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Report of the work of the archives branch for the year 1908 Public Archives of Canada; Doughty, Arthur G. (Arthur George), Sir, 1860-1936 1909

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Array   REPORT
Dominion Archivist.
(Being an Appendix to the Report of the Minister of Agriculture.)
1909  APPENDIX No. 21.
THE YEAR 1908.
(Extract from the Report of the Minister of Agriculture.) i
To the Hon. S. A. Fisher,
Minister of Agriculture,
Sir,—I have the honour to submit to you a report of the work of the Archives-
Branch for the year 1908.
On the 9th of June, 1907 (report of the Department of Agriculture for 1908, p.
54) the Archives Branch had received from France copies of Série B., 'Despatches
and Orders of the King concerning the Colonies,' analysed by the late M. Richard
as far as volume 23 inclusive. Up to the month of May, 1909, further copies of this
series have been received as follows:—
B. 25 (1704) analysed by M. Richard, supplementary report, 1899 (pp. 356-366).
B. 27 (1705-1706) analysed by M. Richard, supplementary report, 1899 (pp. 366-
B. 29 1707-1708) analysed by M. Richard, supplementary report, 1899 (pp. 383-
B. 30 (1708-1709) analysed by M. Richard, supplementary report, 1899 (pp. 409-
•B. 32 (1710) analysed by M. Richard, supplementary report, 1899 (pp. 420-429).
B. 33 (1711) analysed by M- Richard, supplementary report, 1899 (pp. 429-437).
B. 34 (1712) analysed- by M. Richard, supplementary report, 1889 (pp. 437-452),
The six volumes represent 4,000 pages of manuscript. Volumes 24, 26, 28 and 31
of series B relate only to the West Indies, and according to M. Richard's report, it is
unnecessary to copy them.
In series C 11 of the Colonial Archives, M. Marmette in his report for 1885 (p.
xxvi of English version, p. xxvii, French text) mentions under the title ' Continuation
of the same series,' sixteen volumes of ' Correspondance Générale.' In his calendar
for 1887 (p. ccclxv) he says that he has omitted for the present vols. 1-7, inclusive»,
of this collection as they relate solely to Newfoundland.
These volumes have not been analysed, and as they contain all the correspondence
of the Governors of Plaisance from 1661 to 1714, or one year after the Treaty of
Utrecht, we have considered it advisable to have them copied immediately, in order
that the Archives may possess the most important documents concerning the early
administration of Newfoundland.
There has been an addition this year to the série B of seven volumes—
Vol. 1. North America, Newfoundland, Ile Saint Pierre, He Saint Jean,
the Magdalen Islands and Ue aux Oisseaux..  ..  (1661-1693)
li The period of 1661-1714 includes the administration of all the Governors of Plai-
'sance from the establishment of the colony to the cession to England in 1713.
We have begun to transcribe in France at the Archives of the Minister of Foreign
Affairs the series of manuscripts relating to Canada which was analysed by M. Mar-
mette m the report for 1883. Up to the present we have received a copy of vol. 1,
'Fonds Amérique' (1592-1661), mentioned on page 128 of the report for 1883.
From the Bibliothèque Nationale we have received the following documents :—
1. Récit d'une sauvagesse esquimau sur l'établissement des Français au Labrador
(Nouvelle Acquisition, 2549).
2. Registre de l'extinction des monnaies de cartes du Canada, qui seront brûlées
selon l'arrêt du 29 juin 1764 (Fonds français, 4586).
3. De la pêche et du Commerce des Français en Amérique devers la rivière du
Canada et devers Terreneuve et comme les Anglais les y peuvent empêcher. Des
"usurpations des Anglais sur les Français en la Nouvelle-France, depuis 1611.
La Nouvelle-France de Terreneuve découverts par les Français dès 1504. (Fonds
français, 4925).
4. Copie d'un édit de création d'un Conseil souverain en la Nouvelle-Franqe!,
Québec.    (Ancien fonds français, 5581, Marine et colonies.)
5. Mémoires touchant la navigation entre autres à Terreneuve, signés par
Rasilly :—
Articles arrêtés entre les deux rois pour la liberté du commerce entre leurs sujets.
Plainte publique sur l'interruption du commerce.    (Fonds français, 4826).
6. Voyages de Cartier.    (Fonds français, 5644).
7. Seconde navigation de Jacques Cartier.    (Ancien fonds français, 5653.)
8. ' Mélanges.' Mémoire sur le commerce étranger et maritime. Unsigned, without date, but after 1763.    (Fonds français, 5682).
9. Journal de la campagne sur le Cast or faite au Canada en 1746, par M. Laliées.
(Fonds français, 6349.)
From the collection Moreau SaintrMéry, Série F. 3, vol. 24, the following documents have been copied and transmitted to the Archives:—
Campagne des Chicachas.
Journal de de Léry, février 1740.
Lettre de Noyan, 1739.
(See report of Richard, 1905, p. 461.)
In England the following papers have been copied'-
1. Selkirk papers.
This valuable collection relating to the establishment of the Selkirk colony in the
province of Manitoba is in the possession of Captain Hope, a descendant of the Selkirk family, at St. Mary's Isle, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. Through the influence of
Lord Minto copies were obtained for the Archives under the direction of Mr. Garson
notary of Edinburgh. When the report for 1908 was prepared we had 26 volumes in
the Archives, and an index. Twenty new volumes have been received this year making a total of 46 volumes, or 12,602 pages, which have been arranged in portfolios and
indexed for reference.
2. The transcription of colonial correspondence relating to the maritime provinces
is being continued.   We have received the following volumes this year:—
Prince Edward Island (1814).
Cape Breton (1802-3-4).
Nova Scotia (1803-5-6).
Sàfi The volume for 1804 was already in the office. The analysis made by Dr. Brym-
ner of the volumes relating to the maritime provinces terminates on the 31st December, 1801.
3. We have received J;wenty-four logs of British ships before Lojuisbourg in 1756,
1757, 1758, namely, logs of the Oxford, Somerset, Northumberland, Lancaster, Terrible, Pr. Frederick, Nottingham, Shannon, Bedford, Dewonshire, Vcmguard, Success,
KJentuHori, Fougereux, Jamaica, Norwich, Grafton, Litchfield, Pembroke.
4. From the General Post Office in England we have received three volumes of
copies of correspondence relating to the Canadian Post Office for the years 1841, 1842,
1843. The voluihes contain a table of contents. The collection now comprises1 17
volumes from 1792 to 1843.
5. The account of George Thew Burke, as secretary, Superintending the Richmond Settlement, Upper Canada, from the 25th December, 1820, to the 24th March,
1823. (Copied from the Audit Office—Declared accounts, settlers—Roll. O, Bundle
6. From the Record Office, London, ' A nominal list of the American Loyalists.'
7. The Journal of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada from 1st February
to 12th March, 1810.    (Copied in Colonial Office—45—vol, 138.)
Fisheries and Boundaries.
The questions which are now raised between. Canada, the United States and Newfoundland respecting fisheries, the boundaries of Labrador and the Bay /of Fundy
have made it necessary to carry on research in tho Archives of France and England.
During the course of the year we have received five large portfolios of documents
copied at the Department of Foreign Affairs, France, relating to England and the
United States in 1782-1783. We have also received from England several thousand
folios concerning the Labrador fisheries taken from the colonial correspondence and
the Oswald, Shelburne and Lansdowne collections for the years 1712-1715, 1772, 1782,
1783, 18191832, 1841-1850.
The value of these documents which contain the political correspondence exchanged
at such an important period of our history is obvious. Further details concerning
these papers cannot be given, but they will be of great service in the preparation of
mémoires in cases of arbitration or of international conventions. These documents
form a special class and for the present are available only or administrative purposes.
It would appear advisable to have copies made of all documents deposited in European Archives bearing on Canada, especially those relating to boundaries, commerce
or navigation. We should also possess copies of all preliminary proceedings respecting treaties or conventions between England and other countries which may in any
way affect Canada.
The documents copied in Europe are compared before they are sent to the Archives
and the place where the original is deposited is marked on each paper. The portfolios
are analysed and chronological tables prepared to facilitate search.
1. During the past year the Abbé O'Leary has continued his work in the province
of Quebec, and has made an examination of the documents deposited in public offices
and in various private collections. 6
Amongst the important documents which he has copied and sent to the Archives
are: 'John Polley's Journal which was kept in the year 1775,"wherein is contained
an account of the battles and skirmishes which happened near Boston between the
American and Regular Troops when we were engaged in the Civil War.'
(Copy of the original in the Library of the Chicago Historical Society.)
Copies of two letters presumably written by General E A. Theller whilst a political prisoner in the Citadel, Quebec, dated June 19 and 22, 1838. (These two letters
and General Theller's Defence were found in his cell after his escape by Sergeant
McDonald of the prison guard. They are now the property of Mr. T. I. Walsh, Quebec.)
Letters, private and official reports, returns, &c, in connection with the American
invasion of Canada by General Schuyler, Brigadier General Montgomery, Colonel
Arnold and Colonel Ethan Allan, in 1775 (from manuscripts, the property of Mr. Patrick Doyle, Quebec.)    With an index of the contents,
Wesleyan-Methodism in Quebec from 1806 to 1849 (extracts from the diary of the
late Peter Langlois, a native of Guernsey, born in 1784, February 29), died in Quebec at the age of 82 years.
An inventory of plans and maps deposited in the Crown Lands Department, Quebec.
An inventory of the Civil Status of the District of Quebec deposited in the Registry Office, Quebec.
A general catalogue of the minutes of the Road Surveyors of the Government of
Quebec deposited in the Judicial Archives, Quebec, with a copy of the minutes of the
Voyer for the city of Quebec (1668 to 1767).   .
Notes on the Archives of the General Hospital, Montreal.
We have also acquired several fine specimens of manuscripts signed and sealed by
officials of the French Régime. They are deposited in the Library of the Archives.
The following list will indicate their value:—
. List of Manuscripts.
1668. Talon, Intendant.
Instructions given to Laurent Dubaust, ferryman on   the   St.   Charles
river, to pass free all persons going to or coming from  the  King's
Borough, signature.
1670. Bouteroue, Claude, Intendant.
Passport (?) for the Reverend Jesuit Fathers (on parchment).    Signature and seal.
1695. Frontenac, Ls. de Buade, Comte de.
Discharge of Pierre Billeron, a private in the Co. of Sr. de Noyan.   Signature and seal.
1707. Vaudreuil, Ph. Rigaud, Marq. de.
Baudot; Jacques, Intendant.
Renewal in favour of the Reverend Jesuit Fathers of the right to keep
a ferry for passengers on the River Saint Charles between the General Hospital and the Récollet Convent.    Signatures (2), and seals
1715. Bégon, Michel, Intendant.
Certificate to the effect that maître Barbet is a Notary Royale for the
Prévôté of Quebec.   Signature and seal.
1735. Hocquart, Gilles, Intendant.
Prévôté of Quebec.   Signature and seal.
= 1743. Beauharnois, Chs., Marq. de.
Commission to Ls. Guy as Captaiin of the 12th Co. Militia of Montreal.
Signature and seal.
1749. La Jonquière, M. le marq. de.
, Bigot, François, Intendant.
Concessions to Sieur Gautier of the Post of ' La Baye des Chateaux '
on the north shore of the St. Lawrenec and adjacent islands. Signatures (2) and seals (2).
1752. La Galissonnière.
Private letter.   Signature and seal.
1755. Duquesne, M. le Marquis.
Commission of Lieutenant to Sr. Auge .in the Co. of Duffy Militia of
Montreal and addressed to Sieur de Couagne, Colonel of Militia in
the same district.    Signature and seal.
1761. Gage, Brigadier General Thomas, Governor of Montreal.
Commission of Lieutenant of Militia to Sr. Carrignan.   Signature and
1763. Murray, General James. #
Certificate to the effect that M. M. Panet and Saillant are both Notaries
Royales.   Signature and seal.
The following volumes in the Archives of Quebec have been copied:— •
A volume of the Registers of the Military Council of Quebec (13th June to 30th
September, 1761).
A volume of the registers of the Prévôté of Quebec (31st August, 1756, to 9th
October, 1757).
A register of the Civil Status of the Parish of Montreal (16th August to 31st
December, 1728).
A chronological table of the 42 volumes of the Ordonnances des Intendants has
also been prepared.
Amongst the manuscripts recently acquired relating to the Province of Quebec,
the following will prove of special interest:—
Five letters relating to the services of Captain. Douglas (Vice-Admiral Sir Charles)
in Canada during the winter of 1776.
A mémoire of Toussaint Pothier on the state of affairs preceding the events of
Stuart's observations on the union of Lower and Upper Canada, 1823.
Brief remarks on the importance of retaining the British North American Colonics both as British possessions and as an impediment to the progress and power of the
United States.   Anonymous, about 1839.   Important.
A descriptive catalogue of manuscripts deposited in the Hôtel-Dieu, Quebec.
Journals of Admiral Bayfield concerning his explorations in the Gulf and River
St. Lawrence (1829-1853).   Six volumes donated by Mr. Bayfield, of Vancouver.
A number of pamphlets and political papers, donated by Lady Caron.
During the preparation for the celebration of the Tercentenary of the foundation of Quebec many researches were made in the Archives in connection with official
publications, and we have made a collection of 10 volumes of printed extracts from
Journals and correspondence relating to the event.
The list of all the subscribers is also deposited in the Archives. m
Papers collected by Mr. Laidlaw and deposited in the Archives, 1908-1909 :—
1. Capt. Johnston's Diaries.—-These diaries belong to Mr. W. H. Johnston, of
Pefferlaw, Ont., and were brought to the Archives to be copied if deemed advisable.
2. Minute BoPoks Rideau Methodist Circuit. Received from Mr. James Ross,'
of Smith's Falls, on the understanding that they were to be returned to him if he so
desires.    (1819-1874.)    (1823-1826.)
3. Gilkisoin Papers.—-This collection consisting of manuscripts, diaries, printed
books, &c, is the property of Miss Augusta I. G. Gilkison, of Brantford, Ont. Miss
Gilkison has sent a number of the papers to the Archives for examination, with a view
to their purchase by the department if considered of sufficient value.
4. James Anderson, Papers.—The originals are in the possession of Mr. James
Anderson, of Sutton, Ont. Copy of this collection was made by Mr. Laidlaw for the
Archives (in 4 volumes).
Journals of Arctic expeditions in search of Sir John Franklin (1885). He was
a chief factor. Journey from Fort Simpson, Mackenzie, to the mouth of the Great
Fish river, via Great Slave lake, &c, with index (vol. 1).
letters to and from Lady .Franklin with index (vol. 2).
Letters and journals with index (vol. 3).
Journal of a trip made from Fort Simpson to Fort Good Hope in 1854 (vol. 4).
5. Charles Jones Papers.—These papers which were found in the Court House at
Brockville,' were donated to the Archives by the County Council of Leeds and Gren-
ville, a resolution to that effect being passed at a session of that body in June, 1908
(2 vols.).
6. Ask,in Papers.—These papers consist of general and private correspondence of
John and Charles Askin, of Detroit and Sandwich, covering a period of over sixty
years—1779 to 1840; Military papers, 1794-1815; diaries, 1774 to 1823; account books,
journals, ledgers, &c, 1787 to 1825.
7. Talbot Settlement.—Papers on Talbot settlement (2 vols).
The papers fill 40 large portfolios and the account books, &c, are about 15 in
These papers were found amongst the documents transferred by the Privy Council.
Land Grants in Ontario.
In the Department of Crown Lands, Ontario, a list has been copied of the land
grant which will prove useful for future research.
Land grants under Lieutenant-Governors Simcoe and Hunter, arranged alphabetically according to district.    Three portfolios.—M. 805, 806, 807.
2. Fiats, military, emigrant grants. (Regulations of the 6th July, 1804, and 29th
July, 1820.)
Dates of Attorney-General Fiats (1821 to 1835) numbered 1 to 1,800. There is
an index of names in alphabetical order at page 165.
Fiats, Militia and Landlords, issued under tickets of location instituted in the
year 1819 (1833-1845), numbered LB 600 to LB 1,093. Index of names in alphabetical
order at page 32.
Fiats, United Empire Loyalists (Regulations 6th July, 1804).    (1820-1835) num-
ïf ei4ô3r t0 4,4°8-   B°°k number 3>   Index of names in alphabetical order at page
15, JVL 808.
3 Surveyor General's locations (1803-1807), pages 1 to 95. Index of names in
alphabetical order at page 95. \     Surveyors General's locations (March, 1811, to August, 1819) and militia locations (1820), pages 1 to 131.   Index of names in alphabetical order after page 131.
Locations by agents (page 1 to 261). From page 294 to page 347, there is an index of names in alphabetical order. On page 1 there is an index of locations in each
of the following townships :—Dummer, Ramsey, Duro, Otonabee, Ennismore, Emily,
Asphodel, Ops, Smith, Harvey, Belmont, Verulan, Fenelon, St. Vincent, Horton,
McNab, Victoria, Seymour, and Bathurst and Ottawa districts (Newcastle district,
1839-41) Midland district, Dummer (31-34).
At page 19, list of emigrant settlers fom the south of Ireland located by Peter
Robinson in 1823.
Irish emigrant settlers in Duro in 1826, page 31.
Otonabee, 1825, page 33.
Ennismore, 1825, page 35.
Emily, page 37.
" Asphodel, 1825, page 42.
Ops., 1825, page 43, M. 809.
List of land grants.    Fiats No. 3 (1820-1833) Nos. 1657-2661.    After page 101
there is an index of names in alphabetical order.
4. List of land grants (1833-1839).    (Full fee regulations, 1804.)    Fiats No. 4,
Nos. 2,662 to 3,861.   After page 141 there is an index of names in alphabetical order.
Docket book for Attorney General's Fiats on Grants, 1803-1816.
Index of names in alphabetical order, at the end of book.
List of persons having asked warrants from the Surveyor General. Arranged in
alphabetical order (fees unpaid), pages 1 to 23.
Land Fiats issued under commissioner's reports, pages 24-159.
List of persons haying asked warrants from the Surveyor  General,  arranged in
alphabetical order (fees paid), pages 1-17.
Land fiats issued by commissioners (1832-45). Pages 1-73. After page 73 there
is an-index of names in alphabetical order. M. 810.
Ottawa old periodicals.
Mrs. Rogers, of Ottawa, has donated to the Archives a number of old newspapers
relating to the capital:—
Old periodicals, Ottawa, Bytown 1813-1900
« «  1855-1904
Manuscripts re early times Bytown 1833-1904
*   Agricultural Society minute books—magazines 1868-1903
Photographs 1832-1839
Divers pamphlets 1879-1903
«  1891-1901
This collection forms seven portfolios of considerable interest.
maritime provinces. ■
"   Dr. Hannay has continued his investigations in the maritime provinces and during the course of the year three instalments of his work have been received :—
1. A collection of the inscriptions on tombstones in the cemeteries of New
Brunswick, especially at Fredericton and in the county of York.
2. Observations on the' maritime provinces.
3. A complete analysis of the papers of the Legislature of New Brunswick for the
years 1786, 1787, 1789, 1791, 1797, 1807, 1817, 1821, 1823, 1825, 1826 and 1827 to 1838. ■f:\    10
Wc have acquired 16 volumes of historical notes on the Acadians of the Mada-
waska district, and three volumes of papers of the New Brunswick boundaries. The
original letters and sermons of Father Ligogue, missionary to the Acadians at Baie
Sainte Marie (1799-1844).
Two volumes of documents relating to the Acadian refugees after 1758 have been
copied at Boston.
While continuing the work of transcribing the Selkirk papers in Scotland, the
office has obtained copies of the papers of Murdoch on the early days in Calgary; the
minutes of the council of Assiniboia; two volumes relating to' the troubles in Manitoba in 1885-1886; a copy of the evidence taken at the close of the Rebellion in 1869-
70; the proclamation signed by Louis David Riel, captured at Batoche, donated to
the Archives by Colonel Sherwood, C.M.G.
The Archives has received the following journals relating to the province :—
Journal of John Work (1823-1835)
" Ermatinger (1828)
" Dean (1829)
" Tolmie ■ (1830-33)
" Douglas (1835)
" Tod '. (1841)
" Pemberton (1855)
. ♦ Work carried on in the Archives Branch.
,>-:-.. During the current year Lieutenant Colonel Cruikshanks has been engaged in the
preparation of an inventory of the military papers of the Imperial troops stationed in
Canada until 1871. The documents date from 1786 at the time that Lord Dorchester
was Commander-in-Chief of the Forces. They form a collection of 1,847 volumes.
Besides these volumes there are 350 portfolios of miscellaneous papers relating to the
militia which have not been classified. The inventory prepared by Lieut.-Col. Cruikshanks is in the press. An addition of 442 portfolios of papers relating to the Canadian militia has been made to our collection. These documents have been gathered
from different branches of the service.
* List of Military papers added to the Manuscript section (1908-1909).
War Claims—General numbers ,
" Class "         ;
unnumbered (alphabetical order)	
Powers of Attorney and Certificates	
Schedules and Indexes	
Receiver General's list of claims paid	
Board of Claim's correspondence and accounts	
Board of Proceedings, Reports, &c ■	
War Claims, U. C, 4th and supplementary classes. Schedules and Indexes.
War Office, Letters sent	
War Department, Letters sent	
Horse Guards, Letters sent _. .. .
Circulars from the War Office Guard Book, 1841-45	
28 vols.
6 11
Treasury Chamber, Letter sent, 1850-54  1 vol.
Prince Edward Island Militia, Correspondence, 1858-63	
"■           "           Army               "                 1835-67  1 "
War Department Lands, Buildings, &c, in Canada, 1855-77  1 "
"                  "                      "                             "       1878-89  1 "
Hills vs. Col. Fraser et al, Report of Trial, 1856-57  2 "
Royal Irish Rifles, Correspondence re Interior Economy  1 "
Transfer of Barracks, Buildings and Lands to the Dominion Government.. 1 "
Royal Engineers, New Brunswick—Miscellaneous, 1864-67..  2 "
"                         "                    Lands, Buildings and Barracks, 1826-69. 1 "
"                         "                               "                  1827-72  1 "
"                         "                               "                  1865-73  1 "
Perambulation reports and plans, New Brunswick  1 "
Royal Engineers, New Brunswick—
Intercolonial and Progress Reports, 1833-1850  1 "
Reports and estimates of works and repairs, 1835-1850  1
Monthly returns, extra pay, &c  1
Royal Engineers, Nova Scotia—
Miscellaneous," 1856-1878  1 "
"              1865-1883  " 1 "
War Department—Lands in Nova Scotia, 1855-1864  1 "
"                           "                   "             1865-1881  1 "
Lands in Nova Scotia—Cancel leases, 1855-1882  1 "
Barracks, Nova Scotia, 1866 ."	
Lands at Sydney, C.B., 1858  1 "
Weekly returns of attendance at Divine service, Halifax, 1888  1 "
Letters and other papers, Halifax and out stations, 1844,1848,1849 and 1851. 1 "
Royal Engineers—Champlain and St. Lawrence Railway, 1852-1857, Kingston miscellaneous, 1846-1856  1 "
Inspector General, Halifax—Letters received  from  the   Ordnance   Office,
Nos. 1065-1140, 1850-51  1 "
Letters received at Halifax from the Inspector of Fortifications, England,
1856  1 "
Principal medical officer—Certificates and correspondence, 1885  1 "
Report of Main Guard mounted at Halifax, January to March, 1838.... 1 "
Royal Engineers—Intercolonial Railway encroachments on War Department
Lands, 1855-1882  1 "
"                      Boundaries of the King's Wharf, Quebec, 1852, &c..  .. 1 "
Commissariat papers, 1847, 1856, 1866, 1870, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick  1 "
Commissariat papers, New Brunswick, 1867  1 "
"           "              "                    1868  1 "
Establishment  of  Meterological  Observatories  at  Kingston   and  Quebec,
1852-1854  1 "
Garrison Chaplains in the Maritime Provinces, 1846-51 1
New Brunswick Volunteer and Militia, 1839, 1860 and 1862...-'  1 "
Indexes  1
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1780-1899  45
War Department, 1861-1879  14 "
Horse Guards, 1861-1876  A "
Telegrams, 1863-1876  1 " 12
Deserters, 1872-1873 • • • • 1 vol.
Military Secretary odd Nos. 7, 1858-1872..-  6
Office of Ordnance, 1840-76  1   "
Sedentary Militia, Montreal District, 1813 \  1
Quebec and Montreal Volunteer Militia, 1812-1814  1    "
Canadian Voltigeurs, 1812-1823  1   "
Canadian Chasseurs, 1813-1815  1
Canadian Voyageurs, 1812-1814  1
Embodied Militia, Quebec city, 1812-1813  1   "
I Quebec district, 1812-1814 '  1    "
" Trois Rivières district, 1812-1814  1   "
" Independent Companies, Montreal district, 1813  1
" 1st Battalion, 1812-1815  4   "
" 2nd       " 1812-1814  3    "
" 3rd        " 1812-1815  4   "
" 4th        " 1812-1815  4   "
5th        " 1812-1814 ■  2    "
6th        1 1813-1814  2    «
Upper Canada Militia, Muster Rolls pay-list  1
Militia Pensions, Upper Canada, 1836-1841	
" Canada West, 1841-1867	
" Dominion of Canada, 1867-71 "  50    "
Militia General orders, 1812-1869  5    |
War Claims, Upper Canada—Powers of Attorney to Robert  Grant  and  S.
Street, of Niagara, 1836-37  1    |
Northwest Rebellion, General Middleton's reports on engagements with the
Rebels, 1885  1    " "
Claims, Rebellion Losses, 1847  1
" I 1852-1853  3    "
Ottawa and Rideau Canal, 1855-1857  1   "
Statements of Services in the Army, 1868-72  1    |
Claims in connection with the Fenian Raids, 1865-66  1    "
Military Secretary to the Governor General, letters received, May to December, 1867 I  1    "
Adjutant General of Militia, letters received, 1856-65  34   "
" " drafts of letters sent  2    "
Militia Orders in Council, 1818-1869  1    "
Attorney General's opinion on Militia matters, U.C., 1838-1846  1    "
Claims for Medals, by Militiamen, Upper and Lower Canada, 1850-1851... 1    "
Replies to confidential circular of August, 1862, re promotions in the Canadian Militia  1    "
Militia Service Rolls, 1863  1    "
Cash Accounts, Dorchester Light  Dragoons   and   Corps of  Guides,   Lower
Canada, 1812-1815  1    "
Militia Receipts for clothing, transports, &c, Upper Canada, 1866  1    "
Militia Rolls and pay-lists and annual returns, different regiments, U. & L.C.
1812-1813  1    "
Requisitions, Receipts, 1865-1866	
Commission Receipts, 1856-1863 •.	
Pay-lists which accompanied the accounts for the quarter ended March 31,
1857  1   "
School of Military Instruction, 1864	
Promotions and Appointment, 1855  1    " 13
New Brunswick Volunteer Militia acquittance Roll, 186»	
Target Practice, 1864-1867	
General Court Martial, 1825-1854       1 vol
Militia Pension.   Pay from Nov. 1, 1866, to April 30, 1887.   Vouchers 1-60.
Pay from May 1, 1867, to October 31, 1867.   Vouchers 1-58.
Ridgeway Pension Claims Nos. 71-80, 1866       1    "
Contracts for supplies.
Inspection Reports, Volunteer Force, 1864-65.
Application for compensation, 1867.
Requisitions for clothing, 1866       1    "
Quarterly Returns, 1866-1867.
Half-yearly Returns, 1859-1863.
Blue-book Returns, 1855-1866.
Upper Canada General Returns of Vol. Servicemen, 1862.
Return of Employees in Adjutant General's Office, 1866-1867.
Return of appointments and recommendations, 1866       1   "
Accounts current of Paymasters, 1865-1869       1    "
Volunteer Militia Pay-lists—Active Service, 1866       1   "
" 1862     "1   "
Pay-lists of the Lennox Militia, 1812-1813.
Muster Rolls and pay-lists of the 9th Co. of Division of Isle Jésus, 1813.
Muster Rolls and pay-lists of the Royal Montreal Troop of Volunteer Cavalry with Terrebonne Division, Capt. George Piatt, 1812-1814       1   "
Volunteer Militia.    Monthly Pay-lists, Forms O, January to April, 1865..      1   "
Militia Districts, Lower Canada—Drill of Volunteers, 1862, Nos. 5 to 10
inclusive (weekly state)       1    "
Militia Rolls, L.C.—Abstract of 1864-1865 to      1    "
Militia Districts, U.C., Nos. 1 to 8, 1860-1862—Drill of Volunteers (weekly
.   state) '. ..      1   "
Monthly Pay-list—Volunteers, 1865-1856       1    "
Militia—Annual Returns of Regiments, U.C., 1824-1825:       1   "
" " Battalions, 1856-1859       1    "
Militia Districts, U.C., Inspection Report, July to Dec, 1861       1   "
Non-Active Militia—List of Promotions and nominations, 1863-66       1    "
Militia Pensions—Enrolled Pensioners, enrolled local Pensioners, July 1,
1854, to June 30, 1859.    Compensation in lieu of land, July 1, 1854—
June 30, 1878, C.W ■.,       1    "
Nominal Roll, 1863-1865       1    "
Liste de recommendations pour promotions et nominations, 1861-1865, Nos.
2 à 11 et autres       1   "
Commissions in the Militia, 1838-1862.
Lease to retire from Militia with rank, 1850-51       1    "
Register number 5—Claims of Militiamen of 1812, Nos. 2,810 to 3,571....      1    "
Military L. C. Commission receipts, 1856-1864       1   "
Military Districts, U.C., Annual returns, 1856, 1859-62       1    "
Militiamen entitled to land, War 1812-1815       1   §
Militiamen land claims     17   "
Militiamen land claims, 1820-1827       1    "
Militia Pensions, U.C. Accounts, 1828-32       1   "
" C.W., Pay-lists and vouchers, 1843-1845      1
" 1856       1
" 1854-57       1
" 1857-58       1
1 14
Militia Pensions, Receipts, 1840-1848  1 vol.
"                       "       1855-60-61  1 'f
"                       "       1862-65  1 "
«                       "       1864-65  1 "
"                       "       1866  1 "
"                Petitions, L.C., 1870-1840  1 "
".                      "         U.C., 1837-1841  2 "
Militia Pay-lists, Annual Drill, 1856-1858  2 "
"               Weekly Drill, 1857  1 "
"           1858  2 "
"                             "           1860  2 "
1               Nos. (1-121), 1867  1 %
Volunteer Militia, Monthly pay-lists, 1866 ;  ..  .. 1
«                  '■,       "                1867  3 "
"             pay-lists, 1864-1865  6 "
"                   "          1865-1866  1 "
"                  "          1866-1867  3 "
"                   "          1867-1868  1 "
Militia Correspondence.   Odd Nos., 1841-1867  9 "
Militia Muster Rolls.   Independent Cos., L.C., 1864-66  1 "
Militia—Application for Pensions, 1851-1867  2 "
"                   "                Positions, 1854-1865  1 "
Adjutant General of Militia—Letters received, 1812-35, L.C  1 "
"                         "                    "               1812-37, U.C  1 "
"                         "                    "               1838-40, U.C  3 "
"                          "                     "                1841-67  22 "
Newspaper clippings on Militia matters, 1859-1860 and 1863, and some undated  1 "
Militia Adjt. Genl.—Letters received, no date  1 "
War 1812-1814 (from the Privy Council)  4 "
FenianRaid (from the Privy Council)  1 "
Miscellaneous documents (1846-65)  1 "
Papers removed from the Department of the Secretary of State and other offices.
In conformity with an Order in Council passed in 1903, several departments have
sent to the Archives most of their records prior to Confederation. A temporary classification has been made; the papers have been arranged in chronological order by provinces, and 1,889 portfolios have been added to the manuscript section from these
sources. Each portfolio contains about 300 documents. The papers have been distributed as follows :—
Papers relating to Upper Canada (1823-1867) 631 vols.
Papers relating to Lower Canada 256   "
To these volumes may be added:— ■
Papers from the Department of Indian Affairs—
Upper Canada          30   "
Lower Canada     18   "
*== ■*
Parliamentary papers—
Acts of Upper Canada (1797-1847)  1 vol.
Statutes of Upper Canada (1817-1828)  1 "
Ordinances of the Special Council of Lower Canada, 1837  1 "
"                                  "                              "               1838  1 "
"         of the Province of Quebec, 1777  1 "
Parliamentary papers, Upper Canada, 1839-1847  1 "
Writs of Summons to the Legislative Council, L.C  1 "
«      of Election, L.C, 1800  1 "
"                  "           "    1801-1816 :.  .. 1 "
"                   "           "     1820-1821  1 "
"                  "           "    1827-1830  1 "
"                   "           "     1832-1833  1 "
Writs and returns of elections, P. of C. and D. of O, 1854-74  1 "
Recapitulation of votes given in Election of 1858, C.W  1 "
Appointments of Returning Officers and correspondence (1812-1837)  1 "
Analytic Index to the State Books (1841-1867)  2 "
Acts—Upper Canada, 1853, 1st Session, 4th Parliament, 16 Viç., Caps. 191-
267  3 "
" " 1854-55,   1st   Session, 5th   Parliament,   18-19   Vic,
Caps. 1-251  5 "
" " 1856, 2nd Session, 5th Parliament, 19-20 Vic, Caps.
1-140  2 "
Sessional Papers, U.C  1 "
" Executive Council, L.C, Draft of minutes  1 "
Journals of the Leg. Council, U.C., 1815  1 "
House of Assembly, Addresses, 1835-36-38  1 "
Legislative   Assembly,   Executive   Council,   Public   Works,   Crown   Lands,
Sundries (1842-1866)  1 "
Parliamentary papers (printed) (1810-1882)  1 "
Petitions, L. & U. Canada (1805-1824), (1823-1834), (1835-49)  3 "
Addresses to Sir H. B. Head re his departure from U.C  1 "
Oaths of office and State Oaths  1 "
Addresses to Leg. Council (1807-1851)  2 "
Petitions from L. & U. Canada  2 "
Journals of the Leg. Assembly, P. of O, 1847  1 "
Municipal Act, L.C, 1847  1 "
Foreign Prints (1818-1840)  1 "
Provincial Secretary Papers (1839-1860)  2 "
Index to Provincial Secretary Oorrespondenec (1832-1840)  1 "
Fiats and Warrants, Provincial Secretary to Attorney General, C.W. (1843-
1860) '.  £ "
Addresses to the House of Assembly (1809-1837)  3 "
Governor General's Secretary's Corespondence (1827-1865)  21 "
"                "                             "             (1841-1853)  1 "
Application to the Governor General for his recommendation to the Legislature  .. 1 "
Auditor General's Report, C.E  1 "
Public Accounts, U.C  2 "
Public Accounts, L.C. (1815-1832)  7 "
Public Accounts, U.C. & L. C. (1825-1840) * " 1 "
Administration of Justice (Hesse District)  1 "
Court of Requests, U.C  1 " • 16
Grand Jurors of Montreal...;.... .'.:.. 1 vol.
Commissioners of Peace, U.C  1
Commissioners of Small Causes  1
Bailiffs' Bonds, U.C. (1857-67)  4 "
Court Summons, U.C. (1796-1831)  1 1
Oaths of Office  1 I
Criminal Cases, OW. (1842.56) 1 "
Attorney General Monk's Claims  1
Attorney General's Correspondence, OW. (1842-1866)  11 "
Provincial Secretary Cash Books, L.C. 1808  1 "
Index to Provincial Secretary's Letters (1831-34)  1
Trinity House, Quebec, 1815  1
List of Vessels which entered Port of Quebec (1810-1820)  1 "
Montreal Customs, Accounts, Returns (1843-44)  1
Montreal Customs, Boarding Bills, 1844  1
Customs, Port of Sandwich, 1804-1807  1 "
Customs, Port of Montreal, 1845-6 -.  1 "
Ports in U.C., duties pollected (1840-1-2)  1 "
Port of Quebec, duties collected (1795, 1838-9, 1841-6-7)  1 "
Port of Prescott, 1823-30  1 "
Customs, U.C., 1833  1 "
Imports, U.C  4 «
Seizures  2 "
Customs Returns, U.C., 1827-28  1 "
Emigration Papers, Miscellaneous, C.E. (1845-51) , .. 1 "
Passes to Emigrants, U.C  1 "
Quarantine. Passports, Grosse Isle (1834)  2 "
Canals  2 "
Trent River Improvements (1838-40)  1 "
Bank., of Upper Canada  1 "
Roads, Pay-lists Accounts (1854-66)  8 "
Municipal By-laws, C.W. (1842-46)  5 "
Crown Lands and Clergy Reserve, C.E. (1842)  1 "
Land Grants, Township of Hinchinbrooke (1831-1840)  1 "
Land Papers, C.W. (1846-54)  1 "
Mulloch & Rochester, Land Papers, Township of Nepean (1852-53)  1 "
Crown Lands Department, C.W. (1859-61)  1 "
Land Papers  1 "
Land Grants ■  1 U
Alphabetical Lists of Land Papers transferred to Crown Lands Department
of Quebec (1819)  1 "
Cultivation of Hemp, U.C. (1808-13)  1 "
Census  1 "
Census, U.C. & P. of Q. (1826-62)  1 "
School Returns  4 "
Education Bill, U.C., 1837 •  1 |
Educational Pamphlets ,  2 "
Post Office Commission Correspondence (1840-41)  1 "
Pedlars Licenses  1 "
Tavern Licenses, Quebec, 1845 -.  1 "
Red River Rebellion  1 "
A. Comeau, Police Inspector, Montreal, Police Orders, 1841-3  1 "
P. E. Leclerc, Police Magistrate, Montreal, Letter Books, 1838-39  1 "
■s 17
Rules, Regulations and By-laws for the guidance of the Montreal Police and
the Proclamation fixing the limits of the City for Police purposes, 1839. 1 vol.
Draft of Dispatches, Colborne to Glenelg  1 "
Observations on the removal of Sir John Colborne as Lieut.-Governor of
Upper Canada, by W. L. McKenzie, 1831  1 "
Executive Council Reports (1842-3) $  1 "
Official and Private Correspondence of Mr. Himsworth, Clerk of the Executive Council (1842-74)  1 "
Private Papers of F. W. & C. O. Ermatinger (1836)  2 "
"                  Edward W. Gray's Estates  (1818-27)  1 "
"                  J. H. Dunn, Receiver General (1821-33) U.C  1 "
Various Registers and Indexes  1 "
Foreign documents  1 "
Bundle of Gazettes and old papers  5 "
Secretary of State's Papers  110 "
Dispatches submitted to Council  38 "
Procès Viger, seizure of ' La Minerve '  1 "
Rebel property confiscated, 1837-38  1 ";■*■
Drafts of Letters from Bathurst (1818)  1 "
Drafts to Secretary of State from Governor of L. C  1 "
Militia Commissions signed by Durham  1 "
Total 1,289
These papers date from 1767 to 1841, and in addition there are the Orders in
Council and Proceedings in Council from 1841 to 1867. They make in all about nine
hundred portfolios, and naturally fall into four leading classes, viz., State Papers,
Land Papers, Military Papers and Public Accounts.
Under this heading are the numbered state papers which have been arranged in
regular order, alphabetically and chronologically, so as to correspond with the reference numbers in the State Books; rough Minutes of Council and rough Drafts
of Reports to Council ; lieutenant-Governor's office correspondence ; Executive
Council office correspondence; Oaths of allegiance; Orders in Cuncil; proceedings
in Council;   and  printed documents, including ^proclamations, commissions, &c
The most voluminous of the land papers are the petitions for grants of land and
leases of land, which have been "arranged according to date and in alphabetical order
to correspond with the number references in the Land Books. When petitions are
missing, the number of such are marked on the packages. Quite a number of the
earlier petitions were not numbered. These have also been arranged according to date
and alphabetically and a schedule made of each package indicating the names of the
The other papers consist of Minutes of the District Land Boards and documents
pertaining thereto ; reports of commissioners appointed to investigate claims upon lands
and secure titles to the rightful owners; Heir and Devisee Commission reports; official
reports by deputy surveyors and others on the quality of soil and nature of the country
in the various districts of the Provinces ; Land Warrants ; Land Rights ; Land Certifi-
5477-2 i ^Ito-to'.1   ' 3 g.
cates, as to character of applicants.for grant of land; certificates re performance of
settlement duties; land exchanges and surrenders ; recommendations for land; bonds;
correspondence to and from the Surveyor General's office. The land papers, especially
the petitions for grants, are of particular interest. As it was necessary for the petitioners to state very fully the grounds on which they based their claims for recognition or favour from the government, they are rich in family history and also contain,
many (references which throw important side-lights on other subjects.
They deal chiefly with the War of 1812-15, and consist of correspondence between
military officers and the government, muster rolls, pay-lists, &c.
These cover a period of over fifty years from 1788 to the Union of 1841, and have
been divided as far as possible under office headings.
Among the inclosures with the state and land papers were many maps and plans
illustrating the subjects dealt with. These have been transferred to the map room so
marked on both the maps or plans and on the documents to which they belong as to
make easy reference from one to the other. Some of these maps are very old and of
much interest.
When these papers "were received at the Archives, many of them, especially those
of early date, were very much torn and otherwise mutilated. In order to keep them
intact they have been repaired and put in excellent condition.
Following is a list of the papers as classified with the number of folios of each :—
Papers numbered to   correspond  with  reference  numbers   in   State   BookB,
1767-1841 v. 46 vols.
Rough Minutes of Council and rough Drafts of Reports, 1790-1840  11 "
Executive Council Office—Correspondence, 1792-1840  6 "
Lieut.-Governor's Office—Correspondence, 1792-1840  9 "
Oaths of Allegiance, 1793-1815 "I
Powers of Attorney, 1795-1844 I i «
Fiats—Attorney General, 1835-1836 j
Printed Documents, Proclamations, &c, 1789-1835  2 "
Orders in Council, 1841-1867 *  82 "
Proceedings in Council, 1841-1866  77 "
Petitions for grants of land or leases of land, 1788-1840 508   "
Land Boards of Lunenburg, Stormont and Glengarry, Matilda, Leeds and
Grenville—Minutes and other papers, 1789-1804       2   "
Land Boards of Mecklenburg, Addington, Lennox, Hastings and Prince
Edward, Midland, Adolphustbwn, Kingston and Newcastle—Minutes and
other papers, 1789-1794       1   «
Land Boards of Nassau and Lincoln—Minutes and other papers, 1787-1794.      1   "
H Total 911
Land Boards of Hesse, Kent and Essex—Minutes and other papers, 1765-
1804  3 vols.
Land Certificates, 1783-1811  9 "
Land Warrants, 1796-1806  2 "
Certificates of character and of performance of settlement duties, 1781-1817. 1 "
Acknowledgments, Affidavits, Bonds, Land Receipts,  &c,  1788-1835.... 1 "
Land Exchanges, Surrenders, &c, 1788-1856  1 "
Recommendations for land, &c, 1789-1801  1 "
Vouchers and Bonds re land, 1794-1828  1 "
Land Commissions—Reports   of   Commissioners   appointed   to   investigate
claims upon land and secure titles to" those entitled thereto :—
Western and London Districts, 1798-1804  1 "
Home and Niagara Districts, 1799-1806  2 "
Newcastle and Gore Districts, 1803-1804  1 "
Midland District, 1797-1804  1 "
Johnstown District, 1800-1804  1 "
Eastern District, 1797-1804..  1 "
Surveyor General's Office—Correspondence, Reports, &c, 1793-1840... 10 "
Heir and Devisee Commissions—Reports, 1805-1834  2 "
Heir and Devisee Claims, 1841-1853  1 "
• Official reports on quality of land in various sections of the province by
deputy surveyors and others, 1826  2 "
St. Regis Indian Affairs, 1811-1840  1 "
Land Rights, 1838-1840  1 "
Deeds, &c, say  25 "
• Register of Upper Canada Militia land grants for services during the
War of 1812  1 "
Register of land certificates  1
Correspondence, 1811-1815  4 "
Muster Rolls, pay-lists, &c, 1812-1815  21 "
Crown Lands, 1788-1841  15 "
Clergy Reserves, 1825-1841  1 "
Receiver General's office, 1792-1840  16 "
Surveyor General's office, 1792-1841  6 "
Clerk of Assembly's office, 1794-1808  1 "
Attorney General's office, 1796-1808  1 "
Secretary of the Province, 1792-1840.  4 "
Lieutenant Governor's office, 1792-1808  1
Clerk of the Council's office, 1792-1840  3 "
Miscellaneous, 1792-1841..  21 "
State Papers  234 vols.
Land Papers  580
Military Papers     25
Public Accounts     69 20
The office has received as a gift from the Earl of Durham a complete collection
of the correspondence of Lord Durham in 1838, consisting of 18 volumes. An analytic
index has been prepared.
During the current year Captain Joseeline Bagot has presented to the Archives
the original correspondence of Governor Sir Charles Bagot. These papers were loaned
to the Archives several year3 ago and copies were made for our use. The original
correspondence, ho.wever, is a valuable addition to our manuscripts.
During the year 19,237 index cards have been prepared, divided as follows :—
Index of names.  51,033
Index of Series ' C '  5,943
Index of Series'G'  1,500
Index of Series ' S '  22,865
Index of Library  10,377
Index of newspapers  3,519 .
The cards have been typewritten, classified and distributed in alphabetical order.
An index has also been prepared of documents relating to Assiniboia and to the surrenders of Indian lands.
During the year we have received 1,698 requests for information, not including
verbal inquiries.   Many of the inquiries involved lengthy research and transcription.
Before proceeding to make a definite classification of the manuscripts in the
Archives it has been found desirable to prepare an inventory of each series. The
inventories of series A, B, C, E, G, and of the registers from the Department of
the Secretary of State and from the Privy Council are complete.
These inventories when printed will serve as a guide to the contents of the Archives and will greatly facilitate research.
A complete analysis of the reports of the Archives from 1872-1908, with an index,
is now in the hands of the printer. A volume prepared by Mr. H. P. Biggar on the
voyage of the Cabots is also now in the press.
We have acquired during the past year many objects of historic value, among
them the Plan in Relief of Quebec made about the year 1800 by J. B. Duberger. This
plan was deposited in Woolwich Arsenal in 1811 and was transferred to Canada by the
authorities of the War Office.
From Lady Caron we have received four flags belonging to the Canadian militia
in 1775. During the celebration in Quebec in 1908 Lord Lovat presented to the Archives the painting of Sir Benjamin West, P.R.A., representing the death of General
Simon Fraser at Brsemus Heights, near Saratoga, on the 7th of October, 1777. This
canvas is of considerable value and is much appreciated by visitors to the Archives.
On the same occasion His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales presented to Canada
the chair used by General Wolfe during the campaign of 1759. From the Misses
Tupper, of Guernsey, we have received the coat worn by General Brock at the battle of
Queenstown Heights. 21
The collection of prints and engravings in the Archives is undoubtedly the most
complete in America. Important additions have been made this year. The publication of a catalogue as a guide to visitors is desirable.
There are 6,000 maps in this section. A temporary catalogue has been prepared for
publication. Several important maps have been acquired during the past year, including the following :—
Copies of five plans made by Catalogne.
Carte du gouvernement de Québec levée en l'année 1709 par les ordres de Monseigneur le comte de Pontchartrain, Commandeur des Ordres du Roy, Ministre et Secrétaire Destat par le Sr. Catalogne Lieutenant des Troupes "et Dressée par jean Bte
Suitte du Gouvernement de Quebec qui Comprent en dessandant le Fleuve
St Laurent depuis le Cap Tourmente jusqu'au Cap aux Oyes levée en 1709, par
les ordres de Monseigneur Le Comte de Ponchartrain Commandeur des Ordres du
Roy Ministre et Secretaire Destat par Le Sr Catalogne Lieutenant des Troupes
et Dressée par Decoûagne.
Suitte du Gouvernement de Quebec qui comprent en dessendant Le Fleuve
Saint Laurent Depuis la Riviere Duchesne jusqu'au celle du Cas Rouge levée en
1709 par les ordres de Monseigneur Le Comte de Ponchartrain Commandeur des
Ordres du Roy Ministre et Secretaire Destat par Le Sr Catalogne Lieutenant des
Troupes et Dressée par jean Baptiste Decoûagne.
Carte du Gouvernement des Trois Rivieres qui comprent en descendant Le
Fleuve St Laurent depuis La Sortie du Lac St Pierre jusqu'à Ste Anne, Levée
en 1709 par les ordres de Monseigneur le Comte de Ponchartrain, Commandeur
des ordres du Roy Ministre et Secretaire destat par le Sr Catalogne Lieutenant
des Troupes et dressée par jean Baptiste Decoûagne.
Suitte du Gouvernement des Trois Rivieres qui comprent en descendant Le
Fleuve St Laurent depuis les Isles de Richelieu jusqu'à la Sortie du Lac St.
Pierre Levée en 1709 par Les ordres de Monseigneur le Comte de Ponchartrain
Commandeur des ordres du Roy Ministre et Secretaire destat par Le Sr Catalogne,
Lieutenant des Troupes et dressée par jean Baptiste Decoûagne.
Carte Réduite du Golphe St Laurent, Contenant l'isle de Terre Neuve et
Partie de la Coste des Esquimaux l'isle Royale, l'isle St. Jean et celle d'Anticosti
&c Dressée au Depost des Cartes Plans et Journaux de la Marine Pour les
services des Vaisseaux du Roi, Par Ordre de M. Rouillé Ch. Comte de Jouy &c
Ministre et Secretaire d'Etat ayant le Département de la Marine MDCCLIV.
Map of Part of Canada, from Bay de la Val and Island of Barnaby in the
River St. Lawrence to the Lakes Huron and Erie. (This map is a reduction from
one compiled in the Surveyor General's Office, dated at Quebec, 1st October, 1790,
Sgd. Samuel Holland, Surveyor General. John Collins, D.S.G. Endorsed Canada
Case 37 No. 48 1790.)
Canada 45. 2n Part of His Majesty's Province of Quebec, from Montreal
Westward. Part of the Ottawa River, the River Iroquois, as far as Kingston, the
South Shore and Part of the North Shore of Lake Erie, Detroit River and part
of Lake St. Clair, &c, &c  Finished 16 March, 1790.
A chart showing relative portion of the British Islands and British America
.... to accompany Report on the projected Intercolonial Railway, by Sandford
Fleming, C.E. 22
M&p of the proposed Postal Route from British America to the West Indies
and of the Existing Inter-Colonial Mail Lines, &c, 1866.
Government Map of part of the Huron and Ottawa Territory, &c, Thomas
Devine, F.R.G.S., 1866.
A Survey of Lake Ontario, done by H. Laforee of the Naval Department, &
Lewis Kotté, Assistant Engineer The North Shore in 1783, and the East and
South Shores in 1789 by Order of His Excellency The Rt. Honble Lord Dorchester, Governor and Commander in Chief, &c, &c. Copied from the Original
Survey in the Drawing Room of the Engineers Department at Quebec by Wm.
Hall, Draughtsman. Examined Gother Mann, Captn. Commandg. Rl. Engrs.
Endorsed : Referred to by Lord Dorchester in his letter No. of the
(The above is, as far as the map is concerned, a duplicate of Q.S. 25. In the
latter the title is in the centre, instead of the upper left hand corner, and it bears
in the right hand corner, at the bottom, the words, ' Enclosed in Lord Dorchester's
Letter No. 58, Quebec, 24th October, 1790, Vol. 47.')
Also ' A Survey of Lake Ontario done by H. Laforee of the Naval Department' Lewis Kotté Assistant Engineer in 1783 and 1789. (Formerly Case 42,
No. 21.) Key Map. Copied from Original in Colonial Office Library, London.
Map No. 40 by J. H. Brigby.
Route of the Canadian Couriers from Montreal to Skenesborough 1788.
A Plan of the River St. John, in the Province of New Brunswick, with the
Post Route or communication "by that River from the City of St. John on the
Bay of Fundy to the River Saint Lawrence. Copied from a plan, compiled from
actual Survey, by the Surveyor General of the said Province by Isaac Nelden,
Surveyor 1792.
Map of Nova Scotia, showing Post Routes (Duplicate of M.S. 155).
Sketch of the Bay of Fundy.   1792.
Sketch of thé Route from Fort Cumberland to Frederickton, D Campbell,
Mil. Secy, about 1799.
Plan of the New Settlements from Point à Bodet to Niagara: W. Chewett,
D.P.S.   1789.
Also 1 Book intituled :—' The American Military Pocket Atlas ; Being an
Approved Collection of Correct Maps, Both General and particular of The British
Colonies, especially those which now are or probably may be, The Theatre of
War; Taken principally from actual Surveys and judicious Observations of
Engineers De Brahen and Romane; Cook Jackson and Collet; Maj. Holland and-
other officers. Employed in His Majesty's Fleet and Armies.—London; Printed
for R. Sayer and J. Bennett Map & Print sellers No. 53 Fleet Street.'
A plan entitled : ' Southwold and part of Westminster—Showing the situation of the roads through Southwold and the Connection formed by the Road
thro' Westminster. Scale forty chains to i an inch. Signed Mahlon Burwell,
Deputy Surveyor.
Copy: Survey: Gen: Office, 20 April 1812. Thos Ridout, Survey Genl. 12th
Nov. 1811.
During the year 1,260 maps have been mounted, repaired and mended. t
Inventory of the Manuscript Books, Portfolios, Registers and Indexes actually on the
Shelves in the Stack Room.
■       G.
Bouquet Collection	
Haldimand Collection	
Military Correspondence	
Durham Collection     	
Executive Council Papers 	
Documents copied in France	
Department of Finance   	
Despatches, &c, from the Gov. General's Office	
Papers Retfd. from the Gov. Secy. Office	
Rec'd. from Indian Dep't	
u n (also 280 original Deeds)   	
Miscellaneous documents and Correspondence	
Papers from Dep't. of Militia and Defence.	
Colonial Office Records concerning P. of Q., L.C., & U.C -_    	
Documents and Books from the Dep't. of the Sec'y. of State and Miscellaneous ..
Correspondence of the Archives Office.
Letters received           29
u     Sent        23
No. of
New acquisitions.—660 volumes have been added to the library during the year.
I have the honour to be, sir,
Your obedient servant,
Dominion Archivist.
Ottawa, July, 1909. I %


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