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Gill's dictionary of the Chinook jargon with examples of use in conversation Gill, John Kaye 1902

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Chinook Jargon
English-Chinook and Chinook-English
Revised. Enlarged and Corrected
Portland, Oregon:
We import directly from manufacturers, and can 
We ask the patronage of, and offer -special advantages to, Dealers In Stationery, etc., throughout the Northwest.
Cor. Third and Alder Streets,
Portland,   Oregon. GILL'S DICTIONARY OF THE 
Published by The J. K. Gill Co., 
Booksellers and Stationers.
 1902. Entered according to Act of Congress, in year 1891,
in the
office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.
The first attempt at publication of a vocabulary
of the trappers' and traders' Indian Jargon in use
among the coast and interior tribes of the Northwest, was made by John Jew«Vct, a sailor who was
captured from the English ship Boston, which was
surprised by Indians at Nootka Sound, her captain
and crew murdered—the s&iloj. who issued his adventures under the title. 'The Captive in Nootka,"
being the only survivor.
Jewett naer no means of writing while among
the Indians, and the eighty or more words he records were writTer. from memory, presumably, 5 to
10 years after his escape, WUIch occurred in 1805,
the book referred to being printed in Middletown,
Conn.,  1815.
The British explorers Cook, Meares and Vancouver, record a few words spoken by savages encountered during their voyages in the waters of the
Oregon coast.
These early records prove that the same words,
or derivatives now incorporated in the Chinook Jargon,   retain  their old significance.
Several little books, mostly for trader's use, have
been printed in this jargon. Some were intended
for the special use of missions and missionaries;
some as interesting additions to philology. Among
the men who have written the vocabularies and
best treatises on the Jargon maybe named: George
Gibbs, St. Onge, Tate, Good. Winthrop, Swan, Hale,
and Rev. Dr. Eells. The latter translated into
Chinook a number of hymns, which were published
in Portland, 1889, and are .still extant. A complete
Bibliography of the Chinook was prepared by Mr.
James C. Pilling (1889) and published by the Bureau of Ethnology,  Smithsonian Institution.
The language of the native Indian is seldom
heard. The progressive English is forcing its way
even into the lodges of the most savage tribes, and
many of the original Indian dialects of the coast,
of which Chinook was the most important, have disappeared entirely, with the nations that spoke
Of the ancient language of the Chinooks about
three hundred words are given in the present die- tionary, the remainder being words from other
coast languages; Yakima, Wasco, Nez Perce and
other tongues.
It is a remarkable fact that the Indian tribes,
occupying so small a territory, and compelled to
traffic, travel, make war and carry on such intercourse as their nomadic life required, spoke languages as different as the modern Spanish is from
English. These languages were almost as numerous as the tribes themselves. In the strip of territory from the mouth of the Willamette to the
ocean, at least five different languages were spoken,
the Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Multnomah and other
tribes using among themselves only their own tribal
language; „but in voyages along the rivers or in
hunting parties in the mountains, the Wasco Indian who happened to meet the Clatsop—one from
the mouth of the Columbia and the other from
central Oregon, made himself perfectly understood
in this accommodating jargon, which was in use
from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific as a trading language, and widely along the coast.
With the coming of the white man, making
known to the Indian the weapons, the luxuries and
the vices of civilization, came the need of extending
the Chinook to cover these new conditions. He
could not say "carbine" so the word became "cal-
ipeen." The Canadians called the hand "le main,"
and the Indian came at last to use nearly the 'same
sound. Thus English and French words were
grafted   upon   the   Chinook   jargon.
When our firm purchased Mccormick's Chinook Dictionary there was no uniform method in writing the jargon.
The present vocabulary was entirely revised and corrected by a gentleman familiar with Chinook and
other Indian languages from boyhood, and the publishers, who have sold thousands of previous editions, confidently recommend this little book as the
ne plus ultra of Chinook dictionaries.
Portland, Oregon, Sept. 1, 1902. EXPLANATORY SUGGESTIONS.
Tribes from different regions of country made
slightly different use of the Chinook and varied its
pronunciation slightly.
The phonetic spelling, accents, etc., of this edition give the most generally accepted form of Chinook as used by old pioneers and the Indians themselves.
The examples of conversation given in the appendix will show that the "grammar" of the jargon was very deficient.
The aboriginal pronunciation of the Chinook
can only be thoroughly learned by conversation
with the Indians, whose deep gutturals and long-
drawn vowels are beyond .he power of our alphabet
to represent. Most of their words are unaccented,
the stress of voice falling upon the emphatic word
of a sentence rather than upon particular syllables.
As far as possiole the present edition represents by
accents and marked vowels the exact sounds.
A final, as in wa-wa, klat-a-wa, and similar
words, has usually the. sound of aw. Ah is pronounced either as ah or as o in not, the pronunciation varying slightly among different tribes. E
long and the short sound of I are nearly identical
in Chinook, except fin e or ee, which have the
same value as in English.
O and u are pronounced as in similar English
syllables, except where marked otherwise.
K is the most difficult sound to represent and
pronounce in the Indian vocabulary. The nearest
representation of the sound is in the gh or ch in
the words loch, as used in Scotland, and the German ich. (
A brief use of the Dictionary, with the aid of any
person who has a reasonable knowledge of the jargon, will render any student of the Chinook all
necessary aid to a proper understanding and fluent
use of the language.
In the twelfth edition of this Dictionary we added a small Appendix of necessary words which
had been omitted from the earlier issues. This
Appendix forms a part of the present book. (See
page 61.)
There are no grammatical rules, or next to none,
in the jargon. Por example, "le-doo" means either
finger or fingers, "le-moo-to" a sheep or a number
of sheep.
A shift is made to express the comparison of
adjectives, as: "kloshe," good; "weght kloshe,"
better, or literally more good, "elip kloshe," best.
S«/ English—Ch
Above.    Sah-a-le.
Abdomen.    Yah-wah-tin.
Abscond. Kap-swal-la klat
Absolve.    Mam-ook stoh.
Acom.    Kah-nah-way.
Across.    In-a-ti.
Afraid.    Kwass.
After.    Kim-tah.
Again,    Weght.
Ague.    Cole-sick.
Ah! (Admiration.) Wah!
Ah. (In pain.) A-nah.
Alike.    Kah-kwa.
All.    Kon-a-way.
Almighty, (the).    Sah-a-le
Almost.    Wake si-ah.
Alms. (To give.) Mam-ook
Alone.    Ko-pet ikt,
Always.   Kw6n-e-sum.
Although.    Kegh-t-chie.
American.    Boston man.
Amusement.    He-he.
And.    Pee.
Amass.    Is'-kum.
Angel.    Ta-mah-na-wis,
Angry.    Sol-leks.
Apple.   Le-p6me.
Apron.    Kis-su.
Arithmetic. Mam-ook tzum
Arbutus.    Lahb.
Arrest.    Mam-ook haul.
Arm.    Le-mah.
Arise.    Mit-wit.
Arrive (at.)    Ko.
Arrow.    Stick kli-a-tan.
As if.    Kah-kwa spose.
Ascend.  Klat-a-wa sah-a-le.
Ask.    Wa-wa.
Assistance.    E'-la-han.
At.    K6-pa.
Aunt.    Kwal'h.
Autumn.    T^n-as cole ill-a-
Avaunt.    Klat-a-wa.
Awl.    Shoe-keep-woot
Bad.    Kul-tus.
Bag.    Le-sac.
Ball.   Le-bal.
Bargain.    Mar-kook.
Barrel.    Ta-mo-litsa.
Barley.    La-shey.
Bark.    Stick-skin.
Basin.    Ket-ling.
Basket.    0-p6k-wan. .
Bath.    Mam-ook wash.
Bat. Po-lak-le kul-a-kul-a;
Bench.    P6-lal-le ill-a-he.
Beads.    Ka-mo-svtk.
Bear (black).    Chet-woot,
(grizzly bear), Si-am.
Beat (to).    Kok-shut.
Beaver.    Ee-na. '
Because.    Keh-wa.
Become (to).    Chah-co.
Bed.    Bed.
Before.    E'-lip.
Begone.    Klat-a-wa. '
Behave. Mam-ook kloshe.
Behind.    Kim-ta.
Bell.    Tin-tin.
Below.    Kee-quil-ly.
Belly.    Yah-wah-tin.
Belt.    La-san-j^l.
Berries,    O'lil-lies.
Best.    E-lip kloshe.
Between.    Pat-suk.
Beyond.    Yah-wa.
Big.    Hy-as.
Bird.    Kiil-a-kul-a.
Biscuit.    La-bis-qued
Bit or dime.    Bit.
Bitter.    Klile.
Black.    Klale.
Blackberries. Klik-a-muks.
Blanket.    Pa-se-se.
Blind.    Ha-lo see-ow-ist.
Blood.    Pil-pil.
Blow out.    Mam-ook poh.
Blue (light).    Spo-ah.
Blue (dark).    Klale.
Blunder (to).    Tse^-pee.
Boar.    Man co-sho.
Board.   La-plash.
Boat.    Boat.
Bob-tailed (a bob-tailed
horse.)    Sfs-ki-you.
Boil (to).    Lip-lip.
' Bpld.    Wake kwassi
Bone.   Stone.
Boots.    Stick shoes.
Bore (to).  Mam-ook thal-
Borrow (to).    A-yah-whul.
Boss.    Ty-ee.
Both.    K6n-a-mox.
Bottle.    La-bo-tai.
Bow.    O-pit-kegh.
I Bow (of a boat.) Nose.
Bowl.  . O'os-kan.
Box,    La-ca-s^tt.
Boy,    Ten-as man.. CHINOOK DICTIONARY.
Bracelet. Klik-wal-le.
I Brass. Pil chik-a-min.
I Brave. Skoo-kum tum-tum.
Bread.    Piah sap-po-lil.
Break.    K6k-shut.
Breast.    To-toosh.
Breech-clout. O-poots sill.
Bridle.    La-bleed.
Bright.    Te-wagh.
Brother. Kar-po, if older;
Ow, if younger. (Male
cousin the same.)
Bucket.    Ta-mo-litsh.
Buck.    Man mow-ich.
Buffalo.    Moos-moos.
Bullet. Le-bal or kli-e-tan.
Bundle.    Kow.    .-jllap
Burn. Mam-ook pi-ah.
Bring (to). Mam-ook chah- But.    Pee.
Ten-as chuck.
Brother-in-law.    Ee-keh.
Butter.    To-toosh gleese.
Button.    Chil-chil.
Buy (to).    Mar-kook.
By.   K6-pa.
By-and-by.   Win-a-pie; al
: Cabbage.   Cabbage.
Call (to).    Wa-wa.
Calf.    Ten-as moos-moos.
Calm.    Ha-lo wind.
Candle.    La-shan-del.
Canoe.   Ca-nim.
Cap.    Se-ah-po.
Capsize.    Keel-a-pie.
Car (R. R.)   Pi-ah chick-
Carrot.   Le-cal-let.
Carry (to).   Lo-lo.
Cart.    Chick-chick.
Cascade.   Tum-wa-ter.
Cask.    Ta-m6-litsh.
Cat.   Puss-puss.
Catch.   Is^-kum.
Cattle.   Moos-moos.
Cayote.   T61-a-pus.
Cedar.   Ca-nim stick.
Cellar.    Ket-wil-la.
Certainly.   Nah-wit-ka.
Chain.   Chick-a-min lope.
Chair.    La-shase.
Change (to). Hooe-hooe.
Cheat (to).    La-lah.
Chicken.   La-pool.
Chief.   Ty-ee.
Child.   Ten-as man.
Chilly.   Ten-as cole.
Christmas-day. Hy-as San-
day. f
Chimney. La-shem-ma-na,
Circle.   Que-u-que-u.
Clams,   O'-na.
Clay.    IU-a-he.
Clear (to).   Chah-co klah
Clock.    Hy-as watch.
Cloth (cotton). - Sail.
Clouds.    Smoke.
Coat.    Ca-p6.
Coffee.    Kau'-pa.
Color.    T'zum.
Comb (to).   Mam-ook
Come on.    Hy-ak.
Come (to).    Chah-co.
Command (to).    Wa-wa.
Conceal.   Ip-soot.
Confess (to).    Yi-em.
Ten-as lope.
Cough.    H6h-hoh.
Cougar.    Hy-as puss-puss.
Council.    Mam-ook turn-
Count.   Mam-ook kwun-
Country,    Ill'-a-he.
Cow.    Klooch'-man moos-
Crab-apple.    P8w-ich.
Cranberry.    S6-le-me.
Crazy. Pil-ton.
Cream color.    Le-clem.
Crockery.    Pi-ah lah.
Crooked.    Ky-wa.
Conjuring. Ta-mah-na-wis. Cross (the).    La-clo-a.
Conquer (to).    To-lo. ■
Cook (to). Mam-ook muck
Cool (to).   Mam-ook cole.
Copper,   Pil chick-a-min.
Dagger.   Ul-cut o-pit-sah.
Dance (to).    Tanse.
Dark.    Po-lak-ly.
Day.    Sun.
Daybreak.    Ten-as sun.
Daughter. Ten-as klodch-
Dead.    Mem-a-loose.
Crow.    Caw-caw.
Cry (to).    Cly.
Cure (to). Mam-ook kloshe
Curly.    Hunl-kih.
Cut (to).    Tl'kope.
Deaf.    Ik-poo ikwo-lon.
Dear.    Hy-as mah-kook.
Decrease. Chah-co ten-as.
Deep.    Hy-as kee-quil-ly.
Deer.    Mow-ich.
Deity (the). Sah-a-le ty-ee. .
Delirious.    Hul-oi-me la-
Mam-ook se-pe.   Do (to).    Mam-ook.
■ Deluge.    Pah-tl chuck.
Demand (to).    Skoo-kum
Doctor. Doc-tin; keel-al-ly.
Doe. Klooch-man mow-ich
Dog.    K6w-mux.
Demon (or Devil). Me-sah- Dollar.    Dolla.
che ta-mah-na-wis.
Descend.    Klat-a-wa kee-
Desert (to sneak off.) Kap-
swal-la klat-a-wa.
Desire.    Tik-eh.
Destroy.    Mam-ook ha-lo.
Devil.    De-aub.
Die (to). Chah-co halo.
Diet.    Muck-a-muck.
Dig.    Mam-ook ill'-a-he.
Difficult.    Kull.
Dime.    Ikt bit.
Directly.    Tshi-keh.
Displeasure.    A-nah.
Dive (to).    Klat-a-wa kee-
quil-ly chuck.
Each.    Ko-pet ikt.
Eager.    Hy-as tik'-eh.
Eagle.    Chak-chak.
Ear.    Kwo-lon.
Earn.    Lo-lo.
Earnest.    Skoo-kum mam'
Early.    Ten-as sun.
Earth.    Ill-a-he.
East.    Sun chah-co.
Door.    La pote. •
Down.    Whim.
Down stream.    Mi-mee.
Doze.    Tik-eh moo-sum.
Drawers.    Kee-quil-ly sa*
Drink (to).   Muck-a-muck
Drive (to).    Kish-kish.
Drown (to).    Mem-a-loose
ko-pa chuck.
Drunk.    Pahtl-lnm.
Dry.    Dly.
Duck   (Mallard).    Kweh-
kweh ; hahl-hahl.
Dumb. Wake wa-wa.
Dust.    P6-lal-ly.
Eat (to).   Muck-a-muck.
Ebbtide. Chuck klat-a-wa.
Effeminate.    Kah-kwa
Egg.    Le sep.
Eight.    Sto-te-kin.
Elbow.    Kim-tah la-mah.
Elevate (to).   Mam-ook
Elk.    Mool-lok. -CHINOOK DICTIONARY.
Elope (to).     Kap-swal-la
klooch-man klat-a-wa.
Embark. Klat-a-wa ko-pa
Embrace.    Ba-bay*.
Emigrate.   Klat-a-wa kopa
hul-oi'-me ill-a-he.
Enclosure.    Kul-lah.
End.    O-poots.
Enemies. Me-sah-chie til-la-
English        ) T,.     r.
Englishman | KmS Ge0rSe'
Enough.    Hy-u, or ko-pet.
Enquire.    Tik-eh  kum-tux.
Entrails.    liee-quil-ly ya-
Enumerate. Mam-ook tzum.
Equal.   K6n-a-mox.
Erect.    Mit-wit; di-rate.
Escape. Kloshe klat-a-wa.
Eternal.    Kw6n-e-sum.
Evening.    Ten-as po-lak-ly.
Every.    K6n-a-way.
Everywhere. Kon-a-way kar
Ewe.   Klo6ch-man la-mo6-
Examine.    Nan-ich kum-
Exchange.    Hooe-hooe.
Exert.    Klose mam-ook.
Expel.    Mam-ook marsh.
Expire.    Chah-co ha-lo.
Explain. Pot-latch kum-tux.
Exterminate.    K6n-a-way
Extinguish.     Mam-ook
Extraordinary.   Hy-as   hul»
Eyes.    See-5w-ist.
Face.    See-ow-ist.
Fact. Wake kla-min-a-wit.
Fade (to). Chah-co spo-oh.
Faded.    Spo-oh.
Fall.    Klat-a-wa wlim,
Fallow.    Kull ill-a-he.
False.    See-pe.
Falsehood. Kla-mln-a-wit.
Family.    Ni-ka til-a-kum.-
Famine.     Ha-lo muck-a-
Far.    Si-ah'.
Fast (quick).    Hy-ak.
Fast (tight).    Kwult.
Fasten (to).    Kow.
Fat.    Gleese.
Father.    Pap-pah.
Fathom.    It-Ian.
Fear.    Kwass,
Feast. Hy-iu-muck-a-muck.
Feet.    La pe-a.
Fence.    Kul-lah. CHINOOK DICTIONARY. w
Fell, (as a tree). Mam-ook Flood.    Pah-tl chuck,
whim. Flour.    Sap'-o-lil.
! Female.    Klooch-man.        Flowers.    Kloshe tip-so.
Fetch.    Mam-ook chah-co. Fly (lo).    Ka-wak.
1 Fever.    Waum sick. Fog.    Smoke.
Few.    Ten-as hy-iu. Fold (sheep).    Le-mo6-to
| Field.    Kloshe ill-a-he. house.
I Fight (to).    Mam-ook sol- Folks.    Til-a-kum.
eks. Folly.    Pil-ton mam-ook.
Fight (with fists). Mam-ook Food.    Muck-a-muck.
puk-puk. Fool or Foolish.    Pil-ton.
| Figured (as calico).  T'zum.  Foot.    Le pe-a.'.
i File.    La lim'. Forage.    Ill-a-he tip-so.
I Fill (to).   Mam-ook pah-tl. For ever.    Kw6n-e-sum.
Fin.    Pish le-mah.
For what ?    Pe kar-ta ?
Find (to).    Klap.
Forget (to). Mah-1£ ; ko-pet
Fine.    Kloshe.
Finish.    Ko-pet.
Ford.   Chuck.     Chuck-oie-
Finger.    Le-doo'.
Fire.    Pi-ah; o-lap-it-ski.
Foreigner.   Hul-oi-me til-a-
First.    E'-lip.
Fish.    Pish.
Forenoon. E'lip sit-kum sun
Fish hook.    Ik-kik.
Fork.    La poo-shet.
Five.    Kwin-num.
Former.    An-cut-ty.
Flag.    Hy-as Sunday sail.
Fortnight.    Mox Sunday.
Flea.    So-pen £-na-poo; o
• Found.    Klap.
Flesh. Il-wit-le.    [cho-tub
Fowl.    La pool'.
Flies.    Le moosh.
Fox.    Tal-a-pus.
Flimsy.   Wake skoo-kum.
Frail.    Wake sko6-kum.
Flint.   Kil-it-sut.
Free.    Wake e-li-te.
Float.     Klat-a-wa ko-pa
Freezing.    Hy-as cole.
Frenchman.    Pah-sd-ooks.
Flock. Hy-iu moos-moos;
Fright.    Chah-co kwass'
pe le-moo-to.
Friend.    Six.
Frolic.    Mam-ook he-he.    Full.    Pah'tl.
Frog.    Sh-wah-kuk. Fundament.   0-po6ts.
Frown.    Kah-kwa sol-leks. Funeral.  Lo-lo mem-a-loose
Fry (to). Mam-ook la-po-el.        til-a-kum ko-pa ill-a-he.
Frying pan.    La-p6-el.
Fur.    E-nah tip-so.
Gain.    To-16.
Goods.   Ic'-tas.
Gale.    Skoo-kum wind.
Goose.    Kal-ah ka-lah,
Gallop (to).     Kwal-lal
Gospel.    Kloshe kum-tux.
Grain.    Sap-o-lil.
Gallows.   Stick mam-ook
Grandmother.   Nitz.
mem-a-loose ko-pa lope.  Grandfather.    Chope..
Gamble (to). Ith-el-coom.
Garden.    K16she ill-a-he.
Gather (to). Ko-ku mulh.
Get (to).    Is'-kum.
Get out.    Marsh.
Get up.    Mit-wit.
Ghost.    Ta-mah-na-wis.
-Gift.    Kul-tus pot-latch.
Gipsy.    Hul-oi-me til-a-.
Girl.    Ten-as klooch-man.
Give (to).   P6t-latch.
Glad.    Kwann.
Glass.    She-16ck-um.
Gnaw. Mam-ook kah-kwa
Go.    Klat-a-wa.
Goad.    Moos-moos stick.
God.    Sah-a-le Ty-ee.
Gold.    Pil chick-a-min.
Good.   K16she.
Good-bye.    Kla-how-ya.
Grave. Mem-a-loose ill-a-he
Grass.    Tip-so.
Grease.    Gleese.
Greedy.   Tik-eh kon-a-way.
Green.    Pec-hug-h.
Grey,    Gley; Le gley.
Grief.    Cly tum-tum.
Grieve.    Sick tum-tum.
Grizzly bear. . Si-am.
Grog.    Lum-pe-chuck.
Grouse.    Si-wash la-pool'.
Grow.   Chah-co hy-as.
Grumble.    Sol-leks wa-wa.
Grunt.   Wa-wa   kah-kwa
Guard.    Kloshe nan-ich.
Guard-house.      Skoo-kum
Guilt;  guilty.    Me-sah-che
Gun.    Suk wol-lal; gun.
Gunpowder.    Po-lal-ly. CHINOOK DICTIONARY.
Habitation.   Kwon-e-sum
Hail.    Cole snass.
Hair.    Yak-so; Tip-so.
Half.    Sit-kum.
I Hallo.    Nah.
Halt.    Ko-pet klat-a-wa.
I Hammer.    Le mah-t5.
Handcuff.      Chick-a-min
mam-ook kow le-mah.
Hand.    Le mah.
Hand (game of.) It-16-cum.
I Handkerchief.      Hak-at-
Handsome.  Hy-as kloshe.
I Hard.    Kull.
Hare.    Kwet shod-ee.
I Harrow (to).     Mam-ook
comb ill-a-he.
I Harangue.  Sko6-kum wa-
Harvest.    IsTtum che sap-
| Hat.    Se-ah-po.
i Hatch. Ten-as le pool che"
Haul.    Pull.
: Hawk.    Shak-shak.
! Hay     Dly tip-so.
! Hazel-nut.    Tuk-wil-la.
i He (or his).    Yak-ka.
Head.    La tate.
i Heal.   Mam-ook kloshe.
Healthy.    Wake sick.
Heap.    Hy-iu mit-lite.
Hear.      Kum-tux   ko-pa
Hearsay.    Is'-kum yah-ka
Heart.    Tum-tum.
Heat.    Chah-co warn.
Heaven.    Sah-a-le ty-ee ill-
Heavjr*.    Till. [a-he.
Heed.    Kloshe nan-ich.
Help (to). Mam-ook e-lan.
Hen.    La pool'.
Herb. Le-mes-sen tip-so.
Here.    Yah-kwa.
Hide.    Skin.
Hide (to).    Ip-soot.
High.    Sah-a-le.
Hilarity.    Hy-iu he-he.
Hit (to).    Kwiilh.
Hitch.    Mam-ook kow.
Hog.    C6-sho.
Hold.    Wake marsh.
Hole.    Kla-whop.
Holiday.    Sunday.
Home.    Ni-ka house.
Honest. Wake kap-swal-la.
Hoof. Kii-i-tan kull le-pea'.
Hook.    Hook.
Horn.    Stone.   .
Horse.    Kii-i-tan.
Horse shoes.    Chick-a-min
shoes. House.   House.
How.    Kah-tah.
How are you? Kla-how-ya?
How large ? Kon-si hy-as ?
Huckleberries.    Shot 6-lil-
Hundred.   Tuk-a-mo-nuk.
Hungry.    O-lo.
Hurry.    Hy-ak ; howh.
Husband. Ikt man kwon-
e-sum mit-lite ko-pa ikt
Hut.    Ten-as house.
I (or me),    Ni-ka.
Ice.    Cole chuck.
Idle.    Kul-tus mit-lite.
Idol. Stick pe-stone sah-
a-le tyee\
If.    Spose.
Imbecile. Wake skoo-kum
Imbibe. Is'-kum ko-pa la-
Industrious.    Kwon-e-sum
Inebriate.     Kwon-e-sum
muck-amuck liim.
Infant.    Chee ten-as.
Infirm.    Wake skoo-kum.
Inform. Pot-latch kum-tux.
Inhale.    Is'-kum wind.
Ink. Klale chuck mam-ook
Imitate. Mam-ook kah-kwa Innocent.   Wake me-sah-
k6n-a-way til-a-kum.
Immense.    Hy-as.
"Impostor.   "Kul-tus  til-a-
Imprison.    Mit-lite ko-pa
skoo-kum house.
In.    Ko-pa.
Inability.    K6w-kwult.
Increase.    Chah-co hy-iu.
Indeed.    Whaah; di-rate
Indian.    Si-wash.
Indomitable. Skoo-kum la-
"   che.
In-shore.    Mah-t-wil-le.
Instep.    Sah-a-le le-pea'.
Insult. Me-sah-che wa-wa
ko-pa til-a-kum.
Interpret. Mam-ook kum-
tux hul-oi-me wa-wa.
Intoxicate.   Chah-co dlilnk.
Invite. Wa-wa chah-co ko-
pa ni-ka.
Iron.    Chick-a-min.
Island.    Ten-as ill-a-he.
It.    O'-coke ; or Yah-ka. CHINOOK DICTIONARY.
Jabber.    Kul-tus wa-wa.
Jacket.  Yiites-kut coat.
JaitJ    Skoo-kum house.
Jealous.    Sick tum-tum.
Jehovah. Sah-a-le Ty-e£.
Jerk.    Hy-ak haul.
Jerked-beef. Moos-moos itl-
wil-le chah-co dly'.
Jesuit.    Le pleet.
Jesus.      Sah-a-le   Ty-ec;
ten-as man.
Job.    Ten-as mam-ook.
Joke (to). Mam-ook h^-he.
He-he tum-tum.
Stone la-bo-tai.
Chuck chah-co la-
Jump (to).    So-pe-na.
Just.    Kwon-e-sum    di-rate
Jury.    Men tik-eh kum-tux
kon-a-way   me-sah-che,
pe mam-ook kloshe ko-
pa til-a-kum.
Kamass Root.   La-kam-ass. Kitten.    Ten-as puss-puss.
Kettle.    Ket-ling. Kind.    Kloshe tum-tum.
Keel.    Kee-quil-ly stick.     Knave.    Me-sah-chie til-a-
ko-pa ship. kum.
Keep (to).   Wake p6t-latch. Knead.    Mam-ook sap-o-lil
Kennel.    Kow-mux house. pee chuck.
Key.    La kley. Knife.    G-pit-sah.
Kin.    Til-a-kum. Knock (to).    K6-ko.
Kick (to).    Chuck-ken.       Knotty.    Hunl-kih.
Kill (to).    Mam-ook mem- Know (to).    Kum-tux.
. a-loose.
Kiss (to).    Ba-bay'.
Labor.    Mam-ook.
Lad.    Ten-as man.
Lack.    Wake hy-iii.
Lamb.    Ten-as le-mo6-to
Lament.     Cly tum-tum.
Knowledge.    Kum-tux.
Lame.    Klook-te-ah-wht.
Lamp.    Mam-ook twah.
Lamprey eel.    Skw6k-wol.
Land.    Ill'-a-he.
Land Otter.    In-a-mooks.
... 18
Language.    La-lang.
Lane.    De-late oe-hut.
Large.    Hy-as.
Larceny.    Kap-swal-la.
Lard.    Co-sho glese.
Lark.    Ten-as kiil-a kul-a.
Late. . Kimp-ta chah-co.
Lately.    Ten-as an-cut-ty.
Last (hindermost).    Kimp-
Laugh.    He-he.
Lawn.    Kloshe tip-so ill-a-
Leaf.   Tip-so.
Lean.    Ha-lo glese.
Lean (to).    Lagh.
Learn.   Is'-kum kum-tux.
Least.    Ten-as.   !
Leap (to).    So-pe-nah.
Leave (to).    Klat-a-wa.
Leave off (to).    K6-pet.
Lead.    Kli-e-tan.
Leather.    Dly mo6s-moos
Leg.    Te-ah-wit.
Leggings.    Mi-tass.
Lend. (to).    A-yah-whul.
Lick (to).    Klak-wun.
Lie (to).    Kla-min'-a-wit.
Lie (to repose). Moo-sum.
Lift (to). Mam>ook sah-a-le.
Light (not heavy).    Wake
Light (daylight,.    Twah.
Lightning.    Sah-a-lee piah.
Like.    Kah-kwa.
Like (to).    Tik-eh.
Listen (to).    Ne-wha.
Little.    Ten-as.
Live (to).    Mit-lite.
Limb.    Stick le-mah.
Locomotive.    Pi-ah chick-
Long.    Youtl-cut.
Long ago.    Ahn-cut-te la-
Look (to).    Nan-ich.
Look here,    Nahl
Look out.   Kloshe nan-ich.
Looking glass.    She-lok'-
Loose.    Stoh.
Lose the way (to).    TsoJo.
Lost.    Marsh.
Louse.    E'-na-poo.
Loud.    Skoo-kum wa-wa.
Love (to).    Tik-eh.
Lower.    Mam-ook kee-quil- •
Lumber.  . La plash.    .
Mad.    S61-leks
Madam.    Klooch-man.
Magic.    Ta-mah-na-wis.
Magistrate.    Ty-ee. CHINOOK DICTIONARY.
Chah-co hy-as.' Meat.    Il-wit-le.
Male.    Man.
Malice.    Me-sah-che tum-
Man..   Man.
Manage.    Kum-tux ik-ta.
Mankind.    K6n-a-way til-
Mane.    Kii-i-tan yok-so.
Manacle.     Mam-ook kow- Mend (to)
le-mah ko-pa chlck-a- shin,
Manual.    Mam-ook ko-pa
le-mah.  .
Mansion.    Hy-as house.
Many.     Hy-iii.
Mark.    Tzum.
Mark (to).   Mam-ook tzum.
Marry (to).    Mal-leh.
Marble.    Kloshe stone.
Market.    Mar-kook house.
Marl.    Skoo-kum ill-a-hee. Minnow.
Marrow. Gleese mit-lite ko- Minister.
Mellow.    Pah'tl pi-ah.
Melt.    Chah-co klim-min\
Mental.    Ko-pa tate.
Merchant.    Mar-kook til-a-
■ kum.
Merry.    Hee-hee tum-tum.
Metropolis.    Hy-as town.
Le mes-sen.
Mam-ook tip-
Menstruate.   Marsh pil-pil.
Metal.    Chick-a-min.
Middle (the).    Kat-suk.
Midnight.    Sit-kum po-lak-
Migrate.    Klat-a-wa kar
Mind (the).    Tum-tum.
Milk.    To-toosh.
Mill.    Moo-lah.
Mire.    Weght.
Ten-as pish.
La plate.
pa bone.
Mast.    Ship stick.
Master.    Ty-ee.
Mass (ceremony of).    La
Mat.    Klis-kwis.
Mattock.    Le p^-osh.
Mayor.    Town ty-e£.
Meal (a).    Muck-a-muck.
Mean.    Wake kloshe.
Measure (to).    Ta-nim.
Miracle. Hul-oi-me mam-
Mirth.    Te-he.
Miss (to).    Ts£-pe.
Mistake (to). Ts6-pe sit-
kum. -
Mite (a little).    Ten-as.
Moccasins.    Skin shoes.
Molasses.    Me-lass.
Money.    Chick-a-min.
Month.    Moon.
I 20
Mole.    Skad.
Moon.    Moon.
More.    Weght.
Morning.    Ten-as sun.
Moral.    Kloshe.
Moose.    Hy-as mow-ich.
Mosquito.    Me-lak-wa.
Mother.    Ma-ma.
Mountain.    La Mon-ta.
Mouse.    Hool-hool.
Mouth.    La boos'.
Move.    Wake- mit-lite.
Mow (to). Tl'-k6-pe tip-so.
Much.    Hy-iii.
Mule.    Le-mel.
Mum.    Wake wa-wa.
Murder.     Mam-ook mem-
Muse.   Mam-ook tum-tum.
Music.    Tin-tin.
Musket.    Musket.
Musse's.   To-luks.
Mustard.    P-iah tip-so.
Mute.    Ha-lo wa-wa.
Mystery.    Hy-as hul-oi-me.
My or mine.    Ni-ka.
Nail.   Le cloo.
' Name.    Yah-hul.
Naked.    Wake ik-tah mit-
Nap.    Ten-as moo-sum.
Nasty.    Wake kloshe.
Navigate.   Klat-a-wa ko-pa
Near.    Wake si-ah.
Neat.    Kloshe.
Neck.   Le coo.
Needle.    Keep-woot.
Need.    Hy-as tik-eh.
Negro.    Klale til-a-kum.
Neighbor.    Til-a-kum mit-
lile wake si-ah.
Nest.    Kiil-a-kul-a house.
New.    Chee.
Never.   Wake kon-se.
Night.    Po-lak-le.
Nigh.    Wake si-ah.
Nine.    Kweest.
No.   Not; wake.
Nobody.    Wake klax-ta.
Noise.    La tlah.
None.    Ha-16.
Nonsense.   Kul-tus wa-wa.
Noon.   Sit-kum sun.
North.    Sto-be-16.
Nose.   Nose.
Nothing.    Wake ik-tah.
Notwithstanding.     Keght-
Nozzle.   Nose.
Nutriment.   Muck-a-muck. CHINOOK DICTIONARY.
Oak.    Kull stick.
Oar.    La-lahm.
Oats.    La-win.
Obtain.    Is-kum.
Obscene.    Me-sah-che.
Observe.    Nan-ich.
Ocean.    Hy-as salt chuck.
Ochre.       Kaw-ka-wak il-
Odd.    Hul-oi-me.
Offal.    Kul-tus.
Offer.    Tik-eh p6t-latch.
Oil.    Gle£se.
Old.    Ole-man.
Old woman.    Lam-me-i.
On.   Ko-pa.
Once.    K6-pet ict time.
One.    Ict.
One-eyed.    Ict see-ou-ist.
Onion.    La onion.
Only.    K6-pet ict.
Ointment.    Le mes-sen.
Open.    Hah-lakl.
Pot-latch kum-
Ha-lo pa-pa ha-
Or. Pe.
Order (to).
lo ma-ma.
Other.    Hul-oi-me.
Otter (land).  Ne-nam-ooks.
Our.    Ne-si-ka.
Out doors.    Klah'-han-e.
Outlaw.      Hy-as  me-sah-
che til-a-kum.
Over (above).    Sah-a-le.
Over (the other side).    Ee-
Overcoat.    Hy-as ca-po.
Oven.   Mam-ook pi-ah sap
Owl.    Waugh-waugh.
Own.    Me-si-ka ic-ta.
Ox.    Man moos-moos.
Oysters.    Chit-lo.
i Pacify.    Chah-co kloshe.     Paltry.    Ten-as.
? Paddle (a).    Tsick. Pants.    Sa-kiil-eks.
Paddle (to.) Mam-ook tsick Panther.    Swad-wa.
; Pain.    Sick. Pansy.    Kloshe tip-so.
i Paint.    Pent. Panacea.    Le mes-sen.
Pair.    Mox. Paper.    Pa-pah.
-Pale.    T'-kope. Papa.    Father.
I Palace. Hy-as kloshe house Pap.    Lip-lip to-toosh. 22
Parrot. Wa-wa kiil-a-kul-a.
Part.    Sit-kum.
Parents. Pa-pa pe ma-ma.
Parade.   Kloshe klat-a-wa.
Park.    Kloshe ill-a-he.
Partake.    Is'-kum.
Path.    O-e-hut.
Pauper. Kla-h6w-iam til-
Paw.    Kow-mux le pe-a.
Pay.  Pot-latch chick-a-min
Peas.    Le-pwah.
Peak.-   Sah-a-le ill-a-he.
Pebble.    Ten-as stone.
Peep.    Ten-as nan-ich.
Penitent.    Sick tum-tum.
People.    Til-a-kums.
Perhaps.    K'5-nass.
Perpetual.    Kwon-e-sum.
Petticoat.    Kal-ak-wap-te.
Petty.    Ten-as.
Physic.    Le mes-sen.
Pig. . Ten-as co-sho.
Pigeon. Kwass kiil-a-kul-a.
Pill.    Le mes-sen.
Pine or any resinous tree.
Pipe.    La-peep,
Pitch.    La-goom.
Pistol.    Ten-as musket.
Pie-bald.    Le-kye.
Piety, pious. Kloshe tum-
tum ko-pa Sah-a-le
Pin.   Kwek-we-ens.
Plank.   Hy-as la-plash.
Plate.   La-se-el.
Play (to).   Mam-ook he-he.
Pleased.   Yoult.
Plow.    Le-shal-lo6.
Plow (to).   Klugh ill-a-he.
Pole.    Le-pesh.
Poor.    Kla-how-iam.
Pork.    C6-sho il-wit-le.
Porpoise.    Qui-see-o.
Potato.    Wop-a-too.
Pour (to).    Wagh.
Pot.    Ket-ling.
Powder.    P6-lal-ly.
Prairie.    Kloshe ill-a-he.
Prairie wolf.    T61-a-pus.
Pray (to). Wa-wa ko-pa
Sah-a-le Tyee.
Precious.    Hy-as kloshe.
Present (a). Cul-tus pot-
Presently. Al-ki or Win-
Pretty.    To-kee-te.
Priest.    La-plate.
Proud.    Yoult.
Prove.    Di-rate kum-tux.
Provide.    Is-kum ic-tas.
Provoke.   Mam-ook sol-leks i
Prow.    Nose.
Prowl. Klat-a-wa kon-a-
way kar.
j Quaff. Muck-a-muck dlink.  Quartz.    Chick-a-min ko-pa
: Quail. Ill-a-he kiil-a-kul-a. stone,
i Quail (to).    Hy-as kwass.    Queen.   Klooch-man ty-ec.
I Quarrel (to).   Sol-leks wa- Queer.    Hul-oi-me.
wa. Quench.    Ko-pet pi-ah.
I Quarter (of a dollar).    Ikt   Quick.    Hy-ak.
quah-ta. Quilt.    T'zum pa-se-se.
| Quarter (a part).    Ten-as     Quills.    Teh-peh.
| Rabi^.    Tly-as sol-leks.        Reach.    K6.
I Rabble.    ,ul-tus til-a-kum.   Read (to). Kum-tux book'.
I Rabbit.    Kwft shod-ee.       Red.    Bil.
| Race.    Hy-ak coo-ley. Relate (to).    Yi-em.
I Race horse.    Coo-ley kii-i- Reap (to).  Tl-ko-pe sap-o-
I Rag.    Cul-tus sail.
Hy-as sol-leks.
Ill-a-he comb.
Man la-mo6-to.
Sick tum-tum.
Hy-as kloshe turn-
! Rake
S Rain.
! Ram.
Ramble.    Klat-a-wa kar-
Rapid.    Hy-ak mam-ook.
Rapids.    Chuck hy-ak.
Raspberries.       Se-ah-pult   Remorse.
6-lil-lies. turn.
Rat.    Hy-as hool-hool.        Remote.    Si-ah.
Rattle.     Shiigh. Remove.    Marsh.
Rattlesnake. Shtigh o-poots. Renew.    Mam-ook chee
Riw.    Wake pi-ah. Repent.    Keel-a-py turn
Razor-fish.    O-na. turn.
Religion.    Mamook ko-pa
Sah-a-le Ty-ee.
Remember.    Wake ko-pet
Hy-as cly turn- a
Reply.   Wa-wa.
Reptile. O'-luk pee cul-tus
ic-ta klat-a-wa ko-pa
Resign.   K6-pet.
Resolute. Skoo-kum tum-
Rest.    Wake mam-ook.
Restaurant. Muck-a-muck
Resurrection. Mem-a-loose
til-a-kum chah-co ko-
pa ill-a-he.
Request.    Tik-eh.
Reside.    Mit-lite.
Return (to).    Keel-a-py.
Ribbon.    Le-16-ba.
Ribs.    Eet-tin-will.
Rice.   Lice.
Ride.     Klat-a-wa   ko-pa
Rifle.    Cal-li-peen.
Ring (a).    Qu^-u qu^-u.
Ripe.    Pi-ah.
Ripe berries (etc.)   Pi-ah
6-lil-lies, (etc.)
Rise.   Mit-wit.
River.    Chuck.
Road.    O-e-hut.
Roam.    Klat-a-wa kar-kar.
Roan color.    San-de-le.
Roar.    Sko6-kum wa-wa.
Roast. Mam-ook la-pel-lah.
Robust.    Skoo-kum.
Rock.    Stone.
Roe (of a fish). Pish le-sep'.
Rogue.      Me-sah-che til-a-
Roof. Sah-a-le ko-pa house.
Rooster.    Man la-pool.
Root.    Root.
Rope.    Lope.
Rosin.   Kull le-goom.
Rotten.    Poo-lee.
Round.    Lo-lo.
Row (to).    Mam-ook le-
Rudder.    Boat 6-poots.
Rum.    Lum.   .
Run.    Co6-ley.
Runaway.     Kap-swal-la
Rupture.    Kok-shut.
Sable.   Mink.
Sack.    Le sak.
Sad.    Sick tum-tum.
Saddle.    La sell.
Saddle-housings. Le-pish'-
Sail.    Sail,
Sailor.    Ship-man. CHINOOK DICTIONARY. ?5
Saliva.    La boos-chuck.       Sell (to),    Mar-kouk.
Salmon.     Sam-mon. Send (to).    Klat-a-wja.
Salt.    Salt. Sense.    Kum-tux.
Same.    K6n-a-mox. Serious.    Wake he-he.
Sand.    P6-lal-le. .   Serpent.    O'-luk.
Sandwich Islander,   O-wy'- Serve (to).    Mam-ook.
hee. Seven.    Sin-a-mox.
Sash.    La san-jel. Sew (to). Mam-ook tip-shin.
Saw.    La se6. Shake.    Hul-hul.  ,
Say (to).    Wa-wa. Shallow. Wake kee-quil-ly.
Scale (of a fish).    Skin,        Shame.    Shem.   ,
Scarce.    Wake hy-iu. Share.    Sit-kum.   ,
Scarlet.    Hy'-as pil. Shark.    Hy-as   kqw-mux
Scatter.    Marsh kon-a-way pish,
kar. Sharp.   Pah-kis-ilth; tsish.
Schooner.   M6x stick ship.  Sharpen (to).      Mam-ook
Scissors.     Le see-zo. tsish.
Scold.    Hy-iu s6l-leks wa- She, (he, it).    Yah-ka.
wa. Shear (to).    Mam-ook   la
Scoundrel.   Me-sah-che til- see-zo.
a-kum. Sheep.    La-moo-to.
Scream.     Hy'-as skoo-kum  Shell money (the  small).
cly. Coips-coops, al-le-ka-
Scribe.    T'ziim til-a-kum. cheek.
I Scythe.      Yoult-kut 6-pit    Shell  money  (the large.)
sah. Hy-kwa.
i Sea.    Salt chuck. Shingle.    Le-bah-do.
I Seal.  Ol-ly'-yu; also si-wash Shining.    Te-wagh.   .
c6-sho. Ship.    Ship.
! See (to).    Nan-ich. Shirt.    Shut,
i Seek (to).    Tik-eh klap.      Shoes.    Shoes,
i Seethe.    Sko6-kum lip-lip.  Shoot (to).   Mam-ook poL.
I Seldom.    Wake hy-iii. Short.    Yiites-kut.
i Self.     Nf-ka. .  Shot.    Kli-e-tan. 26
Sho* pouch. Kli-e-tan sak.
Shout, (to).    Hy-as wi-wa.
Shovel.    La-pell.
Shower.   Ten-as snass.
Shut (to).    Ik-poo-ye.
Sick.    Sick.
Sift (to).    T6-to.
Silk.    La soy.
Silence.    Wake wa-wa.
Silver. Tl'-kope chick-a-
Similar.    Kah-kwa.
Simmer.    Ten-as lip-lip.
Sin.    Me-sah-che.
Since.    Kim-ta.
Sing (to).    Shon-ta.
Sink.    Klip.
Sincere. Wake kla-min-a-
Sister (younger).    Ats.
Sister (elder).    Kahp'-po.
Sit (to).   Mit-lite.
Six.    Tah-kum.
Size (what).    Kon-si hy-as?
Skin.    Skin.
Skunk.    Humm-6-poots.
Sky.    Koo-sah.
Slap.    Kok-shut.
Slave.    E-li-te.
Sleep.    Moo-sum.
Slowly.    Kla-wah.
Slumber.    Moo-sum.
Small.    Ten-as,
Smell,    Humm.
Smokf.    Smoke.
Sr.ake.    O'luk.
Snare.    La-pe-age.
Snow,    Snow; cole snass.
Soap.    Soap.
Soft.    Klim-min'.
Soil.    Ill'-a-he.
Sole.    Kee-quil-ly le-pe-a'
Solitary.    Ko-pet ikt.
Solid.    Wake klim-min'.
Soon.    Wake la-le.
Sore.    Sick.
Sorrel.    Le-bleii.
Sorry.    Sick tum-tum.
Soul.    Ta-mah-na-wis.
Sound.    La tlah.
Soup.     Lip-lip  muck-a--|
Sour.    Kwates.
South.    Steh-wah.
Sow (to). Marsh sap-o-lil,
kon-a-way kar kopa ill-
Spade.    La-pell.
Spark.    Ten-as pi-ah.
Sparrow. Ten-as kul-a-
Speak (to).    Wa-wa.
Spectacles. Dol-la see-ou-.
Spill (to).    Wagh.
Spirits (ardent).    Lum.
Split.    Tsugh.
Split (to).   Mam-ook tsugh. CHINOOK DICTIONARY. 27
Mam-ook toh.     Straight.   Si-pah.   Di-rate.
Straw.   Dly sap-o-lil tip-so.
Strange.    Hul-oi-me.
Stranger.    Hul-oi-me til-a-
Strawberries.    Ah-mo-teh.
Stray.    Klat-a-wa kar kar.
Si-wash  klo6ch- Strike (to).    Kok-shut.
Strong.    Sko6-kum.
Sturgeon.    Stiitch-un.
Stubborn.    Howkl-kult.
Subdue.    Kuon ; to-lo.
Sudden.    Hy-ak.
Skoo-kum nan-ich. Sugar.    Le-sook..
Summer.    Waum ill-a-he.
Sun.    Sun.
Sunday.    Sunday.
Sunset.    Klip-sun.
Suppose.    Spose.
Surprise.    Kwah 1
ISpit (to).
■Spike.    Hy-as le-cloo.
spoon.     Spoon.
■Spoil.   .Chah-co cul-tus.
■Spotted.    Le kye; t'ziim.
■Spurs.    Le-see-blo.
•Squirrel.    Kwis-kwis.
|Stab (to)
[Stay (to).    Mit-lite.
■Steal (to).    Kap-swal-la.
Steam.    Smoke.
[ Steamer.    Pi-ah ship.
iStench.    Peu-peu humm
Man mow-ich.
I Stick.    Stick.
(Sting. Opoots klem-a-hum. Suspect.
[Stirrup.    Tsit-lah. che.
^Stocking, socks.    Kiish-is.  Swan. Kah-lo-ken; ou-wii-
SStone.    Stone. cheh.
[Stop.    Ko-pet. Swap.    Hooe hooe.
\ Store.    Mar-kook house.     Sweep (to). Mam-ook bloom
! Storm (wind).   Hy-iu wind. Sweet.    Tsee.
Storm (rain).    Hy-iu snass. Swell.    Chah-co hy-as.
Story.   Eh-kah-nam; yi-em Swim.    Sit-chum.
• Table.    La tahb'.
! Tack.    Ten-as le-cloo.
;Tail.    O'-poots.
Take (to).    Is'-kum.
Take care. Kloshe nan-ich.
Take off.    Mam-ook klah. i
Tale.   Yi-em; ek-kah-nam. Thaw. Chah-co chuck.
Talk.    Wa-wa. They.    Klas-ka; mi-ka.
Tall.   Hy-as. Thick (as molasses),    Pit-
Tallow. Moos-moos gleese.        lit'h.
Tame.    Kwass.   ■ Thief.   Ikt til-a-kum mam-
Tan   (to).     Marsh  yak-so        ook kap-swal-la.
kopa skin. Thin.    Pe wah-ta.
Tap.    Ten-as kok-shut.       Thine, thou, they. Mi-ka.
Tardy.    Kla-wah. Thing.    Ik-tah.
Tart.    Ten-as kwates. Think.    Pit-tuck; mam-
Tattle (to).    Yi-em. ook tum-tum.
Taste.     Ten-as muck-a- This.   O'-coke.
muck. This way.    Yah-kwa.
Tea.    Tea. Thirsty.    O'-lo chuck.
Teach (to). Mam-ook kiinf- Thread.    Kla-pite.
tux. Three.    Klone.
Tear (to).    Klugh. Throw (to).    Marsh.
Tear.    Chuck chah-co ko- Tl under.    Sah-a-le sko<$--
pa se^-ou-ist. kum wa-wa.
Tell (to).    Yi-em. Tide.    Chuck chah-co pe
Teetotaler.   Wake muck-a-        klat-a-wa.
muck liim. Tie (to).    Kow.
Tender.    Wake kiill. Tight.    Kwiilt.
Teeth.     Le tah;    ots-ats-Timid.    Ten-as kwass.
atch. Tinware.    Ma-lah.
Ten.    Tah-tlum. Tip (to).    Lagh.
Tent.    Sail house. Tire. Chick-a-min mit-lite
Tepid.    Ten-as waum. ko-pa chick-chick.
Terror.    Hy-as kwass.        Tired.    Till.
Testicle,    Stone. To (toward).    Ko-pa.
Testify (to). Di-rate yi-em. Tobacco.    Ki-moolth.
Thank you.    Mas-sa. To-day.    O'-coke sun.
That.    O'-coke. To-morrow.    To-mah-la.
That way.    Yah-wa. Tongue.    La-lary'. CHINOOK DICTIONARY. 2»
[Top (house).  Sah-a-le ko-paTree. - Stick.
house. Tree (fallen).  Whim stick.
ITop (tree).   Sah-a-le ko-pa Tremble.    Hiil-hul.
stick, (etc.) Trot (to).    Teh-teh.
■Torture.    Mam-ook hy-as  Trouble.      Mam-ook  till
sick. tum-tum.
■Tough.    Kull. Trout.    T'zum sam-mon.
■Tow (to).    Mam-ook  haul True.    Di-rate.
ko-pa chuck. Trunk.    Cas-sett.
■Towels.    Sail mam-ook dly Truth.    Di-rate wa-wa.
see-ou-ist. Try (to). Tik-eli mam-ook.
IToward.   Chah-co yah-wa. Tub.    Ta-mo-litsh.
Trade (to).    Hooe-hooe.      Turn (to).    Keel-a-py.
■Tradesman. Mar-kook man. Turnips.    La-moo-ow..
■Trail.     O-e-hut. Twilight;    Twah.
■Tramp. Cul-tus til-a-kum.   Twine.    Ten-as lope.
Trap.    La-pe-age.
Twist (to).    Mam-ook keel
Trash.    Kul-tus ik-tah.
Travel (to).    Klat-a-wa.
Two, twice.    Mox.
Ugly.    Wake to-kee-te.
Up.    Sah-a-le.
Uncle.    Tot.
Upset (to).    Keel-a-py.
Under.     Kee-quil-ly. I
Urchin.    Ten-as til-a-kum.
Understand (to).  Kum-tux. Urge (to).    Hy-as tik-eh.
Unhappy.    Sick tum-tum.   Us, our, we.    Ne-si-ka.-
Untamed.    Le-molo. Use (to).    Mam-ook.
Untie (to). Mam-ook stoh.  Useless.    Kul-tus.
Vacant.  Wake ik-tah mit-   Vain.    Yoiitl.
]jte- Valiant.    Skoo-kum turn-
Vagabond.      Kul-tus til-a-      -   turn.
kum. Valise.    Ten-as cas-sett. 30
Valley. Kloshe il-la-he;
Vapor.    Smoke.
Veal. Ten-as moos-moos
Vegetable. Wap-a-toos,
pe k6n-a-way muck-a-
muck chah-co ko-pa
Vehicle.   Chick-chick.
Vengeance. Hy-as sol-leks.
Venison. M6w-ichil-wit-le.
Vermin.    Ee-na-poo.
Very.   Hy-as.
Very small. Hy-as ten-as.
Vessel.   Ship.
Vest.    La-west.
Vial.   Ten-as la-bo-tai.
Vice.    Me-sah-chie.
Victor.    To-16 til-a-kum.
Victuals.    Muck-a-muck.
View.    Nan-ich.
Vigil.    Wake mod-sum.
Vile.   Kul-tus.
Village.    Ten-as town.
Villain.     Me-sah-che til-
Vine.   Yoiilt-kut tip-so.
Violent.    Skoo-kum.
Violet.    K16she tip-so.
Viper.   Ten-as 6-luk.
Virgin.   Klooch-man wake
kum-tux man.
Vise.    Skoo-kum mit-lite.
Vision.    Nan-ich.
Visit.    Klat-a-wa nan-ich
•Vital. Wake mem-a-loose.
Voice (the).    Wa-wa.
Volcano.   Pi-ah la-mon-ta.
Vomit (to).    Wagh.
Wade (to). Klat-a-wa k6-
pa chuck.
Wagon.    Chick-chick.
Wail.    Hy-iu cly.
Wait.   Win-a-pie.
Walk. Klat-a-wa la-pe-a.
Wander (to).    T'so-lo.
Want (to).    Tik'-eh.
War (to).    Mam-ook pite.
Warble (to).    Wa-wa kah-
kwa kiil-a-kul-a.
Warm,    Waum.  -
Warning. Pot-latch kum-
tux ko-pa me-sah-che.
Warrior.    Pite til-a-kum.
Wash (to). Mam-ook wash.
Waste (to). Cul-tus marsh. I
Watch.    Tick-tick.
Watch (to). Kloshe nan-
Water.    Chuck.
Water-spout. Chuck o-e-hut CHINOOK DICTIONARY. 31
Waterfall.    Turn-water. Widow.    Klooch-man yah-
We.    Ne-si-Ka. ka man mem-a-loose.
\Yeak.    Wake skoo-kum. Wife.       Klooch-man   mit-
Wed.   Mam-ook mal-leh. lite kopa ikt man.
|Weec\    Cul-tus tip-so. Will (the).    Tum-tum.
Week.    Ikt Sunday. Willow.    E£-r,a stick.
[Weep.    Cly. Wilderness.    Le-mo-lo ill-
Weigh (to).  Mam-ook til. a-he.
Well-well, then.    Ab-ba. Win (to).    To-lo.
West.    Sun mit-lite. Wind.    Wind.
Wet.    Pahtl chuck. Window.    Glass.
Whale.    Eh-ko-le. Wing.   Kiil-a-kul-a le-mah.
What.    Ik-tah. Wink (to).    Mam-ook see^
[What color ? Kah-ta t'ziim. 8u-ist.
iWheat.    Sap-o-lU. Winter.    Cole ill-a-he.
Wheel.    Chick-chick. Wipe (to).    Klak-wiim.
RWhen.    K.'.n-si. .Wire.    Chick-a-min lope.
Where.    Kah. Wish'(to).    Tik'-eh.
Whip.    La-whet. With.    K6-pa.
Whiskey.    Lnm. Withdraw (to).     Mam-ook
Whistle.    Mam-ook wind keel-a-py.
kci-pa la-boos. • Wise.    Kum-tiix.
Vhite.    TTcope. Witchcraft. Ta-mah-na-wis
Who.    Klax-ta. Without (not any).    Ha-lo.
[Whole.    Lo-lo. With-out (not in.)    Klah-
Whore. Hy-as me-sah-che ha-ne.
klooch-man.- • Wolf.    Le-loo.
Vhy.    Ki.h-ta. Wool.    La-moo-to yak-so.
Wicked.    Me-sah-che. Woman.    Klo6ch-man.
Wide.    Kluk-uhl. Woman (old).    Lam-me-i.
Wild.    Le-m6-lo. Woman's gown.    Coat. 8J
Woo (to)    Hy-as tik-eh. Worse.   Cha-co wake kloshe :i
Wood.    Stick. Wound (to).    Klem'-a-hum,
.Work (to).    Mamook.  i Write (to).   Mam-ook t'zum.
World.    K6n-a-way ik-ta. Writing.    T'ziim.
Worn out.    Ole-man.
Worthless.    Kul-tus.
Wrong.    Wake kloshe.
Yard.    Ikt stick. Yelp.    Kow-mux wr.-wa.
Yankee.    Boston man. Yes, indeed.    Nah-wit-ka.
Yawn.    Tik-eh moo-sum. Yesterday.    Tah'l-ke sun.
Yearn (to).    Hy-as tik-eh. Yonder.    Yah-wa.
Yell.    Sko6-kum cly'. You, your, yours.   Me-si-kz..
Yelllow.    Kaw-ka-wak. Young. ' Ten-as til-a-kum.
Yes.    A'h-ha.    (Usually pronounced as a nasal "ugh-
ugh'" with a rising inflection of the last syllable.)
The accent upon first syllable (or nasal) makes thisi
- word negative.
Eleven.   Tah-tlum pee ikt.
Twelve. Tah-tlum pee mox.
. (Etc).
Twenty.    Mox tah-tlum.
Thirty.      Kl5ne  tah-tlum.
One Hundred.    Ikt tah-ka
One.    Ikt.
Two.    Mox.
Three.    Klone.
Four.    Lock-it.
Five.    Kwin-num.
Six.    Tagh-kum.
Seven.    Sin-na-mox.
Eight.    Sto-te-kin.
Nine.    Twaist.
Ten.* Tah-tlum.
mo-nux. ■ .'_
One Thousand. '   Tah-tlum
to-ka-mo-nuk.    (Etc). p
[Ab-ba.    Well, then.
!Ack.    Nephew.
Ah-ha.    Yes.
Ah-mo-teh.    The strawberry.
Ahn-cut-ty.    Formerly.    The length of first syllable denotes  time   elapsed.     Hy-as ahn-cut-ty;   a  long
time—years ago.    Ten-as ahn-cut-ty ; a little while
|Al-ah.    Expression of surprise.    Al-ah mi-ka chah-co.
Ah, you 've come.
Al-ki,    Presently; hold on; not so fast.
|A-kik, or, Ik-kik.    A fishhook.
Al-li-ka-cheek.    A small shell worn in the ear.
lAl-ta.    Now.
|A-nah.    Expression of pain;   displeasure or disapprobation.    A-nah, na-wit-ka, mi-ka ha-lo shem !   Ah,
indeed, are you without shame?
IAts.    A younger sister.
eA-yah-whul.    To lend, or borrow.
Be-be.    A fond word used to children ; to kiss.
[Bed.    A Bed.
• Bit.    A dime.
Bloom,    A broom.    Mam-ook bloom—to sweep.
Boat.    A boat, as distinguished from a canoe^ 34
Boston (Adj.)    An American.
Boston Ill-a-he.    The United States.
Cal-li-peeh.    A Rifle.
Ca-nim.    A Canoe.
Ca-nim Stick.    The wood from which canoes are made,
usually cedar.
Ca-p6.   A coat.
Cap-a-la.    The cheeks.
Chah-co.   To come ; to become.    Kon-'si mika chah-co ?
When did you come?
Chah-co kloshe.    To become good ; to get well.
Chah-co spo-oh.    To fade.
Chack-chack.    The bald eagle.
Chee.    Lately; just now.
Chee ni'-ka chah-co.    I have just come.    Hy-as chee ;
entirely new.
Chit-lo.    An oyster.    Oysters.
Chet-woot.    A black bear.
Chick-a-min.   Any metallic substance.    T'kope chick-a-
min ; silver. Pil chick-a-min ; gold, copper or brass.
Chick-a-min lope ; wire ; a chain.
Chick-chick.    Wheels.    A cart or wagon.
Chil-chil.    Buttons.
Chope, or Chist.    Grandfather.
Cho-tub.    A flea.
Chuck.    Water—river or stream.   Salt chuck; the sea.
Skoo-kum chuck ; rapid current.    Sol-leks chuck';
a rough sea.    Chuck chah-co; the  tide is  rising.
Chuck kd-la-pie ; the tide falls.    Sah-a-le and kee-   ■
quil-ly chuck ; high and low tide.
Chuk-kin.    To kick.
Cla-pootch-us.    The beard.
Cly.    To cry. CHINOOK   DICTIONARY. 35
Cole.    Cold.
Cole-cole.    A rat.
Cole ill-a-he.    Winter.
Cole sick.   Ague.
Coo-ley kii-i-tan.   A race horse.
Coo-ley.    To run.
Coop-cocp.   Shell money..
Comb ill-a-he.    To harrow.
: Co-sho.   A hog.
Co-sho glese.    Lard.
Co-sho si-wash.    A seal.
Di-rate.     Straight.     Direct.     Klat-a-wa  di-rate;   go
straight.    Di-rate  wa-wa; talk straight.    Tell the
De-aub'.   The devil,
Dly.   Dry.    Chah-co dly.    To become dry.    Mamook
dly ; to make dry.
Doc-tin.    A doctor.
D61-la.    A dollar;'money.    T'kope d<51-la; silver.    Pil
dol-la; gold.
Dol-lah see-6w-ist.    Spectacles.
E-cone.    A good spirit.
E'cu-toch.    Bad spirit.
Ee-na.    A beaver.
E'-na-poo.    A louse.
Ee-na-ti.    Over.    The other side,
Eh-kah-nam.    A tale or story.
E'-tin-will.    Rib or ribs.
Eh-ko-Ii.    A whale.
Ee-keh.    Brpther-in-law.
IE-lac-ka.    A sea otter. 36 CHINOOK  DICTIONARY.
E'-la-han.    Aid.    Assistance.
E'-lip.    First.    Before.
E'-lip kloshe.    The best.
E-li-te.   A slave.
E-meck.    The back.
E-meets.    The nose.
E-mi'h.    The breast.
E'th-low.    A fathom.
E-tam-a-na.    A prophet.
Et-sit-sa.    Sick.
Goom(la).    Pitch.
Goom-Btick.    Pine or fir tree.
Gleese.    Grease.    Hy-hi gleese ; very fat.
Hah-lakl. Wide; open. Mam-ook hah-lakl laport; open*
the door.
Haht-haht.    The mallard duck.
Hak-at-chum.    A handkerchief.
Ha-lo.    None; absent.    Ha-lo wind.    Dead; or dead
Haul.    To pull.
He-he.    Laughter; amusement.
Hoh-hoh.    To cough.
Hoo-e hoo-e.    To barter, or to trade.
Hool-hool.    A mouse.
melh.    To g
A house.
Markook house; a
To turn.
wutl.     Inabi
ity.     How-kwutl
ni-ka klat-a-wa ? j
How could I go
To shake.
me.    Other;
■me til-a-kum ; a 1
different tribe.
Hyas hul-
very different. N
Humm.    A bad odor.
Humm o-pootch.    A skunk.
Hiinl-kih..   Knotted ; tangled.
Hwah !   Surprise, or admiration.
Hy-ak.    Hurry.
I Hy-as.    Large ; great; very.
| Hy-as markook.    High priced.
: Hy-as ahn-cut-ty.    Long ago.
Hy-as kloshe.    Very good.
Hy-iii.    Enough; much ; plenty.
I Hy-kwa.    Shell money.
Ik-kik.    A fish-hcok.
I Ik-poo-ye.    To shut.
Ikt.    One; once.
Ik-tah?    What?
Ik-tahs.    Goods; merchandise.
Il'1-a-he.    Country ; earth ; soil.
f. In-a-ti.    Across.
: Ip-soot.    To hide.
Iss-ick (or 'tsick.)   A paddle.
Iss-ick stick.    Ash—also alder; (literally, paddle-wood.)
Iss-kum.    To get- to take.
It-lan.    A fathom.
It-lo-kum.    A game ; to gamble.
Itl-wil-le.    Flesh ; meat.
Its-woot.    Black bear.
Its-woot pa-se-see.    Thick, black cloth, or blanket.
Kah ?   Where ? whence ? whither ?
Kah-nah-way.    Acorns.
fcKah-nah-way stick.    The oak.
Kah-kwa.    Like.
Kal-ah kal-ah.    A goose.
Kal-a-kwah-te.    The inner bark of the. cedar; also the
short skirt formerly worn by the squaws, made of
strips of cedar bark.
Kli-e-tan.    An arrow, shot, or bullet.
Kam-ass.    A bulbous root used for food.
Ka-mo-suk.   Beads.   Tyee ka-mo-suk ; chief, or the large
blue glass beads.
Kap-swal-la.    To steal; to do anything stealthily.
. Kar-po.    Brother, sister, or cousin.
Kar-tah?   How? why?
Kat-suk.    The middle, or center.
Kau-pa.    Coffee.
Ka-wak.    To fly.
Kaw-ka-wak.    Yellow, or pale green.
Kah-lo-ken.    A swan.
Keh-wa, or Kep-wa.    Because.
Keel-a-pie.    To turn, return, upset.
Keel-al-ly.    A doctor.
Keep-woot.    A pin, needle, sting, thorn, or awl
Kee-quil-ly.    Low; below.
Kegh-t-che.    Notwithstanding; although.
Kis-su.    An apron.
Ret-ling.    A basin, can, or kettle.
Kil-it-sut.    A bottle, glass, or flint.
Kim-oolth.    Tobacco.
Kim-tah.    Behind; after; since; last.
King George.    Anything pertaining to England.
Kin-oos, (or in Klickitat, tah-wa.)    Tobacco.
Kish-kish.    To drive.
Kii-i-tan.    A horse.    Stone kii-i-tan; a stallion.
Ki-yah.    Entrails.    (Also kee-quil-ly yah-kwah-tin.)
Klah.   Free or clear from; in sight.   Chee yah-ka klah;
now he is in sight. CHINOOK   DICTIONARY.
Klat-a-wa klah. To escape. Chah-co klah (of seed), to
come up; (of the woods), to open out; (of the
weather), to clear up.   Mam-ook klah ; to uncover.
Klah-ha-ne. Out of doors; out; without. Mam-ook
klah-ha-ne 6-coke ; put that out. Klat-a-wa klah-ha-
ne ; to go out.
Kla-how-ya. How are you ? Good-bye, Kla-how-ya,
six;    How are you, sir? or good-bye, fri-L-nl..
Kla-how-yum. Poor; wretched ; compassion. - Hy-as
kla-how-yum ni-ka ;    I am very poor..
Kla-wah.    Slow; slowly.
|Klak.    Off; to take away.
; Klak-sta.     Who.      Klak-sta  mam-ook 6-coke ?   who
made or did that ?    Ha-lo klak-sta ; no one.
Klak-wun.    To wipe or lick,
f Klale.    Black, or dark color.
Klap. To find. Mi-ka klap mi-ka kii-i-tan? Did you
find your horse ?
Klap ten-as.    To be with young.
IKla-pite.    Thread; twine.
|Klas-ka.    They; thine ; them.
Klat-a-wa.    To go.
Kla-whop. A hole.   Mam-ook kla-whop ; to dig a hole.
i Klem-a-hum.    To stab; to spear ; to hook ; to gore.
Klile.    Bitter.
Klik-a-muks.    Black- or dewberries.
Klik-wal-ly.    Bracelets;  brass.
Klim-in-a-wit. A lie; to lie. Hy-as cum-tux klim-in-a-
wit; he is a good liar.
Klim-min'. Soft; fine in substance. Klim-min sap-o-lil;
flour. Klim-min ill-a-he ; mud, or marshy ground.'
Mam-ook klim-min ; to soften, as by dressing skins.
Klip. Deep , sunken. Klip chuck ; deep water. Klir
sun ; sunset. 40 CHINOOK  DICTIONARY.
Klis-kwis.    A mat.
Klogh-klogh.    Oysters.
Klo-nass. Doubt. Klo-nass ni-ka klat-a-wa; perhaps I
shall go. Kah mi-ka kah-po ? where is your brother?
Klo-nass; I don't know. Klo-nass ten-as man hy-as
kok-shut; perhaps the little fellow is badly hurt.
Kl<5ne.   Three.
Klook.   Crooked.
Klook-te-8w-it.    Broken-legged; lame.
Klo6ch?man.   A woman; any female.
Kloshe. Good ; well; enough. Kloshe nan-ich ; look
out, take care.    Hy-as kloshe ; very good.
Kloshe-spose. Shall or may I ? Let me. Kloshe-spose
ni-ka mam-ook pi-ah 6-coke? shall I cook that?
or is it good for me to cook that?
Klugh. To tear; to plow. Mam-ook klugh ill-a-he ; to
plow the land.
Kluk-ull.   Broad or wide.
Ko. To reach; arrive at. Chee klas-ka ko ; they have
just arrived, or come
Ko-ko.    To knock.
Ko-ko stick.   A woodpecker.
Kok-shut. To break; broken ; to beat. Hy-as kok-shut;
very much broken, or broken to pieces.
K6n-a-way. All; every. Klas-ka kon-a-way klat-a-wa ;
they have all gone. K6n-a-way til-a-kum ; everybody. K6n-a-way kah ; everywhere. Ni-ka tik-eh
kon-a-way; I want all. K6n-a-way mox; both;
together.    Kon-a-way mox kah-kwa ; both alike.
Ko6-sah.    The sky.
K6n-se. How many; when; ever. K6n-se til-a-kum
mit-lite? how many people are there? Wake
kon-se ; never.    Mam-ook k6n-se; count CHINOOK  DICTIONARY. 4!
Kopa. To, in, at, with, towards, of, about, concerning,
there or in that place. Ko-pa ni-ka house ; at my
house. Lo-lo 6-cbke ko-pa mi-ka house; take that
home with you. Kul-tus ko-pa ni-ka; it is nothing
to me.
Ko-pet. To stop, leave off, enough. Ko-pet wa-wa; stop
talking. Ko-pet ikt; only one. K6-pet 6-coke ; that
is all. Wake si-ah ko-pet; nearly finished. K6-pet
to-mail-la ; day after to-morrow. K6-pet kum-tux;
to forget.
Kow.    To tie; to fasten.    Ikt kow ; a bundle.
KOw-mux.    A dog.    Kah-kwa kow-mux; like a dog.. -
Kiil-a-kul-a.    A bird.
Kul-lah.   A fence; an enclosure.
Kull.    Hard substance ; difficult.
Kul-tus.   Worthless.
Kul-tus pot-latch.    A present.
Kul-tus h£-he.    A jest.
Kul-tus smoke.   Fog.
Kuon.   To conquer.
Kul-tus ee-nah.    A muskrat.
Kiim-tux. To know; understand; to be acquainted with;
Kiish-is.    Stockings.
Kwah-nice.    A whale.
Kwahta.    The quarter of a dollar.
Kwal-lal kwal-lal.    To gallop.
Kwal'h.    Aunt.
Kwan-kwan.    Glad.
Kwass.    Fear, tame.
Kwates.    Sour.
Kweh-kweh.   A duck.
Kwek-we-ens.   A pin.
Kwelth.    Proud. 42 CHINOOK   DICTIONARY,
Kwin-num.    Five.
Kwis-kwis.    A squirrel.
Kwish,    Refusing, with contempt.
Kweest.    Nine.
Kweu-kweu.   A circle ; a ring; round.
Kwet-shod-ee.    A hare or rabbit.
Kwo-lon, or Kwo-16nn.    The ear.
Kwon-e-sum.    Always; forever.
Kwult'h.    To hit; to wound with an arrow or gun.
Kwun-num.    Account; numbers.
Kwutl.   To push or squeeze.
Ky-wa.    Crooked.
La-b!eed.    A bridle.
La-boos.  The mouth.   Mox la-boos ; the forks of a river.
La-bo-tai.    A bottle.
La-cal-et.    A carrot.
La-cas-s^t.    A box ; trunk or chest.
La clo-a.    The cross.
Lach (or Lagh.)    To lean ; to tip as a boat; to stoop.
La-goom stick.    Light wood ; pitch pine.
La-gwin, or la-se£.    A saw.
Lahb.    The arbutus.
La-hash.   Ax or hatchet.
La-gleese.    Fat; oil.
La-lah.    To cheat; to joke.
La-lahm.    An oar.
La-lang'.    The tongue ; a language.
La-lim'.    A file.
La-masse.    The ceremony of the mass.
La-mes-tin, or le Les-sen.    Medicine.
Lam-me-i.    An old woman.
La-mon-ta.    A mountain.
La-peep.    A tobacco pipe. ■A
La-pee-age.    A trap.
I La-pesh.    A pole; fishing-rod.
La-pel-lah.    Roast; to roast before the fire.-
I La-pelle.    A shovel or spade.
I La-pe-6sh.    A mattock or hoe.
La-plash.    A board. '-ri\--iS
I La-po-el.    A frying pan. ...
Le-pome.    An apple.
La-pool.    A fowl,
t La-pool Si-wash.    The grouse. •' •   -  .'.   - .7
La-poo-shet.    A fork.
La-pote,    A door.
La-san-jel.    A girth, sash or belt.
La-see.    A saw. IfiS^
! La-sell.    A saddle.
i La-shan-del.    A candle,
La-shase.    A chair.
La-shfin.    A chain.
L'ass-se-et'.    A plate.
La-soy.    Silk; silken.
; La-tahb.    A table.
; La-tate.    The head.
La-tlah.    A noise.
La-win'.    Oats.
La-west'.   A vest.
Lazy.    Idle.
Le-bah-do.    A shingle.
Le-bal.    A ball; bullet; shot.
Le-bis-kwee.    Biscuit; hard-bread.
Le-bley'.    Wheat.
Le-blau'.    A sorrel horse ; chestnut colored.
Le-cl£m.    Cream color ; light dun.
Le-cok.    A cockerel; a cock.
Le-doo.    A finger; fingers. 44 CHINOOK   DICTIONARY,
Le-gley.    A gray horse, gray.
Le-kleh.    A key.
Le-kloo     A nail; nails.
Le-koo.    The neck.
Le-kye.    A spot ; spotted ; speckled.
Le-lo-ba.    A ribbon.
Le-loo.   A wolf.
Le-mah.    The hand or arm.
Le-mah kl5she.    The right hand,
Le-mah-to.    A hammer.
Le-mel.    The mule.
Le-mo-lo.    Wild; untamed.
Le-moo-to.    Sheep.
Le-pan.    Bread.    Also, pi-ah sap-o-lil.
Le-pee-a.'.    The feet, or a foot.
Le-pish'-e-mo.    The saddle blanket and trappings of a
Le-pleet, or Le-plate.    A priest.
Le-pwah.    Pea or pease.
Le-sep'.    An egg; eggs.
Le-see-blo.    Spurs.
Le-se^-zo.    Scissors.
Le-shal-loo.    A plough.,
Le-sook.    Sugar.
Le-toh'.    The teeth.
Le-whet.    A whip. 5*..-
Lice.    Rice.
Lik-pe-hu.    An elder sister.
Lip-lip.    To boil.
Lo-lo.    To carry; to load.
Lope.    A rope.
Lo-wiil-lo.    Round; whole.
Lum.    Rum.
Luk-ut-chee, or 6-na.    Clams. CHINOOK  DICTIONARY. 45
Mam-ook kla-how-yum.   To give alms.
. Man mow-ich.   A stag.
Mar-kook.   To buy or sell.   Kah ni-ka mar-kook o'coke
cal-i-peen ?   Where did ynu buy that rifle ?    Hy-as
mar-kook;  dear.    Ten-as mar-kook ; cheap.
I Mar-kook house.    Store.
Mah-le.   To forget.    Also, ko-pet kum-tux.
Marsh.    To leave ; to turn out; to throw away; to part
with; to remove.
Mes-see.    Thank you.
Maht-lin-nie.    Off shore.
.Maht-wil-le.    In shore; shoreward ; keep in.
Ma-lak-wa.    A mosquito.
Mel-ass.    Molasses.
Ma-lah.    Tinware; crockery; earthenware.
Mal-leh.    To marry.
I Ma-ma.    A mother.
Mam-ook.   To make ; to do; to work; to use.
Mam-ook 'tsick. To paddle.   Mam-ook ill-a-he ; to dig.
Man.    A man—iral* of any animal. Ten-as-ma.i; a boy.
Man-moo-lock.    A buck elk.
Mem-a-loose.    To die; dead.    Mam-ook mem-a-loose;
To kill.
Me-sah-che.    Bad; wicked.
Me-sah-che ta-mah-na-wis.    Witchcraft; evil spirits.
Me-si-ka.    You; your ; yours.
Mi-ka.   Thou; thy ; thine.
Mi-mee.    Down stream.
Mist'-chi-mas, (or E-li-te.)   A slave.
Mit-tass,    Leggings.
Mit'-lite.   To sit down ; stay; reside ; remain.
Mit-wit.    To stand ; to get up.    Mit-wit stick : a tree ;
a pole ; a mast. 46 CHINOOK   DICTIONARY.
Mox.    Two, or twice.
Moo-la.    A mill.
Moo-lock.    An elk.
Moon.    The moon.   Ikt moon; one month.
Moos-moos.    Buffalo; horned cattle.
Moo-sum.    Sleep.
Mow-ich.    A deer.
Muck-a-muck.    Food ; to bite; to eat.
Mucki-a-muck chuck.    To drink water.
Musket.    A gun ; a musket.
Na.     An   interrogatory  syllable.    Mi-ka na kish-kish
6-coke sun? Are you going to drive your team to-day?
Nah 1 Halloa ! Look here ! Nah, six ! Halloa, friend.
Nan-ich.  To look; see; search.   Nan-ich yah-ka; look
yonder. Nan-ich 6-coke kow-mux ; look at the dog.
Kloshe nan-ich; take care.
Nau-its.    The sea beach.
Ne-wah.     Hither ; come or bring it to me.    Ne-wah
mam-ook ocoke; here ; do this !
Ni-ka.    I, my, mine, me.
.Nose.    The nose; xape; headland; the bow of a boat.
Na-wit-ka.    Yes ; certainly; indeed.
Nem.    A name.
Ne-nam-ooks.    The land otter.
Ne-si-ka.    We ; us; ours.
Nitz.   Grandmother.
O-coke. This; that; it. Ik-tah o-coke?   What is that?
O-coke klas-ka ; they or them.   O-coke sun; to-day
Ok-chock.    The shoulders.
O-kus-te.    Daughter. CHINOOK   DICTIONARY. 47
I O-la-pits-ke.    Fire.
O'-le-man.    Old man; old ; worn out.
Ol'-hy-iu.    A seal.
O'-lil-lies.   Berries.    Shot 6-lil-lies ; huckleberries. Se-
i    Ah - po 6-lil-lies ; raspberries. Sal-lal 6-lil-lies, etc.
0-16.    Hungry.    0-15 chuck-: thirsty.    0-15 moo-sum;
O-luk.   A snake.
I Ona.    Clam ; clams.
Ool'-chus.   The herring.
[ 06s-kan.    A cup, or bowl.
[ O-pek'-wan.   A basket; a can.
I O-pit-kegh.    A bow.
I O'-pit-sah.    A knife.
[ O'-pit -sah-six.    A table fork, (companion to the knife.)
[ O-poots.    The posterior; tail of an animal; the rudder
of a boat.
I O-poots-sill.    A breech-clout.
O-quah-tum.    Sister.
O-quack-a-kull.    A wife.
O-quan-ax, or le-koo.   The neck.
:■ O'-te-tagh.    The sun.
Ots-ats-ach, or, le-doh.    The teeth,
Ou-wu-cheh.     A swan.
Pahtl.   Full.   Pahtl lu
Pa-pah.    Paper.
Pa-pa.   A father.
Pa-se-se.    A blanket; woolen cloth.
Pah-se-ooks.    A Frenchman.
Pat-suk.    Between.
Pec-hug-h.    Green.
Pee.   Then ; besides-; and, or but
Irunk.   Pahtl chuck J wet, 4§ CHINOOK   DICTIONARY.
Pee-weght.    And also ; beside ; which.
Pent.    Paint.    Mam-ook pent; to paint,.
Pah-kis-ilth.    Sharp.
P^-shak.    Bad.
Pi-ah. Fire ; ripe ; cooked. Pi-ah ~ap-o-Iil; baked bread.
Pi-ah ship ; a steamer. Piah 6-lil-lies ; ripe berries.    Pi-ah sick ; venereal disease.
Pil. Red; of reddish color. Pil il-la-hee ; red earth,
ochre. Pil dol-lah ; gold. Pil chick-a-mih ; copper.    Pil kii-i-tan : a bay horse.
Pil-pil.    Blood; bloody.    Marsh pil-pil; to bleed.
Pil-ton.    Foolish; crazy.
Pish.    Fish.
Pit-lilth.    Thick in substance, as molasses.
Pit-wa-tie.    Thin in dimensions.
Plah, or la-plah.    Dish, or plate.
Poh. To blow. Mam-ook poh: to blow out. The
sound of a gun. Mam-ook poh: to shoot. Mox
poh: a double-barreled gun.
Po-lak-ly. Night; dark. Te-nas po-lak-ly : evening.
Hy-as po-lak-ly: very dark; late at night. Sit-kum
po-lak-ly: midnight.
P6-lal-ly.  .Gunpowder; dust; sand.
P6-lal-ly il-la-hee.    Sandy ground : ocean beach.
Poo-le.    Rotten.
P6t-latch. A gift; to give.   Kul-tus pot-latch : a present.
P6w-itsh.    A crab-apple. ;^X
Puk-puk.   A blow with the fist; to fight with fists.
Puss-puss.    A cat.    Puss-puss (hy-as); a panther.
Sah'-ha-le, or Sagh-a-le. Up; above ; high. Sah-a-le \
Tyee: God.    Sagh-a-le pi-ah.    Lightning.
Sail. A sail; cotton goods. Mam-ook sail: to sail a
ship or boat,    'Tzum sail: calico. CHINOOK   DICTIONARY., 49
Sa-kvil-eks.   Pants, or leggings.   Kee-quil-ly sa-kiil-eks:
Sal-lal 6-lil-lies.    The sallal berry.
Salt.    Salt, or salt taste.
Salt chuck.    The sea.
Sam-mon.    Fish ; the salmon.   Ty-ee sam-mon : chief,
or spring salmon.
San'-de-lee.    Ash colored ; a roan horse.
.  Sap-o-lil.   Wheat; flour.   Lo-lo sap-o-lil: wholewheat.
Se-ah-po.    A hat, or cap.    Se-ah-po 6-lil-lies: raspberries.
See-8w-ist. The face; the eyes.  Ha-lo se-6w-ist: blind.
SeeVpee.    To miss.
She-16k-um.    A mirror; glass.
Shem. Shame. Halo shem,mi-ka? Have you no shame?
Ship.    A vessel.
Shoes.    Shoes.    Stick shoes: boots and shoes made of
leather, as distinct from moccasins.
Shon-ta.    To sing.    .;jf.j;;
Shot.    Shot; lead.    Shot 6-lil-lies: huckleberries.
Shugh.    A rattle.
Shugh o-poots.   A rattlesnake.
Shut.    A shirt.
Sh-wah-kuk.    A frog.
Si-ah, Far; far off. Comparative distance is expressed
by intonation or repetition, as si-ah si-ah: very far.
Wake si-ah : no* far.
Si-ahm.    Grizzly bear.
Sick.. Sick. Cole sick: the ague.   Sick tum-tum : sorry
grieved; disappointed.
Sin-a-mox.    Seven.
Sl-pah.    Straight like an arrow.
Sis-ki-you.    Bob-tailed horse.
Sit-kum.    Half, or a part. t
Sit-kum sun.    Midday.
Sit-kum po-lak-ly.    Midnight.
Sit-lay.    Stirrups.
Sit-shum.    To swim.
Si-wash.    Indian.
Six.    Friend.
Skin.    Skin.    Skin shoes : moccasins.    Stick skin: the
bark of a tree.
Skoo-kum.     Strong;   strength.     Skoo-kum tum-tum:
brave.     Skoo-kum chuck:     a rapid.     Skoo-kum
house:  a prison.
Skwak-wol.    A lamprey eel.
Sla-hal.     A game played with ten small disks.     The
usual gambling of the Indians.
Smoke.    Smoke; clouds; fog; steam
Snass.    Rain.    Kull snass: hail.    T'kope snass: snow.
Soap.    Soap.
S6-le-m6.    The cranbetry.
Sol-leks.    Anger.    Mam-ook sol-l£ks: to fight.    Kum-
tux s6l-leks: to be irritable.
Sook.    Sugar.
So-pe-na. To jump; to leap.
Spo-oh. Faded; light color.
Spoon.    A spoon.
Spose.    Suppose; if; provided that;  so that.     Spose
mi-ka mam-ook pi-ah: suppose you make a fire.
Kah-kwa spose: as if.
Stick.    A stick;  a tree; wood; wooden.    Stick skin :
tbark.   Shipstick: a mast.    Mit-wit stick: a standing pole.    Ikt stick: a yard measure.
Stock-en.    Socks, or stockings.
Stoh.    Loose.    Mam-ook stoh: to untie.
Stone.    A rock, or stone; bone; horn; teeth; hard.
Stote-kin.    Eight. GH1N00K DICTIONARY.
Stut'-chum. • The sturgeon.
Suk-wol-lal.    A gun, or musket.
Sun.    Day.   Ten-as sun: early.   Klip sun.:, sunset.
Sunday.    Sunday. ' Ikt Sunday: one week.   Hy-as sun-
day : a holiday. -
Tagh-kum.    Six.
T&h-nim.    To measure,
Taht-lum.   Ten.  Mox, klone, etc., taht-lum: signifying
twenty,  thirty,   etc.     Taht-lum pee ikt:   eleven.
Taht-lum pee mox:   twelve.    Taht-lum pee klone:
thirteen, etc.
T6l-a-pus.   The coyot£, or prairie wolf.
Tal-ke.    Yesterday.    Ikt tal-kie : day before yesterday.
Ta-mah-na-wis,    Magic; luck;  fortune i anything su-
pernatural. ■
Ta-mo-litch.     Tub; barrel; bucket.     Ikt ta-mo-litch:
a bushel measure.
Tanse.    To dance. ■;
Tea.   Tea.
Te-6u-it.   The leg, or foot.    Klat-aiwa te-6u-it: to go
on foot.    Klook te-6u-wit: lame.
Teh-t^h.    To trot, as a horse.
Tenas.    Small, few, little; a child; the young of any,
animal.    Mox ten-as ni-ka;  I have two children.
Ten-as hy-iu: a few.    Ten-as sun : early.    Ten-as
ill-a-he: a small island. Ten-as lope: thread, twine.
Ten-as sit-kum : less than one.half.
Te-peh.    Quills; wings of a bird.
Te-lix-ach.    The fingers.    (Also, le-do6.)
Tel-e-min, or E'-tin-will.    Ribs.
Te-wagh.    Bright; shining; light. J2 CHINOOK   DICTIONARY,
Tik-eh. To want; wish; love ; like. Hy-as tik-eh: to
long for.   Ic-ta mi-ka tik-eh?  What do you want?
Tik-tik.    A water.
Til-a-kum. People. Kul-tus til-a-kum : bad or worthless persons. Hul-oi-me til-a-kum . strangers. Ni-
ka til-a-kum : my people, my relations.
Til-shel.   A husband.
Till. Tired; heavy. Hy-as till ni-ka : I am very tired.
Kon-si till 6-coke?   How much does that weigh?
Tin-tin.    A bell; a musical instrument.
T'kope.    White; light colored.
Tl'-kope.   To cut, hew, chop.
Tip'-so.    Grass, leaves, hair, fur, feathers.
Toh.    Spittle.    Mam-ook toh; to spit.
To-ke-tee.    Pretty.
T6-16.    To earn; to win; to gain.
To-mah'-la. To-morrow. Ikt to-mah'-la; the day after
Tot.    An uncle,
To-to.   To shake; to sift anything.
To-toosh.   Milk; bosom.
To-toosh gleese.    Butter.
T'see.    Sweet.
Tsee-pe. To miss the mark ; blunder. Tsee^pe oie-hut;
to take the wrong road.
Tshi-keh.    Directly ; soon.
Tsi-at-ko.    A nocturnal demon; a goblin. .
Tsish.    Cold; sharp.    Mam-ook tsish ; to sharpen.
Tsole-piit.    A shot-pouch.
Ts6-lo.    To wander in the dark; to lose one's way
Tsugh.   A crack or split.
Tuk-a-mo-nuk.   A hundred.
Tuk-wil-la.    Hazelnuts.
Tum-tum.    The heart; conscience; opinion. CHINOOK  DICTIONARY. 53
Tum-wah-ta.    A waterfall.
Tup-shin. A needle. Mam-ook tup-shin; to sew ; to
Ty-ee.    A chief.
Tzum. Mixed colors; spots or stripes ; a mark, or figure ; writing; paint. Tzum sail; printed calico.
Tzum paper; writing paper. Mam-ook tzum ; to
write, print, paint, stamp, stain, etc.
Ul-chey.    The moose.
Ul-al-ach.    Onions.
Wagh.    To spill; to pour out.
Wake.    No; not; none.
Wa-ki.    To-morrow.
Wake klax-ta.    Not any one.
Wake kon-si.    Never.
Wake al-ta.   Not now.
Wap-pa-too.    Potatoes.
Wash.    Wash.    Mam-ook wash; to wash.
Waum.    Warm.    Hy-as waum; hot.
Waum ill-a-he.    Summer.
Waum-sick.    Fever.
Wa-wa.    To talk ; call.
Weght. Again; also ; more. Pee ni-ka weght; and I
too.    Pot-latch weght; give me more.
Whim. To fall. Mam-ook whim ; to throw in wrestling ; to fell a tree.
Whim-stick.    A fallen tree.
Win-a-pie.    Wait; presently.
Wind.   Wind.   Ha-lo wind ; not breathing ; dead calm.
Yah-ka    He, his, him, she, her, it, its. 54
Yah'-kwa.    Here; hither.
Yah-wa.    There ; thither, thence.
Yah-hul.    Name.
Yak-so.    Hair.
Ya-kwah-tin.    Abdomen,' entrails.
Yi-em.    To relate ; to confess.
Yootl'-kut.    Long j length.
Yoot-skut.    Short.
Youlth.   Glad j proud j high-spirited. CoNYEJ^SATION.
Good morning;'
Good evening;
Good day, etc.
Come here.
; How are you ?
Are you sick ?
Are you hungry?
Are you thirsty ?
.'Will you eat something?
Do you want to work ?
At what ?
Cut some wood ?
What do you want for cutting that lot of wood ?
One dollar.
Kla-h6w-ya, six ?
Chah-co yah-wa.
Kar-ta mi-ka ?
Mi-ka sick?
*Nah, o-lo mi-ka ?
*Nah, o-lo chuck mi-ka ?
Mi-ka tik-eh muck-a-muck?
Mi-ka tik-eh mam-ook ?
Ikta mi-ka mam-ook?
Mam-ook stick ?
' Kon-si dol-la  spose   mi-ka
mam-ook kon-a-way 6-*
koke stick ?
Ikt dol-la.
*Nah ? is the interrogatory sign, and may be placed before or
Rafter the first word. 56
That is
much.    I
Hy-as mar-kook.
a dollar.
latch sit-kum d
No ! give three quarters.
Wake, six! po'.-latch  klone
Very well; commence.
Kloshe kah-kwa; mam-ook
Where is the ax ?
Kar la-hasli ?
There it is.
Cut it small for the stove.
Mam-ook ten-as spose chick-
a-min pi-ah.
Give me a saw.
Pot-latch la-see.
I have no saw; use the ax.
Ha-lo la-see; is-kum la-hash.
Bring it inside.
■ Lo lo stick ko-pa house.   *-
Where shall I put it?
"Kar ni-ka marsh 6-cnke.
Here is something to eat.
Yah^kwa     mit-lite     mi-ka
Here is some bread.
-Yah-kwa mit-lite pi-ah sap-
Bring me some water.
Klat-a-wa is-kum chuck.
Where shall I get it?
Kar ni-ka is-kum ?
In the river there.
Ko-pa chuck yah-wa.  jgptl
Make a fire.
Mam-ook pi-ah.
Boil the water.
Mam-ook lip-lip chuck.
Cook the meat.
Mam-ook pi-ah  6-coke  itl-
wil-le. CHINOOK DICTIONARY.                            57
Wash the dishes. Wash 6-coke la-plah.
In what? Ko-pa kar?
In that dish.   ' Ko-pa 6-coke la-plah.
Come here, friend. Chah-co yah-kwa, six.
What do you want ? Ik-ta mi-ka tik-eh ?
Carry this trunk  to  the Lo-lo o-coke la-cas-set ko-
steamboat. pa pi-ah ship.
Carry this bag. Lo-lo o-coke la-sak.
What will you give m:? Ik-ta mi-ka pot-latch ?
One quarter. Ikt quah-ta.
Very well; and something Kloshe kah-kwa;   pee lento eat ? as muck-a-muck ?
Is it heavy? Hy-as till o-coke?
No. Wake.
Are you tired? Mi-ka chah-co till?
Are you able to carry it ? Nah,  skoo-kum mika lo-lo
6-coke ?
How far ? Kon-si si-ah ?
A short distance. Wake si-ah.
Will you sell that fish? Mika tik-eh   m r-kook   6-
coke pish ?
Which of them ? Klax-ta ?
rThat large one. O-coke hy-as.
What is the price ? Kon-si chick-a-min ?
I'll give you two bits. Ni-ka pot-latch mox bit.
I'll give you a half dollar. Ni-ka put-latch sit-kum dol-
l'a, 58 CHINOOK
No, that is not enough.
I don't want it to-day.
Wake o-coke hy-iii.
Ni-ka  wake  tik-eh   o-coke
What do you think of this
It is very pleasant.
How long have you lived
here ?
I have always lived here.
Did  you  get   your   wife
Yes, sir.
Ik-ta mi-ka tum-tum 6-coke
ill-a-he ?
O-coke hy-as kloshe.
Kon-si lo-lo mi-ka mit-lite
yah-kwa ?
Kwqn-e-sum  nika  mit-lite.
Nah,   mi-ka   is-kum  mi-ka
klooch-man yah-kwa ?
The examples given illustrate the use of many of the words
in the vocabulary. The absence of the article and poverty of
the minor parts of speech make the combination of words in
sentences abrupt and harsh. The iollowing attempt at representation in Chinook of the best known words in the English
language shows the lack of adaptation of Chinook to any use
but that of simplest conversation and trading purposes. The "L
ord's Prayer^
Nesika papa klaxta  mitlite  kopa sahale,
Our       Father   who art in     the above
(or Heaven,)
kloshe  kopa  nesika   tumtum   mika   nem ;
good       in our hearts     (be)thy    name;
kloshe  mika tyee kopa konaway tilakum ;
good      thou     chief   among all people;
kloshe   mika  tumtum  kopa illahe  kahkwa
good       thy will upon     earth as
kopa sahale ; potlatch konaway sun nesika
in    the above;     give every       day       our
miickamuck,  pee kopet-kumtiiks  konaway
food and        remember not all 60 CHINOOK   DICTIONARY.
nesika   mesache,  kahkwa   nesika  mamook
our sins as we do
kopa klaska spose mamook mesahche kopa
to       them     that do wrong to
nesika;  marsh  siah  kopa  nesika   konaway
us;     put away    far      from us all
mesahche. Kloshe kahkwa.
evil. Amen. APPENDIX.
Afternoon. Kimtah-sit- Alder.       Issick    stick,
kum-sun. (Laterally,    "Paddle-
wood;" the same
word is used for ash
Back.    Emeek.
Bear (black). Its-
Begin.  Mam-ook-alta.
Bowels. Kiyah, or
Le pan
Can.   Opekwan. Carrion.   Pu-pu.
Carbine.   Calipeen.        Cold.   Tshish; cole.
Center.   Katsuk. Count.   Mamook Kon-
Conscience.   Tum-tum.     si or Kwinnum.
Cousin.   Karpo. Coward,   or   Cowardly.
Cup   (or   bowl.)    Oos-    Kwass.
Daughter.    O-kus-tee. Dear   (beloved.)    Beh-
Dear,    (high   priced.)      beh.
Hyas mahkook. 62 CHINOOK  DICTIONARY.
Earn.  Tolo, (misprint- Eighth.    Sitkum kwah-
ed above lolo.) ta.
Except.   Marsh or pee.
Fathom (a.)   Eth-low. Fork  (table.)    Opitsah
Fine (like flour.) Klim-    six, or  la  poo-shett.
min. Forks (ot a river.)    La-
Fine  (beautiful.) kloshe    boos mox.
Garment.    Sill  or  sail. Gall.   Kli-kli.
Goblin or Ghost.   Tsi- Good Spirit (a) Econe.
atko. Grandmother.   Chitch.
Herring.   Ool-chus.        Hot.   Hyas waum.
Hungry.   Olo. Husband  (a./   Tilshel.
Keen    (inclement,    se- Know how (to.)  Kum-
vere.)   Pah-kis-ilth.        tux.
Little (a small amount) Long time.   Layly.
Tenas  hyiu.
Mud.   Waight. Moose.   Ulchey.
Nose.   Emeets. Neck.  Le coo or Oqua-
Nuts.   Tukwilla. nax.
New, just now.   Chee.   North wind.   Snoblo. CHINOOK DICTIONARY. 63
Off, away.  Klak. Oysters.   Klogh.
Ornamental,  gay col-   Onions.   Ulalach or
ors.   Tzum. lonion.
Plenty.   Hyiu. Pshaw.   Kwish.    (This
word is an exclamation refusing anything with contempt.)
Ribs.   Eetinwil. Round  (like a ring or
Round (like a sphere.)    circle.)   Tsole.
Saliva, or spittle.  Toh. Save, keep or gain. Is-
Swift.  Toto. kum.
Sick.   Etsitsa, or sick.   Shoulders.   Ok-chock.
Soon.   Tshikeh, alki.     Slave (a.)   Mistchimas.
Stuff.   Ik-tah. Stirrup.   Sitlay.
Swim.  Sit-shum. Sun.   Otelagh, or sun.
Sunrise.   Sun mitwit.
Tobacco.   Kin-oos;        lomorrow.   Waki.
(in Klickitat, Tah-     Thirsty.   Olo-chuck.
United States.  Boston Illahe.
Wild.   Le-molo. Wife.      Oquack-a-kull;
Will you? or "are you     Klootchman.
going to?"   Nah.       Wings,  Tepeh .  THE BEST MAPS
The J. K. Gill Co., Portland
These maps are issued in convenient and durable pocket form, and are also handsomely
mounted on rollers, for Schools, etc. Recent corrections, showing every postoffice and hamlet,
as well as the more important features of railroads, highways, towns and cities and the correct natural topographv. make this map the most
perfect and convenient published.
The publishers beg to state that the present
edition of these maps is far more complete than
any previous one issued; comprises latest surveys of United States lands; all new towns; railroad lines finished and proposed; highways from
all Important points, (found In no other map;)
and the most perfect representation of the natural topography. The J. K. Gill Co.,
Books and Stationery
. The Publishers of the Chinook Dictionary beg
to inform all dealers in Books, Stationery, etc.,
and the public of the Northwest, that their stock
Is most complete, the latest and the best in Oregon.
We can supply customers in any part of this  and
adjoining States with
School Text Books, Medical, Scientific,
Mechanical and Special, Agricultural,
Historical, Poetical,
and miscellaneous Books at the publishers advertised prices.
We   offer   to   buyers   of   Books   for   Private,
| School,  Sunday School, or Circulating Libraries
j a complete and carefully selected stock, at the
lowest prices.
' THE  J.   K.   GILL  CO.,
Cor.  Third and Alder Sts.,  Portland.


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