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A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
** I—1»»"
«.■»■«..»■■«■.»■.». i
$2.00 a
Year    j
Alice Arm and
$2.25 to
all other
• •••>■ •..••.••■*..().. t
»■»■■■'■«■■•■■•■ 11
VOL. 12,   NO. 44
Alice Arm. B. O, Saturday. May 6. 1933
5 cents each.
Busy Business Session
Of A. C. L. Council
A meeting of the Council of the
Beach Community League was held
on Wednesday April 26th. with
President Manning in the chair.
Councillors present were: Messrs
Dresser, Johnson, Faulkner, Donaldson, Stewart, Buntain and
An offer had been received from
the Prince Rupert Basketball Association to send a Girls' Basketball
Team here, but as the basketball
season was closed the offer could
not be accepted. Councillor Donaldson reported on the football organization and stated that a quantity of equipment would be needed.
The need of some means of distributing information to the townspeople on matters relating to coming events and also as to picture
shows, was dealt with. It was arranged that a weekly sheet giving
this information be prepared and
distributed and that local organizations who desired to bring their activities before the public be invited
to advertise in same. This news
sheet which will be printed at the
office of the Alice Arm and Anyox
Herald, will probably make its appearance on Saturday, May 13th.
and will be distributed gratis to
every home in Anyox.
Liberals Of Alice Arm
Prepare For Action
A meeting of the Alice Arm Liberal Association was held at the
Alice Arm Hotel on Thursday
evening. Tlie meeting was called
for the purpose of electing new
officers and also to elect delegates
to attend the Liberal convention
whioh will be held shortly to nominate a candidate for Atlin in the
forthcoming election. The date of
the convention and plaoe has not
yet been decided upon, but it is
probable that it will be held at
Officers eleoted were as follows:
Hon. President, W. L. Mackenzie
King; Hon. Vice-President, T. D-
Patullo; President, H. R. Fowler:
Secretary, W. B. Bower; Executive Committee, Mrs. G. Anderson.
J. Wells and J. Fiva.
Delegates eleoted to attend the
convention, were: H. R. Fowler,
J. Fiva, W. MacDonald, G, Ander-
Alice Arm is beginning to put on
its summer dress of green. The
trees are breaking into leaf, robins
and humming birds are flitting
about, gardeners are busy planting
seeds, and the bright warm sunshine
of the past week, has been appreciated by everyone.
Repair Work Alice Arm
Started By Govt.
The Department of Public Works
commenced repair work of the
streets at Alice Arm on Monday
with a crew of 12 men.
Present work consists of filling in
holes and levelling streets and roads
from the Government Wharf to the
Kitsault flats. A drag line is being
used for loading gravel on trucks.
When this work has been completed the wing dam at the Northeast Fork of the Kitsault River,
near the cemetery will be repaired,
which will stop this river from overflowing on to the flats, which has
caused considerable inconvenience
A new channel will also be made
for the Illiance River on the flats,
which has been running wild for
some time. This work will elimin
ate the many small bridges built
over small streams of the Illiance,
as the river will be kept to one
Married and single men with property, are being given employment,
and the crews will be relayed so
that all will have an opportunity to
earn some money. The wages are
$2.80 per day of eight hours.
Requests  Assistance   For
Uniforms and Boots
Just how the necessary uniforms
and boots for members of local
football teams shall be obtained,
was the subjeot of discussion, at a
special meeting of the football fraternity held on Monday evening
last at the Gymnasium. It was
finally decided that a letter be forwarded to the Community League,
requesting their assistance iu the
It is generally felt that a good
season of football may be expected,
as there is a large number of players ready to don the jerseys, and
also a great many people who wiil
derive much enjoyment from
watching the popular sport.
Granby Stores' Staff   Hold
Golf Tournament
The members of the Granby
Stores staff held a handicap tournament on Wednesday afternoon,
April 26th. The finalists played
off on Friday, the 28th. with the
result that J. Ion defeated Norman
Redman by four strokes. The
prize was a most desirable golf
olub. Those competing were: G.
Adams, C. Cameron, S. Ellison,
M. Abel, J. Kelly, N. R. Redman,
J. Ion.
Subscribe to the Herald
Loyal Order of Moose
Install Officers
The newly elected officers of
Anyox Lodge No. 1412, Loyal Order
of Moose, were duly installed at a
meeting held in the Elks' Hall on
Wednesday evening, April 26th.
Past Dictator Bro. J, A. Deeming
presided in a capable manner and
installed the following in their various offices for the ensuihg year:
Past Dictator A. Pynn; Diotator
J. Vine; Vice-Dictator, N. Marshall;
Prelate, A. Milne; Secretary, H.
Ward; Treasurer, G. Owen; Ser-
geant-at-arms, J. Wynne; Inner
Guard G. Higgins; Outer Guard,
J. Horvaton; Trustees, H. Young
F. Persin, D. Havrico.
At the conclusion of the ceremony refreshments were served in
the dugout and a musical programme under the direction of Bro.
T. Pinckney was greatly enjoyed;
Regular Meeting Held
Of LOD. E.
The regular meeting of tho Collison of Kincolith Chapter I. 0. D.E.
was held in the Legion Club Room
on Tuesday, May 2nd.
It was deoided to hold Rose Da|
as usual on July 1st.
Mrs.   Fricker, convener of the
card party, which is being helu oil
May   12th.   reported  that ever}
thing is well under way to assure
everyone of a good time.
Relief was given to a Stewart
family, and local relief was alto
given during the month.
The meeting was preceded by a
delightful luncheon, the execiui\e
carrying out the plans. In a few
well chosen words Mrs. Lang „:i\e
an outline of the history of tlie
Order since its formation in 1900.
In an impressive littl ceremony,
Mrs. Fricker presented the new
members, Mrs. Warden and Miss
A. Abramson with the membership
pins. In so doing she explained
the significance of our badge.
Mr. and Mrs, J. McColl of Anyox
spent a short holiday at Alice Arm
during the week, with M . McColl's
mother, Mrs. H. Nucich, they left
The annual general meeting of
the Alice Arm Athletic Association
will be held at the Club House this
evening at 8.30 p.m, All those interested in sports and especially
tennis are invited to attend.
J, O'Hara, who was taken from
Alice Arm to Anyox General Hospital some two weeks ago for medical treatment was reported to have
taken a turn for the worse on Thursday. No news concerning his condition was available yesterday.
Another Strike To Take
Place At Anyox
The forthcoming strike at Anyox
set for Monday the 8th. is viewed
with alarm by every man concerned
and there are many involved. It
affects chiefly their gastronomical
organs, as they must either go
without food or do their own cooking. This time the women will be
the strikers, and just what it is all
about, how the stunt is pulled and
what is the final outcome, will be
depioted at a concert to be given
by the ladies of the United Church.
A laughable sketch, in which a
number of local ladies will take
part, will occupy the main part of
the evening.
As interludes there will be items
by Professor Heppeler's String
Orchestra, and by Mr. H Laurie's
Dance Pupils, also a recitation by
Miss Audrey Forde. A large number of tickets have already been
sold for this special event and patrons attending are promised a real
It will take place in the Reoreation Hall. The doors will open, at
7.15. and the proceedings will'Som-
mence at 7.45.
Anglican Church Card Party
Well Attended
The popularity of the card parties which have been held by the
Women's Auxiliary and Vestry of
Christ Church this season was attested on Friday evening the 28th.
when a large number sat down to
play whist. Mrs. W. Henderson
was the winner of the first prize
for the ]a< with Mrs. D. Evans
rind Mrs. „ <trclay running a dead
heat for the booby bundle, the first
named winning the toss-up. Mr.
Plumb took first honors for the
men and Mr. Kept received the
booby prize. After supper a session
of community singing was greatly
enjoyed and Mrs. T. Pinokney gave
a pleasing vocal number.
Election May Be Held During
September Or October
A. M. Manson, K. C, M. L. A
stated this week at Vancouver, that
he believed the Provincial'general
election would not be held until
September or October.
Mr. Manson's prediction may be
correct, but as no official statement
has been made by the government,
the various political parties are preparing for an election at any date
during the coming summer.
Mrs. Settle arrived on  Monday
from Vancouver.
Midnight Wedding At
Anyox Wednesday
A quiet wedding took place at
Anyox on Wednesday May 3rd.
following the arrival of the steamship Prince George from the south,
when Miss Marion Daisy Smith,
youngest daughter of Mrs. S. T.
Smith of Vancouver, became tlie
bride of Mr. Adam Clarksbn,
youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.
James Clarkson of Vancouver.
The ceremony took place about
midnight in the United Church
Parsonage, the Rev. Evan Baker
The bride was given in marriage
by Mr. S. Clarkson, brother of the
groom, and was attended by Mrs.
James Clarkson junr. as matron of
honor. Mr. James Clarkson,
another brother of the groom, acted as best man.
A wedding supper was afterwards held at the Parsonage, the
table being beautifully decorated
in old gold effect, and the wedding
cake bearing a miniature bride and
Mr. Clarkson, who has resided
at the Mine for the past few weeks
has already become popular, and
received the congratulations of a
number of friends. The young
couple will reside at the Mine. .
Are You On The Voters'
A Provincial general election will
be held some time this summer or
early fall and very probably within
the next two months. If you are
not on the Voters List and are eligible to vote, why not make your application at once. In order.to obtain the franchise a person must be
a British subject, of the full age of
21 years; a resident of the province
for six months and a resident of the
district for one inonth previous to
his date of application as a voter.
The Atlin constituency is large in
area but small in voting power and
every vote is needed. Don't delay
too long in getting on the list,
you will be sorry on election day if
your name is absent.
Call at the Government Agent's
Oflice, Anyox, and get your name
on the list.
The mining machinery at the
Golkeish mine near Anyox has been
purchased by the Britannia Mining
Co. and was recently shipped south.
It will be used by the purchasers,
on their newly acquired mining properties in the Cariboo Countiy.
The Herald is $2.00 a year. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday.  May 6.  1933
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, S2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Silver Prices and
Alice Arm
Tbe rise of silver prices during
the past two weeks and indications
that prices will go still higher, has
awakened interest in silver mines
throughout the province. Since
1930 many mines have closed
and others have curtailed production. But if silver rises to 50 cents
per ounce or over, there is no doubt
that many mines can be operated
profitably. President Roosevelt's
action in regard to silver indicates
strong probabilities that prices will
rise before many months to at least
50 cents. If this occurs and the
price protected against severe fluctuations, northern British Columbia
silver mines will again become active. When the price of silver
suddenly dropped in 1930 the
Torbrit Mining Company, a subsidiary of the Britannia Mining Co.
were actively engaged in developing the Toric Mine. They also
had an option on the Dolly Varden
and Wolf, and were planning big
operations when the price broke
and operations suspended. That
this company will return when
price conditions warrant, there is
no question, as development work
on the Toric was very satisfactory,
and with the acquisition of the
Dolly Varden and Wolf and adjacent claims to the Toric, they controlled a large portion of the silver
mineralized zone of the upper Kitsault country. That they were
desirous of acquiring other properties is well known. All this meant
large operations. The drop in silver prices caused the Torbrit Company to abandon their plans temporarily, but as soon as silver is
placed among the profit producing
metals, these plans no doubt will
be proceeded with along original
lines. There is considerable money
invested in the Toric and this
money will not be allowed to lie
idle longer than is necessary.
Other companies will no doubt become interested in the silver deposits of the Alice Arm district as
soon as silver prices are satisfactory
and inducements offered them.
The Coming Election
The date of the Provincial
General Election is obscure, but
that it will be held during the next
few months is certain, in many
ridings candidates of all parties
have been nominated, but so far
only one has entered the field for
Atlin, this being T. J. Shenton,
labor candidate. From all signs,
however, the liberal party candidate will shortly be nominated and
then   the   conservative    standard
Banks Have Lost More
Money Than Mines
Dr. W. B. Burnett, Vancouver,
president of Cariboo Gold Quartz
Mining Company, speaking before
the advertising and pales bureau of
the Vancouver board of trade, said:
"What do bankers know about
gold mining?" He quoted figures
to show that more money was lost
in United States banks in the past
three years than in the whole history of mining on the American
He recalled the statement of the
late Cecil Rhodes that less money
had been lost and more had been
made in mining than in any other
business in the world and that;
money invested in mines was safer
and surer of profits than in stocks
or bonds or any other business.
"New gold is the cleanest money
on earth—there is no blood on it,"
he said. 'Tt is honestly wrought
from the depths of Mother Earth.
It is creative wealth that governments will never tax as they do the
dollars taken by one man from another.
Canadian Silver Production
Shows Decline
Canadian silver production in
1932 of 18,356,393 fine ounces
worth $5,813,769 showed a drop of
11 per cent in quantity and 5 per
cent in value as compared with
1931. British Columbia, with a
total of 7,295,723 fine ounces is the
largest silver producing province
and the Sullivan silver-lead-zinc
mine, the principal producer. The
Premier mine is also an important
The world production of silver in
1932 totalled 160,600,000 fine
ounces, of which Mexico produced
45 per cent, the United States, 15
per cent, and C anada, 11 percent.
B. C. Veneer Works, Nelson,
has received an order from London,
England, for larch veneer. This is
the first order from Britain and is
expected to open up a new field.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
(Ask the Sailors)
(Ask the Doctors)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
Big Carryover of Canadian
The carry-over of Canadian
wheat at July 1. 1933, is expected
co be in the neighbourhood of 156,-
000,000 bushels. Total stocks of
wheat in Canada (carry-over at
July 31. 1932 plus the new crop)
have fallen 246.6 million bushels
since the beginning of the present
crop season, of which total exports
account for about 193 million bushels. Proceeding from the total
stocks on hand at March 31, 1933
(viz. 312,819,144 bushels) and with
allowances for domestic consumption, further proof of increased
carry-over is obtained.
beater will make his debut. Atlin
will have at least three candidates
in the,field and possibly more. It
is not yet known what action the
Conservatives will take in the coming election. Whether a Tolmie
or Bowser candidate will be nominated is a conjecture.
This advertisement is not published  or displayed  by   the   Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
For all ailments:   Stomach  Trouble,
Neuritis, Rheumatism, Colds, Hrthritis.
Is Now For Sale in Canada
$2.00 a Package—Postage Paid
One Package makes 15 gallons  of
Mineral Water at a cost of only 13c.
a gallon
850, Haitingi St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
First-class  Business  Lots at
$200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now it the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
LEW  LUN  & Co.
General Merchants, Anyox
You may join at the Beach or Mine Libraries.
Beach or Mine Counters, or with the Secretary
TheMineralsof British
The amount of Gold produced in
British Columbia shows a total value
of approximately $227,000,000.
British Columbia offers excellent opportunities for profitable investment
NOTICE: Amendments to the "Mineral" and "Placer
Mining" Acts were passed at the 1933 Session of the
British Columbia Legislature having to do with the
staking and working of mineral claims and placer
mining leases, effective on the 1st. of July, 1933.
Those interested should apply to the Department regarding same. /
Copies of the Annual Reports of the Honourable the Minister of Mines and special bulletins, etc. may be obtained, free
of charge upon application. A new PLACER MINING
bulletin also is available, for which there is a charge of 25c.
Same contains comprehensive and up-to-date information as
to this phase of mining in British Columbia, together with
a synopsis of the new mining laws. Applications should be
addressed to
We have a large stock of Men's Mining Shoes, made
of high grade quality leather, iron plates on toe and
heel and fully nailed.   In 8 inch and 11 inch tops.
8 inch top    $8.75
11 inch top 10.50
Men's Dress Shoes and Oxfords in both black and
tan.   All sizes.   Prices from $4.50 to $6.50.
West side of Smelter.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes  and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
A. C. L. Libraries Are a Boon
To The Public
In these days of economic living the Community League
Libraries furnish pleasurable and instructive reading at
very low expense. Those using the libraries and
reading rooms are naturally expected to belong to the
Membership in the League carries many other privileges.   Anyone may join.   The dues are only 50c.
per month.   The Secretary will be glad to give you
full information.
11 ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday. May 6. 1933
French River, Home of Wiley "Muskie," Will Soon Echo
Cries of Elated Anglers as They Battle Fresh Water Tiger
"Vow is the time for all good'
1~ fishermen to prepare for
that summer trip" is an appropriate slogan for disciples of Isaac
Walton these balmy spring days.
A successful fishing trip depends
largely upon the careful selection
of location, tackle and even associates, for many a party has been
ruined by the last-minute introduction of a "wet blanket" to an
otherwise congenial collection of
One of the most interesting fishing streams in North America is
French River, Ontario, 215 miles
north of Toronto on the Canadian
Pacific Railway. This lordly river
is celebrated as the habitat of the
fighting muscalunge, one of the
gamest fish known; huge Great
Northern pike, pickerel, an abund
ance of small-mouth and large-
mouth black bass and other finny
prizes. To accommodate sportsmen
and their families, a fine bungalow
camp—a collection of individual
cabins centering ar""-J « main
clubhouse—has be .. erected on a
cliff overlooking the river. Here
the fisherman and his family can
"rough it in comfort," far from
the cares and annoyances of a
work-a-day world.
That big "muskies" are plentiful at French River is proven by
the fact that one recent summer
a monster muskie weighing fj
pounds was taken in the Novth
Channel at the mouth of the
Wolseley River. Also, not long
ago a party of Ohio spokesmen
caught, besides their daily J.mit of
bass,  pike and pickerel, uo less
than seventeen "muskies" ranging
from 10 to 33^ lbs. In 1926 a "muskie" of 35 pounds weight, 50
inches long and 21 inches in girth
was taken in the main channel of
the French, one mile from the
bungalow camp.
The French River Bungalow
Camp will open June 15 and remain open until Sept. ii>.. Jack
Stri.thdee, its genial manager, is
an experienced outdoorsman whose
chief delight is coaching the uninitiated in the art of luring the
fish. French River also has a fine
9-hole golf course so that devotees
of the royal and ancient game who
are also fond of fishing need not
entirely forego the former sport
in favor of the latter.
Rocky Mountains Are Ideal Holiday Land
eauty unrivalled, health-giving altitudes, all the
' comforts that modern ingenuity can devise and
"something to do" all the time await the army of
travellers from all over the world, which annually
invades the glorious Canadian Rockies through the
Banff Springs Hotel and the Chateau Lake Louise.
These stately up-to-date hostelries, which open on
May 16 and June 1, respectively, are not only key-
points to the most beautiful mountain territories In
the world, but are, themselves, located in settings of a
beauty which has to be seen to be truly appreciated.
On the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway,
which owns and operates them, they are equipped
not only to be "homes from home" to the travelling
public and holiday-seekers in the generally accepted
sense, but to furnish entertainment for their guests in
many and varied ways.' Auto drives, trail-rides, boating,
fishing, swimming, golf, tennis, hiking and mountaineering,
to say nothing of the famous Indian Days and the Highland'
Gathering, are all part of programs which years of experience
have brought to perfection. Experts in all lines are in attendance
to be of service to the hotels' guests and real cowboys, red-coated
"Mounties" and true Stoney Indians lend color to a hundred
varV'ons of uniquely picturesque scenes.  There is never a dull moment at
rrntf or Lake Louise. There is something for every taste and the rounding
r ft of full (lays by dancing in cool and spacious ball-rooms, to smart orchestras, is not the leaist of .the attractions offered.
The pictures show: (1) the Banff Springs Hotel; (2) a typical Stoney
LXii; (8) the Chateau Lake LouiBe.
Your Message To
The Public
give you 100 Per Cent. Results
when it is Published in The Herald
If you are holding a Dance, Card Party,
Concert, Public Celebration, or any Public
Affair, or if you have anything to sell, the
quickest, cheapest and easiest way to inform
the Public is to carry an advertisement in
the Herald
Our Advertising Rates are
The Herald finds its way into almost every
home in the district, and your message is carefully and leisurely read by the whole family
round their own fireside. It is not scanned
over and forgotten as is a small weather-beaten
message stuck on a post
We can also handle your printing orders cheaply, quickly and
Anyox Representative—Mr. P. Powell,
Phone 262
The Herald Job Printing Department is
equipped to handle any class of work
;   :   :  Promptly and Efficiently ;   :   ;
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by the Herald Office
During the past ten years the Herald
Printing has won an enviable  record
AND A FAIR PRICE ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday.   May 6.  1933
Mine Baseball Club Dance
Was Enjoyable Affair
Just as popular as other functions recently held at the Mine was
the dance held on Thursday April
27th. in the Mine Hall, under the
auspices of the Mine Branch of the
Community League. The committee in charge of these affairs
had done everything possible to
ensure the enjoyment of the patrons
and the pleasant atmosphere prevailing did the rest.
The object of tlie dance, was to
raise funds with which to purchase
uniforms foi the Mine baseball
teams, and a substantial sum was
thus obtained. The Merrymakers'
Orchestra provided splendid music
and a most appetising supper was
provided. The Mine Branch are to
be congratulated on their enterprise and energy in these functions.
Mrs. Nicholson, mother of Mrs.
F. T. Larson, arrived on Wednesday from Vancouver.
Mrs. E. Davies, and Mrs. Ed.
Blundell and family returned on
Wednesday from the south.
Mrs. Wilkinson and family arrived home on Wednesday from
Miss M. Smith and Mrs. James
Clarkson arrived on Wednesday
from Vancouver.
Mrs. Charles Bocking returned
on Wednesday to Vancouver.
Mrs. A. H. Stewart left on Wednesday for Victoria.
J. McMullen of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce returned on
Wednesday from a vacation spent
in the south.
Geo. Adams and Geo. Bailey,
who have been summoned for jury
duty at the Supreme Court Assizes,
left on Monday for Prince Rupert.
Wm. Cloke, Eugene Bartlett, R.
Leason and Fred Bolton arrived on
Monday from Vancouver.
C. Docherty, J. Jeffrey, J. Murdoch left on Wednesday for Prince
Rupert. They will appear as witnesses at the trial of Joe Sarvich,
Kenny Montgomery, Matt Yjurger-
vich, W. R. Maclvor, and Joe San-
veda, who were charged with unlawful assembly during the Anyox
Boat Schedule Will Change
Effective Thursday May 18th. the
Canadian National Steamship will
leave Anyox at 9 a.m. Thursday
each week instead of 12 midnight
on Wednesday.
Our recent report on the election
of officers of the Football committee
stated that W. Watkins had been
made a member of the Executive.
This should have been T. Water-
land. Mr. Watkins is the manager
of the Mine team and is therefore
not eligible as a member of the
Executive Committee.
This is another M. G. H. hit in
which beautiful Joan Crawford
and Bob Montgomery take the
lead. Nils Asther returns to the
screen in this production and is
something to cheer in this romantic
drama. Joan gives, what many
critics believe to be the most impressive performance of her career.
Faced by her former lover and her
husband to be she takes a course
which leads to the very brink of
tragedy. Tears mingle with laughter, heart-throbs and thrills, she
captures the hearts of everyone.
You'll compare this picture with
the most thrilling one you've ever
seen.   Don't miss it Saturday.
"Madame Racketeer"
In this Paramount pioture Alison
Skipworth, as "Madame Racketeer," is an aristocrat with slippery
fingers and a loose conscience.
She put the con in confidence, sold
the New York subway twice and
was peddling the Brooklyn Bridge
when the police caught up with
her. The all star caste includes
Richard Bennett, Evalyn Knapp,
George Raft, Robert McWade and
Gertrude Messinger. The picture
is full of good entertainment, spiced
with giggles, laughter, roars.
Richard Bennett is the father of
the beautiful Bennett sisters and
plays a great part in this side splitting picture. By all means see it
The literary hit of the year has
been made by Frederic Niven,
Canadian author, living near Nelson, B.C., whose "Mrs. Barry" has
been recently hailed by authorities as one of the most profoundly moving books ever written.
Mr. Niven, who thus breaks into
the ranks of best sellers, earlier
in the century handled baggage
and freight for the Canadian Pacific Railway at Nelson.
H. F. Mathews, general manager, Canadian Pacific hotels In'
western Canada, with headquarters at Winnipeg, has been promoted general manager of the
company's hotel system from
coast to coast, with headquarters
ln Montreal, according to a recent announcement by E. W.
Beatty, chairman and president of
the railway.
It Is necessary to go back to
the year 1916 to find revenues of
the Canadian railways on a level
comparable with 1932, The following figures show lhat in 1932
as compared with 1910:
Railway Operating Revenues Decreased     6.5%
Railway   Operating   Expenses    ..  ..Increased   20.9%
Net Revenue from Railway
Operations ..Decreased 50.6%
Railway    Tax    Accruals
 Increased 135.7%
Net   Railway   Operating
Income ..  ..Decreased   58.3%
Railway Property Investment  Increased   34.6%
Rate of Return on Investment  Decreased   69.0%
Revenue   Freight   Ton
Miles Decreased   28.3%
Revenue Passenger Miles
 Decreased   50.3%
Actual Gross Ton Miles
 Decreased   17-2%
Payroll of Engine and
Train Service Employees
and Telegraphers   ....
 Increased   31.3%
Train Miles .. Decreased   22.8%
H. L.
Patterson Wins Golf
On Wednesday last an 18-hole
Medal Competition was held, the
winner being H. L. Patterson, with
a gross score of 82, and net 61.
The runner-up was W. Montgomery with a gross of 98 and net 66.
Three players tied for third plaoe
with a net of 67; namely, H. Lind
gren, D. McRitchie J. Taylor.
A beautiful girl was being tried
for killing her husband. The jurors
had retired. They knew she was
guilty, but did'nt want to sentence
her because of her beauty, yet they
feared to face their wives if they
didn't. Finally, one of them happened to recall that the dead man
had been an Elk. The problem
was solved. They passed this sentence:
"Twenty dollars' fine for shooting an.Elk out of season."
Effective Mn> IStli
Steamers for Prince Rupert,
Ocean   Falls,   Powell   River
and Vancouver—
Leave Stewart
Saturdays, 9 a.m.
Leave Anyox
Thursdays, 9 a.m.
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert for Edmonton,
Winnipeg and points East—
Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays at 9.i!0 p.m.
Phone or write locttt agent or   .
H. McEWEN, D.F. ii P.A.
Prince Rupert
Professor Heppeler's Orchestra
Dance Pupils of Mr. Laurie
Thursday, May Hth., at 7.30
A   Treat  for  Everyone
Admission 35c, Children 15c.
Printing: :
High class printing of all
descriptions promptly and
:   : neatly executed   :   :
Pamphlets      Programmes
Posters   Letterheads
Envelopes   Billheads
Admission Tickets
Etc,   Etc.
.;. .;.
Prompl delivery on every
♦   •>   •>
Herald Printing Office
Alice Arm
all Soups and Creamed Sauces!
Thousands of thrifty housewives know that they now can get that
rich, creamy blandness In their cooking without overstepping the
dictates of economy. The use of Borden's St.
Charles Milk gives that added touch of delicious richness, not only to cream soups and
sauces, but to every recipe that calls for milk.
St. Charles is a B.C. pro-   MM   Q   |      |#
duel made in S.Sumas,B.C.   If I   I   Wm  B»
The Borden Company Limited, 50 Powell St., Vancouver, B.C.      *°S
Please send me a copy of your FREE cook-book "The Good Provider".
=1 t=lt—It—11 ll ir—ir—ir—ir—
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Let Your Camera Tell The
Story This Year!
We have a nice selection of Cameras,
Camera Accessories  and   Albums.
Note the following:
KODAK SIX-16; Pictures 21-2x4 1-4, An-
astigmat Lens F 6.3; $17.50.
KODAK SIX-20.   Anastigmat Lens F 6.3;
IA KODAK SERIES 3; Diamatic Shutter
Number 1: Anastigmat F 5.6: Has elevating
front and automatic light aperture: $33.00.
Box Cameras from $1.25.   Tripods at $3.85.


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