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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
«■■»■«.■■■■« 11 ■■■«■■» ,
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 14,   NO. 1
Alice Abm, B. C, Friday, *6nk6, 1934
5 cents each.
Anyox Enthusiastically
Celebrates Dominion
A. C. L. To Be Congratulated
On Huge Success
Jupiter Pluvius was in his kindest
mood on July 2nd.—Dominion Day
—and permitted the holiday to pass
in Anyox without a sign of rain.
The Community League celebrations were more elaborate than for
many years, and were a success
from every point of view. Hundreds of people turned out in the
morning to view the parade and also
in the afternoon to witness a long
program of sports events.
The parade itself was an outstanding feature and contained an astonishing variety of entries. There
were such items as a lion's cage, a
stork representing "Canada's Crop
that Never Fails," a Cunard Liner,
a dinkey engine, a C. N. R. steamer, beside horses, decorated dolls'
buggies, a decorated band wagon,
and a glorious float emblematic of
Canada.   Music by the band of the
B. P. 0. E. enlivened the proceedings througntnrHhe-morning.     -
Several sports events took place
early in the day, such as the boys'
marathon race, bicycle races, skipping races, and boxing in barrels.
The main sports events in the afternoon drew a large number of contestants, but'were capably handled
by the energetic A. C. L. officials
and completed on schedule time.
A novel event was a rock drilling
contest, which took place on the
hillside just above the ball ground,
and drew a large number of interested spectators. In the evening
the third of a series of baseball
games with Ketchikan was played
and the celebration was topped off
with a grand dance in the Gymnasium, at which a large number of
people were present.
Following is the list of prize
winners of the sports events:
Boys under 4, 1 J. Carrick, 2 R.
Girls under 4, 1 Jean Carrick, 2
Betty Waterland.
Boys under 6, 1 T. McDougall,
2 Pat Gale, 3 T. Buchanan.
Girls under 6, 1 G. Healy, 2 J.
Campbell, 3 M. Tremaine.
Boys under 8, 1 B. Havirco, 2 S.
Thomas, 3 A. Kirkland.
Girls under 8, 1 I Lavery, 2 S.
Campbell, 3 P. Black.
Boys under 11, 1 J. Ferguson, 2
R McDougall, 3 B. Marshall.
Girls under 11, 1 N.. Taylor, 2 J.
Cameron, 3 B. Moore.
Boys under 13, 1 A. Wardrope, 2
A. Tierney, 3 R. Dresser.
Girls under 13, 1 N. Taylor, 2 J.
Lee, 3 H. Wynne.
Continued on Page 4
Operations May Again
Commence At The
New Board of Directors Are
It is very probable that operations at the Esperanza mine will
be re-commenced this summer, stated Mr. T. W. Payne, who arrived
at Alice Arm on Monday from
Mr. Payne is hei;e in connection
with Ioo.il affairs of the mine. He
stated that at the annual meeting
of the Esperanza Company held in
Prince Rupert on June 29th. a new
board of directors was eleoted, as
follows: President R. Armour,
Kimberley; Directors, Commander
C. H. R. Slingsby, Chas. Morris
and Col. C. D. Harris of Victoria;
J. A. Hinton and Angus MacDonald, of Prince Rupert, and P. Gordon of Anyox. The head office of
the company will, in future be located at Victoria instead of Prince
It is the intention of the new
directors to resume operations as
early us possible. With this aim
in view a mining engineer will arrive at Alice Arm within a few
days. He will examine all under-i
ground and surface workings both
at the Esperanza and Alice, and he
will also make an exhaustive test
of the Esperanza dump. If values
throughout the mine and dump are
satisfactory! a small mill having a
oapacity of 15 tons of ore per day
will be placed on the property immediately and mining and milling
operations commenced.
The Esperanza mine is only
twenty minutes walk from the
town of Alice Arm.. Much high
grade ore has, in the past, been
taken from the mine. It has been
reported upon favorably by both
government and independent mining engineers, aud its close proximity to tidewater reduces transportation costs to a minimum.
The ore values comprise, silver,
gold, lead and zino, also tungsten
values. Gold and silver predominate.
Dominion Day  Dance
Was Outstanding
The Dominion Day dance held at
the Gymnasium on Monday evening and which terminated the festivities of the day, was attended
by the largest number of people at
a dance in many years. There
was between 400 and 500 present
and the spaoious floor was crowded
throughout the evening with light-
hearted dancers. The hall was
beautifully decorated with patriotio
colors. The oelebrated Revellers'
Orohestra was never heard to better
advantage, and the supper was
both appetising and plentiful.
During the evening the prizes
for the major sports events of the
day were presented to the winners
by Mr. R. J. A. Manning, President
of the Anyox Community League.
It was a dance of which many
will cherish pleasant memories for
a long time to come.
Details of Prize Winners For
Floats Next Week
Due to the fact that there were
several special awards made for the
floats entered in the Grand Parade
on Dominion Day, and to several
alterations made in the original
program, the complete list was not
available at the time of going to
press.   It will be published in full .
next week. *
Promotions of Granby Bay
High School Pupils
Names Published Alphabetically
Promoted to Grade 10: Margaret Anderson, Albert Gigot, Edward
Griffiths, Elvy Johnson, Leah Kergin, Bruce MoMaster, Leslie Murdoch, Daniel O'Neill, Dorothy
Plumb, Jean Tamkin.
Promoted to Grade 11: Margaret Arscott, Harold Dresser, Myrtle
Owen. Helen Simpson.
Provisionally to Grade 11: Eileen Parker.
Promoted to Grade 12: Donald
Anderson, Edward Healy, Thomas
Kirkwood, William Lindsay, Jean
Pinckney, Dixie Taylor, Jack Vine.
Writing Matriculation: John
Writing to complete Matriculation: May Barolay.
Writing to secure Geography
credits: Jean Pinokney, Dixie
R. J. McKinnon Is Leading
Swatter at Baseball
Heading the lengthy list of hitters
in the Anyox Baseball League is R.
J. (Bob) McKinnon, who to date
has a total of around 420 points to
his credit. Bob is a sure-fire artist
with the bat and can always be depended on for some goodly smacks.
In the series with Ketchikan, Bob
performed well at both batting and
fielding. The Dynamiters in whose
gentle fold his bell may always be
heard tinkling, are fortunate in
having such a versatile, good-
natured, and reliable player as Bob
Alaskans Drop Two Out
Of Three Games
At Anyox
Visitors Showed Power At
Bat But Weakness on Mound
After suffering a humiliating
defeat of 18-3 in the opener, Anyox
came baok to win the second game
7-2 aud the third 8-5. Davie Ferguson appears to still be suffering
from a lame arm, and Ketchikan
combed him regularly to the accompaniment of many errors to
win the opener by a lopsided score.
Musser replaced him but was little
more effeotive. Cody finally had
to be called on in order to get the
visitors out in time for the evening
game. The fourteen Anyox errorB
just about constitute a local record.
Nick Chenoski pitched steady
ball in the evening game, aud the
issue was never in doubt as Anyox
emerged a 7-2 winner. This lad
simply inspires confidence with his
splendid control and remarkable
fielding ability. He is a whole infield in himself.
Cieslikowski's fireball was very
effeotive until the late innings in
the final game. The miner appeared to tire towards the end however,
aud when he was hit for four successive drives in the Ninth, two of
them for three bases, Nick Chenoski, was sent to the rescue. Nick
retired tbe Alaskans without
further ado.
First Game: R. H. E.
Ket. 420440 103 18 IS   5
An.   10 0 0 0 2 0 0 0   3 8   14
Batteries: Tetter and Jones; Ferguson, Musser, Cody, Whitehouse.
Second Game:
Ketch.    10 10 0 0 0   2   10   8
Anyox    0 2 3002-   7   10   I
Batteries: Mclsaac and Jones;
Chenoski and Whitehouse.
Third Game:
Ket. 0 10 0 0 0 0 13   5   13  6
An.   0S000120-   8   12   3
Batteries: Tetter and Jones; Ci-
eslikowski, Chenoski, Whitehouse.
Much Praise Is Due To The
Celebration Committee
Too much praise cannot be given
to the committee in charge of the
Dominion Day oelobration, sponsored by the Anyox Community
League. The committee; its assistants and the indefatigable secretary of the League, V. S. McRae,
worked like trojans to ensure the
success of the celebration.
It was, without any argument,
the best Dominion Day celebration
held in Anyox, and that statement,
covers a lot of ground. The committee, headed by T. N. Youngs,
deserve unstinted praise for the
huge success attained.
Division 1, Grade 7A to Grade 8.
Names in order of merit:
Gerry Cundill, Vera Watson,
Jack Smith, Nancy Gigot, Jean
Carol Lee, Dorothy Rogers, Kathleen Ward, Bessie Barclay, Janet
Barclay, Margaret McDougall,
Ellen McLeod, Dorothy Owen,
Trevelyn Cody, Margaret Dunn,
Harry Wilkinson. Promoted on
recommendation, Richard Ward.
Promotions  of  Pupils
Of The Granby
Bay Schools
Names Are Printed In Order
Of Merit
Division 1 Promotions. Names
in order of merit. From Grade 8
to Grade 9:
Jack Lindsay, Violet Vine, George
Kent, Hugh Stewart, Robert Kent,
Jimmie Varnes, Richard Manning-
Lillian Barclay (tie), Douglas Williams, Stanley Kirkland—Roberta
Henderson (tie), Eddie Johnson,
Nadine Wenerstrom, Jean Munro.
Division 2, Promoted from Grade
7 to Grade 8:
Mordon Edwards, Alex Wardrope, Katherine Peterson, Hugh
McDonald, Alverda Brown, Willie
McDonald, Jack Tierney, Hubert
Warden, Dorcas Mclnnis, Shirley
Manning, Marie Thompson, John
Campbell, Cyril Watson, Robert
Dresser, Neil McDonald, Margaret
Division 2, Promoted from Grade
6 to Grade 7:
Angus Tierney, Sheila Kirkwood
and Wilfred Peck (tie,) Allan Cutler,
Jack McConnell, Jack Gibb, Jack
Ferguson, Betty Jean Ore, Dorothy
Wilby, Lottie Gibb, Roy Pynn,
Shirley Hague, Mervyn Owen,
Edith Johnstone, Priscilla Rogers,
Harold Dodsworth.
Promoted from Grade S to Grade
Mary Campanella, Nannette Taylor, Peter Loudon, Jim McMaster,
Ryllys Cutler, Frank Zitko, Daphne
Continued on page 2
Fine Weather Favored Ball
Players During Voyage
Leaving Ketchikan at 9 o'clock
Saturday evening, June 30th. the
halibut schooner "Arctic," with the
Ketchikan ball players on board
heoded for Anyox, arriving at 11
a.m. Sunday after a fine voyage.
They left again on Monday evening
taking the Anyox team with them.
This speedy boat is in charge of
Captain Stanmus, whose son Paul
Stanmus is Chief Engineer on the
vessel. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday,   July 6,  1934
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   •   $10.00
Land Notices ....      $10.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Promotions  of  Pupils
Of The Granby
Bay Schools
Names Are Printed In Order
Of Merit
Continued from page 1
Warwick, Joyce Williams,   Sally
Arscott,    Moyra    Manning,    Pat
Promoted from Grade 4 to Grade
Anne Gibb, Audrey Forde, Glenna
Lee, Beverley Cormier, Roberta
Ferguson, Barclay Anderson, Bert
Ferguson, James Kirkland, Kenneth
Maclean, Lesseal Brown, Alex Porter, Pearl Mclnnis, Billie Lavery,
Joan Adams, Maisie Hilliard, Bessie
Dunn, Winnie Vine, Freda Schnei
der, Florence Macintyre.
Promoted from Grade 3 to Grade
Judith Learoyd,   James Mclnnis,
Walter Uhach, Sylvia Reid, Angus
McDougall, Phillip Ashmore, Margaret Lewis, Doreen Black, Olga
Uhack, Kathleen Pamplin, Lorna
Stretton, Douglas Learoyd, Honor
Warden, David Vine, Ida Schneider, Dan Lew, Douglas Hague,
Marguerite Lew, Bob Marshall,
Lenore Wilkinson, Archie Tierney,
Malcolm Campbell, Wesley Wenerstrom, Eileen O'Neill and Hazel
Parker (tie,) Harold Wilby, Helen
Ward, Roy Mills, Breta Stewart,
Arthur Tamkin, Gordon Macintyre,
Kenneth Henderson, Murdoch McLean, Robert Carr, Terry O'Brien.
Promoted from Grade 2 to Grade"
Patricia   Lang,     Peter   Moore,
Paula Schwoerer, Ruby Johnson,
Dan Volkovich, Harold Black,
Dino Zanatta, Annie Lew, Donna
Adams, Jean Ferguson, Gerald
Thomas, Alex Kirkland and Raymond McRae (tie.)
Division 4. Promotions from
Grade 2 to Grade 3.
Sheila Campbell, Donald McKenzie. Promoted on recommendation. Margaret Carr, Henry
Hilliard, Annie Kavelir, Betty McKenna.
Promotions Division S. From
Grade 1 to Grade 2.
Joyce Pinckney, June Blundell,
Mickey Sorrenti, Patsy Black, Patsy O'Brien Milan Mikulic, Borden
Havirco, Eileen Lavery, Mary Kent,
Patsy Musser, Helen Jeffrey, Annie
McKenzie, Kenneth Bell, James
Reid, Edna Stevens, Leonard Le-
Voir, Eugene Jacobson, Robert
Mahood, John Schneider.
Mining Activity Stewart
Shows Increase
Several Mines Are Working
Portland Canal district is showing more mining activity than for
five years.
Already operations are on Dunwell, Ben Ali, United Empire, Bush
Consolidated and Big Missouri,
without counting the big operations
of Premier Gold. Work will start
this month on Salmon Gold, which
is being developed by Consolidated
M and S Co., the location being
not far from its other operation,
Big Missouri. Independence, in|
the Bear river section, is preparing
to start again. L. L. & H. will
also be worked.
Dandy Star Mining Company,
which has claims adjoiniug Dunwell
reports offers to finance work, but
whether one is accepted or not, it
is planned to do some work.
Star Gold group, owned by J. K.
Green, of Hyder, territorial representative, and associates, will install a tram and carry on development this season. Star Gold is
located on Marmot river and contains an extensive series of ore
showings in which high gold values
were found in earlier explorations.
Copper StocksGradually
Being Depleted
Surplus Declined 26,000 Tons
In April
The metal markets tended to be
weaker, says the monthly commercial letter of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce. The price of copper
abroad eased slightly, although the
statistical position of this metal is
improving. Surplus stocks declined 26,000 tons in April; present
stocks, amounting to about 567,000
represent a reduction of 77,SOO tons
since the beginning of the year, and
of 223,500 tons since January, 1933.
Quotations for lead and zinc were'
both reduced, increased production
weakening the position ofthe latter.
The International Tin Committee
increased production quotas 10 per
cent, early in the month and prices
subsequently declined slightly. Silver which had dropped in price
early in the month, rose on the announcement of a new silver programme in the United States.
Gasoline and crude oil prices were
marked up, consumption increasing
and production in the United States
declining as the restriction of output was made more effective.
Inter-Town Baseball  Series
With Ketchikan
As in the past two years, an
inter-town series of baseball games
between Ketchikan and Anyox was
held during the past week. The
first games were played at Anyox
on Sunday, June 30th., one in the
afternoon and one in the evening,
and a game was also played on the
evening of Dominion Day.
Shortly after 9 o'clock on Monday evenipg the visiting team, and
also the Anyox team, left for the
Alaskan city, where games were
played on July 3rd. and 4th.
Make the Hotel Grosvenor your
home while in Vancouver. Here
U eveiy comfort and service—
cheerful lounge, writing and smoking rooms, dining room. Just two
blocks away is the centre ol Vancouver!) shopping and theatre district.   Rates are very reasonable.
Det'd Bub >tl JO
With Bath-$2.00
Dtt'd Bath » 9.00
With Bath 112.001
'-/'     v.^BIOCKSJ^Sm'CITY  CENTRE)
There will be greater scientific
progress in the next 30 years than
has occurred in the past thousand
years. There will be almost alarming discoveries, not only in the automotive field, but in all lines of
industrial and scientific work.—
Henry Ford.
To get thero and back you have
a choice of many routes. Let
us plan your trip for the maximum of pleasure.
En route visit Jasper Park
Lodge in the mountains and
Minaki Lodge in Ontario's Lake
of the Woods.
For Moraation Call or Write:
Local Agent er P. Lakh, D. F. &
■n     P. A., Prince Rupert, B.C.
Men's Summer Wear
Men's Summer Coat Sweaters, Pure Wool.   All colors, $3.00.
English Broadcloth Shirts in various colors.    An exceptional
value at $1.15 to $2.25 each
A new line of Felt Hats of a high grade stock.    All sizes and
shades, from $2.50 to $3.75
Silk Shirts, with collar attached and separate collar,  from
$1.15 to $2.25 each.
Dress Socks, 25c. to 80c. per pair.
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter.
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
First-class  Business  Lots at
$200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now ia the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
The value of gold production increased by 22.6
per cent, in 1933, with indications that it will
considerably expand during 1934.
Investors are invited to apply for authoritative
information regarding mining development in
the Province
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1933.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" "Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
For Results, Advertise in the
Herald ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Friday.   July 6, 1934
The Lure of the Lakes
Music, moonlight, glorious
lake breezes with six hundred miles ot sailing on the
Canadian Pacific's Great Lakes
vessels S.S. Assinlboia, Keewatin
and Manitoba are at the disposal
ot passengers on the company's
lines travelling from eastern to
western Canadian points or as a
pleasant, diversion on the returning journey for the small added
cost ot ten dollars for berth and
meals each way.
This   delightful   prospect  follows the announcement by the
Canadian Pacific that four-piece
orchestras will, for a period of
nine weeks, dispense music on
the Assinlboia and Keewatin en
route while the vessels pass
through Georgian Bay, across
the northern part of Lake Huron, through the Sault Ste. Marie
locks and thence to Fort William
on Lake Superior, a pleasant,
lazy and restful, journey -of 39
hours from Port McNicoll or
Owen Sound.
To all those who are planning
a trip to or from the west, this
economical optional trip embracing dancing, cozy cabins,
plenty of deck space and luxuriously-appointed dining saloons;
with glimpses of ever-changing
scenery or bracing, stretches of
blue water, is one that cannot
be overlooked. It Is at the disposal of every vacationist and
this season promises to be Immensely popular not only with
Canadians but with visitors to
this country as well.
Radio Compass Aids Canadian Shipping
Science has come to the aid of fog-bound mariners
through the medium of the radio beacon or "lighthouse of the air". Its beam is picked up by a special
receiver mounted in the chart-room, called a Radio
Compass, and bearings are taken from two or more stations. The point at which the bearings intellect is the
position of the ship. The advantage of position-finding
by radio is that the bearings are not affected by storm
or fog, as are visual bearings.
Above is ihown the "George L. Eaton" of the Hall
Corporation of Canada, the first of a number ol ship*
being equipped with a new Radio Compass, recently
developed by Northern Electric Engineers to meet the
particular needs of Canadian Lake and Coastal Shipping. Inset is Captain Barrett in the wheelhouse of the
"Eaton". Above him is the receiver of the Radio
The sketch shows how a ship at sea takes bearings
from two distant stations. At the right is the recently
developed Radio Compass.
Printing of Every
The Herald Job Printing Department is equipped to handle
any class of work promptly
and efficiently, from a plain
black and white Handbill to a
three or four Color Souvenir
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by The Herald Office
is executed in a Neat and
Attractive manner.  Delivery
is prompt and the cost as low
Can be filled within two or
three days, or even earlier if
you phone us a rush order
J Estimates Gladly Given  |
| The Herald Printing
1 Office
8       ALICE  ARM ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Friday,   July 6,  1934
Anyox Enthusiastically
Celebrates Dominion
A. C. L. To Be Congratulated
On Huge Success
Continued from page 1
Boys under 16, 1 H. Dodsworth,
2 T. Cody, 3 R. Manning.
Girls under 16,1 N. Wenerstrom,
2 H. Moss, 3 W. Vine.
Married Ladies' Race, 1 Mrs. W.
Ion, 2 Mrs. J. Moore, 3 Mrs. C.
Men's race. Open. 1 J. Buntain, 2 W. Vance.
Ladies race. Open. 1 N. Wenerstrom, 2 M. Dresser, 3 L. Dresser
Men's Sack Race, 1 F. Calderoni
2 K. Meagher.
Marathon race, boys under 16, 1
R. Manning, 2 J. Varnes.
Bicycle race. Open. 1 Harold
Slow Bicycle race, 1 Harold
Skipping race, girls, 1 N. Taylor, 2 N. Wenerstrom, 3 W. Vine.
Boxing in barrels, 1 F. A. Buck,
2 F. Calderoni.
Scout Cross Country Race, Team
C: C. Watson, Bruce McMaster,
J. Varnes, R. Dresser.
Marathon Race, Men, 1 E. Sod-
erlund, 2 L. Docherty.
Drilling Contest, 1 Mine Team
O. Kaunisto, and A. Knudson. '.
Bonanza Team, A. Trevisiol and P,
Mucking Contest, 1  J. Skobada
2 K. Hannula and J. Sandman.
Horseshoe Pitching, 1  A. White
and H. Vincenzi, 2 A. Chappell and
P. Phiefer.
Cubs' Relay Race, F. Zitko, R.
Tierney, H. Wilby.
Relay Race, Boys under 16, H.
Dodsworth, R. Manning, B. Kent,
A. Wardrope.
Relay Race, Men, 1 J. Buntain,
D. Hamilton, J. Ion, W. Ion. 2 F.
Calderoni, K. Meagher, R. Nelson,
Australian Bicycle Race, 1 H.
Dresser,  2 J: Vine.
Baseball Throwing, Ladies, 1
Mrs. Bodin,   2 Miss J. McDonald,
3 Miss E. Nelson.
Baseball Throwing, Men, 1 J.
Home,  2 T. Kergin.
Running Broad Jump, Boys, 1 H.
Dresser, 2 C. Watson.
Running Broad Jump, Girls, 1
Jean C. Lee, 2 N. Taylor.
Running Broad Jump, Men, 1 W.
Arney, 2 J. Ion.
Ladies' Nail driving, 1 Mrs. C.
Docherty, 2 Mrs. W. Phillip.
"Sock the old man" t Mrs. Wenerstrom, 2 Mrs. Peters, 3 Mrs. Mills.
Shot Put, 1 W. Biljan, 2 J.
Greatest number of points, Men,
F. Calderoni 18. Boys, H. Dresser
29.   Girls, N. Taylor 19.
Local Men Pass Engineer's
Alex. McDonald and James Dixon, who recently sat for their Engineer's certificates under Boiler Inspector M. Sutherland, were each
successful in passing their examinations. McDonald secured his
third class certificate and Dixon his
fourth class.
No money can buy peace of mind.
Alice Arm Notes
J. C. Studdy, who has spent the
past two months holidaying in the
south, arrived home on Monday.
Mrs. V. D. Blomfield, accompanied by her son Miohael, arrived on
Monday, after spending several
months at Campbell River.
J. Walter-Hughes, left on Monday for two months' holiday which
he will spend at Vancouver, Victoria and Vancouver Island.
T. H. Payne arrived on Monday
from Vancouver, in connection
with affairs of the Esperanza Mining Co.
Arthur Bower, who recently
suffered an injury to his foot at
Anyox arrived home on Saturday
and spent a few days with his
J. Wier arrived on Saturday and
spent the week-end with Mrs. Wier.
Ralph Ingraham, who is suffering an injury to his hand, left for
Anyox on Monday, after spending
a few days at tho Alice Arm Hotel.
D. M. Cleal arrived on Tuesday
from Anyox, on a short visit to
Mrs. Cleal and family.
T. Buchanan arrived on Tuesday
from Anyox and is spending a
week's holiday at the Alice Arm
N. B. Marshall, who has spent
several days' holiday at the Alice
Arm Hotel is leaving for Anyox
Mrs. J. A. McMaster and family
arrived on Tuesday from Anyox
and will spend summer holidays
L. H. Kirby and Wm. Adams
arrived onWednesday from Anyox
and are spending 7 or 8 days'
holiday here.
Mrs. J. McColl arrived from
Anyox on Tuesday for a visit to
her mother Mrs. H. Nucich.
Mrs. W. Simpson and daughter
Helen are spending holidays here,
arriving on Tuesday from Anyox.
Mrs. T. W. Falconer and daughter Juanita arrived home on Tuesday, after spending a few days at
W.Warner, who has been relieving J. C. Studdy at the Government Telegraph Office, left on
Wednesday for Aiyansh, where he
will relieve H. Butler, who is leaving for holidays this week. Mr.
Warner travelled overland from
Mrs. Gillette arrived home on
Wednesday from a visit to Anyox.
Mrs. W. F, Barclay and family
of Anyox are spending holidays at
Silver City.
Mrs. C. Harman and family of
Anyox recently arrived at Silver
City for holidays.
Stewart News Re-Commences
A copy of Vol. 1, No.l of the
Stewart News was reoeived at the
Herald office a few days ago from
the publishers. Since December
1932, when the whole plant of the
former Stewart News was destroyed by fire, we have missed this
bright little newspaper, but it is
back again, as bright, newsy and
up-to-date as formerly. In future
we will be able to keep informed
of mining and social activities in
our neighboring town.
The new Stewart News is published by Mr. H. W. M. Rolston
and associates of Stewart, with
Mr. Rolston as editor, and who
was formerly publisher of the old
Stewart News.
Ladies Hold Successful Tomb-
Stone Tournament
An interesting tournament was
held by the ladies of the Golf Club
on Wednesday, June 27th. this being a Tombstone event. Miss
Frances Dresser won the 18-hole
and Mrs. H. R. Taylor secured the
prize for the 9-hole.
Anyox Notes
A. Dominado and Dan McDonald
left on Friday for a holiday visit to
Prince Rupert.
Chas. Eklof left on Friday for a
trip to Vancouver and Princeton.
Miss M. Dodsworth returned on
Friday from a visit to Vancouver
and Victoria.
R. T, Carrick returned on Friday
from a visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. A. Allan returned on Friday
to Vancouver.
Miss M. McGuire left on Friday
for a holiday visit to her home in I
Miss Youngs left on Friday for a
visit to the south.
Mrs. G. Bailey left on Friday for
a visit to England.
Mrs. W. G. Johnstone and family
and also Miss Joyce Williams, left
on Friday for a holiday in Vancouver.
Misses Joan and Kitty Cameron
arrived on Friday from Prince Rupert to visit Mrs. W. Watkins.
M. Sutherland, Government Boiler Inspector, left on Friday for
C. H. Oakes, Engineer Surveyor
of the Boiler Insurance Inspection,
left on Friday for Vancouver.
Joe Michaud and E. La Plante
left on Friday for Stewart.
John Smith left on Friday for
Vancouver, where" he will undergo
special medical treatment.
Mrs. R. T. Carrick returned on
Friday from the south.
Mrs. J. Bell and children left on
Monday for a visit to Vancouver.
Alex Bristow and W. Wilson,
left on Monday for a visit to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron and son
left on Monday for Vancouver,
where they will reside.
H. Hainstock, left on Monday
for Vancouver.
H. M. Selfe left on Monday on a
business trip to Vancouver. He
will be absent about a month.
Dr. and Mrs. D. R. Learoyd and
family left on Monday for a holiday
visit to Lakelse Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Wallace and
family left on Monday for a visit to
the south.
R. Robb left on Monday for a
visit to Vancouver.
The following were among the
passengers to Vancouver by the
Catala on Monday: Mrs. D. Roy,
Phillip Ashmore, M. Edwardes,
Mrs. M. Jeffs, Mrs. Forde.
Corporal Clarke left on Monday
for Prince Rupert.
Mrs. McMillan and daughter left
on Monday for a visit to Prince
N. Settle left on Monday for
Ocean Falls, wnere he will reside.
Miss R. Dunwoodie accompanied
by Miss G. Jones, arrived oh Mon
day from Vancouver to -:pend holidays with her parents.
R. Deeth returned on Monday
from a holiday visit to the south.
Daughter Born To Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Selwood
Born to Mr. and Mrs. W, J. Selwood at Victoria, on Tuesday July
3rd. a daughter.
Windpass mire, near Kamloops,
owned by Messrs. Trites, Woods,
Wilson and Nell, is now showing
a net profit of §1,000 a day.
Most doors opisn to sincerity.
Uncle Will (handing his nephew
$1 bill)—Now be careful with that
money, Junior. Remember the old
saying, "a fool and his money are
soon parted."
Junior—Yes, Uncle Will, but I
want to thank you for parting with
it just the same.
B,  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Mwti every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application io club manager
Leaving Anyox
calling at Prince Rupert.
Ocean    Falls,    Powell
1900 miles oi de luxe travel
by train and boat . . .
Vancouver. Jasper National
Park. Prince Rupert.
For Information Call or Write:
Local Agent or P. Lakie, D. F.
& P. A. Prince Rupert, B.C.
The Strathcona Hotel
One Block from the Crystal Gardens. Central Location.
Moderate Rates.   Fireproof.   Our bus meets all boats.
E. J. MARTIN, Proprietor and Manager
Timely Remedies!
Wampole's Cod Liver Extract;  a year-round
tonic builder; per bottle, $1.00.
Buckley's Bronchitis Mixture; relieves infla-
mation and congestion; per bottle 75c.
Buckley's Throat Tablets 10c.
Vick's Vaporub, for coughs and colds... 50c.
Wampole's  Kold-ease,  for  nose  and   chest
colds; a few drops relieve the discomfort of
colds and catarrh, 50c.
Kleenex; paper handkerchiefs; soft and non-
irritating; package 25c.
Dominion C. B. Q. Tablets,...! 25c.


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