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Report of the Public Archives for the year 1940 Public Archives of Canada; Lanctôt, Gustave, 1883-1975 1941

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Keeper of Public Records
Price, 50 cents.
Keeper of Public Records
Letter of Transmittal  v
Report of the Keeper of Public Records	
Reports of Divisions	
List of Donations      xxii
Appendix I—
Queen Elizabeth's gift to the Public Archives
Photographs of the Queen in the dress presented by Her Majesty
to Canada  1
Appendix II—
Canadian Militia Regulations under the French Regime and
early British rule  5
Appendix III—
Canadian Subscriptions to Great Britain's War Effort, 1798-
1802         23
Appendix IV—
Loan of Guns and Shot by Great Britain to the United States
in 1798         99  LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL
Ottawa, December 31, 1940.
To the Honourable Pierre Casgrain, P.C.,
Secretary of State,
Sir,—I have the honour to submit to you the Annual Report of the
Public Archives for the year 1940, to which are attached as usual the
technical reports of the several divisions of the Department. It also
contains appendices of documents taken from our collections and relating
to the first Militia laws of the country; to the subscriptions of Canadian
citizens in aid of British wars at the end of the eighteenth century; and
to the loan by Great Britain to the United States of guns and shot stored
at Halifax. In addition to these documentary appendices, however, Appendix I contains two photographs of the Queen in the dress she recently
presented to Canada.
Respectfully yours,
Keeper of Public Records.  REPORT
This year, for the second time, the Archives had the exceptional
honour of receiving a royal gift. Last year Queen Elizabeth presented to
the Archives a portrait of Wolfe, by Benjamin West, and Wolfe's last
letter to his mother. This year, Her Majesty most graciously made the
gift to Canada of the dress she wore in the Senate Chamber when His
Majesty George VI gave Royal Assent to certain Bills passed by Parliament. It might almost be said that the gift was the result of public
expression: for as soon as the first photographs appeared showing the
Queen in this dress, many persons put forward the suggestion, verbally or
in writing, that it might be possible to obtain it for the historical museum
of the Archives. Remembering the enthusiastic reception Canada had
given her, Her Majesty was pleased, as a most charming gesture, to adopt
this suggestion.
The presentation of the gift took place in the Archives at a brief
ceremony in the presence of the vice-regal suite and some of the dignitaries
who had accompanied Their Majesties on their tour of Canada. On the
morning of December 19, the Secretary of State, the Hon. Pierre Casgrain,
welcomed Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, and
explained briefly the object of the meeting. Speaking next, Her Royal
Highness told how Her Majesty had asked her, when she left England,
to take back and present to Canada, as a response to the public wish, the
dress she had worn at the official ceremony in the Senate Chamber in May,
1939. To her gift, the Queen added an autographed photograph of herself
in the same dress.
Then Mrs. Crerar, wife of the Minister of Mines, expressed the gratitude of Canada for the royal gift which recalls the never-to-be-forgotten
visit of the first Queen to come to the Dominion.
It is fitting to mention here that the Archives has the honour of
possessing the letter written by His Majesty George VI, dated December 17,
1939, to General McNaughton, Commander-in-Chief of the First Canadian
Division, in which the King welcomes the troops from Canada.
The past year—our first complete year of war—has not failed to affect
even the Archives. In order to help the war effort as much as possible
by a decrease in expenses, the Department cut down its budget of $173,435
in 1938-39 to $144,410 in 1940-41, a reduction of 17%. But the reduction
is much greater when the budget for administration alone, without salaries,
is considered; for this appropriation dropped from $23,500 in 1939-40 to
$10,500 in 1940-41, a formidable reduction of 54%.
This year, in addition to the Annual Report for 1939 which contained
an important bibliography of the 1837 Rebellion, the Archives published
a pamphlet which was well received by historians and the general public, viii PUBLIC ARCHIVES
judging by the comments of the critics and the requests for copies following
its publication. The pamphlet appeared under the following title: Oakes
Collection, New Documents by Lahontan concerning Canada and Newfoundland.
The Archives has been enriched by numerous acquisitions, by donation,
purchase, or official transmittal. The gift that ranked first was the
important collection of Lahontan documents presented by Lady Oakes of
Nassau, Bahama Islands, published by the Department in pamphlet
form as already noted. The correspondence of the Reverend James
Geggie given by his grandson, Dr. H. J. G. Geggie, must also be acknowledged and the documents relating to the inquest on D'Arcy McGee's
death offered by Crown Attorney Raoul Mercier. From Mr. H. Leander
d'Entremont the Archives received important genealogical notes relating
to the Acadians; from Mrs. J. P. Foran a holy-water vessel from the
Jesuit College at Quebec; and from Mr. John P. Wells, a plan of the
Town of Sherbrooke in 1846.
Among the acquisitions of primary importance, the outstanding one
is the collection received from the Governor General's Office containing
the correspondence between the Secretaries of State for the Colonies and
the Governors General for the period 1870-1902. Worthy of note also
are the orders and letters of Antoine Benott, an officer in the marine troops
at the end of the French Regime; the correspondence of Sandfield
Macdonald with the political men of his time; fur trade books of the
Hudson's Bay Company (1789-1807); the journals and letters of the
Marquis de Lotbiniere (1719-1764); and the account books of McTavish,
Frobisher and Company covering the period 1784-1802.
The Picture Division numbers among its acquisitions of the year a
very fine portrait of Sandfield Macdonald, Prime Minister of United
Canada, by the English artist Waugh; and an album of scenes of Hematick,
on the Ottawa River, by J. H. Haycock.
It should not be forgotten that between the German occupation of
Paris on the one hand and risks of navigation on the other, no transcripts
of documents have been received this year from the National Archives,
Paris, or the Public Record Office, London. The copyists are continuing
their work, but instructions have been given not to send the copies until
the close of the war. Furthermore, a certain number of documents bought
in London will not leave for Canada until after the British victory.
In the course of the year the several divisions covered considerable
technical work. In the Manuscript Division, the calendar of the Prince
Edward Island State Papers has been completed, and that of the Nova
Scotia State Papers is almost finished. Further, work has been started
on the calendar of the extensive Series CnA, which contains the correspondence of the governors and intendants of New France; as well as that of
documents from the Bibliotheque Nationale; and that of the Collection
from the Department of Foreign Affairs. A list has been drawn up of
subjects and names of correspondents in the Laurier Papers; likewise,
one containing the names of those who figure in the Murphy Collection.
Finally, countless documents relating to a score of seigniories were classified
as well as many others relating to the Department of Colonization for the
Province of Quebec. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 ix
The Map Division has continued the work on its catalogue; the
publication of it, however, is postponed indefinitely by the war. The head of
the Division also prepared and supplied a selection of excellent material for a
historical exhibition held at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.
The reader will find under title of each division a summary of the
technical work accomplished by them during the last twelve months.
Just a word, however, about the Military Museum, which is under the
direction of the Dominion Archivist. The classifying of its items has
been completed and the renovation of the building almost finished, so that
probably the official opening of the Museum will take place in the spring of
1941. It is interesting also to note that the officials of the Museum sold
for the benefit of the Government twenty-two tons of steel and eight tons
of brass. This metal, proceeding from the melting down of German guns
captured in the Great War, will now be used to make bombs and guns to
serve the cause of Right and Justice. The officials are now trying to obtain
the authority to sell for the benefit of the Government or the war effort
any war trophies which the municipalities do not want, to keep.
This year the Report has four appendices. The first contains two
pictures of the Queen in the dress she recently presented to Canada.
The second is composed of laws and regulations of the Militia in
force during the French Regime and at the beginning of the English period!
It will be seen here that military service in New France which was started
in 1651 became compulsory for all in 1669. At this date the King ordered
the inhabitants to form Militia companies and go into training, bringing
along their own arms, powder and shot. Further, the inhabitants of city
and country alike were obliged to billet the soldiers free. We may add
that the militiaman was liable for service from 16 to 60 years of age and
received no pay.
The first Militia Act in the English period, dated 1758, was adopted
in the Legislature of Nova Scotia. It decreed that every man, with certain
exceptions, between the ages of 16 and 60 years was subject to military
service on pain of being fined. Each militiaman must also supply his own
gun, powder and shot, or be fined. Finally, he must attend the prescribed
training periods under pain of fine or extra service.
In the Province of Quebec the first Militia Act was the work of the
Legislative Council and the Governor in 1777. It ordained, except in
cases of exemption, every citizen from 20 to 60 years was obliged to serve
in the militia in the parish where he lived, under pain of fine. The militiaman had to attend regular training at fixed times, under pain of fine. In
time of war, the number of men required were drafted from these companies.   Arms and munitions were supplied by the Government.
The third appendix of the Report brings together a collection of
documents portraying a magnificent lesson on patriotism. They show
that from 1798 to 1800, when England abandoned by her allies, fought
alone against the French hegemony which was the result of the Revolution
of 1789, the Canadian provinces at that time organized a compaign of
voluntary subscriptions in order to contribute to Britain's cause. The
Canadians of that period did not subscribe to loans: they offered then-
money simply as a gift to the Mother Country and many of them bound
themselves to repeat the amount each year the war lasted. x PUBLIC ARCHIVES
The example had come from England. In February 1798, London
erected platforms in the Stock Market square and a subscription campaign was opened with speeches. Several public men "spoke upon the
subject of the present state of the country, strongly setting forth the
necessity of opposing vigorous exertions to the inveterate hostility of an
implacable foe, of patriotically supporting by every sacrifice in our power,
the Executive Government in its defence of all that is most dear to us as
Britons and as free men!" (Annual Register for the Year 1798, London,
Rivington, 1799, pp. 13-14.)
King George III opened the subscription with a gift of £20,000
taken from his privy purse and the Queen, for her part, gave.£5,000.
Each member of the Cabinet put his name down for £2,000. From then
on, subscriptions poured in from all over the country and in September
attained a total of £1,514,942, more than $7,000,000.
The news spread to the Colonies and the Canadian provinces in turn
opened subscription lists. Being the first to get word, because of her
maritime situation, Nova Scotia took action as early as April, only two
months after England. The officers of the Halifax garrison set the example,
soon followed by the citizens. Lieutenant-Governor Sir John Wentworth,
and Chief Justice Blowers opened the list of gifts with £200 each, followed
by the Bishop of Nova Scotia, the Rev. John Inglis, who donated £100
annually. Others gave a fifth or even half of their salaries. The humblest
ones also contributed their mite; and a boy, John Longee, gave 1 shilling
and \\ penny.
Next, in June 1798, New Brunswick joined in with remarkable
enthusiasm. Nowhere else, perhaps, did the subscriptions extend so
widely from top to bottom of the social scale. Considering the population,
the subscriptions were remarkably numerous; the amounts ranging from
a maximum of £500 offered by Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Carleton
to a modest florin (48 cents) given by John Soward, a militiaman of
Queen's County.
In October, Prince Edward Island entered into the movement. Heading the subscriptions, Lieutenant-Governor Edmund Fanning offered for
the first year one quarter of his salary, and for the years following, half
of his salary, amounting to £350, about $1,200, a magnificent gesture
under the circumstances. Unfortunately the lists from this province
are still incomplete in spite of our searches.
In May 1799, the Province of Quebec in turn opened subscription
lists. Montreal set the example, soon followed by Three Rivers, Quebec
and Sorel. The subscriptions from Quebec started with those of the
Anglican Bishop of Quebec, Reverend Jacob Mountain, Chief Justice
William Osgoode, and the Receiver General, Henry Caldwell; these high
dignitaries each gave £300. Abbe Plessis, coadjutor and later Bishop of
Quebec, subscribed £25 and fifteen parish priests also signed the subscription list. At Montreal, McTavish, Frobisher and Company subscribed
£1111 and the Seminary of Montreal £500; twenty-five priests also
signed for various amounts.
In Upper Canada, the Legislature presented on June 29, 1799, an
address to the Lieutenant Governor expressing the desire to contribute
her mite towards the military effort of the Mother Country by offering REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 xi
the surplus of her receipts over expenditures for the year. The President
of the Council had estimated this surplus at £500, but he found that when
all the bills were paid it amounted to only £204. In spite of energetic
research work in the Archives of Ottawa and of Toronto, and the newspapers of the time, no trace was found of individual subscription lists.
The lists in this appendix are no doubt rather long, but they seemed
to merit being published in full because they are documentary items,
and because they pay tribute to the patriotism of the subscribers. For,
one must not forget that these citizens of the past did not subscribe to
war bonds, but gave outright to England as a gift the sums for which they
subscribed—a magnificent gesture of complete patriotism.
The last appendix in the Report shows, to quote the old saying, how
"history repeats itself" even when we believe that we are passing new
laws, without precedent. Thus the documents in the fourth appendix
show that in 1798 Great Britain through the agency of Canada lent guns
and shot to the United States, preceding therefore by one hundred and
forty-three years the lease-lend system recommended by President
Roosevelt. In 1798, as we know, there existed between France and the
United States a state of hostilities that historians have called the "naval
quasi-war". This situation arose from the depredations committed by
French ships on American merchant ships from which they seized English
goods. France continued, indeed, by virtue of a decree of May 9, 1793,
to declare lawful prize any enemy merchandise found on board neutral
vessels. In the face of this the President of the United States ordered the
American Navy to capture French armed ships.
It was under these circumstances that President John Adams had a
communication addressed to the English Ambassador, Robert Listen,
suggesting the sale, loan or gift to the United States of certain French
guns which were being stored at Halifax. On being informed of this,
His Royal Highness Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, Commander-in-
Chief of the British Forces in Nova Scotia, consented to lend to the United
States the 24 guns and 1,800 shot provided that the United States would
return them to any place designated by Britain. Should any of the shot
be used, it was agreed that they would be replaced by an equal number of
others. On October 3, 1798, the American Secretary for War signed the
agreement requested, and in November the guns (actually 25 guns and
1876 shot) were consigned to an American warship and transported to
Charleston, South Carolina.
When informed of the facts, King George III decided, in January
1799, to set aside the existing contract and to make a present of the guns
and shot "as evidence of his goodwill towards the United States".
Keeper of Public Records  REPORTS OF DIVISIONS
Transcripts from Canada
Assessment Roll, 1844-1854.
Register of St. Paul's Parish, 1829-46.
Census of Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County, London District,
Upper Canada. "* ^,'TJ
ArchevSche de Montreal: Lettres de Mgr. Bourget, 1863-75.
St. Sulpice Library: Baby Collection, documents divers.
Archives du Quebec:  Re~gistre de la Prev6te, 1742-55.
Seminaire de Quebec: Inventaire des Archives,
Longueuil, Chambre de Justice 1762-63.
Boucherville, Chambre de Justice 1739-47.
Confr6rie des menuisiers, 1657.
Racines Abenaquises.
Territorial Council: Journals, 1926, 1934-39.
Originals, from Government Sources
Department of Agriculture.
Railway rates, Livestock reports, 1897.
Governor General's Office.
Despatches to Secretary of State, 1876-1902.
Letter books, Governor General, 1878-90.
Registers, Military Secretary, 1868-72.
Indexes to Registers, 1877-82.
Indexes (miscellaneous) 1838-71.
Telegraph book (secret), 1880-83.
Originals from Miscellaneous Sources
Papers relating to the Macdonald family of Ganonoque, 1807-79.
Historical notes relating to Glengarry, 1786-1886.
County Court Papers, District of Johnstone, 1800.
Papers relating to Leeds militia (2nd Regiment) 1799-1821. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Documents relating to Chevalier Benoit, Captain in Troops of the
Marine (1715-1776).
Books of the Canadian Patriotic Fund Association, 1914-22.
Documents of Butler-Johnson, 1796-1809.
Diary of Jacob Case, 1837-60.
Ledger of Stephen Conger, Prince Edward County, U.C., 1800-29.
Letter of Sir Arthur Currie, 1917.
Note books of Hudson Bay Expedition, 1902.
Letter of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, 1896.
Diary of Sir Sandford Fleming, 1863.
Letters to Reverend James Geggie, 1833-63.
Papers of E. J. Jarvis, 1783-1847.
Papers of Sandfield Macdonald, 1831-97.
Inquest on Thos. D'Arcy McGee, 1868.
Journals of McTavish, Frobisher & Co., Terrebonne, 1784-1802.
Letters of Wolfred Nelson, 1839.
Documents of Baron de Lahontan, circa 1696.
Papers of Daniel O'Connor, 1829-1867.
Accounts & Letters of L* J. Parrot, 1777-90.
Memoirs of Sir Joseph Pope.
Papers of John Savage, 1820-62.
Papers of W. L. Scott, 1935-38.
Documents of Sicotte Collection, 1716-1819.
Papers of W. M. Southam, 1837-1940.
Memoirs of James Thomson, Quebec, 1759-81.
Letters of Surgeon E. Worthington, Riviere-du-Loup, 1840-41.
Account Books of Hudson's Bay Co., Temiskaming District, 1789-
Tokens from Liard Post, B.C.
Letters from Secretary Pitt to Governors in America, 1758.
Papers of Governor James Murray, 1764-68.
Journal & Letters of the Marquis de Lotbiniere, 1719-64.
List of "Officiers de Marine", 1693.
Commission as Captain to M. Faribault, 14 May 1796.
Grant to R. T. D. Gray, 31 Dec. 1798.
Journal of Colonel William McCoy, 6th Battalion, Halton, 1812-14.
Letter of W. H. Robinson at Plattsburg, 10 Sept. 1814.
Letter of Dudley Baxter to his Father, 1 Jan. 1819.
Commission of L* Ed. Haycock, 1 June 1838.
Report of Committee No. 3. [Relating to the constitution and responsibility of Executive councils in the Colonies, circa 1838.]
Letter from Commander-in-Chief Macomb to the Governor of New
York regarding the service of Robert Huganin, 10 July 1838.
Narrative by Jean Baptiste Brien, 18 Nov. 1838.
Commission of Lord Sydenham as Governor of New Brunswick,
6 Sept. 1840.
Letter from J. P. Winter to D. Daly, Secretary L.C., April, 1841.
Address to A. H. Taylor, Grand Trunk Railway Co., 22 Dec. 1896.
Address to L* Col. W. White, Deputy Postmaster General, 2 Sept.
1897. H REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 xv
Letter from Lady Aberdeen to Mr. Harwood, 6 Aug. 1898.
Letter of King George VI to G.O.C. l8t Canadian Division, 17 Dec.
Autograph of Lescarbot, 1612.    [Photostat.]
During the year ending November 30, 136 requests for information
were received, and 191 students and professional men consulted maps in
the Map Division. Four hundred and two photostat copies and photographic prints of maps were supplied.
Atlases and Geographies
Atlas Arqueologico Republica Mexicana Formado por el Instituto
Nacional de Antropologia e Historia de la Secretaria de Educacion Publica.
Publicacion No. 41. Instituto Panamericano De Geografia E Historia
Mexico.    1939.
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Elgin, Ont. Dedicated
by Special Permission to His Excellency The Earl of Dufferin, K.P.,
K.C.B. Governor General. Compiled, Drawn and Published from Personal
Examinations and Surveys By H. R. Page & Co., Toronto, 1877. Gorrell,
Craig & Co. Lith Toronto. Entered According to the Act of the Parliament
of Canada, in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven,
by H. R. Page in the office of the Minister of Agriculture.
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Perth, Ont. Compiled,
Drawn and Published from Personal Examinations and Surveys By
H. Belden & Co.   Toronto, 1879.
Maps and Plans
Battlefields of the World War. Plates: Eight Maps and Three
Views.    In folder.
Battlefields of the World War. Western and Southern Fronts. A
Study in Military Geography by Douglas Wilson Johnson. American
Geographical Society.   Research Series No. 3.   W. L. G. Joerg, Editor.
Map of Central Europe and Surrounding Areas. Environment and
Conflict in Europe. Eighteen Basic Maps. Copyright 1939 by The
American Geographical Society of New York. Lithographed by A. Hoen
& Co. Inc.   Seventeen Insets.
North America
Carte d'un tres grand Pais Nouvellement decouvert dans L'Amerique
Septentrionale entre le Nouveau Mexique et la Mer Glaciale avec le Cours
du Grand Fleuve. Mesckasipi Dediee a Guiliaume llle Roy de la Grand
Brettagne. Par le R. P. Louis de Hennepin. Mission: Recoil: et Nota
Apost:  Chez G. Broedeget a Utreght. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Architect's Drawings. Restoration of Port Royal Habitation Lower
Granville, N. S. Ground and Upper Floor Plans. Elevations to Court
Yard, Exterior Elevations—Engineering & Construction Service, Surveys
& Engineering Branch. Department of Mines & Resources, Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada, March, 1940.   Blueprints.
Plan of the Officers Barracks at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
11th June 1814. Col: Cor. P. E. Island. Vol. 26, p. 109. (Col. manuscript copy.)
Plans of River St. Lawrence from Montreal to Strait of Belle Isle.
Admiralty Charts.    31 Plans.
Plan of the Town of Sherbrooke, Canada East; As Surveyed for the
British American Land Company, By Joseph Pennoyer, Provincial
Surveyor. The original of this map was made by Joseph Pennoyer and is
dated 1846. John P. Wells, Acting Commissioner British American Land
Company.    (Print.)
Map of Rail Roads, Rivulets, McAdamized and plank Roads in
Ontario. D. W. Greany, Capt. & A. D. C. Captured from the Fenians
at Fort Erie, year A. D. 1866. E. J. O'Neill S.D.P. (Col. Tracing on
Plan of the Rideau Hall Domain leased for the Residence of His
Excellency The Governor General of Canada, Etc. Etc. shewing the
Additions (colored Red) proposed Ottawa City, Octr 31st. 1864. F. P.
Rubidge, Arch*.    (Col. manuscript copy.)
Tremaine's Map of the County of Brant, Canada West. Compiled
and Drawn by Geo. R. Tremaine, from the Surveys of Lewis Burwell,
Esq. P.L.S. Brantford. Published by Geo. C. Tremaine, 1858. Engraved
and Printed by D. & J. Mc Le Pan, 26 Spruce Street, New York. (Col.
Plan and Elevation of an Ordnance Storehouse and Blockhouse erected
at Fort George, Amherstburg and S* Joseph. 1796. Gother Mann, Col1
Command8 R1 Engr Maps 23. b.3.   No. 7.    (Photostat copy.)
Plans of Various Lakes and Rivers Between Lake Huron and the
River Ottawa, To Accompany The Geological Reports of Canada, For
1853-54-55-56. Toronto: Printed by John Lovell, Corner of Yonge and
Melinda Streets, 1857.    (22 pages.)
Plan of the Post on the Island of S* Joseph in Lake Huron. Copied
in the Engineers Drawing Room Quebec by J. B. Duberger in 1800.
Gother Mann, Col1 Command* R1 Engr 3 sections. Maps 23 b.3. N° 15.
(Photostat copy.) REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 xvii
National Topographic Series, Prepared by The Geographical Section
of the General Staff and Published by the Department
of National Defence
of Nova Scotia, Louisbourg.
of Quebec, Beauceville.
of Quebec, St. Joseph,
of Quebec, Ste. Justine,
of Ontario, Merrickville.
of Ontario, Lake Simcoe.
of Quebec, Montreal,
of Ontario, St. Thomas,
of Ontario, Wallaceburg.
of Ontario, Kitchener.
Sheet 11 G/13
'    21 L/2
i    21 L/7
'    21 L/8
'   31 B/13
|   31 D
'   31 H
'    40 I
1    40 J/9
'   40 P
Sheet 11 K/N.E.
Topographical Maps Compiled, Drawn, and Printed at the Office of
the Surveyor General, Ottawa, and Received from Hydrographic
and Map Service, Department of Mines and Resources
National Topographic Series
Province of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Highlands
Province of Quebec, Mingan—Cape Whittle.
Province of Quebec, Anticosti Island.
Province of New Brunswick, Saint John.
Province of Ontario, Renfrew.
Provinces of Ontario-Quebec, Toronto-Ottawa.
Province of Ontario, Windsor.
Province of Ontario, Hearst-Cochrane.
Province   of  Saskatchewan-Manitoba,   Broadview-
Province of Saskatchewan, Moosejaw-Watrous.
Province of Alberta-Saskatchewan, Hanna-Kinder-
Province of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon-Prince Albert.
Provinces of Alberta-Saskatchewan, Wainwright-
Provinces of Alberta-British Columbia, Banff-
Province of Alberta, Red Deer-Edmonton.
21 G/S.E.
31 E/7
40 J 13-6
42 S.E.
82 N/E
General Maps
Clarke City-Mingan, Quebec. Canada Department of Mines and
Resources, Surveys and Engineering Branch, Hydrographic and Map
Service. Compiled, drawn and printed at the Hydrographic and Map
Service, Ottawa, 1939.    Col. litho.
Topographical Map of Indian Head-Brandon, Saskatchewan-Manitoba.
Canada Department of Mines and Resources, Surveys and Engineering
Branch, Hydrographic and Map Service. Compiled, drawn and printed at
the Hydrographic and Map Service, Labelle Bldg., Ottawa, 1939. Col.
Topographical Map of Brandon-Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada
Department of Mines and Resources, Surveys and Engineering Branch,
Hydrographic and Map Service. Compiled, drawn and printed at the
Hydrographic and Map Service, Labelle Bldg., Ottawa, 1939.   Col. litho.
Topographical Map of Swift Current-Regina. Saskatchewan. Canada
Department of Mines and Resources. Surveys and Engineering Branch,
Hydrographic and Map Service. Compiled, drawn and printed at the
Hydrographic and Map Service, Ottawa, 1939.   Col. litho.
Topographical Map of Plan of Yellowknife Settlement, Northwest
Territories. Scale 160 feet to an inch. Completed from official Surveys
by R. W. Clark, D.L.S. September 16th, 1938. C. A. R. Lawrence,
D.L.S., August 8th, 1939. Compiled, drawn and printed in the Surveyor
General's Office at Ottawa.    Litho.   .
Topographical Map of Northwest Territories and Yukon. Canada
Department of Mines and Resources, Surveys and Engineering Branch,
Hydrographic and Map Service. 1939. Compiled, drawn and printed
at the Hydrographic and Map Service, Labelle Bldg., Ottawa, 1939.
Col. litho.
In addition to the above, eight topographical maps of townships in
the Province of Alberta and six in the Province of Saskatchewan were
received from Hydrographic and Map Service, Department of Mines and
I. Research
Number of investigations completed:  150.
In addition, much time has been taken in giving information and help
to research workers who visited the Division.
II. Paintings, Drawings and Prints
Pictures received:  300.
Illustrated volumes and albums received:  5.
Pictures catalogued:  2,448.
Over 55,000 pictures have now been catalogued.
Work is in progress on an abridged catalogue of portraits. This
special cataloguing work is not included in the above enumeration.
III. Photographs and Photostats
Photograph negatives prepared and indexed:   102.
Photostat negatives prepared and indexed: 204.
Photograph prints supplied: 210.
Photostat prints supplied:  292.
IV. Lantern Slides
Lantern slides loaned: 242.
During the year, the Division furnished material and information
to several Federal and Provincial departments. Assistance was also given
to students and historians by answering many questions on the political,
economic, military, artistic and industrial history of the country, and by
supplying genealogical information and biographies. The number of
requests for information rose this year to nine hundred and twentv-five
The classifying of the pay lists of the active militia cavalry for the
years 1867 to 1914 has been completed; that of the artillery for the same
period is continuing.
Military files (1914-1918) lent out  804
"          "           in circulation  929
I "   prepared and transferred to the Department of
National Defence  23,730
The Division finished indexing the paylists of the thirty-one regiments
of American Loyalists who served during the American War of Independence; a task that has taken several years. The names of 61,692 officers
and men and their regiments were copied. An initial classification has
been made and the slips are now being typewritten.
A calendar of the transcripts, now in the Archives, of Fonds frangais,
from the Bibliotheque Nationale is being prepared; Volumes 3722 to 8027
have already been calendared.
The indexing of the French and English calendars of the Quebec
Series, Lower Canada has been continued and 30,125 slips have been
added.   This work now covers the period from 1760 to 1835 inclusive.
Started last year, the copying of the notes on Acadian genealogy made
by Placide Gaudet has been finished, and the copies bound in ten volumes
averaging 250 pages each. These notes are frequently consulted by
Acadian genealogists. More than 52,000 birth, marriage and death notices,
copied from 108 parochial registers by Mr. Gaudet have been arranged
according to parish. These are now being typed so that they can be put in
alphabetical order and then incorporated into our Acadian genealogies.
This is an arduous task because they are all mixed up, the abbreviations
are not standard, and the manuscripts are hard to decipher.
Twenty-eight volumes of manuscripts of Series S, Office of the
Governors' Secretary, have been prepared for binding. To facilitate
research in the subdivisions of this series, an index and a summary catalogue
have been drawn up giving the necessary information.
During the year, the Division prepared and edited the Archives
Report for 1940 in French and English, which includes the translating of
the French and English texts into the other official language.
A" special publication entitled New Documents by Lahontan concerning
Canada and Newfoundland, after the translation of the documents from
French to English, was also published under the direction of this Division. xx PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Judging by the requests which poured into the Department, the publication of these new documents presented to the Archives by Lady Oakes
aroused considerable interest; they contain valuable information on the
state of affairs in Canada and Newfoundland towards the close of the
XVIIth century.
The Division, this year, took an inventory of all Reports and Publications, and as a result it is known exactly which ones are scarce or out
of print and which are still available for free distribution when the category
of the applicant justifies it.
The impact of the War has been felt in greater degree during 1940
in the demands made upon the Department in general. Much of the work
of the Library Division has been related to inquiries bearing upon the
history of military operations in which Canada was concerned.
The present conflict probably has been responsible for the revival of
study of the system of Military Service which has obtained in Canada,
beginning with the first Militia laws enacted by the Legislatures of the
original Provinces.
The gallant part played by young Canadian sailors in the war at sea
seems to have stimulated widespread interest in the history of naval
affairs and naval operations in relation to Canada especially since 1910.
It is significant of this renewal of interest that studies relating to the
origins and development of a national naval policy as finally embodied in
the organization and operation of the Royal Canadian Navy are in progress.
As a result of the war, the division is collecting, not only the relevant
State papers and blue books, but also all incidental pamphlets, war
propaganda and publications related to some aspect of the present conflict
in the political, social and economic, as well as the military fields! It is
planned also to compile such unofficial records as battalion and camp
journals, edited and issued by members of units themselves, which may be
of particular value as reflecting the spirit and temper of Canadian youth
in training for war and defence. Posters relating to war activities are
also collected as far as possible.
Memoranda, photostats and bibliographical services were supplied
as usual in response to inquiries from governmental departments and
private sources. The Library was able to furnish information immediately
required at the initiation of the National War Services Measure. Extensive
use continued to be made of the facilities of the Library and the services
of the staff in the prosecution of researches.
Among the gifts received were 8 volumes of Naval Documents related
to the United States Wars with the Barbary Powers, 1785-1801 and to the
Quasi-War between the United States and France 1797-1801, presented
by the Library of Congress, and 259 volumes of the Publications of the
Historical Records Survey Projects of the Federal Works Agency,
Washington, D.C.
During the year 1940, the numismatic section answered both verbally
and in writing numerous enquiries concerning medals and coins, and added
several interesting specimens to its collection. A display of civil and military
medals pertaining chiefly to the reigns of Queen Victoria and King Edward
VII was exhibited in the Minto Room of the Archives.
Several recordings of historical interest were acquired during the
year by the phonographic section. One of these records contains a brief
address by Sir Wm. Mulock on the "Penny postage", and others deal
with the present war.
The cinematographic section obtained projection apparatus and
other technical equipment. Thirteen films offered by the Canadian Motion
Picture Bureau were received, examined and classified; and more than
five thousand feet of film containing Canadian current events between
1918 and 1930, bought from American firms were indexed scene by scene,
and classified.
In spite of the war and the decrease in tourists, about five thousand
people visited our exhibition rooms.
Two displays of documents, maps and pictures brought to light two
little-known explorers, namely, Joseph Lafrance and Robert Campbell.
Photographs of members of the family of the Earl of Athlone, the present
Governor General, formed an interesting exhibition which must be mentioned. The museum increased its collection by several historic items, the
most noteworthy probably being the Speaker's Chair used by Louis Joseph
Papineau when he was Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Lower
As in the past, the restoration section did excellent work in cleaning,
repairing and restoring throughout the extensive collection of sculptures,
paintings and engravings which fills our showrooms.
Despite a reduction in staff, the bindery bound 591 volumes and made
the necessary repairs to the manuscripts, maps and prints which were
put in hand. In addition, 800 tag filing folders were made and 226 maps
were mounted.
The photographic section produced 8,952 photocopies and photographs during the year.
It is fitting to note that in September last, the head of the Division,
Major Pierre Brunet, left the Archives for the duration of the war to
serve with the Canadian Active Army.
For the gifts received in the course of the year, as well as for records
transferred from departments of the Federal Government, the Public
Archives wishes to express its sincere thanks.
Manuscript Division
Ashworth, J. P.: Letter by W. H. Robinson, dated Chazey, September 10,
Bell,  Miss Alice:   Nine original land papers relating to John Savage,
ensign, 1836-62.
Burgess, J. O.: Photostat copy of account book of fur trappers in Temis-
caming District.
Ewart,  T.  Seaton:   Correspondence  between  Sir Wilfrid  Laurier  and
John S. Ewart, 1896.
Geggie, Dr. H. J. G.: Letters to Reverend James Geggie, 1833-1863.
Mercier, Raoul:  Documents relating to the inquest of D'Arcy McGee.
Oakes, Lady: Lahontan manuscripts and material.
Seahorn, Dr.:  The Case Diary.   Written by Jacob Case.
Stanley, G. S. G.:  The Memorial and Petition of the people of Rupert's
Land and North West Territory, British America, to His Excellency
U. S. Grant.
Strange, Colonel A. P. (D.S.O.):   Photostat copy of Commission issued
to A. Bartholomi Faribault, as a Captain of Militia, 1757.
Wainwright, Captain E. P.:  Two photostat copies of the history of the
Princess Louise Fusiliers, C.A.S.F.
Webster, Dr. J. C:   The  Vanity Fair Album.    By John Junior.    Vol.
XLII, 1910.
White, Colonel E. F. G.: Addresses presented to Lt.-Col. William White,
1897, and to Alexander Harvey Taylor, 1896.
Worthington, Colonel E. B.: Nine letters of Military Surgeon E. Worthing-
ton, Riviere du Loup, 1840-41.
Print Division
Brunet, P.:  Photographs of the International Commission Quebec, 1898;
Dominion Cabinet Liberal Members of the House of Commons.
Curry, F. C:   Photographs of Bridge on Chimney Island,  1895;   two
views of Brockville, 1853 and early sixties.
D6sy, Jean:   Photographs of Fort Chambly;   Scene from the summit of
Montmorenci; Monument of Wolfe and Montcalm, Quebec;   City of
Evans, Miss Frances:  Photograph of old Fort Garry.
Leveille, E. C.: Twenty-three posters from the Wembley Exhibitions.
Livinson, A. J.: Print of a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.
Matthews, Ma/or J. S.: Photograph of Queen Elizabeth and Dr. Telford.
By Arthur E. French, Seattle, Washington, May 29, 1939.
Motion Picture Bureau: Photographs of First affixing of the Great Seal of
Canada and  officials  present,  January  25,   1940;   photographs  of
Their Majesties;    Buick, Lincoln and Chrysler cars used during the
royal tour; Wreath placed on the National War  Memorial by His
Majesty. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 xxiii
Oesterreich, Gerard: Two photographs of the uniforms of the de Watteville
Regiment in British service.
Parrock, Mrs. R. A.:  Colour print of the St. Louis Gate, old Quebec.
Putnam, G. G.: Snapshot of Their Majesties, Royal Interest.
Richardson, J.: Photographs of old Court House (now the Armoury)
Sherbrooke, P.Q.; Bridge over the St. Francis River, Sherbrooke,
P.Q.;  Bridge over the Magog River, Sherbrooke, P.Q.
Smeeton, Mrs. S. P.:  Print of Kingston, Ontario.   (Undated.)
Index Division
d'Entremont, H. Leander: Historical Genealogy of Acadian Families of
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.   By the donor.   [Newspaper clippings.]
Division of Technical Service.
Boston, Miss M.  M.:   Collection of coins:   silver coin, Mexico,  1883;
5 centimes, Belgium, 1895; two silver Netherlands coins; silver coin,
1887; one brass or copper coin (mutilated).
Foran, Mrs. T. P.:   Benitier found in the ruins of the Jesuit monastery
at Quebec.
Map Division
Bartram, V. C: Carte d'un tres grand Pais Nouvellement decouvert
dans l'Amerique Septentrionale, .... Par le R. P. Louis de
Hennepin. [This map was the property of the Duke of Richmond
when Governor General of Canada.]
Wells, John P.: Plan of the Town of Sherbrooke, Canada East, As surveyed
for the British American Land Company, by Joseph Pennoyer,
Provincial Surveyor (1846).  APPENDIX I
TO CANADA     Signed Photograph of the Queen
which she sent with
the dress.   APPENDIX II
Order from Monsieur D'Ailleboust, Governor, to Pierre Boucher,
Captain of the Inhabitants of Trois-Rivieres
[June 6, 1651]1
He will see that drill takes place as often as possible whether it be
target practice or otherwise and will take care to see that each one keeps
his arms in good condition and well charged with ball and shot.
For this purpose he will sometimes visit the houses in order to see
that no one parts with his arms without the express leave of the Governor.
He will often warn those who go to work to be on their guard; particularly will he see that their arms are well loaded and not to fire on roofs,
which he will forbid on my order.
The palisade and the two redoubts finished, he will divide the town
(forces) in three squads or four if there are enough men, one of which
shall mount guard every evening in the redoubt which looks out on the
fields; in the guard there will always be one person who will watch, and
he who as a sentinal will circle the inside of the palisade and will often
keep his ear alert so as not to let himself be surprised from without by the
enemy, nor by fire which may take hold by accident, in some house.
He will do his best to hasten the palisade and will take note of the
days (work) given by whom, at what, and how many.
If there are any who are refractory to authority or who miss guard
duties he will sentence them to such fine as he will judge proper, or if
there is any refusal to obey he will make his report of it to the Governor
for punishment. Done and sent to the fort at Three Rivers, this sixth
of June one thousand six hundred and fifty-one.
For the Governor.
ison, Montreal, Chapleau, 1878, pp. 373-4. 8 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Letter from the King to Monsieur de Courselles commanding him
to divide the inhabitants of Canada into companies of militia1
Paris, April 3, 1669.
Monsieur de Courselles, you will see by the decree of my council
which will be presented by my attorney general to the sovereign council
of New France my intentions which I have deemed necessary to make in
order to favour marriages and to make a grant to those of my subjects
inhabiting the said country who may have to the number of ten or twelve
children; and to maintain the said country it is not only necessary to
think of populating it well, but also to make the said inhabitants expert
in the handling of arms and military discipline. I write you these lines
to tell you that our intention is that you divide all my subjects inhabiting
the said country into companies, having regard to their proximity, that
after having thus divided them you will appoint captains, lieutenants
and subalterns to command them. In cases where those who compose
the said companies can be easily assembled and return home in one day,
you will give the order that they assemble once a month to drill in the
handling of arms; and in cases where they are too scattered you will
subdivide the companies into squads of 40 to 50 men, and you will make
them drill once a month, the same as is stated above, and as regards the
complete companies you will make them assemble once or twice a year.
You will take care that they are all well armed and have always the
powder, ball and tinder necessary to enable them to use their arms at all
You will often visit the squads and companies and make them do
their drill in your presence.
If at all possible you should muster once a year the greatest number
of the said inhabitants who can be found, to make them drill likewise as
a corps, seeing, however, that they do not have too far to come, leaving it
to your judgment to assemble only those who can do it and return home
in two days time, in order that more time is not lost, which should be
devoted to their business or the cultivation of their lands. I leave it also
to your judgment to determine if it would not be advantageous to the
welfare of my service and to the growth of the colony to gather together
every two or three years as many as twelve hundred well-armed men and
march into the country of the Iroquois and other savage nations so that
they may always know the strength of our arms and confine themselves
within the limits of duty and obedience which they owe to me.
Further, I desire that you redouble your efforts and application
towards the growth of the colony, for this purpose you should visit the
inhabitants often, find out their needs, urge them to work and to cultivate
the land, to encourage them in sea trade and particularly that trade which
can be carried on with the Islands of America which are under my authority,
> and trusting that you will give me in this the tokens of your zeal for the
welfare of my service, I will keep you no longer for the present. Praying
God that he will keep you Mr. de Courcelles in his Holy care.
Written at Paris, April 3, 1669.
(Signed) LOUIS
and lower down
s, Archives des Colonii
. C"A, Vol. 3, pp. 3-5. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Ordinance of Governor De la Barre on the Subject of Arms
October 24, 16821
Sieur Lefebvre de la Barre, Seignior of the said place, King's Councillor
in His Councils, Governor and His Lieutentant general of all the lands in
New France and Acadia.
The King, desiring for reasons important to his service and for the
maintenance and growth of this colony, that all inhabitants of this country
able-bodied and capable of bearing arms are sufficiently provided with
them, we command to all the inhabitants of this government who are not
furnished with guns and fire-arms in their homes, for any reason whatsoever, who are capable of bearing arms to provide themselves with them
this winter on pain of being fined in the spring if they are still found without
them. And in order to give them the means to be able to buy them, we
command Mr. Aubert de la Chesnaye, merchant of Quebec, to sell arms
to them and take in payment good genuine wheat at the rate of fifty sous
the bushel at least and in salt pork at the regular price; and to Mr. Le
Bert, merchant of Montreal, to do likewise. Done at Quebec this twenty-
fourth of October 1682.
For my said Lord
s, Collection Judia 10 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Ordinance of Monsieur de la Jonquiere regulating the question of
housing the troops in the garrisons of the colony,
September 9, 17513
The Marquis de la Jonquiere commander of the Royal and military
order of St. Louis, chief of the squadron of naval armies, Governor and
Lieutenant General for the King for all New France, lands and country
of Louisiana. The difficulties which have occurred until now in the matter
of the housing of the troops of this colony in the various garrisons having
given cause for much dispute by the false application which has been made
of the ordinances of the King contained in the military code (Briquet),
we to stop all these difficulties and facilitate the operations inseparable
from the said housing and make them suspendible with regard to the
service of this colony, we have commanded and command the following:—
Article 1
When troops arrive in Montreal and in Three Rivers to relieve those
who are in garrison there, the captains will have the muster-roll of the
soldiers of their companies transmitted by us and for us to the Lieutenant-
General of Police who will at once provide for their housing in the proximity
of the house of their captain, in so far as circumstances may permit, and
will have these billets transmitted to the captain who will distribute them
to the soldiers.
Article 2
The service troops who are sent to the said two places will also be
lodged as soon as they arrive and for this purpose the major will transmit
the list to the Lieu tenant-General, and after the said soldiers have been
incorporated, the captains of the companies in which they are placed will
transmit to him in like manner a new roll.
Article 3
The major will make likewise for the Lieu tenant-General of Police
the list of detached soldiers who coming and going will call at their place,
so that he can provide for their lodging.
He will also transmit to him the list of soldiers who become detached
from his garrison so that he may know that the billets they had occupied
are vacant.
Article 5
If among the number of the said soldiers it happens that there are
artisans and they are placed to work in a private home, it will be posted
on their rolls in order that the Lieutenant-General may assign the lodging
of each soldier to the house where he is working. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 U
Article 6
The major will also transmit to the Lieutenant-General of Police a
muster-roll of the garrison company by company containing also the names
and surnames of the soldiers and of the inhabitants with whom they are
lodged. This muster-roll must be made for two reasons, the first, so that
the Judge of Police can through it verify the individual rolls of each
captain; the second, so that the said Judge will be in a position to replace
the soldiers who have the permission of their captains to go and work on
the harvest with others who may come back.
Article 7
The major will require the captains to transmit to the Lieutenant-
General of Police the names of deceased soldiers, deserters or those discharged from their company, as well as those of the inhabitants with
whom they were lodged, so that they can fill the vacant billet with the
first soldier who arrives or who is attached to their company.
Article 8
After the captains have distributed the lodging billets conjointly or
individually to the soldiers of their company they will not be able to change
their lodging to take them from one house to another, even at the demand
of the inhabitants, without consulting the Lieutenant of Police, who will
not oppose it if the case calls for it.
Article 9
If the soldiers complain to the major of the place or to their captain
that the inhabitants with whom they are lodged do not furnish them with
the necessities as prescribed by the ordinances of the King, or if the
inhabitants maltreat them, they will notify the Lieutenant-General of
Police of it, so that he may punish the said inhabitants. If on the contrary
the said inhabitants complain that the soldiers lodged with them insult
them, or do not show them the respect due to a host, they will be able to
carry their complaints to the major of the place or to their captain who
will give them the justice due to them, but if the inhabitants have been
robbed or beaten by the said soldiers, they will be delivered to Justice and
their case prosecuted and defended according to the ordinances of the King.
Article 10
With regard to other cases which might come up and which we can
not anticipate, we command the majors, captains and lieutenant-generals
of Police to conform to the military code (Briquet).
We order the separate governors and lieutenants of the King each one
to keep a firm hand on that which concerns him in the execution of our
present ordinance and to notify us of any violation of it. In witness
whereof we have signed, caused to affix the seal of our arms, and countersigned by our chief secretary. Done at Quebec, the ninth of September,
one thousand seven hundred and fifty, has signed: Lajonquiere, by Mon-
seigneur Saint Sauveur.
An ACT for Eftablifhing and Regulating a MILITIA1
Preamble. Whereas  by  His  Majefty's  Royal  Inftructions  to  his
Excellency the Governor of this Province, he is directed to caufe
a Militia to be eftablifhed as foon as poffible: And Whereas
the Security and Prefervation of this Province greatly depends
upon the faid Militia being put into Methods, and under fuch
Rules as may make the fame moft ufeful for the Support and
Defence thereof, and that the Inhabitants fhould be well armed
and trained up in the Art Military, as well for the Honour and
Service of His moft Sacred Majefty, and the Security of this
His Province, againft any Violence or Invafion whatfoever, as
for the prefervation of their own Lives and Fortunes, and that
every Perfon may know his Duty herein, and be obliged to
perform the fame: Be it Enacted by His Excellency the
Governor, Council, and Affembly, and by the Authority of the
Perfons liable fame it is hereby Enacted, That from and after the firft Day of
to Train. December, 1758, All Male Perfons, Planters, and Inhabitants
and their Servants, between the Ages of Sixteen and Sixty,
refiding in and belonging to this Province, fhall bear Arms and
duly attend all Mufters and military Exercifes of their refpective
Companies where they fhall be inlifted or belong, allowing
Three Months Time to every Son after coming to Sixteen Years
of Age, and every Servant fo long after his Time is out, to
provide themfelves with Arms and Ammunition,
cierk to take II. And  the  Clerk  of each   Company,   once  a  Quarter
Company* e   Yearly, fhall take an exact Lift of all Perfons living within the
Quarter. Precincts of fuch Company, and prefent the fame to the Captain
or chief Officer, on Pain of forfeiting Forty Shillings for each
Default, to be paid to the Captain or chief Officer to the Ufe of
the Company, and in Cafe of Non Payment, to be levied by
Diftrefs and Sale of the Offenders Goods, by Virtue of a Warrant
from the Captain or chief Officer, who is hereby impowered to
grant the fame.
Perfons to III. That every Perfon inlifted in any Company, fhall fo
whe?e iSSted, continue and attend all Duty in fuch Company, or otherwife
fuffer the Penalty by Law provided, until orderly difmiffed
or removed out of the Town or Precinct of fuch Company, and
in Cafe of Removal into the Precinct of another Company in
the fame Town, to produce a Certificate under the Hand of the
Captain or chief Officer of the Precinct whereunto he is removed,
that he is inlifted there.
on^fuchas03' IV" If any Perfon liable to be inlifted as aforefaid, do
^"attempt   exempt himfelf by fhifting from Houfe to Houfe, or Place to
Suiting. Place, to avoid being fo inlifted, he fhall pay as a Fine for
every fuch Offence, to the Ufe of the Company to which he
properly belongs, Ten Shillings, being thereof convicted before REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 |
any one of His Majefty's juftices of the Peace for the County
wherein the Offence fhall be committed.
V. That every Militia inlifted Soldier and other Houfe- Militia
holder refiding as aforefaid,  fhall be always provided withtobfSiSS
proper and fufficient Fire Arms, confifting of a Mufket, Gun,
or Fuzil, not lefs than Three Feet long in the Barrel, two fpare
Flints, and Twelve Charges of Powder and Ball fuitable to
their refpective Fire Arms, and to the Satisfaction of the Com-
miffion Officers of the Company to which he belongs, on Penalty
of Forty Shillings, for want of fuch Arms as is hereby required,
and Two Shillings for each other defective Appurtenant; and
the like Sum for every Four Weeks he fhall fo remain unprovided
or deficient: The Fine to be paid by Parents for their Sons under
Age and under their Command, and by Mafters or Heads of
Families for their Domefticks or Servants, other than Servants
upon Wages; to be levied on the Goods and Chattels of the
Offender or Offenders, their Parents or Mafters, by Warrant
under the Hand and Seal of one or more of His Majefty's
Juftices of the Peace for the County wherein the Offence fhall
be committed, and for want of fufficient Diftrefs, fuch Offender
or Offenders to fuffer One Month Imprifonment and hard
VI. That Regimental Mufters fhall be made one in every Regimental
Six Months, or as often as fhall be required by the Governor or Training rf
Commander in Chief of this Province for the Time being, and c^p*"1163-
every Captain or Chief Officer of any Company or Regiment,
fhall be obliged, on Penalty of Five Pounds, to draw forth his
Company, or caufe them to be drawn forth, once every Three
Months and no more, to exercife them in Motions, the Ufe of
Arms, and mooting at Marks, or other military Exercifes,
which every Perfon liable to be trained, having Three Days
Notice thereof, and not appearing and attending the fame,
fhall, for each Day's Neglect, pay a Fine of Five Shillings.
VII. That the Commiffion Officers of any Company, or Power of
  ,   . ,        , . j .n .       Comiffion
the major Part of them, may order the correcting and pumihing officers.
Diforders and Contempt on a Training Day, or on a Watch;
the Punifhment not being greater than Commitment to hard
Labour, not exceeding Forty Eight Hours, or Five Shillings
VIII. That there be military Watches appointed and keptMUtajy
at fuch Times, in fuch Places, in fuch Numbers, and under fuch
Regulations, as the Governor or Commander in Chief of this
Province for the Time being fhall appoint; and that all Perfons
able of Body, and that are of Age, fhall by themfelves, or fome
proper Perfon in their Stead, to the Satisfaction of the Commanding Officer of the Watch, attend the fame, on Penalty
of Ten Shillings for each Defect, there having been due Warning
for IX. Every Militia Soldier or other Perfon liable by Law,
aiding refuting or neglecting to attend military Exercifes on Training
s Days, or military Watches, that fhall not pay or have any
Eftate to be found whereon to levy the Fine, it fhall be in the
Power of the Captain or chief Officers of fuch Company, on
the next Training Day after fuch Neglect, (he not having
fatisfied the Clerk) to punifh him for fuch Offence by Commitment to hard Labour, not exceeding Five Days; and if fuch a
Delinquent fhall abfent himfelf the Second Day, without giving
fufficient Reafon to the Captain or chief Officer for fuch Abfence,
it fhall be in the Power of the chief Officer of the Company to
direct a Warrant to any of the Conftables of the Town wherein
the faid Offence fhall be committed, requiring him to apprehend
fuch Delinquent, and bring him into the Field, that he may be
punifhed as by this Law is provided; and all Conftables are
hereby required to execute fuch Warrants accordingly.
X. That the Perfons hereafter named be exempted from all
2d from Trainings,  except  fuch  as  fhall  receive  Commiffions in  the
Militia,  viz.    The  Members  of  His  Majefty's  Council,  the
Members of the Affembly for the Time being, the Chief Juftice,
and other Judges of Courts, Juftices of the Peace, Attorney
General, Treafurer of the Province, Regifter of the Province,
Chief Surveyor of Lands, Naval Officer, and his Deputy or
Clerk, the Secretary, Minifters, Provoft Marfhal, Field Officers,
the Collector and Surveyor of His Majefty's Cuftoms, and the
Waiter, conftant Ferry Men, one Miller to each Grift Mill,
conftant Herdfmen, and lame Perfons or otherwife difabled in
Body, producing a Certificate thereof from two able Chirurgeons.
™f XL That the Members of His Majefty's Council be, and
a and   hereby are exempted from military Watches and Warding.
ffion XII. That the Captain and Commiffion Officers of each
; °       Company fhall, and are hereby fully impowered, to nominate
!js;uld   and appoint proper Perfons to ferve as Serjeants and Corporals
in their refpective Companies, and to difplace them and appoint
others in their Room, as they fhall fee Occafion.
f Arms XIII. That twice every Year, or oftner if required, every
Year.   Captain or chief Officer of each Company, fhall give Order for
a diligent Enquiry into the State of his Company, and for taking
an exact Lift of the Names of his Soldiers, and other Inhabitants
within the Limits of his Company, and of the Defects of Arms
or otherwife, and Names of the defective Perfons, that they
may be prof ecu ted as the Law hath provided, and that fuch
Care may be taken as is proper to remedy the fame.
tobuV XIV- That yj any Person who is by Law obliged to provide
maybe Arms and Ammunition,  cannot purchafe the fame by fuch
Means as he hath, if he bring to the Clerk of the Company the
full Value thereof, according to the Appraifement of the Clerk
and two other Perfons mutually chofen, he thereupon fhall be
excufed from the Penalties for want of Arms and Ammunition,
until he can be provided, which the faid Clerk fhall provide as REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 IS
foon as may be, by Sale of fuch Goods, and render the Overplus,
if any be, but the Party fhall notwithstanding give his perfonal
Attendance upon all Occaftions as other Militia Soldiers, until
he be fupplied, and at fuch Times fhall perform any proper
Service he may be put upon by the Captain or chief Officer of
the Company he belongs to: But if the Perfon be adjudged
unable to buy Arms, or to lay down the Value propofed, if he
be a fingle Man, he fhall be put out to Service by any two of
His Majefty's Juftices of the Peace, to earn wherewith to buy
Arms and Ammunition.
XV. That fuch proper Perfon as by the Commiffion Officers Penalty 40s.
of any Company fhall be appointed Clerk, and fhall refufe to f^af cferk.
ferve, fhall pay Forty Shillings Fine, and another be chofen in
his Room, and fo until one do accept; which Perfon fhall be
under Oath for the faithful Difcharge of his Office, to be ad-
miniftred unto him by a Juftice of the Peace of the County, in
the Words following.
You do fwear truly to perform the Office of Clerk of the clerk's Oath.
military Company under the Command of A. B. Captain, to
the utmoft of your Skill and Power, in all Things appertaining
to your Office, according to Law.
So help you GOD.
XVI. And  for every  Diftraint made for any  Fine  not His Allowance,
exceeding Forty Shillings, he fhall have one Quarter Part for
his Pains and Trouble, and for fuch Fines he may diftrain
ex officio, and in fuch Diftrefs fhall obferve fuch Rules as the
Law hath provided in other Cafes; and upon Ten Days Notice
fhall account with and pay the Captain or chief Officer what
Fines he hath received, his own Part being deducted.
XVII. The   chief  military  Officer  of   the   Regiment,   asMeetmgrf
often as he fhall fee caufe, fhall require the Captain or chief officers of the
Officer of each Company in his Regiment, to meet at fuch
Time and Place as he fhall appoint, and there with them to
confer, and give in Charge fuch Orders as fhall by them, or the
major Part of them, be judged meet for the better ordering and
fettling their feveral Companies, and for the better promoting
military Difcipline amongft them; and the chief Officer is
hereby impowered by his Warrant, directed to any Clerk or
Officer of his Regiment, to fummon or caufe to be brought
before them any Offender againft this Act; and according
to Law to hear and determine all Matters proper for their their Power.
Cognizance, and to give Sentence, and to grant Mittimus or
Warrants of Diftrefs to the Clerk of the Company where the
Offence is committed; for executing which Warrant, if above
Forty Shillings, he fhall have Ten Shillings out of the fame for
his Pains and Trouble therein, and no more.
XVIII. That no Clerk ex officio make Diftraint for anyci^otto
Fine until Six Days after the Offence committed, that fo the officio,^ ^
Party may have Opportunity to make Excufe, if any he hath,afgrthe
why he fhould not pay the Fine, and every Clerk that neglects committed. 16 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
or refufes to account or make Payments as by this Law is
provided, he, by a Warrant from the chief Officer of the Company, directed to the Conftable, may be diftrained on for fo
much as he hath or fhould have collected or diftrained for.
Penalty £5. on XIX. That all Officers yield Obedience to the Warrants
dtfM&ng or Commands of their Superior Officers, on Penalty of Five
0fficeS!peri°r Pounds, to be heard and determined at the next Meeting of the
chief Officers and Captains of the Regiment, and the Fine to
be taken by Diftrefs and Sale of the Offender's Goods, (returning
the Overplus if any be) by Warrant from the chief Officer of
the Regiment, directed to the Clerk of the Company to which
fuch Offender belongs, and to be applied to the Ufe and Benefit
of fuch Company as the Officers fo met fhall agree, their Ex-
pences being firft defrayed out of the fame, not exceeding
Twenty Shillings.
Alarm, how to XX. That an Alarm at the Citadel in the Town of Halifax,
e ma e' being made upon fuch Caufes as are agreable to Inftructions
to be given by the Governor or Commander in Chief for the
Time being, to the Officer commanding at the faid Citadel, fhall
be by firing a Beacon at the Summit of the Citadel Hill, or fuch
other Place as the Governor or Commander in Chief for the
Time being fhall hereafter appoint, and by firing four Guns
at the Parade in the Town of Halifax, or at fuch other Place
as the Governor or Commander in Chief for the Time being
fhall appoint, diftinctly one after the other, and alfo by firing
four Guns at George's Ifland, diftinctly one after the other,
and at the Diftance of Five Minutes after the Firing the Four
firft mentioned Guns at the Parade, or fuch other Place as
aforefaid, all Perfons being called up to Arm, upon which all
the trained Officers, Soldiers, and others capable to bear Arms,
that are then refident in the faid Town, Suburbs, or Peninfula
of Halifax, in Cafe the Alarm fhould be made, fhall forthwith
appear compleat with their Arms and Ammunition according to
Law, at fuch Place or Places of Rendezvous as may, from Time
to Time, be appointed by the Governor or Commander in Chief
for the Time being, there to attend fuch Commands as fhall be
Penalty 5/. not given for His Majefty's Service, and that on the Penalty of
aSPAtof.uponFive Pounds, or Three Months Imprifonment. The Members
of His Majefty's Council, Juftices, and Provoft Marfhal, to
attend upon His Excellency the Governor, if at Halifax, and
in other Places to appear and advife with the chief Military
Officers of the Place where fuch Alarm fhall be made, and to be
affifting in His Majefty's Service according to their Quality.
And if any Perfon fhall wilfully make any falfe Alarm he fhall
be fined to His Majefty Fifty Pounds, for Support of the Government, or fuffer Twelve Months Imprifonment. And all Alarms
in other Parts of the Province, to be according to Inftructions
given by the Governor or Commander in Chief for the Time
being, to the Officers commanding there. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 17
XXI. And for the better preventing of falfe Alarms, Be itgjfjg^
further Enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That no Captain, **• «*« WU'
Mafter or Commander of any Ship or Veffel, riding at Anchor Halifef&c.
or being within the Harbour of Chebucto, or any other Perfon
or Perfons whatfoever, either afloat or on fhore, within the
Town, Suburbs, or Peninfula of Halifax, the Town or Suburbs
of Dartmouth, or Places adjacent fhall prefume to fire any Guns
or fmall Arms, or beat any Drum, after Sunfet, unlefs on fome
lawful Occafion, under the Penalty of Forty Shillings for every
Gun or fmall Arm fo fired or Drum beaten, to be levied by
Warrant from any one of His Majefty's Juftices of the Peace
for the County of Halifax, (who is hereby impowered to iffue
the fame and to give Judgment thereupon) by Diftrefs and
Sale of the Offender's Goods, and for Want of fuch Diftrefs, to
commit fuch Offender to the Goal, there to remain until Payment be made of the fame.
XXII. Provided always, That this Claufe fhall in no wifeg°^c^d
be conftrued to extend to any Captain or other Officer of any fj? Majefty's
of His Majefty's Ships of War, for their Firing at fetting tbe Troops, firing
Watch, nor to any of His Majefty's Troops on Shore or on ti
Board, in the Execution of their Duty.
XXIII. That  all   Perfons  exempted  by  this  Law  from^n^dfrom
Training fhall, notwithftanding, be provided with Arms andTrainin2to
Ammunition compleat, upon the fame Penalty as thofe that with Arms and
t-i»     j ,_    t>     • Ammunition.
are obliged to Train.
XXIV. Provided, That no Perfon or Perfons whatfoevergi'withtathre
fhall be fued, profecuted, or his Goods and Chatels liable to any Months.
Seizure, by Virtue of any Claufe in this Act before mentioned,
but within the Space of Three Months after the committing
the refpective Facts hereby made Offences, and not at any Time
after the faid Three Months.
XXV. All   Fines,   Penalties,   and   Forfeitures  arifing  by *?%£%&
Virtue of this Act or any Breach thereof, (not otherwife difpofed and difpofed of*
of therein) fhall be for the Ufe of the Regiment or Company
refpectively wherein the fame doth arife, (that is to fay) for
the procuring and repairing Drums, Colours, Banners, Halberts,
Pay of Drummers, or other Charge of the faid Company, and
the Overplus, (if any be) to be laid out in Arms and Ammunition
for a Town Stock: And be recoverable by Action, Bill, Plaint,
or Information, in any of His Majefty's Courts of Record.
XXVI. And it is hereby humbly requefted of His Excellency ™^%ot to
the Captain General, by the Affembly, And be it Enacted, That wg<*/to.
whilft there is a fufficient Number of regular Troops withingj****^
the Town of Halifax, for its Defence, the Militia of the TownRwiiar^
fhall be fpared from Watching and Warding without theSSS""
Picketted Lines of the Town. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
An Ordinance for regulating the militia of the province of
Quebec, and rendering it of more general utility,
towards the prefervation and fecurity thereof
[March 29, 1777]
Me. Whereas his excellency the captain general and governor
in chief of this province is, by virtue of his majefty's commiffion
under the Great Seal of Great-Britain, empowered to levy,
arm, mufter, command, and employ all perfons within the
province, and, as occafion fhall ferve, them to march or tranf-
port from one place to another, for the purpofe of refifting and
withftanding of all enemies, pirates, and rebels, both by land
and by water; which commiffion, in the abfence of the captain
general, the lieutenant governor, or commander in chief, for
the time being, is authorized to execute:—AND whereas the
well ordering and training of the faid militia, may hereafter be
of great ufe towards preferving and fecuring the province from
all hoftile invaders thereof, be it enacted by the captain
general and governor in chief of this province, by and with the
advice and confent of the legiflative council of the fame, that
Art. I
rfons All perfons, as well in the towns as in the country, from the
;0e6o8e   age of fixteen years to fixty, are bound to ferve in the militia
iftla.      °f that parifh, wherein they refide;   and from and after the
tbn.      publication of the prefent ordinance, every perfon (excepting
fuch as are herein after excepted) refufing to ferve, or neglecting
to get himfelf inrolled  under the officers  appointed by his
excellency the captain general or governor in chief,  in the
yfor     different parifhes, fhall forfeit five pounds;  and upon a fecond
refufal, he fhall, over and above a like forfeiture of five pounds
for fuch fecond refufal, be rendered incapable of keeping by
him or bearing any fire-arm whatfoever, under the like penalty
of five pounds, and one months imprifonment, for every time
he fhall be convicted of having ufed or kept fuch fire-arm.
Art. II
i-men Every militia man, whofe conduct or behaviour proves
expelled, unworthy of, or difhonorable to the corps, fhall be expelled
therefrom, and in like manner rendered incapable of keeping
;r by him, or ufing any fire-arm, under the penalties mentioned in
the foregoing article; and as well thofe who have refufed or
neglected to enroll themfelves, as thofe who are expelled therefrom, fhall furnifh fleighs and other carriages for the king's
fervice, when called upon, in a double proportion to their
neighbours of the fame parifh, doing duty as militia men readily
°- and chearfully, anf for half the price;  provided always that,
after the expiration of one year, any perfon, who has committed
any of the above recited offences, and fuffered the penalties
p Ordinances made and passed by the Governor and Legislative Council of the Province of
Quebec.   Quebec.   William Brown, 1777, pp. 57-67. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 19
directed by this and the foregoing articles, upon making his
fubmiffion to the captain of militia, in the prefence of the moft
reputable inhabitants of the parifh, at the church door, on a
funday or fome other feaft day, fhall, after report has been made
thereof to the colonel of militia of the diftrict, and being approved
by the captain general, or in his abfence, the lieutenant governor,
or commander in chief, for the time being, be reftored to the
corps, intitled to the priviledges thereof, and act therein, as if no
fuch offence had been committed.
Art. Ill
The captain or captains of miltia in every parifh, fhall, Captains of
twenty days after the publication of the prefent ordinance, or Sanfmit°a lift
fooner, if it can be done, tranfmit to the colonels of militia, or ^Sen?oers
infpectors when  fuch  fhall be appointed,  for the refpective y^£pectors
diftricts, an account of the number of officers and militia men
fit for fervice in their refpective companies; as alfo a lift of fuch
as may have refufed to inroll themfelves, or difobeyed the orders
of their fuperior officers;   and hereafter fuch lifts, as well as
of any alterations that may have happened within the laft
twelve-month, are to be tranfmitted by the captains to the
colonels of militia, or infpectors when fuch fhall be appointed,
by the tenth or fiftenth of March in every year at fartheft.
Art. IV
No perfon belonging to a particular company of militia, a militia-man
fhall  leave  his  ufual  refidence,  whereby  he became  fubject place of
thereto, without giving due notice to his captain or commanding give notice0
officer, and of the place where he intends to fettle;  and every commanding18
perfon, fo fettling in another parifh, fhall give notice thereof to°®c^ for
the captain or commanding officer of the parifh wherein he neglecting^
fettles, under a penalty of forty shillings for the firft offence, and glve
for the fecond, the like fum and one month's imprifonment.
Art. V
Upon the two laft fundays in the month of June, and the The
two firft in July, the captains or commanding officers of the^r
militia, fhall draw out their companies in the moft convenient^
place of their refpective parifhes, in order to infpect their arms, ^
fire at marks, and inftruct them in their duties;   and fuch as ever:
difobey, and do not appear on fuch training days, or at fuchattei
other times as the colonels of militia, infpectors, or other perfons
authorized to review or exercife them, by fpecial orders from
the captain general, or, in his abfence, the lieutenant governor,
or commander in chief, for the time being, fhall direct, are to
forfeit ten fhillings for every offence, except they fhall have
firft afked and obtained leave of abfence, on fhewing reafonable
caufe for the fame. 20 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Art. VI
in time of war, \n time of war,  rebellion, or when  any other preffing
number of      exigency of the ftate requires it, fuch number of officers, fer-
mliS-m^to jeants, and militia-men, as the governor, lieutenant governor,
a?ddSarfSd*  or commander in chief, for the time being, thinks fit to direct,
asjthe governor jj^ji ^e <jrawn out 0f tne different companies, marched from their
require, refpective parifhes, to fuch place as they fhall be ordered to,
and ferve, tho' ftill as militia, in conjunction with his majefty's
forces, under the guidance and fuperintendance of the officers
whom the commander in chief fhall be pleafed to appoint for
that purpofe: and at the end of the campaign, or of the fervice
they were ordered upon, fhall return to their own homes, but
penalties for   not before they have been regularly difmiffed from the fame;
c oDcaence.   ^^ perfon refufing to obey fuch order, abfconding, or not
repairing to the place he is ordered to, fhall incur double the
penalties inflicted by the firft article of this ordinance;   and
No perfon to   any one quitting the fervice, when fo embodied, before he is
buy murkm18' difcharged therefrom, fhall moreover be expelled the corps, and
or equipments never allowed to re-enter the fame: And any perfon buying or
miiitia-man,    purchafing arms, ammunition, or equipments, delivered out of
his majefty's ftores to the militia, when embodied,  or any
ammunition, furnifhed out of the faid ftores, for training and
"fiefs?penalty exercifing the faid militia, fhall incur a penalty of five pounds
for every fuch offence, to be recovered upon the oath of one
credible witnefs, before any one commiffioner of the peace in
the diftrict where fuch offence has been committed.
except thofe
therefrom by
this ordinance
Captains and
other officers
their fuperiors
to be deprived
Art. VII
All inhabitants above the age of fixty, and having one
fervant, as well as all others holding lands en roture, and not
exempted therefrom by this ordinance, fhall, when ordered by
government, and called upon by the captains of the militia, in
rotation, furnifh carts, fleighs, or other carriages for the king's
fervice, at fuch price per day, as fhall be fixed upon by the
commander in chief; and any who fhall neglect or refufe to
furnifh the fame, or fhall defert or quit that fervice, without
being duly difcharged therefrom, fhall likewife incur the penalties
directed by the firft article.
The captains and other officers of militia not paying due
obedience to their fuperiors, or who fhall be convicted of having
acted with partiality, of exempting fome, without being properly
authorized fo to do, or ordering others out of their turn, out of
pique or refentment, fhall be deprived of their commiffions,
and obliged to ferve as private militia-men.
Officers of the
militia to take
up all deferters,
Art. IX
The captains and other officers of militia, fhall take up all
''deferters. whether foldiers or failors, all ftragglers and other REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
perfons, travelling through their refpective parifhes, fufpected
of being emiffaires from, conveying intelligence to, or corref-
ponding with the rebellious colonies, all perfons fpreading falfe
reports to the detriment of government, and perfons leaving
the province without a pafs from the captain general, or, in
his abfence, the lieutenant governor, or commander in chief,
for the time being; and any perfon, either in town or country,
lodging or concealing fuch deferters, ftragglers, or fufpected
perfons as above, or aiding and affifting any perfon leaving
the province without a pafs, without giving immediate notice
thereof to the captains of their refpective companies in the
country, and if in the towns of Quebec, Montreal, and Trois
Rivieres, to the colonels or commanding officers, or other officers
appointed for that purpofe, fhall for the firft offence, if inhabitant fo
of the towns, forfeit ten pounds, and be imprifoned one month ;h<
if refiding in the country, fhall forfeit five pounds, and be
imprifoned for the fame time; and double the fum, and double
the time of imprifonment, for the fecond, and every other
fubfequent offence of the like nature.
Art. X
In all cafes where the manner of profecuting for the pen-iv
alties inflicted by this ordinance has not been directed; where fc
the fine impofed does not exceed the fum of forty fhillings, any p'
one field officer of the militia, or infpector when fuch officer
fhall be appointed, of the diftrict wherein the offence fhall
have been committed, being a commiffioner of the peace;  and
where the penalty exceeds the fum of forty fhillings, or directs
the imprifonment of the offender, any two field officers, or one
field officer and infpector, as before, belonging to the diftrict in
which the offence fhall have been committed, being commiffioners
of the peace, or any other two commiffioners of the peace for
that diftrict;   is and are hereby authorized, upon information
laid before them, to take cognizance of, and hear in a fummary
manner, all offences committed against the intent and meaning
of this ordinance, to inflict the penalties, and levy the fines, by
warrant under his or their hands and feals, and all monies
arifing therefrom, to be by him or them tranfmitted to the
receiver-general of the province, and applied, as other public A
monies,  to his majefty's ufe;   fubject neverthelefs,  in cafes«
where the penalty is of, or exceeds ten pounds, and where theai
party offending is to be imprifoned for more than one month,
or to be expelled the militia, to an appeal before the governor,
or in his abfence, the lieutenant-governor, or commander in
chief, for the time being, and any five members of his majefty's
council (the commiffioners of the peace who fhall have heard
the fame and given judgment therein only excepted) who are
hereby appointed a court of appeals  for   that  purpofe,   and
authorized to hear and finally to determine the fame. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Art. XI
The members of his majefty's council, judges, and other
1 officers of civil government, the feigniors, ftiled here feigneurs
primitifs, the nobleffe, fo acknowledged under the antient
government of the country, half pay or reduced officers, clergy,
ftudents of the feminaries of Quebec and Montreal, and perfons
employed in offices of public utility, are exempted from ferving
in the militia or furnifhing carriages; Provided always that
nothing in this ordinance contained, be conftrued to exempt the
feigniors, or nobleffe, from rendering fuch perfonal fervices as
are agreeable to the antient ufage, and to which they are bound
by the tenure of their lands, whenever the governor, or in his
abfence, the lieutenant governor, or commander in chief, for
the time being, fhall judge it neceffary to call upon them for
the fame.
- This ordinance to be in force for two years, and to the end
of the feffion of the legiflative council of this province, which
will be held in the year one thoufand feven hundred and feventy-
Enacted by the authority afore faid, and paffed in council
under the Great Seal of the province, at the council chamber in
the caftle of St. Lewis, in the city of Quebec, the twenty-ninth
day of March, in the feventeeth year of the reign of our fovereign
Lord GEORGE the Third, by the grace of God of Great-
Britain, France, and Ireland, King, defender of the faith, and
fo forth, and in the year of our Lord one thoufand feven hundred
and feventy-feven.
By His Excellency's Command,
1798-1802  NOVA SCOTIA
Letter from Lt. John Allen to Lieut-Gov. Sir J. Wentworth1
Enclosure in letter of 24th April, 1798.   Wentworth to the Duke of
Halifax 21st April
If my mite can be of any Service to carry on the War against the
enemy's of my King, Country, Religion & Constitution I beg leave to
subscribe half of my pay as an officer of The R. N. S. Reg* under your
Excellencys command for that Purpose during the War.
I have the honor to be
Your Excellencys
Most Obed* Serv*
John Allen L* & Q. M.
R. N. S. Reg*
Commanding R. N. S. Reg*
&c. &c.
/ Lieut. & Q. Master
Allen 21 April 1798.
In Govr Wentworth's of
24. April 1798 N° 1
tworth to Duke of Portland (enclosure), p. 104. 26
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Sir J. Wentworth to the Duke of Portland1
(N° 54)
Halifax Nova Scotia
24th April 1798
My Lord Duke,
The Officers of the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment are extremely happy
in, and most respectfully thankful for the favorable consideration of
their services, which Your Grace has the condescending goodness to
express; and they humbly pray leave to represent, that in the present
case, and in every other, they embrace His Majestys determinations with
the fullest readiness, Zeal, fidelity and duty: and that it is the greatest
object of their ambition to verify these motives of every exertion they
may be called to in His Majesty's service. The Officers and Men of the
Regiment, impressed with the most faithful duty and attachment to His
Majesty and His benificent Government, beg leave to present their offering
of one week's pay, One Hundred and Ninety Nine Pounds Twelve Shillings
and Ten Pence, toward the public service, now menaced by bitter cruel
and wiked enemies. Captain Allen of the same Regiment, who succeeds to
a Company vacant by the promotion of Major Thesiger, in addition to
his part in the preceding arrangement, humbly begs leave to present
half his pay during the War.—the former will be paid into the Pay Office
of the Army tomorrow, and the latter as it becomes due on every abstract.
I have the honor to be, with the most profound deference and respect,
My Lord,
Your Grace's
dutiful and very
His Grace truly faithful humble
The Duke of Servant;
Portland, K.G. J. WENTWORTH.
/ Halifax 24th April
Sir John Wentworth
R. 15th May
Ansd Is* July
Extr transd to the
Treasury 30th June
i Public Archives, N. S. State Papers
27, Wentworth to Duke of Portland, i REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Sir. J. Wentworth to the Duke of Portland1
Halifax Nova Scotia
12th May 1798
My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to represent to Your Grace with the greatest pleasure
and deference, that His Majestys faithful and most seriously Loyal Subjects
of this Town, impressed with sentiments of determined duty and attachment to their King and Country, from whence they have derived every
protection; and animated by the example of their fellow subjects of Great
Britain and Ireland—have voluntarily, and on their own free suggestion,
entered into a Subscription to aid the exigencys of Government in carrying
on the War, Waged by an implacable Enemy, to subvert and destroy all
that is dear and honourable.
The eighth instant an arrangement was notified, nearly four thousand
Pounds Sterling is already subscribed, a considerable part of which is
annual during the continuance of the War—and I am persuaded the other
Districts of the Province are impressed with the same sentiments, and
will evince similar liberality, which, in this case, I am in truth and duty
bound to say, has been more guided by an honest Zeal to the Cause, than
measured by the immediate abilities of Individuals; It is in preparation
in the Garrison, and in the Ships of War now in the Harbour to offer their
subscriptions, towards which they are liberally disposed, as, I am convinced they always will be in every act of generous attachment, to their
King and Country.
I have the honour to be with the most perfect respect
My Lord,
Your Grace's
dutiful and obedient
His Grace
The Duke of Portland
Halifax 12th May
Sir John Wentworth
R/. 7th June
Ansd 1st July.
j, N. S. Slate Papers, Vol. A 127, Wei
o Duke of Portland, pp. 1 28 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
List of Nova Scotia Subscribers1
May 22, 1798.
We have been favoured with the following List of Subscribers (up to
this Morning) in Halifax to a Voluntary Contribution from Nova-Scotia
for the Support of Government in carrying on the present just and necessary
War against His Majesty's Enemies.
His Excellency Sir John Wentworth, Bart. &c	
The Honourable S. S. Blowers, Chief Justice of Nova-Scotia	
The Honourable Richard Bulkeley	
The Right Reverend the Bishop of Nova-Scotia2, annually during
the War	
The Honourable Henry Newton,  Collector of His  Majesty's
and one-fifth of his Sallary, annually, during the war.
The Honourable Alexander Brymer	
Mrs. Brymer	
Master T. W. Parr Brymer	
Messrs. Thomas, James and William Cochran, annually	
The Honourable Charles Morris, Surveyor-General, one half of
his Sallery, for the year 1798	
The Honourable Jno. Halliburton, annually	
The Honourable Benning Wentworth	
Rich. John Uniacke, Esq; Attorney-General	
Wm. Thomson, Esq;  Prothonotary, annually	
Mr. John Sands, a Member of the Irish Society whose generous
offer appeared in Mr. Howe's paper a few Weeks ago	
The Revd. Robert Stanser, Rector of Saint Paul's Church	
Charles Morris, Junr. Esq;	
Wm. Forsyth, Esq; annually	
Lawrence Hartshorne, Esq; annually	
Richard Kidston	
Andrew Belcher, Esq; annually	
Robert Letson ,....
John Lawson	
The Widow Piers	
Ditto for her two Sons	
Wm. Lawson	
Thomas Boggs	
Charles Hill, Esq; annually	
John Cleveland	
Foremann and Grassie	
William Lyon	
Daniel Wood, annually •	
John Bremner	
Andrew Liddell	
William Minns	
Charles Geddes, annually	
William Smith, annually	
Mathew Richardson	
Charles R. Prescott	
John William Schwartz, Esq	
John Rees	
1 The Royal Gazelle and Nova Scotia Advertiser, Halifax, 1798.   The dates are giv
1 Rev. Charles Inglis.
200 0 0
200 0 0
120    0    0
20    0
00   0
50   0
25    0
50   0
44   4
10   0
20    0
50   0
25    0
12 12
25    0
25   0
the beginning of REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Henry Yeomans	
Edward Pryor	
Thomas Goudge	
Captain Alexander MacLean	
William Pryor	
Stephen Hall Binney, Esq; annually	
Hibbert N. Binney, Esq; annually	
John Newton, Esq;  one-fifth of his Sallary as Surveyor of the
Customs annually	
Adam de Chezeau and Son	
Edward Pryor, Junr	
Catharine Hoddard, one month's wages	
Samuel Rudolph	
John Longee, a Boy	
Anthony Henry	
Jacob Miller, and Son	
Nicholas Oxner	
William Kidston	
Robert Lyon :	
Capt. James Elmslie	
Michael Head, Esq;	
John Bottomley	
Fraser and Thorn of Miramiche, New-Brunswick	
Philip Marchinton, Esq; annually	
Widow Killo	
Donald Grant	
Patrick Heffernan, annually	
Jonathan Tremain, Jun	
James Leaver	
George Greaves	
and one quarters Rent of his House, at the end of every year
during the War,
Capel Hians, at present	
And £10. next year, and every succeeding one during the War.
Michael Bennet	
Isaac Mansfield	
John Bond	
Ann Bond	
Jacob Calnek	
Peter Cashenberry	
E. B. Brenton, Esq; annually	
Foster Hutchinson, Jun. Esq; annually	
James Stewart, Esq; annually	
Michael Wallace, Esq;	
Mrs. Phoebe Moody	
Winckworth Allan	
Archibald Hinshelwood, 20 days pay	
John C. Strouvee, quarterly	
Burrows Davis, annually	
Revd. Geo. Wright, master of the Halifax Grammar School	
Miss Peggy McDonald	
John, Edward & Ja. Kerby, annually	
Enoch Wiswell	
Benjamin Etter	
John Taylor, annually	
10   0
15 17
0 13
4 10
5    0 0
9   0 0
5   0 0
0 18 0
0 18 0
4 10 0
4 10 0
20    0 0
20   0 0
20 0 0
25 0 0
18   0 0
21 0 0
4 10 0
2 14 0
9 0 0
9   0 0
20   0 0
100   0 0
4 10 0
10   0 0
Mrs. Hart	
Ditto for her Children	
Cathrine Prichard	
William and Robert Williams	
William Wooden	
Robert Hill	
David Rudolph	
George Grant	
Robert Letson, jun	
William Gray	
John Letson	
John MacNab	
George M. Halliburton	
Thomas Conner	
Mary Whiston	
Ann Piche	
Joseph Austin	
James Donaldson	
William Castells	
William Drysdale	
Gabriel Johnson	
George De'Blois, annually	
Samuel Brown, annually	
Joseph Davis	
Michael Laffell	
Robert Milne	
Thomas West	
John Stealing	
William Lawlor, annually	
John Masters	
Edmund Buttler, annually	
. Mrs. Anna Maria Green	
William Annand	
William Dickey, jun	
George Bayers	
Wm. Bayers	
William Duffies	
John George Pyke, Esq; annually	
Jonathan Tremain, Senr	
John Croskill	
'Peter Lynch	
Thomas Watson	
Thomas Moody, annually	
James Pierse, annually	
Fillis, Boyd and Fillis	
John A. W. Grassie, a child	
Reverend Archibald Gray	
James Creighton, Junr	
Richard Cleary, annually	
George Anderson, annually	
Thomas and Peter Donaldson, annually..
James Romans, annually	
Constant Connor, annually	
Jeremiah Vickers	
Martin Shier	
£.     s.   d.
0 18
James Clarke, Esq;	
Richard Tremain	
Charles Boggs	
Thomas MacGory	
John Hunter	
Abram Cunard	
William Whiston	
H. Pipe \\\\
George Bell	
Reverend James Jones, annually	
George Jost	
Barth. Sullivan, annually	
Benjamin Salter, annually	
Robert Knox	
Benjamin Bridge	
Henry Watkey's, Senr	
Widow Kerr, annually	
Richard Jacobs	
Benjamin Smith, annually	
Robb and Pirnie	
Peter Smith (Tanner)	
John F. T. Gschwind	
Friendly Society ,
Alexander Izatt	
William Hunt	
William Hatton	
Henry Newton, Junr	
Godfrey Jacobs	
William Taylor	
Thomas Wallace	
Reverend William Black	
John Hemmington	
Widow Carrol, annually	
Master John Carroll	
James Kidston	
John Howe	
Widow Hawkins	
James Putnam, Esq; for the present year.	
And 25£. per annum during the remainder of the war.
May 29, 1798.
The Young Gentlemen, Pupils of the Halifax Grammar School..
Captain Duport, late of His Majesty's 20th Regiment, annually.
William Reardon, annually	
Thomas Adams, annually	
Francis Stephens, annually	
George Maren, junr	
John Hackenhall	
Nicholas Smith	
Irish Society y
Tho* the greater part of the Members who compose this
Society had Subscribed liberally before.
4 10 0
5 0 0
5 0 0
3 12 0
5 0 0
2 10 0
June 12, 1798.
£.     s. d.
Reverend Barnard Houseal  10   0 0
William Mott  10   0 0
Thomas Russel  1 10 °
Joseph Peters, annually  3   3 °
John Anderson, Watchman of the Dock Yard  1    0 0
Joseph Anderson  IS   0 0
Mrs. Loveland  4 10 °
The Treasurer has received the following Sums in part of the Voluntary
Subscription now going on in the County of Lunenburg for the support
of Government in carrying on the war, which reflects much honour upon
that industrious and loyal settlement.
Halifax Currency
£.     s. d.
Colonel Creighton  100   0 0
D. Christopher Jessen, Esq  25   0 0
John Christopher Rudolph, Esq;  10   0 0
Christopher Vienot,  0   5 0
AdamHebb  2   0 0
Frederick Emenot  2   0 0
Andreas Young  3    0 0
Peter Mason  2   0 0
Conrad Crais  0   5 0
John Hall  3   0 0
JohnMcGrigor  0   5 0
Nicholas Eisenhaur  0 10 0
Gotlieb Berringer  1    0 0
Frederick Hahn  0   2 6
Revd. Mr. J. Gotlieb Schmeiser  1    0 0
John Becker  0 10 0
Casper Ernest  3 10 0
John Lenox  3 10 0
Casper Jeckman, junr  2   0 0
Henry Kaulbach  5 10 0
George Bohner, junr  2   0 0
Francis Rudolf  4    0 0
Michael Lohnes  10 0
George Bohner, senr  0   5 0
Henry Heison  0   5 0
Jacob Westhoffer  0 15 0
Frederick Rigolo  0 15 0
Revd. Breun Comingo  1   0 0
John Donig, Esq  10 0
George Herman  2   0 0
FrantzTimon  0    5 0
Nicholas Conrad  3   0 0
Robert Lord  10 0
George Conrad  3   0 0
George Wentzel  0   2 0
John Smelzer  0    5 0
Valentine Thiel  0   5 0
Leonard Young  0   5 0
G. Frederick Dauphine  1   5 0
£187 14 6 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 33
June 19, 1798.
The Treasurer has received the amount of the undermentioned,
very liberal Subscription, for carrying on the War from the Domestic
Servants of Lieutenant-General His Royal Highness Prince Edward.
P. Beck, Steward	
C. Husing, Valet	
A. Mandry, Butler	
F. Leguiere, Upper Cook	
A. Wills, Gardner	
H. Celestin, Under Cook	
P. Richer, Under Butler	
John Woolmar, Upper Coachman
Valentine Rumney, Under Do	
R. Pulty, Groom	
The following sums have been received by the Treasurer since our last
from Lunenburg.
Halifax Currency
£.      s.   d.
Conrad Knickle  0   5   0
Henry Ernst, senr  2   0   0
Alexander Lay  0 10   0
James Pejean  0   5   0
James Vienot, senr  1   0   0
William Burley  0   5   0
James Dares  1 15   0
George Lowe  0   2   6
John Halter  0 10   0
Valentine Whitman, sen  1    0   0
Conrad Nass  0   5    0
Christopher Nass  0   5   0
Peter Vienot  0 10   0
Isaac Grey  1   0   0
Edward James, Esq  10   0   0
£19 12   6
* June 26, 1798.
The following liberal Subscription has been received by the Treasurer
from Cornwallis.
John Burbidge	
John Chipman, annually	
Jonathan Shearman	
James Kerr	
Daniel Bowen, annually	
Thomas Ratchford	
Henry Burbidge	
William Twining, annually..
Hugh Graham, annually	
William Allen Chipman	
2 10
David Whidden, annually	
William Campbell, annually	
William Chipman	
Handley Chipman	
Abraham Webster	
Rolen Morton	
Benjamin Fox	
Joseph Starr	
James Allison	
David Starr	
Augustus Willoughby	
Moses Lockwood	
James Tillet	
Pern Terry	
James Cumming	
Simon Cumming '	
Luther Hathaway	
Henry Gessner, annually for 3 years	
James Rowland	
Benjamin Belcher	
Joshua Chase	
Daniel Stanford	
Lemuel Morton	
John Condon	
Chandler Martin	
Daniel Harris	
Walter Reed	
Joel Parish, junr	
Jedediah Ells	
Abraham Masters	
Mary Chace, widow	
Thomas Nickson	
David Jones	
Joseph Barclen	
Simon Fox	
Abraham Newcomb	
Abraham Newcomb, junr	
James Nery	
Thomas Barden	
Edward Keaf	
Asahel Bill	
Ahira Caulkins	
Benjamin Burges	
Randel Ilslay	
John Parel	
Jabez Weaver	
Charles Chipman	
Robert Walker and son Alexander, annually..
Lawrence Van Buskirk	
Henry Van Buskirk	
Garet Van Buskirk	
John McGee	
John Dugan	
Elijah Crane	
Enoch Steadman	
i    0    0
t 10    0
0 0
0 0
0    0
) 10   0
;  o  o
o  o
Andrew Luny	
William Robinson	
George Ovens, Black man..
Daniel Harrington	
Elkanah Morton	
Mason Cogswell	
Joseph Prescott, annually...
Zachariah Chipman	
Homes Chipman	
Major Chipman	
Stephen Chipman	
Stephen Harrington	
Jacob Walton	
Joseph Chace	
John Starr	
Mrs. Starr	
Shearman Burbidge	
Elias Burbidge, annually...
John Beckwith, junr	
John Calkine	
Eristes Pineo	
Edmund Porter	
Daniel Cogswell	
Thomas Newman	
David Bentley	
Daniel Ells	
Stephen Sheffield	
Thomas Woodworth	
Oliver Woodworth	
Levy Woodworth	
Nathan Palmiter	
Peter Wickwire	
Silas Wickwire	
John Cumstick	
Henry Cox	
Thomas Cox	
William Pineo	
John Chipman Beckwith...
Benjamin Jarvis	
William Skeen	
Benjamin Kinsman, jun	
Joseph Jackson	
Stephen Jackson	
Joseph Jackson, jun	
Benjamin Stedman	
John B. Best	
George Chipman	
John Newcomb	
Jonathan Newcomb	
Ebenezer Porter	
Pierce Brett	
George Cumming	
Alexander Campbell	
Isabella Campbell	
William Campbell, a child..
John Campbell do.
0 10   0
0 10   0
0 15
0 15
1 0
1 0
0 10
0 15
0 10
1 10
1 0
2 0
1 10
1 0
1 0
0 10
0 10
2 0
2 0
2 10
1 10
0 15
James Campbell, a child..
John Miller	
Michael Colman	
Elijah Rand	
Darises Webster	
Cyrus Webster	
Timothy Barnaby	
Ambrose Barnaby	
Timothy Barnaby, jun...
Colin Brymer	
Edmund Finn	
0 10
0 10
July 10,1798.
We have been favoured with the following very
scriptions, of the Regiments and Departments, under
Lieutenant General His Royal Highness Prince Edward.
handsome Sub-
the command of
300   0   0
Lieutenant-General H.R.H. Prince Edward	
Major John Vesey   \    Aids de Camp  20 0 0
Major G. S. Smith   J 50 0 0
Capt. J. Hale, Military Secretary  10 0 0
James Ogilvie, Major General  105 0 0
Capt. W. Cox, Aid de Camp  5 5 0
Lieut. Col. F. A. Wetherall, Deputy Adjt. General  50 0 0
Major R. Walker, Major of Brigade  10 0 0
George Brinley, Commissary General  10 0 0
Foster Hutchinson, junr  10 0 0
James Putnam, Deputy Barrack Master General  50 0 0
William Porter, Deputy Commissary of Musters  20 0 0
J. Beckwith, Acting Comptroller of Accounts  20 0 0
E. B. Brenton, Deputy Judge Advocate, annually  20 0 0
Thomas, Irvin, Assistant Insp. of Hospitals, do  14 0 0
James Boggs, Garrison Surgeon  5 5 0
Capt. A. Prevost, Town Major  15 0 0
Stephen H. Binney, Barrack Master  10 0 0
Revd. J. Wetherall, Garrison Chaplain  20 0 0
F. W. Hecht, Deputy Commissary of Musters  15 0 0
and Ten pounds annually.
Thomas Williams, C. of Stores and Barrack Master, annually... 10 0 0
George Henkel, Garrison Surgeon  10 0 0
and Thirty Pounds annually
Joseph Pearce, Assistant do  5 5 0
And Twenty Pounds annually
John Boyd, Hospital Mate, 28 days pay  10 10 0
And the same annually.'
Royal Artillery  51 H 0
Royal Military Artificers  11 5 0
Ordnance Department  121 7 0
7th or Royal Fusiliers  706 17 2
Royal Nova-Scotia Regiment  192 17 1}
Royal Newfoundland Regiment  200 0 0
  £2079 12 3|
The following Subscription has been received by the Treasurer
from Parrsboro'  £65 3 9 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 37
Letter from the Duke of Portland to Lieut.-Gov. Sir J. Wentworth1
Whitehall, 1st July 1798.
Dra* to
Sir John Wentworth Bar*
N° 34.
I have laid before The King Your Letters numbered 54 and 55.
The Zeal which has been manifested by the Officers and Men of the
Royal Nova Scotia Regiment and by the Inhabitants of Halifax at large,
in the very liberal Subscription for the Public Service, is very honorable
to them, and it gives His Majesty particular pleasure to witness this
Voluntary Mark of their Loyalty & attachment to the Parent State.
Dra* to Sir J. Wentworth Bar*
Whitehall Is* July 1798.
read by the King.
I am &c. &c.
Letter from the Duke of Portland to Lieut.-Gov. Sir J. Wentworth2
Whitehall, 31s* July
I cannot too strongly express to you the satisfaction, with which His
Majesty Witnesses that Spirit of Loyalty and Attachment to His Person
and Government, and to Our glorious Constitution, which is so conspicuous
in the proceedings of the Legislature of Nova Scotia in the late Sessions,
and which has manifested itself in the extensive voluntary contributions
of every Description of His Majesty's Subjects within the Province, in
support of the Parent State and of the Cause, for which we are contending.
I am &c.
To Sir John Wentworth
Whitehall July 31.   1798.
» Public Archives, N. S. State Papers, Vol. A 128, Duke of Portland to Wentworth, pp. 2-4. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Additional Lists1
September 11, 1798.
The following Subscriptions have been received by the Treasurer
from the Foreman and Artificers employed in the Engineers Department
of His Majesty's Works at Halifax.
Isaac Rigby	
Henry Roberts	
Frederick Wizer	
John Gleason	
Richard Chandley	
James Clarke	
James Stuart	
James Murdock	
Samuel Watts	
John Kelley	
Patrick Kavanagh	
Alexander Renfrew	
John McLeod	
Isaac Norris	
John Miller	
William Townsend	
Frederick Fowsall	
George Artz	
Daniel George	
John Jones	
James Noonan	
John Hovey	
James Mills	
Alexander M'Laughlin	
Duncan M'Quin	
D. M'Intosh	
John Goff	
Alexander Morris	
Frederick Rhan	
Pat. Conner	
George Richardson	
John Weston	
Amos Lovet	
John Cowan	
Baron Canfield	
William White	
Nichols Wall	
John Pense	
Patrick Connell	
Joseph Caldwell	
John Levison	
Hugh Ross	
John Pierce	
Enoch Morris	
Arthur Evans	
» The Royal Gazette and Nova Scotia Advertiser, Halifax, 1798.
I  10    0
I  10    0
0    0
0    0
1    0
0 10
0 10
0 10
0 10
1    0
0 10
0 10
0    5
0 10
1    3
1    0
0 10
John Malcolm	
John Wier	
Mark Lambert	
Lewis Hulsman	
Thomas Ross	
William Lovett	
James M'Leod	
Christian Schneider	
Moses Dowey	
John Roberts	
Donald M'Quin 	
William Murray	
John Macdonell	
David M'Burney, a boy....
John Ellis, a boy	
James Fitzgerald, a boy	
Robert Marshall	
John Lorelland	
Alex. Frager	
George Whitecross	
John Burkhart	
George Worrall, per month..
Joseph Holeman ,.
Henry Vandegraft	
Donald M'Kenzie	
John Johnson, per month...
James Burke	
Robert Williamson	
William Barron	
Michael Hennisey	
Robert Dove	
James Hamm	
Jeremiah McGrath	
John Stewart	
Thomas McKenzie	
0 10   0
0 15   0
0 10
0   5
0 15
0   5
0   5
0    2
0 10
0 10
0 10
0 18    0
0 10    0
The following Subscriptions have also been received by the Treasurer
from the Inhabitants of Margarets Bay.
John Woodin	
John Umlach Sen	
Christopher Dophanie..
Daniel Wier	
Joseph Dophanie	
George Boutilia	
Robert Kedy	
Catherine Kedy	
George Dophanie	
Henry Lewis	
John Boutilia	
0   0
0   0
l 10   0
10 0
i 10 0
i 10   0  NEW   BRUNSWICK
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Carleton to the Duke of Portland1
My Lord Duke,
Fredericton, New Brunswick
9th June 1798.
I have the honor to inform Your Grace that the Example of Voluntary
Contributions, in aid of the National Means for prosecuting the present
War, has not failed to Excite a portion of Enthusiasm in this Infant
Colony. Subscriptions for that purpose have been opened, and, from the
Sums already pledged, I have no doubt but I shall soon have the satisfaction of reporting an amount which, though comparatively small, will
be more than equal to the proportional abilities of the Subscribers; who
consider the present eventful moment as calling upon all His Majesty's
Subjects, not merely for such Exertions as they might be able, without
much inconvenience to afford; but for every practicable sacrifice, so long
as it may be, necessary, for the National defence and the preservation of
His Majesty's Government.
I have the honor to be
Your Grace's most obedient
and very humble Servant
His Grace
The Duke of Portland
&c. &c. &c.
N. Brunswick, 9th June 1798.
M. Gen1 Carleton
R/. 11th July
Ansd 27th
i Public Archives, N. B. State Papers, Vol. A 11, Carleton to Duke of Portland, p. 93. 42 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Lists of Subscription1
June 22, 1798
St. John, Friday June 22.
A Subscription was opened at the Coffee House on the fourteenth
instant, the amount of which is to be remitted to the Lords of The Treasury,
as a Contribution towards the National Defence, and a testimony of
Loyalty to His Majesty and the British Constitution.
John Black, Esq. subscribed 50 £ Sterling.
William Pagan
Bradford Gilbert | 200 dollars each.
Edward Sands,   Esqrs J
The Hon. George Leonard, Esqr. (by Mr. Codner,) One Fifth of his annual
Income from Government during the War.
William Campell, Esquire, 20 £ and Ten Pounds annually during the War.
We have no doubt this laudable object will receive a general and
handsome support.
The Sums subscribed are to be paid into the hands of W. S. Oliver and
James Codner, Esqrs, on or before the first of September next.
The Fredericton Subscription we hear, is still carrying on with a spirit
of much liberality.
Mr. Ryan
The enclosed Circular Letter to the Colonels of the Militia Regiments
you will insert in your next paper from Authority.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient Servant,
Fredericton, 15th
June, 1798.
A degree of enthusiasm having appeared in this Province by different
Subscriptions being opened after the example of the Voluntary Contributions of the parent State, in aid of the National Means for prosecuting
the present War.—His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief wishing that the same may be generally known throughout
New Brunswick, that all His Majesty's Subjects willing to contribute
at this eventful moment, may have an opportunity of showing their
Loyalty, has directed me to propose to you without loss of time to convene
the Captains under your Command, in order that they may mention the
subject to their Companies, and give them the opportunity of coming
forward with such subscriptions as they may be able to afford;   which
> The St. John Gazette, St. John, 1798.   The dates printed in italics are the dates of issue of the Gazette. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 43
should be collected by the different Captains and paid into your hands,
that the same may be transmitted as soon as possible to the Duke of
Portland, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State.
You will please to acquaint me for His Excellency's information, with
the event of this proposition and the amount of the Subscriptions so
collected, that orders may be given on the payment of the money into the
Military Chest for Bills to be drawn for the amount by the Deputy Paymaster of New Brunswick on the Paymasters General in England.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient Servant
(signed) H. W. HAILES
Adjutant General,
N.B. Militia.
To ,
Colonel of Militia
New Brunswick.
June 29, 1798.
We have to apologize for omitting the name of the Hon. G. G. Ludlow,
Esq. in the list of those Gentlemen who so liberally contributed for the
National Defence, as published in our last—he having subscribed 200
July 6th, 1798.
Continuation of the List of Subscribers Toward the National Defence
Robert Parker, Thomas Horsefield, and William Robertson, Esqrs. 20 £ each
now, and 20 £ annually during the War.
Hon. Col. Billop, 20 £
Mr. Thomas Jennings, 18 £ sterling, annually during the War.
Jonathan Bliss, Esq., and the Revd. Dr. Byles, 15 £ each now, and 15 £ annually
during the War.
Messrs. Isaac Lawton, Henry Uhthoff, Adino Paddock, Francis Gilbert, John
Colvill, Fitch Rogers, 10 £ each now, and 10 £ each annually during the War.
William Wanton, Esq. one-fifth of his Sallary as Collector—10 £
Mr. John Pugsley, 7 £ annually during the War.
Messrs Joseph Russel, Thomas Walker, and John Ives, 5 guineas each for the
present year, and a like sum annually during the War.
Mr. John Sinnot, 5 £, now and 5 £ annually during the War.
Mr. William Wilbour, 4 £ annually during the War.
Mr. James Scoullar, 2 £ now, and 2 £ annually during the War.
Mr. James McDonald—3 £
St. John, 2d July.
Mr. Sower,
While a spirit of loyal enthusiasm seems to pervade every part of His
Majesty's Dominion's, and Voluntary Contributions, in aid of Government,
are entered into with avidity, by every description of subjects in the
Mother Country; it is to be hoped there will be no tardiness on the part
of any inhabitant of this loyal city, in coming forward at this momentous
crisis, not only to tender his mite, but to evince a disposition to make
every practical sacrifice for the defence of the nation, and preservation
of our happy constitution, with which this infant Province must stand or
fall. Let us banish therefore all contracted and selfish considerations,
and let the cause of our country be the first principle of action, while that
country is in danger! !
Friday, July 13, 1798
Continuation of the List of Subscribers Towards the National Defence
Lt. Robert Scott, of Lt. Col. Moncktons 94th Regt. Eight pounds sterling for the
present year and 3 £ sterling during the war.
Benjamin Stanton, Three Guineas annually during the war.
John Paul, Three pounds and 2 £ annually during the war.
George Smith, Three Pounds and 3 £ annually during the war.
Hon. William Hazen, Twenty pounds and same sum annually during the war.
Charles Hazen, Five pounds and ditto annually during the war.
Friday, July 27, 1798
Voluntary Contributions
In addition to the Voluntary Subscriptions which we have heretofore
noticed, the loyal town of St. Andrews made a beginning on Saturday the
14th inst. and in the course of an hour the following sums were subscribed
toward the support of Government.
£. s.   d.
Colonel Hugh Mackay, of Half Pay (being one fourth of his allowance) £ 10 Sterling  11    2    3
Lieut. Col. Thomas Wyer  3    0    0
Captain Daniel M°Masters         30    0    0
Lieutenant Ninian Lindsey  5    0    0
Ensign Duncan M°Intosh  1    3   4
Robert Pagan, Esq         50    0    0
John Currie, Esq  5    0    0
Joseph Garnett, Esq  3 15   0
John M°Intosh  2 10    0
James Stewart         15    0   0
Maurice Salt  1    3    4
Philip Stanton  0 15    0
George Dunham  0   5    0
Ludwick Helderbrand  0   5    0
Alexander Young  0 10   0 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 45
Subscriptions are opening in several other parts of the county of
Charlotte, by Companies, which appear to meet with universal success.
Friday, August 3, 1798
Voluntary Contributions
Bank reports up to Friday, June 1.
Assessed Taxes..
1,305,716 13   9
754,966    0   3
Friday, August 24, 1798
Voluntary Subscriptions for the County of York—Continued
The Hon. John Saunders, Esq. annually  30 Guineas
Mrs. Saunders do. 10 Guineas
Master Jno. Simcoe Saunders do. 5 Guineas
M-    fAriana Margaretta Saunders do. 1\ Guineas
\Eliza Saunders do. 2\ Guineas
Captain-Lieutenant William Bartlett, Royal Engineers do. 15 Guineas
Subscriptions of the following Gentlemen of the Exempt Company of
the County of York.
£. s.   d.
S. Agnew during the present War out of his Half-Pay	
Caleb Jones, during the War out of his Half-Pay	
John Althouse	
Joseph Swift out of his Half-Pay for the War, pr annum	
William Bailey during the War out of his Half-Pay	
Peter Clements annually during the present War	
Walter Price	
David M'Gibbon during the War out of his Half-Pay	
W. Stewart annually during the present War	
Joseph Cunliffe during the present War	
Revd. John Agnew out of his Half-Pay during the present War
against the French per annum	
Abram. Close out of his Half-Pay during the War per annum	
Andrew Husband annually during the present War	
George Everett during the present War	
C. Thompson, during the present War out of his Half-Pay	
Leo. Reed during the present War out of his Half-Pay	
John Combs annually	
Charles A. L. Gunther	
Eleazer Slocum, annually	
Valentine Harding during the present War	
Adjutant John Cunningham Four Pounds Sterling during the War.
Neh. Clarke 40 days Half-Pay during the War	
4   0   0
4 13    4
Voluntary Subscriptions of the County of Sunbury
Sunbury County Militia
Colonel Miles,
Jabriel De Ve!
as Gilbert, Esq
el M'Nelly...,
£. s.   d.
15   0   0
28 4
31 19
20 11
21 15
13 12
21 0
15 0
3 0
2 10
10 0
2 0
a Rogers..
si Peabodv
i Clarke
i\ Tilley	
*er Brims
rider Menzies	
resent Year.
l Ryeraon
on Russell	
A Company of Youths
James A. Mill
J. Mercereau.
W. Sharman.
G. Nevers....
A. Nevers.... REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 47
£. s. d.
T.Clowes  0 2 6
G.Rogers  0 1 3
T. O. Miles  0 2 6
F. Emerson  0 1 3
H.Rogers  0 1 3
W. Simmons  0 1 0
J. Peabody  0 0 6
J. Mercereau  0 13
S. Smith  0 1 3
S. Nevers  0 0 6
W.Simpson  0 0 6
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Carleton to the Duke of Portland1
N° 41. Fredericton, New Brunswick
17th Septemr 1798.
My Lord Duke
In my letter of the 9th of June (N° 38) I informed Yourge^rmuwick
Grace that Subscriptions had been opened in this Province for £200.0.0
making Voluntary Contributions to the Public Service during Fredericton
the present War;   and I have now the honor to transmit thecomp^o?
Bills Enumerated in the Margin amounting to £590.8.0 Sterling, £156^2.0.
in part of those Subscriptions, which I have reason to Expect will The Revd
amount to nearly three thousand pounds.    Major Robison's ^'PMg»pn
Company of Royal Artillery Stationed here, remitted the amount Commissary
of  their  Contribution  £85.19.4.    Judge  Saunders also  has
directed his Agent to pay in his Annual Subscription of £52.10.0 Lud!oiustlce
as I have done mine of £500—during the War which is the
tenor of the Subscriptions in this Province;  for we areTfhtehes
The Secretary
deeply impressed with a conviction, that under the Existing £300
circumstances,   a  persevering  hostility  with   the   Republican The surveyor
Despotism of France is necessary to the preservation and future £30.0.0.
safety of the British Government and Constitution. w-Hazen jun'
& Robert
The remainder of our Contributions for the Year past will, gfj** 0
I hope be transmitted as soon as the produce of the present Q^t T^^
Harvest can be disposed of. &hisCompany
I have the Honor to be kfiSESL0'
Your Grace's most obedient c£rns&Jolm
and most humble Servant £28.16.0.
THOs CARLETON. luislXsed
His Grace Sf&fift
The Duke of Portland totta'ifeSik
&c. &c. &c. &c. g5g2«* Novt
New Brunswick
17. Sepr 1798.
Maj. Gen1 Carleton
R/. 26th Novr
Answd 6th Decr
(8 inclosures)
 iPublic Archives, N. B. State Papers. Vol. A 11, Carleton to Duke of Portland, pp. 135-136. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
September 21,1798
New Brunswick, 1798
Voluntary Contributions Remitted to His Grace the Duke of
Portland by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, except
where otherwise expressed
£.     s.   d.
His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, annually  500   0   0
Major Robinson and his Company of Royal Regiment of Artillery,
remitted by the Commanding Officer ditto 85 19   4
The King's New Brunswick Regiment do. 200   0   0
The Rev. Mr. Pidgeon ditto 50   0   0
The Honorable Chief Justice Ludlow ditto 50   0   0
Fredericton Volunteer Company ditto 156 12   0
Mr. Secretary Odell ditto 30   0   0
George Sprowle, Esq ditto 30   0   0
The Hon. Fudge Saunders and family—to be paid quarterly by
his Agent in London, to commence the quarter due 24th
September, 1798—N.B. the sum of 52 £, 10s, also to be paid
24th Sept. 1798, over and above the quarterly payment of
twelve and one half guineas  52 10    0
William Hazen, Jun. Esq. Paymaster, N.B. Regt. and Lieut.
Robert Hazen, 60th Regt. Aid-de-Camp  45    0   0
Capt. Alex. Taylor and his Compy.  Northumberland
militia Currency
£27   0   0
Mr. John Carnes £   5    0    0
£32   0   0
£     1228 17   4 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 49
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Carleton to The Duke of Portland1
Fredericton, New Brunswick
18th October 1798.
My Lord Duke
I have the honor to transmit the Bills of Exchange, enumerated in the Margin, amounting to £694.. 17..4 Sterling in
continuation of the Voluntary contributions made in this
Province to the public Service; And an order from MP Leonard
for one fifth part of his Salary to be paid annually during the
present War.
I have the honor to be Your Grace's
most obedient and most humble Servant.
His Grace
The Duke of Portland
&c. &c. &c. &c.
Rob' Parker,
Esq' Ordn»
Store Keeper
John Robinson
10"1 Octr.
Dep' Pay Mr
New Brunswick 18. Octr 1798.
Major General Carleton
R/ 26th NoVr
Answd 6th Decr
(6 inclosures)
i. State Papers, Vol. A 11, Carleton to Duke of Portland, p. 148. 50 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Friday, October 19, 1798
Continuation of Voluntary Contributions Remitted to His Grace
The Duke of Portland by His Excellency the Lieutenant
City and County of Saint John
£. s. d.
Hon. G. G. Ludlow, Esq  50   0 0
William Pagan, Esq  50   0 0
Bradford Gilbert, Esq  50   0 0
John Black, Esq  55 11 1
Hon. George Leonard, Esq. (one fifth part of his Salary from Government annually during war)
William Campbell, Esq. for the present year  20   0 0
and 10 £ annually during the war
Robert Parker, Esq. the same annually during the war  20   0 0
Jonathan Bliss, Esq do. 15    0 0
Isaac Lawton, Esq do. 10   0 0
Wm. Robertson, Esq do. 20    0 0
Henry Uhthoff, Esq do. 10    0 0
Adine Paddock, Esq do. 10    0 0
Mr. John Sinnot do. 5    0 0
Mr. James Scoullar do. 2    0 0
Francis Gilbert, Esq do. 10    0 0
Wm. Wanton, Esq  11    2 3
Fitz Rogers, Esq. the same annually during the war  10   0 0
Rev. Mather Byles, D. D ditto 15    0 0
Hon. Christr. Billop, Esq  20    0 0
Mr. William Wilbour the same annually during the war  4   0 0
Mr. Joseph Russell do. 5  16 8
Mr. Thomas Walker do. 5 16 8
Mr. John Ives do. 5 16 8
Mr. James McDonald (to be continued annually during the war). . 3    0 0
Lieutenant Robert Scott, on the Half Pay of Lieutenant Colonel
Monckton's late 94th Regt. of Foot, Eight Pounds Sterling
the present year & Three Pounds, the same currency during
the war  8 17 9
Mr. J. Paul, Three Pounds and Two Pounds annually during the
war  3   0 0
Hon. William Hazen, Esq. the same annually during the war  20   0 0
Charles Hazen, Esq ditto 5    0 0
Gab. DeVeber, Esq ditto 10    0 0
Thomas Menzie, Esq ditto 10   0 0
Colin Campbell, Esq  7 15 7
Mr. James Codner  8    0 0
A.B  3    0 0
York County
Hon. Isaac Allen, Esq. the same annually during the war  33 10 0
Lieut. Colonel Ellegood ditto 22   4 5J
Captain Lieut. Bartlet, Royal Engineers ditto 17 10 0
Mr. Brown, Assistant Surgeon General, Hospital New Brunswick.. 37 10 0
i The St. John Gazette. St. John, 1798. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Charlotte County
£. s. d.
Col. Hugh McKay—himself & part of the Militia, County Charlotte     121 13 8
Robt. Pagan, Esq         50   0 0
Mr. Ninian Lindley           6   0 0
Amount Currency £   772   4 9
Amount Sterling £   686   8 8
First Remittance £ 1228 17 4
Second   do       686   8 8
Total Remittance £ 1915   6 o
15th October, 1798.
Friday, November 2, 1798
Voluntary Subscriptions of the Light Infantry of York County
Militia, Transmitted to His Grace the Duke of Portland
£.   s. d.
Major Stephen Jarvis  15   0 0
Lieut. James Taylor  5   0 0
Lieut. Robert Smith  5    0 0
Sergeant John Cox  1 10 0
Sergeant Alward Harned  1    5 0
Corporal James Nichol  0 10 0
Corporal Ezekiel Slote  1    0 0
Benjamin Akely  0   5 0
Holdin Turner  0   5 0
Isaac Clarke  1    5 0
Jedediah Slason  2   0 0
Jesse Phips  2   0 0
Gabriel Vanhorn  1    0 0
Jasper Ruckle  2   0 0
John Booth  0 15 0
James Mclndoe  0 10. 0
Zenus Lincoln  1    0 0
James Picket  1   0 0
Cornelius Ackerman  1    0 0
Darius Dickinson  1    0 0
Daniel Bass  1    ° °
Nehemiah Beckwith  2   5 0
William Delaney, Jun  0   5 0
Matthias Sweam  0 10 0
Robert Odden  0   5 0
Francis Purdy  ° 15 °
John King  °   S °
Daniel Rivers  ° 10 I
£    49   0 0
Letter from the Duke of Portland to Lieut.-Gov. Carleton1
Whitehall (6) December 1798.
I have laid before the King Your Lettei
and numbers mentioned in the Margin.
You are already informed by my Letter of the 27th    s»Oti£ba
of July last, of the high sense Entertained by His Majesty n° 43. d°   d°
of the Zeal and Liberality, which His Province of New n° 45! is* d°
Brunswick has manifested by the Contributions they have *(endoreed 13*
raised for the purpose of co-operating with the Parent (but dated 17
State, in maintaining unimpaired and inviolate that happy
Constitution and order of things, to which, under Providence, We are indebted for the manifold blessings, enjoyed
by every part of the British Empire.
I have great satisfaction in having been made the
Instrument, by which the Province has given this distinguished proof of it's Energy and Public Spirit, and I send
you a Copy of the Receipt from the Bank of England for27th Nov-1798,
the Bills You transmitted me in behalf of the Province.
Dra* to Gen1 Carleton
Dec1 1798.
1 Public Archives, N. B. State Papers, Vol. A 11, Duke of Portland to Carleton. pp. 195-196. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 53
Friday, December 21, 1798
Voluntary Subscriptions of Capt. Daniel Micheau's Company of
King's County Militia, 11th November, 1798
£. s. d.
Capt. Daniel Micheau  3   o 0
Lieut. David Wetmore  2   0 0
Ensign Isaiah Smith  1 10 0
Sergeant Jessy Tabor  0   5 0
Sergeant Henry Wanamaker  0   5 0
William Oliver  10 0
William Wright  0 10 0
Humphrey Bull  0   5 0
Caleb M°Cready  0   5 0
James Fowler  0   5 0
John Beihn  0 10 0
Caleb Wetmore  0   5 0
John Jarvis  0 10 0
10 10   0
Voluntary Subscriptions of Capt. Rulof Rulofson's Company of
King's County Militia, 17th July, 1798
£. s. d.
Capt. Rulof Rulof son—and the same annually during the war  4   0 0
Lieut. Joseph Baxter  1    0 0
Sergt. John Adams—and 1 £ annually during the War  0 10 0
Sergt. Nathan Deforist  0   5 0
Sergt. Lun Frozee  0   5 0
JesseHoyt  0 10 0
James Ketchum  0 10 0
Thomas Fairweather, Jr  ° 10 °
Francis Bickill  0   5 0
David Scofield  0   5 0
Martin Fahy  0   7 6
Darling Whelpley  0   6 0
Charles Ketchum  ° 10 °
George Smith  °   5 Q
Henry Jackson  0   5 0
John Lee.                                                                                            •• J" J
Asa Hamilton  J   J J
Phillip Honsinger  0   2 6
.   '..-       £     11    6 0 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Friday, January 25, 1799
In the list of subscriptions of Capt. Rulofson's company, inserted in
our paper of the 21st ult. the following names were omitted.
Jonathan Shipman..
Sylvanus Hoyt, Jun
Daniel Davison	
Henry Stubert	
Levi Crawford	
Voluntary Subscriptions1
The following sums, subscribed by Capt. William Cox's Company of
King's County Militia, have been paid into the hands of John Robinson,
Esq. Paymaster to His Majesty's Forces in this Province.
£. s. d.
Capt. Wm. Cox  1    0 0
Samuel Scovil  1    0 0
Daniel Scovil  0 10 0
James Maphet  0 10 0
William Kerney  0 10 0
James Crawford  1    5 0
Gamaliel Northrup  0 10 0
Aaron Fowler  10 0
William Ketchum  0 10 0
Thomas Ketchum  0 10 0
William B. Hawes  0    5 0
Daniel Veal  0   5 0
Joseph Drew  0 10 0
Daniel Hatfield  1    0 0
Caleb Davis  0 15 0
Christopher Willowge  0    5 0
Jacob Hughson  0   5 0
Martin Ricker  0   3 0
John Holland  0    5 0
Thomas Spragg, annually during the war  3    0 0
Daniel Jenkins  0   5 0
£ 14   3 0
j The St. John Gazette, St. John, 1799. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 55
Friday, February 15, 1799
Continuation of Voluntary Contributions Remitted to His Grace
The  Duke  of  Portland,  by  His  Excellency  the Lieutenant
York County Currency
£. s. d.
Brevet Major Jarvis and his Company of York County Militia  49   0 0
Brevet Major Campbell and his Company of do. 49 19 3
Rev. Dr. J. Agnew, during the present War against the French per
annum .  5    0 0
Capt. Joseph Cunliff, during the present War per annum  5   0 0
Capt. Caleb Jones ditto 10   0 0
Capt. W. Stewart   do 5   0 0
Capt. John Davidson and his Company of York County Militia... 50   0 0
Capt. Andrew Phair & part of his Company of ditto 12   6 0
£ 177   5 3
City and County of St. John
Edward Sands, Esq. Captain Militia and Major of Brigade  50   0 0
Exempt Company, St. John Militia.
Captain Thomas Horsefield, during the present war, per annum... 20   0 0
Lieut. Hugh Johnson do. 10   0 0
Thomas Witmore, Esq do. 5   0 0
Christopher Sower, during the present war, per annum to the utmost
of his abilities, be it more or less  10   0 0
John Whiteman, during the present War, per ann  3   0 0
Nathaniel Golding do. 5    0 0
Thomas Bane do. 5    0 0
Monson Jarvis do. 10    0 0
Lawrence Dowling do. 10 0
William Clarke  8    1 0
£   127   0   0
Captain Colvill's Company of Militia Artillery of the County of St. John
John Colville  10   0 0
John Ward  10   0 0
Thomas Jennings  20   0 0
Arthur Dingwall  10   0 0
John Bentley  10   0 0
James Grigor  7 10 0
George Younghusband  10   0 0
William Roden  2 10 °
JamesLawton  2 10 0
John Dillon  0   2 6
Lewis Deblois '  2 10 °
Daniel Lovett  5   0 0
Thomas Lawton  5    0 0
Timothy Thomson  1    3
James Reid j  2   ° °
£ 98   5 10
N.B.—Exclusive of the above sum, £ 110 has been paid by different members of the
Company under the head of City and County of Saint John, in the second r
made, which makes the total amount that the Company has subscribed £ 2 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Captain William Metick's Company of St. John Militia
William Melick (and per annum during the War, two pounds six
shillings and eight pence)  2 17 4
Donald McKay (do. one pound five shillings and six pence)  110 4
George Kay (do. five shillings)     0 10 0
John Clarke (do. ten shillings)  0 10 0
John Stewart (do. seven shillings and six pence)  0   7 6
Thatcher Sears (do. one pound)  1    3 4
John Russell (do. one pound)  1    0 0
James Jourden (do. ten shillings)  0 10 0
William Kennedy  1    3 4
Thomas Sancton  1    3.4
Henry Gardner (and per annum during the War, two pounds six
shillings and eight pence)  2    6 8
William Elton  13 4
Henry Traphazer  0 10 0
Thomas Buston  0 10 0
John Melick (and per annum during the War, one pound three
shillings and four pence)  1 10 0
John Mitchell (do. ten shillings)  1    3 4
Joseph Nutting (do. ten shillings)  0 10 0
Duncan Robertson  0 10 0
Stephen Kent  0 15 0
One of the Company  0 10 0
George Harding (and per annum during the War, eleven shillings,
and eight pence)  1    3 4
Michael Hennigar  0 10 0
£ 21 16 10
Part of Capt. WUbour's Company of St. John Militia
John Brundage  4   0 0
Robert Stackhouse (per annum during the War)  1    0 0
Christopher Vaughan (do. 10 0
George Lean (do. 10 0
Jon. Mounday  0   5 0
Jarvis Ring  0    5 0
John Beem  0   5 0
George Gardner  1    0 0
£ 8 15 0
Capt. John Toole's Company of Saint John Militia
Capt. John Toole, during the War, per annum  3    0 0
Lieut. Thomas M'Mullin  10 0
Ensign Francis Watson, during the War, per annum  1    5 0
David Beveridge do. 2   0 0
James Murphy do. 0    5 0
Alexander M'Alpine do. 0   5 0
George Hewitt do. 0 10 0
William White do. 0 10 0
James Allen  0   5 0
John Day  0   5 0
Morris Whooten  1    0 0
£ 10   5 0 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
King's County
Capt. Micheau & his Company of King's County Militia..
Capt. Rulofson, and	
Capt. Cox and	
£     30 13   0
County of Northumberland
Lieut. Colonel Fraser and his Company of Northumberland Militia 45 14 2
Capt. M'Donald and his Company of do  29 10 0
Capt. Jacob Kollock's Company of do  9 13 9
Capt. Alexander Taylor, second remittance for his Company  5 10 0
Capt. Lufbury and his Company  16 2 6
Capt. Senior Kollock's, during the present War, per annum  5 11 1
John Carpenter, Esq  2 0 0
Robert Reid, Esq  1 0 0
Otho Robecleax Esq  10 0
Thomas Savoy  0 15 0
Michael Allen  0 15 0
Joseph Savoy  0 10 0
Peter Savoy *;  0 5 0
Francis Bieux  0 2 6
118   9   0
County of Charlotte
Capt. Hatch and his Independent Company of St. Andrew's Militia 112   0 0
Doctor John Califf, during the present War, with France, per annum 22   4 5
Colonel Mackay, further subscriptions of the Militia of the County
of Char  56   0 0
£ 190   4 5
Currency  780 14 3
Sterling  702 12 10
1st Remittance  1228 17 4
and       do  695   0 0
Total Remitted  2628 10 2
Voluntary Contributions to be added to the third remittance, received
since sending the List to the Press.
County of Sunbury
Exempt Company of Militia  65   9 2
Major DeVeber, and part of his Company of do  11   4 0
Captain Harding, and do  20 12 6
Captain Camp, and do  12^16 6
Captain Hathaway, and do	
Captain Clark, and do  °   ° °
Part of Capt. Smith's Troop of Horse..
Company of Boys.. 58 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Friday, March 8, 1799
Continuation of Subscriptions for Carrying on the War
King's County
Capt. Joseph Britain's Company
£. s. d.
Captain Joseph Britain  5 0 0
Nathaniel Gorum  0 5 0
Isaac Corso  0 5 0
William Laskey  0 5 0
Nathaniel Laskey  0 5 0
Thomas Flewelling  0 5 0
Joseph M'Kiel  0 5 0
John Crabb, Junr  0 5 0
Peter Lingley  0 5 0
Joseph French  0 5 0
Lawrence Neal  0 5 0
John Crabb, Senr  0 5 0
Thomas Trott  0 5 0
Hugh Brown  0 5 0
Cornelius Way  0 5 0
Jonathan Whelpley  0 5 0
£ 8 15 0
Hampton, King's County
Capt. Isaac Perry's Company
Isaac Perry  2   0 0
Seth Benson ,  2    0 0
Asher Codington  0 10 0
David Hutchins  0 10 0
William Harris  0 10 0
John Prince  0 10 0
James Hornsted  0 15 0
Charles M'Man  0    2 6
Isaac Perkins  0   5 0
Jacob Thomas  0   2 6
£       7    5    0
Friday, April 26, 1799
Col. John Coffin of this Province, is appointed a Brigadier-General,
to command on the Newfoundland station.
Dorchester, 24th July, 1798
PD We, the Subscribers belonging to Capt. William Scott's company of
the Westmorland Militia, willing to contribute in aid of the National
means for prosecuting the present War, do promise to pay the several
sums annexed to our respective names on or before the 1st day of September
next, into the hands of the said William Scott, to be transmitted to the
Military Chest of this Province.
£. s.  d.
William Scott  4   0   0
Malcolm Wilmot  3   0   0
William Sinton, Esq  2    0    0 John Lutz	
Donald M'Donald
Paul LeBlong	
William O'Brian...
William Nodings...
Christopher Steves.
Michael Nodings..
Charles Lewis	
Christian Trites...
Francis LeBlong...
Jacob Trites	
John Johns	
Charles White	
Peter White	
Lewis Govang	
Jacob Wortman...
Alexander Duncan.
A. Tibedo	
Charles Cane	
Henry Johns	
Robert Smith	
Ichabod Lewis	
Frederick Babcock,
John Wortman....
Joseph Surat	
John LeBlong	
Charles LeShare...
Michael LeBlong..
John Babino	
Peter Bushway	
Michael Govang...
John Briggs	
John Gold	
Andrew Summers..
Frederick Steves...
Abraham Trites....
Captain Samuel Hallett's Company of King's County Militia
Capt. Samuel Hallett	
Lieut. George Morton	
Ensign Thomas Ainsley	
William M'Leod	
Alexander Hutchinson	
John Harrington	
Joseph Birney	
John Patterson	
Charles Foster •	
William Forse	
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Carleton to the Duke of Portland1
Fredericton, New Brunswick
0th May 1799.
My Lord.
I have received Your Grace's Letter N° 27 (of the 6th^t^»f1t7h9e9Treasury
Decern' last) inclosing a Receipt from the Bank of England £°9i. .7. .9.
for the Bills which I had transmitted in September and Jn°jDavMson on
October, in part of the Voluntary Subscriptions of this 26* jan» 1799
Province; and I have now the satisfaction of transmitting
a third parcel of Bills, specified in the Margin, amounting MS£™Sjohn0&
to £1083. .4. .2| Sterling, in further discharge of the Same^^^g
Subscriptions, of which there are but few now remaining£1000°-
unpaid, & these, I suppose, are owing not to any abatement Tho» carleton on
of Zeal, but to a want of ability to make good their intended 5* Feb* 1799
contributions. °'0'0"
John Caleff on
The flattering Terms in which Your Grace has noticed {ruf^V1^*
this instance of "Energy and public spirit" in this infant £20.0.0.
Colony, and which I have thought it expedient to publish, jn° Robinson'on
cannot fail to be received with peculiar satisfaction by 22^Sct^i798en'
the loyal Inhabitants of this Province. £45.0.0.
D° D° 27* Oct 1798
I have the honor to be £44.2.0.
Your Grace's most obedient v^^Sb^ ^mon
and most humble Servant out of his Half-Pay
yearly During the War
10th Oct' 1798
His Grace
The Duke of Portland
&c. &c. &c.
New Brunswick.    6th May 1799
L* Gen1 Carleton
R/. 29th June.   Answd 18th July
(9 inclosures)2
12, Carleton to Duke of Portland, p. 31.
>f various sums by bank officials in England, pp. 1, 49, 102, REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 61
Friday, May 10, 1799
Fredericton, New-Brunswick
29th April, 1799
Voluntary Contributions Received and Remitted Since the last
list published1
County of York
£. s.  d.
Lieut. Colonel John Barbarie, York County Militia         10   0   0
Capt. Lawrence and part of his Company York County Militia         17 18   4
Late Capt. Cooper and part of his Company of do.       10   2   6
Captain Willis and part of his Company of do.        14 11 10
Captain Stair Agnew on the Half-Pay         10   0   0
Captain William Bailey do.       10   0   0
Captain Peter Clements do.       10   0   0
Capt. Benjamin Griffith do.       10   0   0
Mr. David M'Gibbon do. 4   0   0
Mr. Leonard Reed do. 4   0   0
N.B.—Capt. James French and Capt. Alexander M'Lean, on the Half-Pay, subscribed
10 £ each in Brevet Major Campbell's Company of York County Militia.
Northumberland County
Captain Powell, and part of his Company of Militia  7 0 0
Sunbury County
Capt. Smith, Sunbury County Militia  5 0 0
The late Capt. Clowes on the Half-Pay  15 0 0
Capt. Wilmot on do. 8 0 0
Ab. Palmer of Captain Harding's Company Militia  0 15 0
Queens County
Colonel James Peters himself, and part of his Regiment Militia ...        91    5   0
County of Westmorland
Captain Stephen Millidge himself, and part of his Cadet Company       110   0
County of Charlotte
Robert Pagan, Esq         25   0   0
County of Kings
Capt. Scott, and his Company of King's County Militia         1812   6
Capt. Hallett, and his Company of do.        11 15   0
Currency £• 294   0   2
Sterling £• 264 12   0
Total of the whole remitted, Sterl £.3013   5   4
This being the third Remittance of Voluntary Contributions from this
Province, those Gentlemen whose Subscriptions are yet in arrear, are
requested to pay the same as soon as possible to such persons in their
respective districts as are authorized to receive them, in order that the
whole Remittances may be completed within the Year, for which the
Subscriptions have been made, which closes the 24th June next.
« St. John Gazette, St. John, 1799. 62 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Friday, July 12, 1799
Fredericton, New-Brunswick
2d July, 1799
Queen's County
£. s. d.
Colonel James Peters on account of his Regiment         60   0 0
N.B.—The above sum should have been inserted the 29th April last, but by mistake
was left in the Military Chest;  it is now remitted.
Charlotte County
Colonel Hugh Mackay, being part of the balance due on sundry
Subscription lists in that County for the Year 1798 £.    20 10 0
Currency        80 10 0
Sterling £.    72   9 0
Total of the whole remitted, Sterling £.3085 14 4
Tuesday, September 10, 1799
Queen's County Militia
Voluntary Subscriptions for the Support of the War, Received and
Paid into the Military Chest for 1798, viz.
£. s. d.
Colonel James Peters         20   0 0
Lieut. Col. Thomas Wetmore, (paid in St. John)           5   0 0
Captain Tisdale           1    5 0
Lieutenant Gilbert           10 0
AlpheusPine           2    0 0
John Townsend           1    0 0
Izac Birdsall           1    0 0
Benjamin Birdsall           10 0
David Curry            1    0 0
Archilaus Purdy           1    0 0
David Cowperthwaite           1    0 0
James Cowperthwaite           1    0 0
Lot Newcomb           1    5 0
Benjamin Newcomb           0   5 0
Jarvis Ring           0    5 0
David Morris           0 12 6
Elias Clarke           0 10 0
Samuel Wood           0   5 0
Israel Wood           0 15 0
Barnet Manzor           0 10 0
John Titus           0 10 0
John Clarke           0    5 0
Thomas Clarke           0 10 0
Joseph Clarke           0   5 0
£.    41    2 6- REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Captain Golding's Company1
. £. s. d.
Captain Golding  2 10 0
Lieutenant John Colvill, an Ensign on half-pay  5   0 0
\/Ensign James Gerow  1    0 0
Stephen Golding  \    q q
VIsaac Veal  0 10 0
Vjohn Delong  0   5 0
VStephen Smith  \   q q
VAaron Clarke  0 10 0
■y/Elisha Clarke  10 0
Adam Boyls  1 10 o
VRobert Boyle  0   5 0
VBenjamin Clarke  0 10 0
VSamuel Nechlan  0   5 0
VJabez Clarke  0   5 0
VThomas Golding  0 10 0
VIsaac Clarke  0   5 0
£. 16   5 0
Captain Leonard's Company
Captain Leonard  1    5 0
Ensign Holland  1    0 0
Daniel M'Grigor  1    5 0
George Wilson  0 10 0
Robert Angus  0 10 0
Gilbert Dyckman  0   5 0
Jacob Dyckman  0    5 0
William Springer  0 10 0
Silas Garrison  0   5 0
Alexander M'Farson  0 10 0
John Thurston  0 10 0
John Yeomans  1    0 0
£. 7 15 0
Captain Smith's Company
Captain Smith  2   0 0
-v/Lieutenant Elisha Case  1   0 0
VJohn Shaw  1 10 0
Benjamin Applebee  0   5 0
VGarrett Van Wart  0    6 6
VWilliam Van Wart  0 10 0
JohnWorden  0   6 0
VArchilaus Carpenter, jun  0 10 0
Ellison M'Donald  0    5 0
John Rob  0   5 0
JamesBulyea  0 10 0
VGeorge Case  0    5 0
Samuel Cane  0    7 6
Thomas Carpenter  ° 10 °
VDavis Mersereau  0   5 0
VJoseph Bulyea  jj   J 0
John M'Daniels  6 3
John Lunnan	
""^Those with this mark V are only for the year 1798. all the rest are during the present War. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
0   7   6
John Shaw, jun	
Paul Mercereau  0   5 0
Henry Day  0    5 0
£. 10   8 9
Captain Brill's Company
VCaptain Brill  1    0 0
VLieutenant Stillwell  1    0 0
VEnsign Marshall  1    0 0
VAndrew Smart  4   0 0
VJacob Wiggins  1    0 0
VLewis Powell  1    0 0
VJohn Sypher  0 10 0
VThomas Bridgman  0   7 0
VJohn Soward  0    2 0
VJohn Doves  0    5 0
VAlexander Miller  0 10 0
VEbenezer Stone  0   5 0
VLodowick Sypher  0 10 0
VJames Hunter  0    5 0
VSamuel Austin  0   5 0
VDavid Sypher  0    5 0
VWilliam Clark  0 10 0
VSamuel Denton  0   5 0
VGersham Clarke  0   5 0
VWilliam Bridgman  0 10 0
VJacob Brill  0 10 0
VIsrael Powell  0 10 0
VJohn Handselpacker  0   5 0
VAlexander Boyn  0   5 0
VAlexander Clarke  0 10 0
£. 15 14 0
Captain Thome's Company
Captain Thorne  2    0 0
VLieut. Joseph Hewlett (received since 7th March last)  2    0 0
VEnsign Peters  2    0 0
VJonathan Mott  2    0 0
VColes Carpenter  2   0 0
VMarcus Peters  1    0 0
George Henry  10 0
VJohn Walson  1    0 0
James Henry  10 0
John P. Lawson  1    0 0
VHenry Sharp  0    5 0
John Holder  0    5 0
Jeremiah Nickerson  0   5 0
VRobert Jackson  0   5 0
VLeonard Slip  o 10 0
VObadiah Akerly  0    5 0
Charles McCalpin  0   5 0
James Eston  0   5 0
William Carameron  0   5 0
Thomas Davison  Q    5 0
17 15   0 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Captain Tyrrel's Company £. s. d.
VLieut. Branscomb  i    q q
VEnsign Major  1    0 0
VPatrick Oberon  0   5 0
VAndrew Barton  0    5 0
VNathaniel Branscomb  0   5 0
VAlexander Reice  0    5 0
Thomas Fitzgerald  0   5 0
William Bisset  0   5 0
VRoger Barton  0 10 0
VWilliam Barton  0    5 0
VSamuel Reynolds  0    5 0
VJohn Miller  0    5 0
VAndrew Miller  0   5 0
VThomas Patten  0   5 0
VAbraham Young  1    0 0
VWilliam Elsworth  1    0 0
VBenjamin Elsworth ;  0    5 0
VEdward Gardner  0    5 0
VJohn A. Lawson  0    5 0
VLawrence McMahon  0   5 0
VJohn Albright, jun  0    5 0
VAlexander Black  0 10 0
VWilliam Benson  0    5 0
VJoshua Lomereaux, junr  0    5 0
VJoshua Lomereaux  0   5 0
£. 9 15 0
Captain Babbitt's Company
Captain Babbitt  2   0 0
Ensign R. S. Clarke  10 0
Reuben Vail  2    0 0
Nathaniel Vail  2   0 0
Valentine H. Peters  2    0 0
Edward Coy  1    0 0
Jerewiah Johnston  0   5 0
Samuel Thorne  0 10 0
Norman Harbey  0    5 0
£. 11    0 0
David Coy  0 10 0
Benjamin Coy  ° 1° °
Daniel Babbitt, jun •  ° 1° °
Samuel R. Clarke  ° 15 °
Stephen Potter  °    5 °
£. 13 10 0
Exempts, or Persons not enrolled in the Militia
VThe Revd. Mr. Richard Clarke  4   ° °
Justus Earle, Esq. Lieutenant on half-pay  10    0 0
Samuel Dickinson, Esq  6    ° °
Dr. John F. W. Stickels  4   Jj J
Archilaus Carpenter, Esq  ^10 0
John Yeomans, Esq	
Zebulon Easty, Esq  J   u
£. 33 10 0
£. 165 15 3  REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 67
Vide Letter to the Treasury, War Office & Mr Duntze, the Agent for S*
John's the—Feby. 1799.
(One Inclosure)
Enclosure in Letter of 8th October 1798 (N° 30) Fanning to Portland1
A List of Voluntary Contributions Entered into by the Officers of
His Majesty's Government, in the Island of Saint John. Entered into
June 18th 1798.
£  s.  d.
Major General Edmund Fanning Lieutenant Governor, onel
Quarter of his Salary (being his whole income) the present I
Year.    And half his Salary £250 Sterling every succeeding) 5    °    °
year during the War j
Peter Stewart Esqr Chief Justice and £5 pr. Ann. during the War.        15    0   0
Thomas Desbrisay Esquaire, Secretary & Registrar & Clerk ofl
His Majesty's Council J 15    0    0
And £5 every year after during the War.
William Townshend Esqr, one half of his  Salary for the present1
Year as Collector of His Maj**8 Customs J        25    0    0
And one Third of his Salary as Collector of Customs annually
during the War.
Fort Major Charles Lyons, One Quarter of his Salary for this Year.l
and Annually during the War J        25    0    0
Henry Widmore Perry Esqr. Commissary of Stores of War, one!
Quarters Salary to commence the 25th of this present month of \       40   0    0
June 1798 & annually during the War j
The Rev. Theophilus Desbrisay Chaplain         15    0   0
John Webster out of his Half Pay as Assistant Commissary in thel
Island Saint John J 5    0    0
William Winter Provost Marshal Twenty pounds per Annuml
during the War J        20   0   0
In Maj.  Gen1 Fannings of 8th Octr
s, P. E. I. State Papers, Vol. A 14, Fannin;
o Duke of Portland (enclosure), j 68 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
List of Prince Edward Island Subscribers1
Island St. John, 16th June 1798.
WE the Officers of His Majesty's Island of St. John Volunteers, being
deeply impressed with a Strong and lively sense of the present critical and
alarming situation of our Country, which calls for the utmost exertions of
all ranks and orders of Men, to furnish every aid in their power towards
its defence and safety, and towards the Security of all that is dear to us in
existence—Do therefore hereby agree to contribute a Voluntary aid,
towards the support of Government, and the pressing exigencies of the
State, by the immediate payment of the Sums annexed to our respective
Subscriptions-—The Money to be paid into the hands of such Person at
Halifax, as Lieutenant-General His Royal Highness Prince EDWARD, may
be pleased to authorize and direct the same.
Nova-Scotia Currency
Robert Gray, Captain  50   0 0
John Stewart,      do  15    0 0
John Macdonald, Lieutenant  6    0 0
Charles Stewart,        do  10   0 0
Alexander Smyth,      do  4   0 0
James Colledge, Lieut, and Adj  10    0 0
Robert Hodgson, Ensign  3 10 0
Peter Macgowan,     do  7 10 0
Robert Lee, Quartermaster  5    0 0
Alexander Gordon, Assistant Surg  10   0 0
121    0   0
d 484 Spanish Dollai
The Non commissioned officers, and private men of His Majesty's
Island St. John's Volunteers, being desirous of following the
laudable example of His Majesty's troops in Great-Britain,
and other parts of His Majesty's dominions have Voluntarily
subscribed £
le and Nova Scotia Advertiser, August 21, 1798. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Letter from the Duke of Portland to Lieut.-Gov. Fanning1
Whitehall, 17th January
Draft to
Major General Fanning
I have received and laid before The King Your Letters numbered
from 26 to 32, inclusive.
With respect to those which relate to Mr Aplin's Conduct, I have only
to refer you to my Dispatches on that subject of the 27th July and 2d
Nov* last.
I congratulate you on the Zeal and Loyalty which have been so
eminently manifested by the Inhabitants of the Island of S* John, in the
very liberal and extensive Contributions, which they have made in aid
of Government in Carrying on the present War. Such a proof of their
Attachment to the Parent State, and to the cause for which we are contending, is highly satisfactory to His Majesty and no less honorable to themselves.—I will not fail to give directions for stopping the Salaries of each
Subscriber in the manner You desire.
I have submitted to the consideration of the Lords of His Majesty's
Privy Council, the Bills enclosed in your Letter N° 32.
Draft to
Major General Fanning
January 1799.
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Fanning to Duke of Portland1
(N° 36.)
Prince Edward Island
15th June 1799.
My Lord Duke
It is with the liveliest impression of duty and Gratitude that I
acknowledge the Honor of Your Grace's Public Dispatch N° 9, most
obligingly communicating to me, His Majesty's Gracious approbation of
the Zeal and Loyalty manifested by the Inhabitants of this Island, by their
Voluntary Contributions in aid of Government in carrying on the present
Viewing the cause, My Lord Duke, for which the Parent State is
contending, as being most Emphatically, and in the fullest sense and
Import of the Classical Phrase "pro Aris et Focis". I have only to lament
that my Salary is not greater, and that I have not the means of Existence
without retaining a part of it, while it is my wish to Contribute the Whole.
I have the Honor to be, with the greatest Deference and Respect
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's,
Most obedient, and
most Humble Servant,
His Grace
The Duke of Portland
&c. &c. &c.
Prince Edward Island. 15. June 1799.
Maj. Gen1 Fanning
R/. 30 July
by the Jane Packet
Ansd 3d Sep*
o Duke of Portland, p LOWER CANADA
Formation of Subscription Committee1
The Province of Canada
Montreal, 29th May, 1799.
At a Meeting of Sundry Inhabitants of the City of Montreal, at Dillon's
Hotel, it was Refolved:—
That the paternal regard of our Auguft Sovereign to the fafety, honor
and profperity of all his fubjects, is a truth fo obvious that to contradict
it would argue more than ignorance in this enlightened age.
That His Majefty's Minifters and Councils actuated by the royal
example have unremitingly attended to the welfare of this diftant part of
the Britifh Empire.
That while we contemplate with gratitude the difpenfations of
Providence in our favor, the fecurity we have hitherto enjoyed in our
perfons and property, under the protection of our Mother Country now
nobly exerting her force to oppofe the enemies of religion national liberty
and good government, we confider it as our duty to aid according to our
abilities, our generous protectors for which purpofe there be opened a
Subfcription at Dillon's Hotel, to which we invite our Loyal Fellow
Subjects to fubfcribe what their fenfe of duty, and their own abilities
may dictate, the fame to be collected on or before the firft day of October
next.—And it is hoped that every friend to rational freedom, good order
and morality will feel an intereft the in fuccefs of the undertaking.
James Perry Five Pounds,
B. Gibb Twenty Pounds,
Thomas Prior Five Pounds,
Gwyn Radford annually during the war
Five Pounds,
Richard Dillon Five Pounds,
Samuel Langley Four Pounds
John Hybart Two Pounds
Duncan Fifher Five Pounds,
James M'Dowall Five Pounds,
Jacob Kuhn Five Pounds,
Ebenr. Sanford Five Pounds,
Jofeph Hall Five Pounds,
Jofeph Chapman Two Pounds
Kenneth Walker Five Pounds
James Hyle Five Pounds,
Monfeigneur   Pierre   Denaut,   Evlque
de Quebec Fifty Pounds.
Peter Butler Twenty Shillings,
Lawrence Le Moin Forty Shillings
Francis Mellim Forty Shillings
John Plate, Efq. Ten Guineas,
Jacob Marfton Five Pounds
William G. Pell Forty Shillings
John Wafton Forty Shillings
James Gilbert One Guinea,
John Moffes Twenty Shillings
Thomas Bufby Two  Pounds Ten
William Martin Annually during the
war Twenty Pounds.
John Brooke Annually during the war
Ten Guineas.
Robert Hog Five Pounds.
The Committee have deputed Richard Dillon to act as Treafurer,
and to pay over fuch monies as he may receive, to Louis Genevay, Efq. of
Montreal, whom His Excellency the Governor has been pleafed to appoint
to receive the fame.
The Lift of Subfcribers will be continued.
1 The Quebec Gazette, June 2( 72 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Prescott to the Duke of Portland1
N° 109
Quebec 26th June 1799.
My Lord,
I have the Pleasure to inform Your Grace, that Voluntary Subscriptions have lately been set on foot in this Province, towards supporting
the just and necessary War in which His Majesty is Engaged.
I have the Honor to enclose Copies of the Papers that have been
handed to me on the Subject from Montreal, and this Place, together
with Copies of the Letters which I directed to be written in Answer thereto.
I have the Honor to be
My Lord
His Grace Your Grace's Most Obedient
The Duke of and most humble Servant
Portland RQBt PRESC0TT
P.S.—Since the above was written, I have received by the Post of
this Day, an Account of a similar Subscription being opened at Sorel,
a Copy of which I have likewise the Honor to enclose herewith.
Quebec 26th June 1799.
General Prescott.
R/ 13. Septemr
By the Mary Packet
N° 109
(3 inclosures)
Copy Montreal 30th May 1799.
May it please Your Excellency,
On Wednesday Evening last a number of Tradesmen, Inhabitants of
Montreal met at Dillon's Hotel for the purpose of opening a public subscription to strengthen the Hands of Government, payable the first day
of October next.
It was unanimously Resolved, that the Amount of the said Subscription be at the disposal of Your Excellency.
As a Committee depicted by the Meeting, we solicit Your Excellency
to be pleased to depicte some Person to receive the same.
We humbly submit the Business to Your Excellency's superior wisdom
and Goodness.
' Public Archives, Series Q, Vol. 82, Prescott to the Duke of Portland, ! REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 73
We beg permission with all possible respect to subscribe ourselves
Your Excellency's Obliged, Obedient Servants.
(signed) Gwyn Radford.   Secy
P-S-—Twenty Persons have subscribed upwards of £100
His Excellency
Robert Prescott Esqr
Governor General &c. &c.
In Genl Prescott's N° 109
To the Duke of Portland
[Preamble to the Quebec Subscription]
We whose names are hereunto subscribed being truly sensible of the
Happiness and tranquillity we enjoy under the mild dominion of Our Most
Gracious Sovereign and the protection of our Mother Country & having
witnessed the public spirit and liberality, with which animated by the
Royal example all ranks and descriptions of His Majesty's Faithful Subjects in every Quarter of the Globe have come forward by private contribution to support the common cause of the human race—A Contest on the
termination of which it depends whether the comfort & advantages resulting
from Religion, Freedom and Social Order are to be continued to Mankind,
or whether under the specious lures of liberty & equality they are to become
the Victims of despotism & oppression.
And being desirous of assisting in the glorious struggle which should
it please Providence to crown by a successful issue cannot fail to secure
to the British Government the gratitude of Millions yet unborn throughout
the civilized world have agreed to contribute the sum affixed to our
respective names in aid of the general cause & to pay the same on or before
the fifteenth day of October next into the hands of His Majesty's Receiver
General to be disposed of as His Majesty shall be pleased to direct.
And We also of the more laborious class having just emerged from the
disadvantages of a long and rigorous Winter & being about to make
provision for that which is to ensue do now for the first time experience
an additional Mortification in being unable to testify our Zeal in a manner
suitable to our wishes, at the same time trusting that our humble mite
contributed with cheerfulness will be favourably accepted as a pledge
of our affection to a most benevolent Sovereign & of Attachment to our
most free and excellent Constitution.
Quebec June 24th 1799.
We whose names are hereunto subscribed being desirous of testifying
our Zeal to His Majesty's Government, and our Attachment to the Common Cause for which our fellow Subjects are now contending in different
Parts of the Globe have agreed to open a general subscription for this
District in support of the public cause, in which we doubt not but we shall
meet with the hearty co-operation of His Majesty's Faithful Subjects of
all descriptions; we do therefore request you, Sir, to give public notice
that a Subscription is opened for the purposes aforesaid, & that contributions will be received at the Receiver Genl" Office every morning between
the hours of ten and twelve until the 15th of October next.
We are, Sir, with due Regard
Your very Obedient Servants
Jas Shepherd Esqr
Sheriff of the
District of Quebec.
(Signed) Wm OSGOODE
endorsed: Copy—
Subscription opened at Quebec
for the Support of the War
24 June 1799
In Gneral Prescott's
N° 109
To the Duke of Portland
of 26th June 1799 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Castle of S* Lewis
Quebec 24th June
I have had the honor of laying before His Excellency the Governor the
papers, you had the goodness to enclose relative to the setting on foot
a Voluntary Subscription, towards the support of the just and necessary
War in which our Gracious Sovereign is Engaged for the Protection and
Security of his People, and for the preservation of the Civilized world
from that Ruin with which it is menaced. And I am commanded to
express to you His Excellency's sincere thanks for the Communication
of a Measure so congenial to the wishes which His Excellency has long
cherished in his heart, and which he is pleased to view with the highest
approbation, satisfaction and pleasure.
I have the honor to be with great respect, Sir,
Sir George Pownall
Endorsed—In General Prescott's
No. 109.
To the Duke of Portland
n. o. & v. h. s.
(signed) S. GALE.
The Quebec Subscription Approved and Advertised1
In conformity to the foregoing letter to me addreffed2, I do hereby
give public notice that a General Subfcription for this Diftrict is opened
for the purpofes therein contained; and that contributions will be received
at the Receiver General's Office every morning between the hours of ten
and twelve, until the fifteenth day of October next.
Quebec, 27th June, 1799.
JA: SHEPHERD, Sheriff.
In confequence of the propofal for a Voluntary Subfcription as advertised in this Day's paper by Mr. Sheriff Shepherd being previoufly fub-
mitted to His Excellency the Governor, by three Gentlemen named to
wait on His Excellency therewith—His Excellency was pleafed to defire
to have a copy of the preamble agreed upon, to be inferted at the head of
the General Subfcription book, as alfo of the letter addreffed to the Sheriff
of Quebec, on this fubject—when His Excellency was pleafed to condefcend
to caufe his approbation to be fignified as in the following letter from his
William-Henry or Sorel Subscription1
At a Meeting of the Loyal Inhabitants of the Borough of William
Henry, and of the Parish of Sorel, for the purpose of contributing towards
defraying the Expence of His Majesty's Service in the present War.
Resolved, that the British is the most liberal and virtuous Government
this day upon Earth.
Resolved, that Great Britain is a Defender of the liberties, Civil and
Religious, of all Christendom.
Resolved, that in the present War Great Britain is the grand support
of order, justice, virtue, Religion and Rational Liberty throughout
the World.
Resolved, that the People of Lower and Upper Canada enjoy all the
Blessings of the British Government, and of all the Royal Favor,
without feeling any part of the Burthen of their Fellow Subjects
in England.
Resolved, that it is the Indispensable Duty of every good Subject in
Canada to contribute all he can towards defraying the Expence
of his Majesty's present Service.
Resolved, that we of this Borough and Parish will contribute to the
utmost of our Abilities towards defraying the Expenses aforesaid:
in doing which we hope for the concurrence of all our Loyal
Fellow Subjects & Countrymen.
And therefore
We the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Borough of William Henry, and
of the Parish of Sorel, Do voluntarily agree and oblige ourselves to pay
the several Sums annexed to our respective names, towards defraying the.
Expence of His Majesty's Service in the present most Important War.
John Dotty [Rev.]
£10 Sterling, per
During the War
i the 24th
James Sawers
£5         do
To commence on the 1st
October next
Christopher [Carter]
£5         do
James Walker
£ 2 for one year
Robert Jones
£10 per annum
During the War
To commence o
i the 24th
William Agnew
£ 5 per annum
Adam Graves
£ 8 Sterling per
Willm Johnson Holt
£5         do
Patrick Smyth
£6.6     do
To   commence
January next
on    5th
ic Archives, Seri REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
William Nelson
£ 2 per annum
During the War
To  commence  on   1st
Henry Crebassa
£2         do
October next
James Shaw
5/      do
Alexander Bissett
£2         do
Joseph Powell
£2         do
Godfry Siebert
£ 1        do
George Bramley
£2         do
Adam Hartline
£1.10   do
John Dan1 Dorge
£ 3 for one year
James Sea
10/       do
Andrew Forrester
15/       do
Andrew Schaltz
5/       do
During the War
To commence on 1st
October next
Christopher Kellermyer
5/       do
Francis Moor
2/6     do
Richard Warren
5/       do
Anthony Willment
5/       do
John Hall
2/6     do
David Stuart
2/6     do
Robert Petticrew
5/       do
Henry Catchpack
5/      do
Patrick Burke
2/6     do
Donald M°Intosh
5/       do
John Mabus
5/       do
Nicholas Weaver
2/6     do
Henry Bracken
2/6     do
John Fredk Gardner
7/6     do
James Leach
10/       do
John Infield
5/      do
John Driver
2/6     do
Edmund Purcell
2/6     do
N.B.—The Revd Mr Martel Cure of this Parish in conjunction with
the Captains of Militia, Charles Milliet, Pierre Cornoyer, Alexis Cardin,
and Baptiste Liencour, having very freely engaged to carry the above
Subscription through the Parish in General, we hope their zealous endeavours will be attended with success.    In the meantime,
Resolved—that these Proceedings be presented to His Excellency
the Governor in Chief, together with the following Address in
the name of the Subscribers, viz*
To His Excellency Robert Prescott Esquire, Captain General and Governor
in Chief in and over the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, Vice
Admiral of the same, General and Commander in Chief of all His Majesty's
Forces in the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, New
Brunswick and their several Dependencies and in the Island of Newfoundland &c. &c. &fc.
May it please Your Excellency
The Inhabitants of the Borough of William Henry and of the Parish
of Sorel, who have made the preceding Subscription, do humbly pray,
that Your Excellency will be pleased to report the same to His Majesty's 78 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Ministers, and to appoint such person or Persons in this Borough to be
Trustees for the Receipt of the Monies subscribed, as in Your Excellency's
wisdom shall be approved.
This Contribution, though small, we most humbly tender as the offering of a Loyal People; And we assure Your Excellency, that we shall never
be wanting, to the extreme of our Power, in the Duty we owe to our August
and Gracious Sovereign, our Country, Constitution and Laws.
We have the honor to subscribe for Ourselves and Associates
William Henry
22d June 1799.
In General Prescotts
No. 109
To the Duke of Portland
of 26. June 1799
The Governor's Acknowledgement1
Upon which the following Anfwer was written (by His Excellency's
Command) to the Committee who figned the faid Addrefs, viz.
Quebec, 26th June, 1799.
I am commanded by the Governor to acknowledge the receipt of the
Refolutions and Addrefs tranfmitted by you on the 22d Inftant, relative
to a voluntary contribution towards the fupport of the war in which our
Gracious Sovereign is engaged for the protection of his people, and for the
prefervation of the Religion, Laws and liberties of mankind.
And I am further commanded to fignify to you and your Affociates
the very high approbation and fatisfation with which His Excellency is
pleafed to view the loyalty and zeal of His Majefty's faithful fubjects of
the Borough of William Henry and Parifh of Sorel, with which (I have the
pleafure to inform you) the Inhabitants of the other parts of the Province
likewife concur.
Conformably to your requeft His Excellency is pleafed to nominate
the Revd. Mr. John Doty and James Sawers, Efq. to be truftees for the
receipt of the money fubfcribed in your Borough and Parifh, to be by
them tranfmitted to His Majefty's Receiver General at Quebec.
I have the honor to be Gentlemen,
Your most obedient humble fervant.
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Milnes to the Duke of Portland1
Quebec l8t March 1800.
My Lord.
I have great satisfaction in transmitting to your Grace, a List of the
Voluntary subscriptions which have been paid into the hands of the
Receiver General of this Province towards enabling His Majesty to carry
on the present War, together with a Bill of Exchange for the amount;
also a List of the Sums which have been subscribed at Montreal & remitted
from thence by the Subscribers themselves. Although the whole collectively
is not an object of great magnitude, I believe it to be very fairly proportioned to the means of the Subscribers, and I have no doubt but the Spirit
they have shewn on this occasion will produce a good Effect here, and be
considered by His Majesty as a mark of their sincere attachment to his
Person and Government.
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your Grace's
most obedient & most humble Servant
His Grace the Duke of Portland &c &c &c
Endorsed: Quebec lBt Febry 1800
Lieut Gov1 Milnes
Rd 25th June N° 18
Ansd 12th July
3 Inclosures.
i Public Archiv
ts Q, Vol. 84, Milnes b
:e of Portland, with ei PUBLIC ARCHIVES
List of Voluntary Subscriptions Received by Henry Caldwell Esqr
Receiver General
J. Quebec1	
Wm Osgoode	
George Pownall	
Henry Caldwell	
George M. Taylor during the war pr. an.
A. Jerome Raby d°	
George Heriot	
Charles De Lery	
Jn. Blackwood during the war per annum
William Burns do	
Le Seminaire de Quebec	
I. A. Panet	
William Grant	
John Wurtle	
Wm Boutillier, during the war pr. Ann
Peter Beatson do..
Jucherau Duchenay do..
James Grossman	
Henry Brown	
Antoine Nadeau	
Robt. Lester during the War p
Le coadjuteur de Quebec2 do..
Samuel Holland,             do	
J. Williams                    do	
Francois Baby	
Monto & Bell	
X. Lenaudiere	
David De Montmollin	
William Roxburgh	
Monr De Guise Cure" a S. Michel	
Monsr Villade, cure" a St. Marie	
Mess8 Desjardins frSres	
John Nairne	
John McCord	
.    Thomas Allison	
'This stands for Rev. Jacob Mountain, Anglican I
*Abbe and later Mgr J. 0. Plessis.
ishop of Quebec. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940
Josias Wartele (Wurtle)	
Mons. Derome, curd a Charelbourg, during the war p. an...
James Frost, during the war p. an	
Jean Marie Verraud, curd a St. Thomas	
Antoine Rinfret curd au Sault St. Loui	
Monsr-Deschenau curd a l'anciene Lorete	
James Shepherd	
Thomas Aston Coffin	
S. H. Mountain	
Johnston & Purss	
Jacques Panet, curd de Lislet	
Bernard Panet, curd a la Riviere Ouelle	
Mons. Roy, curd a St. Charles during the war p. an	
Joseph Verraux, St. Roche do	
Ignace Gaspd do	
Hypolite La force	
Pierre Bouchd	
Mons. Vesina curd a St. Valier	
Monsr La Motte, curd a la Bauce	
Pierre Labadie	
John Craigie during the war p. an	
Alexander Spark	
John Blackwood Junior	
John Fraser S.M	
Robert Morrogh	
Monsr Perras Curd a S. Charles	
J. B'° Couillard	
John Young	
Gilbert Ainslie	
Keable Sejeant	
Felix O'Hara p. an:  during the war	
H. F	
John Jackson p. an: during the war	
P. Am:  de Bonne	
John Munro & C°	
John Hill	
Le contd Duprd	
Mathew M°Nider & C° p. an. during the war	
Antoine Parant	
T. T. Odber	
Jonathan Sewell p. an. during the war	
George Pike	
James Henny	
Jas: Ogkley Stone p. an: during war	
Wm Caw	
Major Deschambault, p. an:  during the war	
John Coffin Junr do	
John Rheneart Senr	
Thomas Grant	
Lymburner & Crawford p. an. during the war	
John Black do	
Le Reverend Pere Cazeaux	
John Mure	
I. M. Gordan p. an:  during the war	
M. Goddard Junr do	 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Mons' le Courtois curd a Rimousky..
Jonathan Eckart	
5   0   0
5    0    0
Received at Quebec  2834.10. 8
at Three Rivers  107.10. 0
at Sorell  85.10.10J
at Montreal  244. 5. 2
Currency £ 3271.16. 8J
isSterling  2944.13. 0
remitted by J. Hale bill of -
Exchange dated 29 Jan'y                            - 2942.11. 1
on the Pay Master General London -
Ballance Sterling..
2.  1.11
to be accounted in the next
payment of subscription
Quebec 30 January 1800
p Henry Caldwell
Martin Chinic
R S. M.
Endorsed: A
List of voluntary contributions
paid into the hands of the Receiver
General of Lower Canada
In Lt Govr Milnes
N° 18
To the Duke of Portland
of 1st March 1800 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 83
A general Statement of the voluntary contributions of the Inhabitants of the
District of Montreal, in the Province of Lower Canada, towards the expence
of the present War
Names of the
of Abode
£.    S. D.
John Burke
6   "   "
Per. an. during the war.
MTavish, Frobisher & C°
1111    2    3
James & Andrew McGill
333    6   8
Angus M°Donell
10  "   "
Per an: during the war
Forsyth Richardson & Co
222   4   5
—Sterling subscribed
by   them   as   Individuals in London.
Isaac Winslow Clarke
30   "   "
Patrick Murray
20   "   "
Per annum during the
Leith Jameson & Co.
111    2   3
In   addition   to   £100
Sterling subscribed by
them in England.
Louis Charles Foucher
Per   ann.   during   the
James McGowen
4 13    4
Louis Plessis Bellair
Saint Genevieve
—    2    6
[Et   trois   cents   livres
Le Seminaire de Montreal
I    cours actuel, par an,
1    tant   que   la   guerre
[    durera
Per   ann:   during   the
Louis Joseph Brown
—Malard, Pretre
Lac des deux
Per ann:     during the
Thomas Blackwood
5 11    1
Isaac Todd
111    2    3
Ignace Lacroix
and £5 p. an. during the
Richard Dobie
Jean Bu L'Affriquain
Francois Levesque
Tant que la guerre
Major. Chas. St. Ours
—St. Ours—
Annually during the
Jean Bte. Raymond
La prairie
— De Labrevois, Pretre
Tant que la guerre
— Pouget Pretre
Per annum tant que la
guerre durera
L. Lamotte Pretre
Tant que la guerre
Chartier de Lotbiniere
Par annde durant la
prdsente guerre
John Gray
John M°Kindlay
25   "   "
Per an: during the war.
Per ann: during the war.
Pierre Panet
Names of the
of Abode
£.    S. D.
— Bertrand, Pretre
Riviere du Loup
5   "   "
Tant que la guerre
Louis Edward Hubert
Saint Denis
3 10   9
Joseph Duval Pretre
Longue Pointe
3 10 —
Par annde durant la
Pierre Guervat
Saint Denis
10   "    "
James Walker
Saint Charles
20   "   "
Per annum during the
Alexander Fraser
2   "   "
Per annum during the
— Deguire Prfctre
6  "   "
Per annum during the
Joseph Deguire Vicaire
Per annum during the
Jean Baptiste Deguire
Per annum during the
Joachim D'Abreuil pere
-   5-
Per annum during the
Joseph M. Gonnet
"    5   "
Pierre Confroy Curd
5   "   "
Per annum during the
F X. Bender
Paul Lacroix
Tant que la guerre
Et £4 durant la guerre
Gabriel Franchere
— Lemaire PrStre
Saint Martin
Francois Duburon, Pretre
Louis Montizambert, pere
1   "   "
Per annum during the
— Gibert, Curd
Saint Anne
2   "   "
Thomas Duggan, Indian
Island St. Joseph
6   "   "
Annually during the
Charles Borduine
5   "   "
Antoine Girouard, Pretre
P* aux Trembes
S. Sewell
15   1   "
J8 Reid
—Ditto—               j
J. P. Leprohon
10   "   "
and £5 during the war
Noel and Shorts
10   "   "
P. F. Cherrier, PrStre
Saint Denis
10   "   "
P. C. Berthelot, Pretre
Saint Henry            |
3 10   "
Legras Pierreville
4   "    "
16 13    4
during the war.
— Raimboult, PrStre
Point Claire
5   "    "
And £2.10 during the
Frederick Gunnerman
5   "   "
Louis Chaboillez, Notaire
4   "   "
— Farriboult, pere
1   "   "
John Russel
20   "   I
William Russel
10   "   I
Jacques Cartier, pere
St. Antoine              |
10   "   "  | REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1
Names of the
of Abode
£.   S. D.
Edward William Gray
20   "   "
Rdnd A. De Boucherville
10   "   "
John Molson
25   "   "
John Lilly
20   "   "
James Dunlop
111    2   3
L. F. I. P. C
6   7"
For part of his subscription of the 14th
May last of £10—the
other part £3.13 being paid to another
person equally authorized to the same effect.
Joseph de Cabruere
10  "   "
Elias Smith
13   "   "
and £7 per annum during the war
Pierre Louis Panet
40  "   "
James Caldwell
10   "   "
Francois Desrivieres
25   "   "
Charles Labruere
5   "   I
Per annum during the
William Robertson
100 1   1
Joseph Perinault pere
4   «   «
John Donnagairy
10   "   "
Pierre Foretier
5   "   "
James Laing
25   "   "
J. Wilson
5  "   "
Per annum during the
George Selby
10   "   "
John Lumsden
5   I   "
Per annum during the
S De Beaujeu
10  "   "
Joseph Provein
5 11    2
R. Cruickshank
20  "   "
Alexander Henry
25   "   "
Louis Dulongprd
2   "   "
Durant la guerre
Pierre Huguet Latour
3   "   "
Durant la presente
Auldjo Maitland & C°
200   "    "
David Alexander Grant
Saint Helen
100   "   "
T. F. Hebert, Pretre
Rosina M "Clement
3   "   |
15   "   "
Atlrin & Rd Pattinson
25   1   a
Logan & Wall
23   6   8
Kay Smith & C°
11 13   4
David David
12 10   "
Robert Jones
10   "   "
Josiah Bleakley
10   "    "
5   "   "
Michel & Samuel Dumas
8   "   "
And £4 per annum during the war. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Names of the
of Abode
£.    S. D.
Myer Michaels
8 17    9
Levy Michaels
2   4   5
Joseph Perinault fils,
Riviere des
4  "   "
James Finlay
12 10   "
Etienne Dechambault
3   "   "
F. Laperiere
10   "   "
Joseph Bedard
6  "   "
Maurice Blondeau
6   "   "
annum during war
James Robertson
25   |   |
George Gillespie
11 13   4
Parker Gerrard & Ogilvy
116 13   4
in:  during the war
H. Hardie
Saint Johns
25   "   "
Fran8 Winter
2 10   "
inn: during the war
Pierre Constantin
1   "   "
Francois Compain Curd
Saint Antoine
2   "   "
inn: during the war
Christophe Marchesseau
"    5   "
Thomas Oakes
3   |   "
Jean Bte Levesque
1   "   "
inn: during the war
James Woolrich
25   "   "
George Stansfield
25   I   §
Edward Edwards
10   "   |
Samuel David
5   "   "
— Payet, Curd
5   "   "
Per ann: during the war
Andrew Hays
1   5   "
P. Langan
10  "   "
Robert M°Kenzie
10   |   "
Jean Joseph Trestler
10   "   "
John Bell & C°
20   "   §
John Lees
50   I   |
And £25 per annum
during the war
Burton & M°Culloch
25   §   "
Louis Cadieux
I   10   &
William Logan
15   "   "
James Strother
2   I   |
Michel Jaubert
|   10   "
Thomas Letang Vicaire
1 10   "
annum during the
Isaac Ogden
10   "   "
J. M. C. De les Derner
Saint Anne
"  10   "
annum during the
John Rowand
5   "   "
Thomas Yeward
11 13   4
George Meyer
Point Claire
Francois Badgley
annum during the
John L. Wiseman
David Ross
John Reid
annum during the
Names of the
of Abode
£.   S. D.
Arthur Davidson
per annum during the
Eustache Parent
Francois Filliau
— 10 —
Thomas Porteous
Per annum during the
Hugh Munro
Saint Rose
Per annum during the
Walter Robertson
Riviere Duchene
Per annum during the
Finlay Fisher
11    2   3
John G. Beek
2   6   8
And 4 guineas per an:
during the war
St. George Duprd
R. Lym
11 13   4
Per ann: during the war
P. R. St. Ours
20       —
Robert Russel
— Reard Pretre,
Saint Hyacinthe
Per annum during the
Jean B Boucher Curd
Francois Rolland
4 •	
Edmund Henry
Joseph Hebert
Joseph Ignace Hebert
Joseph Nolin
Simon Baruret
—   5    3
Jean B* Perras
Louis Lefebvre
Per annum during the
Simon Noxon
1    3   4
Antoine Duprd
—   5 —
Michel Boucher
—   5 —
Frederick Hintze
—   5    6
Veuve Dupuy
— 10 —
Francois Dupuy
—   5 —
Joseph Porcheron
— 10 —
Pierre Perras
—   5 —
Joseph Tremblay
—   5 —
Grant & Laframboise
12 10 —
Christophe Sanguinet
Saint Philippe
Francois Malhiot
8   5 —
Peter Panginaw
La Chesnaye
Francois Milloni
Louis Charland
Per annum during the
Lambert St. Omer
Per annum during the
J. Bte Desdve
Per annum during the
Thomas Schieffelin
[ —Ditto-
5	 88
Names of the
of Abode
Charles Martel, Curd
Pierre Frichette Curd
— Gadebois, Capte Milice
Saint Marc
£.    S. D.
— 15 —
£ 4673   2   9
£   S. D.
Total amount subscribed as above,     4673    2   9
The amount of the following Subscriptions remaining unpaid
Angus M°Donell £     10	
Patrick Murray         20	
— De Sabvrevois Pretre  4	
James Walker         20	
Robert Russel         15	
Finlay Fisher, in part,  2 12    3
71 12    3
The Amount of Auldjo Maitland & C° 8 Subscription,]
ordered by their Letter of the 13th December last,
to Mr John Auldjo, to be paid into the hands of[      200 271  12    3
Mess™ J. Phyn. L. Brickwood and F. Fraser in London J 	
Received £4401 10   6
Paid  E.   Edwards for  printing  Bills,  publications)
in the Montreal Gazette, &c. J£     16	
Paid for a Book to register the Proceedings 1 10 —
Amount remitted  in October last in Bills of Ex-1
change £3568.8. Sterling J    3964 17 9
Paid MTavish Frobisher & C° on the 4th  instant 1
on account of Bills of Exchange, at 3 per cent underf      319	
par, to be remitted forthwith. j
Paid Ditto this day, as above 100   2   9   4401 10   6
Montreal, 26th February, 1800 —
Endorsed :
List of Voluntary Contributions
at Montreal—
In Lt. Govr Milnes's
N° 18
To the Duke of Portland
of 1st March 1800.
Letter from The Duke of Portland to Lieut.-Gov. Milnes1
To Lieut Govr Milnes
Whitehall July 1800
The Loyalty and public spirit which the Inhabitants of Lower Canada
have manifested by their very liberal voluntary contributions in support
of His Majesty's Efforts to bring the contest in which we are engaged, to
an honorable termination, are highly grateful to His Majesty, and it is
His Majesty's Pleasure, that you should make known to them the just
Sense He entertains of the Zeal and attachment they have shewn on this
occasion as well to His Royal Person & Family, as to the principles of
our most excellent Constitution.
I am &c
To Lt. Gov: Milnes
Whitehall July 1800
Read by the King.
Letter from Lieut.-Gov. Milnes to The Duke of Portland2
N° 53 Quebec 12th. June 1801
My Lord,
I have the honor to inclose your Grace a Copy of a Letter from Lieut.
Colonel de Longueuil who commands the 1st Battalion of the Royal
Canadian Volunteers, and of the Answer which I directed to be written
to it, together with a Bill of Exchange for five hundred Pounds Sterling
being a voluntary contribution from the officers and privates of that
Corps towards carrying on the present War.
I have the Honor to be
My Lord
Your Grace's
Most Obedient
Humble Servant
Quebec 12th June 1801
Sir R. S. Milnes
Rd 30th July
(3 inclosures) PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Quebec 10th June 1801
I have the honor to inclose a Bill of Exchange on the Pay Master
General for Five hundred Pounds sterling, with my humble request that
your Excellency will be pleased to transmit the same to His Majesty's
Treasury, as a Contribution from the officers and privates of the l8t Battn
of Royal Canadian Volunteers, towards the support of the present War.
I am very respectfully
Your Excellency's
Most obedient
humble servant
(signed) JK de LONGUEUIL
Lt. Col. 1. Battn R. C. V.
His Excellency
Sir Robert Shore Milnes B*
Lt. Governor
Endorsed: A
In Lieut. Govr Milnes
to the Duke of Portland.
Castle of St. Lewis
Quebec 12th June 1801
I am directed by the Lieut. Governor to acknowledge your letter of
yesterday enclosing a Bill of Exchange for Five hundred Pounds Sterling
as a Voluntary contribution on the part of the officers and Privates of
the 1st Battn Royal Canadian Volunteers towards carrying on the present
War, and I have His Excellencys Commands to inform you, that, he shall
transmit the Bill by the present opportunity to His Grace the Duke of
Portland one of His Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, and that he
has no doubt this very handsome Testimony of the Zeal and Loyalty of
the corps which you command will be received by His Majesty with
particular satisfaction.
I have the honor to be
Sir Your most obedient
humble Servant
Lieut Col0 De Longueuil —
Endorsed:  B
In Lieut. Govr Milne's
No. 53
To the Duke of Portland
Letter from Lord Hobart to Lieut.-Gov. Milnes1
Sir R. Shore Milnes Bart 1
Quebec J
Downing Street
3d Septemb. 1801
I have received and laid before The King your Letters of
the Dates & numbers mentioned in the Margin.
As the Duke of Portland in his Letter to you of the 13th
of July last, has so fully conveyed his Sentiments with respect
to the question of entering Protests in the Minutes of Council,
and as Mr Osgoode has returned to this Country, the only point
contained in the dispatches above specified to which it is necessary that I should particularly advert at present is the very
handsome Testimony of the Zeal and Loyalty conveyed by
Lieutenant Colonel de Longueuil on the part of the officers and
privates of the first Batallion of Royal Canadian Volunteers.
The Bill for Five hundred Pounds sterling being the voluntary contribution of the corps towards the support of the War,
has been paid into the Treasury and I am commanded to express
the satisfaction which His Majesty has derived from the Public
Spirit manifested by the Corps on this occasion and to desire
that you will communicate the same to them.
Endorsed: Draft to Sir R. Shore Milnes Bart
Quebec 3d September 1801       N° 1
i Public Archivi
w Q, Vol. 87, Pt. 1. Lord Hobart to Milnes, p. 131. 92 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Letter from Lord Hobart to Lieut.-Gov. Milnes1
Downing Street
To Lieutenant Governor 6th January 1802.
Sir R. Shore Milnes Bart:
&c       &c       &c
I have had the honor of receiving and laying before the King your
Letters N° 8 and 9 of the 5th and 6th of November, and am commanded
to express to you the Satisfaction which His Majesty has derived from
the Loyalty and Public Spirit of His Subjects residing in the Province
under your Government, manifested by the further voluntary Contributions, in aid of the Expences of the War, which have been paid into the
hands of the Receiver General. The Bill contained in your Letter N° 8
for the Amount of those Contributions has been paid into the Bank of
England, and I herewith transmit to you a Copy of a Letter from the
Cashier, acknowledging its receipt.
Lieutenant Governor
Sir R. Shore Milnes, Bart.
6th January 1802
[ Public Archives, Series Q, Vol. 88, Lord Hobart to Mill REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 93
Journal of the House of Assembly of the Province of Upper Canada1
Saturday 29th. June 1799.
The House being met, Prayers were read.
The Minutes of the proceedings of yesterday were read.
Resolved, That Mr. Speaker do request that His Honor the President
may be pleased earnestly to request that it may please His Most Gracious
Majesty to accept of the surplus of the Provincial Revenues for the purposes
of the present just and necessary war, and towards the support of his
A Message was received from His Honor the President, requiring
the attendance of the House in the Legislative Council Chamber.
The House having attended accordingly His Honor was pleased to
assent in His Majesty's name to the following Bills, to wit:—
An Act to continue an Act intituled "An Act for securing the titles to
Lands in the Province."
An Act to provide for the education and support of Orphan Children.
An Act to enable persons holding the office of Registrar to be elected
Members of the House of Assembly.
An Act to ratify, approve, and confirm the Provisional Agreement
made and entered into by Commissioners on the part of this Province and
Commissioners on the part of the Province of Lower Canada.
At the same time His Honor reserved for the future signification of
His Majesty's pleasure thereon.
The Bill intituled "An Act for the better ascertaining the appropriations of land to be allotted to the use of a protestant Clergy."
And then Mr. Speaker addressed His Honor in the following terms.
May it please Your Honor:—
To receive from the Commons of Upper Canada with the concurrence
of the Legislative Council thereof now met in Parliament the strongest
expressions of our most serious concern at finding our Mother Country
still obliged to maintain a War against the restless destroyers of the peace
of mankind, a war as unprecedented in lawless outrages from her unprincipled enemies as necessary for the preservation of everything that is
sacred or dear to her or us.
Though our distance prevents us from feeling the more immediate
evils of such a warfare, or from suffering much from the heavy charges
which must necessarily attend it, yet we are inclined to sympathize in
the warmest manner with our brethren who bear these burthens, and to
do all in our power, however little it may be, to alleviate them.
We rejoice, therefore, to see by the accounts now laid before us that
a surplus has arisen from the resources of our commerce and the productions
of our fiscal regulations above our immediate wants, and we entreat that
Your Honor will be pleased to lay at the feet of His Majesty the earnest
^sTxth Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario, 1909, Toronto. 1911. pp. 122-123.
prayer of his Most Dutiful and Loyal Subjects in this Province that he will
be pleased to accept of that mite which is too inconsiderable to be viewed
in any other light than as a mark of our devoted attachment to His Royal
person and Family, and of our grateful sense of the blessings we enjoy
under his Government.
Though mortified that the infancy of our establishment precludes us
from the possibility of doing more, yet we trust that will be accepted as
a proof of our good will, and we beg leave to express our warmest wishes
and well founded hopes that, with the Blessing of God on our industry,
covered as we are with the protecting hand of Our Mother Country, and
happy under the noble form of Government we derive from her, our means
of being useful to her will daily increase.
Upon which His Honor, in His Majesty's name, was pleased to thank
the Commons for this mark of their benevolence.
Letter from Peter Russell to the Duke of Portland1
No. 68
Upper Canada
York 1st July 1799
My Lord Duke,
I have the Honor of transmitting herewith to your Grace an Address
that was presented to me at the Close of the last Session by the Speaker
of the House of Assembly, making with the Concurrence of the Legislative
Council an humble offering to His Majesty of a surplus arising from this
Provinces Proportion of the Duties on Imports into Lower Canada and
the productions of her fiscal Regulations above her immediate Wants;
which I most humbly pray your Grace to lay at His Majesty's feet.
A Return not having been yet made of the Amount of this Provinces
Proportion of the last years Duties on Imports, and the Secretary not
having yet paid into the Treasury the whole of his Collection of the Provincial Duties on liquor & Still Licences—the Amount of this Surplus
cannot be yet ascertained—but it is calculated on an average at nearly
Five Hundred Pounds; and I most sincerely join in the General Wish that
the Ability of the Province had been greater, & that her Mite had been
added at an earlier period to the general Contributions for the Relief of
the National Burthens.
I shall wait your Graces Commands either to remit this offering to
England, or to apply it to the Civil Expenditure of this Province.
I have the Honor to be with the greatest Respect, My Lord,
Your Graces Most obedient & Most Humble Servant
His Grace The Duke of Portland
&c       &c       &c
Endorsed:   Upper Canada
1st July R/ 17 September
Mr Presd* Russell No. 68
Ansd—4th Oct.
(one inclosure)
J Public Archives, Series Q, Vol. 286, Pt. 1, Russell to Portland, pp. 205-206. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 95
Letter from the Duke of Portland to Lieut.-Gov. Hunter1
Whitehall 4th October 1799
Lt. Gen1 Hunter
The Loyalty and Dutiful attachment which the Commons of Upper
Canada, in concurrence with the Legislative Council of that Province in
Parliament, have manifested for His Majesty's Person and Family, and
their readiness to support His Majesty's Exertions for the security of the
Empire at large, and for the preservation of our valuable constitution,
by a Grant of a surplus of their Resources as stated in their Address to
Mr Pres* Russell inclosed in N° 68 has been highly grateful to His Majesty,
and I am to signify to you His Gracious Commands that you take the
earliest opportunity of acquainting those respectable Bodies in Parliament
of the just sense His Majesty entertains of their Zeal and affection.
I am &c
Journal of the House of Assembly
Friday the 6th. June 1800.2
The House met pursuant to adjournment.
Prayers were read.
A Message was received from His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor3
requiring the attendance of the House in the Legislative Council Chamber.
The House having attended accordingly
Mr. Speaker-elect addressed His Excellency as follows, to wit:
May it please Your Excellency
Conformably to Your Excellency's Message of yesterday to the
Commons, they have proceeded to the election of a Speaker, and their
choice has fallen upon me.
Upon which the Hon. the Speaker of the Legislative Council, by His
Excellency's command, replied "His Excellency approves the choice of
the Commons."
His Excellency was then pleased to make the following Speech to
both House of Parliament.
Honorable Gentlemen and Gentlemen:—
I cannot deny myself the satisfaction of expressing on this the first
opportunity I have of meeting you in Parliament the deep sense I have
^Public Archives, Series Q, Vol. 278 A, Duke of Portland to Hunter, pp. 187-195.
2 Sixth Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province 0.
> Lieut.-General Peter Hunter, appointed April 10, 1799, 96 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
of the honor conferred upon me by His Majesty in appointing me to represent him in a Province not more distinguished by the gifts which Nature
has so abundantly bestowed upon it than by the full enjoyment of all the
blessings which flow from the British Constitution, and by the possession,
as nearly as circumstances will allow, of the British Constitution itself.
It is no small addition to this satisfaction that my first act as a Member
of the Provincial Legislature is to signify to you that the loyalty and
dutiful attachment which you have manifested for His Majesty's Person
and Family, and your readiness to support His Majesty's exertions for the
security of the Empire at large, and for the preservation of our valuable
Constitution, by the grant made by you of a surplus of your resources,
has been highly grateful to His Majesty, and that His Majesty has been
graciously pleased to give it to me in command to communicate to you
the just sense which he entertains of your zeal and affection.
Tho' I have called you together at a season of the year when I am
sensible that your absence from your respective homes must be attended
with material inconvenience I am not aware that I shall have any occasion
to detain you long, and I shall look forward with pleasure to the time when
the opening of the roads which communicate with the Capital will enable
me to meet you at a season when public business may be dispatched without
private inconvenience.
Tuesday 1st. July 1800.1
The House being met, and Mr. Speaker having taken the Chair,
prayers were read.
The Minutes of the proceedings of yesterday were read.
Resolved, That an Humble Address may be presented to His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor that he will be pleased to issue his Warrant
in favor of the several persons herein above mentioned for the sums of
money voted to them, and that the same may be charged to the fund
appropriated for that purpose, and that the residue may be applied in
such manner as it shall please His Majesty to direct towards the support
of the War.
Which Report was accepted and approved by the House.
1Sixth Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario, 1909.   Toronto, 1911, p. 164. Sir,
Letter from Peter Russell to Lieut.-Gov. Hunter1
Copy York, (Upper Canada)
16th July 1800.
In Compliance with your Excellency's Commands, signified to me
in your Secretary's letter of this date, I have the Honor to send you herewith Copies of the Address to me from the House of Assembly in the third
Session of the last Provincial Parliament, when with the Concurrence of
the Legislative Council a surplus of Revenue was offered to His Majesty,
and of the Letter I had the Honor of writing to the Duke of Portland on
that occasion—But in obeying your Excellency's further wish "that I
should state to you the amount of this surplus", I feel it in some measure
incumbent upon me to account for its falling so far short of the Sum I had
mentioned to His Grace.
The address having been totally unexpected and read to me by the
Speaker at the moment when I had met the two Houses for the purpose of
passing the Bills of the Session and proroguing the Parliament, I had no
opportunity of enquiring into the Extent of the Contribution proposed;
and understanding afterwards that it had been estimated at about Five
Hundred Pounds upon an average Calculation of all the Duties paid and
unpaid, I too hastily adopted the same Idea. But as many of the Subsequent payments were made before April in the present year, and most of
them had been appropriated by the Votes of the Session to the discharge
of Officers Salaries and Contingencies; it is now apparent that no more
could have been then offered to His Majesty with precision than the Sum
actually in their power, which was the Surplus Balance of the years account
before them, amounting to Two Hundred and four Pounds fifteen shillings
and two pence farthing Provincial Currency. The Funds from whence
this Surplus has arisen are the Balance of the preceding year, this Provinces
proportion of the Provincial Duties on Imports into Lower Canada to
the 5th January, and the Provincial Duties collected on Still and Tavern
Licences expiring on the 5th April 1798.
Your Excellency will observe from the letter that I proposed to wait
for the Secretary of States' Commands respecting the disposal of this
Money. It now rests with your Excellency to draw it out of the Receiver
Generals Hands by Warrant, and cause it to be remitted to England in
whatever way you may be pleased to direct.
I have the Honor to be with the greatest
Sir, your Excellency's Most Obedient
and Most Humble Servant
His Excellency ]
Lieutenant General Hunter \
&c   &c   &c J
Endorsed:—No. 3.
In L* Genl. Hunters
No. 11.
of the 25 Jany, 1800.
i Public Archives. Series Q. Vol. 287, Pt. 1, Russell to Hunter, pp. 175-176.
21049—7  APPENDIX IV
Letter from Timothy Pickering, Secretary of State of the United
States, to Rufus King, United States Minister to Great Britain1
Department of State, June 14, 1798.
Dear Sir: M' Read of the Senate has shown me a note from M' Izard
mentioning that George II gave to his favorite province of South Carolina
a parcel of iron 24 pounders taken in the French ship Foudroyant: they
were equal to carry 27 pounds ball, and of course being out of all rule of
English cannon must have ball especially cast for them. They were taken
by the British army when they captured Charleston, in the late war, and
carried to Halifax, where it is said they now lie useless.
I have mentioned the matter to Mr Liston, who readily engaged to
write to Governor Wentworth, and to suggest the propriety of delivering
them for the use of South Carolina: the terms to be hereafter declared
by the British Government. I suggested they might be sold, or loaned—
or given to: S° Carolina would receive them on either ground: their
number I do not know. As Governor Wentworth may hesitate, I have
thought it best to mention the subject to you, to expedite the transfer,
if practicable to be attained.
Enclosure in N° 60 of the 17 Nov. 1798.   Wentworth to Portland*
of Am
said c
that a number of heavy pieces of cannon, formerly belonging
tch ship Foudroyant, were removed from Charleston, South
the evacuation of that city by the British army, and that the
were at Halifax, Nova Scotia; and it hath also been suggested
itish Government would, on the application of the United
merica, for that purpose, probably be disposed to return the
said Cannon; and in consequence application having been made, to
Robert Liston Esquire, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary
of His Britannic Majesty, to the United States, who having communicated
the same to His Excellency Sir John Wentworth, his aforesaid Majesty's
Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, hath represented to the government
of the United States, that His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Commander
in Chief of the King's troops in Nova Scotia, at his instance and that of
Sir John Wentworth, consented and agreed, that the aforesaid Cannon,
being twenty four in number, and French twenty four Pounders, together
with about eighteen hundred shot, belonging to them, shall be loaned to
the United States aforesaid on condition that the Federal Government
would engage, when required, to reland them, free of expence, in such part
of his Britannic Majesty's American Dominions, as may be pointed out.
Hematic Correspondence of the United States Canadian Relation. 1764-1860.   Sdec^art rawed
Willi/m R. Mannine.  Washington.  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. IMO.  Vol. I. pp. l«-l. 102
And Whereas the President of the United States of America hath
ordered and directed that the said Cannon and shot be accepted of, on the
terms stipulated, and authorized the Secretary for the Department of War,
for and on behalf of the United States, to enter to an engagement accordingly, and the Secretary of the Navy to cause the same to be transported
from Halifax to Charleston aforesaid, Now I James M°Henry Secretary
for the Department of War, in pursuance of the authority, as aforesaid,
vested in me by the President, do signify the acceptance of the aforesaid,
Twenty four cannon, and shot for the same, on loan, and for the use of
the United States of America, and do engage, when required, that the said
Cannon and shot or if the latter shall be expended, an equal number, shall
be relanded free of expence to the British Government, in such part of
His Britannic Majesty's American Dominions as may be pointed out.
In testimony whereof the said Secretary for the Department of War,
for and in behalf of the United States, hath hereunto subscribed his hand,
and affixed the seal of the War Office this third day of October, in the year
of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight, and of Independence the twenty third.
(Signed)    JAMES M"HENRY
Secy of War.
A true Copy from the original, which remains in my possession.
R. Liston.
Copy sent to Mr Hammond
27th December 1798.
In Sir John Wentworth's
of 17th November 1798. REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 103
Letter from Secretary Pickering to Secretary of the Navy1
Department of State,
Trenton Oct. 6. 1798.
[To] Benjamin Stoddert Esq1
Secretary of the Navy.
Sir, There are at Halifax, Nova Scotia, twenty four cannon, French
24 pounders, and about eighteen hundred shot belonging to them. The
cannon were taken in the French Ship Foudroyant, and given by King
George the Second to the province of South Carolina. When Charleston
surrendered to the British Army, in the American War, these guns fell
of course to the Victors, who on the evacuation of that city afterwards,
took the cannon and shot with them. Upon application to the British
Minister, Mr Liston, to procure a restoration of them, for the immediate
defence of Charleston, he wrote to Prince Edward, who commanded the
British troops in Nova Scotia, and to Sir John Wentworth the Governor
of that province; and the Prince agreed that the cannon and shot should
be delivered on loan to the United States, as he had no authority to give
them. The condition of the loan was, that they should be relanded, when
required, and without expence, in any part of His Britannic Majesty's
American Dominions which should be designated.
The cannon probably may weigh each 3 tons         72
The 1800 shot at 27J lbs English each, about         22
The total weight may be supposed about ninety or ninety four tons.
As the guns have been lain by, unused, probably they are without carriages
or implements; if however there are both or either, they will doubtless
be delivered with the cannon, to which they are exclusively adapted:
and it will be well to direct your officer charged with the transportation,
to make the enquiry. I will hint these articles to Mr Liston, that he may
mention them in his letters.
Mr Liston has informed me, that if the terms of the loan should be
approved by the President, and the Secretary of War should consequently
come under an engagement for the purpose, "and a vessel should be sent
properly authorized and protected, to convey the guns and shot to Charleston, he would give the Commander such letters, addressed to Prince
Edward and Sir John Wentworth, as would procure their delivery to
him."—Yesterday I sent to Mr Liston the Engagement of the Secretary
of War, and will furnish you with a copy of it, duly attested, to be sent
to your officer, if I can obtain it in time. I desired Mr Liston to write to
Halifax immediately, that the requisite orders might be issued, to prevent
any delay when your vessel or vessels should arrive there. I will write
him again to day, and desire him to send duplicate letters, to the care of
Gibbs and Channing in Newport, to be by them delivered to Captain
Sever or other officer having orders on this subject.
I am very respectfully &c.
e Depart
w from Feb, 104 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Enclosure in N° 60 of the 17 Nov. 1798—Wentworth to Portland1
Boston 15 October 1798.
The American Government having resolved to accept of the Guns
formerly belonging to the Foudroyant upon the condition proposed by
His Royal Highness Prince Edward, (that of restitution when demanded,)
the President dispatches two armed Vessels to Halifax, for the purpose of
transporting them to Charleston (South Carolina).—I have therefore to
request that those cannon, together with the Eighteen hundred Shot
belonging to them, may be delivered to the Commanders of the Vessels,
Captain Sever & Captain Chapman, who will be the bearers of this Letter.
And you will confer a personal obligation on me by giving them all the
countenance and assistance in your power.
The Secretary at War has signed an obligation to reland the guns in
any part of His Majesty's American Dominions, if demanded,—a case
which I hope and trust will never occur.
I enclose a copy of this obligation, and have thought it advisable to
keep the original, to be deposited among the Records of the British Mission
in this country.
I have the honour to be, with great truth
& respect!
Your Most Obedient
humble Servant
John Wentworth Bar*
P. S. It does not seem probable that the guns have appropriate
carriages or implements for loading;—but should these exist, I hope there
will be no objection to their being delivered together with the Shot.
R. L.
His Excellency
Robert Liston Esqr
Boston 15 October
Copy sent to Mr
Hammond 27th Decr
In Sir John Wentworth's
of 17th Novr 1798.
'ublic Archives, N. S. Stale Papers, Vol. 1 REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 105
Letter from Timothy Pickering, Secretary of State of the United
States, to Rufus King, United States Minister to Great Britain1
Department of State, Trenton,
November 8, 1798.
Dear Sir: In my letter of yesterday I omitted to mention the cannon
of the Foudroyant formerly given by George II to South Carolina, for
which I have before informed you, I had, at the request of Jacob Read
Esqr addressed Mr Liston. This gentleman, with the promptitude and
good-will which mark all his actions in relation to the United States, immediately wrote to Sir John Wentworth, governor of Nova-Scotia, and to
Prince Edward who commanded his Britannic Majesty's forces in that
province, who readily complied with his request, and consented to loan
the guns, on condition of their being returned, when called for, and transported to any part of His Majesty's dominions on the Continent of North
America. The President has consented to the loan on the condition proposed ; and vessels have been sent to Halifax to receive and carry them to
Charleston, together with about eighteen hundred shot (say 28 pounders)
adapted to them.
Altho' the guns and shot are only loaned, yet as they do not correspond
with the English dimensions and were therefore thrown by and lay useless
at Halifax, I presume they will never be redemanded. Nevertheless, it
would be better, perhaps, that the final determination of the British
Government concerning them should now be made. It would be a grateful
act if they were again presented, as a free gift, to the State of South Carolina.
It is highly probable that Mr Liston may suggest the idea to Lord Grenville:
if not (which you will know) it may be hinted to him in such manner as
you shall judge proper. The real value to Carolina is something; but the
main object in obtaining them immediately was, that the U. States, could
not furnish them promptly; the foundaries being employed in casting
ships guns, & on a scale at this moment not to produce immediately a full
supply of them. At the present prices of cannon and shot, those in question
are worth ten thousand dollars to us, tho' of comparatively no value to
the British Government.   The number of guns is 24.   I am [etc.]. 106 PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Letter from Brigadier Murray1
Halifax Nov1 17th 1798
My Lord
Agreable to an arrangement made by His Royal Highness Prince
Edward previous to His departure hence for England, which the Copy
I have the honor to enclose will explain to Your Grace I have delivered to
Captain Sever, commanding the Herald Sloop of War belonging to the
United States of America, twenty five Iron Cannon (26 prs) and Eighteen
hundred and Seventy Six shot; the Receipt for which I shall send to Mr
Liston, that it may be deposited among the Records of the Embassy from
Great Britain to that Country, where the original of the Bond of Restitution
signed by the Secretary at War for the United States remains,|to theend
that the transaction may be complete.
Your Grace will please to observe that the Bond is given" onlyffor
twenty four Cannon and Eighteen hundred Shot; and that I have exceeded
the number by one Gun and seventy Six Shot. My reason for so doing was,
that I considered this measure of accomodation to the United States in the
present position of affairs to be Politically wise on part of His Royal
Highness Prince Edward, and on examining the Stores finding one gun and
Seventy Six Shot more than had been mentioned originally, or supposed
to have been in Store of the same Calibre, all originally taken in the French
Ship of War Foudroyant and brought hither at the Evacuation of Charles-
town South Carolina in the last War, immagining that exceeding the
number and giving every aid in my power in puting them on board, with
all manner of attention to Captain Sever and His Officers might have a
good effect in further conciliating the American Government, I presumed
thus to act without authority; and humbly hope that my conduct on this
occasion may receive your Grace's approbation and that of His Majesty's
Ministers; and that Your Grace will have the goodness to afford me Your
Protection on this occasion
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your Grace's
faithful & Ob* Servant
B. General Commanding His Majesty's
Forces in the Peninsula of Nova Scotia.
Halifax 17th Novr 1798.
Brigr General Murray
R/. 24. Decr
i, N. S. Stale Papers. Vol. A 128, i REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1940 107
Letter^from the Duke of Portland to Lieut.-Gov. Sir J. Wentworth1
11th Jan* 1799
I herewith transmit for your information a Copy of a Letter
from Lord Grenville to Mr Liston, by which you will perceive
the manner in which His Majesty has been pleased, as a mark
of his friendship towards the United States of America, to wave
the engagement that had been entered into by their Government to return when called upon the cannon and ammunition
sent from Halifax, and to present them free of any condition
or limitation whatever. You will therefore take care to give
the necessary directions for that purpose, to the Commander
in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in Nova Scotia for his more
particular information and guidance
Pt sailed
12* Feb*
[ am &c.
Sir J. Wentworth.
&c. &c. &c.
es. N. S. State Papers, Vol. A 129, Duke of Portland to Wentworth, p. 12. PUBLIC ARCHIVES
Lord Grenville to Robert Liston
British Minister at Washington1
Whitehall, 3rd January 1799.
"From information received from Lieutenant Governor Wentworth
It appears that the Cannon and shot which the American Government
had requested to be furnished from His Majesty's magazines at Halifax
by way of loan to the United States had been delivered by Brigadier
General Murray to the American officers appointed to receive them and
that the Secretary of War of the United States had transmitted to you
an engagement to return the Cannon and shot above mentioned to any of
His Majesty's American possessions whenever they might be redemanded.
Although the prescribing and accepting of the conditions contained in
that engagement were perfectly proper and necessary in order to place the
transaction unequivocally on its true principle and to prevent the possibility of any misconstruction or misinterpretation of it hereafter yet as
the end has been completely answered by the form of the paper which has
been delivered to you His Majesty has been pleased as a testimony of
friendship towards the United States to direct that you should return that
engagement to the American Government accompanied by a letter in
which you will state that you have been authorised by His Majesty to
desire that the same may be cancelled."
i Public Archives, Special


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