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Constitution, bye-laws and list of members of the Union Club of British Columbia Union Club of British Columbia 1911

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Constitution, Bye-Laws
List of Members
ESTABLISHED 1879  1911
Constitution, Bye-Laws and
List of Members of the
Union Club of British Columbia
Page 8, Line 10, read word "eight" for word "ten."
Page 8, Line 19, before word "at" read "and confirmed
by a like majority."
Page   Section xxx Lines 1 and 4, erase letter "t" from
word feet.
Page 30,  Section 2,  Line 1, read for word "or" the
word "of."
Page 42, the fifth name should read Stirling, Dr. F. H.

Constitution, Bye-Laws and
List of Members of the
Union Club of British Columbia
J. A. Mara, Esq.
H. J. McGregor, Esq.
C. E. Pooley, Esq. L.-Col. A. W. Jones J. A. Mara, Esq.
J. A. Mara, Esq. J. H. Gillespie, Esq.
H. J. McGregor, Esq. R. H. Swinerton, Esq.
F. L. Crawford, Esq. J. A. Lindsay, Esq.
C. T. Cross, Esq. A. J. O'Reilly, Esq.
Dr. C. J. Fagan R. H. Pooley, Esq.
Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, C. J.
Hon. Mr. Justice M. Tyrwhitt Drake
Hon. F. G. Vernon
Hon. D. M. Eberts
Hon. A. E. McPhillips
Lt.-Col., Hon. E. G. Prior
A. P. Luxton, Esq.  THE
Union Club of British Columbia
The   name  of  the  Club   shall  be   the  "Union Name.
Club of British Columbia."
The legal title and ownership of all the prop1 Legal Title,
erty, effects and assets of the Club shall vest in
the Trustees, in trust in the first place for securing the amount for the time being due and out-  standing on Debentures and subject thereto in
trust for the benefit and enjoyment of members
so long as they shall be members. Debentures -Number of
may be issued to an amount not exceeding Debentures. at any one time in sums of $25.00 each
or any multiple thereof, bearing interestv at not
exceeding 6 per cent, per annum (which interest
shall be available for the payment of the monthly
subscription of any member, whether a debenture
holder or not) secured upon the land, buildings,
furniture and other assets of the Club, but not so
as to render any member personally liable.
III.   |j
Every Trustee shall hold office until he dies. Trustees,
or resigns, or becomes bankrupt, or insolvent, or
ceases to reside in Victoria, or otherwise becomes
incompetent. Every vacancy among the Trustees
shall be forthwith filled by a new Trustee, to be
chosen by the Committee. The first Trustees
shall be William Curtis Ward, Esq., *Leopold
Lowenberg, Esq.. and *Sir Matthew Baillie
General meetings of the Club may be annual. Meetings,
special, or extraordinary, or ballot meetings. I 6
An annual general meeting shall be held on the Annual
first Thursday 3n May in every year to elect a Meetins-
President. Vice-President and a Committee of
Management for the ensuing year, to receive the
reports and accounts of the Committee for the
expired year, and generally to take into consideration the position and prospects of the Club, and
any   special   matter   of   which    rtotice    has   been
An extraordinary or a special general meet- Special General
ir/g may be called at any time by any three Com- Meetings,
mitteemen, or by one-fifth of the members, to consider any special matter. Three weeks' notice at
least shall be given of any special general meeting, and of the special matters proposed to be
considered thereat, or at any annual general meeting; also the names of the persons convoking the
special general meeting or bringing forward the
special matter. No special matter shall be brought
forward or discussed at any meeting unless such
notice shall have been given.
'  '      ' ;' VIL ^   ,      '    ■- '" ■ .-,    -   .
At all general meetings the chair shall, at the Twenty-five to
expiration  of ten  minutes  from the  hour  of  as- form a quorum,
sembly, be taken by the President, or in his ab- .
sence by such Committeeman, or in the absence
of all  Committeemen, then  by  such  member  as
may   be   chosen   by   the   meeting.     Twenty-five
members shall be a quorum at an annual, extra-  ordinary or special general meeting. If, at the
expiration of thirty minutes from the hour of
meeting there shall not be a quorum present, the
meeting shall ipso facto stand adjourned until
that day week at the same time and place. No
business shall be taken at an adjourned meeting
except the unfinished business at the meeting
from which the adjournment has taken place. If
at the adjourned meeting a quorum be not present at the expiration of thirty minutes, the meeting shall ipso facto stand adjourned sine die. ^^
At any general meeting'all questions except Election of
.    ,. .    ,      -..   . i        . . P Committee
the winding-up of the Club, or the alteration  ot
any Rule or By-law, shall be decided by a majority of votes cast. Every member shall have
one vote. At general meetings all voting shall be
open except the election of President. Vice-President and Committeemen. The Chairman shall
have a casting vote in addition to his own vote.
The President, Vice-President, and Committee
shall be elected in the following manner: The
names of members to serve as President, Vice-
President and Committee shall be proposed and
seconded, and no member shall be eligible unless
his name shall have been posted on the Notice^
board for at least seven days prior to the date of
election, and should more than one be placed in
nomination for the office of President or Vice-
President, or eight be placed in nomination for
the   Committee,   in   thev case   of  the   election   of j 8
President the votes of the meeting shall be obtained by members writing the name of the candidate they vote for on slips of paper; the papers
shall be collected, and the votes counted by two
scrutineers appointed bj' the Chairman. The
member having the highest number of votes shall
be President for the ensuing year. The same
procedure shall be adopted in the election of Vice-
President and Committee, and should there be a
plurality of candidates, the ten members having
the highest number of votes shall be the Committee to serve for the ensuing year. Any law
or bye-law may be altered ami a new law made
by the majority of two-thirds of the votes cast
at a general meeting. But the winding-up of the
Club shall only be deemed duly resolved upon
when a resolution to that effect shall have been
adopted at a general meeting by a two-thirds majority at another general meting to be convened
for that purpose not less than two weeks nor
more than five weeks after the first adoption.
'■'      "'-■ -tr  ix-     *'    : •'        ■':
All the government and administration of the Committee to
affairs of the Club shall be vested in a Committee, members,
to consist of ten members.    The first Committeemen  shall be:  Mr. Justice  Gray, and Messrs.  C.
W.   R.  Thompson.  W.   C.  Ward,  Dr.   Matthews,  Messrs. C. E. Pooley, C. T. Dupont, Sir M. B.
Begbie, Messrs. M. W. T. Drake, Leopold Lowen-
berg and H. E. Croasdaile.
The whole body^of  Committeemen  shall  go The whole
r     re ,1        i i i i i Committee go
out of office at the close of each annual general c*tt annually.
meeting.    Each  Committeeman  shall  hold  office
nevertheless until his successor is appointed.   Any
member, whether a retired Committeeman or not,
may be elected or re-elected (as the case may be)
for the ensuing year.
The   Committee   shall   meet   on    the    second Committee
Thursday in every month, if necessary, or often- Thursday
er, if they shall think fit, and at such place and
hour as they shall think proper, and adjourn at Four to form
pleasure.     Four   shall   form   a   quorum   for   the quorum-
"transaction   of   business,    except    as   in   Section
XXXV.     A  bare   majority  shall  decide   on   any
question.    The  person  in the  chair shall have  a Chairman's
, r u.        r       I      . •        j    casting vote,
casting vote, in case of equahty of votes, in addition  to his own vote as  Committeeman.    Any
Committeeman   who   shall   be   absent   from   the Absence of
,      ^ r .   j    r ,, Committeeman
regular Committee meetings for a period of three for three
consecutive months  shall ipso facto  cease to be montns-
a member of the Committee.
Any Committeeman  or  other officer   (except Removal of
a trustee), who shall nevertheless hold office until  10
his successor is appointed, may be removed from
office by resolution duly passed at a pnecial general meeting duly convened.
; - - ■-'   xiii. ;,--      : ■   ■ - •.'
All  officers,  employees  and  servants  of  the Comnritteto
I      , .   , ,    ,.    , , engage officers,
Club  shall  be  appointed,  varied  and  discharged p|
by the Committee, who shall fix their duties and
remuneration (if any). The Committee shall also
fill all casual vacancies (in the interval between
annual general meetings) among the Committeemen themselves. The President shall be permanent Chairman and the Vice-President shall be
permanent Vice-Chairman of the Club.
■     ^_ ■    . ; XIV.   "    • "; ^ -  ./:   ' ■' -  ..;'■"   '4t■     ■
The Committee shall have power moreover— Special
functions of
(a) To  appoint  among themselves   sub-Commit- Committee.
tees or Standing Committees for general or
special purposes,  as  they may  deem  exped-
^en*-- ^ilSlli
(b) To alter present and make additional Bye-
Laws for the regulation of the affairs and
conduct of the Club, and of the enjoyment of
the   benefits   thereof   not   being   inconsistent
'with this Constitution.  11
(c) To appoint, remove and replace a Treasurer,
Secretary or Auditor.
(d) To suspend members as hereinafter mentioned.
(e) To issue debentures and take other steps for To issue
. gig debentures for
carrying out Section II.. as hereinbefore set capital
r      1       t^ *    11  * -iii      purposes,
forth. Bpt no money shall be raised by debentures except for strictly capital purposes,
and not at all for revenue, and not without
the sanction of a special General Meeting,
nor shall any money raised by debentures be
applied for such purposes as ought to be
defrayed by regular revenue; with power also
from time to time to pay off the same debentures, or any of them as they may see occasion, and to authorize all expenditures concerning the Club. Any debenture so paid off
may be re-issued from time to time.
(f) To make such further provision for honorary
and privileged subscribers and visitors as they
shall think fit.
(g) To administer generally all the internal affairs To arrange
of the  Club,  and by house rules   (not being n^odes of
inconsistent herewith or with any Bye-Law) Payment,
to fix the tariff of prices and charges, arrange
modes of payment and checks, and make
rules for the billiard room and card room,
and other parts of the Club premises. J II1.PI.J
; •     - -  xv. >    .    . '- -      '       '■  ;"   ■
The receipt signed by the Secretary shall be Secretary's
a sufficient discharge for all moneys due to the binding.0'
Club therein expressed to be received; and in
case of members' subscriptions shall alone, without further signature or adoption of these or any
other rules, entitle a member holding such receipt to all the benefits and advantages of membership, so far as the same depends on the payment therein referred to. And such payment by
such member shall be a distinct acknowledgement
on his part that he is bound by all the rules and
bye-laws, house rules and regulations of the Club, m    ,
r        i i    •       •'"" r r» in Members
for the time being in force.    But no person shall payment of
be absolved from obedience to any such rule or Icicnowtedg-
regulation  by reason  of not  having  received  or mentofsub-
. mission to
signed the same. By-Laws, &c.
All notices to be served on the Club shall be Service of
deemed duly served if handed to or left for the notlces-
Secretary at the Club before 4 p.m. on any day.
The Secretary shall be bound to countersign the
same and post it on the notice board. All notices
to be served on any member having his address
in Victoria or Esquimalt town or districts, shall
be deemed duly served 24 hours after the posting
of the same, duly prepaid, at the Victoria Post
Office.    All bye-laws and house rules within sub-  13
section (g) of Section XIV. made by the Committee shall be posted on the notice board. House
rules shall come into force at once; bye-laws at
the end of one calendar month, unless set aside
within that time by a special general meeting.
The  Club shall  consist of resident, non-resi- Classification
, ,    , i i    , .i       Wm>   of Members.
dent and absent members, and those on the privileged list, and honorary and temporary subscribers, and such other sub-divisions as may be
decided on at a general meeting.
The  Committee  may place  such  persons  as Privileged
.i .i •   t t. W£        ii_ • Members.
they think proper, not more than three in number at any time, upon a privileged list without
ballot, entrance fee or monthly subscription.
All persons who have already paid their en- Members,
trance fee, and three months' subscription, and
all persons who shall be hereafter duly elected
under the Constitution, and shall pay their entrance fee and quarterly subscription for the time
being, shall be members of the Club. All members shall be bound by and may be required at
any time to sign a copy of the Constitution, Rules
and Bye-Laws of the Club.  14
A resident member shall be one who. in the Resident
opinion of the Committee, shall reside or have a memDer-
place   of  business  within  a  radius   of  ten   miles
from the  Club.
A   non-resident   member   shall, be   one   who Non-resident
does not, in the opinion of the Committee, reside niember.
or. have a place  of business  within  a  radius  of
ten miles of the Clubhouse.
Any member who notifies the Secretary that Absent
he  intends to remain  absent from the  Province member
without the
during one year, shall be deemed an absent mem- Province.
ber, and shall pay a subscription of five dollars
per annum in lieu of his ordinary subscription;
but in the event of such member returning at any
time within the year to British Columbia, he shall
pay his ordinary subscription or a proportionate
amount thereof, calculated from the day of his
return. Written notice of such contemplated
absence shall be given to the Secretary in advance. If any absent member shall be in arrear
in the payment of his subscription for two years,
the Committee may suspend him without posting,
and may at any time, if he has always thereafter
continued absent from the Province, and if adequate and sufficient reason is shown "for such
non-payment, re-instate him by unanimous vote
of the Committee, upon payment of his arrears.  15
Any member who shall remain ten miles dis- Members to
tant from the Clubhouse during the whole of any sub^ripdon
month in the calendar, and notifies the Secretary
thereof, shall pay the subscription of an no-resident member for that month. But residence for
15 consecutive days in any month named in the
calendar shall be deemed residence for the whole
month, and entail the liability of a resident member for that month's full subscription.
Bank officials, duly elected, shall be charged Bank officials,
an entrance fee of $20.00 and a subscription fee
of $7.50 per month, the difference between such
subscription and that of ordinary members to be
credited towards their entrance fee until the same
shall have reached the full amount of ordinary
members, at which time the subscriptions of such
bank officials shall become the same as ordinary
-■•'••     ^ -   -     xxv. .../;'■..    -|jt . ■
All candidates for election as members shall Mcde of ballot.
be admitted to membership of the Club by ballot,
but (except as provided in the last preceding section hereof) they must have been residents of the
Province of British Columbia for six months
prior to being proposed for memebrship; provided, however, that the Committee may, in special cases, by a unanimous vote, waive this residential qualification.    No such balloting, however,  16
shall take place at general meetings, but only at
ballot meetings (at which no business will be
transacted except the election of new members),
and the said ballot meetings shall be held monthly
on the first Tuesday of each month. Every candidate must be nominated by one member, and
seconded by another member. The name and
address and calling of the candidate, and the
names of the proposer and seconder, must be
posted up on the notice board and also on such
other place (if any) as the Committee shall think
fit to direct, for at least two weeks before the
ballot meeting. The ballot box shall be left open
from i p.m. to 6 p.m., and shall during those
hours be in charge of the Secretary or two of the
ordinary members of the Club. At 6 p.m. the
ballot box shall be opened and the ballots counted
in the presenec of three members, one at least
of whom shall be a Committeeman. If three
Committeemen are in the Club at 6 p.m., then the
three Committeemen shall count the votes. If
only one Committeeman be in the Club at 6 p.m.,
then he shall request such two members as he
may think fit to assist in counting the ballots in
the presence of the Secretary. If there be no
Committeeman in the Club at 6 p.m., or if there
be less than two other members then present, the
ballot box shall remain unopened in the custody
of the Secretary till the following day, when the
same shall be opened at i p.m. and the result
declared   in  the   same  manner  as   if   the  proper  17
number of Committeemen or members had been
present at the closing of the ballot the previous
day. If there are not three members present
(one being a Committeeman) on the following
day, then the whole of that ballot shall be void
as if it had never taken place. If any candidate
has less than 21 votes in all, the ballot shall-(but
as to such candidate only) be null. One black
ball in seven shall exclude. The result, election or
non-election, shall be immediately declared, but
no other particulars, except in case of a deficiency
of the total number of votes. No unsuccessful
candidate shall be again proposed until a lapse of
three calendar months, unless such candidate was
not elected on account of a deficiency of the total
number of votes, in which case he may be again
. proposed for election at the next ballot. A candidate twice unsuccessful shall not be proposed
for a third time until twelve months from the last
occasion. ||||
The minutiae of the mode of balloting shall
be at the discretion of the Committee.
The Committee may, in their discretion, by Re-election of
unanimous vote submit for re-election by ballot ex-memDer'
without entrance fee the name of any ex-member
who, while in good standing, for adequate and
sufficient reasons, may have resigned from membership, or of any ex-member who may have
been suspended under Section XXXII., provided ■ 18
that the name of such ex-member shall be submitted for ballot under all the conditions named
in Section XXV. of the Constitution, except as
regards the form of nomination, which  shall be
as follows:
The Committee unanimously recommend for
Mr ,   of    ,   the       day   of
lf~ | 191	
By order,
If re-elected, such member shall pay the sum
of $25.00 unless he shall have been suspended under Section XXXII., in which case he shall pay
a sum equivalent to the subscription of a resident
member, or if non-resident, throughout the time
computed from the day of his suspension to that
of his re-election, the subscription of a non-resident member, or, if absent throughout that time,
the subscription of an absent member.
The Committee may place on a temporary list Honorary
of honorary subscribers any officer of the Navy
of any recognized state whilst on duty on this
station, upon payment in advance of 5.00 per
quarter, payable on 1st January, 1st April, 1st
July and 1st October, and any officer of the Regular Army of any recognized state, or the permanent corps of Canada, whilst on dut^/ on this station, upon payment in advance of $10.00 per quarter, payable n 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and
1st October. dltt  19
Dockyard and naval officers so placed upon
the list of honorary subscribers will,, while employed upon permanent shore duty, be required to
pay the same subscriptions as an army officer.
Honorary subscribers may be continued on the
list from year to year.
The Committee shall have power of admitting Temporary
by ballot any person not being a resident within subscribers,
one hundred miles of the Clubhouse, who has been
duly proposed and seconded by two members of
the Club, and whose name shall have been placed
on the blackboard for at least three days previous
to his election, as a temporary subscriber for a
period of a month, and for such further period as
the Committee may see fit, at the rate of $5.00 per
month, for the first month, and $10.00 for each
subsequent month, payable in advance.        §§81
No person shall be eligible to be elected as a
temporary subscriber under this section for a
longer period than five calendar months.
Every privileged person or temporary sub- Privileges
scriber or visitor shall be entitled during the
period he continues as such, to all the privileges
and advantages of the Club, except voting, holding office, or introducing strangers. An honorary
subscriber shall be entitled during the period he
continues as such to all the privileges and advantages of the Club, except voting and holding » 20
office; and subject also to such restrictions, if
any, as the Committee may for the time being
impose, and shall be subject to all and the same
penalties as are for the time being imposed upon
members either by bye-laws or otherwise.
V      '-   ' - ~"r xxx-      "   /      " •■ -     '.' ' ■
The entrance feet for all resident and non- Entrance fee.
resident members shall be $100.00, payable on
election; when the number of resident members
shall reach 400, the entrance feet shall be $150.00;-
when the number of resident members shall reach
500, the entrance fee shall be $250.00; any nonresident member desiring to become a resident
member shall pay as an additional fee an amount
equal to the difference between the aniount he
paid on entrance and the amount he would have
had to pay if he had joined as a resident member
on the date when he originally joined.
The quarterly subscriptions shall be $12.50 for
resident members and $4-50 for non-resident members.   The subscriptions of members shall be paid Subscriptions
1    , r 1 u    payable m
quarterly in advance? and those of honorary sub- advance.
scribers as provided by Section XXVIII. Every
entrance fee and every subscription shall be
deemed a debt due by the members or subscribers
to the Club, and may be sued for by the Committee or the Secretary.  21
Members   claiming   a   rebate   on   their   sub- Rebate of
JSr   . , 111 subscription,
jcnptions   on   account   of   contemplated   absence
from the Province for one year, or becoming nonresidents for one month or longer, shall not be
entitled to the same unless their ordinary subscriptions have been paid in advance.
Any member or subscriber who. except as Posting
aforesaid, shall be for one calendar month in ar-
rear of any payment whatever due to the Club,
may be posted as indebted to the Club, and after
notice and a default of two calendar months further, then at the expiration of such two months,
such member shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Club, and he shall thereupon lose all
the privileges of a member, and shall not be entitled to be admitted upon the premises unless restored as hereinafter mentioned. Any member or
subscriber having been duly posted under the provisions of this section and having thereafter been
restored to the full privileges of membership shall
be debarred from incurring any further indebtedness to the Club without the consent of the Committee; provided, however, that with respect to
the I. O. U.'s of members or subscribers, the same
shall be redeemed and paid on or before the ioth
day of the month immediately following the
month in which the same were given, and in
default of such payment the right to post under  22
this section shall be enforceable with the aforesaid consequences, without the requirement that
there be any further or other default; and provided also, that the Committee may at, their discretion, order a member or subscriber to be
posted forthwith who issues a cheque to the Club .
; which, upon presentation,- is not duly honored.
When any member or subscriber becomes
liable to be posted for any sum whatever, it shall
be the duty of the Committee to post him for all
moneys then owing by him to the Club.
Any member posted as being indebted to the Defaulters
cannot jntro-
Club shall not be entitled to propose or second, or duce strangers
or incur"
to continue as the proposer or seconder, of any '   11   '      '   '
candidate, nor to introduce any stranger, under
Sections XXVIII. and XXXIV., nor to incur any
further liability to the Club other than subscriptions.
'- '    ' XXXIV. \ - -.. \  l
Any member may introduce without any bal- Conditions of
lot or payment, any stranger as visitor not being
a resident of the Province, for any number of
days not exceeding twenty-one in the year, or
one who is a member of the Vancouver Club for
not exceeding fourteen days in the year, and any
other  stranger  as visitor  if  resident  more  than  23
thirty miles from Victoria, for any number of
days not exceeding seven in the year. A register
of the number of days for which a visitor is introduced shall be kept by the Secretary of the Club,
and the introduced member shall be notified accordingly. He may also invite any non-member Conditions of
to luncheon or dinner, or both, on one day in each Quests?01118
week, such day to be declared by the Committee,
and known as Guest Day, the guest to have the
■privileges of the use of the Club premises. All
expenses incurred by the guest to be defrayed by
the introducer. Guests' names, with the introducers, to be inserted in a book to be kept for that
purpose; provided, however, that no person shall
be entitled to any of the privileges hereinbefore
set forth, if he shall have been at any time an
unsuccessful candidate for election to member- '
In case the conduct of any member either in Expulsion of
or out of the Clubhouse shall, in the opinion of memD€rs-
the Committee, be injurious to the character or
interests of the Club, the Committee are empowered to recommend such member to resign; provided that no such recommendation shall be sent
to any member unless the same shall have been
agreed to by two-thirds of the members of the
•whole Committee, at a meeting of the Committee  24
summoned for that purpose. And if such member does not resign within the space of one calendar month from the notification of such recommendation of the Committee, it shall be the duty
of the Committee to expel him; provided, also,"
that if the committee present at such meeting are
unanimously of opinion that the offence of such
member is of so grave a character as in the interest of the Club to warrant his immediate expulsion, the Committee at such meting are hereby
empowered to expel him from the Club. All expulsions, either under this Section or Section
XXXII., shall be final, unless twenty members of
?Jtie  Club shall, within  twenty-one  days,  demand Reinstating
an extraordinarv general meeting to take the con- expelled
"   ,. . ... members.
duct of the offending member into consideration,
and immediately on the close of such meeting a
ballot for the restoration of the expelled member
shall take place and be kept open for two hours.
One black ball in seven shall exclude.
No sectarian or political discussion or demon- No political
stration shall be permitted in the Club.
No member of the Club while  serving as  a No c       -tt
Committeeman   shall   be   directly   concerned   in man to be
■ «   *£       II a1      r*-,  i interested in
supplying stores to the Club. Club supplies.  25
|r . xxxviii.pv    \   *  ■'' ■
An  Auditor  shall be  annually  appointed  by Appointment
|0he Committee, but shall not be a member of the °»Auditor.
Committee, and his duties and remuneration shall
be settled by the Committee.  BYE-LAWS
i.    The Club shall be open every day except Hours of
Sunday  until   1.30  a.m.,  closing  on   that  day  at closinsclub.
12 midnight.
2. No games shall be allowed in the Club on Consent of
Sunday, except with the consent of the Commit- playing games,
tee.    No games of cards shall be permitted in the
'Club, except such as are authorized and approved
by the Committee, who are also to have power to
ffix the limits of all stakes af any game played in
the Club. In the public card rooms the limit of
stakes shall be as follows: Whist, 25 cents points,
and $i.op on the rubber; Poker, $5.00 limit; Ecarte,
$5.00 on the rubber.
3. No letter or communication for any news- Club address
paper shall be dated from the Club, nor. shall the for^y advert
address of the Club be used for any advertisement, tisement.
4. No notice or advertisement shall be posted Nonoticestobe
up or published in the Club, except such as are Sction^f10^
countersigned  by   the   Secretary   and   sanctioned Committee.
by the Committee. ||||
5. No member is to chide or in any way find Chiding
fault with a  servant, but  shall,  if he  thinks  fit,. servan*s.
report him to the Committee, who shall deal with
the case and announce the result.  27
6. No member shall give any gratuity what- No gratuities
I ,      aiai •  I    r to servants,
soever to any servant.     Ihe receipt of any gra-
* tuity shall render the servant liable to immediate
dismissal  without  notice  and  with  forfeiture   of
any wages then due.
7. Any   member   breaking   or   injuring   any Breaking or
article shall replace or pay the cost thereof to the articles.
8. No  member  shall  under any  pretext  re- Removal of
move from the Club premises any book, paper, or Club*
other   article  belonging   to   the   Club,   except   in
accordance with the House Rules which the Committee  are  hereby authorized  to make  for  such
purpose if they shall think fit.
9.    No one but a member, subscriber or visi- Penalty for
tor   within   Sections   XVIII,   XXVII,   XXVIII atouttmgly
and XXXIV,  shall, on any pretext, be admitted strangers,
into the Clubrooms or supplied with any refresh-,
ments,  or  allowed  to  use  or  enjoy  any  of   the
privileges of the Club.    If any member shall procure  the  admission  of any stranger  contrary to
the above rule, the steward or other servants are
strictly  ordered   to   draw   the   attention   of   such
member to this rule, and to report the same forthwith to the Secretary or to one of the Committee
Should a member infringe this rule a second time.
he shall, in the discretion of the Committee, be
liable to expulsion from the Club.  28
10.    No member being in arrear of any pay- Member
ment to the Club shall be allowed to retire from fjrears resigning member-
membership  without  the   sanction   of  the   Com- ship.
ii.    No member shall be allowed to incur a Liability not to
lilability exceeding the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) exceed $50,
without the consent of the Committee.
12. Saturday in each week shall be known as Guest day.
Guest Day, referred to in Section XXXIV.,  except during the week when "Empire Day" occurs,
when   that   day,   instead   of   Saturday,   shall   be
Guest Day.
13. The   introducer   of   any  visitor,   and  the Introducers
, , r «     liable for debts
proposer and seconder of  every temporary sub- of guests or
scriber, shall be liable for any debts he may incur subscribers
to  the  Club,  and  may  be  sued  therefor  in  like
manner as for his own subscription.
14. An alphabetical list of reference contain- Reference list
.,... 11111 ••       of visitors.
ing the names of all visitors shall be kept, giving
date and number of days they have been permitted
to use the Club.
15.    All communications are to be addressed Communica-
J tions.
to the Secretary. mm®  29
16. The hours of the Secretary shall be from Secretary's
9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and he shall not absent him- officebours.
self from his office between the hours of  1  p.m.
and 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., Saturdays excepted, without obtaining leave from tAvo members
of the Committee.
17. The duties of the  Secretary shall be  as Duties of
follows: He shall have charge of the building and
all the properties of the Club; he shall keep the
books of the Club, giving receipts for all moneys
received, and paying all accounts that are authorized to be paid by the Finance Committee. He
shall have control and superintendence of the
servants of the Club, with power to engage and
Hfscharge the same, and shall exercise a general
supervision, with a view to promoting the best
interests of the  Club.
18. The Secretary shall prepare and lay before the Committee a monthly trial balance sheet
and quarterly an inventory of the stores on hand.
19. At each meeting of the General Committee the Chairman may, after the routine business
finished, appoint one of the members present to
act as Secretary, and such Secretary shall, at the
termination of the meeting, have the proceedings
of the Committee entered upon the minutes. A
notice of all General Committee meetings shall be
posted on  the notice.board.
Monthly trial
balance and
Secretary to
the Committee.
Notice of general committee
meetings.  HOUSE RULES
i. No dogs shall be admited to any part of
the premises. *
2. No liquors or refreshments or any description are to be served to members in the Reading
Room, and no refreshments other than liquors,
tea or coffee, are to be served in the Billiard
Room. Smoking requirements may be served in
any part of the Club, except as provided for in
Rule 3.
3. No smoking allowed in the Dining Room
until 1.30 p.m. and at dinner until 7.30 p.m.
4. Strangers calling to see members must
be shown into the Strangers' Room, and the hall
porter must then see if the gentleman required
be in the Club and notify him accordingly.
5. No servant of the Club shall enter the
building by the front- entrance or make use of the
main staircase.
6. Members using the card rooms after 1.30
a.m shall pay to the Club for each room used the
sum of $5.00 for each hour or portion of an hour
thereafter up to 2.30 a.m., and after 2.30 a.m. the
sum of $5.00 per player per hour or portion of an
hour thereof, and each member so using the same
No dogs
Restricting the
serving liquors
and refreshments.
Smoking in-
Strangers to be
shown into
Servants not to
use front
entrance, etc.
Using card
rooms after
closing time.  31
shall be personally liable for such charge. The
•time to be taken from the clock placed in the
.Hall.    No new games of cards shall be made up
and started after 12.30 a.m.
7. Members   using   the  billiard   tables   after Ffj1ng^iard
12.45   a.m.   and   continuing  after   1.30  a.m.   shall closing time,
pay to the Club for each table used the sum of      fi|||
$5.00 for each hour or portion of an hour thereafter, an deach member so using the same shall
be personally, liable for such  charge.    The  time
to be taken from the clock placed in the Hall.
8. Bedrooms  may be  rented  to  Visitors  or Bedrooms.
Temporary Subscribers when there are more than
two vacant bedrooms. /
9. Any member cutting the bililard cloth or Cutting billiard
j'spilling liquid thereon will be fined $5.00, and no
member shall place a glass or cup on any part of
a billiard table.
10. Cheques   of    members    only    shall    be Cheques,
cashed by the Club.  PRIVILEGED  MEMBERS
His Grace The Duke of Argyll
Viscount Milner
31st July, 1911
Original Members denoted by an Asterisk
Date of
Election Name Address
1886   Abbott,   H Vancouver.
Hjttl   Abbott, J.  Li.  G Vancouver.
1897 Addington,     Major,     Hon.
H.   M Duncan.
1909 Agur,   R.  H  Summerland.
1907 Ainslie,  Gilbert H South  Pender  Island.
1898 Alexander,  G :    Kaslo.
&910 Alexander,  H.   B Calgary.
1-1907 Alexander,  Lorenzo    Victoria.
1882   Alexander,   R.   H Vancouver.
1910 von Alvensleben,  A Vancouver.
1910 von  Alvensleben,   J London,   England.
=1903 Ambery,   J.  W.    Victoria.
1882 Anderson,  J.   R Victoria.
1891 Anderson,   J. . W.    V'innipeg.
1905 Angus,   Forrest    Victoria.
$904 Angus,  Richard    Victoria.
1909 Appleton,   Col.   H Victoria.
1910 Arbuthnot,   J Victoria.
1911 Arbuckle,  J.  P Victoria.
1907 Astley,   J.   W Toronto.
•1906   Audain.  Major G.  M V ictoria.  Rt>
■ Date of
Election Name Address
1902 Babeock, J.  P San  Francisco,  Oal.
1910 Barclay,   G.   N Ashcroft.
1902 Barker,  A.  Hamilton    Colchester, England.
1892 Barkley,   R.   E Westholme.
1911 Barnacle,  J.   C Victoria.
1879 *Barnard, F.  S Victoria.
1889 Barnard,   G.  H Victoria.
1904 Barrow, A. R. M Prince Rupert.
1906 Barton, A.   S Victoria.
1911 Beaie,   Major  W Victoria.
1910 Beasley, H.  E Victoria.
1903 Bellinger,   H.   C Cobar,  N.  S.  W.
1903 Bell Irving,  Dr.  D Vancouver.
1908 Bevan,   G.   J.   T Vancouver.
1910 Bevan,  R. J. J Vanc6uver.
1907 BfBinghurst,   E.   E Victoria.
1907 Billings, J. F ..Sydney,  B.  C.
1908 Blacklock,   C    A Haileybury,  Ontario.
1903 Bloomfield,   E. Vancouver.
1884 Bodwell,   E.   V Victoria.
1907 Booth,   Godfrey    Victoria.
J.896 Boscowitz,   J ...Victoria.
1896 Boscowitz, D Vancouver.
1911 Bonnell. Dr. S Fernie.
1900 Boulton,. T.   C.   . j Victoria.
1903 Bowser, Hoa. W.  J Vancouver.
1907 Boyd, Dr.  C   A Cariboo.
1905 Boyd,   John    Vancouver.
1895 Boyd, M. M Bobcaygeon,   Ontario.
1904 Bridgman,   A.   J.   WeaverVietorla.
1906 Bromley,  H.  A Victoria.
1911 Brown,   C.   R     Victoria.
1909 Bryant,   J.  W Victoria.
1898 Bullen,  H.  F Victoria.
1909 Bullen, D.  B.  F Victoria.
1898 Bullen.  W.  Fitzherbert   ..Victoria.
1903 Bullock,  H.  W.    Salt  Spring Island.
1908 Bulwer,  H.  A Victoria.
1911 Bundock,  W.   W. ' Duncan.
1893 Burchell,   H. v Thetis Island.
1907 Burdick,   A.   C Victoria.
1880 Burns* Gavin H.    Victoria.
1905 Burns,   John    Vancouver.
1884 Busk,  C. W Kokanee Creek.
1904 Butchart.  R.  P.    Victoria.
1906 Buttar,  W.   S.   ..." Vancouver.  |
1910 Byng-Hall,   B .Victoria.
1911 Biggar,  C. A Ottawa.  34
Date of
Election Name Address
1900 Carew Gibson,  E.  A Vancouver.
1904 Campbell,   D.   E Victoria.
1907 Cane,   M Victoria.
1910 Carmichael,   H Victoria.
1905 Carter, H.  F Croftoji.
1906 Carter Cotton, F Vancouver.
1909 Cartwright,   W.   H Salt  Spring
1910 Cartwright, C. E Vancouver.
1910 Christie, A. E Victoria.
1895 Cassidy,  R Vancouver.
1009 Clark, J.  S  Victoria.
1910 Clazy,  G.  R Vancouver.
1899 Clifford,  C.  W. D Victoria.
1904 Cobbett, Dr. C. N Edmonton.
1911 Coles,   A Victoria.
1905 Colley, E.  P Victoria.
1907 Cornwall, F. Temple   Kamloops.
1911 Corsan, Dr. D Fernie.
1910 Coulson,  W.  L Victoria.
1896 Courtney, G  L Victoria.
1902 Cowan, G. H  Vancouver.
1905 Coyle, E. J Vancouver.
1910 Crawford,  F.   L Victoria.
1905 Crease, A. D Victoria.
1891 Crease,  Lindley    Victoria.
1902 Criddle,  P Victoria.
1883 Croft,   H Vancouver.
1906 Cross,   C.   T Victoria.
1892 Cuppage,  Granville V.   ... Victoria.
1908 Cuppage,  L.  V Victoria,
1895 Davidge, F. C Toronto.
1907 Dawson,   G.   H. Victoria.
1909 Davie,  C.  F Victoria.
1900 Davis,  E.  P Vancouver.
1905 Dennis, J.  S Calgary.
1910 Davidson,  J.  L Victoria.
1909 de Pass, F.  C Edmonton.
1904 Devereux,  F.  A Victoria.
1880 Dewdney, Hon.  E Victoria.
1909 Dewdney, E.  E.  L Rossland.
1902 Dickie, C. H. Is Duncan.
1895 Doig, D Victoria.
1907 Donald,   J.  C Vancouver.
1906 Dougall, F. Maitland ..... Koksilah.  35
Date of
Election Name Address
1905 Dougall, J. St. L. MaitlandDuncan.
1909 Doyle,   H.   , New Westminster.
1899 Drake, B. H. Tyrwhitt ...Victoria.
1910 Drewry, W.  S Victoria.
1911 Du Cane, C. G -, Vancouver.
1897 Duff,   Hon.   Mr.   Justice   .Ottawa,
1905   Dundas, Major T. G Shawnigan Lake.
1889   Dunsmuir,  James    Victoria.
1879 *Dupont, Major C. T Victoria.
1879 *Eberts, Hon. D. M Victoria.
1S05   Elliot,  John    Vancouver.
1910   Eliot, V. A. G Victoria.
1905   Ellis, Thomas. Victoria.
1905   Ellison, Hon. 'Price    Vernon.
1*;00 Fagan, Dr. C. J.
1900 Farrell,   W	
1907 Fell,   J.   P	
1908 Fell'  Thornton*.
1907 Fletcher,  E.  H.
1899 Flumerfelt,  A.   C
1905 Forbes, Donald G
1908 Ford, Arthur J.
1906 Fordham,  J.  G.
1911 Foster, W. W.
1907 Foulkes, Capt. J.
1907 Fowler, S. S.  ..
1910 Fraser, Dr. R. L
1902 Fulton, F. J.   ...
1905 Furlonger, R.  C.
.. Victoria.
. .Vancouver.
. .Vancouver.
. .Victoria.
. .Victoria.
. Victoria.
. .Victoria.
. .Victoria,
.. Vancouver.
. Victoria.
. .Victoria.
. .Nelson.
.. Victoria.
. .Kamloops.
. .England.
1906 Gaine, H. J Vancouver.
1884 Galbraith, R.  L.  T Fort Steele.
1891 Galletly, A. J. C .Victoria.
1910 Galliher, Hon. Mr.  Justice Victoria.
1883 Gamble, F. C Victoria.
1900 Gamble, C. W Vancouver.
1904 Garden,  J.  F.    Vancouver.
1906 Garnett,  L.  O Cobble Hill.
1904 Genge, L. A Victoria.
1902 Glbb, J. S Victoria.
1899 Gibson, Capt. J. S Seattle.  36
Date of
Election Name Address
1910 Gibson,  R.   W.    Victoria.
1909 Gillespie,   A Victoria.
1911 Gillespie, D.  L Victoria.
1899 Gillespie, G Victoria.
1907 Gillespie, J. H Victoria.
1882 Goepel, W. J Nelson.
Ib03 Gore, A. S Victoria.
1904 Gore, T. S Victoria.
1911 Gore Langton, Hon. E. A.Victoria.
1902 Goward, A. T."   Victoria.
1S11 Grosvenor, Hon. F. E Vancouver.
1911 Graham,  J.   Graham    Campbell River,
1891 Grahame, H. M Victoria.
1902 Grahame,  J.  Ogden   Victoria.
1879 *Gray, J. H Victoria. '
1909 Green, J. B Victoria.
1903 Green, R.  F. Victoria.
1910 Greenwood,   R Victoria.
1905 Greer, B. W V ancouver.
1901 Gregory, Hon. Mr. Justice. Victoria.
1S06 Griffin, W. Martin   ..Vancouver. I
1910 Griffith, H.  S Victoria.
1910 Griffith, J.  E Victoria.
1901 Griffiths, A.  F Victoria.
1911 Hadwen, G. H Duncan.
1906 Hall, Charles  Mayne Island.
1903 Hall, Lt.-Col. J. A Victoria.
1906 Hall, R Victoria.
1906 Hall, R Mayne Island.
1892 Hall,  R.  H Prince Albert.-     g§§
1906 Hall, R  S Njoro, B. E. Africa.
1909 Halse,  G. H Vancouver.
1900 Hamfield.  Alexander   Duluth.
1904 Hardie,  Norman   . Victoria.
1911 Harding-Finlayson, J.  ... Duncan.
'1908 Harper,  Dr.  J Victoria.
1879 *Harris,  D.  R Victoria.
1879 *Harrison,   Eli    Victoria.
1911 Hart, Maj. E. O, P.A.M.C.Victoria. :
1907 Harvey, J. A Vancouver.
1.911 Harvey, R.  V Victoria.
1901 Hay ward, W. H Duncan.
1901 Heisterman,  B.   S Victoria,^
1904 Helliwell,  J.  F .Vancouver.
1884 Helmcken, H. D .Victoria.
18J1 Henderson.  G.  A.    Vernon.  37
Date of
Election Name Address
1890   Hendry,  John    Vancouver.
1905 Heneage, Maj. Hon.  E. A.Thetis Island.
1906 Rerchmer, Col. L Vancouver.
1910 Higgs,, L. L. S South Pender Island.
1898   Hills, H. M. Victoria.
1911 Hincks,   R.  N Victoria.
1904 Hirsch,   John     Duncan.
1911 Hoard,  C Victoria.
1901 Hobson,  John Bullion.
1894 Holden, Dr. D. B Victoria.
1911 Holford,   G Kamloops.
1886 Holland,  C. A Victoria.
1910 Holt, T. G "....Vancouver.
1905 Hopp,   John      Seattle.
1911 Horton,   Hoult    Victoria.
1903   Houlgate,  R.  Ker    Vancouver.
1903    Hunter, Hon. Chief Justice Victoria.
1879 *Hunter, J Victoria.
1907 Hunter,  W Silverton.
1910 Holmes, Lt.-Col. W. J. H. .Victoria.
1911 Hughes,  G.   B Victoria.
1911 Hutton, Major E. *E Summerland.
1911 Humphrys, N.   Vancouver.
1905   Innes, A. S Victoria.
1905   Irvine, D. R Victoria.
1897 *Irving,  Capt.  John    Victoria.
1892   Irving, Hon. Mr. Justice.. Victoria.
1910 Jackson,  M.  B Victoria. |   .
1911 James, D. V. Trewartha  .Victoria.
1908 James, W. H. Trewartha .Victoria.
1899 Johnson,  C.  Gardiner   Vancouver.
1911 Johnson,  C.  W Somenos.
1911 Johnson, J.  B Vancouver.
1J06   Johnson, R. Byron  Okanagan Landing.
1905   Johnston, G.  C Victoria.
1904   Jones, Dr. O. M Victoria.
1879 *Jones, Lt.-Col. A. W Victoria.
1907   Jones, F. W Victoria.  38
Date of
Election Name Address
1884 Keefer, G. A New Westminster.
1892 Ker, D. R Victoria.
1903 Ker, R. J Vancouver.
1905 Kinnell, T. F. E Vancouver.
1892 Kirk,  G.  A Victoria.
1910 Kirkbride, W. H. C Victoria.
1910 Knobell,  H.   E Port Arthur.
1911 Lampman, Judge P Victoria.
1905 Lane,   Arthur     Duncan.
1883 Langley,  Walter    Vancouver.
1900 Langley, W. H. Victoria.
1911 Lamb, C. M .Victoria.
1910 Landry,   P.   A Victoria.
1903 Lawson, J. H., Jr Vancouver.
1904 Lawson,  W.  A.   '. Vancouver.
1910 Layard,   Lt.-Col Salt Spring Island.
1910 Leach, R. H Britannia   Beach.
1908 Leeder, Dr. F.  B Victoria.
1907 Le Maistre, W. de V Victoria.
1907 Lendrum, T. J Los Angeles.
1905 Lennie, R. S.  Vancouver.
1903 Leverson,  E Vancouver.
1911 Lewis, D.  O Victoria.
1905 Lindsay, J. A Victoria.
1904 Little, Clifford Lake  District.
1891 Loewen, C. J Vancouver.
1910 Lo'ngstaff, G. C Beaver Point.
1889 Lowenberg,   C Victoria.
1889 Luxton, A. P.    Victoria.
1910 Macdconald,    Hon
1911 Macdonald, C. M.
1911 Macdonald, G. E
1905 Mackay, N. F.
1906 Mackintosh, C
1910 Maclebd, G. R. ...
-1M0 "Maclean, H. A.   .
,1H>1 Maclure, J. C.  ...
1903 Maclure,   S	
1901 Macneill,  C.  B.   .
1908 Mackenzie,  A.  B.
1905 Macrae, J. E. ..  .
. .Victoria.
. .Victoria.
. .Vancouver.
. .Victoria.
. .Winnipeg.
..Cobble  Hill.
. .Victoria.
. Vancouver.
. .Victoria.
.. Vancouver.
. .Rossland.
.. Vancouver.  39
Date of M
Election Name Address
11-00 McBride, Hon.  R    ^Victoria,
1910 McCaffrey,  T Vancouver.
1911 McDiamid, F. A Victoria.
1910 McDonnell, Hon. A Bassano.
1910 McEvoy,  A Vancouver.
1885 McFarland, J. W Vancouver.
1903 McGregor, J. H Victoria,
1907 McGuire, Dr. G. A Vancouver.
1910 McKenzie    Sir William   . .Toronto.
1900 Mclver Campbell, Mel.  ..  Vancouver.
1903 McKay, E. B Victoria.
1908 McMullen, J. E Vancouver.
1902 McNeill, A. H Vancouver.
1909 McNieholl, G. A Vancouver.
1892 McPhillips, Hon. A. E.  .. Victoria.
1908 McVittie,  A.  W ..Victoria.
1905 Maher, W. L .< .Victoria.
1891 Mahon, E Vancouver.
1909 Mann, Sir Donald   Toronto.
1879 *Mara,   J.   A.   .• Victoria.
1911 Marpole,   C.  M.    Vancouver.   |
1897 Marpole,  R Vancouver.
1908 Marshall, D.  G Vancouver.
1909 Marshall, F. J Victoria.
1907 Martin, H Victoria.
1889 Martin, John   Alnwick, N. B.
1907 Martin, S Seattle.
1905 Mathews, E. J Victoria.
1901 Matson, J. S. H Victoria.
1909 Matterson,  J.  S Victoria.
1911 Mayhew,  F.   H Victoria.
1905 Mess, B.  C Campbell  Creek.
1906 Middleton, M. F Grand Forks.
1910 Miller,   E Montreal.
1899 Miller, J.  M Victoria.
1906 Mitchell,  J.  A Victoria.
1910 Mitchell Innes, A. C Victoria.
1880 Mohun,   E Victoria.
1897 Monteith, A. T Victoria.
1906 Monteith,   W Victoria.
1907 Montgomery, R. E Quatsino.
1905 Moore,  F Victoria.
1910 Moore, H. W. R Victoria.
1910 Morris, J. W    .Victoria.
1901 Morris, H. H Victoria.
1905 Morrison, Hon. Mr. Justice Vancouver.
1897 Munn, D. J Montreal.
1904 Musgrave, E.  C.   ..jjSU Victoria.
1906 Musgrave,   J Victoria.
1891 Musrave, Sir R Ireland.
1911 Musgrave, R Victoria  40
Date of
Election Name Address
1909 Nelson, Dr. H. R Victoria.
1906 Newman,  R.  L Victoria.
1890 Newton, H.  E   Victoria.
1911 Nicnolson,   F.   W Vancouver
1905 O'Farrell, H. P.
1910 Oldham,   P.    ...
1895 Oliver, W. E.
1901 Oliver, W. T.  ..
1906 O'Reilly,  A.  J.
1897 O'Reilly, F. J.   .
1911 Oxlade,  C. H.   .
. Victoria.
. Victoria.
.New York.
. Victoria.
. Victoria.
. Victoria.
1910 Page, H. R Victoria.
1894 Palmer, Capt. E Charlottetown,  P. E. I.
1889 Palmer, E. J Chemainus.
1907 Palmer, R M.   Kamloops.
1907 Parson, H.  G   Golden.
1911 Paterson,  H Victoria.
1910 Patterson, His Hon. T. W.Victoria.
1895 Payne, H. D Saturna Island.
1905 Payne,  Rev.  H.   St.   J.   .. .Saturna Island.
1896 Payne, G. F.    Saturna Island.
1911 Pearce, H Victoria.
1890 Pemberton, F. B Victoria.
1895 Pemberton, J. D Victoria.
1909 Pemberton, W. P. D Victoria.
1901 Peters,  F.  W Winnipeg.
1910 Peters,   Col.  J Victoria.
1911 Phelps, E. A.  ... m Grand Rapids.
1885 Pike,  W.  M Victoria.
1904 Pitts, S.  J.    Victoria.
1910 Plummer. A. E Vancouver.
1904 Pollen,   C.   H Cranbrook.
1879 *Pooley, C. E Victoria.
1902 Pooley,  R. 'H Victoria.
1903 Pooley, T. E Egypt.
1909 Potts, A. G. Howard   Victoria.
1889 Prentice, J. D Gang Ranch.
1880 Prior, Lt.-Col. Hon. E. G..Victoria.
1885 Prior, H. K Victoria.
1895 Prior,  C.   J. Victoria.
1911 Proctor. Dr. P Vancouver.
1911 Pugh,  J.  W Vancouver.
1905 Pulley, Lieut. Sam   England.
1911 Punnett, R. B :.Victoria.  41
Date of
Election Name Address
1897 Rattenbury, F. M Victoria.
1911 Rattray, L.  C Victoria
1911 Rea,  A Victoria.
1879 *Redfern, C. E Victoria.
1911 Retallack, J. L.    Kaslo.
1894 Rhodes,  C. W Victoria,
1899 Richardson, G. F South Pender Island.
1906 Ricketts,  E.  R Vancouver.
1902 Rithet, J. A Victoria.
1879 *Rithet, R. P .San Francisco.
1909 Ricardo, W. Crawley Vernon.
1910 Roberts, CM Victoria.
1895 Robertson, A Victoria.
1905 Robertson, A.  I Victoria.
1898 Robertson,  H.   B Victoria.
1903 Robertson, Dr. H. M Victoria.      SMil
1905 Robertson, W. Fleet Victoria.
1903 Rogers,  B.  T Vancouver.
1904 Rogers, D. M Victoria.
1910 Rogers, Col. H. C Victoria.
1909 Rolt,  F.  W. Edmonton.
1880 Roper, W. J.    Victoria.
1907 Ross, Hon. W. R Fernie.
1908 Ross, H. A Victoria.
1908 Rothwell,  Capt.  J Thetis  Island.
1909 Rothwell,  G.  S.    Duncan.
1911 Ruttan, R. A Port Arthur.
1906 Salisbury, W. F Vancouver.
1906 Sampson, W. Curtis Victoria.
1908 Savage, J. M Victoria.
1910 Scanlon, M. J Minneapolis.
W& Scholfleld, E. O. S Victoria.
1903 Scholfleld, K. A. S Victoria.
1906 Schwabe,  V.    l . Cobble Hill.
1901 Scott, H. J.  Victoria.
1«10 Scott, W. E.§ Victoria.
1897 Scovell,  J.  C  Salt Spring Island.
1903 Senkler, J. H Vancouver.
1906 Shallcross, J. J Victoria.
1906 Shallcross,  P.  G Vancouver.
1903 Shaughnessv, Sir Thomas.Montreal.
1909 Slater, T. H.    Victoria.
1910 Sloan, W.    Nanaimo.
1903 Smith, A. E. Victoria.
1894 Smith, A. G Vancouver.
1895 Smith, D. Gregory  England.
1906 SoUy, L. H Victoria.  42
IP s
Date of
Election Name Address
1898 Sperling, R. H Vancouver.
1904 Springett, A. R Victoria.
1895 Stahlsinidt, OB Vancouver.
1906 Stanier, Dr. F. H Cowichan.
1911 Steedman, C. D Strawberry Vale.
1911 Stewart, W. Burton Vancouver.
1905 Stirling, D. T. H Victoria.
1905 Sturdy,   R    Victoria.
1891 Sweeney,   Campbell    Vancouver.
1905 Swinerton. R, H Victoria.
1905 Tait, J. S Vancouver.
1906 Talbot, G. R Victoria.
1907 Taylor, R. F Victoria.
1910 Taylor, Hon. T Victoria.
1887 Taylor, W. J.  Victoria.
1908 Tate, D'Arcy Montreal.
1904 Temple, E Parksville.
1910 Templeton, J. F Victoria.
1910 Thompson, C. Bennett ...Victoria.
1910 Thomas,  C.  E :.  ..Victoria.
1905 Thomson,  H.   B Victoria.
1891 Thynne, A.  G Vancouver.
1900 Todd, A. E Victoria.
1900 Todd, C. F Victoria,
1906 Todd, Dr. J. L Montreal.
1906 Tomkinson, E. P Los Angeles.
1901 Troup, Capt. J. W Victoria.
1906 Tupper,       Hon.      Sir     C.
Hibbert    Vancouver.
1879 *Turner, Hon. J. H.  .....   .London.
1905 Twigg, H. D Victoria.
1908   Veitch, T. D Victoria.
1879   Vowell, A. W Victoria. L , 43
Date of
Election Name Address
1889 Ward, W. A Vancouver.
1879 *Ward, W. C England.
1910 Wasson, Dr. H. J Victoria,
1907 Water house, A. E Alberni.
1910 Watson, H. H Vancouver.
1911 Watson, W. J „I,adysmith.
1895 Watt, Dr. A. T William Head.
1905 Webster, G. H Vancouver.
1901 Wells, W. C. Nelson.
1905 Wheatcroft, I. H Kentucky.
1911 White,   T  Vancouver.
1905 Whiting,  C.  S Victoria.
1911 Whittome, J. H Duncan.
1904 Whyte, Sir William  Winnipeg.
1910 Williams, A. Bryan    Vancouver.
1885 Wilmot, B. A Vancouver.
1883 Wilson,  Charles    Vancouver.
1911 Wilson,   Biggerstaff    Victoria.
1911 Wilson, J. E Victoria.
1905 Wilson, J. E Victoria.
1905 Wilson, H.  G Victoria.
1889 Wilson, Major John  Victoria.
1889 Wilson, Major W. Ridgway Victoria.
1905 Winch, R. V  I V ancouver.
1898 Wolley, Clive Phillips Corfield.
1903 Woods, J. G    Vancouver.
1895 Wooldridge,   T.  E Victoria.
1907 Wulffsohn, J Victoria.
1911 Wolfenden, A. R :. Victoria.
1911 Wright, G. L Victoria.
1911 Wright, A. Victoria.
1904   Young, Hon. H. E.
. Victoria.     


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