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St. Andrew's Church, Presbyterian, Vancouver, B.C. : twenty-fifth anniversary, 1888-1913 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 1913

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Rev. R. J. Wilson, M. A., Moderator of Session    CHURCH
P     Chronology of St. Andrew's Church    0
-Rev. T. G. Thorn
organized—Kev.  1. (j. Thomson in the ch:
-First Session inducted.
-Rev. E. D. McLaren, M.A., B.D., inducted as Minister.
rSecond Building opened and dedicated, by Rev. G. M. Mil:
D.D., of Toronto.
1890—Four additional Elders ordained and inducted.
1892—Three additional Elders inducted.
School organized by Sessio
i, D.D., becomes Secretar
of General Assembly.
-Petition to form St. John's Church.
-Rev. R. J. Wilson, M.A., ordained and indu.
1893—Fairview Sunday
Geo. McCuai
1898—Klondyke Mission
1898—Four additional El
1902—Rev. E. D. McLai
sion Committe
May 17,
Sept. 24,
in St. An<
additional Elders inducted.
Sunday School Building opened.
e additional Elders inducted.
rged Church operTed by Rev. Claren
e McKinnon
ese Mission work in city placed un
der care of S
Robt. Duncanson, B.A., ordained s
s Congregat
sionary Pastor to South China.
! 1909—Six additional Elders inducted.
, 1910—New organ opened and dedicated.
1911—Ten additional Elders inducted.
d ordained Assist
m    m
U      [U
Rev. T. G. Thompson...  Sept. 20, 1888     Feb.  13,  1889.
Rev. E. D. McLaren, M.A, B.D. Feb. 13, 1889      Sept.   1,   1902.
Rev. Geo. A. Wilson, B.A  Sept. 1, 1902     June   2,   1903.
Rev. R. J. Wilson, M.A  June 2, 1903	
Elders of St. Andrew's
Donald McAllister 	
Charles Clark 	
Robt. Macpherson	
David Anderson	
John Wright 	
James McQueen 	
Geo. McCuaig	
J. T. Brown	
J. J. Logan 	
F. M. Cowperthwaite, B.A...
J. B. Smith	
D. M. Stewart 	
Geo. McCuaig	
W. J. White	
John M. Murray	
David Grant, LL.B., J.C.C
John Norris	
G. W. Grant         "       "       "   .
Wm. Bell         "       "       "   .
• Albert Whyte       Nov. 28,  1909.
Sept. 30,   1888 Resigned Feb. 22, 1900.
"    Resigned-Jan. 18, 18'
"    Obit., Nov.  14,  1890.
Dec.   3,    1890 Obit.,  Jan.   14,   1
•'    Resigned Sep. 16, 1892.
"       "    Resigned, 1
July   17,   1892	
 Resigned, 1894.
"    Obit., March 29, 1904.
Aug. 26,  1898 Resigned, 1902.
Aug. 23,  1903...
19,  1905...
...Resigned Feb. 22, 1900.
...Resigned Jan. 8, 1910. ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH
Geo. Middleton	
W. J. Baird, M.A., LL.B. ..
Rev. G. C. Pidgeon, D.D	
Rev. John A. Logan, M.A...
Dr. B. C. Haworth	
J. B. Campbell.	
Donald N. McTavish	
Robert M. Miller	
Walter L. Smyth, B.A	
John J. Banfield 	
John Prentice	
...Resigned Ap. 15, 1910.
Jan.   22,   1911	
' Resigned Apr. 3, 1913.
"      "    Resigned Mch 20 1912. T. ANDREW'S CHURCH V A N C O U V
James Stark
C. F. Campbell, B.A  Chairman
Thos. Pattie Wilson  Secretary
C. T McHattie  Treasurer
W. H. Paddon Envelope Secretary (O. R.)
H. P. Archibald, B.A Envelope Secretary (Missions)
Jas. G. Mutch P. D. McTavish A. F. Sutherland
Wm. Thompson A. M. Leitch Robt. Stewart
J. W. Logan
| R. J. Wilson     James McQueen      Robert Macpherson      Geo. McCm
D. M. Stewart     C. F. Campbell     W. H. Paddon     Col. J. Duff Stuart
Wm. McNeil     Jas. Stark     Geo. J. Telfer     F. R. Stewart
Donald N Stewart ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH V A N C O U V
m   m
Historical Sketch
11    HI
In the early part of the year 1888 the office bearers and members of the First
Presbyterian Church recognized the importance of establishing a second Presbyterian congregation in the western portion of the City, and a Committee was
appointed with this object in view. Arrangements were speedily made for the
erection of a building for public worship, which would be available as a Lecture
Room when the congregation should find itself in a positiqh to erect a larger
edifice. The first service in the new building was held on the second Sabbath
in July, 1888. At a meeting of the Presbytery of Columbia held at New
Westminster on the 11th of September following, a petition was presented from
the persons worshipping in this building, asking that they be organized into
a congregation to be known as the congregation of St. Andrew's Church. The
Rev. T. G. Thomson and his elders were appointed to organize the congregation
and to act as an Interim Session until elders should be elected. The organization
took place on the evening of Tuesday, the 20th of September, when after Divine
Service conducted by Mr. Thomson, a Communion Roll was made up containing
the names of 48 persons. Immediately after the organization, the congregation
proceeded to the election of elders, when Mr. J. M. Browning, Mr. D. McAlister
and Mr. J. Munro were unanimously chosen. On the 30th of September these
Elders-elect were duly inducted to the office of the Eldership.
On the 6th of December the .congregation extended a una:
the Rev. E. D. McLaren, M.A, ByD., of Brampton, Ontario,
sustained by the Presbytery of Columbia, transmitted to the Presbyt
and accepted by Mr. McLaren at a meeting of the Toronto Pres
the 8th of January, 1889.
:all to
Mr. McLaren's induction to the pastorate of St. Andrew's Church took
place on the evening of Wednesday the 13th of February. The congregation
having outgrqfwn the accommodation provided for it, it was unanimously
resolved, at a congregational meeting held on the 9th of May, to proceed at once
with the erection of a larger building; and Messrs. T. Dunn, J. M. Browning,
P. A. Anderson, G. Cassady, J. Munro, G. I. Wilson, J. C. McLagan, C. D.
Rand and A. W. Ros
e appointed a Building Committee. ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH VANCOUVER,       BRITISH        COLUMB:
r Divine Worship on Sabbath the 25 th of
g conducted by the Rev. G. M. Milligan
^he session, weakened by the death of
. Donald McAlister on the 14th of
/ember, 1890, was enlarged by the
ination on the 3rd of December fol-
ing of Messrs. Charles Clark, Robert
,  John  Wright  and   David
ice this time
mgregation has
In anticipation of extending its influence into the unchurched districts of the.
city, a Sunday School was opened in the
Fairview district in 1893, which became
the nucleus of Chalmers Congregation,
Mr. G. McCuaig being the first Super-
In 1899 two lots were purchased on Bute St. with a view to extending
the work of St. Andrew's to the west end of the city, and in ,1902 the
congregation, having previously sold these lots acquiesced in the prayer of a
ned by  153  residents for the formation of a congregation in the
>t end, contribi
r $3400.   Th
e than 200 members and
St. John's.
On the first of September, 1902, the Rev. E. D. McLaren, who as Min:
of St. Andrew's for fourteen years had guided the destinies of the Congregat
became the General Secretary of the Assembly's Home Mission Commi;
having been appointed by the General Assembly, in June of the s:
Congregation remained ^
il the following year when Mr. R. J. Wil ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH VANCOUVER,       BRITISH        COLUMBIA
M.A., having been licenst
d by
the Presbytery
of Paris on April
27, 1903,
called at a Congregations
1 me
d da
eting held on t
y of June,  190.
he 28th of April.
, Mr. Wilson wa
The call
the Christian Ministry an
d inc
ucted by the P
resbytery of Westn
linster intc
pastoral charge of St. An
s Church.   Rev
Hugh Robertson
r of
Presbytery, presided, and
ted the Ministe
r.    Rev. Herbert
Irwin prea
the sermon, Rev. Thomas Scoular addressed the newly inducted Minister and
Rev. Geo. A. Wilson, interim Moderator, addressed the people. Mr. Wilson
has remained as minister of the congregation since that date. One week later,
on the 9th of June, 1903, the Venerable the General Assembly met in St.
Andrew's, Vancouver. In anticipation of their coming the Church had been
thoroughly renovated at a cost of more than $2,500. The Rev. Geo. Bryce,
D.D.L.L.D., was the retiring moderator and Rev. D. Fletcher, D.D., of Hamilton, the moderator-elect.
In 1904 the present Sunday School Building was completed and opened, at
a cost exceeding $15,000.
In 1903 the offering for Missions was received monthly instead of quarterly,
and two years later it became a weekly contribution. The growth of Missionary
contributions may be seen by the fact that in 1903 the total offering of the Congregation for Missionary and Benevolent purposes was $899.50, while in 1912,
last year, the Congregation contributed for Missionary and Benevolent purposes
the sum of $12,466.
In 1906, owing to the crowded condition of the Church, the congregation
decided to enlarge the building. The first building, which at the formation of
the congregation was used as a Church and afterwards as a Lecture Room, was
taken down and the site covered by the extended Church which now covers the
lot. In spite of this increased accommodation the congregation was not long in
outgrowing the building. In the winter of 1912 an overflow service-was held
for three months in the lecture room to take care of the evening congregation.
The present organ was installed and dedicated in 1910. ST. A   N   D   R   E   W   '   S CHURCH 5   T . ANDREW'S CHURCH
The property held by the Church has grown very greatly in value. The
original lots were bought for $600 each—they form at present one of the most
valuable sites in the business section of the city.
Of the destiny of St. Andrew's Church none can speak but the congregation
of those who adhere to the Presbyterian faith.
No. on roll when congregation was formed, Sept. 20, 1888  3
No. on roll Sept. 20, 1913       1,435
No. of Elders in 1888  3
" 1913  23
No. of Managers in 1888  7
" 1913  12
Value of first site when purchased $    1,200,
Value of present site (estimated)  360,000
Total amount contributed in 1912      32:673
of which $12,466 was for Missionary arid Benevolent purposes.
The Sunday School which on the 11th of September, 1888, became known
as St. Andrew's, was organized on the 8th of July, 1888, in the afternoon of
the day on which the First Church building was opened. The staff of officers
and teachers being: Superindtendent-7Jno. Munro; Bible Class Teacher, Rev.
T. G. Thomson; Teachers, Mrs. Clowes, Miss Nellie Allan, who was also
Treasurer, Miss Bain, Miss M. Brown, Miss Logan, Miss Jamieson, Mr.
Angus McEdward and Mr. J. Wright. No records of attendance, etc., were
kept for the first six months. The attendance on the first Sunday in January,
1889, was 72; the average for the year was 110, the attendance on the last
Sunday of the year 150, and collections, $172.00. In February, 1889, Rev.
E. D. McLaren took charge of the Bible Class. The first library was opened
in May, 1889, with 62 volumes, in charge of Mr. R. Macpherson, assisted
by Mr. C. Y. Walker as Librarian, and Mr. Shaw acting as Secretary. The
first picnic was held during the summer at Hastings, and a Christmas tree in
December closed the work of the year. In 1890 Mr. Munro resigned as
Superintendent, and Mr. Jno. Wright was appointed in his place, with Mr.
David Anderson as Assistant Superintendent.
The business meetings of the School were held at this time and for some
years afterwards quarterly on Wednesday evenings at the close of Prayer
Meeting. The second Church building was opened on May 25th, 1890, and
the old building was then given up to the Sunday School and continued along
with the Church to do service until our present Sunday School Hall was erected.
The Sunday School picnic this year and for several years following was
held at Jericho, now known as The Country Club. The School was growing at
this time and for many years afterwards very rapidly, and made necessary many
changes in the staff of Officers and Teachers—and the space at our disposal will
ny of them. 1891 saw the same officers with
t as Secretary. During this year the first steps
the building of a new and commodious Sunday
of a building fund for that purpose. Average
, $305.00.
In 1892 Mr. Geo. McCuaig was
elected Superintendent, and remained as
such till August, 1893, when the Session
the addition of Mr. Chas
were started looking forw
School Hall, by th,
Sieved hir
f the Bra!
of his duties to take charg
ch Sunday School started i
School, al
ang v.
ith the Y. P. S. C. E.
o for their combined use
That they
a good purchase is seer
by the fac
t that
the same instrument i
still in us
e and
doing good service fo
the   infan
.     In   September,   Mr
y given up the office o
Superintendent,     Mr.     Jas
appointed  in his  place
and   Mr.
t  Macpherson  acted  a
rage   attendance,   219
Ir.  R.  Macpherson,   Assistant   Superintendent,   Mr.   A.   Muir,
1 Miss Campbell, Treasurer.   On August 6th, Mr. McCuaig and ANDREW
r with 4 teachers organized the Branch Sunday School in Fairview
ance of 38 scholars, renting a room for which $5.00 per month
is now the flourishing Congregation and Sunday School on 12th
s Chalmers Church. Mr. R. Macpherson was then appointed
in place of Mr. McCuaig, and Mr. McQueen, Assistant Super-
e Building Committee reporte
>t much change t
Mr. Ja.
> McQu<
3 on hand,
ir.    Sunday School held its annual picnic
, Superintendent from 1894 to 1896.
1895—Mr. F. M. Black elected Assistant Superintendent. School now had
grown so much that it occupied both
Church and  Sunday  School  Hall.
1897—Mr. F. M. Black elected Superintendent, and Miss R. M. Macfar-
lane, Assistant Superintendent.
1898—Mr. Black, Superintendent;
Mr. Milne, Assistant Superintendent,
and Mr. W. J. White, Secretary. In September Mr. Black resigned, and Mr. W.
J. White was elected Superintendent,
and Mr. Wm. Brown, Secretary.    The
School v
w growing so rapidly that
loval of the infant class
of the Aberdeen School,
I for some time, and were
:y remained until the new
in charge of Mrs. W. J. White, where t
then removed to a room on Georgia Street, where
Sunday School Hall was built.
In 1903 steps were taken for procuring another lot on which to build the
Sunday School Hall. This was done, and plans were then prepared and finally
in 1904 the new building was completed and opened in September, with
appropriate services. In this Hall the work has been going on ever since, with
more or less success. In the beginning of 1903 the first big falling off in
attendance was made by the removal of 120 scholars and teachers to the new
Church of St. John's, and the attendance has been fluctuating somewhat ever since
from various causes.   A new impetus was given the work two years ago by the
C O L U M B ]
appointment of Miss B. E. Watson as De;
lantern was added to the equipment some
'hat o
a Men's Bible Class
ring the follov
and Jno. Cumming,
In October, 1911, a Young Women's Bible Class, under the supervision
of Miss Watson, was organized. It was divided into four departments in charge
of several of the younger women of the Congregation, who did good and efficient
work. A pleasant feature of this class is their Sunday evening tea in the ladies'
parlor, and a Tennis Club during the summer months. Both of these things
have contributed not a little to the success of the organization. The Men's and
Women's Bible Classes are doing a quiet but very effective work, raising considerable money and in many other ways adding much to the success of the Congregation as a whole. As the years go on, the work of the Sunday School in its
various branches is likely to become somewhat changed and more difficult in the
centre of the city, and a much larger and better equipment will be required. ANDREW
history  of  the   Congre
mst be attributed much of
the Church building, and
The  first Women's Association was
organized on the 12th of October, 1889.
Mrs. J.  M.  Browning was  President,
Mrs. H. P. McCraney, Secretary, and
m,ss bertha E. watson Mrs.   D.   Ferguson,   Treasurer.     The
Directresses   we're   Mrs.   Geo.   Taylori
Mrs. G. I. Wilson, Mrs. W. Templeton and Mrs. J. O. McLeod.    Their
: Chi
s work.
In 1896 their contributions were devoted to purchasing a lot north of the
Church in anticipation of a Sunday School building. In 1898 the Association
provided a copy of the Presbyterian Record for each family in the Church. In
1900 the name of the organization was changed to "The Women's Guild," and
divided into 12 sections.
The money raised by the Guild was for a couple
paying for the Bute Street lots.
n-s thereafter directed
The Executive Officers of the new organization were: Mrs. E. D. McLaren, Hon. President; Mrs. P. McNaughton, President; Mrs. F. F. Burns,
Secretary-Treasurer, with the following as Conveners and Secretary-Treasurers VANCOUVER,       BRITISH        COLUMBIA
for each of the sections: Section 1, Mrs. Leckie, Convener; Mrs. Patton, Secretary-Treasurer. Section 2, Mrs. G. M<=L. Brown, Convener; Miss N. Mc-
Haffie, Secretary-Treasurer. Section 3, Mrs. McNaughton, Convener; Mrs.
Taaffe, Secretary-Treasurer. Section 4, Mrs. Templeton, Convener; Mrs. Gordon, Secretary-Treasurer. Section 6, Mrs. W. J. White, Convener; Mrs. H.
McDowell, Secretary-Treasurer. Section 7, Mrs. F. E. Hobbs, Convener; Mrs.
J. Fisher Mowatt, Secretary-Treasurer. Section 8, Mrs. Hamilton, Convener;
Mrs. Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer. Section 9, Mrs. Telfer and Mrs. Morris,
Joint Conveners; Miss Browne, Secretar}'-Treasurer. Section 11, Mrs. N. Mc-
Leod, Convener; Mrs. Center, Secretary-Treasurer. Section 12, Mrs. Britton,
Secretary-Treasurer. In 1901 the total receipts of the Woman's Guild amounted
to over $1,700. In 1904 the Guild raised $2,028, the larger part of which was
applied to the furnishings fund of the new Sunday School Building.
In 1907 the Guild arranged a series of topics of discussion for their monthly
meetings, the list being as follows: Life of David Livingstone, The Romance
of the Hymn Book, Ideal Womanhood, .Carlyle, Burns, an illustrated talk on
music, Puritan Influence on New World Ideals, Thanksgiving and Glimpses
Abroad. A change in the organization was made in 1908 and the work placed
under the care of a Presidential Board, with a General Secretary, four Vice-
Conveners and four Committees, as follows House Committee, Purchasing
Committee and Flower Committee. .The work of the Woman's Guild has been
uniformly excellent. Their aim during the past few years has been less the
raising of funds—though each year has shown a considerable amount contributed
to the various activities—than to developing a warm social spirit among the
membership of the Church; $1,000 has been paid by the Guild toward the new
organ. No account of their work in later years would be complete without
reference to the excellent complimentary banquets they have tendered the Congregation from time to time and very notably the great Congregational Banquets
at the Yearly Congregational Meetings in January of each year.
At the close of 1912 the Guild disbanded. It is a general hope that reorganization will take place almost immediately.
The W. F. M. S. was first organized in March, 1896, with a membership
of ten.    Mrs. E. D. McLaren was President, Mrs. J: J. Logan Vice-President,
and Mrs, R. Macfarlane, Secretary.
24 A   N   D   R
work of the Women's Horn
The two Women's Soc
General Mi
Women's Mi
President, Mrs. Cente
immarized thus: "Collected $62.35 in money
li valued at $40, and assisted in the formatioi
was organized to take over and enlarge th
;sion Collecting Committee,
united in 1908 and formed with the men
i 1912 re-organized themselves into a Geners
me and Foreign, with Mrs. E. P. Miller s
and Mrs. G. McCuaig and Mrs. D. Gran
The Bright Sunbeam Mission Band was orgs
Marguerite Russell as President, Miss Bain as Se
Sadie Atkins as Secretary, and Miss Nettie Russell a
on among the younger girls of the Congregation an e
The present Officers are: President, Mrs. Ms
Mrs. Drummond; Secretary, Miss Kathleen Muti
L. Paddon.
lized in 1900, with Miss
ving Superintendent, Miss
Treasurer.    It has carried
; Sewing Superintenden
; Treasurer, Miss Ann
In 1891 a society with two departments, Christian Endeavor and Literary,
was organized, with R. Macpherson as President.
In 1892 the dual society disbanded, and a distinctly Christian Endeavor
Society was organized, with R. Macpherson as President, and Mr.' Dan Grant
as Secretary, the Literary Society "Organizing separately with F. M. Cowper-
thwaite President, and J. Duff Stuart Secretary. The work the C. E. sought
to accomplish is thus summarized: Calling on the sick, visiting the hospitals,
assisting the Missionary enterprises of the Church, and by means of social
gatherings as well as in other ways extending a hearty welcome to strangers
coming into the Congregation. The aim of the society is described as "a faithful
ally and loyal supporter of the Church in its work for Christ." In 1893 the
Society raised $150 for Mission work and sent nearly a dozen volunteers to help
in the Chinese Mission.
At (
-  othe
form  of   Chrii
attempted by the C. E. Society, but their
Drk  has
Eort and thei: VANCOUVER,       BRITISH        COLUMB I A
work in collecting magazines and forwarding them to the lumber and mining
camps and their regular Sunday evening song services in the hospitals are worthy
of special mention.
In 1898 fifty Testaments were supplied for Klondike outfits, and one
thousand invitations were distributed to strangers on entering the Church on
In 1900 the Society reported that sixty per cent, of the active members
were teaching in the Sunday School, and over fifty per cent, of all the Sunday
School teachers were members of the Christian Endeavor. The Society has
fluctuated from year to year as the interest of the young people has quickened
or their zeal cooled, but the work has throughout the years been on the whole
well maintained. While the attendance has never been very large, it is an
interesting fact that a great majority of the present officers of the Church
received at least part of their training in Christian work in the Christian
Endeavor Society.
The Society is at present well-officered, and in good heart. Miss J. Orr is
President, T. Law, Secretary, and A. Henderson, Treasurer.
The St. Andrew's Circle of King's Daughters was organized on January
30, 1896, with Mrs. W. M. Murray Leader and Miss Lena Ferguson, Secretary.
quite, effective work in helping needy ones, visiting Orphanages and Hospitals.
Hundreds of garments have been provided for Children's Aid and Rescue Homes.
Christmas dinners and Christmas toys have each year been provided for the
poor and much thought, time and sympathy have been expended in fulfilment of
the motto of the Order: "She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone
The present Officers are: Leader, Mrs. C. Milne; Vice-Leader, Miss A. G.
Henderson; Secretary, Mrs. D. Mclntyre; Treasurer, Mrs. A. Pringle.
m   |U    I  


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