foraccldental <l>
iy,                               under ordinary conditions. J
A Death Menem .     .     .     litm ]   boss nf Right Hand     .     .       «2.snii
* Uwa af Sight of Both Hyee ,000 i Low of Leg at or above Knee 1800 _
J Uws of Both Koot or Both Hands .i.i"' Lowof hftHand . . . 1,000 *
jjj len. o< One Huuil nml One Font AMU ', LiOSS of Klllicr Foot 1,000 2
**) Permanent Tninl lil~.il.il ij           8 J00       tiOl   of sight of Ooo J'ys  .     .     .850 j*i
* *(»
9        Ltn-iits <»f   Weekly   Indemnity $1,300. _
5 8!
yi. AM). If isuch injuries are sustained while riding as ;i passenger in ->
j* uny passenger conveyance using strain   cable,  or  electricity «s a k
9 motive power the amount to he paid   shall be DOUBLE the sum J
I*             specilied in the clause under wliieh lhc claim is made, £
I Cost $52 a vear  to Professional axd  Business J
jjt              Mkn.axi) Commercial Travelers. S
* e,  _. 1
f Other sums at proportionate rates j
§                  W. XX. Nori'is, |
St Quintin & McBoyle, Props.
Good assortment of Fresh Bread, Cakes, Confectionery and
Fruit always in stock.
First-class   meals   served at   ail   hours.    Give   tis   a   call.
irrmrTYrimr} \ <&$$$$$$$$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ sss%
J rJ   Mi' <t
THOttAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brand* of
Cigar* and Tobacco* kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shade* and patterns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh  Street, Midway.
1'4)R. WELLS 8- I
11.is opened up a
| Livery and Feed Stable J
,       . , , w
In the premises formerly occupied by \i>
-_■—»«■-» i—— ii      ii' *_t«n m     ■    ■■■-    ■■   *■■***•____■__■■■* "*
_Ba-?o_-_l->l_Er St IK_t*,:_»_yiiB. W
iii    Special atteiuicn given in all kinds of transfer work, <it
fo                          A riff will meet all trains. W
A                  —2 , __ sto
fo              The patnina^e ol the public is solicited. w
fo        r~—;—  w
a                                  Kates moderate. kit
The   hotel   in   centrally  locrticd ""rt l«  * stnppinn place   for   stapi lines
Good flidiitiK in lhe vicinity.   Oood nlalillng.
A vanety of the choicest brands of liquors and cigars ,tt the bar
'£.____;____;____; ____:___.£_; tL4L4L &&& &-£.£f4_i_t_\£i£i.t___\____\_e_i'
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary  District—only
$2.00 per year.
Is prepared lo
till all orders
for Job Printing at lowest
rates consistent with good
work. Certificate   of  Improvements.
SesiK Minkiiai. claim.
Situate ln Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale
Ulstrict.  Wnere Located: -At Fulrvlew.
TAKE NOTICE thai I. Oharltm do Blols
Green, as agent fm- Qeorge A. (tucss,
freo miners eerudeate N'u. 1320740, Intend,
sixty dnys from the date hereof, tn upply
lo thc Minihk' Recorder for h certificate of
Improvements, fnr tin- pin-pose of obtaining
a Orown grunt of tho above claim.
Ami further take notioo Unit aotion, under
Boctlon :(7. must he ooinmonood bofore Mio issuance of such oertlfloato »>i  improvements.
Hated this '.til h day t f August, WOO.
17c fHA.S. moll. OltKHN.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
Dominion Minkkai. claim.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yalo district.    Where  looated:  lump
TAKK NOTICK Unit I. Ohas, do 11. Qreon.
I    as ngont for lho liomliiinii Consolidated
Wines Co., free ininer's ccrlilleillo No. UJttlS:':!,
Intend, sixty days froui  tlu; dalo hereof, to
apply to lhe Mining Rooordor for a Cortiflcato
of improvomonta, tor the purposo of obtaining
aCrownliriinl of Ihe nlnive claim.
And fnrllier take notloo that aotion, under
seetion :t7. must ho enmnieticeil liefnre the
issuance of sueli Cerlltlcnto of Improvements.
Haled this Willi day uf September. IMO,
IBo CIIAS. null, illiKKN
Certlflcate   of   Improvement*!.
Bin Bt-n MiNBit.it. Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division ol
Yalo District.  Whero locaied : - Camp
TAKE NOTICE Ihal I. VV, II. Norris, for
in\ self, free miner'» ccrtillcnlo Nu. B8IIJ,
uinl ns agent for A.'Megrow, free miner s celt 1-
Hants No. ('S-.'ltl. ami Mrs. I. M. Miieiloiinlil, free
minor's cert iHcutc Nn. HUMUI, intend,slxtydiiys
from Ilie dale hereof, loupply In lhe Mining Re-
coriler for u cert ilicalc of Improvements, for the
piirpwo of obtaining u Crown grant of the
above, laim.
Anil further take notice that action, under
seel inn 37,  must lie commenced   before the
Issuance of such oortiflcate of Improvements,
Hated this Lllth day of August, WOO.
ltlc W, II. NORRIS.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
Carmi and ll. A. (Fractional), Minkkai.
Situate  In the Kettlo River Mining Division
of Yale Ulstrict.  Where located : Carmi
TAKK NOTICK that I, Forbes M. Kerby,
a- ugont. for F. H,Thruston, free miners
eertlfleato No. 87621, Intend, sixty days
from the ilnte horeof, lo upply to the Mining
Rooordor for Oertlficates nf Improvements fnr
tho purpose ol obtaining Crown Grants of tho
above claims.
And furthel take notice thai aclion. under
seetion  .'17,  must,  be  eoilllilelieeil   before   the
lssuanoe of suoh UertlAoato of Improvomonts.
Dated ihlnjilih duy of December, A. D, 1800,
lllc FtJItllKS M. KKiatY.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Certiiicate   of   Improvement*.
Occidental Mineral claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos  Mining Division of
Yale District.    Where located : Camp
TAKK NOTICK Hint I.M. K. .Sadler,usiigeui
fnr II. T. Shollon, free miners cirllflcuio
No, iij'iui::;. Intend, und-iys (nun the date hereof,
In npplyln lbe Mining Itirolilerl'oru Certiflciite
of Inipruvomonts, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of lho above olalm.
Ami further lake nolleo Ilml aotion, under
section 87, must  bo ooinmonood  before the
issuance of suoh Certlfloato nf Improvements,
Dated this Hist day af August. 1000.
7c M. IC. 8ADLKR.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Horsefly Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District,   Where located:   Camp
TAKK NOTICE that I, t'luis. dclllols Ureen,
asiiKoni for jf. II. Wollaston, free miner's
eerlillenle No. 1128,893, uml 0. H. Aruiulull, free
miner seci tilicate No. Ifl8,_5,Intend, sixty ilnjs
from lbe dale hereof. In apply lo lhe Milling
Id -iler for a Cerlilleale of Improvements.
for the purpose uf obtaining a Crown Urant of
the above olalm.
And further take notice that action, under
section37,musl beaomnionced before theitwu-
nnee of such Certificate nf Improvements.
Dated this ith day nf November. 1000,
2c CHAS. doHUtlS GltKEN.
tf ff ft, t
fl I DWAY, B. C.
Beautifully situated at the eonfluenee of Boundary Creek aod Kettle River,
ILL BE Tlie mosl ■■■■Portant miilway town in thc Kettle River Mining Division.
The Western Terminal antl Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing   point for   Upper   Kettle River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,   Meyers   Creek,   Palmer  Mountain  and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
Thc   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an  excellent   climate,  pure  water
supply  and  favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
>/'*•' i
jh I
'i'i a
iv J. '■■
*. te, tf
tf tf ff ff
A. M. WOVKNDEX, Socrehwy,
H0SI. John SI rent,
Montreal, P.
» THE MIDWAY CO., Ltd. "
M. 0KOU8R. „,','
A**cnt for Hritish Oolumhla, w
Midway, B. O.    -SfHji-S
m*mtmZ**o?*m;*-o *>•>*■> aft V|. ,,
&£&!*£&&&&&&&. £&!4&&d!&&_& £&&&&&&&&&!& £&&£2^&&&&&fe& £!vfed&&&&!&&_£' *'* *'**'* X Vi
. I ihn Minkiiai, Claim. i
Situate in Hie Kettle Bivor Mining Division of'
Y::\z  District.   Where   located :  About !
seven miles above Beaverton on the west j
side oi Beaver ereek. i
T0T1I1E Uml r, KVirbee M. Kerby, as!
.t Ilnmn l ullter- fret] minor's uer-'
Ifl ate !     •■. 'ii-'. John •>. Thompson, freo
N,ii r- ci im iif t < V i. U20856, and W alter Stir-
;. free ii   lerVi     Ifleato No, ullijin, Intend,;
ti -ii' thi datohoreof, Lo apply lotho j
rdcr for a Oortiflcate of improve- j
for ihe purpose of obtaining n Crown'
Ire nl       I   abovo olalm.
.\i.H f."    ■ tako notice thai notion, under
potion 37, mosl   bo commenced before iho
- ninnue --i mieh Certificate of Improvementa,
Datod thia 2Qlh day of November, linxi.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
intiio and w.\hiii\,;i'ix MnnciiALClaims.
Situate In tho KstJle (liver Mining Division of
Yale District.   Whero located :   Beaver
Creek Cuniii.
TAKK \t!i ii-t: tii..' I. ITorbna M. Korby.aa
AKonl tor Tim llouii  111 untl Uoavertoti
Mining Co.. Lln Itm . n i in .,::,.' ;t
minors corUtluatti \    nlil   i, ml ilxtj .11
[ramtho lain In imil   . . llu Mliiinglle
cordcrfor aci til    ■■   I liiiiir ivmm m-. for tlio
purno«i nf ni. i i  D«n  Urnnl nf llic
abovo olaini,
And furl i  li i thai action, under
section   ;.;.  -.„,      ,- rainnn nood boforo tho
iBsuanoo of *m-li oertifloato of ImprovoniontA
linini thU29Uidaj ofNovombcr, l!«m.
io KDIiltKS M. KKItBY.
Midway, B. C.
Promptly   and   Neatly
ToO. A. Peterson, hie of Kholt Creek in Yale
Sir: Ymi ire hereby notified thnt we have
expended S1(i_..to in labor ami Improvement/
iipnn tho "Big Windy" Mineral claim, situate
In Providence Gamp, ln the Kettle Hiver Mining Division of Yale District in British Columbia, in order to hold Bvid claim under lho pro-
vislonBof Section H of tho Mineral Aet, such
botng the amount required lo hold the .-itid
claim for the year onding April 5,1901.
And if at the expiration of ninety (WUlnys of
publication of this notice ynu fnil or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required undersatdseotion 24, together with
afloostsof .ulver'isim;, ymir interests in said
claim Bhall beoome veiled in the Bubsorlbers
lyourcQ*ownerfc) under Section 1 of tbo "Miner
;il Act Amendment Act, 1000."
Datod al Midwuy, [I.e., this 10th day of
Deoomber, 1000,
C. L. Tiiomkt, Manager,
tiro J. A. UmbwoatU- Secrotary,
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Architect and
Civil Engineer...
IJeal Estate,
Insurance nnd
Mining Agerjt.
•8JVOTAI1Y    PfHJ.H -.90**
I- :iirvi.'\v T,,U'iiKit,- Am'lit.
. . . AllllltKHH . . ,
(lorrespoudflnoo iSdli.-iti'il.
The Berliner
This 19 the machine that talks—sings—plays every instrument—reproduces
Sousa's Band—string orhcestras—Negro Minstrels, Church Choirs, etc.
It reproduces the violin, piano, flute, cornet, trombone, banjo, mandolin,
piccolo and every other instrument.
The Berliner Gram-o-phone is louder—clearer, simpler and better than any
other talking machine at any price. It 6ings every kind of son-;, sacred, comic,
sentimental, patriotic, "Coon" songs, English, French and Scotch Songs, selections from Grand and Comic Operas, plays cake walks, waltzes, two-steps, inarches,
in fact everything that can be played on any instrument or number of instruments
can be reproduced on the Berliner Gram-o-phone with the wonderful indestructible record discs.
It tells funny stories or repeats a prayer. It can entertain hundreds at one
time in the largest hall or church, or it can be subdued to suit the smallest room.
The Records are not wax, they are Hard, Flat, Indestructible Discs, which
will last 10 years.
The Berliner Gram-o-phone is made in Canada, it is guaranteed for Ave years.
The Gram-o-phone is used and endorsed by the leading clergymen and
others throughout Canada.
The Berliner Gram-o-phone received the only medal
forTalking Machines nt the Toronto Exhibition 1000.
The Berliner Gram-o-phone has been widely imitated
and the records counterfeited, therefore beware of machines
with misleading names as they are worthless.
If the Berliner Gram-o-phone is not for sale in your
town, write to us for illustrated catalogues and other
information, free.
Factory : 267-371 Aqueduct St., Montreal.
Kmanuei. Blout, General Manager for Canada.
Price, complete
$7.50 & $15.00
a 16 inch horn,
3 records
concert sound box.
Spokane Falls 4Nc
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain  j
Railway Co.
The only all rail route In
all point*i Kant, West ami
to   RosBlnnd,   Kelson   i nil
Intermediate points ; t*i iiiumi.
ling at Spokane with tin* 'una
Northern, Northern Piu-ifii-nnr]
jo. H.& X.Co.
:   Connects at Nelson with tlie itcatrer !«|
Ki-.slomid all Kontenay Luke puln-.i.
i    Connects ut Meyor's Falls with stnu
I for Republic, and connects at Bosstjuiy w.
singe d Hy for (.rand Forks and Grci
u*v  ThlIX.
t BERLINER, 2315 Si Catherine Strut, .   .   . MONTREAL
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
Midway, B. C, Camp McKinney, B. C.
      Mil "..in. 1. .
■ '       7-.Mi.lil. 7.1
    tu.i|i. 111.      ;.
 It.Ulp. in.       7.1
**-■   JAOKBOIV.
Qenora] PavotiKor .1,
NOTIOK Is beroby -riven i|,-i ,|„. „,„
J11I111 Luu- ft Co., dolm* buulnc, ,i r.il
yiiiw nml t'«m|i Mi'Kiiuir;, B.C., )i»> 11
boon dissolved br 11n1111.1l coiimiiI  I   r -, 3
n-llriiiK ami John l^itf. niiiiiiiiiii"   „i,,    I
Bomo. nil llsblllUsa nf the 1 ompu
wlmiiliillni-i.iiliil. musl lm pniil fnrilivviili.
Ilntnl nl Cn-np McKllinol llii. IIUIiiliii ,
Novombor, 1900. '
Wilncmi: k. I. SCO'IT
"Tae Paper of the West for
the People of the West
'.-iL&.i.lA'Ur* ...... : .- .:..-_C_wZHfP
roiilin •lli'lnc   Niivi'inliir   l»l
.iiTaiifti mi'iitH bave iii<f>ii nn
pri'iout every two weeks (.,
HIlliM'l'lller to tlio Weekly
Press, 'VliinlpeK. a line repp"!
linn prlllleil nn (trt paper Rllllnl'1
[ot Iminlnir. Tlie nlctnri'H will "
"peelnlly inaile lullr lanes nf II"
luglieil iinnlliy, well wortli.v "
preservation ami cnlrnliiteil "
jjilnrn Hie linine. Tbev will Inrlii'l1
late pnrtrallN speelnlly tnkm I"1
Iliis  series,   nf   Ilie   ll'llilllli!  Illeli  M
lhe public life of Cumuli!, bi'illn >
ivltli Bir  Wilfrid  l.aui-ler nml   ^'
t billies Tapper.
Willi theio porlnillu, whicli xx,
iiuisiiiiiie 11 viiiuniile inllery nf H"
inimt enilni'iit t'niiiiiiliins of ""'
limes, tliere will he Interspi
linlf tniie i-eprodiicllnns frnm ,r]
Wnrki, sliiiwiim Miiiillnliiiii ■' '
Westeiu Views, plctprcs drpl''"'1*
lyplenl scenes in ninmlliin IJ'-
Military pictures nml general vlc»*.
the wlinle fnrmliii,' 11 ninst dcsli "''
collection of the highest Intrn '
nml value.
Whether used fnr frntnlng nf "''I1
na  a pnrtfnlln nf III) atlnictlM'  >rl
Works, fnr lhat will lie the n	
received In thc course nf nn
year, Ihese pictures will '"'
worth having. Tbe preaeiiln'1'
every fnrliilght nf these ph-i"'
will lie hut one respect In which 1
free l'rcss will enmmend Itself ''
Ing the eninlng year nn hetti'i' !■;
ever before. ,
With new presses, new mnrn
cry, new type unit Imprnvnl rnci
lies, It will cnntlnue to strive m
serve Ihe reputation It Ims
nf being "the paper of lhc w
the people nf Ihe west," .
Ity ordering at mice new s'"'-1
ers   will   nbtilln   the   week
l'rcss In 1st January, Kail".
tlie pictures, for %UO only.
tv, II
j fnr


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