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Report of the Public Archives for the year 1934 Public Archives of Canada; Doughty, Arthur G. (Arthur George), Sir, 1860-1936 1935

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Dominion Archivist
Price, 10 cents.  DOMINION OF CANADA
Dominion Archivist
Report of the Dominion Archivist  5
Title page of Dieppe Atlas  6
Facsimile of the writing of Jacques Cartier  8
Reports of Divisions  12
Model of the Grande Hermine, presented to Canada by the city of St.
Malo  14
Vallard Map from the Dieppe Atlas dated 1547.   Reproduced through the
courtesy of the Huntington Library  30  REPORT OF THE PUBLIC ARCHIVES
The Hon. C. H. Cahan, K.C., M.P.,
Secretary of State of Canada.
Sra,—I have the honour to present to you a report of the activities of the
I Public Archives for the year 1934. The outstanding event during the last twelve
months in this department was the reception held in the building for the Dele-
I gates attending the Cartier Celebration. The guests were received in your absence
by the Honourable the Speaker of the Senate and Madame Blondin. A special
display of the early French books and manuscripts was arranged, and explanations were given by members of the staff. A letter of Voltaire from the North-
cliffe Collection was freely copied by members of the French Press, who were
conducted through the building by the Honourable Senator Beaubien. The
Voltaire letter has since been published in France and in Canada, and the text is
reproduced for the benefit of those who have not seen the original.
aux délices 6 SEPTbre 1762.
A M. de Richelieu
Si je ne voulois que faire entendre ma voix monseigneur, je me tairais dans
la crise des affaires ou vous êtes, mais j entends les voix de beaucoup d'étrangers;
touttes disent qu'on doit vous bénir si vous faittes la paix a quelque prix que ce
soit, permettez moy donc monseigneur de vous en faire mon compliment. Je
suis comme le public, jaime beaucoup mieux la paix que le canada; et je crois
que la france peut être heureuse sans quebec. vous nous donnez précisément ce
dont nous avons besoin, nous vous devons des actions de grace recevez en attendant avec votre bonté ordinaire le profond respect de voltaire.
Aux Délices, Sept. 6, 1762.
M. de Richelieu,
If my only purpose was to express my opinion, monseigneur, I would remain
silent in the crisis besetting you. But I hear the voice of many strangers. They
all say that you will deserve thanks if you make peace, at whatever cost. Monseigneur will therefore allow me to congratulate him in this regard. I am like
the public, I much prefer peace to Canada; and I believe that France can be
happy without Quebec. You give us exactly what we need. We owe you many
thanks. In the meantime, please accept with your well known kindness the
profound respects of Voltaire.
Through the courtesy of the Huntington Library a copy of the Vallard
map from the Dieppe Atlas is reproduced in colours for this volume. The map
records the voyages of Jacques Cartier and Roberval, and according to tradition
it was once owned by Cartier. For many years it was in the possession of the
estate of Sir Thomas Phillips of Cheltenham, England. Several attempts were
made to purchase the map by this department, but the price was prohibitive. It
was sold some ten years ago to the Huntington Library at San Marino, California.
A page from the Register at St. Malo has been reproduced to meet the
requests for examples of the signature of the discoverer of Canada. The model
of Carrier's ship, the Grande Hermine, presented to Canada by the city of
St. Malo, is deposited in the Public Archives. A photographic reproduction is
here given.
The following papers concerning the sea-fight between the French man-of-
war commanded by d'Iberville and H.M.S. Hampshire commanded by Captain
Fletcher, in 1698 (new style), will appeal to students of the history of Canada.
At the Court at Kensington
the 24tn of February 1698 (new style)
The Kings most Excellent MAty. in Councill.
Upon reading this day at the Boord the humble Petition of Mary
Fletcher, Widdow of John Fletcher late Commander of his Mats. Ship
the Hampshire Praying a Pension for her Support & Maintenance, in
regard of the Losse of her Husband, on board the said Ship, which was
sunk by an unexpected Shot from a French Man of Warr near Hays
River in Hudsons Bay to which Place he was convoying severall
Merchant Men. It is Ordered by his Ma17, in Councill, That it be,
and it is hereby, referred to the Lords Commrs. of the Admiralty to
Examine ye Truth of the Petrs. Allegations, and report to this Boord
their Opinion what is fit to be done for her Releif.
24 Febry. 1698 (new style).
Order Council for a Report on the Peticon of Capt Fletchers
Widow for a Pension
To the Kings most Excellent Ma17.
The humble Petition of Mary Fletcher Widdow of John Fletcher
late Comandr. of yor. Mato. Ship ye Hampshire.
That on ye 31st of May 97. the said Ship was Ordered & appointed a Convoy to severall Merchant Men belonging to Hudsons
Bay Company, And being attact by a ffrench Man of Warr near Hays
River in ye said Hudsons Bay, the said Ship was sunk by an unexpected Shott; And in that Actiomyour Petrs Husband lost his Life,
As by ye Certificate & Affidavits ready to be produced may appear.
And forasmuch as your Pet™, said husband during the late Warr
with ffrance, suffered great Losses, He having been twice taken by ye
Enemy, Your Petr. is now reduced to great Necessity.
Wherefore your Petr. humbly prays your most Sacred Ma*7, to
Order her a Pension for her Support & Maintenance, As your
Ma*7, in your Princely Wisedome shall think fit.
And yor. petr. shall ever pray &c. .^-wo.N ■co.A.iLULUp TO _tfpPt^r
Title page of Dieppe Atlas  REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1934
Thomas Morris—late Masters Mate of his Maties. late Ship
Hampshire, and from thence put on Board of the Dearing Merch*
man And Samuel Clarke late Masters Mate of the Hudsons Bay
Merch*-man Do Severally make Oath That these Deponts. being
actually on Board the said Merchant Ships before mentioned, at
the time when his Mattes said late ship Hampshire was lost neer Hayes
River in Hudsons Bay; Do very well remember That on the 26th of
August 1697 about six a clock in the morning They Saw a Ship to
the Windward, which proved to be a ffrench man of Warr called the
Pellican Monsr D'Brevile Comander, And some times bearing down
towards them, and afterwards keeping her Wind, the said Ship
Hampshire with the Merchant men turned to the Windward to get up
with her, And betwixt eight and nine a clock there were some Gunns
ffired on both Sides, as they continued at a distance till about eleven;
And then the Hampshire Tackt, and got to Windward of him, bore
down upon him, and gave him two broad Sides, Yard Arm and Yard
Arm (as near as these Deponts. could diserne) : And after the Hampshire had given the Second broad Side filling her head Sayles to
Wear, She Sunck; At which time there happened a fflaw of Wind,
but whether that or the damage she might have received from the
Enemy, was the occasion of her Sincking these Depon*8. cannot Say:
And further the said Samuel Clarke Saith That he being taken by
the ffrench; Dureing the time he continued on Board the ffrench
Man of Warr wch. the said Monsr. D'Brevile had the Command of
in his returne home; Hee the said Samuel Clarke having some Discourse with the said ffrench Captaines brother, Who Spoke English;
He told the said Depon*. That Cap* ffletcher (who Comanded the
Hampshire) was a brave man, and just before he gave his last
broad Side, called to the said Monsr. D'Brevile, bidding him Strike,
which he refuseing to do, Cap*, ffletcher took a Glass and drank to
him, telling him, he should dine with him immediately; Upon which
the said ffrench Cap*. Pledged him in another Glass, And thereupon his Men ffired a Volley of Small Shott upon the Hampshire
which was returned with a like Volley to the ffrench man ; And after
that the said Cap*, ffletcher was not Seen; So that it was Supposed
the said Cap*, ffletcher was then killed, as the said ffrench Cap*8,
brother informed the said Depon*. Samuel Clarke: And further
these Depon*8. Say not.
Jurat 18°. die Martij Anno) THOMAS MORRISS
Domj 169| Coram me      J SAMUELL CLARKE
ffr. Negus
These are humbly to Certifie the Rt Honble the Commrs: for
Executeing the Office of Lord High Admirall of England Ireland &ca.
That Cap*: John Fletcher who was the Late Comandr: of his
Matie8: Ship the Hampshire, being on the 31s*. May Last 1697
Ordered and Appointed a Convoy to Some Merchant Ships Belonging to the Hudsons Bay Compa. And on the 26th August following,
Engageing a French man of Warr neer Hayes River in Hudsons Bay,
the said Ship Hampshire was Sunck and the said Cap*. Fletcher PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Lost his Life in that Action, being first attackt by the said French
Man of Warr; And that the sd Cap*: Fletcher Behaved himselfe -w^ :
greate Bravery & Resolution and had Certainely taken the said
French Ship as wee Believe, if he had not been soe Sunck by an
unexpected Shott from the Enemy or Some other Sudden accident, ;
In Testimony whereof Wee have hereunto Sett our hands this 17th
day of Decembr. Anno Domj 1697
These May Humbly Certify that the above Written persons
being Imployed in the Service of the Hudsons Bay Company on
board their Shipps, were as wee are Credibly Informed Eye Witnesses to the Action between Cap*. Fletcher Late Comandr of His
Ma*les Shipp Hampsheir, & the French Man of Warr afforesaid In
Hudsons Bay, to the Truth whereof Wee have hereunto affixed our
Common Seale the 17th day of December 1697
By Order of the Committee
Wm Potter, Seer.
Michael Grimington of the parish of Stepney in the County of
Middlx Comander of the Shipp Deering—Nicholas Smithsend of
the parish of S* John's Wapping late Command1, of the Hudsons
Bay ffrigott & Tho: Morris of the parish of S* Olave's Southwarke
Mariner late Master's Mate of his May*yes Shipp the Hampshire doe
joyntly & sevrally make Oath that they these Depon*8 on the 26.
day of August did see One Captain John ffletcher late Comandr. of
his p'.sent Maj*yes Shipp the Hampshire ingaged in a sea flight with I
the ffrench in Hudsons Bay near Hayes River in wch ingagem*. the sd
Capt. ffletcher & all his Shipps Company perished they these Depon*8
being p'.sent at the time of the said Ingagem*. And these Depts.
further Say that the sa Capt. ffletcher was a Quater of an hour or
thereabouts before the sa Ingagemen*. begun in perfect health of
body as these Depts verily believe the sa. Dep*. Grimington further
saith that he this Dep*. spoke to the sd. Captain ffletcher at the time
when he the sa. Captain ffletcher was ingaged with the ffrench as
aforesd. the sa. Dep*. Morris saith that he this Dep*. some time before
the said Ingagem*. was Cheife Mate to the said Capt. ffletcher but
some short time before the sa Ingagem*. he this Dep*. was lent to
the sa. Capt Grimington in liew of a Pilott during the time that this-
Dep*. was in Hudson's bay.
Omnes Jurant. 28°. die Jany 1697
Mich Grimington
Nicho: Smithsend
Tho*. Morriss
Coram me Magro Cancell.
S. KECK- mm: te U{ 4
,•*»•<*-•'___?*• f&vY*
Jacques Cartier, as god father, signs the record of baptism of a child.  REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1984
At the Councill Chamber at Whitehall
the 4th of August 1698.
Their Excellencys the Lords Justices in Councill
Upon reading this day at the Board a Report from the Lords
Commrs of the Admiralty, in the words following viz':
His Ma'y having been pleased by His Order in Councill dated
the 24th. of February last, to Referr unto Us the Petition of Mary
Fletcher, Widow of Capt John Fletcher late Commander of His
Ma*ys Ship Hampshire, Praying a Pension for her Support and
Maintenance, in regard of the loss of her husband on board the said
Ship, which was sunk in an Engagem* with a French Man of Warr,
near Hayes River in Hudson Bay. Wee have Considered of the
same, and do humbly Report, that it appears to Us under the hands
of severall.Masters of Merchant Ships which Captain Fletcher was,
hy Our Order, Conveying to Hudsons Bay, His Ma*78. Ship Hampshire was Sunk when she was Engageing the aforesaid French Man
of Warr. This Board having formerly Proposed to His Ma*7, in
Councill the Setling of Pensions on the Widows of Such Flagg Officers
and Commanders of His Ma*78 Ships as should be Slain or dye of
wounds received in Fight with the Enemy, It is our humble opinion
that in Consideration the aforesaid Capt John Fletcher did loose
his life, when he was in Actuall Engagement, A Pension should be
setled on the Petr. for her Subsistance, of the Value of half the Pay
which her husband received in his life time as Captain of the aforesaid Ship Hampshire.
Dated at the Adrn1*7 Office this 22th of July 1698
J°. Houblon
G. Rooke.
Their Excellencys the Lords Justices in Councill a
to approve of the said Report And to Order that a Pension of the
"value of half the Pay which the said John Fletcher received in his
life time as Captain of the said Ship Hampshire be setled on the
Petitioner Mary Fletcher for her Subsistance in like manner as
Pensions to other widowes in Such Cases have been settled. And the
Lords Commrs. of the Admiralty are to give the necessary Directions
4 August 1698   Order of Council for setling a Pension upon Capt
Fletcher's Widow.
Many inquiries were made last year in Canada and in France concerning
the flags of the Marine in the reign of Francis I. Mr. Buron, of the Paris staff,
has sent a note of his research in the French Archives which is here given:
" It is impossible to know what flags the French men-of-war or merchant
ships carried before 1661.
Formerly, the ships carried the standard of the admiral of the port of
register.   A few displayed the royal standard, that is to say, the white flag, and
also the old flag of the French nation which is the white cross on blue cloth,  i
But the royal colours, those of the admiral and of the captain, and sometimes
those of the ship-owner also, could be carried by the same ship.
The  flag   historians  most   frequently   cite   in  their  generalizations,  the <
information they find in portulans and contemporary sketches or pictures.
We have adopted this criterion to ascertain the flags carried by the ships
at the time of Francis 1st.
In the National Library (Map Division), there are many portulans of
the sixteenth century, which Bouille used for his history of the French Flags, 2nd
edition, Paris, 1875.
Of the sixteenth century, the author writes as follows:—
' In portulan C. 13611, written by Pierre Roselli in 1462, France is indicated
by a blue ensign with three golden fleurs-de-lis and, at the flowing part, a
white vertical band charged with a red torteau; the staff is surmounted with
a red ball.'
' The same arrangement is seen in Gaspar Viegas' portulan of 1534 (C.
18773) ; but in this one, the blue is strewn with the fleurs-de-lis.'
' Another portulan by Gaspar Viegas, dated the same year, 1534, indicajjpll
France by a blue ensign bearing a single golden fleur-de-lis  (C. 18772) which
is also seen in that of Palestrina, 1511 (C. 5627).'
We have photographed the flag of France from, portulan C. 18773. Léon
Vallée, assistant custodian, chief of the map division of the National Library,
described this portulan, in his Catalogue of Documents exhibited in the Map
Division in 1912 {Revue des Bibliothèques, Nos. 4-6, April-June 1912, Paris,
Champion 1912), as follows:
1 336 Viegas (?) (Old marine chart showing the western part of the
Mediterranean and the part of the Atlantic bordering Europe and the north-west
of Africa. Ms. on vellum, with ensigns in colour. A tag Ms., pasted on the
back of the chart long after the time it was drawn, ascribes it to Gaspar Viegas
and gives as the date the year 1534).   1 leaf 0, 62 x 0, 84.'
' This chart came into the Library in 1865 following an exchange with
the Archives of the Empire.   C-18773.'
This portulan today bears the mark Réserve Ge. C. 5096."
In the Journal of York Fort of 1714 there is a copy of Governor Knight's
letter describing how he and Kelsey took possession of Fort Nelson in the
summer of 1714. " One of the Indians came wn I hoisted ye Union fflag he
told me he did not love to see yt he loved to See the White one So there is
many of The Indians has Great Friendship for the french here." (See Kelsey
Papers, p. XXIX, Public Archives, 1929). There are further instances of the
use of the white flag in Canada during the French régime.
Sir Leicester Harmsworth has made additions to the Northcliffe Collection
during the present year. The first item is a portrait of Monckton by T. Beach, a
pupil of Reynolds, and the second an engraved Atlas of Nova Scotia with the
book plate of Cosby of Annapolis Royal. Other items of interest to Annapolis
are the gifts of the Earl of Galway (Monckton), an original map of Fort
William Henry by Robert Monckton, a manuscript plan of Fort Pitt and a
Journal of the place, and a plan not yet received of the land granted in Annapolis Royal.
At this time when titles have been restored in Canada it may be of interest
to learn that nobility was conferred on certain persons during Champlain's time.
The names are taken from the original register, Francs-fiefs, p. 62, acquired
recently by the Secretary of State. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1984 11
Persons on Whom Nobility was Conferred in 1628 by the Edict of Canada
List of persons granted nobility
the Orders in Council of the 16th of
in 1628, in favour of Canada, confirmed by
April and 19th of September 1668.
de Fontaines
S*, pierre de Caen
de Caen
de hermerel
S', jean de bay1.
de hermerel
de hermerel
de hermerel
Jean Baptiste
de hermerel
Marc antoine
de hermerel
de S'. Martin
S4. Lô
de S'. Martin
de Eihoucy
S1. Nicolas de
de Rihoux
de Rihoux
de vaufleury
de vaufleury
Le teilleul
de vaufleury
(Francs-fiefs, Ms F, p
An Appendix to this report of over 600 pages of Constitutional Documents
has been printed and will be issued later. There is an index to be made of considerable length. In the course of preparation, no official translation could be
found of certain lengthy documents published in the Quebec Gazette. It is now
discovered that an official translation was made and published eight years later.
No explanation has been found for the delay.
An example of the incalculable mischief wrought by faulty translation of
public documents is here published, in the hope that it may meet the eye of
students writing on the subject to which it relates.
Extract from letter of Carleton to Shelburne, Nov.
25, 1767, printed in Report of Archives, 1888,
p. 43.
i But while this severe Climate, and the Poverty of the
ranslation of paragraph
from Carleton's letter
printed in Report of
Archives, 1888, p. 32.
"Tandis que ce rigoureux
climat et la pauvreté du pays
Country discourages ail but    décourage tout autre que les
t.ho    Nafi-ires     i+.'a    TTenlt.hflil-      :_j:~i „„   ™1„1 'I.A t  4.„11~
the Natives, it's Healthful-
ness is such, that these multiply daily, so that, barring a
Catastrophe shocking to
think of, this Country must,
to the end of Time, be peopled by the Canadian Race,
who already have taken such
firm Root, and got to so
great a Height, that any new
Stock transplanted will be
totally hid, and imperceptible
amongst them, except in the
Towns of Quebec and Montreal."
indigenes sa salubrité est tel
que ces derniers se multiplient chaque jour et le dénouement inévitable, chose horrible à penser, c'est que ce
pays devra à la fin être peuplé par la race canadienne,
laquelle a déjà tellement pris
racine et atteint un si haut
chiffre que toute autre serait
Quotation from p. 460 of La
Colonisation de la Nouvelle France, by E. Sa-
lone, 1906, based on the
French translation.
"Et voici l'aveu de découragement qui, dès 1767,
échappe au général Carleton,
le second gouverneur de Québec, le successeur immédiat
de Murray: 'Le dénouement
inévitable, écrit-il à Lord
Shelburne, chose horrible à
penser, c'est que ce pays
devra à la fin être peuplé par
la race canadienne, laquelle a
déjà pris racine et atteint un
' haut chiffre que toute autre
entièrement perdue, sauf dans    «nu*   entièrement  perdue,
les villes de Québec et de    sauf dans les villes de Quebec
Montréal." et d? Montreal (1).' Carleton
est bon observateur et bon
prophète: la race canadienne
a pris racine."
A report on the work of the divisions follows.
I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
Ottawa, December 28,1934. Dominion Archivist.
January 1—December 31, 1934
The conditions which in recent years have necessitated the suspension of j
some of the activities of this division still operate.   All that is possible is done
to meet the more pressing requirements of the service.
140 special investigations were made during the year,
of which called for long and careful research.
large proportion
Work remains suspended.
Pictures received, 445.
Volumes received, 2.
Pictures catalogued, 1278.   More than 42,000  pictures   have  now
Photostat negatives prepared and indexed, 97.
Photograph negatives prepared and indexed, 201.
During the year 925 photostatic and 281 photographic prints of material
in the Public Archives were supplied by this Division.
Lantern slides loaned, 140.
The four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of Canada by Jacques
Cartier, sea-captain of St. Malo, was celebrated during the past year. Itte
Canadian Government invited the governments of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland, the French "Republic, and the United States of
America to participate in the celebrations, and the following official delegate-
represented these countries: The United Kingdom: the Rt. Hon. H. A. L. Fisher,
F.R.S., who was accompanied by Mrs. Fisher; Admiral of the Fleet Bir Roger
Keyes, Bt., G.C.B., K.C.V.O., accompanied by Lady Keyes. The French Republic: M. P. E. Flandin, Minister of Public Works, accompanied by Mme
Flandin and Mile Flandin; M. S. Charlety, Rector of the University of Pans,
with whom were Mme Charlety, and M. Charlety, fils. The United States:
The Hon. Warren D. Robbins, who was accompanied by Mrs. Robbins; Rear REPORT FOR THE YEAR i
Admiral Wat Tyler Cluverius. In addition there eame from all these countries
a large number of unofficial but noteworthy representatives. In France the
Committee France-Amérique organized a large delegation from parliament, the
municipal councils, the clergy, the academies, the universities, the boards of
trade, the press, etc., and engaged the transatlantic steamer Champlain to convey the entire group to Canada. The Champlain sailed from France on the
18th of August and arrived off Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on the
The official itinerary of the reception and celebration was as follows:
Charlottetown, 24 August; Gaspé, 25-26 August; Quebec, 27-30 August; Trois
Rivières, 30 August; Montreal, 31 August-2 September; Ottawa, 2-3 September; Toronto, 4 September; Niagara, 5-6 September; Rochester, 6 September.
On the 3rd of September, after official receptions by the City of Ottawa, the
Government of Canada and the University of Ottawa, the delegates visited the
Public Archives.   They were received, in the absence of the Hon. C. H. Cahan,
by the Hon. Senator Blondin and Mme Blondin, and conducted through the
building by the Dominion Archivist and the staff.   Mr. M. B. de La Bruère,
head of the Archives Branch in Montreal, had accompanied the visitors from
that city.   The Archives building was decorated for the occasion, and a special
historical exhibit was arranged on the main floor.   The fine model of Jacques
Carrier's ship La Grande Hermine, which had been presented that day   to
Canada by the Mayor of St. Malo, and which will be preserved permanently in
the Public Archives, was on exhibition.   Accompanying it was the following
official certificate:
Je, soussigné, Yves Hémar, architecte de la Ville de Saint-Malo,
conservateur de Musée Municipal, Chevalier de la Ivégion d'Honneur,
certifie que le Socle, orné de deux clous formant Croix, de la maquette
de Navire, offerte au CANADA par la Ville de Saint-Malo, est constitué
par les Débris du navire de Jacques Cartier "LA PETITE HERMINE"
pieusement conservés au MUSÉE de SAINT-MALO, sa ville natale.
Ces Débris, retrouvés au Canada, après trois cents ans d'abandon, sous
une couche lm. 66cm. de vase, avaient été remis à la Ville par la
Fait à Saint-Malo, S
le 12 Août 1934,
(Sig.)   Yves HEMAR.
Lu et approuvé,
Le Sénateur C. Gasnier-Duparc,
Maire de la Ville de Saint-Malo,
Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur,
(Sig.)   GASNIER
Among the several hundred delegates and others who visited the department
were, besides the official representatives of the several countries, M. Georges
Bonnefous, député de Verailles, ancien ministre; M. Contenot, président du conseil municipal de la ville de Paris; M. Gasnier-Duparc, sénateur, maire de
St.-Malo; M. l'abbé J. Descottes, ancien président de la Société Historique et
Archéologique de St-Malo; the Count de Montcalm; the Duc de Lévis-Mirepoix;
M. de Lévis-Mirepoix, Prince de Robeck; Comte Emmanuel de Lévis-Mirepoix, 14
délégué de l'Ecole Libre de Sciences politiques de Paris; M. de Lévis,
délégué de l'Universié catholique de l'Ouest et de France Amérique; M. G.
Péringuey, bâtonnier de l'ordre des avocats d'Alger; Charles de la Roncière,
conservateur à la Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris; M. Charles Marchesne,
bibliothécaire à la Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris; M. Jouon des Longrais,
directeur à l'École des Hautes Etudes (Sorbonne) ; Professeur Capitant de
l'Institut de France; Professeur René Cruchet, Université de Bordeaux; Professeur Cade, of Lyons; Professeur Soundille, of Nantes; Dr. Hélène Vacher, of
Paris; Dr. Louis Bonnet, of Paris; M. R. Bouchon-Carbault, Vice-Président
Chambre de Commerce d'Evreux; M. R. Talamon and Mme Talamon; Miss
G. T. Gregg, representing the Comité France-Amérique, Middlebury College, Vt.,
The historical exhibit arranged on the screens and in the show-oases of the
main floor consisted of a small number of manuscripts, books, maps and pictures
selected from the Archives collections because of their special interest or appropriateness.   The following is a list of these articles:
Documents signed by the kings of France, François I, Henri II, Henri III,
Charles EX, Henri IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI.
Photograph of St. Malo record of 1 December, 1536, signed by Jacques
Photograph of document signed by the Sieur de Roberval at the Fort of
Francy Roy, 9 September, 1542.
The first legal document executed in Canada.
Geographia Praxis. A manuscript geography written about 1610, containing
a description of Canada.
Lettres patentes de la Compagnie de la Nouvelle-France et accords signés
par les membres.
Etat des anoblis de la province de Normandie par la taxe des francs fiefs
suivant la chartre de 1470.
Contains: Etat des anoblis de l'année 1628 en faveur de Canada.
Grant by the Company of New France to François de Lauzon, seigneur de
Lirec, of the right of navigation in the St. Lawrence river, and re-grant to
Chevrier and le Royer de La Dauversière.
Concession de 12 arpents de terre dans la ville de Québec, par la Compagnie
de la Nouvelle France aux R. Pères de la Société de Jésus, pour l'emplacement
d'un collège, 18 mars 1637.
Récit veritable du Martyre et de la Bienheureuse mort du Père Jean
Breboeuf & du Père Gabriel L'alemant En la Nouvelle France, dans le pays des
hurons par les Iroquois, Ennemis de la Foy.
Document signed by Marguerite Mance, sister of Jeanne Mance.
Letter of the Marquis de Feuquière, Viceroy of New France, to the Comte
de Brienne.
Document daté du 24 janvier 1654, signé par Paul de Chomedey, sieur de
Maisonneuve, fondateur de Montréal.
Lettres de Noblesse accordées à Robert Giffard Seigneur de Beauport par
Louis XIV 1658.
Manuscript signed by Lambert Closse, of Montreal.
Journal des Voyages de M. Asselinne de Ronval 1662.
Concession par Jean de Lauzon à Mgr de Laval, 5 janvier 1665.
Livre de prières du Rev. P. Jacques Marquette, S. J. Dans la langue des
sauvages de l'Illinois.
Dictionnaire Montagnais 1674.   REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1984 15 ■
1685—Recueil de plusieurs termes de finances et plusieurs comptes qui se
rendent en la Chambre des Comptes à Paris.
F. 187 renferme plusieurs allusions au Canada.
1685.  A new abridgment of modem geography, by Mr Isaac Du Quere Gent.
Includes a description of New France.
Document. Signed by Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac, 4 Sept., 1695,
and by Champigny, 26 Sept., 1695.
Convention particulière entre la Colonie du Canada et le Fermier du domain
d'Occident 9 juin 1700.
Délibérations du Conseil de la Marine, 1716, au sujet du voyage au Mexique
d'un Canadien, le Sieur de Saint-Denis.
Remarques sur Le gouvernement du Royaume durant les trois règnes de
Henry IV Surnommé le Grand, De Louis XIII, Surnommé le Juste, Et de Louis
XIIII, Surnommé Dieu-donné, le Grand & L'Invincible pour les raisons Qui en
seront déduites.
(Ce ms (de 1718?) provient de la bibliothèque de Paul François de Cordeys,
trésorier général des Pays Bas, mort le 18 juin, 1759.)
Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du Roy, Concernant le Commerce du Castor, dont
le Privilege est accordé à la Compagnie d'Occident. Extrait des Registres du
Conseil d'Estat.   17 July, 1718.   Print.
MS Book: "Traité de Fortification divisé en huit livres. Ou sont montrées
les méthodes de quelques Ingénieurs qui ont écrit de la Fortification, et plusieurs
nouvelles manières de Fortifier, et disposer les ouvrages de dehors retranchem8
des armées, attaques et deffences des Places. Par le sr Gaspard Chaussegros de
Lery Chevalier de Lorde Militaire de S* Louis, Ingénieur de la nouvelle france
depuis 1716, Capitaine dans les Troupes en 1720 et mort a Quebec en avrille 1756".
Voyages & Naufrage du R. P. Emmanuel Crespel.
Document signé par les La Vérendrye, père et fils, et daté du 28 avril 1731.
Géographie qui a appartenu aux Pères Jésuites du Canada.
Traité de théologie — MS qui appartint aux Pères Jésuites du Canada.
MS signed by Claude de Veromourt De la Compagnie de Jésus.
Voyage du Sieur Franquet au Port La Joye, au Port St.-Pierre, au Port des
Trods-Rivières, dan l'Isle Saint-Jean. — A la Baye Verte, à Beauséjour, au fort
de Gaspareau sur le continent du Canada. — Et au Port Toulouse, de l'Ile Royalle
Avec des Remarques sur ces Endroits, de l'Etat actuel des Postes qu'on y a
étably, des forts qu'on y a construits; des augmentations dont ils sont susceptibles, pour les mettre En Etat de deffense, de ceux qu'on y projette, et des avantages qu'on peut tirer de ces differens Etablissemens. Fait à Louisbourg, le 20
avril 1751.  [Signé.] Franquet.
Lettre autographe de Bigot à Abraham Gradis, Québec, 4 novembre 1752.
The Bourlamaque Collection:
Vol. I: Lettres Montcalm.
Vol.        II: Lettres Vaudreuil.
Vol.      III: Lettres Levis.
Vol.       IV: Lettres Variarum.
Vol.   V-VI: Canada (miscellaneous).
Ordonnance signé par Bigot, intendant de la Nouvelle France.
Miscellaneous letters of Montcalm, including the last signed by him.
Letters of Major General James Wolfe, from the Monckton Collection,
including his last letter, 12 September, 1759.
Letter of de Ramezay, in command of the garrison of Quebec, 17 September,
Autograph letter from Voltaire to the Duc de Choiseul, 6 Sept., 1761, urging
him to conclude peace. "Je suis comme le public, j'aime beaucoup mieux la paix
que le canada: et je crois que le france peut être heureuse sans quebec".
1780. Manuscrit contenant différentes matières intéressantes. Par F. G.
Thouret.   Contains a description of Canada. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
La Geografia di Claudio Ptolemeo In Venetia, per Gioa, Baptista Pedrezano.
Délie navigatione et viaggi raccolte da M. Gio. Battista Ramvsio	
Volvme Primo In Venetia, Appresso I Givnti.   MDCXIII.   Secondo Volume
  MDLXXXIII.   Terzo Volvme MDLXV.    (With view of Hochelaga.)
L'Histoire Universelle du Monde, contenant l'entière description & situation
des quatre parties de la terre, la divisiô & estenduë d'une chacune Region & Province d'iceÛes Divisée en Quatre Livres.   Par François de Belle-forest
Comingeois. Nouvellement augmentée & illustrée de plusieurs nations & provinces par le mesme Autheur A Paris.   Chez Gervais Mallot, â l'Aigle
d'or rue Saint Jacques.   1572.   Avec privilege du Roy.
La Cosmographie Universelle d'André Thevet Cosmographe du Roy. Illustrée
de diverses figures des choses plus remarquables veuës par l'Auteur, & incogneuës
de noz Anciens & Modernes. Tome Second. A Paris, Chez Pierre l'Huillier, rue
S. Jacques, à l'Olivier.   1575.   Avec Privilege du Roy.
The Principall Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries of the English nation,
made by Sea or over Land, to the most remote and farthest distant Quarters
of the earth at any time within the compassé of these 1500 yeers: Deuided into
three seuerall parts, according to the positions of the Regions wherunto they
were directed By Richard Hakluyt Master of Artes, and Student sometime of Christ-church in Oxford. Imprinted at London by George Bishop and
Ralph Newberie, Deputies to Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most
excellent Maiestie, 1589.
Histoire de la Nouvelle France, Contenant les navigations, découvertes, &
habitations faites par les François es Indes Occidentales & Nouvelle-France soiM
l'avœu & authorité ee noz Rois Tres-Chrétdens, & les diverses fortunes d'iceux
en l'exécution de ces choses, depuis cent ans jusques à hui.   Par Marc Lescarbot
Advocat en Parlement, Témoin oculaire d'une partie des choses ici recitées	
A Paris Chez lean Milot, tenant sa boutique sur les degrez de la grànd'salle du
Palais.   MDCIX Avec privilege du Roy.
Les Mvses de la Novvelle-France A Paris Chez lean Millot, devant
5 Barthélémy, aux trois Couronnes Et sa boutique sur les degrez de la grànd'salle
du Palais.   MDCXII.   Avec privilege dv Roy.
Voyages et Descowertvres faites en la Nowelle France, depuis l'année
1615.   iusques à la fin de l'année 1618.   Par le Sieur de Champlain, Cappitaine
ordinaire pour le Roy en la Mer du Ponant A Paris Ché?
Clavde Collet, au Palais, en la gallerie des Prisonniers, M.D.C.X.X. Avec
privilege du Roy.
Les Voyages de la Nowelle France Occidentale, dicte Canada, faits par lé
Sr De Champlain Xainctongeois, Capitaine pour le Roy en Marine du Ponant,
6 toutes les Descouuertes qu'il a faites en ce païs depuis l'an 1603.   iusques en
l'an 1629 A Monseignevr le Cardinal Dve de Richeliev A
Paris Chez Pierre Le-Mvr, dans la grand -Salle du Palais. MDCXXXII Avec
Privilege du Roy.
Contains the suppressed passage.
Le grand Voyage dv Pays des Hurons, situé en L'Amérique vers la mer douce
ez dernières confins de la nouuelle France Par Fr. Gabriel Sagard
Recollect de S4. Francois de la province de S1. Denis A Paris Chez Denys
Moreau rue S'. Iacques à La Salamandre 1632.
Histoire du Canada et Voyages ques les Frères Mineurs Recollects y ont
faicts pour la conversion des Infidelles.   Divisez en Quatre Livres	
Fait & composé par le F. Gabriel Sagard Theodat, Mineur Recollect de la REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1984 17
Province de Paris—A Paris, Chez Claude Sonnius, rue S. Iacques, a l'Escu de
Basle, & au Compas d'or—MDCXXXVL   Avec Privilege & Approbation.
Hydrographie contenant la théorie et la practiqve de tovtes les parties de la
navigation. Composé par le Père Georges Fovrnier de la Compagnie de Iesvs.
A Paris, Chez Michel Soly, rue sainct Lacques au Phoenix MDCXLIII. Avec
privilege du Roy.
Relation de ce qui s'est passé en la Nouvelle France es années 1643, & 1644.
Envoyé au R. P. lean Filleau Provincial de la Compagnie de Iesus en la
Province de France Par le R. P. Barthélémy Vimont, de la mesme Compagnie,
Supérieur de toute la Mission. A Paris Chez Sebastien Cramoisy, Imprimeur du
Roy, & de La Reyne Régente, et Gabriel Cramoisy, rue S. Iacques, aux Cicognes.
MDCXLV.   Avec Privilege du Roy.
Breve Relatione d'alcune missioni De PP. délia Compagnia di Giesù nella
Nuova Francia Del P. Francesco Gioseppe Bressani délia medesima Campagnia,
AU' Eminentiss.   e Reverendiss. Sig. Card. De Lugo In Marcerata,
Per gli Heredi l'Agostino Grisei.   1653.   Con Licenza de' Signori Superiori.
La gloire de S. Ursule. . . A Valentiennes. MDCLVI. (Livre Troisième Des Religieuses Ursulines de Canada, ou de la Nouvelle France.)
Mémoires de M.D.L.R. sur les Brigues à la mort de Louys XIII. Les
Guerres de Paris & de Guyenne, & la Prison des Princes. Apologie pour Monsieur de Beaufort. Mémoires de Monsieur de la Chafire. Articles dont sont
convenus Son Altesse Royalle & Monsieur le Prince pour l'expulsion du Cardinal Mazarin. Lettre de ce Cardinal à Monsieur de Bri'enne.—A Cologne, Chez
Pierre de van Dyck.   MDCLXII.
Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable aux missions de Peres
de la Compagnie de Iesus, en la Nouvelle France, es années 1661 & 1662.
Envoyée au R. P. André Castillon, Provincial de la Province de France. A Paris
Chez Sebastien Cramoisy, Et Sebast. Mabre Cramoisy, Imprimeurs ordinaires
du Roy & de la Reine, rue S. Iacques aux Cicognes. MDCLXIII Avec privilege
du Roy.
Historiae Canadensis sev Novae-Franciae Libri Decern Ad Annum Vsque
Christi MDCLVI. Auctore P. Francisco Crevxio è Societate Jesu. Parisiis
Apud Sebastianum Cramoisy.   MDCLXIV.
Hydrographie contenant la théorie et la pratique de tovtes les parties de
la navigation. Composé par le Père Georges Fovrnier de la Compagnie de
Jésus. Seconde Edition. Reveuë, corrigée & augmentée par l'Autheur auant
son deceds. Plus, la Navigation du Roy d'Ecosse Iaqves Cinqviesme du Nom,
autour de son Royaume, & Isles Hebrides & Orcades, sous la conduite d'Alexandre Lyndsay excellent Pilote Excossois. A Paris, Chez lean Du Pvis, rue
Saint Jacques, à la Couronne d'or. MDCLXVII. Avec privilege dv Roy.
Showing plate, " Description d'vn navire royal."
Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable aux Missions des Peres
de la Campagnie de Iesus, en la Nouvelle France, aux années mil six cens
soixante-sept & mil six cens soixante-huit. Envoyée au R. P. Estienne Dechamps
Provincial de la Province de France. A Paris Chez Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy
Imprimeur ordinaire du Roy, rue S. Iacques, aux Cicognes. MDCLXIX. Avec
Privilège de sa Majesté.
Het Cabinet der Mineralen, Metalen, en Berg-eerts;. . . .Kortilijk besch-
reven, door Goossen van Vreeswyk, Bergmeester. t'Amsterdam, By Joannes
Janssonius van Waesberge, op 't Water.   1670.
Containing commission to the author to have charge of mines in Canada,
given by the Campagnie des Indes Occidentales.
Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable aux Missions des Peres
de la Campagnie de Jésus, en la Nouvelle France les années 1671 & 1672.
Envoyée au R. P. Jean Pinette Provincial de la Province de France, Par le 1
R. P. Claude Dablon Recteur du College de Quebec, & Supérieur des Missions
de la Campagnie de Jésus en la Nouvelle France. A Paris Chez Sebastien
Mabre Cramoisy, Imprimeur du Roy, rue S. Jacques aux Cicognes. MDCL-
XXIII.   Avec Permission.
La Vie de la Venerable Mere Marie de l'Incarnation Premiere Supérieure
des Ursulines de la Nouvelle France. Tirée de ses Lettres & de ses Ecrits. . . .
A Paris, Chez Louis Billaine, au second pillier de la grande Salle du Palais, au
grand Cesar.   MDCLXXVII.   Avec approbation et privilege.
Recueil de voyages de Mr Thevenot. Dédié au Roy. A Paris, Chez Estienne
Michallet rue S. Jaques à l'Image S. Paul. MDCLXXXI. Avec Privilege du
Description de la Louisiane, nouvellement découverte au Sud'Oûest de la
Nouvelle France, par ordre du Roy. Avec la Carte du Pays: Les Mœurs &
la Manière de vivre des Sauvages. Dédiée a sa Majesté Par le R. P. Loiiis
Hennepin, Missionnaire Recollet & Notaire Apostolique. A Paris, Chez Amable
Auroy, rue Saint Saint |sic| Jacques à l'Image S. Jérôme, attenant la Fontaine
S. Severin.   MDCLXXXVIII.   Avec Privilege du Roy.
Nouvelle Relation de la Gaspesie, qui contient Les Moeurs & la Religion
des Sauvages Gaspesiens Porte-Croix, adorateurs du Soleil, & d'autres Peuples
de l'Amérique Septentrionale, dite le Canada. Dédiée a Madame la Princesse
d'Epinoy, Par le Père Chrestien le Clercq, Missionnaire Recollet de la Province
de Saint Antoine de Pade en Artois, & Gardien du Convent de Lens. A Paris,
Chez Amable Auroy, rue Saint Jacques, à l'Image S. Jérôme, attenant la Fontaine S. Severin.   MDCXCI.   Avec privilege du Roy.
Relations de divers voyages curieux, qui n'ont point esté publiées. Et qu'on
a traduit ou tiré des Originaux des Voyageurs François, Espagnols, Allemands,
Portugais, Anglois, Hollandois, Persans, Arabes & autres Orientaux, données
au public par les soins de feu M. Melcnisedec Thevenot. . . . Nouvelle Edition, Augmentée de plusieurs Relations curieuses. Tome Premier. Contenant
la I, et II, Partie. A Paris, chez Thomas Moette Libraire, rue de la Bouderie, à Saint Alexis. MDCXCVI. Avec Privilege de sa Majesté. Also Tome
Second.   Contenant la III, et IV, Partie.   Same date.
Dernières Découvertes dans l'Amérique Septentrionale de M. De La Sale;
Mises au jour par M. le Chevailer Tonti, Gouverneur du Fort Saint Louis, aux
Islinois. A Paris au Palais, Chez Jean Guignard, à l'entrée de la Grand'Salle
à l'Image saint Jean.   MDCLXXXXVII.   Avec Privilege du Roy.
Nouvelle Découverte d'un très grand pays Situé dans l'Amérique, entre Le
Nouveau Mexique et La Mer Glaciale, Avec les Cartes, & les Figures nécessaires, & de plus l'Histoire Naturelle & Morale, & les avantages, qu'on en peut
tirer par l'établissement des Colonies. Le tout dédie à Sa Majesté Britannique
Guillaume III. Par le R. P. Louis Hennepin Missionnaire Recollect & Notaire
Apostolique. A Utrecht, Chez Guillaume Broedelet, Marchand Libraire,
Nouveau Voyage d'un Pais plus grand que l'Europe Avec les reflections des
entreprises du Sieur de la Salle, sur les Mines de St. Barbe, &c. . . . Avec
approbation & dédié à sa Majesté Guillaume III, Roy de la grande Bretagne
Par le R. P. Louis Hennepin, Missionaire Recollect & Notaire Apostolique. A
Utrecht, Chez Antoine Schouten, Marchand Libraire.   1698.
Nouveaux Voyages de Mr le Baron de Lahontan, dans l'Amérique Septentrionale Qui contiennent une relation des differens Peuples qui y habitent, la
nature de leur Gouvernement, leur Commerce, leur Coutume, leur Religion, &
leur manière de faire la Guerre. L'intérêt des François & des Anglois dans le
Commerce qu'ils font avec ces Nations, l'avantage que l'Angleterre peut retirer
dans ce Pais, étant en Guerre avec la France. Le tout enrichi de Cartes & de
Figures. Tome Premier. A La Haye, Chez les Frères L Honoré, Marchands \
Libraires.   MDCCIV. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1984 19
Suite du Voyage de l'Amérique, ou Dialogues de Monsieur le Baron de
Lahontan et d'un Sauvage, dans l'Amérique. Contenant une description exacte
des moeurs & des coutumes de ces Peuples Sauvages. Avec les Voyages du
même en Portugal & en Danemarc, dans lesquels on trouve des particularitez
très curieuses, & qu'on n'avoit point encore remarquées. Le tout enrichi de
Cartes & de Figures. A Amsterdam, Chez la Veuve de Boeteman, et se vend A
Londres, chez David Mortier, Libraire dans le Strand, à l'Enseigne d'Erasine.
Relation du Voyage du Port Royal de l'Acadie ou de la Nouvelle France,
Dans laquelle on voit un détail des divers mouvemens de la mer dans une traversée de long cours; la Description du Païs, les Occupations des François qui y
sont établis, les manières des différentes Nations Sauvages, leurs Superstitions,
& leur chasses; avec une dissertation exacte sur le Castor. Par Mr. Dieréville.
A Amsterdam, Chez Pierre Humbert MDCCX.
Journal historique du dernier voyage que feu M. de la Sale fit dans le Golfe
de Mexique, pour trouver l'embouchure, & le cours de la Riviere de Missicipi,
nommée à present la Riviere de Saint Louis, qui traverse la Louisiane. Où l'on
voit l'Histoire tragique de sa mort, & plusieurs choses curieuses du nouveau
monde Par Monsieur Joutel, l'un des Compagnons de ce Voyage, rédigé & mis
en ordre par Monsieur De Michel. A Paris, Chez Estienne Robinot, Libraire,
Quay & attenant la Porte des Grands Augustins, à l'Ange Gardien. MDCCXIII.
Avec approbation & Privilege du Roy.
The Travels of several Learned Missioners of the Society of Jesus, into divers
parts of the Archipelago, India, China, and America. . . . Translated from
the Franch Original publish'd at Paris in the year 1713. London: Printed for R.
Gosling, at the Mitre and Crown, over aginst |sic| St. Dunstan's Church, in
Fleet-street, MDCCXIV.
Histoire de l'Amérique Septentrionale.   Divisée en quatre Tomes	
Mr. de Bacqueville de la Potherie, né à la Guadaloupe, dans l'Amérique Méridionale, Aide Major de ladite Isle. Enrichie de Figures. A Paris Chez Jean-Luc
Nion, au premier Pavillon des quatre Nations, à Ste. Monique. Et François
Didot, à l'entrée du Quai des Augustins, à la Bible d'or. MDCCXXII. Avec
Aprobation & Privilege du Roi.
Nouvelle Description de la France: Dans laquelle on voit le gouvernment
general de ce royaume, celui de chaque province en particulier; et la description
des villes, maisons royales, Chateaux, & monuments les plus remarquables	
Par M. Piganiol de La Force. Seconde Edition. A Paris [Chez Florentin
Delaulne, rue Saint Jacques à l'Empereur] MDCCXXII. Avec privilege du Roy.
5 vols., of which the second is in two parts. Publisher's name on a slip pasted
over the original.
Mœurs des Sauvages Ameriquains, comparées aux mœurs des premiers
temps. Par le P. Lafitau, de la Compagnie de Jésus. Ouvrage enrichi de
Figures en taille-douce. Tome Premier. A Paris, Chez Saugrain l'aîné, Quay des
Augustins, près la rue Pavée, à la Fleur de Lys. Charles Estienne Hochereau,
à l'entrée du Quay des Augustins, à la descente du Pont S. Michel, au Phœnix.
MDCCXXIV.   Avec approbation et privilege du Roy.
Code militaire ou Compilation des ordonnances des Rois de France, Concernant les gens de Guerre. Par le Sr De Briquet Chevalier de l'Ordre de Saint
Michel & l'un des premiers Commis de M. de Angervilhers, Secretaire d Etat
de la Guerre. A Paris, Chez Jean-Baptiste Coignard Fils, Imprimeur du Roi,
à la Bible d'Or.   MDCCXXXIV.   Avec Privilege du Roi.
La Vie de la Mere Marie de l'Incarnation, Institutrice à premiere Supérieure
des Ursulines de la Nouvelle France. A Paris, Chez P G. Le Mercier, Imprimeur-Libraire, rue S. Jacques, au Livre d'Or. MDCCXXXV. Avec Approbation & Privilege du Roy. 20 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Avantures du Sr. C. Le Beau, avocat en parlement, au Voyage curieux et
nouveau, parmi les sauvages de l'Amérique Septentrionale.   Dans le quel on
trouvera une description du Canada Ouvrage enrichi d'une Carte &
des figures nécessaires Premiere Partie. A Amsterdam, Chez Kerman Uytwerf
Histoire et description générale de la Nouvelle France, avec le Journal
historique d'un Voyage fait par ordre du Roi dans l'Amérique Septentrionnale.
Par le P. De Charlevoix, de la Compagnie de Jésus. A Paris, Chez Robin Fils,
Libraire, Quai des Augustins, à S. Athanase. MDCCXLIV. Avec approbation et privilege du Roi.   3 vols.
Histoire Générale des Voyages, ou Nouvelle Collection de toutes les rela-  i
tions de voyages par mer et par terre, qui ont été publiées jusqu'à present dans
les différentes langues et toutes les Nations connues: enrichi de
cartes géographiques nouvellement composées sur les observations les plus auten-
tiques; de plans et de perspectives; de figures d'animaux, de végétaux, habits,  ;
antiquité, &c.   A Paris, Chez Didot, Libraire, Quai des Augustins, à la Bible d'or
[etc].   Avec approbation et privilege du Roi.   20 vols. 1746-1789.
Die Wichtigkeit und Vortheil des Kap-Breton, in einer richtigen Beschrei-
bung dieser berufenen Insel, welche nach der Erzâhlung einer gewissen beruhmten
franzôischen Scribentens mehr werth ist, als die Goldbergwerke in Peru, vor-
gestellt, und durch. Anmerkungen und zwo richtige Landcharten erlâutert. Ins
Deutsche ubersetzet.   Leipzig, bey Peter Schenken im hohmannischen Hofe. 1747.
Histoire de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Quebec. A Montauban, Chez Jerosme Legier.
Et se vend à Paris, Chez Claude-Jean-Baptiste Hérissant, Libraire rue Notre-
Dame, aux trois vertus.   Avec privilège du Roy.    [1751]
Voyage fait par ordre du Roi en 1750 et 1751, dans l'Amérique Septentrionale,
pour rectifier les Cartes des Côtes de PAcadie, de l'Isle Royale et de l'Isle de
Terre-neuve; Et pour en fixer les principaux points par des Observations Astronomiques. Par M. de Chalbert Enseigne des Vaisseauv du Roi, Membre de
l'Académie de Marine, de celle de Berlin, & de l'Institut de Bologne. A Paris,
de l'Imprimerie Royale.   MDCCLIII.
Mémoires des Commissaires du Roi et de ceux de sa Majesté Britannique, sur
les possessions & les droits respectifs des deux Couronne en Amérique; avec les
Actes publics Pièces justificatives. Tome Premier, Contenant les Mémoires sur
PAcadie & sur l'Isle de Sainte-Lucie. A Paris, de l'Imprimerie Royale.
Tome Second, Contenant les Traités & Actes publics concernant l'Amérique
en général, et les Pièces justificatives des Mémoires sur les limites de PAcadie»
Tome Troisième, Contenant les Pièces justificatives concernant la propriété
de Pisle de Sainte-Lucie.   MDCCLV.
Tome Quatrième, Contenant les derniers Mémoires sur PAcadie, et un
Mémoire des Commissaires du Roi sur l'Isle de Tobago.   MDCCLVII.
Mémoire par Messire François Bigot, ci-devant Intendant de Justice, Police,
Finance & Marine en Canada, Accusé: Contre Monsieur le Procureur-Général
du Roi en la Commission, Accusateur. Premiere Partie, Contenant l'Histoire de
l'Administration du sieur Bigot dans la Colonie, & des Réflexions générales sur
cette Administration. A Paris, De l'Imprimerie de P. Al. le Prieur, Imprimeur
du Roi, rue Saint-Jacques.   MDCCLXIII.
Nouveau Commentaire sur l'Ordonnance de la Marine, du mois d'août 1681
 Dédié a S.A.S.   Msr le Duc De Penthievre Amiral de France.   Par M.
René-Josué Valin, Avocat & Procureur du Roi au Siege de l'Amirauté de la
Rochelle. A La Rochelle, Chez Jérôme Legier, Imprimeur du Roi, au Canton
des Flamands.   MDCCLXVI.   Avec approbation et privilege du Roi.   2 vols.
Charts and Plates to La Pérouse's Voyage. Published as the Act directs
Novr. Ist 1798, by G. G. & J. Robinson, Paternoster Row. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1984 21
Manuel pratique de l'Ecole Elémentaire Françoise de Monsr. Perrault,
Prothnotaire—Imprimé à Quebec:  1829.
Exercise de Piété pour s'entretenir avec Dieu dans le temps du Colera-
Morbus, suivi des litanies de Notre Dame des Victoires et de Saint-Roch. Montreal: A la Librairie de E. R. Fabre, & Cie—Juin 1832. Imprimerie de Ludger
Histoire de l'ancienne Infanterie Française Par Louis Susane, Capitaine
d'artillerie. Paris, Librairie militaire, maritime et polytechnique de J. Corréard.
— 8 vols, of text and one of plates, 1849-1856.
Life of Madame de La Peltrie (Magdalen de Chauvigny) Foundress of the
Ursuline Convent, Quebec.   Written expressly for the pupils and inscribed to
them by a Member of the Community New York:    Edward Dunigan &
Brother, (James B. Kirker), 371 Broadway, 1859.
Le Vrai Canadien, ou Notice sur M. Jean-Baptiste Bruyère de Montreal
 Montréal:   Imprimé par Duvernay Frères 10, Rue St. Vincent, 1859.
Les Anciens Canadiens Par Phillippe Aubert De Gaspé, Avocat	
Publié par la Direction du " Foyer Canadien."—Quebec Desbarats et Derbi-
shire Imprimeurs-Editeurs—1863.
Bref Récit et Succincte Narration de la navigation faite en MDXXXV et
MDXXXVI par le Capitaine Jacques Cartier aux iles de Canada Hochelaga,
Saguenay et autres Réimpression figurée de l'édition originale rarissime de
MDXLV avec les variantes des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Impériale Précédée d'une brève et succincte introduction historique par M. d'Avezac. Paris
Librairie Tross Passage des Deux Pavillons (Palais-Royal), N° 8,1863.
Voyage de Jaques Cartier au Canada en 1534 Nouvelle édition, publiée
d'après l'édition de 1598 et d'après Ramusio Par M. H. Michelant. Avec deux
cartes Documents inédits sur Jaques Cartier et le Canada communiqués par
M. Alfred Ramé Paris Librairie Tross 5, rue Neuve-des-Petits-Champs, 5—
Relation originale du Voyage de Jacques Cartier au Canada en 1534 Documents inédits sur Jacques Cartier et le Canada (Nouvelle Série) publiés par
H. Michelant et A. Ramé Accompagnés de deux portraits de Cartier et de deux
vues de son Manoir Paris Librairie Tross 5, rue Neuve-des-Petits-Champs, 5—
Jacques Cartier Documents Nouveaux recueilles par F. Jiion des Longrais
Ancien élève de l'Ecole des Chartes Paris Alphonse Picard Libraire-Editeur 82,
rue Bonaparte, 82—1888!
Journal des campagnes du Chevalier De Lévis en Canada De 1756 à 1760
—Montréal C. O. Beauchemin & Fils, Libraires-Imprimeurs 256, rue Saint-Paul
Lettres du Chevalier de Lévis concernant la guerre du Canada (1756-1760)
—Montréal C. O. Beauchemin & Fils, Lib.-Imprimeurs 256 et 258, rue Saint-
Jacques Cartier Sa Vie et ses Voyages par Joseph Pope. Traduit de
l'Anglaise par L. Phillippe Sylvain (de la Bibliothèque du Parlement). Ottawa
1890. With this was placed the medal granted to Sir Joseph Pope by the
French Academy in recognition of this work.
Guerre du Canada—1756-1760—Montcalm et Lévis Par l'abbé H.-R. Cas-
grain Québec Imprimerie de L.-J. Demers et Frère 30, Rue de la Fabrique,
30—1891.   2 vols.
Lettres du Marquis de Montcalm au Chevalier de Lévis Publiées sous la
direction de Pabbé H.-R. Casgrain Québec Imprimerie de L.-J. Demers &
Frère 30, rue de la Fabrique, 30—1894.
Journal du Marquis de Montcalm durant ses campagnes en Canada de
1756 à 1759 Publié sous la direction de l'abbé H.-R. Casgrain. . . .Québec
Imprimerie de L.-J. Demers & Frère 30, rue de la Fabrique, 30—1895. 22 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
[Chas, de La Roncière] La Question de Terre-Neuve Les droits indiscu-l
tables de la France d'après des documents inédits.
Le Maréchal de Lévis Gouverneur general de l'Artois (1765-1787) Pari
le Comte Gustave De Hauteclocque Membre de l'Académie d'Arras, de lai
Commission des Antiquités du Pas-de-Calais, etc.—Arras Imp. Rohard-Courtin, 1
F. Guyot. Succr.—1901.
The Early Trading Companies of New France A Contribution to thej
history of commerce and discovery in North America. By H. P. Biggar, B.A., B.I
Litt. (Oxon.) University of Toronto Library 1901.
A Memoir of Jacques Cartier Sieur de Limoilou His voyages to the St. I
Lawrence A Bibliography and a facsimile of the manuscript of 1534 with an-1
notations,  etc.    By James Phinney Baxter, A.M.,  Litt.D New!
York Dodd, Mead & Company London Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles Agents !
Showing facsimile of the manuscript in the Bibliothèque Nationale, Moreau I
Collection, No. 841, folios 52 sqq.
Historical Souvenir and Book of the Pageants of the 300th Anniversary!
of the Founding of Quebec, the Ancient Capital of Canada—July Twentieth J
to Thirty First, Nineteen Hundred and Eight—Issued under the direction of I
the National Battlefields Commission and done into a book by the Cambridge I
Corporation Limited Montreal.
Histoire de la Marine Française. . . .Par Charles de La Roncière Con-J
servateur à la Bibliothèque Nationale; Ancien Président de l'Académie del
Marine. . . Paris Librairie Pion Les Petits-Fils de Pion et Nourrit Imprimeurs-1
Editeurs—8, rue Garancière, 6e—Tous droits réservés.    6 vols.    1909-1932.
Le Marquis de Montcalm (1712-1759) Par Thomas Chapais Québec J.-P. I
Garneau, librairie-éditeur 47, rue Buade—1911.
Publications of the Canadian Archives—No. 5—The Precursors of Jacques |
Cartier 1497-1534 A Collection of Documents relating to the early history of]
Canada Edited by H. P. Biggar, B. Litt Published by authority of j
the Minister of Agriculture under the direction of the Archivist Ottawa Govern-1
ment Printing Bureau 1911.
What the French have done in America from the discovery to the opening
of the Isthmus of Panama By Ch. de La Roncière Historian of the French!
Navy Paris Typographie Plon-Nourrit et Cle 8, rue Garancière—6e—1915.    j
Un Tricentenaire—Un grand ministre de la marine Colbert Par Ch. de La
Roncière Historien de la Marine Française Paris Librairie Pion Plon-Nourrit
et Cie, Imprimeurs-Editeurs 8, rue Garancière—6e—Tous droits réservés [1919].]
Publications of the Public Archives of Canada No. 11—The Voyages of
Jacques Cartier Published from the originals with translations, notes and appendices By H. P. Biggar, B. Litt. (Oxon.) Published by authority of the
Secretary of State under the direction of the Archivist Ottawa F. A. Acland
Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty 1924.
Bibliothèque Coloniale—Albert Duchêne Directeur des Affaires Politiques
au Ministère des Colonies—La Politique Coloniale de la France Le Ministère
des Colonies depuis Richelieu—Préface de M. Gabriel Hanotaux de l'Académie
Française Ancien Ministre des Affaires Etrangères. Payot, Paris 106, Boulevard
St.-Germain 1928.
Gabriel Hanotaux de l'Académie Française Alfred Martineau Professeur!
au Collège de France—Histoire des Colonies Françaises et de l'expansion de la
France dans le monde—Tome I Introduction générale par Gabriel Hanotaux j
de l'Académie Française—L'Amérique par Ch. de La Roncière Conservateur à
la Bibliotèque Nationale Joannes Tramond Professeur à l'Ecole Navale Emile;
Lauvrière Professeur au Lycée Louis-le-Grand Illustrations en couleurs de Ch.
Sanlaville Illustrations en noir de G. Ripart Paris Société de l'Histoire Nationale
Librairie Pion Les Petits-Fils de Pion et Nourrit 8, rue Garancière—6e [1929]. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1984 2Ï
Publications of the Public Archives of Canada No. 14—A Collection of
Documents relating to Jacques Cartier and the Sieur de Roberval By H. P.
Biggar, D. Litt. Published by authority of the Secretary of State of Canada
under the direction of the Keeper of the Records Ottawa Public Archives of
Canada 1930.
" Discours du Duc de Lévis-Mirepoix Président de la Société d'Histoire du
Canada."  Extract from Nova Francia, 1930.
Duc de Lévis Mirepoix—François Ier. . . .Paris Les Editions de France
20, Avenue Rapp, 20—Copyright, 1931, by Duc de Lévis Mirepoix.
Albert Depréaux—Les Uniformes des Troupes de la Marine et des Troupes
Coloniales et Nord-Africaines des origines à nos jours Edité sous le
patronage du Ministère des Colonies et du Service Historique de l'Armée—Au
Siège de la Sabretache, 27, Rue Jean Goujon—Paris 1931.
Abbé Lionel Groulx La Découverte du Canada Jacques Cartier Librairie
Granger Frères Limitée [1934].
La table des Isles neufues, lesquelles on appelle isles d'occident & d'Indie
pour diuers regardz.
(Map of America in the 1540 edition of Ptolemy, Geographia Universalis.)
Photograph of the front page of the Atlas of Nicholas Vallard.
Souvenir reproduction in colours of the map of Nicholas Vallard, of about
U Disegno del discoperto délia noua Franza, ilquale s'è hauuto ultimanente
dalla nouissima nauigatione de Franzesi in quel luogo : Nel quale si uedono tutti
1 Isole, Porti, Capi, et luoghi fra terra che in quella sono. Venetijs aneis formis
Bolognini Zalterij Anno MDLXVII.
Americae pars borealis, Florida, Baccalaos, Canada, Corteralis.   A Cornelio
de Iudaîis in lucë édita Cornelius de Iudseis Antverp. D.D. A0.
Le Canada faict par le Sr de Champlain ou sont La Nouvelle France
La Nouvelle Angleterre
La Nouvelle Hollande
La Nouvelle Svede
La Virginie &c
Avec les Nations voisines et autres Terres nouuellement decouuertes Sui-
uant les Mémoires de P. Du Val Géographe du Roy A Paris. En l'Isle du Palais
sur le grand Cours de l'Eau.   Avec Privilege 1653.
Villemarie dans l'isle de Montreal, envoyé par Mr. Denonville le 13 Novembre 1685. Drawn by the Sieur de Villeneuve. (Ministère des Colonies D.F.C.
No. 466).
A prospective Plan of the Battle near Lake George, on the Eighth Day of
September, 1755; With an explanation thereof; Containing a full, tho' short,
History of that important Affair. By Samuel Blodget, Occasionally at the Camp,
when the Battle was fought. Boston; New England: Printed by Richard Draper,
for the Author.  MDCCLV.
Plan du Fort Carillon. Attaques des retranchemens devant le Fort Carillon
en Amérique par les anglais commandés par le général Abercrombie contre les
français aux ordres du Marquis de Montoalm le 8 Juillet 1758 C.P.S.C.M..
Dessiné par Therbu Lieutenant Ingénieur. Gravé par Côntgen Graveur de la
Cour et de l'Université de Mayence.
"Plan of the Battle fought the 28th of April 1760 upon the Height of
Abraham near Quebec between the British Troops Garrison'd in that place and
the French Army that came to besiege it." Signed "Pat: McKellar Chr
Colour prints: portraits of the following rulers of France: Louis IX, Louis
XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII, Francis I, Francis II, Henry III, Catharine de
Medicis, Henry IV, Louis XIII.
Representations of Jacques Cartier and his ship, reproduced from the
manuscript " Les Raretés des Indes."
Portrait of Jacques Cartier. Line-engraving by S. Freeman after the painting by Riss.
Print: The Statue of Jacques Cartier at Montreal.
Prints from paintings representing Jacques Cartier at Gaspé, by J. D. Kelly
and A. Sherriff Scott.
Water-colour paintings by L. R. Batchelor, showing Jacques Cartier in the
Indian Village of Hochelaga, Jacques Cartier on Mount Royal, Maisonneuve
carrying a cross up the mountain, the Building of the walls of Montreal.
St. Malo vers 1535. Wash drawing by Henry Beau from an original in
the Bibliothèque de St. Malo.
Lithograph: " F. Benoist, d'après Nature A. Cuvillier, Lith. Fig. par Jules
Gaildrau S*. Malo Vue prise de la Chaussée de Paramé.
Small line-engraving: " Drawn by C. Stanfield, A.R.A. Engraved by R.
Wallis.  St, Malo."
St. Malo at low tide, from He Chateaubriand. Crayon drawing by Henry
Two crayon drawings by Henry Beau, showing streets of St. Malo.
Old woodcut print: view of Limoilou.
Painting in oils by Henry Beau: Limoilou.
" Une Vieille de Saint-Malo."  Wash drawing by Henry Beau.
Collection of water-colour drawings, by Henry Beau, of French peasant
Water-colour drawings, by Henry Beau, of the uniforms and flags of the
French regiments that served in Canada.
Copy in water-colours: Veiie de la Ville des trois Rivieres en Canada nouuelle
france 1721.   (Ministère des Colonies, D.F.C. —No. 464.)
Coloured line-engravings of views of Quebec by Richard Short, published in
London in 1760.
Two coloured aquatint views of Quebec, from drawings by George Heriot,
published in 1805.
Coloured line-engraving: Fireworks at Paris, 1 October, 1758, in celebration
of Montcalm's victory at Carillon.
Montcalm's Bureau.
Wolfe's Baby Shoes.
Wolfe's Chair.
Sash given by the Indian Chief Tecumseh to Brock.
Sash of Colonel de Salaberry.
Powder horn of 1764, with carved map.
Medal of George III.
Cannon-ball fired in the siege of Quebec.
Silver box with effigy of George II and a collection of miniature views of
events in the Seven Years War.
Bills of the Banque du Peuple.
Collection of coins and bills, including card-money and bills of exchange
of the French régime.
Collection of medals of the period of the French régime.
The classification of the Militia Records during the past year includes a
start on the early correspondence relating to the Engineers' Branch. Additional early records relative to the Permanent Force have been received from
the Department of National Defence and are in course of classification for
reference purposes. A great number of deceased officers' files, (World War of
1914-1918), received from the National Defence Headquarters, have been added
to our collection.   There is a steady reference to these files.
The Fenian pay-rolls and service records received last year have been
classified and made available for reference.
for data regarding Canada's early Militia have increased notably
and in each instance the required information and records were fully supplied
to historians of militia units, individuals and families. A notable aspect is the
number of inquiries received from the United States.
Several militia units are compiling histories at the present time, a movement we have encouraged and, in each instance, have given every assistance,
fully appreciating the historical importance and interest in these most valuable works for future reference.
Since my last report in December, 1933, the requests for information and
the transcription of documents number 1,863, which shows an increase of three
hundred and six.
Students from many countries, historical associations, churches and religious associations, departments of the Canadian and Provincial governments,
members of Parliament and of several Legislatures, universities and individuals, continue to seek information from the Public Archives. We endeavour,
in all cases, to give satisfaction.
The different questions dealt with have been: genealogical information,
United Empire Loyalists, family crests and arms, material relating to the
growth and development of Canada and its Provinces, conferences leading to
Confederation, negotiations for settlement of national boundaries, histories of
banks, forts, hospitals, schools, King's posts, land grants, Indian rights, early
mills, post offices, newspapers, historic monuments, etc.
The Quebec Gazette has been indexed for the whole year 1818 and, for
1819 as far as the month of September. The information contained in this
paper is of the utmost value. This index ought to be continued up to the Union
of 1841.
Cards typewritten, classified and placed in their respective drawers
Quebec Gazette    12,000
C. Series    21,750
Researches indexed      4,626
Total    38,376 _6 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
The index of the Annual Reports of the Public Archives, English and French j
editions, is progressing favourably; the year 1886 is completed and part of 1887. i
Nearly 10,000 new slips are being arranged alphabetically. This index, when ;
completed, will be of great help to students of history, as it will greatly f acilitate j
their work.
An index of Masson's "Les Bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest"
lias been completed.
The inventory of the documents relating to the Maritime Provinces is being j
Sixty-one volumes of the S. Series have been prepared for the bindery and
forty-one have been bound and placed on the shelves.
-Ottawa, 15th December, 1934.
One hundred and fifty-five searches were made during the year in the
interests of departments of the Federal and Provincial Governments and of
individuals. Many of these searches were for information on the location of
roads, on the construction of bridges and dams and on the boundaries of water
lots and harbours. Students conducting private research at the Archives continue
to make extensive use of maps, and whenever possible, to obtain photostat
copies or tracings. Many requests from schools for copies of maps to aid in the
teaching of history and geography were received. Students from schools of
Ottawa and district and from points as far east as Quebec and as far west as
North Bay visited the map room in classes, and received instruction on the
-value and uses of maps.
In addition to the accessions listed below, the Archives received as a gift
from Sir R. Leicester Harmsworth for the Northcliffe Collection, a copy of The
Atlantic Neptune bearing the following title:—
" The Sea Coast of Nova Scotia ; Exhibiting The Diversities of
the Coast and Face of the Country near it: The Banks, Rocks,
Shoals, Soundings, Ec. Together with Remarks and Directions
for the conveniency of Navigation and Pilotage. Survey'd by
Order of The Right Honourable The Lords Commissioners of
the Admiralty, By Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres Esqr."
This is a special copy made up of thirty-six charts and illustrations published between the years 1775 and 1779, and is thirty inches long by thirteen
inches wide, one-half the width of the regular edition of the Atlantic Neptune.
Lt bears the book plate of Phillips Cosby, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, who
was born in Annapolis Royal and who, as Lieutenant of the Orford, served as
Naval Aide-de-Camp to General Wolfe at Quebec.
Algonquin, Ontario Topographical Map of Algonquin Ontario (Provisional
Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No. 31 E/NE. Department
of the Interior Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister, H. H. Rowatt, C.M.G.,
Deputy Minister. Topographical Survey of Canada. Compiled, drawn and
printed at the Office of the Surveyor General, Ottawa, 1934. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1934 27
lAmisk Lake, Saskatchewan. Topographical Map of Amisk Lake Saskatchewan. National Topographic Series. Sheet No. 63L. Department of the
Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt, C.M.G.,
Deputy Minister. Topographical Survey of Canada. Compiled, drawn and
printed at the Office of the Surveyer General, Ottawa, 1934.
Boundary Map. International Boundary Commission Joint Maps. To Accompany The Commissioner's Joint Report Dated May 9, 1934, Upon The
Establishment of the Boundary Between The United States and Canada.
From the Source of the St. Croix River to the Atlantic Ocean.   Ottawa, 1934.
JBrantford, Ontario. Topographical Map Ontario Brantford Sheet. Sheet No
40 P/l. Published by the Geographical Section General Staff, Department of National Defence, 1914.   Revised 1934.
Canada, Dominion of. Map of Dominion of Canada—Civil Aviation Branch—
Department of National Defence. Ports and Anchorages. Base Map by
National Development Bureau, Department of the Interior.
Canerio Map. Une nouvelle Carte marine du XVIme Siècle Le Portulan De
Nicolas De Canerio Par L. Gallois chargé de cours à la Faculté des lettres de
Lyon—Extrait du Bulletin de la Société de Géographie. Lyon Imprimerie
Emmanuel Vitte 30, Rue Condé, 30.   1890.
Clare Beach, Saskatchewan. Plan of Clare Beach Subdivision in Township 57
Range 2 West of the Third Meridian Province of Saskatchewan. Department of the Interior, Ottawa, 1st May, 1934.
Coral Rapids, Ontario. Geological Map of Coral Rapids Ontario. (Provisional
Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No 42 I/SW. Department of
the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt, C.M.G.,
Deputy Minister.   Topographical Survey of Canada.
River, Ontario. Topographical Map of English River Manitoba-Ontario.
(Provisional Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No 52 NW.
Department of the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H.
Rowatt, C.M.G., Deputy Minister.   Topographical Survey of Canada.
Glacier Park, British Columbia. Topographical Map of Glacier Park, British
Columbia. National Topographic Series Sheet No. 82N/SW. Department
of the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt, Deputy
Minister.    Topographical Survey of Canada.
Gracefield, Quebec. Topographical Map of Gracefield, Quebec. (Provisional
Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No 31K/SE. Department of
the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt, Deputy
Minister.   Topographical Survey of Canada.
Lake Ontario. Carte Du Lac Ontario nouvelleman Relieve avec ces port
agrend poin abittèe Lescadre Engloisse & francoisse Leur gremamt Leur
Cantiteè de Canon faitte a frontenac ce 4 octobre 1757—Part Labroquerie.
Brit. Mus. CXXI.-14.   Copied by C. Pettigrew at Brit. Mus. Apr. 1934.
Lachute, Quebec. Topographical Map of Lachute, Quebec-Ontario. National
Topographic Series. Sheet No 31G/NE. Department of the Interior.
Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt, Deputy Minister.
Topographical Survey of Canada. Compiled, drawn and printed at the
Office of the Surveyor General Ottawa, November, 1933.
La Tuque, Quebec. Topographical Map of La Tuque, Quebec. (Provisional
Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No 31P/SE. Department
of the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt, Deputy
Laval, Quebec. Topographical Map of Laval—Province of Quebec, Canada,
Sheet 31H/12. Topographic Map. Published by the Geographic Section,
General Staff, Department of National Defence.    Printed 1934. 28 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Long Lac, Quebec. Air Surveys Long Lac Area East Part Reconnaissance j
Map September, 1934. Department of the Interior. Topographical and I
Air Survey Bureau.
Long Lac, Quebec.    Air Surveys Long Lac Area West Part Reconnaissance
Map September 1934.    Department of the Interior.    Topographical and I
Air Survey Bureau.
Louisburg, Louisbourg—Plan Profil et Elevation pour le rétablissement de la
Lanterne qui doit estre placée Sur la Tour Scituée a l'Entrée du port de ;
Louisbourg, dans la quelle il y aura un Seu a huille pour la Surete de la i
navigation.   Archives Nationales Colonies C11A-126—No. 43.   Copié par
Ch. Baudouin, mars, 1934.   Collationné le 29 juin 1934.   Th. Beauchesne.
Louisbourg, 1756.   Plan du front d'entre les Bastions du Roy cotté 3;
Celuy de Dauphin cotte 4; et la mer.   Archives Nationales, Colonies CllA- i
126—No. 70.   Copié par Ch. Baudouin, juin, 1934.   Collationné le 29 juin i
1934.   Th. Beauchesne.
Louisbourg, 1755. Plan des Changements et des ouvrages neufs que
lé Roy a ordonné de faire exécuter aux fortifications de Louisbourg Sur I
le front du mur crénelé et Sur celuy compris entre l'angle flanqué du Bastion j
de la Reine—Archives Nationales, Colonies C11A-126—No. 65. Copié !
par Ch. Baudouin, janvier, 1934. Collationné le 29 juin 1934. Th. Beau- \
Louisbourg, 1755. Plan de l'état actuel des fortifications de Louisbourg <
dans le front depuis l'angle flanque du bastion du Roy jusqu'au bord du
port vers la tenaille de la porte Dauphine sur lequel sont marqués en rouge
brun les ouvrages faits cette année, et en jaune d'autres a faire pour
mettre ce front en état de déffense.—Archives Nationales—Colonies C11A-
126—No. 66.   Copié par Ch. Baudouin, avril, 1934.
Mont Laurier, Quebec. Mont-Laurier, Quebec. National Topographie Series.
Sheet No 31J/NW. Department of the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy,
Minister. R. A. Gibson, Assistant Deputy Minister. Topographical Survey
of Canada.
Nakina, Ontario. Topographical Map of Nakina, Ontario. (Provisional Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No. 42L. Department of the
Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt, Deputy Minister.   Topographical Survey of Canada.
Nelson House, Manitoba. Topographical Map of Nelson House, Manitoba.
(Provisional Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No 63 0. Department of the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt,
Deputy Minister.   Topographical Survey of Canada.
New Brunswick. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Land Company. A Map of
the Company's Tract of Land in the Province of New Brunswick. Published
April 24th 1834 by J. Cross, 18 Holborn (opposite Furnival's Inn) London.
Company's Office, 15 Kings Arms Yard, London.   1834.
Map of the Province of New Brunswick Compiled From The Latest
Authorities by George Hayward Periey, 1853. Published by Henry Chubb
& Co. St. John, N.B.
A Map of the Province of New Brunswick including the Territory in
dispute between Her Majesty's Government and the United States. Compiled from recent Surveys and adjusted to the latest Astronomical Observations. To His Excellency Lieut. Col. Sir William MacBean George Colebrooke
K.H. Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province This Map
is respectfully dedicated by His Excellency's Most Obedient Humble Servant
John Simcoe Saunders Surveyor General. Published by Henry S. Beek,
Fredericton, 1842. N.B. No 25. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1934
Map of New Brunswick Complied at the Colonial Department by L.
Herbert Senr from the following Documents. Viz, The Eastern Coast, the
Shepody Bay, Cumberland Basin and adjacent parts are reduced from Des
Barres's maritime Survey; his Latitude and Longitude having been corrected.
The Southern Coast was also reduced from an Admiralty Chart of 1824
The Interior taken from Surveyor Gen1 Ths Baillie's and other Maps. The
New Brunswick Company's Grant and neighbouring Country from their
Map. May 1834. C. 0. Lib. New Brunswick No 22. (Endorsed) New
Brunswick. Heberts. Copied by C. Pettigrew at P.R.O. Feb. 1934. (2
| New Orleans. Plan De La Nouvelle Orleans et des forts du detour aux Anglais.
Le 1er Mars. 1753. Amelot Pinxit. Ministère Des Colonies, D.F.C. Louisiane
N° 59. Copié Par Ch. Baudouin Janvier 1934. Collationné le 15 Janvier
1934.  Th. Beauchesne.
North Bay, Ontario. Topographical Map of North Bay, Ontario. (Provisional
Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No 31L/SW. Department of
the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy Minister. H. H. Rowatt, Deputy
Minister.   Topographical Survey of Canada.
Ontario Province. Topographical Map of Ontario, 1928. Department of the
Interior Canada Honourable Charles Stewart, Minister. W. W. Cory,
Deputy Minister. National Resources Intelligence Service. F. C. C.
Lynch, Director.   J. E. Chalifour, Chief Geographer.
Scarborough's New Map of Ontario showing Municipal Counties, Districts and Townships, Cities, Villages, Post Offices and Stations, Railway and
Steamboat Lines With Distances Between Stations and Landings. Published by The Scarborough Company, Hamilton, Ontario. Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada, in the year 1911, by the Scarborough
Company, Hamilton, Ont. at the Department of Agriculture.
Ottawa, Ontario. Geological Map of the City of Ottawa and Vicinity. Ontario
and Quebec. Geological Survey of Canada. Robert Bell, D.S., M.D., LL.D.,
F.R.S., Acting Director. 1901. C O. Senécal B.A.Sc. Chief Draughtsman.
L. N. Richard, Draughtsman.
Ottawa-Montreal. Ontario-Quebec. National Topographic Series.
Sheet No 31 SE. Department of the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy,
Minister. H. H. Rowatt, Deputy Minister. Topographical Survey of
Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick. A Survey of the Grand Bay of Passama-
quoddy—and the Sea Coast of St. Johns River taken in the year 1772 by
Tho8 Wright Esqr, now Surveyor General of S* Johns Island, and Mr Tho8
Hurd, now a Lieutenant in the Navy, under the Orders of Sam1 Holland Esqr,
at that time Surveyor General of the Northern district of N° America, &
agreeable to the directions of the Board of Trade—NB:—The names of
Places are the same by which they had ever been known by ye inhabitants.
(Endorsed) Bay of Passamaquoddy by Sproule 1785. Copied by C. Pettigrew at P.R.O. May, 1934.  (3 sections) CO. Lib. New Brunswick, No 11.
Quebec Province. Map of Province of Quebec with guide book and index. Modern Map.
St. Lawrence River. An Exact Chart of the River St Laurence from Fort Frontenac to the Island of Anticosti shewing the Soundings, Rocks, Shoals, &cC.
with Views of the Lands and all necessary Instructions—for navigating that
River to Quebec. Thos. Jefferys. Engraved & Publish'd according to Act
of Parliament by Thos. Jefferys, Geographer to his Royal Highness the
Prince of Wales, at Charing Cross, Jan. 25,1757.
Partie du Fleuve S' Laurent depuis le Mont Camille et Manicouagan
Jusqu'à l'Isle Verte. Archives du Service Hydrographique Vol. 62. Division 1-39.  Division 8. 30
St. Martins, New Brunswick. Topographical Map of St. Martins, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. (Provisional Edition) National Topographie Series.
Sheet No 21H/SW. Department of the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy,
Minister. H. H. Rowatt, C.M.G. Deputy Minister. Topographical Survey
of Canada.
Saskatchewan Province.    Topographical Map of Saskatchewan, Township 52,
Range 22, West of Second Meridian.
Township 56, Range   8, West of Third Meridian.
"      12,      "    '
'   i3,   " ;
"      13,      "    '
I      12,      "    '■
_     13,     "    '
Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Topographical Map of Shelburne, Nova Scotia. (Provisional Edition) National Topographic Series. Sheet No 20P/NW. Department of the Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt,
Deputy Minister.   Topographical Survey of Canada.
Shuswap, British Columbia. Topographical Map of Shuswap, British Columbia.
National Topographic Series. Sheet No 82L/NW. Department of the
Interior. Hon. Thomas G. Murphy, Minister. H. H. Rowatt, C.M.G.
Deputy Minister.   Topographical Survey of Canada.
Sturgeon River, Ontario. Sturgeon River Area. Reconnaissance Map October
1934. Department of the Interior. Topographical and Air Survey Bureau.
From Aerial Photographs by the Royal Canadian Air Force.
Verchères, Quebec. Topographical Map of Verchères, Province of Quebec, Canada. Sheet 31H/14. Published by the Geographical Section, General Staff,
Department of National Defence.   Printed 1934.
Waskesiu, Saskatchewan. Wholly Within Prince Albert National Park. Plan
of Waskesiu in Township 57 Range West of the Third Meridian Province
of Saskatchewan. Department of the Interior, Ottawa, 1st May, 1934.
Approved and confirmed—F. H. Peters, Surveyor General.
The report on the Manuscript Division, with new material,  will be
published with the Appendix to this Report.   (See p. 11.) M_r
%  feé
Vallard Map from the Dieppe Atlas dated 1547.
Reproduced through the courtesy of the Huntington Library.


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