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Early western travels 1748-1846 : A series of annotated reprints of some of the best and rarest contemporary… Thwaites, Reuben Gold, 1853-1913 1904

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of some of the best and rarest contemporary volumes of travel, descriptive of the Aborigines and Social
and Economic Conditions in the Middle and Far West,
during the Period of Early American Settlement.
Edited with Historical, Geographical, Ethnological, and Bibliographical Notes, and Introductions and Index, by
Reuben Gold Thwaites, LL.D.
Editor of " The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents," " Original
Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition," " Wisconsin Historical Collections," etc.
With facsimiles of the original title-pages, maps, portraits,
views, etc.   32 volumes, large 8vo, cloth, uncut, gilt tops.
The edition is limited to 750 complete sets, each numbered
and signed; but in addition thereto, a limited number of
some of the volumes will be sold separately, price on application.
Some of the volumes are entirely out of print in the separate
An Elaborate Analytical Index to the Whole
Almost all of the rare originals are without indexes. In the
present series, this immense mass of historical data has been
made accessible through one exhaustive analytical index in
two large volumes.
The Arthur H. Clark Company, Publishers
Glendale, California
 Concerning the Series
JIanbsfomelp •prtnteb direct from a beautiful and large type,
on Dickinson's hand-made paper.
JXaritp of tf>e (Btvsinalsi. This series comprises only works
of permanent historical value. All are quite scarce, and
bring steadily-advancing prices. Some of them are of exceeding rarity — so rare, in fact, that they are not to be
found in the largest collections of Americana in this coun-
Wqz pest Sources! of on important Century. During this
period of American expansion there was an enormous output of books both in the United States and in Great Britain,
descriptive of the North American interior. From this
great mass of rich historical material, Doctor Thwaites has
selected those best fitted for permanent preservation as historical sources. Doctor Thwaites's eminence as an authority on all matters connected with the history and geography
of the West are sufficient assurance of the value of the volumes and of the care with which the series is edited throughout.
Ofyz best aub most complete ebition Was in every case selected
for reproduction.
pagination of the ©rt'smaltf is carefully indicated throughout the text, by Arabic figures within brackets; thus [135].
Gflfje extenjsibe abortions mabe bp the ebitor make these volumes
of far greater value than the rare originals. Such vast
changes have been wrought in the West since these early
Travels were published, that persons, places, customs, and
events mentioned frequently require explanation for modern
readers. In addition to the numerous footnotes, the editor's preface to each volume gives a biographical sketch of
the author, with a synoptical review and evaluation of the
book reprinted, and bibliographical data concerning it.
Thus, in addition to the reprint, there is given a rich fund of
fresh material, embracing some of the latest researches in
American history.
 INuwesS of American Jlfetorp. It is next to impossible, at
this late date, for even a well-endowed public library to
amass any considerable collection of these early sources, the
study of which is so essential to any thorough understanding
of the history, manners, and life of the Middle and Far
West. [ In reprinting, and equipping them with ample editorial interpretation and a competent general index, the
editor has made a valuable contribution to Western history
which should be cordially appreciated by historians, librarians, and scholars generally.
W&e$e«t Historical <guibea refer StubenW to the sources given in this series; among such are
Larned: "Guide to American History"
Channing and Hart: "Guide to the Study of American
Hart: "Source Book of American History"
Winsor: various works
Larned: "History for Ready Reference"
The "New England History Teachers' Source Book"
Hart: "American History Told by Contemporaries"
Adams: "Manual of Historical Literature"
Macey: "Working Manual of American History"
Caldwell: "American History Studies"
Tuckerman: "America and her Commentators"
Librarians and history teachers therefore find this series
indispensable, as making available such important sources,
with essential editorial addenda, and that great desideratum
— a complete analytical index.
 Contents of the Series
"Volume l (1748-1765) comprises:
Weiser (Conrad).   Journal of a Tour to the Ohio; August 11-October 2,
1748.   From various sources.
Croghan (George). Selection of his Letters and Journals, relating to Tours
into the Western Country, 1750-65.   From various sources.
' Post   (Charles  Frederick).  Two  Journals  of  Western  Tours,   1758-59.
From "Proud's History of Pennsylvania" (1798).
Morris (Captain Thomas). Journal of Captain Morris, of His Majesty's
XVII Regiment of Infantry, relative to his thrilling experiences upon the
Maumee, 1764.   An exceptionally rare volume.
Volume 2 (1768-1782) comprises:
Long (J.) Voyages and travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader, with
account of the Posts situated on the River Saint Laurence, Lake Ontario,
&c.; Vocabulary of the Chippeway Language; list of words in the Iroquois,
Mohegan, Shawanee, and Esquimeaux Tongues; and Table, showing the
Analogy between the Algonkin and Chippeway Languages. Reprint of
the rare original edition.   London, 1791.
Volume3 (i795-l803) comprises:
Michaux (Andr£). Travels into Kentucky; 1795-1796.    Translated for the
first time from the French original.
Michaux (F. A.) Travels to the West of the Allegheny Mountains, in Ohio,
Kentucky, Tennessee, and return to Charleston through the Upper Caroli-
nas, 1802.   Reprint of the second and best edition.   London, 1805.
Harris (Thaddeus Mason). Journal of a Tour into the Territory Northwest
of the Allegheny Mountains, 1803.   Reprint of the rare original edition.
Boston, 1805.
Volume 4 (i807-1829) comprises:
Cuming (F.) Tour to the Western Country, through Ohio and Kentucky;
a voyage down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and through the Mississippi Territory, and part of West Florida, 1807-1809; with notes. Reprint
of the rare original edition.   Pittsburg, 1810.
Volume 5 (1809-1811) comprises:
Bradbury (John). Travels in the Interior of America, in 1809-1811, including description of Upper Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, the Illinois, and Western Territories. Reprint of the second and best
edition.   London, 1819.
"^Tolttttte 6 (1811-1814) comprises:
Brackenridge (H. M.)    Journal of a Voyage up the River Missouri, 1811.
Reprint of the second and best edition.   Baltimore, 1816.
Franchere (Gabriel).   Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America, 1811-
1814, or the First American Settlement on the Pacific; translated and edited
by J. V. Huntington.    Reprint of the second and best edition.   Neva York,
 "Volume 7 (181 o-1813) comprises :
Ross (Alexander). Adventures of the First settlers on the Oregon; or Columbia River.   Reprint of the rare original.   London, 18419.
"Volume 8 (1812-1819) comprises:
Buttrick (Tilly, Jr.)    Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries.   Reprint of the
rare original, published by the author.   Boston, 1831.
Evans (Estwick).   Pedestrious Tour, of Four Thousand Miles, through the
Western States and Territories, 1818.   Reprint of the rare original edition.
Concord, New Hampshire, 1819.
"Volume 9 (1818-1820) comprises:
Flint (James) : Letters from America. Reprint of the rare original edition.
Edinburgh, 1822.
"Volume 10 (1818-1821) comprises:
Hulme (Thomas). Journal of a Tour in the West (Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois)   in 1818.   Reprint of the original.
Flqwer (R.) Letters from Lexington and the Illinois; 1819. Reprint of the
rare original edition.   London, 1819.
Flower (R.) Letters from Illinois; 1820-1821. Reprint of the rare original
edition.   London, 1822.
Woods (John). Two Years' Residence in the Settlement on English Prairie
in the Illinois Country; 1820-1821. Reprint of the rare original edition.
London, 1822.
Volume It anb 12 (1819-1820) comprises:
Faux (W.) Memorable days in America; Tour to the United States to
ascertain the condition and probable prospects of British Emigrants;
1819-1820.   Reprint of the rare original.   London, 1823.
Welby (Adlard). Visit to North America and the English Settlements in
Illinois, with a Winter Residence at Philadelphia; solety to ascertain the actual prospects of the emigrating agriculturist, mechanic, and commercial
speculator; 1819-1820.   Reprint of the rare original edition    London, 1821.
Volume 13 (1819) comprises:
Nuttall (Thomas). Journal of Travels into the Arkansa Territory, 1819;
with observations on the manners of the Aborigines. Reprint of the rare
original edition.   Philadelphia, 182I.
TOtame 14, t5, I6atlb 17(1819-1820) comprise:
James (Edwin). Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, 1819-
1820, by order of Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Secretary of War, from Notes of
Maj. S. H. Long, T. Say, and other Gentlemen of the Party. Reprint of
the original and best edition, in three volumes.   London, 1823.
Volume 18 (i824-1827) comprises:
Pattie (James O). Personal Narrative during an Expedition from St. Louis
through the Vast Regions between that place and the Pacific Ocean, thence
through the City of Mexico to Vera Cruz; edited by Timothy Flint; 1824-
1827.   Reprint of the rare original edition.   Cincinnati, 1831.
Volume xo anb 20 (i821-1839) comprise:
Ogden (George W.)    Letters from the West; a Tour through the Western
 Country, and a residence in the States of Ohio and Kentucky.   Reprint of
the rare original edition.   New Bedford, 1823.
Bullock (W.)   Sketch of a Journey through the Western States, from New
Orleans to New York, by the Mississippi, Ohio, City of Cincinnati, etc., in
1827.   Reprint of the rare original edition.   London, 1827.
Gregg (Josiah).   Commerce of the Prairies: Journal of a Santa F6 Trader,
during eight expeditions across the Great Western Prairies, and a residence
of nearly nine years in Northern Mexico.   Reprint of the second and best
edition, in two volumes.   New York, 1845.
Volume 21 (1832-1834) comprises:
Wyeth (John B.) Oregon; or a short history of a long journey from the
Atlantic Ocean to the region of the Pacific, by land. Reprint of the very
rare original edition.    Cambridge, 1833.
Townsend (John K.) Journey across the Rocky Mountains, to the Columbia River. Reprint of the American portion of the rare original edition.
Philadelphia, 1839.
^Jolume 22,23 anb 24 (1833) comprises •
Maximilien (Prince of Wied-Neuwied) . Voyage in the Interior of North
America; translated by Hannibal Evans Lloyd. Reprint of the rare original (English) edition.   London, 1843
\TolUtne25 (1833) comprise:
The Rare Atlas to MAXiMruEN; consisting of 81 plates from drawings by
Charles Bodmer, engraved on copper by J. Holscher. Carefully reproduced from the rare original.   Paris, 1843.
"Volume 26 anb 27 (j 836-1841) comprise:
Flagg (Edmund). The Far West: or, a Tour beyond the Mountains. Reprint of the rare original edition.   New York, 1838.
Smet (Pierre Jean de). Letters and Sketches, with a Narrative of a Year's
Residence among the Indian Tribes of the Rocky Mountains. Reprint of
the rare original edition.   Philadelphia, 1843.
"^oltttne 28 anb 29 (1839-1846) comprise ■
Farnham (Thomas J.)  Travels in the Great Western Prairies, the Anahuac,
and Rocky Mountains, and in Oregon Territory.    Reprint of the best and
only complete edition.   London, 1843.
Smet  (Pierre Jean de).    Oregon  Missions and Travels over the Rocky
Mountains, 1845-1846.   Reprint of the rare original edition.   New York,
"Volume 30 (1845-1846) comprises:
Palmer (Joel). Journal of Travels over the Rocky Mountains to the mouth
of the Columbia River. Reprint of the rare original edition. Cincinnati,
Volume 3t anb 32 comprise:
A Complete and Exhaustive Analytical Index to the entire series and
covering an eventful century of Continental Expansion. When it is considered that few of the originals have any index; and in even those which
have, the indexes are of little value, the importance of a modern, exhaustive, analytical index is of the utmost value to scholars and librarians.
 A Few Extracts from Reviews
"Of mere "The books are handsomely bound and printed.    The editing by Mr.
real value Thwakes seems to have been done with his customary care and knowledge.
than the There is no want of helpful annotations.   The books therefore will be likely to
originals."      be of more real value than the early prints from which they are taken."
— American Historical Review.
"Inaccessible      "These travellers' duties led them far into the wilderness to negotiate with
yet of hostile Indian tribes, and their experiences were varied, picturesque, and full
absorbing        of peril.   Their journals and letters, here grouped from sources which to most
interest."       readers are inaccessible, present a more vivid picture of the conditions which
existed when all this western territory was debatable ground between the French
and English, than can be found in any formal history.  Read either as tales of
adventure or as pages of the history of the period when this country, politically,
was in the making, they are of absorbing interest."— The Living Age.
Valuable "An undertaking of great interest to every student of Western history. Ex-
features. haustive notes and introductions are by Dr. Thwaites, the foremost authority
on Western history, who is also to supply an elaborate analytical index, under
one alphabet, to the complete series.  This latter is an especially valuable feature,
as almost all the rare originals are without indexes."— The Dial.
"Indispens- "The century that sets the bounds of this work is the most important and in-
able to every teresting in the history of the 'winning of the West;' . . it is comprehensive,
well-equipped and the materials at the disposal of the editor assure a collection that will be
library.''        indispensable to every well-equipped public or private library.''
— Public Opinion.
The originals '' Historical, geographical, ethnological, and bibliographic foot-notes are many
badly needed throughout. This is a pleasing feature, inasmuch as such great changes have
been wrought in the West since these early travels were written and published
that persons, places, customs, and events mentioned frequently require explanation for modern readers, and need also to be connected with later historical
research, as well as with similar references in other volumes of the series."
■— Chicago Inter-Ocean.
"The annotations are abundant and highly valuable."— The Nation.
history."— The Independent.
''Value can- "The value of these reprints of important historical documents cannot be
not be over- overestimated, for when completed they will give an extended first-hand view
estimated.''     of the exploits of the pioneers who settled and developed the West.
— Boston Transcript.
 The only
Its value
plete and
"It is next to impossible, at this late date, even to a well-endowed public
library, to amass a considerable collection of these early travels, so essential
to an adequate understanding of the life and manners of the aborigines, and
the social and economic conditions in the middle and far West, during the
period   of early American settlement." — The Literary Digest.
"Mr Thwaites is the best possible editor who could have been chosen
such a task, and the value of the series to students of American history
for all libraries needs no demonstration."—The Outlook.
"Of the editing itself on<
whose work with the 'Jesui
etc., has left him without
vastness of his contributi.
series worth possessing, ev
needs but to say that it is done by Dr. Thwaites,
t Relations,' the Wisconsin Historical Collections,'
a. peer in the breadth of his scholarship and the
ms. The editor's annotations make the present
en if one already owns the originals."—The In-
"The notes and introduc
biographical, geographic
9 include a great variety of bibliographical,
, and general historical information that enhances
value of the documents reprinted and brings out clearly the relation of
these detached fragments to the history of the West as a whole."—Public
i fine model of typographical ex-
Should be in
every Public
The only
"Most of the originals are rare and many of them a
e to students. Dr. Thwaites's name as editor is suff
iorough sholarship of the work." — Out West.
11 libraries of any consideration should certainly possess
students who wish to study up these most important
ition of the great West." — The Literary World.
"In many cases the records reproduced are so rare that this collection wil
be practically the only resource of the student of the original sources of ou
early history. The printing and binding of the edition are handsome and a
the same time so substantial that the documents reproduced may be said t
have been rescued once for all time."—Public Opinion.
of Indians and advent
fiction if they could only get at it
t boys far n
"The contents are interesting and varied. . . . Here is found a bit of
eloquence or shrewd mother wit in an Indian chief; there a list of North
American Indian tribes, their habitats and their fighting strength. In one
place a missionary expresses his belief that God will bring him safely out
of the hands of the savages; in another an army officer tells without comment his exceedingly narrow escape from death at the hands of the Indians. All this, it is to be observed, is the 'real thing,' and not the Indian
as seen through the pages of the writer of fiction." — Chicago Inter-Ocean.
 ^HE American Historical
Review in its last issue
1 xni, p.66a) says:
[<We cannot be too thankful for the
copious index to the Early Western Travels, which Mr.
Thwaites has so carefully and attentively edited.
There is no scrimping on the index, which bears all
the appearance of critical work. It occupies volumes
XXXI and XXXII of the series and, one need hardly
say, adds immensely to the usefulness of the set. Take for
example such a heading as Negroes; here we find some
650 entries covering such topics as runaway, punishments, immorality, prices, sale, revolts. The references
to Missions, Education, Lands and scores of similar
topics open up the treasures of the preceding thirty
volumes. For the first time we have in a form adapted
to easy use a great mass of material that will enable the
investigator in a small college, which has not many
books, to study from the sources the main facls of
Western social and economic history—at least to see
for himself the main conditions as described by travellers
in a period of a hundred years. In facl: these thirty
volumes and this ample index open up to all of us
opportunities for knowing the West and the processes
of American settlement as many of" us could not have
known them before."
We shall be glad to mail you full particulars
and descriptive circulars on request.
The Arthur H.Clark Qo. .Publishers
Cleveland, Ohio


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