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BC Historical Books

BC Historical Books

Report of the public archives for the year 1926 Public Archives of Canada; Doughty, Arthur G. (Arthur George), Sir, 1860-1936 1927

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Keeper of Public Records
Price, 10 cents.  DOMINION OF CANADA
Keeper of Public Records
The Honourable
The Secretary of State,
Ottawa, May 20, 1927.
Sir,—I have the honour to submit to you the accompanying report on the
work of the Public Archives for the year 1926.
It will be observed that large additions have been made in each of the
The work of the copyists in the Public Record Office in London, and in the
Archives des Colonies, the Bibliothèque Nationale and other repositories of
historical papers in Paris has made available a considerable amount of
additional documentary material to students of the history of Canada.
Two exceptionally valuable collections received during the past years are
the papers of the eminent banking houses of the Baring Brothers and Glyn,
Mills & Company. These institutions financed many of the most important
undertakings in both Canada and the United States, and their papers are a
mine of information on the economic and political history of both countries.
Access to these papers was gained by Dr. Adam Shortt in 1925. Representations
as to the desirability of having these papers accessible to Canadian and American
students were made to the head of the Baring house, Lord Revelstoke, who is,
happily, related to the families of two former Governors General of Canada,
Lord Minto and Lord Grey, to 'both of whom Canada is largely indebted for
the present standing of the Public Archives. *
Lord Revelstoke willingly agreed to the Public Archives having the custody
of all the papers of these banking houses which related to their transactions in
North America down to the year 1871, and notified the Prime Minister to that
Another notable gift is that of the late Earl Amherst of Montreal, Sevenoaks.
It is a copy of the Atlantic Neptune, which was a possession of his famous
ancestor Jeffrey, Lord Amherst, who received the capitulation of Canada from
Governor Vaudreuil, on September 8, 1760. It was presented to Lord Amherst
by the author, Colonel DesBarres. There are three volumes in the set, each
fourteen inches wide by thirty-four inches in length. The first two volumes
contain charts of the sea coasts of Nova Scotia, and the third of the sea coasts
of New England. Besides the charts the volumes are enriched by one hundred
plates of views along the Atlantic coast. Many of these plates do not appear
in any other known copy of this work.
The absence of the appendices, which have usually accompanied the reports'
of the Archives, is accounted for by the fact that the papers which form the
material of these appendices were last year published as separate volumes. The
report on the Northcliffe Collection which contained the Monckton papers; the
two volumes on Currency and Exchange; and the Catalogue of Pictures in the
Public Archives were all published since the last report was issued.
Attention may be drawn to the increasing interest of scholars in the
material held in the Public Archives. Many students, American as well as
Canadian, spend the whole or a large part of the long vacation in the
institution. A large, comfortable room has been furnished for them, conveniently
situated between the Manuscript Room and the Library, and the assistance of
the staff is at all times at their service.
43096—14 4 REPORT FOR THE YEAR, 1926
Criticism has been directed to the delay which has ensued between the
publication of the English and French versions of the reports. But this delay
is in the interest of scholars as it requires a great deal of time to make a correct
translation. A comparison of the early English and French versions of Government publications is sufficient to prove the need of greater accuracy.
It is suggested in future that whichever report is ready first shall be held
until the translation is ready. In this way the French and English documents
will appear at the same time.
Jn future, therefore, the Archives will publish a brief report of the work of
the department similar to the present one and documents will be published when
they are ready in both languages.
I have the honour to be, sir,
Your obedient servant,
Deputy Minister. CONTENTS
Index and Information Division	
Manuscript Division	
Map and Chart Division	
Paintings, Drawings and Prints	
P.V3 3
Since the last report, 71,119 cards of the index of manuscripts were
typewritten, classified and placed in their respective drawers. The index of the
Quebec Gazette was also continued up to the year 1794 and 49,000 cards were
added to it. Thirty years of this interesting old paper, the only newspaper
published at that time, have now been indexed. 24,000 cards have also been
received from our Montreal office, being the index of old registers of baptisms,
marriages and burials in that city; the whole making a grand total of 144,119
cards added to our general index.
Military Records Section
The assembling and classification of the old military records in the custody
of the Public Archives have been pursued with renewed vigour. The services
of two employees of the Department of National Defence have been loaned and
the work is proceeding under the direction of the chief of the branch.
I. Correspondence and Military papers of Upper and Lower Canada.
The classification and preparation for an index of the military correspondence and documents of Upper and Lower Canada dating from 1770, are
now in progress. There are approximately a thousand portfolios of these
documents, which are of great historical value.
II. Old Militia Books of Departmental Records and Registers of Militia.
Books of military records numbering over a thousand volumes, cover
departmental records and the activities of the militia, volunteer and permanent
forces. Some of these units date back to 1793 and the registers of officers are
now classified and ready for reference.
HI.'Militia Pay-Rolls, Active Militia and Permanent Force.
Over 1200 portfolios of vouchers have been gone through and all the
military pay-rolls extracted therefrom. The classification of these pay-rolls is
proceeding; they are being placed in portfolios and are now easy to consult
Many requests are received for verification of services from the Department of
National Defence and old militiamen. These pay-lists date back to the year
1811 and cover all Canadian service from the War of 1812-15 to the South
African War.   They are now in order and ready for reference.
IV Militia Department—Abstracts and Vouchers.
There are on file about 1,600 packages and portfolios of Militia Department
abstracts and vouchers dating from 1898; these are now on the shelves ready for
V. Records of the Great War.
The Department of National Defence has begun the transfer of the records
of the Great War Three thousand files of deceased officers are already m this
section and placed in portfolios. It is expected that the balance of about seven
thousand of these files will be received shortly. ém*
The reclassification of the S. Series containing the internal qfficial correspondence of Lower Canada, 1760-1841, has also been undertaken and is now
The records of the Customs Department, from 1846 to 1867, are now being
examined, classified and put into portfolios; they will number about 200.
The records of the Department of Public Works covering the years 1844 to
1867, which were transferred to the Public Archives some years ago, have now
been sorted and placed in 321 portfolios; they are now ready for reference.
Applications for information and copies of documents continue to pour in
from all quarters. Since the last report, 1,609 searches have been made and
they have proved successful in nearly all cases.
Archives des Colonies—
Series F3.   Collection Moreau St. Méry.
Canada, 1681-1791.
Descriptions et Historique, Saint-Pierre & Miquelon
et Terre-Neuve.    Fisheries,  1640-1803.
Historique de Sainte-Lucie, 1605-1785.
Description et Historique, Trinité (Trinidad), 1751.
Instructions aux administrateurs, 1665-1788.
Repertoire   des   Notions   Coloniales    (Dictionary   of
Colonial matters).
Canada, 1663-1749.
Colonies en général, Collège Martinique 1680.
Mémoires du Roi 1741.
Louisiane Collège 1742.
Mémoire  sur les  bœufs  Illinois.
Bégon mémoire, 1685.
" "       Commerce, 1704-1766.
Conseils, 1727-1752.
•        Ecclesiastical MSS. 1685-1725.
" "       Canada et Louisiane, 1699-1734.
"       Louisiane, 1742-1744.
Hôpital  de  Montréal,   1687.
Nègres, Canada, 1720.
Sauvages, 1702-1790.
Canada, 1615-1778, Lettres historiques.
Canada, 1604-1713, Lettres historiques.
Etats, Listes, Services, Historique 1739-1764.
Terres, Titres, Troupes, 1697-1730.
Manufactures coloniales, Machines et Produits, 1787.
Historique, St. Domingue, 1492-1798.
Code, Cayenne, 1579-1803.
Code, Guadeloupe, 1726-1768.
Recueil des loisrparticulières, Guadeloupe, 1671-1777.
Ministère des Colonies— Bfniîf
Series C12A.    Correspondance Générale.
Vols. 10-16.    St. Pierre et Miquelon, 1786-1844.
Series C32B. Lettres du Ministre.
Vols. 1-4.   St. Pierre et Miquelon, 1763-1792.
Series E14.   Canut de Bailleul, 1766-1781.    (Dossier.)
Archives de la Marine—
B2.   Ordres du Roy et Dépêches de la Marine.
Vols. 232-265.    de Levant ou de Ponant, 1712-1723.
(Omitting Vols. 243, 244, 250.)
Marine B3.   Service Général Correspondance.
Vols. 228. Dunkerque, Cherbourg, Lorient, Nantes, 1715.
"     229. Le Havre, 1715.
"     230. Lorient, M. Clairambault, Ordonnateur, 1715.
"    232. Petits Ports de Levant, Gouverneurs, Intendants, 1715.
"     233. Ministres, Clergé, Parlements, Fonctionnaires divers, 1715.
"     234. Dunkerque, Le Havre, 1716.
"     235. Le Havre, M. de Champigny, 1716.
|    236. Nantes, 1716.
"     237. Lorient, M. Clairambault, Ordonnateur, 1716.
"    239. Ministres, Clergé, Parlements, Généralités et Intendances,
Fonctionnaires divers, 1716.
"     240. Dunkerque, 1717.
"     241. Le Havre, 1717.
"     242. St. Malo, 1717.
"     243. Nantes. 1717.
"     244. M. Clairambault, Ordonnateur, 1717*.
"     247. Ministres, Clergé, Parlements, 1717.
248. Généralités et Intendances, 1717.
"    250. Le Havre, 1718.
"     261. St. Malo & Nantes, 1718.
Marine B4.    Campagnes.
Vols. 19-20.    Amérique du Nord, 1698-1700.
I 21.    Louisiane, 1701.
" 22.    Espagne, Italie, Portugal, 1702.
" 23.   Amérique Espagnole, Louisiane, 1702.
| 25.    Prise et Prisonniers, 1703.
Marine C1.   Officiers de la Marine.
Vols. 154.    Liste générale, 1680-1750.
"    161.   Officiers de Vaisseau, Alphabet Laffilard, Etat de Service,
Archives Nationales—
Photostat letter Vaudreuil to Bougainville, respecting Capitulation, 1759.
Colonies C1XA. Vol.    1. Documents historiques, 1575-1660.
"     2. Documents historiques, 1663-1667.
"    84. Correspondance M. Hocquart, 1745.
"   90. Correspondance générale, M. Bigot, 1748.
"   94. Actes de Vente et Titres de Propriétés, 1749.
Série E. Vols.   36. Boishébert, 1736.
"       75. Chartier de Lotbinière, 1761-1784.
"     249. La Jonquière, 1749.
"    257. Denis de la Ronde, 1768-1779. 10
Ministère de la Guerre.   Archives anciennes—
Correspondance. Vol.     56. Expéditions, 1639.
71. Expéditions, 1642.
"   3398. Dépôt général, 1755, March & April.
"   3399. Dépôt général, 1755, May & June.
"   3450. Guerre en Europe, 1757, July-August.
"   3458. Indes Orientales, 1756-1757.
"   3541. Indes Orientales, 1758-1759.
"   3574. Canada, 1760.
"   3624. Dépôt général, 1761-1762.
g   3628. Marine, 1762-1763.
Bibliothèque de L'Arsenal—
Archives de la Bastille.
Carton 12148; 1751-1754.
Liasse 10496; 1692-1693.
Bibliothèque Nationale—
Fonds Français.
Vol.   7112. Ambassade de M. D'Espesses, 1625.
7146. Copie d'une Lettre Originale, 1686.
7230. Table des Arrests du Conseil, 1700-1703.
7231. Table des Arrests du Conseil, 1704-1705.
8290. Précis alphabétique des tenues de Bretagne, 1567-1762.
8752. Ordres du Roi, Lettre de M. Colbert, 1679-1681.
8768. Fiefs du Comté de Mortain, 1629.
9711. Claude DeLisle, Mélanges, 1692.
10252.   Secretairia, 1625.
10712.   Négociations de M. de Commenge, 1663.
10714.   Ambassade de M. Le Duc D'Aumont, 1713.
10764.   Journal de Correspondance, 1758-1766.
10767.   Affaires de Marine, 1765.
10769. Colonies Espagnoles et Françaises et quelques mémoires
sur différentes branches de Commerce, 1765.
10770. Reflections sur une guerre particulière entre la France et
la Grande-Bretagne, 1749-1763.
11300. Marine Artillerie, 1746.
11315. Marine française, 1681.
11317. Marine française, 1689.
11337. Liquidation des dettes de la Marine, 1759.
11338. " " " 1759.
11339. " " " 1760.
13423. Itinéraires et Navigations, 1508-1630.
13794. Chronologie de tous les Chaners, 1667.
13875. Nécrologie des Récollets, 1618-1759.
14265. Edits et Ordonnances concernant la Marine, 1552-1598
14268. " " " " 1670-1674.
14269. " " " " 1690-1695.
Archives du 3e Arrondissement Maritime, Lorient—
Archives de St. Servan.
Liasse 7-8. Rolle général des habitants de l'Isle Royale et de l'isle St.
Jean débarqués à St. Malo depuis le 1er 9bre 1758 y compris
ceux qui y sont venus des autres ports, 1758.
Liasse 9. Subsistance des habitants de l'Amérique septentrionale,
1772. REPORT FOR THE YEAR, 1926 11
Ministère des Affairs Etrangères—Correspondance politique—
Angleterre. Vols. 342-425.    Correspondance, 1722-1749.
Hollande.   Vols. 230-251.   Negotiations d'Utrecht, 1711-1713.
Mémoires et Documents, France. Vol. 1425.   Traité d'Utrecht, 1712.
Archives du 4e Arrondissement Maritime, Rochefort—
Series 1A.   Lettres du Ministre.
Vols. 2-8.    1715-1723.
Series Ie.   Dépêches de la Cour.
Vols.    3S-102.    1696-1723.
(Omitting Vols. 41, 42, 45, 48, 53, 60, 64, 66, 69, 76.)
339.   Correspondance de l'Intendant avec la Cour, 1710.
"    398-401.   Lettres de l'Intendant Bégon à la Cour, 1691-1710.
|    564-597.   Lettres adressées à l'Intendant, 1701-1791.
"    599-604.    Pièces Diverses, 1680-1763.
Series 2G2.   Devis de Vaisseaux, Formules Imprimées. *
Vols.    1- 9.    1751-1759.
Vols. 14-15.    1763-1764.
Series 1 R. Vols. 4 & 6.   Copies de Lettres de la Cour, 1736-75.
Vols.        43.   Pertes de Bâtiments, 1725.
Series R.   Fonds Réserve.
Vol. 1409.   Journal de Navigations du Cher de Vaudreuil—Le Sage en
1754, Le Parham en 1755-56, Le Duc de Bourgogne en 1757.
Archives du Séminaire de St. Sulpice—
Documents pour l'histoire de l'Eglise du Canada.
Vols. 1-3.    1674-1850.
1       8.   Matériaux pour la vie de Monsieur Eméry, 1760-1810.
Dossier 1.   Congrégation de Montreal, 1696-1698.
Evêché de Québec.
Filles Séculières de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame établies
à Montréal, Louisbourg et à Détroit, 1749-1764.
Hôtel-Dieu de Québec.
Ursulines des Trois-Rivières,
Bordereaux de Lettres de Change.
Etablissements Religieux du Canada, 1770-1816.
Pièces pour l'histoire Militaire du Canada, 1750-1760.
Montcalm Birth Certificate, 1714.   Mairie de Vauvert.
FRANCE.   Originals
Letter of Chaillé Long to Lecourte, 1885.
Letter of Samuel Gale, respecting Seigniories, 1814.
Deed of Bertrand Fief, 1774.
Public Record Office
Petitions, 1775-1781.
Dr. Franklin's letters. 1768-1775.
Admiralty, 1776-1781.
Council   Office,   East   India   Co.,   &   Miscellaneous,
Secretaries of State, 1771-1782.
Treasury & Customs, 1771-1781.
Miscellaneous, 1771-1781.
CO. 5. Vols.
154-158. r
CO. 5. Vols. 159-160.   Law Reports, 1772-1781.
"    161-166.   Ordnance Office, 1772-1781.
"    167-173.   Secretary at War, 1772-1781.
" 174.   Commander-in-Chief, 1779-1782.
" 175.   Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New. York,
Virginia, &c. 1774-1783.
" 176.   North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, 1778-1783.
"    177-178.   Peace Commissioners' Reports, 1776-1782.
" 179.   Copies of Lieut. Burgoyne's correspondence with Major-
Gen. Heath as to troops captured by the Americans at
Saratoga, 1777-1778.
"    180-181.   Commissioners to  quiet  disorders in North America,
"    182-185.   Military Despatches & Miscellaneous, 1778-1794.
186.   Naval Despatches, 1782-1784.
" 187.   Capt. Vancouver's despatches, 1791-1793.
(See   M. 379.)
"    188-196.   Commissions and Instructions, 1702-1738.
"    211-212.   Despatches to Governors & Others, 1753-1757.
New Brunswick, Original Correspondence Secretary of State
CO. 188. Vols. 49-60.   1834-1838. (Omitting Volume 58.)
CO. 195. Vols. 9.   Pownall-Palliser, April 15, 1766.
State Papers, Foreign, France.   Volumes 91- 96; 1632-1634.
Volumes 97-110; 1635-1640.
Treaty Papers, State Papers, Foreign.   Volumes 98-101, 1772.
Captains's Log, No. 3830, 22 June to 11 July, 1760.
Treasury Solicitor's papers, Bundle 825, 1768-1815.
Admiralty Secretary, In Letters, Volume 1491, 1760.
War Office 25, Volume 744, 1810-1815.   Brigadier General Brock.
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts D10 & D11, Nova
Scotia, 1850-1859.
Amherst papers, 28 packets.
Simcoe papers  (lent by Mr. Willoughby P. Cole), Odd Documents & Vols.
1, 3, 4, 8-11, 14, 17-19, 27 and 29, and Hammond Correspondence.
Trade between British West Indies & United States, 1784.
Sir George Prevost-Memorial Book, 1811-1814.
Whitworth, Manchester Magazine, 1745-1751.
Lists of Abercrombie papers.
Documents relating to the Launberga case, from the Dept. Mercantile, Marine,
Board of Trade.
Illustrated Arctic News, 1850-1851.
Chas. I, Part 34, No. 2.
(Commissions to Sir W. Alexander & others.)
Dartmouth MSS., Bundles 1-5, 1688-1772.   Presented bv Lord Dartmouth.
Letters of Sir Charles Metcalfe, 1843.    Lent by Earl Derby.
Magdalen Islands, 1786.   Application of James Stodart for Grant of  (three
Certificate of Ship " General Wolfe " 1790, from J. F. Kenney.
Henry Bird, miscellaneous papers, 1777-1799. He served at various posts in the
Western territories. jj£v
Report of Major General Sir James Carmichael Smyth on the Defences of North
American Provinces, 1825.
Opinions de L. H. Lafontaine, en sa qualité de Procureur Général, de 1842 à
Glengarry Registers, Williamstown, 1779-1817.
Capture of Ogdensburg, 1813, from Literary Garland, 1849.
Lettre de Noblesse de Louis Couillard,  1681, presented by Abbé Couillard
Commission of Surgeon John Adair 1754, and certain Hospital accounts.
Commission of Surgeon James Napier, 1754 and certain Hospital accounts.
Letter from J. B. Tyrrell of Toronto respecting his father who witnessed Lord
Sydenham's fatal accident.
Abstract of Conveyance from the Hudson's Bay Company to Lord Selkirk with
regulations for Settlement.
De Mille MSS. from Dalhousie College Collection, presented by L. J. Burpee.
List of personnel North West Field Force.
De Monts Genealogy.
Index to prisoners of war, 1812. .
Letter respecting Ainslie family, 1922.
Register of birth and death of Abbé Le Loutre, 1709-1772.  ,
Deed of exchange of real estate in Lower Canada, 1818.
Procès Verbal et plan d'un morceau de terre vendue à Ph. Payn par le Sieur de
Villeray, 1762.
Papers relating to Robert Baldwin's resignation, 1841.
Papers connected with Durham's Mission to Canada, 1838.
Papers relating to Distribution of Indian presents at Amherstburg, 1819.
Department of Indian Affairs, memo, respecting Methodist Missionary Society
to lot 72 on the Alnwick reserve.
Copy of a receipt, signed by John Askin, 24 September 1819.
Police regulations Sault Ste. Marie, 1864.
Algoma resources 1875 and Mr. S. J. Dawson.
Lt.   Col. Dunn, farewell to the 100th Regiment, 1865.
Memorandum respecting inter-marriage between English and French and the
Memorandum respecting Canadian State papers in England.
Memorandum respecting Bishop of Toronto, letter to Lord John Russell, 1851.
Memorandum respecting the Crown Colonies and the Federated Malay estates.
Photograph copy of original of Peace Treaty with Iroquois dated at Quebec,
25 May 1666.
Notarial copy of gift by King James the fifth to John Blair of Melgund, Edinburgh, 2 July 1532.
Telegraphic message from Rt. Honourable W. L. Mackenzie King to Brazil on
occasion of Centenary of Independence, 1922.
Speech  of  Rt.  Honourable W.  L.  Mackenzie  King at opening of  Toronto
Exhibition, 1922.
Papineau-Neilson Correspondence, from Mr. Taché, 1819-1832.
Correspondence of Chief Justice William Smith.   Photograph copies of originals
in New York Public Library.
Letters of Abbé Louis Tronson, Supérieur of St. Sulpice, 1675-1699. 14
Sir George Prévost Military Letter Books, 1811-1814.
•Narrative of Andrew Sibbald of life in North West Territories, 1875 et seq.
Memoirs of Mrs. David MacDougall of life in North West Territories 1871 et
Letters and Documents from Hazelton Indian Agency, 1888-1900.
Deed of grant of land to Guillemette Hébert, widow of Sieur Couillard, 1677.
Deed of sale of land by Guillaume Thibault to Louis Lemieux, 1684.
Letter from Alexander Henry to Joseph Banks, 1781.
Conveyance from Peter Pangman to Alexander MacKenzie of shares in North
West Company, 1792.
Andrew Miller, genealogical tree.
Correspondence of J. A. Macdonald, found in Ontario Archives by W. P. M.
Kennedy.   From Jessup, Macaulay and Hodgins Papers. .
Diary of Joseph Willcocks, 1800-1803.   Original in possession of S. Wolverton,
DD.S. of London, Ont.
Journal of Daniel Harmon.   Travels from Montreal to Pacific Ocean 1800-1819.
Original in possession of Guthrie Y. Barber, New York.«3\$~ €<x^yV- 3 <j ®- &L
Papers of W. S. Falls of Amherstburg, Militia, 1812-1836, 1857.
Petitions from St. Sulpice Seminary, 1677-1681.    Originals in Sulpician Library,
Lettre de M. Thury, relating to Acadian Mission.    Original in Sulpician Library,
Memorandum and Map, by Otto Sverdrup, of the "Fram", 1902.
Notice sur le Séminaire de Montréal, copied from copy in Sulpician Library.
Autobiographical Notes of John Macdonald of Garth.
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Register, Methodist Church.
Holy dollar and Leather money (photos from P.E.L).
David  Rodger,   Origin,  Education   and  Movements  of  the  North  American
Indians, 1925.
Alpheus Todd Librarian of Parliamentary Library, Correspondence 1856-1863.
Baby collection, 17 volumes.   Transcripts from originals in Sulpician Library,
Sarrazin Drouard family.   Notarial Deed, 1747.
Papers on Status of Agents General of Provinces of Canada, 1922.
Documents relating to Siege of Quebec.
List of Seigniories in Lower Canada, no date.
Hudson's Bay Company.   Letters Patent leasing Kings Posts to 1852.
Wrangel Island Disaster, Newspapers extracts, 1926.
Letter respecting North West Mounted Police entry into Blackfeet country of
the North West Territories, 1874.
Documents relatifs à Paul de Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve.   Donated by
Hon. R. Lemieux.
Register of Parish of St. Benoit, P.Q.
Magna Carta, Reproduction of the original document.
Jugements et délibérations du Conseil Supérieur Que., up to 17 March 1749,
continuation of series.
Privy Council Appeal No. 103 of 1925.    (Price Brothers vs. King.   Judgment
rendered June 17, 1926.
Archives Judiciaires Montreal up to 1758.   Continuation of series.
Barony of Longueuil, Letters Patent.
Journal of Thomas Manby, Mate on "The Discovery" with Captain Vancouver,
1791-1793. REPORT FOR THE YEAR, 19ê6 15
Jesuits papers ; from St. Mary's College Archives, Montreal.
Jogues, New Holland, Novum Belguin, 1644.
Marquette's Genealogy.
Memoir on death and virtues of the Jesuits Fathers, Jogues, De Noue,
Daniel, Breboeuf, Lalement, Gamier, Chabanel & Goupil.    1652.
CANADA.   Originals.
Accounts, Census takers of 1852.
Journal of Mathew Bell-Irvine, Red River Expedition, 1870.   From Col. Wm.
Wood, F.R.S.C.
Col. A. L. Jarvis, MSS.
Sir Geo. E. Cartier, papers relating to, in connection with Centenary, including
some of his correspondence.
Vaudreuil Family letters, 1820-1826.
Wolfred Nelson papers, 1822-1838, with two letters from Walter J. Nelson to
Mr. Justice Bruneau, 1905.
Sandfield   Macdonald   papers,   1850-1868.   Donated   by   H.   F.   Mackintosh,
Letter to Egerton Ryerson,  1833-1843.   Donated by Frank Eames, Niagara
Letter from John Simpson, Niagara, to Lieut. Gov. F. Bond Head, 1837.
Diary of Samuel David of Montreal, 1800-1806.
Letters Patent incorporating Canadian Society for Study of Diseases of Children.
Hon. Josiah Wood, Journal of his Father.
J. P. Commission with Seal.   Donated by Mr. W. T. Wells.
Legal Decisions on points of Customs law of Great Britain, 1673-1707.
Two letters from Sir John A. Macdonald, one (February 12, 1869) respecting
murder of D'Arcy McGee.
Printed letter signed by R. W. Scott, respecting Ottawa as capital, 1857.
Scrap Book of Charles Buller, Chief Secretary to Lord Durham, 1837-1842.
Dutch letters respecting South African War.   Donated by Canon Green, 1901.
Diary of A. W. Stikeman, 1837-1838.   Donated by J. P. Edwards, Halifax.
Arctic Expedition.   Official Journal, 1913-1918.
Railway Scrip, Erie and Ontario Railway, 1853.
Fairchild Documents. Donated by Miss C. N. Fairchild, 1764-1855. Quebec.
Two French Legal Documents 1696 and 1699. Donated by Hon. R. Lemieux.
Sir Chas. Tupper papers, 1836-1915, 11 Volumes.   Donated by the Honourable
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper.
Minute Books and other papers of St. George's Society, Ottawa.   1859-1919.
Cheese Industry of Ingersoll, Crawford Lit. MSS.
Ruiter Family papers, 1776-1867. Contribution to history of Eastern Townships.
Alexander Daly Papers.   Correspondence relating to Veterans of Argenteuil
County in 1837-1838.
Clearance Certificate S.S. Royal William, August 17, 1833.
Registers, Civil Service Great War Volunteers.   From E. Green.
Letter from Trinity House Montreal to Commissioner of Customs, August 24,
1866.   Donated by Librarian, Toronto University.
Log of H.M.S. "Northumberland", September 3, 1810 to August 12, 1813.
Six letters and telegram from Honourable D'Arcy McGee to J. Ivers, Montreal.
Donated by Mrs. Louisa Clark, Toronto.
Stony Monday Riots in Ottawa, 1849.   Two personal letters donated by Mr.
V. Lees.
Graham Island, B.C.   Description of.   By W. E. J. Ashton, 1925. 16 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Report on Chaplain Services during the War, 1914-1918.
Votes of thanks of the House of Lords and House of Commons to Naval and
Military services, South African War, 1902.
Copy of Diary of Bjarne Mamen, member of the Canadian Arctic Expedition,
Original applications for discovery. claims on Bonanza Creek, Yukon.   From
Interior Department.
The total number of maps and plans in this department now exceeds 30,000
items. During the printing of the catalogue in 1912 more than one thousand
maps were added to the collections and since that time the total number has
more than doubled. Since the last report was published, the number has been
increased by 470 maps and 10 atlases. These large acquisitions created a serious
shortage of accommodation. Many of the maps and plans received had to be
tied in bundles or stored.
Since the publication of the last report, however, the Map Division has been
moved into more commodious quarters in the new wing where ample room is
provided to classify and catalogue the material.
Classification, Catalogue and Index
The classification adopted is geographic and follows the plan in use in the
Colonial Office, the Library of Congress and elsewhere. Under this arrangement
maps are sorted and classified into general divisions which cover a large
geographical area and into subdivisions which cover a smaller area within each
of the larger divisions. As an example the maps of Canada are classified under
maps of the different provinces, which in turn are grouped under maps of the
different cities and districts within each province. Following this classification,
which for all practical purposes is now completed, the preparation of a catalogue
and index to render the material more easily available for examination, became
a matter of urgent necessity. This work is at present being done, more than
half the maps having been catalogued and about one-third of the total number
indexed.   The index contains about 15,000 cards.
The applications for information received number 486. They deal with
every section of the country from the Maritime Provinces to British Columbia
and refer to the Labrador Boundary, the water-power right along the Ottawa
river and many hundreds of smaller but vitally important subjects. In connection
with these searches 764 photostat copies and tracings of maps were supplied to
Maps Received, 1924-1926
Alaska.   Routes of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's British Columbia
Coast Steamers.    Copyright, 1917 by Poole Bros., Chicago.
Alberta.   Atlas accompanying Report of Commission on the Boundary between
Alberta and B.C. Official, 1924.
Topographical Maps.   Wainwright Sheet No. 266.   Banff, West of Fifth
Meridian, 1925.    Calgary, Sheet No. 20, 1925.    Saddle Lake, West of
Fifth Meridian, Sheet No. 366, 1925.    Calgary Sheet, 1926. REPORT FOR THE YEAR, 1926 17
Atlas.   Guerre de l'Europe, 1755-63.   No title page.   Paris, 1765.   Of the 67
plates 3 refer to Canada.
D'Anville's, [1755].
Colton's General Atlas containing one hundred and eighty steel Plate Maps
and plans on one hundred and nineteen Imperial Folio Sheets drawn by
G. Woolworth Colton, Published, 1865.
Ewing's New General Atlas containing District Maps of all the Principal
States and Kingdoms throughout the World.   A New Edition including
the Most Recent Geographical Discoveries with Preliminary Illustrations
by Hugh Murray, F.R.S.C.
DeLisle's. . Published, 1730.
Babel, Père.   Routes suivies par le, pendant les années 1866, 67, 68, 73.   Dept.
des Terres de la Couronne, Québec.   January, 1873.   Photo. Copy.
Beauhamois Seigniory.   Municipal Divisions in, 1847.   Wm. Barrett, Sworn
Land surveyor.
Blandford Township,   [Oxford Co.], Map of, furnished by Commissioner of
Crown Lands, D. B. Papineau, C.C.L., 1845.
Boundary, International.   Sketch Map of Country lying between Lake of the
Woods and Red River, to accompany Report of A. L. Russell, P.L.S.,
Joint Maps of the International Boundary between the U.S. and Canada
from the St. Laurence River to the Source of the St. Croix River, 61
sheets to accompany the Commissioners Joint Report signed at Ottawa,
Aug. 15, 1924, upon the Re-establishment of the Boundary Article III
of the Treaty signed at Washington, April 11, 1908.   Published, 1924.
Maine-New Brunswick.   Maps of 1828.
British Columbia.   Preliminary Map Grenville Channel, » with insets.   Maps
A & B & 3P.   Published by Dept. of Lands, B.C., 1924.
Map of Southern, shewing disposition of Lands within the Railway Belt.
5th Edition, 1924.   Official.
Bella Coola.   Preliminary Map with inset Maps A. B. C.   Map No. 2E.
Published by Dept. of Lands, B.C., 1924.
South Western Districts.   Commercial and Visitors Map.   Published by
Dept. of Lands, B.C., 1925.
Pre-Emptor Maps.   Tête Jaune Sheet.   Stuart Lake Sheet.   1923.   Illooet
Sheet Revised to 1st May, 1924.   Map No. 3K.   Nechako Sheet, 1926.
Topographical Maps, Kootenay Sheet, 1924.   Donald Sheet, No. 163, West
of the Fifth Meridian, 1925.   Jasper Sheet, No. 45, 1926.
Canada.    [No Title].   Map of Country from Lake Nipissing to Lake Erie and
Eastward to Mouth of Sorel or Richelieu River and Southward to
Albany.    [1790].   Copy from Original Simcoe Map in possession of
Mr. Cole, Southampton.
Canada, Dominion of, and Newfoundland.
Map of the, with references.    1886.
Resource Map of, 1905.
Atlas.   Dept. of Interior, 1906.
Carte de la Puissance du Canada.    1912.   Official.
Charts 200-249.   Economic conditions in Canada Particularly in the three
Prairie Provinces.   Illustrating Population, Cultivation and Settlement,
Rys. Indebtedness and Transportation, General Revenue and Expenditure, Federal and Municipal Indebtedness &c.   Official.   1916.
Map of the Main Trunk Highways toward which Federal Aid is Being
Applied.    Official.    1924.
Map issued by the Dept. of! Interior, Natural Resources Intelligence Service.
Cram's Detailed Radio Map.   1924.
Canada East.   A set of old War Office Maps described as Maps of the Frontier
of Canada East, surveyed under the general direction of the Quarter
Master General's Dept. in Canada.   Compiled from Surveys made in
1864, 1865 and 1866.
Canadian Pacific Railway.   Maps and Charts to accompany Report on the
Explanations and Surveys up to January 7, 1874.
Carouge, P.Q.   Plan of a certain Tract of Land situated at, near Quebec, to be
granted in free and common soccage to John Porter, Esq., D. B. Papineau, 1864.
Caughnawaga.   By Chas. E. Ford, Col. C. R. E.   July 30, 1865.
Cedars Village, P.Q.   Plan of Original Site of 1780.   Compiled by Mr. Coutlée,
CE.   1926.
Chibenaccadie River, N.B., Plan of, and copy of the Journal of the March by
the River Chibenaccadie, 1754.   Photostat copy from London Office.
Cornwall, Ont.   Plan for the better regulating and laying out the Town, formerly
called New Johnstown, in the District of Lunenburg, showing the project
it wa [torn] and that approved by the Board for the Land Office Dept.
in the year 1790, making it nearly correspond with the plan Ordered by
His Excellency Guy Lord Dorchester in Council, the 17th Feb., 1789
&c.   W. Chewett, Surveyor, 7 Feb. 1792.   Copy from Original Simcoe
Map in possession of Mr. Cole, Southampton.
Côte St. Philippe.   Portion of, in the Township of Sherrington, from 70 to 86
inclusive, proposed to be detached from the Municipality of Sherrington
and to be annexed to the Municipality of St. Cyprien, 1846.
Dauphin River.   Plan du Cours de la Rivière du Dauphin et du Fort du Port
Royal y scitué avec la Banlieu du Fort à l'A-Cadie en la Nou'lle france.
1710.   Copy from Archives du Service Hydrographique de la Marine
Portefeuille 133, Div. 8 No. 6.
Durham County.   Atlas of Northumberland and Durham Counties.   Illustrated.
Belden & Co.    1878.
Fort Canso.   Canso Fort .from Original in New England Hist. Généalogie Soc,
Fort Garry.   Blue Print Plan of, 1835.   Also Original Location of, 1850.
Fort de Richelieu.   Plan of, envoyé par M. Talon, 1665.   Copy from London
Fort Royal.   Plan et profils d'un magazin à poudre affaire au Fort Royal,
Acadie, le 29 Novembre, 1702.   No. l'Ordre 62.   Copy from Dépôt des
Fortifications des Colonies.   Piece No. 62.
Plan de la Banlieu du, à l'Acadie et de ses Environs.   1708.
Fort Selkirk.   Plan of proposed barrack buildings at, 1898.
Ghent.   Treaty of, Map exhibiting the Tract of Country explored in the years
1817, 1818, 1819 and 1820.   By Order of the Commissioners under the
fifth Article of the Treaty of Ghent together with a portion of the
adjacent territory.   Sgd. Wm. F. Odell, 1821.   Copy from CO. 188,
Vol. 49, p. 69.
Hay Bay.   This Sketch shows the relative Situation of Nutt and Wooppoosse
Islands in,. with the Third Concession of Fredericksburg.    Original.
Surveyed at the request of Mr. Fred Keller.   P. V. Elmore, D.PS
Isle aux Noix., P.Q.   By Chas. E. Ford, Col. C. R. E.   July 30, 1865.
James Bay.   Western Coast of,
La Prairie de la Madeleine.    Plan levé en l'année 1704.    Copy from Dépôt
des Fortifications des Colonies Amérique Sept. No. 458.
Plan of a certain piece of ground forming part of, to be granted in free and
common soccage to Hon. George Moffatt.   D. B. Papineau.   184.6. REPORT FOR THE YEAR, 1926 19
Lake Champlain.   Map of, and the River Sorel, 1778.   Copy from Adm. Lib.
America, Vol. 1.   Map No. 20A.
Lake Erie.   A plan of, Detroit River part of Lake St. Clair, and River La
Tranche, from Actual Surveys made in the years 1789, 1790, 1791.   By
Patrick  McNiff,   Asst.   Engineer,   Detroit,   May,   1791.   Copy   from
Original Simcoe Map in possession of Mr. Cole, Southampton.
Lake Huron.   Plan of a Tract of Country shewing unsurrendered lands and
surrendered lands for the Clergy Reserves, the Canada Co. & the Crown
Surveyor General's Office, Toronto, 1834.
Lake   Ontario.   Plan  of  ye  North  Shore  of  Lake   Ontario  from  York  to
Oswegatchie.   A. Aiken, Dy. S.   Copy from Original Simcoe Map in
possession of Mr. Cole, Southampton.
Carte du Lac Ontario et desi habitations qui l'Environne.   Ensemble le pays
que Messrs Dolier et Galine Missionnaires du Séminaire de St. Sulpice
ont parcouru.   Copied from Francis Parkman's Copy in Harvard University, 1882.
Lake Superior.   Plan of the North Shore of, Dept. of Crown Lands, Ottawa,
Jan. 1, 1866.
Louisbourg.   Plan of, and the.British attack thereupon together with Part of
the Sea Coast with the French Retrenchments along the same.   By
Samuel Holland.    1757.   Photo Copy.
Town and Fortifications in 1745.   Blue print.
Drawn by Geo. Follings.   A.D. 1745.
Exact plan of Town of.   In Cape Breton.   Taken upon the spot.   Wm.
Roberts.    1748.
A plan of the City and Harbour, with the French Batteries that defended
it, and those of the English shewing that part of Gabarus Bay in which
they landed and the ground on which they encamped during the siege
of 1758.    Blue print.
Royal Battery of 40 cannons of 36 prs. and 12 cannons of 4 prs. for the
towers in the port of Louisbourg in Isle Royal.   Photo copy in colour
by Albert Almon from original in National Library, Paris 1924.
Louisiane.   Carte de la Coste de la, depuis   l'embouchure  de   la   Rivière  de
Mississippi jusqu'à la Rivière de S. Martin.
Lower Canada.   New Map of, and Upper Canada from the latest authorities.
By John Cary, Engraver.    1807.
Lunenburg.   District of, General Plan compiled from the General Plans in
my possession on which are laid down the names of the Officers who
have drawn land in this district formerly belonging to the Corps serving
in the Province of Quebec.   W. Chewett, Surveyor, 1792.   Copy from
Original Simcoe Map in the possession of Mr. Cole, Southampton.
Madawaska River.   Plan of the grounds at the Little Falls required for the
site of a Block House.   Surveyed by Andrew Russell, D.PJ5., March
Manitoba.   Land map of, and Canadian North West.   Showing lines and Land
Grant of C.P.R.
Elevation of Lakes.   Topographical Survey Branch, Dept.  of Interior,
Bulletin No. 55.
Topographical Map.   Minaki Sheet, No. 74.   1926.
Michilimackinac.   Plan of the Straits of St. Mary and,
Montreal.   Plan of the City, 1830.   Engraved by J. & C. Walker.
Plan of the ground required for the site of a Full Barrack Establishment,
with reference to the certificate to His Excellency the Gov. Gen. dated
llth June 1845 from the Major Gen. commanding the forces.   W. C.
E. Holloway, Col. Com. R. Engr. 1845.-
Plan of, by Chas. E. Ford, Col. C.R.E., July 30, 1865.
Plan of the Harbour from Victoria Bridge to Longue Pointe.   1914.
New Brunswick.   Province of, Map showing territory to be acquired by Great
Britain if the Penobscot River is adopted as the boundary line.   Copy
from Bathurst MSS 1823-32 and undated Vol. 4.
Sketch of. Lith. by D. O'Connor, Crown Land Press, Fredericton [1833]
[Tract, petitioned for by N .B. Mining Association.] Copy from CO.
188 Vol. 45, p. 133.
Field Notes of a Tract of Land, Surveyed for Hesketh P. Fleetwood, Esq.,
Grand Lake. Surveyed Sept. 1833 bv Michel O'Connor, Dy. Sr.
Copy from CO. 188, Vol. 51, p. 337.
• Plan of the Tract of Land purchased by the New Brunswick and Nova
Scotia Land Company containing 589,000 acres and lying in the
Parishes of Douglas, Saint Mary, Queensbury, and Southampton,
County of York.    1835.    Copy from CO. 188, Vol. 53, pp. 233-4.
Geological and Natural History Survey of Counties, Official.    1892.
New England.   Map of, and Nova Scotia by Thos. Kitchen.
Newfoundland.   A Sketch of the Island, done from the latest observations..
James Cook, 1763.   Copy from Adm. Lib. America, Vol.  1.   Map
No. 21.
North America.   L'Amérique Dressée sur les Relations les plus Récentes recti-
fées sur les dernières observations.   Dédiée et Présentée a Sa Majesté
Très Chrétienne Louis XV par J. B. Nolin, Géographe, A Paris 1740.
A New Map of the British Colonies in, showing the seat of the present
war. Taken from the best Surveys, compound with and improved
from Manuscripts of several noblemen and gentleman. John Andrews,
The United States of America with the British Possessions, of Canada,
Nova Scotia and of Newfoundland, Divided with the French, and the
Spanish Territories of Louisiana and Florida according to the Preliminary Articles of Peace Signed at Versailles the 20th June 1783.
London, 1783. Photo Copy of plan in possession of Col. Mills, England.
Carte de l'Amérique Septentrionale, depuis la Baye d'Hudson jusqu'au
Mississippi pour servir aux Essais Historiques et Politiques sur la
Révolution de cette Partie du Monde.    [1784] Photo.
With the New Discoveries, By Wm. Faden, Geographer to the King.
London.    1785.
West Coast, From the latest United States Coast Surveys 1889.   Published
North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Arbitration Maps presented with the Case of
the Government of His Britannic Majesty, 1909.
Northumberland County.   Atlas of, and Durham County.   Illustrated.   Belden
& Co.   1878.
North West Territories.   General Map of, including the Province of Manitoba
shewing Dominion Land Surveys to 31  Dec. 1882.   Additions and
corrections to March 1883.    Compiled and drawn by J. Johnston, Chief
Draftsman.   Official.
Map of, 1924.   Latest information re Northern Seas.   Official.
Nova Scotia.   A Map of New England and, by Thos. Kitchen.
Map of, or Acadia with the Islands of Cape Breton and St. Johns. From
Actual Surveys by Capt. Montressor.    1768.
Map of, indicating Natural Resources, Motor Roads and Transportation
Routes.    [Inset] Cape Breton Island.    Official.    1924 REPORT FOR THE YEAR, 1926 21
Topographical Maps.   Mira, Sheet No. 207.    Louisbourg, Sheet No. 208.
Glace Bay, Sheet No.  206.    1924.   Sydney,  Sheet No.  205.   1925.
Bras d'Or, Sheet No. 209.    1925.
Ohio.   Map of Toledo.
Topographical Map showing Railroads &c. 1902.
Ontario.   Water-Powers, Official.    1911.
Scarborough's New Map of Ontario shewing municipal Counties, Districts,
Townships,  Cities, Villages,  Post Offices & Stations,  Railway  and
Steamship Lines with distances between stations and landings.    1911.
Topographical Maps, Ottawa, Sheet No. 14.    1925.   Mallorytown, Sheet.
1926.   Sudbury, Sheet No. 8.   1925.
Orleans.   Island of, Carte de la Comté de St. Laurent en la Nle.   France,
mesurée très exactement  (en 1689)  par le Sr. de Villeneuve.   From
pamphlet.   L'Ile D'Orléans par Abbé Bois, 1895.
Ottawa.   Map of,  and vicinity, drawn expressly  for Woodbum's Directory.
Map of, and vicinitv.   Prepared under the authority of Order-in-Council
No. 1802 dated June 26, 1912.    Ottawa, March 17, 1918.   N. Cauchon,
CE.    Compiled and drawn by L. A. DesRosiers, A. M. Can. Soc. C E.
Terminal re-organization Central Tunnel and Interprovincial Ry. & Highway
Bridges.   N. Cauchon, CE.    1924.
Plan of Suggested Development  of Major Hill Park.   Vimy Way.   N.
Cauchon, CE.   1925.
Federal District Plan.   N. Cauchon, CE.    1926.
Pacific Coast.   Relief Map Nos. 1, 2 and 3.    1892.
Pointe à Carey, P.Q,   Plan of, on the River St. Charles and St. Laurence.   Jos.
Hamël, 1846.
Point Levi, P.Q.   By Chas. E. Ford, Col. C.R.E.   July 30;< 1865.
Prince Albert with other points.   Trails, telegraphs &c.   Compiled by W. H.
Holland, CE.    1885.
Prince Arthur's Landing.   Thunder Bav, Lake Superior Port  of the CP.R.
Compiled by Russell & Wicksteed, 1882.
Prince Edward Island.    Map of, in the Gulf of St. Laurence.   Compiled from
the latest surveys by Cundall, 1851.
Quebec City.   Plan of a certain Lot of Ground, situated in the Upper Town
of Quebec, to be granted in free and common soccage to the Hon. Mr.
Justice Bowen, 1846.
Plans Coupes Elévations des- principaux bâtiments de la Prison de Quebec.
Sketch explanatory of the contemplated Line of Railway from St. Andrews
to [1836].    Copy from CO. 188. Yol. 55, p. 453.
Profil du Palais Baty en 1715 à Kebec  1715.    Copy  from Dépôt des
Fortifications des Colonies Carton No. 7.   Pièce No. 392.
Plan of the Market Place in the Upper Town made by John Bentley,
Surveyor of Roads for the Parish of Quebec, 10th April, 1806.
Photographic copy of plan from the Quebec Directory for 1822.
Plan of, 1830.   Engraved by J. & C Walker.
Ordnance propertv, With reference to the Com. R. Engr.   Letter to the Hon.
Mr. Daly Nov. 1845.   W. C E. Holloway, Col. Com. R. Engrs.    1845.
Plan of, Alfred Hawkins. 1845.   Jos. Hamel, City Surveyor.
Blue print plan of Intendants Palace, 1876.
Quebec Harbour Improvements River St. Charles.   Supplement to Morning
Chronicle, 1879.
Map of Quebec, Engraved for the Cradle of New France.   Copyright 1908
by A. G. Doughty. .        ■   ...;. : 22 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Quebec Province. Plan of the Division Line drawn and ascertained between
the District of Montreal and the District of Three Rivers conformable
to His Excellency Robert Shore Milnes, Esquire, ye Lieutenant
Governor's warrant directed to Samuel Holland, Esq., Surveyor General
dated the 24th day of August, 1799.
Plan of a Survey of a Road leading from Connecticut River to the Township
of Ireland. Surveyed in the months of Sept. and Oct., 1807. Signed J.
Pennoyer, Dy. Prov. Surveyor, 8 March, 1808.
Plan showing that section of Country lying between the Old Seigniorial
Settlements on the River St. Laurence and Southern Boundary of the
Province.    1827.
Linear Protraction of the Route passed along from the Head of the
Grenville Canal to the St. Maurice Forges, by the Exploring party
employed by the St. Maurice and Ottawa Commissioners 1830, to
ascertain the facilities afforded to the formation of a new grand road
along that tract 5f country.
A Map of all the conceded and surveyed country to the north of the Rivers
St. Laurence and Ottawa lying between the Head of the Grenville Canal
and the River St. Maurice. Exhibiting also the line of route, in strong
black, of a Party employed in Sept. Oct. and Nov. 1830 to have a new
grand road through the Back settlement of that Tract of country under
the instructions of Messrs. Pothier de Rocheblave & Larocque, Commissioners for exploring the countrv between the Rivers St. Maurice and
Ottawa, 1831.
Sketch of a portion of East Canada showing the Country from Quebec to
the Restigouche River adjacent to the Line of the proposed Military
Road to Halifax, 1845.
Geological and Natural History Survey of Counties.    Official 1887.
Map of the, indicating its North Western, Northern and North Eastern
boundaries, as declared by the statutes of Canada, 61 Vict. Cap. 3.
Published by Dept. of Lands and Forests, Quebec, 1900.
Map of, accompanying "Place Names in Quebec" by James White, F.R.G.S.
Manuel des Fiefs et Seigneuries, Arrière-fiefs.    Québec, A. E. B. Courchesne
Topographical Maps, Malvina, Sheet No. 93.    1924.   Lys/er Sheet No.
86.    1924.   Drummond, Sheet.    1924.   Warwick, Sheet, No. 96, 1925.
Megantic,   Sheet   No.   95,   1926.    Scotstown,   Sheet   No.   94,   1926.
Arthabaska, Sheet No. 87, 1926.   St. Sylvestre, Sheet.    1926.
Saskatchewan.   Elevation of Lakes, Topographical Survey Branch, Dept. of
Interior.   Bulletin No. 55.
Topographical Maps.   Qu'Apelle, (West of Second Meridian) Sheet, Sectional Sheet No. 120, 1925.   Rush Lake, Sheet No. 118 Official 1925.
Big River, Sheet No. 318, Official 1925.   Maple Creek, Sheet No. 67,
Official 1925.
Sorel River.   Map of Lake Champlain and,  1778.   Copy  from Adm.  Lib.
America Vol. 1.   Map No. 20A.
Sorel, P.Q.   By Chas. E. Ford, Col. C.R.E. July 30, 1865.
Properties of the Canada Steamship Lines, P.Q.   Prepared by J. P. B.
Casgrain, P.L.S. Montreal, Aug. 16th.    1923.
Blue print plan to show location of proposed site for marking the old fort,
by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board.    [1923.]
St. Andrews, N.B.   Sketch explanatory of the contemplated Line of Railway
from, to Quebec.   Copy from CO. 188, Vol. 55, p. 453. REPORT FOR THE YEAR, 1926 23
St. Charles River. Plan of Pointe à Carey and of the S. Channel of River St.
Charles as surveved at the request of the Hon. Matthew Bell, Oct.
Sainte Foy. Plan de la Bataille de Québec gagnée Par les Troupes De Sa
Majesté Très Chrétienne Commendées Par M. Le Chr. de Lévi:.
Maréchal des Camps et armées Du Roy, Le 28 avril 1760. Sur celles
De Sa Majesté Britannique Commendées Par le Brigadier général
Murray.   Copy from Archives de Cartes.
Ordre de Bataille 28 avril 1760.   Copy from Ministère   de   la   Guerre,
Archives Historiques &c.   Vol. 3574, piece 33 et 34.
St. John, N.B.   City, harbour and adjacent country, Copy from CO.  188.
..Vol. 50, p. 740.
Plan of the harbour and part of the River St. John, Surveyed and sounded
in Sept. 1761 by R. G. Bruce, Engr. Copy from CO. 188, Vol. 50,
p. 749.
Sketch of the harbour showing the - difference of information which was
possessed in 1784 and the present time as to the actual position of the
land upon which the several grants were made now under dispute
between the heirs of the-late Messrs Simonds Hazen and White and
the Common Council of the City of St. John [1834.] Copy from CO.
188, Vol. 50, p. 747.
St. John River. A plan of the River St. John in the County of Sunbury and
Province of Nova Scotia whereon is delineated the several lakes and
rivers emptying into the same as also the townships and other tracts
of land that have been granted. Surveyed by Chas. Morris 1784, Copy
from CO. 188, Vol. 50, p. 751.
Sketch of the Great Valley of, exhibiting the situation and Extent of the
Territory in dispute between the British and American Governments
and the Boundary respectively claimed. Also the New Roads recommended to be opened at public expense. 1827.
St. Lambert's P.Q. By Chas. E. Ford, Col. C.R.E. July 30, 1865.
St. Lawrence River and Gulf. Chart of, from Anticosti to Quebec, is most
humbly dedicated to the Right Hon. Lord Anson by his Lordships
Most Obedient Humble Servant John Bray. Copy from Adm. Lib.
America Vol. 1.   Map No. 17.
Carte Particulière de la Rivière du Canada Par Mr. de La Richardière
Ancien Capne. de Port a Québec. Copy from Adm. Lib. America
Vol.  1.   No.  12.
Chart of, from Green Island to Cape Carrouge. Jas. Cook. Copy from
Adm. Lib. America.   Vol.  1.   No.  15.
From Anticosti to Quebec Islands, Shoals, Rocks and Soundings as they
appear at Low Water &c. Copy from Adm. Lib. America. Vol. 1.
No. 14.
Plan of, from Quebec to Anticosti. The upper part of this chart of the River
is copied from the different Maps and Surveys of Mr. Bellin, and the
lower part with regard to the Figure of the shore principally from a
Draught published at Boston in 1732, and the whole carefully corrected.
Copy from Adm. Lib. America Vol. 1.   Map No. 16.
An accurate Map of, with the soundings, leading marks &c as observed
in the year MDCCLIX by Admiral Durel. Drawn from the original
by Wm. Roberts.
■ Maps, Reports, Estimates &c. relative to the Improvements of the Navigation of, and a proposed Canal connecting the St. Lawrence and Lake
Champlain.    1856. mmmmmTmWmMmmmmm
Ship Channel between Montreal and Quebec.   Profile showing channel as
already deepened to 27£ ft at ordinary low water and present project
to give 30 ft at extreme low water of 1897.   Published 1902.
Map to illustrate Carrier's Voyages, 1924.
St. Mary Straits.   Plan of the, and Michilimackinac.
Thousand Islands.   Map of, coloured, [1924.]
Toronto.   Plans of Toronto Harbour by Alex Aiken, 1788.   Oopy of Original
Map in possession of Mr. Cole, Southampton.
Plan of Toronto [Harbour] Surveyed by A. Aiken in 1788.   Copy from
Original Simcoe Map in possession of Mr. Cole, Southampton.
Plan of Toronto Harbour with the Rocks, Shoals and Soundings thereof,
Surveyed and drawn by Joseph Bouchette the 15th Nov. 1792.
In 1834.   This map was drawn in the year 1834 from his own measurements
by Alpheus Todd, LL D, C.M.G., late librarian of the Parliament of
Canada, then a lad of 13 years of age.
Trois Isles.   Newfoundland.   Plan du dégrat des Trois Isles.   Côte occidentale
de Terreneuve 1785.   Copy from Colonies C 12A, Vol. 10.
Ungava.   Map of, accompanying " Place Names Northern Canada " by James
White, F.R.G.S.   Officiai, 1911.
United States.   A Map of the Seat of War in the Southern Part of Virginia,
North   Carolina   and   Northern   part  of   South   Carolina,   by   Thos.
Showing routes of principal explorers and "early roads and highways, The
Lord Baltimore Press, Balto., Md.    1908.
Cram's Detailed Radio Map.    1924.
Upper Canada.    New Map of, and Lower Canada from the latest authorities.
By John Cary, Engraver.    1807.
Map of the Townships, Inset shewing Huron Tract belonging to the Canada
Co.    [1834.]
Vancouver Island.    Map of, with adjacent coast to illustrate a description of the
Island.   By Lt, Col. W. C Grant.    1856.
Vaudreuil, P.Q.   By Chas. E. Ford, Col. C.R.E.   July 30, 1865.
Welland Canal.   Tracing of an accurate plan of the levels of the land between
Chippawa and Twelve Mile Creek taken in Sept, 28, 1818.   By Thos.
Keefer and Wm. Hamilton Merritt.
Wellington County, Ont.   Historical Atlas compiled, drawn and published from
personal examinations and surveys, 1906.
World.   Map of, on Mercator's Projection, showing the British Empire in Red.
Anonymous Portuguese Map "(King Map)".    [1502.]
A map of, designed by Geo. Matteo Contarini.   Engraved by Fran. Roselli,
1506.   Reproduced, 1924.
Yamaska County.   Figurative Plan of, District of Three Rivers, 1844.
Note.—In addition to the maps above listed, 267 maps classified as foreign,
have been received.
January 1, 1924—December 31, 1926
Pictures received     2,757
Photostat negatives prepared and indexed     1,463
Lantern slides prepared and indexed        225
In the list of pictures received are included many important gifts to the
Department, Noteworthy among these are the following:- From Sir Robert
Borden:  770 pictures, chiefly photographs of war scenes;  from -the" Viscount REPORT FOR THE YEAR, 1926 25
Dillon: portrait of Charles I, attributed to Sir Peter Lely, and a complete set of
Houbraken's Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain; from Sir Leicester
Harmsworth: replica, by P. A. de Làszlô, of his portrait of Lord Northcliffe;
from the Hon. Charles Murphy: portrait of Thomas D'Arcy McGee; from Mrs.
Mary Riter Hamilton: 227 paintings and drawings of the battle-fields of Europe
immediately after the Armistice; from the Department of Architecture, McGill
University, Montreal: 467 photographs; from the Anthropological Division of
the Canadian National Museum : 391 photographs. Among other pictures placed
in the Department are a portrait, nearly life size, of the Earl of Dalhousie,
Governor General of Oanada, and the Canadian War Memorial Pictures—
Benjamin West's "Death of Wolfe"; George Romney's "Joseph Brant"; Sir
Thomas Lawrence's "Alexander Mackenzie'; and a portrait of Jeffery Amherst
by Sir Joshua Reynolds.


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