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Vol. XV, No. 19.
$2.00 per fear.
I,   i'. McLEOD,
Ohbknwooii, II. C.
[ i" • -: Notary Public,
llll.; A I. KSTATK,
n. ii. HAi.i.K-rr. R.O.SHAW.
Hallett *k 5haw
Notaries Public.
Oiililu AiWross: "HAI.LKTT."
CiiiiKsi-Ilwlford MiiNeill's, Moreing lc
Muni's, lielber'H,
I (ini:i^w(Mm,B.«:.
• U ...  MIDWAY, B.C.
Customs entries passed. Mineral Act
end Land Aet papers drawn up. Affidavits taken.  Abitraeti made.
CommtuilOHtlens by mall or telephone
promptly attended to.
Rendell Block, Greenwooo.
I'lii-iie HB, V. * N.
A. a. Can. Soe. C. B.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway anu Unwswooo.
yy   B. RICKARDS & CO.,
l{eal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
Kur i\ Ant-olaa* Miava, Hnlr Out, Hos Kiwiin
or shnniiiiMi, null at lho nbove parlor.
Itiiznr* tinned anil ground.
HIT1I   STItKKT,   -   -    •   MIIIWAY,  B. C.
^ensral    Tlaaolaf
All Kinds of Repairing.   Honertoalnu
A sproially.
futHTOiABs Accommodation  run Ounrrs.
** Kxccllorl Fishing on Kettle Rlvor-JH
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
| Hotel Spokane,
A new building, well furnished, Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Midway Meat Market -
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment custnmers cin get choicest cuts of
.   . nstri-terstor on the proml ae»   .  .
Therefore Meats are always fresh mid sweet   Call and K<*t a good joint
fnr dinner to-day,
(£        Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C
AH kinds of work oiooutod to
ths tatitfaotton 0f ouotomora.
Wm, St. Quintin, Prop.
I'.vory thing   Virat-oliuia.
***ht*moaamm*, XAAAwmmw.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood anil
are prepared to welcome guests and provide goorl accommodation.   Good  catering,    First-class Livery Stable.
It. KEYES, Prop.
u"ud Accommodation,
Busi, Liquors Mid Cigars.
First-Class HIhMIiik.
f*4S*-.m»t •*** 9t4*9*<^)
wumm i
♦ is * ss_3sg_s-_h____ss_s__:       X
Practical Wsteh Maker,
topper st
«i>»d Tooli, Plenty Mat-rial,
., *"d ,w vnn ei-wrl-sce  le de I
(| *»•■< cor-ctly.  .  .  ,
Seasonable Goods
Down to antualBOst, 20 per cent less than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the above reduction, bringing diese goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; I'nncy
Zephvrs and Chamhrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Gucmg Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goads lor
Ladies' and Children's wear.
] adics' and Children's Straw Mats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell last at
our prices.
Clothing for Men ami Koys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Sht.es in Tan and Black, to suit all  tastes.
The'Grocery Department is staked with a full
|ine r:f goods sdRl at small margin or cash I ros-
[Ivors' Hardware and Shell Ware lor Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
While in the Act of Shaking
Hinds With
A Wild Scene Ensues   The Litest
Bulletin Issued by the Physicians in Attendance Gives
Hopes ot Recovery.
Buffalo, 8ept. «.- President Mr
Kin Ity Was shot and seriously wounded
liy a would-be assassin while holding
areception in lhe Teinpli* (if Music nt,
the Pan-American grounds ji few
Ininutej lifter four o'cloik thin after-
iMiiin. One shot, took effect in lhe
right breast, Ihe other in the iihdohie.ll,
The lirst in not of a serious nature,
anil the bullet has lieen extracted.
Tlie Imter pierced the abdominal wall
anil lins tint lieen located. At 10:45
Ihe following bulletin liy attending
physicians was tlie only indication of
the conditions of lhe president's
"The president is rallying and resting ciiinfiirlalily. At. 10:35 p.m. the
temperature was 1011.4 degrees, pulse
121, respiration 21 (Signed) P. L. Rixey,
M. Mann, It. Parke, H. Mill ter, Eugene
Waul.in." (Cntintnrsigned) George B,
Oirt...|you, secretary lo lhe president.
There was au instant, or ahniisi coin-
plele silence. Tlie president si ond
stuck still with a look of hesitancy, nl-
Minst ■ if licwildcrnienl, on his face.
Then he retreated a slep.while a pallor
begun to steal over his features.
Tlie iniiliiiiide, only partially aware
that something serious hnd happened,
paused in surprise while necks were
erntied and all eyes turned as one to
the rostrum where a great tragedy
was being enacted, Then cuine a cunV*
million. Three men threw themselves
forward as with one iinpul-e and
sprung toward Ihe would-be assassin.
Two of I hem were U, S. secret service
nun who were on the lookout and
whose duty it was lo guard against
just such a calamity as had here he
fallen the president and the nation.
The third was a bystander, a negro
xx ho hnd only an instant previously
grasped Ihe hand of the president. In
a twinkling the assassin was borne tn
l he ground, his weapon was wrested
from his grasp and strong arms pinioned him down. Then ih>-multitude
whieh thronged the edifice begin to
come to a realizing sense of the a» fulness of the scene of which Ihey had
been unwilling witness. A murmur
arose, spread and swelled to a hum of
confusion, then grew to a babel of
sounds aid later to a pandemonium of
ii uses. The crowds that a mo.neni be
fore had stood mule aud motionless as
in bewildered ignorance of tlie enormity of Ihe thing now will) a single
impulse surged forward, while Ium
deeds outside struggled blindly tti*
until the stage of the horrid drama,
while a hoarse cry went up from a
thousand throat- and a thousand men
charged forward to liy hands upon
lbe perpetrator of .the crime.
Por the moment tlte oort fusion was
terrible. The crowd singed .forward
regardless* of consequences. Men
sli.iut.eil an'l fought. Women fainted
and children screamed. Many fled
fiom the edifice in fear of a stampede,
while hundreds outside struggled
blindly forward in an effort to penetrate the crowded building and solve
the mystery of the excitement, and
panic .whicli.every moment grew and
swelled within Ibe congested interior
of the edifice. '
Inside on lhe slightly raised dais
wns enacted wil hin a few liniments a
tragedy so dramatic in character, so
thrilling iiuits Intensity that few who
looked on will he ever able in give n
clear account of what really did transpire. Even those who attended the
president came out witli blanched
faces, trembling limbs and beating
hearts, while their brains tliroiiliiid
wilh n. tumuli of coiitliiting dilutions
which could uot. he elKHtted into a
lurid narraiive of evenis as they
really transpired.
Of the multitude whicli witnessed
nr bore a part in the scene of turmoil
inui the turbulence I here was bul one
mind which seemed to relain ils
ii|iiililiriuin, one hand that remained
study, one eye which gazed with un-
lliuching calmness, and one voice
which retained its even tenor and
faltered not nl the most critical June
lure. They were Him mind and hand
and eye and voice of President McKinley. After the first shock of the
assassin's shot, he telrenled a step.
Then as the detectives leaped upon his
a*sall*uit, 'he walked slowly tn a-rluih-
aiid-seated himself, at Ilie same time
removing his bal and liowing his head
in his hands. In an instant Secretary
('ortelyou and 1'iesideut Milhnrn were
at his side, His waistcoat was hurriedly opened, tlie president meanwhile
admonishing those almut him to he
calm and telling them not lo lie
al iinned,
"But, you are wounded,"' cried his
secretary, "Let me examine,"
"No, I think not," answered the
president, "I am not hadly hurt, I
assure you." Nevetlholess his garments wei*e hastily loosened and when
a trickling stream of crimson was seen
to wind its way down his breast,
spreading its telltale stain over his
white linen, Iheir worst fears were
confirmed. A force of Exposition
guards were soon nn the scene and an
effort was made to clear the huilding.
By this time the crush was terrific.
Spectators crowded down the stair
ways from the gullet ies, the crowd on
the floor surged forward toward tiie
roBlrum, while, despite the strenuous
efforts of police and guards the throng
without struggled madly to obtain
Immediately the president was cared
for at the exposition grounds, director
geneial W, I, Buchanan started for
ihe Milhnrn residence >.u forestall any
information that, might, reach there by
telephone or otherwise. Luckily he
was first 10 arrive with the informs
lion. The Niagara Falls trip had tired
M"s. McKinley, and on returning to
the Milium residence she took leave
of her nieces, the Misses Barber, and
the president's niece, Miss Duncan, as
well as theii hostess, Mrs. Milhum,and
went to her room to rest. Mr. Buchanan broke the news ns gently as possible
to the nieces uud consulted wilh them
and Mrs. Milhiun as to the liest course
In pursue in breaking the news tn Mrs.
McKinley. It was finally decidid lhat
on her awakening, or shortly thereafter, Mr. Buchanan should break the
news to her, if in the meantime her
physician, Dr. Rixey, had not arrived.
Mrs. McKinley awoke from her sleep
at about 5.30 o'clock. She was feeling
splendidly, she said, and at once took
up her crocheting, which is one of her
favorite diversions. Immediately on
Mr. Buchanan's arrival at the Milhnrn
house, he had telephonic communication cut otf. and he decided on this as
the wisest course lo pursue, lest Mrs.
McKinley, hearing the continual ringing of Ihe bell, might inquiie what it
While the light nf day continued
Mrs. McKinley continued her crocheting, keeping In her room. When il
became dark she began to feel anxious
concerning the president. "I wonder
why lie does not come?" she asked of
her nieces. There was no clock in Mrs.
McKinley's room, and when it wns 7
o'clock she had nn idea it was so late,
and I hen il was she began to feel anxious concerning her husband, for it
was time fnr him to return to the Mil
burn home.
At 7 o'clock Dr. Rixey arrived at the
Milhnrn residence. He had lieen driven hurriedly dnwn Delaware avenue
in an open carriage. As he came up,
Mr. Buchanan wae out on the lawn
conversing with a reporter. "Do you
know," said Mr. Buchanan, "I had a
sort ot premonition of Ihis. Since
eaily morning I had been extremely
nervous and feared that something
would go wrong. Our trip to the Falls
was uneventful, but what an awful sad
ending to our day.''
At 7.20 o'clock Dr. Rixey came out
of the house accompanied by Webb
Hayes, n son of former President
Hayes, wlin is a friend of President.
McKinley's. They entered a carriage
and returned to the Exposition hospital. After Dr. Rixey had gone, Mr.
Buchanan said that the doctor had
broken ihe news in a most gentle manner to Mrs. McKinley, He said she
stood it bravely though much affected.
If it was possible to bring him to hei'
she wauled it done. Dr. Rixey assured
her that the president could be brought
wilh Mifely from Ihe Exposition
grounds, and when he left Mr. Mil-
burn's it was to complile all arrangements for 'lie removal of the president.
A big force of patrolmen was assigned
to the Milhiirn residence. At 7.30 Secretary Wilson and Mrs, Wilson called
and were admitted to the Milhnrn residence.
BUFFALO, September 0.—The man
who at tempted to assassinate President.
McKinley gave his name as Fred Nie-
man, and said he belonged in Delmlt,
Michigan. When arrested he was asked why lie shot the president and replied : "I am an Anarchist and have
done my duly," Later he denied loa
police officer thai he was an Anarchist.
Buffalo, September 7.—Thc president's physicians issued the following
bulletin at I o'clock this morning:
"The president, is free from pain and Is
restingwell. Temperature 100.4; pulse
Both Oreenwood and tttmoh   hoU
Their first Annual   Labor  Day
Celebration- Midway well
Represented   Among
the   Visitors.
Perfect weather, a jolly crowd bent
on having a good day's sport and a
diversified programme nf events combined to make the initial Labor Day
celebration In Oreenwood a great sue*
oess. From the.suiting of the parade
nnlil the close of Ihe day's proceedings
by the miners' hall in the evening,
there was not otii unpleasant, feature.
There were one or two vexal ions delay*
in pulling off ihe events, particularly
lhe machine drilling contest, hut these
are to be found at every celebration,
The visitors were many. Dead wood
camp ponced nil its residents into the
city, leaving iui one to guaiil its treas-
ure vaults, Alidway, too, was well
represented, as was also the country
as far west as Siniilkameen. Then
Eholt and .Summit camp came with
their famous drillers, all enthusiastic
in their confidence that the R, 0, men
would wm.
The parade was a splendid success.
Led by the Midway hand,who throughout the day furnished really good music, Ihe labor organizations and many
finals marched Ihrough tin; principal
stieets of the city. The Miners' Union
were out in full force and looked a
splendid body of men. Tlmy had their
banners and mottoes, among which
were noticed "A Fair Day's Pay for u
Fair Day's Work," "Eight Hours
Work, Eight Hours Sleep, Eight Hours
Recreation." The Typographical, Barbers', Carpenters and other unions
were represented.
The following is a list of the sports,
showing the winners of the various
Industrial parade—First prize awarded lo (ireenwood fire department,
which had ils fire team and hose wagon
elaborately decorated. Second prize
to Millers' Union float, with machine
and hand drilling in operation as the
procession moved through lhe streets.
The Jenckes Machine company lent a
portable steam engine mid boiler which
was fastened io rear of the float and
furnished power for the machine drill,
Molher Lode boys did most of the
work incidental lo fixing up this float.
Third awaid to 0. V. Seiuerad's decorated cart with lot of fresh fruits.
1110 yards dash--1st V. J. Mitch. II,
2nd V. Wilson.
220 yards dash—1st John Lynch, 2nd
F. J. .Mitchell.
Boys' race—1st John Ferguson, Midway, 2nd Chns. Russell.
(lii la' race—1st Carrie Shilling, 2nd
Effle Marsh.
Bicycle race—1st, Bert, Mclnlvre, 2nd
E. Dill.
Hand drilling, heavyweights—Wm,
Tallon, a timber boss, and Wm. Durham drilled 28J inches in ten minutes
and secured first prize, W, R. Jean
and Elliott O'ficien second, 25J inches ;
Steve McCarthy and Alex. McTWIane
third, 2tji inches. These were all B. 0.
mine men.
Hand drilling, middleweight^—Win.
Tallon and W. li. Jean first, 28J inches;
S. McCarthy and A. McFal lane second,
8. Shovel and W. Chynoweth, from
the Mother Lode, third,
Machine drilling (with 3{ drill, machine lent by Canadian Kami Drill
conipnny, and steam supplied by the
(ireenwooil Electric company) — W.
Chynoweth and C. (loldswnrthy,
Mother Lode. Hrst, with a hole 4:'),
inches, drilled in l:U minutes: A. Mc*
Farlane ami Geo. McKenzie, i It. 0.
mine, second, 42J inches ; S, Shovel
and Jos. Young,{Mother Lode, third.
This event was one of the most inter-
eslingou the programme,
Half mile, free for all -1st D. C. McRae, 2nd (!. Bubar.
Saddle horses, owners up, 000 yards
—1st I). V. McRae, Und J. J. Flood.
Pony race—1st J. J. Flood, 2nd A,
OKI yards dash, lady riders—1st H,
Sloecke, 2nd .1. .1. Flood.
Huh anil hub, 150 yards with stripped carts—1st (ireenwood fire department, 2nd Trail tire department.
Wet test, run 100 yards to hydrant,
lay three lengths of hose, and get
wat rr—1st (ireenwood lira department,
28 seconds. There was a disngicement,
between time recorded liy Ilie time
keepers us lo the actual time of Trail
and Mother Lode teams respectively,
hut eventually Ilie judges decided to
award second prize to the latter leant.
Thc Cornish wrestling took place in
the open nic under the electric light,
and il caused much amusement, owing
chiefly to the happy slate of some who
took part. Some of the wi est lei s u ere
in good trim, but others had partaken
freely of the cup which both cheers
and inebriates, sn their efforts were
more ludicrous than otherwise, which
at Ihe close of Ihe day was not altogether a drawback, since their tmn-
(Continued on pageJI.) I
I'lililtslii'd   weekly   nt  Miilway.   II. C.
Sutiscri|illon Prlco, t'lnu pur iiiiitiini, -tayablu
la nilvaneu, cither yearly or half-yearly al tiie
optlun nf the subscriber.
Advertising Itnti-s sent on aptilication.
Hereafter all Chinese caught crossing from Canada into the United
States wili be deported to limit' own
cooulry, ii.sienil of, ns heretofore,
sending them hack to Canada, This
determination has been anrlved nt by
the American Governiuenl owing lit
j the persistence of the Chinese who are
not discouraged by being sent, back to
('aiuiilu. hul, keep on trying until they
hnve finally gained an entrance into
the republic, The sending of the mon-
go's hack to Iheir tun ive land wiil involve an expenditure of from $150 to
HKUM lor each, bul Ihis expend,Lure is
losl sight, of by those who desire Ln see
the Exclusion Ait properly enforced.
—Nelson Miner. If Lhe American
government carries nut tins method,
Canada can soon rid itself of Chinese.
All we have to do is to send the celes
Hals across the line, the Americans
will do Lhe rest.
"There isatliitier iu high society
circles throughout the Dominion,"
says an exchange, "regarding lhc coining reception of the I),ike of York.
It. cognizing the comparative (.rudeness "f even our first families, as coii-
irasied with the elite of Europe, the
Governor-General has kindly come t<
their rescue, and official regulations
have been issued for tlie guidance of
l hi se ignorant of the usages pertaining to royalty. They are specific to a
degiee, ami the man oc woman win)
makes a break, after taking a post
graduate in Minto und Maude's Imp-rial Academy of Deportment, is unlit to mingle with the four hundred,
let ulone approach the royal presence.
By all accounts the Duke is a decent
fellmv, who would really enjoy a visit
lo his royal father's chief colony, if the
Vice regal understrappers and society
eniilis would only let him provide his
own entertainment. It. is also proposed lo knight the mayors of the
different towns Ihe Duke lisits in
honor of lh» occasion. This is naii*e-
aling to self respecting Canadians,
wlio are essentially democratic, and
take litlle stock in tin pin titles and
antique ceremonies. If this suggestion
is carried into effect the sign painters
will be kept busy. A trip through
Ontario would reveal some curosiiies
in this line. "Sic Thomas Jenkins,
gas filter and plumber," Baron Bol*
ogna, fresh and salt meals," '.'.I. Jones
Smith, K. C, Livery and Sales Stnblcs.
free ims to all trains," "Chew Lord
ALirdnuald's Navy," and other equally
appropriate trade emblems would he
iu evidence, Whatever we do let us
imt slop over."
(Continued from page 1.)
bllng about made the spectators laugh
bean iiy and disperse in very koikI
Phoenix held its first annual Labor
Day celebration lasl Monday, and il
mis a decided success. Tlie numerous
events on the programme were run otf
with promptness, and there was not
the delay noticeable in the general run
of these affairs. The several commit*
leesiu charge of lhe different events
did their woik well and tothe satisfaction of all concerned.
At a quarter past nine all the labor
organizations inei nt the Miners' Union
hall, aud under the grand marshal of
the day, P. J. Holohaii, Ihey funned
in linn and marched to the depot to
meet I he excursion train, which brought
numerous visitors front lhe various
Boundary points. Immediately after
the arrival of the train hu- drilling
contests came off ou lhc Dominion
Copper company's flat, near Ihe old
skating rink.
In tlie heavyweight, contest William
Ross and John McLeod were the only
entries, hut as there was a lightweight
contest, the winners of which, if I hey
drilled a deeper hole than ihe winners
of Ihe heavyweight contest did, were
lo take the first money in both contests, this made Ross and McLeod get
In and drill. They drilled 43 inches in
good hard granite. The lightweight,
contest was won by Henderson and
Cox with 30| inches. Riley and Alex.
McLeod second with 83J inches.
Tlie linys' heavyweight contest under
18 was won hy Furlong and Martin, of
Rossland, who drilled 111 inches, Hacked and Ross of Phoenix second wiih
0J inches. The lightweight contest,
hoyd under 10, was won hy Giudulti
anil De Moth, Rossland, with a hole
12| inches deep, ihe second pair IHrg
Lntiey and Nurse. Republic, Wash., 11 j
After lunch the fool races came off
on Old Ironsides avonue, and resulted
as follows :
One hundred yards open—1st Jack
Lynch, 2nd Fred Milchell. Time, 10
3 6 seconds.
Two hundred yards open—1st Fred
Milchell, 2nd Jack Lynch. Time, 24
One hundred and twenty yiuds hurdle race—1st Jack Lynch, 2nd Fred
Milchell,   Time, 18 seconds,
Boys' race under 10—1st Jack McLaren, 2nd Jack Pierce.
Girls' rae under 10-lsl Ethel Mc
ni, 2nd Agnes Pierce,
exciting. The imu fourth m'le dash
was won by. Dr, Averill's Black Bird
by two lengths, L. A. Manly's Yellow
Girl second, Jack Holland's Ginger
th ini. In the three eighl lis mile dash
ilie niiler of the horses was slightly
reversed, Yellow Girl winning handily,
with Bin ■ k Bird second and Ginger
The saddle horse race, oneqtiarter
mile dash, wns won by Joseph Glllis'
ii.otvnie, Harry McQunid's Square
Face heing second and Charlie Sears'
Bingo third. '
Ai S p. to. the single hand drilling
contest took place in front of lhe
Brooklyn hotel, Dominion avenue,
when Eric Stevenson won flrst money
wiih l.'ij inches, Mike Burns second
with 124 inches. Time 10 minutes, and
finch steel used,
The event of the evening, a 20 round
con'est for a purse of 1(300 lietween
Dal Hawkins, ex lightweight chain
plan, and Martin Denny, champion
lightweight nf Australia, took place in
the skating rink. The officials were :
Referee, David Oxley ; official timekeeper, John Neiisnn, Hawkins had
behind him Danny Dean, Tommy Ho
gan and Eddie Funk, while Harold
Smith and Fred Clark did the needful
for Denny.
At 10.25 p, in. Hawkins made his appearance, closely followed by Denny,
each man being greeted with cheers
from his supporters. Referee Oxley
started the men off in good shape after
having warned them. The first round
was tame, hoih men fiddling a good
deal and hardly a blow being struck.
In the second ihey mixed up a little,
seemingly getting warmed up a hit.
The third round was lively, and honors
up to Ihis stage were easy. In the
fourth round Hawkins started in to
make things hot and he chased his
man all over I he ring. Denny at this
lime seemed distressed, und acted on
thu defensive, heing knocked down
once und taking the eight seconds to
get up. In Ihe fifth rouii.1 Hawkins
rushed his man and knocked bim down
four times, each time Denny taking
the full lime limit to recover, Denny
was plainly groggy, and it was seen he
could nol hold out another round. The
gong saved him from a knockout. It
took Hawkins just two minutes in tlie
sixth round to put Denny iu (he land
nf nod, Denny heing cleanly put out
by aright bander on the jaw, '
There was a fiir crowd iu attendance, hut not as large as the manage
ment would have liked. The contest
was the faatesi and hest ever seen in
the Boundary country.
The visitors from outside points foi'
tlie day numbered close on lo 1,500.
C. P. R. Official Killed.
Vancouvkb. Sept., 4.—The following is an official report received hy
General Superintendent Marpole to
day: E. J. Duchesnay was killed nl
most instantly at 10:50 this morning
by a rock falling on him as him as he
was directing the men in the west end
of tunnel No. 11.
The ml news was received as u
severe shock in Vancouver this morning, where Mr. Duchesnay was widely
known and respected. He held the
position nf assistant general superintendent under Mr. Marpole. He had
been on the track working tirelessly
since last May, owing to the track
men's strike, 'ind was on his way home
10 see his family for the first time
since then, when overtaken hy the
hand of death. He was killed while
directing the men in subduing the
Haines where the timbers in the tunnel
11 miles from North Bend had taken
Mr. Duchesnay was about 45 years
old and had been connected with the
0. P. H. since 1873. He first woiked
on Ihe A Igonia branch nn the engineer's staff and afterward on Ihe I„ke
Superior and Nipissing divisions. He
came west to take a position on the
engineering staff in Vancouver. In
1806 his worth was recognized hy his
being appointed superintendent. In
IMW he was again promoted to the
position of assistant general superintendent. Mr. Duchesnay married Miss
Whitnall. He leaves her a widow with
four children,
Hope Mountain Survey.
Pkincktiin, Sept. 3,-The provincial
government survey |iarty, under the
direction of former Governor Edgar
Dewduey, has established headquar-
teis on I he summit of the Hope range,
at Shannon Hat. at Ihe head nf Dew.
dney creek, in Summil City camp.
The information was ,1. B. Silver-
I borne, who has extensive interests
there. Mr. Silvertliorne says that he
had a conversation with Mr, Dewdney,
#ho informed him that a pass through
the range had heen discovered with a
much hetter grade Ami had been- an
licipaled. Even at Ihe early Btage of
the survey Mr. Silverthnrne felt confi
dent in saying that, a femiMa. route
would he found to exist, for the pro
|sised Coast-Kootenay railway.
Two and one half miles down on the
eastern slope of the mountain Mr.
Dewdney wet Engineer Frank Mobur-
ley and his force eainped at Sutter
creek, a tributary of the Tulameen
river. The latter were heading down
towards Otter Hat. On the western
slops of l he range another known us
Deitdhorse camp, on the Coquihallu
Mr. Silvettliorne wns informed while
in Summit City camp that the work
being done by Mr.  Dewduey was lie
second pn'iy lepresen'eil lie could not
say. It was surmised that if was a
Victoria, Vancouver k Eastern, railway party, while olheis iiiaintiiined il
was a party placed in Lim field by
former Minister of Mines Smith Curl is,
M. P. P., of liossland, for ptiva'e pur
Mr. Cmiis has never regarded the
governiuenl survey as an hnncL under
taking to locate a feasible puss, hut
more as a din ice to doilge a political
issue. He declared at a public banquet
given here a mouth ago I ha', he was
inclined lo helieve that a report would
be made against a railway through
the Hope range in favor of one starting from Spence's Bridge, on the main
line of the Canadian Pacific railway,
He also announced that ilinli g lhe
summer months he would personally
explore two or three of the other
known passes through the Hop.- range.
Previous lo lhe ha,tiquet he had nl
ready forestalled Ihe government's
survey by taking levels from Princeton
via Otter flat up to Suniiiiii City cump,
wliere Mr. Dewduey hns nnw his head*
quarters, Ou arriving at, whnt is
known ns Railroad pass Mr, Dewdney's
party found blazed ou a slake the
following terse notice : 'Smith Clink
August 2, 2U50 feel, and don't you fo '
Mr. Curtis failed to mention Ihis
'act at ihe banquet however, when he
said thai a grade of less than two per
'cnl throughout this puss could he oil
tained. He said Ihal afler visiting
Victoria lie would run In Hop., lo
compete his self imposed task of taking levels of nthei passes.
Private advices received hy mail say
ihat, he has outfitted u suney part)
and it is believed his ntrt.y Is on the
trail of lhe governiiieiii. engineers,
checking up the level-, and grades on
the Coqulinlla to the siiinnlil. In n
few weeks lime he will again stmt
frnm Hope to explore the Similk i-
meen pass and the Rociie river pass,
about 40 miles to Ihu south of Railroad pass, which he has already in-
specied. This route i.s nearer to the
Iiiipinaiiin.il boundary line. The
people of Princeton and lho disiriol
.ire pleased with the action of Mr.
Curtis. They say that it will now lie
hutushort time hefore the government will be compelled lo reopen
negotiations for the early construction of the Cnasi-Knotenay railway.
Oertiflcutc   of  Improvements.
Buck Pink, Bush Iter, Hun IIki.i.. iii.uk
Jack, Urn, Pan Wkst, and I.ittk Hkssik
Minkiiai. Claims.
Situate In Yuneman itroiip of Summit camp,
Similkameen rivei*Osoyoos Mining* Division of Yale District.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Chas. DeBlois Gram,
ns iiifuiii fnr Kilward Hiillnck-Wobstor,
.I'cu minor's coi'litlunlc imiiilier iiXlin7,
Intend, sixty ilays from llm ilaic hereof, lo
iiiply to Uur Jllnhu Itooordor for a Curtlfloato
■ it ilnpriivoniiiiils, fur llu) purpose of nlitaiiiinii
,i Crown (Irani of lho ahovo clninis.
Anil further lako notluo that nclion umlcr
sisrliiniWiiiiisi iiei-riiiiiii..|iii,i bofiire tlm issuance of sueli CoriiHcato of Improvomonts.
Haled Ihis 17lh ilny of July, IIKII.
lte CHAf). DKll. GKEKN.
AMtmaaA Fori*.-
The Hiiyai. Inbukanok Coy.
The London and Lancashire Pibk
Insurance Coy.
The  Insurance Coy. ok  North
The London and Canadian Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assuranck Coy us
Thb Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser por the Canada Permanent Loan and Savinos Coy
Government Town Lots in
Eholt and Fairview
NOTICfc Is lioroby given lhat, umlor iiistriic-
lions. I will olftir for snlu nl Pul,||,. aiiu-
lion at llio Oovenimiuit ollleo, h'lilrvlow mi
Hat-inlay. (Im 21st SopteiiilHir. Inst., ill 2
oelu«k p. in., llm follnwiiiK town |„i« |„ i|„,
Block 22, Lots 1 lo .'Kl
{flock 23. hut* 1 in :«l
Block 24, Loin I to lit)
lllock 2.5, Lots lin .11
lllosk 26, Lots 11« il
Blook 27, l/ilsl to .11
Block 28, Lois I bum
Block 211,1/its I In 18
Block 30, Lots I lo 18
And at Kholt on Wnilniimlny, ilm 25th Hen-
toniber, In.'., Ht 2 o«lo«H p. m„ tho following town lots in tho
Block fl, Lots 1 In.'||
Block II, Lots I to 24
Block 14, l/iis I lo 14
Block 14 Lms 17 in21
Block 111, Luis I to Jl
Block, 211, Lou I to 21
Tornuao per cent cash ; balance |„ tun tt»yx.
»»' ti NOKItls,
Lands & Works,
*8m-urimieiit Qlll_, Vernon, Sept,;, t|«,|.
RAILWAY.      '
to BUFFALO via
fill Rail .• Lake floute
Soo Line.
(via St. Pnul  nr OIiIcuro)
September i'f, October i, is.
Through .siei.|iiii(f Oar
(Ino < limine la llufnlo,
Fnr thie talilos, rates and full Information
cull nnnr address A. P. MeCVlAiY, Agent,
Al hi way, nr
J. 9. CAB I Dili   tf   , K.J. (OYLK,     I
D.P.A.. w    A. O.I'. A.,
Nelson, 11. 0.      Vancouver. U. C.
^*s ***************************'******** ******H L
Mm-wmaaOXa. MO., Ktdwuj,, *
One Block West of Customs Office.
ig}   This is a first-class buildihgi being hard   ig)  <w m
ij§)   finished throughout.    The timing room    jg\   1 »
sgj   8$   is run uiuler the personal supervision   jffi J\
<§}   $   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied wiih   $ 'J
f}    _}   ©   ^e l,L'st °" l,,e market.   Choice stock  % a
ff   ®   $}   of Wines, Liquors and Cigars at tlie -aft
©   @   @   @   ^r.     Targe   Stable   in  conn.:
The Patronage of the Publlo ie Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.-,}',"   •
Nelson 4 Ft, Sheppard
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain {
Railway Co.
The only nil mil route between
all points Knst, Went iiiid South
to KoHnlnnil, N'eUon mid ull
Interinudi'ite points ; connecting nt Spokiuii* with the Urent
Northern, Northern Pacific mill
O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Cnnndlmi
I'nciflc i:.iilw..y for Boundary Crock polnu.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage dully
for ilepubllc.
Bullet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport,
EFFECTIVE MAY Slh, 1901 : '
SHOKANE     MO im.
ItOS-il.ANI)  I2jjVIii|ii.
NKI.SON      S.lSn.in.
__.   A.  JAOKaO-
ttenernl HisnoiiKor Agont
Certificate of   Improvements.
Situate in Yuneman group, Summit camp,
Slmllitamc,-;- river, 0---voos Mining
Division or Yale District.-*
TAKK NOTICK ilml I, Ohiw. iliill|oimiroi:n.
imiiiiuiiitiir Wwani lliillii.ik-.Viil*torfnio
miner'H cortilicato N'n.iiMnj nn.l for John
Ynuiig froo miner's coi liflcate No. Hlliimliutniiil,
sixty ilnys fnun tho iluto horeof. tn n|i|ilv lei
lhe Mining RoctlMor for a (!ertlllr«to.iif'lin-
iirnroiniint for tho purposo of .iIii-iIi.Iiik ii
Urowtt (irnnt of I lie nhovo elnlm.
Ami further tiiko uolioe Hint nut ion, iiiulor
wet Ion 37. must lioooiiiiiieiiceil hoforo Uio issu
nnee nf sueh (inrllHnal-i of Improi cuionU
Dated thin i;ih day of July, iimi.
12c CHAS. ili)IIIX)l.S OltKKN.
7&i p. in,
tjln p m,
7;l« p.m.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Wahiioiibk. KlSllSTON, OllA»ll Vif.w. Mm-
Minkiiai. Claims.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where IraUed : Camp
TAKK NOTICK thnt I. Chnrlns do BIols
ureen, ns ngont for Hotor Kcoll, fran
miners cerliltcntn No. Itlliixt. intond
sixty ilnys from the dale luiicnf, lo apply
n lhc Mlnlint Itocorilor fnr it cortlllimto of
Imtiriivemonls, fnr the purposo uf oblalnlni
n Crmvn i*rniu, nf i ho abovo claim.
And furthor lnke notloo thnt, notion, umlor
seiillun .17. must liu eoinmeiiceil before ihe issu.
•nun of euoh eerlillenle of nnprnvonionta.
Dated this JUllI, day cf August, 1001.
190 C. null. UHKKN,
Certlflcate   of Improvement*.
Pkinokton Minkkai, Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale  District.   Where looated :_C»mp
-TAKK   NOTICK that  I,  Charles  dolllols
I    Oroon. ns agent for I'eier Senl,    f .'ii
inhiers curt llenie No. Muisit. and for JtK
SJLP'i ',,("' "Ki "■"" h1'"'"'"' "ortllleato N
flHW. Intend, sixty dny- frnm lhe. "o ,era f
loniip y In the Minim* llooorder fiTn  S
calo of linpriiveii s, for I he piirnnso i   .  '
Ulnlnga uroivtt Urnm'of thoXo'eluj,,,     "
Datod Oils mi. dny „f August, IMI.
I8c O. null. (IKKKN.
Commepeial Job Printing
Carrying His majesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days anil Saturdays, at 8.30 a. 111., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNKY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m„and makinj.■ connection with the, train going east at 2 o'clock.
Tha batt of accommodation for
the convonronce of the
travailing public.
«8»»«W^IEIt»»IB>«|glt«.IBtt_;i* vm
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
The Midway Pharmacy
Lancashire House,
J : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opencd this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiirniicclieiitod nnd comfortably
furiiinhed   roam*.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre k, 15. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Oood  Hunting. Qood  Fishing;.
Best of Accommodation.
*** *******
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
~   iiiiimiiiiiHinr'nrn   1      i'ii1'i**'"- /local and district. **1
,j Mm. A. V. -Mcgn.lly left pn
Oiiiini. .    .
-j    (!. I, Thoiimfc who has lieen
"Limi few (Iiivh with. friends ,it
«IH<tUII"*t '     ,     , n,
.xxtxiA, mtuwiwi Iiuiiiu on Ium.
McMynn und danglHm,
Aij,.,. uf Urernwood, returned luniiii
i„ il'ny, lifter spending ft few days with
jt,i.llr. Me*
Mr und Mi* 0* •*• WH»«* ll!fl °"
■ hJhv's train for their home in Trail.
Mm  lemM *"w '""'" "l"'"ui"K l'"'
Biiiniiior with h"r Bl»lel': Ml's' Ja,""M
Atwond, tiiid Mr. I^Tgutt cmue nver
,, tew days i'g» u> "eeoinpuny her
Jiiiiiit'. t
Hniiwi-hoe Hold '"id (jjopper Mines
ul.   is inviting Hinders (nr ereclion
f blink mid huiil'ding hollies, em:h lie*
comnindato iihoul seventy men i tit-
(l,.,,s for resident mine officials; ware*
liniim, mine manager's resldetuo, r.nt-
Iskcs, eie., at its   Snowshoe  mine,
(jeceiiwimil camp.
A. T, Winier und (anlily, n( Colville,
Wash., arrived in Midway on Friday,
He will renmhi nliont a month. Mr.
Winter Is ona o( lhe shareholders in
the Midway Trading <;o- hiiiI his visit
her? is putly for the purposo nf
assisting i" the inHiingeuirni of thnt
company's li'tslnes*. In the ahsence ut
J. It. Jacnlis, who wae Ium iwlly called
away l<y the sodden death ol' his
.1, Laurie, of 8iillon, Nebraska, nc
companied liy hii family, arrived in
Midway on Kridai's train and left on
Niiniliy illuming (or Toruda at whicli
place Mi. Laurie hns a ranch. This
makes several families that have
li.cai.'il ranches at Tormla during the
■nisi slimmer, and now ihal district is
(|iiite thickly s'ettied. A School house
will shorlly he erected at Toroda,
theii. now heing a suHleieut numher
or children old chough to attend, lo
satisfy the government that, such au
institution is illdlspeiihil.le. Toroda i«
iluiate iirinss iln- tnttjrnatiiih.il hound-
ary lim*.almut2(1Inili*. fnim Midwuy.
.. goml uiigou ru.ul loniieciingthc tun
|l .,.!•».
Owing to ilie Shifting nature nf the
nil il is pt'iilial'le the eootriupliit.d
(iimiel mi th» V. V. * K. ai Ca-c uie,
will l». rhauited I" mi npen cot.
.Slinulil I hin he OOl.e the em uill lie
over l.UIIII feel liuig, 75 feel deep ami
iiIhiiii lUil'iet wide nt the tup, requiring the removal of nearly -100,000 r.uliir
yardso(earth. Kng.ineiK have >een
examining the naiiire of ihe ground,
liming sunk deep shufis (or the pur-
|.u-i.uinl a ilei is un uill lie r.allied
within two or Ihre« days h hei hei or
mil the change will Is' made. The
n-Age gm.g of IbeC. P. K. haw
• i i.ed and .till resiime th" wn-ko
enrcring and ihelosing the Inn liriilges
-.punning the Kettle river, wliieh work
was interrupted hy the recent strike.
It is with feelings of regrel thai wc
cluoiiicle ihe death of Cecil Nicholson,
provincial constalk- at (lamp Mi Kin
liey. wilii li sad event took place last
Friday, ut H. Cameron's hotel at thai
place. His death ua* due lo typhoid
fever. Mr. Nicholson was only ill a
f.-w days, mid although he was attend
eil hy three phy-.ii inn-, their linlil Ing
efforts lo Lriug alsiut his rvcuveiy
innved of no avail and death triumph-
<d. The deceased was well liked hy
nil who had lhe pleasure ot his ac
ipiaintnnre, Hu returned last spring
(rum South Adieu where he had heen
as one of Strut henna's Horse, and upon
his return was appointed to lhe udsi
linn nf provincial cnnstahle at Camp
McKinney. He came to British Columbia from England several years ago,
and was 2(1 years of age at the lime of
Ins death, His only relative in this
Country is a sisuir now living al
Vermin. The funeral look place yesterday to the Camp McKinney cuine
The tonnage of   ore    shipped   liy
Boundary district mines during   the
in..nth ol August, so far as has linen
us. erlauied limn the milieu, is as under :-  Oranhy    eoin|iaoy's    mines,
twenty thousand  two  hundred  and
eight-en   Ions;   Mother  l.ntle, sevn
Hioiisanil tun hundred snd duty Hve ;
■■■ C-i two thousand one hundred and
eighty t Sunset, three hundred j None
In.''Seven, iwo hundred and forty i
Winnipeg two hundred*; .it, Hell one
lm lind mul twenty ; Sliowshoe,sixly;
'"'"ll r month, thirty thousand live
' hundred mn! sixty three Ions.   Chief
pi'oiluuiiiK inin'seloseddown fur Labor
I'ii no BhlpAleulS  for S. pletnlier to
Fotti-i.il iuelusive   were comparatively
siu-ll. intallhig only two Ihou-aml six
hlllldii'd .ml «ixty seven tons,   Aggre-
gatu In,. ymi.  ,„  fo,,,,.),  ii|8|„„t,  is
therefore   exactly two hundred anil
'"fly Ihree thousand  tons.   Adding
»st year's tot.il of ninety seven I buns
"ml seven hundred eighty one tons
lhl'grand total of i|lfl tonnage of dis-
"'id is three hundred forly thousand
"emu hundred eighty one tons,
 » em	
Kobbbery at Eholt.
_4 daring rrthlwry was enniitilttid itl
""*••* Ka|.m.'H |1(,t,.| tt|, Bholtliii three
[""•M iii.ii last Thesdav liiglit.   At a
'I'"*'"'!' to ten o'cloek  when   several
'»«'» whn had jns« finished a card g.ime
wn gone Into the bar fur a drink,
"J'W masked  men  entered the  liar
fOin the .treel, and inhered them In
"»wv up their hands,  Two railwav
■"'" were in the diuiiigroom litiving
■ nn- miu nun ui line up Willi Uie ill hers,
eight in all. At lirst it Was I hunt-lit,
the proceedings were a juk^, hut tVy
were soiiti convinced thnt ilie vl**]-unmeant business, and seri us busin.'s-,
too. One man who did nut thi ow up
his hands got a blow on the side of the
head I'm in a masked mane gun, whicli
quickly made him do as he w.is ml.I.
Kaiser was ordered lo open his sale,
which stood In the bur, and tliis was
rilled, currency ami jewelry lieing
taken and cheques and documents left
on lhe floor. The cash teglsier wits
emptied and (lie pockets of lite men in
lliiegune through.
Altogether ahout $100 in cash, three
god watches, a diamond lueiutpin, a
valuable diamond rlnv, and other trip
kels wete taken. The rubbers then
took four bottles of champagne, two
of whisky, and two of beer, ami warn
ing their victims that anyone showing
himself outside whilst they were wi'b
Iu range would be Hied a , 1. fl i liu lin
At) engineer who was uiuler oiders
lu leave for another part of tlie rail
way lOiupany's sysiem is reported to
bave hud a lucky esciip... Hi* staled
that he was on his way to the hutel,
bul slopped to light his cigar, ind
had io strike several matches be
(uie he could get a light. He noticed
a man walking up and dnwn Ihe side-
ual1! in (rout of ihe hoi el, and then
threO olhers came out, and lhe (on
hurried away. When he entered the
bur just afterwards he learned the
story of the robherv. He was wearing
a valuable gold ualili and had ahoul.
1)4110 in currency in his pocket, having
just closed up Ills affairs in the town in
readiness lo leave ou lhe next day's
By the time the news reached Chief
dun-table MeUyiin in (ireenwood all
telephone and telegraph offices in lhe
dinliiit other tinill Hi.oil and (liven
wood were closed for the night, sn no
speedy roiiiiiwiiication with other si a
tions uas possible. Ho'veveri h" sent
out some men alnng likely minis, bul
Ibey bud a fruitless journey, for up to
the present lime no clue to ih.
rohbeis or the direction ihey look ha*
heen ohlaiiiid There arc several
mads and ir.iils over which nun ac
i|tiainieil with ihis country could gel
tu the iniei national boundary line mid
thence stiulllWa.d hcioss the Colville
reservation, sn lhe chances uf lhe nr
re-t nf the mill ■ s and i he recovery ol
their plunder are Biintlt. Mr. uud Mr*,
li.iset ar-(lie heaviest Inters, fur he
Hides ibe money, they each 1 iftft gold
watch and some diamond j welry.
*999 9999999^
The Central Hotel
Hth St., Midway, B. C.
■l new three-storey Intel, comfortably
This is
furnished throughout!	
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   Tl
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.
Telephone orders receive prompt
The Mine Will Be Developed as Quickly as Possible.
I'HoIjnix, Sept. I.-Anthony,I. Me-
Millitn, ui.ilin).inKiKiit'lurul tbeSnuw-
shoe (ioUl _ ('n|i|ier Mines, limited,the
10 1.puny te.-e,,ily funned in London
to take x.vxt lbe well known SliOwshnl*
group of mines, shunted uu tin t
skins of Phoenix, has been spending
several days al lbe n.ire, aeeoinpaniid
by Nerie.ii.i-y \V, Toinliusi f Hossland. J, VV, Astley, consulting engiu
eer, is also at I he mine, and during the
we.k plans have Ineu dismissed and
preparations nude for future exten
sinus and developments*
Mr. Mi-Mill ui r.tinned to Hritish
I'nliiiiilnii two u'.i-ks since, after an
absine 1 if einlit months in Kiiglninl,
during » hich time be succeeded in stii:-
n-ssfiilly (ormiiig the London compan*
In lake over the iSnowshne mine, lt is
iindcrsloiid lhat the new ciiiupnliy is
well npiipped wiih u'urking capital.
Hritish (Joltliiihln is snid nut in I e in
great favor iu Luiidmi, owing largely
to the 11 nu .ies wilh ihe Whilaker
Wright group nf mines, and ilienny
British Oolumhla mining company
Honied iii London this vear has been
Hie Snowshoe cumpaiiy
Mr, McMillan mill : "We propose
In develop the .Siiowshia! urine nsipiick
ly as possible. To this end we are put
ling uu inure men. Al all i at!) da.e
we shall ereii some uew imbuing-..
The wnrk of ibe mine is constantly io
creasing and we shall unpiiie betiei
olllees and house iircoinmodni ions titan
hiiherlo. Up lo the presenl il hns
heetl our policy lu spend iimncy underground rai lu r than in .uirfaec improvements,"
Heplying to fnriher ipiestions, Mr
McMillan sillied that tbey were at
presenl shipping a few carloads of ore
to (Ireenwood mucin r ami Intended lo
send down a roiisianl supply during
ihe next luu or three months Further lailvvny iicoomiuudatioiis will he
necessary ill the way of spurs and
these will he provided at an early dale,
A "glory liule" is heing started and
some line on' is being extracted from
Ilie sui fnee of the pmperly whine ihere
is a In. ge showing.   Development roll-
lliiiiis on dill'ei 1, pin is of the proper
ly mill ilnre is icnsiiii 10 belli'M'tbat
at HII early dale the Snowshoe will en
lei the list of siundy unit periniininl
It is said ilie mine is now easily C141
able of furnishing a toiiuage of frnm
•JdlUniilH) tons per day if the tniilingc-
metitmwfli tu turn uut ihal 111 nt,
The Snowshoe tiiiiiipnny, however, pre
I'ers in develop tlmtoiighl}' Mm-t) com-
n.cueing to ship nu n litrg*
I The Travellers Insuranee Co..,
I rmrorrrvrrmT
1 .... Of Hartford. Conn.
I rmnnnnnnr.
Ohnriorcd 1*«3.
! lock Life nnd
Accident lu sum nee.
ISSUES the best life itisufilhce
I contracts iu Ilie world. Nn
disappointment as 10 dividends.
KveiyiliniK gultriiiiieeri in nd-
vaiii-e. Preiiiimu rules I.i lo 25
perceltl less linn Iliose of nld
line iM ul mil eoii!|iniiies.
January ist, 1897,
$20,884.53 $
SURPLUS    . .
. 17,930,j6o.»9 i~
_  *
.2,976,424.36 ffi
The Travelleis Cnmbitialinn Accident Pulicy guarantees foraccidcnlal
under ordinary rnudiiions.
liniili IIi-iii IU .     .
Urn. nf Sl&ht nf Until Kyo
bomot Both Cool ur llnth Hands
Loss of Hn'. llnnil mul One Koot
Pnrmiiieiil Tolal Dlm-litl ty
boss of   lliu'lit llnnil      .      . $i.iim
isms of le_g at or abovo Knee  , t.umi
,i,l»H         bOSS Of   Left   11,lii'l       .     .       , 1,01111
O.IKHI    ]      bliss nf  Kil Ij.-l-  loinl l.MKI
<2 5iNi        Loss nf sii-lil nf line t ye   .      , .650
Liniits of   Weekly Indenwity $1,300. |
ANI), If such injuries are sustained while riding as a passenger in m
any passenger oonveytinca using steam   cable,   or  electricity as a *
motive power the amount tn be paid   shall he DOUHLK  the sum $
specified in the clause mull r which the claim is made. *
Men.and Commercial Travelers. |
Other sums at proportionate rates |
■VST. H. Norris, t
 sHinies nml sup-
Knrall bicych ____________
piles call on W. H. Wehh,
OderaCh'Voliiii'lw'l IIV0111 W. H.
hits the Midway ng.ncy.
wheel.   Thn OI.'VC
wheel made lu day.
Webb, wlin
Hide a pupiilm1
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
_3.  C
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
T. M. Gulley & Co;
Large Stoc;k,    Low Prices.
T.   TH.   GX7__.ls_3 ^   Ss   OO.,
assortment of Fresh   Bread, Cakes and
Confectionery always in stock.
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold lunch at
any hour of the day. 3^
#5§*»***$S£ sss $$£ m$ ^$%
Has opened up
In the premises formerly occupied  by iii
Ba3?olcla_'-   Ss  $S.st,w±m     ty
. ty
and has on hand a first-class outfit ot \jji
Single and Double Briveps
Saddle and Pack Horses
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus
meets all trains.   Freight and express de- Kit
delivered to any part of the town. t(|jf
ftee €€€ tt€ €€€ €S€€€€€€€€e*
*9***9***9*9****** ***************** *******t **********
_  %
FU03FECTOKS'     i.atCIt.o?J&iJ
No. 4  R.-W.-C. BLOCK, NEI.SOI . B. C.
Gold, Sllvor-beail and Coppur Sllnw «aiii«t ui llm EXCHANQ K. *
FltKK MlbblMI OObll proportion wanted in ihut for Bnsterti itivo»tor8, ♦
PartfOH having mining proporty fur na|o aro roquoatod to rciiiI 8Ainplen of tholroro *
to tlio KXOHAN'GK (iiriwliibiiiuii. ♦
All campion dhoul't beiwiii Ax oxpreefi, I'll V.VAll I. J
Uorror ,ioiidonci. uolioitud.  Addrogfl utl bbtnniiiiilmttoiiR tq *
Audvaw  F.   KoH(*itJboi*E.ei., ♦
Tolcplinnn Ko. 101. V. <1 Tlfix TIKI.'                                                                  NK1.S0S, B.C. J
****%******** mow***** ******** *** ***** ******** *******Z
mt      TH£ ^ J
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on baud.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh  Street, Midway.
A   'tfffff      ^■_■_■_
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$2.00 per year.
Is prepared to
fill all orders
for Job Printing at lowest
rates consistent with good
Rider Agents Wanted
Ono in I'ui'li town tn fiilu ntnl Hxhiliit. n siiiiipli' ll*H tnonVI hiovt o nf our own
iniuiiifiiHui'i*. YOU CAN MARK $10 TO $60 A WKKIv, h ides having*
wlii'iil In I'itli' yourself.
19OI Models, High Grade    ^^^^^
1900 and 1899 Models, Best  Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new ....
$10 to $18
$7 to $12
         gifo to $8
We will ship nny liievi'le ON AI'HHOVAI. In illiyont* without it Cunt ilepus-
ii in lulviince ntnl uliowtEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Ynu titketilisolntely no
risk in ordering from us. us vou do nol need to pny 11 rent if thu hleyr.le does
uut suit vou. I'n not huy 11 whet.I unl il vnu hnvi1 written fur uur KACTOHY
I'RK'KH mul FKKK Till Al, OKKBH. This Iiiienil offer luis nev. r heon 1 qiml*
led anil is 11 giinrutitei' of the (|iuility of our wheels. Wl? WANT 11 leliulilti
lierann In eneh town In rlistl.ihiite eufHjngneB fur us in eKcliimgeftil'abioyoli'.
Write lo-ilny fur free entiilugne nnd our speeinl offer,
J. Ii. Mead.  Cycle Co.,
Olii ii__
MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River,
J|_|_ |j[[ The most important railway town  in  the  Kettle  River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek 'Districts,
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River,  West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
■   "nining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town  iin   the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden tots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
30 St John Street,
.Montreal, P, Q.
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, II. C.
Me :AMe_r_u
tf '"j'ii*. '30
.     le   SI Me
''•&tf ZJ'f'f
i Me V Me
z, \t,
v,i,4 hi''. HJ__CS! ye 0, Me yAisie Jjvi
The Time for the Exchange of Stock
from the Old Company to the
New, Expires To-morrow,
Holders of stock in the Fairview
Corporation, Limited, owning the
.Steinwiiiileriit. Fairview, cannot after
to-morrow, Sept. 10. excliHiige stork
of the old company for that of the
reconstructed company, and all stork
nut. duly tninsfnilil liefore that dale
will he cancelleii.
This Is I he conipany which E. Ifnni-
iiiehneyer, f.ituerly manager nf the
fiuiily Edith mine, hns heen engaged
to manage il and it looks very much as
if he will lie required to repeat the performance with the Fairview property
thai Captain Gilford was culled it pun
to do with the Silver King mine, that
of galvanizing inlo life what, appeared
to he a dead property. The Fairview
company luis good assets, hut up tu
data it appears to have heen unahle to
turn them to account. In uddilion to
its gold properly the corporation has
extensive townsite interests, as well ns
coal lands, said to ho of considerable
value, hut the gnld mine is the main
spring, the successful operation of
which is in h measure necessary lo give
value to the nther holdings. This is
the work wliieh has heen cut nut lor
manager Itnniiueluieyer, and if it ran
he done he may he depended upon to
do it.
The Fairview conipnny wns original
ly stocked fur ijU.IXKMIIK) In shares of 25
rents each, considerable quantities
were disposed of al. this figure. An
unsuccessful attempt wus made to float
lhe properly on the London market,
anil failing this a loan of $40,000 was
secured for development purposes from
the (loiiderhuin-ftlackstiick people in
Toronto. A morlgiige was given lo
secure ihis loan, and at the same time
the Toronto people took an option nn
a considerable block of the Fairview
stock. It is altogether likely that this
option wnuld have lieen taken up hut
for the slump iu War Eagles which
occurred fume I iine later. The circumstance that tlie option was allowed to
lapse was not uii welcome lo tbe principal holders of Fairview, howevei, as
in ihe development resulting from the
proceeds of the limn a much higher
grade uf ore was struck lhan any previously encountered in the property.
Considerable shipments uf ore were
made to mills in the vicinity, and frnm
'he proceeds a substantial portion of
the loan was pnid back, lt was decided, howevei', if the company wns to
work the property itself, it would he
necessary lo proceed with leconstruc-
tion and the esult was lhat theold
stuck ivas called in and new stuck is-
sued ou  whicli 'ii cents were ceilitctl
as having been paid wilh a call of a
cent and a half to be paid upon the
cancellation of the old slock and the
issue of the new.
The compuny is now proceeding
with tbe Installation of a stamp mill,
and hy lhe Hrst of October ex pert to l-e
dropping 3f stump*, which it is estimated will render possihle the treatment
of 75 tons of ore in the '11 hours, The
property itself is opened up to a depth
of 300 feet by means of a shaft, and
the showing consists of a large body of
re varying in width from 20 toSOfeet,
which it is estimated will yield from
$5 to $9 per tun, 8uccess or failure
therefore depends upon the average
value tbis ore will yield across the entire body. Careful figuring has led
the officers of the company to believe
lhat wilh a uniform return of $6 per
ton in gold a good return can he secured. Previous tests with lhe mill
now being erected has shown that 80
per cenl. of the values of the ore can he
retained in tlie milling. Thete are nt
present considerable quantities of ore
on the Fairview dumps which is said
to run from fft to #5 per Ion. This in
itself would yield a good return on
milling, now that it is out, hut the program of the company at present is to
keep this in a measure ns a reserve and
operate the mill as largely as possible
from the output of lhe mine, using tlie
dump mote for maintaining a uniform
grade of ore lhan any olher purpose,
Fairview is one of the best known
British Colunihia stocks on theeusteui
Canadian markets. It hns gone frnui
par (o almost nothing, so Ibat success
in bringing it again iipnn its feet would
lie a gnat feather in the cap of any
mining man. For this reason the pro
gress of Fairviews under the manage
ment of E, Iiainmelmeyer will he ful
lowed with interest not only by those
who havo invested in the stock but hy
mining men in general.
Hossland, B. C, Aug.31.-W. L.
Springei, president of the Chicago-
British Columbia Milling Company,
announces (hat a group of Chicago
manufacturers and capitalists has
taken an option on the controlling
inlerest in the Standard Pyrilio Smeller Company at Oreenwood together
with all the smelter company's assets,
which include the Marguerite properly
adjoining the Mother Lode, alio] the
Standard, a promising property, Tlie
npi ion is fur a short tune only, and he
expected thut the matter would he
closed favorably shortly afler the arrival of himself and friends at Chicago.
If a sale be consummated as he expect -
ed, as the Chicago people have lieen
very fivorahly impressed with the
niiilonk, h« snys the plant would he
blown in at an early date. Hedeclan d
he is fatisiled that there is abundant
ore available to keep the plant in
constant operation for au indefinite
riftlx  Street,  AXid
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals ot" the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Land (Surveyor.
SU*.  Architect and
___- Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agei|t.
•••VOTARY    PVBlilVi
P air view Townaite Agent.
... Aiiuiinis.,,
riroviKw, r. c.
< torm«|Miiifl«n«n riolif.ili'ri.
Certificate   of Improvcniicnti.
ItKJtltV   CASH   KllAllTlllS.il.   .MlMli
Situate In Uie Osoyooi MlnlnK Dlv
Yal* Plurlct. Whert located :
TAKK NOTICK that wc. Janice .Mill
minor* art Memo No, iiSWin en
IfcritiK. freo niliicr* rerUHi-nir Nn
inteiul. Histy  d:iyn   (nun   the  ilmr
luiit»Ji|. In Ilie Mining lltsoolllorf < "
of Improvement*, for tho put-pom. i.f"
A ('rown tirrtnl nf thu nliove rlnlm.
Am) further lnke Hotter. Unit mil..'.
unction At. iini-t   bo ooinniunreil !.f-
Immune of mioli Ccrtillcnlo uf Itnimu
llnlcil llii* HM dny if Aukii-i. ll«H
l?o K. II. im.
lion ot
it, tnu
rl K. II,
i hi. ..ir
num. 8
rl-"   11'*
RANCH nf Ml Hcn-H, nitunie one i
Mlilwny, WU nenw unilur oulu
iien-h nf which In   gntnl tlmi'tli*
Plenty nf writer in provlilml liy H>
jiring-i.    Tlioio   In nlHo n tiuiiiil'l
iirclinnl mi llio -ilnce hctflnnliiK U>
hmir-e, harm, mill outliliilililiK*.   "
i fn.tii
penicillin*i,|i|,ly tu
A. HOPl'KIt, Mliln
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A MEGRAW,
Camp McKinney, B. C.
Midway, B. C.


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