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Early western travels 1748-1846 : A series of annotated reprints of some of the best and rarest contemporary… Thwaites, Reuben Gold, 1853-1913 1907

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Array       Early Western Travels
Analytical Index
U  Early Western Travels
A Series of Annotated Reprints of some of the best
and rarest contemporary volumes of travel, descriptive of the Aborigines and Social and
Economic Conditions in the Middle
and Far West, during the Period
of Early American Settlement
Edited with Notes, Introductions, Index, etc., by
Reuben Gold Thwaites, LL.D.
Editor of "The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents," "Original
Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition," "Hennepin's
New Discovery," etc.
Volume XXXI
Analytical Index to the Series, A—K
Cleveland, Ohio
The Arthur H. Clark Company
1907 Copyright 1907, by
Zi)c lafctgior \}xtss
Preface to Volumes XXXI and XXXII.    The Editor  .       . 7
List of Reprints published in the Present Series         . 13
List of Illustrations published in the Series         .       . 19
Analytical Index to the Series, A-K      .... 29 I PREFACE TO VOLUMES XXXI-XXXII
In the preparation of this Index, the Editor has had
the active co-operation of Annie Amelia Nunns, A. B.,
Louise Phelps Kellogg, Ph. D., and Lillian Jane Bee-
croft, B. L. — Miss Beecroft, in the preparation of the
preliminary reference slips; both Miss Nunns and Miss
Kellogg in the assembling of the large captions; while
Miss Nunns has assisted throughout in all matters of
editorial supervision and correlation.
Captions concerned with the following subjects have
for convenience been alphabetically grouped thereunder, in preference to distributing them through the
Index according to their respective alphabetical positions: Bayous, Bays, Bottoms, Bluffs, Canons, Capes,
Caves, Creeks, Falls, Forts, Gaps, Gulfs, Harbors, Inlets, Islands, Isthmuses, Lakes, Mountains (including
Hills and Mounts), Narrows, Oceans, Passes, Points,
Portages, Ports, Prairies, Rapids, Rivers, Roads,
Rocks, Seas, Sounds, Springs, Straits, and Valleys.
Of similar character, but under a more or less
analytical arrangement rather than an alphabetical
group of captions, are the following: Amusements,
Architecture, Cloth, Clothing, Diseases and Remedies,
Ferries, Manufactures, Maps, Monuments, Prices, Settlements, Soils, Stone (rocks), Taverns, Trades, Treaties, Troops, Wars, and Weapons. 8
Early Western Travels
Large classified captions — to mention only such as
might not at first seem obvious arrangements — are as
follows: Agriculture, Banks, Bridges, Catholics,
Churches (see also Religion), Clergymen (see also
Priests), Commerce, Courts (see also Judges), Economic Conditions, Education, Emigration (and Immigration), Farmers, Food, Frontiersmen, Fuel, Fur
Trade (see also Hunters and Trappers), Game, Hunters, Indians (see analysis below), Judges (see also
Courts), Laborers (see also Servants and Trades),
Lands (see also Speculation and Surveyors), Laws,
Lawyers, Libraries, Liquors (andTemperance), Meat,
Merchants (and Merchandise) , Militia (see also
Troops), Mines (and Mining), Missions, Money,
Navigation (see also Transportation), Negroes (and
Slavery), Pilots, Politics, Priests (see also Clergymen),
Religion (see also Churches), Sailors, Servants (see
also Laborers and Trades), Speculation (see also
Lands), Surveyors (see also Lands), Timber (Forests,
Lumber and Lumbering, Trees, and Wood), Trappers
(see also Fur Trade), English, French, and Spanish.
In searching for information regarding any Indian
tribe, reference should also be made to the large general caption "Indians." This is the most complicated in
the Index, and its use may be facilitated by first examining the following outline:
In General.   Racial Characteristics — Physical, Portraits;
Mental; Stocks; Tribes; Clans; Habitat; Migration; Geographical Information; Population.
In General. Preface 9
Religion;    Beliefs;    Medicine-men;    Mythology    and
Legends; Fasts and Dances.
Conditions; Occupations — Hunting, Fishing, Agriculture,
Manufactures, Miscellaneous Occupations', Food; Domestic animals ; Villages and Cabins — Cabins; Canoes ; Furniture ;
Implements—Tools, Miscellaneous', Clothing — Accessories to
Dress; Hair and Head-gear-, Ornamentation; Decorations;
Wampum; Pipes; Warfare — Weapons; War Customs; Peace;
Slavery ; Government — Councils, Justice and Punishment;
Morals; Liquor and Intoxicants; Courtship and Marriage;
Women; Children; Amusements; Music; Gift-giving; Miscellaneous Customs; Diseases; Remedies; Mortuary Customs.
Intercommunication; Trade; Wars.
In General; Friendly; Attitude of Whites; Lands —
Reservations',    Trade;     Missions;     Individual     Relations;
Effects of Contact.
The numerous variants of proper names are, so far as
possible, grouped within parentheses following the
form adopted by us as the standard.
In the alphabetical arrangement of captions, we have
followed C. A. Cutter's Rules for a Dictionary Catalogue (Washington, 1891). In cross-references, "see
also" refers to other captions; "see also below" (or
"above"), to other divisions under the same caption.
The preparation of an analytical index to so large a
series as the present, with its scores of thousands of references and cross-references to a multitude of subjects,
is of necessity a task involving long and wearisome labor on the part of several co-operators.   In the course ff
Parly Western Travels
of copying, shifting, classifying, and amalgamating
these entries — thousands of them having changed form
and position perhaps a score of times before finally assigned to their places — it is quite possible that errors
have occasionally crept into the mosaic. The editorial
methods adopted have been most painstaking; but mistakes will happen under the best of conditions, and it
is to be expected that such will now and then be discovered by the user of this volume. If he be merciful,
however, he will not undertake to sit in judgment on
such lapses without first having qualified himself
through personal experience as the maker of an index
of similar proportions and complications.
IR. G. T.
Madison, Wis., March, 1907. h-
List of Reprints published in the Series, and
of the Accompanying Illustrations
VOLUME I (1748-1764) —
Weiser (Conrad). Journal of a Tour to the Ohio; August
n-October 2, 1748. From Pennsylvania Colonial Records, v; with
variations from Pennsylvania Historical Collections, i.
Croghan (George). Selection of his Letters and Journals, relating to Tours into the Western Country; November 16, 1750-
November, 1765. From Pennsylvania Colonial Records, v-vii; Massachusetts Historical Collections (4th series), ix; Butler's History of
Kentucky (Cincinnati and Louisville, 1836), Appendix, with variations from other sources; and New York Colonial Documents, vii.
Post (Charles Frederick). Two Journals of Western Tours:
one, to the neighborhood of Fort Duquesne (July-September, 1758) ;
the other, to the Ohio (October, 1758-January, 1759,). From
Proud's History of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, 1798), ii, Appendix.
Morris (Captain Thomas). Journal of Captain Morris, of
His Majesty's XVII Regiment of Infantry, relative to his thrilling
experiences upon the Maumee; Detroit, September 25, 1764. Reprint from the author's Miscellanies in Prose and Verse (London,
VOLUME II (1768-1782) —
Long (John). Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter
and Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of the North
American Indians; with an account of the Posts situated on the River
Saint Laurence, Lake Ontario, &c.; to which is added, a Vocabulary
of the Chippeway Language; Names of Furs and Skins, in English
and French; list of words in the Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and
Esquimeaux Tongues; and a Table, shewing the Analogy between
the Algonkin and Chippeway Languages. Reprint of the original
edition:  London, 1791*
VOLUME III (1795-1803) —
Michaux  (Andre).    Travels into Kentucky; July 15, 1793-
m\ ■am
Early Western Travels
April ii, 1796. Englished from the original French, appearing in
American Philosophical Society Proceedings, 1889.
Michaux (Francois Andre"). Travels to the West of the
Alleghany Mountains, in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,
and back to Charleston by the Upper Carolines, etc.; September 24,
1801-March 26, 1803.   Reprint of (second) London edition, 1805.
Harris (Thaddeus Mason). Journal of a Tour into the Territory Northwest of the Alleghany Mountains; April 7-July ir. 1803.
Reprint of the original edition. Boston, 1805 (the Journal proper,
omitting Appendix as being outside the sphere of the present series).
VOLUME IV (1807-1809) —
Cuming (Fortescue). Sketches of a Tour to the Western
Country, through the States of Ohio and Kentucky; a Voyage down
the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and a Trip through the Mississippi
Territory, and part of West Florida; January 8, 1807-April 11,
1809. Reprint of the original edition. Pittsburg, 1810 (omitting
the irrelevant Appendix).
VOLUME V (1809-1812) —
Bradbury (John). Travels in the Interior of America, including a description of Upper Louisiana, together with the States of
Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, with the Illinois, and Western Territories; December 31, 1809-January 20, 1812, with subsequent data in the Appendix. Reprint of (second) London edition,
VOLUME VI (1811-1814) —
Brackenridge (Henry Marie). Journal of a Voyage up the
River Missouri; April 2-August, 1811. Reprint of (second) Baltimore edition, 1816.
Franchere (Gabriel). Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America, or the First American Settlement on the
Pacific; July 26, 1811-September 1, 1814. Translated and edited by
J. V. Huntington.   Reprint of (second) New York edition, 1854.
VOLUME VII (1810-1814) —
Ross (Alexander). Adventures of the First Settlers on the
Oregon or Columbia River: being a Narrative of the Expedition
fitted out by John Jacob Astor, to establish the " Pacific Fur Com-
MM List of Reprints
pany;" with an account of the Indian tribes on the Coast of the
Pacific; May, 1810-April 4, 1814. Reprint of the original edition:
London, 1849.
VOLUME VIII (1804-1821) —
BuTTRiCK (Tilly, Jr.). Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries;
September 10, 1804-October 20, 1821. Reprint of original edition:
Boston, 1831.
Evans (Estwick). A Pedestrious Tour, of Four Thousand
Miles, through the Western States and Territories; February 2-July,
1818. Reprint of the original edition:   Concord, New Hampshire,
VOLUME IX (1818-1820) —
Flint (JamesJ. Letters from America; July 10, 1818-Novem-
ber 9, 1820.   Reprint of the original edition: Edinburgh, 1822.
VOLUME X (1818-1821) —
Hulme (Thomas). Journal made during a Tour in the Western Countries of America (Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois) ; September
30, 1818-August 7, 1819. Reprint from Cobbett's A Years Residence in the United States of America (London, 1828).
Flower (Richard). Letters from Lexington (June 25, 1819)
and the Illinois (August 16, 1819). Reprint of the original edition:
London, 1819.
Flower (Richard). Letters from the Illinois; January 18,
1820-May 7, 1821.   Reprint of the original edition:  London, 1822.
Woods (John). Two Years' Residence in the Settlement on
the English Prairie, in the Illinois Country; June 5, 1820-July 3,
1821.   Reprint of the original edition:  London, 1822.
VOLUMES XI and XII (1818-1820) —
Faux (William). Memorable days in America: being a Journal of a Tour to the United States, principally undertaken to ascertain, by positive evidence, the condition and probable prospects of
British Emigrants; including Accounts of Mr. Birkbeck's settlement
in the Illinois; November 27, 1818-July 21, 1820. Reprint of the
original edition: London, 1823.
Welby (Adlard). A Visit to North America and the English
Settlements in Illinois, with a Winter Residence at Philadelphia; i6
Early Western Travels
solely to ascertain the actual prospects of the emigrating agriculturist,
mechanic, and commercial speculator; May 5, 1819-May 10, 1820.
Reprint of the original edition: London, 1821.
VOLUME XIII (1818-1820) —
Nuttall (Thomas). A Journal of Travels into the Arkansa
Territory, with occasional observations on the manners of the Aborigines; October 2, 1818-February 18, 1820. Reprint of the original
edition: Philadelphia, 1821.
VOLUMES XIV, XV, XVI, and XVII (1819-1820) —
James (Edwin). Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to
the Rocky Mountains, performed by order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun,
Secretary of War, . . . compiled from the Notes of Maj. S. H.
Long, Mr. T. Say, and other Gentlemen of the Party; March 31,
1819-November 22, 1820. Text reprinted from the 3-volume London edition, 1823; Preliminary Notice, Long and Swift's calculations
of observations, and Say's vocabularies of Indian languages, from the
Philadelphia edition of the same year.
VOLUME XVIII (1824-1830) —
Pattie (James O.). Personal Narrative during an Expedition
from St. Louis through the Vast Regions between that place and the
Pacific Ocean, and thence back through the City of Mexico to Vera
Cruz, etc.; June 20, 1824-August 30, 1830. Edited by Timothy
Flint, with additional articles by Doctor Willard and Conrad Malte-
Brun.   Reprint of the original edition: Cincinnati, 1831.
VOLUMES XIX and XX (1821-1839) —
Ogden (George W.). Letters from the West, comprising a
Tour through the Western Country, and a residence of two Summers
in the States of Ohio and Kentucky; 1821-1823. Reprint of original
edition:  New Bedford, Mass., 1823.
Bullock (William). Sketch of a Journey through the Western States of North America, from New Orleans, by the Mississippi,
Ohio, City of Cincinnati, and Falls of Niagara, to New York, in
1827.   Reprint of original edition: London, 1827.
Gregg (Josiah). Commerce of the Prairies: or, the Journal of
a Santa Fe Trader, during eight expeditions across the Great West- List of Reprints
ern Prairies, and a residence of nearly nine years in Northern Mexico; 1831-1839. Reprint of the 2-volume New York edition (second),
VOLUME XXI (1832-1836) —
Wyeth (John B.). Oregon; or, short History of a long Journey
from the Atlantic Ocean to the region of the Pacific, by land; March
1, 1832-January 2, 1833. Reprint of the original edition: Cambridge, 1833.
Townsend (John K.). Journey across the Rocky Mountains,
to the Columbia River; March 24-November 30, 1836. Reprint of
original edition: Philadelphia, 1839 — omitting visit to Hawaii and
South America, and the now unessential Appendix.
VOLUMES XXII, XXIII, and XXIV (1833-1834) —
Maximilian, Prince of Wied-Neuwied. Travels in the Interior of North America; May 17, 1832-August 8, 1834. Translated
from the German by Hannibal Evans Lloyd. Reprint of original
(English) edition: London, 1843—with additional material in the
Appendix (Volume xxiv), translated by Asa Currier Til ton for the
present reprint from the original German edition (Coblentz, 1839).
VOLUME XXV (1833-1834) —
Charles Bodmer's Famous Atlas to Maximilian. Plates
reproduced from the French edition:   Paris, 1843.
VOLUMES XXVI and XXVII (1836-1842) —
Flagg (Edmund). The Far West: or, a Tour beyond the
Mountains; June-Autumn, 1836. Reprint of the 2-volume original edition:  New York, 1838.
Smet (Pierre Jean de). Letters and Sketches: with a Narrative of a Year's Residence among the Indian Tribes of the Rocky
Mountains; February 4, 1841-November 1, 1842. Reprint of original edition:  Philadelphia, 1843.
VOLUMES XXVIII and XXIX (1839-1846) —
Farnham (Thomas J.).   Travels in the Great Western Prairie,
the Anahuac, and Rocky Mountains, and in the Oregon Territory;
May 21-October 16, 1839.   Reprint of the London edition:  1843.
Smet (Pierre Jean de).    Oregon Missions and Travels over
the Rocky Mountains; February 15, 1844-August 17, 1846.   Reprint
of the original edition:  New York, 1847.
—- i8
Early Western Travels
VOLUME XXX (1845-1846) —
Palmer (Joel).    Journal of Travels over the Rocky Mountains, to the mouth of the Columbia River; April 16, 1845-July 23,
1846.   Reprint of the original edition: Cincinnati, 1847.
Analytical Index to the Series. LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS PUBLISHED
Captain Thomas Morris. Photographic facsimile of steel plate in
his Miscellanies in Prose and Verse.   Vol. I, frontispiece.
Francois Andre M ichaux. From oil painting in possession of American Philosophical Society.   VoL 3, frontispiece.
Estwick Evans.   VoL 8, p. 17.
Kaskaia; Shienne Chief; Awappaho [Arapaho].   Vol. 16, p. 200.
Omaha Indians.    Vol. 22, p. 269.
An Omaha boy.   Vol. 22, p. 269.
Punca Indians in buffalo robes.   VoL 22, p. 287.
A Teton.   Vol. 22, p. 323.
A Dakota, with plaited hair.   Vol. 22, p. 323.
Mandan, in bull-dance costume.   Vol. 24, p. 37.
Little Soldier (Tukan Haton), a Sioux chief.   Vol. 24, p. 59-
Saukie and Fox Indians on the beach near St. Louis. VoL 25,
plate 10.
Crow Indians at Fort Clarke.   Vol. 25, plate 13.
Blackfeet Indians on horseback.   Vol. 25, plate 19.
Mexkemanastan, a chief of the Gros Ventre.   Vol. 25, plate 20.
The Cree chief, Le Sonnant.   Vol. 25, plate 22.
Mandeh-Pahchu, a Mandan Indian.   Vol. 25, plate 24.
Manitari Indians.   Vol. 25, plate 26.
Pashtuwa-Chta, an Arikkara Indian.   Vol. 25, plate 27*
Massica and Wakusasse, a Saukie and a Fox Indian. VoL 25,
plate 36.
Schudegacheh, the Punca chief, a Missouri and an Oto Indian. VoL
25, plate 40.
Wahktageli, a Dacota Indian.   Vol. 25, plate 41.
A Dacota woman.   VoL 25, plate 42.
Noahpeh, an Assiniboin, and Psihdje-Sahpa, a Dacota Indian. VoL
25, plate 45.
m 20
Parly Western Travels
Mato-Tope, the Mandan chief, in his state dress.   Vol. 25, plate 46.
Mato-Tope, the Mandan chief, with the marks of his exploits.   Vol.
25, plate 47.
Pehriska-Ruhpa, a Mandan Indian.   Vol. 25, plate 50.
Maksick-Karehde and Sih-Chida, two Mandans.   Vol. 25, plate 53.
Pehriska-Ruhpa in the costume of the Dog band.   Vol. 25, plate 56.
Addih-Haddisch, a Mandan  [really Grosventre]  chief.    Vol. 25,
plate 57.
Pitetapiu, an Assiniboin warrior.   Vol. 25, plate 65.
A Cree and a Snake Indian woman.   Vol. 25, plate 65.
Mehkskehme-Sukahs and Tatsicki-Stomik, Blackfeet chiefs.   Vol. 25,
plate 78.
Stomik-Sosak, chief of the Blood Indians; Ninoch-Kiaiu, chief of the
Piekanns, and Homach-Ksachkum, a Kutana Indian.    Vol. 25,
plate 79.
The Lodge Pole (Indian name), great chief of the Flat-heads; Victor (in baptism).   Vol. 29, frontispiece.
Insula, or Red Feather (Michel), great chief and brave among the
Flat-heads.   Vol. 29, p. 333.
Sketch oJ the Western Countries of Canada, 1791.   Vol. 2, p. 32.
Carte des Etats du Centre, de l'Ouest et du Sud des Etats-Unis, 1804.
Vol. 3, p. 108.
Map of Alleghany and Yohiogany Rivers.   Vol. 3, p. 331.
Map of the State of Ohio, by Rufus Putnam.   Vol. 3, p. 351.
Map of the United States of America; comprehending the Western
Territory, with the course of the Missouri.   Vol. 5, p. 20.
Map of the Columbia.   Vol. 7, p. 18.
Island in the Ohio.   Vol. 9, text cut p. 159.
Typical township map.   Vol. 9, text cut p. 177.
Typical subdivision of a township.   Vol. 9, text cut p. 178.
Map of the Allotments [on English Prairie, Illinois].   Vol. 10, p.
Map of Illinois, and Environs of Albion.   Vol. 10, p. 177.
Map of the Arkansas River, by H. S. Tanner.   Vol. 13, p. 22.
Map of the country drained by the Mississippi.   Vol. 14, p. 30. List of Illustrations
Vertical section of the parallel of latitude 41 degrees North; and
of the parallel of latitude 35 degrees North.   Vol. 17, p. 185.
Plan of a proposed rural town, to be called Hygeia.    Vol. 19, p.
Map of the Indian Territory, Northern Texas, and New Mexico,
showing the Great Western Prairies, by Josiah Gregg.    Vol.
19, facing p. 172.
Map of the Interior of Northern Mexico.   Vol. 20, facing p. 21.
Plan of Fort Pierre.   Vol. 22, p. 319.
Plan of women's medicine dance.    Vol. 23, p. 113.
Indians seated before Fort McKenzie.   Vol. 23, p. 129.
Map of neighborhood of Fort Clarke.   Vol. 23, p. 363.
Plan of Minitaree medicine feast.    Vol. 24, p. 25.
Plan of Mandan hut.    Vol. 24, p. 37.
Plan of Niagara Falls.   Vol. 24, p. 169.
Map to illustrate the route of Prince Maximilian of Wied in the
interior of  North America,   1832-1834.    With marginal maps
of Lake Itaska and the Great Falls of the Missouri.    Vol. 25,
at end of volume.
Map of Oregon, drawn by H. J. Kelley, 1830.   Vol. 26, p. 26.
Oregon Territory, 1846.    Vol. 29, p. 112.
Facsimile Title-pages
John  Long,   Voyages  and   Travels  of an Indian Interpreter and
Trader (London,  1791).    Vol. 2.
Francois Andre Michaux,  Travels to the West of the Alleghany
Mountains (London, 1805).    Vol. 3.
Thaddeus Mason Harris, The Journal of a Tour into the Territory
Northwest of the Alleghany Mountains (Boston, 1805).   Vol. 3.
Fortescue Cuming, Sketches of a  Tour to  the Western Country
(Pittsburgh, 1810).   Vol. 4.
John Bradbury, Travels in the Interior of America (London, 1819).
Vol. 5.
Henry Marie Brackenridge, Journal of a Voyage up the River Missouri (Baltimore, 1816).   Vol. 6.
Gabriel Franchere, Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast
of America (New York, 1854).    Vol. 6.
I 22
Parly Western Travels
Alexander Ross, Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or
Columbia River  (London,  1849).    Vol. 7.
Tilly Buttrick, Voyages, Travels and Discoveries (Boston,  1831).
Vol. 8.
Estwick  Evans,   A   Pedestrious   Tour  of  Four   Thousand Miles
(Concord, N. H., 1819).   Vol. 8.
James Flint, Letters from America (London,  1822).    Vol. 9.
Richard Flower, Letters from Lexington  and the Illinois (London,
1819).    Vol. 10.
Richard Flower, Letters from the Illinois (London, 1822).   Vol. 10.
John Woods, Two Hears' Residence in the Settlement on the English Prairie, in the Illinois Country (London, 1822).  Vol. 10.
William Faux, Memorable Days in America (London, 1823).   Vol.
Adlard Welby, A Visit to North America (London, 1821).  Vol. 12.
Thomas Nuttall,  Journal of  Travels into the Arkansa Territory
(Philadelphia, 1821).   Vol. 13.
Edwin James, Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the
Rocky Mountains (London, 1823).   Vol. 14.
James O. Pattie, Personal Narrative   .   .   .   during an expedition
from St. Louis, etc. (Cincinnati, 1831).    Vol. 18.
George W. Ogden, Letters from the West (New Bedford, 1823).
Vol. 19.
William Bullock, Sketch of a Journey through the Western States
of North America (London, 1827).    Vol. 19.
Josiah Gregg, Commerce of the Prairies (New York, 1845).    Vol.
John B. Wyeth, Oregon; or a Short History of a Long Journey
(Cambridge, 1833).   Vol. 21.
John K. Townsend, Narrative of a Journey across the Rocky Mountains (Philadelphia,  1839).    Vol. 21.
Maximilian, Prince of Wied, Travels in the Interior of North America (London, 1843).   Vol. 22.
Edmund Flagg, The Far West; or, a Tour beyond the Mountains
( New York, 1838 ).   Vol. 26.
Pierre Jean De Smet, S.J., Letters and Sketches    (Philadelphia,
1843).   Vol. 27.
Thomas Jefferson Farnham, Travels in the Great Western Prairies
(London, 1843).   Vol. 28. List of Illustrations
-. fcj
Pierre Jean De Smet, S.J., Oregon Missions, and Travels over the
Rocky Mountains (New York, 1847). Vol. 29 — both illuminated and plain title-pages.
Joel Palmer, Journal of Travels over the Rocky Mountains (Cincinnati, 1847).   Vol. 30.
Views of Scenery
View of the Falkland Islands.   Vol. 6, p. 205.
Entrance of the Columbia River.   Vol. 6, p. 231.
Island in the Ohio.   Vol. 9, text cut p. 159.
Little Brandywine, Pennsylvania.   Vol. 12, p. 176.
Susquehanna River at Columbia.   Vol. 12, p. 184.
Distant view of the Mamelle.   Vol. 13, p. 153.
Mamelle.   Vol. 13, p. 159.
Magazin Mountain.    Vol. 13, p. 185.
Cavaniol Mountain.   Vol. 13, p. 203.
Distant view of the Rocky Mountains.   Vol. 15, p. 269.
View of the chasm through which the Platte issues from the Rocky
Mountains.   Vol. 15, p. 283.
Formations of limestone rocks.   Vol. 22, p. 213.
Double rainbow.   Vol. 24, p. 59.
Forest scene of the Tobihanna.   Vol. 25, plate 4.
Cave-in-Rock, on the Ohio.   Vol. 25, plate 7.
Cut-off River, a branch of the Wabash.   Vol. 25, plate 8.
Tower Rock, on the Mississippi.   Vol. 25, plate 9.
Singular eminences on the Missouri, with the Citadel Rock.   Vol. 25,
plate 18.
The Lehigh and its islands, near Bethlehem.   Vol. 25, plate 34.
Confluence of Fox River with the Wabash.   Vol. 25, plate 38.
Snags in the Missouri.   Vol. 25, plate 39.
Confluence of the Yellow Stone and the Missouri.   Vol. 25, plate 62.
Remarkable eminences on the banks of the Missouri.   Vol. 25, plates
67, 68.
The White Castles on the Upper Missouri.   Vol. 25, plate 70.
The Falls of Niagara.   Vol. 25, plate 72.
The Stone Walls on the Upper Missouri.   Vol. 25, plate 74.
View of the RockyTVfountains.   Vol. 25, plate 77.
A view of the Rocky Mountains.   Vol. 27, frontispiece.
I 24 Parly Western Travels
Chimney.   Vol. 27, p. 217.
Devil's Gate.   Vol. 27, p. 239.
Soda Springs.   Vol. 27, p. 245.
Fording the river Platte.   Vol. 27, p. 271.
Towns, Buildings, Bridges, etc.
Astoria as it was in 1813.   Vol. 6, p. 170.
A log house drawn from Ingle's Refuge, State of Indiana, U. S., by
W. Faux.   Vol. 11, p. 20.
Log tavern, Indiana.   Vol. 12, p. 142.
Bridge at Columbia, Pennsylvania.   Vol. 12, p. 179.
Place of worship and burial ground, at Ligonier Town, Pennsylvania.   Vol. 12, p. 185.
Widow McMurran's Tavern, Scrub Ridge.   Vol. 12, p. 189.
View on Scrub Ridge.   Vol. 12, p. 193.
Ferry at Maysville, on the Ohio.   Vol. 12, p. 209.
Maysville, on the Ohio, Kentucky.   Vol. 12, p. 215.
Frankfort, Kentucky.   Vol. 12, p. 224.
The church at Harmonie.    Vol. 12, p. 264.
Bridge at Zanesville, Ohio.   Vol. 12, p. 277.
Cadron settlement.   Vol. 13, p. 163.
A kitchen scene.   Vol. 19, p. 291.
Boston lighthouse.   Vol. 25, plate 1.
Landing place at Bordentown, on the Delaware, and the country-
seat of the Count de Survilliers.   Vol. 25, plate 2.
View of the Moravian settlement at Bethlehem.   Vol. 25, plate 3.
Mauch Chunk, on the Lehigh, with the end of the railway from the
coal mines.   Vol. 25, plate 5.
House of correction at Pittsburg.   Vol. 25, plate 6.
New York harbour.    Vol. 25, plate 33.
New Harmony, on the Wabash.   Vol. 25, plate 35.
Travel and Transportation
Arrival of the caravan at Santa Fe.   Vol. 19, frontispiece.
March of the caravan.   Vol. 19, p. 245.
Mexican arrieros, with an atajo of pack-mules.   Vol. 19, p. 315.
Bivouac in the forest.   Vol. 25, plate 23.
3 List of Illustrations
Steam-boat on Lake Erie.   Vol. 25, plate 32.
The Yellow Stone steam-boat.   Vol. 25, plate 37.
Indian mode of travelling.   Vol. 27, p. 325.
View at Fort Cumberland, Maryland.   Vol. 12, p.281.
View at Fort Cumberland, Maryland.   Vol. 12, p. 286.
Camp Comanche.   Vol. 20, p. 123.
Belle Vue, Major Dougherty's post.   Vol. 25, plate 31.
Fort Pierre and the adjacent prairie.   Vol. 25, plate 43.
View of Fort Union; the Assiniboins breaking up their camp.   Vol.
25, plate 61.
Fort McKenzie, with the combat of 28th August, 1833.    Vol. 25,
plate 75.
Allegorical sketch.   Vol. 27, p. 126.
Worship in the desert.   Vol. 27, p. 139.
Apparition.   Vol. 27, p. 345.
Indian symbolical catechism.   Vol. 27, p. 403.
Interior of St. Mary's Church, Flat-head Mission: Communion at
Easter.   Vol. 29, p. 175.
Mission of St. Ignatius at Kalispel Bay, among the Pends d'Oreilles.
Vol. 29, p. 187.
St. Mary's, among the Flat-heads.   Vol. 29, p. 323.
View of the new Mission establishment in 1846, among the Pointed-
Hearts.     Vol. 29, p. 315.
Miscellaneous Indian Views
War dance in the interior of a Konza lodge.   Vol. 14, p. 208.
Oto council.   Vol. 14, p. 238.
Pawnee council.    Vol. 14, p. 246.
Skin lodges of Kaskaias.   Vol. 16, p. 107.
Eliawa encampment.    Vol. 16, p. 196.
Indian alarm on the Cimarron River.    Vol. 20, frontispiece.
Method of wearing hair.   Vol. 22, p. 287.
Tents of the Sioux.   Vol. 22, p. 319.
;". 26
Parly Western Travels
P. m
Sioux burial stages.   Vol. 22, p. 347.
Mandan huts.   Vol. 23, p. 267.
Mandan bed.   Vol. 23, p. 285.
Tents of the Puncas, on the bank of the Missouri.   Vol. 25, plate 11.
Washinga-Sahba's grave on Blackbird's Hill.   Vol. 25, plate 12.
Offerings of the Mandan Indians.   Vol. 25, plate 14.
Tent of an Assiniboin chief.   Vol. 25, plate 16.
Dance of the Mandan Indians.   Vol. 25, plate 25.
Dance of the Mandan women.   Vol. 25, plate 28.
Horse-races of the Dacota Indians.   Vol. 25, plate 30.
Corpse of a Dacota on a platform.   Vol. 25, plate 44.
Mih-Tutta-Hang-Kusch, a Mandan village.   Vol. 25, plate 48.
Mandans on the frozen Missouri.   Vol. 25, plate 49.
Buffalo dance of the Mandan Indians.   Vol. 25, plate 51.
Inside of a Mandan hut.   Vol. 25, plate 52.
Offerings of the Mandan Indians.   Vol. 25, plate 58.
Winter village of the Manitaries.   Vol. 25, plate 59.
Scalp dance of the Manitaries.   Vol. 25, plate 60.
Assiniboin corpse deposited in a tree.    Vol. 25, plate 63.
Camps of the Gros Ventres des Prairies.   Vol. 25, plate 71.
Great camp of the Piekanns near Fort McKenzie.   Vol. 25, plate 76.
Kanza village.   Vol. 27, p. 195.
Interior of a Kanza lodge.   Vol. 27, p. 203.
Sheyenne warriors.   Vol. 27, p. 275.
Indian Art, Utensils, etc.
Indian record of a battle between the Pawnees and the Konzas
facsimile of a delineation upon a Bison Robe. Vol. 14, p. 202.
Bear trap.   Vol. 22, p. 107.
Indian pipes.   Vol. 22, p. 175.
Omaha war club.   Vol. 22, p. 269.
Punca war club.   Vol. 22, p. 269.
Bows, arrows, and quiver.   Vol. 22, p. 287.
Dakota pipes.   Vol. 22, p. 323.
Hill of baked clay.   Vol. 22, p. 323.
A Blackfoot musical instrument.   Vol. 22, p. 361.
Stone battle-axe.   Vol. 22, p. 361.
Assiniboin pipes.   Vol. 22, p. 361.
a List of Illustrations
Pipe for warlike expeditions.   VoL 22, p. 361.
A Grosventre dagger.   Vol. 23, p. 105.
Horn drinking cup.   Vol. 23, p. 105.
Blackfoot parchment bags.   VoL 23, p. 105.
Talc pipes.   VoL 23, p. 105.
Badge of Prairie-dog band.   VoL 23, p. 113.
Badge of Raven band.   VoL 23, p. 113.
Pipe-lighting stick.   Vol. 23, p. 113.
Hand looking-glass.   Vol. 23, p. 267.
Cylinder of planks.   Vol. 23, p. 267.
A Mandan letter, in hieroglyphics.   Vol. 23, p. 285.
Child's dart, of stag-horn.   VoL 23, p. 285.
Stone club, with handle.   VoL 23, p. 355.
A knotted wooden club.    Vol. 23, p. 355.
Arikara bird-cage gourds.   Vol. 23, p. 355*
Club, with carved head.   Vol. 24, p. 25.
Dog-sledges of the Mandans.   Vol. 25, plate 29.
Buffalo robe and other articles of the Mandans.   VoL 25, plate 54.
Mato-Tope's representation of a single combat in which he was
engaged.   Vol. 25, plate 55.
Indian implements and arms.   Vol. 25, plate 81.
" Dog Town," or settlement of Prairie Dogs.   VoL 20, p. 279.
Antlers of deer.   VoL 22, p. 347.
Head of Cervus macrotis.   Vol. 23, p. 129.
Head of Canis latrans.   Vol. 23, p. 247.
Head of Antilocapra Ord.   Vol. 23, p. 247.
Heads of sledge dogs.   Vol. 24, p. 37.
Beaver dens on the bank of the Missouri.    VoL 25, plate 17.
The elk-horn pyramid, on the Upper Missouri.   Vol. 25, plate 21.
Herd of buffaloes on the Upper Missouri.   Vol. 25, plate 73.
Herds of buffaloes and elks on the Upper Missouri. Vol. 25, plate 80.
Still hunting.   VoL 20, p. 181.
Hunting the buffalo.   Vol. 21, p. no.
Spearing the salmon.   Vol. 21, p. 259.
. 28
Parly Western Travels
Hunting signal of the Assiniboins.   Vol. 25, plate 15.
Indians on horseback hunting the buffalo.   Vol. 25, plate 64.
Bear hunt on the Missouri.    Vol. 25, plate 69.
The hunters at the buffalo feast.   Vol. 29, p. 227.
Great buffalo hunt; View of the Muscle-Shell Mountains.   Vol. 29,
P- 337.
Announcement of the discovery of buffalos.    Vol. 29, p. 347.
The chief reports to his camp that buffalos are in sight.    Vol. 29,
P- 35i.
The chief at the head of his hunters.   Vol. 29, p. 355.
Buffalos discovered.    Vol. 29, p. 387.
A prayer for success in hunting.   Vol. 29, p. 401.
Implements, etc.
Wooden fence.   Vol. 9, text cut p. 40.
Horse rake.   Vol. 9, text cut p. 41.
Buck saw.   Vol. 9, text cut p. 61.
Cradle scythe.    Vol. 9, text cut p. 125.
Wooden scoop.    Vol. 12, text cut p. 203.
Neck-yoke and plow.   Vol 22, p. 175.
Harpoons for dolphins.    Vol. 24, p. 169.
Rescue of an Indian child.   Vol. 18, p. 57.
Mr. Pattie wounded by an Indian arrow.   Vol. 18, p. 161.
Shooting Mr. Pa trie's horse.   Vol. 18, p. 185.
Messrs. Pattie and Slover rescued from famish. Vol. 18, p. 217.
Burial of Mr. Pattie.   Vol. 18, p. 243.
Gold-washing.    Vol. 19, p. 291.
Riding dress of caballero.   Vol. 19, p. 291.
Medal of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Mexico.    Vol. 20, text
cut p. 40.
Mule emerging from a mine.   Vol. 20, p. 181. r
Analytical Index to Series
L a*"
Abbot, WiGGiN^with Wyeth, XXI, 73;  killed by Indians, 326.
Abbotstown (Pa.), Harris in, HI, 369, 373.
Abeika Indians, habitat, XIII, 357.
Abenaki (Abenaquis, Abnaqui, Abonaki) Indians, habitat, I, 169, XXVII, 65; population, I, 169;
French connections, 169; hostile to English, 191, 192; exterminated, XXVII, 66-*68.   See also
Abercromby, Gen. James, at Lake George, I, 163; at Ticonderoga, 153, 189.
Aberdeen (Ohio), founded, IV, 202, x xn, 155; Maximilian in, 154.
Abernethy, Got. George, owns mill, XXX, 159; merchant, 179; founds settlement, 178.
Abert, Col. James W., expedition, XIV, 22; on Canadian River, XVI, 191.
Abingdon (Va.), emigrants in, XIX, 58; A. Michaux, ILL, 52; road, 46, 47.
Abiquiu (N. Mex.), Pattie in, XVIII, 75; gold mines, XIX, 303, 309.
Ab6 (N. Mex.), pueblo ruin, XIX, 302, 303; salines near, 311; described by Carleton, 336.
Abreu, Don Ramon, prefect, XIX, 272, 273.
Abreu, Don Santiago, assassinated, XIX, 273.
Abruzzi, Luigi, Duke of, Italian explorer, xxix, 32.
Absaroka Indians.   See Crows.
Absinthium.   See Wormwood.
Acacia, habitat, XIV, 213; cultivated, XXII, 172; as shade trees, 130, XXVI, 259;   observed by
Maximilian, XXII, 145;   arabica (species of mesquite), XVHI, 94, XIX, 297;  robinia pseu-
doacacia, XVI, 156.
Acadia, surrendered to French, I, 222; Bellestre in, 108.
Acadians, in Baton Rouge, IV, 340; in Avoyelles (La.), XVH, 62.
Acalypha, habitat, XVI, 155.
Accault, Michel, with Hennepin, XXVII, 38.
Accolti, Father Michele, missionary to Oregon, XXIX, 137, 142; illness, 167.
Acer.   See Maple.
Achamantama, Delaware chief, I, 37.
Achiligonam Indians, habitat, VI