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Les bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest; récits de voyages, lettres et rapports inédits relatifs au Nord-Ouest canadien. Publiés avec une esquisse historique et des annotations par L. R. Masson. Deuxième série Masson, L. R. (Louis Rodrigue), 1833-1903


"The fur-trader Roderick McKenzie retired in 1806 and began to collect records for a history of the northwest trade. His son-in-law Masson added to the collection and published some items in Les bourgeois. In 1904 the manuscripts were sold at auction, most items being divided between McGill University and the Canada Archives; a few, including Simon Fraser's journal, were acquired by the T oronto P .L., refs. Canada. Public Archives. Preliminary inventory, manuscript group 19; Toronto. Public Library. Guide to the manuscript collection.
Masson exercised considerable license in editing the manuscripts in accordance with nineteenth century practice. The scholar needs to refer back to the originals for the authentic texts.
Contents: vol.1 [pt.1] PP.1-154. Les bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest.- [pt.2] sér.1. Récits de voyage, lettres et rapports inédits relatifs au Nord-ouest canadien [including] PP[5]-66. McKenzie, R. Reminiscences, being chiefly a synopsis of letters from Sir Alexander Mackenzie.- pp[67]-153. Wentzel, W.F. Letters to the Hon. Roderic Mackenzie. 1807-1824.- pp [155]-221 . Fraser, S. Journal of a voyage from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coast. 1808.- ... PP[395]-413. Liste des "bourgeois", commis, engagés, et "voyageurs" de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest, après la fusion de 1804.- vol.2. sér.2 Récits de voyage [etc.] PP[1]-59. McDonald, John of Garth. Autobiographical notes, 1791-1816.- pp[61]-132. Keith, G. Letters to Mr. Roderic McKenzie, 1807- 1817, The Mackenzie River and Great Bear Lake Departments ... PP[457]-499. The North-West Company's "agreements" of 1802 and 1804."-- Strathern, G. M., & Edwards, M. H. (1970). Navigations, traffiques & discoveries, 1774-1848: A guide to publications relating to the area now British Columbia. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria, p. 195-196.

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