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A dictionary of the Chinook jargon, or, Indian trade language, of the north Pacific Coast Gibbs, George, 1815-1873 1871

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Array A 
Chinook Jargon OR 
Of  the   North   Pacific   Coast 
Victoria, B.C.
Ali-ha, adv.   Yes. .
Ahn-kutte, or Ahn-kot-tie. Formerly; before now. ' With the
accent prolonged on the first syllable, a long time ago. Ex.
Ahnkntte lakit sun, lour days ago ; Tenas alinkutte, a little
while since.
Al-ah. Expression of surprise. Ex. Alah mika chahko! ah.youVe
Al-kie.   Presently; in a little while; hold on; not so fast.
Al-ta.   Now; at the present time.
A-mo-te.   The strawberry.
An-ah, inteirj. An exclamation denoting pain, displeasure or depreciation. Ex. Anah nawitka mika halo shem, ah, indeed you
are without shame. .
Ats, n.   A sister younger then the speaker.
A-yah-whul, v.   To lend; borrow.
Be-be.   A word used towards children; A kiss: to kiss.
Bed, n.   A bed.
Bit or Mit.    A dime.
Bloom, n.   A broom.   Mamook bloom, to sweep.
Boat.   A boat, as distinguished from a canoe.
Bos-ton, n. adj. An American. Boston illahie. the Uniced States.
Bur-dash.   An hermaphrodite.
Cal-li-peen, n.   A rifle.
Ca-nim, n.   A canoe.    Canim stick, the  cedar, or   wood from
which canoes are usually made.
Chah-ko. To come; to become. Ex. Kansih mika ehaco? when
did you come?    Chahko kloshe, to get well.
Chak-chak.   The bald eagle.
Chee. Lately; just now; new. Chee aika ko, I hate just arrived.
Hyas chee, entirely new.
Chet-lo or Jet-lo, n.   An oyster,
Chik-a-min, n. adj. Iron ; metal; metallic. T'kope chikamin,
silver; Pil chikamin, gold or copper. Chikamin lope,
wire; a chain.
Chik-chik.   A wagon or cart. '
Chil-chil.   Buttons.
Chitsh. n.   A grandmother.
Chope, n.    A grandfather,
Cho-tub, n.   A flea.
Chuck, n. Water; a river or stream. Salt chuck, the sea; Skoo-
kuin chuck, a rapid; Solleks chuck, a rough sea; chuck chahko or kalipi, the tide rises or falls; saghilli and keekwillie
chuck, high and low tide.
Chuk-kin.   To kick.
Close.   See Klose.
Cly, v.   To cry.
Cole, adj. Cold. Cole iliahie, winter; Icht cole, a year; Cole
sick waum sick, the fever and ague.
Comb. A eomb. Mamook comb, to comb; Mamook comb ilia-
hie, to harrow.
Coo-ley. To run. Cooley kiuatan, a race-horse; Yahka hyas
Rumtuks cooley, he can, i. e. knows how to run well.
Coop-coop, n.   Shell money..   See Hykwa.
Co-sho, n.   A hog; pork.   Siwash eosho, a seal.
Cultus, adj. Worthless; good for nothing; without purpose. Ex.
Cultus man, a worthless fellow; Cultus potlatch, a present
or free gift; Cultus heehee, a iest; merely laughing;; Cultus
nannitsh. to look around; Cultus mitlite, to sit idle ; Cultus
klatawa. to stroll. Ques. What do you want ? Ans. Cultus
i. e. nothing.
De-late.   Straight; direct.   Ex. Klatawa  delate, go straight;
delate wauwau, tell the truth.
Di-aub.   The devil.
D'ly.   Dry.    Chako dely, to become dry; mamook dely, to dry.
Doc-tia.   A doctor.
Dol-la.   A dollar ; money.    Chikamin dolla, silver ; Pil dolla,
gold; Dolla siaghost, spectacles. PART I.     CHINOOK—ENGLISH. 3
Eh.kah-nam, n.   A tale or story.
Eh-ko-li, n.   A whale.
Ee-na, n.   A beaver.   Eena stick ("literally beaver wood), the
Ee-na-poo or In-a-poo.   A lonse.   Sopen inapoo, a flea.
Ek-keb.    A brother-in-law.
E-la-han.    Aid; assistance; alms.   Mamook elann, to help.
E-lip.   First; before; elip lolo chuck, in the first place carry
water ; elip kloshe, best; elip tillikum, the first people.
E-li-te.   A slave.
E-salt'h.   Indian corn or maize
Get-up.    To get up; rise.
Glease.    Grease.    Hyiu glease, very fat; too-toosh glease, butter.
Hah-lakl.    Wide: open.   Ex. Mamook hahlakl la pote, open the
Haht-haht, n.   The mallard duck.
Hak-at-shum, n.   A handkerchief.
Ha-lo.   None; absent.    Q, Halo salmon mika ? have you no fish?
A. Halo, none.    Q. Kah mika papa ? where is your father ?
A. Halo, he is out.   Halo wind, breathless; dead.   Halo
glease, lean.   Halo iktas, poor; destitute.
Haul, v.   To haul or pull.
Hee-hee, n. Laughter; amusement.    Cultus heehee, fun ; mamook
heehee, to amuse; heehee house, any place of amusement, as a
tavern, bowling alley, &c.
Hoh-hoh, n., v.   To cough.
Hool-Hool, n.   A mouse.   Hyas hoolhool, a rat.
House, n.   A house.    Mahkook house, a store.
Howh.   Turn to; hurry.
How-kwutl. Inabillity.   Ex.   Howkwutl nika   klatawa?  how
could I go ?
Hul-lel, v. n.   To shake.
Hul-o-i-ma.    Other; another; different.   Ex, Huloima tillikum, a
different-tribe or poople; hyas huloima, very different.
Humm, n., v.   A stink or smell; to stink.   Huram opootsh, a
Hunl-kih.    Curled or curlv; knotted; crooked.
Huy-huy, n. v. To barter or trade. Ex. Huyhuy la sille, change
the saddle; huyhuy tumtum, to change one's mind.
Hwah.   Surprise or admiration; also earnestness.
Hy-ak,   Swift, "fast, quickly, hurry, make haste.
Hy-as. Large, great, very. Hyastyhee, a great chief; hyas mah-
cook, a great price; dear; hyas ahnkutte, a long time ago ;
hyas closhe, very good.
Hy-iu. Much, many, plenty, enough. Hyiu tillicum, a crowd;
many people; hyiu muckamuck, plenty to eat; tenas hyiu,
some; few; wake hyiu, not many or not much.
Hy-kwa.   The shell money of the Pacific coast.
Ik-kik,   A fish-hook.
Ik-poo-ie.   To shut.    Ikpooie la pote,  shut the door; mamook
ikpooie, to surround; ikpooie kwillan, deaf.
Ikt.    One, once.   Ikt man, a man; ikt nika klatawa copa yahka
house, I have been once to his house.
Ik-tah.   What.   Iktah okook, what is that ? iktah mika tikegh,
what do you want? iktah, well, what now?
Ik-tahs.   Goods, merchandise.   Hyiu iktahs, a great many goods
or merchandise.
Il-la-hie, n.   The ground; the earth; dirt.   T.ipso illahie, prairie;
saghallie illahie, mountains or high landjheaven.   Hyiu illahie kopa, dirty (literary much dirt upon).
In-a-poo.   A louse.   Sopen inapoo, a flea.
In-a-ti.    Across; opposite to: on the other side of.    Inati chuck,
on the other side of the river; klatawa inati, to cross over.
Ip-soot.   To hide one's self, or anything; to keep secret.   Ipsoot
klatawa, to steal off; ipsoot wau-wau, to whisper.
Is-ick, n.   A paddle.   Mamook isick, to paddle.
Is-ick stick, n.   The ash.   Literally paddle wood.
Is-kum, v.   To take; take hold of; hold; get.   Iskum okook lope,
hold on to that rope; mika na iskum? did you get it?
It-lan, n.   A fathom.
It-lo-kum, n.  The game of " hand."  Mamook itlokum, to gamble.
Itl-wil-lie, n.   The flesh; meat of any animal.   Kqnaway nika
itwillie sick, all my flesh is sore.
Jts-woot.   A black bear.   Itswoot paseesie, thick dark cloth or
Kah.   Where, whither, whence.   Kah mika mitlite? where do
you live ? konaway kah, everywhere; kahkah, here and there.
Kah-kah.  A crow.
Kahkwa, adv. Like; similar to; equal with. Ex. Kahkwa nika
tumtum, so I think; kahkwa hyas nika, as large as I; kahkwa
spose, as if; kloshe kahkwa, that is right; good so.
Kah-na-way, n.    Acorns.   Kahnaway stick, the oak.
Kahp-ho.    Brother, sister or cousin.
Kah-ta. How; why. Kahta nika mamook okook ? why do you
do that? kahta mika chahko? bow did you come? kahta
mika ? what is the matter with you ? pe kahta ? and why so?
Kal-ak-a-lah-ma, n.   A goose.
Kal-a.kwah-tie, n. The inner bark of the cedar; the petticoat or
skirt lormerly worn by women and often made of strands of
bark.    Kalakwahtie stick, the cedar tree.
Ka-li-tan, w. An arrow; shot; a bullet, Kalitan le sac, a quiver;
a shot pouch.
Kal-lak-a-la.    A bird.
Ka-mas.    A bulbous root used for food.
Kam-ooks, n.    A dog.   Kahkwa kamooks, like a dog: beastly.
Ka-mo-suk. n. Beads. Tyee kamosuk (chief beads) the large
blue glass beads.
Kap-swal-la. To steal. Kapswalla klatawa, to steal away; kap-
sualla mamook, to do secretly.
"Kat-suk.    The middle or centre of any thing.
Kau-py.    Coffee.
Ka-wak, v.    To fly.
Kaw-ka-wak.    Yellow or pale green.
Kee-kwil-lie. Low ; below ; under ; beneath ; down. Mamook
keekwillie, to lower. Mitlite keekwillie, to set down ; put
Keep-wot. A needle ; the sting of an insect; a thorn. Shoes
keepwot, an awl.
Keh-loke, n.   A swan.
Keh-see.   An apron.
Keh-wa.    Because,
Kel-a-pi, v. To turn ; return ^overturn ; upset. Kelapi canim,
to upset a canoe ; hyak kelapi, come back quickly ; kelapi
kopa house, go back to the house; mamook kelapi, to bring,
send or carry back; kelapi tumtum, to change one's iniad.
Kes-chi.   Notwithstanding, although.
Ket-ling.   A kettle, can, basin, &c.
Kil-it-sut, n.   Flint, a bottle, glass.
Kimta. Behind, after, afterwards, last, since. Klatawa kimtah,
go behind; nika elippe yahka kimtah, I first and he afterwards; okook kimtah, the one behind;'Jrimtah nika nannitsh
mika, since I saw you. 6 DICTIONARY OP THE CHINOOK JARGON.
King George.    English.   King George man, an Englishman.
Ki-nootl.   Tobacco.
Kish-Kish, v.    To drive, as cattle or horses.
Kiu-a-tan, n.   A horse.   Stone kiuatan, a stallion.
Ki-wa.    Crooked.
Ki-yah. n.   Entrails.
Klah, adj.   Free or clear from; in sight.    Ex. Chee yahka klah,
now he is in sight,    klatawa klah. to escape.    Chahko klah,
(of seed) to come up ; (of the woods) to open out; (of the
weather) to clear up; mamook klah, to uncover.
Klah-hanie.   Out of doors, out. without.   Ex.   Mamook klag-
hanie okook, put that out; klatawa klaghanie, to go out.
Kla-how-ya.   How do you do ? good-bye. Ex. Klahowya sikhs,
good-bye, friend,
Kla-how-yum.   Poor, miserable, wretched, compassion.    Hyas
klahowyurn nika, I am very poor ; mamook klahowyum. to
take pity on: give alms; be generous,
Klah-wa, adv. Slow, slowly.   Klatawa klahwa, go slowly.
Klak, adv.   Off.   Ex. Mamook klak stone kiuatan, to castrate a
horse; mamook klak 1'assietto, take of the plates ; klak kopa
wayhut, get out of the road.
Klaks-ta.   Who.   Klaksta mamook okook ? who made or did
that? halo klaksta, no one.
Klak-wun or Kleh-kwan.    To wipe or lick. Klakwun l'assiette,
to wipe a plate.
Klale or T'klale.    Black or dark blue or green.
Klap, v. To find. Ex. Mika na klap mika kiuatan ? did you find
your horse? klap tenas, to be with child.
Kla-pite, n.   Thread, twine.
Klas-ka or Klus-ka.    They, thine, them.
Klat-a-wa, v.   To go.   Klatawa teawhit, to walk ; go on foot.
Klatawa kopa kiuatan, to ride.   Klatawa kopa boat, to sail.
Mamook klatawa, to send.
Kla-whap.   A hole.    Mamook klowhap, to dig a hole.
Klem-a-hun, v.   To stab, to wound, to dart, to cast as a spear, to
hook or gore as an ox.   Nika klemahun samun, I spear salmon.
Klihl or Klilt, adj.   Bitter.
Klik-a-muks, n.   Blackberries or more properly dewberries.
Klik-wal-lie.   Brass.
Klim-in-a^whit, n. v.    A lie; to lie. Hyas kumtuks kliminawhit,
he is a great liar. PART 1     CHINOOK—ENGLISH. 7
Klim-min.   Soft;   fine in substance.   Ex.   Klimmin sapoleel,
flour.   Klimmin illahie,  mud;  marshy   ground.    Mamook
klimmin, to soften as by dressing a skin.
Klip.    Deep; sunken. Klip chuck, deep water. Klip sun, sunset.
Klis-kwiss.    A mat.
Klogh-klogh.    Oysters.
Klo-nass.    Uncertainty ; doubt; I don't know ; may be so ; who
knows?   Ex. Klonass nika klatawa, perhaps I shall go. Q.
Kah mika kahpho ? where is your brother?   A. Klonass, I
don't know.
Klone.    Three.
Klook.    Broken.    Klook teahwit, broken legged; lamo.
Klootch-mah. A woman; a female of any animal. Tenas klootch-
raan, a girl.    Klootohman kiuatan, a mare.
Kloshe.   Good; well; enough.    Kloshe nannitsh, look out ; take
care.    Hyas kloshe, very well.
Klose-spose.    Shall or may I; let me.    Ex.   Klose-spose nika
mamook pia okook? shall I eook that? (literally, [is it] good
that 1 make cook that ?)
Klugh    To tear.    Mamook klug illahie, to plough.
Kluk-ulh.    Broad or wide, as of a plank.
Ko.   To reach ; arrive at.    Chee klaska ko. they have just come.
Kansih nesika ko kopa Nisqually ? when skill we reach Nis-
qually ?
Ko'ko.   To knock.   Koko stick, a woodpecker.
Kok-shut.   To break ; broken ; to beat.   Hyas kokshut, broken
to pieces.
Kon-a-way.    All; every.   Klaska konaway klatawa, they have
all gone.    Konaway tilikum, everybody.   Konaway kah,
Koo-sah.    The sky.
Ko-pa.    To; in ; at; with ; towards ;  of;  about;  conceraing ;
there or in that place.    Ex. Kopa nika house, at my house.
Lolo okook kopa mika, take that home with you. Cultus kopa
nika, it is nothing to me,
Ko-pet.   To stop; leave off; enough.   Kopet wau-wau, stop talking.   Kopet ikt, only one.   Kopet okook, that's all.   Wake
siah kopet, nearly finished.   Kopet tomalla, day  after tomorrow.
Kow.   To tie ; to fasten.    Kow mika kiuatan, tie your horse.
Ikt kow, a bundle.
Kul-lagh.    A fence ; corral or enclosure.    Kullagh stick, fence
rails. 8"
Kull.   Hard in substance; difficult.    Chahko kull. to  become
hard.   Mamook kull, to harden; to cause to become hard.
Hyas kull spose mamook, it is very hard to do so.   Kull
stick, oak or any hard'wood.
Kumtuks.   To know; understand; be acquainted with ; imagine;
believe.   Mamook kumtuks, to explain.    Kopet kumtuks, to
forget.     Halo  kumtuks, stupid;   without understanding.
Kumtuks kliminawhit, to be a liar.    Nika  kumtuks okook
tyee, I know that chief.   Nika kumtuks Klikatat wau-wau,
I understand the Klikatat language.
Konaway moxt.    Both; together.   Konaway moxt kahkwa, both
Kun-sih.   How many; when; ever. Kunsih tilikum mitlite ? how
many people are there? kunsih mika klatawa? when do you
go ?   Wake kunsih, never.    Mamook kunsih, to count.
Kush-is.   Stockings.
Kwah-ne-sum.   Always; forever.
Kwah-nice.   A whale.
Kwahta.   The quarter of a dollar.
Kwah-tin.   See Yakwahtin.
Kweest.   Nine.
Kwa-lal.   To galop.
Kwal'h.   An aunt.
Kwan-kwan.    Glad.
Kwash.   Fear ; afraid ; tame.   Mamook kwash, to  frighten ; to
Kwates.   Sour.
Kweh-kweh.  'A mallard duck.
Kwek-wi-ens.   A pin.
Kweo-kweo.   A ring; a circle.
Kwetlh.   Proud.
Kwin-num.   Five.
Kwish.    .Refusing anything contemptuously.
Kwit-shad-ie.   The hare or rabbit.
Kwo-lann.   The ear.   Halo kwolann or ikpooie kwolann, deaf.
Kwult'h.   To hit; to wound with an arrow or gun.
Kwun-nun. A count; numbers. Ex. Mamook kwunnun, to count.
Kwutl.   Literally fast; to pusb or squeeze.   Hyas mamook kwutl
haul tight.
La-bleed.   A bridle.
La-boos.   The mouth; the mouth of a river,
forks of a river.
Moxt laboos, the PART I.     CHINOOK—ENGLISH. 9
La-boo-ti.    A bottle.
La-ca-lat.    A carrot.
La-ca-set.    A box, trunk or chest.
La-clo-a.    A cross.
Lagh. To lean ; to tip as a boat ; to stoop ; to bend over as a
tree. Wake mika lagh kopa okook house, don't lean against
that house.
La-gome. Pitch ; glue. La gome stick, light-wood ; the pitch-
La-gwin.    A saw.
La-hal.    See Slahal.
Lahb.   The arbutus.
La-hash.    An axe or hatchet.
Lak-it.   Four; four times.   Lakit tahtlelum, forcy,
La-kles.    Fat; oil.
La-lah. To cheat; fool; to practise jokes. Mamook lalah, to
make fun.
La-lahm.    An oar.    Mamook lalahm, to row.
La-lang.    The tongue: a language.
La-leem.   A file
La-messe.    The ceremony ofthe mass.
La-mes-tin.    Medicine.
Lam-mi-eh.    An old woman.
La-mon-ti.    A mountain.
La-peep.   A tobacco-pipe.   Lapeep kullakala, the pipe bird.
La-pchsh.   A pole; the setting pole of a canoe or boat.
La-pel-lah.    Roast.    Mamook lapellah, to roast before the fire.
La-pelle.    A shovel or spade.
La-pe-osh.    A mattock; a hoe.
La-piege.    A trap.
La-plash.   A board.
La-po-el.    A frying pan.    Mamook lapoel, to fry.
La-pome.   An apple.
La-pool.    A fowl; poultry.   Siwash lapool, the grouse.
La poo-shet.   A fork.
La-pote.   A door.
La-sarijel.    A girth; a sash; a belt.
La-see.    A saw.
La-sell,    A saddle.
La-shal-loo.    A plough.
La-shan-del.    A candla.
La-shase.    A chair.
Las-siet.   A plate.
La-sway.    Silk; silken.
La-tahb:   A table.
La-tet.   The head.   Pil latet, red-headed.
La-tlah.   A noise,   Mamook latlah, to make a noise.
La-ween.   Oats.
La-west.   A waistcoat.
Lazy.   Lazy.
Le-bah-do.    A shingle.
Le-bal.    A ball; bullet.    Tenass lebal, shot.
Le-bis-kwie.   Biscuit; crackers; hard bread.
Le-blau.    A sorrel horse; chestnut colored.
Le-clem.    Cream-colored; a cream colored or light dun horse.
Le-eock.   A cock; a fowl,
Le-doo.    A finger.
Le-gley.    A gray horse; gray.
Le-jaub.   See Diaub.
Le-kleh.   A key.   Mamook le kleh, lock the door.
Le-kloo.   A nail; nails.
Le-koo.    The neck.
Le-kye.   A spot; spotted or speckled.   Lekye salmon, the Spotted
or winter salmon.
Lo-lo-ba.   A ribbon.
Le-loo.    A wolf.
Le-mah     The hand; the arm.    Kloshe lemah, the right hand.
Potlatch lemah. shake hands.
Le-mah-to.    A hammer.
Le-mel.    A mule.
Le-mo-lo.    Wild; untamed
Le-moo-to.   Sheep.
Le-pan.   Bread; raised orjight bread
Le-pee.   The feet.
Le-pish-e-mo.    The saddle blankets and housings of a horse.
Le-plet.   A priest.
Le-pwau.   Peas.
Le-sak.   A bag; a pocket.
Le-sap.   An egg; eggs.
Lc-see-blo.   Spurs.
Le-see-zo.   Scissors.
Le-sook.   Sugar.
Le-tah.   The teeth.
Le-whet.   A whip.    Mamook lewhet, to whip.
Lice.   Rice.
Lik-pu-hu.   An elder sister.
Lip-lip.   To boil.    Mamook liplip, to make or cause to boil.
Lo-lo. To carry; to load. Lolo kopa chikchik, to carry in a cart.
Mamook lolo kopa canim, to load iuto a canoe.
Lo-wul-lo.    Round; whole; the entire of any thing.    Lowullo
sapeleel, whole wheat.   Mamook lowullo, to roll up.
Lope.    A rope.   Tenas lope, a cord.   Skin lope, a rawhide.
Lum.    Rum.
Mah-kook. To buy or sell. Kah mika mahkook okook calipeen?
where did you buy that rifle ? Hyas mahkook, dear. Tenas
mahkook, cheap.
Mah-kook-house.   A trading house or a> store.
Mah-lie.   To forget.
Mahsh, To leave; to turn out; to throw, away; to part with; remove. Ex. Mahsh chuck kopa boat, bail the boat out. Mahsh
okook salmon, throw away that fish. Mahsh mika capo, take
off your coat. Yaka mahsh tum-tum kopa nika, he has
given me his orders.
Mah-sic.    Thank you.
Maht-lin-nie.    Off shore.
Maht-wil-lie.    In shore; shoreward; keep in.
Ma-lah.    Tinware; crockery; earthenware.
Mal-i-eh.    To marry.
Ma-ma.    A mother.
Mam-ook.    To make; to do; to work.
Man.    A man.    Ex.„Tenas man, a young man or boy.
ilel-a-kwa.   A mosquito.
Mel-ass.    Molasses.
Mem-a-loost.   To die; dead.
Me-sah-chie.   Bad; wicked.
Me-si-ka.    You; your; yours.
Mi-ka.    Thou; thy; thine.
Mi-mie.   Down stream.
Mist-chi-mas.   A slave.
Mit-ass.   LeggiDgs.
Mit-lite. To sit; sit down; stay at; reside ; remain. Ex. Mitlite
nika hyiu salmon kopa,*sit down I have you plenty of salmon
Mitlite keekwillie, to put down.
Mit-whit. To stand; stand up, Mitwhit stick, a standing tree ;
a mast.
Mokst.    Two; twice.
Moo-la.    A mill.
Mamook raemaloost, to kill. 12 DICTIONARY OP THE CHINOOK JARGON.
Moo-lock.    An elk.
Moon.   The Moon.   Ikt moon, a month.   Sick  moon, the  wane
. or old moon.
Moos-moos.   Buffalo: horned cattle.
Moo-sam. To sleep; sleep. Nika hyas moosam, Isleptvery sound.
Mow-itsh.    A deer; venison.
Muck-a-muck.   To eat I to bite; food.    Muckamuck chuck, to
drink water.
Musket.    A gun or musket.   Stick musket, a bow.
Na. The interrogative particle. Ex. Mika na klatawa okook
sun ? do vou go to-day ? Interrogation is, however, often
conveyed by intonation only.
Nah.   Look here! I say!    Nah sikhs! halloo, friend I
Nan-itsh. To see; look; look for: seek. Nanitsh yahka, look there.
Kloshe nanitsh. look out: take care. Onltus nanitsh, to look
round idlv or from curiosity only. Mamook nanitsh, to show.
Nau-its.    The sea beach.
Na-wit-ka. Yes ; certainly ; yes indeed : to be sure. Nawitka
wake nika kumtuks, indeed I don't know. Wake mika nanitsh ? did you not see [itl?   Nawitka, I did not.
Nera.    A name.    Mamook nem. to name or call by name.
Ne-nam-ooks.   The land otter.
Ne-si-ka.    We ; us ; our.
Ne-whah. Hither; come, or bring it hither. Ex. Newhah nika
nanitsh, here, let me see it.
Ni-ka.   I; me; my'; mine.
Nose. The nose; also, a promontory. Boat nose, the bow of a
O-koke.   This; that: it.   Iktah okook ? what is that ?   Okook
sun. to-day.    Okook klaksta, he who.    Okook klaska, they
(being present).
O-la-pits-ki.    Fire.
O-le-man.    Old man.   An old man ; old ; worn out.    Hyas ole-
man kiuatan, a very old horse.
Ol-hv-iu.   A seal.
O-lil-lie.    Berries.   Shot olillie, huckleberries.   Siahpult olillie
raspberries.   Salmon olillie, salmon berries.
O-lo.   Hungry.    Olo chuck, thirsty; olo moosum, sleepy.
O-luk.    A snake.
Oos-kan.     A eop; a bowl. PART I.     CHINOOK—ENGLISH. 13
O-pe-kwan.    A basket; tin kettle.
O-pitl-kegh.   A bow.
O-pit-sah.    A knile.    Opitsah yahka sikhs, (the knife's friend,)
a fork.
O-poots.   The posterior ;  the tail of an animal.   Boat opoots.
the rudder.    Opoots-sill, a breech clout.
Ote-lagh.   The sun.
Ow.   A brother younger than the speaker.
Pahtl.    Full.    Pahtl lum or paht-lum, drunk.    Pahtl chuck, wet,
Paint.    Paint.    Mamook paint, to paint.
Papa.    A father.
Pa-see-sie.   A. blanket; woollen cloth.
Pa-si-ooks.    A Frenchman.
Pchih or Pit-chib.   Thin in dimensions.
Pe-cbugh. Green.
Pee.   Then; besides; and; or; but. Pee weght, and also; besides
which.   Pee nika wauwau wake, but I say, No.
Peh-pah. Paper; a letter; any writing. Mamook pehpah, to write.
Pel-ton.   A fool; foolish; crazy.    Kahkwa pelton,  like a fool.
Hyas pelton mika, you are very silly.
Pe-shak.    Bad.
Pe-what-tie.   Thin, like paper.
Pi-ah.    Fire; ripe; cooked. Mamook piah, to cook; to burn. Piah
ship, a steamer.   Piah olillie, ripe berries.   Piah sapolill,
baked bread.    Piah sick, the  venereal  disease.    Saghillie
piah, lightning.
Pil. . Red; of a reddish color. Pil illahie. red clay or vermillion.
Pil dolla, gold.   Pil chikamin, copper.    Pil kiuatan, a bay
or chestnut horse.
Pil—pil.    Blood.    Mahsh pilpil, to bleed.
Pish.    Fish'.
Pit-lilh.   Thick in consistence, as molasses.
Piu-piu.    To stink; a skunk.
Poh.   To blow.    Mamook poh. to blow out or  extinguish, as a
Po-lak-lie.   Night; darkness ; dark.   Tenas pplaklie, evening.
Hyas polaklie. late at night; very dark.   Sit-kum  polaklie,
Po-lal-lie.    Gunpowder ; dust;  sand.    Polallie illahie, sandy
Poo.   The sound of a gun.    Mamook poo, to shoot.   Moxt poo,
a double-barrelled gun.    Tolmm poo, a six-shooter. 14 DICTIONARY OF THE CHIN08K JARGON.
Poo-lie.   Rotten.
Pot-latch.   A gift: to give.    Cultus potlatch, a present'or free
Pow-itsh.   A crab apple.
Puk-puk.    A blow with the fist; a fist-fight.   Mamook pukpuk,
to box ; to fight with the fists.   Pukpuk solleks, to fight in
Puss-puss.   A cat.
Sagh-a-lie.   Up; above; high.   Saghalie tyee (literally the chief
above) God.
Sail.   A sail; any cotton or linen goods.   Mamook sail, to make
sail.   Mamook keekwillie sail, to take in sail.   Tzum sail,
printed cloth or calico.
Sa-kol-eks.   Leggings; trowsers; paDtaloons.   Keekwillie sakol-
eks, drawers.
Sal-lal.   The sallal berry.
Salmon.   The salmon. Tyee salmon, i. e. chief salmon, the spring
Salt.   Salt or a salt taste.   Salt chuck, the sea.
San-de-lie.    Ash colored; a ?oan horse; roan colored.
Sap-o-lill.   Wheat; flour or meal.   Piah sapolill, baked  bread.
Lolo sapolill, whole wheat.
Se-ah-host.    The face; the eyes.   Halo  seahhost, blind.   Icht
seahhost, one-eyed.
Se-ah-po.   A hat or cap.   Seahpo olillie, the raspberry.
.  Shame or Shem.    Shame.   Halo shem mika ? arn't you ashamed
of yourself ?
Shan^tie    To sing.
She-lok-um.    A looking-glass; glass.
Ship.   Ship or vessel.   Stick ship, a sailing vessel.   Piah ship,
a steamer.   Ship man, a sailor.
Shoes.    Shoes.   Stick shoes, boots and shoes made of leather.
Shot.   Shot; lead.   Shot olillie, huckleberries.
Shu-gah.   Sugar.
Shugh.   A rattle.   Shugh opoots, a rattlesnake.
Shut.   A shirt.
Shwah-kuk.    A frog.
Si-ah.   Far; far off.    Comparative distance is expressed by intonation or repetition; as siah-siah, very far.    Wake siah,
near, not far.
Si-am.   The grizzly bear.
Sick.   Sick.    Cole sick, the ague. Sick tumtum, grieved ; sorry;
jealous; unhappy. PART I.     CHINOOK—ENGLISH. 15
Sikhs.    A friend.
Sin-a-moxt.    Soven.
Si-pah.   Straight, like a ramrod.
Sis-ki-you.    A bob-tailed horse.
Sit-kum.   A half; a part.    Sitkum dolla, half a dollar.    Sitkum
sun, noon.   Tenas sitkum, a quarter or a small part.
Sit-lay.    Stirrups.
Sit-shum.   To swim.
Si-wash.    An Indian.
Skin.    Skin.   Skin shoes, moccasins.   Stick skin, the bark of a
Skoo-kum.    Strong; strength; a ghost; an evil spirit or demon.
Skookum tumtum, brave.   Skookum chuck, a rapid.
Skwak-wal.   A lamprey eel.
Skwis-kwis.    A squirrel.
Sla-hal.   A game played with ten small  disks, one of which is
Smoke.    Smoke; clouds; fog; steam.
Snass.   Rain.    Cole snass, snow.
Snow.    Snow,
Soap.   Soap.
So-lemie.    The cranberry.
Sol-leks.    Anger ; angry.    Mamook  solleks, to fight.    Tikegh
solleks, to be hostile.    Kumtuks solleks, to be passionate.
So-pe-ua.    To jump; to leap.
Spo-oh.  Faded; any light color, as pale blue, drab, &c. Chahko
spooh, to fade.
Spoon.    A spoon. •   '
Spose.    Suppose ; if; supposing ; provided that; in  order   that.
Spose mika nanitsh nika canim, if you see my'canoe.   Spose
nika klatawa kopa Victoria, if or when I go  to Victoria.
Kahkwa spose, as if.
Stick.   A stick; a tree; wood; wooden.    Stick skin, bark.   Ship
stick, a mast.    Mitwhit stick,  a standing tree.    Icht stick,
a yard measure.    Stick shoe3, leather shoes or boots.   Isick
stick, the ash.
Stock-en.    Stockings or socks.
Stoh.    Loose.   Mamook stoh, to untie; unloose.
Stone.  A rock or stone; bone; horn; the testicles. Stone kiuatan,
a stallion.    Mahsh stone, to castrate.
Stote-kin,   Eight.
Stutchun.   The sturgeon.
Sun.    The sun ; a day.    Tenas sun, early     Sitkum sun, noon.
Klip sun, sunset.
) 16
Sunday. Sunday. Icht Sunday, a week. Hyas Sunday, a
holiday. Ex. Icht, mokst, klone sun kopet Sunday, one,
two or three days after Sunday.
Tagh-um.   Six.
Tahl-kie.    Yesterday.    Icht tahlkie, day before yesterday:
Tah-nim.    To measure.
Taht-le-lum.    Ten.    Moxt.   klone,   &c.   tahtlelum,   signifying
twenty, thirty, &c.    Tahtleum pe ickt, &c , eleven, twelve.
Tal-a-pus. The coyote or prairie wolf; a sort of deity or supernatural beinar, prominent in Indian mythology ; a sneak.
Ta-mih-no-us,    Magic; luck; fortune; any thing supernatural.
Ta-mo-litsh.    A tub; barrel; bucket.    Icht tamolitsh,  a bushel
Tanse.    To danoe.
Tea.   Tea.
Te-ah-wit.    The leg: the foot.    Klatawa teahwit, to go on foot,
to walk.    Klook teahwit, lame.
Teh-teh.   To trot, as a horse.
Ten-as.    Small ; few ; little : a child ; the young of any animal.
Mokst nika tenas, I have two children.    Tenas hyiu, a few.
Tenas sun, early.
Te-peh.    Quills; the wings of a bird.
Tik-esrh.HfTo want; wish; love: like.    Hyas tikegh, to long for.
Ikta mika tikegh ? what do you want ?
Tik-tik.    A watch.
Til-i-kum.    People.    Cultus  tilikum,  common  or   insignificant
persons.    Huloima tilikum,  strangers.    Nika  tilikum, my
Til-i-kum-ma-ma.    A father:
Till.    Tired; heavy ; weight; a  weight.    Hyas till  nika, I am
very tired.    Kansih till okook, how much does that weigh.
Mamook till, to weigh.
Tin-tin.   A bell; a musical instrument.    Mamook tintin, to ring
a bell.
T'kope.    Whiie; light colored.
Tl'kope.    To cut; hew; chop.
Toh.   Spit.    Mamook toh, to spit.
Toke-tie.    Pretty.
To-lo.   To earn; to win at a game; to gain.    Kansih dolla nika
tolo spose mamook ? how many dollars will I earn if I work.
To-mol-la.   To-morrow.    Ikt tomolla, the day after.
Tot.    An uncle. PART I.     CHINOOK—ENGLISH. 17
To-to.   To shake; sift anything; winnow.
To-toosh.   The breasts of a female; milk.   Totoosh lakles, butter.
To-wagh.    Bright: shining; light.
Tsee    Sweet.
Tsee-pie. To miss a mark ; to make a blunder. Tseepie way-
hut, to take the wrong road.
Tshi-ke.   Directly; soon.
Tsi-at-ko.    A nocturnal demon, much feared by the Indians.
Tchik-tchik. A wagon ; a cart; a wheel. Tchik-tchik wayhut,
a wagon-road.
Tsil-tsil or Chil-chil.    Buttons; the stars.
Tsish.    Sharpen.    Mamook tsish, to sharpen.
Tsole-pat.    A shot-pouch.
Tso-lo.    To wander in the dark; to lose one's way.
Tsugh. A crack or split. Mamook tsugh, to split. Chahko
tsugh, to become split or cracked.
Tuk-a-mo nuk. A hundred. It is, like ten, combined with the
digits; as icht, moxt, klone tukamonuk, one hundred, two
hundred, three hundred, <fee.
Tuk-wil-la.   The hazel nut; nuts in general.
Tum-tum. The heart; the will; opinion. Mahsh tumtum, to
give orders. Mamook tumtum, to make up one's mind.
Mamook kloshe tumtum, to make friends or peace. Sick
tumtum, griel; jealousy. Moxt tumtum nika, I am undecided. Q. Kah nesika klatawa ? where shall we go ? Mika
tumtum ? wherever you please ; as you will. Ikta mika
tumtum ? what do you think ?
Tum-wa-ta.    A waterfall, cascade or cataract.
Tup-shin. A needle. Mamook tupshin,to sew; to mend; to patch.
Tip-so. Grass; leaves; fringe; feathers; fur. Tipso illahie, prairie.
Dely tipso, hay.
Ty-ee. A chief. Saghalie tyee. the Deity. Tyee salmon, the
spring salmon.
Tzum. Mixed colors; spots or stripes; a mark or figure; writing;
paint, painted. Tzum sill, printed calico. Tzum pehpah,
writing.    Mamook tzum, to write.
Wagh.   To pour; to spill; to vomit.    Mamook wagh chuck, pour
out some water.
Wake.   No; not.
Wa-ki.    To-morrow.
Wap-pa-too.   A potato. If
Wash.    Wash.   Mamook wash, to'wash.
Waum. Warm. Hyas waum, hot. * Waum 'illahie, summer.
Mamook waum, to heat. Waum-sick-cole-sick, fever and ague
Wau-wau. To talk; speak; call; ask; tell; answer; talk *or conversation. Cultus wauwau, idle talk; stuff; nonsense. Hyas
wauwau, to shout,
Way-hut.    A road or trail.    Chikchik wayhut, a wagon-road.
Weght, Ag'iin; also; more.-,.Pe nika weght, and I too. Pot-
latch weght, give me some more. Tenas weght, a little more
Whim. To fell. Whim stick, a fallen tree. Mamook whim
okook stick, fell that tree.
Win-a-p\e.    By-and-byc; presently; wait.
Wind.    Wind.
Yah-hul.    A name.
Yah-ka.    He; his; him; she; it, <fec.
Yah-kis-ilth.    Sharp.
Yah-wa.    There ; thither ; thence ; beyond.
Yak-so.   The hair of the head ; hair generally.
Yak-wa.    Here ; hither ; this side of; this way.    Yakwa  kopa
okook house, this side of that house.
Ya-kwah-tin.    The belly; the entrails.
Yi-em.   To relate ; to tell a story; -to confess to a priest;  a
story or tale.
Youtl.    Glad ; pleased ; proud.    Hyas youtl yahka tumtum, his
heart his very glad.
Youtl-kut.    Long; length.
Yout-skut.    Short (in dimension,). PART II.   ENGLISH—CHINOOK.
Above, sagh-a-lie.
Absolve, mam-ook stoh.
Acorns, kah-na-way.
Across, in-a-ti.
Admiration, hwah.
Afraid, kwass.
After, Afterwards, kim-ta*
Again, weght.
All. kon-a-way.
Alms, e-la-han or e-lann.
Also, weght.
Although, kegh-tchie.
Always, kwan-e-sum.
American, Boston.
And, pee.
Anger, Angry, sol-leks.
Another, aallyma.
Ants, kuckwalla.
Apple, le pome.
Apron; keh-su or ki-su.
Arbutus uva ursi, lahb.
Airrive at, ko.
Arrow, ka-li-tan.
Ash. isick stick.
Assistance, e-la-han.
Asif, kah-kwa spose.
At, ko-pa.
Aunt, kwal'h.
Awl, shoes keep-wot.
Axe, la-hash.
Bad, mesahchie or peshack.
Bag, le sale.
Ball, le bal.
Bargain, mahkook ; huyhuy.
Bark, stick skin.
Barley, la reh.
Barrel, tamolitsh.
Basin, ketling.
Basket, opekwan.
Beads, kamosuk.
Bear (black) chet-woot; itswoot
(grizzly) siam.
Beat to, kokshut.
Beaver, ee-na.
Because, kehwa.
Become to, chahko.
Bed, bed.
Before, e-lip or el-ip.
Behind, kimta.
Bell, tintin.
Belly, yakwahtin.
Below, keekwillie.
Belt, la sanjel.
Berries, olillie; olallie.
Best, elip kloshe.
Between, patsuck.
Beyond, yahwa.
Bird, kulakula.
Bit or Dime, bit.
Bitter, klihl.
Black, klale.
Blackberries, klikamuk?.
Blanket, paseesie.
Blind, halo seahhost.
Blood, pilpil.-
Blow out, mamook poh.
Blue (light) spooh.
 (dark) klale. f
Blunder to, tsee-pie.
Board, la plash.
Boat, boat.
Bob-tailed ; a bob-tailed horse,
Boil to, liplip.
Bone, stone.
Borrow to, ayahwhul.
Bosom (female), totoosh.
Both, kunamoxt.
Bottle, labooti.
Bow. opitlkegh.
Bowl, ooskan.
Box, lacasett.
Bracelet, klikwallie.
Brass, klikwallie,
Brave, skookum tumtum.
Bread, piah sapolill.
Break to, kokshut.
Breasts, totoosh.
Breech clout, opoots sill.
Bridle, la bleed.
Bright, towagh
Bring hither, mamook chahko.
Broad, klukulh.
Broken, klook.
Broom, bloom.
Brother, kahpho, if elder than
the speaker ; ow, if younger.
Male cousins the same.
Brother-in-law, ek-keh.
Bucket, tamolitsh.
Buffalo, moosmoos.
Bullet, le bal; kalitan,
Bundle, kow.
But, pee.
Butter, totoosh lakles.
Buttons, tsil tsil.
Buy to, mahkook.
By-and-by, winapie.
Candle, la shandel.
Calf, tenass moosmoss.
Calico, tzum sail.
Canoe, canim.
Carrot, la calat
Carry to, lolo.
Cart, tsik tsik; chickchick.
Cascade, tumwater.
Castrate to, mahsh stone.
Cat, pusspuss.
Cataract, tumwater.
Cattle, moosmoos.
Cedar, la plash stick.
Certainly, nawitka.
Chain, lashen; chikamin lope.
Chair, la shase.
Change to, huy huy.
Christmas day, hyas Sunday.
Cheat to, la lah
Chicken, la pool.
Chief, ty-ee.
Child, tenas.
Clams, ona ; lukutchee ; lakwit-
Clams, the large kind, smetocks
Clear up, chahko klah
Cloth, (cotton) sail.
Clouds, smoke.
Coal, coal,
(-'oat, capo.
Coffee, kaupy.
Cold, cole; tshis.
Colors, mixed, tzum.
Comb, comb.
Comb to, mamook comb.
Come to, chahko.
Conceal to, mamook ipsoot.
Confess to. yiem.
Conjuring, tamahnous,
Cook to, mamook piah.
Copper, pil chikamin.
Cord, tenas lope.
Corn, esalth or yesalth.
Corral, kullagh.
Cotton goods, sail.
Cougar, hyas puss puss.
Cough, hohhoh.
Count to, mamook kwunnun.
Cousin, see brother and sister.
Cow, moos moos.
Coyote, talapus.
Crab apple, powitsh.
Cranberry, so.emie.
Crazy, pei-ton.
Cream-colored, le clem.
Crockery, piah lah.
Crooked, kiwa.
Cross, la cloa.
Crow, kahkah.
Cry to. cly.
Cup, ooskan.
Curly, hunlkih.
Gut to, tl'kope.
Dance to, tanse.
Dark, darkness, polaklie.
Day, sun.
Dead, memaloost.
Deaf, ikpooie kwillan.
Dear, hyas mahkook.
Deep, klip.
Deer, mowitsh.
Demon, skookum.
Devil, diaub; yaub; lejaub.
Different, huloima.
Difficult, kull.
Dig to, mamook illahie.
Dime, bit or mit.
Dirty, paht illahie.
Displeasure, anah.
Do to, mamook.
Doctor, doctin.
Dog, kamooks.
Dollar, dolla or tahla.
Door, ia pote.
Doubtful, klonas.
Down stream, mi-mie.
Drawers, keekwillie sakoleks.
Drink to, muckamuck chuck.
Drive to, kish kish.
Drunk, pahtlum.
Dry, dely.
Duck. (Mallard.) kweh kweh
Dust, polallie.
Eagle, chak chak.
Ear, kwolann.
Early, tenas sun.
Earn to, tolo.
Earth, illahie.
East, sun chahko.
Eat to, muckamuck.
Egg, le sap; le zep.
Eight, stotekin.
Elk, moolock.
Enclosure, kullagh.
English, ) T7--     n„
™ s,. , ' [ King George.
Jinglishman,   )       ° °
Enough, hiyu, kopet.
Entrails, kiyagh.
Evening, tenas polaklie.
Every, konaway.
Exchange, huyhuy.
Kxtinguish, mamook poh.
Eyes, seahhost.
Face, seahhost.
Faded, spooh.      -"""
Falsehood, kliminawhit.
Far, siah.
Fast (quick), hyak.
Fast (tight) kwutl.
Fasten to, kow.
Fat, glease.
Father, papa.
Fathom, itlan.
Fear, kwass.
Feathers, tupso.
Fell to, (as a tree), mamook
Fence, kullagh.
Fetch to, mamook chahko.
Fever, waum sick.
Few, tenas.
Field, klackan.
Fight to, mamook solleks.
Fight, with fists, mamook
Figured (as calico), tzum.
File, la leem.
Fill to, mamook pahtl.
Find to, klap.
Fingers, le doo.
Finish, kopet.
Fire, piah: olapitski.
First, e-lip or el-ip.
Fish, pish.
Fish-hook, ikkik.
Five, kwinnum.
Flea, sopen enapoo: chotub.
Flesh, itlwillie.
Flint, kilitsut.
Flour, sapolill.
Fly to, kawak
Fog, smoke.
Food, muckamuck.
Fool, pelton.
Foolish, pelton.
Foot, le pee.
Forever, kwahnesum.
Forget to, mahlie.
Fork, la pooshet.
Formerly, ahnkutte ; ahnkottie.
Four, lakit or lokit.
Fowl, la pool.
French, Frenchman, pasiooks.
Friend, sikhs or shikhs.
Frog, shwahku.k.
Fry to, mamook lapoel.
Frying-pan, lapoel.
Full, pahtl.
Fundament, opoots.
Gallop to, kwalal kwalal.
Gamble, mamook itlokum.
Gather to. hokumelh.
Get to, iskum.
Get out. mahsh.
Get up, get up or ketop.
Ghost, skookum.
Gift, cultus potlatch.
Girl, tenas klootchman.
Give to, potlatch.
Glad, kwann.
Go to, klatawa.
God, saghalie tyee.
Gold, pil chikamin.
Good, kloshe.
Good-bye, klahowya.
Goods, iktah.
Goose, whuywhuy; kulakula.
Grandfather, chope.
Grandmother, chitsh.
Grass, tupso.
Grease, lakles; glease.
Green, pechugh.
Grey, a grey horse, le gley.
Grieved, sick tumtum.
Grizzly bear, siam.
Ground, illahie.
Grouse, siwash la pool.
Gun, musket, sukwalal.
Gunpowder, poh-lallie. PART II.   ENGLISH—CHINOOK.
Hair, yakso.
Half, sitkum.
Hammer, lemahto.
Hand, le mah.
Hand, fgame of,) itlokum.
Handkerchief, hakatshum.
Hard, kull.
Hare, kwitshadie.
Harrow to, mamook comb illahie
Hat, seahpo; seabpult.
Haul, haul.
Hawk, shak-shak.
Hay, dely tupso.
He, his, yahka.
Head, la tet.
Heart, tum-tum.
Heaven, saghillie illahie.
Heavy, till.
Help to. mamook elann.
Hen, la pool.
Here, yakwa.
Hermaphrodite, burdash.
Hide to, ipsoot.
High, saghalie.
Hit to, kwul'h.
Hoe, la peosh.
Hog, cosho.
Hole, klawhap.
Holiday, Sunday.
Horn, stone.
Horse, kiuatan.
Horseshoes, chikamin shoes.
House, house.
How, kahta.
How are you, klahowya.
How many, kunsih ; kunjuk.
Hundred, tukamonuk..
Hungry, olo.
Huckleberries, shot olillie.
Hurry, howh; hyak.
I, nika.
If, spose.
In, kopa.
Inability, howkwutl.
Indeed, whaah.
Indian, siwash.
In shore, mahtwallie.
Iron, chikamin.
Island, staetjay.
It, yahka.
Jealous, sick tumtum.
Jump to, sopena.
Kamass-root, lakamass.
Kettle, ketling.
Key, la kley.
Kick to, chukkin.
Kiss, to kiss, bobe.
Knife, opitsah.
Knock to, koko.
Knotty, hunl-kih.
Know to, kumtuks.
Lame, klook teahwit.
Lamprey eel, skwakwal.
Land, illahee.
Language, la lang.
Large, hyas.
Lately, chee.
Laughter, heehee.
Lazy, lazy.
Lead, kalitan.
Leaf, tupso or tipso.
Leap to, sopena. 24
Lean to, lagh.
Leave to, mahsh.
Leave off, to, kopet.
Leg, teahwit.
Leggings, mitass.
Lend to, ayahwhul.
Lick to, klakwun.
Lie to, kliminawhit.
Light, towagh.
Lightning, saghallie piah.
Like, kahkwa.
Like to, tikegh.
Little, tenas.
Long, youtlkut.
Long ago, ahnkutto or abnkottie
Look to, nanitsh.
Look here! nah.
Look out! kloshe nanitsh.
Looking-glass, shelokum.
Loose, stoh.
Lose the way, to, tsolo ;
Louse, enapoo or inapoo.
Love to. tikegh.
Middle the, katsuk or kotsuk.
Midnight, sitkum polaklie.
Milk, totoosh.
Mill, mooia.
Mind the, tumtum.
Miss to, tseepie.
Mistake to, tseepie.
Moccasins, skin shoes.
Molasses, melass.
Money, chikamin.
Month, moon.
Moon, moon.
Mole, skad.
More, wejrht.
Morning, tenas sun.
Mosquito, melakwa.
Mother, mama; na-ah.
Mountain, lamonti.
Mouse, hoolhool.
Mouth, la boos.
tseepie Muc
Mule,le mel.
Musical instrument, tintin,
Musket, musket.
Mussels, toluks.
My, Mine, nika.
Magic, tamahnous.
Make to, mamook.
Man, man. N
Many, hyiu. N
Marry to, malieh. N
Mass (ceremony of,) la messe.      N
Mast, ship stick, N
Mat, kliskwiss. N
Mattock, la peosh. N
Measure to, tahnim. N
Meat, itl willie. N
Medicine, la mestin. N
Mend to, mamook tipshin. N
Menstruate to, mahsh pilpil. N
Metal, Metallic, chikamin. N
.   N-
ails,'Je cloo.
ame, nem; yahhul.
ear. wake siah.
eck,le cou.
eedle, keepwot.
ever, wake kunsik.
ew, chee.
ight, polaklie.
ine, kwaist or kweest.
o, Not, wake.
oise, la tlah.
one, halo.
onsense, cultus wauwau.
oon, sitkum sun. PART II.   ENGLISH—CHINOOK.
North, stowbelow.
Nose, nose.
Nothing, cultus.
Notwithstanding, keghtchie.
Now, alta.
1, ikt.
2, mokst,
3, klone,
4, lakit.
5, kwinnum.
6, taghum.
7, sinnamokst.
8, stotekin.
9, kwaist.
10, tahtlelum.
11, tahtlelum pe ikt.
20, mokst tahtlelum.
100, ikt tukamonuk.
Nuts, tukwilla.
Oak. kull stick.
Oar, la lahm; la lum.
Oats, la wen.
Off, klak.
Offshore, mahtlinnie.
Oil, glease.
Old, oleman.
Old man, oleman.
Old woman, lam-mieh.
One, ikt
One-eyed, ikt seahhost.
Onion, la onion.
Open, hahlakl.
Opinion, tumtum.
Opposite to, inati.
Or, pe.
Order to, mahsh tumtum.
Other, huloima.
Otter, (land) nemamooks.
Our, nesika.
Out doors, klaghanie.
Owl, waugh waugh.
Ox, moosmoos.
Oyster, chetlo or jetlo; klogh-
Paddle a, isick.
Paddle to, mamook isick.
Paint, pent.
Paint to. mamodk pent.
Paper, pehpah.
Pantaloons, sakoleks.
Part, sitkum.
Panther, swaawa.
Peas, le pwau.
People, tilikum.
Perhaps, klonas.
Petticoat, kalakwahtie.
Piebald, le kye.
Pin, kwekwiens.
Pine, la gome stick.
Pipe, la peep.
Pistol, tenas musket.
Pitch, la gome.
Plank, la plosh.
Plate, la siet.
Pleased, youtl.
Plough, le shallpo.
Plough to, klugh illahie.
Pole, la pehsh.
Poor, klahowyum; halo ikta.
Pork, eosho.
Porpoise, tuiceco.
Posteriors, opoots.
Potato, wappatoo.
Pour to, wagh.
Pot, ketling.
Powder, polallie.
Prairie wolf, talapus.
Presently, alkie; winapie.
Pretty, toketie. 26
Priest, la plet.
Proud, youtl; kwetl'h.
Provided that, spose.
Pull, haul.
Quarter, tenas sitkum.
Quarter (of a dollar) kwahta.
Quick, hyak.
Quills, tepeh.
Rabbit, kwitshadie.
Racehorse, coolie kiuatan.
Rain, snass.
Raspberries, seahpult olillie.
Rat, hyas hoolhool.
Rattle, shugh.
Rattlesnake, shughopoots.
Razor-fish, ona.
Reach, ko.
Red, pil.
Relate to, yiem.
Remain, mitlite.
Remove, mahsh.
Return to, kelipi.
Ribbon, le loba.
Ribs, etlinwill.
Rice, lice.
Rifle, calipeen.
Ring a, kweokweo.
Ripe, piah.
Ripe berries, piah olillie.
River, chuck.
Rooster, la pool.
Road, wayhut.
Roan colored, sandelie:
Roast, mamook la pellah.
Rock, stone.
Rope, lope.
Rotten, poolie.
Round, lolo.
Rudder, boat opoots.
Rum, lum.
Run, coolie.
Sack, le sak.
Saddle, la sell.
Saddle housings, le pishemo.
Sail, sail.
Sailor, ship-man.
Salmon berries, salmon olillie.
Salt. salt.
Sand, polallie.
Sandwich Islander, Oibee.
Sash, la sanjel.
Saw, la gwin; la scie.
Say to, wauwau.
Scissors, la seezo.
Sea, salt chuck.
Seal, olhiyu siwash cosho.
See to, nanitsh.
Sell to, mahkook.
Seven, sinamoxt.
Sew to, mamook tipshin.
Shake to, to to; huliel.
Shame, shem.
Sharp, yahkisilt'h.
Sharpen to, mamook tsish.
She, Her, yahka.
Sheep, la mooto.
Shell money (the small size)
coop-coop; (the large) hykwa.
Shingle, lebahdo.
Shining, towagh.
Ship, ship.
Shirt, shut.
Shoes, shoes.
Shoot to, mamook poh.
Short, yutesknt.
Shot pouch, kalitau le sac; tsole-
Shot, shot; tenas le bal.
Shout to, hyas wauwau.
Shovel, la pell.
Shut to, ikpooie.
Sick, sick.
Sift to, to to.
Sight in, klah.
Siik, la sway.
Silver, t'kope chikamin.
Similar, kahkwa.
Since, kimta.
Sing to, shantie.
Sister, kahpho, if older than the
speaker; ats, if younger.
Sit to, mitlite.
Six, taghum.
Skin, skin.
Skunk,  hum  opoots ;   piup'tu ;
Sky, koosagh.
Slave, eletie; mistsbimus.
Sleep, moosum.
Slowly, klahwa.
Small, tenas.
Smell a, humm.
Smoke, smoke.
Snake, oluk.
Snow, snow; cole snass.
Soap, soap.
Soft, klimmin.
Sorrel-colored,  a sorrel horse,
le blau.
Sorry, sick tumtum.
Sour, kwates.
South, stegwaah.
Spade, la pell.
Speak to, wauwau.
Spill to, wagli.
Spirits, lum.
Split, tsugh.
Split to, mamook tsugh.
Spectacles,  dolla   seahhost, or
lakit seahhost.
Spit to, mamook toh.
Split to become, chahko tsugh.
Spotted, lekye; tzum.
Spurs, le seeblo.
Squirrel, skwiskwis.
Stab to, klemahun.
Stand to, mitwbit.
Stars, tsiltsil.
Stay to, mitlite.
Steal to, kapsualla.
Steam, smoke.
Steamer, piah ship.
Stick a, stick.
Stink a, piupiu; humm.
Stirrup, sitlay.
Stockings, stocken; kushis.
Stone, stone.
Stop to, kopet.
Store, mahkook house.
Story, ehkahnarn.
Straight, delate or delet; sipab.
Strawberries, amotee.
Strong, skookum.
Sturgeon, stutchin.
Stubborn, howklkult.
Sugar, le sook; shugah; shukwa.
Summer, waum illahie.
Sun, sun: otelagh.
Sunday, Sunday.
Sunset, klip sun.
Suppose, spose.
Surpsise, hwah.
Swan, kahloke.
Sweep to, mamook bloom.
Sweet, tsee.
Swim, sitshum.
Table, la tahb.
Tail, opoots.
Take to,-iskum. I
Take care 1 kloshe nanitsh !
Take off or out, mamook klak ;
Tale or story, yiem ; ehkahnam.
Talk to, wauwau.
Tame, kwass.
Tea, tea.
Teaeh to, mamook kumtuks.
Tear to, klugh.
Tell to, wauwau.
Ten, tahtlelum.
Testicles, stone,
Thank you, mahsie.
That, okook.
That way, yahwa.
There, yahwa; kopah.
They, klaska.
Thick (as molasses) pitlilh.
Thin (as a board)  p'chih ; pe-
Thing, iktah.
Think, pittuck.
This, okook.
This way, yukwa.
Thou, Thy, Thine, mika.
Thread, klapite.
Three, klone.
Throw away, mahsh.
Tide, see chuek.
Tie to, kow.
Tight, kwutl.
Tinware, malah.
Tip to, lagh.
Tired, till.
To, Towards, kopa.
Tobacco, kinootl; kinoos.
To-morrow, tomolla.
Tongue, la lang.
Tough, kull.
Trail, wayhut.
Trap, la piege.
Tree, stick.
Tree fallen, whim stick.
Trot to, tehteh.
Trout, tzum salmon.
Trowsers, eakoleks."
True, delate.1
Trunk, daessett.
Truth, delate,.wauwau.
Tub, tamolitsh.
Turnips, la moo-ow.
Twine, tenas lope; klapite.
Two, Twice, mokst.
Uncle, tot.
Under, keekwillie.
Understand to, kumtuks.
Unhappy, sick tumtum.
Untamed, le molo.
Untie to, mamook stoh ;  mahsh
Up, saghalie.
Upset to, kelipi.
Us, nesika.
Venereal the, piah sick.
Venison, mowitsh.
Very, hyas.
Vessel, ship.
Vest, la west.
Vomit to, wagh.
Wagon, tsik-tsik; chickchick.
Wait, winapie.
Wander to, tsolo.
Want to, tikegh.
Warm, waum.
Wash to, mamook wash.
Watch a, tiktik.
Water, chuck.
Waterfall, tumwater. PART II.   ENGLISH— CHINOOK. 29
We, nesika. Wire, chikamin lope.
Weigh to, mamook till. Wish to, tikegh.
Wet, pahtl chuck. With, kopa.
Week, ikt Sunday. Witchcraft, tamahnous.
Well then, abba. Without, halo.
West, sun mitlite. Wolf, leloo.
Whale,  eh-ko-lie;   kwah-nice ; Woman, klootshman.
kwaddis. Woman, fold) lammieh.
What,iktah. Woman's gown, coat.
Wheat, sapolill. Wood, Wooden, stick.
Wheel, tsik-tsik ; chikchik. Work to, mamook.
When, kansih; kunjuk. Worn out, oleman.
Where,.kah. Worthless, cultus.
Whip, le whet. Wound to. klemahun.
White, t'kope. Write to,  mam-ook peh-pah ;
Who, klaksta. mamook tzum.
Whole, lolo. Writing, tzum.
Why, kahta.
Wicked, mesahcie. "Y"
Wide, klukulh.
Wild, le molo. Yard, ikt stick.
Will the, tumtum. • Year, ikt cole.
Willow, eenastick. Yellow, kawkawak.
Win to, tolo. Yes, nawitka; ah-ha; e-eh.
Wind, wind. Yes indeed, nawitka.
Window, glass. Yesterday, tahlkie; tahl-kie sun.
Winter, cole illahie. You, Your, Yours, mesika.
Wipe to, klakwun. Young, tenas.
Nesika papa klaksta mitlite kopa saghalie. kloshe kopa nesika
Oar     father   who       stayeth     in      the above,   good       in our
tumtum mika nem ; kloshe mika tyee kopa konaway tilikum ;
hearts [be] thy    name:     -good      thou   chief among all people:
kloshe mika tumtum kopa illahie, kahkwa kopa saghalie. Potlatch
good    thy       will       upon     earth        as in     the above. Give
konaway sun nesika muckamuck.     Spose nesika mamook masah«
eTery       day     our food. If  ;     we do ill.
chie, wake mika hyas solleks, pe spose klaksta masahchie kopa
[be] not   thou    very    angry,     and     if       any one      .  evil        towards
nesika, wake nesika solleks kopa klaska.   Mahsh siah kopa
ns net we angry    towards    them.     Send away   far      from
nesika konaway masahchie.
ns all  * evil. Kloshe Kahkwa.   
— AND —
Have all ike Facilities of Supplying every. Article in their line.
Keep on hand and en route sufficient to meet immediate Orders.
Are prepared to furnish nearly every variety of Stationery in use, with peculiarity of Form required, including Printing, Ruling and Binding.
On hand—Admiralty Coast Charts, Photographic Albums, Mathematical Instruments, Fine Pocket Cutlery, Gold Pens, Copying Presses, Printing and Wrapping
Paper, Music—manuscript and printed.
Keceive subscriptions for Blackwood's Magazine and the English Quarterly
Have on hand the most Standard and Popular Works upon Science and Ait,
History, Religion, Law, Medicine, and Schools, novels, Juvenile and Toy Books.
With all the Modern Improvements, comprising:
'Copying and Seal Presses, Damping Boxes, Pen Backs, Inkstands, assorted
Paper Clips and Weights, Cash and Deed Boxes, Writing Desks, Cases and Folios ;
Gillot's Steel Pens, Backgammon and Cribbage Boards, Chessmen, Dominoes, Dice
Date Calendars, Post Office'Scales, Ivory, Pearl and Shelf Card Cases, Ivory Paper
Folders and Tablets, Artist's Materials, Mathematical Instruments, Procelain Slates
Pocket Compasses, Siting Tape Measures, Eyelet Machines, Ladies' Companions!
' lndellible Ink, Etc., Etc.
Staple Stationary, comprising Writing Papers and Envelopes
Blank Books, Memorandum ana Pass Books, Penny's Metallic Mems, Faber's
Lead Pencils, Arnold's Writing Fluid, Fiber's Drawing Pencils, Arnold's Copying
I. ., Faber's Creta Levis, Arnold's Carmine, Rodger's Pocket Cutlery and Scissors,
Windsor & Newton's Water and Oil Colors, Mann's Press Copying Books, Scrap'
Books, Rockwell's Invoice and Letter Files, Exhioition Prize Wax, Whatmas'Drawing Paper, Tracing Paper and Cloth, Endless and Mounted Drawing Paper, Great
Mogul Playing Cards, Bristol Board, Printing and Wiapping Paper, Tissue and Fancy
Papers, Blotting Paper, Elastic Bands, Mucilage, Newspaper Files, Lawyer's Tape
Note, Draft, Order and Receipt Books, Bills of Exel**jge Bills of Lading, Bills Payable and Receivable Books, Blank Legal and shipping forms and other innumerable
BINDING of ever'y description neatly executed upon the Premises.
T. 1ST. Hibben & C


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