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Mr. Mears's memorial, dated 30th April 1790. (14 inclosures.) To the Right Honourable William Wyndham… Meares, John, 1756?-1809 1790

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 .. 64 Vancouver Island.—Mears'Memorial : Authentic Copy of the Memorial to thej
Bt. Hon. W. W. Grenville, one of His'
Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, I
by Lieutenant John Mears of thej
Royal Navy, dated April 30, 1790, and/
presented to the House of Commons,]
May 13, 1790; containing every Par-}
ticular respecting the Capture of the!
Vessels in Nootka Sound, 8vo, half)
morocco neat, gilt top, £8 8s 17901
mm   [ * ]
N° i.
Mr. MEARS's   MEMORIAL, dated 30th April 1790.
(14 Inclofures. )
To the Right Honourable William Wyndham Grenville, One of His Majefty's Principal
Secretaries of State.
The MEMORIAL of John Mears, Lieutenant in His Majefty's Navy,
Moft humbly fheweth,
THAT early in the Year 1786, certain Merchants refiding in the Eaft Indies, and under
the immediate Protection of the Company, defirous of opening a Trade with the
North Weft Coaft of America, for fupplying the Chinefe Market with Furs and Ginfeng,
communicated fuch Defign to Sir John Macpherfon, the Governor General of India, who not
only approved of the Plan, but joined in the Subfcription for its Executions and Two VefTels
were accordingly purchafed, and placed under the Orders and Command of your Memorialing.
That in the Month of March, your Memorialift difpatched One of the faid VefTels, which
he named The Sea O/ter, under the Command of Mr. Tipping, to Prince William's Sound,
and followed her in the other Ship, which he named The Nootka.
That on your Memorialift's Arrival in Prince William's Sound, in the Month of September, he found the Sea Otter had left that Place a few Days before -, and, from Intelligence
he has fince received, that Ship was foon after unfortunately loft off the Coaft of Kamfchatka*
That your Memorialift remained in Prince William's Sound the whole of the Winter, in
the Courfe of which Time he opened an extenfive Trade with the Natives, and having collected a Cargo of Furs,  he proceeded to China, in the Autumn of 1787.
That in the Month of January 1788, your Memorialift having difpofed of the Nootka, he*
in Conjunction with feveral Britifh Merchants refiding in India, purchafed and fitted out
Two other VefTels, named The Felice and Iphigenia; the former your Memorialift commanded, and the latter he put under the Direction of Mr. William Douglas. That your
Memorialift proceeded from China to the Port of Nootka, or King George's Sound, which
he reached in the Month of May, and the Iphigenia arrived in Cook's River in the Month of
That your Memorialift, immediately on his Arrival in Nootka Sound, purchafed from /»
Maquilla, the Chief of the Diftrict contiguous to and furrounding that Place, a Spot of '/v
Ground, whereon he built a Houfe for his occafional Refidence, as well as for the more convenient Purfuit of his Trade with the Natives, and hoifted the Britifh Colours thereon -, that
he alfo erected a Breaft Work, which furrounded the Houfe, and mounted One Three-pounder
in the Front j that having fo done, your Memorialift proceeded to trade on the Coaft, the
Felice taking her Route to the Southward, and the Iphigenia to the Northward, confining
rhemfelves within the Limits of 6o° and 450 30' North, and returned to Nootka Sound in
the Month of September ; that on your Memorialift's Arrival there, his People, whom he
had left behind, had nearly compleated a Veflel, which previous to his Departure he had
laid down ; and that the faid Veflel was foon after launched by your Memoriafift, and called
The North Weft America, meafuring about 40 Tons, and was equipped with all Expedition
to affift him in his Enterprizes.
That during the Abfence of your Memorialift from Nootka Sound,  he obtained from
Wickananijh, the Chief of the Diftrict furrounding Port Cox and Port Effingham, fituated
A in
'23960 Si in the Latitudes 480 and 490, in confequence of confiderable Prefents, the Promife of a free
and exclusive Trade with the Natives of the DiftricJ, and alfo his Permiffion to build any Store-
houfes, or other Edifices, which he might judge necefTary; that he alfo acquired the fame
Privilege of exclufive Trade from Tatouche, the Chief of the Country bordering on the Straits.
of Juan de Fuca, and purchafed from him a Tract of Land within the faid Strait, which One
of your Memorialift's Officers took Poffeffion of in the King's Name, calling the fame
Tatouche, in honour of the Chief.
That the Iphigenia', in her Progrefs to the Southward, alfo vifited feveral Ports, and in
confequence of Prefents to the Chiefs of the Country, her Commander had Aflurances given
to him of not only a free Accefs, but of an exclufive Trade upon that Coaft, no other
European Veflel having been there before her.
That your Memorialift, on the 23d of September, having collected a Cargo of Furs, proceeded in the Felice to China, leaving the Iphigenia and the North Weft America in Nootka
Sound, with Orders to winter at the Sandwich Iflands, and to return to the Coaft in the
Spring. That your Memorialift arrived in China early in the Month, of December, where
he' fold his Cargo, and alfo the Ship Felice.
That a few Days after your Memorialift's Arrival in China, the Ships Prince of Wales and'
Princefs Royal, fitted out from the Port of London by Meffrs. John and Cadman Etches
and C°. came to Canton from a trading Voyage on the North Weft Coaft of America; and
your Memorialift finding that they had embarked in this Commerce under Licences granted
to them by the Eaft India and South Sea Companies-, which would nor expire until the Year
1790, and apprehending at the fame Time that the Trade would fuffer by a Competition,
he and his Partners aflbciated themfelves with the faid MefTrs. Etches and CV and a formal
Agreement was executed in confequence between your Memorialift and Mr. John Etches,
then Supra Cargo of the Two Ships, making a joint Stock of all the VefTels and Property
employed in that Trade; and under that Firm they purchafed a Ship, which had been built
at Calcutta, and called her The Argonaut.
That the Prince of Wales having been chartered to load Teas for the Eaft India Company,
foon after returned to England, and the Princefs Royal and Argonaut' were ordered by your
Memorialift to fail for the Coaft of America, under the Command of Mr. James Colnett,
to whom the Charge of all the Concerns of the Company on that Coaft had been coai^-
Mr. Colnett was directed to fix his Refidence at Nootka Sound, and, with that View, to
erect a fubftantial Houfe on the Spot which your Memorialift had purchafed in the preceding
Year, as will appear by a Copy of his Inftru£Hons hereunto annexed.
That the Princefs Royal and Argonaut, loaded with Stores and Provisions of all Defcriptions,
with Articles eftimated to be fufficient for the Trade for Three Years, and a Veflel on Board
in Frame, of about 30 Tons Burthen, left China accordingly in the Months of April and
May 1789. They had alfo on Board, in Addition to their Crews, feveral Artificers of different Profefiions, and near 70 Chinefe, who intended to become Settlers on the American
Coaft, in the Service and under the Protection of the aflbciated Company.
That on the 24th of April 1789, the Iphigenia. returned to Nootka Sound, and that
the North Weft America reached that Place a few Days after ; that they found, on their
Arrival in that Port, Two American VefTels, which had wintered there, one of them was
called the Columbia, the other the Waftotngton; that on the 29th of the fame Month, the
North Weft America was difpatched to the Northward to trade, and alfo to explore the Archipelago of St. Lazarus.
That on the 6th of May, the Iphigenia being then at Anchor in Nootka Sound, a Spanifh
-Ship of War, called the Prineejfa, commanded by Don Eft wan Jofeph Martinez, mounting,
26 Guns, which had failed from the Port of San Bias, in the Province of Mexico, Anchored
in Nootka-Sound, and was joined on the 13th by a Spanifh Snow of 16 Guns, called the San-
Carlos, which Veflel had alfo failed from the Port of San Bias,.loaded with Cannon and other'
warlike Stores.
That from the Time of the Arrival of the Prineejfa until the 14th of May,-mutual Civilities-
ipafled between Captain Douglas and the Spanifh Officers, and even Supplies were obtained
from Don Martinez for the Ufe of the Ship; but on that Day he (Captain Douglas) was
ordered on Board the, Prineejfa, and,, to his great Surprife, was informed by Don Martinez,-
that he had the King's Orders to feize all Ships and VefTels he might find upon that Coaft,.
and that he (the Commander of the Iphigenia) was then his Prifoner; that Don Martinez,
thereupon inftructed his Officers to take poffeffion of the Iphigenia, which they accordingly
did, in the Name of his Catholic Majefty„and the Officers and Crew of that Ship were irn^
mediately conveyed as Prifoners on Board the Spanifh Ships, where they were put in Irons,
and were otherwife ill-treatedk   ri§;
That as foon as the Iphigenia'had been feized,-Don Martinez took poffeffion of the Lands
belonging to your Memorialift, on which his temporary Habitation' before mentioned had
been erected, hoifting thereon the Standard of Spain, and performing fuch Ceremonies as
your Memorialift understands are ufual on fuch Occafions, declaring at the fame Time, that all
the Lands comprized between Cape Horn and the 60th Degree of North Latitude did belon^
to his Catholic Majefty; he then proceeded to build Batteries, Store Houfes", &c. in the Execution of -which he forcibly employed fome of the Crew of the Iphigenia, and many of them
who attempted to refill were very feverely punifhed.
That during the Time the Commander of the Iphigenia remained in Captivity, he had
frequently been urged by Don Martinez to fign an Inftrument, purporting, as he was informed (not underftanding himfelf the Spanifh Language) that Don Martinez had found him at
Anchor in Nootka Sound ; that he was at that Time in great Diftrefs ; that he had furnifhed
him with every Thing neceffary for his Paffage to the Sandwich Iflands, and that his Navigation had in no refpect been molefted or interrupted ; but which Paper, on Infpection of a
Copy thereof, delivered to Mr. Douglas, and hereunto annexed (N° 2.) appears to be an
Obligation from him and Mr. Vinania, the Second Captain, on the Part of their Owners, to
pay on Demand the Valuation of that Veffel, her Cargo, &c. ' I ;'.|    J:" t    4    ] |
Occafion of the Orders which"were given to her Commander, Extracts of which accompany this, and are referred to in the Journal of that Ship, having been under the Infpection
of Don Martinez.
Your Memorialift further begs Leave to ftate, that after the Departure of the Iphigenia,
Don Martinez became apprized of the Purport of the Letter with which he had been fur-
nifhed, and that on the Return of the N. W. America, off the Port of Nootka, on the
9th of June, fhe was Boarded and feized by Boats manned and equipped for War, commanded by Don Martinez ; that he did tow and convey the faid Veffel into the Sound, and
Anchoring her clofe to the Spanifh Ships of War, did then take Poffeffion of her in the
Name of his Catholic Majefty, as good and lawful Prize; that the above mentioned Veflel
was foon after hauled alongfide of the Spanifh Frigate, and that the Officers and Men, together with the Skins which had been collected, amounting to 215, of the beft Quality,
and alfo her Stores, Tackle, and Furniture, Articles of Trade, &c. were removed on Board
the Spanifh Frigate; that the Commander of the A7". W. America, his Officers and Men,
were accordingly made Prifoners, and Mr. Thomas Barnett, one of the Officers of that
Veffel, and fome of her Men were, as appears by the Affidavit of William Graham, one of
the Seamen belonging to that Veffel, hereunto annexed (N° 4.) afterwards put in Irons.
That the Princefs Royal arriving a few Days after the Seizure of the N. W. America,
and being allowed by Don Martinez to depart, the Skins collected by the laft-mentioned
Veffel (excepting 12 of the beft Quality, which Don Martinez thought fit to detain)
were returned to the Mafter, and, with the Permiflion of Don Martinez, were (hipped on
Board the Princefs Royal, for the Benefit of the Owners; and that Ship, as appears by her
Journal, put to Sea on the 2d of July, to purfue the Trade upon the Coaft.
That Don Martinez, after feizing the N. W. America in the Manner and under the
Circumftances above ftated, employed her on a Trading Voyage, from which fhe returned
after an Abfence of about 20 Days, with 75 Skins, obtained by Britifh Merchandize, which
had either been found in that Veffel at the Time of her Capture, or had been taken from the
Iphigenia ; and that the Value of the Furs fo collected cannot upon a moderate Calculation be
eftimated at lefs than 7,500 Dollars, and which Don Martinez had applied to his own Advantage.
That the Argonaut arrived off the Port of Nootka on or about the 3d of July, 1789. That
Don Martinez on obferving her in the Offing, boarded her in his Launch,' and with Expreflions
of Civility, promifed Mr. Colnett, her Commander, every Affiftance in his Power; that before the Argonaut entered the Sound, Mr. Thomas Barnett (who had belonged to the N. W.
America, and who was then a Prifoner) came off in a Canoe, and informed Mr. Colnett of
the Proceedings which had taken place, and of the Danger to which he was expofed; but that,
under the Affurances given by Don Martinez, that the Argonaut fhould remain unmolefted,
and being in want of Refrefhments for the Crew, Mr.'Colnett proceeded into Nootka
That, notwithftanding the Affurances given by Don Martinez, he on the next Day fent the
Firft Lieutenant of the Prineejfa with a Military Force to take poffeffion of the Argonaut,
and that Ship was accordingly feized in the Name of his Catholic Majefty, the Britifh Flag
was hauled down, and the Spanifh Flag hoifted in its ftead.
That on the Seizure of the Argonaut, her Officers and Men were made Prifoners, and Mr.
Colnett was threatened to be hanged at the Yard-arm, in cafe of his refufing compliance with
any Directions which might be given to him.
That on the 13th of July, the Princefs Royal, as is ftated in her Journal, again appeared
off the Port of Nootka; that her Commander, approaching the Sound in his Boat, in Expectation of finding there the Commander of the Expedition (from whom he was defirous of receiving Inftructions for his future Proceedings) was feized and made Prifoner by Don Martinez, and under Threats of hanging him at the Yard-arm, forced him to fend Orders' to his
Officers to deliver up the Princefs Royal without Conteft.
That a Spanifh Officer was difpatched into the Offing with thefe Orders; and that the Veffel was accordingly feized in ihe Name of his Catholic Majefty, and brought into Port; that
her Crew were in confequence made Prifoners ; and that her Cargo, confifting of 473 Skins
(including 203 which had been put on Board her from the N. W. America, as appears by the
inclofed Receipt, N° 5.) was feized.
That Mr. Colnett, from the Circumftances of his Capture, became fo deranged, that he
attempted frequently to deftroy himfelf; and that, according to the laft Accounts received,
the State of his Mind was fuch as to render him unfit for the Management of any Bufinefs
which might have been intrufted to his Care; £hat in this melancholy Situation however,
Don Martinez (notwithftanding the Veffel and Cargo had before been formally feized) attempted to procure from him the State of the Copper, of which a, principal Part of the
Cargo of the Princefs Royal had been compofed, and that fuch Sale would actually have
taken Place, had not the other Officers of that Veffel, feeing Colnett's Infanity, prevented it.
Your   Memorialift farther  begs   leave to reprefent,   that the American  Ship Columbia
intending to proceed to China, the Crew of the N. W.  America  were ordered by  Don
6 Martinez C   s   3
Martinez on Board her, principally, as your Memorialift underftands, for the Purpofe of
affifting her in her Navigation to China, the greateft Part of her own Crew, as well as of
her Provifions, having been previoufly put On Board the Wajhington, in order that fhe might
be enabled to continue on the Coaft.
That the Columbia having reduced her Provifions confiderably from the Supplies fhe had
fpared to her Confort, was furnifhed from the Argonaut, by Order of Don Martinez, with
what'was neceffary for her Voyage, faid to be intended however for the Supply ©X the
Crew of the N. W. America; that previous to the Departure of the Columbia, 96 Skins were
alfo put on Board her, as appears by the Paper hereunto annexed, N0^ to defray the
Wages of the Officers and Crew of the N. W. America, under a Suppofition that their late
Emplqyers would be unable to liquidate their Demands, firft deducting, however, 30 per
Cent, from the Sales which Don Martinez had agreed fhould be paid for the Freight on the
faid Skins to the American Commanders.
That the Columbia thus fupplied left Nootka Sound accordingly,  and proceeded to the
Southward; that a few Days after fhe entered Port Cox, where fhe was joined by her Con-
Tort the Waftnngton, from whom fhe received a confiderable Number of Skins,  conceived
to  be the whole (excepting  the 96 before-mentioned) which had been collected by the
Americans and Spaniards, as well as by the Britifh Traders, and with which, after fparing 'a
■further Quantity of Provifions to the Wajhington, the Columbia proceeded to China, where
fhe arrived on the 2d of November, and landed the Crew of the North Weft America.
•    That the Crew of the North Weft America, previous to their leaving Nootka Sound in the
-Columbia, faw the Argonaut proceed, as a Prize, to San Bias ; and that her Officers and Men,
who were Europeans, were put on Board her as Prifoners j and that the Princefs Royal was
fhortly to follow with her Crew in Confinement in the fame Manner.    The WaJJyiytgton, on
joining the Columbia, in Port Cox, gave information that the Princefs Royal ha^d alfo failed
for San Bias.
That Don Martinez had thought fit however to detain the Chinefe, and had compelled
them to enter into the Service of Spain ; and that on the Departure of the Columbia, they were
employed in the Mines, which had then been opened on the Lands which your Memoriamfc
had purchafed.
Your Memorialift begs leave to annex a Depofition of the Officers and Crew of the
N. W. America, together with an Extract of the Journal of the Iphigenia, and alfo fome Letters
which he has received from Mr. Duffin, Second Officer of the Argonaut, which Papers will
ferve to throw confiderable Lights on the feveral Tranfactions alluded to in this Memorial:
-jie alfo has fubjoined a Statement of the actual as well as the probable Loffes which he and
his Affociates have fuftained from the unwarrantable and unjuftifiable Proceedings of Don
Martinez, in open Violation of the Treaty of Peace fubfifting between this Country and the
Court of Spain, and at Times and in Situations where, according to the commo'q Laws of
Hofpitality, they might have expected a different Conduct.
Your Memorialift therefore moft humbly begs leave to fubmit the Cafe of himfelf and his
Affociates to the Consideration of Government, in full Confidence that the proper and neceffary Meafures will be taken to obtain that Redrefs, which he and his Affociates have) as
Britifh Subjects, a right to expect.
London 30th April 1790.
Your Memorialift alfo begs leave to annex
an Acknowledgment given by Don Martinez,
of his having obtained poffeffion of the North
W$ America.    N° 11.
J. M.
N° 2. [■*  3
COPY   of a Letter from Mr.  Mears  to Captain  Colnett;  dated
17th April 1789.
In Mr. Mears s Memorial of %oth April 1790.    (N° i.J
Macoa, 17th April 1789.
C O foori as the Argonaut is ready for Sea, you will proceed on yo'uf Voyage, and put inta>
^ Execution the feveral Plans we have laid down, and with which you are fo thoroughly acquainted j you are alfo fo perfectly informed of the Bafis they are founded on, that any Recapitulation here would be needlefs. We place the ftrongeft Reliance on your Perfeverance,
Temper, and Prudence, and are convinced that our Hopes can only be matured but through
an Exertion of thofe Difpofitions; we ftrenoufly recommend a moderate UTe of the Powers
yOu are .inverted with, not only in your Tranfactions with Ships of Foreign Nations, who
muft be treated with that good Faith and Generoflty which is the Characteriftic of the
Englifh Nation, and which muft turn ultimately to the Honour and Credit of your Employers, but to all Ships of our own Nation, to whom we defire you to be particularly attentive in cafe of Diftrefs, or any other calamitous Situation they may be thrown into; we irp-
prefs on your Mind this Point, not only for the Honour and Credit refulting to us" from fuch.
a liberal Line of Conduct, but from the abfolute Neceflity of avoiding all Subject of Dif-
pute with Foreign Powers; we hope that no Motive whatever will induce you to deviate
from this Point, as we allure you, that a Commerce that is not carried on with Honour and
Refpectability, as well as Humanity, would be entirely repugnant to our Feelings as Men,
and Characters as Britifh Merchants, a Character which appears to us in fb refpectable a
Light, that no Emolument, no Advantage whatever would perfuade us tp countenance the
fmalleft Deviation from it in the Perfon and Acts of thofe we employ.
Reports having been fpread of great Acts of Cruelty and Inhumanity being committed by
the Crews of various VefTels on the Coaft of America, in their Commerce with the Natives,
we now embrace the earlieft Opportunity of exprefling our utter Abhorrence of fuch hoftile
Acts: We fincerely hope that no Perfon or Perfons in our Employ will have Caufe to be
reproached of any Thing in this Kind j Acts which we never will countenance or protect j
on the contrary we fhall ufe every Means in our Power to have the Perpetrators punifh-
ed; we therefore moft particularly order, that in the Courfe of your Command, if any Perfon or Perfons whatever in our Employ fhall commit any Murder on the Natives of
America, or on others, that you feize the Offenders, and put them in Irons, and fend them
to the Agents in China, in order that they may be brought to condign Punifhment; we are
here neceffitated to dwell on this Subject, from the ftrong Reports of fuch atrocious Acts
being committed, which a^^f^n^ftr^ Palyad^ftjmctive of the Commerce, but of every
Sentiment of Humanity; we recommend a'fteady Purfuarrcc of ,aimild Conduct, as the only-
Means to cultivate the good Will of the Natives, and draw them wkhin the Verges of civilized Life.
We recommend to you, if poflible, to form a Treaty with the various Chiefs, particularly
near Nootka. If you happily accomplifh this, you at once become poflfeiTed of the Furs of
a great Diftrict with Honour and Credit, and without incurring a Stigma; and, if there is a
Poffibility of conquering our Competitors, we beg it may be in a Mode fo honourable to
ourfelves as Generofity and Humanity, and alfo a ftrict Attention to our Bufinefs.
On the Strength of a Treaty we form confiderable Hopes, for although at the Moment it
may not be productive, yet in Time it will be found the moft ftable Way of accomplishing
our Wifhes, and gaining the Confidence of the Chiefs, who are known to manage the Corn^.
merce of their Subjects j for this Purpofe we have fupplied you abundantly with every Article known to be had in Eftimation among them ; and fo anxious are we to have a good Un-
derftanding, and the perfecting a Treaty, that we authorize you to take under your Protection all our Allies, and protect them from Infult from all Perfons whatever. Our Sentiments
on this Head you will make known to all Perfons whom it may concern, in order that they
may govern themfelves accordingly.
You will keep a Diary of your Proceedings, in which every minute Occurrence is to be
recorded ; and you will forward this Account of your Proceedings, from Time to Time, by
all Opportunities.
In t 1  ]
In planning a Factory on the Coaft of America, we jook to a folid Eftablifhment, ind ho!
One that is to be abandoned at Pleafure; We authorize you to fix it at the moft convenient
Station, only to place your Colony in Peace and Security, and fully protected from the Fear
of the fmalleft finifter Accident. The Object of a Port of this Kind is to draw the
it, to lay up the fmall VefTels in the Winter Seafon, to build, and other Commercial Purpofes.
When this Point is effected, different trading Hours will be eftablifhed at Stations that
your Knowledge of the Coaft and its Commerce point out to be the moft advantageous. \ .
In the Courfe of the Summer we recommend your leaving fingle Perfons to refide with
fome of your Friends* the Chiefs of the Charlotte Ifles* in order to collect the Furs; the
Natives, in full Perfuafion of your returning to them, would keep back from our Competitors ; and here at once you will perceive the Advantages to be derived from conciliating
their Confidence and good Will. To fuch People who are fo prone to ferve their Employers
Rewards fhould be given, which fhould be agreeable to their Succefs.
You are fo well acquainted with the American Commerce, that it would pe needlefs td
dwell on the Neceffity of hufbanding your Articles of Trade; of guarding againft the Im-
pofitions of the native Merchants, and of impreffing them with an Idea of the Superiority
of your Merchandize, &c.<&c. The Tide of Fancy of thofe People may be turned; the
Ficklenefs of their Difpofitioh is well know to you, as well as your Ingenuity to us in combating thofe Difficulties. The Fall of the Year we wifh all the fmall Craft to be laid up at
the Factory* which you will name Fort Pitt.
You will inveft Mr. R. Duffin with the Superiritenda'nce of this Station, and ftrenuoufly
recommend to him to keep good Order and Harmony therein; to build Store-houfes for\
the Reception of the Tackle and Furniture of the Shipping that you may order to be laid
up, and above all, to recommend to him to ufe every Precaution againft the Scurvy by
Exercife and the unremitting Ufe of the Decoction of Pine Tops.
You will in the Winter Seafori fend what VefTels you judge proper to the Sandwich
Iflands for Provifions, Sec. In their Return we imagine that, fome of the Natives of thofe
Ifles, both Men and Women, may be embarked and tranfplanted to America, and made:
ufeful in our Employ; this muft be dohe with their own Confents, and with every Precaution with regard to their Health as well as Happinefs.
We defire the Argonaut may be returned to China the End of this Seafori with the Furs.
You will deliver her to Captain William Douglafs, and receive from him the Iphigene and
America, fhifting the Crews &c. &c. You will alfo receive his Surplus Trade, and all
other Stores of that Nature, and~in Return fupply him with Refrefhments to carry him to
the Iflands where he can procure a Supply.
The Furs you fend to China, we defire may be well cleaned, and otherwife dreffed, claffed,
and put into Chefts ; Mutters of each Quality muft be put into a feparate Box; every Skin,
Piece, and Tail, muft be numbered, and a Regifter kept of the Whole, and tranfmitted to
us, with your other Difpatches, by Captain Douglafs j in thefeyou will be very particular- in
adviling us of all Articles wanted for the Year 1790.
We recommend to your Attention the State of the Markets in China; the vaft Difference
between good and bad Skins, as a Guidance to your Purchafes on the Coaft, as 100 prime
Skins are moft affuredly worth 500 bad, independent of leffening the Value of your Articles of Commerce. All Collections of Furs, to the lateft Period, you will fend Home in the
Argonaut. . '.   'a A
Sea Otters Tails and Seal Skins now become an Object, from the Price they bear.—It
will be entirely needlefs to direct you in the Purchafes of Furs, where you are fo well acquainted ; this we leave entirely to yourfelf; but we cannot avoid reminding you, and to
defire a ftrict Attention is paid, that no illicit Commerce is carried on by any Perfons in
our Employ; on any Circumftances of this Kind, the Offenders may depend on our availing
ourfelves in the'ftricteft Manner which a Breach of Articles may occafion. The Pay of
Officers of every Defcription is extremely liberal; and we fhall efteem it the Duty of every
Individual to make known fuch Circumftances of illicit Commerce as may come within
their Knowledge, as in our Eyes it is equally Criminal, and fhews a great Neglect of their
Employer's Intereft, to either hide or ftifle fuch Difcovery; and you have our moft pofitive
Orders, on fuch Points coming to your Knowledge, to inftantly difmifs fuch Perfons,
and thofe concerned, from our Service; nor will we permit any Deviation from this
Point, except your Reafons are ftrong and fufficient for purfuing a different Line of
We alfo authorize you to difmifs from our Service all Perfons who fhall refufe to obey
your Orders, when they are for our Benefit, and, in this Cafe, we give you to underftand,
the Princefs Royal, America, and other fmall Craft are always to continue on the Coaft of
America; their Officers and People, when the Time of their Service is up, muft be embarked on the returning Ship to China; and on no Account whatever will we fuffera Deviation from thofe Orders.
Should you meet with any of the Ships of Meffrs. Etches and C° on the Coaft, you will
of Courfe afford them every Affiftance in your Power; but as we fhall have no Intereft in
x thofe | t *  l
thofe Ships, if you can iAduce the Commanders to trade on our joint Account, it will be
moft agreeable to us j but no trading Connections whatever muft be, except on Account of
the prefent Company. To the Perfon intruded with the Command of thofe Ships you will
make known the Nature of our Connections with Mr. Etches; you will in Confequence make
a Demand of all their Surplus Stores, or Articles of Commerce, &c. that they have to
dWpofe of, in Order that they may be left in the Factory; and a particular Account muft be
taken of all that are delivered", as they muft be accounted for to Mr. Etches by the Company.
We have no Doubt but that your Requifition will be complied with, as it ultimately tends
to the Good of their Employers.
The Number of Competitors you will meet with on the Coaft will, we fear, fomewhat
diminifh your Collection of Furs, as well as enhance their Price; we have no Doubt of
your Activity and Perfeverance, as well as Addrefs in your Negociations. We place the
ftrongeft Reliance on your Vigilance and Caution, and as we have conferred on you the moft
ample Powers! in Return we look for confiderable Refponfibility, and a happy Completion
of our Plans. In a full Perfuafion of this we fhall take our Leave, with a ftrong Recom-i
mendation of Unanimity amongft your Officers, and the ftricteft Difcipline over your People.
We wifh you Health and a profperous Voyage, and remain, &c.
J.    MEARS,
For Meffrs. Etches, Cox, and C°.
EXTRACTS of a Letter from Mr. Mears to Captain Colnett;
dated Macao,  25 April 1789.
In Mr. Mears's Memorial of the $Qth April 1790.
To accompany Jnclofure    (N° 1.)
YX7E have well-founded Information, that Mr. Jaques, Mate of the Princefs Royal, gave
Copies of his own and Captain Hudfon's Journals and Charts to Captain Metcalf, who
commanded an American Ship when he was   in China.   This Act of Mr. Jaques we efteern
to militate fo extremely againft himfelf and our Service, that we defire you to return him to
Our Difpleafure is no lefs pointed againft Mr. Gibfon, one of your Officers, whofe Acts of
Inhumanity, exercifed on the Coaft of America, render him extremely unfit to be employed
in our Service j you will therefore return him to China. Thofe Circumftances relative to
the above Perfons did not come to our Knowledge till after the Departure of the Princefs
Royal from China, or we moft affuredly would have embraced the earlieft Opportunity of
difmifling them our Service j but, with regard to Mr. Gibfon, we have put the fmall Stock
of his remaining Merit againft his Situation, and our Promifes prior to the Difcovery of his
Character, and we have formed the Refolution of employing him but one Seafon.
As the Difmiffion of thofe Officers may put you to fome Inconvenience, we fhall write to
Meffrs. Sheppardfon and Barnet to remain under your Command; and though they are, yet
we are convinced of their Value, being entirely attached to Jntereft and Service."
** As it is probable, that in Autumn 1790 you may meet with a Store Ship from England,
on the Company's Account, we have the ftrongeft Hopes, fhould that Event happen, that
from her you vriii form the entire Eftablifhmcnt of the Coaft on fuch reafonable Terms under
the prefent, that will meet our Satisfaction, and enable the Company, through the Medium
of (Economy, to deftroy our Competitors. It is probable, however, that all thofe Engagements may be fettled in England prior to the Departure of the Stcr^ Ship j in this Cafe you
will refign the Charge of our Concerns to thofe who are appointed to manage, the fame, and
return with the Officers and People who are impreffed from China on the Store Ship, or the
Argonaut, which ever you think moft eligible; but we rather apprehend that, by the above
Periop^ you will have fo mpch Tonnage on .the Coaft, that if will be needlefs detaining the
Argonaut, more particularly as we fhall want her in 17 91, to return her again to the Coaft.
We hayffrnothing more to repeat, in Addition to the former Orders."
*    - N° 4. [    9    ]
N° 4 '", \ • ■
OBLIGATION   to reftore the Ship Iphigenia to His Catholic
Majefty if deemed a lawful Prize.
In Mr. Mears's Memorial of the %oth April 1790.     (N° 2.)
(N board His Majefty's Frigate called Our Lady of the Rofary (alias) the Princefs, ictri
May of faid Year; I, D" Francis Jofeph Viana, and Don William Douglas, the Firft
Captain and the Second, Supercargo of the Packet Boat Iphigenia Nubiana, at Anchor in
this Port of St. Lawrence of Nootka, being empowered by Dn John Cawallo, Inhabitant .of
declare bind
and Trader at Macao; We fay that we oblige ourfelves (in Name of faid Cawallo, to whom
belongs faid Packet Boat) to fatisfy whomfoever fhall prefent to us the Import of Valuation
by experienced Perfons of faid Veffel, with Ladingand other Appurtenances on Board; and
in order the better to certify in the antecedent Inventory, in cafe that H. E. the Viceroy of
New Spain, may judge the faid Packet Boat the Iphigenia to be a Prize, on account of
having found us at Anchor in faid Port of Nootka, without having a Paffport, Permiffion, or
particular from His Catholick Majefty for fo doing, that is, for navigating or
Anchoring in Seas or Ports belonging to his Dominions.    For all which we oblige ourfelves
to the faid Dn John Cawallo, as lawful Owner of faid Packet, and we oblige ourfelves in
his Name, in all lawful Form, with our Perfons and Effects, prefent and future, to the Satif-
faction of the Quantity of Contents of faid Inventory, Mails, Stores, Cargo, &c. contained
in faid Inventory; fubjecting ourfelves, as we do fubject ourfelves, to the Laws, Pragmatic
Sanctions, and Ordinances of faid Sovereign; and renouncing as we do renounce all Laws,
Liberties, and Privileges which might favour us, without it being neceffary in the Exhibition
Value, iW^
of the faid Quantity, in which we may be condemned, to have recourfe to Law Suit; for
although this Obligation be made upon fimple Paper, we give it as much Force and Value
as if it were a Writing made before a Royal or Public Notary, and for its Force we fign
Three of one Tenor, One being fulfilled, the others to be of no Value, which we have
figned with our Hand and Signature, and authorized by the Commandant D" Stephen
Jofeph and by the proper Notary, Raphael de Canizares, on faid Day, Month, and
Year, being Witneffes thereto Dn John Kendrick, Commander of the Bofton Frigate, named
the Columbia, and Dn Jofeph Ingraham, fecond Captain and firft Pilot of faid Frigate,
and of this I give Faith—Francis Jofeph Viana—William Douglas—John Kendrick—Jofeph
-Stephen Jofeph Martinez—Raphael de Caftizares.
This is a literal Copy of the Obligation, of which, Triplicates were figned at the Foot
of the Inventory made of the faid Packet Boat of Macao, whereof I certify. On
board the Princefs Frigate, 26th May, 1789.
N- 5< 1
IXTRACT of a Letter from Mr. Mears to Captain William"
Douglafs, commanding the Iphigenia; dated at Sea, 2d February
In Mr. Mears Memorial of the $Oth April 179c.    (N° 3.)
dT\ N your Return to Macao you will feal up your Log Book, Charts, Plans, &c. &c. &c.
^"■^ and forward them to Daniel Beale, Efquire, Canton, who is the oftenfible Agent for
the Concern ; and you have the moft particular Injunctions not to communicate or give
Copies of any Charts or Plans, that you may make, as your Employers aflfert a Right to
all of them, and as fuch will claim them.
Should you, in the Courfe of your Voyage, meet With the VefTels of any other Nation,
you will have as little Communication with them as poffible ; fhould they be of fuperior
Force, and defire to fee your Papers, you will caufe your Portuguefe Captain to fhew them.
You will be on your Guard againft Surprize. Should they be either Ruffian, Englifh, Spanifh,
or any other civilized Nation, and be authorized to examine your Papers, you will permit
them, and treat them with Civility and Friendfhip; but at the fame Time you muft be on
your Guard. Should they attempt to feize you, or even carry you out of your Way, you
will prevent it by every Means in your Power, and repel Force by Force; you will on your
Arrival proteft publicly, before a proper Officer, againft fuch illegal Procedure, and ascertain, as near as you can, the Value of your Cargo and Veffel, and fend fuch Proteft, with a.
full Account of the Tranfaction, to Juan Carvalho, Efquire, of Macao, Daniel Beale,
Efquire, Pruffian Conful at Canton, MefTrs. Francifco Jofe Bandeiro, and Jt>nonimo Ru-
bifno Neves, Attornies, at Lifbon.
Should you, on fuch Conflict, have the Superiority, you will then take Pofiefiion of the
Veflel that attacked you, as alfo her Cargo, and bring both, with the Officers and Crew, to
Macao, that they may be condemned!, and their Crews punifhed as Pirates.
EXTRACT* of a Letter from Mr. Mears to Mr. Robert Funter,
Second Officer of the Felice, commanding the America ; dated
Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound, 10th September 1788.
In Mr. Mears1 s Memorial of the $oth April 1790*
To accompany Inclofure {N° 3.)
\7' O U are on no Account to hoift any Colours until fuch Time as your Employers give
m    you Orders for this Purpofe, except on taking PofTeffion of any new-difcovered Land;
you will then do it, with the ufual Formality, for the Crown of Great Britain.
N° 7. [
N° 7.
THE  Information  of William  Grahams
In Mr. Mears's Memorial of the $oth April 1790.   (JV0 4.)
to wit.
The Information of William Graham, of Grub Street, Mariner, taken before
me Sir Sampfon Wright, Knight, One of His Majefty's Juftices of the Peace
for the faid County of Middlefex, this 5th Day 6f May 1790,
\KJ H O, being on Oath, fays, That on or about the Month of September 1788, he entered
^^ himfelf on Board the Veffel called The North Weft America, then lying in King
George's Sound, on the North Weft Coaft of America* belonging to Mr. John Meares, a
Merchant trading in thofe Parts : And further fays, That he faw faid Veffel launched in faid
Harbour under Britifh Colours, and navigated under the Britifh Flag, and that fhe was
commanded by Robert Funter, who is a Britifh Subject.
And this Informant further fays, That faid Ship was trading on Account of faid John:
Meares on the North Weft Coaft of America, between the Latitudes of 60 and 45 North,
for Furs, a large Number of which they had purchafed and got on Board ; and that being
in Want of Provifions, they failed from the Archipelago of St. Lazarus, where they had
been fo trading as aforefaid, and returned to King George's Sound for a frefh Supply of
Provifions, at which Time the Natives were bringing great Quantities of Furs for Sale.
And this Informant further fays, That when the faid Veffel arrived in the Offing of faid
King George's Sound, a Number of Boats came out of faid Sound, arid feized faid Veffel,
and conducted her into faid Sound ; that One of faid Boats had a Gun in her Bow, and all
the People on Board the Boats were Spaniards, and were armed with Cutlaffes, Piftols, and
Mufquets; that they took Poffeffion of faid Veffel in the Name of the King of Spain, and
made this Informant and the reft of the Crew Prifoners.
That on entering faid Sound in Manner aforefaid, he this Informant faw Two Spanifh
Men of War lying there, one carrying 26 Guns, called The Princeffa, and the other 24
Guns, called The St. Carlos, with feveral Hundred Men on Board* and carrying the
Spanifh Flag.
That the Spaniards who had boarded faid Veffel as aforefaid, brought her to an Anchor
clofe to faid Frigates, and put the Captain and Grew of faid Veffel on Board faid Frigates ; that they then took out of faid Veffel all the Furs and other Merchandize, and put
the fame alio on Board faid Frigates, and then hoifted the Spanifh Flag on Board the Veffel
they had fo captured.
That the Spaniards entreated this Informant, and the reft of the Crew of faid Veffel, t&
enter themfelves as Seamen on Board faid Frigates, which they all refufed to do; that faid
Spaniards then put the Crew of faid Veffel in Irons, and fed them with Horfe Beans and
Water, for the Space of about Three Weeks, and beat and otherwife ill treated feveral of
And this Informant further fays, That he was informed that the Name of the Officer who
commanded faid Frigates is Stephen Jofeph Martinez ; and he alfo further fays, that if faid
Veflel could have continued longer in the Archipelago of St. Lazarus, from whence fhe was
obliged to return to King George's Sound through Want of Provifions, or if fhe had got a
Supply of Provifions at faid Sound, and gone back to the Archipelago (from which fhe'
was prevented by being Captured as aforefaid) he is well affured that they fhould have collected alarge Quantity of Furs, and other Merchandize, and that the Voyage would have
been very advantageous to the Parties interefted therein.
That foon after the Capture of faid Veffel as aforefaid, fhe was fitted out, and ferit on a
trading Voyage, by faid Stephen Jofeph Martinez, manned with Spaniards, bearing the
Spanifh Flag, and having alfo on Board one David Coolidge, Mate of the Sloop Wafhington,
belonging to the United States of America, which was then lying in faid Sound; that in
the Month of July following, faid Veffel returned to faid Sound, having on Board a confiderable Quantity of Otters Skins, which he this Informant faw taken out of faid Veffel, and put
on Board faid Frigates.
That on the 14th Day of the Month of June 1789, the Princefs Royal Merchant Ship, of
London, belonging to faid Mr. Meares and others, and commanded by Mr. William Hudfon, came into faid Sound with Britifh Colours flying, and Anchored near the faid Frigates ;
that faid Veffel Princefs Roya} lay in faid Sound a few Days, and 1 then failed (having firft
obtained I
6r3tained the Permiffion of faid Martinez fo to do) without any other interruption or Mo-
leftation whatever.
That or about the Third of July the Argonaut, a Merchant Ship, appeared in the Offing
of faid King George's Sound, commanded by James Colnett; that faid Martinez equipped
a Launch with Twenty Men and upwards, and went with the fame himfelf, accompanied by
Richard Howe, an American, and Supercargo of the Ships Columbia and Wafhington (belonging to the United States of America, and then lying in faid Sound) on board faid Argonaut ; that faid Argonaut failed into and Anchored in faid Sound with Britifh Colours
flying; that the next Morning the Argonaut wanting to put to Sea, was prevented by
faid Martinez, who feized faid Veffel with an armed Force, took the Captain and Crew on
board faid Frigates, and put them in Irons ; that faid Martinez ordered the Britifh Colours
on board the Argonaut to be hauled down, and the Spanifh Colours to be hoifted, and fired
a Gun on board the Argonaut, and took Poffeffion of the Veffel in the Name of his Catholic
Majefty ; that faid Martinez then ordered all the Property on board faid Argonaut to be
removed on board faid Frigates ; that on the 13th Day of July the beforementioned Veffel
the Princefs Royal appeared in the Offing of faid King George's Sound, and that Robert
Hudfon, Mailer of faid Veffel, came into faid Sound in his Boat; that fince Martinez
immediately feized faid Boat, together with faid Hudfon and the Boat's Crew, on whom
feveral Spanifh foldiers who were on Board the Argonaut and the Princeffa (one of faid Frigates) fired with Ball; that when faid Hudfon came along-fide faid Frigate in his Boat, the
Crew belonging to faid Frigate beat faid Hudfon and his Men, and threw faid Hudfon
down the After Hatchway of faid Frigate, faying, «* Get down, you Englifh Dog," and afterwards put him in the Cabin under a Guard of Soldiers ; that the Spaniards then launched
Two Boats, armed with Cutlaffes, Sec. which went on Board the Princefs Royal, and brought
her into the Sound; that they then fired a Gun on Board her, hauled down the Englifh and
hoifted Spanifh Colours on Board her, and put the Crew, all the Merchandize, and other Property that was in her, on Board One of faid Frigates, and took Poffeffion of faid Princefs Royal
in the Name of His Catholic Majefty ; that at this Time he this Informant faw Two Spanifh Batteries which were erected on Shore in faid Sound, the one mounted 16 Guns, and the
other Seven Guns, with the Spanifh Flag flying thereon.
And this Informant further fays, That he remained in Confinement on Board One of faid
Spanifh Frigates for the Space of Three Weeks, and was then put on Board the aforefaid
American Veffel the Columbia, in order to return to China ; that before faid Veffel failed,
he this Informant was feveral Times on Board the Argonaut, where he faw Captain Colnett
and his Officers confined in the Cabin, and the Crew in the Fore Hatchway in Irons.
And this Informant further fays, That he failed from China on Board the Felice, and arrived in faid King George's Sound in the Month of May 1788 ; that in about a Fortnight
or Three Weeks after their Arrival he faw Mr. Meares deliver fome Articles of Merchandize
to Maquilla, the Sovereign Prince of the faid Sound, which he then underftood and believed
were given as a Confideration for Lands which the faid Mr. Meares had required for
an Eftablifhment on Shore; that faid Mr. Meares did erect a Building and other
Conveniencies on faid Land; and that the fame were taken Poffeffion of by faid Martinez, who
raifed a Battery of Two Guns, and hoifted the Spanifh Flag thereon.
And  this  Informant fays, That there were  a Number of Men, Natives  of China   at
faid Sound, who had been taken thither by faid Mr. Meares; and that faid Martinez refufed
to let them return to China, and employed them in erecting Batteries and other Works, and
as he hath been informed, in digging in the Mines.
That while he was on his Paffage in the Columbia to China, he faw a Quantity of Furs
put on Board faid Veffel from faid Princeffa, and that the Name Martinez was ftamped or
marked thereon; that in Port Cofe, in their Way to China (and where the Wafhineton
and Columbia met) he alfo faw a Number of Furs put on Board the Columbia from the
And this Informant hereby acknowledges, That he has received from faid Mr. Meares all
the Wages due to him from the Time of his embarking on Board the Felice as aforefaid, to
the Time of his Arrival in China on Board the Columbia: And fays, that the principal
Reafon of his coming to Europe was to give Information of the before-mentioned Tranf-
That when he was at Port Cofe, in the Columbia as aforefaid, Captain Kenrick, who commanded faid Veffel, told this Informant, that if he would not fign Articles to affift in navigating her to China, he would turn him afhore among the Indians; and in confequence of
faid Threats, he figned faid Articles; and he this Informant is of Opinion, that if he and
others under the like Circumftances had not given fuch Affiftance, they could not have carried
faid Veffel to China > but he did not receive any Recompenfe for fuch Service.
Sworn before me the Day and Year
above written.
N* 8. [    '3    J
T*   HUDSON'S   Receipt for Two hundred and Three Sea Otter
In Mr. Mears s Memorial of the $oth April 1.790.     (N° 5.)
July 2d 1789, in Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound.
T> ECEIVED from Robert Funter, Two hundred and Three Sea Otter Skins,, numbered
1 to 215, in good Order and well-conditioned, of which Numbers Twelve are wanting,
viz. N° 96, 170, 179, 180, 163, 197, 199, 202, 203, 205, 208, and 294, which I promife to
'deliver in the like good Order and Condition at Macao, Canton, or any other Port where
they may be ordered by the Eftablilhed Company of Merchants trading from the above Ports
to this Coaft.
Witnefs my Hand this 2d Day of July 1789.
203 Skins.
T.     HUDSON.
N#9. [ i 3
•   N° 9. •
CERTIFICATE   of Ninety-fix Skins being fhipped on Board
the Columbia.
In Mr. Mears's Memorial of the $oth April,  1790.     ( N" 6. )
{} F the 96 Skins, which I have permitted to be embarked on Board the Columbia, to
Captain Robert Funter, and Pilot Thomas Barnet, on their Account, they fhall pay
to the Captain of faid Frigate, John Kendrick, the correfponding Freight for faid Skins,
as alfo the Support of the Crew, and Payment of faid Individuals, becaufe that they might
not lofe their Labour and Pain, I have given this Permiffion, leaving to the faid Captain
and Pilot their Right, apart, to demand of Don John Cawallo, in whofe Service they were,
or of the London Company of Free Trade, as this has fatisfied the Expences incurred by faid
Cawallo in his Veflels by Means of the Purchafe.
On Board this Frigate under my Command,
in the Port of St. Lawrence of Nootka,
14th July, 1789.
This: is Original Copy of an'Order, which   they fay D" Stephen Jofeph Martinez,
Captain of the Spanifh Frigate, gave.
Canton, 2d December, 1789.
Henry Hopman,
Third Supercargo.
Manuel Netgole, Firft Supercargo
of the Phillippine Company.
N° 10. [     *5     ]
DEPOSITION    of   the    Officers   and   J
North  Weft America.
:n   of  the   Schooner
In Mr. Mears's Memorial of 30th April 1790^    {N° 7.)
'1X7E the undermentioned Captain and Seamen of the N. W. America, a Veffel of
40 Tons Burthen or thereabouts, built in King George's Sound, on the North Weft
Coaft of America, by Captain John Meares, Agent for the Society of Britifh Merchants
trading to thofe Parts, and launched under the Colours of Great Britain, make Oath before
the Chief Supercargo of the Honourable Eaft India Company refident at Canton :
That in the Month of September, in the Year of our Lord One thoufand Seven hundred
and Eighty-eight, the Carpenters of the faid John Meares did, with the Affiftance of divers
Natives of America, build, launch, and equip a Schooner of Forty Tons, or thereabouts, in
the Sound or Port difcovered by the late Captain James Cook, and named by him King
George's Sound, in Honour of our Moft Gracious Sovereign ; that the faid John Meares,
did name the faid Veffel the N. W. America, as the Firft Veffel ever' built in that Part
of the World; that fhe was equipped at a great and heavy Expence of Stores, Tackle, and
Furniture, particularly of Iron, the moft valuable Commodity in thofe Parts; that all thofe
Stores, Iron, Sec. were conveyed to the American Coaft, with infinite Labour, Coll, Charge,
and Expences, on the Ship Iphigenia, as appears by her Books of Outfit and Equipment; that the faid John Meares did appoint Mr. Robert Funter, Mailer of the N. W.
America, deeming him a full and fufficient Perfon to conduct'her Commerce and Guidance,
and alfo did appoint Peter Henny, Robert Davidfon, and John Eaft, Quarter Mailers of the
faid Schooner, as well as Thomas Thiftlewood, William Graham, and John Clarke, Mariners,
'all Subjects of the Crown of Great Britain, and alfo Affing, a Native of China, a Carpenter,
and Affee and Aehaw, Mariners of the fame Country, to compofe her Crew, to trade along
the Norm Weft Coaft of America, on Account and for the Benefit of the Aflbciated Merchants of Great Britain trading to thofe Parts; and that we the above mentioned People
have been paid our full and juft Wages agreeable to Juftice, from the Time of our Firft
failing from China until the Time of our Return, as the Books of Outfit will fhew, and
agreeable to our Receipts.
That on the 9th of June 1789, being returned to King George's Sound from a trading
Expedition amongft the Charlotte's Ifles, unfufpecting Enemies or other hoftile Attacks,
there did come from thence Boats manned and equipped for War, commanded by Don
Jofeph Stephen Martinez, Commander of Two Ships of War of his Catholic Majefty then
in King George's Sound, and did tow or convey the faid N. W. America, her Crew,
Tackle, Cargo, and Furniture, into the faid Sound, and did Anchor her clofe to the Spanifh
Ships of War, and then did take Poffeffion of the Schooner, her Tackle, Cargo, Furniture,
Goods, and Chattels of the Aflbciated Merchants, in the Name of his Catholic Majefty, as a
good and lawful Prize.
That the faid Schooner N. W. America did barter  and trade with  the Natives of the
North Weft Coaft of America, .for Two hundred and Fifteen Sea Otter Skins of good and
prime Quality; that the faid Number of Two hundred and Fifteen Sea Otter Skins,   were,
put on Board of the Sloop Princefs Royal, of London, belonging to the Aflbciated Merchants,
for their Ufe and Advantages.
That the faid Robert Funter and his Crew were removed Prifoners on Board the faid Spanifh
Ships of War, to their Vexation, Detriment, and Lofs; and that the faid Schooner N. W.
America was taken out of his Care, and given up to the Plunder of the Subjects of his
Catholic Majefty; that the Colours of Spain *vere hoifted on Board the faid N. W.
America ; that every Formality was ufed by the Spaniards, by fprinkling Holy Water, Sec.
on tjie above Veffel, in order to cover their unjuft and cruel Proceedings.
That the Quantity of Trade and Commerce on Board the N. W. America, when taken
by the Spaniards, was great and confiderable ; and that being in Want of Provifions, fhe
returned to King George's Sound, in the fole Hopes of meeting with fome of the Ships
of the Aflbciated Merchants, to receive from them the Supplies wanted; that Numbers of
Skins were left behind amongft the Charlotte's Ifles ; and we do aver to the beft of our
Belief, that had there been fufficient Provifions on Board the Schooner, fo as to have permit-
ed her further Stay, that One thoufand Sea Otter Skins would have.been collected, in Addi--
5 tion / M i6 I..' . ''   I... .
tion to the Two hundred and Fifteen above-mentioned : And we further make Oath, That
the Detention in King George's Sound, by Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez, was to the Ruin of
the Voyage, and the irreparable Lofs of the Affociated Merchants.
That the faid N. W. America was immediately equipped and manned by Don Jofeph
Stephen Martinez, with Spanifh Officers and Seamen, with Mr. David Coolidge, Firft Mate
of the Sloop Wafhington, of the United States of America, a Pilot; that fhe failed from King
George's Sound under the Spanifh Flag on a trading Voyage; that in the Month of July
fhe returned to the faid Sound with a Cargo of Seventy-five Sea Otter Skins, or upwards, to
the heavy Lofs of the Affociated Merchants.
That we do further make Oath, That Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez did offer to Mr.
Robert Funter to go as Pilot to the Schooner, to fhew the different Harbours where Skins
were to be collected, and to trade along the Coaft ; and as an Inducement to accept of this
Station, the faid DoA Jofeph Stephen Martinez did offer unto the faid Mr. Robert Funter
the Half of all Furs or Valuables collected during the Voyage; and the faid Mr. Robert
Funter having acquired a confiderable Knowledge of the Trade of the North Weft Coaft of
America, was preffed by D. J. S. Martinez to difcover the Nature of the Commerce, and to
enter into their Service. And we do further make Oath, That thofe Offers of Don Jofeph
Stephen Martinez were rejected with Indignation, as incompatible with our being in the
Service of the Affociated Merchants.
That the faid Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez did make ufe of all Manner of Threats and
other unlawful Endeavours of Punifhments and Imprifonments, &c. Sec. Sec. to induce the
faid Robert Funter to make fome Inftrument of Writing, whereby the Right and Title to the
faid Schooner N. W. America, fhould be conveyed to the above Don Jofeph Stephen
Martinez; that all thofe Efforts and Threats were fuftained without giving fuch an Inftrument in Writing. And do further make Oath, That of the Two hundred and Fifteen Sea
Otter Skins collected on Board the N. W. America, Twelve whereof were either loft
or ftolen on Board the Spanifh Ship Princeffa, which reduced the above Number of Two
hundred and Fifteen to Two hundred and Three Skins, which were put on Board the Princefs
That on or about the 14th of July, the Princefs Royal of London, being in want of Wood
and Water, and otherwife much diftreffed, did fail into King George's Sound, and did Anchor
near to the Ships commanded by the faid Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez; and that Mr.
William Hudfon, Mailer of the above Veffel, finding the Schooner N. W. America, belonging
to the Affociated Merchants, with Cargo and Tackle, Sec. feized by the Spaniards, did receive on Board the faid Sloop Princefs Royal, with the Leave and Licence of Don Jofeph
Stephen Martinez, the Number of Two hundred and Three prime Sea Otter Skins, on
Account of the Affociated Merchants; and the faid Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez having
determined to Capture the Hull and Tackle of the N. W. America, but liberate the Cargo
of the above Number of Two hundred and Three Sea Otter Skins.
That the above Sloop Princefs Royal, William Hudfon, Mailer, did put to Sea out of
Nootka Sound, having on Board the above Cargo of the Affociated Merchants, and after
having figned a Receipt for the above Skins, which Receipt is attached to this Affidavit.
And we do further make Oath, that the Receipt attached to this Affidavit is the true and
juft Receipt received from William Hudfon, Mailer of the Princefs Royal.
And we do make Oath, That the Ship Argonaut, commanded by Lieutenant James
Colnett, of His Majefty's Navy, and belonging to the Affociated Merchants, did arrive off
King George's Sound, on or about the 3d of July 1789; and that Don Jofeph Stephen
Martinez perceiving the faid Veffel in the Offing, did man and equip a Launch with Seventy
Men and Upwards, and went himfelf, accompanied by Mr. Richard Howe, an American, and
Supercargo of the Ships Columba and Wafhington, belonging to the United States of
America, and then in King George's Sound, and went on Board the faid Ship Argonaut,
where he was received with every Friendihip and Civility; that the Argonaut being come
off a long Voyage, and otherwife much diftreffed, was enticed and decoyed into the faid
Sound by the Affurances, and reding on the Faith of Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez, who
promifed him every Afliftance and Friendihip; and that the Ship Argonaut having in Confequence of this entered King George's Sound, was Boarded by armed Boats equipped from
the Spanifh Ships, and feized and made a Prize of, her Officers, Crew, and Cargo, in the
Name of his Catholic Majefty, by Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez; and that the Officers
and Crew were immediately removed on Board the Spanifh Ships, and the Britifh Ship Argonaut was given up by Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez to plunder, not only the Goods, Sec.
of the Affociated Merchants, but the private Moveables and Valuables of the Officers and
That Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez, with Priefts and all due Formalities, hoifted the
Flag of Spain on the Britifh Ship Argonaut, and did threaten Captain James Colnett, that
if he did not comply with all Orders, Injunctions, and other Demands, that they1 would immediately hang the faid Captain James Colnett at the Yard Arm, which preffed fo forcibly
on the Mind of the faid Colnett, that it deprived him of his SenfejSi that he made repeated
4 Attempts C    »7
Attempts to deftroy hirbfelf, and did once jortfcp out of the Cabbfh Window intOfthe Sea*
and was: with*Difficulty f&v'ed.
That the faid Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez, being in Poffeffion of the Ship Argon au§f*!id
take out of her the gfeateft Part of her Copper Trade, Arms, great Guns, ArrfnSfiifttion,
Provifions, Tar, Pitch, Canvas, and other !Naval Stores, with all the Cb£r^i^rift'$uifiSiJ£s,
&c. of the Officers.
We do further make Oath, That the Journal of the Ship Argdrraut V*as true, and faith-
'Irufly''delivered by Mr".,fRobert Duffin, Firft Officer of the faid Ship, to Mr. Robert Furrier,
Mafter of the N. W. America,  as well as the Letters figned Robert Duffin, and addreffed
to John Meares, Agent for the Affociated Britifh Merchants trading to the North Weft
Coaft of America, which Journals or Letters are attached to this Affidav%;
And we do make Oath, That on the 13th of July the Sloop Princefs Royal, of London,
was out at Sea, in the Offing of King George's Sound, and that Mr. RdBSArftadfon, Mafter of
the faid Sloop, did take hfs'Boat and row into the faid Sound, and that himfelf, Boat, andCrew,
were feized by Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez, who made Prifoners of them, and did by
Force, and Threats of hanging him at the Yard Arm, get the faid William Hudfon to write
a Letter on Board the Princefs Royal, then lying off at Sea, to deliver up without Conteft
the above Sloop; and that Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez did order his Second Lieutenant,
named Montefare, to take armed Boats, equipped for War, and go on Board the Princefs
Royal, and deliver the laid written Letter to the Commanding Officer on Board, and that
thofe Boats did accordingly go to the Princefs Royal, and did feize her, and with Force confined the Crew below the Deck, and did carry her into King George's Sound, when Don
Jofeph Stephen Martinez did order the Spanifh Colours to be hoifted on the Princefs Royal,
and captured her Officers, Crew, Cargo, Tackle, and Furniture, in the Name of his Catholic Majefty.
That to the bell of our Knowledge and Belief the faid Princefs Royal had on Board Two
hundred and Seventy prime Sea Otter Skins, belonging to the Affociated Merchants, as well
as Two hundred and Three prime Sea Otter Skins received from Mr. Robert Funter, Mafter
of the N. W. America, making in all Four hundred and Seventy-three prime Sea Otter
Skins, all which were feized by the. faid Jofeph Stephen Martinez, in the Name of his Catholic Majefty.
That the faid Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez did take Poffeffion, with all due Form, &c.
&c. of the Princefs Royal of London. And we do further make Oath, That Don Jofeph
Stephen Martinez did give us, the above-mentioned Mr. Robert Funter and Seamen, Leave
and Licence to return to China in the American Ship Columbia; and that we did embark on
Board the fame Ship, and did return to China on the 2d of November 1789 ; and that previous to our leaving King George's Sound, and the North Weft Coaft of America, we did
fee fail out of the faid Port the Britifh Ship Argonaut under the Spanifh Flag, a Prize to
-Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez, having on Board Captain James Colnett, Mr. Robert Duffin,
and the greater Part of her Crew, with a Guard of Fifty Spanifh Seamen, bound to the Spanifh
Port of St. Bias, in the Latitude of 21 or thereabouts, agreeable to the Orders of Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez ; and that Jof. Tobar, Firft Lieutenant Of the Spanifh Ship Prin-
ceffaj was in Command of the-Argonaut on her leaving King George's Sound; and that
the Columbia and the American SlbOp Wafrririgton did depart from King George's Sound
together unmolefted in any Meafure by the Spaniards, but on the contrary in full Friendihip
and Alliance, leaving in that Sound Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez, with his Two Ships,
and the Sloop Princefs Royal and the N. W. America as Prizes. That the Columbia
and Wafhington did fleer to a Harbour to the Southward of King George's Sound, where
they feparated, the Columbia 'returning td 'China, and the Wafhington remaining on the
That we do further make Oath, That Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez did order a certain
Number of Sea Otter Skins (the Number of which we cannot afcertain) to be put on Board
the Araernfani Ship Columbia, previous to her and the Wafhington's leaving King George's
Sound, and that the faid Ship Columbia did go to Sea with thofe Skins on Board; that on
the Arrival of the Two American Ships at the Port above-mentioned to the Southward, Mr.
John Kendrick, Mafter of the Ship Columbia, did leave the faid Ship, and go on Board the
Sloop Wafhington, taking the above-mentioned Spanifh Skins with him; and Mr. Robert
Grey, Mafter of the Sloop Wafhington, did go on Boa'rd the Ship Columbia, and took Charge
of the faid Ship, quitted the Coaft of America, and returned to China as above-mentioned,
leaving the Sloop Wafhington in the above-rrtehdoned Harbour to the Southward*
And we do further make Oath, That the Provifions, agreeable to the Receipt attached to
this Affidavit, we're put on Board the Ship Columbia, by Order of Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez, in Order, as he faid, to victual us, the Captain and Crew of the N. W. America; but
that, inftead of being appropriated to this Ufe, Part thereof were put oh Board the Sloop
Wafhington, then commanded by Mr. Kendrick, in order that fhe might continue out a
longer trading Voyage on the Coaft of America.
That the faid Don Jofeph Stephen Martinez did order to be fhipped on Board the Ship Co-
E lumbia, [    *8    ]
lumbia, commanded by the faid Mr. Grey, the Number of Ninety-fix Sea Otter Skins, for
the Purpofe of fulfilling the Contents of a Spanifh Paper attached to this Affidavit, duly authenticated by the Chief of the Spanifh Eaft India Company at Canton.
And we do further make Oath, That the Ship Columbia, on quitting the Coaft of America, was fo weakly manned, that we do verily believe that fhe would not have been able to
have returned to China had it not been for the Exertions of us, the Mafter and Seamen of
the N. W. America; that the Reafon of this Weaknefs on Board the Columbia was their
fending the greater Part of their Crew on Board the Sloop Wafhington, in order that fhe
might be manned and made more competent to continue on the Coaft of America.
Sworn at Canton, before the Honble. Eaft
j India Company's Chief Supra Cargo,
this Fifth Day of December One thoufand Seven hundred and Eighty-nine.
Robert Funter,
Mafter of the N. W. America,
Robert Davidfon,
Quarter Mafter.
Peter Henry,
O^, Maften
John Eaft,
Q^ Mafter.
William Graham,
Thomas Littlewood,
Sworn before me, at Canton in China, this Fifth Day of December One thoufand Seven hundred and Eighty-nine.
(Signed) JOHN   H ARRI S O N, Junior,
Chief Supra Cargo.
N° ii.
JOHN KENDRICK's Receipt for Provifions,  &c. on Board the
Ship Columbia. |
In Mr. Mears's Memorial of the ^oth April, 1790.
To accompany Inclofure (N° 7.)
13th July, 1789.
"DECEIVED from on Board the Snow Argonaut, on Board the Ship Columbia, the
*■•*■ under-mentioned Articles; viz1.
5 Cafks of Salt Provifions.
20 Pickles of Rice.
180 Gallons of Arrack.
12 Squares of Shoe Leather.
2 Small Cafks of Vinegar.
'   ;fr /|f *' JOHN KENDRICK.
The above is a true Copy of the Original, figned as above, &c\
12. [    19    ]
N° i a.
EXTRACT   of the Journal of the  Iphigenia.
In Mr* Mears's Memorial of 30th April 1790.    (N° 8.)
REMA'RKS, Sec. on Board the Iphigenia Nubiana.
i'MS' A^ ^ne P* ^" a freeze (prung up from NW. flood in for the Sound. At 7
20th April. *"*" Ditto, the Tide and Wind failing, dropped the Stream Anchor in 50 Fathoms
Water, One Mile from the Shore, and Two Ditto from Friendly Cove. At 10 A. M,
weighed with a Southerly Wind. Shortly afterwards came along-fide Captain Kendrick and,
Officers ; they had Wintered in Friendly Cove, and had only removed a few Days with their
Ship up to Moweena, about 8 Miles higher up the Sound. At 11 Ditto dropped Anchor in
the Cove, and Moored with the Pieces of Junk. Employed unbending Sails, and getting
the Top-gallant Malls and Yards down on Deck.—This Log at Midnight.
21ft April. Light Winds and variable.' The Limbers being all choaked with the Sand
Ballaft, fo that the Water could not find its Way into the Pump Well, fet all Hands to work
in the Morning to clear the Hold. Departed this Life Acchon Aching, a Seaman, he was
delirious from the Time of his Fall from the Crofs-trees till he died; interred the Corpfe
on Shore.
22d April. The Wind from the NW. and SW. with fair Weather; fent fome Sails on
Shore, and erected a Tent for to put our empty Cafks in : Employed in the Hold, the Cooper
overhauling the Provifions, and putting frefh Pickle in the Cafks.
23d April. Firft Part light Winds and variable : Employed heaving out Ballaft j in
the Morning moved the Tank to get to the Limbers.- At 10 A. M. arrived the Sloop
Wafhington from the Southward : I found that they had been out 6 Weeks, and had
procured about 300 Sea Otter Skins.
24th April. Strong Gales and hazy Weather, with Rain : Employed moving the great
Guns in the Hold, which we found a very laborious Piece of Work; every Rope we had
in the Ship gave Way, fo that we were obliged to borrow a Fall from the American Sloop.
Having Intelligence that a Sail was in the Offing, difpatched the Long Boat to her
Affiftance; found her to be our Confort, the N° Weft America j at Noon fhe Anchored
in the Cove.    Sailed out of the Cove the Sloop Wafhington for Moweena.
' 25th April. Frefh Gales and cloudy Weather, with the Wind from the SW. Having
Intelligence that the American Sloop was bound to the Northward as foon as they could
get Trade wrought up, I gave Orders for the Schooner not to unbend her Sails, but to be
hauled on Shore immediately to Hop her Leaks. At 6 P. M. having Hopped her Leaks as
well as we could, by nailing Lead over them (for we had neither Pitch or Tar on Board)
and fcrubbed her Bottom, at Ten hauled her off the Ways.
26th. In the Morning hauled the Schooner alo.ngfide, and ftruck her Guns and other
Stores in; fent likewife on Board her the following Articles, viz. All the Canvas I hadgot,
One Puncheon of Bread, One Calk of Yams, One of Pork, Two of my beft Men, and
Second Officer, who was well acquainted with the Part of the Coaft I intended to-fend her:
I fent- on Board her as Trade 50 Bars of Iron, 30 cut up, 200 Choppers, 3 Dozen of Adzes,
One Dozen of Wood Axes, and a Quantity of large Blue Beads.
28th. Moderate and clear Weather, with the Wind from NE. At Day-light towed
the Schooner out of the Cove, the Long Boat attending her out to Sea about Two
May 6th. Moderate and fair Weather. Having Intelligence from the Natives that. *
Veffel was in the Offing, in the Morning I ordered the Long Boat to go off with the Chief
Officers (being unwell  myfelf); about 10 I was acquainted by my People that the Veffel
3 appeared appeared to be a Ship, and not the Felice Adventurara. At n Ditto fhe dropped Anchor,
and faluted me with 9 Guns, which I returned; my Boat came on Board, and acquainted me
fhe was a Spanifh Ship of War, commanded by Commodore Don Stephen Jofeph Martinez,
on Difcovery ; that there were Two others a Ship and a Snow, that had parted Company
about 14 Days ago: The Commodore fent his Compliments to me, and requefted my
Company on Board the Princeffa (for that was the Name of the Ship) to Dinner; I went on
Board, and carried him a Prefent of a long feathered Cloak and Cap. He told me on my
going on Board he came from Oonalafhka; $Bat he had been in Prinze William's Sound and
Cook's River; and fhewed me a Copy of a Letter I wrote in Anfwer to One I received from
Mr. Ifmyloff on the 25th Day of June 1788. At the Time I wrote this Letter I was in Cook's
River, he was at Anchor then off Montagu Ifland. How we came to pafs One anothe^, he failing from 'fiie Sound to Cook's River, and I failing from Cook's River to the Sound* I am at
a Lofs to know. He fell in with the Wafhington to the Northward, and fupplied her with feveral Things fhe was in Want of. I acquainted him with my diftreffed Situation; that the
Veffel had like to have foundered before we made the Port, for Want of Pitch and Tar to
flop her Leaks; that I expected my Confort from Macao every Day; if fhe did not arrive, I muft beg his Affiftance, which he promifed me. Captain Kendrick arriving from
•Moweena, after Dinner we went on Shore, accompanied by Don Jofeph, and Three Parties that were to make all the Indians Chriftians. I thought they had taken a hard Taflc
in Hand.
7th May.    Foggy Weather, People employed in cutting up Fire Wood.
8th. Moderate Breezes and fair Weather; compleated our Fire Wood, waiting with great
Impatience for the Arrival of the Felice.
9th. D° Weather. In the Morning I accompanied the Commodore, the Padries, and
ikm ©fficeps to Moweena, to dine with Captain Kendrick.    In the Evening we returned.
10th. Pleafant Land and Sea Breezes. This Day Captain Kendrick and Officers, the
Spanifh Commodore, and the Padries dined on Board the Iphigenia; having One Sandwich
Ifland Hog left, and a few Yams, I fent the Hog on board the Spanifh Ship and had it
dreffed after their own FafMon ; they added Two or Three other Difhes ; fo that we made
it out pretty well.
nth. Cloudy Weather and heavy Rain. In the Morning the Spanifh Commodore went
fjpto Moweena, taking his Cot and Bedding along with him. He promifed to let me have
the An&ic],es I was in Want of at his Return. In the Evening we had Intelligence by the
Natives of a Veffel being in the Offing.
12th May. Moderate and cloudy Weather. In the Morning, haying got fome Pitch and
Tar from the Princeffa, hauled the Long Boat afhore, and fet the Carpenter and Caulker to
work to caulfeher Bottom. At Three P. M. having finifhed the Long Boat, I intended to
fend him down to Week-a-nannifhies. At Five D° Mr. Adamfon acquainted me that Captain Meares was in the Offing, that the Natives had fold him fome Fifh ; (having been
unwell for fome Time paft, and now confined to my Bed) I ordered him to go off with the
Long Boat to his Affiftance. At Six D° I was acquainted fhe dropped Anchor One Mile to
the Northward of the Port, and hoifted Spanifh Colours.
13th. Moderate and cloudy Weather. At Ten A. M. came in and dropped Anchor in the
Cove the Spanifh Snow St. Carlos, commanded by Captain Arrow. He fent his Compliments to me, and requefted my Company to Dinner j being unwell I declined his Invitation. In the Afternoon he paid me a Vifit; and in the Evening the Commodore came
down from Moweena, accompanied by Captain Kendrick, and fome of his Officers.
14th. At Nine in the Morning of the 14th the Spanifh Commodore fent for Mr. Viana
and me on Board the Princeffa. As foon as I was on Board he took out a Paper, and told
me, that was the King of Spain's Orders to take all the VefTels he met with on the Coaft of
America; that I was now his Prifoner. I urged the Diftrefs we were in before we reached
the Harbour; the Veffel without Cables ; no Pitch nor Tar on Board to flop her Leaks;
no Bread on Board, nor any Thing to live on but Salt Pork; that if I had fleered for any
Port in South America, the Spaniards would not have feized my Veffel, but fupplied me
with the Neceffaries I was in Want of, agreeable to the Laws of Nations ; to take me a
Prifoner, in a Foreign Port that the King of Spain never laid Claim was a Piece of Injuftice
that no Nation had ever attempted before : But that, fooner than be detained as a Prifoner
(although the Veffel had like to have foundered before we got into the Harbour) if he would
give me Permiffion, I would inftantly leave the Port. This was denied. Forty or Fifty
Men, with fome Officers, went on Board, hoifted the Spanifh Colours, and took Poffeffion
6 of [        at        ]
of the Iphigenia Nubiana.    The Keys of my Cheft was demanded ; my Charts, Journals;
Papers, and 'in fhorr, every Thing that was in  the Veffel, they took Poffeffion  of.    I was"
not fo much as allowed to go on Board.    I enquired the Caufe of his not taking the Wafhington Sloop, as he had Orders from the King of Spain to take every Veffel he met with on
this Coaft.    He gave me no fatisfaclory Anfwer;  but told me, my Portuguefe Papers were
bad ; that they mentioned, I was to take all Englifh, Ruffian,  and Spanifh VefTels that were
of inferior Force to the Iphigenia Nubiana, and fend or carry their Crews to. Macao, there
to be tried for their   Lives as   Pirates.    I  told him, they had not interpreted the Papers
right ;   that although  I did  not underftand Portuguefe, I had feen'a   Copy  of them  in
Englifh at Macao, which mentioned, if I was attacked by any of thofe three Nations to
defend myfelf, and if I had the Superiority, to fend the Captain and Crew to Macao to anfwer
for the  Infult  they offered  the   Portugueze  Flag.    The   Padries  and the Clerk read  the
Papers over, and faid they had interpreted the Papers right. The Portugueze Captain Viana
was filent, although he muft have known to  the contrary.     In  the  Evening of the   15th,
Captain Kendrick came down from Moweena; having been informed-Captain Kendrick was
privy to my being taken Prifoner, and that it was fettled when the Spanifh Commodore was
laft at Moweena, when he came on Board the Iphigenia I refufed to fee him.    This being
reported to the Spanifh Commodore, I  was  ordered, at Ten   o' Clock at Night (although
I was very unwell) to turn our,   and carry my Bed on Board the Spanifh Snow, it both raining and blowing at the Time.    Here I remained for fome Time without a Soul to fpeak to.
My Servant, that was a Manilla Man, and fpoke the Language very well, was not permitted
to come near me, for fear of his difcovering fome of their Proceedings that was carrying on.
Jn fhort, they Hole a Number of Things, and afterwards laid the Blame on my Servant.     My
People were divided between the Two VefTels, and every Method made Ufe oFto entice them
to enter. The Sails were bent, and fome new running Rigging wove. A Captain was appointed, and Officers, to carry me and Mr. Viana to St. Blaws.   My Officers were to be detained,
and One Half of my People on Board the Two Spanifh Ships, and I was requefted to choofe
the quieteftof my Men to go along with me.    A Lift of them I was defired  to give to the
Commodore, as we were to fail  in  a few Days.    This  I would not comply with, but told
him, he might fend Home if he thought proper; that the Iphigenia-was not fit to go to Sea
|ill.fhe was caulked, and her Leaks Hopped.    This they immediately fet about.    After taking every Thing out of her, Copper, Iron, Trade of every Kind, and all my Sandwich Ifland
Pork, they filled the Afterhold with Sand Ballaft, that we had been at lb much Pains to get
out.    The Schooner N. Weft America, and the Felice Adventurara^ being daily expected
in, none of us were permitted to fpeak to the Natives, although 1 found an Opportunity to
acquaint Mc Quilla, and the other Chiefs,  as did Mr. Ingraham,  Chief Officer of the Columbia.    We requefted them to have Boats ready to go off to Captain Mears and Captain
Funfter, and acquaint them not to come   in to Nootka.    That  I was Cap Chetled they told
us they underftood.    They wanted to know if I was now a Colt, that is, a Slave—that if I
would go with  him, they would fend Boats  to watch for an Opportunity to carry me off.'
They inftantly fhifted their Village about Four Miles to the Northward, fo that I am in great
Hopes both Captains Mears and Funter will have Intelligence of my being  captured.    One
of my People on Board the Iphigenia, the Servant, was bargaining with the Natives for fome
Fifh they had in their Boat;  the Spaniards, not underftanding what was faid, he was ordered
on Board the Commodore's Ship, and put into the Stocks, where he was ftrictly examined,-
and threatened feverelv, if he did not tell whether he had mentioned to the Natives°for them
to  go and  acquaint Captains  Mears  and  Funter  not to come into Nootka.    When  they
found he had not mentioned any Thing about the other VefTels, they wanted to know if the
Natives had not told him they had feen a Veffel in the Offing.   He told them they had not.
He was after this fet at Liberty,   but ordered never tOJ*converfe with the Indians, nor fpeak
to them in future.    I afterwards had a Conference with Captain Kendrick; he denied being
acceffary to my being taken ;  that the Spanifh Commodore had mentioned to him h'e would
take Captain Mears  Prifoner   as foon as he arrived in the Harbour ; that he had faid every
Thingj and   had made Ufe of all his  Intereft to prevent my being  taken   Prifoner.    How
far this is  true I fhall leave it for him to difcover.    On  the 22d the Irons  arrived from
Moweena, which were made  by Captain Kendrick's Armourer.    We were now to proceed
inftantly to St. Blaws, and I was once more requefted to choofe One Half of my Men,  as
the other Half was to remain with   my Officers.    Finding not One of them would enter, or
defert me, I declined giving the Preference to any.    Before we failed,- I requefted my own
private Papers might be delivered up, likewife a Copy of my  Portuguefe Papers, which
was promifed me.    The Interpreter, when he came to that Part which mentions my defending myfelf in cafe I am attacked, and, if 1  had the Superiority, to carry the Aggreffors to
Macao to be tried for the Infult, he mentioned to the Commodore, in my Prefence, he thought
the Papers very good.    I told him,  if that was the only Caufe he  had to  alledge againft
me, it would noE be difficult for me to call Him in any Court of Jullice in Europe.    He had
now got every Thing out of her that he took a Liking to ; and what Things I had belonging '
to myfelf he robbed me of in as gentle a Manner as he poffibly could, by letting me know
he mull have my Gold Watch, my Sectant, my Stove, and all my Charts; likewife all my
F long [
long Feathers, Cloaks, and Caps; that Tyaha and his Relations prefented me with; even my
Shoes and Boots, and very Bed Cloaths went; as a Reafon for doing fo, he told me fome of
thofe Things could be got at Mexico.    He now propofed to return the Veffel, and fupply
me with Provifions to carry me to the Sandwich Iflands, if I would fign a Paper that was
already prepared and prefented me.    This I refufed  to comply with,  till I had Witnefles,"
and knew the Contents of the Paper.    Mr. How, Supercargo of the Columbia, was requefted to write a Letter to  Captain  Kendrick and Mr. Ingraham, to come down from
Moweena, to be Witneffes to the Papers I was to fign.    On  the 24th  they arrived; the
Papers were interpreted to me, which mentioned he arrived on fuch a Day, and foarad me in
the Bay of St. Lawrence, Nootka; that I was in Diftrefs, and in Want of every Thing; that he
had not flopped my Navigation, but fupplied me with every Neceffary I was in Want of to
carry me to the Sandwich Iflands.    This Paper I refufed figning, for Two Reafons; One
was, he had not only flopped me in my Navigation, but had taken Poffeffion of the Ship,
and every Thing that belonged to her; another was, the Spaniards could lay no Claim to a
Port they had never before feen, nor had any of the King of Spain's VefTels ever entered^
The Commodore faid, in the Year 1775 he was Second Officer on board a King's Frigate
that was on Difcovery, that faw the Port, and named it the Bay of St. Lawrence.   I told him,
having the Chart of that Voyage by me, I begged Leave to differ in Opinion from him.    If
I did not choofe to fign the Papers, he told me he would keep the Veffel, and fend her along
the Coaft as a Privateer to trade with the Natives.    The Papers were inftantly laid afide, andt
Captain Kendrick went up to Moweena.    The fame Evening he told me his Orders' were to
take Captain Kendrick, if he.fhould fall in with him any where in thofe Seas; and mentioned it as a great Secret, that he would take both him and the Sloop Wafhington as foon
as fhe arrived in Port.    The 24th and 25th, a heavy Gale blew from the S.W. the Spanifh
VefTels had each Four Anchors a-head; the Commodore requefted I would go on Board the
Iphigenia Nubiana with my Officers and People, and fecure her; having nothing on Board to
fecure her with, I declined having any Thing to do with her; he was therefore under the Neceffity
offending Two Hawfers of Eight-Inch, and making her fall to Hog Ifland.    As I was not
permitted to go on Shore, I did not know much of what was carrying  forward ; they were!
bufy in erecting Forts on Hog Ifland, and by what I learned, they were cutting down large
Trees to build Houfes.    The Commodore acquainted me, that laft Year when he was at
Oonalafka, Mr. Ifmyloff told him he expected Three VefTels from Kamchatka with a Number of Men ;  that on their Arrival at Oonalafka, he was to take the Command, and conduct:
.them to Nootka Sound, where they were to form a Settlement; that he expected to arrive at"
Nootka by the Middle of July, or  ill of Auguft 1789; that Two Ruffian Frigates were
%q    fail   from   Peterfburgh   by  the   Way of   Cape   Horn,   and  join   them   in    Nootka
Sound wijth Stores and other Neceffaries that they might want.    On his arrival at St. Blaws1
laft Year he fent an Exprefs to the Viceroy, who ordered him to fail immediately for Nootka,
and erect Forts to keep the Ruffians out.    He likewife acquainted me, that in the Year
11786, Two Englifh VefTels were call away, one was drove afhore at her Anchors on the
!Ifland Maidenoi Oftroff; that all the Hands perifhed except Three Men that happened to be
iQjQ Shore ; they were fent over land to Petetfburgh.    The Officers of the other Veffel being:
on Shore they put to Sea, and as there Perfon  on Board that could navigate the:
Veffel fhe was never afterwards feen or heard of.    As they now had got Poffeffion of my
Charts and Journals, the Spanifh Commodore intended to fend the  St. Carlos, Captain
Arrow, to the Northward as foon as they could get her Bottom  cleaned and her Sides
caulked.    Captain Kendrick was likewife ready for Sea, and he was going to pufh to the
Northward.    My People were after me every Hour of the Day, requefting I would fio-n the
Papers that they might get on Board their own Veffel.    Although the Commodore had
promifed to fupply me with what he thought would be neceffary to carry me to the Sandwi~J
Iflands, and made this Promife before Mr.  How and  Mr.  Ingraham, ftill there
Dependance to be put in his Word ; however on the 26th this Paper was once more produced. The Portuguefe Captain Viana faid it was a Pafs for him, and figned the Paper. I I
was under the Neceffity of doing the fame. At Eleven o'Clock on the 26th I carried my
People on Board, and took Poffeffion of the Iphigenia Nubiana. I was not above Half an
Hour on Board when a Meffage came, that I was wanted on Board the Princeffa. When I
went on Board, I was told by Don Stephen Jofeph Martinez (in the Prefence of Mr. Ino-ra-
ham) that although he had given me back the Iphigenia Nubiana, he would not permit&me
to fail till the Arrival of the Schooner N.W.America, and that I muft fell her to him
for the Price that Captain Kendrick and Officers fhould fet on her. I told him the Schooner
did not belong to me j that I had no Power to fell her; that he might act as he thought
proper on the Occafion. In the Afternoon the Spaniards left the Ship, each carrying off
what he could lay his Hands on.
May 27th. Cloudy Weather with the Wind from the W.; loofed the Sails to dry;
employed heaving out the Sand Ballaft. In the Evening the Commodore acquainted me
he had Intelligence from the Natives that the Schooner was in a Port a little Way to the
Northward.    He got out fome Ink and Paper, and requefted I would write a Letter to
x Captai» [      23      ]|
Captain Funter to come into Nootka Sound.   This I would not comply with, fb that he
refufed to fend my Stores, or any of his own, on Board me.
r28th. Frefh Breezes and fair Weather; employed fitting the Rigging in its old
29th. On the 29th, I made out a Lift of what Articles I was in want of', I defired the Por-
tirgtrefe Captain to write it off and prefent it, as my chief Demand was One Cable of Eleven
friCh, Bread, fome Pitch and Tar, together with Forty Fathoms of Four Irfeh Rope for
\T6p Sail Sheets, and the Rope that was wove when the Veffel was in their Poffeffion.
The Commodore fent me Word he would let me have what Things he thought neceffary,
and what he could beft fpare, fo that I received on Board the following Articles; viz. One
Calk of Beef for Three Cafks of Sandwich Ifland Pork that was kept; Four Bags, weighing
each 20 lb. j One Box of Bread, weighing about 1501b.; Two Bags of Rice, Four of Beans,
Eight D° of Flour, One Cheft of Pitch, One Bladder of Tar, and One 18 Gallon Keg of
Spanifh Brandy; Rope of Three Inch, 18 Fathoms; One Coil of One and an Half Inch^
containing 50 Fathoms, and 30 Fathoms of Two Inch. The reft of the Cordage and other
Things were wove and fent on Board when I was a Prifoner.
May 30th. Employed rigging the Top Gallant Malls. In the Afternoon an Account of
the Articles we had received was brought on Board, charging Five Times the Quantity and
Five Times the Sum they coll; in fhort, I was going to return moft of them, but I found if
I returned any I muft return the Whole. As I had made no Charge againft him of my Pork,
Ifon, Copper, Watch, Stove, Sextant, my Cloaks, Caps, and Charts, which he had deprived
me of; on this Account I granted him the Bills he requefted. There was another Thing I
was obliged to comply with j my Servant being a Manilla Man, by great Promifes he got him
to enter on Board the Princeffa.—I was therefore under the Neceffity of difcharging him, and
paying his Wages up to the Day he was difcharged.
May 31ft. As I was determined to be detained no longer, I went on Board in the Morning
of the 31ft, and acquainted Don Stephen Jofeph Martinez, that the Moment the Wind favoured me, I Would fail for the Sandwich Iflands. I found there were Objections made.—
The Conjmodore acquainted me, he had Information and was told I intended to go to the
Northward. As I had taken grB&t care not to give the leaft hint to any Perfon of my future In-f
tentions, I mentioned, That whoever he was that told him fo, could not be fo well acquainted with the State of my Veffel as he was himfelf; that by his own Calculation I had not
above Six Weeks Provifions ; that he had only left me 10 or 12 Bars of Iron, which would only
purchafe me as many Sea Otter Skins, and if I was even to difpofe of them, the Confequence
would be but fmall j we fhould only be ftarved before we got to Macao, as he had left
vis nothing elfe to purchafe our Hogs with at the Sandwich Iflands; befides he had not
left me a Chart to carry me to China, let alone along the Coafts of America. My
People, I told him, were on high Wages, and that it was neceffary for me to make the
beft of my way to. Macao, having no other Profpect but to leffen the Expences of
I „    the Voyage as much as lay in my Power.    I gave Orders to unmoor, and re-
June 1 . qUefi-eci he wouid let me have my great Guns, fmall Arms, and Ammunition,
which he complied with. Captain Kendrick and Officers having come down from Moweena,
they acquainted me the Columbia would fail the Day following to the Northward. Another
Paper was produced, which the Commodore requefted I would fign, and to be witneffed by
Captain Kendrick and Mr. Ingraham, the Contents of this Paper they told me was, if my
Portuguefe Papers were bad, the Veffel was to be delivered up at Macao. It was eafy to
fee through thofe Artifices. I figned the Paper after the Portuguefe Captain, and requefted
a Copy, but this was not complied with. A Dinner being provided on Board the Princeffa,
every Method was made ufe of by Captain Kendrick and others, to find out if I intended to
touch to the Northward. I gave them the fame Anfwers as before, telling them I had no
Intention to throw away the Lives of my People. On this Day they drank my Health, wifhing
me a good Voyage to Macao, and accompanied it with Thirteen Guns. As foon as Dinner
was over I went on Board, accompanied by Captain Kendrick and Officers and the Spanifh
Commodore. A light Breeze fpringing up from the Northward, I gave Orders to get under
Way. The Commodore told me I muft leave a Letter for Captain Funter if he fhould
arrive in Nootka Sound to fell the Schooner. I acquainted him, Captain Funter nor myfelf
had neither Power nor Authority to fell the Schooner; that I would write a Letter and
leave it with him to be delivered in cafe of his returning to Nootka Sound. I fhall here in-
fert a Copy of the Letter I left.
To i H ]
To Captain Robert Funter,- Commander of the Schooner North Weft America;
I Sir,
I On the 6th of May3 a Spanifh Ship of War arrived in Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound,
commanded by Commodore Don Stephen Jofeph Martinez.; on the 13th the Snow S'
Carlos arrived; on the Morning of the 14th the Iphigenia Nubiana was feized, and we
were made Prifoners, it being alledged our Papers were not good. This being cleared
up, I am now permitted to fail to Macao, being fupplied with Stores and Provifions to
carry me to the Sandwich Iflands. As there is no Account of Captain Mears, I am
afraid fome Accident has happened to him between the Sandwich Iflands and China; if
that is the Cafe you will be but poorly off for Provifions. My own Situation prevents me
from giving you any Affiftance; I muft therefore leave you to your ^wn good Conduct,
being as much at a Lofs how to act as you can be. All that I have to fay is, you will act
to the bell.of your Judgment for the Benefit of your Employers.
Iphigenia Nubiana, Tf
iendly Cove, Nootka *
ound, 1 June 1789. J
I am,
The Moment I had finifhed my Letter I gave Orders to flip the Hawfer, and made fail
out of the Cove, the Fort on Little Hog Ifland fainting me with Five Guns, which I begged
to be excufed returning. At 3 P. M. the Spanifh Commodore and Captain Kendrick
left me and went on Shore. As the Wind was from the Northward I flood to the Southward
under all Sail, at Sun-fet Nootka Sound bore N. Half W. Diftance Seven or Eight Leagues,
j ,      Having got out of the Hands of my Enemies, I was now at liberty to judge for
J "    myfelf, knowing it would be a Length of Time before the Spaniards could have
their Snow ready which they intended to fend to the Northward, and being of Opinion they
would not permit Captain Kendrick to fail before he was ready, the Interval was therefore
mine. I had no Idea of running for Macao, with only between Sixty and Seventy Sea Otter
Skins which I had on Board. My People had been accuftomed to fhort Allowance, I therefore gave Orders at Midnight to put the Ship On the other Tack, and Hand away to the
Northward. I was in great Hopes I fhould fall in with Captain Funter, and I am fully re-
folved if I do, to take the People and Cargo out of her, and fet her on fire, if I find I cannot
carry her along with me. At Noon we had thick hazy Weather; Nootka Sound bore
NE. Half E. Diftance Fourteen Leagues.
N; m
mm C    *5    1
COPIES of Letters  from  Mr. D«iEn to Mk.  Mears*
In Mr. Mears''s Memorial of 30th April 1790* ('N* 9/
Nootka Sound', July nosh 1789.
Dear Sir,
T BEG to inform you, per Favour of Mr. Bar-netti with our fafe Arrival in Nootka Sound*
W. after a pfcafant Paffage of Nine Weeks, and Four Days, during which Time nothing
materially happened.    We lived in the greateft Harmony and good Friendihip during the
Time we have been together, and3every Thing promifed fair for a Continuation of the fame,
every Officer on Board feeming ftrenuous for their Employers Intereft.   We made the Coaft
of America, July 3d, at Woody Point, and flood along fhore under eafy Sail during the Night.
In the Morning feveral Natives came off, with the reft Counna Keelah (that was brought bf}L
you from Macao to Nootka) from him we learnt there were Five VefTels in Friendly Cove, but
could  not learn of what Nation they were; however he informed us they had Captured the
North Weft American Schooner, commanded by Mr. Funter.    We immediately conjectured
that the VefTels were fome belonging to Mr. Etches, and the American Ship and Sloop. We
made all the Sail we could, intending to get in that Night if poffible.    On our nearing the
Sound, we faw a Sloop coming out, which we were informed was the Princefs Royal, belonging to our Concern.    We then had not the leaft Doubt but there were fome of Mr. Etches
VefTels in the Cove. When we were about Two miles from the Entrance of the Sound, we
faw a Boat coming towards us ; it was then between Nine and Ten o'Clock, fo that we could
not difcern of what Country they were.   They hailed us in Spanifh; and afked if they might
be permitted to come on Board. They were anfwered in the Affirmative ; on which they came
alongfide, and the Officer, with feveral other Gentlemen, ftepped.up.   We found the former
to be the Spanifh Commodore; thofe who accompanied him were of his Ship.    After having
welcomed them on Board, Captain Colnett afked them down in the great Cabin ; what their
Converfation was there I  am unacquainted with; but Captain Colnett foon told me his
Intention was to go into Friendly Cove, and the Spanifh Launch took us in tow accordingly..
About Ten Minutes after this, came on board Mr. Barnett, whom I directly introduced to
Captain Colnett, who informed him that there was a Spanifh Frigate of 26 Guns, and a SnowV
of 16 lying in the Cove, as alfo the American Ship and Sloop ; that the former had erected a
Fort on Hog Ifland, on which 16 Guns were mounted, and had taken Poffeffion of the Sound
in the Name of his moft Catholic Majefty, Carolus the 3d, King of Spain ; that they had
Captured the Schooner, and plundered the Iphigenia Nubiana, but had permitted Captairij*
Hudfon to proceed without any Moleftation.    As the Commodore heard this Intelligence, he
immediately gave Captain Collnett his Word and Honour that he would not offer to detain
him, but give him every Affiftance in his Power, in doing which, he only complied with
the King of Spain's Orders.    Under thefe Circumftances,  and depending on his Honour,
Captain Colnett entered the Cove, and brought up between the Frigate and Snow, though I
muft add, Mr. Barrett, with others of our Well-wifhers, advifed us to Anchor without Side the
Cove, that we might take a View of the furrounding Objects in the Morning.   Every Thing
that Night, and the next Morning, feemed to wear a favourable Afpect, no Obftacle arifing
that might Hop our Departure.   In the Afternoon Captain Collnett went on Board the Commodore's Ship, and requefted his Permiffion to go to Sea immediately, which at Firft was
granted, but on Second Consideration, the Commodore defired to fee his Papers.    Captain
Colnett left the Commodore and came on Board of his  own Veffel, where, after having
put on the Company's Uniform, and his Hanger, he took his Papers on Board the Commodore.    He was then informed by that Gentleman, that he could not Sail that Day, on which
fome high Words enfued between them, and Captain Collnett infilled on going out immediately, which he faid he would do unlefs the Commodore fired a Shot at him ; if fo, he would
then haul down his Colours, and deliver himfelf up a Prifoner.    Hardly had he uttered this,
but he was put under an Arreft, his Sword taken from him, the Veffel feized, and the Officers
and Crew taken out, and fent Prifoners, fome on Board the Ship, and the Reft on  Board of
the Snow;  but what is moft particular, he defired Captain Kendrick to load his Guns with
Shot to take a Veffel that had only Two Swivels mounted,  fo that it was impoffible to make
any Refiftance againft fuch Superiority;   indeed it would have been Madnefs to have attempted it.    The Commodore's Paffion now began to abate a little, and he fent for me from
the St. Carlos, where I was imprifoned.    When I came to him, he feemed to profefs a very
great great Friendfhip for me^ and appeared to be exceeding forry for what he faid his Officers
compelled him to do.    He declared to me, that he had given Captain Collnett Permiffion to
depart, and would have affifted him all in his Power,   but that Captain Collnett infilled  on
erecting a Fort oppofite his, faid he reprefented the King of Great Britain, and that he came
to take Poffeffion in His Britannic Majefty's Name.    The Spaniard quoted  the  fame, and
faid he was-Reprefentative of his moft Catholic Majefty the King of Spain ; but I have every
Reafon to fufpect there was a 'Mifunderftanding between the Two Parties, for the Linguift
fpoke Englifh very imperfectly, and in all likelihood interpreted as many Words wrong as right.
This is a particular and impartial Account of the above Tranfaction as it is in my Power to
relate; but as this will be accompanied by Mr. Funter, and Barnett, who are permitted to
take their Paffage in the American Ship, arid who were Eye-Witneffes of every Tranfaction,
it will enable them to explain every Particular concerning  it more explicitly than' I am able
to do in Writing.    Since our being Captured Captain Collnett has been in a high State of
Infanity; fometimes he ftarts, at other Times he afks how long he has to live, who is to be
his Executioner, what Death he is to be put to, with all fuch delirious Expreffions, accompanied by a Number of fimple Actions, which induces me, and every other Perfon who fees
him, to believe  his  Brain   is  turned* owing  to the  great  Charge  that  was   under   his
Care;  and I  am forry to add,  that he has not Fortitude enough,  in this critical and disagreeable Situation, to fupport this unexpected Stroke.    He has delivered me his Instructions and the South Sea Company's Grant; and requefts I will act in his Name.    I have endeavoured to convince the Spaniards, had we known this Place had been taken Poffeffion of
by the King of Spain, we would not on any Consideration have come near it.    I have like-
wife wifhed to perfuade him to perufe the South Sea Company s Grant, and our Instructions, which he refufes, and tells me it would avail nothing now to do it, as his Officers infill
on "his going on with what he acknowledges he too rafhly and haftily began, and without
deliberating what hereafter might be the Confequence.    He defired me to inclofe the Grant
and out Instructions in his Prefence;  he took 'and put a fmall Note with them, and afterwards fealed it with his own Signet.    He put it under my Care, desiring that I would
deliver it to the Viceroy of Mexico.—The Veffel is going to St. Bias, a Settlement   they
have in the Lat. of 2i° 30' N.   on the  Coaft of California, where  we are   going, to   determine whether we are a Prize to the King of Spain or not; if we are not, as we have
every Reafon to expect, fhe will be delivered up, with every Thing in her, and  be an-
fwerable for all Damages received, or Stores deficient, fince his making a Prize of us;  but
this undoubtedly will be fettled between the Two Crowns.
Captain Collnett, myfelf, Mn Temple, and Reidj the Carpenter, are permitted to remain on Board the Argonaut. Mr. tlanfon on Board the Commodore Ship, and Mr. Gib-
ion and Ludlow on Board of the Spanifh Snow.
From what I Can learn at prefent, all the Englifh Men are to be fent in the Argonaut
to St. Bias, and Preparations are now making to accommodate us in that Veffel. They
have alfo built Cabins between Decks for the Seamen, where they are to be confined in,
Irons during the Night, but fuffered to walk out in the Day. The Officers, I believe, are
alfo to be ufed in the like Manner.—I am at prefent in Poffeffion of my Cabin, as are alTo
the reft of us, and the Commodore behaves with great Civility, by obliging, us in every
Liberty that can be expected as Prifoners. Whatever Deficiency may be left concerning our
prefent Tranfactions will be explained to you in its true Light by Mr. Funter or Barnett:
For I confefs that I am very unhappy, unfettled, uneafy, and* in fhort, feel every Anxiety
that is the Companion of a Perfon involved in fo difagreeable a Situation as I am.
I am,
Dear Sir,
Your's moft obediently,
(Signed)      B. DUFFIN*
P. S. I am forry to inform you that the Spaniards have taken the Chief Part of our Copper, all our Guns, Shot, and Powder, with the fpare Canvafs, &c. The former he means to
trade with, as I am informed he fends his Furs to Macao by Captain Kendrick, who alfo
trades for him on Shares.
To Captain John Mears.
Nootka Sound, July 13th, 1789.
Dear Sir, \
Captain Collnett has beert in fuch a Statd of Infanity ever fince the Veffel has been Captured by the Spaniards, that we are obliged to confine him to his Cabin. He Yefterday
Morning jumped out of the Cabin Window, and it was with great Difficulty his Life was
faved. His constant Cry is that he is condemned to be hanged. 1 fincerely hope for his fpeedy
Recovery, but am apprehensive he never will recover his former Senfes again. I understand
from the Boy Ruffel that it is a Family Diforder, and that they all have Symptoms of Mad-
nefs, more or lefs.    I have written the whole Tranfaction concerning our being Captured,
» &c. [       27       ]
&c. previoufly to this, as minutely as at prefent Circumftances will, permit, for I am appre~
hen five, if I $m feen writing, they will take my Book, Paper, Pens, Ink, &c. from me, fo tha
whatever I have written is by Health; but Mr. Barriert has been fo obliging as to affift me as
much as lay in his Power to do it. Gibfon was feen writing One Day, and they immediately took the Paper and Ink from him, and told him Prifoners had no Bufinefs to write.
We are To-morrow to fail for St. Bias, with all our Officers and Seamen, both Englifh and
Portuguefe, except thofe that have entered with the Spaniards. They have taken of our Stores
to themfelves, all our Pitch, Tar, Canvas, Twine, fome Provifions of all  Kinds, our
Guns, Ammunition, the Chief of our Copper, and many other Articles that we are not acquainted with. All the Officers being Prifoners, fome on Board One Veffel, and fome on
Board the other, we have great Expectations that the Veffel will be delivered up at St.
Bias. The Commodore promifes me if fhe is, every Thing that he has taken to himfelf
-fhall be replaced at that Port; but there has been a Number of Things taken out of the
Veffel by Theft that he knows nothing of; neverthelefs if any< and the Veffel is returned,
they muft undoubtedly make it good; but you, Sir, and the reft of our Employers muft be great
Sufferers, as it has frustrated all our Expectations. Had not we met with this Misfortune,
there were strong Appearances of our procuring a great Quantity of Furs, as the Americans
have no Copper to purchafe with, fo that the Natives referve all their Prime Skins expecting
a Copper Ship.
If our Veffel is delivered up to us, our Stores, Trade, &c. returned, you may reft affured
I will do all that is in my Power for the Benefit of my Employers, and the Captain remains in
this State of Infanity; if he recovers, he will undoubtedly do the fame. I can fay nothing
more, but beg you will prefent my Compliments to all enquiring Friends,- and remain,
Deat Sir*
Your'Sj moft obediently,    .     ^
(Sighed.) B.    DUFFIN.
To Captain John Mears.
Dear Sir,
Nootka Sound, July 14th 1789.
Yefterday at 2 P. M. a Sail was feen in the Offing, coming round Breaker's Point frorri
the Southward, ftanding into the Sound: As fhe neared the Shore, we perceived her to be
the Sloop Princefs Royal; Captain Hudfon.—At 7 fhe came to an Anchor about Two or
Three Miles frorri the Cove, and Captain Hudfon himfelf came into the Cove in his Boat^
with Four °f his People, when inftantly as he made his Appearance in the Cove, the Spanifh
Boat boarded him, and took him and his People on Board the Commodore as Prifoners^
His Motive for coming in, from what I could learn from himfelf, was to fee if Captain
Collnett was there, in order to receive his Orders how he was to proceed in future. Whether.
Captain Hudfon's Conduct in this Proceeding is blameable or not, I leave to your superior
We are now oilt of the Cove into the Mouth of the Sound, and are po-
fitively to fail To*morrow Morning for St. Bias. The Sloop is towed into the Cove within
all the Shipping; and the Spaniards from every Appearance have finally Captured her.
Captain Hudfon feems very much hurt from his Misfortune, and candidly declares that it
is entirely from his own Simplicity, and being too credulous of the Spaniards Honour, that
has brought him into this difagreeable Dilemma.
Captain Collnett is much better To-day, and in general difcourfes very rationally. I have
endeavoured to persuade him to draw out every Particular concerning our being Captured,.
to fend to his Employers, which he refufes i His Objection is, that he has involved himfelf
and every One elfe into Difficulties that he is not able to extricate himfelf from, and therefore declares to me that he will have no more Concerns with the Charge of the Veffel, but
leaves every Thing entirely to me, which I have, but moft reluctantly, complied with, knowing that I cannot acquit myfelf with Satisfaction to myfelf,1 nor undoubtedly more fo' to my
Employers. Neverthelefs, if the Veffel is delivered up at St. Bias, as the Commodore gives
me every Reafon to hope that fhe will, I will endeavour to the utmoft in my Power to do
every Thing in my Power that may be any Ways beneficial to my Employers.
The Commodore wanted Captain Collnett to fell all his Copper to him, and he'd give
him Bills for the as he valued it, which Captain Collnett had ^complied with ; but I
objected, as I thought if his Orders tolerated him to Capture the Veffel, they would undoubtedly tolerate him to Capture the Cargo likewife. We are deficient in a great deal of
Copper, as I mentioned in my former, but Mr. Barnett will b£ able to inform you I imagine
where it goes to.
Accompanying this, I fend under the Care of Mr. Barnett a Copy of my Journal from
Macao, wherein you will find the principal Occurrences that have happened to us fince our
Departure.    I have nothing more to add; neither have I Opportunity to  do it, the Veffel
:''i§ & being
m ,| ■•;■._ [    a»   ] -■■_ I'l    -...•■
being continually crowded with People from the different Ships, fo beg you will prefent my
Compliments to. Mr. McIntire, and every other Gentleman in Macao; and remain,
Dear Sir,
Moft obediently your's,
To Captain John Mears.
N" 14. ^ted Merchants of London and India, by the Capture
probably .would have been collected by the Iphigenia,
'Dollars per. Skin — — — —
ph would probably have been obtained by the North Weft
rr* Ins, at ioo Dollars per Skin — «— —-
Id r
would probably have been obtained by the Princefs Royal,
q,lDollars per Skin — ■—; — —
/-pjh would probably have been obtained by the Argonaut,
e Commerce of the Affociated Merchants
1 of 30 Tons, in Frame, on Board the Argonaut, and of
re obtained t — — —■ —
Spanifh Dollars
N°  [    3o    ]
INVENTORY  of the  Goleta, the  Property   of Don  Jiiari
Cawallo and Company, of Macao.
In Mr. Mears s Memorial of the $oth April 1790.   (IV011.)
Tranflated from ? I NVENTORY, taken by Order of the Commandant Don Stephen Jofeph
the Spanifh.   J     Martinez, of the Hull, Mails, Tackle, Stores, Neceffaries, and Articles, belonging to the Veffel (la Goleta)  being the Property of Dn John Cawallo
and Company, of.Macaoi which is at Anchor in the River of this Port, and
is as follows; viz*.
Firft; 1LT E R Hull rotten, eaten through by the Worm, as appears by the Survey made by
■"■ the Mailers Carpenter and Caulker Ferdinand Campufano and Francis Jofeph de
Caftro, upon the Firft and following Page
*    And her Main-mall, Fore-maft, and Bolt-fprit, without Top-mafts or Poles
And Two Hooks for the Fore-maft and Main-maft
And the Tackle for   both Mails, which being of Hemp can only ferve for Oakum or
Tow, being rotten
And her Rudder or Helm, ferviceable
And her Binnacle, with a Compafs
And a fmall Iron Anchor
And a with Two Pieces of Cabtei From 40 Braces long; for Cables of middle
Dimenfions Braces
And Two larger ones
And Two Fore-fails
And One Round-fail
And One Top-fail
And One Togue
And fome Pieces of old Cable
And Six Iron Guns, Caliber 2 -, -.
And Six Gun Carriages, 20 Balls of 1, and 20 Ditto fmallei*
And Three Copper Swivel Guns, with their Keys
And One Ditto, without Key |
And Five Mufque^s with Bayonets, and 300 Balls
And Six Piftols | „;,
And Half Cunete of fine Gunpowder, which is fuppofed to weigh an Arroba *
And another Ditto of common Gunpowder
And 160 Short Iron Swords, of a fmall Palm in Length, and Four Fingers Breadth
And 10 Coopers Hatchets
\   And 20 Carpenters Ditto
or Ingots computed
And 10 Slips of the Iron called Platina, which is fuppofed to weigh Two Quintals
And 78 fhort Pieces of Iron, computed to weigh One Quintal
And Three large Iron Bars, about One Brace in Length, 8 Inches Breadth, and Six Inched
in Thicknefs, which ferved inftead of Ballaft, and computed to weigh 699 lbs.
13 fmall Water Cafks
i Ditto for a Provision of Water
1 Barrel of Pork
•About 28 lb.
And 2 Ditto, empty, all in Pieces
8 old fmall Pewter Difhes, fome of them broken
1 Iron Pot, of Call Iron, Frying-pan and Stew-pan of Ditto,'
m [    3*    ]
La Goleta.
On Board the Veffel at Anchor in the River of this Port of St. Lawrence of Nootka,
nth June 1789—Jofeph Tovar and Tamariz, Robert Punter, Thomas Barnet,
Raphael de Canizares.
This is a literal Copy of the Original, Triplicates whjsreof were figned by the above-
mentioned Perfons, and which is left in my Care to tranfmit to H. E. the Vice Roy of New
Spain, for his fuperior Determination.    Dated as above.
Raphael de Canizares.
I Don Stephen Jofeph Martinez, Enfign of the Ship belonging to the Royal Navy, and
Commander in Chief of the VefTels of his Catholic Majefty upon this Coaft, and in the Port
of St. ^Lawrence of Nootka, do declare, That I have received from Capt. D" Robert
Funter and Pilot Dn Thomas Barnet, every Article contained in the preceding Inventory,
as being the Property of Dn John Cawallo and C, of Macao, until the Determination of
his Excy. the Vice Roy of New Spain, to whom I have given an Account by this Date, for
his fuperior Orders ; and at the Requeft of the faid Concerned, I gave the prefent Receipt,
on Board this Frigate, the Princefs, under my Command, in the Port of Saint Lawrence
of Nootka, 13th July, 1785.
Dated 30TH April, 1790.
WITH     14    1NCLOSURES,
Ordered ta be printed 13/A May 179O.     [    29    ]
N° 14
A   STATEMENT   of the   ACTUAL   and   PPvOBABLE   LOSSES   fuftained by the A ffociated Merchants of London and India, by the Capture
of their Ships.
In Mr* Mears j Memorial -of the %oth April 1790.    {N° 10
To Cafh paid the Crew of the Iphigenia, on their Return to China, being near Two Years
Wages, and other incidental Expcnccs incurred, for which Vouchers have been obtained — —   _     	
To Cafh paid the Crew of the North Weft America,, being near Two Years Wages, on
their Return to China, for which Vouchers have been obtained   	
To the Equipment of the Ship Argonaut, for which Vouchers have been obtained 	
To the Equipment of the Princefs Royal, for which Vouchers are ready to be produced   —
To the Cargo of Sea Otters Skins feized on Board the Princefs Royal, beino- 47, at 100
Dollars per Skin —     	
To 1 a Sea Otters Skins detained for the particular Ufe of Mr. Martinez, at the fame Va~
luation — —     	
To the Agenf s Expences in returning to England       	
To Infurance on the Principal Stock, at 20 per Cent, the ufual Premium — —
To the Lofs of the Officers Charts, Journals, Nautical Inftruments, Cloathing, private
Goods, dec. the Amount of which -cannot now be ascertained   _ 	
To the Amount, of Wages due to all the Servants of the Affociated Merchants now in Captivity, from the Time of their Sailing to the Time of their Return   —
To the Value of the North Weft America, m the Coaft of America _ —
Spanifh Dollars       -—       —
1> 20O
LOSS   E   S,
To Value of the Cargo which probably would have been collected by the Iphigenia,
1,000 Sea Otters Skins, at 100 Dollars per Skin —    . — — —
To the Value of the Cargo which would probably have been obtained by the North.Weft
America, 1,000 Sea Otters Skins, at 100 Dollars per Skin — _ — —
To the Value of the Cargo which would probably have been obtained by the Princefs Royal,
1,000 Sea Otters Skins, at 100 Dollars per Skin — —. — 	
To the Value of the Cargo which would probably have been obtained by the Argonaut,
2,000 Skins, at 100 Dollars per Skin — — — 	
To the Lofs and Destruction of the Commerce of the Affociated Merchants — —
To the particular Lofs of the Veffel of 30 Tons, in Frame, on Board the Argonaut, and of
the Furs fhe would probably hate obtained , — — — —
Spanifh Dollars       —-       —
;-.oc\qo *
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