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Navigations, traffiques & discoveries, 1774-1848 : a guide to publications relating to the area now British… Strathern, Gloria M. 1970

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      NAVIGATIONS, TRAFFIQUES & discoveries 1774-1848
A guide to publications relating to
the area now British Columbia
compiled by
with the assistance of
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA / VICTORIA, B.C. Copyright © 1970 by the University of Victoria
S.B.N. 9690418-2-9
Designed and printed in Canada by
vii    Foreword
ix    Introduction
3    Navigations, traffiques and discoveries, 1774-1848;
a guide to publications relating to the area
now British Columbia
335        a. Institutions cited in bibliography
338        b. Abbreviations used
341        c. List of the more important ships to visit
the British Columbia coast, 1774-1848
344        d. Principal works consulted
355        e. Chronological index of first editions
373    General Index This book has been published
with the help of a grant from the
Social Science Research Council
of Canada
using funds provided by
The Canada Council FOREWORD
In 1965 the Centennial Committee of the University of Victoria
agreed to sponsor the preparation and publication of a bibliography of British Columbia. To advise on the project, a committee
was formed composed of Mr. Dean Halliwell (Chairman), Mr.
W.E. Ireland, Dr. Samuel Rothstein, Mr. R.D. Hilton Smith,
Dr. R.H. Roy and the bibliographer, Mrs. Barbara Lowther.
The production of the work was placed under the supervision of
the Social Sciences Research Centre of the University of Victoria
and early in 1968 A Bibliography of British Columbia: Laying
the Foundations, i84Q-i8gg came off the press.
The Advisory Comrnittee then decided that the period before
1849 should be dealt with. Mrs. Lowther had returned to her
library work, but the Committee was very fortunate to engage
Mrs. Gloria Strathern to work on the period from 1774 to 1848.
As she explains in her introduction, the different time element
covered in this present work has necessitated a somewhat different approach in the style and format of the bibliographic entries,
but in both cases the focus has been on presenting the material in
such a way that it would be most useful to the scholar, the academic, the professional librarian and the layman.
Mrs. Strathern was presented with a formidable task. Her skill
and energy were balanced with a delightful sense of humour.
She has brought to fruition a work which, we believe, will be a
testament of her competence and ability.
The Social Sciences Research Centre wishes to express its
thanks to the Canada Council and the B.C. Centennial Cultural
Fund for the financial assistance contributed over the past two
and a half years towards the completion of this volume.
Reginald H. Roy,
Professor of History and Chairman (1065-1970)
Social Sciences Research Centre.
This publication is the second in a series of bibliographic studies
to be published by the University of Victoria. It is a companion
volume to Barbara J. Lowther's Laying the foundations, a bibliography of British Columbia covering the period 1849 to 1899,
which was published in 1967.
The present study lists published works relating to the period
1774 to 1848, from the first recorded arrival of Spanish explorers
in British Columbian waters to the British Government's decision
to colonize Vancouver Island. In accordance with the policy
established by the Advisory Committee for the Lowther volume,
works concerned with the period and published up to the year
1968, general histories of the province, and books containing
relevant chapters or sections have been included. Thus, while the
present bibliography is, like the Lowther bibliography, complete
in itself, certain items common to both of the periods covered
will be found listed in each of the two volumes.
It proved difficult to fix the exact geographical limits of the
present bibliography, for during the period covered, the area
which is now the Province of British Columbia was only a part of
the huge and largely unknown Oregon Territory. While emphasis has naturally been placed on publications relating to the area
within the present provincial boundaries, relevant material on
the fur trade, such as works dealing with Fort Astoria and Fort
Vancouver, has been included, and also material on the Oregon
boundary settlement.
Within these limits, all published monographic works that
could be identified have been listed, together with information on
later editions and translations. Excluded are general collections
of voyages, general histories of exploration, and collected editions,
abridgements and translations of Cook's third voyage, other than
official and eye-witness accounts. Washington living's works have
their own detailed bibliography compiled by S.T. Williams and
IX M.A. Edge and their records of later editions and translations of
Astoria have not been duplicated here.
Also excluded are purely cartographic works, newspapers, unpublished manuscripts and archival material, unpublished theses
and photo-reproductions. Facsimile reprints have been listed as
far as possible: the difficulty here has been to deterrnine which
of the items listed in such reference works as the Guide to reprints
have actually been reprinted, and which are merely projected.
Coverage of periodical literature has been restricted. The compilation of a check-list of periodical articles including church
history and natural history would be an enormous task quite
beyond the resources of the Social Sciences Research Centre. The
major regional historical journals have been included, together
with the publications of the Association de la Propagation de la
Foi. The purist may question the inclusion of a handful of offprints from periodicals. These were found catalogued as separates
in special libraries and have been retained for their usefulness in
cases where monographic works on the same subject are scarce
or non-existent.
The bibliography is intended primarily as a reference guide
for research workers and for librarians. Items have been listed
with all details necessary for identification from variant references, while notes indicate scope and level. Each item is supplied
with references to standard bibliographies, including such special
studies as supply exact transcriptions of title-pages, detailed collation and full description of illustrations and maps. More extensive references have been supplied for scarcer and older material,
but for practical reasons of space, in no case have all possible
references been supplied. Wherever possible, at least one copy of
each item has been examined and the location of that copy
noted. Where it has proved impossible to examine a copy, every
attempt has been made to find the location of one, which has
then been noted as "not seen" and described from information
supplied by the holder and by other bibliographies and library
Items are entered under the author where known, otherwise
under title. Russian items have been transliterated according to the system recommended in the American Library Association's
AYL.A. cataloguing rules for author and title entries, 2d ed.
Chicago, 1949. The author's name is given in full in the main
entry, with dates of birth and death where these could be ascertained, while in the body of the entry the name is given as it
appears on the title-page. Square brackets in the heading are
used only for authors of anonymous or pseudonymous works.
Titles of honour and academic titles following the author's name
on the title-page have been omitted unless they illustrate his
relationship to the subject.
Biographical notes have been kept to a minimum: there has
been no attempt to duplicate standard biographical dictionaries
such as W.S. Wallace's The Macmillan dictionary of Canadian
biography. Where various authorities disagree as to an author's
dates, we have followed the most recent and authoritative source,
e.g. for Sir George Simpson.
Titles of first editions are given in full to facilitate identification from inverted and abbreviated references. Spelling and
punctuation have followed the original as closely as possible, with
spelling errors followed by [!]; spellings acceptable at the time
of publication which differ from modern usage are not regarded
as errors. Publishers' imprints are given in full, omitting street
addresses. Information which does not actually appear on the
title-page is enclosed in square brackets. Where dates of publication are supplied from sources outside the book these sources are
recorded in the notes.
Arrangement of items is alphabetical, by author when known,
otherwise by title. Later editions, translations, supplements and
appendices are arranged in the following order: (1) subsequent
editions in the original language published in the same country
arranged chronologically, (2) subsequent editions in the original
language published in other countries, arranged alphabetically
by country and chronologically within that order, (3) translations arranged alphabetically by language and chronologically
within that order, and (4) appendices or supplements in chronological order. In practice, this is much less complicated than it
sounds, as an examination of a representative entry, William
XI Coxe's Account of the Russian discoveries (no. 130), will
Main entries are designated by arabic numerals in raririing
order, later editions and translations by lower case roman numerals, supplementary works alphabetically. Facsimile reprint editions follow immediately after their originals, and bear the same
roman numeral, subdivided by lower case alphabetical symbols.
Again in practice, this makes for a simplified and unified arrangement. It also facilitates reference from the indexes to individual editions.
Exceptions to the general arrangement have been made under
certain conditions. Where the bibliographical relationship between two editions in the same language but published in different countries can be clarified by placing them in the same
chronological sequence, this has been done, e.g. Robert Green-
how's History of Oregon and California (no.234). In short,
common sense has been used to modify the basic arrangement
wherever appropriate.
Government publications often present difficulties to the user.
They are recorded variously in reference works and their correct
identification can be a problem. In this bibliography, they are
listed under the agency of government from which they emanate,
as prescribed in the A.L.A. cataloguing rules for author and title
entries, 2d. ed, Chicago, 1949. Treaties and conventions are
listed according to the same rules under the country first named
in the title, with a form subheading, sub-divided by the inclusive
dates of the regnal years or presidential term of office, e.g. U.S.
Treaties, etc., 1845-1849 (Polk).
British Parliamentary Papers are listed with titles given in full,
with notes on variant titles and series statements, together with
references to the House of Commons bound set which is the most
complete extant collection. U.S. Congressional Papers are usually
issued with caption title, accompanied by additional headings,
series statements and other notes. Titles of these are listed in
sufficient detail and additional headings are recorded in the
In selecting U.S. Congressional Papers for inclusion, the policy
XII has been to list all relevant significant individual items. Minor
papers concerned with the machinery of government but not in
themselves containing reports and decisions are excluded. For
reasons of space it was decided to exclude reference to the U.S.
Serial Set when citing U.S. government publications, since these
references are not critical in identifying individual items. Papers
relating to the claims of American citizens for recompense for
services to the state are not included unless they contain pertinent
information not published elsewhere. Serial publications, such as
the Congressional Debates, including off-prints of the speeches
of individual members and the Annals of Congress are not listed.
Similarly, for Great Britain, serial publications such as the Debates and Journals of Parliament are not included.
Government publications relating to the settlements of the
Northwest water boundary, the Alaska boundary, and the claims
of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company, all of which contain
documents relating to the period 1774 to 1848, will be found
listed in the Lowther bibliography, since they belong historically
to the period 1848 to 1899. They are not duplicated in the
present volume.
A period of just over two years was budgeted by the Advisory
Committee for the compilation of the present bibliography. Work
began in April, 1968, with a search of the bibliographies of standard histories of British Columbia. From these was assembled a
basic working file which was then supplemented by references
obtained from a search of monographic bibliographies and the
published catalogues of major collections of Western Canadiana
and Americana. The file then became a guide to the Northwest.
Collection of the Provincial Archives of British Columbia, which
has by far the richest and most comprehensive library of published works on the subject. This initial survey occupied ten
The next three months were spent in field work. Relevant
material is scattered across the world, but practical considerations
limited the search to essential institutions in North America.
Visits were made to the libraries of the Boston Athenaeum; Boston Public Library; Harvard University; Massachusetts State
XIII Library; Oregon Historical Society; Toronto Public Libraries;
University of British Columbia; the University of California at
Berkeley, especially the Bancroft Library; University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon; University of Victoria; University of Washington; Vancouver Public Library; Victoria University, Toronto;
and Yale University. Three weeks were spent at the National
Library in Ottawa checking the National Union Catalog for
locations of variant editions and translations. In addition, many
libraries and institutions which could not be visited cooperated
through correspondence and inter-library loan.
In May, 1969, Mrs. M. Edwards, M.A. (Aberdeen), M.Libr.
(University of Washington), joined the staff as an assistant, and
Mrs. G. Cropp, B.A. (University of British Columbia), B.L.S.C.
(University of Washington) also assisted for several months.
Both rendered magnificent service in collating entries, checking
references, correcting proofs and standardizing the presentation
of material. The typing of the manuscript was undertaken by
Mrs. M. Gregory, Secretary of the Social Sciences Research
Centre, with some assistance from Mrs. M. Fisk. The nature of
the material made this a very demanding task and the final text
owes much to their competence.
After December, 1969, no new entries were added to the
working file. Thereafter, work was concentrated on the final
draft of the text, and the preparation of auxiliary records. However, early in 1970, two new and important bibliographic studies
became available. The first of these was Harry M. Majors's unpublished Science and exploration on the northwest coast of
North America, 1542-1841, which was made available through
the courtesy of the author and of the University of Washington,
which holds one of the three extant copies. Mr. Majors's coverage of botanical material is much more comprehensive than that
of the present work. As well as the works cited here, he notes
publications by Erik Acharius, David Don, Aylmer Bourke Lambert, Frederick Pursh, Richard Anthony Salisbury and Dawson
The second new bibliography was Rolf Du Rietz's Bibliotheca
Polynesiana, Oslo, 1969. New information obtained from Mr.
xrv Du Rietz about items already cited has been incorporated in this
Most of the difficulties encountered in compilation other than
the selection of items for inclusion, have stemmed from the decision to list all located editions and translations of items cited.
Other bibliographies, check-lists and catalogues of individual collections cite some of the material but, as far as could be ascertained, no other study lists all known editions and translations
together in such a way that their relationship to each other can
be ascertained. The user can determine from this arrangement
which edition is most satisfactory for his purpose. However, this
undertaking was limited in resources of time, staff and funds and
needed rigid control. Moreover, the geographical scattering of
related material which could only be examined bibliographically
and textually at speed and in isolation, has caused imperfections,
and undoubtedly errors, of which the compiler is only too
The intention of acknowledging the advice and assistance
received by the compiler was abandoned, most reluctantly, when
the list of names rose into hundreds. It would be invidious, also,
to single out individual people or institutions, since all those
consulted responded so generously. To all the contributors, the
members of the Advisory Committee, the scholars, the librarians
and the Social Sciences Research Centre, the compiler is deeply
grateful for assistance given.
The distinguished Jesuit bibliographer Augustin de Backer
observed that "un ouvrage de bibliographic ne peut jamais pre-
tendre a la perfection". This is certainly true of the present work
and the Social Sciences Research Centre would be most grateful
to be informed of the inevitable errors and omissions.
G. M. Strathern
Victoria, B.C.
May so, 1970.
xv  Navigations, Traffiques & Discoveries, iy/4-1848  Navigations, traffiques and discoveries, iy/4-1848; a guide
to publications relating to the area now British Columbia
1 Achard, Eugene, 1884-
La grande decouverte de l'ouest canadien [par] Eugene Achard. Montreal, Librairie generale canadienne
123 p., 2 l.(incl. illus.). 20.5 cm. (On back cover: Collection pour la jeunesse canadienne: romans et legends sur l'his-
toire du Canada).
Outline history of western exploration from the discoveries
of Greysolon Duluth to the union of the North West and Hudson's Bay Companies, written for children.
Refs: L.C. basic; Peel 2418  (not seen); Smith 17.
Copies examined:   National Library,  Ottawa;  U. of Washington (rebound).
(i) — La grande decouverte ... 2.  ed. rev. et corr. Mont
real, Librairie generale canadienne [1946]
127 [1] p.(incl. illus.). 21 cm. (On back cover: Collection
pour la jeunesse canadienne...).
Copy examined: National Library, Ottawa.
(ii) — La grande decouverte ... nouv. e"d. rev. et mise a
date. Montreal, Editions Eugene Achard, Librairie generale canadienne [1958]
95 I1] p.(incl. illus.). 21 cm. (On back cover: Collection
pour la jeunesse canadienne...).
Ref:   Canadiana '61.
Copy examined: National Library, Ottawa.
A. 3.C
Adam, Graeme Mercer, 1839-1912.
The Canadian north-west, its history and its troubles
from the early days of the fur-trade to the era of the
railway and the settler, with incidents of travel in the
region and the narrative of three insurrections, by G.
Mercer Adam. Toronto, Rose Publishing Company;
Whitby, J.W. Robertson & Bros., 1885.
vi [vii-viii, g]-390 p.     12 ports.    21 cm.
At head of title: From savagery to civilization.
rr\icjro^°fir*\ n\ic*« 3
Cover title:  T7i<? norifc west, its history and its troubles.^
Principally a history of the prairie provinces by a professional
writer; chapters 1-4 and 7 concern the fur trade and early exploration to the Pacific.
Also issued in the same year with an appendix, The trial of
Louis Riel, pp [391] -408, ref. Story.
Refs:  B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Peel 575; Smith 26-27.
Copies examined: B.C. Archives (both states).
The adventures of a Yankee; or, The singular life
of John Ledyard; with an account of his voyage
round the world with the celebrated Captain
Cooke [!] Designed for youth, by A Yankee.
Boston, Carter, Hendee and Babcock, 1831.
vi  [7]-90 P-    illus.    13.5x11  cm.
Refs: Howes L180; L.C. basic; Streeter 6:3518.
Copy examined: Yale University.
Alcedo, Antonio de, 1736-1812.
Diccionario geografico-historico de las Indias Occi-
dentales 6 America: es a saber, de los Reynos del Peru,
Nueva Espafia, Tierra Firme, Chile y Nuevo Reyno de
Granada ... Escrito por el coronel d. Antonio de Alcedo, Capitan de Reales Guardias Espanolas. Madrid, En
la Imprenta de Benito Cano, 1786-1789.
5 v.    22 cm.
Imprint varies:   vols.2, 4 and 5 published by Manuel Gonzalez; vol.3 by Bias Roman.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Sabin 682.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
— Diccionario geografico de las Indias Occidentales 6
America. Edicion y estudio o preliminar por Don Ciri-
aco Perez-Bustamente. Madrid, Ediciones Atlas, 1967.
4 v. 26 cm. (Added t.p.: Biblioteca de autores espanoles
desde la formacion del lenguaje hasta nuestros dias [v.205-
Ref: N.U.C. '68.
Copy examined:  U. of Victoria.
— The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies, containing an entire translation
of the Spanish work of Colonel Antonio de Alcedo, Cap- ,(A)
tain of the Royal Spanish Guards and member of the
Royal Academy of History, with large additions and
compilations from modern voyages and travels, and from
original and authentic information, by GA. Thompson,
Esq., in five volumes. London, Printed for James Carpenter, Longmans, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown,
Cochrane and Co., and Murray; Oxford, Parker;
Cambridge, Deighton, 1812-1815.
5 v.    fold,  tables.     28x22  cm.
Vols.4-5 have imprint: London, Printed for the author and
published by Carpenter and son. ..
"For its additions, etc., is infinitely superior to the original" :-
W.T. Lowndes. Bibliographical manual. Vol.i, p.26.
The additions are enclosed in square brackets and include
references to the northwest coast. H.R. Wagner (no.597) surmised
that Thompson had had access to Joseph Ingraham's journal
of the Hope and John Hoskins's log of the Columbia Rediviva.
Refs:  B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Sabin 683.
Copy examined:   B.C.  Archives.
— Atlas to Thompson's Alcedo: or, Dictionary of America & West Indies, collated with all the most recent
authorities and composed chiefly from scarce and original documents for that work, by A. Arrowsmith, Hydro-
grapher to His Royal Highness, the Prince Regent.
London, Printed by George Smeeton, 1816.
2 p.l.    5 fold, maps on 19 sheets.    64x53 cm.
Copies found in various states. Yale University copy has
additions: Map 1, 1795, to 1802-18n.- Map 2, 1796, to 1802-
1815.- Map 3, 1810, to 1815-1820.- Map 4, 1803, to 1810-
1816.- Map 5, 1806, to 1810-1811. Library of Congress copy
described, with list of maps with dates of publication, including dates of additions, in U.S. Library of Congress. Map
Division. List of geographical atlases in the Library of Congress,
no. 1174. Newberry Library copy has additions: Map 1 to 1811.-
Maps 2-4 to 1815.- Map 5 to 1814. Bancroft Library copy has
additions: Map 1 to 1824.- Map 2 to 1819.- Map 3 without
additions.- Map 4 to 1810.- Map 5 to 1825.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Sabin 683 (note).
Copies examined:  Bancroft Library; Yale University.
Alessio Robles, Vito, 1879-
Alejandro de Humboldt, su vida y su obra; introduc-
cion a la sexta edition castellana del "Ensayo politico
yC gqio.L^/ AS,
pi^.A^a Eos
Asus 8
sobre el reino de la Nueva Espana" [por] Vito Alessio
Robles. Mexico, D.F., Editorial Pedro Robredo, 1940.
3 p.L, 9-126 p., 1 1.    illus.(maps).    24 cm.
Bibliography  included  in  "Notas  de  la  introduccion":   pp.
"Se tiraron doscientos ejemplares"
Ref: L.C. basic.
Copy examined:  Bancroft Library.
Allen, Edward Weber, 1885-
The vamshing Frenchman; the mysterious disappearance of Laperouse, by Edward Weber Allen. Rutland,
Vermont, Charles E. Turtle Company [1959]
321 p.    illus., map (on lining-papers).    22 cm.
"Lapcrouse sources": pp.307-309.
A popular fictionalized biography by an authority on Laperouse.
Refs: Canadiana '6o; N.U.C.'58-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Allen, Merritt Parmelee, 1892-
East of Astoria, by Merritt Parmelee Allen; illustrations by Millard McGee. New York [etc.] Longmans,
Green and Co., 1956.
250 p.    illus.    21 cm.
An historical novel for twelve- to fourteen-year olds. Recounts
the Astor enterprise, with young Rob. Stuart as hero and additional fictional characters and events.
Refs: Logasa; N.U.C.'53-'57.
Copy examined: U. of Washington.
Allen, T. D., pseud.
Doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief. Philadelphia, The
Westminster Press [ca.1965]
208 p.    21 cm.
Mrs. Terry D. Allen and her husband Don B. Allen in collaboration have written a number of books on the Pacific northwest
under the pseudonym "T.D. Allen". A fictionalized biography of
John McLoughlin for children aged twelve to fifteen, based on
the authors' Troubled border (no.g).
Refs: Canadiana'65; N.U.C65.
Copy examined: U. of Victoria. *
9 Allen, T. D., pseud.
Troubled border, by T.D. Allen. New York, Harper
& Brothers, Publishers [ 1954]
1 1., xvii, 222 p., 1 1.    21 cm.
A fictionalized biography of John McLoughlin from the 1820s
to the settlement of the Oregon boundary in 1846.
Refs: B.M.C.; Logasa; N.U.C.'53-'57.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
10 Anderson, Bern, 1900-
Surveyor of the sea: the life and voyages of Captain
George Vancouver, by Bern Anderson. Seattle, University of Washington Press [i960]
xii, 274 p.    5 maps, plates, port.    24 cm.
Bibliography:  pp.259-266.
Based on Rear Admiral Anderson's doctoral thesis presented
to Harvard University. Especially interested in Vancouver's
achievements in hydrographic surveying, he made extensive use of
unpublished logs and journals in the Public Record Office.
Published simultaneously with the same pagination by the
University of Toronto Press.
Refs: Canadiana '60; N.U.C.'58-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives (U. of Toronto Press).
11 Anderson, George Howard
Vancouver and his great voyage; the story of a Norfolk sailor, Captain Geo. Vancouver, R.N., 1757-1798,
by G.H. Anderson. King's Lynn, Thew & Son, 1923.
[14, 87] p.    illus., diagr., front.(port.).    21.5 cm.
The first biography of Vancouver, reprinted from the Lynn
Advertiser, 1922. It remains a useful record of the Vancouver
family and their connection with the town of King's Lynn.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
12 Angus, Henry Forbes, 1891-      , ed.
British Columbia and the United States: the north
Pacific slope from fur trade to aviation, by F.W. Howay,
W.N. Sage and H.F. Angus; edited by H.F. Angus.
Toronto, The Ryerson Press; New Haven, Yale Univer- / * fc&sc
sity Press; London, Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press for the Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace, Division of Economics and History, 1942.
xv, 408 p. maps(1 on lining-papers). 25 cm. (Facing t.p.:
The relations of Canada and the United States: a series of
studies ... ).
Bibliographical footnotes.
An economic and political history of the northwest coast.
Chapters 1-5 treat the economic exploitation and political evolution of the old Oregon Country; Chapter 6 concerns the Oregon
boundary settlement and its effect on the Hudson's Bay Company,
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. supp.; Lowther 1819; Smith 254.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
13 Another sketch of the reign of George III from
the year 1780 to 1790. Being an answer to A
sketch &c, part the first. London, Printed for
James Ridgway, 1791.
104 p.    21 cm.
Covers events to 1784 only. Part two not published?
A stricture on A sketch of the reign of George the Third...
Ref: N.U.C. pre-'56 imprints.
Copy examined: U. of California, Los Angeles.
(i) Another sketch ... Dublin,  Printed for P.  Byrne, J.
Moore, J. Jones, A. Gruebes, W. Jones & R. White,
2 1. [4] 82 p.    20 cm.
Refs: B.M.C.; Sabin 27001 (George III), 81534 (note).
Copy (not seen): Boston Athenaeum.
: a ft &SC
Anstey, Arthur, 1874?-! 951.
The romance of British Columbia, by Arthur Anstey,
B.A., Normal School, Vancouver. Toronto, W.J. Gage
& Co., limited, 1927.
6, 216 p. (incl. front.),    illus., maps, ports.     19 cm.
An elementary school history textbook.
Reprinted 1929, 1931, 1934, 1939, 1940, 1942 and 1947. All
printings except the first two have at head of title: The romance
of Canada. Refs: Can. Cat.; Lowther 1699; Smith 256.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(i) — British Columbia, a short history, by Arthur Anstey
and Neil Sutherland.  Illustrated by Huntley Brown.
Toronto, W.J. Gage Limited [1957]
v> 55 P-    illus., maps.    25 cm.
A revision by Neil Sutherland of the 1927 text.
Refs: Canadiana '57; Lowther 1975.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
15 Arntson, Herbert E., 1911 -
Adam Gray, stowaway: a story of the China trade.
Pictures by Henry S. Gillette. New York, Franklin Watts
Inc. [1961]
195 p.    illus.    21 cm.
A novel for children set partly in British Columbia. The hero
escaped from the Tonquin massacre and later served on the New
Ref: N.U.C.'42-'62.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
(i) — Adam  Gray ... Kingswood,   Surrey,  The  World's
Work (1913) Ltd. [1962]
223 p.    illus.    21 cm.
Ref:  Canadiana '65.
Copy examined: National Library, Ottawa.
-J- A?H
16        Art, Historical and Scientific Association.
Historical papers, session 1907-8. Vancouver, B.C.,
Clarke & Stuart Co. Ltd. [ 1908]
39 p.    illus.    22 cm.
No more published.
Brief undocumented articles.
Contents: Wade, F.C. Early navigators of the Pacific- Howay,
F.W. The search for the Fraser by sea and land.- Moberly, W.
History of Cariboo wagon road.
Ref: N.U.C. pre-'s6 imprints.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
* )fvft
also CW**f>°S,Sl
Association de la Propagation de la Foi pour le
diocese de Montreal.
Rapport. Montreal, no. 1-27, mai, 1839-septembre,
Published irregularly. They include reports on the work of the
Catholic Church in the Oregon.
Some issues of 1843-1860 are unnumbered; no. 14 misnumbered
Continued by the Annates de la Propagation de la Foi pour la
province de QuSbec combining the reports of the dioceses of
Quebec and Montreal.
Refs: Gagnon 1 =2399; Graff 3887; Sabin 67027; Streeter 6:3707;
Wagner P. & R. 78A.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives (incomplete).
18 Association de la Propagation de la Foi pour le
diocese de Quebec.
Rapport sur les missions du diocese de Qu6bec.
Quehec. no.1-21, Janvier, 1839 - mai, 1874.
Title varies. Nos.i and 4, 1842, entitled Notice sur les missions
du diocese de QuSbec.
They contain numerous reports on the work of the Catholic
Church in the Oregon.
Continued by the Association's Annates de la Propagation de
la Foi pour la province de Quebec combining the reports of the
dioceses of Quebec and Montreal.
Refs: Gagnon 112398; Graff 3886; Sabin 67027; Streeter 6:3707;
Wagner P. & R. 78.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
19 Aumack, Thomas M., 1920-
Rivers of rain, being a fictional accounting of the
adventures and misadventures of John Rodgers Jewitt,
captive of the Indians at Friendly Cove on Nootka
Island in Northwest America [by] Thomas M. Aumack.
Portland, Ore., Binfords & Mort, Publishers [1948]
1 1. [2] p., 2 1., 216 p.    22 cm.
"Afterword" includes bibliography: pp.213-215.
A straightforward retelling of Jewitt's narrative as a popular
Refs: L.C. supp.; Smith 366.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
10 20 Authentic account of the desperate engagement ycocrvw
between the General Washington, Alexander cfWctoi
Boyle, commander, and two Tripoli pirate- ciH/>\ I
gallies, in the Mediterranean. Also, the cruelty
of the pirates, and the sufferings of Captain
Boyle and crew, during their captivity in Bar-
bary. London, Printed for Champante & Whit-
row, Evans & Son, J. Fairburn and R. Hill
36 p.    16.5 cm.
Pp[28]-3i contain: Dreadful massacre of Captain Oliver Porter
& the crew of the Atahualpa, by the North American Indians in
the year 1805.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
21 Bagley, Clarence Booth, 1843-1932, ed. ,
Early Catholic missions in old Oregon; edited by
Clarence B. Bagley. Seattle, Washington, Lowman &
Hanford Company, 1932.
2 v.    fold plate (v.2).    24.5 cm.
Blanchet's Historical sketches (no. 49) first published in 1878;
Brouillet's Authentic account in 1859 under the title Protestantism in Oregon; Sketch originally published in Brussels in 1847
under the title Notice sur le territoire et la mission de I'Origon
by Blanchet (no.51).
Contents: vol.i. Blanchet, F.N. Historical sketches of the
Catholic church in Oregon, 1838-1878.- Brouillet, J.B.A. Authentic account of the murder of Dr. Whitman and other missionaries
by the Cayuse Indians of Oregon in 1847, and the causes which
led to that horrible catastrophe.- vol.2. Sketch of the territory of
Oregon and its missions.- Letters of the Sisters of Notre Dame
established at St. Paul, Willamette, Oregon.- Bagley, C.B. The
Catholic ladder.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Smith 406.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
22 Bagley, Clarence Booth, 1843-1932. f*&SC
In the beginning; a sketch of some early events in   Yffia
western Washington while it was still a part of "Old
Oregon", by Clarence B. Bagley. Seattle, Lowman &
Hanford Stationery and Printing Co., 1905.
90 p.    23 cm.
11 Concerned with the Fort Nisqually area; includes material on
the H.B.C. in old Oregon, the Puget Sound Agricultural Company and the Catholic missions.
Refs: Howes B30; N.U.C. pre-'56 imprints; Smith 409.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Baker, Luther
Letter to the Hon. John Quincy Adams on the Oregon
question, by Luther Baker. New-Bedford [Mass.] Evening Bulletin Press, 1846.
16 p.     24 cm.
A plea for a peaceful solution, argued on Christian principles.
Ref: N.U.C. pre-'56 imprints.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Ballantyne, Robert Michael, 1825-1894.
The pioneers, a tale of the western wilderness, illustrative of the adventures and discoveries of Sir Alexander
Mackenzie, by R.M. Ballantyne ... London, James Nis-
bet & Co.; New York, T. Nelson & Sons, 1872.
viii, 150 p.    front.(illus.), port.    18 cm.
Added illustrated t.p.
First published in Routledge's Every boy's annual, 1872; first
separate issue June, 1872; re-issued October, 1872, ref. Quayle.
Refs: B.M.C.; N.U.C. pre-'56 imprints; Quayle 44a, 106a; Smith
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— The pioneers ... London, James Nisbet & Co. [1875]
viii [ix-x, n]-i26 p.    3 plates(incl. front).    17.5 cm.     (Added
illustrated t.p.: Ballantyne's Miscellany [no. 14]).
Two-page fist at end of text: Mr. R.M. Ballantyne's Miscellany
of entertaining and instructive tales.
Ref:  Smith 488.
Copy examined: U. of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.
— The pioneers ... London, James Nisbet & Co., 1883.
viii  [g]-i28 p.    3 plates(incl. front.).     16 cm.     (Added illustrated t.p.: Ballantyne's Miscellany [no. 14]).
Miscellany referred to on p.iii.
Refs: N.U.C. pre-'56 imprints; Smith 490.
Copy examined: U. of Washington.
12 Toronto, The Musson Book Co.
I^(iii)       —The pioneers.
Limited [19—]
viii   [ix-x,   n]-i22   p.    front.(plate).     19   cm.   ([Ballantyne's
Miscellany, no. 14]).
"Printed by T. and A. Constable, Printers to His Majesty at
the Edinburgh University Press":- p. 122.
Miscellany referred to on p[x]
Copy (not seen): Victoria University.
25 Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1832-1918.
The works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, 1832-1918.
San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft & Company, 1883-1890.
39 v.    maps.    23 cm.
Imprint varies: vols.8, 14, 16-17, 22-26, 29-32, 34-39 published
by the History Company of San Francisco.
The list of authorities quoted in each volume includes mss.
now in the Bancroft Library.
The Works with changed t.p.'s and binder's titles and without
the first five volumes, were published under the title History of
the Pacific States of America. For the period up to the 1840s, it
is necessary to consult all the volumes relating to the northwest
Bancroft's histories have been bitterly attacked on grounds of
prejudice and failure to give adequate recognition to contributing
authors. "... produced in a literary factory... the work of many
hands, they are spotty in quality": - Phil Townsend Hanna in
Zamorano 80. "As time passes and prejudice drifts into obscurity,
these works become more strongly entrenched each year. For
scholars and investigators they will always remain the greatest
source of authority": - Cowan.
Contents: vols. 1-5. Native races.- vols.6-8. Central America.-
vols.9-14. Mexico.- vols. 15-16. North American states and
Texas.- vol.17. Arizona and New Mexico.- vols. 18-24. California.-
vol.25. Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming.- vol.26. Utah.- vols.27-
28. Northwest coast.- vols.29-30. Oregon.- vol.31. Washington,
Idaho and Montana.- vol.32. British Columbia.- vol.33. Alaska.-
vol.34. California pastoral.- vol.35. California inter poculi.- vols.
36-37. Popular tribunals.- vol.38. Essays and miscellany.- vol.39.
Literary industries.
Refs: B.M.C.; Cowan; Graff 155; Howes B91; L.C. basic; Smith
509-525, 530; Zamorano 3.
Set examined: B.C. Archives.
C lH?v\
26 Barker, Burt Brown, 1873-1969.
The McLoughlin empire and its rulers, Doctor John
McLoughlin, Doctor David McLoughlin, Marie Louise
'pF (Sister St. Henry). An account of their personal lives
and of their parents, relatives and children; in Canada's
Quebec Province, in Paris, France, and in the west of
the Hudson's Bay Company, with documents, letters,
maps and illustrations, by Burt Brown Barker. Glendale,
California, The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1959.
370 p. col. coats of arms, facsims., geneal. table, 2 maps (1 fold.),
plates(i fold.), ports. 25 cm. (Half-title: Northwest historical
series, 5).
"Bibliographical note": p[349] Also bibliographical footnotes.
A detailed study of the personal affairs of the McLoughlin
family, especially John McLoughlin. Of value for the insight it
gives into McLoughlin's character and personality, rather than
for any direct bearing on the history of the fur trade or old
Dr. Barker, a lawyer, a Vice-President of the University of
Oregon and former President of the Oregon Historical Society,
wrote a number of works on the early history of Oregon, and
made a special study of McLoughlin.
Refs: Canadiana'60; N.U.C.'58-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
27 Barrington, Daines, 1727-1800.
Miscellanies, by the Honourable Daines Barrington.
London, Printed by J. Nichols, sold by B. White and J.
Nichols, 1781.
iv, viii, 557 [1] p.    5 geneal. tables(i fold.), 2 maps (1 fold.),
2 ports., tables.     27 cm. *
This collection of essays and articles by the antiquarian Barrington, includes the Journal of a voyage in 1775 to explore the
coast of America, northward of California, by the second pilot of
the fleet Don Francisco Antonio Maurelle [.'] in the King's
Schooner called the Sonora and commanded by Francisco de la
Bodega. Also published separately (no.385).
Refs:   B.M.C.; Cowan;  Howes B177; L.C. basic;  Sabin 3628;
Wickersham 6653.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Barrows, William, 1815-1891.
Oregon, the struggle for possession, by William Barrows. Boston [and] New York, Houghton, Mifflin and
Company; Cambridge, The Riverside Press, 1884.
i^ 1. [2] viii, 363 p.    illus., front.(double map).     18 cm.  (Half
title: American commonwealths [v.2]).
14 Series title also at head of title.
"Authorities": pp [iii] -vi.
An account of the Oregon question and its background from
the U.S. point of view. Reprinted many times; ioth edition (i.e.
reprinting)  1898.
Refs: B.M.C.; Cowan; L.C. basic; Lowther 643; Smith 590-600.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
29 Bashford, James Whitford, bp., 1849-1919.
The Oregon missions, the story of how the line was
run between Canada and the United States, by James
W. Bashford. New York [and] Cincinnati, The Abingdon Press [1918]
1 L, 311 p.(incl. front.(map)).    19 cm.
Bibliography: pp.301-304.
"The aim of this book is to portray the deeds which determined
the boundary line":- Pref.
Written by a Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church from
the U.S. viewpoint.
Refs: L.C. basic; Smith 627.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
30        Bayly, William, 1737-1810.
The original astronomical observations made in the
course of a voyage to the northern Pacific Ocean, for
the discovery of a north east or north west passage:
wherein the north west coast of America and north
east coast of Asia were explored. In His Majesty's ships
the Resolution and Discovery, in the years 1776, 1777,
1778, 1779 and 1780, by Captain James Cooke [!]
F.R.S., Commander of the Resolution and Lieutenant
James King; and Mr. William Bayly, late assistant at
the Royal Observatory. Published by order of the Commissioners of Longitude, at the expence of whom the
observations were made. London, Printed by William
Richardson, printer and sold by P. Elmsly and Mess.
Mount and Page, Booksellers to the said Corriiriissioners,
vii [1] p., 2 1., 351  [1] p. of errata,    fold, plate, tables.    27 x
23 cm.
Bayly sailed as astronomer of the expedition.
15 31
1)( fc&SC
Refs: B.M.C.; Holmes 41; Howes B265; L.C. basic; Sabin 4079;
Wickersham 6554.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Beals, Carleton, 1893-
Adventure of the western sea [by] Carleton Beals;
illustrated by Jacob Landau. New York, Henry Holt
and Company [1956]
192 p.    illus.    21 cm.
A fictionalized account of the voyage of the Columbia Rediviva
and the Lady Washington written for older children by a professional writer.
Ref: N.U.C. '53-'57-
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Beaver, Herbert, 1800-1858.
Reports and letters, 1836-1838, of Herbert Beaver,
chaplain to the Hudson's Bay Company and missionary
to the Indians at Fort Vancouver; edited by Thomas E.
Jessett. [Portland, Ore.] Published by the Champoeg
Press, Reed College, 1959.
xxiv, 148, 5 p.    front.(illus.).    28 cm.
"Notes"  (bibliographical): pp.xxiii-xxiv.
750 copies printed.
Reports to the Governor and Committee and letters to the
Deputy-Governor, with James Douglas's report on the Beaver
affair, edited from the originals in the Company's Archives.
Refs: Canadiana '59; N.U.C. 's8-'62.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
Begg, Alexander, 1825-1905.
History of British Columbia from its earliest discovery
to the present time, by Alexander Begg. Illustrated.
Toronto, William Briggs; Halifax, S.F. Huestis; Montreal, C.W. Coates, 1894.
xvii [2] 8-568 p.    illus., front, fold, map, ports.     22 cm.
"A popular account which contains numerous quotations from
pioneer journals and letters": - Lowther.
Also published in London by Sampson Low, Marston & Company in 1896 from the Canadian printing.
Contents: pp[7]-i5- Introductory.- Section I, pp.17-24. Early
discoveries.- Section II, pp.25-188. The fur-trading period.- Sec-
16 tion   III,   pp. 189-404.   The   colonial  period.-   Section   IV,  pp.
405-568. The confederate period.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Lowther 1097; Smith 712-13.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
34 Belcher, Sir Edward, 1799-1877.
Narrative of a voyage round the world, performed in
Her Majesty's ship Sulphur, during the years 1836-1842,
including details of the naval operations in China, from
Dec. 1840 to Nov. 1841. Published under the authority
of the Lords Commissioners of the Aclmiralty, by Captain Sir Edward Belcher, R.N.... commander of the
expedition. London, Henry Colburn, 1843.
2 v.    20 illus., 3 fold. maps(in pocket), 17 plates(incl. fronts.).
23.5 cm.
Chapter 4 contains an account of a visit to Nootka Sound and
a meeting there with the Chief Maquilla, son-in-law of Maquinna,
in 1837.
The regions of vegetation, being an analysis of the distribution
of vegetable forms over the surface of the globe in connexion with
climate and physical agents, by Richard Brinsley Hinds: vol.2,
1 p.l., pp[325]-46o.
Refs:   B.M.C.;  Cowan;  Howes B318; L.C.  basic;  Sabin 4390;
Wickersham 6543a.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
35 [Bell, Edward] supposed author.
A new Vancouver journal on the discovery of Puget
Sound, by A member of the Chatham's crew; edited by
Edmond S. Meany. Seattle, Wash. [University of Washington Press] 1915.
1 p. L, iii, 43 p.     25.5 cm.
Authorship has been attributed to Edward Bell, clerk of the
Chatham, and also to William Walker, surgeon.
Reprinted from the Washington Historical Quarterly, vol.5,
no.2, April, 1914 to vol.6, no.i, January, 1915.
The original ms. is in the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.
This portion for the period April to September, 1792, covers
Puget Sound and Vancouver Island, including Nootka Sound.
Reprinted in 1957 as an appendix to E.S. Meany's Vancouver's
discovery of Puget Sound (no.36ii).
Refs: L.C. basic (title); Smith 6665; T.P.L. 4779.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
17 36
[Benton, Thomas Hart] 1782-1858.
Thirty years' view: or, A history of the working of
the American government for thirty years from 1820 to
1850, chiefly taken from the Congress debates, the
private papers of General Jackson, and the speeches of
ex-Senator Benton, with his actual view of men and
affairs: with historical notes and illustrations, and some
notices of eminent deceased cotemporaries [! ] by A
senator of thirty years. New York, D. Appleton and
Company; Boston, Frederick Parker, 1854-1856.
2 v.    fronts.    23.5 cm.
Presents a step-by-step account of the development of the
Oregon question and its solution, as part of the political history
of the United States.
Also published with imprint: New York & London, D. Apple-
ton & Company.
"Subsequently reprinted without alterations and dated i860,
1861, 1865, etc.":- Sabin.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Sabin 4787 (lengthy note).
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
V   37 [Beresford, William] fl.1788.
A voyage round the world; but more particularly to
the North West Coast of America: performed in 1785,
1786, 1787 and 1788 in the King George and Queen
Charlotte, Captains Portlock and Dixon. Dedicated, by
permission, to Sir Joseph Banks, Bart., by Captain
George Dixon. London, Published by Geo. Goulding,
xxix   [1]   p.,   1   1.,  360,  47 p.    5  fold, maps (incl. front.),   17
plates(3 fold.).    29.5 cm.
Some copies issued on large, heavy paper, with the eight
natural history plates in colour. Plate 10 is the score of a Nootka
Indian song.
Forty-nine letters by Beresford, the supercargo on the Queen
Charlotte, edited, with an introduction and two appendices, by
Dixon, ref. D.N.B.
The Queen Charlotte and the King George under the command of Nathaniel Portlock who also wrote an account of the
voyage (no.450) were outfitted by the King George's Sound
Company to trade for furs on the northwest coast. In May, 1787,
the ships separated, Dixon returning to Nootka and the Queen
Charlottes,  while  Portlock explored  the  Alaskan Coast. Dixon
18 established the insularity of the Queen Charlottes of which Beresford gives a good description. The two works have been confused,
especially in translation, in several bibliographies.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes D365 (Dixon); L.C. basic; Lada-Mocarski
43  (Dixon); Lande 960; Pilling Wakashan; Sabin 64390 (Port-
lock); Smith 779; Streeter 6:3484 (Dixon); T.P.L. 593.
Copies   examined:   B.C.   Archives   (ordinary  and   heavy  paper
(i) —A voyage ... 2d.  ed.  London, Published by Geo.
Goulding, 1789.
A reprint of the first edition with the same pagination.
Refs: Howes D365; Sabin 20367, 64390; Smith 780; T.P.L. 594.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Translations: French
(ii) — Voyage autour du monde . .. traduit de l'anglois par
M. Lebas. Paris, Chez Maradan, 1789.
1 v. ed: 3 p.l., 499, 46 [2] p. (incl. tables). 5 maps (part fold.),
17 plates.     26 cm.
2 v. ed.:  2 v.    5 fold, maps, 17 plates, 23 fold, tables.     21 cm.
Refs: Howes D365; L.C. basic; Sabin 64391; Smith 777-78.
Copies examined: B.C. Archives (both I vol. and 2 vol. eds.).
(iii)        — Der Kapitaine Portlock's und Dixon's Reise um die
Welt... Aus dem Englischen iibersetzt und mit Anmer-
kungen erlautert von Johann Reinhold Forster ... Berlin, Christian Friedrich Voss und Sohn, 1790.
[8] xxii, 314 p.    fold, map, 13 plates.     26 cm.
Refs: B.M.C.; BK 300; Sabin [64392]
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
38 Berkh, Vasilii Nikolaevich, 1781-1824. X
Puteshestvii po Sievernoi Amerikie k Liedovitomu
moriu i Tikhomu okeanu, sovershennyia. gospodami
Khernom i Miakenziem a prisovokupleniem opisanniia:
miekhovoi forgovli v Kanadie proizvodimoi, vsiekh
zvierei v Amerikie obrietaiushchikhsia, nravov i obykno-
veniev vnutrennikh dikikh. Perevedeno s anglinskago na
ostrovie Kad'iakie. V Sanktpeterburgie, v Tipografii V.
Plavil'shchikova,  1808.
3 p.l., xiv p., 1 I., 196 p., 1 1., 66 p.    fold. maps.    24.5 cm.
Cl Hrrt S~©-</c(3
Ci Hr* vps$
&H(5 l^SO
19 40
op& y
Abridged translations of the works of Samuel Hearne and
Alexander Mackenzie.
Refs: Howes B378; Wagner P. & R. (note); Wickersham 5879.
Copy examined: Yale University.
39        Berrian, Hobart
A plain view of the Oregon title, by Hobart Berrian.
(From the March number of the Washington Investigator.) Washington, Printed by James N. Davis, 1846.
8 p. (incl. t.p.).    25 cm.
"The title of the United States.. . seems to be indisputable":
Ref: Bancroft, H.H. History of the northwest coast, (no.25, vols.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
Besant, Sir Walter, 1836-1901.
Captain Cook, by Walter Besant. London and New
York, Maaxiillan and Co., 1890.
vi,  191  p.    front, (port.).     19 cm.  (Half-title:   English men of
"Inaccurate and disproportionate but eminently readable and
picturesque":- Gould (no.212).
Reprinted 1892, 1894, 1896, 1904, 1914, 1917 (twice), 1925.
Refs: B.M.C.; Holmes 126; L.C. basic; Wickersham 6570.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(i) — Captain Cook ... With illustrations by J. Macfar-
lane. London and New York, Macmillan and Co.
Limited, 1903.
vi,   191   p.    front.(port.), plates.     19  cm.   (On verso  of t.p.:
Macmillan's prize library).
Reprinted 1906, 1914, 1925.
Ref: Verso of t.p. of 1925 English men of action edition (Oregon
College of Education).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
41 Binns, Archie, 1899-
Peter Skene Ogden: fur trader [by] Archie Binns.
Portland, Oregon, Binfords & Mort, Publishers [1967]
rfj/       x, 363 P-    9 plates (incl. maps).    22.5 cm.
20 Bibliography: pp.361-363.
A well-documented, fictionalized biography for the general
reader. Chapters 22-23 cover Ogden's period as Chief Factor in
New Caledonia.
Ref: N.U.C. '68.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
42 Bischoff, William Norbert
The Jesuits in old Oregon, 1840-1940, by William N.
Bischoff, S.J., Gonzaga University. Caldwell, Idaho,
The Caxton Printers Ltd., 1945.
xvii p., 1 1., 258 p.    6 maps.    23.5 cm.
At head of title: A sketch of Jesuit activities in the Pacific
"Biographical appendix":  pp.217-234.
"Notes" (incl. bibliographical): pp.235-244. Bibliography: pp.
Includes brief mention of British Columbia and the missionaries
who worked there, especially Father John Nobili. There is also a
section entitled: Missionary stations along the Upper Columbia
and Fraser Rivers, pp.55-65.
Refs: L.C. supp.; Smith 851.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
43 Bishop, Charles, ca.1769-ca.1809. f./3SC
The journal and letters of Captain Charles Bishop on   (gto'i Ml -=>er.2.
the north-west coast of America, in the Pacific and in     v/i^i
New South Wales 1794-1799; edited by Michael Roe.
Cambridge, Published for the Hakluyt Society at the
University Press, 1967.
lvi, 341 p. front.(facsim.), 5 maps(2 fold.), tables. 22.5 cm.
(Half-title: Works issued by the Hakluyt Society, 2d. ser., no:
Bibliography: pp.319-326.
The section of the manuscript "concerning the Ruby is in the
Provincial Archives of British Columbia, Victoria, B.C.; that
concerning the Nautilus is in the Mitchell Library, Sydney, New
South Wales...":- Intro., p.xii.
In 1795 *he Ruby traded along the northwest coast to about
55° N.
Ref: N.U.C. '68.
jL. Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
21 $Ybs°
Bishop, Richard Preston, 1884-1954.
Mackenzie's rock, with a map showing the course followed by the explorer from Bella Coola, B.C., to the
Rock, and illustrated with views along the route, by
Captain R. P. Bishop, B.C.L.S. Introduction and notes
by His Honour Judge Howay ... [Ottawa, Government
Printer at the Government Printing Bureau, 1925]
31 p.(incl. t.p.). illus.(incl. port.), fold. map. 19 cm. (At
head of title: [Canada. Dept. of the Interior. Dominion Parks
Branch.] Historic sites series, no.6).
Cover title: Sir Alexander Mackenzie's rock. End of the first
journey across America.
Publication date from the Canadian Catalogue.
"During the summer of 1923, the author, Captain R.P. Bishop,
a trained surveyor, who was then in the service of the Land Department of the Government of British Columbia... was instructed
to make an effort to locate the rock":- Intro., p.7.
Refs: Can. Cat; N.U.C. '53-57.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Bixby, William
The forgotten voyage of Charles Wilkes, by William
Bixby. Illustrations by John Flynn. New York, David
McKay Company Inc. [1966]
vii [1] 183 p.    illus., maps (on lining-papers).    21 cm.
A- popular biography for children, grades 6 to 8.
Ref: N.U.C. '68.
Copy examined: U. of Washington.
Black, Samuel, 1780-1841.
A journal of a voyage from Rocky Mountain Portage
in Peace River to the sources of Finlays Branch and
north west ward in summer, 1824, by Samuel Black;
edited by E.E. Rich, M.A., assisted by A.M. Johnson,
archivist, Hudson's Bay Company, with an introduction
by R.M. Patterson. London, The Hudson's Bay Record
Society, 1955.
c,   260, xiii   [1]   p.    fold, map, plates.    24.5  cm.   (Half-title:
The Hudson's Bay Record Society [Publications] 18).
Binder's title: Black's Rocky Mountain journal, 1834.
22 For many years the authorship was attributed to John Finlay,
until the identity of the true author was revealed by J.N. Wallace
in his article "The explorer of Finlay River in 1824" published
in the Canadian Historical Review, vol.g, 1928, pp.25-31, ref.
Limited edition available only to subscribers.
Original ms. in H.B.C. Archives.
Appendix:  Biographies, pp.214-246.
Refs: N.U.C. '53-'57; T.P.L. 4879.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
47 [Blanchet, Francis Norbert] abp., 1795-1883.
Echelle chronologique et historique de la religion.
[Quebec, 1843]
Broadside.    86 x 18.5 cm.
Published by the Association de la Propagation de la Foi pour
le diocese de Quehec. Also published in their Rapport, no.5,
1843, p. 136.
First printed version of the Catholic ladder invented by Bishop
Blanchet to instruct the Indians of the Oregon Country, ref. P.M.
Hanley. The Catholic ladder and missionary activity in the
Pacific Northwest. Ottawa, Universite d'Ottawa. 1965. Unpublished M.A. (Theology) thesis. All the versions listed here are
described in detail by Hanley.
A second edition was printed of which Father Hanley found
a fragmentary copy on the Somenos Reserve, near Duncan, in
1963. A third edition, lithographed at Namur in 1847, was withdrawn as it conflicted with Blanchet's views and was replaced by
the Paris edition.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
(i) — Echelle catholique, historique et chronologique ou
maniere d'expliquer le catechisme aux sauvages, in-
ventee dans POregon en 1839 par M. Blanchet, Arche-
veque d'Oregon-City. Paris, Typographic de Feimin
Didot freres [ 1846 or 7 ]
Broadside.     72 x 55 cm.
Varies in presentation from Quebec version.
Copy examined: Yale University.
(ii) — Escala Catolica y misteriosa de Jacob o cuadro his-
torico y cronologico de la religion y de la doctrina
cristiana inventada en Oregon en 1839 por uno de los
dos primeros misioneros catolicos. Valparaiso, Libas
23 Broadside.    43" x 17.5"
Copy (not seen): Oregon Historical Society.
(iii)       —Catholic ladder: or, A chronological and historical
chart of the christian religion and doctrine. [New York,
Broadside.    50" x 25.5"
Copy (not seen): Gonzaga University.
(A)        — The key to the Catholic ladder, containing a sketch
of the christian religion and universal history, useful to
all, with the authorization of the Archbishop of Oregon
City. New York, T.W. Strong, printer, 1859.
32 p.    23 cm.
Cover title.
Issued to accompany no.47111.
Ref: Smith 880A.
Copy (not seen): Bancroft Library.
Blanchet, Francis Norbert, abp., 1795-1883.
Historical notes and reminiscences of early times in
Oregon, in a series of articles. The first civilized man,
etc., etc., by Rt. Rev. F.N. Blanchet. [n.p.] il
32 p.    20 cm.
Cover title.
Caption title: Historical notes.. .in a series of articles. A
summary of Pacific Coast discovery and exploration. The first
civilized men who saw the Columbia River. Discoveries of Spanish
navigators, of Capt. Cook, of Capt. Vancouver, Capt. G[r]ay
and Lieut. Meares.
Double column.
Appendix; or Summary of the first forty years of missionary
life in Oregon, from 1838 to 1878: pp[2g]-32.
Ref: Smith 877.
Copy examined: U. of Washington.
[Blanchet, Francis Norbert] abp., 1795-1883.
Historical sketches of the Catholic Church in Oregon
during the past forty years. Portland, Oregon [Catholic
Sentinel Press] 1878.
24 (i)
[5]-i86 p.     16.5 cm.
Cover title.
"Addenda and errata": pp[i85]-i86.
First published in the Catholic Sentinel of Portland, February
7 to September 12, 1878, ref. C.B. Bagley. Early Catholic missions (no.21), vol.i, p.7
"The historical value of this work is great, although it is impaired somewhat by the rather abusive severity the author has
shown when referring to those of alien faith": - Cowan.
Refs: Cowan; Howes B511; Smith 878.
Copy examined: U. of Washington.
— Historical sketches of the Catholic Church in Oregon,
1838-1878, by the Most Rev. Francis N. Blanchet, D.D.,
Archbishop of Oregon City. Portland, Oreg., Catholic
Sentinel Press, 1878 [Washington, 1884]
The  1878 edition with two additional leaves, the first being
the title-page, the second bearing the note "Washington, D.C.
Title-page printed for Edmond Mallet by Gray & Clarkson,
Refs: Howes B511; Smith 879; Soliday 301 (note).
Copy examined: Library Association of Portland.
— Historical sketches of the Catholic Church in Oregon
and the northwest. [2d. ed.] by the Most Rev. F.N.
Blanchet. Ferndale, Wash., 1910.
72 p.    20.5 cm.
Cover title.
Caption title: Historical sketches of the Catholic Church in
Oregon during the past forty years, 1831-1878.
This edition first published in Glad tidings by Fr. J.B. Boulet.
"This second edition has been corrected by the author, the
most Rev. Francis Norbert Blanchet, D.D., first Archbishop of
Oregon, before his death": - p [ 1 ].
Refs: Howes B511; Smith 879.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
q7  50 [Blanchet, Francis Norbert] abp., 1795-1883.
Memoire sur l'importance et la necessite de l'etab-
lissement d'une province ecclesiastique dans l'Oregon.
[Rome, 1846]
59 p.    31 cm.
Caption title on p.3: Memoire sur I'etablissement d'un siege
mitropolitain avec plusieurs suffragants dans la vaste etendue de
25 rtC
SignS, p.5: F.N. Blanchet, EvSque de Draza, Vicaire Aposto-
lique de l'Oregon, Rome 23 fevrier, 1846.
Original in the Acta of the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide,
vol.209. 1846, fo.165.
Condensation printed in Rapport de L'Association de la
Propagation de la Foi pour le diocese de Quebec, no.7, juillet,
1846, pp.3-24.
Pp. 1-2 contain introductory statements addressed to the Cardinals of the Sacred Congregation.
Copy examined: Oregon Historical Society (imperfect).
Entry completed from information supplied from perfect copy in
l'Archidiocese de Quebec.
(i) [ — ]  Noticias sobre la provincia eclesiastica de Ore
gon.  Traducidas del frances por el R.P.  Chaparro.
Valparaiso, Imprenta del comercio, 1856.
52 p.
Copy (not seen): Archeveche de Montreal.
(A)        [ — ] [Supplement. Rome, 16 avril, 1846]
3 p.    31.5 cm.
Sign6: F.N. Blanchet.
Copy examined: Oregon Historical Society.
51 [Blanchet, Francis Norbert] abp., 1795-1883.
Notice sur le territoire et la mission, de l'Oregon.
Narnur, Typographic de F.J. Douxfils, 1845.
21, 39 p.    21.5 cm.
Half-title: Notice sur le territoire et sur la mission de I'OrSgon.
Published under the auspices of the Association de la Propagation de la Foi.
Liste des objets dont la mission de l'Oregon a un grand besoin:
PP[3I]-39- Includes "une imprimerie complete, encre, etc."
Original in Congressi (Scritture originali riferite nei Congressi)
of the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, 1842-1848, vol.8, fo.
Copy examined: Oregon Historical Society.
/ (i) [ — ]   Notice sur le territoire et sur la mission de
l'Oregon, suivie de quelques lettres des soeurs de Notre-
Dame etablies a Saint Paul du Wallamette. Bruxelles,
Bureau de Publication de la Bibliotheque d'Education,
180 p.    fold. map.     18 cm.
26 Published under the auspices of the Association de la Propagation de la Foi.
The Notice has been revised and brought up to date and the
"Liste des objets" omitted.
Refs: Cowan; Graff 3044; Howes O109; L.C. basic; Smith 7483.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
52 Boit, John, 1774-1829.
Voyage of the Columbia around the world with John
Boit, 1790-1793; edited by Dorothy O. Johansen, with
comments on the art of navigation, by Dana Small. K t
[Portland, Oregon, Reed College] Published by Beaver
Books [i960]
92 p.    diagrs.    21.5 cm. (Imprint: Beaver Books).
"To bring relief to grades five through nine, Dorothy Johansen
is editing a new series called Beaver Books...":- Norman Clark
in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly, vol.51, no.3, July, i960,
A blending of John Boit's account with that of John Hoskins
designed for classroom use and independent reading. Based on
Howay's edition of Hoskin's journal (no.263) and Boit's log as
published in the Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society,
vol.22, 1921, pp[257]-35i.
Ref: N.U.C. 's8-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
53 Boit, Robert Apthorp, 1846-1919.
Chronicles of the Boit family and their descendants
and of other allied families, by Robert Apthorp Boit of    \flj
Boston, Massachusetts. [Boston, Typography and press-
work by S.J. Parkhill & Company] 1915.
252 p.    front.(port.).    25 cm.
Bibliography:  pp.251-252.
Includes a biography of John Boit of the Columbia, with passages from his diary kept on the northwest coast including incidents at Houston Stewart Channel, which the Boston men called
Barrell Sound, in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Ref: L.C. basic.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
27 uivicK C<f>/ /
54 Bold northwestman and Wandering Boys of Switzerland. Boston, Sold, wholesale and retail by
L. Eming [ca.1800]
Broadside.    22 x 17.5 cm.
Double column.
Bold northwestman is a ballad of fourteen stanzas of double
quatrains recounting an Indian attack on the Lady Washington
in the Queen Charlottes on June 16, 1791. Only two copies are
known to be extant but the entire text has been republished in
F.W. Howay"s "The ballad of the Bold Northwestman; an incident in the life of Captain John Kendrick" in the Washington
Historical Quarterly, vol.20, 1929, pp.114-123.
Copy examined:  Yale University (photocopy of original in the
Widener Library).
(i) The bold Northwestman. [n.p., n.d.]
Broadside.     29.5 x 16.5 cm.
Single column with a cut at the head of the text and an ornamental border. A variant form with some slight changes in the
Copy examined: Yale University.
Bold north-west men. [n.p., n.d.]
Broadside.     27 x 22.5 cm.
A considerably altered version in eleven stanzas omitting verses
ten, twelve and thirteen and substituting a new final verse. The
date of the massacre is given as May 14.
Copy examined: Yale University.
yC. 55 Bolduc, JeanBaptiste Zacharie, 1818-1889.
Extraits de deux lettres des PP. Bolduc et de Smet,
missionaries dans l'Oregon, 1844. Paris, 1845.
17 p.    8vo.
Ref: Streit, vol.3, no.2313.
No copy located.
56        Bolduc, Jean Baptiste Zacharie, 1818-1889.
Mission de la Colombie; lettre et journal de Mr.
J.-B.Z. Bolduc, missionnaire de la Colombie. Quebec,
De lTmprimerie de J.-B. Frechette, pere, Imprimeur-
Libraire [1843]
95 P-     20.5 cm.
28 (A)
"Public par nous en 1843":- Avant-propos a, son Deuxieme
Account of his voyage from Boston via Cape Horn to the
Columbia district in 1841-1843. The journal ends with his proposed visit to Vancouver Island with James Douglas. Includes a
brief vocabulary in Chinook and Snohomish and the Lord's
Prayer in Chinook.
"The larger part of this work was burned in the printing office
and it is, in consequence, very scarce":- Pilling, J.C. Bibliography
of the Salishan languages, p.6.
Refs:   Cowan;  Gagnon   1:505;  Graff  340;  Howes B573;  L.C.
basic; Lande 970; Sabin 6181; Smith 927; T.P.L. 5254; Wagner
P. & R. 93.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— Mission de la Colombie. Deuxieme lettre et journal
de M. J.-B.-Z. Bolduc, missionaire a la Colombie.
Quebec, De l'lmprirnerie de J.-B. Frechette, pere,
Imprimeur-Libraire, 1845.
1 1., 28 p.    19.5 cm.
"Ces lettres furent d'abord publiees dans le Canadien puis
mises en brochure": - Gagnon.
Four letters concern Tahiti; one dated 15 fevrier, 1844, reports
the voyage to Vancouver Island on the Beaver with Douglas, the
establishment of Fort Victoria and the return to Cowlitz.
Refs: Gagnon 1:506; Howes B573; L.C. basic; Smith 925.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
57 Bolton, Herbert Eugene, 1870-1953.
A Pacific coast pioneer, by Herbert Eugene Bolton.   frP^t-j. (Q 7
Berkeley,  California  [University of California Press]    . .  _
lxiv p.    8 plates (incl. front, and 5 maps).     22.5 cm.
"The  Crespi manuscripts"  bibliographical notes:   pp.lxii-lxiv.
A study of Fray Juan Crespi, reprinted from the Introduction
to his Fray Juan Crespi, missionary explorer on the Pacific coast,
i769-'774  (no.132).
Professor Bolton, Chairman of the Department of History at
the University of California, Berkeley and Director of the Bancroft Library, was a distinguished American historian, specializing
in Spanish America, ref. California Historical Society Quarterly,
vol.32, 1935, pp.97-103.
Refs: Howes B586 (title: Fray Juan Crespi); Smith 934.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
29 \ri
58 Bona, Emma
Alessandro Malaspina, sue navigazioni ed esplorazioni
[a cura di]   Emma Bona. Prefazione di S.E. Giotto
Danielli. Roma, Istituto Grafico Tiberino, 1935.
xij 3°5 P-    illus., facsims., maps(i fold.), ports.    30 cm.
Bibliographical footnotes.
Accounts of Malaspina's voyages compiled and edited by Emma
Bona, together with her two articles, pp.1-41, Cenno cronologico
delle principali esplorazioni geografiche che precedettero la
spedizione Malaspina nel XVIII secolo and Delia vita e delle
avventure di Alessandro Malaspina.
Refs: Ayer; B.M.C.; N.Y.P.L.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
59 The book of the ocean, and life on the sea: containing thn'lling narratives and adventures of
ocean life in all countries, from the earliest
period to the present time. With sixty illustrations. Auburn and Rochester, Alden & Beards-
ley; New York, J. C. Derby, 1855.
2 v. in 1.    illus.(incl. front.).    20 cm.
V0I.2 of Toronto PX. copy has vol.i imprint, except James G.
V0I.2 of Library of Congress copy has imprint Auburn, Alden
& Beardsley; Rochester, Wanzer, Beardsley & Co., 1853.
Vols. 1 and 2 of Toronto P.L. copy dated 1855.
Narrative of the sufferings and adventures of John R. Jewitt,
only survivor of the crew of the ship Boston, during a captivity
of nearly three years among the savages of Nootka Sound: voLi,
Ref: L.C. basic
Copy examined: Toronto P.L.
(i) The book of the ocean ... Auburn and Buffalo, John E.
Beardsley [1853-1855?]
2 v. in 1.    illus.    20 cm.
Vol.i, pp.207-234 contain the Jewitt narrative.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
(ii) The book of the ocean ... New York, Hurst & Co., publishers [1853-1855?]
2 v. in 1.    22 cm.
30 Vol.i, pp.207-234 contain the Jewitt narrative; vol.2 without
a title-page.
Copy examined: U. of California, Berkeley.
60        Boone, Lalla Rookh
Captain George Vancouver and his work on the
northwest coast, by Lalla Rookh Boone, [n.p.] 1934.
vii [1] 114 p.    26 cm.
Privately printed.
Bibliography, pp.87-114, includes bibliography of maps. Also
bibliographical footnotes.
A well-documented study of Vancouver's contribution to the
exploration and hydrographic survey of the coastline in relation
to the work of Cook, the Spanish and the Russian explorers,
based on the author's Ph.D. thesis presented to the University of
California. Summarized in Oregon Historical Quarterly, vol.35,
!934> PP[I93J-227 under title "Vancouver on the northwest
Ref:  Smith 951 A.
Copy examined: Oregon Historical Society.
PS?IS, 3
61 Bowes, Gordon Emerson, 1914-      , ed.
Eye-witness accounts from the first exploration in 1793
down to 1959 of the Peace River district of British
Columbia, including the Finlay and Parsnip river basins,
compiled by G.E. Bowes, together with several historical
and descriptive narratives, maps, a bibliography and an
index. Vancouver, B.C., Western Development and
Power Limited, 1959.
x, 188 p. maps (1 fold.), 3 plates (incl. front., fold, facsim.).
27.5 cm.
"For private use and study only and not for public circulation
or sale":- t.p.
Ref: Lowther 2062.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(i) —Peace River chronicles; eighty-one eye-witness ac
counts from the first exploration hi 1793 of the Peace
River region of British Columbia including the Finlay
and the Parsnip River Basins. Selected and edited by
Gordon E. Bowes. Forty pages of illustrations, a bibliog-
%YF*\ \*s°7
r^C St^S
pcrz ft* 3
31 62
£2M Ff
raphy, maps and an index. [Vancouver, B.C.] Prescott
Publishing Co. [1963]
557 p.    maps(1 col. fold, on lining-paper), plates, ports.    25 cm.
Bibliography: pp.539-546.
Contents: ... 1. pp.23-63. Fur traders, 1793-1860.
Refs: Lowther 2144; N.U.C. '64.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Brant, Irving, 1885-
Friendly Camy[by] Irving Brant. Indianapolis [and]
New York, Bobbs-Merrill, a subsidiary of Howard W.
Sams & Co., Inc. [1963]
307 p.    map.    21.5 cm.
A novel of the life of Rodrigo Alvarez de Palma y Ferragut,
carpenter's apprentice on the Nootka, with his subsequent adventures on the Pacific Coast and at the signing of the Nootka convention. The author is best known for his monumental six-volume
biography of James Madison.
Refs: Canadiana '63; N.U.C. '63.
Copies examined: B.C. Archives; U. of British Columbia
British Columbia Historical Quarterly. Victoria,
British Columbia Historical Association, v.i,
January, 1937-
v. illus.    25 cm.
Published by the Archives of British Columbia in co-operation
with the British Columbia Historical Association.
Superseded the Association's Annual report and proceedings.
Table of contents and index in each volume. Also indexed in
the Canadian Index.
Publication suspended with vol.21, Jan., 1957-Oct., 1958, i.e.
Includes many articles and reviews of publications on the pre-
colonial period.
Ref: Lowther 1773.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Broadus, Eleanor (Hammond)
John Jewitt, the captive of Nootka, by Eleanor Hammond Broadus ... Toronto, The Ryerson Press [1928]
32 p.    illus.     19 cm. (On cover: The Ryerson Canadian history
readers. Explorers and colonists. N0.3S).
32 Cover title.
An elementary school reader.
Refs: Can. Cat.; Smith 1120.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
65 Brother Jonathan's bed; or, Wait until your legs
grow longer. A fairy tale for politicians who are
too young to have learned anything, or who are
so old that they have forgotten everything. New
York, William H. Graham, 1846.
2 1. [5]-23 p.    front, (plate).    20.5 cm.
"No, no, Jonathan, unless you force England, against her own
interests and inclinations, to go to war with you, you and brother
Johnny will have no war about Oregon":- p.22.
Ref: Smith 1149.
Copy examined: Oregon Historical Society.
66 Broughton, William Robert, 1762-1821.
A voyage of discovery to the North Pacific Ocean: in
which the coast of Asia, from the Lat. of 350 north to
the Lat. of 52° north, the Island of Insu, (commonly
known under the name of the Land of Jesso) the north,
south and east coast of Japan, the Lieuchieux and the
adjacent isles as well as the coast of Corea, have been
examined and surveyed. Performed in His Majesty's
sloop Providence and her tender in the years 1795,
1796, 1797, 1798, by William Robert Broughton. London, Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1804.
xx, 393 [1]  [2] p. of advts.    3 fold. maps(incl. front.), 6 plates
(4 fold.).     27.5 x 22 cm.
"List of plates": p[394]
In 1790 Broughton was appointed to command the Chatham
on Vancouver's expedition and returned to England with despatches in 1793. Returning to the northwest coast in command of
the Providence, he found Vancouver gone, whereupon he commenced a four-year survey of the coast of Asia. Chapter 3 records
a visit to Nootka Sound in 1796 where Broughton encountered
Maquinna and the ship Lady Washington. The Providence then
proceeded to Juan de Fuca Straits and down the coast of California. Great Britain's claim to the Oregon Country was based
largely on Broughton's exploration of the mouth of the Columbia
On U/\n
33 CiWv\
Refs: B.M.C.; Graff 416; Howes B821; Lada-Mocarski 59; L.C.
basic; Nat. Mus. 631; Sabin 8423; Streeter 6:3500.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— A voyage of discovery... London, Printed for T.
Cadell and W. Davies, 1804. [Amsterdam, N. Israel;
New York, Da Capo Press, 1967]
1 1., xx, 393fi] p. 3 fold, maps (incl. front.), 6 plates(4 fold.).
25 cm. (Added series t.p.: Bibliotheca Australiana, no. 13).
A facsimile reprint of the first edition.
Ref: N.U.C. '68.
Copy examined: U. of Victoria.
Translations: French
—Voyage de decouvertes dans la partie septentrionale
de l'ocean Pacifique... Traduit par ordre de S.E. le
Ministre de la Marine et des Colonies, par J.B.B.E****.
Paris, Dentu, Imprim.-Libre., 1807.
2 v.    3 fold, maps, 4 plates(3 fold.).    20 cm.
Translated by Jean Baptiste Benott Eyries.
This edition contains an added appendix "Voyage de Laxmann
a Matmai (Insu)", vol.2, PP-3I7-338, compiled from Allgemeine
geographische Ephemeriden, Weimar, June, 1805.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes B821; L.C. basic; Sabin 8424.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives (lacks some plates).
— Kapt. Will. Rob. Broughton's Befehlshabers der Kon.
Grossbritt. Kriegschaluppe Providence und ihres
Beischiffes Entdeckungsreise in das Stille Meer ... Aus
dem Englischen mit einigen Anmerkungen abgekurzt
herausgegeben von Theophil Friederich Ehrmann ...
Weimar, Verlag des Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs, 1805.
xx, 352 p.    fold, map, plate.     21 cm.
An abridgement.
Also issued by the same publishers in   1805  in their series
Bibliothek der neuesten und wichtigsten Reisebeschreibungen zur
Erweiterung der Erdkunde, vol.19.
Refs: Howes B821; Sabin 8425.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
67 Brown, Harrison, 1893-
Admirals, adventurers and able seamen:  forgotten
stories about places on our British Columbia coast and
34 how they got their names, by Harrison Brown. [Vancouver, B.C., The Keystone Press Ltd., 1954]
30 [1] p.    illus., map.     22 cm.
Publication date from Canadiana.
Popular, undocumented sketches of incidents and personalities
concerned with various place names compiled by a radio broadcaster and writer.
Contents: Juan de Fuca.- Perez.- Cook.- Eliza and Valdes.-
Galiano and Valdes.- Vancouver.
Refs: Canadiana '54; Lowther 1937; N.U.C. '48-'62  ([1957?]').
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
68 Brown, Joseph Henry, 1837-1898.
Brown's political history of Oregon. Provisional government treaties, conventions and diplomatic correspondence on the boundary question, historical introduction
of the exploration on the Pacific Coast, history of the
provisional government from year to year, with election
returns and official reports, history of the Cayuse war,
with original documents, by J. Henry Brown. Volume
1. Portland, Oregon, Wiley B. Allen, publisher; Press of
the Lewis & Dryden Printing Co., 1892.
v.i   (viii, 462 p.).    illus., fold, facsim., front.(port.), fold. map.
22.5 cm.
Only volume one published.
The author is sometimes called James Henry. His correct name
was established by the Oregon State Historian from information
supplied by Brown's nephew, Burt Brown Barker.
Eberstadt postulated in his Catalogue 126, no.381, that probably
not more than 20 copies were extant as the entire edition, except
a few copies sent to the author by the binder, was destroyed by fire.
A history of Oregon to 1848. "Contains copies of many documents of great value and not readily accessible": - Cowan.
Refs: Cowan; Howes B846; L.C. basic; Smith 1169.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
69 Browne, Peter ArrelL 1782-1860.
A lecture on the Oregon Territory. I. The title of the
United States to its sovereignty.- II. Its capabilities and
value to our country.- III. And the necessity of an immediate settlement of it from the States, by Peter A.
Browne, LL.D. of Philadelphia ... Philadelphia, United
States Book and Job Printing Office, 1843.
35 0YJLvJt   lAetAiu    20 P.
20.5 cm.
One of the first pamphlets printed during the boundary controversy and aimed at inducing emigration from the United States.
Includes a history of discovery and early exploration and an
account of the British claims but devotes most space to discussing
the accessibility of the capital territory by the overland route.
Refs: Howes B879; L.C. basic; Sabin 8673; Smith 1197; Streeter
6 = 3352-
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
V^e^H £    70
Bryce, George, 1844-1931.
Mackenzie, Selkirk, Simpson, by Rev. George Bryce
... Edition de luxe. Toronto, Morang & Co. Limited,
2 1. [6] p., 1 1., 305 p. facsims., 3 ports.(incl. front.). 24 cm.
(Half-title: The makers of Canada; edited by Duncan Campbell
Scott and Pelham Edgar, v.8).
"This edition is limited to four hundred signed and numbered
sets ... ":  prelim, leaf.
Series republished in five later editions (no.351).
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Peel 1223; Smith 1225.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
71 Bryce, George, 1844-1931.
Notes and comments on Harmon's journal,  1800-
WSu v. j     1820, by Rev. Professor Bryce ... A paper read before
the Society on the evening of 13th December, 1883.
Winnipeg, Manitoba Daily Free Press, 1883.
7   p.     22   cm.   (On  cover:   Manitoba  Historical  and  Scientific
Society. Transaction no.3 (i.e. no.9), season 1883-4).
Cover title.
Caption title: Early days. The reminiscences of a fur trader.
Mr. Harmon's experience in the Northwest.
Largely superseded by W. Kaye Lamb's edition of Harmon's
journal, entitled Sixteen years in the Indian country (no.246).
Refs: L.C. basic; Peel 497.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
72 Bryce, George, 1844-1931.
The remarkable history of the Hudson's Bay Company, including that of the French traders of northwestern Canada and of the North-West, XY and Astor
36 (i)
Pciio? t
Fur Companies, by George Bryce ... with numerous
full-page illustrations and maps. London, Sampson Low,
Marston & Company Limited, 1900.
xx p., 1 1., 501 [1] p. facsim., front., maps, plates, ports. 23
"Authorities and references": pp.481-486.
"The Cree syllabic character": p.495.
Published simultaneously in Toronto by William Briggs and in
New York by Charles Scribner's Sons from the English printing.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Smith 1229-30.
Copies examined: National Library, Ottawa (London); Canada
Archives (Toronto); Wayne State University (New York).
— The remarkable history ... 2d. ed. London, Sampson
Low, Marston & Company Limited, 1902.
A reprint of the first edition, with the same pagination.
Also published in Toronto by Briggs in 1904 and in New York
by Scribner's Sons from the English printing.
Refs: Smith 1232-33.
Copies  examined:   National Library,  Ottawa   (London); U. of
Alberta (Toronto); No copy of New York edition located.
— The remarkable history... 3d. ed. [rev. and corr.]
London, Sampson Low, Marston & Company Limited,
xxii p., 1 1., 503 p.    illus.(incl. maps, ports.).     22.5 cm.
Preface dated August 19, 1910.
Also published in Toronto by William Briggs in 1910 and in
New York by Charles Scribner's Sons in 1911, both from the
English printing.
Refs: Smith 1234-35.
Copies  examined:   B.C.  Archives   (London);  National Library,
Ottawa (New York).
Buchanan, James, 1791-1868. flGSC
Last letter of Mr. Buchanan to Mr. Pakenham on the fyr<3 [)S'h
American title to Oregon. Baltimore, Printed at the
Constitution Office, 1845. Xft*«kvuiA
16 p.    22 cm. /- ... /*.
... Off/Y,  l6j.i15
Cowan described the item as having a folded map to accompany the text. Sabin does not mention the map and the British
Museum, Bancroft Library, B.C. Archives and the Yale University
copies are all without maps.
Q>H t 1510
37 ASAS, 74
Pc?£\ &b1  l$iS
"A concise statement from the view-point of the United States,
by its secretary of state. The Spanish-American title was held by
the United States to reach 54° 40' north": - Cowan.
Refs: B.M.C.; Cowan; Sabin 8862; Smith 1239.
Copies examined: Bancroft Library; B.C. Archives; Yale University.
Buell, Robert Kingery
Sea otters and the China trade, by Robert Kingery
Buell and Charlotte Northcote Skladal.  [New York]
David McKay Company, Inc. [1968]
xii, 212 p.    21 cm.
Bibliography: pp.203-207.
A popular history.
Ref: N.U.C. '68.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Bulfinch, Charles, 1763-1844.
Memorial of Charles Bulfinch and others praying the
confirmation of their claims to certain tracts of land on
the Columbia River, April 9, 1838. Referred to the
Select Committee on the occupation of the Columbia
River and ordered to be printed. [Washington] Blair &
Rives, printers, 1838.
2 p. 22 cm. ([U.S.] 20th Cong. 2d. sess. Senate. [Doc] no.
Caption title.
Asking confirmation of Columbia River lands only.
Copy examined: U. of Victoria (microprint).
— Memorial of Charles Bulfinch et al. praying that
their title to certain lands in the Territory of Oregon
may be confirmed. January 13, 1840, referred to the
Committee on foreign affairs. [Washington] Blair &
Rives, printers [1840]
14 p. 25 cm. (At head of title: [U.S.] 26th Cong. 1st sess.
House. Doc. no.43).
Caption title.
At head of title: Charles Bulfinch et al.-lands in Oregon.
Includes historical remarks on the discovery of the Oregon
River and purchases of land on the northwest coast with affidavits
and deeds of purchases by Kendrick of virtually the whole of
38 76
Vancouver Island from Maquinna and Wickaninnish; also, extract
from George Mortimer's Observations and remarks, London, 1791,
on medals struck by Kendrick in Hawaii in 1787.
Refs: Judson; Poore.
Copy examined: Boston P.L.
Bulfinch, John Trecothic Apthorp, b.1837. ^^ltvl\
The first white men in North West America, an ab- <CiHry\
breviated story by J.T.A. Bulfinch. [n.p., n.d.] ..
21 p.    18 cm.
A simple account of early exploration of the northwest coast
written for children, with a poem The discovery of the river "Roc"
(The Columbia).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
[Burges, Sir James Bland] bart., 1752-1824, afterwards known as Sir James Lamb.
Letters lately published in the Diary on the subject of
the present dispute with Spain, under the signature of
Verus. London, Printed for G. Kearsley, 1790.
viii, 101 p.    21.5 cm.
Authorship attributed to Burges by S. Halkett and J. Laing.
Dictionary of anonymous & pseudonymous English literature.
Tentatively ascribed to Francis Webb by Howes and definitely to
Webb by W. Cushing. Initials and pseudonyms, but it is not
among Webb's works listed in the D.N.B.
A defence of Britain's claims in the Nootka crisis by the then
Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
Refs: Howes W188; Sabin 40603 (title).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
78 [Burges, Sir James Bland] bart., 1752-1824, after
wards known as Sir James Lamb.
A narrative of the negotiations occasioned by the dispute between England and Spain in the year 1790.
[London, 1791]
viij 3°7 P-    24 cm-
Date from British Museum Catalogue.
"This almost deserves to be classed among the published documents. It was prepared in the foreign office while the negotiations
were in progress ... it may be safely asserted that it was compiled
39 8
by Sir James Bland Burges, under-secretary for foreign affairs,
especially for the King ...":- Manning (no.354), p.474.
"In a letter... to Lord Auckland, dated November 12, 1790,
found in B.M. Add. Mss. 34434, fs8 he mentions an 'interesting
Narrative which at leisure hours, I have prepared for the King'
...":- Manning (no.354), p.365, note a.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes B960; Sabin 51818 (title); Smith 1268.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
79 Burkholder, Mabel, 1881-
Captain Cook, by Mabel Burkholder. Toronto, The
Ryerson Press [1928]
32 p.    illus.     19 cm. (On cover: The Ryerson Canadian History
Readers. Explorers and colonists, no.30).
Cover title.
An elementary school reader.
Refs: Can. Cat.; Smith 1274.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
80 Burney, James, 1750-1821.
\Aa£aj^t~ ^ chronological history of the north-eastern voyages
of discovery and of the early eastern navigations of the
L^T, ^F> Russians, by Captain James Burney, F.R.S. London,
Printed by Luke Hansard & Sons for Payne and Foss
and John Murray, 1819.
viii, 310 p.    2 fold. maps.    22.5 cm.
Burney, son of the musician Charles Burney and brother of
Fanny, Madame D'Arblay, sailed with Cook on his second and
third voyages and rose to the rank.of Captain. After his retirement, he wrote a five-volume history of discoveries in the Pacific
Ocean to 1723, a number of pamphlets, and this work. Although
primarily concerned with the Russian voyages on the northwest
coast, it includes his account of Cook's third voyage.
Refs:   B.M.C.;  Cowan; Holmes 82; Howes B1001; L.C. basic;
Sabin 9386; Smith 1283; Streeter 6:3510.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
,7 81
Burpee, Lawrence Johnston, 1873-1946.
Influence of the war of 1812 upon the settlement of
the Canadian west, by Lawrence J. Burpee. Ottawa
[n.p., 191-]
9 p.    24.5 cm.
40 Date from the L.C. Catalog.
A very broad, undocumented essay of which the author observed
"this paper... does not profess to include anything more than a
few more or less disjointed notes", p.g.
Refs: L.C. basic; Smith 1287.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
82 Burpee, Lawrence Johnston, 1873-1946. 4-S^sJt?
On the old Athabasca trail, by Lawrence J. Burpee,   fc/3£Q
with nineteen illustrations. Toronto, The Ryerson Press
259 p.     16 plates(incl. front.).    22 cm.
Printed in Great Britain by the Camelot Press.
Bibliographical note: pp.250-253.
Extracts from the adventures of early travellers on the Athabasca Trail from David Thompson to Sandford Fleming retold
by the author while on the same trail.  "
Also published in New York by Frederick A. Stokes Company
in 1926 and in London by Hurst & Blackett Ltd. in 1927 from
the same printing as the Canadian edition. The date of the English edition taken from the English Catalogue of Books and the
British Museum Catalogue. <iaYi
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Lowther 1687; Smith 1290-92.
Copies   examined:   B.C.   Archives   (Toronto);   U.   of   Victoria
(London); Arctic Institute (New York).
Burpee, Lawrence Johnston, 1873-1946.
Scouts of empire; the story of the discovery of the   p<je/f) i
great North-West, by Lawrence J. Burpee. Toronto,
The Musson Book Company Limited [1912]
v, 104 p.     14 cm.
For the general reader. C/(-f*j/V\ -?
Contents:   I. Henry Hudson and the great bay.- II.  [Samuel » Z.OQ
Hearne] The quest of the Coppermine.- III. [La Verendrye] The
discovery of the Rocky Mountains.- IV. [Alexander Mackenzie]
Overland to the Pacific- V. Simon Fraser of New Caledonia.-
VI. [David Thompson] Twenty-eight years in the wilderness.
Refs: L.C. basic; Smith 1294.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Burpee, Lawrence Johnston, 1873-1946.
The search for the western sea: the story of the exploration of north-western America, by Lawrence J.
Burpee. London, Alston Rivers, Ltd., 1908.
41 (t/?»5C
Ix, 651 [1] p
8 fold, maps, 48 plates(incl. front., ports.).    22.5
"A bibliography of the exploration of northwestern America":
Part 3 includes early exploration of British Columbia.
A pioneer work. Changing trends in research have led to a
revaluation of its merit. Critically reviewed by AS. Morton in the
Canadian Historical Review, vol.17, 1936, pp.200-201.
Printed in Great Britain and published simultaneously in
Toronto by The Musson Book Company and in New York by D.
Appleton and Company.
Refs:   B.M.C.;   Howes  B1006;  L.C.   basic;   Peel   1286;   Smith
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— The search for the western sea... new and rev. ed.
[incorporating new material] Toronto, The Macmillan
Company of Canada Limited, 1935.
2 v.    front., fold, maps, plates, ports.    22 cm.
Omits the bibliography.
Also published in New York by Macmillan in 1936 from the
Canadian printing.
Refs: Can. Cat.; Howes B1006; L.C. basic; Smith 1298-99.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
85 Caamafio, Jacinto
The journal of Don Jacinto Caamafio, translated by
Captain Harold Grenfell, R.N.; edited with an introduction and notes by Henry R. Wagner and W.A. New-
combe. Reprinted from the British Columbia Historical
Quarterly, July and October, 1938. [Victoria, B.C.,
pp.189-301.    3 maps(i fold.).     24.5 cm.
50 copies issued separately, ref. Wagner, H.R. The published
writings, no.95.
In the Aranzazu, Caamafio charted the coastline to 53 °N and
attempted to verify the existence of the Strait of Fonte.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
86 Calhoun, John Caldwell, 1782-1850.
Oregon: the claim of the United States to Oregon as
stated in the letters of the Hon. J. G. Calhoun and the
42 87
Hon. J. Buchanan, American Secretaries of State, to the
Right Hon. R. Pakenham, Her Britannic Majesty's
plenipotentiary, with an appendix, containing the counter statement of Mr. Pakenham to the American Secretaries of State, and a map showing the boundary line
proposed by each party. London, Wiley and Putnam,
[2] iv [3]-55 [1] 16 p.    fold. map.    21.5 cm.
Cover title: Letters on Oregon. Caption title: Oregon correspondence.
Printed by William Clowes and son; map lithographed by Day
and Haghe, lithographers to the Queen.
Apparently published under the auspices of the British government for limited circulation.
Refs: Howes C31; Sabin 9943; Smith 1383.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Callahan, James Morton, 1864-1956.
American foreign policy in Canadian relations, by
James Morton Callahan. New York, The Macmillan
Company, 1937.
x p., 1 1., 576 p.    illus.(maps).    22.5 cm.
"References" at the end of each chapter.
The author, a Professor of History and Political Science at
West Virginia University, ref. Lowther, has made extensive use of
publications and archives of the U.S., British and Canadian
Contents: ...Chapter 10. The Northwest boundary: the
Oregon question.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Lowther 1774.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
88 Calvo, Carlos, 1824-1906.
Coleccion completa de los tratados, convenciones,
capitulaciones, armisticios y otros actos diplomaticos de
todos los estados de la America Latina comprendidos
entre el golfo de Mejico y el cabo de Hornos, desde el
afio de 1493 hasta nuestros dias, precedidos de una
memoria sobre el estado actual de la America, de
cuadros estadisticos, de un diccionario diplomatico, y de
una noticia historica sobre cada uno de los tratados mas
43 importantes, por Carlos Calvo ... Paris, A. Durand,
Vols.7-11 have title: Coleccion completa... nuestro dlas.
Primer periodo llmites. Imprint: Paris, A. Durand, Gamier Her-
manos [et] Mms. Denne-Schmidt; Madrid, Bailly-Balliere; Buenos
Aires, Libreria de la Victoria. At head of title of these volumes:
America Latina.
Vols. 1-6 comprise documents already published; the remainder
contain documents here first published from the State Archives.
V0I.3, pp. 338-368 contains an historical summary of the history of negotiations between Spain and Great Britain concerning
territorial rights in the North Pacific and gives the text of the
Treaties and agreements.
Ref:  L.C. basic.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
— Recueil complet des traites, conventions, capitulations, armistices et autres actes diplomatiques ... Paris,
A. Durand, 1862-1869.
11 v.     22 cm.
This edition gives texts in Spanish and editorial matter in
Refs: L.C. basic; Sabin 10089.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
89 Campa Cos, Miguel de la
\CoJ^J^' d
1 A journal of explorations northward along the coast
Q@$£ 'rnC from Monterey in the year 1775 [by] Fra Miguel de la
1 \-\?,Ct^ Campa Cos, with illustrations in original colors by Luis
f^©" Choris; edited by John Galvin. [San Francisco] Pub
lished by John Howell-Books, 1964.
[3] p., 2 1., 67 [1] p.    maps, 5 col. plates.    31 cm.
1,000 copies designed and printed by Lawton Kennedy.
Journal kept on board the Santiago on Hezeta's expedition
"translation . .. made from a Spanish contemporary manuscript
copy in my library; the original is in the National Archives in
Mexico City": - prefatory note by John Galvin.
The illustrations were made by Choris while on Kotzebue's
voyage of 1816.
Ref: N.U.C. '66.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
44 \A
90 Campbell, Gordon, 1886-1953.
Captain James Cook, R.N., F.R.S., by Vice-Admiral      UfcSW<iit
Gordon Campbell... London, Hodder and Stoughton,    K-'-^-31
Ltd. [1936] FC-b#Zl.Z*43
[1-6]  7-320 p.    5 maps(part. fold., and incl. lining-papers), 13 (~,7S 'A "Z,/^
plates (incl. ports, (incl. front.)).     23 cm.
"List of logs and journals": pp.307-314.
A straightforward account of Cook's career by a naval officer,
author of a number of books on sailors and the sea, ref. Who was
who, 1951-1960.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
91 Campbell, Marjorie Elliott (Wilkins), 1901- V^a^sk 4~
McGillivray, Lord of the northwest   [by]   Marjorie   "&S*
Wilkins Campbell. Toronto [and] Vancouver, Clarke, fccxji*-*. $£[$
Irwin & Company Limited, 1962.
xhij 337 p.    map (on fining-paper), port.     23.5 cm.
A fictionalized biography of William McGillivray of the North
West Company, and later of the H.B.C, and his contribution to
the fur trade in Canada, including the far west.
Refs: Canadiana '63; N.U.C. '63.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
92 Campbell, Marjorie Elliott (.Wilkins), 1901- (/Coa^4-
The North West Company  [by]   Marjorie Wilkins   $JSSC
Campbell. Toronto, The Macmillan Company of pC-SzJZ..'*,
Canada Limited, 1957. C3w6 <95Z
xiv, 295 p.    4 maps (incl. lining-papers), 4 ports.     23 cm.
"Notes on authorities": pp.285-290.
Although the work is obviously based on solid research, the
lack of documentation makes it impossible to determine which
conversations, letters and diary entries are factual and which
imaginary. It was sternly reviewed by Dr. Grace Nute in the
Pacific Northwest Quarterly, vol.49, no.2, April,  1958, pp.83-84.
Issued simultaneously in New York by the St. Martin's Press
from the Canadian printing.
Refs: Canadiana '57; N.U.C. '42-'62.
Copies examined: B.C. Archives; U. of Washington (New York).
45 ■e&uAoko*,   94
Campbell, Marjorie Elliott (Wilkins), 1901-
The Nor'Westers:   the  fight for the fur trade, by
Marjorie Wilkins Campbell, illustrated by Illingworth
Kerr. Toronto, Macmillan, 1954.
vii, 2, 176 p. illus., map(on lining-papers). 21.5 cm. (At head
of title: Great stories of Canada: a new historical series for young
people [no.4]).
The book won the Governor General's Award, 1954.
Also issued in New York by St Martin's Press from the Canadian printing, 1956, i.e. ca.1954.
Ref: N.U.C. '53-'57 (New York).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Campbell, Marjorie Elliott (Wilkins), 1901-
The savage river: seventy-one days with Simon Fraser
[by] Marjorie Wilkins Campbell; illustrated by Lewis
Parker. Toronto, Macmillan of Canada [1968]
[6] p., 2 1., [2] 146 p. illus., map. 22 cm. (Half-title: Great
stories of Canada [no.33]).
A history written for children.
Also issued in New York by St Martin's Press from the Canadian printing.
Ref: Canadiana '69.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Campbell, Robert, 1808-1894.
Two journals of Robert Campbell, (Chief Factor,
Hudson's Bay Company), 1808 to 1853. Early journal
— 1808 to 1851, later journal—Sept. 1850 to Feb.
1853. Limited edition. Seattle, Washington [Shorey's
Book Store] 1958.
[3] 151 leaves.    36 cm.
Mimeographed. Preface signed by John W. Todd, jr.
Early journal copied from typescript transcript in the Soliday
Collection. Later journal then owned by a grand-daughter, Mrs.
J.W. Waddy.
After a period spent farming at the Red River settlement,
Campbell joined the H.B.C. and was sent to the Mackenzie River
District, to Fort Simpson and later to Fort Liard, Fort Halket
and Dease Lake. He discovered the Upper Stikine in 1837 and
the Pelly River in 1840.
Refs: Canadiana '62; N.U.C. '42-'62; Soliday 11528.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
46 96 CampbeU, William Wilfred, 1861-1918.
The Scotsman in Canada, by Wilfred Campbell...
[and George Bryce] Illustrated. London, Sampson Low
& Co. [1912]
2 v.     12 ports.(incl. fronts.).    22 cm.
Published, simultaneously (?), in Toronto by the Musson Book
Company Limited from the English printing.
Contents: vol.i. Campbell, W. Eastern Canada, including
Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec and
Ontario.- vol.2. Bryce, G. Western Canada, including Manitoba,
Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and portions of old
Rupert's Land and the Indian territories.
Refs: B.M.C.; Eng. Cat; Lowther 1588 (vol.2).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives (Toronto).
97 Canada. Public Archives.
Report of the Public Archives. Ottawa, Queen's
Printer, 1882-
v.    facsims., fold, maps, plans(part fold.).    24.5-26 cm.
Title varies: 1881-1905, Report on Canadian Archives; 1908-
1912, Report of the work of the Archives Branch; 1913-1914/15,
Report of the work of the Public Archives.
No reports issued for 1906-1907, 1911, 1916, 1927.
Also found in Canada. Parliament Sessional Papers, 1873-
1924, and in the Annual Departmental Reports, 1925-1929/30.
Reports for 1872-1880 were not issued separately but included in
the Reports of the Minister of Agriculture.
Some reports reprint the text of newly acquired documents.
1886, 1889, 1890 and especially 1892, contain material found
significant by Hume Wrong for his biography of Alexander Mackenzie (no.623); 1891 contains important documents concerning
Beckwith's secret mission to the U.S.A. re Nootka; 1928 has a
copy of Duncan McGillivray's Some account of the trade carried
on by the North West Company, first published in 1811 as On the
origin and progress of the North-West Company  (no.421).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(A) — Index to reports of Canadian Archives from 1872 to
1908. Published by authority of the Minister of Agriculture under the direction of the Archivist. Ottawa,
Printed by C. H. Parmelee, Printer to the King's Most
Excellent Majesty, 1909.
xi, 231 p.    24 cm. (At head of title: Publications of the Canadian Archives, no. 1).
Ref: L.C. basic.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
47 1 98
Carey, Charles Henry, 185 7-1941.
A general history of Oregon prior to 1861, by Charles
H. Carey, President of the Oregon Historical Society.
Portland, Oregon, Metropolitan Press, i935-[i936]
2 v.    facsim., front, maps, plates, ports.     24 cm.
"Chapter notes and references": vol.i, pp[407]-4i6.
These are especially useful for the detailed documentation of
official publications, particularly those of the U.S., relating to
the negotiations and activities culminating in the Treaty of
Washington, 1846.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Smith 1489.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Carr, Mary Jane
Young Mac of Fort Vancouver [by] Mary Jane Carr;
illustrated by Richard Holberg. New York, Thomas Y.
Crowell Company [1940]
vi, 238 p.    illus., col. front, plates (part col., part double).     21
A novel of the northwest coast for grades 6 to 8. The hero,
Donald MacDermott, the son of a trader and a Cree Indian, was
sent as a young boy to Fort Vancouver under Dr. John McLoughlin, ref. Northwest books.
The author has been an associate editor of the Catholic Sentinel
and written a number of books with an Oregon background for
Reprinted 10 times, ref. Who's who among Pacific northwest
Apparently also published by Crowell in conjunction with the
Oxford University Press, Toronto, ref. Canadian Catalogue.
Refs: Can. Cat; L.C. basic.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
100       Carrington, Hugh
Life of Captain Cook, by Hugh Carrington. London,
Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd. [1939]
ix,  324 p.    illus.,  fold  map,   10 plates(incl.  front,   (port),
facsim.).     24 cm.
"Bibliography": pp.311 -313.
"Deserves to rank with that of Kitson": - Holmes. The author,
a New Zealander, devoted particular attention to Cook's activities
in the South Pacific.
48 Reprinted without plates and map by Sidgwick & Jackson in
1967 in paperback (Watergate editions; editor C.V. Wedgwood,
Appendix: 1. Personnel of the Endeavour.- 2. Cook's family. -
3. Cook's ships.- 4. Hawai'ian opinion of Cook.- 5. Cook's logs
and journals.
Refs: B.M.C.; Holmes 150; L.C. basic.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
101 Carrison, Daniel Jordan, 1917-
Captain James Cook, genius afloat, by Daniel J.
Carrison. New York, Franklin Watts, Inc. [1967]
vii [']  !94 P-     22 cm. (At head of title: Immortals of history).
"References": p. 181.
A biography written for children.
Refs: Canadiana '67; N.U.C. '63-'67.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
102 Carse, Robert, 1903-
The high country; a history of the explorations of
Northwest America, by Robert Carse. New York, W.W.
Norton & Company Inc. [1966]
206 [1] p.    illus., map.     21 cm.
The exploration of the Canadian west from La Verendrye to
Alexander Mackenzie written for children.
Published simultaneously in Toronto by George J. McLeod
Refs: Canadiana '66; N.U.C. '66.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
103       Cary, Thomas Greaves, 1791-1859.
Memoir of Thomas Handasyd Perkins, containing Y~ \VLfr\
extracts from his diaries and letters, with an appendix,
by Thomas G. Cary. Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1856.
3 P-l- [3l-3°4 P-    front.(port).     24.5 cm.
"The Memoir prepared by request for Hunt's Merchants'
Magazine has been extended, chiefly by additions... to the extracts from diaries and letters":- pref. note.
Includes references to the northwest trade.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic.
Copy examined: Boston Athenaeum.
49 >
104 Caselli, Carlo
Alessandro Malaspina e la sua spedizione scientifica
intorno al mondo con document! inediti [di] Carlo
Caselli. Milano, Edizioni "Alpes", 1929.
205 p.    facsims., plates, ports.    20.5 cm.
"Bibliografia", pp.201-202, lists published works, including
periodical articles. Also bibliographical footnotes.
Includes eleven letters of Malaspina published from the original
mss. in the domestic archives of Count Greppi of Milan and other
ms. documents relating to his career.
Ref: B.M.C.
Copy examined: U. of California, Berkeley.
105 Catholic Church. Congregatio de Propaganda
Sagra Congregazione di Propaganda Fide ponente
L'Emo e Rrfio Sig. Cardinale Pietro Ostini. Ristretto
con Nota d'Archivio sulle prowidenze d'adottarsi per il
prospero reggimento degli affari Ecclesiastici nell' Oregon. [Roma] Aprile, 1846.
7, 3, 12 p.    col. fold. map.    28 cm.
Issued to accompany F.N. Blanchet's Memoire sur I'importance
et la necessiti de I'itablissement d'une province ecclesiastique
dans I'OrSgon (no.50).
Copy (not seen): Archidiocese de Quebec.
106 Catholic Church. Pope.
Pontificia Americana; a documentary history of the
Catholic Church in the United States, 1784-1884. A
dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate
School of Arts and Sciences of the Catholic University
of America in partial fulfillment of the requirements for
the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Reverend Donald
C. Shearer ... Washington, D.C., The Catholic University of America, 1933.
xi, 413 [1] p.     23 cm. (At head of title: The Catholic University
of America. Studies in American church history .. .vol.15).
Bibliography:  pp.401-404.
Pp.224-226 contain the document by Gregory XVI establishing
the Vicariate-Apostolic of Oregon in the original Latin with a
50 summary and brief historical introduction; pp.235-236, document
founding the Vicariat-Apostolic of Oregon and Bull appointing
Blanchet Archbishop.
Ref: L.C. basic.
Copy examined: U. of California, Berkeley.
*>j/    (i) — Pontificia Americana ... United States (1784-1884),
by Donald Shearer... [New York, Joseph F. Wagner,
!nc, 1933]
2 I., xi, 413 p. 23 cm. (At head of title: Franciscan studies,
no. 11, June, 1933).
Contents identical with Washington edition.
Copy examined: U. of Toronto.
107       Caughey, John Walton, 1902-
History of the Pacific coast, by John Walton Caughey
... Los Angeles, Privately published by the author,
xiii,   429   p.    maps (incl.   lining-papers),   12   plates (incl.  front,
ports.).     25 cm.
"Suggested collateral readings" at the end of each chapter.
"This book is the first attempt to relate the history of the
entire Pacific Coast of North America": - Pref.
Broad history of the coast from Mexico to Alaska from pre-
European   times   to   the   twentieth   century,   with   emphasis   on
Reprinted by Prentice-Hall, Inc., New York in 1938.
Refs: L.C. basic; Smith 1588-89.
Copies examined: B.C. Archives (1933); U. of Victoria (1938).
108       Caughey, John Walton, 1902-
Hubert Howe Bancroft, historian of the west [by]
John Walton Caughey. Berkeley and Los Angeles, University of California Press, 1946.
1 p.l., ix p., 2 1., 422 p.    9 plates (incl. facsims., front, ports.).
22.5 cm.
Bibliographical footnotes.
The table on pp[262-263] shows the apportionment of authorship credits for Bancroft's Works (no.25).
Refs: B.M.C.; N.U.C. '42-'62; Smith 1590.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
&\<5# Cz
51 cr^
\A (i)
Cavo, Andres, 1739-1803.
Los tres siglos de Mexico durante el gobierno espanol
hasta la entrada del ejercito trigarante. Obra escrita en
Roma por el Padre D. Andres Cavo de la Compania de
Jesus. Publicala con notas y suplemento El Licenciado
Carlos Maria de Bustamente. Mexico, Luis Abadiano y
Valdes, 1836-1838.
4 v.    21.5 cm.
Title of vols.3-4: Suplemento a la historia de los tres siglos de
Mixico durante el gobierno espanol. Escrita por el Padre Andres
Cavo. Presentalo el Lie. Carlos Maria de Bustamente, como con-
tinuador de aquella obra.
Imprint varies: vol.3. Mexico, Imp. de la testamentaria de
A. Valdes, 1836; vol.4. Imp. de L. Abadiano, 1838.
Vols. 1-2 edited by Bustamente from the ms. Historia civil y
politica de Mexico.
Vol.3 includes material on the exploration of the Pacific northwest coast in the 18th century by the English and the Spanish,
with a good account of affairs at Nootka.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Palau 50645; Sabin 11613.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
— Los tres siglos ... Mexico, J. R. Navarro, 1852.
1 v.(various pagings).    26.5 cm. (Half-title: Biblioteca nacional
y extraniera).
Reprint of 1836-1838 edition.
Ref:  Palau.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
— Los tres siglos ... Jalapa, Tipografia Veracruzana de
A. Ruiz, 1870.
1  v.(2  p.l., iv  [g]-iii5 p.).    26.5 cm.   (Half-title:   Biblioteca
historica Mejicana).
Reprint of 1836-1838 edition.
Ref:  Palau.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
Centenaire de la mort de Laperouse celebre le 20
avril, 1888 en seance solennelle a la Sorbonne.
Paris, Societe de Geographie, 1888.
245 p., 1 1.    illus., front.(port), fold. map.
"Bibliographie; ouvrages se rapportant a Laperouse ou a son
52 expedition, parus jusqu'a ce jour releves [!] par M. Gabriel
Marcel":  pp[i77]-203.
On cover: Extrait du Bulletin de la Societe de Geographie,
2e trimestre,  1888.
Includes the speeches made on the centenary, copies of some
correspondence of Laperouse, a life and a catalogue of exhibits.
Ref:  Allen.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Ill       Chalmers, John West, 191 o-
Fur trade governor, George Simpson, 1820-1860, by
John W. Chalmers. Edmonton, Alberta, Published by
the Institute of Applied Art, Ltd. [i960]
[1-8] 9-190 p.     2 maps, 6 plates(incl. front.(port.)).     22 cm.
"Bibliography": pp.181-182.
A biography which synthesises material from published sources.
Refs: Canadiana '61; N.U.C. '42-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
112       [Chimmo, William] d.1891.
Euryalus; tales of the sea. A few leaves from the diary
of a midshipman. London, J.D. Potter, 1860.
4 p.l., iv [2]  332 p.     14 plates(part col., incl. 2 fronts.).     22
Sometimes attributed to Admiral B.C.T. Pim, who was also a
midshipman on the Herald. On the cover of Chimmo's On Euplec-
tella Aspergillum, London, 1878, he is shown as the author of
Euryalus, ref. R.A. Christophers, joint editor of Halkett & Laing.
A lively account of service on H.M.S. Herald which took part
in the search for Franklin's expedition and visited Vancouver
Island in 1846.
Refs: B.M.C. (title); Lada-Mocarski 147; Nat. Mus. 902A.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(i) — Midshipman's diary: a few notes extracted from the
cockpit journal of a man-of-war and dedicated to Sir
James Matheson, bart., M.P. by the Author. London,
J.D. Potter, 1862.
4 p.l., iv [2]  332 p.    14 col. plates(incl. 2 fronts.).    22 cm.
Reprint of the first edition, with a new t.p.
Ref: Nat. Mus. 902B.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
c tHrvy /£/03 j
53 113
Chittenden, Hiram Martin, 1858-1917.
The American fur trade of the far west. A history of
the pioneer trading posts and early fur companies of
the Missouri Valley and the Rocky Mountains and of
the overland commerce with Sante Fe. Maps and illustrations by Hiram Martin Chittenden ... Three volumes. New York, Francis P. Harper, 1902.
3 v.(i02g p.). fronts., 8 plates(incl. facsims., fold, map, plan).
24.5 cm.
Paged continuously.
"Though later discoveries have greatly augmented the documentation of the era, they have not served to impair the basic
excellence of this epochal work": - W.J. Ghent in the D.A.B.
Vol.i, chapters 8-14 treat the Astoria venture; vol.3, Appendix
3, pp.903-911 has "Notes on the Astorian enterprise".
Refs: B.M.C.; Graff 696; Howes C390; L.C. basic; Smith 1721.
Copy examined: U. of Washington.
— The American fur trade ... with introduction and
notes by Stallo Vinton and sketch of the author by Dr.
Edmond S. Meany. New York, The Press of the Pioneers Inc., 1935.
2 v.(xxx, 1014 p.). front, fold. map(in pocket of v.2), plates,
ports.     23.5 cm.
Bibliography:  pp.979-981.
Also published with imprint: New York, Barnes & Noble Inc.
[x935] On verso of t.p. and on spine: The Press of the Pioneers
Refs: Howes C390; L.C. basic; Smith 1722.
Copies  examined:   B.C.  Archives;  Trent University   (Barnes &
— The American fur trade ... with introduction and
notes by Stallo Vinton and ... Meany ... New York,
R.R. Wilson Inc., 1936.
2 v.     10 plates.    21.5 cm.
Refs: L.C. basic; Smith 1723.
Copy examined: Temple University.
— The American fur trade... [with a new introduction by Grace Lee Nute] Stanford, Cal., Academic Reprints, 1954.
2 v.(i 1., xl, 1029 P-). illus., map. 21.5 cm. (Leaf before
half-title: American culture and economics series, no.i).
54 Refs: Howes C390; N.U.C. '42-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
114 Clair, Colin
Captain James Cook, the navigator, by Colin Clair.
Watford, Herts., Bruce & Gawthorn Limited [1963]
112 p.    illus., front.(port.).    22.5 cm. (At head of title: Figures
of the commonwealth).
[Bibliography]:  pp.106-107.
A popular biography written for young readers.
Refs: B.N.B. '63; N.U.C. '63-'67.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
115 Clark, Joseph G.
Lights and shadows of sailor life, as exemplified in
fifteen years' experience, including the more thrilling
events of the U.S. Exploring Expedition and reminiscences of an eventful life on the "Mountain wave", by
Joseph G. Clark. Boston, John Putnam, 1847.
si [i3]-324 P-     19-5 cm-
Edited by the Rev. J.H. Hannaford? Ref. Eberstadt Catalogue
119, no. 179.
Although the greater part of the work concerns experiences in
the South Pacific, chapter 14 describes the visit to Vancouver
Island and Columbia River area with the U.S. Exploring Expedition.
Reprinted in 1848 with 6 plates by Benjamin B. Mussey & Co.
of Boston.
Refs: B.M.C. (1848); Howes C442; L.C. basic (1848).
Copies examined: B.C. Archives; U. of Washington (1848).
116 Cleveland, Richard Jeffry, 1773-1860.
A narrative of voyages and commercial enterprises, by
Richard J. Cleveland. In two volumes ... Cambridge
[Mass.] Published by John Owen, 1842.
2 v.    20.5 cm.
Chapters 5-6 record a fur-trading voyage in the ship Caroline
to Alaska and the Queen Charlotte Islands in 1799.
Refs:   B.M.C.;  Howes  C485;  L.C.  basic;  Lada-Mocarski   115;
Sabin 13665; Wickersham 6661.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
& A COS SiTsl
F    \6#n*>
4    !6cP?o
55 mc (i)
/• (iva)
— A narrative... 2d. ed. Cambridge [Mass.] Published by John Owen, 1843.
2 v. in 1.    19.5 cm.
Contains an additional introduction relating further experiences; also, a letter from William Shaler relating particulars of a
voyage to the northwest coast.
Refs: Howes C485; L.C. basic; Sabin 13665; Wickersham 6661.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— A narrative... 2d. ed. with additions. Cambridge
[Mass.] Published by John Owen, 1844.
2 v.    20 cm.
Cover title. T.p. as 1843, including date.
A re-issue of the 1843 edition in new covers.
Ref: B.M.C.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— A narrative ... 3d. ed. with illustrations by Billings.
Boston, Published by Charles H. Peirce, 1850.
407 p.    4 plates (incl. front).    21 cm.
Refs: Howes C485; L.C. basic; Sabin 13665; Wickersham 6661.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
[ — ] Voyages and commercial enterprises of the sons
of New England. New York, Published by Leavitt &
Allen, 1855.
407 p.    front     19.5 cm.
Published anonymously.
Reprinted by Leavitt & Allen in 1858, with a new t.p. and
without the front.
Refs: Howes C485; L.C. basic; Wickersham 6662.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
[ — ] Voyages and commercial enterprises ... New
York, Burt Franklin [ 1968]
407 p. 23 cm. (Half-title: Burt Franklin: research & source
works series 230; American classics in history & social science 36).
"Originally published: New York 1857 [!]": verso of tp. A
reprint of the 1858 reprinting of the 1855 edition.
Ref: N.U.C. '69.
Copy examined: U. of Victoria.
— Voyages of a merchant navigator of the days that are
past; compiled from the journals and letters of the late
56 Richard J. Cleveland, by H.W.S. Cleveland. New York,
Harper & Brothers, 1886.
ix, 245 p.    front.(port).    19 cm.
Includes some additional material and an obituary.
Refs: L.C. basic; Wickersham 6663.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(vi) —In the forecastle, or, Twenty-five years a sailor, by
Richard J. Cleveland. New York, Hurst & Co., Publishers [n.d.]
407 p.    front     19.5 cm. (On cover: Arlington edition).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(vii)      — In the forecastle, or, Twenty-five years a sailor, by
Richard J.  Cleveland.  New York,  Manhattan Publishing Co. [18—]
407 p.    25 cm.
Copy (not seen): Toronto P.L.
English editions:
(viii)     —A narrative of voyages and commercial enterprises,
by Richard J.  Cleveland. London, Edward Moxon,
xii, 123 p.    23.5 cm.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes C485.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(ix) — Voyages, maritime adventures and commercial enterprises in all parts of the world: comprising a period of
twenty-four years, in every kind of craft, from the boat
of twenty-five tons, to the Indiaman of one thousand
tons, and on the most laborious and hazardous enter-,
prises, by R.J. Cleveland ... London, R. Macdonald
344 p.    21.5 cm.
Refs: Howes C485; Sabin 13665.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
117       Coats, Robert Hamilton, 1874-1960.
Sir James Douglas, by Robert Hamilton Coats and
R.E. Gosnell. Toronto, Morang & Co. Limited, 1908.
14 6^
CX\4r*\ \Hob\
±   ^M17_
RrSSC 3 1. [2] p., i 1., 369 p. front(port). 24 cm. (Half-title:
The makers of Canada. Edition de luxe; edited by Duncan Campbell Scott, Pelham Edgar and William Dawson LeSuer [v.20]).
Edition limited to four hundred signed and numbered sets.
Series title also at head of t.p.
"Really a history of Vancouver Island and British Columbia
before amalgamation, and during Douglas' tenure as governor,
with special emphasis on the Cariboo gold excitement of 1858-
62":- Lowther.
Later editions listed under series (no.351).
Refs: L.C. basic; Lowther 1565; Smith 1832-34.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
.iTH C6
Cochrane, Charles Norris, 1889-1945.
David Thompson, the explorer, by Charles Norris
Cochrane. Toronto, The Macmillan Company of
Canada Limited, 1924.
1 1. [2] p., 2 1., 173 p. col. front (port.), map (on lining-
papers). 18.5 cm. (Half-title: Canadian men of action; series
edited by W. Stewart Wallace, no.2).
Bibliography:  pp. 172-173.
A popular biography, written by an Associate Professor of
Ancient History at University College, University of Toronto,
based largely on Tyrrell's edition of Thompson's Narrative  (no.
-    Reprinted by Macmillan, 1928, ref. North York P.L.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Smith 1840.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
119       Colnett, James, 1755-1806.
The journal of Captain James Colnett aboard the
Argonaut from April 26, 1789 to November 3, 1791;
edited with introduction and notes, by His Honour
Judge F.W. Howay, LL.D. Toronto, The Champlain
Society, 1940.
xxxi,  321
24.5 cm.
t, xii p.    25 plates (part fold,  and incl.  front, maps).
(Half-title: The publications of the Champlain Society,
Limited edition for members and subscribing libraries only.
Journal of Golnett's second trading voyage to the northwest
coast,   edited  from  the  original  in  the   Public  Record   Office.
The appendices contain the terms of the licence and other
records relating to the Prince of Wales, Princess Royal and Argonaut and a translation of Martinez's diary from July 2 to  14,
58 1789, presenting a parallel version of Colnett's account of the
Nootka Incident.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes C603; L.C. basic; Smith 1905; T.P.L. 4766.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(a)        —The journal... Toronto, The Champlain Society,
1940. [New York, Greenwood Press, Publishers, 1968]
xxxi, 328 p.    illus., maps(1 fold.).     24 cm. (Added series t.p.:
Originally published as Champlain Society Publication 26).
A facsimile reprint
Ref: N.U.C. '69.
Copy examined: U. of Victoria.
120       Colnett, James, 1755-1806.
A voyage to the South Atlantic and round Cape Horn
into the Pacific Ocean, for the purpose of extending the
spermaceti whale fisheries and other objects of commerce by ascertaining the ports, bays, harbours and
anchoring births in certain islands and coasts in these
seas at which the ships of the British merchants might
be refitted, undertaken and performed by Captain James
Colnett of the Royal Navy in the ship Rattler. London,
Printed for the author by W. Bennett; sold by A. Ar-
rowsmith, Stockdale, Edgerton, Elmsly and White, 1798.
1 1. [iii]-iv p., 1 1. [iii]-vi [i]-xviii, 179 p. front.(port.), 6 fold,
maps, 3 plates.     29.5 x 24 cm.
Compiled by William Combe from Captain Colnett's journal,
ref. D.N.B.
A lengthy footnote, pp.96-102, recounts the seizure of his ships
by the Spanish at Nootka Sound in 1789. Ref. also Intro., pp.
Howes's note that "it was preceded by a 16 p. abridged version
printed at Trenton, 1797, and reprinted (27 p.) Philadelphia,
1797" appears to be an error.
Refs:   B.M.C.;   Cowan;   Graff  812;   Howes  C604;  L.C.  basic;
Sabin 14546; Streeter 6:3494; Wickersham 6549.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— A voyage to the South Atlantic ... London, Printed
for the author... 1798. [Amsterdam, N. Israel; New
York, Da Capo Press, 1968]
[2] p., 1 1. [iii]-iv p., 1 1. [iii]-vi [i]-xviii, 179 p. front.(port.),
6 fold, maps, 3 plates. 25.5 cm. (Added series t.p.: Bibliotheca
Australiana, 36).
59 ^jrJOrkA C'rVATl
A facsimile reprint.
Ref: N.U.C. '68.
Copy examined: U. of Victoria.
Comments on the Convention with Spain. London, Printed for T. Axtell, 1790.
28 p.    21 cm.
Cover title.
Argues that the terms of the Nootka Sound Convention are too
Appears to be written by one with interests in the northwest
Refs: Howes C643; Smith 1928.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Comparative chronological statement of the events
connected with the rights of Great Britain and
the claims of the United States to the Oregon
Territory. [London, Published by James Wyld
and printed by W. S. Johnson, 1845?]
15 p-
18 cm.
Caption title.
Publisher's imprint, p[i6]. Smith and Graff date provisionally
1845; Streeter dates 1846?
Two parallel columns setting out the claims, left, of England
and, right, of America. Last date mentioned is 1827.
Summary, pp[i4]-i5, denies the claim of the United States.
Refs: Graff 845; L.C. basic; Smith 1941; Streeter 6:3356.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Compendio hist6rico de las navegaciones practi-
cadas por oficiales y pilotos en buques de la
Real Armada, sobre las costas septetrionales de
California, con el objeto de descubrir y deter-
minar la extension y position de sus distritos, e
islas adyacentes. Ordenadas por un oficial de la
Marina Real Espanola, Mexico, Ano de 1,799.
Mexico, Editor Vargas Rea, 1948.
88 p.    fold. maps.    21 cm. (On t.p.: Biblioteca Aportaci6n His-
t6rica, 2. ser.).
"De esta edici6n se imprirnieron 100 ejemplares numerados":
facing t.p.
Attributed to Casasola by H.R. Wagner, who says it formed
60 the basis for Navarrete's introduction to Jose Espinosa y Tello's
Relacion del viage hecho por las goletas Sutil y Mexicana (no.
167), ref. H.R. Wagner. Cartography of the northwest coast of
America (no.597), vol.i, p.254.
"El manuscrito que ahora publico, obra en el Archivo General
de la Nacion, Historia, vol.61, Viajes."
Ref: N.U.C. '42-'62.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
124 Conner, Sabra
The quest of the Sea Otter, by Sabra Conner. Chicago
[and] New York, The Reilly & Lee Co. [1927]
263 p.    maps (on lining-papers).     19.5 cm.
A novel of the fur trade on the northwest coast at the time of
the North West Company, written for Grades 7 to 9 by an Oregon
author of fiction for children, ref. Northwest Books.
Ref:  L.C. basic.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
125 Cook, James, 1728-1779.
The journals of Captain James Cook on his voyages
of discovery; edited by J.C. Beaglehole. Cambridge
[Eng.] Published for the Hakluyt Society at the University Press, 1955-
4 v. in 5. illus., fronts.(incl. 3 ports.), maps(part fold.), ports.
25 cm. and folio of charts and views. 58 plates. 39.5 x 26 cm.
(Half-title: Hakluyt Society. [Works] Extra series, nos.34, 35,
Edited from the original mss. by J.C. Beaglehole with the assistance of J.A. Williamson, J.W. Davidson and R.A. Skelton.
J.C. Beaglehole, Professor Emeritus of Commonwealth History
in the University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand, has
devoted more than twenty years to the study of Cook. His monumental work is the standard modern authority and is unlikely to
be superseded. For each voyage, Cook's own journal is published
from the originals together with all other ms. records of the voyage, an analysis of the published works, the manuscripts and their
provenance and a detailed history by Dr. Beaglehole.
Contents: vol.i. The voyage of the Endeavour, 1768-1771.-
vol.2. The voyage of the Resolution and Adventure, 1772-1775.-
vol.3. pts. 1 and 2. The voyage of the Resolution and Discovery,
1776-1780.- vol. 4 [in preparation] -Portfolio: Charts and views
drawn by Cook and his officers and reproduced from the original
manuscripts, edited by R.A. Skelton.
Refs: N.U.C. '42-'62; Nat. Mus. nos.571, 585, 593a.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Q(AO°Z 6?cP
61 126
C I Mr* ^yiQZT-
Cook, James, 1728-1779.
A voyage to the Pacific Ocean, undertaken, by the
command of His Majesty, for making discoveries in the
northern hemisphere, to deteimine the position and extent of the west side of North America; its distance from
Asia; and the practicability of a northern passage to
Europe. Performed under the direction of Captains
Cook, Clerke and Gore, in His Majesty's ships the
Resolution and Discovery, in the years 1776, 1777,
1778, 1779 and 1780. In three volumes: vol.1 and II
written by Captain James Cook, F.R.S., vol.III by
Captain James King, LL.D. and F.R.S. Illustrated with
maps and charts, from the original drawings made by
Lieut. Henry Roberts, under the direction of Captain
Cook; and with a great variety of portraits of persons,
views of places, and historical representations of remarkable incidents, drawn by Mr. Webber during the voyage
and engraved by the most eminent artists. Published by
order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.
London, Printed by W. and A. Strahan for G. Nicol,
Bookseller to His Majesty, and T. Cadell, 1784.
3 v.    front (port.), 87 plates (incl. charts).     32 cm. and atlas of 2
charts, 61 plates.    57 cm.
Plates found bound variously. Lada-Mocarski gives a lengthy
note on the subject. He considers that the 62d. plate by Bentolozzi
after Webber, representing the death of Cook, is an extra plate
not present in many copies.
The long delayed official account of the voyage "edited,
emended, added to and drastically tidied up by Canon Douglas": -
J.H. Parry in the Canadian Historical Review, vol.49, no.i,
March, 1968, p.77. The first edition sold out in three days, ref.
J.C. Beaglehole gives a detailed history of the publication and
its sources in his edition of the Journals (no.125), vol.3, pti,
Here are fisted only editions and translations of the official
account. There were in addition numerous abridgements, collected
voyages, and popularizations.
Refs:  B.M.C.; Holmes 47  (exact transcript of t.p. and detailed
collation); Howes 0729a; L.C. basic; Lada-Mocarski 37 (detailed
collation); Nat. Mus. 586; Sabin 16250; Smith 2002A; Streeter
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
62 r"
— A voyage ... illustrated with maps and charts, from
the original drawings made by Lieut. Henry Roberts,
under the direction of Captain Cook. Published by order
of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Dublin,
Printed for H. Chamberlaine, W. Watson, Potts, Williams, Cross, Jackson, Moncrieffe, Walker, Jenkin, Burnet, Wilson, Wogan, Exshaw, Vallance, Beatty, White,
Whitestone, Burton, Byrne, Mills, J. Porter, Stewart,
Wallace, Higly, Cash, Herey and McKenzie, 1784.
3 V. 26 plates. 21.5 cm. and atlas of 32 maps and plates. 23
Refs: Howes 0729a; Nat. Mus. 591; Sabin 16250; Wickersham
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— A voyage... 2d. ed. London, Printed by H. Hughs
for G. Nicol and T. Cadell, 1785.
32 cm. I
S<^y€fr\ia /j (.
ha*^ to 6eCt
3 v.     2 fronts, (ports.), 63 plates (part fold.), incl. charts.
and atlas.    55 cm.
Refs:  B.M.C.; Howes C72ga; N.U.C. '42-'62; Nat. Mus
Sabin 16250; Wickersham 6557.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— A voyage... 3d. ed. London, Printed by H. Hughs
for G. Nicol and T. Cadell, 1785.
3 v. 6 plates (part fold.) and 18 maps (part fold.). 31.5 cm.
and atlas of 2 fold, maps and 63 plates.    57 cm.
Contains a memorandum by William Wales, entitled A defence
of the arguments advanced in the introduction to Captain Cook's
last voyage against the existence of Cape Circumcision, vol.3, pp.
557-564.  A few copies issued separately for owners of earlier/
Refs: Howes 0729a; T.P.L. 524.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— A voyage to the Pacific Ocean ... illustrated with
elegant plates and a large chart, in four volumes. New-
York, Printed by Tiebout and O'Brien for Benjamin
Gomez, 1796.
4 v.    fold, charts, plates.    22 cm.
The introduction has been rewritten and the account transposed into the third person.
Ref: Smith 2001.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
4 1 i?</Va
AI 11.84
63 QW^
Translations: French
— Troisieme voyage de Cook ... Traduit de l'anglois,
par M. D******* Paris, Hotel de Thou, 1785.
4 v. fold, table. 21 cm. and atlas of 88 maps and plates. 28
Translated by J.N. Demeunier with additions from the journal
of William Anderson, ref. British Museum Catalogue.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes 0729a; L.C. basic; Roberts; Sabin 16261;
Smith 1999; Wickersham 6558a.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— Capitain Cooks dritte und letzteReise ... EineUeber-
setzung nach des zwoten grossen Englischen Ausgabe
... mit einigen Anmerkungen von Johann Ludwig
Wetzel... Anspach, Auf Kosten des Uebersetzers ge-
druckt mit Messererischen Schriften, 1787-1812.
5 v.    maps, plates.     24 cm.
Du Rietz lists five German translations, including this, and
observes "It is earnestly to be hoped that the complex bibliographical field formed by the contemporary German texts relating to
Cook and his voyages shall soon be surveyed in its entirety by a
trained bibliographer well versed in the German language and
with free access to the holdings in German and Austrian libraries".
Refs: BK 213; Kayser 1750-1832; Smith 1991.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives (lacks illustrations).
Cordier Delaunay de Valeri,  Louis  Guillaume
Rene, 1750-1826.
Tableau topographique et politique de la Siberie, de
la Chine, de la zone moyenne d'Asie et du nord de
l'Amerique. Par M. Cordier de Launay .. . Berlin [Imprime Chez Louis Quien aux frais de l'auteur] 1806.
1 p.l., 129 [1] p.    26 cm.
"Tir£ au nombre de quatre-cent exemplaires": p. 130.
The author was "un homme d'esprit et de savoir, mais d'un
savoir indigeste et d'une imagination bizarre":- P. Larousse.
Grand dictionnaire universel du XIXe siecle. Includes mention of
Cook, Vancouver, Meares, Alexander Mackenzie and the fur
trade. Concludes that conditions on the northwest coast are producing a race of "Jasons modernes" such as terminated in France
only with "une monstrueuse dissolution vomitoire de brigands, de
sacrileges, de regicides, de charlatans ...":- p. 129.
64 Refs:  Howes L137; L.C. basic; Lada-Mocarski 60; Sabin 39246;
Wickersham 5778.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
128 Corney, Peter, d.1836.
Voyages in the Northern Pacific. Narrative of several
trading voyages from 1813 to 1818, between the northwest coast of America, the Hawaiian Islands and China,
with a description of the Russian establishments on the
northwest coast. Interesting early account of Kameha-
meha's realm; manners and customs of the people, etc.,
and sketch of a cruise in the service of the Independents
of South America in 1819, by Peter Corney. With
preface and appendix of valuable confirmatory letters
prepared by Prof. W.D. Alexander. Honolulu, Thos. G.
Thrum, Publisher, 1896.
xp., 1 1., 138, v p.    18.5 cm.
First published serially in the London Literary Gazette, 1821.
Corney did not make landfall on the B.C. coast but made
numerous voyages between Fort Vancouver and Norfolk (now
Sitka)  Sound. He describes shipping activities in the area.
Refs: Cowan; Graff 879; Howes C779; Wickersham 6664.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(i) —Early voyages in the North Pacific, 1813-1818, by
Peter Corney. Fairfield, Wash., Ye Galleon Press, 1965.
238 p.    facsim., ports.(incl. front).     23 cm.
A limited facsimile edition of 914 numbered copies, preceded
by 75 pages of biographical and bibliographical notes.
Ref: N.U.C. '63-'67.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
129 Cox, Ross, 1793-1853.
Adventures on the Columbia River, including the
narrative of a residence of six years on the western side
of the Rocky Mountains, among various tribes of Indians hitherto unknown: together with a journey across Q,
the American continent, by Ross Cox. In two volumes.
London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1831.
2 v.    map.     22 cm.
Binder's title: The Columbia River.
g£q \o3>\
65 Q/SbFU
ry^    (i)
C\\c\*p (H)
In Oregon from 1812 to 1817, arriving by sea on the Beaver
and leaving overland for the east. During that time he was, first
a member of the Pacific Fur Company, then the North West Company. He gives an account of the rivalry between the Nor'westers
and the Hudson's Bay Company, along with a sketch of Wilson
Price Hunt's journey to Astoria and his own activities, ref. Cowan.
Refs:   B.M.C.;  Field 376;  Graff 893;  L.C. basic;  Pilling Chinookan; Sabin 17267; Smith 2078; Streeter 6:3702; Wagner P.
& R. 43.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— The Columbia River; or, Scenes and adventures
during a residence of six years on the western side of
the Rocky Mountains, among various tribes of Indians
hitherto unknown: together with a journey across the
American continent, by Ross Cox. 2d. ed. In two volumes. London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley,
2 v.    22 cm.
Some copies bound 2 vols, in 1.
Refs:  Howes C822; Sabin 17267; Smith 2080-81; T.P.L. 1115.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— The Columbia River ... 3d. ed. London, Henry
Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1832.
2 v.    21 cm.
Refs: Howes C822; L.C. basic; Smith 2082; Wagner P. & R. 43.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
U.S. editions
— Adventures on the Columbia River .. . New-York,
Printed and published by J. & J. Harper, and sold by
the principal booksellers throughout the United States,
xv [25]-335 p.     25 cm.
Refs: Howes C822; L.C. basic; Sabin 17267; Smith 2079; Wagner P. & R. 43.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(iv)       —• Adventures on the Columbia River,  1831, in two
volumes. Prepared by the personnel of the Work Prosy jects Administration,  Project no. 165-1-08-49.  A.
Yedidia, supervisor, A.I. Gans, editor. This publication
66 is sponsored by the California State Library. San Francisco, June, 1941.
2 v. (On t.p.: Sutro Branch, California State Library. Occasional
papers. Reprint series no.26).
Added t.p. a copy of the original.
A transcript without additional material.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
(v) —The Columbia River, or Scenes and adventures ...
together with "A journey across the American continent"
by Ross Cox. Edited and with an introduction by Edgar
I. Stewart and Jane R. Stewart. Norman, University of
Oklahoma Press; Toronto, Burns & MacEachern, 1957.
xxxiii, 398 p. 2 maps, 6 plates(incl. port.). 23.5 cm. (Leaf
before half-title: The American exploration and travel series
For the general reader.
Refs: Canadiana '65; N.U.C. '42-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(vi) —Adventures on the Columbia. Illustrated by Cleveland Rockwell and others. Portland, Ore., Binfords &
Mort Publishers [1957]
[5] 105 p. 3 plates. 22 cm. (Verso of half-title: Far western
classics, no.2).
Date from National Union Catalog.
One of a " ... series of large-type condensations of previously
hard to get Pacific coast classics.":- National Union Catalog.
Series edited by Alfred Powers: - National Union Catalog.
Ref: N.U.C. 's8-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
130       Coxe, William, 1747-1828.
Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and
America, to which are added, the conquest of Siberia,
and the history of the transactions and commerce between Russia and China, by William Coxe ... London,
Printed by J. Nichols for T. Cadell, 1780.
[i-v] vi-xii, 344 [13] p.    4 fold, maps, i fold, plate.    28 cm.
The Reverend Mr. Coxe visited Russia in 1788 and collected
oral and manuscript accounts of discoveries. He also consulted
67 (i)
f (H)
Miiller and Pallas. His work consists of an almost complete translation of Neu Nachrichten von den neuentdekten Insuln by J.L.S.,
variously ascribed to A.L. von Schlozer, J.B. Scherer, J.L. Schultz;
abstracts of the journals of Krenitsin and Levashev (not previously known even to Russian readers); and a number of other
documents with useful introductory and editorial matter, ref. P.S.
Pallas. Bering's successors, 1745-1780; contributions by Peter
Simon Pallas [edited] by J.R. Masterson and H.Brower. Seattle,
1948, p. 10.
Refs:   B.M.C.;  Holmes   107;  Howes  C834;  Lada-Mocarski  29;
N.U.C. '42-'62; Sabin 17309; Smith 2085; Streeter 6:3472.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— Account of the Russian discoveries... 2d. ed. rev.
and corr. London, Printed by J. Nichols for T. Cadell,
xxiii, 344 [13] p.     1 fold, illus., 4 fold. maps.     21 cm.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes C834; Sabin 17309.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— Account of the Russian discoveries... 2d. ed. rev.
and corr. London, Printed by J. Nichols for T. Cadell,
1780. [Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms, Inc.,
a subsidiary of Xerox Corporation, 1966]
1 1. [2] p., 2 1., xxiii, 344 [13] vii [8]-3i [2] p. maps(3 fold.),
fold, plate. 25 cm. (Added series t.p.: March of America facsimile series, no.40).
A facsimile reprint with added title: The Russian discoveries
between Asia and America.
Includes supplement with separate t.p.: A comparative view
of the Russian discoveries... First published to accompany the
third edition (no.i3oii)  and also published separately (no.131).
Ref: N.U.C. '63-'67.
Copy examined: U. of Victoria.
— Account... 3d. ed. rev. and corr. London, Printed
by J. Nichols for T. Cadell, 1787.
18-416] 417-454 [2]
21 cm.
2 1., iii-[iv] p., 1 1., v-xxviii [1-2]   3-387  [;
p.    4 fold, maps (incl. front), 1 fold, plate.
Bibliography: pp.xi-xiii.
Rearranged and revised.
Contains a supplement, pp[421-456] with separate tp.: A
comparative view of the Russian discoveries with those made by
Captains Cook and Clerke and a sketch of what remains to be
ascertained by future navigators. Also published separately (no.
Refs: Howes C834; L.C. basic; Sabin 17309.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
68 (Ha)
— Account... 3d. ed. rev. and corr. London, Printed
by J. Nichols for T. Cadell, 1787. [New York, Published
for University Microfilms, Inc., Ann Arbor [Mich.] by
Argonaut Press, Ltd., 1966]
[2] [i-iv] v-xv [xvi] iii-[iv] xvii-xviii, 454 [2] p. 4 fold, maps,
fold, plate.     22 cm.
A facsimile reprint with added t.p.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— Account... 4th ed. considerably enl. London, Printed
for Messrs. Cadell and Davies, 1803.
xxiv, 492 [4]  [4931-500 p.    front, 5 maps(4 fold.).    23 cm.
"List of the principal books referred to in this work": pp [493-
"The reader will therefore find in this edition, a complete series
of voyages from 1711 to 1792, comprising all that is known on
the subject":- Pref., p[v]
"Most of these narratives had already been published by Pallas
in Neue nordische Beytraege ... but this fourth edition presented
them in English for the first time":- Lada-Mocarski, p. 117.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes C834; L.C. basic; Sabin 17309.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
I <p£ZtS
— Account... 4th ed. considerably enl. London, Printed  (Yltfryx "Z>$qM
for Messrs. Cadell and Davies, 1804.
xix [1] 380 [3] p.    5 maps(2 fold.), 1 plate.     34 cm. p
Some copies dated 1803. r^o"? Oy^
"60 copies [of the 4th ed.] issued on large paper":- Streeter.    .0
Refs: Howes C834; L.C. basic (1803); Streeter 6:3501.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Translations: French
— Nouvelles decouvertes des Russes ... Neuchatel, Im-  Y^^su-
primerie de la Societe Typographique, 1781. Cit4*n   *4WXl.
xxiv, 320 p.    21 cm.
Translated by Jean Nicolas Demeunier, ref. ms. note on t.p. of
Houghton Library copy.
Refs: Howes C834; L.C. basic; Sabin 17310; Wickersham 5884.
Copies examined: B.C. Archives; Houghton Library.
— Les nouveiles decouvertes... Paris, Hotel de Thou,  \<o^FC £W
1781. 53 Hfl
2 1., xxii, 314 p.     1 fold, illus., 4 fold. maps.     25.5 cm. P/S.SC
Refs: B.N.; Howes C834. n ft
Copy examined: B.C. Archives. \r&Sof-^crM 7.
69 vu
— Les nouvelles decouvertes ... Paris, Charles Joseph
Panckoucke, 1781.
An erroneous reference?
Ref: Sabin 17310.
No copy located.
— Die neuen Entdeckungen der Russen zwischen Asien
und America ... Frankfurt und Leipzig, Johann Georg
Fleischer, 1783.
xi [5] 409 [9] p.     1 fold, illus., 4 fold. maps.     20.5 cm.
Apparently translated from the French, ref. Pallas, P.S. Bering's
successors, p.36. Previously published in German, in an abstract
in the Magazin fur die neue Historie und Geographie, Hamburg,
from the Russian abstract published in Miestachnyia istoricheskiia
genealogicheskita i geograficheskita primtechaniia, St. Petersburg,
1781, ref. Wickersham.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes C834; L.C. basic; Sabin 17311; Wickersham
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
131       Coxe, William, 1747-1828.
a.?yl^ A comparative view of the Russian discoveries with
those made by Captains Cook and Clerke; and a sketch
rt/i< , ■-i<p2' of what remains to be ascertained by future navigators,
.^C1^ by WHliam Coxe . .. London, Printed by J. Nichols for
T. Cadell, 1787.
vii [8]-31 p.     30 cm.
Half-title: Supplement to the Russian discoveries.
Issued as a supplement to his Account of the Russian discoveries
and incorporated in the third edition (no.i3oii).
Refs: B.M.C.; Holmes 64; Howes C835; L.C. basic; Sabin 17312;
Smith 2085; Streeter 6:3481.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
£j<5jrW       132
Crespi, Juan, 1721-1782.
Fray Juan Crespi, missionary explorer on the Pacific
coast, 1769-1774, by Herbert Eugene Bolton .. . Berkeley, University of California, 1927.
2  p.l.,  Ixiv p.,   1   1.,  402  p.     11   plates(incl.  facsim., front,  5
maps).     22.5 cm.
Errata slip inserted facing p [vi]
70 133
"Crespi's diaries are printed here as a primary part of this
book. They have never before been assembled in one volume or
published as a separate work. They were scattered through the
tomes of Palou's New California [no.434] and are here reprinted
from my English edition of that treatise (Berkeley, 1926) with the
addition of several important hitherto unpublished documents,
special Introduction and Editorial Notes": - Pref., p.iv.
Crespi served on three expeditions: Portola's 1769-1770, Pedro
Fages's 1772, and Perez's, 1774, the first recorded Spanish voyage
to the coast of British Columbia.
Preface also published separately with title: A Pacific coast
pioneer (no.57).
Ref:   L.C. basic.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Cruz, Francisco Santiago
Fronteras con Rusia, por Francisco Santiago Cruz.
Mexico, Editorial Jus, 1967.
89 p.    23.5 cm.   (On cover:  Colecci6n Mexico heroico no.70).
"Bibliografia": pp.88-89.
A popular account of Spanish activities on the northwest coast.
Ref: N.U.C. '68.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
134       Cushing, Caleb, 1800-1879.
Lecture on Oregon by the Hon. C. Cushing (late
Commissioner of the United States to China)  at the
Lyceum, Boston, November,  1845. [London, Printed
by W. Clowes and sons, 1845]
12 p.    21.5 cm.
Caption title.
Imprint at foot of p. 12.
Somewhat prejudiced survey rehearsing the U.S. title to Oregon
to 54°4o'N against "the pretensions" of Great Britain.
Ref: L.C. basic.
Copy examined: Widener Library.
135       Dalrymple, Alexander, 1737-1808.
Plan for promoting the fur-trade and securing it to
this country, by uniting the operations of the East-India
and Hudson's Bay Companys [!] by A. Dalrymple.
London, Printed by George Bigg, 1789.
71 K
iv, 32 p.    27.5 cm.
A scheme based on Dalrymple's conviction that a northwest
passage to the Pacific existed from Repulse Bay. The greater part
of the argument concerns geographical discovery and surmise.
Contains extracts from the journal of Captain Hanna who
visited the northwest coast in the Sea Otter, 1786.
Refs: B.M.G.; Howes D33; Sabin 18341; Smith 2234.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
136 Dalrymple, Alexander, 1737-1808.
The Spanish memorial of 4th June considered, by A.
Dalrymple. London, Printed by George Bigg and sold
by P. Elmsly, J. Sewell and J. Stockdale, 1790.
21 p.(incl. tp.).    21 cm.
Militantly patriotic statement on the Nootka Incident
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes D34; Sabin 18342; Smith 2235-36.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
137 Dalrymple, Alexander, 1737-1808.
The Spanish pretensions fairly discussed by A. Dalrymple ... London, Printed by George Bigg and sold
by P. Elmsly, J. Sewell and J. Stockdale, 1790.
19 p.(incl. t.p.).    21 cm.
Militantly patriotic view of Spanish claims to the region of the
Straits of Magellan and to the northwest coast of North America.
Refs:   B.M.C.;  Howes  D35;  L.C.  basic;  Sabin   18343;  Smith
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
138 Davidson, Gordon Charles, 1884-1922.
The North West Company, by Gordon Charles
Davidson. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1918.
»>  349 p.    5  fold.  maps(incl.  front).     24.5  cm.   (Half title:
C\-J University of California publications in history, v.7).
"List of authorities cited": pp[249]-255.
"Appendices", pp.257-329, contain a number of important
documents not published elsewhere.
Presented as a thesis for the degree of Ph.D., University of
California, 1916. Remains most useful.
Reprinted in New York by Russell and Russell, 1967.
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes D90; L.C. basic; N.U.C. '67 (New York);
Smith 2287.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
72 139 Davidson, Ida Marion
Alexander Mackenzie, by Ida M. Davidson, M.A.
Illustrated by Evelyn M. Gowanlock. Winnipeg, The
Manitoba Text Book Bureau [1933]
28 p.    illus.     18 cm. (On cover: Canadian history plays [no.3]).
Publication date and series number from Canadian Catalogue.
A dramatization for children of Mackenzie's life and explorations.
Ref:  Can. Cat.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
140 De Leeuw, Adele Louis, 1899-
A world explorer, James Cook, by Adele De Leeuw.
Illustrated by Nathan Goldstein. Champaign, 111., Garrard Publishing Company [1963]
96 p.    col. illus., col. maps.    24 cm.  (On dust jacket:  World
explorer books).
"...designed for young readers":- facing t.p. Grade 4 level.
Ref: N.U.C. '63.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
141 Demers, Modeste, bp. of Vancouver Island, 1809-
Notice sur l'etablissement de la province ecclesiastique
de l'Oregon, precedee de quelques renseignements sur
le Canada, par Mgr. Mod. Demers, EvSque de File
Van   Couver.   Bruxelles,   H.   Goemaere,   Imprimeur-
Editeur, 1867.
19 p.    8vo.
Published under the auspices of the Association de la Propaga- •
tion de la Foi.
Ref: Streit 2553.
No copy located.
142 Denton, Vernon Llewellyn, 1881-1944.
The far west coast, by V.L. Denton, with 12 illustrations and maps. Toronto, J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1924.
ix [1] 297 [1] p.    illus.(incl. maps, ports.).    20.5 cm.
Bibliography: pp.293-294.
tv6e*/\(U  f
73 143
An account of the discovery and exploration of the northwest
coast from the alleged voyage of Juan de Fuca to the surveys of
George Vancouver, written for the general reader and for schools
by a schoolteacher.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Smith 2413.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Denton, Vernon Llewellyn, 1881-1944.
Simon Fraser, by V.L. Denton. Toronto, The Ryerson Press [1928]
32 p.    illus.     18.5 cm.  (On cover: The Ryerson Canadian history readers. Explorers and colonists. N0.3L).
Cover title.
An elementary school reader.
Refs: Can. Cat; Smith 2414.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
De Voto, Bernard Augustine, 1897-1955.
The course of empire, by Bernard DeVoto, with maps
by Erwin Raisz. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company;
Cambridge [Mass.] The Riverside Press [1952]
1 L, 647 p.    maps (part col. and on lining-papers
xvn p
Bibliographical  references included  in  "Notes":   pp.561-631.
"This book completes a design... to describe some closely
related parts of the continental experience [of the United
States]":- Pref., p.xiv.
The other two volumes of this project, Across the wide Missouri
and The year of decision, 1846, concern the United States. This
volume treats the growth of geographic knowledge concerning
North America, and the contention for empires, together with the
effect of these factors on the Indians. The exploration of present
day British Columbia is included as an aspect of continental
Ref: L.C. '48-'52.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
* 145       D'Wolf, John, 1779-1872.
A voyage to the North Pacific and a journey through
V^*-^, (j J U \     Siberia more than half a century ago, by Captain John
Q\\\ I* D'Wolf. Cambridge [Mass.] Welch, Bigelow and Com
pany, printers to the University, 1861.
IV«^^ iv, 147 p.    22 cm. (a)
"One hundred copies printed":- Sabin. "Printed but not
published":- Soliday.
Account of the second trading voyage of the Juno with much
information on Alaska and Russian traders; includes a visit to
Vancouver Island in 1805.
Refs:   Howes   D310;   Lada-Mocarski   148;   L.C.   basic;   Sabin
19883; Streeter 6:3526; Wickersham 6666.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
A voyage ... Fairfield, Washington, Ye Galleon   \->et^LL j-
Press, 1968.
[14] iv, 147 [2] p.    fold, map, 2 ports.(incl. front).    24.5 cm.
600 copies printed.
A reprint of the 1861 edition with eight pages of biographical
and bibliographical notes.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Dickie, Donalda James
The Canadian west by D.J. Dickie. Toronto, J.M.
Dent & Sons Ltd. [1926]
3r9  f1] P.    illus., 12 col. plates (incl. front).    20.5 cm. (Half-
title: Dent's Canadian history readers, Book 7).
Date from Canadian Catalogue.
Printed in England at the Temple Press, Letchworth.
Bibliography: pp.317-319.
A general history for upper grades of elementary schools.
Refs: Can. Cat; Smith 2443.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— The Canadian west... [2d. rev. ed.] Toronto, J.M.
Dent & Sons Ltd. [1927]
323  [1] p.    illus., 12 col. plates.    20.5 cm.  (Half-title: Dent's
Canadian history readers, Book 7).
Printed by the Temple Press.
Bibliography:  pp.316-318.
Includes an index. |/Ue<wA< fr-
Ref: Smith 2444. ..
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia. rf^^5\0. 7,
Dixon, George, d.1800?
Letter and memorandum from Capt. George Dixon
to Sir Joseph Banks regarding the fur trade on the
northwest coast, A.D. 1789. [Stanford, Calif.] The
White Knight Press, 1941.
y       tea
fupf\ - cuytFJiy-At
£ t^o-*
Ok 1
75 [4] p., i 1.    21 cm. (On cover: White Knight Chapbooks. Pacific
Northwest series, no.3).
Cover title.
"Printed... from a manuscript found in the Sutro Branch of
the California State Library. One hundred and twenty-five copies
in hand-set Garamond type were run off before the type was
distributed ...":- on leaf at end of text.
Note on text, by A. Grove Day: p[4]
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
iiff »^°
0£* ^
Dixon, George, d.1800?
Remarks on the voyages of John Meares, Esq., in a
letter to that gentleman, by George Dixon, late commander of the Queen Charlotte in a voyage round the
world. London, Printed for the author and sold by John
Stockdale and George Goulding, 1790.
37 [4] P- °f advts.    31 cm.
Half-title: Remarks on Meare's [.'] voyages.
"Points out inconsistencies in Meares's statements":- Manning
"Strictures on his geographical and other statements":- Howes.
Refs:  B.M.C.; Howes D364; Sabin 20361; Smith 2477; T.P.L.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
— Further remarks on the voyages of John Meares,
Esq., in which several important facts misrepresented in
the said voyages relative to geography and commerce
are fully substantiated. To which is added, A letter from
Captain Duncan, containing a decisive refutation of
several unfounded assertions of Mr. Meares, and a final
reply to his answer, by George Dixon, late commander
of the Queen Charlotte in a voyage round the world.
London, Printed for John Stockdale and George Goulding, I791-
80 p. (incl. tp.).    31 cm.
Refs:  B.M.C.; Howes D363; Sabin 20363; Smith 2476; T.P.L.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Documentos para la historia  de  Mejico...
Mejico, Imprenta de J.R. Navarro, 1853-1857.
76 4 ser.(2i v. in 19).    ser.1-2.    20 cm.; ser.3.    31.5 cm.; ser.4.
22 cm.
Title of ser.i: Documentos para la historia de Mexico.
Imprint varies.
Noticias de la Nueva California, by Fr. F. Palou republished
by the California Historical Society in 1874 (no.434).
Contents: . .. ser.4. vol.6-7. Noticias de la Nueva California,
por el R.P. Fr. F. Palou.
Ref: L.C. basic.
Copy examined: Bancroft Library.
150 Douglas, David, 1798-1834.
Journal kept by David Douglas during his travels in
North America, 1823-1827, together with a particular
description of thirty-three species of American oaks and
eighteen species of pinus, with appendices containing a
list of the plants introduced by Douglas and an account
of his death in 1834. Published under the direction of
the Royal Horticultural Society. London, William Wesley & Son, 1914.
[2] p., 3 1., 364 p.    front (port).     25.5 cm.
Edited with Memoir and various notes, by W. Wilks, Secretary
of the Royal Horticultural Society, assisted by H.R. Hutchinson.
Refs:   B.M.C.; Graff  1133; Howes D435; L.C. basic; Streeter
6:3398; T.P.L. 1432; Wagner P. & R. 60 (note).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(a)        — Journal.. . New York, Antiquarian Press Ltd., 1959.
[8] 364 p.    front (port).    24 cm.
Facsimile reprint edition of 750 copies with a new t.p.
Refs: Canadiana '60; Howes D435; N.U.C. 's8-'62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
151 Drirnmer, Frederick, ed.
Scalps and tomahawks; narratives of Indian captivity;
edited, with an introduction, by Frederick Drirnmer.
New York, Coward-McCann, Inc. [1961]
378 p.     22 cm.
Includes John Jewitt's capture at Nootka.
"intended for the popular reader, not the historian or scholar
who has access to the originals":- Intro.
Refs: Canadiana '62; N.U.C. '58-62.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
77 152       Dryden, Cecil Pearl, 1887-
By sea on the Tonquin, by Cecil Dryden; illustrated
by E. Joseph Dreany. Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers
Ltd., 1956.
289 [1] p.    illus., map.    22 cm.
Selected bibliography: p[2go]
Account of the voyage of the Tonquin and the building of
Astoria, ending with the arrival of the Beaver. Written for older
children from the works of Gabriel Franchere and Alexander Ross.
Refs: Canadiana '58; N.U.C. '53-'57.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
PSSo °^
Dryden, Cecil Pearl, 1887-
Up the Columbia for furs, by Cecil Dryden; illustrated by E. Joseph Dreany. Caldwell, Idaho, The Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1949.
1  p.l., 309  [1]  p.    illus., col. front, map (on lining-papers), 3
col. plates.     23.5 cm.
Written for young readers.
"The journals, rewritten, of Ross Cox and Alexander Ross
originally published under titles Adventures on the Columbia
River and Fur hunters of the far west, respectively":- L.C.
Ref: L.C. '48-'52.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
154      Duflot de Mofras, Eugene, 1810-1884.
Exploration du territoire de l'Oregon, des Californies
et de la mer vermeille, executee pendant les annees
1840, 1841 et 1842, par M. Duflot de Mofras, Attache
a la Legation de France a Mexico. Ouvrage publie par
ordre du Roi... Paris, Arthus Bertrand, Editeur,
Librairie de la Societe de Geographic, 1844.
2 v. 8 plates(incl. fronts.), tables. 24 cm. and atlas of 3 p.l.,
26 [i.e. 27] Ulus. on 18 plates(part fold., incl. maps, plans). 53
X35.5 cm.
"Bibliographie chronologique des ouvrages cities ou consultes":
vol.2, pp.485-500.
Some copies bound in 4 vols.
Historical and descriptive account of the Pacific coast of North
78 America, including the Spanish voyages of discovery, the Oregon
Territory, Vancouver Island and the Fraser River, the H.B.G.'s
forts and a summary of the Oregon question. Duflot de Mofras
visited Fort Vancouver from Oct. to Dec, 1841. His information
is second-hand and not free from error.
Refs:   B.M.C.;  Cowan;  Graff  1169;  Howes D542; L.C. basic;
Lada-Mocarski   120;   Pilling   Wakashan;   Sabin   21144;   Smith
2597-99; Zamorano 30.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(i) —Duflot de Mofras' travels on the Pacific coast; trans
lated, edited and annotated by Marguerite Eyer Wilbur;
foreword by Dr. Frederick Webb Hodge. Santa Ana,
Calif., The Fine Arts Press, 1937.
2 v. illus.(facsim.), 8 plates(incl. 4 maps(i fold.)). (Leaf
before half-title: Calafia series, no.2)
Facsimile t.p. included.
"Chronological bibliography of works cited or consulted" by
Duflot de Mofras: vol.2, pp.266-272. "Published writings of
Duflot de Mofras": vol.2, pp.273-274. Duflot de Mofras' Melanges:
vol.2, pp.274-275.
"Based on Duflot de Mofras' Exploration..., collated with a
transcription of his ten original Mimoires, on which the French
publication was based, now housed in the office of the Ministere
des Affaires Etrangeres, in Paris, and further compared with a
supplementary holographic manuscript of certain portions dealing
with Fort Ross, found in his M&langes, vol.2. Any changes or
variations from the French publication have been so indicated in
footnotes and in important unpublished sections from the Melanges
arranged to form appendices" :- Intro., pjcxxiv.
Refs: Howes D542; L.C. basic; Smith 2596.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
155       Duflot de Mofras, Eugene, 1810-1884.
L'Oregon, par M. D. de Mofras. Paris. Imprim^ par  ( ^j      /«« 0„
Plon Freres, 1846.
44 p.    25 cm.
On verso of half-title: Extrait de La Rivue Nouvelle.
Summary of geographic features and history of the Oregon
Territory up to the time of writing, with observations on the dispute between Great Britain and the United States for ownership.
Argues in favour of French ownership.
Refs: B.N.; Howes D543; Sabin 21144 (note): Smith 2600.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
79 156
r\\kff\ Wl»M
4. QrdxAi
Dufour, Joseph, 1752-1827.
Les sauvages de la mer Pacifique, tableau pour decoration en papier peint. Macon, Imprimerie de Moiroux,
An XIII [1804]
48 p.     18 cm.
Caption title: Les sauvages de la mer Pacifique, tableau pour
decoration en papier peint, composi sur les dicouvertes faites par
les capitaines Cook, de la Pirouze [.'] et autres voyageurs formant
un paysage en nuance, execute sur vingt Us ou largeur de papier
de vingt pouces, sur quatre-vingt-dix de hauteur, de la fabrique
de Joseph Dufour et comp" a Macon.
Descriptive text to accompany the tableau. Section I treats the
Nootka Indians and section 12 those of Prince William Sound;
the remainder concern the inhabitants of the South Pacific.
Dufour, a native of Macon, was a major French wall-paper
artist of the 18th century.
Refs:   BK 305; Ciba Review,  (Society of Chemical Industry),
Basel,   no.3,   November,   1937,   pp.   85-88,  incl.   biography  and
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Dulles, Foster Rhea, 1900-
The old China trade, by Foster Rhea Dulles, with
illustrations. Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin
Company, 1930.
6 p.l., 228 p.    diagr., facsim., front, plates, ports.    22 cm.
"Sources": pp[2is]-220.
A popular study, of which chapters 1-3 are relevant to the
northwest fur trade.
Ref: L.C. basic.
Copy examined: U. of California, Berkeley.
158       Dunn, John, b. 1812.
Urt\ 'b^iyt'  History °f *he Oregon Territory and British North-
v^Ti****- ' American fur trade; with an account of the habits and
customs of the principal native tribes on the northern
continent, by John Dunn, late of the Hudson's Bay
Company, eight years a resident in the country. London,
Edwards and Hughes, 1844.
vhi, 359 p.    front.(fold. map).    23 cm.
A "few specimens of the language of the Millbank and Chinook
tribe": pp.358"359-
ftpF1^   •
C^^ 09«Y
80 "This work, now somewhat scarce, is one of the best of its
period": - Cowan.
"Devoted largely to a history of the Hudson's Bay Company
and an account of the country...":- Wagner.
Reprinted by Edwards and Hughes in 1846 without alteration
and called 2d. ed.
Refs:   B.M.C.;  Cowan;  Field 466;  Graff  1182;  Howes D577;
L.C. basic; Pilling Chinookan & Wakashan; Sabin 21321; Smith
2649-50; Streeter 6:3554; T.P.L. 2640 (1846); Wagner P. & R.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(i) — The Oregon territory and the British North Ameri
can fur trade ... Philadelphia, G.B. Zieber & Co., 1845.
vii ['3]-236 p.     15.5 cm.  (Half-title:  The home and travellers
library, semi-monthly, no.8).
Does not contain the linguistics. "Greatly inferior edition":-
Reprinted in Smith's Weekly, vol.i, 1845, pp.382-416, ref.
Pilling Wakashan, p. 19.
Refs:   B.M.C.;   Cowan;   Field  467;   Howes  D577;  L.C.   basic;
Pilling  Chinookan and  Wakashan;  Sabin  21322;  Smith  2651;
Wagner P. & R. 106 (note).
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
159 Dye, Eva (Emery), 1855-1947.
McLoughlin and old Oregon, a chronicle, by Eva
Emery Dye. Chicago, A.C. McLurg & Co., 1900.
viii [g]-38i p.    front(port).    21.5 cm.
A popular fictionalized biography reprinted many times; 16th
ed., 1936.
Refs: B.M.C.; L.C. basic; Smith 2686 (1st edO-2697 (16th ed.).
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
160 Elliott, Thompson Coit, 1862-1943.
David Thompson, pathfinder, and the Columbia
River, by T.C. Elliott. .. Kettle Falls, Wash., The Scimitar Press, 1911.
9 p.    22.5 cm.
Cover title.
An address given at the annual meeting of the Pioneer Association of Stevens County.
Ref: Smith 2812.
Copy examined: Vancouver P.L. Spa**
(i) — David Thompson ... Eugene, Ore., Koke, Tiffany
Co., 1925.
Q^b       12 p.    front.(illus.).    23.5 cm.
Cover title.
Revised from a paper in the Quarterly of the Oregon Historical
Society, vol.12, 1911, pp.195-205.
Ref: Smith 2813.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
t 162
<P0^7\  3^3^
Elliott, Thompson Coit, 1862-1943.
The fur trade in the Columbia River basin prior to
1811, by T.C. Elliott... Portland, Oregon, The Ivy
Press, 1915.
16 p.(incl. 4 illus.).     24 cm.
Cover title.
"A paper read at the meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of
the American Historical Association at the University of Washington, Seattle, May 21st, 1914":- p[3]
Ref: Smith 2815.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Elliott, Thompson Coit, 1862-1943.
Historical papers and addresses, by T.C. Elliott.
Walla Walla, Washington, Privately printed, 1935.
Various paging.     22 cm.
Edition limited to 50 copies.
Collection of 20 offprints from his contributions to the Oregon
Historical Quarterly and Washington Historical Quarterly with a
typed t.p.
Partial contents: 1. The fur trade in the Columbia River Basin
prior to 1911 ... 3. David Thompson, pathfinder ... 8. Peter
Skene Ogden, fur trader ... 14. Sir George Simpson.
Copy examined: U. of Washington.
Elliott, Thompson Coit, 1862-1943.
Peter Skene Ogden: fur trader, by T.C. Elliott...
Portland, Ore., The Ivy Press, 1910.
50 p.    23.5 cm.
Cover title.
"Only about 50 copies printed"
82 Read as the annual address before the Oregon Historical Society
at Portland, December 18, 1909.
Also published in the Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, vol.i 1, no.3, September, 1910.
Refs: N.Y.P.L.; Soliday 399.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
164       Ellis, William, d.1785.
An authentic narrative of a voyage performed by
Captain Cook and Captain Clerke in His Majesty's
ships Resolution and Discovery during the years 1776,
1777, 1778, 1779 and 1780; in search of a North-West
passage between the continents of Asia and America,
including a faithful account of all their discoveries and
the unfortunate death of Captain Cook. Illustrated with
a chart and a variety of cuts, by W. Ellis, assistant surgeon to both vessels. London, Printed for G. Robinson,
J. Sewell and J. Debrett, 1782.
2 v.     22 plates (incl. fold. map).    21.5 cm.
Ellis was surgeon's mate, first in the Discovery, later in the
Resolution the rank of "Assistant surgeon" being unknown in the
Navy at that time, ref. Holmes. He assumed the naturalist's duties
after the death of Anderson and his plates are especially interesting, ref. T. Pearse (no.438). When about to undertake a scientific
expedition for the King of Sweden, he was killed in an accident;
ref. Obituary in the Gentlemen's Magazine, London, vol.55, pt.5,
Published against the instructions of the Admiralty which
required the surrender of all records of the voyage. The plates are
among the earliest published of the voyage.
Reprinted 1783 and 1784 as second and third editions respectively.
Refs: BK 399-400 (2d. ed.); B.M.C.; Holmes 42; Howes E122;
Lada-Mocarski 35; Sabin 22333; Smith 1984; Streeter 6:3476;
T.P.L. 527:
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
(i) — An authentic narrative ... illustrated with a chart.
Attenburg, Printed and sold by Gottlob Emanuel Rich-
ter, 1788.
2 v.    2 fold. maps.    18 cm.
Half-title:  Capt. Cook voyage in the years 1776, 1777, 1778,
Ref: Smith 1983.
Copy examined: U. of Washington.
Cirlm i7z^\
83 VQjp^wu (ii)
Translation: German
— Zuverlassige Nachricht von der dritten und letzten
Reise . .. Aus dem  Englischen iibersetzt.  Nebst einer
Charte.  Frankfurt und Leipzig, Kosten der Verlags-
Casse, 1783.
3 p.l. [31-324 p.    fold. map.    20 cm.
Translated   and   abridged   from   the   1st   English   edition   by
Johann Christoph Adelung, ref. Du Rietz. Bibliotheca Polynesiana.
Refs: BK 401; Sabin 22334; Smith 2007; Wickersham 6555.
Copy examined: U. of British Columbia.
165 The errors of the British minister in the negotiation with the Court of Spain. London, Printed
for J. Debrett, 1790.
g"-rul6 N> l^°^TRef: Sabin 22786 (negociacions [!]
iv, 130 p.     20.5 cm.
"Since these papers were begun in the Gazetteer...":- Advt
On the Nootka crisis.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Espinosa y Tello, Jose, 1763-1815.
Memorias sobre las observaciones astronomicas hechas
por los navegantes espaiioles en distintos lugares del
globo; las quales han servido de fundamento para la
formacion de las cartas de marear. Publicadas por la
direccion de trabajos Hidrograficos de Madrid: orde-
nadas por Don Josef Espinosa y Tello ... Madrid, Im-
prenta Real, 1809.
2 v.    5 fold, plates (v.2).     25 cm.
Contents: Discurso sobre los progresos y estado actual de la
hidrografia en Espana, por Don Luis Maria de Salazar.- ia.
Memoria. De lo correspondiente a las costas de Espana y Africa;
las del mar Mediterraneo, islas Canarias y de los Azores.- 2a. De
las costas del continente de America y sus islas, desde Montevideo
por el cabo de Hornos, hasta los 6o° de latitud N.- 3a. De las
islas Marianas, Filipinas, Nueva Holanda y Archipielago de los
Amigos.- 4a. De las costas de la America septentrional y sus islas
(Puerto Rico, Havana, Vera Cruz, etc.).
Refs: B.M.C.; Howes E185; Sabin 22905; Wickersham 6633.
Copy examined: B.C. Archives.
Baua, 167       [Espinosa y Tello, Jose] 1763-1815.
Relacion del viage hecho por las goletas Sutil y Mexi-
cana, en el afio de 1792, para reconocer el estrecho de
Fuca; con una introduction en que se da noticia de las
expediciones executadas anteriormente por los Espanoles
en busca del paso del noroeste de la America. De orden
del Rey. Madrid, Imprenta Real, 1802.
8 p.l., clxviii, 185, 20 p. fold, table. 22 cm. and atlas of 9
maps(4 fold.), 8 plates(2 fold.).    32 cm.
Atlas title: Atlas para el